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The Mail Herald Jan 8, 1913

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Full Text

Empire" Typewriter
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perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price   $60
Interior Publtsning Co., Agts.
"lievelstoke, *he Capital of Canada's Alps."
The Mail-
Vol. 19-No 9
REVELSTOKE. B. C, JAN 8, 191:5
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cActing Mayor and Council Address Ratepayers.—Financial Statement Read.—Many Interruptions.—Stormy
Scenes.—Mr. Keliie and Police Court Fines.
I   could
liver twenty Btylea to choose Irom, and at prices to suit any pocket
b'rom 15 cents to J7.60. ittUette, Auto strap, Gem, Blvery-Keady,
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Hi n. ., 35 cents to $2.no.
Imperial Bank of Canada S
Houd Ortic© -Toronto, Ontario. V
Capital Subscribed - 6,000,000.00 $
Capital Paid Up     .        -      •       6,620,00* .00
Reserve        -      - ■ 6,620,000.00
Total Assets,       - - $72,000,000.00
Branches or Agents at all principal points in^anada,
Agents in Ureal Britain and Uuiteu States-London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank. Limited, Chic^o-First National Tiank, Loin Kx-
change National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, San Francisco-Wells fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane-hxchauge
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 31 and upward,  received, and interest allowed at
curreni rate trom date of uepobii.    U.I..-pondenoe solicited.
Revelstoke Branch   A. b. McCleneghan, Mgr.
"A Happy New Year
To One and All."
MRS. A. G. CRICK, - First Street
Hill riliesll miii Willi lis   bright,
fl..\ni nml Iragrancy.   Sold in
innl psckigss.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 5Qc
1 111.
per Ib.
Box 1208
Phono No. 23
Vases, Bowls, Comports,
Manufactured by "Libby"
Acting  Mayor  MeKinnon     occupied
tlie chair ut the unnuul civic meeting
lield in the Empress theatre on Tuesday evening.   He was supported    on
the platform by ilderinen Bourne, W,
Abrahamson, McSorley, Howsou. City
Clerk Luwson was in attendance,
Thi- is the regular meeting ol    the
city  council,  io submit the financial
statement und ta answer any  ques
non- connected with the finances    of
u.i  city which the rateuayers     wish
te.  ask,
A- you uil kuow, uur policy »t. tho
beginning ol this yeui wa< onu ol
economy. We set out to run just as
rlose as we possibly could to *u lit
mil least-, we framed our estimates
along thi Be lines, und wo have kept
well within out estimates. We realised thore was a vast amount ol
work In the city which could lee done
al the same lime wc agreed that the
linuncmg of the city was thc tirst
thing which Bhould he looke.1 after.
Wo therefore struck at the 25 mil nuo
Wo thought in the near future there
ivould be a move In Kevelstoke which
would enable future councils to go on
with the necessary work and ut the
si mo time keep within this rale.
Wo put in this year a main that
Increased your water supply about
three limes, we put in some cement
sidewalks on a froniage basis, we
purchased a right of way to the- pow-
e i house tu give access lo the eity
1 roperty,
Acting Mayor McKiuuou then road
the tinanciul statement of receipts and
expenses, and tho buluuce ,-heet, which
will he published in detail in our
next issue ot the Mail-Herald.
Acting Mayor MeKinnon continuing
Under receipts you will have noticed
thc smull amount uf money paid iu
on 1912 taxes. Our sohool board ex-
1 cudittiic umouuied io (23,000, rough
ly, of course th." government give us
jSOOU towards the schools, bin at the
sumo time I am making ihis figure
logive >uu comparison, the amount of
taxes actually paid in amounts to
roughly $23,000 almost exactly equalling our school expenditure.
The v.uter und light profit and lo-s
account and balance sheet wan then
read aud which will be published in
the Mall-Herald In detail, next issue.
Hr. MeKinnon continued—All debenture! used in anv way fur the waler
uuu l.ght plant, are now for the tir-t
time charged against lhe plant in lotal, and their Interest and sinking
fund tii" ebarged against tho Water &
Light, Everything chargeable to water .ui'l light (■ charged to same, uud
everything is credited to lho Water &
Light accounts,  thu-   rendering    ihem
i omplete.
Although a lot ut money  has   been
wastrel   iii  connection  with  ihe    light
plant, -ame today U an ii good   tin
uncial ii-'
Tho city ■ utiucil tin- vai as you
ore all aware, reduced the rates, and
v.e believe tbut with the increasing
consumption antl new connection the
rev.nue under thc n-w scale will
equal that of the posl year,
W.ii king along a lb mil basis. It
keeps ns nip -ui'l tuck t... i im lho
city I hope the ue-ur futiuv vvill bring
mi In reasu in value- uud ossessmcuU
which allowing tbo citv  mer.-.i od  i-v
'  IIUI     ..ll    t|e,.    J5    ind    |,,e    |H.     »|]| ,  ,V
■cope for mori   ■    • ■   - a     Improve
menu.    Alter the uld>.ii>	
k"n I will nsk anyone 'o ypk qlMi •
tions bearing upon tint, tinutviul tat'
.nent.—Loud applause.
Yuu have hearl whut thi. Acting Mj
IO!  hus told yu'i     Iguidini; |
and ■ ii" r.co   u-d   '  r) :j'  m     that J
no j.'.M uiucU., Pagum ut supposed
anyway to tell tho truth, aud we
tava j ud in thc council ihai there
il jllal ueuul enough mouoy to iuu
the town us it goes and nothing to
I spare  we hud uu  money  to spcuJ ou
lniprovement»ai «■« would have liked
to have done. There wus nothing in
tbe treasury to wc could uot do it. I
'biuk it in g creditable uhowiug and
oa'peciajlycgnsldoriog the; extra woik
which hu.-. lee;, u done Luishlug up old
nut tn , work on sowei , etc., fui
I hi h wc hud io provide out of tho
Ievenue, ll iho citj ib mu along con
NT vative lues dn a yi-ai or iwo, uixl
ihu assessments go up, and wo avoid
reckless expenditure, I think wu will
. ■••    i      baps.  An)   xptnilvs lm
teal     v.ll .n luium huve  to  be
cuke on aliaiitacc  tax  la-Is.      I    do
im. think we   en continue ie. puy Irom
li'   city     ti.'osuii   oven  un greal      a
.iioi'ortion ol tbe work at  w.      bavo
■ n doing up lu tbi  I'li'i'tt'.  These
[ale mattMie buwsvsi  which tin Obftll
uiuB ol the i'.W, aommitiw will doubt
li ss explain more ably  than
hope to do.—Loud applause.
The  financial sttitement having been
load, and which will  be printed   uud
put into your huuds, 1 feel there     i>
very little for mc to Bay.
1 can  only  endorse  what has    heen
said   in  regard to the saving ol    ex.
pendltllru.      Wc  took our oleetion    as
prool uf a feeling in the town    that
wu should conserve our resources and
pot embiirk on heavy expenditures.We
dtel nol du -ii, except in the cuse   ot
the water, and     we endcavoreel     to
stave   this oil but  were unable  to du
>o, and 1 as a member of the council
wish to thank iho ratepayers for voting In favor of the bylaw which    was
necessary (or the welfare of  the city.
The Chairman of the Public Works
Department     has not had a pleasant
position, ii is not nice to be       com-
pelled  to  reetuse request.: involving ex
I'.i nditurcs which would be justified if
the city had lhe money to spend, but
we ware put  in to gft through on   a
'In mil  bnsis, and wc have doncso, to
the  best of  our ability and  lo    live
up  io our election  promises.     I    bo-
lieve  in the principle of a low     tax
late,   whieh gives the town a     good
name    and     attracts   Investors.   Wc
i ope thnt  in the near future we will
be able to come lo the citizens   with
a  substantial street improvement bylaw  which   will  he     justified  by  the
growth and development of our city,
and an increased     assessment value.
Our wurk  is before you.   I hnve tried
to givee ns much time and ns     good
m rvie e ai I could,  if I have failed,   I
am before tho electors for criticism.—
loud applause.
Yuu havo hoard thc statement road
tonight, ami realise i\v had uo mouoy lu spend, and could not be expected to squander mnney this year. We
thought, the road to iho power house
absolutely necessary! lind we should
give credit to the Provincial govern -
tncni for the manner in which they
have helped us ollt, they came to our
assistance with a bridge across the
lllpelllowael to the amount of ?40(MK
In regard to the electrician's relent presented at the final council
meeting, you will notice that one of
the units 1- not large' enough to carry
the load, and it will be neoessaryln
Ihe near future for the city to get
another turbine, and generator. to
ensure a steady run.
I have- bei n in ili.- .ouncil lot a
year or two. 1 have tried to do my
best, there is more or less trouble
and it ^ noi always a pleasant  Job,
I ihink that during 1 h<■ past year the
aldermen and council have tried lo
.lo their duty and handle tho nilairs
ol the eit.y t,e iho vory best of their
ability.--1...n.l applause.
Chairman—Any questions along the
line .•[ the financial Htatetncnt will
now be answered from the plat -
Ml.  Tupping    I   would   like  all     ox-
II it un i i. .it of the iioin .ficn fnr amend
no ut iei in.  Municipal Act.
('baitman We- found thai ta com -
plete our eweragc system it was nc-
co arj io get more money, nH tho
money had nil boon used by previous
council nnl also u certain amount
drawn mil nf thu general revenue. Wo
I'u'l lu procure lawyers at tbc coast
■ ■"   I In   i nui' ii I.ii ion  "I  thi        ' lty
ol • ■ ■ ,• ! The Municipal Auditor
11 ■• li   bill  It ■  drafting    the ami id
ii    'tii.nillng lo   ami   wo (ISO
Ml I M, Kollie—1 think iho city
mni 11 should have had tbo dnnnclal
lutement published before llu
log it Is Itnpoi bl" to criticise or
■ Into '!|"it-e read oil In lb ll
't ii Ib ph 'fo."i ■ r, rapidly. I
'■'■ ' I bOWet - like 'o know, whore
il (3900 for police lines whloi:
ludi'd in lhe oily Income', comes frnm
liuin whal   reel it Ih derived.
Chairman   i do not led thai the
eliogotber along the linos of the fin-
ei  II    ,1    . I iimi. ii(..      \l    I],,.     aino   time
i v 111 answer ian ..
In connection wllh ihe publication
of I ' "ionIs as in previous years,
th.. auditor only completed his wort
•ii 6:30 p.m. yesterday, niter working
in the account for three days. Thb
nesting was called to put iho same
i I'foro tli«' ratepayers as coon us po-
siidc gfter lhn account" wore compiled
'Ilio rt.ii nii'tii will appear In tho Sat
•it lay lliue nf the Mail Herald, mi'l
extra <opi(s will be distributed to
ratepayers, nnd placed on file at tho
Oity Hall for reference,
In connection wllh the polioe courl
tines, wh tako the estimate from thc
povioits years. Tbo nn'oitnl of iimn
i y quoted a atuuni tha in oino, wuu
turned lu by tbe chief of Poliee,
where thoy come (rum if outside tbi
jurisdiction of the city council,    and I
U contained In the Police Court     Ac, I
. otirit Books whicli are duly auditeel
and  the balance     paid into thc city
I have not come here tonight to
bavo an harrangue. I have, had enough of that in tho last lew days.
1 have tried to do mybestgcntlennii
to serve the city of Revolstoke, iu
my oapaeity of alderman I have stip-
potto.l whatever wns right in my opinion, und f"1- the best interests ot
the city. I nm in tho same position
as Mr. Howson if you believe I have
nol done what, is right, I am open
and willing io bo criticised, but nol
ly pooplo  who are not citizens     and
First Street, Revelstoke.  Tel.  No. 22
Choice Groceries,   Fruit.    Vegetables
Hay. Feed and Poultry  Supplies
have no vote. Cheers. On bcball of
Mayor Sutherland, and the council,
and mysolf, 1 thank you for your attention.
Mr. .I.M. Keliie—I think mv question was in order, nnd that I am
(milled to know where those tines
etime from.
Chairman 'hen rend ihe following
from the Chid' of Polioe. His books
lave li'.n audited ami found O. K.
1 do nm wish to be drawn Into a
trouble which 'loci not benelit the
financial statement of lho city of
Revolstoke, especially by n man who
would take the trouble to write a
letter su. h a-  I am going to read.
