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The Mail Herald Feb 12, 1913

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lievelstoke, the Capital of Canada! s Alps."
The Mai
"■'■'"   ■
$2.50 Per Year
Decision Ke fo Re-Assess Business Property.—Aldermen Express Opinions
—MByor Kilpatrick Suggests Complete Re-Assessment.—More Bona-
tioris Requested.—Ask fire [ppraf, Including Chemical Wagon.
The city council met in adjotirnod
meeting on Tuesday night, at the city
Mayor T. Kilpatrick occupied the
clinic mil Al lirm.n Abrahamson, P.
Bourne'. Howson, Barher MeKinnon,
i nd Me Su: icy. onstituting a full at-
tendance,  were also present.
Oity Olerk Lawson read lhe minutes
of meeting h 11 Friday previous, and
which were adoptc 1
A communication from Fire Brigade
No. 2, requesting certain equipment iu
th:1 way of i.'1 e and undry supplies,
alsd asking for the provision of a
permanent team and a nsw comhina -
tion chemical and hose wagon, was
referred to Fire .m.t Light committee
im  report.
City I e ] awson submitted cer-
tuin office figure showing the exist -
ing del lebt, and a rough mem
orandum of tli borrowing capae ity
under lo-nl improvements, water and
light, an I .. nl ngs; also     a
memorandum of ;i; lixed charges for
Mayor Kilpatr k The chief iiucstion before us toaight is ihe mutter of
tbe a--, nieiits and the estimates.
We might 'ake. up tb matter of the
assessm nt first. I would like to
know whetl ive a proper-
- assess the city,
this year, or vh-rh t as in ih>; past
two years the eouncil and the .ity
ball staff will do the work.
Aid. Barber I hiuk ,t .ould he done
by the' eiiy ■ mployees.
Alderman   Vhrabamson—It se.-ins to
,  II we are- going
into  ' i I ole.   So far as I
can see this year, I .'o not think wo
will cam as asse sor
on f>" the reason that ihere is certain dwi ■!> • ropertj which I think
i-. ovei at the present; I hope
this w I chat c tu o ir a [vantage In
lhe ii .   Th- only thing     to
do i- i" ici-e -ome of ths assess -
men:     of   tl     I ortion.l think
tin- pi opei tl in ; Wi uld he for tbe
council tei form it • li imo a committee
■ml go > i tho ". The area is not
large. I donoi think it would take us
v. ry Ion . alter that tho city siatl
could "'1111;!" an assessment list.
Alel rn n Howson—1 think exaotlj
on the line- of Mr. Abrahamson. I
would ' he ezpi use of an
i i ■■' as h ■ would have to go all
over ihe city which is not altogether
lie iv sarj b ll fi e ar i arts of the
city where H Is ne • aiy for values to
In revised, I think the council could
dn tha work in committee and pos-
h-ihly give "mid s ttisfacUon.
Aid. Mi Kinnon • 1 f !el aboul the
■ane. 11| oui ■■ ' believe the rity
Coum :!      ihoul I      ' 0 <>.■• r the    whole
thing,   i    lhi re is any  glaring    faull
in   IDS    i    '     men:,   or   I II i'<| u.i I i' n   .       I
believe tame   lunil.I b i a ljusted,
Al   the    anc  lime   I ilienk th ■  re i
Ua-iii i.t!   in i i nn nl'  the   lown  is .
..I .i high now us it will stand.Undei our "in eiiiiMinnceB. I believe the
■ ily council niild, If they wi-hed to
devote the ijm0t nnd it is a matter
whi'h means a lol of time. I think
it i- neceinury to have the assessment
materially raited, and I think that
should he done Id the parts of the
town where the values are raising.
Aid. Bourne—1 agree with Ihe speak
er-. It seems to me some of the property is considerably lower than it
should be, an.l we need more money
to carry on the rity business, 1 under
•elami an assessor would cost $600.
whieh is considerable. If we can save
Hint, we  nic  to  miieh   ahead.
Aid. McSorley— I agree. We look
forward to a large Increase tn values
during the coining year. If Hint i.omos
I think next year would be a better
lime lo make a regular general nuess
Mayor      Kllpntrlek—-Well,    f    agree
with  the opinion- expressed to    some
extent, I cannot agree with you thru'-
I out.   There has heen n,o proper assess
' ment  of    this     city since 1910,   This
patchwork so far as it has lieen done,
I do not think has been satisfactory,
nor f do not think we have today   an
equalization  of     assessments as     we
' should have. Some of the outside resi
dential portions of the city may     be
assessed  high enough, there are other
'poitions  whieh  are  not  assessed  properly.   We hope for an  iti'-rease       in
values,   I know   a case,   very  recently,
where a certain piece of property was
offered for sal,', the owner asked twice
what  it was assessed for.   The    prospective buyer  immediately came back
with "why the property Is only assess
led  for half that.
Now, is this .oun i! in a position to
make a thoro ich as-essment of this
town. It means time, and 1 do not
think it inn be .kino correctly in the
ottice. Buildings especially must be
examined in detail. I am not wishing
'to go.'againset ihe wishes of the council. I tu.** expressing my own honest
opinion. '"-u
Aid. McSorley—Do you think j»re
would be just as far behind ne'xt year
Mayor T. Kilpatriik—I a-.r.'? with
you,   and  I • erminly  hope  so.
Aid. McSorley—That is my idea in
staving oil the assessment.
Aid. Bourn"—In the e-a-.' of build -
ings, is it the' intention to soak the
progressive ciii en who improves his
iiii'icrty. *-
Mayor Kilpatrick—We are supposed
to nss"-s i'n! esiate at its actual val
ue, and 1 uil.lings al one-half. That
is lhe law and we have no option. We
take buildings as a: the time of the
aSsessmrnt.less  HO  per cent.
Aid. Bourn' — I would like to see
lhal nviele 27, per cen:. to encourage
lm] rovements.
Ma '•'  Kilpatrick—I would like     to
see a fair assessment,  at  the p
time   we  have  nm   got a fair  a -ess-
mont you all know that.   That i- the
■ course .or u< to adopt, to get
a fair, equal assessment. Can we do
ii   here.
A In.  Barher—I  sny yes.
Aid.   McK'mnon—I  think  the'    most
glaring examples are in the business
. section. ' After  the     asses-o • is  thru'
thc council  have to decide whether he
i- right or wrong.
Mayor Kilpatrick—Yes at the court
of re-.i-io'i, nnd lhat ho'ds good whether we a--se-s or ihe a-sossor doe~
tbe same.
Aid. McSorl iy—The assessment must
I m done in time to strike ofl thc rate
for the year. It is done in many
! towns in the fall, enabling th" incoming council !'. strike the rate from the
Mayor Kilpatricfc—Are thl body pre
pared to make an exact  valuation if
J ill    .!• |(    UOI     ti'    l.aV.     a   1    aSSCS«OI\
Aid. Abrahamson—My idea is to
Lave thi n Idencee alone, and deal
with real estate and busineii blocks.
Mayor Kilpatrl k—I hive cxpres-ed
my opinion ami a motion ia now in
order. But we must be prepared, all
of us, to give time to the matter. 1
am prepared to do so if the council io
ihi ide. We must all he prepared to
net ac"ordingly.
Aid. Howson—The opinion of th? as
sessor is only the option of one man,
and it seems to me the council might
, do a better job if they unitedly tackled thc same in a broad minded manner
Mayor Kilpatrick—I do not m<an to
say that you are all wrong. I am only exlresslng my own opinion, just
1 as all you tire expressing opinions. I
am willing to give time and act in
any w-ny which Is decided.
Aid.  Barlwr—Mr.  Mayor,  your Idea
i-   that  the  time is  rome  right      now
1 no matter what happen* In the future
to put our ns-es-ment on pre«tnt val
j lies
Mayor Kilpatrick—I think so.
Aid.  Barber—May  he  you are right
at that.
Alderman MeKinnon—1 make a motion, that the city council as a hody j
equalise' the assessment of land val -
ties and improvements in the city an>i
raise same where thought advisable. |
Seconded hy Aid irman Abrahamson,
aad carried unanimously.
Deputation  from  the Progress Club]
consisting of Messrs. McRa- and Wallace, waited  upon  the  council  asking
for a grant  of $1000  for publicity purposes, for the Progress Cluh.
Aid. Abrihamson—I would like to
know whether this delegation is distinct from the Board of Trade delegation, they having also asked for
a grant of $500. If these bodi. s com- j
bined their plans, I think they would
get more returns.
Mayor Kilpatrick—I  think the Pro-!
gress Club of Revelstoke, and       the
Board of Trade  of R vi Istoke should
get .together, and tind out what these
bodies are really intending to do.
Aid. M.-Kinnon—Our donations last !
year wer' J140Q. They were $1900 in
the Lindmark administration, which!!
mention as being the high watei tig -'
ure. Our donations this year, might !
easily amount   to  $2W0.
Mayor T. Kilpatrick This matter oi
a donation, is referred wiih the oth
ers to the finance committee' for con-:
.-ideration in connection with estimates. Deputation thanked the council
nn.l withdrew;.
On motion the couneil sitting as a
committee on assessments, decided to
commence Iheir duties on Friday even
in--, and thereafter each evening, . ex- j
capt Saturdays, until the task was
Meeting ad ..'.mi -.1  at   11:15  p.m.
Three Mlliio.1 Gain
Ottawa, Feb. 10—Thc financial stale
menl of the department of finance for
the month of January, issued on Saturday, shows a total reser/e for the
first 10 months of the fiscal year of
$138,019,935, ns against a total of
$109,566,938 for the corresponding 10
months in the previous year. The expenditures ii]) to the end of January
were $82,651,324. At the close of Jan-,
uary L912, they stood at $70,O5r>.:>88.
The expenditures for the it) months
chargeable to capital account was
$25,5-41,7e85, as against $24,62-4,073 for
tbe lr-v'oi year. For the month of
January alons lhe reserve was $18,-
442,37-8, as against $10,034,085 in January 1M2, the principal Increase be
ing In customs receipts.
Verdict of Jury Investigating Cause of Death
of Late A. Halverson
*   *   #   * *
The regular monthly meeting of tbu
Fanners' Institute took place on Saturday evening In th- Y.M.O.A. build-
The main bu-iness whs the re !
port of the delegates to the IVntral
Institute at Victoria. A number oi
important subjects     were dealt with,
. b as the introluriion of pine bred
-tock. good seed and the securing of
Revelstoke as tbe central agency for
the distribution of fruit and farm
productions. Upon further Information ,-ic'ion will he definite taken At
the n.-xt regular meeting on the se
nnd Saturday of March at s p.m. in
the Y.M.C.A.  building.
The meeting adjourned al 10 p.m.
Paris, Feh. 11—An apparaltw has
been devise!, which If all that is claim'
ed for It is substantiated, miyr have'
an important hearing on Uie aeroplane ns an engine of war.
Gen. Hirscbauer of the Hying rorps
has received a communication from tho
inventor of the apparatus, Dr. Cousin, a scientist, who hns recently been,
experimenting on this device with'
Jules Vedrines, the aviator. He informs Gen. Hirscbauer that the apparatus, which is small and simpl1,
and cftn lie carried in a soldiers knapsack, by provoking disturbances of
air will cause any type of aeroplane
to capsize, even if il has ascended lo
a height of more than 9,000 feet.
All    OMIelCows   are requested * j
* io be at ths Lodge Room.»  to- *,
* morrow, Thursday evening,  at 8 *,
* o'clock.   Tmponant business.  Dy * ,
'    oreier oi the Buil ling Committee
e> *
*******   .  *.**.****   *   ea   a   *a
il Halverson if Peveistoke fat
Tsrrtble Death-Joped Trom
Moving Train but RaJIeil under
teMaiigied Remains D's-
cuvertd ty Two Trackwalkers
A terrible disco.cry wa- made by
two foil travellers on Sunday afternoon, whilst walking from Revelsto'.te
to Arrowhead along the C.P.Ry. track
Alo.it nin3 miles non Revelstoko,
tbey stumbled over the mangled and
frozen remains of a man, scattered between the rails. A hasty message
brought      distance   from   Revelstoke,
and    the remains of humanity      w	
picked uie and conveyed to town.
Coroner Dr, Hamilton was at once
notified, and a preliminary investigation was held resulting in the appal-
in.' discovery that lhe iemnins were
those of a well-known and highly respected citizen of Revelstoke named
.). Halverson. llow the unfortunate
victim got on ih<' track is a mystery,
but sntii 'lent knowledge bas been gain
id of hi- movements on the fatal Sab
hath to poini to the following explanation of ihe grim tragedy.
Mr. Halverson, who is an elderly
gentlemen some 60 years of age, and
* ii Ide in Rei el loke, set out on the
South Haii: Sunday morning for Bart-
man's Camp, Situated close to tho
&1 mile hoard. The train -tirired al
the Seven mile post, but lhe conductor of lh" min has no recollection of
punching th- lickel of an. pasnengor
destined for 8J mile. The train mov-
ulai about the usual speed I'om 7
mile post to Green Slide. It is supposed thai Halverson intended to get
nil al the 8| mile, hul recognising
when Iho train came in ight of the
Green Sli.le. lhal he haa over run
his de-t inai inn and jumped from the
I rain.    Tlie' SHOW   is   piled   hi'll     along
ihe tra k where the plow   have thrown
il during the lata he.ny falls. and
In-   must   have   rolled   off bis  f.-.-t.   and
right i inlei- the wheel-. ,,f the train.
v.. one paw bim take ihe fatal jump,
an.l lbe train proceed ■<! along in Its
destination, with everyone in Ignorance as io what had happened.
