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The Mail Herald Dec 8, 1906

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 \   HI I \ I'll ICIll     Ull-illllJ
ine lYiaii-rieraia o c
Vol. 12.-No 135
f?lA, B
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume&Co.
Gift Giving
■ ■ ■
The most universally observed season of gift giving
—"CHRISTMAS"—will soon be here. Our stocks In
all Departments arc complete we would advise you to do
your shopping soon as possible while wo have tho
assortment. Come and pick out what you need, we will
put then, away for you.
Here is a bargain in Children's Headwear. A big lot ot
Ladies' and Childrens' Hats at Hall Price.
Huntley & Palmer's
Choice Biscuits
A shipment of these Famous Biscuits just arrived; here
are a few specials:—Philippines, Brazil, Rich Tea, Casino
Rural, Madiera, Smyrna, Fruit, Kindergarten, Charivari.
Plantation, Household, Nursery, Alaska Wafers, Ice
Cream, Chocolate and Cocoanut Creams, sIbo other varieties, whicli we would be pleas d to show.
Preserves and
Fresh Pickles
Something New in Prese.vei and Pickles :—
Heinze's Preserved StrawberrieB.
Heinze's .Preserved Pineapple.
Heinze's Preserved Cherries.
Heinze's Apple Butter.
Heinze's Sweet Onions, Sweet Gherkins, Mandalay Siur.-
a d "0 into Catsup.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
GALT COAL-The nnlv
Satisfactory Domestic Goal,
for Cook Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free fnnn
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Hay, Oats, Wheat and
Express and Draylng to
anv part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Reson-
able Rates.       t.
Office, McKeniio Ave.
Next Burns'New Block
TELEPHONE       -       ■       73.
Jap Caught Beneath Wheels of
Moving Train.
A shocking fatality oocurred three
miles east ol Albert Cinyon on
Thursday afternoon where a construe
tion train is in operation. A bridge-
man had asked thc conductor to have
the train moved about a distance of
Iwelvecars down the track in order lo
clear the elding. At the moment
the train was put in motion a Japanese had, unnoticed, evidently crept
tinder the care, possibly to cross the
track and become caught under thi
wheels which literally doubled him up
and crushed in his spine. He was
found shortly afterwards alive, but
expired almost immediately. The
remains were brought to Revelstoke
tbe same evening. A ooroner's inquest
was held yesterday morning, the verdict of the jury being that ol acei
dental death," no blame being attach
ed to anyone. Tbe remains, ponding
interment, are at Howson's undertaking parlors,
Horse Thieves are Captured—
Asleep for Years—Robbery of
$1,700-Conservatives meet
at Nelson.
Vernon, B. C, Dec. 8.—The hor-e
thieves who took two valuable horses,
saddles, etc., from the Coldstream
hotel stable here Tuesday morning,
were caught yesterday afternoon, 84
miles from here on the Irail on the
west side ol Okanagan like. Their
escape scroll tht border was impossible as Chief Constable Simmons had
specials out in all directions.
Berlin, Dec. 8.—German specialists
in nervous diseases are extremely
puzzled by the case ol a man who has
been asleep for lwo yean and four
Victoria, Dec. 8.—The paymaster's
olliee at Esquiinalt naval station was
burglarized Wednesday night and
IM700 stolen.
Nelson, Dec. 8.-Cliief Commissioner ol Lands and Works in the
McBride government, Hon. Robert
Francis Green, Thomas Taylor, M.P.P.,
Revelstoke, the conservative whip, and
Harry Wright, M.P P., Ymir, formed
the center of an animated party of
local conservatives in the lobby of the
Strathcona lust Thursday evening.
Submitted at Next Parliamentary Session.
London, Dec. 0.—Tl.e bill to be submitted to Parliament next session by
Ihe Channel Tunnel Company seeks
p wer for the construction of a Buh-
inaiiue railway, which, at Dover, is to
he connected with tbe systems of the
South-Eattern and Chatham companies, and on tl.e other side ol the
Channel with the Northern, of France
d other lines, It is provided that
the works may be executed in conjunction with any government or
oilier authority.
The tunnels will be lighted and the
trans wurked by electricity, and laud
is tn he acquired near the Kent shore
tor the erection of a generation station
space being likewise reserved in the
same neighborhood for thc deposit of
excavated chalk. Power is taken to
extend the existing shafs aud boring,
and to afford protection tothe tunnels.
The creation is contemplated ol a
new company, vested with authority
to raise tbe necessary share capital, to
which tbe Soutli Eastern and Chatham Railway companies are to be entitled to contr bote. Provision is also
made lor the due observance of all
conventions, agreements, or arrangements concluded between his Majesty's
Government and the Government of
' W *{' %P*•*+' w**+' ▼ V v **•* + * *
Do Not Overlook Our Dainty Store of Novelties.
Prices to Suit all Pockets.   Protty Presents  at low   prices.
What iB more suitable Ior a Xmas Gilt than a selection of
Limoges, Coalport or Wedgewood China. All genuine stamped
II you cull and look at our stock of .Xmas Presents, you will
loon find what you want, ami at the right prioe.
From Our Own Correspondent*
A most pathetic incident has taken
place here this week, when C. P. R.
station agent Graham became mentally deranged, Much sympathy is felt
by all who knew the family.
Another portable mill is being added
to the local industries by Messrs.
Monteith and Thompson. The machinery has arrived and will be erected
on Deep Creek.
Real estate has been active of late,
many sales having taken place.
Mr. Smith has relieved Mr. Booth
as manager of the Bank of Hamilton
branch here.
The mill has closed down for the
winter after a most successful season's
cut. The C. R. L. Co. has added another camp this winter to its number.
W. Greer being in oharge.
Foreman Michalson with bis gang
are busy putting in the Y from the
new round bouse. This is another
point in the C. P. R's. favor lor speedy
service, as a "pusher" will remain at
tbe hill to assist trains from both eaBt
and west. The round house is nearly
ready to receive tl.e engine and c.ew.
Smith it Sone fine new storo is
nearing completion, and will be opened
on tbe 20th, thc event being celebrated
with a dance given in the building.
The handsome new gasoline launch
built hy L. T. Morris, iB in commisiion
and is now tl.e finest cralt on the
A meeting of tlie Hevelslokc Hoard
of Trade was held on Thursday nighl
with the lollowing members present:
0. F. Lindmark, president; G. S. McCarter, Supt. V. Kilpatrick, F. B.
Lewis, R. Howson, E. A. Haggen, W
Bews, H, Floyd, secreiary.
The minutes of the last regular
meeting and special meeting were
adopted as read. On the introduction
ol members it wbb moved by C. F.
Lindmark aud seconded by E. A
Haggen that H. Cunningnum Morris
be admitted to membership on ihe
board.   Canied.
Several communications from other
Boards ot Trade in connection with
the alteration ol the eastern Canadian
mail call purls aud postal tacilities,
were read aud filed.
In connection with the improvements of the postal service a resolu-
was passed to lhc effect that the Revelstoke Board of Trade endorses that
part ol resolution No. 19, ot the Associated Boards ol Trade of Western
Canada, urging that, with a view to
improving thc postal servict, a representative of the PoBtmasler General he
located in the west with power to improve postal facilities as demanded by
the public requirement and that
copies ul the resolution be forwarded
to tho Poatniaster General and W.
Galliher, M.P.
The labor question was then discussed and the best methods of bringing in desirable labjr to tbe province.
It was resolved that the Board ujud u
request tu Hon. Mr. Templeman and
Mr. Galliher, asking that urrauge-
n.eiitB sliould be made fur the im migrant rates to be extended to B. C,
C. F. Lindmark questioned as lu
whether a regular monthly service
d" ring the winter for mails up lhe
Big Bend could be arranged, on further consideration it was resolved that
thc Postal Department be petitioned
to maintain a regular monthly postal
service up the liig Bend during the
The all important question of the
river bank protection was freely discussed and several strong resolutions
made. G. 8. McCarter moved that
the attention of the Premier and the
Cliief Commissioner of Lands uud
Woiks, and Mr. Taylor, M.P.P., be
drawn to the urgent necessity that
exists for the immediate niattressiug
of the river bauk at Revelstoke in
order to put a stop to tl.e serious
inroadB made by the river at high
water whereby valuable properly that
pays taxes to the Provincial Treasury
is carried away, ami tli>l the opinion
ol this Board is that it is the dut;.* of
the Provincial Government to attend
to this work at once and that the
work should be commenced belore
Jan. 1st In order tbat the work may
be completed belore the water rises in
the spring.   Carried.
G. S. McCarter also moved that this
Board represent to the proper Dominion authorities that tbe appropriations (or the work on the Columbia
River is totally inadequate for the
proper diversion of the river at Revel-
Btoke and that the Government be
asked to provide sufficient [unds to
complete the work before high waler,
and that Mr. Templeman be asked by
wire if Mr. Aylmer has been requested
to report on the work as promised.
The new- Columbia Kiver bridge!
which has now been commenced by I
the C. P. R was considered and the!
feeling of the Board was very strong
towards urging that the Provincial
Government collaborate with the C.
P. R. in building a bridge for rail
track, sido walk aud vehicular trallic
roadway; that a road across tho river
was necessary lor the set! lenient on
the west Bide. E. A. Haggen moved
that the Com missioner of Lands and
Works be asked to place himself in
communication with (he C. P. R.
with lelerencc to the building of a!
traffic bridge in connection witii the
proposed new railway bridge of the C. |
P. R. acroBS the river and that Mr.
Taylor, M P.P., be alked to co-operate.
Regarding the propped opening ot
a public park and game preserve behind the city on Mt. Victoria, much
interest was evinced and tlie propositi in   wae  very  favorably considered.
Owing to the absence of proper maps
and plans it wus decided that C. F.
Lindmark and H. Floyd ho appointed
a committee to apply for the reserve
of a parcel of land about fi miles
square or wore if neceBBary.
Tho meeting then adjourned.
Western Mines May Be Operated By Government.
Ottawa, Dec. 7.—An Important
question is to be brought before
Parliament at an early date by John
Herron, member Ior Macleod, Alta.
He will move that, in the opinion of
this House, cual lands owned by the
Government ui Canada, should only
be alienated under such conditions
and subject to Biich control and regulation as will provide for an immediate supply of coal, adequate at all
times to the requirements of the
people and at a reasonable price to the
consumer, and that in respect of coal
lands already alienated, Legislative
provision should he made for such
control and regulation iu case of
emergency as will, in future, prevent
loss and suffering to tlie people ol the
western provinces through lack of
fuel Bupply.
Grand Forks Man to go to B. C.
Supreme Court Bench.
Ottawa, Dec. 7.—Hon. U. W. Rim
hits uu offer of one of the two vacant
seniitorsliips lor Ontario and will, it is
understood take his place at an early
date iu the area of federal politics. It
is understood that W. H. P. Clement,
ol G rami Forks, is to be appointed to
the Supreme court of British Columbia, in the place of Mr. Duff, promoted.
Mr. Cement was formerly of Toronto
und afterward legal adviser ol the
Yukun council nt Dawson.
Hon. A, B. Aylesworth, the minister
ot justice in the House, declared it
undersirable thnt a statement like
thut attributed to Rufus Pope about
the vacancy of the Supreme couit of
British Columbia being lor sale, should
go uncontradicted, because of the
effect it might have in taking from
the public, respect for the administration of justice in Canada.
+ ♦
Dealers ill Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Minort', Lumbermen'i V
and Sawmill Supplies, etc. Plumbing and Tlntniltbing.        T
|i$iHt<iHfr<Ht4fr'Hf *H' 'I' 'I1 '$' 't' |H<fr<H><H**«H>
On Monday evening, December lllth,
Smith's Pastime Company, a genuine
colored troupe ol nine srtisti, will appear at the Opera House. ' This is the
lirst trip on Canadian soil ol this
company, but they come well represented and will doubtless draw a big
house. The show is strictly up-to-
date, introducing many new songs
and vaudeville pieces. A minstrel
troupe such at this will receive a very
favorable welcome in Revelstoke.
Work has been started on tbe big
new mill ot thc Columbia River Lumber Co , at Golden, aud it is expected
to be ready to run early in the lesson
of 1007. This company owns over 700
square miles nf Dominion timher and
and about 100 square miles ol Provincial limber, and is hy far the
largest holder of timber lands in Ihis
Three Men Drowned Through
Break of Tackle.
Ashcroft, Dec. (5.—At the government bridge now under construction
hero across the Thompson river, three
mon were drowned yosttrday, The
men were working ou a scow in the
centre of the river. This was held in
place by a rope connecting with a
cable which spanned the current. The
accident happened through the breaking ol the cubic. Seven men were
thrown into the wnter. Two miuiiigcd
to crawl quickly to safety. Two others
were rescued by the heroic action ol
their fellow workmen, after they had
been in the wator for boiiic time, but
tho three who wero drowned were
carried into the heaviest current and
soon sunk, numbed and rigid in tl.e
icy waters of the Thompson.
Thc victims are E, A, Kldridge,
Hugh McMillan and Arthur McMillan.
A special meeting of the city council waB held last night with Mayor
McLeod and all the aldermen present.
Communications were read, fron. G,
Leiuhke stating that the wiring in
Mr. Henderson's house on Fir.t Street
had been covered up before an inspection could be obtained.—A teeolution
was made to take steps to prevent
further contingencies of a like nature.
From Col. Tracey, stating that his
report on the sewerage scheme would
not be ready belore Monday.
The petition signed by a large number of ratepayers requesting that a
rebate should be made on taxes and
light on the Y. M. C. A. was again
brought up and fully discussed. The
feeling of the council was that the
institution deserved the city's support
in the same way sb other institutions
have been supported by them and
since the Y. Al. C. A. was 15000 in
debt it was up to the city to help it
out. In that it waB not really legal
to rebate tuxes in such a case, and
seeing that several members of the
council were themselves members ol
the Y. Al. C. A. it was resolved by
those who were not lnombers that a
donation of $200 lie given to the Y.M
CA. to help it out.
The Fire, Water & Light committee
reported ou the advisability ol connecting up both lire hulls to thc telephone ceiuriil olliee and a resolution
was passed to that etl'eot.
The application of J. Kane, operator at the power house, for an iucrease
of salary to $80 per month, was again
discussed, and it was resolved to grant
the request to date Irom Nov, 1,
The preliminaries for a by-law regulating the wiring of bouses Ior electric
light inspection by the city electrician
and permits Ior thesame was discussed
hut laid over fur further consideration,
a resolution being passed that an ad
vertisoment be put in the Mail-Hi.ii
alii that no connection will lie mudc
with the electric wires until the city
electrician iB lully satlslled as to the
wiring of the house.
Regarding ll.e trallic bridge over the
Columbia, it was moved by Aid. Ahru
hiinisou tbat Air. Galliher, M.P,, lie
asked to interview the Railway Commissioners to make arrangements
with the C. P. R. to construct a traffic
bridgo in connection with tl.e proposed
Oi P. 11. railway bridge over the Columbia at Revelstoke.   Carried.
It was further moved by Aid. Trimble that Mr. T. Taylor, M.P.P., be
asked to use bis inlluenco on the
Provincial Government to support the
erection of a trallic bridge across thc
Columbia at Revelstoke iu connection
witii the proposed new bridge about to
he constructed by the C.I'.R. Carried,
A question as to why police court
lines should go to the government
treasury instead ol to the city tins
discussed, and it was proved that il
the magistrate was appointed by and
paid hy the city, the municipal
treasury oould claim the lines.
A resolution was passed to hold it
court ol revision, consisting of Muyor
Mc Lend and Aid. Howson and (!al -y,
on Dec. 21st, to adjust the voters' list.
Thc meeting then adjourned.
Nothing better than Our " Special.
High Class Groceries. Fruit, Flour, Feed,
Stoves, Furnaces, Hardware, Harness,
Crockery, Glassware, Etc.
Two Ricks, stove size $3 75
Three Ricks, stove size $5 50
Furnace and Stove Coal $9 00
Nut  Size,  suitable  for  Sell  Feeders,    Base
Burners and Ranges  8 50
Revelstoke Fuel and Supply Co.
Molsons Bank Building.
Have made tn Bt ol their wealth investing in Real Estate, and it
would not be unwise for the man having money at low rate of interest
to follow their lead by investing in the best buy on the market whioh
we have selected as our Special Snap for the coming week.
LISTEN ! Brand new seven room dwelling on Fourtn (street, two
lots, hot and cold water, electric light, bathroom, cellar, lawn, large
woodshed suitable lor stable and in fact everything that goes to make
a modern, up-to-date dwelling.
Prlco'.$2,350.   Term. $600 Down, Balance on Time.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in th. Provinces of Manitoba, Alberta. Saskatchewan,
British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed -       -       -       $5,ooo,ooo.oo
Capital Paid Up ....   $*,28o,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       S4,28o,ooo.o»
I). R. Wilkie, President: llnx. R. .Iaffhay. Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Dbpabtmbnt—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest current rule from .lute of opening account, and coin-
pounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United Suites und
Europe.  Special attention given to Collections.
Revelitoke Branch, 8. C.-A. E. Phippt, Manager.
When l/ou Need
A £on<t
Dominion and Provincial Governments
Administrators, Guardian*
liquidators, Munlolpal Employees, Fraternal Sooletles
Banks, Loan, Insurance and Trust Companies
Mercantile Neuset
Managers,     Secretaries,     Treasurers,     Cashiers
Bookkeepers,    Salesmen,     Colleotors,       Paymasters
Agents,      Warehousemen,       Excite Bonds
And lor all Positions ol Trust Where Seourity Is Required.
imperial Guarantee and Accident Co. of Canada
Capital, $1,000,000. A I       M
Revelsloke Insurance \geney limited.   -   General Agents
II. K. MoKuiHOH, Special Railway Aiiknt.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
A lew good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable. Apply soon
G. -V, SPROAT, Farwell Estate[Offiice, Cowan Block. |$£
ii LUC   iimusiixima
DAT! .n
Br tlie jl
1,1. irter
ilii: postage to England, Cniii-il si.in
and Canada.
lie year [through postoAlce] ..
i iii   HINTING promptly executed at reason.
ableratea. .,   .     ,
TEBMS-Casb.  SubscnpUons payable In ad
man if he has the willingnos3 and an
average amount of common sense
should go i single day in B. 0. unemployed. To rectify this apparent misunderstanding, agents for this province
sliould be sent out lo recruit the
E iropenn countries and instil into
th - minds of the working classes
th-ire tin' knowledge that in 11. 0.
cniployment loi man und woman oan
I-   Inul all the year round.     It  this
CORRESPONDENCE Invited on matters «'I ,.,,.,,,„,;,,„   ,,•„„ mnlnmabii.allvalar.nl
public taut-rest Communication! io Mi i'-i-"!1"'!-"   «'l!* Bysiemamcauj st.uiiu
tor t.iu-i be accompanied by namo of
writer, in,, necessarily fo publication, hul
i- -..:-1.ui of iioixl faith. correspondence
ence of go
be brief.
I.-.v-m:  ■; •- i   -I.-- per inn- iir*t insertion,
5 cents per line each subsequent Insertion.
M- isun mi nt. S'onpnrlel [12linos make ono
inch!.   Ston    mi   general lni*iin a anil. *. m p,.;■ inch per month.
I-., em :  : sitlons,   -.'i   por   com.   ."!•
iJi-.ii t.!.  Btrthi*. Marriages and I'i-.-iIm,
. :. .1... mimii.   Timber not I, i -■- i.00
1. il :   I. Itii ■-   S.-.Vi    All   advertisement!
- ■ ■■.■'■ ipprovalol iln- management.
v. .-.- and I enscd Advi tiseuti in -:
Agl . V- ;, i!. .i ',*" ii 1. i-imii m i.i-
v.ii .ni Tcacliei-s
\'. int. : Mi -i. ii - ..■.miii!. 0 Muni* roll --. -    • ...-, additional liin- In   cents.
i ;... *■- -     standing advcrtisi n -- mnsl
ia- in by li -v. in.   I ii -il.\ mh! l-'iiil.iy ul
web -■'■ -,; : - -,■,-'.ri- good display.
suitable and desirable immigrants
would come. The Salvation Army
scheme is a g.iod one, but why tench
all llieir men to look for employment
on farms when there are just as profitable occupations iu mills, logging
camps and railroad construction
k. Let them pay attention to
those br. ncbes when recruiting their
iiniii Ior immigration to Canada and
tin- result would benefit lo a far better
extent tlie province, ilu- Industries
iinil the immigrants themselves,
i.M.   lj."IH
I      ti I
m, iiioi i i.,i.i:,ii c.
K c. la.i.iu'i
Omens:  iMii.i'.ni.  Uank  Illicit,  Ukviii'
'stoki., H.C.
Money io loan.
Offlce.: Rovelstoke, B. C,
Bso. S. McCarter,
Revelstoke, B, C.
Kort Stoole, B. 0.
. a, Harvey,
Kort Stcelo, I). C
J. M. .-mjIi l.L.H W. I. Brlggs,
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
.Money to Loan
solicitors for molsons hank
First Street.
Revelstoke, B.I'
0 T T A W A
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mvki'hy.
Harold FlSHEl
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mine Sun-eying
MclvEN/.iF. Avenue,
Box 106, Revelstoke,
Cbe it)ail4)evalb
"Iwould . . . eaue^tlyit visetliein for
their (food to order thia paper io be punctually
■'.Tved up, and to be looked upon as n part of
Ihe tea equipage."—ADDISON.
SATURDAY, DEC. 8, 1906
There should be no faction in out*
city, There should be a mutual interest in the prosperity ot our people.
When we see indifference to the well
being of its citizens, wc see a city
which all wise men shun. Success
and iailure are each a part of life nnil
often those who made the hardest
fight are vanquished in the race
There should he. we repeat, no friction
in any city of the west. The prosperity of one individual and every improvement made enhances the value
oi al! property in tl.e corporation
Our city is simply one big family
When there is discord there is little
pi gress. When there is a united pull
l-.-r anything its accomplishment is
made easy. Envy, jealousy and hat
red are things to be despised. Envy
is a canker .hat gnaws at the heart
and makes folks sour, disgruntled and
uiiha[ i j' jealousy warps the intellect
ind makes us unfair in passing judgment; haired doesn't pay even Irom a
sordid pi int c-l view.
it will hi' noted wilh satisfaction
thai tin- ii. I'. II. hnve commenced
operations tor the construction of a
new bridge over the. Columbia Kiver.
The condition of the present Bt.i uoture,
alilioiigh still capable ot many years
service, the rapid increase in lhc city's
magnitude nnd the great strides that
railroad triilliohns made iu the weight
of  material  and  in the frequonoy of
running  in  the  last  few years, has
made this most important step essential, not only for tho safety of passengers and freight, but also I'or the linking together ot the city with a rising
•luliurb.   The nature and peculiarities
of  the  Columbia River   demand  a
structure  that will  have to contend
against many obstacles such as sudden
freshets, drift logs and trees and other
dangers that are to be found iu rivers
of that size.
The  question  has arisen ub to tlie
construction of a  roadway  on  the
bridge  for  vehicular    trallic  which
would  creatly  benefit the settlement
on tlie west side and tend to open up
the land in that vicinity.   A bridge of
such proportions as we believe the 0.
P. R. iB  prepared  to build should be
ample loi the double track, side walk
nnd roadway, and this hitter would
not udil very considerably to .be total
cost. As regards the roadway, the
Provincial Oovernment should be approached and there would doubtless
be no difficulty in coming to some
ilelinite arrangement whereby the
whole bridge would be constructed by
both parties each bearing a proportionate amount ol the cost, liy doing
thil the onus of expenditure would
not fall so heavy on the shoulders of
one corporation and Revelstoke would
materially benefit, in that an incentive would be given to clear up the
land on the west side and the city
would be considerably augmented and
improved, lt is to be hoped that Ibis
matter of u roadway across tbe river
will receive the serious attention ni
the Provincial Government before it
is loo late, as once the brldge'hai been
structurally commenced any altera
tion in design will bo impossible. The
feeling ol Revelstoke is unanimous on
this point and to bring about a satisfactory solution of tlie question should
not be dillicult. The C. P. R lias always realized Ibis fact that, any proposition which materially affeots their
corporation, the cities through whicli
they run and the benelit of tin- cou -
try as a whole is worth considering,
and we have no hesitation in saying
that ii the Provincial Government
and the 0 P. R. put their heads together in this mutter the result would
he in accordance with the request ■
the people ami  these, considering the Provincial
iviHiii unuvvn
Sixty Lives Lost in Arizona-
Wholesale Destruction by
Swollen Torrents—Financial
Loss Inestimable.
Bisbee, Arizona, Dec 6.—One ol tl.e
worst Hoods iu the history of Clifton
came down the Arizona river and
Chase Creek Monday night. The
principal business section of the town
wns almost completely ruined. From
sixty to seventy persons is the report of
the loss of life. Airs. .1, Throm, with
her husband and children, were caught
in a fulling building and killed. The
ither members of the family hud narrow escapes. One of the saloons
whioh was washed away carried several
men into the torrent. They are believed In havo been washed away. A
woman and a child were lost iu a
snail restaurant which was dashed to
pieces in the Hood. A number ol
small fiii-iio buildings iu which persons werc known to be living, also
wi re destroyed, and it is (eared that a
number of families perished. The
Ooroiiildo railway from Clifton to
Longfellow is destroyed, lt will he
several weeks before business can be
resumed over tlie road. The financial
loss cannot be estimated.
El Paso, Tex., Dee. fi.—A despatch
to the Hera'd Irum Aforenoia says:—
First reports about tho Clifton, Ariz.,
Hood are fully confirmed. Fifteen
lives are known to have been lost.
The Gila Vulley Bank was seriously
pl.sl.ed on ihe Philippine uiul C nn-
dinn tariff issues, Th ■ session will
oontino it-oil prineipilly loapptop ia
tion bi Is aggregating ouo billion dol
1 ub. Tbo president's message will not
he received until tomorrow mid  hith
ouses will probably Adjourn im*   ihe
ay as Si ou as it is read.
