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The Mail Herald Apr 15, 1911

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(" Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation'and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.     Price,. $601
i Interior Pubh-smng^Co., Ag s.
Visiting Cards
| Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 28
REVELSTOKE.  B. C. APK.iL   !•», 191
$2.50 Per Year
<x> di t -a   I.     wnpTs™
J^mulMcM^UMm     out td w. w. foster
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad OtFico-Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30,000.00
Branches et Agents nt nil principal points in.Cnniula.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England, i
Lloyds Bank, Limited.    Uhioago—First  National Bank,  Corn Kx- *'■?
change National Hank.   Seattle—Seat tie National Bank,  Sau Fran- £*{
cisco—Wells Farg.i Nevada National Bank.    Spokane—Exchange JTJi
National Bank. £22
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 ami upward, received, and interest allowed at  r~j
ourrenl rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited. KJj-j
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.    yl
'I'liey huild up and pernwnentl) enrich lhe soil. The greatly increased returns will prove ;i profitable investment.
An; system of agriculture which does nol preserve llic fertility of
tin* *.'*ii and increase it when low, i*^ not scientific and not good **usi-
in--, li your land is rich keepitricli l>) ns:ng 1'ni its' Complete Animal
Call or send for our pamphlet on fertilizers which describes how to
use tht tn.
p. Jfurns & Company. £,td.
A   Shipment just arrived from the East,
Also Ladies' White Dresses.
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Garden Seeds
Tlio fresh stock of Gnrden Seeds we are offering
you is reliable.    Ordeis toktn for timothj clover and
UtilLT lllllk  SI Ills.
HOT  llll) 8EED8
John   m<Intyre & Son
Conservatives of City Congratulate him on liis Appointment
-Handsome Presentation
The dining rooms of the King Edward hiitel on Wednesday evening wns
the scone ol a very merry party when
d large number "I his personal
Irlends anl political admirers gathered i" banquet Mr, W. \v. Poster
president of the Revelstoke Con-
servative Association, prior to his
departure tor Victoria to assumo tho
position of Deput} Minister ol Public
Works with the Provincial govern
The lables were arranged along the
length ol the dining room, while at
the h 'a.i of the room these were ci n
nected by a shorter table al which
were seated the guest of the evening,
mil n number of his warmest nnl
must personal friends who appeared
more or less prominently in the evening's proceedings, At his right *nt
Mr, T. Kilpatrick nnd W. A. Sturdy,
while to his left Mr. Huy Macdonald,
the chairman of the evening anil Mayor Hamilton.
The tables themselves were ., vent
nhle delight to the heart ol the opl
cure nn.l to the eye of the artist,
as besides being loaded with delicate
viands they were bedecked hero and
there with vases ,,f delicate cut flow
ers, orchids and carnations. At the
rear of the nupsts' tahle an orchestra
of three pieces played during the
progress of th:- banquet, while find',
of this orchestra again Union .lacks
were artistically arranged as a hack-
ground. •
Close on to two hundred sat down
to these tables and after the hospital
ity of Host McSorley was partaken
of a toast list varied in character,
nnl a program of musical and enter-
tainins: selections was run <iff for the
delectation of those present. Each
ol the participants of the toast list
■halt briefly with his subject and finally wound up by complimenting Mr.
Foster on liis appointment and wish
Ing h m every success in his new
The feature of the evening wns the
presentation to Mr. Poster of a beautiful suit case complete with n silver
set of gentleman's toilet utensils,
which presentation was made by Mr.
Kilpatrick on behalf of the Conservative Association.
In ri.-n; to open th' twist list Mr
Roy Macdi nald explain d thai the
occasion was in th? nature of a farewell to Mr. Ko-ter. Many Invitations had been extended, he said, and
he was pleased to see such a hearty
rcspi n-*' t.i these. Had these Invitations been extended "inside of the
iticn he was certain that there
would nut have been a hall in Revelstoke large enough to accommi date
those who would attend.
He ci ngratulated Mr. Foster on
having received the appointment, and
als i Ci ngratulated the B. C. government i n securing the services ot such
a capable man. Mr. Foster, while
Killer of the Revelstoke Conservative Association ha*! made it the
banner organization of the province,
had put it nn a working basis thai
it had never before attained. He had
raused the adoption of a system by
which the vi iters list could bc kept
up to late the whole year through.
This system had been copied through
out the whulu of B. C, and he ven
tured to say would be in time
throughout the whole of the Dominion. During the past six months
Mr, Foster had instituted ten Conservative associations anl Mr. Maodon-
al I predicted that In the near future
we would bear from Mr. Foster much
higher up than the present position
to which he is appointed. The chairman In closing read telegrams and
expressions of regret at not being
able t" be present from Q. Qibberts,
E. J. Bchole, ll. O. I 'nt s. n-, Hon.
ih*-. Tnylor, A. K. Kincaid, Willis
M. Reid, H..I. Pulton nnl ll, Howson
Th- toast to the King was respond
ed to by the assembled crowd rising
i,r, l singing "God Save the King,"
mil lollowing this thc toast to the
city was proposed nn.l responded to
:. Mayor Hnmilt. n an 1 W.M. Brown.
Mayor Hamllti n explained that this
was the second serious occasion he
bad been present ut in that hall. The
first was the marriage of Mr. Wadman all I the NCond tho present one.
II. did n il wish to draw „n.v com
parison, bul he ci n I lered both eer-
Ious ns far as the city was concerned,
He felt very backward and diffident
:l l.ni'   to  this Imn.liable lo.i«{
bul was pleated to have    associated
i th h in Mr, W, M. Brown, who had
tunate tno igh al i ne time
:*.    hnl.i  the     posl tli n be n iw held.
*   *     aid, held aii i nviable
position owing to its    geographical
an 1 it.- natural   rose ifcea,
aud thm h" ventured to iff   would
eventually make II a city second to
none in the Interior. In the last
decade be had seen ., wonderful trans
formation in the city, Prom a Held
of trees nnl stumps it had grown to
be n city with a population faithful
and honest in ils convictions of a
bright future, ready to boost. This
is what counts in a city. 0U3 noticeable feature of Revolstoke was
thai its progress bad been steady and
not marked with bluster and boom
such as Was lh' ease Willi mrny another city of th' province. If, ho
said, you had sal wiih mo at tho
Convention of Municipalities and 1'lat-
i n id to tho difficulties which other
cities find, you would conclude thai
aftor all there ate worse places to
live Ihun Revelstoke. We now hive
n sewcriuT system costing SIOO'.OOC*,
and  ,.,   power  planl  costing      -f 12H.O-O-O.
and supplying I :; ; h p. During the
coming year he Imped lu interest the
C i' ■(. so thai ihey would purchase
power from Un* city and thus put thc
planl 1*11 a Paying basis, In previous
years during duly, August and September tlie city lm.I been troubled
with an inaiilieii nt Water supply.
Ihis has l-'in remedied and now we
have n never tailing water supply.
I'he mayor referred to lhe condition
.; the streets and Intimated the* in-
.entii u uf this year's council to put
n its first pieee of permanent street,
.ui First streel from tho C.P.R. to
Hume's bluck.
lie considered he would ho remiss
in his duty if he overlooked the work
d thy present government. We can-
iini but appreciate the fact that the
McBrlde governmenl has not over
',1 nked Revelstoke. He compliment-
1 the Hi n. Tims. Taylor as being a
•art ami a large pari of the government. He hnd not forgotten Hevelstoke nnd anything in reason request-
Sports Disport Themselves and
Home Lovers Get Their Gardens in Shape
The first really spring dny with
warm sunshine and a balmy breeze,
ushered m Good Friday, and tho
hearts of local spurts were delighted.
In Ilia morn ng a cricket game
was played on tho cricket grounds
at whieh n goodly crowd attended,
thi' result of which is n ,1 known as
tho secretary has failed to report ro
In tho afternoon tho v.M.i'.A.
grounds was lined with spectators to
witness a game ot hasoball between
the Corley House and Fire Brlgado
Nn. :.', which was followed by a lacrosse game between tennis captained
by iv Pettipiece and Bin Dickey. Tho
rille astociation held it first button
contosl which was an interesting ono
inasmuch as two nun tied fur the
button with a score uf JI apiece. Kd-
is, n theatre put on a matinen per
j formance of Uncle Tom's Cabin which
was well attended, while at night the
Iheaire ««- crowded, despite the fact
i that, the Mothodlsl church choir
had the counter attraction of
choir concert.
