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The Mail Herald Jun 28, 1911

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 "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $601
Interior Publismng Co., Agis
mm^mmmyma -mmm      UMaT j-   mm* 'vw wr
The Mail-Hera
JUL 3   1911   ^Y     VisitiDS  MS
Interior Puolishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 50
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Ltd
Hereafter it Will be Known as
Selkirk School - Education
Department Approve
Alter n good ileal of discussion the
school board on Monday nitfht decided thnt in view of the protests of
Hi*. Kobei'tnon, minister of education,
it would lm advisable to change the
name of Strathcona school to some
other name, atnl accordingly hereafter thc new school will be known
as Selkirk  school.
It Will he remembered that early In
thc yenr a competition was engaged
in  by  the  public  in  which  $5      was
nflereil hy thc school hoard    for   the
moBt  suitable name selected from    a j
list of names sent in hy the interested  public.        The  name    Strathcona :
waB submitted* hy  Miss L/ily Daniels,
and on a vote of the     board      this '
name      was selected,  and  thc  money
awarded her.
But some time nfter Dr. Robertson
notiliea the board that a school al- '
ready existed in the province with
the same name, and that, two schools
of thc same name would create con
sid-erab'le confusion in his department
The board, however, having taken
so much trouble to select a name and
considering thc fact that the public
had a hand in selecting it, were very
loathe to make a change. Repeated
protests from ihe Minister of Education and a general feeling among the
public that the Provincial department
should be taken into consideration,
however, finally decided tha hoard in
their action of Monday night. Con-
Bequently hereafter the new school
Clever Ropes Blasted bold Into
Rock in Steamboat Mountain
Vancouver, 11. 0. June .'!.— The
recent mining boom of Mte.imhoat
Mountain camp received a |olt today
when it. became known to a priittiral
certainty that the discovery bed been
salted,  The dlsoovery of dtonutuoat
dates back to last October, when
two mining men, Stevens1 and Green-
wnll came to Vancouver W th n tale
of wonderful free gold 1'n-tln in the
mountains southwest of Hope, It. ('..
Tbey brought samples which were assayed here, and in some cases ran a
thousand dollars of gold *.o the ton,
Their holdings were taken iver hy
Vancouver investors, who paid them
$20,000. Kor four months no one has
been able to obtain any trace of ttie
two men. Recently hundreds ot prospectors have gone into thc new canip
but no finds of importance havo been
Today it was given out that the
men wbo bought the property had
discovered that the mine was salted.
Probably from $500 to $1,000 in gold
was shot into the rock and a scientific job was made of it. Very little
of the stock was sold publicly, b»-
cau.je the promoters who ure wealthy
reputable business men, became suspicious some time agof
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Ot^ico-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      - $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed            - 5,913,000.00
Capital Paid Up                     - 5 793,000.00
Reserve        .... 5,793, jOO.OO
Branches ar Agents at all principal points in'Canada.
Agents in Great Britain aud United Suites—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank, Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
'ent rate from date of oepnt.it.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Your requirements for hot weather garments are
here. A large and well assorted stock to choose
from. A dainty line of Ladies' Underskirts at
reasonable Prices.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Wants Agricultural Grounds tor
Aviation Exhibition
Are we to have an exhibition      ot
aviation  in the  near future?     From
a telegram received hy Chas.M.Field,
lie known as Selkirk school. This ' secretary  of   the   Revelstoke   ARrieul-
namc  was  thc  second  choice  ol    the j tural Sooicty, it  would appear    that
board from among the list submitted
Five Passengers Slightly Injured
at Semlin Sunday Night
AU of the passenger cars of No. 4
passenger train due here Monday
morning at about 12:45 were derailed
on Sunday night at about G o'clock
nt Semlin station, about six miles
west of Walhaclin. Five passengers
were slightly injured, among these
being A. D. Mclntyre of Kamloops, whose shoulder was badly
wrenched, and a Mr. Myers of Vancouver,  who  is said  to be somewhat
seriously  hurt. ^	
The train had been sidetracked and | are *V€t '". hllt a start is being made
on those received. It is not expected
that tho work of tabulating will be
completed for two or three years.
such might be the case, as the mes-
sag-e asks if the grounds arc avail -
for thut day.
The wire iB from Geo. W. Corbiu,
of Vancouver, whoever he might be—
and reads as follows:
"Are Agricultural grounds open for
aviation exhibition on July 5th?
State flat rental.—Geo. W. Co-Thin."
Mr. Field repli-ed immediately, placing rental at a very low figure, but
so far no further information has
been received from Mr. Corbin.
No preparations are yet being made
for the annual fall fair in Revelstoke
Mr. Field stated, beyond those made
at the meeting of a month ago.
Hon. Thos. Taylor Says Progress
That Has Been Made in Past
Few Years is Wonderful
"The progress that has bean nimlc
in   road      btlllding  and   the   resultant
development of tne country throughout the south* district has been wonderful," snid lion. Thos. Taylor to
the Mail-Hernld representative on
Saturday,  on  his arrival here.
Mr. Taylor has been on hia annual
inspection tour and has visited Cranbrook, Fernie, Hosmer, Fort Steele,
Nelson, Kaslo, Proctor, Qrand Forks,
Greenwood, I'hocniv, Midway, Hock
Creek, Beaton, Comaplix, and a num
ber of other places, and is now in
this city for three or four days taking a run over the new road development  in  this district.
"Thc  roads  all  through  the      dis-
i tricts which  I  travelled are in excellent shape," he said,  "and there has
; been an     immense     amount of work
done since  last year, and this      has
been the means     of    developing     a
large  area  of  arable land  and  plac -
j ing  it under cultivation.      I was indeed  agreeably surprised  at  the    exceptionally  largo  area  thnt  is  under
cultivation now to what there was a
few years ago.      And  with   this land
opened  up  the  progress  of  thc  var -
ious cities and  towns  has  kept  pace
"In East Kootenay generally, I
found conditians exceptionally good,
and it was somewhat of a surprise to
me to see the activity tbat, in spite
of the coal strike, is so noticeable in
Fernie. The citizens of that place
seem to be most optimistic. I do
not think myself though that the
strike will bc settled for some time
At Nelson and a number of other
plaoes Mr. Taylor was associated
with A. S. Goodeve, M.P., in a series of meetings where addresBSB were
delivered on the reciprocity pact.
In Nelson, Mr. Taylor said the people practically to a man were opposed to the agreement.
Stoves! Ranges!
McClary's Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Enamel ami Tinware
We can supply your
wants in the above lines
with the best Goods made
in Canada.
Sherwin Williams Paints. Oils, Varnishes, etc. It
pays to use good Faints.    We sell them.
Fishing Tackle, Rifles, Shot Guns, Ammunition and
other Sporting Goods. We are leaders in these, and also
carry a very large stock of General Hardware, Tools of all
kinds, etc.
Harness, Whips, Horse Blankets, Lap Robes.
Crockery and Glassware.
Ottawa,  June 27.— Census tabulating has commenced at Ottawa.  Only
a  very small  portion  of the    returns
Union Picnic
Grape Nuts - ...        3 pekts. for SOc.
Jams, 1 Ib. Jars      .....   25c
New Ontario Cheese, per lb. - -      20c
Pine Apple, small tins       ....   25c
Regular shipments of strawberries,  raspberries
and green vegetables at right prices.
John Mclntyre & Son, Phone 93
was proceeding onto the main track
nt a fair rate of speed when the accident occurred. The engine and
the baggage and mail cars got safely
j over when the tirst class coach      fol-
, lowing left the rails at the switch,
and four tourist cars Ijehind follow- j On Saturday, July 1st, the Baptist
ed its lead. One of thc sleepers, til- and Presbyterian Sunday schools will
led with American tourists, turned hold a pic-nic at Columbia Park,
over ou its side, precipitating tbe ; Rigs will convey the children from
occupants in a heap, but beyond a the ohurches to the grounds. The first
few minor bruises and a severe shak- ' rig leaving the Baptist church at
ing up,none of thc passengers were 9:30 a.m., and the rresbyterian at 10
injured. I o'clock.   These rigs will make several
The cause of tbe accident is thought ' trips during thc forenoon and at 1:30
to have been a spread switch. p.m. a rig will leave the rresbyterian
  I church for the convenience of      those
Ten freight cars left the track at who cannot go out iu the morning.
Cherry Creek Monday afternoon at Returning, the rigs will leave tlie
about four o'clock, and among the ' grounds early in the evening,
freight was a large asphalt mixer j A program of games has been pre-
weighing nearly 100 tons on its way pared for thc children, and n very
to Victoria. A report is current that * enjoyable dny is anticipated. The
the mixer came in contaet with the j management of* the churches Invite
tool uf the tunnel and caused the I both children and ndults to partici-
mishap. A gang of laborers were im- ] jiate In this picnic.
mediately despatched from Kamloops, but the track was not cleared
until an earlier hour Tuesday morning.
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Beli Blend Tea^
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O   Bom 208
Phone No. 33
Meeting Will be Held in Opera
House Here July 10th
A. S. Goodeve, M. P., and Hon.
Tbos. Taylor, wbo have heen in thc
Boundary country addressing the electorate on the reciprocity pact for
the past couple of weeks, will be here
on Monday, July 10th, and speak In
the opera hoU9c on  the same subject.
The speakers are both thoroughly
verged on the question which has been
agitating the minds of Canadians for
past mon ihs and no doubt will l>e
able to enlighten the citizens on
many points in connection with the
proposed  pact.
cin July 3rd th.* speakers will br in
Arrowhead nnd from tbere Mr, Oo '.
eve w.ii fournej to Vancouver where
he and Mr. Cowan, M. P., will ad
im rl li.;   ,*n   July  Jth, Mr.
Goodeve will then return Irom the
COM! tf Reveletoke [of the meeting
here on July 10th. A meeting was
held in Um-ii ub J uai Uth,
R. M. R. Shoot
Following is  thc score of
!  R.M.
R.     shoot for the week ending  June
Name                                     200 600 (100 T.
Sergt.    Garner    30
29   89
Sergt.  A.   Dull   2«
27   86
25   86
Sergt.  Smythe   30
28   84
Ool. Sergt. Uonnld  2!l
27   82
Corp.     Smith    2'J
24   80
Pte. Jas. Fenton  22
27   75
Pte.  John Fenton  27
25   74
Corp.    Allan  2X
24   70
Corp. Overton  lit
22   70
Pte.  Roe   27
15   63
I.t.    Ilrock 19
20   57
10   45
10   38
l'te. Shearer  Ill
11    37
Pte.   8.  Hall 12
8   32
Creamery gutter
P. gums 8 Company. £td.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
Sir Wm. Whyte May Become Next
Winnipeg, June 2(1.—The knighthood bestowed on vice-President
Whyte of the C.P.R. has given rise to
a number of rumors, one being that
he will succeed Sir Daniel MscMillan
as lieutenant-governor next fall when
the latter may go to London as high
commissioner. Quite another version
is that Sir William Whyte himself is
destined for the high commissioner-
ship, enjoying as he does the contid -
ence of all sections of the public.
Kenneth MacKenzie, the well-known
wholesale merchant here, but now retired, refused the lieutenant-governorship about a year ago, but might
iccept it now.
Will Be Called tor On Monday
Next, July 3rd
C. R. Macdonald, president of the
Revelstoke Liberal Association, this
morning rcoeived a wire from the
department at Ottawa, that tenders
will bc called for Monday for the
erection of the new $75,000 post
ollice which is to be erected here..