Ohairman rhon rend tho following
To Mayor and Council, Oity of Rev
Gentlemen,—I respectfully reque t
th, privilege ol being placed on the
platform at your meeting tomorrow
night and to tnko part In the dis-
.'lissioii on citizens atfnirs. On behalf
citi/.eni committee,
,1. M. Kollie.
Mr,  -I.M.  Keliie, Revelstoke,
Dear Sir,—I have been Instructed by
ihe acting mayor and counci), to say
in reply lo your letter, that as the
meeting railed (or Tuesday night i-
for the specitlc purpose of submitting;
the financial statement and deal with
questions pertaining Ihereto, that
they do not consider that the pros-
nice of a representative of your committee on the' platform would be in
City Clerk B. A. Lawson,
To the Mayor and City Counvll—
Gentlemen,—Speaking personally,
Without reference to thc member ol
lhe citizens committee, I beg to, ac -
knowledge receipt of the city olerk'-
1,'it.r iif tbe Hth Inst, in reply to
mini ot the Bame date. Ynur lettei
is now before me, and it will soon
b'' behind me.     Your- truly,
J. M. Keltic,
Chairman—H thai is tho lotler ol u
gentleman 1 am ashamod of bim and
ul the committee who would appoint
bun io represent thom.
Mr. Kclllc (Excitedly) You give mB
a chance to ' ply  to that.
Chairman—You sit down, lam bold
ing ihi   platform.
Mr. Keliie I refuse io 11 down un
til 1 have   the opportunity to leply.
Chairman—Will you lie quiet.ifyou
refuse to ncmnln orderly I wiil have
\ou iMtiiove.! from 'his building
Mr. Tapping, Mr. Coursier uud Mr,
Manning,   all roso ond     commenced
speuking at oino. Mi   M
ing,  I hope there will  bo u \
reporl  ul all this m tbu m wspupcr.
A scene of confu»loti follow d; Mr,
Coursler    wns undei stood to temark
that  lhi-  was uut RUBEla.
Mr. Tapping faced the audlen t both
Mr. Manning and Mr. 'rapping "ti
untied speaking together, neither be
.ag h.i ei uibtiuctly ny anyone.
Mr.   Kollie shouted      i    demand u
»hOW  of  hand., as   '.,   W I,. Hoi   I   am   to
bo permitted to reply io that letter
from lhe platform. The majority ol
bauds worn up, au.l amid uxcttctnonl,
Mr, Kollie, himself very excited, then
mouiitcU tho ll.lei'.i ii.
Tlie Chairman- I am m charge ol
tin meeting, wblcb le .-uibil i"i u
pet llic pui I"! •,  Ui   Ke'lie.' leave   lb
I'laK '
Mi   K. Mi-   Certalnl) not
Chairman—I will have you removed
i v tbe police.
Mr. Keliie— I would like to Ne
iho mun who will rauiovo mo don.
tbi   pl'i'foiui.
Tl      ■ ibnlri in  Constable, removi
thl   , • Btleuiafl ''Om Uiu i'aV   •
Offleer—Y >u hud betti
down, ' obey orders.
Mi.  !''.' llii    I    ' .)   right heio,     uul
defy anyiMiu I., put me ofl.
Mi. Manning ll you, Mr. Kollie w,-;
keep quiet, the chairman will i»- able
to addle i bin remarks to mo,
Mi. Tapping iat di wn, Mi    tv l'
sui down lu ihaii  uu plu'l
Mr, Mm.in' g—You ean I    ■      rd
'. ih mv an i»tanc6—
Mi   Manning then spot
ly, uud with snuio interruptions    in
lavoi  nl h'-arlng Mr. Kelli'- and    ug
gi .ted that the ohairman un hi     r.-
(rain    from  anv high handed action
I i.ejiiill'iul   to  iho good   older  ul  thl
'i ..■  ' lhali ra hi   i ht led to Mr, lv
1 i |i   tion  T'cur :■   out,
being published, and the polioe roup
bio   ,   yon  re'iillnc  ilim   Hu mn il   lu
tin   l'o   nill    aOd   ill   e.eiee     who   llllB !„•! II
fined,  and  who ha    BOl   loon t ned tbe
record   Is In   He    Police   f'OUri   Hon'
I  think  (hal  I1   la a- ntniil   'h'     rule-
Heating Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Hardware and Sporting Goods
We are offering good discounts off all Crockery,
(,!ass and Silverware during month of January.
Firbt St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
ial Atui.iiiM
Mail i
We wish to thank Our mans- friends
for their kind patronage during the
past year and to extend wishes for a
"Happy Und Prosperous New Year.
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street.
Telephone No.  93
..Swift's Specieities..
Revelstoke Heat Market, Ltd.
llilel    lie ' .1     I 11.li.
ili i
♦•M^M* ##♦<&## «$H$»4**>#$«i»4*€*$#<il> £"£♦!*
In* sdaj and Wednesday, Jan. 14-15
■ *
, >
os •■tur,  ■!
,      alUlUbl
de Luxe
Eye Glass
Club      %
lhc        $
Camp Fire's
% RESERVED SE .TS, $1.00
i I \ i
.t'ynUtiucI uu I'uj,« Eight,)
^•^^♦♦JK'il''^ $*J»*Jh|* ♦!♦«$♦«$♦«$♦♦$♦ «$m$»4$m|«»|m£ WBDNESDAT   JAV, Sth.
TJ31E 3ytJLTXJ-l-£BIli£:v!L:LJ5 IV-i     V ESLSTO Bill!
WEDNESDAY,  JAN. 8th, 1918.
IKH]  ' ;' HARD ( OAL
Screened Furnace, p r ton .  ..
Sti it "	
Screene I L i p, per toi
Nut "      	
We can n coi the <       Nui Conl very
i range,
$10 'ii
. $9.50
. $7. iMi
The Revelsti    <  ral Agencies, Ltd.
'.  |i. SJHHAlaU,   IK
'Closing Hours 1912 Session- Reductions in
For L913 Mr. Keliie Again Appears-
cian Report and Recommendations.
Light   Kates
■City 1 I ctri-
Zbc flDaU*1Deralb
PCBLISHU'.'   '•' •   ' EE31M.   AND
-ATCItl'A'i    VI
PiJL.CE Cll'rthlicialDr-
Sntertot jpuMisbmo Company
Liine in
J. K. JOHNSON    Manager
RALPH   •',.   Si'i-H'TUN    ', i      i
<-.m~'. -'•y--.
NESDAY,  JAN.  Bth,  1913.
v. ■    • ting  hei I  on T .•■ laj
last   ' inicipal i ounc 1
v i        . ifli    ",  and our    ro-
; tt ' ' ■..'. e  '       1 I. ■
getl      witb t.1     --e    ial      tuti im u
published week's  issue,
. li .i a lii
■    :' ■    . t
■ • i . the        >    ni   it, vi. •'.-.•
I tl '  oess.on, our read
its, lia>.:'a-   ■ Ion   tb   i      ili"     mosl
i ouncll Meetings
■■;. a tbe lo ,e. press
'e  jVl       : '- '       ' .      '■•■     an  ,'     «'. '. '11
.flairs, and  o    vei-;
(uil  report    I thi
Ing . •    tlu        mai
i ■    ..•     menlatlona   ■! reduction' in
. .-■ ■. ■ itee, unel the   fennj
rei• ;'      ' ecu     in, la
io.-t     :■.:.'. I IO
l'o        ■■■..■    ot Keporti
ci   I M.i'     Bl ""
e        I-      I        : t  llBII   .1 :l>
•    '     I-,    ;    e   |„tii
L«j- ring I        .     vmi.     an.i
taki ■"..'■.:
'■■ . ......    ':..,
n.il   hai    e,-   ■. . tuu.s.    t.
uty and ... .,
liki inaui       ti ■■•  •■ in> Iui
. -   ■
tbeli   . ...        .'...lee
..111   Page
ition?   le
pern       :
■  '■
e-    "
'   '
•   '
'     '
.    .      '
:..•?   -    -
■  •
■ . •■    s i'ertna
■  ••:        liigh   -
> re   1
■•. --t
Concluded fi
Wlll'll    lie.    Veell ^^^^^^^^^^^
. in  .le. you niean now'.'
Duriug the Conservative Convention
I  v us e.i   my  holidays ihe'tt, and I
■ i   - .i  1 e anything aboul It.
Where you e,n your holidays during
the  lair?
Veen  lid nm clvc atiyon
tu run   i game'
YeeM    Imll    |M>    i]n* I I ll< I ll.'UI
ne tu permit  games?
lit. liillan t h. ii quesiloni 'I thc Chiel
Villi, im-   M IJ Dl     ft'b   tl   Vim   WeW   ill
I'l  llll .lll'l'
Mr.  Lindmark.
Kt.iin   whom  'Iui   yoll   ;:rt   yi.in   In   t
... tructions  legurding  tli.  •   matter
Pro     Mr,  l.indinurk.
You u-iet your Instructions trom lilm
.,        'ee     Wll.'l'     Vielt     » I' Tf     tei    I'm IV     . ,111 "
Yes,  I  have tried  to ob y  ihe    or
li rs i'l the Commissioner   evei
came bere.
Mi.  Lindmark  Is n  put Ishionei     ol
Mr,  Mclntyre's churib, iu ha Tict-'
i holrmnn—Tlri       lms gone tui  cu ■
t '.' ne." iei  Kil     le d reti rre I lo thi
bei    twee   CotllUliSBiO     [ol     ,1 UliUg
Mr, Ti imhle   Mr. Chuii man, i
Kith yoi      Hi    Kell     said  thn
ul   ."ti. ti Info ihe  itli'i.ev
I.- pilrsd Invi  I gate I   Tb    m 11
n called f. .1  tbat purpose
I       haS    '" ki'.l tl '     Vell'je' ,e(
. i i uilu "• tn ■ ... and h- i.,
ei.i iii it privilege. I .ii-i nol afi i I
i    ill •;■■   Ms wil I wanl I'
■• l But,  II vnu M-k in,     (ol
ny opinion,  I will sny thai   »
il .:    e I ,.'i 'I;    ,    Ql     ■' '
■ .ti'.t now.
Mi.     Abrahamson   Th e   i verj
..itim.-i■ .• • iti~n  -he'  meeting .
This is hu   me I■.'.''Ion foi thi
:• Ul ■   ..
• .ncle    vv i'i  due  respect   I
I       Batal
in- code ih. j   In
i n    forward  those  p
"\ W|      II      !■!■'•
n all        ailed
\ n
•   vi. cli was
A't ihamson    Vppaivntlj
■ ask th    '
ate tli. I f.->.|  vi ■ .
Tef tu .1
I im e,.;  couuell  mei  'e.r  iheir linul
..-sinli   eel   tbe       millliuipiil    vein.       llll
b'rtdaj  eveniug lai.
Sei,,,;- Mayor II. Mi Kiuuon occu ■
pieil  ihe cluiir,
l'i. sent, Aldermen I! 'in1, McSorley
.liruhamsun,   It,   II""   in,  l lty Olerk
Uiu -mi ii-ihI   'he' minutest eel the'    lust
i iiM,',i iiiiii  special     meetings,     nud
which we'ie adopted.
Mi'-si'-. .1. M. Keliie. II. Lotighced,
and Kev. .1. H. Mclntyri ivi tc prom ul
a - ;i  deputation ". cltl ei
Mt. J.M. Kelln . spoke in,in lot tin'
de putatlon, .saiil  in pari
Wo -.iff ciinic  hen'  touighl   tu     re
niii'Si  thui   ihe eily  iouncil  lake     up
lh.-  inveitignl i.'ii   lhal   was  before ih.-
I'ollcc  i  immii elouors,   Dowu     town
 11  !U     bllVl       ll  '■   I'     I'.UM'I     .lllel     'Ae      'la,it
I,, Dud .-nt wlij them «onu ti were .'il
lined e.n a certain day .-mil whctlior
th. i litj I'liiii tl tolerate these women
elllng liquoi all the year round ami
tin.' ili'tii on certain duj  .
Wc bavi also the Chii I ol Poliee
swearing that lie' know: nothing ab
nut gambling, j el hc bu ■ tated tei
th" Police Commissioners thai the
town was wide open for foui days
I efore the fair, ami  we want   lo kuow
i! it is in ihe Interest of lb > nl
Itevel-tiel.' tn allow tin Chiel of Po
lice tu continue In ollice. The Acting
.Mayor.   Mr.   Abrahamson,   an.l      Mr.
