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He nsked it legislation would adjust
the evils ol the present day and re-
ferred to the premier and Mr. Bowser
as being ignorant of socialism and
being so they could not really nsk the
working men tur votes and support.
He reviewed the political situation
sa\ ing Unit both parties were childish
i nnd simply getting at one another
Maedonald   and     Ex-Judge (laughter).    The socialists were not
Henderson — Conservative Wamntas ,iiiU,y supposed .md many
„ would l.e returned lo   parliament,
speakers Defend Government. I Humanity shoi.1.1 be considered before
p.i.iiotism nnd the ling must In- kept
clean, He-explained socialism ..s a
cu-upciativo commonwealth and each
member should receive the value he
created. Trusts nre necessary to i-niiiul-
ism as owning everything in their
work the dividends being equal y divided  up.    lie pointed  nut thut if
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A lurgo audience, tilled  tl.e opera
house on  Saturday night to hear the
platform ol J A. Maedonald, leader of
the opposition, and other speakers of
all   parties' who   hud been invited to
give addresses.   The ladles wore particularly  in evidence, denoting the
gencinl interest In the approaching
election.    Ex Judge  Henderson was
unfortunately nimble to reach lhe city
before lhe meeting commenced.  Tbe
conservative Breakers did not put in
an appearance till lute in the evening
owing to their being tendered a smoking concert In Selkirk Hull.
Mayor   Brown, ns  rl.air....... ul the
meeting, said he was very glad to sec
such a large allendnnee nud lelt that,
all would feel ihekoenesl interest in
speakers who would address the meeting, I'l. A. Haggen Will then called
upon to open the meeting.
Mr. Haggen said that the forthcoming  elections   would le the most important in tlio politicil history of tbe
province and the result was practio.lly
n foregone   conclusion.   In reviewing
tl.e policy ul the McBride government
ho pointed  out that Eb:rts, Tatlow,
Fulton, Cotton and many others ul
the government were in league will,
the 0. P. K. nnd it seemed strange why
McBride   and   his   party   cnuld  get
special   trains  and  cars   and  every
lucility   for  getting through ll.e province  when   Mr.  Maedonald nnd bis
Iriends  bad  In  wait for trains nnd
sometimes  not get then, at all.   He
wns sorry that tbe conservatives wen
uut present un the platform ns be bud
much   to  say  as regards them,   Mr.
Lefeaux was a good and experienced
man but I eing young hc thought, that
he cuuld  revolutionize the world in a
dny, whicli  was always the case will.
young politicians and be referred to
to the evolution   l.y ballots,   lle suid
it wai  rail.!-.' significant  that, tbe
conservatives bad not asked the liberal
men to  spent at the recent MoBride
meeting and in referring to T. Taylor
lie said tlmt he was responsible (or the
elu.os uml unsatislaclory condition ot
ll.e riding and ns lor tho surplus Revelstoke  hud  contributed lui'f of the
total nnd bad not  ..tone quarter even
ut  return  lor  it.    Let Mr. McBride
begin   hotter  terms   at  Kevelstoke,
(Cheers.)    He said that Mr. Taylor
bad promised a mod ut Death llapids,
to ii\  up the river bank and othor
public   wnrks  but  bad utterly disrc
garded  his  promise and  bad  dono
nothing,  und  now  bc and McBride
were falling over one another to do it
before thc elections tn get votes,     Ho
referred to the negligence of the government   iu  not  giving Kevelstoke
better public institutions and also in
not carrying out  public  wnrks so
necessary, and it showed want of ener I
gy In Mr, Taylor and the government,
Only $!I0IK)  Inul  been spent nn these
wurks which  was not enough inr the
money turned into the treasury. Rev-
olstoke was badly provided with institutions, especially ll.e gaul which was
a disgrace to tlie cily.   (Cheors) The
civil  service ought  to be in .. better
condition and be referred to the protest in tbe Inst ele tion regarding Mr.
Taylor being put in the cabinet if it
wai withdrawn,    This had not been
done nnd it wns high   time a member
Irom  the  riding was iu the cabinet.
.Cheers.)     In  conclusion   bc sni.i a
change ol government  wus absolutely
necessary tor the province.
\V. iV. Letcaux, who was loudly
cheered on rising to speak, thanked
tbe liberals for permitting him to
address tlie meeting, snying that his
platform wns damaging to both parties but tbe time had come lor a
change. He was proud to be able to
represent the workers and he waB
simply one expression of the general
demand fur a change. Neither government had done the province good,
but he didn't wish to go to Victoria
himsell but il hc did it would bc to
represent the working classes, He
referred to Mr. Haggen's remarks ol
him as only a young mnn lull ol
ideals and sarcastically refuted tl.e
remark!, saying that the relorm will
come sooner or later. Mr. Haggen
was ignorant ol the needs ol tlie working mnn (cheers) and did not uuder-
stand the nature ol their demands.
He then resd the Socialists' platform,
which summed up meant that a man
should get tiie lull value of his labor,
rusts ca    opei ate, the
•hi, de. su profitably mi
country itself
  socialisl linos,
it   Caley. who was loudly cheered,
.-nld ll.nt   he  was proud lo hnve tl.e
opportunity ol representing ihe liberal
interests in the riding in this election
lind if i-leol1..! would do his utmost In
I'u.'.I.e.-   ll.e   inii-iTsIs ol   Bevels!..lie.
(Cheers.)   lle said that the riding Inul
been   badly  neglected and the pooplo
soutli were indignant at nothing being
done by the government.    Trails nnd
i-iiuds  were  necessary  but tbe work
il-.ne iu the.  riding  wis not ,:.l all in
comparison lo the amount ul  mmey
ihe  Bevt'lstuko  riding  had pul int..
the  treasury.    The river bunk hud
been   neglected  and the district, bud
not  been  as  woll  represented as it!
ought to hnve been.    As there were a
number nl other speakers to fulluw he
would not tako up any more of  their
time at p-esent but hoped to meet ll.e
.lectors again before Feb. 2.   (Cheers),
The chairman  apologized   to  the
audfei.ee for the late arrival ul Judge
Henderson  who bud teen delayed at
Salmon Arm saying that he would l.e
in in nbout hall-iiii-hour'stinie and he
would mill upun Mr ,1. A. Maedonald,
The leader of tl.e opposition, who
wns greeted  with  applause, said that
he co.npllmciited  Itevelstuke un the
number ol Indies present at  the meeting and the   tribute   tbey paid to tbe
liberal cause in coining,    lu referring
lo Mr.  Lefenux's  speech   be suid he
was much plcuied with it and respected him in sn laying tl.e claims nf  his
cause to the  people although he .lis
agreed will, the socialist principles,
Baying that Iheir philosophy wns enticing but nol practicable as never
gaining headway,    The liberals were
anxious to raise tho working classes
to u   better  standpoint and since be
represented it labor constituency he
strongly adv..cited   helping  working
men snying  tlmt the  labor organizations lm I elevated ihem.   lie touched
— the sooiuli.t  record  snying that
tiny were very  wide ol the mark and
ihut tbey niii't not abuse their power,
tlmt if  tbey  did  the result would he
disastrous,     lle   then explained the
C. & W*. railway grant ulllrniing tlmt
the railway hud broken faith with the
people since  they  hadn't curried nut
their promises ut constructing the line.
so  that connection   might l.e made
between  the coi.Bt and    Kootenay.
Only two-thirds ol the line had been
finished  and  yet  they   had got the
grant H0t),000   ncres  nt  hind.     Hc
pointed nut strongly why the government  had   hml no   right to give this
grunt since  the  railroad bud nut fulfilled their part.   He referred to llnw-
thoruthwaite'B dealings in the mutter
and to his outrageous  actions iu ad-
Coal Famine. - United States
Warships Leave Kingston. -
More Earthquakes-Lumber
W'lXNii-f.i;, Jan. 28.—Word conies
l'n.u. llionti-ll that the people have
lunioil;. coal cur to get fuel. They
will pay ilu- C.I'.R, the cost of the
Cdiil. The local situation is very
I...M...N, Jan. 28.—Newspapers
commenting on the rebuff administered lo U, S. Admiral Davis l.y
(lovt-rniiio'Swi'lleiiliiiiii, of Jiimiiiea,
whicli resulted In llie withdrawal
nf Anierii'iiii warships, generally
agree ll.nt the language used by
Ihe llovernor in his hitler is dilli-
i.ull in justify, hut ilmi Davis|
un.loiihln.il)' encroached too far on
the sphere of British authority,
KlNusrox, Jamaica, Inn. i'l.~Two
more heavy shucks of earthquake were
fell this morning,
Ottawa, Jun. 22.—As n result of
yesterday's debate in the Commons on
thc alleged lumber trust in British
Culumbia, a committee will be appointed to investigate.
(lm.nr.., Portugal,  Jan
li.lal   wave, following  a  terrible
storm, has invaded Port Kspinodo.
t is feared when the waters subside il will he found that ninny
persons were drowned,
YYiNNii'iWi, Man., Jan. 'ill.—Much
concern is lelt here over the wreck
of tlie southbound Great Northern
flyer nt Osso, when: lifty persons
have been hurt, and the oompany
refuses to give out the names,
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Burners and Ranges	
 $0 00
.... 8 50
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
^^    LIMITED, ^^
Molsons Bank Building
Twenty-two Killed. Thirty-Five
Injured and Two Whole
Trains Demolished,
[npianai'Oi.is, Iml., Jan. 22H-A
disaster which occurred at S.inforil
Saturday night hns proved to be
one of the worst in this section of
the country. Twenty-two people
are dead, and at least thirty-five
injured.   The ontiro train No. li.
Have made most of their wealth investing in Real Estate, and it
would not be unwise fur the man having in..ney at low rate ol interest
lo follow their lead by investing in the best buy un the market which
we have selected as our Special Soup for the coming week.
LISTEN I Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourth Street, two
lots, hot and cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, iarge
woodshed suitable for stable und in (net everything that goes tc make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
Pricc.$2,.-150.   Terms $600 Down, Balanco on T.mc.
Imperial Bank af Canada
e l.v
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
thl Provinceso( Uanttoba. Alberta. Sask-Htclinwa...
;:r!ti*!i ."oluml.i.1.Ontario,IJjiiobo.'.
verse to the rights ol the people.    In
dealing with  the labor question he
urged that McBride had dune nothing
to bring in good immigrants hat had
allowed the ery to go to India, hence
lhe influx ul Hindus.    This wns to be
a while man's  land  and although he
didn't approve ol assisted Immlgra
Hon vet sume wny mult bo lound to
bring people ill, agent! were necessary
and he criticized the McBride govern
ment for not doing   something to
remedy the trouble.   Surveys must be.
made and land parcelled out and  il
the liberals got in, (cries ol no, no) it
will be another cry of yea, yes, and
thc  province will bless the day they
du get in and promised that tho surveys would bo mado,    If British Columbia was prosperous he was willing
to give  McBride credit for any goud
act, but since the premier bad grappled badly with the financial depression when the government came into
power and had  introduced  a bad tax
system it could  not be said that tlie
premier had done any good aot,   He
reviewed  theiB. 0. Southern railroad
as having failed to do what was prom-
lied  in  regard  to their lands saying
that through  them the province had
lost 11750,01)0 in  the last three years.
He advocated  the  higher taxing ot
railroads and decreasing  the rate tor
was destroyed, including ongin
an explosion cf a cur of dynamite,
Eioht cars uf.the freighl train wero
demolished, and 1,000 foot of road-
bod turn up.
The en use of the disaster has not
been fully explained. The result
was terrible. The shock was felt
for 80 miles, many believing it an
earthquake, The entire train,
including the locomotive, was
blown from the track, the coaches
were demolished, the engine was
hurled llfty foot and the passengers
were either blown to pieces, consumed by lire or rescued in an
injured condition.
Some of tho injured will die.
The most severely hurt are in
hospitals at Terra Haute and
'eorin, III. Several others me
onroil for at Sanlonl. The full
extent of tlie disiiBtcr wns revealed
at daylight, but the (loath list will
not bo comploto unlil workmen
have {cleared lho debris and lhe
injured are out of danger,]
According to trainmen of the
freight train, the explosion of the
powder was caused by tlie concussion of tlie passenger train, which
was slowing down at Snnford. The
theory is that gns escaping frum an
oil pipe entered the powder car
standing by the pipe nnd  that  a
Capital Subscribed
I Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
H. li, Wilkie, Presldont:
lius. K. Jakhiay
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savim-.s Department- Deposits received and Interest allowed
at current rale frnm date nf| opening account, and com-
pounded half-yearly, l^^^~
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.  Special attention given !.. Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A few wood City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
G. M. SPROAT, Real Estate Offtice, Cowan Block.
spark  from  lho   passenger
motive ignited tliu gas.
iv* %%%«%%% *mwwM»«iwiw*miH *
5 l-'ur Aicricliur... Ini|il».......t- CarrliiM, Wi.ii.u-   Kit. John
f Dura I'li.n.-l.    Uolloi Wijoni, r«i.s.ls Carriage Oomp«n»'i
'• Iliiif.-i.-M  r.iiii'ttjr. Ilitr-lfi. Sitwiur- an.l  UuUlratOn,  Wlnjul-
wrlgllt '..".I  IHacklllll.ll  Wi.tk iiltiMiile.1   ...    H..r.-o Ulim'iuii .1
i* %%%%%%%%%%♦** %%*%%% ■*♦%%%%♦%%%%%♦•
Dominion Will Become Senior!   Vernon, B.c, Jan. 22.—Chief of
Partner of the Empire.      ! Police Simmons has left for the
' -ceiie of the murder of W. Zinimer-
have   been
Continued o" P«(W four,
The  following  games
played off:
iiiuins our
Knot.:, ll Kae,	
Brook, Ili Upper, IO
Mcltae, 8 Robertson, U
oaijQahy cue
Nairn, 13 Kincaid, S
—     ......      - —
Mr. W. Halt, tho celebrated bass
soloist, will sing "Scots Win. line "
and "0' a' thc airts tho win' can
blow," at the Opora House, Friday
London. Jan. 2!,—The Tii »r-
,    ,.  .:..! I 1
, „            ...    „imnn  nt   IV'iiticton. Medical ex-
rusiiuiidrtit concluding an article on,                .-   i     i ,i    ..„, ik.t
,     ,      u-  ,   , - „*„..*,„ Hmt'animation disclosed the fact that
tn* Canadian west, prophesies Hint .
the children uow at scl I mny live death was caused hy an axe-cu
to see Canada with * larger populn-jon the head.   A kmle was found
tion than the motherland and that the
Dominion is possibly destined lo lie |
tho predoininant partner ul the empire. The Time" correspondent alio
mills that Oanada needs money for
development, It is a pity that through
feur or ignorance the British investor
keeps nut ol the Canadian Held into
which the Amorloan investor pours
money with cunlidcncc.
buried in the dead man's stomach
and his throat was also cut. It ie
impossible to he certain whether
robbery wae committed or not.
The identification ol the knife may
furnish the necessary clue to the
murderer. William Heron, an
Australian, is now held on suspicion ol having knowledge of the
Hand Tailored Garments, Completely Finished.
Dress Suits $25. $30. $35.
The finest garments made in
And that means
the finest materials
—the finest tailoring— the finest in
every detail of style,
fit and finish.
$25. $30. $35.
McKinnon & Sutherland  -   Revelstoke
zxwe-jaitiKxjBrtJVJcmixzm > wmtimmmMmnmmaK»maMm^mmmmamm
.,-.,«. lids uufnt.r perfect fitting underwear can t
nt  ,i-.    .;■ any I-.it Kitit-to-l-'it,   Tiny know
I i       ho -1 ■■'  --I-.!, ills that are more enrc-
;•   fully n   I      i.a !,t so perfectly—and are so thoroughly
..i. ■.  ; ii wilder wear.
*.' ymuofk
C    ut si nation Suits
..... *   ;i    * .' ..- I , Ht the figure from neck t-i
,.;, .        ..: u'l'l .in s from sill; to cotton.
A-'.; r to show you lhe winter weights and
: ii, utalugue,
o. c bo '£339, MONTRl v..
■iniai  - ■■ iKamaaamitmmBKmmommnanamMm
Under   New   Management)
First-olas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Central Hote
Newly built.    First-class in every r.-spect.    \11 modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly ran*.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.    I'ravellers tt'
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
rvUilU    UtAU       Iresources uio induci  ■ il■■u-ud- -f
  I tarn ers in   Eastern  llaiiad
n .       n ,.       , ,   ,    ,- , States and the Britif-ii LIcb to sill uii
Poison Believed to be Cause of Ld Becm.e ,,„,, ir, Bri,|lh .-.-„ ,
Awful Tragedy.—Dead and which i- destinei n
in i-.. i lho or.. ird ■
j lh-.- prairie ; rov .  a nre its graunij
installation wus conducted by ('. II. I J*
i'i-u.d ..., ol Nob ui, nssislcd by
Priu '/■, Itev, ('. A. Proeunier, and
c'liof of police T. \V. Bain, of Revel-
stoke. Otliermomhcre frnm this city
w, i-e in. \\. II. Sutherland uud A.
Mel! ie.
