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The Mail Herald 1911-01-28

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $60.
Interior Publismng^Co., Agts
Tisiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No.   7
REVELSTOKE, B. C. JaNUaKY 28, 1911
$2.50 Per Year
'H^ ll coat Locks
■20 V/re-jy--
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30,000.00
B anches at ArrpU st nil principal point* ln*0anada.
Agent* In Britain and United State?—London, England,
Lloyd* Bin'*, Limited.    Ohlcago- b'irst National bunk, Corn Ex- ?5
ihange National Hank.   Beatlfa—Spatti* National Bank, San Fran-   *
olt   ,    Well* Firvo Nevada Natlona' Buns.     Spokane—En-hniige Hunk.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of *1 and unu ird, received, and Interest allowed at "fi
ourrenl rate from date of deposit,   Oorreapondenoe-sollolted. B9
?evelstoke Branoh—A. B. MoCieneghan, Mgr.
p. £urns di Company. £,td.
20 Per Cent. Discount Sale
Is Now in  Full Swing and Includes
Everything in Stock
Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Street
Grocery Specials
For week beginning January 22nd i
Pears, Peaches, Apricots and Cherries, preserved In
heavy syrup, per if lb. tin gjjc
Jelly Powders, am flavor, '■'> packets for 26c
Three lb, Sacks of Rice Flour, per sack 2Uc
John Mclntyre Sr Son
Rewards of Arduous Study During the Term just
Clnsed—Pupils will Attend Different Schools
According to this Arrangement.
Thi' lollowiug promotions have resulted from the midwinter exaniina-
tlons hi the imlilie school. As anii lunccd in last issue the attendance
ut the Central nud the New school
will he based in this grading and
parents und pupils are requested to
govern themselves accord nh'ly. The
names are not arranged in point, of
merit hut alphabetically:
High Fourth reader to Leaving
Class—L. Blackberg, IJ. Calder, Ii.
Cooke. Recommended, A. Young.
Intermediate Fourth reader to
High Fourth reader—M. Brock, I.
Brown, P, Campbell, O. Coursier, L.
Daniels, K. Field, H. Gibbons, W,
Leslie, J. McEachern, W. McRae, J.
Maley,  0.  Petterson.     Recommended,
A. Genelle,  K. McMahon, O. Manning
Low Fourth reader to Intermediate
Fourth reader—L. Abrahamson, T.
Bain, V. Bell, R. Calder, L. Campbell, M. Fleetham, H. GaUicano, S.
GaUicano, M. Ringer. Recommended,
L. Anderson, F. Bourne, G. Cocoroch-
10, I. Henderson. A. Johnson, V,
Julille,  J. LeBeau, M.  Parsons.
High Third reader to Low Fourth
reader—H. Armstrong, K. i'.ia'l-
shaw, ES. Bregoliss, M. Caley, H.
Coursier,   li. Donaldsonj   H.       HacK,
F. Hamm, J. Henderson, V. Let, K.
MacKinnon, O. Maclean, 0, Moran,
IC. I'icard, A. Pugsley, L, two, E.
Sault, L. Smith, G. Urquhart, C.
Bruce.      Recommended,  G.  Fletcher.
Low Third Reader to High Third
Reader, Div. 3-D. Abrahamson, M.
Fleetham, \V. Fleming, A. Robinson,
M. Wilson. Recommended, A. Galli -
cano,  M. Gallon.
Div. 4—E. Bruce, J. Laim, H. Lyttle, D. Maddaloni, M. Matz, A. McLean, T. McRae, R. Tapping, G.
Tomlinson, L. Williams. Recommend
ed' L. Morgan.
High Second reader to Low Third
reader—L. Amato, R. Calder, I.
Cloiigh, I. Donaldson, J. Fletcher,A.
Fraser, M. Genelle, D. Johnson, M.
Joliile, R. Lawrence, B. Laughton.S.
Lidy, J. Lonzo, S. Manning, J. Mar-
eheson, C. McLcllan, T. Morris, D.
MeCarter,   J.   Patrick,   L.   Petterson,
0. Petterson, j. Robbins, J. Tweed-
dale. Z. Boyd, Vi. Henderson, J.
Low Second reader to High Second
reader, Div. 3—F. Anderson, W. Blair
M. Brown. A. Burridge, G. Campbell
H. Clifle. W. dough, A. Corson, G.
Davis, F. Dunn, D. Fraser, V. Galilean*', C. Garland, H. Goodwin, I,
Hay, C. Holten, M. Howson, G.
Jackson, M. Johnson, I. Kimberley,
P. Lonzo, A. Leslie, H. Lilly, W.
Lumb, N. McCarthy, J. McCarty, D.
McGregor, B. McMahon. L. Maley.W.
Nelson, J. Pugsley. M. Simmonds, R.
Stone, G. Thorpe.
Div. C—G. Bruce, (J. Gorring, A.
I.undell, J. McLcod, S. McMahon, N.
Picard, P. Ringer, H. Robinson, W.
Smith, A. Sutherland. H. Tomlinson,
B. Turk, J. Twei'ddale. Recommended. J. McGregor.
High First reader to Low Second
Blantoucbe, J. Bourne, W. Boyd, M.
reader—H. Hindshaw, L. Briggs, T.
Camoizi, T. Cfltnossl, F. Cook, s.
Dlimone, B, Donley, vi. Fletcher, G.
Ford, F. Hall, D. Hum.', L., D. T. Maley. S. Moran, D,
Porta, H. Seott. It. Shaw. Rccom-
in,*i..|.'d    J,  Cnlder.
Low First reader to High First
render—K.   AbralmmHon,   I.    Bongard,
ii Bradshaw, n. Bruce, w. Cameron,
S, \ Daniels, 0, Davis, M.
i>*    none,  0.  Field.   A.   Fli'i'tham,  D.
n I    J    iim li,   N. Gi.rh,   I,. Good
wn. M   G Ittin, G, llans'in, II.Iluy,
1. lii'iison. V, Hunt, c. Johnson, D.
