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The Mail Herald Oct 22, 1910

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $60.
Interior Publishing Co., Agts.i'
T^e Mai
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
J-No. 83
$2.50 Per Year
EVtWi; ;UHING you
Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Otflce—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized      -      ■     $10,000,000.00
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up*
5,575,000.00 \
5 S30.000.00 ■
5,55i>,j00.00 J
Branches or Agents at all principal points in'Canuda.
AgenU in Great Britain aud United Statos—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattlo—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco ■ Wi-IIh Fargo Nevada National Bank, Spokane—Exchange
National Bank,
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
ourrent rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Fresh Oysters
Arriving  Twice-a-week
Finnan Haddie Kippers
Mackerel     Smoked Halibut
Fresh Killed Spring Chickens
P.   Burns & Co.
T. P. O'Connor Wants Canadian
System in England
In a forcible and brilliant speech
before the Vancouver Canadian Club
this week, T. P. O'Connor, the Irish
Home Rule champion, among other
things said that home rule had long
been regarded as a circle, but in
reality, it was only the segment ot
a circle, a small portion ol a vast
problem. He came to Canada not
merely for financial support, but he
had come because they had reached
that stage in the struggle in which
the opinion of Canada had a special
right to be heard and would be listened to as it had never been before.
'I don't know," he said, "whether
you realize it or not in Vancouver,
but in London we have discovered
Canada." The bold Columhuses who
have done so for the present are
mainly to be found within that
square mile in which the city ol
London deals with the financial affairs of the world. I could wish
that the discovery of Canada extended far beyond that so that
many of the toiling millions of our
people would realize the splendid Eldorado that this great west oilers
to men with sturdy  hearts.
I am entitled to come to Canada
and ask you to petition the parliament of England to do the same for
Ireland as has been done for you,
that the same beneficent results may
come to Ireland as have come to
"I repeat that it is the opinion of
everybody in the British Isles that
Canada is the brightest jewel in Britain's imperial crown, and, therefore
t believe that the voice ol Canada
will be heard today with an attention that might have been refused to
it at a previous period. In the
second place, it has a right to be
heard because you have solved successfully thc very problem with
which we are face to fai<e in the
Britist Isles. You have shown the
world that it is perfectly possible ,to
combine together national unity with
local  self-government.
He continued that after his journey
through Canada he understood thc
case for local self-government. Not
only climate and geographical conditions, but even races and creeds
in the various provinces were so did
erent, that Canadians had made up
their minds early that it was impossible they should all lie governed
by one body. Whilst Canadian they
were British Columbia also and as
such wished to deal with the de-
demands of British Columbia themselves.
"I think we all agree as to the
difficulties. Wc differ only as to the
methods hy which they shall be met.
I see only one. I ask the people ol
the British Isles to reshape their
government on Can.lian lines. In the
main our contention is that in justice to the four great nationalities in
to which the British Isles arc divided, they should bc able to deal with
their local Questions hy a hody
which each locality brings into existence And on the other hand the
imperial parliament should riBC to
its lofty destinies by denuding itself
of these petty local questions, and
devote all its wisdom and all its
strength to the task ol governing tho
empire in n truly imperial spirit."
Revelstoke Chiefs Secure Two
Cranbrook, Oct. 21.—The British
Columbia Firemen's association in
convention on Wednesday elected officials as follows: President, Chief
McDougall of Ferni-e; first vice-president, Chief Morrison of Vancouver1;
second vice-president, Chief Latham,
of Kaslo; treasurer, Chief Foote, of
Revelstoke; secretary, AsBiBtant
Chief Brock of Revelstoke; executive
committee, Chiefs Savage, Latham
Wand and Oarlyle. The next annual
convention will be hold in the city
of Vancouver.
Representing Revelstoke were Assistant Chiefs S. Needham and U.H.
British Columbia's Surplus
Victoria, Oct. 21.—The British
Columbia governemnt has a surplus
of J2,7S0,000 for the year, whicli
ended on March 31st last. The
province is in a position topay ofl
thewhole of the public debt if it
were policy to do so. The expenditure has been greatly augmented dur
ing the past few years, and, notwith
standing, there is a balance of actual cash of two and three-quarter
million dollars in tiie treasury of
the province.
Y.M.C.A. Notes
i The R. R. Y. M. C. A. have a well
lighted reading room open to all
men, who desirous of spending a few
hours, also a cosy lobby where tho
men can congregate and have a social chat. In another portion ol the
building is an American billiard
table and pool table for the use of
the members at a small niniinal lee.
1 The bowling alleys are now in excellent condition. Three new lignum
vita balls and a set ol bawley pins
have been placed on the alleys, and
the members at a small nominal fee.
| The result ot last Wednesday evening's game, J. U. C.'s vs. C. P. *\^,
was a win for the boys. CP.R. total
1S46, J.B.C's total 18tiC. Friday ev
ening, Oct. 21, Business men vs.
Corley's, total scores: Corley House,
1851; Business Men, l'JS-3. Monday
evening, Oct. 24,  J.B.C.  vs. Dent's.
Stylish Fall and Winter Hats
A Bliipnifnt just arrived  from the Knst
Mrs. A. G. Crick, ■ First St.
Goes Into Effect Sunday, October 30th
Tho 0. P, R. winter    time     tablo
will go into ofleet OD     Uctulier ,'10-th,
and the trnins will arrive nnd      depart as follows from  Revclntokc:
No. 1, arrives 0:45 a.m., departs
:7:0s a.m.
No.  97,  arrives  6.55  p.m., departs,
15 p.m.
No. 2, arrives 12:30 midnight, -do-
parts 12:45 midnight.
No. 96, arrives t. Ij a.m., departs,
9:05 a. m.
South train leaves Kevelstoke at 9
a. m., arrives Revelstoko 5:23 p.m.
Tcnins No. 5 and 6 will be discontinued.
The 0, P. R, have now over thirty
new engines on thin division, being
the  heaviest  in  Canada.
Every passenger train Is now Installed with a portable ttliphont OUt
lit that enn lie bitched onto tho
wire- from the train nt any place
alcng  the  line  in  rase  of emergency.
Something Special
One of tho best selected programs
of moving pictures yet seen at the
Edison theatre was shown on Thursday night to a crowded house. The
pictures were of artistic as well as
educational interest, all being excellent photographs. "On tho
Riviera" was particularly beautiful,
showing the picturesque cities at this
in-ill European fashionable resort.
Especially interesting to the children
ia a tour of the Berlin Zoo, showing
tho various animals. Another
charming picture reveals wild birds
in their native haunts, the films being daintily colored. Thc feature ol
thc whole iB the "Flower ■>{ thc
British Navy," showing some ol
the English Dreadnoughts, cruisers,
and torpedo cralts. Thc whole program which is Instructively interesting to young and old, will be produced again tonight, while for the
matinee was held this afternoon,
benefit of women and children, a
Two performances will lie given tonight at 8 and t 10,
r.inip Mountain View, 0.0.W.0.W,
aie completing arrangementi to mnke
the whist totiiiiaiiii'iit on the ,|;'l.
,i-il. i cm, Tickets mny lie ll i.l from
the Committee In clmrgn, ot   lhe itiiiir.
man, v. \Vouilltunl.
C. N. R. New Route
A sin vey p nty ol llfteen I'ligini'i'iH
and assistants ha* been camped mlji-
ceiit in the town ol i.yi'ou for the paal
month, The party Is engaged In iui-
raying a routs for Lhe Canadian
Nml hi'in railway on the north lido of
the Tnornpaon river and west niil" of
the i'l'iiHci liver, ai an   iilteiiiinive Iii
the rout a previously looatad hy tlm
Canadian Northern surveyor, whieh
la on the sama aide of the river as iho
Can iiiinii 1'iicillc.
The latter railway oompanyajipea'ed
tni he hoard of railway oom missions: s
objeotlng to lha Canadian Murlhoin
railway running it" line* iiiiim dlalelj
below thelii on thn steep side hllU in
account   of   the   sliding  diameter nf
those hil.    Ho ihe  commissioners
derided  to   ploy  an  Independent
engineer who wan to makoaurvbysuud
report on the merits of lhe two routej.
Mr. t'. Ki Cai'lwilght, iiiiiHiiltii g
engineer! of Vancouver was Ih.n
srlec eil hy the two railways and lhe
above party Is in llleemploy.
Jeanne Rtuscll nnd her high elans
ii'Mip.iiiy ni the Bdlson on Monday for
n week's engagement,
(ii'iimapiioiie reoordi nnd ninchlno
ii,..ri**-, cic a big supply in ohoois
hnm nt Macdonald's I Mug Blow.
Regular shipments bam and bacon,
slock nlwnys choice at Mcliilyie's,
Revelstoke Amateurs Score Another Success
Seldom has the Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic Club made such a decided hit with the public during their
long existnnce In the city ns they
did laBt night at thc Edison theatre
over thc production of the comedy
success "The New Boy." We went to
see the play with thc full intention
:of giving a sharp criticism over the
Iwork of the actors, for although
,thcy are all local and amateurs, and
it is not usually good policy to crit
ize them too much, whether tbey nre
good or bad, yet even an amateur
who is really interested in his work
'and wants to excell in it, will have
■no objection to a fair criticsm when
he knows that it is for his own
good. We repeat that we wmt to
criticize, but found very little that
deserved disapproval.
The characters were well erst, and
the general make-up excellent, while
each show<«d that they had paid
careful attention to detail and stage
deportment. The only drawback
was the rather mechanical acting of
several of the compnny and a self-
consciousness that, we admit, is dif-
fult for an amateur to shale ofl,
when before the public. "The New
Boy" was a dillicult piece to play, in
thnt the dialogue wns much interrup
ted which gave a rather jerly tone
to many parts which might have
been attributed to hesitation on the
part of the actor. As a matter of
fact the play was rather dragged at
times, the cues not being picked up
sufficiently quickly.
As Rennick and Freddy, W. J. W.
Brown made a decided hit, ar.d acted
his part excellently, his portrayal of
the new boy being really clever. His
make-up was good nnd we h.ivo never seen him to better advantage.
As Dr. Candy, D. M. Rae v.as as
usual up to the mark and s,:ted his
part with the ease and attention
that always characterized him on
the stage, showing that ho is quite
at home there nnd lacking of the
amateur's self conscious manner
'■■"liich stamps the old bander at the
A^ Felix Roach, Vi. M. Lawrence
had a splendid make-up and did well
although we have seen him do better
before, his dialogue on this occasion
being too hesitating.
O. W. Cordon, as the Frenchman,
played his part with all thc eccentric vim of the excitable "Cr,.pand,"
his accent and manner lieing very
I K. II. Sawyer, as Bullock Major,
lacked the correct make-up an.l
costume, although ho acted the
bully very well, with the exception ol
u few long pauses caused hy not being word perfect.
.1. Donald, as Stubbcs, was an
ideal  irascible farmer.
Mrs. 0. M. Rae, as Mrs. R'nnick,
hnd a long dillicult part, but played
it exceedingly well, If a little
mechanical at times, but her prompt
picking iiii ol cues and hmdsomc
singe appearance are worthy ol spec
ial  credit.
MrB. S. Crowe, as Nancy, made her
theatrical debut last night and act
ed most creditably, looking the
part well. Mrs. Crowe deserves
much encouragement and we hope
that we shall see her again before
the  footlights.
Miss Ciissle FrnHcr, as Busi'ii, was
also n debutante nnd although her
allotted part was small, yet she
looked most charming and showed
much  promise.
Thc scene set wns artistic and
handsome being the work of It. It.
Oopeland, and the whole piny groat
ly enjoyed by tbt largo bOUIO. The
amateurs are very popular lure and
have a good     reputation    of      high
I'lllNH   woik.
