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The Mail Herald 1908-10-21

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 " Empire" Typewriter
Km Huso ol operation and perfection
in r. Milts proiliieeil, thi. machine
is unsiiipn-sed     Price, Ifliu (Ml ("ash.
Interior Publishing-..,    -   Agents
The Mail-Herald
Special Prices nn
Five Conl Lot's
E. W. 8. PAGET, lMoKenzie Ave.
VoL 14,-No 79
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & cEj-tS
Stores at Airowliead and Rt»v.».-....
■?':;,. v 'V ".    _    '   __$__."* ' '
Let Us
Have Your
Order Friday
We will promise
you the best of ser-
vice. Saturday's
business is getting so heavy that we ask anyone who
can to let us have their orders to handle on Friday.
for Friday
Another big bunch of those good remnants
on sale Friday, October 23. Come and have a look
at them. They are all placed on tables for easy
Here is the best chance that has eome your
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Twelve Boys' Suits—fit boys from ftve to nine
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OIL HKATERS—• Ju.t the thing to take the chill off
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ASH SIFTERS that are Conl Savers, Fire Shovels, Mica,
HOUSE BLANKETS—We have a large and well assorted  stock.    Can   give   lumber   camps  wholesale
rules by the dozen.
BLACK AND GREY ROBES—Get one early, ns last
year wc sold out at the first cold snap.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Limited
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Ot-.ce—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund
Branches or Agents at all piincipal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and diited Stales—London, England,
Lloyd's Bank, Ltd. Chicago- Kirst National Bank, Corn Exchange
National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, San rrancisce-
Wells Kargo, Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of tl and upward, received, and interest credited four
times a year.   Special attention given to out-of-town accounts.
Reveletoke Branoh, B.C.-A.B. MoCleneghan, Mgr
Sec them  before buying
Opposite Chilian Hotel, First Street.
Nomination Returns—One Liberal and One Conservative
Elected by Acclamation—
The Provincial Situation.
Montkkal, Oct. 20.—Nomination
day in tbe maritime provinces saw
both parties in the field with complete
In tbe province of Quebec both parties have complete tickets in nearly
every one ol the 65 constituencies.
Hon. L. P. Brodeur is eiected by acclamation in Rouville. In Richelieu and
Portnouf counties there are two Liberals and one Conservative running.
In Quebec East, Sir Wilfrid Laurier is
opposed by Aid. Micbel Fiset.
In Ontario, VV. F. MacLean, conservative, South York, is the only
eleotion by acclamation. All other
constituencies so lar as heard Irom
have named either straight liberals
and conservatives or independent and
labor candidates.
Reqin-a, Sask., Oct. 20.—Word was
received at Conservative headquarters
here today that the nomination papers
of W. E Knowlcs, the Moose Jaw
liberal candidate, were irregular, and
a protest hss been lodged with the
proper officers claiming the scat for
N. It Wheeler, by acclamation.
Nelson, Oct. 20—A. S. Goodeve,
conservative; Smith Curtis, liberal;
nd William Davidson, socialist, were
nominated for tbe Commons in Kootenay. The election is deferred to Nov.
12. The Yale-Cariboo nomination is
deferred to Oct. 24, and election to
Nov. 12.
The nominees in other B. 0. constituencies are:
Yale-Cariboo—Martin Burrell, conservative; C. Bunting, socialist; Duncan Boss, liberal.
Comox-Atlin—John Houston, independent; Wdi. Sloan, liberal.
Nanaimo—F. H. SbepbeM, conservative; J. H. Hawtbornthwaite, socialist; Ralph Smith, liberal.
Victoria—G. H. Barnard, conservative: Hon. Wm. Templeman, liberal.
New Westmiuster—J. D. Taylor,
conservative; It Jardioe, liberal.
Vancouver—G. H. Cowan, conservative; Joseph Martin, independent;
E. T. Kingsley, socialist; W. W. B.
Mclnui's, liberal
Railway Magnates Pass Thru'
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy, president
ol the C.P.R., W. Whyte, 2nd vice
president; F. F: Bueleed, general sup
erintendent of the western division
and others on the division staff
arrived in the city at 6 p.m. yesterday
en route for the coast, by special
train. The train consisted of the cars
"Manitoba," and "Killarney,'" as well
as baggage, etc. The party did not
leave the station, but visited the offices, etc., before their train pulled out
ahead of No. 97.
Among otber things Sir Thomas
denied the story that the C.P.R. is
surveying a line through Pine Pass to
the Pacific coast and also that the
Company bad purchased tbe White
Pass aod Yukon railroad. He expressed himself pleased with tbe pro
gress Revelstoke bad made and the
proepenty ol tbe west generally.
In a discussioo at points along the
line he laid tbat the recent financial
crisis had proven a veritable boon to
the whole country. It had steadied
things down to a solid normal, lt
bad compelled tbe people to stop and
think. The action ol the banks was
drsstie in an ultimate sense; it osme
without warning, like a thiel in the
night, and with it came an intensely
anxious time for practically everyone
Fortunately lor bis oorporation, it hsd
at tbat time, about a year ago now,
the huge sum ol 20 million dollars on
deposit, which feet saved tbe situation.
He blamed tbe banks very emphatically lor tbe very flagrant way in
whioh they encouraged speculation in
lands and real.y and then, after having done so, it seemed hard to have
them suddenly shut down oo everyone. It would bave been better had
they shut down on sueb negotiations
a year before they did.
Speaking ol railway development
Sir Thomas stated that his eompsny
had within tbe past twelve months
constructed about 1000 miles of new
lines, and tbat it was by no means
done One fact he deplored was tbat
the settlers ignored available lands in
districts traversed  by convenient and
existing railways and settled in remoter locations beyond the teach of
transportation facilities and all the
other advantages whioh such (acilities
involved. Having settled sparsely in
such outlying districts, the next thing
they did was to agitate for a railway.
Now, owing to the slender settlement
the operation of a railway was impossible except at a lass, and the proposition wns therefore unattractive to
any comi n'sy. How much better it
would be from every standpoint, he
contended, if the settler would locus
attention toiely on available land adjacent to existing lines, of which land
tbere was abundance, rather than go
out to cheaper land sections to await
the coming ol railways. In the end it
would cost more than if they went
into settled sections served by railways.
fatal Occident
Brakeman Crushed to   Death
Between Two Cars
A sad accident, attended with fatal
results, occurred on Monday evening
at Sicamous junction. It appears
tbat A. M McLennan, C. P. R. brake
.nan, was in thu act of coupling two
passenger c»rs, when turning half
round for some purpose, he evidently
did not notice thai the two cars were
so close, and beforo he could realize
that danger was Ihnali.niug and get
clear, the edges of lhe cars caught him
with n sickening force, crushing the
body. The injured man wns hn.tily
placed aboard the eust bound train No.
2, for conveyance to the hospital here.
The poor fellow, suffering untold
agonies, lingered throughout most of
the tedious journey, but the shock
was ao great and tbe internal injuries
sustained proved too much and McLennan breathed his last just as the
train was climbing the rise beloie the
down grade on the home stretch to
the city. The deceased was well
known and popular in Revelstoke,
being the cousin of Hory McLennan,
C.P.R. eonduotor, and Alex. Mcl.eu-
hrakeman. The body will be shipped
to Nova Scotia where the deceased
has his home. From reports of those
who were near at tbe time ol the accident it appears that tbe side lever
which is used for coupling passenger
cars was either broken or removed
whioh necessitated the brakeman
stooping under the car platform to
make the coupling. The inquest is
taking place while we are going to
Tbe deceased leaves a widowed
mother at his home at River Dennys,
N. 8., to mourn bis loss. Incidentally
it may be remembered that the deceased had only recently returned to
work after recovering fro . severe injuries to bis head by being struck by
a mail catcher. 11 is two brothers also
met untimely ends some years ago,
both being drowned in the river that
runs through tlieir mother's farm in
Nova Scotia. Miss McLennan of Vancouver, well known in Revelstoke,
and A. D. McLennan, cousins, will
accompany the remainseast. The deceased, wbo was 24 years ol age, was a
member ol the Orange Order, besides
being a member of the Railroad
Trainmen, and was very popular
anung his associates. His death will
be widely felt.
The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at 8:30 o'clock from tbe
Y. M. C. A. instead of from Howson's
undertaking parlors, as announced in
the funeral notices distributed round
tbe city, to meet No. 06, on which the
remains will be shipped to River Dennys, N. S-, the deceased's home. The
arrangements are in the bands of tbe
Broth rhood of Railroad Trainmen, of
which the deceased was a popular
Laat Wednesday nigbt in • league
fixture the Intermediate basketball
tram put it over tbe Shamrocks 20 to
14. The game was not a very brilliant one, but the passing ' of the
intermediates was good, though both
teams were rather wild ou shooting
Next Wednesday the Road team will
play the Alerts. Although the Alerts
are a new team, they promise to make
the Road to um go some.
The Indoor Athletie Meet is arranged to take place on October 31.
A large number of entries have
been received (or the Thanksgiving
Day Road race.
A Basket ball game will bo played at
the Y M C A to night, between the
Road team and Alerts. This is Alerts
first game and it will, be watched with
interest what showing they will make
against the strong Road Team
W G Astle, the YM C A trsek team
captain has been suddenly called to the
coast on account ol bis lather being ill
We hope tbat we shall havo him back
again soon.
Tupper at the Coast-Crisis
Passing.- Grain Moving.—
New Sawmill. — Albruzzi-
Elkins Match.
LONDON, Oct. 21.—Sir Charles Tup
per attended at Buckingham palace
yesterday. He was cordially received
by the kitigjund sworn in asa'member
ol the Privy Council.
LONDON, Out. 21.—The Balkan situation iB improving. It is believed
now that war will be averted,
Ottawa, Oct. 21.—lt is stated at
tbe trade and commerce department
that il navigation ol the great lakes
ean be kept open until the end of
November, half of this year's grain
crop of the Caoadian west will have
been moved to the Atlantic seaboard
before the frost sets in.
