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 ine iviaii-xissFcuu
ii i
»'' h
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Uhe Seal of
Examine the accompanying
cut closely and the SLATER
shoe  trade  mark.   Be  Bure
and look for it on the next
\ ■ . pair of Shoos you buy.    You
V r,oom-F.,\H.Wh.lt-Sr.v/H '/      .,, ,.    , •, ,, .
v "„".., ."7* /  will hnd it means something
yuu art* certain to hnve a thoroughly good shoe if yuu have n
Slnler. Fur fool comfort, ense and Shoe economy wear always
They cimio in Calf, Goodyear welt, new shapes. This is a
shoe libit lakes a superior polish—a middling heavy manly boot
nt per pair $4 50
A superior Vici Kid llluclier, rational shape. Tliis is a very
dressy and soft, light Summer Shoe, a thoroughly good shoo lor
Ores? wear Goodyear well—at per pair $5 50
Coronn Colt, the finest quality of patent leather produced
—no fear of cracking or chipping, the aome of shoe perfection lor
a beautiful line dress shoe buy tliis $Q 50
Three of the best brands of Fancy Biscuits you could
choose from.
& Palmer's
McCormick's Biscuits.
Foley,   Lock  & Larson's Biscuits.
All  these biscuits have
arrived this week and are j$
fresh from the Factories.
Ex-Judge Henderson for Yukon
—Control of Fisheries-Lacrosse and Brutality-Financial Depression.
VANCOUVER, .tune 8—Mr. Alexander
Honderson. who for several years was
comity court judge tor Vancouver, has
just been ottered and has accepted tho
Oommissionershlp ol the Yukon. He
leaves tor Ottawa today to conier with
the government,
Victoria, Juno 8.—A proclimntinn
formally placing the Provincial Fish-
erics Act -t 11)01, as amended nt (lie
last session t.t the Legislature, on (be
Statutes nf the Pruvince, has been
signed and appears in this week'-*
'ssue ol tl.e "(lazette," and takes ed'ecl
Madrid, Juno 8.—The supreme
court lias declared ilsell competent In
try the suit ol the heirs ol Elena San/,,
the singer, against, the heirs ul King
Alfonso XII.
Victoria, June 8.—Sergt. Cavin,
Sergt, Carr and Ounner Fisher of tlie
Filth regiment, members ol the llisley
team, Btarled t» day for Ihe nld ouu
try The shooters lett by tl.e Charmer
and there wa' a large crowd at the
thick to wish them luck.
Montreal, June 8.—In view ot
recent brutal lacrosse exhibitions al
tbo National grounds, Maisonneuve,
arising out ot which the Shamrock
players are being prosecuted criminally
—the town council has decided to
adopt a by-law prohibiting anything
in the way of brutal sportsand authorizing the chief of police to stop such
exhibitions if be deems it advisable.
Genoa, Italy, June 8.—Trading on
the local bourse was suspended tn-day
owing to the heavy losses involved in
the in-nlbly settlement amounting to
about $2,>i0t.,000.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Pi iTi iTi iTi iTi iTi iTi '*' *** '** **» '"
n ij,' *!,' *V *V *lf 'A' *xf %L' IX' "X N
Supplies, Belting, otc.   Stanley's and Starrett's
'ools.   Simt.nils' und Shurly and Dietrich High
Garden Tools in great variely.
, etc.
Grade Siuvb.
REFR1C ^^^^^^
Paints and Oils, Kalsomine,     ^^^^^^^^^^^
Plumbing, TiiiBuiitliing and Electrical Departments*  in
Estimates given.   Job Work Done.
Mail Orders Receive Prompt Attention
v        Convenient Olliees for Rent Upstairs.
t Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners'. Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tins mi thing.
tti A .4*. ■*>■ At A ■♦. A A »♦* «♦« A »*fr* ■♦■ t^t «*K .♦. ■♦» .*K .♦« .T» A At JTt ,♦. A
*w im trt iw iw iji ijji ix* "X 'X X X 4> V X 4* X A X ■* X X *X X X "X*
The lollowing cases were disposed
uf on Wedncsd.y last before His
Honor Judge Forin:
Rex v. Jim (a Chinaman)—Charged
with shooting a horse belonging to
Wing Chun -. Prison, r elected speedy
trial and pleaded "not guilty." C. K
Gillan prosecuted and J. M, Scott defended the prisoner. Prisoner was
discharged as there waa no evidence
advanced identifying tbe horse which
was Bitot.
Lux v. MoCalVry-On 1500 note.
Adjourned to next court. McCarter
(or pbiinlilT, Gillan ler detendant.
W, Akitt v. Big llend Lumber Co.-
Action t -i damages for a broken leg.
.Ilidgment found tor $500. From this
judgment delendants have given notice
of appeal. J.M. Scott lor plaintiff, G.
S. McCarter for defendants.
Northeyv. Bowman Lumber Co.—
Action lor $1,000 damages and an
injunction to prevent cutting limbor
on plaintiff's pre-emption near Camborne. The delendants set up a
coiiiiltiriiclii... [or $1,1100 damages tor
cutting dono by plaintiff on tbeir
timber berth. A survey having been
made it was lound that tbe plaintiff
was trespassing instead ol tho delendants, and his action was dismissed
.villi costs and judgement was enteral
fnr tbo dolcnds.it company for $300
and costs. VV. I Briggs lor plaintiff,
G, S. McCft.tor (or defendants.
Otmoltl v. Yida (Japanese)—$lfil 15
judgement, was given lur tho plaintiff
fur full amount. (I. S. McCarter (ur
plaintiff, W, I, Briggs I..r dels...la.it.
Bourne Bros. v. Voitli—$51 judg-
...out lur plaintiff.' VV, I. Briggs lor
plaintiff, G. S, McCarter lur defendant,
Raquitti v. Nicholson—Action lor
rent and possession.    Judgment tor
I $20.   G. S. McCarter lor plaintiff, W.
I. Briggs for defendant.
Severe Midnight Shocks Create
San Francisco, June 7—Al 12:21!
yesterday morning San Francisco and
cities almut the bay werc shaken by a
severe cnrtluiuftke, The shock was
tlie severest, since the disastrous trembler ol April lllth last year. Tbe
damage was limited to the breaking of
dishes un shelves and the destruction
ot a low tottering walls in the burned
district, In the resideuce dislrict a
number ol people rail into tho streets
in their night clothes. Along Golden
Gate avenue a genuine panic prevailed.
Several hundred women rushed into
llie street in their night clothes, Throe
women WBre treated lor nervous shuck
but no one suffered injury so tar as
reported. Tl.e earthquake was in tlie
form of two sharp shucks, the second
following while the earth still tren.l led
[run. tho first. The coming of the
shake was announced by rattling
iviiiilo.vs and swinging chandeliers.
Then came an abrupt jolt and then a
lessoning tremble, followed by an..ther
quick jolt and a gradually lessoning
ol motion, Oakland, Berkeley, Ala-
...eda, and other bay cities reported a
shock exactly liko that lelt here.
Reports bo lar received indicate
that thu shake was lelt at least as far
soutl. as Santa Cm/., 125 milos down
the const,
The regular meeting of the City
Council was held last night with
Mayor Brown and all the aldermen
present. The minutes ol the last
meeting were adopted as read.
From chief of police reporting lire
alarms working 0. K —Filed.
From G. Lenibke requesting leave
ol absence. Referred to Fire, Water
and Light committee.
From No. 1 Fiie brigade re marking ol hose, tlie r.fe I for additional
hydrants, lire alarms, and rubber
boots, Aid. Abrahamson said that
there was only one alarm box in tl.e
lower town which was insufficient
Aid. Howson urged that a complete
equipment ol lire alarms and hydrants
shuuld te installed throughout the
city. The matter was relerred lo the
Fire, \Vat»r and Light committee
From Harvey, McCarter and Pink-
ham re claims nf Mrs. Taylor for
compensation fur loss during the
quarantining ol her house for diphtheria cases. The claiin was Ior $209.
The council felt that legally tbey were
not obliged to pay die claim and a
resolution was passed hat Harvey,
McCarter & Pinkliani be advised that
the council did not hold themselves
liable for th claim and declined tn
settle it. The report of tl.e Public
Works committee wae presented and
received, detailing the proposed sheet
work Ior the year. The report was
c.ueliilly considered and each item
discussed belore passing the council.
The work covered the city sidewalks
A report Irom the Fire, Water and
Light committee re repairs to No. 2
lire ball was considered; the repairs,
including painting, plastering, chimneys and general work. A resolution
was passed adopting tlie report—the
repairs to cost $375.
For unfinished business tlie application ot C, J. Aman, assistant city
clerk, lor a raise in salary ol $5 per
month was considered, the council
passing a resolution fixing his salary
at $80 a mouth and $10 per month (or
janitor work Thc accounts were
passed and the meeting terminated.
A Very Pleasing Event Takes
Place at Arrowhead.
A very Interesting and banpv event
occurred at the Alexandria Hospital,
:V: row head, on Wednesday, June 5lb,
when Miss Hectoiia McLean, the
matron ol that institution was married
to Mr. \V, R. Reid, ono ol the moBt
popular and influential merchants of
tbe town. The Rev. Mr. McColl, B.A.,
pastur of the Presbyterian churcli
officiating. Tlie bride who looked
very charming in a navy blue travelling suit, was attended by Miss Nesbitt
ot Revelstoke, and the groom was ably
supported by Dr. J. H. Hamilton.
The many costly and beautilul
pre-enls t-stified tu tbe very high
esteem in which both are held.
An g lln.se present werc noticed
Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Mr. anil Mrs.
Young. Miss White and Dr. J. II.
Hamilton, ol Revolstoke. Mr. and
Mrs. Luckinan, Mr. and Mrs. Geurge
B, Campbell, C.ipt. and Mis. Fraser,
Mr. and Mrs. Wallace, Mr. and Mrs.
Lightburne, Mr. and Mrs. Cameron,
Mr. and Mrs Geo. Reid, Dr. and Mis,
Elliott, Mr. Cayley, Mrs. Bain, Mr,
and Mrs. Kirk, Mr, and Mrs. Haigb,
Mr. and Mrs. Warner and Mr. and
Mrs. Fox.
The happy couple left by lhc 4 p.m.
train, amid a shower of rice and good
wishes of all, for Revelsloke en route
to tbe Pacific coast. Upon their
return they will occupy the beautilul
new liuuse whicli Mr, Reid has built
and where Mrs. Reid will be at home
to her many friends in July.
Tbe lollowing io a list ot the
The groom's gift to bride was a
b. .niti.'til pearl and diamond pendant,
and tlie bride's gilt tu groom was
a set o( handsome diamond cuff links.
Groom to bridesmaid, a dainty gild
bracelet, groom to best man, gold
cuff links. Big Bend Lumber Co.
Bet of fruit knives, Bet of alternoon
knives and forks and a set cl fish
knives and forks. Dr. Hamilton, set
uf pearl handled silver fish knives and
forks; Mr. and Mrs. George B. Campbell, set ot Blag horn carvers; Mr and
Mrs. George Reid, cut glass dish, Mr.
aud Mrs. Stevens, silver cake dish;
Miss Nesbitt, silver cake dish, Miss
White, silver Iruit diab; Miss Sharpe,
cut glass silver top pepper boxes:
Miss Muore, silv.'r card tray; Miss Mc-
Farlane, clock; Mr. and Mrs. Brown,
silver Iruit dish; Mrs Bain, alternoon
tea tray, Dr and MrB Elliott, brass
candle sticks; Dr. Sutherlan I, cut
glass Iruit dish; Mr. and MrB. Lightburne, cut glass Iruit diab; Mr. and
Mrs. Cam' ron, silver Iruit dish; Mv.
and MrB. Cayley, sugar basin, milk
jug and spoon holder; Mr. and Mrs.
Wallace, triple plate glass mirror;
Masters D.ck and Douglas Wallace,
Beer Stein; Rev.Mr. Johnston,dnult -n
jug; Mr. and Mrs. Kirk, Vases; Mr.
and Mrs. Warner, sal ul bowl, lork and
epooo; Capt. and Mrs. Fraser, cut
glass dish; Mr. and Mrs. Fox, cut
glass water bottle; Fred Buscuiuhe
cut glass water bottle; Mr. and Mrs
Haigh, band painted teapot cusy; Mian.I Mrs. ll-.wl, cut glass sugar basin
and milk jug; Mrs. Whitebread, silver
butter dish; Mr. and Mrs. Donovan,
raised silk centre piece; Mr and Mrs
Dewar. centre piece; Mrs. McDonald,
doyle,; Mr. and Mrs. Young, silver
fru.t dish; Mr, 0 Wood, stuffed owl;
Mrs. Kilpatrick, candleabia; Mr..A. E.
Kincaid, cut glass salad bowl.
Diabolical Story of Harry
Orchard Told in Witness
Box—Sickening Details of
Crimes Committed.
BoiBE, Ida.,  June  7.—Harry  Orchard, the mail   who  says   his   true
inline is Albert llursi.ly, who assassinated dinner Governor Frank Steuiun-
berg at  Caldwell  on  the  night  of
December 80, 1005, resumed his gruc
some story as a witness against Wm.
D Haywood, secretary.treasurer ol the
Western Federation o( Miners, in the
dLtriot court yesterday morning. The
(enrsonic relations ot  live years ol
crime was not finished yisterday. The
climax came today, if,  indeed,  there
can be ft climax   mure  terrible  than
tlie one already re.died in the  narrative told l.y the witness.   Tho.story ol
tbe crime  with  which   Haywood  is
charged is a revelation to the peoplo
...f tliis country, if the  Btory   told   by
Orchard is true    In his confession on
the   sl.an I    yesterday   Orchard, or
llnrsely, without telling  any  ol  the
earlier history of bis lite, without revealing the reasons tbat caused him to
change  his  name, without a word ot
llie wile whom be is known   to  havo
deserted, or of his father and mother
and grandmother back in tlie old days
in   Canada,  plunged at once into the
narration ol   what be lias done since
early in 1880 when as a worker iu the
Coeur d'Alene,  he  first  joined  llie
Western Fedeiaiiuu of Miners,    ll is
nut lo be supposed that bis misdoings
commencid with ihe lighting of tlie
fuse that  blew   up   Bunker  Hill  at
Wardnermid hurled twu nien tu death
bin tuday he told ol the last crime ol
.ill, when, on a stormy night,  as  the
o'd year was dying, he set a I omb and
blew Frank Steuneiibcrg to his death
wil Inn sight ol his children and within
tlie bearing of liis wife.
Orchard, this morning, resumed his
gruesome confession. He said Petti
bone paid him $12.1 after the Bradley
bomb episode, and Baid he was glad
Biadloy's eye*, were blown out. Haywood called f-.r Uuvernor Peabody's
assassination "by any means." Haywood called fur tba murder ol Frank
Hearn, t.t tl.e Colorado Fuel and Iruu
cumpauy, and ior the assassination o!
David Muffat, ft Deuvei banker. Orchard waB asked to kill JudgeGoddard
of the supreme court of Colorado.
IHt.hone gave Orchard $100 »s he set
uut to kill Governor Peabody at Canyon City, Colo.
1'ettibune and Orchard prepared a
bomb for Judge Gn bbert, of the Colorado supreme emu t. It killed an inline-nt inin named Wally. Haywood,
Pettibune and Orchard conspired to
murder Ad.ulM.it General Sherman
Bell, ot Colorado. Haywood called tur
the death ol ex-Governor Steunenberg,
Fred Ur..dl..y, who, according lo
Orchard, was blown Irnin his own d ior,
into the street and feaifully hurt by a
crude bomb placed by Orchard under
tliu mat in lhe early morning. Bradley
is now siting tlie San Francisco Gas
company, it is said, (or personal damages resulting [rom the explosion
which be claims was cn .soil by escaping gas. It iB p issme lint Bradley
may be called by die dofenoo tn relme
the testimony ol Oichard. Fnd
Miller, one of the counsel fur the defence, is said to be in San Francisco
and it may bo that he will secure the
presence ul Mr. Bradley.
In Our New Store in the Burns' Block.
JUST ARRIVED—New Stocks in Every Department
FRESH  GROCERIES ,. ,    , ,      ,  ,.,„
-   -   •   ■ ick of high class goods-quality
A  fresh,
A Hue assortment of Enamel and Granite,
Tin nml Woodenwnre, Heavy and Builders
Hardwaie,   Mining' Supplies.   Hose,   Lawn
-ii n  '.\.,,]s.   Screen limns
Stoves. Ranges,
Revolvers   and
in the Province
We carry ft fui
line selection of
Mowers and all Garden '1
..ml Win.lows.    .M.-t'li.iv's
etc.   liilles.    Shot    Guns,
One of die bc-t assortments
Tea, Dinner nnd Toilet Sels
line of Hotel Supplies.   A
HichCut Glass.
We carry a fine stock nf these goods.   Just
ask for what you want.- WE HAVE IT.
Telephone -37. 	
Three Lots on Fifth Street, thc
only good site now on the
Market north of Sixth Street.
PRICE $850
Movement for Raising $10,000
for Improvements and
Lifting Debt,
A meeting ul directors and uthcrs
interested in the Y.M.C.A. was held
on Thursday night. It. Howson was
in tbe chair and C. It. Saycr, Western
Travelling Secretary, the chief Bpcak-
cr. The meeting had been called tor
;he purpose ul arranging tor a plan ol
action lor the purpose of raising $10,-
000 for tbe construcsion of additional
promises and ler lhe paying off ui the
present debt of about $5000 Some
doubt rested iu the minds of many
present as to the chances of raising
that amount. Mr. Lyons said that he
would interest thc trainmen in the
movement, and representatives (rom
the C.I'.R. shops also ottered their
co-operation, lt was decided that tbe
scheme should be oni.-.1 out as lar as
possible and entered upun in a keen
spirit, and lhat the committees appointed should report every night un
the results ot the day's systematic
canvassing. Tho merchants and
business men are takinj an active
part in tlie movement and the dire.:-
i tun are sanguine ol success.
Mills Work at High Pressure
to Supply the Market.
Owing to the rapid ii.llux uf immigration into the Northwest, and tbe
constantly increasing demand for
lumber of all kinds, both in the city
and outside points, sawmills in the
Revelstoke district arc working at
extreme high pressure tc supply the
demand, iu fact it may bc Baid that
this year tlie profits ol this branch ol
industry will be considerable. Revol-
Btoke people aro at tbo present time
displaying great activity in cruising
and locating large tracts of timber
and lor many years the city ol Revelstoke will be an important lumbering
centre oi the Kootenays.
    *^»   ——
EDMONTON, June 8.—Capitalists arc
Interested iu the oonstruolion ot a
line of railway running uortli and
suuth between tbe Grand Trunk
Pacific and tbo mainline ol tlio C.I'.R.
to the east ut the Rocky mountains,
Capt, B.J.  Saiiiulors, a surveyor,
has just returned lo Edmonton from
a five weeks' trip iu  the  .........tains.
He states that lie is not at liberty
to say who is projecting tlio rood, but
said there was no question as to the
practicability ol constructing it.
Captain Saunders is very anxious
Ior tlie woltare of the romalnlt ir of the
party, fuur in number, who le't Rocky
Mountain house by boat lor Edmonton. 'They Bhould have arrived in
Edmonton on Monday but nothing
has been hoard ol them.
Members ol Mo'intain Viow Camp
and visiting Woodmen will attond ftt
the lodge room at (1:45 o'clock on
Sunday evening, June Oth, to attend
divine worship at Knox church.
On June Ist. Lethbridge became a
divisional point ol tbe C. P. lt.
Demented Foreigner Takes His
Life in Prison Cell This
Frank Norman, a Finn, who had
been confined iu (be provincial jail
since yesterday alternoon Iur drunken
behavior antl vlolenoe in the streets, j
was lound, at an early hour this
morning, banging [rom the window
ol his coll, strips of blanket and bedding being used. Tho gaoler immediately intormed tho provincial constable, and the body was taken down.
Lite bad evidently been extinct lur
several hums, Norman had been
acting strangely in town tbe .day
previous, having caused Turpross'
team tn bolt by striking the burses,
whicli dashed madly away and were
not stopped until tbey reached Malay's
ranch. Wlien arrested and taken tu
tlie gaol he was quiet cnutigb and
created no dialurbai.ee even while
engaged in liis subsequent suicidal
An inquest is lieing lield on the
B. C, Samples Perfectly Pure.
The civic health department has
received a report Irt.tii the Dominion
authorities on one, I tho must extensive testB of butt r ever made by the
pure [ond section ul llie Inland Revenue Department. Eight hundred
and sixty-eight samples, collected
trom all parts ol the Dominion were
From British Columbia twelve samples were taken, and in every case the
tests pronounced the product unadulterated The samples which tailed to
come up to thc standard were all Irum
EiiBtorn Canada, eight (rom Quebec
being found adulterated, while five
Irum Toronto
doubtlul class
Gent's Furnishings
Boote and Shoes, Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
first St. Op.
IH—MW—Wn——     -■■—     — ■   — ..............           . _.     .
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Hrnuclios it. lhs Provloouol Manii..!.... Albsrla,Biiltatohewa.
Britiih Colombia, Ontario, (.untax-.
Oapltal Paid Up
Reserve Fund
I), ll, Wilkie, President
• 4,700,000.00
li. ,1 ai-tk.vy, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Drafts sold available in ..II parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections,
Savings Department
Deposit.- received and Interest allowed at current rale Irom date
of opening account, and compounded four times a yenr.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
R, Croker's Irish Colt Captures
Blue Ribbon of English
Turf and $32,000.
London, June 7.—Richard Croker's
Orbjr, ridden   by  Johnny  ReilT,  an
American  juckey,  won   the    Derby
stakes of $84,600, the Blue  Ribbon  of
the turf  at   Epsom  on  Wednesday.
The distance was about a mile and a
hall,   One ul the largest crouds in the
history ot the turt witnessed the race.
teii,  wiiutj  uvo     Richard Oroker'B well liked Orby,
were   placed  in  thclliy Ormcout uf Rhuda 11 was bred in
1 Ireland out oi an  American dam.
Cruker, belore removing to England,
was buss ul New York's Tammany,
lie has been a prominent ligiire in tur!
circles in England tor seveial years
anil has bad Derby candidates every
year since bidding Farewell to the
American lurf,
There were several foreign entries
which wereitrongly tipped and backed.
Bcuzonion ran Bteond and Slievo
Gallion third.
Pmxi'i: ALBERT, June 7.—A Irce
light marked tlie scramble Ior homesteads at I'rince Albert. Forty-six
applications have been entered lor
homesteads at Vorkton, 13 1    1 1 ."   ES.
lticlutitig postage lo Kngland, United s:.
Ily the year itiir,- igl. post. Mb I     si.Vf
Half      "        "     I..".
,-    M.  -        "    I.f,
J i.i   RlXTLs'G promptlyosecutolit reason
.- ■:.--.
