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Vol 13.-NO 18
MAR 8 -1907      |
$2.50 Per Year
For week commencing Feb. 25th we have a lot of
Ladles' Nightgowns mnileol muslins, cambrics, and line
cottons, lace and embroidery. Thev run mostly in
small sizes and a good many ol them would do Ior girls
and Misses. They are $1.50 and $1.75 Gowns Belling
at 95c. <
Ladies' Corset Covers, in muslins und fine cotton
trimmed with luce and embroidery, a good many small
sizes which would do for girls und young ladies. 75c.
and 90c. goods selling at 45c.
White Underskirt*—Cottons nnd Lawns, lace and
embroidery trimmed, all Bizes. These are $1.50 and
12.00 skirts, selling at * 15.
" Peter Pan " Silk Shirt Waists lor young ladies,
embroidered with silk. Lovely goods and entirely new.
See these—they arc only $2.90.
Fresh Smoked Halibut, Fresh Kippered Herring
Labrador Salt Herring, Salt Maekerel, Salt Salmon,
Victoria Cross Canned Salmon, Canned Shrimps, King
Oscar, Albert Roche and Golf Club Sardines, Maple
Leaf brand Lobsters in-half pound and 1 lb. tins,
Herring'-"'.—ivoSa'ce, Kippered Herrings in tins,
Mine Point and Cove Oysters, Fresh Mackerel in tins,
Findon Haddock in tins, also all Sauces used for serving same.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Boots and Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
GALT COAL-The only
Satisfactory Domestic Coal,
for Cook Stove, Heater or
Grate, clean and free from
Dry Fir and Birch Wood,
any Length.
Huy, Oats, Wheat an.l
Express anil Draying to
anv part of the city.
Furniture Stored at Reson-
able Hates,
Office, McKeiulo Ave).
Next Burn*' New Block
TELEPHONE       -      •       73.
Papers that please everyone who
appreciate stationery of FINI
—made by the lending manufacturers,
milking a specialty of a box ol fine
Holland Linen Paper and .•••■elopes
-each sheet lithographed Revelstoke.
NOW 400. A BOX.
Try a box, il will please you.
D. Nairn
Red Cross Drug Store
Besides offering Bargains in China and othcr uielul articles
at attractive price;., we beg to call your speoial attention to a
«The Kookizer"
Cooki your Breakfast while you sleep.
Cooks your whole dinner while you play with baby.
Call and let us explain to you all about the Kookiier.
Made especially lor  British  Columbia,   Wide Web
Strong and Durable,
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Mine™', Lumbermen"!
and Sawmill Ht.ppllei, etc., Plumbing and Tin.mitl.ing.
Sunday Observance Law Condemned—Appeal to Ministers
— Danger to Province of
Dominion Anactment.
Nki.son, March B,—-In their decision
to suspend tl.e operation ol the Lord's
Day Observance Act in British Columbia, Attorney General Pulton suil bis
colleagues, will have tbe whole-hearted
iipprnv.,1 and support ol the whole
industrial interest ol the province.
Kor Bonie time ..(ler the parsing ol
the Act by the Dominion parliament
little thought wns given to its possible
injurious ifleet*, but as the lato
March approached, and greater attention was devoted to the clauses ol the
new law, it began to dawn on mining
men and lumbermen particularly, that
none ol tbo saving clauses protected
their interests. ,
It was pointed out that in the mines
where day and night shifts were employed, the night shift must lose two
days of each week, as they could nut
work through Saturday night to Sunday morniug nor begin again Sunday
Moreover, tbe majority of liritish
Columbia mines are so situated that
church attendance- iB in.possible lor
tl.e miners, opportunities for diversion
are lew, and an enforced weekly day ol
rest would mean a day devoted to idle
ness with board to pay and no wages
earned. And the same condition
would obtain in the majority ol lumber can ps.
Moved by such considerations the
miners employed ata number of mines
gave notice to their managers that as
soon as the law became effective they
would leave '.he country.
Tbe managers generally had confidence enough in tbe provincial government to trust tbat no such blow at
the industries ol the country would iie
permitted, but they felt that the
ministers sliould have their hands
strengthened a ainst the fanatical
appeals certain tn he made to them,
by a definite and comprehensive
At a conlerence held yesterdny,
resolutions were passed to the effect
that the premier of the province should
be requested that the enforcement ol
tl.e act should lie postponed and that
a petition lie sent tu tbe government
expressing disapproval ol tbe act.
Western   Lines   Agree   on
Schedule at Chicago
St. Papi., March 5.—The managers
committee representing lorty-two railroads west ol Chicago, have annnunccd
an important tchedule of advances in
pay which has been tendered height
aud passenger trainmen nn all western
lines, and issued the statement that in
case tbe schedule does not prove acceptable to the employees, it will use
its influence to throw the entire
matter ol wage increases op;n t;
arbitration. The offer ol the managers
to their men is as follows:
"Conductors in passenger service arc
to he granted an increaie of pay ol $10
per montli; passenger baggagemen
are to be granted an increase ol pay of
$6 per month passenger brakesmen
and flagmen are to be granted an increase ol $5 per mouth; freight conductors and brakesmen ire to lie
granted an increase of 10 per cent.,
based on rates of pay prevailing
November 1,11)06. Proportionate and
equal offers ul increase in overtime
pay are made part ol the tender. The
trainmen have insisted upon an in
crease of 20 per cent, in both passenger and freight services. Tl.e offer of
the managers will, it accepted, advance
the pay ol fifty-five thousand railway
employees southwest, west and northwest. Tbe schedule cf advances applies to every railway entering the
American Northwest and the Pacific
Whether tl.e offer will be accepted
is not known,
G. Towns Defeated Canadian
Champion by Three
SYDREY, N. S. \V„ March 4.—George
Towns, the Australian sculler, defeated
Edward Durnan, ol Toronto, Canada,
on Saturday, by three lengths Ior the
sculling championship ot tbe world
The race look place  on   the  N.-pettn
liiver ..ml wan fur $2,fi00 a side.
Towns won the toss nl position, and
ut the quarter mile post Duniiui led
by half a length, but Towns quickly
overhauled him nud was half a length
ahead ut the half-mile. When the
two mile post was readied Towns was
tliree lengths ahead, which iend be
maintained until the end ol the race.
It is stilted that Durnan will issue
another challenge.
Registered Letters Valued at
$50,000 Stolen.
Ciua.io, March 5.—A mail wagon
together with its contents nl hundreds
ol registered letters of a value estimated at between $"20,000 and $130,000, was
stolen Irom in front of police headquarters at au hour when the streets
were crowded on Saturday. Three
hours later the rilled wagon wiih its
lock broken and mail hags missing
was found four miles distant, The
wagon contained deposits af mail left
<ltcr the clusing hours ot hanks, brokers and operators nn the hoard ol
A meeting of the Lord's Day Alliance ol Revelstoke was held in the
city hull last night, tlie attendance
was sninii but good work was done
nevertheless. Rev. J. R Robertson
took tbe chair and called tbe meeting
to order. In the absence of the secretary a resolution was passed appointing R. Howson, ai secretary pro tent.
Mr. Robertson in addressing the meeting touched on the Lord's Day Act,
referring to several of the special
clauses contained in it, especially
clause 16 in connection with the attitude taken by the attorney-general.
He pointed out that all the provinces
with tbe exception of British Columbia and Quebec bad agreed to conform
with the act, and that some delinite
action should be taken by tl.e attorney
general. He referred to the local
view of the act saying that the C. P,
R. had observed it by stopping all unnecessary work in the yards und ships
and also on bridges and sections. He
.was glad ol the loyalty ol the company
and hoped that their example would
be taken. R, Howson suggested that
the labor unions ol Kevelstoke should
pass resolutions urging the observance
of tbe act, and that their resolutions
should be in conjunction with that of
the alliance. It wai resolved*"that
tbe Alliance executive committee, as
voicing the views ol the working u in
of tlie district, express the hope that
the attorney-general will enforce tin-
act." Copies ol the resolution will he
sent to T, Taylor, M.P.P., nnd also to
lhe Rev. Mr, Rochester, western a'eore
tary.   Carried.
It wns also resilved that a committee lie appointed consisting ol the
president, and secretary to meet tlie
labor unions..I Hi.voh.tuke and present
tl.e salient, features of the nut and
invite their en-operation in petitioning
llie Government to enforce the act.
Hev. ,1. S. Wooilsworth was appointed a member ol the executive und the
meeting adjourned,
The increase in the price ol board
throughout the city was the cause ol
au indignation meeting, held iu
Selkirk Hall on Saturday night. It
was decided by a few meeting ctisuully
..ti Saturday al nuuu, to issue a call
for the meeting, and the hint tint on
such short notice between one and
two hundred people all'oeted by the
increase were present at night, showed
the interi st taken. ThoB'.. who took
part In tl.e discussion were unanimous
in their condemnation ol the notion of
the restaurant keepers iu raising the
price of board, which, they claimed,
was utterly uncalled for. It wus stated
that several private hoarding houses
had also raised the prioe. The meeting
dually appointed a committee tu
secure signatures pledging those signing to patronize any one who will
open up a dining room in tbe city and
who will give good meals at the old
rate. Alter the committee decide
that sullicient signatures have been
secured, which is confidently expected
belore tbe end of the week, advertisements will be inserted in the papers
at the coast and other places, guaranteeing that number ot people to any
one who ii prepared to do businesa ut
the old figures.
Prince Rupert, tbe Pacific terminus
:! the Grand Trunk Pacific railway,
will soon be connectod with thc outside world and Vancouver by wire, thc
work of installing telegraphs and telephones proceeding very rapidly.
Out ot 100 lives un board tlie steamship Corona, which was wrecked on
Sunday at Eureka, Cal,, only one was
loBt, although great difficulty was experienced in landing the passengers.
Manager James ol the Canadian
Northern railroad announces that the
company lost a million dollars last
month through being unable to opor-
ale its lines owing to tho severity ol
the weather,
Two Passenger Trains Collide
With Tremendous Force-
Several Killed.
Watkihii'hv, Conn, Maroh 4.—
With an impact of sullicient. force to
crush the ponderous locomotive together like paper, twist nud heud
them ..ml topple them down from the
track, ..vet- the embankment an.l into
a ditch, two passenger trains, a regular ninl .. speciul, met in n head ....
collision on Sunday at I'latts Mills,
.... the New York, Neivhitven railway
resulting in the death ol lour men antl
laial injuries tn several men, besides a
score ul others more or less seriously
injured. Illume is placed on the conductor ol the regular and M.e engineer
of the special.
Ernest Ironside Killed by Knife
Thrusts in Neck
Pout Artiiuu, March 4.—Ernest
Ironside, operator at Mackenzie, on
the C.I'.R., was foully murdered last
night., llis hotly wns picked up on
the track about two miles west of tbat
station .....1 two wounds in the neck,
apparct.Ily inflicted with a knife,
indicated the milliner ol death.
The young man wus a son of Mr,
John Ironside, Collector of Inland
Revenue at this pluce, und bad been
appointed to the position of operator
at Mackenzie only a few days ago. He
wiisaboii; 21 years of age, and had
been engaged in operating Ior three
or four years at various stations. He
wns of ii quiet disposition, and well
thought ol hy all who knew him. His
parents and sister reside here. Particulars nre very scarce, about the
only thing being known nt this time
is that beside the body wus lound a
bund-biig and a lew feet distant a dirk
knife with which the wounds apparently had been inflicted.
An evidence nl the go abend natu.c
of the Revelstoke people and the
success of largo industries which have
been started by our citizens, may be
seen in lhe extensive improvements
and addition, which ti vo nuw being
cariinl out. l.y the Enterpiiss Browing
Co., who have, of late, rightly earned
this title, It seems but a short time
ago when the present concern had ils
birth, and now the Kevelstoke brew is
well known throughout the interior
country, The eon.pany with nn eye
to coping with the heat nl the summer antl the somewhat intsaMsf -otory
methods nf cooling by means nl ice,
nre now installing it line, new ..> d up-
to-dale refrigerating plant, v ■ its)..
when p'need in operation will do hi
one minute what the old system ..I in
cooling tunk an hour to do The
original browing planl- besides being
renewed and incr- ased lms been thoroughly overhauled and thn refrigerating system is now practically in pnsi-
lion ready for the warm weather.
The new plant onh-isls nl n 80 horse
power steam engine nnd boiler., a
compressor and'sorios ol oolitic nnd
brine pipes, ammonia beinguseilin (he
reduction of temperature, the process
lieing that ul compression, condensation mid expansion, brine being conveyed in tbe cellars and fermenting
rooms in pipes hy a steam pump.
Besides the new machinery extensive
additions have been made to the
buildings and several 800 gallon vnts
are now in position, Another innovation introduced by the ennipan.-, is
the device for ice making, large
quantities being turned out per day
according tn requirements, In a
business where cooling is such a
necessity for the coriecl. brewing ol
malt, devices lur .treating winter conditions in the middle of summer arc
certainly up-to-date,
Tbe cost of the new plant nnd buildings approximately amount to $8,000,
nnd when in upernlion the brewery
will be one of the most up to-.late in
the province.
A dispatch from Toronto announces
the death ol Oronthyatokba, M. D,
the head ol the Independent Order of
Foresters. His death was soinowlint
Buddcn, though hc bus been in comparatively poor health for sume years.
Dr. Oionthynteklia was ono of the
most prominent insurance men in
America and bis loss will bo felt very
keenly by the order which ho an closely identified himself with.
Tho late Dr. Orontbyatekbn was one
of the Six Nation Indians, being born
on the reservation nt Brantford, Ont,
on Aug. 10,1841, and lator in 1860,
when tho King, then Prince ol Wales,
toured Canada, created a good impression in his address on behalf ol the
Six Nation Clrels, that he was invited
to study at Oxford. After becoming a
member of the Forester! he quickly
reached the chief rangership and took
untiring interest in tho work; l.o was
also a Mason, Good Templar and an
Quaker Brand Canned Hoods, Ashcroft Potatoes
nud Vegetables, Wheat, Barley, Bran, Shorts, Chop
Feed, Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness, etc.
Agents for the Celebrated Kootenay Range.
We Still Have Money
Let Us Build You a Home on Our Easy Method
of Re-Payment.
We will bc pleased to have you call ami learn about it.
Revelstoke Insurance Agency. Ltd.
Imperial Bankof Canada
Head Off ioo  Toronto, Ontario. ^
branches in the Proi-incas ol Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan. 3
British Columbia, Ontario, Wnebec.
Capital Subscribed •       -        .        $5,000,000.00
Oapital Paid Up ....   $4,280,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       t4,28o,ooo.oo
D. K. WILKIE, President: HON, It. JAFFKAY, Vic-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savixi.s Department Deposits received and Interest allowed
at current rule from dale of opening account, nnd com-
po nnded. h.-ilf-yc.-irly.
