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The Mail Herald Jun 9, 1909

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 '• Empire " Typewriter
For ease nf operation and perfection
iii results produced, this machine
is unsurpassed,    l'i ice, if (in 00 f«i'
Interior Publishing Co.,
A-Proviiicial Library
The Mail-Herald
Vol. 15.-No38
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Cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank.     Spokane- hxnhi
National Bank
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of  $t and upwind,  received, and  Interest nllnwe
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr
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MRS.   A.  O.  CRICK
Flrat   Stroot      -       Opposite   Windsor   Hotel
Illegal Sale of Liquor Costs
Heavy Fine—Tne Magistrate
Insists That Laws Sha I Be
While a circus creates a phenomenal
amount ol amusement und iB a recurring and unending marvel to young
and uld, there is always an aftermath
that leaves a discrediting odor-in the
nostrils uf those who have to contemplate the circus lu.siness. lu Kevelslnke the breakage ul street crossings
at one or two important coruerB cost
the management tome money, tbe city
ollicials seeing to it that lhe circus
penple made good. A much inure
serious matter lor the malinger oi the
Norris & Howe aggregation transpired
because ot the illegal sale ol liquor by
the occupants ol Car No. 8 and the
heavy Hue ol $200 was imposed by the
stipendiary magistrate for the infraction ol the law. Mr. Foster in the
judicial sent was righteously indignant
iu pronouncing judgment after the
p'eu nf guilt was entered by the defence.
" These penple cume in here and do
all sorts of things in dciianee of the
law," be said, "and ihey might as well
be taught liist as lest that the laws of
this country must be respected."
W'ba' was evidently tlie cause ol the
magistrate's ire, however, was the fait
that a search warrant which he had
i-sued on Saturday uight had not been
executed and he severely cruss questioned the <-lli-ers fur information as
to their reasons for not carrying out
the instructions ol tbe court. Liquor
bad been sold on the property ol the
circus company and information had
beeu laid befure the magistrate to that
i licet. Ou the strength of the information a warrant was issued lur the
search ol the cars. Two butiles of
liquor were captured ly the police on
the grounds of the circus before the
elusive IIuid was lost tu sight.
" Who appears for the prosecution?''
asked the magistrate alter he had said
"court's open' wilh enough vigor iu
his voice to intimate that he meant
to handle serious business. O. S. Mc-
01rier responded witli an intimation
that he was ready lo appear for the
private prosecution iu case such a
procedure were necessary. Whereupon W. 1. Briggs uruee and fur the
defence enured a plea ol guilty on
behalf oi Sbanncn, ihe show manager.
" Vou had better wait until 1 read
the charge," said the oourt, The
charge wus the same when read us was
understood befoie—to wit; lhe illegal
sale of liquur by members nf Ihe circus
cumpany, and Mr. Btiggs again
pleaded guilty with a short and spicy
address to the court in which he stated
extenuating circumstances tliese being
cliielly that a certain amount uf liquor
is kept by a circus crew for ihe delectation nt the members of the cumpany
and tbat perhaps inadvertently some
o! this had beeu suid. He thought it
better tu plead guilty and ask" fur the
leniency ol the oourt,
" This seems tu me to bo a in uch
more serious matter than you seim
to appreciate.." said tlie court to Mr
Briggs. "I had nu less than eight
complaints un Saturday abuut tl e
illegal sale of liquor and when sworn
information was laid before me I
issued a warrant. Pleading guilty
uuder the charge will not clear tin-
case. I want to lind out why the
Instructions of this court were not
carried uut."
Special constoble I ppei was then
swum and takes the responsibility fur
the following statement which is a
transcript ol tlie pulice court records:
" K Upper duly sworn. (In Saturday night I proceeded with a search
warrant to Car 8 where liquur had
been reported and turned the warrant
over to Mr Terry, and concluded wo
would have to wait for Mr. Shannon;
this 'vas tbe conclusion uf myself ai d
Terry and eventually Mr. Shannon
came accompanied by Mr. Btiggs, Mr.
Sells and Mayoe Lindmark I told Mr,
Terry which was Mr, Shannon, Mr,
Terry went into the car to show Mr.
Shannon the warrant and be came
back and informed me. Shannon
refused to give up the keys. We proceeded to break the lock and Mayor
Lindmark came along and told us tu
stop lur awhile as ho thought theic
was evidence euodgh, ami -he car out-
lit had authority enough to carry
liquur fur tlieir own use. Finally I
tuld Terry wc had better not have
anything more to do with il and we
left cars. I was acting as special
constable that day lhe action ol the
mayor ul Ibis  town  alone stopped ine
frnm carrying out  the  instructions 1
received from yon.
(Sgd) it. Upper "
Mr. Terry, acting chiel ol police,
and sworn, corroborates the foregoing
statement of special ollicer Upper,
which has been read to him.
(Sgd ) F. XV. Terry,
In imposing the heavy liiu—which
s understoo I to be the limit—tho
magistrate remarked that he would
require payment forthwith or he would
telegraph to Calgary and hold up tbe
circus at that puint and Bee that payment was made, or in default ''live
months," fur the delinquent defendant
ill case the defendant was delinquent
Seen as to the police court proceedings the mayor stateB in a lew sentences that it is true thai he was at
the tracks ut midnight when the
pnl ce ollicers came with Bearch
warrants. He had gnnc to assist il
possible in the reoovery ol a sum of
money which it was alleged had been
taken from a man from Kight-Mile
logging camp in the city at circus
time. There was some doubt iu tlie
Mayor's mind as to the legality ol the
proposed search warrant procedure and
he asked the officers tn "wait fur a few
moments" as was sworn in the cuurt
He says that whi e he was cogitating
the ollicers walked away. The mayor
Bays the ouly object he had in view
was to prutect the cily against a
possible suit tor damages.
Ratepayers Will Decide on
Friday for or Against New
School -Location an Important Issue.
The council in passing the bylaw to
authorize a plebisc tc tu be taken on
th'i question of a site fur tlio proposed
new school building which according
to the present plans ol tbe sohool
trustees iB tu cost $40,000, places it in
the power ol the ratepayers ol Kevelstoke to decide a question which is
creating no little comment and which
bas aroused some foeliag. Several
letters bearing on the question appear
in this issue of the Mail-Hekai.u.
It is just as well to keep iu mind
that the question to be eettled by the
vote of Friday is as tu whether the
new school shall be located in the east
or the west end. Tbe bylaw fnr which
the school trustees petitioned the
ciuiiil in the matter of money expenditure and which is to be voted ou at
the same time   as   the plebiscite asks
fur mnuey to be spent in a certain j tile Mundy Lumber Company without
block which is designated specillcally j ;lB „,,,] at tilat poiut_ No one appears
but which is in the east end and ou : t0 ^ntjVI |luw the lire originated but it
Sixib street. The question to be de- ,a BUbpected that it was caused by
cided by the plebiscite vote has noth- Bparks (rom the open burner. That it
ing to do with the inoiuy bylaw did not originate in the engine room
though the vote on both ol these or boi|er llollge ja proveit by the fact
oucurs un the same day and at the that tliese are nuw iniiict having re-
smie place. Two questions have to be ceived little damage,
decided one is whether there shall be The whole ol the mill was destroyed
power grauted to the city council to witb thu planing mill and maiiuiac-
borrow $40,000 fur the purposes set tm-jng establishment adjoining result
forth in oue ol the advertised bylaws, il|g |„ A Um of „lorc Ulrtu jxqo.OOO,
that is to say lor the purposes of partjally 00Vered by insurance,
erecting a new schuol building and Kortuuateiy the lire was gotten
(or tbe purchase of a block of land ,„„,,,,. Bontro| before ths lumber yards
adjoining the present school property were consumed, for if these had been
of the city and just acroBs the street burned the ,0B8 wouW baV(J been vcry
Irom that ideal location on Second 00nB{derable. Less than 100,000 feet
street,   and   the  other—in   case the j 0, dry lunlbBr wa8 consumed.
A number ol  loaded cars  were  on
Government Discussing Dreadnaughts—Will Borrow No
Money-Gift of Land to McGill   Water Ballast.
MuNi'KiiAi,, June 9 — Steamships
are sailing from the port of Montreal
cirrying water ballast instead ot grain
because passenger boats sailiug from
New York are carrying grain fur the
mere cost of handling, Theconiliti.in
is not expected to last long.
Concord, N H., June 0,—l'rot. F.
Nichnli, formerly head ol the department ul physics at Dartmouth and
now professor of experimental physics
was last night unanimously elected
president ol Dartmouth.
SYDNEY, C. ti., June 9,—The federal
government is preparing a scheme by
wbicli it will be enabled to present a
Dreadnaught to tlreat Britain without
borrowing the money for the purpose
in Great Britain ur elsewhere.
WASHINGTON, June 9.—An earthquake, officially eHlimated us four
thousand miles distant, possibly iu
Northern Chile, was recorded at tbe
weather bureau today. The shock
lasted for over an hour.
MONTREAL, June 9.—It was announced today that tie syndicate
which purchased the Joseph's properly
un Sherbourne street for an hotel, has
resold it to Sir Wm. MacDunald at
cost price. The McCill university
objected to the location of a hotel
uI iiigsiile the campus. The land is to
be given to Mcliill. The latest gifi of
Sir Wm- MacOouald to the university
is valiidd al about iflnO.OOO.
C. P. R. Train Service
For the convenience uf the publio
the train service uf the C. 1'. It. i-i pub-
liilmlj' clii'.v. Since the inauguration
of tbe three times a day service some
confusion exists as to the lime ol the
departure ol trains either east or west.
The numbers of the trains and the
li urs of departure is as follows:
No. 1, 5:50 west bound; No. 2, 23:50
east bound; No. 5, 15:05 west bound;
No. 8, 6:10 east bound; Nu. 1)0, 10:40
east bound; No. 07, lliiln weBt bound.
Fire on Monday at Three Valley Causes Heavy Loss
A ilisastrinia lire oocurjcd  ut Three
I Valley   on   Monday  morning leaving
money   bylaw   carries—to  determine
the location ul the new Hcbool.
While a vote on the question uf a
location can only be taken as an ex
expression ol the opinions of individual ratepayers there la little doubt
that the trustees will endeavor to
o inform with the wislies of these.
That thoro is a large degree of publio
interest taken in the question is
evinced by the lact that there Is a
large amount ol criticism of the trustee's iu not calling a public meeting
fur the discussion ol the whole question. People are saying that snob n
meeting wuuld have given those who
havo to vote an opportunity to get
acquainted with what the trustees
prop se to do and that a possible better plan than that submitted to the
city council might have been suggested.
In any case the vote on Friday will
be rational, and, as lar as the expenditure, of money, decisive. Tho money
question is the most important excepting tor the lact that it is imperative to provide accommodation
ior the increasing number ul pupils
who attend the public acboolB. Money
should bo nu object when it comes to
the education ot a child, and niusl ol
thn ratepayers will probably take that
view of the case on the main bylaw
On the quest ion of location only those
directly interested can express an
opinion, and no outsider has any tight
to interfere.
The voting will take place at the
usual polling station, and the hours
aro Irom II o'u'ock in the morning till
7 o'clock in thu evening.
the switch adjacent to the mill and a
hurry call was sent to tbe local C.l'.K.
uilico fur relief. Tu show huw quickly
tho C.l'.K. can act in case of emergency, it was less than '10 minutes
from the lime the telegram was Bent
until the cars were hauled from the
sidetrack, the engine run being made
from here to there is sunn-thing
under twenty minutes.
•A Message From Mars."
There aro usually three'tests placed
Upon plays, First OOmes the success-
Iiii, second lhe fairly successful; third,
the (allure. The former, according to
its degree of merit may last a number
of years The second disappears from
public view in two or three years; the
third, seldom, il ever, lives to celebrate
a birthday. It belongs to the "Down
umi Out Club" In its Infancy, The
comedy, "A Message Irom Mars," oan
he rtigarded of the lirst class It basa
long list nf triumphs to its credit.