I'KKM- -1 .-'..   S,:li-cni,'.i„i.* v-aj'ulill' in .wl
7Th/>     fir\"iil--'ll^<*>i*'-iIS   Ihcschcine.   It has been deeided thai
Z J S, ..II,3nUs:,,XltllC>-  $!..."* uwi.l la- asked   ir  and  com-
l"l II.blll.il WEDNESl IY AMI SATL-11 , , ,   ,
my sl iiiiltles  have  lien   I. r. ed   Ir  t 0
kevilstoks. ac. purpose ol canvassing tbo whole city,
it being the i..tention 11 the direct.u-s
to give a membership ticket lor the
balance of the year tn every subscriber
over a certain sum. The eon ing
week will see Iho Bystomatio canvassing by tbe committees, res..lis being
posttd up each night in a public place,
riie scheme is a laudable ono and will
not only directly benefit the patrons
ol the Y. M. C, A., butgive Revelstoke
a leading place in lhe associations ut
the world, Mr. Sayer, the t.nvelling
-m--m ai v, is actively helping it. tho
scheme and !:as the inteiest ot the
city at heart.
t movement of such public and moral
interest should receive tho support ol
Revelstoke as a whole and tho ... ney
given will be well spent.
I .ittl..H.-|vSI.hNt.'h* Invited on ...alter* of
public Interest. CommunlcatlouB ... Edl
:or uiu-- be aoooniptuiled l.y oanio o.
writer, not ntxeasarily lo pnbfical n  hnl
,- . -. Idem ■ of good faith.  . Drresj 1. n"
-hould he brief.
liici.ri-.ralt.'l hj
Acl ".1
i na.it, I87„
ll, Mm .
v M.u-i'iiHits.is-,
.1 IHKS I'll.1...
1', fil'l
II. I'lvviN.i, Vice-Pres
■. :    enl* per -■ in-.rii"ii.
enupei line - ,
Meaaureo enn N'on  , eljl-l    - inakeoiic
inelij.    Slor.    ind   -   ■   ll     -i'u ■ "•
... per month.
Preform!  |  -Hi        - "'■
....    fl  ..      ■■: . .:■: Deaths,
'• .-..;...■■ .        • - -mm>,
Laud  ,  -    -   -- ■ ulvCTIIsemcnL.
-..■■-■ ■       -.. lent.
Wanted •-..■-.
Ig,     ■ .     *   '     M. ,li-
'.        .1 !■• M ll.-.-.
.. ■ .-■ ,,,.:. 11 words rn-
......     . .   .   •    10   .. nl*.
i    , .  . lii.- ..:...:.-.n....'. aei-!
,.-:,. and Kiiilay u.
,.. | .,'■■.. -. -.. in good display.
Barristi K!
, Solicitors, Etc
liii.ni  lu grappling will, ibo
0 T T A W A
r'arliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
In . i-
important question ..( telephone rules
xpress  cl-argea  an.l tho whole
... -.: west, rn transportation lho
Cummissinii   lias just  now
.ml .
L Wl U N 11 Ci ft v L u
Capita! paid up. $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
in  (It
iila .tnd   Ac
Interest credited four times a y-
ii.; deposits, unlil tin ther notice.
W, II. PRATT, Mummer,
at current rate
II parts of lhe
on Savings
Hkvei.stckf., B. CJ
Take notica llnl lii.ii-.-iv UIU....! Hewlrtoke,
ll..-., Minor, Intend. I,.applv lorn biiui-I.i1 ll.ulwi
lieoi.-u ..v.-r llio (..ll.... in, .li-s.-iil.nl lands
-ili.fili' in tliu Lillu'.i'l llislri.-t:
cilia al ii nasi planted at tlio Bouth-
i-i.iia-r ..f I'.L. SS-J8 aiiil market "Andrew
us S. W. corner poet," tlience running north
haias, ..fist a. chains, si,uth   it... clialns,
I.  C
25c. to 50c. on the $	
| .vcsl .a dial is t.. point..(rointnenconient utnl con
CAN UK MADE ON ! UUnlna 010 lu-rea moro ur less.
Your Grocery. Clothing
bated May Iill.. 1007.
•L   L'onunoncluii al a p..*t planleil.... tin: west
ae .if .lie in.nli I..I-I. i>( N.,a,iiai'llivi-r'.l.i.ii|. I.v..
 I.s north ul T I, SJ-i7.iiiiii ...arn-il "Andrew
Drygoods and Shoe Bills f^**-
post "tlienco r........u.i
south su chains, east si.
Chas. Murphy.
IIauiii.ii Fisiieii
, . Il.l.AN & KI.i.HI'l'T.
., Solicitors, Etc.
M. ii...ci i.iki: n.u,
i..-. ifi.i.in-i-.-.
i.i-,'-;m-     Im 'K1UAI.   Uank  1.I.OCK,   Rkvel-
'STUKK, B, 0,
Money to loan.
Offices: Revelsloke, H, I'.; Cranbrook, 11. C.
Quo. S. McCarter,
V. M.  i'lNKIlAM.
Kevelstoke, li. C.
J. A. Haiivev.
i ri.tii uo I.. li. C.
J.M.Scott I.L.I. W.LBrlnga,
Hai rioters, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
solicitors for molsons h.vnk
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
A. M.I-'Al.l.ANK
ysol all Ores,  Sample, by mail or cxpreat
receive prompt attention.
Term. Moderate.
•    •    Box .32 Kaslo
H. C
Provincial Land Surveyor,
;.Mi..e Suiveying
Box loo, Revelstoke,
(Memliei American Institute of
Mining Engineers).
Member Canadian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Mine Management, Examinations
and lieports.
Reports compiled. Plans and Blue
Prints uf Land, Timber Limits, Mines,
Mills ami Buildings prepared in shape
f. r submission to prospectiveinvestors
i-i purchasers,
Sbe SailSetalb
■ i woul    .  .  .  earnest!, a vIbq ihem for
■: eli .-  .. to -   li   this pnpi i lo be punctually
served up, and .0 b<  upon it- .. pari ol
th. :,-,i ■.. ... tg..    .--.. ;.;*..n.
SATURDAY, JUNE (i, 1111)7
under consideration a vast number of
subjects in which the gem nil welfare
ot tho Canadian peoplo is involved,
Commencing on  the  l'acili? Coast,
there is  tho preparati if  a new
schedule nl freight (rum Vancouver,
eastward in n-sp use to complaints ol
unfair discrimination of  wesi In.nnd
trallic  ueainst Canadian Cuast ci.ies.
There  is also the drafting of anew
lorn, of bill nf lading to meet objections now  made l.y boards ol  trade,
manufacturers'associations nnd shippers genotally; deciding on n new set
o! operating rules ti r all tbe railways,
to insure greater safety lo ilu-public
d  to employees ul railroads; the
compel ing o( the railway companies
to  improve  rolling  Block, road bed,
ani!  equipment so us to adequately
handle ttallic and relieve congestion,
the investigation ol the many accidents which  resulted in tlie past lew
months (rom broken rails with a view
to  placing  tho blame and guarding
against further accidents,   All these
problems arise for solution when the
ordinary routine of business is excessively heavy.    Tbe commission have
have  now  received the report ol the
joint committee  representing live ul
the  large  railways,   appointed sume
weeks ago to draft a new  Bet of  uniform   rules.     Railway  ollieials have
shown great willingness in connection
with improvement of rolling Btuck,
road bed and equipment,    The commission will insist upun railroad c -in-
panics remedying the failures of  the
past year and adequately provide for
the rapidly growing   trallic  ot the
country.   It has been proved thai the
chief fault of delayed trains and trallic congestions are the consequence ol
the lack ol power in hauling and the
commission   has  made the matter of
keeping  strictly  to time one of the
most impoitant parts ol the report.
I louses, business blocks
Husiness &  Residential Lots
Suburban Lnnds
in Acreage Lois
I'ine Farm and Fruit Lands
in    Revelstoke,    Arrowhead
Galena Bay, Okanagan Lakes
Okanagan Valley and Salmon
WE HAY FRtlCHT In nnv railway sliilion
in Weslern On.,uio, Manitoba, Saskalclic-
III | wan, Albcrin and liritish Columbia.
Wri c for our latest Prico list, i. is
ailed tree .... request.
'I    We only handle tl.ejliesl goods money
can buy, only guods of besl ...ills, intiiiii-
facttirt'rs and packers shipped.
Wo make Prompt Shipments.
Wo absolutely guarantee satisfaction
and Delivory.
A'l Coods Cuariuitood cr Money Refunded.
li is ti limy |o You, lo Vour Family and
tti \on.  l'.n-kt. Rook io iiiu-siiir in- tan-
.- Jobl.e
Alien .'.'
real estate and insurance acent
rf.velstoke, a. o.
We do uol belong lo ll.
I l.eifiile.-.s* Guild or Assoc
I .i-i.*..
References:     Am  bank, l.'illwij or: smith n. cl...
| Express Company in llie City, e
lames of twenty ihi.iisf.inl sattsllcil
I liuners ... tiie lour provinces.
Write for Our Price List To-day.
House Cleaning Time
brings lo the eye uf the careful
housekeeper the blemished of the
carpels under her supervision. When
necessary loninke renewals in carpets,
rugs, mailings anil oilcloths, visit
HOWSON'S nnd see llieir well selected stock before buying. You'll
find it n time und money saver. Our
Spring display heals anything we
ever uttered.
Howson & Company
Import direct from Country ot origin.
Northwestern   Supply   House
239 ''im' -,()l Slftnloy Slreel
i'liains In pulllt nf I'oiiiiimiicriui'lil llllll CQllUltllftlg
MO acres more »r Ichh.
Dated Muy Ifitli, IW17.
a. Commencing »t n pust plantod on tbe weal
suit! nf tlm north Turk ol Seymour Hivor about U>nr
mill's nortb uf T. !*. fti-iT, ami markoil "AnibOH
KiUhii'h n. IS. eoruer post*-, ttmueo running Boutli
BO chains, went no chains, north HO t-lialiiH, oust 80
DlianiH tn point uf eounueneoiuoiitSanil conUiniug
010 acros moro urleuit,
Dated May 10th, 1007.
•1. UoiiiinonuiiiB at n pout planted on tire wost
riiili* »f ilii'iinrtli fm-k uf Soymour rivor about6
mllen nuiili of T.I*. ?■'■■'< mul marked "Androw
Kitsun's S. ft I'liinri* |ii)*?l," Iliiiin* niiiiiiiit; imiili
Ml i-liji um, west 80 rh.iins, BOltlll HI cliiiiim, i>u»t Ml
:*li;iin> lu point of couiiui iicenionl ami luii tain Ing
iim lien's more or less.
Duted May lOLli, 1007.
r>.  Uommenctng at a post planlcd nn tin* oanl
slit.* of tlie iii'iiii turk nl Bej'ionur Itiver about two
mile.-, umili of T, li. iisi and murnOil Androw
Kiisi.n'MS W. cm mr piMt," Liionco running norlh
so chains, oaBt Hi clmiiis, south hi chuina, west mi
rhalns to point uf coiniBeneoiuont and containing
QtfJ acres more nt'h'ss.
Dated May imii, i«i7.
I   0. (Jotmnoimlug at a post plautod ono-half miln
'north of lho forks nf tlie norlh fork uf Seymour
I Itiver and mnrked "Andrew Kitson's N. ft. cunmr
I i>i<st," thonco running south WO chains,, west HO
rlialns, uortli lu ."Imins, nanl 40 chains, nortb SO
1 haina, oast 4111 Imins tn point uf comuiouceiuent,
i mul containing 11111 uorea moro ur lean.
I    Dutfd Mny I,ill, IWff.
7. Comtnouvilig iitiiiiust plnuled ntic nml min
Imlf inil.'s imrlli a tin* fiirksuf tlio nortli fork of
Seyniuiir Itiver, met  narked   "Ambviv   KltsOll'fl
,\. w.cnni--riuihi,' thonee running eaat 80 chains,
,..   smitli h0 chains, wosl Hi chains, nnrtli hu chains to
i|tl,' pninl of uouimi nceiuelil ami containing OIH acres
mure or Wa,
DaUdMay 17th, mu;.
8, Coniumnolng ut a post planlt'd ono uml ono-
Imlf mib-A imrth ul tin* forksof tlm imrlli l.,rk nf
Boynumr Kiver, mul ninrkod "Andrew Kitson's
s ft cornerpost," ilium 0 miming north-io chains,
woat 40 uhalns, norib su chains, west 4m imins,
aoutb ItH chains, cast mi clmins to point of coin-1
umii'i-ini'iit. and cuntaining Oil! acres mure ur leaB,
Dated Muy 17Lb, IH07.
001            I     snlmytt               ANDREW K1T80N.
Halcyon Hot Spring j*     Notice to Creditors
•JCinitCiritiTTI 'N lllK ^Arn!R 0K THB Estate of Jaboi
Untli*r tho ti"w iiiHiinffHiniHit »f
Hahhv  McIntosm-     nffinun   Hou-e
cyun me tin* most eurntlve io the
Ai.i.kn Aonkw, Deceased.
NOTICK is hereby given Ihal :ill creditors and others having claims against
the estate of llie sunt Jacob Allen Agnew,
who died on or about tlie 13th day oiAprit,
19071 are required, on or betorfl the 151I1
world. A perfect, naliual remedy foi l day of June, KJ07, to send by pnst prepaid
all Nervous and Muscular diseases or deliver to Messrs. Harvey, McCarter &
Uver, Kidney and Stomach ailments miikham, of the Imperial Hank Block,
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure Kevelsloka, B. C, Solicitors lor Minnie
for  "That Tired  FeeHng."    Special j Agnew, the Executrix of tbe last will ami
Nt.lii' is lirr-'liy jiivi'ii dial umnn uiuij n......
[romdato I Intend to applv In tin* llonorahle
(juiuf t'ommiaalonor uf hauls and Works fora
siu'i'ial license to cut aud carry away thulier from
tlio followiuc described lands, aitnated in West
Kootenay District.
1 CoinmouoInK at a post about» mile (rum
lliu huftd uf Curilioo i.ske, mnrkod 'A. livtin>'
north-west corner post," thoneo south hi
uhalns, easl SOolinlna, nurth 80 cnains, west w)
i'liains tnpnlir »l roniinonceinont.
'i, ('.'inin neinn al 11 pusl nbout two miles
(ruin   lhu   lii'inl  ni I'm limn ' uke, nil llie eiihl
shore, mm ked "\. lvvniii»'north-west corner
pnsl," thonou soinii hi cbnins,east 80chains,
north 80 ohains, west 80chafui tu the puint uf
Dated April i2ild, W07.
8. 1'iuiiiiii'iiriiii: at a post aliout two milea
irum Un* lu'iul ut ruriliuii i.nki' nud nbuut una
mile buck (nun snid lake, mm kod nW.Kd-
wsrdtt' north-Mtiht oornur |aist," thonoo south
80chains, cuatBrtoliftlns, north suehalns, west
M1 cliniii-- lu -mini nl I'uiiiiiii'ii i-itu'Ui
imieil April :.:ud. mu.
4. Couiraeuolng nt u post about ouo mile
frumthohcftd ui (Jarlhio inku andonorallo
luck Iruniliikesbnro. innrkeil' A.Evaiis1 nurth*
west enrner posi," theme south *" clutlia, easi
sn eh .ius, nnrlh hu ehnins, west Ml 1 uiliis lu
puim nf c'MiunoiiC'.'inont,
Hated April 22nd. Wo7,
A.    VANS.
5. I'uninicnelim at n pust abuul a i..lh> from
lite Ill-mi ni imi!'... take and niiuii a mile
Irum ihu lake *-hiire, mnrked W   Hil wards'
inn,-east I'liruer post." ihencu wost Wl chains,
nurth Hi elinlns, enst Hi nhulns, snulli mi ehalna
to point of rninniuuecmeiii
limed April iMmUuVf.
(i, i-iniiietii'lii,- at a puaf plamud nl llie
iii'itli-eusienrnernf. iirili-u Uke. marked'-A
Evans' tiorth'OOst cornor, uatJ' thenco wost mi
i-hn.ns, south 80 ebains, oaat Hi ehnins, nurih
M eimiiis tn point uf commencement,
Dated April'2>lll, W"7
1, Commoneliig nt a imst planted nlsHit 3
miles up a small ereek nmptyiuif nt tho bond ul
l',i ri Iiuu Liil.ii, marl; ml "A. Kvans' nurlli-wDsi
nnior pusl," thonce smith Hi chains, oitstM)
bains, nurth 80 ehains, wost Hi) chains tu puint
,[ 1 um inmicomoiit.
Datud April-Uh  Hull.
8, 1 (uniiionciiiK at n post plant nil ut. A. IiIvihih'
jorth'Woat oornor, aud about S milos up a ■•mall
crunk omPtylng Into bond of Cariboo Lako,
mnrkod "Walter Edwards' smilli-wnstcunior
imst," thoneo north Michnins east80chains,
smilli .Hli chaius, west Hi chnius to puint of com-
Uated April Wth, 1907,
0. Commencing nt n post pluutod about a
milo up a small creuk nmiityiuit inti) tho tmrlli
nml nl Cariboo Lake and marked "A. Evuns'
Bouth-east enrnor imst," tbonco wost80chaius,
nnrth 8(1 eliuiiis, east Ml chains,-smith KO ohaius
to point of rutiimnii'i'iii 'ill.
Duted April 24tb, 1007.
10, Commencing at a post plunted almul, v,x
miles up u creok ruuuiuK intu tlu: hoad of Cariboo Laku. on the oust side of suid lake, nnd
mnrkod 'Walter Edwards' unrlh-wostcurnor
pust." tbonco smith 80{ehains, fn-tt80 clmins,
north 80 chains, wist 80 chains to puiut of commencement.
Dated April 27th, 1907.
Local Revelstoke
Socialist Party of Canada
Meuls l'i.*l fin.ri'liii-.l u..,!i.,.*,lfiy in ih.. tnntitli
in s.-ltirk lhii. ii|.*t.i.-. f.i - p.m.   Mii')i-.-i lur
lUKtwiim "I. .- 1'iirt) riiii-'iii vs. ...m! 1
lloimry SocWUl I'artj 1'IatI.mii."  All lutun-s
:.t.  WttleOHIU
Central Hotel
Newly  uill,    FirBt-claBf in every reppecl.   All modern con it niiinCK,
Large Sn(ii)iie Kijunis.
Rates SI.50 p. r Day. Sped I Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lr.ke, under same managemem
rules on nil bouts inul trauift, T«'.
nlfiils ail'lve mul (li ait ev.-t-y .Inv
Telegia li couimiin atlnn with .ill
innt-lf* ot* Ihi- world,
Tliii.Ms-$1*2 Iti $18 |.i-i- w....|i.   Pur
further pitrliciil.ii-a applj' in
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotii Lake, B. C
Full line, ol Groceries nnd Dairy
1'riiduce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices.
Icstnmenl of the said deceased, Iheir
Christian ami surnames, addresses and
descriptions, the lull particulars oi' ihuir
ciniins, thc statement o\' iheir accounts
und lho nature of lhe securities, il any,
liekl by ihem.
And further tako notice that after such
lasl mentioned date the said Executrix
will proceed lo distribute the assets of tho
deceased among llie parties entitled
thereto, having regard only to the claims
of which she shall llum have nolice, and
lhat the said Kxeculrix will nol be Ihhle
for the said assets or any part tbereol lo
any person or persons of whose claims
notice shall nol have been received by her
al the time of such distribution.
Daled lhe 15th day of May, 1907.
Harvey, McCarter & Pinkiiam,
Solicitors lor Minnie Agnew, Kxeculrix of
the will of said deceased.        s myiS^t
Notice ia hereby ulvon tlmt Cl) days from date
I in lend tu upply to ihe Honourable the CMcf
i.uminihHioiier uf Lnnds und Works lor permission lu purchase tbe fulluwiuij described
lnmls, Hituatcd hi tialena Bay, in west Kuuteiiay distriot:
Commencing at a post marked "W, 11, Hold's
southmar-t corner pust," tin I plnuled 111 eliains
muhIi from th,1 north-wesl curlier of (J. Book's
hot71M3, thouoe west 20 elinlns, thenco north
■I: ohaius, thence east 211 chains, thence south
40chaius to point of eeinniencemeut, und containing till acres more ur loss.
1 inlfd Mav^ud, 1IW7,
sal my ..1 , W, R. HKI I),
Notice is boreby glvon that Hi) days after itate
I Inlend to apply tu the Chief fumniissi.iiicr nf
bauds and Works fora special llconse tocut
and curry awny iim her frnm the following
described lands in West Kootonay district:
Commencing at a post plan tod in chains soulh
of a small oreek emptying; Into Mosquito ('r> uk
near tho north-west corner of K.&8, Hlock
No. S70, inarked "A'> It. lteid's south*went corner post," Ihenco north (IU chaina, theiieo wesl,
SO chains, tbence south 80 ohains, theuco cast K0
chains lo puint of commencement.
DiUed May 32nd, 1007.
satjunol W. It. HEID.
suitably furnished with the choicest lhe
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rat *■ $i .1 day.    Monthly rate.
Wednesday, June 19th
Performances at 2 and 8 p. m. Performances at 2 and 8 p. m.
C. W. 0. w.
i ,
IHE V..M.C. A.
A movement is on loot throughout
the city to raise lunils tor the couitruction ol lb, proposed additions lo
the V. M. C. A. building and also lo
clear off the balance ol the present
debt. The matter has been public
property lur several weeks and tliis
action on the part oi ti:.- Y.M.C.A. .-
director- has been brought nl- -fit only il ,V gfffl',*?.*/,',? ]
alter careful  consideration  and dis
cussion  the result btiug that the
Mountain View Camp  No. 229.
Mecu .-"i-i-ninl nnd l-'.-nrili W.-iIm-.!.!.- In
,. i month, In s. link 11.11. VtailluK Wood- i
mi ,. mm,.Ily Invited i.'.in. ml.
IV, ii. Alt.MSTHON'0,Con.Com.
II. IV. KUWAKDd, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The m gol m moel i *-- ire held iti the Bolkirk
Hall every Ti lay evettinB nl * o i     *> nl
Koot'linv  I-ocIkb No. 15 A F.& AM.
■ • .'     v     ftit'- nr.- ......I ... :..,
'-.i' \y--      Tl' Mfi.-.mi-
'•   X     jf       I      ..l.l K.-ll.i-..   .   .
,       \&-'     L 'l..-iliii-.l M
.       -V*    i.fia   " ii in..mli   ni   -
-     ^       >.HB  ...  iTi.i.i....i.....ii..
.'It... I SIKH, BKttiKl IKV.
SELKIRK LODC.E. NO  12. I. 0. O. F.
'••»'-'     *•   ;--"'- : -'     -      I" ^t  "l^fcB-       M..-1-.-M-rlllii..-.....f
-     ■■■■-*' ajLXN53S ■'■■      "
.,--- and  -.-..-:-.  where  tin   Lr        \J;
II . , Ml nlli.P.*. N.U.      J. MAT1IIK,
Cold Range lodgo, K. ol  P.,
No. ?i>, Revelstoke, B. C.