Drafts sold available iii all parts of Canada, United Suites and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections,
Revelstoko Branch, B. C. A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Good City Lots on Easy Terms
\ few good City lots still on the market at
present prices. Terms reasonable, Apply soon
G. M. SPROAT, Real Estate Office, Cowan Block.
A musical larce ooinedy said to I*
ol unusual excellence, will bo the at-
!faction al the Opera House on
Thursday, February   21.     Manager
Tupping   inning   lieeii   fortunate   in
scouring tho three aot play, "My Wife's
Family," the combined work of Hall'
Slephensun.l Harry Linton, prolific*
and suceBsful writers ol that stylo oil
entertainment, This merry concoction
of fun, mimic and un.using frivolity,
was greeted by warm prai.e wl.erevei
preseuted Inst season, as the jolliest,I
cleanest and liveliest ul comedies seen
in the ...u-ic.il world, a constant
creator ul laughter, that is simply
Irresistible. The comedy appeals to
all that is refined; the hook is not ol
the forced kind, while the musical
in....hers are all of the jingling whistling ordor. Tlie company presenting
"My Wile's Family" was selected lor
each person's natural ability to assume |
tho various characters nasigncd to
them, with the result one of the best:
drilled organizations on the road to-
day, Clover comedians, pretty girls
and a whole ensemble well nigh perfect in every detail. The .'..stunting.
electrical and stage ellccta are correct
ill every detail, The engagement ol
"My Wile's Family" shuuld prove to]
be in artistic and financial success.
Hn minus, oranges, lemons and eating
apples, always in stock at C. B. Hume
& Cu's,
The Most Popular of Winter
Sports has Successful Run
The last "roarin'game" baa been
playo and the must popular of winter
■ports lms been brought to a alow,
alter a most successful run. More
interest than in former yeurs has been
evinced, and socially as well as financially il rling eltih lms dono remarkably  well.    This   winter   h.i
brought  oul  the ki  spirit nf the
game, and now ibut the "rinks have
profited by pint experience it is to be
hoped that next winter will see out-
tide trophies brought to Rovelstoke,
as well as the advent ol competitive
rinks in a general Revelstoke Bonspiel.
On Monday night Brown defeated
MoRae 13-H in the semi-finals Ior thc
Equitable Cup, and yesterday morning deleatcd Kobsrtion's rink 12-6 in
ihe finals.
Tho lollowlng nre the different trophies competed for during the season
and their winners:
litirns' Cup, supported by four gold
lockets presented by J. M. Doyle; won
l.y Ed. Paget, J. McSorley, J. Guy
Barber, W. II. Robertion, skip.
Equitable Cup, supported  by  (our
prises donated by the Curling Club;'
won by S. Hillier, .1. H.ner, J, Donald,
II. A. Brown skip.
Calgary Oup, supported by lour silver lea sets presented by tbe Calgary
Brewing & Malting Co., won by J.
Devine, H. N. Coursier, C, R. Maedonald, D. M. Rae ikip.
Easter post cards at Bewi' drug
store. She flDail-ftcralb.
Inclu ling postage to England, United Sink,
and Canada.
nv!hevoar|.tirM...'hiiMlomi-ol  fi.fV)
Hall             U»
Quarter "       " "   1.00
J .1.    I'.lNTlN'tj promptly executed nt renaoi.
abt-- no.--.
tKRUS-Casb.  SubeonpUon, payable in int.
0 iRRffiPONDKNCE inrilod  on matters ol
public iiueresU  Communication, to Kdi-
tor mt.*t be acconiymnii'd  by  immi^nf
s*arily fo piitilicnl* ~
if K.
.hould be brief.
wriler. not necessarily fo put
as evidence of good faith.   C.
ion. but
Legal notice 10 cents per line tlr-t in-.-rtlnn,
Scent* per line each subsequent m-erllnn
Measurement. Xonpariel III lines nniKe one
inchL Store and Ki-iioral bii*me*« an-
nouncemenl. fS.60 per inch per month,
Preferred po-uiun". !.i per cent, ad-
dill. ML B.rth«. Marriage, and Deaths,
;iv each Insertion. Timbor notioc.f9.uu
Und notice, I' *>' A" ndierllseiucnt,.
nibject tnili, approval of .he mnnngrineiit.
Wanted and Condensed AilverlNellicllI*:-
Agmu Wauled. Hei.. IVanlod, Sit....ti....s
»a.ued. Situation. Vacant, Teacher,
Wanted, Mei-liaiiic- Warned, 1» wonia ..r
leu lie each s.lditi.>....! lino 10 .-ei.ts.
(hang.-. In s..i..illng advortlsomonts must
DC... by 9 a. in. Tuesday and Friday ol
etcli went to M-rure g.a»l display,	
Barristers, Solicitous, Etc
Parliamentary,   Departmental
and Patent Office Agents
Practice before Railway
Chas. Mdrphy.       HAiioi.n Fisher
It —
Barrister,, Solicitors, Etc.
(*. K. 0ILUS. !"'■ O. El,l....ir.
Orricm:  iN.-r.n.Ai.  Hank  Hixick,  Ukvbi-
■BTOM, B. C.
Money Ui loan.
Offlcos: Revelstok,, B.C.; Cranbrook, H. 0,
(iio. 9. McCiKTSR,
A. M. I'imiiiM. J. A. Hahvbt.
,     i Revelatoko, B. C,       Cranlirook, 11. C.
i. M. Scott I.L.D W. 1. Brigga.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to Loan
Solicitors fui. Molsons Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Ayenck.
Box 100, Revelstoke.
Gbe fllM4)evalb
"lwoul . . . earnestly a vise them for
their good to order thin paper to bc punctually
served up, and to be looked upon as a part of
the tea equipage."—Addison.
Now that the first outbreak of
public opinion, and the clamour of
an indignant populace have subsided somewhat, caused by the
sudden, and uncalled lor increase
of rate? in the shipment of produce,
charged by the Dominion Express
Company from the west, we feel
that after investigation we can
throw some light on the matter
which will at least give an idea us
to the eccentricities of this particular corporation. Heretofore the
express company was charging 28
cents on a 100 lb. can of milk from
Salmon Arm to Revelstoke, and
returning the empty cans free.
This rate was made especially to
encourage the farmer, which it has
done, but at the same time the
company argue that they were
losing over it, and consequently
have reverted to what they call a
special rale of $1.25 per can, or an
increase of nearly 300 per cent
Whether or noi the express company wish to carry milk at all is a
matter known only to themselves,
but il they contend that they have
helped the farmers enough it is
nevertheless a somewhat doubtful
piece of policy to suddenly go Lack
on them in this manner. This excessive rate includes butter, eggs,
etc., hut, as yet, not fruit, although
that will probably he the next
move on the hoard. The question
now suggests itself, that might not
this move on the part of thc Express company he simply retaliation, being the effect of the continual outcry through the length and
breadth of the Dominion of thc
populace against the outrageous
rates levied by the company, who,
feeling that they have been brought
to bay by tbe advent of the investigating commission, hnve taken
this meanB of evading the enforced
reduction of rates,which will be the
inevitable result after the commisj
sion has probed into the affair and
still he as well off us they wero
A corporation of this kind should
not he permitted to rido rough
shod over the people and an unreasonable increase of rates without
any tangible cause should not be
tolerated. As it is, tho tolls levied
are near akin to a mild form of
robbery and it is well known, all
though it is a significant fact that
the company's balance sheet and
dividends are never made public,
that the profits range from 300 to
700 per cent! To insure n satisfactory stale of affairs, government
owned railways and all public
utilities should he agitated for,
where tho long suffering public
could get redress, and not be the
objects of the screw system of
gtasping corporations.
It is to he hoped that, in view of
the continuous spell of mi lil weather, heralding the advent ol spring,
after a long and severe winter, the
"city beautiful" committee will
bestir itself at an early date arid
name a cleaning day as soon as
may l.e practical. The claim of
Revelsloke as the city beautiful)
which by the way, lias heen used
by many former visitors in des
cribingour city, might justly be
questioned by uny casual one, at
this time, tlie streets, lanes, backyards and vacant lots presenting
an appearance that is by no means
enviable. Even McKenzie avenue,
in front of the home ol city administration, is an unsightly swamp
that needs immediate attention.
Revelstoke has become justly
known on account of its promotion
of the cleaning idea, and this year
it is especially desirable that plans
be laid for systematic work, so that
the city may present an appearance
as will he cause for pride among
all citizens.
Dr. Moore, the leader of the cam
paign against tuberculosis, when
in the city last summer, complimented Revelstoke on its cleanliness, and now it is up to ub to preserve our reputation, but no success
can be hoped for, unless the citizens
all help in carrying it out. It is a
duty which every householder and
store keeper owes to himself no less
than to the city, to clean up his
home and store premises in the
early spring, ridding them of the
refuse that has collected during
the winter. This may be the
means of averting much sickness
and it is hoped that no one will
fail to co-operate in the cleaning
Referring to the announcement
recently made, that the provincial
Government contemplates introducing Lord's Day legislation, and
that in llie meantime no assent
would be given by the Attorney
General to any prosecution under
the Dominion Lord's Day Aot, Rev
Mr. Rochester, Wester.. -.-.n-ifiry
of the Lord's hay Alliance, makes
the following statement:
"So far as the Allium:." .- ....,-
c.-rned it regards it as a matter ol
no consequence from what source
legislation comes, whether from lhe
Provincial or the Dominion Gov-
eminent. It may be that the legislation contemplated by lhe local
Government would l.e more acceptable to the Alliance than the Dominion Act. The important requisite, however, is that legislation
comes from a competent source.
"In the public's view of the
present situation one fact may
easily be overlooked, namely, that
thu Dominion Lord's Day Act i
now in force. Everyone, therefore,
violating its provisions by an open
Lord's Day, is violating the. law ol
the land. The words of the act are
specific in this particular, 'that
this law shall come into lorce on
March 1,1907.    The action of the
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meet.  Second .....I  Fourth  Wed.ie.il.iva iu
each month, In Selkirk Hull.  Vlilt.ng Wo-d-
men cordially Invited to attend,
W li. ARMSTRONG, Con. Com.
II. W, KDWA1ID8, Clerk.
F. O. E.
The miieliir milting, are held In til. loll-rrk
Hall every Tuesday oio-iitignt I o .toe.. Tufting brethren uro cordially invited.
W. E MeLAl'.'HLlN, Ski-bit..it.
Kooti nnv Lodnu No. 15 A. P, & AM,
Tho regular fleet-
lugs are held In thr
Mn.ouic. Temple,
l.l.l Fellows Iliill.oii
the third Monday it
inch month al 1
p.m. Vlsttlnpbreth-
rrn   cordially   wel
l". A. I'.i.it'l'NIKK, Sacnm-AitT.
SELKIRK LODGE. NO 12, 1.0. 0. P.
Moots every Thursday
ovoning In SoU.tr*.
kllall at 8 o'olook.
Visiting brethren cor
dinlly Tn.ll.ul to al
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
|.| Third Wednesday nl
each niolilh, In Hit. Oddfellows'
Hall   al   8   o'clnrk.    Vlailing
Knights aro cordially invited.
0. II. BROCK, K. ol R. A S.
H. A. DROWN, M. ol F
Deer Heads, A..iiii:.l»,'fHir.la, Kish, Etc.,
Animal l.uga Mounted,
P.O. Box SI.
Studio:  Comer of First St. and ISoylti Ave.
Rovelstoke. 11.0.
Miss Miiint (rei.
Teacher cf Piano, Vocal and
Studio :—Lawrence Block.
Pupils prepared lor  University  and
Conservatory Exams.
Mrs. H. J. Ha.ibury, Mantigress.
First-Class Table.
Private    ining Boxes
Large niningroom for
Hiiii..iii.i*. Suppers, etc.
Furnished  Rooms To Let
Provincial Government in no way c- w- °* W"
alters that fact.
"The attitude of the Attorney-
General is an important consideration. Whether rightly or wrongly,
the Dominion, in tliis legislation,
has placed responeil ility upon his
shoulders, Our view is thut the
Attorney-General, by virtue of liis
olliee, has no option but to give
consent to prosecutions undei" the
Dominion law, unless such prosecution shall be shown to be petty or
malicious; and, further, the Attorney-General shall not over-ride the
law, but secure its just administration.
"It is well to notice that Britisli
(.'olumbia  alono in  the west, has
taken this position, with respect to R.J.tackiart.N.o, .i. ma-iiiik, sh-
the Dominion Act. Manitoba, Saskatchewan an I Alberta, have signified through their respective
Attorney-Generals, their desire to
secure the enforcement of the Lord's
Day legislation.
"In its application to this province it may be fittingly urged that
this Sunday legislation can give
little ground for complaint. The
act, whilst aiming to secure na
tional well-being, is broad in ill
consideration of individual liberty,
and is generous in its provision
with respect to the commercial interests of this province.
"Thc whole question of jurisdiction ol the province is at once raised
by the Government's announce
ment. Has the province power in
this particular? It is asserted that
the Dominion Lord's Day Act purports to give liberty to the province
to legislate in its own interests in
respect of the Lord's Day.
"Assuming, however, that the
question of power to pass Lord's
Day legislation has not been settled,
and that there is still ground for
believing that the province has
power to enact a Sunday law, a
course is open to the Government
which would commend itself as fair
and one that would save much
trouble later. According to the
'act regarding the constitution,
practice and procedure of the Su
preme Court of British Columbia,
it is competent for 'the Lieutenant-
Governor in Council to refer to the
Full Court or a judge (or hearing
and consideration any matter
which he thinks fit to refer, and
the Full Court or judge shall thereupon hear and consider the same.1
The act then specifies particularly
matters which 'relate totheconsti.
tutional validity of any act which
has heretofore been or shall here-! 	
after be passed by the Legislature ah Kinds of Light and Heavy
of this province, or of some provision in any such act.' Therefore,
in the present circumstances it
seem a reasonable method to pursue that the local Government
should   prepare  a draft  bill of iti
proposed legislation and submit it,
according to tbe terms of the act
quoted to the Supreme Courl ol
the province for consideration and
"Meanwhile, awaiting whatever
aetioii in tlm judgment ol lhe provincial Oovernment may be deemed best, every citizen oughl to
remember thai the Dominion Lor I'i
Dav At t la now Ian ant
It i- the law of lhe land, it should
meet with respect from every honorable citizen, if its provisions
are unreasonable in any particular,
redress may be sought not in disregard of the law, but in amendment thereof, when opportunity NOTICE
Hook Weil! Feel Well!
Iln Youjenjoy that well diesstid feeling? We nil know what
it feels like'to ho hot. to he cold, nr to he tired, mid it I.
just us true. Unit we all know nbut it feels like to lie well
.1.0S....I. ll feels good, nnd It's good lo feel good. Vou can
never lie well dressed il* jtiiiiclothesaiTli.il made by the
right maker.
Gel tiiknow we handle the SEMI-READY GARMENTS
and you will lind what a pleasure and satisfaction it ia to bo
well diessed.
Suits and Overcoats-SI5, SI8, and $20.
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Right Overcoats, up-to-date  Prices: SIB and S20
Special Trousers (5 and $6.
Tailoring i. our business. We iit.ike a .nan look well
and he knows it.
..Cressman  and Morrison..
Henry's Nurseries
Hendquerter-* fur Purine I'nnst itrnwn
nnd imiHirteil Garden, Field and
Flower Seedi.
Incorporated liy Ait f( Parliament! IBM.
