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The Mail Herald Aug 24, 1912

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Vol. 18-No. 63
REVELSTOKE. B. C. AUGUr,T 24, 1912
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Thi' morning of August :!lsi dawn-,
i-il bright and clour, real celebration
weather. Notices pr oclaimlng a civic
holiday had been posted, stores and
other places t.f business wore closed,
aud towards 11 o'clock, the citi?*ns
commenced to gather aroun.1 the Bite
nf tho Revelstoke Victoria Jubilee
hospital, whore, at 11:30 a.m., Hon.
Thomas Taylor, Minister ot Public
Works Ior the Province of Uritish
Columbia, and member for tho RevelBtoke Riding, was to perform iho
ceremony of the Corner Stone 1 eying
of the New Wing, now under course of
construction, which when completed,
will put Una institution in the ir.iiu
rank among the many spUndid h"a-
pltals of our Province.
The time set for the ceremony drew
near,  and  the spectators  incrt'ii.; • I .'i
numbers rapidly,  uutil ,.t 11:110,    ' ;••
crowd numbered probably udve'j ■ ur,
Jred and lifty persons, Including .in tt
of the prom.i..'iit figures^in oui    local
life.   Promptly on  time the     I.v.'m.
stoke Oity  Band tiled out nnd eiiWi
ing the building mounted up the |ie-
pured  way  to the  platform, ainl  .iie
strains of the     Maple  Leal lor Bur,
heralded the coming ol the   Ion. (ler-
tleman and ompany of gue;ts.     ab
the  music  died  uway,    tho3e    on  tne
platform   grouped    round  the  corner
stone.   The edge ol     the stage   and
doorway  loading into a patients ward
beiug" tilled with tbe Matron aiaJ Nui
Bin | start of  the hospital.
Mr. T. Kilpatrick, president o tl -
Hospital Board ol Directors, sirppod
Into the circle, and speaking In a
low but distinct  vo.ee said:—
Ladies and Gentlemen, we are as
Bemhled bore to witness the laying ol
the Corner St.me .>i the New Victor-
ia Hospital. Early in 1901, a motion
wus brought Into tbe city council ask
in" tor a donation towards building
a public hospital in i'm elstoke. Tb,
Council thought at thai time tbat the
;n.an. ms would not permit al such
donation, but that evening a sum uf
■ •ff was mim at ribed, i ul bc iuently
i . ied to >H' 0. A di legal Ion eni ti
\ Ictoria i" Bolicit the aid ol tbe gov
eminent, secured $4000. and an uddl
tionul $1000 for maintenance Ioi tbi
lirst year. A building costing Wn.0.
was erected, and our preseut magnid
rent hospital wltb lo al organiza'
un.l Surgeons ui Arrowhead and . li.ov
ti tbe generous fruit borne from tbat
small commencing seed.
i his late i addition i" our ti,.s| ;..l
tbe corner stone laying ol which we
are celebrating today, will contain
bed- for thirty-three additional pat-
lentri, nn three doori an,l basement,
also there will be u bull.ling fur stall
quarters with three doors and base
ment. The new pai.. nis wing will be
known as the I entral Block, and w.ll
contain provision lor demonstration
anl surgical purposes, and tbe mn..
i,ei „i beds mentioned, a portion ol
Which win be availatbt'' lur private
patients. The building Itself will ba
fireproof, brick and cement, and when
completed wlll hm. cosl approximate
i> (75,000, li Is hoped the new wing
will be read) foi oci upancj by the
coining Christmas The a.l lit.on wus
designed by Architect u.ii. Wallace,
m.ii.i'.js.a., ui Revelatoke, approve.i
by the government architect at > n
tunu, ami will be constructed under
lbe snp.-i. ision ol ' lontractoi O, IV.
Am aba,ns. mi. The stall ol tin- liospit
ul in Itevelstoke cousinu of a Matron
Mi^-iit nurses, umi two surgeons, there
am also atlillate.l hospitals undei the
same direction, at Chase ao,i Arrowhead.
uu behalf of tb<> Revelstoke Hosplt
ul Ass.ii'i,,1...ii. including uil our
members scattered thioughout the
country wlthm more than oue bun
drcd miles uf tins city, our subset h,
ere uud friends, l beg to hand to
you Bir, Honorable Thomas Taylor,
this illvei trowel, Ioi t  ol
laying tli.M cornel stun. unci auti
tequentl) to retain ame aa ■ mom
.nto ol tins occasion I trust that
you will me long t,, pi lie larue, not
"ti acconni ol any intrinsic worth,
i it as s louvenlr of tins ceremony,
and an acknowledgement ol tbe man
nor in which you have always ail I
e.l this community and then Inti
il.oitd applause.)
Tlie Hon. Tbomai Taylor, thun ac-
I   t tt.-   trowel  and   having  thanked Ur, Kilpatrick, said:—
Ut-   .President   o!     the Hivclttuke
Hospital Association, ladies anil gen
tlemen, it la a high honor yon havo
conferred upon me today to request
me to tako Ibis part in micli a cere
muny. I have been Instrumental in
ome humble manner, and with lbe aw
slstance "f Dr. Young, who is in
charge of the hospital buildings thru
mil the province, In obtaining a
grant for this splendid building. 1 do
nol think it necessary for mo to enlarge upon tho figures quoted by Mr.
Kilpatrick. 1 would like to express
the regret of ilio Hon. Dr. Young,
Provinolal Becretary, tbat he was nut
able to accept, yonr kind invitation
to bo present on this occasion; tho
Premier also personally requested me
tn convey to you, bis regret that official business prevents him from being here wiih you today. I wish to
express   lo  you   sir,   und   the  citizens,
son and ymir architect Mr. Wallace,
Their reputation and past porform -
uncos aie sufficient to warrant optimistic forecasts ns to the construct ■
lonal strength, and arcliiteM'ii.'al beauty of the eomplotod lniil.li.ig.
Mr. President, ladies ami gentlemen
the box containing the articles enumerated on Ilus list, namely, a, bails
eye view of Revelstoke, current silver
c.ins of iie, Hie., ::.".o. and 50c. tie
nomination, tho postage stamps of
iHfferonl valuos, current and special
Issues of Ilio Mail Herald, a short bis
tory of tin Rovelstoke Hospital Society wiih the names uf Directors
and stall, and lust ly two Illustrated
booklets of Revolstoke, lias boon duly
placed in the cavity provided then
fore. The stone Itsoll Is swung Into
position, it is Bquaro and well Bet,
and I now have greal pleasure in declaring the Corner Stone ol tho Uevelstoko Victoria Jubilee Hospital,
well and truly laid, and hope that
the history ol this Institution in the
future as in the p.isl, may always
be tho very last word in hospital
wurk   and  organization.
1 have nothing further to say than
to I bank you one and all, for tlio
cordial reception you Iiave given nic
today,  and   to  hope   that   this    nsti -
Hon. Titt's. Taylor, Minister ot Pt blk Works
an acknowledgement ol tbe handsome
grunt already made through in.
Voung, towards the cost ol this build
• ni', and I have ins authority Ioi Ma
ting to yuu that be ia prepared to
assist you i" a considerable extent
,a iiie iu in., long ol ilio building,
■ applause.)
When making thii announcement,
Hr.   Young,  also  told  Die,  thut your
hospital   ill   the       City   ol   ltevelstuke,
was, it not ibe best, one ol the beat
conducted hospitals In tbi province,
and l uiii sme tb.it [acl li largel) re
sponsible f'-r tbe sympathetic mannsi
.n * bleb requr i    lor asslsl i  have
always boon m.I   by tbo Hun   the I'iii
viniiai Secretary. A greal deal ol
credit ih due iu youi hospital board,
and the  Ileal, nursing  I admin
. trative stalls    Mi   Kilpatrick    baa
told you the history uf ims Institu
tion, commencing with tbe year  1901
i  tm i i be honor ol al thnl  hum' rap
im in ing \ uu in the loglslat uro, when
tbe hist     assistance asked for    wus
granted, being tbo beginning ol  ibis
noble Institution.
i in government t.. which i Iiave tha
honoi to belong, buvc also dining
the past few yours, extendi-.! gen. s
uni to many other Institutions of a
similar obnractei throughout this
province, ami the scope ol tins bear
inciit. work is being con tontly    an
lurged, the granta having i u     ia
creased five 1..1.1 within tht
>■ an  ui uur admlnletral
1 understand thai tin building will
ie roofed early In Oi tots 1, and coin
pleted    shortly afterwards,   1 undei
stand  that   Hn   miiI.11   bu 1 .Ml   will lie
completi d and Hnisbed In tbat  man
nei  whh b can
pissed in tins province, and
will   have   | mott    Up tC -l.it'
ami utiior equipment. It would
possible nut tu 11.'e: tu the wur* ol
your (-'infractor iii.  U.'iV. AtiraMui-
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tiithill  will  I,uli; i.iiil umi' tn     <u-rii|.y
Him proud an.I prominent position it
ilu. s trxla)   ii your midst,
Tin'   strains   ol  Qod     Bave     the,
I.n cltl ■ I   i h.-   •. Ii'iiiuiiy.   (Ul klrt
mnl cltlsena Maturing •lowly In thrti
various waje-
Aftei tbe Comei Btoni laying, tin-
guests were taken In charge lij the
i i rim. umi other bodies,    lm
nn- drivei m.i the town, enabling
Mi   li K  Green to renew hi   acqua n
i.u.i'      ni.I meel man) ol hie tin n.i.
among  iln- conaMtuenta,  whilal    th.'
were  making  theii   way    h|
boal  tm I umi.I t.i Columbia i'aik
When the ,'im. i reached the 11 ne
.it tbe hiuikcl picnic, tbo gi	
 I   i i|.n ol I'H:
nlcora, tlir watei woe commonclng ta
innl ovei tin' camp Drea, ami iin- lun
lin'ii baskets lieing emptied ol tholi
content! mi in the tablee provided
hy tlm ootnmlttee. The iiti.h'H were
mattered among tbe pleasant ihadl
ni tho trees, n large central span be
Ing i' Kirvcd lot tbe oflli i re ol the
vai'HHiH organisation*!, ainl theli
\i 2 p.m , luncheon was sei v
cd among those who sat down being
linn. Thos. Taylor, it. !•'. Ureen, ti.
(J. Parsons, in. Rowe, Mr, 8, Rowe,
Jr., V.V. liu.i.'ri. T, Kilpati
ii.niiiiiiiii, tlu)  Uarber, CB,    Hume,
II.   HoWSon,   11    .1.   MrSiiili'v.   R,   Qol
don, ivi   Trimble,  \ J, Hi u n, ii
Mi Kinnon Di Buthoriand, j. p,
(Cords, Mr. j. Kalrni nt ih,' Vancou
vii Progress Olub, Mr. it.il. Damp'
bell and D, i Cameron ol ii"- iin-
minion Korestrj Deportmsot, B.
Butherland and 0   Olllari    Tin   in,,
iln-,,n  iIhm.J  was   i   I'lriuli'l  i->|iriHt. (ind
I'vi'i font  i.'i ■ provl i
■ ii mon  tiimi   ■. l '   nu   were
banded  round,  and  tho t-oinpany eat
i   eating,
(CONTINI i D i"> PAoi rwo)
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I SATURDAY . ai GUST 24th, '
SATURDAY, AUGUST 2-lt.h, 191i
Splendid, Up4o=Date Residence for Sale
Cash $1,300.    Balance on First Mortgage
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
by the     department    lor the   work,'ml the damage nml declared it a dls-
whlch «iil "t "»'''' he Bpent.     It haa  located shoulder.    Mehl retired, lint
lii'iu a surprise tu me,  .Irivinr; round cliiiiHun  a Revelstoke spectator,     re-
the outskirts   ol    your eity, to and llevlng him.   Vernon closed with one
what   large  areas of  lertile  Ian.1    .ire   run.
lying here tributary tu thin place butI Rovelstoke—Beck uut at Bret; Bruce
al present uncultivated. 1 am the bats, made a flno hit, but Vernon left
nun; Interested In tins matter, as Ior, field caught the ball un the nm, [ail
ment who are in my opinion the best
authority to handle these lands. The
carrying out ot mich a policy will result in a most rapid development of
this land Into cultivated [arms; und
wi' enn rely upon your representative
in the Provincial govornmont who imn
already earned tin: name of     ''Good
sume nine past I have been working
un lhe qlieBtion ol the throwing open uf Dims.' I.ui.Is lying within the
Twenty Mile Belt, and lam glad to
say through those eflorts, an.l with
ihe assistance uf the liuu. Mr. Ross,
we  have  made  this  headway,  that  u
ing,  hut held  the ball.   Bstridge oiit Roads Taylor'"     [ollowing up     that
at lirst,   Beore end ol Fourth, Vernon policy ut Bettlomenl   by covering thiB
2, Itevelstoke nil. countrj   to be newly opened wiih    a
Fifth  Innings—Vornon—First  batter net  works of roadB.   As regards   tbe
made second on error; one man struck Dominion  hoUBe,  since the last elec-
oiit;  next  man reached  tirst. un error tion the day of the  West, bus dawned
three  of  the  RevelBtoke   team  watch- in Ottawa politics; the present 11.  0.
representative of the  Dominion gov-'mg an easy catch drop ere ihey could members unlike their predecessors in
I ernmeni  in the person uf Mr. Maber, |-decide  who it belonged to. Bruae  sav- old Liberal government knowu as the
lis now actually '«> the ground, exam- \ ed anin but bis man ilmihled hack to Siieat. Seven, arc keen to art.,     and
..'Nil l]>l.l)   I  ROM   r UiK  ON 1   1
the squatters  rights,     and
lin ibe situation generally.
ining inti
There Is nu question, that within a
shun time these lands will be thrown
open hy the authorities at Ottawa.