Laing, ll* Law, 0, I.undell, I). I.yttlc
M, i.yttlc, M, McCleneghan, F. Mc-
D nill, H. McDonald, I,. McGregor,
K. MacKenrot, 0, MeKinnon, R. McLean. I.. Manning, 9. Needham, P.
porta. 0.  Porter. Vi.  Sine,  1'  Skene,
11. Tnorpe, Recommended, C, stone.
High  Second  Primer to  Low  First
reader—V, abrahamson, w. Anthony,
it. Armstrong,   T. BUntouefae,     F.
Caley. D. < retelli, M. Deslmi ne, V,
a, ('. Fleming. R. Fleming,
K. Frey. F. Frey. II. Fraley, M.
Goodwin, R, Gordon, J. Guzzo, m.
Hamilton. II. Hughes, B, Johnson,
• id. C I.n.iir ad, V. Madden. I'.. McMahi n. V, McRae, I. Mnr-
gnn, .1. Murray, ll. Ncls,,n, S. Norman.   It    PettSI     ii.   .1    Pugsley,      J.
Smith. Ki suthiiinni. Recommended
II.  Curve.'tl.
I " "ii I   I'r ihk i I,   High   See nnl
Primei   I.   Beech, n   Beech, M, Hell,
G. Campbell, M. Oanoelliere, K. Carl-
-.■ii M DMiels, Vi. Dunn, ,1 Fleet-
hum   Bi GollicnO", Bi Kiacaid,     M.
l.uing,  11.  Lawrence,  D. I.rlleau,    R.
Lindmark,  A. Lunibi    J.    MeKinnon,
R. Pagden, ,1. Patrick,
Tevini, F. Turk. Rceo-
Henderson, C. Lonzo,
McLean,   Bl,  Picard, M.
M. McMahon
M. Porta. P
mmended,  A.
C. Lyons,  II ^^^^^^
High First Primer to Low Second
Primer—A.     Abrahamson,    El, Ahra-
I hamsoii, N. Boyd, IS. Comozzi, J.
Crawford, Vi. Cornier, M. Fittante,
li.  Frey.  H.  GaUicano,  B. Genelle,L.
I Haynard, 0, Howson, D. Holten, T.
Jackson, B, JoliHc, A. Lawrence, B.
MacKenrot, B. McDonell, R. McKin-
ney, Al Needham, D. Siegfried. Recommended, R. Cummlngs, H. Le
Low First Primer to High First
Primer, Div. Ill—A. Davis, A. Gag -
liardi, V. Hooley, O. LeBeau, L.
Morrison, P. Norman, A. Peterson,
R. Liriani. Recommended, J. LcRock
J. Lewis, H. Morgan.
Div. II—N. Aman, J. Beech, J.
Bell, R. Bell, E. Bradshaw, G. Carlson, P. Cowan, A. Cressman, G.
Donaldson, I. Donaldson, F. Donaldson, R. Fittante, It. Frayley, G.
Fletcher, E. Gordon, M. Goch, I.
Ilnmm, I. Hart, W. Hughes, W. Jam-
ieson, C. Lawrence, B. Lilly, E. McCleneghan,   J.   McDonald,   D.   Purvis,
D. Rae, G. Ragtiar, D. Sutherland, G.
Frimnry to Low First Primer— J.
Bandouchc, M. Blair, C. Bishop, H.
Briggs, J. Cretclli, D. Collison, 0.
Defoe, N. Fleming, A. Fritz, R.
Goodwin, F. Hamilton, C. Kimberley
D. Leslie, T. Madden, J. Miciele, R.
Mieiele, C. Nelson, E. Nicols, F.
Pagden, J. Sirianni, G. Wilson, R.
I'pper, W. Upper, A. Fritz.
the Scotchman up and hit the Dago
a crack. The Dago came hack at him
by charging him with assault. Magistrate Foster fixed up matters by
binding Melin over for three months
to keep the peace and ordering him
to pay the costs of the court.
A fellow named J. H. Johnson
happened to have in his pocket a key
that would lit tbe room of one of the
employees of Ihe Windsor hotel nnd
also a rapacious appetite for handling other people's goods anil chat -
tels, and he likewise had to answer
to Magistrate Foster. The charge
against him was thi-ft and the arti -
elcs stolen w'.'rc several rings, a gold
nugget nnd brooches amounting in
nil to thc value of about $50. He
had gained nn entrance to tbe room
with his own key, whon n rather
good looking valise met his gaze.
Whipping out his knife he ripped thc
aide completely out of it alld extract
ed the articles mentioned. Eighteen
months' free hoard in Kamloops jail
was his drawing. A charge of vagrancy also preferred against Johnson was withdrawn.
Five weeks' imprisonment was
meted out to Oarl Hanlasher for the
theft of a ten dollar hill from the
room of W. F. Cole in tho Oriental
hotel. The story of being strapped
and up against it did not go worth
a cent with Magistrate Foster, as
the sentence  would indicate.
Oil Company Incorpcrated
The Arrowhead Oil, Coal and Gas
Co., Ltd., has just been incorporated with a capitalization of lanO.IKMl
with shares at a par value of $1.00
each. The head office of the company will bc in thc Taylor Block,
Revelstoke, B. C, with the Canadian
Bank of Commerce as bankers, and
G.  S. MeCarter as attorney. The
officers of tho company are, President
W. 8. Webster; vice president, D.
McCarthy; secretary, E. M. Allum;
treasurer, A. J. McDonell; managing director, J. O. Bradley; all of
this city. The directors are T. H.
Corley, A. J. McDonell, E. M. Allum
A. W. Thompson, D. McCarthy and
J. 0. Bradley. The president and
mang.-director leave next week to
secure drilling machinery to com -
mence operations at once.
j Another Large Concern Seeks
lievelstoke as its Distributing Point.
Right on the heels of the announcement that the Dominion Sawmills Co
will make Revelstoke their headquarters, comes the announcement of
thc intended incorporation of the
Diamond Mills Co., n company with
I large timber holdings in this vicini -
! ty, and their intention also of establish, ng n head ollice In the city.
As a matter of fact their offices arc
already established here opposite thc
Union hotel where the old Revelstoke offices were, nnd they are fitting them up as Incomes thc diguity
ol  such  a corporation.
