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The Mail Herald Mar 18, 1911

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 " Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $G0l
Interior Pubhsnmg^Co., Agfs.
< & ■
Th» * Tail-Herald
'  'M, B, '■-■ .
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 20
REVELSTOKE. B. C. MAKCti 18, 1911
$2.50 Per Year
Lawrence Hardware Co. Ltd
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Ot*'i«o   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30.000.00
5,5So, J00.00
Branches «r Ap-nts at all principal points in^Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corn Lx-
change National Bank. Seattle-Seattle National Bank, San Francisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposit* of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Nothing Doing Replies Board to
Superintendent-Site Ottered
for Manual Training School
In n communication to tlm school
board, which met In regular oonvo -
cation on Tuesday evening, Dr, Robinson, superintendent of education at
Victoria, askod the hoard to chnngu
the name of Strathcona school. Ilis
communication did not suggest any
other name, hut gave aH the reasons
for his desiring tbe -change the (net
that Vancouver possesses a strathcona school. "The Bame name applied to two schools in the province"
he Intimated, "might cause considerable contusion in the department,"
The board wns of the opinion, how-
over, that it would he a difficult
matter to change the mime ot the
school as considerable publicity had
been given the naming of thc school
in which the citiztns generally participated. That was the public,
choice the hoard agreed, and it
would lu* up to the public to make
the change if such were necessary.
The whisper around that the Bchool
board intended at some future dnto
to institute a manual trainiivg Bchool
was responsible lor tbe appearance of
a communication from St. John's
church board offering to sell St.
Andrew's chinch property for thc
purposes of such a school. After
some discussion the board decided
that nt present thoy were not in a
position to entertain the proposition
The matter of this mnniml trailing came up for discussion, that owing to the fact that only three of
thc hoard were In attendance, the
chairman decided that the matter
should be left over to n special meeting when n full attendance would
warrant them coming to some decision on the matter.
A letter was received from H. McDonald, teacher of thc second dlvis -
ion, stating that he would ho unable
| to return to his duties this term,
and advised the board to secure     a
I substitute lor that period. Mrs. Parker also wrote saying that she will
bc unable to substitute in this class
lor thc full term ending June 3(Mh..
A resolution passed that a wire be
sent, to Dr, Robinson, Bupt. ot Hdu -
j ration, Victoria, asking him to recommend a substitute. A letter will
also be sent to Mr. McDonald requesting him to let the board know
what he intended to do.
I A request received from Miss Christie, vice-principal ot Strathcoma
school, for certain supplies for primary class work was granted.
Present—H. Cunningham Morris,
(chairman i T. W. Bradshaw an.l W.
A. Sturdy.
p. gurns & Company. £td.
Ladies' Dress Skirts
A   Shipment just arrived from the East.
Also Ladies' White Dresses.
Mrs. A,G, Crick, * First Street
The Lenten Season
We would like to supply yonr want"  (or the  I.cnten Season
Out Goods spook lur themselves.
Reliable Fresh Eggs, boiling or poaching,   per dozen
Kippered Herring, plain or In tomato sauce, per tin
Salmon, Red Bockeye, 2 tins for •
Sardines in tomato sauce. 3 tins for   -
Pears, Peaches nr Apricots in heavy syrup, 3 lb. tins    -
All Orders Deliverered
John Mclntyre Sir Son
Society will Compile Directory of
all Pure Bred Stock in Province
The B. ('. Stock Breeders' Association, organized some four years, has
during this time been working along
lines of improvement in the live
stock industry of the province. It
hns endeavored in many ways lo assist breeders of pure bred live stock
and to improve existing conditions
pertaining to the industry. While
Its primary function is that ot education it has al-o undertaken much
practical work. For thc ensuing
year it will assist in defraying transportation charges on pure bred stock
, imported into the province, as well
as stock shipped trom point t,, point
within the province, to all who are
members ol the a-sociatlon.