In my opinion these Ian.Is should be
administered by ihe local government]clarod out
who know tbe conditions better thuu
anyone, bul if lhal cannbt id | ium
ised,   1 Will  al   leasl   n    lire   , oil  thu'. 1
as youi rein.-., ntal Ive wlll pi use the
wholo situation exactly as it is Mid
as l base seen ii. before the a.irboi l-
ins in the Capital city.
Vs 1 Btand lii-ie today and .ooi. up
at  tins wonderful  Mount  uevelstoko,
and Ihis beautiful park,  ii appeals to'third out in
ma very forcibly that if we can ivnkej    Revelstoke
third,   next  man  struck   out
out  ut second.   Score nil.
Hevelstoke—Wright bats, accepts 4
balls and walks; Bugrean follows,
Btruck out, Wright steals to second;
Rice   bats,   Wright caught   napping hy
a surprise throw to second and     do-
I'ulley struck ollt
end uf nrt ll Hue.' to nothing
Vernon team.
Butter   well  qualified  to  boldly  protect  your
The duy too is rapidly approaching
when, the Wesl with u legitimate redistribution, will control the politics
of tho Dominion. The record of ltev-
elstoko in supporting tho Conserve -
Bcore  live party und the givut. principles lor
for  tho   which   WO  elan.I.   is  uiu- uf  whicli  you
may Justly  be proud,  (ObeerB.),
Sixth   innings—Sellens  replaced  Bs- After  tbe choerB  Bad  subsided,   Mr,
trldge as pitcher lor Rovelstoke,    lis Annan  rendered a  woll  known sung,
trldge retiring from  the game;  Mun- "Don't Take Me Home," tho audience
ro replaced Sellans; une baiter struck joining in tho chorus.
out,   next   walked   to  lil   t,   and    stole Mr,   Brand  Wns ugnin  tu the    front
to third   during     a mix  up ol     the with a vaudeville onToring  ".lock   Mc
Itevelstoke fielding); Becond Btruck out Grn."   Mr, Squarebriggs recited "The
flrst, seme nil. l'ui./.li'd Dutchman,"  and anothor old
Pulley      balled,   walked Inner   Mr.   Murphy   sang   "A   Private
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leathers. We also carry a full line of Tan
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Western IRcsibential Schools
(Oihtllictly ChriHtlnn    i-jnn  I.......... i u.u ... ...tl)
IJh'Al  IvlAH
A  high-i lass   resiili-mi.il   anil  liny ]
school iui gob, ol nil iici--.
Mi'iigliin-'.v  Heights,   Vancouver.
Large eiuunib., ni.igiulli'i lit bllllil-
nig--, with iiui in."Uiu uppllnilcc
lm lii'ilili .nnl comfort.
Stufl unequalled; every Icechcr n
spi mi.iiisi iii iiei own department.
A residential &duv school for hoys
l-'illi-eii acres, adjoining Shaughnessy
Heights, Vancouver.
IbiiMings i-uibiuU iug the latest
ideas in school structures to ncconv
niuilute Mm boys.
Im Inini a mai slam laid ol llie highest.
I'llll provision for athletics.
Both schools opon tills Autumn
n.n. Mi i.aih:\,  ktam.k'i lotin
For ,.... 11. i.l..i-. address
Vamui vbh,
and  othei ■     "  li;«'  "st
...... ...I he   morn
ter the stl
]-;■   " ' :.    ^	
id load ot pai scngcra into
. s   ind other bums of
•        ecn  improvised,  the
ened I y  tbe  bright     cos-
-  ■ ■  the ladies,    was a plea ant
Ri velstoke at  play.
At 3:30 p.m.  In .  Hamilton took n a
n l ie platfoi ni, and Hanked on
eai b i ■  l     ■: honor ami
proceeded  With
a ol  the     Jays cere -
• m I-" I.  ib-' crowds
iv  t:.      ....   ..;   .,...,   ;,,,,   thousand
■t cr : ■    ..,:.. i m.i i,M.ii.i while im i im
H . • Istoke progress . lun
mad    m. .-:.■:! speech.
1 am verj  glad to web ome   such a
larg    crowd today, and especially  to
. i ■ pres -ni.i Ion ol    the
-  t.    i bin gathering lm-   i.e. n cul
the    il Bl   post   plant
Mount   Kevelstoke     Auto
Bea   "lie   ol   the     most
■.   ■       .      l-        Wblcb   has   taken
,   . itj   and  district.     for
ii   -. in i.ui, the awak
,:     oui citj.    i hia roud,
it,..,   tie   about   til,I
;-.!,. aiid » ill lea I to
.,•  the summit .i! Mount Uev
■ .       to     he lound
■:  the  most   wi cenery
,:. .. . : Dominion ol Canada
uui  Greatest rial!
iv.iy l'o., i        I'.Ky.,     v..,, recently
:>. stated that among
at. th i.i i wit
f picnic- der to give in-'MM. to tho wonders of
a[. this natural park, we hope In the near
futur,- to provide you with this motor road. Tins will undoubtedly bring
,u us train, that measure of hotel
tail discbarg accommodation and other adjuncts,
which will muke of Itevelstoke and
tho mountain, a tourist, resort neo-'ihe
0      to none, in  the  Interior ol  B. I',   ent
same Into a playground,  to assist In   to flrst,  put out  living to steal sec-  Still."   Things were now wanning up
building up a lietter,  healthier     and  ond;     Sellans  bats,  reaches  second;  and the electric fan was started     to
inure moral  race of    Canadians,     it   Wilson bats, caught out, Sellans also keep the atmosphere down a trifle,
would . unier    a benefit alike on you. out at second on a double play. |    Mr.  Hawker called on for a reclta-
and on our     successors,  and in    my I
mind's eye, I can see the finished See
nic   Auto   Uoa.l,   winding  its  way     to
summit, crowned  by  a magnlfic -
tourist  hotel, and  the  mountain
i Applause.)
tu conversation With Assistant I.n
giueer b'orde this morning, be ;.,iv i>-
ed me that he has received word it Jul
the Public Works Engineer ol :. j department and on my instructions, to
proceed mt the nrst section o! this
auto road, on ihe basis ol the ->i",
imm already set aside tor the
11.uud applau .-. i   Mr.     it. i'
tst'lf   turned   into  a playground   wor
thy of     ils natural  beauty and stir-
Seventh   Innings   Vernon,   score   nil. tion,   replied   with   a neat   sung     ilia
Revelatoke—Beck bits and     reaches logue   "The N'av.'.'."     The ('nut: man
first; Hruce sacrificed and  llerk reach- then culled upon  Hun. Thomas Toy-
ea .second;   Munro  bats,   gets to  tirst, lor,   Minister ui Public Works,
Heck reaches third; Wright bats, Mun-    Ladies and gentlemen, this puts me
ru  steal-   second,   two   men   now      on iu   mind  of  it good  muny   past  pleas-
bases second  and   third;  Wright plays ant smokers  we have held togetbei'in
roundlngs.    1   have   already   taken   up   a cool game,   accepts  foul   and  walks,   this   ball.   I claim   K0.it   thc   credit   ol
matter ol the Proclamation ol
mountain as a National Park.
huve here today a city ol four
or live thousand people. In a few
years, with your advantages, it
uld grow io fifty or sixty tbous-
population, ami tlu- mountain
drawn that pure drln-
which your city is su
catcher on foul strikes,  struck     out
Score  end   of seventh,   Vernon      four,
fame.I,  will have  to be preserved with   Itevelstoke   two.
tlreea, and ^^^^
member for Kootenay In the Doruin -1'rom whence Is
ion House ia here today, and 1 am's'iK water f'"'
sine we  have   his  hearty  co-opcr.illOll i
and support in this,nov ent, which  Its  timber  standing,  as  a protection     Hl.htta  inmngs-Vernon
ia „f such  importance to it Istoite.! to the sources of that   water supply,  out, une pui out   mtc oat
ln  conMCtion   wm  ,„,..  road,     .,„,   If  the  park la  not proclaimed a Na-      Revelstoke-Sellene
with olher mads  which ale and. I ini!"""1'1      :':irk'     "'
sti,ni i,ui  b.v  my department   In  unt-
ish Columbia,  my attention lm- been
liases full; Sugreaii bats, talks four our BUccoSs In this and other direct. -
and walks, Becks walks home; Rice ions is due not to ine, but to you nnd
bals with three men on bases, center many other friends among the Con-
held the return,  bul   Hruce got  home servatlves ol this     city, and I fore-
si ml man home fur  Revelstoke, I'lll- stalled Mr. tlreen in receiving ul your
ley  bats two down, two on bases sec- ban.Is    the honor vi    an  election    by
ond and third;put live bulls behind tlle acclamation.   We liud  in  this const it
one   struck
at   lirst.
.t   ti •    t;..i k)   Muun
. i ut,
,v.,- ., itbmg     ■.. mm i .
. t ■  .. . Irom     the
-   u.  tiavi
tWO   gl l.'le
nowu i" .ui
tbi      li..ii.
.   .  Mi    lu'. Green,
.  who will sborl
r tbi   - • iv.-s.
I will  ong
■ -.   .
A, rk«,  to
. : -  i
, tbe
this     «
te,  diil  Inscribed,      "Kirst
culled iu .ui article appearing n a
late Issue ul the Mail Herald, in the
shape of an interview with u certain
Mr. Maxwell Clarke, supposed lu be
u representative of the Canadian High
way        Association        where in
certain .tntcments are made recall
in,;  Ihe  locntii ( Ibe Trans Caliud
ian    Motor      Road   now   Innl.Ime       I
should like to lake ilus    opportunity
fur stating, that   Mr. Maxwell Clarke
hits no authority toi  speaking on
hall  "i  ihe department,  oi   tbe go\
iin nt, my engineers are in tbe Hold
have   1.. .-ii   su   - llgaged   ."I   I lllee   yeai i
aiid their instructions an- to pay io
attention to any conditions or mi
portunlties,  imt  t" local" Mn-     very
i best i u.i.I I bey  noi liu.I.  « itb tl
nd   l he   musl    ;,-.i
- the statements ol Mr, Mh i -v. .-  i lai ki
that  the 1.1.id must
son or bj  any  othei  point. .-  nol   , ■
t hor Ised  by  ib,-  Publi    Work i Di    . '
an ni ..a i i muke ilus si..leu, i •
tbe bopi   i.f previ nting anyoni
misled by any statenn vi
11..mil     i'ark,    at    leasl  there is nu  first.   Wilson     bats,
iuat. us use can  be secured in  away  trom the plate
i- . nnl lbe touring public fur ever.
under tb.- existing arrangements for
conserving watersheds, and under one
-I the other of these arrangements
the matter can certainly ne salisfac-
tt.i Ily adjusted,
in tins city of Revelstoke, l suppose
1   Imve  as many  ..bl  per .iimi
i    ,n  any   place ol   us si/..-
uiu by u smart surprise throw at
lirsl. Wilson hits, reaches lirst. Heck
lilts, mado lirst, Wilson out at second; Bruce caught by center. Seore
last of eighth four Io two in favor
of Vernonf
Ninth  Innings—Vernon  scored    four
in.Mnls  runs .ui errors in the this inning.
i     tbe I    Revelstoke  scored  one   run,   leaving
province,  and speaking  nol  only     tu
I bus,-  friends   whose   [aces   I see    an.
otig this audience, 'ur   to al'. ut ymi.
I   ,\ Ish you every  pi oi i" rit >  and t'l
.-.i.n- thai   when  this motoi   road
in,, i'ii-im i.  au.l  i ta-  developments c< in
i:   ted  with Bame are  well  underway.
thai   pro pcritj   will   Indeed  ne yours
extent vve at ih.s day are    not
appreciate.  I Loud chei
I In   ■ ball man thnn called upoi   Di
K S.   Howe,   pilblicltj   .idee:
.:■ .*   i llu I,
.ui.i  aspi I
..-  it
I am  l»ir|HH|   ■■■■■■■■^■H
;.   \ .*■
- earth
i       Hn
■   .
ii.lis'.i gOD
tl lit,    ,t     lla
w.ii.  ..n i   Im-.   greo
Iii   KtliMlei I    l-'il '.'.   alld   .-
ent Tin .
ilea    l' the Railway Belt    .