Trimble have I n on tbi- ..>tixi>.i. n
i.tnl   we lis   a   eotnmilltee   are   met   sal
isiiiil with ihe Investigation. We wi h
this  Investigation  continued   by      the
couiii il.  oi   a i oiniuitt f  thc ■ oun
cil, an I      I would   like  to  a-k   Alder
man  Howioii   ifjlie  would  ai   on     i ll
... committee
Ud.   tin-.-.   .Ml      I    Would    feel    11 my
liit\   ti.aei   .en  ati.e   committee which
Is '"•  tin  g 1 of I li.- ' ii    ui    ol Rev
It toki    tnd  i il our     rlty,
anfl  even  em  i hit  ■ ummltti •• If I fell;
1 could  'ill  thnt   poBllfon,      le1
waj  the Inv  ' .mi ion bu    been   con
lueted 'i .;■'■:• in
Ion   iii'l I would like ii   sec   omo ail
till       y  Sit    .n   the ' haa .   Kwu   hail       a
this chnir     during 'h" past
lays 11   'H ghi   huve ■   ich ra
■   ;
•:        •  . taken to
i.e   mh.   Hi ■  mnl cl   laid     'I  re     the
Vitoincji  (Ji t'.'t.'il
Mr. K lib    Vifi.	
roiilil    ii  i , commit
le"    1   Wie |1||    liki'   < IlilU    "M
I    mattei
•ti ;
.,,,;,        ,.,'.. gOOd    IlllSHl     •'. nil
tlio purl  nl 'I S   I" buvc  I  c lia*
let n iiiiiii.ai'li. tui'l  'bi' nm nl now     on
nm , i, .nn.l   I plet ' tne work,
Alel. Huw.suti i'i . llinl " 'Im beBt
plan, it will su ii us i .pi uses, tbe
wm 1, can 11 nominated lij tbi I lovoru
tm ul   ami we will  ■-■' iinli'ii'■■   tbem up
1,,  t a ■ a , il  i     ' be "St un.He snliiivii
ted alilini: I Mi' II iy "in • xpuUBC will
he less than lliai . We' nl course only
pay  i lie   iciu        in ' ilil ure uoi  i" os
■ e'i',1   the   ■■Iiiiiiiii'
M'l.      I.  11.'      I '    'M      '.Illli      iVlll llll
i.i ,.i   it   I.,-  t...I   ,'. In m   ,t   is  completed,
ild.   llowson   it   ii   a good  in." ■   ni
itli Ijli   ■    Iii   .et   I in      ivni'li   .Iuui',     an.l
wu also gel  ti right   ul  way lor     our
I «.
\1 !    Mm:-.M I. y    I   nine,   the     mill in
I.,   referred tee the  I iihlic Works coin
unit Me   witb  peine i   :,. mi.    Carl ied.
I'll,hitTIIH    L.ltlll'l'  KATES.
.1.!.     Ahruhamson   The    comniitioo
huve sitliinii.il el theii  report with rec-
iimm'lidations ainl  comparisons,     as
:,' :    . ii  I.'i t mi'Oting.
Acting Mayor bit Kinnon—I would
ike i 'i e',' i ui in uti.r ul reduction in
the .aies Bcriouslj   couBidered.
Aid. MmSi :.■>■- IVe Mt ihat ».■ mighl
owing to inereu ed consumption ol
I'iecii Icily, ri iinee ihe rate and yet
retain our revi nne. i ilntik n reduction of thi rate might even lead to
n greater ratio nT Increasi in quunti
iv ni electricity n od, but you nre all
.' tlliar with in> ideas on this sub .
.• cl ".ii:■■■! i 'Via', s ,■■: ;,t. th.- beginning .ei our year.
AH.  Hnwson— I  um in favor of iv
dm ing the rales,    sp ciully il  we ean
ilo   •■ without crippling oui  linancos.
Vld.      bourne   To  roduce  the  rates
now   '      lil leutl      tied t tpi ut
e  UC!
Aid.   \|e s,,i La      There   at"  certain
■ hen: ■ n '••" i rli nho il i .in. we should
' on  !.'•■• i d on  'lu-   mai -
'   i.i     n  oi-di     that t hu     in-
louring ij   [rami   their     es-
timat's  ol  rjv.'iiiii   aecoidingly h was
i ' t     rednt c the    rat.
coming in. us ihe i si imaies were oul
"'■        ■ tn thc     matter
pi op rlj    : li    aa timing council      will
i .  i ■■   ..!■  i ■ -   new  rate,
mil    whicli       ihi      proper     nv thod,
e llllll  ' illS     III lll
'l   lhe   middle
uf a Hm estimates
uul deficits     may
city rates
ite       more
. .     a .    .
. ;  bi   show Ing
: thia etiglm   la to ascertain   if
nnl,I  he milt.-.-ei  tor gasoline or
a    an internal eombuBtion oil engine,
which   if  it is possible   to  change  will
liable  it to  be  Btarted  up mid    put
undei'  load   wiib n   aboul   an hour.
It would be udvlsiiblc during thc
ii"\t yenr tu make' some repairs to
ibe too of tho dam, und to pul a
i uncivil: retuiuing wall ut ill.- uppei
i ».l  eel  thu Humes.
The uow transiulBsiou line tro the
power house to town is woll undei
way and I hope lo have it linisbeil
em ly in the spring.
The wiring for the imw  street light-
To thc  Klcetors of the City of
Rovelstoke :
Upon   th"     solicitation  ot  a    large
nitmbct  ot the electors of tho City of
Uevelstoko,  1 have derided t.o oiler my
self as candidate for Mayor.   I! elect
id  I  will endeavor to the best, of my
ability to carry into effect, with   thc
assistance of the council and the rnte
payerB, a Bystem of permanent street
improvements  and   beautifying     our
City, preparatory to tho advent of a
ing is carried as lm  as it  is poBsiblu j large Tnnti-t  business whioh appears
inr the present,  until  \vi   receive    thi   assured, and above all  1 stand     lor
equipment ordered. a united and greater Uevelstoko.
1 herewith presenl lhe lollowing etu T.  Kll.l'ATlUCK.
lenient for the pnsl yeur from Decern ;	
Iimi   I it,  l'.Ul  tn  Novembei  HOth 1912:
New  consumers  connected—4H   ligbl
ti heat, 1
lighl,  IV
■   i:
ueclcd .!">:;.
Totul   Kn..wait-  generated—780,400
Totul Kilowatts sold   354,478.2.
I'seil for     municipal    lighting 154,
Korly years iu use, 20 years tbo
standard, presiTihed uud reeomiiieml.
ed hy physicians. For Woman's Ail -
mints, Dr. Muriel's Female Pills, at
your druggist.
heal,  19 pi'wei'.
ineh  or  verandah lights
muected    952
Municipal Elections
I'n the Electors of Wanl One:
In response lu many solicitations I
have ileeiilsil iu agaiu stand for ru
election us Alderman for Ward One.
When I .un again eleeli'd Inr tbe yeai
lulu, I will endeavor, as in lhu pnsl.
to do all in inv power for thu City ol
Requesting ynur Influence and vote
Yours, obediently,
Buys ami sells everything, (New
and Second-hand.)
Household sales a xpelully,
Conducted anywhere.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Auctioneer and Valuer
iii:vi:i.st<>Ivi:. n.c.
Municipal Elections
Highest  Peak load   Sl I kilowatt;
Inlet ruptions   >n     Lighl circuit— 22
hours, ."i- minute .
InterrupiiniH ou     power circuit--  S
hours,  111 minutes.
tins ISngine inn-—11 hom .
Cnst  of electricity pee   kilowatt— All
running expenses not Including Interest   ami .-inkiiiK fund, $12066.95, am
 it -..Ul. $8.4; snlel and     used     tor
muni-ipal     purposes, 1:^.:^;     amount
generated, H.iil.
Including above anvl interest $25141.
US—amount sold,  $7.1; snid and used
fur municipal purposes, $4.94; amouuti ,. .... .
.,,,„,. |   ^22. ','0 lllc Electors oi Wanl One:
Including     aliieve and Blnk'lng fund,]     I bave been lcqiiestiil by a  nuinliei
.'.. 183.23—amount sold, $8.86, snid  & I of ratepayers of  Wanl  One to again
used  f.'i   municipal     purposes,  $6.17;  stand   for  re-elootioli  as   Alderman,
amount  generated,  Ic. whicli I have decided to do,    li  elect
I'rice  , er     kllowutt- A tn. unit   Bold,  ed 1 will in tho future, aa in  the pnsl,
$9.24;     Bold  nnd  used  feu   municipal! give all the time and attention necess-
purposes,     $6.44;    amount  generated, I
In the n
eluded thc
.! cirii.,:
1 have opened up a Restaurant in Lower Town
and will serve all Chinese dishes, such as chop
Suey, Noodles, etc.
first Door West,  N'rst to lite  Hall
tin- lust interests ol
... rate ,
ive calculations 1 have In
..ial debenture debt of thc
plant.     including     those
hnrged  to the general  fund.     whieh
ulso iti'ludes water works, with    lho
\e. '   1 debenture  V.  whieh     Is
[or water mill. nnd is omitted.
With reference io the attached sched
iie of interruptions to light and pow
i sre iee during the past, year, yoll
nill notice thai the majority ol these'
interruptions was mi the lighting rir-
a iiii . ..nd uas ..'iii-e.l by testing in
working mi lhe line, which have' been
carried • .iat during lhe periods when
t lie l 'inaml tor lighl have been at a
minimum and cnitlil have been reduced  had  ■iieiiiii-innces  warranted  it
1  have attached    schedule     allowing
the   iniiiunt  usc'l (rum  ivblch elect ii
nl   lepariment receive!   me revenue oi
ercdil.    In   amount   in  all  casoi    ■ <
pl   sieei   lighting,   lire  alarms    and
rock    :u Inu   being measured by met
which  the t lectrieal     di pai I
nn nt    liould  l"   given credit  for     at
llu   rat    of $6.17 leer kilowatt,  whieh
th   cosi  price under tbis  tchedule,
Ill'V In  I'llll lll'l i-
Soliciting your vote and support.
Vour obedient servant,
II   .1. Mi SOIII,KY.
muitidiPM [LUiiMMS 1913
To the Electors vi Wanl Three :
At lhe rCnuest ot a large number ot
HUectors of Ward Three, I have decid
ed to offer myself (or re-election as
an Alderman for Ward Throe. I have
tri.il to dn my duty hy tbe citizens
at large and a-k for a renewal of
your confidence.
'        • abu
- . _
1 '     ■' -      ... _
It ii tberefoi b •
owini ■
< UM
. 'V       !■■
| -. ' 'til. ,...       .
:.-■ •  •. ■'-'
.'■■■: ■    •: iriai
tl       ^3ll   *Lj   t:-
■: peri*
".  Jti        pl
ll   Ml     I! .:■ i-   Kill j■•    ■
• i tbe  MouOlalli    I.. .
of  tl      I   P.R      BI tl
•  •      lii     ■• -j: ;
" -■  . tit i iptu
.        . "I .       pru ti
.,   - 0 airs, ond
'   ; ■ .     .
•■ . ..... ihi;
ia'       hn    . thi
*h. head    '  i. .  - ' er
I       . - >-•■-■,
lljO^l fadj fii-
Vcr, will . ■ -.'heig du
kbli -, . .. to wbomai
r o Ioi , . ortlng tbi
"getters! » Mr. Kil-
pairiek tt I n foi
Mayor d.i.»:- ,%.■ om-
U. ;! to
tal for ati>"'
■pt     C"
1 M.'le
'l     '  .     nl
"C, '     I lell'
i' ty    Hall,    le\   in.iri   .
llll :      No    I
Hall   Nu     I
City Wn     '  mm   -' nor a I
■    ifl
".   Ban I    Hall  	
Band  Ha
I nia led
.■       Alarms,  estimated
.   ■ •
3705.9 kts,
...C221.8 ktB.
,2120 t lets.
6483.2 kts.
....    27.7 kts
5333.5 kts.
I 117 '. kts.
...4734,2 kis.
365 i lets.
.. 7ti..i. kts. ]
... ; ,o kts.
..2600.0 kts.
e 1 iiiiii'   .1. .ll'.e.iell.u ktS
       15412S.1 kts.
iViunicipal Elections
To the Electors of War J Thiee:
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,
Revelstoke, B. C
before buying yonr nut-
fit of working clothes
lor tbe bush. I make a
specialty of l.oe/itim;
Shoes, I'liiit'i, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
reniiirrel in vour liusineM.