A large number of enthusiastic gar
doners and home lovers spent the
day getting their gardens jn shape
for spring planting, while other.* tnok
ed fur this constituency was courteously hstrn-il to and often complied
In regard to Mr. Foster who was
going to form a part of that government he believed that as mayor of
the city he voiced the opinion of every citizen that we are losing a good
man whose position it would be impossible to fill so capably. He re -
cognized Mr. Foster as a leader among men. His attitude with thc political organizations, with the gov -
ernment of the city, the Y.M.C.A.
and all other Institutions find always
been in the capacity of a leader. On
behalf of the City he extended best
wishes mil hopes of success to Mr.
Foster nnd knew that everybody
would kecn'y feel his loss. He felt
lie must congratulate the government
i n securing the services of a man of
bis i alihre.
Mi*. W. M. Brown felt thai there
was little left fur him to say. but
he recited some of the interesting incidents of the early government of
ii'i* i-n>. mi l expressed th*' opinion
that if Hevelstoke bad been kept the
listributing point tint it. ,,nce was
that fully seventy-five per nut. uf the
money that Is now roing to the
states wou'd be coming here. It Was
a matter uf much gratification to him
that th're were good men in the city
anl he felt that the city should lie
nn i that a minster nnl a deputy
minister sh mid both be clmsin from
ihis  city.
Historians hnl argued llmt the
province of Uritish Columbia wns
nothing but a sea of mountains, said
Mr. Hubert Gordon in responding to
the toasl to the province, but every
ii' nf us had come here to mnke a
living ,ui ourselves, our families or
our prospective families. Tlie railroad
came along in 1866 and since that
iuie ih - output nii 1 population ol
ihs sea of mountains bad been stead
ily increasing. Hefore the coming of
this road there was an enormous uul
put of gold from thi' Cariboo mill's,
nnd today tlu- output is just as great
the only difference being that we d.>
not hear sn much of it because other
parts of the province nre producing
too. Th- total output uf the mines
nf ihe province is (21,1 0,000 a yenr,
n 1 up in twu ur three years ago
ili* total output from    even source
Was $82,C X),0O0, or nt the late ,.|
V": I- R yi at for every individual. And
this Is jusi a beginning. 'I'll ■ out
put will, increase in greater pinpoit
imi Ill-ill the population, and along
.'ith Hu-*. Increase will come greater
necessities t" spend money, lie had
never before seen such prosperity as
was cviit imed ni Uritish Columbia
|ust now, Hie lime wns when lie had
push .1 „ truck for the C.P.R, Iui' 20
c ills „n hour and mm were lighting
fui   lh'     job.      Bomo  men,    he saiil,
ih u'i it a greal hardship lo pay taxes,     perhaps it is,  but wc all    like
"uul      inals  nnl   good     govel'liniwnl.
lhe administration must ho carried
i n. and ini these purposes we must
hi vc  money.      Tho  grenter  pari      of
i'r'      na ii y     however,    dime a   fi mn
moneyed Institutions nnd people Com-
ii' in in develop the resources which
we have. The government this year
is spend n- something like $H,iK>n,*n0fl
i n public works, and something like
■$6,250,000 will bo handled by lion,
■rlio*-. Taylor through his deputy, so
ihe task that Mr. Foster has
Continued      90    page   2.
| auvHULUgl
I their lawn
I    The
f the holiday to clean up
and  hack yards,
ntest of the  Hcnelstoke Gun
Club which was pulled oil at the Hevelstoke  athletic  grounds  resulted    an
follows in the button contest.
.1.   G.   Hnrber   20
Munro    21
Sturdy  21
Taylor   .' 1*5
Devine  11
Macdonald  10
Brown  12
Cummings  i unfinished i    4
In a practice shoot of twenty-five
birds the following scores were obtained:
Barber     li>
Munro  20
Sturdy  19
Macd, nald  23
A splendid  game of  baseball     be-
twern tic Corley House and Fire Hri-
gada No. - drew a big crowd of spectators   which   lined   the   athletic   field
i.n   all   sides    and  cheered   themselves
hoarse, and  it was n matter of much
disappointment   to  many  thnt      tha
jiime was , nly run seven innings an I
resulted in a tie.     .Sume really good
plays were  made,  although  the  game
aboi n led  in  errors—this  being largely  due  to the  fact that  it  was      the
first game of the" seasin.      It      has,
however, revealed  the fart thnt there
is among the enthusiasts  tbe      makings of a really good team that would
do jusiice to tlie city at nny of    the
outside  towns.        Burrldge and  Yott
will make BPlendld pitchers    aftor   a
little  practice,   the former succeeding
n  pulling one of liis opponents out
n  three straight throws, while      the
latter though a little erratic throws
a   good curve at  times that  is   puzzling t" the man at hat.     The result
of the game was Hs follows:
Corley House— 2 0 ii 0 1 0 1—7
Fire Brigade—3 C 0 3 0 l 0—7
For Hi' Corley Hoi.se Harrison succeeded  in      getting  two of  the  runs;
Munroe,  2;  Knight,  1;  Stone  1;    and
McOillvray. I.
Fo. the Fire Brigade MulhoIIand, 3;
Worley,  2;  SquarebflggS 2.
The lacrosse gams afterwards showed some •pieiidid combination   work
and splendid shooting on both sides.
For the Pettipiece team some of tlie
younger fry exhibited a wonderful
aplns-i in handling their >.tickH, while
McCarter's shooting on tbe uppon-
ini's goal would do credit to many a
more cipoi lenoed playei. His clever
work was largely responsible for the
majoi Ity of one goal for the Petti
plero team, the score at the finish ,,i
ih* game being Pettipiece 3, Dickey 2
From theso two teams there eould
nlso ho puked an aggregation t hat
would do credit, to the Citj against
olltsido  teams.
i'.i, i n ihenire patrons could nol
help but he enthusiastic ovei th ■
splendid plctnro presented of Uncle
Tom's Cabin yesterday afternoon and
i". i lung. I,it tie heller ill llle wuy
of moving pictures lias ever been presented in ihis city. The piiiuies
wore blight, clear and realistic, nil
tho singing, owing In the work hsV-
,n ■ been presented in the upon air,
'i ..a a large scale, Satisfied jmt-
r.ii: crowded the theatre al the evening performance , n the strength of
the inihusiastic reports of those who
attended the matinee performance.
A carload of Sherwin-Williams P
'amis just put into
This includes everything in the painting line for
>r inside' work.    Stains, Varnishes, Enamels, etc.
paint costs little if an)
We carry the besl that is mad
Paint comes from our Store.
more than
therefore '
poor   paint.
sure that vour
■ \ full a-*- irtmeni
ol  Ala
Furniture  Polishes,
iini Bruslit -. Step 1
and c\i
:r\ thing nece? sary for
ouse-cleanine lime.
Bourne Bros.
Groceries,   Hardware, Stoves,  Plumbing
Swift's Blood and Bone Fertilizer
To increase your yield of Garden Produc.1, Fruits, Etc., Etc.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
I liv.ii Cl -tss Mia i   Purveyors
Phono 251
p. o.