Grand Forks, Oct. 21.—A company has been formed in Chicago to
tike over lhe timber claims recently
acquired up the north furk of Kettle
Paris, Oot. 21.—New complications
are aided to the Abruzsi-Elkins match
today when it became known tbat il
the Iiiilinii duke marries the American heiress the proposed match between the Count uf Terin and Princess Pallida of Counaugbt would not
be sanctioned by King Edward.
Shortage of Canadian Cars for
First Time Since Depression
Montreal, Oct. 20.— V sign of the
times not to be overlooked is in regard
to the idle freight cars. Last year
there were 413,338 in the States aud
Canada. There are now 125,678. A
ni st striking change in the situation
Iius taken place on the Canadian lines,
where a net shortage bas occurred for
the first time in any section since the
industrial, depression set in. The
Canadian group shows an actual shortage of 1,679 oars, a decrease from a
surplus in two weeks, b ing equivalent
to more than 50 per ceut. of the total
surplus in that group. The large
movement ol grain in western Canada
is tbe cause of that change.
Social and Personal
R. A. Upper, uf Field, was in the
oity yesterday.
Mrs. G. M. Clark has taken up her
residence at Nelson.
Mrs. Chas. Holten will not receive
on Friday Oct. 23rd.
Mrs. J. B. Cressman will not receive
on Friday Oct. 23rd.
C. B. Hume returned tbis morning
from a visit to the coast.
Mrs. II. C. Cameron will not leceive
tomorrow (Thursday, Oct. 22 )
Milford Hastings, ol Vancouver,
wsb a visitor to tbe city yesterday
R Gibbous of Gibbons Lumber Co.
Pingston Creek Arrow Lake, is in tbe
0. M. Field spent two days this
week at Field and other points on a
business trip.
J. Lea my, Dominion timber inspector, was a visitor to Revelstoke
Mrs. Alex. McRae and Miss McRae
bave returned Irom an extended visit
to the east.
Mrs. W. M. Lawence returned un
Saturd iy Irom an extended visit to the
coast cities.
N. O. B-ingard lelt yesterday for
Salt Lake City, Ctab, after a viait of
several weeks to friends in tbis city.
J A. Kirk, P. L. S-, left Revelstuke
on Sunday and will make bis bead-
quaiters at Summerland in the Okanagan Valley,
Mrs. C. R. Hume, wbo has been ill
for some time, is gradually recovering
ber health at the coast, and her many
friends here will be glad to hear ol ber
satisfactory progress.
Miss Krupp, ol tbe great firm of
Krupp, Essen, Germany, the big arms
manufacturers, was a visitor to the
eity for a short while on Monday
evening while en route lor the  Coast,
Mrs. W.I. Briggs gave a delightful
progressive whist party at her home
on McKenzie avenue Monday alter
noon in honor of Mrs. J. M. Soott
and Mrs. Curtis who are leaving Bev
elstoke. At conclusion of tbe game
dainty refreshments were served, the
delicatessen being much enjoyed. The
prize winners were Mrs. G. S. MoCai-
ter and Mrs. O. B. Paget.
Mrs. J. T. Telfer was at home to her
many friends yesterday afternoon. A
large number ol guests were present,
progressive whist being the chid
feature of tbe occasion. The prizes
wore won by Mrs. F. C. Elliott and
Mrs. J. M. Scott. Refreshments
brought a pleasant afternoon to a
Rifles, Shot Guns, Ammunition, Good Hunting
Knives, Axes, Fishing
Tackle and other sporting goods.
We are showing the best line of Heaters, Ranges, etc., that
has been seen in Hevelstoke and our increasing sides prove that
we have the right goods and prices.
Our Plumbing department is up-to-dute und we are doing
the best work ilint is dune in the citv.
Bourne  Bros.
Those cravenette*
e-2C*"r'l j,
*^r-/~~0**/«*••«' /^t*7
Rain has fallen since the world began. Rain
will fall as long as the world lasts. Jt makes a delightful feeling to walk out in the rain wearing a
nice cravenette and not getting soaked, besides, a
cravenette is just as gooo* tor sunshine as any other
kind of overcoat.
All cravenette coals aire not alike you might as
well get one that has style. When you are at it
come to the store that has style in cravenette..
We also carry a tine assortment of Umbrellas
and Rubbers for Rainy weather.
McKinnon C& Sutherland
Until further notice this Bank will be open
C. P. R. Pay Night and following night each
Open every Saturday evening from 7 to
9 p. m.
At all Branohes
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branoh, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
At 8 Per Cent.
A C, P. R. Rumor
Edmonton, Alia, October. 20.— It
is alleged tbat the ('. 1'. K. purposes
building a branch 600 miles north ol
Edmonton to the Ureal Slave I.«ke.
At Sturgeon Lake, '20(1 miles south of
Ureal Slave Lake, Knottier branch—
really a main line—will run through
the Peace river district and traversing
the Peace  River  Pas*  wiil  cross   the
Hocklei, and striking the Fraser
River, will follow it for hundreds of
miles. The objective is either Kamloops or Ashen,It. It is stated that the
company may also extend tbis line
westnrly srom Northern Cariboo to
a point on tidewater midway detween
Vancouver and Prince Rupert.
Dews' Witch Mar-el Cream beats all
band or lace creams. Zbc fl_.ail-1bcralb.r
mill  icurii     ifiiiv"! -,     i \*     \ .   Q A Tl Til    I
B. C.
DA.1   \'l
Barristers, Solicitors,   Etc
0 T T A W A
Parliament..! %,    Departmental
and Patent Oflicc Agents
Practice before Railway
L'lU-s. .Mtrphy.        Hakoi.h Kisher
ilLl.AN A KI.I.lo'l T
Solicitors, otc,
.    S. OILtty J. I . KlU.ltil'l
ii. AND I'i     ..HAM,
Omasa :  Imperial  iia.sk Rbvbi.
ifiuKic, n. is,
Muuey to loan.
Ornsxis; Itcvclntoku, H t".    I'rm.ltriiult, B   D.
Jiu. s. MoOabteb,
A..  M.   1'INKHAM, J. A.   llAUVKY,
lievisi.ioko, H. i'      Cranbrook, H,  .
J. M. Scott  l.L
W. I. Hl'lKKH.
Hahristers, Solicitors, E-i
Money To Loan
solicitors khr Molson" Bank
Banff Hard Coa
We are nuw receivin*
different sizes of this
in _stic fuel on the market.
supply ol
the   best
F,i»t Street.
Heve ■ like, !'•(
Provincial I,und Surveyor,
Mining tsui veynr
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 10(1, Kevelstoke
Certified I eil TetiehtM' "I
Piano. Vocal Theory.
Musical   Kindergarten
t Ins—" - tor young children.
Si inn,, .ive
Get acquainted with
Black Watch
the big b!ack plug
chewing tobacco. A
tremendous favorite
everywhere, because of
its richness and pleasing
flavor. «,„
Zbc ADaiMhcralb
There ll -o much bad in tho bast ol us,
Wi -», mucti good lu tills Worst t'f lis
'tmt i". btird'.y behoove- uny ,-f us.
Tu laik ab'tut the rest uf us.
All orders will be
torily attendee
promptly  and satisfac-
Try some BRIQUETTES in your
Open Grate.
Range or
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Molsons Bank Building.
less overflowing, and while in the
winter months the presence of these
fever-breeding swamps is not so
noticeable, yet in the summer they
emit effluvia than can he detected
a long way off. We understand
Unit the city council urn now negotiating witli a contractor for sewer-
ago work, und have a scheme
whereby the central section of the
city will be laid with sewers, which
if these plans materialize, will alleviate, what would undoubtedly
in a verv short while cause an epi-
d'Hiiic of some disease throughout
Revelstoke. We l„ lieve that the
citizens as a whole would welcome
the introduction of sewers and
willingly put up tlieir share of the
expense entniled in order to ensure
a clean and leulthv oity.
When an election campaign is
on aod political wnrfare tactics sre
being studied, the new (inner and
settler in lhe country who can
'luuiity for a vote i- invariablj up
proached by parties witb a view io
possibly winning him ovi r in Ih ir
respective -j Ira S'i« settlers
should, in event "i ilii-. use Iheii
immon sense in determining which
party to vote for They should
read both sides of ioe question,
and after, of course, dividing what
they are told hy a big sum. in order
to arrive at some where near lhe
truth, and after Berious deliberation they Bhould decide ior them-
•.eU-es which party deserves their
-   . and which  candidate tln-ir
vote. They should do their own
think., g and Bhould not accept the
proffered advice of professional
politicians to vote f"r the parties
respectively advocate Lastly,
when discussing political questions,
. should do it t'uietiy. ii that
be possible, ami without temper.
It really doesn't pay to fall out
with youi neighbor over polities'
In .-j : ihe approach of winter when i iiiiili'iniis are so much
harder, lhe genera) outlook is very
promising. Tlie Winnipeg Commercial, which is usually well informed has the following to say:
The record-breaking harvest in
central and western Canada has
already restored confidence in our
markets, ami a big change has
taken place, in the general feeling
throughout the country,
The universal depression lasl
year, together with the slump in
toe grain crops, resulted in anxiety
in wholesale circles regarding the
I Western situation, and the effect
: was noticeable in tbe general retail
The West, however, has rallied
in better shape  than many outside
"American   Medicine"  in an ar*
tide dealing with the sanitary condition "f larger cities, says lhat
where a system nl cesspools is used
-■• id of sewers, an epidemic of a
•.,.. '.-•• or ie.-- serious nature in al
most impossible to bo avoided,
aiid sooner or lalei tbe sewage*
soaked soil musl give forth germs
ol such a visible lunger as to
threaten *.l.i lib- o. an entire com-
munity. Such a statement as this,
■s- everyone musl admit, is particularly applicable lo Revelstoke and
the outbreak of au epidemic is only
-..a'.teil   to   bring    matters   In   n
■ Umax, Although lhe question ol
i -■ k. rug'- system all over the city
, i- heen  mooted, sud in fact, pre-
minary surveys and details bave
.1."'.     been   made and arran*   I
• i, yet :. .hing    letinite   In- In en
d in.   towards furthering thai ei d,
■ e chiel difficulty being lhe financing ot the project The central
lections "f tbe city ure in a filthy
ilate, the ground being hone -
.. imbed with cesspools, all more or
From uurowu correspondent.
