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The Mail Herald Jul 8, 1911

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 '^Erapipe" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price $601
I Interior Pubhsnmg Co., Agis.
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 53
REVELSTOKE. B. C. .JULY 8   1911
$2.50 Per Year
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
^B $10,000,000.00
-       -      5 79S.000.00
5,793, JOO.OO
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Branches nr Agents at all principal points inH^anada,
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bur* Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank D<"nrtmcnt
Deposits of $1 and upward, recui...*.., ...nl interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit,   Correspnndnnce solicited.
Revelstoke Branch -A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Ladies' Fashionable Skirts
In all sizes and lengths, good materials.
A large range to choose from. Alterations
to ensure a perfect fit. Come in and look
them over.
Mrs. A* G, Crick, * First Street
in g<-'t down to B reasonable price we are
offering among other things
White Beans, easily cooked, per lb. 7c.
Best Japan Rice, cooks soft and dry, 11). (ic
Dried Green Peas,  delicious,   per lb. 7c
Quality canned goods at Fair Prices
John Mclntyre & Son, Phone 93
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Teal
Bell's No. 1 Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O.  Box  108
Phono No. 23
Trophy of $1000 Offered for Exhibit-Board Makes Kick
Against Telegraphic Tolls
The Board ol Trade is looking for
potatoes, big potatoes*, and potatoes
that are liable to earn a $1.WKI trophy. A communication has beeu re-
ceiv.nl by the secretary ot the local
board and was read at tho sitting on
Thursday night last. Every member
was unanimous in thc opinion thut
that $1,000 trophy could just as well
be earned by Kevelstoke as uny other place, because it is known that
spuds grow here that have to be piled up like cordwood sticks. The communication came from the Department of Agriculture, at Victoria and
reads ns follows:
Victoria,  June 8th, 1911.
Sir,—Allow me to draw your attention to the following communication recently received in this Department, with regard to the One Thousand Dollar Stilwell Trophy to be given for the hest exhibit of potntoes at
tbe American Lund and Irrigation
Exposition, to be held at Madison
Square Gardens, New York, Novem -
ber 3rd to 12th, 1911.
"At the American Lund and Irrigation Exposition to be held at Madison Square Gardens, New York, en
November 3rd to 12th, 1911, there is
a One Thousand Dollar Trophy offered for the best exhibit of late potatoes. The exhibit does not necessarily need to belong to one individual, but may be exhibited by a Department of Agricultural, Farmers'
Organization, or by a District. The
main point is that, the One Thousand
Dollar Stilwell Trophy is to be given
for the best exhibit of potatoes represented by marketable iiuaiity,
smooth appearance, Hush eyes and
uniformity of size. The yield of
each variety per acre, which acre
must be officially survey?d, must be
sworn to by the grower, and attested by two or more reputable witnesses.
"It will readily appear to you, that
tbe wianing of a trophy of this character will advertise your province at
this great exhibition extensively. We
are confident that splendid potntoes
can ire grown in Western Canada und
ure very anxious that one, or all of
the four Western provinces shall tuke
this matter up in a systematic and
careful manner, supplying a credit -
; uble exhibit so thut, if possible, you
; may win the handsome trophy re-
ferred to.
I "Will it not bc possible for your
Department to take up this matter.
We would like to have a reply from
you stating what you would bc pro-
pared to do in the way of gathering
this exhibit."
Our Department will be pleased to
hear in this connection from those
who atv prepared to contribute towards the collection of late potatoes
for competieion for this trophy. The
Department will Undertake the collection and forwarding of the exhibit,
which will he entered ns a Provincial
display and will, I hope, prove a
credit to our Province und u strong
meafia of advertising the agricultural
possibilities of our country.
It is to; l>c hoped thut all those who
are nb'lc will help towards securing a
comprehensive aud creditable exhibit.
I have the honor to lie, Sir, your
obedient servant,
Wm, K.  800TT,
Deputy Minister.
Tbc board has not yet allowed tbc
natter of the removal of the Crown
Timber offloe to droj am) as soon aa
sir Wilfrid arrives home in Ottawa,
b,' will probably reoelve another form
■ii in"t'' ,t. f11.in tin' citizens oi Revel
stoke regarding the arbitrary action
oi ll.,n. Prank Oliver, The protest
which hi' ri'i'.'ivcd while in Kngland,
read as follows:
Sir Wilfrid Laurier,
London,  England.
Hevelstoke Board of Trade and
Liberal Association and Lumlrar
Compunies prutewted May twenty-
ninth against Oliver's action removing Timber Ofllce from Revelstoke
to Kamloops. Citizens and lumlwr
companies unanimously opposo removal. Protest disregarded, ofllce
now moving. Will you prevent removal pending delegation meeting
you Ottawa? Laing, Secretary of
Board of Trade; Macdonald, Secretary  Liberal  Association.
To this Sir Wilfrid Laurier replied
thit be r.mld do nothing till his return  and  the  board  consei|ii,*ntly do*
m'I   tO  tend a fallow up letter      to
,this menage,
j    A  lett.r    wns received  from    Vancouver wanting to know if this   district could turnlsb g minora! exhibit,
(or the romlng exhibition,       It was
pointed     out In the     communication
tl*,.,i  .,  stamp mill will  be in opera-
Ition at  the exhibition    and thnt   all
m.ucrsl ixMbtte will be jl/en a free
test. The communication wns referred to Mr. Neil McEachren wbo has
such a splendid showing of gold
The Credit Men's Association's letter asking the co-operation of the
Board of Trade to get certain legislation through  was filed.
Mr. O. S. MeCarter raised tho ques
tion as to why a telegraph message
from Hevelstoke to Chicago should
cost $1.15 while a similar message
from Vancouver to the same place
can be sent for 75 cents. Mr. W.M.
Lawrence suggested that the same-
principle applied to telegraph messages as tn freight tariffs and that
■it was the heavy haul that caused
the dillerence in rates. However the
secretary was instructed to write Mr.
II. S. Jenkins and ask him whether
these conditions could bo bettered or
On the suggestion of Mr. A. J. J
Macdonell the secretary was instructed to write the city council askins
them to have the roads raked clear
of rocks, cans, stones and other rubbish, as it was pointed out that i
some of these were in a disgraceful
condition. J. P. McLennan suggested that, the board also tako action
against tbc indiscriminate distribution of bills and paper, but nothing
was done in this matter.
The advertising committee was Instructed to take up with the Interior
Printing Co. the question of having
a concise writctip of the city printed
on the back of the Board nf Trade
correspondence paper.
A communication Irom the B. C.
Fruitgrowers' Association re reciprocity wns turned down and tiled on
the ground submitted by Mr. G. S.
MeCarter that it savored loo much
of politics.
C. A. Barnum and Capt. W. W.
Irwin's names were suggested for
membership and will be voted on at
next meeting.
Fell Beneath Wheels of Slowly
Moving Steel Train on the
South Line
With bis head crushed beyond recognition the body of Prank Samlon-
ato, nn Italian youth about I'.I years
of age, Was brought into tbe city this
innming from tbe south, and now
lies at. Howson's undertaking parlors
awaiting an Inquest which will probably be held  tonight.
Th,' unfortunate man was the victim of un accident while working on
a Bteel train some fourteen miles to
the south. Two gangs of men were
busy unloading steel rails along the
track where the C.P.R. is putting on
heavier steel, and while the train
slowly moved along to allow of proper distribution of the rails one of
the workmen suddenly noticed the
young man falling hend foremost between two of the cars.
The train wns immediately brought
to a standstill but tbe head und urm
of the* unfortunate had passed beneath the wheels, and life was extinct when the body wus tuken from
the track.
Deceased had been in thi- employ of
the C.P.R. for about six months,- in
the capacity of a laborer.
H. F. MeKinnon to Erect a $20,-
OQQ Structure on First St.
On Monday the contract will be
let for thc erection of u full three
storey concrete and pressed brick
block on the corner lots on First
street west, belonging to H. F. MeKinnon and from that date work will
Ire continued till the building is completed.
The block, which is being erected
for H. F. MeKinnon wiil cost in the
neighborhood of $20,000 or $30,000,
and will be in every way modern. The
basement which will he 40x90 feet,
will be litted up with bowling alleys,
a form of amusement the want of
which has been long felt in the city
and a  sullicieiit number of alleys will
j be put in to -ensure the public all the
amusement  required  along  that line.
! On the second or main floor Mr.
McKinuon will have a handsomely
appointed billiard and pool room,
with entrance from the corner closest
to McKenzie avenue, while at the
other end of ihe building arrangements have been made for a barber
I On the top Moor the plans call for
seven modern suites of roomB, with
buth rooms, kitchens and every modern convenience complete, The building throughout will be luted up with
all water and sewer connections nnd
will be thoroughly steam heated. Mr.
MeKinnon expects the building will
bc completed in time for occupancy
this fall.
Special Distributing Point
The lle.ielstnke Meat Market,
through Mr. ('. !•'. Lindmark, bos
been appointed special wholesale dls-
tptbutors far the celebrated rt wilt's
Oanadian Oo.'s products, along the
main line o Hie t'.l'.U. from Field to
Salmon Ann, ll. ('., and through the
Arrow Lukes Including thc Arrow
Lukes and Kast. Kootenays, The
quality of Swill's cured meuts and
Inrds is so well knowii that no comment is necessary In Hicbo columns,
I but It Is undoubtedly a murk ot the
i progressive spirit ol this local llrm
to secure for this city ko lurgo a territory to be supplied from Rovolstoke, and also a guurunioo of the
growing importance of tho city that
thc Swift Oo, should seloct it ns tho
principal distributing point for the
Revelstoke Meat Market Puts in
Up to Date Plant
A band of mechanics and experts
are now at work ut the Revelstoke
Meat Market installing one ol those
most sanitary and modern conveniences of the butcher shop—the cold
storage plant. With this plant iu
operation the public may be assured
of the most wholesome table service
both in meats and vegetables, us
goods kopt in these cold storage
plants are always as fresh as tho
duy they are slaughtered or plucked.
No matter how warm and sultry
tbe air outside, by the uso of the
chemical engine, which is of thc latest improved type, the cold storage
room at the rear of tho shop is always below the freezing point, ui.d
carcasses placed there arc free from
heat nnd the pestering Ily. The front
window of the shop will also be
transformed into u cold Btonge window and the public will be uble to
see just what conditions prevail in
the cold storage room at the I ack
tn preserve the flavor and attrition
of the products of the meat tnp.'Uet,
\ large glass show case nlso filled
up with storage appliances will be
placed  in  the shop und who      comi-
leted this will be one of thi m ,st
up-to-date butcher shops In Dritls)
Thc work of installing shlS pi.in:
hus necessitated coi.uidcralil i nii re
room in the [rout Bl'op and for this
purpose partitions have b-wi t.,nc.,\
out und the Interior wheu complete I
will   present a  hun.li, me  appeal'U1C6.
Toronto, July 7.—The 'J.p.It has
granted an increase if pay wo.,'. u
nine hour duy to all its employee* iu
the mechanical .lepnrtmetit i ft om
Port Arthur to the Atlantic,
Vein,,a,   July   7.*   II.   10.    Iiui bidge,
general commissioner for tbe Hudson's liny Company's stores In    tbs
We 'I.   and   II    T.    L.irkyei,      SUPSI In
leu.|,'nt     nf      the      British   Columbia
i tu es, were in Vei nan far a couple
"I days this week, and while lure
let the contract for the line new store
winch will at onoe be erected on the
oorner of Barnard avenue and Seventh street, directly opposite the Hunk
of Montreal.
Several thousand (Iriingemen in
Ottawa and other near by places Intend going to Pembroke and Nnwing-
ton for the twelfth. They have arranged with the railroad company to
leave the excursion trains at tho
Steamship stations all day. At lirst
report of trouble ut Hull thousands
of Orangemen from theHO places will
bc rushed to Hull to nBslst. It
trouble begun. It Ib predicted a sort
of second "Battle oi Mjq Boyae."