Box 1Gt
| Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O   Box 208
Phone No. 23
~ *
Lots in City of Vancouver
Tuesday in the day of Ino
Auxiliary to the B, ,,( K.T,
Tapping's opera houso.
dnll"e in
Good Program Rendered last
Night by Methodist Choir
Tb« Methodlil church choir, under
he leadership ol MrH. Kent rendered
i ■ «t excellent i-r.n:ram ol eoloi,
and choruses In the church limt
n i:lit at which there was a fairly
•   • i  iit.ti mlance.      Al ome of
thc music was very iliflicult the choir
s,ii*_' most nf the choruses accept-
ably i ui" . ; the** "Unfold Vc Por-
nils" fmm the Elijah, wu*j especially
k'jj-1, and the etiadmg of thu cborua
from double lorte to planltelmo win
,.-iy realistic. In tiie ohli-^ato woik
ol the anthem "Heek Yi The Lord,"
Mis. Beve excelled herself an.l a.ld»!
much tone nnl color with her ewe-at
bell like eoprano, In iho solo* ut
th * evening lome eplendld work wna
done, although at timee there »p-
:*.•!,''••! autae little norvoiisnees anH
■ ne". Several instrumratal a-M-
elect one were also jriven which ttt-
,: vc l considerable mnr« mention
than   we  are nhle to give  tb -;  issus.
a ng to the holiday cutting   in   on
ir week's work
Get your Eastei  Tea in the M-Mhj-
list chinch Monday rvenlng fronj    <i
to 8.ii'i o'clock. IHE JVLA-IX,-HEEALD, REVELSTOKE
APRIL 1.VNI, 1911.
Gbe flDalMbevalfc
REVjiLSruKE.  B,   C,
3iucvioi- publtsbing ttompans,
L*tul notices lu cents per lino tirst
insertion, 0 cents per liuu each
uubjeiiueut insertion. Measurements Nonpanel (Ili lines make
oue inch,j iStore uud geueral
business nunouiiuuients i'2.M pei
inch per muaih. Preferred posi
tions, jj per cent, additional.
births, Marriages and Boutins, 51H
each insertion.
Laud notices ti.iti). All advertise
meats oubject to the approval o.
the munugeiuent. Wanlod anu
Condensed Advertisements ; —
Agi-uts Wanted, Help Wanted, Sn
..«:. *i.*< wanted, Situations Va
eaut, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
t\ anted, 2b words or less, il.'ic.,
each udditiuual line lu cents.
Changes il -standing advert ine
meuts must be in by 'J u. in.
Tuesday ana Friday of each week
lo secure good display.
CuKUKtil uNtll-iNChl invited on mat
tern ol public interest. Com
municntiuiis to Editor must bv
accompanied by name ol wrltei
nut necessarily Ior publication
but us evidence of good faith.
Correspondence should be brief.
For 30 Days Only
willi H.i
Km n.i..
Kirs! Si
5-Rcomed House
$1,250   CASH
7-Roomed House
S2.100   CASH
conl rail)
ci I'or
rail) l.o.
•t, model
,i\ help yoi
• one of the
call   :tn
• pi open i
The Hevelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
lh,' C.P.R. lie wns closely associated
with him an I coul.I .-ny iini li*' never
in,*i a man who did his woik more
faithfully or better. He novel cam
plained no matter how dillicult bis
work or bow long his hours wen*.
Socially wli'ilii'i Individually or fra
in nally he Itnc always ,*i loader nnd
look an earnest   Interest  :n  wh itevor
was for the
litlcally  he
111,' nssoc.ii:
mini in II. <
nn I   il   wns
welfare o
had nni'l
l, li nu I li
. his peer
tho city.    1'
of    I
considered no
i organization
lum whether
In the     Do
ss to     i lir
•si'iii'i'    hero
deal.     With      th.*
n>   li in,      li iwevor,
thai the assodalion
,i>l,   I,, maintain the
a.l   I"
bins, 212 i it-, sih
Bruce, 211 I1" nts, sil
button; V, McMahon,
bronze  but ton.
Junior compctili' n '
Points, silver watch fob
•ion,  MS  points,  silver
watch  fob;  B.
iver   Y.M.C.A.
Ill   points,
butti b;
bn n.'e   V
I..   Him klier*.'.
M.i'  A.   iltlttOI
'. Ki.ld. 325
\. Tomlin
Y. M. C. A.
:ui    po nts
Including  postage  to  Euyland,   Uuit
ed State*- aud Canada.
Uy tbe year ithrough postollice)  %'2.',t
JOU     rRlNTi.SC  promptly sxecutoo
at reasonable rates.
TER»MS—Cash.      Subscriptions    pay
able iu advance.
C\x flDatllberato
in.I   in    reply   1
(Continued Irom Pago 1.)
Last yenr $2*25,
elstoke and Ibis year
will be spent. Mr. ti
,*i>  man to bc ,oyal t
as ai
mil   In lie
like amount 1
ion urged ev
the  provinci
S VTCRDAY,  APRIL l.'.TIl,  l'Jll.
Whether intcutionallj oi otherwis
nobody wants to discourage --port ii
Ri vi Istoke. It is essi ntial that w.
have all that we enn get ol it un
have the biggest crowd of witnosse
at it that we can geti Everybody
enjoys a g°°d clean game of eithei
baseball,  lacrosse  or  footheill,       Imi
ibody cues to sec rough horse play
and possibly fights on the held. A
little ol this was setn on the Y.M.C
A. field yesterday and fortunately tin
ruling ol the referee of thc lacrosHi
.•anu nipped it m the bud belore it
had bc ome tio interesting to watch.
If we expei t people to come to see
th1 games tha disgraieful spectacle oi
a fight must not bc indicted ou them,
This will give H black eye lo sport of
nny kind,
Of   otirsc it  must be admitted that
:t  is very  hard  tor a  man who  is    a
mail at  all   to keep bis  temper    wh n
gets a clip ovei the head with     a
ai • **--c stick, but all the -nine     the
v.*i   n*. .-t   always  take  into consi.l
(•ration th    feelings of th* crowd    of
witnesses and  restrain himself,       It
» well !* i the promoters     of
li ^ • mate    sport i to i
lhe 'listrict an I the city. Ue had
bein here f,,i II, ol 17 years nn I had
recn the city grow lower town. its
growth hud been steady and natural.
Ihjre is one thing this distiict does
produce, sai'd Mr. Dordon, nnd Hint
Is the best un n in the province.
Wh n th'y win' a trustworthy man
io spen I money they come to Revolstoke. Mr, Poster ho said, had lived ui Revelstoke eleven years and
any man who had stood the hardships of Itevelstoke for eleven years,
■mild stand anything.
Trade and commerce was respended
to by Mr. MoClcueghi n, Mr. Gibson,
Mr.  (ottrell  and  tj.  S.   MeCarter.
Mr. McCleneghan was deeply indebted for the hi nor they bad ,1, ne
him in asking bun to icsp, n 1 to this
tonst. He wns not  prepared to make
nny  kind  of  a si ch.  but   was    clad
of the opportunity of making a few
remarks. Up to a year or s,, ago,
be said, ibis nonunion was figureat -
ively speaking ene narrow lane Only
one transconi in ntal threaded its
way from coast i, coast nnl in its
narrow trail settlement followed   Thc
l.T.P. nnd O.T.R. transconi in ntals
an* ii,,w under construction nnd with
ibi'in -eitlein, n is sir, tching n irth
,'in.l south from the lutei ti ,t:, nal
boundary to the liud.-., ns Uny nml
iwHy  up  into  till*  I'i ai •   i: ■
big nii'il       What   Mi. Taylor has don,*
[ill    Hie   pl ovine*   Is   evi.l, need      by   tllO
figures cited previously, and when he
wanted a good nmn foi minister ol
public works he came co Revelstoke.