Among other things, it is nlso providing for special prizes nt the leading fall fairs, for thii year; also
prizes for stock judging competitions
will be carried on under the auspices
of tbe association and it is advisable
that all intending competitors in
this competition should become members of the association.
Recently the directors decided that
a directory should be published In
connection with the forthcoming annual report, which will soon bc ofl
the presB. The secretary bas been
instructed to compile „ directory of
pure bred live stock, which is being
bred hy all the memlicrs. This directory should be thc moans of encour -
aging stock sales throughout the Pro
vnice. and at least, it will be a
means ot advenising. Blank forms
to bo tilled in for the directory have
•ipen srnl to all present members but
should any one dcsnc to become a
member, in order that they may
have tlicir breed ol stock listed in
lbe directory, they should become a
member ot the association nt once
and send in a Hat ol the pure bred
stork which tbey are breeding.
ion any one of these four agricultural journals are given gratis:—
Farm nnd Dairy, Farmer's Ailvo
cate, Western edition; Farmer's Ad
vocate, Knstern edition; Canadian
When sending in membership feo
do not fail to state which paper
,\ou desire, Tho annual membership
fee to the association Is *$I.(M| and
may he forwarded to the secretary,
Department of Agricultural, Victoria
Fog Responsible for Several Hundred Dollars Damage
In tho dfnso log which prevailed
early this morning, engine No. 588,
in charge of Engineer Oo. Shaw,
backed into switch engino No. 21&D,
in charge of Engineer Daniels, entailing loss lo both locomotives that
will run up to several hundred dollars.
Thc accident occurred several hundred yards west ol the switch, where
engine 2150' was engaged switching a
trnin ot three box cars and a flat
car. Engine No. 588 had just pushed a train up the grade west und
wns returning light on the main line
where No. 2150 was slowly coming along, when owing to the fog In the
early morning at about six o'clock,
it was impossible to sec many feet
ahead,  and  thc accident occurred.
The result was that the two engines met. Thc front guard of No.
2150 is entirely torn away, its cab
is slightly damaged nnd its lender
Buffered slightly, while the several
freight cms it was hauling were considerably dmmnged. No. 588 was
not badly damaged and was Immediately run into the BhopB for repairs.
Engineer Daniels in charge ot No-
21511 was slightly scolded in the mix-
up and his knee hurt. He was taken
to the hospital, but his injuries were
so slight that he was almost immediately removed to his home.
Genernl Foreman Ilyrd quickly got
the wrecking train on the sceno and
after an hour ur so thc track was
William lee of Keefers Dared
Death to Prevent Accident
to Express No. 2
Merritt, B. C, March 15.—The heroism ot 17-ycar-old William Lee of
Keefers saved C.P.R. express No. 3
from disaster the other day. Young
I.ee was riding on his speeder inspect
ing the track, and had reached a
point a tew miles west of Keefers
when he was horrified to see an immense rock slide coming down almost upon him. He succeeded in
getting beyond the danger himself,
and after the rockslide settled he
found that the rails had been badly
bent, and that a portion of the track
had been carried aside.
The express was due in three minutes and there was no time to lose.
It would be impossible to tlag the
train at that point because of a succession of curves. Jumping on his
speeder and pulling with all his
might, he hurried in the direction of
the on ruining oxpress. though he
knew it might mean death to him to
do so. Fortunately, the express was
about one minute behind its time,
and this permitted young lice to get
into a position where be could signal
With hands nnd arms outstretched,
giving the emergency signal, tho engineer of the express Baw the young
watchman coming towards him and
the latter did not stop until the
shrill notes ot ibe engine whistle told
bim that the driver apprehended his
signal and would stop. Then, quick
as a flash, the young watrhman
threw his car ofl the track and cleared himself just as the big iron monster swept by.
$40 For Some Person
The management of the Edison
theatre will give a reward of $25.00
to the person giving Information that,
will lead to the discovery of thc
pinhead who on Thursday evening,
March 16th, scattered sneezing powder or some such sub-stance throughout the theatre on that night. An
additional reward of $15.00 will be
given provided n conviction of. the
party is secured.
