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The Mail Herald Feb 19, 1910

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Vol     6    No   13
IOKE. B. C. FEBRUAHY 19. 1910
$2.50 Pe- Yp r
«§»   ,
An Accident Policy
We have been requested by
the Perfecto Diamond Point Fountain Pen Company to offer with
each pen sold at $2.£0, the above
policy with all premiums and registration fees prepaid.
This is an absolutely guaranteed Pen, has 14k. gold point and
if not satisfactory can be returned.
The Imperial Guarantee and
Accident Insurance Company, of
Toronto who issue this policy, have
a Government deposit of $100,000
,1. Stutanski, an Austrian, appeared
before .1. II. Jackson and Vi, Y.
Laughlin, •). I'.s, lust night on two
charges ol unlawfully slabbing and
wounding on Wednesday. Accused
pleaded not guilty. V. Swunaon, 0,
1. u. seiiiou Foreman, gave evidonoe
iu the lirst place ,'t being stabbed by
tho accused in the City Hotel. The accused' was unable ti. spealc Rnglsh
ami au interpreter was called in.
It appears that although Swanson
was stabbed there wus nothing t<>
show the accusod had done it, uud the
ease was dismissed.
On a socond charge, witnesses called
l.y W. I. Briggs, who wus prosecuting,
showed the accused liud had u Bcuffle
with Swanson uiul (I. Toman in the
City Hull Wednesday night, and had
used threatening language. 'I'he evi -
dence showed accused hud stabbed
complainant und lie wus sentenced to
three months imprisonment with hurd
labor in the local gaol.
•1. Treliueiii, un Austrian, was charged wiih carrying concealed weapons.
Sergt. Sturdy said he arrested prisoner at the Climax Thursday .and lound
a sliny: slim in his pocket.
Accused denied  uli l.'tiowledtze of it.
The     court     lined  accused 810 und
Trelineke wus also charged willi being drunk and disorderly. Pleaded
guilty  and was lined $5 and costs.
Lawrence Hardware Co.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Tin-   Son thiol   Iiii-   an   llltOfOftting   ar ■
tide on  the Sanitarium for iln- treat-
jj(,_   ment ol rase-- <>f tuberculosis.
Till'. UUJl-DUN(i.
Tho now  building with  healing planl
complete cost  s77,.""ii,  Lhe original tie   I
wigns having     I>.*■•*»i     considerably  ox- I
tended  and contracts  increased  during I
construction.        Fifty pattenU,   rovoii j
nurses  and  nine maids  and other hei. '
porn ran Im-  properly nceommodatod.
Tin' work immediately needed comprises necessary adjuncts nf si*ptir
tank, light, installment, furnishing of
rooms mu! laying out of grounds, the
rosi of which is estimated at 821,700.
While beyond this nre equally necessary additions of an executive build -
ing, a free hospital and a house for
the medical superintendent which will
require n further 821,500, or thereabouts,
By the energy and devotion of the
ladies' societies a considerable portion
of iln- sum necessary to meet the 812,-
000 -Hist of furnishing—has already
been subscribed or promised,  namely:
Dining-room and kitchen, by Victoria
senior society, !?1,G48; kitchen furniture unci equipment by Victoria auxiliary society, ?1,000; the cost of furnishing a bedroom is set al 3150. The
following individuals and societies
have engaged to furnish rooms:
i Vancouver Auxiliary society, four
rooms; New Westminster society, several rooms: Saanich society, Kamloops society, Mrs. V. S. Barnard,
Mrs. Fitzherbert Mullen, ( . 12. Fooley,
M.s. Wn,. Itoper, II. F. Bullen, II.
Melmcken, J, A. Mara, A. Degleish ,
and others, one room each,
i Mrs. H. I\. I'nnley has contributed,
and engages to contribute 850 per
year towards the upkeep of the room
she furnished.
Rooms are not yet provided for and
it is hoped that a large number of
names  will   appear   in   this   honor    roll
Low  Prices  on  Canned  Fruits
and Vegetables This ttontli
All varieties of Smoked and Dried Fish for Lent.
Pancake Flour. Buckwheat Flour, Pure Maple S>i   I
California and Ontario Honey.
A full stock of Hardware including McClary's Sti
Ranges, Furnaces. Enamel and Tinware.
Sherwin-Williams' Paints and Varnishes, Aial; si.ni
and Muresco Wall Tints,
General Merchants
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $o,000,oim
Arrangements have recently been completer! under which   ll"'   l.ioi« '«??
of this Bank ate able to Issue llidits on die principal poiius
In lhe follow in? countries:
rt- At nt- A A' A' A' A A' A' A' A A A' A A' A' A- Ar A- A' Ar At A At A At An
T   T   T   T   T   T   T   ■5--S--^'T''S'-r'3'   —   '~--3r~"5"'^T~'*'   —   T~V
Nelson. Feb. 15.—After a hard germ
here lasl uight, Movie succeeded ii
tieing the score with the Nelson hoc
key champions of British Columbia
the game ending 5-5.
BASKET BALL. ^^^^^^^^
The Business Men won the game on  '" nrK[ >'«"'■ report.
mil ... 11. 1' U1M I MSI
Wednesday ni<int over the Inlermedm-
tes hy u store of 'JJ lo 17. This makes
three straights for the Business Men.
nml entitles them lo lhe Lindmfl i.
\nother shoil tournament is being
arranged and medals are to be awarded  lhe winning  team.  The same teams   ver and   Victoria   auxiliaries   ie
will compete in this tournament   that lho assistance of pationts from     their
played for the shield. cities.
BOW] 1N(« ' '"' consumption  of fuel  will  always
The    Dents      trimmed   the  C.   P.   I!.   '"'  ;l   lloav.v   ilom   "'   "x -"'       I),lri,».'
team in (he lirs!  game of the     finals tl"' >'''■'"' -'''" t""" "f ('""""' raal   l,M
by 111 pins,     li was bv far the best l"'''" delivered.     01 this Mr. Dunsmuir
game of Uie seas,.,,, ami ihe high score donated '""' carload, 33} tens.
record wns brolci,   bv   the  Denis   who A   ™r>' serious  item of cosl   in      lhe
rolled  a   total  of  22n2.  The  C,   1'.   11. fl"'1  ""I'l'1'   is  lha<   '"' treiBhl   '""'   b3
lore was also good, iheir total being courtesy of Mr. Bhyte, ,,f the ('. I'. H.
„    t-nfiinrl   ,,t    (his   l,ea\V   , ll.'U"e    hllB I
Austria-Hungary    Finland
Faroe Islands
 ■ Ireland
Formosa Italy
France J>pan
Fr'ch Cochin-China Java
Germany Manchuria
Creat Britain Merieo
Nor., ay
Phillipme Islands
;..    ,«   o... »
Sll^ l« !V ■:<...■'•■■■
Swell. ■
S .. il /. i land
Turki >
Weal i' ' —
an.l , lw»l»"'
flEVELSTOKE    BRANCH —A.    H.     ALLt-h       r.
(In (lie whole the expense of the
maintenance of patients has been successfully met. :.s accounts ~t,ow then:
was a doticil of bin 824*1 at lhe end
of lhe year. Thi- would have been
heavier  had   mil   lhe  girls of  Vmieou -
Imperial Bank of Ca*
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Our Meats Are the Best
All the moat in our market is Canada approved and
is so stamped for inspection.
Prime Steer Beef, Milk Fed Veal
Green Fed Pork, small and young.
Ontario Mutton and Poultry
Swift's Premium Hams and Bacon
Grin's Premier Hams and Baeon
Armour's Star Hams and Baeon.
also other Salt and Smoked Meats.
We handle nothing hut thr best no matter who the _
producer is.   Our Market and Plant  is open for in-
Bpection Trum the front d'wir to the back   it i? worth
let Mr. Howard Mderle.y Call ior Your Orders.
2143 pins. 'I'he Corl
next Wednesday.
UOSSI.AM)   r\l!MVAI..
At   lios-land Greenwood  won in (he
open challongo     championship, Nelson
the B.  0.  Championship,  and      Ivoss-
Intid    tiie Intermediate Championship.
icir loun ni'iur.
bowl  the Dents   » ,'"1'1.""1 *"' l,,iH h""M   ''''•"■-"  lm;' "
promised to the Boctety,     the freight
lor 1908 amounting to $1:111.30 thai
fin Uie year undei report to ?034.10,
a total nf 8800.55.
lir.  I).  \V.   Irving  resitrnod  his  posi
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
$10,000 Cl 0.<M
5,000,000 L •
R..                  .,      . .         ." ,   tion as medical superintendent.
.   Kngon  won   the  ski   nnininp; anil      ...                            '        .
,              ,.       ..... .,        I lie secretary     sub,nine,    ihe nama
lumping championships.   I Ins was ihe                        ■
., . ,                         ,   ,,            , of  Dr.  \\.  \\.   I hompson   as  beiim      a
tliirleenlh     annual   ( nrnival.   nml one
f ,.                              . ,             ,   ,, suitable mall  for  lhe position of nieili-
of the most successful  ever held. ,                       '
£,...,. ,.,. eal  superintendent, and Ite wnt appnin-
'riie  local  curlers   relumed  from   Km
,   .     ,.. .      ,        ... i Till: ARCHITECT,
darby Huh    morning but without     n ,
win to their credit union- il vents     Tho nrchitocl  for ihe building     was
in the Knderby  tiousplol.      C.  M.   Field    Ml-   Dallon.   and   the   beaiiliful   .Inn-
A. .1. Howe, and liev. W.  I'. Freeman   "'"' "'"     «'«'">» l««f le«timony     io
i!i iiirln-.s or Anents nl all principal points in Canada.
Agents in Great Hiitain nnd United State*    Land  biixlm u,
Lloyds Bank, Limited.    Chicago—First National Bank. Cortt _s
change National Bank.   Seattle—Seattle National B.mL.   Ski
cisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank.    Spokane—Ei     nm
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and unwind,  received, and  interest allowed ai
treiu rata from date of deposit.    ("orrnspoi:deuje solicited
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
ropraeciited lUivoUtoko, If they did not
win Ihey had a good time however,
loclally, und wound up with a dance
at   lhe   RelloVUO   Hotel,   Siianioils.   lasl
Maundrell   Meat   Market
Quick  Delivery.        Phone 251
Fancy Dress Carnival
lhc ikating narnivnl on Thursday
hoi not aa well attended .1 usual, although tin- costume* were woll up to
mark. Tno following \\">' tin'
VV. Overton,   1 lowboy.'
Miss T(. [forger,   Oriental  Lntlj
Min§ !•:. Morgan,   Oil from lh*
den West.
■I. LoBoaUf   Flour Man.
VV.  Brier  (Comic),   Knthusiu iti
The relay ra
H li      inttTcHt 	
being Lhe City and  V. M. r. A
former winning after -> hard
one lap.
City -('. Mill-, VV.    P.n.U, I), Cnlder,
S. Crowe.
Y. M. <*. A.   .1. Dunran, I
N. [/us, J. Kennedy,
his great knowledge and ability. The
board >*i dirnetora ash lhat :i ipoeial
vole uf lhanki In* given lo Mi. Dal
The Board of Directors regrel to re-
poii tlml su fut nu practical work
lie Ijoon done for the handling nf ad.
vaured  ■ nnsuinpl ivos,   I he  reason     \»
w .-mt nf 1 y.
A deputation from 'li'' hoard waited
un the government nml presented a
stronp [ilea. The deputation wns Woll
received and nnlisfied thai Lhe MVorn-
I mi'iii  wore anxious '■■ lake action;
Tin- > I.i iin ;tt!<>h o| ilif patients
shows an unfortunate condition 25 in
< iplenl . S!0 ndvnni ed and IS fnr advanced  is nol  whnl  should npponr   in
on Institul Ion n un v\ for the care
(.f iucipienl cases. It must then bo re,
* ii...^ h1[i(, ,.. ,.,.,! membered in what a dilKculi position
tlm competing loams   we ■'"'*■ l,li'",<l-     There lo ye\ no placo
stationary, 1* progressive and I died.
The amount of funds promised as
subscriptions from tho 1 ommem ement
of tin' society's operations in 1907
amounted lo $135,28(1, ..i whi< li up to
the end of tho year some 8117,31** bad
Iteen collected,
Since 1> mbei 31 aboti    n 1 •
of the K 17,00^ due on the pn 11
li.-.'ii collected, but tlu»n vol n
■ ni, ij t.iii!>    um .  .
Kew Liquor law
lleii.i     it. llowson i\  I .
idvt.     and     see  Imw   price
with thou (»f eustcin Grmv.
to give ihe aiU Riicpd i d a fair opportunity In lighl lhe di en ... and al-
(hough our roMiHn are nol Hiitiufnc >
lory to  iprvo • i ii ic», il «.,- fell     the
lle-l    Ua-   lilllli'.
TllO    mClllcal    Mlpclilllellllelil    telk     II.
I tluit nf lhe li'J patinnl discharged
hi'-i yenr IT wore npp !> nl    tire     v-.
fiunitu niiiei   how  I'iMiil    lh iiiinii. up
paronl is lho strongest word in u ■
Twelve wn- an tl, I" Improved, 10
llm i i'liru
\   || M.|   ,h I" \
I -ll.'    Ol
nl iiii  I'm i h  • .1
pl.ili ll|    HI.    '
new   llqtl .1   B   I   v. 1 .  1,   ,     aitl ■
w li ii arc kni'W a   ■
\     number    ol i
v aited on Pramii r Mcltri,
aei  whil i. pro> itle   ini
all hotel    Irom   ll  "
day night till 1 o' M
v.. rn  iho d
ipior ie   I'lne rural » ■ ■
I   Pi. in" r Mcllrid
it  he did  i ol  i. el  tbe
■ uniii hoi I oul  ■ pe liuu
■ lhe ni ■   miiiM i ■   wa.
■ in    ' "in eetlon
i •
The Naval Debate
tl    iwu,  Peb   I'     i .     'I ibate     m
hill ,■.      • ■ I ihi, nf t.i
!•■    il.    Un, d  - iM   ,.(      I'ii ton
win.                                   I ■  •  '      h ■     ....
I   Mr.     (ioi il   m..l. r
<i( in
III : ■ ■
il  i
M       .
I   I
.     ; MU
i     ' ill ■'
- i.
Viii .mo
! 1      <
. lupine
'1 I
Movil     P
M .■ l'i
.   Imw   >■
'V-. Page 2
niK \l iih-.tKUALD REVELSTOKE. B. C.