...The (ollowing oflirrrs of Selkirk
Lodge No. 12, I.O.O.P., were instal
led   on  Thursday evening  last   ,       by
D.D.O.M., l(. Ii. McDonald, assisted
by Past Qrands Trimble, Knight,
North, Neimicr, Armnn and Square
bi'iggK:--N.<;., J, S. Hooley; V. Q„
II. Beigfrled;  Sec, .las. Muthle; Tres.
it.  i).  McDonald;  Warden  J,  Lyons;
Cnnhiiclnr, II. II. Kergiismi; H.S.N.
<!., K. Trimble; L.8.N.O., .1. llowson
R.S.V.C, Percy Able; L.S.V.O., 11.
Carpenter; Chnplain, F. line; H.S.S.,
R, MH.lcy; L.S.H., J. Nlckolson; Inside Conductori Obas, Newsome; Outside Conductor, H. Squnrcbrlggs;
Pact (Irand, K. U. McRuo.
yy   '-.      —   mill        .    —   ,■    ■■      ■ , ,     i i— ■ i- ■■      I    ■     ■■   ' "  'll,*i
Stoves! Ranges!
McClary's Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Enamel and Tinware
We can supply your
wants in the above lines
with the best Goods made
in Canada.
Sherwin Williams Paints, Oils. Varnishes, etc. It
pays to use Rood Paints.    We sell them.
Fishing Tackle, Rides. Shot Guns, Ammunition and
other Sporting Goods. We are leaders in these, and also
carry a very large stock of General Hardwa.e, Tools of all
kinds, etc.
Harness, Whips, Horse Blankets, Lap Hobes.
Crockery and Glassware.
Creamery gutter
P. gums & Company. £,td.
Wholesale and Retail Merchants
Victor Talking Machines, records,
repairs, nocdlcB, etc., ut Macdonald's
drug store.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Brookfield Extra Creamery Butter
Keystone Creamery Butter
Coldspring Dairy Butter
Malakwa Dairy Butter
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Ilu.II Class Meat Purveyors
Phono 251
P. O. Box 181
"Kl» 1<>1T«»'« voir i*'
Klllitntdla tlirllrft ttf.tfit.ariur*.
We have been appointed wholesale distributors
lor Provinces of Alberta and British Columbia
of the famous
Victor and Berliner Gramophones
and Victor Records
Dealers in these goods can now purchase F.
0. B. Revelstoke and save excessive freight.
Over 6,000 different records in stock, including everything from (Irand Opera to Ragtime.
Gramophones from $.'U to $125.   The famous
Victrola from $1<hj to $800.
I Healers wanted, liberal discounts and terms.
Write for Catalogs and full particulars.
SATURDAY,  JULY 8, 1911.
Gbc flDail-lbetalb
Jnteclot pubtlsbing Company,
Legal notices 1* cents per line first
insertion, 5 cents per line each
subsequent insertion. Measurements Nunpariel (12 lines make
one inch.; Store aud general
business announcements $11.50 per
inch per month. Preferred positions, 25 per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages aud Deaths, 5Uc
each insertion.
Land notices $7.50-, All advertisements subject to tbe approval of
the management. Wanted and
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
ual.**..- wanted, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, 25 words or less, 25c,
each additional line lu cents.
Changes il standing advertisements must be in by 'J a. m.
Tuesday and Friday of each week
to secure jrucid display.
CORRESPONDENCE: invited ou matters oi public interest. Communications to  Editor must      be
If you insure with us you
insure with some of the
oldest and strongest companies in the world.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Insurance of^All Kinds
tic believes that Hies have no place in
a properly regulated eity government
They have been warred agalnsfby the
simple weapon ol perfect cleanliness,
The streets ol Hubbard are swept
twice a week. No manure, tilth, K'lt'-
hntre or scraps arc allowed to remain
within  the city  where Hies can reach
accompanied    by    name of writer them    WiUl  Q0thlng to  cat and    DO
give them a lift, or others may push
tiieiii along grudgingly as a duty. An
Annuity may not restore to you the
speed cf youth, but it will retain
for you its Independence. If you are
concerned, as you should be, with
the problem <»' how to provide for
that "last of life for which the tirst
was  made,"  you should ask  for sch-
not necessarily for publication,
but as evidence ol good faith.
Correspondence  should  be  briel.
Including  postage  to  England,  United States and Canada.
place to -breed, thc Hies  naturally died   edules  at   the   Government   Annuities
out,  and the diseases which lies convey are not  communicated and   multiplied  within the limits of    Hubbard
City, Texas.
i    Infantile paralysis,  a disease »hich
  has had such vopue and greatly bullied
By the year (through postoffice)  $2.50  x\ie  physicians   within  the   past    few
-  years, is now  attributed  to the  h use
JOB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
Ctoe flDafllbetafo
By. The Investlga'Mons of the Rocre-
fellcr institution charge .he (iy with
being the messenger whicli car.'LOS the
disease to its victim. Like other announcements of this character this
statement will doubtless wait further
verification l»efore it meets with gua
Branch, Ottawa
Tho Government of Canada has
shown it*s faith in the idea of providing against the needs of thc last
stages by appropriating $70,0(10 an
Dually to educate the people in
habits or thrift. This appropriation
is paid out of the revenue of the Dominion, and not one cent of it is repaid out of the purchase moneys received  from the Annuitants,
The people or Canada have Hliown
their faith in the scheme by paying
in a million dollars to obtain the
benefits offered.     How many,      how-
Lilliputians Coming
On Thursday and Friday next the
Lilliputian Comic Opera Company !
will visit Revelstoke and play in the
Bdison theatre. Tbe Calgary News-
Telegram speaking of the performance there this week  says:
"A more appreciative audience it
would be hard to lind that which
greeted the Royal Lilliputian Comic
Opera Company last evening at the
Lyric when the curtain roue ou tiie
opening scene of the first act of H.
M.S. Pinafore. The singing was
bright and catchy, and a number of
surprisingly good voices are included i
in the chorus.
"Baby Grace, who is about as big I
as a minute and would look more at I
home in a picnic than a regulation
middy suit, simply captivated everyone with her comical and clever acting and Imitating her fellow sailors.
In her song "Has Nobody Here Seen
Kelly," and other.-, she was called
hack repeatedly. A close second favorite was tiny Ruby Moison, who is
a little large, for she looks to be
four summers old. She bewildered the
audience with her graceful dancing of
tbe sailor's hornpipe, which was loud
ly applauded.
"Tliivduets and trios w?re excellent
and certainly appealed to the audience, us did every thing else -given
lor their entertainment, for there was
not a lagging minute throughout the
"Not one of the perfonmess looked
to be over twelve years of age, but
every  one  of them  possessed a spark-
Loss of Life may be
Stayed by Cooler Weather
Toronto, duly 7.—Cooling showers and breezes broke the backbone
of the terriltic heat and the Indications are strong that tonight will
fee the beginning of a cool spell
which will bring relief to the. millions
in the east who for 'days have, gasped and all but died under the blistering rays of the sun.
I From statistics gathered today it
is estimated that more than 700 lives
of ndults and perhaps as many more
intents have been sacrificed as the
result, of, the torrid spell, which the!
I weather bureau here 'declares has
I been the most enduring ami severe in
41  years.
Seattle,  duly 5.—Patrolman  II.    1.
Harris was shot and almost, instant- '
ly  kiiled  by  an   unknown  assassin  at
Occidental and Washington streets at
11  o'clock  tonight,   while  he  was    attempting     to capture a  man  fleeing
from arrest.   Harris attempted to ar- [
rest  a   pickpocket      when   the       man
broke away and ran.    Tho laoliceman
gave chase, firing two shots into the '
air.   As  Harris ran after 'the 'fugitive
another  man,   apparently   an   accom-
ulice of the pursued, stepped out.     of
the crowd,  and   fired  a  revolver      at
•the  policeman.      Tho  first shot took
the  ling naturalness and happiness which  e|,ect ^bm the right car Jim, Har_
are fonergn  to adult  performers. rU) m% |irtog ^^ RhotB frQm t,w
"Miss Pearl Carlyie, as the able sid(,wa,lk botore hc „llcn. Th,e man
seaman in love with the captain's H(lrrjfl was ggemg to .an,eBt| am,
daughter,   Josephine,   made a  capital   the cm<> b,mt fiped  thc  fata,  shat M.
eral  acceptance,  but  it is
that the Ily goes everywhere and
ways attracted to putrefaction
Bom, day this city may be rich
enough and progressive enough to
consider a proposal to establish those
wonderful dispensers of darkness—the
luster electric lights. dust now per
haps ,n the present financial condl
turns of thc city it would be foolish
to BUggest BUCb a thing, but a visit
to tli, cast cities has Impressed it
upon us that the diffusion ,,1 light in
plenty :s a remarkably good advert
isemciit  for auy city.
We must admit, however, tl> it Uev
elstoke ;s at present, for its size, a
remarkably well lighted city, but it
could be I., tier. McKenzie avenue, if
lighted up with these cluster lights,
WouH ■   look   line from       thc
railroa : on ., real dark night. The
Initial Itlay ■•; course would lie
considerable as it ,s generally uu-
derstood     tbat     these cluster ligiits
■■-• D mean sum. but when we can
f.f.-T.i it we :''■•*: sure the proposal
* .. meet with the emphatic endorst
ment ■' everj progressive citizen m
Revelstoke, We have our own pow
■ ii and I here ,s much ol it not being
.**.:  w.ii t* cheap,
:,.-     ■   ■ nstaltetlon    and
the d ■■'    imp .   ,' I t., no
better I the extra powei
it I tst   the citj  w :i    re
•     .        •■   .ii, :      moat   valuable
retur: -
T'*~ * ■    pie     al
one ' no     mean
ere.,-      I -.  ol police  pr .lection
tlj  minimizes ;:.•   pose
of -.**■■-       ■ DH
darkne I
ll      oi*.. 1 *• .   •■
men'. ■   -
.'    -        ■
the » ..    •' ".-i   i, ghtf.il
lor in ! -uch
I       L * ' '
'•! ,U
i •
•   ■ i.. *     *
t freely I
Il •■-,-.
papers >t •   -      I Brll
i •
  ai d
decay where the bacilli of d'.seise
have their breeding place. . n its
hairy feet these germs are carried and
spread everywhere on vegetables meat
and the lips aud faces of hum in Icings. Without the flies to scatter
them the worst of these Use ise germs
would perish wherein they .nig n,:t"
without  doing harm.
To insure a healthful citv, attack
the media which envey 'disease,
The air alone which Was formerly believed to be the main culprit i.i cuty-
illg disease does very little of It. Impure water and milk do their sill re
Tho mosquito and tbc rats carry tire
germs of certain well-deli ied diseases.
but the Ily is Worst ol all, carrying
many diseases. Banish all loss of
health ami particularly the omnipresent .md persistent By, and bhe cities'
death rate will !«■ lowered and the
health   of   the   people      mime isii ,,'uy
Improved.—Vancouver Province.
uiidcil ible   ever, are still running tbe journey of
il   life blind  to the  fact that they  may
nerd the  protection which this scheme
affords!      Have  you  the fare  for the
through trip?
Big Field for Investors Says the
Monetary Times
Life      is a  join ney.
The Monetary Times remarks ol
ihe great field for investors offered
by British Columbia: "Capitalists
from many lands have personally investigated the large undeveloped resources tlwre, afterwards placing in
ihe province their own money and
that of syndicates represented by
them. To date Uritish Columbia
has pro In,-,..l nearly |:i48,0»W,n00 of
minerals. Including (126,000,000 worth
ol gold, $103,000,000 worth of coal
and coke, and (56,000,400 "f copper.