The company whieh has for Its
nllireis CD. Dunaher of Tacoma.prcs.
F. ('. Adams of Duluth, as vice-president, an.l ('has. A. Barnum as secretary and manager for B. c, with
head office- here, are already operating mills at Boundary and on thc
Arrow Lukes, and nre anticipating
building new mills near Arrowhead,
on the lakes unu  possibly     one     at
Revelstoke. The corporation is in the
market lot- the purchase ami building
ot mills wherever supply nnd condi -
tions wan ant it.
The  establishment     of    the       head
office of  Huh company   which  Iiim immense capital  al   its  buck   in  Revel-
■toke  means  much   to   ibe  city,  Inns
much as it will be the means ol em
ploying a considerable     number     of
nun and be the (ountalnhead of the ,
provisioning of the    many     branch
offices, mills and camps which It now (
controls and tbe many others It will
acquire in the near future.
Caie to Blows Alter Quarreling
Over a lm
A Scotchman and a Dago when
Ihey get together and disagree usiinl-
ly come to blows, tor the Scotchman
will not Htnnd stand for thc curtailment of his personal liberties, and
the Dago will hit back in somo form
every time. This Is what happened
the  other  dny  nnd  occasioned       the
appearance   ol J.   Melln in     police
Court to answer a charge of assualt.
Melin is ihe Scotchman nnd the Dago
bud rented him a room, There was
»umu dispute about this room,   and
Pupils Will Train in Public
Speaking whicli will be Added
to the Curriculum
One of the newest features of the
high school curriculum this year Is
the introduction of a literary class,
the pupils being given subjects of
genernl interest on which they must
deliver speeches. These speeches are
prepared and delivered by the pupils |
once a week and have invariable been
really creditable productions reflect -
ing thc highest credit on the young
orators as well as on their teachers.
A number of the leading topics ot
the day were thus discussed at tbe
high school on Thursday afternoon,
a few visitors being present includ -
ing H. Cunningham Morris, chairman
of the school l»oard, and H. .N. Coursier. The speeches were of a high
order, demonstrating the ability ol
the pupils in this direction, each going through their work with case aad
self composure. On being railed upon to sny a few words, Mr. Morris
Congratulated the class on the excellence of its work, pointing out tho
value of the I raining in oral composition which lends to make thc
pupils proficient in memory, caroful
in thought and self composed when
before the public eye. Speech making
he said, was an excellent idea and
was a line training for every boy and
girl, and should be encouraged. In
a few words he urged the pupils to
coul lime iii their good work and
strive to maintain the high standard
ul the school, and by their work keep
up the enviable reputation that Rev- ]
elstoke had gained as an educational
centre second to none In II, C. Mr.
Coursler also spoke nlong similar
lines, congratulating the school on
the excellent work just shown. In
order to encourage the high school
m this particular Hue of oral com -
position Mr. Morris offered to give ft
medal annually to lhe girl making
the best composition ol this kind,
Mr. Coursler giving one to the boyl
Miss McKenzie, the principal,
thnnked these gentlemen for their
Interest ann generosity and felt that
their offer would be eagerly accepted
by the school,
Bourne Bros.
Bourne Bros.
Groceries,    Hardware.   Flour and  Feed
te a
No uncertainty aliout the Fort of Ronst you art-
getting if you buy it from up. We fell only
the Choicest Meats in the very i» condition,
and guarantee to give ■ a'i.-faction at all times.
Sausage and Cooked Meals a Specialty.
Swift's 1'remier Hams and BacoD. Coaist
Sealed Oycterp.    SiWfl Lard.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
niuu Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Then a cup of BELL BLEND TEA
will refresh you, with its bright, spicy flavor,
ami fragrance,   ^okl in lib. lead packages.
PRICE   35C,   40C,   50C.
P. O   Box 208
Phone No. 23
ing a ride "ii a freight train Irom
Hngi'iH I'shi where he had been, and
innl Junped Irom tht freight   to   his
death nt the place where his body
was luiind.
Jumped to" His Death
The boily of Hani Charln was found
mi the Cl'.It. mnln line on Thursday
ol thn week near HIk Mile t'reok.
Little iH known o, the dead man, bul
It In aiii'l"'*.*!' I tbat bu had been stoai-
Jesse James Is Coming
Lovers ol sensational     melodrama
may have a Hiilllcienry tonight when
a real thriller "Jesse James" will
bc presented at the Kdison theatre.
Thc piny In a Htory framed on tn'-i -
ilents in the lives o( Je.'se Bn*l Frnnk
JameH, the world'* moHt noted outlaws, and many of thc principal
events aro faithfully pictured (rom
the burning of their home by the
tliiantnl max when they are forced
|,y circumstance* to take up arms to
defend themselves, through their long
liven ol adventure to the linal mur -
ilcr of JeesS .lames by Hob Ford, a
member of bti own gang, and the
subsequent     surrender      of     Frank
.lames an,I his pardon by (iovernor
While the play ia of course melodrama, it is not entirely blood and
thunder. for the historical fact.-i
make an Intensely interesting story,
Hnd there is a vein of comedy run-
iiinr lhn.ugh the play that keeps the
audience roaring with  laughter.
Mors than  usual Interest  Is attach-
i'i t<> this production of Jeese James
I mm the fact that It Ih the only
authorised version of Frank James,
brother of Jesse, and was put on under hiH direction.
A man named Koss, from Taft, was
brought to the hospital last     night
I nt about 11 o'elork siiflermg with   a
I compound  fracture  of  the  aim, caus-
' !•.', by bemi; crushed between timbers.
The patient is doing as well aa can
he et|>ected.