British Columbia Militia Regi
ments May Gather at
Upper Country.
British Columbia militia men have
been inclined to complain that there
was no mobilization this year. However, if present plan., ure carried out,
tlie soldiers will have no cause to
complain ot lack of interest in their
work for the coming year. For next
spring is being planned a gathering of
Britisli Columbia citizen troops such
as nevir before occurred. Instead of
holding the mobilization at Victoria,
it is planned to take the troops from
the coast to Kamloops ana* there in
conjunction with the different corps
of the Ricky Mountain Rangers from
the cities of the interior, to hold a
grand encampment. Lieutenant-
Colonel Whyte, of the litli regiment
Duke of Con naught's Own Rilles,
slates that the scheme is still in the
air, but he had every hope of successfully pulling it off. The country, he
said, round Kamloops offers tplendid
facilities Ior military work on a scale
impossible on the coast and at Kamloops, too, could gather the companies
of ihe Kooky Mountain Rangers Irom
Nelson, Kevelstoke, Fernie, Kaslo and
all other interi ir points.
Tlie gathering will be held on Good
Friday, camps will be pitched ami on
Saturday there would be a liig sham-
light—sueh a mock battle as this
provinoe has heretofore never known
ind on Sunday a big church parade.
01 coarse, the colonial said, "much
depends on the  tramp rl it;- n  •-  n-
panics.    I; we cann tgel      tram
portation rates the iffa i*»    ha
be called off."
Apropoi oi the agreement made be«
tween tbe i'r vinoial G ivernment and
the cm.'I..-- .-■. -.. ra ol tie Salvation
Army i r ihi bringing in ol immigrant-, tin- - ■ ms me step towarde
tlie solution il the r pi Mem. In
.-!. .ny catM i. iwi rei thi. c a*- ui immigrant has not been tbe success
anticipated, the men n .1 being suited
or ible to adapt I - Me .- to tbe
work which especially requires tbe
greatest number ol men today. It Is
the desire ol this Province that a good
European stock should bo brought out
which will uphold tin- race and conform with our customs. Such a class
co ild be easily obtained in tlio north
ol Europe, where some of Ibe lines!
races of nien exist. Imr labor shortage is felt not so much by the fanners
who could perhaps only employ men
for a few inonthsof each year and then
dispense with them, but by the logging
industries and milli-, etc. Tbe average immigrant whether from the British Isles or other parts of Europe lias
Defer bad it explained to him what
difference lies iu labour facilities between British Columbia and the prairie
provinces. He imagines that lie will
in 11. C. obtain work for a few months
and then be idle and unable to obtain
employnie.it, as i. the case in the
wiuter on the prairies. He should be
made to understand lhat in British
Columbia work snd good wages can be
exigencies of the case, should not gn
by unheeded.
The Hindoos.
Salmon Arm, I! C,
Dec. 3, imn!.
Editor Mi.:.-Hi..ni,ii
Dear Sir,—In reading over the
M in. 11 i.i: vl.l. ilii. evening I came
nei- is i letter I. a "Revelstoke Citi-
len' ro Hindoos, and that Revelstoke
did not wanl to do a- Borne other eity
h .il done or we -■ loing, hut sai I, "Lui
u.i help these men." It Been.! ili lithe cull is to mo and to other Chris-
t imi- whom God has blessed with a
Iii.!.-  more than they n I foi their
own use.   If you huve n committee or
a man to   receive  and   see that they
get anything that is sent to them, I in British Columbia durii
will aiiil my mite in the shape of five
hags ot* polatoes      I Hunk that the C.
P. It   might do Itt share in taking
anything for tin- Hindoos free.   II you
have anyone to look nfter anything
Bent, let ine know through your paper
Would you kindly nsk all your leaden
to take their Bibles anil open at Mala-
chi li and rend verses 7 to I inclusive      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
and   sec  what  (Ind   has promised to Canada, Smoot, polygamy  case
those that will do those things therein i subsidy measure. Panama canal
 Government   Has
Arranged With Salvation
Army for Immigrants,
Ci mmissioner Ci on : ialvs
tion Army, lias interviewed the pro-
il govern mei      • to thi
Army's  proposal  tn
i. m Greal Brii - pi ivince
\ - - --ii. ai a public meeting Hon,
Capt, I'm ow .in.- ui.'-'-'l Ilia! tin-
;. n . ■   iini  entered
i n to a n ag rei ■   -
i i to British i oi
ti ii  ..ri term if yeai -  m
Irom the British Isles    I   - - ui ni I
Coombs will at once ippoinl an agent
to. go over all the province .nd
oil,   places   ior immigrant,
farmers help at first,    Ph. -. ne to
commonoe coming in the spring and
it is expected thai 2000 - ill  -
Contest Warm but Friendly and
Vote was made Unanimous
Rossland, Dec. 7.—The Kootenay
Curling Association met in thia city
on Wednesday alternoon at 3 o'clock.
A. li. Alackeiizic was in the chair, and
II. P. McCraney was on hand ub
secretary. The credentials committee
reported the lollowing as entitled to
Greenwood—J, E, Hooson and J*. S.
0. Fraser.
Kaslo—(I. 0. Buchanan.
Revelstoke—Represented by  P. E.
Wilson, who held proxies.
Sandon—Q. 0, Buchanan.
Rossland—J.  S. C. Fraser and Dr,
A. W. Kenning.
Nelson—F. Stnrkey and J. II. Fox.
Cranbrook—P. E. Wilson.
The report ol the credentials committee was adopted.
The Cranbrook Curling club was
admitted to membership in the association,
The question of where the next
bonspiel sliould be lieid excited a
warm but Iriendlj- debute. P. E. Wilson spoke strongly in favor of Cranbrook, and told how much it would
encourage curling in the Crow'B Nest
Pass to have the bonspiel take place
J. S. C. Frasor and Dr A. W Kenning made a strong plea in favor of
making Rossland the permanent place
for holding the bonspiel.
G. 0. Buchanan said that while he
thought Rossland was in all respects
an excellent place to hold the bo.ispiel
he had pledged himself to Cranbrook.
Fred Starkey thought it would be
well to give a young club like thnt in
Cranbrook a chance.
J. H. Fox endorsed what Air. Star-
key had said, at the same time expressing friendship for Rossland. Air
Wilson moved that the bonspiel be
held in Cranbrook, and, as an amendment to this, .Mr. Friis.'!" moved that
it be held in Rossland.
The amendment in favor of Rossland was lost and then on motion of
Dr. Kenning, seconded by Air. Fraser,
the selection of Crnnbroik as the
placo for holding the bonspiel was
unanimously assented to. Air. WilBon
thanked the assooiation lor th favor
shown his home town, and Air. Fraser
congratulated Air. Wilson on the excellent, light he had made, and moved
that after this yenr Rossland be made
. he permanent abode of thc bonspiel.
Tliis was objected to, and finally P.
E. Wilson gave notice that he would
move at the next nnm.nl meeting ot
the association to have the constitution changed so as to make Rossland
the place fnr holding future bjiispiels.
Tbe election ol ollicers rcsullidas
Patron, A. B. Mackenzie; president,
P E. Wilson; first vice-president, G.
0. Buchanan; second vice-president,
J. 8. C. Fraser; third vice-president,
A. T, Walley; chaplain, John Choi-
ditch; executive committee, J. F,
Pinkham  and   K.  E. Reattie, Cran-
- rook  Louis Pratt, Sandon; W. Noch-
Phoenix; W. G. MoMynn, Green-
- -:  A  E Kincaid. Revelstoke.
A   number  ot   amendments  were
made  to the   constitution,  one of
.which was lhe changing of tlie nun,e
nl the association to lhe British Col-
i      tig    Association,     The
■ aeti g -    -i'ii'-'I -i"" die at 6 p m.
A genuine Colored Alinsircl and
Vaudeville Show of 10 people,
all artists, Featuring llal.y
Beatrice, 8 years old, the little
Stage Queen; Master Olarence,
the Buy Comtdian, 7 years old,
Introducing Toe and Buck and
Wing Banoing;Comedian Bmilh
with his laughing and crying
songs. The Dancing Earl, the
king of Buck and Wing Dancers. Hc has the only .ducat- I
feet known; also many other
hits ol the seiison.
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street      .... $2,(11X1
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  1,700
Dwelling and Lots, Third SI reet  4,21X1
Dwelling and Lots, (coiner) Fifth Street      .      . ,    '1,21X1
Double Coiner, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A.        . (IIX)
Lots un Second St., east of McKenzie Ave., each  . .     2.'>()
Lots on Third St., east of MoKensle Ave., eaoh  .    . .   21X1
Lots on Fourth St., east of McKenzie Ave,, each   . .     175
Lois on Fifth St., east of AfoKenzie Ave,, each   .    . .   loll
MON. DEC. 10
Admission, 25, 50, 75c.
Koottnny Lodlte No. 15 AT, ft AM.
Tl-s regulur nicotine, arc belli in t l.e
SI- onio Temple,
jddKeUows Ha)f,on
the third Monday In
-■nob month at 8
.p.m. Visitingbreth-
mi cordially wel
(J. A. I'ltUCUNtEl;, SliCUET,' ■-.	
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12,1. 0. 0. P.
Meets every Thursday
evening In Selkirk
Hull nt, 8 o'olook.
IVisitlng brethren cordially invited to al-
J. MA'lHIK, Sic
A. .1
Cold Range Lodg), K. or P.,
Nr  26, Revelstoke, B. C.
except Third Wednesday "1
encli iiiiiulli. in Uie Oddfellows'
Hall in s o'clock. Visl'lng
Knights nre cordially .nvllel.
HOWE, (!.(!.
Q. H. IIBO.K K. ol R. 4 S.
H. A. BROWN. H. of F
F. 0. E.
Tlie regular moetiiiR.. aro lio!d in tlio Selkirk
Hall ovory Tuesday ovauinir at 8 o'cIock. Visiting brtitlirou aro cordially invited.
H. COOK. Skorbtaby.
Dec. 3 to 10, 1906
For tliis week we will
make a FREE PHOTO of
any Baby up to i years.
Thia is absolutely free
—no restrictions.
Bring the Babies and
have their pictures taken.
Mackenzie Avenue
Revelstoke, B. C.
Wabhikoton, Il '*■., Doc, 7 —The
following arc tbe principal items lav
fore the filty-nlnth eongrest whioh
has now assembled:   Philippine tariff
immigration bill, tariff revltion with
written.   Yours truly,
A Si;iim:iiiiii-:i:.
Plsaaes every smoker the " Man
janesn exclusion, increase of navy with
dilQUIlion us to n penr of  the   Dread-
naught, trusts, thfl discharge of the
Brownsville negro soldiers and the
desirability "Inn income tax law.
Will Pay Penalty for Murder in
the Electric Chair
ll       ■ ii. N V . 1  7—The jury
,,! ..(Chester (iilh tie lor the
li-   iweetheart, Graee
,, |!,g Moose Lake on July
,.„.,!  . verdict ol guilty
.! degree.   In bii idd ei   to
., pri .,,-i|ii   wenl over the
..,.„ by sup ai I  Instated
j  ., ,rd   . .•  bad  been pre-
■ pi       '" th* wit"'•",
. u indicative nl  the  prisoner's
guilt,   He took up tin- summing up
',.   ,       .he .-■'..-. foi the defonoe
,, .i |    „ ,i |n -.eli-iM-ii-  tones ti"'
, Miii-ir-niion pure and simple,
,:     the iol. i -.;-■-*  ■   In "
i,,g tne  eleotric  'hair  ol   a  monster
,h(,l belonged in il Every paragraph
„i t|,,. prosecutor's address wus filled
with intensity, and as he read tho
lettern of Graoe Brown and pointed
out by t-i": tentlmontt that she ex.
prosed Unit, slu-was ii, tweet girl ol
pUre8t thoughts, and  In the  -	
breath referred to thn defendant us s
Pieneos every smokor the " Marca
noil 8ALE-Magic Lantern nnd
I' slide*, nt n sacrifice, tine plant—
W, M. Ritchie, lllaneliaid Street,
Victoria, H. C
I Kill SALE Medium sized bnic-
I burner coal Btnve, only need one
yenr, npply to I-*. (', Manninii, City,
I A DIES For dressmaking and tew-
j ing for children, fancy gonds nnd
nnllont, see Miss Masi.kn, opposite
Windsor Hotel.
ANTED  Two first-class Unrpiui
lew,   Apply io K C. Fiiiimkv.
WANTIi (iiii foi- general house
w-oik I'm liimily of Ihi-ec; good
wages Mrs. Then. 1*. Loilgule, Arrowhead, fi. 0, If
Iini! SALE A new Piano, e.isl $27ii
I' will sell for 9200. Selling su
tin nrcoi.iil of leavingIntvn, Applv to
'I* I-*. Baknaiw, Third Street.
WANTED   Waitress, tlutlus very
light,   Wiige-i pa pel mouth,
Apply In Ohiel Voting, Q n's Hotel,
' nmapllXi B. U.
WANTED (iiii fm geneiiil housework,     liooil   wage*   paid  tn
ugh!  parly.    Apply tn Mis. V, H,
LEWIS.  ,\|'it'kenzie Avenue.
G. M. SPROAT, Office, Cowan Blk
*i ti'i ti'i ti'i du i*fi i1*i i'l*! \ti i*ti dtt du i*ti I*!*! ti'i 1*1*1 lib ti'i i*ti 1X1 iii isfa dt» ***** '"fr* ifc
Comox and New  Wellington Coal
Hemlock   Wood    Hay, Grain, Feed
'i ti'i r1*i i ti 1*1*1 iti ti'i 1*1*1 iti it'i [Tl 11
* *«t* 'ny 'X 'X * + * 4» W * *
'. iT. &t «♦. *♦. .T. .T. .T. .T. .T.
7 V *X    X    X    X    X    X    X    X
The Handsomest Si
of Overcoats.
Three distinct Fit-Reform
styles, that are notable for their
elegance and exclusiveness
The % Box
The Creighton
 I The Double Breasted
y$fi   In rich gray and black Melton and    **u»)
Cheviot—with all those little nice-    ' " '
ties of fine tailoring that well
dressed   men   demand   and
J&K7L    Fit-Reform supplies.
ft        $15-np"
JatK     m    np~.
Mcliinnon I Sutherland -  Revelstoke
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first i Op. i
Exceptionally busy Summer and l'all selling bits placed
on our bands a large number nl' second-hand pianos nnd
in guns, taken in exchange on new styles of MASON &
RISC1I and PIANOLA PIANOS. Our "Upper Country"
warehouses—In Nelson and Revelstoke—are now comfortably crowded— we've winter shipments on way from
factory, ton, Those used goods must he sold, we wish
llieni iii move rapidly, You'll appreciate these uniisal
Small I'lirlRlit "l.nlf 4 Sons"
lilniiii, linplMi nmkii, 6 octaves,
walnut case	
"Olmrlos Davis" Upright Piano
1 octavos, 1 ft. .1 In. in Iii-IrI'I,
|i-|-i)iii-li walnut ease, sen,!! Iiulit
"lli-ir Organ, r, II. Iilgli, »al-
nut oaso,.', noUives, 'i\'% sola "I
roods h*iit|i. inn i tuna	
"Avlll 4 Kmart" Upright Piano
7 oolai'osi I It. s in. hli!li. lull
Iron Iranio, excellent value at
SllKI -ynum fur	
- "Nugent" Piano, Now Vork, 7
octaves, olioiilsoil case, a goon
buy at	
"Bull" Piano, (iniiliili, 7J Ottawa, Imitation Prench walnut
case, veneer partially nil ..nu mul
suitable (or hallorlodge	
" Minim ,t l.lm-li " Piano, ii
oota.es, 1 (t. n in. Ii'rI'. u.mmI»-.i
In San Dinning.! lualmgilll)',
Hilgl>tl*/ii«nl hut good a» new,
wa.lMHJlint. nuw Ki'lling a!	
"MiiHnn ,t Uls.il." Plane, large
I'pilltlil llraml. Iioantlliil nut-
Iiiiimiiiv case, 4 It II in. high, case
.lightly marred, otherwise Ilnn
i lilinii, spli'iullil lino.   Was
sold lor KIO, lako It Iur	
"Mason* Blsoli" 1'laim, Upright llraml In art Huisln.il hurl
walnut cn»c, prnctli'iilly now,
pitnio condition, perfect tone.
Wiih *S!0, extraordinary valno at
"Dominion" Organ, walnut
ciihc, s It. high, li octaves, '1%
Hi'tHol reedH.7 atops, Vex Ha-
maun, Urant, ami (Iriind organ
"Hell" Organ, maH.lvo wain -t
ciiHi-, scroll front, Ssetn ol reeils.
10 *tu]in, Imiii swells. You'll
iiutioHCiin lliiHiil.	
"Dolierty" Organ, black walnut ciihc with bevelled French
plate mirror, !i octaves, 8 .etn nl
reeds, 10 Htoiw, Iiiibh and treble
couplers ami knee hwcDh, splen-
did value at this figure	
We'vo also a number of others, I'ull list sent upon
request, Vou mny turn in any one of these Instruments
ni full value, us partial payment on a new MASON k
RISOll I'l AND, within two years after purchase.
hudsoh mv NELSON, B.C   p*°s.8B0X
Bide out again for a "real" trying on.
Fit the bflt Into place white the
skirt la on. Somehow It takes on the
very set you've been trying for much
better that way.
As (or tho hem, one of thoBo little
insti umonis, with its bit of chalk held
(Irmly at whatever height you set It,
Ih a convenience mightily worth having. Evenness of length Is attained
without the weary work of bending
und trying to let your eye gauge it
Probably what most usually betrays
the amateur Is the direction in which the
lines of seams, ur (if the tacks abmu the
hips, run. They should round up easily
Into the belt, neither turning toward
thc back nor the front. And yet that Is
What the amateur (and even some professionals!) rarely locks to. The usual
thing |s to see tucks and seams bent
back, making a curve thut exaggerates
the size of the hips and utterly robs the
skirt of any grace.
If you are making a rklrt to wear over
a slip; nnd Intend letting a silk petticoat
do duty as that slip, by all means fit the
petticoat into a band before attempting
to hang the outside skirt. And be us particular about that fit as you are about
the lit of the outside skirt.
For that matter, every pettlcoat-he It
silk, mohair, or lingerie—should be mado
to lit smoothly over the hips and back;
and the absurd, bunchy drawing strings
done away with us a relic of an age of
barbarism in clothes,
i H, FOR the days when skirts W6to
nothing but straight breadths,
gathered around into a bui.ehi-
iness, hideous enough, it is true, but at
least the sort of thing over which a
woman could work in as tranquil a
frame of mind as over moiutuiious
There's Just one reason why the w iole
feminine world doesn't stand up and
boldly defy l»ame Fashion, and tlu.t la
because the skirts of the last yea -.md
those promised for the year tu come)
have a trick of being becoming thit Is
ru irresistible us they make 'em.
Even With a good pattern, a circular
■klrt requires coaxing to make it Just
■o ovor the hips. But the most trouble-
•ome part about it Is the way thi' hem
will sag and sag, be you expet.enced
tailor or veriest novice In the art of
handling needle and shears.
One clover dressmaker, whose skirts
•eem to sag K-ss than anybody else's in
town, has revealed the secret of her success: She hangs ihe skirt on a form and
lets it hang until "It has stretched Itself
out," as she graphically puts lt. Thon,
and only then, she puts the hem lu ill
has only been basted before), and finishes It off, fairly secure In her work.
That idea Is well worth followh g—
anything that prevents endlessly taking up the sides is to be hailed with
grateful enthusiasm.
If yuur hips are falrl. even, trv doing your lirst fitting of a skirt wrong
side out—It's a lot easier to mark
where the senilis shou'd be taken In.
Then baste them In and turn It right
• M    i'l-:-.'
§"-**■' Mffe V .
■ m     i»* * ■> ■
itervfiy Fitttig. && tD&Jt
The Compensations of Poverty; a Study in Contrasts
IHERE aren't any," said tin
woman who works for ,icr
living, positively. "It st u ids
well to gay you made your
last party gown out of cheesecloti,, and
painted your last summer's ha' with
ihoeblacking, but you were merely accepting lhe Inevitable-there wasn't any
compensation about it."
"But there ought to be," persisted the
woman who Is always thinking of matters of more or less Importance, "I've
considered the thing a good deal lately,
anil though, of course. It Isn't nice to
be poor—"
"1 should think not," Interpolated the
"Still, there are ..dvantnges. 1 met a
girl I know on the street the other t( iy,
and though she lias everything money
can buy, she looked positively 111 and
haggard, I ihouphl she musi he threatened with typhoid, or, at the lenHt ea!
dilation, have i nlii reeled with oet* lover
—bul nothing of the sort. H.. and her
mother had tired of the mtjuniain resort where they had been jummorlng
foi lhc last live years, and .'eiv Bl&yli ;
In ! A*n all di.rlng ihe hoi weather, b<
cause they couldn't decide which of ihe
ma.i*. "'her places that had been recom-
mi * i'm! lo thi'in by then long-suffering
fi*.    i.  . mild sill' Ihem heal
"Humph!" Interiecled lhe woman who
wmlis for her living. "I never said I
envied t In- iieopli who are nnlv lorl out
of feeble-minded Inrt-Hutloin out of re
■peel iii their families  "
"Then Uirrc ar other worries ihni belong to the rich alone," persisted lhe
woman who thinks of things, Ignoring
the Interruption. "Poor people aren't
pestered with begging letter from every
organised charity lu town; they aren't
expected to head subscription lists every
time there Is a famine In India, a massacre in Kussln or un overflow of the
Mississippi, ihey don't have to lle
awake ni nights worrying lest their
dressmakers wilt duplicate the costumes
It took all their gray matter to e\ il'  -
"Hut  they have to  get hardened to
meet Ing  the replica   of   their    ■    ent
shlrtwal.it  adorning many  varlet.      of
feminine   anatomy,"    murmured
woman who works for a living.
" 'hey know," proceeded the other
woman, warming to her subject, "that
they'll never be the victims of blackmail! never be married for their money;
tnut their friends'love them for themselves alone. Then there are ethical advantages nut to be overlooked. Poor
people keep their minds and bodies In
good condition because they haven't
time to get lazy, and they have fewer
opportunities to get selfish than the
rich. Don'l you rem<mbtr President
Lincoln said the Lord showed what he
thought of money by the Kind of people he gave lt to? Don't you think—
The woman who works for a living
opened ner desk with aggressive energy.
"Your argument, ln the language of
the gutter, 'listens 'Veil,'" she said.
"All the same. I'd he willing to get my
exercise at the Country Club und risk
the deleterious effect on my morals of
having an extra 5" cents now and then.
HE grater has a black eye in
housewifely favor. In Its place
ihe meal chopper has sprung Into
sudden popularity, Many of the
things for which the former was exclusively used are now done more qulck-
lv uud with greater ease by the latter
The meat chopper Is a godsend to one
woman, who makes cWiw-chuw so appetizing that sin* if forced to do it bj thi
job lot, Formerly she cut the difTennt
Ingredients separately, until one day tin
brllltiint Ides struck her 'Win not | it
everything ihrough the chopper*' In
wenl tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and
p.cklea, one at a time, and all the former work of two days was done in a
Apples, pearB and quinces for butters
are also pul through the mout chopper,
wiih gu*at saving of time and temper.
I'eing cut much smaller, moreover, than
tney would otherwise be, tbey boil down
nn re easily.
All the Juice from fruits prepared In
this waj must be carefully caught. The
chopper Itself should be scrupulously
i lean io remove all tiiste of meat. Boll-
p p the parts In soda wa'ter Insures per-
fe-^i cleanliness
IN these days when individuality is
emphasized in every subtle way
imaginable, the Initialing of lingerie occupies a greut deal of attention, both from the woman who
buys every piece of the filmy things
she wears, and from her who Bets
every stitch herself.
After all, It's only a matter of a
little extra work, yet lt makes a
grout difference, and when you are
making a chemise or corset cover as
a gift the initial Is eloquent of
The littlo Initials that come already
embroidered in liny motifs of sheer
white stuff are easily set In, the cut
edges rolled und whipped deftly upon
the wrung side. Uut the handmade
ones ure, of course, much prettier.
OS ten the three Initials are separately Bet, each In Its liny wreath of
flowers, or in a much moro simply
executed ring of brlar-alitchlng; anu wi
often the monogram ■ even a single
letter in used.
The design shown Is built especially
for Initialing, the motif of scrolls directly In the centre making place for a very
pretty arrangement of the letters, which
may be made to cascade down, spreading out Into the largest—the Initial of
the last name—In the wider space at tho
Either shadow or solid work may bo
used. Uut pud the design heavily If you
do it solid.
To apply the design, lay the sheer material over It and trace off with a soft
The neck may he scalloped nr trimmed with narrow laee insertion, beading
ind ribbon, or a narrow casing of the
material may be hemmed on underiiouth
(through which ribbon is run), with a
narrow hemstitched rullle to edge the
Bone Protectors
SLIPPERY porcelain, like slippery
hardwood, is responsible for many
broken bones. It has become painfully common of late to read, as
items of news, "Mrs. X- fell whHe
stepping into her bath tub and Injured
her spine." "The Honorable So and So
cracked three ribs while bathing In a
porcelain-lined tub," "Baby Smith slipped during her bath yesterday and
sprained her arm."
Now, as the white enamel tub is entirely too cleanly and attractive in appearance to be discarded, the only thing
to be done in the interest of
breakable joints  Is  to safeguard bathing to such un extent thut danger Is reduced
to a minimum, even for the
tottery feet of the very old
or, the very young.
Fortunately the Ingenious
American is again to tho
rescue, and we have specially constructed bath mais
warranted to prevent i slipping. These are made wholly
of rubber, or ln cheaper
grades they have rubber on
each side tilled with a fabric
filling. They come In a number of different lengths and
several widths, so they are
easily adjusted to anv Eizcd
tub. Such mats can also bo
ordered to entirely cover a
tub, only leaving a hole for
the drain pipe. This, however, Is really unnecessary.