The theatre-goers in the city ol London gave it spledld patronage for
three consecutive years. 'A Message
from Mars" will be seen bere at the
Opera House, matinee ami nigbt,
Saturday, June L2tb,
We have just received a ehuiccselection uf Madras curtain iiiusliiiB.'.iiewest
ns.   0. IL Hum • A Co,
New Seeds, Garden Tools
Wire Fencing    McClary's Stoves
Crockery Glassware
Builders'   Hardware
Sherwin-Williams' Paints
Choice Groceries
Groceries        Hardware        Harness       Plumbing
|JQ P\x. Swell Dresser
fey wewrs the
"Swell ©resscr"
To get the right clothes must you not go
to the right place?
We sell clothes with no cotton in the
Just now you perhaps wish a light weight
suit to celebrate in.
You can get right into one oi our two
piece suits and wear it away with one of our
negligee shirts, ami as for straw hats we have
them for men or boys.
Fit Reform Clothing
FSTABU.sinn i»ei
8. e. walkeb, pendent | Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000
ALEXANDER LAIKD, General Manner    Reserve Fund,   -     6.000,000
Tba oew Travellers' Cheques re« enllj issued b) this Hank arc a most coovenieni
war ia which to carry raooe) when travelling.   They arr Issued in denocaraabona **4
$10,   $20, $50,  $100 and $200
uid tba e-uct amount payable in ln.in.i. Belgium, Denmark, Prance
Germany, Great Britain, Holland, Italy. Noi way, Russia, Sweden
and Swltxerland ii staled on ilu- far* of each cheque, while in other
tbey mn payable at current rates
The cheques anil all information re^ardin^. them may he obtained al every
at Um Bank. l,u
It's a Wise Chef
that know- line meat la1fine
he conk- it. And It's a wise
Imtoher that knows not only
how tn buy, to freeze, to trim
in least waste, bin also how to
keep down |U ice- nil
High-Grade Meats
-uch us we always keep on
li.niil. lietf, Lamb, Mutton
and Poultry always the best,
kept in spotless ice-chests, and
al prices thin arc always satisfactory.     Give IU a   chance In
prove it.
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Wc Handle Premier Hams and Bacon
Friday and Saturday motion pictures oi the famous play
,                              in   ,                   , "I ngnuiar" the barbarian.   Uoodcom-
A now program will be presented _j" ....        ,          ,,, _"n
1    ■                        ' ediei and other subjects will make up
Friday aud  Saturday  at   the   EdlaoD a lirst class program.
Parlor Theatre,    Among i he subjects
will lie an  ..pen  air  reproduction in,     Try  Home's S|iecial shoe dressing. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C,
Zbc fl&ail-lhcratb.
interior publishing OompaltBl
Barkistkrs, Solicitous,  Etc.
0 T T A W A
Supreme and Exchequer Court
Agents, Practice in Patent
Ollice and befoie Railway
ll..... i'u iiii.i-s Mfiti'iiY, M.l'.
IIak.u.i. I'imii.ii.
BARB18TKH8, si il.il ITnllM, BTOi
Omen.,, :    Imii RIAL 1'ank  III ll.niM. Ktvl.1.
Money loloan.   , ,     . „ ,,
umcun Rovelatoke, U I     ' raubruok, B I •
liKO. S. MclAKlfcll
_L   M    I'lSKHAM J. A.   llAUVKY,
lli-ici-lose. I laiilii'ix.k   H.I
T1I.I.IAM  I.  HKIl.dS
Biuiisti i
Suiil III.1.  I'll'.
s ilicitor'fi 11
lui Canadian Hank m- Comsikuck
Tub M0L8OS8 Hank, Kit.
l-llisl ST„   -   HEVELSTOKE, 13.U
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
MlKknzik Avbnuk,
Box imi, BBVKL8T0KH
c. w. o  w
Mountain  View Camp. No. 229
Meet*  Seoond anil   Fourth  Wednesdays in
each month, in Selkirk Hull.   VUilln   Wuuil-
men conlially uivileil te alteml.
JOHN CAKL80N, Con. Com.
J. Mi-INTVltE, Clerk.
F. O. E.
Tlie rsir-ilsr meetings nre IidI.I in ths Selkirk
Han every Tuei-day eseiiiuK . at 8 o cl'H.k
Vi-itiuii tirsthreii ate conlially invited.
IT    J. V, At-SH.  PuthtUKKT.
Kootonay Lodge, No. IB, A F. & A. M.
Tlio regutur moot-
inn- an, liolii in Ilm
Oddfellwra Ball, on
■ho third Monday iu
irli month at B
i n.. Visiting broth*
run cordially welcome.
U.  A.  I'I'.Ut UN1ER, dlXKKTAHY.
SKLKIKK LODGE 12, 1.0,0. F.
Meet* every Tliurs
day  ofeniuK   in   Bal
I kirk Hall at So'i'lork
(Visiting brotbren ara
OOrdially invltc-il to attend.
W. A. FOOTE. N.li.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
Ho. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
tXTS  i_.V___.BY   «EUXES.i.,Y
except inipi Wednesday o
:■..,. a      •     ddlellow-1
Hall    »i   >    .'cl hk      l iBitlnc
Kuiglin* ft''' .'T-lially   nvileil.,
0. B   BKUl K   K. ol   K   A t-.
J   B. SCOTT, Jl, i.I F.
Nl    IIS
Zbc m>aiU1bevalb
1 liSTo s .«.* i« b i l ■
There 1- .<• much bad u, '.he im-t ol tu
Ai.: -   mnch good in lho wont ol nSi
Thst it hardly behoove.- any of tu,
To lilk sb-cit ihe re-i of us.
At the recent meeting of the
general assembly ol tlie Presbyterian church which convened in
Haioiituii. a sermon by 1»r. Duval,
uf Winnipeg, was read, the moderator being ibsenl on a< count ol tin
late ile ith ol bis wile I be sermon
u- a whole i- wi .i woi Ui ... production, but the limitations ..f space
ntaki luch reprod lion i cu j * -
i Ine ol tin , ragi iphf n Inch should
be read twii • ind whii h we repro-
ii j e witl     ■ •        - •-■•   i   li ading
• '1 ' II ll ' .    til Ui   to   -ll;. Jtluit if
[loomed   House  with Plumbing.    Prici
<17.5() per month.
ux   riuuiis,
per iniinth
Third  Street.    Price §2100,
corner of Fifth
liouil buy in Lots 23 und 24,  Block   11, on
und Robson Avenue.    Priee S-lnll.
Two  good  buys  in   Lots  21   nnd 22, Block 22, just east of
Queen's Hotel.     Price S7.r>l).
Two good Lots ou Eighth Street and corner of Orion  Ave.,
100 x 100.    Price $850.
•mx Roomed Hnuse, Furnished, on
ground.    Priee $3500.    llousi
Double   House, renting for $.".0 per month, for snle nt $2750.
Sixth  Street, improved
nnd l.nts onlv S3250.
dinned mul used lo cover villain-.
to abuse uud ruin, il possible, any
soul tlmt dares to oppose their
crimes. And yet, thank God, it is
an age tlini is not content with
itself . This is a hopeful Bign, n
prophecy of good, Men nre struggling to free tliemselves from ills
they cannot clearly define. These
demands will not be met by reiteration of dry dogmas. The system
of public education bus taught our
children to reason, The pew is
pushing mere traditions out of the
pulpit. The world is trying to
analyze the mystical and to realize
the prophecy " Then Bhall I
know, even as also I am known."
I'he world wants ideals of a nobler
state, and is looking fur heroes of a
wider, deeper faith to lead it to
attain. And earth must still look
to heaven, men to Hod, and uur
spirits to the Holy Spirit appointed
of Oud to guide us into all  truth.'
There aro mnuy morals that may
be learned from the visil of u circus
but none of them mure effective
than lhe lesson learned by the
incident in the police court on
.Monday when the management was
lined for the illegal sale of liquor,
ll is known by people who know
that as fir as ihe members ol a
circus crew is concerned the morale
of the company has greatly risen
during the last few years, lt is
equally well or better known that
tbere is always accompanying a
circus a gang of pickpockets and
thugs who have the [ear of neither
(unl ur man before them. Decency,
law and order, all go down before
such u gang as well as its general
disappointment at the .-huw. That
the company was caught in the
illicit sale of liquor und its management lined to the limit ol the
law, was one of the happy incidents that occur in the police
records of u city. The liquor business is open to every sort of
unfavorable criticism and no one
will more readily admit that fact
than the man who is engaged in it,
but when a man pays for his license
to sell intoxicants he is entitled to
all the protection that the law
Camember,   Brie, (lorgomsola,  McLaren's Imperial and Ontario oheece
al  Buurne's.
,  ' .'.w:7.lS"v"V''"/v'i)
Notice to contractors
iJKALKI) TENDERS, miporiorlbod "Tender
ij for Look-up. will lie rocolvod by llie Honourable ilic Minister nf Public Works up to
iintill of Weilne.-.l.i.v lliiill'llli day ul -lillie, 19(19.
tori In- orootlon ami ooraplotlon of a throo-celi
luck-up and constable's quarters at Nakusn,
Plans, specifications, contraot and forms of
tender may bo soon on and after lho 71 ii day of
Juno, mi'ii. al tin- ollices uf ilm Govorniaoni
AgOtlt at Kiislii; tho lliivi-niniiiilt Agent al
Revelstoke: lho Mining Recorder at Nakusp:
and at the Dcpiirtiiiont of Public Works, Vic
toria, li.c.
Each proposal must be accotnpaniod I.y an
accepted bankohepuo ur oortiftoato uf deposit
nn a chartered bank of Canada, made payable
to the Hon. Minister uf 1'ublic Works fur a sum
equivalent to ton por cenl of tho amount of the
topdei*, whioh shilj be forfoitod if the party
tondoringdeollnc in enter intu contract when
called upon todo so. ur if hofallto complete
tin' work contracted fur. The chenuos or cor-
titii'iitt'-. of doposil uf unsuccessful tondorors
will bo returned to thorn upon the execution
nf tho contract.
Tenders will nut In- considered unless made
nut un the forms supplied, Binned with ihe
actual Miniature uf Uu- leiiderot-, and enolosod
in tho onvelope furnished.
The lowest ur any tender nut uooossai'ily
Public Works Enginoor.
Public Works Ooparimmit, intd
Victoria, II. C. Juno '-'nil, 1008.
synopsis  uK  KjiauuaTioNB ao\
lOltMMi   THE   DISPOSAL,   ill' . LIO-
UA1I.WAY    BELT   IN   THE   i'UOV-
A   LICENSE   lu  out  timber  can   be  ac
nulrod   only   ui   public   compeuUon.     A
rental  uf &  pur  senate  mile  is  eliarteu
for  all   Umbel-   berths  exci-pl   those  sllu-
al.-d Wusl uf  Valo for wbicb Hie rental 1»
.,1 me nu.-- ut i cents per acre per annum.
In udditluii lu tlie rental, duca al tne
following rales are charged:—
Sawn   lumber,   lie   muis   pe
Kailway tics, eight and nine feet lung,
I 1_1 and 1 U-4 cents each.
Shingle bolts, J5 cenls a curd.
All oilier prudueis,  -1  pel
sales. ,  „   ,,,.,.,1,
A license ia issued au HOI U 1 Derjn
Is granted, but lu Bui-veyed territory no
UmTJel' can be cul on a berth until Un
licensee has made a survey inereoc.	
Permits (u «" tlrab6r are alsu P'al
at public cumiielillua, except In  tlie CMS
ul'  actual   settlers,   wllu   1'eo.ulre   tile   tlm-
i, i   lor llioli  own use, „,,,„,„
Setllers and ulbeis may alsu obtain
nei'tnils lu out up to 100 curds ut woud rui
sale   without   coiiiiiellllon.