Jeanne Russell on Monday
On Monday night the Jeanne Kus-
scll company ol high cIiish players
iwill commeneo n week's engagement
'at the BdllOD thentre. This company has a repertoire of excellent
plays iiiiii during their tour havo
always drawn large houses. A peef
leSH orrheiitra will provide the muHic
lor  the  performances.     The  opening
hill   Od   Monday   will   Im'   tl A mi rl
rail (iii'l," ami will Imi followed during the week by SOmc ol tho finest
Iplnys of  today.
The company arc nil talented   and
the piny ere elnllorntely Staged, The
Jeanne Itnunell compnny nre considered to he one of the bent on Mid
ci.ntInent. Houts nre now on Bale
nt Miicdonnld's drug store.
The annual meeting ol the Ladles'
Hospital (iiiihl will be held In the 01 s
Hull, TiiiNiliiy nest) the SStta, at Bt3 i
Just opened a choice lino of welting
paptirs nnil envelnpps, thn nowot npt
at M,iciloiiiild'niliiig stoic,
We are showing a large stock
of Heating Stoves at prices
that cannot be beaten. Base
Burners, combination wood
and coal stoves, Blazers, Box
Stoves, Air Tight Heaters,
Oil Heaters, etc. Sask-Alta
Kootenay and Hotel Ranges
always on hand.
Bourne B
ourne Dros.
We have stocked a luge asssnrlinent of Underwear in
anticipation of the cold westher that Invariably follows a
BU'Jimei' .-uch as we have this season enjoyed. Our
underwear Is the best made, warm, comfortable ami
serviceable. Oui prices are so low that buying here is
Men's sanitary wool Him underwear, unshrinkable and
Price per Garment 75c.
Men's Underwear, Penman's
manufacturer, in light,
medium ami heavy weight,
all wool Rnl-hed and unshrinkable
Men's I'nderwear, Wolseley
make, in medium nnil very
heavy weights, pure wool,
guaranteed unshf inks hie...
Price   per   garment,   $2.50
Men's Underwear, Stanfield's
manufacture, all pure wool,
good wearing, guaranteed
Per garment, 90c, to SI.50       Per Garment, $1.25 to S3.25
McRae Mercantile Co., Limited
Men's and Boys' Outfitters
As to which is most attractive-
the fair hostess or the juicy
joint she carries. One of a complete selection of high-grade
meats from our spick-span market.   Give us a trial.
Criftln's Prem'er Hams and Baoon.   Armour's Star Hams ard B-ooon
FRESH FI8H   Sturgeon, Cod, Sa'mon, Halibut, 8molts, Crabs.
SAUSAGES   Pork, Bologna, Blood.       Head Cheese, Jellied Tongues.
Cuiok Delivery Cuaranteed. Clve Ue a Trial.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd,
Under New Management.
Wm.  Boyd,  Proprietor
Tin- Greatest Health Retort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 1J4 Degree of Ilea
Natural Hot Water in Bathe,   (i|ta,\ll Year
Rates from $ 12 to $ 15 Per Week
Doors, Windows, Mouldings,
Turnings, Etc.
Write for Prices to
Revelstoke Sash & Door Co. Ltd
«P Pag* I
BATl'RDAY,  OCT.  22ND.   1910.
C; c flDaiMbeualb
Jntcrtot publishing Company,
Subscription   Rates
lnclutin^ po-slogo iu Kngland, United Statos
..nil Canada,
Bj- the year [through posiortlce) 82.50
Half " "      l.SU
Uuarter "        " "   LOO
J Jll HINTING promptly executed at reason-
able rates. ,,   ,
TERMS—I ash. Subucnptio w payable in ad
Lega notice-1'cut. per line ilr-t Insertion,
per line * a '* subsequent Insertion
Measurements Noupurlcl [fi linoa make ono
iuchj.    Store   and   gonural busltioaa announcements (.■■"   per  inch  per niuu"-
Preferred   positions,   25   per   cent,    ad
saL   Births,  Marriages   and Deu tas
each  insertion,
Land *     I * ■     All  adrortlsemonts
■■.I..* approval of the management.
Wanti     *   * ' * .*■■■ ii-'-'l AdvortUomouU:-
\\ anted, Help  Wanlod, Bltuations
*,*. . ied    >.* ..cun-    Vacant.    Teaohora
I, Mechanics Wanted, in words or
. c   additional  line lo   cent*.
Chauges li  standing advertUements must
ik. m hy '.' a. in.  "I iii-mU)  aud Friday of
,.   :. week to sec ire good dlnplay.
i     :UKSPONDENCE luvltod  on matters ol
i ommunloattons to Edi*
:or   mn iccompanlod   tiy   name  of
.*...::. nol necessarily fo publication, but
. .. lenoe ufKood faith. Uorrespondenoe
-hould bc brief.
Ill IL Bank BOILDISB   lin i.i.
BlUKK, H. 0,
**Tnney m loan.
OlVices-ReTslsUiko, B.C.,  fniubrook, UX .
Bko. S. MoCabteb ,   .   _
A. M. Pinkham- J. A. Hakvky.
Uevelstoko. t roubrook
Solicitor, etc,
S for:-
Tue Canadian Bank of Oommkroe,
Tuk MoLSUNa Bank, Em
FIRST ST..   •    KliVKLHTOKB. lid'.
Provincial Yn-nd Surveyor,
Mining Surveyor
MiKknzu: Aykni i*
Box ItX), Kbvklstokk
c. w. o w.
Mountain  View Camp. No. 229
Me.ii.** s«. u.l ami  Fourth   Wednesdays   iu
MOhm nth, iu Selkirk Ball.    \i«itlug Woodmen cordially InviteCI i" attend.
W. E. OSBORNE, Con. Com.
JAS  MolNTYRK, Clerk.
Order  early for delivery Sept.   15th  and
Fir,  Birch,   Pine,  Spruce,   Hemlock
and Cedar Mixed
real estate, life, fire and accident insurance
different localities. The develop
ment of Ii. C means Increased population, the opening up ol new -districts and the consequential wealth
derived from the vast natural resources which make British Columbia the objective ol the capitalists as
well ns the settler.
In Iowa forty-seven Methodist min
isters have left the ministry because
the salary of $5(10 a year is not
sufficient to enable them to bring
up their families properly, according to a recent statement maile by
the Toronto Mail ami Empire. No
one will blame the pastors for think
ing of the Hock at home in preference to that Hock which looks for
h[lirituel food uiul refuses to pay
anything for it. With the clergy
leaving the pulpit and the. young men
refusing to become students owing to
the deprivations to whicli they will
have to submit if they become clergy
ini'ii, the outlook for the church in
the future is not bright. Nor will it
be a good tiling for the nation if the
elleicney ol thf churches should become impaired.
he condition of affairs in Pie rig-
Istry otlice in Kamloops, although
the Standard semis to ni.u.r. that
there is cause fc complaint there,
but there is ne.'v'r s.uoke walnut
tire and the complai i s if uie j -ov-
ineial public are .u .j justified. As
we said before we ,1 > ml i. u,\ what
Kamloops i.s doing, imt .f all tho
holes and coruiM who ha-ze r jji»try
ollices were to cany out their work
in a business ake maimer, ,lioie
would probably be bitting to idhi
plain of. As tor V-.e system cu.s
ing dela>s if ih,'.. is si', l'mii to ise
' responsible fo; i Blpjulh too that it
is i .it rigm
Kootonoy LodRO, No. IS, A F. & A. M.
Tho roiiiiliu niiiol- I
ins* aro Iml.I iulbo
I'LL,   u.hlfull iwb'
Hull, un il,n third
Uonday   Lu   ouch ,
in,,ml,  *it   s  ii in.
Visiting   brethren |
urn curitially wol
J. T. POLLO' K, Uabtkb.
CHA8. J  AMAN, Sbohhtibi
■SELKIRK LODOE 12  1.0.0 Y.
M»***    evory Thursday   eveuiu*   iu   Bel*
■ Irirk Hall hi g o'clock
_  Ci Yibitiug broibreu are
y Lnfttod In lltUlld.
B88-QUABBBRIOQS N.o.    J. MA'i'HIE-kc
Cold Range Lodge, K. of Pi
No. 26,   Rovolstoko. 8. C.
Ueeti OTerf   Wedne-pliy ex*
eept Third We'Jno.iliiy ,<l each
month, iu tin  Ilil Ifell iwa Hull
a*. -    • oclt     Visltlug Knights
Ils r ini md.
d a. Mcdonald o. c.
O. H   RHOCK   K. ol H  4 8  and 11. ,.- V.
It seems that the people of New
.South Wales, Australia, have at last
realized that the rule of the labor
government with a big majority is
not conducive to prosperity or to
the hest interests of the state. The
recent election shows only two of a
majority fur the labor government
uud another election is the next step
The plicy of the laborltos has not
been one which can he said to have
materially assisted the working man
but rather had the effect ol laying »
heavier burden upon him, us well us
driving away Intending investors in
the country. Such policy has been
the cause of very great dissatisfaction in the stale and it is
now hoped that a new regime and
condition ol affairs will allow tho
country to again make the great
stride- in commercial prosperity that
were impossible under the labor
pari v
Mt. Begbie
Meets in I. 0. 0. Y. Hall next to
X ipp ;.-■'- Opera House, every second
and fi null Mi n.i.iy in month.
Visiting   brethren    conjially    nrel-
C. It.. (JLARBNCB ll ii-tTi-:.
Rec.-Sec, il. W, Howards
I • - i.  15071,
...  01   AMERICA
....      ght   in
- ,1 rot.
\   .    ,-.      nv,      Wm, S. Si dan,
i Clerk.
Che flfeaiUlfocvato
j,     ,   «.
tj \Hi'.l'.\i
*n    a
sstal *      i.
I  -  *   Chamber
ol   Deput
it   it is no* re
•• I 'lim the Bi nat(    * 111 JlVI    :'
,      -.';:■
anothei value in Us
■ ,,i    *.. ,m   e to n .1 ntaln     the
On the other hand     It
Mt I     iship on those
i   adiiiii to maintain     a
Facts and figures slum  more plain
ly than anything else the stum.-   re
latlonshlp  between  groat   Britain and
' Canada and how  nee two
countries arc  to  each  other,
bos population and cat*.ml an I    tbi
exploit   its  natural   wealth.        I
significant to learn  that ■*
last five yew ■       ■ Oh
been received by Cat
Britain    tut   investment  a
Canada ha
from    London alum* ,-':	
■*.*..  tn This
Canadian     secui I
.that the     Eng
that tiii".i  money i an   i
safely   t trned  ovi
that      the     mail.
, than
lm-.-.- been  yi    shown.     Et
Ital will help Canada an
•li   developed    hy thai
will     .-. ia      era ■'■ *
the i
i nun.*,
mi n
,*r those wii*. i	
■ a mi ind letrtee, lot th
that will do a*
:     * :    *    *
■  daughter, Canada
Yesterday was thc anniversary of
the great battle of Trafalgar, when
in 1S05, Admiral Lord Nelson won
the glorious victory over the French
fleets, but sacrificed his life :or his
country. It is such deeds of empire that have secured for England
her greatness and builL up a vast
heritage through thc prowess of her
sons. Although wc cannot all be
Nelson's, Wellington's or Wolfe's,
still wo each and all of us have our
part to perform and do our share,
no matter how small, for the building up, strengthening and expansion
of tlie Uritish Empire. It is not on
ly the brilliant achievements, such
as was celebrated yesterday that
make an empire and a nation, but
tho many small acts of loyalty, progress, enterprise and right living on
the part of the millions ol Uritish
subjects,   who,      scattered  in      every
cor ' of the globe, go to make   up
the whole. It is the unity of nctitm
along lines of development aud commercial enterprise that  in  thC-Mi mod
in days lends to increase the power
of the Uritish nation, and greatness
and excellence in learning, and invention, tho results i.f scientific re-
Bearcb and study and the Indomit-
a . com and aggri Bston of the
iii'l* that will .iin laurels for Kngland. when the might of arms     and
,,,*i   muscle  in  the  good old    days
laid the foundation of our wonderful
empire.        England     must    perforce
maintain her mi the sea and
the high  stan lord ol ind mill-
the emblem
*.;' hei   powt r i be done
•kill.     by
iin,   a
on I     by
all  the  .n
-. - -      theie
t Electrical Power will do
io lievelstoke
A  Kilowatt Hour oiuytr ere ee
With the completion of the new
; power dam an.l the installation of
the new electrical machinery, whicli
with a three phase system, will provide the city with a continuous service of light and power day "and
night. Uevelstoke will have a lot
of cheap power to sell when the new
plant is in working order, and the
people will do well to study this and
see how they can utilize electrical en
ergy in their homes with economy
anil convenience.
i The follow,ng is a little list showing Revelstoke citizens what one
kilowatt hour which costs anywhere
from 3c. to 15c, will do tor them.