Hiiflnlo Ilill  nt  Bdison theatre—seo
advertisement. SATl iiiav   .1 \s. .'.'rn. 1911,
lA.lL,     J iE'V ELSTOE.1 ■■
m rr
m m
I.   ;
***!$+,, »*,l$ '?j
9 fl v 5    .    •
■ ■
g:r^,-:a^,iagqggB***»TaiaCT»*^'g^                                                                                        .■-.■■uJigRrT-.cs:. ■ .; •TOWWVSBSWt:
b»mai-'amiiawt.'ftiffiftmriiaieaai.i ,):ain-,ite:aa>a«.:i'ma.jtgw ■tnrmii—imw .,*, ■*• ■■»■. .»-.-*«*r-*^*hT.. ,.,*l11fn1,|....rrTTBl.y1fl:l.wl*.   mm—Mirtni~r¥'«'™
$8000 v/ortli of stock mu )e dec ., out within the NEXT SIX DAYS,
regardless of cost. Our New Spring Stock is now on the road, and we must
make room for it.
on everything in the store. MISS ANDERSON'S stock is all new and this will
be a chance of a lifetime tor you to get anything in Jewelery, Silverware, Cut
Glass or Hand Painted China at prices never heard of in Revelstoke bsfore.
Here are a few bargains in the FINEST OF CUT GLASS.
Cut Glass Wine Set, regular price $17.50,
Sale Price - - - $10.00
Cut Glass Claret Set, regular price $13 50,
Sale Price - - - $7.00
Cut Glass Water Set, regular price $13 50,
Sale Price - • - $7-00
Fine Cut Glass Bowls, regular price $4.75
Sale Price - - - $2.50
Fine Cut Glass Bowls, regular price $8.00,
Sale Price - - - $4.00
Fine Cut Glass Bow's, regular price $20 00,
Sale Price - - - $10.00
A WORD ABOUT WATCHES: We carry one of the largest stocks of Watches in British
Columbia, and buying direct from the manufacturing places are in a position to give ycu the best
prices obtainable. We are even going to do better with you now and will give you THIRTY PER
CENT DISCO GNT on any watch in the store in the next 6 days.
,    '
:»«b-c •ryaa^EsragBg—>* 3gflfcA*fjnyn
Che ADatMberalfc
; 3HI       * 3DAY AND
Jnteriot publishing Company
Something You Ought io Have at Horn
Cbe flfcaiUfocrato
3 \'l"   ':.
en tbat j
a y    on
I   ti,
.   the work
I .....'..*, i. \im    Ham,
l. ti,, oi    i'.iuuu mar
. ied . *• u.i      to apply    Ior
permission to purchase the (ollowing
. D
i .i       planted at
tlu' noi * i.  *.    . corner of T.L. or lol
.  and  marked m.a.h  south oast
thenei   ...   i   about     su
to ili,   east line ol lot   T'JGo,
north about   10 chains to tho
hi    *   . long     i-aul
in :i a 'itli easterly   dlrec-
• *  ... htj  i hains, and thence
as    to point     i'i
I'.'tll,   l'JIU.
Per F, v,. Terry, Agent.
KI nl'llNAY      LODGE,  No. 15 A.  P.
and A. M.
[tegular meetings are held In MAS TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday In each month
at s p. in. Visiting brethren nre
cordially welcome.
W, B, ROBERTSON, Becretary.
i* *i    ; hoiuas  11 ipo,  ol
. 'i i •■,  i* " .      '. im .i
.    ..     oi      pfci •
SELKIRK     LODGE  12, 1. 0. 0. P.
. v. ry Thursday evening In
Selkirk Hall al B o'clock, Visiting
brethren cordially  Invited.
K. ('..   M   KM ,  X. G.
.1 \s.  MATHIE,  Becretary.
Wakefield, Helen, Colorado, Del
Hey, San .luuu, Helta and Marguerite mineral claims, situate iu tho
Lardeau Mining Division ot West
Kootenay. Where located:—On Mohawk Creek.
Tuke notice that I, A. ll. Green,
acting a.s agent ior John R. Henry,
Special Free Miner's Certificate No.
M10, Intend, sixty days trom date
hereof, to apply to the Recorder tor a Certificate oi Improvements, ioi ih,* purpose nl obtaining
a Crown Grant of the above elaiuis.
And further take notice thut action
under section 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of Buch Certificate
ol Improvements.
Dated tins 20th any oi October, A.
IJ.,   l'JIU.
A. II. Green,
NOV. :tllth Nelson, B.O.
• ■ ILI)  H INGE   I,uliill':,      K. ol    P.,
i BVJ *.   ['OKE,   li.   0.
ij  except   the
i bird Weill ach month     In
'■    •    'dd . II     *   Hnll in  ■ o'clock.  \ * II
,. i
i 'i   hi   m i ally Invited.
i*.  \ •   i.n, 0. c.
0,  II    I i      ol   ll.  & ri.
M, ul K.
- ■      .
... :
i .    fi '
, I   * * ;.* il'l "I   0
• .       i i* iW thi a
i   .1
,. ',
i i, •
l.ii- ■
V* i * 	
,   thi  j"!'.
* 1
i,i   a. i.ii.    i|eni
* apply
nn.l i
i' io it      in
thence tail   .
•  i' i
tlMAUAM   m -. 11' ,.   i,
I      W,    lill) .   A
' "I I IT     MT.      BEGUIB,    Nn.  8401,
"I   'i   ii.   I''.  Hull  next,    to
■ ."iv second
'iii.l fm rth M ii  in*.uili.  Visit
ing in i-i in i n ■   i,' ally wi Icomed,
U   fl    !       I    0, ll.
« m.   .     CAMERON,  Roc-Sec.
C, w. o. W.
'*■ lew Camp, No.     n
: i     Fourth Wedner
Hall, ■ ■  A ,.,ii'i,*u m*o
i    I
ll. ■■ ii m,
...   i. theatre—see
A It V. 11 1 T a CT
Unit 282, Revel«toko,B.O.
Plans and   Specifications prepared    lor    nil classes   ot  Imil,lings,
Etc.     Draughting aud Ulue Print
n.n i Isl ■ i      Bolicitoi  .  Bite.
Imperial  Hank  Building  Revel-
toke, li. C.
Money to Loan.
■   ■       Rovelstoke,    It.   c.
Cranbrook, li. 0,
A. M. Pinkham,
Hi vol itol e,
J. a. Harvey,
M ll
n .   t .   w 11, s t» n,
BTUDIO   Musi.* Store,   McKenzie  Avenue.