SATURDAY, KM!. 10, 1010
olo with-
Victoria, Feb. 1(1.—The r;olv.ny log •
.elation of tlie session will probably
Ik* presented lho beginning of next
week, and ample lime will be afforded
for full appreciation and consideration
of this legislation boforo tho completion of supply, in accordance with tho
obligation in this respect given by the
minister of lin.inco a few days ago,
THK UAll.W VV i.l'i.isi.M ION.
As a roquest of privilege Mr. lirow ■
stcr then asked lho promler if he
could give any intimation to i lu*
Uouso with regard to the time that
tlm moHl important legislation foi
which t In* session was convened was
to in* brought down, namely tho railway mt ''. The llous" had
already deal I with several important
bills antl lhe session was growing old,
and it was but fair thai members
should now have some stutcmonl from
tho lender of the govornmont us to
when the Canadian Northern bill
would bo placed  before tho houso.
Bon. Mr. Mcllrido: "I have very
great pleasure indeed in advising my
honorable friend thai in all probability the proposal' of the government in
regard to the Canadian Northern nn<l
the Kettle Vullrj railways will be submitted lo tho legislature early next
week. It has boon derided, before
these bills are presented lhat we shall
havcj tho budget and the estimates
for Luc year brought down, so that
the busbies?     ol -the session may     bo
Fairlj  cl«i I up before these mousures
are  approw hi d.      I'ho bills      w.Jl    bo
brought  di ■ -1.. m   immediu
t.-lv  after  the  presuntntioi       ai       the
budj   '
Ml |_N>l\f! MM,.
!        hill    wns  up nn ficcoial loading
Mi     : ui   .    ite vl   irotwlj      at -
I icke I the pi       pie of the bill ns  fated to failun ble pui pose.
'*Yo                      m i >od bj
I, gi In                     hi    u ■■  .  itiul  lie cited  atii                 o   Oio     . lint   prolubi •
i .mi   v.... :               tt'inj     il   on   i he   linos
■    . mi u '- . bib
ol, i, ..I ro  .1
t« 1  in  flu            i      !;      lid   not   i-oiuil
of  [■■                                       I ii ill   option-
hcj   were mis-
ill y    i n ■
1 i    opinion
■■.: I  i •■ one i ould
tiot  deal iu i                        ngii ,"
Dr.      Mi ■                             ml  onl ion,
i    ■ ■- ■   ; i llu    plel
!   Ii.t\o  been
i'i ■  ..   introduc
ing  : ;:i    mi I ii id  of   '• .'■■ .   with      ihe
nnii h  v< hh\  Id . ■    ion    lie     did
not  believe       tiny pi im iple or lav . a*
I i   h h  th-- Crown    in
i epte I   revi    ie      secured  b\   "a   trade
re* tinp  on   the   ■■ . .      ■
I      •
I'l \< i.i: MIM
In mu »1 u-er milling
act amendmenl hoi nth
■ ■      ■ llmt   III al
lei ttioi       .  .    ■     , hill, i api-
ta! ii   the i
und   hyd bi
gi vei
;.!■    William*  pn
ace under
i   provide
iih   liiin,
<o. There
,.-   should
m excel •
; nd      it
■-iin.it   any
The bill was repji •
out amondmont,
liAMhi AM1'M):>. UT.
lion. Mr, Bowser, in tho sec
ond reading of the <l:u. t amend
ment bill,, in respoci  u export of
ir puics, the law in  the p st, while it
enabled a licensed noiw       nt  hunter
to kiH game    in   this
certain  restrictions,
for  lis  taking  his  "he
as he of course desired
was    no good     roi    u«
not.  Thoso trophioH  foi
lent  advertisement oi
sources  of  British  ' <',>'
w us  proposed  lo  pn t\
iibuso of the export privileges in future
by     enabling     the mhiisior  lo issue,
where desirable,  an expor   cortiiicalo.
Tin- main feature o.  the 11 i\  bill wan
found, however, iti sccti  ii*ee.  Heretofore,  while  iho  season' 'uling  in
Uritish   t'i 't tn'iia   had  ■. mj -
ment of a SHHl li case I               n   esi-
donts,  there  h'nd  been pi               <or   n
special    one.month      license im-  which
S'Jfi wns charged.         Kxporieuce     had
suown  lhal   this  was  taken advantage
of.         I ho great     mnjoi ity of forei :n
hunters     sought    onlj   th ■ one mont
pri\ ih- e,  and  us n  rosul    v\ lii to   11 ere
wero far more foreign hunter   in        <■
Province last     season,     md n  grt-ni  i
amount  of garni? killed  b    t Item,
i c eipl h   were  not   propoi tion
i roascd.     Tho     S10U t..   wai    •  .   '''■
and reasonable in com pa1 ;»o « w '
;iriviloges it  covered,  and ns compn   'd
wit li     similar fees  in  ol hor ci uni.' -s,
• n.I  the tro\ui .fil- ut   Ihcrcfoic  fell      it
.l\ isnbfo to     restore lis   81DU li' r
\ ing ti t   t ho same  i ime  I lie i'i:r o
i:   le for trout or salmon wium
\tia  lin nse or fee,
As to the final    ■■ I ion of the ' i'i   i
\\ as designed     to correct   the  uro'A'. ig
aliiine in     ihe slaughter of         -   Id
fowl,  ducks  having grown  vec rce
in  consequence of  the  operations      of
the     market      hunters fn un  '' ■   o;  er
ide,  tt ho  were i upeeiall;    um.i       i      '■<■
-   lilliwaek.     These hunters in  t^e p ist
had   paid   n   merely   nominal   '    >
i i  85;   i I   wn ■■   n< »\\   i u npo>.
the bird shootin_r  lii on c .V"
ed this won  i make cue
■    ■     pro      i ■ i   . 11". I I < i
i f   -." .i I  hicii    ■ r   rat her   iir> ■
nit of British * 'olnmbia.
i        eeond re iding was carried,
n;\M\\.U   IN'SPl i'l ION.
lion.   Mi.   Bowset   next   moved       the
11 ond   ii .ilir.'  of  (he Ti i nv u>      In -
i • i ion bill, explaining tlml e.vin lo
111' i apid increase in 11■•■ nan'' er of
passenger i m rj ini> tramwa; - i'i tlii-'
pro ini ■■ meli .rn- n Imenl h id lw»i ome
cleai li    m  ee   irj,   1 hi     had  been    un-
hnpp U   -how ii  iu  ii'.- n toih     fatal
■ 'H -     o. i iii Him     duriii I      r it
month      I liese h id di
there   diould  Im some  insjH'i tion       for
llu    prote n      of   tin
i    > ■■::■..
i'llll.i; IUI i .-
linn    M
n    lini;   of    the   ll"i th'ultu        M uirdu
-ill  nnd i hi   ' lb
Weeds  I
Here Mr. Haw thorn thwaite ventured
to ask if the minis tor wus referring to
that famous n.ital act presented by
the attorney-general some years ago,
in which by mistake tlie word "not"
was omitted, thus. completely al -
toring the sense of tlie section in
width it. should have appeared,
"I should think my honorable
friend would never refer to that matter." quickly returned Hon. Mr, Bowser  amid   ladghtor  of   the   House,   "be-
Eagle Pass Road
The provincial government propose
to'construct a road connecting Heve,-
Btoke with Mnlakwa. When Hon. Thos.
Taylor, minister of public works, was
here in December the Board of Trade
brought this matter to his attention
uud urged that provision Is*, made for
the work, but at that time he refused
to entertain i.t. Now we learn that representations   have been  made   to    tho
causa he was as much responsible for IGovernment by Mr. Shaw, M. I'. l\
that error as I was; he was here as for Kamloops, in whose riding the
the     representative of labor, yet     he   Malakwa district  is, and  that      with
failed  to notice the error."
"Thai was because I had mora confidence in the attornoy-gonoral than
I have now," replied Mr. liuu I hornlh-
wuito to the accompaniment of anothor  burst   of  merriment.
On n vote being taken Mr. Haw-
thomthwaite's amend men I was lost,
the opposition, with tho exception of
Mr. Brewster, who was absent, voting
in its favor,
In moving tho adoption of lho report of ihe committee on tho act to
amend the IMaecr Mining Act, Premier
McRr.de said that since the bill was
discussed   in     committee of  the  whole
the result (he Government will go
ahead with tho work, which will be
much appreciated by the settlers at
Malakwa, bringing them in direct
touch   with   the   lievelstoke market.
As .Malakwa is being connected on
the oast with tho Okanogan Valley at
Mara, tho opening of this road between Itevelstoke and Malakwa will
give a through route between Revel -
stoke and  the Okanagan Valley.
The new road will become a great
tourist route, taking visitors through
the magnificent scenery in ICaglo I'ass,
and making convenient holiday trips
to Lho beautiful lakes between I'lnn-
william   and  Oriflin   Lake  where, in the
ho had     had a     conference   with  Mr. Isummer  months  the fishing  is  unsur-
Uttwthornthwttite  with   the  result that   passed.
the  latter  had     withdrawn   lii'   objec . I    The Kngle  Pass contains much splon-
liou to the amending act. He there- did 'and. and will afford homes for
moved the adoption of lho re-jn large number of settlers. Wo congratulate the government on the worthy enterprise thoy havo shown in undertaking  this  important   work.
lion.  Price Ellison, chief commission        	
er of  lands, ga\e notice  thai   in  com- 	
mittee  to amend  the land  act   he will Herbert  John     Gladstone, Secretary
ovo   the     following      proviso  ai   the of  Stale  for   Home   Affairs,   and    who
end of section "J. through a recent appointment is about
"Provided,   further,   that   the  urown ]to  become governor-goneral  of  British
grants of such lands may contain
such building conditions n^ lhe lieutenant governor in council may from
time lo  time deem proper,"
In effect iln- empowers the government to plan' building conditions on
such  surveyed  lands  as i i  maj   iu   t hi
future   dispose  of   at    public   sale.
Mines Shut Down
for Sale or To Rent
S.iuili   Al'i'ii'.i.   hns  been  elevated      to
the  peerage.
Thr election   to  lil!   tin' vacancy    on
the  board of School tins s ,.f  Wr -
mm. occasioned by tho rcRigontion of
1 one nf llu* members, resulted in the
return of Mrs. Prior after a (.en election. Vernon now f.ir llic first time
!in its history hns a woman on tbo
board of school trustees.
Moving I'irlurcs tonight.
Butte, Mont., I'eb. III. Kvory mine | Moving I'ictiires tonight,
in and around Unite with tho except
imi nf  the     Silver Bow,  the Berkeley
mnl  the Mountain     Consolidated    sii        ^	
..ponded operations lotlay. Two fi-roomod  houses nnd  1  acres of
Iln. suspension was lhe result  of an   'and.   Been  cultivated  for yearn.      All
attempt  on  the pari  of  lhe union  .-n-  kinds  of small  fruit.  A  good  location
gi s employed ul   the mini's  to sep-   i"J|   outside  ol  city   limit..   $1,000.00.
arale from   lhe Western  Federation   of   Half cash.  Will  sell  or rent   any  por-
Mini'i-  and  organize  a   union   to  ullil-   lion of this properly.
mii    with iln-   Iniertmtioiud   Kngineers'       '   I
I'lii.in.    li   was estimated  today    lhal   tin™.
  ini'ii idle. I ^^^^
The  - him;  works  of former  Sen-      lievelstoke.
ator V,   A.  Clark  closed  tiii- morning. NOTICF
n"      Vmalgamated     Copper     Mining      |;|  L,,,. ll,.llll., ,„• ,,,, ,.M.,„.     ,„■ ,,„.
"">'-   u^'-'    - lu'r"   '"    Vlla-   Into     Chan.   I'.      Norris, decoased,  all
""'•|a'  employing  H.OIK ,,.  and   the   |ra|.,i(.>  w)l()  ,mvo  ,,hv  hi||s  „,. ,.,.lims
,!"-""1 ■""'   Montanas Iter-  at fireal   ll(f.iilill(   ,,„. ,|,.,.,,.,„.,|  r   p.   Norris are
-'  m",!'  P'»l"'hly   i,.,,.|„   rot,uesled  to  hand in  the same
in writing  lu  tho undersigned on    or
mnl      investment,
K.  WCAItl
Ul   ..■ thn
> •
■ ■
I.,   | |'hi
provided ' go
pel       rjuld     !.•
Ifoune uni .1 he I
mont'       enr of tl - • I     hi
ho '"it (imilai ly, no ■ nmonl
agi nt nl iu)d '*■ ' " until
ho     hod beon of hi   po if fn
leAJt  t welvc ni' ■ for ihi
government    igeni       I      in   memlini ■
of the  II no  mnmhfu
foj  whom  hi   fell     n itm   fiei on it  re
ipe< *
■   !
.    In   '(•■   li ' li iv
i       panii
pan if    to  |
bor    h
I foi     H
I   mi op] -I   to  ■ he pnt'
lo thi     ount ■ h
i'ii   fi 'I  i ."  declared  lloi     \\\
Iti '-I
I ean pt11 my I
■ .I     ■ vhieh  I  hn
.j   ifi  i nep  ■ hem   ou      nd moro
than   my   hon.  friend  i an  do   not i Imt
hr   Vi ould   nol   mi roduee    ••■
1 lion      if  h"     - ould,  bul   hi
hcon  in   i  po ition  to do r
jbefore  Monday,   March 7th,  1910,  after
t    ' abolish eompulsory vaerin-   whit-h date no claim on account     will
liu-  been   introduced  into    On   |,.   recognized.
tune  nv    tl..   ||.   p.   lime |;.   ||.  I'litJl'lIA IM\
,   ,,■   from  	
m)    different      wai   • NOTICK.
the     pre      TAKE     NOTICE that 1 intend     to
ide for     mice   application   to   the   Superintend-
Lhe;   wish   lo  lit-  vaccina-   ©nl   of   Provincial   Police for a  transfer
nl my liquor     license    of the Beaton
_     • p „ht. i'"1"1' lv<"""'   "■ •'• ""«• held   ''y
me, to J.  A. Tliew.
a'8ht      '"      Bated  this  15th duy of Fob.   HMO.
i,ml A.  I'VASS.
Ames Holden Shoes
for rr.cn who v/urk
for men who aro much
on their feet for ;trli-
Sans, fanners, fruit
growers all those live
an outdoor life these
■hoes are particularly
well suited. They are
made strong, serviceable, practically impervious I" the weal her,
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   well sewn throughout.
