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Ask for Halcyon LITHIA WATER
For family use thrre is nothing so
wholesome and so pure us HALCYON LITHIA WATER.
The Mail-Hepa
","&/\       .
Forjlsse of operation nnd perfection
j io   results  produced, this   Machine
' ia unsarjwssed,—I'kice: fGOOOcash.
Interior Publishing Co., Agents
Vol 14,-No 27
$2.50 Per Year
Provincial Library
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Wl holiday linens
ThiB is one of the times of the year
that the good housewife likes to have her
dining and lunch tables draped in spotless
linen.    We have them. .
70-INCH MERCERIZED DAMASK-Lovely floral and
conventional designs, the patterns show up in
strong relief in pure snowy white
At 85 Cents Per Yard
EXTRA HEAVY PALL LINEN—70-inches wide, very
fine spn threvl and cloie weave, absolutely
Pure Irish Flax in the newest patterns, dainty
and pretty, pure snowy white,
At $1.25 Per Yard
FIVE-EIGHT SIZED NAPKINS in mercerized damask,
lovely patterns, pure snowy white, all ready
hemmed nnd laundered for use, at
$2.25 Per Dozen
someand unique patterns, pure while, superior
quality, ready hemmed and ready to use,  at
$3.00 Per Dozen
our Dressmaking Department. Miss Brima-
combe is in charge and will be pleased to
look after your wants.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Spring- Qoods Arrtstng Dally. Draeamalilng and Millinery Rooms, ind Floor
Spades and Shovels from $1.00 Up
Spading Forks, $1.25 Up
Garden Rakes      • -   50c. Up
Garden Hoes -        50c. Up
We have the best assorted stock of Lawn Mowers ever shown in
B. C., ranging in prices from $4 to $10.
Rubber and Cotton Hose fully guaranteed.
Wheelbarrows, Lawn Boilers, Garden Sprays, Pruning Shears.Tree
Spray and Sprayers, Tree Pruners, Garden and Grass Shears.
^Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited^
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Branches In the 1'rovlDc*. of Manitoba, Alberta, Ba.katsbewan,
Britl.b Columbia, Ontario, Qaebeo.
Oapital Authorised ... •10,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ....    •4,02S,ooo.oo
Reeorvo fund ....        •4,025,000.00
D. B. Wilkik, President -, Hon. B. Jaffbay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Savings Bank Department
Interest allowed on deposits from date of deposit and credited
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-H. T. Jaffray, Manager
Hopeful Outlook in the West.
Winnu.k«, April 14.—A very hopeful view of the situation in the west is
taken by the Commerrinl, which says
business in spring and summer goods
continues in good volume. Whole
solars generally are confident that the
situation will steadily improve as the
miosoii advances. Tbe heavy immigration from tbe United States aud
llrltish Isles is having a stimulating
1 fleet upon business.
It is said that tbe newcomers are
better off financially than tbo itiiini-
gtluM of   former  ssasoos.     This   is
especially true of those wbo come from
the south, as many of them hare sold
valuable lands and other property before moving to Oanada, An early
spring is looked for, 011 the prairie snd
it is estimated that the acreage increase for wheat will be more tbsu a
million acres over that ol last year,
These conditions and others will
reasonable prospects ol a good growing
year, make business men in general
feel that by nest fall, which is but tbe
nutter of a few month) away, we will
see groat activity in trade and a bright
outlook in all lioee.
C. P. Latham Receives Enthusiastic Send-off and Handsome
Presentation—A Most Enjoyable Gathering.
Bevelstoke is losing one by one
some of ber best men and popular citizens, and while we rejoice that tbey
no doubt are leaving us with an idea
of tbeir own betterment, yet we regret
thnt those who have been amongst us
so long, aud have been well tried and
are true and earnest citizens, sre saying goodbye.
A farewell banquet, under tbe auspices of Fire Brigade No. il at the
close of their regular monthly scission,
and a number of other citizens
was held in the Union Hotel Restaurant on Monday night, on the occasion
of the departure of C. P. Latham from
Bevelstoke. It is with general expressions of regret that we say goodbye, or
better, ' au revoir', to Mr. Latham
wbo has been bo closely associated
with the city for so many years, and
wbo has taken a lively and keen interest in sports, and in the Fire Brigade work, besides being popular
among his fellows in commercial life.
Bevelstoke wishes him every success
About 40 sat down to one of the
best social functions ever held in this
city, good will and harmony being
exemplified on all sides, to pay a final
mark ol esteem to our departing citizen. Mayor Lindmark took the chair
and announced that as the outer man
seemed well pleased with himself it
was time to turn their attention to
the inner man and walk into the good
things prepared by Stewart McDonald.
Supper over the chairman proposed
the toast of the King which was received witb much ovation and heartily
drank. A lengthy toast list wss honored including "Our Guest," replied
to by W. Hornell, J. Hume, and C. F.
Lindmark; "Oui City," responded to
by Aldermsn Foote, W. Bews, and
Boy McDonald; ''Bevelstoke Sports,"
by A. McBae, £. H. Lewis, VV. Barber,
G. Knight; "Our Lsdies," Guy Barber
J. T. Pollock, W. B. Bobertsoo and G.
Knspp, these bachelors surprising tbe
company by the apparent interest they
took in the fair sex which augurs well
for the future. The "Fire Brigade" by
C. B. Mscdonald, G. H. Brock, J. B.
Scott, J. Devine; "Business and
Trades," by M. Hume, W. A. 8turdy,
K. McBae, B. N. Doyle, A. G. Brooker,
J. G. McLean, J. McPhail, H. Bews,
A. McEachern; "The Press," by A. B.
Hillier; ''The Chairman," by himself.
Tbe speeches were in every case appropriate for the occasion and all testified to the good will extended to the
guest of the evening and regret at his
departure. Many humorou? and witty
remarks were made causing much
amusement. An excellent musical
programme was rendered including
selections by Guy Barber, E.H. Lewis,
W. Smythe and J. Donald, the latter's
songs being much appreciated.
Mayor Lindmark ou behalf of the
company presented Mr. Latham with
a handsome gold headed umbrella,
saying a few appropriate words and
expressing the genuine regret at his
Mr. Latham, in expressing h's appreciation of the gift and tbe kind
words ol his fellow citizens, said that
although he was going back to his old
home again be could not but feel
deeply the parting with dear old Bevelstoke, and the regret at leaving his
friends and associates. He would always look back with pleasure upon
the pleasant time spent here and
would always keep a warm corner in
his heart for the city.
The proceedings closed with the
singing of tbe National Anthem, the
"Maple Leaf For Ever," and "Auld
Lang Syne." Mr. Latham will be
greatly missed from the staff of C. B.
Hume A Co. where he has been a
most laithful and zealous worker.
$10,000,000  FIRE
1,350 Acres of Boston, Mass.,
Gutted by Gale Fed Flames
Boston, April 14.—An apparently
insignificant fire which starti'd among
the rags on a dump in t'.ie oity of
Chelsea was funned by a northwest
gale into a conflagration which obliterated nearly one third of tlie city.
Five hundred dwelling homes and
public buildings were destroyed, 1.100
families were driven from tlieii homes
and 10,000 people made homeless.
The loss is estimated  at $10,000,000.
Three hundred and fifty acreB were
burned over in the lire at Chelsea.
This forenoon militiamen and marines
were on guard against looters and
military regulations prevail. Belief
bureaus have been started. Charitable
organizationi are helping the home-
Hess and public buildings bare been
thrown open and hundreds of military
brought in to aid in sheltering them.
Second  Contingent  Arrive in
B. C.-AII Well To Do
A special Salvation Army immigration train pulled in here on Sunday
night bringing 280 immigrants lor all
parts of B. C. This is the second con
tingt-ut that has been brought out
this year by the Army and all appear
enthusiastic over their future and
speak in loud praise of Canada. Two
hundred left the train here and were
distributed to various points of the
surrounding territory where positions
are said to be awaiting them. A lew
of ths thirty-two domestios stayed off
also. A gratifying feature is that
nearly all the men in the party are
fairly well supplied with funds. One
man, with a family of six, had $7,500
in cold cash.
Adjutant Wakefield has received
over 500 applications for domestic
help from all parts of B. C. in the
past three months all of which had
been filled.
Adjutant Wakefield, Major Creigh-
ton and Major Morris were with tbe
party. Wjrk has been found for
every immigrant brought out by the
Salvation Army. The immigrants
speak highly of the manner in which
the C.P.B. transportation facilities
were carried out and the C P.M. speak
in the best terms of the conduct of
the new immigrants. One auu of the
party met a brother in thin city whom
he had not seen for twenty five years
Tbe contingent numbered 1400 wbo
landed at Halifax, 1120 of these were
left in other province, the remainder
coming across the mountains.
A Mounted Policeman Cut in
Two While on Guard
Cranbrook, April 14.—Yesterday
morning about 7 o'clock an alarm was
iaieed among the guests at breakfast
at the Imperial Hotel, Frank, Alta.
that a murder bad been committed at
the back of the establishment.
One of the guests found tlie dead
body of a man lying in the alleyway
about forty feet from the back entrance to the hotel with a gash in the
right side of the neck which had very
nearly severed the head from the
shoulders. The wound was evidently
inflicted with an axe or some other
heavy weapon.
The dead man was a constable of
the Northwest Mounted Police, transferred from Macleod a few days ago
and said to have been of the name of
Moran or Morris.