The management is determined to
keep the Edison theatre a respectable
place and one which respectablo uer-
son- can attend without fenr of disturbance nr molestation by hoodlums
mid blubber bonds. In future a
plain clothes policeman will bo     I"
Purchased by the British Canadian Lumber Corporation-
Plans for the Future
Nelson, ||. 0., March 15.—For the
consideration of $i,ih>ii,ii«mi, the Pat
rick Lumber Co,, Ltd., yesterday con
vcyed to the British Columbia Lumber corporation with hoadi|uarters at
Montreal i'» sawmill at Crescent Valley nud its 9000 nci-c tract ol white
pine, Bpruco and cedar timber on the
cast and west branches of tlio Little
Slocan river, these timber lands,
which were conceded locally to bc
about thc most valuable limits in
thc interior, having been owned outright. Tbc sawmill's capacity
ordinary run is 80,400,000 leet
year, and thc plant is claimed
have no superior In the interior.
"It is true," said Mr. Buckley,
managing director of the British Canadian Timber Corporation, "that
the British Canadian Lumber Corporation lias purchased lhe limits
find mill of the Patrick Lumber Co.
Negotiations were first opened on
Dec. 1, but thc principal progress
was made in thc last tow days, and
tho transaction came to a head and
was put through today, the property
passing into the possession of the
corporation. The consideration was
$1,000,000. We propose to operate
thc mill to its fullest capacity and
in the future, if required wc will in
all probability acquire other limits
to supplement those wc are now taking over. Wc would very much like
to retain Mr. I'atrick ns manager ot
thc business and regret that, owing
to IiIb other interests, lie could not
sec his way to meet our wishes. W.
F. Boyer, who has been associated
with him for several years, will probably assume charge."
Nelson, B. C, March 15,—The number of men employed by thc various
manufacturing enterprises of thc city
was increased by 52 yesterday when
the Yale-Columbia company's mill
was put in operation lor the season's
cut after tbe UBiial winter close-down
Logs are being taken out of the
big boom lying in front ol the mill,
and other booms are to bo brought
down ns required from tho company's
timber limitB near Creston.
A big yonr's cut ie anticipated, according to Fred A. Btaty, who stated
last night that the company figured
on turning out from 1,000,000 to 1,-
100,000 feet per month from now until the end of the year.
Alio at a member ol the asioclat-1 attendance at tbc theatre.
T. A. F. Barnard, Civil Engineer,
Done to Death by Robbers-
Fierce Struggle Took Place
News of a brutal murder of a former resident of RevelBtoke, Mr. T. A.
F. Barnard, at the works of the
Anglo-Terek Petroleum Company of
Qrosny, in the Causcasian government of Terek, Russia, has jUBt come
to hand. Mr. Barnard was iu the service of thc C.P.R. in Revelstoke, being employed as a civil engineer. He
was known to all the members of his
profession in this eity. The murder
occurred about two weeks ago. Mr.
Mcliarvey, owner of thc oil works,
and for whom Mr. Barnard waa work
ing, was also murdered, his death occurring shortly belore lhat ot the
former Vancoiiverite.
Mr. and Mrs. Barnard left Vancouver about eight months ago to visit
Mr. Barnard's home in England.They
had only been in the Caucasus about
three months.
According to information regard -
Ing the crime, it is evident Mr. Barnard behaved with great bravery and
rhivalry in attempting to save thc
life of his employer and that of Mrs.
McQarvey, It appears thc Mcttarv-
ey's nnd Barnard's lived In a hoimo
apart from the rest of the oil company's buildings and somewhat iso -
luted. While they were at Biippcr on
the night ot March 1 thc house was
suddenly broken Into hy natives and
tho murders committed. A little boy,
who was the first to see the robbers
coming, tried to telephone to the adjoining oil works, but was set upon
nnd murdered before he could -five
thc alarm.
Thc robbers then mortally wounded a watchman and attacked Mr. and
Mrs. McGarvey and Mr. Barnard with
knives and clubs. Although the men
were unarmed they heroically attempted to Bhicld Mrs. McGarvey.