Lode mining has only been in pro-
Th ' trite  gress  (or  about  eighteen  years    ami
lover and her singing was good. Miss
Ivy Cooi>er, as Josephine, won flattering applause for her singing, she
possessing a really marvellous voice
for so young a girl.
"Hazel Sims, as Little Buttercups,
kept everyone in peals of merriment.
"Louis Condon, as Rt. Hon. Sir
Joseph Porter, was simply immense,
always doing things in a efficient
"The captain of the merry crew
was Amelia Murphy, and a great
point in Miss Murphy's parts wns her
distinct enunciation. Dick Deadeye the
old seaman, not handsome to look
upon, was Maizie Condon, -and Maizie
took ber parts in a manner that
would r'■ .*• t credit upon an actress
many  times her senior.
"The four sisters, cousins and
aunts of his lordship, were cun.ing,
and made pretty pictures in their
trailing gowns and gay lined para -
"Throughout the opera wns one ot
the best given by Lilliputians in this
part of the weBt for years."
Those that aro quick to decide are
Tenders will be received up to July
15th, 1911, for the erection of a Btatlon at Taft, B. C, for Canadian
Pacific Railway Company. I'lans and
specifications can be had at office
of the undersigned.
Resident Engineer.
Revelstoke,  July 5, Wll. t.dl
metaphor, but   It   is trite because      it
is   line.       We   are  each   in  Charge       ol
M.   which   we call   the
and tins engine needs fuel, which we
call the necessities of llle. There are
comforts and luxuries win h *.-.
:,•■■*':,■. .md  these we maj   liken
patent      at t.ii
nickel   works   whicl •*     J"lt-
ol the Journej to   the
rolling    '
We .:g industries
I'm- ca! .umi watei   is we
not   .la per cent    of tlie mineral    land
has Men prospected, Unexplored
mineral bearing lands with an area
'.( 250,000 square nines  hv open   for
the     mineral
was  val -
•  -   * -   Oi      Lasl year th.' val-
ttentlon of
entl •   been called
aide establishment of   the iron    and
S'-, *,     •    ■
trim     Wl    "
,miiis winch  we call  blrthdaj
willingly pick up pn- ■
there for     whose com'
t.   an
■hat me * flret
left  in le
jll .rd      ., -ii'ist    ,
ill   ni.,.
■   ■        .-
I' iTlnda
Gets Three Months for Mis-
appropriati ig Funds
- •
* .-
• ■
St. Francis of Assist! Catholic
church, corner of Fifth street and
McKenzie avenue.
Services—(in all Sundays, except
be fourth of each month. Low Mass
with Communion of thc Faithful at
• a.m. High Mass at 10:30 n. m.
"hnstian Doctrine for children at
j.m. Rosary with Bendlction of
The Blessed Sacrament 7:;t0 p.m.
Un week days—Holy Muss every
morning at 7:30. Confessions are
heard every evening after 7:30 and
in tbe mornings before Mass.
J.  F.  McNKIL, P.P.
I;.--.    !:    ,i    Mclntyre  pastor,  regu-
,.lay  11   a.m.;  2:30  p.
m.,   .- si I i   and   Bible  class;
I       "The Ne Temere
. what it Implies." Special
rendered      it  Is     ex-
irtwrlght of the    Oart
■ ■   * •  l ompany, will sing a
i s o'clock
i'" 11 laj   evening at I
ind at
**1     M,* ,\
■ ■''
ted I
IT  '' H
ian w.ii find
•     kept
  the needs ol
Wh-cn   th< .•■•••'    --I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
; l     en-
', :m some ol theii  cltli trust I ■■ .'ernment  «,mc ■ *
7 .ml     thorougl • * make    when
win r SanFran'-tsco made •Fntmnl
Iteelt' foi   i time a ratlau eity    snd •• •  i ' I
.',,!*;. . p|  ,;..,.•at,on  there  erf the   Mth   m *
babonii '■   i OrlwuM suppres-1   Th*    ;■•:.    • tch m..v not ,,p|,,
,,.*.„. • the  I '"i"  I   •' m*   :•  • • iftel   th.*  * even
,-*i„   thoi ■ i  tberebj   i.nti- ,'■■■'i.   ' *!   ■■ *• n michei   Noth
■ r,   and     made     N«W l'"* Minn   tO     watch
mi .,nr at ;!• '"iiHncHt of cit* the     I mi »Meli cannot   leave
M    From Texai   the report     comes   the trackilt thej  wish, trying to ii- |
ii,.*.  , '  u hu bnnished   ti,.' " m\ the grade   ,' thi  i*,*t   tag** <•'  '"' '   '""   l""'' '"" 'r"Ar
lourney of life, or to »cc some of   h•■
.,      .,*    -,. ,•**• tri'itnpl, vet M     "'     '"      """   trawlll«|       in     ll!:   " '''   ""   bob,,,• ..f  .be    eon
r,,.*   ,,,.,,,,:   , a   mau ettf butjcomlort, now forced to    walk    the |'•"•»"      Kl'",'t   "  »rr»n« i   com
large cuoufh to bave a mayor     and  trucks.   Friendly     compnoioos   may 'promine continui,
'■»!  firemen
■i her
,   *   were  ,ir
"   WaK
Th"   tribe i * "iii lot,
I, i noi vt i.*>,' iii nii-o'l and riot
nu ■ if '*.'■*. ' M " nbMttr,
irbei ■ the iti Ikei I i", Mel In bbeii de
ih, ra
' ill. *.,
a  t,., 'The
■■ ■ ■ I,'.,,i
-   Peopt
• I ■ ,   ■ ■   il   •
txten led
* i*;
■i   Lodge      ■ ■-       nrlll
OM   l'ost. filllre      Hall at
i, .n> p n,    July 'ltii. i" attend Wvlne
1 .   YIi.tbo.liHl   church.     All
members    "* requested to be preteW
i,,g Orangemen omiHally
»in   Armstrong, w. M.
II.  Mr Klnnrv,  It,  8.
Moving pictures t.'UUtit.
Clean Milk I
Get your Milkman to produce a Government Certificate like the following:
No. 1930
Contagious Disease (Animal) Act
Grade  B. Certificate
This is to certify that I
have inspected the premises
and herd of T. Lewis, of
Revelstoke. The premises
do not strictly conform to the
condition set forth in the
'standard,' and the herd has
been tested for tuberculosis
once a year and has been
found free from that disease.
m Remarks : Cows are in
good shape and milk handled
in a sanitary manner.
(Signed) Dr. B. R. ILSLEY,
July 3rd, 1911.        Inspector.
Note :—The only fault with
the premises is that while
the "standard" calls for
800 cubic feet of space for
each animal, whereas our
stable only contains a little
over 700 cubic feet for
each animal.
Milk sold in Bottles at 11
quarts for $1; Hotels 25 cents
per gallon,
•rr   hatched   in
^^—«^ rmnurr an<l rfvrl
in filth, flcjftlliftl htVfl dJMorered ld«t ihry are
largely rMpOUibU fnr (lir ipmd »f   I UD«i ulodl,
Tjrpliowl, Diphlhnit, Dyi*nlfTy, Inlantilr t^iM-iic*
of du M-ivvfli, t\r,    tvrry picket o(
Fly Pads
will kill more flies than 300 iheeti
of sticky paper.
'1 i
Safeguard Your Food
by Always Uaing
Baking Powder
Made from Pure Grape
Cream of Tartar
Its purity, wholesomeness and
superior leavening qualities
are never questioned.
"Alum is a powerful astringent with very
decided Irritant qualities, owing to which, when
taken Internally In suflicienl quantity, It Is emetic
and purgative, and may soon cause latal gastrointestinal inllammatlon."—U.S. Dispensatory, p. 144.
"The use ol alum and salts ol alumina In lood
■bOUld be prohibited."—Prof. Wood, Harvard (Am'.
Notice that all advertisements
of tiie cheap baking powders
conceal the presence of aluntf
Therefore read ihe label.
Shaw's Sash and Door Factory
Manufacturers of Sash and Doors, Mouldings
and all kinds of Woodwork.
Gel vour Screen Doors and Windows made to
G. 2). S/?abvf   -    Vroprietor
Photos! Photos! Photos!
Get vour Photos at the TRUKMAN STUL.O and
l.o bfttislied. ALL WORK GUARANTEED.
It v. ill be your own fault if you accept anything
that does not fully please you.
Baby Photos a Specialty
Developing and Printing for Amateurs. Prices
Right.    See me before sending work out of town.
A. D. Tourner
Trueman Studio
Over Macdonald's Drug Store
High-Priced, But Worth the Price
Call mul Bee iiiiui.   l.ii us give ym the reason
why theyare the K-si thai money can buy.
Edison Phonographs ■ Victor Gramophones
Agent for Gourlay. Winter & Leeming's
Gherhard Heintzman and other noted
makers of Canada's finest pianos.
The underwear
without a fault
Just the
style; size
or weight
you    like
Underwear and Hosiery
for any season or climate,
for man, woman or child,
1   at   the   right   price.
And it won't shrink!
Purehaso     by
the trademark.
It's on every
tyg/r garment ".n red
\       Try    No.   95-
medium weighi.
\i- SATURDAY, JULY 8, 1911.
the: mail-heeald, revelstoke
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -  $8,000,000
With its larpe number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Bank of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Rates will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of the world, drawn in sterling',
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or any other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at The Canadian Rank of Commerce at reasonable: rates.
The leather that goes into our shoes and the
men who make them can always be depended
upon. That's why our customers are always
Our harness is the very best. Dusters,
Whips, Trunks, Suit Cases. All leather goods
always in stock.   Call and see our goods.
Boot and Shoa Repairers, Siulillors Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    • ■    $4400,000
Has 77 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branohos.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
We Carry a complete stock of Furniture,
Carpets, Linoleums, Oilcloths, Etc. Get our
prices before purchasing elsewhere.
Revelstoke, b. C.
.. Symposium of What is Happening in
i All Parts of the World
Sunday was the hottest in Ottawa
this summer. The thermometer registered 92 in the shade. There were
several heat prostrations.
Three firemen were overcome and
a property loss of two million was
caused when fire destroyed the Fair
department store in the centre of
Pittsburg   husiness  district today.
The United Farmers ol Alberta presented resolutions to R. L. Borden
at Wetaskiwin and Edmonton asking
among other things, lor the enactment ot  the  reciprocity  agreement.
Speeches among the most import -
! ant heard in the senate against    the
reciprociiy bill were made Thursday.
| The     argument     is that it will      be
harmful to farmers in the States.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged  and Improved.    First-Class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Kooms.
Rates $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Under Hew Management. Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort ou the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 Degrees of Hea
Natural Hot Water in Hatha.    O   !tt All Year
Rates from $12 to $15 Fer Week
Have the Best!     It Pays!
You can get the best of
Everything in the line of
At the Reliable Headquarters
McKinnon's Cigar Store
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
It will pay you to
make a., call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
belore buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required inyour business.
Everybody knows him, he will
tell yi n that the whiskeys we arc
selling are the hest. Call and Ite
ronvinced. No household should
be without a. supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey) our
Frnpln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
'MJ years old or Blackberry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our slock
of choice Wines and Llquori of all
kinds are unexcelled. Hold by all
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
importers and Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
For Sale
25 foot Lot and  House, Third Street
Three Lots on Second Street, near the
new Post Office, $1200.
House and Lot near V.M.C.A., $3150.
Two   lots   and   House, Third   Street,
House and Lot, First Street, near ihe
new Post Office, $2100.
55 feet on Sixth Street, $700.
50 feet on Victoria Road, $550.
12 Room House, Second Street, 50-foot
lot, $1500.
And other first-class values.