Being made of a fine,
smooth rubber, rough enough, however,
not to be as treacherous as the porcelain, these mats are perfectly sanitary
and as easily kept clean as the tub Itself. They should always be laid In the
tub before lhe water is turned on, so as
not to cover lhe drain pipe, and at the
close of each bath should be thoroughly
rinsed and hung to dry over a heavily
nickel-plated hanger, one of which
Usually comes with each mat.
The hangers nre provided with a special screw to fasten them into the wall
back of the tub, so the mats may drain
Into them.
Besides the danger of the feet slipping
on' the bottom of a tub, the rim often
proves treacherous to hands, resulting tn
a bad fall. This also has been guarded
against in the shape oi rim protectors,
These are nothing more nor less than a
small piece of rubber fastened to the
edge of the tub with nlckle-plated grips.
The surface of the rubber is so roughened that no matter how soapy the
hand it can get a firm hold on it without danger of slipping
These two simple contrivances are a
great boon to old people, especially, for
to tnem the porcelain tub hus a double
menace, since they not only fall more
readily than a younger person, but their
bones through the brlttleness of age are
much more easily broken.
The Quality oi Having
Good Times
THE girl who goes through life
with a great capacity for enjoyment may congratulate herself
upon having received In her cradle one of the brightest or the particular blessings that the fairies are said
to bestow upon favored babies.
She Is the girl who goes downtown
for a dav's shopping und comes bnck
with a dozen different amusing happenings to relate. There may have been
disappointments or occasional snags to
encounter, but she has forgot them.
it was such a Joy to get a glimpse of
all the new hats and blouses! She haa
some delightful hints for slocks gleaned
by the way, and she always does enjoy
a day In the shops, anyhow.
That sume girl comes homo from n
dance, with eyes and cheeks glowing,
and murmurs: "Tired? Yes, tired as a
dug; but. oh! I've hud such n good
Later you muy learn from other
sources thut the lloor wns ln had condition, the music not up to the standard, the men stupid and tho supper
disappointing; but little Miss lirighl
Eyes was not disturbed hy these things.
She went to dance, not talk, and, so
long as a man kept olf your toes and
"took you uround' successfully, she
didn't expect him to -dlscusa Ibsen. No,
she didn't remember tha the Ices ran
short, and she hoped that the next
dance would be ns nice.
The girl with (Ills quality can ro on
an all-day excursion nd enjoy every
minute of It. She fin something
amusing in the fut, daring progeny
of the German woman who sat next to
her on the deck of the boat. She enjoys Ihe spray dashing in her face,
aid she doesn't worry about the glai'O,
because she expected I
She knows what strt cf clothes lo
wear, and so her spirits are undaunted by the fear of torn llounce or limp
frills, If she Is apt lo he a sunburn
victim, she doctors her complexion
wllh thc ounce of prevention and
goes on her way rejoicing.
Whon a rainy day comes, she accepts
It with cheerful philosophy, for It
gives her a chance to catch up with
the many thlngB she nover can make
up her mind to do when thc weather
is fine.
Bin- is never bored, this much-blessed
young person, for her interests are too
diversified; never lonely, for she
makes sueh a cheering companion t'-.at
she is sought fur and wide; never blue,
for she hasn't time.
It Is a heaven-sent gift, the quality
for having good times; but lt can be
cultivated, and It's worth the trouble.
SiNCK tho sterilizing of fruit and the
preserving of it In jura set lu boiling water has enme to enjoy such
popularity, It Is iici-es.sary to provide jar holders, or bad scalds are likely
lu ensue.
When this process was first Invented,
un inch plunk wus set lu the bottom of
the boiler and the jars sei on lhat.
Naturally, the scalding glass was hard
lo lift out, especially us the ii.Ih could
not be screwed on ver> tightly.
One Ingenious housekeeper had her tinner concoct a triune for her, made of
narrow strips of lln, curving ul the top
for a handle, and fastened to a circular piece set seven Inches above the
bottom of the strips which served as
legs,    Into   (Ids   the  jilt   was  set   before
going into the water, and It amid easily
be removed when the iruit was cooked.
Those frumes proved so popular that
they became gnat travelers daring lhu
preserving season, being loaned to one
friend after another, and many were
the orders the tinner received for similar sots,
The chief objection to these Improvised
Jar holders was lhat ihey took up so
much room lu u closet during nine
months of a yenr. Now, however, u
holder hns been pul on the market that,
while on the same general lines un thu
ulher, Is collapsible.
It Is made of two rather heuvy
twisted wires curved i.i the lop like a
U upside down. Theso uro held together by two rings of wire, one several
Inches from the top, the other from the
bottom. Tho purls are so loosely con-
structed that when ihe jars are removed the entire holder flattens out
completely, the rlngH sliding up to one
Concrete Blocks and Machinery
TilE MILKS Concrete Building Block'Machinou
-*• the most economical and satisfactory concrete
machine in thc world. Paced blocks for all building
p irposes made on one machine. Send for catalogue
to Vining llrua. Mfij. Co., Niagara Falls, Ontario. 39
Radical Views on the Feeding of Dogs
TRADITION and popular opinion to
the contrary, my own observation
leads   ine   to   believe   tlial   inure
uogs aie unhealthy from under
than from over feeding, and that within
certain limitations the question of diet
should l.e regulatod >>; individual peculiarities among canines as well us
among humans,
Strict Vegetarians Insist that me.it Is
not only unnecessary bat Injurious lo
every one; yet actual excellence does
not bear out the truth of this theory.
Nobody will deny that eggs are it valuable and nutritious article of food, but
there are Certain people to whom an egg
Is little short of poison.
I knew a young girl who owned a tiny
fox terrier, to which sue was devoted,
but she was Imbued with the notion that
the dog must not have meat, and Ihojgh
the littlo creature refused the templing
saucers of milk nnd bits of biscuit she
offered him, and whimpered pitifully for
the bones that his doggish stomach
craved, she held firm.
In a short time the dog got go ill that
a veterinarian was called In, sral his
curt dictum was: "'I am afraid I am too
late to save him, but you might try
cooked beef liver.
*'l have never given him meat," was
the mistress' Indignant reply.   "1 havt
uiways thought It was bud for hun."
"So 1 Bet-,' said the man, dryly. ' However, It's the only chance for your dog,
and, 1 am sorry to say, u pretty slim oue
now." Tho dog whu too weuk to eal the
liver when it was Orojght tu him, und
died within a lew hums, but the lesson
was not lust. The girl is bringing «p another pet along different lines, and she
Is meeting wilh succors.
Liver can hardly be overrated In Ite
pluce on the dog s diet list, and Is uar-
tliulurly valuable In the ease of older
animals, whose teeth are no longer uu
t,. skilful lone-crunching. Two dogs of
my acquaintance, who have relumed
their pippylsh looks and manners to a
ripe old ugo, and are entirely freo from
that objections! "dog smell' huve beon
fed upon It—Judiciously, uf couise-for
H sides the liver, they have had carefully selected scraps from the table—no
heterogeneous mass of bits that Is sure
to develop In them en abiding interest
in every garbage cHn-atid a goodly supply of fresh, clean drinking water.
Fed in this wny. regularly exercised
and properly bathed, dog owners n«d
have little fear of mange or dliiemffll yCuuLiLlQ |
-Eli* JI -sssf^PfsrTirfi]
IRSB^.;'/".  ,£.,5l
j J
7/Je ttospite/ on Cleveland* City farm
Hut tVre Is no law to hold    hini
thoro,   Usually     tlio    victim    In so
grateful for Uw treatment that   ho
romaii.8, voluntarily, until tho
triu'i'S    of    his curse Imve lieen
stroyed,   Hm the ilrink dlsoaso
tho drug habit are remorseless
insistent In their hold on their
tlm, and often tho patient seeks
lierty, only to get hack to   liis
haunts und his old vices.
So Mr. Cooley,    while   doing
I,in   .-rii-in un   wuu,
A roncessiiin lms been made to the
doctors by the peaceable Mr. Cooley,
howovor, Hi- lms aimed that no
fined system ot trnatroont shall bo
adopted that the prglesslon does not
indorse ns ethical Th' doctors have
conceded tho establishment ol a cur,.,
•lust which kind still remains to be
Out In the countr. Cleveland    lms
purchased hundreds of ncres nf farm
land, and has established there what
is known as tie- "fnnn colony." The
house of correction, tho tuberculosis
siiiiitnriuiii nnd every Institution iis-'d
in the Department of Charities   and
Correction will eventually lie located
It is there also thnt prisoners   al-
last dieted by drugs ur liquor    will    be
do-! taken.
andj    't will lie a eity of retuge, In roal-
and!ity.    a    big municipality of mlslor-
vic- tunc.   The   scheme is somowhat    in
li- advance of most philanthropic    nnd
old corrective work.   Hut   every   dotnil
I of its complex makeup, from the v|o-
tho j lent wards of the workhouse to   the
l.y I perfectly appointed sick rooms of tho'
best, ut oresent is handicapped
lack of ni-eiled legislation. Ills   Idea's1 hospitals, hns been perfected
iu that direction aro now being   put     Heru    the    city's liquur and drug-
H, Cooley.
Director '/
// C/evetend
VICTIMS nf alcohol anil drugs
are not sn plentiful in Cleveland. Ohio, as ihey were. The
city is curing them. When it appears to n Cleveland Judge that
a prisoner hns committed a lesser crime through the influence of
liquor, morphine, laudanum or
other narcotic, ho Bends ihe
fint to a sanitarium conducted
by the Department of Charities
amd Correction for treatment.
Usually the patient, when he sees
whnt Is being done for him, is
glad to stay; but not always. If
he Is not, the department Is not
"empowered to keep him in the Institution.
It Is now proposed to make the system still more eflectlvo Ihrough a
law compelling such unfortunates
to submit to the cure until
charged. This plan hns tho approbation of Mayor Johnson and
leading physicians and officials of
th" city.
Even now cures are lieing effected at
the city farm. Indeed, upward of
a hundred persons have been helped A corresponding decrease In
arrests is reported by the police
In a word, Cleveland believes that It
has solved one of the most
- HT.    latest of     the     warriors
against the Croat Whito Plague
to attract attention Is Hr. A.
Q. Hrown, ol Montreal, Quebec.
While thousands of physicians are espousing the open-air treatment,
whi!,, others are vaccinating with
scrum, and some with salt water;
while a London surgeon is employing currents of electricity to
destroy tho germs, this Cnnudlun
physician 1. apparently effecting
curo by Injecting a solution composed principally of iodine.
Since 1894 ho has been patiently,
quietly, employing his treatment,
and now ho announces thnt there
is no longer any doubt that it Is
positive. Indeed, so slmplo is the
cure that hc prolosses to be much
concerned lest harm como to people through their attempts to uso
it without the advico of a physician.
At first Dr. Brown's treatment was
used only in cases of tuberculosis
of tho joints; but now he finds it
just as oftcctlvo in the lungs,
skin, larynx, bono and other
parts whero tho deadly tubercles
In the last thirty years tuberculosis, ot tho h,P l°lnt- combined with dis-
in some sections nf the United ™so "' lho ,cft "I"'x Ol the lung. lie
States,    hns   decreased    In    thn tbought It possible to effect a cure of
Dr. A£Browi), of Montreal who Curei
Tuberculosis with Infections "f/o./i.ie.
neighborhood of 50 per rent. Perhaps the highest authority in this
country. Dr. Lawrence F. Flick,
declares .but in twenty-five years
there will be no consumption, except isolated cases.
While Dr. Hrown's method of treatment may not lie among tho
principal causes for the    decrease
thus far, it gives promise nf playing
an Important part in future.
the joint, but did not hope to
the lung.
Consequently, his gratification wns
greater than ever before when ho saw
that not only was the hip joint cured, but that the lung trouble subsided nlso,
11 n-
IF DR,    HROWN    hnd i
mell into publicity as
1....1 .i .......,.»........i .i... ..
When, until recently, a poor, broken, hopelessly drug-ridden unfortunate stood before the Imr In llie police court, on a charge of vagrancy,
or ot pocketplcklng, or nf petit larceny, or of any one of the minor
mean acts that a fiend will commit
when craving for drugs, nr when bis
mural senses havo been temporarily
ous of sociological problems, andI atrophied by the nrlion of ihem or
recommends its solution to tho i of liquor, the details of the whole
country nt large. j miserable    transaction    were related
I prosaically by  the hard-headed    po-
ruiilu'd pell-
as soon as he
hnd demonstrated the vnlue ot his
cure the medical world might havo
regarded him lightly, but the
that he has waited for 'twelve
stamps him as a man worthy of con-
Into shape for presentation   ta   thei cure Institution will bc, away out in sideration.
Legislature,   li thoy are adopted, the I the country, amid surroundings thnt     Upon the urgent invitation
Now convinced of the constitutional action of iodine, Dr. Hrown cm-
ployed it In every ruse of tuberculosis that came to him, and, It is asserted, effected scores uf cures.
One of the cases which pleased him
most wns thnt of n woman who enm,.
fnct | to hlm In 190* in the Montrenl dis-
ycars ponsary.   Sho   had    been   a sufferer
from pulnionnry tuberculosis tor nine
years, and was considered in the last
drunkard or drug victim will lie sen-1 are most conducive to correct living British    Medical   Congress   he   has
of the|singes.
toncod to the sanitarium by the po-|nnd correct thinking, and with
lice Judges, and he will lie obliged science ever at tho erring one's olio remain there until ho Is cured. bow, to point the right   path   and
Just as a murderer who commits a guide the faltering footsteps,
crime through the hallucinations   of Regarding    his    plan, Mr. Cooley
insanity    is not held criminally    re- has this to say:
sponsible to the State fnr his   acts, "I believe that pnwer to    control
tin-  new  law  will provide    for    the the environment of the patient tor a
drunkard or the drug fiend.  Instead considerable length of time will have
of his lining answerable to the State to he granted before much can be ac-
ugreed to prepare a paper giving the
details of his treatment. In advance
of the presentation of tlmt statement
tho details wero given to this newspaper.
Hack In 1894 Dr. Hrown had a patient suffering from tuberculosis    of the treatment fora year
the    ankle  joint.   Having     devoted i wns complete,
much study to tqc subject, the doc-1   Although this and a low
tor decided to make a test of solu- i Instances far outshine tho
The thought occurred to Dr. Hrown
that if injecting his preparation into
a diseased joint did no harm
could surely not hurt a healthy
joint. Ho liegan to inject unusually
largo portions at the woman's shoulder Joint, and persistently kept up
Tho   cure
for a crime, the Stat" will bo charg- compllshod.   Sumo    enses    wo    havo; tion, containing iodine, that ho had'routine    of    Dr. Hrown's treatment,
ed wiih his reformation and    return treated evinced good results   for   a Invented.   This solution he   Injected j during thc years since hc began   his
time. Imt  after awhile thn    patients ' into the joint.   To .his delight hc saw j experiments, they represent    hut    a
small portion of the net results
THE   compulsory   treatment   of, liccnien.  Thc    Judge    yawned   and
drug and alcohol    victims    by gave    the    usual sentence, "tu keep
the city nf Cleveland was   enn-; hlm nway frnm the dope for   awhile I to society,
celved by the Hev. Harris R. Cooley,, and get It out of his system"—a line. ,   With this law in force, Mr. Cooley  returned to their uld habits, and had   an improvement, and at tho end    of
Mayor    Tom Johnson's Director    of Some dnys in thc workhouse and til"   will    Imve    full power to put    Intn to be treated over again. ; four injections recovery was so com-
Charltles nnd Correction. I costs. comploto    oporatlon a long-cherished     "We must have charge of theso peo-j plcte that the patient was   ablo   to
II he could, Mr. Cooley would have     Now, however, when such   a   rase   dream.   He is one of th" most mod- pie for a period of from six months  use the joint again.
a    victim    regularly sentenced    and comes Into    th"   minor   court,    tho "rn and    advanced of criminologists to a year before actual good can bo,    In the following February a similar
committed by court to such an itisil- Judge, being ncqiinineed wilh    Coo- and  reformers, urn!  hns not allowed  brought about.   The best way of at-
tutlon as the city has already placed  ley's plans, and wishing    him   every  himself to dream without first wnrk- taining such an end, to    my    mind,
in operation.   Although there    is no success, turns the prisoner   over   .,,  Ing out thc mechniuca! details of his  would be to commit patients to our
law directly bearing on this   subject  the    city    hospital.   This    a police  scheme,
as yet in Ohio, Mr. Cooley, wilh the Judge is permitted tn do.   Onco   at     It  is not without opposition    that
aid of Mayor Johnson and the    tre- the    city hospital,  tin* city author-   Mr   Cooley has progressed    so    far.
31 u ding by thc -! :• ol I'r     Martin
I - ■ ■ sen sturdily    op-
I   -•! 'm   the    physicians ol    Cl ive-
land    m is in ■    physic! ins    -.-   -   I
To the question ns to how ho (lit*-
oovored the curative properties of hit
solution on cuses of tuberculosis, Dr.
Hrown stated that iodine, the principal ingredient, has boon known for
years to be beneficial to such suller-
ers. although he hns applied it In an
entirely new 'manner.
lie called attention to the fact that
cud liver oil, which has been employed for a lung lime In Hie treat-
mont ol consumption, contains a
grout deal of Iodine. In lhe natural
ordor nf experiment he conceived tho
idea of applying this curative agent
to joints, and learned, mainly liy accident, thnl it was equally valuable
In other forms of the dlsenso.
For tuberculosis of the bines Ihe
injection is mode noai tlio shoulder
Joint nt tho l"ft siil", the needle lining inserted about a hall Inch into
the flesh. The pain does not Inst
very long, nnd as the absorption is
?! slow the danger of acute poisoning is
' nmnll.
After the Injection the wound Is
bandaged with sterilized gauze. Tho
arm Is then fnstened tightly to tho
sldo of the patient and kept so for
two dnys. This is done [or tlie reason thnt exertion of the muscles
wnuld interfere with tho proper ab-
snrptinn of the fluid.
At first ns high ns forty-eight
grains of the solution wero given at
an Injection, but now tho dose In
non-pulmonary  cases   Is   only from
In fnct, the phvslrlan who discovered this cure Is overrun with tuber-1 twelve to twenty-tour grains, and In
cases    eight    to twelve
miosis patients to such an     extent
that his general practice hns sulYcr-
care for that length of time.
There is a rise of temperature   iho
first twelve hours; after twenty-four
hours n yellow spot is noticed nt tho
point of iliiection; in four days   tho
mendous prestige which he enjoys In lties are able to nssign him to ivhat-
th» city, has been able to put sueh a ever department they see lit. And the
system into c-fect to a modified de- drug fiend or confirmed drunkard
gree. goes to the sanitarium.
cose presented itself, and was   given  ed: but to this he gives no thought
tin- same treatment with similar   re-  being satisfied with tho knowledge of
suit.                                                        doing good.
Othcr equally hnppy cures were cf-     An extremely modost mnn    is   Dr.
'During that perind wo must he in   fected    during that year—the    exact Hrown.   About the only lliing he will skin becomes soft  nnd pliable,
absolute control.   And at the oxplra-  number Dr. Hrown does not state.     say to the curious person who    In- yellow    spot becomes a inri    fulls
tion of that time it is probable that      Early    in the lollowing yenr    the   quires nbout Ids system Is that he Is
the patients would be so   thoroughly   physician was emboldened to employ , hnppy to ho able to benefit his suf-
curi-i! that retrogression would be im-   the same treatment    for tuberculosis. fering fellow-beings,
pi bsI  le "  .	
out nnd leaves n small ulcer. The ulcer soon heals. If another injection
is required it is given In a new spot.
THE experiment of paving the
r ids with st-uw has I ■ -■ ■ n
tried with success by thc farmers i.i western America, Every autumn the roads aro covered with
dust, which, afi,.r th» heavy rains.
.' ■ ... thick mud. making travel
l.-r: f r man and beast. After straw
1 i :. laid ■; the main thoroughfares " ■ u depth ol a foot or mure,
ng in easy.
'I he *    1 used ii   the ! esi  plan -
has       ■   seasoned mm
■ .- .-.- ible I taxatioi In
f ii .' .: •■-.■ - - vlllagi * 'I he m-m
ol this    li     -    ■-'  ■:    3 unknowi
In Zululai      i-hcn the        n Is    I
th- lull, i   |ects ore dlstl   ll;
,.-    b great c   llll ince as seven tn
ei     j  jtarl .'.'    :      •:. ■ ■■
T       ■       '
il -* -   •       .- ,nal ■■-!. wild   ' '
live       i  •  ■ .■-.-•     lotnea
Iii   ,   -    Whon   -     u -  ii    ntrollcd
a horse  lives  to I
.!..._■• ,|       the      :  mestli
h ■-■■  >    I littl    . ■     ter twonl
I-     .     wh    wai   ** * -'-    to
last well sl    lid nol    -   ir  I    I
der gl !'       aslant Irici
•i    .       -.:-■: ■    nl   thai
1       •       tones In pi        tnd tl
suil       '    l th" sloi
! *.  ■ i ly looked alter
In Hal; irh regiment haa II ivn
j,, • ■ ■ .- - * ■ which are thn
ii.. ■       iglment, the    list
I,.--       ■ ■    l has i ik- n ;-im   -
oi - - Ic epli   Ies  in  which
it    ii.-.s I gured    These nr- s ! I    al
i ...    :       lo   iflii ers ni'.t    sol
diers   m . •     i     -   -     il     pondetici
servi - •    iprca I tl
rcgli enl
A record I :■... toi roi ■ rtli■-- ■ rain
Into bread bus bee.    -*    !
Canadian farmer    Wheal  which   was
in th - Bheal al :; o'cl ick In the afternoon was iiiiule int-. Bconea before 6
When   operations    began    a    mil- i
stouil in the barn with about half a
load of grain in lh" si eal    Bos le 11
was a thrasher; connected   with this
was a gasoline   ei ffino    ["tie
was Btarted   •!:•- -i-.--.i-. is were !
tn the thrasher .-ml  'h.-   grain    was
;..;   *:•■ :  ■-    -   ' in.   Th-- !- '   r
.....   .,   . *   ....      .
the    u-ork    ol   changing thi
•  ; ,.    I wheat   ■ '    '*  ur » ■
u-rlod  ■  '
las'-  ivaa oast
Mr*   Pal   :   FTem itg,   -    nal
; m lei, wh    has    . il  I ■■-■-  ilected
.....        - il Astronoi
ty, la      •   ■        nl    :-.ni.=h  wi -
- ■•: In
h'-ndlng tl '
(thi      -
*-.-.,- ■ thc
Miss     Henrietta     i ea' I     II ■
Iwenty-i irlable stsi
: Hu
don I i very fine
ped ohsrval
. r. . presented
I!., al  - -  ■• ■  "     si
m lt.1           ■ rk o	
i . -    lluggina .;:..! hlmsoll   -
Th.' lion tol      •   Ml) pairs
-..       ||      found In drled-up
' , lei   conl i  ■.   1  • .  lo    ,i
i.--     i .-..
I.i i, I..i.   .            i      ...
gu'c ..i ..- ni  -;-    .i iln,'
'I ,-.i- leech hu    I hi   ■
i   i i. i|, -1    iv to I in-1-  leelh
V falcon has-C        '        rei  rifle
.    ■    750
In lia rubber -
■ ...  ■ ....
years acn
Bin wcr   firsl
-:      it not sold
.-  - -           out 4 ■   ■.-
Scotland   ' re
rhe    famous /        I
.    .     tin
.......    ...     ■   ,, .   ■,
.      ■     .    eel
........ m
il   ■
■    . - ■   . ■   ii
I - ■
town of lllel and irly
t   awful a
...... i
itn, m the tlmi
(.■••nlli    centlll
i-.im, un.. ty mlli
forme-.-! ol magnetic rod
.il.'-i'l    lie     run,[HISS    thfl
statl nai      bjocta for   st.eering:
. dim - red rock    is    so
magnetism   that thoi
:.-.-* ■   vessel passing over itt
- ■■■      . ni    downward.
parts M-i France    walnuts
•g il ir article nf diet.   The
.   ' - t Vi Oread    that
ftentimi        •   rubbed will, ear-
iffects  ire   consl-
' i a Inrg" i
-•■• ■ •    Tl ita   ■!■- also used to
much cheaper    ami
n tast    ■    -mm  pressed from
I     adulter-
■■   thi     ■■-■'     The pr! iol ers in cr-
■m""I  in Tracking j
and ;ii'kinir out 'he kernels,
■   - - -    nf the
.    •      ...     .
...       nd   the wnmei
n wolin'i
■    i-      -   ■■
it  11
.    10,700 i -      1
.    , t of wl
rderl publli -
...... .
Mm    I7'',7
paper   was
mm -
[jo, and - ' ■  ne i     loiuc
I       : m    .        i,f       lhe
Japan   i	
rt and |
FOR a long lime eminent geologists have held that liquid currents exist ln the Interior nf
the earth, and astronomers have assumed that fluid currents in tho sun
extend almost to tho centre of that
As a result of careful Investigation
and calculations, Professor T. J. J.
S.-e, of the United States Navy, denies the possibility of currents in the
earth. II" also declares that currents
in the sun nnd great planets must bo
quite shallow, nnd they cunnnt de-
Bcond to nny great depth because of
lhe greal pressure and tho rigidity of
ilie structural bodlos,
Professor   See arrived at his   con-
il'isiuiis lifter an investigation    that
-.ms wholly mathematical, basod'up-
i    tho |in-ssiire existing throughout
,\   long ago m; inn.*! l,,,ni   Kelvin
■ i thai il nnil as a whole
niori   rigid limn 11 iss, Iml    nnl.
-   pi i-i ips, ii* Bteel    His    cnl
...   . ,m. ,i  n| on  ie s tml
if iln- .idea ul Hi -"iiu.