The iiinn to represent lho game
against Arrowhead lo-morrow will
lu- picked from lhe following players :—Messrs. Allum, Bews, buck,
Barber, Dunne, Hope, Knight,
Sawyer and Sissons. All players
are reqnested lo lie on hand for
practice this evening us the line-up
is subject to change, tho boys expecting a fast learn from tbo lake
Dying mid Scenes oi Greatest Mystery,
i'ai.iiaiiy. .Lin. I1,!.—This morning
the .lend bullies oi Edward Ferdinand,
hi-   wifo  nnd iheir  Bl.ilI-horn    babe,
wuo i-lind in their home ut 3113 The orgai.izmi n nl n chapter of
fourth avenue enst, at about 11.20 by j II -yal Arch M iso*.- louk placo in lhe
Olllcer Mill. Two children, aged p-m]Orange Hull, Vernon, lasl week,
sibly two and three, were found. Tiny Twenty-six applic.tions wero received
wcro living, but are so badly fruzen and the new chapter starts its exist- j
that siighl hopes nre hold oul lor their onco under tho I. ippiest auspices. The
Ferdinand is connected with tho
Calgary Tanning company. TIiuie-
dny evening and twice since then C
F. II. Adams called at the house o
seo Mr. Ferdinand. Ue could nol get
in, and this morning when be called
In- noticed that no one bad been in
the liuuse for buiiio time. Theie weio
un trucks near tho house,except tins.
made by the baker when be left lhe
bread at tho kitchen door.
Mr. Adams immediately nenl to
tlie police station jind notified the
pulice, und when Mr. Adnms und
Olllcer Mill reached the bouse thoy
wore joined by oneol the'neighbors, 0.
The ..llicer broko in the kilchen
dour, and the throe nieii stepped into
tbo house. They suw a sight that
horrified them,
Lying.... ber Inc.: Inside the stove
was tin-deiid body ut Mrs. Ferdinand,
fruzen solid. Tho stove doors wero
open as though she bad been iittenip."
ing to light n (ire. Some broken dish
lay mi lln- liuni' ns ii dropped,
The men went suttly upstairs, T'iii-y
f.iiuiil the bubo dead in a bod,    Ferdinand,  dead  nnd  frozen,  lay   in lhe
siiino bed.     Ono  of  the   poor little
n.id-  ..Is., lay wilh him, und ns Ihe
moil steppo I quietly into the rot.in it
pn!   hi.   ar...   ...'on...I the nock .-I' ils
deiid lather uiul tried lo snuggle up
Iur warmth. 'The poor child's bgs
wero frozen solid nearly io tho knees.
Tho other living child wns [(.und
in a Utile crib, ll wns covered with
;. blanket lb.it hml been nailed in the
top nt the crib, Both lega ive.o
The living children wore at once
removed to tbe residence ol Mr. Murray, where all the euro possible wus
immediately given. The ambulance
was s.-.il for niul then seven teen
doctors were telephoned lor, and none
culd be located, No..ily an hour
alter, two ol thorn received the nie.s-
agcB nml went to the liuuse.
ll appears thai Mis, Ferdinand hnd
imi had medical attention .luring her
oritical condition and wna very ivcnk.
The Coroner arrived, and nfti r n liking j .-iij.nl exaniinati n. stated his
opinion that it wu* accidental
II   .aid he though! Fi r-!;i: in!  .■• tl
In-, wife might have m cidei tally laki
poison, mul Ferdinand died  in   bed,
His ivifi  mighl li ivi -'' iggled i - the
.I ivnstairs  i» rtion  ol the
lighl the Rr       II     ■ a
wakened .     dropped
,. * ,\. ..... .- •    ... ....
ivo: ■ ,-;■ mm
Mm m
:   ■ uty .-,.'.■ Ided
Eye Delighting
TJ   111   I   MU     I   VII     '.I SOL.K,
(loud, soil! d. No. II Apples nt
(-.no. per hoi, (.... b. Vernon.
';"""' ! J L, WEBSTER, VERNON B. C.
will Ii.mm- residence ... your home  fl
.1' ymi need ft lloor covering.   Ap-
lirt-i-i-.il.■ lhc elegance of  lho du-  fj M 1       &    '■•
igus    im.I'ii.i   before you, und   ||J fg $g ££ g |_ f§
have f. Ihuughl of youi- pocket
I uui;. Many real carpel bargains
are here le.idy for your chuice,
Avail yourself of Ihem.
R. Hawson & Co.
.. vo.. nro looking! ior something nice in SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" ior Souvenirs, wo have litem here.
C. W. 0. w.
Mountum View Camp, No. '11X1.
UIuoU Seeunil inul  l-'ourlli Wetlnesilnis in
L-uel. montli. In Selkirk Hull.   Vlalllng Wood-
.1.(111 cordially lavltc.l I . ni lend.
IV. II, AIIMiiTitON'll, Cnu. .'om.
F. 0. E.
Tl.e r..ff..lf.i- im-
Hall liver) T I
ine*...rel.ol.l in Un- Sulkirl.
on ti. .,-.. Sit'i-l..i-.i.  Visit-
nliniil l.ivltcil.
K  tl, HI'HIIIDUE, I'i i-ii.iisT.
II. COOK. Si.eiir.r.tttv.
U,|A, I'K.i.'I'NII-:!!. Siit-i.nTi.fV.
SELKIRK LODO.E. NO 12, I. 0. 0. F.
IV"^ v**^i!iiii|,   i'iiviii-,1 In al-
H....T..UHIII'. N.u. J, JIA'IHIK, Sic
^TSk  Cold Range lodge, K. of P.,
fc§\    No. '26, Revelstoke, B, C.
.-, t|.i Tlilnl Wi-liii-*'!...- ol
.-mil I ...nil., ill lln- Oddfellows'
Hall    ..1    .    o'duifk.    Visiting
Kiiig.tU nre i-i.nlinliy t.vtn-.l.
.... .1   HOWE, i  i .
ti. II. SHOCK, li  ol II. & S,
II. A. IIHOWN. ill. ul I-*
li, m III tils,  li, iiiii!-. Ilinl*.  I'M.,  Etc.
Animal  lings ili  ntcit
P. 0 I1..1 11,
l!i  -  t   . I .... *;. mul li.uli- Au
iiMvi*!,.:,.. it,
C. C, wil! be the Orchard o. the
Empire,-Kootenay Country
Richest of All.
Windsor Restaurant
.Irs. I        In ibury, Munogress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes
i.. Suppers, Mi-
Furnished Rooms To Let
Import direct from Country of origin.
BimmmmWmnmWtmmV&mnmBB flaac-**-**?? ^•s^l^i^*^mm'!^^sx3BmsmmistmM
111  E^B  HfpiJJ 6
i en|uy thnl well ibo.'Mi-il I'coliug'r*   Wo nil kliuw whal
* like' to be bul, lo l.e cold, or lo be lired, uud il is
liin-llmi wo nil know whal  II  (eels like to be well
I.   II reels g I, and Il's good l.i feel guild.    Vuu can
O        nov. f be well dressed if yuur clothes arc nol iuii.li> by the
A        right milker,
X (id tokiiow we bundle tho S1-j,MI-1U'1A])Y (JABMICNTH
Y .iini vnn will lind whal .. pleasure .....1 salisfiictiun il is to be
0 weU'dressed.
0 Suits and Overcoats   $IG, CIS, nnd $20.'
Q Blue and Black Suits, the best made, $20, & $25
Q . Right Overcoats, up-to-date   Prices: $18 and $20
X Special Trousers S5 and $6.
q Tailoring if* our business,   We make ;. man lunk well
Y and hu knows il.
? ..Gressmau  and Morrison..
C>0-aO<KH>*0<> {>Q<>-0 c^^
mstasTrttM. sK^ma-rm
In 8iiii.ll or lurgo Lots,Irum KID
ll>s. In n Carload.    Fur price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Fiialakwa
Has n got .1 stuck uf Groceries and
t Hue assortment ol Japanese China.
Agent tor Kevelstoke Farming
Company, growers of all kinds ol
Fnnn Produce, lluy aud Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
To Trappers
Raw Purs Boughb
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Miimifudiirud for nil olussosluf bui Id III gH
All l;iiid>>. buildlnnnml iiliislorlun
Halcyon Hot Spring j
L'nder lhe now uiaungcuieul uf
IIaiiiiv   MuIn'iiwii,   Holl'nian   llnuuu
ritlll'l MISDIOAI,. WATERS of Ilul-
L eyon nre ll.o must curative in the
world. A perfect, niitui.il remedy fnr
nil No.vims find Muscilinr diseases,
Livo.-, Ki.lno) .....I Stomach ailments
nnd Metallic Pnlsnnlng, A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Speciul'
.-.los un all boats aud tl-iuns. Two
nn.ils ai rive and dep.-iit every day.
Telegra I. cuiumuulc.tlion with all
marts nf the world,
Tumi*   Jt>l- to .*t>tS per week.   For
further pai'liculiU'S apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotn Late. *B, C
t\iK Woo>
To cJieckniiUo lliu dishonest uw of
Mh- muni' o\' " JAEGER," look for lhe
label on each article, and insist Ihal
lhe goods be invoiced as " IAEGER'
Skllim; Aiir.srs in  Ki.vti.suiK!-:
I urne
Wl      B-fll      «  -JWIIIV      V**»      VWlj
■So;fSfiHE:iE::.-  .. .,\.:.sa,i*si*jiasi'S2rBa!Bie'
Henry's Nurseries
Uu:uli|iiitrlora For Pnclllo Consl (crown
ninl I in inn-tod Gurdon, Field and
Flower Scods.
Tlinnstindfl of Fruit mid Onmim-mlul
Trill--, ItlioilodondroiiK, Rosofl mid hardy
plnuli imwKrowiiiK 'in nur own grouuda for
Future [limiting.
Noox|)oii8o, Idssordoliiynf fuuilgutlou,
Insiiootlonuor customs duties to ])iiy.
Vlsitnrflnroulwuys wolcomo in iiisnocl
.mr Btoolt.
Grconhousc Plants,
Tut Flowers and Floral DoslyiiR, FerUllzora
Mm' Hlvos and Sii|i|)lio-, Sprny Pumps and
Hprnylng nmtorial
Nu iiKi'iit*- -thoreforo yon havo no commission to pny. Our (.'iitiiloRiio tolls von
about it. Lot mo price your list boforo
placing ymir ordor.
Wn dn busiuoss mi nur owu grounds -no
rout to nay, and are pi'epurod u> moot all
compotltion, Eastoru prices or loss Wliiin
labor,  Catalogues Froo.
P.O. A.lilrt!.*siiiiil()rni!iilinusi)fi:-:i(.ll.\V.i.*t.
iiii.is.fr Rend, llr.iucl. Nnraerlos:—Sontli
,     ■
!       - having
i   vi]   nol
d by
. Jan-
.HN l:. UoLIN.-ii.N'.
HOTEL—On. of besl I icaterl and
::. ■* i r ifil ible btisim  in
Bril rh i ilumbift—*15,000.
HOI EL SITE—Immetliato bu.-i-
n. ured. Important raining ... - di trial enterprises
proji ted .;, vi. inity 11,500,
DENTAL PRACTll E in om ol
the ln-t cities in the lv   :.- --
To Let
HOUSE—On First Street, Ilevelstoke.   Price fl,? ■
Arrowhead Ranches
EIGHTY acres  nexl   Hall Hros,
EIGHTY acres  ol  rich  alluvial
land, above high water. Partly
For particulars ol abovo
Insurance Agent. Kevelstoke. li. 0.
Ore in Sight is Worth Million;:
of  Oollars   Only   Few
Veins Uncovered.
Ottawa, fan 21.—A, P,  Law, director ol the geol --;.-   ui im-
summary report  ol  - h     --, a       i
presented to pn   sn - nl »)  thai
paid a short visit lo Cobnlt,   He adds
11| course on io ihorl i -.-. i' il vould
be presumptuous I '■ ... opinion
upon the origin and extent ol tin or.
Enough imi. seen '■•■ . noiinco upon
the ri.-l.iii.-8s ul the veins lo n ako e
rough estimate -1 the millions nl
dollars in silvoi -    - n on tl ■
nml in Ilu m -•  nl    -
lirnntino, nnly n vi ry inuilnralo depth
Ihere i- uno in night infllcii m tn pn
duce millions and onlj   < fi -. nl the
viin- have a- yol been  u u
Aiioniii.il  Is al.    . till I lu   tin
liinii.-.l area covered bj  lho veins in
this region and to lhe natural impulse
to consider locations in tho        I
u're.it value.
Cabl ages oarrots, parsnips, turnips,
Asl..-.-..ii potatoes and beote il 0, ll.
Iluinc ill Co.
-   cetheop.
-  -
short railwa t AUCTIONj   AND VALUATIONS
fll   1 I
ind    Gi
in ..ii.
ij  prnirii
\ rom
Om .14
',   nt/EisroKE
w .\ nti;i)
Mi .
. -. i
W,  vi,  t    ... in - -    i     f
I .
i ii
i.ilvn.iM by •
• i;               . ,  '    * •*
to ulvise
I.ul-" I-,   pull II]
!     .      ■ i    ..
nl lln-   pi    i i.
promised land, bn
will  only  rr.me  to  ih   - ire
bind will    idi ip il
ti..- hands ol man if beg     - u     -! .
-•j   ti -.- rl.   Id -. ! ti
way nl tho intorloi  and the     Irnnc
to the Knot, fi ii       i In  idi -   o li
timiB of.-oil ...nl i-liiniil.- noil  until. .1
r k 'cos  in  th.   mid I   .1 beautl ul
nnd Inspiring -'< y and tbo ready
sale ul. good i rlcoi I u ovcrything
produced urn fully nppicoinli I by mon
wh i have been "grubbing along in the
worn out Holds ol the older countries
■Kxeeptinnully hnny Suiinue.-...ul I'*..IIselling 1...a placed
on out- bunds a large .......I...- ..I' second-hand pi.-.uus and
.i.■;...*.  taken in c.-:chuugc .... new styles. if MAHON A
KI8./II nnd PIANOLA ITAMis. Our ''Upper (Jountry"
ivarehnuses—in Nelson un.l Kevelstoke are now cimil'urt-
ably crowded- we've winter shipments on way from
factory, ton. Theso used goods must be sold, we wish
them in movo rapidly.    You'll itpprecitito those uiuisni
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Heel, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season, Orders promptly at-
len.led to,
First St. Revelstoke
II -i   I fulil.  "I V  11 "
l.n .11*1, in,Ism f, ... Uvea,
ll    lai     	
|    nf   ii    i    ri.i-ii-lii Piftit..
'        I   It.   fi    ill.    II.     IM.llll
i ri ut li - -I i....  io.I! fronl
II   I  111 -ui   >(l   high, mil-
•it n-ua,  |. ,  ...... ill
M   hi ......I nm-
. ill,i Hi. irl  i,i ilu I'i l.n
i-ltii.iii   I • i ■   ,i
i- .. .   (limit,.
llllll   liMI.-ll   „
. ....... .rl ...lh .........
, : ,||.   mm
I     ,,      If    .,      I    ■
it Iml in .  .llini. nt
1 $40
'■' $ 65
1 $125
:; $150
»Ml.B.lll ,1 l!i..i-!i" l>i;llin, l.ll-.f,.
<]|>rhd)l .inniil. l.oi.iti|..| ...a-
lluJIUl.) .',1-t'. . 1. 1. ill ll.ull, Ol.-f
-li.flillv ...j> I, n.li<>...n.  llm.
nm.lhi.hi. aplo.i.11.1 .......   Wn*  dVIti
....tif... -S.-..V.., iiiki-ii. lm-    VOW
"M:l;t!itl .V lli*tfli" I'lftlui, I'll-
fljlll IM.Mlillll.llI   lllllll....   llllll
..flllli..   .-fiat..  Iiriufliff.llv In'..,
....I.-i- cm..!!!!...., lii'lti-t-!  t.......
W;..-.Mi.-.U. l'.\..-f..i.-il!.lil.)V;ll .,
" I.ni...i.i...." Orimii, wiihii.l
i-n*.-,;, It. Iiit.ll, li iii-i;i,t-a.  Jj.
•il*.i( i- I-,; atujia, V..-f  II...
nuiii m.  il.iim  iiiiiml i.ij.ni
'IMII   Hunt i,nnmm. ,l|||t|>.
....ao, acnill fr   S aula .if Wlla,
m aUipi,   Imll.   nulla,   .mtli
ft,.' It 111 milli:. il... 	
- li. in mi   ......nt. llnl; .ml.
..nl i-i-i- .till. iKiimllal l-i fli
.il.i.i ............ li..|-li.u'ii. :. a.-..*<i.'
i,.,il,. lUatitjia. Iinaa uiul lit-lili-
 -' iml,ii™f-»olla,ipi™. a. nn
.lui ...ii.i.f.i..i.i.iiinn-,-   « JU
Crows tfest
Soft Screened Coal
Sacked if Required
$9 per ton delivered
'Phone 65       McKenzie Ave.
-    .    '     ,.
■i  I ppi i  \ ,i
... . ,i  j... -
1      1    M    ■,. ' I     M I        ■     ■ . , ■
plnnted hi  '        irl    vcsl   ... nei ol   I.,
-,.,.;   .Imi li   I ii- i 111 ■
-.ii i In	
Wenl ,lo , 1-  luenl,
Iitiiiing       ■ -    . .linn' ui li is,
I in -I - :i t .lay ui Nov, inbor, i-imo.
"i     T. s, McPIIERSON,
W .- -- .tl iu n number uf others,    I'ull  lid  until   upon
Vuu in i   inin in nny uno nf these in-ir.........Is
nl full  - ilu.',   i    p.irl.bf] pui'ini'iil  on n now MASON ,*v
UIHI II I'l \\... ...ilnn io,-, yen rs,. .purchase.