Mrs. Mackenzie is the guest of her
sister, Mrs. W. R. Reid.
Mrs. A. J, Burton of Vancouver is a
guest ut the home of Mr. and Mrs. R.
Rev. P, McXabb, pastor of the Presbyterian Church, preached his farewell
sermon on Sunday evening, and left
tuwn early in ihe week to resume th-
good work in other district.
Misk Ida Ellin',of Nelson, is vi.iting
her brut her, Dr, I   ,   .'
Miss Nellie Iiliuin., n( Calgary, is
spending u f. it d  \ - .is Iiei home here.
Mrs Geo B. Onnipliell has returned
idler visiting lmr p.rente in Wetaskiwin,
T. Taylor, M P P., spent a few days
iu Ihiu vicinity this week.
Miss Idu Kerr, who has been viei ing
friends on the prairie, is home again.
Miss Alniu Mutt-ion is tlie guest of
her sister, Mrs. Campbell.
Mrs. Wm. Parton returned this
week after spending some time al her
lor.uer home in Parry Sound.
M 0. Brewer recently made a trip
through the prairie provinces.
It A. Bethune formerly manager of
the Imperial li.uik. has gone to fill a
similar position in Kamloops.
Mr Reid is now in charge of litis
brunch of the hank.
Mre. .1. Fylu entertained u number
ol young people on Thursday evening.
Capt. and Mrs. r'orslund ure ut
tbeir runcli ou Arrow Lake.
Miss L. Baynes returned from Malakwa, where she was called ou -.(-count
of the illness of her brother.
Mr. and Mrs. ll Cameron uud
family ure back frum a lengthy visit to
Miss   G.   Hutchinson  sj ► i■.  » lew
Things Formerly Permitted Are
Made Criminal Acts
I'he Dominion Government has
caused a summary ol the new law
relating to elections to he published.
It conlaiiiH ninny new provision*
effecting candidates, elections, etc.
The luw went into effect on July 20th.
Some of the principal provisions are
as follows:
" It is made a criminal offence,
punishable by heavy line, to take
down, mutilate or deface any procla
mation notice, voters' list or other
document required to be posted under
tho provisions of the act.
" No persons can make a contribution on behalf of any candidate except
through the agent of such  candidate.
" The briliery provisions iu the act
are made much more severe
" Canvassing by persons residing
outside ('lunula is made an indictable
" Printing offices are required to
give the address of the printer and
publisher on every class of printed
material issued in connection with an
" The making of a false statement
with regard to the personal character
ol a candidate renders the person
making it liable to a line ol not less
than ..100.
Contributions for political purposes
by any company or association are
made an indictable offence."
B. C. Fruit Trade
One gratifying feature of the B C.
fruit trade is the fuel, that orders for
apples huve been Bent from the comptroller ol the Mikado's household,
specifying certain British Columbian
produce by nnme. The apples had to
he ull cHiefully selected and the order
is the result of a sample shipment
fonvaidid lust season A Shanghai
meichnnt has also sent un Older for a
simple shipment, and hopes to he able
to make a regular feature of British
Coin i hi,n apples in Chi   a.
Young Conservative Club
Election ol officers and ssicial evening Wednesday, Oct. 21bI, at 8 p.m ,
in rooms over Bums' Block. AH
young men cordially invited.
Boarding   School   for    Girls
Children of all Denominations ad.
milted. Complete Preparatory Studies.
High St:hool Course. ■ Music:-—Piano,
Instruments, For terms and other
particulars apply to—SISTER SUPERIOR
OPENING    8EPT.    1st.     1908
j     reputation is a potent factor in be con-
[)S   liucred   as  it   is  sy yntnus  with  ihe
l-i quality, merit and prices of the goods
sold. 11 you deal ui Hustings, Doyle A
AHum's yt.ii wiM kn w you will he
treated fairly, no " slier how yon muy
he lacking in technical knowledge ol the
value and (*ui''by of jewels of any kind
We keep only lhe best and choicest.
Where gold is used it is marked winli the
carat s'anip, with silver it is sterling, in
ileum ind precious stones their quality is
fully guaranteed.
Hastings, Doyle & Allum. Limited
A New Carpet    # llBteSliJii
froin our choice and handsome
slock of Axminster, Wiltons, etc.,
will give you both pleasure and
satisfaction when yon see the rich
and beautiful effects of the colors
und patterns and (he durability
ol the fabrics Uur carpets are
made by the best manufactures,
and are made to wear well, as well
as to look well.
Pacific Coast Tested
Seeds, Acclimatized
Stock of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
and Plants
Far ilia Farm, Garden Lawn
or Conservatory
Reliable varieties at reasonable prices, No borers, Scale
or fumigation lo damage atock.
No windy agent. to annoy you.
Buy direct and get trees and
seeds that grow.
Fertilizers, Bee Supplies,Spray
Pumps,   Spraying Material,   Cul
Flowers, etc. Oldest estabs
lished nursery on the mainland'
of R. 0.   Catalogue lice.
Green Houses and Seed Houses
Import direct from country ol origin.
I. ._. -_^^^^^-*^^^%^%^%%^%'%^*%^%^»^^%^v
IlKAD OFFICE :   Caloaky.   Alukkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packets and Dealers in Liv Stock     M ick.'it- iu till lhe piinei
pal Cities and Towns ol  Alberta, British Omuuilii i ami the  Yukon.
Puckers if ilv Celebrated  Brand  "Imp i tl  i" Hums and Bacon,
j    unl "Shamrock" Brand lieu" l.utl.
L^-»^^ey%'%%%^v^%-^%^^'%%'■%•*•_.%.*-*%■%%%%<%•_ •
Pur A_.ri_.iltnnil linplameuls. Carriages, Wagons Etc., John
Oeere Ploughs. Molina Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Huggies, Pl.'tml jr., Harden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheel-
wrivlit anil lllttdsiiiilli Wurli atteuiteil to. Horse honing a
Central Hotel
_________ REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newly built        Firat-class in every respect.     All modern convenienoe-
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same   manujremeni
Sale of Mineral Claims in Revelstoke Assessment District
I,   O    F.
'.:• M..'iiit B*»(fhi'-.
i»h Mn-i'Uy- 11. ('-M.*■!'"--■   H .     ■.*_■*   '<.;./■-■
il U -
,.-■■.'   '
M6V mm
Sail. ri*»xt m Op^r
Vig-ttnf br-atbfw. f*<»r'ii .ily  InvltM i
j vv   _a.u_A.-D, <;.H
H    W. BDW A MM   RH
c.  w. o   w
Mountain   View Camp   No.  220
Meeti   Second   ud   -faarin   Wivtm- -...v- .
etch month, in BeJIcirk  H.-Ii.    VWUn   w.kv:
men corilinlly Jnvit^.l \fi «i UKHL
,i   &AM8TKONO. I on, I om.
J   MnlNTYKK, I l_n*t
pJaces, and   business   is   going on
.moothly.   Money i.s  more plenti-|day,iD Beve,8tok(
till, und at better rates. N-   li-   ^'"'t'1   "'   lhe   V»owhead
Although  it is rather late in the P"1^'   bM   di»ro»tini,fed  delivering
... , , • ,i miik around town
-oason lor the starting of Ing Indus-1
triw   that   have   their eves on the!    A number of Arrowhead people en-
,..,., , ., loved a rare   treat    .n   =undav  met in 1
Wed. we heur almost everv  day of     ■ ,  - ,
..      ,       , , ,'    .   '    .; the lorn,     f   _ vit:;   :,, Hi,, s Rn.ci..
itrepartition for  the estalihshine of  .,.,
r ° lhe trip   wan    marie   on the new i on.
new   concerns, operations to begin  recenth. huiU  tiy MewrB   iU[l  w,
either tins fall  or next spring,    tn  eitendec|   ewrj   boapiulit,   u   •
some cases work on such industries
can goon all winter.    Manufactur-I
ere   of   wire   goods, furniture, and      «rcakl_st oi^uits. fc««ifully t«ked
ami browned with Coursier* egg c-ju
numerous u'.L'-r r.!ini- nf g 1-.  .;■•    	
_ettinu ready t i open here
The prompt n very of conditions in central and western Canada will   prove to  tl utside world
tbat we have here a land of great
opportunities, Thousands of immigrants frnm the United Statea
and Europe are preparing to coma
in with us, and new districts will
be opened up rapidly The con*
strut lion "f the ' Irani! Trunk Pacific llailway. the extension of the
i aoadian Northern, and the completion ol hundreds of mm-- il
branch lines liy the Canadian Pacific llailway Company will provide
communication with these new districts, so that the thousands of new
comers whose laces are set in this
direction will be provided with facilities for marketing tln-ir products.
All this tends to impel industria
and commercial activity, and will
re"ult in renewed operations and
increased output of Staple goods.I
This means more work for the1
mills    and    factories   in our larger |
towns and citie-, and with Increased
labor requirements -viil come fuller ,, M
pay  envelopes, and   altogether a
mure contented  and happy frame
of mind will possess Ihe community,
I hereby give nolice that on MONDAY, the SECOND DAY of NOVEMBER. A. I)., IIKI8, at the hour of 1(1
o'clock in the forenoon, at the Oourt House, Kevelstoke, I shall offer for sale at public auction the mineral claims
in i le list hereinafter set out, of the persons in the said list hereinafter net out, of which Crown Granta have lieen
issued, for all unpaid taxes accrued and due and payable on the :«)th June, WOK, and for lhe expenaes ofadve.tistnp-
Ihi- uutice.
il lhe taxes and expenses of advertising, as set out in said list are not paid to me on or before the day of sale,
the claims may he sold to the highest bidder, and a conveyance executed to tbe purchaser of all right and interest
in said claims legally alienated by the Crown by the Orown Giants thereof.