They are liuill. to deft-
•   itandard, fore er   bool n _sl pass the most critical
"-•tion before leaving the factory.    We have put a
It   ■ nee into the making of these shoes.
are 'he most, perfa pendable shoe on sale in
this Province to-day.
I'.S.    You cannot gel more out of a hoot than the
er has pul Into it, and that is why we are emphatic
tin    poinl    the t/utility of the A men- Holden Shoes
we know what   ■ c have pul into them.
The Finest Flavoured Tea
" SALADA" is hill-grown tea-grown on plantations high up on the hills in the Island of Ceylon.
The leaf is small and tender with a rich, full flavour.
— is always  ot  unvarying good quality.    Will you be content  with   common   tea   when   you   can  get "SALADA"?
. Black, Mixod and Natural Green, 40c, 50c, 00c and 70c per lb. ——
Garden, Field    <5_FFTIQ
and Flower    O L/Lt U O
New crop now arriving f> > n ■ ir i;r >w.>rn in V, >l ind, France,
Holland, Canada nnd lhe Uul S attw. All tmted aa to
vitality and purity on arriv tl. 1' tn'-it in ([do I "iiouuli for our
customers.    Catalogue fr ii.
Hminess   will   be  eon; n id    if,  our old   utand until May.
After that in new location, wh i'i   ■ dl he aanounoml later.
Al)l liKSS
3)10 Westminster Road
VAJJCDOTER,      -      -      B.C.
■•^ . :mmM
l3|_*S Nj;>j.M
^   ••■•'?^____ii
"Po vou really think" one housewife will s»y to tnother "that this
new f .ur can he better than the (lour we are using ? "
Madam, there is no doubt about it.
I'ii   there is just one way you can be convinced.   You must use
it yourself.
Our claims will not satisfy you, bat we back up our claims in such
a way that you will lose nothing by trying Robin Hood.
Your grocer will tell you about our guarantee which giv'-s you
-       back your money if you are not   '
S    ®   >|| FLOUR MILLS CO.
• IIMllttl
\ll kin.ls
Reasonable Prlce«
Painting and
Paper Hanging
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Notice iR linrcliy  ^ivnn    that  fill <lnvh
from .lute I, W. Andrews, oeeupatloh,
miner, intend t.i apply to tlm Chief
Oommliaionsr of I-huHr, to purchaw
iho following deioribed lan.l, aituated
nlioiit 20(l ohalne from m.>uili ol Wood
I.'"..-1 and a poit planted on Mouth
ni.le ol river and marked W. Andrews
N. K. corner p.mt,     llieneo s.iuili     411
<   I'lllllH, VM"   I 40 I   lilllli:   ,       lllirlll      llll
rliiiinH to point of Wood river, thence
following linnk  of Wood  river to point
of commencement, containing ion ne -
i'.ih more or lent..
Haled thll Kith day of Dee.,     1009
I AKK      NOTK'K llinl   I   intend      to
mnl... application to ih" Superintendent nl Provincial Police for a tranaier
ol retail liquor llnenae of tlie l*'vi
Hotel, Camborne, B. •'., now bold by
uir to II. 0. Ware.
IImI.'.I ihi.  l.-itl. day of l'Vli. 1010.
Into. J. A. THEW.
Water, light and Power Department
By resolution of City
Water   and   L'uht    Accounts
must be paid on or before the 2IHU In y.t
the 21) per cent discount which is allowed.
No aocount will lie allowed to run
over the month following Hint  ill  which
it is charged.
Power Changes must lie paid in
full on or before ihe end of the month
following that in which it is charged.
Installation Charge* will he
30 days cash, and must then be paid in
iiiii before nny discount! will be ailowe.1
on wider mid light.
PLEA8E NOTE: II.is resolution
nill be strictly enforced, ami if the _r-
.1111111 is not paid on time, the water,
lilllli and power will lie rut off without
further notice. SATURDAY, FFB. 19, 1910
THE MAIL-HERALD, REVl 1     M    , B. <
Page 3
Closing Out Prices
Fruit and IDrnamental Trees
Having disposed of our nursery grounds to be cleaned up
by May, 1 am prepared to offer special prices on all cash bargains
Splendid assortment of ornamental trees, acclimated stock,
having been growing on our grounds for years, from 10c. up.
One of the best selections of roses in B.C. in all leading
varieties, suitable for this section, in good 2-year blooming si'/.'S,
25c. each, $20 por 100, $150 per 10IX), smaller ones half-price.
50.C00 fruit trees in leading varieties. Let me price your liBt
10,01X1 shade trees, in all sizes and prices.
Greenhouses full of plants in all Bizes and prices, from $15
per 100 potB up.
3010 Westminster Road, Vancouver
sixty days from (late 1 intend to   ap-
NOT1CL''. is hereby given that      pur-
uant  to  the  "Creditors'  Trust Deeds
ply to     the    Chief Commissioner     of'At'1'  1<J01" m,d """ending note, James
- > C, Uuti'his.m,   of tlm    city of Bevel -
Lands for purchase of land situated
about 160 chains up from mouth of
Wood Uiver, post planted about     100
stoke, in the province of Uritish   Columbia, Laupdryman, did ou the    21st
chains 'above moTith' of Wood' "river and j dJf,of   J am"";> •    A' U" l9™> Bssi^
all his personal     estate, credits     and
effects whioh may be seized aud     sold
under execution   to  Frank  ilolten,    of
ihe     suid  City    of lievelstoke,  book -
keeper, for  the benefit of his creditors.
AND NOTICK is hereby given   that
a meeting of the creditors of the said
James C.  Hutchison will be held      in
the ollice  of Gillan &  Elliott,      First
St.,  Revelstoke,  li.  C,  on  Saturday ,
the 5th day ot February, A. D., 1910,
at the hour of 'J o'clock in the   after -
ALL  PERSONS   having   any claims
NOTICK IS  HEREBY GIVEN   that'against the said James C.   Hutchison
sixty days from date 1 intend to   ap-  are required to forward particulars of
ply to     the     Chief Commissioner     of | the same duly  verified,  to  the asfaig
marked E. A. Andrews, S. W. corner
post, thence north 40 chains, east 40
chains, south 40 chains, thence west
following Wood river to point of commencement,
Dated this    10th day  of  December,
»09. E. A. ANDREWS.
Lands Ior purchase of land situated
about 140 chains up from mouth of
Wood river, post planted on north
side of river and marked P, A. lied -
strom, S. E. corner post, thence north
40 chains, west -10 chains, south 40
chains, east 40 chuius, containing 160
ceres more or less.
Dated this     10th   day of December ,
sivty days from date I intend to apply to    the     Chief Commissioner     of
nee at Revelstoke, 15. C, on or before
tho 'J5th day of February, 1910.
AND NOTICE is hereby given that
after that dale the assignee will pro
coed to distribute the proceeds of llu-
estate having regard only to the
claims of which he shall have received
nolice an.l ho will not be responsible
for the assets or any part thereof so
distributed to any person or persons,
ol whoso debt lie shall not then have
received notice.
Dated at Revelstoke, 13. C, this 2Sth
January, 1010.
Solicitors  for Assignee.
cation     for the     issue of u duplicate
I"* T" , ""        -"""   -"'-"---».'"■""-.     "* jCertilicutc of     Title to Part  10 acres)
Lands for     purchuse ol lund situated |      c      ,    , ,     , At }      m   [
about 140 chains up from mouth of
Wood river, post planted on north
side of Wood river and marked G. E.
Il.ilsti.nn. S. W. corner post, thencu
mu th 40 chains, east 40 chains, south
40 chains to Wood river, west following river to point ol commen.iemont,
containing 100 acres more or less.
Duted this     10th   day of December ,
TAKE NOTICE that I Percy Harold
Pause, of Trout Lake, li. C, occupation engineer, intend to apply for permission to purohaso tlm following de-
scribed lands:—
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. W. corner ol lot 'IT'.'s,   thence
east '20 chains, thence uorth 20 chains,
thence west 20 chnins moro or lens to
take shore, thence south easterly a -
long lako shore about 30 chains to the
S. W. corner of lot 4728, thence north
along western boundary ol lot 472S
about 10 chains to poiut of commenec-
SD«nt and containing 40 acres moro or
December Kith, 1909.
Revelstoke Lund District.
District of West Kootenay.
TdkeNotice that I, M. K. Lawson,
of Revelstoke, housekeeper, Intend to
apply for permission to purchase the
foil.living described lands:
Commencing al a post planted at the
strath-east corner of Lot 8,868, and
narked "M. K. Lawson'e North-weal
Corner Poet"i thence 40 chains south;
thonoe to chains weal i thence 211 ehains
north; tbenoe 2ii chains cast; thence
80 chains north to line of Lol B.068;
till.ue.' along said line to place of coin-
Dated October I8lh, 1909.
Nov. 17 If.   MINNIE li. LAWSON.
of South Fast i ol the North West
i of Section 2o, Township 23, Range
2, West of the sixth meridian.
it is my intention lo issue at the expiration of one month after the first
publication hereof a duplicate of tho
Certificate of Title io the above mentioned land ill the iininc of William
Edgar Smith, which Certificate is dated the loth November 1009 and num -
lleled  L1670A.
Deputy District  Registrar.
I.iinil Registry Dili,,.. j, 36.1m.
Nelson, U. C, -Ian. 22, l'.UO.
Notice i- borub) given thai
sixty da) - after date I, J,
Brill j occupation! carpenter, intend tn
apply io tin* Chiel Commiii lonor     >»f
I.ami     [oi   lii-'  |"in li.i  ■■   ul   iln-   follow •
m.:  described land, commencing at   n
poet planted aboul 20 chains louth oi
Wooil River ami about  160 chains from
tin* mouth ami marked •'. ISiill S. W.
corner   postj    ibenoe west s" chains,
north 20 cbaim to bank of Wood riv«
or,     thenoc   following  louth bank <>f
\Vuo_l Uiver easterly about -11 chains,
thence 2U chains   south t<> point     of
commencement, containing  l(»o   uirua,
more or test.
Dated this 10th day of Dec,    lUO'j
.!. BKILL,
'.. E.  tledstrom, Agent,
S| •. lal Attention given to commercial
men un.l tourists. Kirst-clasi sample
rooms. Finest scenery In British Columbia, overlooking Dppei Arrow Luke.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
in i;i \ I Room with board, suit -
able lor two young mon. Bath, etc.
Terms moderate.   Apply Box 300.
FOUND,—In the lobby of the post
office a ladies gold hinge bracelet .
stone setting on the top. Owner can
recover same by identifying property ,
and paying for this ad. Apply at the
post office.
For Sale.—Two first class cows on
point of calving.—Apply at this
ollice. !».
he rccomnienile      .   .Sir Cartwrlghl tnat
the C. P. U. essiel  the City to brin,
\:Me MID
FOR RENT:—Furnished house,
ply at this ollice.
Two partly furnished rooms, suit -
able for light house keeping.— Apply
Mall-Herald Office.
in another
supply.  I he
ui ![t.!.a.ed Waterzlu2l
(Continued from last issue.)
The engineers submitted report on
tenders for genera tors.
Mr. Smith believed the Ar/iorican
make of electric generators was tne
most suitable for their purpose. They
recommended buying from thu Cuuu -
dian Westinghouse people.
Aid. Cowan agreed with this, bm 100,000 people. Vhoc
considered Ihey had no fair coinpotl - Crook. lo urine,
lion from American manufacturers.
Mr.  Smith:     There are no Anicri
combine   n '■
weight   v. .is  I.,
tion and   arra
Ford     were    i
There were  tl.r  '
Crook wuiilil     • os
in.   They Inel u'sli
. improve the water
R, intend taking it
.1 lie thought ii bet-
; tno C. I'. R. could
,u .. Mr. Car!
nolo lo the suggea
ii that he and Hi
mi into the iiiai '-ei
sources. Eight V...,
t mo much to bun.
.inies made on Thiea
ITtOR SALE-Teiini of Heavy Work  manufacturer
'     Horses, also a Riding and Driving     Aid. Cowai
Mile     Creek,    where tie lei'  confidant
there would he       upply of 7;   fei
second    which   would   be  onough      !•'.
there was I In
ill   a   wilier   sttpplj
from tho    .l.inl.in would mean luyiiiK
17,.'ilK) feet  of  pipe,   nml   t,l)Ul)  leel    ,,
syphon     across    the Coium tu  River.
This would cost more  tliau  any olliei
scheme proposed.     Tho t'. i\  1{, proposed to pay 32,500 a year lo the city
provided an efficient supply  weio   put
in which they  could use.  Tnis  was   In
n   would  tost      t
from Three     Mile
to tender. Creek,  the amount  required  to curt-}
Aid. Cowan moved, That tenders be   out     that     work  being estimated iu
not accepted, and that now tenders be   822,800.   Then if thoy eventually     recalled, quired to still further increase     the i
Aid. Abrahamson seconded.—Carried,   supply by going on   to lire, ly      Cree..
Smith:      Now,  I would  suggest   tlie     pipe     line  lo    Three Mile Creek
Well, Canadian manu-
considered they had no fair compel! -
I    Mr.  Smith explained they  had      not
been   able      lo   get     lenders   from   the
other people,   though   they   hail  asked   pei   "fit on   wnttt
the General      Electric and other linns   bring in a supply
Mare.     Can be seen at 'mill,    Kevet-
BtOke Sawmill Co.. Ltd.
WANTED.—John Alex Elliott—Your
mother wishes to hear from you. Mrs.
Elliott, 283 Nines street, Winnipeg.
WANTED.—Representative to handle
Okanagaii Valley Creamery Ice Cream
in lievelstoke, Devonshire cream, etc.,
Liberal terms to right parly. None
but reliable persons need apply. —Okanagaii Valley Creamery,  Armstrong.         ^^^^^^^ .	
 .  ' mat it would  bo better  to call      the   would come in  useful as part of     the
WANTED.—Capable parties to take tenders on your own account. We did more extensive work. li was on tui-
contract sawing lath by thousand.— "'"' '"'st •" your interest and we don't the Muyor had instructed them to
Apply The Sovereign Lumber Co., Ltd want '" 1)l' blamed in the mailer. look into iln; matter, but they hail
Annie B C. ^'c'- ('owan: 1 take exception to done very tittle work on the proposi-
    that.        Vou  said you  were  agreeable   tion as yet.     Of course Mr. lord hu.i
WANTED—A   second     hand    6,hole   '"     '""'   ulkinK whatever course      we   to go into tho proposal anil be
coal   stove.' in   lirst   class   order.   Ad -/h(»"' iu'd with il  before ">" C.  I'.   R
Aid. MeKinnon: I move tho City
Clerk send a letter to these people,
and save  the expense of  advertising.
dress, stating lowest  price  and  wher
to be Been.—W. S. A. 1'. 0. Box 35.
atis -
^^^^^^^^      coul.l
tcfinile proposal.