',: ,,i li lereBl ..ns aroused ov Lord
Kelvin s deductions, hecausu ii    was
 hai  ii iln- earth could    lie
,      !  in I- hlghlj  rigid, Hn- Hi-
loglsts I i.i'  ii   is ii globe
i   matter enclosed In n crust
wnuld l.n," in In- readjusted,
■..•.ul,   Lwentj  years later    Proles-
m I i.i i win began u study uf
rlnlghtlj   tides mlli lln- Bamo   objeel   in  view    Ah n  r'-suli   In-     went
er tl .-I,  Lord Kelvin,    ninl    de-
• lined  He- earth '" lm mure     rigid
-     .     leel
I ii.ii, ii,e conclusion it was argued
thai  uirth could imt In- n sphere
,.  i i-.i i • ii i.-il in ii thin crust,
I'llll to I  .-.Mill-nil inn   t|„.  pres-
'     I      M   ..-        .1...    „.|,,.l 'I,   ,
Professor See goes even further than
his two eminent predecessors in this
lino of research.
Even if it were fluid, by his cnlru-
Intlons the globe would hnve a rigidity greater than that uf wrought
iron. Hut ho finds that the averngo
!rigidity of the whole mass Is nearly
'cqunl to thnt ol nickel steel, such as
.is used in the nrmor of a battleship.
Rigidity of thc earth's crust is
about that of granite, or one-sixth
that of steel: toward the centre, however, this rigidity Increases rapidly,
duo tn the enormously high pressure
to which the imprisoned matter is
While this mntter Is always at a
tremendously high temperature, the
pressure keeps It three times more
rigid lhnn the niekle sleel which protects tlie sides of a modern battleship,
'lln- methods of reasoning by which
Professor See arrived nt his conclusion huve boon applied to oilier plun-
Venus is found tn hnvo a rigidity
greater lhnn that nf platinum, und
prnbality approaching tlmt of
wruuehl  iron
Mill's lms a i-i-.-1'lity which nbout
enn- spniuls lo thi.I of n gltiliu uf
imiii while Hn- iieiiin. Mercury und
othor similar heavenly bodies possess
rigidity equal in Hint  uf 'ilnss
Pressur line     ihroilehoul    the
larger bodies—Jupiter, SuUii'n I'ra-
ii'is and Neptune—causes u rlgl iiy
llmi ranges from Hn-"" in eighteen
limes thai nf nickel Bleel
Ii is in ih,. sun that the resuli ul
lln- calculations runs m lis extreme
The average rigidity oi all thu sun's
layers is more than twu thousand
times tlmt  uf nii'kel stool.   Such    a
 '""     I'   I !■'    - ..'"S   l...-...d
bio tho calculation ot currents at any.
I-     ' depth below thn surlaco.
Elder Matthews was popular among the sick of his congregation. Ho
had an unswerving belief in the medicinal value of whiskey, and boldly
pulled the bottle from his pocket
whenever iie culled to sec some sick
parishioner who hud passed well into
the middle stages ot life.
Deacon Sorcum hud been sick lor
some time, and gladly welcome the
frequent visits of the concerned elder. Hut, une morning, Matthews
produced Hie welcome bottle, and in
it poor Sorcum suw only a sufficient
quantity lo give his tongue u sln^lo
coat, lie looked Inquiringly at the
"Couldn't help It," protested the
embarrassed visitor, "our pastor wus
tnken sick this morning, und, of
course, I hud to visit him fust."
Rnts Infested the cellnr of linger
Hcslep, und In- wus advised tlmt
broken glass, distributed along the
wall, would pierce the feel uf the rodents, and eventually drive them a-
"Sny, lllllee," called Roger, to the
son of ii neighbor, "huve you any
broken liolllus in your yard?"
"Nu, we haven't," snid Hill, after
n busty survey, "bui I'm sure Mr.
Roberta lius n loi ui ihem."
"Whul makes you Ihink so?" asked
linger, curiously,
"Hecnllse,"      llllSWorod       the     lull.
knowingly, "his boy, Philip, gives us
fell-is ill! thu corks wo want for
fli h'iu'-i   -j-lien we go fishing." I Ilia       VI I    I     W
Conserve Revelstoke's Upward Growth-A Warning
to Aspirants for Civic
Hevelttoke was oreated a city liy
statute un March 1st, 18011, anil a
...untl. later the lirst election tor
mayor and city council took place.
Our city has reachtd a turning point
and in its career similar to that which
has come to all cities on this continent. We have today, however, the
advantage of heing aide to copy what
they have done well and avoid the
mistakes for which they are paying
dourly today. Looking backward over
our own history from the very beginning, we see a pioneer town groping
towards a goal then so far distant
that lew ol its citizens expected to be
present at the birth ol a large city
and a luture metropolis uf the interior. It required nn optimist inded,
in those dnys to realize that the trail
of the pack horse train wus the fore
runner of the railway of our day, or to
hear in advance the bum of industry
in tbe land where the virgin loreBts
reigned alone. Looking forward we
see around us acres and acres of fertile
land, producing more wealth than
was ever dreamed o(; we see thousands
ol square miles of rich mineral hind
tbat our predecessors had no knowledge ul and furthermore we see the
resources'in the forests which in days
gone by were practically useless ns
assets to the pioneers with their crude
method oi working and limited knowledge ol putting to commercial use.
Our city is advancing by leaps and
bounds. Its population hns doubled
in only a few yeais and will r foublo
still even more rapidly. Much ns we
have spent on-city improvements and
conveniences, we must lie prepared to
spend more, on general wurk that will
benelit our people and attract the new
comer, it we are tc honor the plnce
into which our commercial prominence
is thrusting ns.
The city money must be spent
judiciously and with lhe best advantage to the bettering ol our financial
position and tu the ends whioh our
central position in the province demands. Tbe condition ol our wuter
system is not .uch that it will not
stand improvement, and the dire
necessity for n new and thorough sewerage system is uow felt. Revelitoke
has increased in population so rapidly
tbat this great improvement is absolutely necessary for the health ol the
city. We must have municipal power
to a far greater extent than ib at present in use if we ever hope to have
factories. Let us demonstrate that
we are determined not to rest a moment until the lorce thtt the Creator
has placed at our door is harnessed
and controlled to its lull extent Ior
the use ol the people and let us aid
nature by supplementing her with tbe
force of machinery and thereby insuring tbe constant supply of power and
Although our civic debt it large, so
also is our ability to pay. We must
borrow if we are to keep pace with the
times and maintain tbe position that
destiny has aisigned ub. If our credit
is impaired it is due to bad management. With the resources at our
command and the prosperity ahead ol
ue, coupled with careful management,
no necessary enterprise need be deferred for want of funds. The new
council should invite the co-operation
of various commercial and labor
organizations in an effort to establish
s means of fully considering every
proposition for the mutual advantage
of all.
The town of yesterday is the city of
today and those men who have fully
weighed the issue at stake when holding themselves ready for municipal
houorB, will recognize that they hold
tbe preBtige ol Kevelstoke in their
hands and that they have the marring
or the making of a city which is now
in its ascendent.
A few Suggestions for our
This is tl.e fattest season uf all the
glad year 1906. You nre ooming into
the holiday season with a rush nnd
there will be much good money spent
in buying presents lor one and all II
you arc in the grocery line, would'nt
it be well to start nut early and make
arrangements for the Christmas trade.
II iu dry guuds, push linens, ..apery,
and table cloths, sell knives nnd forks.
Get busy with your pencils planning
lor tlio things you are going to do.
The nights are gutting mighty frosty
and the coming ol that chilly fueling
in the midnight hour suggests tu
mother something in the nature ol
warmer blankets, niurool them, wanner clothing for (i.ther and the boyi
snd heavy winter shoes, Push these
things.    When ymi do you nru doing
tho bat, it counts. These are not
Bnuill R|iiioe ilnyB. The retailer should
do more advertising Irom now until
thc Chiistmas toll has been garnered
than nt any time this yenr. It is the
big n uiiey spending and lhe live unes
will win tl.e trade. There is just nne
tiling that you cannot afforded to neglect. OI course this is not special for
this leason's advertising, but for all
times It is tbe cardinal principle
thnt ive want to rap homo to you once
again. The priceless ad it wasted
money, Tberelorc you must use prices
freely to bring people who know the
value i if gor.da and tbo value uf money
to your store. Yuur stocks should be
the most appetizing if you are in the
loud li ie, cnmplcttt and nicely assorted
il in the clothing or dry goods lines,
Talk about these things, Talk
abuut tbe line opportunity for selections. Advance the purity uf your
groceries, Dwell on lhe excellence of
your shoes, the fout form and the
ability to lit. Speak of the txcelleut
opportunities for securing the winter's
•upply ol clothing. And if yuu nil-
vertise generously, proporly and with
plenty of prices, your harvest will be
a tat one.
The March of Progress—Revelstoke in the Ascendent.
Ilevelstoke has witnessed many
changes since Christmas of 1905. The
wave of prosperity has gradually been
increasing in volume and rolling west
leaving behind it a vast lield ol riches
and prospering Immunity. Ilevelstoke
has been carried into tbe onward aud
upward i-iibI. and the westward trend
of population and tangible wealth has
-It ninny traces in our midst.
Sitnnted as we are, and happily so,
on the grout highway of transcontinental communication, a very great
deal i [ that which passes lo.iind fro
it deposited here. As the gateway lo
the rich und bountiful regions of tl.e
interi -r, Revelstoke derives considerable benelit from her position and
while the industries of which she is
the centre continue to pour their
Iruits into her cotters, she will never
allow another city to usurp her posi-
tiuu. The rise of Revelsloke has been
gradual, but the last twelve mouths
havo seen many changes, and changes
for the better. Our movement has
been lurever onward and upward, there
has been no going back and this
Christinas will see the instances of
that forward march in the increase of
business, the large additions to our
buildings and the augmented population. The signs ol the times are no
more strongly evinoed than in our
stores and business houses where, as
has been stated in another column,
the display this year far exceeds that
of any previous time.
In casting ones eye round the city,
new buildings can be seen on all sides
both commercial and residential. The
latest additions to the business portion of Revelstoke are the new P.
Burns' & Co's. tine brick building, the
new offices ot the Mail-Herai.u,
Kincaid & Anderson's office, W. B.
Robertson's office and the addition to
the Revelstoke Club. J. Henderson
has constructed a line new livery
stable and many handsome residences
have gone up, the local contractors
having bad a busy season. All this
goes to show the popularity of our city
and tbe extent ol her increase.
Tourists from all over the world
gather here, capitalists congregate and
draw a host of smaller fry behind
them. Industries have had a great
incentive and the value of timber and
lands has risen by leaps and bounds.
Our luture indeed looks prosperous, il
what has taken place in the last
twelve months is an average f< r the
city, the time will be but short before
we can claim the title of the metropolis
ot the interior. Railroads will reach
us and make Revelitoke a great distributing centre and we shall be in
close touch with the linancial, commercial and touring world, Let ut
then this Christinas endeavor to pats
the remaining days of the old year in
active preparation lor the opening nf
the new with fresh and resolute endeavors lo uphold tbe name ol our
fair city and act as guud citizens
should, with reciprocity nnd content.
Let us all pull together and act iu
harmony for thc good of the community and lor our own peace, always
bearing in mind the ever true prin
oiple, that a "city divided against
itself cannot stand."
~Now Is youe opportunity! Subscribe
for the MAIL-HERALD and the NEW
IDEA $2.50, for a whole year for the
thesolM .' faction of our perfect fitting underwear can't
be tempt.-1 la v ear any but Knit-to-l-'it. Tlicy know
thit nu :kv can't buy undergarru ius that nre more care-
luily male—that fit fo perfectly—snd are iu thoroughly
conifer! ible fur winter wear.
.    Ifrlt'SriUHUPllTMn
ankle.   .'
A *V. ■
stylo.* ii- ■•
Combination suits
'! in or   - --re to lit tbe lijrtire from neck to
..-le in all fabrics from silk to co-ton.
■ ir driller to show you th. winU r weights anil
lileus for oi:r catalogue.
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding and Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery-
Moving of Pianos, tales and Furniture.
Ceneral Draylng.
Office: McKenzie Ave. ILS&KTR
0IIKK) Phoa. No. It      Hon.. Phon. No. T.
Is often the only difference between
Satisfaction and Disappointment in a days
Baking. Its the only Flour you can
afford to Use. Its the most nutritious,
delicious and economical Flour milled
Made in British Columbia from
Selected Western Hard Wheat and contains much Gluten.
(lui flmiij Is (i ltd.
nl* money to buy a roll of car-
pot hero—prices ave trimmed
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us that n very small bundle of
money will buy n Ing bundle
of cat-pets oi* rugs. We will
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R. Howson & Co.
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Import direct from Country of origin.
Look Well! Feel Well!
Do you enjoy that well diessed feeling? We all know what
it feels like to be hot, to be cold, or lo be tired, and it is
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Tailoring is our business. We make a man look well
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..Cressman  and Morrison..
> <H>O<*KX**-0<K><>0<><KX><*^^
To checkmate .lie dishonest use of
the name of " JAEGER," look for Un
label on each article, and insist Ihal
the goods be invoiced as " JAEGER'
Sklunu Agents in Rbvblstokb
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1355.
Wm. Molsun Maophehson, Pies. s. II. Ewinii, Vice-Pres,
JJamkh Elliot, General Manager. I
Capital paithif), $3,000,000
Resem, $3,000,000
f hanking business transacted without un-
Everything in way i
necessary delay.
Interest credited twlc
ii yenr nt current'rates (on Havings Hunk
VV. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvkutoke, B. C.
Fur Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagou** Etc.. John
Deuro l'l.iii*;li-, Muliiio Wagons, Canada Carriage [Company's
Buggies,* Planet jr., Qanleu Sunders and Cultivutors, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work |atteudod to. Hor.se Sbooiug a
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealer 'In Live Stock. Markets In all thc principal Cities and
Towns of Alberta, British wiumbia and the Yukon. Packers of the Celebrated Brand
"Im I'l-itur" Hams and Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Leaf Lard. A
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.    All modem conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
- _0	
In small or lare,e Lots.fioii) 100
llis. to a Carload.    For price
L E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
Has a good stock of Groceries and
t fine assortment of Japanese China.
Agent for Revelstoke Farming
Company, growers of til kinds ol
Farm Produce, Hay and Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers iu Beef, Purk, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly at-
tended to,
FirstSt. Revelstoke
Wing Chun/s newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services
("nne Chair.
•Flower Fou
I'liliiriilli. Stand.
Lunch Basket.
Smoking Jacket.
:811k Good..
GOLD Fisrf
Kliie.. stock ol candle, and fruits in town.
Front Street, Revelsloke
I have clients who wi'h to
obtain houses, rooms and lots
tor building purposes, and shall
be glad if parties having •uch
will advise me ol same.
Heal Estate snd Insurance Agsnt.
Bevelttokt, 11. C.
Deer llei.il., Animali, BlnU, Fl.h, lKlc.,
Animal  Hug. M minted.
P.O. BnUl. -—
|||;S.uilio:  Cornerof Writ Sl. anil Boyle Avi'T"
ltenliluke. B. C.
Now thai the strike is sealed, full supplies of tliis celebrated Ooal will
again be available after iliis week.
PRICES—Special lland-piekeil coal—besl in llie market- $9 Per ton
SCREENED COAL $8.50 per ton
RUN OF MINE   7.50 per ton
Having taken over F. McCariy's Conl Warehouse, (ul! stocks of this
coal will be kept and orders promptly tilled.
E. A. HAGGEN, AGT.   Revelstoke, B. C.
Office—Mackenzie Avenue, Next C. P. II. Telegraph Olilco.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Ratss $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, • -        Proprieto,
Under  New   Management)
B.   C,
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Beet brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Henry's Nurseries
Extra large importation of
Rill IM  to arrive from Holland, Franco
DUkDv   ||I(] Japan in September
For Fall Planting
Thousands* of Fruit aud Ornamental
Trees, Rhododendron!-, Hoses and hardy
i ilu nt.*, now growing on our owu grounds for
future planting.
No rxjieii'n, loss nrdoUy of fumigation,
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Visitors are alwuy-. welcome to inspuct
our stock.
Groonhouuo Plants,
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Heo Ilivii"*. uud Supplies, Spray I'miips mid
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No agents 1 Imrofm-rt you have no onm-
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planing vour order.
Wu do liiKiiii-",-. on nur own grounds-no
rout to pay, nnd are prepared to meet nil
competition. Eastern prlcon or loin. White
labor. Catalogues Froo.
Orooiihoiisos: - 3010
llriiucli Numerics:
Westminster   Howl.
-South vanoouver.
Mra. H. J. Ha.ibury, Managress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Large Dmiogroom for
Banquets, Support, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Let
Halcyon Hoi Springs
Und"r the new management of
Harry McIntosh,  Hoffman  Houae
THE MEDICAL WATERS ol Halcyon are the most curative in tbe
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Telegra h communication with all
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Terms- 812 to $18 per week,   For
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Halcyon Hot Springs
ArreUi Lake, 3. C
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought.
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
for .  .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Notice Ik hereby gi^'eii (but Die following
retail liquor licence application-*- Imve been
received for the Revolstoke Licence District:
C D. Morris, 8 months retail, Windsor Hotel,
Canadian 1'aclllc Hallway Co., ii months tx-
Utli, Hinder liun-", lil,n-i.'i,
W. J. I.lghtbnroc, -Iiiiniithn retail) Union
UoU'l, Arrowhead,
John fahiy. (i month- retail. I'll) Until,
D, Cameron, 0 monthi retail, Lakeview Ho-
tol. Arrowhead,
J.H. Young, tl months retail, Queen's Hotel.
Wm.  Hamilton, ti month-* retail, Larduiti
Hotel, Comaplix,
Wm. Il(i)i|, i. months roiftil, Kenton Hotel.
John TheW, 6months retail, Kva Hotel,Camborne,
DavoOrr.fl months retail, Camborne Hotel,
J.  II.  Lindsay, A 11)1111111- retail, Hcoeptimi
Hotel. Camborne.
Frank Aboy, 0 nioniii- retail. Criterion Hotel,
M. .). O'ilrlon, tl monthi Mail, Coronation
Hotel. Camborne,
It, F. Ferry, fl months retail, Pavllllon Hotel,
(ioldfli l.l.-,.
L, K. Mr|iuHK.il. i'i ino.ith- Mail. U'laiui
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^^^ wns
"Is Mary El-
Mrs.    Malone
IT   WAS    tin-    Tuesday
Thanksgiving Day.
" "Ns   goin'   oul yo
There wns nothing in (he weak old
voice tn make Kilty start ns she did.
She hesitated in her task of pinning
hor i-usly shawl annuel her (bin
"1 was thnt same," she admitted
cheerfully. " "lis n boautttully day
entirely. Tlie-.he walk *ud do mu
good," she supplemented hastily.
"-faith, no doubt nf that. Yo'vo
been kep' in lhe house pretty clost
with that lung piieuniony ot iiiino,
Will yo ti,, gnne lung, ulanna?"
There wns apprehension in the look
Mrs. Malone bent on the white head
stooping toward tlie little shoot-Iron
stove. When she spoko i! was in a
manner nt once uir.v end reassuring.
"Sure, 'tis quite a step tu market,
Dennis. 1 think I'll lie goin' to lhe
farthest wan. They du bo havin'
things there more riiisoiinhle-llko.
It's," she paused, lhe thought of a
sin to lie eonfessi.il at her Christinas
"duty" Hashing across her mind,
"It's—our Thanksglvln' dinner I'm
goin' to—gotl" she concluded,
"I wouldn't li' ufthi-i- bi.yln' ox-
thravngaiit. Kitty," counseled Dennis Malone lle sat huddled forward
In the pitiful inertia of age and phy-
elcn: lassitude, 'The docthor an'
medicines must have took a heal' of
our savin's. I—wouldn't buy what
might be called luxuriant, so lu
"1 won't, Dennis!" promised Kitty. She wus tying her plain little
bonnet on her Bleak old hend. "You
can thrust me for that!" she added
with what seemed unnecessary fervor,
"I—1 won't I
"It may happen," sho declared,
speaking hurriedly, as though the
possibility had just occurred to her,
"that I mayn't be back tor a—for a
rule good bit, Dennis. 'Tls Ihinkin'
I nm of goin' nvor to see Nora, if
'twould I e safe tu line yuu Hint
long." Then, ns she f"!t his eves
turn slowly In her direction with a
sort of questioning surprise, "1—I'm
atther henrin' Mary Ellen ain't as
well ns she might be, nn' "
"Eh-Mary Ellon!"   His t
vibrant  with anxiety
len sick-.1*'
"Nnl tn mention," ^^^^^^^^^
hastened tn assert. She was wishing sin- hnd nut chosen his favorite
grandchild to afflict. "Only u little
—a weeny bit quare-like." Sho pie.eil
up a Iniskei near, nn.! edged toward
the dour There she paused, gripping the basket until her knuckles
showed white, a slow, distressed
flush staining the pale saffron of her
cheek. "So—you won't mind if 1
dun't get home for a couple nf hniirs
-oh, Dennis?" she broke off. She
was swallowing hard. Dennis looked
up-met full the eager, penetrating
intensity of her gaze. He torced a
valiant smi'.e to liii Woodless lips.
His eyes narrowed into nn expression
of quizzical leniency. The unfailing
courage of his race rang in the kind
old voice.
" 'Tls fine I'll bo goin' on, plan-
God. Do be steupin' along now, Kitty woman! Don't bo atther gi.in'
ino airy n thought. Sure, the
stren'th is cumin' luck in me tn
bate anythin' ye ever dreamed nf.
An' w'lmt with this litigant lunch —
tho bit o' bacon, an' the cheese, an'
the crackers-nut to talk of the toy
on the stove (orninst mo—why, it's
good enough for the President. Kitty. With tho ould blanket nn me
shouldthcrs, an' all an' ull, it's live
I'l! dthrnp asleep nfter I've said my
decade. I won't be lookin' fur ye
till 'tis past past noon. Now don't
stand thl'lflln' woman, dear. fiwan !
But," his piping voice followed her
out of the door, "1 wouldn't be get-
tin' a—a luxuriant dinner, so to
spake, Kitty!"
Mrs. Malone. skurrying along one
of the poor streets that lie south of
Vnn Huren and east of Blue Island
avenue, almost fell over the tattered
figure of a boy who seemed to have
sprung from the ground at her very
"Wishn. where are ye hurryin' to,
Mrs. Malone? Is it wnrse himself
"No—no, Petty Herlerman, 'Tls—
'tls goin' to my juty I am—"
"An' lavln' the church behind yo!"
ba cried Incredulously. "Father Flynn
ain't a-hearln' on thc river. I'm
thlnkin'!" Patsy was a merciless inquisitor. Mrs. Malone withered under his frank doubt of her veracity.
"Patsy." she ontreatod, "you run
to the houst—do now! 1 wouldn't
tnconvayninnce ye, but it's ye's the
most nccommodatin' by in the parish, It ye'd but lie wnltin' around
kind ol disthracted like to see if
himself wants anythin' afore I get
Patsy's freckled hatchet face looked out frnm its furzHmsb ol straight
blenched hair w-ith suddenly awakened interest. "*Wh*c'll ye glvo me li I
do?" he demanded.
"Glory !*!" ejaculated Mrs. Aln-
lonc. Sh. stood staring helplessly
at thc tnabby young Celtic Shylock,
who. with his overgrown frame bent
forward, his leet in the broken boats
turned toes inward, his hands thrust
In his pockets, and his ragged urms
ftkimbo, ^awaited her answer with
ravenous expectancy, "Why—Patsy.
*0*e—" She wus tumbling ut the
waist ot her gown. Suddenly sho delisted. If she had money at the
Dank—or anywhere else, tor the matter of thnt—would she lie tramping
these innny weary blocks? " Glory
be!" she said again.
There really was nothing moro to
Bay. Patsy's rapacious expression
became merged in a bored trown.
"Mebbo it's goin' to the the-aytcr ye
are. Hope ye won't be Into." Ilo
cost a sharp glance nt the basket.
Involuntarily Airs. Mnlone jerked it
behind her bnck. but It was too liig
to escape notice. "I won't kapc yo
any longer^      ncln', ma'am!" With
I which Parthian shot young Mr. llef-
Iitiiuii took himself away.
Trembling, llt-tlo Mrs. Mal-ino looked after hlm. "Musha now, tho gossoon hasn't gut tho heart of a herein'! An' the way he looked at the
luisket. Wot horn now, 1 wondhor did
he suspicion anythin'?" sin- bent
her spare little body against the rancorous east  wind and hast il    on.
"Sure, if I end mako up me mind Io
go to Thomas—bul he hasn't only all
liis own to knpe, Imt his wife's ould
mini as well. Then .here's Nora,
Hut she don't know the last cut'a
gone, an' il would scald the heart
of her to think ul us nadin'- sVs
thnl tlndthor, the crathurl Malachl-
he'd Im tree with his money—If he
had enny. Hut 'twos never n dime
h" cud hoiild in his pockot no mat-
thor how much he nirn't. An* Dny-
lla,    that's conk un the Nnrth Side
 " She walked lost rapidly.    Her
head drooped  i Iltatlvely,   Was    it
poBtlblo she might let Delhi know of
their straits?
No, it would never do to appeal to
Delia. If only Roily wore at home!
Rudy, the gay, loving, hard-working
young Follow whu wnuld never let
her or his father suffer, Hut he had
gone off to the Philippines this many
a month bnck. Was he alive or
dead? Sure, 'twas a sud world it
was! "Arrah, 'tis nothln' of the
sort!" she told hursnlf with sudden
energy. "Is'nt It ashamed of yerself
yo ure !u bo pnrndin' alnng liko a
bin nn a ruiny dny—now runnin' a
bit an' then sthoppls' entirely? Go
on will ye!" she adjured herself sternly. "Go—-" She stopped short as
a massive form loomed up before hor
—us a brond, roseate countenance
boamod down upon hor,
"Mrs—Mrs. Comlskyl" she murmured. She hud long known Mrs.
