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The Mail Herald May 23, 1910

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*<v,, -
Vol. 16—No. 40
Summer Goods
LAWN MOWERS All the Best Makes,
from $4.50 to $10. They run like a
bicycle, cut like a razor. Grass
Catchers to fit.
REFRIGERATORS-Whiteenamelled inside—$30 to $65. Cheaper Lines
from $12 Up.
the latest one out "The Wonder"
just a little better than anything yet
Garden Hose
We have the best ever sent to the
West. Ask to see our " Red Record" and
the "Green Peerless," every foot guaranteed. All the latest goods in Lawn
Shears, Garden Sprays. Pruning Shears.
Lawn Sprinklers.
Lawrence Hardware Co., Ltd.
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office)—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Branches «r Agents at all principal points inJCanada.
Agents in Oreat Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited, Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seat tie National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, nnd interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
U^Jf^UVQIfMlDjW   mmmVmwm&'mlmmmmmtLmmmWValmmmlmmmwai    Dli
$2.50 Per Year
ITOfa li,'..
' high grade nil I pure In I'ltui'tu lei  mi I
million™.   The masterful  innnipuliition
I ol nil  kill I- nf    inxtriiui ii«    wu
triumph of    imiHienl skill uiul nliilii i.
Y.M.C.A. Ath'Btic Meet a Great,■ »■• • »* -	
tif   i lie  cm iri i.i in 11 ten I,  cm 11   iin'iii lin'  of
llilil    111    ill,'    llll'lll     llllll.   ,:      I   .
llii  Iluy  in splendor IHon
I in.n tho wind'n wild pinion
'Neath liiin- t'nnndlnn skies,
And whon iln, Inii-1    li,-u   ii
Moll on lower ur flood,
II wuke.   il, ' kinglj     im il.
li   -iii'-   lho  Vik'nu   lil I.''
K ■ elsinkc look full titlvunlngo of
Vietorin Hay holiday yesterday to
spend ,i thorough good day's enjoy-
ini'iii. The weather in ili,' morning
was bright Mnl sunny, ilmugh during
lho    afterunnn    a  high  westerly  wind
■ ^^^^^^^^
ciiii-iili'inlily iiiiiiiiil the duj ,
Thi- chief feature nf ilu- day's amtiso-
lui'iil wiih ih,* nnnttiil alhletie meel
of ih.- V.  M. r.   \. nnd Kolilom    Imvo
Itho eonipiinj uui'rying oui iheii imh
w ith iuu 11 ng proeision, i lie \\ hole
blending ,ii ..l'i nun's ilml appeal lu
ilu- iini-i,   I,,- inu eai'i   I he  I li khardt
an' all  lu i  lei     ni ,,\ ny      11,-im  i
know ii nud in  ' he variou         .-
mu , a  thi'ir -kill  u a-  full}   tie n ', tl
.' I.    lie lulled   in   llu'   l't"-1 n      wi'i'i!
-i'\ rl .ll   h I I'llUS   -l-i'l i 'i        uiul   'll.ll,,-
ui-. I'oini,   -"','_' - nnd  , li ,i i 'ter pie, l1
llu- \i hiilc I».-iiim   a   nei f..i niaii ■■    ii.     .1
dimiiii 1 -11- Ijj  itself.   Mi- Thornton
lhe  .-hanninu      piani-i      an.l     <oloisl
greutl,\   pleased   lho  uudieu.-e  with  her
beautiful  a..,I   iii li   voire,    li'-.'    laleni
mmmmmmmmmm nnd  -laji'  appeai'anee being partii'iilur-
'-"»    sweeping clouds of dust wln.'h   |y   „,,,,„.,;,,.,   am|   ,,„.  ,„„,„,„,.  „,,,,,,
l""'1'   havo liked  lo huve heard more uf li-i
voiee,   The entire  programme  was free
from any long waits uiul was siu-li ,.-
I11  keep  iln-  ultention of  the niidienro
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^                                        in  tini-li.
mnnuged    than     lliose ,,i   yesterday. .	
Tin- 1 ol.' attended m large numbers
'nml ,1,,' Itevelstoke City l»a dive,,. J           u^m\W  COnStrUCtlOH
nl  ili,. proceedings with selections    ..1 ,
I Lr,„„l     ,„„„!,.,          ||„. events      were Mr.    •!.  I'.   Kord,  for a numbei    oi
rnrriod    through     without   un>     long  year" resident     U. I'. K, engit r   at
waits ami the officials -.i«   ilim every Kodelsmke,  has been nppointed super-
thing  wenl    smoothly.   'Hi.'  following visor  »f construction of tiie Cun.itl .11
i-  il,,. programme of the events. Northern  railwuy   in   lhe  provi   by
I   sii.,1  put  -I. l:.v. Vi.  Y.  I'li'i'iiian;'.',   lhe British Columbin goveri nt.  Mr. |
[f_ 1,.,.. :i,    |;,.v,  M. fl.  Molvin.     Hi-- Fordo reeentlj   resigned    his    position
tnnee 3.1 ft.   IJ in. "''''   ''"'    Canadian     1'ueilie   Uailway
•   Junior  Wiyd.  dash   I,  McAlnhon;  '-'. company.
Snmson: :'■.  I.yttle.   Timi' (1 -'-.. see. In view  of the fuel  tlinl  the govern.
I    Senior     1."   .nl.  dash    I.   Peters;    J.   men!  guarnnt I      ilu- bonds    of    the
Watson- '2. White,    Inn.'  II   l-*> sec, Cnnnldian   Northern   railway   for    ilia'     Arrangements hove recently been completed under  which the  branches
^ / Kitctawarel
There's a satisfaction in
tlio purchase of ;i firsl class
article, especially when the
price is in. more than you
have often paid for inferior
goods. We have ever) thing
in iln' line ui' fine Kitchen-
ware Slew Kettles, Tea
Kettles, Double Boilers,
Coffee ami Tea Pots, etc.
W« carry a complete stock of Shelf and
Heavy Hardware: also Refrigerators, Lawn
Mowers, Garden Hose, Wire Fencing and Gates,
Ice ('ream Freezers. Agents tor Sherwin Williams Paints.     Kootenay and Sask-alta Ranges,
Bourne Bros.
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
|    Junior   lllOyd.  dash   I.  M,Malum; 2. potelon of  il.e  linn  that   vvill  be built
Lyttles :'.. Samson.   Time 12 3-fi see. in  British Columbia,  ii   will,   iln,,'..!,
I   Junior high jump-1. Lyttle; '-'. Dttn- Mr.  Fowle, rloselj   watch .'onsirii.tion
i,.|s:  'J.  McMahon.   Height   In.  Bin. work,  an.l   ii   will   be  his  .Iuu   to  see
Senior high Jump   I. White; ■-'. Crowe thnt   the  standards  nl     grading    ami
'.',. Watson.    Height  5ft. 'J in. irncklnying    stipulated  in   lhe    ngr	
120 yd. hurdles—1,    Peters, 'J. Cam- ment    are     furnished.   When wosk    i-
eron; -I.  Watson.   Tim.'  17  Bee.
,    Junior 220 yd. dash    I.  M, Malum: 2.
Corley; •'. Samson.   Tim.' "Js 3-5 see.
I   H81I yd,  nm   I.     Worley; 0.    White;
3, Moorel   Time 2 ini...  I'.i -., .
Wheelbarrow     rare   1. Samson    nnl
Robbins; 2.  McMahon  and Gibbons.
Senior 22n yd. dash I. Peters; -.'.
I Wai -,m: :'.. Iturridge. Time i" Wi see.
I    Junior    novelty    rare—1,    J.  B.  C,
team; 2. II. C, team,   Time I  min. 38
4-8     -MC.
I    Potato ran—1. (ioodwui; 0, Cook; ■'■
Ma ley.
I    llu   relay   I.    'Appy    'Ome;   2,    V.
M. C. A.   Time 3min. ii '-'-."> sec,
I   INtl.'   vault—1,    Crow,'; 2,  Freeman.
Height  -ii. - in.
1   nl.-ia I,, race—1, Corley; -'.  Daniels;
P., Gibbons.
I    Mil.-  nu,   I.  Cameron; 2.  Moore;  ■'.
Dennett.   Time 8 min. 33 l-fi sec.
I   Bennett was paced in this race near
' ilm .Mi,I and ihf referee awarded Moore
second place.
wel!    ler   way,   Mi'.   I'',
a stali' nf assistants.
Ill  hn\
Jessie Maclachlan Coming
Thr Ronton Journal npenkin-j of
JexH\t' Mnelni'hlun the Scottish I'rimn
Doniin wlm «ill uppenr in tli*' ICdison
Theatre on Friday. May 27th, with
her i ompany »ay»:
M\-< Mni'laehlan drew from her audience applause such as inll- to the
lot of few sniffers. When she ffavg the
siirririL' nitu'tial nil" MW a Hundred
i I'ipera" ilu- audience \yen( wild. Men
jumped on chairs, .ind wnved their
arms, shouting likr mad and for -.-\-
en or eight minutes il." applause wns
absolutely terrific. There were fully
nttii people present.
of this Bank are able to Issue Drafts on the principal points
ln the following countries:
Austria- Hungmry    Finland Ireland Ruttsia
Belgium Formosa Italy Servia
BraxU France Japan Siam
Bulgaria Fr'ch Cochin-Chin*   Java South Africa
Ceylon Germany Manchuria Strait.s Set
China Great liritain Mexico Sweden
Crete Greece Norway Switzerland
Denmark Holland Persia Turkey
Egypt Icelaai Phillinine Islands West Indie*           TO
Faroe Islao-a India Rouinania                       and elsewhere
CP.R. Snowsheds
Viinni(...j. May 23.   li  has been    uu-
.-,., yd! Girls—1, M.nv Armntrong; 2. nounced at  ilu- < .  1'. li. headquarters
\l,,..l  |.,,|| that    il...    C.   I'.  It. will  this    season
::, yd. GirlB-1, Bertha  DanieU;    -J. I"" "I' immense steel structure! in tho
Marjorie Ringer. l{o<-kV  Moiintainii  to nude impossible
Broad   jump-1, Cn.iv..;  'J.  Wl.it,.;  li. ine twurreneo ..i  tlio disasters    whieh
Freeman.   Distance 17ft. 7 in. ""'K P'a"' last winter, ami whieh were
Three     mile    run-1,  MeEaehren: 2, nttended  l>.\   serious loss  of  lit'.'.   The
Anderson. Time I'.i min. iweight of snow i~ to grenl for wood-
Baseball - C'omaplis     v.  lievelstoke, ''" eonstruelions  hitherto deemed  mii-
mulled in a win for lievelstoke b.v a dclently strong, and necessitates grenl    tt
score of 25 to IS.   The dust prevents! ' '     structures, which will    sustain    >\^
anything like u I bnll uud the game •""«  loads thirty feel in depth.  l'l„ns       ^^;
was ......v    of .i burlesque than    any "'   ''"■  "'•"   slntetutw  have U.n  pre
thing else.   Owing (•> nn ncddeiri    to I""'"1-
Summer Suits
We have a wide range of 1910 patterns, men's and
youths'; Light Grey, Brown, Green and dark mixtures. Every suit cut from imported cloth; style
strictly up-to-date, with fancy or plain cuffs.
This is a good snappy line that sells regularly at
$20.00. OUR   PRICE-S15.00
McRae Mercantile Co., Limited
Watch Revelstoke Grow
the Comaplix catcher, Bruce of the
local players, acted ns catcher for il..'
visitors.   .\ dance bj  the baseball nnd
la. i lubs al  lhe    opera   hotts?
wound up the evening,
The prbtes r. ill I«. presented at the
= |Y. M. t . A lawn Mi.inl onThursclay,
•Inn.' 2nd.
I'll? -i .J Din ■ tor Worth i- t.- I"'
congratulated on the mccess ..f the
athleti.   meet.
I The mat. I. between  tho ritj
tn I lh? C. I', li. resulted In .-. win
for tl.*- former bya large margin.