A few nights ago an attempt had
been made to burglarize the sample
room of the hotel and the murdered
man bad been put on in civilian's to
watch the hotel on the chance of the
return of the culprits. Owing to the
Frank mines being closed down, considerable destitution exists amongst
the foreign element, to whom, rightly
or wrongly; this dastardly crime is
Vancouver Conservatives Support Him in Meeting.
Vancouver, April 14.—A large section of Vancouver Conservatives passed
a resolution Saturday night favoring
Sir Charles Hibbert Tupper as Vancouver's candidate in the next federal
election, believinn that tbis was tbe
desire of the majority of the electorate,
The meeting did not claim to represent tbe whole local party, and did not
wish to arouse disaffection in its ranks,
so il added that should those favoring
Sir Charles fail to secure his nomination at the regular convention they
would join in supporting the convention's nominee. A requisition will lie
circulated for signatures of electors
favoring the nomination ol Sir Charles
and asking him to allow his name to
go before the convention.
Sir Charles recently informed friends
by letter that he was pledged to tbe
Pictou, N, S., Conservatives, but was
in the hands of tbe party and Mr.
Borden. Should they deem it wise
that he also contest Vancouver, he
would accept a nomination.
Lake Freight Begins—Disastrous Floods—G.T.P. Plant-
Bright Prospects—Fatal gale
—Earl Grey Returns.
Winnipeg. April 15.—At the general
freight department of tbe C. P. B. yesterday it was learned that commencing
April 18 lake and rail freight will be
accepted from points east ol Moose
Jaw, and on April 16 from points west
of 1 nose Jaw, destined for Eastern
Shanohai, April 15.— Disastrous
floods are reported to have occurred
at Hankow, in the province of Hupeh.
It is stated that two thousand persons
have been drowned. Seven hundred
junks were sunk or wrecked. The
floods are said to be due to an unexpected freshet.
Vancouver, April 16.—The first
contractor's equipment to be used on
the construction of the Grand Trunk
Pacific railway in British Columbia,
left Vancouver last night for Prince
Bupert on the steamer Thordis. It is
being shipped by Foley, Welch aud
WINNIPEG, April 15.—Today seeding is general throughout the province-
Thousands of immigrants from the
United States are pouring 111 and
many of them have had large tracts of
land broken and are among those who
are putting in wheat. The season is a
month in advance of that of last year.
Montreal, April 15.—While Mr.
W. L. Mackenzie King, Deputy Minister of Labor, is agitating in London
ior a restriction of the emigration of
coolies'from India to Canada, the
Canadian Pacific Bailway has put a
stop to the exodus, for the time being
at least, by relusing to accept tbem as
passengers for British Columbia ports.
New York, April 15.—Four men
killed, another fatally hurt, scores of
women more or less seriously injured
and thousands of dollars damage
diiused by unroofing of buildings and
blowing down of trees, signs and weak
sign walls, is a partial record of a
terrific wind storm which swept New
York city at a sixty-mile an-hour clip
last evening.
New York, April 15.—Earl Grey,
Governor-General of Canada, H. H.
Bogers and Samuel L. Clements
(Mark Twain) were passengers on the
steamer Bermudian, which arrived
yesterday from Bermuda.
Overseas Limited Travels 180
Miles in 3 Hours, 27 Minutes
The speed record for the Canadian
Pacific Bailway on the prairies was
broken a few days ago by the Overseas
Limited which left Vancouver on tbe
arrival of the last steamer. Tbe fast
run was made between Calgary and
Medicine Hat, 180 miles. This distance was covered in three hours and
twenty-seven minutes. Two stops had
to be made for water, and including
ner.cisary slowdowns and other delays,
much of the distance waB made at an
average gait of a mile a minute.
Tbe locomotive used wm one of the
eleven hundred class, the engine-driver
being "Scotty" Ormiston, who iB well
known in British Columbia.
Lumber for Doukhobors
NELSON, B. 0., April 16.—Peter
Verigiu, the noted leadee of the Douk-
hobor setllement,in Canada, has spent
several duys in Nelson, being a guest
at the Queen's hotel. Mr. Verigin
took his meals iu bis room and did
not mingle with any of tbe other
guests. In business transactions ha
was represented by bis private secretary, but he also had a timber inspector with him. It is learned that the
object of his visit is to acquire timber limits in Kootenay and arrange
for the erection of sawmills to supply
his compatriots with lumber for
building cheaper than they can buy it
from retailers in the prairie towns.
So far, it is understood, he has uot yet
decided upon any acquisition.
m i
A very cordial invitation is extended
to the people of all denominations in
the oity, to come to the Methodist
church this evening at 8 o'clock and
hear Bev. Mr. Bowen speak in the
interests of the Canadian Branch ol
the Bible Society. Bemember tbe
speaker, the hour and the place. All
other services in the two Presbyterian,
the Baptist and the Methodist
churches, sre merged in this one.
Lowney's chocolates, Easter boxes I    Easter novelties in  men's cravats—
at Bears' drug store, IC. B. Hume 4 Co.
You did if you dealt here,
because we keep none but the
choicest qualities in the greatest variety and our prices are
reasonable. We want to
have your custom and to get
it we promise to tempt you
po Ytor/
G^^9C£^§      with the finest qualities of
That are offered.   We also make  a  specialty   of  Fruits and Fresh
Vegetables aa they come in.
Carpenters' Tools, Garden Tools, Lawn Mowers, Hose, Paints,
Refrigerators, Eoamelware, Stoves, Ranges, etc. Our stock in these
is very complete and we invito inspection.
Bourne  Bros.
HARD COAL BRIQUETTES at  $8.00 per ton is the cheapest
Coal on the market.
They start fire as easily as dry wood and lost as long as hard coal.
Can be used in Furuoces, Cook Stoves, Heaters, Self Feeders and
open grates. |
We have a large stock on hand ready for immediate delivery and
will^flll your order promptly.
Revelstoke General Agencies, Limited
I never^f"did see such fly
3   underwear
'"6w«ll Dresser"
you   hive   youH    umvehweah   fhom
McKJnnon   CSL   Sutherland
Fit "Reform Clothing.
At 8 Per Cent.
Zhe flfcaU*1beualb.
Barristers, Solicitors,  Etc
Parliamentary,    Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
CiiAii. MraraY.
HAROl.n Fish::r
X —
i' *r.-i.t«rss, l&oi p torn, Etc.
BKVKLiiTl ke i*D 1U0UI LAKE, B.C
j. ij.l' J '-'■ BLLion
"ii.   ;y, mooarteb,
b/^h..'.:stfrk, aoi.iorruBS, etc.
•(/▼'CI*.    .'*   fcHl .L    1>**.K     ..i.lsl.li      Hk.   Bt
•srrowx, B. C.
s4-.-.ry lu loan, ,   „    ,
O^-o-: RsvclssMfce, B.C.; Cranbrook, H. o.
Ueo. 3. McOartlh,
4    M,   I'lNKlUM.
Kevelsiwae. fl.
J. A. Hajivkt.
Cnuibrook, H. 0.
J. M. Sco*l 1.L.D
K.'Uir   AND
W. I. Brians.
slurntY to Loan
aoTJlOTOria  l-'sB   VlOMONB  BaNI-
.;  Sl.'l-i"  . f'.s-v .-'.-liske,   li.l
'^AYfiS ■   - KEM1BT
It?.;   olsllOra,    -y..;, •.-, Ive maUur Mim's.,
res elvi pro u]. attention
Terms Moderate.
l?:.»,r>.»       -       -      -       BO* *" KaSLO, Ii. C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzib Avenue.
Box 106, Revelstoke
Pupils prepared tor Conservatory
and University Examinations.
MCDIO-At   Mrs.   1.   C.   Hutchison's" Con-
oanght Avenue.
Mining, Real Estate, Business, Financial and Share:'Brokers.
Mercantile Agents.
Fire, Life, Accident, Employers' Liability, Guarantee and Live Stock Insurance
Maps, Plans, Blue Prints and Reports
compiled on Mines, Land and Timber,
B. C.
Chewing Tobacco
Gbe flftaiUlberalb
stale and Bociety, will find more
thorns than roses', and the more
accurate his statements and assimilations the deeper into the flesh
will the thorns go. So eager arc
the majority for gain, position and
power, that they will trample beneath their feet any individual
brave enough to strive for a betterment of earthly conditions. But
however, the work of the reformer
lives forever, while those who oppose him in a few short  years  fall Tb« extremes of atheistic, anarchistic,
and   socialistic   are rampant, and the
Editor Mam.-iikiuui.
DEAR Sir :—] hnve road with considerable amusement the report in
your issue ol today's date of the Toronto Globe's interview with the Kov. 11
G. Magee and the hitter's reported
remarks ie the morals of the Koote
tiiiys. As the reverend gentleman
honored our city with a visit the follow!! g Words hnve a special interest
(or us: "There in the Kootenay conn
try the labor conditions tend to make
tlie   people   Godless   and  irreligious.
into the grove and are forgotten
jiiBt. like the other dead things who
mcc- breathed the ozone of this
plaimt and made a noise after their
kind. The knocker must not be
confused with reformer, although
not islanding in lhu same classification, they each mid their quota
to the ultimate perfection of an
idsial community.
There, is so much bad iu the best of us,
And so much good io the worst ol as,
That it hardly behooves any of us,
To talk about the rest of us.