Comlsky fur "u iliu-int woman "
Thoy both belonged to the Married
Indies' Sodality, They hud been
neighbors upon lh" Malonrs lived in
u brick house. Their children hud
gone to the sume parochial school.
" 'Tls nn.'," corroborated Mrs. Co-
mlsky. She wore n cloth skirt and a
coat of electric seal plush. From a
iur collarette a cataract nf liis-iy
heads and tails dangled over her capacious bosom. On her hnt a loi.g-
I'l'uked green bird perched in a grovo
of aspiring, if rigid, ostrich feathers.
The vigorous hand she extended to
Mrs. Midline was gorgeously draped
in a glovo of purple kid. " Tis a
month o' Sundays since I set -yus on
ion," sho went on. "1 heard De-inis
wns took rale luu! some weeks btu.r.
Hotter, is he-' That's good. You're
imt lookin' very well yourself. I vo
been down to visit my niece Maria,
"lis twins—an' Hie ehi-istenin' is io
be lit for ii Itnnsinn. Hul v-hl'10
might you bo goin', Mrs. Malone 7
You're nut welkin' down town?"
"I—I was goin' tu—tu dn some
Shopin'l" faltered Kitty Malone.
Now Mrs. Comlsky, for ull her
ponderosity and apparent obtuse-
ness, could soo through a stone wall
ns well as any one. This was nut
the lirst time she had known a neighbor tu slip timorously toward the
eity, i-nri-j ingfan empty bus et. Hut
she had not dreamed things hud
collie to such a puss with the onco
"aisy"  Maloiii'S.
"An awful nuisance the shoppin'
one must be doin'," she remarked
carelessly. She was looking ovor
Kitty's head at some object which
interested her. "1 spent every last
dollar Tim give me except fifty cents.
Um goin' to stop into his saloon nn
ine way hnnie. 'Tis lucky I met with
ye, if 'tis only the half dollar I got
left. This lung time I've lieen savin'
to Tim I must pny you for that hin.
'Tis on me conscience when I go to
confession the lirst Thursday of every
month." Her hearty latight sounded
pleasantly. "So here 'tis—an' wish-
in' it was five dollars 1 owed you —
I do now!"
"What—what hin?" whispered Kitty Malone.
"Och, hear the woman now!"   Mrs.
Comlsky was appealing to a   striped
barber's pole  near liy.   "The   Idack
] wan, to be sure!   The wan you     let
me have to make broth tor Leo when
you    liv.i! in the brick house.    'Tis
like    you to Iw forgettin' it!"    She
thrust the coin into Kitty's cold little claws of hands.   "Take a car —
do now!   You'll find the shops most
lllegnnt    flood  afternoon    to    you,
ma'am!"   Then Mrs. Comls'ty's gown
i was flopping after her in a way    she
I considered decidedly styliih, and Kit-
i ty Malone was shaking her head over
! the money in a dazed attempt to rc-
, call the debt.
"Glory  be to God!   What hin?    I
don't    mind    lettin'    her have enny
black wan—no. nor n white wan! Hut
she never looked at the basket. Sure
| now, I'll stop stewing mesoll about
'it!   'Twas the saints sent it Glo-
1 ry lie—" She   broke   of! in sudden
'• horror, the reverential rapture   with
i which she had accopted the    miracle
I worked In her behalf suddenly blotted
out.   "It    were    never the saints —
never!   What *ud they have   to    do
villi    a    woman who lould all    thu
blncv lies I did this day?    Three to
Dlnnyl"   She checked them oil on her
' lingers.   "Wan    to  Patty  Hotlernan,
! an' one to Mrs. Comlsky. Oh, wirrns-
; thrue!   What    kind    ot    a pinnnnce
1 won't Father Flynn be atther   laytn'
! on in"!   Five decades maybe—wan for
I aich—or the stations it might be! Me
. poor sowl!"
Never loomed Bastille before a prisoner as frowned tho grim gray wall
ot the building wherein is located '.he
County .".gent's olliee Itefor" the
shrinking gaze of Kitty Malone.
Never did feet more reluctant crimp
up the dirty stone-steps into the
dreary, many-angled room, with its
whitewashed walls based by a ilep
band of slate-colored paint, its two
slate-colored benches, its pillars nt
the same dismal hue. Never did neart
sink soddon in a woman's breast as
sunk hern whon. in obodlenco io a
motion from the policeman on duly,
to whom she had whispered her
street and number, she cropt to tie-
foot of nn" nf the wailing dn.'S of
applicants. Taere were three uf
tli"S" lines uf depressed, patient peoplo—men, women und children, Restricting and dividing each lino mi-.-
rails uf th,- universal dingy slunk-
that emphasized .lie melancholy atmosphere uf the plnce.
"Name'.''" aski-d llm voice in a
strong foreign accent,
She found herself looking u-i nt a
thin, mlddle-ogod man, with 11 nitrating eyes, u brownish mustaelin,
and un expression of keen irlel-
llgenco. Her name! Sho cast a lur-
rifled look uround. The applicants to
the rear were paling no attention to
her. The greater number carried yellow cards, more or less crumpled und
dirty, The man liehind the win low
spoke ngnin.
"Catherine," she answered nus'.ily
—"Cutherine Mnlone."
"Ever received nld from thc l*. un-
ty boforo?"
"N'o—oh. no. sir!"
"Got h"lp from-" He rnttl"'! oil
tho nomes of half a dozon pi.ilu-
throple and benevolent societies.
"Never, sir."
"Mai-i-i.-d — widow -single—d>S"rt-
"Married this forty-nine yenr to
Dennis Alolono, sir."
ride on the morrow,   Sin-   gripped il
Iuiiii    as    slie   haste I out ni tho
store, her precious packages undor
her arm. She almost brushed against
a young woman who was coming toward her.
"Mary Alire Ryan!" she (Tied, "an'
hnw is Larry?"
A pale and wnehegniio face, Iramed
in a black shawl which was hold under Hn- chin liy u bony liaiiil, luukcd
down on her.
"Had, Mrs. Malone. He screams
dreadful wiih Hie pain, The doctor
suys Hie kind nf hlp-dlsi*ase In- lms
can'l u* cured, It's hard—for a boy
Hint's been as strong as uny in tho
parish, if he hnd things tn play
with like rich boys——" The mother's voice 1 rnke there,
"An*—nn' ain't ho?" The dime wns
burning Kitty Midline's palm.
"Some empty spools—a tin can —
the cover of u picture book. That's
D wus just then thnt a whistle,
rent the air—just then thut n man
went by.
"Gimme a red wan!" cried Mrs.
Mnlone. "Vuu lie thnt to Larry's
wrist, an' le! him fly It, Wishu, womnn. don't ye tie for luiwlln'' What's
the nickels for, anyways, if thochlld-
ther ain't to get the good uf 'em' A
bit uf ii b'llnun, Indude'" And Kitty skiirried oft with n gesture of
magnificent si-urn for thut which the
master   called "trash."   She   found
shocked, quivering with nervous
fright, was nm seriously hurt.
"Don't say anythin1 iu the   man,
gentlei i!" she pleaded. " 'Twas me
own fnult I !iu gul rumniirin' whon
I'm alone I planum' how I'd stall
the turkey fur Thanksgiving I wus
when I gul in Un- \vn\. Sure," us
snine nne expressed regret fm- hor
loss, "what's ilu- vully of u lew
thnfles like .Imi same!"
She would not give her name nnd
address. She permitted horsell, how-
over, lo lie helped on 111" ear sh-
mentloncd. Sho rode homo in penniless, coffeoli'BS, heunli-ss slate. And
all the lime, quite uncnnselously, she
gripped lhe bit uf yellow pasteboard
in her fingers.
The sight uf n crowd gathered I e
lore her little shanty sent her reel
ing onward with a cry—faint, Ino1
I'ective, quavering,
Dennis'   Something   had happene
lu Dennis!   Dennis hud loomed of lie
deception, and the truth hnd    kille..
It was Patsv Heffernan who rens-
siirei! her—Potay capering around
and yelling lik,. an Indian, "There's
a soler—a snler—a rale sojer in
there'"  he siTcnllll'll.
A pot li wns made for the loitering
old figure, She gut to th" door. It
was oponed, The l-lacknots which
had descended the dny previous a-
guin came boforo her. This time It
wus lit liy dancing flecks ol    flame.
t.............. ..........
When, after the carnage was
aad ihe place had surrendered
victorious  troops of Maascna,
over     Rota was fifteen years old when her
Hi.   regiment was ordered to   cross   th*
W|th Alps and enter Italy,
' '» Hying and H," bands   playing, „„., ^^^-i'Mt^vlvandler.
marched into the doomed town. Cui-1 rades dang,
onel Lagardore, of the Twelfth Infantry, Hie hemic regiment which
took such a conspicuous part in tho
One dm
d-r-'s sn!
village --I
" d joys
lho morning,    Lairar-
mplod once more the
"ra, and once inure en-
lodgod   his   fatigued toldlert f""1 ""' --' *"-"t castle of the   Mol-
"How many children? Sex— mar-
rioa—employed—live at home?"
"Seven—live llvln' here—lwo above,
sir. Threo married, that has i il
they oan do to care tor their own.
Wan workln' to kape herself. Wan
in the Philippines, sir."
Would the questions never ciaso? A
queer blackness came in fragmentary
i-tuuds before her. She had eaten no
breakfast. There hod been •>■ -."
enough to leave for Dennis. Involuntarily she put out her htuul—clutihed
nt tho ledge to steady horse!.'. Suppose she were to be '.uke.. sick hero,
and it was put in the v.-.per It.
would kill Dennis. It would break
Nora's heart. Delia could never
hnld up her head again! She must
keep her dreadful Becret! Still questions—questions! She answered them
as best sho could. Her age. her husband's, their nationality, the causo
ot their distress.
"That's all. The man looked up
from his writing. "A visitor will
call to Investigate, That's all now."
Thon Kitty found hesself outside
thc wooden paling. A stream of people wore surging across the room to
nnother window on the opposite side
—a window behind which barrels and
boxes, sacks and bundles, all containing necessaries of life, rose In a
mighty idle straight up to the ceiling. The portly policeman tnok pity
on her bewilderment.
"You'll be around to-morrow," he
assured her cheerfully. "Visitor will
got to your place to-day. H'ell glvo
you a ticket.   Come in to-morrow."
She did not know how she got out
on Clinton street. She was buffeting
her way back, her empty basket
dangling on her arm, and in her
heart deep disappointment—a bitter
despair. She did not know that, had
she stated how Immediate was their
necessity for relief, she need not have
waited for help until otter the formal
investigation. Now her only wild
desire wns to get bacv before the
visitor arrived—to make sure Dennis
would not grasp the Import ot that
humiliating visitation. Surely, surely
folks were prosperous this year!
Surely this was to be a grand
Thanksgiving! Sho could not remember ever having dodged so many
dangling turkeys before the doors of
the butcher shops. She hnd walked
the whole way back—she was nenr
their poor dwelling before she remem-
bered that tightly clenched In her
hand she held tho fifty cents Mrs.
Comlsky had given her foi the black
hen of elusive memory.
"Glory be!" she criod, "an' me to
be co.uplaln'! Mc—that*, got a
han'lul o' sliver." Hut suddenly she
l*nit her brows crafylly—walked more
slowly, lt was wllh much deliberation that the made some purchases.
Meat was one. She knew that except to the families of tho old soldiers no meat was furnished to thc
poor bv the County. She took with
her only tw-o ounces of tea and a
loaf ol hr«ad.   She would come    Ior
thc fire out and Dennis asleep. He
hod managed to crawl over to the
lied. He wns still sleeping when the
man sent from the County Agent's
made his appearance. He looked
sharply around the bare, orderly
room, opened drawers nnd bins,
scrutinized the smnll blocks heap in
the coal hox, asked a lot more questions, nil of which Kitty insisted on
.answering outside the little ramshackle house lest "himself" should
hear, and finally gnve Kitty n yellow ticket which she was to present
| for "single rations."
1 It is the first step that counts.
Kilty found her second deception less
difficult than her lirst. She had
stayed with Norn the previous day.
She had not gone to market. Yes.
Alary Ellen wns quite recovered. And
now sure she must be off if they
were to have a bite ot Thanksgiving
dinner at all, at nil!
"Ye won't lie exthravagont, Kitty?" lie again implored. "We can't
have over much left in the bank. A
bit n' baron now—■"
I " 'Twas nieself was thlnkin' a bit
o' bacon 'ud be rule tasty!"   shea-
, greed eagerly.   "Turkey's that ondi-
" 'Tls now.   An' it's never   meself
!cud get to likin' them sour cranberries.   A  Idled potaty an' a    bit    o'
"Sure, what more cud the Prince o'
I Wales    ask?"  demanded Kitty    Ma-
. inne.
,   That day she duly    presented    her
■yellow ticket at the window marked
: "Southwest." She, too, received her
coal check, and the "single rations"
which were her due. Could she carry
them all home?   The flour was    un-
I wieldy. She had mode a public demand—she had asked tor and received
i charity for thc first time in all her
cheerful, uncomplaining, hard-working, heroic old life. And tho knowledge stung her.   Her thin cheek was
: crimson. Her laded eyes had a
strange glitter. She had begged —
she'—And she knew If It werc to save
[Dennis from suffering she would   do
, it  again.   What would her    children
■say If they knew!   Thomas, who was
,mnil carrier: Nora of thc scat possessions and tender heart; Delia, who
was u credit to the family when she
came to Boo them, wearing her best
clothes; Muluehi, who would glvo If
he had it—to any one, for the tnnt.--
ler nf thnt: nnd lindy—the baby nf
the family, "the lies! nf the bunch!"
us Dennis put it. Sh'1—their mother
—had disgraced them all! A rush of
tears blinded her.
"Look   nut'" "Get nut nf there!"
"III!" "You'll be " "There— she's
She was rrossing the street when
the shrill Babel of cries assailed her.
Startled, confusod, chi stood still.
The delay was fatal. The next Instant the speeding street car had
caught the skirt uf her gnwn. She
fell — rolled over—ovor. A donse
crowd gathered instantly.   An angry
She staggered—fell forward.
"Mother!" The wnnl Bounded Irom
a vast, distance, "She's coming to—
mother!" Strung arms were around
her. A man's face Lent over her—a
brave, good tace, brown and rugged,
with straight mouth, square chin
and eyes lull of loving solicitude.
"I didn't think my surprising you
would givo you such n turn, mother!
I was wounded a while liack. I got
leave witii some others. I wanted to
be with ynu and father fnr Thanksgiving, 1 got most of my lack pay
saved. Here, drink this wine Tim
Comisky sent ovt>r. Mrs. Comlsky is
cooking supper. She come in with
a busket just before I got here. I had
Mary Alice Ryan buy our Thanksgiving dinner. I told her to get the like
for Lorry and herself while she wns
nliout it. What—what are you looking for?"
Their eyes met. " 'Tis yourself is
a skeleton, mother." he snid. "We've
got to get you good and hearty a-
galn." He had looked away. He kept
his face turned from her. She put
her nrm around ids neck — drew his
head down to her breast.
"Rody, you—you know!"
"Oh, mother!" He could get no tur-
thcr. lie crushed n bit of cardboard
in her hand. "Mother, if—if 1 hadn't
come "
" 'Tls your mother's gettin' gay,
Rody!" cried Dennis. "Visitin' yesterday! Gallnvantln* again to-day!"
He cackled joyously. "I was think-
In' she'd use all our money on car
fare. Then, mebbo," laughing ngain
at his own joke, "we might have to
go to the County for help—Kitty an'
"No tear ot that," Rody laughed
back at him. lie was holding in his
fond and faithful grosp the nervous
hnnds which held some torn scraps
ot yellow paper. "No fear—oh, mother?"
"No—glory be lo Ond!" cried Kitty Malone. "Glory, an' "
Her soldier son bowed his head.
! "Thanksgiving!" he said.
Quite on extensive business Iii "second-hand" ships lms been worked up
| by Hie British, who sell a large number of tholr old vessels eoeh year.
1,01,1. year they disposed of n total
tonnage  uf 512,701    tuns,   408,11011
I tons lieing steamships und 90,800
tuns soiling vessels. Tu Germany
went 101 .(Ml!! ions; tu Italy, 7H,iii)U
tuns. 10 Japan, 80,828 tons, and to
Norway, 09,702 Ions.
Tallies Indicate Hint aboul IH por
cent, ol lhc tonnage wus built before
1881), nearly 4,1 per cent, boforo
IH8!*,, 02 per cent, before 18B0,
78 per cent, before 1895 und uvi-r
uu.li per cent, before I'.nui. In addition tn tlie second-hand tonnago
transferred tn foreigners, 52,404 tons
were transferred io British colonics
during 1905, as compiii-i-d with !I7,-
404 tons in 1904, 02,900 Ions in
1003 and 82,008 luu* iu 1900,
•ni Hi-       .^^__^^_^^^^_
11 the half demolished castle of Fer-
■iii-ii, tin- huge mediaeval dwelling of
be    noble    family of th
Nothing sn gratifying tu th" victnr
S  In  plant   llis  tent   upon  Hie    spot
hich bus cost him mure   blood    tn
This cnstle nf Ferrura had been,
during tlm whnle day, the main objective point of attack of Lagardero'a
veterans, und its capture had boon
dearly bought.
Tho Aiistriiins, wllh lhat undaunted courage and dogged determination
characteristic of their nu-", had defended Hie ancient walls of the formidable palace-fortress for seven
hours un.l hml only been driven frnm
their ramparts after the must desperate assaults.
Ai longth the bravo defenders hnd
boon forced lo yield end now, toward sunset, Hie tricolor nf France
waved triumphantly uver the parapets.
Colonel Lagardore, standing in th"
courtyard of Hi" castle, wns Interrogating n few prisoners which his
troops had made, when several of his
mon, who hnd boon searching for refugees, emerged from tlie basement uf
Hie eust!.'. bringing In their arms a
"Colonel, said an old sergeant,
"!i,-i'"'s n very Interesting prisoner we
hnve inst cnoliireil."
"II is n girl." cried 11 soldier, "and
a beautiful girl, Inn. Look nl her,
comrades, n typical lin'" Piodmon-
tesse. wilh 11 ick coal hair and blue
Tbe Colonel took Ibe el-lid in his
nrms. She threw l"'r lin!" nrms n-
ruiind his neck, looked nt him nnrl
She wns scn-elv five yours nld: vol
her plump Hole form shook with
four inn! lv!- wil-!. frightened looks
told eloquently of lh" terrors sh" had
Ruf-crod during Hie 'ong hours si*.,
bin! remained in that d"rk. cold
Inisi'iei'iit. seated near !h" Inanlmat-
ed body "f lu-r nurse, who had boon
klRed i-i"-i'- in the mi-mire- hy a
Htrnv bullet which pierced her heart.
When 1!"' victorious French soldiers
while searching for fugitives und
plunder found h.-r she was not Intimidated.
Strango ns it mny npnenr, th"
sight of all those men nrineii with
swords and bayonets did imt frighten
Victor Hugo has said tbat children
feel joy and fear without knowing
why. "They have a monitor within."
"What is your nnme.
asked Colonel Lagardcn
"Rose," she answered,
name is Nanette,  hut
lords ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
,.,     But it was dllTercnt now. The town
princes of  ""'[ "!"'""l  its doors tn  the  French
without resistance; the
1-1 Isheif
had hen no
anti-French as
nevertheless offered
to    Lagnnlere   and
The Mnllnrd family now    lived   In
their    pnluce,   and
Ihey    were, they
thoir hospitality
his nltliers ^^^^^^^^^^^
They innk their Indglngs in tht
Pillar.', nnd. uf course, brought RnM
"lth them.
, "*-* "  Milliard,  th.- proud chatelaine, felt from th,. first moment th.
 :','•■*" l"'**r"*"  'nr lh" young girl.
/-1"' 'I'l'S'-i.-,!  h.r „! I   h,.r  !,,„,
ahout her parenta, hnr ambitions and
Suddenly  sh,
hnd spuken a!
little girl"1"
,   with deep
"nnd nurse's
she's    nsleep
uttered n cry, Row
ll her childhood She
told Mm- J,- Mollard the hlsiory so
o'l :• ropento I to her bj the soldlnrt
nf 1!-." Twelfth, nf ihe assault of
Casili- l-'i-rrnrn. nnd how sh,. hud been
discovered in Hie cellar, tnken out lu
th" arms of tl..- soldiers and aftor-
word adopted daughter of the regiment.
"You ore my long-lost daughle.,"
cried Mine, do Mnllnrd
What tunk place then needs nu description. The tears of mother and
daughter mingled nnd their hearts
melted with loy.
Nexl morning Mme V. Hard sum-
iin ned Cm!, 1 el Lagardore, explained
In bim lh.- siuniMiii an.I nsl:--:! hlm
to leave li- so willi hi r.
"Madame." renlled tin- veteran,
'■God forgive thai I should deprive
you "f tho love of yuur daughlor,
Hut remember thai wo, to",
lo\e her, -I'u Ins.- ti.-r would be
very hard for i.s Nevertheless, your
requesl, being a lust one, !
siirc-est thnl we .i'i 1 - to K<>s.-
di-ei :on !.--' mh consul! her
promise ib.-it if she chooses ti
main wilh mn *'i" will remain
at the same time,  if she
come with us" ^^^^^^^^^^^m
"Oh!" cried the mother, "she will
remain with me I know sh" will"
-|*li" Duchess nin! the Colonel both
spnk" tn her. nnd, i"i i' In- said in
honor nf the !.liter, although he lov.
.-.I Hn- giri uiih nil lh-- affection nf a
father, In- i'l! nm hesitate In point
i"it to l)--r the advantages of remaining et home.
"What can ynur future bc if you
follow' us?" Ii" snid. "On tin- other
hand, bv staying with your mother
ynu will find lovo 'th.- only thing wo
can give you) nnd fortune, which we
cannot odor you."
lius. threw herself into the arms uf
the nn! lo soldier nnd wept.
"This    is n verv serious matter,"
she suid at  length.   "Give me twenty-four hour* tn d"cide,"
Next day. her mother, wilh nil the
I  I
prefers    10
nmv persuasive power nf motherly    nffee-
"W"hcrc is vnur momma?" tho Col- ''on. had bogged hor to remnln.
onel continued. ''You   nro   no* "Vl>n French,"  she
"Out.   She    went    out with Papa sold.   Then she ndded: "If you leave
and Joe." '*>" again, I shall die."
Investigations were begun nt   one Roso looked nt   her    inotlmr:    her
tn find nut who the child's   parents heart  was won    She was    ahnut to
werc, but without result. reply, "I'll stay." when sudd.-nly '.ho
Night  hud fullen, and the   villnge earth    shook    with the report  of a
had    been deserted liy Its frightened cun.
Inhabitants. The enemy was attacking    A  hat-
Llttle Rose,   no    doubt,    belonged tl" was aliout to l-egln,
there, but no nne could be found that Th" bugles    of th"    Twelfth called
cuuld Identify her.
Search wns postponed until th"
next day.
Hut something unexpected happened. At midnight the village wus attacked liy 111" Austriniis. A frightful
battlo took plnce.
Lagardcro's trnups were dislodged
from th" cast I.-, and nn the morrow
a retreat wns ordered.
The Colonel took the child along
with hini.
th" B-dilicrs tn th" rnnVs.
Colon"! I.ngnrder" jumped into his
"Forward!" he cried.
Rose ran to lhe window She be-
i-eii! "h"r" regiment nmrching to tho
firinc  line.
"Forgive n>". mother!" she cried.
"I cannot leave theni when they nre
gnme tn i'i" "
And scl'lne th" bullct-rlridled flag
nf the regiment she marched with
her soldier friends.
Two yenrs have passed.
The Twelfth Infantry hns continued
its glorious rureer, greatly .listing-j j
uishing itself nt l.odi. Dego, Monte-' jipth an() Mollv „.„rn neighbors, and
notte nnd Arcole. Bonaparte has tncrc „.ns „ high wall between their
commended !t nn several occasions in fathers' c-nrd-ns. Molly had her play
his famous orders of the day nf the ,„.,„,„ „n nI„, si,-|e ,,f the «-a!l. und
Army ot Italy Hath had hers on the other side. Mol-
The regiment has a flag of   honor !v-s „n„se    wttS [ul| „f pretty    pink
and n daughter.
Little Hose has been adopted and
she marches, camps und lives among
her soldier Iriends. She only leaves
them on the dnys of buttle, when
Colonel Lugurdere sends her   with   a
scout to a place of safety far   from aum|, waiter," wont on Doth,   "and
the firing line, sny 'Bridget, make some tooty-frooty
She is the idol of those stern war- rr„am nn,-| 0 charlotte rucho   imine-
dish"B, and Beth had a little
with kettles and saucepans.
"I'll be Hridget, and cook," said
Rath, "and you be Mrs. Spreadeaglo,
and give a party."
"And you must call   through    the
riors, nnd all through the army of
Itnlv she is known us the Daughter
ot the Twelfth.
The    regiment   has    returned     to
France and little Rose hus bo"n,   for
thc last five years, attending school.
I    She    la now a lioautiful    girl    of
twelve,   Everybody   now   calls    for ting a cake In her littlo basket.   She
"Mademoiselle;" everybody   but   her handed the basket to Jar"      d Jack
1 soldier friends.   I'm- them she is still
"I'll bo the dumb waiter and pas.
ever ynur things," said Jack, seating himself un the wall.
"All right." said Molly. "Oh, Bridget," sii" shunted, "make some two-
footed cream."
Yes, mum." answer".! Hridg.-t, put-
handed il I" Molly.
Hut  alas!   When  Airs. .daaglo
Inuked inlo the basket it was empty,
and on top of the wall sat the diiniD
waiter, munching .he cake.