We think that the lisl we have prepared will give the people a good
idea and of bringing homo to them
the versatility ot electrical power.
In view of the fact that this power
will be available all over the city
shortly, and that the city council
are trying to get the people to use
it, the table below Will bc useful.
;    A kilowatt hour of electricity will:
Haw 300 feet ol tlmbor (deal).
Clean 5,000 knives.
Keep your feet warm for live hours
Clean 75 pairs of boots.
(Hip live horses.
Warm your curling tongs every
day in the yenr for three minutes
nnd twice on  Sundays.
Warm your shaving water every
morning lor a month.
(live yon a 1250 imkrcssiotis on a
Bremner royal  printing machine.
Run a mechanical sieve for two
Run an electric clock for ten hours
Iron 30 silk hats.
Light 3,000 cigars.
Knead eight sneks of Hour into
Fill and Cork 26(h dozen pint bottles.
Supply all the air required In an
ordinary church  organ  for one service
Pump 100 gallons of water or other lii(iii*d to a height of 25 feet.
Run a plate-polishing machine for
28 hours.
Run an electric piano for 10 hours.
Li'.'t 3J tons ,75 tt. in four minutes.
Give you three turkish light baths.
Keep your domestic irons in use
tor an hour.
Keep yon  warm in bed for 3*2 hours.
Warm all the beds in the house hy
warming pan lor n fortnight.
(live you a fire in your bed room
for an hour while you arc dressing
and  undressing.
Iinil nine kettles, ench holding two
pints of water.
Cook fifteen chops in fifteen minutes.
Run a small ventilating fnn for 6
Keep your breakfast warm for live
Hun a sewing machine for 21 hours
i'arry y.uir dinner upstairs every
day for a week.
I'.-iiiy you 80 times from the bottom of tha house to the top, SO feet
ench  journey.
Keep  your coffee  i"t  warm nt thc
fast  table every  day for a week
Carry you three miles in nn electrical  lii-iiiigham.
Kootenay Logging Camps
N'akusp, Oct. 21.—Two large logging gangs have started work on op
posito sides nf tli' lake close to
Nakusp. The Crescent Uay Orchards have a gang under Mr. Vip-
oii.l, nf Nelson, getting out some
two million feet of logs and many
thousand telegraph poles and ties
from their own property two miles
south of the town. Mr. Symons, of
1'ingston Creek, is equally busy on
the west shoro with similar work.
The output from the local sawmills
and pole yards have been very heavy
during the last few months and the
demand for lumber locally is very
heavy, the wharf at Nakusp being
littered daily with shipments to
points along the lnkes.
Wireless Record
Breaking    all     records for wireless
communication on the   Pacific ocean
the  Canadian-Austrn.inn     liner Mak-
ura,  whieh arrived at Vancouver this
week,  spoke to the wireless     Station I
at  Sail  Fraiuisco  while    2,000    miles I
oil the. (Inldcii (late, nnd two      days ,
away from Honolulu.     The previous I
records for Pacific    wireless      inter- j
course  is  that established      hy    the
Marama, which on her last trip from |
thc Antipodes,  spoke the Sitka station,  2,5*0'9 miles away,  while      lying '
In the harbor at Honolulu.
Mails Close
•  a.  m,       ar.:
p. m.
m, at.
■ • |
U thi '
M        j  Pleturea  to t
A Capable Company
Novoml ii   Ith, Shakes
■:y   "Twelfth   Night"     will
: here at the Edison the-
■*..,.   ,   '      P    Winker's rom
English  players,  including
i,   and   Violet  Kldy.  This
-,   toured   Ci''   west       Inst
'At  Y,,'i  Like  It"      and
an   mpri     on  that their
I by a crowded     house,
*   .*n ling Shake
many   admirers by     her
I    niuu,rt nl
A miiKSivc
■ i,es.
.   ;*. •  res to eight,
■ ■ ir.i tonight.
Tin* . • tht  Provincial gown
i   ■ ■    i .• ... ment     ol     the
; good roads will
:nl approval    for   no
tter lactoi tbe   iltlmate nettl
ing up nnl the prosperity     ol     the
rln« 'an be bad      With nn   extern ■■• roads    ' onnictlng
• ni ma n Interprovim nl   trunk
ri.ad.  Mttlen n-  well as  towns pro
i *  Mill he nflc'i,!' ; a mean    •' cheap
end easy access in and oul    nf     thc
In     regai I    ti
•   i
I*'..* in
the *■''■
the     howl
,.,*,,,    *      .   ■ in
■ :.
nre i asking lot   the    •
itabliibment of n com
' pelted to do business in    Van  * *
where  they  are ovei   i,  year    Ml
,,i  in any other office    where     tbey
are from llvo to   •  ,*n months       "
hind, tbey mighl hoc soma    rt
tor their kick       \ i II Is, the   Kam
loop   office, badly undermanned n   II
i . im. kept nearer up to date   'ban
„ny ol   the   others in tha province,
The trouble simply Ilea In tbe   . ti m
itself, which la bound to cauee    do
layH    Wheoevei   there  In nny    unu Ual
' tush ol business."
1   We do not know unythlng     about
Rn Automobile Car
Railway officials on thc Lake Superior division of the Canadian l'u-
cific railway will hereafter make
their trips of inspection in an automobile car. It is the lirst of its kind
to bc operated in Fort William. It
lias a buggy top. Gasoline is the
motive power, and a speed of from
E0 to 60 miles an hour can be obtained. It has seating capacity lor
Fire Alarm Boxes
Uox No. 11—Corner First street
and McKenzie avenue, C. B. Hume
& Oo.
Uox No. 15—Comer First street
nd  Rokcby  avenue, post ollice.
Uox   No.   16—Corner   Second  street
and  Government Road and      Opera
Box No. 17—Corner Third utruet
nl Campbell avenue, Ololrn I,inner compauy.
Box No.  18—O.P.R.  station.
Box No. 21—Oorner Fifth street
nd McKenzie avenue, Catholic
Box No. 25—Corner    Sixth     b'.ioct
nd Orton avenue,  W.  A.  Foot".
Box No,  26—Corner Fourth stroet
nd Townlcy street, corner sjilh
Box No. 28—Corn, r Second t>tro:t
nd Robson avenue,  Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. 2.
Box  No.   35—Hospital.
Box No. 36—School.
Box No. -14—Fire Hall No. 1.
Box- No. 45—Front street wel.
car C.  1'. R.  bridge.
Box No. 46—Comer King and
loiiglns streets, Palace Meat Market
Box No. 47—Corner Second and
Vales streets, buck of court house.
Box No. 48—Corner Third i.i.d
(has.  streets,  Cowan block.
blgval for practice—not leas ti.a..
Ix  (6) slow strokes.
Cno (1) Indicates lino brokiu or
ro out.
Signals are given thus: 2 str »Ye«,
nterval 5 seconds—4 strokes, UuJ
4. No. of box will nlso be shown
n  indicator at Fire Hall.
Moving Pictures 1 n-nlghl.
Shi/obh Gure
thi« throat aad lnuji.
Piping Hot Water Always Ready
for every occasion, with the Kootenay Steel Range,
without " driving" the lire or wasting fuel. Tlie
generous firebox is built so that the water heats very
rapidly as it passes through the water front, and
gives a plentiful supply. One bath usually empties
tin' boiler ln'iiteil by an ordinary range with thc
result that the rest of the family must wait for more
water to heat, .Not so with the boiler attached to
the water front of a
because the Kootenay never fails to heat as much
water as is required and as fast as it is used. Tho
nearest McClary Agent will make clear to you thc
reasons why you ought to own a Kootenay. eo
Join, n B,    I'limilton,    Cnl^nry
Capital Paid Up
Reservo Fund
$4 400,000
las 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
U all Bronchos.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. K. PRATT Manager.
It:::] lizie Table
The following is tlio new Bummer
tiinetnblu of thu C. 1'. U., showing
tiinus ol arrival and departure of
Main ut   KoveUtoke.
No. 1 arrives 0:05. dopsrta 8:38 a.m.
Nu. 07 iinivca :!:'.!r> departs 3:45 p.m.
Nol 5 arrives 4:55, iIi-imm ■ 5:15 p.m.
No. '2 arrives 12:35 midnight)     do-
imi t i 13:46 miUaight.
No.  00 arrives  11:30 a.   in., departs
111:50 a. m.
No. C arrives 7:20, a.m., departs
7:40 a.m.
LcaveB   Itevelstoke 7:41)   ». m., ar-
Ivaa  II.-'.-. 1 lul*i' 4:30 p. m.
Send Your Orders
To ilu- undersigned (or
Famous Gait Coal
enrcs . ..iw-..   In uli
•   •   •       -' ■ - . i,t%. I
Fire, Life and Accident Insurance
Full particulars oi select building
lots «i\i-n ii|iuii application
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent I,mm
Compauy Agency
Orders promptly filled
F. McCarty
Two stars mude popular by "Cousin Kate."
This Here Soai is Good!
You can use it in any kind of water, jest
ike naplhy soap, but it aint got THAT
Smells  sweet  an'   clean-like.    I'd advise
my bes' friend to use
Yours Soapily,
SATURDAY,   OCT.   22ND,   l'Jll).
r»g* s
LOOK!        LOOK
AN 13
Actual comparison of Eastern Catalogue price?, freight added, with
Winnipeg price
Price delivered
Kitchen Chairs
Kitchen Cabinet
Dining Table
Dining Chairs
Dresser and Stand
ii       ii       11
ii -
Dominion Spring
Child's Cot
Ostermore Mattress 15.00
We make our profit by plopping in car load lots, thereby paving freight rates. Bring
catalogue giving description of other goodn not specified in this list to our store and we
will prove our statements.    Remember we deliver goods and set up free from breakage.
R.   HOWSON  &   CO     -    REVELSTOKE, B. C
fit* '•-*. .4.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LLD.,  D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD,  General Manager
LONDON. ENG.: 2 Lombard Street, EX.        NEW YORK: 16 Exchange Place
MEXICO CITY: Avenida San Francisco, No. 50
In addition to the offices named above the Bank has branches
in every Province of Canada (includingc.il the most important cities)
and in the principal Pacific Coast seaports of the United States.
211 It is thoroughly equipped for the handling of collections and
other banking business in the territory covered by these branches.
Union Hotel
Under New Management
Stewart Macdonald
;v .    tfnShrinkabte. u-
. ^xceptipiifkiv ^
value because l^JP
it.does wdar •"/
,'.*•-;. ^.ai^ngiy.    - *f
Real sconiiort,•, ,
■':': ^kiiit^tKat--tfiife-? ^y .;
'\. ' •,'■•» T*Bv.J*>t<-''*-)i.'*.*4>*"--'.i'C.'.•*.>    '-.    -"- •'■ -.