TERMS   Elementary, under 1- yenra
nl age, 7." rents por    lesson.     Over
12 years ol age. $1.(1(1.       Ailvnnccd,
(1.25   poi    less.,n.      Lessons three-
quarters of im hour, onco or twice
weekly, as desired.
R u'      k" l n *i   lii-n*ii.i.
11   rio .* Wi■*.*  Ki in v.
Take ir 'if.* tiiHi William KennpHv,
if ll ".I', ll. c.. nrooparlnn, S,.,,.,.
1 0 i -'h'iIi*. Intends lo npply lm per.
inH-.Mii in tiurobeae tbe following du-
■(■rilull Ihi i|..
Comn I'l.iiig ni ,; poii   planted   nt
tl i'   Killlli-l'IlM     pi.ri"*r     i*|     I,  |     filll'ill,
It : ce ";:ii lOehsine,  il >ei (•■■  wont
II   ■ hali -   in   i,n*.. million   N". IAS,
'I  '■'■       "-. Mi.'i pe ei »i H'j
"■ ■ i      '! i i-i    -1" i,it
N" 3H4B, t' • ■ is* | t|,,., ,.„
•"■'' l> Inch ■ ' ' ' ... . Il89,tlienca
"•' '-"l oh • in p.,inl til , sin.11 I-.-
n ■   t.
I'.il' I Jm      ry 7 I     IUU
Pit I, Wi Bain, Agent,
SATURDAY, JAN. 28TH. 1911.
January Bargains
In All Departments
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. 2- /♦«'"« * Co.. -limited
Mail   or    Telephone   your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
A Great Snap in
Boys Overcoats
We are closing out our line of Boys'
Winter Overcoats at prices which it will
pay you to investigate. Some of these
lines are away below cost, and all are in
first-class condition.
Full Length Overcoat-Gray stripe
tweed, velvet collar, sizes 34 and 35,
Regular $9 now $5.25.
Same style as above, sizes 30 to 33.
Regular $7, now $4.50.
Same as above, size 29 only. Regular
$6.50, now 84.
Full Length Overcoat—Dark stripe
tweed, high Prussian collar; sizes 34 and
35.    Regular $9, now $5.25.
Same as above, size 29. Regular
$7.50, now $4.50.
Full length overcoat—brown tweed,
high Cossack collar, sizes 30 and 31.
Regular $11, now $6.25.
Full length overcoat—Gray cloth,
sizes 24, 26, 30.   Regular $5, now $3.
Boys' Pea Jackets-Heavy stripe
tweed, a beauty, sizes 30 to 34. Regular
$7.50, now $4.25.
Same as above, size 28. Regular $6,
now $3.50.
Boys' Pea Jackets-Heavy blue beaver
cloth, double breasted, sizes 28 to 32.
Regular $6, now $4.
Same as above, sizes 23 to 26. Regular $4.50, now $3.25.
Boys' Reefers—Heavy gray frieze,
sizes 21 to 24.   Regular $4, now $2.50.
Coffee and Tea
Are you getting the value for your
money in your Teas and Coffees. Try a
pound of our Mocha and Java wnole roast
Coffee and you will be satisfied that you
have received full value for your money.
In this department our customers demand
the best, and by the increase in our sales,
we know we satisfy their demand.
Always a special value of 3 lbs-
of Coffee or 3 lbs. of Black Tea in bulk
Dry Goods Department
Second Floor
Take   the   Elevator
We will not boast in print of our January
Bargains, but respectfully invite you in to look
them over.
The Remnant Pile has been built high with
Odds and Ends for Bargain Selling. Remnants of
almost anything by the yard, Come and look
the pile over.
White Bed Spreads
Thirty only White Bed
Spreads or Counterpanes
pure white, in large sizes,
will give you one-third off
the price. There is a particularly good one at now
Ladies' H
Still a few dozen of
those all wool Cashmere
Hose, seamless at 35c. per
pair, or
3 pair for $1
Gel It at Hume s
Towel Clearance
Twenty dozen Towels-
Honeycomb, Linen, Turkish Bath in White and
Colors. You can have all
you want at only each
Ladies and Misses
Five Ladies and Misses
*15 to $20 suits. They will
surely sell at the bargain
Take the Elevator
Furs Reduced
All Furs will be reduced
this week. You can get
one-third the price back.
Thus a $10 fur will cost
Silk Underskirts
A clean up of our Faif*y
English Moireen Silk Underskirts or Petticoats, all
colors and Black. Beautifully made skirt 5, and the
price now is a strong attraction. They sold at
$7.50 to $9.50. You can
select yours at
Get It at Hume's
Drygoods Dept.
Second Floor
Felt Slippers at
a Bargain
Just now when you need them we will
put about one hundred and twenty-five
pairs of Ladies' Felt Slippers on the Bargain Table. They are all this seasons
goods and all in first class condition; they
comprise some of our choicest lines of
Felt and Velvet Juliettes. J
Ladies' sizes 3 to 7, regular price
$1.75, Sale Price 95c. per pair.
A small line of Children's and Misses
Felt Slippers will be cleared at 35c. per pr.
Hats at a P
We have gone through our hat stock
and taken out all broken lines These
comprise some of the nobbiest of the present season's blocks. Without regard to
cost they will all be put on the bargain
table at one price. All colors and shapes
in both Soft and Stiff Hats. Sizes 68 to 7i
Commencing   Wednesday
the price will he
$1.50 Each
Get Hume s Prices
Canned Fruits
Your stock of home made
fruits getting low ? We
have received a few days
ago from the east a full
car of canned fruits and
vegetables put up by
Christian, Fretz & Bros.,
of Vineland, Ontario, in
sanitary cans and are of
the best quality. When
you get Vineland brand
you are getting near to the
fruit that mother used to
make. The car includes
raspberries, strawberries,
plums, peaches, pears and
cherries, in fruits, and
tomatoes, corn, peas and
beans, in vegetables. Do
not forget Vineland brand.
Fruit and Candy
Come in and inspect
our Fruit and Candy. A
large and varied slock to
choose from.