Late in the afternoon, iwo men.
Walking nlon.' the track frnm Iteve-I -
stoke to Arrowhead, found (he hotly
and sani' was brought hack on the
evening train.
Mr. Hntehelor of the Climax hotel,
is the only person who can be found
who remembers seeing HnlverHon on
the train, Ihis was immediately after
leaving Revels!okel
Conductor    McLean   and Engineer
Prown, are nnalde to throw any light
on the matter, the conductor does not
recollect having seen tho passenger,
and was not requested to "top at the
BJ mile post.
Deceased  leaves  a fnmlly, two      of
his sons are working in     Revelstoke,
and great sympathy is felt for them In
their  bereavement caused  by  such    a I
sudden Calamity. |
Dr. Hamilton, coioner, held an in-[
quest la-it evening to enquire into the
cause of death of the late J, Halverson, in the Howson undertaking parlors. The juryin.'ii were:—J, Abra -
bamson, foreman, J.A. Stone, E. M.
Remelard, H. Sighfried, K Nesbett,
and P. Heine. After viewing the re -
main- which presented an extremely
gruesome appearance, Coroner Hamilton proceeded in tak. evidence,
The first witness was Conductor A.
McLean, whn upon being duly sworn,
said In part. "I am con luctor employed hy the t'.l'.U. i mining from
Revelstoke to Arrowh a.l. I was in
charge of train SOI on the morning of
February 9th leaving ReveUt.oke at
8:10. I had some passenger through
for 71 mile board, but none for SJ
mile hoard, or Burton's Camp. I
would not know  ihe man who got oft
at  71  mile.   I lure no  ' II - -t ion of
having seen the deceased. I th'nk I
would know two of the men wl:
oil at 7.; mile board. I saw three
men get oft. The nexi stop was Wigwam. I had nc knowledge of bi a
cident. li might have I sen p—ibly
deceaeed wni on tho train withoul my
seeing him. It is also i ossible that I
mighl have seen him and did not
know him. Men from these camps
sometimes huy tickets from the office,
and someiimes on th train. 1 stop
ai eithe'r camp whin requested, hut
tickets read to Grei nslide. Th" faro
is ihe same to loth camps. Ii da-
ceased wanted to get offal si- mile
camp all he had to do was to ask me.
Train was running 15 or 18 m
Cross examined by Jury—
I don't know ih> men the rickets
were sold to.
J. Havner, next witness being duly
sworn -ai.l -I am rear brakeman was
that  Sunday morning on tra n     804,
having Revelstoke at   8 10.  l-v  I
was  , !   mile  board.   1 saw  I
&el  ee .   Weiii'i not know them again,
i ':ie,i I  . enieml :r seein: d c a ■
train a   all.   Next stn.i wa   Wigwam
I   know nothing ■ -i out the   a   i lent,
whatever.   It is not customai
us to Btop af  5|  mile ci mp unl<
Have pa I knew there was no
passen rer for 81  mile ; i ard.   I
recall bi ased on train .,
1 walked right  through the train. We
stopped  al  Green slide coming  hack.
Ii is 25 minnti
freight  train  made tl
evi ning
Cross examine I by jury:—
It   i    nine     miles to ' Iri 1 .      1
don'-* ever ren en bi r   ■- [ng
before till I help to pick hii n
Bei t   Neil,  bene!  (1 A
evi,i n.-e . orrol ee ,tn-   former
W.  ('.  Hatch lor,
part.—1 generally make my trip around the i- -.: ■. i - - the week-end on insurance business. I hurried down to
ibe train just a il moved up to the
, ros r.' I goi on tiain. 1 passe 1
hie.-i. I to  lhe smoking cat-
As 1 parsed ihio igl   L saw   lho decei ■
ng by him     I        h    EaW rae 1
hall 'd mi   in his       I   mary style.     i
know     we .-t ippe<J a<   '■ i   mile boat 1
and Wigwam.   1 beard ., mm was ki
h d on tb   I   a ■>   ■'    •     -   returned.  I
saw -h    body on th    track and recog-
i.i. ed i   a    ihat  -    deeea  id who was
en     t.e  tra'.n.    1  .!  n t  think anyone
-.- ,, •   ..  : Q d ■■• as   : ■ ar.  11 ■ was
low.   I dl.l    no.
get ofl 7.   mill   camp.
down a-xt     daj   to loo    "■ ■■
■ ..j   d    he ii    : a   • I my ac-
cid nt assui an * •  y, as I     ha i
rre< oisly  plac d c    le I     In-
suran ■■ on  deei a   •:     1  went o er  t i
th ■ cam! s, and broki   th    a v.s    thai
: and a-i -
, .1 Mr. Bnrti n I ta      w th m •
to G     ns     -.   Abo il    0, yard? south
ng 1 a i Ipe.cap.
b i     and . - .  u    where
■l.u thero -. a   a     plai
now on I he e tra •'.,
sbo.vin :  a] i an ntly .    hod .'
lal  ;  en    d ;  i ntil it fell  und "
th:; movii • in th •
snow di   e •   ,. a iy thos'
of the ■ wo yo"n :;d tl; •
remaias.   1  d a ything a -
out the aci i •        .1 c. -
ed af; r I sav 'ei
Ken.-ie avenue.
D. Be '   t .. ■ ne> I     witn   e
; .- as in     1.
1  wenl   down  S i
ng to (   •   ee-'  a:   7.   l :   •■   hoar
.- a-   !  th il   mi   nii r.   i     m ■
get off at 8| i •■
tie. I. . • ...
1   wa ' :
'-      •
; • ■        ■
• -    ■
'    ' • ~-«*
' ■•
Ing o5 I tun oi
:•'  ' h   ; ■
w.  I at I
■ . id mc ■ iv-
- •
He. Burt on, had
' ui wa   pra-
'•■ i ted ht thai
.    anl
.   not
'       •       ■   • an 1
S WILL       !
Now that  the double tra
Revel  Uike  nicl   th"  tun  el   .-. .i •
assured facts, foi 1918. Tbere hould
in- no hesitancy . n tbe port of locai
Oddfellows as lo tbi ty
oreel ng a hand orai new hull this
year. We understand Ibe en t:..n Ol
this structure has been delaye I
igg   tbe  official   aniiniin cn
ing the double tracking, bul now that
ibis is settled lei the local Od :
got together In thi-  matter and   take
Immediate   itep    to ere I a handsome
hall worthy of the great order to
whieh they belong.
Present Indications poini to the fact
Hint Revelsloke will have a populat •
ion of 15 000 in a few year», and the
hall should he erected with this en>!
in view.
The officers for the yenr ore ns follows:
Chicf-W.  A. Foote,
Assistant   Chief—Roy McDonald.
Cnpt. Hose—K. G. McRae.
Capt, Hook and Ladder—R. Square
Sec.-Trea».-C  R. Maedonald.
Standing Committee—J. A. Dallas.
H. Mulholland, A. W. Bennett.
HF.Oi.1 KO
Pi re Brigs
No, ':    i all     o i
.   •      ort     foi
i itary,     'I h •
i pro i ■ ous '
ai I   fudging  fro n   tbe  ■, I In
,.-n out nt an slann of
ist he m very ioud training.
Tbe   aArigadi   Is keepln; pace with
•  rnTOVtn       and  arc asking      the
re for them     a
■ "'    trai   ol    boi es and chemical
,:i 1 Ml our neighboring
ll  a ly  and   P"V»1 -
•   -'i.e-iii  be  prepared and     not
wall   -       bad Bi    'i have io procure
•ll'    IP.
T.ll. Loader, formerly draughtsman
in the C.N.R. divi innal englnoers
nfllee.. at Hop», arrived in town yeste.-
day fiom Revolstoke where he has
been employ, d on location work for
tbe doable tracking of the C.P.R.
main line' - W. -t Yale Review, Ho?e.
B.C., of the 8th inst. PAGE TWO
M Your Property Witli Us
The growing scarcity of wood and
ihe widening demand for wood pro-!
ducts in new lines of manufacture is
shown hy the introduction in France.
of a prooess of making a wood sub -
stitute out of straw. The invention
is calculated to render service in car-j
penter work by advantageously re -
pla ing natural wiod. It took six
years of study and experiments to
solve ihe problem, but the latest results are said to be very satisfactory. '
The process of manufacture con -
sists in transforming straw into a
solid substance, just as resistant as
pi iv or oak; the stalks are cut up hy
a nun hine and reduced to a pulp by
boiling and lho addition of chemicals
brought to a homogenous consistence,
finally compressed under very heavy
I ressure. A raw material is thus obtained lo which can hc given all sha-
I es,    plan' s      beams,    rafters,  laths,
I headings and mouldings of all dimensions, i
I This artifi ial wood, according to
Journal du Commerce du Hois can bo
easily sawed, As straw being everywhere comparatively di ap. the cost
is not high. The same straw wood
—.a-*—aa»a—.—— also ssi'V's as     fuel, it gives     great
. heat and Mt tie smoke.   It can     also
Facts Concerning Our Home Town.—Geographic Centre of ,„, used tor tlle raanu.«.a ture of mat-
British Columbia.--Vast Mineral and Timber Wealth lhes-ifc is batter ,han "°')liU' "n;1,03ts
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
j i i; d. sta i \v>. i' t
J, I). SIBBUrfD, JK , Sh:.
fc This bein? the last week of our January Sale, we are going to make a clean
^ sweep of all odd lines.   Price reduced to a fraction of original cost.
Reg. $1 to $1.50. Sizes,
154 to 17 only	
SALE PRICE, 50c. Each
HEAVY RIBBED Underwear. Reg. 75 2. per garment 	
35c. per Garment
Regular $5 to $6	
ODD LINES men's Underwear, heavy ribbed,
includ'g Stanfield Tiger
Brand _	
90c. per Garment
BLACK ANO KHAKI colored Mackinaw Coats, best
mikes.   Re,g.  j|S6	
MEN'S SHIRTS, collars attached
cream ground, fancy strips, 14!^
Flannel Starts, collars attached.
Reg.  $1.25  	
i'lKN'S SUrfS, Twee.ls, etc. Reg.
520 and $22.50 	
JAN. CLEA1AHCE, $14.50
much less. It is made into wrapping
taper, inlo bottles, little pitchers and
other similar articles, lt lends itself
readily -to oilier uses f nd its employment will ioou enter into co.im:on
pra tice.
„,  .. , .*     a.,      , .       I" America straw paper is supposed
better local nt lor the site of a "»-■ a town a tractive from a rcsi-  to ,,0„ sj, (.„,Us ll
Oity than Revelstoke.   It i- as nearly de^_   Po^t ot view._ (The     tr.at  sl  ,,  Mntfl ,„ mDCbani(.al puIpaBpap.
sect on ol British Columbia extending hours r,aCh.)   Good fishing may
for a length of 3"0 mi es between the hal in many  of tlie adjac nt streams
Crow's Nest and B.C. Bouthern rail- iir:' ,ak s-   Hunters will find here re-   i i (\ * j-»T     p. -  „,,„„
way     systems   to the south and the "^.J* big ^ame with rellab,c Suide3       OAT I .   N ALIKE I
Throughout Surrounding Country. Homes for Thirty
Thousand Prosperous cylgriculturists.— Scenic Attractions.— Industrial Possibilities.
Oo where you will, you will find no   the  modern  con\eniences that go    to
ma'-.e a town a'tractive from
dential     point of view.    (The
summer     and    tourist resorts of   ths
ol that great   Rociy Mountains are within a     few
er.    The  indications  are  that      wooJ
prices     will ma'.'e surh substitutes as
Revelstoke Land Ditrict.
District of  West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Robert Arther
Mossman of Nakusp, 13. C, occupation Medical Practitioner, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following  described  land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. W. Corner of Lot 9323
Thence West 40 chains thence Soutb
4S chains thence East 40 chains
thence North 30 chains to the point
of commencement and contalng 160
acres  more or less.
Dated November 30th 1912
Robert  Arther   Mossman.
1st issue Dec. 14th
the.se necessary.
routes oi  tha    Grand     Trunk  Pacific
One of the most \nlunlde assels   of
to   tbe distiict is its climate.   It i.; com-
Consisting of every conceivable size and make of
Hats, Gloves, Shoes and Underwear; also a most
extensive stock of Neckiies of every shade and
We have also a specially fine assortment of sanip'es
for our Spring Clothing OrdetQDepartmeet.