I-.I-   l.\ ..Ifi   Ulfl.'l -I.V
im   f.i ri.lril '■".:i.■ -i i   -.i
M.M. i   nlli, ..i lhe Od.ll
Hull    »l     -    .M.k.      Vf.lli.iK
.       '    , ... ,   ll...
...     - ** -' The  r.'K.llar   inn"
•cbeme has been pjact.cally launched       -*,,.. ■-^   -v%_,,,.-- ,-. ... .
or will be on Monday,    It  has been
proved conclusively during ibe past
yi ar thai th. b lilding ia d : - ill ci.  t-
ly large (ur its requiremi tits aud fui
tlie accommodation ol the increased
lii --ii:!-1-: ip     a- .... itistittit - h tbe
Y. M. C   '-. I.asd
evening! can be spi nl in li net legit-
inia.e  spo t an in :
where tb. c ml .U lal ne can bo
experii t. ed. !;• - 1st , , ,--, •...
r...,id   men bav.
town ..:..; those wl
ol their own then
have I-,nnil (i.e   V. M.'   h    ,   .
b -.-ii and such in im i tin
direct effect .- .oral* ol
the city ti. a high Itsndai: keeping
men and boys ..tt tbe streets and improving the physical and perhaps
mental elements ol our citizens old
an.l voting. Railroad men have
shontd their appreciation ol ihis institution in many ways and were'
perhaps the largest sul.scril.ers when
the building was erected   two  yenr.-  Premium System
ago.    The directors who have decided
on this step ol raising additional tun.is
for the building, hnve done  so  wilh
tl.e indirect promises of general  cooperation from every oitUon and when   nrtI,«|   Cnin, Pa     I ■***•/<
It is considered, that by this raising KOjdl  OUdP V.O.,  Lid.
..I money, the piesent debt will he paid i Vancouver B. C.
nil'ami the building materially Increased and that Iree Irom debt,  tlie
Queens ftotel
Host brands oi Wines, Liq ii rs .ir.*; Cigars.   Travellers to
Kish CreeK excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - -        Proprietor
Unrli.r   New   Management.
B,   C.
I- r-' ■ ..-   .--. ...oni "ii'i'iii  lor    r I'.-ii.-f-
..- ■   ii .nils   ol   SVioes,   Bpirits,   an I
RATES   Sl   AND   $150   PER   DAY
mr utuTinii-
J     \.  l.lMl.lK. .    I
.1   II   BRO h   K
II   A
il  11   .1 S
f K.
That's H .-. i   Crown kioii—
■ .!'■•- h... 1
we lm In.apply tnUiiil h'.el ....
Unds und \\ ....
■ - ...
•rril.."l        I  r. ■   B I'M
|        I   II.1I-M '     . -
fl. - "I      II.
ra ... .
  ee mm
I ' . ■
.   ..... i,. .-
mile, ir.in..... bank  - ...
. ->■ I'.iii. marked - R - 11 i .     . jk m
pn.t," i.i.-ii-if fn-' .   chain", "-..
.  ... ;. ■   ll........ v-l lli'llill'.'.  I      .   \*  I 1     V/l'I'l/.ll
ll    ,mm.ll -li \lt\   \[)     \[ ) |   J | y J'j
Aiiil lhe money saving ia the
liookl.-t telll whnt n-i- give for
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WON'T Bland It!  So there!
Ami the ginger In the *°"'
brette's tone matched  the
tint   of   hor   nnme-colored
fCfflMRTiWB    hair*
'   MiiiTOmSl^H "It's an outrage!" gloom
ily put In the low comedian, whose street face, If
such an expression he permissible, would have done
credit to the melancholy
"Unless my salary is
paid tonight, 1 ehall refuse
to go on," observed Bel-
mont, the leading mnn,
who, by the wny. had fomented by every menus In
his power the discontent
prevalent among the company.
"Way out In Lunevllle,
over 1000 miles from the
Rinlto, and only driblets
for tho IflBt two weeks,"
proceeded the soubrette, who. like most of tho young
woman In thut line ot business, had a most flueni low
fit language. "And he must have money, loada uf It.
hidden away somewhere. It's always the pom* actor who
has to euffer, while the manager lives on the fat of the
land.  He's got to pony up, that's all"
There waa a murmur of assent from the little group
collected together upon the stage of the Grand Opera
House In Lunevllle
Things had been going from bad to worse, nnd wore
now at their lowest ebb with the Hurley Star Company.
which was touring the cities and towns of the Southwest.
When he was at the head of a stock company In the
thriving cily of Ford-mead, success had crowned thu
efforts of Danle> Hurley, the genial manager, ns he wad
always referred to In the newspapers, but when he start-
t>d "troiiplng" it, there was a very different tale lo lell.
Everything hnd seemed to go against him, and the business had been anything but satisfactory. There were
several reasons for this unpleasant state of affairs-bad
booking, tno many nne night stands, unseasonably warm
weather, and a leading man whose bibulous habits made
lilm anything but reliable.
Matters had now come to a climax.
Salaries werc considerably In arrears, and the members of (hc company were close upon open revolt.
It was for this reason that the meeting on the stage
hart taken place. The manager had met the asscmbljge
In that smiling, friendly way of his. and for a time had
disarmed them by copious compliments and specious
But almost Immediately upon bis departure, the storm
broke forth again, and with redoubled Intensity.
Ait were desperate, all were Indignant, but no one
could offer any definite plan of action by which their
empty pockets could be repleted. To follow Belmont's
suggestion and refuse to go on would be simply to lake
awny the chance of receiving a share of whatever the
receipts of the performance that night might be.
Not even the shadow of a ghost would walk.
Moreover, this wai tlie last night of lhe engagement
tn Lunevllle. The next day they were to move on to
HtlShton, a prosperous ai.d good theatrical city, where
better results might confidently be anticipated.
Dut how would ihey get away without pujinp their
board bills*.'
Tiie discussion was waxing fast and furious, but
nevertheless was Incoherent, when there appeared upon
the scone a personage who was at once appealed to as
one of authority.
This was .Mrs. Mxmtressor Carey, familiarly known
throughout the profession as "'Mama Monty." MVs. Carey
had once been a star of no little magnitude, but Increasing avoirdupois, that shudder-compelling bugbear of ail
nrtiesscs, had forced her into the position of "first old
woman,1 ln which, however, she was Inimitable and a
great  popular favorite.
Accompanying her was a young man of graceful
bearing and a dark, expressive face. Lance Wondert-on,
n pupil and protege of Mama Monty's, hnd, through her
Influence, obtained a position ln the Hurley Company,
anl, In the parts assigned to him, had displayed no small
flegree of ability.
He   was a  manly,  unaffected   young  chap,  but  his
awfully sorry for you.    I—"
"M-ni-m," Interrupted Belmont, with sarcastic imitation, "If you're so sorry, why don't you lend us the money
to pay our bills? If report speaks true, you could do
so easily enough."
MVs. Carey upreared her head haughtily, as she had
been wont to do in tragic role.,, and her still fine eyes
(lashed omhiotuly. In her whole attitude was the assurance of the "has been" und the pretension, not wholly
iulse In her case, of the "is."
Still, there wus no evidence of anger In her voice, as
-.he replied coldly nnd distinctly: "Because 1 know, Mr.
Belmont, what actors like you are, and there are many
of Ihem. Walt till I finish!" as Belmont essayed to
speak, "You've started me oft, and I'm going In have
my say." Sho paused Just an Instant, and then pro-
ceided. "They borrow and they mean to pay. Oh, y*l,
they mean lo pay—I'm not sarcastic. Bul when they
get the money, Ihere Is a.convenient procrastination;
they need ho much with that ready money. They say
to themselves, and in all sincerity: *1 owe that debt, ami
I'll pay It some time.' Then in their eyes this acknowledgment half discharges the Indebtedness, and that some
time becomes never. Oh, yes, I know—tht artistic tem-
perarooril. some of you would say. Buh! Let them forget lhat artistic temperament, which le their proudest
const and their greatest weakness, Lei them come down
to business! Oh, 1 know," with a nod ns if answering
some unspoken comment, "I am an actress myself, have
been one all.my life, and I love my profession. Am I
thr mother, then, who is going back on her own flesh
and blood? Perhaps. But the mother who sees tlie
taultn In her own children and would correct them
Dear mc!" with a laugh and a change of manner so
abrupt that, had It been before the public, it would have
brought forth a round of applause. "Dear me! That Is
a pretty long speech for a first old woman to make, isn't
ll'.' But then vou see perhaps I haven't forgotten the
time when I was starring us tlie Southern Sylph—heaven
save thc mark!—and had the centre of the stage to
myself, calcium on me, and spouted speeches a yard
The bubbling laughter accompanying these last words
wus to Infectious that It removed from the Utile knot of
listeners any resentment her criticism might have caused.
Moreover, they knew, most of Ihem from personal experience, that, with one of the mosl caustic of tongue*,
Mama Monty possessed one of the kindliest hearts In the
There was one, however, who was far from buing
mollified. Belmont, the leading man, was conceit personified. Criticism In any form of his lordly self was a
deadly affront. Besides this, ho had a long standing
grudge against Mrs. Carey, who he knew saw through
hlm, although he would not have put It In that way.
Ho, tt was with an ugly look In his bloodshot eyes
lhat   lie said  with  sneering Insolence:
"t-hame upon you, madam, shame! You're a bird
that befouls Its own nest. Those others may stand for
your Insults If they like, but I for one am sick of your
attempting to boss the whole show. What," lashing
himsell into fury, "an old harridan like you—"
Hut before he could proceed furLhcr, young Wooderson had sprung In front of hlm, his face flushed with
resentment and Indignation.
"That will do!" he cried, warnlngly. "Not another
word of that sort!"
Amazed at this interruption, Belmont stood stock-
still, nnd then he demanded furiously:
"How dare you, you whlppersnupper? How will you
stop mo  I'd like to know?"
"If you utter another word derogatory to Mrs. Carey,"
was the llrm, quiet response, "I'll give you the soundest
thrashing you ever received in your life."
Those about gasped in astonishment, and for the
moment forgot their troubles in this new sensation. Belmont, from sheer self-assertion, had been a sort of
master spirit among them, and this was the first time
ihey bod ever heard him delkd.
Kor nn Instant it seemed as If the leading man were
about to leap upon WoooWson. But there was soine-
ihing in the young raw'.. *tern, set face that told him
he was quite capable of carrying out his threat, and
made him conclude that discretion was the better part
of valor.
So ho gave a thcatrlca ance of scorn at Mrs,
Carey's champion, and turned away with what was
Intended us a laugh of contempt, but which had a distinct
ring of pusillanimity in it.
Mpanwhlle, Mrs. Carey had laid a restraining hand
'"If you utter another word derogatory to Mrs. Carey,' was the firm, quiet response, Til give you
the soundest thrashing you evor received in your life,'"
success had aroused  the Jealous  animosity of certain
Eiembera of the company who had been longer In tho
rofesslon than hc. This was peculiarly so In the coat
f Belmont, who suspected Mrs. Carey, and not without
lome truth It must be confessed, of an Intention to place
Wooderson na leading man at some future dato.
There had been one or two passages at arms between
tht two men In which Wooderson had come off the victor,
a fact which served to fan the tires of Belmont's vin-
The company crowded round Mn. Carey, all talking
together, and each one trying to explain to ner the situation, with which she was already thoroughly familiar,
At last she raised her hand for silence with a sort of
regal gesture, which was at once obeyed,
"M-m-m-m," she began, with that peculiar purring
sound, habitual to htr, and which meant so much ot so
little, Just ns she designed It ihould. "And to you've
had a talk with Mr. Hurley, havo you?"
"Yes, and much good It did us," snarled Belmont. To
Mrs, Carev's practiced ays It was apparent that lie hud
been drinking, although he was nol, strictly speaking,
intoxicated.    "Lots of soft sawder, but no real stuff.'
"My landlady won't let me go wllliout my trunk,"
tearfully Interjected ont of the young women.
"Bah!" exclaimed Belmont, scornfully. "Do what 1
do.    Refuse to act.   That'll soon bring Hurley to terns"
Mrs. Carey gave him one swift, contemptuous look
but snid nothing. She liiul no sympathy with the utW
who strikes flhe was too milch m an atilut in ,n-:ip.
point her audltnet, no matter bow small thnt audience
might be.
"Can't you advise us, Mamn Monty?" pleaded the
'•U-.m-nw.ra    U:iw.» hit word, it Is too bad. end I sin
on Wooderson's arm, nnd she Bsld calmly:
"Don't bother with him, Lance. In my day, leading
men were actors and gentlemen. Now, It seems that
tome of them are neither."
Belmont affected not to hear.
The soubretie, who, in spile of her taint of vulgarity,
was a good-hearted girl, pressed forward, and Insisted on
shaking hands effusively with Wooderson.
"Now, ladles and gentlemen," said Mrs. Carey, "Just
k word more, If you will put the matter In my hands, I
wl'] see what I can do with Mr, Hurley."
"Yes, yes!" Vi
"Oo ahead!"
"Hurrah for you. Mama Monty!"
The acquiescence ln her proposal was universal, un-
lall Belmont, who at all events made no spoken objection,
be excepted.
"Walt here, then, until I return. I would like lo
have yen go with me, Mr. Wooderson."
Wllh ihls MYs. Carey started for th* stage door, followed by Lance.
Belmont, as he looked after them, snickered In ridicule nnd said In a stage aside:
"Look at him get under htr wing. Mother Carey's
chicken, Indeed!"
The young man heard, hut, paving no attention whatever, followed calmly In Mama Monty's wake.
(line outalde, Mrs. Carey addrrased no word to her
companion, but proceeded, as rapidly as her bulk would
perm 11, round to thc tront of the house, through the ves-
)ilbul' ni.d up lo thi box office.
Ther" were no purchaseri of si-aia there, and Ihere-
fore   Ihcie   was  no  delay  In obtaining  speech   with  the
tlikel seller behind the window.
"1 Mint to see Mr.   I.Virley," demandfd  Mrs. Carey,
Tie ticket sell-1 who recognized ihe petrels, stammered and uii-d in form some excuse.
"No. that wont do.' declared Mrs. Carey, sharply.
And then, she suddenly added, raising her voice as she
saw that u door leading Trom the box offlce to a private
room beyond wus ajar: "1 know you're there, Daniel
Hurley, and 1 mean to nee vou. You know I generally
get what 1 want, so you'd better let mo ln at once."
Yes, Hurley was there, and, ufter ft moment's reflection, he recognized the futility of resistance, although he
was in a measure In hiding, and hod resolved not to see
another member of hla company that day.
Anathematising all "old women" in genera), and this
one in particular, ht admitted Mra. Carey and her
protege t'< the sanctum.
The lady swept ln, and
with an uir of determination
und without being invited,
look U seat. Wooderson followed, feeling rather uncomfortable und out of place.
The manager's ruddy
countenance was less florid
than usual, and his customary broad smile revealing
the gleaming teeth, which
had won for him the epithet
of "genial," had vanished.
Although she knew him
and his methods well, MVs.
Carey could not help feeling a bit sorry for him. It
was in a resolute manner,
however, that she opened
the conversation.
'Now, Daniel, I've come
to have a plain talk with
you, and I'm going to begin
at the beginning."
"Very well, Mrs. Carey,"
replied Hurley, meekly, and
with an air of resignation,
while there flushed through
Ida mind a remark of the
late Stuart Robson's lo the
effect that he would willingly
pay on extra royally to any
author who would write him
n play not calling for the
services of an "old woman"
ur of supernumeraries.
"I know Just how fierce
business has been," proceed-
ed Mama Monty, relentlessly, "but It's ail due to your
own folly. I warned you
against litis atrocious booking, aud that's tho reason I
refused to be your tlnancla:
partner in thli; undertaking.
You remember that, don't
Hurley was forced to
confess lhat he did.
"M ore over," continued
Mrs. Carey, "if you'd had
the Angel Gabriel for a
leading mnn Instead of
that incompetent drunkard
Belmont, you could not
have expected lo do any
business over our route,
And what under the sun
you took him back for after
he went on that spree In Fordmead and would have
ruined tis, if Cyril Raymond-bless hlm.-had not pulled
ue out of the hole. I don't know. Upon my word, Daniel
Hurley, with your experience as a manager, I cannot
understand your asinlnity."
Wooderson, ns he listened, could not but think that
she was a little hard upon a man in mtslortune, but then
he was not behind the scenes.
"However, thut Is neither here nor thero," went on
MVr. Carey, without giving Hurley an opportunity for
retort or explanation. "We have nothing to do with .he
past. It's the present, and possibly the future, that concerns ns now."
"What can we do?" asked the manager, weakly.
"What can you do?" corrected Mrs. Carey, sharply.
"Let me see—you owe the company about two weeks'
salary, don't you?"
"About lhat."
"And how much have you got to pay them with?"
Hurley hesitated.
"Tonights receipts—" he began.
"Bother tonight's receipts!" interrupted Mrs. Carey,
Impatiently, "They will be only a drop in the bucket.
What else?"
The manager i  read out his hands deprecatlngly.
"Not a cent."
.   Mama Monty's fine face flushed.    She was annoyed,
and not a Utile disgusted as well.
"You can tell that to othcr people, Daniel Hurley," sho
exclaimed, "but not to me! J know belter. What's
become of all the property you own In Fordmead? You
can raise money on that."
■'Vou nre mistaken, 1 cannot."
"Why not?'
"I wrote to Abigail about it ten days ago." Abigail
was Mrs. Hurley. "And she refuses. I The property is
in her name."
Mrs. Carey wus silent for ft moment. She wns quite
inclined to believe this statement to be true, for she knew
Abl-Enfl, whom she had often mentally characterized as
"a miserly ent."
"If 1 could only get on to Uusliton," ventured Hurley,
«eelng thai Mama Monty's loquacity was temporarily
■checked, "I think all would gu well."
"Because the advance sale is fine. Look at this," and
he handed her u dispatch which corroborated lhe statement. .    ,   ,
It was from Flint, ihe sluge manager, who had gmio
ou in advance. , .    _   '     ...
"How much will lt lake to .mug us to Rushton.'
asked Mrs, Carey, hn brows knitied reflectively.
"une hundred  and   twenty-live dollars."
"Ann how much do yuu owe the company?"
The manager made a rapid calculation.
"About $000," he announced; "but half of that would
satiety ihem fur the present."
"Three hundred uud seventy-live dollars In all, then'
"M-m-m-m,    l-I might help you out."
Hurli'V started, and his eyes gleamed with renewed
hope.    He hud  not anticipated ihK although no was
ftWare that Mama M'only was possessed of u tidy Jl11 Lu
"Oh, Mm. Carey!" be started In, gratefully.    '1—
But   the   "ftrut   old   woman"   checked   lilm   with   a
* "Malt a minute' We're old friends, Daniel Hurley,
and you have your troubles. 1 have the honor of Abigail's' acquaintance, you see." lt was not in feminine
nature to forego this little dig. "And 1 am Inclined'to
come to your assistance-hut upon certain conditions."
"Nairn theml Name them!" cried the excited manager, whose face was once more beginning to he wreathed
ln smiles. "And I'll keep them, upon my word I will!"
'M-m-m-m. Yes, 1 think you will. Well, then, in
the tirst place, you must give me yuur note for the furl
amount, to be paid In a percentage of the receipts-say
20 per cent , beginning next week In Rushton."
In answer to this demand, Hurley immediately sat
down at a table and wrote out the ndte.
After examining ll, Mrs. Carey placed It In an old-
fashioned reticule she carried. For u woman, and especially a woman uf thc Btage, sho possessed no little business acumen.
"And secondly," she proceeded emphatically, "Belmont must go You must give him his two weeks'
notice tonight,"
The manager's face fell, Belmont might not be the
verv best ln the world, but It would be hard at that stags
of the game and In their present territory to find any
one tc replace lilm.
"Bul—" Hurley hegan fn protest.
"But me no huts." interrupted Mbma Monty, Imperiously, "I Insist upon it. He's sdwayB a mUjchief
maker, drunk or sober. Give yourself no uneasiness. I'll
find somebody who can discount him at every point."
This with a glance &l Wooderson, which caused that
young man's heart to beat high at the prospect of gratified ambition.    "Is it agreed, Daniel?"
"Needs must when-Mrs. Carey drives," answered
Hurley, although a little ruefully, and with a doubtful
look at Wooderson, for he thoroughly understood to
whom Mrs. Carey alluded.
"Ihen, that's settled!" exclaimed the "angtl," rising.
"1 1) get n check cashed at thn hotel, and bring the
money tonight I'll also make It all right with tht
pMoK-all except Belmont.   You must ste* him."
Nothing more of consequence was lo be discussed, and
Minna Monty and Wooderson returned to tht stage, where
they found Lhe company still assembled und Impatiently
awaiting their coming.
In a few words Mrs. Carey Informed ihem of the
-■tsult of htr negollations, and that they could expect half
of the money due them that night. She did not teli them
of her own financial finger In tha pie, but 'there was
probably not one who did not suspect lhe truth.
From gloom Instantly all becume sunshine. No class
of people is more mercurial In temperament than actors.
Trouble once gone, they are like children to believe that
lt will tiever return, Hope certainly springs eternal In
the theatrical breast at least.
Mama Monty was showered with tliankH and congratulations, and had some difficulty in effecting u laugh-
"'Lance! Lance 1' she grasped, 'The money is gone.'"
Ing ercape.
During the afternoon, the money was obtained from
the proprietor of the hotel without any trouble; for he
was an old acquaintance, who had every confidence in
Mrr. Carey's pecuniary standing.
In Wooderson's presence, Mama M'only tied the bulky
roll wilh a piece of yellow ribbon, which chanced to bo
nt hand, and placed it in her ever-present reticule. It
was her intention to send for Hurley and give lt to him
some time during the evening, so that he could pay oft
Hie actors at the fall of the final curtain, und have euf-
flclent left for the railway fares to Rushton on the
Whatever might be his share of the receipts for that
night's performance she had kindly allowed him to retain
for his own personal use.
Wooderson, as was his custom, nccompanlcd Mrs.
Carey to the theatre, carrying the reticule, now even
more precious than usual, and relinquishing It to her at
the door of her dressing room, which happened lo be
next to his own.
The accommodations behind the scenes nt the theatre
in Lunevllie were not very commodious, and Wooderson
wai obliged to share a room with hla avowed enemy,
Belmont. Theatrical life, as well as adversity, makes
strange companions.
The leading man was in a particularly vicious mood
that evening. He had received a letter from Hurley,
telling him that after a fortnight his services would no
longer bo required, and he was quite clever enough to
recognize .bo fuct thut Mrs. Carey had had a hond In
his discharge. This naturally increased his animosity
toward her protege.
Belmont, moreover, wai a man who was constantly
in debt, and never dlscharj nl his obligations If he could
possibly avoid it. Mrs. Carey's diatribe on the stage that
morning hnd lilt the null on the head In his case.