I n t he event of there being no purchaser, or if the price offered shall not be sufficient to pay the taxes and
- penses of advertising, the land shall revert to the Piovince and the Orown Grants theieof shall be deemed void.
A.M Craig, F McCarty, R.W.Northey
Florence MeCarl y    	
F. O.  E.
The regiilur ineelii,.-mt« lit1 I   i. :,,. s».« r.
Utl;  e.-sry  Tnoadaf  STenlu.    ,t    I    I'alncl
Vi.itlna hrelltreii are «.,r .ieill» uifitetl
J    LBS I.IK   Paasnir.T
Kootot-iay U.I..   No.  ISA   r   * A   M
•i»      ep*l *^'fl r"itr'ilit meet-
■*" ngs ,ire l.el-1  to 11 ""
Odd fallow. H.i:. on
the thir.l Mi'ti'lsiy in
enrli    sn,,i,t.l.    hi     '
i> tn   '.' ailing bralh-
r-.l, s, ,r.l:.!'-. . ei
C. A.  I'lllK'I'NIKIt. BtCIUCTARr,
HK1.KIRK LODQK Sn. 12, 1.6.0 F.
Meet.- «v..rv Tlinr,
lay   evnii-s,a   in   Sal
kirk   Mall  ii 80'Olti.ll
Visiting lirotltreii  are
I'll.  I).   lit vlllinl'
■ hn Brown, "V  G
U, I-.. King
Align- McNlsb
I s.lilllil.i 1 \ Cat   ls<,s
lark, Bt al.
0, M. Oo. Ltd
. 11_r   ■,   1.1.1 1
lA.-t   .MATHIII
Cold Rang* Lodgo, K of P.
No. 16,  Reveletoke, n c.
nat'li in.
Mall 11
Vhliv      EUNKSI1A ,
|lt 1 ll    1 _*dn-M(l
ii.it,   1 .il loi 1 m.i
H     1'-    "■«.      \|.|h„
i-,. n .r Ilally   iirlliul
a consignment ol ladios uml gentle
men's   visiting  curds   In  Uis1 newest „    ,      ,,., ,„,„„,,, ,
s . li-- Inu arrived ul the Mail 11 i.k A I.n g   ,,   ,.,„,„ K   K   „f K   4 H
Oflico,    All work neatly executed, j. », m orr. ii
uf F,
,,.• .   \i,"t:.,fi,i,.i  el il
\l.'|..|.i,ii i.in(, A_H. U.Co.of l.tldeaiil/l
VV. .V  II1.1V..1.
A. VV. Gray and T, H   Darey
Hugh Sutherland
Smith cud is   .
Ilil.lplini' M. A Dec
f'ana ian Girl,
Victoria IV
Maple Leaf
Mammoth No, 2
Silver Tip No. 2
Kastein King
Little Joe
Molly i'liu'lion
Wae  Bugle
New  York
San Francisco
Pair view
Mi'ti'iipolitiin Fraction
ciiii'tigo [fraction
Silver Chief
Kamloops I'liictlon
I X I. Braotlon
I opper King
Hig Finn
Silver Tip
Mountain M
Meadow Queen
Group 1
"   1
"   1
••   1
••   1
••   1
"   1
■'    1
••   1
•   1
"    1
"   I
••    1
••   1
"    1
"    1
••   1
■■    1
"    1
■"    1
••   1
•   1
"   1
"   1
"    1
••    1
"   1
"   1
••   1
"   1
"    1
**    1
"   1
•    1
*    1
"   1
"    1
'•    1
••    1
•■    1
"    1
••    1
"    1
"    1
"    1
"    1
•'    1
"    1
52 (X)
05 00
05 00
(12 50
15 VU
(15 00
20 no
02 60
17 00
15 50
I 00
10 60
2(1 00
15 60
81 50
[80 00
80 00
11:1 Ul
10 50
10 50
27 76
•AA 75
28 1%
2. 25
:«) 00
I 50
5 25
17 5(1
25 60
25 00
18 50
:i 00
10 50
26 80
25 (Kl
:«i 00
:«) (Ki
28 00
20 00
25 60
20 00
20 00
2(1 00
:«I 75
2:1 00
66 00
2 00
2 IX)
2 00
2 IX)
2 (10
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 IX)
2 00
2 00
2 IX)
2 (X)
2 (X)
2 00
2 00
2 00
2 (X)
2 00
2 00
2 (JO
2 00
2 00
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2 00
2 (XI
2 (Xi
2 00
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2 00
2 (X)
2 (X)
2 00
2 00
2 (XI
2 (X)
2 (X)
2 (X)
2 (X)
2 (X)
2 00
51 00
(17 (X)
07 00
(U 50
17 00
07 00
22 00
(1-1 50
12 00
10 00
17 50
12 50
28 00
17 50
8. 50
182 00
101 00
115 00
18 5(1
18 50
_U 75
__ 75
_0 50
25 25
41 00
11 00
7 25
10 60
27 50
27 (X)
20 60
5 00
12 50
27 50
27 00
41 Oil
41 00
28 00
28 (XI
27 50
28 IX)
28 IX)
28 DO
32 75
25 IXI
57 00
Canadian Pacific
Atlantic Steamship
_=• SAWN dS _>_,
Sat.Sep.20 Lk.Manitoba
I'li. Oct. 2 Ellin. Britain
Sat.   "   10 Lh.Chaiiipb-lnF-i. Sep.28
Fri.    " 16 Bmp. Ireland Fri.  Ocl. 2
Sat.    •' 21 Luke I .vie     Wed.    "   7
Fri.     •'   4 Emp. Britain Fii.    " III
Intermediate Season from Montreal
and Quebec
Is.!. CluKs and. Class 3rd. Clans
$t)0 00    $48 75 $a8 75
1 si. Class 2nd. Class 3rd. Class
$7-' ,so       $42 50       $-7 50
Other I.akk Koatb—
-nd. Class 3rd. Class
$45 00       $27 50
(■heap rates lo Atlantic Seaboard
poinls   in connection  with steamship tickets
Passengers honked In Norway,
.Sweden, Antwerp, Handling aiid
ail other confine lal purls.
Foi fuith r information »ppl In
T. W. Bradshaw,    CB. Foster,
Powerful car, seats Bve, fur hire liy
the tiny or hour Ht.  leusonal'le teinia.
Regular street trips all day.
Stands—Union Hotel, Phone 27.
Oriental Hotel,'Phone 18.
0. TOM-ROM, Proprietor.        Phone «i
West Kootenay Land Dibtrict
Tike Notice that IXI tlavs after date
I Arthur E. Bviins. uf Beaton, B.C.
occupation, prospector, intend tin
apply foi permission ui purchase lhe
following described lands siluuled nil
Fish River, in West Kootenay dis-
Ciimnieiii'liig at the north-fast corner nf A. D. Mat kav's pre empli "ii No.
7.805, nnd marked "A. B. Evans,
Norlh-wesl Corner Post." ihence 8
chains lo west line of McKinnon's
pre-empt inn; thence 60 chains south,
Ihence 8 chains west lo MutKityV,
Ibence norlh 60 chains In point of ciin-
inpiiceineiil, containing 40 acres more
nr lens.
Located August Hid. 1808.
A. B, EVANH, Loralor.
fnr tho litituo of a dupllcato Certificate of Title
lolait l(_7, Uroup Ono, Dlstriot of Kootenay.
'Truo Fltsauro" Mineral Claim (excepting an
undivided one-twelfth Interest therein).
intention to Issue at the expiration of one
month after tho lirst publication hereof a
duplicate of tho Cerlirlcate or TiUe for Lot
109,, (iroup One, District of Kootenay "Truo
Kliwuru" mineral t'lalm (exceptingan undivided
one-twelfth interest therein) In the nam* of
ihonuiH Downs, which Cortiikate Is dated tho
I'thof  larch, IS97, nod numoerod 8283C.
Dislriot ReglHtrar.
Land HeutMry "•Witts, Nelson. B. O.
September lush, lsns.
In'. .1 III   llevi'Uloke, II. O.i Oct. Uth.  HHI8
Deputy Assessor and Collector Hevelstoke Assessment District.
_i KAI.ED TENDERS addressed to tha uuder-
ll signed and etidnrseil "'Tender for Dradgins-
Cnal Harbnur," will be raoel etl until Friday,
Sltlt October, 19UH, at I 30-im., for dredgiu* ro
■inired at Coal Harbour, Vanoonver, Provlnte
uf British Columbia: -
Tenders will not be considered unless made
uu the form supplied, and simed with the actual tiitftiittureti i,f tinderers.
Speclllcatinn and furm of tender can be obtained on appliitatinn n, Q. a. Keefer, Esu ,
Resideut Kiigineer, New Westminster, and at
tlie Department of Publio Works, Ottawa
Ttuders must Include tbe Uiwlugof tha plaut
Ui and from tho works. Only tiredness can be
employed which are registered in Canada at Ihe
time of tbe llliitK uf tenders: Coulriietors must
be resily to beifin wurlt within tweuty days after
the date limy have been notified uf Ihe acceptance of their lenders.
An accepted cheque nn a chartered bank,
payable!- the order of the Honourable lhe
__•.",__._..'' Pul>H« Worke, for one thousand
(11,00*1.00) must be deposited as seenrity. The
chesjue will be returned in case of non-accent-
ance uf lender.
The Department does not bind itaelf to accept
the lowest of any tender.
By order,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa, October 7, nut.
Newspapers will not be paid for this advertisement if they Insert It without authority
from the Department.
tl»VEHy aujirnmenl nf the right of a Hmilh
j African Volunteer .milled to a land grant
must lie by way of appointment nf a substitute
nnd must )se In the form nruvitied by the Act
Special attention is called to Hnli-.ecti..i..1 ,,f
Section Ti of the Volunteer Bounty Ai-t lima,
whirli provides that nn assignment ol the riulit
of a volunteer l y the appointment nf a sub ii
i ule shall he accaptod „r recugnlaed by the Die
nartmentiif the Interior which Is not rikcitkd
i_',_.."1' L*su"»*xT i;»ued Iy the Minister nf
Militia and Dsfeaca in favor of the Volunteer
(simniissioiHTof Dominion Lauds,
Uth September, IK*. Oltawi THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, _.. 0
How a Sask-alta
earns its money.