The  play  to  he  presented  by     die
Amateur Dramatic Club In  the   Hm-
and Canadian Northern railway:
th- n.jith | .-uati.-ely  mild, equable according to   1"',,RS 'heutre on February 2Cth, is one
Prett ly     situuted on thr Columbia   tho s''-isons, salubrious, bright      and   "f the funnies! farce-comedies ever iml
River where it  i-  crossed by  lhe main
It will pay you to
make a cn)\ at
lays   n  midwint r.   The  natural  mo-   love with a young lady's photograph,
i-ture is sufficient  lo make irrigation   nud  proposes marriage.   Being a cau-
sinshiny  throughout the grealerpart ngined. Those who saw "Whose Baby
. _    ,,    e^aaaaa.,.........,,,-       .,           of the year.   Th.' heat is not excess ■ ;i"' *'ou" presented by tbe (Ulan Plav-
l.ne o. the ( anad.an Pacillc Railway,   ive „, mldgnmnwr. thfl eveninga      are ,,- during their last engagement here
It is also tho junction with thu main   always  pleasantly cool.   The  winters need only be told that "Caplain Rae-
line of the Arrowhead and Kootenay   nre not extreme  ihe  temperature ra- k*t" ia a   Imilar comedy by the same
Railway, which connects wiih the pal-   ,v'-v Wing  below ^ero. and  then not nuthi   .  and  quite as  funny.
atial steamers of the C.P.R. on    the  BSCc°ain8 ten ,lo''loes below for a few Old  L'ncle Obadiah Dawson falls   in
Arrow Lakes, and wiih the B.C. Southern, Columbia and Western, Crow's' urnsceesary.   A  more bracing atmos- Hous old ehap, he -ends his   nephew,
Nest  Pass and  Greal   Northern  Rail-   phere it would be difficult lo find. Captain lio ,irt Racket, to investigate
way systems to  the '.mth.                       The Government records -how sum ■'•' b  the i    ,i    thai    the     handsome
As thc construction of the     Grand m8r and w!nler raneea of ^mperature Captain   apitulate*   it sight of    the
,„„,D     .                     .,                       as follows lovely lady, Clarice Dalnoy, and mar-
lrUn^ !                   ' :;nal'M N"' hCrn   Summer   July, 1909, Maximum 59 deg ■      Ire, ofl band.   To     .«., ' himsef
•      north proceed,    and      July 1909, Mean, 77 deK July 1909 1     -            tck a deseriptTof SS*
a ben                become extended     into     Minimum, M deg.; July, 1909, Mean wbi.h ma                d gentleman thiS
'■:•■■■ ( anoe River valley and the terri-      „ d u         *
tory tributary to the Big Dend of the   WinteriJftnuary>  1910,  Mazimum>   „ *   ".' ,!
Columbia, they must seek connections      „        Jan   „„   M         „ fl        ., ,„ , .,. .                        unexpected      r'.
wKh the south, and Revelstoke w.ll be     mn, Minimum, 12 below zero   Jan -n v                                 J,     £
1910, Mean   17ar.ove Mro. r>r                                 ng Timothy Tal-
Precipitatlon—Summer,   1909    2 12 : ,.-.,   ,,; a wife.  B
rain; Winter.  lniO.  I.li in.  rain; wii I        I      ,   keep    on d
VifT n. '■ T T e
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Fit-Refoa-m Clothing        Stetson Hats Foot-Rite Shoes
01<1 Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
befere Inning yonr outfit of working clothes
fur the bush. I make a
specialty oi Logging
Shoes, rants, Sox, Shirts
Plankets and everything
reonirH.1 in vour bnitliiesP.
rail:  Land
ter, IHin, 22.20 in. snow.
The altitude ol     Revelst ok i is 1.4
feet  ahovj  sen  level,  and  it  i
Th-- pi nl of jun ti..n ol the railway
systems of the future with thos.- of
aa ihry tra'.er-e the great Valleys which radiate east and we*t.
north anei  -outh  from tbis city     as
■   thus .    upies     an  jert  t.i Pacific Coast, wind
strong    iofit:o'i as a  a guarantee of moisture a
.  .t? outlook is still   varied with fine and BUnny   i
ter I   .... .   rial and man-, 	
. turing point of view.     There are EDUCATIONAL OFFER.
r on th. Columbia I 	
.ries north of the
■   ei|
conven- •■ into a mar- 	
. li  product «rtll not fn.l far short j    Tho   Canadian Courier of Tor
(275,000,000. I Canada's grat National m
Fourteen Young Ladle.- to go
'I        leg- and  Ter.   to  Visit   Kui
id to many  r dirul -
ol -h   National 	
w    .1
le frein	
.   W A.  .-'-urdy
I   ■ ad who.
Mr,  H.
1 v
Mi   Ii. A. '
Mi     W    I    -i'i"!.-
M •    M    '•'
in msb the muni'-.
G;'.lena Bay lnmls in jiarecls of
11) or 20 «rrPH or on l>loc. Corree-
p-^ndt'nee invitf-d.
John Shaw. Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Plan Doi] Reces
Wat-r iowei is plentiful in the vicin' arranged the most magniti.-n' ed
ity, th-   city having     harnessed     oi •.   that   has ever been made
. ream to a capacity el 1,800 horse'cn tbe ontinent. By this off-
power, which is offered for indurtrial. teen young ladies to be sale "•
I .r,os<'S at  iow  ia:-i>. j •,-,, n-  . o- Oanada, w
fn    the ia..e;,'    tributary  to  Rerel-' a year in A leading la I •■
stoke are a) out a 'luart.-r of a million   'en  young ladies  will  hn»   -.
acres of land of good quality,     and .Europe,
which, when cleared of timb<r       an.l'    The    twenty lour    ' f   ing
cultivated, is well adapted for     fruit-    ad       *ho ehar- In OU    (
growing.     poultry farming,    dairying   rortuniiie..  w II   :.
■to k raipinp, and general agr.culture,   themselves,   the-  tot irt  expenae  el lhl ,i  Vernon foi
This land is capable of supporting    a  college   ourse, or the The
rural population of 30,000 p> opie.       j by tbe Courier.   I' la a    nag
BxteaaCvc and varied mineral     da • offer,   and hurrdreds of young    ladle!   ..he   Nelson     Winter Bporta (
pomts a-    known to exist in the ne-lgh ' will b« aaxiona to avail 'hem--- ...   being   itren,/...)   -y   wit    .'«rvi-,
borhood, anl await development. | the opportunity, ii they po««i Ieorge        .-       .  u. :   itbers
Cradled and      irenutilui scer.t'    o! 'ii'-at cars will be n.f,e.A\   n    tbe ... awarded 'te; w.r.ner ,
mountain  and  gla',er, forest-dad  bill. aele.ition of 'he yo.ing ladlea   v'i ,    .•..   Children owning  speedy  dogs or .inland vale,  ii-.ir    t'.am and lake, far-1 to college or »n <.y 'lie BurOD* in    -        ,,,,,'s wbicb
ored   with  an   i\-able  climate.   Revel-1 an.l only girls of    en- .„   fit,,
stoke !• one of the most picturesque-j will be acetptod '   Iriin , /  n,-h IDgli
ly lo-«'»<i i.t Canadian cities and an.    The advertisement In     lbe    u ifind(    it will be Men t.v lbs above     that
ideal town in whieh to make a hosas.   ' olumn« of The  Ma 1 Herald  given  m ' „„,   (j tar  town  Nei 'in ars |
It is well lighted,  ha» a high pres-, formation  regarding where  to      •%}''>*. tftea fiutdngs ior juvenile RRorU. At
' r,. _   ( .. . l- . - - -
sure supply  ol pure water which  can! for particulars of the Qflef.
be extended  lo meel any future     re-j	
quirements, good drainage and sewer-1    Remember  lbe
age,  blgh-r'as"     educat-ional   in«titu-|fi.  i,   Taulfe,  ey
R< -.ke-   iln'ic  nre many  ran*, ilbrfl
n*  well  .i    i he    low  but  sure  <peeie». I
'.milling In readinesi f'ir ih'-^<- i.i.es
dnte of  vioil   of    T)r
I"-  .o    .»..(„,  eye  sight.  «p<ci«l.st    oi   why   no'   have  dog rare,  bars aid  let.
tions i° th, ».y of pnbUo and high ths Taube Optical Company of Cal- ihs winning dog.   ompete     with  'he
n*oois^  .    i.m.c.a.   w.th a well- ,„» m1 VaueonTsr, whe will b. st  fasUr-l <iora in Mel.on.-ld.
equipped gymsamnm, two puhlic parks   Diamond Hell,  Rmtttofcf      on Tues !
fair  grounds,  ra-e  track,  magr.iflcen'.j 6.T. Frhni.ry 1Mb. 111*.   If there Is     CM  . dose,   pisttr.  po.te.rd.    for
summ«     park    ,,„ Mount  Revrtatoka, .nyihing wrong with     you,   .yasifht, ' |1.M from Alf PeaX.O., tbe Wizard of
eoMected  with tha Mty  hy rail,  Bloi don't (ail  to consult him.      All  work ' otrtdoor  phot„tr.„hT    Ha  aa.
banes and garden., ...4 i. fact     all  absolutely |urniMi s. teaWd.     31.   sny outdeer a-es. ,», ]ik.
Buy Real Estate in Revelstoke
These  lots  are -1-1(1 of  an acre and are beautifully situated in
the west end.
The  price,  $30), iii.mus  tint you am BOUND to ni iV money
oa them.
The terms are so easy th it you cun p:iy   (or   them   without   any
In Men's Furnishing Dipartm;nt
Rubbers, Sjx, T\ve2d Pants, H ;avy Top Shirts,
etc., reduced to cost. ....
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
..Swift's Specialties..
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
will refresh you with it.  Im • >• 1 it,   spicy
flavor and fraKrancy.    .Sold  in   1   lb,
lead packHKea.
3§p., 40c. and 50c. per lb.
P. O. BOX 208           QROOKH * BAKER           Phone No. 98 "
Ilie Capital of Canada's Alps
MR. INVESTOR.-Do you know that Property
Values are lower in Revelstoke than in any
town in Western Canada! They will not remain
so long, so get in now before the rise.
103 feet on 8th Street at $1200 Terms
Modern House, Fourth Street at $ 1200    "
50 Feet on McKenzie Avenue A Snap
Modern House with 75 Feet Frontage, McKenzie Ave.$3600
A Good Assortment of West Fnd Property at $300 Per Lot and Up
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
R. R. COLE, Manager.    Lccal/gercy American Casualty Co
Spccinl value in a  I'd  WiUr  Fettle.    A   2   c.imt Red   Rullir
guaranteed bottle      fl-?S
CliEinoisand Fed Felt ( 1 ttt Prelectors, Hach      J1.50
Rexall Cherry Cough Cure 35c, 50c, $1.00
Rexall Wiue or Cod Liver Oil fl.00
Resell   H?|< i.hotj liki —(ihe  11 st   tonic  wc ran recommend)
Rexall Heel, Iron ami Wine   $1.00
All Rexall fxraratic n gceuntcee to give satisfaction or we will
retain your moiiry.
Sweater Coats
A nice assortment to choose from. Warm and
comfortable for Early Spring Wear. Prices
reasonable. p
We havi.* tlie medals which count.
Call in and see our instruments.
Over IS 000 now in Canailian homes.
Made to stand all climatic changes.
Before thc public for half a century.
Every home should have a NKWCOMBR PIANO.
Pre-eminent for quality of workmanship.
Inimitable class.    Ideal construction.
Artistic designs.    Perfect finish.
Never suffers by any comparison.
Only one cluss made   The Best,
Second to none—A NBWCOMBE.
THE NEWCOMBE PIANO CO., LTD.    -   McKenzie Avenue
Revelstoke, B. C.   Phone 262
Head Office and Factory, Toronto, Ontario
Kay, Grain and Feed
Office :
Cumming's Transfer Co.'y
Second Street
In the County Court ol West Kootenay
bolden ai  Hevelstoke, B. C, In the
matter of thu    "Plana Cancellation
In the matter of thc Application ol
Itichard If. Sawyer, to cancel por -
tion of Plan 636 Tiled In the Land
Ilojritrtry Oflloe at the City of Nel-
■on, B. O.
Notice Is hereby given tbat a Mo ■
tion will he made before hie Honor
Judge Km in at the Court House In
the City of Ilcvelatokn, on Wednesday
tbe llth March 1911, at the hour   of
10.30 o'clock, In the forenoon or bo
soon thereafter as Counsel can be
heard for an Order that Plan 636 of
the City of Reveletoke In bo far as it
affects Block 14 be cancelled aad annulled and an amended plan now filed
In tho Court House in thc City of
Ilcvi'l'.toki' and approved by the Coun
cil of thr City ol Reveletoke be substituted  therefore.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. O., this 29
.January. A.D., 1918.
Solicitor for the Applicant.
Approved, W.E. McLaucblin, Deputy
Registrar. let Im Jan 29 lm.
"When posterity has forgotten the
people who looked down upon us aw,"
eald the poet, "we will be remembered."
"Ah, yes," the poet's wife signed;
| "that's the great trouble—being remembered."
"What do you mean?" he asked.
"I am always remembered where-
ever I try to get credit. They Bay
they've heard of us, and that settles
It."—Chicago Times-Herald.
On a tombstone in an o'«d New Eng-
/and churchyard there Is an epitaph
which never fails to bring a smile to
the face of the reader:
I "To the memory of Ann Sophia and
Julia Hattle, his two wives, this stone
Is erected by their grateful widower,
James B. Rollins. They made home
pleasant."—Woman's JournaL
. r
"Well, my wife has decided to buy
en easter hat that husn't a bird or a
feather on it."
i     "Good!    Has she joined the Audu-
fion society?"