,U "  liu
ce fulfil mj
in taking   .1..   --.it.
I hardly I
tbe presents ,
Wlu, t,    is   I1      U.u   .i'i .-,   I     ,   >o l,   1
b.,V'      "■ :.    . IJ   |" l.o I       ol
I ...    .1
to the disl 1 have i,w
I., nol   tO • ■   bow
ivtr, dom '■. and this i •
I  | .\,.ii la mii ed . mosl
ne.   I have hud     the
pi ivllege •■: in n ng th" ;:im sod     of
ttie Mount Revelstoke Auto Road, In
lb,    v.riliity  "'   »'"-h   «'■  hav.     .i.'liely
,-.',. ■ '" <"'>•   "u";r
... tbi prorinw ■ ", n.c.    W.ars.
,   .,        '    a;. :    i-   i it
W)W,  t"      m.ikc
. h..   ... -'    "uti 5y   ° vt'
i.    .-'   -.   •
Mr. Orten—Mr.
il the I
.   , -
to I
thi   lb  '   ' Ime I have
■ mi, an.;  i .un therefore do ih
■ :  i hal  thi        II   ihould     he
.-. like this » i."i. l   havi
Hi   l)p| .   ttlng   and       ,..;
I feel    ire tbat. Revelstoke Is to
i ongral dated  upon  na • Ing - non.
formed a progress club, ami    ime ca elstoke   p mt at firsl
Hut   iml   lun- .,1   ui   lh"  tOlirlSl      ... . i., |j{bt    nn Wilson
ntiii'i  aiii,i tions "i    umi  'i,    ■.-.. con       I o /srnon   '
Ibe linul score sluinl Vernon eight,
H.'vMlstuke .;.
The L-nme was well coiitest'.l, I ut
Revelstoke provided but a moderate
exhibition ■■' play. Tin- fielding -if
lbe homesters being very weak, F5d
trldge i'liii. .1 nrst eliiss bull right
up tu tbe time he retired, ami Sellens
also dai  good  wurk   with  the hull.
Umpire  Hev. Mclntyre did excellent
.     iu   .nc   tbe   game   well   in   hand
throughout,   .ml    K.    Cochrane     mi
v.iv  good work.
Mr. -i . president uf the
■    ..,' . .■-     \M>uM..,t mil.
.i  a genuine old time
-. . -    I I.,.. ..1    I p.m.
It   was   a I.II .ne;   i l.
. , ion.     ll..ii.
. . i;i-   Green, M, p.,
■ ,f   a.-'-' .a
..    !',i" ol    the
;:..-   day,     the
»itb .,1. entbusla if
.    :  II      ipplaUBC     ami
■    '
,    a'
lerun.l   1  to nil  lavm
lie uev today, many good works which
were inaugurated during a time when
.Mr. K.l''. tiieiii represented you some
years ago m the Provincial house,
and I am very pleased that you have
bats, reached found Mr, tlreen to your entire likiug
Sellens strayed  as your Dominion representative.
This concert is a fitting climax to
our .lay's celebration, everything has
I guile o.l in a most M.-.I...-iaeL. r\ mull-
ner and our thanks ure certainly due
lo those gentlemen uf the Progress
Club. Board uf Trado und other progressive bodies who buvc labored so
hard and so successfully on the pro
gram  we have seen  today.
Shortly you will have among you
ihe convention of Conservative Asso
Clations uf II.C. and from my past
experiences, I nm sure you will treat
Ihem with that hospitality for which
you   ale   so   justly   tamed   throughout
the province. Gentlemen  ■ thank y. u.
A recitation "Tbe Har room floor"
from Mr. Annan; a hearty vote of
thanks to Hon. Thos. Taylor, U. V.
(ireen.   and   lhe   various   entertainers,
anl God Save lbe Km,: elosed one of
the pleasaiitest. and most, fraternal
evening's ever held in old Selkirk hull
' .
' i ick
Third  .ni.in,';    Vernon  bats,  Ri
■   ■
nnd ul'
.:  I i -oi
•ou r I nl i   ■
,i. |    ..i   un     ol   land  ly
brought before tbe general  i
a muiiiiei   which could nut   be nttnln
ed   by  uny other nienim.
U/(   huve  had   hen:  today,  tbe  turn
Hlg   of   He     111 I'l    .oil   of   I ll"    I!'  ."'
Istoke ml. ■ ■'  '" " ' ' ' ' '   "'"
i  ; .1   man to    bai •■ : h"!    '    h""*'
■ i i  nu. ..i "•      ■ '■      "' "'"   '
I gol nun n tbs next ■ tributary to rom
man' .      n   i inning ' ' ■       t  '"  mpporl   ■.
Motor Hoad     and the announc nt  ""tween second and third, Ml on bis u    mm Hvcloi nt ol     "- ■
by the   Hun   TIhuhus Taylor, timi a right arm, and laid   lown aft'-,    tin land    If    possible development under
contribution ..,' (lH.ODt) ime been mudv  put out,  whilst Dr.  Hamilton eouu.l lla- D pl  tbc local fovtfn •
SIK EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., I.I..11., D.C.L., President
General MnnnKcr Assistant Grncrnl Mnnaaer
CAPITAL, $1.5,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
Issued by Tlie Canadian Bank of Commerce enable tlie traveller to
provide himself with funds without delay at each point of liis journey in
a convenient yet inexpensive manner. They are issued payable ill every
country in the world in denominations of
$10,   $20,   $50,   $100,   $200
with the exact equivalent in the moneys of the principal countries stated
on the lace oi euch cheque.    They are economical, absolutely sale  self-
identifying and easily negotiated. 8.3
Nakisc Rra.nch, ll. If, UoTHWiiM,, Manager.
Homes Wanted
The Department of Neglected Children,     Kd niuu,    an-    anxious     to
Bnd   In 8  (or   a numlier  uf      iufnnis
varying in age (rom two months to
a yeur.
Twu little girls, healthy ami attractive, are in need ol the loving
care  ol  smother,  und  are     seeking
Uracle, a Protestant,     aged    three
iii.'iii h-,      is  ii    little    beauty.      and
•'iiiliv   ol   the   best   home   inAlhcit.i.
M.ii>. also .i Protestant child, aged
three and a ball  it lis. whu has the
most beautiful vlolel eyes and a spinning .mile, is in need ol a good
Protestant  boms.
is ., bright  III He girl ol two
■  uiil ,,ii ii," charms    of     u
b ippy  baby.
ii.v,  coining  l"iir   months,   is    a
i.i. und promises to
.    .1   looking   i".y.      Tin ">
-  „ in./.- winnei  at any huhy
; '.        , ,    II...I,III      h"?,        is
i   at Imi .   .il"l   mul Iii'l       lo
Imn.     lie   is nlso  „     I'lo
" to i iiir    group   ol     "
,;.     tWO   Il'l I'    I'  • I      i'l'' il
,,    little Dgirl    aged
ha .rn- Boeklng    for
,   .     .ii,-      l'i ul.HI.Uit      ,',lli   ■      ■
• ■■ .'I..     1,     really
i    .v.u.i     ii   , I  Human
.ui.i   anothei,     aged
., half, Ann.",    wb"   i     the
,   woman, is    al io
;-.i  ,, lb.a...i. ' .ilin,: i   b
Ire i"   recelvi    ap
from people   v\b.,   Audi to
," i   ,,    child  Iiii  Nl • i' " onl      i ' ',- ■
I    in    lh.        i Inlil- ii
t   child a
it.ii I   ui   1 !". i, lit     as
in ,,1-
ti.    adopt     Into
-.,-  ui  i ii" al lnid •
ren,  with  tbi    in lot   I ll  but,' that  tbe
treated  In  I be ■ sme way us
■  one "f  iln-    family, will re-
, lumiii reply to a I.".'  ,ui
.   i  .,        ,, . '   ' :■ 1,1   Ni-^
lected  i iiii.iii'ii,   Kitiiiuiituii
Tiir Nakuip bail plsyeri have ciihI-
lenged  Revelstoke  ball team to a nr-
ut nn  thc  occssiou  of     tbo
Nukusp Kail fun.
400 Cords of First-Class Hcmlcck and Cedar for
summer or winter delivery, lb or 18-inch and 4-lt.
Order by Telephone No. b2.
Tonka Farm     -    W. C. CALDER
Three l teya u(
ami I'rolic
Tuesday. Wednesday, lhursday, Sepl. 17=18-19
Baseball tournament, Football Tournament, I+ncrossc Tournament,
Lawn Tennis Tournament,   I'oloTournauienl,   Motor Boat Knees,
Field Sports Kifle tihootiug Aquatic Sports.
Grand Historical I'ageant illustrating the progress ol Uvents since
ihe louudiug oi tiie tusi while settlement iu 1812
Trades' I'rocea&iou, -        -        Decorated .Motor far Parade.
[wu iiiii bispiiiys ul Fireworks, Arrunged by Hit! Bros., ul Seattle
ilie .Mosi i'.i.ib .i.ite iii the Interior,
GRAND i iiNI-l-.l i I t AkNlVAL, BN MASQUli
on the closing evening.
tome ainl luip Kamloops celebrate.   Single Fare from all isiiuts
uu i .1'. K,   iui I'lugruuuue ami further iutoruuiliou address;
Hon. Secretory dekbrution Committee, Kdmluups, [). C.
BoRK&se fi Express                                 Freight Hauling
Revelstoke Transfer Go,
We Make a Specialty of
Day Phone~No. -II.                            Night Phone—229
A New Short Order Restaurant and Eating House        JJ
*;'       Only  White   Cooks   Employed
fy Have had 15 years experience as a caterer
Regular $5.25 Meal ticket fur live Dullars.
J. Pappos and J. Ghitsas,
MacKontia Avenue, Revelatoke, B. O
Proprietors 8
SATURDAY, AUGUST 24th, 131.'
Lots in tho new townsite ot Malakwa are now on the market at prices
ranging from $75 to $175. These lots
are nil high ami dry and tbe regulation size. i'ii
Beasons i/ilhy \You
Should Buy in
This new town is just ahout ball
way between Revelstoke and Salmon
Arm, ticinn a trine over 30 miles
from either place. It is a natural location for a town, beiug surrounded
by a highly rich farming district.
Lots in this townsite can be purchas
ed os long terms so that a purchser
before he has really paid Ior bis lots
will bave made a good profit on his
Business Opportunities
There is a grand opening (or hotels
and other branches ot business, including a barber shop, shoe maksr,
drygoodB and gents furnishings, and
all  other legitimate  businesses.
How on the Market
CP.R. Passes
Through Townsite
Station and Side Tracks
Already Installed
\Buy Early
The first onu hundred lots sold will
be at the low prices of $75 to $176.
These lots will increase one hundred
per cent ln a few months time. K
you fail to secure ene blame yourself
when paying higher prices later on.
Industries A/ready
Already Industries are lieing located here. The first keen business concern to grasp the golden opportunity
of locating at thia townsite wiU be
a large shingle mill, operated by
Spokane parties. Thii mill will be
operated by water power.
Preparations are also being made
to install a water power sufficient to
operate an electric plaot or any other
industry that may come in.
Tor further information, apply to
riesflrs. Johnston and Haycock, Malakwa, B. 0.
. . It Might Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent- Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor,
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,     .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for f6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
Laughton C&, Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged  and Improved.    Firat-Clase in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Rated $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
mamim—^mm OPEN NIGHT AND DAY1—-—■
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C.  BATCHKLOK,        -        c^Vlunager.
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Box 51
Phone 295
Special Attention given to commercial
men ami tourists. Plnt-altM sample
roast. Kinc*t I0tn«7 la Btitilk Columbia, overlooking I'pper Arrow I,ak».
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
Si-ali-.l Tenders add leaned to the
uuders-igncd, anil endorsed "Teuder
for a Pile Wharf at Comaplix, B.C."
will be received at thia ollice until 4
p.m., on Wednesday, August 28, IMA,
tor the construction of 1'ile Bent aud
'11 in in-r I...-,. .1.,- wharf at Comaplix,
DUtllct ol Kootenuy, British Columbia.
Plana, specifications und form ol
contract cau he seeu and forms of
tender obtained at this Department
and at tha otlices ol «T. W. Aylnier,
Esq., District I'.ugineer, Chase, B.O.,
C. C. Wor-itold, Umi., Dist.net fan -
giueer, New Westminster, B.C, L.B.
Elliot, Esq., District Kugtueer, Edmonton, Altu., und ou application to
the   i'.-..- nmi.t.-i   ut Coinaplix, B.C.