By indicating when oven is ready for
baking. By cutting out the "peeping"
into oven. By showing on its face what
is going on in the oven. By saving
"door-opening" heat.   By substituting
certainty for chance
In baking  results.
"Sask-alta" range
thermometer was
tested for six months
before one range was
sold. "Sask-alta"
thermometer is to
the housewife what
the compass is to the
ship captain.
_«•_-•_ T tr mu,MentreaiWInn-pej.Vaneewfar.St.__Jm,HemllteaCat-__r>
BOURNE BROS., Revelstoke.
What it Means to You
This trademark is the most
important part of a Fit-Reform
Suit or Overcoat.
It is a definite promise of
quality and service—or
It promises that you must be satisfied with
your purchase or you can get your money back.
Today, thousands of men in every part of
Canada will not buy a garment that does not
contain this wreath.
It means much to you.
Look for it whenever you buy.
Suits and Overcoats, $ 15, $ 18, $20 up
i?.vi.'!sfoke,  B.C
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
_-3lL_b_e}__fit    stohste    peop.
Rapid Progress in Revelstoke's
Even to the casual observer the
changes that hnve taken plsee in Kevelstoke during the Inst few years cannot but he markid. From a village
amongst Ihe stumps, the blsckened,
gaunt relics of the forest, Revelstoke
bus emerged a fair city, snd a cily of
progress as well as the luture industrial center of the Kootenays. With
the many local improvements tbat
have been going on and are going on
at the present there must eome prosperity, and if the'pioneers who in the
early days cut the town site out of the
lorest could rise from their graves and
see their work being cairied on with
such progress, tbey would indeed leel
their work was commenced for a pur
pose. The accompanying illustration
shows Kevelstoke in (he year 1890.
Fruit Industry is Going Ahead,
Business Improving.
It is gruliliing (o see that onr business men nnd others from Kevidstoke,
when visiting other oities, cull at the
newspaper offices and tell them something about our city. TIibbo visits do
a whole lot of good and are good advertisements for Kevelstoke. The following appeared in the Victoria Daily
Colonist last week:
RevelBtoke is going ahead last these
days, due largely to the success which
baa attended the Iruit growing in
dustry. Mr. Lindmark, the mayor of
that thriving town, said yesterday that
it was only three or four years ago that,
tbey realized that they could grow
good Iruit, Now they havo 10,000
apple l eis planted, and the whole
industry t- lining ahead by leaps and
Queens Jtotel
Best brands ot Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will (ind excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF   YOUNG, - - Proprietor
Certificate of Improvements
Morning Star, ""astern Star, Grand
View, Flora Bell and Eureka mineral
claims situate in the Revelstoke Mining
Division of West Kootenay District. Located on the North side of the North-east
branch of Laforme Creek.
Take notice that I, Guy I- Williams,
Free Miner's Certificate B13365, as agent
for Charles Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate R94266; for Ed. Adait, Free Miner's
Certificate H94251 j Samuel McMurly, Free
Miner's Certificate B9426.11 Waller Walsh,
Free Miner's Certificate B94165; F. G.
Walsh, Free Miner's Certificate B94.64J
Gilbert Wilson, Free Miner's Certificate
H',4_(u, and  R.   K.   Greer,   Free Miner's
Certificate 1*9426.1, Intend 60 days from
tlate   hereof  lo   apply lo the Mining Recorder for a  certificate of improvements
for (he purpose of obtaining Orown Grams
id lhe above claims.
And further take notice thai action under Section ,17 must be commenced before
lhe Issuance of such cerlificales ol improvements.
Dated this 17II1 day ol 'September, 1908.
sep J3-110V ij Guv L. Williams.
In tiik Supreme Court of British
In thb Matter okthk Windinu-Up
And in the Matter of The Blwood Tin
Workers Gold Mining Company nf
Lardeau, British Columbia, Limited, Non-Personal Liability.
TAKE NOTICE that tbe undersigned has appointed Friday, the 90th
day of October, 1008, at the hour of
eleven o'clock in the forenoon at the
Court House in the City of Revelstoke,
B. C, for the purpose of hearing and
confirming the Report of the Official
Liquidator upon the claims of creditors, and of settling, determining and
finally passing the Dividend Sheet,
and of panning the Official Liquidator's
accounts, and settling his remuneration,
And let all parties attend.
Dated this twelfth day of Octolier,
A, I>., lf»W.
District Registrar at Revelstoke, B, C.
Dominion Government Columbia
Dam has Proved its Worth
Now that the river has fallen almost
to its winter level a gocd opportunity
is afforded those interested in the Columbia River and its vagaries ol seeing
just wbat effects the wing dam, con-,
strucled by the Dominion Government has on the direction ol tbe main
ennent and also on the preservation
of the banks below the dam. The
Columbia River is perhaps, of any
river in Canada, the most variable and
when the Dominion Government first
essayed the gigantic task of changing
the whole course of the river and
forcing it to cut out and flow in another
bed and channel, there were few in
Revelstoke who really believed that
tbe work oould be accomplished, in
spite of tbe fact that this was a necessary step that the Government should
take in order to facilitate navigation.
From tbe point of view ol the man in
the street the Columbia at this point
is certainly a tormidable object to
attempt to tamper with and the Dominion Government being well cognizant of this fact, nevertheless commenced operations, feeling well assured
that their efforts would prove successful. The work ol construction has
been going on ever since the first pile
was driven, without cessation, except
when the first appropriation lor tbe
work became exhausted and when tbe
heavy ice floes at tbe breaking of tbe
winter caused a big breach in the
middle cf the structure. The time
taken to effect the repairs considerably
delayed the completion of tbe dam
but tbe work was pushed ahead and
oompleted before high water tbis year.
Tbe sceptical, who claimed tbat Mr.
Aylmer, engineer of tbe work, could
never put a dam in tbat position
across tbe Columbia, and put it there
to stay, must now admit tbeir defeat.
In constructing tbe dam at tbat
angle and of tbat formation, Mr.
Aylmer claims tbst the more volume
of water flowing over it tbe more solid
and secure,and while the superimposed
weight of water tends to strengthen
the structure, it detrncts nothing trom
the volume ol tbe main current wbioh
U forced to turn off at an angle and
cut its own channel over new ground,
and moreover aids in filling up the
hollow behind the dam witb silt. Tbis
work ol natural reclamation bas been
going on ever since and tbe effects
oan now be seen.
Last year at this stage of low water
there was a large stretch of shallow
water behind tbe dam, which even
then had been filled up considerably
as compared to last year. Now the
water has almost gone and a large
bank of sand and silt deposit bas practically taken tbe place of water. Tbe
dam has effectually " changed the
course of tbe Columbia and is gradually giving us bsck land wbioh, before
the work was commenced, was ruthlessly swallowed up by the encroaching current. Tbe dam hss been put
in, and put in to stay, and Mr. Aylmer
oan have tbe satistsotion of proving
as a certainty wbat has hitherto been
considered an impossibility.
Cheapest fuel on the market—Briquettes—manufactured from Banff
hard coal.
For the latest styles in ladies and
gentlemen's  visiting cards call at the
Maii HiKii.n office.
To Rent—Large modern residence
in desirable location, $30 per month,
Apply Revelstoke General Agenoies.
Mr. Lindmark states that Kevelstoke
strawberries got first prize at Calgary
this year, and as an example of what
can lie done, a chinaman made $1000
off un acre and a half of strawberries
this season. Ile shipped 40 boxes a
dav for five weeks, getting $2 25 a box,
and netting if lfilil). What a chinaman
can do a white man should lie stile to
The financial circles are showing
their appreciation of the progress of
the town in a practical way. Formerly
they had only two banks, Molson's and
the Imperial Bank, but now the Canadian Bank ol Commerce and the
Northern Crown Bank are establishing
Attempt To Be Made to Weed
Out Infected Cattle.
Vancouver, Oct. 20.—A campaign
is to be waged in the province which
it is hoped will effectively weed out all
cows that may be effected with tuber,
culosis. The danger whioh attends
tbe selling of milk that might be
tainted is very great and the authorities are preparing to wage a campaign
against it.
Dr. Knight, the dairy inspector, will
shortly commence an itinerary ol lectures on this all important subject at
different points in the interior.
Tbe question of granting certificates
to milk vendors and have the names
of the holders ol these made public, is
also being considered. In this way it
is ((expected tbat farmers supplying
milk will take the precaution to have
tbe infected cows disposed of so tbst
first class certificates can be obtained.
The inspection and grsding of the
herds along this line will, it is felt,
result in sellers taking the precaution
to get rid of any cows having tuber.
oulosis as otherwise they will be tbe
losers by a falling off in custom, as no
one will purchase milk Irom an infected herd when he can bave tbe
assurance that another source of supply is pure.
A. H   SING, Proprietor
Board by week   -   S5.0O
Single   meals 25 c.
McKenzie   Avenue
Miinufartiirnil for        classes of build lugs
for gale In largo or sum 11 gunntitle-i
at tho lowest prioos for cash.
All kind, uf building nnd plas.orl.ig
All   kinds   ol   new
Dealers in
Wah Chung, - Front St.
P. O. Box, 20ft. Phone 26
To Trappers
Raw Furs Boughb
Uash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
The Evans Institute for the cure of
the drill.-and drug habits, entablis.ie<1
in Wiunipoif M years, and in Vancouver
1 year, with entire suo-'oss. Now removed to more commodious quarters ut
D.V) Park Drive. Grandview, corner of
Parker street.
Prospectus, testimonials, etc., snut
privately on application. The superintendent er secretary may be consulted
at any time.   Phone It 4020.
Meals, 25o.
MEAL TICKETS. -  $.500
In the matter of un applicutiou for
the issue of a duplicate of the Certificate of Title to North J of Villa Lot 29,
Town of Revelstoke.