The lot on which the building It to
put has already been clenn-d and it is
anticipated that as soon as the contract is let the work will be pro-
i-cedcd with at once. This will mean
that a large gang of laborers and
mechanics will  he employed.
One of those up-to-date Vacuum
House Cleaners, which do so much to
lighten the labor of spring and fall
house cleaning, has been rcoeived
here by Mr. A. G. Daniels and W.
Veith and is now ready for business.
If you neglected your spring house
cleaning and wish it done on scientific principles and without inconvenience, communicate with these two
Wedding Reception
A very pretty wedding reception
took place on Sunday afternoon last
at the residence of Mr. .1. Shaw, J.
P., Galena Hay, in honor of the recent marriage of his second daughter
Petress May and Mr. Oswald Boiitil-
ler. The guests, malty of whom arrived by launches and rowboats from
Arrowhead, sat down on thc lawn at
li p.m. to a most hospitable spread,
at   which   luscious   strawlwriies    and
cream   figured    prominently.    After
supper appropriate speeches were
mads nud the heartiest wishes weoo
expressed for the future welfare and
happiness of the newly-wedded pair,
who nro well known and highly respected throughout the district,
which was shown in particular hy the
maay useful nnd handsome presents
contributed   by  local  friends.—Com.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Brookfield Extra Creamery Butter
Keystone Creamery Butter
Coldspring Dairy Butter
Malakwa Dairy Butter
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
High Class Mim Purveyors
Phono 251
P. O. Box 181
Moving pictures U night.
"HIS   -HAITIRM    .O"  I   •
.1  .       • rd in thr 11. r     '  l.n.u.'latt.
We have been appointed wholesale distributors
for Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia
of the famous
Victor and Berliner Gramophones
and Victor Records
Dealers in these goods can now purchase F.
0. B. Revelstoke ami save excessive freight.
Over 5,000 different records in stock, includ-
ing everything from Grand Opera tn Ragtime.
Gramophones from $31 to $125.   The famous
Yidrnla from $100 to $300.
Dealers wanted, liberal discounts and terms.
Write for Catalogs and full particulars.
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE  28,  1911.
(the ADaiMbcralfc
Kl.\   1LSTOKE. B.   C.
Jntertoc pubUsbtnfl Company?,
Legal notices lu ceuts per lino first
insertion, 5 cents per hue each
subsequent insertion. Measure.
meuts Noaparlel (12 liucs moke
oue inch.; dtorc and general
business annouuerments i'2.'M pel
inch per mouth. Preferred positions, 25 per cent, additional,
births, Marriages aud Deaths, 50c
each insertion.
Laud notb'es JT.-DU. All advertise
ments subject to the approval o.
the management. Wanted an.i
Condensed Advertisements ; -
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, ait
uat.ous wanted, Situations Va
cant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, lij -words or less, 25c,
each additiuual line 10 cents.
Chances il standing advertise
ments must be in by 9 a. ni.
Tuesday and Friday ol each week
to secure good display.
CORRESPONDENCE invited on mat
ters oi public interest. Communications to Editor must be
accompan.ed by name of writer
nut necessarily for publication,
but as evidence of good faith.
Correspondence Bhould  be  briel.
Including postage to England,  Unit
ed States and Canada.
By the year (.through postofllce) $2.5'
JOB     PRINTING  promptly execute
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash.      Subscriptions    pay
able in advance.
Cbe i'lDaillberalc)
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 28,   1911.
The  smallest  penalty  tor any      in
tringement ol thc Bush  Kire Act      is
$50.     This  is little enough cousidi*.
ing the  damage usually done.
The city ol Greenwood has a mova-
ment on toot tor the destruction ol
all the noxious weeds within the cl.y
limits. Kevelstoke should do so at
Collh - ask -"11 the steel Trust
make:- rails for Australiu at i'2t a
ton an I lor the United states at \2&
wbich country is Betting the ben fi
ot the tariff?" At a guess we shi ul I
say   th.*   .-  eel   Trust.
Knoxville, Tenn., will have a Union
church, where union religion will ba
preached by a union parson, Tbj
music will ue written iu the union
scale and all bachelor members i >us
apply tor a union card.
'phosM    abominable      thistles,    bur
docks     and a host of other no ious
-   ire  st .. flourishing alone  th i
-  of the Btreets and on     vuc in
lata.     In a lew days they will I ■ oui
in bloom and ready to cant theil
in every direction, whilt   n Nt
the menace will be pri times
this yeai.    It is a t ustom
for tbe municipality to destroj  I
pe^ts.     but we are tol . thej
do it af'.er the w>   Is have  hi oraed
and - ii i the   ci un
try from east to west.     If tins     is
true then it Is little Wonder I
streets   kjw look  like ti.
town with ■ :.••• weeds almost
wherever you  *-•>•.     I: tne municipality fails ••• cut .i' iv ■■ i-    •-; re
tbey teed   l
ely t th *y
...... •     I  l.tr ..*  us When
ten f-e-  .':   ■■■■  theli   gaj li
tht  pests are allowed to r:* •.-.      as 1
thnvt*     Then too there an   a   large
I . ,t   lots   th it    .: • --im
ply : ti   .. ;•'.  thistles,     II s      man
holds  j    lerty   he   »h   ll il g
to  ke ;■  .:    ;.   propel   ■■'■■ not
to         •...:•.. Bui    tbe
;■    tj     inn  I
go to 1                .its. or
it  ol    bim that !■ Id   lol
until   '                  idjai
.       '.  tl,«
t till -    ..I •
in  bit                •      tt       • then
- me me lifter.*.,              t tb*
notified.     Then k 11
iave been  done.      ii well
tor the city t ,  eradli
ot once and I           e       it that
mt lol I:
..-■ little   wfouragi ment t imn,
t.-  keep !: ■ carder  clean II his  next
door    neighbor's .. it taWi
bed ot matin and thistles spreading
:   In el mi j      ,hr -
If you insure with us you
insure with some of the
oldest and strongest companies in the world.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Insurance oftAII Kinds
In a Montre il tl patch J.W.B.
Pease, ot Lloyd's tank n England,
is reported to h ve said tbat tbe Dominion bank art would pi event Iiih
bank from establishing a bunk In thm
country utiles- thej took over sonic
existing  bank.
Talk about , i t iction! Is there
.my inst it' : country which
enjoys tbe ' lea I pipe i uch" accot I
■ed to tbe chartered banks?    Certain
ly  the fanner bas no such  protection
Siiimi has the worfctaaman nor the.
manufacturer nor the printer nor any
other business Interest. Any ol
theso are subject to competition it
iin. consumer pays the duty on the
commodity but tbe banks, upon
whose slock-iii-tiade no duty is levl
ed arc protected In another way—the
Canadian banking act which puts into the hands of a lew Canadian ban
kers the power to say whether or not
any moro banks shall be chartered in
this country.
What this country needs more than
anything else just uow is money, real
liankbills and gold coin. Yet when
the business man of Vancouver or
Toronto or Montreal approaches his
banker lor an "extension of his line"
at this time of the year he will be
tol'd the bank is curtailing its loans,
it is husbanding its resources "to
handle thu crop" of the northwest.
We have become so used to hearing
this table that we now accept it. as
gospel. It is candidly confessed that
Canadian banks have not ihe wherewithal upon which to conduct the
business ol the country, yet under the
banking act one of the strongest financial institutions in England is prevented Irom establishing a new bank
in Canada unless it takes over some
existing  institution.
Canadian bank stocks arc among
the highest priced securities in the
world. Canadian banks are pros -
perous, sale and arrogant. Their
methods enable them to play safe at
all times. Their losses through bad
<lebts or defalcations are infinitesimal though through bad management
there have been some very disgraceful failures.
The system ot central banks has its
weaknesses as well a>- its advantages
One of the latter is the facility with
which lands may be centralized at
stratgetlc points but tbat same facility also very often is ,i drawback as
it enables bhe banks to starve a
community b.v withdrawing local de
posits  to  distant   points.
That Canadian bank*- have not s;if
fered heavy loss's through dish* nesl
employes is a tribute t.. the high
character ol the men who handle their
affairs. It is almost a national dis
grace thai these young men, m proportion to tbetr responsibilities are
the poorest, paid employes ot any mer*
cantile class in the country, As s
rule the laborer In tbe Btreets Is as
well or better paid than they. The
Canadian  bant i * m  commands
the respect    and'  confidence    of    the
world and  the  banks  should
ciently  self respecting  to  pa)
stalls a decent,  living wage.—Satur -
day Sunset.
In Saturdaj I
papers a long despatch  came      from
I.os      Angelas telling   of  the
there   of  some      medical
whose membership e    news
papers   to  suppress  report.-   ••!  crime.
m the ground that
served  as an ■:<■  mei.
tally   unbalanced to go and
cussing  tint   pii.i.-e        ■      - ii.-
question  tbe  V
marks  visely and   well:—
The   .
tnodlcai gentlemen  Is probably     cut*
re'-t—ut least tbere
■    ■ ■ • •   ■     ■
* also ti in
plaj     ind     tni
'...•M    : ii ,* ... ,*.■' lent       I •  ■
S'-r m'iMt .t in. forg    ten, ell her, that
thc     «.
with   iih;  and  ev«a   With   ti"*
constituted  that  under certain   con-
ditlons inevitable,
And aa  .villi suicide, so with homi
ride.   In  one  of   the   mitt.   Inti
ol Italian life, bhe late
Marion Crawford describes with great
dotal     ui  .ittempt  to  commit  murder
• fever germs intr idpced   to
tlm  hy means of a tal.1"  u .\,
kin.     Memory fails te recnll  whether
the .1 ■■ .,-n  .'..n successful or not; but
It is a fact that following the publi
cation ol thi   hook several bungling
efforts Were made to remove un-iiis
pecting persona by what facet!0U1
young physicians term "bug,'!," the
latest being th« notorious tfwupe ruse
in KansiiH Oity, where a wn de Uni
ily was supposedly put est of lbe
way hy the attendant phyftoUai
philanthropic eflorts to futtcn turn
up on the  typhoid  bacillus.  Headers
ol the newspapers Will recall that.
this extraordinary raso ended ny the
conviction ol the accused who. ac
cording to the best practice ol tha
United States courts, has recently
been granted a new trial and is now
probably well on his way to freedom
] There is probably no doubt that
this case and its less horrible pre
deressors owe their origin to tha
Crawford story; and, if I hey do,
what'.' Intelligence will be disseminated, if not in one way in another,
and the fanciful ideas and wild Imaginings      of      today  are  the  stubborn
'tacts of tomorrow. The submarine
boats which havo come to play nn
important part in modern naval warfare were "invented" by the late
.liil.-s Verne a generation ago in ohm
of liis scientific romances—Twenty
Thousand Leagues Under the Sea, we
think It was—only the modern makers have not yet caught up to the
riotous imagination of the man who
first thought of them. And bo it
goes. If all the newspapers in the
world were to agree to meet the
wishes of the I,os Angeles doctors it
would not be a year before we should
have a new crop with more stories of
crime and folly than ever. Let us
nil agree that il is too bad. Still
it can not be helped. So runs the
world  away.
Editor   Mail-Hera.d:—
hear Sir,—1 think it is about time
tho city council took some steps to
harvest bhe thistles and other obnoxious weeds growing in our city. The
streets and avenues are literally lined with them, and it some steps are
lint taken immediately they will
bloom and scatter their seeds all
over. There should not Iki a moment's delay. What's the matter with
putting the prisoners to work at it.