HU08r,H I./IY
r. o. nox
f ** ■»,%.•* V** "♦.•ft.-V*'!"). V*%V%% W%V%% Vfc'«.\VU."%%**1*l
} P.   BURNS   &   COrVsPANY,   LIMITED, j
lll-.AI. I'll li -I-,     i ti'.-.iM.   U.IIKIITA,
Wholosalo and Rotail Meat Morchants
1'i.rkP.t I, .. ml iimIi-i   in l.n.  Situ     .'I riot, in .til lho principal Ullln and
I'oivn    t uiiiii llrltlih   ..I'liniiiiiiii'lil" -V.ili.....  Pi.ik.'.«.i||i.t . i-l.-liratij.l llr I
... itur" [Ianu and llivton, anil Shantroch l:r ni.l. i,-,ii Lahl. a
itu%ntutuM«miMu-i«tuuM I John E. Wood's Furniture Store
That's Royal Orown kind—
made In Vanoouver—Largest
Soup Factory went ol Winnipeg, House cleaning nnd
.vnshii.gnroenny with Itsholp,
\nd the n...ney saving is tho
Premium System
Hook lot tells what wo give for
lluvnl Crown Wrappers, Send
for it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
l««rt,s  Fmit|lre j
4   »  111U   LUJ.i-11-i "
tbe fltatMberalb.'
bettor thun slaiult'M tu lay before their regards tlie supplying of  power  and
constituencies has no right to expect light tu the U. P. R., that is another
*   * ---i - i.:..i
By I.
y.. ■
Including postage to England, United States
mid Canada.
., .J2.-50
...   1,50
^  .... 1.00
•JB I* RISTIXQ promptly executed ut reasonable rates,
TERMS-' ash,  Subscriptions payable in mi;
/ORRESPONDENCE Incited on matters ol
public interest. Communications to Editor inu-t be accompanied by name of
writer, not necessarily fo publication, but
as evidence ofKood faith. Correspondence
should be brief.
Legal not! rclOcents per Uno first Insertion,
5 cents per line each jub-eq icnl insertion,
Measun ment? Son] llnw mako one
inclij. Sl ■ n d --' i era! business an-
noi i* mi ii*- fi.?* pi i .1. h per inoulli.
Preferred portion*. 23 per cent, ml-
<;-.-. ■ il, Bii 'l u ■->■- and Deaths,
'.. each In- ni n, Timber not iecf* $5,00
Land nol ■ ST.' Ml advertisements
subject toll .. *i*alof thi maimgemoiit,
\'.    ted n    Condensed Ulvorttauten.a:
Hi:    \\ mted, Situations
wanti      - ' Vacant,   Ti uchi t-
■tVanted, >l ft mti d, 10 words or
1.-- 24 . * rtdltional lino I'i   cents.
i hange*. In standing advcrtlsemonUi musl
ix . *-.. 0 .. :... 'I new) -: and b'rldny of
e   h *-' ■ k to •'■'■■.I' goi *: dUplay,
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Ch..-. Mi'ui'hv.       H.iuoi.it I-'isiiki:
Barristers, Solicitor.,EU-.
rr.  . |, -in i.v,D TROUT LAKH, II. u.
C.E.Giiu>. I*, f. laiuo-n
Ok,ions:  l-.u-iu.iAi. Uank  Hlock,  Hkvel*
Money to'<»«. ,   „ ,.
Oft!:----: Revelstclcc, 11. L.
Gku. S. McCabter,
A.  M.   l'lNKUAM.
Revelstoke, II. C.
Kor. Steele, B. C,
J.... Hakvkv,
Furl S'.i-clc, 11. C.
J. M. f*.
t COT*
at 1.I..1.
W, I. BrlKgi
, Etc.
an expression oi public confidence,
We would plead will, our citizens, and
.specially our young men to organize
against electoral corruption. In the
young men of thc province we must
look for enthusiasm nnd strenuous
action, und to curry on their shoulders
the burdens whicli others have curried
before for the welfare o! the province
Everyone who has taken a hand in
politics anil even civic contests knows
that they are often largely managed
on lir.es ol corruption. In nil devis-
ioiis there arc politicians and heelers
win. regard an election as an opportunity for obtaining money from the
candidates on various pretenoes, These
persons sometimes lorm combinations
nnd present tlu-ir claims in a manner
much resembling a command,  frequently with a threat that if  certain  fur their produolion
funds  are   not   provided for them to! "*
dispensu, the candidates who refuse to
ci.ii.i_. down handsomely  will  be de-
loutod by the influence tbey claim to
represent. Ail men aspiring to occupy
representative positions desire clean
elections.   Tbey do not want to spend
money on uny but legitimate expenses,
Thc cost of organizations, hiring canvassers, renting halls and committee
rooms is heavy enough without having
to pay Ior occult  support  on  which
they cannot count.
There is no candidate who wou'd not
prefer that every elector should go to
the polls nnd manfully record his vote
without bribe.    There are many ways
and means ol eluding oven the moBt
itrict observation exercised over those
suspected ol infringing even the least
ol tlie laws appertaining to electoral
purity and the machinery for enforcing such laws is frequently weak and
fur from adamant. Considering the
magnitude of the interests involved
every elector should do his utmost not
to leave the elections to bc manipulated by the baser elements in the
•-0"-  —   	
point and one which must be handled
ns a business proposition, safeguarding
the public's funds und interests, and
at the sume time embracing a scheme
that will be ot praotiool utility to the
public und so arranged that it will be
acceptable to the railway company
nnd nny other large corporation that
mny  at  some future date wish to do
business with  tlie city.     It is up ti.
the  council,  now,  to get down to
business  and  decide what is best for
the city and also what will invite cooperation with outside consumers, uml
if tlie lesson of the pust week, taught
by the dark ness nnd gloom that enshrouded the eity, hnve been learnt or
heeded, it will be speedily recognized
how   urgent  is  the  call lor " better
lights" and the appliances  necessary
Profit and Loss Account.
Corporation of the City of
Financial Statement for the Year 1906
■• 1'rlntlug nml Stationery	
' Tele.)t.one Reulul	
■ Wuler Repairs onil Mnlntennnce.
- Geuer.il ExiMiuse	
" Slush Ire	
" Fuel	
-' ElectricRei.nirajn.IMalntenai.ci
" Salaries	
" Survoys 	
- Iniurauce	
" Wnter lie.....!	
-' Repairs to DamJ	
■- Inspect!. IJIoters	
Barristers, Solicitors
solicitors fob Molsons Hank
PirstStreet, Revelstoke, B.C
|)ui:i:i:t smith
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mine Sutveying
Mi Keszie Avenue,
llnx imi. Revelstoke,
the fltatt-lbetalb
■•Iliiiin . . . earnestly a vlio them Ior
their good to ordor ttiispapcr to be punctually
eervea up, and to be looked ...ion u- ti partol
the tc.i equipage,"—AnnisON,
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 23, 1907
■ The new mayor and board of aldermen have been duly sworn in and tho
new administration will now assume
all responsibility in civic nltnirs lor
the next twelve months. It must be
realized that the council bus belore it
by no meiins a sninii tusk in grappling
with the such all in.port.iui questions
ns it is now their tusk lo satisfactorily
surmount nnd bring to a businesslike
end. The experiences of the past
week have taught us how very much
behind the times we really are, nnd
although we can boast of as good an
electric light uysleni ns nny city in
the interior, still it is by no means so
good Hint it cannot be greatly iui-
proved upun. The plant bus, to give
it its dues, been u money making pro-
It is ensv enough  ti  understand
Satisfactory Terms Can Be
House und Lot on Second Slice!,.ID
feet, one hlock iron. School
house. Brick, ten rooms with
furnace and all modern .plumbing, closets, pautiics, basement,
stone foundation,
House und Lot, on corner First street
^y.and Boyle Avenue, a business
Warehouse and Lot on Corner Smelter
Trick and Third Street with
spur to warehouse.
Villa Lot adjoining Oity Limits on
liig llend Rond. A goud stone
quarry aud lirst-clnss gravel
nud sand for building purposes.
A good bed of Brick Olay and
three acres cleared suitable for
fruit growing.
Six Lots in Block 40.
One Lot iu Block -14, 50 foot.
Two Lots on Eighth Bt,, 100 foot.
One   Lot,  Block  07,  with   office
Four Lots, Block 98, 25 foot, Cor.
Third Street and Connaught Avenue.
One Lot, ."ill fo it, on Douglas Street
Hill.   Contains good building, gravel
and Sii ml.
A well lired Mure, Cutter, Democrat
Wugon, two sets harness—(1 set of
driving, 1 set of work.
Farm Lnnds in Okanagan.
Interest in good mining property
nnd timber limits.
Twenty acres good land in North
Vancouver—$90 per acre,
G:od Farm hinds in Buckley valley.
Four lots in tl.e town ol  Golden.
First-clnss residential property.
One Cement Black Plant in good
working order with all attachments
For full particulars apply to
Real Property Taxci, I8W
Hen! Property Taxoi, 1000
1..II..1 on luxe* Irom Molsons Bnnk	
Interest oil taxes	
Trn.lc Licenses	
Liquor    "     	
Weighing Fee"	
Kitnil Ti.x	
inleol ol.lTypeivrilcr...
lteln...Is, inline." paitl 1*7
Government ('.nun to
Police Court Fines	
Accrued Interest, Bcbeu.
luro"l" •■■■
Dog Tax 	
Cemetery Lots	
Int. on Sinking Funds..
* 1,967 811
12,845 w
7.000 UO
118 7!)
772 .'«!
11! 85
1,118 1)0
•J9 60
4,880 88
2,180 -W
77 10
126 00
289 00
200 -19
s 1,343 26| By Wiiii-i-Km..-	
73 m- - Light     "    	
VJ n.: " TuppiugMuiui	
302 21' " Iiistiilliitinii nml Fixtures.
29.-, lil " Motor lie...-	
"'."Jl 30 '
:lS|i 35
1.2m. ....
ii.ii.,.'i on
5 09
:;u; HI
58 i'u,
S 11,1109 70
19,06! n
39 Ct
91. 911
826 .'ill
Wnler niul Light llntcs.
Meter Rents,Installations, nnd Tapping
'•it- differences ol opinion that makes
hor-i races." So if it were not ior
such a divergence of view ns is above
mentioned, we wnuld  probably  have
Ins. week ttiiit the plant cannot hi
relied upon to do its work under all
conditions und when the eity is in
darkness  lor  an   [definite period the
bublv   huve um kilt-**   ■".       .
,    ,-,,      ,  lilies     The  people citizens  feel   inclined   to  go to any
rather lifeless  polit 11.     1 bi  pe< 1 permanent lighting
*"'"tatUtat^toTrii,£^^,i"e installation ol an auxil-
a whole und whnt  will  most   lenefit s)Ste  .   1M
each iudivi-liuily     Hi: 1.0111^,:.,:,       !,-'-    * **	
All Kinds of Light and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer . . '-    i. Coal and Feed.
House Pb i e
onstituency—Retiring Men ber
...hor or  liol' 1"
Atlin—Dr. Young, Cn. ..
Alberni—Wm. Manson, Con.
Cariboo—J. Murphy, Lib	
2nd Best—H, J. ncs, Lib	
ICI.illiwacl-.-C. Munro, Lib,
Columbia-W. C. Weill Lil
.('...mux—ll. Grant, Con	
Cowichan—J. N. Evans, Lib. .  .
I'r.ii.; i    k— l>r. King, Lib	
Delta—John Oliver, Lib.
Dewdney—R MoBride, Con.
Esquiroalt—C. E. Pooley, Con..
Fernie—W R. Ross, Con	
JGmnd Forks—Gei. Fraser, Con
lOrceiiw.od— I li. Brown, Lib,
Islands-T. W, Paterson.Lib.
K* i. p—F. .1  Fulton, Con,
Kaslo—R. F. Green, C m.
Lillooet—A, McDonald, Con,.
Sanaiiiin—,1.  Hawthornthwaite
Nelson—.1. Houston, Con	
Newcastle—P. Williams, Soc.   .
New Westminster—T, <iilionl. i
jOkanagsn—P, Ellison, Cun. ..,
Bevelstoke-T.Taylor,Con. ...
unond—!•'. L. Carter-Cotton, Con..I. W. Weart
Capt John Irving Dr. Young
.. H. Junes
C \V, Munro
\\  i*   .Veil.
.1. li Bennet!
.1 N  Kv.i.-
|)i- King .
John Oliver
Robert Jardine
John Jardine
Win. Dickon
. Herbert Gregorj
E. Niiilen
,. T. W, Paters, ti
.1. |i  Swim-Mi
...   John Keen.
Mr. Eagleson
Sm: 11 Sheppard
.. Dr. ii. A. B. Hn
in., If. W. Howay
 'Dr. Maedonald
 Robert Caley
Ricln      ^^^^^^^^^^
Rossland-J. A. Maedonald, Lib,
iBaanioh—H.Tanner, Lib. .........
limllkameen-L, W, Shatlord, Con,
8keena-C, W. D. Clifford, Con,
Biocan—Wm. Davidson, Lab, Soo,
Vancouver, l-R.»;-Tl,tl"".('""*  *
2_C. Wilson, Cun	
"t—J. F. Harden. Con	
I_W. J. Bowser, Con	
Victoria,l-R.L. Drury, Lib....
.1     a—w. H. Cameron, Lin..
',_J, D. McNiven, Lib..,
4_R. Hall, Lib.	
Yale-Stuart Henderson, Lib. ...
lYtnIr—H. Wright, Con	
Wm Manson,
Charles Wilson
L, i. Champion
3, \ Cawley.
H (1  Pars, ii
I! Grant   ..
W, II. II*   * u '
i A. Harvey
p. II. Mackenzie
li. MoBride
C E Pooley
IV, H. Ross
Ernest Miller
E. il. Warren . .
A. E, McPhHIips
F ,1 Fulton
Neil F Mackay
A. McDonald ...
Dr. S, O'Brian .
J, A. Kirkpatriok
,1. B. Cairn's..,
Price Ellison
-Tims. Taylor....
p. L. Carter-Cotton
lai ea i irt«   ghl - -
Iir W  l Currj  - -
C, A, Mackintosh, Ind  Richardi
T r. Kelly, >oe
w   H More Srie,  Dr. King
John Moli.iu- - i
Edgar K Dynes Sen
W  I  Ledingbam 81 c
,1. A. Maedonald
II, Tanner	
Smith Curtis
Dr, Kcrgin	
A.II Dookiteader vv m
K. p. McLennan R '
Lor...- A, Campbell
D. M. Kbe.rts	
L. W. Shatford, ..
VV. R. Lord	
.1. W. Dell. Farrii Dr. (I. A McGuIre,
Judge Henderson J. F. Harder.	
T. t. Neclands ,.|W. J. Bowser
I. II. Hawthornthwaite, 3oe
Frank Phillips, Sue
p, Williams, Soo   D, I', rhomas,
.1  S  liainey. Lab.
(i   Logie, Sue.
W. W. Leleaux, Boo,
Stunrt Livingston, tnd, Con.
Charles Kill.y. s..c,.,
A, K. Berry, Soc.       	
(ino, E. Winkltr, Soo.
Wm. Davidson, Soc.
W.W.B Molnnes
A. H. B. Macgowan
It. P, Pettipiece, Soc.
II.McV'cty, Soc. ...
H. Dubherly, Soc. ..
A. R Btebbinii, Boo, .
Williams, Ind. Lab.
A.H. I'orry, Ind. Lab,
W, (
Drury. ,.
. Cameron
It, McBride	
H. B, Tompson
Henry llehmmi
F, Dnvey..
D, McNiven
It. Hall ,     ,  „    „
Stuart Henderson 0, A. Sen In
j, F.Hume J. Schofield
Juhn llniHton. Ind.
 (88,801 :
30,070 84
21. IS
849 II
f. reels nml Sidewalks, now
USJ 69
163 7U
Fire Brigade liqnlpmeul..  i
300 02
It... Ul.
117.*. 711
0117 69
"      Firemen
150 111.
166 In
Sick ninl Deitltuto	
215 47
7S im
44S 65
■JS.'. 81
91 .v.
Typowrlting nnd liling by-
■JO 711
ltef.iii.ls,iiioiii-y paid to city
28 i.J
Scales, Inspection [ee	
8 lit
Commission col. Road 'lux
105 66
Premiums,Clerks' bonds..
2i on
Telephone Itenlnl	
sn 6*
Repayment ou Tux Lorn.,.
0.077 35
1,1112 lit
2,175 uu
2„*05 1)0
FollecUener.il Fxpeuses...
791 111
Repairs nud maintenance
479 Ifli
854 05
Repairs to tools nut! imple
75 70
35 UU
81! 211
542 05
226 56
19 15
1126 50
I'riitiing nml Slntlonery...
46. 611
1'osit.ge...id Telegrams....
16. 66
214 50
7 59
869 U0
Debenture Interest "A"...
75.) 911
.,     „|r
225 00
"     "E"..„
159 .!(.
ii            .i      „p>>
1159 00
.,                 ..        m;",..
400 90
8,112 60
I       ..        ..    ,.[..
i.ouo uu
sinking Fund, Deben. "A
477 42
05 85
■'          "tj
145 411
93 29
214 Ul
241 44
1848 7S
550 60
Public School-
Tcnchers*tl.8il0 IW
Janitor.   510 9n
Secretary   60 nu
Incld'nt'l  llis 2S
Repairs    21186
Fuel         .iiii 14
Supplies    7111 83
Furnlt're   185!..'.
Grounds   .176 4:.
—.—10,001 01
linn. School—
TeHciicra i.ssri uu
.Innit.ir      65 00
Furnlt're   261 lu
Altcr'.'m 820 95
1 Ibrnry     201 li.i
lin-ltl'iil'l   19 lis
Supplies      11 '...*.
 2,787 12
112,798 48
. a. MoRae, Chairman. 1
. 11 Flovn, Secretary. 1
Llgl.l plant 	
11,402 51
1,180 92
Instnllatioi. materlali.
..   1,-162 80
146 33
I'riutlug and Stationer
.8 111.
Tele|.luuie rentftl
72 0..
Water repairs .v intii.it
II,     802 21
Kleclrie    "        "
1,255 69
295 17
...   6,6113 no
5 99
llllll I'll
Waler rental
58 00
Dynamo and Meters.,
... ::,96i 79
Repsi rs un.l new work on
7,439 «:i
Govt. Impeo. ol Meter
s ..     118 69
Bnlnuiolproiltl    n.-'1'-" "
Certified Corrcct-B, A. LAWSON. Cii> Auditor.