Wm. MoLSON Macpiikhson, Pies. S. II. EWINO, Vlce-P
James Elliot, General Miin.iger.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Resene, $3,000,000
Everything In wav nf bunking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest, credited twice » year at current rules on Havings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rktflstoke, B. C.
MM.  Fl|rniture |
Jobn E. Wood's Furniture Store
Full line of Groceries and Dairy
Produce, Men's Supplies, Etc.
Fresh stock always arriving at
lowest prices.
FIRST STREET, • .itt restaurant
Manufactured for all claBseslof buildings
All kitidsluf build iur and plastering
Hauling Undertaken
.'- .ler ::. Wood, Coal and Feed.
Phone 71, House I'hone 7
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
ua8h Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exnorter of Purs.
r %*»%%%%%%%%%%%'%%%%%%-%%%*%%% %-v%-***--vv»
For Agricultural Implomonts. ('ama-jes, WagODfl'l Etn., John
Doero Plough!*. Mul ino Wagons, Canada CnrriaRO Company's
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wright and Hlueknniitli Work al-tonded to. Horse Shoeing a
Costs nn more, but will produce more loaves
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this statement.
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nulriipent in Flour) and possesses rare absorbing
qualities.   Try a sack and you will be delighted with
the results.
ft* "t**t%V*%%*^%V*»%**\**i*%iV»*Vfl>1
HEAD OPt-ICK: Calqakv, Aliikiita.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers anil Dealer ln Live Stock. Markets in all [lie prb"cl|)a| (Ii..u» and
Towns i.l Allierla, British i...,iiinliin and the Yukon. Packer, oi the Celebrated Brand
"lm pnttrc" Ham. and Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Leal I.nnl. ^
Central Hotel
aae,    iRFVFlSTnKF B. C.
Newly built,     First-class in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rales.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same mamigerneni
land notice ORIENTAL HOTEL
Nnl 11 K ii herebygl-rai iMtfiii'lay* afur <lat.
i    Lent! to aptiljr tn the Hon Chief ■ mn
million*.*! •'Und* and W»rk« fur Mrnfnlon to
iiT'iu-.*'   purchiut  itV  '..llowlnn iln-ml-H lamia   In tin*
U,.»! Kootehtj liuifirt, (JiMia ,'U). --1*1 ilde of
i   per Anon Uk-**:
i itrroi in  a a p'rtt pltatrd tl P Hither*!
..ull. -.-I   ofliffl .ml marki'd "Brm*** A. UwiOTt'l
woth-erul corner port,* thnct wntht ihalm
throceweel |i   "liaim, thlaee north 10 chain*,
'l,"ii... ."ni   :.      1:1,.   tb«flr«  nnrtli »ji*tinifN,
thenci -.».*) .'j. i win*!"[mini"' ooniMncetnent,
-fui containing lil ic*rt( boh oi '■■•■*■
DitedMil*i.« Bt] thia rth f$bf\ittj, 100,
febffwwi imn.'K .4. UWBOrT.
That's  Itoyal  Crown kind—
mail.: in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory wsst ol Winnipeg,    House cleaning and
wimhing nre. eariy with Its help.
And the money saving It the
Premium System
Booklet tells whnt. ive give for
Itoval (Irown Wrappers, Send
lor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Soti'*<! li iM-'t.y Klven thai tfidayn afier date
. Intend *'i apt-lf loliw UhWCommlwionerof
Un.lK and ^•ittn tor permlMfon to parohUfl
ihr follow in* dettrlbM landi:
' iimni'-ni'ii)*/ al i pom planted al 'he H W
•corner ol I Ba-aob'i priMimi-ti-in, mar if cil
'ChM. BmI'i 8, W corner pom." riiOtilDi eaat
Bu chain*, Math ai rhalna, MM flonnalui,
thi nee north 20chrilni to point <>t rommfnee-
mi-rii, nomprltlmj ifiOaorea tlttttt wlflU,
l-at-vl M, 7lb, 1807,
f'-i-iAut OHAI itecK.
suitably furnished with thc choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.   Monthly rate.
Queens Jfotel
Iiest brands ol Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers tp
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG,        -        •       Proprietor
Notice la hereby glfen iiiat.H.da,-i from date
i Intond to apply to tho Honourable lho Uhlol
CrimniiiHli-ini-rnf' and*-, and Workh lor nHjici-iaJ
II'tiii.' to cut mul cftrrj* away tlinirfir from thfl
''-iii*. ■. n • deacribed landMliuated "n 'ml'-iia
May, Wenl K."ofe-nay diatrict:
I.   Mi*Klnniiiir  nl.  n  print,   -jlilllt.'d   10 cIkiIih
-mnMi of iho north-cut cornor of T. i, cm
thonoo IU ohnlni north, thence ho oIiuIih -m-i.
thonoo80 ohnlni ionth, llumen no chnlni wm,
llionoo70chains noi-ib to )>oliit. of dommofioo*
itiftnt. rontiiltiiiiK Wi MPfll.
i   Beginning nt a poit pianiml in olialni
nnrlh ot ilic amiDi-emd OOfnflro ChM, Book'A
iiiipllratlnn, tOOnoo Wi i-Milim OMl, tlit.timiHI)
* liuni*. ".'.'I,, illl'll. i' hii I'lialiiH Wi'Mt, HlOncO HU
chnl iim north to point nl eoniinoiirvini'iit,
liati'd Fob, I'lth, IU07.
(vli ,'-'aal OIIAH, lll'.CK.
Under   New   Management)
PjraNlas accommodation lor travellers.
Iiest brands ot Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $160   PER   DAY
Thonf-ftndf- of Fruit and Ornamantnl
Tree**, Rhododendron*. Rmm end hardy
plants now Krowinr on'on* nm groundd for
future |iliiniina.
No •xpenie. loan or delay of ftimiRntion,
inapectiou iiiireu**timii dntiss in pay.
Viiitoru are alwayi welcome to inspect
our Htnok.
QrtenhouM Plant*,
('nt Plowereand Floral Deaignn, Fertilliera
Kee Kirea and Sii|»plia,«, Spray I'nmpe anil
Sprayiiiit material.
No afeiit*—therefore ymi hate no eom-
mi-mion to pay. Our rataloKue telle you
nlHiul. it. Let me price yoar lint before
placing four order.
Wo dn liuxineaa on onr own ground*—nt
rout to pay, tnd are prepared to neet all
competition. Eaeteru pricea or lew White
labor.  Catalogues Free.
P.O. Address and Greenhouses :~!K)l()Went-
minster Road. Branch Nirierleei-Soith
HOTEL—Ono ol beat located and
most profitable businesses in
British Columbia—$16,000.
HOTEL-Well built houie, profitable
the best cities in th. Province.
LAUNDRY-Well equipped, with
good business,
Furniture of two ol the best
houses in the city, Lease ol either
house at moderate rental, goes with
To Let
Street, Revelstok.—115.00 per
TEN-ROOMED HOUSE on Mackenzie Avenue—$25 per month.
Street, $12 per month,
EIGHTY acres next Hall Broi,
Bnnche —$800.
EIGHTY acres  ol rich alluvial
land, above high water. Partly
improred.   Price $1,200,
113 ACRES within . mil. and . half
of lhe Cily of Rarelstoke.
ORCHARD and market garden In
good locality,
For particular! ol above
Apply to
Insurance Agent, Revelstoke, B. 0.
Nellce I, hereby .I.e. lhs.SO <a>, .tier dale
we Intend te spirit to the Heaer.Me .be Chlel
CoramlBBlener el I.esfla so. Work. f«r iptrlal
llc.ni. lo eol >■« e«rrjr tntj UaMr irom the
i.ll.wlDf tlw.rlM I.a,., .Ituuri I. kl.|r|.|
.1 We,. Koo.i.tr, 1, p. ll
1, Cenutulni it i post mirk., ..U»U-
W.IM. Lnmher C.fi. larih nul eorner poa. I1
f|.iii>ii »n w1'b»»ii,»] mtmtyttiM
ebout lepr mile. IroWlhl m»6.|i, ll,.ce&M
Stl rb.iti., ih.at-. wett ilelielt... tlience .eilt
40 child., tbenee esat SP chain., tbenee nerin
I'U chain,, theme weat t/> ehafni to ppl.l pi
eonaeneenen). '   '  '
D».ea ial, uui. >3a? »i rettrniry, lap?.
2, Commencing at a peat marb.rl "l.aiuti
Wataon Lumber C, norlk.eaat corner iki..."
planted on norlh bank ot HeKenile Creek and
aboul lour mile, Irom month, theice we..«»
chain,, thenee aouth SO chain., thence eaat so
chain., thence norlh SS chain, to pi.let el oi'n-
Dated Uilal.tli da; nl February, 1107.
LaHB'-WATSON Milium. CO., LTD,
wed leb 30 Locator,.
Nottc, la hcrebrglre. that 10 rlajra alter date
I iptci|d to apply to the Chlol Oonimlaalonerof
Land, end Work, tor a aneclal llcfiiali tn.:..(,
nnd oari-y away timber From' tlie follo'winti
deacribed land, altuatod In Weat Kootenay
distriot: " •
Commencing at a post planted on the bl.,(Tot.
thc west aido of Whiskey Point and niarfarW:
F.Oifllvlc'S soltth weat corner "poat, "thence north
.0 cnains, thenct. cast ISO' chalna, (hence .o.itli
10 ohalna more or leas to lnke shore, thonct)
west ISO chains to point of commencement.
* IIMCil Kob. 12th,1907. '■"   ' '•
wed fob, 2P       ~        W. jr. QaiLy|K.
Notice Is hereby glvou that no day, from date
1 Intend to apply to i|.c Honourable lhc Ciilpf
Comniljalnner o| l.ainla and Wpr|(, Ior per-
nilasl.ii. In piirchaai. (ho I..|lnw|ng dctrrlbeii
land,, alltmieilinualenn S»y, ii.rl more particularly describe! as follows;
l'1-g...i.init »l a pmt planter) at the north-east
corner "I And*, fll-oji', Ijiifth, ap* 0l)|«trl"R
J. Olson's N, n norne, no..," >|ienoe .|) chalna
esst, .hence <oiilialnaaoii.il, thepce 10 chain,
west, thence 40 chain, nortl, to point ol com,
mcureinenl, containing 100 acres more or le.,.
Iialc.l Jan. Slh, 1007.
feb la sat P. 1. (I'SON.
Land, and Work, for . .pcolal lloense lo cut
a.idcmry a»ay timber from the following do.
scribed land, situated In the West Kootenay
Distriot: '
1. Commonolng at. nmlplanM.bonion.
mill.nortl. from the north-wed cornerof Lot
No, SOU and marked "Bert lllytli', aouth-oul
corner post," theuce north Hi clialna, thence
wost SO ".liiilua, thence .outh SO chalna, thence
enst Sll cluilna to pointof commencement*
2. Ci.niuioi.olng at a post planted about one
mile nortli from tho northwest corner of Lot
No. 800 ant. markod "Belt Blyth',norlh-caat
corner posl," thonc west SO chains, tlu-noo
.outh SO chains, Ihence oaat 80 chains, thenoe
north SO ohains to point of cominciic.-niont.
3. Commenolng at . post plantod .1 th.
north-west cornur ol Location No i, marked
*'H«rt Blyth', north-cast corner po.t," thenoe
wesl 80 ohains, tbeuce south SI clmins, thence
caat Stl chains, tlienco north 80 chains to poll.
of commencement.
I. Commenolng at a post planted tt the
north-west cornor of Location No. 1 and marked "Bert. Blyth's south-east oorner post." thenoe
west SO chain,, thenoe north SO chain,, thence
east. SO chains, thenoe aouth 88 chain, (fl'poln..
ofcomriehcemifliL'   ' i""1
Dated February ISlh, 1D07.
feb 20 wed BRllT BLYTH.
NOTICE 18 HKUKBY UIVKN thtt thlrlr
dnys after dnte we Intend lo apply to thj
Chief Commissioner ol Unils ami Work, for.
spcclnl license w out and carry away timber
Iran tlio following described lnnds sltuaUMi
Colljto Creok, Lillooet district, B.C,:-
1. Commenolng at a post marked "Ijunb-
Wntson Lumber Cos north-enst corner post,"
nnd j.lnntc.l nljout .1 miles up Cells'. Creek nnd
half a mile east of creek, thenoo south ISO
chnlns, thence west 10 chnlns, thence north ISO
clialns, theneb eaat 10 chain*, to point of com-
[iictlceliicul,       • •   *•• r>
2. Conimenclng nt a, poet mnrked MLa,nl
WaUion Lumber Co's south-east corner posl,"
U...I planted about Avo miles up Cellsta Creek
und half a mllo eaat ol creek, thenee north SO
ehnins, thenoe wert 80 chains, thenco south SO
.ilmiits, tbeuce past 80 chains to point of rom
Daled this 30th day of January, IOO).
wed leb« Lis.a-TT.ttio!. LWMIg Co., I/rp. ll
Offer of Promotion—Declines
Position of Vice-President's
Assistant So as to Stay in
British Columbia.
When Mr. William Whyte w.s in
Montreal a week or twu ago cunteri ing
with Sir Thomas Sbauglines.y in
regard tu re-orgauizatiuu uf tbe western stall', be wai given practically a
free hand lor the luturi in control ol
Ihe whole of the Company's western
lines Irom Fort William lo the Pacilic
Coast. It w.s thon decided that Mr.
.Mai-pole should be offered the position
ul nisiitant lo Air. Whyte which
would have placed him second iu
command over ibis vait territory, and
the position would give him uu. ut
the most important posts in the gilt
ol Ihe executive. Nobody dreamt but
that be would jump at such an uppor
(Unity,and became in lor congratulations. Mr. Marpule received the
offer wi.b mixed feelings, but asktd lu
be excused the hunor. Tl.e action ie
unprecedented in the bistury ol tbe
company. The lact is Mr. Marpole's
heart is in liritisb Columbia and be
Cttitti.it make up bis mind to leave it
after 21 years residence. It is possible
tl.e company may lind him a belter
billet, us iheir interests in Vancouver
Island .re assuming great importance
in view ul the big clunuation scheme
there; and in all probability Mr
Marpole will be given charge uf lhe
company's land and timber interest,
in the island. 'Ihis still leaves lhe
port u( vice president's a«eiitant upeu,
aud an ollicial .uinuiii.cc.ne.il both in
regard to lids and to Mr. Marpole ii
expected shortly.
From Our Own Correspondent.
A concert and social wai held in the
Presbyterian church on Monday evening last.   The attendance was large.
The following wis tlw programme:
1. Duet—Violin, Dr. Elliott. Organ,
Mrs. T. L. Ludgate.
2. Song—Two ii Company, Three
ii None.    Mrs File.
3. Recitation—The Cure nf Calumet...
The Belli ol St. Michel, dpi.
Song—Ynu're a grind old  Flag.
Why don't you try?    Mr. Hopkini.
5. Duet—The Holy City.   Violin, Dr.
Elliott. Organ, Mr.. T. I, Ludgate.
8. Recitation—H w   Baieese   came
Home. Jim BluJiue. Capt. Fraser.