:,;.. . \;shap*?.':Stay**.■[■•■■■•.
;6 vii^it^'Th^se;;:vy -'
reasons should make you
requestsfffhe; tofand and
lO&kffoj the trademark.
Have you tried penman's
Wo. 95 7 For the children
as^ well   as  grown  ups.
TOff(e M*'*
'Underwear & Hosiery
Import direct from country of origin,
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     ST03STE      PROP.
New Line
Stirrup  Attached
Coming Events
Oct. 24-25-26-27-28-29- The Jeanne
Russel Co. in repertoire at the
Edison Theatre.
Oct. 31—Informal Dance, under auspices ot Ladies' Auxiliary B. of
R. T.
Oct. 31.—"A Bachelor's Honeymoon"
Opera House.
Nov. ■!.—"Twelfth Night," Shakespeare's great somedy, ut the Edi-
Hails Close
The mails close at Revelstoke    as
Por eastern points—9 a. m.      and
p. m.
For western points—4:25 p. m, and
:45 p. m.
For southern  points—9 a.  m.
City mail boxeB are cleared week
cays at 7:45 a.m. and 3:15 p. m.,
aud  Sundays at 3:15 p.  m.
fire Alarm Boxes
F.   B.   WELLS
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
son Theatre,
Nov.  12—Ladles'  Royal Welsh  Choir,
25    ladies    from     Cardiff,  Wales.
Seats  $1.50,  $1.00 and  75c,       at
Edison Theatre. Box  No.   14-Corner    First    street
November   18.—St.   Peter's       Ladies'   and    McKenzie    avenue, C. B. Hume
tl Llilil       entertainment,   afternoon   &■ Co.
and evening.      Opera House. |    Rox  No.  15—Corner  First      street
Dec. 5—Opera  Singers in "Managing iaml Bokeby avenue, poBt office
Mildred," direction ol C.P. Walk*
Palace Restaurant
McKenzie Avenue
Fruit, Candies, C g irp.Tolwcco.
Meals 35 cents.
A. H. Sing, Proprietor
er.      Edison Theatre.
December 7.—Third Annual Masquerade Ball by Fire Brigade No.
One.      Opera  House. |
- Jan. 4—Thc Merry Musicians, direction ol C. P. Walker. Edison
Feb. 10—Tbe Lyceum Players and
Signor Romanilli, an Italian
harpist, direction ol C.P. Walker
Edison Theatre.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged and Improved.    First-Claps in every respect.    All modern convenience!
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
COAL!!       COAL !!
A Car of the Famous
Wellington Now In
Lethbridge Coal Always on Hand
r ders Promptly Attended To
Cummings Transfer Co. Ltd.
Freight and Parcels Promptly Collected and Delivered
Baggage Transferred and General Graying
Furniture and Piano Moving a Specialty
Office   Corner Connaught Avenue and Second Street
Phone  276 REVELSTOKE,  B.C. Night Call Tt
I ■■!■!■■■     mwmmmm    mm^mmma>mnmmmm.wmmmmmmmmmta\
All kinds Reasonable Prices
Painting and
Paper Hanging
Satisfaction Guaranteed
Cor. Third St. and Robson Avenue
OM Fallacy Th»t Drunkenness Cannot
Be Cured Exploded.
Uox  No.   16—Corner   Second  street
and  Government  Koad  and       Opera
Uox No. 17—Corner Tblrd uti'uet
aa I Campbell avenue, Globe Lumber company.
liox No.  18—CP.R.  Btation.
Uox    No. 24—Corner    Fifth    street
nd     McKenzie      avenue,      Catholic
I    Box No. 25—Corner    Sixth     btieot
I  nd Orton avenue,  W.  A.  Foote.
Box  No.   26—Corner  Fourth  street
I  nd Townley street,    corner     south
\ rack.
(   Box No.  28—Corner  Second    street
nd Hobson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. 2.
Box No.  35—Hospital.
Box No.  36—School.
Box No. 44—Firo Hall No. 1.
Box     No.  45—Front street      we.it,
AKKOWHK/I), 1). 0.
•Nperial Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-clam, sample
rooms. Finest scenery in I'.ritiHli Columbia, overlooking I'pper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop.
Repairs, I
Pipe and  Pirnaoo k
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Rovolatokc
Many men drink who desire to stop
the habit. Whisky, however, has undermined the constitution and created
a   cruvlng   thut   is   not   to   be   denied,
: and   the   man   must   have   whisky   or
1 something that will remove the craving and  build  up the system and re-   near C.  P. R.  bridge
Btore  tbe  nerves. |    T,„„    *., .,.    ,,
Samaria Prescription stops the crav- ' °'    4t,-°oruer    King      und
Int.', steadies the nerves, builds up the  Douglas streets, Palace Meat Market.
Jf."erdi£StJeilliaSndmSl[S8BeoUsnk Til U°X ^  i7~U°"""  s<"<">d      •»«»
tasteless and odorless, and can be glv- Wules streets,  back  of court house,
■en   with   or   without     the     patient's Box  No.    48—Corner    Third      u.il
knowledge,  In tea, coff, r food,    it „,          .     .     „        °,    ,
Is   used   regularly   by   Physicians   and t'baB•  strcets.   Cowan  block.
Hospitals.    It has cured thousands In Signal   for   practice—not   less   ti.an
Canada,   nnd    restored    hanulness   to „,.,   ,.*,    i   ...    ,.    ,
hundreds  of  hum.-.                ' slx  W  slow  strokes.
Read   what   Mrs.   G. ,   of   Hull, '    Ono  (1)  indicates line brok3n      or
says of it and  what it did for her: fire nut
"It Is  four  months  to.day    since    I
started to use your Remedy.   I follow. SignalB aro given thus:    2 stokes,
ed  the directions, antl  bad   llie  tiest  at t   .         ,   *
results,    one  w,ek „ri„r  I started u" interval 5 sccouds-4  strokes,       Box
Ins  >'<>ur  Remedy  ihe  patient  stopped 24.     No. ol box will also be   cbown
drinking,   nod   has   nol    drunk   a   gluss .   „,       „   ,,
ot liquor since.    I hope you win accept on  '"dicator at Fire Hall,
my heartfelt   thanks.  Hoping God   will
bless   your   Remedy   whenever   tried,   I
Mrs. 0 ,  Hull, Que.
(Name   withheld   by  request.)
to^wfio   n^'uiirXn.cdy.T^ '''■"'—''     *«**    Galle,   German
them   of   It.      Practical   philanthropy astronomer,    bus announced,  bis con-
ean take no better form,   if yon have victlon  that  Commander Peary    did
a  husband,  father,  brother or friend ,   ..     ..                      ,       ,
who   drinks,   help   them   help   them- ""'   r9aon lhK  North  Pole and      that
solves.    Write  to-day. the  pro,,!  be  substituted  In  support
A FltEB TRIAL PACKAGE! of Sn- ,  ,                                               _ .
maris,   with   Booklet  giving  full   par- uf  "'" coiitt-nti.ms   were  msulhcient.
tlculara,       directions,       testimonials, :   The    methods    used by Peary     ln
Zfim£^^^&"l&  ™k""inK hl" "M'tlon '"  «» A.ctlc.
i iinper.    Correspondence sacredly con-  according t
Hoboes and the Snowshecfs
Op among the separated peaks of
the Sierra tbe Central Pacific Railway company is trying to solve tbe
problem ol the age in making suitable disposition of the ubiquitous
From the picturesque town of Blue
Canyon to Truckee is forty-three
miles, and with able strategy the
railroad generals have picked this
suction of the roa-d as the battleground. The ultimatum has been is
s.ied that stealing rides on trains
passing through the snowsheds must
cense, and to walk through might re
suit in a fire that would tie up
trans continental traffic.
Tbc smoke grimed wooden tunnel
begins at Blue Canyon and ends on
the  heights  above  Donner  lake.
Through the heart of the Sierra
the sheds stand out in has relief. A
nighty monument it is to the snergy
nd constructible genuis of those
giants of thc early days. Crude were
the tools—it was the day of black
powder blasting—but the completod
work stands typical of thc dauntless
courage ol  its  creators.
Having decided that all beating ol
rains must stop, the company plac-
d two officers at the Blue Canyon
ortal. Both    these men are      of
ried courage. In one month of May
hey took vagrants off the trains
and marched them up to the ticket
dice and compelled them to purchase tickets—the net results being a
sale of over $250. The officers are
commissioned by the Governor of
California, but are paid by the company and wear the star and uniform of State Police.
So where tl *: camp fires glitter
from coast to coast the alarm has
been sounded: 'The snowsh-eds are
losed; its  dig  up or hike.'
New Liberal Organ
A deal has been completed at
P.ince Rupert this week by which
lie Liberal party takes over the
Cptimist newspaper, formerly owned
ty G. W. Morrow. Following the
visit of Sir Willrkl Laurier and party this summer to Prince Rupert, a
move was made to secure a local organ tor the party in line with tbe
I'eneral plan to represent the province.
Did Peary Reach the Pole
Maimftolorad for at, a.,.., of  l,iiiMii**»i
Fur snln jn I trtrt <>r Htimll <|i'iiiitiiion
at I'-- lownit  prlfM fur Ulb
All klodl »f building nml pluUrlog
Foote & Pradolini.
. .'otessor tiiiiie,
=   ndtnttel.   The trial paokage alone has W|„,uy unreliable.
* often   cured       Wilt,    to day.     The   Kj ■
mnrlu     Remedy   Company,     4ii   Jor- "' i"'1'1   Hll<-'''
dnn Chambers, Jordan struct. Toron- Peary did reach the Pole, be would
to.    Also for ssle by C. It. MncdonaJd,
druggist,   Hsvslstoke.                              j ""I-   have   known   it,     asserted     Pro
conditions,  ovon      If
Mrs. Hermann ^Kinney
Teach   of Voice, Piano t,.( C^gan
PnpUsprep   id lur Toronto Conservatory
ol Music
l,( l'!x.itllilial|,,tls.
Studio:   Second Street
lessor Dalle,
Qfoanaoan College
EummerinnB, je.c.
Preparatory; Ili.nb School; Two
Years University; Dullness, Including Stenography and Type-
Writing; Piano; Vocal. .
Separate residences for young
men ami voting women.
Well epuipped gymnast am,
1'AI.I, Tl'.UM Ol'BNS Slil'T. 21.
For Calendar at<d  further particulars address ilu- Principal
Shi/ohb Cure
quickly  ■lops ■ o.nHij.   hum  caldl.   Iirnli
Iba Ihrual aad laafr.
US casta.
LUJUOR ACT,  1910.
(Section 42)
NOTICIC Is hereby given that, on
the lirst day of Decomber next, application will bo mado to tho Superintendent of Provincial Police for a
renewal of tho hotel license to »cll
liquor by retail In tho hotel known
as tho Hotel lleaton, Bltttated at
Beaton, In thc Provinco of British
I    Dated tbis  I Itli day of Oct, l'UO.
Oct. 16 Nov, 17 Applicant.
li Musical Success
Une ol  the  line-t     exhibitions      ol
horal     singing    and unique (A      its
kind will be given at     the      EdiBon
heatre  on    Saturday  night,  Novem-
er 12th,  by  the Royal Welah Ladies
Ihoir from Cardiff,     Wales. This
aggregation     of    musical    and vocal
alent  is  without  exception  the  best
hat has ever  visited    Canada,    and
he    Revelstoke  people  are fortunate
uough to have the opportunity      of
bearing  them.