Call and investigate
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
lit Land:
Fruit Lam
Galena Bay lands in parcels of
10 or 20 acres or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
E.   Q.    BURRIDn*.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Ave.   •   Revelstoke
Let me paint your house right. I do
nothing but first-class work. Quality
considered my price is low. The best
materials used aud work done when
promised. Try me on your interior
decorating. My work is guaranteed to
8IGN8—I can furnish you with any
kind you want. Glass, brass, tin, cloth
or wood.   Get my prices.
Carriage ami Wagon Painting at my
shop in alley back of E. J. Bourne's
Store, First Street.
Residence Cor. 3rd St. and Robson ave
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Arriving daily our new and
fresh stock of Seeds, grown
under contract by the best
growers in all parts of the
world. Seeds that will give
you the best, results. One trial
will convince you. Also a full
line <>f garden requisites, Implements of all kinds; Bee
Supplies Sprayers,Spray, and
a full line of Chick Feeds and
Conkey's remedies. Press the
hutton, we will do the rest.
M. J. Henry Nurseries
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,   -  Manager
Vancouver. 13. C.
The Coldstream Estate Nurseries
Have a very fine assortment of FRUIT TREES,
Ornamental and Shade Trees and Shrubs
Budded   Stock   a   Specialty
All trees offered for sale art' grown in our own  Nurseries
on the Coldstream   Estate
V. D. Curry, Geo. Matheson,
General Agent, Local Agent,
Vernon, B, C, Rmlstoke, B. C
John Lee
Drygoods Store
Dressmaking and Jewelry
Hand-Painted China, Rattan Chairs, and fancy
things,   Battenburg    Hed
Spreads, Shams, Scarfs lor
Dressers, etc.
Removed to opposite side
of Street Irom Central
Price* Reasonable     P.O. Boi 203
Front St., Lower Town, Rovelstoke
MaDofaotnrtd for tu oiaiiai of   bnildlugr
For ™ln In UriTA or mim 11 iit'Rtititios
at tha lowiwt prlca* fnr cash
AU kind* nf building and plastering
Foote & Pradolini,
Repairs ol all  kind-*   neatly done
Bicycle and Gun work especially
Estimates givon on any class
of work
Front       Street.
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-class sample
rooms. Flnesl scenery in British Colnm-
hia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop
Afl'onls superior educational advantages. Handsome new brick building,
modern equipment, extensivegpoiiiuU.
Classes graded in accordance willi the
■cbooll throughout this Province.
Complete Musi,* and Art Departments.
Special courses In Shorthand, Typewriting and Book-keeping, Particular
attention given to refinement ol manners and Correct Knglish.
For Protpeotua, Addross The Aoademy.
WANTED— Position as Housekei'itcr
to bachelor or widower, or on larin
II work is not too heavy. Apply
English, tbis office.
*S ailCKLYHi Hlf.rlMlS
you can be,
our Business is
ruii-iri formation.-
321 (Mnbie Street,
^VaiNcoviver B.C.^J
T. Q. Starmer won the Homer Dixon sword for Iwst drilled cadet captain in Winnipeg, and his compgny
Alexandra B. won first prize in the
cup competition.
1). M, Stuart, dismissed insurance
company superintendent, secured a
verdict lor $1,W)0 damages in Judge
1 Hobson's court.
T. 0. Norris and Ur. Molloy addressed a well attended meeting at
Minnedosn in the interest ol reciprocity.
Blanchard JaqqueH aud Sanies How
ard, drowned at Winnipeg Beach,
were buried together yesterday.
The lordB are apparently still determined to insist on bbe exclusion ot
Irish home rule (rom the veto bill.
St. John's college Old Boys decided to form a Winnipeg branch of tbe
Alma Mater association.
Archbishop Matheson declares
against the division of the diocese of
Rupert's Land and will veto it.
| According to the Free Press crop
inspector the outlook in the Regina
' district is decidedly bright.
Irregularities in the compiling of
the voters list in the constituency of
Gimli where shown in court.
The arbitration treaty between Britain and the United States has been
practically completed.
It is likely that a thorough investigation will be made into the death
1 of James McDonald.
A ten million dollar contract (or
C.N.R. grade ln the Hockiee bas been
Mme. Emma Imes, prima donna,
and Kmilio De Gorgorza, operatic
baritone, will be married in Paris
July 12 or IS, according to announcement made by Mrs. Ernest Gorgorza.
The Indians feel offended; they feel
that they bave l<een slighted by the
fair management. They ure not allowed tq take part in the fair, there
arc do Indian paireants, there is nothing for them to do but look on, and
they are hurt in dignity and pride.
Also they have been given what
they consider "a cold deck" in the
matter of raoeu. Every year since
time immemorial the Indian races
at the fair have been a big attraction, tbe Indians rode to win
and spared neither horseflesh nor
leather. In fact, many people used
to go simply to see the Indians race.
They competed {or small prizes, rang
ing from one to five dollars generally, some rare occasions drawing ten
dollar prizes, but they rode as hard
for the one dollar purses as for tbe
five and ten. Up till the present
year they were allowed to enter at
will, no entry fee being charged.
The Indians have brought in their
best horeee to the fair, ready for the
regularly expected races under the
old conditions, but, according to one
of their number, tbey hnve been told
that they will have to pay to race.
This they have refused to do, and
they sulk about it,—Calgary Herald.
The store of A.
was burglarised.
Shragge at Kenora
We want all aufferers from Kidney
and Bladder Troubles, Lame Back and
Rheumatism, to test GIN PILLS, and
•ee for themselves that GIN PILLS will
really cure all thew troubles.
If your Kidneys are weak—if It pains
yon to urinate—if yoar back ache*—if
hand* and feet are crippled with K hen
matiam—give GIN PILLS a chance to
prove that they will relieve you and
rare you. It won't coat you a cent You
don't hive to buy them. Simply write
na for a free sample.
"A abort time aro, I received a free
•ample of GIN PILLS which I have
taken with aoch good effects tliat I herewith enclose yx tor a box of them. I
believe GIN PILLS are just the thing,
for me." Richakii IIami.vh,
Fa am-ii Kivaa
GIN PILLS are ao called because they
contain the medicinal principle of
Juniper berries, the ewentlal principle of
Gin, but do not contain alcohol, joe. a
box — 6 for $2.50 — at dealeri, and
guaranteed to give aatlaf action or money
refunded. Sample box free if yon write
na. National Drag and Chemical Co.,
Dept. W ,    Tomato u
Thc original
Oin Pills made by
National Drug and
Chemical Co. of
Canada Limited,
Toronto, art told
only la thia bos.
American citizens in Vancouver celebrated Independence Day.
Point Grey will submit a bylaw to
the ratepayers for tbe purpose of rais
ing over fifty thousand dollars for
school purposes.
Two persons were killed by a gas
explosion in a Toronto restaurant.
Forty-three children died ln Toronto during the heat wave of the past
tlu'eo days.
Sir Frederick Borden is spoken of
as the likely successor to Lord Stra-
1 thcona in London.
The Liberals  of Montreal are plan-
I ning a great reception to Sir      Wil-
'■ Irid Laurier  on  his home coming  on
Monday next.
Sir James Whitney in an interview
in London declares the majority ol
Canadians are opposed to reciprocity
The State of Victoria, Australia,
lays claim to the rich Riverina dis -
trict and the question may be fought
out in the law courts.
Soldiers have been called out to
quell  strike   disorders in   Manchester.
Amendments to Lords veto bill
are moved in Upper House by Mar-
iiuis of Lansdowne. Government refuses to accept auy amendments and
belief is becoming general tbat another general  election is  imminent.
Tho suicide Mason at Niagara Falls
lias begun. One body, that of an unknown man, wns recovered today and
unavailing elforts made to  secure    a
Redjants do not like parsley. They
will disappear like magic if bits of
the herb are scattered in their favorite haunts.
Syrup, or other liquids, will not
drip from a pitcher if a little butter
or grease is rubbed on the edge and
under side of the lip.
Many do not know laces are often
made with a straight thread at tbe
top over wbich the lace may be
drawn to make a scant ruffle.
I Paste pieces of velvet soft side up,
I into the heels of your shoes, bottom
land back, and you will find your
stocking darning reduced by a big
per cent.
Put a little borax in the water   in
which   you    will   wash   table    covers,
; doilies,  towels,  ftc, having red borders, as tbe borax keepa the red clear
and bright.
■ Ether will remove perspiration
stains, but should be mixed with ammonia and water. One fourth ether,
one fourth ammonia and one half
water is a good mixture. Rinse and
place in tbe sun.
tbe  whirlpool.
eddying about    In
Despite strenuous opposition      the
London  1'resbytery  today granted the
call  of   Rev.   1'*   Lm-Ii,*   I'nlgei'U,   pastor oi Knox oburch Bt, Thomas,     to
St.   John's   church,   Vancouver.
Aikl World  News ((( kkkk     :::  yyyyi
Only twenty-four lives were lost on
July   ith  as  Ihu result  ol  Indrpeird-
lence day celebrations,
their  caenpe
by    suwing
through the bars.
WANTED-TO Bell tent, lOft.xlMt.
Apply West Kootenay Steam Laundry. It.
TO LUT—Furnished Rooms. Corner
Oberltt iiiiiI Second Btroets. Mrs,
F. W, Westswsy, It,
A young man named McKee was
drowned Sunday at Winnipeg bench.
Honar, a well known crook, escaped
from Htoney Mountain penitentiary.
M. M. McRae, a plumber, was kill
ed by a street car In St.    Charles, a
suburb ot Winnipeg.
Felix Mott, dlreotor of the Grand
opera in Munich, died today of arter-
foiobroils, following illness dating
from his collapse two weeks ago.
Eurico Caruso Is suing Dr. Delia
Vollpa, accusing him of divulging pro
fesslonal secrets couceroing the tenor's throat disease.
Musical Comedy Coming
A bright and breezy musical com -
edy 1- coming to Revelstoke on August 21st. It is "The Flower of the
Ranch," by Joseph E. Howard. In
writing this charming musical play,
Howard seemed to scorn the tropical
lands and impossible situations dear
to the average lover of music opera,
and turned to tbe far west for a
setting; the result being a piece
wbich bas delighted metropolitan
audiences for fifty weeks at a time,
and is meeting with equal success on
the road. An excellent company of
forty iieople present thia latest success with elaborate stage settings
and eili'ftH.
Victoria, July 5.—In one of the
smaller towns of Kootenay a person
convicted recently of a violation of
the Bush Fires Act, in having utilized fire in land clearing without first
sscuring the necessary permit, pleaded ignorance of the law and was ie-f
off. The attorney general's department calls attention to the fact thnt
no magistrate has power to exercise
such discretion. The law prescribes a
minimum fine of fifty dollars and
this must be imposed. Any suspension of sentence may only lie legally
permitted with the express concurrence of the attorney general's department.
A meeting of the footballers of
Salmon Arm was held last Monday
night and an organization elleeted
with the following officers:—Pres., J.
R. A. Richards; Hon. Vice-Pros..
Reeve .Scales; Messrs. Marlowe and
Charles; I'res., R.H. Davey; Sec-Tres.
A. H. F. Martin; Capt., R. Hughes;
Vice Capt., A, Ritchie; Man., Com.,
Messrs. Armstrong, Menziee and Klem
ing. •
Moving Pictures Tonight. Opportunity for wealth is knocking at]your door.    Will you ad!p
You can count on your finger tips scores of persons of your'own ^
have purchased property and have become independently rich.     l
if you act right now.     Do not let the other fellow get in aheac1 y
The City of the Interior!
The City of Steady
A Retrospect
Twenty years ago she was but a little
village of four or five hundred. You could
in half an hour count every house. Then
you had no faith in her possibilities for
growth and you didn't invest your earnings. You passed the opportunity up and
to-day you are not much further ahead.