Something has to be done,   and    at
■ nee.      Don't let   it   be the same      as
other  years,  wait     until  th-y    have
• ■  !•■ I nnd then send men round    to
cut  them.     I  believe there  Is a    Bylaw compelling owners of property to
rt of all noxious weeds, but   I
fail   I* tn
■ In  so.      Wny not  the city   1" it and
char th it?      It's tor
1 mean the peoples lieiiefii
make Revelstoke look as neal
ti.'.y    . th.nk    the
I'r.*. in lal g ...| be ask-
of   tht
"    nee.
-  -   ;.
•   ipece.
' t.
tbi   Dominion    or
■  • tbat who
i.f   in   tnb *
widely circulated Mail ll •
i *   *
Mi    Caldei and Mi   Mclnl
governing the respomril litj  and
biltt.y   i,(   Mt.:, it ; n • n   on
private propel ty '
really lo ni I ipi eai to, then let ma
* u acquaint yourself
with the mi.in i (ij pet ruing eh *
hi of the Provincial Statutes aid
that Messrs, Oalder and Mcintosh
before again    iccusiog    anyone     of
want  of  knowlsd *,   will rend
m e of the numerous fire nol
posted up by Dominion Wre Wardens
contiguous to their own premises.
Aparl from the warning! displayed
in tho ■ notices, as a mutter of foot
thc   Dominion   Wardens have   no  mi*i
Continued on ia*i page
Scene  from "God's Country,"  in which Willard Mack
will appear at the Opera House to-morrow  (Thursday) Night
Saturday, July 1
See Fred Sole, the World
Famous High Wire Artist
In his wonderfully clever feats.    This is the
thrilling and sensational act we   have ever
been able to procure
The Act that Costs
Kelownav Armstrong, League Match
Kamloops v Revelstoke, for Prizes
Reve!stoke=Kam!oops    Vernon=Enderby
Vernon fire Brigdde Band   Armstrong Band
Concerts Afternoon and  Evening
The grounds are in the best of
i ondition and no trouble or expense has been spared to mnke
this the best ever put on in the
Okanagan. Come and bring the
whole family. You will enjoy the
Leave Revelstoke by special train
fit 4:30 a,m., returning by special
train at 10:30 p. m. or on regular
trains.    FARE  $4.15
Friday Night, June 30th
Mr. Frank Thompson Presents
The Original and Only
Celebrated New England Idyl
The Did Homestead"
Just as played in New York City for Three Years
A Company of 25 People.   Complete Scenic Production
Hearth's Famous Double Quartette
Prices, 75c, $ I, and $ 1.50.   ■  Children, 50c.
Seats on Sale at Macdonald's Drug Store
Invest In Well Selected
Vancouver will be the terminus for six railroads: Great Northern, Burlington, Northern
Pacific, Canadian Northern, Grand Trunk Pacific.
Point Grey is the fashionable residential district of Vancouver. The municipality is now
spending $1,500,000 on roads, sidewalks and water
mains, as well as $40,000 on schools. Homes now
in course of construction in^ this municipality will
cost $438,000.
The property we are offering is in Block 62,
D. L. 2027. It is high land (282 feet above sea
level) commanding an unsurpassed view of the
mountains, gulf and bay. It faces the new car
line to be built by the B. C. Electric Railway Co.
Price of lots $750; I cash, balance G. 12, 18 and
24 months. Prices have been put at a low figure
in order to dispose of all the property quickly. We
fully expect it will be sold within that time. For
that reason you are advised to act quickly.
BrllislKiiiilli SeoiieUM.
Dominion Trust Building
Photos! Photos! Photos!
Get your Photos at the TRUEMAN STUDIO and
be satisfied. ALL WORK GUARANTEED.
It will be your own fault if you accept anything
that does not fully please you.
Baby Photos a Specialty
Developing and Printing for Amateurs. Prices
Right.   See me before sending work out of town.
A. D. Tourner
Trueman Studio
Over Macdonald's Drug Store
High-Priced, But Worth the Price
Call and see them.    Let us give you the ren son
why Ihey are tlie beat that money cun buy.
Edison Phonographs - Victor Gramophones
Agent for Gourlay. Winter &J.*eeming'8
Gtieiiiard Heintzman, and other noted
makers of Canada's finest pianos. WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 28,  1911.
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 28,  1911.
SIR  EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
REST, -   $8,000,000
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of the deposit. Small
deposits are welcomed. A234
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one of the number or by the survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of the money
after death, and is especially useful when a man desires to provide for
his wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
i'.u aiity.'aTmiTiTJMiiiaa
The leather that goes into our shoes and the
men who make them can always be depended
upon. That's why our customers are always
Our harness is the very best. Dusters,
Whips, Trunks, Suit Cases. All leather goods
always in stock.    Call and see our goods.
Boot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Muliors
We Carry a complete stock of Furniture,
Carpets, Linoleums, Oilcloths, Etc. Get our
prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Revelstoke, B. C.
*   A Symposium of What is Happening in   \
I All Parts of the World J
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohes.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Under New Management. Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural lint Water, 124 Degree of Ilea
Natural Hot Water iu Baths.    0  ro All Year
Rales from $ 12 lo $ 15 Fer Week
Have the Best!     It Pays!
You can get the best of
Everything in the line of
At the Reliable Headquarters
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged  and Improved.    First-Class in every respect.    AU modern convenience!
Large Sample Kooms.
Rat'.o $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke. B.C.
suitably   furnished   with  the  choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
It will pay you to
make a. call at
P.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before baying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty of Lo^in^
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required In your business.
Everybody knows him, he will
tell you that Ihe whiskeys we are
selling are the best. Cull and be
convinced. No household should
be without a supply of i ur Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
30 years old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liijnors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Sold by all
the lending hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Dealers in Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
The Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Have a very fine assortment of FRUIT TREES,
Ornamental and Shade Trees and Shrubs
Budded   Stock   a   Specialty
All trees offered for sale arc grown in mir own  Nurseries
on the Coldstream  Estate
V. D. Curry,
General Agent,
Vernon, 3, C,
For Sale
26-foot  Lot  and  House, Third Street
Three Lots on Second Street, near the
new Post Office, $1260.
House and Lot near Y.M.O.A., $8150.
Two   lots   and   House, Third   Street,
House and Lot, Kirst Street, near the
new Post Office, $2100.
55 feet on Sixth Street, $700.
50 feet on Victoria Road, $550.
12 Room lioine, Second Street, 50-foot
lot, $4500.
And other first-c'ass values.
Call and investigate
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
Fruit Lands
Galena Bay landB in parcels of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
E.    G.    BURRSOGE
Tinsmith Repairs,. Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Plain needlework, machining, Infants' long and Khort clothes, etc.
—Apply this Ollice. 4t,
Ladies or (Jents Saddle Horse for
lure. Apply V. M. Mntheson, Kootenay Agencies ofllce, or Oummlngs'
Transfer. 4t.
Connaueht Ave.   -   Revelatoke
T.et me paint yonr house right. I do
nothing but first-class work. Quality
considered my price is low. The best
materials used and work done when
promised. Try me on your interior
decorating. My work is guaranteed to
SIGNS I can furnish vou with any
kind you want. Glass, brass, tin, cloth
or wood.    Get my prices.
Carriage and Wagon Painting at my
s'lop in alley back of Ii. J. Bourne's
^ tore, First Street. .
fi. z. crawford!
llesidence Cor. 3rd St. and Robson a .e j
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Arriving daily our new and
fresh stock of Seeds, grown
under contract, by the bent
growers in all tracts of the
world. Seeds that will give
you the best results. One trial
will convince you. Also a lull
line nf gat.len requisites, Implements of all kinds; Hee
Supplie-*, Sprayers,Spray, and
a full line of Ohlck Feeds and
Conkl'* 's remedies Press the
button, we will do the rest.
J. Henry Nurseries
3011 Westminster Road
McDougall,    -   Manager
Vancouver. 13. 0.
A. R.
fi. B. STONEXl § ^^jy^
John Lee
Drygoods Store
Dressmaking and Jewelry
Hand-Painted China, Kat-
tan Chairs, aud fancy
things, Batteuburg Bed
Spreads, Shams, Scarfs for
Dressers, etc.
Removed to opposite side
of Street from Central
Prleos Reasonable      P.O. Box 203
Front St., Lower Town, Revelstoke
Geo. Matheson,
Local Agent,
Rmlstoke, B, C
Mannfactortd for ah ciam»* of  bnildlugf
For rain in larca or -mull tinintitiou
at th« lowoet prices for oftlo
AH klodi nf huiMifiif ami plastering
Foote & Pradolini,
Repairs of all kinds  neatly done
Bicycle and Gun work a specially
Estimates given on any class
of work
Front       Street
sk PEroamnG vour vvincr?
our Business is
fl P05T»L,6IWNG
shoilp you mvmiw
321 Gamble Street,
K,*ecial Attention glrao lo commercial
n-n and tourists. Flrst-cl-Ml sample
rooms. Finest scenery in British Oolumbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Ughtburne. Prop
Affords superior educational advan
tnges, Handsome new brick building,
modern equipment, extensivegrounus.
Classes graded In accordance wiih lhe
ichools throughout ihis Province.
Complete Music and Ari Departments.
Special courses in Shorthand, Typewriting and Book-keening. Particular
attention given lo refinement ol manners and correct English.
For Prospectus. Address Tho Ac idomy.
WANTED—Position as    Housekeeper
to bachelor or widower, or on farm
if work is not too hcuvy. Apply
liuglisb, tbis office.
We want »11 sufferers from Kidney
and Bladder Troubles, Unit Hack and
Rheumatism, to lest CIN 1'II.I.S, and
see for themselves that Q IN I'I LLS wi 11
really cure all these troubles.
If your Kidneys are weak—if it pains
yon to urinate—if your back aches—if
hands aud feel are crippled with Rheumatism—give CIN PILLS a chance to
prove that they will relieve you and
core you. It won't cost you a cent Yon
don't have to buy them. Simply write
us for a free sample.
"A short time ago, I received a free
sample of CIN PILLS which I have
taken with such good effects that I herewith enclose we for a box of them. I
believe GIN FILLS are just the thing?
forme." Richahd IUmt.vk,
French Rivxa.
OIN PILLS are so called because they
contain tbe medicinal principle ol
Juniper berries, the essential principle of
Gin, but do not contain alcohol, joe. a
box — 6 for $3.S0 — at dealers, and
guaranteed to give satisfaction or money
refunded. Sample box free if you write
m. National Drag and Chemical Co.,
Dept W ,    Toronto U
The original
Gin Pills made by
National Drugand
Chemical Co. of
Canada Limited,
Toronto, are told
only In thi* boi.
With the possibility of a new school
building in Hope thc present build -
ing is to be converted into a house
Ior the teacher.
Because H. H. Hill sold W. Walsh
a barber shop in Hope that did not
exist he was sentenced to lour months'   imprisonment.
A clearing bee was called in Rossland in order to prcpnre a new ball
The Granby mines at Grand Forks
have  resumed   operations.
William Anderson, manager ot the
Belcher mine, Republic, has closed a
contract with the Granby smelter for
the immediate delivery of all,000 tous
of ore.
John l'ettit, a signalman on the
Norwood bridge at Winnipeg, who
was injured last night when a Canadian Northern freight train bucked on
a street car lie was trying to wurn,
died in St. Boniface hospital. An iu-
ipiest will be held.
R. M. Bradley, a nephew of Senator Bradley of Kentucky, was arrested in Winnipeg. He is wanted at
Ashland, W'is., on u charge of forgery
A despatch from Vancouver intimates that the phenomenal gold values
at Steamboat were a fake and that
the claims of thc .Steamboat Gold
Mines, Ltd.,  were salted.