In acting thus Mr, Gibson thought he
acted wisely. He bad no hesitancy
whatever in saying that Mr. Poster
would lill the position io the credit
ol the province, and that if Mr, Me
Bride enters federal politics we will
n ' doubt some dnv hear trom Mr,
Poster n>t i uly ns „ Deputy Minister
imi ns Premier, lie complimented
tho C.P.R. In overcoming the dllliciil
ties of construction through the
ni.,i n'.vn sect ion and hoped thai nil
the progress promised would conic ty
speedily  ns  possible,
Mr. Cottrell spoke ol Hi' transpoi
Iation pr,dd.uiis nn.l expressed thc o]
illioti lhat this deput lim nl of the
t'.l'.U. was keeping pace with every
othei department. It han lies trafHc
ns well if not better end cheaper
ill; n any other mountain -eetii n in
the world, and probably as cheaply
Willi 111
l'ohey Will
his   peel   cul*I   Ii
minion,     ll  wat
association,      a
meant     a good
groundwork  laid
ho      eonsi'deicd
should  easily   be
At   tins poinl   Mi*  Poster was
ed  lo accept   the hand:*ome suit
benut ifully     nut iullod,
he said:
"1   ili n'l   know   ni     whal     wm ds  to
reply     io aii in * kind things     that
lmv,'   l.oi n  said  ,,;   mc  i gill       and
how io acknowledge tins be,.,nt mil
presitit. 1 had no idea that such a
large gathci n ■ would be here,
which I thlok i- I"* hl| gest ,,[ its
km I 111 I h * pasl i wclvc years. I feel
very deeply liie npprecial li u tin I
association has bestowed upon mo,
It  is an  honor lhat  nny  man  in  the
province  might   well  be  pr I  of.  'I
experience I gain •! w bile ll Mr, KII
Patrick's otlice will be very useful lo
me in my new sphere, I am sure
you must all realize lhal il Is a
hard break for me to tear mysell
away from my associations of twelve
years, an i freiuicnlly when thinking
,ei I hive partially re
nsidnr h iwcvrr, thai lie
1 willi Mr. Tayli i and
will give me uu expert
mil 1 not otherwise get
•down    to
id      oi      llll.
sil ii le. There is no such tiling ns
stan ling si 111, and it you nt tempt it
vou vvill Involuntarily drift buck
"The government at Victoria has
hown Its faith <n this community by
spi ii I ng   money   li'eely   here. Your
COIirl   house   will   be   second   lo       in ll •
m the province. The govoi nm nt is
op. nn: up your roads nn.l trails and
provided $75,Md for thnt pur
Pose Hns year. If thai is ii il in
ough thin go to I'.ilw'ni.t Trimble and
he can got you lots more. There is no
gentleman that I known of so proficient in spin.lin,. more money than
is granted, Orgnnlzntion always
wins out nnd I would respectfully
suggest timi you pay particular n1
ten tion to that,
"In leaving you I am doing some
thing extremely hard tor mo. I have
lived here twelve years and in cone
nwny I feel I am leaving home. My
pes are that my business will oc
en.-n*n   me   to  return   here   very     very
Tho  lu
if   hand:
Il |llel
l,\   the
.1   I'
I lie   M '
M\   first    iicqiiaintut
stoke, or rather with in.*
occupied   bj   that   growing
n in iui ii by
Willi   Revel
region now
il\ .   was
Sixty Years the Standard
A Cream of Tartar Powder
Made from Grapes •
roaches   ul     the
in in;  to  n  creek,    about
north     of      RevelBtoko,
were  rewarded  by      in
world ^^^^^
s on the Hat provinces
[•cased  facilities the sntiu
mt   ni  years to com
et   ol nny country,  he ns
s      young    men  win
be earned
greatest e
sect i d,     w
would   lake  i n   interest   in   public
Fairs, an 1  Mr.  Foster was a good example  of  such  nu n.
Mr. MeCarter in speaking to the
toast could not understand why he
should lie connected with it in ally
way. He was pleased to see Hie pr,,
cress of lh* province in every way,
an.l while it was not in his power
io do much toward furthering trade
eu I commerce he was willing to do
anything in Ins power towards that
end. He was sorry that Mr, Poster
was leaving ns cool men, he said.
aro "aree. Mr. Foster was one man
had  made good an 1 he felt  oer
I! *el'*l
, d   ill   :
tain he would pet bum Ins new duty
.n -ui li a way as to do ere,in both
to h ms li and thc prov n c. I Ie voic
ed lhe sentiment expressed by the
mayoi I hat Mr. Posti pi - I ion
li 're w hard to lill.
Mi    (Jillai    -speaking    •
- |>e   Hi''*: at     *
altogether   th -
nnciously-inclined     individuals      wh"
cannot ke p then  tempei -
■'■   e tl ■  the first cum*' ■>' the
season  this little  incident nii.h    not
k   ifortl   mentioning, but right      at
•*■     t be   indi i-i ii      that
■ .   papei   >     show no sympatl .
■   -   ■' ■ ■ ei       u I he     a P. .'t;e
at ' .'  I i■• hi
what,■•.*• * * ml ng them low n in
[utun if tbc i ircumstances w.u ,aut
Rcvi  ttoki    - * *   *.   ,.'   *     lace
■ *   a-      _•  as   Ca _ary.     Tht-  latter
■      ' *  ■*    is : ni *   •     it ■■■■'■    a
' rary,   and  pmbably
■   ha i not "I'ncle   Vndy"
.me ab'iic end "tiered them
;.     -       of money to erect s
tuati        - ime      ft'i  ,.-
.*.* 'in,'   it   	
■rn for Revelstoke t
•*   •'.       ■    -; .    • . * .     ... *
*      .... *
not fair
.,,,... - * . ,;
I ■ the re
■'* ai
i  P«f
iriet.      Ontario  has  recently  disi trihul
cred a territory . *     * * e mill '  M:
,f neb agricultural land, Manitoba is  Wa
- -, ng      her    '■* extended    '* ■'   '■'
but  ii*.l„„h *    * ist  HI it  was coming to h in
,n  the  net '   '■' >•"
l)i ■ imh ., li* '   ;     '
from   m\
an i  fl
tho matter nve
peuted.     1 i
ilig assoclnl
Mi.  McDrl.l
enee   tlml     I      ^	
nil I that may aTtei wai ils
my ow n gi'o I i n,| the g
riding and the provin *e ,,t
"If   1   may  le  permitted   I       might
lirlelly truce lbe nistory of tbi.- ,,    ,
elation  from  the  lime  I   became  con
with il.      In   linn. I   was elect
i   very  humble  capacity,   bciug
one of nn executive hoard of six min,
none of  whom lm I  much  idea    what
to do. There wen* 2'.  members    then
and   very   littl"   system   ol   knowledge
iii the organization.     Since that time
it  bis crown  uut,1  now* the associa
tion is stronger than any in  lhe  pi'"
vince  and  an  o>'gani'/.ati< v  that    any
city   would   he   proud   to   own.     Since
elected president  i have travelled     a
cod deal nn.l found that  uo associa
tion      was   a-   Strong   as   Uevelstoke.
The I). C. Ass.cintu n held a meeeing
last  Friday inl held up tha example
of  this association ns ons that      it
would  be well [or ever,  other associate n    to follow,     imi*     association
las put   on - i members to our oPPi n-
ems on;.     Since November Inst    we
I have  adopted  a  new system.     Prior
ll ii   we  elected  nn  or) an.i'.er  and
■ei   1 him a Inch salary.  . n.l  we  then
.: id    ;i    !    II    "i    al "It    $7,1    :'   I  ll 1    lloth
I ing  t" show for  it.  No new  associa
were formeel.     In November wc
i'nt I     two travelling secretaries
..in. 'I   w i  Ii  orgi nzatioii       work,
tb<    a ".■ •■'
In him for I
.     "
■     •    *  ■ t get
thing and th      idd to it fi   m Otinw
i    time
','. I S \ I N '
',   ■ .. j  the  ',a -'   part  ol '
Hi n-i i.   ii th • gymnae um at   l be    Y
M.C.A ■'■ mnastic  contest       took
■n,     ■   •      membci        '. ai,   .-
*  cises     * n    thc  horse,  hoi Izontal
bar,     nn.l  parallel  bar- nnd      mats
I'oint    * •!  Went.
exercisee     *ei e   glaen,     'l h ■    p-ee on
hoW n • the high ■ t  niimbei  of po nti
will  •*    •*'■ * n  a  silver watchfoh     ec
ond a    ilvi ■   '.  M.C.A, button,    third
i,i* ii'i*      iiiilt-n.     These  contests
ei >■ run in the Junior and Intermed
,'     pla with   lb"  lollowing       re
jut i'i mediate compel It on     II. Rob-
■   .
minion,   and    il
eicht  years   ■*   *
|ace   '  '*. ■  • *
very  short timi ,ast tt
: n •. . • r >
taking it r
a    largi      ncreasi
ir.     In a vei
• ,
rk    to     a
* ..