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     Nnuc'itv Jack wus n littl" ashuin-
tlmi sh" may stay with his pel.   "Vour cream must have molted,
"little RoBO," and she would nut answer them II they called her by nnolher nnme
On Severn] occasions f'olon<-l Lagardore ban thought of sending her tu
his In,
own fninily,  but sh.- has ulwayi
fused, and besides ihe soldiers   have
never consented 10 port frnm tier.
She knuws no other    parents,    nn
other brothers, no .ither friends   than
theso stern warriors  slu- Uvea among
I thorn, and im fninily wns ever   more
devoled, respectful nnd  loving to
mum," he suggested.   "Better try u-
So they sent up Hi" bnski't again,
and this time it brought down three
enormous nd and yellow apples frum
Jack's big pockets.
"'lh. Jack, you ut'e good'" cried
Molly.   "A'uu can havo a i-ioce uf n-y
young girl tlinn thoso soldiers are tu party.
their adopted daughter. Sn Mrs   Sproadcaglt, Buidgot    and
She Is their pride and they more t),e dumb waiter sat down togi-di-r,
tlinn love—thev worship Her and 11 |olller parti  in i-'-r !.■-*■ ■   •
**" VV 1 L_ L_ 1 J-w      iini v uv       a   ■ B  -w       .w.--™
Dear Tommy—Thc bass fishing in very good now, but thc September sun
antl the gnat9 make it very disagreeable.
So I made a portable fan for Papa like this diagram.
The next time we went out was on a hot, sultry day, but the fan made it,
all right.
1 wtjy*ms*if+ y^WjV
.    H 1*1 /s/~    J", 1-, /=*K
11-. //yN^|V>.,//ii/<^^ iilfW^
Papa enjoyed it so much that he arranged the cushions for a nap.
He moved in his ' *p and the blades of the fan got caught in his hair.
Then he rolled overboard, and, gracious I but didn't I catch it!
Yours. Willie.
- c '„> -
\V      i. j/
tf ^ • ■<
7? j Cr- 7"
S^C ''V^> ^L-
#  ,7 ■ W \ )
V  y     VI    CC'TO    '   /
5        -     '
( j\ ; \     ' >**.
 UAJ llliil carry awny  iiitjuui   >■"<"  *»» it
scribed lnmls in Ilic Hnnd district, ol Wosl
Commencing at a imst planted about H mlli
from fimt Imnk of Columbia river, about Vri mllei
below ftocky Point, marked "0. V. Llndmark'i
south-west comer post," llionce tost 160 cluilna,
imrlli -in chains, weal inn clialna, south -in cliains
in -point of commencement,
Commenolng at a pom planled nbnut}mile
from eaal bank of Columbia rivor, nnil aboutIM
mllea below Houky I'olnMnarked "C. F. Mud-
mark's nortb*woBt cornet poit," tbonco eon .'OD
hains, smith 411 clialna, wust ltW clialns, nm.   .'»
CliaiUS tO ptlillt nf riilntllt'llci'illflll.
Dated Nov. mh, looo.
Commencing at a poat plantod about I mile
from unst imnk nj Columbia rivor, and almut J^
milo below Itocky Point, marked "li. V. Llmi-
mark's auiith-woalcorner post," tbenee imrlli Hid
chains, cost •"■ clialna, aouth IQQ chains', wosl in
chaiua tu point of commencement.
Commencing at n nnst planled about lUj
miles 111.m cnsl bank nf Culiimmu river, ami almnt
i inili- below Itocky Point, mnrked "U, P. Lind-
mark's south-west cornor poat," thenco north 100
rIinins, cast 4ii chains. south 160 chains, weaUlO
chains to polul of commencement,
Commencing al a poat plantcil about Si utiles
from east bunk of Columbia river about} mile
below Itocky Poinl, marked "0. I*'- l.imlniark's
mnitli-wcit cornor poat," tlienco norlh mu cliains,
east It) clialna, soutli In chalna, weit 40 clialna to
point of coiumeiicoinent.
(.'ouiim iiclug at a post planted about VA
miles from eait liauk of ' nlumblu river nml a hunt
1 mile below Kocky puint, uiarked "Q, P. Llmi*
mark'smintli-weil corner poat," thencu nortli wo
cluiliiH, ei.-I l» - liains, south 100cliains,woat 40
chalnaIn jiolnl of commencement,
Coinn.. in ni.. at a posl iiiiinii'il nlnnit ll
miles i,i-iii v.M imnk of Columbia rivor and
about 1 miii- below Itocky l'uiui, inarked ' C.
r, idndiin k'sxiiuth-woat corner poat" thouce
norlli Uiu idai.lis, easi 4u < limns, soulh Kin
chain-, win .< chains to pointol commenc-
I'm iiiioiicii'i; at a posi planted about 3J4
lulli'Mi.uu ci-i Imnk uf Columbia river, and
about 1> mil • bolow Itocky Pulut, marked »C.
F. Lllidmark'a nuUtlMVOit eurner poit," theiieo
norm Ino oliallll, tast -iu ehuins, suuth Uiu
chain**, wt-M 40 coal na to pointof commence
i't. ".I Nov. Gill, l-AIti, |
ami  iiiiij   .......   l ,v.   ,,«.,..  „.» .■  ..
dcsorlbed lands:
l. m. Boaton'sB, E.Corner Post, commend*
mt; nt a poat about J-f mile north ol Kelly Creek
and ( mile east ol hsb (reck, Uience north 18o
chaiua, west 40 ebains, bo utli 100 elinins, east
io ohains iu point uf commoncomont.
si tl, Beaton's B. w. t orner Post commenolng at a post about1, mile nuiili "I Kelly Creek
one-bull mllo cast oi Hsb Creek, thOUCfl north
80 chains, east 80 uhalnsi south su chains, west
ni i- li iii us lo point of .joiiiiiiencemeiit.
Si, M, Hoaton's N. W. Corner Post, comment*
luu at a post nbuut ttirei* miles up Hoyd Creek,
one mile easl nl Dominion line, thence south
su chains, east 80 ehains, nurth HO chains, wesi
Suehalns io point of commencement.
4. M. Beaton's N. W. Corner Post, comment-
ing at a post about our miles up Hoyd Creek,
on trail two miles cast Domiuiou line, theuce
south itti) eliains, easi si) chains, north Sii chains
west so chains io point of commoncement.
■ri. M Boaton'sB. W. Corner Post, commencing ata post about three miles up Hovd Creek
one mile cast of Dominion line, ihence east«)
ehains, north SU chains, west su cliains, south
su ohains to point of coramonoomout,
Nov, 'il, I'M.     sat nov : 1      M, UK A TON.
ntixiamiuii, .«. .... ..-. W1„, h ... IIIIW|IUI1 w ,,.
Company to build, equip, maintain and e(] ]ftnjS( situaled in the Wesi Kootenny
operate a line or lines of railway of stand-1 jisti'ui on lhe wesi side of I'pper Arrow
nrd or other gunge,  with  any  kind  of I Lake in the Fosthall Valleyi
motive power from n poini on I'pper Arrow j    Commencing nl :i posl inarked "T. S,
Mel'lierson's south-wesl   eorner    post.
ke, West Kootenay, near Arrowhead,
llienee following ine Colnmbla Kiver
northerly on cither side to a poim at or
near lhe confluence of Canoe  Kiver wilh
Notice is hereby alien that 80 days afterdate l
Intend lu apply to tbo Chief Commissioner of
I-nmlB and Wnrks fora sueelul license to eut and
carry away timber from lhe following doscribod
lands sititiiti'il in the Big Bond district of Wosl
Commencing at a post marked "(\ K Liu 1-
mark'a south-WOlt eorner post," plaiitedubout20
chains suuth from the north-east cornerof Lot
1880, thottce north tju chains, theuce enst 4U cliains,
thence nuith 40 chains, theuce, cast oo chains,
theuce uouth )00 ehaiiis, thence west lou chains tn
point of cmumeiirement.
Dated Oct, Hath, MOB.
Certificate of Improvements
Silver Boll Miuernl Claim, situnto iu the Rovelstoko Mining Division of West Kooteuay
Whoro located --Keystone Mountain.
"Take notice thai I, James [.Woodrow, F.M.C.
No. BSMUO, njjent for Alex. W. Mcintosh. F.M.
C. MCI'I Goo. Johnson, F.M.C. 888174, and
Elizabeth MoMahon. F.M.C. No. RS8041,intend,
sixty days from the date hereof, to apply tu the
Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, fur tho purpose of obtaining a Crown
Urant of the aliove claim.
And further take notice that action, under
section 37, must lie commenced before the issuance of such Certificate nf Improvements.
Dntod this26th day of October, A.D., 1900.
oct 27 JA8. 1 WOODROW.
Notice is lioroby given that 80 days aftei date
I intend to apply to iim Chief Commissioner of
Lands aud Works for u special liconso to cut
and carry away timbor from tho following de*
■scribed lauds situate In East Kooteuay dUtrlcl:
1. Commeuoiug at a post plnuled on tho
south-easl bank of Wood Hivor about-mile
below tho we.ii fork and marked ■* E. McBoan's
soiith-wost col nor," thence north mi chains,
llionce east 80 chains, llionce suulh 80 chains,
llionce wesl 80 chains to the poim of commencement.
2. Commonolug at a post t hinted on tho
south-east bank of Woou Biver about2 milos
licluw tho west fork and markod "E, Mcllonu'.-.
norl h-west corner," them'u east tti) ohftlus,theuco
soutli 80 chains, thouco wosl so chains, theuco
planted at the norlh-wesl cornerof Lot
.Slu; ihence north So eliains, ihenee ensl
Ko eliains, llienee south -So eliains, ihence
ehains to (he puiui id couituuiicatnotil-
con-ii mei um ol the Company u undertaking! and to conned with and enter iirto
iratlie or other arrangements with railway,
steamboat or oilier companies- and to
exercise such powers as are granted by
pails 4 anil 5 of the " Water Clauses
Consolidation Acl "j and for all rights,
[lowers and privileges necessary in or
incidental lo the premises, and for oilier
Daled at Revelstoke, B.C., ihis 31st day
of August, 1906,
Solicitors for lhe Applicants.
the Columbia Kiver ami ihenee following j W(Jb* -g0 chains to poim of commencement,
along Canoe Kiver on eilher side, to n containing 640 acres, more or less,
point at or near Tete Jaune Cache, on Located 23rd day of November, 1906.
Fraser River, with power to construct, nov 2g wed Ti Si MelMIKKSON.
operate and maintain branch lines lo any
point within twenty miles from the main
Hue of railway; and wilh power to con-
siruei, operate ai\, maintain all necessary
bridges, roads, ways and ferries; and to
construct, acquiic, own and maintain
wharves and docks in connection Ihere-
with; and to construct, own, acquire,
equip ami maintain steam and other vessels and boats and operate the same on
any navigable waters, and to construct,
operate and maintain telegraph and telephone lines along thc routes of the said
railway and its branches, or in connection
therewith, and to transmit messages for
commercial purposes; 10 generate electricity and supply light, beat and power,
and erect, cons* rnut, build and maintain
llie necessary buildings and works, and lo
generate any kind of power for lhe pur-
poses aforesaid,or in connection therewith,
ward; and to acquire and receive
from any Government, corporation or persons, grants of laud,  money,   bourn
Notice is hereby given that 60 days
from date I intend to apply tothe Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, BA\, for purchase of following
described lands in Lillooet district:
Commencing at a posl marked "T. Kllpatriek's norlh-west corner," situated
aboul i mile from wesl bank of Upper
Adams river and two aud a half miles from
head ol Adams lake, running 40 chains
south, 80 chains east, 40 chains north, So
chains west, containing 320 acres more or
Dated Nov, ulh, 1906.
Notice is hereby given thai 60 days after date 1
intend to apply to the Honourable the Chief Commissioner nf Lands and Works fnr permission to
purchase ihe lollowlng described lands In the district of West Kootenay, Revelstoke division:—
Comment'iim at a post planted oil thfl west hank
of the Columbia River about half a mile lielow
Priest Rap'uls ainl mnrked "W, 11. Siitiierland's
nortli*wost cui ner post," thence sonth 20 chains,
thenceeast lo chains more or less tothe west bank
nf the Columbia Itiver; them-e in a north-westerly
direction and following the west bank of the Culumbia River to tlie point "f commencement.
Dated thia lltth dav ol October, M8.
Notice Is hereby given that 80 days after dule
we iflftndto apply to the Hon. chief Commissioner of lands and Works (or a special lleenst
lo cut and carry aivay timber from the following described lands 011 Hallway Creek In West
Kootenay district:
1, Commencing at a post planted at the
south-wesl joriier of T L, No. 7109, and marked
"L.W.L Co. KB.C", thence 8j chains north,
thence Su chains west, then.e 80 chains south,
thence east 80cliains to placoof couiuiencement,
2, Commencing at a post planted at the
north-west coruer of V, L. no ~<i'A2, snd marked
"L.W.L.Co N.EC", theni;: su chains south,
thence 80 chaiua west, thence 8U ehains nortli,
thence so chains eaat to place of commence
3, commencing at a post planted atthe
south-east cornerof T, L. No. "lot', and marked
"L.W.I-Co. B.W.O.. tbenee north SU chaius,
theuce eaat 80 chains, thence suiitn 80 clialns,
thence west 80 ehains to place of coin men cement.
4, Commencing at a post planled at tbe
north-east cornerof T.Lr.No.763S,and marked*
"L.W.L.Co. B,W.C."i ihenee north 80 ch.ins,
Uience east so chains, thence south SOehalus,
tbenee west 80 chalna toplaceofcommeuce*
5, Commencing at a post planted at the
south-east corner of Location No, 4 and marked
•■L.W.L.Co. 8.W.C." thence east WO chains,
thence north 40 chains, thence west 1*80ohalna.
iheuce aouth 40 chains to place of commencement.
li. Commencing at a post plauted at the
north-east, comer of T.L. No. 7032, and marked
"L.W.L.CO. S.W.C ", tlience eaat 16Uchains,
thenco south 40 chaina, thence west 100 obaina,
thence north 40 chains to place of commence*
Dated tnis 21th day of November, 1900.
7. Commencing at a noat planted about 4u
ohains nurth of the south-west cornerof Location No 2, ahout 800 feel Irom west bank of a
small oreek and marked, -L.W.L.Co. B.K.C.",
theuce north 60 chains, thence west 80 ehains,
ihence south 80 chains, ibeuce east 80 chains
tu place of commencement,
s. Commencing al a posl planted at the
soulh-wesl cornerof T.LNo. 7030 and marked
"LW'.L.Co. a.K.C", thenoe north 80 chains,
thenco wosl SH chains, llionce soulh 80 chain-,
thenco east ni chains lo place of commence-
Dated this26th day of November, 1900,
Lamb-Watson Lumber Co., Limitkd,
dec 3 wed ^_____^___
mouth of ilie wesl fork ami inarked "IC Mi
Dean's north-west eoruer," thenee suuth IO
chains, thence east 10 (hams, ihence norm WO
ehaliiM, tlience west 49 ohains to the point ol
Dated this ictii da* of August, ltwo.
■I. Commencing at a pust planted on the
uorlh-woKt bank of Wuod Kiver, jusl almvo Hi
mouth of the west fork nn I marked 'H. M
Roan's south-east corner," thence north su
chains, ihenee west 89 chains, thenee south 80
eliains, theuce cast 89 chaius to the point of
Dated this 20th day of'August, HWii.
6, Commeuelng at a pusl plantod on the
south-east bank ol Wood lliver. op|.oalle the
muiithofthe wesl fork and maiked "li .McHean's south-west corner," ihoneo north 80
eliains, iheiu-e east 8U ehains, thence souih 80
chalna, thenee wesi89 ehains lo the pointof
comment emeu t,
ti Commencing at a post planted on the
north-west bank of Wood Kivor about l mile
below thc montli ol tho west fork and marked
"K McBean's south-east comer," th nee north
40 ehains, east 49 chaiua, north 49 chains, west
80 ehniiis, south 49 chains, wesi 4Uchains somh
40 chains, enst 89 chains lo the point ol com-
7 Commencing at a pw&t planted on the
norlh-west bank of Wood River nbuut I mile
beluw lhe wesl fork and marked "K. McHean's
uorth-oast corner," thence souih 40 chains,
thence west Ul chains, Ihoneo south iu ehains,
theuce west bt) ehains, theuce north lo chains,
thence easl 40 chaius, thence north 40 chains,
tbenee caat tie chains lo the point of commence
8, Commencing at a post planted on the
south-east bank of Wood Rivor aljut 4 mllea
below the west fork and marked "E McHean's
south-wesl eurner," thenee norlh 100 chains,
thence east 40 chains, ihenco south 169 chains,
thence west 41) chains to the pointol com-
Dated ihis 21st day of August, 1UUG.
9 Commencing at a post planted ou tbo
norlh-west bank of Wood River aud 2 milOB
below Jump-up crock and marked "E. McHean's soulh-east coruor," thence cist lOu
chains, theuce norlh 49 ohains. them-e west 100
chains, thence aouth 49 chains to the point 01
19. Commencingat a post plained on the
north-west bankof Wood River about2mites
below Jump-up Criek and maiktd "E, McHean's south-east comer," thenee west 89
chains.thence north 8n clialna, thence east 80
ehains, thenee south 89 chains to the poiut of
Dated this 22nd day of August, 1006.
noY'-Hsat E- MeBEAN.
Notico is hereby givon that thirty days after
date we inteud tu apply to tbo Hon. Chiof Commissioner of Lands aud Works for spocial licenses to cut and carry away timbor irom the
following described lands:
1. Commouciug at a post planted about h
milo north of Kelly Creek, J milo oast of Fish
Creek, thouco eust 80 chains, south 80 chains,
west 81) chains, north 80 chains to point of commencement- ,
2, Bowman Lumber Company B north-west
corner post, commencing at a post about two
miles up Hoyd Creok at tho Dominion lino ihjsI
thenoo south 80 chains, oast BO chains, north 81)
chnius, west 80 chuina to poiut of commencement.
'A. Bowman Lumber Company a south-oast
cornor post, commouciug at a post about two
iniles up Boyd Creek, at Dominion lino; theuco
north Mi chuius, wost 80 cliains, south 80 chains,
east 80 chaius to point of commeucomout.
4. Bowman Lumbor Company's uorth-oast
corner post, commouciug ut a post about tliree
miles up Boyd Crook and ono milo east of Domiuiou line; theuce souih 81) chains, west 80
chains, north 8U cbuloe, east 81) chains to point
of commeucemeut.
Bowman Lumbor Company s south-west
cornor post, commouciug at a post about two
milos up Boyd Crook, at Dominion line post;
thouco uorth 80 cliains, oast 81) chaius, south »i
chaius, west SOohains to pointof commoiico*
mont. ,       ,      ..
0. Commencing at a post planted on the
south-east comer of Timber Berth No. 866, on
Fish Croek; thouco norlh ItiO chains, oast 40
chuius, south 100 chains, wost 40 chaius to point
of commencement.
Datod Nov. 21st, WOO.
nov 24 sat     Bowman Lumukr Co., Ltd.
Notico i» hereby given thai 60 .lays
from dale* 1 iiiiend 10 apply 10 lhe Chief
Commissioner of Lands anil Works ,-il
Victoria, B. C, I'or purchase of following
described lands ill Lillooel dislrict:
Commencing HI a post planled near
soulh side of Otter Creek, 3 iniles north of
Adams Lake marked "W, S. Burton's
south-wesl corner," running So elinins
easl, 40 chains norlli, 80 chains west, 40
chains south, containing about 310 acres.
Dated Nov, 12II1, 190(1.
nov 14 W. S. BURTON,
Nolice is hereby given ilinl do days
from dale I intend to apply to the Cliief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works al
Victoria, B.C., lor purchatoof lollowlng
described lnnds in Lillooel dislricl:
Commencing al a posl plnntod near
soulli side ol Oiler Crook, 3 miles norlh
ol Adams Lake, marked "A, McConnell't
iioilh-wi'sl corner," running 40 chain,
south, (in elinins ensl,,|ii elinins iiiii-ili, 80
ehnins wesl coiiHiiiiini', ahoul ,vo acres.
Daled Nov. Nlli, 190G,
nov 14
The Pingston Creek Lumber Com
puny, Limited, bus gone into voluntary liquidation under the nlmve Act
nnd has appointed John II. Jueksun,
of the city of Revelstoke, B. 0., ac
ciiiintnnt, Itsliquldatoi for the purpose
of such winding-up.
The creditors of the above Company,
which bus its head office in snid city of
Ilevelstoke, and all others having any
claims iigninst said Company nre re-
quired, on or before ll.e 1st day of
January, 1007, to send to Harvey, Mc-
Carter & Pinkbiun, solicitors for said
liquidator, nt their olliee First Street,
Kevelstoke, H. ('., their .mines nmi
addresses nnd descriptions, und the
full particulars ol ihulrclalms or debts
verilli'd liy nalli and llie niilii.e niul
amount nf the securities, if any, held
by thorn und ll.e spcolHed value of
such securities, nnd, If so required by
nolice iu writing from suid liquidator
or his solicitors, tn come in uud prove
their said debts or claims in the usual
way, at such time nnd place as shall
bu specilleil in such notice.
After the first day of January, 1007.
tho snid liquidator will proceed to distribute the assets of tl.e Company
amongst the pari ies entitled thereto,
having regard only to the claims of
whicli he then bus Inul notice, and the
liquidator will bot then lie liable for
the assets or any part thereof so distributed, to nny person of whose clnim
he had not notice at the time of the
distribution thereof.
Dated this 2lt,h dny of November,
nov 2-1 sat iWd Liquidator,
Nol loo is hereby Kivini Unit !lil days after date
1 iniiiiiil lo npjjly to llie Hon. tlliicf Commissioner of Lnnds nnd Works for -ikiciiiI liconso.
tu cut und carry away tinilmr from the follow-
In^ ili-*i-i iimtl lands situated in the Hig Bond
District of West Kootoi.ay:
1. Cnliiiiiiineinn nt n post inarkod "l'\ W.
Davis' south-wesl cornor post,'1 planled one
mile west from tho north-oast cornerof T.L.
ii!!!7. Ihenco nortli 80 ohains, ensl 80 uhnins,
.soulli mi chains, wosl Sii chains to point of com-
linled N v. 2nd, IM.
1. "JoiimieiiiiiiiK at a post marked "K. W.
Davis' south-east corner post," planted alllie
south-wesl eorner of location No. 1, thoneo
north 80 eliains, west Hi) chains, soutli 80 ehains,
east HI chains to point ol commencement.
3. (loinnieneini,' at a post marked "K. W*.
Davis' south-east oorner post," planted at tlio
norlh-west cornor of T. L. 117117, thenco norlh 80
chains, wet 80 chains, south 80 chains, cast wi
chains to point of commencement,
Dated Nov. 3rd, l'joti.
4. roiiimeiictng at a post marked "F. W.
Dnvi-'north-oast corner post." planted at lho
in rlh-wi-st oorner of T.L. 6797, thonco south 1(1
cliains, west 160 chains, north 10 chains, east 160
cliains to point of comniencemont.
5. Commencing at a post niarked "V. WJ
Davis' south-west corner post," planted at the
north-west corner of said location No, 3, thonco
north 80 chains, cast 80 chains, south 80 chains,
wost 80 chains to point ot comniencemont.
Dnted Nov. Uh, IM.
nov 10 Per Gus Lund, Agont.
Notice is hereby given thnt 00 dnys
after dale I Inteud to apply to the
Ohlef Commissioner of l.ntuls uud
Works for permission to purchase six
hundred uiul forty aores of land lying
in the FosttiiiH Valley on the west side
of I'pper Arrow Lnke, described ns
Commencing!.! a post nun ked "Wit-
Ilniu Harlow s north-easl corner post,"
pliinled 1411 cliains wesl of Lot. 1.1711,
Group 1, Kootenay! thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 ohains, thence
east 80 elinins, thence norlli 811 cbnins
tothe pluce of couiuiencement,containing lliu acres, more or less,
H.-iieil ihis 124th day of Nnvon.be.',
.mv is weil   Per T. 8, MePherson.
Notice Is hereby given Ihnl Go dnys
after dale I intend lo applv to llio Chief
Commissioner of Lands iV Winks for permission lo purchase three hundred and
iwenly acres of land lying in the Poslh.il 1
Valley on lhe west side of Uppor Arrow
Lake, described as follows:
Commencing ul a posi murked "Roberl
Abbie'a north-cast corner posl," planlcd
at the norlh-west corner of Loi SG
Group i, Kooicnay; ihence Ho chains
wesl, thence 40 chains south, theuce 80
chains east, ihence 40 chains north to Ihe
point of commencement, conluining po
acres, more or less.
Dated the 23rd day of November, 1906.
nov jS wed Per T, S. McPerson.
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date
we inteud to npply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud Works for permission to
purchase tho followiug described lands in the
distriet of West Kootenay:
Commencingat a post plantod 20chains west
from tho north-east coruer of Lot 4,040, and
markod "Big Bond Lumber Company's southwest corner post," tbonco north 60 chains;
theuco east 40 chains; thouce south 65 chains,
moro or lens, to tbe lake shore; thouce wost
alongshore to south-east cornerof Lot 4,949;
thmicenorth 1 chaius to north-east cornerof
Lot 4,910; tbonco wost 20 chaius to point of
Dated October 2nd, 1906.
oot6 Bio Bend Ll'miieh Co,, Ltd.
Notice is heroby given that60 days afterdate
I iuieml to apply to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner ot Lands and Works for permission 10 purchase lhe lollowing described lands
lu Wesl Kootenay Dislrict:
l-i-.:iniiimj at a post marked "Margaret Hammond's aouth-west corner." nnd planted on
lhe east shore o( tipper Arrow Lake, about one
mile south of Cape Horn: thence north 80
chains, ihenee wost 40 'chains, more or less, to
the slioro ol Arrow Lake, thence following thc
lako shore in a general southerly and easterly
direction su eliains, more or less, to point of
commencement; containing 320 acres, more or
Dated thia 1st day of October, 1906.
oct 10        M-VKUAHET HAMMOND,
By K. L. Hammond, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thai 00 days
after datu I Intend lo apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lunils
Works for permission to purchase six
hundred and forty acres of land lying
In the Fosthnll Valley on the wost
side of Upper Arrow Lake, described
as follows:
Commencing at a post marked "11.