Tbo dues payable under a permll ■"'
11.60 per thousand feet B.M.. for sQuare
un,lar and HOW logs ul any WOOd
,-,-pi oak; frum l-a m 1 12 cents per lineal
toot for building logs j from l- 1-J to"
cenls per curd fur woodi l eel t for f»no«
pusts; a cents for railway ties; and »
cents per cord for sluligle bolts
Leases for grazing purposes
for  a  term   of   iwe.iiy-uue   y0«»i.«m-
rinlal of two cenis per aero per annum
Coal lands may be purchased at »
per aire fur soil coal and »*J lor antbra
■ ne. Nut more than 32u acres may bt
.icuulri'd  by   une  individual or company.
ltujally ai lhe rale of lu cents per ton
utWpOUndi   is  collected  on   the  gross
° Entries fur land for agricultural pur-
poses may be mad,.- personally at thei lo-
,,i land office tor the disinc in wtuci
the land lu tie taken up Is Situated, Ol
,, the homesteader desires, he.may. oj
appllcaUon tu the Minister ul ibe n inui
at Ottawa, the Commissioner of lmmlgia-
Ion at Winnipeg or the looa agen fo
lhe District, within which the land II
situated, receive authority tor eome onf
tu make entry for him, ,
A fee uf *1U is charged fur homesteao
°nABetUer who has received un entry foi
a homestead. Is .euulred to perform the
conditions connected therewith under om
of the (ollowing plans:-       .
Ill At least six nioilths' lesidence upor,
and cullivuilon uf the land In each yeai
during the term uf three years.
It is the practice uf the Department tc
require a settler to bring 15 acres undei
cultivation, butif he prefers he may sub
cenl  un   the
stltu'.e stuck; and 20 head of cattle,.to bluet i
for the
o-i i.iiiy his own property, with buildlngi
■lr accommodation, wUI be required
Instead of cultivation.
a) It tlie father lur mother. If the ta
ther is deceased) of any persun who I'
I'licible to make a homestead entry unaei
the provisions of the Act, resides upon
a farm in the vicinity of the land entered fur by such person as a homestead
the requirements of the Act as to residence prior to obtaining patent may pi
satislled by such person residing with tin
father or mother.
tSi If the settler has his permanent
residence upon furmlng land owned by
him In the vicinity ot his homestead, thi
requirements of lhe Act as to rcsldenct
may be satisfied by residence upon th*
said   land. __._,..
Application for patent should be madi
Bt tho end uf three years before the luca.
agent, sub-agent or a homestead inspec
Before maklnK application for a pateni
the selller musl give six months' notlc
in writing to the Commissioner of l>i
minion   Lands   at   Ottawa,  of  his  Inten
'ion   to  do   BO.
W.  W.  CORV,
Deputy  Minister of  th*   Interior
_a__rV-__h-   __*_(_?*-
w_i    iiSli/i.'
Tn pump in not to pump that ib
the question, whether 'twere better
lar to have a power plant thai - ■
yuu light when it gets next or one
thai takes such odd canniption
tits as u-i the one we have in Revelstoke may give us I
\\ hether t" :.:"■ i gas plant that
delivers   up   the  gas   or   one
can't gel   up   liol   air  gives papei
men a pass    A   pass  to   whal
past to  where ' well,   pass   us  up
the p.--.
Thi Hume ia broke, the  i
reporting   on   the deal  about
power plant  would   noi   call
If mill*   wi
lhal  in
.V ^c*__~i___X__Lias-^ .'*?'ift
■ \s the triumph of sixty-
ce—growth from a small
s of floor spai c, from a half doren
m an annual wape sheet of$4,000
trom a capital of energy to one of
scurity to recognition an Largest
naces in th<" Uritish Empire.
trkft the first furnace   to  h»  wholly  antl
Canadian Company.
suiting  staff cf furnace   exprris,   who  arr
nting wiih new ideas in order that Sunshine
have   to  travel  en  its  past   reputation   fnr
quality  is
hat super-
Is  in  such  large  quantities  that   it*
We have our own testing rooms, so
's exercised down to the finest deta
For Sale by
BOURNE   BROS.        Revelstoke
nasi   how can
won't carry past       Wake   up
town,   gel   wise   get   n."!
over we r, hut don't -it  bai k
non iii   think   the
presi them in   thi
grind with iun es   that   the   tlumi
.:i ■ nn  -  i-      ■.    ..•   latetl ti rmi  "
a- thi;   ire loi •   ij i '.-
• burch at  an institution would lie
inueli mure   i  powi i  iii  the land
'..- lay.    I bi   [notation n-.i, 1-
1 think yuu will agree with me
that tlie church needs to lend it.-
ear to tbe lmhiIiiij; wisdom and love
nf tiie >pint lo meet the increasing
di • de ol the t;r..wiiiu' age
.no. ,-•• and
nul Btare
weep am
ll    :
i es i
Incidentally we m ij remark that
it :- not the husinese ol police ulli-
Thisisan age ol critical  mind, ce« when ,1,,,v :,r'' empowered b
of   agonizing commercialism;   hn search warrant ur an)  other kirnl
age thai is consequently seeking „j  warrant   to   do   anything but
reliuf in sen-unu.- indulgenci   and
execute Buch warrants,
Not even
vulgar ilifiiiav. forgettiti(f the hnl- ,,      ... • ,    ,      ,        .,„ ■
i , .;   i     .    i,. the chief mni'i-traii- of n miv lia-
den man of the heart,    ll if an age ° .
of compound difficulties, of strug- power to cancel tbe instructions of
gl« for the ma.-tery between capital: a oourt when in h instructions are
and labor; an age that gives oppor- issued in the proper form. We
tunity to men  without principle, think tbe onicers who testified  in
ike lurking thieves in   tl
lllll   of
battle to plunder the Held while
the light is going on. It ip un age
when some politicians play every
game of the gambler, every trick of
bluff and "cover" to deceive the
people, an nge in which the press
in not alwayd free, tsometimeH  pur-
court on Monday in the case against
the circus company testified too
much. They testified to the fact
thut they were unduly hastoful in
running away from the execution
of tbeir duty.
By-law No —
A By-law to raise by way of De-
benturcs the sum ot" S9.000
for Street purposes.
WIIKHKAS it is deemed expedient
lhal ilic streets nf the Cily be Improved uml I'm'i lie carrying out of such
improvements to purchase necessary
I'liail-inaking inacliinei'y.
AND WIIKHKAS a petition baa
lieen presented lo the Municipal Oouncil of  the Corporation of Ilia Oily of
Kevelslnke signed iiy Ibe assessed
ownei'8 of at lea-sl one-tentli iu value
of tbi' real property wit bin the city of
RevelBtoke as slinwn on the last revised Assessment Hull of snid llity,
requesting that a by-law be Introduced
for the purpose of authorizing the borrowing by the said Corporation nf tin
Mini nf Nunc Tliiiiisiind Dollars ($0,UUO)
for tho purposes above luentinnod:
AM) WIIKHKAS the whole amount
uf the ratable property within the suid
Oity of Kevelstoke uccoi-dlng to the
last revised Assessment Hull of the
said Oily nf Hevelsluki", is llie sum of
$1, HIS, I.s: 1.60;
AM) WIIKHKAS it will lie necessary to raise annually by special rate
sufficient therefor the sum of'$000.00
for paying llie said debl and Interest
NOW, TIIKKKKUHK, the Municipal
Ciiiuicil nf ilm Corporation of the Otty
of Revelstoke in open meeting assembled enacts as fulluws:
1. It shall be lawful for the Mayor
of the Corporation of the Ciiy of llevelsloke for tbe purpose and with the
object aforesaid lo borrow on the credit of the Municipality by way of debentures hereinafter mentioned from
any person, pei sons, firm, body or
bodies corporate, who may lie willing
lu advance the same as a limn, a sum
uf money, not exceeding in the whole
the mini of Nine Thousand Dollars
($9,000.00) and in cause all such sums
mi raised or received to be paid into
ilie bands of the Treasurer uf llie Corporation of the Ciiy of Revel tnke.
2. It shall lie lawful fur the Mayor
of the said Corporation of llie Cily nf
Revelstoke lo cause any number ol
debentures to be made, executed and
issued for sucli sum or sums as may lie
leipiiieil for tlie purpose and object
aforesaid, noi exceeding, however, the
sum of Nine Tliuusanil Dollars. Such
debenture? shall he of ibe denomination of One Tliuusanil dollars each,
auil all uf such debentures shall lie
sealed with the seal of the Corporation
of the City of Revelstoke and signed
by the Mayor and Olerk thereof.
'A. Tliesnid debentures shall bear tbe
date of 1UIISI, and shall lie payable
in twenty-five years from the said date
in lawful money of Canada, at the
office of the .Molsons Hank at Revelstoke aforesaid, wbicb said place uf
payment shall lie desip-nated by the
said debentures, ami shall have attached to them coupons for the payment of
interesl, aud the 'signature lo lhe
Interest coupons may be eltbor wtil-
icn, printed or stampctl or litlm-
I, The said debentures shall hear
interest at the rate of live pel cent.
15 | per annum from the date thereof,
which interest shall be paid semiannually at tho office of the Molsons
Rank at Revelstoke aforesaid, in lawful money of Canada on the day
ul and on the day
of respectively in each and
every year during the currency thereof, and   il   shall   he expressed in said
debentures and coupons to be so pay-
5. li shall he law I'ul I'm- the Mayor
of the said Corporation to negotiate
and sell the said debentures or any of
I hem for less than par, but in no case
Bhall tbe said debentures nr any of
them be sold for less than ninety-two
unl one-half per centum (924%) of the
face  value  including  the cost of  sale
ml brokerage and all other nejessary
ii.    There  shall   lie levied and raised
i each   year during   the currency of
ml debentures the sum of liuur Ilun-
nil and Fifty dollars ($450.00) for the
payment uf interesl ami Two Hundred
nnl  Forty-six dollars and Sixty cents
$210.60) for  tbe payment  of l he said
lebt under  the  said   debentures by a
-pecial  tale  sufficient   therefor on all
the   ratable   real property In tbe said
7. It shall be lawful for the Municipal < i.<iin iI uf the -aid Municipality tu
repurchase any of the said debentures
upon Biieh terms ns may be agreed
upon with the logal holder or holders
(hereof, either at Ibe I ion- ul sale or al
mi uii<o.,u.-iii time, and all debentures mi repurchased shall beforth*
wiih cancelled oi destroy rtl and nu
i.'issue .,1  ili-iienl uies shall lie llliule ill
consequence .>! biicIi repurchase.
8, Thi-   liv law   shall   lake ellecl uu
.ml after the day uf
A.D.  1909,
ii. Tlu in law shull, liefore ihe final
pausing (hereof, receive the assent of
tin- ratepayers of the Corporation
ii.,,p.ii,i' iu iin- provisions of and in
lhe iii'iiini-i prescribed by the Municipal t!ltui»ei Act.
II. .nl    a    first    I    Ihis  21-1 ilav ul
Mn\.   \.D.. I00B,
Ki-iiiI   i   ■ i-un.I   i  t lu    -.'Isi  iluv of
Mn      \ 11 . 1909.
Ri nl i third imi'' Hii- 2I-I day u
May, Vl>.. 1909, and passed wiili lhi
iinanlmoiii consent of i lie i louncll.
II. . . noil   lllfl   lUWtinl i.f   the eleelnl!
MoKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke, B.C.,
nn Friday, June llth, 1909, between
(he hours of Nine o'clock, a.m., and
Seven o'clock p.m.
Clerk of the Municipal Council.
eddy Webb, principal Comedian ul ihu .S.in Francisco Opera
Co.   As TwccddpuiK.il in Floradora, I eddy is at his best.
day ..I
■ un lib i.'.l,   .nli.pii
<l the i uiiinil. il..-
\.D., num.
I   and liiiiilii
tiny ul
Ci i i   l'i !■ in.
M l Mill
TAKK NOTICK Hint Ihe nbove is „
true cupy of the proposed By law upon
iiliich ihe vuie uf tbe Municipality
mil lie taken al lhe City Clerk's offlce,
City Hull, eorner of .Seemid Street nnil
By-Law No	
A By-Law to enable the Corporation of the Oity of Revelstoke to raise by way of
Debentures the Sum of
Forty Thousand Dollars
(•40,000) for the purposes
of the Board of School
Trustees of the City of
WIIKHKAS the Board of .School
Trustees of the Oity Of Revelstoke
have in pursuance nl thn powers
granted to them by Section 12 of the
"Public Schools Act, 1906," as re-
enacted by Section 82 of the "I'uliiie
Schools Aot, 1905, Amendment Aot,
IllWi," caused lu he prepared and laid
before the Municipal Oounoll a detailed estimate of tin- sums required to
tneel special or extraordinary expenses
which may bu legally Incurred by the
Board, ami such estimates have been
considered and finally lipproved by
t he Council:
AND WIIKHKAS ihe mild estimates
provide for tbe erection of a new
scbiiol building, furnishing ami
eilllipplng same, ami the pinchase of
additional school grounds!