•     -
■   '
* :   ■ '
■  '
■   ■   •
lr. Foster in
■ .i     iiim    ' ■".' adapted,
,:    . , ' , ,      ■
M       . .**,,..
lor thn i, a km
trih I'' to Mi P '*
lb* regrel ted nol h ,• ing i ome tn
Dritish t ■ n* * , ■*,: igo
ei,ne thai those -ili', bad lived here
a in.inini ,,f years hnd much to '"■
hnnkful f,,r Tin* province Is one
■ :*,••: i ">. It has the biggest
■:* li 11 . I . "-est mountain and
must hn   ' lh' hi igost men. 'I h i very
fad    lii'i'    I'lemiei    M, Iliil,.   |»        men
ti.eie I  ;,,i   in • I..-, Ii i   iii  ihe  Con88f».
■at.ve  party   in  Policial  pull ties      i    to'tMul
• ome   ns iilniue   Hi,l   ll.   ('.   I,,,..   s,,un,    '   . I k *• f .
Cunllfi an I Mr. Wadman.     As   .<
if Mr. Wadman's work several   dauntless men had orgnnlacd an
ial ons have be n     formed,
Mr   Parsons wrote   n saying liis rid-
*■* n I  to none,  while the
ll.  i'    '■     iciat .* n paid a huh tribute
bin •■  - ■ I  their apprecla-
>     .      Vi ii h the expen li
•   ■ * *  .  dollars he  had
had     been
manj    yi ars before,
1  enn  Pave knowing    that
.* il always he    tb'
i* oi nee.
*'l:      HI,        ,|- tO
iation  in
■ *.    ::  ti  ich  with
•      Vuil
' in* ii and
' tl at
,, youngster in LSliG, when 1
the Columbia river, as Cabin boy , ll the old "I'.i" bound (or
ill ■ i-.liie er iliscoverics, made in the
piec '.line y oni. on a number of
elects which imn tbc iii ei nl i at'lotis
points iu the heart of the Selkirks.
As Hns pioneer luvaslon of white
nu u is associated with much thai is
o' historical and material interest
to   those   wbo   have  since   beci une i,leu
tiii.. 1 with ilie fortunes of the district even n ellnl • essay to olltlin.
I he sioi y o! n mny be acceptable, at
111 s part iciilar tiuie, when public
.*,i;. nti, ii is again being directed to
t! ;s rii lily inin. rnllxctl •' ne.
lu ivii.'i the great mining excite
ment which bcgnii In California six
teen years before, hnd carried a
large  number of  venturesome  spirits
in,It bw*;|l ,1. 'I'll lie men. eollecleil
trom the Knstein Slates and ('i Hilda
Australia, indeed from all parts of
th' world, had made their way Into
that great wilderness, whieh has
since he n organiste-d into states of
tils great wesleiii divis,, n. compels
ni,- Washington, Idaho i.n I Montana
1 rrltortes. Quite a number of
these tinners wel e wintering aro nl
Il.e ,,1.1 Hudson Bay Post in Fort
Collville, in Wash'njton territory,
d ring the period of which 1 speak,
an.I it was Ihere, :n 1863, thai the
movement was organized that led to
I ii • ,li.-* m, ry of Hi ■ Big lb n.l country . Looking north, dur n,- their
winter of idleness, the nun us dreamed of 'linds' richer than any which
had yet shone In their pens. An impromptu meeting was h.*l.l one day.
in j, in n -is lent, to talk I he mutter
vi. nn.l  in a very short   time,  these
expr.litii n. with Nels Heimlich nt their
bead, to prospect the creeks lying al-
,n: tbc upper water- of the Columbia. The parly, which started mil
early in the spring, Included Hank
''.nil's. Bill Downie, Louis l.ee, nml
■ in** others whose names have been
.vritten into the geography nl British
■ 'olt mbla.
This expedition  left   for  Fort  Coll-
■• llle about  Hi** 20th  of  April,  l'S-65 In
three clinker built   battcaux,  propoll-
! by oars, carrying with them   pro
visions ci ur..lend siillicniii  foi  several  months.     They  made the  lourney
up   the   river  and  through  the  Arrow1
lakes without mishap,  prospecting ns
ihey   came  ale llg,      A   few   weeks  after  bhei   started  tli -ir cunip tires were
11 ' on   the  bats   which   have  s.nce
been deforested to make way for the
.'i.l I.ne  of   Itevelstoke.      The advent
I  I not meet with nny i ncourage
un nt  i n Hi
river,   bill   C
twenty   mill
then*   labors
coiirnglng ev idciices of fine gi
discovery fell to Han't Cain
and  the stream »ns called
Creek, accorelingly,     Coming
d. Tins
' pun.
Ciitn is'
to    tlio
iill tho way abng to Downlo Creek
where the Inst of her cargo was discharged. The "19" operated success
fully on the river during the cnn-
tniiiuiic oi the raining boom, BUb-
Heijutntly going into the Chinese
Hade oi in oilier words tbo enrryiug
of Chinamen win, (lowed into tho
country alter its abandonment by tha
white minors,
tine of lhe fogtltreahlo facts  ill con-
n'cl ion willi  the discovery ot the Big
llend   placers  was   lhc  su.ldin  desertion  ol lbe country,  nfter n comparatively   brief  occupation   ill   1-868,        In
I hose     dnys it  was n very expensive
matter    to operate  in  these  isolated
regii us.        Miners      were   necessarily
looking Inr hie  pay  and  wore      over
ready to forsake one lield I,,r another
which seemed  more  alluring from the
money  point of view.      It      happened
mi' dny  Hint  news ranie into the Big
llend Hint ,1 very rich strike hnd tiooii
made i ll  ferry   Creek,   in the      Fort.
Steele country.  East  Kootenay,   nnd
this story gaining exaggeration     ns
it  passed from mouth to mouth soon
bad the whole camp in a stir. French
Creek mil nil the rest nl them    were
abandoned in a day.     Saloon      men
simply  locked their doors,  leaving II-
quors, eignrs and even pool tables behind  them,  and hotels were left stand
Ing with their full equipment  in    tho
wilderness.      it   was n   general  stam.
pede.      The   "411"   which   brought     ill
i.nckly circulating through tlio|„|t, MWg Wfts oWlge., ((i ,ay oV(,r   R
few days to allow millers to collect
trom the creeks to ge't „ passage' out,
and those win, could not get accommodation ia th' steamer came down
the river in boats and rafts. During
the summer of 1866 it was estimated
e, n.lusion that this creek would hour
further prospect u •. the melt pitched
then tents nn.l prepare.I lot* n slay
lone enough  to detenu n' the nature
of   the  gr ul   farther  up  ihe creek,
'I hey wenl up until Ihey came to n
i ; ti on where traces of coarse cold
were found, nnd n lillie prospecting
convinced them Hint they hat at. Inst
struck the yellow treasure in quantl-
i ies good i ii ittgh to pay.     With two
rn* thr,*e men work lie th'y link nut
live hundred dollars lhe lirst. nft.er-
n on. mil llie next dny, with nil
binds ai it. in the cinyon, with pans
Ihey clenii'd up over fifteen hundred
. I. dims.
'llie  news  of  this  discovery   reached
Port      Collville    a     lew   weeks  Inter,
through   Nels   llelliiilch   alld   ll     eollple
win,   were  detailed  lo  co  back       tor
supplies,     tb' explorers having come
to the in n dusii n  ttint   they were in n 1
country  good enough  to stay      with,
Mil   lhat   they   should   have      enough
provisions to carry  them through till I
full.     A general rush from Fort Coll
ville     Immediately began, nnd      thei
st nry    _
country, bruin lit thousands nl miners
into the Columbia valley. Carnes'
Creek was so, n staked Irom ind to
end nud a quickly acrusfng impulse
w,,s given to the movement which
im ind  parties of daring men up th
rnrrien   nnin.t-  ,„   „„, ...^    ...-; Tlle „„,„„„.,   ,„   ,,
C: ti■-■ river, and by various inter-ec-: , ha, t,|(,n, W1,,.(, nh(,ut e,ght th,,llsnn t
ling waterways into the remote reg- ,,eop,B *„ th<, CoUntry. Some seven-
Ions of the McKenzie river     mil    the ',,,,„  ,„. B|ehteen  men were the    only
people in tbc country. Sumo seventeen or eighteen men were the only
persons left nfter tho stampede which
occurred two years afterwards.