Hnrlnw s north-easl corner post,'
planted 140 chains west of Lot 167(1,
Group 1, Kootenay; thence west 80
chains, tiience snutli 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence north 80 cbnins
to the place of commencement, con
tabling 040 acres, more or less,
Dated this 24th day of November
nov 28 wed  Per T. S. MePherson.
Notice is hereby given that 60 day;
afterdate I intend lo apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands & Works for permission to purchase six hundred and forty
acres of land lying in the Fosthall Valley
on the west side of Upper Arrow Lake,
described as follows:
Commencing al a posl marked "Fred*
erickWashburne's south-east corner posl,'
planled 80 ehains wesl of the north-west
corner of Lot 862, Group 1, Kootenay
thence north 80 chains, thence west 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thenee
east 80 chains to the place ot commencement, containing 640 acres, more or less,
Dated this 23rd day of November. 1906,
nov 28 wed       Per T. S, MePherson.
Notico Is hereby given lhat sixly dnys afl'r
dato I Intend lo apply to lhe Chlel Com-
missioner of Lands ami WorkB lor permission
lo purchase tho following deacrltw landi In
the -ll-tiii't "I West Koolenay:
Commencing a! a 1 ut marked "Jlorbort lied*
fern's iiortli-\vo-l corner po-l," and planted on
tho mist bnnk nf the Colnmbla river, ubuut four
milos HHith of Nnkuapi thenco aait IQ chaini,
ihoneo south ju chalna, ihenee weit id chain?,
thonue noith l<> ohilni to point of ■■ommorcc*
moot, Oputainltift 100 aero- mom or loss.
Datod the llOtli Soptomhor, A.D., I9W.
V[OTICE is horoby given that, 60 days aftor
,L\ duto, I inteud to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the followiug described lauds
situated in Cariboo district, Ii C:
Commencing at a posi marked "Alexander
Mcl.areu's soulh-east comer post," planted
about20chains westof trail running through
Starvation Flats in a southerly direction from
Tete Jaune Cache, running north 80 ehains,
ilienre west 60 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to point of commencement,
Daled this 9th day of November. 1906.
nov 17       ALEXANDER aIcLaKKN,
NOTICE IH HEREBY GIVEN that sixty days
after dato 1 intend lo apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands nml Works for permission
to purchase the following described lands situate
in Caribou district. B. C:
Commencing at a post marked "George II.
Bisscti's north-easl comer post," planted
about 20 chains west of trail running through
Starvation Flats iu a southerly direction from
Tele Jaune Cache, running west 80 chains,
thence south 60chains, thence east8i chains,
thence north to chains to point of commencement.
Dated Olh day of November, 1000,
 novjT tiKO'UK H. BISSETT, Locator.
Certificate of Improvements.
Silver Bell and Laurel Mineral Claims, situato
iu tho Illecillewaet Mioiug Division uf Kootenny Distriet.
Wlmroli-cated'.-Tbree-iiuartors of a milo oust
of lllecillowaet
Take nut ice that I, J. A. Kirk, acting us agent
for John Newoll, Froe Miner's Cerlillciit*! No.
H -AMU: 0. Robert Dahi. Free Minor's Cortillcato No- B. 8S596; and (ieorge W. Jelfs, Free
Miner's Certillcute Nu. B. SMltt, intend, sixty
days from tho date hereof, to apply to the .Mining Hecorder for a Certilk'ate of Improvements,
for the purpose of obtaining a Crown (Jrantof
the above claim,
Ami further take notico that action, under
sectioii  '-'A.  must be cominoucod   before tho
bsuauce of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Ihis SJtb day of September, A.I)., 1906
oct20 J. A. KIKK.
NOTICE is hereby given tbat BO days after date
1   intend toapply lo lhe Hon.  I'he Chief
Commissioner of Lanoa and Works for a special
License to cut ami carry away timlajr frnm the
folliminn described landi In Went Kootenay District:
Commencing at a post marked ' T. Kilpntrick's mirth-oa-,t corner pust." plantod on north
oass arm uf Upper Arrow I ako^olxiut 2 chains
westof the mirlh*west corner of Lot No. 606,
thenco south 8Q chaius. wost -So chain's nortli 60
i*!..nt. ■'," 1-1 Sncliiiin- io pointof comineiii'emeul
Dated Nov. 1st, HI i.
Guild, found, No. 3 Apples at
85c. per lux, (. 0. b. Vernon.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days
after date I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away
timber Irom the following described lands
situated in the Ossoyos Division of Yale
Commencing at a post planled near the
northern boundary of timber limit No.
7685, about 80 ehains from lhe norlh-west
corner of same; thenee north 60 chains;
inenee east 160 chains; thence south 20
chains to the north-east corner of limber
limit 7684; thenee wesl 80 ehains along
said boundary to the norlh-west corner of
same; thence south 40 chains along the
western boundary of limber limit 7684 lo
the norlh-easl corner of timber limil 7685;
Ihenee wesl 80 chains along the northern
boundary of said limit 7685 to point of
Dated this 28th day of Sept. I906.
nov 14       j. b, Mckenzie.
Province ov British Culumbia, I
No, 362,
''Lamb-Watson Lumber Company, Limited," is authorised and licensed to carry on
business within the Province oi British
Columbia, and lo carry out or effect all or
any of the objects of the Company lo
which Lhe legislative authority of Lhe Eeg-
islalure of British Columbia extends.
Tho bead olliee of lhe Company is situ-
ate in lhe Cily of Winnipeg, in the Pro*
vlnce of Manitoba.
Tho amotml ol lhe capital oi tbe Company is eight hundred and fifty thousand
dollars, divided into eiglil thousand five
hundred shares of one hundred dollars
The head office of Ihe Company in this
Province is situate al Arrowhead, and
Otto LaeliiiHind, lumberman,, whose address is Arrowhead, is the attorney for
il e Company.
Given under my band and seal of olliee
ai Victoria. Province ol British Columbii
Ihls 5th day  of November, one thousand
nine hundred and six,
[L.8,1        S. V. WOOTTON,
Registrar ol Joint Stock Compani
Tlie objects for which llie Company has
been established and licensed arei -
To manufacture, buy, sell and deal in
logs, limber, lumber, shingles, fuel, pulp,
sashes, doors, boxes, ties and all articles
manufactured from wood, and in all kinds
ol building material and building supplies,
i'li-liuling lumber, si one, brick, lile,
cemenl, marble, tools, implements and
machinery 1 lo acquire, hold, purchase,
lease, sell, mortgage, operate, conduct,
manage ami dispose ol saw-mills, planing
mills, bouses, buildings, factories, wharves,
docks, stone quarries, brick-yards, coal
mines, peal beds, clay and plaster beds,
limber limits and real and personal property of all kinds; lo carry on tbe business
of contractors and builders in al ils
branches; to own, operate, eonduel and
manage slores, magazines and all oilier
places for storing, selling and disposing
of goods either to employees of the Company or lo lhe public generally * or bolhj to
acquire, conslruet, operate, purchase,
lease and hold on lhe property of lhe
Company convenient tramways and logging railways; also lo have and acquire
steamboats for llie purposes of lhe Company, and to charge and coiled lolls for
freight and passengers carried lliereon; lo
act as agents for other persons, firms or
corporations; to acquire and hold shares
in lhe capital stock of other companies
engaged in a similar business; to amalgamate wilh any other companies pursuing
lhe like or similar objects, and generally
to carry on any other business and to do
all-acts and things necessary or convenient for the carrying on of any of Ihe above
businesses or operations, or calculated,
directly or indirectly, to enhance the value
of the Company's property or rights,
nov 14
Commencing at a post plantod on the north
sldo of Downlo Croei, about one-fourth of a
milo south nf ihoDownhl reek Trail, near tl 0
'J'.j-Mile post, und marked "G. li. Naglo's south,
oti-i ('(irnor post," thonco uorth tn chains,
thonoo wost IK)chains, thencu south lOchains,
thoneo oast ICO chains tu tho puiui of com*
Daiod this llth day uf September, 11 <'*.
uov7 U  K NAQLB,
Nolice is hereby given ihal 60 days
from dale I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C, for purchase of following
desciibed lands in Lillooel district:
Commencing at a post marked "J, P.
Shaw's north-wesi corner," planted on
wesl side of Upper Adams river, about j
iniles from bead oi Adams lake, running
So chains south, 80 chains easl, 80 chains
norlh, 80 chains west, containing about
640 acres,
Dated Nov. ulh, kjoO.
nov 14 J. P. SHAW
NOTICE Is hereby yi von that 60 days after
date I intend lu apply to tho Honourable
thc Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase tho following described lands in Cariboo districl. B.C.:
Commencing ai a post marked ■• W llliam Kellie's north-west corner post," planted about 20
chains westof trail running ihrough Starvation Flats in a southerly dlreotlon from Tete
Jaunu cache, running east mi chains.thence
south 80 chains, thenee wost 80 chains, thenco
north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dined Oth day of November, 1006,
nov 17 WILLIAM KKLLIE, Locator.
Ni 1 mc !■ lii-ri-liy given Ibat tu daya altor .Inlo
1 lui nil .0 nml.- .|i|ilti'ullmi lo Ilm Chlol Cnm-
nil.Mniier ol Und. ■* Winks for ii.rinla.lon lo
iiiiii-iiiiHL- tbe following- iliisi-rllimi laud xiluulc
llll ii- limn ilialrii-l, Il.C:
t'ouiiminclng al a post innrkeil "J, M. KtlllO'B
aoulli welt uoruor post," planled on tlieaoulb
bank nf Kraaer Kiver near Tele Jamie I'milii',
run 111 nn norlb 1.11 i-Iih! ug, l lienee earn Wl chains,
thelii-c smith 81) elinlns, llienee iVAHltUli-linhls
to jinliil ol commencement.
liiiii-d thl. Mli iliiy "I November, UNO.
nov 17      '       J. ki, KK' I.IK, [.iii-nlor.
Tertlfinte of Improvements.
Hivi-i l-.ili-n Miui'iiil Cllllin, »llunlil in tile tlio-
cllli-wnet .Minim. Division nl liiioteiiny district.
Wlu-ui located:  Kish Creek.
T'ukn notice thnl I. Jobn Albert Kirk ill lhe
town ol Kevelstoke, II.'.! lliu, iw nifuiit lor
J.H O. Fraud', 1'isii,, Ki-en Winers (Jni-Ullenlc
No. 1 "iiiiii und Mal Buret A. Klsini, li'rce M Iner's
CerlilicatilNo. IK»W», inlenil, sixty liiiyslrinn
the il.il.ii licreol, lo apply to Uio Mining He
conli-r (or a Comitate of liiiprovenicnla, for
the purposo of obtaining » Orown Ui-iuit of tlm
alum- claim.
And further take nolice .lint notion, iindor
section 'I!, must lie commenced li .'foro tbe Issuance ol such Cerlllloiilo of linprnninionU.
Ilnlcil till, mill day ol Hoi'teinbor, A.D., IIKKI.
nov2]  .1. A. KIKK.
Notice Is hereby given lhat 110 days fnnn dale I
iiiti'inl to apply to the liun. IheClilif CommlH-
idntierof Laud-Hand Works fur permission :n purchase lhe following i lesc ri hei I laiuls, III the West
tfimtcnuy district, west shore of Upper Armw
"Coinmeneing atapoNt maiked",!, L. Illrscli's
HOUtll w*'st corner," at the hoiiUi cast corner of
l,nt i.f.,'ii: ainl about 1) mites huuIIi of Kosthall
Creek; tlienca north 80 chains, thence oast 40
i;.iii-. tlienco Hini'li 80 chains,thenee west40
jmiiia to point of commencement, cuntaining 820
arres nmro or loss.
Dnted this Silt day "I May, 1000.
j. I, illKSH'll,
oct 18 Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days after date
1 in tend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lauds aud works (or a speciul license to cut
and carry away timber from tho following
described lands situated ln Lillooet district;
5. Commeneing at a post marked "A. Me-
Connell's north-east cornor, Limit No. fi,"
planted on east bauk of Upper Adams Kiver,
about four miles from moutb, running 80
chains west, 80 chains south, 80 chains east, 80
chains north to place of commencement.
6. Commencing at a post marked "A. Mc-
Connell's south-east corner, Limit No. fi,"
planted ou east bank of Upper Adams Kiver,
about four miles from mouth, running 1C0
cliains north 40 chalna west, 160 chains south,
■lOclinius cast to place of commencement.
ot. Commencing at a post marked "A. Mc-
Conuell's noith-east corner, Limit No. ill,"
planted ou east bankof Upper Adams Biver,
about 17 miles from mouth, running 40 chains
west, 100 chains south, 4o chains east. ICO
chains nortl) to placo of commencement,
7. Commencing at a postmarked "A.Mc-
Connell's south-west comer, Limit No. 7,"
planted on west bankof Upper Adams Kiver,
about 18 miles from mouth, running ho chains
east, 80 chains north, 80 chains west, 80 chains
south to place of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post marked "A. Me-
Connell's uorth-west comer, Limit No. 8,"
planted on east hank of Upper Adams Kiver,
about one mile above outlet of Mica Lake, running 80 chains south, 80 chains cast. 80 chains
north, 80 chains west to place of commencement.
y Commencing at a post marked "A. McDonnell's north-east corner, Limit No. 0,"
planted on smith bunk of Harbor Creek, about
2 miles frcm mouth, running SOohains west, nu
eliains south, 80 chains east, 80 chains north to
plai:eof commencement.
10, Commencing at a postmarked "A. Mc-
Connell's norlh-west corner, Limit No. IU,"
plnnted on easl bauk of Upper Adams Kiver a',
-nutlet of Mlea Lake, running 80 chains south
80 chaius east, 80 chains uorlh, 80 chains west
to place ol commencement.
11, Commeuelng at a post marked "A. Mc*
Connell's north-east comer, Limit No. 11,"
planted ou west bankof a small unnamed
creek, tributary lo Heaver croek, the feeder of
Mica Lake, running 80 chains west, 80 chains
soulh, £0 chains east, 80 chains north tu place
of commeiiceineut.
Dated Nov. Oth, 19U,
nov 14 A. McCONNELL.
ilic partnership heretofore existing 1h--
twivn Percy Scholes, \V, K. Edwards and
1-'. \V. Worsnup, llll of Comaplix, lius
lii'i-n dissolved uiul all business will in
future be carried on in lln* names ol \V,
K, Edwards and P. W, Worsnup,
Daled ibis i ilii November) n-tio.
nov 144I !•*. W. WORSNUP,
Notice la lioroby given tbat 00 ilay. .Iter d.iii-1
Intend tn upply in tie- Honourable ilu- Chief Coin-
ini*,i i- nf 'Lunils mul Wmks f.-i permluion In
piiii'liiisi- Un- fnllim Ing ili'.-i'i'itieil land. In iln- -Iiiiii i nt Wi-si Kootonay, ItevoUtoke dit-Hdom-
(-iilulllinu-illK ntn pint plantod nil Lln- ni-,1 bank
in Hn- Columbia Kivor oppojlto IMIile Rapid.
nnil markod "K. ll. .Mt-t'nrii-i-'s aoutli-east corner
pnsl," tlience weal mi clialna, tlienc. iinrtlr.'n
clmins, tlienco oaat ai clialna iimr -leu to tbe
net bank nf tlie llnl l-i.i River,tlienco amiili
following Uu- nest bnnk of: no Colombia Biver Ul
I'huiiis mora nr less in llm pointol commencement.
II. I Hi Inin illilli 1'JOO.
nrtSI K. C. Mi-IAItlKIt
Notice is hereby given l hul i» days af I er dai c
1 intend lo apply lo the Chief Commlaalonor of
Lands und Works for pormission to purchase
lhe followiiiK described lauds iu West Kootenay, on the east shore of Upper Arrow Lake:
Commencing at a post adjoining T, L. 6108
on lho south-west corner and marked "li.
Dewni's uorth-wost cornor post," theuco eaal
80 chains, thence soulh yi cliains, thonco WOSt
80 chains more or lesa to the slioro of said lake
ihenee north alon-^ the east shore of said lake
su chains to tint point of co 11 nn c i iconic it t.
Dated Oct. iOth, 1006.
net 21 1). DEWAR.
Holtoe is hereby given that 80 days after date
I intend to apply tu lhe Chlel Commissioner
ol Lands and Works lor a special license to eut
and carry away timber from the following
described lands In the district of Weat Kootenay:
Commouciug at a postmarked "L. H. Prase r's uorth-wost corner," and plunted (about 2
milos south of Ht. Leon on the eust side of U i>-
por Arrow Lako abuut one milefrom the shore;
theuco east 40 chains, thonce south 160 chaius,
thence west 40 chaius, theuce north IC J chains
to the poiut of commeucomout.
Dated this Oth day of October, 1000-
novl L. H. FHASEK.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner uf
Lnnds and Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timlier from the following described
lands situated on Cariboo Flat about three mllea
east of Upper Adams Kiver, Lillooet district, B.C.
1. Commonolng at a pnst marked "A. McCon-
noil's iiiirth-east corner Limit, No. 1," running W
chains west, 80 chains south, 80 chains east, 80
chains north to placo of commencement.
2. Commeneing at a postmarked "A. McCon*
nell's south-east comer. Limit No. 2," running 80
chains north, HU chains west, 80 chains south, SO
ehains east to place of cummeucement.
'A. Commencing at a post marked *'A. McCon
null's north-east corner, Limit No. 8," running 80
eliains west, 8u chains soutn, 80 chains east, 80
chains north to placo of coinmencement.
4. Commencing at a post marked'A. McConneH's south-west comer, Limit No. 4," running 80
chains east, 811 chains north, 80 cliains went, so
chains south to place of commencement.
Dated Nor. Dili, 1006,
novu A, McCONNELL,
Notice is hereby givon that 30 days after dato
I intend to apply to the Hon. Chiof Commissioner of Lands and Works fur a speciul licenso'
to cut and carry away timber from the following doscribod lauds iu Kumloops district:
Commencing at a post pluuted on the oust
bankof Adams Biver about eight milos above
Adams Lake and marked "G, A. Lunnuers'
south-east corner post," thenco north W) chains,
thouce wost 81) chains, thouce .,outh 80 chains,
tbonco oast 80 chaius to poiut of commeucomout.
Dated 5th Novombor, 1006.
iiovl-i UKO. A. LAMMERS.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty daya altor
date I intend tu apply tu the Cbiel Cumm.s
sioner of Lauds aud Works for a special license
to eut and carry away Umber from tho following described lands In West Kootenay District:
1. CummeiiciiigatapoHt phuiledat thesouth-
west corner of Uuhiiiniii's laud purchase ami
marked "W. U. SubulUe's Muuth-east comer post,"
thonee 40 chains north, thencu 100 cliains wost,
tlience 40 chains auuth, thenco 1U0 chuius east
along lako shore to place uf coiumeiicoineut.
Daled Nov. hitli, muii.
•i. Cniuimmcing ata post planted about lj miles
east uf T. L, S'.':m, on noi'lli-oust anu of Amm
Lake, and marked "W. U. SchulUe's not'lh-went
oornor post," theuce 80 chains south, thencu so
ohalna eaat, thencu 80 ehalus north, tlionco 8u
(.-liains west along lake shore to place of coin*
Doted Nov. ICLh, IIKMJ.
W. U. S HUI.T/.B.
nov 14 I'erW. P. Ogllvio, agont.
allei* drill* 1 inli'iid to apply to the Hun. Chief
Coinmissiuiiur of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following dosotlbod kmlH in thu
Wosl Kootenay district:
Commencing ala pnHl plantod mi tho wunt.-ddu
nf um th-ei-ii arm of Arrowhead Lake, \ of a mile
frum Huck Mull, marked "lt. lv Mcli.'a wiuth-uast
comei post," Ihencu K0 chains north, thence 80
chains west, thence an chains south, thence 80
chains cast along lake Hlmru tu point uf commencement.
Dated Nov. loth, iihhi.
nov 14 MltH, It. K. MiiKITHICK.
VTOTICE is hereby given that Wdays after
ll dato I intend to apply to tlm lion, the
Ohlef Commissioner Of Lands and Works for
pormission to purcluwo the following described
lands, situated in West Kooicnay, on thecal
■ahoroof Uppor Arrow Lake:
CoinnieiiciiiK nt a iwhi adjoining T. L. W80 on
the north sldo anil marked "L. A, DuwarV
north-west turner," thence cast   80 cialns
Notico is hereby given lhat 30days after date
I Intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner of
Landsaud Works fora special license to cut
and carry away timher from the followiug
described lands situate in the Vale district:
Commencing at a post marked "S, Hill's
south-oast corner post, planted about uue
milo east uf tho Bhuswap river, about5 mllea
north of Cherry Creok, theuce uorth 80 chaius.
thonco west 80 chaius, theuco BOUth 80 chains,
thonco oast t"J chaiua to point of commencement
Datod October 2oih, 1W0.
nov i S. HILL.
Notice is hereby given that l>0 daya after dale 1
intend to apply to the Chief Commlsslonor ol
Lands and Works lor permission to purcliasetho
ollowlng described lands In Cariboo district!
Commencing at a post marked "W. U. Olive's
south-east corner post,*' planted on trail leading
from North Thompson lliver to Yellowhaad Pass
and about 5 miles in a northerly direction from
Cranberry Lake, running north so chains, thence
wont 40chains, theuce suuth ou cliains, Iheuce ea^.
40 chaius to point of coiuuu-ucement.
Dated ll'li day of Now nber, 1000.
nor81 W, ll. OLIVE, Locator,
Notice is hereby given that 30 days after date
intend to apply lo the Chlel Commissioner of
Lauds and Wnrks fora special license to eut and
carry away limber from tlie full..wing described
landi aituated in thu district of West Kootenay;
1. Cutiimuncing at a post planted about SOO
yarila suuth of the Ten On) Mile tree, liig Bend
trail, ami marked "Oeoige Laforme's aoath*we-'
corner pest," running east liio chains, them
north 40 chains, thence west lou chains, thenct-
south 10 chains to pnint of commencement.
•i Commencing at a pint planted abont fc^
yards south of the Ten (10) Mile Tree, Big Bend
trail and marked "tieorgu Laforme's north-west
comer post, running east im chains, thAice south
4ti clialna, thence west lt-0 eliains, thenee liuHh 40
chains tu pointof commencement,
Daled isth day of October, lWfl.
8, Commencing at a pnst planted about i>m
ami one-half (ljj mile* imrtli of No, 1 post and
marked "Oeurge Laforme's south-west cornel
pout," thence easi bo eliains, thence nortli .-
chains, thence west SO chains, tnence BOMth BO
chaius iu point of commoncemottt.
Dated Hnl Nov. 1000,
nov io OEO, LA I'i i It Mi:. Locater,
Notice Is lioroby given thai ou daysfromdatel
intend t-i apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
inisiioner ol Lands and Wmk« inr net mission u>
mrcliOHO Um Minting described Unds iu the
Wust  Knoteuay  District:
Commencing at a post marked *-L. v. Me-
Dougahl'fl south-west corner," (..anted ou the
oaslsideol Upper Arrow Like.'. miles north ol
Naklisp, B.C., Ibenco north .'jcliaius, thence
east iiii'lialtis, theuce uori'i 20 chains, ihence
enst lo chains theuce soiiiu oo rhalu\ mure or
[ess, to Arrow Lake, thence westward so chains
more or less, along the Arrow Uko to pointol
commencement, containing WJ acres more oi
ijfue-i this luih day oi October, 1U'5.
„(.. U L. P. MeboWALD
Notice is hereby gu.-ii that60 days
Her date 1 iuieml to apply <» Uie Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Works for
permission lo purchase six hundred and
Fort, acres of lund lying In lhc Fosthnll
Valley on lhe wesi side ol Uppor Arrow
Like, described us follows!
Commencing al a post marked "Rut-
sell Ninliol's south-easl corner posi,'
planled ai tht. north-wesl corner 01 Lot
Ko.', Group 1, Koolenayi thence nonh So
chains, thence west 80 clmins, Ihence
soutli 80 chains, ihence e;.s. 80 chains 10
  the place ol commencemeni, containing
thonco south |80 chain., thencu westsi cbnln- j, ,    ,,,.., rn0... ,..,,..
more or less 10 Um east shore of Uppor Arrow "HO""™ »°" '/,""*  .. ,     ,  ,      .
Uko, tbonco norlli following tlieshnie of said     Dated Uus .jid day ol November, 100b,
lake Weliains In lho point nl comnioucomont,
Daled Oct. lllth, UK*. 	
oct 21. L A. IIKWAB,
nuv 28 wed
Per T. S. MePherson.
i-.'ll lv nwny uiinn-i  iiiuimhi. ,mh
ili-1-iiln'ii lands situate in West K..--1-
1. Commencing al a posl planted
li miles im-Hi of Timber Limit 758!
ami 1 inili'west of Upper Arrow Luke,
and marked "A. M. Symons' nortli
.'.ist corner," thenee west 8u elinins,
tbenee south 80 chalna, thence east 80
chains, thence north 80 ehnins to place
ui i-iiiiimi'i cement,
*J. Commencing at a post planted
20 chains s..iiilinf the north-west co?-
ner of No, land marked "A. M. Symons' north-east corner," tbenee wes'
SO chains, thi'iic-e snutli 80 clmins,
tbenee eatt 80 chains, tbenee north sn
chaina t» place of commencement.
:!. Commencing at 11 pnst planted
at the north-east cornerof Xo. 2 and
1. ui ki-d "A. M. Symons' south-east
corner,' tbenee west so chains, thence
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence snulli SO chains to place of
Dated November 20th, 1000.