The choir  in  the    ensemble      work
ings  with   tbe  precise  perlection    of
an organ tinder a master's touch, ev-
ry  section  nb'ely   balanced,  and  the
oices  carefully selected so that they
blend as though    all      part ot      the
sme    instrument.        At the      same
ime     they    sing    with a verve and
abandon rarely heard.     In fact,    al-
liotigb  there  are  only twenty  voices
n   the  churoe,   tbey  produced  a  vol-
me ot sound that fairly makes    the
all ring.      The sopranos are particularly tine,  with     the bright,      clear
It rices   that  are  seldom   beard  apart
rom the Old  Country choirs,    while
hey arc  balanced  by an  exceptional
ollectlon of contraltos.
The  programmes of the chorus are
iifticicutly     varied    as is alBO      the
rheme     of    costume, which is     the
quaint old  time  Welsh consisting    of
ed    cloaks,     aprons nn.l  high bats,
vening  dress  being  worn      in      tho
econd half of thc programme.     Tbe
oncert  on  November  12th  will       be
I  new feature lor  Revelstoke  theatre
■osri  anl  one  which  cannot  lail    to
lease,  the  choir  being highly  train-
d in arcent and precision, the whole
eing the rarest treat ol the present
musical season which can  be vouched
Bt  by   Itevelstoke   people  who    havo
.•en fortunate enough to hear them.
Last ot the Buffalo
Wamwright,      Oct.   21.—The       last
ipment ol     buffalo lor Wainwright
pirk arrived last night.     There wero
h head,  under  Supt.  Howard Doug-
as,    the commissioner    of Dominion
pirks.      This  shipment cloecs      tho
ontrnct  between  the dominion  gov-
rnment  and   Michael   Pablo.        Tbe
tital number is now in ths park.
Sir Tin ». .Shau«hrii'8sv, president of
tbe ('.I'll., when passing through tho
ity last week «aid that the  matter of
lectrlfyitiK the  ttompany'l mountnin
division i" occupying their nltuulion,
[n regard to extensions, all  he would
say wss that the C.P.B. Was prepared
to extend it* linn wherever business
warranted. Page 4
SATTflDAY,  UCT.  22ND,   1910.
Up to Date Emigration
London, Oct. 18.—The "ready made
farms" which the Canadian Pacilic
Railwny arc now oflcring for sale are
attracting n lot ol attention from
people intending to emigrate. An
account of his experiences has been
received from Mr. Hal Oarleton, who
writes from Btrathmoro, Alberta,
Stratnore ii on thc main line of the
('. P, R, sbout 80,miles east of Calgary, in the centre ol the irrigated
lands ol thu railway compnny. Mr.
Carleton advices any one wishing for
tho free nken life of the West to go
out and take up one of these farms,
ilo says that ant one purchasing a
farm nnd going out in April will
find 01 his arrival a house, barn
and well, his land all fenced and a
crop of some 50 acres growing up,
which will be ready to cut in August. AU the cast is capitalized ami
is to be repaid by ten yearly install
ments. He says that it can bc
done with a minimum capital of
£200 in addition to the cost ol the
passage out. The company has a
demonstration farm of a thousand
acres close to Strathmorc, where,
under the guidance ol a professor of
agriculture one can learn, free of
cost, everything that is required. It
is not necessary, therefore, to under
stand farming 11 one has brains and
the capacity to learn and work.
is 13,700 feet.
Mr. Glcason added that an automobile road was being built over
the Sinclair Pass from Banff to
Windermere whieh would prove one
of the most magnificent automobile
roads in the world. Thc 0. P. R.
was also building a railway up the
Windermere Valley, from Cranbrook
to Golden.
Moving Pictures tor Mothers
Bo9ton, Mass., (let. 18.—Education
al possibilities of the motion picture world appeal to Dr. Martha
l.ovcll. a physician and social worker of the South Knd district, and
she has begun a campaign in favor
of films which she declares will prove
ehe foundation stones of a new phyB
ical uplift.
According to Dr, Lovell's plan one
series of pictures would show how to
wash a baby; another how to dust a
room, how to dress the little one
properly, and nlso what to do in
case of accidents, such as cuts and
minor injuries. On the screens at all
the pictures will be displayed from
time to time such admonitory mottoes as "Keep the windows open day
and night." "Breathe through the
nose, keeping the mouth shut," nnd
"Work,  but  do  not worry."
"I feel sure," explains Dr. Lovell,
"that more actual good would be de
rived from a week of instruction
through tbe films in schools or civic
centers than from a year of lectures,
which the mothers can most infrequently be induced to attend.
"Motion pictures would reach tin'
public under the best possible oir-
cumstance-;. A few minutes of instruction, interspersed with the ordinary run of approved films, would
be readily assimilated, and, indeed,
by most mothers thankfully received."
Beware the Scourge
The authorities of the immigration
department acted with promptitude
in notifying the quarantine officers
at the various ports of entry to pay
special     attention    to     immigrants
rom central Europe and quarantine
without hesitation any suspicious
cases of sickness so long aB cholera
rages in Russia and the Danubian re
gion. It is to be hoped that tho
otlicers on the Pacilic coast will be
duly impressed with tho dnager from
tbat quarter also. Most of the
■immigrants from Russia come to the
Atlantic seaboard, but there is a
good deal ol travel now across the
Siberian steppes, and some ol the
travellers reach America by way of
Vancouver, Seattle and San Francisco. The cholera outbreak in Russia
is assuming very great proportions.
Canada gets every year now many
thousands of Russian Jews and other settlers who might easily bring
the pest with them. Yesterday's cables announce that large areas in
Siberia have been declared within
the cholera zone, while in St. Peters
burg itself there have been 670 cases
and 219 deaths during the past two
weeks. The utmost viligance must
be exercised at every port, both on
the Atlantic and Pacific—Toronto
(Section 42.)
NOTICE  is hereby  given  that,    on
the first day ot December next,    application will be made to the Supor-
i itcndent of Provincial Police for    a
r.newal of the hotel license  to    sell
liquor  by  retail  in   the  hotel  known
s the Glacier Houso hotel, situated
sh Columbia.
Dated thia 10th day of Oct., 1910.
at Glacier,  in the Province  of  Brit-
C.  P. R.
I'ct 15 Nov 17, Applicant
FOR .SAI.K—Warehouse on Smelter
ITriiui,.   Apply Ukvhlstokb Sawmiix
t o
FOR SALE—Just arrived two cars
of first class dry Fir Wood.— Revelstoke General Agencies.
1.UJUOR ACT, 1910
(Section -12.)
NOTICE is hereby  given that,    on
he first day ot December next,      np-
lloatlon will bo made to the Super-
ntondeitt of  Provincial  Police  for    a
renewal of the hotel license to Bell
Iquor by retail in tlm hotel known
as  the    IJtteen'B hotel, situated      at
omapiix, in tlie Province of British
Dated this llth day of Oct.,  1910.
let. 15 Nov. 17 Applicant.
WANTED — Experienced Girl for
house work, at once. Apply at
Tucker's  Studio. tc.
OR SALE—278 acres facing Eaglo
River, SicamoiiB, $30 per acre. For
terms apply to E. A. Harris, 1109
Langlcy, Victoria, B. 0.
'ATURN1TY NURSE—The undersigned is prepared to take Miituru-
ity Cases at her home or at the
home ot the patient.—Mrs. W. G.
Watson, Box 38. Oct 5 1 ml
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that H. W. Crawford,
I ol Gerrard, B. C, occupation engineer, Intends    to apply for permission
to    purchase the following described
I lands:
Commencing at a post planted ten
chains from the south cast corner
of Fullmer's pre-emption, Lot 7491,
theuce west 40 chains aloug the
south boundnry of Lot 7491, thenco
Eolith 20 chains, thenco cast 40
| bains, thenco north 20 chains to
' oint ot commencement, containing
80 acres, more or less.
Bated August 27th,  1910.
Located by W. E. Glenn, Agent.
GARDENING—All kiudB of Garden
Work done hy practical gardener.
Lawn making a specialty. T Newell. Box 131 City.
(Section 42.)
NOTICE is hereby given that,    ou
.the first day of December next,      application will be made to tbe Superintendent of Provincial Police for    a
'renewal of  the  hotel license  to    sail
liquor by  retail  iu  the hotel  known
'as the City hotel, situated at Arrow
head,    in thc     Province of      British
Dated this ICth day of Oct.,  1910.
Oct.. 15 Nov 16 Applicant.
Railway Time Table
The following is tlie new summer
timetable ot the C. P. It., showing
times of arrival and departure of
train at  Uevelstoke.
No. 1 arrives 6:05, deports 0:25 a.m.
No. 07 arrives 3:'25 departs 3:48 p.m.
Nol 5 arrives 4:55, departs 5:15 p.m.
No.  2  arrives   12:35  midnight,       departs 12:46 midnight.
No. 'Jti arrives 11:30 a. m., departs
Pl:50 a. m.
!    No.    6    arrives 7:20,  a.m.,  departs
7:40 a.m.
!   Leaves   Revelstoke 7.40   a. m., ar-
tvi-s   Uevelstoko -1:30  p.  in.
FOR SALE—80 Acre Ranch, Stock
and Implements, about 15 acres
under cultivation, well wooded and
watered; price $5,000. Apply on
premises,  four miles down      south
track road, Frank VeltrL      J321 lm
FOR SALE—Six Roomed house on
Third street, east, with all modern
conveniences; also kitchen range,
heater and linoleums. —Apply this
VANTED—Young mantrecently lost
foot) desires light job in store
or warehouse, or as cook in small
hotel. J. M. Queen, Loughced
In the matter ol an Application
for the issue of a Duplicate Oertiflcate of Title to Lot 8, Block 4, being part of Sections 27 and 34,
Township 23, Range 2, West ol tho
6th Meridian, Town of Revelstoke,
B. C., Map 636.
i Notico is hereby given that It Is
my intention to issue at the expiration ol ono month alter the flrst
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Oertiflcate of Title to tho above
mentioned lot in the name of Revelstoke Land Company, Limited, which
certificate is dated the 9th day of
April, 1907, and numbered 6774A.
District Registrar,
Land Registry Office, Nelson, B.O.,
September 13th,  1910. S17015
EXAMINATIONS    tor the position
of  Inspoctor  of   Steam  Boilers    and
|Machinery,   under  tho   "Steam  Boilers Inspection  Act,  1910,"    will    be
held at tho     Parliament   Buildings,
j Victoria,  commencing Novomber 7th,
1910. Application  and  Instruction
lorms can bo had on application   to
tho undersigned, to whom tho former
must be returned correctly tilled in,
not later than October 34th,      1910.
Salary  $130.00 per month,  Increasing
at tho rate ot {5.00 per month   each
year to a maximum of .$180.00.
Chief Inspector of Machinery,
New Westminster, B. O.
1st Sept. to Oct. 20.
(Section 42.)
NOTICE  is  hereby given  that,    on
the first day  of December next,    application will be made to the  Superintendent of Provincial  Police for    a
renewal of  the hotel license to    Bell
liquor  by  retail  in  the  hotel  known
as the Lakeview hotel, situated      at
Arrowhead,  in  the  Province  ot British Columbia.
Dated this 10th day ot Oct.,  1910.
Oct. 15 Nov 17 Applicant.
Moving pictures  tonight.
Moving l'i,i'i',--.   '
SMMis Gure
q*ilckly   *ton* c   ut'.hi,   cup- *,  coi'K,   h- in
thc throul   un(J luntis. •    •    •        J >  < ■ nt «
Highest Peak ot Rockies
Montreal. Oct. 1-8.—Where aro the
highest peaks in the Selkirk M un-
It has always been BUppoeed that
they are in the vicinity of Glacier
House on the C, P. R. In tact, Mr.
A. 0. Wheeler, president of the lana
dian Alpine Club, and late chiel of
the field department ol the Dominion Topographical Survey, hns po«i-
tively stated that there are no
peaks south of the Dawson Range
over 10,0*0*0 leet hi?h.