A Regret
Have you been a Rip Van Winkle and
slept for these past twenty years ? If so
you must now wake up to the possibilities
of the next twenty years and regret your
inaction. Sit down and look yourself in
the face, ask yourself if you have acted
wisely. Be honest about it and answer the
question in all seriousness.
If you invest in Revelstoke Property now, you are investing in a sure mfl1
tion but an investment, and one that will pay yon handsome dividends,
make money, write,  Phone or Call on us without delay.
Dominion   Seeuri
CHAS. A. BARNUM, Secretary and Manager. fISE
L||b.er ? If you do she will lead you on to fortune and independence.
L; aaintance who havejstepped into cities before the boom k started,
* 1 are just as clever as they and their experience will be yours
f, you and take all the profits.    No better investment in the West.
id Persistent Growth!
Invest Right at Home!!
A Prospect
With the surety that Pulp, Paper and
Lumber Mills are to be established here,
you know that this City must go ahead
in leaps and bounds in the next few years.
Can you afford to let the opportunity of
becoming independent slip by for ever?
Just look ahead. With the increased development, property must advance correspondingly and if you act now you are the
1|makcr.     The element of chance is entirely obliterated.     It is not a specula-
stand to win several hundred per cent, and lose nothing.    If you want to
Corner First Street West, and Connaught Ave.
A Resolve
Decide right now. If you want a Lot
or a few lots, get them now before they
double or treble in value. Make up your
mind right now that there will be no more
of that Rip Van Winkle business for you.
Thousands of homes will be needed for the
large number of workers in these various
enterprises and you don't want to be forced
to live out in the suburbs owing to the increased price of property. Think it over
and decide at once.
$$$$&$&$&Q!!frQ>4l 9ATTBDAY, JULY 8, 1911.
Investigation Shows the Trouble
Ranch," a musical comedy,    all    the  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
scenes ol which  have  been laid      in | 	
the rugged West, will tie the attract- ! Glendive, Mont.., July s.—It, requir-
lon at the Kdison theatre, August ' ed the sei vice of State militia to pre-
21st. The work enjoyed an extend- ' vent the long-suflering and dlsappoiifc
ed run in New York two years ago, ted crowd from running the airship
playing at different theatres, a sutti- into Yellowstone river because it
oient guarantee of its worth. Joseph would not or could not Ily today,
E.  Howard,  whose music contributed 'There  were severul  thousand  visitors
in the city, attending the biggest
Fourth celebration ever held in eastern Montana. When the announcement was  made late this afternoon,
Caused by Use ot Arsenic in s° materially to th« success 0t -The
' I Prince of Tonight"  "The Time,    The
Plaoo and The Girl," "Thc Goddess
of Liberty," "The Honeymoon Trail"
A i-trange outbreak of sickness that 'and half a dozen plays ot recent vo- Ithat the machine would not Ily, a
has battled city physicians for nearly gue, is the author of and composer cowboy lassoed the propeller and
two weeks past has at last been di- of "The Flower of the Handle," and the crowd started pulling the mach-
agnosed. says tbe Vancouver Pro- it is declared to be his best work. , ine towards the river. The militia
vtnee. Case after case of a com- Of tbe twenty musical numbers, at surrounded the machine in a circle
plaint bearing some likeness to pto-  'east a dozen are participated in    by   and saved it from destruction.
maine  poisoning  has      been  reported   the  big chorus,   and as  Joseph       K. !	
and though there bave been so far no   Howard singed  the   production,      it INCREASED IMMIGRATION,
fatalities,  some oi the  victims    were   ls  '" be presumed that  the      young 	
seriously indisposed for days. In women have much to'do and of »i Winnipeg, July 5.—Figures show
every case those affected were at- decidedly diverting character. How-ithat for the (iscal year ending June
tacked with acute Intestinal pains, urd knows how to get striking stage 30, the emigration to Canada reach-
nausea, vomiting und symptoms ol pictures, and bis dancing numbers'ed the enormous total of 1111,084, one
metallic poisoning, The typical lltish-area delight. |hundned  thousand  more  than      last
Among  tbe  principal members      ol   year,
the  company,   which  is the same    as !    To thoBe who believe in the encour-
the original cast,  with exceptions,  is   agement  of  British  immigration      in
Miss     Hose     Fields, the comedienne*;   Oanada,   tho number from the    home
Miss Mabel  de Nordciidnrf,  the      so-   land  who entered  is cheering, no less
ing of the skin  puiuteJ  to arsenical
It was found however, that iu almost every case the illness began
soon  alter  eating      .strawberries      or
green vegetables and the source      ol   P«»<»i Jre» Harris' t]]" <'"mwl^"' T'
supply   was   traced   to   tin'       Chinese   Arnold,  a-   Jack      Fa.'nnm;       James
market gardeners near the city. In-
vestigat.oii among them proved that
the plants an 1 vegetables had lieen
sprayed with an arsenical insecticide
early in the season. Inasmuch as
the allopathic dose of arseuious acid
is about one-thirtieth of a grain, it
can readily be seen that such a Quantity might easily be injected into
the market protluetB.
On Thursday last a lady became
violently ill at a restaurant on Hastings street. She was taken to the
Harrison drugstore nearby and a doc-
tur sent  for.   Ht  immediately    made
Buhoiir     the  sheriff, and a sprightly
chorus  that sing and dance, too.
Municipal Authorities ot Hull,
(jue., Fear Trouble
than  123,013 being from Britain; 86
218  Knglish anil  Welsh,  22,924  Scotch |
and (1,877 Irish.
That there is no let up in the tide
of immigration llowing to the West
from the States is shown by the fact
that there were 121,851 Americans
who entered.
u   European   immigration  still   keeps
up the figures being 66,620.
Ottawa, July 4.—The municipal authorities ot Hull arc afraid of trouble
in that city on July 12 in connection
with the proposed Orange celebration
use of the stomach pump, and the Mayor Archambauf, of Hull, has cal-
patient is now reported as recovering led the attention of the officers of
One prominent physician of the city ihe order, including Dr. Bproule, ex-
had had twelve similar cases under grand master, to tbe fact that nine
his  care  during the last seven duys.   out of overy  ten  residents of      Hull
He offers  the  following      suggestions   are Roman Catholics, and that    it a   Vse  iy,   ■r'afMy  Lamp
to guard against danger: parade  is  held   they  might not      be
Soak all green vegetables in a able to control auy trouble which
strong solution of salt and water for might arise. Roman Catholic societ-
balf an hour and be very careful to ies of Hull have passed a resolution
throw this water away. In case of protesting against the proposed par-
an     attack      accompanied   by  severe   ade.     Tho Orangemen have never Ite-
cramps, immediately inducing vomit- fore attempted to parade in Hull. Western Branch of the Canadian Min
ing by an emetic ol mustard and The Ottawa lodges don't propose to jnK Institute; account of a new coal
water and failing this or in the ev- join their Hull brethren, hut will go fiej,| discovered at Queen Charlotte
ent of symptoms of collapse, send at to Newlngton, Hull Orangemen say lalands; results of development at
once for  a  physician. they do not propose to call ofl their   Rambler-Cariboo  Mine; nnd  notes  on
  'celebration     because    of     objections _Portland Canal.
In Revelstoke there have been a few   which bave Ireen taken to It,
cases of illness similar to the above '    Ur. Bproule, it is said, has written
within   the   past   two   weeks,   and   tbe   to  tbc  mayor  of      Hull  to the  effect
citizens  should  see   that  the       Van-   that the members ol the Orange ord-
couver  doctor's instructions ure fol-  er have the right to parade anywhere
m Canada, and that it is the duty of
The current number of the British
Columbia Milling and Engineering
Record contains among other matter
articles on the Consolidated Oil
Fields of California, concerning which
there has been much discussion in
the British financial press; proposed
operations of Granby Mining, Smelting and Power Company at
Bay; Dust Explosions In coal  mines
         in Estimation
and Detection of Fire Damp in Coal
Mines; Work of Dominion Mines Department; an exhaustive account of
the discoveries of minerals, including
coal, in the Skeena and Omcniea Mining Divisions;      Annual Meeting      of
Fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus:    2 st.r ike-i,
nterval 5 seconds—4  strokes,       Box
4,     No. of box will also be   shown
n indicator at Fire Hall.
Box  No.  14—Corner    First    street
•nd   McKenzie   avenue, C. B. Hume
& Co.
Box  No.  15—Corner  First      Btreet
nd Rokeby avenue, post office.
Box  No.   IC—Coruer  Second  street
and  Government  Road  and       Opera
Box  No.  17—Corner Third      street
nl   Campbell  avenue,   Globe    burner company.
Box No. 18—C.P.R.  station.
Box    No. 24—Corner   Fifth   street
nd     McKenzie      avenue.     Catholic
Box No. 25—Coruer    Sixth     street
nd Orton avenue,  W.  A. Foote.
Box  No.   26—Corner  Fourth  stroet
nd Townley street,    corner     south
Box No.  28—Corner  Second    street
nd Robson avenue, Mrs. Baker.
Box No. 34—Fire Hall No. 2.
Uox  No.  35—Hospital.
Box No.  36—School.
Box No. 44—Firo Hall No. 1.
Box     No. 45—Front street      west,
ear C. P. R. bridge.
Box   No.    46—Corner   King     and
louglas streets. Palace Meat Market.
Box No.  47—Corner  Second      and
Vales streets, back of court house.
Box No.    48—Coruer   Third      and
Dhas. streets, Cowan block.
Signal  for practice^not leas than
ix (6) slow strokes.
One  (1) indicates line broken      or
re out.
Montreal, July (',.—Sir William
Macdonald has completed the pur-
Goose chase of the Molson and Law estates
on the top ot the mountain, adjoin 1
ing Mount Royal Park, and presented
the property to McGill University, to
he used by it for extension purposes.
The purchase price was over a million dollars, and tbis brings the total of Sir William's gifts to McGill
to $10,000,008.
Packed In
60$  a pound
In commemoration of the coronation of
King George V," Ridgways" have put on the
market a coronation tin of a most picturesque
and exquisite design, bearing excellent portraits
of King tieorpe V, Queen Mary and the Prince
of Wales. Special panels have been designed
representing Canada, India, Africa, Australia
and New rf.il.ui.l.
Only a (united number have been impoited.
Price BOc. for one pound tins.
At Bt'Mt Bhup".
TH% l»T I ovim nottii
H. W. Edwards
Pioneer Taxidermist
of The Kootenai
/ was thc first that ever hurst
Into this silent land,
To mount the head of caribou
Or grizzly bear so grand.
Bear Rugs Mounted
P   O.  Box 31
Moving   pictures   tonight.
lowed in regard to green vegetables.
Nelson,  duly 6.—Rollo Donnelly,    a
mnn  with many     uliases and a long
^^^^^^^^ list ol convictions for crimes ranging
tbe authorities  to Bee that they are  (rom ho\.iUm to vagrancy, was   yea-
not molested.
Independent Contractors Believe
Dispute will be Settled
terday morning taken from the provincial jail by John P. Vroom, chief
customs officer at Wnnetn, and deported.