'Oh, no. She pitied out this hat because It was the most expensive one
they had in tho store."—Chicago
Quest—Jean, In the oyster stew I've
Actually found ao oyster!
Waiter—Very sorry, sir! I'll seb
that it doesn't occur again, Birl—Der
"This is Cen. E. Thurston. Say, I
want a case of bcr-r and a dozen bottles of claret sent to my address, 333—"
"We don't keep anything of that
kind in stock, sir.'
"You don't? Isn't this Sttllh0UB6 ft
Brewer's office?"
"No, sir. This ls the oir.ee of the
Woman's Branch of the Amalgeiir.nted
Societies for the Prerentfon of the
Spread of Alcohol'sm mil—"
"Ring off!"—Chicago Tribune
Lady—I want to put In ?h1s mti"
tor a servant girl. It will go in three
lines, won't lt?
Clerk (after rapid computation)—No,
madam. It's three lines and three
words over. We'll have to charge
you for four lines, but you can put in
four more words If you wish.
Lady (suddenly inspired)—Ah! just
the thing. Say "police station opposite
corner."—Philadelphia Press.
"What kind of a man ls he?"
"Oh. he's the kind Lhat arouses your
"Yes; you have to feel sorry for oth-
/r men_ who go Into business with
him.'"'—Indianapolis Journal.
"As I recall things, you once had a
future before you." said the old friend.
"Yes," replied the fate-tossed nan.
"but, you see, I lived so fast that I got
ahead of It"—Philadelphia North
It makes no dllTerenc« what yeiu flgura oa
planting tills season—vte cun supply you.
and with ilio finest i.unlliy tf nursery stoci:
ever grown.
All trees, plants, vinos, Nerries, shrubs,
evergreens, roses, etc,, Bold hy us etro guar-
It wlll pay yon to get In toueh wllh un.
32 PAGES,        lO'kSTAMP^)
Sealed Tenders will he received by
the Minister of Lands not later than
noon on the 3rd day of March, 1913,
for the purchase of licenses Nos. XI,
X2, to cut timber estimated at 1,-
720,000 feet, 520,000 feet, and 310,000
feet B-M- respectively, together with
8,000 railway ties and poles from
Crown land adjoining Adams Lake,
Kamloops District.
Particulars of Chief Forester, VIc-
j toria, B.C. 1st iss. N.30 3m.
A flood Mnrr.
Congressman Charles B. Lanffls, et
Indiana, whose speech against Brlfr
ham H. Roberts caused him to be dub
bed the new Demosthenes of tht
House, tells ln the March 'Success'
the following story of his first experience in public speaking: —
"It seemed but yesterday," he told
tne, "that I got up and faced that first
public audience of mine. I had spoken a fejv sentences in fear and trembling, complimentary to the fanners on
taking io much interest in public questions, when my brother yelled, 'Good!
Good! Bravo! Hear! Hear.' He
wanted to encourrge me, you «ec.
When he grew quiet, I proceeded. A
few minutes later, when I had scored
a good point, —ln John's opinion,—
be broke loose again ln snoh applause
that Ib sounded like a fractious horse
In a livery stable. The effect on the
audience was magical. No one knew
be waB my brother. What my speech
failed to accomplish, John's enthusiasm brought about. I got te laughing, and bo did the *rowd. It was easy
for me then, for I abandoned all my
let phrases and to' 1 a few good stories such as all country audiences
enjoy. When the meeting was dismissed, John was the first one to rush up
and say, 'You did great.' I did not
have the heart to fold him, for I had
yarned, through him, the great lesson
Jt euccess In puMlC speaking.—the
getting In touch with one's audlenc*
by talking to them, not at them."
Msdf a P'tyerenee,
"I want rome professional advice.
Would It be action 'de to publish •
cartoon like this in  i newspaper?"
"Like that? No' at all, sir. It I*
merely a bit of ncspaper pleasantry,
and everybody will so recognize It.
Tbe Idea that such a harmless little
pictorial hit aa that Is actionable too
absurd to—"
"I am sorry for "'at. Ifs a caroca-
tnre aimed at me. end waa published
tbis morning in the 'Dally Bread.'"
"O, It's been published, bas itf I
tmpposed you were a newspaper man
•ubmlttlng a proof of a cut you
Ihought of printing. Let me look at it
igaln. Why, sir, It's slanderous. It
ll infamous! Actionable? I should
lay It was! Sue them for $25,000 damages, sir, and If we don't get a verdict
against them I'll eat my head."—Chisago Tribune.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
tierta, the Yukon Territory, the
s'orth-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased lor a term of
twenty-one years at an annual rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
2,560 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for leaie must be made
by the applicant in person to the
Agent or Bub-Agent of the district
in wbich the rights applied for are
Tbe lease will include tbe coal mining rights only, but the lessee may
•)• permitted to purchuse whatever
| available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working of
tbe mine at the rate of $10.00 an
In surveyed territory the land must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in un-
survcyed territory the tract applied
(or shall be staked out by the ap -
plicant himself.
Kach applicant must be accompanied by a fee of $6 which will be t*
- .'uniii'.l if the rights applied for are
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty ahull be puid on the merchantable output of the mine ut the
rate of five cente per ton.
Tbe person opcruting the mine shull
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined mid pay the
royalty thereon. If ths conl mining
rights are not being operated, euch
returns should be furnished at least
once a year.
For full Information application
should be made to the Secretary of
tbe Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to tbe Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion  Lands.
isn't it "trasgr,
Tbat women with thin hair will
srear a pompadour?
That stout women will wear the fur
Cleat gowns?
That women wlll make such exhibitions of themselves over paying tbeli
ear fare?
That womea despise gambling, yet
Bght for thc prize In their progressive
That women love their sons more
lhan their daughters?
That women will pay attention to
all the details •( their dress but their
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Weat Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Samuel James
Harlow, occupation, Farmer, intends
to apply for permisBlon. to purchase
tbe following described lands:
Oommenelng at a poet planted at
the North West Corner of Lot 9333,
tbence weat 40 chains, thence south
40 chalei. thence east 40 cbains,
thence north 40 chains to point of
commencement and containing 160
acres more or less.
Dated October 2tth,  1911.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
To Clean the  Soot from
Stove Pipes and Chimney
"Imp" Soot
15c. Package
for one Week
Revelstoke Hardware Company, ltd.
Some Snappy Prices to clear out the odds and
ends left over from Our January Sale.
Men's Fleece Lined Underwear  45c
Men's P. & D. Wool Mitts, Per Pair  35c
Boys' Wool Mitts and Gloves, Per Pair  20c
Boys'Stockings, Per Pair  25c
15 Pairs Men's Working Boots _  $1 90c
12 Pairs Men's Dongola Boots  i 90c
12 Pairs Men's Heavy Rubbers, $i values  2 90c
Nine Pairs Men's Heavy Rubbers, J3.50 values.. 1 90c
g     McRae Mercantile Co.
SThe Revelstoke Home of Societv Brand Clothes
and II. S. Peter's Overalls '
p <HX>-(X><><K><>0<><>0<>00^
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed            - 6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up             -      - 6,620,00^.00
Reserve       .... 6,620,000.00
Total Assets,       -      - $72,000,000.00
Branches or Agents at all principal prints ir^Car.sca.
Agents in Great Britain and I nittd Htaiep—I ur.d<.n, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago--Hist National Buck, (. ni Exchange Nationul Bank. Seattle-8-.rUle Nai ii.ni.1 Bank, Snn Fr.ui-
cisco—Wells Forgo Noyada Nat.cua! Park. Spokane-Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed rt
current rate from dnte of deposit.   Oorrrspordejire soliciU-J.
Revelstoke Branoh
A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.     I
a <++>%+*>+*%*%*%. •%/%/»*••*%. •%*/•*%*% %/%"***%% 1
Vases, Bowls, Comports,
Manufactured by "Libby"
|! C. P. R. WATCH INSPECTOR { page Forn
rim/ i ii IS
I Bl m m-W' ^> ■!$? iH ■iv-
fr  ■ wmM ^myr ■■•■*■ '.$**&
No matter whether it is n high grade Razor made ol the very tin-
est Sheffield Steel, with Fancy Handle or the latest Safety Razor, we
have It, Wh n you want a reliable, absolutely guaranteed Razor—
Our ilo -H io Razor, ma la spec
Carho Ma.cn tic Razors,  the old
ial y for ub, soM under guaiantee
r 1 lahle,  $2.25;   also the  ihoice of
EheUields  best  brands from  $1.00
m W.CO U  a prize.
up.   Bokers Clau.-s and others.
Over t-v n'.y styles to choo-e from, and at prices to suit any rocket
From 1", c.nt- to $7.60. GMlette, Auto Strap, G-em, Every-P.eady,
Keen-Kutter, Claus;, Yankee, Arnold, Endcr and many o'-hers.
some of whom have of lato heen so
an.vlous to fasten on me tha responsibility for certain unpleasantnesses, I
may ;ay that I am not the Revelstoke
correal ondent of the Calgary Herald,
mn have I sent out to that newspaper
any dispatches for ever seven months.
I am not th- correspondent for any
newspaper published outside of town,
nor have 1 sent out any reports to any
newspaper in the Dominion of Canada
or United Staes since last June, ex-
eept'ng, upon a request, a report of
the Muni' ipal e-onvention held in Revelst ok-> in October lasl.
Yours truly,
M British Columbia Line
Vancouver, B.C., Feb. 7—Vancouver
promoters of the Pacific and Hudson
Hay railway are aslrlng t\f. federal
government to guarantee bonds for the
building of a railway f;om Bella Co-
ola northeastward tlnough central
and northern British Columbia, thru'
the Peace River country, ihence to
Alberta by the Paint River pass and
ultimately  to Hudson Bay.
The plan put up by the promoters
to the government is that an immediate start at conslruition will be
made this summer if the government
will guarantee the bonds of the 800
miles now contemplated at $40,000 per
mile, these being 30-year debentures
at i',  per cent pcr annum.
The company does not intend to ask
for any financial assistance from the
government of British Columbia. The
promoter-: say Ihey have spint $250,-
0CD gathering data and making surveys. Bella Coola is 225 miles north
of Vancouver, midway between this
city and Trini-s Rupert. The leading
piomoters are E.C. Harris and \V. I).
Ladies' Spring Suits
A Stylish Suit, black and white check,
Ladies' Spring Suits
Black Navy   Suit   with   Brazil   Trim-
Price, $18.00
Price, $40
Navy Blue Serge Suit, Plain Tailored
Effects ....                   	
A Smart Suit, Navy Blue Serge, witli
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Price, $22.50
American Wash Dresses
Grey   Tweed   Suit,    Plain    Tailored
eflect.    Size 34	
Price, $18.50
Bought direct from   our   Best   Manufacturers  in  thc   United   Stales.    All
Price, $2.00 Each
Pl , .,!-H'-,.;   snrosK^o.vT AND
a ,   i.j....i'i  ai-
RKVt'e.' '   iff*   1;    re
Untei'toi |iul»lt3btiifl (Ioinpaug
J    K.  JOHNSON,  Manager.
RALPH   <;    3CRI7TON,   Editor.
Local Reading Notices and Business
lo'-al- 10 cents per line each insertion.
Minimum lo nl ad charge 23 cents.
Di-play  ae-ie-.-rtison ents  25 cents per
inch eaeh insertion, single  column.
Leca' advertising of any [0:11, also
Government and Muni.-ipal Notices 12
cents per line flrst insertion an.l 8
cen« pei lino subsequent insertion-,
a!low-.ne 19 lin •>. 10 the ine b.
Applications for Liquor Licenses $5.
Applications for Transfer of liiiuor
Licenses $7.50.
I.an 1  pcrchasr noti'-es. $7.00
Water Appliation Noti es, up 10
100 words, $7.,>0. or. r 100 words ;b
All o h'r classes .-I advertisinp not
it: hided In above to !-e .barged 1".
rate to b» arranged with manager on
applies ior..
jtoraojnlze  that   this  same   material
j had been published two or three weeks
I belore  and   in iis   true  aspect,   in our
However, in this last outburst, tho
knocker and his allies of the rag-
11 tn.- press, have finally over rea-hed
themselves. U should not roquiru a
\ery rap ible lawyer to discover in
some of the malicious statements recently published, good grounds for a
very substantial libel action on behalf of ihe C.P.R. as against the parlies who originated, and the newspapers whie-h print, cl. such obvious
1 anards.
The Progress Cluh might assist in
the good work, by finding out and con,
%eylng lo the proper quarter, the name
of ihe local correspondent whose career of misrepresentation is likely to
ha.'e a very abrupt and costly terminal ion.
And the- Revelatoke subscribers     to
the  papers  concern, d,   in  whose    pre-
sumed  inii-re-ts  ihis     miserable  local
correspondent   is  supposed   10   be    ap-j
pointed,  cau,  by  cancelling  their sub- j
riptions  t.i  those  papers,  and  wr.t.
ing an explanation of th.'ir action dir- '
pet  to th"    management  thereof,    express in the most powerful and efle t
ual way. theii resentment of the man-   with human like  ontrolcontains alltliei
cer in whieh this     eity ami     district   latest improvements and devices.    They
have been  treated. '" I '":'   '   ::-   '   :' ■   artistic   in   < ii-sii; 11
Unexcelled in Ton
ti ni of St ale, 1 lesion
al illtv.