Mr. McGarvey was butchered in   tbe
A carload of Sherwin-Williams Paints just put into
stock. This includes everything in the painting line for
outside or inside work.    Stains, Varnishes, Enamels, etc.
Good paint costs little if any more than poor paint.
We carry the best that is made, therefore be sure that your
Paint comes from our Store.
A full assortment of Alabastine, Furniture Polishes,
Paint Brushes, Step Ladders and everything necessary for
House-cleaning time.
Bourne Bros.
.Groceries,  Hardware, Stoves, Plumbing
Fresh Fish Arriving Oaily
Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Smelts,
Codlings, Whitefish, Finnan
Haddie, Pickled Mackerel, Lock-
iver Herring, Pickled Herring,
Fresh Olympia and Coast Sealed
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. I Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O   Box 208
Phone No. 33
B) tn
* »
a o
3 5
m . CD
=   <
to a_
n v>
Lots in City of Vancouver
c °
_ ♦**■•
■—   o
j dining room. Mr. Barnard, though
| wounded, curried his triend's wltc
across the yard ol thc house but wan
]overtaken and foully murdered, falling dead at Mrs. McGarvey's feet.
The murderers tben seized £100 in
< n -h that was in the house and fled.
The military and police at once
toGk prompt and energetic measures
nnd are scouring the country for the
assailants. Mrs. McGavery is said
to be out of danger.
It l« just possible that In the
near future a largo glapa manufacturing concern may be established ln
this city. Induced largely by tbo
unlimited power that can be procured from the new power plant in operation, and also by the prevalence
of gas in enormous quantities in tho
immediate vicinity, 1'llklng Broe.,
of Vancouver, have practically agreed to establish such a plant here,
with the proviso, ol course, that
the gas lie procured and put on tbo
market in sufficient commercial quantities. The Arrowhead Oil. Coal
and Gaa Ca., exploiting tbe Held to
tbe south of us, for which machinery
is now on the road. Is practically
certain that the needs of such a
plant can be met, and thus supply
one more manulacniug industry tg
thc city. SATURDAY, MAKCII l-sTll, I'UI
TEtHI!   M.A.XXj l-I.i±:jri.AX,lX   K,jE"VJXIX.STOKI.EI
Gbc flDaiWbevalb
SAl'liKuAY   Al'
.111.    U.    Oi
ijiucrioc puDMSDing tfompans,
I.,., ......
Legal   notices lu gems per nne bioi,
mseitiun,  o «ms pel' nuo      caiu
buu-a-J-^UcUl     liiocl t.Ou, .UCUSU10-
uieuu iSoui'ttuti u- nut-o uiuivu
cue inch.j biuiu uuu general
busiuvss announcements \2.M pei
iucu per uiouili. 1'reieri'eu pos.
Uous, ., per ceut. auuitiouio.
I'.nii., Marriages ami u.ui... , -jvc
eaeu insertion,
i-ttua uuui-u »..ju. au advertise
UlcUcb   taUUJUCt   LO    lUc   Ul'i'lOVUl    u.
lue muuageuitmt. 1-ittUi.eu ttuu
Louut'UStM       AavertuauieUts  ;  —
.,h*. .,..*. ft-antea, neip -,«uuicii, -su
uulious   wauleu,     cniuuLoUs     \ u
taut, peacbers nan tea, uievnaniCK
iy anted, jj woius or le.*, gov.,
fucu auuiuunai nuo hi cents,
OUanget il siumiing uuici u.-,c-
iiitut., iiiu.il ue in uy j «. in.
Tuesday and -Vnday oi eaeu «a:i
to secure good nispitt) *
CUKKlioPOMJb.'il bl muted on uiul
terb oi l'liuuc interest. Uoia-
luuiiicatioiib to hditor must ue
uccoinpaUicil uy uauie ol writer
not necessarily ioi publication,
uai as evidence ■■; good in.in.
Correspondence should  ue briei.