Ottawa hotelmen are signing up a
round robin agreeing to raise the
price of drinks over lhe bar.
A serious coal shortage will be experienced  in  the Canadian  Northwest
as thc result of the tying  up of the
' mines in thc Crows Nest district.
I Marie Milinchuk, a Calician, aged
11 years, fell asleep by a campfire nt
Hlmndro, Alta., and was burned to
On Coronation Day Nelson's street
car curried 1137 passengers.
(Juebec is threatened with a smallpox epidemic.
Thomas Steward, assistant foreman of tbe Calgary Herald, was
found ou thc railway track with his
bead completely severed from the
Tho Fernie Italian band will go to
Lethbridge to compete in the band
contest there.
Police Constable Mills of London
Ont., was fatally injured while making a plucky attempt to stop a runaway team.
Writing about Premier McBride in
the London Chronicle, T. P. O'Connor says that in Dick's character is
blended the strength of the Ulster
Orangeman, and the genial softness
ol his Roman Catholic mother.
An Italian musician on the verge
of starvation recently sold to a man
iu Vancouv.r .. Grand Amati violin
for $25. Tbe violin was made in
ItiOO, and is worth M.OOO. The Italian
wept when he parted with it, and bo
well he might.
Tbc Grand Forks Bun says that the
treatment of newspapers by municipalities in different sections of the
country is an interesting study. Some
cities pay the pai>ers lor advertising
their resources;* others charge them it
license for performing the same service.
The V.V.& K. Ry. is still running
no further west than Princeton, and
there is no sign of laying rails on the
completed grade to Tulameen. Plenty
of rails are ijuietly rusting in tba
yard     at     Princeton. Somebody
'should drop a line to Jim Hiii about
this sad state of affairs.
I'p the Skeena river last month,
the Indians set tire to a surveyors
cabin and burned it to the ground
with all contents. The Indians in
that section have little friendship
for white men, and are not in favor
of the building of the Grand Trunk
Pacilic, but more on racial than political grounds.
| There arc about 3,000 men working
! on the Grand Trunk Pacific between
the Tete Jaune Cache and the railhead to the east, it is not yet very
lively at the Cache. One hotel is
in operation at that point. Mica is
used by the settlers near the Cache
in lieu of window glass.
Two young boys escaped from the
Provincial Industrial school, but one
of them was recaptured.
Frank Adams, a C.P.R. yard foreman was crushed to death ut Vancouver.
The Conservatives ol Vancouver
have arranged for a meeting on July
•uth wheu the proposed reciprocity agreement will lie discussed.
O. S. Carlisle a painter of Cedar
Valley near Fernie, was drowned while
attempting to cross from his home
to an island in his canoe.
Murdoch Mackenzie, a logger in
the employ of the Kast Kootenay
Lumber Co at J affray, was killed by
a log falling on top of him.
Streeter of Cranbrook, knocked out
Dragon of Fernie, in a boxing contest in that place and the latter was
removed to the hospital in an unconscious  condition.
The owner of thc Wigen fruit farm
near Creston makes as high as (1200
a year from an acre of raspberries.
His strawberries are famous wherever
sold, and others should take ii tew
lessons from Mr.  Wigen's  methods.
Five Winnipeg hooligans were fined
$50 each for creating a disturbance
on the Wiunipcg beach train.
A firo which broke out in the convent ut Qucenstown was extinguished
by American bluejackets.
The railway commission hus held
up the Canadian Northern railway
construction work in the mountains,
on the section at McLcod river,
where the company bas been building
too close to the Grand Trunk Pacific
Magistrate Daly died suddeuly at
his home in Winnipeg on Saturday.
He was ut one time minister of tbe
Interior under Sir John A Macdon -
aid. *-
That Harriet Kelly, a stewardess
on tho steamer Governor Andrew wus
a man was reve.ile I by an autopsy.
Kor HO years "she " had posed as a
widow. Kelly was un.* ol two who
perished when Bn destroyed the
■flic Crystal Palace is announced as
offered for sule in n. tires *-.*nt to
large real i)Hti»t<' firms. Thc property   is valued  at $7,000,000.
A Slocan man killed a chicken the
ul her day an.l luund four gold nug-
gota in her gizzard.
It cost the e.l.tor of the South
Kort Oeorge Herald  $15,000 for    bis
' plant and ollice, all made out of
land notices.      His last edition      is
'tilled    with   land   notices    from    the
1 Pmm River district.
I Jim Hill lias not bought thc Al-
lierta Central railway, and declares
| that he docs uot know where It i^
' says the Ferine Free Presa. Psr-
I haps Jim does not know that he bas
u railroad oeur Princeton.
Boy Scouts saved tbe life of a* tal-
loonist  in  the  Saskatchewan river.
Recently up the Skeena river a tree
fell across the oteumer Operator aud
caused  $2,000  worth  of  damage.
Thc C.P.R. is paying 9.6 cents a
J000 gallons for water in Rossland,
and in other places from four to
seven cents.
At New Denver last week Carpenter
c.eek got full, and threatened to cut
b canal through the heart of the
Crcxjuet and lawn tennis ground-,
have been laid out in Fort George.
There are two banks in tbat section
of thc north.
Tbere is a coal famine in Calgary.
It will probably be worse next winter, if coal does not come in from
tue north.
The unsanitary condition of some
r.f the hotels in Vancouver Is appal
ling and a menace to the health of
the community.
At Kaleden in thc Okanagan a water system >s being put in tbat will
coat {su.OOO. At that point fruit
land is    tiling for $280.
A. M. Morrison of Coleman, was
married to Miss Jessie Ailcock in
Newmarket, Ontario, this week. They
will make their home lu Coleman.
In Fernie Fred WuyUtt bas made
an assignment for the benefit of bis
creditors. Too much coal strike in
ti.it town for people to buy bonbons.
In thc Fraser Valley, between Tete
J.iunc and tbe Grand Canyon there
ii trw 100 squatters, although that
portion "( the valley is under absolute reserve.
Felix   Darraugh   died  in   Kamloops
tins month, and was buried at Okan
agan  Falls.        He wus a well-known
miner,   and  worked   in  Camp  McKinney  years ago.
Wianipog,    June 23.—Good   general
■bowers  have fallen throughout .\ian-
■ askatcbewan  and     Alberta,
and  the  outlook for the crop     continues Mvellcut.
Montreal, June 23. — Thompson
• 'lark, the Vancouver footballer, wbo
rode from Vancouver to this city on
a bicycle, has arrived here. He will
leave today for Kngland. ■MM
K5&5S3S5?^oT!^^ K
Opportunity for wealth is knocking at your door.    Will you a<
Ycu can count on your finger tips scores of persons of your^ow]
have purchased property and have become independently rich,
if you act right now.    Do not let the other fellow get in aheaj
The City of the Interior!
The City of Steady!
A Retrospect
Twenty years ago she was but a little
village of four or five hundred. You could
in half an hour count every house. Then
you had no faith in her possibilities for
growth and you didn't invest your earnings. You passed the opportunity up and
to-day you are not much further ahead.
A Regret
Have you been a Rip Van Winkle and
slept for these past twenty years ? If so
you must now wake up to the possibilities
of the next twenty years and regret your
inaction. Sit down and look yourself in
the face, ask yourself if you have acted
wisely. Be honest about it and answer the
question in all seriousness.
If you invest in Revelstoke Property now, you are investing in a sure rj
tion but an investment, and one that will pay you handsome dividends,
make money, write, 'Phone or Call on us without delay.
Dominion   Seeuri
CHAS. A. BARNUM, Secretary and Manager.
ic touS^oTQaQS^ roToToTcSo^xc^oToioToToT
er ?    If you do she will lead you on to fortune and independence.
[aintance who have stepped into cities before the boomk started,
[are just as clever as they and their experience will be yours
ou and take all the profits.    No better investment in the West.
d Persistent Growth!
Invest Right at Home!!
A Prospect
With the surety that Pulp, Paper and
Lumber Mills are to be established here,
you know that this City must go ahead
in leaps and bounds in the next few years.
Can you afford to let the opportunity of
becoming independent slip by for ever?
Just look ahead. With the increased development, property must advance correspondingly and if you act now you are the
A Resolve
Decide right now. If you want a Lot
or a few lots, get them now before they
double or treble in value. Make up your
mind right now that there will be no more
of that Rip Van Winkle business for you.
Thousands of homes will be needed for the
large number of workers in these various
enterprises and you don't want to be forced
to live out in the suburbs owing to the increased price of property. Think it over
and decide at once.
Laker.    The element of chance is entirely obliterated.    It is not a specula-
itand to win several hundred per cent, and lose nothing.   If you want to
Corner First Street West, and Connaught Ave WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 28, 1911.
An Exchange Tells Where and
When l nty Should be Flying
The use ol flage .it Bea Is regulated
by strict la* md need not be com-
ted upon 'mu.
Tb* Union Jack nny be Sown by
all British subjects on land, the white
border required by the Merchant Ship
ping Act is unnecessary on hunt.    It
used  to be BuppoBed  that  tlu* Union'ialy   ,iml  Umt  |lu,     thermometer
; only, Inn in |,.isi.s BarliOT ttan ln the oW (layB wh(;n
volition of the American CSlmatolog-
Icail   Vssociatlon  held  here.
This doos iml mean that llie juicy
"lameuse" apple, known to nil as
being jusi about the most succulent
edible tho Province ol Quebec produces, will lie supplanted by
Jamaican yams, nor that Montreal
melons vvill be superseded in iheir
Glory hy Florida oranges, but it does
mean that there is u change coming
over Canada's climate. One of the
reasons given Ifi that the thinning
out of our forests makes the uir less
stagnant,  that tho snow melts more
July, 1908, the Home Office, London,
! piles of snow  mighl. have  been    seen
formally  pronounced  that  the  Union   jn ,th(, wooda whih, thc ,-„,,,,„     wm,
Jack was the national  Hug for gene.-   ,,.„,. .,,„, ,,,v      0n the other hand it
was pointed out, deforestation tends
al u.-e i in land,
Theli.-'.   Ensign  may  also  he  flown
bj   all  British subjects on land t  as
to   drought,   as   the  snow  then  melts
^^^^^^ quickly causing a flood with no     re-
well as at  sea), and in Canada     we ' sorv,. ,,i moisture.
may   use,   al   our   pleasure,  either thei    Thl.  ,,„.,   ,,,„,   ,,„,,.,,   js  „      (.Hm.ltil.
Red Ensign   common to all    British   reciprocity between Canada and    tho
ects,   oi   the  Canadian    Red   Kn  ;United States, by vir if which the
sign  bearing the badge of the Cana-   ],ltter oxporl their heal waves to us,
diun   arms.      The   Canadian   Hed   Kn*
sign  was formally authorized by Ad-
miralty  warrant,  18U2.
Kings winch the      ordinary    citizen
Oanada providing them  with      cold
feet  in   winter   in   ret uni,   was       also
| alluded io despite  the fact that  the
organisation   Is    inm political     and
must not Iiy at sea, and should not there was nobody present to urge
ily on land, arc the White Ensign legislation for or agalnsl tho ex
in-mistered to the royal navy and ' change. Dr. A. I). Blackader of
royal yacht squadron), the blue Bn- Montreal, was elected president of
Bigo (registered to certain govern the association, the tir-1 Canadian
ment services, the naval reserve anl {,, receive such an honor. The or-
Bpecially auth irized yacht clubs),and ganizatlon is composed mostly of
tbe Royal Standard (the Sovereign's Oovornmcni weather prophets and
personal flug.i ! soothsayers stationed in all  parts of
  the continent,  the  gentlemen      from
Whom the newspapers receive the
forecasts of tbe days' doings amongst the stars.