I owan  said when  thoy     wen
for a wiii'i   tupply they could
Cowan:   I  don't   think      Sini.th, not go to an unreliable stream     thai
Keary & Chace should  throw  it up to took     its rise in a timbered country.
us because we have not adopted   their He hud visited  the stream referred  to
recommendations. hy Mr. Qaffnor, some year
. .     „               ..... i,     '    Mr.  Smith:  Well, we don't want   to at that     time
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations ,„, bmmod   when
ANY available Dominion Lands within tlio
Railway Belt lb British Columbia, miiy
be homesteaded by any person who is the solo
head of a family, ur any male over 18 years of
atce, to the extent of one-quarter section of lt'<0
acres more or less.
Entry must be made personally nt the IochI
1 officejor the district in which
laud office for the district in which the laud i
situate: Eutry by proxy may, however, bn
made on certain conditions by the father.
Bother, son. daughter, brother or sister of an
iut cm 1 nw; homesteader.
The homesteader is required to perform the
conditions connected therewith under one of
iim following plans : , ». .
'"   At least six months' residence upon and  '°*i in thi
atiou of the land in each year for throe
(2) If the father (or mother, if the father is
deceased) of the homesteader resides upon a
ago, alio
fou ml Brewery Creek,
there is no blnmo "ght ai thf City contained more wa-
coming to us. Yon have letters from «' lll:l" N»<» Mile Creek, but .inoe
people us for iiiflltinoj tlu> Vancouver the Umber had becu taken off the
office of the Canadian General Electric sourco the supply in that .-rook hadfal
who complain thoy did not get a Ion "ir- lu' wt,ul(i Iikt-' to ,mve •,,»-lI»"
simply  is not
7a '
chance to tender, vrfiich
true, us we placed th« matter before
the factory of that company, but they
refused to lender.
The Mayor considered it should be
hands of Smith, Keary &
Charo to call the tenders, When they
took the  matter up  before   thoy    wero
Uiver investigated, n^ they would
then have a lirst class supply for all
time. It would be folly to adopt the
creek referred to as a supply for the
city. He was also satisfied that water could not be brought in for     the
amount  mentioned.      They  knew    they
would have to     CUl      OUt  the  present
faYnalnahe vicinity VftheTVnd entered for, the  in     a      rush,  hut  now  there   was    no   supply from Bridge Creek.
requiremeuts as to residence muvUbatisaecl   |u)1TV    nnj   l(     engineers  would    have      Mr.  llid'mer:      That is on account of
by  such person residing with  the father or j        *' ...
mother. ,. an  opportunity  to send   round  to    all   (ontanimatton from campers?
(8)   If the settler has his permanent residence    , »   .   , ..       w    Uv   r
upon farminK land owned by him in the viern^ these pe(»ple. A U.  I     «   n.      les.  We have UoVOtTt.
u_._._ _»-        j .»-- --         *- - ^   Smith accepted the su-jtrrstion.    roont records showing that contamina
ff ATI. li SlT'TLY. ti«"    has   been   brought     abitut by
Aid.   Cowan  asked   Mr.   Uaffner  how   camps   10 miles off,  mid  this city has
got to bo very careful in bringing in
ity uf his homestead, the requiremeuts a:
residence may be satisfied by residence upon
the said Und.
Six months' notice in writing should be given
to the Commi>siouer of Dominion Lauds at
Ottawa of iuteutioa to apply for patent.
Coal —t'oal mining rights may he leased for ,
a period of twouty-oue years at au animal
reutal of. $1 per acre. Not more than 2,500
acres shall be leased to one individual or
company. A royalty at the rate of Ave cents
per ton shall be collected on the merchantable
•.ml mined,
Deputy of the Minister of the Interior,
N B.—Unauthorized publication of this ad
vertisenieut will uut be paid for.
Wood For Sale
Orders Taken for
Early Delivery
Cut in 12, IE, IS or 24
inch Lengths
First Street     Tel    B.
Union Hotel
Under N«'\v Mitnnnemcnt
Stewart Macdonald
it came that they wore atuking estt -
mates on  tlie new water supply.
Mr.   HafTner explainei   the  late  Mayor discussed   tho 'natter  with  him  and
yOU   should      have
source   thoroughly   in-
tyys ior iidiiiai^
Eggj for batching Irom tho follow -
ini; Imported pur.' bred itoon:
S. ('. Rhode Isl.ml It dH.-$_.(H).
Silver   I.mi'il   ity mil ..lies,—WOO
Barred Plymouth Rook*,- 19.00
S. C. Hull' Leghorn*,—92.00
Corniih [ndlen flame.  $3.00
White Created lllnrl   I' IUh,   (3.00
Knuli'ii QeOKi.—93.00,
Imporlal Pekin Ducka.—91.7IJ.
Alio stock frnin the _bove for i_le.
MRS. I!. ,V. TlTl'KU.
BdaiiQfnctnred for nu rin.-im ol  bttlidlUgl
to';«\l» In lnr«»T..r iniillquantum
l nl Hi. lii«»t jirloaj fur rrn.li.
411 kln.1l>;ol liullilliiii i.ii.lIlilnit.TlIlK
I.ornl examinntlnui    iu   ThooreUeal
Uualo i"i all . i.i■!. -    mil Im  Iml.l on
APRIL Mill I'.'in.
Looal practli il examinatione     con
.Im iini by lir  ll     C   i ••! nn nml    an
\- oelate ISknmlnor     lot     all oentra*
frnin tain nnil i  '■'    Winnipeg)     held
from Ua) Iini   '" M ... 31 i. 1010  Uu
liuu  ill   \ .in   mii'i.
\| ;ili. ;il ion   I  I»i :   In   -oi'l   at
comp iuImI ni    i  reach     thi
Conll ll I lllll '■  in   Mmhii.  il  .hi or      lw •
lore A|'i i! I it  1010.     I    are    obtainable (ioi" ' . M   Mi I olinn., Oen
oral So. ■                       i  ronke Ul., Vi
Information uboul  il«- yearly nv:im
Inatloni    lor    dlpl n  ol l.loontlate
und degroo of    ^lu . Rao, can !»' ol> •
taint il i'i  ii o '.id .I Secretary.
Palace Restaurant
McKon*ic   f\tnuo
(.'•n.r- .Tobacco
its wiilcr supply.
.Mr. Smith: The
every availabl
vc.stic;atijd. __!
in. , irahamaon: Uow eould you
briiii; the water from the Jordan ac •
ross tho ('oluml)ia river?
i. Smith: Ily einking the bed ol
tho pipe line under the river, li miL'lit
bo neoeaaary to dredge a channel ac •
roafl llic v.i.lili of tne river, in which
tlio pipes could be laid.
Aid,    Abrahamson:   It    la a strong
current and shifting channel.
Aid.    Cowan:    The Columbia river
h.i i not changed u foot in 35 years ut
till!   .I.nl ill.
All.  Abrahamson:   If it  could
Iniil atroaa the river  1 would like
see it brought from there.
Al.l. Hews: Wns it not proposed
bring in     ii supply  from  _ight
All.    Cowan considered Eight
Croek out oi tlie .pie.tion.
Mr. Haffnor considered Greel)   Creek
the nn. bio means ol
:in iiliiiii.l mt tupply, ^§^^^^
Mi. Smith:  How  lonu -.ni lhe   citj
wall Im a a h.i   upi'li'
I Me  m , ...    Wi   n ipiire ll rigl
Aid, l 'ni in   I  think
paid up for whal  vou I.a,.  .lone nnd
ini\ im id. i  w.n I. we n i	
make .i Iro h arrnngi a, nl uoo i
Mr   II off nor   ui I there would be ni
. I..ii ..  (..• whal  the}  had doro   ■
||,.      , .,n nl.-r. ,|       loo   in. I..-,   of   w .i'.i
would In-i  th.'in for I"11 yeai        un.l   —
thoro waa three times that amount of  i llu '
watai ui iIreel)  < reek   II.   would
into tl... Jordan propo 	
'I l -  tin ■ then ad]
in me;
ie   renewed   predictions    that
th. , i       ;> panniers an- to comeback
into style,  nnd  that it will  be  before
the winter is over.
s oj narrow box-plaited
. 1 . , .ct ribbon ure used agahi in
trimmings, not only lot .oats and
gowns, bui for hats.
Black satin inner gowns with only
Lr.,l.l or silver lace in tlie bodice or
sleeves to r.litve tl.cm are among the
smartest evening costumes.
I . r s with large bright jewels nr -
ranged vi little pyramids are quite
elie.iive to* the new coiffures, which
have a llatY'Tc. I   in  front.
I.i.oiiauus brush aigrettes arc a
lavor ' novelty at present, particularly upon iur hats llmt would otherwise
a| i. in     uite iin onspicuoua.
[Evening dresses are ri.-lt with drapery, but it is drapery thai fits tightly
over the lining and the liuin;. follows
cl. sel.   in. tines of the figure.
'lhe Robin Hood bat is decidedly piquant, made of green velvet with a
I); im 'I russet beaver and with a
couple of queer feathers at  the side.
Large turban toques with crowns of
draped velvet an.l brims of lur are
among the most generally attractive
and be oming of the winter hats.
For Bheath foundations' of evening
gowns the very newest id- a is to use
the brocades of gorgeous hue and design or the heavy watered silks.
I here ure two prominent styles in
coat collars—one the straight back of
the Russian coat and the other the
high turnover, pattern, made of pel -
I ry.
'I'he latest aigrettes are shaped like
u palm-leafed Inn, and many of them
have two small mercury wimrs poised
nt the ba>e in a most elfe. the man -
Hlaek and white costume- continue
to be a good     deal thought  of,     but
with    tl'.e   growth   oi   ti:.-   season     solid
black  nnd  colors   have  gained      ureal
..l.. n_' makes a iim,re attractive
afternoon gown than the silk and
mercerized cott. i mixtures. These are
to be had in a very wide variety     of
lovely   colors,
. iii .n ; tne new buttons are those
made of wood, highly polished at >i
exquisitely inlaid. Tile designs are
often ..a te unusual, both a- t" coloring and form
Smart i ideed arc tlie troehetted oi
knitted buttons made of the same
worsted as one', sweater antl worn on
the garment. The} <■. me ir ■ variety
ol shapes and .i/---.
The thin, straight fringe that more
than suggests the old time "bang" i-
ag.iin .-..en on fashionable coined
heads. It i- a- yet onl} alighi and
nol  at all conaptcuous.
II newest revival in -l.•••%.■- ,. the
kim,mo cut in one with the waist, but
it is by no means so fu;l and wide as
formerly, and at lirst glance does not
suggest it- .niti!..
Navy  blue  top coals  will,  black  fao-
illgs and     jet  bin ion-    are very chic,
both in I'ni-i,   and here, and black but-
iro seen on man)   ni the     lot j
>uit coats nf drcs*\  style.
Black chiij,in bl,.a-,., mounted over
while laoo and showing the pattern
through, ore having .. vogue for r..--
lam.ml   v.,tii.   Il.e  (a!   for   tlan-piirciil
effects being quite pronounced.
Th- general rules lor sleeves tor the
« itci i'.' no row shoulders and the
shoulder eon placed well toward the
body nf the garment but  which     are
M .'I        t| ili        . I,,Il'l.II. dlllp,
"f   the   I, i .:-,    ii   . ll   i,M llllll    .u '.■
iii  ih,   richest coats,
Merire Disaster
St. I [
•    I
I. i     .
-■.    el
■■.im on lh.   l'i    lot   ' ".K.
• • ■
Learner also went down.      I I
I     Um
.'j1 Bt TGi'o.iiO
Fruit, Cuii'li'  •'
Meals 86  pnl*.
A. H. P'HK, Proprietor
l'i. ■
I   'i
F r o "
,1 «nrk.
■l,     cllipeil   li'l
■ii. sspecialty
... Man
t r e e t
I ho Bupi  I .hi •  .ii nn i« i   '
ilci I li.-'I   thai    l  l'i am   lo   '< i ■       w i'.i
cuiiiiiii   ionei    "' Sw Wfe   mil  ler   to
the powoi compan) of a i "I of 35,,
mm ii  l„       ,.i a itel oul   ••!   I ill
lake  md rlvei
of being .oi  interferon, e of lands     in
iL,  railwa)  belt whli h    n
proparl)     ..I tho Dominiot   and     nol
Wlllel     '., I " thi      il.".
Mil.   |,     I .i "I,,, n'      . ..   .' |||
righl   • ,        ■  lhn '■   bell
Moving l'i no.    to n!
Moving l'i tun I
Moving   Picture,   at   th.    S(  I    i' li    in
I licaiin tonight.
Toronto.  I'••!'   IS    Mi
W. Withet and I ■'
Moi i
suit  1.1  U Ml. , .'lor
motherinlnw led
l-rnk  I OUI     I
He    ■• .   i himd
,,,l ioiuiiI iliif before emUng
tvel        ^
\.   ■
I'   0
om   young  in '■■'
'    ike. 110-3 I'ngc 4.
M HE MA] L-i El. Ail), KE     l.S' 0
.SATi:ilI)AY, Fl'B.  in, 1910
KEV£__SrOKE. B.   C.
a.ueilor ipublisbino Compang,
Subscription   Rates
i lUiUling poritagu lu  KiikUiuI, L'mujd States
anil Canada,
i j Lhe year .through po&toftioo] $2.ft*
lt.ui       "        " •'      Liu
■,   uiur " " ■*    l.uu
J itl.\ 1 l.\a prompt l> UXUOUIOU al ruunuli-
..Hi; lilies,
tM>   t'itfti.   SubsuuptloilB [uijablo in ad
l__gal ihiUouh loumiU uur inn- Him hiHortlon,
6i:_!tUtpurline _iiuii riubfturtnutit liiMirituu
tluat*ui-_munl4 Noiipunul l/- Untie inuku one
itichj. Store and rfcin/'iil bu_tuu»tf an
iiuuiiuiiutuuut 92.6X1 pup/moli por mouth.