If you want to make a
pudding in less time than
it takes to eat it, by Quick
Tapioca, Quick Custard or
Quick Chocolate. It requires no soaking and in
fifteen minutes a delicious
pudding can be made all
ready to serve. Once you
try it you will use it all the
year around.
Hay and Feed
Anocher car of hay and
a car of mixed feed just
received. We can save
you money on feed if you
give us a chance to quote
you prices. The best timothy hay, re-cleaned oats
and'wheat, first-class bran,
shorts and chops.
Get It at Hume's
See our snap in this line
for Friday and Saturday.
For the benefit of our
customers we are offering
on those two days pint
bottles of mixed and Chow
Chow pickles &t only 20c.
per bottle, and quart bottles of mixed and Chow-
Chow at 40 cents. These
are all new and fresh
goods. Get them while
they are on social sale.
Hand Cleaners
Ten cases of the fam-
aus Boss hand cleaner on
special Bargain Sale on
Tuesday and Wednesday
of next week, Jan. 10th
and llth, at only 10c per
can. This cleaner compares with "Snap," which
is sold at 20c per can.
Breakfast Foods
You always want a nice cereal for
Breakfast during this winter weather. We
are always ready to cater to the public
with all the Breakfast Foods on the
market. If you want it ready for use we
have Malta Vita, Puffed Rice, Grape Nut,
Wheat Berries. Shreaded Wheat Biscuits,
Toasted Corn Flakes, Orange Meat and
Biscuits, and if you want food to cook we
have Quaker Rolled Oats, Cream of Wheat
Pettijohn's Breakfast Gem. Carnation
Wheat Flakes, Commeal, Wheat Ground
and Rolled Oats. All the purest and finished goods on the market
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke «** Arrowhead
Watch the Windows
for Special Lines
During January BA Pl RD w    ,1 as   2STH,  1911,
THE   JVCAIIL .L-J.JdLSZR^L  ".,1 1%TV■j±!.ljstok:iij
White   Cotton   Dress
New Duck Suitings.
New Muslins.   Zephyrs.
India  Linen, Nainsook   and
Madapolin,   Bleached  Table
Linen and Napkins.
New    Embroideries,
and Insertion.
CORSETS-American made
Several styles of these well-
known "W. B." Corsets just put
in stock. We have the W. B.
Reduso Corsets cilso. They are
simple of construction, and perform tho service of reducing
well developed figures without
the aid of straps, buckles, bands
or any other harness-like attachments. They are guaranteed
for Style, Fit and Durability,
and give absolute comfort.
1911 Diaries
A complete range of
Office    and     Poekel
Diaries, all  sizes and
prices.   See them at
Macdonald's Drugstore
Prescriptions Filled Promptly
We have just received ;i shipment of White Clover Hone\ put up in
itvr Hi. cans, which we will guurnuii e t" he absolutely Pure Hon*?y,
ami as i is is the season for honey we would advise jou i»> tr)* liuu if
\ ou wish to get Un.' genuine tu tic <■■
Tlie inmir "\V.i;;.-i.i!f'.* speaks for itsi'll in himiiI 0, quality. We have
,i full assortment ol iln- I'uit Innl iucluiliuK Strawberry, Raspberry,
l'euch. I'lnni. Black Cut rant unil Ap icot.g
A.  HOBSON,        Baker and Grocer.
James liciley returned la-a week
(rem b business trip to California.
' ■ . Mon lay, March 13th, tho Allen
Players will be here for a weeks'
engagement at thi   Bdison theatre.
11 you hear a noise like h battle
tonight h Is only Jezse James and
hii can; in another tra n robbery at
the Edisou theatre.
Mr. A. C. Clark, ol \ ictoria, ol
Victoria, has been a visitor for   the
■ lays  nt   the    of
Mrs   B. M* Oorley.
Tonicht the Jeunni' Russell com
tany will present (or the delectation
■.: theatre-goer., that great melo
•Jramn Jesse James, At the Bdison
theatre tonight.
The W.C.T.U.  will     meet at      the
home ol Mrs. Clay . u Friday   aftei
v*.       a ! ill     attendance   is
. • *! a     spi 'lal
a  : ■ •   •       am ni.
■ ■■ i adlcs'
will bc h -1.1     in   the
city ball ' n Fi I
Han Isomc
will be gives,
".*> ■      .ui .
. .
tt at i
■*-.'"■■;.. Dead or Alivi
red   il
r ■ vctn
*  •
Jnm-     the JI ■
•  ■
'   *
t.   Short
' '
:.       In
Mclntyre, by I.
r  Ho* ion. trea
an d t he lun li ir i
———■ I lll'l —III II 'IIHHH
Is one of ihe  most import,
ant items ir. your business
will look after Ihis brand
tho business for you.
Kootenay a/rgencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid 4 Anderson
Petitioners Ready to Contract frr
Number ot lights
Ai lh.' mi'*nn* ol iii.' council nii
Tuesday night besides ilia recital ol
;illr r.i iiiisiniiii'ii'i'in in nl Hi ■ pow
er planl by Mr. li, H. Biw Ing, other
matters which were up nn.l
not recorded in lasl Issue, owing lo
tho Ini-k ul power, were a poi II loll
seat in by A*. J, McDonell and others
tor Hn* extension ol tho electric ll thi
system, a petition from Chas, North
tor additional elootrlc light roquls
iirs, iho engagement d! an auditor
nn.l ili.* ijnostioii ni nn accessor,
The  petition  tor  Hi*' oxtonalon    ol
ih.' lighting syBiem     was Irom real
dents outside tho ell \. by which lhn
ir. n now patron *  con racted to    use
nfty one lights nn.l consldeiable pow
i'i*,   i'i .'*, iled  the   pel ii li n   wns actod
upi n    Mr.  A.  .1.  Mi Donoll addressed
i he council explain n •  thai   bo    ci n
si'leri'.l it  would I"' n  paying propo
> li *i  lor Hie city  ri. in   from      Iho
■ inn. The matter waa rotorrcd to
lh,' fin'.  Waler nn.l  Light   commll I*
A   i iipiest liuin     C    North,      cil..