Includiug   posture   to  Kugiuuu,   Uuit-
ed States una Cuuada.
By the year (.tuiough postoibeej  i'2.'u
Jjil     PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TEHMs—Cash.     Subscriptions   payable in advance.
woe (iDatl itoecaLo
For 30 Dnys Only
I. limb
5-Jkomed House
$1,250   CASH
7-Roomed Houoe *^[
S2,100   CASH
om Ci
.•I I'oi
■i n plumbing
'. Il'l
II 11
nui help >'
lookiiiK fi
and   \\ i
• ol ilu'M' pi'oporliij!
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
11 *    ai i*  ii ii   lit   I"  lie nut  »il"iii', I liey
l hi   in* chaperoned   when   thoj   do
: in - "'■ hei ut ; i ;ll thoy     should
li*' given i ii** :'. I nui in. ii uiii'il mn*
se's trouncing un,I :..*iii in hod. l'i'"
nlr going I.,, n theatre *.." thero i" in'
lcgll imatoly i ntertiriued and nol '"
I"* disturbed by the liullcruiia antics
i.i Hi'i's who Bhould i"' behind bars,
in lu'i'i' llieni from doing both thom
selves .-inii others injury, A small
"Pock's Dad Boj" inii'.lit lir excused
i imi grownups -IhhiM be i"iili".l out
| 'in.hiy mnl tramped i n. Tholi l lunk
lunks are as Innocent ol wit ns the
head "f a i In tack mid tholr romarkB
a i pointed wiih insiill ns the other
en,I of the     lack.       They   evidently
oil r
We,  Hn'  undersigned,  have  li
halm's wiih Carlson's milk fro
West  End Dairy, mil Hnd  it  ti
good pure uniii and suitable lor uni'
Mis. II. M. Royiiolds, Mis. If, Gibbons, Mrs. I). M. Colder, Mrs. I''.
Houssell, Mrs. .1. H. Mi'Snli', Mis.
\. Hedstrum, Mis. it. Laughton, Mrs
Steed, Mrs. Vi. A. McDonnell,Mrs, |and every yoal' (luring tho     currency
thereof innl  ii  shall  i»' expressed In
ol Intorest, nml the signature l" tho
Intoresl coupons may I"' olther wrtl
Un, printed, stampod or lithographed
i. 'I'lie suul debentures shall bear
lutorosl in. tbo rate "( Bvo por cout.
por annum  Irom  dato  thereof  which
interest   shall   lie   paid    si'llii nnnillllly
ni iln* office ol Tlio Molsons Uank al
Uevelstoke aforesaid in lawful money
nl Canada on    tho dny
of nml mi the day
ni rospeetlvely In each
second Hume. This can he bulll d
lag tbo summer While tho planl is
earning money and be roadj lor the
n Intel v. in ii ''"iii "i •' in les nre liable
11* ,ii Ise. Whi n this new Hume Is
lunil and u double power unit pro
viii...i ihis city eun saloly cntor tin
Held   l"i   imwi'i
Hint     ll    Will    ll"
tonne nl tbo moi i exact lug cont rncl.
'lii" I'l.-'iii lm*. cosl ;i i"i "i mon
ey, Inu ii Is undoubtedly a —i
plant. imi something i" bo played
with nml lii'iile.1 ns n toy. " is n
plnnl llinl nny metropolitan citj
should be proud "f, and the people
must In* assured ,ii some wnj thai
really expert men nun capable ol
getting the best results [rom It
are       employed. As     we      have
said before the C.P.R. Is a mosl
businesslike corporation, nud no matter how good iln' plant. it musi be
in thoroughly capable bauds before
nny hope of an understanding can be
arrived at witl them. Men, not
inh capable, but possessed of tore
sight nu.1 executive ability, tniiBl In
put in charge, till then there is
little use approaching tbe railway
Company with tho view to consiim
mating any agreement.