7. Duel-flhie  l'.*>|j,     {lome fjweel
Home.   ' flute, jier. S. C. \V- Mc-
Poll.  Organ, Mies McColl,
I. Sung—Within a Mile ol Edinboro
Toon.   Mrs. Bain.
Mis, McColl accompmi d th. vocil
pi.imbt.f8 wilh the organ.
The v.rioui items were given hearty
.pplause. Helreshmenis, v.ried and
abundant werc served by the ladies,
tnd the rest ol the evening pisBed in
friendly converse.
During a recess, a meeting ol ladies
w.s held in the Manse at which it was
resolved to lorm a Ladies' Auxiliary
fifteen offered tbemielies fur meniher-
ship. The following were selected "?
president—Mrs. McColl.
Vice-Pretident—Mrs. Dewar.
Secretary—Mrs. Parton.
Treasurer—Mrs. Baip.
The collection, which amounted to
f 18 76, fill go lo Home Missions.
Has n good stock of Groceries >u d
a fine assortment of Jiip.neae Ulii'ia.
Agent lor Ilevelstoke Funning
Company, growers of nil kii.ils of
Farm Produce, Hay tnid Wood.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Evans & Woodrow
Dealers in Beef, Pork, Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and Game in
Seison. Orders promptly attended to.
First St. Revelstoke
fs i- fH-«-
The attendance at the public schools
for February was as foMowii
High School-Div. I,
" II.
Public School—Div. I.
i«     "    - "II.
in. a
" IV. 33
" V. 61
" VI. 38
"VII. 68
Tot.li 367 8408  96
Two Dwelling Houses
For particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new management of
Harky McIntosii,  Hoffman   House
cynii are the must curative in the
world. A perfect, natuial remedy fnr
all Net vims and Muscular disease*,,
Liver, Kidney nnd Stomach ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains, Two
mails airivn nnd depi.it, every day.
Telegra I. communication with all
marts of '.he world.
Terms-$12 tu $18 per wei-k.   For
lui the particulars apply tn
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrctv Lake. 8. C
I cn do better (or you I
I cm arrange for you to own your
own home 1
To have a home built for you tp,
suit your requirements on your own
plan, at four o^n |i'.ijl fll'fo'it,
Jo epable you to pay for it in foments that will eust you lei. than
See me at one. about it il you w.nt
to lake adT.ntag. ol t|.i< ef.o.ptloa.1
pint come, tirst served.
Real Estate and Insurance Agent
Deaths Due to Railway Ac
lor Past Y*sar
Were 361,
The railway statistics ol the Dominion bine book just issued, shows that
21,363 miles ol railway aro in operation in Canada, lieing 866 more than
last yesr. The tendency ol thc earnings per ton has been downward, while
tbe ci.rni.igs per train mile have been
steadily upward. Tlie capital invested
iu Canadian railways is f 1,332,496,704.
To this the |)i>iiii||iun contributed
110,188,164, the provinces f43,»78,Og2,
and municipalities f 17,126,164,
The accident return, show 861 fatalities, or 107 less than in 1906. Olthe
861, sixteen were passengers, 139 employees, and 206 others,
Satisfactory Terras Can. Be
House and Lot, on comer Firm street
and Boyle Avenue, a business
Villa Lot adjoining City Limits on
Big Bend Road.   A good Stone
quarry and first-class  gravel
and sand 'or building purposes.
A good bed ol Brick Clay and
three acres cleared suitable lor
fruit growing.
Six Lots in Black 40,
One Lot In Block 44,60 foot.
Two Lots on Eighth St., 100 foot.
One  Lot, Block 97, with   olliee
Four Lots, Block 98, 25 loot, Cor.
Third Street and Connaught Avenue.
A well bred Mare, Cutter, Democrat
Wagon, two sets harness—(1 set of
driving, 1 set ol work.
Interest in good mining property
and timber limits,
Twenty acres good land in North
Vancouver—190 per acre.
Good Farm landi in Buckley valley.
wOne Cement Block Plant in good
corking order with all attachments
For lull particulars apply lo
You Can't Get
Away From It
—tin- luel ihui lh wmii's Crpeis
und Hots tank wi'h the higbisl of
impurtetl ami domestic I..-.....In.
And then the way we weave in
with our high-art lloor civerings,
the tbiend of honest pricing !
There isn't a householder or
tenant in .town who ran iiH'i.ril to
overlook ibis eetablishnie.it.
R. Howson & Co.
Import direct from Country of origin.
From 25 to SO Per Cent
Saved on your Grocery Bills.
We sell at retail at lowest wholesale
prices. Hotel and boarding house
keepers, farmers, miners and lumbermen wiil find it to their advantage to
investigate us,
WE   PAY  r\i%  FRIGHT
to any railway station in Ilii;ish
Culumbia. We only handle lint-class
and pure goods, We guarantee
prompt delivery. No order too im.ll,
none too large. Write lor our price
list. IT 18 FREE. Bo convinced
that you can save money.
269-261 Stanley Ht., WINNIPEG, Man.
Notice in hereby given tlmt 90 dayi after date
1 intend to apply in theChief csmmlsduuer of
Landi and \\ orlts for a special licence to cut
and carry away timlier from the lollowing
described lands In the Kast and Went Koulenay
I. Commencing at a poat planted abuut one
and one hall ink-* ii|i the north-earn lork ol
Ould Creek, marked "Alex. Velllcite's N tf,
corner," theme cast 80 chairs, thence suuth SU
chains, thence west nu chains, Bunco north 8u
chains to point of corameiiee'-acnt.
2 Commencing at a post planted about two
and one-half miles ti(i thc north cast fork of
Cold Creek, marked "Alex, Veillette's smith-
wesl corner, thence easi 40 chains, tlience
north ltiochains thence weit -Wchiutw, iheuce
iouth lliu chains tu point os commencement,
3. Commencing at a post planled about two
and on'.half miles tip thu north-east fork uf
U«ld Creek, mnrked Alex. Veillette's south-
east corner," thence west 40 rhalna, tlience
north 160 chains, theuce euat tu (.'balm, then e
south 160 chains to point of commencement.
Located Feb I8U1,19u7
4. Commencing at a post planled about oue
and one quarter miles up Ould Creek from
mouth 01 north-east fork, and marked-'Alex.
Veillette's north-east corner," thence aouth SJ
chaius, thence west 80 cliains, iheuce north
80 chains, theuce easlSu chains tu point uf
com in*, nee ment,
5. Commencing al a post planted about one
and one-quaiter miles up Cold Creek frum ,he
mouth ol the north east fork, marked-Alex,
Veil kite'I uorih-weai corner," theuce south 80
ehalm theuce east 80 chaius, theuce nurth 80
h-f ns, laeuoe weit bf ehains to point of cum
6. Commencing at a post planted about
three and one quarter miles up (jolii week
from the mouth of tbe uorth-east fork, marked
"Alex. Veillette's north-cast corner," tlience
south 80 chaini thence west-80 chains, thence
nurth 8i)chains, ihance east 80 chains to point
uf commencement.
7. Commencing at a post planted about
three and line-quarter milea up bold creak
from tin inmi 1 h uf theiortt.-east fork, marked
"Alex. Veillette's north-west corner," thence
south Suehalns, theuce tout SO chaius, iheuce
north 80 chaius, tBence weit 8u ehains to
pointof commencement.
I. Commencing at a post planled about
three and one-quarter miles up (Juki Creek
Irani the momhtf ihe nortb-eaat fork, marked
'Alex Veillette's iouth-east corner," thence
north 4uchaius, tbeuce wen Ifio chains, thence
south 40chains, thenee east lOOchains tu puiui
ol commencement,
S. Commencing at a post planted aboul
three and onw-quarter miles up Gold Creek
frum tbe uouth ui the north-east fork marked
'■Alex. Veillette's soutb-west eurner,'.' tflehce
east 80 chain . thence uortli go cliains, thence
wesi 80 clialns, theUce auiUti go cba(ns to point
of cummeilLTmeut. '
\Q. Commeuelng at a post planted aboul five
m»d'one:uuaner miles up uold Creek (ruin tbe
mouth 01 the north-east fork, marked "Alex
Veillette's nortii-ea.it eoruer,'' tbenee aouth 80
shaDi-*, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence east so chains to point, ef cum*
II. Commencing at ■* nut planted up Gold
Creek about five and one-quarter mllei from
the ffioutb of the north-east fork, ma-ked
nilex. Veillette's north-west corner." iht nee
south 10 chaini, theuoe east-so ehalus, tnence
norib w chains, thence wen 80 chaini to puint
of commen'ement.
12. Commencing at a post planted up Gold
Creek about tire and GUrvquarter miles Irom
the mouth u( ihe north-east f.*rk, marked
•'■Alas Veillette's south-east corner " thence
mirth n.ahalu*, thence west HO chains, Uience
suuth 8u cnains. thence caat 80 chains to point
of commencement.
IB. Commencing at a post plained up (.old
Creek about live and one-quarter miles from
the mouth uf lhe north-east furk. inarked
Alex. Willettc's south-west comei," thence
north 80 chains, iheuce ea.it 80 chains, thence
south Ml chains, thence wesl Ml chains tu point
of commencement.
14 Comme eing at a posl planted MP Hold
Creek aboul seven and one-quftner wile* Imm
ihe mouth fll lhc (jort-p-ewt lork, marked
"Alex VC'll-'tle'S north-east corner." tlu-nce
iouth Wi chains, thence wesl HO chains, Iheuce
norlli 80 chalna, deuce east 80 chains to point
of commencemeni.
15. Commencing at a post planted upGold
Creek about seven and nne-qtiHNer miles from
the mouth of lhe north-east fork, marked
"Alex. Veillette's south-east corner," (hence
north Sleha n*, thence west SO chains, llienco
south 811 chains, Ihiinreeast 80 chains lo point
16. Commencing at a post planted up Gold
teak about seven and one-quarter miles from
the mouth ol the nort'i-east fork, marked
"Alex. Veillette's south-west corner," thence
east 80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence
west B0 chains, thence soul 180 chains lo point
17. Comtnenctne at a post plauted up Gold
Creek about seven and one quarter miles from
the mouth of thc north-east fork, marked
t'Alex. Velllelte's norlh-west corner," Ihence
cast 80 chains, thence south 60 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains tn point
ol commencement.
18. Commencing at a post planted up (fold
Creek gbout eight and one-quarter miles from
the north-east fork, marked ''Alex. Veillette's
north-west corner." tbenee sou'h lOchains
thencecasl IM chalna, Uience norlh 40 chains,
thence weat 160 chains to pointof commencement.
Located Feb. 18th, 190?.
IO, Commencing at a post planted up Gold
Creek about eight and one quarter mile rom
lhe north-east fork No 2, marked "A lex Veil-
lette's south-wesl corner/' Ihenco norlh 40
chains, thunce oast ISO cbftlni, ihence suuth 40
chaini thence woit 101 ehalm tu pointof
yo cemmenclng at a pout planted about
threo and one-quarter miles un the north fork
ulii. creek, marked "Alex Velllelle I north
west corner," thence east 40 chains, hence
M,uthlG0 chains, ihence Wl£«^»««
north 180 chaini to point of commencemeni.
M Commencing at a post Minted about
threo andTu^uafter mile- 0D bo norlh tort
ni .inii. i-reek. marked "A ex. \ ellli.tte. noru.-
Jut corner/' lb" nee *e,l « chain., tlienee
™,h"™l.In., tbenee IUI«el.alna, Ihence
nolib 160 chain, lo poinl ol commencement.
ii. commencliii al a 'poll ]'1»»»V'I*W
.nr.eand on.-oilsmrmlle untile north fork
ol lloW Creelr. marked "A ex. V#Mlell«'.
I ulti-woak corner," .bonce ea». **J cbahis,
the ice no lh 160 chain., ihence wnl «i chain..
ffi "onil. li 9 km t° P°Tnt 0| oowmenea-
norlh3'chain,, Ihence cut mi..mini, Uience
«oulh So chain, lo poinl ol commencemeni.
Jl, Commencinj a. a po,. planled aboul live
.nrl niHwiuaner miles up lhu north lotk ol
Hold K »   ked ''Alex. Velllelle'a south.
et corner," ll.enifc cut * chana, behco
,„r h Wi.-I.al..., IhenM »e.t<l.chain., Ihence
loulh 160 chain. 10 point o( commencement.
a. Commeneing at a poll «>1 »iittK» «.t^nt nve
•tidnnciiiarlcr inl e« np lhe north lork oi
S Id "reel, I arke.1  "Alex. Vcllli'tli', aofth.
u. corne '^'hence »t.l 80 chaiua, thence
SSih-Jichslni, Ihence oul so Malar, iheuce
nortli ai chain, to pointol ™R"ff»f5SJ,?.,".„
■», comuienclni it a |»>i planted about Ave
and one-auarler milu up tt. north lork ol
.Void Creek, .narked "Alex. Velll'ttc'. >ouih.
e.,l ci n. ." Ibenco wait 80 ch. m, thonce
norlh SO chain., Ihence cut so chalna. th.noo
M.iuh SO chain, to |«ilnl ol commencemeni.
Daled .'.larch lib, 1007. **1
N lice is hereby in vou that 'Hi dnys aftor dnlo
I intend to apply to the Hon tho Chief Commissioner of Lun Is mid Works for special
licenses to cut and curry nwiy timbor from tlio
followiag doserihod lands iu West Kooteuay
1. Commencing at n post plunled uliuut I1;
miles up the south fork of Uoldstream und
marked Gus Luud's N.K. cornor," llienco wost
40 ehuins, tlience south 160 chains, theuce enst
40 chains, thouce uorth lOOchains to imiui of
2. Coni m one in*,' at a post planted about H,
miles up the south fork of Goldstroau aud
marked "Gus Lund's N. W. corner," thence
snst 40 chains, thonce south lOOci.Rius. thence
wost 40 chnius, thence north PHI cliains to point
of commen emont.
3. CoininenciiiKut a post planted about IU
miles up the s-uth fork of Uoldstroiun, nnd
marked "Gus Lund's S £. cornor," thonce wost
80 chaius, tbeuce north SO chnius, thence east 80
chaius, theuce south 80 chains to pointof commencement.
4. Commencing -it a post planted i% mllea
up the south fork of Goldstream and marked
"Uus Lund's N. K. coruor," thenco wost 40
chains, theuce south 100 chains, thence oast 40
cliai h, thence north PiJ chuius to poiut of commeucemeut.
5. Commencing at a post pluuted about _J
miles up the south fork of Goldsiream and
marked "Gus Luud's N. W. corner," theuco
last 40chains, theuce suuth UK) chains, theuce
west 40 chaius ibeuce north 100 chains to poiut
of commeucemeut.
ii. Cummeuciug ut a {tost planted about 2%
milos up tue soutb fork of Goldstream and
marked "Gus Lund's S.E corner," iheuce west
80 clmins, thenco uurth 80 chains, theuoe eust 80
chaius, thouce soutb 80 chains to pjint- of com*
I. Commencing at a pest planted about .'lj
miles up tha south fork of Goldstream, aud
marked "Gus Luud's N.E. corner," theace west
40 chains, thence south liiO chains, theuce oasl
40 chains, thence north lOv* chaius to pointof
8, Commencing ut a post planted about, :tj
iniles up thc suuth fork of Gold-Jtream and
marked "Gus Lund'a X. W. corner,"llienuu
east 411 chains, thence south 100 chains, thence
west 40chains, thencu north 100 cliains to poini
of commencement.