1'crsous tendering ure notified that
tenders will uot be cousideied. unless
mude on the printed forms supplied,
uud signed with then actual signu -
tures, slatiug their occupations uud
i-i." •■■„ ul nv.i.l. u. i- In the cuse ol
i.i nn , the actual Nignuture, tbe nature   of   the  occupation,   uud  place  uf
residence ol euch member ol thu mm
must  be given.
Each tender must t. accompanied
i.y uu accepted cheque oo a chartered
I,unk, payable to the older of the
Honourable the Minister ot I'ublic
Works, equal to ten per cut UO per
cent.;   ul   the amount ul  the    tender,
which  will  b« forfeited  it thu person
tendering      decline   to  enter   into      a
Contract   when  culled   upon   to do  Bo,
or full to complete the work contrai
ted  for.    If the teuder  bo Uot accept
ed the Cheque will  lie returned.
'I'liu Department doe- not bind it -
self to ucrept the loweBt or any
Dy order,
Department of  I'ublic  Works,
Ottawa,  duly   3(1,   l'JIZ.
Newspapers  will   not  lie   paid      for
tli in   advert isriiii'iit.   il   they   insert     it
Without   authority   Irom   the   Depart
Kirst  issue Aug.  7th
There Is a hen in New York t->l«te
which drinks Inin and lays two cv,n
a day. What are prohibitionists going
to say about a case like tha*—Vic-
toria Coloniit.
Sixty Million Bushels
Edmonton, Alta., Aug. I'J—Estimates ol the acreage under cultivation
in the province of Alberta und the
probable yield for 1911, prepured by
A. McKenuy, superintendent of tbe
seed and weed branch of the provincial department of ugricultme at Ed-
montou, show a total of 561,775 acres
aud   u4,41G,'J00  hushela  of   grain,
lu addition,  102,&70 acres ol land is
j devoted to timoihy and allalfa     and
355,000 acres to mixed cropB, includ -
ing  vegetables und  fruits.
The tigures for l'Jll, which were delayed on account ol the diluculty encountered in getting the crop threshed were given ont hy the provincial
department of agriculture on August
17, as follows:
Winter wheat 2411,400- acres, 5.00WOO
bushels; average 211.5 bushels. Bpring
wheat 1105,000 acres, 17,000,000 bushels; average 21.1- bushels. Uuts 1,000-
000 ucres, 30,000,000 bushels, average
30 bushels. Barley, 105,000 acres,
4,500,000 bushels, average 37.3 hush -
eld. Flux 55,000 acres, 330,000 bush
els; averuge six bushels. Bye, lt.uou
ucres, 880,000 bushels, average M
( Inu les Stewart, minister ol uni-
eipalitics, who hns just returned tO
lLiluitilil.il. fl ulii a tout id lbe prov -
nice, sunt, iu all Interview, that Allien a is threatened   with a grain bluck
ado which has <-M-l> indn rtl.lon uf Imt
ing inure aaiioua than al en) previuus
lime. He I..un.l all clops in un.lum,
iy excellent condition tbruiighuut the
province,     and      evei ywhei.-   there   is
promlae ol abundant yi.-i.is.
In scarcely uny luralil) has there
lieen a shurtage uf rain, h« added,
and tbe recent showers, followed by
bright hiiiihIi in- and wm ii, weather,
have totterod rapid and maturing
giuv.Ui <> i in nu ul all kinds are (rom
three to lour weeks ahead ul luel year
at iln-. time, and the harvest tie pre
dieted will he fully lifty per ceut.
These viewi are shared by crop ex
perts iu the employ ot the thiee trans
continental railways opeiatingln the
Edmonton district, wh.le iu the hint
eiiand, taking in tbe Peace rivet and
Athabasca euiinlry and the Slave
Lake regions, ranchers say the wheat
and nut crops will be tin' largest and
lies', in the hisory of the nortt.l»ad.
Kail wheat, bus attained a good head
and spring wheat has muds highly
I satisfactory growth Hats, i.urley und
rye alsu ure doing well
minister ol agriculture, who returned
to Edmonton a lew duys ugu from a
tour of Inspection, tbe harvest will
lie in full s»uy throughout Allieita
the lirst week of September. He cellmates that fully 10,000 men will be
required to harvest the grain crops.
Many of the*- Will come from curious
\ parts of tbe United States and eastern Canada.
Batteries of cutting machine! are
already extended If fnrtliing lines In
the soul hem part of tbe province snd
according to Hon.  Duncan Wanhjii,
Sealed 'lenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tendei
Ior the Construction uf a Breakwater
,n Victoria Harbour, B.C." will be
received at this i.m e uutil 4.00 p.m.,
on Thursday, September 5, 1S12,   lor
the construction ol a Breakwater at
Victoria Harbour,  Victoria, B.C.
I 1 h.s. ai..-.-.i. ai i.r aud form li
Contract cuu be seen uud lorms of
tendei obtained at this Department
and ut the olllces ul W. Henderson,
Resident Ai'-hitett, Bu-toriu, is. C;
U.C. Worsfuld, Esq., District Eug.n
ear, New Westminster, B.C., J. G.
Blog, Esq., D.strict Engineer, Toron-
ni.,   J.I..   Micuuud,   Esq.,      Dis
tnct i.ag.!.•-■■, Mouireai, Que.; A.
i"...i. Esq., iiisiuct Engineer, y.m
bee, Que , un.l un application to the
Poetmastei  ut Vancouver, B.I
Persons tendering ara notified thut
tendete will nut i-e considefad unless
made on the printed tonus supplied,
laud  mgned      With  Ibe.i   actual  sigua
• i.i.a. stating thuu occupations   uu>\
placae ut      residence,   lu the caee    oi
' tirms the aclaal  sigualure, ths nature
lol tbe occupation, uud place ot rest
drnce of ea h member ut tbe Gnu must
1 be given.
Each tender     must be accompanied
] by au accepted cheque on a chartered
| bank payable to the order ol the Honourable  the  Minister  0t   I'ublic .Works-
equal to teu per cent. I.H) p.c.) ot the
amount ol the tender,  which will    bo
forfeited it the person teuderiag     decline  en  enter   into a contract    wbsti
called upon tu Jn so, or lail to cuu,
plats the wurk cootiarted lor.   II (he
; tender be not accepted lbs cheque wiil
!   •   letuiuesl.
Tbt Department dote not bind itself
I to accept tbe lowest or any tender.
By order,
R.  C. DEHHOt'lllSRS,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa,   August  nth,   l'JIZ.
[    Newspapers will not he paid for this
j advertiaemeiit if  they insert lt with
Ollt authority irom the Department, SATURDAY, AUGUST :4th, '.'iV.
Suggest Jury of Women
Chicago,  August 22—Mrs.   Florence
Bernstein was acquitted late inst
night of k'.il.np her husband as be
lay sleeping, The verdict war returned after the jury had teen uut
B I ,:~ and after lt had
■ :-. announced tu the court that an
..- M . ■ .. ; not be leached.
The verdict cam* as a surprise, Mra
Bernstein's .It-.t-i,?.- was that oho
i uld recall none i I che happenings
immediately preceding or following
tbe shooting.
The verdict was . tit ti r ilisap-
pointment to State Attoraej Wayman
Angered, be denounced il.e jury au.l
-:  :  that   : m .. .i..y  to     so
il..■  conviction  ol   « >men  mur
rs  waa tu have   i i .ry made    up
elj  - :   .:. i-.u t ol wniuea.
"Women  ...-■ seldom convicted     if
• his country,   tea     * ;en
ovei A'helmlag,"    said
:■!:.  tt'ayman.  ' Men  will nut convict
. ii.-i.i-- .-i x ,,i such crimes."
.  -    teat   tained      face   and    tbc
lii -■ .    ol  the    women    de-
:■      . ; -     nnerve  them, We  must  try
..    layi i a  by women jurers if wc
•-   .. : see . .>; ice done.
.i • ■ ii.i-n can read a ivn-
a heart, tell when her emotional
display ia true oi false, determine
.. a ...- :.-...- ii --in her lips, and
when tne truth is told, Wc must
amend oui . .■ laws so thut the
next woman slayer in Chicago shall
he tried  by women."
Mrs. Catherine w.uigh McOullough,
Jane Ad lams au i another Chicago
woman expressed agreement with far.
Wayrnan . opinion, and several cs-
;:i 1 .. lesire tu serve uu a murder jury.
Important WorK
Ottawa, Aug. 22—With the except-
. :. ... the prime minister and linn.
Messrs. Pelletier, Hughes mid Cochrane, a., tbe ministers an- expect..!
bai . .u Ottawa next week, and regu-
tai meetings ol tin- cabinet w.ll he
held, preparatory tu ilu- sessional
During the Bummer tlie cabinet
meetings have deall almost exclusively v.ith depaitnieiitai routine. Apart
ui the cabinet, •.■•■::•■ d Bpersing lor
t:.,- summer, favored tie session at
the usual tiuie. aud others preferred
its lieing called in January. The dnte
will depend upon the tune required
iu prepared tlie sessional programing
which will :•.■ . with tlie naval policy
tu be determined, Hn- lank act ic-
v.j.-.t, • -.-ii bill brought down
uud others items '■'. general policy, in
in- tarifl, tu I'.- m..i id
ed, a lone one nhenever may i.e tbe
date ol .t- commencement.
Hun. Martin Burrell, minister ul
ret iu -,.-,i yesterday In in
a ;i.; -     • be  Maritime i i- fit ce
lie visited Frederic on, where In- lad
,h  premier  Elemu>ing
-:...   i ommissionei  ol ugl tculturi ,
... .,   ways  and  :nrni< of
liture     in     New
....:>..     Mi.  Burrell visited   il.e
-  \ alley, di Ivmg the
.-■-.    : i •    apple crop, hi   re
Mil   will   .-nn    '   . Ml
•■    -,--.'>    ■:   at
Hot   ..:   I Ik-   menu I
.al : r at Halifax, Mi. Burrell went
to 1 ■ rd  Islan l,    where he
:.       ■ ■■ •■•■.iti the
iment    M     Hun il  was much     in-
necessity ol il"- Do
-,.-        .-  . .- ring i very |. s
i. tbi  enco iragenient
■   -. ' is it is pract    illy thi
'i hi
ties are   a  \   ■ ■
• -.. .    .-     tern grl(
,    -    l     Iruit
jros •'        iit.iiTii
'   giv.
■    ■
St. Fi'uncls of Assisii Catholic
church, coruer ot Fifth street and
McKonnie avenue.
Scrvic.-s—On all Sundays, except
tho fourth of each month. Low mass
with Oummunlon ol lhe Faitliful at
S a.m. High Mass at 10:30 a. in.,
Christian Doctrine fur children at
2:30 p.m. Rosary with Beuiiiction of
The Blessed Sacrament 7:30 p.m.
Ou wi k days—Holy Muss every
morniiii; at 7:30. Confessions are
heard eery evening nfter 7:30 an-d
in the mornings before Mass.
J. c. McKenzie, P. r.
One block west, ol McKenzie avenue
on Second street. Lev. E. .1. Chave,
B. A., pastor, Sun,lay services at
lla.m. aud 7:30 p.m.; Sunday school
and adull Bible cln see at 2:30 p.m.;
Monday at 8 p.m., Young People's
Meeting; Wednesday at S p.m., church
Prayer Meeting. A cordial invitation
extended to all services. Strangers
made welcome.
September 2.x—Rip    Van    Winkle,  at
the  EmprcBs theatre.
October 7 -Managing Mildred Opera
Co.,   Empress theatre.
Week    commencing  October  8—Glad -
stone Sisters and Edna Randall.
October 28—Tho Missouri Girl at Empress theatre.
,1 iilin-..n Flynn motion pictures coming soon. Empress theatre.
September 13—Juvenile Bostonians ni
the Empress theatre.
Hire's the road to comfort, a vanished thirst, u cool hody and a re -
freshed one, tlie only way is flu a
e.iul druik i.l the Sugui Bowl I'uiin-
t.uii, McKcnssle  Avenue.
Full RENT—-Seven noom House, full
size concrete basement, hath room,
With all modelu improvements. Apply to P.O. Box 4C0, or call at Mr.
li. Sclialler's residence, Seventh
WANTED -Gentleman   wants  furnish
cl room In private bouse, with    or
withoul   board.   Addcess reply  with
particulars to Box "A" care ol tbe
Mall Herald.
Full RENT—We huve two bouses on
Second street, west, for 35.50 and
(30. Also I. room house on Sixth
street at $30, These housea have
all modern conveniences. Kootenay
Agencies, Lid.