I'lriiT'cil pUrjiUoiiH. 'ta pur cunt, ttd-
dm d, liirllis, Marriatfoa and UuaLlw,
_0o.   ''"tii   Innorttoii.
Land   uoticud   ^. ..^i    AU advertlseinenU
buujuui to tlio approval of tlie uiauagemeiit.
WailtOU and COIlduiiftud AilvuitHumciius:■■-
AKuutfl \\ .ua. ii, Help Wanted, Situation)
M anlod, biiuatiuna Vtvutiut, Teaclieie.
u.i.ii.m, Mu» tkuiK- \\ anted, in words or
loria H6o„ uueh additional lino iu cent**.
Uhantfoa In standing iu_v_rti*uuiont8 iuu*l
ou in ti) . a, iu, luudday and Kriday ot
■-. . .-. ok i<* nooiiro ftood display.
C iKrlKiH'ONbKNOK invited on matters of
puuiu! iniciiirii. CoinuiuuloaUoiis to Kdi-
ior luiidt be acooiupaniod oy name of
vnUir, out tiooo.ssariiy tu publication, bui
. v. luuo I ji rfoud laith. Corru-spondouei:
•liould be nrioi.
Seven-Roomed House for $1675. Lot 50 x 100 in desirable locality.    Cash $675, balance to arrange.
Eight-Roomed House, all modern and furnished. Lot
50x100, centrally located. For sale at $5,000. Term-, to
suit purchaser.
Five-Roomed House. Centrally located for sale at
Building Lots for Sale in all parts of the City at prices
ranging from $100 upwards.
Political No bj
lion. Air. dishing, provincial mini
ter *»f public works, resigned from the
Alberta government, A new opposition party will be formed. The eause
of the trouble is n disagreement over
the railway guarantees and university
nnd il is virtually u battle between
Northern and Southern Alberta. Following (lie resignation of Hon. \V. II.
Cushing, minister ol public works, il
is now freely stated that Premier Rutherford will resign and that dissolution will follow, with Mr, Cushing be-
ine culled iii in form a government.
lion. A. II. Aylosworlh may resign
ihe portfolio of Justice on account of
deafness, nml will be succeeded by
Hon, Uaoiil Dundurund. In the event
of Mr. lirodcur nol returning to public
life anil the elevation of Mr. Lemieiix
Hugh Guthrie, M. I', for South Wellington, is in line for the postmaster-
generalship, lion. Sydney Fisher may
uo to the Senate as the government
leader iii  that  ehnmlier.
j i AND 1'lNivHAM,
,l.'.UlilSl'|.'UB, SOLICITOUS), KTC.
Ob-riOCS I    JMI'KKIAI    ll.VNK  HU11.1I1N13 KKVKL-
S'lui.K, H. C.
..n»y t.   man.
Mm.,.. I    volstoko. B C.    t'ranbroolr, ti, C.
til.... li. McOahtkh
4    u      T   .HIM- J. A. Hakvkv,
tic.   . toko. I'r.iuliriiuk
ami in Canada invariably show i hem-
selves possessed of; because armchair
philosophers aro not  uncommon,"
ILi.lA.l 1. litilUUS
Souuilur, etc.
Solicitor for: —
The MulsuN'w Bank, Etc.
Flits 1 ST.,    ■   icKV ELSTOKE, B.C.
The move of the Cily Council to tax
peripatetic real estate salesmen is
highly commendable. When Vuneou -
ver real estate men cannot sell land
in their own town among people   who
.know il, or inn liiul out about it too
easily.  1 hey  hie  10  Revelstoke,      with
I the result that ii lias become a by-
word in Vancouver "if you can'l sell
it here take it lo lievelstoke." The
pulilie should be protected against
this sort of thing. When it is considered   lhal  §25,000 a  month  is supposed
; lo go oul of this eity into the pockets
of Vancouver real estate agents, it is
I time iln- City revenues had some of
the benelit.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
.Mining ,sui v.yi.r
Eiigii.ei'i i..n
Ml KltK-IK Avknok,
ll.'..   HHi,  l.KVKLsTOKE
ALiON _   KVia.Kllill,
VANCDUVKK AM"   llK\ ICI.lsTOKK,   H,   U.
_ll , luiiiuni.'iil i-uia lUdreesed to I'..si
nib e, it.-vi lm< ke, wul have pruuipl
.,: ii til iuu.
C.   W.   O   VV.
MeuntAin   l/i"w Ca^.p   No. 220
i-Mii.i, se.uiid .uiu K.iinh Wodnekdays lu
eteb n.oiiili,u Selkirk H.i' VUiun wood-
in -i  i   i ..V\ Invited to iti. nd.
JOHN l AI.'l.siiN, Cun. loin.
J. MoINTYHI . Clerk.
Koot jn.iy Lod„c. No. IS. A r. — A. M,
A newspaper ..f whieli British Colum
bin has reason lo be proud is the
Sunset, published at Vancouver, tn -
.ler the editorial control of "lliine"
McConnell, lhe Sunset is at once Hie
mosl vigorous, fair and independent
paper editorially thai wo have in the
I'roviuee, and its outspoken articles,
taking the besl interests of British
Columbia as their watch-word, independent of erced or party, have made
it one uf the mosl popular und trusted papers in Ihe Province. The Sun-
. et is printed on book paper, well il-
lustruted, nnd i- doing mu. li to hd-
vcrtise :iu>l make known far an.l wide
ih.. groal resources and ntlractipns of
British t'ohimbiu.
The ri..mlMr meet-
■ lis'-   HTH   |,|>|.|   III   III."
•\       Th   M iSONli TEMPLE
'  -i ■ IMbm ll..
■ > llnr.l M"IiiIh>- ai
;rh    month     '»!     I.
i m. V'ifltlus i.thiIi-
■&.j3t£E8?^BM& '"    "iiritisliy   ""
J  ;'. I'.ili n I. SI
I Ills. ,1. A'l IN. SBi i:i I 'I..
SULK UtK I "|i..i-: 12  I.n. i) K.
VI       ..,:      .......
Hall at I
■  ' tiretlirau are
.,1  ;.. ■     ■    ■
V   . I is   \I\THIK -
Cold K'.nge LodKe, K  of P.
NO.  26,   Unwulstoke, 8   C.
M--1-     .   ,-v   A_DNI
. i a . ..
Hal'.    "'    - . ..Iiiue
Kn. ■■■■
I'    SMITH, C. 0.
•,   H.       mi's., I ,   -
j. b. s. un. m    i ?
Che rlDail-lbcralb
liAY.  I- KB
I I"     ,4'.
Now   tlml   in- Tranquitle > u Itarium
- ■    been estublishe i.  il   i-   up  to
l*ro\ im ial ' '•<•• ernmeot   Uj  i nkn i? over
ind   ni ii-.:   ■(    ii   uh   a  public   instill]
lion.     The (Jovei nmnnt   ha.-   nev<
-"•'';' ' ■   money  for  maintain'
. in_r il e health nl  hor i ■ <\ ot-
'"'   i
I  b
I  .
and endorsed by tho citizens. While
the Bridge Creek supply i.s nol in immediate danger of contamination, that
[may be a contingency deserving seri-
oub attention in the near future. One
thing is certain, the present water
supply is altogether inadequate to the
growing needs of Uevolstoke and last
summer the Bowman mill alone consumed the whole of the surplus water
above average city consumption! leaving no supply available in case <>f fire,
It is an annual occurrence that in the
hottest and dries! pari of summer, the
use <if water for gardens has to be
stopped just at the time ii is most required.
No man lias a belter knowledge of
probable sources of supply than Mr.
Cowan. Fifteen yeais ago it. was
his business, as manager of the Revelstoke Water ami Light Company, to
watch the different streams accessible
to the city, and In- declares his positive opinion that the proposed supply
from Three Mile Creek would be Inadequate. Thai brings lhe sources of
any value down \o two, Grecly Creek
iand Jordan river. <lively t reek is a
glacial stream with a largo catchment
area, and at an elevation -uilliiieiil to
give any required pressure. But it
means the laying of between SIX and
seven mile- oi flume and pipe an ex
pensive proposition.
The -I.n-.Ian Itiver is iilidoulitfiIly
the best source ol supply if it cun be
mad" available at reasonable cost. It
drains the heart of liie (iold range
west of Revelstoke, its numerous forks
have their origin in tho eternal gla-
■ ■-i- which -pan the summit of that
range, -o thai for quantity and <pial
ity of w titer for all lime it could not
be surpassed. It is also free from con
■...1 i'.n ami likely t<> !>•• *o, ' houp h
in the event nf ii - beinu ut llized il
ft-ould I-.- nth isablo to uei   tin-     Don
_>rnment   to make n perm an -
.-nt   resei \ a) ion  of   i ho  \\ utershed   and
its I out -•■.
Thai  a new       nv of \\ ater supply
foi   Ue' ■■      ■■ ■   there is no
I   ■     ■   mi   . ■ : i'      ind it i     i
work   to  ii eei
iii*i n     ..!   * Ireelj
... . ,    :      .      ■
ii* w dl   I*
F^sk Ranch Eggs
Arriving Daily
Kippers Finan   Haddies
Smoked Halibut
Fresh Fish All Kinds        Oysters
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
Second Sunday in  Lent. The following is n list of the services:
Holy Communion 8 a. in.
Matins and  tlio Ante-Communion, at
II n. in..
KvensDim 7.11(1 p,  in.
Sunday School at 2.'Ml p, m.
Rev. II.     II.  Kstiiliinok, Buperinton
il.'iil of Missions for British Columbia '
will occupy the pulpit  of  the lliipiist
church Sunday  morning.   Ilis address
will be along broad lines and will be of
interest  lo all concerned with the boat
interests of our province.
ST. .1011 NS.
Row  A.     M.  I):illns. of Arrowhond
will conduct  services tomorrow.
\ join! meeting ol tlie t'ily Council
.uul School Trustees will be held on
Tuesday nighl to arrange for the lin-
ancing and construction of the proposed new   school.
'I'm1  regular  fortnightly  meeting   ol
il ily  council  wns  held Inst   night,
Inn owing lo tho lengthy report of
the business transacted wo nre obliged
lo hold il  over llll  our next   issue.
I'he ili':uh  lm< occurred at   Lllloootj
of \ni    Coughlan, i the   pioneer
prospectors of the Bridge Uiver country, nnd i iliii.l intoresl owner in the
1.mii.. group nt  the tune ol hisdoajtb.
lie   was   ;i       Nova   ScOtian   nml   leaves
a mother in Vnni ver, while a brother was killed in n recent: railway accident  inmi   lievolsloke.
Capital Paid Up       -       $3,500,000
Rest Fund - -    $3,500,000
Has 65 branches in Canada, antl Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Import direct from country of origin.
.\ .i Id      i
ined foi   ^1'   '■■
11 .■   K M
•i h ' nlumbian
,.(  ii.   i  II
i| tin '-1
I ,,„. || ;..   ,1m       ,1       WOUld
. ,      I
Facility w.'i    u
,i■!  |      (nd    and  ren n ial In p
■ It     in
:,,• .li
,     !    ! ie,    ll   :   .     ol    h.i
J    ' , Irom i  nl
i .    .,.
'   "
i ii H i
redil piirpn •
I.,   propei
.  .
ii  in In
1 ii ■      Hen
li i :             i,i. Hon
ol a limt-i'li            , .,
pi    Ioi   ..... ,.         itod
ioi:     \i i
ffouscl \|,|,lv lo  Mi
C    W.   Bodel      I'l
A   I.K'KNsih'  to cul  timber can  bu ac
■ I'jinii   only   .tt   public   comix'tUlon.     A
rental of A per wjuan* mil** In chanted
fur all limbur  bcrlhu except  thosf iltU-
ated weal uf Vale for which the rental la
at the rati- of 5 cents per acre per annum.
In  addition   to  the  rental,  dues at  the
fo lOWlu r MPS are ohiirjfM:—
Sawn   Inmbi-r,   CO   cents   por   thousand
fi-t   R.M.
Riillwiiv ties, eight ami nine feet long;,
1   I-.  and   1   '<-!   ("nt*  enr-h.
BhIngle bolts, X cents a cord.
Ah  other  products,  H  pur  cent on  the
A  license Ih issued so soon as a berth
granted,  hut  In surveyed  territory no
tlmh*>r  ran   hf  eut  on   a   berth   until  th««
nc'Tisee has made a survey thereof.
Perm Ite to cut timber are also granted
at public competition, except In the ease
of actual settlers, who require the Um-
I hi Ir own use.
Bel rlers and others may also obtain
permits to cut up to 100 cords of wood for
ssie   wit hmit    competition.