AND WHEREAS, to meet the expenditure as provided liy said estimates
il is necessary to raise on the part, ol
tho Municipality the sum of $10,000.00;
AND WIIKHKAS it is deemed expedient to raise upon the credit of the
Municipality the sum of $40,000.00 for
school purposes as aforesaid;
AND WIIKHKAS the total amount
required to he raised annually hy
special rate for paying Ilm said debt
and interesl tlioieon and for creating
a sinking fund I'm' paying the said
principal debt within twenty-live years
is for interesl $2,000.00 and for sinking
fund $1,01)0.00, making a total of
$B, 090.00;
AND WIIKHKAS the amount of
llie whole in la l.le land within tlie
Municipality, Including the territory
comprised within lhe Hevelstoke
School DUtilcl for school purposes,
according to the last revised assessment cull is $1,077,783 50;
NOW, THEREFORE, lhe Municipal Council of lho Corporation nl' the
City of Kevelslnke in open meeting
assembled, enacts as follows :
1. ll shall lie lawful for the Mayor
of the Corporation of Ihe City of Rovelstoke for ihe purposes aforesaid, ami
he is hereby authorised, in borrow on
the credit of the .Municipality, by way
of debentures hereinafter mentioned,
Iiiiiii any person, persons, Hi in, body
or bullies cui-pocile, who may in-
willing in advance lhe same as a loan,
a sum of money, not exceeding in the
whole the sum of Forty Thousand
Dollars ($40,000), and to cause all such
sums so raised or received lo be paid
into the hands of the Treasurer of the
Corporation of the City of Revelstoke
for the purposes aforesaid and with
the object hereinbefore recited.
2. lt shall he lawful for the Mayor
of tbe said Corporation of the City of
Revelstoke to cause any number of
debentures to be mode, executed and
issued for such sum or sums as may lie
reijuired for the purpose and object
aforesaid, not exceeding, however,
ilu-sum uf Forty Thousand Dollars.
Such debentures shall be of tbe denomination of One Thousand Dollars
each, and all such debentures .shall
be sealed with the seal of the Corporation of the City of Revelsluke and
signed by the Mayor and Cily Clerk
'■I. Tlie said debentures shall bear the
date uf 1909, and shall he payable
in twenty-five years from the said' dale
in  lawful  money  of Canada, at the
Office of the Molsons Bank at Revelstuke aforesaid, which said place of
payment shall lie designated by the
said debentures, and shall liaveal-
laclieil to them coupons for, the payment of interest, and the signature to
the interest coupons may be either
written, printed or stamped or lithographed.
1. The said debentures shall bear
interest ni the rate of five per cent
l."i I per annum from the date thereof,
which interesl shall be paid semiannually at the office of the Molsons
Bank al Revelsluke aforesaid in lawful
money of Canada on tbe day
nf and on the day ill
respectively iu eaeh and
every year during ihe currency thereof, and ii shall be expressed in said
debentures and coupons to besonav-
5. It shall be lawful I'm-1he Mayor
of the sold Corporation of the Ciiy of
Revelsluke tu negotiate and sell tho
said debentures or nny of them I'm less
than par, hui in nu  ease shall the said
debentures or any of 1 bein he sold for
less than ninety-two ami one-half por
centum ii)2'.)oi' the luce value, including the cost of sale ami brokerage and
ali necessary expenses.
il. There shall be levied and raised
iniinh vein lint-inn the currency of
-umI ilein-iiiiue the sum uf Twn Thousand dollars ($2,000.00) I'm- (he payment of Interest ami One Thousand
and Ninety-six dollain ($1,000,00) for
the payment of ibe said debt under the
said debentures by a si laj rate sufficient therefor on all the ratable real
property In ihe said Municipality,
7. ti shall in- lawful for ihe Municipal Coiiiieil uf the said Municipality to
repurchase any of the said debentures
upon such terms as mav be agreed
upon with the legal holdei or holders
thereof, either al the time nf sale oral
any subsequent time, ami all debentures su repurchased shull lie forthwith
cancelled or destroyed, ami no reissue
of debentures shall be made In consequence nf such repurchase,
s. In this by-law the wind "Municipality" shall be deemed tu extend to
and Include all territory and properly
comprised within the Revelstuke
School Dislricl. ami all such property
shall I-.' liable iu assessment hereunder
as provided by Seel iun ll of the said
"Publio Schools Aot, inn:.. Amend.
 nl Aot, 1808."
II. This by-law shall, before the limit
(Hissing thereof, receive the assent of
tbe electors according to the provisions
of and in the manner prescribed by
the Municipal Clauses Act.
Read  a first time the 28th day of
May, UK)1,).
Read a second time llie 2Mb day of
May, 1909.
Read a third time the 2Sl li day of
May, loop, and passed with the unanimous consent nf the Council.
Received the assent uf the electors
the day of , 1009.
Re-considered, adopted and llmillv
passed the  Council   the day of
, 1909.
Citv Clbkk.
TAKE NOTICE that lhe above is a
true copy of tbe proposed Bylaw upon
which lhe vote ol the Municipality
will be taken at the City Clerk's office,
City Hall, corner of Second Street and
McKenzie Avenue, Revelsluke, B.C.,
on Friday, June llth, 1IKI9, between
the bonis of Nine o'clock a.m., and
Seven o'clock p.m.
m\2i   Clerk of the Municipal Council,
lhe Municipal Council uf the Corpora-
lion of the Qlly of Revelstuke intends
to undertake the construction of Concrete Sidewalks on certain parts of
First Street, Second Street, and "root
Street, within Ibe snid Cily; viz:
On llie Nort li side cf First Street
from the corner of Campbell Avenue
to the cornel' of Boyle Avenue, and
the North side of Second Street from
the eorner of Pearson Sireet to the
cornel' of Ford Sheet, and on the
Soitlh-wesl side of Front Street from
the corner of King Street to the corner
of Victoria Road, according to the
specifications and estimates prepared
by the Oity Engineer, and to assess
the expense or cost thereof upon the
land or real property abutting on the
parts of such streets as above mentioned, and to he benefitted thereby,
and that a statement showing the land
nr real property liable to pay the
assessment therefor and the names of
lhe owners thereof as far as can he
ascertained together with the specifications and estimates of the Oity Engineer and the proposed assessment
and report thereon of the City Clerk
are now on file iu Hie ollice of The City
Clerk and open for inspection during
office hours.
The estimated cost of the work is
$4911.50, of which it is intended that
the Oity at large shall bear the whole
of the cost of llie work on street cross-
inn; and necessary retaining walls and
one-third of lhe cost of the Concrete
Sidewalks, and the property owners
hearing two-thirds of Ihe cost of the
said sidewalks.
The total estimated cosl to be borne
by the property owners being $8274:84,
and by the City at large $10:17,1(1.
Any objection to lhe proposed undertaking and assessment therefor
shall be made by petition to the City
Council within FIFTEEN (15) days
from the date hereof, the persons entitled to petition being the owners of
the lands thereby affected.
Dated this 2!)th day of May, HMD.
my 29 Cily Clerk.
Revelstuke I,anil District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take Nolice that I, A.W. Dickinson,
of Arrowhead, B.C., occupation, lumberman, thirty days after date intend
to apply for permission to purchase
lhe following described land:
Commencing at a post planted on
lake shore, at tlie northeast corner of
lot 7005 and marked "A. W. Dickinson's Northwest Coiner," thence south
40 chains, east 40 chains, north 40
chains, west 10 chains, following lake
shore to place of commencement,
Daled April 7th, 1909
Ap. 10. A. W. Dickinhon.
Certificate of  Improvements
Thi« by law, if passed, shall take
effect uml ''nnil- into force on and after
Ibe iiul  nf ;   1900,
|u. This by-law may be cited for all
purposes as  ihe "Revelstoke (School
Board i By-law No , 1000."
I. X. Ii. and Silver Pick mineral
claims, situate iii the Trout Lake
Mining   Division   of West  Kootenay
Where loeated, between llie north
unit south forks of Lardo Creek,
Take notice that I Catherine Florence Realty, of Vancouver, B.C., Free
Miner's Certifloate No, B 1817(1, Intend
sixty days from dale hereof,  to applv
tn lhe Mining Recorder for a certificate of Improvements tor the purpose
ul obtaining Crown giants of the
above claims.
And lull her lake nulice that action
under Section 87 must be commenced
before the Issuance of such Certifloate
of Improvements,
Daled  this twenty-seventh day of
May, A.D .  1000.
inySo Oathbrink Flokknuk Bkatty.
Revelstoke Lund District.
Dislricl of West Kootenay.
Take notice  lhal Julia A. SlmpSlllli
of Arrowhead,  occupation    married
Woman, intend toapply for permission
to purohase  the following desorlbed
Commencing at a post planted al
south-east eorner of Lot 8800, Ihence
west ID chains, Ihence south 7 chains
more or less to lake shore, Ibence along
lake shore io poinl of commencement]
Dated Bid April, 1000,
nplO-OOd        JULIA A. SIMPSON,
Private Sale
A private sale  ol  household  furniture   including steel   range, 6 holes,
ain..   brass   mounted   single   express
harness.     The Hbove may be seen any
'day.   John McThail, First street.  THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
$250 In Prizes
Given Away Free  With
Royal Standard Flour
Kvery Idlli. sack nt KOYAL STANDARD FLOUR leaving our
mills contains a numbered coupon. On the lust duy of the month
ten numbers are drawn and published in the. lirst issue of this paper
following. If ymi hold one of the lucky numbers, return it to us, and
■we will forward you free of charge, a handsome China Dinner Set of
109 pieces.    Full particulars aro on the buck of each coupon.
ROYAL STANDARD FLOUR is the pride of the British
Columbia housewife.    It is a perfect Hour, made from specially selected
Take nolice that thirty days after
date I inienil tn apply to the Superintendent of Provinolal Poltcefor a renewal of the retail liquor license for
the Union Hotel, Arrowhead, Ii. 0, ,-
for the half year from June 30th, 1000,
to December Hist, 1900.
Dated (his 6th day of May, l!XH).
may i'i lm XV. J.  LlGHTBUHNE.
Take notice that we intend tu make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Lakeview
Hotel, Arrowhead, B. 0., for the half-
year frum June 80th, 1909, to Dec. Hist
Daled May 5th, 1909,
my 5, lm        I'iimi'Tiin & Chapman.
Before the First ol May, two six-
roomed houses, in Revelstoke, with
two acres of land each; including, if
wanted, horse antl rigs and all garden
toola. Situated west of C.P.R. trac k
Lower town.   Apply to
tc Hox 23<i, Revelstuke.
a pure,
iv i In
most modern process known  to  the milling industry —
wholesome llour, unsurpassed in America.
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Notice is hereby given that thirty
days alter dale 1   intend   to  apply   to
the Superintendent of Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail liquor
license for the  Queen's   Hotel,  Comaplix, H. 0.
Dated Mav 6th, 1009.
.1.    II     Ylll'Nli.
Notice Is hereby given thai I Intend
io apply to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police fora renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Kootenay
Hulel, Burton City, B. 0.
Daled May uth, 1009,
Wm. Lovatt,
The Now Edition of lhe
Vol, VIII  issued May, 1909,contains 1500
pages,   with  nearly  50  pei
manor than ihe preceding editio
chapters   with   nine  description
lhe hulk .
been carefully
■ matter therein i
cent, more
.ml tin
I   ami
Take uutice that I intend to make
application to tbe Superintendent of
I'liivineial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license, for the City Hotel
at Arrowhead, B. C, for the half year
from June 80th to December .'list, 1909.
Dated May 6th, 1909.
Jnllv Calky.