4. Commencing n. a post plunted 1
mile nortb of the soutb-west corner of
Lot 800 und inarked "A, M. Symons'
south-east corner," Ihence west 40
chains, tbenee nortb 100 chains, thence
.•.ist lo chains to the north-west corner
of Lot 8Q0, thence smiih lflOohalnsto
.iln, f commencement.
Daled Novembei 23rd, 1900,
dec 1 sut A, M. SYMONS
• hereby giren that
• date I Inteud to apply to tho" Chief
NOTICE il  hereby given thai thirty days
nttor date I inteuato apply to tho   "    '
Commissionir of Lands and Works for special
licHLse to cut and carry away timber (uiiii tho
following i'j-cr.i." I lumi- situated in Wo-t
Kootenay diatrict, B. ('.:
1, Commenci»g ai a post planted cu the north*
west short of tha north-easl arm of i'pper Arrow
Lake,ata point *»imut gu miles aouUi*westof
Comaplix. ami Marked "John Connur'j north-east
corner pnst," thenco loath 100chains llienei* west
40 chains, thence north 100 chains, thouca east 40
chain-- tu point • f commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
i. Commencing al a poM planted about ci
chains wesl of the north-west shore, m-rtli-east
aim nt Upper Arrow Lake, at a point about 2-4
miles sauth'weit of Comaplix, and marked "M. J.
Hmlth'a bouih-oasi coruer poat," thenee west so
chaina, thence north BO chain-, theuce eastbo
chains, thence soutli 80 chains tu pniutof com-
Donald Dawar, Agent.
:s. Commencing at a poat planted un the north-
wi -i shore ol the north-east arm "f upper Arrow
Like, at a point about Bk mllea south-west of
Comaplix, and marl..-.! "Milton Dally'a south-east
corner-post," thenco north 100 chain*-, ihence west
4" chains, thence south LOO chains, tnence east lo
chains tu point of commencement
Dniiald Dewar, Agent.
4, Commencing at a post planted at tbe northeast romer of Location No. -, and marked "John
Connor's south-east comer post," thenca weat K0
chain-.   tllCOCO  u-rlh  SO chains.thence  east 8o
chains, thence smith 80 chains to point of commencement.
Donald Dewar, Agent.
5, Commencingat a p"st planted at the south*
woat corner of Location No. 4, and marked ",\L J.
Sinllh's si.uth-east curuer post." thenoe nnrth 60
chains tnence west 80 chain-, thence south 8:1
chains, theuce east 80 chains to point of coin*
Donald Dewar, Agent,
t). Commencing at a post plan.ed about 25
chains west from the soulh.west curuer of Location No, 2, and marked "John Connor's north-east
enrner post," thence went 80 chain**, thence south
&o chains, theuce east bo chains.thence north 80
chains tu pnint..(commencement,
Donald Dewar, Agent
Arrowhead, B.C., Nov. iih, lm. nov i:
Notice i-i hereby given that 80 days after date
we intend to apply to the Hull Chief Commls*
sioner ol Lands and Works for a special license
to cut and earn away limber Horn lhe follow*
inn described lands, situate in West Kootcnav
Commencing ata pnst plained at tht north-west
curuer of I! (t)eudiutiiiig'*s hun,* -i.- t.i. almut three
miles below the foot of Upper Arrow Uke, anil
marked "B.B.L.Co.'a north-east corner pott,"
thence south W chains, ilienre west SO chains,
thence north 80 chains, thenceeast 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated Nor.-20th, i»t)6.
dec j wed      Bid BBNO LUUQBB Co., LtO.
Notice i.s hereby given that 6o day*-
from date 1 intend to applj lo the Ohiel
Commissioner of Lands and Works at
Victoria, B.C., for purchase of lollowing
described lands in Lillooet diatrict;
Commencing at a post planted about
two ami a half miles from bead of Adams
Lake oi\ wesl side of river, marked "J. A*
Knox's south-wesl corner," running So
chains east, 40 cliains norlh, Ho chains
wesi, 40 ebains south, containing*aboul
20 acres,
Daled Nov. lilli, 190b.
1    wv 14 J. A. KNOX.
Notice is hereby aired that 60 .lays afterdate I
nteud toapply to the Hon. I hlel Commlsslonor
if Landa and Worki to parcltoae tha following
lescribed landi situatod In Cariboo district, B.C.!
Commonolng at a pnst marked "O, a. Forbes1
touth*west corner post," plained about 20
ihalns west ol trail running throtiuh t-tarva-
tiou Hats in a southerly direction from Tete
Jaune Cache, running uorth bo chains, thence
Jt SO'chains, thence south S" chaius, thence
gat nj chalna to point ol commencement.
Haled Oth dav of November, 1006,
nov 17 ti. A. KOHIiKS, Locator.
^N days after date I intend 10 apply to the
1 hlef Commissioner of binds and Works for a
■sHiial license to cut and carry away tinihur
troii Lhe lulluwinif described lands in West
Kootenay district!
II. Commenolng at a post marked "Gus
Lund'a uorth-oast corner,'' uboui 11 miles beluw
north fork of Coldstream, tiience south tfl
chains, wosl Mi chains, north B0 chains, cast 80
chains tupuini of commencement.
Dated June 12th. i.wti.
doc fl wed GUB LUND.
NOTICK Is hereby gl«n tbat 60 days of toi data
1 intend to apply In the H-iii. Chief loui-
miuloner of Lands ami Works (nr Mtmfsikm to
purchaae the following described umU In the
Wesl Kootenay District;
Commencing at a posl planted SO chains eaat
from the souiD-west corner of Lot MHaad marked
i: r, Trafford'a imrth e.ist con <-i post,'' tlienc*
smith 40 chaiii'«. tlu-nce wett 20 chains more or
less l<> Like inore, thence north along ahorr to
..mill-west corner uf Lot 1468. thence eaat 80
chains io point of cummiwuuunii
Haled Now.-inl-.-r mh, ltrOtJ.        '    .
dec   wed K-C. TUAKKOllD.
Notice i- hereby given that on :bc 2lst day of
Novom bor, 1906, an Ordor was granted appoint-*
IngOoorgO Smith McCarier, Ofllclul Ailniinih-
Lratorforlho Revelstoke Electoral District of
Lho County of Kootenay, to ba Administrator
uf all and singular the r.stale of lhe said into-
Nolice ia hereby further given l Imt all credit
ors and others having claims against then-*
laic of lho said deceased arc required on or
before the llth day of January, 1907, to send by
posl prepaid ot deliver to the undersigned,
tholr christian and Surnames, addresses and
doscripl ions, the full pttrtiouloH of their claim*
iiuiy -uTilitd. ihe staU'iient of their accounts
aud the nature of the securities, if any. hold by
i hem.
And! irtber take nolice lhat after such last
mentioned date the Administrator will proceed
to distribute the Aasoto of tho said dooeaied
amongst the parlies entitled thereto having
regard only to the claims of which he shall
then have notice and that tho said Administrator will not la* liable for the said a.*%sol- or
any jiart thereof to any person or persons of
whose claim notice shall not have been nv
ceived by liiin at the dnlo of such distribution,
Dated at Vancouver, British Columbia, this
Jrd day of December. A.D.. 1000.
Solicitors for George Smith MoCarter,
dec i wed lm Administrator, CHRISTMAS TIME
Is heralded in this store by the opening* up of goods suitable for that
greatest of all days—Christmas, and thc oldest of all customs—Gift-giving.
Here you find the useful combined with the beautiful, which make the most
acceptable gifts. Every day the express is adding its quota to the beautiful
showing, and we can guarantee our patrons that our Christmas Stock will
reach, if not surpasr, its usual excellency.
It's no use trying to postpone the Christmas shopping. The good old
time will be here before you realize it, and every day sees " just what I
wanted" snapped up.
♦      ——'—'~-——
$You will shortly have to get your Xmas Presents
readv to send across tlie water, This year we have
*+•** the swellest line of Xmas Cards, Calendars, Souv-
X enir Mountain and Local View Books already for
T mailing. Come in and sec them before you
T        purchase. J.
| (andda Dru^ & Book Co., Ltd., Revelstoke, BC.J
•*# TP
iTi iii ;Ti rti 1*1*1 i'l*. iti 1T1 i*!|-i iTi iTi i1*i i'l'- iti iTi iTi iTi iTi it'i iTi iTi iTi tTi it*. .1*1 iti
Saturday, Dec, 8.—For 2-1 hours,
—moderate mul variable winds, cloudy
ainl unsettled, colder, .villi possible
snow lall. Temperature.—Max., 3b*
degrees; min .14 degrees.
McDonald—Al Kevelstoke, ll. C.
Nov, 30th, tu -Mr. nnil Mrs. 0. 0
McDonald, nf Winnipeg, n daughter
Macdoxald—At Revelstoke, Dec. 3rd,
[in- i ti fm t nun uf Mr. ami Mrs.
Stewart Maedonald, aged three
Why do you bake yuur own bread
when wo can deliver it to you fresh
Irom tlie oven every day. There is
mine better, ii unyiis good.
Cakes and Pastry
A large assortment of Cukes and
Pastry on hand.
Quality ami workmanship A 1.
Local and General.
T, M. Layman lias arrived Irom
Red Deer with u car load ot burses
for =ale.
J. 0, Hutchison has secured a line
new team ol horses Irom Gus Laitnon
ol Salmon Ami.
There are a couple of " blind pigs"
in town that tbe police can well utl'ord
to look after.
St. Andrew's Sunday school will
bold their Christmas festival on Wednesday evening the iiith inst.. in tbe
County Court at Revelstoke has
been adjourned until .Ian. 3rd. There
are several important cases ou the
list for next sittings.
J. F. Ross intends opening up a
cigar store iu tbe building shortly
occupied by Messrs. Kincaid &
Anderson niter the loth instant.
Tl.e Ladies Auxiliary of Knox
church have decided to postpone the
carnival in the skating rink on Tuesday. Dec. llth, owing to the ice not
being in sufficiently good condition.
R. M. Smythe is making arrangements to add to bis already well
equipped billiard and pool parlors ou
First St., and will shortly have another poo! table in commission.
H. Ellii, whu baa been held under
police supervision on account ol bis
strange behavior early this week in
sending ridiculoui telegrans, has been
pronounced insane and was sent down
to Westminster un Thursday night in
charge of the Chief of Police.
The C. P, R. are calling lor tenders
(or the erection ol additional shops
adjoining the present ones. The
Under callt (or ten engine stalls besides other building*. About $20,000
will lie .-.pent and when completed
ibould be the linest tnd i eil 6q lipped
almig .lie whole C. J', li. route.
All those who are desirous ol going
in for that good old winter n(».rt ul
tki-ing should leave then names with
B. R. Atkins It it intended ihnt il
sufficient support is given to the
movement a ciub will be lormed ami
regular rum and outing, arranged.
It mny bc remembered that the former
Revelitoke Ski Club made a very
prominent name lor itself throughoul
the province.
Nothing could better illustrate tbe
wonderlul ,-triib-s whicli Edmonton is
making than the erection by tbe Imperial liank ul Canada of the splendid j
itructure now going up in that city.j
The building is one uf iheiine.it in the
|iiiiiiini"ii nnd i* another magnificent;
addition t<- the line edilicea already|
owned by the Imperial Bank.
Cbiel English of the Calgary police
force bus left for the west, Hn is aftor
Win. Thomas, alias Tony Diamond,
the colored porter running between
Winnipeg nnd Calgary, who is charged
with "lulling $7,000 in cash nnd
jeweliry. J be negro denies tlm charge
and will light Ior hit frcedum in the
western courts,
Tlie new bomeol the Mail-Herald
i- Hearing completion nnd will shortly
be leady Ior occupation.
A Christmas social will be held under the auspices of St. l'eter's Church
Sunday School in the Selkirk Hall un
Thursday, Dec. 20th. Tickets 50 cents,
refreshments included.
The Columbia River Lumber Co,
are planning to const.net a railway
commencing at n post on tbe C. P, It,
main line neur Katilt and passing on
towards Grand Prairie. Although
primarily Ior the purpose ol enabling
the company to log their limits, this
road will be of tbe greatest service to
ranohers, There is also a project to
establish a large tourist hotel at
Salmon Aim in the spring.
One of the lines! exhibits ol pure
alluvial gold, seen in Revelstoke, is
now in lhe possession of .1. D. Sibbald
ol the McCullough Creek Hydraulic
Mining Co. The gold, which is ol
exceptionally line grade nnd size,
turns the scale nt ll.'i ounces and i.*
valued at $18.75 an ounce at the mini
although $25 an ounoe is the selling
price. The total value is $2,000 anil
was the result of a washing of about
80 by 20 feet of gravel Several of the
nuggets weigh lully 116 dwt. The
property hns so far shown its value
and when further developed should
prove one ol the richest in the province.
We have received the December
number of Rod und Sun and Motor
Sports in Canada, which contains as
usual the choicest articles-i sport
nnd adventure, The Forestry convention, of Vancouver, is described in
detail and the resolutions passed by
thai body. The experiences of a lady
traveller are interesting and n.oote
hunting is vividly depicted. Xniu-
stories ot hunting and other incidents
appropriate to tliis season receive
much attention and the usual articles
on motoring, fishing, etc., nre wel!
chosen, The whole is an exceptionally goud number and one ol the best
that W. J. Taylor has published.
K. OF I-
Tlie seiiii-.iiiiri.il election ol officers
uf Gold Range Lodge, No. 26, mi held
on Wednetd ij nighl last.    ITiere »i
n  goud  attendance  and the election
retulted as lollowt:—J. A, Leslie, C I
T,   W,  Bradthaw, V.C.j A J, Hum
Pre.;   P. 0  Aintlie, M, of   VV ;   II. A
Brown, M. ol K.; I-1.G. Burridge, M 'I
Ex.; O, II. Brook, K.ol R 4 8.; II
Cunningham Morris, M, at A.; T. I'.
Smith, l.l..:.I. Mathie, O.O,
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
Kincaid & Anderson
Social and Personal
Mrs. F. Swanson is visiting at Nelson.
Robt, Gunn, ol Camborne, was in
lhe city on Thursduy.
J. 1). Sibbald bus returned from a
visit to Duluth, Wisconsin.
T. Taylor, M.P. P., went to Nelson
on Thursday morning,
Mr. and Mrs. J3. S, McCarter leave
to-night on a trip to Seattle and
Win. Abrahamson, f Trout Lake
City, spent a couple ol days in tlie city
this week.
Commissioner Coombs, ol tbo Salvation Army, passed through this
morning, en route for Nelson.
Mrs. .1. C. Hutchison left on Sntur-
dny morning Inst on n three month's
visit to trie.ids in Toronto,
Mrs. E Edwards returned on Thursday morning from u three month's
visit to relatives at Vancouver and
Hon. 11. I-* Green, Chief Commissioner ol Lands nnd Wurk-, passed
through the city on Thursday morning en route t'i Nelson.
Sam MoMahon lelt on Thursday
evening iur month's visit i - tin- Ooatt.
Mr. MoMahon lus been ill Inr -- me
time and his trip west in Ior the
benefit ol hil health.
|    A   merry  crowd   ■     R . ■'.-* iki
young peuple, numl ering a   til I ftj
drove  out last  evi ning to M    u I
Mrs.   H.   F   Hay •    ■    ,    ,:,...... i
pleasant time   vai -:       music i
I dancing - • ing I
J of the evening     Che part)  -.. -   . -■
n *   [ably   ■ .."• *     ed   by  Mr.  am!.
Mrs liny, tnd declare il thi n il • n-
joyable outing  I the season.
Catholic—Rev Fathei R Pecoul
O.M.I.i pastor, Services ever", fi
nt the lollowing hours 3a.m, I nn-
mnnion Mn--, 10:30 a m. II gh nasi
and Sermon; i p.m Bapti i BO
p in - iiiiiny School; 7:30p m Rotary
Instruction nnd Benedlcti. n
-: \'.Mi:r '. - Pretbyterian)—-Rev
iv ' Calder pastor Services al ll
».in and T 30 p m Sunday School
ami Bible C ..- .: 30 p n Bible
reading Wednesday .1 8 p m
K.Vfl    iMi       ;. mas,—J    II    Hub
i-i'-uii it i>, minister       . ■   •
at 11   i       ni.'I '■ 30 |i n       *>! irnlng
■ mii)! i-i.    l in- Crots'    Evening sub
;u'i. "The Problem ol the Oh in
Relation tn ihe Chrittian Man,' thin
being the fourth in the series ol pro
bbniiB of the Churoh,   Sunday & hi
ii **! 30 p m.    Young People's Society
ou Monday night at 8 o'clock    Col
tnge  prayer  meeting  on Wednesday
night and choir practice on Friday
j    Si e ll ll-wso   it Co's toy whitlow.
i    A carload ollluyal Household Flour
int Bourne Bros.
'    Apple eider lor your mincemeat at
C. B. Hume it Co.'s.
All lines of ebony and leather goods
nl Bews' Drug Store.
See U. Howson A Co. for ervieci. ;de
ti ys for furniture.
Spanish grapes, pears, bananas and
apples at C. B. Hume A Co.'s.
Buster, Brown, anil Roosevelt
Dears, at Bews' Drug Store.
Chestnuts, in anv quantity, juBt in.
C. B.Hume & Co.
Perfumes and Fancy Atomizers—a
large stock at Bews' Drug Store.
Get a set of toys for a Xinaa present
for tbo children nt Howion's furniture
Call and tee the new designs ol cups
and saucers on show at C. B. Hume
& Co.'b.
Limbergor cheese, McLaren's cheese.
Ontario cheese, Dutch cheese at
Bourne Bros.
In our new shipment we have
hockey boots for men, women, boys
and girls.   Reid & Young.
Chatelaines, hnnd satchels, music
rolls, all the newest styles sold at the
Cauada Drug it Rook Store.
Some of the linest perfumes and
fancy cases ever shown here, are now
at the Canada Drug & Book Store.
Our long looked for shipment of
Hockey Boots has arrived. Call and
sec them,   Reid it Young.
It. M. Smythe has taken over the
agency ol tho Vancouver Pioneer
Steam Laundry. All work will receive prompt attention,
We are headquarters for Santa
Glaus. The assortment ol toys and
children's hooka nre this year more
complete than ever. See them atthe
Canada Drug Store.
Handkerchiefs for Xmas
What  is mure useful or acceptable for  a gift than some nice Handkerchiefs.   We
have a splendid stock of all kinds.   An immense variety to choose from.
Irish Linen Hemstitched nnd Hnnd Embroidered from 16c. tn 75c. each.
Linen Lawn, with beautifully embroidered edge—20o, to $1.00.
Lace Edge Handkerchiefs from 10c. to $1.00.
Silk Handkerchiefs, embroidered edge, band ninde.
Maltese Silk Lace Handkerchiefs, Childrens' Handkerchiefs, etc.^
Men's Mei-cilla Handkerchiefs, Siik Initial, 2oc. each.
Plain Silk, Twill Silk, Initial Silk nnd Oolored Silk Handkerchiefs for Men.
Our Hist lot has arrived and they are beauties.   All the new shades and the latest shapes
—We will have them coming every week up to Christinas.
We have a new lot just in by express and have lnts nf Pretty Ribbon tot rim them.  They
make pretty, inexpensive presents.
AND STAMPED LINENS.—We keep our stock fresh all the time with new designs as
they come out.   Yesterday we received a lot of the Newest and Handsome Uentie Pieces
all on a beautiful green linen, and wu have the fringe for finishing tbe edge...
Come in and look over the display.   We will be pleated to show you around.
China .  .  .
We huve u nice line of
odd Gups nnd Saucers,
Plates, Vases, Tea Sells,
etc., of the   following
famous makes: Ooalport,
Limoges, Orescent, Doul-
ton, Beyreuth,
Bulk or package goods,
iloihestie or   im ported.
We have perfumes frnm
the following makers.—
Roger &Gallette, Orown,
Breidenbougli,   Palmer,
Colgate, Seely, Stearns
at, prices tn suit everyone
Fanoy Boxes from 25c to $10
Pipes  .  . .
Meerschaum Pipes, Fine
Briar Pipes, curved and
strnightstems, Peterson's
Patent Pipes. Remember
you can't please a smoker
better nt. Xinits than by
buying him a nice pipe.
We   have   good   pipes
From $1 to $11 In prioe.
Military, Plain,    Rosewood or   Ebony, first
quality, Selected llristles
Artistic and Attractive
Prices 7So. to $9.
Ask for Coupons on our $IOO Prize.
One Coupon with oach 25 Cent Purchase.
See our line of oak silver mounted
salad bowls, biscuit jars, cruets, etc.,
new designs, Iiest English silver plate.
Bourne Bn *.
Any time you are passing you can
see a beautiful 'election ol Xmas
Calendars and Cards at the Canada
Drug & Book Stoie.
Get n Revelstoke calendar to send to
your friends. They are only 50 cents,
■in! have beautilul local pictures.
Sold only at the Canada Drug &
i; ok .-lure
Any  sittings  Ior  week beginning
M   da;   10th Inst., will insure your
■ photos fur Christmas.
-.'..:.. electrio lamp lor printing,
v ,•-,., Morning sitting" preferred
now in dull weather — Trueman'a
-■ . Vanoouver and Revelstnke,
B. C
Revelstoke Conservative Association.
Memben and frienda are reminded
that I • usual monthly meeting and
■moke, takei place on Monday next,
101     it, .: Belkirk Hall,
.*>  W Ku-1 i ii. Secretary.
Gus Sirriani and Angelo Sirriani,
father and son, were charged with assault yesterday, before Police Magistrate Gordon, at the house ot Mateo
Covelli. The charge was proved
against both and each were fined $10
and costs G. S. McCarter appeared
lor the prosecution and J. M. Scott
for the defence.
A Maddnloni was summonsed before
the Magistrate on Thursday on a
charge of selli.ig liquor without a
license, and was fined $200 and costs.
W. Knox and W. Gallignn were
charged by Nam Sing for breaking
windows and damaging his property.
Gase dismissed.
J. Henderson was fined $5 and costs
on Wednesday for furious driving In
llie city streets.
Alex Shields, of the Monarch Lumber Co., at Savonas, was in the city
this week. Their new mill is being
erected as but as possible. Their
company have recently taken up n
Int ol timber lands on the North
Thompson uml branches,
*. .-K .*t*. .-I*. j*.wfr. .i*. .***. .i't .*K .-fr. ."t1. jjh .i*..+. .*!*. .j*. .-fr. .-h .*fr. *T« it. .-I-. .***. »T. ,t,
fl A. [)A1M MtMANIIAwl
Carries the best Line of Goods to be had from
. o
"*.+. At *Ti 'fr* '"fr* Ai *^1* '"fr* **fr* ilti A* ill ilti At At At At At A■ .fr. A* .♦. At .fr.,
jwl IM 'X1 'X1 "X1 w 'al' W 'X1 'i1 vP"X* W "X1 'X1 *X 'X' w "X1 'X1 "X"X" *X"Xr '
I. 0. F. NOTICE.
Next regular meeting, December
10th, nomination of officers for next
year. A full attendance of members
it requested.
Wm. Mcdonald,
Assessment District.
Christmas (foods
VV'* have spared no pains in giving
you the best selections lhe markets of
the world can supply. Our goods are
all good values, Special attention is
directed to our Xnvis Boxes
EATON HURLBUT PAPERS 50c, 75c, $1 to $1.15.
Caki itmas Numbers ani> Annual
Walter Bews. Phm.B.. 0ra8«is's,4.
Notice Ib liereliy glvon Hint Courts of Revlni«n
ami Appeal, under tlie provisions of tlie "Amors-
mont Act," ami "Public Schools Act," will bo hold
nt tin* Court Houae, Revelstoke, on Friday, lln*
28t)i dny of Deoomlior, 190*3, nt ll o'clock n.ni
Dated nt Revel-stoke, 1st Dccemlwr, 1000.
C M. 1'IKLD,
.Iluinc of tlie Court of ttevUloii nnd Appeal.
NUtlk'C H w-lt
Oiviiom of ImililiniiH nml contrftCore nu- liereliy
milium! tlmt In fi.tt.re mi ('niiin-i-tiuii. will bii
nuiili' .villi llis main wire, tilt tlio tn.tnllatliin In
ImilitiiiK lin. lit-i-ii exiuiiitieil ami ntiiiruved nl liy
til. City Klm-trliil.il.
!ti'(|ii.-.*lH Inr In.poetli.n nhonlil lm loft at tlie
City Clerk's Ofllcu. nml wires, etc., slimilil not lie
i-'ivi-ri-i! Ill till Himll iii.*|ii'i-li.iii in mntli..
II)' nn ler nf the City l.-iiiiln-il.
ii. Fi.ovn,
Dee. 8. mini. St City Clerk.
A Couple of young ladies willing to
share same room, eau procure
hoard and comfortable lodging with
small family on McKenzie Avenue.
Apply Maii.-Hriialii Office.
Pieaees every Smoker -the " Maroa
You Don't Need
Glasses to See that
is the placo to Buy Xmas Gilts.  Como
in and inspect our Stock.
Does not cost anything on goodt
purchased at our store.
....       .    ....    .    ....    ...
fSanta   "     '
I Claus
% Manning's Candy Palace |
The largest assortment in  Toys.   The latost  In  Toys.
Everything New.
Magic Lanterns, 35c. to $15 ;  Steam Engines, 50c. to $10,
Friction Toys, Spring Toys, Stuffed Animals (large and
small); Tools, Games, Toy Pianos, Blackboards, Rocking
I,        Horses, Dureaus, Sleighs, etc,
i\> Insist on Having Fresh Candies for <i|
!*'[[     Xmas  Get Some of Manning's     %
i»             Home-Made Candies. 4
j   m
v 4
jf),      All ordirs for Santa Otaus should be addressed to Box 287     jL
as  .,,„...,,,»      * -.   -   .....  •*
JL yig gw WWCjW U^UW VW^W UV^^ Uiuuu*^t^mij#


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