This claim is now contested by
Mr.   Herbert   Vi.   Glcason   ot    Bust, n
Mass.,  who has just returned
the Windermere district   of
Columbia,  which  is    io ith    I
main line ,,( tln> i'.  P.  k    and neat
the Kootenay district,
"Last  year,'    .-.nnl   Mr
■ l.-iy,   "I  was the  guest, ol  Earl  QWJ
nt   las camp  in   tne  valley     f
Creek,  and   t  went  with  Imn  to    rtw
Hurl  Grey  Pass,  the   llvide
the Columbia  valley an I West
nny. From this pass we looked on a
panorama ol lofty peaks   and   mag
nificent glaciers such as  ive b.nl never before seen.     These peaks,  I    am
convinced  must be     12,000    r
[eel  high.     This summer I    r.-
a climbing party to     explore      tbis
little  known  region    An  ascent    won
mule  to Mount      Hammond,      which
found to lie 12 12', leet Instead       of
the   10,000    as  previously  estimated,
Mr.  C.  li.   Kills of Windermere,    wan
the man  to  reach  the summit, which
Is probably  the highest point. In  t.h0
Selkirks  yet  renehed   by  the  foot  of
mnn.     From    the summit he    notod
eight,    or     ten    other  peaks,    whirh
were obviously  much  higher  thnn the
one on which he stood."
Thc question now arises whether
the highest penk in the whole ol
British Columbia Is among the ones
Mr. Ellis noted. According to present records, Mount Robson, nenr i
tha Ycllowhond Pass, la the highest I
peak ln tbat province.     Its altitude
NEED NOT                       _^
POOR WORK 0« 5»RT   "Jf^'VS.
WEAR A     Q     '   t
Ittsqiiar-s^eec 'z keep 71       >—
you dry in the tartest  Lj  ,    C^i.
storm.                            jB K—|
SOLD ivrirrytiiiiin     ^,W
THK  '■'■ ■
i'i.I'   ■
*    ■
ol the
• *   *■ mentioned
Thomns     .1.     Urahnn
■onl  numbered 501K
Land Regl (try OfBo
Octobei  1Mb   i 110
Messrs.   Harvey,  McOartei
Barristers,    Revelstoke.    f]
Btlon  i   i
NOTIOH i    hereby %l 'on  thai
the inst ,:nv ol December neit,   np
plication will he made to tbe Super
Intondent ol Provincial Police fur   n
renewal  ol the hotel  III en ie  to    sell
lnpiur   by   retail   in   the   hotel   known
ni the Bt.   I,eon  hotel,  siluiiteil      nt
Bt. i.eon, hi tbe Province of British
Dated this lotta dnv ol Ocl . 1910
M. GRADY,        j
LiyllOH ACT, 1910
(Section 42.)
NOTICE!  is  hereby  given  that,    on
the lirst doy of December next     application will be made to the Superintendent ot Provincial Police  for a
renewal ot the hotel license    to   sell
liquor  by   retail   in   the   hotel   known
as   the   Lnrdeau  hotel,   situated       ot
Comaplix, in the Province ol British
i    Dated this llth day ar Oct.  1910.
Oct.  13 Nov. 17 Applicant.
UQUUH ACT. 1910.
'., u  42.)
reby glvi n that,   on
Srst day of December next,     application will lie maoe to the Super
Intend nt ol Provincial Police for   a
•   the  hotel  license  to    sell
.   in  the  bote!   known
as tlu ■*  hotel, situated      at
be Province ot British
Da'.* It • .   las    ; Oct .   1 110.
f   T. ABEY,
•  . Applicant.
t. i
..   |      *,   that,     on
mber  next,    ap
!  r  n
Oct li Nov 17
it     all
•lllHM     lllll
under eigne I
I.H»t    Will
., ii.
and        tbat
,i only    to   those
.'    .'Inlil    Hlil'l    Bxel   ItOI no
hut,*,! October 12th, i >i i
iiAitvK.v.  Mot AltTKIc * PINKHAM
i *i Bteeutoi
Ocl   16, Dm   IT,
Moving Piolur»s to-night.
WANTED-*-Smart waitress lor the
Hotel Okunagan, Armstrong. Apply, stating wages to Whiting and
Kogers, Armstrong, B.  C.
LOST—A Crescent Broach on Second
street, between McArthur avenue
and the Oddfellows' Hall. Finder
will receive reward of *$1.C0 on returning to  the Mail-Herald Ollice.
LOST—Pearl set wishbone broach,
Saturday on Third Btreet, east. A
reward will he given on returning
same tb Mrs.  P. Hooley. 2t.
FOUND—A Purse, containing small
amount ol money. Owner mny
have same by paying for this advertisement and proving property.
Mall-  llernl  Ollice
WANTED — Scotchman, marricll,
I wants position on farm or ranch,
nineteen years experience in Moti-
tann and Saskatchewan. Disengaged after October llth. Address
Box  163,  Oxbow,   Saskatchewan.
FOR SALE-A High Grade Sample
Organ at a bargain price. A beautiful Dohcrty circusian waln.it real
piano model, six octave organ,
equipped with the latest type of
piano pedals. Has a rich mellow
tone. Regular price JIUO.CO Reduced to $110.30, easy terms Apply nt Bingham's Music Store on
McKenzie Avenue.
"OU SALE—A Cottage Upright Piano at a bargain, made by Al-
phonse Cnry, possesses a very
pleasing tone and is ln excellent
condition, has been thoroughly ov-
bauled by Mr. Bingham, and bears
our guarantee uf satisfaction. A
Bplendid little instrument for raod-
erate playing or lor a beginner.
We will take it iu exchange on a
new p,iiiii, .it 'i.i- i rice auy timu
within two years—$105.U0 easy
terms, Itevelstoke Music Store,
.1* In.  Bingham manager.
FOR    SALE—Ebony  Square Piano—
musical    tone,     ami     easy
Oh,   full  hill  lompast seven  and
a half octaves. A suitable   Instru-
.1    i*.i     beginners.      We must
'   uiu* nml  to    do so
i i be pi Ice to 6'jg.oo
 i    di  mi.   Revelatoke
Store, ,i. Bingham mang,
*, given Umi, on tbc
in ,t day  oi  ini ■ iiii.ei   next,  ttpplica
■     i 0   tho       Sllpelln
•   l'i... ii.. .nl   Police for    re
* oi tin* hotel license    to     soil
by  retail  In  tbe bote! known
as  tbe  I inoii hotel,  situate at      Ar-
* ad, iii t be I'i ii me" of     Hi it ish
Di te! lhl    10th day ol Oct    1910
v.   .1   LIQHTBURNB,
Ocl  12 Nov  II Applicant
Revelstoke I.and District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that litla MeCarter. of
Revelstoke, B.C., Spinster, intends to
apply lur permission lo purchase lhe lol*
lowing described land:—
Commencing at a post planted on the
cast bank of the Columbia River at llie
North-west rorncr of Lot 83O1, Croup 1,
Kootenay District, and marked "Ktta
McCartcr's south-west coriior post,"
thence cast 4o chains] thence north So
chains; thence wesi 40 chains more or les-
to tlu* cast bank of the Columbia River
ihence Bouth along 1 he cast bank of the
Columbia River Ho chains more or less to
the point nf commencement, containing
,120 acres more nr less.
I By her agent, Albert Foreland,
Dated 12th August, 19|0.        aug 17 am
SEALED    TENDERS  will bo      re-
eiveil by  tbe Commissioners of    the
ity of  Calgary,  and addressed      to
the undersigned, marked,
ntil the seventh day of November,
next, at 12 o'clock, Noon, for supplying tbe City with ties and poles
or extension to the Municipal Street
Full particulars and specifications
mny be hud on application to tbe
'oinmlssloners, City oi Culgary;
marked cheque covering live per
cent, oi the amount of the bid must
accompany each tender.
Tho   lowest   or any   tender     not
uece-Bsarily  accepted.
Dated at Calgary, September 28th,
City Clerk.
Rovelstoke Land District.
District ot West Kootenay.
Take notice thnt W. B. Robertson,
of Itevel: t.,.ke, occupation, Insurance
agent, intends to apply lor permission to purchase tbo following described lands.
Commencing nt a post planted at
the n.,rth cast corner of Lot 2772,
running north 411 chains, thence west
111 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thenco enst 40 chaltiB to the point
of commencement.
Dated  Sept.  6,  1910. S.17-N1C.
'Moll    It.)
FO      I.* rebj  given that,   on
hi   In   '    la{    ■'■   In'   iiili'i   next,    np
rill he made to tbe Super
nt, ini, nt  of  Provincial  Police for a
if tht   h itel 1 een I to   Mil
IqllOf   by   letnil   in   the   hotel   known
1   the Halcyon hotel, situated     at
m, in the  Province ol Brltlrt
1    lumbln.
Dated 'in   10th dny of Oct., 1110
WM  iu»vi).
uet. 15 Nov I7i Applicant.
NOTICE is hereby given   that   the
reserve  existing  upon  thc  lands em-
1 braced In Speclnl Timber License No.
' 6848,  sltunto In    Kootenay District,
Ik Canoelled, and that tho saiil lands
will bo open for location under     tbe
provisions of tho  "Land     Act"      at
midnight on  December 22nd,  1910.
Deputy  Commissioner  ot  Lands.
Lands  Department,   Victoria,   B.C.,
1Kb September, 1010. td
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Notico is hereby given that 00days
after data hereof 1, Ernest Ed wind
Hull, of Hereford, England, occupation aichuect, Intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands, for permission to purchase the lollowing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted at
the south-we-t corner of 11. J. Hy-
banis' pre-emption, Catena Bay, West
Kootenay District, B.C., and marked
"Ernest Edward Hall's N. E coiner
post," thence 40 chains souih; thence
80 chains west) thence 1211 chains north;
thence 10 chains cast; thence '21) chains
north; thence 20 chains east to point
of commencement, containing in all
UK) acres more or less.
Dated this 18th day of June, 1010.
Ernest Edward Hall,
aug 1000U -tt. J, Hall, Agent.
Revelstoke Land Dlstriot,
Dist 1 ict of Wesl Kootenay.
Take notice thai Charles A. Barnum,
of Revelstoke, B. 0., occupation,
cruiser, intends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on
the trail leading from McOullough
Greek to French Creek, about a quarter
of a mile distant and in an easterly
direction from Goldstream, marked
"S. A. Barnum's North East Corner";
thence south Wl chains; llieuce west
Hf) chains; thence north HO cbnius;
thence cast su chains lo point of commencement, containing 010 acres,
more or less.
Charles August Barnum,
Dated August 2nd, 11)10.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of Wi sl Kooletiay.
Take notice lhat John S. Barnum, of
lievelstoke, li. CL, occupation cruiser,
Intends to apply for permission to
purchase the folio wing described lands:
Commencing at a post planted on
the trail leading from McOullough
Creek to Flenoh Creek, about a quarter
of a mile distant anil in au easterly
direction from Goldstream marked
"J. 8. Barnum's North-west Corner
Post; thence south 80 chains; thence
1 ast. 80 chnins; Ihence north SO chains;
thence west 80 chains to the place of
commencement containing 640 acres
more or less,
John S. Harxum.
Dated August 2nd, lllll).
Repairs of all kinds no
Bicycle and Gun work a specialty
Estimates given on any class
of work.
Front     Street.
in Mi Puree containing money, on
Mi i.in/.ie Avenue, Owner may
hnvo Biime by proving property
uud paying (or this advertisement.
Apply Mall-Herald Office.
Still Doing Business
Headquarters for Bulbs.
Two tons just arrived.
Also a full line of seeds,
ornamental stock, fertilizers, Bee supplies,
spray pumps, implements and all garden
3011 Westminster Road
A.. R. McDougall,  -    Manager
Phono 276
Repairs Promptly
attended to
Work Shop
Jn-1 back ol
Skating Rink SATURDAY, OCT.  22ND,  1010.