Notice is hereby given that il is my
intention to issue at lhe expiration of
one month after the first publication
hereof, duplicate Certificate of Title to
the above mentioned lands in the name
ol John Larson, which Certificate of
Title is dated the 1st (lav of September
100H, and numbered 2711A.
District Registrar.
Land Ret; Office, Nelson, B.C.
7th October 11108. oct 10 1 ni
Increase Equipment
Sir Thomas Shaughnessy at the
recent annual C.PR. shareholders,'
meeting, among other thing., said :
" lt is not easy to designate in advance with any degree of particularity
the purposes for which the new issue
of stock money will be nquired, ex
oept in the matter of rolling stock
In the six years, 1902 to 1908, tbere
there was an increase in year equip,
ment of 659 locomotives, 842 sleeping
cars and day ooaohes, and 26,190
freight cars, at an approxiwate cost of
937,000,000, this is equivalent to one
locomotive for every three working
days, one passenger oar for every two
days and fourteen freight cars each
day during tbe entire period ol six
years, and yet the prospects are that
within the next six weeks the demand
will be in excess of the supply ol
freight cars.
Vancouver World Changes Over
Vancodvkr, Oot. 20.—The World
newspaper in a recent long editorial
announced lhat as the Conservative
candidate, Mr. Cowan, bad tailed tn
announoe any sufficient policy regarding the exclusion ol Asiatios, it withdrew its support Irom him, and instesd
is supporting Mr. Mclnnes. Early in
the campaign the World renounced
tbe Liberal party and advocated Mr.
Cowan's candidature.
Notice of Sale
Pursuant to lhe Order of the County
Court of West Kootenay, holden at Revelstoke, made in the action of Hig Uend
Lumber Company, Limited, v. Columbia
and Kootenay Railway and Navigation
Company and Charles B. Kirk and W. J.
Kane, I here will be offered for sale with
the approbation of W. E. McLauchlin,
Esq., Deputy Registrar of said Court al
the Court House, in Ihe Cily of Revelstoke
on Wednesday, the Jist dayol October,
iqoB, at 1 o'clock in the afternoon,
all and singular that certain parcel
or tract of laud and premises situate, lying and being in the Town of Arrowhead,
B. C, and being composed of Lot No.
Four U), Block No. Seven (7).
On the lands is said to he a two story
frame building 20x26 with seven rooms.
Furl her particulars may be ha.l from
Harvey, McCarter A Pinkham, Solicitors,
Imperial Bank Block, Revelstoke, B. C,
or from
W. E. McLauchlin,
Deputy Registrar al Revelstoke.
Dated   at  Revelstoke  I his   1st day of
October, 1908. oct 3 41
Kevel.toka I.atnl District.
Iiimrlot ol Went Kootenay.
Tak* notice lhat I, Norman T. MacLeu'l nl
i.iillilirlti.e, Alta.,iifcii|iallon Hroker, liilfttsl.
in applv for iiermlulon 10 pari-he.it the lollow
ItiK ilontirilteii Ian,Is,:
('finnnentilnK at a poal plautetl at tins mm tli -
weal cornar t.i Lot 81IS Id to.ih.il Valley
about SU mile. Weat of tho t»o.t nhore ol Arrow Lake and merke-1 "N. T, Mac'. N. W,
Corner," thenc. 411 chain, soulh, thence 20
chain, east, Ihence VI chalna north, thunce an
cbalna weal, containing SO acrea, mora or leaa.
Hate Sept.!, 1WIS.
■ep 12*0(1 By John K.Taylor, hia agent.
To Rent
Mrs. .1. M. Moran will rent her farm,
just south of the lllecillewaet traffic
bridge. The property contains a comfortable frame house with all modem
conveniences; two storey frame stable
14x20; good chicken houses snd runs
for 150 chickens; hog pens, etc. Over
seven acres for easy cultivation; a
large pasture run (or horses and cow».
An underground irrigation system insures good orops, garden produce, etc.
Apply to Mrs. J. M. Moran, on the
So Clear, So Shining and so Evident that it
will glimmer through a  Blind Man's  Eye
A Canadian  Made Writing Machine
For ease ol operation and
perfection in thefresults produced the " EM PI REl"
TYPEWRITER iB unsurpassed.
The "EMPIRE" embodies
no complicated movements,
while its manifolding alignment, marginal facilities,
automatic conveniences, durability, visible writing, minimum of noise in operation
make it the typewriter par
The "EMPIRE "needs less
care than any other machine
because there are fewer parts
to be cared for also due to the
strong lines of simplicity that
are part of the machine.
Tho C.P.R. began using the
EMPIRE Typewriter in
1895, continued to add to the
number, and now have in
constant use more than 700
of these machines.
The British Covernment
" French Covernment
" Bank of Montreal.
" Merchants Bank of
Molsons Bank
and all educational institutions of Canada
The Price
All Work Promptlv
and Neatly Executed
Commercial   Printing
A Specialty With Us,
Call for Estimates and Advertising Rates
B. C.
Bargains! Bargains!
BUY   NOW !     I  I Wiiil '     II iy  win n Muck
is at its best. Head this nd and tnke noiii'i'
. .   In' Bargains tlmt are ill roil here.
Handsome Mantles
\t special discount prices. All tlie new
models, ti_;ht and semi fittiiij. garments.
Fall Millinery
Ar.. you wearing une ol our Hats? Vnu
should! They sn being worn by the best
dressers. It cost.- no more to have the
Fall and Winter Underwear
We carry nil the best makes—natural wool—
white und grey Unu go ds. Drawers nnd
Vest to match I.ml ies'nnd Children's Black
Tights.    Trices on Underwear range from 26c
t.i .-fl ..'iU per garment,
Men's Suits
Special   Blue nnd   Blick   Worsted   ut   $11."ill
Men's (Idil I'nnls frum $1 2fi to $4.50,
Men's Overoonts, regular $1*2, now .-.7.
Boys' Tweed Suits
Speolal Tweed Suit $2 50. .Sizes 2-1 to 28.
1)18.50 Iniyna Tweed Suit, slzee 28 to 32, Kvery
Suit new nnd this season's goods.
Boot and Shoe Department
See our li iys' School Shoes. Kvery pair
Come along nnd see what we can do for yon.
Blankets and Comforters
All-wool blankets, lull size, good weight, nt ifl.
Beg. $8 all-wool blanket for $6.60, Blankets
that were $9,50 now sellinji at $H. A gnod
rnnge of Comforters at all prices.
| Cod
I Liver
4 Oils
' We have .ill  kinds of it
*$* Sweet  tasting, bad tnsl
ft* ing and the pure  Brnul- f_+
si..ii    in    81.00    bottles, .-i.
V made by n new pn cessal t !
f$t ti.*'
£    C. R. MACDONALD'S     &\
ilj Hi.vi is i ok i.. B, C ijf i
Weather Forecast
.Vedntsdaj Ocl 21—Westerly winds,
nn -! Iy   cloudy   ri d   colder; probable I
■ iin   or   -now.     'leu perature,  mux
51 - . min. 35 - .
Local and General.
The Bank .if England disoounl rati
still remains at 2$ per cent.
i; P. Pettipiece Iwi announced bit
retirement as the l__-T candidate
Medicine Hat.
The automobile is said to lie rapidly
dividing the public into two classes.
Ye—the quick and the dead!
The ladies of the Methodist church
will hold their annual Boston bean
su..  -  m Thursday, October 22nd.
The s-uting ol the county court under ' ulge Forin, tu have been held
yesleiday, lias been postponed till
There will be no moving pictures at
the Edison Parlor Theater tonlg'.it, owing to delay in arrival ol films. The
theater will lie open tomorrow night.
Tbe public meeting to have lieen
he'd ! -t night, under (he Biiapiees of
tbi Liberal Association, was declared
ofl I r reas ms best kr. iwn t.i tlie p di-
tii      - ■   emselves
Si k val led -it nearly a inillijii dul-
irs—at $944,300 to be exacl—was
brought in by tne lt M 8, E npress ol
China which reached Vancouver oo
Saturday from the east
Many   and  vaiied   bave   been  the
-. - •   av ii!  payiug the dog tax.
Oni of the c mm unity is said  ts. have
claiui-d exemption from   the dog  l ix
• cause ih(    see  lur dog   ss   a   lout
A teacher of skill and experience
ling Ma-, n- piano method wishes a
limited unrulier of advanced pupils.
Special attention given to backward
;"ipils. Particulars may be bad frnm
this oilice.
Smith Curtis, the Liberal candidate
ior K"Otenay in tbe Dominion elec
tion, paid a brief visil to the city on
Monday night, while en route from
the soutb to Vancouver.     Im por tan I
taint -- • '■- discussed.
I • hospital ii installing two elec-
rle beating itovi > foi - u gl si and
.ther purposes. I i.i isi -i ives, although
I ..... ill dimensi mi do exei llent work
■od .-■   -;- ois Iy ad ipte I   lor rapid
u;. I boiling, ind where hot
ranti d in an i nergency.
Youp Weekly Order
for household "needs in groceries if placed in our hands
will ho filled promptly, elli-
ciently and of the linesl
grade goot's. We handle'
nothing Inu w h it we knnw
is l'eliiilil." l'i-.. .. -mre and
whillesoiu . i In-' lier of ne-
oessitics oi Inv-in-lcs.
liiu In
light .i
appi '
and v
likely I
iiini- customm. Then t here
are cakes and pies to suit
different tastes, all first-class
in material and baking.
I and pastry are
tasty for those who
e ti .I.liable food—
d lean'i like good
F.\ ci iiv oui' cream
ii i few and we are
. '• yon for a reg-
cr ; ; si
Karn is King
The right Piano at the right prioe.
Call ninl see us before you buy one.
Kincaid and Anderson
Real Estate, insurance and Financial Agents.     Money to Loon.
A lurther delay in the arrival of films
has necessitated ihe postponment of the
moving pictures at the Edison Parlor
Theater tonight. Perlorminces tomorrow night will be held as announced,
ll. A. Brown, ol Sicamous, paid in
ollicial visit to Rossland un Friday as
Grand Chancellor ol the Knights
l'yt'iins for liriiisb Columbia He
was accompanied by .Mrs. Brown. Mr.
and Mrs. Brown are in tbe city.