WANTED Live Nursery Salesmen, ai
on e for fall nud winti r solicit .nc
Experienci not io necessary ns will
ingness to work and learn Wi ite at
,in .- [or Exclusive Tei i itory and
Kiee i iut ut Cash Weekly. Domtn
...ii Nursei j C i irchat ■- > 'ompany,
11)21   Vcw   Street    v'u
n \s I'l-.ii   Good spi ci.ui .   aalemtiii to
sell the gn ai. i  convenience in electric   -   ■
ers of elect ■•                         > an
be     placed when
well     here at :■     Wi
pn    li. •   1214 ■
AG JNCIKH    tt VNTEP    Wi     ■
estate hi
[oi  quick  Bggn   -
ering tt,    .
tions i-   maki
youi   Ioi ility.   Wi
tire  an I
ME-il!   ui.-T .   i!; I    H
.   it. .). Mclntyre, pi.
..   ,.t    ..   .. in
■■ A..      .   I
.  tt '- •
•  •     p n. ,   i.; worth :.
.  and
.. .i.i
•   •!..    .-..!-  tbi it a
J.      tl '■     ■ BalniSa
it       1 I
a.m ,  m ,   ■' in ■ i)
......    Bible i t, 2.30 p.m
ting on Wi
day at ^ p.m.   Heart)       • i nation
<.; singing nn.l special m is.c by   the
choir     '• sre in
vited  to the services.
Holy     Commiiiiloii     every  .-unlay
morning at s a.m., and aftei morn
ing prayer on the brst Sunday    In
.cucb Month.
Hev.   C,   A.   I'roninier,  rector,  Mot
,i   ll   u in.  and  Evcnsuni: at 7:3h
,veiy   Sunday.      l.ituiiy  on   the
,t Bunday, and the Ante Oon
amnion  M  tbe  Third  Sunday    after
Matiat.   Sunday  school every      Sun-
lay at 2 .id p.m.   Choir practice    on
,.s at 8 p.m.        ,  .
r— v
Do Minutes Count With You ?
Thc GILLETTE Will Save Them!
Are you one of those keen, discerning
men who recognize in TIME their most
valuable asset, and plan to make every
minute count ?
Then what about the time you lose every
day over shaving ?
Men who use the GILLETTE Safety
Razor shave easily in five minutes in three
if they wish. How many minutes more than
that do you consume in stropping and shaving
so carefully with your open-blade razor ?
Or how many times live minutes do you lose
in the "barber sh'
Two, five or ten minutes lost to-day-
to-morrow -365 times a year—counts up into
a serious draft on a man's productive time.
This in itself is reason enough, to the man
whose time is valuable, for using the
But when you consider that the time-
saving GILLETTE shave is also the cleanest,
most comfortable shave you have ever
enjoyed, what reason can there be for sticking
to old-fashioned, time-wasting methods ?
Buy a GILLETTE—you'll enjoy it!
The Gillette Safely Razor Co. ol Canada limited
Office and Factory
The New Gillette Building, MONTREAL
Choice Dairy Cattle, Work and Delivery Horses,
Dairy Utensils, Farm Implements and Machinery.
Sale to take Place at Glengerrick Dairy Farm, Armstrong. B. C. Saturday. 31st Day of August,
at 10:30 o'clock, a. m.
TERMS :   For the sum of $25.00 and under,  Spot Cash;
over that amount cash or approved lien notes.
T. J. TRAPP, - Auctioneer
Calgary, Alta.
Sept. l-l. 1912
■ I
R. G.   McNellie.
L.iu.l  lJ.st.nct..
t  ui  'Ctcat  Kootsna)
I.....    .  U   -  Unit.  1,   Je.m  BatlSS   ri.
UluiiJ.;.,   u'.    Montreal,    occupation,
Mercb id*  io apply  lor    per
il,.a- ton  tu     putcliueie      tb* lollowiug
Cot i poii  planted six-
;lh >•!
.:■■■' nt     Lot   707:!,
.'.;.   '.u   .liu.ua.   Umuce    went
'.acL'w north   M chains,
tuet.. I ...      cbuius lu poiut    ol
sent,    couttt.ii.ug  UO acres
.    .Cal.
Aeblui   .-I   llluu.i.u, Ageut
ii T 1
I Ii e
of  t he
. Diautet
Sold by Bourne
• ii i..'. .1.
..ii i" j. ■
• i . .' i
II-    ' Im  ,
...III.    Ml   th
I '■
lowing i poinl  ol    ■•>'"
lent i onl i,nn,k     U.u   Hi.ii'H,
uniii' i.i   li
Hut. i  • ■   ird, Llll.
H..I.1,   (UUVY.
ii. t -
I a,   .. ,
.    I
j   :.(,iLIi   Wl ul  l,.,t
(Mt 2't ohatns,    t'	
huuth   20   chains,   tbence   w«mi    it.
lam     ll)      hIhiI"   "I    I i'mi'
..in      lllnro     "l   I' «m    In
ii iiiiii   oi  ■ i,iiiiii«iii»iiihiiI,  ninl     Don
. ... it  tn urei don
Dated I Hit 'iny nl Mmv i '• i 2.
I'er  i.ao'i   liillman, Agent.
NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that I shall sell at Public Auction on Saturday, the
3ist day of August, iqia, at thc City Hall, Revelstoke, B, C, at One o'clock in the afternoon,
thc lands or improvements, or Real Property as described for unpaid, delinquent municipal
taxes, special rates, interest costs and exprnses due thereon, unless, in the meantime, the arrears
of Municipal taxes, special rates, interest, costs and expenses as set forth in tbe schedule hereunder be sooner patd.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, this 25th dav of July, 1912.
Collector for the Corporation of the City of Revelstoke.
Bradley, B. A	
Bradley, Mrs. Mae
Caley, Jnlm	
Caley, Mrs. John
Caley, Robert . . ■
1 o.iicurcio Francisco.
Couglilin, Mis. Ha E.
1 laein, Joseph	
D'Arcliaiigelo, G. Jt F.
Klsmi, Mrs. W	
Cowing, Arthur 0.
Henderson, Peter,...
Hendrick, B. M	
Henry, Sam	
Joluison, George	
Laniana, Pasquale....
Leslie, John A	
Levesque, Buireue I'--
l.on/.n, Mra. M. C...
Liund, Ous	
Luud, Mis. dis	
Mitchell. Chas. \V.
Morris, II. C	
Kelson,  John.
Pagdin, Thus
I'erriu. Jules .
Revelatoke Realty Oo,
Roussell, TIior	
Simone, Uosaire de.
Smith, Robert	
Stacey, Mrs. K	
Stnnc'x, 11. B	
I   i   4 5
16 17
• 1 to 7
1 2
7 S
8 9
1 2
8 W. 4 9
9 10
90 91
3 4 5
Villa Lot 4
3 4
S 9
Add. B
Add. B
a a
$ ll  47
173 19
39 85
51 31
3S7 23
7 07
47 72
10 74
15 38
17 63
13 45
23 !;4
34 57
29 65
21 22
7 07
7 07
14 35
10 51
09 04
41 47
16 80
44 86
21 24
46 14
47 86
79 03
21 09
7 07
32 07
ll 95
<J a
3 00
9 70
$ 3 75
4 25
19 25
2 30
4 30
2 45
2 65
2 85
2 60
3 05
3 50
3 30
2 90
2 30
2 30
2 60
2 45
6 00
3 80
2 75
4 00
2 110
4 00
6 50
4 10
9 40
2 90
2 30
3 50
3 40
3 00
h a
$ 25 47
182 89
43 60
55 56
406 48
9 37
52 02
13 19
18 03
20 48
16 05
26 89
38 07
32 5
24 12
9 37
9 37
16 95
12 96
74 04
45 27
19 55
48 86
24 14
50 14
108 32
51 96
88 43
23 99
9 37
37 76
35 47
25 95
Parwell, A. S. Bstate .
Menotte, Pasquale
Lainana, Salvatore
„ Part ol S. K. } Section 27
-      . Township li
. Villa Lot 11, See. 34, Tp.
li, 1(13, 79 acres, Part ol
Sec. 27, Tp. li   2H acres
S 40
59 4i
9 78
2 90
10 75
4 65
64 10
2 45
12 23
5 05
It. velstoke Land lMstrict.
District nf West Kootenay.
Take notice that 1, UllsaMlb Huu-
ii.Ui.  "i  Uouland,  it. <.'., oecuputiou,
married woman, iutcu>fs to apply lor
uu tn purchase ttie lottowiug
I   '   .  "it  lamia.
Commencing at a poxt planted
about so chaine north ol the Nortti
ttrsi Corner of Lot n*t)l, theuce nu
chains smith, ihence .iu chains ..oust,
thence SO chains north, theueu .to
eel i ■ poinl ol commence •
ment and containing iin acres, more
..r less,
Dated April Uth,  l!H2.
Per    lohn   W.   Hi.Min,h,   Agent,
te (Vug, H.
I .i.iui.    ACT   NOTIOB.
Bpanlow,  Jorklns ainl    Park l'i n
,.  i in.inn, situate iU the
■I   >•    Hi i   "l  tS'-«it
Where located ;—
inm Mountain
■ that i. O.B.N, vsitkie,
agi rn  i"i  the Ti ue fissure
,  < ompany, l led
llllll i ■   I || IiIh uir   llll.-.i,,   in
,   ... yi. in.in date hereof, i"
thi   Mining tlecordei Ioi   u
Improvements, Ioi    tho
iinii | .. i iown iii,mt
nt   lot . i.m
Au.l lurtbei   laki   doMm   thai  acl
•• ■ * ...ii .'.,, nin,.t   i.m torn
menced     Lejfon tbs Lwuancs ul such
i'm ol Improvements,
Dated Him 1Mb da) ol July, 1(11.
tj.   II.   N.   VMLKllv
Mi'l IiK
la bertb} kivoh to travellers
mi   tin'      Hit;     Bend    'l'i-ul.   that   lhu
11■-.-« itoii't   Hou •   will   be
;   I.,   tin'   ii,,-.. IHD|   i  .   Hi     ,'i. i
I   i :,th.
V.   A.   IIUAIil.KV.
•pili lir alopa cnaiht,  cam colda, k.ali
tba IkiMl a.d \%uit,      .   >   a      20 ».nU.
In the  matter ol  the  Kstate  ol  William  Herbert Jollille,    docoused:
Notice is heichy given that all
creditors auil oihera Uuviug claims
against lho Kslule ol William Ilor -
hert Jollille, lute ul Hevelstoke, B.O,
deceased, who died at Itevelstoke ou
or about tho mIi day ol Juue, 1912,
are required to <-n,i tu the undersigned .Solicitors for Charles Jollille
Administrator ol the Kstate ol said
iloeuased, withiu UU days from dato
lull particulars ol their claims, duly
verified, and that alter thai date tla:
..u.i Administrator will proceed to
distribute the snul Estate amongst
those oiuillsd thereto regard oeiug
had only lu I huso claims ot wbich
snul Administrator slmll have tbeu
received nutice.
Dated  July ith,  IJI'2.
Harvey, MeCarter uud Plnkbam,
Solicitors fur Oharles   Jollille,   Administrator ol the Kstute    ot    tho
suul deceased, oudys.
Cot   n  License to take and use Wuter
Notice Is    hereby     Kiven thut the
Oanadian Pacillc liaHway Company ol
Nam Oliver anil Montreal, will npply
Ioi a license to take iiiiii use one cuh-
ic  loot ol water out ol Canyon Crock
which Hows in n northerly direction
through lot Iiuii, uud empties iuto
I,iii iln River ncur tlenaril. Tho
*aii'i will he diverted uhout lotw loot
Upstream Iron the wuter tauk at
i ioi i iiiii nml will t,.' used (or general
railway purposes ou the O.P.R, Co.
right ol way.
This     notlCI     wus     posted on tho
gronud ou the 12th day ol July, l'Jia
Application will ho tiled in the
ullire ol the Watei KecotUer at Hevelstoke. Objections may be tiled with
tbe sm.i Water Recorder or with the
Comptroller ol Wuter Higuts, Parliament Buildings, Victoria, B.C.
Canadian Pacific Hallway Co,
Ed.  Ireland,  Agent,
Nelson, B. C.
RevelBtoke  Lund vMo'tfiit.
District  of  West Kooteuav.
Take uotice that Kurjest Adolf
Mayer, ol .Miuoapolis, Mmucectu, oecuputiou Clerk, iuteuds to apply for
permission to purchuse the following
iIi'mmi llinl   lauds:
Commeuciug at a post plunted at
the North west Oorner ol Lot !>HB
thenee uoi'th 40 chains, tbei.ee weet
la chaius, theuce south 41" clisins,
thonco east 41) chuius to point ot
ro in ii i, 11 mi- him ii i uud containiug 160
ucres more or less.
Dated   Juue  10th,  1918.