Football- A l'"..iI game between lho
Fruit and Vegetables
When Everyone Uses
P. Burns & Co.'s Fertilizer
Try a Sack of It For Your Lawn
King George Stamps
11        ... ij. 23.—The head of King
 rgo  wijl   not   appear nn  lho coins
... |...-1mr,- stamps of Canada before
l he - ..'I of i lie year. The lil.HU'-< of
ri«.i. ! tin- peacemaker will continue
.... the curroncy and stamps ..i Canada for another .-iv months al    least,
li   'I no ..I the postago stamps any
design may be .. .od, bui it is the
. . '".a tn havo the monnn h.s hi ad
..ii lho two ' .-ni  stamp, whi. h  i-  lho
^^■^^M^^M^^M^^M^^M^M                                             ll.                            III.' ll.'lS
Revelstoke     I niii-.l ami  the  Itnngers, ■
six-months iuppi,\  tut luin.l. nuil Hies.
\i .'I bo     ii-'-.l up vi ill.- .ii. - are beii .
prepared  for  the  ...■«   ' i»uu nf i i  i
'<      ' iin|i-.
resulted ii    i icore of :'. goals lo 1 In
favoi   of  the  L'nited.
Musical Eckhardts
Off Pubs
One of the best an I mosl  interesting
ntertninments   sten  in   Revelstoke for
time  look i'l, -   the    ICdi.on I   I b«..    Wn,    23.   Kxpe ts. ,n
|       .,..     last    night, when  tho    Eck. iq«ur. business estMU.ie lhu   tl,, I.l ,<1
hardl   lamiiv ol    Swiss  Bell     llingers   ' 'go budget whuh the l.tl Is h v
, largo I,    The music    pro-   finally m eeded in ,amm,n«    l.rougl,
I ,       i   ,      .i              ,„u„    .(     I tin    mm. Imili.m.nl   "ill   Kill  "IT   i1   'ensl     IWO-
,1„, . .1   In    tin-       lil'-llllH-I -   ol      tl"'     'uni 1                                                                                 .
v , ,.i   „„   i,„„.i    i„.ii< lilili- .)   ilm saloons or pubs in  nl
panv i.n  ih..  Xylophone,  luuri    i""s' ,
ii           ,.,, !3r tnin   Even nfter ihe s aughtet  lit. re
baphonc,   musical    gin   - ■ '■'' '   ' "'•  '                 	
„,...    Bli;mimlm chimes, violin and   „ «'ll be   aboul     1^,000, so there i. no
!numbei  "i other liutruement. wai    „ *«"«<" »  "">""" K°'n8   »inty.
,i„„     ,o all music lovers,   .nd The pubs thai are oxtingui.he<1 w,11
!,!,,.„ a greal deal ol well deserved „|>- .-""I'ly be taxed oul ol existence!
I plans.     II..' programme    wu- uniqu-
rnried and wonderful, and ubove    nil
Moving Pictures to-night.
Friday,   May   27
Jessie Maclachlan
In Scottish Songs, Music
and Stories
Seats will be on Sale at Macdonald's Drug Store
Wednesday Morning. May 25th
CHILDREN. 50c. Page
ssam laswstu a ttuM&s&aammt
Annul oompnriKon of ISaitem Catalogue prlopp, freight added, with
II O W SON'S     Pill C K S
WinnipRo price   Weiylit   Freight   Total    Howson's Price delivered
Kitchen Chairs
Kiich'jn Catlmt
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Waitress 15.00
$3 S3
3 87
3 52
$10 72
6 94
3 81
liupulrs of nil kin.Is neatly oarrled on
bicycle umi (inn work 11 spiMiiulty
l.Miniiiit'H iffvun un llny cliiHH
ol' work.
Front     Street.
We iii.k.' our profit hy chipping in cur Iuu.I lois, ibprnhy su vi tin freight rn t t-s.    Hring
ou'it I.H!iu' giving .l.-i'i'ii'iii'ii .if nllicr gii.uls nnl   Hpuoilletl in tliis lint in ntir stnri'      '
:. ml   IVI'
will prnVH "'ii'   tiiti'iiu'ii'-.    I!"iiii'iiiln'r we dulivi-r gnodfl nnd pel tip free frntn brenknge.
CO.    -
snaranx tarn w iwnHtww
Mysterious Comet
Unique Scheme
\,.«   Viirlt,  Mn\  21.    \-iim.i .- in Kilmunloii,  Mny 2'.'..    \n eloclrii' fur-
v-iirlnu. purls of ili" world dimigni' in num  llinl  will ^.■■u-i-.-ii - ll.nnil     lu r
lUj   ,,ii  tlie status "I ilie  mil nf Mnl- nf l.c-ii  und thnl  will bo used for lho
l|.y'«   collllM.     S.i.Ml'   BH>'    llll'   .'lll'lll      llll!) ptll'poMG   of   Klllollill?   OIO   .'.I    ill"   III'.lllll
uliviiily  pnssL'il  thniii|ih  it; tithi'is tliul nf  lhc mines,  lins been    mnnufiieturod
il,,.    ,.,,iili      pnssetl  soutli  nf it;  -.ii.ic li\   llle Klectrii' Construction Company.
ilml  the pii i  is yel  to puss through The    furiiuco    was  ordered l>y  nn  "l«l
it, mil ..,  few  profess » belief lhal  lhe prospector who .limns li- Ims fuluulilo
.nm,..   in-  In-i  ii- inii  us  ii  ili'!    iii holdings somewhere in lhe mountains.
its  I-:'.."' circuit  ah.mi  lhe sun,     Only He intends to pack the furnace (whicli
mn.  ihinc,  is en-tain,  ilml   il ntnel's weighs liltlo more ihun  KID ,bs) nnd n
lull   hn-   'leceiveil  all    ol   the    world's small    generator,    lo  Ilis mine, where
1,'ientesi   niutheiiiuticul  usti-onomers. lie  nill   getieruta  ili"  nccessnry electria
1. fulled In appear as predicted nnd juice i" heal the furnace front a moun
ihere is ■., stispicinn thnl sninewhere lain stream nnd smell ili" ore right
in iln- cosmic void, n wntidorinp, com- on lhe ground, bringing luck to civil-
el' mil i- playing hi'l" and seek with izntion nothing lull ih" pure bullion,
lhe earthly wise. Hut the head of ili" ''"' furnace is about IS inches square
comet has mude ils transit between and i- itisiiluted with nsbestos lumber
il,,. sun and lhc enrlh "ii sclwiliile und asbestos cement so perfectly ili.n
lime. when  lhe interior i- heated to the full
\i icii.i.  It.  C.   Visible  as n  nebul- H.imil degrees the ..inside remuins prac
.ni-  muss  with  the nm lens  clearly de- lii'ull}   cokl.   The heal   is produced  by
(nod,   Halley's cornel   was   sighted    in an electric  arc,  to which   lhe    current
the  western  sky  ilii^    livening    about passes  ilu-muili a regulator,  A   test  ,,f
twentj   degrees above the horizon    al 1'"' furnace was made the other   day
vi'.u u'elnck.     The cornel  was located with  n  small  amount  of silver ore in
lightlj   north ol west  and    took    an the crucible.   In  II minutes after    the
In....   lo  sink below  tho  horizon,     So current  wus  turned on the silver   was
s'ujn of ih" tail was visible.   Tho mi"- melted. The interior of the furnace will
I.n-  appeared ns a star of    the    third remain  at   a  red  heal   for  some hours
magnitude,  surrounded  h\   n  luminous ■'""'   ',l"  current   is   lur nisi  off  owing
(r|„\v, '"  its  complete insulntion.   This is the
SI'I'A  IN  IJI-'.\ I I S l'i ik Im '"-1  electric furnnce nl lhc kind  lo  be
III.- comet   wns  sighted   in  the west- manufactured  In  ('nnnda,
.•in sky on  Sundu)  evening low  down ■	
over il." l.ill  between  ih" .lordon  Kul. PQnariian   PnnI
1.,   „„d the I'agle l'a-.    It  set    .,1  Ldliailiail   L03I
SI p. m.   Tho sky was ipiite clear with- Montreal,     >fa,   j\    Cnada is des,
out   a  cestiye ol cloiiils  and tli" moon   ii,„.,|   to    be ,,,,„.  .,, ,-  ,,„.  ■_.,,.;,,,..,
was  neurit   at  its full     II. nei  ap- coal.pr.xlui-ing countries  in   the world,
li.-ar-  like a.,  ordinary  stnr in  n  light      Ij,,,,     .,.   |)r    [,    p,    n..^ ,,„_.,     ,,[
ha/".    \ number of | I"    snw  il bill the   Pomii                                ,,......    |'|„.
did  not   at   lirst   imagine  il   to  he the deposit-  of i-oal  now  known     :,, exist
comet.     The     tail,  if  il   has one,    is j„                                                j„  ,,  |,„.,.
lur I   inwards   .1 nrth,   hen." \| .                             Montreal,
ha/.y  ap|«>arance of  th let's  heail «oti   •                     .                                whole
-'•.•ii   ihroiieli  ii      I'l." cornel   wns plain
How to get
a pure white
'THE object of all expert
bakers and cooks is to
make a pure white loaf
And this object is attained
by the use of
Purity is a hard-wheat
flour of decidedly superior
whiteness. It bakes into a
pure white loaf. So, you
see, to get the really beautiful white loaf you must use
hard - wheat
i flour.
"Hon: Bread
and betttr ~
Weiiern Ciud. Flour Mills Co.. L.J.
Office. Winnipeg. Mtn.lobfc	
AH 110 VIIKAII,   II. 0,
Special Attention given  t" commercial
iii.-ii nnd t.ni.isls. l-'irsl-class sample
rooms, Kiiies! scenery in ItriiiHli Columbia, ovurlouking Upper Arrow l.nlte.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
M M ti ll f !M-t. u T'rti I   for llll  cm'. .!.-. of    Innl lirifi
folCllU in  l:in:« or ■ timll iiunul ilim !
■  lit ill* l.iwfi-a  linens fur t'Hsh,
All JtlutlH.oi bnllcMoa findlplftsU'rliiK
Foote & Pradolini,
lv  visible mi   Moll I
I.umi lip-".
Bright Prospects
B. C. Fruit Exhibit
I'. .;....'
interest in.'    form for tl
of  the  season's   ->"
Bi ti      I'n umi
nrteri-n ic  prorlu. t-i  nt
will  i.
hi !   i"   lie-  prin
pen    -   .
I'.i :• .   i    I        iml -    -     ■
Ui       w Hnl, I
"■  i'.
Uh -Iu
Start at Once
I        13     H    li    II
.    .,' ,.    |
■      he  P Uovinif I
llu       Sui hei   ind, tl
1 i kssic Maclachlan at Edison
i .
,.... : hu  i. Theatre Friday Night.
pair nf -hoes
by  the  way  they
perhaps you judge them
. but
"   I [olden    R
Tinsmithing, Repairs,   Hot  Air
Pipe and  Furnace Work
Con naught  Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Splendid residences.
Suitable Building I^ots
Those interested will do well   to call
and sec us before deciding to buy.
You can obtain fair rates for Fire Insurance in reliable companies with Du-
uiiuinii Charters.
Call and get figures.
Monev to  Loan   on   Residential  Property.
(Jor. Secon 1 St. and Mackenzie Avenue
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie   Avenue
Fruit, Candies, Cigars,Tobacco.
Meale 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
Vegetable and Flower
Ornamental and Flowering
Best varieties of
Send for Catalogue
786 Granville St.   P.O. Ilox 1063
Vancouver, It. C.
(Reasonable Prices
Painting and  ;
Paper Hanging
Sati ifa. tion Guaranteed
Cor. Tlnnl St. nnil K.iIih.iii Avenue
Union Hotel
i' mii r New Management
Stewart Macdonald
See Its "Artistic Arch"
Of all the 20 improvements of lhe clever-looking
Napoleon Shoe the feature which best pleases the
eye of the buyer is the Artistic Arch. Special lasts
are made for every pair of Napoleons—foot-sculptured
lasts—and inside there is a stout steel arch which
snugly holds the instep.
That free, athletic stride which marks
the man of action is not possible when the
arch support of the shoe fails in its function.
Showing the Napoleon Shoe is a
pleasure—whether you come to see or
to buy.