Make Your Home Beautiful
with one ol our Handsome parlor sets,
upholstered in high grade silk, or
damask, with frames that are iu every
conceivable design, and made to wear
indefinitely, We have many uew and
beautiful parlor sets and odd pieces fur
beautifying the home that are taste
(ul, effective and inexpensive, and will
show your rooms to the best advan -
Nolice is hereby given that thirty
days after date I intend to apply to
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Police fnr a renewal of my retail liquor
license for the premises known as the
Hotel Heat i in, at Beaton, ti. C„ for the
half year from June 80th to December
81st, 1909.
Dated Mav oth, 1909.
A. Evans.
Take notice that I intend to nmk
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police foi1 a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the K\-,\ Hotel
at Camborne, B. ('.. for the half year
from June80th, 1000, io December31st,
Dated May 5th, 1009.
John A. Thew.
re arc 25 chapters,
Covering Copper 1 [{story, Get
Geography, Chemistry, Mineralogy,
in);, Milling, Leaching, {Smelt in?, Refining
Brands, Grades, Impurities, Alloys, I'sos,
Su list it uit's, Terminology, Deposits by
Districts, States, Countries and Contincuts; Mines in Detail, Statistics of Pro?
ilue tion, Con sum pi ion, Imports, Kx ports,
Finances, Dividends) etc.
The Copper I land book is concededly the
The Copper Hunbook contains, in tins
new and greatly enlarged edition, about
50 per cent, more mailer  than   the   Bible
though not necessarily a better book
because of its greater bulk. It is filled
with FACTS 01 viial importance to
Price Is S^ in buckram with i;ilt top, or
$7.50 in genuine full library morocco.
Terms are lhe most liberal. Send no
money, bul order the book sent you, all
carriage charges prepaid on one week's
approval, to be returned if unsatisfactory,
or paid for il it suits. Can you afford not
to see the book and judge for yourself of
ils value to you ?
Write now lo the editor and publisher,
te J. Stevens
A. 1. HENDERSON. Eye Specialist
Refracting Oculist, Doctor of Optics, Scientific
Optician, of Toronto, Ontario, is taking charge of
Doyle & Allum's Optical Parlors
Do not miss this opportunity to have your eyes
examined and attended to by one who has had
many years practical experience with John Wan-
less & Co., the leading Optical Parlors of Toronto, besides four years study of medicine.
Nothing but highest class of work done.
i p.
•V%-'%.'%.'*%/V%.'W'%'%.%%'V%/%/%.-%/%"%/%/%* %.■%.■%.■%-%.-% 1
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Puckers ind Dialers in Live Stock.    Markets in al! the p
nil Cities nnd T.i.viia of  Alberta. B.-itish Columbia and the Y ik   ..
Packers ..f th-- Celebrated Bran I " Imperatnr" Hams and Bacon,
.im I "Shamrock" Brand L-.if Lu-l. #l
Take uotice Hint I intend to make
nppliii.itiun lu tin- Superintendent uf
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for tht- St. Leon
Hotel, St. I.'un Ilm Springs B.C..
for the hull' vent' from .lime 30th, 1009,
tn Decembei 31st, 11)09.
Dated May "ith, 1009.
M. Grady.
Take nulice that I Intend to make
application tn tin- Superintendent nf
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the premises
known as the Bul ay on Hut Springs
Hotel, Halcyon, II. ('., from June 30th
tu December 3lst, IfiOU.
Dated Mav nth, 101)9.
II. Mi Ivr.i-ii.
Revelstoke Lund District,
District nf West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Atlran I.n Brash,
of Nakusp, occupation married woman,
Intends tu npply for permission to
purchase the following described
funds :
Commencing nl a pust planted un
tlie south-west corner ul' Lot ill III,
thence west in chains; tlience north
t)0 ohatns: thence eust fo chains: thence
south 60 chains to place uf commencement.
Mils. AnitAN L.\ Huasii,
H.J. l..\ Huasii, Agent,
Dated May 17th, 1009. my 20
Take nolice that we, Ogilvie ami McKitriek, intend tn make application lo lhe
Superintendent of Pro\ incial Politfti for a
renewal ol retail liquor license fnr lhe
Letand hotel nt Nakusp. B. C, tor the
half year from .Intu- .to, 1909, to December
31, 1909.
Dated May oth, u_ou.
Grand Trunk Pacific Projects
Line -Tenders Opened
Winnipeg, June 9,—"Tenders have
closed for the construction ol the
branch line from Melville to Yorkton,
and the name nl the successful contractor will be announced during the
next day or two." Such was the
statement made today by E..I. Chamberlain, vice-president and general
manager of the (irand Trunk I'acilic
This line is the lirst link which will
connect the Middlo Wost with Hudson's Bay, lor the company lias surveys completed and in progress for a
line northwards from North Portal,
N ])., to Melville, while another line
will run from that junction to Canada's great inland sea. No time will
be lost on the work and Mr. Chamberlain says he expectB tu have the
Melville-Vorktun line in operation by
September and the Melville-Regina
section by Ootober of this year. Tenders have also heen received lor tbe
Battleford branch and bids are now
being asked for a number of other
branch lines ol the company.
This will be an active year in the
construction ot the company's branch
lines, due in a large extent to the fact
that the initial bond issue (orjtbe
branches was over-subscribed, showing the coulidence of the people in the
the projected lines aud tlieir willingness to provide all the money necessary lor construction. The completion
of these lines from Melville to Hudson's Bay and from Melville to the
American boundary will conip'etely
revolutionize transportation in West-
cm Canada. This line will drain the
shipments from Northwestern Canada
and the Northwestern States by the
cheaper freight rates. Montreal,
which for years past has derived a
Urge sum annually, from the wheat
trade ol the Northwest, will be deprived of this business to a very large
extent while Melville reaps the benelit, bearing out the old quotation:
"Westward the course of Empire tako
its way.''
By June 15, at the, latest, the most
modern contracting machinery and
Urge gangs of men will be at work on
the line about which Western Canada
has read and talked ever since the
lirst white settler took up land in
"tbe last wejt," namely, "tbe line to
Hudson's Bay," now starting from
Women's Temperance Workers
Will Meet Next Week
The Women's Christian Temperance
Union Convention will take place in
Mount Pleasant Methodist Church
and Pender Hull, Vancouver, on June
15th, 16th and 17th. These annual
gatherings of women from all uver the
province have long become an established institution and are (rougbt
with much interest and usefulness for
the welfare of the province. It is expected that the coining convention
will be the largest and most important
ever yet held in connection with
women's work. The growth of the
union has reached the magniliaen t
liguro of 1,400 members, while its
numberless adherents of both men
and women add strength to its forces
as well us its uselullnoss. There cun
be no question tbat this union   wields
large inllnence in temperance and
moral reform. It has braved the
storms ol opposition, misrepresentations and other hindrances heroically, while in its ranks may be
found ladies ot education, standing
and inlluence, witb a groat host ol
ardent advueaies, untiring workers,
who stick at their labors until they
accomplish their tusk.
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candles, Cigars .Tobacco.
Meals .'!5 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Take notice tli.it 1 intend to make
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Police fora renewal of the
retail liquor llncense for the Lardeau
lintel at Comaplix, ti. C, for the half
year from June 30th to December Mist,
Dated May ."ith, 1909.
Joseph Dumont.
Notice ;.- hereby gh en tha ve in
tend to make application to the Superintendent -.I Provincial I' Iii •- fi i ■
renewal of the retail liquoi . cense fi i
the i tlociei Ho ise, I BU • ■■ K. i'..
fi       he   half   yeai 30i h to
Decern lie I 31st. 1909.
Date I Ma)
ll    i
Noticq is hereby given that 30 days
after date I intend to npply to the
Superintendent of Provincial Police
nu- n renewal of the retail liquor license for the Hotel Grand at Nakusp,
for the half-year from June 80th to
Dei', :11st. 1IKKI.
Dated May 12th, 11109.
my 15Ira H. J. LaBbasH.
Take notice that I intend to make
application to the Superintendent, of
Provincial Police for a renewal of tbe
retail liquor license for the Oamborne
Hotel .ii i" imhorne, B, C„ for the half
vear from June 30th to December 31st,
:.  ted May 5th, 1009.
Dave iiiik. ,
Import direct from country ot origin.
■ -
Pi               P
1   -■
1 II.
DntHil  Mav
Take i. I ice i hut I  intend   to   make
ipplical inn • - tin.   Superintendent  of
:i. i.i! Police for .i renewal of the
retail liquor license for the  Reception
11- '-: m .  .mi ii.. If. ('., for the half
m  .1 une 30th to I > nber3ist,
led  11 -    5th, 1900.
Infuriated Lioness
Boisk City, Idaho, June 9.—Following the unloading of tbe anima 1
cages ol tbe C. VV. Parker shows here
to-.lay, it developed that an immense
African lioness known a9 the Czarina,
had given birth to a litter of cubs and
subsequently killed them. Colonel
Barnes, the veteran animal master,
who iB on his way to Calgary, Alberta,
for the Alberta Provincial Exhibition,
explains that the lioness when not in
captivity invariably hides her young,
aud it is supposed that the Czarina,
crazed with the instincts ol her kind,
and fearful for the safety of her babies,
began pacing round and round tbe
cage with the cubs in her mouth,
seeking a hiding place for them until
they died from utter exhaustion. There
are a number of newly born baby lions
in the Barnes' collection, however, and
it may be explained lor the benelit of
tbe gentler spx that there is an old
African superstition regarding the
touching of baby Huns.
The maids of Nubia believe that nny
unmarried woman who is so fortunate
as to touch a baby   linn  will  secure a
husband b-fore the year has ended.
Note.—The haby lions in the Barnps
| collection will be within   the  reach nf
all during the eiigagemei't ot the  C
1 W, Parker shows at the  Albsrta   Provincial Exhibition.
School Bylaw
Ktlitiii' Miu..|lKkAi.n.
Sik,—Kindly   allow   me   space   in
your paper to correct one or two errors
in an  article  written  by "Taxpayer,
Third street," and published  iu the
Observer of  tbe 4th  inst.    I do not
propose to interfere in the  mutter of
your proposed   new sihool, only wishing a fair deal to all, and no misrepresentation by a person presumably conveniently   situated   to   the   present
school.    In   the  lirst  place,   the proposed school  I  admit to  be close to
the southeast  boundaiy  of  ihe city,
and I am  proud  to say  not by any
means  the  least  progressive  or   productive portion of the snuce, also that
considerably  more  than  one-third of
the present school attendance comes
from the east  end, and I alsu  venture
to say  that  in two year's time  mure
than bull of  the school children will
be east of McKenzie avenue.    Regarding the Begbie school district, which 1
am sorry  to   say is only a name, and
at least one  half mile distant   Irum
auy portion of the present city limits
is not taking in MrB. Moran  and   Mr.
Thos.   Lewis,  east uf the lllecilliwaet
river.   Also, that if we had a sohool in
Begbie at the  present time  it   would
not take more than eleven  or  twelve
children from the city school, depending, to be sure, very much, on  whare
either or both schools may  be  placed.
Being an  outsider aud possibly considered presumptions for   having   said
so much, ami thanking you in advance
for giving space to the above.    1 am,
sir, yours iu a good cause.
H. F, Hay,
Secretary Begbie School Board.
Alpines' Annual
The fourth annual camp ol the
Alpine Club of Canada will meet at
Lake O'Hara on August 2-9 this year.
Besides a very fascinating prospectus
lor members of the club, the announcements of tbe program contain the
intimation that non-climbers will be
royally entertained. Minor expeditions will be arranged for those who
do not desire strenuous work: or the
time may be spentquietly at the camp,
enjoying the glories of Nature in its
primeval wilduess. Artists, photographers and nature lovers will lind
themselves in an enchanted realm
where magic inspires the brush, tbe
camera and the pen.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
MuinifHCtnrntl for all olaSMB nf   buildings
for salo iu lur«o"or small quantities
at the lowest iirioos for I'Rtth.
All ktndfl of bulldiUK ftu<t;i>lastori.ag
Arrange Now for Your
Summer Supply of
Phone 39        Office   MoKonzie Ava
Garden Tools
Spraying Materials
Bee Supplies
Fruit and ornamental trees
home grown, hardy, tested
and proven Our trees dn
not have to be fumigattd.