I relinquished my -ob In the cabin
of the "49" after making two trips
and joined thc prospectors in the gold
fields, At. that time wo were all
looking for placer gold and very
little attcnticn wns paid to quartz,
ns it was practically impossible to
do nnything in lode mining nt tbat
time. My attention, however, was
drawn to the abundant evidences of
rich quartz deposits in the Big Bend
district, even m thoso days, nnd it
wns the recollection of these ore
bodies which induced me to return to
the country niter nil nbsoncc of
many years. My confidence in the
country has only hern accentuated by
investigations which I have mado
'" s.iire that time nnd I am convinced
that thn Big llend will yet figure Con"
Bplcuotisly among the mineral pro-
districts of  British  Columbia.
He  v
Mi    K llpati Ick     * * n    lei   II
ii uie incapable ,.'
I * "    i',,, * i       He had hei n rlosi
In* l   eiih Mr   Foi ler fnr a numbei   il
yeai        nn I   hnd   nl" nv     found      Inin
honest  mnl  a  pain ituking
Ao a (ellow tuipi'ijec    un
The underwear
without a fault
Jfttii    tUe
styled «tze
you - like
^ I for any ^season or climate,
lor man, Wbniakjtjr chlid, ?
at  t h «.  x \g hi '-'p Xi,C;« .
c  Arid if ViKo'n't"shrink!
"'^*t<#!^-'K<*& ir-'**& f&jti* ": ~J■■.'
.   tjtfkfrrirj'r     ■■■-■■ * ., Puttbfiaaa.,-••by-.;-.
-^: A .■ * ■ ,th« trademark.
*■ li*. dn *,v«ry
'!$*: * .gamie^lt-ilii *Cre<t
■^       Try   *Np.y9^-y.
medium weight '
IDp.c. Bonds
ns ol the McKcnzi      ^^^^^^^^^
Arctic  Circle.
ll wns to Nei- Demarcb nn.l liis
pioneer band however that belonged
lhe chief ere lit of discovery all ng the
upper Columbia. Hold Stream nnd
French Creek, were located in uiiick
succession during the summer of 1-885,
an 1 McCulloch, Camp nn.l Smith
creeks were discovered early in the
follow ng seneon. Something like
seven or eiglu million dollars was
tiikin   out   of   ihese  creeks during  the
brief period of the mining occupation
which lasted tor three cuccosslve seasons.
Tlie attention of the Oregon Steam
Navigation  compnny,  witli- headquarters at I'd'Hand, wns attracted     to
Hi' li g Bend discoveries in 1865, nnd
Captain White,  au  old employee      of
tho company! wns commissioned
visit  the distiict ,nl report ns to the
practicability of operating a steamer
on the route.     Captain White came
up the Columbia river, with two    ln-
dlans,  in a canoe, gong ns far      as
Downie Creek nnd us a result  ot bis
journey made a  favorable report    to.
the company.     Preparations for   the*
construction of a Bttltable hunt were1
immediately  begin.        Sawmills were    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
mi extreme rarity In Washington ter-.	
nt,iry. and   indeed  ill  the  whole west- . _«,     . «
eri unlry. at   that time.     The new   All  AimlCtlVe (jlieringlOF
steamer was built entirely of whip -
sawed lumber, the builders being sent' a shoi^t Term Investment
ii  from  Portland specially    for    the
job.     The Work was begun the latter |
part of November  1865, and the ves-!
.   I   hnd   steam   ll]    the   171 h        of
Anrl,  in  the  "licceedlng yenr.       The
i urines and  power equipment for the'
were transported from I'ortlMi.l I
cost approximating one   dollar]
ind,      After  n  successful       trial
which demonstrated satlsfactor-
er ability  to negotiate the tur-
i waters nf the Columbia, tho
steamci .lulled in Immediately to
book pn icngcrs nnd freight for the
in" gol l fields, gelling an almost
overwbelmln * surfcli of both for the
Initial i ii. The stoamor wns called
ihe " pi after th • parallel whicli
marks I h.i boundary line, She was
coramandi 1 by Capt. white, with Al
Plngstoi as mate, Charles Briggs,
pui et. \l Rolston, 1st engineer, Shop
Bailey, nd engineer; Qeo, Buchanan,
cook, gill the writer n youth of sev-
enteen, ns cabin hoy.     We left Fort
Collville about the 26th of April ISflfi
nnl reached llie Kddy some eight
In in' t\ where we tied up for tlie
night, Tne steamer made tho run
tu < '.ii ti■ Creek the following day
ppej    pasbcngei'E and freight
nt ii
ii I"
I'll I   dl,
We can offer the conservative investor for a short
while only an opportunity of
pleading his surplus funds in
a high-class security bearing
a rate of interest of ten per
Only 150 of these Convertible Debentures at a par
value of $100 each, available.
Do not gamble in stocks,
shares and other forms of
speculation, but INVEST
where your principal and interest is secured.
Write for further particulars of this Bond Issue which
is particularly attractive to
investors. Prompt application is necessary as number
is limited.
Canadian Securities Ltd.
1101 Dominion Trust Building
v*HC0uye« ornct »vli\\ 1
SATURDAY, APRIL l.'.TIl, 1911.
l»u,u»,*t>.**imy'ir*raga «s«M»maanaraBsa*s.l
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Wall Covering
For Kitchens and Bath Rooms,
in fact every room in the house
can be finished with this durable
material, permanent colors, can
be washed off.
Cups and Saucers
See our table of Fancy Cups nnd Saucers in
all the newest designs and patterns One hundred and fifty dozen just arrived from the bosl
manufacturers in the Old Country. 25 different
patterns and shapes to choose from. Ranging
in price from $1.50 to $7.50 per dozen.
Easter Goods
In our corner window will be found a suggestion for your Easter wants. This display
will cultivate an appetite for your Easter dinner.
A dainty line of Cooked Hams. Smoked Hams.
bacon. Pure Lard. Cream and Plain Cheese, New
Laid Eggs. Butter, and .Mime Meat, wliicb we
have ordered especially for Easter, are to be
found in our grocery department, and we guarantee the quality of every article to be A 1.
Specials for Easter
Fruit and Vegetables
You will want to lill up on fruit and fresh
vegetables during the Easter holidays. Were
ceive three shipments every week and therefore
our gootls are all new and fresh. Grape Fruit,
Bananas, Oranges, Lemons. Ripe Tomatoes,
Cucumbers, Lettuce, Radishes, Celery, Green
Onions and Cabbage.
Grocery Bargains for Thursday
Thursday is Bean Day with us. <>n thai daj
we are going to offer Pork and Trans at a large
reduction. Clark's and Davies' lib. cans at :! for
25 cents; 'lark's anil Davies' 31b. cans at 2 for
",.> cenis. This is cheaper than you can grow
beans for. Te sure you get in early as the stock
is limited. Remember the dale THURSDAY,
April 1 Ith-ONE DAY ONLY.
Potted Meats and Fish
The picnic season will be upon us in a short
time and we want to bring to your notice the
fact that we have a new shipment of rolled
Meats just arrived. Tear in mind there is nothing nicer for picnics, or for breakfast and supper
Bandwiches, They will be found delicious in
llavor and of guaranteed quality, Following
are some of the lines we carry: Bloater, Anchovy, Shrimp, Chicken, Sardine. Lobster and
Potted Turkey.
When we sav we have the best
assortment of shoes in the in-
terior we mean it. .lust a glance
at our McKenzie Avenue window
will convince you too.
Just now we are showing new
tans for men, women and children. All the new lasts, all the
new shapes.
See us. Get our prices, then
compare the other values that
you may find.