We are living in an age of  progression which means that the best
and surest methods   for   the   safe
conducting   of    our  communities
must be only arrived at by arguing
prog aud cons of different situations
and the more or   less  reformation
that mua; be   introduced.      In all
ages ini; honest man has made  en-
;.rjie«      •   exposing   the foiblw- of
•oniet) A..d   the   wronge   inflicted
-'cm i:.1- p*sop\e   by   church   aud
Baste.     lie who has the courage lo
eApute    \auity,    greed,   pretet^e,
hypocrisy and selfishness in  high
placers will be   hammered,    abused
nnd dragged through the mud.     A
hero of this kind has to die  in  order to get bis revsard. Look through
the page:' of   history and you will
eet iiow rhe deities  and   reformers
wm;.- healed in the flesh,     A  man
whu hae the courage   of   his  own
convictions must of  necessity  pos*
eec?   the   fundutm-ntal   principles
Upon which he preaches, otherwise
his words will full on stoney ground
and bear no fruit, in other   words,
he must practice what ho preaches.
The same treatment meeted out to
reformers in early days is accorded
at the present time,  though  somewhat modified,   to   all   who   step
from   the   beaten  path and try to
point the way to higher and better
grounds,   especially   in    Oanada.
The   man   who   talks   or   writes
Controversy is rife concerning
the lumber situation and the possibilities of the prices going down.
Owing to the present unsettled and
condition of affairs, it is dillicull
to make any definite announcements. The following excerpt from
the Western Canada Lumberman
may throw some light on the question :
Pessimists will tell us that with
the mill yards stocked up and 150,-
000,000 feet of logs in the water,
and fairly full yards in the prairies, there is no hopeful outlook
whatever. That there is enough
lumber on hand, going by other
years, to supply the demand for
the entire year, and that a mill
wheel need be turned after cutting
up the present log supply.
There are optimists, however,
and many of them who see nothing
to be discouraged at. They say
that comparatively speaking the
log and lumber supply is insignificant provided a brisk demand
sprang up, and every mill in the
province before the year is out will
be angry that they did not run all
the booms they could get hold of
into their waterways at $7.50 and
■$3.00. Some prophocy that the
active demand will start in spring.
Others more conservative state that
about November a brisk demand
will spring up, and be continued
until the cold weather stops it.
As to lower prices, it is difficult
to figure out where they will come
in. The mills have paid heavily
for the present lumber in the yards
and if they sell any lower than
current prices it will mean a financial loss, and there is certainly no
use offering at lower prices if there
is no one to buy. It is likely if a
brisk demand springs up, that there
would be no need of lower prices,
that the mill could quickly unload their high priced lumber, and
cut up  a   further  supply   at less
brothel and the whiskey shop go together to degrade   men."    No doubt a
largo number of this gentleman's foi-1
lowers look up to him aa the acme of
wisdom, and a pious shudder ol holy
horror will creep down their hack* si
the thought of the awful degradation
of the Kootenay country, but if you
will give me space, Mr. Editor, I
should like to look at this question a
little mote impartially, The way this
gentleman uses words forces one to
d uin his acquaintance with the English tongue nuil lite meanings of the
words 'ie uses. He accu-rs dboI being
atheistic, which hs describes as being
rampant, 1 have mixed with nun of
all classes in this district for nearly
seven years now and have not yet met
one who denies the existence of a
supreme beiog, or intelligence, or God
if you so wish to term it. How he has
come to this conclusion is beyond my
conception, except it be tbat he terms
men atheists, because they will not
accept his own special brand of belief.
When he refers to anarchy he evidently refers to a ftw desperate, misguided individuals who take violent
measures to bring about the time
when governors and laws, militia und
police shall be no more, and the lion
shall lie down with the lamb, Tine
anarchy is not practicable until the
spirit of love for one's fellow men ihal)
reign over mankind and really the
victim of our Bystem driven crazy by
hunger, the policeman's club and the
soldier's bayonet, seems to me to be
very conspiciouB hereabouts by his
absence and when this reverend gen
tleman gets to Socialism I should like
to meet him on the public platform
and prove to him that be does not
know what he is talking about.
Christ taught a philosophy of life—
not by any means original—which if
practically applied to our everyday
economic and material life would be
in perfect harmony with socialism.
When Christ taught and labored he e
the people would not listen, but the
day has now dawned when the evolution of human society is forcing these
truths on the people from the economic
side and tbe day of the ethical aud
philosophical presentment of truth
must give way to tbe almighty tower
of truth crushing men by eheer force
of economics to recognize it and cease
from their selfish struggles ior individual gain. The handwriting is on the
wall and all the forces of the amalgamated so-called churches of Christ all
the societies of men and the agencies
of the devil (?) combined cannot stay
the dawn of truth which is now breaking over the nations, and this gentleman professes to   be   a   teacher   and
Gosling Krieger.
A very quiet wedding was solemnized on Monday evening, Ap il fi, at the
home .if Mr. and Mrs. 0. F. Krieger,
408 Laugside, when their daughter
Winnifed, was united in marriagi to
Rev. L. Ernest Gosling, by tlie Rev. J.
L. Gordon, pastor of Central Congregational church.
On aocount of recent bereavement
only the immediate relatives of the
bride and friends of the groom were
dresent, but the Cent nil Congregation
al choir, of which the bride was a
member, was well represented at the
C. P. R. station, where many friends
had gathered to say their last words
of friendly appreciation and wish the
happy couple God-speed on their life
The bride looked lovely in a prettily
made white mull dress with duchess
satin trimmings and she carried a
bouquet of white carnations. Her
going away gown was bright blue, p
pongee silk coat witli brown accessories. She was given awuy by her
The bridesmaid, Miss May Bam
bridge, wore a very pretty shadow pink
organdy and carried a bouquet of pink
carnations. She wore a beautiful
pearl pin, the gift of the groom.
The dride's mother was handsomely
gowned in black silk and lace. The
goom was ably supported by J. Har
wood Mohr, a fellow Btudent of Mr.
Gosling in Manitoba college. Tbe
wedding march was played by Mies
Sadie Meacham, cousin of the bride
The happy bride received many beautiful and costly presents, showing the
high esteem in which she is held by
her many friends.
The happy young couple left on the
11 o'clock train for Burnt Lake, Alta.,
where Rev. Mr. Gosling has been ap
pointed to tbe Presbyterian charge-
Manitoba Free PiesB.
A Policeman's Soliolquy
When dark at night with silent tread,
tbe policeman wends his way,
Not knowing for a moment when he'll
see some bad ad'ray;
The riff-raff of tlie country abhor him
with all hate;
His every aci they censure, while they
growl, scotf, sneer and prate,
guide of  the   people;   bis   utterances  r, y(jU 9hou,d arre8t  a cuiprit| he jB
only go to show graphically the ignor- mighl 9ure tQ kick;
ance   of   the   average   preacher   and | Qr        neg,ect your dutie8 tuey w,„
church member concerning Socialism. 9mm yQa right quick
Now, for the brothel: this authority , If ypu fix up ,Ut,e  tronb,M then  t,]e
couples the Socialists and the brothel, magl8trate win gr0wl;
for which the Socialist   gives   I hanks 8bou,d you  jaj,  too many priHOnerfl)
and takes hs-trt for did not  the Pbar- ,,„.„ ,,ie puMic raUe a how,*
.seesofoiddc   identically  the  »me When yon only catch a suspect, then
thing   with Christ who ate and drank
and lived among  tlie   prostitute*   and
sinners? I fancy I con see this worthy
expense. Then possibly to nurse, gentleman standing on the street
trade along there might be a lower I corners and thanking God  that he is
orice agreed  iinon   if   the  dem.nrl' ^    / ' " *" *"•    ' thft"k   For tney h*ve to get the money if they
price agreed upon  n  tne aemana, tl   G dl! tb t tne     re    en        t|j '  r       "7
,,,,,. . bars to raise the tax;
fell of.    It   is   taken _ for granted , continent who will say to these women  j,
nitl.   Christ   "Neither   do  I randan
your superiors will squeal;
If  ynu   fail   to  get   Ihe vidian, you'll
resemble a fifth wheel;
Should fines  lie small, the  mayor anil
council say your lax.
Cleveland liioyles,  latest   models—
[.awretice Hardware Co.
We   have   everything   in  field and
against the  evils   of   the   church, I garden seeds—C. B. Hume 4 Co.
that there will he lower   prices   before there are higher  prices,   these
prices cannot last,  for  as  the  demand for   lumber  springs   up  the
demand for logs will become active
making it impossible   for   millmen
to reduce the present price.      It  is
the old,  old  story- high   prices in
good times and   low   prices  in bad
times, but  in   bad   limes   like  the
tiresent there is.   little  sense   in us
quoting low prices,  when  there is
practically no market,   for   lumber.
in summing up, there  are many
who claim  lumber  will  never  be
lower, and  there   are   many  who
claim that it will be lower before it
is higher,   The truth is   no doubt
between the two, that lumber may
go lower, but as soon as   active demand springs tip. it will rise buoyantly   to   present     prices   if   not
time" aud wliu w.'.i aland up |i,r these
victims ol this devil's own system at
this time which we call the year of
Our Lord 1008 The Iti DOS of pi-r»e
CUtion mid bitterness lhat thn-e so-
i-alb-d reformers hurl .it these women
are enough to call f irtb u doable
glance of Christ's scorn anil his tiitinj<
"Let, him who is with-.ut   sin   among
you cast tbe first stone." These women
have two alternatives to Hi"ir present
lives, they arsdeath by starvation or a
life subject to continual snubs and
gossipings of which tbe former wouid
t/t; preferable tn most, women.