The phrase "Lei (Ieorge do it" is
likely to be succeeded in this city at
least by the phrase "Let Mary doit"
since as a result of the coronation
Mary bas proven herself much the
more capable of the two at a ratio
of about five thousand to one. Movements have been underway both
abroad and in this country to secure contributions from all women
named Mary to purchase a gift for
the queen and from all men named
Ueorge to buy something for the king
As a result Queen Mary has been presented w.th a cheek for (62,600, as a
result of the industrious efforts of
her legion of namesakes. Part ol
this will he used by her in the purchase of gems and part will he dc
voted to charity. Uut to the sham:*
of the local Georges must be told the
fact that contributions from them in
this city so far amount to only thirteen  dollars coming  from  ten      Con-
If a man has gone swimming is ho
still food for the census man? Many
people in Montreal have already started off on their summer vacations,
their houses nre closed and there is
no way of the census enumerators
obtaining the information lie requires. But that does not matter. E
a man is wandering where the surf
beats or whipping a stream (or trout
oi even attending the Coronation be
Is still a Canadian and bis bead is to
iie counted with his less fortunate
stay-at-home neighbor. How to
cjunt him. That is the question.
Census enumerators here have writ-
tan for instructions. If they cannot
lind  out from  the  neighbors  a spec -
ial  report is to be  made out anil nn
tributors.      Just why    the     Ccorgc..   attempt made  to  tag  the delinquent
have made such a poor showing is a
mystery, some authorities holdin
that in view of the present e>|Ual sul*
frage movement it is up to Mar,;
to do things. Tbe fund of $13 will
however be duly forwarded though
there   is  considerable   doubt    as    t i
when he returns. Most of the en -
umerators report swift progress with
their work, although one poor fellow
had the misfortune to -he taken for
a rent collector. A tumble down a
I .:-" :<air of tenement Btairs and a
bucket ot      water    on  his   prostrate
what sort of a    coronation      presenl ;orm  ,ia  hp  lay   -,n  the sidewalk  WM
will be pin-chased with  it.     One      ol M tbe answer he received to his list
:ue local  Georges  has suggested      a ol questions-Montreal  Star.
special  coronation  ci,;ar as  the mo i
appropriate gift.     The thousands    of
Georges who did n..t contribute how WHAT'S THK DIFFERENCE?
ever,  will  be happy  ;*.' the     incident! 	
.•■-nits in retiring the current  slan ; ,                          ,,
,     , Breaking   lbe   Sabbath   is   just       a
phrase associated  with  their name —
Montreal   SI IT matter of how you look at  it.  Some
  .vill   run   an   auto   on   Sunday        wbo
would  not saw  wood  on  that      day,
To BUST BREAD TRUST. 1)ecaUM tbey th,nk ,t wo„u, K,    ,,„
.'ul.      Hei*  is an  instance told       by
Montreal.     June  2.;.-The  proposed ,„„,  Ulat  m]   lUustrate  „„.  BUbjec1
bread merner has bumped up agai ist
g . ■: live   ippoeition In these    parts.
"In California I  went out camping
tor a few days.    There was a preach
r with us In the party.     On Sunday
the   dominie   declined   to   tish.        and
moreover, gently admonished the rest
of us so doing.      And  what  .!*>    you
suppose he did while we were Ashing?
"I'll  tell  you.  Terese;  be  wen;
made ones ve have all heard so much   aml caUffht gragst,0pperg <or bait, so
It comes from Mother ni.d what
Mother votes along the rookinz and
• iting line usually carries. M ither
-ays that If ther.* Is anj bread trust
in Mi nr-*■. e'll jusi tuin t" an l
Ivike a batch or so of I
lbout. A meeting ol .--wive.
has been called to dlsi .-- the - tua
tion an.l to .Ira* up a Btri nely
worded n*-**i iti i, against any proposition which would tend to c >rner
the start ..! life.
But tht re   s not  m ich   Ian ei   * f o
bread merger enhancing the    i •
he could tish on Monday.
a judge in Los Angles was
lo mercy when a man of 21   *.-.*
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   victed  of emliezzlinc  $">,! if      the
the product      The housewll funds erf a theatre and spending   the
mairc-                  kerosene oil,   *r   a money tn riotous living.     The court
number  of  other  things  tli -     make pronounced this sentence, '"/ou shall
■ ■' -■■"'«' I light" I m -Ulf at home nights, you shall .
but she can make bread, oi it iei-sl maln w-.tlun the lim ' f th roun-
ran lean, the .if. tor an *. ■ it ce try; y<m ^aU not p]ay wiiiards or
tamly It, ai - l M un (r...,1. frequent ties or drink intoxi
mixed ev.! should mon ,. .... liquor, s go im
women be      luced                          ro mediately to work and keep ,,t it un-
■ ■   ■             ***-..                     - • ■     .      ,,.lV(, paid  back every dollar
cultivate It.     Two i-o   ..               i ,.   violate these terms     and
men in a     neighboring    citj  several ....   ...                 :             ., .,.
years     .,.-*    started In ti■■ fatherly   idvlce,   although   some  cal
havim; Brst   ia , .,  ,„..   ,   ,*..  •     ,.,..
l-Hw of   :      Ti.* .                      •    the imply with it.
f the ret ;" ,v*--
and they  get  it        What   .■'i.l!
rnrc ab*  rt  a * aking trust    *   I  ng as
there  was .-• * -  *: * .
with   the   "' *o:    I   ng! \     long   a
we M,in havi- hone mad • •>> *
w-.ll be nothing more tl   n thi   night
mare . I I -tn bji i
Banfl,   Alta.,  June 23.—Tlie  process
A diplomatically  handling  the  situa-
Lloo regarding the resumption  ol  op
ei itiona by the miners ln this     district Is now absorbing,  the studious
.though  and action  of Dr.  Dordon,
!    He haa    heen  In close consultation
Montreal     June  '.'. i.-That summer < *'«' « I»rat°™ aurln* thiH m"r"
'' ''    . . ,,    , „.      .nd . Ing and at the close of his interview
of  lb»- lat in* ana
' ,, ,       , with  them  nt.  one-   went, to the   mine
orrliMi-di-t   would  Boon    I ecom       n
..rrimi.i   t. i |Workets, with whom he i« now in se-
thing of  tlio  past   if  the trees ol thei      _      __
Dominion continue to disappear as
rapidly as they have of late, and
that Canada in noi m mv yens from
now will be as '' n iwn a I I hei
•semi-tropical products as she Is today for her timber, are two rath
Startling »n I int-reil ng announcements made by cllmntologleal ex
,rK« who bar- if-n comparing notes
net consultation
Winnipeg,    June 23.—One      hundred
nnd seventeen cmhcr figured  on      the
police court docket this morning:    a
new record, 33 being drunks and 559
pi tbc weather Jiiin* the annual con   bylaw easel.
in less than a year ilu- carbonic
and snow I re,it ment for birthmarks,
warts, and rodent ulcer, I'livl Intro
duci'd at Charing Cross hospital, hns
gained an accepted place In modern
The early experiments with tin-
new remedy, described In these columns lust June, have been so successful in suitable eases that now
practically every hospital In the conn
iry, as well as thousands of general
practitioners and skin specialists, is
making  use  of  the  new  medicament.
Tlu- snow Is prepared Iiy allowing a
thin spray ol carbolic acid gas, 1-lque
bed under i Bsure, to escape Into   a
■felt covering slipped over tbe tap oi
lhe Iron cycliiider containing the gas.
Thc gas Ib depositeil on the felt as
a very tine powdered snow at a temperature of about iiiii deg. below aero
The snow is then solidified into un
icy pencil by being tightly packed
Into a hard rubber eyclinder with a
Treatment consists of pressing this
intensely cold pencil of carbolic acid
Ice for a few seconds against tbe
birthmark, wart or rodent ulcer lo
be removed. Tlie resulting intense
cold {reezos the pari, setting up severe local Inflammation which makes
to a breaking down and absorption
of tbe frozen tissues. Tbere is very
little pain and the wound heals naturally In a few dnys, leaving the
skin practically normal. — London
Daily Mail.
WANTED TO BUY—A good second
hand Cash Register, will pay spot
cash. Address, L. Mail-Herald
l\(oi*c>riation w
Packed in
60$  a pound
Io commemoration of the coronation of
King (Ieorge V," Ridpuays" hnve put on the
market a coronation tin of a most picturesque
And exquisite design, hearing excellent portraits
of Kinjj George V, Queen Mary and the Prince
of Watei. Special panels have been designed
representing Canada, India, Africa, Australia
and New Zealand.
Only a limited numher have been impoitcd,
Price 00c< fur one pound tins.
At Be«t Mbopn,
-TmTiJti 4M«< "POR*
Calpary.   Alberta
June 30th
July 7,1911
In Prizes and Purses
Freight   paiil  on   all   i
hibits originating in Alberta
The besl Bpecial features
in Canada west of
Toronto, including : —
Brennan s Mono-Rail Car.
Moving Pictur-ps of the Coronation.
Grand display of Fireworks.
Music by thp 103rd Rifle
Regimental Band and other high
class features,
PariiMutual machines to be
used for the first time
Western Canada at
the Exhibition
Reduced Passenger Rates
Entries close .lune 15th
Sheriff I. S. G. Van Wart,
Col. Jas. Walker,   E, J. Dewey
Vice Presidents
i'i ."• I,i-iii nml oi In-i- Information    flllll     K,    I,.    Ill) IIAIIUHIIN,
Manngnr,   Vici min   I'aik,   ('nl
New & Secondhand Store
We buy  ami sell or exchange
Furniture, Stoves, Kitchen ware,
Men's Clolliini;, etc., etc.
J. C. Hull, - Proprietor
H. W. Edwards
Pioneer  Taxidermist
of The Kootenai
/ was the first that ever burst
Into this silent land,
To mount the head of caribou
Or grizzly bear so grand.
Revelstoke Land Dlstriot.
District of West Kootenay.
Tnko notice liml* Kilitli li. MeVity,
nl lievelstoke, B.C., iieeii|mt.iou married woman, Intends to apply lor
permission to innxlinae the following
described land.
I    Commencing nl n post planted    on
1 the east bunk ol the Columbia river
SO chains north from thc North West
Corner of Lot 8301A, Group One, Ko-
iitenuy  District,   nnd  mucked   "Kdltb
'(;.    McVity's     South-West     Oorner
l'ost," thence cast -ill chains,   tbence
north 80    chains,    tbence west     10
more or less to the east bunk of tlio
Columbin  river;  thenee  south    ulung
the eust hauk of the Oolumbia river
80   (liuinB  moro  oiless  to  tbe    point
ol commencement,    containing     320
acres more or less.
Dated Mny lUth, 1911,
Per. Charles Robbins,    Agent.
Bear Rugs Mounted
P   O. Box 31
Fruit and Vegetable
Boxes and Crates
Our Uox Factory is now running and
we are in a position l<> supply all kinds
of fruil and vegetable boxes and crates.
Those who   hnve   uot   already  sent  us
their orders should do sr. at otiee as they
are coming in fast, aud we would like to
deliver all orders in ^ood time* Our
boxes are equal to any on the market
and priees can be hud on application to
S. McMahon, Revelstoke, or to
Salmon Arm, B. C.
St. Leon
Hot Springs
Hot mineral bullis especially rccoui-
meiiileil for invalids ami those in need ol
toning up.
Exclusive baths provided lor ladles. 26
Private Rooms handsomely  fitted up.
Kates i2 per (lav. Special Rate for
weekly visitors.