Sold everywhere in Canada, the
United States and Great Britain at the
same price—$5, $5.50 and $6.
Scotch  Whisky
A Genuine Highland Whisky.
There are hundreds of brands of so-called
"Scotch Whisky."
Many of these are not genuine.
For your health s sake, confine your choice
to standard brands ; use a whisky of recognized
Watson s Whisky is one of these; distilled
in the Highlands of Scotland—-the district
acknowledged to be the best in tbe world for
whisky distilling.
We age our Whisky in Sherry wood, and,
after careful blending, it is bottled in our ware-
bouse and sealed with an adhesive capsule
bearing our name.
Every such bottle carries with it our unqualified guarantee of purity and quality.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"—A ....1.1. tkor.ujtly matured Scoiek.
"NO. 10"—A lull-k..Ji.J. rioMy ll.vor.i Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO.. Limited -  Dundee.
3 Superb Styles
The famous Fit-Reform designer
has created three models in 2
Button Sack Suits that surpass
anything of this style ever seen
in this country.
The combination of originality
and elegance will appeal
to every man who prizes
exclusiveness and good taste.
The  patterns—
FIT- ^8 *n  ^ne English
REFORM^ Worsteds— are
equally   distinc
Revelstoke,  B. C. WEDNKSDAV, MAV 28TH, I'.no
Page t
Notice in hereby given that nn application will he made under Part V. of
the "Water Act, 1900/' to obtain a
invn'.r in the Revelstoke Division °f
WuHt Kootenay District.
(a.) The name, address and oooupa*
tion of the applicant, Jacob S. Wiens,
NakuHp. B, ('., fruit grower and vege>
table gardener.
(b.) The name of thn lake, stream,
or source (if unnamed, iho description
ih) Little stream, unnamed, running
out of small lake i of mile east of said
(c.) The poinl of diversion, 20 rods
wast of cast end i>f lot 3, subdivision
of lot 4274 Group (1).
(d.) The quantity of water appliod
lor (in cubic f''<'t per Becond) oneoub-
lo foot per second.
(e,) The character of the proposed
works: Taken wita i«-ni rfCVghj irom
tream to garden.
(f.) Tho promises on whicli (he water is to be used, Lot 2, Subdivision
of Lot  4274 Group  (I)   Kootenay.
(r.) The purposes for which the wa
ter iw to be used,—irrigating vegetable
(h.) If for irrigation, describe the
land intended to he Irrigated, giving
acreage,—1 acre on west end of Lot 2
aub-division of T.ot  427! of Group (1)
(k) This notice was posted on the
14th day of March, 1910, and an application will he made to the Commissioner on the 14th day of April, A.
D„   11)10.
(1) Give the names and addresses
of any riparian proprietors or licen*
aees who or whose lands are likely to
be affected by the proposed works,
either above or below tho outlet,—
Buisnall Bros*, Robert T.a Hue, Nakusp
B. (*., below outlet.
Dated March 16th.,  1910.
(Signed) m.16.
Nakusp, B. C.
In the Goods ol Thomas Beecher
Metheiall, ili'ivni.'il
Notice is hereby given that all persons having claims agaiuit the late
Thomas I e cher Methertll, nf Ping-
ston Ore.k deceased, who died nn or
•bout the 4t i day of September, 1!K)9
are required to send by pnst prepaid
or delivered to the undersigned, solicitors lor the Administrator, their
names, addresses and the full particulars ol their claim* in writing, nnd the
nature ol securities, if any, held by
And take notice that alter June Ut,
1310 the Administrator will proceed
to distribute the assets ol the deceased
amongst the persons entitled thereto,
having regard only to tbe claims of
which he ahull then have notice.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, this 18th
April, A. 1). 1910.
Itevelstoke B. C.
4ws Solicitors for Administrator
Eggs for Hatching
Eggs for hatching from  the follow -
ing imported  purs bred stoen:
S. C. Rhode Island Reds.-42.00.
Silver Laced Wyandottaa,—$2.00
Barred  Plymouth  Rocks,—$2.00
S. C. Bull Leglu)iii9,-$2.0n
Cornish Indian finnie,—$2.00
White Crested  Bluck  Polish,-$2.00
Emden Geesc.-«3.00.
Imperial Pekin Ducks.—11.76.
Also stock from   the above for snle.
MRS. R. A.     UPPER
Certificate of Improvements
" Hurry" mineral claim, situate ill the
Trout Lake Mining Division of West
Kootenay District.
When- located :-(In Poplar Creek,
near Poplar Townsite.
TAKE NOTICK that I. A.K. Ilcylaii.l.
Free Miner's Certificate No. B. 25405,
Intend, sixty days from .late hereof, to
applv to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, fm the purpose
of obtaining a Crown Grant ..f the above
Ami further take notice thai action,
under Section 37, must he commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate of
Dated this 15th dav of April, A. D.,
A.   R.   111-VI.AND.
To All Whom It M \i Ooni bus:
Tuk otloe thai we, Julius Dougal
and A. E. Hatgb, of the town nf Nukusp, in the Province of British Columbia, Intend to apply to the Chief of
Provincial    Police   30   days   after the
date hereof, for the transfer of licence
held  by II. .1.   I.aliiasb. of the II I
(,.iiiul.' Nukusp, to   A.  E.  Iluigli nnd
Julius Dougal.
Dated al Nakusp, B. C, this loth
day of April.
.111. It's   III.I'll W,
apSB lm A. E. Haioh.
Crook, Big Bend. Apply B, A. Unul-
Hip'inq's Tribute
To     iniilio  iln- colonial   alumni     im-
 Ii.'ih-li   revenue  producing,  ii  would
  In.   the  ni I   tho  company   i"  break |    Ku.lv ar I   Kipling   litis  written  i|  .em
\\ i ■ i i i i»■  in  ilir Crest on  Review    •! S     "I1 u pnrti f em'li holding, probably   entitled     ili"  "Dead  Kimr,"  the
Smith says:   "I  fully concur uiil,  Mr.   |V( "'   '  ''" ''"
Coinptnii  ali.mi   close planting.     For
many     years trees planted fifteen feel
,'.|i'il l    will   ... 11      illlel'fel'le     u ill)
year    [in...' uieiit  of     which  i-  -ui 1 up  ill    the
iii Lis uuiirj  into ooeiipnti  su  that line,  "Our   King   a-k-    nothi
tllere   tniglll   lie   ;i   crop   available  in     a ,,|'     nil!       man   tllull   olll'   King   lliu
|     few   IlllllliflH  all.'.'   lie  IiiiiI   lalien  poBSOS- hi-   dolie.'j       Tlie   concluding   -
Iother.   Tl 'ieinal  cost    ,,f ..no.yeaf   "'""■   Tllls '''"I' ~h""1'1 Provide a dudi a- follows
..Id  aiii.le-  trees  i<  in.iii   I.'i.    in    'Hie    '""' luring   ll"'   Ural   sonson,  vtiry Vie    ueeepted     lii-  toll  a«  our    right;
each.   Ai   lifieen  lot*  tipai'l   Ihoro    are   '"-   l'""1   l'1""  '"   L'-:'"' according  to none spared  him, none i
fom,    lr00|l    for overv , ,,  ::n    f,,,.,    lbe season ami  il.e stale ui lho grain When he wns bowed bi   lii- burden Ilis
nPurl    ni I f.u'  I.-ii  yours ur so    after   "'iirkot.   Tho totnl eoal  ..( putting up        rest  wa* refused him.
coming  im.i bearing thoro nro 9-1 gross   ''"'  i>0,'l"""»'}   buildings,  propnring  tho IVe  troubled     his  age with  our weak-
r ipls per    aero, for oven  81    from   ''mP'  providing  domestic  wator    sup- j     i  the blinker oui   .hame
ply nnd onclnsing  tho holding with    a When  he heard      thai   Ills  | pie    had
tr  pluntod 110 loot  apart,
Mr,  Cunningham, fruil  inspector, in
i I able   fe
.'...nl  I    lie   M I. I.'I    lo   ill.'
.... I     ol     him. -Ili:
. .llll*'
B  locturii     iii  lho     old school    house,   ''Wiliir H»l  I"'"" "'   'h" lind, and  tho   A- he r ived,    no ho gnv,
Iabout   Sn.onvber,  IflOfi, ntlvisod plunt-I"1'111''1' """u  l"' -'*""  ll"' opporttmi grudged, nuughi denying
Imj  your .,1.1   tree- i„ pi-ofeieiieu  lo    lJ     "'   rcpu.vi.1,1   "'      tell oqilill   annual (Nol   oven   the  lasl   gasp ol   I.i-    I)
joldor, slating  thnl  in five yeni    i    I,,l;' nl' "l"'" h" v|"""  ' "'  d.vinli
your old nee Ims entighl up to n two- I    Tl'" l|,'"'l  "> Im net Hod has tin aver     Fui  our snkes without ipu
vow     ..II      iree  planted  nt   Ihe  suine "tf1' "'Will nl   10 miles  from  north    lo        from  him  all   thai  he cherished,
ii,,,,,    \|,     oxperie     Iiere lurroboi      '""''  '""' ok tends from  lho town    ni   Simply  a- am  ...her nervani, he nerval*, iln          year old troes  I plant- ,'   '!  "'   "aslwnrd  180 mile-. The wul- ;     ,-,l  nnd  he  pel i-hed.
,.:l    in   I'.inT  are  siiperiiii'  lo  two-vent supply taken Irom  ihe liow  river iJ    Ml  that  Imh.    envoi  « i    I is,   md    hi
old tiers I planted in l!K)S.   Tho lioue-   Prii"tieall,\   Ineslinusliblo,      When     lho I
lil   ol   l hi-   i-   ol)\ i.i.ll-.   a-   llle  cosl     ul
during winter, or earl;.' in March, hi
tore ilie burst, will go a long wa
Itowniils   1 pine   ih,.   ireos   heulthy
Ten Ladies
What Thev Think
Nine Will Say
"It's The Best in The West."
And All Will Agree
Golden West Washing Powder
Cleanses—Purifies— Beautifies
And The Premiums are Fine!
Save The Coupons
And Write for Premium Catalogue
•mire     projeel      i---    finally completed   Simply   a-  am   ilm   died   in   I.l -
<>>' •'*"" '»'l"»  of  canals anl  Wat- |      vice, he died  i.n  lis.
Kteinil  vigilance in spraying, prim    cwnys     will  he  in  operation        The'    The     t,  in  an envoi,    hid.    him,
o  nnd cultivating i-  absn] Ij   nee-   pri»'e ol lho I a nil is from   C3 lo  C8 I0«   "who  in   lhe   realm   totluj    h
.ail. Imi In  spraying with ih- II    I"'1  ■'"'''"■ "' l'l,s>   ",;"1 '"  I""'1 "' 'read."    and
ilphur solution   in   lho  late  fall,    or      Sil'  Tli.»nm«   Sliauglmossy,  who  pre-   "would  -.-11  hi- soul  lo remain  in  lho
sided  til   ihe mealing,  said    lhal     lhe   sun,  to    depart      nor    look     i
popiilulion of Canada  had    been    in-   dead.'1
creasing by leap- and hounds, and  ii 	
About  sixteen years ago I  attended I would nol  lie mi-prising if the presonl
a lecture and demonstration of proper   "1  millions   became    I2J  before  1020,
method of pruning by Mr.  Rnrle, pro-   :""' ''>' (:"   l1"' proater proportion of
viuciul   fruil   inspector,   when   ho    wus
asked when pruning should be   done;
lie    replied,"Whenever     your knife    i-
sharp enough."   li is a common practise with a greal  many lo l'.i through
hnun   » ll.,   li, Inrlm*
Kootenay Marble far Building
thn orchard onco a year iu tin1 dormant nenson, antl ifivo tho lrcc< ,i radical pruning. Tho proper method i-
iii poing through tho orchard at any
time, summer or winter, to prune out
anj branches thnt are found crossing
or growing downwards to tht1 ground,
tlm new live millions would come from
ihe L'nited States the majority <>f
them ver\ desirable Bottlers. Bui It
was very much wished thai there
should hi' ,i number among them of
those who had been brought up u
the British (lag.