The due   pa'- a I. U>   und*-r  a  permit  nre
ll.&U per thousand feet  B.M.. for nquar*
timber  and   sawing  of  any   wood  *x-
oak; from 1*1 to 1 1-2 cpnts per llneni
i .r   bulldtns  Iokf.  from  IL* 1-2 to 2ft
> per cord for wmd; 1 oenl for fenc*
posts;   3  cents   for   rallwsv   ties;  and  W>
per OOrd   for shinffle  holts.
i.'-.iHfi   for  ttnizlnjc  purposes aro lnued
t    term   <>t   iwenty-mi*?   years,   at   a
,   ,i >,f -.v.. cents par "''rr i*°f annum
G(MJ    lands    may    bn   purchased   a'    SK
for »"fi .'oal ami tW» for anihra-
Not   mora   than   ;t2n  acren   imv   hi
one  Individual  or company
in    ,  ' .■     i     t ■■   hi* .if  In ci-ntM  per tor
nm   pounds   is   culUwtMl   on   the  gron*
BnirlSS   for   isnd   for   arrlniiltural   pur-
poses ma*'   hs mads  pel   onatly st the io
Ll   ]   OfBl '■   Tor   tPS   dlStrlcl   In   whlrh
i    ..  \r*  taken up i» situated, or
n . .'.-nd' ■   deslrea,   hs  may.  on
Ltlon "i the Minister of ihs int'-nor
tnmlsNtoiiir of Imtnlgra
.*   B/|nnlp0g   or th* looal ag*»nt   for
District    within   which   the   land   Ir
ited,  receive authority  for some onr
fOI   him
I   a r<** of lio im obargsjd for bontgjtaad
A «*-itl*»r wh" has received nn sntry fot
a bomsotead, Is rwiul'id In perform th#
conditions Ron nee ted ih*T*-with under on»
i,f    ti-'   fo Jr.wine plansi
ill months' realdsnoa upon
ind eultfvstlon "f th* land In each ypar
dnrlna  th*  t*rrn  of  three   V*T*
It Is the prarli'»- of the Denartmnnt to
rsfiuira a s*ttl*r to hriiiK IB acrei under
fiiitivntii.ti bui if h' ii rers be msy sub
■tltute |to< tt. and '#} h*»d of cattle, to h*
hli >»wn property with huiidinc
,>,r their iw'iomnn>datlon, will h*. n-riir.il
ln«t*nd   of   f-tiiMvn|1f,n
(2i If the fathar for mother,  If tha fa-
Hut   N   d#K-*»iPfdr   of   srtv   r»*r«nn   wh"   l»
, n ***• |   lomestead *ntry undar
;m Qrvlsioni   Of   I ti'-   Ait     r<-sldiw   ujiori
•. the vicinity of th* isnrt en
t*r*d for by Such persoi) nn a horn*fitaad
ihs  reoolremants  of tha  Acl ss to raei
i" i'i    i.  ,'.r   to   ob»nlTili.|f   pnt*fit   may   tn
satisfied t,.  Mich DertOfl rnsldintc with thr
or   m«tth*r
rp if ths s*tti*r ha^ his permaosnt
reeldenra upon farm Ins land ownsd M
Mm in th» vicinity -if his ho meet sad th«
■ ■i'i   nf   th*   A'-t   nm   to   ri-*ldene#
may (►* tatlsfled  \>v realdenoe upon th#
<n'il    Und
-in   f"»-  f.nt*ni   shoiild   !"• mad#
ream b*»fore im* loos I
.  ..  meitead inip<»c
Bsfori making application fo? * pnt<-ni
■ r   mUSl   Slve   lilt   month*'   nolle*
in writing lo th<> ' Commissionar of iv
mtnlon Lands at Ottawa, of his Inten
tion to  i'   go
W,    W     CORY,
r>aputy Mlnlitar of the Interior
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J_   ALBERT     ST03STE      PROP.
LP. Le Beau
Corner Third 5-& Campbell Ave
■       ..... .»-~—■—'
Horse-Shoeing a CamageWark a Specialty
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are   disposing of  their  entire  Stock  at a
small advance on cost.      It will pay you to
investigate   their    prices    on     Diamonds
Jewelry, Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watchc»
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Your Insurance
Is one of   the   most   important   items
in your business
let Kootenay Agencies, Ltd*
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson SATUBDAY, VYH. 19. 1010
Pa_o 5
We serve ourselves by
serving you better.
A pleased  customer is
our best advertisement.
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to plaea bsfore the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.
lelepbone Orders.
Send the children to
the store.    Come yourself.
Hue our city traveller
call at your home for
Ladies' Blouses
r Is it .tune? You might
think so to visit the Waist
and Blouse section today,
crammed as it is with the
daintiest of warm weather
muslin waists. Perhaps
warm weather is not the
right term, for these beautiful Muslin Blouses and
line Linen Shirt Waists
are the habit for pretty
wear in all seasons. They
come at $1 to $10, but
mostly around $2 to i?.'!.00,
the price moBt ladies like
to pay.
We have many lines of waists that have pleased
the public but none better than this all Silk Taffeta,
full blouse effect, clusters of pin tucks on front and
sleeves. They come in Browns, Navys, and Black,
all sizes, at
Children's and Misses Wash Dresses
White Muslin and Colored Wash Dresses, the
largest and most varied line ever shown in the interior. Vou will be pleased with them. They are
situated on the 1st tloor. Take elevator and have a
pleasant half-hour with them.
New Spring Suits
(Jet an early glimpse of them. Take Klevator.
You will (ind them a regular fashion bureau. A
special with us thiB Spring is a well tailored ladies'
costume in every instance, the material trustworthy,
and the make work of the best character at
Fine Scotch Ginghams
Those new Ginghams are fine. Scotland hasn't
sent anything finer in color blendings so far. The
variety of plaids, checks and stripes is wonderfully
pleasing and satisfactory, giving a wide choice in
selection. F.very woman knows tbe wonderful Laundering qualities of Scotch (iinghams.
I5c. per yard
Special Dimity Muslin Sale
A lot we find we are overstocked in bo you reap
the benefit. They are fancy pattern ones in the new
colorings, white cord muslins, plain musilda in u fine
Hheer weave, worth 26c and 155c.     Special now at
15c. per yard
ART SATEEN SPECIAL, new designs, new colorings, line Knglish cloth, 32  inches wide, at 15c. yd.
Visit the new Ready-to-wear
Department on the Second IToor
(Take Klevator or stairs) opening
now Spring Suits, CoaU, Skirts,
Waists, Children's Wear.
Take the Elevator or Stairway to the
new Dry Goods Department.
Take the Elevator to the new Ladies
and Children's Waist, Dress, Skirt and
Suit Department.
Take the Elevator or Stairway to the
new House Furnishing Department.
The effort will be well repaid to visit
these Departments, new goods are being
opened and laid out for your inspection.
Lots of room and splendid light to see and
examine the goods by. No one will worry
you to purchasa, plenty of eager woskers
to show you the goods.   Come and See.
Choice Fresh Groceries
Fruits and Vegetables
Fresh fruits and vegetables
are hard to get at this season
of the year, but our facilities
for storing andjhandling these
perishable commodities are
the best and we can always
assure you of an abundant
supply of KreBh and Tempting Fruits, etc.
Bovril Cordial
Strengthens and cheers.
What more appetising drink
when a person feels a bit off
color. Finest nourishment
possible for any person recovering from an illness. 20 Ot.
bottle for 11.26; -1 oz. bottle
66c; '-' oi. bottle :15c.
Ben Hur Tea Special
In lib. lead packages. Here
is a staplo line of ten, wc have
an over supply, and are willing to pass on a few hundred
pounds to you at a big price
saving.   Friday and Saturday
30 cents
Westey's Mince Meat
Heady for the pies. Fine
Fall Fruits handled under the
best sanitary condition, clean
and fresh, 281b. pail at 12.1c.
per lb. Dover's Condensed
Mince Meat 2 pekg*. for 25c.
Westey's, '1 packages  for 25c.
Pure Gold Jelly Powder
With natural fruit flavors
in packages—Lemon, Orange,
Raspberry, Grape Fruit, Pine
^pple. Strawberry, Vanilla,
Cherry, Red Currant, Iianana
Pork and Beans
For a quick lunch nr meal
Van (amp or Heinz Fork and
Beans in 1 or 21b. cans, line
and wholesome,quickly- made
Crystal Vase Specials
\ line vase. 17 inches high,
expansion tulip lipped, lovely
fur table decorations, at a
special price ol 116 cents.
Another vaso of the same
family, 12 inches tall, similar
design, each '-'5 cents.
Hat Pin Special
An extra good pin, 12 in.
long, swedgod heads, tnoit of
tliem carrying line stone settings, specjal lor
25 cents
New Corset Models
i Un special is the <!. (!. I.a
Qrace for Spring. We are
showing the new  Long Hip
Model*, wilhoul which the
now dresses and suits will be
hard to lit.    From
$1.50 to $5.00
Boys' Clothing
best the market offers can
only be said of "Lion
Brand" (' 0thing, Every
season sees a marked advance in style and finish,
and the present seat-on we
can show you lines which
are strictly up to those
shown in the large eastern
Boys' two piece Norfolk
Suits, in light and dark
tweed", sizes 25 to 30 at
  Boys' three piece double
—IJ/YTiJ breasted  suits,  worsted or
«-^9 / "     t <-eeds.   Prices $3.75, 4.50,
Ol/J/lCU       5 00, 5 50, and $11.00.
Boy*' two i iece D. B. suits, light or dark tweeds,
double seats, knf»-s and elbows, knickers fitted with
belt straps, at $7.50.
Boys' two piece D. B. suit, " Lion Brand,"
bloomer knickers, price $7.50.
Boys' two piece D. B. suits, double seats, knses
and elbows, made from light stripe and dark pattern
worsted. Every seam double sewn and welted,
concave padded shoulders, hair cloth stayed lapels,
bloomer knickers, fitted wiih belt straps. Every suit
a beauty and perfectly finished. Prices $S, $!), $10, $1'J
Double   S'-ats   and
Double       Knees,    lhe
best wearing knicker
on the market. They
come in tweeds, worsteds and i-erc's, in
plain or bloomer styles
Sizes 21 10 36.
50c. to $1.50
• Wl
Boys and Cirls Wool and Cashmere Hose
Why buy cotlon hose for growing lioys, pee this
line of line ribbed Wool and Cllhtnere IUm\ splendid
warm boM for big girls and boy-, they are f>()c. and
60c. hoee, all one price imw 36o. pair, or 8 pair for $1
10110 Yards of White Vesting
.lust in, II or I patterns. \ lot of people got a
bargain in ibis same vesting two weeks ago, well this
bargain is equally as good, 26o, goods for
I5c. per yard
Spinal sale of White Lawn
\Vnihis in new Ready-to-wear Department, Second Floor. Take
Elevator, ._■age 6
Pointers for little Canadians
Regard     to great    public questions
woulil indisate oither a supremo
difference t<> or groBS ignoranco
lbe size and resources ol Canade
have heard ol "little Canadians.'
No man can be a "little C
unless ho bo  ignorant  ol  Iln
.,! whioh   ho claims     I
Ignorance is a sinister
failure, may !»• disaster
t_bl« consequences ol i
How many pcopl
ness ol tl"' country ot which they form
_ part? 11 muy not be amiss to give
rticultti-s    ol ihis great    'lo
ot ,
bu a   oitizon.
oiulition, iuu!
ure tho inovi-
.nlize the   great
„ few par
Canada is     larger .ha,,  lhe United  on with  regard
States by about   178,000 squaro miles,
lation ol  only ono-
000 square miles of spruce whioh can
be cut every twenty years, for it reproduces itself in that  lime.
Canada is rapidly being populated.
Groat demands arc made upon the
Govornmont lor public works. Works
of a permanont character which will
benoHt tho people for all time. This
is tho limo to lay tho foiinilolions ol
a grant Empire. Whal is done now
will hnvo a far-reaching nlTecl in lho
future. Trndo can bo inlluonced into
channels now which will heroine permanent, anil in lhe growing and Iinil-
ding procoss one enterprise will bear
a  relation to anothor.
In years to come when conditions
become settled, when eommunitles
have grown up, when great cominer -
eial centres have been selected, when
industrial   sites  have  been  decided  up-
Tho Right Worshipful Grand Black
Chapter of British Columbia assembled at Kamloops ihis week under lhe
chairmanship ol li. W. Grand Master
W. T. Jttgo, ot Vancouver, In annual
convention, the other grand lodge olli-
eers being also present,
The grand master delivered an interesting address showing the pro -
gross of the order in lho province,
Tl_, grand registrar presented lii-
;annual report and iu the uourso ol
doing ihis gave un entertaining account ol his recent visit to Ireland,
including a reeilnl ol lhc growth and
progress ol the Black Chapter in the
Emerald Isle.
The reports ol the grand lodge ofli-
[•ers showed  the institution  to be in a
Past Grand Master Thos. Duke, Van -
eoiiver: 11. T. Thrift, lluzelmcre; Dr.
T. Jeffs, Vaneouverj K.W.l'.C.M.; It.
Bell, Kamloops: and E, Slerrett, of
A large number of delogatoB attended the session, representing every portion  of  the province.
anil   has      a  popul
twelfth lhe latter country.
Canada is as largo
Kingdoms ol Great  Britain,  and equal
in size to eighteen Gormnnys.
Canada is almost
ope,  and twice  the
«liu, eighteen t'>mos
twenty times tho size
thirty  three times the
Canada  is  one-thud   the  area
and  half  of   this   area
yed into provinces,
ol this vast area is
than ono-eighth  is
thirty United
largo as Eur -
. of  Uritish   lathe size of frame,
ol Spain,     and
size ol Italy.
of the
British  empire,
is not yet survey
Only one-quarter
occupied,   and   le?
under cultivation
Canada   contains   approxim
T"2 663 s |unre miles-more than
third of  ihis      territory  is at  present
The unsurveyed districts ol Mackon-
and  Franklin  are larger
portntion,   iP(.
facilities,   harbor   accommodation   and   ||„Urishiii
murine  conveniences,   il   will   ho      too
late for Canada to inaugurate     any -
thing likely to attract commerce, and ijon work. Kesolulions were passed
very improbable that vested interests endorsing the ollicial paper, tho Sen-
iind old established industries can be tmi,|, aru] hearty fraternal greetings
disturbed. The time to .act i> now. Wl.n, MMU ,,, the editor, II. «'. Bocken
LEGITIMATE EXI'ENDITUHIO. by telegrnm, expressing_ tho apprecia-
Canada is rich enough to ongagu ,;,,„ llIK] approval of the Right Wor-
capital for great public oatcrprises |H|,ipfu| Grand Black Chapter of Br} -
and add it to the public debt. Can- (jsh Columbia with tho stand taken
ada is rich enough to pay n fair rate by Most Worshipful Brother I locked on
of interest   and a small sinking     lund 'the  projected  Canadian  naval  scheme.
Further resolutions
ng  on       record      tl
(From our own correspondent.)
Uhas. .1.  Madden has returned   from
a  trip down   the lakes.
T. C. Bowman, manager of the Big
Ledge mini's. ',s in town Ihis week on
Murdoch Md.line, of New Denver.
.pent lhe week end willi friends here,
alter a siv. weeks' trip to Vancouver
and Prince Rupert,
Mrs.  hor   Lewis, of (Yosslicld.  Aha.
ttlio  lias  been  the  guest   ol  her sister.
oiulition. A grant of $260   jir<. [,,     E.  Edwards, left for Revel -
was made to  tho grand Orange Lodge   stoke to spend a fow days with friends
of the province to assist  the organize-   ,,n her way home.
I    Hold Johnson, who lias been on his
'holidays, which he spent  with.his mo-
ately  3,-
should be our contribution to the
debt raised for these purposes. There
is no reason why the people ol Ihis
generation should pay lho expense of
providing for future generations, all
the public convenience which it ap -
pears wise to arrange foV al this
What  should be  inculcated in Canadians is an abiding faith in the future.
Anyone who has travelled over and Sproiil, . \l. I'., and lo Hon. Richard
through Canada and knows something UcBrlde, premier of British Columbia.
of her immense distances, ler  level- l   The    ollicers elected lor lhc ensuinu
iio,   Ungava
than China.