Par* •
Mail or Telephone your orders.     Have  our Traveller
call.     Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order   too large or too
small for us to handle.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. Z- /*"■"« S Co.. /Limited
Mining, Contractors, Campers  and   Tourist   Supplies.
All orders put up and parcelled by experts to insure
safe carrying and packing.
Monday you will be able to
pick up as fine a bargain in
Dress Fabrics as we have
offered this Fall. Here are
the particulars:
One Suit Length of Broadcloth, greenish-brown shade
with stripe, this is $2.25 a
yard, Monday you can buy it
for $1.25 a yard, or a saving
of $1 on each yard.
One Dress Length each,
navy, green, and rose, of
worsted suiting, stripe effect
worth 61a yard; you can get
them Monday for $5, or a
saving of $2 on the length
of 7 yards.
Stylish (oats
The Princess Coats continue
to attract attention. They
are such comfortable-looking
coats and so very dressy. A
new lot has been added to
stock completing some sizes
we were short of, so you
can depend on getting almost any size coat.   Prices
$15 to $20
Direct from the mills in the
" Old Country " dependable
qualities and the finest colorings, 30-inch flannelette in a
great range of fancy colored
stripes and checks, at
86-inch Flannelette in a wonderful collection of splendid
colors that will wash. Fine
and warm for Men's Shirts,
Ladies' and Children's Undergarments at per yard
This year the Furs are better than ever in design for
comfort. Fine wide neck
pieces and full robe mutfs
make for comfort as well as
Neck Frilling
with a touch of Paisley. Heal
chic and dressy. The neck
fixings are the finishing
touch to any gown or dress.
See the Paisley Frillings at
15c. and 20c.
Fancy Hair Pins
The new Shell Braid Hair
Pins, fine large pins, smooth
finish, round or square ends
at 3 for 25c. or each
New Ribbons
A dream of beauty are the
New Fall Ribbons, in the
wide fancies for Children's
Hair Bows, otc. The shot
effects, Roman stripes, the
watered and moire effects
are particularly attractive at
25c. to 50c.
Patent Leather Belts are the
most notable addition to the
little accessories that go to
make up a completely dressed
woman. The new Red Patent Leather Belt. The new
Black Patent leather Belt.
The new Paisley insertion
with Patent edges to the belt
All new.   Prices
25c. to 75c.
Wools and Tarns
Double Berlin Wool, all colors for knitting Bedroom
slippers. Single Berlin wool
German town wool, Saxony
wool, Shetland Floss wool,
Ice wool, Andelusian wool.
Zephyr wool, and the common Knitting Wools at
$1 a lb.
Canned Fruits
Singapore Pineapple in No. 2
cans, sliced, 20 cents
Singapore Pineapple in No. 2
cans, cuber, 20 cents
Tartan  Brand Strawberries,
Raspberries, Peaches, Pears,
and Plums   in heavy syrup,
21bs.  25 cents
The best on the market today
Jams and Jellies
Strawberry Jam 51b. pails 65c
Raspberry Jam " " 65c
Plum Jam "     "65c
Peach Jam "     "   65c
Assorted Jellies " " 65c
21b cans best Scotch Marmalade—30 cents.
Pork and Beans
On Monday and Tuesday we
will give you a bargain in
this line:
For No. 1
" " 2
"   "   3
3 for 25c.
2 •' 25c.
2   "  35c.
This is a real bargain,
sure you get in early.
(aneed Meats
Leard's Chicken packed on
the bone. Aylmer Turkey
and Duck with bone- Crab
meat, excellent for sandwiches. Lamb's Tongue in
glass jars—a good cold lu&ch
Chicken and Tongue, in 2lb.
glass jars—a dinner for four.
Chicken Breasts in glass-
nice for salads or lunch.
Libby's Chipped Dried Beef
in glass, Roast Beef, Corned
Beef, Roast Mutton, Boiled
Mutton, Ox Tongue and Jellied Tenderloin.
Table Delicacies
Tobaseo Sauce, Holbrook's
Sauce, Lea & Perrin's Sauce
Punch Sauce, Chili Sauce,
Hientz India Relish, Hientz
Tomato Ketchup, Sweet Pickles, Mandalay Sauce. Everything to make your meal
Does your boy need a new
suit? If he does, bring him
to us. It is only fair to
yourself to see the best line
of boys' clothing on the Canadian market—The College
Suit, as shown in accompanying cut.
We have it in grays, browns,
blues and stripes. The coat
is fully stayed and padded
with all seams filled. The
very best of material is used
both inside and out. Double
breasted with all the same
map and quilt stylo of the
men's up-to-date suits. The
pants are full bloomer with
strap at bottom and belt
We carry these euits from
sizes 28 to 35.
$6 to $12
Don't forget that " Lion
Brand " Knickers have double seats and double knees.
You can't go astray on them.
Both plain and bloomer effect! in all shades and fabrics.    Prices
50c. to $1.75
For the convenience of shoppers in the Dry Goods, Millinery
and House Furnishing Departments, Second Floor, we have
the best and safest passenger
elevator that money could buy.
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
felt Slippers
For Men, Women
and Children
We have just received our
season's stock of felt slippers
and are in a better position
than ever to give you exactly
what you want in this line.
Women's Black Felt Low
Slippers with leather sole
lock stitched. It is our leader and the best thing we
have  ever    shown   at  the
per pair
Women's Low Slippers,
plaid, turn over top, leather
sole. An ideal slipper for
cold mornings.
$1 per pair
Women's Juliettes, plaid,
fur trimmed, a neat dressy
slipper in dark colors only at
$1.35 per pair
Women's Turn Sole Juliettes
the most comfortable slipper
made, fur trimmed, leather
sole, low heels, made in gray,
red, or birch bark velvets,
brown, black, gray and red
felt. Neat and attractive.
All sizes 2i to 7.   Price
$1.75 per pair
Children's Felt Strap Slippers, lock stitched leather
sole,   plaid only, sizes 4 to 7
35c. per pair
Same as above, sizes 8 to 18
40c. per pair
Misses Slipin, same, sizes 11
to 2 at
50c. per pair
Misses and Children's Low
Slippers, sizes 7 to 2, plaid
turn over top, leather sole,
comfortable and attractive
50c. per pair
Children's Felt Juliettes. in
brawn and red, fur trimme '
felt sole, at
85c. per pair
Men's Felt Bomeos, leather
sole, lock stitched, dark and
light plaids, extra value at
$1.35 per pair
LadicB1 and Children's Ready-
to-wear Department- 2nd Floor.
This season we have a magnificent line of Ladies' Long Coats,
the new "Princess" coats with
long roll shawl collars. Prices
are around 115 and $20.
mm Tage I
SATURDAY, OCT. 22ND. 1910.
Dress Goods
Tweed effect, heavy weight, just what
you require for winter.  Selling Price40e.
Plain Cloths, 4U inches wide, selling at
Sweater Coats
mm locals
Women's Sweater Coats, length 30
inches, in brown, grey, navy, cardinal
and white.    Price   $3.00.
Children's Sweater Coats, ages 2 to 16
years.    Price $1.00 up.
Men's Shoes
We carry a large stock of Shoes, heavy,
suitable for Fall wear, a large range of
For women at popular prices, close fit-
ting, elastic ribbed, vest and  drawers -
Toe. per suit.
Women's natural wool, $2.00 per suit.
Women's Hosiery
Wool Cashmere, in black. Sale Price
25c, per pair.
Fall Millinery
New models arriving by express. Come
in and inspect our display, and if you
purchase a hat here you can depend up n
it being the latest.
Chamois vests tird protectors, any
size  you  want  at  Macdonald's ding
Hell and Chili peppers at lOc. per lb.
nl Mulntyie's.
Any new honks you want look Inlo
Macdonald's ding store, they will
likely have it.
St. I'i'.tkhs (Anglican) Uev. ('. A,
l'liieuiiiei, M.A., Hector, 2lnd Sunday
aftei' Trinity. 8 a. in. Holy Communion; 11 mm., .Matins, I .tinny anil
Sermon; 7:^1) p.m., iilvensoug; 2i!t'l •'.
iu., Sunday school, ISvoryono coid-
ially welcomed lo llie sorvlccs.
Mbtiiouibt Serviced next Sunday '
aie lis follows; !1 n, in. T. Purler
will preach; -i'i11 p, in, Sunday Bohool
a ul llible class; 7.U0 p.m., Ituv, W, ('.
Calder will proacli, Upwot'tli League
so.iii at homo of Mrs, Hews Monday
evening, Prayer meeting Wednesday
at s p.ni; Hoys' Brigade Thursday at
7 p.ui.   The puhllc cordially invited,
Shi/ohb Gure
quickly stops ooughs, cures colds, hcnls
tbc  mroat ana  lungs. -   -   -  '.25 cents.
C,   and     marked   Charles l-lolten's
South enst cornel' post. Tlienee north
40 chains, thence west 30 chains
thence south -1-ti chains, tlipnnce oust
30 chains to poini of commencement
Containing In nil 120 acres more or
I Charles Holten.
Hubert O. Hall, Agent
!   Oct, 18th, 1910,
Notice is hereby given that 60' days
n'ter date hereof, I, Hubert Charles
Hall of Uevelstoke, B.C., occupation
transit-man, intend to apply to the
lion, the Onlel Commissioner of
Hands and Works, Victoria, B, 0.,
fm- permission to purchase the fol-
lowing described lands,
Commencing nt a post planted   7*0
chains east of the north west comer
of Sec. 30, Tp. 32, Range 2ii, west of
I tho 5th Meridian, Knst Kootenay.B.
i'., iin.i marked Hubert Oharlos
1 lull's south west corner post.
iThcnce 10 chains north, thence 20
chains enst, thence 1(1 chnins south,
thence 10 chnins cust, thence 111
chnins south, Ihence 10 chnins oast,
thonce 20* chnins south, thence 40
chains wesl to point ol commencement. Containing In all 130 acres,
more or less.
Hubert Charles Hall.
October 18th, 1910,
Robert Gordon, Frank Young and
i has Holten have been appointed lo
represent the H. t'. government on
the board of the Kevelstoke Hospital
s ictety,
Remember thc Hallowen Dance in
.Selkirk Hall unJer the auspices ol
the L. A. of 13. R. T., Monday, Oct.
31st. Ladies' tickets 50c, Kent's
tickets $1.00 td
The hull im* the new Arrow Lakes
Bteamer foi the t'.l'.U. is arriving in
sections at N'akup from Toronto. The
new vessel will he when completed ot e
of the Bnt Bt passenger steamers in the
All the young Indies Interested in
the evening classes at the V. M. ('. A.
gymnasium are kindly asked to send
in their names to 11. 11. Monroe, the
Physical Dlrct tor, or call at the office
at the building any evening,
Tin* postponed sitting of the Su-
piime Court will be held on Tuesday,
October 25th, at the Court House at
11 a.m. mnl a sitting of the County
Court of West Kootenay will lie held
on Fiiday. Oct. 2Sth.
The usual annual Hi-jjh school opening exercisfs vvill be held on Friday
evening, Oct.   '2-.   in   the Oddfellows1
hall;  i   g 1  program   is  being   pee
piled; the medals won at the Mid
summer examinations will be presented ti ti:-* successful candidate*;
Mr. J. S. tiordou. inspector of High
scht * '.-. is   - peeled to give an address.