January 12th 1907.
City Tr-usurer,
li Ik ito Oi Rmbhb Pitt
GENTLEMEN:—Having been iioniiniiU'il to contest ibis
Hiding, 1 beg lu offer you my besl services, niul lo siutu tlnit
if elected lo represent ynu. I will tlo my utinosl nl all limes to
advance the interests nf llio Hiding.
I believe in clean Government, mul thnl the party in power
should be beyond the suspicion nf wrong doing,
In the matter of Ptihlio W'orltF, I will sn-tlmi we gel appropriations commensurnto with the lurge amount ni revenue
we turn into the Treasury, nnd suitable to our extra needs of
roads, trails, and bridges, and the proper maintenance ul same.
I believe in the return to :i systom of Slnle Educnii.m,
which will allow proper salaries to our School Teachers; will
make provision for lhe up keep of Schools in tl.u llui-nl Districts, and tlie free distribution ot school Looks, etc.
I will nt nil times oppose tin- introduction oi the Asiatic
element into our midst, or the bringing of aliens who cannot
bc'.'nssiiniliued, into this province,
I believe in the conservation of our liiiuls and oilier assets
nnd will strongly oppose lhe giving lhe sumo to Corporaiions.
I believe in the reorganization nf llie Lnnds Department,
and would favor the surveying by Provincial Land Surveyors
of tbe lands suitable ior agriculture or fruit raising, so that
proper information can be given intending settlers; also assistance to settlers in clearing ilu- lumi and making the same
available at an early date,
Awaiting the honor of your cull, gentlemen, on the second
ol February, 1 beg in subscribe myself,
Ytiur Obedient Servant,
151,789 0!
H Rossland
Winter Carnival
February 12434445 and 16
Reduced railivav rates on all 1"
J. S. C. FRASKR, I'l-i'si.li-ni
l-or itirlhot particulars npplv lo
E, ADAM:-. Sec
I77..-.M 38
t 77,104 35
BALANCE   Current Revenue and Expenditure Account.
T   .!
Til H.r'-n-   I" -'' ' * -
upend nil     -
,i in,..- ■
I  ..
... '■ i-
11 B0
By Tai Arrears, lBDO-1001 1
"     1902	
"     191.1	
"     ll.il	
-     1009	
Aoerued [ntoroit on unpaid lues	
o, in, onl bight account* due to City.
Will Prove More Sustaining
Than  Ever if Macie From
428 11
Wil 4.
2,8.18 31
2.IIH .1
1.262 III
8311 J!
11,871 III
Dflbi .on *.tff' .
ii.,-. ■ ire Sttrlw H
Dibanl r« Bsrlsil
Dihmtoro Seflei B
i.m.i...  ,.--   *....'f  F
|„M...    •        .-      S,.f   ,■      ',
liithntit ,mi  S^riii   H
Debanl ire, 8«rl« I
i,.,,     ... i Hln nmi
it,i,ni.i DilMStDiaCoiilr
,,.,n, ■ .ii:
l |   ,,, i. ,.,■   .mlBldawaH
-on u, . ny Koala* 	
.,,   . M,,i,...- h -in.!
..   .i a 	
,,   .. I.
., 'IU Ki .
•'."jiiui K
j..,..,. ii. F
Wl .. 0
12.VI II
<,'-.'.. Jll I
-18,111.1 (fi
8,im:, 2ii
I 10,750 is
850 III
*-. 188 II
. 4*21.81
ISI 59
mxi 71
nm 72
7.1.7 0!
■ai .*
"BUST"hns many imitators, Irt few rivali niul
no equals,
" BEST" flour is milled in ll. C, Irom c.r.e'ully
Selected Western ll.ir.l When!, and oontnini more
gluten, or nutriment, than any Floui ive kn.nv uf, l-'.r
light, ili-li.'iu.i.-. sustaining bread every timo, me
Columbia flouring Hills (o„ uu.
Bilmoi, AHMo.t.virljiab'iili"
p^p^p^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ It.L'MS III
|I»I,!I71  ,11    Wll.nr.ll.rl l.klit I'll....  MWI1
Srlmiil Iiiii Iiinn.. niul l.nini.il- 2:1,1)11111
Fun Kill,           ...I  4.10(1 (11
Kim llrliwln Hqolpmeot  8*385 HI
Hro Alarm Binttm  91002
llmrnnlinn llro'ind  1.1122 VI
Clljf lliil!  1,7-11 11
LotiliDdO, BlooktS,,  i.Kii.io
olliciFornilnri  !,.» 1!
Villi. Lot39  Wino
liiimiiliitfflr.ni.nl  :."**. 2(1
Toi.la nud I.i.plimln.s  IW 83
Hnlutipniliinnii .'emotirj- Loi* 860 00
,.   l!4,.V.9 9»
||li:,,Mi 118
Five Hrniiil Truphlea and $2,0U I in priz. -.   Two liiinds iu .tltendniice
HOCKEY—International nnd iuter-Pr.ivinoi.il chnmpioushipB.
SNOWSHOEIXG—Chnnipionship of B.itish Cnlumbiii.
TOBOGGANING—A mile n minute down ll.e "ZIP."
SKI-1NH—lumping nnd Racing    Clinn.pi'.nship ol Cauada.
SKATING RASES—For ehan.pi. n-hip nf British Columbia.
CURLING—A Provincial Bonspiel
Horse Racial*;, Masquerading, Tutt-ol'-Wiu- nnd oilier iuierestiiig .'Veiils.
Incorporated br Act d Pntlliinent, li'ti.
Wm, Miiijuin MACI'IIKIIHIIX, Pies. s, II. I'lwlXU, Vll-.'-l'
Jamkh Elliot, Oenernl Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,200
Reserve, $3,000.00'
Kverythi.iK in way of banking businoss tpiinnaeli'd wllll.i.illin.
necessary delay.
Interest credited twice., yenr.it ciuiei.l rule- un Mi.v.nu- Idink
W. H. PRATT, Manager, -        RWKIJIDKK, B. C. r,
.'ontinlioil Irom P.io'c Ono.
tin. people. In lhe proposal by Mr.
McBride to give $1,600,000 fol the
building of n railroad from Spences
Bridgo to Nicola bo pointed out that
the propositi wns defeated by two con-
sorvativts and that the road had since
been built without n bonus, and in
spite nf nil Mr. McBride's ii.ul-i.dmhi-
istratiun the province had prospored.
Ingoing into the Kaien Island deal
he denounced the government for uu-
i.cccEsary secrecy and its b. d nianagc-
nient too iu not getting a better water
front allotment at Prince Rupert. In
the Kaien Island business thc premier
had acted in an unjust manner in
keeping it .piict and not making it
open to the people. The government
had uu poivcr to make a grunt by
Order-in-Counoil and the premier
could not disprove that hc had not
dealt with a band ol adventurers tlie
oidcr-in-cuuncil being simply a blind.
No provision had been mado that the
(.. T. P. were to build (rom Ihe oust
custward. One dollar per nore wus n
bad bargain and it was a significant
tact that,t)ie reserve Indians received
$7 per acre. He vigorously pointed
out that the prosperity ol B. C, was
not due to Mr. 1McBride and referred
to llio timber act snying Hint tlie law
for tying up limits by speculators wus
unfair to the people. The liberals
had made a good amendment regard
ing tho exportation of poles and hnd
in every way protected the lumber
industry. He oballoil|ed Mr. Burri
and Mr. T. Taylor to answer tl.e (nets
of tlie govern ment deals and discussed
"better terms" as the conservative cry
nud ns being unfair since it was raised
as a provincial claim and Air. McBride
being helped by all, bud g.iue unprc-
pared to accept the enso as a provin
cinl one utnl had ninde it u scheme oi
his own leaving out the cbiel fuels of
the requests ol 1). ('. (cheers), lie
finally exhorted tl.e riding to show
their disapproval of ll.e McBride government and elect Mr. Culey. (Loud
T. Taylor and M. J, Burril arrived
ut ihis juncture from the Conservative ei.inker and Mr. Taylor after
apologizing (or being late referred to
the alleged iillinnce li.iw.cn the Conservatives and Socialists, vehemently
asserting thnl the allegation wus incorrect. In .elerriug to tbe statement
by Mr. Mucdonuld .hut bo Intended
to institute a bureau ul Labor und
Iinmigiation, bc .-aid it wns an extra
expense nnd lint immigration rests
withthe Dominion, He referred to
the Natal Act and how the Dominion
Government bad vetoed it again and
ngain. As to the objections of. Mr,
Maedonald lor assisted immigration
lie mentioned the North Atlantic
Trading Co , (loud cheers), snying that
Preston wus u black leg. He questioned why Mr. Maedonald should condemn the government becuuse no
surveys wee made pointing out lhat
tl.e work ivould be too heavy and expensive, nnd he urged that as well us
means would allow the conservative
government co'.:ld do ns well if not
much belter than the liberal, (cheers),
The prosperity ol II C. was due to
th--: McBride government and the
lumber administration had been a
good one. 11c cle.nly showed thut
short licences were lad lor mill men
coming in nnd uny cue holding licences
enn nncw inch year and thus il would
induce capital to ronie hi. The credit
of B, C. wus good now, nnd why, l.y a
ohaugeof government destroy that
trust. In referring to the Kaien
Island dcnl he vigorously iilHrnied
thnt all the dealings of the government were open, (loud cheers).
II.,I. Burril said after bis opening
remarks, that the record ol the government will merit them a return to
power on Feb. 2nd., but fair play is
necessary whoever is elected nnd all
ti.UBt do their part in building up the
province. He referred to W. W. B.
Mclnnes and his meteoric record and
the stump for the C. N. land deal,
whicli Mr. McBride,had prevented
from going through. Air. Mclnnes
bui'i othcr schemes when bc loll the
Yukon und Judge Hen crson tou
when hc resigned the bench. Ho discussed the danger of placing Hie grits
iu power nnd ullirmcd lhat in a lew
years a conservative government would
ait at Ottawa. In reviewing the prus-
pects of the province he said tlmt the
English papers had warned them
against a change. If the McBride
government had not done good lot the
liberals show a better claim lhnn they
lor endorsement, lie referred again
to Mr. Mclnnes, who said the. banks
had stampeded Mr. MoBrldo inlo
action when he took over the power.
lie hutched on tl.e surveys and education, Iruit und timber ussci.i nil I.e.
ing Iii ii good wny to prosperity.    In
reviewing the Kuion lslii.nl nitn.itirni
and thu O. A W. deals, I.e. snid there
was uu honorable answer to all questions nud yet Mr. M..'-d.iiiuld hntl
condemned ihem altogether,as lor lhe
0, It, W, tho  government   bail   dune
what was right,    The G. T, P.  had
llim-llammcd the public nil thruu
and Mr, McBride lind made tho best
nctter  terms tne longer air. niueuo.i-
aid explained it the worfc oil' it would
l.e, (cheers) and lho premier had taken
a manly stand.     Every one realized
that B. C. demands speciul  treatment
and in concluding he advocated   the
-upporl i.f Mr McBride nnd the litter
fully of putting the liberals in.
Judge Henderson said thnt he ws.s
pleased to hear Mr. Burrill and the
personal 1 of tbo candidates for election. The question nnd not the man
should be tho cry and ho pointed out
that l.o had in no wny been inllucnced
by Ottawa in his resignation. He
pointed out that a judge may resign
without being attacked and it seemed
impossible to conservatives that they
Bhould give up anything for nothing,
(cheers.) Ho argued that Mr. McBride had'nt acted in the way he
sliould to safeguard the people's interests. He referred to Capt. Tatlow's
surplus and said that the tax raising
was unneceBsnry. Why, hc asked
sliould the pooplo give way lo railway
corporations and why should the
government sell lands over people
bends. Thc government should look
nfter the peoples interests nnd the
lands must not l.e given away to H.c
railroads unless tbey have luynl right
to them. In dealing with the Knien
Inland question he affirmed Hint the
government had been dealing with
adventurers; that uo question was
settled unless settled right, (ohoerl)
nud applause.) At this point tho
meeting hnd to be culled to order,
Hc referred to Mr. Burrill us supposedly trying to resist tlie (!. P. li., but
yet it wna evident that the govern-
mont had given them ull they wanted.
He did'tit think that any argument
wnuld prove thut lhe prosperity wns
due lo the McBride government nnd
something more thai, promises was
necessary. Grentnoss wns brought
about by morality, noble und enduring. A very Stirling exhortation to
support the liberal party brought his
aildressloucli.se. On being asked
what the liberal party would do if sent
to parliament regarding the civil
service, Mr, Mucdonuld snid thnt the
civil service would bu lhc lirst tiling
attended to. (oh. ers.)
Tlio moating closed with the National Anthem,
Fifty Thousand Laborers to be
Imported for Railway
TORONTO, Jan. 22.—The employment of 50,000 British navies for railway work in Canada wus the subject
of consultation between lt. Verily, lhe
Canadian representative of tl.e Central
Emigration Board, London, England,
and T. Southworth, director of Colonisation tor tho province. Mr, Verity
has written to Sir Wilfrid Laurier
confirming a telegram sent to the
premier by tbo secretary of the board
uf Hade, before he left England, prom-
N'otice ll hereby given tl.at6.i.luvsi ler.lal*. ,
I initfiiil to apply to th,   '              the I'hlel "
Commissioner ol Lanri, a.      i.rlr. . ; i-eriuis- ,.'.,,..,.  . ,
sill!! Ut ..If. ilti-i- llll     - m ili'*' rib. '1 I :.:'!- ,. I
... ii-.m li.i-: i      .-■ ''MM
1 roiiuiii-ii'i .- f  i i -f • planted nboul llll     '■  I'miiuu-'ii
leel fro... .....    ..,.-. ond ..I    koilt'ci   Lake, l,"lu..ibl.. lin
marked "W.R Hdlllugiworth   S. «'. . .rn. r,' •■'■,' '-'"J-!-".
ihence north 10chains, cn.. 1*'chaini, south 2H ilill:l" '-""a
chain-, en*. 120 chnlni, -- ulh In chi ins, wesl jnem-c amit'i
120 chains, nol lit 2'i elinins, t-.i-t 10 chain* to ' * '1I(V -""'l-'
place i-i' couimcncemcut.                              .;!''"''-' ""lil1
2 Commenolng at n posl marked "IV. H. uience  i.
IIul!il.K*.vi,!l!i'. .*u.u!i i-.i-t    coruer."    lIlL-nt:. ■'"
li *n nv gl
imi i   in ;i*i ii
,,. t   ,\l   II
'*-■■ hiitfCun
ib-. ,.
., -    .'im ii
i. . er fm
ii the follow!
* -.  ,i LII
nne tiimiet
■■ Mil llllll   fi llll) ■  .HUT itillU j
HOU   1   ■'      ... i I.i , n  I Mil I   I--.-II i,. .....i.i.i ... |
al   , , i IV... .   - . .,   .nienl 1  . .„ciu
... i o i  iiu-tuf .lu
. I.SH7."
11 -
' U;*,,,™,
i-li.iiii* then™ .-fi..-...-li.iin
chain.,, llienco enatSOeliauii
.•Iinins i.i potnl uf commenc.
..   -.- ..  .  |.u*l  ti Int. .-tl fit lho th-
j t.l Id • tnllll in !.|i|iiiiriiTuf Sct'llou
< :. f.iiil.ol -i. :l.!!..|li.«*it„i-.„-.
 ..i.i-..ml," l',-',",'i-.i-l s...-!i.i.ii".
nit Stl cbnins. llionce west 80ehuli.s.
nil. Ml ehuins lo pliiooofciiinniei.ee-
t -Jo..-Iiiiiii-, nuiili j.ioi.iiiii-, wesl tin chains,
norib lu chalnii easl ! I'.i-l.au.s. *...iii!. 2" chains,
call 20 chains south 10 clii.ii.-to placoof com-
3 Commencing nt a poat planlcd about 75
nnl- sijijtli Irom lho west end of Ki-illcr Lund,
marked "W, II. UoUlugsworUi'e   north-west nienceiuent.
corner," thence easl si clmiiis. *oi.t|. SO chains,     l);.to,l -Ji*t December, 19'6.
weit 80 ohalni, north SO ohnlns to placo of oorn-    ;.. Commencing nl a post marked "Brills!
■1. Commencing fit a post marked "British
Columbia Tiiiil..'i'.s Ltd, norUi-wost cornerpoal,
Nn. lLlu.it," planted on aouth boundary of No.l
Inuli abuut I mile Iron, coat end, Ihence aoutl. SO
ili.iiii*. theueo cast so clialna.tnence  -II.sa
halns, thenee ..est sn clmins tu puint of coin-
The   'lln.i'   I", ul I Hi Mill,'   imiii .mil .-I   Sn-
Illtll 21lll.ll! tl... < mlh lull'   Ml'  .-MMMUIl Jf., T.M.MI
Illll-d Nmi-iith, i-JJn.l. lllui!.
sal ilrc 15     IV. II   IIUIiLlNllMWOIITil.
Dated Oot. 21,1000,
I Commencuigat u posl planted abont 'i.
utile north of lho mouth uf Pooler Croek when
il run- into Barnes Creek, and mirked "W. 11
Holllngswortl.'i north-cast cornor," tlienco
soulb lu chaini, weit 16) ohains, uorth in
chains, oust ley. chains to point of commencement.
.-,. Commencing at a post planted nbout % n
mile nor.h nun. .In- u.u.t.i.o. J'..«.'cr.'rcck
where It rum Into Bni-nes. reek, and marked
"W, 11. Hollingsworth'i aoi.the.ut oornor.'*
thonco uorth 10 elinlns, ivest too chains, south
In ohnins, cost 100 clialns to placo of commencement,
Datod Oct. Mb, 1000,
ii Commencing al n po,t planted ahout I ol
n mile soulli t-.i-t uf e.ist i-iiil uf Mtirsli Ijiilic.
marked "W, II. Ilolllngnvoi-th's   ......l.-.-fi*.
corner,'* thenco mull, lu clmins, west 100
chains, north In chain., onil 100 ohnlns ui plaoo
of commencement.