The distance from  Halifax to     Vnu-
......,,.,-     then  from   London.
couvcr   is groiltei     man
England lo Hnlitax.
Canada extends over I- degrees of
latitude -it distance equal lo lhat from
Home to the North Pole.
Canada has the mosl oxtensiv
cries iii lho world, including 12,780
miles of sea coast line, and innumcl' -
able lakes  and  streams.
The value of Canada's lishiug Irom
18611 to date is placed at 6S0 millions
of dollars.
Central Canada's summer temperature is warmer than that oi England.
On the prairies of Canada, England
.highest average ol sunshine
da's loweal
Canada has a greater railway
age than Australia and New /.calami.
or Ual) and Spain combined, more
limn all the South American countries
Canada hus more than ..tie-halt the
fresh water area of  lhe globe.
Canada has b'iX thousand mile- ol
waterways from lhc St. I.awrei c lo
the Uackonzie, with onl) 150 miles ol
n land break.
Canada has a waterwa) ol 2.3S1
miles Irom the mouth ol the St Lawrence to head  of 1  ike   Su| i
The  St.   Lawrence ''"l  i
miles     lone, ai I  hu       1,000 	
con, ..I   navigable   i
(KM! has been expended on ihis   r,
Canada ii   13 yeai    old
Confederation,     151    oai
from     British    conquest   ol
T,n years old     d itii
first vi-it in 1535.
Canada  has  produced  —i   --:
lions of dollars in mil oi da ii    I
mile, ol i oul haul ing
Hon-   .i       i
Canada'.-  railwa;.      no..     •   ' ■
oi pop ilnl■
.in.I l«r
£llni..        " lory.
i . place      ' he
Hire  in th. at 200
IKKl.  il     I     10
00(1,000 ., rod i   li       ilti
Tho  . md  iribn Tran 	
tinental   R dl • ■■     is nol   im hided     in
the c ngiire        I'l ling     ol   l:"'  '"  >' '     '   '''
lho l'i "   l'"'l; ',l'
tho m  in Dominioi
passed plae-
ition of the
Grand Black Chapler in respect to
what it conceived to bo the measure
of assistance lo he rendered to the old
country   by   the dominion  of  Canada
towards       the       upkeep     ol       lhe   royal
Copies of these resolutions are lo he
forwarded      to     the  Most   Worshipful 11
Grand  Master of British  America, lb
ther al Kelownn, returned Sunday and
is Hguiu in working harness.
Mr. and Mrs. Curruthers have moved into their new home which they
recently purchased from Mr. Day, ho
having entered into business at liose-
Mr. A, Voder, manager of the lands.
ley Bros., of Spokane, now occupies
lhe house  vacated by  Mr, Curruthers.
Mrs.  1).     Bulger delightfully enter-
lul I, in her usual charming manner,
ihe young folks, iu honor of her son
Valentine s eighth birthday Monday
evening from six to nine.
Mrs, McKiilrhk. und Mr Ogilvie,
s   of   Ihe   1 eland    Hotel,     left
Wednesday on busi-
>ped resources, regards Ihe public debt
as small in proportion lo lhe va-l assets and natural wealth oi tho conn -
try. It would not be au impossible
task for a business man with linan.'ial
relations in London, to lake a slice of
the laud brought into iln- ninrkel b)
the building of the National Tram -
continental and pay off ihe puhlii
To speak toe Canada.     a. I  ioi   ' au-
ada.   think   lor      Canada,   requires       a
man who .'im think, ael  and  think iin
pen.illy.      A man who cuunol      grusp
large enterprises, understand hie,   liu-.
ures,  imtei tnin   broud  \ iew -.      dioultl
not  express opinions on  ' ai ada,
cm I.n EASILY   Y.O   IH i'.i
t anada   -ould   s,.|i    |.,n j   ennugl      today    .llilil i'ii:    Io    pa)     lh.-   puhlii       dele
anil never mi-, it. I...n, I thai had no
vulue   ,. hatever   ft'hoi
i am.- into power,  ainl   huul   I Iln        ha-
received   ; \niuu l^   ren ■ ■   ■■( • I.-   po -
|ir ui Government.
A    no r)   mi. ;i    t-   '
pnbl'n -■'.-'
- IU '"   , ,
.■ir um
men   -ho   kn.,w
in ih.-  11....
year are as follows:
lii and Master—W. II. Diiniuore. of
\ alli'ouver.
Deputy Grand Muster—G. Grimn-
sou.  Victoria.
Associate Deput) Grnnd Mnstor F.
C.   I'akeidiam,  Mission City.
Chaplain—W. II. Brett. Vancouver.
Registrar- .1. .1. Tulk, Vancouver,
Lecturers- Alex Armstrong, Cumberland:   I'.   II.   Evans,  Vancouver.
First Censor II. \. Stoney, New
Second Censor—D, Gibbard, Mission
First Slnndurd Bearer I). Cross,
Wesl minstei.
Second Standard Bcurei Geo. Dennis,   L.i.lner.
I j lei    I    Bush, Mission City.
Pursuivunt    I .   I    SmiiI.  Vancouver.
Deput) Treasurer 11. Wilkinson,
K oul....p..
Deputi Registrui • C, Elliol i. \ rn-
1 n in :•. i r. Lnngdnle, \ nncou-
-    ,1    Wescott, Chilliwnek;   I    W.
I "i'l'       Mt    ioi      lux     II.   T.   Thrift,
Here;  i .   II    I    " on .-.  Kamloops
II Bii ■_ ham,     \ inci >m ei    and  B.
H    u
I'he Nukusp Bridge Club met nt Mrs.
McKiiiriik's lust evening. Mrs Muir-
heild won lirst prize and Mrs. McDoii-
gall consolation prize.
Harry l.al'.rash. ihe genial Grand
Hotel proprietor, returned from a few
days' nip lo RoBebelTy, where he hud
been .ailed on  urgent  business.
Firsl skating of the season is being
enjoyed by old and young. Crowds
swarm on ilu- ice and good feeling of
Fellowship is noticed everywhere.
Since lhe disastrous lire of lust week
a movement is under way lo organise
a lire brigade. This move ou the part
of lhe Nakiisp citizens is indeed high'
I)  commendable.
Walter Scott returned from a trip lo
Burton City, and reports things boom
im_ all along the line.
Mr. and Mrs. Harry LaBiash are entertaining their neice, Miss Olive Lio
Brash, of New Denver.
lii   Amci    i
'.I: t.N'D LODGE
'I    lie • tlti_    Ol    lhe
.   i odge
nml -ii
High      \\ iful
I     frfl. I     la: '"i. "I  \ oi -
'     U     U i
I iff,
Shocking Tragedy
Portland, Ore., Feb, 10— Today Ho-
berl Schinideiiekc, four years old, is
dead, having been accident ally killed
by hi- brothel, four years his senior ,
in their home ai  Rlverdale.
The little tots had been "playing
hoar" in Iheir home. Suddenly Gustav
picked up a dismantled rifle and poin-
tlng lhe weapon at the head of his
little brother, pulled the trigger. With
a shriek of pain Robeil sunk to the
floor a bullet piercing his head just
lielou the left temple. Death resulted
almost  instantly.
I'..      F.   Darcy,   of   New Westminster,
I an)   >.ais prominent in musical
ii. le, iiii the lower mainland, was
drowned in lhe Eraser river Friday
evening, ' rossing the bridge on the
i olio i I   n.ii k-.  when he fell over.
Moving l'i'Hoe
Indian Mutiny Threatened
l.o   land.
far   in   ' '■   ,        ol
will he  io  il ,   ...   pie
CANADA'.-   l "
Tl,,. fore ts of Cni
The   all  li  .
view     pread hi
i ;..■. • mi;, ni that the Ii
i     patod    ' - <l he .
V hoiri    limb ' inn   I
pay  royally     to Ihi   fli ',i       i
tho)       '   tin   li  ibei.    If the)   tloi
il, ii  remain       There an  kn iwn     at
proi onl   175,080    ipi ire  mile   ol mi,
ihantnbli   tlmboi   an "hi, bi ; li    500/
l.'l '
Mine Accident
i.i,,...  Bn}      I nb
Mil 1IP|" H'd '"
ihi  bol torn nl tin   \,
,1   M M, I      I  I
Mr Ing l'i- lures To 11 (ht,
puRiw vmm
Baking   triumphs    are   everyday   occurrences   with  Purity
Highest   grade   in  the  world.
Home - made bread
awarded first prize
at   the   National
xhibition, Toronto,  was
ade from   Purity   flour.
WrsTfiRN Canaha Flour Mias Co., Ltd.
(r': --pv
i        ""^^^-'f
r.i     .    //       . .g  MM ioh« I
 /' y<HS^
bread and better bread
Scotch Whisky
Necessity of Large Reserve Stocks.
Only when adversity comes, can we know
our full strength—or weakness.
A smaller concern would have been completely dismayed by ■ the disastrous (ire which,
in one night, wiped out our Dundee warehouses,
together wiih two million gallons of Watson's
But we were carrying on business—without
inconvenience to any of our customers—the
very next day.
The large stocks of whisky we continually
hold in reserve at other points, enabled us, at
that crucial time, to fill all orders with the usual
promotnesii—und with whisky of the uniformly
high quali'y that has always distinguished our
When you consider that a two million
gallon los-i couid not hamper us, you can readily
understand how we I we are prepared to meet
any untoward circumstances that may arise, and
to ensure unifurm age and quality for the
contents of every case we ship.
Insist     on
"THRtE STAR"—A milJ. thoroughly maturtd Scotch.
"NO. 10"—A lull-hnilicJ, richly lluv.eol Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO., Limited  - Dundee.
Don't Be Caught
Another cold   snap coming.
Car of Good Lump Coal from Leth-
bridge just in.   Order now.
P.    O.    BOX    32
PHONE    -48
Revelstrke Flour and Feed Store
Roy.'1 ^i.uiJhii) Flour. Five Rose Flour, Hay,
Grain, Fet-u am. i in. l-en Spt-cialties, Deans, Peas,
Barley, Br*-f.ktH-i heeds. Mayer's Celebrated English Horse -mil i attlo Foods and Medicines.
The Pa et Supply Co'y-
E. w. b. taoet
,r*""^,   T'l-   V*i     ~liZS''       *Vm.22y2.
^_-_'• ;,-s_______^_ir"'-~'t-''^-3 \^-
...   UR'   «M   i?fliHSS^,___F_££2v~~J «.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Impioved.    Flwi-t'laHB In every respect,    All modern conveniences
Larue Sample BooniBi
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Tlnemlthing. Repairs,   Hot   Air
Pipo and   Fu.naco  Work
Connaught Ave.   -   Rovol.toke
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs. ■
Page t
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock gf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTWenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
o4ccount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
Judge Forin held a sitting of
County Court here on Wednesday*
Several chamber applications were
mado and granted, among them being
for probate in the estate ol the     late
('. V. Norris, application being made
by Alice Anne \orris, wife of the
decerned, and It. II. Urquhart; also
by <i. S.  MeCarter for the estate    of
late Rebecca Harvey, wile of
lata Thos. Harvey.
In the case of Mount lie Id vs. Fraser,
lho plaintiff suing for commission on
sale of timber lands, application wa,
granted for security for costs, security
to be Med within two weeks, other
wise il"1 action would be dismissed,
<;. S. MeCarter im- plaintiff, and C. 15.
< lilluii for defendants.
Hume A: Co. v. Harvey.
Judgment  given     for plaintiff     for
whom '!. S. MeCarter appeared.
Comuplix Townsito ami Plans.
Cancellation -('. K. tiillan appeared
for the applicants and (i. S. MeCarter
for Lhe Townsito Company. Cancellation  allowed,
Stevenson v. Caloy. Plaintiff sued
for $18.25 balance wnges alleged to be
due ovor amounl paid into court.
Plaintiff's evidonco was taken, bui ■'.
Caley, ono of iin* defendants, being ill,
was unable i" In* present. Tlie • »
was adjourned until next sitting of
iln- County Court, March '.'tli., Mr.
Gillan for plaintiff and Mr. Urigge for
Naturalization  was  granted  to Mike
Gullo, and s.  |\ Westerbnnd.
Hex. \. Nteholl ■ This en ie n n ip
pealed from a rei ei ' com iei ion by
I. II. Jaekson, J., .■., sitting .11 Police Magistrate. Defendant was :onteu-
red i<, throe months in gaol for drunkenness. W, I. I'm :. n tod for iii"
Crown, and ('. K. (ijltim for defen -
da nt. Pi\ consonl aud agreement of
Ixiili counsel Lhe appeal waa allowed,
defendant  to bo si washed.
Hex. v, John llanun, being ;"> appeal taken by Harnm against the con*
viction <>f J, II, Jaekson, noting police magistrate, whereby the -aid J,
Ha mm was convicted on Jan. v. East,
anil scnten :ed to a term of t moi
• ui a charge of gambling, contrary to
tlie provisions of ttie vagrancy clauses
of tho criminal uodo.
A. D. Mclntyre, of l^amloops, ■■ ted
for the appellant, tt. I. Uriggs, City
Solicitor, appeared for the magistrate.
During the argument it appeared
that llanun had, in Dec. last, been
convicted on a similar charge, and
was Gnod 3*25 and costs. On being
summoned before the magistrate again
on nIi Jan. on a similar charge, the
accused pleaded guilty and was *eu
tenced to a term of four months,
Mr. Mclntyre, in opening the appeal,
said he had no quarrel with the char-
go as laid, it following the wording of
the code, aud contended the appeal
was to be on the merits, the case reopened and a new trial had.
Mr. Briggs, for the respondent,
maintained  thai     in view  of tho plea
Of guilty filtered   hy   the   QCCUSed      be-
fore, In- could nol now be forced to
call witnesses to prove the charge,
The accused, by his plea of guilty,
had precluded himself pom withdraw
ing lii- plea after he wns convieted,
citing Res v. Down.an. 2 Can. Cr.
«!a. _fl and lies v. Brook 7. Can, Cr.
With ihis contention Ilis Honoi
agreed, remarking thai ou appeal*
from summary convh tion matters the
case rume In-fore him for trial denovo
on the merits, ind the plea of guilty
entered by lho accused before Lho mag
istrate precluded him from now entering a now piVa. He t hen fnrc li
un ied ' lie appeal eosU,
Mr.  Mclntyre, at  the ■ om I - ioi
the Court, asked for a written Judy
ment, which  Uis  II"' o     ron    ed
hand    leu ii.