Mayor Taylor, of Vancouver, has
entered sui igainsl Walter C. Nicol,
proprietot of the Provincenewspiper,
* damages !"' ulii g< d
libel contained in four editorials in
which it is claimed charges of graft
were made against the mayor, nwinm
to pressure of business in the cout ts it
will probably be Borne months Ih tore
se can reach a hearing,
i (wit g '   tl •■ facl that A, McConnel
who   i. i-    i■■ "ii   holding  the    liquor
the   L'nderwood  hotel   at
Chase, Lake Shuswap,  has not  been
the   premises  where the
licen-*  wai  taken   out,  il   lias  been
,:. the   in ittet  cinnot be
-.':• !■ I by the G iverntn ml for a
renewal till January next. The peo-
pleol Chase think they have been
badly treated nd are taking steps lo
i*ectii> ilty.
Stean ■ ■'.   it tain,    neat   Hope,
B. C. wl gold « '- Btruck somi
three months agi   pi* mist b to bi     mi
Be of I hest toll ing fields in the
entite   l'i* • ince,    A   laige  bii
been       -        Irvadj    nnd   it   i-   tin-
genet il * pinion that i ktanil edi    ;
leasl 5,00  men will I   • * n the
spi ing,    \ ■   .* *
,nd ll ng ol      good road
Active preparal   ms at *'
fji   the firsl    in' ' I   wtntei   p
■bon   ii del ' he nusp ■■ -   f I lie
■toke Pi ultt y and  Pel  Stock  A - ■
ation is to be hi Id on Jan mrj   12
18.   A large   number  ol   entries are
being made and ■ first-cla*
in anticip ited.     I.- >i tl p   ill i y  i I
ei- are busy making  t lieit   coop
are getting  ready  to I itten   ip
stock i',d gel tht in  In  Hi -'   lass ci i.-
ry pi
pre* iratiot      nil   formula  f"f
i ertain   lisi that lu   it ies
i xclusii ili*.      t lur    Store   is
lip.: * ■ ■ '     rare ol   my
prescription thst maj come iu.
We make a  Bpe-dalty of tlii***.
Bews  Drug Store
Ncit Hume Ollill',
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial wo
would surest you doing so if you wish to procure the best
as we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to be.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on lhe market,
ranging in price from $J per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
Is one of the most import'
ant items in your busin' ss
will  look  aftor  this branch   of
the business i'or vnu.
Kootenay Agencies. Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid &. Anderson
Kev. 1-t. J. Melnt vie will  preach al The popular Jeanne I!u--.-l  players
the Methodist  ehttrch ul   ICnderby ou will open a week's li.-lt nt   the  i
Sunday. nn Mond ■>' night,
First-class repei toi re ol plays nt Ihe Keen interest is being taken *
Kdi mi   next   «eek   by   the    Joanne bye-election in  Ferule as thc polling
Hussell Co, ikes place to-day    Reports ant
'11,.. regular meeting of He* Select ;ll,!"'' K "" "' ' ■ ;  '—       '
Vestry of St.  Petri's  rl li will  lie practically wild for Hon. W R.Ross.
In 11 at   the Rectory en   Wedne d iy,"
Ocl   -.'ah. at 8 p. ln.
Mt. Kvans, who is in charge nf the
IS. .y- Brigade of the Met hi il
teports   excellent   pr
turning   i it!   well   aud '*•>.*. n
iuleiesl iu lie  wu k.
'I'll,* Qu i.l iill.-  Club   held   Ihi il   lii-:
dat.ee    III 111''   Selkil k    hall
night.    There wa is _■ * i
aud i verybody   repot Is il   .
The l iuli will   h*
nighl Ij in future
V Scotch im *   I'.R do< k yaid while a large gang
owing to  I
P ipet has taken    I    I
ll   V.1I lolH ' .   I. ll d
the I i"*i  ind H
'I'ii ni n     I ill the
i Mr. 1
,*  .
■   -
Notice is hereby given that CO dnys
after the dato bereot,  t, Charles    R.
' Macdonald ot Revelstoke, ll. 0., oc-
cttpatlon   , druggist,   intend   to  apply
; u the Ibm. tho i iini Commissioner
of Lands nnd Works, Victoria, B.C.,
[or permission to purcbaso the following described lands.
t Commencing at a imsi planted ten
chains east of the N.\v. corner of
See. ;«1 Tp. ;i^, Range 2fr, wost ol the
i'ln Meridian, Bast Kootenay, B. C,
ami marked Charles It. Macdonald's
smith east corner post. Thence
north M ehains, thence west ;ii)
chnins, thuiice smith about 46 chain-
to Columbia river, thence following
Columbia river in n smith easterly
direction to n point, about lu chains
smith of the north west corner, Sec.
80, Tp. 32, Range 26, west of the
5th Meridian, thence north about
10 chains to north west corner of
Sec. so, thence enst in chains to
point of commence ent. Containing
n all about HO acres more or less.
Charles  R,  Macdonald,
Hubert ('. Hall, Agent.
Ocl. 17th. 1910.
Notice is hereby Riven that 00 dnys
niii'i- thu date hereof, I, Albert
James Howe, of Kevelstoke, II. 0.,
occupation, butcher, intend to apply
t i ihe Hon. the Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works, Victoria, B.C.,
for permission t" purchase the lol-I
lowing desci Ibed lands.
Commencing at a p"st   planted ton
chains easl of \he north  west corner |
Tp.  32,  R.26, west of the j
51     Mer llan,  Bast Kootenay, B. 0.,
a   .    marked    Albert   James Howe's !
B.iuth     west    corner    post.     Thence
n irth    l"   chains,     thence   east   30
thence south to chains, thenco i
chains to point  of      com- !
iment,     Containing  in all    120
oi  less.
t  James Howe.
Hubert C. Hal,    Agent.
Notice is hereby piven that CO days
lifter the dnte hereof, I, Keneth G.
McRae, of Uevelstoke, B. 0., occupation merchant, intend to apply
to the Hon. i.lie Chief Commissioner
of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
about the north west corner of
Churles It. Macdonald's application
to purchase. East Kootenay, It. C,
and marked Keneth tl. Mcltae's
south west corner post. Thence 30
chains north, thence 4(1 chains enst,
(hence 30 chains south, tlienre 40
chains west, to point of commencement. Containing in all 128 acres
moro or less.
Keneth tl.  McRae.
Hubert C. Hall, Agt.
i    October  19th,  1910.
Moving Pictures To-nlghl.
-Ii'il! i ki* machine « I. ■ h  « h> n
nvei *t t oad
papei covered    j lindei    ■
..inii,,*     \ ■
Revelatoke, tin* ski
NuTli B.
shy (.'ivi n that CO dnys
lereof,  I,  Charles Hol-
ke, H. <'.. occupation,
to apply to tli** Umi.
* [.nn:--.* in*:    of   Lands
ctorla,  l). C,  lor per-
. base • I**  following doit   ., ...'ite.l   70
■   the   V   W,   corner      of
Bt        of
-m, East Kootenay, B.
Monday, Oct 21"
The Jeanne Ital Co.
Western Canada's
Greatest Favorites
Pull Scenic Production
An Excellent Caste of Twelve
Talented Players
75c. 50c, 25c.
I'l.iii nt Macdonald's
Drug  Store
lie un re liken t     •
it     it '
VV. i    I
black i'"i i '■■    -
'I'l," U*i i lea   ii
ii.i   demons!; ,*    • he
,     equable KevcN
'1    !    ■
l.  \.      *:       ii, • k   prnvId   ■
If        Straw i.i i ii
■ii    -..n -
liuin ■   ■
1|..\ ,*  l.e*  I,
llll III of III * I
ll'ii *     I
i on in in !.,.'. i- mi     'I hi ,  ■ ■ hop ■
will lit. .1 im   IH
tt hell   IVe    H ill    pul' I   ll   thu I
: '*:■ leli' e I" II ,|i,l    i  I       ||CI    |
h" i '■*,*■ i. tt lieu i'i    ;*; ' -  I, il   -a i,|
hi   f50 k.w, wilhoul   iii,,,-  Inin ir n
n   !el,*i   In      In* I'J   I I pott'l'l   :ii*   iv ll   *
b • iilitiiii'id from  ihe pi mi       y
faking ii loiiil f i«-fin n '.'n pi i ' i ni.    t
I   I l-tll"  pel   I  ,<V,    "lid    llll, I   lit;     ll*    |ll-l
I enl     III*.*,  ll)'    llllll   mis U  'li,    Hie    ie   'ill
would be ah ut  $(Ls,*n| I  Increase I" r
yeai nliliou;;li il,.j i.....i.'.v is  very
' i iill      \l       M'Kii rick  pun I, -■ l   ,
SflCliil AND PERSONAL      j
T   II   Ilium" * :   I
\V   Pi ■ * i and i
i ■     j ■ ,
|*i.   A     Bt tdlej  I i ■  retm nnd
i ','   ' in'
I'', ■ if \	
I,, ii,,. city fur a fi        * I illicit1
who has > i ii il lo  mineral  claim    * n
ii'.: . ili   I
i h ■ p■ ■ p i: .     .1 ih :  i' nun kably w   I
Mr,   I i,.'liih,   in in iglng 'i
i* ii'ini ,,i i lm i ,,i ,i    *■   I'ncifli  Liitnh i
i    , of Vnni "*. ri, wu   ii  Ihe i i y on
Wedie mIiij evening '■" i  lite lo Win
nlpi'H **ii  '   "■■     I * Ip,    I' it Ing   I a
■lay hu vlsilid  lhn (ilbbons  Liiinliirl
i o.'s plnnl al   I'l  .   Ion ci cok,  v. hi h '
has n*i i'ui i>  ne rgi d Inlo III   Cm.i I
(Il.lll I'llliflc Llllllhel ( 0,
After Supper Sale
No. 4g
^'o^l will not want to miss our "After Supper
Sale" to-night, for the lines we are putting on
sale are goods that everyone wants at this season.
The goods are the hest and the prices are lower
than you eould buy cheaper qualities for. Our
Saturday night sales are a big saving chance.
These prices rule from 7 p.m. till closing, neither
before nor after.
Kid Gloves
Once before we offered this line and have often
been asked if we were going to put it on again.
Well, here it is! Perrin's and Fownes' guaranteed gloves, all colors and sizes, regular $1.50
TO-NIGHT    $1.00 Per Pair.
Drawn Linens
You all know the large variety we carry in these
good;, To-night we will put out a lot of Lunch
Cloths, Shams, etc., at half their regular prices.
There are some beautiful patterns among  them.
A lot of people were sorry that they missed the
sale of Neckwear last week, so to-night we will
give ihem a chance. Your choice of anything in
collars, (plain, fancy or embroidered), jabots,
bows, etc.,  at half price.
Silk Waists
We have a lot of new waists in silk and net, in
black, ecru and the new shades. All sizes. Keg.
prices from $5 to $(>.,so. Wc are going lo clear
them oul to-night at $3.00.
Besides these, we have lots of other lines of
seasonable goods priced for quick selling. You
will save your money by spending it here.
Good  Bread
—and you Hhotild insisL upon getting the best at all
times—get ourn. Our reputation for good bread is not
the result of chance. Our customers are satisfied that
ours is the most, satisfactory bread they can buy.
Try it anil you will become a regular customer. Our
Groceries are rIko in keeping witli our bread.
G. W. Bell
P. O. Box 208
Phone No. 23
The Best In The Market
With the price advantages to be gained by right buying
is what we are still striving to oner. Butter and cgK"
a specialty.
Orders Delivered,      Phone 03
John  Mclntyre  &  Son
Lea ling man with tbe 3t
■ iv EttlliHl Co,—EdlsOn Theatre Monday night
Men's Fall Hats
We have just put in stock a large assortment
of Stetson, Carter, Redmond, Pitt and
Headform Mats in stiffs and softs. To see
them is to buy one, tbat is why we want
you to look out stock over.
We have prepared ourselves to meet the
growing demand for Shirts with soft, double
cuffs and separate Peter Pan collars, suitable
patterns, in rich, lustrous cloths, to sell 'at
popular prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland


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