PUBLIC NOTICK is hereby givcu
thut the Canadiau I'acilic Hallway
Company did deposit In the Lund
Registry Utllee 111 tha City of Kamloops ou the Hth iluy ol November,
i-'ii. uuder Nu. Ill 1'luu, i'rolile aud
Book ol liuii'i. in-i' ul proposed spur
to he ■ ..n-i nn inl hy the said Compauy from ilu muiu line at Mile
Honrd 43.8 ueur tho towu uf Uica-
inoii: , thenoe ruuulug Northerly and
North-westerly across the Mouth-east
North-east and North wesl quarters,
. li-i I mn 1, Township 22, Hangs S,
West of the tlth Initial Meridian,
thence Westerly ucross lotB 1035 and
528, Croup 1, Kamloops Division Ol
Yule District near tiicamous in tbe
Province ol Dritish Columbia, to the
premises ol the Columbia Hiver Lum
her Company, uud tbat thirty days
utter this uotice or as soon thereafter us ths application can he beard
tbe Canadian Pacific Railway Com -
pany intends to apply to the Board
ot Hallway Cemmissioners for Oanada lor authority to construct tbe
aforesaid spur.
Dated the 12th day of June, 1912.
Local Right of Way
and Lease Agent,
Canadian  Pacific   Railway Company,
Vancouver, B. C. SATURDAY, AUGUST 24th, 1912
t'Ieiie! 3yc^.iL-H3±m^.r.r>, K,]a3V-i33i^^o^:3±i
ii i?MJ@
Coal mining rights of the Domiuion
la Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, tbe Yukon Territory, tbe
North-west Territories uud iu a portion ot tbe Province ot British Columbia, muy be leased lor a term ol
tweuty-oue yeurs ut au uuuual rental ol %l an acre. Not more tbau
2,500 acres will be leased to oue applicant.
Application for lease must be made
by the applicant in person to the
Agent or Bub-Agent of tbe district
iu wblcb tbe rights applied for are
lu surveyed territory the laud must
bs described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions ol sections, and in un-
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall he staked out by the ap -
plicant himself.
Each applicant must be uccompan-
ied by a tee of $5 which will be refunded If tbe rights applied lor are
not available, hut uot otherwise. A
royulty shall he puid ou tho merchantable output ol the mine at tbe
rate of the cents per ton.
The person operating the mine shall
furntBh the Ageut with sworu returns
accounting lor the lull quantity ol
merchantable coal mined and pay tbo
royulty thereon. II tbe coul mining
rights are not being operated, sucb
returns should be furnished at leust
once a year.
Tbe lease will include tbe coal una
ing rights only, but the lessee may
ot permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary Ior the working ol
the mine at the rate of (10.00 an
For full information application
should be made to the Secretary ot
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion Lands.
Deputy Minister of the Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized publication of
this advertisement will not be paid
Notice ia hereby given tbat William
Blair Hohortsou, ol Hevelstoke, B.C.
will apply for a licenee to lake uad
use (15) ui wen Miners inches of water
out of Cariboo Creek, which tlows lu
a southerly direction through T. B.
'i-)2"ii and T. B. UD'li, aud empties
into Duwois Cresk, aboul two miles
from Its mouth, Columbin Hiver. the
water will be diverted at a poiut 1|
miles north ot Downie Creek, und
will be used Ior domestic purposes
en the land described as Lot ioi.i.i,
Hevelstoke Land  District.
This notioe was posted oa the
ground ou the 4th day oi Juue, 1912.
The application will be filed in the
oihee of tbe Water Recorder at Revelstoke, B. O.
Objections may be tiled wltb the
said Water Recorder or with tbe
Comptroller of Water Rights, Parliament Buildings,   Victoria,  B.C.
Per Andrew Kitson, Agent.
water notice.
Por a Licuuse to tuke and use Water
Notiee is bereby giveu that Jumes
A. nlutUs, ut Revelstose, B.C., Wlll
apply lor a Uceuse to tako uud use
.'iltiiii i i.m M.i.i-i o luehes ut wuter
uut of Cai .liuu Creek, which tlows in
u southerly d.i eel u>n through Tim -
ber Limits 19171 uud 114)36, and empties into Dowuie Creek about two
miles Irom lhe Columbia river. Tbe
water will be diverted at a poiut
abuut ube aud a hull miles nurth ol
Dowuie i'mii trail aud will be used
lor domestic purposes uu tbs lusd
described as Cerliucate ol purchuse
411 Ravslsloke Laud District.
This notice was posted on the
ground on the 4tb day of Juue, llll
The application will he filed iu tbe
ulhee ol lbs Water Hn unlet, Hevol -
stoke, B.C. Objections may he filed
with tbe said Water Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Rights,
Parliament Buildings, Vtcturlu, B.C.
By Andrew Kitson, Agsnt
Reveletoke Land District.
District uf West Kootenay.
Notice Is hereby given that I, Adelard ri. Bloudiu, of Halcyon, B. C,
occupation Shipwright, intend to apply lor permission to purchuse tbo
lollowiug described land;
Commencing at a post planted 2U
chains soutb aud 40 cbuins west Irum
ths Soutb East Corner ol Lot 7072,
(Iroup Ons, Kooteuuy District, uud
marked "A' If Dlundln's North i'ust
Corner Post" theme south in chains,
thence west 20 chains, thence 0 rth
40 chains, tbence east 20 cbains more
ot less to the point of cotnm»flce -
ment, and containing 10 acres, more
or  I tea.
Dated this IC-th June, 1911.
Local Industry
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cAccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc
^AIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery. Our
stock sf  printing papers is large
and well selected.
Agents fer the famous
$60.00 Cash
witui notes
The season at Halcyon lms, so far,
beeu all that could be desired, and,
not-wlth-standing the unfavorable
weather conditions, there have been
more guests than any previous year,
which ouly verities the truth ot the
oft quoted comment "that it cannot
he surpassed aa a resort for res! and
Tho new trail up to the springs lias
recent.) been completed and now furnishes an attractive walk for those
desiring to study the works ol nature
watching the water as it boils out
of the rocks so hot that it would cook
un egg while just across the lake may
he seen a great glacier, which adds
beauty to the scene.
As one returns from the springs,
through the orchard, the temptation
which proved the downlall of our
fun-fathers, makes ono realize the
truth of the old saying that "Stolen
fruits are always sweetest."
Kvery available room ill the house
was occupied last week and most of
tbe  lot I ages   wire  lilled.   Une  uf    the
secrets of tho success of this sanitarium is the genial manner of tbe host
und hostess, making every new-comer
feel, immediately at home, and bo
welcome, that all weariness or pain
is soon forgotten.
Joe, the cub bear, is thriving, and
though he is the pet of all, is getting
very saucy.
are hatched in manure and revel in
filth. Scientists have discovered
that they are largely responsible for
the spread of Tuberculosis, Typhoid,
Diphtheria, Dysentery, Infantile
Diseases of the Bowels, etc.
Every packet of
will kill more Hies than 300 sheets
of sticky paper.
Tbe Rev. G.W. Hartley, the Presbyterian missionary of Nakusp, came up
today, aud will conduct a service tbis
< ft'ednefi lay) evening.
The coming of nice weather makes
rowing, sailing and lishing the favorite pastimes, and many of the guests
write Loiin- that tbey are .tayiUg one
day lougei to enjoy tbe peace aud
The guests for tbe past week, have
tn-eii - ll.K. Allan, i.l.I.. Ingram aud
wile; Mi. and Mrs. A.M. lnues and
family, H.W. Bell, K. M. Armstrong,
ft. Uro-uhart, J. Carmiihael, W. Stevens, K.K. Cole, Mrs. Dr. J.H. Hamilton, Miss Maud Hyatt, ol Kevelstoke
V. li. L'amp, J. H. Watson, Mr. and
Mis. i.g. Nelson, A. Patterson, K.J.
Long, A. Cooksoun ol Nelson, Miss
Lee Uudrewa, W. Vi. Rogers, Mr. A.K.
HoUyer of Armstrong; K.H. Sager,
J.H. McGregor, T.G, Proctor of Victoria; B, C. Knight, A. Larson, Vancouver, Mi. and Mis. W. H. ll.-sett,
Mrs. M.H. Roberts, J. Penley, J. M.
Moir, J.N. Ditz, M. Cameron of Ca)
gary; Mr. and Mia. Han.mill, Cat -
Btairs; Ds. T. McPherson, Arrowhead;
ll. L. Carney, Saskatoon; A. Uur -
•.■■■ice, London; W.P. Palmer, wife aud
Bona, Kam ;   . Mrs, A   G-laspie,   of
Comaplix; H.M. Sucker aud wile, ol
Winnipeg; A. Nurdoch, Hamilton; Mi^
AS. Hlondin, Birch Grove ranch;G.
11. Johns.,u, Kdmonton; Kev. li. .VV.
Hartley, Nakusp.
Goes to Rossland
J. C. Rohson has been appointed to
the Principai.-hip ol the Rossland
Bchools. Mr. Robson, who was Principal of tbe Bummerland schools until a year ago, was In charge of tbe
schools at Kevelstoke during the pa^t
yeur. The last three or four weeks
he hnB spent at the Teachers' Sum-
mei rami, at Victoria, which was • u-
der the Jurisdiction of the Militia department. He report- the drilling and
discipline all that would be expected
in a military camp. Soon after he arrived in Victoria, he wired au application for the Rosslaud position. Mr.
Robson, accompanied by bis wife have
been here on a visit to their daughter Mrs. E.R. Butler, and it was not
until Wednesday that a telegram
lound bin. advimng bim ol his ap -
pointment. Mr. Robson will leave
here at once to arrange lor the disposal of his home in Hevelstoke. —
Summerland Review.
A FEW SNAPS-7 Roomed House
Third Btreet, 50ft. Lot, 11200.00. A
modern House. Second Btreet, $850.00
Modem House, Connaught avenue at
$1500.00— R..velstoke   Geuural   Agencies
The Gurney-Oxford
is prompt
No matter what come, or goe.—mealt we mutt have.
The preparation of meal. come, round three timet
a dav.
Every houtewife wantt to know that the can depend
on her ttova abtolutely; the wantt to know that there
it no element of chance or likelihood of mithap in her
cooking arrangementt; that mealt will be ready
promptly on time.
The Gurney Economizer it an atturance againtt
accident and mithap in cooking, lt it a timple device
and found only on the Gurney-Oxford. One lever
controlt everything. The fire can be flowed down
for houn and revived in a few minutet. An arrangement of fluet maket the Gurney-Oxford Oven always
uniformly heated—the Gurney-Oxford Oven it never
to blame 1 It will make a good cook a bettor cook; it
doet more than itt thare toward, making every meal
a tuccett and a pleasure
Revelstoke Hardware Co.
m Saturday, august 24tn, 1012
SATURDAY, AUGUST 21th,  1912
ft Wise Reform
Postmaster-General Hitchcox, i.r ihe
I'nited  states,  has  f...Cf:e.t  on regu-
latU os to cun      th    ise oi the gen-
:■,..   '. '.,. -        .    .     ,   ,.    ..;     girls.
'he move bas end  .1.
.1: :  :.  ght   tvell    ■   en    ..•m.I .1. Cana-
..:...'... ..   cea    .;.
this country al    ....
the purpose ol        curiiif       in lestine
:. .-;   tjjence to the same extent as
.;.  the  United  States,  the  practice is
;■ :.>   prevalent  to  Bome     extent.   The Guelph  Herald  aptly     re-
It    .s .1   hai a lul    . :i ■  at   that.
V01.: m   .-.:       oiten   take   tbeir   111.-,t
■ iii.- means,
|'-m .. .-. 1. n theii parents woul 1
■   .•  t  ti      girls  receiving letters
Bt   . ie g JH'i'.il de
livery   is  .'■-■■: ted   to in   order  lo
::.-■■ in   thl
....       - .,.:.■■   ..-I
.    - -... ...   ....:..   ., 1 ...1
...   ......... ...::...-,      I'll      .1.
o'ti..    -   .     luctive  ol   del '"avii ..-
... -.:. - mi   1 or (Ise h ,1 ling     to
-   misi 1;.   and  shame.
itelj   no reason v 1 y
allow. 1 10 con
.'1  geni ra    leliverj     11    iii.:..-.
ers .- necessary,  but for girls .1  bus
not tbe slightest  reason for . . .-'ui.it
Women Scarce
The men greatlj outnumoer ae \\
men In 1 anada, and tbe difference is
becoming more marked at n, ■ 1 cen
.-... taking, The 1911 census shows a
majority oi mules over femalis ..;
437,296, .wi.i< in IBul, Uie dillereiiiie
wae 132,101, La.-;: year there A'ere
",■-.,-'. males and the (emales total
led 3,387,771.
Win-: :.,i  by  provinces     it
will be seen that there are relatively
much fewer females here ihan .11 tbe
: provinces, though not one pro
vines .'..im as manj females as males.
British Columbia fares the worst, icr
.-he ba= onlj 140,801 oi the gentler sex
to 251,619 males, 01  almost two    to
one.   When  the children are
Olllll Ii'il
(with ;hein the difference in
lh.-   pJO
irt.on     would   not  be greatj    lucre
would pro abl)  be three or
four men
t" every woman in the province.