Crass Channel flight
N'elson,   Mai   JI.   .lame-  Carruthers,
llle hi:  Cuiiudiun  wheal  exporter, who
completed     a   two     months'   pleasure
lour ol Spain,  I'ruin e an I  ihe  Uritish
Isles two or three weeks agio and after
stops  ai   Montreal,    Minneapolis    and
der   .... '
nnijieg,     Mime      nn   lo   \eIson     and
wenl .ml   i"  Miirblehond   In  ins| i tho
quarry     and    works ..f the Canadian
marble works  of which he i-  the <ewi-
er.   Mr.  Carruthers,  his     son,  C.eorgo
Lesseps,   Carruthers of  Wiani[ieg,  and  Sam    -I.
Dover,   May  21.    Co.ml
lhe French aviator, crossed above the fJormnn,     mnnuging dlreetor of    the
mil imi    allow    the centre to become polish channel in his aeroplane    on company,   are     now- making „    thor-
loo dense.    Ihis sends the growth in-  Snturdiiv afternoon.   The aviator Ian- oiigh  in- tion of the propertv.     At
'" l ""laming brandies, and    sum-   ,|„,, „„.„.    „,„.,.,., auplieaiin- the feat Proctor thev pn I a barge with live
mor pruning tends to  throw oul  fruit
spurs for next year's crop.
Ready Made Homes
of his countryman  IJleriot.                       ears of mnrlile  desti 1  for  lhe beau-
Count  De Lesscps is tho second adia> tiful block of the Greal  Weal   Life As-
tor in Ily across  the  English channel, surnneo     company    ni  the corner   ui
Many have made un<u >>sfnl attempts Itorie and  I.milliard  streets, Winnipeg.
Do  l.osseps     ascended al  Calais    at ami another five earn will complete the
In a paper read belore the Colonial ,'2:'.\n.   lie     male  two preliminary eir- contract.   One hundred cars of Marble
Institute ai the Hotel Metropole, f.on- leles  before    heading for the    channel, head marble  are going  inlo  tho com-
don, ('. Vi. Peterson, manager of ilie
c. P, i;. Irrigation Colonization Co.,
Baid," The main features of the plan
are thai a home may lv ready for
the settler and his family immediately
on his arrival in Canada: thai all the
Vfter attaining a height of 1,000 feet position     ol    that     building,    which
and easily     outdistancing two    other faces   lhe  new   (.rain   Exchange.      Mr.
aeroplanes, he headed Btraight  across   Carruehers moili> his last ins| tion ol
the channel. the    Mnrblehead     property     last  fall
lie l.osseps occupied fifty minutes in when the presenl  piuu  was just    be.
crossing from Calais.     'This was    due ine installed and nn the eve of an ex.
preliminary    work to    make the farm  to a hn/.e he encountered    over   mid- tensive     u--i  ol the marble mountain
productive al the earliest possible mo-  channel.   Bleriot's     time was    thirty- by dinmond drill,
menl  will  have been performed    prior.seven minill
to his arrival, and that the Canadian
Pacific Uailway Company will augment   the  settler's  capital  b.v   praclic-
|    The new   Itevelstoke  Rai k  ol    < om-
niei-ee will haie marble basement, etc.,
The  fisheries  regulations have    lieen   from  Raslo marble quarries,
amended    by an order-in-council mak- ,	
ally making him a loan, to be expend-   ing the fee for salmon trap net license
oil by the company in providing neces-   in  British Columbin    S'lTa    instead <>l
Import direct from country of origin.
REVELSTOKE    1=1.  O-
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J".    ALBEET     STOITIE      PEOP.
Jobbing promptly attended to. Agent for all kinds of
Trees. Plants, Hull'-, etc. I.ami- ami ('.aniens taken care
of fur the Summer. Terms reasonable, Twentj years
experience. j!
Residence with F. G. Frisby.    Phone 80 J
Advertise inthe Mail-Herald
■ ary Improvements
Moving Pictures To-nizht.
Moving Pictures to-night.
Fruit Lands Near Revelstoke
We have for sale 80 acres of cleared
fertile lands ready for cultivation and
planting, half a mile from town, to be
divided into small blocks to suit purchasers
and $300 Per
This is the best land in the district, being
very fertile and suitable for growing fruit
orvegetables—no irrigation needed. This
is a paying investment.
Apply to
Revelstoke General Agencies.
mtftnr/.z rT-..*v»- Pntto 4.
\\ KDNKSUAY,  MAY 35TH,  1010
Jntctlov BtoibltsbtitQ Compang,
Subscription   Rates
lnelii tiiin- |.,<-...,;.■ i», Kiitfltiiid, United SluLon
ami Cllllutla.
By i lie year It hrough postolttool 18.50
Hull "      LM
Quartoi  "   Liki
J III     Ul \ I l.Nl. ei'imiliio 'Si cul cil ul roaaUU-
ahic ralos,
TERMS  tliuii,   dubfloriptl'  .8 payable in ml
Lugo, noiiceht ,,i- por line ii,-i  iiixortlnti,
..,,'- |,er line eaeh Hllbsonlioui   ln-erli,,ll
M.uvuiroiiionl - Ni.'ii'.i. id [I'J lines .nuke ono
in,-i,|.    S'ere   uiul   general  1,,,-iiie-s an.
ini,in.''in, ni •  - ' "'   in ,■  Lnoli   per   al..
pr. leiii.l pnsu Ions, ■_'., pur ,eni. ad«
nil , ml, lili-ihs, itiu-rl ikim and Deaths
.>,■   -a. h  insoriIon,
Land   no li i     8i.M    -Ml  advortisoinonts
-,i■, ,..', tntlio nppruvulul tlie iliiiliiiKuiiiciiL.
\i iiuud ami i   union oil  tdvorllseiiionUi
VKOlils Wuiitoil, Help  Wftlltod, Sitllftlloim
,. ,    . ,t.    Hit uul mis     Viicunt.    Toucliors
\Viint, ii   il cini i'i - Wi 'I.  in word* or
I.... '.:.,,... ,..,, Ii i.wain,ial line la cents,
. I,,, i. In MAiidluH ndvortlsoniontH must
i„ . i hi V i. in. I in -duy nml l-'riilay of
,     ll ■..   .1. in .,■,■ ire Ki.ii.l display.
OOItlt! -i'liMiKM'i'. in\it<-.t  i latter* ol
nnl In i n -i.   tiuiiimuiiloatlons i" Kdl
• „.    .,.; i   bo   looonipaiilod   by   name  of   iniiumnunn  u
« , not iiece~-.ur.ly (u publtoatiou. but   uj|| |„.     ma.le to celebrate  the    First
as nvldnnon of «ood faith.   Correspondeiioi . , . .
Hhiiuld bo hriof. Nutiil  l)n\   ol  Soulli  Allien    (Jlny  .11.
A beautiful Dwelling House in a
desirable location, corner of Third
Street and McArthur Avenue.
For price and terms apply to
; Ill|(i)iii  ■ ■ . i'.   ■ • I    in  i 'wind
linn   I'm !.■ I 'ommissioner  in  Durban  states   llinl     South   Africa    Would
OrncKs:   l««Ki«JUSKBuam,ia Rbvbl   nppi-eciute   this   Itllle  attention.      	
pooplo of South Afrii'Jtlnok  to * ununn
STOICS, 11. C,
Appropriate inoiii'iiinjj is not
only n liitine iriliiue io his life work
Inn the expression of an ICmpirea
sorrow for the grt'iil man who is
The Royal Oath
-took, ft C.     n« "their    -ei.ior     colony for truidnnee       ,„„,,   Mn.v iB.-Ii i. «ai,I thutin-
al   : i--i-1:111 ■
in  surmountliitr
Offlcos: Itevolstoko, 13 0,    I'muli
A. M. I'1-.huim' J. A. Hahvkv.
KovelMoke. t'raubronli
'-  '"'''  -"  Fal'     M,iml-   Tl,i-  is    ,h'   the opening ol  tho lirsl  parliament  lo
""bounce of n   .etter sent    from    the   ,, ,„.,   ,,,.,,   ,„,  „.;„   „,„;„,„,„     ,h|,
"   '   ">""   department   to     all    school p,.oteslnl„      re|jBion>  ,,„.    „,„,.,,, ,„
tenehcrs in  this province,  nnd they are (lus   niu.  ,|,.ril|„,   ,,,  ih..if|   ;|||  (,min.|v
Solicitor for:- \naked moreover .,, Ily the line on that ,„.u  ......j,,,,,,:,,„ ,,f ., 11<h.i,iv,. .„„, no|
THK CANADIAN Hank i>f OommKBOK,  day,  dii-eel   ihoir pupils   nttent     to „  neg|ltive , j,.,,,„.ie,.   This  will  .leline
Tuk Molsons Hank, Etc. j'1 nll'p1'    histor>   of South     Vfrieu, protestantism    ns    neoepled    I
1I.I.IA.M  I,  Hitlljl.o
Solicitor, etc.
id of modifying the wording of the
1   declaration whish  tho Kings makes ,„
,   the  H
•r   war     all
1    political    history   n„„,.|| ,,f Kinrland and will onl'v hull-
:""1   wography   of  th'   country.       . ne   ,,,„,,    ,,y      a|,|,|i,,,,in„     lhl,  dol.trill0II
|oi'cusion   assuredly   marl.-   a   most   nn-   ^hi. 1,   the  King abjures,
•poeh   in   Fne.nnd's     colonial
■pOBKHI sMli'H
Provincial Land Surveyor Sir Charles  Fii/.p„irick, .hiof iuslieo
MiuinKSutveyor history,  a-  well as in  the history    of   o( ( nll.„|.lj  „llvs  lnfl ,. mon .
Kn^ii.eeiiiiKI South  Miien.  and  should  lye eelebrut. ,;,,„    .iM  ..„,„.,.'„.    ,.       ,,
MCKHNZIK   AVKNI'K.                                             I     ,                  ,   ■    ,        ,|               ,         IUI .                         '"|n.'M',ll-   ( ana.llal.   opinion.
I'M    US    piltl'IOt I'ullV    as      tn-Mbl''. ulnlos-
H.ix lim. RBVKL8T0KKI    ,..               „            j    ,                     ,, states.
"" nre    all    proud of our great   Do- ..j  wil, ,,„„,.,„  ,nv^.|f     wi(h m..
VI.HiN ,v   EVELE1GH,                   iminion  ol      Canada,  nnd  have passed ,„.,  ,|lis    Nf) |1|a||  whn hag  (Jmj ^^
|the period when nolhing     but cUnicul-   ,„■  |,1>r,..,i;il  f,.,l,.,,,ii eully at   hear!
Ui'"m':,"ls                         •'"'•- I""1  "'    l"'-"t    '""'    l'"11'  a"'1 no man who dreams of drawing closer
VANCOl'VHK AND ItBVKtSTOKK,  H. f.   have   reuehc!   the heighl   ol  a  prosper- ,hl, lies |,intiing  ,,„, s,,,n,.,,,1|  ,lnil. ,)f
=r^                             on-  nation,  so should  we  rejoice with KmpLre c«n possibly wish   to hear  King
All ""iiiiiiuiiii.il e..i~ .i.l, Ires,, al to I'n-1   our dster colony in South   \nea. and   i; .ge   .,,   l)l(.  beginning  of   his   reign
ollice.  Revelstoke. wiiHuiv,-piuu.|.i   |,j   ,„„. oncoiirugemeiil   and  sympathy, ,ei,eat  tl„. words ol the roval de,lo.-„
,IU""'"^                                          _ ,1„ all in our power to further    their ,;,,„..■                           me loyal deilaia
C.   W   O   5.   ' linteivsts  both  for  themselves  and  for      T|„.   j .,|,],.,. which  u  ,, ,.„.,„    (>f
","'1'' Knglish Roman  Batholioism says:
No comment ol our- i- i ,|,.,|    ,,,
eu.phu-i-  lo the grave warning
Notice of Bailiff's Sale
ITHl.K' NO riCB is hereby given that
nml. i- an.l la virtue of the powers contained 111 a certain chattel mortgage
nia.le hy I) .vie \- Allum, Mlllil d, 1 Ice
seized and taken possession of all the
stock in Hi, h ■ ot sii.i Uoyle .S: Alllllll,
l.iiiiiiiil, consisting oi wa'elics, clocks,
jewellery, optical goods, fancy goods,
irutch mnl jewellery repair e.n,,,U and
other sto.'ls iu trade ol every Kind, also
all      store        fixtures, lillines        mill
equipment of every kind, Including
in- safe, wall show cases, floor
■.how cases, one regulator and clock,
.■.oils benches, tools, lest case, one op-
thnlmoscope, polishin.it laths and other
utensils ol every kind contained in and
about lhe store prenils -. occupied bv the
said Company on l.oi Three (3), Block
Twenty-three (23) Plan 636 A, i" tin-
riii ol Revelstoke, nnd il a I will on the
lOtli day ol Mav. 1910, nt the hour of 2
(i.ni. at the premises aliove mentioned
nfTei t"i sale the above nietitioned goods
and propertj in one block.