Tiie money he was to receive that nighl would not
pny what he owed In Lunevllie, nnd, moreover, a letter
had reached him from Uusliton demanding payment for
an old debt iu that city, and threatening suit and exposure if the demands were not immediately cump.led
lie was full of Blurring and satirical remarks, as he
prepared for ilie play, but Wooderson paid little or no
attention to lilm, being too much absorbed in thoughts of
the work befoie him to care what his dicsstng-ruom mate
might say,
About a quarter of an hour before ihe time for the
rising of llie curtain* Hurley came behind the scenes, and
knocked at  Mis. Carey's door.
"Who's there?"
"ub, Is n yuu, Daniel? I'm awfully sorry I can't
let you In Just now, but I'm not half dressed. The
money's nil right, though. 1 huve It here In my reticule.
Can'l you coma tack later?"
"Yes, but not till the end of the performance. 1 have.
to counl up, you know, uud settle with thu house man-
"All right, at the end "f the performance, then."
The jiarllllons between the dressing looms were ihin,
and every word uf ibis conversation was distinctly audible
to both Belmont and W undersoil,
There was u strunge expression upon Belmont a fact
n» he listened, uud suddenly it look of desperate resolve,
mhgleil wllh relief, flashed Into his eyes. From then
on unlll the call for lhu tirst net   he wild nothing,
The im itihei lmd turned cooler, and thc audience wus
quite u respectable one.
The llrsl three acts of thc piny, which was a four-act
melodrama, passed off umooihly enough, although Belmont acted more nervously than usual, and did not
roach his own standard, which ut the besl wus not a
high one,
But, in lhe Intermission, there came a aem-atlon not
down In the bills, and In which, for the nonce, only
three members of tho company shared,
As Wooderson wae leaving the dressing-room, where
Belmont was packing his bug, as he explained wllh unwonted graclousness In contrast wllh his previous demeanor, In order to get home early, the young man wus
htaWed hy the appearance of Mrs. Carey, who came
hurrying uut of her own room wllh chOCKS a-flume beneath her make-up, and every Indication of mental disorder.
"Lance! Lance!" she gusped.    "The money It gone!''
"Clone!" echoed Wooderson, blankly. "What do you
"I mean what I say. The money Is gone, lost, stolen!
I left It on my dresser before the last net, and now It la
no longer there!"
Attracted by lhe agitated words, Belmont appeared ai
lhe door of tho dressing-room,
"What bi the matter, MVs. Carey?" he asked. In apparent surprise, "I-'ld I hear you say yuu had lost
"Yos. A largo sum of money has bsen taken from
my room."
Belmont looked slowly nnd meaningly ul Woodrmon,
a look which was not loSt upon Mrs. Cnrey, und the*
said, smoothly;
"perhaps Mr. Wooderson can tel) us something
about  It,"
I unci flushed angrily.
"I!" he exclaimed. "Do you mran lo Insinuate-—"
' "1 Insinuate nothing whatever," disclaimed Belmont,
in the snrfie bland manner. "But perhapa you noticed
the money was theie when you were In Mrs Carey's
room a short lime ago,"
"1 did lit notice. It Is true.'' hTTnre"*-i(17*f T,'"- i . -ey,
"that I wns In your room, when you were not ero,
I needed a bit of crept linir, and 1 ventured to lake it
from your make-Up box without your permission, '
Mis Carey was silent for a moment, her eyes wan>
iierlr.fi from one to the other with a look the Blgi ll cance
of which neither of them could fathom.
"We must leave it for ihe present," she said, at last,
and now speaking calmly. "There is no time lo Investigate now, or there will be a wait. Meet me, bollt of
you, after tbe close of the play."
Ami she turned and moved away in the direction of
lhc stage.
The iwo men followed her. Wooderson's heart was
<■ welling with indignation
und wounded pride. Was It
possible that Mama Monty
luipected him cf being a
Hut, as Mrs Carey hnd
•-aid, ther* was no time to
think of this now. In n
minute or two all three of
them would be due be for*
tne audience.
The play ihey were rep-
reaentlng that evening was
a good, old-fashioned melodrama: stirring enough, but
not too complicated In plot.
Papers und banknotes establishing the identification
and representing the foriunt
of the heroine bad been
stolen by a rascally cousin.
Her lover, acted by Wooderson, had determined tr recover them, and had engaged the services of a famous detective iBelmonl.' to
uld him. Thc previous part
of the play had been mainly
taken up by the thrilling adventures of tliis detective,
and, toward the end of tha
third act, hc had notified the
hero that he had important
information. Thu two men
were to meet at the house
of the heroine's nurs* a
Jolly old soul, who was
everybody's iriend and ths
dea ex rnnchlna of the whole
piece—a role inimitably portrayed by Mrs. Carey.
Neither Mama Monty nor
Lance betrayed any sign of
their inward agitation dur-
Ing the preliminary scene
between them.
Finally, Belmont, aa the
detective, entered. His first
words, as he strode to tho
centre of the stage, were:
"It's all right. I've ri-
covered everything1-"
As he spoke, ho drew a
bundle of pr.pers trom his
pocket; but with them something else-a roll of money
tied with a yellow ribbon,
which fell to thc stage.
In another moment, Belmont,    who    instantly   caw
what he had done, stooped, picked up the roll, and thrust
it back Into his pocket.
Rut  not   before  Mrs.  Carey',   keen eyes  had  caught*
Eight ot the roll and the delicate yellow tibbon.
The thief stood revealed.
Never before had Mama Monty's brain worked more
quickly than it did then. What was to be done?-that
was lhe question. It was impossible to denounce Belmont then and there, ]n his own person and in the flue
of the audience. But lhe man undoubtedly suspected
that he was discovered, nnd would fly as soon ae nil
scene whs over, while both Mrs. Carey and Wooderson
were obliged to remain on the stage for about fifteen
minutes until the end of the performance.
As Wooderson took the property papers which Belmont, following the business of the play, extended to
him, the first old woman resolved upon a bold expedient.
She deliberately swept down the Btago between tho
two men, nnd turning bei back upon Belmont, under tl.e
pretense of examining the documents, she munaged to
whimper a few words to Lance, who caught lhe dTift of
them, and was prepared lo act accordingly.
MVima Monty's chance had comb, once more she had
the opportunity to dominate the scene, us ln her old dayi
of glorious Btardom. Like a retired war horn* ot lho
sound of the trumpet, the scent of battle waa ir, hei
nostrils, and she longed for the fray.
Facing Belmont again, she burst forth with rapid
improvisation, and ln those clear, ringing tones, which
had made her famous:
"Ah! You have betrayed yoursi If! You have given
hlm the wrung papers! You. you alone, are the real
villain! Hand over the roll you have In your pocket!
Hand It over, 1 say!"
Belmont knew that the game was up, and hc turned
white under his make-up. But, In desperation, he determined tu make a break for freedom, and get away with
his booty it possible.
Mama Monty read this determination In bis fact, and
crit-d out to Woodeison  a.** .: It wen* all In the play:
"Don t let him escape!    Take the roll from him!    It
ls for yuur love!     Foi   y. .r honor
Wooderson made u sup forward Belmont raised his
land to strike, Ut Mn- Carey, who was Just be Id ml hlm,
taught ii before it could deii end
The two men gran ltd, ni.d then ensued a struggle
which was realistic in the extreme, and which wai
watched with breathless Interest by the gaiety gods,
who, of course, were not In thi ae. rei
Lanes hud not forgotten the nno when he had played
Quarterback on his college fool  team, nnd be tried *
tackle for which he wus then noted, li succeeded now
as it had lu the past, and Belmont fell heavily to ii.t»
stage. ' •
Mrs. Carey darted forward sank on her kneei and
ibnietiriH Her bund Into tbe thief» po'ket, extracted thl
precious roll uf bills.
Thun rising and drawing hersell . ■ to ber full helghi
hhi cried, wiih the full strength of nei superb volei
"Hal He   Bo li i Irtue vli i rl ui and ■■'.■ ■■ i im   ki
It was »  trlts speech enough,  but  Its   gmlicent
delivery madf it "go," u» peal oftei peal ol applause
when the long-continued entl islasm died away, she
spoken few leu wordi ti Wooderson who, rather against
his win, obeyed and released hli erstwhile antagonist
Belmont pcmmblt.; to t.i* feet, and with a snarl (
ruge and ba filed greed, dashed off thi stage at break-
neck speed. It was ai, extremely effective exit fn a
every point of view
For an Instant. Mr«. Care) Hood Irresolute. Bhe
rfall7'Ml that ihe rascal would escape and evade hil Jusl
punishment if he wen not Immediately pursued, but—
'.here waa the audience to be thought of And this InttCf
consideration bad the most wiig.u with her.
Sne waia*d io the side entrance, and, in a natural
manner, called to the leading lady, who came on In a
state uf bewilderment nt what had oci irred
Then camo another chance, which Mil Carey prompt*
ly took advantage of. Ob, it wus a great night for the
furmer Southern Sylph!
ln an effective speech she explained to the heroine
the recovery Of her fortune, nnd the discomfiture of tht
villain, while ih< hnd the presence of mind to express
i.er own surprise Bt the unexpected denouemtnt.
Then the hero took th** herolm to bis armi. while tht
nurse, Joyfully waving tin bundle of money, Indulged in
a few triumphant, If somewhat ponderous, steps of a ;igj
and-thu lurtaln came down.
It wue certainly not iht termination designed by ibe
author, but the audience knew nc better and was i-ntla-
At the fall of the curtain, the otbtr niters and uo-
iresset camt pourini upon the iluge, with eager and
voluble questioning, but only a vague explanation wai
vouchsafed them
Suddenly, however to every ones amasenient, Mama
Monty placed her two hands upon Wooderson's shoulders,
and   rending Mm down.  Imprinted a rousing kli-n upon
M. i of his cheeks, whether ihis wa« in consideration
Of bin ready Wil in grusilr.g the aiiuatlon and aiding In
recovering thc stolen money or ln remorse for nn unjust
simpleton, or a mixture of both, Lance never asked, nor
did Mama Monty ever teli him
The welcome gbosi walked lhat night; and the nelt
morning the memoers of the Hurley Star Company, wit a
smiling faces, their Mils paid and money in their pockets,
boarded the uatr. for H Life NotAIIUgmcmw
to tfye Nomads of
tt)& Ocean.
rOULD ym lm brave enough to
'.ailure on a long ocean voyage,
knowing thai beneath lhe deck
of th' ship uiu concealed a volcano which at
any lime, without a moment's warning, might
belch forth sudden death mid destruction?
Willi a cargo of $00 tons of dynamite and
200 loin nf nitroglycerin, a steamship recently sailed from the Atlantic coast lo the Pacific.
A slo'in amid the ice field of Cape Horn
would have meant imminent danger, to say
the hist.
Would ymi care lo ply Eastern xtalers in
tt/nWi ii was strongly suspected, floated deadly' mine which had been set during the Russo-
Japanese War?
Sol long ago a Russian steamer struck a
mine near Vladivostok and tSo persons were
Or would you prefer to journey through
the tropics on a ship carrying a car^o of animal bones, from which intolerable stenches
and swarms of bugs and worms made life
miserable both day and nighll Then how
'tihout sailing to apparently peaceful and sheltered harbors in which typhoons spring up
■and in an hour destroy hundreds of Ikes?
'During a lyfhoon in lhe harbor of Hong
'Kong several months ago fifteen steamships
and a hundred small vessels were wrecked.
Auac/fea oj/yatives
on West African Coast.
WHAT I., a tramp vfusel?  you  ail..   Ymi liav*
probably come to tlio conclusion you wuuldn't
Journey on one al any price.
A tramp la a vessel which lias no regular
■ .:*. which   take*   Its  work  wherever   It   Amis   U>
necessary, It visits tlie atualleat ami moat ot>-
scure ports, taking cargoes from pine? to place and
triftng al! I.a.arda In tlie accomplishment of Us nila-
!• t., ...it uncommon for a tramp to leave it, heme
port and no. return for a period of three to five years
Once a sailor, always a sailor, has been true for
generation.. Home men are sivllora from necessity.
coera because of the fasi-lnattoti wh'eh the sea holda
for them. They accept hardships find liungnr aa mere
Incidents of the life they have adopted
With the utmost nonchalance, they embark on ves-
.-'., carrying cargoes of oil, powdei, dynamite, gaso-
llne an-l Other diiig-rous substances, even though it
I'. .0 the (r-.ji-n Heidi .->( Hi" far North or to the Indian
Ocean, where typhoons rage
With red flags flying from all her masts, lhe .tram-
s:ilp 3a.ua Maria last October lelt Philadelphia for
tan Francisco with 5'') tons of dynamite and powder
and C-io Ions <f nitroglycerin stor-'d In It. hold The
cargo was one of the ino.,! dangerous ever carried by
a ,f -|.
H-for" having port. Captain l.ane s'linmoncd all
,... men s" ind lold ..." they m-re aboard a ....oul-
■;.-'; K-   1        .if. >
■'Let m.. see one of you atn-.klng. l.e said, want-
Ir.gly.   or le. any one of you light a match—overboard
you'll go-
Even more dang-rous than tins trip was that of
Captnlr. ' j-' Couch, ..' tl.' tramp Adventure, nho
t>-l< a cargo "< ol'.. dynamite and '"-"Vder from New
York to Canadian po!'.--e stations at l-'ullerton and Port
<Sunh by Floating
Mint tn tfit
■Sea of Japan.
A Battle Wttfi Pine/) Bu$s from, tfjefiold
Churchill, on the northeast shores of Labrador.
I or thret' days the verael, which had been clad In
an extru armor of one and one-half-inch steel plate to
Iniuro Us safety, made iw way through fields of loe.
Imagine1 th- thrill of apprehension thut must have
swept from forecastle to cabin as tbe ship was caught
lu that downward sweeping mass of ice, whioh piled
above the railing'' and crushed over the creaking
shies uf tbe vessel, threatening at any moment to
loosen the latent volcano within!
"Once we. were nearly driven on shore." said Cap-
lain Couch, In relating his experience. "This was at
Hobron A terrific wind wan ' lowing landward, and
the lot came pounding agnlnst the sides of the ship,
piling higher than the railing, and threatening us
with destruction
"Despite Its extra civerlng of steel, th* ship
groaned and tlie beam* creaked under th- death-dealing embrace of the frozen masses A wild wind added
to our troubles and our danger We were powerless
to make headway, unable to steer from the downwari
sweeping Ice. a collision with whj.-h meant annihilation. Wllh great difficulty w-j got close to shore and
waited until the win*.!, leortased
"This was off Cap- .Vjgford. I^brador No tramp
had ever gona so far Nortn, and few who were In >ur
veiiel would willingly nmk« the *r:p n,KSln
"Wa reamed C|p« Chid ley three days later, and
got to Port Churchill and Kutlerton the latter part of
August W, were It degrees North, and had made
unuBiinl time, despite iur dlfflrnltv In getting through
the Ice Tha Canadian 'lo vern ment recently put pollre
at these town* to ootleot revenue from whs ten
"A lonely port*   We'.:   I should lay so    The police
are the only white men there. Our experience with
the Eskimos waa Interesting. Of course, there were
no wharves along the coast, und we hul to do all the
unloading by boat. There was no one to help us but
the  natives
"They are a strange people, but honest, and good
workers. Before they would work, however, we had
to Invite their families aboard ship and give them
dinner. Oh' yes, they ate what we cooked, but lots of
butter and fat. How did we pay them? With fat,
powder and clothing At that place your money 1* no
good, and a pound of tailow is worth more than many
dollar bills."
Perhaps it is when two nations are at war that the
tramp traders ar" mont likely to meet difficulties. The
nature of Its work taken the tramp to dangerous
ports, the captain playing a game with loaded dice. The
possibilities are that the ship will be captured, the
men Imprisoned, or, what Is worse, that It will be destroyed by one of the diabolic mines which are placed
along the coasts
During the Russo-Japanese war tramps piled regularly lu tue waters that weie thu scene of naval combat There was constant danger of being fired upun
by one or the other of tlie combatant-*, or uf encountering float ing mines. Evon after tht* war the danger
was nut altogether removed.
While paining Vladivostok last O.-iober the wooden
coasting steamer Warjagln struck a flout I rig mine and
foundered A cording to a dispatch received by Lloyd's
agency, l*0 persons were drowned. Another dispatch
reporter! |00 dead
To China. Japan and ports of the Indian rioean hundreds of tramps jo, with their miscellaneous cargoes,
braving the terrific typhoons which prevail on thepo
waters   Many small ve«H«ls perish ea,*ii year.
riven In the most sheltered harbors lurk dangers.
Imagine the sensations of tlie ptsln who bed retired
the night before In a calm barb*.***-* und Is suddenly
aroused to find hla ship high and dry on land! During
a recent typhoon at Kong Kong scores of vessels wore
pitched ashore or capsUed and several ocean liners
were beached.
The storm came up early In the morning of September IN, Many tramps were lying In tbe harbor,
nnd Pearl river was crowded with boats. A number
or Bteamahlps were unloading si the docks.
Suddenly the sky darkened, a roaring, ruglng wind
arose, nnd the waters of the harbor began to boll and
churn. For lwo hours the typhoon raged, subsiding as
suddenly us It arose.
Fifteen steam.-hips Hank, hundreds of the smaller
vessels were pitched high on Shore, und the docks and
sea walls were strewn with wreckage. The American
sailing ship S. P, Hitchcock wus thrown up Into the
streets of the city. More than u hundred Uvea were
lost In ull.
Then there an* othei woes for the trader less
fraught with danger, but exceedingly unpleasant. Can
you Imagine living on a ship Infested with thousand.-.
of pinching bugs? Think of being bitten wIUIh you
walk the deck, while you eat and while you sleep!
When the British freight steamship .Struthulrly arrived at New York from Bombay some time since tlia
crew were nearly Insane from this experience. For
two months the men had battled in vain against
hordes of pinching bugs, \\ nen the sailors came
ashore in Now York, bugs were clinging to their
The bugs got Into the shin with a cargo taken at
Bombuy. Thoy began to multiply, and soon Infested
every part of the vessel. Powders nnd disinfectants of
all kinds w-jre sprinkled about. Assistance was sought
at Algiers, and more disinfectants were secured. But
the fight was In vain.   The bugs hud taken the ship.
A tramp ship recently left the Argentine for New York
loaded with animal bones and phosphates, While
crossing the tropics the heat brought multitudes of
worms from the bones. They trot into every part of
the ship—Into the beds, the cupboards, the food and
flour. The odor from the fertilizer was stifling. The
sailors all began to smoke tobacco to overcome the
smell, bul soon the tobacco gave out, There waa nothing to do but endure the evil until port was reached.
A voyage 10 tropical Africa Is the bete noir of the sea
tramp. Tbe climate la insufferable, the natives annoying
and at limes troublesome, even dangerous.
"If there la one human being In creation who can fitly
compare wllh the 'heathen Chinee,' it u the west
African negro," wrote Captain F, ll. Shaw, an Krigllah
mariner of wide experience, "It Is an inborn essential
to him that he should steal, no matter what, Just so It
la dishonestly obtained."
At many of the African coast trading places then*
are 110 docks. The ship brings up and anchors oft shore
There Is no sign of habitation, All Is silent, lonesome.
Yet. no sooner does the ship's siren scream, than a great
fleet of surf boats spring magically Inlo being from a
bidden port und dart over the waves wllh swarthy blacks
bending at the oars.
lt I*. hard work itul'iadli,-.; at such u place. The .-■•»■
sei ti surrounded hy lighters and surf hunts >>f Hm native*, nnd into these the cargo la lowered.
Often the local white trailer quarrels wllh the captain ol lhe tramp, and .is has happened—Ihe negroes attack the crew und attempt to rob the ship. More than
once this has happened,
Loneliness of life on u tramp falls heavily on the
captain. Hay attar day In the same, lie usually arisen
In the morning at s o'clock, eats breakfast, promenades
the deck, chute with thc ohlef engineer alwut the saving
In the amount of coal as compared io tlie dny before,
perfunctorily asks the mate ruimernliig llie work of the
previous day, ind n few minutes before noon mounts the
brtdge, Me must "shoot" the sun at l' o'clock to ascertain the latitude. During the Afternoon hu walks the
deck, none lonelier.
The members of the crew have their duilv occupations, but the captain finds utile to entertain him Fro-
ternltte with subordinates the rough etiquette oi the son
will not lei hlm do.
An Interesting story is told hy u retired sea captain,
UOW u ship Chandler In an American port, who waa one
of the crew of the Chlgnell, the first ship to curry tanks
of naphiliH. The trip was from Newcastle, England, to
Batoum, ltussia, und Flume, Austria, in imt.
1 luring I'u- voyage the tanks began to leak, Uie explosive liquid even entering the coal bins. It was nec*s-
■ary to use force to compel the terrified sailors to attend
to  their duties.
"We coaled nt the Dardanelles," snid tbe narrator,
"und a few hours after we lelt port found that 'he tank
of naphtha waa leaking. The coal hole became filled with
vapor, und Ibe sailors were given orderi not to enter It
wllh matches or llghtod pipes We searched for the leak,
but could not find It.
"Ai Batoum we got an engineer and mechanics
aboard, but u search failed to locate the lenk, One of
the foreigners In tbe crew heard them talking Of the
teak mid the Imminent danger of explosion, nnd he told
his shipmates, They told Captain .'dusters they would
leave tlie ship, und prepared to do so.
"That night, however, while they were below we shut
tnem In, cast off the lines and steamed Inlo the sea.
When they found that they were at sea their terror was
"One night, while wu were in the Black Sen, I waa
awakened by a terrible scream. I heard the men running on the deck, and there was the utmost confusion.
When I got on deck 1 found steam pouring from the engine room. The men were preparing to lower the boats,
saying the ship wns afire.
"In iheir fright several went beluw with lanterns, and
the density of tlm steam extinguished Ihe light. Several
of the r'ngllsli sailors got Into the engine room, and we
then found that there was no fire at all, hut a steam pipe
had burst, wt discovered it Just In time, or many of lue
frightened crew would have lift lhe ship.
"During our voyage we took the greatest care In flr-
tng the engines, and, fortunately, there was no explosion.
When we arrived at Flume we found 1000 people al the
dock waiting for us. We were compelled to put out all
our fires before *we wero allowed to enter port. Wt
pumped tha naphtha from the tanks tn rubber bote.