Hevelstoke  L-uiul   Disteict.
liisl net  ol  West   Kootenay.
Tnke notice thut i,  It.  .Smith,      of
Hevelstoke, oecupiitinn,    B,  U.    ljiilul
.Surveyor, intend to upply (or permission to pui'cliuau the (ollowing ile-
I scribed lumls.
I Commencing ut a post planted on
the shore of Shelter Hay at tlie nortll
end ol Arrow Lukes ut uu angle of
L Xllli.l, and marked It. Smith's
Anglo Corner l'ost, thenoo north 40
chuius more or less "to a post ol Lot
'811G.1.) thenco west U0 ehuins, theuco
south liO     chains,      thenco oust      -Hi
I ehuins more or less to the shoro    ol
I Shelter Bay, thonco north along the
suid shore to the point oi commencement, containing HiO nci-es more oiless.
Dated   April   13th,   1911,
Spokane, Wash,
Catalogue and Rates on Application.
Address:     SlBTBR SUPERIOR.
Plants for Sale
Strawberry Plants
$1.00 Per Hundred
Phone 56
;   i   -*
•   I
Tata ■•   '•'■**
■    , •'
in  apply   [ol       pfr
N ■ — -vinit de-
Commencing .it a post, planted one
half  mi.'    ■**   *  from   tba  B.W, "
I Lot   - * i-    and running north   10
huins,   a.■■■•   •'! cbttin«,        south      80
chains    sa  I   SO    r.hama to    i*
' belnK ths rf D. ''urn
cr ol Mai * - ott'i location, i ontaln
Ing M0 ; a nr less.
Dnt-d  llth  April,  I'lll.
M.I0 M J. H.  Feanay.  kfttlt
FOR SALR  Cauliflower ami cabbage
planls, pel hundred 76 cents, per
thousand $6 DO Phon« 620, (leu.
Laforme M27 lm.
FOR SACK Two lots *uft. in North
Vancouver, (186 oaub encti. Apply
Ut.  Hilton,  Becond street.
Corporation of the City of
Public Notice
By-law Numhcr 70 of the Corporation of the City of Hevelstoke, is
amended hy the Fire, Wuter and
Light Committee, the lollowing
chunges in wuter rates to tuke cllcct
ou July 1st proximo, beiug mude.
Hotels—HMO per month. Urinals
and Flush closets 2b cents por month
ouch extra.
Stables—4 horses or less $1.00 per
month. 25 cents per horse for all
over 4. Four cuttle or loss $1.00
per month, 25c. per head for uli over
4. Uoth inside und outside city
Livery Stables—C horses or loss 00c
per mouth, over 0 horses 25c. per
month euch. This includes washing
Steam Laundries—$15.00 per mouth
Other  Laundries—$7.50  per  mouth.
Breweries—$15.00 per month.
Sawmills imill ouly-i—$75.00 per
month.     Olllces, stables present rules
Hestaurunts—$4.00 to $0.00 per
Aerated Waters Factory—$10.00 per
Boarding Houses—5 boarders or
over $2.50 per month. Under live
nourders, household rates.
Blucks—Sleeping rooms 25c. per
room per month. Flush closets 25c.
extra euch per month.
Barber  Shops—$2.00  per  month.
Butcher Shops—$2.00 per mouth.
Otlices—$1.00 per month. Flush
closets 25c. extra.
Bakeries—$3.25 per month.
Tenament Houses—Household rates
for each tenant.
Shucks—$1.00 per month.
Fii-e Hose in Buildings—50c. per
Undertakers—$2.50  per   month.
Water for domestic use at old rates
Lawns may bc sprinkled between the
hours of 0 and il a.m. and G and 9
p.m. only. The city reserves the
right to meter any premises for
Irrigation—On application, special
arrangements may he made for use
within city limits only. Outside the
city limits no wuter is to be used tor
Contractors and Builders—Permits
for the use ol water for concrete
work and building purposes will be
issued upon application:
Brick,  per 1000  10c.
Stone,  per cubic yard   10c.
Lime, per barrel  10c.
Concrete, per barrel  10c.
All the above rates and regulations
will be rigidly enforced. By order
ol the Fire, Water and Light Committee.
J-2, lm. City Clerk.
p ,* , li hereby given   that
..ii property owners are required by
• ity Bylaws to ki*i*|i their boulevards
,n ;-.„„i order, Failure to do tins
wll] empipwei tbt Oorporatlon to do
ihe i *i ^ iiiiiI Charge the expense up
to the pr,"l"'''y to be collected as
ordinary tyixe-s.
By -Vrder,,
M27 Im.      i Oity Clerk.
-..,11. k   TO  CONTRACTORS.
i*.,.i.*rs     villi     he received »t the
ofllce  of  the j Division   l-'.nginitir,   Viin-
*i,   .,n111 \ noon   .lune   80th,    LM1,
(ol   .i   Milium   bull-ding  f"i   the  Cann
illan pacific (Railway at Vernon, I).
0 Plan* a U'I T'-i mentions may bo
obtained from the Division Engineer
Vancouver;   Reeld-eol  Bngineer, Revet-
stoke, and ihe Stat Imi Agent, Vernon,  II   0.
21-3t division Engineer C. P. R.
Certilicate of Improvement.
Wnkeliold,   Helen,   Colorado, Del
Norto, Del Hey, Sun Juan, Delta,
aud Marguerite Miueral Ciuims, sil
Hale iu the Lardeau Mining Division
oi West Kootonay District. Where
located:—ou Mohawk  Creek.
Take Notice that 1, A. H. Croon,
acting us agent tor John R, limey,
Special Free Miner's Certilicaie No.
3*81*0, intend, sixty days from date-
hereof, to apply to the Mining He
eorder for Ccrtitlcutes of Improve
ments, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Urants of the above claims.
And further take uotice that action
Under section 8-7, must be commenced
before the issuunco of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of October, A.
D., 1»10.
A. H. GHKlilN.
Hevelstoke  Laud  District.
District oi West Kootenay.
Tuke uotice thut Murie Scott, ol
Nelson, B. 0., occupation marrieu
woman, intends to upply for permission lo purchuse thc lollowiug described lunds.
Commencing at a post plunted 80
ehuins west Irom the S.W. Coruer oi
Lot 8148 uud running north 80 chaius
east 80 chuius, south 80 chuius, wesl
«0 ehuins to poiut of commencement,
being Murie Scott's South West Oorner l'ost.
Dated Muy 15th, 1911.
Per  J.  H. Feeney, Ageut.
Hevelstoke  Laud District.
district of West Kootenuy.
Take uotice tbat W. D. McArthur,
oi Nclbon, B. C, occupntiou timber
cruiser, iuteuds to apply for permis-
slau to purchuse tho following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted a
N. E. Corner of Lot 8148 plunted at
north 80 chains, wesl 80 chains
south 80 cbaius, eust 80 chuius to
poiut of commencement, being S. E.
Corner oi W. D. McArthur's locution
und containing 040 ucros more or less
Dated 18th April, l'Jll.
M.10-00 J. H. Feeney, Agent
Hevelstoke  Land District.
District of   Wost Kootenuy.
Take nolice thai Henry H. MeVity,
of Hevelstoke, B. C, occupntion, ac-
countant, inteuds to npply for permission to purchuse thc following described laud.
Commencing ut a post planted
on thc oust bank of the
Columbiu river ut tho north-east
comer of Lot 8301A, Group One, Kooteuay District, and marked "Henry
H. McVity's South-West Corner
Post," theuce oust 40 chuius, theuce
north 80 ehuins, thonce west 40
chaius more or loss to the east bank
ol the Columbiu river; tbence south
along the eust bank of tha Columbiu
river 80 chains more or less to the
point of commencement, containing
320 acres, more or less.
Dated Muy 10th, 1911.
Per Charles Bobbins,    Agent.
Hevelstoke  Lund  Distiict.
District of  West Kooteaay.
Take notice that the Arrow Lakes
Lumber Company, Limited, intend to
apply to the Minister of Lands for
permission to lease thc following described  lands.
Commencing nt a post planted on
the shore line of Upper Arrow Lake,
at a Point about 737.2 feet easterly
(rom the South Kast comer of Lot
384, liroup One, Kootenay _ District,
and marked "Arrow Lakes Lumber
Company Limited North East Corner
Post". Thenco south into thc waters of Upper Arrow Lake a dlstaace
of 200 leet, thence westerly and parallel to the sborc-line of tbc said lake
a distance of about 8133.2 feet to a
point 200 feet South from a point
>>n thc shore o( said lake which ls
3133.2 feet westerly irom the southeast com-M of said Lot 384; thence
north 200 feet to the shore line " of
in-i lake, thence easterly along tbe
shore of said lake 3133.2 feet more or
less to the point of commencement
17 acres more or less.
Dated April 22nd, 1911.
Arrow Lakes Lumber
Company Limited.
Ed. McOaghras, Agegt.
KOOTENAY      LODGE,  No.   16 A.  F.
nnd A. M.
Regular meetings aro hold in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddlellows' Hnll
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcome
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
SELKIRK      LODGE 12.  1.  O.  O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. ViBiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. G.  McRAK, N. G.
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BEGBIE,    No. 3461.
OF I. O. F,
Moots in I. a O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  House  every  second
and fourth  Monday  in  month.  Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, 0. R.
WM.   8.   CAMKHON.   Rec.-8ec.
GOLD RANGE LODGK,       K.  of    P.,
NO. 20,  REVELSTOKE, B.  0.
Meets every   Wednesday  except   the
Third' Wednesday of oaeh month     in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially invited.
J. Y.  BIMPSON, 0.  0.
G. 11. BROCK, K. ol R. & 8.
M. ot F.
O. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second    and     Fourth  Wednesdays    in  each  mouth  iu    Selkirk
Hall.     ViBiting Woodmen are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Oo«. Com.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Revelstoke, B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Rovelstoke,    B.    O.,     and
Cranbrook, B.  O.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Crau brook
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Coronation Y.H.U. aad North Star
Mineral Claims, situate in the Trout
Lake Mining Division of West Kooteaay District. Where located:—On
Rapid Creek.
Take notice that I, O. B. N. Wilkie
actiug as agent for Cutler Thomas,
Porter oi Spokane, Wash., U. S. A.,
Free Miner's CertiUcuto No. B 94976,
intend, sixty days from date hereof,
i» apply to the .Mmin,; Recorder for
a Certilicate oi Improvements, for tho
purpose of obtaining a Crowa Grant
of the above claims.
And further tako notice that actioa
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 27th day of April, 1911.
Revelstoke  Luud DiBtrict.
District of West Kootenuy.
Tuke uotice that Lydia A. Wick, of
Nelson, B. C, occupation married
womun, intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowing described lauds.
Commencing ut a post plunted 10
liuins south from S.E. Corner of
Timber limit 9898 und on the west
side of the South Fork of Fosthull
Creek six miles west of Upper Arrow
I.ake nud running north 80 chains,
ust 80 chains, south 80 chains and
weBt 80 chains to point of commencement, boing the S. W. Corner of
Lydia Wick's location containing 640
ucres more or less.
Dated 12th April, 1911.
M.10-60 J. H. Feeney, Agent
RevelBtoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that G. H. Scott, ot
Nelson, B. C., occupation, Agent, in
tends to apply for permission to purchase the follow described landB.
Commencing at u post planted 80
chains from N. W. Corner of Lot 8148
uud running north 80 chains, west 80
chains, south 80 chains, east 80
chains to point of commencement, being the S. E. Corner of G. G.
Scott'B location, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Dated 12th April, 1911.