Revolstoke hns made a good !»•
ginning In municipally ow in d mon
"IHilies. Wo "wn our own water
works, our own power and electric
^^^^ mnl if ni ih.- .*n*i "1 ih.*
year wc can show a handsome    sur
think   il     they  think  al   all
two bits entitle  ihom to rule
r t.  inn  in  future they  will
out ilillereully.     The thoatro
agemenl   1ms  wisely  decided   i"
n special constable on hand in
continently  llro  these  fronkB out
arresi thom and haul them baton
A. I'. Levcsciuo, Mrs. •'■ P. Forde,
Mrs. A. 0. Iimi's, Mr-, ii. Brock,Mi'B,
T. Kilpatrick, live veins a cun
tomoi'i        Mrs.     11.    Griffith, Mrs.
U. Trimble, Mrs. a. T, Anthony,
Mm. ,f. M. Nicolsoii, Mrs. W. A.
Boyd, Mrs. .1. Morgan, Mrs. D. M,
Hue. Mis. .1. Henderson, Mrs. II. P,
dimming, Mrs, A. li, Kincaid, Mrs.
Vi. A. Footo, Mrs. A. .1. ('"llimiu,
Mrs, Briggs, Mrs. B\ Olander, Mrs.
W, II. Sutherland, Mrs. Cllflo, Mrs,
: J, Mnn ley.
"I ..ii
\n example
• I     I IV".
simiilil  lie  mado
st nki'  is llu jerk   water  town,"
Vancouver  World  Bay        And  if
nre to maintain   this reputation
in * i   believe I liai  oil moi vc i and v.-,
ei n ourselves accoi dlngly.     Hi u'i lol   il
ns continue shovelling  gravel on    to  n
sl reel ■ to lie tramped Into     thi
WIGWAM   s-"Ti'.;-
n      i
 ^^^^^ III'*   sl n*i*l.   I
wiih the assumption mud, but let us lay plans lor perm
ihi,. tu llvo up to tho iiiicni roads that will ho serviceable
lor generation.*! yoi unborn, Then
we will eai n i in roputat Ion thai out
slders have ol u«, We li ive ' he mn
terlal right al our .eiy door lor
thc moiling ol good streets mil now I m0,
all    we    need  is  goo I  inacluncry    i«.   -n,, n
work iimi up.     The i icil is asking  [rom
you to vote $11,00 I for this     purpose   | *.,. ,
..ii   Mundii).   Mai ch   2'7th,   con Uli ntly
expecting the  bylaw will  I"* endorsed
by every ratepayer,     It i    hoped o\
ei'.v  ratepayi r     will  realize  the duty
lie owes in hinn ' '•'  anil  to poi terit s
mnl   vote  I In    niuu ty.      li   is  mi u :y
uut spent, but rather     well  nn esti I
and  will  en rn  handsome proHts    Ioi
ii"* city.
Tin* uniii  wcathei   nl the  lasl
ii:. h.i       greal ly  r dilceil  i be in iw
around   here,  aud i * ci yone  Is  begin
ning i" gel  ;, move on especially the
Imn. ei   nn*I  saw  mill  nun.
lunil,.   I     ol    I":*. '"
all   winter,  have
*  again.     The  pro
lm* y Buninu i
,   nine*
.srs.  IS. Graham
' and P LaUoh
ii     trapping
•;. Creek.     Mr
ii fui.
Uurniid,  C.
have     rei ui ii'i
CX| C Iiiinii 111'
1 ,;".    11   wa     1 'IV
said ilelientiii
sn [layahlo.
5, ll shull lie lawful tor the Mayor
ol the su ul Corporation to negotiate
nn.l sell the snid debentures or nny
"1 them for less than I'ur. but in no
iii.e shall the snul debentures or nny
nl them |,e sold lor less tlinu ninety-
luo and iiiieiinU per centum ciaj lot
the imi' value Inoludlng the cost "t
salo nnil brokerage and all other
noccssnry oxpensc *
ti. i*'"i tin* paymenl ul tbi' Bald
debt iiieri' slmll bo set asldo and
withdrawn each year during tho cur
I'ellCJ   of snul ilel'i'lil ure.. Irotu  II u
mini   CIIITont   revenue  ul   the   Munieip
niiiy ns derived trom tho sold wator
Corporation ol' lhu City or
\   Bv law ta enable tho Corporation
mul electric light ratOB and
llie   sum   "I   $443.80   mul   siieli
shall   lie   truiislei re I   from   till
curront  rovonuc accounl nnd
inin n   special accounl    i"
sinking  fiin.l  fur  the  purposi
i lun **i  herein.