An inventory  ol  the  -uiil  roods  and
property may be  seen on npplicaiion to
Mr. Crowe at suid premises or on application in the iiiidcrsieiieil  at   his   office,
Firsl   Sticei,   Revelstoke,  at   any   lime
between this date and th ■ hourol sale.
Dated this 23rd dav of May. 1910.
bailiff lor the Mortgagee.
WANTED General Servanl Girl
wanted in private home. Good wageB
Apply at Mam. I1kuai.ii ollice.
WANTED A p1 siii.ni as writing
housekeeper or cook. Apply Mrs. • .,
Room 'di, Union 11 nei.
WANTED One Toim Horses. Must
not go h ss than 1610 lbs. each lun se.
Give full | a'tii-u'iira to ARROW 1 AKKs
I.i'Miimt Company, Limited, Arrowhead, li. 0. my l'o St
F0UND-A Bicycle. Owner enn have
same by proving property und paying for ihis advertisement. Apply to
I).   I..  I'liiynesl cure  llowson & I'n.
Mountain  Viow Camp. No. 220
■ Meet* Beoond and Ki.tirih Wednesdays in
each nmnltv in Selkirk liill. Vlsitln Woodmen oorilmi'v Invttnri io ii.iond.
\v  E <i-iu>i;vi: On. ''om.
.IAS. MclNTYRE. I'lerk.
Kootenay Lodeo. No. IS, A  P. * A. M.
\   im   OF  Mid KXIXG L
f lhe i . ,. Kl, ,   whieh     underlies    those     deliberately
The linal obsLciui	
,         ,          ....         . spoken   words   ,,i   the  ,.|n,.|   n,<ti,.,..  |,,.(
Kdward  have taken plu -.     I hi   ll itioi
.   „    ,    ■ I "ur   readers   consider   a   moment   what
nnd    ihe     world     ,,i  large have pa, I ...
,.,,,, ,,,. would I*-  the position ol  a  governor-
none  ,,t  loyal   respect   ...     tne
Tli* rmtular ni«<M                                                                       . general  sen    to   represent   ihe   sine al
ln«s am hold in thn   dead   Mm  il   ll,   uul   the  thoilt ,    ,
MisoM.TKMl'l.K                              I             ,          „„„   ,„,.,, Dttawu und asked to repeal   the roval
oi,lf»il..»- H... ....   :"   :"  "'   lh"   I'-mpire  mm     •    ■■     un        ■
-h. third Monday In   tl,  , „.„    K,,.   . lence.      " "u   ,     '   ,-  " -
V£ tiSuHbi&th. ..'■'■  the^athohc faith to  „,,,-
-«.   cordmhj   w«,. stittou-   and   idolatrous,   "h,-   ibin-   iy
■   . .                        • him  her v ,    ,
"""'' hinkable.   And   are we  lo  be    lol.l
e futiii                                                  eyes .,,.,,
I thai   what   would  .•ulinittclh   Is-  nil,, •
-       j-      i'  '"'" ; '■ III L I.
■    ■'"in   the   lips   of   a   repr nia-
,,       . -ne : el ei mi   , mes !., erah e
SELKIRK  I.ODi.K IJ   I.O.D   K. H ", ',' "H
P 'ken  by  the    o\   rei  n    h in-
Uaei   "   '-j Th   -
io    '  aa   lo   Sel-
i. -. Ba    tt -■■ ■■■:"-.
fulling brethren ar,
cordially invited t" alianrt.
J  T   POLLOI K  Mi-i i "■
Ill \s   ,1   HI IN   -i, ui: i im
A straight, honest,
healthful cream of
tartar baking  powder.
Made from Grapes.
Contains not a grain
of injurious   ingredient
Fifty Years
the Standard
Faith at Fault
Cold Range todge, K   of P.
No.  26,   Revelstoke, B. C.
MKKTS  ... r.KV   AKUNE-.   11
ex ■ept
eac*i month,   i '. '■'
Ball    »'    -      ilwk
Kninlita are onrtii
D.  A.  Sl-ii IN \  .  '   '   C,
U. H   sKUi li   K   ..f   R    k 8
T   P    HM1TB.   U,     r P
J, 1.1,
t'ot'BT   Ml U'XT   BEI
Meets   in     I.  0.  1'.    H
Tappintr's    ■ ■  II   nu
Mnnd i\   n in  til h.
Visiting hi i we
; omed.
i H
[iei .-See.  ||.  V\".   Ki
Zbc flDatl-lberalb
Ma       21. V       re.oui-
M r. Todd," e. ..      |08.
'  ' ■ i ■ he   ' eie-i  in
,mes A.
in   sci-
•■   K    I    :     a read-
. hild's
. eal  aid.
Certificate of Improvements
ite in the
Ol    West
T'-'.f        tO
i i ei
-     . ■ !
.  ■   f K.UI/.iJ
'' f   N..
■ b Col
■■ '  I.iff   '.f
rei  th''
rhfl H«to1
■ ■ ■ '" " , i i  -I. pufl
■  i.. , ; nill ■    i
■       ■
, South Afi
li p  •  '... nl  I.-,     !■ '■ ■•■       M
it riAL,
MINION      LANDS      WITHIN      TkLh.
A LICENSE to cut timber can be %c
quired only at public competition. A
rental of i.< per square mile la charge^]
for all timber berths except thoBe situ
ated west of Yale for which the rental If
at the rate of 5 cents per acre per annum
In addition to the rental, dues al tht
following rates are ohurgeH:—
Sawn lumber, ft) cents per thousand
feet   u.H.
Railway ties,  eight and nine feet long,
I "\-Z and 1 3-4 cents each.
Shingle bolts, 2& cents a cord.
All  other  products,   o  per  cent  on   the
A license is Issued so soon as a berth
Is grunted, but In surveyed territory no
timber can be rut on a berth until the,
licensee has made a survey thereof.
permits to cut timber are alBo granted
at public competition, except in the case
of actual settlers, who require the tlm-
l>* ■   fnr their own use.
Settlers and others may also obtain
permits to nut up to 100 cords of wood for
sale   without   competition.
The dues payable under a permit are
$1.50 per thousand feet B.M., for square
timber and sawiogs of anv wood except nak; from 1-2 to 1 1-2 cents per lineal
fo*>t for buildinii logs; from 12 1-2 to '&
cents per cord for wood: 1 cent for fenc*
posts; 3 cents for railway ties; and W
cents per cord for shingle bolts.
Leases for grazing purposes ur*' issued
for a term of twenty-one year*, at a
rental of two cents per acre per annum.
<\>al lands may be purchased at HG
per acre for soft coal and 120 for anthracite. Not more than 320 acres may b*
aomilred by one Individual or company.
Royalty at the rate of 10 cents per ton
nf '*fwi pounds is collected on the gros*
Entries for land for agricultural purposes may be made personally at the lo-
pal land office for the district In which
the land to be taken un 1b situated, or
if fhf homesteader desires, he mav, on
application to the Minister of the interior
at Ottawa, the Commissioner of Immigration at Winnipeg, or the local agent for
the District, within which the land If
situated, receive authority for tnune one
to make entry for him.
A fee of 110 la charged for homeatead
A settler who has received an «ntrv for
a homestead. Is reoulred to perform th*
condition* connected therewith under onr
of  the  following  plana*—
ii. Al lenst n|x month"' residence upon
Rnd cultivation of the land In each year
during 'he term of three ynri.
It Is the practice of the Department to
reouiro a settler to bring IB acres under
cultivation, but If he orefers he may tub-
stltut* stork; and 20 head of cattle, tn he
netunllv his own property, with buildings
for their accommodation, will be required
Instead   of  cultivation.
(2^ Tf the father for mother, if the father is deceased) of anv person who 1"
> 'iril.ie tn make a homestead entry under
the provisions of the Act. reside* upon
a fnr-m in the vtcinltv of th* land en-
'ererji for hv such person as a homestead
i>«- -eoulrerti^nts of the A^t ss to real-
denre prior to obtaining patent may be
satisfied by such person residing with thf
rather  or   mother
■''■• \f the settler has his permanent
restdenc* upon farmlne land owned hv
1 lm In th* vMnttv of his homentend th*
reoutrements of the Act nm to resldene*
rn;iv t>* satisfied hv residence upon th»
AppMrst.on for patent should he made
-aid   land.
■ nd of three years before the local
ID Agent  or  n homoHlead Inapec-
Hefore  nuMif  sp'-llratlon  for *  patent.
.■■ er   mtlPl   glv"  six   months'   notln*
In   wrltlnr   ''•   the   <"V»mmlsatoner  of  rw*
'-iion   I*rdn   at   Ottawa,   of   his  Inteo-
Ion to do ao
w   w   noRT,
Deputy   Minister  of  th*  Interlo*
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Capital Paid Up
Rest Fund
Has 65 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly   Delivered
Baggage Transferred
Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
F-rportnr nf Fnrq
Jessie Maclachlan at Edison
Theatre Friday Night.
Scotch  Whisky
Popular the World 'Round.
The world-wide popularity ol Watson's
Scotch Whisky is one of the strongest proofs of
its exceptional merit.
The Canadian will seldom be disappointed,
if he asks for Watson's Scotch anywhere from
Halifax to Vancouver.
If he travels down the Pacific Coast he will
find it at the "Portland or the "St. Francis."
Should he continue his journey through the
Orient, he will find Watson • in Honolulu ; in
Levuka (Fiji); at the "Grand" in Yokahama;
the "Imperial in Tokio; and at every house of
any consequence in the Flowery Kingdom.
Even in far-off Korea the brand is well known.
It is the favorite of our American friends
in Manilla, and can be had at the "Hongkong. "
From the famous "Raffles Hotel ' in Singapore
to the "Taj Mahal' in Bombay, it is known
and enjoyed, and Australasia has accepted it >■
Scotland's best.
Insist     on
"THREE STAR"—A mild, tlioronillily matured Scotcb.
"NO. 10"—A lull-bodied, riibly llivond Scotch.
JAMF-S WATSON & CO., Limited  -   Dundee.
Advertise in the Mail-Herald WEDNESDAY,  MAY 25TH, l'JIQ
If our methods suit you
tell others. If they don't
Buit you tell us. Any criticism of our mode of
doing business will lie
 Ml Mill
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding
towns and settlements.     Our aim is to place before the purchasing
public the facilities of Our Big Department Store.
Mail Orders.
Telephone Orders,
Send the children to
the store.   Come yourself,
Have our city traveller
rail at your home for
Friday and Saturday
i in Friday nnd Saturday
we will sell at n bargain,
20 oz hottles of piokles at
only 'JO • flits per bottle.
Regular price 30 cents.
Order early and get some.
In this line we are at your
service, .lust unloaded a
car of biscuits of the latest
makes. All fresh stock.
Graham Wafers in cartons
at 15c, and 21b. tins 40c.
Ginger Snaps in packages
at 15c, and bulk at 21b.
for 25c Fancy Biscuits,
fifty different kinds, 25c.
per lb. Soda Biscuits in
lib., 21b., and 3 lb. packages, and 101b. and 251b.
boxes, at prices that will
make you sit up and take
Lime Jui
All the boys on the water
wagon are drinking our
sparkling pure lime juice,
Montserrat in (juart bottles at 50c, and Nabob at
35c. We handle the best
and purest on the market.