Sole agents for the SLATER
J. & T. BELL'S SHOES for
Christy's Stiff Hats
The hat which has made still'
hats famous. Ask to see the
new shapes. Not the freaks,
but the new moderate ones for
the well dressed man. You
know Christy hats, but perhaps
you don't know that they set the
still' hat shapes for the world.
Don't buy a block lhat is a season behind, buy one direct from
Christys, the originators, Then
you are sure you are right.
the lightest Nn 1 quality hat
made tits the head exactly.
This season's Mocks
$3.50 each
Boys  Hats
Toys' huts in all the new styles
and shades of gray, brown,
green and black. Trice >\ and
Boys Shirts
Toys' shirts and blouses in a
variety of styles and patterns.
Price $1 each,
Gents' Heck Wear
Just opened this week a line!
of snappy, wearable, Easter,
novelties. When you think of a,
new Easter tie think of us—we|
can show you not only the latest
but the best the market affords.
The most durable of all neck
wear fabrics. Made up in the
new wide end four-in-hand. All
the new shades of gray and
brown.   Price ?1 each.
The newest of  all  neck wear]
fabrics.     Made   in   all the new
shapes, both straight and diagon-
al weaves.   New shades nf gray,
brown, blue and red.   Price 75c.
The new pattern.     We havel
them in the lately popular red
and  black,  tans,   grays,  blues,
reds.   Prices 75c. and ?1. each.
The season's colour. N<-v
wide end four-in-haads. Nol
two patterns alike. Ask to seej
them at $1.60 each.
Boys' Clothing
That boy wants a new suit fori
Easter; or a new hat. Perhaps|
he really needs a pair of new
shoes, a shirt or shirt waist.
We can fill his wants to the|
last detail.
Our "Lion Brand" Iwys' cloth-)
ing has no superior. Perfectly
tailored and cut from the newest,
patterns. Odd knickers both in
bloomers and plain styles oun
specialty. A'rt nnu   \iuii. i.'iTH
Dainty "Easier"
Ladies' Suits
|.,k1k     new   Tailor-made
Su ts.    Trices    Si 5,   *s n i
Ladies   One-Picec Suils,
si ,, S 'ii .uul $35
Misses' Dresses
To lit girls from S to iti
■, cars ol ag-o.
Your baiter Paras '1 and
i * hrellas arc here. I'rii c
Si to $5.
Gloves! Gloves!
Wc arc offering sonic
nice ones for Kaster, all
the neuest  shades.
Hand Bags
Mack,    velvet,   in   metal
mounted st\ les,    I 'rices
$i.i'o, Si. ;o, $2, .$=■,.
Hosiery. Be!
Collars and
Kasler Silk and Lisle
1 losien, lulls \ Fanc\
Impoitcl,     new
moderate pi ii cs.
s Wear
Men's Suils     l'i ices, $10,
81 3 and $.'u.
Men's Odd Pants    $1.50,
$..', $3, and $4,
Men's Ties, Hells,   Pane}'
I iosierv, 1 lats and Caps.
mud?, mhi IhL m
8:30 P. M.
' Under direction of Mrs, McVity)
Boys' Suits
We h,i\ e ,1 nobb\ lol ol
seasonable steles, si/.cs j.?
to 33 for ilie bo\ s, \\ e
invite \ Oil to come and see
ihis line. We h vc a
large range here for v 011
10 pick from. Buy one
ler I'aslii.
1.    Duet and Choi' is
(' x'a      fc--?r'--*~-——r—*——cr',M ■.'{. . tyr :—s. ....*—1 .■'        p* *'
■V.*' .        •'•     /■'     *   ' I     V&iWrn      \f~> «   *    <aW       Q     1
At Reid
ig's Store
Ni>T .■»*rA-f*'wn ■»
^vrnfm-mzxrvmnut r^-rm *
Mrs    Vrtbur Ui nndrette nml ' '
I   Vaui   nvei    an    visiting   Mrs.     I'ii      * *
.     Don't miss tl     Higl   Unstci  Tea in
Methodist  church   Mu" ln>   evi n
::   *m   1    ii*   '   10
•| :.,*   r,.Mii ,    \- ...,■ iiii iiill   « *li   ;li'' '
'.,„,*        ■ evening
uexl  .,:  - , ',:..,;,  | *i   thi   trai    n '
j    *  *, isinesi
w     Mis ■  Eli ie H       * ,*■ i' ;•"*   l'"n *
■  ili lays  *■* itli lier patents.     Miss
in. a ling     the    Normal
il at Vani
I     Monila\     In ing  n       Bank
lay,  anil  It   being  Pay  Uai      ivi
.   mn I,* ,,i rangcmenti  .to cash  C.
P.   K,  checks.   Miliar  Mercantile  (',,*
-vny person caught  depositing     re
■ isi   on  tlu* roadside U'i,.lum  to    the
I   **..,   lumping ground will he prose-
-.* :    ace •■ i.n:     to  law     Sanitarj
1:    *      *    ■      ;'-■'    1*1 11
that   Iih   mi   * 1 y moucli  11
*  .   ..        plant       *'*   I ii   li"--       in 1
.!   i*.   Crcssman, Box 1  1, Lev
• 11   '
i ' a   in iers ol thi     Boj -' Bi    * •
to meet at  thi      di '*; i
hall  ton *   morning at   I
■ chiin lu*
I sei
if Calil
at tl ■■■   1 ■!•   i.
. :   \; ■ Subject ho xi vei    to
ty to tin
•.   gal
.    ■    ■     Mi    i*
me wn; -1
toria.      '1
■ ■   ■     .    .   ■ * ..     '
'     -'                  '-
\\ 1 '* 'i* jusi irei ml a j-liipmuit of White Clover Hone\ put up in
Mm it* cms, wii jolt we will guarantee to lie ahsnluU'l) Pure IIoiihv,
ami as I. is is tlie beasuii for honey we would advise >ou to In thia it
\'oa wish t" i>et the genuine artic e.
'llu  uiitiii     1V11 ;, Isilf in ii'g.-inl ioi|uality.    We have
.1 full ii'tuictit ' i tin** I'uti' I.mi including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach   I'liuti, I-i.1,1. imi* :.: .nnl A pi icol
A.  HCBSON, Baker and Grocer.
I   I'lliliMIPI ■ ■ III llllll 1 I I      mi      II      I   llllil   IIIIIII    I   II1I1II  IWII HHIIigHMIIIIIWI'IPI Ml   lllllliH'l) liill
" The Sailor Hoy"
I'mncipals—The Misses Louise Itae, Doris MeCarter
Chorus—M. Genelle, D, Purvis, D. Rae, [.Donaldson, I''.
Donaldson, 11. Brings, II. Tomlinson, E. Johnston,
V. Morris, II. McCarty, M, Lawlor, 1. Genelle, M.
Genelle. S Hoi is, M, Henderson, J, Robbins, 1,.
Aman, I. Donaldson, 1. Henderson, E Corson, M.
Field, M, Young, VI, Porter, M. Paget, K. Sibbald,
(!. Urquhart, I. Procunier, 1. Brown,
Mr. Burbidge
" Onlj a Clown "
3.—Solo and Chorus Mr. T, E, L, Taylor
" My Si> Little Wives "
Chorus—The Missps P Robinson, E. Pnget, M. Robinson, B.
McLennan. M  H i'uti, 11. Evans
Vocal Solos
)  (a) "A I Iream"    I
\ Un "My Rosarj" \
Mr. Martin
.v* ch.
o.   Duet mid Chorus "Sailing, Gayly Sailing"
t Miss Valerie Morris
PlilNt [PALS—
' Master C. Lyons
M. Genelle, I! Purvis, D, Rae, 1 Donaldson, F.
Donaldson, II. ll ijvgs, ii. Tomlinson, E. Johnston,
McCarty, M. 1 awlor, I. Genelle, M. (ienelle, (1.