New Method ot Raising the
Luscious Fruit
Here is a method o, raising straw- I        "j,,^  W|||  fc ^ ZZJ2 toTt "ot^l
-   which ,i     Washington farmer I r '  i'1'"*"'"      'or
practices  with great  success, accord-]    Vancouver.   July   T.-Tlie   Independ    the r"1''■"*p "' F   "• T"1?101  wh-0 w«*
ing to Geo. S,  Henderson, the   pure  t,„t contractors believe that  the set    -'nI down lor two yeara In the pend-
tor,  who  was in thc city   tlemcnt of the strike at present  pre    tenttarj      on  a charge ol attempted
last Sunday:    In the spring he   eov- vaillag In the building trades «
ers the ground with a thick layer of  etIectod this week.   Mr. E. Cox,
sti   ■'*    i..- prevents the berries   m.in  ,,(  the  contractors'   committee,
from     coming in contact  with      the  has Mailed a meeting to  be hei
ground, and keeps them clean.  After   mi.\,t at the city hall,  when  the    in-
'be crop •   harvi  ted, he cuts   dependent contractors  will  heal       of
th*     |   ..'•-    fl close to the ground  the negotiations which have been pn
with a .-cy; ■    and   •••hen the      tops   needing the past few   laj     W
are  thoroughly    Iry   he   burns  thom.   tn. the outcome ol the meeting     can
ethei    '       thi   straw.   Hy follow-  on[y be conjectured at  present
Ing  th.-  metl d ol cultivation      he   Mr, Cox Btates that he has
harvests  an  immense crop of berries   f,u*ts     to
eat* :•• tbe necessity    of   re-   wllj B8Si9t   ,„     ,.     ■ .ment.
- '._• every three or four yeai- is     Tha  independent   Pee
treated      In   held a conference     with  tbe strikers
this mam-.- good crops  yesterday,  bur   nothing
for an  ind I    ti   number nf year-.      j character was done, nelthi
 • j ing or receiving.  Closed
I the only     outlet     the striker
■Speculation ;s Bow r
the Independent contracti i ■
conceding this point The
.course  to   be  pursue'!   w.ll     •   ,; .
upon tonight  -.*   tt ;••"'  ■'.  I
the contract"!'-   In   th
tend the meeting wh in cal
HOUSE FLIES «« >»'^d »
' manure and tevel
ia filth. Scientist* hire discovered that they are
largely responsible for the spread of Tuberculnsii,
Typhoid, Diphtheria, Dysentery, Infantile Dinraic*
of the Bowels, etc.    Every packet of
Fly Pads
will kill more flies than 300 sheeti
of sticky paper.
Fruit and Vegetable
Boxes and Crates
Our Uox Factory is now running and
we are in a position to supply all kinds
of fruit anil vegetable boxes and crates.
Those who have not already sent us
their orders should do sc at once as they
are coming in fast, ami we would like to
deliver all orders in ^ood time" Our
boxes are equal to any on the market
and prices can be hat! on application to
S. McMahon, Revelstoke, or to
Salmon Arm, B, C.
Supt. of O.A.C. Experiment Station
at Umatilla to Visit B.C.
Oorvallis, ore., July 4.—Superintendent B W. Allen o( the O.A.O.
experlme.it rta Ion at Umatilla will
.*..;: Ou.'.imliiun fruit grow
er*> ic i. three  *,.-.'Xs' series of      lec-
,,•   July   11.      He    will
■-.tart  at   i. inu  travel aouth
through the (ami ..- Okanagan dta-
tr.ct, giving eH .••in instratlong in
the a/tern ttereopticon    le.-
turea In lhe *   on orchard   Ir
Mr. Allen b i. been < onn< * ted «il b
the collet-" Bince his graduation tbere
in '07, and at Umatilla Is devoting
tj.msoif to variety teats "I dl ■
Iron trees and •'ime experiments in
building up tlie soil, which Is extremely sandy. There are many prob
lcms to meet Ihere, Including a max
.mum rainfall ot only nine irif-h<-.-i
(OT the year, tn-ethcr with heavy
frosts. The temperature is mild anil
the altitude low. On a forty-acre
tract be ll studying the most economic mcthxls of applying water
and conservi!i)r moisture, ns well as
the use "I rnmmcrcinl fertilizers suit-
■wi to that soil.
rrtsenu-l by a company of     some
Jurty     people,     "The Flower oi the
Dominion Government Appoints
Commission tor B. C.
Ottawa,  July 5,   The  Mini tei      of
.iture has appoint "1 mm
beadea uy Mr. J. A Ruddli k
dairy and cold storage commissioner,
i conduct an inquiry into the fruit.
growln - lual rj ol l .ana-da. The
cumin, -non will report upon the. following:
Area and extent of land adapted to
fruit growing In  various provinces
Varieties of fruits which have heen
found to in' most, profitable ,-vrrd sue
cossful In several province* or sUbdi
visions of Bame,
General trend of industry towards
concentrating production oi large
quantities of standard varieties.
IHIlli ultles  which  are  likely    l.o    he
Metho-dH of production.
Facilities tor distribution and marketing.
Possibilities of over-production.
St. Leon
Hot Springs
Hot mineral baths especially recommended for invalids and those in need of
toning up.
Kxclusive baths provided for ladies. -6
Private Rooms handsomely fitted up,
Kates >_' per day. Special Rale for
weekly visitors.
Hevelstoke  Land  District.
District oi  West  Kootenay.
Take notice that I, R. Smith, ol
Revelstoke, occupatian, B. 0. Land
Surveyor, intenu to apply for permission to purcuase the following described lauds.
Commencing at a post planted on
the shore oi Shelter Bay at the north
end ol Arrow Lakes at an angle of
L 811G.I, aud marked R. Smith's
Angle Corner l'ost, thenoe north 40
chains more or less to a post ot Lot
81111.1.) thence west 20 cbains, thence
south t>0 chaius, theuce eaBt 40
ehains more or less to the shore ol
Shelter Bay, theuce north along the
said shore to the point ot commencement, containing 100 acres more or
Dated April 13th,  1911.
',5 A. If.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W. B. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
Certificate of Improvement.
Wakefield, Helen, Colorado, Dol
Norte, Del Key, San Juan, Delta,
and Marguerite Mineral Claims, situate in the Lardeau Mining Division
ol West Kooteuay District. Where
located:—on Mohawk  Creek.
Take Notice that I, A. H. Green,
acting aB agent lor John R. Heary,
Special free Miner's Certificate . No.
381*0, iateud, sixty days from date
hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder for Certificates of Improve
meats, for the purpose of obtaining
Crown Grants of tbe above claims.
And further take notice that action
under section 87, must be commenced
before the issuance ot sucb Certificate
of Improvements.
Dated this 20th day of October, A.
D., 11110.
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice thut Marie Scott, ol
Nelson, B. C, occupation marricu
woman, inteuus to apply for permission lo purchase the lollowing described lands.
Commencing ut a post planted 80
chains west Irom the S.W. Corner oi
Lot 8148 uud Minium', north 80 chains
eust 80 chains, south 80 chainB, west
80 chains to point of commencement
being Marie Scott'B South West Cor
ner Post.
Dated May 15th, 1911.
Per J. H. Feeney, Agent
Yon Can't Leave the Beard Behind
So Don'l Forget the Gillette
The   hear'- « '   «'-enn<   lo ni»ke»  Ihe  i*»«rd
grow a. It never ({fowl m borne,   I * * t • OILLRTTR
it bernniri i downright naiii
CleaallneM, comfort ind lelf-retped :»•' jn'l the morning
nhavr. But boats, trains, .umm^r resortl ind e< ']* proyid.' " ant
shaving facilities,
Thai, never worries 'hr mar, -       « -"■ Pa'orla
hit grip or his pocket    in lurching cabi | Pullman -on
the T.qrlt pr.rch or hfside a eo    - ■     et the morning
findshmi   he can enjoy hU regular three-nil -    ::.   ,*K .have
|u solid comfort, with a lordly ladepende it dr■um-tance.
Park your grip with discrimination i ■ .* i'ght. I.eavr out
lhe "ttnneceasarles" it life    Rut what- don't discount
your holiday by starting out without "Thr Ruof "f To day."
1t.nd.rd S«ta $5.00. Pocket FJition. IS.OO to $«.80.
Combination S*Mt from $« 50 up.
At your drugfl.t'a, jowoler'a or hardware dealer'*.
The Gillette Safety Razor Co. of Canada, Limited
Plants for Sale
Strawberry Plants
$1.00 Per Hundred
Phone 56
Revelstoke Luuu District.
lin.inet of West Kooteuay.
'V.ihi* notice tuut W. D. McArthur,
of Nelson, li. ti., occupation timuei
cruiser, intends to apply for petuiis-
siun to piu-uianu tne .u.lowing de
senbed luuu.,.
Commencing ut a post planted a
N. E. Coruer ot Lot 8148 plunted al
uorth 80 chains, wesl 80 chains
soutu 80 chaius, east 80 chains to
poiut of commencement, being S. bi.
Coiner of W. u. McArthur s locutiou
und contuining oio acres more or less
Dated tilth April, Mil.
daniel William mcarthur.
M. 10-00 J. H. Feeney, Ageut
Revelatoke   Land   District.
Dtttrtct "f West Kootenay,
T,ike  notice   that   Marie   Scott
Nelson, ii. li., occupation married
woman, Intends t" npply lor per
mission t" purchase the lollowing dc- i
''I   Iiiii'Ih.
Comtnandng al a poai planted one
hull mile west from the S.W. Corner
t i,'it   I] ik,   iiiiii iiiiiniiig north   *tt
lllllllH,    »." I    |0   'illllllB, Bouth       80
rliiuiiH    east   80    ehains to    point    ol
cotmneneament, btlng tin B. K. Com
Revelstoke  Luud  District.
District of   Vvest Kootenay.
Tuke nolice tuat Heury H. MeVity,
of Revelstoke, U. C, occupation, accountant, mleuus to upply -.or permission to purcuase the lollowing described laud.
Commeucing ut a post planted
on the east bank ot the
Columbia river at the north-east
corner of Lot ojulA, Group One, Kooteuay District, aud marked "Henry
H. McVity's Houtb-West Corner
l'ost," theuce east 40 chaius, theuce
north 80 chuius, theuce west 40
ehuius moid or less to thu cast bank
ol the Columbiu river; theuce south
uloug the east bauk ot the Columbia
river 80 chaius more or less to the
point of commeuoement, contuining
.i-n acres, more or lesa.
Duted May 10th, Mil.
Per Charles Robbins,    Ageut.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District of  West  Kootenuy.
Tnke notice Unit Edith G. MeVity,
ol Revelstoke, B.C., occuputiou married woman, intends to upply for
permiaalOU to purchuse the following
i described lund.
Commencing ut a post plunted on
the easl hunk nl the Columbia river
NU cbalna north (rom the North West
Corner of Lot, 8i)ulA, Group One, ho-
SELKIRK     LODGE  12, 1. O.  O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening in
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren  cordially invited.
K. Li, McRAE, N. G,
JAS.  MATHIE,  Secretary.
COURT     MT.      BBGUIE,   No.  8461.
OF I. O. F.
Meets in I. a O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  House every second
and fourth Monday  iu  month.  Visiting brethren cordially welcomed.
G. W. BELL, C. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,  Rec.-Sec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,      K.  of    P.,
NO.  26,   REVELSTOKE,  B.   0.
MeetB every  Wednesday except   tha
Third Wednesday ot each month     in
Oddfellows' Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting Knights are cordially invited.
J. Y. SIMPSON, 0. 0.
Q. H. BROCK, K. of R. m B.
M. of F.
0. W. 0. W.
Mountain View Camp, No. 229.
Meets Second    and     Fourth  Wednesdays    in each month in    Selkirk
Hall.     ViBiting  Woodmen  are
cordially invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Co«. Com.
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank Building Ravel-
stoke, B. 0.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Rovelstoke,    B.   0.
Cranbrook, B. O.
Geo. S. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Coronation Y.R.U. aid North Star
Mineral Claims, situate in the Trout
Lake Mining Division of West Kooteuay DiBtrict. Where looated;—On
Rapid Creek.
Take notice that I, O. B. N. .Wilkie
acting as ageat for Cutler Thomas,
Porter ot Spokane, Wash., U. S. A.,
Free Miner's Certificate No. B 94976,
intend, sixty days from date hereof,
ta apply to the Mining Recorder for
a Certificate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining ,*, Crowa Grant
of the above claims.