Any person wishing to do
burning for agricultural purposes
during the closed fire season,
may do so by complying with
Sections 5 and 6, Chapter 84 of
the Bush Fire Act, and have a
permit from the Fire Wardens
or Government Agent of the
j. k. Mclean,
Div. Fire Warden,
RevelBtoke, May 6th, 1911.    8m WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 28,  1911.
See special window displays.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. Z- /*<""" * Co.. limited
Mail   or    Telephone    your
orders,     Have our Traveller
call.     Sentl the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Regal Oxfords for Men
New and nobby lasts
in black, tan and patent leathers. If you
have never worn Regal
shoes, wear a pair now.
Until you try them you
have no idea of the perfection with which your
feet can be fitted.
medium heel, nob last.   Sizes 4£ to 9.   Price, $5.00.
TAN WILLOW CALF BLUCHER, heavy sole, rope
stitch, medium heel. The best wearing Oxford on the
market.   Price, $6.00.
BLACK PATENT TIE, all patent, three eyelet blucher,
high heel, medium high toe. The newest of them all.
Sizes 4 to 8.   Price $6.00.
Regal Oxfords for Women
The new, short vamps and
nob toes distinguish Regal
Oxfords from all others this
season. Not freaks, but just
common sense, snappy, hard
wearing shoes built for the
woman of to-day.
nob toe, military heel, medium sole, short vamp-  Price $5.
TAN WILLOW CALF BLUCHER, four eyelet, nob
toe, Cuban heel, medium sole, short vamp.   Price, $5.00
BLACK PATENT BLUCHER, medium sole, military
heel, all patent leather, 3 eyelet, short vamp., Price $5.00
To Friday Shoppers
Saturday, July 1st, being a statutory holiday this store will be closed.
This will mean crowding our two
greatest business days of the week
into one—Friday Bargain Day and
Saturday the Great Shopping Day—-
a word to the wise even might be
well—Shop Early on Friday. The
store will be open in the evening
Friday, of course, but then you know
the usual crowds we have.
Shop Early-
Thursday-Friday Bargains
Splendid One-piece Dresses for Early Shoppers
Shantung Linen
All the new colorings—
blues, tans, browns, etc.
Pure linen 30 inches wide,
fine mercerized finish, a
regular 50c. cloth. Most
people who have looked at
these linens have admired
them, and the price
35c. per yard
Dutch Collars
So cool, comfortable and
so clean looking. Some new
ideas in lace edges and embroidery finished. All sizes
and several styles to choose
35c. or 3 for $1
Such a dainty lot here.
New color effects. The tan
with colored edges are winners, also the plain silk umbrella styles with long plain
mission stalk at
$1.50 to $5
Lot 1—20 Dresses
No two alike; Linen with
colored stripe, plain blue
linen, and some elaborate
fancy mus'in dresses,
worth up to ?7.,S0. These
will bc nice for holiday-
wear at
Lot 2—10 Dresses
Muslin—some Tan, some
White, others Blue, and
nicely trimmed with lace
and insertion, splendid
picnic and outing dresses
Fine Hosiery
We are paying
special attention
to hosiery these
days. Just now
we have a line
of Ladies' Lisle
Hose in black,
tans and blues
that seem extra
value for the
money, all sizes
a*. r. ■      d- i     l-ftdles' Stocking.
JOC. Or O pair M    Natural Coloured
Toc« A Hools.
White Wear
A lot of samples of White
Wear at a price including
Coreset Covers, Gowns,
Drawers,   Aprons,   all   odds
and ends. Some good picking in this lot, you will find
them conveniently placed on
a table for your selection at
$1.00 each
For the woman who makes
her own clothes the paper
pattern is a great boon. How
could she do without it with
the styles that are in vogue.
Of all the patterns on the
market the Ladies' Home
Journal patterns are giving
best results.
10c. and 15c
Office Umbrellas 90c, $1.50
Lingerie Waists
Such a galaxy of elaborate
lingerie waists, just fluttered
in, dainty as butterflies, with
that cool, summery appearance: some showing the kimona sleeve, some the peasant
sleeve, others conventional
sleeves. We wonder if your
opinion will not agree with
ours that this lot of waists
are uncommonly pretty and
fine.    Prices are
$2 to $5
Four neat lines of Iron Beds, white
enamel, brass trimmings, diagonal
copper wire and woven wire springs
to fit all beds. Health brand mattresses, the best medium and low
price mattress on the market.
Size 9x10, regular $4.00,  now $2.50
"   9x9 "      $2.50     •'   $1.65
"   3x9 "        85c.      "      50c
Special in Bi Mats
Yamaska washable   bath    mats,
dainty   colors   in   blue   and   white,
green and white,  pink and white,
red and white.
Size 18x36, regular $1.75, now $1.25
" 27x54 " $3.25 " $250
These are positively the best Bath
Mats on the market.
Spool Cotton
3 spools 10c.  1 dozen 40c.
Linoleums and Oilcloths
A choice assortment of Nairn's
Cork Carpets and Inla'd Linoleums,
the best goods procural le. Fine floral and black designs, ft -dining room
and kitchen.
Printed Linoleums in pretty floral
patterns, suitable for upstairs, halls
and bedrooms, in blues, French greys
fawns and reds.
Pro Brussels Rugs
In order to introduce this splendid
new Bedroom rug we are offering a
limited number at the following prices
Size 2Ax3yds. Reg. Sil --0 now $10.00
" 3x3yds. " $14.00 " $12.00
" 3x3iyds " $16.00 " $14 25
These squares all come in Brussels
patterns, colors greens, old rose, reds
and French greys. A rug that will
stand good hard wear.
Vcribritc Venoi
The magic furniture polish. The
easiest used and most satisfactory
furniture polish on the market.
50c. a bottle, or 3 For $126
A World-Wide
McNally's Pure Maple
Syrup. Fresh from the
maple tree, made in the
woods, as in the good old
days of old. We are the
only firm in the city handling these goods. Phone
us to send you a can. This
year we could only procure it in 1 gallon cans,
full measure, at only
$2,25 Per Can
Lime Juice, Fruit Syrup,
Grape Juice, Pineapple
Juice, as supplied to the
people who appreciate a
good thing. This hot
season make us want something in this line and you
will find that the brands
wc carry are the best, and
the season is here. We
have a full stock.
Pork and Beans
The hot weather makes
the housewife stop and
consider what she is going
to give the family for dinner. We can help her out
by suggesting Van Camp's
pork and beans in 1 lb. &
2 lb. cans.
When your milk turns sour
And your water is shut
By the civic water foreman in your town:
Just come to us and ask
if we can help you out
We will give you Reindeer
Milk.   Drink it down.
Jelly Powders
We carry the biggest and
only Jelly Powder on the
market. Prepared from
the richest and purest ingredients in a modern
building of cleanliness and
Baking Powders
Dr. Price's Baking Powder in 51b*, 241b, iaiz.,
and 6oz. cans, is one of thc
best articles on the market. Perhaps if you have
not been used to it you do
not know its value. You
want to be informed as to
its nature, utility, and
merits. You want to have
your interest in it awakened and you must try it
before candemning it.
unoeam  i ea
Nine out of every ten of
our custamcr8 ask for our
50c. line of Sunbeam Tea.
We have it at 40c- per lb.
but the best grade is always in demand. We make
it a feature of our business
to push the high grade
goods and we always find
it better business. Sunbeam tea is Goon Tea,
the 50c is Very Good.
Canned Goods
With our stock of Vine-
land Brand of canned fruit
and vegetables we keep
our customers satisfied.
The ever increasing sales
of Vineland Brand is the
surest sign that these
goods are the best. The
best is always the cheapest. Don't hesitate but
order Vineland Brand of
Fruits and Vegetables. WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 28,  1911.
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 28,  1911.
Waists and Blouses
Made   in good  washing prints
Sale Price     75c
Trimmed with Embroidery and
Lace, Sate Trice  80c
White Duck Skirts
Tailor made, sale price $1.65
Trimmed with embroidery     $2.00
Ladies' Summer l/ests
Sale Prices, each   15c. to 50c.
Parasols, Parasols
All   new.   this   season's   lines,
special reduced prices	
Boots and Shoes
Barefoot Sandals, small sizes,    50c
Large sizes, No. i and 2 $1.00
Boys' Canvas Boots    $1.25
Men's Canvas Boots $2.00
Ladies' Tan Oxfords $2.50
Ladies' Black Vici Oxford  $2.00
Men's Suits
20 Ready-to-wear Suits to be
sold at a bargain. This lot
embraces some line worsteds,
and navy blue all wool serges,
worth$iSa   suit.    Sale Price $12
Moving   pictures  tonight.
Work on the erection of tho new a*l  ;
the City jail has comme 11c*   I
Mrs. F. W. Laing retained on Sunday morning from a two-week's visit
to th*   oast.
Jas. H. Wilson, provincial manager
..; the National Life Assurance Co.,
was  in tbe city yesterday.
Local grown strawberries were   on j
the market  last   week and  were much
easier disposed of at  a higher    prlca
than imported berries.
Mr.   Roi ert   M.  Johnstone,  ol    the
Bowman Lumber Co., Comaplix.
spent the week end with Mrs. B. M.
Miss Wrigley and pupils will gi .v
an "At Home" on Saturday, July I,
Irom i tt. 10:30 p.m. at the op< ra
Mr. and Mis. Obas. Walsh, ot 0 l-
bow, Sask.. are In lhe city the
guests of Mi. and Mrs. C. K. Mac
A, S. lioodeve, M, I'., will be in
Revelstoke on Monday, July 10th tn
address the electore on tbe BUbJect ol
Mr.  I.   Harris,  Provincial Uev    1.
spector, was in the city on     Friday
. isl   week  looking ovei   the    I* vc
in   tti;s   district.      Mr.   Harris   ti.und
everything  satisfacti ry  here.
The City Band lias received 01 ler.
to give an open aii coneert up t *wn.
ipposed t" be on      th •
\;*; -,*    im     iwn toi the concert t .,.
evei:.: :   not   up  .11  time      tli
»ill    play  In the lower    towi
; as usual.
The contract  foi   tbe erection      1
the parish hall .md K.C, club b ms
fa .- been let to Osboi nJ McDi n
aid ai a : . limating I
The work  will :■•■ procei led w th im
m-i; itel *.  and  for  th il   ;■ irp b; eh
Dg thei re *
re i.
At tl ' ■ t g - ti ]•■'■■■ tn
Revelst ike Gun Club trapshoot Is in
* ■- le marksmen    ire   pi sent (rom
■    ■   '  •     • • The      111, si
utei •    ■      (the will
■   • -• •   0 foi     th •    Taylor
'■      :•    ■*,.:• cup.
I   .*■:•:
TM •■■'*-   Long
took place 1*
come •    -* ■ ci-   In 1892
■ • •■ :■'.
• ''  B *r  ■*.   j
l.o  made   many
Hi    Cf»rii
the ■:    •■    f Bi     -
tbe til
'■• 1
'       ' I 1 1
lu.  Ham tit 01    Di    Mi 1,. in     v
H.  Ib   :::      K   I*    Wel -   T   M ll
. G. Anderson.
Why suffer with the heat during the warm weather'
doing your own baking when we will deliver to you
every il;iv Fresh Bread) Cake'* und I'astfy oi all kinds
—and as quality is our motto, we feel sure a trial
order will mean a steady customer.
Lettuce, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Green, Onions,
Strawberries, cherries, Cocoanuts, Pineapples,
Oranges, Lemons, Grape Fruit, Rmauas. As we
buy these in small quantities you will always find
them fresh and good.