And for   the    Development
Kevelstoke ailing Progress-
ive Lines,
itlsfactory, 1
..iii'tit Bervant,
-i   r cal   Uepartmctal
' '.    have |ea.e| in
md  sinking fund
tm    ii pi  ni   ... our
•     '.'.     md  1.   Com
v  mkktim;
i ■
- i
.1 t.
1 ■■ »■ .-.
Iti i   i' i   ii '
,   'bu'
ip pepo  ■
,   ijr Mi
Jll-   '51
■*a..i i
Tbi   ti. ti.,n i .
ll  aDil tarried. .
''hn.'T nn •   Aa thrlv   '
kttf«i ia a, ' ftftJi tj^s ji^.
r    ■
■     'l ,.,.      .
iie, '  ■■  'In ik pari
e tin at'!   r  tl
ALTajbimiwa-i ttuni \h\*
e^ . aia t»kll| ni wjt| '\m uianuaiclur
To the Electors of Ward  I'nreei
Your vote ami lullueiice aie respi ot-
ulii snlii-iieil for
is Abb iiiinii If uliulvd I nill ({Ive
ny best ilTorU for thu good of Waul
'love uud ibe ' ii> generally.
l'o the Electors ol Ward Three i
^ ..ill- Vole anil illllueliee mi' les|ll'i-l-
ully a  beileil Iti lnw.. nl
eel      \|   let |||  III. ll     |'||>I   I .'I I    I   -llllll   jl-,   11,
I.     n.i   I    .1 ileal i   have   I lie   I il l
IIIM i iilell,i  |ee|   Ilea-   |||(l    ,0,1  eijoj.
'.il'l Ill '
.. r
11,   '•.
RD—A  '     '    ■■'   .- n ml   housi
I    r ■     ■.     i      i       i...  .'
Not.i I     '.'■■
ibe I        ... :.,:■ in    Oom-
ra      e    »iu i    i ;.i ... the following
. ■ -
i i'.      Wednesday,     January
' ourtbouae, 10 a.m.
ti   Arm      i'liiu dsy, January
.' i
i     l i      January  -4th,
i' nr IhoUio, 10 a.m.
Othei        ■'    ,     -..li ht uuoouui.cd
i      •    ■     ■■. log will ho»r t ■.; i. u..
on all mattei  af'-etim; labour     on -
iliti'.r.i  lo  'he'   Pfovii a,   All   |.ir ous
'  tit  liiegent.
H   ii. PARSON,
1 h 'iimaii
i'. It. MeNAMARA,
doiwtvy,       lit ,t, J,t vt.
To All Our Customers
and Consumers of
G. B.
We wish a
KKQWUR s imciuim
Vancouver.    -    B. C.
«    *
Advertise jn l^iRior^j
/ WEDNESDAY.  JAN. 6th,  1M8.
WEDNESDAY,   JAN    8th,
j iri fi
Starts Saturday, January 4th, 1913
Swift and sure have the price cuts been put into our stock for this Sale,
c^lstounding values await you. The mild winter finds us too heavily stocked
with cold weather needs, and rather than carry heavy" stocks forward
for the coming year, we have made enormous reductions.
Unprecedented Values in Men's and Boys' Clothing
:,o NENS SUITS HIGH GRADE, values up to $32.00 January
Sale $^2..,o. This lot embraces everyconceivable style of suit, so that
there will he no difficulty ahout not having the style of suit you desire.
They are made from imported iweeds and worsteds. Regarding to thc
workmanship, we wish to draw your attention to the fact that these are
hand tailored suits.
Values to $32.00
75 MENS  SUITS,  high grade values to 25.00 Sale Prices $14.9x3
These  suits are suitable for best or everyday wear.    The patterns are
choice and all new styles, and  wc guarantee the   workmanship, and lin-
.... al' UII   ^ruj 1'i.ui a Ulta
Values to $25.00
12 MEN'S OVERCOATS, values to $20.   January Sale Price, $10.95
These are made from the very best of  Imported Tweeds anil  are guaranteed to hold their shape.   Regular Values up to $20.
Reg. Value up to $20.
Every Boy's Suit in the Store to be Sold at Half Price
These consist of Sturdy Tweeds and Worsteds, up-to-date designs, well
made, and lined, with Bloomer Pants,
Remember- -Any of Them at Half Price
200 Overall Jumpers Regular $1.00 and $1.25
Men's Mackinaw Coats Regular Price $5.50
Mens Mackinaw Pants Regular $4-50
Sale Price 65c,
Sale Price $2.95
Sale Price $2.45
Men's heavy working Shirts, all wool, Regular 2,25 Sale Price 1.45
Men's Heavy Working shirts. Regular Price 1.50 Sale Price 90c.
100 Negligee Shirts. These include our very best patterns, and broken lots of our regular lines,     Rjegular up to $2.00.    Sale Price 90c
50 Pairs Men's Heavy Working Rubbers and 12 Pairs of Three-Buckle Overshoes
Regular Price, $3.25.   Sale Price $1.90
Boys' Wool Gloves and Mitts.     Regular Price, 3t>c.   Sale Price. 20c
Twenty Serge Suits.    Rjegular Price, $15.    Sale Price $7.90
Boys' Sweaters.     Regular Price, $1.25.    Sale Price 65c.
Boys' Coat Sweaters.    Reg. Price, $2.25.    Sale Price $1.00
75 Pairs of Boys' Shoes.   Reg. Price. $2.50.   Sale Price 95c.
• These inelude all sizes.'
25 Pairs of Men's Heavy Working Boots.   Reg. Price. $3.50,    January Sale Price. $1.90
50 Pairs Men's Fine Shoes.   Reg. Price. $3.50 January Sale Price. $1.90
Men's Fleeced Lined Underwear.   Regular 75c. and $1 Lines
January Sale Price 50c
Men's   Heavy   Wool   Underwear.     Regular   Value  $1.50.
January Sale Price 95c.
Men's Regular $1.75 Underwear, made by the best makers.
January Sale Price $1.00
Boys' Underwear.   Regular Price. 75c.   January Sale Price 35c.
Men's Wool Sox.   Regular <?5c. lannary Sale pric*\  ....     Si* Pairs for $1.00
Men's All Wool Sox.   Regular 35c.      January Sale Price 25c.
50 Patrs of Boys' Wool Stockings.   Reg. up to 50c,   Sale Price. 25c.
Reg. $3. Line for $1.45
This is Easily the Best Hat Value offered in the City.     They Consist
of Soft Hats and Derbys	
Sale Price, $1.45
Boys' Hats
Regular Price, $2.00.   Sale Price,
65c. WKl>Xt'S['A\      ' VS   8th,   191!
WKDHICHDAY,  JAN. 8th, 1318.
Ae      ^J,    'i
invf   men e
Advocate Meii    i is, ami Mr. G. S. McCartei
in Legal Keiu:      of  Committee 10 Produi
Myster:o      •■    >■■■    Ten inates Session.
I.l   yoll   kli.e"   H Il.e   ' he'  ownoi   wnu?
No,    I'lll    I  UII Ii i      nuJ    UM     Iinil Ml''-
iM    j i .:■.   ■        nl  .i   i" ime
Wll ie  yoil'intoi ii    I  mm  In who pin
:.  i       I    ' llll     |m .
Sol    I   the  nexl   iluy,   Will   you
'...i   mt ii th   uox1  duy.
Ill    til   Him!
i   mi un.' n   io     Lhe
i, ui   ih Hi d
Do    . i'."'   I '
III   mil
Hue   I'ii
.l>   llu
I    .1    yi
.-   '
the te    ■ •
3<M  .
to s
•   . '
-   •   ■
■   ..   ■
I togetl
thi'; •,'•"•'.I
•    [th   Police i .'on
thing    ••':■■ bawl •
. ■ ,•   ■ •      : nn   .i
tie !a.-(      ■ • . ■      • will
■I bop  pomonal-
and get through
.. •■ ■ ly . an.
■ ,.,,....,
•   i    .   .   had   id  affidavit,
...    gainst two per
■    :. ,   t in...   and
• • r ti ofthclasi
■ ■  • givi u  an  op
■   ■    - • ed to bring
• - • .   ■     opportunity   has
an •••■■
■ ratand  I   have
• • -  tho     Hoard
Ioi      i
•    .      I an   !'••■•' ri pn      i and
• "     K '•'     McJntj ■•■   ind
'•   I
'■'   ntyi    ■' -  •■ ent un i
•   thi   mat ii'i   nnd
;   1   V . io   pt   tbi       '• ca- ding!    "'        til.
di8cuss,»i     tie
tw«     Mi    M Ji.-vit, com •. toi    the
• M     m.i .i-i".   counsel toi
I be mmrin'in and
•        as to wh*
■    ' QCil ''.e'. iiiy   ontrol
net     (Mj       Mr
.   ba I   ..".'. during
».i  shown  that  al  •-	
K      •   -      ■...   ,.i  in, the ■
■ :   •   •..  bim and   i
" pointed ...ii
rtali i
n ind had    ppuint
' tiers ot hi<< i ...n, „ti.,
« ' e   to th.' Catling ".
ded  to uiv.-   Mr
e th.     ght l     ross e|u.'»tion cer
'   •   '       >   ""    -      "     e.     D.g      he'    Chlira'.   e    e'.'ll
..;   *-hli
, that        wns
-     ' elut.   y   •   llle-
' -'   ' ..'..'
ood thai
..     . t.
■   r ■•
•\ ho    Mltl
'•:.?'•.,>, . ■ .
■■ .-   '■:.
iih, : aJwayi ,.»■, .♦. io him.
st It Ohanrr
r ;  fmeatt?
hie)   II j..-'- UU you tiat
■ -. :t    new dintnct     you
■ ■' "d
■    :.. ■ orded bt I
.:•...    I      tit     ...n-ht,     wr.
■   ■ ■  .i.
bid ..;    jl •* do^a 'at;.
j • • •...   d :.•*)' B'uxtPii?
Aa kta>.«if
..era-. the-'t?
Ho* moca rent do jrou ;»jr?
SO.iO ■   tBODtfa.
*  i   iii all
Mi.  Ke lie    i   would     liki   Lo i,Ui s
h    Chli'l  e.f Poll''   mew.
riie. Chiel of i "lii'M then nne I .mi..
Mr  K
A hu    .i.i   vmi . aitl. r    i.e notil'j   Hi ■
imt  ;he)   might  i;  ji
.ne.i- ilisirictV
. li.   i h .ei man of ilm I'olicu     Oom-
Mi ii  .
lie no   ... .I  you thn    thoy could
liai  illi- i u'i, * reora.c - ti'.'i'i.    and
n.'il!.'     till   I
Hi   mu ,'   ii-ii   ihat,  In   did  uot    ii;
DO    yOU     lelllCllllee  l     U|||lt     Bl Il'l ll      .11     I
Villi     U'I    lli-el     tO    hilVe'    ViUMte'll"
li"   'llll    111"     111' Iltil.'ll    llll'lll.
v> hal  bi '■; ts had they to vacate
I railed thi in 'ill   with  iho i sei n
11     lef     I W.I     111.I      l.'l.Ill'
Veell    ne.l.ll.i.l    1 ll-' 1 il    llle V    ll.nl    II.    V.i
1 ali1 em Dougtae    troi I '
'. e I'M     e.ll     Pl ..111      Rtredl ,        l'e   ll]      ,   1
and  W'IIeou  siroi i,
What 1 .i'ii, or unel"i what i iw bavi
veeii Hi.' 1 Ight tn notify those i ■-.»,■ 1 »-
mm to »in i •■ tlioj  shall go ui'l t '
Mi. Mn '-.i lot' i obji vi lee thai ii notion,   ll  in :i legal quo- lion.
C hali n .ni    I   Bustoin     ihat  ofijoct
Mr. M< Intyri    Had you any author
ityitj  • .' any kiml  to mako this deal?
From  ttie Commissioners.
Mr Mclnij re Vou ot lhc or Iers
.rom the Commissioners?
Chi.-f- Fr.nii thee Chairman of tbe
'■ ■ 11111. i lionem, my orders are t n obey
he Commissioners,
Mi m Intyri How Hn yen know
Ch ' I havi- ii copy of the -ntuteOM
•1 Bi ' I ' olumbia in which It st«
•ee i -un tu obey  Ihsb ""lorn.