Get It at Hume's
Can you enjoy your lunch
without CheeBe. We help
you to enjoy your lunches
by selling you some of the
richest aud jiurest cheese
on the market. Canadian
Cheese, Ingersoll Cream
Cheese, McLaren's Cheese
in four different sizes, and
Stilton Cheese. Order a
wedge of your favorite kind
Get It at Humes
Muslin Dresses
l.adieB and   Mispes   one-piece
dresses in Fine Muslin, neat
and practical, liasy to slip
on. No separate belt or collar. Kach laundrying briDgs
them back neat anil crisp. So
many ladies have been delighted with these dresses.
Some in white, ami some in
the new colorings. See them.
The price
$6.75. 5.75. 4.75
The E levator is the most perfect type of passenger elevator
made. We spared no expense to
get the best and most reliable. All
the safety devices so far produced
you will find on it. The most
approved automatic safety brake.
White Wear
Snowy White Lingerie that
delights the heart of the
dainty dresser. The June
Bride and the Summer Girl
will want these. Plenty of
Dainty White Petticoats, Corset Covers, Gowns, etc, selling
these days for the Bride's
Shower, and the personal gift.
Th°y are appreciated too.
You will be delighted with
the showing.
A Thing of Beauty is a Joy
for ever. Even in so common
place an article as the Umbrella there is artistic beauty
in this day of good dressing.
A whole hundred new ones on
the counters for present selling. A great many ladies
prefer the useful umbrella as
a sunshade. They come in
Black in a variety of cloths
and the handles are something different :—The new
Mission Handle, the New Director Handle, the New Gold
Handles, the New Sterling
Handles.   From
$2 to $7.50
From England, as Ftrong and
sturdy as the proverbial Old
Country goods. Experience
has taught us the best colors
to buy in these IlammockB.
There are certain colors that
stand the exposure to sun
and weather. We have your
Hammock complete with
hooks and nails ready to
swing on your veranda or
under your trees, at 12 to $10
Very soon, perhaps to-day
you will be thinking of a
light cool suit for summer
Let us have the pleasure
of showing you our line in
nobby light weight goods.
Light gray and Slate worsted in the most up-to-
date styles. The trousers
are all finished with buttons inside and belt straps
to enable the wearer to do
without a vest in the hot
weather. We guarantee
20th Century Clothing to
hold its shape. This suit
in light and dark gray
and plates, at
Curtains-Curtain Goods
Our stock nf these goods surpasses any previous
attempt. Choice.Madras Muslin and Curtain Nets in
White Cream, Ivory and Arab. Also a nice assortment of heavy colored goods for drapery purposes.
We have the very newest in Lace and Net Curtains,
in all sludes.   A nice assortment of Fillet Net Goods.
Unexcelled for Quality and Fnce
—and so doet every other well-dressed man here. Hiey're the
smartest shoes that money can buy—exact reproductions of
expensive metropolitan custom models. They're made in quartcr-
stzes; giving you an exact fit. Regal Shoes arc the greatest shoe
"allies in the world—that's why wc sell them.
Let ui show you the new Spring styles.
$5.00 and $6.00
C. B. Hume Sr Co.
Revelstoke,   *   B. C.
With our Isrge stock of
Coffi es uow in we are able
to supply the warn- of
anyone. We buy often
and our goods a f fn -ii.
We specially makM men-
tio i of our stock of M "!i i
and Java Coffee, which we
buy in ihe I ean, and
grind it wbile vou w»it,
J'his iu 'he best coffee that
money can buy. Vou c an
have it granulated, pulverized, or in the be in.
The aroma nf this coffee
creates an appetite and
its taste satisiies it. Try
a pound.
Do It Now
(Jet our prices on all kinds
of Groceries. We know
we can save you money
if you will only give us a
chance. We buy right
therefore we can sell right.
Saving money for ourselves, we save money for
you. Our aim is to give
our customers the right
goods at the right prices.
If we se id you in mistake
anything that's not right,
tell us and we will correct
it. To please is our ambition.
Pontella Swiss
A decided hit in colored
muslins. A tine sheer muslin with a dainty over-
check and spot in colors
For Children's or Misses
Dresses they are particularly nice. Almost every
color represented in tbe
line. A special price per
Tan Lace Hose, Black
Lace Hose, White Lace
Hose. Tan Oause F.isle
Hose, Black Gause Lisle
Hose. Silk Hose all c dors
and a score of dainty and
desirable colo.s and styles
in Ladie-' and Children's
Fancy Hosiery,
Take the Elevator
Vou may lind a mistake in
our accounting, let ih know if you
do. We have Installed the finest
ollice system possible and are doing
our utmost to keep apace with the
times. Vou can help us if you'let
us know of any mistake that n
occur. Ta;t- 0.
Tjtal Eclipse of Moon
Tlm  loiul oelijiHc will nlford  thu op-
I >. .1-1 ii ni t >    lo   Boai'i'll   for  ll   miti'llitn  oi'
i.n.il eelipa? of   Iho moon,  which  him  Innii    I a  «u«-
'lake    notice  that   tliirty  days   after
I ite I intend    to apply to the Super
Thirty dais after date ol this advertisement   we   Intend to make applied-
ember 31»t.
i      Mundnj   aiifl
tin   ii  mn   innii place,     The sk,\    »a> puded but cannot  he  n in ordinary  lintendent of Provincial Police for a re-
' liiiL'ly cleai   and   the    pii inciiii ninnuliglil  nwing   to  the brightness of   newal of  Liquor  License for  the    St.
v isily   witnessed,   When  the moon il"' sky, as it   is  then eonipleli'lj   Iii.l- jleon  Hotel,    St. I.eon, B.C., (or    the
rose  ihe  slindiiM   nl    il iirlh    uas den from oar view,   II audi a IhwIj  ex    half year   from    May 31st., to Decern
ahoiit   half  wnj   across.    I'ho  phonom- i*1- il  i»"i»l  '"' «"">   "mid\ and   .1    her 31st., 1910.
ena   wns   watched  with  much   intoioat, i"   the moon's   lisk,   m    that   il    ovei M. GRADY,
This  eclipse  wn*   lho  second  in    tho discovered it can bo nlilj  dui'inu  „  lo
of lour,  iwo nl the -un and two '"' eclipse when  il"- moon'., light  i    -..
of the moon, niiiu ed for ihi- year, """ 'h rodiwto: that il may be rond d
The  mm nlered   il urth's  shadow visible  eilliei   le   a   powerful   telescope
" IB  I'liWIio nan. and l>j  '.ni'.i was or n|   n  plintournphii   pinto.    While   tion tl) ,)„, Superintendent  ol Provin
obscured,   ll     began   tn   reap some nslr moi    are   lieptieal as    to   cial Police, Victoria, for a renewal ol
i'       i ''dock, and bj   11:*' was the existence of a lumar satellite, „th-    Ketai|    Lienor License   for the Grand
"f   the    Imilow.   I'l li  betrin ''i     believe  il   will  yel   be  delected   nn-    |jot9lj NaUusp, B.C., from July  1st Io
    when   the  moon   was   well  elevat- dor   lavoiahle   enmliliolis   for   iihservn-    |>,.,,.m|
,. .    :,,,.,,.  ihe    In ni ■on  mid al    a con- l""1     1'liniigli    ii   lin    ilm    [ai  eluded
    horn   in  il veiling,  ii   i ur- detection,  ii   i-   nlway,   .•ui'efull.i   soar- I
e.l  undei the nm I favoi ilile  eonditioiiH chod lor whenever the nmoii  is in tho . NOTICE,
fui   observation,  ami   uexl   In   the    up- eat'th's   shadow,   ami   should   lhe   eom-
,  | ....   „.|!|,an  mvniil   Ii     ni',..   Ii     uiil  I     '"ke  notnv   thai   tlniM   flnyi     niter
I      ranee   of   Halle,!   ■  eumol,   was     lllo "'-   ei npse  io\eiu   n-   | enn    n     win
i popular  celestial   evenl    of    Iho l"' '" ' 'he most  intei'esiiuu 'I ,
yeni      When   the  in.n.n   is   immersed   ill erics  of  a-ir imieiil   resonreh,
i ■ hadow   hei   disk   appeared       n lit""'  «as  n  mngnilicienl   sight
... ,      . :,,     I',,.,.|   ,,,|,.     ,,..|    ,...:,..       ,|, I,.   ,:., I      for   tho    KootellaV    Hi. Il'l.    LlHton,    ll.l  ..
!    as    il  covered  with  a    dark '"   ko\oisioko  ami  quite    in lesiiat
cei      ui,I   hor  unusual   fninlnesi   at   lllo evenl  ul  the yeai
i         .f hei  lull could not  fail  lo    al
i         attention.
e lij .1   the  i u   is   pi'uduiiKl
1 moon  pn    inu   i he earth's       Many   Canadian  lacrosse players hold
w,   whicli can  never invar except among    their    happiest      recollection,
■   time of "full moon,"  when  the ihoir  games   before   King      rgc    \.
/ i- tn opposition nnd rises at sun    Hones   Allen,  now     nf  Vancouver,    re-
earth coming  between  tho sun ,.,11- «nh pleasure thnt  ho has played
mid casting  n .lark shadow before  his   niiijosly   on   Iw asiona,
lhe inuun's disk, Tho oai'th's sliad and I'.HK  West valm- higher than nny
ow   being   produced by  ll arlli Inter- nlhor atliletic  trophy   in his possession
■■   ting the sun's light, and as ilie sun i the  gold  medal   which   was    presented
|    '   ire  ih.oi a  million  times larger it to  iiim  at   tho  han.I- nf  the king,    at
i        be obvious  lhal   tills shadow must i|,a|   unu.  il„.   I',-, (Wales,
hi      micnl   in  form.      When   the  moon I    His   Majesty   may   ho   truly   regarded
■     ■■    ili.- hitler or outer shadow,  her „„  „   lacrosse  enthusiast.   Although he
li  ■      produ I by reflecting that    re- 'did not  share the late King  Edward's
:  fr ie s   is  only partially fondnoss for  h,,,--,.  mdng,  hi-  in,..,,-,    '
'   '  ured, Imi  if nl anv   lime the in  j in  rugby  football   i-  woll  known    .,,,'1
within  the former    her light is | those who were in Ilis company al the
nearly,  if  nol   ahnosl   wholly obscured lacrosse  games   thai   lio  has  witnessed
total eclipse results, can testify lhat   ho was  highly struck
I'HOVES  I'A IMI!   IS   HOUND. with   the  spectneujat'  plays and    with
Tho     lirsl    and most    obvious fact i the speed of  the     game.   Bones   Vllen
learned  from an oclipse of  the    moon played before the then Prince ..i Wales
,    that  the enrth is round, ..,s its sha- tooth in Canada aod in England, Allen
dow   whan -ecu on ih.•moon's disk   is wa-     playing    for     Cornwall at lirst
always  circular,  whether    the    eclipse home when thej   met   lhe Ottawa Cap
King George Lacrosse Devotee
late I intend to make application to
the superintendent nf provincial police
for a renewal of Retail Mquot License
for the half >.■',,• ending December .'tl
Haled  May 1st.,   1010.
$10 Reward
\ reward of 810 i- offered for such
information as will lend to the arrest
oul conviction of the person or per-
-ons who. on the mornings of April
33rd. and 25th, milked my black cow
in the stable.
El i:\mh; \. TAPPING.
Grand Hotel, Nnkusp, wnges 9'20 por
month.—Apply at Grand Hotel.
!'•■ jreul  ui   -mall, and whatever   side
i        irl i. presents to tho moon at  the
ilala for  the   Mint,. Cup in  IDUl,    and
the match was nol  only witnessed   by
time.    A-   ihis   lake-  place  always,  In   ""'' presenl   King,   but     lhe  ball    was
whatever  position  the earth  may    be,   faced  by     him.    Then  in     England   in
while  tl artli   i-  revolving   rap-   If""   ''"'  Caps   toured     I'.i,eland    and
idly upon ii- axis, it follow- that lho Iplayed an Ml English twelve, known
■ it must either bo nn e\n,-i globe, as the Duke of Arpyll's learn, at Lords
little different from a globe thai ■'" London, and thai match was also
n- deviation from that figure is im-Iwatched by the king, showing the
p.■• eptible in its shadow on the moon warm interest thai His Majesty was
liing except a spherial objeel will taking in tho national .'.-nne of Cann-
oasl a circulai' shadow, in whatevei ''' at that time,
p isition  ii   ,- placed,    and ii  i-    said
WANTED—Smart   office   boy.   Apply
in writing to Box 200, city. tf.