9, Commencing at n post plauted about -li
miles up thc south fork of Uoldsircaui,unU
marked "Gue Lund's S K. corner," thonee wc-l
80 chains, theuce north 80chains, thenoo east 80
chains, thence south (W chains to point of commencement.
10, Commencing nt n po-t planted nbnut IJ
itiili'i, up tlie south furk of tiQldstreniu, marked
"Gus Lund's X. K. corner," thouco west 40
chains, theuce uouth Uiu chains, thence oust 40
chains, thence north tlio chains lo point uf
coin in mice i n cut.
II. Commencing at n post plauted about 41
miles up tho south fork ot Qoldstream, marked
"Qua Lund'a N. W. cornor," th'iiueeaM. 40
chnlns, thence south lliu chains, thence wesl 40
chains, thence north 100 ehains to point uf commencement,
Vi. CommeiicinK At a post planted about -I',
milks up the south fork of Goldstream und
markod "Gus Lund's 8. K, corner,'' thencu west
80 chains, thence north 80 chains, thence east
80chnlns, thence i-oulhsu chains lo pointof
liftUuiJnn. ;tlsl, l!i*7.
mob 6 wad UUS LUN I).
VfOTICE is hereby given thut sixty days
X\ alter date I iutond to upply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds uud Works for speciul
license to cut and curry away timber from the
following desuribod lands siiuttto in Vale
1. Commencing at u post plnnted un lhe euat
side of Rainbow Creek, a tributary of sluitmap
Itiver, and ai.oiit. h miles from ils inoulli, ami
maiked "A, M> Symoua1 •> It corner mwl,"
Ihence west 8U chains, iliuiice suuth 8u clmiiis,
MiciiiTi-'-ii. HO chaitH,tiii<ii*.e imrth Mi chains tu
uliii-t: of euiiimeiiceuieiit.
UftteilFeh. nth, 1007.
2. Comtuencllig at a post planted % mile suulh
of Rainbow Croak and \i\„A miles frum Its mouth
nml inniked 'A- M. Hyiuona' N. W. corner nosl,"
thence suuth 8t) ohains, thonce east SlU'lhaiiis,
ihence north 80 chains, thonce wust80ehuins to
place uf ciiiumenei-uieiit,
Datod Feb. 14tli, 1UUT.
;> Commencing at a pnst pbuited un the west
liuuk of the fjliuswap Itiver and abuut une mile
frum its mouthi marked "A. M.'Hymens'S. U,
curuer post," thence wesl BOchillns, thenee nm-lh
80 cliiiins, thence east so chains, theueo hi mlli Ml
chains to place of cmmneuceinunt,
4. Commencing at \\ pust planted 4') chains
nurth uf Lucnliuu Nu, 8, aud marked 'A.M.Sy-
tnulis' S, tf. curuer pust," Ihencu nurth 80 chains,
thonce east 8U chaini, thenoe soutli 80 eliains,
llienco west 8(1 chains lo pliu-o of commuiieumciit.
Dated Feb. 21st, 1U07.
!>, Commencing at a post planted 8 milos Ina
northerly direction frum the loutli-west cornor of
Lease 26IS, and marked "A. M. Symons' N. K.
-urnor lmnt," thonce suuth m ebains, tbenee west
;ll eliains, Ihence nurth 80 chains, tlienee east 80
chains tu place of commencement-,
0. Commenolng at a nnst planted i miles inn
northerly direct imi from the south-west eurnev of
Lease 2818 and marked "A. M, Hyinous' H. tf, eorner post "thenco ninth 100 chains, thouce east 8(1
chains, thouco smilb-westeily 100 chains mure m
less, folluwlng boundary at Lot -2818 to imiut uf
Dnted Feb. Uiul, 1007.
7. Cnminenuliig at n pnst plunted Hi miles
nurth easterly uf Hugnr Lake, and marked "A. M,
Symons' N, W. curnor post," thouce suuth so
eliains, theuce east 80 ehnins, theuco north 80
elinlns, thonce wost 80 ehuins to point uf emu-
8. CnimuoncluR al n pusl pKntud 'ifi chains east
uf Location pusl Nu, 7, uml murked "A, M. Hymens' 8. tf. corner pust," thonce uorlh 80 chains,
theuco east 80 ohains, thenco suuth 80 chnlns,
thence wost 80 chnlns to place of cuiuiueiicomciil
Dated Fob. Sflrd, 1007.
aat weh 8 A. M. HY.MONS.
SulMcribc lor The Mail-Herald, triweekly, only $2,50 a yoar.
Notico is horehy iiivoi. that ikt ilnya aftor date
we intend to amity ...tlie I 'liiol I'luuin issi.in.ir..(
Lands aud Work, for .. .spocial lloenun to out
..nd carry awny timbor (rom tlie followluK do-
scrlbod lands in district, o( Wost KiH.ti.niiy:
1. tlominoiicing .1 a .Htat marked "Lnn.b-
WnlK.it. Lumbor (lo. niirtlicat.1, oornor poat,"
plantod about ono mllo Irom North lork ul Itin
1-reck on north bank, theuco west Stl chains,
thenoe aouth It) chains, thouco cnsl. IS chains,
thenco south 10 ohains. Ihence east So chains
thonce north Id .-Iinins, llienco wost KI cbnins,
thenoo north 10 chains in point ol connuonce-
2. CimmriicliiK at a post markod "Lamb-
Walnoii Lumbor Co, north-oast cornor nost,"
planled at tho North lork ol Rig Crook, thonce
smith SO chains, thonce west 80 chains, tlienc.
nnrth stWil.nln,: thence cast SO chains tu point
of (Olllliu liri-liHf.lt.
Datod tlil« «lh day o| February, l«ir,
wed leb 'JO ..ocafrs.
Notice Is horoby given that 00 days aftor dato
I Intend to npplv to tbo Hon, Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a suoclal licenco to cut ami carry nway timber from Mi*.'
following described lands, situato In West
Kootenay district:
Commencing ata post plantod about n mile or
mure from tlio west shore of Upper Arrow Lake,
ami adjoining Timlier Limit No. 0000 on tlio south
and marked MC, Skinner's north-wost comer nnst,'*
thence south 100 chaius, thoneo east 40 rlinins,
thonce north 100 chains, tlienco well 40 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated Feb. 27th, 1907.
utnchz 0. BKINNKR,
KlOTiriE ih RKHKHY GJVKN thnl llijrij
i> dujsiiflci* il.ic 1 Inlcnd io apply n7tln
t bid'CoiuuiiM-iiiiii-i-iii IjiiiiIm ainl Wurks fm n
hpuulal llcensutu cui and enrrj away lit -
iunu thc fullowiug ib'M-rili it lauds in ,i,
Osoyoosdlvlsiuiiuf ^ n IHherHI:
1 Cnintneurlng al a pn i planlcd nboul [in.
fcol fro.ii iiorili-iu-i uml ut Kculi-i Lilii-.
inarked/tf. II Hollit^Horlir^H w. uoru.-i-,"
ilieucc norlli liii'lmi s,iil-,i l- chains, somh :■
olmlus.ci^t in clmins, sou:li >>ti du.iiiH.ea.si hu
chains,   imih iOulmltu., wesi gil clmins,imrih
2(1 ohains, wost lo oliunis >ih
•IIIchains lopluoo of oouimencei
i Commencing ut a posl marked "tf, I).
Holllngswortli's aouth-eual conier." plauted
about ioo ynrda from the uurth-oa-4 uml ol
Keofer Lake, thencu Wesl 41) ohains, north 2u
clmins, wesl In chums, nonh *jn chains, wesl Sl
ohains, north lOohaiiif, musl Hi chains,souih l''
chains, east 10 chains soulli !i0 ohnlns, oast In
cliain*-*, soulh lu ehui ns i o place of eoiumutiuo
i ii cut.
8 Commencing at a post planted nboul 73
yard*-suuth from tho wesl cnu of Koofer Lttlto,
marked " tf. H. Hollingsworth's noiih-uusl
cornor," lhcnco west 8u chains, soul h Sl clmins,
cast SI chains, norlh SI clmins lu placoof coin-
l Commonolng at a post planlcd aboul 'in
mile north of the inoulli of Polar Crook where
it runs into Harncs Creek, and marked "tf. II
Holllngswortli's north*oiwt conier," I hence
couth ID chnius, west liii clmins, nortli -Hi
chains, cn.* I llio cliiiins to puiui of coiutnciicc-
fi, Cominonoing al a post planted about *K a
mile uon li from lhc mouth ul I'olar Creek
where ii inns into Ituines ('reck, und marked
"tf. II. Hollingsworth's south-east corner."
thenco norlh III chains, west 100chuius, soulli
10 ehuins, eust, lliu clmins to place uf coin
<l Commencing at u poet planted about ] uf
a mile south-east, of enst end uf Marsh Lako,
inarked "tf. II. Hul lings worth's north-east
oorner/1 thence suulh III chains, west llio
chaius, mi't h lu chains, cast llio chains to place
of coinineiicoment.
I i oiumeiiclng ut a post planted abuut I of a
mile u.na of west uml and near suuth side of
Marsh i.ake, marked "tf, II, 11 oil lugs worth's
north-caat corner," thoncu soulh 4(1 chains, wost
1U0 clmins, north 40 chains, cast loo chains to
place uf commencement.
8 Commencing at a post planted ahout 200
yards frum tho south side uml about half-way
of Keefer Uke, niarked "W.H.Holllngsworths
north-west corner," Ihencu south Iio ehnins,
oust (io chains, north (iu chains, cast 20 chains,
uortli -0 chains, west (ju chains, north 00 chaius,
west -ii ehuins lo point of commencement.
0 Commencing at a pust plauted ahout ^lii
yards south and nbout halfway of Koofer lake
nno marked "VV, H, Hollingsworth's north-uiwi
curiicr." thunce suuth   llio   chains,  wust lu
Imins, uorlh 100chains, e-ist 40 chains lo place
of couiiucnccinenl,
Ui Commeuelng at a post planlcd on the
beach alwut U mile oust of west uud uf Kuofur
J>akc, marked "tf. H. Hollingsworth's north-
cust. comer," thenoo south IS) chains, went lo
clmins, nortli 100 chains, thoueu cast 10 chuius
to point of commencement,.
II Commencing at u post planted about I
mite soulli uf Kettle River, about 'I miles wust
of Koofer Laku, marked "W.H HollingsworlhV
north-west corner," thence east 40 chains, suulh
20 chains, cast lOchains, soulh SI chaius, west
10 ohnins, north 20 chaius, west 40 chains,
norlh 80 chains Lo puint uf cummencement.
12 Cuiuuieiiciug al a post planted aboul. |
milu south uf Keltic Itiver, about j uf a mile
ea*t of Porcupine Creok, marked "tf. H. Hollingsworth's nurth-east corner," thence suuth lliu
chains, west 10 chnius, north 101 chains, east,
10 chains to puint uf commencement,
l.'i Commencing at a pust plauted about lj
miles suulh if Keltic Hivur un Trap Cr-.uk, and
marked "tf H. Holli igswortll's N W eurner,"
thence suulh 80 chaius. east <S0 clmins, nortli 80
ohains, west Sl chains to point of commencement
14 Cummencing at a post planted abuul 50
yards above thu lorks un Trap Creek, ubuut
one-half mile suuth uf Km He Hivor, and marked "tf ILHuilingswonh's S.W, coruer," thence
uurth Si ehui ns, cast 80 chains, soutb Si chain.-,,
west Si chains, to puint ul eumircncemeni.
Id Commencing nt u pusl ph»niud uliuu. j
mile wust uf the forks uf Trap Creek aud about
SOO yards west of the creek, marked "rt.H. Hollingsworth's north-east cunier," thonce soulh
S> chains, west 60 chains, nurth 80 chains, east
MJ ehains to point of eummencemcut.
10 Commencing at a pa-a planted abuut 100
yards lo the suuth uf En-it Creok ubout Y% mile
suuth ul Kettle River, murked "W. H Hullings-
Worth's north-easl corner," thence soulh 100
chuius, west lu cliains, nurth 100 chains, cost 10
chains to puint uf euiiiineucumcl.
IT Commencing ut a post planted ubuut 60
yards nurth ul Ketllu Rivor about Ji mllo beluw
Porcupine Creek, marked "tf fl. Holliugs-
worth s south*weal corner," thenee cast 40
chains, suuth 80 chuius, east 40 chuius, uorlh 120
chains, wosl Si chains, souih 40 chains to
pluce of commencement.
18 Commencing at u post pluutod ou the
south bankof Hepsedam Creek aboutK milu
up from Kettle River, marked "tf.H-Hollingsworth's north-west corner," thonoo soutli 40
ehuins, east lOOchains, uurth 10 chains, wost
100 chains tu place of eumiucnccinont.
lil Commencing ul a post plnntod on south
bauk of Hepsedam ('reek, ubuut lA mile from
Kettle River, marked "tf. H. Holliugsworlh's
south-west curuer," lhcnco norlh Si chains,
cast S> chains, south Si chains, west 80 chains
to pn nt of cuinmuiiccmont.
i'o Cummencing al a po»l plnuled ou the
suulh hunk uf Hepsedum Urook about % mile
I'ruui Kcltlu Rivor, inarkod "W H. Hmllngs-
worth's north-eait cornor," thonce west 80
ehains, south si chains, cast si ohains, uurth
Si chains to place ol cuiiiuiciicciueiil.
21 Cotnuiotioing at u post planted on ihe
south bank of llepscdum Creek ubout | mile
hum Kellie HI ver, marked "tf 11 Hullings-
Wurtlin f-ou h eusl cornel'," thencu north 40
ehuins, west 10 ihaius, u irl li ~u chains, wesl lu
uorth aichuius, wesl 8U chains, south 40 chains,
eu»i Ml ehnins. south i'u ehuins, east 40 chains,
.-.uui li 2' eluuns, east 10 cliains to point ot com-
1 illicit I'u: 31 Sl, liKMi.
Wudjiui Si      W, 11. HOLLlNGSWilUTH
Notice Is horoby tfivm ihu I ■■' I ■ ■
1 i, loud hi   it > ;" 'hu i mei i I'lim t
Lauds ami   WfiAn l< I ll   *pei  .
and earn nwny limbur it mi the   ■  ■  ■,.
- nbud laiuls:
i uiniitcimiiiif al a p'iNi pl.t I ul ihu uu  I
--.•'-1 ei.; mi-   .f ll.e   ,ji| I, v, -luu i'*t. I ill .-■. ■ im
I . li.w..-.*-ip.i,\ null.."! -w 11 Ho ;ui.-.i.
iheuce nuith SO clialiit-, lljouve w*i*-l Sic -
hence ■- mlh BO uhnins lu placoof oomim nee-
Tn.- i.|iiiv location U tbo nortli halfuf Hei
lioi.23nnd Lhosjutli half of Suction W,Town-
luted Novomber S2iid, IPOfl.
snijan HO     tf, II. HULLING?)WORTH.