I am afraid Mr. Editor that I am
taking loo much of your since, but
just a word about the whisky shops
and I have finished. The whisky
shops are simply a part of this competitive profit making system under
which we live and it is their economic
environment that makes them—victim
and exploiter alike—what they are.
Change the victims economic environ
ment and take the profit Irum the
exploiter and we hnve the dnwn of an
era when sin and ignorance will Ily
awny like the mists of the morning nnil
the policemen's club, the militiamen's
bayonet prohibition  nets   nnd   moral
reform proclamations will he put In
their proper place—the   museum   for
relics of barbarism.      Yours truly,
W. W. LbPbaox,
Rovelstoke, B. 0., April 8, 11108.
reasurer, the  assessor   and  the
clerk make their complaint;
So to  please this   motley  outfit you
woulil need to lie a taint.
They don't lear man or  monster when
yOU ''Htch him in the act—
Get minutest details, noi  conjecture,
but the solid facts,
F r the ha«e and blustering lawyer will
try to prove off hr.nd
That  your brain   it   is   defective   and
y .ur eyes were full of sand—
lhat the night was   in   the   morning,
and the date wss one week off;
With loud bombast arid sophistry your
evidence he will scoff;
Hut ynu know things  are   perplexing,
matters not bow hard you try,
And   your  troubles  won't   he over till
the IWeet good bye and bye.
L. O. T. M  O. T. W.
Hold limit- rsiirnlnr fnrtnl rlitly Rs>visuvs thu
Second uml Konn li Thnr-il.iys lu uaoli mnoth,
till! p.m. ill tlie M'wnir Il,i 11. Snciiuil Street.
L. Ms-DON U,|1   l,i,Iy ■ 'iiinmnuiler.
J. M. MOHAN. Rsjouril Keeper
I.   O.   F.
Court Mount BegblO, N'n. :| I, nienls 2nd anil
Ith Mondays in Udd'euows Hull, noxt to Opera
Hmiso VissLiiiK brethren oordlally invited in
J.W. Gaulano, O.B.
c. w. o. w.
Mountain Viow Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second and Fourth Weilne days in
each month, In Selkirk Hall. Visiiin Woodmen oordially invited to attend.
W. D. AltMSTUONG, Con. Jom.
J. MclNTYKK. Clerk.
F. O. E.
The regular meotinirs are held in thel'Selkirk
Hall every Tuesday evouiup at 8 o'cloca. Visiting brethren are cordially invited.
J. LKSL1K. Prksioent.
w. b. McLauchlin, secrktart.
Kootrnav I.ocuxo No. 15 A F, & AM
The regular moo>
inn> aro hold in the
Mnsonic     Temple,
Jilil fellows Hull.on
Lite third Monday Id
-ach luiinth at 8
p.m. Visttlnirbreth
un cordially wul
U. A. rilUCUNIKIt. Secrhtarv.
SEIKIR K LO      * ~"7lls7*". o^oTrT
Meets evoryThuredny
evening In Selkirk
Ball at 8 o'olook
'Visiting brethren cordially Tnvlled to attend
J. MATHIB, 8kc
Q.r.EMBKfll, N.ti.
ColdRangs   Lodge, K. of   P.,
No. 20, Revelstoke, B. C.
except Third Wednesday ol
each month, in the oddfellows'
Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
Knights are cordially invited.
Q. H. BROCK, K. of B. & S.
H. A. BROWN, M. of F
Notice is hereby given that the City Council
have appointed Mr William Fleming night and
day scavenger for the City, aud have authorised the following charges to be made by him,
For the removal of Night Soil S3 per load
" "    of Garbage Si      "
Any  person   requiring   the  services of the
Scavenger may send uotice thereof to him. to
tlio Chief of Police, nr to the City Clerk's office
I 'itizens are requested   to  have their s' aven-
ing uttendeil to as soon as possible, so that the
/ork may not be prolonged into the summer.
Hy Order,
Rovols-loke B. ('.,
April Uth, 1B08.
City Clerk,
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
$5   TO   $10
High Grade Watches
\  Haslings. Doyle & Allom
Art and Beauty
are combined in our new de-
signs,„in carpets, Our stock is
eenil'lel.e nnd the colors rich
and effective, thedesl«ns artistic, nnd ihe "tout ensemble "
ia striking and beautiful. We
have never shown such a wide
variety of patterns, and we
hnve neiei| placed such low
prices upon so much high
quality before.
F»r Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons Ktc, John
Deere Ploughs, Molina Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Ruggie-s, ri.'imt jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright and   Blacksmith   Work   attended   to.    Horse Shoeing a
r Specialty^
4<% %*'%4k%^%*'%**^%%%*/%*^%'%^%%*%'*'%*^'%4
HF.AD OFFICII! i   Caloary,   Albk.hta. *
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant* J
Pork Packers nnd Dealet'B In Livestock,   Markets iu all the piinci   f
pal Cities and Towns of Albeit ft, British Columbia, and the Yukon. *}
ckers of ihe Celebrated Brand " Imperut i" Hams and Bacon, j
uml "Shamrock" Brand Leaf Lard. a
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Central Hotel
"—     REMBI STOKE, B. C.
Newly built.      First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates 81.60 per Day. Spec! I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   management
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
Queens ftotel
Best brands ol Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Manufactured for all olaaues of buildings
for sale iu large or small quantities
at the lowest prices for conn.
building and plastering
' olnmbu.   In the Matter of Mia "Winding
Up Art", ."■um rhapUr IU of tin- Iti'vlied
tfanitei of Canada    .
IfithaMatUrof Thi Blwood Tin Worker*. <;.....
MlDlO! Company of I m.t.-nii, itrili-.li Col tun
hia, liiiiiiifd, |ion ji'mi.mil Liability.
'I'lif rrnditiT-1 of thf hIkiv,. itamml rmnpany nn*
r#'|niri'g on ot Mora tba Hrat day nt June, 191*8
, l'i *»«n<l their riRTn"« and addraaMI, and the par*
ticiilam nf their 'IhIiU oi   I'lalma,   anil  tlm  nainca
and andraeiM of tfielr lollclton,  if any, to John
KJonM. I'   0  BoxfSg,   kevcM-ike.   Brltfnh  Col-
il Ul In*,   th*' Ofllclal l.iijiii.t.itr.r   of   Ilu-   sin,|   ('um.
pan jr. Htm if ho raqoirtd hy not lea In writing from
Lhu taiil OttWal Liquidator, an- hy Hi. ir HiillritorM
t'i pontl in and pr-vH ttiftfr liald dabU or rlalinH ut
hu'Ii tlm-- And place -in mIihII l-e np.H'IAud In nurd
tiotlft. or In default thertvif thoy will bn eirltided
f' mt tha i-'-iiHi' nl any diatrilmtlon made in-fore
i'i .'li  |.l.ii art* j.r.iv.-.|
l»"i»d At   Ki-viUtok",   lliitiih   Columbia,   thle
J'llli day nf April, Wit).
nat Apll Iw  im       BOllolton tor lhe mild
.Mm k. -Tunes, OBslal Liquidator,
wlin ran imt, Munninu's canilics
without ImvltiK Some litllo feel-
inK'if j»rfttitiiili! fur tlie dunur.
Ol rniirsfi yoil'rfl gut to light your
own love battles, JTOUng man, but
our fiuifrctiorts you'll fiml to bo
ii strong ally In your wooing,
Mannings Candy Palace
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
St. John
Sat., Mch. 28. Luke Erie.
I'Yi.,   Apl.  It. |.)ni|i, Ireland
Sut.,   ••    ll. I.k. ManitobaMch.25
HYi.,    "    17. Kinii. Britain Apl.  8
Hat.,    "     25. l.k.Cliaiupliiiii   "     8
Winter Season From St. John
1st, Class 2nd. Class jrd. Class
$Ho on    $47 50 $28 75
IS). Class and. Class 3rd. Class
$65 011       $42 ie       $27 .so
Otfii-k I.aki. Hoath—
and. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       IJ27 50
Oheap rail's In Alliintii: Si'iihoard
points in oonneotion with steamship til-kids
Passengers hooked to Norway,
Sweden, Antwerp, Hamburg nnd
all other contlne tal ports.
For further information apply to
T. W. Bradshaw,    E. J. Coyle,
Agent, A.G.l'.A.
Knvelstoke, Vancouver.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock, Fruit>nd
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
For the Farm, |Garden, Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable Varieties at reasonable prices
No Borers, No Scalu. No fumigation
to damage stock. No windy agents to
annoy you. Buy direct and get trees
and seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, lien Supplies,, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland of 11. 0.   Catalogue free.
Oreen houses and Seed Houses
VANCOUVER,       -     -      -     B. C.
Dray ing:
All Kinds of Light and H lavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer In Woid,  Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
Dear Haul., Animal., Hinla, i ial,, *r;ts „
'  * Animal  Knai Mounted.
P O. Bol SI.
HUidlo;   ConnroJ FlntSt. amllloyli At*.
Interesting Article by   Frank
Richard, J.P., of Vancouver
There is considerable discussion at
the present time in the Old Country
regnrding the method of supp'ying
pure milk. TI.e Royal Commission
on tiiheieiilosis has coiitinned the evi-
dei.ce hitherto existing that tuberculosis milk powerfully reinforces the
store of human tuberculosis, and the
British Government are about to bring
in a measure dealing wilh the question. The cowsheds appear to be one
of the great obstacles to the maintenance of good health among the
cattle.    It ie estimated that the recon-
removal of animals plainly tuliercul-
osis will nut abolish tuberculosis milk "
When the scheme is put into operation, it is proposed thut certain farms
containing non tuberculosis stuck are
to be eainblished in various pins uf
the conhtry. They will be used for tin
reiirini/ of non-tuberculosis calves,
derived from tuberculosis, or non-tub
erculosis dams or other farms. As
time progressed other farms would hi
taken in, and necessary buildings and
reconstructions made, and purified
stock will be regularly produced without dislocation of tbe dairying industry of the country.