7 Con nolngnl u pus! planted nbool I of a
mile ca.*l of .vest end null near iouth sldo ol
Mill's!. Lab'. ...arked "W. II, Uolllugiwoi'tll'l
nor! l.-cnit corner," I bonce iouth 40 cliiiins, -.vcsl
nm chain-, north 10 chains, oait 160 ohalm to
placo of coinn.oucoiuc.it.
Dnted Oot. 2ith, IM.
s Commencing a. a poal planted nbout 290
yardi from llie iouth sldo anil ..hou. half-way
of K.-uli-i- lulu, iuiiii,..I "W.ll.Holllngiworth's
north-wcil cornc." lhcnco ......I. lp. chillis,
onst 00 chains, north 111 clmins, easl 20 chains,
nortli 20 ohnlns, wosl 00 ohnlns, north 60 clialns,
went 20 chain, in point uf commencement.
I. U'untiienotng ul a po*. elf.....-.! abuutaoo
yards south utnl nboul hull nny u! Keltler hike
aim marked "W, H, llollii.gswurlh'snorth-ensl
corner," Ihoneo soulb lOo ohnlns, west I'.
cholni, nortli 100 chuina, cnsl 10 chains to plaoo
Of fl. .'.'IHMll
I.. Co miming nt a posl planted on ll.o
bench al...... ij ...ilu cnsl of we*, em. ul Keith r
Liike ii-.uil "W. II. Uu.llli.fKswarll.-snortli-
est. corner," llienco soutli 16..ehuli.s. we»! In
chains, nonh bin ohains, thonce ecu lu chains
ll .'	
of Ki-illi-i I.
20 ohnlns, i-i
iu clmins,
norlh Ntiti.it
llninl un
i-ina m  I plumed nboul I
tetlle lllver, ii u -.' nun- wosl
... mnrked "tt II llollingawo.-tl.'f
in i-   ilieucc owl 1.1. Iiafiis. suiuh
10 i llllllis, ll-lllll SI .hm. -. K.--I
i-th jo chains, wesl In .-I. ino.
iu .mini uf conlnionceiuciil,
Uh, inoii.
12 Comnienouw ... .. posl planled ..I...... ,
utilee...*l... l.t-uli- River, about] uf it nnl,'
south of I'oi-ciiplnu Creek, marked "W. II. llm
liugsworth's nnrlh cnsl corner, thouce wont un
chains, pomh lo ehnins, cnsl IUI ehuins, north
ID olinlui to point uf commencement.
13 Commonolng nl a posl planted nboul 1!
niiloscii-t ,f Kotilc Itiver on Trap Crook, and
marked "l\ II. llullLigsworlh s S ft cor -.
thouce inn-ill ut chains, wosl Sll chiil..s,soutb so
ohnlns, cud sn ehniiis lu point of commence-
II r.iii.iiii-ii.-ioK at :. post plnntod about50
j-ii.-tl-iilii.it- .In- lork* oiillti- nortli furk uf Trap
Creek, nboul ' mile eait ul Kettle Kivor, ...nrk
cd "IV II. Ilolllugsworih a 8.W. corner," theueo
nortl.-8o chains,w c*. SI chains, soulh siit-hai..*,
efi*. B0 chnlns, lo poll.! nt col euceuioiit.
linled Oelobor 2fltb. IWO.
15 Coinmeneing a! n post plan oil num. |
mile south ..I .he lurk-... 'I rap l 'reck anil nbi.nl
309 yurds wesi of lhe ereek. murked "... II. tl"l-
ugaivortirs north-west cornc..." thence south
80 chuilia, oasl .-a (-Iiiiiii-. north SO chains, Wost
Wl chnlns to polul ut eomuiencoincnt.
Hi Commencing at a p..*i pi......'.I uboui loa
viinl-n. iho soulli ol Iv.-i Creok aboul H ...lie
ea.-. of Kettle Kivor. markod "W. II Uolllngi-
«urll.s i.tji-lhwi*. eorner," LllOIICO soul I. 10
chnius, ensl lOOchains, uorlh 10 chalas, wosl 109
chains in point uf coimnouccmol-
DatcdOct.31st. HM.
17 Commencing it! t. posl pi....ted uboui •"
yiirds wesl of Kelllo Kivor nboul Unillij below
Porcupine Creok, marked "W H. Holliiigs-
wor.lis aontb-wcsl corner," thnnco norlh !"
chains, casi so clniin.*, luuth bio chnlni, wesl
liicliiuiis. uorlh mi chum*, south lOchains to
place ... coimucuci-lncut.
Is Co .enc.ng nt a posl plnoU-il on lhe
soutli bank of llepteytliuii Creek .ibo...!, ...do
up Irom K.-i.le Kivor, markod "IV. H.Hulling*
worth'i siinili-wi-.-t cornor,' thouco ca-l bin
chaini, north lo chnlns, wost Hi', ehalus, south
... chain* lo plnce of totiimoncomeiit.
III Cuinliicnringul a post plunted.... soulh
bnitl, of llepseviliun I rti'k, about !. mile from
Ke.ilo Rivor, marked **«■ H- Uolllngiworlli'i
souih-eu*. eurner," thenco nurih so olinlui,
we8t8ileli.ii.it., miiii I. -ii chains cast 80 ohalni
to point... commencement.
2.. Cu.iin.eiicing ul a post planted on tin:
*ttiiili ii.inktii llep-e\.Iuin c-et-i. ubout In mile
tram Keltic Hivor, marked "tt IL Ilolllugsworih*! no. lli-ivc.ll coiner." llienco i-u-i .'-"
chains, suuth 80 chains, wosl Si chnlns, norlli
80 chains... place of commencement.
21 Cunimunclug a. n post pluutod on the
sua.I. hunk uf Ilep-i-jilu... Crook aboul I mllo
Irom Kellie lllver, marked "W, 11 lloll.ngi-
woi-.l.'s -..uih-eusl cor..tr." theuce west II.
ehuins. north Ji cliiiins. west I0el.nl.ia, north 20
ising to undertake the supply of the SSISSSfiSSi?
Columbia timbera Ltd.,north-wost corncrpost
Nn. :i I.iinil. planted at tin- south-ivcatcorner ol
N'o. j Limit, tlienee ionth St. cliains, thouco t-n*t
B0 chain,, thunce ninth S.l chains, theuce .vest 89
chain, to point of con.tuenco.nent,
Daled liec.-Jlib, i960.
I. Onminenehia ul a pust niaiked   "Brltlali
Cohnubi,. -li.i.lii-i-.- Md.,  -tli-t-it.-f nor poat.
No,. Uniit." planted nl tliosouth-»-eal coruor of
Timber Limit No. 6.10, thence aouthsu chalna,
ilinl." .veil se clialna, thonco nortli80clinlna,
Un i.i-i-in.. ui elifiin* I.. |.iil.d of' inieneoinetit.
J. Ciiiii'in n.'iiiif nl it pust niaiked "Brillal.
Columbia Tlmlxiri Ltd., north-woat cornerpoit,
X... 6 Limit," planted at the soutb-woBt corner ol
Timber l.iinli Nn. sue. tbenee south 8u chains,
ili.-.u-i *t *n ehalm, thouce .....lb suclitdns,
I lii-iie.. ii esl so i-liu ius lo p..iui nf euiiniti'tii-i.-iin-til.
Baled Bee. 20th, 1000.
Nollroli hereby glvon I'.at SO ilrtMi nfn-r il,,*.-
ll-ellllOUd l,).'pply ... t'eCllieirniillilissiiill	
! mills nml Wnks Inr r.special lloonao to onl
.....I parry ..way 'iuif,cr Irmn the [olloivlug
.le i-tiiu-.l I :* in nes: llM'tcnny district.
t   .-.in ni-iiej nl u pn*. planled nbniil I
mile nurlb from the north-wait curlier ni lhe
I,. ,i s   iilnek Mia, nnil marked -■Hi.: llend
1 tier   Cittill'illll's   MuUh-eilst enrae. l"*t,"
iiit'ii'e norlh 8U ohalni, thenee wen 89clia!ni,
Ihence iouth 89 .-Iinins, .I.e. ml 89 chnlns
in puiiit uf commenccinout,
2   Commencing al a pnsl planled about.
..ttle itiiiih in.tu iln- uortli-ivoal corner nl K. A
s. iilnek sun. .....I markod "lllg Bend Lumber
Company's imrib-cail corner post," .heim-
ivesl snebalni, tlienco soulb 60clialns, Uience
cun SO ehains, llieueo nurth so ehui ns in point
in i-oinniciii-cinent,
fi   Citifiiiii-iieiuif ... iiim*! piiiniui itli'iu! 2
miles wesi from Haul k Pnliii, on Uppur Arrow Lnko and marked "U.II.I,.C...'ssuulh-eas.
corne. |«ii. " .I......-.- nnrth so chains, linnet-
ivesl.n .hnl it*, ihenco south su elinlns, llienee
j ... ii pnsl plnuled about ll
'•nu um I. I'ului, nu t'pi .a- .it--
ll.e.nt- .inili. Suuhalus, [iicncc
,s, ihence snulli suehalns, llienee
, n. p-inii ui cuunncnceinonl.
Ill In'I-Mill. Illilli.
ntjiiu.i       IC. BIN!) I.UMBIill CO., LTD,
.''llllll- Hi 1	
iiorncr pu..,
lis. Sll i-hil
limed P.
N..I i.e i* horoby given . nnl 30 dn) s ufler tin.
I itiieii.l u. apply a) Uio Chief c mliwlnnei'o
I J.lllls 1111,1   Uo.-k*   fiil'il   * ifli Heel.*.'... ell.
uiul curry uway linihet- fro... .1..: following
doscrlbcd lands altuulo In ll.o Vtdo Dlstrlol:
1.  Commencing nl n pus., planled nl. II..'
nm;h j,i-l corner uf Timber Limit 1)3113and
marked "A. 51. 8yn.o..s' sni.ll. wost corne
Ibenco north III chnlns, thenco cast lli.lcl.al.
lheiintaoii.il In chains, 1 boi.ee no*, llio eliuiiis
In pl.t -e til'el 'IIO. lilnlll.
J    I'ii:uill"ll'-lii4  ut  fi   lms.   pl.u.It'll   11. lb.'
iinrtli uui corner ur ".I. Harry's Nu.:.;....!...
I'M  Inn I.fi.l'l.nf  .he I'll-, h.-n.hfll
nf Hu- Hliii.tivfip lllver uud marked "A. M
.-..in ..i.  .-noli we*l   enl-iief,"  lhel.ee uiii'll. II
th .llienee eusl. 111. chain*, lhe...!.. Mini I. II.
eli.ii.i-, ihenee ivesl bin ohnlns to placu of con
::. Commencing nl. n pus! |iluute.l about 21
nit..-- souih .a .i.e nortn-wost cornorof I...I
2818 and ..larked "A. tl, Symons north-oust
,- ir," thenco w.-sl. 100 chains, thenco soulli
lo.-li.iiii* tl t- in*I   III elinlns, llienee -mill
nn i-hfii.i*. i li'-it.-i-i-u-i .in ohalni moro or lonl.
hiiuudiii'i uf i .ni -Ms. thonoo northerly along
-..i.i im in..- un cludni moro ur leaa to pine
of I.MH I	
ll.leil N'.n-i-nihi'i'lliilli 1000
A. M. SYMONS, ljO.fii.ti.i-,
-.. .lee 11 I'. Ulbbo.ui, Igolit,
Ni.iici'i** liorobvgivonUiRl 80 day« nfter 'lute
ive inici.'l lu npply iiillnil'liii'fi'iiiiiiiii.ssiiiiii'r uf
l.iimh nml Wi.rku Inr lupucli1! Ilcuiisoto uui
nn,I curry -hwiv timbor irum ilm fullinvhig
ilescrlbnl IuikIh HiliiiUcil in Wt-sL Kootomiy
Cum itclii-j ni a posl iilanleil 'j mllo norlli
nf Mm---iiiiib l'iisi r-ortier uf Loi i'.'iT uml markoil
"I, \\X I'n.'.s iN.w. iinruor," llienco ItiO cliHius
uust, ti rin'i* iHt'iuii ns sou! h, tlienou iiiii chaini
wesl llit'ii.'c 111 rhnius iiurili to pltico ol OOlll-
iMU'il in.- umber 31st, louc,
.-lUj.ui ■   LAMB-WATSUN l.l MHICK (JO„ LTD
number ol men mentioned.   1 be con-' mont
,„,„,, , Doled Nov. 1st, IWO
dition   was   Hint   a lute of 4S2II Iron.
London to the place ol work l.e arranged. To etl'ect this co-operation
would be necessary between the
central board, the Dominion government and the vatious railroads nnd
steamship lines.
The British board will give all possible help and Mr. Verity stales lhat
he hnd the nssurui.ee ol the railway
men and contractors thnt tbey wiil
be glad to employ British navvies.
Hitherto very few of this class have
readied C.inada owing to tlio cost of
Nolice la horoDy given thftt 30 days aftor dato
I intend toapply lo tlm Chief ConimUsiottor of
Lands and \Voi*kn for a HDociftl licenco lo cut
and carry away timbor front tbe followinK
doMrlbod proporty situated on tfUhor OreoK
cni|jtyliiK into lln- bend of-AdatttB Lnke in Ibe
Dl.stnel of Lillooet, H.C:
1. Commencing nt a piwt planted on tho wesl
imnk nf Planer Crtu-k, Snutli l*'nrk, almnt four
miles from Adums uko in.ulii"I "A. McOonnsll'i
N, lv, enrni'i*," riiiuilnjr 80 elialiw sruthi llienco 80
I'baiiiH went, tlionco wi clialns north, tlionco bO
i-habiM east to pnint nf eoniinencotnont
2. Ooiuinoticlng nl a post planted on tlie weal
Imnk ..f yialter Greek, south fork, marked "A- Mc*
('(-iiiii-U'h N, W. eiiriii'i*," almul fmir mlloi from
A-iiniM Luke, iiuiiilii-j si) I'liiiiiM Miiiitli. thonco 80
luiiiiH east, ilicnce tjfl chains north, tlienco80
clialna woul to puint of cnmmoitceinent,
t Cfiiuiiieiii'iuti ui ii noat planted nn tlie west
hunk nf Pliher Creok, -Snulb I'urk. aboul (Iro mllea
frnm Atlanta Uke, markod "A. McComiBll's N. li.
enrner, Limit Nn, :i Plalisr Creek," rannlng80
•liains riimih, 80 chnlns west, KO clialna nortli, 80
bains eant In placo ut commcttcuniciit,
I   Cututuenclng at a post planted on llie wont
Ininll nf I'lsltor Crook, South Pork, al i five mlloa
frum Ailami* Lake marked -A, McComielt'a N.W,
coruer, Limit Nn. t," running B0ehains soutli,
thonco ho eimiin east, thonco so chains nortli,
tlienco BO chains *u,st to place nf Doinrooncement.
5. GommoncliiK at a post planted on tho west
bank nf Plahor deck, Soutli Pork, aboul six mllea
frnm Adama Lake, marked "A. McConilB.l'sN.E.
nniei, limit No, B," running 80clialna south, 80
halns woat, tin chains north, 80 chains east to
placo of commencement.
ii. Coinntonclng at a post planted on the weal
uiknf PlslierCruok, South Kirk, almnt sis miles
fi i Adams Laku, markod "A McConnoH's N.W,
n-i*, limit No, fi," rumilitg fn chains south, 80
chains oaat, 80 chains north, 80 chalna west to
place of iiinciii'i-muul.
Jatiuitrj :.ib. 1007,
Bill jun 11* A. McCONNKLL.
NfUTIl'15 i* boreby «it«n Unit Hilrty dnj-
i niiiir ditto we Inteud to itiiply lotho I'hlel
Cuniuiissiiiiii'i'iif Lund' nml Wnrl,-- fur s|.,.ri;il
lloonao to ont and earry awny timbor from the
inlluwiim desorlbfld lauds situated lu Wosl
Kootonay district, Il.C :
Comtnouoliia at a pnst plnntod mi iln* south-
uii^l Imnk uf Piah ri\rr, nbout unotutloaoulb
nf  .Intnl.-un Cr.'iik and ni'itke.l    'D   UcIutOsh
mul Wm   lloyos norlh'tfeal oornor, thenco
niihtitn olmlua, Hiouen aouth 60 ouaiim, thoiicr
wost 80 clialna, thiuo( nurlb BO chaloi m pi Co sasl Wclislns, thenci ionth so chalna, the
uf com mencomont. *" cltftin, i ■ i«lni **f eoinmeneement. Miuiioil,
Dnted Jiinuury Ttb.llW. I G.H.NORTUKV,
JuolOwod WM. HUVI» |   Hated .iRinuiy 12th,ltKi7.
casi in clmins to pom Wit '
, 11W0
wcddeciO      W. IL UOI.U.NGSWOHT11.