Nnticcis hereby given that 30 days after dale
I iuieml in apply io tbo Chlof Commissioner u|
liinilH and Works for a special licence to cm
and,airy nwny timher Irom the fallowing
described property situated uu Iflshor Crook
cmplyiiiK into 'he head ul Warns Lake in thu
Distriot of Lillooet, H, U.
i Commoneliig at a post tilaiited mi the nest
bank of Fisher Creek, -South Furk, abuut fuur
uiiies ir mi Adnins Lake, marked "A. MoCoimolI's
N. li, corner," running si clmins mihHi, thonce si
hains west, thenee 80 chains north, thonce S)
chains east to pnin nl commencement,
2. Coinineneilig at a pusl planted un the west
bank of Fislu-rCicck, suuth fork, marked "A. Mc-
Council's N, tf. eorner," abuut four miles from
Adams bake, running 8U clialns smith, thouce st
ehains east, thence hil chains uorlh, Iheuce SU
ehains wost tu pointol niuitucnceiucnl,
:i Commencing at a post planled mi the wesl
hank ul Fisher Creek, South Fork, about Hve miles
frum Adams hnke, marked "A. McConnell's N. K'
cunier, Limit .Su, !l Fisher Creek," miming 80
cliiiins smith, St ehains west, 80 chains uortli, UU
ehniiis ensl Io place nf euimuenceiiii'iit,
4 Commencing at a post planted mi the tu't-L
hank uf Flslior Creek,South Furk. almut live miles
from Adams Lake, marked "A. McCon ne Il's N.W,
corner, Limit Nu. !," running 80chains smith,
thenee 80 chains east, lllOIICO SI chains north,
thence si ehnins west tu place uf omnmoncoiuenl.
fi. ('oiumeiiclng nl a posl planted oil the wesl
lmiik of Fisher Cruek, Nuuth Fork, aliout six mi I i'.i
from Adams Luke, marked "A, McCoimeirsN.K.
ciirnei, limit No, 5|" running Si chains huiiIIi, sn
chains west, si ehnins norlh, si chains east to
pluce nf commencement,
e. Commencing at a post plantod on the wost
bnnk of p'lslit i I'ti'.ik, South I*'- rk.ultmit h\\ miles
(imn Adams Luke, murked "A McCouueU's N.W,
eurner, limit No. 0," ru mlng Si elinins smith, hi
ehains etml, Sl  chains north, Sl chains west to
placu of commencement,
January ..ih, llm..
satJaulO A. McCONNKLI,.
Notice Is hereby given Lhat uu days nfierdate I
Intend to apply tn tlie Hoiinrabh-, the chief 'Com-
uilssiuueruf Lauds ami Works for permlssmii lu
purchase the following described Ininlo, situated
In tho Kish Rivor valley and mure particularly described as fullows:
Beginning at a poit ono-half mllo north-east of
Angus McKay's pre-emption, uiarked ' (I, 8/(8, K
eurner pusl,''theueo su chains east, 80 chains
north, S) chains wost, Sl chains south tu pniutof
cuimuoucumont, containing 010 acres.
Dated January 10th, 1907,
' (I. HUMNF.lt,
wod fob IS 1'orUonrge (loldsllllth, Agent.
vT til ICIS is hereby given that 30 days afterdate
j.1 1 intenil loapnlj to the llmi. lhe Chief
UuiumissiouorufUtuisnml tfurks for a Special
License to cut ami cam- away timber frnm the
[ollowlng iloscrilwl lands In West Kootenny District:
i. Comtuencllig al a pest planted ibout ono
milo above T. L. tout on the west hank of the
Uoluwbia Ulntr, opposite Kfy4i.it.* Creek and
uurkud "Uus Lund'a N.K. corner*', thence weat 81
ihnlliB, Ihence auuth mi chain, thencu east Sl
chains, thonce north 80 chains to point of cum-
t Ci enclng (it a post planleil aliout l)
miles un Seymour Creult and about 't mil.* Umn
Llio N. VV.cornerofT, L.0567 and marked "Hm
Luud's N. vt, corner", tlience ooal m chains, thence
south mo chains, thouce a est m chains, thence
north i<;o chains tu pnint nr commencement.
,*t. Cum i nun eing at a posl plantod at tbo N. tf,
conier ol location No. i ninl marked, -iiu, \A<m\*
N. K, curuer", thenoe weat to chains, thence south
lOOchains, tlience easi ID chains, thoncu imrth IOO
i'liains tn pomt of commencement,
1. Commencing at a post planleil almut oue-
half mile west frmn the N. tf. corner uf location
Nu, ;i and marked "Qua Lnmls N. tf,corner"
iheneeeast in chains, thenco south 100 chains,
them-e west 4n chains, thence north 100 chains to
pointof commencement,
6, Coinmeneing nt a post planted at the N.W
* inner of location Ho, Uud marked "Cus Lund'a
N. K. eurner", thence west in chains, thence south
IW chains, thenceeast III chains, thence north 180
chaius to point of commencement,
ti, Commenolng ut a pnst planted al t ie N. K
jorner af location No. fi ami marked " Cus l.niM"
s. B, corner", thence north 40chalna. iheuce west
ISI chains, thence south fit chains, iheneeeast IfiU
ciniins tu puint uf commencement.
Dated January iiith, imi7.
7. Coinwouclugat u posl planled near Coldstream at the 8. K. corner ui T. L. B77u (neing
renewal uf T. L. Wi) and marked "Otis Limit's
N. F. corner", thence smilli Bu chains, thencu west
H.« eh tins, thence north ou chains, th:uco east 80
cliains tu point uf commencement.
S.   Commenolng at a pust planted at the N. tf,
cornerof T. L. 67 ;i, nearOolilitroum, and marked
"Cits Lumlsb, tf curlier", llienei* cast  pi chains,
thence uortli 160 chains, tliencu »e»t w chain.-.,
thence south ltWchahis to point of commencement,
l». Commeneing at a post planted at the N. tf,
oorner of T. L. 7676, near Golifatreaw, and marked
"litis bund's N, K. turner"; theuce weal 10chains,
thence Booth lliu ehains, thence cast 4«j chains,
thenee imrih 100 chains io point uf commencement.
Dated January utli, 1907.
fit's LUND.
Notice is hereby given tint BO days after dale I
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner ol
Lands und Works fur n sueclal license to eut nn.l
carryaway timlier frmn urn followiug described
lauds situated in the Osoyuos division it Vale
1, Commencing nt a post marked "Harry
Mcintosh's N.W. cornor," planted about 1 milo
wosl of Sugar Lako on the south liue of Timlier
Limit No. W>H, theuce souih 80 chains, thenco
wost SI cliains, thonco north 80 chains, theuco
nnst 8ochains to point of commencement.
Hated January 20th, 1U07.
2. Commonolug at u post planted at tho N.W
curnorof No. 1, thence south 80 chaius, thonco
westS) ehuins, thouco north Sl chuius, tbonco
oast SJ chains to poiut of commoncement.
Dated January 28th, PJ01.
a. Commencing at u post plauted at the
south-west coruer uf No. 1, thonco south Si
chains, thonce east 80 ehnins, theuco north Sl
chains, thouco west 80 chains to point of cum*
1, Commeneing at a post pluutod ut tho
SOUth-WflSl corner of No. 1, thonce south SJ
chains, thenci wost SJ chains thonce north BO
ehuins, thonce oust SJ clmins to point of commencement.
Dated January 20th, 1007,
wed fob IU ByU. K Brink, Agent.
Notice Is herety given that thirty days a/;er
date 1 Intend to apply to the Cbiel Commls
sioner of Lands aud tfurks fora special llceuse
to cut and earry away timber from the following described lands situated in Yale District:
1 Commencing at a post planted on the
Wis) suieoi Lease 2818, about due mile from tne
nortn end of lease aud about six miles north
ol Sugar Lake, marked "3 Hill's south east
comer post," running 80 chains west, tnence
su i hains north, thence so chains eust, theuce
st chains south to point olcommeuceiui-m,
'J. Commencing at n post planted on the
west sideol Leate 2818, about one mllo frum tue
uurth end ol lease nnd about six miles north
ol Bugar Lake, marked ".-> Hill's nonli--.-n.-i
corner post," ruuulng W chains south, thenee
tki chains wost, tiienceW chains north, ihence
suehalns east iu pointof commencement,
Dated Sept, Hlh, IWti,
wed feb 13
8. MIT L.
Sixty ilt.js niter .tat, I li.tm.il to appl) to tlie
IIi..i.iri1.1, ll..1 (Jliu-i t'niii iik*i..!n.| (,( Laml. sml
ll'.....* I..r permluloi. to purcliaaaIlia lollowlni
"I'-s'i" I If'ii'l*. -ilii..Hfl .« l*l.|..-r.u-r..., Lfikc,
in.. .ii,.r.- particularly describuil it- [allowi:
ll.-i. UKUl tl« s..iitl|.»,-sli-„rii,-i-„M...l list,
..i ii |... i iu.irk.Hl -i:.l.., N.v.i .(>.,- i.„.it,t.:ij
i-iiai... .-..*., iim .,-■■ in i'liains iisrtlt, tliance Su
o'liii.tr. .-..*., ili.-....- l.i rhniiu sMiiii. tlience 10
.'Iinins w,-*i. ilnn.,- fi- eli tin, noitli Ui point i.f
i..iiiiiiii.in-iiini!f, i-uni .imii], :.oacre, more >-r k-**.
iiiiti-.t jn-i.i...,.) *..., im,
1*. Ill I.I.AIIIl,
wu.II l.l. I'or(1.Suranor, ,\sont.
Notice is hereby . that 30 days after dale I
intend to appiy to tliu ii. . Un* Chlel < uiiuiiaa! <n
er ol Lnmls ami Works lor u ijieclal liceme tu cut
and carry away timber (row lhs following described lauds in West Kooicnay district:
Commoucing at a (io t planted aU.m oue
Miilouiiil a half mirth ol Arrowhead, and nbout
half a milo oast from Arrowhuul Branch B. H..
marked "W. P. Ogllvio'*) B.ff, |ai.-t." theuco 8n
ohalna nurth, thencosu chains east, tnence 80
chains south, thence si chains west to poinl of
Dated Kob. 12th, 1901,
wodfohn W. F. OQILVIB,
Sixty days alter date I intend to apply lo the
Honoiahle the Chief UoniUlhwIollOC u( Lands and
Wurks (or [lenuisHiun to pitroliasu the lollowlng
described lands situated oil Upper Airuw Lake
ami moro particularly described as fullows:
Beginning at a pusl plunted nl the nnrtli-easl
eurner uf Lot UWU and marked "K V.V., N.tf.C.I'."
thoneo 100 chaius oost, thenco 40 chains nontli,
thence 100 ehuins wesl, thenoo 40 chains north to
pointof cuimiieiiccmciil, (duacres,
Dated Fnhiuury 8lh, 1007,
wed feb 18 F. F. FUI.LMKB.
Nnl in- jn hereby given thai 00 days afterdate I
Intend to anuly to thu Chlof Coimulssioiior of
Lands and \\ orks fnr permission to purchase the
foll.miiu; described lands:
Cominonoing at a nost situated nbuut 2 mllei
nurth of McDonald Crook on the east shore of
Cppor Arrow Uko, joining T. L. OOlfi on tho southwest coruer, runniug oust 40 cluilmi, south no
chains, wost 40 ehains, north 10 chains lo place of
Dated Jan. 'Mi, 1007.
(obDial I, A. DLtfAll.
Notice i- horoby given thai 30 day- aftor date
1 inlend loapi-ly io Hie Chief CommUali r of
bind*, and Wurks for a -.pec[at UooncotOCUt
and can) away timher from the following de
orlbed landa In Wosl Kootenay District:
Commeuelng al ft noil planted on Uio shore
uf Cpper Arrow Ijikc close toOoJeiia Polnt,
ruiiiilug cast sichnith, ihence north *>cliniti-,
thonoo wont80 chains, thonce south W chains
to point of coiiiiniiiicciiicnt,
2. Commonolng at a po-t ptanlcd on the
shore of Uppor Armw Uke, alwut ono mile
from Qalona Point, running north D ohalni,
thonco oast si chain-, thence south 80 ob&lni
thonoo wost 80 ohains to i<oint of oommonoo
nuiii along tbe lokoshoro,
Haled Feb. 1Mb, 1007,
iat fob 22 w. F. OOILVIK.
Nol lie Is hereby given lhat :*) day- after date
I intend toapply to Ihu Hon. Chief Commh
sluuerof Land- .uui Works fur live {■}) special
licences |o cut and carry away timber from the
following doscribod lands, situate in West
Kuuii n,i> district:
L Commonolng at a nost plantod 10 chains
K, nt thu S.W.corner of Section 2, Tp. 22. It. 27,
W .ith M.: Ihence & 100 ehuins, thenee W. 40
cbnins, Ibeuce N.IOO chain-, thence K. in chains
to poiut of commencement,
2. Commencingal a post planlcd one miloS,
of tllO S, tf, eurner of Section 2, Tp. 22, R. 27
W. Al.li M.: thence W. Nl chain-, tlience S.S.
chains, I huuee K. 80 cliains, theuce N. S'chaiiM
io point of commoncomont.
:i. Commencing at a post plantod two miln
S. of lhe B, tf, corner of Bootlon 3, Tp. IB, it. i',,
W. of >itb Jl., ihence K. 10 chains, thonooS.ffl
chains, thencu tf. SI chains, thrncc N, si chnlns
lhcnco lv lOelmltiH to poinl of comuicii'.'emeiit.
4. Commonolng at a post plantod two mllo
S. nud unuhalf milu W. uf the S. W. corner of
Bootlon 2, Tp. 22, It. 87, \\, of fitli M,; tlience S.
Sl clmins, thenco W, Si chain-,, thence N.St
chains, Ihencu K. Si ehuins to poinl of coin
li. Cummencing ntn post planle'l three mllc-
S. and one half mile W, ..f tho 8, W. corner of
Section », TO, ffl, B,8T, w, of 5th H.i thenco s.
S) chains, thonco W, si chains, theme N. St
chains, thonce K, Si chain* to point of com-
Dated at Ruvelslokc, this lllth day of Fcbru
ary, 1007.
fob 88 s H, J, MCDONALD, Locator.
v-.ti.i- it, herel      . n *. -. ■ {■ !■-■ - if ier .Lite
1 -   *      -  hid CotnwMoner of
l ..ui- h .I ita- -> ' . i    *.; | lii io e lo cut
:.--.   . --. ■ ..:. ihi lo lowing
. -it  lands  sit uan I   in Weal Ko •■  -\
in>   *.t   d posl planted nbout a
mile fu .:  \r.<in Lake, "ii west side i.f
.'    I    igilrii - *   t.. • "in.-r p...-.t."
*|j - ■   -   * .... tin ii ■ wesl Du chains,
*'*'■-    Ii Sirl mu, ihen ■■■.;-    h iin» iu
jKlllll id   Illll *    ti    lie-lit.