These burst. With great difficulty we finally got steam
pipes from the ship and succeeded In pumping out the
Tn LIVE i'.r weeks on a ship tbat is pitching and rolling continually In » stormy
ies; • - sii before table, the body
fastened bj straps while working; to bn
hurled from the bunk at nighl and to pertorm the
duties : the laj in ler almos. insuperable difflcul-
tie*—these aro lhe e mm .11 enperioncea of lho men
wh :■ ih, I ■;■-. Slates G irernmeul letails for
I -rv f"   :. ill . gl 111 i| •
F ir week, an : - nei -.-:.. ths 'iie men ar.i
compelled 1 - remain on duty, with no 1 mica
.;,-. .-. •;, land en pi thr igl the wlri.- -. tele
crap1! system, Ihe days dragging by in in       m  11
r,; .rl, is pr   • •■: •, and bi pv. r; r 111 .ei ie  il
1 -..- :-,.*•■   -: ■•   (ten Irivi • the men nearlj
*    li.trai
11,1V. in  -■       :• i* *. »hlp"   1 have been li   il
.,.-.   f 11    ,,     i: 1 have anr ed   m ths MU
fee;    . ■   , r-lpekft, «     ■ <*   *■ I thOU|
wns bi  iht most tin    me  snar
vstti 1   exh*uii   [>       -    ■-•■*.- whli h I ever put In
for my country wai       i   g it the Ne **■ Ei glai I
speaker 1 f wide experience, om
wl      b» sent wn  for the ns
Pan       Cubs    *. I  *      '     ;,■-.,  —-  hli moit I
en; -Met   s was I .'■':,   -■ t   I
A llf     ke Ihls grates on ll It ti   ■■■ sal
f..   ■   i      and menial)] .    •
1 result! fi ■■   , Is
Shortly after 1 wem       ' I Deci
t*'     ial \ *>. Ilgbl** lip    peratoi     a violent atom
Ul   ...» nighl   The vessel wai    Ing forty-three mllei   tt
t     nearest point a m where we got a
t .-■■■ •■■        -.*,.".  .'■■
\ wenl t"  beo        ■   *-:*    i ared and h'.wled,
lhe Mmi-ers of the    ■ ■-       * ■ -.. ■ I    *    r the      ilaun
of the  waves    Tw  ■■*.•:   mli ite the : *  whisl ■   i
t-%**- --: I seeondi    makrni   n
f ree ■' »;  eai ■■;  tilng t   koi
',: 1 vessel rose and 1      I in e sick nnd gidd     ■
we ill exhs -•"*■!    ir sirengll       ning to oui beds    Fl
nail]  t eot up and laj on thi floor, an i the   Ighl passed
iini      horrlblj ■.■-;■      sick and d 1st j
It was thei        vlng
"Uurli i,' thi   laj   ■■ •     ■■■■ iteameri pe iii l   llm Liun
fhnt ticket tifjoald li0 ',
l/dtlesa  tu Attempt c3/ctp
In the distance None signaled us. Any flag would have
been torn to shreds In that gale, During the day we received a few wireless messages.
"To sit at the operating table and prevent our being
hurled to the floor, we looked our feet In straps whioh
were fastened to the lloor. That night, while working
under awful difficulties, the meuaages stopped—Ihore was
a crash on deck, We rushed up nnd found that our main-
topmast had blown nwuy, bringing down wllh tt our wireless aerial.
"We looked helplessly at ihe confused, Intricate mats
of wire rope, Insulators and rigging. With every violent
gust of wind the sea swept ovej the deck fore uud aft
We were drenched to ihe skin, and the temperature was
close to aero. We tied the broken parts of the must to
the. rigging nnd turned In for the night.
"The next morning we succeeded lu Belling Up another aerial. You can believe me, this was no easy task.
lhnn we endeavored to communicate with shore, Imagine
uur temper when we found our apparatus wouldn't work
"Wh received RiASiagftS, wc could even hear ateumers
equipped with Mnroonl apparatus communicating wllh
each ollur, but we couldn't send unyihlng. After nearly
a day's work we got it fixed all right. All of the Operators were sick for a week,
"Tills service Is dreaded hy all operators. Those who
served before me hud been on the ship six weeks. We
were out about n week, when a reserve lightship was
rent out in that the regular vessel could go to port for
conl snd repairs.
"We changed ships and thought wn should bo relieved
in n week or two, but the duys piissud, Ihen weeks passed
and no relief cunie. During January there were storms
,.'f two 'nnl three dnys' duration.
'The ship which was to como out and relieve vm was
locked In llie ice and unable to move. Things wont on;
wo were fretting and fuming, when an aooldent—and a
sorlous one enme to our deliverance, although for a time
It  seemed to threaten destruction.
"During a wild no tithe ast gul** our cluiln parted and
we wenl adrift. Only one boiler wan working. For two
davs we tried io find our location, and finally we drifted
into the mouth of n harbor und were safe. This lightship
nank Inter, and lis crew nearly lost their lives,"
Despite the trying experiences of the men who do
duty In lightships along lhe const the maritime world
could not do without ihem. Not only do they warn pnss «
lug marltieis, but vessels not equipped with wireless tele 1
graph apparatus communicate with shore through ihu'
This li done by Ihe International signal tode during
tho dny, and tiie CoitOTI light system by night. CTKnoruni/nrK£ J aug wr»a, wno & j/oun i
Guimpe    and   Jumper
Designs   for
Spring   Sewers
Among tlie model* for spring wear may be
mentioned one very pleasing survival of the
fittest lu winter modi's, and that is the gulmpe
or jumper design. Tlie princess lines, so trying to the average figure, so maddening In
their exactions to tlie home dressmakers are
subtly suggested In the new jumper design!,
and tills in itself is a recommendation, Another
fact in favor of tlie Jumper or gulmpe is iis
wide range of possibilities, Severely outlined
by illtchlng. slrnlghl tines ami flat braid, It
gives irlgness lo the tailored costume, elaborated with lace, Infinitesimal and Innumerable tucks, ii set*, off thc dressy frock, and
when displaying the combination of tailored
linen gown wllh slieer or lacy gulmpe It becomes one of the most fascinating touches in
the wardrobe of die summer gown.
Properly developed In soft, supple good*,
the jumper emphasises ileudernw, oue desirable point In llie spring itylei, Further, there
Is no fabric to which it will nol lend Itself,
frnm softest of Indian silk to s'iiTest ami
smartest of linen, from light weight broadcloth to shimmering voile of cobweb weave.
In sftrctlttR tlie combination remember tlmt
there must he decided contrail In weight of
fabric between guimpe and jumper waist. That
Is, do not make your jumper of flowered or
figured silk and your guimpe of plain silk in
harmonious coloring. Select lace, net or finely
tucked chiffon or mousseline for your gulmpe,
Also, If you wish to make over a frock to se-
cute the guimpe effect without actually em-
ploylng a separate yoke, cut out the silk or
cloth around the throat, insert lace, net or
tucked sheer material and hide the junction of
tlie simulated guimpe ami the gown proper
with tiny ruchlnga of ribbon, In velvet or tafte-
ta*, line braid, lace medallions connected by
triple hands of narrow velvet ribbon or any
similar device which will heighten the gulmpe
Ill the illustration the material is loulslne
silk In a soft shade of green, while the trimming is of graduated rows of black velvet ribbon, The skirt it tucked in alternately long
and short groups over the hips, and may h.*
trimmed as shown in the illustration, or according to the fancy of the person who is to
wear the gown Applied folds and tucks, especial!)' iu the linen stuffs—running around the
bottom r>! tlie skirt are much in favor.
i\ pink linen frock, thc skirt to he laid in
plaits, rl-srlng the ground about four inches,
and trimmed in bands of the linen, would be
smart made after tliis design. The gulmpe
should be of handkerchief linen, sho-tlng tiny
hand-run tucks and a lace collar; the sleeves of
the same sheer stuff showing ",i-;'-*.s, and a hand
of lace sat lie ring iu the fullness, A smart hat
to go with this costume would he In pink
Neapolitan straw, with a wreath of foliage ami
pick-tipped roses for it* trimming.
To build thi* costume It will require, for the
person of medium sire, about 12 yards of Jl
and 27-Inch stuff, or 7 yards of 44-lnch material.
A silk or linen jumper will carry with it
many guimpe.*. With the silk voile or woolen
jumper you may wear the lingerie or silk
gulmpe, while with the linen only sheer stuff*
In linen, hali*te, organdie or lace are permissible.
Another way of obtaining tlie guimpe effect
Is with the girdle and brelelle type of cos-
tmnea. These are semi-princess, extremely
simple, and may he made at home quite easily,
being practically a princess skirt, wllh the bre-
telle* over the shoulder. Many of these come
in the soft silks, witii loulslne, satin and tafte-
tas leading.
A smart model recently shown was of eel!
blue loulslne, trimmed In graduated rows of
deeper toned velvet ribbon, The back of the
akirt   showed   a   trimming   of   velvet   buttons,
id the shoulder strap* w**re of Ihe velvet ribbon and wide folds of the silk, making lhe
graceful drooping shoulder effect.
The   gulmpe  effect  is  seen  iu  some  nf  the
Eton jacket*.   The jacket lo a beautiful gray
broadcloth  has deep  revcrs  or  a  Tuxedo
lar of velvet, forming a guimpe In fronl, which
is of all-over Cluny lace.
All Inexpensive jumper would he made of
black taffeta, with guimpe and sleeves of linen
lingctie. The skirl sliould have black hand* of
the material, nr the black velvet ribbon as a
trimming. While much less costly 111 the beginning, on account of the fact that the taffeta
does not require a skirl lining, a black voile,
which does require a silk petticoat, will
lust longer than three taffeta suits. Panama
cloth, however, which Is also a liulu material.
does not require lhe silk petticoat, and tti last
inn properties have lung ago heen proven.
A beautiful jumper recently exhibited was
fashioned of rough silk nottveaute', showing a
design iu delicate pah* green itrlpe, on a I
ground of while. The skirl had for its trimming live rows of narrow (Tuny lace Insertion
running around Its full circle juit above a
deep hem. The guimpe wns nf Cluny lace n-id
embroidery, A chic hat to be worn with this
costume would he of while chip with an under-
trimming of pink roses and a green ostrich
feather running from the left side of the hat
toward ami drooping off at lhe hack.
A suggestion for development in dark blue
panatua i*' The skirt and general style to he
on the line of lhc illustration, willi three bias
hands of the material running around the
skirt in place of the velvet; the guimpe aud
sleeves to be In white hand tucked batiste,
showing fine trench embroidery inserting.
The hat to this costume would be in blue
straw, with white wings as trimming.
Unless you intend your jumper suit to be a
fancy reception gown, it should he made at
least four inches clear of the ground, so as to
be a comfortable walking length, lumpers are
an easy ami charming mode of dressing the
young girl. These umvns are often cut quite
low in front to reveal lhe lacy guimpe.
All guimpe* have a body lining, as well a*
Hie full sleeves, and plain or fancy cuff* may
replace the short length sleeve shown iu the
design. A standing collar or a Puteh neck may
he used, ll Mill require, for the person of
medium sixe, 1H yards of material -I inches
wide for the guimpe ami \)i yards of stuff
27 inches wide, or if the material is 44 inches
only one yard will he required.
A recent debutante in metropolitan society
wore a white cnuion cloth showing guimpe ef- j
t'ect. The slightly trailing skirt—bul (railing
no more at (he back than at lhc sides and in |
the fr>nl had a wile hem aud a lace {riser
tion let III about the bottom in a moiHfiei
Greek key pattern, the modification consisting
iu the up and down har* of the lace running
slantingly instead of straight, At the top the
skirt was gathered ever so slightly at the
sides and a hit more at tlie hack. The bodice
tvas a hebe affair, shirred at Ihe bottom
drawn in under a white satin ribbon belt, and
slurred also at the top, there being a guimpe of
Valenciennes lace insertion, and a stock to
match. The top of the corsage proper was
finished with tiny puff* of white tulle. The
sleeves were tiny puffs of the chiffon, finished
witii  tulle trimmings.
Another economical  feature of  thi* type of
gown is that if it is made of a Soft silk ma- I
terlal, daintily trimmed tn laces and ribbons, j
the   guimpe   ami   sleeves   may   be   omitted   at
times,  thus converting the gown Into a smart
dancing frock.
Sensible   Etiquette
Rules for
The Traveler
money wl li h the pr iffera foi
Is  .h
of   ra
ltd    transit
tion   often
ft*  to
testes of the
There ire
JLuytf V,
Proper  Care  of Eyebrows
and Lashes
J ' eyehrows   on   the
appearance and
character of the
face ii seldom appreciated except
by an actor, who
in representing a
part addresses himself with all the
skill he possesses
to make the eyebrows do7 as-much as possible In his makeup to express what he is supposed to set
Thc eyebrows are very easily trained to an
attractive manner of growth. It ii, therefore,
amazing that women do not take advantage of
this fact and cultivate their brows.
Eyebrow brushes may be obtained In the
shops, hut a small, fine toothbrush answers the
purpose very well. With it the brows should
be brushed night and morning to promote their
gloss and train them into the proper shape.
High arched, delicate brows Indicate the aristocrat.
If they are thin a drop of olive or almond
oil, or a hit of pomatum or vaseline should be
rubbed sen tly into them.
The eye needs the protection of dark lashes
ind brows, so this i* care which health dictate* as well as beauty.
Ill-shaped brOWS may be disciplined into the
proper outline by running a mucilage brush
>>vcr theni nt night. Ht sure tlie mucilage is
fresh, or else make some of gum iragacanth or
quince seeds dissolved in elder flower water,
rosemary or rosewater. Let the gum dry on
and wash off in the morning with warm water.
A month or two of treatment will reduce quite
unruly brows to subjection and coarse hair*
will drop out.
Au alcoholic water, pure alcohol or perfumed
glycerine rubbed into the eyebrows with a
linger tip, wil improve their lustre and promote llieir growth. A French ointment i*:
Ked vaseline, 10 grams; boric acid, 10 centigrams,
If your eyebrows have fallen nut from sicklier, n good restorative i*; Tincture of rosemary, 10 grams; tincture of canlharides, 2
grams) spirits of camphor, 100 grams; alio-
liotat dc l'iornvanti (a French lollet water),
100 grams, IliurRarian water of fine cologne
may be used as n substitute for the "Flora-
vanll." The hald spots only are to he lightly
friclloned with n hit of cotton or small brush
dipped inlo the lotion. Of course anything
used upon the eyebrows should be delicately pul
proportions.   T I.
not to stimulate larne, hroad or heavy brows,
but to givi a velvety softness and close growth
a narrow, arched band. It is disfiguring
and gives a sinUer cast to tbe countenance
when the brows grow together. This uhould
he remedied by use of depilatories or electricity.
An approved eyebrow and eyelash tonic is:
Lavender vinegar, 2jJ ounces; glycerine, \\{
ounces; fluid extract of jaborandi, 2 il.ams.
Apply to the brows wild a brush, and to the
lashes with a tiny camel's hair paint brush.
The brush must be freed from any drop and
passed lightly along the lashes, exercising great
care that no minutest portion of the lotion
touches the eye Itself,
A stimulative pomade Is: Red vaseline, 2
ounces; tincture of cantharides, 1 dram; oil of
lavender,  15 drops; oil of rosemary, 15 drops.
Do not blacken the brows with a pencil, as
this gives a stagey appearance.
The growth of the lashes is greatly facilitated by clipping them at regular intervals for
few months. As the task requires a firm,
confident touch, It i* better done by some one
else. Long curling lashes are desirable, and a
better protection to the eyes. Rubbing the
lashes three times a day wiih a solution of
white wine and mint will stimulate their
A quinine ointment contains sulphate of quinine, 5 grains; sweet almond oil, 1 ounce; to
he applied to lashes with a fine sable pencil or
liny brush.
When liming the brow* and lashes, if i
blonde  you  sliould  make  them  light  brown.
One of the most harmless of blnck dyes for
ihis purpose is one that comes to ns from
France, composed of gum arable, 4 drams; India Ink,  7 drams;   rose waler, nne pint,
Powder the ink and gum and mix thoroughly
small quantities of the powder with rosewater
till a uniform black liquid results, absolutely
free, from granules, Then put the liquid in a
bottle and pour over it the remainder of the
It may bc applied ivltli a sable pencil or very
liny brush, dipped first iu horated  water.
Iu dyeing the brows remember thai they
must be In harmony with the color of the hair.
Slycs are occasioned hy the irritation of the
hair follicle out of winch nu eyelash springs.
They should he opened ns soon as the pus is
formed, for they will not get well as long as
the pus remains.
Kor Inflammation of the follicles and scali-
ness ndd to an ounce of vaseline fifteen grains
of precipitated sulphur. Iti applying ihi* ointment it i* well lo warm it a little, as it will
mu he so stlckv then.
A pomade to be ruhhed on the lid and lashes
to cure styes is: White vaseline, 8 grams;
white precipitate, 10 centigrams; oil of birch,
10 centigrams.
J. (,'.—■ A blackhead lotion contains boracic
icid, 1 dram; alcohol, 1 ounce; rosewater, 2
ounces. Steaming the face will help greatly to
make the face yield its hardened contents. This
should bc done once a week. Before applying
the lotion the following cleansing cream should
be used: Orange flower water, 4 ounces; oil of
sweet almonds, 4 ounces; white wax, 2 ounces.
K. E. J.—I'or falling hair apply the following lotion every other night: Bay rum, 10
ounces; Keiorcin, 20 grains; Cantharides, .1
drams. After tlie application massage the scalp
for ten minutes.
Prune Batter Pudding
Soak a pint of prunes overnight, drain and
remove the stones. In your wooden bowl chop
two ounces of beef suet very fine, add four
ounces of sugar (half a cup), the same of
flour, four eggs, a saltspoonful of ground cinnamon, half a saltspoonful of grated nutmeg
and if you use liquor, a dash of best rum,
about two lablespoonsful. Min tins thoroughly
with a wooden spoon for five minutes, then
beat In four tablespoonsful of thick cream and
two ounces of bread crumbs (two heaping
lablcapoonsful), mix thoroughly and then add
the prune pulp lightly. Butter antl flour your
pudding hag or a stout cloth, and, drawing up
the four corner* of the latter, tie them tightly.
Drop into a pot of boiling water twice snd a
half the depth of the pudding, and boil two
hours and a half. Then hang it up to drain
about ten minutes, suspending from a hook
over a dish, Untie, turn out on a deep dish,
dredge over  with  powdered sugar and serve
Giving Children a Fair Start
in Life
"I luppose I ought to be ashamed to say It
of my own flesh and blood, but I certainly
im glad Metvini and her children have gone
home," said motherly Mrs. Bates, ai she put
over the teakettle to brew her caller a refreshing drink.
"Melvina tries her best to be pleasant and
the children are in nowise vicious, but they do
have the faculty of upsetting my whole family,
and after they've been here a week or SO my
hushand and children begin to think they hive
every ailment under the sun."
"Melvina is sort of delicate, Isn't shef" Inquired the visitor.
"Now, you know that there isn't a woman
In all Taylorville more willing to sit up with
the sick than me, and Dr, 'Gordon says that
only my nursing day and night pulled my
lohuny through the double pneumonia, hut I
can't feci any great sympathy with Melvina.
To my certain knowledge during the past year
.he's written six times that she would soon
have to go under one kind of operation or another, She talks ahout having her stomach
pumped or turned over and other organs
scraped and cut a* if it was something to be
real proud of, bit somehow I never heard how
one of those operations turned out. If I had a
mind to let then, her letters would throw mc
into sisterly spasms of worry, she'*, that close
to the grave or fatal illness.
"What I'd call a sore throat and treat with
salt pork or coal oil, Melvina calls grip and
runs up a doctor's bill. When Sammy cut his
finger while they were here, she rushed him
off to the doctor and came hack talking aboul
dangers of blood poisoning because Sammy's
system was so terribly run down. Poor liny,
> looked sorl of ashamed and wanted to go
out and play same n* usual, but site cooped
him up behind the kiichen stove and looked
at In*, tongue and took his temperature.
"Then there was Bertie, eating all the while
between meals and refi iii g everything offered
to him at the table. Mostly lie ran away from
the table after looking things over and saying
they didn't look good. One day when he'd
done this Melvina was talking about how the
doctor told her never to force Bertie's appetite because he wa* so delicate, and just then
we heard a crash in the pantry and there was
the big cake I'd baked for the Ladles' Aid
supper on the floor, thanks to his dying to
break off the Icing, and she didn't spank him,
'cause the doctor says his nerves are so deli
"Melvini was a* strong a girl as I ever
thought nf being, hut since she married Sam
Tenbrook she seems to rind disease, death nnd
disaster ail around her. llie Tenli.onk* al
way* werc great for detailing their symptoms
and Melvlns'l caught Ihe habit, until honestly
it was something pathetic lo see her children
listening ojien mouthed while she told nil out
callers about the terrible illnesses and sufferings of her family since aiie'd been here last.
She certainly ain't giving those children a fair
start iu life, for holh of them will be sitting
behind the kitchen stove grunling hy the lime
they're thirty and have wives to do the work
and  cut  the  wood."
In her homely way, Mrs. Bales voiced thc
sentiment of the hour. Wise ami tip-to-dnte
parent* have learned the fairness of giving
hoys' and girls a righl view of good health.
ll is no longer fashionable to he delicate.
The business world demands of men manly
vigor and concentration of thought und energies. Thc mnn who beg* for work because
he ha* illness in his fninily or the man who
wants something ensy became lie Is not over*
strong is oul of lhe running.
Thc girl wh.. glories in her dctlcalc health
falls behind In both the commercial nnd mnt
rimonlal smites. Employers are not conducting
charity bureaus for semi-lnvnlhli nnd young
men are not burdening themselves nt the beginning nf ,i business career with wives of th.
with hard or foamy sauce, flavor*?!! with lemon,
Or if tbe pudding is used fur a festive occasion, pour over it before serving a tablespoonful of fine brandy, set fire anu lake to table
with the blaze burning.
sensible   rules   of
In ii Railway Train.
A man acting as escort to a woman I* pre-
reded hy ber Into the coach. He will also draw
back  politely,  giving  the  right of way to any
oiiiau who attempt! to enter the train,
A well bred man will be as courteous to a
plainly dreied and evidently poor woman as
lie will to one of evident wealth and refine
ment. This reminder ihould not seem necessary to a gentleman, hut many men have forgotten (lielr chivalrous upbringing especially
in large cilies and often rush heedlessly on,
regardless of the comfort and right! of others.
Do not push or shove.
If you are late be considerate and accept
the best seat available upon ynur entrincc with
■ good grace.
Do tint allow your boxes and hags to pro
triide into tbe aisle, and put them In a* little
space as posi hie.
Should the coach have empty, untaken seat*
it I* permissible to place your baggage on such
At no time is il so important to observe
itrictiy tiie "etiquette of the road" as when
sharing accommoda'lons with others.
It Is very inconsiderate of a passenger to
open a window ou that side of the coach from
which cinders and smoke fly inlo the car.
Such lack of consideration often causes a
fellow passenger to contract grip or serious
colds. Vou should always, therefore, ask per
mission before raising a window.
A well bred person is seldom a restless pas
Do not move up and down the aisle and
from one car to another, slamming and bang
ing the doori.
Perfect composure Is the outward sign of a
good traveler.
It Is a pour plan to discusi your private affairs in a railway train. It is not permissible
lo take an undue interest in the affairs of your
fellow passengers,
A well tired person will speak in modulated
tones, and will never laugh loudly.
Self-control should he maintained if possible
--even Iu cases of a deep grief. It Is an unfailing sign of the bourgeois to display emotion in public places.
Many person* erroneously think that the
way to speak to lhe man at tiie ticket window,
conductors, baggage men, etc., is' In a sharp,
short manner--peremptory, if not bullying.