And further take notice that action
under sectioa 37, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certificate
of  Improvements.
Dated thiB 27th day of April, 1911.
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District of WeBt Kootenay.
Take uotice thut Lydia A. Wick, of
Nelson, B. C, occupation married
woman, intends to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted 10
buins south from S.E, Corner ot
Q'imbcr limit 9898 and on tbe west
side of the South Fork ot Fosthall
Creek six miles west of Upper Arrow
Lake uud running north 80 chains,
ast 80 chuius, south 80 ehuins and
west 80 chains tu point of commencement, being the S. W. Corner of
Lydia Wick's location containing 640
acres more or less.
Dated liith April, 1911.
M.10-60 J. H. Feeney, Agent
otcnuy   District,  uud  marked   "Edith
G.     McVity's      South-West     Corner
^^^^^^m tl'uat," theuce east 411 chains,    theuce
rr  nl Mini.' Scott m locution, contain ^HH
ing 640 acres more or less.
Iintcd   Uth  April,   1911,
M 10 fi J. II. Feeney, Atcent
OWie-a and Faetary.
83 li  Alnandar Street, Montreal.
OltVraa aha hi N.*» York. Oikaaa. U.Jn*n, Tji.   .trl SUmli.l. Cktaa.
Faclarir. In Mimtra.l Uaaten, l,«lr«.lrr. Berlin anil F.Ha.
Frill BALK Hix roomed house, new,
I* || H, stn-i'l, |600 cash .md bul
ance   eaay   monthly   iimlnlmentH.
vi.ply .i   ii   Kch'icr, Vernon, it. 0,
lu RENT Ol r..r Hale, six roomo.1
lioiiae on Fourth .treet, new. Applj    I    II    Hinder,  Fourth      itreet,
nortli 80 cbains, thence west 40
more or less to the east hank of the
('olumbin river; thcint! south along
ihe easl hunk of tbo Columbia river
su  i hums  more  oi less   to  the    point
of commencement,    containing     3Z0
ucich  more or Icbb.
Hated Muy  Uth,  1911.
I'er   I'luiilcs   HoIiIiiiib,    Agent.
FOR SALK-Two lots 33(t. in North
Vancouver, J13i cash each. Apply
G.  Hilton,  Second street.
......~,.,, tl    Plain  nocdlcwoik,  machining,
wanted   A turner und    two    snsh , , ,   .'       , .'
and  door  men  for  Revelstoke Sasb  ,a"ta , ,0"g, B"i'""" cluth,;"'   .
aud Door Factory. It. ,-Apply thi. Office. «,
Revelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notice that G. H. Scott, ot
Nelson, B. C, occupation, Agent, in
tends to apply for permission to purchase the follow described lands.
Commencing at a post planted 80
chaius from N. W. Corner oi Lot 8141
und running north 80 ehuins, west 80
chains, south 80 chains, east 80
chains to point of commencement, being the S. E. Corner of G. G.
Scott's location, containing 640 acres
more or less.
Dated 12th April, 1911.
Spokane, Wash,
Catalogue and Hates on Application
Addreit:    .Sibteh SVFUtiun,
i SATURDAY,  JULY 8, 1911.
the: mail-herald, revelstoke
See special window displays.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. Z- /fwme * Co.. limited
Mail   or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Men's Suit Snaps
We have on our shelves a number of our highest class suits which
we must clear this month. They
are all lonesome ones, no two alike.
When all of a line sells but one suit
we cannot afford to keep that one
on the shelf, hence our great reduction on these lines.
These are our best grade of
20th Century brand goods and such
is the quality of material and workmanship that we challenge comparison with the tiest tailored garments
in Canada. Only two prices for this
sale and these prices it will pay you
to investigate.
Regular $24 to $28 suits for $15
Regular $28 to $34 suits for $20
Watch our First Street Window
Straw Hut Bargains
Osving to the cold and rainy
season we are compelled to get rid
of a large portion of our straw hat
stock at prices which will astonish
you. Every straw hat marked
down, and they were all good values
at the regular prices.
Men's Canvas Hats, Boaters,
Soft Straws, and Brazils at
50c. each
Men's Rice Straws and Tuscans
$1 each
Men's high grade Soft Rim
Boaters and Telescope Brazils at
$1.50 each
Children's Canvas and Soft
Straw Hats at
65c. each
Saturday Night
Hose Specials
Children's    good,     serviceable
cotton   hose,   black 15c. a pair
Boys' heavy ribbed, black cotton hose    -      -      25c. a pair
A big assortment, clearing,  all
kinds, 3 pair for $1 ; or 35c. pair
Ine kind they wear at Newport
fch Towels
Lvm;e    colored   Bath
Towels! 18x45   in   dark
*..  •*,
colors. A fine Bath
Towel, lots of body in
them. You can use half
a dozen or more at the
price, each
Muslin Dresses
A new lot of Muslin
Dresses, and such a
dainty lot to choose from.
Some champagne color,
some white, and all representing the newest
and down to date ideas
in wash dresses. There
is a very elaborately
trimmed White Muslin,
with Irish crochet yoke
and otherwise beautifully trimmed with Val
laces, etc., at only
Iron Beds
Four neat lines of Iron Beds, white
enamel, brass trimmings, diagonal
copper wire and woven wire springs
to fit all beds. Health brand mattresses, the best medium and low
price mattress on the market.
re Miis
Size 9x10, regular $4.00,   now $2.50
"   9x9 "      $2.50      "   11.65
"   3x9 "        85c.      "      50c
Special in Bi Mats
Yamaska  washable   bath   mats,
dainty   colors   in  blue   and  white,
green and white,  pink and white,
red and white.
Size 18x3G, regular 11.75, now $1.25
'• 27x54 " $3.25 " $2 50
These are positively the best Bath
Mats on the market.
Spool (otton
3 spools 10c.  1 dozen 40e.
Linoleums and Oilcloths
A choice assortment of Nairn's
Cork Carpets and Inlaid Linoleums,
the best goods procurable. Fine floral and black designs, for dining room
and kitchen.
Printed Linoleums in pretty floral
patterns, suitable for upstairs, halls
and bedrooms, in blues, French greys
fawns and reds.
Pro Brussels Ru$s
In order to introduce this splendid
new Bedroom rug we are offering a
limited number at the following prices
Size 2'.x3yds. Reg. Ill 50 now 110.00
" 3x3yds. " $14.00 " $1200
" 3x3*iyds " 118.00 " $1425
These squares all come in Brussels
patterns, colors greens, old rose, reds
and French greys. A rug that will
stand good hard wear.
The magic furniture poliah. The
easiest used and most satisfactory
furniture polish on the market.
SOe. a bottle, or 3 for $125
New Parasols
A lovely lot of new
ideas. Newfpure white
braided ones. Tan colors with colored edges,
and the new colored silk
close rolling with long
stalk at from
$1 to $5
Turban Frames
New Turban   Frames
for hair dressing, each
Hair Nets
New Hair Nets with
New extra large all
over Hair Nets, all 10c
each or
3 for 25c.
Bias Filled Corsets
Made in a new way and representing more downright comfort and
satisfaction than has heretofore
seemed possible. The new models
are made to correspond with authentic Paris fashions, combining style
and service to an unusual degree.
The Bias Filled principle insures exceptional comfort and resiliency,
adapting itself to every movement
of the body, and appealing with particular emphasis to large women.
If you have never tried a Bias Filled
Corset you are missing a genuine
Get Them at Hume's
A World-Wide
McNally's Pure Maple
Syrup. Fresh from the
maple tree, made in the
woods, as in the good old
days of old. We are the
only firm in the city handling these goods. Phone
us to send you a can. This
year we could only procure it in 1 gallon cans,
full measure, at only
$2.25 Per Can
Lime Juice, Fruit Syrup,
Grape Juice, Pineapple
Juice, as supplied to the
people who appreciate a
good thing. This hot
season make us want something in this line and you
will find that the brands
we carry are the best, and
the season is here. We
have a full stock.
Pork and Beans
The hot weather makes
the housewife stop and
consider what she is going
to give the family for dinner. We can help her out
by suggesting Van Camp's
pork and beans in 1 lb. &
2 lb. cans.
When your milk turns sour
And your water is Bhut
By the civic water foreman in your town;
Just come to us and ask
if we can help you out
We will give you Reindeer
Milk.   Drink it down.
Jelly Powders
We carry the biggest and
only Jelly Powder on the
market. Prepared from
the richest and purest ingredients in a modern
building of cleanliness and
Baking Powders
Dr. Price's Baking Powder in 51b, 2Jlb, 12oz.,
and Goz. cans, is one of the
best articles on the market. Perhaps if you have
not been used to it you do
not know its value. You
want to be informed as to
its nature, utility, and
merits. You want to have
your interest in it awakened and you must try it
before candemning it.
unbeam  l ea
Nine out of every ten of
our custamers ask for our
50c- line of Sunbeam Tea.
We have it at 40c per lb.
but the best grade is always in demand. We make
it a feature of our business
to push the high grade
goods and we always find
it better business. Sunbeam tea is Good Tea,
the 50c. is Very Good.
Canned Goods
With our stuck of Vine-
land Brand of canned fruit
and vegetables we keep
our customers satisfied.
The ever increasing sales
of Vineland Brand is the
surest sign that these
goods are the best. The
best i" "lways the cheapest, v n't hesitate but
order »ineland Brand of
Fruits and Vegetables. SATURDAY,  jri.Y 8, 1911.
SATURDAY,  JULY 8, 1911.
Bargains at Clearing Sale Prices
Ladies' Skirts
Women's   White   Duck    Skirts.
Regular   $2.50  and  $3.00    Now
Waists! Waists!
Colored House Waists, made irom
good washing Prints. On Sale at
1-Piece Dresses
Trimmed with Lace and Insertion
Good values at $5.   Now $3.00.
White Dresses
Sizes 16, 17 and  18 years.   Sale
Price, $3.50.
One lot, regular   $1.50  to   $2.00
each.   Your choice for $1.00
Ladies' Oxfords
in Tans.    Regular $3; now $2.25.
Slippers for Children
Odd lot of Children's  Slippers at
less than cost.
Moving pictures at the Edison tha-
fitre  tonight.
A mail clerk is to he put on the
steamer Okanagan on Okanagan lake.
The C.P.R. la Calling for tenders
for the erection of n station at Taft.
Robt. Smith, Dominion surveyor,
was in Gold-en all this week on business.
H. H. McArthur, proprietor of
Diamond Hall. Ltd., spent the holiday at Calgary fair.
The time nt calling for tenders fur
the MeKinnon Block will be extended
until Tuesday   ni^rlit,  July   llth.
,M.,n,lay. duly 17th. afternoon and
evening, ice cream and strawberry
social in th- Howson Hlock hy the
Ladies of the Roman Catholic church
Wm. Shaw. sr.. aged SU years, (lied
at the home of his son John, Nankin
Alta., on Wednesday morning of paralytic Btroke. Deceased had many
friends In Salmon Arm.
Rev. W. 0. Calder has been invited
by the Orange lodge in Salmon Aim
to preach for them at their a'lu.vn'a*
ary service tomorrow. Mr. '.''ildtr
leaves   for   that   place   this  afternoon.
The many friends of W. 11. Humphry's of Victoria, who has been
connued to the hospital there (ot lhe
past two months, will he pleased to
learn that he has sufficiently Improved in  health to be able to .ei.'e    tlu*
:. lepital.
The steamer Revelstoke has lieen
out ol commission during the past
ten days on account of exceptionally
high water and driftwood iu the river. The water is now falling nnd it
,s expected that the Bteamer will re-
Bume h : lai  trips on     Tuesday,
the llth instant.