After this once done, the farmer
will be required to keep his stock free
from diseases  at  his own expense un
struction of the buildings will involve
an expenditure of 1100,000,000 which
would fall principally upon the landlord*, but it is understood that the
government will advance money at a
low rate of interest, and tbe farmers
will have to pay a higher rental to reimburse the landlords for the increased
The farmers will ultimately derive a
benefit more than the increased rental
by the improved value in their stock,
and their freedom from tuberculosis.
It is also estimated, by careful manipulation, the government may confidently eipect to be out only ¥20,000,
The people of Manchester, in England, have taken the matter in band
in an energetic manner, and obtained
certain powers, wbich they have used
to considerable effect, and in a report
dealing with the subject, it is stated
as follows:
"The provisions of suitable, easily-
cleansed, and easily disinfected cowsheds thus become an indispensable
preliminary to any complete, and indeed to any imperfect scheme for the
eradication or further limitation of
tuberculosis in cattle. It is not to be
supposed, however, that nothing has
been as yet effected in Manchester iu
the way of reducing the amount of
tuberculosis milk imports into the
city. Since 1890 the city cowsheds
have been largely re-constructed.
Shortly after tbat date tbe Manchester
Pure Milk Supply Co. was founded,
and undoubtedly effected much good
In 1899 the Manchester milk clauses
were obtained, and in consequence of
the mode ia which they bave been
carried out the amount of tubereulosis
milk entering the city hss been reduced by more than one-half, tbe mortality from tbe corresponding class of
tuberculosis diseases has fallen considerably, the stock kept in dairies
supplying Manchester has much improved, and we are assured by Prof.
Delepine that tbe general disease-producing power ol the milk coming in
to the city bas keen greatly reduced,
while the degree of cleanliness is much
Nevertheless, however successfully
and energetically these clauses may be
administered, they are not calculated
to lead to the entire suppression of
tuberculosis milk. There appear to
be two courses open. One is to schedule open or clinioal tuberculosis as a
contagiousJdisease,and to remove from
the herds plainly tuberculosis animals.
Tbe other is to eradicate tuberculosis
from dairy herds, Whicbever'plan be
adopted, the creation of a Veterinary
Public Health Service becomes a necessity. Tbe eradication of tuberculosis from dairy berde,(or from bovines)
appears at first sight to be much the
larger snd more difficult demand of
the two, as it would certainly be the
moat satisfactory to all concerned.
But in reality it may be the less costly
of the two policies.
"To establish a veterinary public
health service is necessarily a costly,
though it is, we believe, a noceesnry
proceeding. We should rrquire something very Hiilistanti.il from such a
service. Now the scheduling of open
tuberculosis, even if it is attends d
with tbe slaughter of p'aiuly lubi r-
culosis animals, will not eiudicaie
tuberculosis nor remove infection from
daiiy herd-. The butts of lhe slaughter house show plainly tl at there may
lea good deal of t uin renin u» iufic-
tion fiom i) 11 i id ii Ih which the veterinary surgeon could not diagnose hy
ordinary clinical methods, and admin
Utrative  experience  shows  that the
der the control of the public health
authorities, but he will be advised by
a veterinary surgeon of his own selection. It iB stated that tue issue of
tuberculin would have to be controlled
by the State.
Regulations will be framed that the
farm buildiugs are to be of a certain
model and licenses will be issued in
the rural districts by tbe County
The question of dealing with the
milk in the cities is not bo easily controlled, but it is proposed that suitable buildings shall be erected and the
persons distributing milk before completing a contract for the supply are
to obtain a certificate regarding the
farms from which the milk is obtained. They are to produce, whenever
called upon, to the accredited officer
of the district, in whose area their
milk was sold, a certificate in respect
to any and every farm from which
tbeir milk was supplied, to the effect
tbat the cowsheds on such farm or
farms, complied in all respects witb
tbe model regulations. Also that tbe
milk dealers should, before entering
into a contract for a supply of milk
personally to visit any farm or farms,
from which a supply is about to be
obtained and satisfy themselves that
such farms comply with tbe model
In connection with this question I
have frequently taken the liberty of
urging the government to grant the
authorities of Vancouver power over
tbe sources of supply or to deal with
such directly by a Provincial Offieer.
Tbe least we should expect is the
serious co-oparation of the provincial
municipal authorities to protect and
save the lives of our children.
Vancouver, B. C,
A ril 3rd, 1908.
(From Our Own Corre.pomlent)
The steamer Rossland was launched
on ber new hull last week, and the
finishing touches are now being put
on this fine boat in readiness for the
summer trade. The keel cf the new
tugboat to replace the Columbia will
be laid shortly, and a new barge put
in hand.
Nakusp is a busy point owing to
the activity in the C. P. R. shipyard,
where a large force of men is employed.
New settlers sre coming in to take
up land in tbis vicinity. Three families arrived thia week and are settling
on land purchased from T. Abriel.
The provinci il government intend
huih. ing a government office here.
Rev. Mr. Danby is getting a gasoline
launch to enable bim to carry on his
mission work at the different points
along the lake.
On Monday evening an txciting
football mutch took place between the
bachelors and the hotel hoarders. Last
time the latter won, and the bachelors
profited by a few square meals at the
hotels in preparation for this event
witb tbe r. suit tbat on Monday they
turned the tabes, winning out by
six 11 nil.
Ci-oin Our Own riirreipondt'iiL
Tlie   Liimb-Wiitaon    Lumber   Cn.'s
mill wiih running on Saturday.
"Barney"  Plumpton   and Uei  F
Chapman, who tnok over the L kevicvi
hotel frum I). Ca i.cron, are hustling
up business.
O. I.iii-hmuiid left for Spokane on
Immense Snow Slide Sweeps
Japanese Work Train off
Track—Four Men Killed and
Six Injured.
In the stillness of the middle watches
of Sunday night, a C.P.R. work train,
with a crew of eighteen Japanese lay
at rest at Downie Siding, 15 miles
east of Revelstoke. The inmates of
tbe cars were peacefully slumbering in
their berths, totally unconscious of
any approaching danger, when suddenly there swept down the mountain
Bide, with tremendous velocity, a huge
snow slide burling everything in its
path to destruction. The train, consisting of four cars, was splintered to
match wood, the unfortunate men
being buried deep in the snow, four
of whom were smothered to death and
six others badly bruised and shaken
The slide, which occurred about 1.30
o'olock on Monday morning, was a
gigantic one, being nearly 20 feet deep
and 200 feet long. Downie Siding
has always been considered a bad place
for slides and this is not tbe first fatal
slide which has occurred near this
point. Many of our citizens will remember the sad death of the late Supt
Downie and Kenny Dodd which occurred about the same place a few
years ago. The C. P. R. have always
expel ienced considerable difficulty
here with snow slides, and in order
to obviate the danger and delay which
these occurrences occasion have had
a gang of Japanese engaged for some
months past in moving tbe main line
in this vicinity to a point of eafety.
Four cars, which which were used
by the Japanese as boarding cars, had
been switched on to a siding clear
away from tbe track of former slides,
and were considered in a safe position.
This slide, however, which brought
death in its train, took an entirely
different direction from any of its predecessors, with the results already
As soon as the C. P. R. officials in
the city were notified of the accident
a special train, witb Dr. Hamilton on
board, was immediately despatched to
the scene and the dead and injured
brought in, the latter being conveyed
to the hospital where every attention
is being given them,
On Monday afternoon Dr. Cross,
coroner, impannelled a jury and beld
an inquest into the cause of death of
tbe four unfortunate Japanese. Tbe
jury visited the scene of tbe accident,
snd after hearing the evidence had no
difficulty in returning a verdict of
accidental death, no blame attaching
to anyone.
From Our Own Correapoudent,
Fruit growing is receiving increased
attention here. M. Beaton, A. Mc-
Cormick and W.A. Strutt have cleared
up a good portion of tbeir lots  with  a
view to planting out fruit trees. G
Lux A Sons have four and a half
acres pi nted with fruit trees, and B.
Uiinn baB three acros cleared and
ready for planting.
G. Lux and Sons have built a pile
driver and intend using it to drive
posts to make a substantial fence along
their lake shore boundary.
Malcolm Beaton has been effecting
great improvements to his resideutal
property here. j
It is proposed to urge the Dominion
government to construct a wharf at
Deep Water Landing. The estimated
cost is $2,000.
Another logging camp is to be
started on Fish Creek, above Camborne
the logs being supplied to the Lamb-
Watson mill at Arrowhead.
Ed. Ilillman has an acre of fruit-
trees planted out on the land he
bought from J. W. Thomson.
From Our Own Corrsponiloiit.
The steamer Lardeau has been
thoroughly overhauled and put in
good trim for the season's work,
A, F. Dudgeon, manager of the
Bowman Lumber Company, returned
Sunday from a lengthened trip east.
A deer which Capt. McCarthy
caught iu the lake when being chased
hy u lynx, is a great object of attraction
at R. M. Evan's stable, where it is
kept in a loose box.
Mr. Andrew is returning with bis
Notch Hill.
Seeding is in full swing and this
year crops should bIiow a large increase
over 191)7.