Mi Mclntyre—Where 'iiel yon see
bai '
i hi'.'f   It  |s ir. ik" boor.
Mi    Mclntyre—Then yeur only reas
elll    ie-t     ("Vlllfl     I I'I ^    "[-lllT    Wile;    t<e    ,.\^V
i rdei    ■ I thi   < lama bi   ;i
ctiiof   Ve,
I'li.rnii.iu I ; nderstood Mr. Keliie
A-ns examining the ohluf, Is he going   '• go   in Willi hiu questions?
Mi. Kellli   -Yes,  I wish to.
ilnv. \,,ii ,, code ol rides to run
thai district?
There i- an linwrM len lnw
'i      ll.>.  HS-lHtl     lllfll    t.ee.lK     plaCO    11
,iiee|  to iini--  unwritten law,   u
.vlut  it  mi-unt, ilm -.nt; whi. b it,   wai
shown tbat the nn-nnlng was expla  i
.1    e      be I '!..•■'
i.i :   meet ng,  nnd   wa •  in    bc i •;
i>I the  x .1 it- Then
.'•   •    ,•  .k.;i.   at thi • line, i1 was
;: l    t..  take down      ■•!.•'
bein? «aid i
Will  ... i tell ,;•   «Hat tbi
It is in .........
you mak        ...
.   ... .. i  Iik    to  ■ ■    -
lm i to be |
lien       y char
■•.       ,MI
I      .
Did I
■   •
n hai   -
;■ '      '   •
ts It any ju    ■.-.-.
'.   .
:'       ■,
FM   ;;..
' "   I never got
.   . -,„   .      .'-..,
t never
I., dnv    th r, oot.
I . I     .   '     BOW wh     .','.■
- ■■ .'.:■■.
r tk'*?
. '     di it day
ttti 'ise ii ,t  ia>    I an       '  .
D i yci   ,»j   '. ., 0 oi > .
WiO     told  yon  !he>  i-ouid JO
Ieorge utti-rt'i
The Mayor.
Ulll   yoll   ivii    •. II   .u.i    ,.1   lhc I    POO
plo  iii im niiel  l'ii\  any  of  ihis prop-
■. .Ml  swi   :   '■    thnl '
ie.1    Hf|.    I 'e   ll Ml'.       \ Oil Will    BWl'llC
e    .  I   in   positive,
......' ofti'i   ili   ..mi     il   i Ill-Be i coplo
"i   v.n   ofteu.
;     HV    ell
. ell    we  liavi'  me    i'i   numliei
es,    If  lii'i'  do  anylhing     iinia;,
i.   pull  lh in
iVliy .in ,..ii pull  them';
II . mum.     In .    :-. I   ,11 link.
.'■ usi   . • • .   gel   ih uni,'     \n\
■ h ir  ie-.
i " selling liquor,
f . selling liquoi '
I leell     .1,1   Veell    lill.l    t Ll." I t.   QUI?
ii' havo ways m"!  means ol doing
Hi  ways niiel mean  '
He. you know for u fai t. thai liquoi
■ sold ihi im    all  the tlmu    in open
, m ..   iduck lack    ui
umi i, m ii ii       ii da .'.'
j   di : ,'0    iUo»  it '
lt •.     ii ,i  in .i    gai iiiiui)'
jn   i. in. i i    e   .'. re ""'  pla) n l  foi
.. ... .
,  ii| ii    b ii Look  pin        lie
n   ul e.l  ill      :■ ,.'iii "■      to
mn lm n in       .i ■ I"  whal      thoy
,   ,    un I,, r iho law   11 riieii ied
mm .
: ow,  as .i   ii ul tei  of fnci  illtl  von
, ,, i    i... n    mii I       iiiiiie run In thl-
I OW 11     II   llll) mi li
II  do e il  you i'ii" gam
i       uu ki nw   ". i mi   rambling Is?
\. s,   In     I n ii .ii.-      v. in-ill. r
Jll  I   llll    IM     "eel
  ■  Lho ■ lty,     I
not ni   " In uil "ii the ,'ieii'''.
-. ou li:i v.   ii hi ned tin   . amo.
Ii   :'   noi  your .Iuiv to .-."pi" «s lite
,,!.' nl silliii    ol  liquor, uiid gambling
In      yon  nol   ii mii iin oath  i"    re
i ou dl i imi know .i whh running?
Puring the fair?
Xo, I wiih um busy
limine,      v,,n swear poslilvelj  that you   did
i.ii  Mi'M ii  game ol i lack' |auk     going
nii  in  lhl"   uiwn"
\ n', l ■ wear posll Ivol)
Win I'm v ■" in n olgar atoru   during
III.'   fun-.'
I luring iho i:iii '
And  you  .Mil  no!   -i'e  n  game     "I l
hliiil  lack  going on  there?
No,  i her.' were n numlier ol pooplo . T
aroun I one ol tho lahle .  but I    did
nol  ' now   wiint  they were playing.
-e ..ii did  imi  know what  thoy    wore
I wish all my patrons
"A Happy and Prosperous New Year"
play ug
Ni , I did uoi pay any attention to
It.i yuu tell ihe I'l.ipn. ten or nay
i arty m the hou e thai the Iim I plac i
[or Hi.-in in imi the inlil.' was In the
I did not,
Vmi ■ weal   '" that?
I do,
Vmi don'l remember telling lilm to
pui  ii  in tlie collar?
I ip n i lertiemlicr lolling him any
, li n„• ui..nit the cellni.
"li   sw   ur  |"i Hivrlv'"
1 ii'i eli.n'l    rciiiomlie'i   saying    any
lh n ■ iboul taking it  elovvii below?
-, ...i hi :u   that vmi  dlil not know
The Revelstoke Hoot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The Btyle, tho workmanship and wear
Ami comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old,
1: a ,.HKi' js-^mti xRanwfmuHi
, :i ,|  I,, Uilu     initio]   "''    you will  th '    wn    .nnil lm.; going on In thii
i mi don't know,
v.mii' j een over in those bouse ;
A tew e:ay- Bgo, a little alter ymi.
Whnt wn- your objoi t ni going tliore
nfter Mr, Longhead aiul I went to R
'■M.'iiii house''
I   had  "ee object.
i'. tint was ii" r objei-t in going t"
i 'hiii boi se after Mr. Lougheed
,.iiel  I wem  I" thai  'i."I
I  lm I  ni ii   regarding you.
Y in  bad  •.' ob i-i-t regarding me?
Iii.l all) bod; n '1 you thnt I had
bail there?
VMlel    'u!4   Fve. '
Weill i kmvi it.
Did  -b"   iill  tell   youi
Ves,  the i- rl  told  n n  i.l about    ii
i:   ,e    Oliver* il....
fou  lind t       ive   -: ...ii ■
.•li- total you in tli
': . 9
AS .,   •  ..il   i ;.,  ■   tbii  district   is
e .     '   uol
' D ,        '        throu
lhal      .I.i.'        , .-,   11. I
'I hey ki.o r , , | I
i '"
1 ■   '.
■ ■ ■
top it,   iiiii uphold the law?
Vi      I    iii trying io do bo.
Were yo i upholding tho law     when
you i iitto.]
i;..i you give me' ii cbaneo to     explain?
Wi 11 ko ahead and explain.
Is  Umi  all?
I   thought   vmi  niie   going to     ej
Well, you sn)  you h.i v.- learned iljo
I  I'll   lil'lll.V.
v, here ■
In inini.
In i i.m •, i.m   ■ •■,.•!  played toi
nilel|e"V '
V  all,     ' Hal II    .1    lOWi?
"'. 'ii'i nol pl»J !•'  i«"i»"
It il     ■    o plsj toi money.'
Did yi  i .. - played
in  this
Vou    ■ . •".'    on   ■'  ri   uol  ui ii hou  .
w I oi e ll   i ■   i' iv i in daylight?
.    i  p ,
li     II     lllil  ill"     llll'    filll   '
.       I     .llel    III,I     lellOVV.
1 i.n  hi .nl about il.'
'..ii ' of your "tail told yoll?
No. i"
Vou  im". mi  dlsctliiscd it with inein'.'
'wm dlil not  know     thai  gambling
leei;   111,  '., ,1    III    ll||-,    toVVll"
Il.i.e- you ever trie I     ie> ascertain
, h 'ther there was or nol 1
Ymi havo?
Vo .
Ily bbikIIij my nun arouad.
'Ili y never inm iisyiliiae enmt "H
Nn,   a    ei ».  iiut  ..  smell fttuti.    .,
'.li v  never saw auytliiag lut       s
,ii   ot slough?
i    that  all you did?
Did nny ot your lie ii iill yuu about
■ golug on?
Continued on Page Beven
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Y        HOW
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I'.'l 1
l '
IV ilig
.     eiiiiinil
•VII    1.1,1
'   '
1)1   1
'         i.i-  ,
i      .-iei
you will i
iimi t        ':
iilt   n In
lifftirt-   wrote
line   fnr
ist-fataa -  .o»   .a*?     so    Ui»*     •*e Mt<-or toU joii.'
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they illd not. l*nt there uru other- n
broinliiiinded uh Mr, Kdllo, who ire
m a Petition tn say ilitli'i'cntly, .en
llii- i|iiestion. You realise it, ami 1
realise' it. Kvery city bus been troub
li-.i witb tbc question, We bull lt
thrown at ua irum the Atlantic to
the Pacific. .1 have been iii cities
Where there bus been no redliKht iln
trict, umi where thore lms been, and
I think Ibe jlrlfl e.f Hevelstoke are
fur      suler   ill   ll Cllty   lik<-   Revelstoki'
than nfuiiy another nlty.
Mi.  Keltic- Why?
I'liU'irinuii—1 might Bay thnt over
since niuu waa create, he wus created with tbis ile^ir.', or lust, uiv I
I lin ei nre tho-c who are nut educated
enough and whu are nut in a position
in keep control ol thoso. 1 ilnnk
timi Uevelstoko baa .I., i.l. .1 to have
:i Kedllgbt District, and that most
uf ihe citizens ure In accord. We
have niet the distinction "f being In
n town where if a girl i- put ulono at
night mul gets on a street cur at il
ii'rlu k. senile' follow hops on to. There
e    no  bia  attached  to the    police
Commissioners..,, lt you wish this
thing adjourned, I am only too pleased io adjourn, at tbo same time il
there Is anything you wish to bring
up here, you eould have It.    It is uot
n  iary to bring these' witnesses now
You enn ai*rang,i for it-
Mr. Trimble—1 would liki' to
Mi. Keliie ii few questions,
Mr, Kollie then questioned Mr.
Trimble: G
I would like to know the' names ol
the people whom yon represent, The
t'liiet bn- them, but 1 would like you
to tell me.
what Is vour reason for wanting
them? I du not care to gtve them. I
.lu not suppose they would cure, but
1 do nut "uni to give them.
Will  you give them'.'
You  wont stale tbem:
put in that then
anything under
lying thoir action?
Mr, Mclntyre—Tho point li thii,
tlmt il there bnd been a record ol
tins thing a being permitted aud to
whieh wo bad access, wo could have
none to it aud looked into It and
innl our Information. Uut you Buy
you bavo no BUch record, nnd thut
yuu can't keep such u record, and
you admit thai your action Is Illegal
in tho mailer, and I understand In
your oath thai yuu stuto iu your
oath lhal vou will do nothing lllogal
therefore I understand tbut yon havu
nu   i-i(j-lil   to  say   what,   yuu   will      du
ia  nut do,    1 dunl think yuu have any
right to gel      up uud sny yon wlll do
or iiiii do su. li things.
Ml*. Trimble—Yoll are mitlslled with
tin-  object   tlm  commissioners  bail  in
Mi. Mclntyre if you aro permitting
ihein to remain here, provided thero
had Inin ii record we had access to
ninl know what  you were doing. if
Uhalrmniv—You cannot accept that?,
Mr,  M. Intyri—N'u, the action is Illegal,
/    Mr.   Kollie   This      question   "I   Who
H'as ut the meeting came up.  I dont
think anyone whu was at thut meeting    would     object    to having  their,
nume mentioned,
Chairman—Personally it dont make
i ny difference.   1 know who was there
Mr. Keliie- I ai t trying to bale
them, but I dont feel iik" giving tho
Chairman—Thu reuson lho Ohluf had
for  asking    vmi      ihut question  was
that  be would  like to know  the pco-
| pic wbo are representing this move -
mont. Now, I feel this way about it.