Courtesy is always a pa>iog investment, and a
good traveler is not only prompt to say "thank
you," but will gladly perform small favors for
fellow passengers.
A gentleman in a coach should offer to raise
an obdurate window  for a woman, be she
stranger or a friend.
It is a man's privilege also to offer his seat
to a woman or to an elderly man.
It is also his privilege to tell t fellow traveler where she may procure luncheon when the
train has stopped for lurch.
If a woman seems in doubt as to where lo
obtain a sandwich and tea, in passing, he may
say, "I am going out to secure my luncheon,
and If you wish I will send the porter for your
orders."    If bo buys a sandwich for her he
shuuld acce-*'
ihould the .     -ney he one of some Hays a id
the masculine pj-aenger serve, the woman or
women who are traveling alone on several oc*
caslons, he may expeel lhat tbey will treat him
ith a pleasant friendliness, eventually give
him their cards aud ask for  hi* In return
'Alien the journey is short, however, this Is
nol  permissible.
The man who has done a slight service fot a
•man during a journey need not expect that
she will recoguhe dim h> even so much as a
bow afterwards.
he reman who travels alone must, first of
ill, be i.lgnlfifd ind reserved.
She sh* "M cordially thank a fellow nsiien-
ger for any service which he hat done for her.
A woman traveling with a number of chll-
iren ihould be careful to keep idem in order.
Do not let them : in ; a* 1 down the aide
playing game* ar-. annoying the Jthei paiien-
gers. Keep them a* quiet as possible aid in
their seats.
A masculine escort buy* a lady's ticket ai
'ii- sution, checks her baggage and cirrlei der
grip or bag into the car. Unless the journey Is
a short one, he should accept the money from
her  for the ticket he purchases.
He may excuse himself t<> enjoy a smoke in
the imoking car. returning before their d-atl-
nation i* reached iu order to ssslsl her In
leaving  the car,
Ho not attempt to entertain the -j-erson with
whom you are traveling all the vvhi!e. Tlu* is
most auneying, .
In the dining car the lady pays for her
meals if tbe journey is a long one, Il<*r escort
may assume  this privilege on short trip*.
If a man friend who happens to be your fellow traveler has invited you into the dining
car, a woman *honM not offend him by offer
jug to pay for her dinner.
Etiquette should be strictly observed by a
woman  who is alone at a hotel.
I'nless she has friends with her, she should
dine  before  t'i-  fashionable  hour.
Etiqutltt on Board Skip.
Introdu ti * - v not necessary aboard
.learner* i >i long voyages. "(i..od morning"
and "good evening" serve as sufficient introduction   to  the  persons  sitting  at   your  table.
A woman may Introduce her husband,
brother or sister lo an acquaintance shs has
made on board.
Do not read aloud or gossip about your fellow passengers.
It is good form for ladies t« promenade
with young men on board, hut it is not per-
missihle to sit out on deck with them after 11
On   leaving   ship politeness dictates   an   adieu
to  the  captain   and  off.ctis.
Travtttrs' Drat.
A man on a train or ship will wear a ucqttt
coat and trousers of gray or blue serge, dog
skin gloves, white or colored linen.
At dinner on a steamer patronised by fashionable  people  evening  dress  is   worn.
A woman on a train will wear a tailored
gown or walking suit ot* some dark shade. At
sea, for deck wear, i walking gown, with
small hat or cap aud veil. A foulard silk or
gown or shirtwaist suit at dinner, unless the
custom on board it to wear dinner gowns A
well bred woman will not weir jewels on shipboard.
M. S.--A first and formal call should not
exceed  one-half hour.
C. I..—An Invitation to a church wedding is
answered when it bean the letters R. S. V. P.
Vogue of Boleros and Berthas
1«   ''^iw* • '"* t^.W&KW^
Any style of short coat demands a cerlain
amount of trimming, but thi* season the bolero
st-ems io acquire even more than jt* due In embroidery and fancy braiding of all descriptions Tbe bolero, which has long heen a
dress Accessory of much beiiiily nud daintiness,
bii's fair to go joyously nn, with the approval
of the majority of tlie fashion gods uud its
wearers. Boleros nml beilhas give to a costume a dressy appearance, and one nf these
little accessories in lace or spangled net will ko
with almost any costume. Their usefulness,
as well as effectiveness, does much to ptoloilg
the vogue of these smart little die** equipments.
A new motif hai appeared in some boleros.
A beautiful example of the Empire type is
made of wide pompadour ribbon or of alrlped
brocade, and is finished with Dlrectolre coils
nnd collar and n peplutn, The cullni ami ciitTs
ui.-iv be "f embroidered lace oi of chiffon velvet
n ilelienlc tint, and embroidered  mlrli
the pattern of lhe brocade. The bolero ei Is
and the peplum begins half way between (he
bust line and the normal belt. Ihe peplum I*
simply n circular fold four Inches deep, joined
tu the bolero beneath a rope of twisted bro-
cade or velvet, These are seen tn fur and
black caracul and broadtail, ai well at In the
lace and ribbon effect*.
The bolero shown in the illustration i* made
nf Iilsh crochet lace, It will require of materia! 18 to 21 inches wide, 2 yards, or 1 yard
of 44 inch stuff to make ihi* bolero, ll i* cut
111 oue piece, the fronts being turned over to
form   lhc   mere.
Th.- all-over lace boleroi are always smart
ami dainty, but they may be fashioned for
mme general weai of any soft materials, An
attrarilvc one Is shown made of Inch wide
h.ihy blue satin ribbon and Valenciennes lace,
llonlion lace, whl h  n i ■-.   ! p     -
(Irrstand tin* art of making, ts extremely pretty
In cither a holcro or bertha.
Three pretty berlbu ar- made after tbe fot*
lowing manner: In ilie handkerchief style, fall-
|i g |n  '!■*'*    p ilnU, the  fulness forming folds,
:,  give  an   effect  of  plaits;   circular  fash-
i     ii • el *■ gate 1 si the fi mt 11 form itotei
that .ve *■> mucd liked.    Puint* a!*o extend
cr lite nhoulders,   'I iie (bird is a simple cir-
- ilai bertha     rdese may he also fashioned of
rlbboi   ind lace    Al times ihey are made of
Hie dress material, wild haby ribbon running
around as a trimming,   One yard of IS inch
Stuff, and three-quirtcn of a yard 21 Inches
;!>,   li   required   In   the   making   of   theie
A* a general thing a deep girdle of soft silk
[l   n || ,   vi'1*   a   bolero,   llllll *s   it   i<   one   of
lingerie or  all    - *          * lib  a  linen
suit Oflei tii ea ll ii bard to discern what
■:',- t ..'.I ol i bolero Is Ing to tlie lavish
use of tri inning
M\RV DI*:\N.
CV   -
(?    <0>-
^'lr^>':r:>    ^ DUJimv
▼ ▼   A ^        - «■•   ^
if You Jump intoThe Fire its a HOT
world. The World is /ill rjghj,
MEAN $ You. ir YOU ARE 5WttT AND
Kind others will tre at You just
Will Do unto You * the World is
it Works
^*7T' Oufo
H /„'-■   tPctf
-'-'.   -      --
\ T
Tells of the Patience and Kindness Necessary in Training
of Horses.
It litis lung been u disputed question
us lo the umuunt ol intelligence
possessed l.y "man's Lest friend'*—the
horse. Many nre the experts win.
have declared that the horse has no
I.ruin at nil, that they are niltirally
lazy, allowing no disposition to work j
have absolutely no reasoning power,
Frank Miller, lan.oua as an cqtie.-
tiii.ii director und premier trainer anil
rider ot horses with all the largest circuses and hippodromes in all parts of
the world, has had us much, antl pro
luihly more, experience than any other
living hormn.au. As a trainer he has
In. lulled every variety ot tlio four-
tooled brute lhat has ever been product d, ..ml as a pio'cssional bare-back
rider, hurricane hurdle and premier
jockey lider ol the world, Mr. Miller
ih acknowledged tu stand without a
peer. There is never a time when
several circus owera are not bidding
(or the Hi'ivic-'s of Miller, so his opin-
i.'ii ol the hnrw. shntild cniry sume
Said Mr. Mill..., in a very interesting Interview:
"I have m...le an exhaustive study
ol  thediapisiti.iiisol  various horses
I.it* almost a decade now, and l-elicve I
ah. as coinpele.it as any one to tell t.t
their dulls ...ul virtues.    1 have handled all torts ..I thoroughbred racers,
Arabian   st.illio.is,   hesvy  stock and
the oddly  marked  pieb.ild or pinto
horse.   Ily expei'ienoe has been, and
I   am  sure  that every  experienced
horseman will coincide with me, thai
hoises  have as   many s.dcd dispositions as the human being.   Some do
not appreciate  llieir  power and will
tj'iickly take advantage ot it, and (hen
theie io (he deuce to pny to s.-e wl o
niuiiita'iiB the n.asleiy.   Of course I
must te the nias'er, (or lhe horse that
masters me would be ol Int'c accoun
in the  Siena.    Oh, jes; hur.es h->ve
intelligence an.l mighty acute intelligence al that.   Probably tbe plodding,
hard working  Ire re shows but lii tie
but   it  is  only apparent, for even he
could  be  taught Ir.cks.  The circus
terms, menage, high sch 'ol, principal,
jockey, hurdle,. le, are ha diy understood  by   ihe  public.    Menage and
high school are about the same; that
is, the hn.Bes are worked with riders
ii. the saddle;  the  horses place their
Ieet upon pedestals, he down, sit erect
upon llieir limit.dies an.l forelegs, etc.
A   principal act is worked without a
saddle, thc  rider standing erect upon
the bare-back of a  swiftly  running
horse, turning somersaults, etc.    A
jockey act is run with and without
saddle, but at twice the speed of  the
other  ucts.    A  hurdle is, uf course,
leaning high barriers, etc.
In preparing horses for these several
acls 1 have encountered all sorts ol
disposition, Some are gentle an.l willing to help you all they can. All they
ask of you is just to show them what
you require and they are quick to
obey. Then there is tbe horse who is
su quick tn understand and will do the
trick one dav and lor very willfulness
refuse to do it tl.e next time. He is
only "stalling," lie knows what is required all right, and une has to keep
alter him with light punishment;
then there is the horse that yuu have
to "jolly " To whip hini would be
fatal, for he would only sulk and tret-
The majority ol horses are as alive to
appreciation as a human being. I've
made it a point tn show them my
appreciation when right, and at the
end ul adieu siicces«lully performed,
it-want theni with a hit ..f sugar, aud
if I hey refuse tu du the trick I pretend
to be angry will. Ihem and refuse
llieir every advance towards iiiendship,
fur thc horse is as big a jollier in his
way as you nre. lie knuws when he
ii doing right ur wrung. I've taken
heavy draft horses who had been pulling big cages and dens all winter,
given them a guud rest and then started in un their educalinii. After 1
awuke their ambition they were not at
all hard lo train
"The greatest care must be given
(he halfback riders' stock. They are
called 'resin backs,' from the tact that
their backs are rubbed thoroughly
with resin to harden them. These
horses are never allowed to do any
utlicr wurk than carry the performers
upun llieir ba -ks. They are shielded
carcliilly frum ami aril rain, given the
best loud and bedding. Although
they are uf a more nervous tempera
ment than the work horse, they soon
learn the routine an.l can be depended
..pun to work steady and true unless
something unforeseen comes before
"The Arabian or spotted horses are
tremendously strong and very hard to
train. They rebel against mastery
and will stand up on their hind lege
and give yotiv a battle royal. They
are never really subdued, and unless
worked regularly every day, will
quickly revert to their natural station.
1 havo been training a horse Ior three
years. I bought him in California.
He is not very large, but is strong and
rugged. When on the road I can tire
him out so will go through his act
quietly, but once in quarters and liun
uughly rested, he seems to apprecia t
his strength, and then we havo
l...itle royal. He knows bis work but
is just wilful.
"1 have just broken a tour-horse
carrying aot and it was very hard to
select lour horses ol almost equal dispositions and intelligence, They must
wurk iu unison or the rider would get
a bad fall. It required unlimited
gentleness ami patience and kindness,
but the work was worth it, lor they
are all docile now aud seldom get
' Shetland ponies are easily broken.
They are very intelligent. The horses
lor llie hippodrome and various kinds
ol races are broken fairly qui'kly and
soon learn what is required ol them.
All ot the stock at the winter quarters
havo regular hours fur school and
play, and wheh wo open hero, tlio public will sue lho Burt ol education I
have given my pets."
Norris & Howe exhibit at Kcvolstoko
on Wednesday, Juuo lVth.
Outing Suits
There is only one thing
that can make an Outing
Suit hold its shape.
That's hand tailoring.
Summer Tweeds and
Worsteds, Flannels and
Serges, must be moulded
in shape by hand—and
held in shape by hand
stitching in order to
stay in shape.
Fit-Reform Outing Suits
keep their style and their
proportions, because
they are hand tailored,
$15. up.
.     iif....*f.llrl' ll.ll-   1 ...I.-I..I   t(.  ll|.|.|J I...||i
II.... . luff.. Commissioner ill Lands...... v. Ml M
for a special licenso lo cui anil carry away
timber In.in tlie follow.uk described lauds all
.luted In thc (llstrlct of Norlh Kast Kootenai-
.1  ng... a post Planted.... il.,. wtst
t Creek, about U.roe mllea up from
In llie l.i-.ri.-. nl Nortli Kits, Knut-
■lilo ..[ .:,
Ill.sl. I.lv.l
lfin.),  II ('., .
w.'-i comer |.
SnUtll  Stl  i-lifi
nurlb Sl chain
Dated April
-l.l.. nl ll..i
Rivor, in
lie. nmi
.Ihui-, .1.,
twins tot).
i.i marked 'tl. w. Onl
*i" tlu-i.i'.. east80 t-liaii
is, theuce »-.-«t stl elinlns, .hence
". lh.. point of uoiumeni-omunt,
Ilti,. 1UU7.
... w. a.f,TKs.
fencing-at-apost plaated <>n the i-nst
l I i.'.-K, almnt four tnil.'K ii]. from Hush
lie Dislricl ol North-Bust K enav,
imrki'.l "... W. Hull's' north-west cor.
Iii-in',< east BO chains, thence sun I.s,
nee wet su chsins, tlienee nortl. s-
1 l'llIlllll..llCt..lll!llt,
■  Revelstoke
The lower portion of a fire-pot is usually nearly
or partly filled with dead ashes, leaving the live,
red-hot coals in the upper part. The result is that
the upper portion expands much mi re than the
This uneven expansion causes a strain
too great for a one-piece fire-pot lo stand.
L Sooner or later it will split, allowing precious
heat   antl   sickening   gases   to
But the fire-pot cf lhe Pnnshine
is constructed to meet this . on-
dition. lt is in two set lions. Ihe
upper half expands, as much as
necessaiy, independently of the
loner. When conl, it contracts *
back to its original size, fitting
to the lower half perfectly.
And this strong, unbreakable,
gas and heat-tight, two-piece
fire-pot is just one of thc many
superior featuresoftheSunshine.
If your local dealer does not handle the
"Sunshine," write direct to us for FREE
London, Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver, St. John, N.B.'
BOURNE BROS*, - Local Agents
Dnted April 80th, 1907.
n. W. (lATI-X
S, Commencing at n post pliMite I on tlie oait
sii lo nf (loat Creek, about Hve i. Ilea up from HhbIi
Ilivor, in tin- District nf Nortb*Kni( K
it. C., anil inarked "tl. W. Gates' nortb-w
nor jinst," thence eaut 80 nhalnu, tliouce BoutbSO
chains tbence weat so clmins, tbence nortli Su
I'liniitf, bo tlie pnint nf eniiniu'iui'iiit'iit,
Dated April fOtb, 1907.
Q, W. OATK8.
4. Commencing at a post planted on the easl
side nf llniit. ri'tik, almnt six milos up from Musl*
Kiver, in the District of Nnrth-Ka.it Kootonay.
It. i'., nml marked "G. W.Qates' north-west cor
net post." tlience east wi clialns, tbence south 80
cbali's,tlience west- 80 clialus, thence uoitli hu
chains to the imiut nf commencement.
Dated April uuth, nm".
5. Commencing at n pnst. planted on the east
aide of Goal Oreek, about 8W miles up from Hu-.li
River, lu the District of Nortli-Kasl Kootenay,
li C ami marked "U. w. iPii*-.-, north-wimtcorner posl," IbuilCO east Klilcluins, tlience  smitli in
chains, tbeuce west W" chains, tlienco nnrtli in
ihalns to tin* pnlnt nt coromonceinont,
Dated April Ut'lh, 1007.
G. W (lATKH,
fl, Coinineucing m a post planted unthoeast
side nf Goat Creek about seven mill's up frmn
Hush Itiver, in Ihe District nl Nortli-Kast Kmit>
nay. II. U., and marked "G. W. Gates' northwest curlier post," thuin'i* cunt lflu chains, tbeucfl
smith in chains, thouce west 160 chains,thunce
imrth -to chains to tlio point of Rounnenoemeut,
Dated V|iril Mli, \\t\7.
(1. W, GATES.
7. Coinmeneing at a post plautod on lhe east
aide of (I out Creek, about 8 miles up frnm lluali
Itiver, iu the District uf Nurth-Kiisl  Kontoiiaj,
II. c, and marked "tf. \v. (lutes' north-west eornor post." thence east c'u clialns, thonce snulli ho
chains, tlienco west so cliains, thonco imrth so
chains to the pnint nf comnioiiceiuont.
Dated April 20th, 1907.
K ('niiiiiii'iii'iim at a post planted on the
cast side nf iiom iro.k, abuul nine mllei up
from Hush itiver In the Itirurtot ol Nnrth*Kasi
Kooleuay, H. <J„ «nd marked "U. W. Gates'
north-west oorner post," thenoe can mi ehnins,
thenre soulh 80 nimius, Ihemie west mi chains,
thence north 80 chaiua to the poim oi com.
Unlet! April ■.KHh.lwn.
(i.W. (IATKS
!l. Commencing at h posl planted on the
westrldoof Goat Creek, about fli miles up from
Mush lil ver, in lhc District of North- Kast Kootenay, It. (J., and marked "(>. W. ■ ales' souih-
west comer posi," thence imrih um chains,
thence cast -III Chains, tbence smith 100 chains,
Ihence west *lo chains to the poiutofcommencement
Daled April 2uih, l'Jn7.
10, Commencing at apost plained on the
weatsldu of li'-at Croek, abuut 9U miles up
from Itush lllver. in the District of North Kast
Kootenay, II. ('., and mnrked "(i.W. Gates'
south-east corner post," thenee west 40 chains.
thenco north 160 chains, ihence east 40 cbnins.
tbeuce auuth ico chains to the point ol Com
Dated April 'Mi, 1907.
11. Commend nu at a post planted on tha
weBt bank of Goat Creek, ahout live miles up
from Bush Kiver, in the Dlstrictof Norlh-Ea^t
Kootonay, Ii, ()., niul marked "G. W. Gates'
south-east corner post," Ihenee west BO chains.
theme north 8U chains tbeuce cast 80 chains,
tbence south 80 chains to the poinl oleum-
Dated April 20th, 1007,
cat my 18 G. W.GATES.
By-law No. 99
A By-law lo provide I'm- the
strut -ti.,,, of .....ii. un.l common ki
In tho Oity of Revelstoke .-initio
orisetho issue ..I* debentures foi-the
purpose of raising ihe sum required
 nl    D. berimes,"    to    he   made,
executed and i-s..e.l I... such .-inn ...
s.iiiiK.is n.fty he i-.-.|..i.-...l fm- lhe purposes ftl'im-ui'...i .-.l not exceeding
however th. ki.u. uf $1*0511 75, mcl< of
die sui.i .1 . i.ii..-e- b. ion '■' the denomination of (hn. Tin.ii.-..ml Dollars
exeepl in tl... cts.. of ..in-..I such debentures i, I.i.-i. '....iy l.e for ftlessei
sum if (lecini'd i-.-.piisi'o by the said
.May...-, uiul ..li uf audi debentures
shall hesen'ed witii thu -i-.l of the
Curporatiuli nf lhc Oity of Uevelsloki*.
mid aimed by lhe Mayor and Clerk
. Iii.cndtoappli...,.,,. ii... f Commissioner  -
. . |. and ".ok- (or us t.,-.a, ..,«..*,• ... .- .
in i ■- im . niher Irom the following detcrib. .
laudi - "in.,... io .la-I'snU... |.i-..i,., |l ,;,.
I '  ii   --I- lus .1 i |.»-i marked   \. .1 ..... .
lorth-.esl conier," planted on Canoe Hirer ,1	
.n mil-.. .....ii mouth ol I'larmfouiCreel, them-e
-ii .-inini. PMt, (jienre -.- rhi.li., «onth, tl .-<• -..
I. . .-•■ thence .*.. ehains ..--.:li lo poinl of
-■i..i..i-1-.i. -......:
Dated March ttth,lJj07.
WHEREAS iii llie opinion of the
('....(..il uiul in the Intei'Bsl nf lhe Oily
il is dosi.ul.lt. In construct a .system of
sewers in U,,. Oity of Revelstoke according to thn pl-ms nnd specification
therein., prepared hyTl.os. H. Tracey
Esq., City Engineer, mid approved of
by the Council and that the funds to
he provided fur such Improvement
shnll he repaid by special rate of frontage tax I., he levied on the lu.i.l or
leal property in nr .... nr Fronting or
nbultlng up.... 11... portions of the
sieeeis uiul limes throughout the City
uml lininodliitely benefited literally,
ll. The said debentures shall be
made payable in twenty years from
the ilny hereinafter mentioned for this
s By-Law tojtake effect, at the olliee of
the .Molsons Bunk al Revelstoke,
11.    I'-,     aforesaid,     which      suid
I'l. f  payment  shall  be  deslg-
naled by suitl debentures, and shall
have .tu.iel.e.l to them coupons for the
payment of Interest, and the signature
Iuiiii! coupons muy lie eil bet- writ len,
printed, stumped or lithographed.
7. The said debontnres shall bear
inteiest ut the rule of Five per centum
per annum from lhe date thereof,
whioh Interest shall he payable semiannually al lhe Offlce of the Molsons
Bunk at Ilevelstoke ".foresaid in
lawful nu.ney ol t'.in.ulu.
sueh walk i.s u local
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Season. Orders promptly attended to,
First St. Revelstoke
All Kinds of tight and Heavy
Hauling Undertaken
Dealer iu Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71. House Phone 7
No Seedless Plums; No I'itless
Apples; No Cobless Corn,—just old
reliable varieties at reasonable prices.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies, Spray Pumps
Spraying Material, Cut Flowers, etc.
Oldest established nuiBery un the
mainland ot B.O.   Catalogue Iree.
I'.S— If your local merchants do
not handle n.y seeds, send direct.
We prepay filly packets, assurted
varieties ol gsrden reeds in 5c. papers
(tested stock), to your nearcBt poBt
office lor $1.00, twenty packets lor fiOc,
trial collection.