Notice is hereby given Hull SOd.tys
aflur date I ml'....I lo apply lo ll.o
Chief Coniinisslnnor ..I' Lands uml
Works I'...- n special licenso lo oul and
carry away timber from 'he following
described lnnds situnto In Wesl lv..--i-
I.  Commencing nl  n posl plnnted
i  milos uo-tll   ul* Tin.her I.iini! Tolll
...I 2 niilea .leslof Upper Arrow Lake,
.....I  ...... ko.I   "A. M. Syinnns' norlli
of].*! corner," llionce wosl 811 ehalus,
Ihon.-o soul I. Sll ehnins, Ihence ensl Sll
ohnins, Ihen.!.. nurih Sll chains to place
ul' commei commit.
i Coinnieiiciiig al a pust planted
21) chains south ul* the north-wesl corner nl* No. I .....I innrkoil -A. ,M. Sy-
iiions' nurth-.'.-ist corner." Ihenco wes'
811 ehaiiis, llienee snulli Sll ehnins,
thence east SU eliuiiis, Ihoneo north su
ehnins lo plnce of eoimnencoiuout,
:i. I'oiiiiii om dug nt u posi planlcd
nl lho north-east corner of No. 2 and
marked "A. .M. Symons' sut.th-ea.st
enrner," theuce west su chains, Ihence
norlh 811 ohnilis, I hence oust Sll ehnins,
thenoe soulh SU ehains to plaoe of
Dated Navoinhorailh, iniNi.
I. Conimenclng ai a pusl pl.t..led l
...ilo .....ill nf llio south-wesl eorner ..I*
L..I sun ami niarked "A. M. Symons'
smith east corner," Ihencu west III
chaius, llienee nnrlh Illll ohnins, thence
easi lu chains to the uorth-west corner
nl' I.ul Slill, llionoo soulli Illll olinlus In
place ..I* coiumeucemeut.
Daled Novemboi ffliil, HUM,
doo 15 snt A. M. SYMONS
Nolice i* hereby given Ihal Oo days
alter date I intend io npply in the Chief
Commissioner oi Lands and Works i'or
pormission lo purcli.'Lsc six hundred nml
lo.iy acres ol tend lying in lhe Koslhall
Valley on llie wesl side of Upper Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing ut a post marked "Russell Niol.ol's soulh-casl corner posl,'
planted nt ll.e north-west corner oi Lot
Sbj, Group i, Kootenay, llienee north So
cliains, llionce wosl So chains, Ihence
soulb So elinins, lhcnco cast 8o chains lo
llie place of comnienccmenl, conlaining
d..o acres, more or less,
Dated this 23rd day of November, ujoo.
nov 2S wed      I'or T. S, MePherson.
NOTICK [S UBHBBV rjlVBll that sixlyduya
titter dato I Intend to ..|.].lj to (he Ilnn. Chlel
Comuiliiloner <.f Landi nnd u'u.lis fut ponniiiton
topurchuotliofollowins deicilbed landi In tl.o
Weit K n-.i ilistrieti
I'.... Helm, at f. poil plintod .... Uie wes. slue
nl nurihiffi-ifir...nf Arrow!.oml Uke, I..( a mile
Ir li.'.-k mull, marked "It. K M.-K.'s - miiIi-.-ii-i
comei pmt," tnence Bo elialm north, tlience 81)
ohiiin* ireit, thonce -J" chains smith, thenco80
el.iiii- easi nl..it.: lake ihoro ... point nf com-
I un.1 N...- Mh, ..jno.
nnv It Mils. II.      Mt-lilTlll.i;.
Nnl.ee i. hereliV UiV ■'.! llllll 60 ilnvs llf.ef lb.In
I Iutond ii. npnlv lo tin- I! i i.i. i L'oinn.li-
-liinerof Liin.!- nud IVorkl fnr |ii-i-nil-lnu lu
pi.rol.nso lho (oIIowIub diacrlbod landi!
.'onun.i..ii..K al lite S. K. coi'ii.u-nf *J". I.. No,
I010,on tin- -Lore nf mind Bay, I |.|..-r Arrow
Lukes, thonce -0..11. m ohalni, U.quoocnstSO
chnlni, iln-iiee .10,-1 Ii about80 ohalni, thonco
wmtcrly tollowlnji tl.o nulhern shore ol lib.id
H.v to ....inl uf coinmencomont, ooi.i.il.ilng
lour hundred and clghiy acre.......-.- or lo*s,
liiinil ihl-l-ih iini ol December, IWO.
iotdw.82 .1- I'. KKNM-.I.V.
■dato I
llt.ll do .1,11* fif.'
I ... ipplj 'to Hi. Chlel Uotninlmlo
Innii* uiul Wnrk. for pcnuluion lo purcl.o
i.llmi ililMl.Mi'lilie.l lumi* ill. ...ll llslti.'lf
L-oiutnciiclng f.l u j.i-i mnrkod ".V. II. Otl.o'1
...ulii im-i corner poit,-' planted on trail londlnj
Irom North Ihompion Hirer to Volknvhoad Pass
...nl .ibiiui j..nlli-.* in. 1 northerly direction Irom
11 ml., in Lit.., rn.ai.ae ....nl. so .'bui.is, ihenco
weal .Ut'i'iiiitis. ilu an - 'inii 10 clialns, Ihoneo eait
pi 1 liun-1.■ |iniiit i.f luiiiliii'tifellitfiil.
I...I...I mh .1.0 »lNorcinber, 1000.
,,.„-ji IV, II. OMVR, Locator.
llllllll. IU llie Uiul. MIJlli'l
lilt.inl f.lil.n-.o.li, il'le. tn li|.|.l) In lln' Hull
rliii'li'''ltiilii-.-iiiii.i "f l.fu.'l* oo.l Wn.k*. ft.I il
-n.'.iil li.t-.i-i- o.t nt in! carry a uny limber (rom
ll... Ill-nil,s.li ., uiu Ul.oi'ls:
I>inmei.c(tii si 1 pnal |iliiiiii-il abuul   one-
... .1 1 .a., mil, . utol Klih Biver I ono mllo
ii.iiin'.'ii'.i.iiiii' Uience nnrth hi clialns, Ihence
Notice li lioroby gl
'en.h.1 laya alio.-daw I
Itti-ltil lu ;i|i]Ui tnlll
i lion, the t'liietCmi.uliilon
•Inf 1 ll, IIIUl Will
s lorn apeclal lic-iisu to cut
mil carry uway lln
-.-.- Iron. .1.-. lollowlng do-
si'lilii'.l lllllll* lil Wei
Kui'.iiii.n district!
Commencingal 1.1
1*1 plnntod I" chalna west of
In-  Sitllll.'lie.l  e'll
.roi Timher Limit uo'ii ...ul
narked -v. Skh.net
* iiuiili.easi corner,"thonee
in'eli.iiu. .."ilii lhe
.co |u ehalm oast, Ihenco luu
'Imins nor.h, thoneo
lu <h.uus neat lu place ul
Located Doi-oinlnir
Ist, UM,
dec li -ui
.1. Jl.si a.,lge..l.
Notice is liereliy uivon Hntl IK! days
ufler date I inlend In apply In tile
Chiel* Commissioner ..I' Lands and
Wurks for permission tu purchase six
hundred uml forty acres of bind lying
in tlio b'lislliiill Valley on llio wesl side
..I' Upper Arrow Like, doscrlbedas
Commencing nl a posl marked "William Hollow's north-easl coruer post,"
plunled IUI ehuins wosl,uf Loi 167(1,
Group I, Koi.ioiii.y; Ihence wosl su
ehuins, llienee suiiliiS.lohi.iiis, lhei.ee
cist sii ehuins, tlienco uorlh 80 chains
tollii- pluee i.f oiuiinii-ueeuiout, coll-
lltlnlug UIU neros, ....... ur loss,
Dnli-.l ihis 'Jill, day of November,
nov 28 wed    I'er'I'. S. Mcl'liersoli.
Notice is lien-h) slven 11... no ilayi allei .luie 1
inli-ii'l ... apply ... Ilu-1 'Iiiii  .'........I.si....... nl
I, iiiii. .iml W nils Im n special III ao In enl allll
f.u'iifiit'.ii Umber Imm .In- lollowlng <I,.h., il,...i
l.iiiu'-nii Michel Crock, I ...1 lo Ailanu halm,
Lllliiui. Illitrlct, II,i'..mi i'.i-t«l'h'
..  t mencing al n poat plnnlod ul. Ike wait
Imnk of  m-i Imk Michel Creek al t uiul lies
(,"ni .ul.iiii*  Uke, n.fi.keil   "A.  .mh' 11-
miiiIimiimI mu hm Mlcl.el Creok, 1,1.ail Nn, I,"
rinuilni 80 chaini oait, to rhnhi. nnrtli, 80 chnlni
well s-i chains sun!!, in pnh.l nf oomuicncouiunt.
-   .- 1.01.ring nt 0 puat planleil.... Ike well
ImiiI.-I   ll.e   Mil.   full.   Mi lull' I. ul I nighl
mllei Irom A.lanii Uko, ked .... Me.' ell's
iiurili in-sl. comer Michel croek, Limil Nn, S,"
miming in .-hains easl, so clialna suulh, sOcltnlni
Welti su 1 Imiii nor.I. In pttlnl nl co.nrconce.nent.
:.. Coinineneilig a! u post plantod on it..-....
bunk ..f Mu lu-! oreek nliniil ill I..II01 Ir Adama
Uke, iiiiuke.l "A. Mel "inii'll - suiuh nest  uu
Michel creek, l.ln.11 N... n: ning soclialm rail,
80 t-lifiins north, so chain, neat, Ml elialm south to
plaoS uf cull.IIU'lu'.'IIle..l
1. Commencing nl a pusl planlcd null. sl
Innk of ilniu 1 c-e.-t nboul sis mil-s Irum .id 1
Uko marked "A. Mcl'minell'i nortli-wcil eurner
Michel creok, Ltmll Nn 1. running BOelmln, unit,
SU i'linins son. I., so nil.'iio "",. so Hi.iiii, in..Hi in
place ol commoneoinent.
.1. Coin ueucing nl it poat plantod on Ike weal
bank »   ..li'-lii'l creek ul 1 love Ilea Irom
AdaimUko, innrkoil "... McC ell's anotlnoalt
<mum  .Mul..'I creek, I,hull  No.B," nine In.
iiniii. a. (m eh un* no.Lino elialm iouth, lu
elifiin* cii"! tu plnce nl ciiiia.it"...'...nenl .
I.llle.l DOO. lUli, lllllll.
J1.11"! nod A. MoCONNKM,,
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days aftor dale
I Inlenil to initkc aiiplloalioil tn tho Chlof Com-
iiilshlouer ol LanilH A Works for iiormlsslon to
ptirchftHC Hit' following descrilied Inmi lltURtfl
in Cariboo dlatrlot, 11,0.:
Cominoiielng nt a pu-i murked "J. M, Kellie's
-'■iitii-'.M-i oornor posi," planted on ihe south
bunk of Fraser Itiver neiirTeto Juniic Cache,
i iiiiiiiii;* nnrlh hi chains, tbenee easttui elinlns,
IllODce lOUtli Si) ebains, ihOUCO Wost HUilinliiH
to nolut of 00111 inoiieemeut.
Uatcd Ibis Huh duy ul Novemhrk, HJOii.
nov 17 -J, M  K Ll I.IK, Lm ntoi.
Nmiiv i- horoby ulvon thai IHI dnys aftor dato
tre iuii'ini 1.1 ui'hh totho L'lifof Cimuulsalonor nf
Lands uml Works I'm* a spociul liconso to cut
und carry uway Llm hor Irum llm full.iwiiitfdc-
seriliBd liimls in dislricl of Woat Kootenny:
C'ommu!iotii(j ni. u post nlautodi mllo wosl
from nun li-eiisi imrucr «i Lot No, OHO and
marked "J,, W, L, Cu.'m S. W. enrner post,"
Mi.'itrr ii-.nli um chains, Lhcucucasi io chains,
l lie lieu soulli IliO chains, lit 'licit nost li) ebains
in placo oi commoncomont.
Haled I>i!ceuibor20th, IftHl.
.Wili.*.* U lu'ivln ((ivoil Hini (h> days
after dak-1 inlcnd la apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Laiuls & Works lor piM*-
mission io |iurehase llii'ee luindi'eil ami
twenty aures of laml lying in llie Fosilull
\',ilk", im ilu1 wc\i sale oi Upper Anow
Lake,, described as follows]
('oitimeiii'him ai a posl marked "Robcrl
Abbie's norlh-easl corner posl," planled
ai Hi.1 north-wesl eorner oi Let 862,
Group 1, Koolenu); Ibeuce 80 chains
westt ihence ^n cbain.s south, Ihence 80
chains eait, llienee 40 chains norlh to Hie
poini oi commencemeni, containing 32b
acres, more or less.
Dated the 231*1! dav ot' November, i<)o<>.
nov :S wed        I'erT, S. Mcl'erson.
Notice is hereby given that 00 il.tys
aftor .b.lo I intenil to npply lo the
chief Co.i.missioner ol' Lands A
Works lin- nernilssion to purchase six
I.un.Iro.I a.ui fully .loresol Inmi lying
in the bos!lu.,11 Vulley on lhe west
side ..I' Upper Arrow Lake, described
i.s follows:
(Jo....none-ill"; nl it pus! niarked "II.
Harlow s north-enst enrner posl,"
planted IIP chains wost n[ Lot l.'.TIi,
(I...up I, Kooleuay: thenee west BO
chuius, Ihenee .south 80 chains, llionce
oust SH ijh.'.ii.s, thence north 811 chains
lo iho placo ol* con....eiiee.nct.t,containing Old aerea, ntoru or less.
Il.-ileil this Hllli dny of November,
ii. Harlow,
nov 28 nod   Per t, S, MaPhoiwui,
Nnli.-o Is hereby p,i\rn Ilinl llll .lays
ul'lor ilf.lo I into...! In iiiiikoi.ppllr.il-
lion In Iho Chiel' Cou.n.issionei' ..I'
Lunils nml Winks I'm-n special license
tn .ui .-.inl curry nwny limber from
llio following ib'sc.-iiit'ii lands situnto
ill West Kiiiilfii.'iy Disliiil:
I. Cn.mn.-u.-ii.p nl ti past plnuled ut
ll.o I...rlh-wesl .-...nor of Timber Limit
7o!!l .mil nnillu-il "A. M. Syuiiins'
north-easl cni-nui-," Ihencu soulh 80
chains, tbeuce wosl 80 chains, thence
norib sii cbnins, lhcnco cast 8(1 elinins
!.. place of ....llHUelieol.il.in.
-J.. Coinnieiiciiig at a post planted
nl ll.o souII.-wosl oorner of Tin.her
Limil Tnlll, nml innrkeil "A. M, Sy-
inniis' t.urtl.-wesf ctil'UOl'," Ihence
snulli 80 chuius, Ihenco east 80 chains,
thenee norlli sii chains, lhcnco west so
chains I., place nl ooninienccinont,
!!. Cuuiinoiieing nt ll pnsl pliinti-il
nl lho nurlli-eiisl .-.i.-i.or of 'I'i...hor
Llu.il !HiX. and in..rke.l "A, M, Sv-
.....ns' BUUlll-Cnst  eoruer," thence wesl
100 ohains, iheuce north lu chains,
Ihenco oust inn cbnins, thonce snutli
in ohnins p. place ofcointiioncuineiit,
I ioo. inii. iiinn.
I. Commencing ni .. posl plnntod
on the hike shore, ihroo miles....rlh
of Nakusp, ou lhe wesl sideof I'pper
Arrow Lnke and mnrkeil "A. M, Sy-
inoiis' iinrih-eusi como.*," thonce west
10 ehniiis, llionce soulh llkl chains,
Hum., oust in chains, Ibenco north
luu ohnlns to pltico of coiiiincnci'..ieiiL
.'..   ('n.o.l.el.eil.g  ill   it post plnnted
.Hi ll... wesl side of I'..per Arrow bike
nud one mile i...ill. of  the   ......I. ou-il
.-...-ner of  No.   I .....I murked "A. M.
Syiiioiis' iioi-ih oust oot-uer," llu-ni-e
wesl Sll ohnins, lllOIICO SOIllll 80 Chain*,
Ihcliec oust Sll i'linins, llieiien nurih Nil
ehniiis lo placo of ..'..muienooiHciil.
Doo. l.-.lh, PNiil.
wn!, |nn ■! A. M, 8YMONH,
Notice Is hoi'oby given that 80 dnys
nil.'.- dule | it.ten.I In apply lu ll.o
Chief Commissioner uf Lands .nnl
Works fori, special licenco to cui und
miiiy uwuy limber from lhe following
Inscribed binds:
1. Commencing ul .. pust plniilad
mi Ibe nnrlh bank ..I' Snow Creek
niunH eiglil miles ensl nl* II..ilu.. Cilv,
thenee Wesl SOdinms, llienee soulh SH
chnlns, tlionco enst SO ehuins Ihence
I...rlh Sll eliuiiis In poinl ol*. ninilionco-
2. Commencing itt it nosl planted
three elinlns norlh of N'o, 1 post,
I bonce oust Sll chnlns, 11.0.1.... soul li 81!
ehuins, lllOIICO west 8(1 olllllns, thonce
...nil. sii chuius to point nf commencement,
1, Commonolng nt n pusl plantod
811 ohnlns nasi nf No, 2 posl, Ihence
ensl. UK) chuius, llienee soulh II) ebains,
llionce wesl  Ilk! eliuiiis, llieni:.. north
tu ehuins in point of commencement.
Dated December 20th. imm.
wed jan i J, R, JAMIESON, Locator.
Canada: 1
I'm., im-i:..!■• linitim. ( hlpiiiiia 1
No. .'Hi!!.
Tills is lo certify lb.il Ihe '"Itrilish
Coin iuhii. Tin.hers, I.indeed," isi.uth-
nrise.l.....I licensed to curry .... business nilliin lho Province ..I' Bri.ish
I'..Iiiinli,11. ...nl in .,'ii'ti uui rn- effect
.-.ll in- im uf ihe objects uf iln- Com-
nun v 1.. which Hu- legislative author-
il\ of the Leirlslature ..1   liritish Col-
llllllliil i-XImOi!*. ^
The hofid ..llii-o ..1  llioT„iiip.-.uy i*
silu.'.lo ... ll.o City of .11 eul, in lhe
Province of (Jueliec,
Tlio i uui nl' iln- capita! "   ''"'
Cuiiip.-inv is une hundred thousand
.lull..s. divided intu ..1.0 thousand
shares of uno hut.deed dollars out In
The hend office of lho c pany in
Ibis I'10vine- is si!iif.io.... l-'ii*i Slreel,
Revelsloke, mul William Irvina
Brlggs, ll..i-.isii..-.il-l,f.n. whose ad-
.Ire .sis iho suiuoj Is the attorney fo.
ll.e ('.....puny.