The man who went out to milk
recently and sat down on a boulder in
the middle of tho pasture and wa
fur the cow to back, has lieen pi
io be a brother to tbe man whi keep,
a st"re nnd wont advertise because he
reasoned that tbe purchasing pubiie
would back up to his place of business
when it wanted something.
C, Holten brought into this office
on Monday a fine sample of local
grown potatoes. The tuber was grown
on T Nii-h' I- (arm ats tbe f""r of
Mount Begbie, and .- i -ample of
what the - il do In rhe way il ■
crop on newly worked ground I •
potato which i- exceptionally clean,
weighs about two lbs ind is on exbi
- iti ;. ii the I ity Hall
I he esidenl - I ill erl t lanyon held
i -erj bi joyabli la ice in Hn-ir icbool
"•'*'■■ is I house On Friday isi »er fifty pe pie
being present. Among the items on
the evening's program was the drawing in the .-mile for the bund-, sn,.
Ithaca shotgun and  case,  the  lucky
: winner being A   E. Sharp   lin-   O.P B,
We   have   l    requested   tu  announce tbat owing to delay in  arrival
..I flln.s tt.i. Monday and i uesday performances     at   the     Kdi-on     Parlor,
Tbi nre  bid   to   be   cancelled    The  **
theatre  will  be  ..pen Thursday  with      We   learn   from   dispatches    from
i iw and up-t" date pic*   res i Viotoris that, the Hindoos there object
' t.i deportation   to   British  Honduras,
■   :     .... md Garden
11 ii enl r« -is.' It "( Mulls- i.'s-
i and include!
SNOWDROPS     Sin„lii ami Double
CROCUS    Soparatti varitstio-i.
Kill.UIIS    Y.-llow Doublu.
NARCISSUS    I'.iiiii  Wh:li.     Vim .inn
Etnpro.s: Butter anil Ikk's
TULII'S    Slnglo; Separato Color.
HYACINTHS.   L.-irxo; SlnKlo;   Double;
MS ___■____■■» __■__-_■___■
and hue hud a telegram sent to the
secretary of Stale fur 1 udi_ and a copy
tu Sir Wilfrid Laurier in which they
-ay that the Sikhs m Victoria protest
against possible removal, They declare they are willing to stay In (!nn
ada, and if forced hi vacate Canada,
they would prefer to return   to   India.
The   new   addition   to   the   Hulel
Central is rapidly nearing completion,
the plastereri being almost through
with tlieir work. The interior of the
new part will he handsomely fitted up,
besides a coinmodiuus billiard riiuni,
liar and card mums, there will be
over 18 additional bedrooms, The
lumber for the building is all fi.st-
Mgsa Irom the Lee Lumber Qo, ai
Wigwam W. Abrahamson It tlio
c intraotor,
Moving Pictures at   the   Edi
son   Parlor   Theater   tomorrow
night    Thursday .    Special   attractions.
I ; " -'■'---. ■■ ••. list [party srill t.i.
beld in the City Hall on Thursday
■ '.-• 22nd. under I he ■ ispices f tin
Ladies' liuspr.t; Gnild,    Tickets
''   H  • ' -   net ')•.'  i -  ghl  n
rning    it    (hi  C   P, i:   _hn- -
K a si     re    ll akin.     He   «   -
anc-      H -   nigh  p wa- not-si
Wm. Davidson, Bocialist  .
■    ■■ ■     sddrest   a pul     .meeting
. ■   i ho ise Monday  26tl
inst     Represi . . ,. ._ .       ln(j
■ servative   parties   are   mi ited   to
'1 be Li - i-- .<■ ,,i. ,- am
that a big public meeting will be beld
• ida; ■ 27tb, in the opers
bouse, when tbe Hon. Frank Oliver,
*i •■ r ol tbe Interior, Hon, Wm
rein pieman D mean R..s- ,s.
ber for Vale-Carlb io  .1. A. Msedoi i
ider ol the ippi sitii i   ii tbe pn
cial I."'i-   Smith ( nrtis, nt,,.,;,! ,,,,-,
inee   fur   Kootenay aod   otberi   will
iddress   the   slectors  on the |i"li*ical
issues if tbs   pn sent Dominion ram
Shortly after - , .       i   Moi
night a work train i bich (.as  •■ ming
down   ilie   grade si   the  Big    ll
Slipped, and ii, ipite of the brake,
rapidly ginned momentum »nd crashed
into No. A safety switch when the
engine and caboose wre derailed
Fortunately no une was hurt engi
neer Daniels and bis fireman mansg
ing to get clear in time Although a
serious wreek might bave resulted -  i
damage, however, it  noi   COnsideral
except    to   the   Caboose,    which    »»-
The city corporation aro issuing
notices calling the attention ,f the
public to tbe penalties they _.<. likely
to incur from scattering paper   elc
round Ihe Streets arid sidewalks     The
practice of dropping paper abuut  ,,..,
mlsOUOUSly is a slovenly one, besides
being unnecessary. iu many parls ol
the Oity the streets have it (li.repu
table and untidy appearance simply
iiii Recount of paper (iiiii other rubbish thrown about, and those whu are
in the habit, of doing thia should stop
It for the sake of others who do take
pride in the city's appearance even if
they themselves do not care how
things look
All imi si'sied in the shorthand class
me o-ki-d to meet iu the 11 Y. M. 0. A
at 8 i,,ni  hi
II || |Hn man's pieaenl visil only
until Hiiturday evening, "Iter which
stiidin wid be closed until Nov. 25,
The S min list party onniuieiioo the*r
weekly propaganda meetings on Friday nl.ht, 2'A,;\ inst,, in Selkirk ball.
W. Ahrahauisoii is building lin insurance ollii'e mi the old Union Hotel
site, opposite tlie Club, for C. M   Field
Saturd iy was a r cord day on the
0. P. R., 2,708 oars bc-icg handled ii
and out of Winnipeg iu 24 hours, 715
oars going east ulniie.
li. Howson haa almost completed
the new block of buildings on Kirst
street, between the Northern Ornwn
Hank and lhu Kruit Kxcliango.
Tbe c.iiiint.y cuiirt session which was
pi'slpined yesterday will take place
ibis evening at 7 o'clock, Judge Forin
arriving from the south this afternoon
Owing to delay in arrival of
films the performances at the
Edison Parlor Theater tonight
are postponed till tomorrow
The progressive whist tu urns ment,
under the auspices of the Ladles' llos
pital Guild, will take place turn irrow
evening commencing at 8 30 o'clock
sharp, at the Oity 11 II. The patronage of tlie public is rt quested.
V. C. Brown, cbiif inspector, and .1.
Air.l, superintendent ol the central
west, ot ilieCa dun Bank of Com*
me ce, paid a vi n to the city on Sunday iu connection with the opening
of the local branch.
C. W. Hallainore, Jm nager of the
Kamloops branch of the Canadian
Bank if Coin nierce, was in the city
this week on business in connection
with the opening of the new branch
A, II. Allen, of C.ilgnry, has been
appointed manager of the local branch
of the Canadian Bank of Commerce
and has now taken over the management. Mr. Holt, who has been on
the ground for the past week, lefl on
Monday for Vancouver.
C. P 11 train No. 98 met with mi
aciibui un Friday lust at Bear Creek,
tiltee sleepers being derailed and
turned over. Two lady passengers
were severely hurl. A telegraph pole
preventid the cars falling ovei the
canyon, a distance of COO feet below
A splii rail cans, d the arc. lent.
The Camroso Mail published at
i'n.um e, Alts , by Capt. K. B. Thorn-
is, president of the Alberta and Eastern 11. C Press Association, is oue ol
tlie most, remarkable papers printed.
In ibe news columns each week is
found lending matter in -ix different
sngnages, Thia is done to cater to
the many foreign settlers i; that district.
The sale of 127 Provincial Government lo'a of f r ii ii lard at Creston, at
ibe south end uf Koutenay lake, realized $.'i8,7(J7 Thia was for 1040 seres.
rhe upset price varied between $260
nnd $2D. but the prices realized per acre
went a- high as $300, tbe sales running
50 tu 3d'1 P'-r tent, higher than the upset price set i-v the government. All
luts were uncleared land.
In ihe recent faUe fire alarm turned
iu from Box N •>, lhe cily ebctrinian
informs us that ou investigating tin
came lie found that the glass of the
box wns broken n d the box itself
lam pel ed with, and lhat short circuit
there wns impossible. Several cases
have readied onr ears lately of persons
carrying u "full load," trying lo post
letter- in the alarm boxes, which may
iccoillll for box No. tri In ing disturbed
j In any ca.e the attention of lhe pub-
lie is culled   lo   tbs-   penalty   fur (am
! pering    ith these lire alarm boxes.
In npproachiuc  Thomas Taylor, M
regarding    the   Unfile   bridge
L. 0. T. M. Dance
Tlie shirt waist dance held Inst
nigbt uiider I be uiispie. s of Mi'Ki-i.'/.'e
Hive, I. (I. T M , at lhe opera house,
proved to be one of the must, success,
fill events held in Hevelstoke. The
committees had done iill ill tliei
power to ensure iheir fiiat dance to I c
a success,.and their efforts were amply rewarded. The bull was very
iiistefully decorated, and in a pi'onii
nont place across lhe stage whs suspended the emblem, LO.T.M., in the
colors uf the order The (loor was in
excellent condition and the music
furnished by the Independent Band
left nothing to be desired, Abuut 60
couples were present and all voted the
affair nn unqualified success R, Gordon, as master of ceremonies, had his
hands full nil the time and few could
complain of being without partners in
every dance. The supper whb dainty
and appreciated by all present.