They are grown in the only
part of the continent uot
infested with the San Jose
167 Page Catalogue Free,
M.   J.   HENRY,
Greenhousesjand Nurseries
3010 Westminster Road,
Branch Nursery
South Vancouver
First-class Work   Guaranteed,
Mail Orders  Promptly  Filled.
R. Z. Crawford
Corner 3rd Street and Robson Ave.
Central Hotel
Pint class :n ever lern
I.art'- .-■:.!   ■     . ...III-
Rites SI.60 per Day. 3pee at Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake,   n
m ■    in .., -. emeni
suitably furnished with thi: choicest the.
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    K-itis $i a day.     Monthly rate.
J.    ALBBKT      STOHSTIE       "PROF.
Queens ftotel
Hest brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.    Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
Sonic populai members of The San I rft ncisco Opera!  o.who will appear in "Florodora1 at the Opera House, Wednesday, [une 9 IP
Notice to Contractors
SEALED TENDERS. Superscribed "Tender
fur Bqhuul'houtfo/' will be received by tho
ni. tlm Mini -ii't "f Publio Wurks mi tonoou
of Wedmeaduy, tlio ltith tiny uf June, iww, for
tbo ereottoD nntl completion of a small ono-
room fritmo SohooMiOUSO m Wilmor, H. U,
Plans, specifications, oont'raot uml forms i»r
tetulor may bo seen on mid uftor tbo Slat day of
May, I lim. at Mui olllooa of tbo Government
Ageut at Gulden | ofF U Ball, Ksq, B or rotary
of tbo Sohool Board, Wilmor lit', atidattbu
Public Works Department, Vlotorla,B  Q>
Krtfb proposal lUUSt bil uocuiniminnti by an
HCL'uptod bunk I'lio.jim rn ' im i iiii'.ii" ni deposit
ou h obitrtoroil bank of Canada, made imyablo
to tht) Unu, till) Minister of PubllO Works for a
sum equivalent to tou per oeut of tbo amount
of the tender, which wlutll bo rorfeltud if rho
party toudoriiiK decline to enter Into contract
whou callo<l upon to do .so, or il ho fail to com
ploto tho work t'oiitractod for- Tho choi|UOs or
corLilW'uiea uf deposit of uuMiccoswful toudoror»
will be rammed io thorn upon tho txecutuiu of
tbn contract.
Tenders will  not bo considered unless made
out  ou   tlie  forms  supplied,   -ik 1 with lhu
actual signalure of  tho tenderer, and enclosed
iu the envelopes fi.ruishod.
Tho lowest or auy lender noi QSOBSB&rllj.
Puolio Works BSuglneer,
Public Works Dop'.niiniii,
Victoria, H. Um 18th May, 1000,
|un l-
SEALED TENDERS, tuporsorlbed "Tender
for t oun House. Vormo, 13 0-," will bo ra-
oeived by tbe Hou. the Minister of Public
Works, up lo noon of Woduoaday, the Uth duy
of Jane, WW, for the erection and completion
of a Concrete and Brick Court Souse at Fernie,
Plans, specifications, contract aud forms of
louder may be seeu ou and after tbo luib day uf
May, 1909, at the ofllce of the Government Agent
at Ferule, tbo Government V^eut at Nelson,
tbe Government Agout at Hevulsloke, and at
the Public Works Department, Victoria, B C,
Kach proposal .imst be if compttuiod by au
accepted bauk obeque or certificate of deposit
un n I'liiiiii'i'iil bunk ui i .iu,i' i, nuulr payable
to tbe Htm. the Minifitcrof Public Works, for
a Bum tqulvalout to ten percent, of the anion ul
ut tbe tender, wbicb Bhall be forfeited il tho
party tendering decline to enter into oonlniet
When called upon lo do so, or ii bu lad to com*
plete the work oontraoted for. The oneqm or
eertilleatoe of deposit of unKUOOCKsful tenderers will be returned to them Upon the execution
oi the uontraot
Toudors will not bo considered unless made
out ou tin* forms supplied, Blgned v ith tbe
actual biguature of thu tenderer, and enclosed
in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest ur any teuder not necessarily
Public Work-' Kngineoi
Publio Works Department,
Victoria, It. <■'., -May Ith, 1009, td,
PHE All-purpose Flour, and
superior for every purpose.
Highest grade in the world. Purity
label guarantees success, or your
money back.
"More bread and better bread."
Office   .. . unpeg, Mui.icb*.
'er    '    i * . lm   I- t un   Iihvii tin1 iniiii
. li , .1   -. -   hi    ii here   ii (.    i-Hi'-ieiit j
Principal oan attp d'nl'     It will pay
ui tn  think   riii—   important matter
over well liefur' en-tine a vole.
Revelstoke Flour and Feed Store
AUDREY  1- 1". LIDDLE, Plaintiff,
i ■hid^inout< iredltor)
T. J. TOM '   lNS, Defoir um,
(Judgment Debtor)
BMiK, Moutiay, the llth day ol May. A.D.
UPON TbK APPLICATION of ihe Judgment
Ore '.or ami IPON HKAKlMi Mr. A G. Har-
vey on behalf of mo applicant ami L'PuN
READING the Affidavits ol A. K F. Liddle and
A.G Harvey sworn tit rein, the 13th day uT May.
A.D. 1900 aud tlleu;
IT IS ORDERED that service upon tbo
Judgment Debtor, T. ,i ■ Tompkins, of tbe
Noticed Motion annexed hereto, calling upon
lim to show cuuao win oertain laud therein
named ahould Hot do h»1ii tu realise the amouut
of the Jutigmout iioroiu by puuli^lii'iK mis
Or ior together witb ibe Notice ,mn»x jc hereto,
iu four cousecuiive weotiy edmous ol a newspaper published or circulating m ibe Ultyof
Kevelstoke, B,C bo doomed good and sufficient
service upon the aforesaid Judgment Debtor,
of tho said Uruwr aud Notice uf Motion;
cost ol and uiciueutal to this Application,
should be added to ihe ainotuitof ibe Judgment
TAKK NOTICE tbat a Motion will be made
before -h« Pres tying Judge iu Chambers, at iho
Com t House, vanoouver, B.C:, on Friday, the
85th day of June, A.D. 19uU,at ihe bouroflO
o'clock iu tne forouueu or so boou thereafter as
counsel nay by board on an application ou
behalf of the Judgment i -yditur, t- r au Order
calling upon tbo Judgment Debtor to show
cause why Loth oue [1) and two (21 in Blocks
Forty-six, Furty-seven, Forty>elght (46,47,48}
District L> Two Thousand and Twenty-two
12022), I'tiDoouver District, or a competent part
of Bald '.aud, should uot be sold to realise the
amount payable under the Judgment beroiu;
support thereof, will bo read the Allldavita ol
A.E.F. Liddle aud A. o. Harvey, botb sworn
tbe 13th day of May, A.D. 1909, and mod.
Solicitor for Judgment Creditor.
TiiT. J. TompUiuB, Esq,
Judgment Debtor.
RevelBtoke Land District.
Uintiiel nt West Kn ileniiy.
Take Notiee that Roderick XV. l.iml-
b»y, of Camborne, B.O., occupation
merchant, inlenilH to apply loi permission to purchase the following
ilesciilied land :
Ootnnienclng at a post planted at the t
north-east coiner of A. D. McKay's
pre-emption,   No.   ~S05,   and  marked
•-K. XV. Lindsay's North-West Corner
Post; thence  nliuttt 8 chains  east  lo
west line of McKinnon's pre-emption, |
thence about Ml ohalns south,  thenc .
about 8 ehains west  to McKay's side
line, tlience nnrtli iibuiil nil chains  to
point of commencement and containing 40 aeres more or less.
Roderick wn.t i ui Lindsay,
Dated April 3Uth, 1900. my 22
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial  Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, John ll- Sell-iiK,
Agent, of Vancouver, B.C., Intend to
apply to the Commissioner nf 1 anas
uml Works for permission to puroh se
the following described lands!
Beginning at a pust planted about
•Jl ehains east of the nurth east oorner
uf Timber Limit No. 12166, on Upper
Arrow Lake, West Kootenay. running
west 80 chains, thence north 80 cliains,
thence east 00 ohalns, thenco suuth to
chuins, thenee eust 20 ohains, thenee
south 20 chains to point of eummeiiee-
Dated April 7lb, 1000,
aplt JOHN 11. SELKIRK.
Take notice that thirty days aftoi'
date I Intend to npply to the Superintendent of Provlnolal Police for n
retail liquor lieense I'm- ilm Springs
Auiel ai  Albert Ciiiynn, u.C from
June With fu Diiocinbiii-tllsl, Hum.
Dated May 10th. woo-
Where Christie's Biscuits
come from—
The cleanest factory in Canada
T^HE Christie, Brown biscuit factory is in keeping with
*•   the international reputation of the  firm.   Visitors
know just why Christie's biscuits are the best baked—and
hundreds visit the big factory every season.
The Christie, Brown people stake their reputation on
cleanlinoci a id quality. The raw product is the purest
and bust, r,i iney o;m buy, and every ounce of it is
carefully analyzed before it can enter the bake rooms.
Every device and ma< i" ie making for the perfection of
the product is used i.i lhe big factory. The bright and
cheerful employes, all arrayed in spotlessly white uniforms laundried on the premises, speak volumes for the
sanitary conditions under which they work. You just
buy Christie's Biscuits mice and you'll know why your
neighbors call them "so good." The best grocers keep
them and they cost DO more,
Christie, Brown & Co., Ltd., Toronto
Seattle Exposition  Proving a
Constant Attraction
Seattle, Juno 0.—The Alaska I'u-
kon-1'acilic Kxposition bus jumped
into popularity by leaps nnil bounds
from the moment the gates opened to
the public the morning ol.lune 1.
The lirBt day's coupt showed Unit
more than ninety thousand persons
hail pnsai'd through the gates. Since
the opening the altendance has been
lar nbove nil expectations, or estimates niaile by exposition experts
bailed ou the population nl Seattle and
the surrounding country.
The lirst day was a typical Seattle
crowd anil the holiday spirit prevailed.
There whs not even the slightest hitch
anywhere, the expositon made goeil
every promise and uow the fair that is
ready will be the show place ot the
Pacific until the gates close October
There is no best time to visit the
exposition. Everyday witnesses some
big feature. Airships soar high above
the tallest buildings on the giounds,
the Pay Streak, wheie the Kuu King
reigns supreme, is simply lined with
attractiuns. Sonic are educational.
Others amusing.
The Midway is the night life ol the
big show and the band concerts and
illumination ul the buildings in the
central court are even more beautiful
than was ever dreamed ol by the men
who planned the electrical effects.
Discussing the Question
Ktlit.ir .Maii.-1Irkai.-_i.
On Friday next the pruperly owners
will vote on a by law for tlie selling of
school debentures, autl aa a taxpayer
on property highly assessed, 1 have
endeavored to look squarely into the
proposed transaction, and must express my disappointment that the
school trustees, il tbey are earnest in
the matter nt all, have nut given tie
ciii/.eiis direct information on the
subject; ill fact all the insight we
have been aide tu gain lias come to us
through the press from other sources,
and that apparently straightforward
information pruves that i lie outlay iB
anything but necessary. 1 do not with
to take up your space in review of the
necessary outlays whioh Kevelstoke
has already niude and the expenditures relative tu recent undertakings
is in my opinion stillicient lor the
present time without entering into
further unnecessary indebtedness.
Again I notice in tbe terms ut the
debentures, while we may vote to
mortgage our homes and other prop-
orties to the extent of 1)140,000 with
interest, we may receive out ol it only
1(37,000 net, aud this is certainly not
good business under the circumstances.
As to the grounds opposite the present school, what sense is there in
talking about building a school in one
part of the town and obtaining exercise and recieation grounds in another.
Again, if Block 10, on Sixth street, iH
to be largely occupied hy a Bohool
building, what playgrounds will the
children have there '.' Ttiis thing is
most certainly mixed up.