'i here are the best number of people
iu Rovelstoke il may be wrong) thm
are Btrongiy in aceord with lt se^re -
gated district, and that is tho proper
way   to handle thc district. There are
other ciltcs all over t'unndu that huv.i
No, 1 am on my oath.   I represent abolished the segregated district and
crtaln men, and  I doni  kuow wheih-   goneback  to  it.   I  think  the    Chief's
idea was just to tind out who '"were
in favor of ibis ihiuc; and who wero
not. Noli hut be needs ihe iuformu -
lion, because be bus got it. I think
lhe Chief's idea was to tind out who
was back ol tbis movement, and who
wore prepared to use th'-ir influence.
Mr. McCartor—8o fur as any charges tbut have been presented here. I
1 dom know anything my-1 think n i^ only just tg us to -ay
that no charges have been justified
here. Thore was nothing in the real
estate  deals.    1 think  that  bc   i>    cn-
titk'ei to a finding that the evidence
bad nothing to <lu with It, iu fuct
tlmt the Chiel bad no connection wub
it at all, but was simply acting uuder orders.
Mr. Trimble- -It is my Idea thai
this Investigation is ovei. Wo can
have a meeting tonight or tomorrow,
nnd the chief of Polioe will receive
a verdict from this meeting thai by
the evidence which this Commission
I as brought OUI there was nothing to
it. Thi- meeting wan railed to
if the chief was Involved.
Further I understand tins meeting
will be called and a verdict i;ivcn. I
understand Mr.  Keliie haH more evi
er it is immaterial to know whether
to name them or nol.
Uo you thmk there la mi evidence ot
re-formation in tho town?
1 am not a tughthuwk, -o 1 dont
know much ubout thc question, 1
dont feel it necessary to travel around to see ihe-e' thin.s and I dont
snow why I should be asked that
self personally. I have never been iu
one of tho-c houses Bince '89, out-
-ide ol beine; associated with Mr-
Loughee-d in thia matter.
Do you represent the morul reform
l Oo not.
Your idea i- tbat as a citi/cn and
nn old timer ii is u ohaine to see the
thing a-  ,t i-"
I   think  it is     very  luisatisfactuiy.
1 um u'ting in the public Interest.
1 may be mi-taken. 1 ilout ihink yuu
can charge me as being the only man
who bus heard ibme rumors. Your
own chairman hcurd ihese rumors
loug before I did.
Has anything eome out in the .-vi-
,ieu' e to show there wus grufl'
I think ii is very unsatisfactory.
i fai a graft hi concerned, 1 ainldencef
not ^oing to make uny statement. I | Mr. MeCarter— 1 understand Mr.
think that tho evidence that has been Krllie's charge refers to some othor
produced and i.- liable to lie produc-1 mnn.
ed will Indicate to the public whether     Mr.   Trimble — I understand    tbut
tbu     town     is   running in  'he right   the .barge  referred  to this  mattei.
ehupc or uol.   Thc publi.   will bc the      Mr. Keliie—It bas nothing whatever
judges.   I am only one man.    1 bave I to do with tbi- matter,
paid  iusee in the last yeur to     tb'
sum of ?400.   As (ar us uiy  buslnes
bio or Mr. Abraham on are cum crno.l
or Involved in this ohnrge,
Chairman The only thing that is
brought up is that ll would bo much
nicer to clear the mat lor up now. li
nn affidavit was brouglil up nud not
disputed, it Would not lio nc; m j
t.e bring witnesses over a hundred
miles, I think lhu proper channel foi
you people I., pursue is tu make- your
charges nnd wu will bold a Polico
Commissioners moo ling and beat' them
any time you want to make them,
Mr, Mclntyro Yuu will understand
tlmi there aro witness.s to be produced iii'fui'M tins commission and to
be ci'obs examined,
...Chairman—You can BUbpoona wit -
ne ses lieie any time yuu wi h und
.I., aa you wish.
Chief ol Poll  1  would like to say
n word, This gentleman is holding an
affidavit, l know all about It, it
does not bear on tnis business, if
these people' are persistent in persecuting me, tbey sli.nilel come forward, I
.-uu nivo you suiisfii't i.ui regarding
the whole thing. I have trIrd to do
my duty ovei Ince i came here. How
i vci, I can assure you thai  the   aill-
daVll   Ihey   are   huldill;   has   no   bein
ing uii this case whatever.   It  lavol
ve- in    Iwo ur   three other ,   but
■ii liu-  im bearing on this case what
Mr, Trimble--This meeting was called by tbe I'uii..■ Commls ionors,
Thero i- only une thing more to do,
and if iliey have any mure cl arc" .
they - nn always RCI a inciting, but
so far us »'■ have ascertained at tins
meeting these charges have' nut been
sustained. There i uVidcnco Mi. Keliie Is going I.) got, bill bu will have
ihe iini.'. and In the meantime, tho
Chief is under a cloud, and I uiiTgo.
ing iu make n motion thai
According to tbc e\ idem" produced
hero nt this Investigation regarding
thoBc charges against thu Chief ol
Police there is nothing to them, und
h. Le Mii'tir, ly exonerated uf I be e
Mi.     Aliliihiiliiseiu    1      am only  I,,. i
pii u . .1 to second 11.
' Mr. Mclntyre'—Before tho motion is
put you understand thai at the be -
ginning of ibis Investigation the'y
wer.' Investigating the act.on taken
by the Police Commissioners, and
ihey e-an'i sit and pa-- on anything
Involving themslves. and it is a
matter simply  of  the Chief  now.
Chairman— Certainly. Are yuu
ready for  the  motion.
The- in.inini wu- tin n passed and
carried unanimously,
Chairman—Ib there anything further
to bring up?   Well,     we will adjourn
I   Commission adjourned at 11:30 p.m.
KOOTENAY      LODOB,  No.   iS A.   K
and A. M.
liegular meetings are. held ln MAS
ONIO TKMPLB, Oddfellows' Hall
on tbe Third Monday in each montb
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren ar.
cordially  welcome.
W. a.   ROHKKTiHIN,  Becretary.
Corporation nf the City
of Revelstoke
Public Notice Is li'i-ebj to llu
I'l.'i'luls n(   ll,,-   .Mime l| llll  J    ' I    Kev
1 ti l,e ihat I ri?i|tiiu>  i lie pie n   -
•be .-uiil cli mi..is ui. the inv ( lerkV
uili.'", Oitj   Hall,  .Meick.'i vie  Avoniic,
in ili.' said i ii v. un t h    IH h  '■ inusi-y
llllll, nl   12 o'olnt 1.   nu.'ii.   I'm'  llie   |"ir-
i pose of electing persons to repre^en
i ilicin  in   the   Municipal   Council  a-
Mavui and Alibi men, ami nl ■" '  :   h
purpose ul  . li ding i wu Seine' '   I rua
The mode of nomination ol  . uud I
lllltl'S -ball he.I"   le.lle.M-:
Tin- candidal cs iliall I n initiated
Inwt-lttiigi tb" writing sh ill li i b
scril.ed by two voters ol tlie Municipality na pi oposer and seconder, »nd
sliull In delivered to lhe Ui-turiiiiijj
Ollicer at any liiiie between the date
of Ibis nolice .,nil il p. in. on tlle day
of Nomination; and in thu event of u
poll being necessary, such poll will be
opened on Thursday, tbe lUth day of
January, 1018, in the City Clerk's offlci,
in llie City of Revelstoke, snd kept
open between the hour Of nine o'clock
in tho forenoou and 7 o'oloek in tbe
afternoon for taking and recording the
vnies ut'tin-electors ui the said city,
nf which every poison is hereby required to take notice and govern themselves accordingly.
The persons qualified to lie nominated for and elected  as Mayors
0, w. o. w.
Mountain  View Camp.  No.  ilt
Meets Second    and     Fourth  Wedues
days    iu  euob   month  ln    Selkirk
liall.     Visiting Woodmen  are
cordially  invited to attend
A.  J.  WOODLAND,  Cou.  Com
JAMES  McINTYKK. c;,"rk.
COURT     MT.     BHOBIB.   No. «6i
UK I. O. F.
Meets in  I. U.  O.  K.   Hnll next    to
lap, a a;'«  Opera  Houso every  second
.and fuiirth  Monduy in  montb.   Visit
ing brethren cordially welcomed.
O. VV. HELL, C. H.
WM.   8.   CAMEHON,   RcC.-Ssc
e. q. burridge |j, Pt SUTHERLAND
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
-WORK   •HO»»-
Vonnftught Av*. • R»voiatok. Phone 42 •   Night Phone 85
i- concerned, I dont think it is uu>-
onc's business.
Mr.  K.-llie questioned by  thc Chuit
Mr  Keliie. you arc acting in tlie In
t r.-t   of the public?.
Thol it my opinion.
Tin-  number  ol "itizen,   vou  tupw
seu;  that took part in tbe meeUng,
Mi. Trimble—Has it anything to do!
in regard to thl-  mutter.
Mr. Keliie— 1 cant nius.c a state-
menl now. Yuii enn pa-s yonr verdict that nothing has boon found dot
rimentiil  to  the  Chief
Mr. Abrahamson—1 dont. want ibis
tliinr hanging ever my head, and
having talk behind my back, "and t
don'l   want   ibcni   to  i.e.  OUt nf    ollice
with anything behind them    I'olitics
6EL.K1HK      LUUtiE  I'l,  1.   O.   O.  V
Meets every     Thursday evening    in
.Selkirk   HaU  at S  o'chick       Visiting
bretbren  cordially  invited.
JOHN LYON      N.  li.
JAB.  MATHli:,   See.
aro  a very  small   number  ol  ciii/ciis   have nothing to do with this.
o! this town.' Mr. Keliie—I ran't   ijet   thc  wiincss.
I r.'alise that. ... There i- no polltleal connection with
Tbc people that you represent i ibis, nnd tie re was do politi'-H    <li-
Aro pretty heavy i"»perty owners,   ct.-.il iit thai  meeting.  Tbere   were
Tbe public ul    l.cvcUtuko, 1 think, X or  m     InVHed,   bul  we mndo li
aas tolerated ;b.s .l.sttict nu fai  '■■    plain that  nndidates 1"' ..vim bun
nut making any protests, aud lbs Po j ors  were Wanted,    'e tha'   le       iroUhi
Uct  ''"'nm:   mii    as representatiTct hav no advantage
ut the public have done  what     tbey      Mi     Miinhanna-n—lt  is    b ,n     then
thank  rirh*. thai   Iborn   is   nuthiiii.'  banging    ovei
Mr. ilclntyre- l w«uid just iik. to.u v
-n  let" id reply to thst, tbut if th.      Mr, Keliie   Thore I   no shadow    on
. touei.s ute diiciied iu lb- d t    -i man u'"il hu i   proved gu It]
QOLU HANOE LODGE,       K.  of    P.,
NO.  *t>,   REVELSTOKE,  B.  O.
Mitts every  Wednesday eicept   the
Third Wednesday ol each month     in
Oddlellows'  Hall at i o'clock.  Viiit-
llg Kaigbti are cordially InvlUd.
K.  W. TEMRY, O. O.
O. H. BROOK,  K.  ot B. it- 8.
u. ot r.
• ii
siieli pei sons as are* male leiitisb
subjects of lho full ujte cf twenty-one
yen- ami are nol disqualified undei
any law, ami bavi been for the -i.\
iiiiuilis next preceding 'be day ol
Humiliation,   the u :.'-'• red owner in
the Land Registry Ufti f land   or
ieal,pioperty in tbeCity nf I lie assessed
value on ilu- last Muiiiuipnl Assessment Bull, of One Thousand Dollars
or inure over and alioi e any i.', i-'e i ed
judgment or charge, and who are
otherwise duly qualified as Municipal
The persons qualified to be nominated for and elected  as   Aldermen
shall be slll'll pel'suli- a- aie  male liiit-
isb subjects ut the full age ol 21 years
and arc not dUqualifled under any law
and have bi • n for the Bix moml nt ^
preceding the day of nominati n the
Keglslered Owner ln the Laud Registry Office, of land or le I pi-Opel't] ill
the Citv of iho assessed value, un tla-
last Municipal Assessuionl [loll, of
five Hundred Dollars "i more ovei
and above any registered judgment oi
charge, anil who aii lerwise .|ii.ili-
lieil as Municipal voicr .