Mr. K. I! Ricketts *>f the V'ancou
ver pera b ise announced that he
has le bouse lor the summer
months starting July 3, to Brandon
Bros., who will instal a hiirh cl is *
stock (on. *  ng  July   13  with
"Came   Kirby,"     the latest bucci
i y     Booth     Tai kington and    Hai rj
Leon Wilson.
31m •■ tl ■   il the i-ohools t!
teachei - tl
I ft  the  - immer  holidays to recuperate and !•■-■ ■  t tn<   rei i» ning i f
school     th         ittei  part oi A
Some   ,; them  will not retui",     -    :
riUDori',1   'li.it   (''.i'.i  has  * l.i.rn* *i   i ;,i
•»     '  tbe  female members      ol
ternitj      Mr. J. M
t-ft foi   Ti i into      to
laj      •  * *>■  ■
Miai   McKtiiz..* ; [one 0 ISt
'■;      Bui      1 -   •■ ne I     K tm
• Is at tbe coast
Paget ' laying lu tbe
mere ■ -*.  tbe  rari
iway or pre,
• r leavi mmer month?,  tm*
'•nir li,*  De« '        ■ •.*• ,i,nr
will i* y       Ite    Hyatl Mi
Robson of g immei land
Why suffer with the beat during tbe warm weather
doing vour own baking when we will deliver to you
every dav Fresh Bread, Cakes and l'astfy of all kinds
- and as quality is our motto, we feel sure a trial
order will mean a steady customer.
Lettuce. Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Green Onions,
Strawberries, Cherries. Cocoanuts, Pineapples,
Oranges, Lemon.*-, Grape Fruit, Bananas, As we
buy these in small quantities you will always find
them fresh aud good.
A. HOBSON,      Baker and Grocer.
Moving pictures tonight.
The Band of Hope will not meet
again till September. A picnic, is
(being arranged for in the near future.
By the premature explosion of a
couple of 'dynamite caps, Geo. Hilton
a C.P.R. brakesman, lost the tops of
two ot Ms fingers.
Fire W0od, 16 inch, $5.50 per cord,
C.O.D. unless otherwise arranged.*—
Order at Cummings Transfer Co. or
Sawyer Bros.
Fancy work and culinary tables,
Monday the 17th at the Howson
Block by the Ladies ot the Roman
Catholic Church.   Band in  attendance
Don't forget Monday the 17th, sale
of work,  culinary  table, strawberries
land  ice  cream at.  the Howson   Block.
Band in attendance,
Fire Wood, 16 inch, if.l.SO per cord,
0. O. 1). unless otherwise arranged.—
Order at Oummlngs Transfer Co., or
Sawyer Bros.
Miss Olive Cray, of Tacoma, Wash,
:is  visiting  with  her  cousin  Mrs.    ,1.
W. Stevenson. Miss Cray is on her
, way to her homo  in     Manitoba      to
spend the summer holidays.
Thi> Old  Man's Home at Kamloops
is to be enlarged at a cost of $125,-
.000.      When  completed   it    will    take
care of     155 inmates.     At     present
there are 87  in the home.
I Tbe New Michel Reporter states
that three times inside of 24 hours
a resident of that town became a
grandfather.     This is a unique      re-
[ cord     never     heard of hefore In the
. world.
I At the close of the R.M.n. shoot on
July 1st, a smoking conceit} was given the visitors iu the drlf '1. A
tirst class program was rej 'etl and
thc prizes won during the' were
The baseball committee' oC-tfle Y.
M.C.A. called tog-ether last night to
deal with Burridge, pitcher for the
Pirates', who, it is alleged, was responsible for the disgraceful row on
the baseball held on Wednesday, failed to make up a quorum at the place
.and time specified. The only two
members of ihe committee who attended were Rev. It. J. Mclntyre and
Walter Stone.
Censure is tbe tax n man pays to
the  public, for lieing eminent.—Swift.
The Band will play during the sale
ol work and social held hy the Ladies
ot the Roman Catholic church in the
Howson Block on Monday, duly 17th
Mr. A. N. Mclutyre, who has for
tbe past year or so occupied the
position of train master for the C.P.
R. at Field, has heen transferred to
a similar position at Vancouver. This
is a well deserved promotion aB Mr.
Mclntyre is an old and enthusiastic
railroader. He is a brother of Rev.
R.  J. Mclntyre of this city.
To run the lirst passenger train out
of Stewart, B, 0., has been tn? experience of Mr. Robert Corley, un old
Revelstoke  hoy, Sim of Mrs.      Ii, M.
.Corley. The train was run cut of
ttiat city a week or so ago on the
completion of the road of McKenzie
&    Mann      from     Stewart to Bitter
I Creek a distance of ten miles.
I lir. T. G, Lonstaff passed through
Golden on his return from a moun -
tain climbing trip under the guid -
mice of M. Dainurd. The party left
Goldon early in May, passed over
the summit from the middle tork of
the Spi'llimachene to McMurdo creek,
thence to McDonald summit, thence
to the summits of Duncan and Beaver and out by Bear Creek.— Golden
Chas. North in preparation for taking over the reading of thc electric
light and power meters of the city,
is securing printed cards on which
to record the readings of the meters.
One of these will be hung in a convenient position to ench meter and
the consumer will thereby he enabled
to oheck up the reading with those
on the light and power bill received
each month. This is the method in
vogue in all up-to-date cities.
Fruit Lands
Situated in the beautiful Windermere district. This
country will be in direct communication with Calgary on completion of the Kootenay Central, making
a distance of 235 miles; or one night's run. There
without a doubt will Ik tbe nearest fruit lands to the
prairie market. Plans are now filed iu this ollice
aud we will bc glad to furnish juices aud terms to
intending purchasers,
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
The Methodist printing ollice in
Toronto is congested for lack of
room, but Dr. Briggs says that they
will have to stay in their present
quarters until the Lord shows them
another place. We have often seen
the devil trying to boss a print-shop
hut this is the tirst. time that we
have heard of the Lord being the
foreman or managing director of a
printing ofllce, However strange
things occur in the cent belt, even
amongst the Methodists.—Greenwood
Business Locals
Hundreds of new books just opened
up at Macdonald's drug store.
He who heedeth not the last shoe
nail will lose Ilis horse.—German.
Insect killers and sprays at Macdonald's drug store.
Wax for sealing up preserve bottles
rubber sealing rings all sizes at Macdonald's drug store.
Fine writing paper and envelopes-
newest shapes at Macdonald's drug
FOR BALE — Tent, 14x16, in good
shape, sbiplap floor. Apply F. W.v
Westaway, Second street, west, 4th
house past school.
TO LET—Furnished Rooms. Apply
MrB. F. W. Westaway, Second St.,
west,  fourth  house from school.
Remember the     Methodist   Sunday     Moving pict Com
school picnic on .nil*.  19th. The place   pleti program.
will be announoed liter in tbeae col .
V.    \    Fool
umns. K  r.
A travelling Germ in  nan I -droi reel
of    hei oid    dispel -
music along the al
tluy picked up a few  stray n
Miss Freetag Spi kan     W , *
is  visiting her  brothei   M
Freetag  *■*   Vrrowl
guesl  ol Mis   u    J    liljfhtburne     ol
*   *
h  nvnt!
'  •
Allan  Thom
M.C, \..,   left Thai
treal  and the ee ' . •   • •
then   -
\. trainin •
Work on the ad
jail  Is  proceeding  rapl Uj
,*l*   of        odd*' m
■    li
■   *
i in  Mi
i ■ Be
M      *
■:,*•  Method   ' Hon
'ready  to
ioi ,':,r, nation    of
Fresh Haida Chocolates
Tutti Frutti
Vanilla, Etc,
75 Cts. per Ib.
Fresh  Turkish Delight
40c. per Ib.
Lnrqe Bottles Raspberry
Vinegar--50c.  Each
Take a Kodak With You
On youi Snmmer vacation
A full stock nlwaj i on hand.
\'.k   loi   m   1911    ' atalogue.
Kodak    llili. ..       New    Velvet
Creei; Paper,
One Pound of Paper  and
75 Envelopes for
A Word of Warning
Its only a matter of days now until the unsold portion of the 50 cent, issue of the British
Pacific Coal Company", Ltd. shares have been
taken or withdrawn from the market and the next
issue offered at 75 cents or $1.00 per share.
Trustee T. R. Morrow, so well and favorably
known abs< Lite y guarantees that the next issue
will not be offered at less than 75 cents per share
and that in all probability the price will be $1.00
per share since the development work of the property fully justifies such a price.
The British Pacific Coal Co., Ltd. controls
■3,320 acres of coal land on Skidga^e Harbor,
Graham Island, only 80 miles from Prince Rupert
City, the Pacific terminus ot that great transcontinental Railway, the Grand Trunk Pacific.
The  property   has  been  reported on by  six
mineral   coal engineers, all who have unconditional t laTed the > <>al to be anthracite of the   first
■nty and present in large quantities.    One seam
ontains 36,000,000 tons, and  there are six
ms m the property.    In  less   than   six   months
time the coal will b< offered on the local market.
Buy shares al 50c, today.    In a few days you
make 25c.   pel     .hare   profit.  Yon  can   buy" KH)
res with $10 cash down, balance in 3 monthly
payments of   equal   proportion.    Address   /"our
ira ion and mak<- cheques payable to theTrus-
T H MORROW, at office -if British Pacific
G/al Co., 124 Hastings St., West, Vancouver.
Mr. S. L. Bryant is in Revelstoke
at King Edward Hotel in the interests of  Mr. T.  R. Morrow, Trustee.
AH our customers know tlml we do not carry Roods over
from one season to tlie other, nor do we wait until llie
season is past to offer inducements to move them. It
means sacrificing our profits, but we are always ready for
a fush lot ol noods for the nest season, and is greatly Ko
your advantage both now and then, Look into what we
are offering for the coming week.
A    splendid    assortment    of   Gowns,    Corset    Covers,     Skirts,
Drawers, Princess Slips, etc,
Om* ol tlie best assortments we have ever shown.     This week  we
offer them at one-third off,
4,0 the splendid assortment in our window.    All   the best   colors
maS terials,    Regular 45c. for 25c.
We have them lor children.      See the lot we have on sale at 25c.
These area snap.
Lots of other lines at equally low priees.
oftlcLennan C8>> Co.
Save Your Horses
Provender is dear and  so is horse flesh,  bu „ , t          ,
wagons aro buggies are cheap, *
The evolution of the harm and Road Vehicles has kept puce
with modern science and now we are offering
All Spring-Steel Wagons
fitted oul with perfect roller-bearing running gear just as cheap as
the old-fashioned wooden framed wagon. Thev run lighter alld
easier and wear longer.
Those who purchased them are our most satisfied customers.
You don't have to take off the wheels to grease them; they are
dust proof caps and carry a much heavier load than the ordinary
A full supply of buggies of lhe newest makes also garden and
farm implements, ask ns ahout them.
First Street, Weat,
Opposite Post Office
Haw About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair ami honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Reform Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
0 . -_^
Boys' Clothing at Half Price
They  Consist of the  Balance
Of Our Spring Stock
1 )ouble-breasted Suits, Norfolk Suits,
Sailor Suits, 4 to 16 years, with the
swagger effect of Men's wear, hroad
shoulders and lspels of the college man,
the liberal cut of front and wide set of
buttons in air the new patterns and
Mc%ae Mercantile Co.. 4td.
J lie Jtijla Jhop for Men and Boys Who Know
Revelstoke Plumbing. Heating & Sheet Metal Co.
Estimates given for Sanitary work, Electric Lighting, Hot
Air   Water, Steam Hi ating ,ind all kinds ol   Sheet   Melal
Maths, Lavatories, Water Closets, etc.
Prompt attention given to all orders.
See Show Room Next Week on Connaught Ave.
Phone No.	
Uox   UH


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