For the purpose
Intercsl upon the sin.I
same hecomos duu un.
slmll he . el aside ai
eni'ii year during the c
debentures from tlio annual
revenue ol tho  Municipality
i hargos
bo i'iii'1
;i ,i iod owners ol al loaut one-tentli
in value ot tbe real property within
the i ity "l Revolstoke ns Bhown on
ibe last rei ised Assessment Hull "1
Hi.* laid City requesting that n by
law he Introduced lor tho purpose "1
authorising the borrowing by lho
said Corporation ot tbe Biinio "(Nine
tin mnl    l$3,OO0.O0) Dollars tor tbo
purposes abovo mi ntlonod!
And Whereas the whole amount of
the ratable property within tho snid
City ot Itevelstoke according to the
'lust revised Assessment Roll is the
sum of $1,88G',8B«.'00:
Ami Whereas it* will be necessary to
mis,, iinininlh hy Bpoclal rate sufficient therefore tho sum ol $8'33.*84 for
paying tbe said debt and inleresl.
Now 'i'ii..refine tho Municipal Council of tho Corporation ot tho City ot
lievelstoke iu opon mooting assembled enacts ns follows:
l. II Bhnll lie lawful tor tho Mayor
of ibe Corporation of tho City ot
Uevelstoke for the purposes mid with
tin* "llinl aforesaid in borrow on
tho eteilii ot the Municipality hy wuy
of debentures horolnattor mentioned
ri imi any  porson,  persons, lirm, body
nl*   In..In*.i   rm |,*.i-j11'',    w li"   ln,,y        tin
willing i" ndvanco the Bamo as     n
In.'iii, n mini "( money, not exceeding
in   lhe   Whole   lbe   sum   nf   Nine   thiillS-
iniil   Dollars,  mnl  to cause  nil      silrh
ni* n
inn t
,*i 0vei
Rob a i
The citj
11 i'l  "it    	
Mini,  it   tl.OOC.OOO  und
f ' nt: ary In i       Mondnj
i,*n  bylaw *     aggregal Ing
.very  one       ot
On March     ^Ttb the ratepayei    ol
tbe city will  he called  upon  tn  Vote
the sum of $59,000 tor the completion
of the power plant, the building of a ' |*„i.  _,    .
new Hume at tbe plant and tor    the
purchase ol  road  machinery  iu order,". , ,.   .    ,        . . ,,
,  , ciu^. as it is poBBible t,. iin,     ibi'ii
lo enter  upon  nn extended campaign   ,, ,,    ,,   ,,,  ,        , ,,
»   , tb.' publicity that Buch n status  « li
of  permanent  street  construction,   ln ,,,    „   , , , ,        ,
, , „. give us, will oilset nnv mlilil nm il e\-
c  u-..   i.;.P-   liie   hviiiw   fnr   >•*'.' ■■■'■'   to   ,   , ,,   ,
'       .,,   pense    thnt we    mny hnve    Incurred
complete  tne  power  plant ami  build   VoU, for t|](, bylaw
thc  new  ilume there are two prepon
derating arguments why tbere should
not bc a dissenting voice against the
expenditure of the amount uskul tor.
The plant is built, and despite the
facts tbat it has cost much more thnn
tirst anticipated, tbat tbere has been
considerable mismanagement, Mr.