Quality,   Perfec-
Finish and   Dar
Comp risii.i with other instruments
only serves to emphasize the quality that
makes tlie NKYV   OM tl-: distinctive and
Let us -.in w you uur exclusive method
1 f construction, wliicb is the foundation
ct that pure qunlity of tore always found
in the NEWCOMBE.
The Canadian Courier, Toronto, will
send fourteen young ladies to college .
and ten to Europe, to be selected
from all over Canada. Any young
lady sixic n years of age or over, of
good character, is eligible. For particulars, address E. S. Secord, Box
267,  Canadian  Courier, Toronto.     2t
Plenty of Gait Lump Coal arriving.    Orders will  have
prompt attention.
Order at Kootenay Agencies
McKciuie Aveue
A. Davidson, PH2§2NE
<u^Tt7S"«fc., t- a s£l>
WEDNESDAY,   FEHRVARY   12,   1913.
A letter from Mr. F.W. Laing
Revelstoke,  February  llth.  1913
'•d ia cur columns today,  brings     to   Editor Mail-Herald —
the front a matter wb.ch is well worth ,    'n  reply to   nquiry so kindly  made
•.ue attention .rl the Revelatoke Pro
g:»-« Club, nti! rtizeaa generally. We
r.-t-r to th' publi at'on broadcast
chro-ghout the prorifle* and Do
;oo, of mi.e»sleaiing news items presumably sent cut by sonv half *nt-
-.- m»r who has succeeded in imposing
r.irr.-IJ tn th- di.sguL-e of a Revelsloke
ccrrespos'iect, upon attain new«pap-
uio. and who misuses his p6siti6n sy-- .
tenia t-.cally to i««M lyia* and nnlie - j
iou- reportB ca'. ulated to "knock''
th.   city of Revelstoke and district.
For month- paet, at regulai  intet
vale,   he-  ha-  pur»ued  his  dirty   game,
and   w.th   COOBpicpMU   sue eee.   Once
tt is   'strike- in tbe C.P.R.-shops    at
Revelstoke"  another  time   "Th» O.P.'
Ry.  is Ifacing  Revelatoke"  and  finally 'onie     the" outrageous    »tatem<mt«
con'ain-d  in  recent paragraph-, print-
tfd by ceitaia daMes as Iiom fl Revcl-
k'.oko corr..=psjndpnt.  depicting  the  C-
P.R.  mainline through  chie 'ity,     in
twms  intended   to  convey   to  uawary .
rradei I     that     some siniHter    danger
lurks in every mile of Canada's I'ram-
;r t«fMttger nnvel highway.
Th'= so-called newspaper correspondent, has even had ihe nerve to clip
wholesale (roii^U^e columns of thn
Mail-Herald, bona fide li'tr ite ma ol
ibis district, and di-to'-t same into
lihele upon the whole interior 0/ B.
C.; which anant  non-ense has     been
nr Information   anl
tion of     -her<:  ut  an      n
i.sitive turn  of mm't.
1 ol  living life long service.
Having   opened   1 warerootn   on   Mc-
f.'r liie - i'.i- ol
-  ■ : in. i   .      r    be   ■ iipen isie a    ol
hn   Bingh 1      :.-:   11. <'.   Rode
-   pul.l-ic   to   call
I snei examine our pi ir.r,^ ;in<: pla] era
The Newcombe Piano Co.
McKi eke, .B. C.
Phone, 262
Fuys aud sells everything. (New
and Second-hand.)
Household sales a specialty.
Conducted anywhere.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Auctioneer and Valuer
Why pay more L»r tt when you
can gel So. '. Green Oat Hay at
|8 per ton and No. 1 Feed Oats
jil f 18 i*-r ton  sacked  F.O.B.,
lavelv,  Mbwta.
PfOmp, ^hijitru-tit.
r«[v<atelly t-wnllow.^i up by fatuous
rews clitor., on the prairie aad at
tbe eoast, who are so intent on allow
ing tfc-.dr shoe1* to be utilized nethe
"Ki#A«ff'l hantmer" that they failed
6 Hounds and Lecture by 0. P. Woody, l-'lynn's Second
Empress Theatre, Saturday, February l.rilh
Individual Instruction bygrad.
tiateandformei teacher ol Sprott
fc Shaw Buslneei (nitltuto, Van-
Day «nd Evening Sessions.
Ni«ht. School, three nights a
we«-lc, 98.00 per month.
Public steno«r«phy(loiie,
p.o.box m
While Bi>gsare n ki>,1|1 demand, and the price Iiiiii, is the time to
try some of our ejfg producers, such as Crushed Bones, Oyster Shell,
Grit, Reef Scrap, Alfalfa Meal, ('.rains of all hinds, including
Wheat, Barley, Oats, Corn.
OUR FEED STOCK is also complete with Hay, Bran,
Shorts, (lil Cal-e, Linseed Meal, etc.
AGENTS FOR PURITY FLOUR -We are sole ..Kents
(or Purity Flour.   (Mure Rread and Itettei Bread).
Tel. 41
x Hobson
Box 74
7* ——s;
First Street, Revelstoke,  Tel.  No. 22
Choice Groceries,   Fruit,    Vegetables
Hay, Feed and Poultry Supplies
Heating Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Hardware and Sporting Goods
We ate offering good discounts off all Crockery,
Glass and Silverware during month of January.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
Special Attention Paid to Mail Orders
D. Company 102nd, ReK. R. M. rt., bei; to announce th.il they will hold
regular dames in lhe Drill Hall on the 2nd. and 4th. Friday evening
01 each month. Dates will Im- as follows:
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14th.   "   28th.    "
March 14th.       "   28th.    "
April 11th. "   25th.    "
The best of treatment guaranteed. Music by City Band. We solicit your
H M. R. Danco Committee
G. H. Brook, Chairman.
Tminuien, make jour headquarters here.   Quick service,   perfect Cleiitnlinesa
aad Reasonable Trices.    Give Us a Trial.    "We Never Sleep:*'
A. G. THIAKISON,     -      Manager ,/
During February There
Wiil be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 3. /fume St Co.. £imited
Watch Our Windows for
•Special Lines and Bargains  During February.
Look at Price Tickets.
*£      i ■■
■ I
i lii
Silk Shirtwaists
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Blues, Greys, Black and Navy.      All at
Scotch Ginghams
1500 Yards of Scotch Ginghams, 28 and 30
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1913. These Good Washing, Hard Wearing, Reliable Old Country Cotton Goods are
all new. The colors are clear and fresh as
the Spring Flowers. A look at them in the
window will do you good after the sombre
colors of Winter. Get your share, Monday—
12ic. Fer Yard
A Big AssDrlaiHil: of Laces
We are making a clean-up on a lot and have selected
two tables full-   One at per yard oc. and the other 10c.
The New Laces are coming along these days. Never
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punch work are shown and we never had such a range
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5c. to $3.00 Fer Yard
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GRAY AND BLACK CLOTHS-Velvet Collars, dressy
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Any man can afford a new hat at this
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in a variety of colors and shapes. All
sizes; the remnants of this season's
lines.   Good fitters and good lookers.
Sale Pricey $1.35 Each
Sweater Coats
All the   Remains of this Season's Stock Must Go.
Boy's and Youths' sizes in a variety of colors	
SALE PRICE 85 Cents Each
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SALE PRICE _ $1.25 Each
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The balance of our Felt Slipper Stock must go. All
the lines are broken and we are giving you the last
chance of the season at exceptional prices.
Price  - 60c. Per Pair
Per Pair _ 30c.
Our* Grocery and Crockery" Department
 ii ! .	
Large Assortment of Pickles
Fresh arrival of New Goods direct from England
Stephen's Gloucester Pickles
Mixed Pints...'..-.,..'. .•,     35c        Sweet Mixed half pints 20c
Chow Chow,..;,.»,..... ;..'!...'....   35c
Onions w.»-    ■■'■■■      «c   40c
Sweet Spiced Girkins pints  40c
Sour Mixed, pints  25c
30 0/.    . .-. ,'. ;.. 40c
Chow Chow pints t.i  25c
Gold Medal    White onions  35c
Cross and BlackWdls Indian Mangoe Chutney
Quarts v ..:,., .•'.;....; 85c .
Fancy Sweet per bottle     40c
. •■'".
■i-V. v
C & B Celebrated Spanish Oueen Olives , half pints 40, pints, 75c;
C & B.JuirtTtCt Pwwder, bottle 15c
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The right thing for " Zero Weather." Have it in the House
Served Hot. It Prevents Colds. We have a new, cleanstock
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Bovril, 4 oz. bottles	
Bovril, 2 oz. bottles	
Bovril Cordial, 20 oz. bottles    $1 25
Johnson's Fluid Beef, 16 oz bottles     $1 00
Specials for Friday and Saturday
■ I' ,    "
Six-Pound Sack Meata Whdl&Wheat Flour.  25 Cents
Barley Flakes, (Large Package)  10 Cents
Corn Starch, 3 Packages  25 Cents
cTWanila Drip Syrup—Per Tin   20 Cents
Mop Sticks—Each  15 Cents
Ask Consideration from Dominion Government for Canada's
Single Unprotected Industry. —W. A. Anstie Resigns
Secretaryship on Becming Executive Head of Forest
Mills, Limited.
Nolson. B.C.. Feb. S—Lumbermen representing over 80 of tho largest mills
in th- interior of British Columbia at
th' annual meeting of the Mountain
Lumber Manufacturers' association In
Nelson yesterdaj went strongly on record a- desiring tiie frdcral govern -
ment to give, thc industry the protection, for the lack of which it ia said
to be suffering such looses through the
dumping of common grades of the
American product on the prairie market Lun,ber is the only industry of
importance, it wa- Btated, in Canada
which is without some form of pro-
tee-iion and vigorous eflorts are lo be
ma,i • in an endeavor to persuade the
.Inion authoiitie- to levy a duty
..a ihe product.
Last year, it was stated, over 300,-
0 ■'. K) feet oi American lumber were
thi iwn on the prairie, market, with thc
re ult that prices fell considerably below the level which would give British
< . labia manufacturers an a.liquate
mi ur-on their investments.
To the Provincial government  repre-
atations will be made1, as a result oi
olution passed yesterday asking
for the introduction of an amendment
Jo th.' Fore.-t act to provide for the
irgement of the forest boar.l to includ? two lumbermen who would act
purely as an advisory and not in any
manner in an administrative capacity
i, was generally con'-eded that tbc
Foiest act was on the right lines and
th- lumbermen expressed a strong desire to act in co-operation with the
government in carrying out Ub terms
and in making any sue h amendments
which might be found desirable while
it is in what was described as a for
mative stage.
Th'' provincial government will also
be asked to take th-- appointment oi
member- of th'> forest proteciio'i ser-
vice out of politics, to give the chief
forester power to appoint his men and
to make him personally responsible for
se: tiring officials who would carry out
the work in the most satisfactory man
Th.. lumb- rraen decid.^d to meraor -
ialiae     the    provincial       authorities.
«?a;nst     making auy   increase direct
or  indirect,   in  the  royalties  .hnrged,
such a proposal having been made,
it was understood by the association.
It was stated that the industry in its
present condition could not afford to
1 ay any increase in royalties.
Production of mountain mills last
year was 420,000,000 ft., a den-case
of 60,000,000 fi. over that of 1911, it
was Btated. Prospects for the present yenr were said lo depend entirely
upon condiiions in thc United states
upon whieh w:)s dependent the
amount of lumber dumped upon tbe
British Columqia manufacturers' market.
To W. A. Anstie, who r.-signed the'
secretaryship which he has held ior
seven years, io accopl the' managing
directorship of the Koiest Mills, Limited, was done the signal honor by the
assoe-iation of being elected its . resident for ih' current year. h was
pointed out by Ihe lumbermen last,
night thai the action of making the
retiring secretary chief executive was
probably without precedent and lhat
the act ion yesterday was the result,
of the associations' appreciation of
Mr. Anstie's good work during the
past year and its recognition of his
outstanding ability for the chief of-
fi'-e in ils giit.
CD. McNab of Waldo wa- appointed
vice president and thc new directors
are:—F. W. Adolph of Baynes, B. W.
Sawyer of Chase, H.H. Ross of Waldo an 1 L. D. Rogers of Golden. A.E.
Frank, assistant secretary, will be act
ing si ceretary of thc organization until a successor to Mr. Anstie is ap -
As n re e-ognitiou oi his sterling
worth and the fair manner in which he
has conducted bis duties as timber inspector for the provincial government
a position for whieh he is retiring, A.
Carney was presented by A.E. Watts,
on behalf of the association with a
handsome gold watch and chest filled
with .?20 gold pieces. Mr. Carney has
held ihe posi'ion whieh hc is now relinquishing for nine years and, Mr.
Watts pointed out in making the presentation, has never failed to curry out
his duties in a manner satisfactory to
the province and to the lumbermen by
whom he i- held in high respect.
tirst day of December in each renewal
"(3) In respect of every pool room
license, there shall be paid to the Min- j
ister of Finance and Agriculture, as a
license foe for such license, for each
period ending on the thirty-first day
of Dcciuber folloving the date of tho
granting of the license, and subsequently following the date of each renewal of thc lieense, as the case may
he, a license fee of fifty dollars.