Here are the dgures:
Ki'llial. s
Jintiih   Columbia   251,1 . 1
Manitoba    250,Oot;
New                             179,867
1 f-2,022
Nova    Scotia             1,019
tario    1,29 1,290
P.    E.    1      47,01 '
.    ...      1,011,247
SasKati   , .
^    .Km"                 I     .    -
N.     ft'.     Ten...:.       8,673
mm locals
1'.. an .....    1    irs
TL, .  .»: ' tor thi   best • '.
<- ■•   .•'. ■   Ig,     ■ll iti .-      si   .    ;: inks,
.ce cream and fruits,
It is a rti.e,' to the citlMns to be
■ ... btain again a supply oi 11.
A. Courtier's smokeless eual
Foul w: - leltes   now
in.   1        rely l fui sum
mer use, cletu cal. Hei
elstoke General ■. .   Ltd.
Pjill 1       ) 1 .
la.   Advance   oi taken.   Ue-
^  ' Kevelstoke Gener-
. ..ted.
.,    .
Dear Cistomeus ;
If you were positively sure in your mind that you could get reilly BETTER HOUSE FURNISHINGS
for your money than you could possibly get by sending out oi town, and at the same time enjoy the advantages of
liberal and considerate treatment at all limes, you would not hesitate a moment ahout buying here.    Would you?
We have been in this business over twenty years, and have learned how to HUY RIGHT and SELL
RIGHT, Because of our unusual resources for large buying and the saving we make by getting our goods in carloads instead of by local freight, we can AND DO sell goods for less money than you can buy them from mail
order houses with freight added.
Remember, this is a big stock to choose from, comprising everything for the home from cellar to garret, and
every article we sell is such GOOD VALUE that it will cither make for us a new customer or draw an old one
We have only to convince YOU of the truth of these statements to induce you to call. You have only to
see and examine ihe values we offer to CONVINCE YOURSELF that our goods are worthy of your preference.
May we expect a visit from you SOON ?
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing Ctk
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
I'lione 281
Night I'honu 40
P.  O.  Uox -169
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turnings
W   are in the manufacturing business
Sash,  Doors, Mouldings,  Turnings, Show
Cases,   Office  and  Bar   Fixtures,  Screen
Doors and Windows made lo order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Silver and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING.   Agent.
ii   representative In   every    town   n
(',.n.nlu to sell towi.s.i.  Iota      Bi
tin   1 scluslve Belling   agent
Grand Trunk Pacific n Ul   .1.
of    its   mum   Une   divii
towns,   we bundle  notli I
OBitlona of gemiiuo merit. Wc arc
jusi placing on tbe market a beautifully located, close-in subdivision to
Kelowna, British Columbia, the largest eity mi Okanagan Lake. imr
Kelowna property is In the original
city limits and lms a frontage of
over one mile on Okanagan Lake.
During the past two weeks lots i"
the value ol approximate^ > .
have been Bold to Kelowna real
dents    vie coneldei this    substantial
as to the merits ol our K
u.i property.
Ke n.,na it      ■   . ' several
ma thai   we bave     to
ofler 1'-.
1  our
plan,   whereby  you  may  '.•-.
Satisfaction   Kimrauteeil
Barrtaters,  Solicitora,  Etc,
Imperial Bank. Building  Kevelatoke, B. O.
Money to Loaa.
Oflicea—Revelatoke,   B.   O.,    aad
Craubrook, B. 0.
Geo. B. McOarter,
A. M.  I 'ink hunt, J. A. Harvey
Kevelstoke, Cranbrook
Agent   lor
earn   a
Grand Pacilic Land Co.. Lin ited
M ,:. •     d
in Cumminjr's Transfer
■nil Street
egg   <
. loli  '     .    .
A        Kn f'J
'     .     . ■ '
-      ■
a ic
1 . n, McKensie   kven
Victor  Horniest from
i'lii upwat.ln. Kdison Phonographs,
from il).'■••) upwai • !.• ratal .f
Mualc Storti. McKenile A\suue.
Dbki out youi I     youi vt .1,
ter'B    itippl)  "f coal.   w"e bave   ihe
goods ou nana .i».1   wlll  iellvei
your owu convenience if you Bend    in
your order early,    llevei.-toki   i,.niia,
Agencies,  Limited.
1.  aere good  lend  foi  nale Deal   •
I'R. .'lotel.-H. N.  Coursier.
MUHI<"-Mies  Johnson,  pupil of  A.
Miller, K.R.a.m., London, is pnpar-
.■•! to take a limited number of pup-
,1, [,,, tuition in music. Kor terma
r at tbe residence of J. K.
Jobneon, flrst house west of the hospital,  Kirst  street.
O have two or three corsets
1 constant use is really an
economy. The newest one should
be reserved for dress occasions. A
; one may (>*■ chos'-n especial!} ■ vear with tailored suits.
The third and oldest me i^ives
prrf'ft freedom and comfort while
attending to 1 d duties.
arc marlr in .1 variety of mo'lr-ls l'i meet the feqtiirenie'nti
ol every costume nnd every figure, 1 <it the wclU
developed figure wa recommend Modeli No. 619, No.
6 i J, and No'. 505.
Sold by the best Mot" everywhere in Canada.    Write lor book ol new   tylca to
v Crompton Corset Company, Limited, Toronta.
Provincial  Land   Buveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Vi.   H.   WALLACE.   M.U.C.S.A.
A R C H 1 T E C T.
P. O. Box 146. Revelstoke, B.O.
No.    'll,    ROYAL    TEMPLARS    OF
MeetB  every   2nd  and   4th  Thursdays
in     uddfellowa    Hall,   at 8 o'clock.
Vieitiug  Templars  are  cordially  in -
vited to attend.
W.  E.  MUNSON, d.  C.
A.   D. TOUIINEH,  R.   8.
Everybody knows him, lie will
tell you that the whitikeyii we are
tailing are the beat. Call and be
convinced, No household should
lie without a Kiipply of our Harvey's Speolal Scotch Whiskey; out
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guuiRtitead
HU years old or Blaokberry Brandy
for Medicinal pui'iiones. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
I. mil are unexcelled. Hold by all
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In Pure Wlnos, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
KOUTUNAY      LODOE.  No.  15 A.  F,
aud A.  M.
liegular     meetings are held iu  MM,
ONIC TBMPLfl,     oddfellows'     Hall
on  the 'i'tiiM  Monday in each month
at  1  p,   ui.       -  .f.,ni bretbren      are
cordially   walcom*.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Becretary.
COURT      MT.      UEOHIE,    No. H.I.
OF  1. O. K.
■'••  • in   V. Hall next   to
Tapping's opera  House  every  second
and  lourth  .Monday  in  moutb.  Visiting brethren oordlallj welcomed.
0   *   BELL, c. lt.
AM.   B.   CAMERON,   lUc.-Hsc.
O.  W. O.   W.
Mountain View Camp, No. fit.
:am'. rim.uo   and     Fourth w»du«s
daya    m  eaeb  moutb   iu    Selkirk
Hall.      Viaitlng  Woodmen are
cordially Invited  to atiend
t    .1    WOODLAND,  Con. Com
.iki.KIIik     LODOE  li, 1. o. o. F,
. «v»ry     Thursday ivreing   Iii
Islklr.   Hall   at  n  o'clock.      Viaitlng
brethren cordially invited.
JOHN I,von      N. (l.
iiOi.li kanok liODOB,      K. of    p.,
'    N,   REVELBTOKE,   B.   0.
vi.ai, tvriy  Wedntaday except   the
Third  Wednesday of each month     in
OtMfelloWl'  Hall at I o'clock.  Visit-
Isg Kolgkta are cordially Invited.
(I.  W.  OAKLAND, C.  0.
O. H. BROOK, K. of R. * B.
M. ol F.
Montreal Quebec Liverpool
Largest & Finest Steamersf rom Canada
New 8.S. Laurentic, 15,000 Tons Each
New S. S. Megantic
Sails June 22, July 20, Aug. 17. July 6, August 3, August 31
one-olasa (I I) Cabin aervios.
Twin-Screw S. S. Teutonic     Twin-Screw S. S. Canada
581 leet long, 1S,0IKI horsepower 514 Feet Iouk
Sails July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 7. June 29, July 27, August 24
Company's Offices, 619, Second Ave., Near Cherry St., Seattle
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
19(lb 1911
Capital       ....       $ 3,000,000 * 4,000,000
Reserve 8,000.000 4,600,000
Deposits       ....        23,077,730 35,042,311
Loans and Investments         -      27.4.r>7,000 38,864,801
Total Assets        -      -       -        33,000,192 48,237,284
Has 83 Brunches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondent* In all
the Prinolpal Cities In lhe World.
Interest allowed at highost ourrent rate.
Revolstoke Branch. W   H. PRATT, Manager
Fruit Lands
Galena Iluy IuihIh in parculs of
10 or aU) acres or en bloo, (Jorrea-
pondence Invited,
John Shaw, Agent,
Box6J6 Arrowhead
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P.O.Box 31, Hevelstoke
It will pay you to
make a .call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C
beliireJliuj'inK yonr ost-
fit of hi nl mr clothes
for I hr' lnii.li. I nmkr a
specialty of l.'i|>.iiii:
Shoes, Pants, Sor, HUlrts
BlunkctB ainl everything
required iu your buslneu.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Plpo
and Fumnao work
Connaughl  Av..   .   R.veletoka
i« Saturday, august i-hu, m'l
T£I3±3  3yC^IL-E:E!ii^.rJID,  BEVEliS^OKE!
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
We have them the Ladies' New
Fall and Winter Coats. Those
great large warm wooly ones. Full
length. These have all the new
ideas, large lapels and large ornamental buttons. Plenty to choose
from and no two alike - $15 to $35
Groceries and Crockery Department
Bargains Bargains
For Friday and Saturday
Corn Starch  \ Pkgs. for 25c.
Venus Herring 2 tins for 25c.
Maconochie Herrings in Tomato Sauce.
 15c. per tin
Specials in Ketchup
Heinze's 25c. and ,^c. bottles.
Blue Label, 35c. bottles.
Burlington, pint bottles,   150 per bottle.
Bar Harbor, pint bottles, 25c. per bottle.
Tobasca —25c. bottles.
Mexican Chili—40c. per bottle.
Large shipment of Marmalade just placed
in stock which includes Robertson's
7, 4 and 2 lb. tins. Lemon, Gingerine,
Ginger and Pineapple in 1 lb. jars;
Chiver's in 1 pound jars; Keiller's, 7 and
4 lb. tins and 1 lb. jars; Crosse &
Blackwell's, 7 and 4 lb. tins and 1 and 2
lb. Jars.
Boots and Shoes
Teas and Coffees
Coffee Beans 3 lbs. for $1.00
Ceylon Tea 3 lbs. for $1.00
Sunbeam'lea ( Red Label good) 40c.   lb.
Sunbeam   Tea (blue label best) 50c. per lb.
Boys' Suit Bargains
Only this week to the opening of school. Tom boy will
perhaps want a new School Suit. Right now when you
want them we are getting the whole of our enormous
stock of Boys Suits and knickers on the Bargain Table.
They are all " Lion Brand" and are all guaranteed to be
the best wearing and fitting boys' clothing on the market. You can't get away from the enormous bargains
we will give you this week.
Boys' Bloomer Pants Suits
All in the celebrated " Lion Brand'" College Style. Full
fitting, broad shoulders, lapels and fronts that will not
break down, All sizes from 26 to 35. Just two prices,
and they can't help but appeal to you.
Smaller Sizes, $4.95.      Larger Sizes, $7.60
Boys Straight Knicker Suits
In line Worsteds and Tweeds. Teese also are
all the famous "Lion Brand jsoods. Double seats and
double knees. They absolutely are the finest values
ever oflered in the city.    Sues 25 10 .',4
One Price, $3.95
Boy's Straight Knicker Fants
I'he famous "Lion Brand" Knickers, double
scat and double knees. Vou can't beat them. For
this week we will have only one price on them all.
For this week only Bargain Prices   -   95c.
We have a crowd of the New Fancy Colored Curtains we
want to let go;--got an overstock of them. They are the
new ideas in Nets with floral designs. The New Colored
Muslin Cathedral Draperies.
The $2.90 Lines. Now $2.00.   The $4 Lines. Now $2.90
In Wood Splint, Fancy Colors. An entirely New Idea
—the Roll-Up kind. All lengths, very decorative and
useful. Gives you privacy on your own verandah that
you cannot otherwise have.
Get Them At Humes.     A Large Stock to Choose From SATURDAY    Ai 01 Sl J4th, 1912
.SATURDAY, AUGUST 'l-ltlt, Iiii
New Goods By Express
NEW G00D$===Gr<r Fall Goods Now Coming to
A full report of tbe city council
meeting held luRt. evening, will appear
in Wednesday's Issue ol next week.