The persons iiuallfled to be nominated for and elected as School 'll H--
lecs Bhall be such persons sa are
Householders and beiug Hi it i-li 8ub-
Jectsof the lull age "i nveuiy-one
years and otherwise qualified i" vote
at an election of H
Kvery cai.'Iui.-te ie.mii:' . ,i i ,;,
signify by .i wiiting accompanying
the nomination paper, his consent tee
such nomination, except in case bu "
pei si.ii be absent from lhe Municipality
when sucb absence shall be staled In
the nuHiin.itii n paper.
Every candidate nominated for
Mayor or Alderw n ore
lbe hour of 2 p.m. oo the daj ul v.m-
inaiioi , furnish il I
mill a .-ia eun-iii iii wiiting specifying llie i "■" "i real propel ly u| on
which ho 'i . ..ili'-.
Qiven undei m> hand, it Revelstoke,
this Brd day ol Jauuarj. 1913
li K   l:i.\ MOLDS
If.'ie.. ning i nii.-.'I.
thi pl.t.' > the] beav then
tbey will hear more piotc.ts. I would
liki to correct perhaps il ImpreSslOD
regarding the statement attributed to
DM that lain ra'iufied witb tho uct-
ion ot tho Polio i.'oiuuiisiiioiicrB took
in r-.-gard to '!> lowtr town. II tbe
Commission'.' bavi   I•'jleJ '.'- It pol-l
Mr,     Vbrahamson  Then t Bm noi
Chairman   Ai   tx. at tht   *\ I n
hai  boet i" iduoed.
Mr. Mclntyre—Mr. Abrahaimon bai
. ked ne.  a qui 'ion, and in reply   1
mighl  lay t!   • the affidavit waB oa-
•   I   id' i to ua this altetnuon   aiid
v.l   1
1 :annoi t,r; 11 you tbu content',
not certain Just as   to
.cy that the woraon wiH rcmaiti
town,   [do not agree with tbem.    I j ia laot Ian
diiaer.-, cntitely, und'.r the drciun' whal iliey an t.till I tlilnk we cut;
stance-, to their being permitted to say that lt does noi Involve the
remain.   You   are     forming    another  0 uilislonere,   It is a cnHi- ot  get!
s pegated di-tri't.   Perhapi   you will
Change your mini     and do Lt a"»ia.
' d m   thoi '■    drcums ancea l    .. •
■  to ih« action of the
 !    tbey     mov   tie se  .-.omin
from one Itreet to another.       Tbey
should put It on record 'bat wc huvn
acce s to i( they do.
Chairman—Do >ou ihink now tbat
ing a wltn.-s- io substantiate tbc affidavit, and that is all [know of liv-
■•itt'tr, anl il i. a cast ol boldlm-
ibc matter over. Me arc jusi as uuv
i..us to Lun ■ it lo a lermlnatlon us
Hiili'kly nH we can.
Mr.  Abrnhnmson—Why     don't   they
lay the charges?
Mr. Mclntyro- I suppose I am    nt
alur gu tbi cvijiaoe that b«i Iws, ..un.v to »ay thai neither Mr. Trio*
Moos)': No, ION
M..I.     - vciy lirst aod third Tui
■I iv   in t'ddie.io'.i     Hall,      Visiting
|.rein, in cordially invite.I  to ati     '
O. It. Lawrence,   Dictator,
l-l.   LDdWardS, Secretary.
Ilsrr'stfS,   SoeirttorH,   f.te
Imperial   Dank   Building  Itevel
stoke, n. O.
Money to Loss
Oranl i - *
Uso, M  MoOartsr,
A. ,v   Pinkham,
.1    A.  Harv«i
Provincial Land
Mif'-l  " .,..,.   Iti
!'....■     r - ■. a,
BOX   Iff..
UKVKi.q Tom-'
W.  H.  WALLACE,  M.B.O.S.A.
A R C 11 1 T D 0 T
f, 0- Bo» H6, flevthjtoke, p.O,
to tbe  point ol
■le ........   lort;    ti
20 chains
im tu ai I
,.r less,
i ial d 0 to Mi- J it li, 1918.
PLOKA  ..I'-' IRULNA   Ml II I M '■'■
1st issue Nol. ti
Notice is hereby given tbut, on the
,!0th day ol .January ncit. upi lica-
u.jn Mill ie.; made to tha Superintendent of Provincial Pol ■ e ti t I
lloileati   ol   Comaplix   Uritish  Colum-
dla «
Dated I ■ ai
Ill     '.I    '
Holder ol Licence
kppllt     •  lot  Transfer
Ist  issue  Dec,   l".tb.
\, is in i an I  District.
Districl  ol  R'esl   Koott ne |
'iai.. .1 Patrick -i. Murph]
... -t Uemars, B. c.,     uccui.ai.iuii,
ituucb u , inti nus t.e apply lor permi
s.un   10  ,  II   ba"'   'be  lotiowiug      di
jriueo lai
uomiueui .ng ...  .. , oi t plantt i    al
me     .'.i-n.  cusi.  i^uii.c.   u.   District
uut .-.. .      I, i  ''... m ,.,. i . '   ' ba '
thence south in chaius,  tbence    west
tins,  ibeuce  no. eh -U  cnu.ns,  to
ieumt ol     ii.:iiii.tiic.'ii.ii. .  containing
it) ucres.   Land situated east u; I-. i
uemars, ii. t .   Data oi Location, Dn
i   ird,  I'll.
ed ' it tober i.'tb, i'lll.
i.e I , IOB
Rovi e: toke Land District.
Di ;; .t ol  '"■ I   Kootenaj.
i ..Ki' a.t   m ■ hal   1, Jam
u( Nakusp.  B.C., occupation. Gt
.   Inten t    i permission
i:, pui. i (olio ■ Ing     desi ribed
Commencing  ai a post  planted
the North   Kust   Coiin-i   ol   Lol   8*00,
tbence north 'JO chains,  thenoe    west
iu    chains,     Un ine suntb -■■ • t) ■
tbence east 20 chains to plaoe ol ci
lucuceni. nt, coi taining   10 acn a  i
or less.
ilatcel   net.       I     ,I,i      i 112,
1st  Issue  Nov.  e th
Revelatoke Land lutnct.
District o! West Kootenay.
Take notice that l, Robert Artbei
Mossman ol Nakusp, H. C, occupation Medical Practitioner, intends to
applj (oi permission iu purchase the
following  described  land:
Commencing ut a post planted at
the N. W. Corner of Lot MiM
'1 hence tie t p. cbuins theuce rioutli
I • Cbains thence Kast 4U chaius
thence Nulla 30 chains to the point
ol commencement au.l cuutaiug luo
acres mure or less.
Dated  November  ilOtb   l')ll
Robert  Arther   Mossman.
1st   issue  Dec.   lith
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of   West   Kootenuy.
Take notice thai 1, Samuel James
Harlow, occupation, Farmer, intends
to apply for permiseiou to purchase
'he following described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the North Wesl Corner of Lot I'li.i,
thence wesl 10 chains, thenee south
40 chains, thencc nisi 40 ehains,
thencc north in chains to point ol
commencement and containing ISO
acres more or  less.
Dated  uctoi" :   ft tb.   1U12.
Teacher of Violin
Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Winnipeg, and Prof. Frederick,
late of London, Eng.
Studio at City Hotel
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler \Vil30n Sowing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at aMannin^'s.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING.   Agent.
i ruiiLanA
Galena   Ba)   Ian'   .1.
IU or ^U hi :•
pon'lenee Invited,
Uevelstoke Land District,
Instiict ol West Koott
Tuke notice tbat 1,  Kloia i.uoib..
Mussiuan,   occupation Mnn ti Woman
iatends to apply  for  perm.ss.on     to
purchase the following described lands
Cotnmcucini;  at       posl   planted  on
tho survey boundarj  ,
tbe Kaslo  i i      ray '
about one mile from the Arrow i...
on the eust side ainl abuut two miles
north uf the Town ,.i N.iki.sp,  thence
north ID ehuins, tbence mst 20 chains,
tbence soutb 20 cbains, thonce "est
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
of Gait Lump Conl ni • i\ -
ing,    Orders will ha\e
prompt attention.
i it Kootenay Agcncici
Me Ki title Avcite
A. Davidson, PH^NE /
WEDNESDAY, JAN. 8th, 1913.
^^^       ESHHBX'S
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ss^m^^—a™^ " "■■*■■■■"■■■■■■
Howson Block, Mackenzie Avenue
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1 r
ajj—■,. «';,-»
:£ iicex*
t .«?. AE ANOE
the Bth.
Ivionday we inaugurate our First Annual Clearance Sale. After a very successful Season's selling we find a
number of broken lines of Goods. Now, as we have made it a rule in this Store not to carry any goods from
one season to the next, also to make room for our large Spring stock, we announce this Big Clearance Sale.
It is not a question of what price we can get for the goods it is what will clear them quickly. All goods are
first-class, the product of best Canadian, English and American factories. Everything will be found just as
c/Men's Elastic Ribbed Shirts and Drawers.    A well made
Underwear.    Regular jii.w Garment,
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Mt n     Negligee   :■ lirti
ate of wall
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'IV W      r Wednesday, Jan. 8th, ml
ifWK-A i ■■wriiMnraTW-i ii**t,*miwBm
During January
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gains Displayed in
Store, Watch for Them
Revelstoke's Depart
C. B- fiume # Co.. limited
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Special lines and Bargains During January.
Look at Price Tickets.
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Shoe   Department   Bargains
WOMEN'S BOOTS in a variety ol styles
all si/rs up tn 5!-'j You can't <^o astray
on them as they are the<product ol standard manufacturers Price after today ....
$2.35 per Pair
WOMEN'S BOOTS Patent ieather and nice
Kid Bluchers and Bals. Strictly high
grade     Boots that  are snid regularly al
$5.uo and $6.00      Bargain  I'rice	
$3.15 per Pair
WOMEN'S BOOTS. A mixed bunch of
broken lines all ^hapt-s ami varieties.
Bargain price    	
95c. Pair
Genuine Deer Skin Moccasins. The rlghl
shi.pt' and the righl All sizes.
Boys" sizes 11 to 13. Price. $1.50 per pair
Boys' and Women's, 1 to 5. . .$1.25 per pair
cTWen's Sizes. 6 to 11. . .Price. $2.00 per pair
Grocery and  Crockery Department
Large Assortment of Pickles
Fresh arrival of New Goods direct from England
Mixed Pints  35c
Chow Chow  35c
Onions    35c
Girkins  35c
Fancy Sweet per bottle        4uc
Cross and Blackwells 1 ml ian Mangoe Chutney
Quarts   S5C
Stephen's Gloucester Pickles
Sweet Mixed half pints     20c.
Sweet Spiced Girkins pints  40c
Sour Mixed pints  -.Se
30 Oz  40c
Chow Chow pintb  -5C
Gold Medal    White onions.  ;,5C
C iV H Celebrated Spanish Queen Oliver,
C & li |un!<et Powder, bottle 	
hall pints 40, pints 750
t SC
"Bovril   for a Cold Weather Drink
The right thing tor   " Zero   Weather."   Havn  ji   m   the   House Served
Hot.   It Prevents Colds.   We havo anew, clean stock recently arrived
Bovril Cordial, 20 oz. bottles     $]   S
Johnson's Fluiil Beef, 16 oz bottlos $L uo
Bovril,  1
Ho', nl,   !     .  ';
Specials for Friday and Saturday Only
PETTIJOHN'S WHEAT BREAKFAST GEM.    Regular Price, 25c.   Now
TAYLOR'S FANCY TOILET SOAP, 3 t'akos in box.   Regular Price, 35c.    Now
ri.ARK'f? DEVILLED HAM.   Regular IOc. tins.   Now, 2 tins for
. "
tmmm p
WKUNESDAS ,    |,s
■x'tiii M^XXj-ttMlZ-iAJLslDa R^V-jfoXiS'TOmffi
WEDNESDAY,   JAN.  Sth, 1913.
D. company 102nd, Ror. «■ «■ »••''"' «»;'"'
|  Hull „n lhc iml. an.l  Ith.  1'i'ultiv  even,
I, month. Dun '"' ,l,U°ws;
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14th.    "   28th.
March Uth.       "   25th.
April 11th. '"   25th.
ul ircatuu ii        i ",1'"L Musio hV c'ly
R..,.. fi. Lance Committee
C, H. Brock, Chairman.