I -■ Ci mm i ;.-.. it.. posi olanted on north-e .-i
cornerof i, it .: \- marked ' tt i Ugilrle'i
fi !■'■ cot * - thence north (Hi cnains, thence
■'■-'- ma then e south80chains, thence eaat
siieiuin- to '-.mi ,f ummencewent,
!, Commeneins at a post planted west 10
ohains fmni north-easl corner of Location No. %
marked "tf. F Oglvie'aS L corner post." thence
ynchalns nortli, tnence BU chaius west, thenoe 80
chains iouth, thence BO clialns east to pointof
Daled Feb. 16th, 190".
L Commencing at a pnst plantod on the uon h-
east curuer of Location No, B, thence ea*-t -Ul
clialns, Uience north W chalna, thence west 160
chains, thence south 40 chains, thence east 120
chains to place uf couiuiencement.
6, Commencing at a post planted al-out to
chains weat on imrth side uf Location No. i,
thence so ehains north, thence SOohains wesl,
thence 80 chains -.outh, thence SO cliains east t i
point of commenoement.
0. Commencing at a post planted almut i'
chain- fnuu N. li. corner of Looation No, 6, a: I
marked "W, P. Ogilrlo's s. K. curuer." thence i)
'ham- north, theuce BU chain.- west, thence si
chains -outh. thence 80 chains east to point ul
*.. awencement, |
liiicd l'el.. 18th, 1007.
:. Comment Ins at a post planted on N. B, cur-
nei of l.ni-atiiiii No. 0, and marked "tf. F. OgU<
i le's 8. K, corner imst," thence s< chain- imrth, hi
chains west, sn -.hams iouth, W chains east to
poinl nf commenc.-1nent.
8. Commencing at a post planted on N K, cornerof Location No, 7, ami markod "W.F.pgll-
vle'sS. K. comer post," Uience si cliains uorth. si
chains west, 80 chains south, 80 chains east to
point of commencement.
9, Commencing at a post nlantedon nurth-east
enrner of Location No, 8. anu marked "tf. ¥■ Ogtl»
rie's 8. K. corner post,' thence si chains north, 80
ehains west, su chains south, su chains east to
point of commencement"
Dated Feb. lvth. IW7.
inch 2 snt tf, F. OGILVIE,
Nolice la hereby given that tu days after date 1
Intend ti apply to the Hontrable Chief Commissioner of Lands and tforks for permission to pur
chase the (ollowlngdescribed lands:
Starting at a post marked "It. N. Henderson,"
plantcil at ihe north-west cornerof Im BUS on the
east -Imre of Upper Arrow Lake, running east 80
chains, north 80 chains, west so chains,thence
along Hie lake shore south to point of com
Dated Feb. 12th, line.
sat inch a R. N. UENDKRSON,
Notice is herety given fiat ffl'days after date
1 intend toapply to de Cliief Commissioner of
' audi and Worki for a special license to cut
and carry a»ay timber from the following
de cribed lauds in West Kootenay district:
1 Commencing at a post about 30 chaius
nest from the uorth-east corner Of l-ot 373, and
marked "John Connor'** S.L. corner post,''
thence north KI chains, thence wesl 80 chain*.
Ihence smith SJ chains, theuce easl HO chains
to point of commencement.
i. Commencing at the south-east cornerof
T. L. 6618, at ft post marked "John Conor's s,
"V, corner pust," i hence north si chains, tbeuce
ast hu chains, thence south Hi) chains, thouce
.est mi chains to point uf commencement.
listed Feb, 18th, 1907.
8. Commencing at a post about S) chains
cast from the norih-eastcorner Ol No.-, thence
north SJ ehalus, thenee east SJ chains thenee
south M) chains, (hence west HO chains to poiut
ul commencement,
4. Commencingal the north-west corner of
T. L. 0769, thonoo north Si chains, thenceeast
w chains, theuce south SJ chaius, theuce west
80chains lp point of commencement.
a, Coinmeneing at ihe south-west corner ol
No. 4. thenee uorth hu chaiuB, thence east t*0
chains, thence south80 ohains, thence west ho
chains to pomt uf commencement.
a. Commencingfttthe north-west cornerof
No. J, theuce nurth 80 chains, theuce east su
chains, thence south SOohains, thence west so
chains to j-uint of commeucemeut.
Dated Feb. 19th, 1007.
7. Cummeuring at the north-west corner of
No. 6, theme north SJ chains, thence east so
chain*, ihenee south so chains, ihence west 80
chains to point of commencement.
8. Commencingat the north-east corner of
No. 7, thence north 80 chains, theuce east 80
chains, theuce suuth SJ chains, iheuce west HO
i'liains lo point of commencement,
•&. Commencing at the north-east cornerof
No, 7, thence uurth 80 chains, theuce west 80
chains theuce south ho chains, thence east Si
chains to point of cummeucement.
Dated Feb Mil, 1907.
pi, Commencing at tbo north-west eurner of
No. il, thence norlh SJ chains, thence east bu
ehains. tnence suuth hu chains, thence west 80
ehains to pointof cumniencement.
IL Commencing at tbo north-east corner of
No.9, thoneo north bu chaius, theuce east 80
chains, theuce souih N)chains, thence west bO
dialm* to point of commencement,
Hated Feb. 2Ut, 1007.
wed (eb27        Per Angus Campbell, Agent,
Notice i- hereby given that SO dan afterdate
1 intend lo apply to the Hon Chief Comniu-
ilouor nf Lands and tforks far n special licwe
to cut aod curry away timber from ihe follow-
Ing described lauds, situatod in the Osoyoos
dfvisiou of Vale district:
S, Commencingat a post planted at the S.W,
eurner of TimLer Limit Nn. 9128. marked "H.
Mcintosh's S.E. coruor post No.8," thenee
north SOohains, thence we-t SJ chaius, thencu
mnth 80 chains, thonoo east Si chains to point
of commencement,
Datod Kod Fob. 1901
ii. Commonolng at a post planted at the S.W,
corner of No. 5, marked "H. Mcintosh's S.E.
corner posl No. 6," thencu north Si chains,
thonco west80chains, thenoo >»uth S) chain-,
theuco ea--t SJ ehains to point of commencement.
7, Commencing at a post planted ftt the N.
W corner of timber limit No. 9183, markod "H,
Mcintosh's S. E. cornor jsi-t No. 7," thence
imrth I'l chains, theuce wo-t lOOchains, thence
-nidi piriiain-, thouco oast 100chains to point
of commencement.
Dated T'rd Feb, PJU7.
sat inch 2 By Q K. Brink. Agent.
Notice is hereby given t^at Ai days after date
wc intend io apply tolhe Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Wurk- lor a Ipeelftl license to cut
and cm*. Umber Irom the following described
lamb .-Ilusted In the hmm oik division of Vale
Commencingat a posl planted near Uie northern
boundar) of TimU't Limit, No. 7i*;., and almut S<
rhalnsfrom the north ««l comer of same, thence
in,tih 00 chains, thenco e&stlfiO chains, thence
iouth 80 chains to the north-out somerof rimbei
I,nml 7084, thenee weit mi chains atmi-g -aid poun
ilan to the nortn irosl corner ol same, tnence
uuUi 40 chaini alnng tin- western bouiglary of
IimU'f Limit ;um to ibe northwest cornerof
Umber Limit rOBfi, thonce west ho chains along
the northern boandarj ol -aid Limit 7oh.> to point
.f commencemeni
midline 7th day of Feb., 1007,
febn wed J B, MACKENZIE-
Notico i- horoby iciven that ^'duys after dato
1 intond Ui apply to the Hon. Chiof Commls-
-inner ol Land-- and tforks fur a special licence
io cut aud nirrv away timber from tho follow-
inn doscribod I I- Iltuated in West Kootonay
I. Commencing at a post plantod on tho oa-n
hank of Cariboo Creek, aliout seven miles from
Burton i My. ami dated 20th Fob li'07, thenco
lOUth l"1 chain- thonco oast lOchains, theoce
nnrth 180 chain-, thonce wesl lOchains lo point
of cniiiTiiencenionl.
'i, Cprnmenclng at a Dost planted about one-
half mite east of Cftnboo Crook, and "milos
from Burton City, dated 80tb Feb. Ii«i7, thonco
east 100chains, thenco I ulh tO chains, thenco
we-t Uio chains, thouco north til cliains Ui iioiiit
of commeiieomenl.
8, Commouolog at a oat planted abont 12
miles from Burton City, mi south side Cariboo
Creek, dated Feb. Bud. Iisri, thmice east 1G(1
ch.iin-, thonco-mitli 40 chains, thonce WOSt 180
chains, thonce north in chaius to imiut of commoncement.
1. Comnieiiciii..* nt.. --"-I planted on lho we*-t
-ido of Cariboo Creok. about 18 mile-from Burton City, datod Fob. 21th, li'07, thoncu -outh 16u
ohains, thonco wo**t 10 chnius, thouco north P "
chains, thenoo Mst 40 chains in --mint of commencement. Sii*}
5, Commenc int? at a po-t plantod on tho west
Ride of Cariboo Creek, ulxmt 11 milos from Burton City. Intcd r.tb Feb. 1001, theuce south IW
chain-, thenoo WWl 40chains, thonco uorth 1*3*1
cliains, thenco eust 10 chains to point of com*
0, CommOnolng at a poit plauted on tho oast
-ide of Cariboo Crook, about Pi miles from Burton City, datod Pub "'ith. IW1, thence south 100
chains, thonce oast 40 chains, thenoe north IW
chains, thence wost pi chains to point of commencement.
Datod Fob, 27th, 1901,
Every day witnesses tin* arrival of Men's Spring Fabrics and  Ready-to-Wear
Gc-oJs at this establishment,
Our New Spring Ribbons to hand -
We never had anything before to
equal this grand display.
A small advance  shipment  of New
Novelties in Ginghams.
We keep a full line of the celebrated
D, & A. Corsets. Every pair guaranteed.
In thc best Japanese Wash Silk,  the
Lyons finish.
Pongee Silk in all qualities.
Good Range of Fancy Silk Brocades,
Sprays and Spots—new novelties.
Our delayed freight coming to hand as
fast as possible.
Agents for Buiterick Patterns,
At .♦. .fr. At Ai At Ai At ili At At Ai At
"X "X "J.1'A "X" "X" '"•* "*' "X1 X' "X X *
| Sore Hands     f
* and Faces      i
Aj,    We luve the nicest prepar- &
♦     fition you have ever tried, A
Vrf    called " Benzoin and   Al- W
1$    mond Cream."    Only   30 *n
t    cents a Lottie.    It heals in *L
ii night. ^
tSOLD AT .|i
Canada Drug & Book Co. |
.♦. .t. it. .♦. .♦. .i*. .♦. .fr. At .♦. At .t. At
w «x' "x* 'x1 *x" x* *x' *x + x x x t^
Local and General.
Wednesday, March 6, for '24 hours-
Light north easterly winds, generally
lair, hard frost at night, daily temperature little change Temp. Max. 37
Min. 26.
,    Only a glance at our stuck J
• uf (xi'ocu.-ius will encourage .
J    ymi I., try them. •
|         MT A TRIAL j
.    A li-iitl  will convince you .
J    they are the purest und best •
,     un the market.   Try  uut- J
•                       .
| Hobson & Bell j
.  Grocers, linkers & Confectioners !
Kkox-MoManis—At Vancourer, Il.C,
Feb. 28th, 1907, by Rev Dr.  Fraser,
J. Knox, of Revelstoke,  B. C, to
Miss I.. McManis, ol Dumfries, Scotland.
Mr. and Mrs. J. M, Scott returned
Irom Vernon where tbey spent a few
days last week.
Mrs. Douglass, of Band', and Mrs,
G. S. Flindt, ol Glacier, are visiting
Mr. and Mrs. G. S. MoOarter.
The ladies of the Catholic church
will hold their annual St. Patrick's
concert on Monday, March 18th.
T. J. Gallon, ol St. Thomas, Ont.,
has joined the Imperial Bank stall' in
the place of Mr. Alworth who leaves
for Calgary.
A big dance given by the Canadian
Order of tbe Woodmen of the World
will t* held in the Opera House on
Easter Monday, April 1.
Mies Maedonald lias arrived from
Vancouver, and will re-open the
dressmaking department at McLennan
4 Co.'s. Mch. C-2t.
Thru. Taylor, M.P.P., lell for Victoria last night to attend the open ing
ol tne Provincial House onJMaroh 'th
Miss Goodfellow lelt for Vancouver
on >'o. 07 last night, where she has
Lr.en transferred by the C.P.R. telegraph department.
It is very satisfactory to note the
active operations now being carried
on by both the Dominion and Provincial government! on the river bank
and protection works, which, it is to
be hoped, will see an early permanent
Kev. Mr. Calder', sermon on "The
Lord's Day an.l the New Law," last
Sunday evening, was a powerful
presentation ol a somewhat ..rigiti.il
phase ol the lubjeot, Next Sunday
evening the same (heme will I* de
.eloped to it, logical ooncluiion
Pointed Paragraphs
is the ability to  lesl   and
. Ige qualltj, to know down,
to toll how drugs nnd chenv
icals acl in combination,
and to be able lo combine
Ihem correctly and in proper
It is important to vou ihal
your prescriptions nre
hy thoso who know how.
We pride ourselves on our
knowledge ol  prescription
comjw Hiding
W. BEWS. Par, B.
Druggist and Stationer, .
~~Mail orders prompt ly attended
Figures Inr the last fiscal year show
41,860 homestead entries were made,
just three times as many as in 11)02.
Miss Maud Hyatt left this morning
for Comaplix, having been appointed
iolheposition.il teacher in the public school there.
Gold Range Lodge No. 26, Knights
of Pythias, will conier the third rank
of tlie Order tonight. A full attendance is requested.
Miss Lennox, ..I Regina, hue been
spending a few days with ber sister in
l..wn, while cn route from Vancouver,
where she bus spent tl.e winter.
The Btiow is tast disappearing and
already green blades ol young grass
are beginning to show themselves.
The spring is coming slowly but
surely, its very turdinessauguring well
lor the fruit crop this year.
It is stated on good authority that
this spring will see a start made on
the biggest privately owned car shops
in Canada, to be located a few miles
east of Medicine Hat. A lot of western
capital will go into the enterprise.
The dead body of John A, Calbick.
a 0. P. K. engineer, was found on the
track at Pender Street crossing at one
o'clock this morning. He had Leon
struck Ly it yard engine and his Lack
was broken, Tlie deceased formerly
lived iu Kami.>..ps.
Premier Caiiipliell-Baniicrnian, of
the Imperial Parliament, who, up to
the present time has refused to receive
a deputation of th-- won.en suffragists,
has now written it letter in w.iit-li be
promises t.. support with much
pleasure tl.e bill presented by W.H.
Dickinson, M. F, to give the suffrage
to women.
Au informal meeting of those tak-
ing part in tlie Kernics to lie held
under the auspices of the Ladies' Atix-
iliary of Knox church, on May 24th,
was lielrl last night at the residence of i
Mrs. li. A. Laws-ni. The arrange- -
ments are being made on an elaborate
scale, and the eve„t will be a popular
and pleasing one. Several of the
dances were rehearsed. T. Dunne is
directing the programme,
Farmers, contractors,manufacturers *
and all employers  of  labor desiring
married or single men will do well to i
apply at once to Major C. W. Creigb-1
ton,   Salvation  Army  Immigration
Department,  43'.)   H.rris  St.,   Vanoouver, li. (.'.. or Rupert St., Winnipeg,
Man.   Blank application forms will :
be supplied and each application will j
receive oareftil attention.    No men
will be lent unless applied for in tbe
ab ive manner.