(liven under my hand and seal ol
office..! Victoria, Province of British
Culii.nhin, ibis nil. day of December,
..no thousand nine hundred mid six.
[L.s.]     .-s. V, WOOTTON,
Registrar of Joint stuck Cm pan Ies,
The objects fur tvhlch ll.o Company
hns heen established uud licensed uro:
1. To carry on throughout Onnadn
mill elsewhere llio business of   lllllll..'.'-
ers, timher merchants mi.I nn.n.it.ie
llll.'ls uf lillllll'lllllil illlil llllllliel ill ,-.l
ils liri.uehes, 1.11.1 ull oil.or husiness
in..id....li.i ili...-oi.....- connected there
will.. Including lho manufacture nf nil
products uf lln- forest ...- lumber Industry,
2, Tn nc.juire l.y pm. 1. .*.-, lease or
OlI.O.'.VlsO   .....I    In   nH...   Utilise,    llllll
1.p..rule liml.er lin.il*. timlior lnnds,
and timber berths, nnd rights In such
limber lnmls. limi..-.-lunil* mul timber
herllis, licences in- rights to eul Umber,
lu.ol..-.■ yards, ...ill uiul factory silos,
water lols, .looks, whai-ves,pier*,dm...*.
slides, aqueducts, vi.ulneis.slenn.lioiiU,
.-..id ul hoi- vessels, si..." mills, pulp
mills, water mul steiuu powers,
hydraulic pn.vers, nl.-nil*. iui-
prnvoineiiis in bikes, livers .111.1
creeks, and ulher waterways for hull-
boring or 1 ransporl lug logs, liiiiber and
all other rights mul Interests uf every
kind appertaining in any ... iho ahnve
oiiiiiiioruied property so acquired, m
may l.o necessary lor the development mid purposes of the Cmpmiy,
uud the snid property above specified
in* .my ..I' It, to improve nnd develop,
sell, mortgage, exchange, lease or dispose of for cash, or upon rentals, oi-
for any oilier consideration us may be
in ll.e interests ..I' ll.e Company:
1. To cohsIiu.-i...poinle. charter und
employ vessels nf ul! kinds 1'ur ll.o purposes .ind business of lho Cm..puny,
mul I'...- ll.o purpose of l.i...spurling
products uf the mills mid wnrks or
other materials nr manufacturers for
my placo within Canada or elsewhere,
iml In do a transportation husiness in
Canada ur elsewhere, to louse ,..-...--
pili-enll accessories necessary for the
priipor working of ll.e suid ve'ssels, and
to lease, sell, or otherwise dispose nf
suid vessels, or accessories, or moveable cU'e.-is in relation thereto as it
may be advisable hi lhe interests of
lhc Company:
I, To construe!, or aid, or subscribe
Inwards lhe construction, maintenance and improvements of roads,
docks, piers, minis, slides, aqueducts,
viaducts or oilier wo.ks.md buildings,
including Humes, bridges, ditches,
water, steam or other hydraulic rights
or powers, und any oilier woiks necessary for lho purposes of tbe Cnnipuny
nr fur I be carrying out, of the Company's powers:
">, To .■sl.ihlish shops or stores on
lho property of Ihe Company, mid In
I! morcl.nndiso I hereon, In sofarns
it may I... necessary for tho Company
to carry nn its said business:
II. 'l'n acquire, own, sell, lease and
llsposo ..I* shares, .lobe..lures and se-
outiliosiu any othcr company similar
in ihis Company, and in acquire or
tmalga.nate with anj companj having objccls similar lo ilu- ( pany
liereliy incorporated, .... such terms
mul inr such considerations ns the
direct..rs mny decide, nnd to pay for
lhe uo.p.isiliuii ..i any such company
In sl.ares nf thu Company lully paid
up uml u.ado ......assessi.I.lo I'm oils:
7. T.. 1..uke, aHut uml use in payment or exchange in whole or in purl
for any real or personal property,
rights, licences and privileges whioh
may In- purchased, tnkon on louse, nr
ullioiwiso acquired hy the Company,
shares nf ll.o   unsubscribed capital
lock of lhe Cau.p.ii.y us paid i.p.intl
1....do  iiun-ussessiiiilo  for culls  Inac-
....lance will, ll.e terms of an agreement executed hy un.l between ihe
Company and any such vendor, loss...-
...-oilier grantor on or before tlm issue
of   si.eli   paid-up   shines,   and  whioh
shares shall thereupon ho docmed and
taken In huvo been fully paid up, and
shall m.l thereafter he liable I'm- calls
ur fui.no assessments:
8. Tn make, allot ...ul issue as paid
up slock, shares of lhe .inscribed
capital stock of lho Company for sores rendered In Ibo Cumpuny ur lo
the promotors thorcof, provided u bylaw (if tho directors is passed specify
ing ll.nt tho value given lo the Com
pany ts equivalent to lho valueof ibe
shares sn n.adepni.l up uud i ssi.e.1 mid
ilh.le.1 I'm- such services, un.l said l.y.
law lms boon passed und sanctioned by
,1 vol....1 not less lhnn two-thirds ol
tl.o shareholders nf ihe Bald Company
present In person ur hy proxy 11 a
ipecllll general meeting ol the Cumpauy duly ...lied fm- the approval ol
sni.i by-law 1
0.   To sell ul- dispose nl  llio ..inlor-
lakinc ..f the Company fm iiichcon.
ideriilioii us lhe Company ...ay Ihink
III, mul in particular for Bliai-os, debentures .md securities..! nny company
lu.vint; objects similar,... i.. pari similar In 11.o-oof Ihis ('iini|i,iiiy,|ii m iili-il
i by-law is passod by iho directors
incouylng Iheconsldornllnn whicli lho
Company will recolvofor the said sole,
and llio said l.y law shall havo boon
iftsseil nml sand loned l.y .1 voto ..I not
ess 11.i... 1 wnil.i.-ds..[ ll.e shareholders ol the CnliqiitllV. p.'.sso.l l.l u spot-In!
no...-...I ...ooling of ihe Cumpauy called I'm Ihejpnrposesol ,■.,..-id.-iing mul
approving of said l.y Ian.     .vcdjnii3
Nolle;K.. hsrsb*. jlwn UiutSO.Ujiallei .Ui«
I inl.M.I tu hj.|.I> t<> llm liun. Cliief lore
no....".1.'i nf Liiul- int! WnrltH fur .ts.-rmls.lun tn
purclmso ll.o lollowing ileierlbeH Undi in tl..
W.i.t Iti.il.iii) lloliiil
1 "..mien'iiu at :i i""i I'Imiiuu tf..-iinins eut
ft-..,,,lit,. ...utli u..1 eorae.nf 1...1 ki*. .ml oirknl
"K. (1. Trn!!iiril's iturtlioasl enrt -r po-t,' lalDCe
in...!. ... cl.iu.is, tliem-c nest J.ii Imins mure ur
leas tu Lik.. shore, tliei  nortli altuil ahnr*. t.i
soutli-weit oorner ... I...t ei.vi, tii.-n.-'. ..»,. :""
fliiiili.loj.'.lnt nf ifuiiilll.nt'eiueat.
Dnted Nurenilwr is.!., lm.
.In- j we.l K 0. 1 BAfFOBD,
Rovelstoke Cigars Union Midt Our
Spoolal, Tho Union, and Maroa Vuelta
art ahead ol all others.
Mnti.   1   ii- .-i.y in..-. Hml rs iinvs
i.fi ,    .I.f-    I   in.   0 I    1 ■   l.ppl;  li.llie
I inil   i ■ :  it    l^io  r    no.I
\". 1 1..- In; f  ■ :.      .. 1    '.. j.1.mIi .... lhu
fi.lb.wing : so Ik-iI 1 in! -1.mted in
West K oli'liaj ■    I.iei:
Cun.in-...-iiic  ..I   a  1.,-t plunled 01.
.In ..1.nli -nil- ul  Unwi.iu c.-.-i-k aliout
1 ul    .1    mi!.- -..Illll uf ll.o 'J.'. ...iie post
.... 1I.0 Downie Clock Trail uiul m.irk-
ed "E. .\l.li..,.,'. south-west coiner,"
thence nurlb I8chnins, Ihence east 09
chnius, the. .ulh lOchains, Ihence
.vest 00 chains to p..int of com.nence-
meiil, containing 21< lucres 11101 oot-less.
Dated I..-..-.ul..-. 10th, 18*.
wed jan 2 K. MeBEAN.
Notice Is hereby given ihnt thirty
il.iys aftor .late I intend to apply to
tin- Honorable chief Commissioner of
Lands and Wnrks for .1 spocial license
to cut and cany uwuy timber Irom
Ibe following descrilied land situated
in the West Kootenay District,
Commencing at a post planted j} of
a mile east of Boulder Clock nnd about
three-quarters nf a mil' north of
Downie Creek and marked E. McBoan's smith-east enrner, thence north
80 chains, thence wost 80 chains, thence
south 8) chains, thence east 80 ebains
io il.opoint of cuniniencenieut,
Dated the 18th day of Decernber.lSOO
w j2. H. MoBEAN.
Noili e 1- hereby giren tbat ibirLy liayn alter
date I Intend in apply toibeCbielCoramiH-
sfoner ol Lands and Works furtmiieelal license
in cutandcarrj att-aytimber trom the following deacribed lati'i* situated on KnckCreelt
trfbtiiary lo Adum- i.ake in Lillooet District:
1. Commencing al .1 poat i^lanM nn soutb-we-t
■j.iiiH-r marked "A McLonneil's siiiith'KcHrnrner
lti»-k Creek, Limil No, 1," Bltuated abouteeten
imle.s from the mnutli ol l!i»k Cn-ek, running &0
fb.iin- north, ni chains tast, 80 chains south, 8<>
cIihIos weal to place uf coinmencement.
ir. Commencingat .1 i"».t planted on Bnutb-east
romei marked "A, McConiiaH's south-east corner
Itwk I'reek, Limit Nn.'J," Hitiiftted alNiutsen-n
iiiilc from inoulli oi Rock Cn*i*k, running b*j
chain-* north, SO cliahu vest, SO chains soutE, 80
clialna »*ast i" place »f commencementi
3, Commencing ,ii n post plantetl on north-
n--»i coruei marked *\\. McConnell's nortb-west
corner Hock Creek, Limit No. 3," situated about
seven miles frnm mouth of Rock Creek, running 60
chalu-t8011th,60chains .-ii-t.**'! clmiiis north,bu
chains west to place "I commencement.
1. Conimenclng at a post plantod on north-
.■.i-i corner mnrked "A, MoConueU's uorth-ea*-i
corner Hock Creek, Limit No. L" situat-ed
about yieven miles frum mouibof Itwk Creek,
runnluR n. chains -ontb, so chains west,80
chaltui north, w chains east to place of com-
j, Commencing at a po^t planted on eolith-
west coiner inarked "A.McConnells --onth-wciil
corner Rock Creek, Limit No. fi.' situatod
aboul live mile- from month uf Kwk Creek,
rnnn^ig SO chains nurih, SO chains east, 80
chains south, SO chains west to plaoe ot com-
ti. Com mt! iii-inn at a posl on .-oiilh-eiut cornel markod "A. Met 'ontietl'-*-. houlh-east corner
Huck (reek. Limit No. 8," situated about five
miles from inoutb of Hock Creek, Limit No. 6,"
altiiolcdabout live miles fioiu mouth of Hock
Crook, riinniiiK ^Jebiiiur- uurth, ^ chains west,
80 chains BOUtn, 80 chain.-cast to place of com-
'. Commenolng at a post planted on northwest curuer marked "A. McConnell's north-
west coruer Rock Creek, Limil No, 7," situated
auoiii five mil*.-.- from mo uth ol Rock Creek,
running SO chaina bomb, so chains east, mj
ciiaiiia nortb, 80 chains west to place of com-
B, Commencingat a post planted tuaorlh.
east corner marked '-.\. MeConueirsnorth-essi
corner Hock Creek, Limit No, 8," situated
about live mile*- tr«m moutb of Rock Creek,
running 80 chains south, 00 chains west, 80
chain* u.**".h, mi clmiiis easl to place of commenci neut.
V. Commenci!!-* at a post planted on norlh-
wwt corner marked "A. McConnell's northwest corner Hock Creek, Limit No.iV'.sltuated
on nortli bank ol i;  creek about one-half
mile Irom creek aud aliout fuur miles east of
Adams Lake, running m chains south 80
chains east, tjn cliains nortb, •& ebains west to
place ol commencement.
LiaU-d December KHli, YM,
wed Jan 2 a. moconnell,
Notice i> hereby given thai Oo days
after dale I intend to apply tothe Chief
Commissioner oi" Land*. \ Work**, tor per-
mission to purchaie six hundred and forty
acres ofland lying in the Koslhall Valley
on Hie west side of I'pper Arrow Lake,
described ns follows:
Commencing at a post marked "Fred*
erirk\Vasbbume's50ulh>east comer post,"
planted 80 chains west of the north-west
corner oi Lot 862, Group 1, Kootenay;
thence north So chains, thenee west 80
chains tlience south So chains, thence
easl 80 Lhaius io lhe place 01 commence-
menl. containing 040 acres, more or less.
Paled iln-s 23rd dav oi November, 1906.
nov 28 wed      Per T, S. MePherson*
X'OTH K i* hereto gi ,* that, 60 days after
j.\ dale. I Intend ti to the Chief Com
missioner of Lm. i Works for tiermissiou
tu purchase th 1 wing described lands
-itiiHtM iu dislricl. HC.:
Com men a i>o>l marked "Alexander
McLaren's uth*east corner ikiM," planted
about 20chains west ol trail running through
Starvation I- lal? in a southerly direction from
Tete Jaune Cache, running north SOehalns,
tlience west SO Chains, tlience south W) chains,
tbeuce easi w clmins to point of commencement,
Dated IblS 9th day of November. 190*5.
n«-v 17        ALEXANDER MelAHEN,
MiTKT. is HKHhKV HiVEN thatslitydays
after date 1 Intend to appl*. tu the Hon. Chief
Commissioner nf Lands and Work« for permission
1.1 purchase the fnllnwi-ig iteneribeil lamls situate
In Cariboo diiirict, n. C:
Commencing at a post marked "(ieorgeH-
BlaetCS iiortb-cast corner |>ost," planted
aliout Jn cnains wesi ol trail running tnrongb
Starvation EIat« in a aontberly dlrerilon from
Tete Jaune cache, running west SO chains,
tbenee *«uth y)chains thence eastS'i chains,
thence north 80chaini to point of commence*
Dated *.-:li day of November, IWO.
nnv 17     tiKOrtiiE H. Itl^ETT, locator.
Certificate of Improvements.
Hivcr K'lcu Mineral Clniin, -iniiitcin the Ilic
clUewaol Mining Division of Kwtonay di«-
Whore locatod:- li-i, dvok,
Take notice llmi 1. John Alltert Kirk of tho
1 own of RavouHokB, BiOii acllnKasngiintfor
J.8.C Frai-ir, K-w*., Froe Minorn (^rtlflcate
Nn. BT6TI0und Maiinircl A. Klson.FreoMincrV
CerUnoalo No. BSWw, Intend, «licty day« from
the date hereof, lo apply to the Mining Be
turdcrfor a Ccrlilleate of Improvements for
the pnriKwuf obtaining a Crown Orant of the
above claim.
And furlber take nolice tbat action, under
section !7,mu»t '«■ commonood bi-foro Uie lm\-
anu of imii 1 '.ii :ii.-.it.* ol I m prove m en tH.
I luted t IiIm .'tl b day uf Suit no ber, A.D., 1906.
nov 11 J. A. KIRK.
VTOTiCB 1- hereby glvendhatOudftysafter
il dale l intend to apply to ibe Honourable
llie Chief CoiiiihU-uoucr of Ltnd-and Works
tor permission lopureba-'e lho followingde-
Hcrlwd land*- in CariUHidl^lrioL H.C:
iinmuieniltig al a pOlt niarked "William Kellie's north-wesl corner pout," planted about 20
pbains west ot trail running through surra-
liun rials in a southerly inrection fromTstu
Jaune Cache, running east pn chains, thonce
soutb Sn chains (hence west 80 chains thence
north nit cbaliH to point of commencement.
Paled Mb day of November, HM.
uov 17 WILLIAM KELLIL, Locator.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days after date 1
Inland toapply to Hie Hon, Chief Commissioner
i.fUiiil' and Works to purchase the following
described lands situated In Cariboo district, B.C.:
Commencing at a (tost marked "O. A, Forbes'
- ■ :*i.-Hcsi corner post," planted about 20
chains west of trait running throuib Starvation Plats In a southerly direction TromTeti
Jaune Cache, running north 80 cbaina, tbeuce
east kj chains, thence soutb so ebains, tbenee
westSQrhatns to pointof oommencemeit.
Dated 9th day ot November, 1900.
nor 17 U. A. FORBES, Locator. Utgm&m -' -in Tim ■ WM   SI "'   '*».-*'U-»- - .i*".'« .=-.-.
r*  ■■■ n-sfc-    *i ii* ■   rn     ■■»
jIi^.—Wi .1 -i^-—ci — u
Wo arc clearing up our odds and ends regardless of Cost.
All Fui"; at less than manufacturing prices.
Ken's Overcoats at yt^ir own price.
Boys' Reefers and Overcoats at less than Wholesale Prices.