Moving Pictures to-night.
TO LET—Furnished room, suitable
for either one or two gentlemen. Centrally located.    Apply thiB otlice.
WANTED—A caretnker for the Y.
M C. A. Apply to Y. M. C. A. Secretary.
i       i olumbus was Brsi  led to believe
ti earth  was  round  by  observ
ing ii-  -hadow     on  ih.- moon during
■111   eelipso,       l,.i   up     ,.,   Ilis    nine     1 he
. hud  nol  been circum-nnvigatcd,
Wi .1. Curl i-i piano timer, will visit
the City al...,u May 24th, 191(1 Orders
lefl with 11. .Manning vvill receive
prompt at lent ion.
Pr...  ino,,',-   are  reminded  that  their
at , he did  not have the positive proof ilicenses  fall  due  or,  May  31st.   It    is
ol   -     mlitv   thai  we uow   possess,     well I before the rush on    that
I ll WCt: Til    Fixn  - \ I F.l I.l I 1      d Id.
Clanwilliam. Apply to Airs. Mary
I'.ilmer,  Clanwilliam,  B.   C. tc
A man or a boy to herd
cows during the day. Apply
Wanted to Buy
A Small Steam Tug Boat in good
repair. Apply, giving full particulars
as to size, style ol machinery, price
expected, etc., to .Ml'XDY LUMBER
l'i >., THREE VALLEY, B.O.   m23 tt
The "Traveller"
Shoe For Men
Ask Your
The police have secured the services
of a scavenger. Any persons de-irons
of Ino ine their chisels or cesspools
.'leaned, should leave word ill the
police  -la,mn.
Chief of Police
Pake notice lhat wa intend to mako
application to the Superintendent of
Provincial Polico for a renewal of our
retail liquor license for the promises
Known us the l.elaii.l hold, N'akusp,
It. C„ fov Ihe half-year from dune 80,
1010 lo December 31st, 1010,
Ogilvio .v  MoKltriok.
Mav 3rd,  1010.
flow is tbc trimc of .year tor Sect) planting
Scautifs ijoui' ©ai'&cns
A   large assortment of I'Yesh Gnrdcti and Field Seeds, including
AND BURPEE'S,    Fine Lawn Grass, Clover,  I'lmothv, Alfalfa
The Paget Supply Co'y-
Take   notice   lhal   'I"   dav-   ,.,f|,.|-   dale
we inien.l to apply to lho Superintended ol Provincial Police for a renewal of the retail li.| ior liconso for
lhe ida. mi   House, filmier, 11. ('., for
the  half year  from   .lune  30,   I'.UO-     to
December 31st, 1010.
C.   P.   Uy.   Toy.
May 3rd, 1010.
Take notice thai 30 days after date  I
intend to apply   to lhe Superintendent
of    Provincial    Police   lor   atj renewal   ol
the retail liquor licence lor the L'nion
Hotel, Arrowhead, B. C. for the half-
year from June 30th, 1910, to Dec. 31st,
Haled May   Ith, 1910.
May -1 lm. \V. J. I,ic,imiri<\i:.
'lake   nolice   that  1 intend   to apply to
the Superintendent of the Provincial
Police lor a renewal of the retail liquor
license for the City Hotel, Arrowhead,
B. C, l..r tin hall year from June 30th,
I'll", to Dec. 31st, 1910.
Dated'.SIay 7th, 1910.
may 7 hn JOHN CALEY,
Take notice that 30 .lavs alter date
we intend io apply to the Superintendent of tlie Provincial Police fora renewal
of the retail liquor license for the Lake-
view Hotel. Arrowhead. It. C, for the
half year from June 30th, 1910, to Dec
31st, 1910.
Haled May  4th, 1910.
Mav J Iiii. Chapman .S: Irwin.
Notice is hereby given that 30 days
alter date I intend to apply to (the
Superintendent of the Provincial Police
for a renewal of the retail liquor license
for the Queen's Hotel. Comaplix, It. C,
(or the half vear from June 30th, 1910,
to Dec. 31st, 1910.
Dated Mav 4th, 19in.
May I llll J. II. YOUNG.
Take notice that I   intend  to apply to
the   Superintendent   of   the   Provincial
1'olicc for a renewal of the retail liquor
license for the Kootenay Hotel. Burton
City, B. C, f..r the half year Irom June
50th, 1910 to Dec. 31st, 1910.
Dated Mav 4th. 191".
Mav 4 lm \VM. I.IIVATT.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged ami Impioveil.     Firel-Class in every respect.     All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooma.
Rates, $2.00 per day        Special Weekly Rates-
Revelstoke, B.C.
Doyle and Allum, Ltd
are disposing of their entire Stock at a
small advance on cost. It will pay you to
investigate their prices on Diamonds.
Jewelry,  Cut  Glass,  Silverware,   Watcher
Doyle and Allum, Limited
Take notice that 30 days after date I
intend to apply to the Superintendent ol
Provincial Police for a renewal of the
retail liquor license for the Halcyon Hot
Springs Hotel. Halcyon l? C, for the
half vear from June .'nth. 191H, to Ilec.
alst,  1910.
Dated Mav 4th. 1910.
Mav 4 lm. H. MclNToSH.
Tnko notice that 30 days after dato
I intond tr, apply lo the Superintendent nf Provincial Police for a renewal
of the retail liquor license for tho
Criterion Hotel -it Camborne, I!. 0.,
for tho half-year from dune 30, 1910,
to  Ii, ember 81st,   1010.
lined   Mav 4th,   1910,
e  'hut   30 days after date
1 intend lo thi   Superintend-
en'   of  Pi Police  for  a  renewal
of tl,.. retail liquor licen e for the I'.va
Hotel   '   a,,,, i ne, B, f'., for tlio holf-
1910,  to Doeomher
Iti , 1910
fl. J. V. Mil'..
*!-.<*:•♦* to*.-, . ammmMn%.M>wrt
dayi   idler  dnto
... apply lo the Superintend-
Provini ial  Polii e foi  o n newal
il liquor licen " f,,r the Lar-
apli',   B.   C .  for  tho
10   1910, to I'11 en
'■I        Ith,    MHO.
I!   M,  EVANS.
'Nt nCVl   :   Rl AL  E8TATE
We      ."er full    quartei  acres  Imparl  '
beautiful    location, easy lorm
Write,  f '        " '"   Kroki'i
Pen '■■    ll , We.i,   Van-
..,.   It    C. «13r'.
West Kootenay Steam Laundry
Revelstoke,  B. C.
Send your Blankets and have them
Properly and Promptly Cleaned.
Satisfaction ^uaiiantced in all lines
Phone li      Office Corner 2nd. St., and Mackenzie Ave.
Synopsis of Canadian Homestead Regulations
NY RVftilnble Dominion l,,tu,l ■ within the
Kiiilwav licit in Hritish <'oluuibia, may
:>e l,"iiic iciuici by hi,v porsou who is the sole
bead of a family, or any male over 18 years of
BKe, to tbe extent of oue-t)Uarter section of 160
acres more or loss.
Kin rj must be made ^orsonnlly at the local
laud otlice for the district iti which tbe land is
situate: Entry by proxy may, however, be
made on certain condition! ny the father,
Bother, son. daughter, brother, or sister of au
Intending hotnesteiuler.
Tho homnstoador is required to perforin the
run.; .t '.."i ■ connected therewith under one of
the following plans :
(1) At least six months' residence upon and
cultivation of the land iu each year for three
(2) If the father (or mother, if the father is
deceased) of the homesteader resides upon a
f'triii in the vicinity of the land entered fnr, the
requirements as to residonco maybe satisfied
by  suet
llinl (mr.
hy   such  person  rosidin«
ire  may
with   th
o father   or
(8) If the settler has hi- permanent residence
npon Farming tend owned by him in the vicin-
it) nf his homestead■ the requirements as to
re lenCe may be satisfied by residence upon
the  aid Ihi d.
Biz f -■■ i. notioe in writing should he uiveu
in the Commissioner of Dominion Lauds at
Ottawa '>f intention to apply for patent,
(.i'.i.. Coalmining rights may bo leased for
e period of twenty*one year-* at au annual
rnntal of U per acre. Not more than 2,560
eore shall hn leasod to ono individual or
oompauy. A royalty at the rate of five cents
pei ton -Iinil be collected on the merchantable
goal mined,
Deputy Of the Mini-tor of the Interior.
N ii. unauthorized publication of this ad
vertisommit will not bo paid for.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
TO     WHOM     IT   MAY    CONCERN.
This is to certify that I lost a cow
insured with the British American
Live Stock Association, Ltd., for $40
and that 1 have this dato received,
through W. B. Robertson, their local
representative at Revelstoke, B. C,
settlement in full.
Hated at Revelstoke, B.C., this lOtt.
day of May, 1010.
Notice is hereby given thnt 30 days
after date I intend to apply for e.
retail liquor license in respect of tli.
premises at Downie Creek, Big Bene"
district of West Kootenay, known aa
the Downie Creek Hotel.
Dated May 10th, 1910.
Our logs are stamped
on the end "E" and all
persons are warned
against taking them or
the driving of nails o/
spikes therein. Do not
touch our logs.
Revelstoke Sawmill Co.. Ltd WEDNESDAYj M W  25TH, I'.HO
..   . "*tt, a  _l
Local Industry
has new type and printing machinery
Our stock tf printing papers is large and
well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVfenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
(Recount Forms - Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery - Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms - Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash
Garden Freshness of "SALADA"
Fresh and fragrant from the gardens of the finest tea-
producing country in the world. Ask your grocer for
a package to-day——you'll like it.
  Black, Mixed ami Natural Orern, 40c, 50c, 00c uud 70c per lb.       »
Deaths in Comet Years
Tl,,- deutli nl Kins Kdwnrd wliilo
lliillpy'n cornel in visible Imw called ul
l imt ion again to lho Ruporslition «>f
ilu- middle aires, lhal tin' appearance
,»! .mr of these unusual heavenly visitors presages iln' (loath of a ruler or
ii norsonngc of groat important.
The belief that comets forotoll wars,
pestilence, drought nnd especially the
hi iiii nud death of distinguished pen-
pi.'- wus once tilmosl universal and tho
ancient chroniclers seem i" have avail-
.-il themselves of every coiiv i'l 'nee
between mi importanl event and the
uppenranee of n "hairy «tur" which
.mill! possibly bo brought in to support the i In'. ii\ of mysterious coles ti-
,',] influences, I'm some <>f these co*
incidences nro deemed remarkable^ nl*
together  apart   from  superstition.
l-li..mii-      \i i««,
iii.i'l.-  ii -   ipjn ii nn
1271,   i t
ron »i
-ii 'nu.
Rri way Pioneer Dead
III,.     Mul    21        Wlel       till   ■ _      a
I.  1 . n-
 rn  ul  ihi'    11..mm     Mr.    1      In
. 1 hi .... lied in  'he    Hospital     tor
In. ui.iIiI.m     0 i  the  mostpromin-
fii i   i-.iilw :i\      .i i _: i 11.-.19    in    Cai    11.
Mr,   I..IM.  look   purl   m  liuil.lii..
Ini,.i...l,.i,i ,l    i; i;lw ij   in  S'ew   B
u ii k.    Ill1   wn     with   llii
nl   -tali'   ill   I lie   I '.    P.    II, '"•
wiih   i-arrit'd   m mm-     I lie pi .iii :> I
over   the  K'ootenm   mountains.