Urquhart, H. Hobbs, M. Henderson, J. Robbins,
L. Aman, L. Rae, I. Procunier, D, MeCarter, I.
Henderson, lv Corson, M. Field, M. Young, i\l*
Field, M Young, M. I'orter, M-Paget, K. Sibbald,
1. Brown.
-Vocal Sol" Mr, Burbidge
" An Every Day Life Scene in London"
Rt citation
Is one of the  most import'
ant items in your business
will  look after ihis branch   of
the business for you.
K^ootenay Agencies.
Successors to Kincaid A Anderson
" The Ten Won Iers of Earth"
Ma ter Glen 1 Irquharl
S.    Duet ■ Song and Dance
" The I'iccaninnies "
Miss llila Tomlinson, Master James Bourne
9.    Fairy Dances Rul-'ti '  > * 1/       - <   •* i'n,,;
" The Coming of Spring "
Spirit of Spring   Miss Doris MeCarter.
Wood Nymphs—The Misses M. Paget, K  Sibbald, I Genelle
M. Lawlor, M. Porter, G. Urquhart,  M. Young, 1.
10.~rhorus—"Thrusting Glory Upon the R.M R.'s"—<«//i'rii«
Soloists—Mrs. R, Squarebriggs, Mr. E Allum
Chorus—The Misses McFarlane, McAdam, Fraser, I'aget.
McLennan, Hyatt, Robinson, M Robinson, Evans.
The Messrs. Taylor, Brown, McVitty, Patterson,
Woodman, Robbie, Robertson, Guidon, Reaves,
Dunn, Lawrence, Sibbald.
Your Easter Wants
Can he fully supplied at this Store. For
a lout: time ue havo licen preparing for
this season and you will find we have
gathered one of lhe besl .selections of
smart, seasonable goods lhat we hive
ever shown. Our new store is bright,
light ond easy of access, and ue are
always pleased to show you our goods.
Easter Shoes
In all llie neu lasts, We
sell llie "h! in press" Shoe,
and guarantee e\ crv pair
wc sell. We li i\ c llieni
in all lea hers in hi;;li iop
Oxfords and pumps from
$3.O0 Up
Easter Gloves
A lull slock of coli is and sizes in the celebrated " renin's" kid glove. Wc guarantee this
line, and will replace ,1111  pair that aie defective.
Easter Neckwear
\ iui uiil nei liml a prettier lol in lown, and
certainly nol a cheaper I, 1. Dutch collars ol all
kinds, Linen Collars, plain and embroidered, Bows
I a hols, eic. in great ear civ.
We arc also showing a vcrv pretty lol ol Sash,
Collar and Dress Pins, blouse Sets and some oi
llie latest designs in thc neu Jabot l'in. Conic
and see ihem.
Stylish Blouses, Lingerie Dresses, Wltiieuear
in great varielv, I Iosierv, in fact anything vou
need in the line of " wearables."
■   •
\.-1   ■      Ltd      mtil 1
'■ :      ..,-•:.
It  tbi
tbe .
Had No Visible Means c Support    CHURCHES TO-MQRRGW
So Must Oq Teh Days      .      B     ""„„ n   u .
faster Sunday Will B? Made
■vand Ctieertul-Sof
the Musical Proora
:,.    ti   m theii  dormant  winter con-   a.m. subject,  "The Uiaen  Lord"; 7:311
pcctiliatlj   .1    i-iisi'ii    for   ;  in.,  Hastei   Souk  Servli . ■    tha
nny    church     lassitude   program;   2:30  p.  111.,   Hunil.iy  bc'.-o ,1
.   prevailed during    the  nnl Uilile class; Monday nt li    p. m.,
,-.,•,       15 verj   ''li  ni*  in thej Thi Ladles Aid Ih.li Tea; Wednesday
rowd  1 at   both    ser    at   S p.m.,  Prayei     meeting, subject
....' ,  . *i        '1    01 n il iii.*i*i,ii ■ ,n  j, rusalem   t,,
.   •* hti s     In ,n   Paul's  report";  Pridaj   evi nm *.
:  the day.     Some  oi    the   choii   practice.     A cordial  invitation
,   . servici    ft'lll    be     as   is extfn led lo the public to     attend
these Blaster servicps.
\   i"  *   ni 11 ■ M.      v.       iim,11 311,  "Christ  tha Lord     has
"   ll vices    1; . n     today";      Prayer;      Anthem,
'   ■  and  11  a.m.  end Tii'   **, h ;,,,      oUr    paSsover",   Schilling;
service   •••    pture  Lesson;  Hymn 300,  "Ring,
ii'i-     M  iiiiii-'   I,.,.,    ii:.*    lli'lls";    Solo,  Mr.  Ston;;
mn   n   1    Procee    Church notices; ijuartetta, .1. II.    C,
Pallis  Festal;   "The    Wayside    Cross",  by   request;
*    nl ch inl.    li, ,.n :;: ... "T.ow in a Grave He lay"
•in*  V"an  Losk     -,,:,..  "My  Redeemer and Lord",    by
Hymn  157;    \;>*   Bews; Offering; Anthem,    "Como
11 !'• Ha      ■       ' T;     Let   LTs  Join",  VV.  1 hurchill;  Hymn,
•1 '"n    *i I, "Crown Hun Crown Him"; H, n
1   ' a     i' 1,, In n.
* nl.  Nunc
■ '     HT;
V.   M    C.   A.
pecial  music will  be rend ired  mi I
.1.  ll. Mclntyre will address
' *  *   nn 11       1 ''nn,* nn.l  spend  nti  hour
with us fi,,iii 3 15 lo 1:45,       Soloists
V,   Vi.  Oreenwood, A. Thom-
■ ii on I ol hers.
lisw IM
lew Suit
Our Spring Sanii les for Suits and
Spring Overcoats .inst arrived.
We guarantee a perfect fit, stylo
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-RJorm Clothing - Foot-Rite Shoe
M   \  I      11 I   M 1       111 1 •'   K
iskws'  \ni\t. stoim;
II      III.Of N
|»HKS<  ll II'Tii ».N'W
'■;    :
m*:x  v      jug stoi-mo
\|    \   I       III   M I       HI  « '<    I.
Assessment 1911
i'l l:l i'     NOTICE   i    hereby
In i ■* i   nf Revision
* ■ \    f llfl i will be
* '  .   Hal   ':
| [i. {'., oi    I      da      ■'> i   ;'   •  Hi.
i ivi i   at 1 o'clock, p.m.
Bruce A. Lawson,
Cil   Clerk.
iastor Suits for Yo^r Boys
Wel ive tlip kiml (lint Ikivs ili-lijjlu in   unniiii*.   mnile
of imliln  liiliiiis, «ell cut,'well liniHlieil and servici utile
,  , .  |'i| ci   ia.' " i.MI l> * "ii        it'" S ' I'lKl'K St'ITS,   iiiinii- of
,,,  .1,        |    ;,.* ,, *':'i*i*,l I lilli' l. 1,1-tiils. ill in .it iiui  illlil
iiii i ,|     i'l iiiiiii iis,  witli   lull j
nil  111, inin l   l'.llll*.. .ill M..CS. j
Prices. S>5 and $6
brown i Hi its. double breasted
Prices. $7.50. $8. $8.50
miYS* St'ITS  in   'I'ltibic-l'iT.iMiil
lister  alili**-.  all j effects, nimleof tlie very finest
,.    ,        i  ,.,  I v orsti ds,    with   the   lull   cul
the in ii iiiiilinc i In ets .'.'ii    l
i, v   j i*, ii, browu. iiiel navy. ,
PRICES, $5 to $10
Bloomer    punts,    serviceable
nml dependable.
Prices, $9 to $15
Me Mercantile Co., Ltd.
Thr St\ Ic- Shop for Men and Boys Who Know
RESPONSIDUH party ileelres to rent.
one year, 10 acre place -with bouse,
v.-1th n two miles Irom town, miit-
able lm chickens, bees,   Rnnlcnlng.
1*'un    SAJ.K   i''""t    Lugging Horsos;     pmhm     ,„,„,.   „   B| factory.-
** anj   laj al  |:.'1' Mile     Terms       A.   it. licvnn.    Vatgo,
i' ard, oi H'i' Sftmu I Hunter   city,     Sorth Dakota,


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