Ladies' Jackets soiling at just half price.
Children's Jackets-Prices ranging from $3 to $7 each.  Any
Child':. Jacket Now for $1.50 Each.
Trimmed Millinery at Half Price.
p     \  Mii| nl ilu in v. City Council
IL-ih I I'M mi   '-I- iiday   i-i'ji'! i-i* ibe
sl pup. .. nl being siv. rn in nnd also to
i..nu ,-..iii.iiil!t-M.M    Tlio  llnl  regular
I meeting ol lln* Council will be lipid nn
iV!.   I.    Thn  tiillinvi..! oomn.ilt.ea
,-i-.. ioiinuil 1..-..I ih ■ I't'iui'-il bi.ii.d
Public Wo-ks:-
,!. Ahiiihuinson
li. Sawyer
I-;. Triinbio,
Fir.., Wn I i-r nml bight :—
It. Sawyer
J.J. Woodland.
.1. Ai.nil.an.sun.
II. Howson
,1. A, St.uie
E, Trimble.
Health and By haws :—
.1. A. Stone
,1. .1. Woodland
K. Howboo,
•|h$H$hHh$1 $H$H$H$i $$6
9 Sore Hands
I and Faces
Wo have tho nicest prepar
.ition you have ever tried
called "Benzoin and Al
mond Cream."    Only  35 *W
tcenti a bottle,    It heals in fo
» night. ffi
Canada Dpug & Book Co. |
Never before has our stock
been .-.. complete in Fancy
Groceries, including Nnv.*
Nuts, London Layer Raisins, Figs, Dales, Oranges,
Bananas, Or a n berries,
Lettuce, Xmns Stocking1*,
Smith's Crackers, Mistletoe ami Holly.
Wednesday, January 23.—For 21
hour?. Light, variable winds.
Cloudy, and much milder, with
indications ol warm spell, Bar.,
30.37. Temp., maximum, 11 decree?; min., 33 degrees.
Local and General.
Hiar Mrs. Mclvillo Parry at the
Opera House on Friday night.
Don't forget the hockey mutch with
Arrowhead tomorrow night.
1) -n't miss the Arrowhead mutch
tomorr w night.   Admission 25c,
A code Scotch nicht at tbe Opera
House Jan. 25th.
Hookey match tomorrow 8 p.m.
Bring yuur skates.   Admission 25o.
Don't miss thc Scotch Concert on
Friday night at the Opera liuuse.
At the Xelson civic election W. (..
Oillctt was re-elected mayor by acclamation.
Hear Miss Queenie McCoy sing the
* a ... Sc itch Sangs" at the Opera
House un Friday night.
Take a rest from politics and take
in tbe Burns' Concert in the Opora
HoUBeon Friday night.
A smoking concert given by the
members ol the Revelstoke Young
C nservative Association will be held
t night al Arrowhead and a pleasant
and uselul evening is anticipated,
M.J. Burrill,o( Grand Forks, will
speak ut a public meeting in thc
Opera House on Tuesday, Jan. 29,
Several speaker, ..I both liberal and
i- Dtervativc parties will also give
The Pacilic Loan Co's. .Iran ing went
to R. B, Nobles, engineer, New Westminster, C intract 540.   Mr. Sobl - is
Hoar Mrs. Melville Parry sing
"Eckerl's Echo Song," at tbo Opera
House, Friday nighl,
Tbi' bishops ol tl.e Anglican church
i-. Canada met at Toronto on Thins,
d ty last and olectcd Bishop Sweiitmiin
us metropolital ol lhe occlesiahtic.il
provinoe of Canada and Primulo ol all
W. T. Mills, ..ne. uf tb.- ablest exponents of socialism on the continent
will givo an address on socialism in
tho opera house on Thursday, Jan.
24th, Mi1, Mills is an able spoakcr
and will no doubt put on different
light on socialism to what many are
accustomed to here.
Politics und the cold weather are
dividing i.ur attention with the
''grippe" and thc combination is most
distracting. TTi.it the political buttle
will end mi Fob. 2nd is certain, but
unfortunately tbo termination of the
frost nnd snmv and the liuni extinction of llie "Mil" are matters which no
inin. can safely prophesy.
Tbe municipal elections al Kamloops resulted in Mayor Gordon being
returned by acclamation, tho aldermen
being W. ilargrouvos, 11. Taylor,,I. H.
Me.Nili, F. Rtishton, J. 1.. Brown,
John I-'. Smith. Al Fernie Dr, S.
lion...-ll wns elected mayor by 5 majority, and ..I Trail .1. H.Sclmlield
sucoecded hinisell us mayor, by acclamation.
Through the acquisition by the
sh ireholders oi the Wesl Ko. ti nny
ower & Light Company of all shares
and ili.' charter of the South K ■ ite-
nay Water Power Co., the We I Ko lenny Power a Light Oo, I
enabled to su arrange matt. - I
can now   lawfully  supply |	
licl.t und transacl all  -
ness In the districl ol '. i
Later ou in tb
there will bc an ■ oli| -- i
visible   in   Hev. Istoke  and tl
now eligible lor a loan of 11000 at less | will then pass through i greal     id
than  2 per cent interest, or he may 850,000 miles loug which forms the
tell hla loan privilege lor a bonus ol spacecutolf from the illun nati
$125,   y : I .rtl er inionnation apply thesun,   IV - «
to 529 Pender Sl ,Vanc uver. B.C.
Buy a House.
Kent n House.
Buv Nice Building
To Buy
Nilciulnl Bruit
The time lo stop a I
when it starts—belore i!
cu ...i'.i,. i ii- nl-i.ty Bows'
Senega is a r. medy that
nip, a C ugh in the I lid
,-t .rl to take il when the
first -ii.-M ■: ign ol chilli-
net! gives thealarm. It i»
besl lor old o light, Don'l
lor nil kinds ol Coughs,
Ci Id' Sore Throat, Hoarse-
nesi, Br. nchitis, etc. Prlco,
»'»c. ui..! 50o.
W. BEWS. Phm. i
Druggist and Stationer.
Mail orders promptly attended
( ■ thr. e hours I   -   71   I"   clock in
the mon I -. i    -  -
tl., t.  wil      isi  - ■ . en    - ti. i
(!.. plai I  N f lm ■    ■
edgi ol it pi      *
I he  n
itoki I to hen
dramatic oi        ol Jephtha by
eas  11 .I  I'M'i  be pr -1 iced
Friday in   tho Opi ra II- ue    ll will
I,,  givi ii   by    in- Me I  d  - Church
choir and others under tho li* di
ol  Miss   M I-,   Cn ighton, who . o
pi rienctid in ch ir m .1 cn.nl ita     rl
The. hoi .    -. irk  hai I brighl rl . *
mic, tl   -■   - '.    ten  - r t-.-.--1-"   olo
parts be -I--     \ll will be in I .st. rn
costumi    l-.iii.i r partioulai - Lii'-:
'I he Vancouver Daily Province of
Saturday, Jan, lllth waa in every way
,i magnificenl ipecimon of what a
modern newspipi r Is The Issue con- j
tains 'll pages ol good solid matter,
news and advortisi iiionts ond Is indeed
a crcdil to the firm,    All brim :hi    I
industry   in   the   provi    urn dealt
with antl the illustrations arc numer
■ i i- ami well ohoson, A large section
is devotod to Vanoouvoi and its (level-
I, i-ni, while tlie .....j... portion is ilii
Kincaid & Anderson
Kincaid aim Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
The liberal parly will bold a rally at
Arrowhead on Saturday, Jan. 2(lth
li, A, Haggen, 11. Caley and others
will givo addresses ou tho live que-
tions ol tho duy nnd the eleciural
Social and Personal
A. S, Goodeve of  Rossland wos in
town yesterday.
Miss .Nellie Heck  lell  last night for
it visit t.i iriends in Bellingham, Wash.
Mayor aud Mrs. Brown loft yesterday for Halcyon liol Springs.
Tbe Misses 11. un.l   E.  Blair   have
been invited to assist in tho Bnrns
concert   at    Revelstoke   on   Fridn
next —Kamloops Sentinel.
Business Locals
p.itroni.o  Home   Industry.     Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Bargains, ' ■     i  -  • t    ■
• ek tal
II    -
Nothing better than Our "Special
i,       - li     ■     .
For a cl       piec.
■    -
... ■ ■    .*  Join
Universal  Praise  for B,  C,
| Fruit—Awarded Many Prizes
Tho favorable impression which the
British Columbin Iruit, exhibited so
successfully at different Old Country
horticultural exhibitions bus created
is unmistakably evidenced by tho llal-
!r-: gpreBS notices it has everywhere
received,   One ul these is appended:
"Taken us a whole, this must bo
considered a distinctly disappointing
exhibition, Tho quantity of iruit
staged was small compared with what
une might havo expected: indeed tho
ivltulo ul tl..- exhibit, exclusive ol
liiuu -grown products, would imt have
lilh-.l moro I ban one-quarter, or nt the
. iii-iil,-. .mi third of Ibo hull; nevertheless tho fruit which was shown was
worth a journey tu see. Brit sh Columbia was the. umber ol tbe show,
uml a moro inagnilico.il display of
apples bus probably never beeu Been
in the bull than Unit sot up by tho
up. ut for 11. C. The whole oi one
nd of the hull was occupied by a
,itie staging, having in the centre
iti-gu hay composed ul collected (rob,
and ,m eithei' side groups ot fruit in
packuges, and also displayed in baskets sent iii Iron, different grower.
Somo nf these lots we.o magnificent;
Iruit oi great size, wjndeiful coloring,
and, although it bad travelled 5,000
miles, ns fresh an I covered with bloom
i,6 if just picked off tho tree. The
packing was such as most ..[ oui
growers would do well to copy; and
the arrangement of Hut whole group,
.villi plants to divide lhe various li ts,
and trniis ol Smilax Ior decoration
was admirable.
"Wo may add that in addition to a
gold im-Inl for the whole collection,
several oi the growers received special
"01 tho whole colliction wo may
say, Ibul line us was llie exhibit mado
by this colony last year, tbo present
effort was a distinct improvement.
Many ol the lots were splendid, one or
two pi rlection; whilsl on tlio othei
band, two lots werc hi Ily graded aud
,,:    - : i iv packed.
■ \ i Scot in was ri presented by
.,-1, . . m ild consider a fair collection i.-, ni m iiinati ur, but as ,.n effort
[r.u i j ij -■..-... ni il wa- despicable.
M.. . .. , ,!.„-■ not expect liritish
Colunbia ■ pli - In -<■ Sovn Scotia,
u J ihe -, inlity was imt I" be com
m , ,i| i, oul so uiu li iis the very
li,,,,; nuini. r staged "—Horticultural
\ lv. rtiser.
We have some broken lines in our Corset stock thai wis wain to close out.
ev are new stcc'", Inn wc need lhe room   -to say nothing of ihe money   and
you will bn.I them good fitters,   They are the well known 1'. C. make antl you
couldn't lind a belter,    Nol every size in a kind, but every size in the lot.
They Sold at tl, 81.25, $1.50.   Now 75 cts.
We have lots of Remnants of all kinds, Dress Goods, Table Damask, Flannels, Prints,
Ginghams, Flannelettes, that wc have marked at clearing prices.
Come in and Save Money.
William-Whyte to Have Stil!
Further Power.
pre* il        11
It is nail]
i   1        ■      .1 Ml
thai Mr   VI '.-■■
 led limi in ;
nf tl stern
shall bo practical I;   ibso ito     I nil.
the nei.       ing      il   .-  ii
i Iii"'l it i" belie'"I   in   '    P   R,
■if- -i   .1. Bury   lhe ,
gl ,ii f,il ll.pi nnl l-i.i   nl   tt ,iini|i.".'
will lie promoted t. thc no - - .
. gi..- .il manager of w. sti rn linos,
iv iii-- A Prioe, the pn enl superin
it ul...' of transportation on - tei
li'.i: will tako lho placo vacated bj
Mr, Bury,
- ...•- r     .[ i: .1. ■.: Bin
-,".tt" | ■ et, will I
■      ut   the Opora House on
■.■-.-     no ' i  the rarest
■m   .:        be Eevel b ko
;     i- im-i rt is
•   of ili' Ln lies' .ilii'i itsell
j larantei tb il tlie evonl
thai limed lor it,
,:        .,   .  McCoy - reputation as n
■'   known in tbe
Mr. tt in Gait needs no In-
,1,, ■      to th  Ri     * "- public
:. the evi a-
ent will bi
Mi        ■ ■ • ioi
inity tin
*   i--
- .
.-  ■
l  -
Men's Underwear
We have a large assortment of all sizes and qualities
and can give you sonic Bargains.
Penman's Unshrinkable - guaranteed Only $2,50
Per Suit.
Stanfiekl's Unshrinkable none better made, We
guarantee every garment aad will replace any thai shrinks iu
the leasl.   $3.40, $4.00 and $5.50 per Suit.
20 Per Cent Off All These Lines.
l-'i-init liar ilnn I oi'i'csiiiiiiiltinl.
Amongst thoso l.o... here who at-
ended tbo Lumbermen's. Convention
I Kelson wore Messrs. Theu. l.udgale,
■'. Giles, 11. llappins, and Ed. McGagliraii.
li, F. Green and N F. McKay spi nl
:. (oi. days in town this week, leaving
Tuesday for Tronl Lake..11 snow shins
accompanied l.y G. 11. Campbell, 0.11.
Kiik und Mr. Griffet.
The ico is piled up so high iu .ho
moutb uf the river hero that the C. I',
lt. huvo great difficulty in keeping the
passage opened.
Five mure mill Wrights have arrived
here lor the Lamb-Watson Lumber
Co., who uro making big preparations
(ur tbe coming season.
Amongst tboso arriving in town on
Tuesday were Kobt. Culey, liberal candidate; T. Taylor, conservative candidate and Mayor Brown of Revelstoke,
all on 1 heir way suuth.
II. Kirk, secretary for the B. B, 1,
Co. has been on the siek list for tho
past lew days, but WO aro glad lo know
in. is recovering,
Uur hookey team hns had 11 very
puor obiuice (or practice as 0.1 r open
link is now omeii.-d will, about two
leet nf snow.
Messrs. McGagliraii & Johnston are
about lo lot 11 contract lur the building ui 11 liiixlid loot addition to the
l.uiiil end ..!' Iheir pn-ent building,
I wish t . state that tho Misses
Blair ol Kamloops, who were advertised in Saturday's paper lo assist nt
the Scotch Conceit of .Inn. 2fith is ill
not be hero,
W, C..1..111.1S.
Revelstoke, .In... 22.
A.YIT.I)   Ilnn tracts or (ildoi   I'm
Ml II IIIM'lll.ll   ...l.l    |ll|l||l    phi .Im.'
trlbutod over the province Kevelstoke big. concrete,    tmii Wing   and
hin. 11 prominent place too 0) 0 typical
rising western town.
general   mninnry,   Flrat-elin 1    tv.uk
guaranteed,    Applv    Mail IIkhai.d
i Dill,,'.
Mr..!  I-
: i
Ml   I   Mt Ki ll'.ii
1      Laird t. ('..< kpeu
1 1 ■    -. -
"Th.   •
.. Melvilli  Pari
1 .", i'i- I,., I.hoi'
it   Ill ...
I   ■!,.    , ,      ||n    •       .  in l.lav
Mr, .' ... (inil
I. \.M .
'Anl.l llohl .j
- McCoy,
-Aulil Lang Syne.
One  of  lhe   best
exponents of Socialism
on ihis Continent,
Walter Thos. Mills
i  .addresson above
in    ll.e.
Thursday, Jan. 24th
0:30 Sharp
1, ,11,, t ., I-..ni. Vocal ninl
.- 1        I.UVIII 'i. I.    Ill.li. li,
. pared  fm   University   und
Cons, rvato.y I-1 ilm,
Full lin. " Oroccrlcs and Hairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh flock always arriving al
lowest prices
LIDCT   CTOECT     .   HEI<T "M" ,0
Una I  0 Intel,  " oity ristioraht .
Hnvo llieni ail •..iini iii now fo.'
there is .... tolling when Ihoy
might fail you.
Tired eyes, sure eves, inflamed
eyes, Kye.s Ihnl jj;ti lireil and blur
.■.li'-.- a sl....-: time. We nan remedy
all tho troubles.
(iur Optical Depni'tmciil is in boI.i
charge of Mi*. .M.S. Hustings, ll.-l.
ll, .vim bus bad u lb.iiiuie;!, Lvtltn-
ing and wide! 0xpeHe1.ee In the
lii-.iliiii'iil ul'the eyes l.v glasses.
If your eyes give you trouble, don't
.1 'lay in having ilium attended to
Fitting el.il.hen's eves .1 spocl.iltv.
Carries the best Line of Goods to be had from
1) E A I, E R S
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Eto
A G E N T  F 0
Fit-Heform Wardrobe
M i Op,
ut tssmsaaaammwga
Dwelling nnd Lut, .See..ml Street     ....
Divollhig and Lot, Second Strool  ....
Dwelling ami Luis, Third Street	
Dwelling ami Lota, (rumor) Fifth Street
Double Cinnei', Sec.mil Sll'oel, i.e...- V,M,U,A,
Luis ni. Seeond St., ea.l of MoKoimlo Ave., each   .
Lute mi Third St., ensl of McKenzie Ave., each  ,
Luis .a. Fourth St., east nl* McKenzie .Ave,, each   .
Lols uu Fiftb SI,, easl of McKenzie Ave., ouch   .
.   1,700
,  vm
.      25(1
.    2IKI
. i.-.o
Having jusl  received  a large shipment oi Pipes, Imported
(ligii.f,  ileotlonery, stationery nod Tobacco, we nre now pre..
p....1 in Iill ymir orders with the highest grudu goods ut the lowest
prioes in tho City, >
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