The Dominion postal authorities
are considering tbe advisability of
establishing a post office uu the north
shore of Shuswap Lake, live miles
above Copper Island, which is to be
called Celesta.
Motor boating iB the latest popular
sport here, some smart crafts being
now in commission.
Mrs. C. A. M. Morris returned on
Tuesday from Kamloops.
Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Morris have taken up their residence on the north
side of the lake.
A wild looking man, his bands manacled with handcuffs was found on the
track this week, and asked to be relieved from hie gyves. One wrist was
badly lacerated and swollen. When
particulars were asked for and refusal
given to remove the handcuffs the
man disappeared into the brush.
Wedding bells will soon be ringing
in the district, cupid having been very
busy of late.
T. Aitken has just completed his
fine new bouse, and will now be both
ered no more by earthquakes.
To Penalize Operators.
Victoria, April 14.—General superintendent Jenkins of the C. P. R.
telegraph department, is visiting the
west for the purpose   of   consultation
m  ^TUPPWl""
with superintendent Wilson regarding
a proposed reduction of salaries for the
operating staff in consequence of a
recent decline in telegraph revenue
The operators were cut 10 per -rent, a
year or so ago and a further reduction
will in all probability produce a general strike. The alienation of Canadian press business is chieliy blamed
for the diminution of revenue for
which it is proposed to penalize the
L 0. L.
The regular meeting of L. O.L., No-
1658, will be beld on Friday evening
next. Special business arranging for
12th July celebration, initiation and
Arch degree work. All members are
requested to be present. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
By Order,
For improvements and alterations
to a residence, corner of Kootenay
and Third streets.
Plans and specifications oan be seen
on application to tbe undersigned.
Tenders to be in by 6 o'clock p.m.
on Saturday, April 18th.
Gus Lund.
LOAN WANTED for responsible
client, of $1,800 nn first-class freehold security. Apply to Columbia
Agencies, Limited, McKenzie Avenue,
MATERNITY Cases taken   at   my
home or   otherwise.     For   particulars apply Mrs. A.  E.   Bennison
Second St.. West, or P. O. Box 211.
feb. 12. lin
rpO LET—Two Houses, apply lo Col
X    iiinhia
, Agencies, Limited.
rpO   RENT—Front  room,
J.    without    board,—Use   of
Apply Mail Hkhald Office.
with   or
Smith African Scrip, Apply to
Columbia Agencies, Limited.
Apply to Columhia Agencies,
Limited, Revelstoke. 7-11-14
fruit lands at Galena Bay. 1110
acres. Pi-ice for Interest $800. Apply
Columbia Agencies, Ltd. Revelstoke
WANTED KNOWN-You can get
one of the best snaps to be had
in City house property from us. Two
houses and 100 ft. frontage to 2nd St.
all Tor $2,500 of which only $1000 cash
is required -ind balance can remain on
mortgage.—Apply at once to Columbia
Agencies, Limited,
General Store or straig'n Grocery
Business. Fruit growing district pre-
fered. Address Box 42, Gananoque,
and careful attention to Rents.
Settlements of Rents made monthly.
Collections made everywhere by expert collectors und adjusters—Columbia Agencies, Limited, McK
Revelstoke, H. 0.
cKenzio Ave.
LOST—Gold nugget brunch pin, between Post Office and Hotel Bevelstoke on Thursday last, Finder will
he rewarded on returning same to the
Hotel Kevelstoke.
WANTED—A young girl to mind
baby and assist in house work.
Can go to school if desired. Apply
Mail-Hkkald office.
TAKE NOTICE that the shareholders of the above named Company
have by special resolution resolved to
change tbe name of the Company to
" Revelstoke Agricultural Society,
Limited," and intend to apply to the
Lieutenant-Governor-in-Council for an
Oilier changing the name accordingly.
Dated 11th January, 1908.
A. Y. Andkukiin,
feb 8 3m Secretary.
Kevelntoke Laud Dlstriot,
District uf Wost Knotonay.
Take uotico that 60 days after date I iuteud
tu upjily to the Chief (Joinmissiuuer uf Lauds
and Works fur permission to purchase the foi*
l<iwiiiK described lauds:
('onimeuciug at a post planted at the uorth*
east coruer of Lot 7805 O. I. on Fish Hiver,
theuce eustS chaius more ur loss to west Hue
of A. A. MacKinuou's pro-emptfun. theuce
south 60 chaius. thouce west 8 chuins more or
less to east Hue of Lot 7805, U. I, theuce north
60 chaius lo poiut of commeocemont.
Located this 3rd day of Feb. 11)08.
sat feb 8        THOU. W   WILLIAMS, Locator
dospuir. " Don't do m
thins" till you sea clearly
wlmt s bunt hy uid of
"Flashlights on Human Nature"
onlii-iiltli,iIIhooho, Iiiii-, uinrii/ii/i-anil parontafo
Tulla what you'll oak n doctor, but ilon'l lllco to
2111 oatfOH, IIIiimI lilUnl, 26 minim; but til lilt riHlln:i:
It wo aend ono only to any ailult for poalaicu,
10 conta.
IJS last lath atroot,        New VORK.
Certificate  of Improvements
Mil* Hopn I'ract imi Mineral claim No. 2.
Situntolii Um Tnmt. I.iUMiiiihk Division of
tho Kootouuy District. Located on f'ot'lar
TAKK NOTICB thut I, r j.a. N.l'udley,
Pre* Miner'** Certificate No ll Hfc'ilH, intend mi
days from thodale hereof to apply to the Min
Iuk Recorder for a Certificate of Improvement
for tho [iuris»40 of ohtainitiK a Crown (irant of
tho ulsivocmhn- Ami further lako uotice that
iii'Lion uader Snd inn '.,1 must ho commenced
before the insunnco of such lortilloate of
Datod IhUUb day ot April, iw*.
C. J, A.N. l'ADLKY.
Columbia.    In tie* Mitit<-i ul  the  "Winding
Up Aet"( uelng ehftptei \u of the Hu vised
■SLatlltOH of ( 'nini'l.i
In the Mattel*Of Thfl  Kl auial Tin   Workers  (.old
Minim- Company ef Lanltiau Itrltlnli Culum-
hia, Limited, Nun-personal Liability,
NO'I [OH In horob} uiven that by an order made
bv tlio Heiieumblu  Mr. .Jiiritk-n Morrison In the
abOTV mutter ilutoil the itftli January,   loot),  John
K .bint!* was appointed Otttclal Lli|u|itetor of the
abevu named Company.
Datod thia mi h ilay uf April, its.*,.
sat Ap 11 lw 4wi Dlatrict Baglatrar.
Where Shaking
is Respectable
A Draft off fumam ttomt, with a, afAcr
assistance. It powerless to ooereomo tht
duit nuisar.ee In lhahtna t'mi. Ont,surplus
dust rite, of Itttlf above tkt fro. Orett
kiln discerns Into ath-pit. nM »•/«.» lo,ltl-
mo(« outlet It therein prodded, ft mill
e,cap, through ash-dot* tlltt tmol Mo
operators fmoo.
In "Sunshine" Furnace the
legitimate dust outlet fi pn-
oided. It's, a great big .dust-
pipe running straight from
ash-pit to dome, thenoe to chimney. When big pipe damper
is opened, all dust in ash-pit ascends to dome; then, when
direct drafts are opened, all dust pasees up chimney.
Always the elean and quick
dust route in "Sunshine"
Furnace — uia grate, to pan,
to dust ■ pipe, to dome, to
chimney, to open air.
Write to us lor
"Sunshine" testimonials
received from your own
1      CALGARY|
BORNE BROS., Local Agents
] Bourne Bros.
Local Agents[ Hobson & Bell
J Woolsey, Lefeaux & Oo. Limited
Best Local Grown_^^>
Frmt Trees for Spring Planting
Most suitable varieties fur this soil and climate. One and Tiro
Year-Olds. PrfCBS 100 and under 25c. each; over 100 20c. each.
Varieties are: Ouchess, (iravenstein, Jcffery, Wealthy, Mcintosh
Red, Winter St. Lawrence, Lam-ence, Jonathan, King, Northern Spy,
New York Wine, Red Cheeked Pippin, Spitzenberg, Salome, Wagner,
Winesap, Newtown, Pippin. York, Imperial Applets.
Hyslop and Transcendent Crabs.
Orders Received by
Incorporated by Act cf Parliament, 1864.
Wm. MOL80N MaofhEBSON, Pres. 8. H. EwiNO,;Vice-Pres.
JAMB8 Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,372,500
Reserve, $3,372,500
Sixly-l'.nii   brunches in   Canada  and  Agencies   in   all  parts of the
Interest credited four times a year at current rates on Havings
Rank deposits, until further notice.	
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rkveutokk, B. C.
Imperial   Development   $460 00
Rank of Hi-il isb Columbia  110 00
Nicola Coal and Coke  100 00
Columbia Fruit and I .and  100 00
Hiiii-.li   Canadian  Wood  Pulp
and Paper  100 00
Royal Collieries  26
11. O, Copper  4 75
Consolidated H.bB  Ti 00
I )i. i in nut   Vale Coal  10
International Coal  ho
Sullivan    03
Glen  Hayes  foul  Mining and
I levelnpiiient  60 00
Above subject to conHitiiation.
Particular! concerning any of these
Companies on application.
Mackenzie Avenue
Certificate of Improvements.
Raveuu. Min.ral Claim, situate in th* LardaaU
Mining Dirialon of Wait looleo.j Dlatrict.
Where located:--On Pool Creek, belnaanei.