There pasted away on Sunday last
in the person ni Mr K A,,lanes, one
ol the earliest and i»-»t known and
popular residents ol Calgary. Mr.
Janes' death was sudden us it wai
unexpected ind bis lou will be lelt
keenly by all who knew him. As
I.f.ui.g tiie interests ol Canada at |
In-art he wai especially noted, being a
.long ohurch mpporter   Mr.Jai.es
v ta well known in  Revelstoke.
Mr. IV, II. I)' Amy, general claims
agent ol tl.e C.P It., stated the other
lay that it had cost the 0.|P. R
about $12,000 last year to meet the
.'l.iiiii* made by the owners of cattle
killed   on   lln:   Iraek.     The   present
ystei.i ol reimbursing the stockmen
for cattle killed -.. ms to be an excellent ..lie and tlio C.I'.R. is 1... be com-
tended nn the prompt manner in
which all just claims are met.
Everything is now In readiness Inr
tho opening ol the legislature tomorrow nt Victoria. Premier McBride has announced that the reply
t.. the ipcooli Irom the throne will hei
moved by Mr. Thompson, ol Vlotorl.. |
and seconded l.y Dr. McOuire, ol Vancouver, and ii is expected that it will
be  taken   up    Friday,   The   usual j
r.-c.-.lci.t of adjourning till Monday i
will bo dispel.sell with and will be
continued without Intermission.   It is
i.ticipated that the session  will  last
ve we.iks.    Mr. MoBride definitely
announced today Ibat he will Hit for
Victoria, thus opening Dewdney,
To lluy a House.
To Rent a House.
To Buy Nice Building Lots
close in.
To Buy Splendid Fruit
Kincaid & Anderson
leal Estate and Insurance Agts.
Mrs. A. W. Bradshaw has lelt for
a visil to tl.e east.
The writ for a bye-election in Atlin,
necessitated through the appointment
of Dr. Young as provincial secretary,
was issued late on Satutdny. Nominations are set for March 12.
Notices aud rules have been sent
through the province announcing an
amateur championship wrestling tournament to be held on Friday, March
29, in Vancouver, under the auspices
ol the Vancouver Athletic Club. The
championship and medals will be presented in each of the seven classes.
In discussing the Lord's Day Act,
Hon. Mr. Fulton said that tiie full re-
sponsibility for the operation ol the
act within the province was placed
the shoulders of the respective provincial goveroial governments. But, bc
air.rnied, il .he legislature did not
otherwise declare either the Dominion
Lord's Day Act would be enforced in
toto, or no prosecutions whatever
would be started under its provisions.
He ditl not think that the government
sliould take any half measures one
way or another.
Business Locals
Nothing betlcrthan Our "Special.
Patronize Home Industry. (Smoke
Revelstoke Cigars.
Revelstoke Cigars Union Made Our
Special, The Union, and Marca Vuelta
are ahead of all others
Giant pint curds ol Revelstoke, II lor
25c at Bews' drug -'ore.
Window shades, nail paper, plain
and decorative burlaps.at C. B. Home
& Co's.
F-.r Lace and Tapestry curtaim,
curtain goods and draperies, go to CB,
Hume * Co,
All ladies' band Lags reduced In
price at Bews' drug store.
Call and SM Otir new patterns in
Carp ts   and   Linoleumi—al  C.   ll.
II fo  .-,• r.< -
li) fi mnke an instalment contract
with ..." you needn'l worry aboul my
taking advantage nl your ilokneu
any utli.-r  temp.rary  misfortune that
may overtake you. I represent the
General Accident Ci inpany .1 - t tads
llnancinlly the strongest accident and
sickness i..s..r...i..|. <• .tnpany doing
1...-..I ss in Canada Get particular,
i.f its policies. They are tl.e molt
liberal to be had.—E, A Haggen, Insurance and Real Estate Agent, Revelstoke, ll. C,
N'.'.v la id eggs .....I a variety ol green
vegetal.Ies arriving daily at C, B,
Hi...,- A- Go's,
I In- fact '.hat the wealthiest an.l
.....Bt successful men universally carry
u greal deal of lile insurance is the
best evidence that it is a judicious
...v.-st....-t.t,. li anyone can afford to
go .vit.ho.it a Hie insurance policy the
rich man ea... Tl.e poor man can't
(let (mm me particulars ol a life in
auranco   policy   within   the  reach nl
every num.    I .■:... give yoo   it. the
Sun Life, thu strongest ol Cana.li.it.
l.l.- companies offering an ....impeach
able policy at lowestoost,—15. A. Hug-
gen, Insurance and Real Estate Agent
A great bargain lor Friday and
Haluriliiy only in Grosse .If Blaokwelll
assorted soups, [6o per tin, at C. H.
Hume & Cu's,
C. A.
Remarkable Progress in Lasl
Few Years—Property Increased $42,000,000 During
1906—General Report.
During the yenr 11)06 the property
owned by the Young Men's Christian
associations ol the United Stales and
Canada has increased to $42,060,000.
During the past year upwards t.t $5,-
01)0,000 has been subscribed for new
buildings which are now in process of
CfiiBli-uction. Part ol this result has
Lien acliieved by a series of canvasses,
on a businesslike plan and by able
leadership. Throughout Canada, new
and enlarged buildings for the association .tie now under consideration iur
Halifax, St. John, Montreal, Revelstoke, Ottawa, Tiiinnto, Winnipeg, Re-
giiia,C..I,-,ary, Edmonton and Victoria.
So the next live years sl o Id see a
a very reu.arkal.le advance throughout
the Dominion iu the development ol
this growing work lor its young men.
Not only litis tbe association grown
rapidly in building enterprises b-t its
membership un this continent has
nuw leached half a million young men
—a gain ol over 150,000 since the beginning ol the century. The lollowing increase in tbe various departments of the work has occurred since
tbo century began: Railroad departments 160 tr 230; tlie industrial department, .whioh was organized only
x years ago, is nuw carrying on work
at forty mining, lumber, quarry, iron
nd industrial centers; cullege associations show hii increase ol frum 33,000
tu 54,000 students.; in the physical
department directors now number over
400 nnd last year 151,000 young men
were registered in tbe gymnasium
classes; the secretaryship, now a recognized prulessiun, has grown to 2,400
men; the growth in foreign lands has
been remarkable. These lacta indicate
the increasing confidence which the
business men, uur own city in particular, and tboee who are thoughtful ol
city problems, have in this movement
Iur the protection and development ot
the young men of this and other lands,
and stamps the Y. M. C. A. a world
wide movement in its piactical outreach uu behalf uf young men.
Last Saturday morning saw the
somi-final game in the Junior Basket
Ball League; the result being that the
teams captained by Calder and Car-
michacl, gu up against inch.other lor
lhe junior championship. The victory
will be well worth striving earnestly
(or, as each member ol the winning
team will receive a silver association
pin. In order to make the league a
yearly event, G, S. McCarter haB
generously donated a hand mine trophy
for annual competition. This will remain in the association, and the
names of the winning team will be
engraved thereon each year.
vr.angements have been made with
Messrs. Benson & Tucker for photo-
graphin ■ Hie hoys class immediately
ait r cla-s wi rk next Saturday
The Physical Departmentonmmittoe
has a ptoject on foot to furnish an
athletic lield fur the association
a h etic teams. Tbey have been
granted the use ol an extremely con
v n.e it : lot .>( land, and in order to
raise the amount o( money necessary
to do the needed grading, etc., have
determined to give a gymnasium exhibition in the Opera House in about
i     nths time.
Tlie hearty support ol all men in er-
ested in c .-an sport will he much
i;,|,-..-:.i.-' in the fie.I project. Keep
a sharp lo .knit for further announcements.
At tl.e Y M.C. A. alleys last night
Lh. ' I" 11 tn.n. defeated the Dent
H -. ■ lth ;. wore -.1 1081 to 1814.
,l. Palm t ol the C P. R. team bad
165 a- I ..,.-' -core i..r his side an.l
I i l: ,.- [67, highest lor the Dents.
Alter   the   game   a meeting was held
ll. the ob eel ol forming a Bowling
! mm- i. ind a committee was appointed t. int. n it a" many as possible to
attend another meeting to 1* held on
Friday evet log at 7 u'olook In the V
M C. A
Ci    md   se r  table ol  fresh
Hi  loi -s and fresh Mickerel, In one
nd I ni only 16c, each—at 0, 11.
il    MM.'    ■     C      *
W A N T E I)
ply inC, H. HufneiCo,
J uill H U.I-'   Two   hand'..nn-   -how
1    cases and a counter, cheap   Ap
Uicp or City Bakery,
I,I.A l.v and Ornamental Plastering,
Artificial ...one of any design for
hull.llng p...pose.. Cement .....icon-
..-...,■ work token l.v contract or day
work,   Apply al MAlk-ltaAtnofflce.
\irAN'TI-'.li   Ai. oi.ee    ai Halcyon
W    ll"i  Spring.,  i <|i.'i-i.ii-..ri
tllnlngror.m  girl.   Apply  ol  once to
W\NTED (lirll'..i-Ge..eciil House.
iv. rk, family "f three: mint
he ,ro„,| plain cook. Wages IJ28 pel
nmi Hi.    Mi.h. T. T. LflKiATK.
I.10UND  A  Grey for, owner win
^    have Hiune  by   pnyliiK  for  (bis
advertisement,   Mra. H, Hans.....
mil LET     II....'.-    keeping   rinil.is,
I   furnished, tn young couple	
children,   Apply nl this office.
This week lias brought us two large special import orders of Laces and  Embroideries,
and wc now can show you the greatest assortment of these goods this Store has yet displayed.
^Nottingham Valencia Laces from 3c. Per Yard Up.
French Valencia .Laces from 7c. Per Yard Up.
Linen Torchon Laces from 5c. Per Yard Up.
We have these all in matched sets of Laces and insertions of different widths.    The
French Valencias come in very dainty patterns and very pretty new designs.
All-Over Laces
The patterns for this season show some
very new designs in blaek, white and cream.
We have theni in Valenciennes, Oriental,
Guipure, etc. They are exceedingly low
priced and arc greatly used this season.
All-Over Embroideries
Is a line of which we think we have a right
to bc proud, You will have to look far to
see anything approaching our assortment,
while the prices will surely appeal to you.
They are about as dainty a lot as you can
well imagine.
Swiss Embroideries
Our new lines in these goods this year
are certainly far ahead of any yet shown.
We have bought the most of them in edging
and insertion to match, and thc material used
and the embroidery is as fine as you can wish
for the finest garments.
We would be pleased to have an opportunity to show you these pretty lines. Both
the quality and the price are as near right as
you could ask.
Dressmaking Department
The Dressmaking Department will be
re-opened to-morrow by Miss Maedonald.
Our Watches are "Au
Fait." Eight Day Clocks
for S4.50.   All  Silverware Guaranteed Quality.    Watch Repairing
a Specialty.
My Wife's Fiiy
THURSDAY. Nld flit
Furniture, Pianos, or Merchandise, stored in tlry-well-built warehouse in convenienl location.
Real Esttteund Insurance Agont
Kevelstoke, H.C.
No. 5 COMPANY, R. Nl. R.
will parade lor Company Drill  at the
Dnii Hall evory Thursday night at 8
u'olook sharp
-,,.  i„.„.i... ,1,01. th»l bo ilny. niter .talc I
„...,„. i., applj ... il..  Chlol C Inlnooi nl
........ anil «..n.■ L.r.. -.....-1.1 le.-..." to .'iilionl
.arry awny lin-... r   Ir..."  llll ll.ll(lWlO|I OOMrlMll
fo  w's.l K......'....y.
I     ('i.Hl[||..||(ill. Atn runt   |.liil.t.-.|  .... lln- .'.-Hi
Iran", ... Taii-.-.'-i. ni*..! il.rr-" mllei (Mill ita
month, in.l ninik.il "V (lr»njo« K, W, corn«r,"
.nil ririiliiiik'li'.rtllS.h-tiiilna, llli-lir-f ''ft-t .'"limit.-,
il.,.,.,.. ......li "i chain., ihence mil  iin-l.aln.,
'.hence inntli in ohlliu, tninc »„l le chain.,
tii'iti-". .withDO .-Iliiiin, lli'-tu'" "if'.  I" '-linlna ."
,..."■.• ■■* Iwullllllllll.
 •»•».*». ,,,llnvm,
l   (-.,111111.-11.111'.'.' t |."*. planted on the wejl
Intnl. „t . it,- . rook north ..( «t.'l n.lj..l...n« I'.
..ran.!..'. I...-fiti oil marked "H, Pllllmnre".S,
iv. cornor," nml raiinlni norlh SO ehalM, th«hc,
.-lit ... .-Icons, .li.-...-..i.r.l..«lrlr..lna. Ilicien .'l«t
...chalna, Iluinc, south tn ehllni, thence »"«t In
r.ifitii,, ili.-n... ..-nlli nn rlmim, thine, .matin
.-lull... to t.tnen .if i..ilnnli.g.
I.ati.,1 Mi. Mh, W'7,  „, -„
«■«.! inch rj 1., ni.UMUltl.
we do not pretend to cure, but we
can antl do avert it; releve eyo
st.-aiti and save many a headache
and Ht of nervousness by adapting
to yum- eye needs just the i-inht
glasses or spectacles.
It has been proven tlmt 1)0 per
cent, uf heitdacl.es are caused hy
defective eyes. Now is a good
time lu have yonr eyes attended
Gent's Furnishings
Boots and Shoes. Etc.
Fit-Reform Wardrobe
^ tot 1 Op, li iei J
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street
Dwelling and Lot, Second Street  .
Dwelling and Lota, Third Street	
Dwelling and Lots, (cornel*) Fifth Street
Double Corner, Second Street, near Y.M.C.A.
Lots on Second St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .      .
Lots on Third St., out of McKenzie Ave., each   .    .      .
I/.ls on Fourth St., east of McKenzie Ave., each   .
Lots on Fifth St., easl of McKenzie Ave., each   .    .     ,
.   200
.   150
'. A, .Ti ,Ti At .♦. ."fr. .T. .Ti .T. »t. *T. .Ti .T. .T. .T. .T. «T. tT. #T. .Ti .T. .T« .T. .T. .' |*
'X X X X X A X X X ♦ 'V "♦' X *X* X X *Jr *<L X + 4. X A X * *
The King of all Cigars, for the
first time presented to you in
Revelstoke, is the KING EDWARD
7TH, Leader of Domestic Cigars
in Canada.
'i iti iti iti iti At At iti A\ iTtiti it'i w it'i tti iti if i it'i At A rti '*■ At At At *' i
. *2*'X" *X *X vi * J* A A A A + A A A A <F X  A A Xr V -P X' T 7
Subscribe for Mail-Herald
$2.50 Per Annum.


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