Take notico tlmt Alox. MrCrnt, ot Revelstoke,
It. C, Prospector, intends to n|.].ly lor .. special
umber license over the following described liuula
Iltuate in the Lillooel liistrlrt:
1. Commencing at a nost plnntt-,1 on .lie west
hank of the north fo.k oi the Seymour itiver nnd
ihoiil two miles nortl. of T. L. 82-7. .mil marked
"Alex. McCrne's N. K. corner post," thence run.
nine, south ISO chains, we-t 111 chains, north nm
chains, east 10 chains to point of ci-uiiuciu-eiueiiL
and containing bin acres ...ore or less.
n..tc.l May 15th, nw,
2. Commencing at apost planted on thfl east
d.Ie of the norlh fork of Seymour Ilivor joining
Ihe north cud of T. I.. 8-is and marked -Alex.
MoCiiu-.'s s. W. conier post." thence riiiudii
north su cliains, east su ciniins, south so clmiiis,
nest si. chains lo point of commencement ami
containing CO acres ...ore or less.
:;. Commencine at a post planled ou the wost
i.i.- ..I tl.e north lo.k of Seymour lllver almul four
miles.....-th of I L. 8227. and .narked "Alex. McCrue's S. K. comer post," .hence mulling north sn
.-hains, .vest So chains, south su I'h.Ins, cast so
-haius to point of ouiuiuoncemeut and containing
fill! ncres nu.re or less.
Dated May loth, 1W7.
I. Commencing id a post planted on llm Bast
side of .1... nnrtli fork of Seymour itiver nbout two
iniles iiurili of T. I.. 8248, ami marked ' Ales. Me-
('rue's .*.. W. cornel posl," llienee nunline,  sooth
sii chains, east 8u chains, north so i haius ..est so
And Whereas
And Wherens under and by virtue
if the Municipal Clauses Act lhe
Council duly passed a By-law known
us the "|,..|.,-i| I.n|.ii.ve...cut Sow.tge
By-law No. 08, 1007," being n, By-law
lo provldo for the means of ascertaining und determining what lands or
real properly will ho benefited hy
such Improvements and of ascertaining and determining the proportion in
which the assessrtient is to be mnde on
the various portions nf land or real
property so benefited.
And Wherens in pursuance ..f the
said By-law the Oity Engineer bus
ascertained and determined the Bald
works ..n.i Improvements and bus certified as corroit a plan or description
thereof, and Ins oi.-nle an estlmute
und report of the expense or cost
thereof, uml bus ascertained and determined and shown on suid plan mid In
said leiiiii-isivliut lund ur real property
will be iinine.li.ilely benefited by the
proposed improvements,
Ami Whereas in pursuance of the
snid By-law the City Olerk has ascertained and determined the propn.-tion
in which the assessment is to l.e made
nil (he various pot-lions of luod or real
property lo be benefited and has duly
made his report thereon to the Council and which report has been approved
of nnd adopted by tl... Council.
lninsl.. |
.int of ciui.ineiiccnie.it inul coiitaiiiii.L
in. acres n
ire or less.
Uated M
v l.illi, 1.1.17.
r.   Co....
Mir.fr: at a post plantcil  in III-.',isl
■Me of .1
c nuiili fork ..I Seymour Iti.--.-..bout
lot el..ill's
nnrth of'f.i, H'. ond marked "'Alex,
W, curuer post,'tlience running 1uui.l1
Sl .'haius,.
ist hi. chains, ...ulh SO chains, wests.
haina lo p
.inl ..I commencement antl aonUinlng
no ncres n
ire orless,
Paled Ml
v lllth, 11.17.
Oniim-m iiiK ;it 11 pnsl pluiitt-il lino and ono*
half miles north of tlio forks of the north fork .if
the Sey iioiuHivi'i, mid nmrki'd '"Alex Mci.rae'8
x. K. cornerpost," tbence running south m chains,
.vest tin cbiiiiiH, north -'i chains, enst go chains to
point of rominenceniont ami containing t;i' acres
mure or less,
Dated May 17lh, 1007.
7, Commoneliig at a pust- plunled ubout one
imi iiiK'-li'i H niiles imrth nf the forks uf the mirth
fork of Seymour Ulver.and marked "Alex, Mc*
Crae's s. \v. comer posi," tlienco running north 80
;lmins, east 80 chains, BOUth mi ehuins, west 8(i
.Inin*. to point of commencement and <.-ontaliiiti)(
UO acres more nrless.
Dated May 171b, 11)07,
sat myM AI.KX. Mi-CKAK.
Green Vegetables
Vancouver Manufacturer needs good
men lo rcpreut the very latest novelty,
Agents coining money. Gel wise, start
working for yourself. E\ -hotly buys on
sight. Profits over one hundred per rent.
Don'l waste lime asking foolish questions,
Iml send one dollar for finest samples in
America i
Spin e 4, 4XS Granville St.,
Vancouver, B, &
M.iiiufiii'liiri'd for all clnssosltif building*
All kinds of btilldlnii ami plnstoriiiir
"    liken.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Notice is heroby give..).... un duys aftor .lui..
I intend tti il|ilily to tin- Chiel Ciiuitnissluiicr of
Iju.ds und WorkB lor permission lo uurohas.
lho followingdcsi-rih.-.l lends in Wesl Ki.i.li-niiv
Siliiiiti-d in (liileiiii Du)-. ciiniiiieuolllK illu
post ..hulled on the easl shore of U'|.|.ur Arrow
Luke close Ui tluli'.... point, nti.l marked ■■!{.
Bln.pSO.rt soulh-east cornel- l.osl," llionce wesl
111 chains, thonoo nortl. BO cliains, I heiiiie ensl
lu chains ...ore or less to lake shore, thenco
..long hike shorn lo point  I con.iiioiiceiuu.il.
Haled April Uth, I'.".'
sat op 13 RALPH HIMI'HON
And Wherens nolice signifying the
Council's Intention to undertake such
iinpioveineiit.s uud of making the
assessment Iheielorhus been published
and given as required l.y suid lly-luw
und the Municipal Clauses Act antl no
petition bus beeu presented agaiust
the proposed improvements.
And Whereas $99,611.75 Is the total
amount of the e.ist of the sai.l Improvements and is the amount nf the
principal debt tu lie created by .this
And Wherens hy sub-section 17 of
Section 250 of ll.e Municipal Clauses
Act the Oouncll is empowered in the
case of by-laws pussed for works pay
uiiii* by focal assessment, in' order It.
facilitate the negotiation of debentures
thereunder, to declare that the debt
or any portion thereof is further guaranteed by the Corporation at large,
And Whereas the total amount required to be raised annually hy speciul
rate per fool fnr pnying the salt, debt
and interest thereon and for creating
a sinking fund for paying llie said
principal debt within 20 years, which
suid debt is created on the security of
(he special rale as settled by tills Bylaw, und on thai seeuriiyoniy, nnd
further guaranteed hy iu.siilil Ctii-
pn.-ulioii ill large, is tor inteiesl
lfi-1,976,68, and for sinking fund
$8,703.88, making ii total of $8,07S.IW,
And Whereas the total assessed
value of lhe whole real property rale-
able under this lly-luw according In
lhc last revised assessment roll is
3. 11 shall he lawful for the s.ti
Mayor to negotiate and sell the suitl
debentures or any nl them al n rate
beluw par If he mav deem il necessary
to do so, uml io unihoiize the Treasurer to pay out of the stuns ,su raised
by the sale of the sai.l debentures ull
expenses connected with tho preparation and lithographing of the debentures und coupons, or uny discount or
ifiiiiin.issi.ni or ni her charges Incidental lo the sale of the suid debentures.
II. Kor the purpose of forming a
sit king I'nnil i'i... the payment of the
said debt and the payment of the
Interest thereon ill the rate aforesaid
us llii! same becomes doe, there shnll
l.e assessed and levied over aud above
ull ulher rules and charges the annual
stun of $8,078,90 in each and every yeur
until the suid stun of| $99,511.75 and
interest Is fully by speeiul rate per
fool frontage upon all Ihe lund or real
property according to lhe respective
amounts hereinbefore recited as sei
forth in the said report of the said City
Clerk, such yearly rute to bc assessed
and levied in each year ill. the same
lime and in the same manner as
ordinary taxes are assessed und levied.
HI. The amount of the speeiul rate
or frontage tax levied hereunder shall
he added to tbe taxes for the financial
yeur in which such rate or frontage
tux is assessed and levied, and such
special rate or frontage lax may be
enforced and recovered in the same
manner and in every respect as ordinary hintl or real property City Taxes,
whether by the sale of the land or real
properly upon which the same attaches, or l.y registration, as a charge
upon such land or real property, or
otherwise as provided by the Municipal Clauses Act.
11. If lhe owner of any portion of
the snid land ...- real property hereby
assessed shall desire to commute the
special assessment imposed by this
By-Law, he or she can do so by paying to tlie Treasurer nf the Corporation, on ur before the Fifth day uf
December, 1907, the amount set opposite the real property, lots or portions
of lots mentioned in the seventh
column of the said report of the suid
City Olerk.
12. Any amounts paid in commutation shall or mny he invested a.cord-
ing to the provisions relating to the
Investment of the City .Sinking Fund.
13. It shall he lawful for the said
Corporation from time to time to
repurchase'any or all of the said debentures at such price or prices at or
below par as shall he mutually agreed
II, The said debt us created by this
By-Law is hereby further guaranteed
l.y ll.e Corporation nt large.
15. This By-Law shall come into
force on the Second day of July, 1007,
may be cited as the "Local Improvement Sewage Assessment Bv Luw No.
99, 11107."
i oiumeneing ,. ap.at marked ••*-. J, oit'.'i
.....fii.......to,-..- pbuiudon r. inifii... Cr-.- k
ii.m.u .ml,., up ir south, thenc. U chains
last, thence BO elialm north, theoce 80 clialna
west, thence en chain. ...uth i„ point ..f < .men.
8. Commencing U a post marked "W .1 int.,.
south-nest corner,' planlwl on Itaniigau Creel,
ahout | miles Irom mouth, thenc. lo chain, ca-..
thenco su chains south, Ihence s» chain, east
thence «i chains north, theoce SO chain, west,
llienee L*lj chains  north, thence I. cliains west
ilo-nce 10 chains south to point of commenoement!
1. Comn.ei.cing at s post msrked •■« ..
otto's soulli west corner," |.lanle.l on I'lsrinl.
gau orcekabouUmllc. from the moutb,ihence
ltu chain* can, tbence .0 chains north, .hence
Iti) .-'.sins wist, theuce 40 chains south lo
l*int of commencement.
Haled March-ffllh,l9u7.
m Commenolng at a post marked "IV. J.
Otto's north-east comer, planted on < anoe
Itiver about Go miles from mouth, theoce loo
chains tvest, thence .0 chains .out'-, tlienee 100
chains ess., tl.en.c4uchain, north lo point of
Dated March :,l.t, 1D07.
0. Commoncing nt n post markoil ".V.J.
Otto, iior.hcu.-i corner.' planted on Canoo
Kivor about 61 milos from mou.h. il.ct.ee SI
chains soulh, thenco to chains west, ihenco sn
chains north, thonce DO chains cast to poim ol
c.n.in.i tic.-..].,..!.
7.   Col.....en.
Otto's .....ili-.-f
Rivor about Oi
10 chain.
10 chain.
of col.flue
log a: f. pool marked "W. J.
>l corner.' planled  ou Ciinoe
.......file-fro... Hi- moulh. Ihenco
'.rth. lhcl.ee.1' chain, wo-t. thenoe
iiith, Ihence so chain- ca-l lo poim
8. Commonclng at a |K.*t n.a.kod "W.-J.
oi.o- i.oiilica-i corner/  planleil on Canoo
Kiver about  JO mile*  fii.i.t ......uh. lhct.ee Sl.
cha ns south, tnence 80 chains wost, thence sn
chi....- north thenco HO chains oasl to point of
0. Commencing at a posl marked "W.J.
Ito*.outli cast conic.-, |,lai..e<l on ( anu.;
over i.lsj.i. 7U ...lie* from IU mouth, Ihc.icc
Mc.a.us woat, thonco 10 chain, north, thonce
100 ohains oast, thenoo 10 ohains south to poinl
ol coiit.iiciicenic.il.
Dated Maroh 30th, 1*7.
satJun 1
Nolice- hereby given thai 30 days alter dale
Inlend to appl) t« UioCl.lelCommlsslonor ol
lands and Works for a special licence to cut
and curry away timber from tin; following do-
scribed lands in North-east Kootenay Ui-tricl:
I. ,Co lOllolng at  a l.osl marked "W.J.
(III,.- norlh-ia*. corner.'* planted on lhc Col-
11111I..11 111 yor, uboui ilo chni... uu jtrca.11 from
......ia-kct Lake, 1 bonce west 1|>.chains lhcnco
south 40 chains, thenco cast ion chains, thonco
north 10 chains to poinl of emme.cement.
Dated April :th, iau7,
•-'. .Commencing a. a nosl marked "W. J,
Ottos south-wesl corner,- plan.nl on Middle
10\cr, about SU chains fro... [he mouth, thence
north iichin.,.., thenco east sn chain-, thence
.-.inili Mi chains, tbence wesl SO chains to point
Dated April Olh, 11)07.
sal Jun 1 \v. J. OTTO.
Certificate of Improvements.
Kich.i.onii .Mineral Claim, situate in lho Kor
elstoke Mining Division ol Wes. Kooicnay
District. '
Where located:-.U Standaid Basin,
rurk of l.ownie Crock.
Take notice that I, 11. Smith, K..M C. No
Bf*. 12, acting as agent for w. ||. Willcov
Froo .Miner.* CorllHoate No. Us»*.., Intend
Sixty days fro... (laic hereof, to npplv to the
Muling Heconler for a CirtitlnUeol linp.ovc
ments, for the purpose of obtaining n Crow n
O rant of the above claim,
And fur. her lake notice lhat action, under
.cction .... must he commenced before the
issuance of such UrtiJcate uf Improvements.
Dated this 23rd day u. .May, A.D. WC7
we.l my 20
11. SMITH.
Revelstoke Und District.
District of West Kooleuay,
Take notice that Ucorgc B. Campbell, ol
Arrowhead, occi.pi.tion limber Cruiser, intends to apply tor .1 special Umber licence over
the following described lands:-
Coiiiiiiciicing nl a po*t plantod on thc south
side of Lot e.2i!l about 15 chains west of Poplar
(reck, thence west 2u chains, thence north 22
chums, theuoe west nu chains, ihence ,-outh .-•
ehains, thonco east IW chains, theuce north io
chains tu point o( con....c.-clnent. and containing 610 acres, mure or less.
Da.c.l May llth. 1007. wed my a
-round time the 2tst day of
And Whe.
of passing a
"i.s the Council is deslrou.
By-law for the purpose.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Boughv
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Furniture, Pianos, or Meichnn-
dice.stor.'.l in dry-well-liuili wnre-
houeo in convenient location.
Real Ksl.it.'und Insurance Agent
Kevelstoke, B.C,
T»kc nolice (list An.lrew Kits.......I Hovel
Moke, H.C. Miner, I.......Is ... apply lor ..
special timber license over the loll.i.vlug described lands m.un.- iniiic Itevotitoko Division 1. West Kooteuay District, B.O,
1. Commencing at .. nosl planled .... Ihe
norlh naukol I'lsl Creek, about '.....le above
lhe uorlh lork un.l marked "Andrew Kit
son'. H K, corner pusl," thenee running lu
.iuiiii* nortli, llienee Uiu ehalus wesl, thence
lu clialus suulh, tl.ei.ee 100 chains easl .11
point ol oommoncoffle.it ami csntolulOg Ml
acres more or less
Haled Mnv .'7lh. r.li7
2. Cummencing at n noil planled al. ...'.,
mile north ol Hot Creel, and nnout ', mile
above the north lurk .....I marked "a u.lieiv
Kitson's B, IV, corner post," ll.cn.-e runniug SO
chain, north, thunce mi chnlns east, tlience su
chains soutb, tbenee so chsins we*, to pointol
commencemeni, aud containing uiu acres mure
or less.
Hated May 2711., »7.
8, 1'o.n.nenclng nt a pusl planted about W
mile north (.I Flat Creek snd 1 mile ..huvo lhe
norlh lork and marked "Andrew KIlsnii'sN.
W, ...mer post," thence runniug He chains
suulh, tbenee su chains cssl, thenee HO chains
norlh, thence HU chnlns .vcsl to polul u[ co....
oiei.i-i-iiii-ni, nml 1 iiiiiiiii.-. liiu acres mure or
Daled May 27th, 1U07.
4 Ciun.nelK-Ing al a pnsl planted .... tl.o
north Imnk oi Flat Crook shout l:l,u.iles hulu.v
ll.o north lork and .....tk.-.l "An..rew Kits..it's
S.W. comer pusl." thenoe running HO chains
uortli, m chains easl, thenee40 chain, souih,
Ihence .0 chains es.l, Ihunco Hllchalns south,
thence wes. 40 chains, thenee I'l chains north,
thence lo chains west t-> point ui coinincncc.
men. nn.1 contslnlng.flu acres more or less.
Paled May 27th, 1W7.
5. Commencing al a post planted 011 lhu
norlh bankof HaU'rcck,nboul ,.'14 milesl.clnw
Ihe north lork ...d marked "Ai.drew K.Mini's
H.W, corner pust," .heliee running HU chains
norlh, thence .0 chain, cnsl. il.oiu.c2u chains
smith, ihenee 40 rhalns east, lhcnco H.1 chains
south, thenee .0 ehalus .vest, thence 20 chains
nortl.. ib.-..ce lu el.nlii* woit <<> point of commencement, .....I containing UIU acres mure or
Dated May 27lh, 1907.
sstjum. H ANl.KI'.W KITUUN,
rHEREPORE the Municipal Council of lhe Corporation of ihe citv of
Kevelstoke enacts as follows:
1. That the sai.l hereinbefore recited
estimates, plans and i-nports l.e
adopted and thut Ibe proposed improvements in conslriicIiiiL' main and
common Bowers und the works connected therewith throughout the City
nl* Hevelsluke be ninde, ci.nsl 111.-ted
antl carried out in accordance therewith,
2. That the huul nr real property
which Is immediately benelit...I l.y ihe
said improvements shall be ibat which
has been ascertained in Uu. snid plans
and reports nf the said City Englncor
nnd the slinres nr proportions ill which
the suid iissesstn.-n! is lo be inude ....
the various lols or portions of lols
benefited together wiih the am..nnl.
necessary to form a sinking fund and
Interest shall be us shewn by the repnrl
of lho siilH Oily Olerk whicli lnnds or
real  property   and    ussessuu ills  nre
shown III the snid report of lhu said
City Clerk and llie snid lands nr renl
properly and portions of land nr real
property mentioned In said report of
said Cily Clerk are hereby assessed
accnrdlnuly wilh llie payment of tlie
1.1.1..mil. ns therein sei ...it  oppoell
ach said portion nt land ur real property and the said lepn.-t is hereby
adopted as tbe assessment roll tut- the
purpoBOSof this By-Law.
.'1. The amount of lhc special rate
assessed US aforesaid ugninst each lut
or part nf hit respectively shall l.e
assessed, levied anil collected in eacli
year lor 20 years after the passing i.r
this By Law during which the debentures have in run.
4. ll shall be lawful fur Ibe Mayor
nf the Corporation nf the City uf
Uevelsloki! to borrow upon the
BOClll'lty uf  lhe  speciul   rule  herehy
Imposed and upon the credit of the
debentures hereinafter menlInncd,
frnm any persuu nt- persons, or body
or liodii'scnrporute who may he willing
to advance tlie same, a so... n.i exceeding in the whole lhe sum of
$1111,511.75 being the sum necessary for
Ihe wurk, and localise all such hiiiiis
sn raised or received tn be pitiil into
the hands nf lhe Treasurer ul* (in. said
City Iur ll.e purposes herein recited,
id u lirsl. lime   tbe 21st dnv ..I*
Ite.ul a
May, Illll*
Head a third time, and passed, lhe
21st day nf Mny, 1007, wilh lhe
ll.....llmnus cunsent of the Council.
It. considered and linally passed and
adopied by the Uoun.-il (he
day uf 11)07.
Ma von.
City Olbrk.
Tu ke nol ice Ihui llie above is a trite
copy of.-. By-Law which is Intended ...
be lllltllly passed und .id..pled by lhe
Cily Council for levying a frontage
rale to pay Inr Ibe construction of Ibe
liuprovniuonte therein mentioned and
tlnit ihe Assessment U..II us contained
In tho report of the Oltv Clerk, mentioned in Ibe suid Ity-'Liiw, .-bowing
lhe rale and lhe lunils ur real property
liable to pay the tamo, together with
ibe names ot the owners thereof, ti
nuw .... III., in i|... ..III. [ tl... i Uy
Clerk and is ..pen for Inipoctlon dining olliee boms.
The llrsl silling nf Ilu- t'i nil of
ltevisii.il to rovise lhe assesstnei.i will
he held nn Wednesday, June 12th, 1007
at tho hour of 7.80 o'clock in the afternoon at the Oity Hull, Hevelslokc, B,
C„ for the purpose of hearing cum-
plaints ..gainst the assessment as proposed by suid By-Law, or the accuracy
of the frontage measurement or any
oilier complaint whioh persons Interested may desire In make an.l which
is by luw cognizable by tbe Cuurt.
All complaints against lhe said
usseiisinelll, must be served upon the
City Clerk al least (H| eight duys prior
In tlie date nf llie Hist silling uf tbe
Court of Revision,
Dated Mav 22,1907.
Notice is hereby given .hat 30 dav. alter dale
I intend U) apply u, inccuicf commissioner of
Lands and Works lor a spceirl license to cal
nut. carry away tfinber Irum the lollowlne
i.csi-rinc.l lands situated on .McDonald Creek
Uppor Arrow Uke, West Kootenay districl:   '
I;.,Co lenolng nt a po... marked "W. It.
Hold.- southwest corner po-t.* situatod ..car a
bc.iveiiiieiiilow.aWu. J miles from thu mouth
of McDonald Creek, thenco nurth n. chain*
theoce cast so clialns, thence south si chain-'
tlience west tn cha....* to point of commencement,
2, Commencing al a post planlwl at thu
-oull.-wcl corner of Nu. 1. marked "W. It
Kolas north-wesl comer pus.,'.ii.-ncc suulh
SO chains, Uience east 81 ohains, thenoe north so
chains, Uience wesl so chains
to J'Uilll uf   coin-
...   I ommcncillg al a posl  plnuled al  lhu
nor.h cist  corner of No. 2 irked "\V, K.
Held s norlh west corner post," Ihence soulh HI
chains, iiic.ee ohm. » chains, theuoe north so
chains, lhcl.ee we-t MJ cliain, to point ol cone
Daled .May 25th, 1KI7.
wed my 28
W, R. I1KID,
City Clerk.