"(,4)   Every pool room license shall
be in the form following:
Pool Room License.
This is io certify that  of
   is h Teby licensed to keep    a
pool room, for ihe playing therein of
pool, bagatelle, billiards, or other sim
liar games, on the premises described
as   for thc period     ending
December :iNt I'J	
Dated this  day of  19	
Superintendent of Provincial  Police.
"f'>) Any owner who carries on business within the meaning of Ihis act
without having taken out aud had
granted to him a license iu that behalf
-hall be guilty of an offense against
this act, and shall be Mbale, upon
summary conviction, to a penalty nol
exceeding tifty dollars, togetheT with
the amount which should have been
paid for such license, which said
amount and penalty shall, for the purpose of recovery under this Act, he
held to be one penalty.
"(G) If the penalty impoBed by tho
last preceding subsection for any violation thereof bc not paid forthwith,
then the offender shall be liable to imprisonment, with or without hard
labor, in the discretion of the convicting magistrate, for any term not exceeding six months, for the first
oilence. and not exceeding twelve
1'ioulhs  for   any subsequent offense."
4. Section- 9 of said chapter 28 is
hereby repealled, and the following is
substituted therefore.
"9. Tho Superintendent of Provincial police may refuse any application
for a license under this Act, and mny
for cause satisfactory to him, summar
ily cancel any license granted him."'
5. Section  12  of said chapter 28 is
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NATIONAL AUTHORS' INSTITUTE,   :   1543 Broadway, New York City
Teacher of Violin
Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Winnipeg, and Prof. Frederick,
late of London, Eng.
Studio at City Hotel:
W.  H.  WALLACE,  M.B.C.S.A.
Box 205, Telephone 313, Revelstoke
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
j BOX   106.    REVELSTOKE
hereby amended by inserting alter the   u^RVE?, McCARTER
word "committed" in the flrst line
the words "and no penalty is elsewhere in this Act described" and by
adding the following words at the end
thereo.' "II the amount of the penalty
is not paid forthwith, tho offender
shall be. liable upon summary conviction thereof, to imprisonment, with
or without hard labor, for any term
not exceeding three months."
Government Will  Cancel   System   of   Charging for  Pre-
Empied   Crown Lands. -Decision   cTHeans Much to
This Province,
Vi toria, Feb-   B-lmportant changes j    As agaiMt the loM of tvWnlie   ta.
in provincial lands and forests legis-  volved in this new poli.y, th.' amend-
1 i . n  are  propsed in  the  ministerial ' ment to the Forests Ae-t provid. ■
measures brought to the house today   an increa»e ol Die royalty collected on
«. <„..„,„, »,:   fi-    .(,,,   .. ♦„      r *v.    timber cut on Crown land, from
a lorra-i  reje ting the .system of the ,,
cents   o one dollar per thousar.-'.
past in charging :or prompted Crown | brond mea.ur„m,.nt   ,,nch in„rea..e nox
Und- and oflering instead tree   hold- ,.ve,-. noi  taking     effect umil     I    •
ing- for s-.-itWs, who will be required years hen-e.   There ara also found :n
t i pay r   rely the {2.00 record fee aid the Forest '   \ •   Amendment Bill pr.v
$10,00 'or Crown grant. TU.- -tandar.l vi Ions ex ending th* time for Umber
fe Untie   to    be boi I i    upon  recommenda -
IU' ,i res, although power is reuii ■ I I   •■ ol the- Surveyor General, enlarg-
in tbe M if Land tion ol export of    un-
i    tbi tn) In e      • by making rot fa
■   ■ ■ an   a ind i towing tn both Ua
>■   t such act irs to i Itn ee cation; pre -
••   • • reel    an explanation f'"11" ier markings, n-
Ing     'h.. .inr tions for -'ores'
i     be fa t  ihat many Oi-.i-ntals hav.- protection •   . ei
i mgtat to take advantage I timber la
te pre-emption law in   • Whn   ,
► ol 1    .-.incial  lands. ''en;  pei   acre  per annum,    und.-i
I tO I   c- try   leg .vill   |„.
-.   '   ■ i and half e,-nt ,n future, the
tbe reat, even in su-h r r-,Qov<
\-   ..i i r- provincial park->. dollar for dollar.
Barristers,   Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank  Building  Rsvsl-
stoks, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstoks,    B.   0..     aad
Cranbrook, B. O.
Geo. S. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
MOOSE No. 1085
ria.  B.C.,  Feb.  8—Implement -
ing tbe announcement m this connec-
ently maele to the house     by
the prinw   minister,  W.T.  Burn.-*, bar-
incouver, was also    today
appointed  a commissioner  under    the
lea and   onditidKs in respect  to the prodUetion, cost of coal
in Br.' '.a.   lbe  transports -
ommodity to its
t. markets, the   sug -
trade    i;-'-  to tbe di-a-ivanta.-
provil ner    and tbo I
.    ■  •   •
to the
Mr   liuin
iwitto ujeon as  go
nm In all pa-to of
holding h,- Itting i
-om.Dg week       His inquir-
[.y Heveral months.
Meeta     every first and third Tuesday   in Oddfe.lows   Hall.      Visiting
bretbern cordially invited to attend.
B. Edwards, Dictator.
H. L. Haug, Secrotary.
KOOTENAY      LODGE.  No. il A. F.
aitd A.  M.
Regular meetings are beld in MASONIC TEMPLE. Oddfellows' Hail
oa the Third Monday in each montb
at * p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
A. O. BROOKER, Secreta«r.
O. W. O. H.
Mountain View Camp, No. Hi.
Attorney Central Bowser bas intro-
dU'-ed in the legislature the following
amendment to the Pool Rooms Act,
1H2 : K
His Majesty, by and with the advice and consent ut the Legislative
Assembly ol tbe Province of Hritinh
Columbia, ena'ta as follows:
1. Thi- a'-t may be ci'f 1 (1h the' Pool
Jtoonw Act   Amendment A'-t,  1913."
2.—The following  -.ubaeetion is add
ed Immediately alter  lection 7 of the
Pi   •   Rooms  A. t,"   being 'ha;-
of the Statutes of 1912:
"i-'i    Failure-   to    an
>erve  any  ofthe      provleiani of  wc
tion-< 4, 5, H and 7 shall he deemed Iai
be  an  offence  against   tbis Act."
3. Bei tion t ot aid chapter iff is
hereby repealed .and the (ollowing is
substututed therefore
8.   (I i The Superintendent ol Prov
iii'tini Police may.    m Ms discretion,
laaue and renew    pool room li   n i
empowering  die licensee to keep     a
pool room as defined in  this Act.
"12) Every such license shall ox.
pire upon the thirty first day of !)"-
ember nett following its issuance and
thoreafter,  if renewed, on the thirty-
/ru. - Jfci o4im/i&
m<u de/r'aM
' .yfla/Z/faxiiMjruie
lOHnM'^ll KINK-
Ha ih. (.1.1 ANRST, •IMPLSST, anel Dft I HOMI
i.VK, etn. ran heey.-W'h/ ,.,„ tttin'l ftffl h.v. to
know whal KIND if Clotfl (refer r,..,»da ara ,na.l*
r>f...S«, Mt.raltaa ara Irnp'.aall.e*
Sareel  f'.r  lur  I ..!■..  I   „,    ',,.„r   a|o„kla|.  an,l
Bonklal Klalnt ra.e,h. .ef Oy.lnf revar r»rl.ar . rtlnra.
M'.nlraal. 'area-la
Unu Second    and     Fourth Wednesdays    in each   month ln    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woodmen are
cordially  invited to attend
H   W.  KUWABDS, Clerk.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE.    No.  1411.
OF I. 0. V.
■ -..-. In I. 0. O. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opsra House every ascend
and fourth Monday in montb. Visit-
lag brethren cordially wslcomed.
H. V. MOROAN, 0. R.
WM.   B.   CAMEHON,   Rse.-See.
SELKIRK     LtjDGE  II, 1. O.  O. F.
Meeta every Thursday svenfng ln
Bslkirk Hall at ■* o'clock. Vlaltlag
brethrsn  cordially  Invitsd.
JAH.   MATflfK.   Sec.
OOLD RANOB IJthtift,      K. ol    P.,
NO   M,  RBVHLHTOKH,  li.  O.
Meeta evsrg Wedassday sxeept   the
Third Wednesday ol eack month      tn
Oddlellows' Hall at I o'eloek.  Visit
lag Kalghta ars coralallg Invited,
r. W. TERRY. O. O.
Q. H. BROOK, K. ot ft. * S.
M. ,il W.
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
and Modern Photography; also Developing,
Printing, Copying and Enlarging. Prices
Room 1.     Lawrence Hardware Block, Revelstoke, B. C
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
Reserve   -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
$ 3,000,000
$ 4,000,000
Si, 042,811
Hns 83 Branches in Canada, and Ageim* arid Csrrespoiuionts In all
the Prinolpat CKlea Ih the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoke Branch, VV. H. PRATT, Manager
Baking Powder
Pure,   Healthful,   Dependable
Its active principle solely
grape acid and baking
soda. It makes the food
more delicious and wholesome.   	
The  low  priced,  low  grade
powders put alum or lime
phosphates in the food.
Ask Your Doctor About That WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1913.
High Class Residential and Day Schools
A. B. Tait, ESQ., M. A., Principal
The stall' of Masters in Langara is
an exceptionally strong one.
Boys prepared for the matriculation examinations of Oanadian
universities or for the entrance examination of the Royal Military
College, Kingston.
Careful supervision of the pupils
in their games as well as in their
.Special attention  paid  to the development of character.
Mish MARGARET Uoss,   Principal
The   most  modern  buildings and
most efficient staff of all the girls'
schools of the Dominion.
Each mistress a specialist in   her
own department.
Regular training in gymnastics by
a competent mistress.
Both schools are under the management of "Western Residential
Schools, Limited." Winter Term
opens Tuesday, Tth January, 1913.
Applications for admission should be made at once to
E. D. McLaren,   1497 Pendrell Street,   Vancouver, B. C.
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing C®,
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone -'.si
Night Phone 40
P. O. Box 4t9
Be reasonable! Don't send vour hard-earned money
to China! Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only. Be progressive, and
have your washing done by the West Kootenay Steam
Laund.y.   Regular collector and delivery service.
Phone 80
It Miqht Be Cold.
J    Pointed Paragraphs of Provincial Interest    J
President Taft has signed the    bill   as Rt. Hon. Walter Foster, and   wast,
providing for a $2,000,000     memorial  during his day, a noted physician,
temple   (o    Abraham Lincoln, on tho;
banks of the Potomac river. Mr.   George    Thomas    Tuckett,    of
the. firm of George E. Tu.-kett & Sons
A company of Vancouverites. head- company, tola eo manufacturers,
ed hy Mr. B.H. Heaps, is planning a c|iea )ast week at Hamilton. rie was
new steamship service from Montreal the eldest -on of the latui Georga
lo Victoria and Vancouver hy way of y, Ttickett, one of the founder* of
the Panama canal. the  to ac o nun.     He  wa- horn     ia
1859       an.l    educated    in     Hamilton
The Buspensian bridge over ih.' Na-  s,.hools and Upper Canada college,
naimo river, whieh carries  the woolen
water Ihmie from thc South Forks in- Exports of Uritish Columhia lum-
lo Nanaimo lias collapsed completely, |.er from the Fraser River during
destroying the bridge and  taking aw-   1913  win    break all  rei-ords.        Con-
Howson £&> Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C&> Co., Ltd.   J
Then take advantage of an exceptional oppootunity. Call
at BINGHAM'S MUSIC STORE and inspect our stock of
Mandolins, Violins, Guitars, Accordeons, Piccolos, Flutes,
Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Albums, etc.
EDISON PHONOGRAPHS and VICTOR GRAMOPHONES. Also 500 Edison Records selling at 45c, (usual
price. G5c. ) and a good selection of Blue Seal Unbreakable
Records at G5c. Gootl stock of Player Rolls. Selling at next
to cost price to clear.   Come Early and Get First Choice.
MacKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.     Phone 262.
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turning!
W   are in the manufacturing business
Sash,  Doors, Moulding, Turnings, Show
Cases,   Office and  Bar   Fixtures,   Storm
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, ^Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our.record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for . comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, -        Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,      .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.00
A. P. IvBVESQUH, Proprietor
Laughton C8. Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
ay   with  it several  hundred   feet
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Jk'iaeturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
suitably furnished with the choicest the
mirket affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigar1:     Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all   J
' All Modern
■I [Conveniences
Special Weekly Rates
~": '^8i.nHHi
aEpfrfftft ,' * j
servativi   estimates  place  the     >hip -
ments to be   made during    the   next
twelve  months  to    &usiralia.        and
Shipments oi coal   from Fernie, on  south Africa at 30.000,000 feet.   Thia
the Crows Nest line, and     Princeton,   Will make the Fraser Hiver the prem-
;n the Nicola Valley district, mc be    ;,,. 10,,  ,or lumber of Uriiisli Colum-
in» rushed to Vancouver in order to  Dia.
rope with the fuel shortage, which   a 	
lew days ago showed every likeli- John Simpson, provincial eonstabla
hood of developing into a 'O.d fam- at Kaslo, has been appointed chief
ine. constable of  th.> Boundary police dis-
t rict with headquarters at Greenwood
The work on the Canadian Northern in succession to * hief Constable' I. A*
grade between Yale and North liend, Dinsmore, who did last week. Con-
will be finished according to careful stable Simpson is, n.'Xt to Chief Con-
estimates, by the beginning oi April, -.(fi.b 1.■ John T. Black, the senior menl
This does not ine hide ihe bridges, |H.r of the foroe in Nelson district and
which will take some time longer to i:as i,e..n in tbs service for o.er 19
complete, especially the long bridge years,
over Anderson Creek. ——.