Spanish Queen III
Mmii id, Mnj 23.   Queei   Vietoi        ia
lelivered  of  mi  infniil   al   four  . .' iloi k
M«n.v nre il omets thnl have been ,,.,,,., ,i:i>  „„„„,„._..   The ehilcl, a male,
cited    ns    forerunner* of death.       In wns ,|,,„L   -|-|le     1„,k   uiil  i„. buried
:!7'"  A-  l(" '""• "'  ll"'"" bodies showed njthoiit ,.0,.emony in the  Royal Panth-
ilself in  tho sky n fow days hefore the   ,. ,  ,„,.  plSmr\a\ monastery.
denth  of Valentinian, nnd  in 501  "B W|„.„    told of her    loss  the mother
grenl   anh  brillianl   star with  a  long we,„  bitterly.   King Alfonso is nill in
ray"  appeared  when   Ambrosua  Auro- |,,n.l,„,  where he attended    yesterday
litis    lay dying.   Tho    denth of    I'ope   ,|„,  f„„ernl  ,,f  ,|„. ij ,,,\  ,,,,,1,..    .|la
llenedict   III. in -■'>-. wns n<Tom|)nnied ].,,„  Kjng  Rdward,
li>' •' i'omet,   on   802 a   comet    "an-      ni„ |ms, w„„k )u. i „ ,„,,., ,„.• 1?
Inounced" the d ase of Uthnriua the [„,. |„.r majesty. According  to custom
Yodngor. Premier Cnnnlejaiiy  Mend?"  bo...   .iho
"A burning stnr like n torch with a   body lo a   adjoining the queen's
jlong tnil'j presaged the denth of 1-odis ^f,;,,,,»,.., ,',„• ,|„, ,,ili. ial inspection Inll. of France in 87.5, nnd tho appear- ,|„. members of tho royal family ind
nnee of n ooifcot two years Inter wns ,.,,,„., functionaries who had been wait
followed by the death of Charles the ;„_, there. The present .- •■ • firsl in-
Bold. Man... ..i a -'ill birth in ih" S|
When      the     Emperor    Constantino family, although a child of Queen Iea-
Porphyrogenitus lay breathing his last belln II. lived onl) lone enough • i re-
'.Wi   A. I).,     "a gloomy and   obscure ,.„n„  the lustral    water.   Queen    Vic-
stnr" shone for Borne time in tno hoav ,,„■;., j, ,|„. ,„„,|„,,. ,,( ,„,, u.y-          ,
ens.   The death of Casimir,    King   of  L.;i| surviving.
Poland,  in   1058,  was  "announced by J   The condition of the queen is
a comet," and a .similar Bign was giv- 'lon\ng  ,|„.  L,raVl,     feara  ,,,•  ,|.,,    ,,,lrt
en in Mil before the death of Wlndis- physicians.     King Alfonso is hu
,as. King of Rohemia. tn }„,,. ^.j,,
There was a comet    in  the heavens
during  the lasi   illness of Pope Alexander III., in  1181,   When Kim; Rich- Pnminfi  fuantc
aid of England died, in  1199, it   wai UlMlll]   LlKlllb
noticed that a comet lind been visible
,      ,. ,, ,        ,.      ,. , May  2/—The    Scottish  Prims  Docna,
for I.i days preceding the event. * *
,     ,.,.»., ,       i ■ ,   i . Ansa  Jessie JUcLachJan   and   Con-
In   1222  a comet,  which  has      since _ _..        _,
. ..    ,.,. i        ,r n    ■ , ' cert Companj-, Edison Theatre.
been identilied ns tlalleyjs, was regard , *
iii as  the precursor of tlio    death    of   June 6—Canada's     famous   comedian,
Philip    Augustus,    King    of    France, "Jimmy Fax"  and  his  star Co.,
Three    days    before    the    decease   ol in New Fdison Theatre.
New Showing of Summer Sunshades
Inspection alone will convince you that our
Dainty Parasols are easily the best value
ever shown in the City.
Lawn Waists
$2.00 1.
91.50 1.
iwn Waists
iwn Waists
at $1.25
at $1.00
c Lawn Waists, I'liili
is, Collars attached,
tucks   anil   lace,   now   full
h sleeve.
Read a few of tlio bargains below
all  new,   stylish,   this  Spring's  latest
15 regular $5 and $6 trimmed hats nn
Sak' Table, Your choice for $8.00
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hats. On Sale Table for $5.00
Entirely new and exclusive designs.
'^^^  Miss Ciiirvin wns a former rosideul ni I
itevelatoke  ami   Mas   a   great   favorite
lii'iv.  having  a  large clrclo of fricndB
win, will u Uli hei' all future hnppiuoaa
I II. I',. lliu..lim., uhiel clerk at Iho
II,,I,.I Uovelnloke, will lenvo .Mr. Mr-
ll,hi,II'-. aoi'vico  ihe Inst  nl' .liiiir, lun
im' gone  in      h iiii  h   I',.   1'. | |.|.
In buy  grnin  mi   tin-    prairie  in   Mull
Mrs, Vi.  M.  I.nwrouco and  Mrs, .l.T
,'relfer    rrtMi'iii-d   nn Sunday morning
i'i..in an oNtondod  vi-it  In Cnlifornin ■
I Mi-.  Teller  has  rjuilo recovered    from
her  iv.'ctn   illness,   although  -lie    hits
n.11 gol hack her full strength.    Thoy
Imi h  reporl   lia\ ing   hud  a    mosl    do-
llighllid  holiday.
Come   Early,   as at   These   Bargain   Prices
They Will  Not Last Long
i anndinn gold pieces will I"' issued
in January next. They will bent ihe
portrait oi King Goorgo.
Sawdust diimiwd int.. tho Kootenay
Jul,.. i. reported in be killing tho
trout hi   thousands.
'III,. KntnloopH ■ nrpen er strike hns
ended, tin. uu n accepting a compromise ..i sl  f..r iln. 8 hour day,
I lie nionthlj mooting uf St. 1'it.i.-
• lum I, i ninmittee Ink..- plnce tlii-
evening ;.'  S o'clock, at   the rector)*.
.1. K. McLean, provincial divisional
tii.. warden, with Itevelstoke a- head-
ipun t.i      repoi ti   that   -.,     far    Ihere
have I n few  bush Urea ..f nny    con-
Mipienif-, except ono I !'■• iton which
destioi c 1 n lioiiso and . onsiderablo
Tin. da) ..i Halley's comet nn Ma)
ISth, caused ., notable epidemic ul ab-
ei ■... in th.. public schools uf [,os
i -._'■ le* Mi' ..i I he pnronts ad-
mil >...| thai il" j had ki ;■: their cbil-
rln ut I, .,,.. Uecniisi I ' ■ '
mn- sky visitor. Their, were several
thousand eb ■
In re pi in e  '-    th..    rcquesl  of    Iii
Spei   'i   ..t. i« 'ill ni iln- l't     ! ..  il
Option     TjOaguo,    thi   federal  go
ini'iil    I,.i-     |.;i-.. d    an       imeni
w bich     tniikes  ll
me A ■        h t'olui
'I I.,    I, i- le will
cities, towi will    make
tli,- t
B. C. Oladwii
It.    ('.. undi
ment. Jlr. Allai
Lean of tl
i resto
,.   , | | •■
mi •.
In *
i'npr   |
Don't 1
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suuKost you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
M, . Vi, II. Sutherland oulorlninwl
th.. young pooplo un Saturdn)' at a
diiinl)     lunch in honor ul Misn  Mary
I'.divnids, a coming .It  bride.   Alloc
doing full justico in lho many delica-
, i.- provided. Miss Edwards was tho
recipient of a shower nf beautiful
handkerchiefs, After lunch Mrs. W. \.
Morris and  Miss   Mcl.onn    entertninod
tin- young people at their resident n
Third strcel wesl, at cards, thr prizes
being won h) Miss Gillan and Miss
Paget, Iln this occasion Miss Edwards and Miss Dent roocivod a show-
er uf dainty linen.
Grand Concert Company
The Vancouver Saturday   Sunset    of
l;i-l     JHSUP    >MVs:     Tilt'    fldVOlU       nl       llle
wo rid-beloved Sco1 li-li primn donna
.lesnio Mftclnchlan, al '!"' Opern House
noxl Tuesday night, i< being keenly
anticipated by r11 musical Vancouver
ami particularly hy the many Scotch
people nf thf eity, t.i whose hearts
-hr nings nn especial message. Tin'
members uf the localScottish societies
have shown mm active interest in lho
concert, ami it is tlie intention of tin*
Gaelic Society to present Mies Mac-
nchlan with an address uf welcome
and appreciation. All (In* boxes for
Tuesday night have been taken Iiy
prominent Scotch .:tmi.i.*s, and the
affair so p,ensurably looked forward
in promises to Iw ono of unusual en-
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important  items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look p.fter this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
it  Party    at
I  ; a Friday i
•ale at    M
Jes   ie   Mar-
I. (i. F.
iin Monday evfnlntj last Court Mi.
Degbie, I. O, F.j held a very BUceosB-
fnl HOBsion, Organizers Rrother and
Companion Plumb, havo met wiih
gratifying success and a number of
candidates wero initiated into ihe or-
ilia-. Ai lhe invitation of Chief Ranger Bro, Man. Airs. Plumb took charge
ni ilie ceremonies which were conducted in an impressive and interesting
manner, by tIutt gifted lady ami Companion Forester.' After the work of
ih.. evening refreshments were partaken of and a pleasant Boeial hour
Johnson Ketchell Fight
Th.- Johnson-Ketchell fight    pictures
will lie put <«n in the New Kdison
Tin-ill'' shortly. Announcement will
!)■' mode later.
Card of Thanks
Tin- officers and members oi lho Revelstoke Baseball and LacrosBo clubs
desire to sincerely thank the Revelstoke City Hand for their kindness in
furnishing music for tho daneo on
night at lh*1 opera lion-''.
K.   M.lfai'.
S.  Ncpinan.
Our logs are stamped
on the end "E" and all
persons are warned
against taking them or
tho driving of nails or
spikes therein. Do not
touch our logs.
Revelstoke  Sawmill  Co..  Ltd.
Empress Shoes for Women
Vassar Shoes
For Dressy Women
Classic Shoes
for Misses and Children
In recommending this
Empress Shoe to you, we
do so freely—it is one of
our new styles, bright,
snappy and up-to-date; the
materials used in the making are the best, and yet
the price is moderate, $3.00
stamped on the sole.
We are one of the 400
Empress agents.
Our stock will he found the most complete and hest assorted in
lhe Cily.
Oxfords and Pumps in black kid and Patent and in Tan ami
Chocolate Kid ainl Grey or Tun Suede   all sizes l! to 7.
Hals, in Black Kid and Patent, Black Patent with Grey Suede
Tops, Tuns and Chocolate.
We are showing a new line of American made Canvas Shoes
Pumps. They are very natty and sell at $2. We have both white
and 'I'an.
Try us for Children's Shoes. Our line is the best made. W(
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Try us for Children's Shoes. Our Hue is the hest. made. We
guarantee every pair we sell to give satisfactory wear. All sizes,
from infants to lame girls,
All colors in a fine bkuza lisle hose with garter top hotli \#c.b
ami Plain<   Special Price40c.  per pair nr three for One Dollar
Seeding Time is Here
We have a lull line of Garden and Field Seeds in
stock. Onion Sets, Clover and Timothy, Sweet
Peas. Nasturtium (and other seeds in hulk, also a
quantity "f Lawn limns Seed.
G. W. Bell
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
iien's Wash Dresses
A nice range of these Suits tor Clytdn ti
from I year up to 13 yeantof Rue, pretty designs nnd patterns, VUo Infants dottier,
Vour inspection in\ Ited.
Spring Tonics!
V. ;t.- .       [Tie
dean e I
$1.00 a  Bottle
I'M     ::; M iflltj
Bews' Drug Store
nd hoth ti
I    (hal
■   "
tended >■
•  Pho n i and Mounts,    Hand
e evi i 'if film made.   A
,t iiii, adapted tn nil
odal       Panel and
•   I   anil   for   llaylii'hl   use.
E il Yur iln- Amateur,   You wanl
>(,. besl liiin camera of the
1 ruaranteed,
McKenzie  Ave.. Ground Floor
Revelstoke, B. C.
Can offer good values in these lines
Two-Ounce Bottles nt  Extract, any llavor—15c. per
lint tie. or 2 for 25c.
(iriier^ Promptly DeHveredi
McIntyre  & Son


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