■ loctrlclnn, for ll 0 extension arms
al mi apiiroxlmate cosl ol $1C0. and
a lire alarm box for tho new school
was ri i rd by motion of Aldermen
VbrahaniBi u and  Liawrence.
VV, il. Steen was reappointed auditor tor tha year at a salary of $350.
A bylaw to borrow $20,000 from
the Molsons Bank against tho lu
icomlng tuxes wns read three times
an I will como up shorl ly for its
nal reading ami passing, Tho city
clerk explained In answer to Alderman -MeKinn in thai there were st:il
about $12,SOO uf 1910 taxes unpaid,
much of which was tor local Improvements, anl lhal tha city can
sell th' properly this fall, Bgainsi
which tlie taxes are registered, provided they arc not paid before.
Mayor llnmilt. n opened up the
que i , a ol the appointmi nt. ol a
cily assessor by expla'ning that Mr.
Field would not touch the job again
this year under $450, Alderman Lawrence asked if it would not bo possible to let inst* year's assessment
stand, io which the mayor replied.
"Largoly so. but certain addition?
uch as new buildings, etc., would
have to he added."
Alderman Abrahamson suggested
i li -rt the assessment rolls be made up
by the city hall stall with whatever
additional  help might  be required.
The following motion accordingly
went through:
Moved by MeKinnon and Abraham-
son that the clerical work of the
* nt rolls be left with the em-
iloyees ol the city hall to add whatever additions were necessary, and
ihat the work be done as expeditious
ly as possible.
ol Iih   -a Ife, and ai  another lime, a i
iniisi  the will "I  the wm'.  Is apparently  deliwr'.l  I.i  tho lover nller her
bettor ci " iei nco  has  counseled    ag
. in i the   i i*    :*"i    Tho devil
h is his own ciijuj moni In havln i re
nan id to Ii ir anothor lottor by ml i
tako, ah bin n * this lottor, hi i Im
inidial.rly locluros lo her lovor whal
', contents wero, He doubts It,
theroupi n bho ile\ 11, who appi ars al
this iii'iniini produces tho original
letior, which proves her passionate
as. ri.iin ns mi.I this Beats their fate.
In the production Hay F. Brandon
dli tin 'iiishes himself by his subtlety.
porsunBlvi n i is, ardi n c humor and
lightness of touch, altho igh playini
the pari on broadly comic lima.
Miss Mullally Is capal I ■ onotii h, bul
In tin' play Itsoll both tho artist nnd
Hie wiic nre convent b nal llgut ds. In
> nsni'ii li as tli ' devil his n hand In
i n ■ game, |)iu c enl Inienl. bi nl Imi n
taliiy ,,i* ime is nol In question, Tho
koj a ito i pit sinn boI allamo by op
porlunlty pro\ Idcil bj tho devil nnd
burton d by i heir own evil doi li o
Fnr Saturday nighl this vv im ihe
Jeanne Kussoll Co, »*'i play the
ovor puputm nud a naallonal in b
drama "Jei sc Jamca." Tho iduv is
l,riin (nil ol oxeltomonl an I i en a
t |i nal iei a ■■ an I c n be * i. > ■ -d by
BuHnlo Bill, once moro i i
i nd this lime we rogrel * i
Iho lasl time in the history
eminent person illty Cob n *l
«Ml in* boi n ni the Bdison tl
Ml n lay, Tuesday and Vi
111) li'.s u *\l week. .lllsl as ;
,-avv Buffalo H'll you can bi
now. Now that WC have en
tht stage whi n our h no must bid us
farewell,  what  hotter torn uld his
appearance take than motion p'coto-
;rai by? S'ou owe n to yoursoll an I
lo your ebil.Ir. n to see I lie greatest
Indian lighter, plainsman and'world's
ideal horseman lor the last time at
the   Bdison  th'litre  next  week.
lie lore,
.y    for
l   that
i ody,
it i e   "II
bOJ  one
Peter febastien Dead
It was a surprise when word gol
round , n Tuesday that "Old Poter
Sebastian" had passed away early in
the morning at the hospital where he
had hei n ci nl n. .1 for a short time
with u inlil. The Bags in tho town
were at half mast. Tho tunoral look
place al St. Paul's church yostorday
Friday, Rev. Mr. McCnnn officiated,
nnl the whole ol the Inhabitants attended io show respect to the old
man. The following were the pall
hearers:—1). Bowes, K. P. Armstrong
IV. Shaw, .1. C. Greene, J. Wren. 11.
Macdonald, ,1. A. Buckham, !•'. II*
Hncon, K. Lang, J. Connor, 0. A.
Warn n, d . I,amunta.;ne. — Golden
Hot Waler Bottles
For thc Cold Wcnthcr
. *   h    ■..     ■ ,1   boltl
■a   ol
Chest   Protoctors   and
Chamois Vests
Bews' Drug Store
-.. i n * ;
v       owe   il   to yoursell .
iin n to sc ■ Buffalo U
■ ny  next   week,   Postl Ivelj   thia
youi  Inst ch
un Thursday,  I
l singers accon
.i    .
: a will be al
n the spnrklin |
■   ■  •
•   '
*       *      I ■
'    '
*    • ■ ■ *
J ' ■
. '
cen luctifl th
irtook      of
li mi        I li
visi' aro a- ' '*■      Past Con  ' **ni
Bov W. K Osborn Con. I ,m., II.
V, i* i rord , Vdv r.■-.ti .A. .1. Wool
land;   Banker,   .1     I Clerk
J,  Mclntyre;     Baci rt,    C    0   Wire;
ti.  An ba "U.  'I i ni   ii   Moi
Ma h.i i'l. I-*'   Tuckei,     T
I ii,   Delegate, G.D
\li.  H.I , W   ll    \in, i* ii
V. .Ii|   l\cst PlCturOI  licit e
A It I .. ii n.
md const
'       I        I.a
. of "The Devil" by Frcnz
n gar ian  novelist,  af-
.:   .ii.., i a      atten
been   'eceh ed on
omewhat     of     a
Th     :    nne Russell Co,
to    Revelstoke       lai I
■    .*. .       .      .. :     i* , i ,
a   as els   -there.