Hussion uf  tha  Tartl!   mineral claim, and
parallel with th* Moeoow aad Mohawk od
tha s*iuili-wes,|erljs aids.
Tak- until a tli.i  1,  H   Smith,  F.M.C. No.
SS71JB.  .p.iit   for  Otu Abalioc. Specie! Free
Ulnar's, (ertlfloele No. DSUt. InMM, liitr day.
from th. il.t. hereof, tu apoly to tha alining-
Recorder for a i ertiflrale ,,f ImproMmtot., for
the purpoM uf obfalulu*- a I'rewn Oranl of ths
re claim.
Aud further take notloe that action, under
s-ectluu in, sun.l be nssameuoed before the lean,
ante of nin-h I'.rtiflcaU of IiepiMrem.nl>.
Dated thll 1Mb daf of March AD. IM.
meh It wed R. SMITH.
MiiiU at  all Hours
Everything Up-to-IU'.e
Stewart McDonald, - Mgr
It I. the intention of the II ('. Ouiernment t*
briuii into furce tbe followluc amendment, to
tho Act a. cited below, at the nut aittlnf of
Hon. Caitr Coimimiokbr
No. »•, | | IMI
An  Act  l<>   amend   the   " Highway
Traffic Regulation Act."
II I* MAJKSTY, hy aod witb the adtioe aud
I I '-tiirent of the Legislative Ajwembljr of
Hrui-ti Columbia, enact* as ollows:—
1. Thin Aot may Iw cite.1 as tbe "Highway
Tratlk Hoifulation Aet  Amendment Aet. 1MB.
2. Sortioii & nfthe " Hiirbway Traffic Kepi la*
1 tion Art.' heiug chapter ftt of the Reviaftd
; Stututn-, IKW, as enacted by sactlon 1 of chapter
w of the Hlatutfft of lft£, In hereby repealed aod
the following section Is nibHtltatid therefor :—
'&. it shall be unlawful for any waggon or
' vehicle carrying  a   load  of  more  than   two
, thousand pounds to be drawn or driven on any
public hiiniwny unless tbe tires of such waggon
or vehicle ihall be at leapt four Incbes In width.
8.   Hection 10 of said chapter VS Is hereby repealed and tbe following seetJon is substituted
"l'i. It shall be unlawful for any person er
persons todrag logs or timber over or along any
public lilgbway-"
4 TI(U Act shall not come Into force fO fer
a* thnt portion of the I'rovinoe of British
Cfilmiil.i.i situate east or the Caseede Range of
mountains Is concerned, until the 1st day of
.1 o "ir p n
r   Costumes                   \
■ its    Cpstumes  selling ;tt less than
tanufacture.     This should   interest
Boots and Shoes
Ladies' Men's ami Children's Spring and Bummer
Styles—our slock is oompiete in tbis line.
.   .  issortment of Skirts
Men's Furnishings
Easter Ties, Hats and Cloves.   Our showing in
these lilies comprise the very latest Easter styles.
■  ,   leforeh'ave  we Bhown such a handsome
assortment of Voiles, Panamas, etc.
Men's Suits
Kid Gloves for Easter
All-Wool Tweed Suits—our Easter price $9.00.
Wash Belts and Fancy Collars.    Easter novelties
Millinery ! Millinery !
Several shipments to band  this week,  keeping
our stock fresh with the latest styles.
Ladies' Waists
l-a.-e nnil Net Waists, three-quarter Sleeves,   iue
'ined with   Japanese   Silk.    Indian   Linen   Waists,
handsomely embroidered, selling at $1,50.
Throughout our entire stock you will Und many
special offerings,    Vou will find our prices the lowest.
li!s removal und the prospective re-
noval of his family will no much regretted by a wide circle of friends.—
Boundary Creek Times.
Monday, April 20,—Amateur night
tt the Opera House.
A meeting of tlie labor unions was.
i 'Id in the Selkirk Hall on Monday
night, with a good attendance.
Cam, Fraser, formerly a well known
railway bridgi foreman on the Moun
uin and Shuswap division of the C
V. It , has been appointed to succeed
I the late Mr. McKenzie ss superintendent of bridges and buildings on the
Columbia and Western railway. He
will have his headquarters at  Nelson.
For carpets, carpet fquares, linol-
ounis and tloor oil oloth go to C. B.
Hume A Co.
We have an extra nice line of lace
curtains, prioe from $1 25 to $7—C. B.
Hume Ai Co.
Bargains for this week only Mao-
Laren's cheese, large 95e., medium 60c
sniull 25c —O  B Hume A Co
■♦.   ■»♦■   .*>»   -^'    ■***■   »♦»   yt\   iti   jti   1*1*1   l'i"!   l"a*l   l'
ill "X" "X* f\y 'X' +    " 'X1 %*V '+■ '+■"+" i
4* FOR
Pure Drugs
Careful Compounding
Prompt Delivery
Canada Drag 6- Book Co. Ltd.
Revelstoke, B. C.
$     Mail Orders Promptly Filled    %
.♦. .♦. -*K n't*. i*ti A if i iTl ilfcl iti ttl ll*! fTl
IU 111 *1"X" *X' "4.* 'if " ' **   4-  '4** "+* *4*"
Weather Forecast
W^nesdsy, April 15—Dull
cloudy, probable rain. Tern.:
69= : Min. 40°.
Local and General.
First dance after Lent at the Opera
House on Monday the 20th.
• Good Friday" this week will be
observed as a public nolidsy.
Miss Siasoiie, of Vancouver, is visit-
ir,4 ber brother, Mr. C. B. Sisaons.
The iawn tennis grounds will bs in
first class s.iape for play on Friday
Remember the Oddfellows' dance on
Monday, April 27th at the Ooera
Dent iuiis the cracker eating contest at tue Opera House, Monday,
April 20ui.
A British Columbia Sockeye sal .ion
,"«,,_■;. g 4^ pound., was cspture'i in
* ■„- H ' -.'j last neei.
S;- e-eat Miiis it, his wonderful '
':. e   .      V, st ths Cpe.-a,   H.-ise   on |
without our hot cross buns ?
Such delicious buns as we
make, too. Be sure and get
a lot of them, for you'll need
a lot to satisfy everybody.
Suppose you order tbem
now. That will be tlie surest way of preventing disappointment. We never can
seem to bake enough fin-
late comers.
You'll Relish the
Easter Feast
if we supply the groceries.
For it we have a special line
of relishes, catsups, nances,
etc., which we guarantee are
strictly high grade in everything except the cost. Include some of them in your
grocery order. They will
put an edge on your appetite
so that you'll be able to do
tbe lexst justice,
5 - - - -  - -    - j
in inghsm Mor-ir of the
v., was i-iiii.fc friend ,u
.... .....,.»_.- anu Monday.
-i.ci. . •! board in com-
. liiwoeiu nouse toayoung
 i.i .    P. O. Bux 30G.
. gatii n ol the  Prtsbyter-
-   Lrrowhcad, intend hold-
sn - pper in the hull
i! the -':;i inst.
Charles P. Latham was presented
> last evening with .. hHtidsomc solid
j legtiier dressing cn-se by the members
I of Messrs. C  B. flume & Co., on  the
Lil     ol
  ies nt
Laugh ton,
Provincial Constable Kington ar
reett-d three Japs yesterday fur .-hoot
iug robins in ttie city. Police Msg.i
irate Pinkham lined   two uf the pris
occi":ion of his departure for his home i I ners $10 and costs and   |o and   costs
in New Westminster.
Dr. J. H. King, of Cranbrook, will
probably receive tue Liberal nomins
tion for Kootenay. We are informeii
that his name is  being  canvassed   fur
the  nomination   with   a   good ileal - :'
Britl on
Rocky    MaFarland
igbt weight, defeated .limn
| Friday night last, at   San
iin   the   sixth   round,
ugut   under i kn0ok«d to tbe floor three time.
■'' 'e* Ju,s I nig the tiitti and s.xth rounds,
The 1.0.0 F.  i,re  making  arrangements for a d.ini'i- to be  given   in   the
Rand Gibbons, manager of the °SLmmA1SVS! ," AprU '27tb' T!"'
Gibbons Lumber Company, was in the P^sol he dance are to go to the
city on Monday from Pingafm Creek. ■§■* Uddfe low. Home fund I bit is
The company will start iheir mmj J » most worthy can* and ought to he
full operation about May  1st. we" Patronized.
Police Magistrate   Pinkham  fined a i     The great liquor contest   in   Illinois
respectively, tins morning.
The Wanderer Football club and tlie
Revelstoke football club will play ...
match i.n tne McKenzie svenm
grounds on Good Friday afternoon
cum men :,ng at 1.311 p m. (harp. No
charge for admission f..r spectators.
Firmer US. A. Captain Lanis-l
Keller, who is awaiting trial at Chicago for issuing forged cheques st
Kamloops?,    B  C,   and   cities in    the
Britt    being I | nited States, arid who
t>gu o. Manitoba irom   eating
lugs.     Peace bath its dangers no less
terrible than wsr.
half d .'•■:. youngsters the costs uf tin
court "ti Monday [ur cresting a dis-
turlatnce OD McKenzie avenue OD
Sunday tVenlDf,
The C. P. li. siiuoiinci- reduced rates
of s   fare   and   a   third    between    all
stations    tor    the   Easter   holidays
Tickets ran be bought April 10 to 2<l
and good lor return until April21st,
The Rev. Father Pecoul, who was
recently in charge of St Francis here,
and left lor New Westminster lis*
l<een appointed tu   the   Human   ('all.