The Itevelstoke lire brigades have
completed arrangements for their
dunce to be held ou Labor day evening, September 2nd. Thin will be the
opening dance of the season, anil a
record attendance is anticipated. Remember this dale, and leave ii open.
In the llapiist chinch on ine,lay
next, the pastor, Rev. E. J. ' Have,
will speak on thc following subjects:
Morning, "A Satisfactory Life." Evening, "The Ideal of Duty." Sunday
school at 9:45 a.m., last Sunday for
the morning  ihis summer.   A cordial
and, which we are opening and putting into        j::::,:;;;::^;!;';:::•,
stock every day. These Goods come direct from
the Manufacturers.
ILE-SWANSON—At the    residence
ot  Rev,   E.J.   i have,   Third  street,
■   Tl ira : iy evi ning, August 22nd,
Jos and  Esther Swanson,
citj   v. re joined In the
■ ■  matrimony.   They will ro-
T'r.'     . ry cl     linn loops Kill
t in 1     '    ' :t Tui Bd ■  .
Mr.  J. M.  Kelli     a ni   u    busin**.
■        .   ■: the co isl i.t.' a
M --  . M   ■   ■        Toi   i'i".  is
t to hei  friend Mim.  J.
Mi»s     lnni<     Eaton    has    returned t
from   '•   ,'a ricot ia  I" Cfutt..    . t   ilill
aoola here.
Mrs. 1 .     ite,-*, were
Wn Ulii ..,..
Ml - turned li un . .     cu, t-i
■ i.  t ■    ...      ' altei   ■:. nd &< a
■   -   Kitb   i.i    I inghti r
'..-.. Ild ht  A.
rt Can) Tui    .....  I be own-
i ig] .  .....
aa!    - about tue
J    i.   \..
tbat d ite.
Mi - '     '•
., Ml.
Preserving Season
Foi Preserving Fruits we handle only ilie best. Ifyou wisli to pro-
cui uch rruiti is cm uot be beaten either in quality or price, we
would ndvisc you to place your orderwith us. We vvill guarantee delivery ol nil orders taken.
This season we arc handling the celebrated Mnsou I'ruitjara in Pints,
.nil !i ill Kiiibuis.   These Jars require no comment.    They ure
pai excellence.
MacKenzie Avenue
Revelstoke Inside Property
Real Kstate \* selling rapidly.    Wh} not get in before .ill the most desir-
uble n'M'limiiii lots uiu i.i-.cii n|i.'
Last wi eh wc uiuile beverul .,<•>.•>• i b iJet> lu lucul buyers and ii will only be a
short lime Ik-iou- iiu-c loti are all i lused out.
Oall at oui otlice and Ret lull particulars,   All our property can be sold
on eaay term*
Kootenay Agencies, Limited
P. \V. si.me. late editor of the Mnll
Herald, wa- in town on  Moivdaj
Mi.  Stone wns get! Ing authentic
(urination   regardlug   II
a * lew  ol  gotl lug n special    uuliliril >
.-sm- ..ui  for i he i 'algnry lb raid
lu  ilu   I'resbytei Ian     uu :b omul
i ow eveuini n< a
ui.l Hi .,,    .   . ■
i.inn's i'ii..ri.     nud  ilie    tcriuri I'oel
nd   i' asant.
....   Inspe toi   Denton   i I
couver,  newly  appointed school
spector al  Uevelstoke
town ".iii his (until)
at tbe Kiiu: Edwui il    Mi. I
I ised lie   home . :  Ml
ler, wl       .'•  . to thi
I cl
-.       ■
I.I.i   Lu .••
■ il
Mr. P. I
Im.   ii.a  forge I   I'rogi iss Cluh . i
.;;.   Hall    Mondti)  • ■,
a.      Hon     \> ilt11   i...i .    •  ■
i luel   Secivl ai >   ...   I r.i ind,   '.\ ho     is
touring  i '.in.i.l.i,  bas  i.e ■ i    i.i ited  to
...mim is a publ c i'.il hei ing  iiui ing  i is
la Hi ."elsl n*.   aboul   i ..•   mi lulc
I'll UiM'l.
Hi   t\.■;,:.. the Endi ■ pii
ed    *.'n    -.. ;
allied    i ii
mi I  rm ll
I  ".     »   .
The Revelstoke Intermediate lacrosse team huve accepted a challenge
from the Vernon Intermediates, to
play a lacrosse game on Labor Day,
September 2nd, al Hevelstolte, The
players are requested to get into pruc
tlco, and especially not ouly In view
of this match, but In preparation for
the lour to i.m mado tbis fall   al  lhe
The Hevelstoke public ic 1, oh Will
reopen on Monday, Augusl 2iith, Several new test 1 ks Iui pa lieen prescribed, which makes ii necessary
that all pupils should rei:is!.".' as
promptly us possible. A lass for beginners will bo opened in e.i"b school
for children that have reached the age
of six. Pupils will not he admitted
into these two classes later than ten
days after the beginning of 1l.e
term. The bi>:li school ope is on the
same day.
In the Methodisl church Sunday at
7:IIil pan., familiar hymns will '•" s'ing
such as "liiiuleiii." "Nearer M, God
to Thee," etc, While ibe following
special music will be renderca'—.ioio
by .Mrs. Uglow, Trombone eoIo >.y
Paul Samson; quartette by Mrs. 1 ag
din, Miss Pagdin, P. Sams.ni ai.il IS.
Cameron; Bolo by Miss Alma l.ee.
Tbe public will receive a cordial wel
come, in the morning at il n ttt., tha
pastor will take us liis subiavt "i.s
sons from the Life of the hue Denerul
W. Woods, game warden, secur.'.l a
conviction against a man ut Three
Valley for killing grouse out of season, be was li ll.-. 1 J.'ill. Tbc case was
tried hefore Mr. landmark. James
Walton, came warden, is .11 Hns ilis-
trict ai presenl securing evidence ag-
amsi people who are reported to be
killing grouse and other game out of
season. As the penalties in these eas
es are very heavy, no doubt Mr. Walton will secure several convictions as
be lms lhe natnou of different offend
. rs,
Prior to the departure!of Ml s Irene
Procuniei   Ior  Vancouver,   where    .-.a.'
goes to intend the  Normal     school,
■ I.m  wan   presented  wub  a purse      I.y
the wardens od behalf of the congee
gal ion and h tters of appreciutiou oi
her three yen     valui d Bervlces a;- i r
ganisl  oi  St.    Peter's church.     Miss
a.any   friends an.l   .artic-
he has come    .11
m •   .i il Ii iu ' hurch w.itk. ..!■  oue
hei   .1 continuation
•■ Inch   have      r.i ■
hei  In :ii
laiei    a well   kn m 1.   wrltei
guest oi  tb«
i     gn ss 1 tub,    and
pl .   Ja)  1 •
tue     11. t
ih.  district,    it
. 1
.   , lt.ll t
iging   ..
1  1  worn
The friends of O.P.R, I3rakeman
Shullu, who lost his leg ns a result of
an accident at Chase, will bo pleased
lo hear that Mr. Sliutlu is so fur recovered that be walked to liis home
anil back from the hospital yesterday
On the eve of ber departure for the
coast this week, Miss Gladys Urqu -
hart received a handsome present
from the old members of St. John's
choir, us a slight token of gratefulness for ber services as member of
Bt.  John's chinch choir.
i School Inspector A. B. Miller and
Mrs. Miller left, on Tuesday last, for
Vancouver where they will mnke their
future home. During their residence
here of severul years, tbey have made
many friends by whom they will lie
greatly missed, some of their friends
seeing them off at the Btatlon, Miss
Gladys Urquhart and Miss Irene Procunier, accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Mil
ler on their western trip. In Vancouver, where both young ladles will enter  upon tbeir   Normal  school  studies
A.  J.  McDonell,  W.   A.  Foote.  J. li.
Barber and vv. a. Sturdy, nttonled
the trap shooting at Armstrong on
the 22nd and 33rd inst. A.J. Mcii.m-
ell and W.A. Sturdy won In the high
professional average for the two days
breaking itl'2 out of :i:ir. shot nt. 1.
Forbes of Vancouver won the high
professional average; Rickteson, ol
Vnncouver, won the 2nd high score In
the professionals. A feature cf Iho
shoot was Mr, A.J. McDonell 0! Hev
elstoko breaking I2!i straight, ll.eni'.y
winning the Dupont .ong run medal.
The Dupont medal is given to any
amateur who makes iim straight or
over. This was only won by one :i an
hi Canada, namely Mr. Boattle o!
Toronto, who broke tbo I0S straight
a couple of months ago This phen-
oiniual Bcoro has lieen oiitdakSOC" by
Mr. McDonell. rhe shuit. tb. on. hom,
wns n great snee.is. "he Armstrong
boys excelling themsai    « as busts.
Businessmen's Excursion
The Bteamer Hevelstoke bus been
chartered by the Hevelstoke Business
men for their annual exclusion 10 Arrow lake points on August L'.Sth, 2:1th
and :)0th.
Leave Kcvcfstoke 7 11.111.,   Aug. 2Mb
Arrive Edgewood 3  p.m.  same day.
Leave Edgewood early on morning
of 2!lth. calling at Needles about V
a.   m.
Arrive Uurton City about !l a.m.
Leave  Uurton at   II  a.m.
Arrive Arrow Park  at  12 u.m. noon
Leave Arrow Park 2 p.m.
Arrive .Simiiysi.le 3  p.m.
Leave Sunnysldo ."1 p.m.
Arrive Nukusp !'. p.m.
The party will remain at Nukusp
over night of the 29th, leaving for
Galena Hay early on '10th.
\rrivr Galena Hay about 7 30 11.111.
on  ibe Mth.
Leave Galena Hay 11 a.m.
We have just unpacked a complete line of Sporting
Goods of all kinds. Mr. Fisherman, don't forget to
inspect our stock of Fishing Tackle. When you see it
you will say. "BEST IN TOWN."
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd,
Dealers in all kinds of the Rest Hardware
Agents for Gurney Chancellor Ranges and Minerva Paints
Arrive Arrowhead il;30 a.m.
Leave Arrowhead   12:M p.m.
Arrive Halls Lun.ling 1  p.m.
Leave  Halls  Landing .1  p.m.
The members of the party will number aboul twenty live and they will
be glad to meet all the people at tlle
various points of call and with the'
limited time ul tbeir disposal l"ok
over the district and discuss matters1
of iuui ual advantage.
Do   not  forget   Progress ■ Inti meeting Selkirk  Hall,  Monday  rivaling.
WANTKD- Chamber   Maid.
Hotel  Revelstoke.
Where to get school hues, Macdonald's drug store.
Head Howson A Co.'s letter to
their customer* in  tins issue.
I.ailies tailored suits to order, Mr.
L. Kr.ivis of Boston in charge—Cressman & lit.
High school books, everything you
need  at   Macdonald's  drug  store.
Howson's Furniture uud Carpel sale
still  continues to  bo  a great success.
Lemonade     powder,   best    English
make al   Mae.loiiald's drug Btore.
POUND—A sum of money. Owner
may have same by applying to Miss
Vera  Boll,  Third  street.
POUND By an honest, man, a bearer
chequo; loser can obtain sumo by
proving ownership. Apply to the
King  Edward hotel.
Tender* will i,« received for the
stock 111 trade and fixtures ot Estate
of A. ti. Proser, until the 24th inst.
Tenders may lie sent to the under -
slgued or 10 Qlllan & Elliott, Hevelstoke. Tenders may be either for
stock or fixtures or both.
Trout Luke, B.C., 12th August, 1912
A.  N.  VARS,
Now on Exhibition in the  window of  our   New
Office, next to the Revelstoke Meat Market
BEWS' Dure; Stork
School Opening Monday
The  New Dominion Gi
All School Booki for High
and Public Schools, Scrfl>
bleri and Kxercise Books.
Fine Leather School Bag!.
Pencils. Rtlleri, etc., i-'iven
away with school purchases.
A .1- "tit
uf Flics    ....
Anchor Brand, pei doz...60c
s«M ate, per doz 76c
Kelto, i»'t doz i 1.60
Now Trolls
(iut Hooks
Gaff Hooka
A complete line for the
Smart Clothing for Summer Months
RY AND soi'l   HATS   i
Wl'. M'li i.\l.l/l'.   in  M.i riped,
!     lip.
ipnni; Sl
Drop in when passing .md    • stock
and pattt ri .1" .'in thi mis.
Fit-Reform Clothing        Stetson Hati Foot-Rite Shoes
The Painting is authentic in all details, being an
exact copy of their Board of Trade picture used to
advertise their City, and shows the exact relative position of
$150 and $175 Per Lot
Local Agency, Home Loan and Contract Co.
E. G. FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue


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