The -ite of Okanagan House, tba
Mr. Stephen H. Hoskins, provlnc- Brst Hudson Bay company post in tha
ial collector of taxes at Nelson, has Spokane country, established on what
received from the Doukhobor society, >s now the ColviUe Indian reservation
a cheque for $2329, covering the poll Prior :" 18S5- haa !l 'n Kiven to ,bo
tax due from its members at Brilli - Washinjton State Historical Society,
ant and adjacent colonics for 1912. ]<y *>'"'•'' *cl ol Congress. The post
The  cheque is for 741  members        of   waa abandoned about   1870,  and     aU
building!i have d removed.
By a vote of 22 to 11 ;he Manitoba
Legislature rejected the" resolution of
C.D. Mcl'her.-on which favored tiie adoption of the initiaiive an.l relet od -
um. The measure was defeated on a
b >a..'h: | arty voto with the except-
ian that W. Molloy, Lib. ral member
Seven hundred farm laborers     have   for Laverandyre, voted  with the gov-
tbe community,   thn numbering being
the toial liable .'or the tax last year.
Hon.  James Young, aged "7.     died •
at Gait   lasl   week.   He-  was  formerly
a member of the Mackenzie     gov. rn -
men I.
already hookid from Somersetshire,
and adjoining counties inr the Province of Saskatchewan and another
thousand will leave ihis month.
crnmen:   and against  the  resolmion.
Canadian fruit inspectors have     revived  instruction-  to k.-ep  a      sharp
Icokoit  for frown  >-itru>  iruit    from
Aboit 2000 men are now     engaged   California.      Thc    frost-nipped    fruit
in grading work on the section of the   gives little outward indication ot   ita
K. V.  R.  track     between     P.nticton   deterioration,  but   Is  lacking in     tha
incessant,   essentials of ihe matured product.
day    and
and Naramata.     Work h
blasting being carried   on
At the annual meeting of the share-
I holders of the Dominion Bank an an-
Bnron      like-ton.     n    di-tinguisbed   nouncement  of a new stock  issue     of
member of ihe Liberal party in    the   one million dollars wa* made.       Tha
House of Lords. Ji,-J last week,     at   stock     will bc offered to shareholders
the age of 73.   Ho was better    known   at 216.
Tinsmith Ropnlr*, Hot Air, Pipe
and Fumaoe work
Oon naught Av*.   -   Ravalatoko
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianoe a Specialty
Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
The dangers of working among explosives were strikingly proven by a
terrible aecident at Salmon Arm on
Friday last, resulting in a welldigger
named C. H. Lynam being instantly
Lynam, who has been cngnged in the
work of well digging for many years,
was regarded ub an expert in his line
of business and a very reliable man
at ban.lling all kiwis of explosives.
A week or so ago, he ace-epted a contract to build a well for a Salmon
Arm rancher; he had sunk about 20
fett down when something went wrong
wiih the Caisson, Lynam went down
lo see what wns lb- mnit«r, and put
In a charge of dynamite'. Tbc charge
explolnd prematurely, and literally
blew lhc unfortunate man to piece*,
be being killed instantly.
Coroner Hamilton prooeedod from
Revelstoke and on Friday last an inquest wns held on the remain*, follow
iog whicli a verdict of "aceidental
death"  was  returned.
It is only a short time ihjoe a dynamite explosion at Malakwa .-esulted
In terribli injuries to two well known
rnnrhcrs c/f that city, nnd every day
in the provincial press are chronicled
«a*cs of ae'-idents caused by explosives.
Large lumbers of men are engagcl
in lund .tearing, nnd the dang.' • '
tbe work should br carefully guu 'Vd
against, in every possible manner.
If You Have Scalp  or  Hair
Trouble Take Advantage
of This Offer
We .ould not afford to 60 strongly
endorse Rexall "93" Hair Tonic and
e-ontinU" to sell it as we do, if it did
not do all we claim it will. Should
our enthusiasm carry us away, and
Rexall "93" Hair Tonie not give entire Batisfaetton to the users, they
would lo"C faith in us and our statements, and in consequence our busi -
ness prestige would suffer.
We as-ure you that if your hair u|
beginning to unnaturally fall out or
if you have any «<-alp rouble. Rexall
"93" Hair Tonic in without question
the best rennsly we know of to eradicate dandruff, e-titnu'ata' hair giowih,
anil prevent premature luMne-s.
i lur faith in Rexall "93" Hair Tonic
issoKtiong that we ask you to try,
it on our positive guarantee tbat youo
money will be Cheerfully r.fundod if it
does not do as we elaim. Two sia«#
50.. anl $1 00. Sold only at ourstora
—The Rexall Store, Hews Drug store.
WANTRD—A  House   maid, appty    to
Mrs. Walter Bews.
No.    4-Arrives  24:45,   Departs 24:65
No.  14— Arrives    7:20,  Depart* 7:40
No.    >—Arrives  11:55,  Departs 12:15
No.    *- Arrives    6:48,  Departs    7.M
No.    1—Arrives    16k,   Depart*  16:11.
No.   19-Arrtve*  18:15,   DeparU  18:35
Arrive* M 40, leave* 7:45 a.m.       , PAGE EIGHT.
^•V*evay%<& %/*%%*/% e>T
}. LOCAL AND      t
F. Yi. Wco Hand of Vancouver, was
ic town Monday.
H. W. ''anv of Regina, was ., busi,
i:       visitor to town tlii- week.
A reporl oi the Progress Club meeting will appear in our next issue.
Oscai Rinehart, of Salmon Arm. i
was   I ling business  in town  Monday. \
N S. Batsler, oi Edmonton, was on '
;>. business trip to Uevelstoke Monday
i i   Pi blado oi Kamloops was
a I'.- '- - oke visitor the' past few days
i thei    -Where -at the;
.,   i    Febr iai :■  21st  next.
CM. F eld lett  on Tuesday evening to attei      he 1 onspiel at Banfl.
H. Samuels of Montreal wa among
i hi : ir ■■ ist irn visitors 10 lown yes
;.   ii.   Stewai t  di  Malakw t,  repre -
ted the     Garden of Bden in town
thi   Ei r    pai I  of tliis week,
1.   -    of    Edmonton wa   among
many prair     visitors to town the
t •■   pari  of this week.
Mrs.   I..   Jennings   formerly   of Rvel-
ke ami Arrowhea I, died of typhoid
fever re ent'.y in Calgary.
There will        ino he   dance held at
ary  21st,  1913. Th
music  will be furnished Iiy the Revelst  ke Orchestra
Dispatcher   J.W.   Arm-iron..-'.
i.e'.l bj Mrs. Armstrong, will
1 this week end on a six months'
v i  .tion to California.
M bs  B.   McConnell,    of the    C.   B.
ti imi   millinery  departmi nt,  lefl    on
lay  to visit  the coast  cities for
I d rj  openings,
transactions between the parties, and
that Cqughlan & Sons be restrained
from instituting foreclosure proceedings against the World Building oi
from transferring or assigning its
mortgage. A receiver is also asked
for. The Coughlan mortgage is understood to be distinct from a registered mortgage of several hundred
thousand dollars held by an Ameri
ean concern.
The writ was issued by Mr. 13. P.
Wintemute, solicitor for the World
Building Ltd. A period of eight day-
is allowed by law for the defendants
to file an appearance in the case.
Liberal Opposition Collapsing.—Conseivative Plan lor
Immediate Aid Wins Support of Practical Poliiicians.—
Country Behind Dreadnought Offer.
Ottawa, Peb. ll1—A wide     diversity had been broken, that the party is in
of opinion  apparently  exists  at    the low spirits over the speeches made ou
capital in regard to the decision     of Friday by H.   H. McLean of Queens,
the whips 0f the two parties, subject Sudbury,   in support of the proposed'
London, Feb. 11—The British govern
in.-in ha - entered into negotiati in*
with  the  principal      North     Atlantic
tcamship lines with a view to equipping a vessel with a powerful wire
less insiallation to pai roi the ice regions and notify ihe wireless Btation3
on the American coast and liners
plying the Atlantic of lhe location of
icebergs and of similar dangers.
The cosf of the service as contemplated is io be shared by the governmenl  and the companies .
to the consent of the two leaders to
have lhe division on the naval resolution on Thursday nexu While tha
Conservatives are strongly of the opinion, thai this means that there will
lm no further serious opposition to
the government proposals the Liberals
say that no such definite conclusion
sii,,nl.i be drawn.
Th s say lhal as ihe bill based upou ih' re-ohitii.n has several stages
to go through it  cannot be   decided
, until lal ir on if it is feasible to do
mo. Unofficially it is said that an
amendment will bo moved calling for
the introduction of a redistribution
bill and a  reference of the    questions
. to the country by way oi an elertion.
Ii is not definitely known,     however,
that   ihis will  be done.   Tho Evening
Dreadnoughts and that it
a short time before the
its  third and  tiual  read-
gifts of tin
will only 1
bill reaches
Toronto. Feb. II—"Some aspects of
imperial and national defence," was
the subjeol cm which Lt.-Ool- Burland
of Montreal spoke be-fore the Women's
Canadian club on Saturday afternoon
It was a question thai -hould be beyond the influence of party politics,
and should be approai hed only from
a standpoint of the purest patriotism
and national pride, Col. Burland said
adding the suggestion lhat there
would be a gn at saving of time during the Session and money to the
country, ii members of parliament
should be required to try an examin-
"We are weak. Writing is dillicult,
but for my own sake I do not regret
this journey, which has shown lhat
Englishmen can endure hardships, help
one' another and meet death with as
great fortitude as ever in thc past.
We knew we took our position. Wu
have no cause for complaint, but how
lot ho will of Providence, determined
to do our best to the last.
"But if we have lieen, willing to
give our lives to Ibis enterprise, which
is for the honor of our country, 1
appeal to our countrymen to see that
those who depend on us are properly
cared for. Had we lived I should have
had a tale lo tell of the hardihood endurance and courage of my eompan -
ions, which would have stirred lhe
heart of every Englishman.
"Theso rough notes are our death
bell's toll, bill surely—surely a great
rich country like ours will seo that
(hose who are dependent on us are
properly provided for.
"(Signed)  R.  SCOTT.
"March  25,  1*112."
Free Press, the local opposition organ   aUo" on il,,v subJect the^ wish,'d    to
on Sarurday said: j discuss in Ihe  house with 50  percent
"Although there ls a possibility that  Tp^'mi for a pass,  75 per cent   being
the lirst division on ihe Boiilcn Navn
Floren •■ and Ha -el M- Lean of
Notch Hill, are visiting in  lown, the
ts   o:     Mis    C.   Kipp    it    Eighth
tonight  and Thurs-
hter of a Bpj "
.       •'   •. al ' Weekly, at the
The clul    had
.   ;  tramp to Jordan Pass, undei ■•      ind of (  ip  "tt  Brown,
a       a ■■  of      lays    nro.   Duriti
tra- and a lim
bei   « olt.
Tl   •   B    Good —A    n 'v
i :     ■•..;.' -d for the more
i    • do
I n of oratoi
light 1
in tl
I - W.C T.C    oi which
policy will be taken in the house somo
time uexl  week,    probably   Thm-,lay,
this does noi  mean that ihere will be
any  letup  ly the Libcrali in the fight
against ih.'  proposals and for th.'sub
stitution of a policy for a navy owned
built, controlled and manned by Canadians.   There  lias  l<?en  no can'tis  of
the Liberals but there has never been
any doubt about  their firm     attitude
on this question. Believing tbe Borden policy  is  most  unwise,  both  from
S.,-  this  M.  Field  about   that Life   the Imperial and Canadian standpoint
Policy you aro contemplating patting'the  Liberal party will exhaust every
on ni  ib" company of    which      Lord   method to force the government to go
a,in I,e..na and lhe Presidenl of    the   lo the country for a mandate at the
The Big Event- I..A.l'. of R.T. Annual At Home; the elate. March 20th.
The placi . Revelstoke opera house. A
woid to the wise is sufficient.
Over 5,000 ladies saw the Johnson
Flynn pictures in Edmonton, being
very much interested in Mrs. Jack
Johnson.—Empress theatre Feb. tjth.
i I Moni ri al are directors.
It comes bul  once a year, the I.A.
B. of R.T.  Dance and  AtHomi    This
iini"  the date  Is    March  26th,  Revel -
lok   opera house.   Remember thc sue
or .1 last  year, and   keep   tb
general election. The announced policy of the Conservatives to take no
further p.i't in the d bate will not af-
fect the conduct of the Liberals.''
tin Iho other hand the Citizen said
ihat  the backbone  of the    oppi   ition
allowed for knowledge of the subject,]
end 25  per cent   for political  exigencies.