■lie church at Vsrnon.
bare Joined forces and are now
doing business next the Hume
Mock with an efficient staff
and a large stork.
We cordially invite you to
visit uur store or send in your
mail orders.
Druggist & Stationkr
last week, has resulted in a drawn
battle, with Ihe -moons winning derisively in must ol the  larger  citie-    but
losing in acnes ol .mailer ones, over
one thousand saloon* Isemg voted nut
• .f SJ isti-nce.
The   0.   P.   B,    hnve    piirchaseil    in
Kootenay ami Boundary 300,000 band
made, ties anil arc placing unlets fur
3,000,000 ties for their eastern roads
They have slnu purchased IKI cars
Of lumber frum mountain mills nnd
have still further extensive   order*   to
The estimated cost for the 7l) miles
u! wire fencing required for the buffalo
pnrk on the Battle Itiver, Alberta, in al.
the rate of $10,000 a  mile,     (toward
Douglas, Uomininn Parks Commissioner has opened the tenders fur the
work and let the contract., although it
is supposed that the rate will he under
Last evening the home of Mrs
Tomlinson, Second Street, wns the
scene of a very gay party, when tbe
Merry Go-Round Whist Club and a
number of other friends were entertained. Progressive whist was the
feature of the evening's entertainment
J. T. Pollock and Mrs. T. W. Brad
shaw were the prizewinners. A very
dainly supper was served, after which
dancing was continued until an early
was formerly
ku.-wn as Smfth, the Hotel   proprietor,
,( Adams Lake, il unable to appear si
court or, account of ptomaine   poison
ing from eating prison cooked pie
An interesting scrie-i of ads wi I
appear in this paper on liehalf uf the
"Sunshine" Furnace,manufactured by
McCiary Mfg. Co.,   London,  Canada
Newspaper advertising fs a part uf the
McCiary publicity programme and
works hand in hand with an SXtensirs
follow-up system lhe -series of ads
were prepared iiy A   A    Hriggs    sdvei
tislng manager ol the MeOlsry Company      and     placed    l.y   MoConoell-
Fergueson Advertising Agenoy   Lou
Tim Most Worshipful Grand Master
j F. Bsiwser,    of   the    r re.-    MaSOOS    ol
British   Columbia,    accompanied  hy
deputy District, Qrand  Master   Burns
I of Enderby and hy the Right Worship
I ful Brother Ilinl, of  Vancouver   paid
an ollicial visit last night iu Kootenay
Lodge, No, 15, A. V A A. M Alter
tint routine work ol the lodge the
company sat down to a banquet at
which speeches and toasts were delivered. The (1 rn.ru) Master ex
pressed his appreciation uf the utanil
Ing of tho lodge and wished it, every
success Several Arrowhead brothers
were present,
ll. McKiiiimy, formerly with the B,
0. Copper Co. at the Mother Lode
ullice, bas received a similar position
with a Kuvelttokis linn, Mr. McKinney loft here on Thursday last to visit,
his daughter, Miss Vivian McKinney,
who is at rtevelstnke, and happened
on a suitable position which ho accep
ted. Later on Mr. McKinney expects
to remove bis family lo Kevelstoke.
Mr. McKinney is regardixl wry highly
in about Greenwood, having lived here
for two periods of some years each aud
Social and Personal
this  evening
C. P.   Latham   leaves
for New Westminster.
S. G. Robbing returned Sunday
from a visit to Kamloops.
Mrs. (Rev.) J. R. Robertson will not
receive on Thursday of this week.
Mrs. Wood ley left yesterday evening on a visit to friends at Golden.
The Rev Father Cuccola bas returned from a visit to New Denver.
H. Floyd leaves this week to spend
the Easter holidays with bis family in
T. Regan, Ihe otlicer whu ariested
Capt. Dun Keller at Kamloops for
forgery, is in the city.
W. Artie, of the Imperial Bank staff,
returned Monday from spending s
couple ol weeks' holidays at the coast.
Mr. Hess, secretary of the Revelstoke Sawmill Co., returned Sunday
evening from Minneapolis Where be
spent a month's vacation.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Swausou return
ed to tbe city on Friday from tbe
lower Kootenay district. Mr. Swan
son will resume bis duties as purses on
tbe S. S. Revelstoke fur thu summer
Rev. J. R. nnd Mrs. Robertson will
be at home to tbe young people of
Knox Church tomorrow (Thursday)
eveuiug from 8 to 12 o'clock. The
young people with their friends are
cordially invited to come.
Opera House, April 20th
The Melrose Professional Stock Co.
will appear in Vaudeville at tbe Opera
House on Monday night, April 20th,
The show will consist of singing,
dancing, serial acts, sketches, etc.
After the regular show an amatuer
contest will be held, which will give
all Btage aspirants a chance to show
their ability. Tbis is something new
in tbis city, but it bas been tried witb
great success in the larger cities of tbe
U. S, and Canada, s nd has been the
meaus of bringing out lots of unsus
pected talent, many of tbem being
tbe foremost in their profession. If
you oan sing, dance or play any
musical instrument and wish to compete for the gold prizes, send in your
name to tbe Mail-Hkhai.ii Offic >.
A social dance will conclude tbe
evening's entertainment, and a good
time is assured all who attend
,Japer Chase, Football.   Baseball, etc.
Fbe Y.M.C.A. paper chase on Good
Friday morning is arousing a lot of
int. rest amongst the tnemiers. A.
LtF-aux and J. Watson will lay the
paper out and the puck is already
large, and the run will doubtless be
>-ery exciting.
The Beeswing baseball team will
piny the Y. M. C. A. team on the
latter'a ground, at -I p.m. Good Friday,
both teams sre very strong on paper
snd a goi,d game should result
The Wanderer's football team will
play the Revelstoke football team a
game at 2 p. m. on Good Friday after-
iooo, on tbe recreation ground, Mc-
Kenzie Avenue, the game will start
sl arp un time
Arrangements are well under way
for tlie Y.M.C.A. athletic meet
whicn will Ise held on the recreation
grounds on McKenzie avenue. Arrangements aie being made to bring
in some outside teams and a good day's
sport ia assured Keep tbi* date in
mind   and    g<it     into     training     ye
Business Locals
Handsome oornbs m.<i  ladie* bags
(Ot Eiister nl  BewS1 drug store.
Celery, lettuce and green onions—
0, It   Hume .v  Co.
TO   RBNT—Front
wit bunt   board,
Apply MAll.-llERAI.tl.
loom,   with   o
use   of  piano-
1\    Fourth Street,
mu nursing,
Alice   O.   Lee. nf
is prepared lo go
Monday Night
Professional Stock
Moving Pictures
Trapeze and Acrobatic Work
Ten Dollars in Gold Will be
Chen for the  Best Talented
Social Dance
After Show
Prices 2, 4 & 6
Sailor Hats:
They are in strong favor this season and we have a new lot
just opened. The come in both rough and smooth straw,
and are just what you need (or a knock-about hat.
We are showing our usual large range of Children's
Headgear. Bonnets in silk and muslin for the little tots and
straw and muslin hats, tains and caps for the larger children.
You will find our prices right.
This is one of our strong lines. You cannot get
better qualities or lower prices anywhere. Ladies' Hose in
pretty open work effects in Black, White, Tan, Navy and
Grey. Children's Hose in all sizes in Cotton, Lisle, Cashmere and Wool.
Long and short in Lisle, Silk and  Kid.   Try a pair.
vm m opera
T hursday
Mr. lay Taylor,
Leading Tenor.
"Chimes of Normandy."
'The   Circus   Clown."
'Fra   Diavolo."
Miss Ethel Balch,
Prima Donna.
Wonderful Voices, Pretty Costumes,
Abundance of Special Scenery. . . .
Prices: - • 25c, 50c, 75c, and $1.
Sale of Seats opens Monday, April 13, at C. R. Macdonald's.
McRae & Company
Taylor Block.
Revelstoke, B. C.
A snap on ri-frigeraturs, fl.'i line lor
fIS.60, and all si/esat reduced prices—
Lawrence Hsr'lwsre Ou.
Watch our front window for your
Kaster sh'ies—C. B  Hume ,V Co.
Mixed lawn and white clover seed
35c a Ih. at Hews' drug store.
Nnwspung shirts, up to date pat,
terns too   fabrics—C. B   Hume A  Co,
Sweet I'ea seeil in sepiinte varieties
or mixed st Bows' drug store
We are still showing a Urge asiort-
ment of dinner sets, fB up—C. II.
Hume A Co.
High class perfumes, and toilet and
complexion    powders   at   Hews'   drug
Window shades, curlnin llxtum*,
plain nnil ilisrni-Mi.lv.. burlaps at 0 II
Hume A Co's.
Wn 11 .-.-■■ a nion line of Ilissell's c.ir-
pet sweepers, tbo best sweeper made—
C. li. Hums A Co.
15 Per Cent. Discount on
15 PER CENT. DISCOUNT °" aii suits sold
between now and Saturday, i8th.      Our stock
large and you can make a good selection.
SEE OUR TABLE OF $3.50 SHOES ^ich are
good values at $5.50 and $6.00, but we are compelled to clear them out in order to make room for
our new stock.
SPRING ARRIVALS-^'" new *i0* of hats,
caps, clothing, underwear, etc., has arrived and
we are filling up our stock daily with new styles.
Wc cordially invite the public to inspect the
.same and solicit your patronage.
< 1
Taylor Block,
Revelstoke. B. C.


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