Rounding Them Up
Siaiti.i:, June 0.—The p.lice de
partment ol Seattle has been busy
apprehending fake employment agents
'luring the past week. In one diy 30
c .niplaints were made by persons wbo
bad paid fees ranging from $1 to $3
for jobs that were never received. By
menus ot alluring advertisements a
d 'iii'ii agencies seem to have been
doing a land ollice business among
neiv-comers who have Booked to the
Queen Ciiy of Puget Sound Irom all
parte of the country. Some of them
have been pretending to book applicants for places at the Alaska-Yukon-
l'ncilic Exposition, offering attractive
salaries without the least authority to
dn bo. Captain ot detectives, Tcnnal,
says tbat all complaint will be vigorously prosecuted in an effort to clear
the city of its scourge.
Try   Hume's Special shoe dressing.
We are offering our entire stock of
piece carpets al very low prices. Call
and see tiictn.    C. B, Hume A Co.
For Japanese matting and matting
mats go lo C. 1!. Hume & Co's.
Apply  First Street West
at 5 o'clock.
Kilitur M wl.-lll.llAI.I.:
Sut,—The School Trustees have put
it up to the property owners ot Kevelstoke to decide on Friday next
whether they will stand fur a $50,000
building at the extreme S. R. corner
ol tho City limits and thereby greatly
increase uur already burdensome taxation, or will try some uther and less
expensive plan.
All educational experts that have
been here ot late yeara strongly advise
us to keep the Schools centralised,
and there iB no doubt that lor efficiency
ol education, economy, aud justice to
all living within tho city limits, wc
should keep the Schools as much as
pm ible iii the middle ol the town,
which is where they arc al present.
lt may be advisable to have class
rooms lur the smaller   children al dil-
Steamer Revelstoke
On account of the sudden rise of
water in tbe river the Bteamer loll today for the Five-Mile landing and will
until further uotice leave that, landing
every Tuesday and Friday at (i a. m,,
returning the same day. T.A. Lewis'
stage connects with the boat.
The Revelstoke New and
Second Hand Store
Furniture, BedH, Stoves, Tin
aud Enamel ware. Boots aud
Clothing bought, sold or exchanged.
J. C. Hllll, tPOp.   Beaver Cigar Pcty
junc 211
Medium Olovdr.
Mammoth Glover
White Dutch Olover
Sutton's Lawn Grass
German Millet
Wonder Peas
ut    England
Mm rowfat
Black   F.ye
Gulden West Beans
Hi-.ii-,, Carrots, Tnrnips
Onion Sets,  Multipliers
Sweet pens Nasi urtiums
Five Roses, Royal Standard, Wild Rose, Harvest
Queen, Western Hungarian, Wheat Sheaf,
Whole Wheat,    Graham.
Barley Flakes, Toasted Corn, Wheat Pearls,
Rolled Oats.    Wheat Granules.
Hay, Wheat, Oats. Cracked and Whole Corn,
Oilcake Meal, Vetches, Chick Food. Beef, Scrap
and other Chicken Specialties.
Manitoba    Frost    Wire
Warnock's  Tier   Paint,
Fences    and     Gates,
The Paget Supply Co'y-
"•       These destroyers cannot live where trees have been treated with    ~"'
W A R N O C K' S T R E E P A I N T
Pear Blight. Rabbits, Mice, Borers, Canker Worm, San Jose Scale, Oyster
Shell, Bark Louse and Sun Scald. THE COST IS VKKV SMALL. It will
not wash off. One application protects for two years. Warnock's Tree Paint
is not an experiment, It has Btood the test for six years in all parte of the
United States, lt. is an absolute preventative and cure for Pear Itlight. We
invite investigation. The Arkansas Experimental Station bus used this tree
paint for three years. November, 1007; they purchrsed 50 u;allnns for free
distribution among lending orchards.    Send for 16-paee free booklet to
G, It. LAWES, Enderby, B. O., Soli- Manufacturers forB. C.
Paget Supply Company.
The Leading Cigar Store
and Pool Room in the City
best  and
it   Stock
l'i pes   in
Original   Mac's
and made
us   by 1).
Be Sure to Attend the
July 5th to  IOth
Western Cuiada's Greatest Agricultural fair
A Very Liberal Prize List
The Creat Historical Pageant Monday morning,  July  5th, worth going round
the world to se''.
The Famous Navasser Ladies' Band of New York.
Ce-Dora in the Golden Globe, the greatest loop-the-loop act in the world.
The Eight Mirza Golems, acrobats direct from the coun of the Shah ni" Persia.
Howard's Dogs and Ponies, Rube Shields the Comedian, C. W.Parker Shows,
and other   interesting features, any of which cannot be excelled even
in New York City.
Information regarding low passenger rates and special excur
sions to the Exhibition, may be obtained from station agents.
Entries Close June 19th
Send for Illustrated Pamphlet to
E. L. Richardson, Manager, Calgary, Alta.
Seasonable (^Merchandise
At Special Sale Prices   Substantial Cuts in all Lines
Men's Suits
Men's Tweed mui- Belling  ot$'J.   These
are new—tliir season's goods bought at special
prices, easily worth $15.    (.'oun.' in  mul look
ilit-iii over.
Men's   Worsted   Suits—Suit-   price   $10.
1 li..-.'   suits  ure  made by  one of  the   best
manufacturers   and come in blue and black.
V.mr choice  now for only $10; good value at
irum $16 to +'ls.
Boys' Suits
Boys'   Tweed   Suits   at if'2.50.     \\'u aro
selling all our boys' suits at groat reductions.
Tin- in your opportunity lo dress your boy in
a nobby suit nt little cost.
Ladies' Specials
Special prices  now given on Wash Suits,
Wash   skirts,   New   Blouses, Ladies' Underwear, Belts, Collars and Hosiery..
Boots and Shoes
Men'.-  cliistii' side boots,   regular   $3.50
selling   now  nt  $2.25.      Men's   liux calf   luce
boot, regular $-1.50, nuw $2.fl0,
All   Ladies'odd   Boots and Oxfords that
bave   been   on  sale  at $1.50, are now being
cleared  al   $1   per  pair,     These are regular
■+•'. nnil if 1 giuitls.
Never   before   in   lhe   history of   the city
bave such  bargains  been offered us are to be
foil II il Iluw ill OUr  stut'r.
Local and General.
Do not forget tbe auction mio tomorrow at J. MoPhaiTa residence,
First -met.
I'he Ladies' Aid ol the Methodist
Church will bold their iiniiiiiii strawberry festival, Thursday, June 24.
Auction snle 11! household furniture
At i. McPbail's, Kirst street, tomorrow,
at 1:30 p. in.
Ciolil Range Lodge, No. iti, Knights
ol l'ythiaB, will cuiifer thinl rank this
evening.    Knights take notice.
H. Manning Will auction off the
household furniture of J. M. Me-
Phails tomorrow,commencing at 1:30
p  in.
Kvery  article   muni go—No reserve
at  tbe auotiun sale to-morrow at 1.30
p, ra., us  Mr. Mcl'hail leaveB for Van
couvtr immediately.
Two Doniioiou government survey
parties are in the city and will be
engaged here lor eome time in sur-
veying Dominion lands
The Ladies' Aid, of  tbe  Methodist
church, expect to hold tlieir annual
strawberry festival on Thursday, June
24th,     Full notice will he given later.
The Imperial Bank of Canada has
op-tiei1 a branch al Moyie, H. C. Mr.
C. W Keade. formerly account mil at
Golden branch, has been appointed
m'anagi i
The junior choir  of  tbe   MolhodiBt
church will give one of their usual
evcelleut concerts on Monday, June
_il.it. Look fur program in next
week 'a paper.
Lew Thompson, the well known
Lardeau prospector uud miner, is iu
the city. Mr. Thompson is closing
out a deal for the disposal of his
Baltimore and Brooklyn mining properties at  Ferguson.
A lire alarm was rung in on Sunday
afternoon anil the brigade iniiile si
quick gathering ami a tine run t.. lhe
scene of the alarm on lirst street.
Nothing more Berious than a ohimney
blaze at the resilience ol E W.B
Paget occasioned the scan-.
A. Johnson of tbe M m.-lli kai.u,
had an unpleasant surprise las'. Sunday evi nint win n he tumid four sticks
of dynamite in his pile ol kindlings.
The kindlings were stacked up against
the In.use and un lifting a lew of the
shingles the deadly explosive was discovered. Mr. Johnson does not suspect that anyone maliciously placed
the dynamite where it waa found, but
is figuring in hie mind iur an explanation of the mystery as t- how it got
tu where he found it. Only for its
timely dis© vi ry a tiagetiy niigbl haw
oocurri 1,
Every travelling man witnessing
the performances f the San Krancisc
Opera Company in the citiea eaal of
Bevelstoke ia proving a good advanci
agent for tbe deserved!) p pulai company With »it .i question of a doubl
tbe San Franciaci Opera Company In
"The 1 ;. maki r, "Dolly Varden ind
"Tin- Sti lleri pn vi d to be the beal
theatrical attraction tbat ever riaited
:.,,- city It baa appi an d in all of
the priucipi •..- I Weati i'.uin.la
m .-I rl W illiam somi tw i months
;.,ist ! . mpany had a sort i if gen-
i rn • r   ui..i._.       !'■ "p e   Hint    11 r.
- ■■■ i 11 -1-| ip i he pai •■ demanded
ny \\ in Smith the new -'ng'- director,
wen- dropped and new mes sen I n
fr ii, Sew Vi :k by Mr. Hi ily. who
visited tbe metropolis lor iiiat pur-
pote. As at present constituted The
San Francisco Opera Company ahould
pp vi- t   i- ,i superiol attracti n,
Do   you   know
i.null, julmosl ■ t-ei-ythlng fm
i in baby, vi/ :
H \HV I'dfiDS All.'iil.nii .
M.Ilm-. Neatles, Itobin
-nil's Barley, Boblnaon
Oroats, Hui lick- Milk.
Undated Pood, ffeavea',
K-k.iy'-. etc. Uao the
tbe beal linea ..t Nlpplei,
Bootbers, Feeding Bottles
.mil Talcum's.
Ci A R D E N   S E E 13 S
lull und inspect our stuck of Onion Sots and (Ini-den Seeds of nil kinds
None but new seeds kept in stock
\\Y carry   ;<   complete   lino   of
staple and fancy ^rocuWcs,  autl
can t>ll'er you the  heel  goods -it
Lhe same price aa yuu pay  for
inferior lines.
i lm- bread, cake ami pastry trade
Is   rapidly    luoreasing,   n   trial
order for any oue  nfHlie above
will explain why.   Our aim is to
keep only the besi.
Hobson s Bakery & Grocery
Your Insurance
Is   one of  the   must   important
in your business
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid &. Anderson
Social and Personal!   KEEP 0FF THE GRASS
Mrs. \V. A. Sturdy
en   Thursday,   the
win  imi   receive
tenth    inst..   imr
again until the autumn.
Sergeant  Terry,  late of  the  police
force nf this city, has resigned .uui has
Iaccepted a position in the employ of
the Canadian Paoific Railway,
\V. \V, FoBter, who lelt foi thi
cnast on Monday night, appointed
It, Oordon to act in bis absenci as
stipendiary magistrate    \ recent resi
Council Amends Street Bylaw
in Special Session
A special meeting ol the city council was convened on .Monday evening.
The buaineaa before *ln council was
imt heavy, lieing mostly red tape, but
then- were several deiolutary discussions. The passage I tw bylaws
chiefly occupied the time.
The  bylaw   t.i a ll -     -
| liitiim nf thi'city council  empowered   '        trken   n thequeationof a -
tbe magistrate to name the aubatitute  lite elicited« -..
who shall act in bia abaence ,- .,    „  .