Anniversary Festival
The seventeenth anniversary festi
val of the Methodist Ohurch will be
given in Selkirk Hall on Thursday tin
22nd ol October. Boston beans, pump
kins, lemon and apple pies, besides all
other delicacies for which tho Ladies'
Aid nf this church are noted will be
served in abundance. Supper will bu
-erved from 6 tn 8.30 o'clock. Good
music will bo supplied during the
evening. The ladies are making
special preparation lor tbis event and
bespeak the presence and patron:1 ge ol
a full house. Everything necessary
iiiil be done to make those present
happy and satisfied. Admfssi n:—
Adults 50c. Children able to help
themselves 25o.
For the latest styles in ladies and
gentlemen's visiting cards call at the
M ail-Herai.h office. -
To Rent.— Large modem residence
in desirable location, $30 per month,
Apply Bevelstoke General Agencies.
■ I li   ii I he govei iiiihiiI pni| use to con
I struct   over   the   C I urn bia   River at
Bevelstoke, and asking  for further information, we were informed that ten-
de 8 wi!! be called shortly for the wurk
ul ■■ it nothing inure definite can be
■it   yet.   Mr. Taylor, however,
'   »ed   : I e   Mail Herald  the tele
'_: m which he received Irum Mr.
Fulton, chief commissioner of lands
t:'I wurks, in connection wilh llie
'overnment's deciiion, The telegram
resda an,' "Victoria, B. C , Aug. 24,
1908—T Tayl. r, M P. P., Kevelstoke.
fl C — ll meeting ol executive today
decided to build bridge at Hevelstoke.
F   i   Fulton."
Business Locals
Himmei - flowi * bulbs at Hews Drug
I uiirner -    ( ual    foi   Comfort    and
(!uuks" .'
Huyler's Iresh cbocolatis at Hews'
I >r ig Btore.
.    J "   * indue      Kvery   article
a lH'j;.iiii      New    go_.il   put   in every
day.    Lswrence Hardware Co.
i i otrie in pi I, H ut IH caudle
power, 2. Sac Lawrence Hardware
F.atun Kuril-ma initial note paper
at Bews' Drug Store.
Fancy _la.ii water »eii—pitcher and
six tumblers—from . I 2"i t set up.
Lawrence Hard ffsre ( o
i-t.i-s   | tibia mats, bound and cov
• •red frum be: up lust the thing to
-av<. your table.     Lawrence   Hardware
Children cannot he cheerful and
Hnwers will not flourish in Impure
air. (ins is bad f.,r lailh There ia
none in Coursier's nonl
i bere is adcoided d fTerenos between
Briiwn Bread and bread nlaely browned
• 'ue Is iiuide by mixing and Hie other
easily obtained by baking with Coursier's K_:g 0 ml
Special offer uf gentlemen's visiting
cards ncnlly printed, 60 for $1 26, and
111*1 for Ifl 7.V Ladies' cards in newest,
styles, 60 im Ifl 26 and 10(1 for $1.75.
Linen linis-h oards are th.i latest importations.
triOR SALE- CHEAP- Nine flrsl
class Dairy Cow's.   A
(HI8, Airtnvhe.iil.
pply In   Box
Sat 12 Sud
IT-IOR SALE -Small Coal Self Feeder
*    Stove in giuui condition.    Apply
"ilMt.-llKItAI.il lilliie.
mo SELL-10 shares WuoIm-v. L -
.1_ I'Vaux and Co. Limited, $9,00i
fill shales liiieiiui Publishing On. Ltd.,
$3.   Apply lo Columbia AgHncb'S.L'd
WANTED—Young   girl   wants    a
sit nut ion as general servant in   a   pri
vate family. Excellent references.
App!y P. O. Box 208.
WANTED   TO   LET   7    Roomed
house.  Itii't-I  S'iv,.|  wesi,   $13
pel' IllOlllh.     .Apply loUdl lluhlH Agencies, Limited,
lis  wanted   in  private   family,
Anplv Mail-1 lei aid.
ies Limited.
WANTED TO SELL-A llie-nitiol
sale. Apply lo Columbia Agen
Rectification of Grown Grant
Whert-as on tliu 20th day of Nuvomber. 1907. &
iruwu Grant was Isaontl i» the mania of Freder*
lok Washbnurnfl for U»_ IU7, Qroupl, Kooto-
nay District. Tlmt I'viilouro bail since beoti
been t niilncod shnwltig that the said Froilerick
Wnstibouriie ilin.1   un  tin.'  '.th  of  .-_u»:n*~(. l.H)7.
sinnotinio prior to the tssuanoa of thu aald
Crown Grant.. That by a_traen.et.t. tlatetl 20tiL
Ai-KiL.1, H'i.; the Bala Kfi'ii'-rifk Wnshhourne
aasiffticd nil bis i;>t:iio. ritrht. title, lutarest.
olatm 'md demand whatsoever in the suitl land
to Thomas Shanks McPheomn,
Notfre is therefore hereby uriven in pursu*
anoeof Section 08of tho "I.and Ad.' that it is
the intention to cancel the said t-rown Grant
issued in the name of Prodortok Washbourne
and to issue one in Its stead in thenameoi
Thomas Shauks UoPhersou three m^nti b froii
tho dato hereof nulesa good eanse Is shown U
the contrary,
Chief Commissioner of Lauds and Wurks
Lands and Works Department)
Victoria, li t'. Utl) October, 1008.    oct '_'l-;iii
City Bakery
Call and see oui cake. We
handle everything in the cake
and pastry line, .lust arrived a
beautiful assortment of bouquets and trimmings for wedding, birthday and oilier cakes.
All kinds of icing and trimming
done. 8took of fresh bread and
buns always on hand.. Rye
bread made Tuesdays and Fridays. Tea and (lake. Lunches
put up.
Real Estate.  Insuran
Commission Agents
Revelstoke. B. C.
Ks'prr*.,-ii.,tLives    Ol     llll*    follow in«
insuntncti ((ompftnief-i
Montreal * (/'.tn.iila, Trailcri",
Sumlaril Mntii.i!. OttAWfli At1glo<
\||jfll ii an,       Ri|u(ty(      Winnipeg,
UFE    INSURANCE        London    ami
I..nn fmhli '• Ltfei whosp uottclflt
hi- the most lib. ral offered In I ha
nonunion lo day.
gtlftfUftttfa    a nd     Wei-lm.    I i.*»tit -
nncfl Oompanyi
AoH'ruati   Surety (lompanyi the
oldeal nml ilrofi^ral Surety Cos
on tin- Oonlinenti
F0R8ALE   Houses, Business blocks
Oity LotSi PfUll and Kami lands.
TO IET   Mouses and Stores,
INVBSTMKNTS   Timber,   mines*
municipal and Corpomiion Bonds*
Bcw IReckweav
We have j u.m opened une of the prettiest lot of
Neckwear that we have ever shown. Tlie new
styles are a decided change to those that have
been shown and you will lind all the latest fads
among them, as well as the every day styles.
We have a nice lot of Fashionable Linen Col-
lais in plain white with polka dots, in colors
and colored designs. Rows for weer with
linen collars in silk and net.
flew Bvatbs
For dress, trimmings in all colors and all
widths. These Braids are the fashionable
trimming for this season, and wc can match
almost any shade of material.
Sibc anjb Back Combs
One of the best and cheapest. lines yet shown
and all prices from the cheapest to the best.
You will find our line of small wares always
complete. As we give particular attention to
the little tilings that are needed every day.
Northern Crown Bank
Capital (authorized)
"        paid up
Rest, aad undivided profits        225,ooo
President—Sir I). 11. McMillan, K.O.M.G.   Vice Presidents— Edward Gur-
ney nud Capt. Wm. Robinson,   Gen. Man.—J. \V. deO. O'Grady.
Special attention paid to Savings  Bank Deposits
Interest allowed from date of deposit and credited quarterly.
Open every C P. R.   Pay Night, also Saturday Evenings from 7 to 9 p. m.
A General Banking Business Transacted
The smallest account receives from us tbe same careful attention
as the largest one.
Office- Corner First St. and Con-naught Ave.
A.  F.  D.  LACE,   Manager   Revelstoke   Branch
Revelstoke Conservative
To  the   Electors  and   Citizens  of
The Conservative Association of Kevclstokd Riding
wisli io inform you in the inosl emphatic manner possible, that they neither as an Association or through any
individual representative, had anything whatever to do,
directly or indirectly, with lhe postponement of a Liberal
meeting; siinim med lor Tuesday, the _otb, neither have
they made any arrangement of any kind for a meeting on
tlie 271I1 instant, anil any statement to the contrary is
absolutely false and apparently circulated lo explain the
abandoned Liberal meeting of Tuesday night.
Having, however, every reason to desire a joint
meeting at some suitable date at which till parties would
have the opportunity, of expressing their views, the
Association now publicly challenges iheir opponents, if
they are acting in good faith, to appoint a committee of
three to meet and arrange with a similar committee appointed from this Association, lor such a joinl meeting.
As arranged in a proper manner, a meeting of such a
nature would no-doubt be most acceptable to the electors
and citizens of this cily.
Approved and issued by the Executive of the. Conservative Association at a meeting held this Tuesday
evening, October 20th, 1908.
Liberal Committee Rooms
Old Salvation arm-- Mall, rirat Strait
All interested in the election of  Ml".
Hiniih Curtis iih member for Kooteuav
itidinK iu  the   Dominion  House of
Commons, oordlally welcomed.
Open Dally •Trom 9 a.m toll p.m.
K.c puny. R,M.R.i will drill every
Thursday evening until further notice.
By Order.
oot 3180d R. SMITH. 0 0.
For Sale
Dry cedar   cord   wood—Kcvelitolie
General A|_cnciee Ltd.
Hmill Hard  Coal, all Bi7.es in flock.
Hevelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
are both uaeful aod ornamental Useful, because
ol Iheir time keeping qualities; ornamental, becauae
ol their handsome appear
A li<olc wil1 co ivince ynu
Call and s e them.
Ollicial Issuer of Marriage
Young Conservative Club
Election ol officers and social even-
ing Wednesday, Out, 21st, at 8 p.m.,
in rooms over Burns' block. All
young men are cordially, invited.
A neatly printed visiting oard iu a
pleasure to look upon,


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