I.      nR4h (I
ei'il. Music by Cily Uunil. Wi solicit
Revelstoke Hardware Co.,Ltd
Commences Mond 0 y
January 6th
See Our Sale Prices
&',„.„ I    Uurred  Kockn   L'ocU,   Ut;   llou,   Ut
lUhbUAY NlUi-l I      wmt0 ,(,„„,.   ,.,„., i l;     iuu, Ut
  Hi ti, ami; I'nllet, 1st; I'uti, i .t,
i    i    u    ■   ■  ' ".>' liuil   Kocks   Cockerel,   1st;     l nil. I ,
  ii,   Hen,   i.'i;   l'en,   Ut;   ( uek,   2nd;
,        „.,,.llun  ■ ■"  lu.; Mu. aid; Pullel, 2nd; Hon, 2nd.
',' ,,  ,      .;,■.       ti     "   repeated.      ..i'.'i..i  tee,-  Uio  lies,  exbil.tl     earn
ted  ■ did I  '   '"'■"■   '       hliv   ,'"' ""'■"""""' x',llh  ■■"•"''■
wlwl  wu    rlgl) *l ul  tor  the  best   peu  ol  Ilor rod
Ml.   ., , ,,        ,,,   | mnl,     ' i UuckB,  value $5.U0.
u coi'duoci   wllh uiwIoim yours   mu ' — '
I H,,aU.».nl ns u, .Mr Hmu'C nolle;       i\ )^|(U l| |J N G t. (VI t N 1
We Wish cylll
Our Patrons W Friends
Hj J I I
V «1
mwiwaim mwrnm. * »»•*(.•
<w' JLX \mJi
iary 12tb, ie  ih
'     .      ¥    .e",.   J ' ,|
■ :.:. ' "li      his
.,   .\ ¥..  • I -      ' •   uud wil
v.       - cha     - ie on  P
Ladii        ' ■ ..' I  ■•   .-•    Kranclt
ntend holding
.;,   ,-'•    I 'A   A      ,  Tu s.i iy,   til
;•■■•       •    ■ p.m.
Don't I    ■ ;   the  K.M.K.  I) i
iday, Jan 10th, . .i
■ -.   md   ii l'i Ida;
oth il roilghout t,
a eood I        • laranieed.
'•   -   '.' ' 'ai ter ■ ■  ei
OD       Meeti'l.r.
-.   ■  i'  ■ ai I D ute ■
Miss F. 1
Mi    Reid    ■      .
m :    i'    '  .
T i\eiu nvrle
I        -
■    '-       12, I.O.O.K     i
tins    ■   Tbnrnd ,\.   i
■  .        '
r F.G.,  RID   M 1	
rl   D.D   ■ M       •,
Val    < 'I'!'      '  '■' I
IWWSII ItHWIII ■Coi^.etr. I taaQMaatnttRMm   . t.6r~lummo-llUloaLo.^lto.aul2tloJMlJ.t>. «ea.'.'-l»>'. ..I"»
l't )•       I'RV    SI'i'.i   ! Al/rir.S
'    iiiil llic pri'
ll   aa   Cl lisl,!      Hi
!      ill
HlbI ■      il.illa :53
I ;.i 11     o.i
SllOrtS.    I lil    '  .el l .  Ll.l.-ee' |   ....
AGKNTS    IOH   PVKin     LTLOl'R     \.
(oi I'nr.tj I'lour    i.M.ire Hn ■ ,....    tttu ul
TlOL.   ll A.     11 U JJ S O >
an amsamiauammi 111111111111 in a .hk.rati tfta eawir« ^aftnangatMa' ■■
Hi    1 1,.m'l uu   Dm   11   llu   l)« I  '* '
uol  been tiirn-
,1   1 ,1.    .,   I'olil ■ ■■' '       "    '"■'
I, . ''"^aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaai
..     wards Impioviug  ihe paper, and    lu
.;     •  and allow tuu
,.  ui ,11 1  Hi,'    value 1.1    sumo as     iu
■■•       " ,.,lerr,,.,„n:    medium    tor lho   Hovel
Mi. J.M. Ki'lli     i  insisi  ill" 11
 Me' "I ■"'" "I"1' 0l        ^
"' ";'"' lu""- ,   „„„i. pugc ol  tin      Muil-HoralJ     lur
\,,.|     .,  , j     |,uV0    l.e'e  11    tOld
A- ,., ueci -1111 y preliminary . lop to
,  llll..' DiS.lil'l, thO llUtllll.-Mllll'Ilt
1 uve    .1 e'lili'l   lu     tili.i'   tbu whole
from llu     'halriiiiiii        I
Illt       ol tr lileill
.  ut 111 ni   1'  uil  nnd   would  li
•. ie    1 ."    . i"    address d,
ther.', ll     .     ....     Lhe.     nj
nvoral pen
,m      ■•■  i.     ■ ill il yoll '■•■ l'i
in   >i • them,  I    ivilHiMily upoli
ilclntji     I  did       n\t uli     1
^ (  I   c tNNOl
Buy in Qeveisioke bEXtth.
.. ....
llie ui-l .Mill
i III'   i ,.''     > • ■ . Ilil I
' e|.      111,   III
The tern s .1" .1 • 'Le'' >•
news   unu tui, and      tho 0
1   udvi rt Isitig i»Mt. e ins who     aro
ko    tn   '''  l"'"-'"'"1    occupying spaee oil   that
I'liii' ari' hereby  iiotilied  thai      ihi .1
mmi.-    will  be  I'buugctl     ."
ol lull' 1 1 0 nine ul   poFeitious lii   : lie' pup
I on and    all  1 tho  lath    Januar; .
.    1.      11   Is in."     Imeuiion  of     lh
I  , Upl le'tiee.M     lie     I   Silt'    il     lllleteei Hi     |e.i|e( M
M    1 1 '|e.    |i;t_.'.-    lie   eVOl v    Ll Mill',   Sitllila!
II ,1    tee 1 hi'  K iiiiiiiii, s  Dully.
I:..   li iiiii   pugo will  thus  be uvull
ihle lor  .ei"  many  Importnui    item-
m.ii.I.iim  this  districl   which  v.ill  ie'
. .nly lor    publication  to the    worl 1
■ 11 ly mi in the coming yeur.
I III      -i I .-1 ■   >S   'el'l>    ihe   Brsl   ol   niuu
. rou    Improvements miel  tlresh  (onl
Mi h   Ktht:  KiKh  ..(  Revelstoki-,     is
pending  the     Christmas  week   with
hei    Ister
Mis.  !•".  .1.  Bossloy,
■At  isl   'II  up It
lali    Hi     ■■ ■ ■ :
. : r still
■I i,.,.,.   .,.,. also     '"'   w°,<:h  wi" shortly  lie Introduce I
do nol   wish       10
. .1, ■   ih .:'.  wa bed       uul
■   : uor.l-.  a:,.„l,M    : '    :l..'...,l"'Ut      ■
)0tnc  i|_,i, Imtary  lo Rovelstoke   and an .lul' | )ug  ,„a „M,,(Ms ,„ mov, ln  ,,,, „„,|
,. n;.       [(    ,,r„t,, serllcs of artleles dealing    with| ot jauUar,
Soitli  Kootenay  will  bo wrlteon hy u      Mr. una Mrs. V. Is llosslej  ... Kovel
.        .•....!    _..     ......  1, -ii..,",   ,!r,,i     down   here   lusi   Friday,
anl   I'Min a day with i", Gosdeu, thoy
11 i," Mail Hi inlil. In the earl.;
1i.11.' ol next yea.. .1 chain of pal 1
m'.. ,.i.iiiti'tits will le- established ti.i
Revelsloke Hardware Company, Ltd.
iiiiii  in-t  Siiiiilnv
Mr.  I'V   K.  Hiii.-by  mul  wife,     and
Mr.  !•'.  15   UoosU'V  and  wile,     su.1   Mr,  Saul ri'turncd  10 Rovelstoko    on
Mr. amel Mrs. J. lt.es! ■>  and family,   Monday morning lust	
\,..ni ,.111   to Malakwa to   pond Xmus
Mrs. Krni' ' McLean will ii"' rn
1.11 Baturday, tho Uth inst.
Mi.-. Situ ol S"i nuo hns been III
for -eetnt' unu' an I her many Irlends
wi h lor hi 1 speedy recovery.
Mr. l". (iosden  postmaster ai Sols-
j qua,  Is  erecting n substanilal dwell-
lal.i    .'in,
bi      ai'. e'M 1 im     aud  rusourc        u
N'oitli  Kootenay will he writeon i.y .
,   ,     , ■ cli I    . ommissioner e,n    beliulf    c
in      irtn il   1
t bis paper.
Kootenay Jx^encies, Limited
to i
1 .
,   ,                             ible   vveeik   has   li. I'll dune   in  pub he
1 and . , . '
1 tho pust  twelve months val
teturned on Saturday.
Don'1    lorgi I'rogn
eiici'iiue  uexl Tuesday  1
,     t V    II
'/ ,    The Hnnd ol H  I
' ru  |'\:m an church        I :   '
Mr. Charles Saul, of riuvouu, ban
ty holds by tbe Mail-Herald Includ- ))8l.n, 8pcndtag ,, Bhol., vl8ll wi,i, Mr.
ng tha Issuing ol two sp.<cial edition j ,. Gosai.Ui ,,, nlg0 v,M„,i Mr, F.J.
.,,,,1   an   WSOO eontesl    but     we ex , Bogsl     „ Maiakwa.
YP     A      \;(1 C ^-' ^    '"' ""' u':l' greater circulation an.l
a   lit.   \J <   Ma   Mw » LaW'   11 source . our BervlceH to the commun |    Mr.
n.l   Mr-.   Brlc   lOriebsi'ti      uud
Hi'  eoilliug   i,.u   will    ia      Mr. and  Mrs. Wiper aud  Mr. nud Mrs
[ eclipse all previous endeavors, blckstroni.  ol Malakwa,  visited     tbo
('lasses  in Fit iiiiui   Sliurl-
hand tV Touch Typnwritlnn
will 1"' opened MONDAY,
.1AM AUY 18, I.) un ix-
pciienceil teacher,
livening ( louses arranged,
Public ijtenngraphy done,
P. 0. BOX 356
' " ""
 " "
' '•'      May Field. Bertha Hobb^lM
leta        •   '    ■  ' ! the i bi  UI..H...1 '.,.,,„.. and ,,,,u
'      ' ' ,n! vormal school si 1
■    .
... •    p, ■ 1 twiug '.• the longi hy 11
.     Item    1
••■■ '   ■
dee '
. ol - j    A scbo.il 1
tnd< 1  .
1 ruld.
.                          ■    •          .•'■■■
■ ■ -■ •                  1 readers oi tl
F,  M
..     '   "iM
•'  and child    ■
S» held
1 p r a                      •      fs art t
"  •
•■ •..- .    an
.1    .1     ■
. ,• ..,j..
. .    ■
ind     b
1  •
d .
lAiuflliiii.   1
t thi
ii 1   '-..■ .
...                    i.nt wiyl
1''   •
i  .
....  .   „:
••   '
:,/. r+-<-- *- ■ . a »-*" «*»■
l H.i.    ./*      •
BEWS   Dlil't;   STORK
f t.'.Al.l -.  .■ . 1 .    ■   ah ...
[lev - '   . e
1  1. • A I I. ■ 11
..  '
REXAL I.-'  a.- -  ai   I ,'lin
muNKs: muN
11,\  .
\ -1
1 1
, 1,
is the most talked of Cily in the Interior of British Columbia
jusi now. Out; ders irom all directions are getting wise to the
movement on hi re and we have had enquiries not only lor good
realty buys, but also for vacant stores to rent, which shows
that some people are awake to the fact that there arc big things
in store for Revi Istoke this coming year. Values are steadily"
increasing and several of our listings have been advanced dur-
w lays.
Now is the Time to Buy
n Seventh Street  well located  $1500
Eigli     Street a  map al    .   1300
1                ' si    nth Street under market value, each  350
"I rn House for salt on Lieconil St                  1800
Modern House foi  tale on Third Street                      . 2200
Modem Housi   '   t 50 x 100, Fifth Streel           _....,     . 2550
J. B. Wabtfi Rcalij Company
i    " potiBT, Manager, MacKenzle Avenue
i ocal Agency, American Casualty Co.


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