A. HOBSON,      Baker and Grocer.
Fruit Lands
Situated in the beautiful Windermere district. This
country will be in direct communication with Cat*
gary on completion ofthe Kootenay Central, making
a distance of 235 miles, or one night's run. There
without a doubt will be the nearest fruit lands to the
prairie market. Plans are now filed iu this office
and we will be glad to furnish priees and terms to
intending purchasers! ^
Kootenay Agencies, Ltd.
j Special spray tor poultry Iiouboh,
powder tor chickens, etc., at Macdonald's drug Btore,
Clius. .1. Annul lias officially handed in his   resignation to   the    city
Council and will leave .shortly for
Victoria Where he lias secured a position.
Oomc in and Bee the Nabob Girl
and let her serve you a delicious cup
ol Nabob coffee and a dish ot the
popular Nabob jelly free. At CB.
Hume's all week.
The following players will pnilialbly
torm thc lacrosse team wbich will
play Hevelstoke on July 1 at Armstrong: Goal, Garment; point, (Ireut-
rix; cover, MeCallcm; defence, Tun-
atull, Mills, Unwin; centre, Harper;
home, Morrison, McKenny, Irwia;
inside,   Sinclair; outside,   Herod.      A.
,1. Owens, manager.—Kamloops Hen-
tine I.
Next1 Sunday will bc observed as
"Patriotic Sunday" ln the Presbyterian church. In tbe morning there
will be a special children's service at
11 o'clock. The order ot service has
been printed and the children are
taking a prominent part in the exercises. The parents and friends aro
cordially Invited to attend this service. In the evening both the music
and sermon will be of patriotic nature.
Mr. Chas. Aman returned last
night from Victoria where he, in
company with Mr. Robt. Gordon has
been lor the paBt couple of weeks attending tho Masonic Grand Lodge.
Mr. Gordon will uot return till tomorrow. Mr. Aman reports <a large
attendance and a very successful convention. The Coronation parade in
lhat city last Thursday Mr, Aman
saya, was quite the 'largest and
most enthusiastic it has ever been
his good fortune to witness.
On Saturday next, July 1st, the R.
M. R. annual shoot will take place
at the company's butts and for tbe
occasion a large number of vieitors
will be in the city. A number of
interesting events will be pulled oft
including tbe competition for the
Kamloops cup, Which at present is
held by Revelstoke Co. Spectators
are invited to attend tlie shoot and
ladies are particularly requested by
lhe company to visit* the grounds
on  that day.
The 12th ot July will be celebrated
at Salmon Arm this year. Revelstoke I..U.I,. 1H58 and lodgcB (rum
Kamloops east to Golden and all
nkanagan points will attend with
their friends and a lirsl class outing
is expected, as Salmon Arm bus the
linest grove in the interior for a celebration. All kinds of boating and
driving. Speeches in tbe grove by
prominenl        speakers. Revelstoke
I'ity Band will accompany the local
bulge. Fare for the round trip is
The greatest treat ot the theatrical
season is lhe appearance Of Williard
Mack, Maude beonc and an excellent
company Including Miss Jeanne Rur-
sell in Mr. Mack's own play " God's
Country." The story of God's Conn
In is one of life iu Montana, nnd
the author has spent years in the
West, and is well equipped to write
wdiat many critics have proclaimed
the best Western drama in years.
Mr, Mack is seen as a sheriff nnd
Miss Russell as Ruih Crockett has a
role particularly well suited to her.
The company carries a complete production in every purlieu,ur and an
enjoyable evening is assured all those
wil-o attend the performance on Thurs
day night. Mr. Mack &. Co., are on
their way to the Vancouver opera
bouse playing but two stands between Calgary and Vancouver, and
local theatre-goers may well congratulate themselves on having
secured an attraction  of this class.
(Continued from Page 2)
*.  ■    t Macdoi
■ >■   from
Mrs.  Sibbald     will rcceiae    Pri
instead ol Saturda). July let. .
Mrs.   Wm.   Morns   will   nol   receive     The barbel      ■•;-  *   I
Saturday nor again t.i'. autumn - July 1st
Burglars broke Into J. .1. Walker's
jewelry Btore at Nelson Monday morn
Ing, stealing Jewelry valued .it  n ai
Iy    J500,        No   ..::
Kue  Warden  .1.   K.   M,l.   ll    -*    ired
one oi  It.   u   Boyd  and  Kar',
S'eubrand at Nakusp for com
ion of     the B v •       Boyd
was lined (SO and Costs, it being bis
second oflence and S'eubrand was let
"tl . d suspended eentei
ii , :
The stores "f the
closed   on   Saturda]
July 1st. Dominion Daj
lie  holiday   but the merchai I
-   ■
oven      •  •
■u'" "; account of tl representative of the company, which
ties ut fruit kepi
time of the year.
ami records.
Work     has    been going  ur,
Nor'  We-rt Talking Co.  as  travelling
Tl ■'      Koslo    man  rushed   up
■ •or	
'Say,   old   man." .y  CplmWl
[ tell you that I ban .    , r
trees at n
i   think  you  dM
■• I .   ltd yon
; ' t being
* Ith  the coi.
: ., duty well done. 'current report.
Varying the usual run nf entertainment at the Bdison theatre the management  lias  engaged  a  troupe      of
lusky entertainers travelling     under
the num.* of the Tenesse Tnoubadors.
sights  this troupe
has delighted  large audiences      with
•   dancing  and  frol
lea      Invariably those who have at-
have   convulsed   themselves
w.th   laugl.tr and enjoyed   the   fun
• * *    * ■ ••rl,uners
lid sing-
naelves in the     old
long agi      Waj
wanee River,     old
ltlnrk   Joe,  M !   Kentucky   Home,
snd *i  number ot other song
sung    in     real
ind Intel
i' dancing.
*• si -
• •      tonight     and
throng -un
authority  nor  responsibility   regard -
ing  lire  ravages  on   private  property
in the bush than they have in a city
I or  lown,  unless such  tires     threaten
Dominion  property.      Whoever startled thc Are without a permit or in the
event  of  having such  permit       from
' ihe proper authority failed to. obser-
; ve adequate precaution against     its
spread and     is guilty  of an    offense
punishable by law and  may be held
accountable  for  damages  Incurred.
It may bo Inferred from the printed
communication of Messrs. Calder and
Mcintosh thai they hnve a Btrong
suspicion as to the identity of the
culprits in connection with the lire
In question, anil this lieing the case,
they certainly are to this extent accountable if an effort be not instituted to bring tbe offenders into court,
and in such case let me sny tbere
would be no costs to tbe informants.
But to say that Dominion Eire Wardens are responsible for fires on private property is just as reasonable
as to assert that the Revelstoke tire
brigade should run oil to Kamloops
or any other town where there may-
lie a blaze and the beneficiaries to expect Revelstoke to bear the responsibility and expense.
l/ct mc state in conclusion that the
Act and Depart mental Rules governing the care of lires, are so plain
tbat even the Dominion Eire Wardens
notwithstanding your inestimable
proferred opinion to the contrary,
thoroughly understand their duty;
and further that tbere is no friction
so fnr as I am aware, between the
Dominion and Provincial Forest Fire
Protection Departments in any particular. In fact, up to date these
two branches of public service have
worked together very hannoniously,
and will, I trust, continue to do so.
I might here state that I am aot per
son-ally versed in either the instructions or the responsibi.ity of the
Provincial Wardens as to damage to
private holdings but no doubt you
can obtain this information ly up-
plicalion to the proper source.
Of course it may be possible
Messrs. ('alder and Mcintosh,
gether with your influential aid
impress on lhc authorities the necessity of eliminating personnl reap >nsi-
liility in the starting of various kinds
ol conflagrations, but in the meantime these gentlemen, like other self-
reliant citizens, must depend upon
their own care and vigilance in the
matter of local fires.
Dom. Crown Timber Inspector.
Revelstoke, June i7th.
tf you need a kodnk you can get all
and  any   price at      Macdonald's
drug store.
FOR SALE—Six roomed house, new,
Fourth street, |600 cash and balance easy monthly instalments. —
\I>(> 1V  J.   H.  Reader,  Vernon, B. 0.
LOST—Necklace of large Gold Beads
Fivm Dollar* reward will Iw paid to
Under  returning same  to  Mall-Her
,il I   Ollice.
in Shefbcrt
M iki ■ 12 j las c- J1*
1 n. lish Print Selil •
*    .m.i ;  *    l'i ;
Cm.il<  ol Mm"!*
I.ime l*iirt  : Di   am   i  ■
Eno« Fruil Saltn md man) other
Effervescing Salts lor boi weatliei
Get  Ready
for Preserving Time
ly of Rubber Rings,
l"c. per dozen   3 dozen
Por.ilm Wax. etc.
Taken Kodak With You
im wiin Rummer wcatioti
A full stoi k nlwayn on band.
\»k  lor   a   l '>l l    catalogue,
Kodak   Film.      New    Velvet
Green Paper.
Coronation  Post   Cards
iill Ill'lllIK    iiuii,- ot Mle
* I   'I',/mii
Gilletti    ifel    Razors   .
Gem [unioi
Blisvl ". lo ■
Mia* :n,     SoMpS    and     I trains
and in.i *m,*i * resms
THURSDAY, JUNE  29, 1911
LARD   M I        Ml'\lt.Mil.K Co.
inada'i Favorite
IN   I III    I 1IKII.I !Si,  III) \M \
Cod's Country
p.,  \ip   mm i:
SPECIAL PRICES. 25c. 50c. 75c, $1
Cool Footwear for Summer I
Almost everyone feels the effect of the hot
weather in hot and aching feet. The hest
preventative s a cool, comfortable shoe, and
we have just opsned a lot of nice white
canvas Oxfords and pumps for the Summer
Season. We have them in ladies' sizes from
2*' to 7, and in misses' and children's Oxfords from 5 to 2.   See them in our window.
Correct Summer Neckwear
Dutch Collars are the correct thing this Summer. They are cool, comfortable and
dressy. We have just received a new lot
that are the best value we have ever shown
and a pretty line of jabots to match. They
all sell at one price—25c. each.
Watch Our Windows. They always have
something worth looking at.
oMcLennan C& Co.
Save Your Horses!
Proveuder is dear and so is horse flesh, Imt light running
wagons and buggies are cheap.
The evolution of ilu* Farm mul Road Vehicles has kept pace
with modern science and now we are offering
All Spring-Steel Wagons
fitted inn »itb perfect roller-bearing running gear jnsl as cheap as
llic old-fashioned wooden framed wagon. Thev run lighter and
easier and wear Icuger.
Those who purchased them arc our most satisfied customers.
You don't have to take off the wheels to grease them; they are
dust proof caps and carry a much heavter load than the ordinary
A full supply of buggies of the newest makes also garden and
(arm implements, ask us about them.
First Street, West,
Opposite Post Office
How About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Reform Clothing
Foot-Rite $hoe
Boys' Clothing at Half Price
They  Consist of the  Balance
Of Our Spring Stock
Double-breasted Suits, Norfolk Suits,
Sailor Suits, 4 to 16 years, wiih the
swagger effect of Men's wear, broad
shoulders and lspels of the college man,
the liberal cut of front and wide set of
buttons in all the new patterns and
JYfcZae Mercantile Co.. J£td.
Jhe Jtyle Jhop for Men and Boys is)ho Know
8 ■■  —Ji
Shaw's Sash and Door Factory
Manufacturers of Sash and Doors, Mouldings
and all kinds of Woodwork.
Get vour Screen Doors and Windows made to
G. 2). Shate),   -     Proprietor


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