- -       i at the
|    W. \V.   Foster    Btipentiar)       u -    . -... -,-
irate,  left  for  the cast oo   Monday
uight      i,     attend      the      mntul  " "
convention   ol   the   lirand   1....1. ' , .1 u
( British  Columbia  foi   tbe ppareot feel-
1'hi' -1-- 1  the  lodgi   will   laal   in|   I - ...    .,:   bave
'hr« daya.    lh.   esai d  fa       wj
null annual meeting ol  1 lie     dgi
theorder.    Mr  Fouer wi I return ' ;""' "
Fi utay ■■■-       I he   bylaw   to
Mra. I'm .   .      vaa "al homi '    ' '        '"HV"r
Monday afternoon al 8t, Peter's     •       ''"' : -      - '■ arj readings
tory to a large number of triemls   I'he A 1j i» ti    imend   tbe aareeta ami
L«dies   tluild   -.1   St.   Peter's    took bylaw waa alao paaaed.
nlvanlagi- ul tin- . ni .-ii.mil'.  „ I      1
ing   a   presentation   to   Mr-    I '"'"  " wtberewen
befon    ber departure  for Kamloope, '   '»"  poweri ..I  tbe
there she will in future reside      Mrs ilici   uagiatrate in rmpoaing fines  in
Elson haa heen president if th lild  1        ,..     |  t pi,.  w.|„, puniab   tlie
:' ' ";". I'!"*'   '"r""    ,"'"-   "'"'   '"'"■"   boulevards by allowing cowa to ramble
regret ia i.-it mnmig the people    1   -
Peter's n ber departure 1 bo ,: HiBcation ol
feel   ber   absence   keenly    Mr-     II '■   ■   new  bylaw aim-i
Cunningham Morrison behall of tbe that  there  may  be no doubl
ladiea   presented   Mm.   Elson  with  1   :,,,..,,.:    ,|
beautiful gold  bracelet,  bearing   M -
Elson'a   name  handsomely engraved
Mra Elson expressed with feeling hi-r
ri.grnt   up. n   lea' mg  the city.   Mrs
Pr oun iei waa auiated at tea with the
Mi--.-- Woodland Francis ind Elean r
Panel .mil M. Buck
itrate to   impose
nb ■ '.. --        I-.- people tr> -
ui civic property.
Business Locals
Pythian   Officers
At tut regular meeting of Oold
1: inge 1 - .1^.. K of l" on Wedneaday
evening inst the following brotbera
were elected to fill tho nlftcea for tbo
ensiling term
C C, T. I'. Smith
V. 0., U. A  McDonald,
Prelate, J, W, Uarlanri
M. Ol «'., II. .-lawyer.
K. nl It. A 8,, O, II. Brock.
M   nl F., .1   II. Kcott.
M.ul 1.., A, I. Howe.
M. at A., N. McF.ftchren.
1. Q„ W, Fleming,
O. U., K. ti. Burridge.
Pages Cummings, Jewott and s.unes
were proved in the rank of Kmpiiru
Am lioici  wall paper
111, nl C, H   Hume  V Co's,
Special discounts on all piece carpets
. Hume a) Co -
New   iiiiiatnen   California cabbage
and .ill iresb frnitH ami   vegetables   as
1 bey come In at Bourne Bros.
Straw bats Irom  60o.  to fl SO    0
II. Iliimii A- Co.
See nnr week-end bargains in Stan
Hold's medium weight underwear,   0.
II. Iliinn: A- I lo,
Try "Hume's Special ' shoe dressing,
Fur Japanese matting antl matting
matH go to 0. II. Hume <$-, Co a.
We are offering nnr outiro atoek nf
pier.o carpets at very Imv prices. Cull
and see tbem.    0. ". Hi A Co.
Real Estate, Insurance and Commission Agent
Office on First St., Opposite the Club
Bents Oom.ecteu, Loans Notary Public
$15,000   -STOCK     $15,000
We arc giving up business and selling  out  our  entire   Stock
of Men's Furnishings, Boots, Shoes and Clothing.
To be Sold at  Slaughter Prices
The Sale commences at once and  will he continued  day and
evening until the entire Stock is disposed of.
JOHN   BULL Mckenzie aveiue
in U. P. K. contract for facing Revelstoke station. A large
slink now mi hand. Reasonable prices for large or small
quantities. Ily far the cheapest material for a substantial
house. Cool in summer, warm in winter. Saves most cf
your painting and about have your insurance.
The Enderby Brick & Tile Co., Enderby, B. C.
Local Sports Gather  in Fine
Teddy Bears
Ancil Hillier, ol the M.ui.-HiiKAi.n, I
tells as gnnd a boar story us occurs 111 i
real life. I" company with a parly of
four others llillict look an evening off
..ii Saturday and went- out along tlie |
C.l'.K. line for several miles to have 11
look into snnie bear traps that Harry
Sawyer had set. The parly wa« well
stocked with the necessaries lor a
successful picnic party anil reached
their destination in record time. The
spot for tbe Imps had been well chosen
and on the arrival nf the party two
lusty liruiiiB wi te in the toils. These
were despatched without unnecessary
cruelty and the skins reeoveted,
While the buys were  at tln'ir work
in skinning Mr anil Mra Bruin, their
attentiiin was attracted by movements
111 the branches above them and look  1
ing up ihey found that two cubs  had \
taken refuge in the ti.ll timbers wbioh
in this esse  were   very tall.    To  capture tbe cubs was even a  more exciting temptation than to dispose of the'
larger Teddy bears.      Hillier made an
attempt   tu scale  the dizzy  heights,!
but alter  iiscemiing  the  tree  to  the
dangerous height, of about thirty feet
be changed bis mind and returned to
terra firms, at tie same lime dee'ding
that other tactics would be Bafer than
a possible lisiic  encounter even witli ,
cubs.   Tin'  party then launched into
the task of chopping and an (iV .rt was
made to tniiiiv ..ther trees against the
tree that was the haven nl tbe hiding
bruin babies       These • Hurts wire 1111
successful,   Only the tear of hurling
the liruin kiddies kept the party from j
slashing tbe tree that held them high j
in the air      Filially, however,  it   was j
decided that the only way  10 possess1
themselves   nf   iheir   coveted ijunrry j
was to throw tbe tree in which tbey
Thia was done without muoh effort ,
but in tbe falling of the tree it struck j
1 ledge of ru.'k and broke in twain.!
Then you should hoar Ancil nil how
iblete vaulted tidy leet in j
the air and - iu< re 1 1 Ited b.ick to earth
lliiimi   and   round,  over and I (
.rd     isckward  and  upside' 	
bm   ike a  cal   lighting on  hs; GROUND
J1    nWlll'l
tub Citv
1 TlIK  ELlil'TOHS   nl
Kkvki.ktiiuk :
Notice is hereby given that in an.
ewer lo 11 petition i'i'i|iiestlng tbe Council to submit for ibe opinion ol tin
electors I he tiueal ion ns in whet her tin
proposed new school building; .shall hi
erected ou tho present site owned liy
the municipality, viz., on lllm-k Nn
.".2. Ward ll, the Council bus deemed il
iu ihe general Interest of the community to submit 1 lie saiil questions n
a vote of the electors.
The vole of the electors will b • taker
thereon on the 11 tli day of .lune, lVHHl.
bet iieen the hours of I) o'clock H. IU.
and 7 o'clock p.m. at the Cily Clerk':
office, Oity I lull, corner of Second
Street und Mackenzie Avenue, Kevelslnke, li. C,
All persons on  il in-rent yeiir'i
list of voters for the Citv unit who an
otherwise fully and piopt'i-ly iiualillei
under the Municipal I'llectlons   Vet li
vnle liir mill nr .-lllll alilel'lliell   .lie   en
titled to vnie un the aforesaid quos
II.1I1 <l this llih ilny uf Juue, 11)00,
Hitrn: .\. I.aw.-siin,
Cily Clerk.
loi-  circular  mill.    Apply l„
I'm   cil
Lumber Co., Wigwam
ii ml  S|.in
ANTED -Planer  hand,   able  n
handle   IH inch   matcher    nntl
make mouldings.    Apply Lee Lumber
[eel    ti-   healthy    inlant quadruped
.- h   borne the capture
strong    ix autl the twn  beaul ies
1- tared   at  Sawyer's  mill.
Hi Harry   Sawyer     Ed.
Edwardt   Fred. Robinson   and   Fred.
Ilu' nb up the party.    It has noi
' led yet, whether the ; rid n ill
A V P, Exposition nr to
use mi at   Vaiicu iver  ur
whether 1 hi re wili   be  made  the   nu
-.-■nn (or Kevelstoke
Kosniy  and   Ctiuilix
have smne by pmvlng
property and paying rue ibis notice.—
, Apply MAii.-lli-.it.w.n olllii'.
I'm     Palate
$25    pel'   iiiiiii! ll,
Kevelslnke, H.I
WANT I'll 1   I,,
iur  ngenis   in   unrepresented territory,   Sample wheel stq
piled al wholesale prices.     Pin ticulai
Inc.. Tim*, l'i.1111.kv,  Vit-nuia, ll. (
Kesi nu rant,
Apply I'. 11. Box 412
1 >ll 'VCI.E  HI DISKS
I)   mi
Matinee and NigHt
Saturday, June 1 2
A Message
from Mars
OUT Betwoen Piflh nnd Third Si
in i he vicinity nf Mi'Ai t li tr im
ivi-i nxig mid pitcher, hoth gold
I. Mutt liu* "Borden" engraved
i ii. Will Model i «'i urn Hume tt
\\ . Mi Inlyru'a liiHiM' _^ii(i roii'ivt
ii «I. my 20
inu,-..-iiii i.
girl   h
2 111
vi|{ MALE   Columbia Hiimnpli
■ ml um- and  -half don. records
*'!..    Apply   M ill   lllll 1 Lil lllll
$20 DOWN
\   III'  tl     J.oll!   Hi       i    '
i liil.'i ri i'    .ti.il   -.
pi -,
i i
l in- Kngllah I
itned Inn
Positively fhp Even* of the Season
Night Prim:    $1.50, 1.00, 7 ic.
Matinee: Adiills 50c. Children 25r.
\\ ill i.m
' .nr er.    I
cleared nn
Nuw li Ilu
Allow    tin
■ nl   ll„   |„.|
near Van-
.en easily
• lo I ram,
to invest,
siue   ynu
fuller pnrtii ul ir-.
Money to Loan on Household
Muslins Given Away*
From June 9th to 19th
For Ten Days We will Absolutely Give Muslins cy4way
Something for Nothing.    A Rare Opportunity
For the next ten days we will make an extra effort
to clear out the balance of our Summer Muslins
and to do so we have put out a large lot of pretty,
good washing material, Buy what you want of
any piece and get the same value from any other
piece free of charge.
REMEMBER—You may take your choice of any
' of the goods in sale  and get the same number of
yards off any other piece, provided the price is the
.same.     Prices range from 12'.. to 40c.
Summer Corsets
A large lot of Summer and Girdle Corsets. All
sizes from iS to 26,     AU one price     Fifty Cents.
McLennan & Co,
You Don't Have To
Go outside of Revelstoke to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd., Agents
I ,i   ■■■■■-— - T«—  '  ■■■■■■■—w^—    i      i     i ■-^—p—    uj
Revelstoke Opera House
Frank W. Healy's
San Francisco
Opera Company
Positively the Biggest and Hest Theatrical
Attraction visiting Western Canada
Presenting by General Request
he most successful linglish   Musical
( iiinrdy ever written
Tidily Webb, Mabel Day. J. Russell Powell
Amy Leicester, Lucille Palmer, Fred Snook
and all the Old Favorites
I. Francis Lieb, Frank Wooley, Helen Vick
and other New Faces
■N"ii Ilu' San Francisco Opera Company ^ocs
direct to Vancouver whereon June 14th it opens
hi engagement of 12 Weeks at Empress Theatre
Seats on Sale Now at Macdonald's
h Prices:    -    -     75c.  $1, $1.50
>^q--w,_.._,.,...,...■.     , .... I,_  ■■■■■
IilVK ROOM IIOt'sK lociitetl tin O.
' I', H UTi'iinti" neai' ulatinii, wilh
3i yen' leAae on gionntl, ThiB houae la
n   good    repilll   wilh Hue  KHt'tlutl ami
Uur luga am  Btamped on  the enti
r.. i iT trees,'  Wlllaell at « Imrnaln If I "B,"  and   all    iieraons   arc    warned
Loan nu
uld at once.     Apply   I'm further par
ii, ul.ii- in K. .1. Bourne, I'ii'i-i utt'eet,
Try   Hume'a Special ihoe dressing.
against taking t Inin. ur thu driving nl
nails or spikes or nails therein, Do
not tnuoh uur lugs
BlVBtilTOXl Hawmui. Co,, Lip,


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