Toronto. Feb. 11—The annual meeting of the Centre York Liberal association on Saturday brought with it
much discussion oi the present politi-'
■ al situation  in  regard to  the    naval;
bill.   11 is said sir Allan Aylesworth
predicted lhat the navy bill would ul-,
timately gototh' country and further expressed his opinion lhat it might
result in a change of government. He
con iderid it  probable that    the   Do-,
minion might l e brought face tn face
with   another general election  within
Ihree of four months.
When the matter of a Liberal  candi-1
■ late' for the' riding came before the
meeting Ihe name af If. H. Dewart,
ICO., was the first  suggested,   but  lie
id the nomination.
La I'n    Ta  i to Ord r,  the
lat       Neve   York  Fashions for February ., i    our   I  the
We are now
,1!   .er.l ra  for  Lo 1
Easu r.—t'l-e sman
Dili I i«#n       ■ JISi
BE!   *r    '  ''
.i^L,'     L    is-.*.-, *!=•' •.-..
of which tl ■
ration   v. I
■  I
i.  their
I.   Ta
ity 1
!■'.>:   ••   y- ITS In UM, 3
■   "
V    -
•   i their Capt. Scott a i<   Three Companions rrczen to
Fran ,
Rea Goal,   But   Arctic   Gold
Ug Ltd
. !i ati   .:■   .-'
.-.    ..   ■ | ior I
■   i     m   fo •
'    '.   (ln'.    th-
'I and
Oven ime rhem Whilst Returning to Ship
>':'A   HI D   i HE POLE.
10—Capt. Robt.
partt   were     over-
.   bli   ard on  iheir     re -,
om  ihe South     Pole..
outh Pole on tha
January, 1912.
ws oi the appalling disaster, I
which befell      Captain    Scott"  and his
•i'i ed tin    port  by   a
from   the      Terra
which had carried e
the ind his    .pedition to tho |
I    .'Iiii lr  later,  In t   y. ar,
wen'  i i ■■   '■■■   o lb to bring i
Dions  lia''k.        'Pirn
i   m involved inl
;',-.      known.
. ■. ■     .   i     t he
| tj   |{   e;
lie hut
.-.     Am
of tbe
I -.| |
e.ni   When   le'  and
•lllfl of
.    e       m
extra work    . .,, ■ ,,. laugh,
i      In  the  writ.
''har..'.e  of   fraudulent   collusion   be-   t,,._   Saturday  night
lw.ii   'h.   architect  nnd  the con ra        ,lcom ISc,
toi    e.r.   made,   t being alleged   tha
ib« original plans w.-rr destroyed and
n»w   ones  lubstitllted     without       the
Th«'   first   t   ,n i ;   i .     ont n  •■  I
vent to the  Hf. " insure
of the   Terra
i mply th- fate of
j the party   .nd  'ben proceeded     with
the i orl of    I.y '
where- he- lay.
Th- disaster came as ftn utter   sur-
••    •■    -I    ast  .,  /loo
i  the community which ; .
knowie        ■' tbe world Building Ud.   »t,«00,000 ta the Ocean Accident   and  Bnaall«l line
On     Dec-mber 27, l'Jll, th'      Woi Id
Building Ltd.. is alleged to have
M»se.rs.   J,  A.  Coughlan .<• Son: Ltd.,
a mortiras:f of K-O.noo on Iti property
140,00.) of  whi h  was foi   -tated     Indebtedness on account of tbe     building anl     JM.000 for    a bonn-      Th-
firm  of Coiirhlan  A   Sons is     undei
ttood  tn have ruaran'ce.l    th-    payments r.f  -one   'ef the mailer on-
traetor-.   The wHt  mks thai an   account be made of nil     the    linanclal
fl'iarnn'Ac     I I   in.   The  Revel
•oke  Kir-    Brigs ' ilxo    insured
pedal    agent
for   'hi     601 '  has   M   Field
•h<-  terrific   blizzard* so prevalent
oi       itta-ta
f tl Pole   January 18,
i'ii2, ibowi tbat ie- reached the goal
of htj expedition almoit exaotlg    one
..'aiii Roal i  \mundsen
Hdward tn   ■■ plon i, Ilaptaln Am
ii ie, ■       , [ to 1 Ing Ha ikon    of
BOf   involve, all   of tbi ••■    , ' ' •'■   T**&
nt sixty six, but probably on ■ "Pol' attained  i ♦ tv December, 1911
1 .rkei iMued to all j himnelf and thi  foul othei    He tsd '■•/
FOR SALE   Co ik   itOTi and Heatol
I'.i -<• |10,    Ipply  Mr     W.   P.  King,
Kim! itreet, w-st.
WANTBD Befon March, a MBallftif'
niihee' oi nnlurnlrtied house, East
End.-J.H.K. Uox 731.
h.lil    for the    linul        dab    to tie-      |,„|fl
The ■   are   apposed 'n be lir   Kf   A.
.v.i on     - h   '    -if the   ee. i,i ifli
Captain  L   E.Q   Oatan, of the Innls
Ullen Dragoon*, Ltant   if. Bowers, of
the Rnvnl   Iteltaii Marine and OotnOlil
nm mi  finir«. and I'nt.iy Officii   P)   E
Evan,, gl the  Itrilish  Uoyal  Navy.
Ml    Well  "
Tin. report 'if Captain Bcotl .van de-
lini'd  nol   to   I"'  rec-ive'l  by   tb- Walt
. I I  until after hU death
No details ram- t.i liniid  Ibira morn
to bow  thl i'"Or.lH of    <"nptnin
ICOtrl  Were found,  bUl  thai  hi arrived
nt   fh-   poll   "n   the      ilnle   mentioned
-v.in definitely  known.
The much-talked of Jack John-ou
wlll be seen al ihe Empress theatre
starling Saturday, Feb. 15th at three
o'eloek, in the famous Fourth of duly
contest with Jim Flynn. The Flynn-
Johnson (Urns are remarkable pictures
of their kind. The lilnis were shown
in Calgary. Edmonton, Winnipeg, Van
couver and Victoria, aud the press reports classed lhe pictures as far above
iho-e of any that have been taken of
any big pugilistic encounter for clear
ms- and detail. Thc lil ins vividly,
portray every point in the historic
pugilistic event, and all ihe dramatic
incidents are shown, ia .bar relief
irom tie- training nuarlers ot both
lighter-, and from ihe first to the
ninth round, when the New Mexico
Mounl el Poii o stepped in and put a
stop to the battle. The police slopped ihe contest becatl e Flynn in their
opinion, was a hopelessly beaten man
Leading ring critics at tiie light don't
-bare the opinion of the Mexican poii-.1, many bavin;- an Idea not without
.'.inn lai ion, thai .Johnson waa as much
in distress as Flynn, and believe ihat
lho l-n ii was slopped under mi-(akeu
impression and because of la-k of ex-
periencc and knowledge. Fi-ht fans
were lefl In greater perplexity after
tho Bght than in nny coiue-t in the'
history ol the spi ne.i circle. -\ sight
of t he ii ' 'ii es will do a lot to satisfy
the Revelstoke fans and decide as to
whether the critics' view; were pro-
ei.lie-.I or not.
Iti aid ihat over 1000 ladies saw
tho scrap at I.a- Vegas, and were the
most disappointed souls In the whole
of the -ome 20,000 fans that attended
(Her p.'i' of the fair svx witnessed
the movies al Edmonton, and were
much surprised and pleased to tind
the pictures fr.-e from any objectional
features. Tin1 films will only bo
shown for tlio one day and uuht anl
in order to accommodate the patrons
lhe management has derided to run
a     continuous     performance,   which
■ ii. at least five hows. Oron F.
Woody, the well known Edmontou re-
fere*., who was one of Flynn's chief
advisers at the contest, will give a
de criptlve talk, introducing the prominent lights of the fistic world.
There will nNo be introduced the
original Drury Lane Panlomlne Hump
ly Dumply, laugh and urow fat.ThOSe
who are familiar with ol-d London will
j bail with delight the advent of Ihe
. ii'in il English Panto.nine "Humnty
iiuinp'y" in three reels, direct from
England after a two weeks run in
Winnipeg .it the largest theaters ill
that city, featuring Geo. fi. Adams.
aptly described as the world' "lun-
inaii, tbi- throe n'ol featuro is
literally  -rammed    witb    ide   pllttlng
j laughs from star! to linish. Although
i It in splendid ■ uiu-et has been Kcured
by ib- management at extra expense
v. Ill remain a< u^ual and nil
are urged, nartieubir the ladies and
children to eome and have ,, rea,
good laugh.
Thn* Italian laborers working at
ihe Allien f'anyon tunnel, were yesterday bronchi to the hospital sufler-
ii(' i vie Inlurle . it apptan tbat
they were ihawing dynamite when a
premature bla^t occurred. Two of the
men are in a most crrtb-al eondltion,
while ihe third man will likely recover
,   ■
Mrs. Smith Urquhart will receive on
Thursday  next,  Feb.  13(h.
Dr,   Sutherland,   with   Mrs.   Si'.tbcr
land and family are expeoted home or.
Mr. Robt, Laughton, proprietor ot
the Vi-toria holel, is confined to hi-)
bed  with  a badly sprained ankle.
Keep February 2<)ih open for list
Gould benefit piny. Reserved seats
are on sale today at C. R. Macdonald's.
Uev. Jas. Ferguson, D.U., Superintendent of Western Missions [or llie
Presbyterian church, spent. Saturday
iu town, leaving on the outh train
Sunday  for Slocan.
Mrs.   Campbell of  Calgary, atrivid
in  town  Monday,  summoned      by  the
ael  news of her father's  fatal     aopi-
dont,   Mr. Halverson's funeral will in
held  tomorrow, Thur day, at '2 p.m.
Tin- genial face of Mr, W. M, I.aw-
rence is once more in its accustomed
place. Mr. Lawrence spent last week
at bome entertaining a bad attack of
tho grippe.
Mrs, Matlinson and family moved
from here to Nelson tho end of lasl
week. Mr. Mallinson preceded them
some weeks ago to (ill his new posi -
tion as master-mechanic at that point
Mr. F. W. Laing hal tha honor,
when al tending the )!.('. enliven', ion of
lh.' Poultry Association hold at Victoria t wo weeks ago. to bo elefiled
provincial presidenl of lho association
for the coming year
(iu Invitation of lhe committee oi
the Ladies' Auxiliary of the Endue
pis, a progressive whisl drive jvas
held at tho home of Mrs. llo\. ai Mi
Rae la-t. Friday evening. Five t; 6l
competed until nearly midnight when
refreshments followed by ome i .usa
closed a very pleasant evening.
The whist drives given every r-   rond
Monday evening by the Forest i-    In
Oddfellows ball, are becoming    more
and  more    popular.   Al out      -. venty
part    in the tournamenl last
Mon'ay   night   on   invitation  of      '''
bid .' member   and   tb sir ladio    Mi e
Cas ie Fraser   was succes fui  it) win
ning the ladles prize' while Mr. s"iu-k-
e-i    arricd oil ib i honors lor thi   gentlemen.   Aboul   midnight   cake,  sand
wiches and colfee     were    Borvep and
much appreciated, after wblcb    there
was a short  program ol vo al and Instrumental nilisie-.
!oi   il and Personal (> i '•'•) lij.ii'lii
A   delightful  afterm on  affair     was
-lv, ii ley Mr . Kineai I 'usl :' ytll 'ay
from three1 io -i>:. ai her hon • <m
Fifth street. Tbc room were dBcprat-
ed with sprays, cai nal inns and ghlden
.laffo.lils.   The  M Robin on,  Our
rie, Qowan and Esplln assistjed in
s.'iving a dainty lunch, aftei whi li
eight tables played Five n.ml'cd. Thi
first,prize was won  by   Miss dune, a
nt glass bon bon dish: the Bejeond bj
Mrs.    W.   M.    Lawrence,    ., . ;i  -la ..-
i oon tray. Mrs. c. R, Muedonald
rarried od a handsome eup and saucer n* a consolation awaid.
Important Announce!  I
Mr.  W.A. Bmytho, the p.u ular pro-
'. prietor of the Star picture     theatro,
and the BJmprem  oporn hou     and van
elcvillc. of tlii- cily, make', ;. i important an louncem nt thi    weel
He bus il riil  1 to remodel the Em
prein theatre, providing a larger slag<
wiib double di- ilng room   whi b will
in- situated    undent  itb   thl present
stage,   and  also  equipping   lhc  audi
! torlura wltb an increased    idling ac-
These alterationi will be   ommi n ed
at   one-, and  when coiiipleti'd  will en-
; able  Revelstoke theatre goors to    S'i
' the  best  touring attrnctloiiii,     staged
, cxaetly as thoy are presented in Cal
gary and Vancouver.
Thc outside of the hlock will be entirely changed and re fronted, presenting a modern appenranee ln keeping with the ro-inodelled interior of
(he building.
Tbo total cosl of time improvements is expected to he in the neighborhood of $5,000.
Hospital Inspector
Dr. Dapty of Victoria, bas been appointed inspector of hospitals lor the
pro vine >. Provision for the office, a
newly created one was made during
the present session.
March    26-L.A.B.   of    R.T.
"At Home" and Dance.


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