Notice Is hereby given .lnt radars ifie. .iat.- m
Intenil Is apply lo the Honorable Chlol Coram!..
sioner of Isimls and Works fnr permission te put
elinse the following ileserllieil lands hi Wesl
Kooleuay dislricl;
Commonolng at .. post planted on lbs 8. B.
cumor of Thompson iiru-emiition >i."i, marked
"Kvuns it Ogilvie's N. w. corner js.-t," thenco
I.) cbnins eust, .0 chuius .south. I'l chains wost,
ID chains north to .-.nil of ronimoiiectnoiit, containing l.vi notes moro or loss.
Dulod Mny DOtfa, 11101.
sat my & EVANS *. OUILVIE,
Notice is hereby given tha. 00 days after date 1
intend... applj... tne ll,,... cl.iel Commissioner
of Lands and I. oris lot permission t.. purchase
U.l lollowing descrilied [finds in Wesl Kooteuav
D strict: '
Commencing fU a po-t planted on the eastern
bank ..I ihe Columbia lliver ais.iit un,-(..iiril. ..I a
mile l«.l,.» Priest Rapids and marked -I. II. WVs
si.iiiii..',,-i corner," Uience north In chains, thenco
west p. chains, tlu-nce s..u.h 40 chaius to the bonk
id Uo-1 olumbia Knur, ihenc,.... a soulh-eistorly
direction lollowlng ll.e meandering, ol the Cob
mnbia Kiver to poini of cuiuineiiceiiie.it, containing .-.Win Its. fines.
DaleU Marcli Mli. A.D,, IU17.
•eilau iu F, B. WELLS,
RcvcMokcLand Di.trict.
I..-.I-..I of W,..t Kootenay. II. ft
Take noUoethal K.Sw.ucr.of Boavormoutb,
B, U,, occupation I'rospoclor, lilteod. te apply
for a spocial timber licence over .he following
I.-.ni...! lands: Situatod in nest Kootonay
District, B. C,
Co 1 in ing al a post planlwl.... the .......tl.
of Canoo River and marked "ji, BwiUor's
north onst cornor.' them-e wesi so chains,
1 In n.i-.-1.nil, so chains, thenoo ca*. suehalns,
thonco in.i-.li BO ohains te poinl of ooromonoo.
ine..:, and coliUiitiing010iur.--, more ur less.
Datu. May 2nd. 1007, wed my 20
■run County Coubt ob
111 Ibe matter of UlO Estute nf Oscar
E. Stevens, de.-eased, and ill the
matter of the "Ollicial
A.ln.inisttators Act,"
TAKK NOTICE thai by older nf
llis Ilnn.a-.1. A. Km in, Judge, made
lhe Mh day of May 11X17, I WHS appointed administrator of the estate of
User E. Slovens, deceased, and all
parlies having cliiiins against lhe said
state are hereby required tu furnish
in... properly verified lu me on or
before the 16th day. it June, 11)07. And
all parties Indebted to said estate are
.lired to pay the amount nf their
indebtedness tt. me I... 11.with.
OHO, S. McCaiithh,
Ollicial Administrator,
Dated Ihis 1st. day uf June, 19U7, CORPORATION OF THE
Reid & Young
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke
in ..I.I.. J
41     Wc ..re Agents I'or lhe V
*? famous     " International ty
■£ Stock Food." <&
t?     Large >'.oek kepi here. *F
v     Write   for circular or w
# cull and see it. #
*   *
f Canada Dm? k Book Co, f
^r /i gz.m££
III' (j
ii in try the
trial will
tbey are thu puresl nnd best
on  llie  ......-kid.   Try   our
j Hobson & Bell;
a (Incus, Bakers it Confectioners ■
Tb" Council
cut neuter wnrl
Hall, according
seen al the City
d.siies   lenders   for
etc..  nl  No. II  Kite
I.. -| eciltcatlons to he
Saturday, June S, Inr 21
Unsettled, possible showers
with strong nnd squally
w.st. .1.
Is.   Temp., .mix. 62; min. 60,
Local and General.
Mrs. J. D. McLennan lelt ibis week
for uu extended visit to tbe Const.
Messrs, A. Hornell i McPhail liavi
opened the Savoy ten room! on Me
Kenzie Avenue,
The ladies el the Catholic church
will hold a strawberry testival on
Tuesday, June 18th.
The regular monthly meeting ol thi
Board of Trade fell through on Thun
day night, a quorum not being obtained.
I.W. Bain, Chief of Police, left lor
Nelson this meriting to In ing buck n
Jap charged with forgery, lor Bum
niury trial
R, H. Trueman will personally
visit the local studio on Saturday,
June loth, and will be in town for five
days lollowing,
The ladies ol tbe Methodist Church
will bold their annual strawberry and
ice cream festival un Monday, June 17
—alternoon and evening, on Mr, C.
F, Liudmark's lawn.
Gold Range I. dge, No. 26, Kiiighte
. I Pythias, will hold a decoration
service in their lodge room over tin
;. -• :' ce I -.:. ri sv alternoon, All
member! are requested to assemble at
1    M    I     p   111.
There will be a meeting ol the loot-
, . club at the Y.M.C.A. tunight at
S:30 lor lhe purpose ol electing two
new members to the executive committee. A lull attendance ol the mem
ben is desired.
The dredge is now et,gaged in cut-
■ a . new channel on the west bank
I t.. Col mbia al ve the dam, bo
■■ it ihe curn nt n ay bco ir. way thi
- .: I al that | int ai d - ■ deflect u
large volume ol water away Irom the
The West K tt na) 1 i uu re In
■titute ..r..- h lii. a - j-, - ui ntar)
meeting '.- -lay in ihe Court li is.
I ne ... roing -■ --■ • - n.menced at
1030 and Ihe all I -■ --■ u .- :
-.::.:.. Evi ing session
• ; 30 io : ... ■ sn • *. II--.:..
, ,• in All si . ivi ed lo all. nd ii -.
... are c (dia I) ■-■• <•■ med.
IJ, Nairn Inn been appointed dis
jtri.-t. inaiiager Ior theSivereign Lite
Assurance Co. nl Canada, his Hold o:
operatiuii being from Laggan to Sion-
minis, tl.e Okanagan valley nud Hobson to the south. Abi.'ii:. $28,001
stock of the company is held in Kevelstoke, while three uf the directors
reside here.
An exciting lacrosse match wus
played Inst night on the McKenzie
Avenue recreation grounds, between
the business boys and students, resulting in n win for llie former, by 5 Iu 2.
l'lie business buys played a spin .did
com bin ut ion gnme, whicli gained for
theni the victory, although tbe stud-
c.ts [..it tip a strong fight.
Tbe cily authorities nnd cliief uf
police have issued notices in today's
issue calling the attention of ..11 teamsters to the necessity ol weighting und
lieing up their bones while standing
in the streets to prevent runaways
which have been very prevalent ol
lute. A cily bylaw enfoices this
tiring up of horses while standing in
public thoroughfares.
Kor lhe first time in the history of
the country, a train crew bus been
arrested without uny preliminary inquiry, by tlie directions of the County
Attorney, This bus teen done in the
esse of the (1. T. It. crew of the train
on whicli Fireman Kocl.un Hull was
killed near Parry Sound, Ont. Champ-
ness, tin- engineer ul the- train, i* Btiid
to huve disappeared. The others are
under arrest.
To Buy a House.
To Kent it HoiiM
Buy Nice
iB6 ill.
Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
Real Estate and Insurance Agts.
T..nders to reach tl.e undersigned by
June 18th, IB07,
Oity Clerk,
.lime Slh, 10(17.
The attention uf owners of lifwoi is
onil..I to Section 23 ..I City Ily law
No 7, providi'.g that no horse, etc.,
'hull hi. l.-fi .... nny street or public
pi., n ivi limit being si.lllciently lie.l
Owing io ib" frequency ol runaways
i ci-mly, Ibe police have instructions
In cut nee rigidly the provisions nf suitl
By-law in this respect.
.Iuin* S, 1U07.        -It       Mayor,
Sun bases
and Trunks
You mav need a New Grip for
vour Summer trip, and we are
prepared to supply ycu, We have
tliem in all styles, sizes and prices.
Leather, Imitation Leather and
Mailing Covered Suit Cases, Canvas Telescopes, Club Hags, etc.
Teninsli rs ...■.- hereby nolillcd ll.nt
I heir teams must be propetly weighted
...■tie:! while standing in tl.o streets,
anil nfter Ibis dale ll.e I'mindkerper
will be instructed (.. take charge ol all
tennis Improperly weighted or tied.
T. \Y, [IAIN,
.liiiicSili.llii)?. Chief of Police,
Business Locals
Hammocks nt Cansdi Drug Co.
Nothing better than Our "Special
Dou'l futget lhe I, dies "Al Home"
.it the V. M.C. A., Tuesday, June 18,
Carpets,  linoleum!  mid   H •"*'  nil
cloth at O. li. Hume & Co's.
Industry.     Smoke
Patronize  Homo
Rovelstoko Cigars.
Sparklets and sparklet holies s.jl.l
ai the Canada Drug Si..re.
Window shades, wall paper, plain
and decorative burlaps at ('. II. Hume
& Co's.
Kur sore feet get a box ul our hot
case. Special make only 25c. ut the
Cauada Drug Slore.
Rovelstoke Cigars Union Made Our
Special, Tho Union, and Marca Vueltu
aro ahead of all others.
A choice selection of lace and tapestry . irtains, curtain p. ■ -. r .1- anil
fixtures at ('. B II ime -. Co's
B n  i.e.   c -fn plasters. Jusl  lln
linng [or *. re -     - in l  --■
10 cents  ;.   package.   C .da   Ui
. .    kslore.
Mackenzie Avenuo (Soutl.)
Thursday. June 20
I rousers at
Special Prices
During this week we are offering a splendid line of Trailers,—
made of the Best Wool goods, in
ilie Best Styles. See them in our
Hot Weather
Our line of Summer Undeiwe.tr
is very complete, comprising Balbriggan, in Black and White and
Natural Wool in all weights and
Silk mixtures.
Straw and
Linen Hats
The best assortment in town
and sold at very low prices. Wc
have also a very large lot of Crush
Felt Hats, in black, blue, brown
and grey, that can be rolled up and
carried in pocket or grip. They
arc just what you need for travelling.
Ladies' Summer
Wearing Apparel
Wash Tics, Soft Collars, Belts,
Stocks, Light Weight Hosiery in
Cashmere, Lisle and Cotton, Canvas Shoes, Gauze Shirts, Negligee
Shirts of all kinds, in fact everything you may need to keep you
cool and comfortable for the next
three months.
at 1:30 p. m.
islinctioiis from  .MU'*. II.
I will sell by Public Aue-
eiiliie furnishings of  her
nsistiug In part of tho follow-
home, c
lug, viz :
Three snli.l (Ink Bedruoin Suites,
Bedroom Carpels, Bed Springs, Mntt-
l.-esses, elc. I A 1 Roc ling Chairs,
Writing Desk, 1 Sewing Machine,
Clocks, 2 Bicycles (lady's and gent's)
2 Fine, Lounges, several Brass Lamps,
(lynx Parlor Table, (Ink Hall Itaek,
A I M.-Cluiy's Range with bol vvulei
conned ion and boiler, Oak Music
Cabinet, Oak Dining Table and Chairs
tti unit.-h, Fancy Bric-a-Brac, und all
.liter furnishings iu this first-class
Everything must be sold ns putty is
rnnving away.
This is your greatest opportunity to
furnish your home with the very best
in luu ii nl your own p.-ice.
The goods will not be npen for in
spe.-liun till .In...- inili. Sale take,
placp at above address "ii June 20th.
fit Ij30p.ni.
liuni forget the date, JUNE 20th,
.i! 1:30 [.in.
TERMS cash.
II. MANNING, Auctioneer,
The Kb...Ies' scholarship competition bus been decided, Thorlief Lar-
sen, whu received his earlii r education
at .New Westminster and later graduated Irum the Tot.min University at a
Bachelor ol Arts at the heud ol Ilia
class, is the fortunate student, according to .... anno.ine.-.m-nt made by
Supt. oi Education Robinson! .ll.Mc-
Kinnonwits the candidate frum Revelsloke und did nn excellent examination, although not successful.
The revival mission under the auspices ol the Baptist Church opens in
tl.e mission t. nt, ipposite the clul  tomorrow in.....ing.   Cher, will bethrei CHURCHES
services  tomorrow;    Morning devo.
tioual service and semi n    ' l'lie 1 .      ' i™01"
umphsui Faith."   In tbeaftern      . "   '
n eeting for y iung pi  pie at 4 o'cloi
,.n.l in tbe evening n m ise
following   the   si-.-i:.:..-   ...   -
irehes     i.-     .1 id    Mrs,   E
Gel a Japinesi  irl
■    i.da "hairs ■  . —   il ..
(.'. li. II mi.  i Co's
er big . -   ■
.-1    ind drugs opened al
Drug Sl
and i. ivi -      - -
Marriage Licenses Issued
f QtnttttfTy
Jewelers and Opticians
Next to Imperial Bank
Improper!)' fitted glasses arc worse limn
no glasses ami neglected eyes often means
Our Optical Depart men I is in charge o
Mr. M. S. Hastings, Kef. IX, and positively guarantee satisfaction.
It has been proven thai 90 per cent, of
headaches are caused by defective eyes
and ii does nol follow that because yvo
have good eyesight thai your eyes are nol
Have your eyes attended to now and
save trouble and expense.
Tk Best
fi.imi- n Ma
.   -■■ tisms; 2 30
H   P'"
■-hanks i-i Nelson Baptist I
charg.      .   in .-ting-    Ri v. D. E.    St. I
Hal   M \   B ipl    : Bu|: ■  Miss    - - ...
rill h.   i:- icut ii    ■ -I n.i- time u dl-md 1 30  p.n
.In. Shanks will sing at each I l'a I
lervic.      W bile the mission is uiu l loupied
the lie Baptist i
'I'i,.- I..-i known remedy l.
i  . m     | iltoe* from yum hnus.
If properly   smudged,   in
need for con ern or loss ul -'..-• p
60c. a Pound
il .i
loter and a        irolu -  md -     •   -
■vil]   I..      Defined      111...
!: i n.i el   ga are free I   -
did  i intern   will   ho med I
■ j- jliig,   is.th   ii. mn     idi .and
illustrated songs.
linuc all week,
im     Hibl.
Druggist und
Mail Orders  prontji
Phm. B-
Social and Personal
Mr Russell I the C.P.R. machinist.
li fl : :,i- morning for v. innipeg
.Mr.-. 8, I.. Jones, ni Calgary, i-
visiting Mr. .mil Mrs. ,1. M. Doyle in
liytf.n Willi.uu-, provincial game
warden, came... tu town .... Thursday
Capt, llacher went south to Burton
City for a lew days this week on
Mrs, Geo, Edwards will not rn-"niun Wednesday June 12th, .mr until
A. (lowing and A. (.. Eraser,ol
Trout Lnke City, spent a low days iu
town this week.
C. It Bayer, western travelling secretary ol the Y.M.C.A , Imn boon
spending u week in town.
Hugh MePherson, ol Trout Lake
Cily, lelt fur the snutli this morning
after a lew days' visit iu town.
trated        r*r«
■    -
Kni    Phi
eat It *
-ni -!.-. .; -1 I'm
School will prnl i   -   ■
N'o, 221), C. W. O   '     ■.    il
body, ....-I the pimto.
subject" tin- Creates! Coin
r.f   Ul       Music sun ii f" to the nccs
,-imii     Invocation anthem, "Our I-'.-
ther," Offertory  anthem,     I
Vm.r fiends d ye Gates,   and D
sion anthem, "Bow Down Thine 1. r
(i   Lord."    The Young P.  |
ciety will meet lo. hall an hour al the
Hose ul the evening service whon a
short address will I o given on    Dr
Robertson, j  Missionary State man
choir  practice  on  Thursday night
All are  welcomo nnd strangers ..n
specially invited,
A uui-* unusual opportunity In have
. .    i.f s.-wing Machine on
the win-Id's...... k.-i  in  your home  i.s
possible in the extra valves embodied
dern machines manufactured
by ' hi Singei Sewing Machine Cn.
of the year, sewing
e purtii libit ly   saleable,
inasmuch   ■* homes are refurnished,
m .ml I.iidil apartments
- nm i recently
■m - lun.-* thai re-
-    .   '-.   i   pleasant and
Is - ,-m irutite. d
.aliti. in- [tig Reliable
i.-fully Inspected and
.i     terms,   Llheral
f -Im...  linn-   uny-
1)1.1 mil. Lin..- -\- hanged,
H, ii P I--, mnn, I.,., .i AgHiit.
Office : Davidson's Tailor Shop
",  ..1,11-
llltl acres first-class FRUIT Land
on Arroiv Luke, "2(1 acres cleared,
to ncres now ready for crop —
Frame Duelling (live rooms,)
chicken house ...id barn (holding
lour teams) Plenty ul curd wood,
just two miles trom town, An
ideal spot for poultry nnd u good
market where tip prices are paid
for nil kinds nf v, getables, fruit,
eggs, elc—l'l.IRK $4,01)0.
I hnve alsu large and Rinaller
acreage suitable fnr fruit clnse tu
market. Kor full particulars
apply to —
Dwelling and Lot
Second Street      ....
Dwelling un.l Loi
Second Street   ....
,     I.KIKI
Dwelling uud Lot
, Third Street	
Luis un Second SI.
cast of McKenzie Ave, eacli   ,
.      2.)(l
Luis on Third St.,
■ast of McKenzie Ave., each   .    .
.   20(1
Lols on Ko.u'il. St.
ensl of McKenzie Ave., each    .
.      175
Lots on Fifth St., i
ast of McKenzie Ave., eacli    .
.   150
1—2 and 5-uci-c lil
icks suitable for fruit.
i .    i
i io
i . . .:
II hums* neatly repaired,
New harness mndo tn order .... ll.e
-luu-i.-*i notice.
Al, kinds ..1 Whips and Stable requl-
, sites k.-pi in Btock.
Uigglng  und    Team   Harness   a
Fur Agricultural lni|)loiiionts. Carriages, Wagons* | Etc., ili'liii
li.'iTii Ploughs, Miilhio Wagons, Canada Carriage ('omimny'a
Huggios, Pliinol jr., Gardon Sunders and Cultivators, Whool-
wriglit and Blacksmith Work attended tu. Horso Shoeing a
L% %%%%%% %%%%%% %%*%%%   %%%%*%%%%%%%<
HKADOKK1CK:  OAWABV,  Ai.iikuta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Port IVIdiiri iiiiii Duftbr in Livn Block. Murkuta In all tho prlnrlpal Cltluii anil
Towns nf Allierta, liritish .,„<iimI-1iiiimlllio Yukon, Piu'koia<*(the Culehrateil Hraml
''Im i'i-  or" Mains and Uncoil, ami Hliauirurk llraml, l^af l.nnl. j
ipptwlu. ih.. i nt
II. ('.
Appllcatinns will be .-.-.:.-iv-.-.l up tn
noon nt .Intu: I2lli, lor tin- poBitioil   of
Secretary-Manager ul the Fruit A-
Produce Fixohango of II, ('.., Ltd, Only
those with lirst clnss references nnil
oummerolal rolcrcnccs need apply
Addrea--., W, J. Brandritli, Ladnor, Il.C,
Proper Medicine
for the Blood
■    ■
■ ' ■   i |
Mill   :'!
... ([rivei
i | |i j, i ...i   ...;    in the
. .,. ■-,-:
In hi i m'li .i  brittle nt
A full npply alwayi  hand
Red Cross Drug Store
Hntl Order. B  l'f.in.|.i. Ittnnl	
.uill BALK  Sf,
.'lu I...
I' f.-llii-, nnil ...ii.lei'ii plumbing.
11 ill..-. ,M ti- of garden, g.".d f.-u.-...-
117(101)11, Im v i.nu*. For furlher
parth ulii. - apply tn W, II. llohtuinin,
W i
If I
\NTKIi   A    di g   '
I..ml II.-i.-l,  N.iku-
Wil'.li   Ai i....-.• a Dlnl.igrtin.n
girl,     Apply (lllll'.NTAI. II..TKI,.
\UANTI-:|i   Dining 11"
I l...v
nil I...
• Uupcii property for i
. secured Iho agency for Prince Rupert properly for n limiied li.nc
35x120ft, Price $joo. Terms, II50cash, balance 4, Mind it
have also choice lots and residences iu Revelsloke, business
Also liuil lunils iliise i...
Apply I
T\/   OTAI^*^   RIAt HT*U*MD
,    V.    O I MVjVJ,  CENtnAL BCOKEB
I'.   II.   Hox,   lis,   lU-n-lM.ik.., II. u.
I.Vlll   SAI.K      (I'riviilclvi   111    lhe
I1      ..--l.l.-.i.i-   nl*    VV,    M,   Law -e,
Miii'ki'iizii' Avenue, I dining table. I
sideboard, I suit.-dining 11.0111 el...i.s,
'(.'.n-k.-i-s, I .-.'nli'.. Iiibb1s, I .iuiiiiI.., 2
ll.ii.-.i I* fiiipel si |.If.res, I Nn. II K il -
.ben r.inge.   Can be seen.il any hlllll'i
max Hotel.
ANTKD     Kvcvmie   having
Iiuu*..   lo  sell ...-   nml lo list it
wllh in...   1 fi... Hooded with rutpitiioii
i-.i hou '■ pi'iipcith--..   Phone, .-nil. or
.Imp ....-1. .-..rd with full diwilpllon
uui p.... l.llse |i|'ile. '..' lent I' ipiilell.
15, A. Ki.ggOlli llenl Ksl.ile Olid Iii-iii-
unci' Agent. Hevelslokc, II. ( .
I.uill   SALK   CIIKAI'   Koiiillo. 111
I'    Fiiriil»h.'d limine, Chicken houses
lm..int.... w.....1*1..-.1 .....I garden, iu
g I c.edition and ready for iiinm-d-
Illll'   ol'l-lipillil.ll,    ..Is.)   ..    UU.libel'   of
chickens forsnle.    Apply nni.reinlsi'B,
Ihre..  iniln.t.'s   walk fluin  depot  uu
....sttrack.-Mis, Jewltt.
><>W>Q<><><>0<><><><><>0<> OOO oooooo<
Look Well! Feel Well!
Dn you enjoy I Iml, well diessed feeling? We all know what
it feels like' lo bo but, lo be cold, or to be tired, uud It is
jusl ns trim lli.il we all know what, it feels like to lie well
diessed, ll feels good, and It's good to feel guud. Ynu can
never l.e well diessed it yuur clothes are not made by the
lighl linker.
Got toknow we handle tbo SEMI-READY GARMENTS
mul ymi will llmi whul a pleasure and satisfaction it is tu he
well dressed.
Suits and Overcoats  Sis, 118, and $20.
Blue and Black Suits, the best made, (20, & $25
Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: $18 and $20
Special Trousers IB and te.
Tailoring is our business, We make a .nan look well
and he knows il.
..Cressman  and Morrison..


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