■ •
tin a a     i
ike a ci M-
WANTED—Lady with one little girl,
would like permanent position as
chambermaid.     Reply   Mail-Herald
Teacher of Voice,  Piano uud Organ
Pupils  prepared  for  Toronto Conservatory ol    Music.       Local  exuni-
Los  \*... *! i, Cal., Jan, 18, 1911.
Mr.   11.   il.   Kill!. I,   :;• 0   N,   Alvat i lo
.. reel, Lo    \n "le.**   < Series H 10, '• *
own   th • t.o.i'*. Auto.
E    ned,
Ur.  O.  11.  Dicksi n.  H.C.R.
s. G. Dunkcrley, I-I, B.
W. J. Webb,
M. Claberg,
Frank  B.  Hand.
• .
Ri /elstoke  Land  District.
Icl "f West Kootenay.
.   notice that I, J. II. Selkirk,
i, occupation, real estate
,i:  nt,  Intend  to apply for     permls-
il n to purchase the following     de-
II   I    land
,.nm.iM*....: at a post planted    2*0
■*   i ol  Hi *  B I'M', ol L, i'.'.s.',
'ith   ii chains, thence   east
thence   outh 10    i bains,
' hains,    tli nee  not th
es I   In     i ia n *.
I ii di e      vest
*i    0       -lin     ..
to i oinl      of
*!i,in *;.' -in. nt, contain ng H    bcic
Dated Dec, 23,  8910
J.  II.  SKI,P. IKK.
Pel    i:    . in.ih.    I   ■   i
I.n a good name for the business we arc doing
these davs. Crowds of satisfied customers are advertising OUR REMOVAL SALU and goods are
rapidly disappearing, livery day brings oul new
lines ,ti now prices, We arc nol looking for profits
al this sale, bul arc determined to go to the now store
with a fresh stock, much ol which is now ou the way,
You will miss a grand opportunity to supply vour
needs, both for now and spring, il you do nol lake
advantage ol this sale.     Here aro a few good lines!
Japanese Taffeta Silk
Twenty-seven-inches wide, jusl wlial  you wanl
i.i slips foi white and  ail. wai dresses.     A  splendid
washing quality.   Regular 50c.   While ii lasts il goes
■ tl .'in.'.
Fowne's Kid Gloves
About iimi pairs of odd si/.cs and shades. Not all
si/os in an\ ono shade, bui .ill si/.cs in some shades.
Tli. \ are lhc regular $1,511 qualilv. Iln sale at 85c,
per pair.
Kimona Cloth
200 yards of soft, heavy mntcrial, cspceiall) made
for kimonas and dressing jackets. Tbey ccmc in
exceedingly prettv pa term and are aboul the nicest
goods ever shown for ihi.. purpose. Regular 30c.
Sale price only 20C.
Fancy Collars
I he balance ol our fancv collars, stocks, bows,
iic, are on sale al b ill price. We 1 re acknowledged to carry thc best line in the. cilv, and ihis is a
ore .1 snap.
Wool Gloves
Ladies', Misses and Cl ildren's Ringwootl l',\o\es,
all colors. Regular 25c and 30c. Now 15c. per
Wc have heaps ol lint s of w Inch thc quantity is
too small to advertise. Vou will lind ihem on display with price cards attached.
..•xi*?r .
V»>-'«j>. iai/Cli   tk"'*>
''•Cfe-.'' 1
r*.TP:*TT*^'W"i> ■TV* "-J. ;-jr"?,^'rt,*T^'
'i.'.*.'.:4"".ii;.ICKl"M,><'' v-.-  C..J ...
Your Winter Oi/ercoat or Suit
If you haven't purchased tlicm yel you
had better eome and look al our large
and complete assortment. We can suit
the most fastidious in ihe clothing line.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-RJorm Clothing - Foot-Rite Shoe
ft* ■u.ora
l|ii\ll*..--TK\li   I'Hil   BALK,
I     lili :      ■ t*,    aci0
.a * . .
am i
1 inii o
Hani li
ill   line,
and fi
i.i partli
B   C
t .** *■
P, 0
1.    :     *
om«    .t:i"*      It * ii irnl
tiflke    ly   tf'* Uf       on
i      ode I '"■    11 : ■ the
Fruit LanA
*-h  t*.     Cloldcn nit'*'   the train
1'     11  to|i rrl n  pn     n ei   in
"'  l'"li'*i*  I'n   .   *'       iti I    nn
tiflln 1   lo  riolili 11  and   .1.. :    John nu
mn' le I   " li  11   Hi,,  linn   in 11   ,. 1 *
lie «.1    iiiiiii. Ual n iu   limn
li ui    loi  ti lal
■                 * wife
I..   .. .   *                   *. nn     led       t,,
rent. 1    * mrc In
mnn p ilnl 1 ■• this lei 1 1       thnl nl  1 in...  ,1   almost   fn       uiu ih •
han is ..r               ti
1   imn
Ray  land* In p1
..r  mi   bldC
1   ., ri
Bin itsductions in Underwear
We have some odd lots in Underwear embracing
some of the beBl of uur regular lines which we art'
offering al a very low price.
Men's Fleece-lined, Penman's. Reg 75c. New 50c.
Men's Tiiiro Knit, a I u-o-il. Reg. $1.25. How 30c.
Mai's Havy Fleece-liml, Brown. Reg $1. Now 75c.
Min's Heavy nil wool.    Reg, 1.50 ' Now    $1.
Days' Fleece lined, Reg. 45c. io 55c.
Now 30c. to 40c.
Buys'  Turnbull's.  Reg. 50c. to 85c. Now 35c. w 65c.
McTSiis Mercantile Company. Limited
The Stvle Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
John Shaw. Agent.
Uox 616 An owhead
wiLLtAM I. DRiaaa, robert smith.
Barri Icltor,  El''. Provincial   Land   Btivoyor,
• •     ■      The   Canadian Bank Mining Surveyor,
oi Commei 1    Phi  Molsons Bank,; Engineering
Kir. McKES/.ll'l   WK.,
FXB8T 8TKB£ r   -   tUvalitoke, B.O BOX   LOG,   RBVBL8T0KB,


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