I n*' resull oi the      ■   i   that II uum
W'ill     Id'     I'M UI'IH'd     '    i     K   il'IM.   .(■        L.   |
serve oul   the terra imposed     bj
mngisl rati
Revelstoke ' lenci al   \. ■ tu i< I*   i..
Donaldson,      \li    Bri...    for  plaintiff,
applied  for    leave   f"   wrve  mmi
oul of 'he juri di* in-n   Order madi
Packing in Supplies to C. N. if.
Edmonton, Feb 18.-"Seventeen <ln>s,'
in cutting through tbe brush am'
breaking down tho show Inr fourteen
miles over the summit nf tho Yellow
head Pass, is ihe record ot Donaht
M,Donald, one of the oldc-t packer
61 the north and west who has Juki
returned to Kdmonton after n freiirhl-
in*. tri[> to the western slopes of tba
.Mr. -McDonald left Kdmonton or:
! December 17 with supplies for the C.
N. R, surveyors working near Moose
Lake on the Fraser, thirty miles wus'.
of the summit. lie reached Kdmonton on tlie return on Tuesday, having
made the lirst pack trail in the history of man over the summit. Then
were nine men in hi- party and they
wero compelled to break a road for
thirty miles through the snow as well
as to wade tho Mean river on th*.
western slope of tho mountains. The
difficulty <>f their task may in- imagin
ed from the fa. t thai for more than
two weeks they did nol make an average of a  mile a  day.
This wns tin second trip of the old
time packer to the Vellowhead thi-
winter. On hi- earlier trip about tlio
lirsi of December ho . ed puck horses.
Returning to Kdmonton the -now was
falling fusl in the mountains and this
determined the use ■•: sleighs ami
team, for tho second journey.
The paclJui was naturally reticent
nboul the work being done by tie: C.
N, l(. engineers but the information
wa eli ited that a party ,.i seventeen
were working down the Kraser nnd
were near Moose Lake, whieh i- about
thirty miles wosl • Vellowhead.
Thi j aro running i he line toward
Kamloops from which point other survey parii. - are working .1 : up the
I 1 . Their work is progressing
rapid)} and it will nol lie long bofoo
a complete survej !- made that will
give a m.,.,1 grade over the Rockiei
for  lhc  latest   tram-continental.
Seattle's fight
,   Keb,   10.   Ti •   coming  muni
cipul  campaign  will  !>■   a  battle
twoen     the "lib■- t1   '   md  strict
"If ! am .'If. ii- 1 c i\ in I w ill **n
foi e the law if I hnv< to wipe oui
lhe undei   world," *aid Judge Moon
"Your home* aud your children arc
dearei to me than any -itli'<- in Uie
nii; of the people, dearei to me thaa
all tli" monej uf the publii service
1 nrpui . I thi   underworld con
bined,"  he   Mi d.   ll   tvas  Moore'i   op
I ice ii - if tn-     impafgn,
"I propose to ■ ■ thai the < harga
of   tu 1 uption   it I ency in oitj
. iili< ■,.- %rv thoroughly investigated/*
he added. Ii I he I ' _ arc tru«-
the waste banket* will be bo nutnerov
thai il h ill take ill I gal bage waj;
on 1 whole day to haul them away
from the Cily Hall, W hen Moon >.
!)•■ will do   1 thing !.<   >» ill do it.'*
Sncw Shoe Club
I ho   - - ' 'lab  luriv
,_.   night      lor
theii reel      tramp    I ba      roots
111 .    !. !   down   the   in. 1
l» mk   m     ■ exhilarating  slides      wore
■.■■ '.   ind I ..iambi.1
to lie-   I .ur rata U   • Utai a bt__
i.,i  home   wa-
taking  ■ .11
.uito i       ro fetching   ap ■
the      • II :    lira,   \\.   II.
Pratt.   Mere     ibo p .1 tj   » 1    n galad
■    ' ftei    which
M      till     .III     ''Ull>
lioui lornii Hh-k        lal
■   lug kindly   and
genial   Mi     11      M       I'ratt,   ire     verj
much ili.-inH.;
'   in   .111,Main
Ing I hoe crowd ■    tbe   latl—1
• ■    1 .   proild«d
Tin. al nl .-nihn-iaK
.   the "lamp « 11*   nn     ...
Jlar,.,iii  will  im lal        rrfrel
lion rn IVinnipeg.
A  .,-ri. - (,f snowslidei  wrecked   ,md
carried  away  the      I)..mii.inn  govern
trier I   i..|e._'raph   lin.-  on   Ihe   -ki^'iia for    	
a distance ,.f twelvi   mile .   intl Prince  obtttva lbs refuUtii         >l parnll n..
Rupert     wn« cul  oil Irom     telegraph   raligioui      ..1   1". ,. ■       inn ortnenta
  the nniiir-.
il... 11 imp
.- 11 il
N.-v.     \\.
hool   Wa
. 5 ■
1 . I'n  i.|"in   It..
.-I 1,11   lh.-  Nil.   ...
1 n n Irom in
Pi in, ipal    ,,f  \ 1
mu   '
communication for  isvornl   i being  made     1     '
It,. Irvine, heal ei  for Urendn,   "' •**«lWng nurtu
. .    niflt
, ot.il •■ i      ih"   pni
hoard  nl lieallh  ol u |i"' ulial              it I   The b 1   I om  !(••>
'.    i'.mi  whi li bai broken oul in uolds at     the n
n form I  nom  Wa kada        Mr at  ffebl       I ..ll
Chn     I ..ne. of Owan Pound, who   ii dai  recognition,     llm I     rl«    Mm
quarantined  lor soarlol   lever  iu     the pbj   1 1       1 '    bnparlal
latter town, has bean writing to   her authoritli ' hart
friend-   in   Wa-kada,   and   lhe   infe.ti.in l_—    UK)   . BI     Mn
.ariie.i In   ihe nmil ha   lieeri i,.-|,on je.iy    will award     tbe King Edward
sible for tlie di...;. •   bi   liiin   oul    it medal.  II •. ognind, ha will !»•     Umi
i»  (In lit tor place. Hi ■ Canadian lo n- ••!> I ha honor. Pnrje S.
First Shipment of New Spring Goods
New Dress Goods. New Zephyrs. New Chambrays.
New Colored Muslins. New Dimity. Cotton Suitings
New Embroidery. New Laces. New Victoria Lawns
at 10c. Per Yard. New Table Linen and Napkins.
New Towels and Towellings. New Lawn Waists and
Shirt Waists.
Don't Forget That Our Coupon Sale is Still On
One Ticket for every 50c. worth of goods purchased
First Prize—Sewing Machine, - Valued at $55.00
Second Prize—Silver Tea Set.
Third Prize—Gold Filled Case Watch, fully guaranteed
Fourth Prize—A Grand   First Class   Marbleized   Clock.
Tlm Australian coal strike is ended.
R. II. Trueman i* here and will   be
at the Studio until Tuesday, March 1.
Last wock's shipments to tbo Trail
smelter included 110 tons from tl"'
Silvia   Cup.
Bead llowson 81 < o.'a advt. giving
comparison between oastern and weBt-
.'jii prices,
Tlm Dominion Governraenl has do
aided to have Canada's naval college
located at  Halifax.
An association of gtore clerls lias
been organised at Chilliwack with n
large membership
President Tafl  says lhc law  against
tho trusts will be carried out,   whal
ever the consequon
_ ,,.        .ie.,   convenient!!   located
The  Frasor  Uiver  f.umber ' om] u j
will brihg 100    moro Frcnoh-t'nnndiaii I   Tho bridge erected over  the Colum
lamilies  to  Iheir mills  al   New   West-   lii.i  River bj   ihi   P   rvinri.il
Telegrmiif  Irom  Si    I ."ii-    SUi '■' >
polii'.      Hi UVOI     nnd  Cim innati   ll pol I
tcrrili!" blizzards  there  this week and
tin- train service demolished,
Hon, Clement F ai i' Ci rnwull, a
former  li""'1 • rnoi ol    British
■ olumbia, died   il   Vici iria on Tues
day, ll"    ii"" lo
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wisli to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
ColFees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special
V    Irvine ii appointed Police Magifi
li   li  foi  lhe City "i Nel ion,
The   I.allies   Hospital  'i.Mil will meet
in the City Hall Tuesdaj  next at 3.30.
|   Sum"     good    bargains  in dwellings
II    V Coursier
\. Fisel Has arrested lasl uiglli ou
lhe oast bound train by the local police on a warrant and description from
Vera,in. and was taken back on No.
I'l. Tli"   prisoner  was  well  dressed
ind lia.l  rj  considerable sum of n...ne\
on liim.
Will   lie
March 5th
Tho   case ..i Potti  rt   I . P. li.     in
'•■   '■•"    which    (.   _   S    Pi '       n wi 11 known
pe I lor iiile    about   Winnipeg lawyer, is suing lho C   Y  If
 i". (.0,000 f.n  la   nlloged eer
Di    Hamilton ed   P '       '    ettling the C   P   It. ninchin-
.    Medical  Health Officer Ioi   Revel     ' ' '   ,rlk" "' '''•, fnl1 "' ,'"'s :   l""'-
antl di trict, and Dr   R, -I   Goi     l'r-'"i :" Winnipeg
Ui to n'mlii
CUief Youiitf, of Ni'lson. was in tho
city yesterday,
If. II. Sawyer loft on Thursday on
a visit to the ooaBt.
Hugh MePhorson, of Trout Lako, is
on n visit to (In* city.
Mrs, J. ('. Hutchison Ls visiting
triunds nt Salmon Arm.
A. [*), Kincaid lelt on Thursday on
a visit Ui Houthorn points,
W. A. Morris left Hiis morning for
Rossland on Masonic business,
T. Downs and I'at Murphy left on
Wednesday on :i trip to the coast.
R, Smith) l'i Li S,. 1ms returned
trom .1 business visit to Mnho, U.S.A.
Mi. J, R, Kennedy i-; confmod to the
house with a sovero attack of bronchitis
,l. C. Elutohison left on Wodnesday
night on a business trip to Calgary,
anil other Alberta cities.
Tlm onpa_;«mpnt is announced of
Mr. B. W. Robinson, 1). L. S. For the
Revelstoke district, and Miss M. E.
McLaughlin, of Ottawa*
I Rev. Mr. Molv'm, of St. Johns church
went to Arrowhead yesterday, and
will conduct services at the l'icsb\ -
terinu church then; tomorrow.
Mr. and Mrs. L, T. Morris, tn' Lako
Shu.--wan, Notch ilill, passed through
on Thursday on route for England
where they will bpend seaeral months
visiting Sir William and Lady  Morris,
The U. M. 11. dance last night was
well attended, and all presen; thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The Sym
phony Orchestra provided lirst class
music, while the floor Was in perfect
Mrs. .1. P. Sutherland gave an informal afternoon tea at her home on
Douglas street, Wodnesday afternoon,
in honor of Mrs. Lewis, prior to her
leaving this week for her home in
Crossfield, Alta.
Mis. 0. Ilolten entertained the young
people lust nighl at progressive whist.
The prizes were won by Miss (I. Dent,
and Mr. P. W. Hess. After a very
dainty supper the rooms were cleared
and d&ueing wns kept up  lill an early
hour ltii-- morning.
The Bridge Club met on Thursday,
Mii/hi at ihe home oi Mrs. Hay, on
.'Sid street. An interesting game resulted the prizes being won by Miss
Pooto, a dainty linen table centre;
nd Ui J. T. Pollock, a gun metal
card case. A delicious supper followed
and  music  concluded   a   very   pleasant
i voning
We are now showing the
lirst of our Wash Blouses
for the coming Spring.
You will find this one of
the hest and lowest priced
lot of Blouses we have yet
Lawns. Checked Muslin,
mercerised vestings, All-
over embroideries, etc..
with the daintiest embroidered fronts or the plain
tailored styles in sleeves
and the best fitting style you can get.
Moving  Pictures to-night.
Lingerie Dresses
Those who have seen the Spring Dresses are loud in
their praises. They are a great advance on styles of
previous years-and then, the prices! Just think of
getting a Lawn Princess Dress, a wide panel down the
front and lots of rows of insertion and a wide flounce for
only $5! We have more elaborate ones at $7.50, $10.00,
$12.50 and up to $25.00.   These are exclusive styles.
-nth Skirts
We   are  showing   New  Cloth   Skirts,  Jackets  and
Princess Dresses.
There will 1"- a meeting of tl
stoke     Minstrels      it    thi I
Parloi   '< mm' ..
ing.    '•
will i'.   • ■ lass .uul im ludi •     the '
iche ii      'I
„tiir>  ol the "H
A.    '■'    D .i  Anml,
M   ('       \ M
will i
southen     itj   ..
moi and  the; i     lo
.   i  ii !      f,,r  il
Ml      II..ily.     :   -
tor Ioi    I     I'
, . ■ .. U
in  i'
.t  I:   .
■ ■ . IU
;n  v. il
o. m. Bell
Grocer anfc Bafcci
E«er|aod» Invlter to a Fres Cup of Tea
Ladies' Blouses at Sale Prices
X,ax( fii>e Cold Cure
l hi
lot l old Cou
Grippe, ite. .
lime. ii a nl
25c. o ftox
Bews" Drug & Stationery Store
Nl-v l   HfMK HI."' K
il l;i:i WW
SA I.i
^ MRS. A. G. CRICK, First Street ^
Choice Groceries
A kill and comp et<  lirie oi Choici Oro
i ii-s   'H»w   on   hand      Oui   priffis are
■ ight,   Orders < ailed ior
General Merchants
Look! Look and Read!
Actual Comparison of Eastern Catalogue
Prices, Freight Added, with
Howson's Prices
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
ti t> h
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
Winnipeg price
Weight Freight Total Howson's Price delivered
101b. 23c. 73c. "          " 70c.
1501b. $3.53 $10.72 "          " $9.60
1651b. 3.87 14.42 "          " 14.40
121b. 28c. 1.16 "          " 1.20
1501b. 3.52 12.47 "           " 13.00
1601b. 3.76 15.01 "          " 14.00
601b. 1.41 4.96 "          " 5.20
681b. 1.59 6.94 "          " 7.20
601b. 1.41 3.81 "          " 4.00
751b. 1.76 6.86 "          " 7.20
" 16.50
We make our profit by shipping in car load lots, thereby
saving freight rates. Bring catalogue giving description of other
goods not specified in this list to our store and we will prove our
statements. Remember we deliver goods and set up free from
R. llowson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.


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