Smith, of Smith, Kerry & Chace, as
sures us that we have one i.f tbe very
best power plants between Winnipeg
nnd Vancouver, nnd iu every particu
Good roads ure as essential t,. the
, 11>. perlty ni any community a ** i
stoles anl good surrounding . With*
i ut them wc .ii ive goi 'l marketable
produce to othei centres. This year
the provincial government Is expend
in,- $76,000 "ii roads mul trails in
this district leading t,i and trom
RevcUtokc, and thai Is one good reason why this city should Immediate
ly purchase good road machinery tor
lar have good value lor the   money   pCrmanen1     Btreets     and  *
There is little  use  hoping  to  benetl
permanently  trom   this $
pendlture of  the  provim
ment unless we supplement  this sum
with Bome ('Iinil   to    i     ■
streets ip tin* city limits.     It
spent. Mr. Douglas, consulting en
gineer toi the iM'.K., while in the
city a short time ago, also assured
members of the city council that the
plant "looks C"oJ to bun." We
have a good plant now, nobody will
deny that, but we bave Bpent a lot
ol money on it, and tbat we are anxious as quickly as possible to get
some return  tor.     Tne  lemark  innd-
vertently dropped by Mr. Douglas, is   'u,^y M,„.e ,u, ,,„ tu<e th|U
indicates which way the   ney  Rgaln-      Unve Mm aWuy
i lii'iu passed hi lar ;e majorll ies.
Bach one ul I li n,i wa foi t be muni
elpal ownership of public utilities,
hence the popular approval nf tbe
people. 'I lio eii y thus pul Itsell ou
record as In fui m of n Policy ot
public pi'ogi'c ;- and municipal owner
ship.     Calgarj   owns her own    t t
car service and thai street railway
is ii"tt paying more lhan is percent,
cl nr profit nn the investment. This
profit is being used to decrease the
tux rate, mul perhaps that is one of
iin- reasons why that city's rati th
year Is only twelve mills on i hi dol
lar, There is no reason why our
powei planl hould not, when paid
tor, inin n handsome profit that can
he used tor tin* unu* purpose. Let
us pay [or it and see
In another col in it    ■  I li papei
Will   he   f,'llinl   ii   SJ nopt   *   "'   n
otic address on tho ri pact,
.! divered by  Mi     Vi thur
iiiemiiri   toi   Kool
Mr. Good
ty pnl
illtieiinis  n fiith   ugitat
tins recipi * icil >* in* usiii i*. F,
n mi I A. I. 'inn, two prom
in ni Liberals, upholding il. n .mn il
C. Donerhor nnd .1 Kublo, trom n
i !i u lervot Ivo stanilpoinl. and C,
Beach nud J. Lewis, advocates "f
i uu mosl enterprt Id : cil izen, •!.
Lewis, iins about eomplotod h.s* new
. i* . lone ■ mill iiiien.is moving Into it
very booh      Tins edifice    adds      im
mcaucly t,, t In- aspi 11 "i  ' hamloi.
A worthy ixninple ivhich olh ra inlghi
ol  paying tlio
lehi'lll tires    ns
payable thoro
.1     withdrawn
uri'iiei   nf said
^^^^—^^^^—^^^^— .^^B
i.f iie City "I Revelstoke to raise rived  from Bald     water and  olectrlc
by     way  ol    loan    the    sum ol lighl  rates and charges tho sum     ol
$50,000.00   to  complete   tht     work J2.5CO.O0   which  sum  shall     bo  trans
"f  Improving and  enlarging    the (erred  (rom  the annual  accoi.nl    toi
capacity ol the h,lectin' Light and Biich  purpose and I" bo disbursed ns
Power  Plant  "f thu City and    to and when  the Instalments of Interest
Viler.bo, Italy, March 15. Aftor
much difficulty a jury was secured
today f"t the trial ol 36 members ol
ihe Camorra, who are charged in various degrees with tbe murders ot
theii fellow thieves. Gi nan o Cuoc
colo and the lattoi' wl e, Tbo seats
lefl vacant when court adjourned
yesterdaj   were fill d dm ing  t io t	
provide  In connection     therewith
the     cost   nf Installing nn additional  pipe line.
Whereas the sinus ,,f mouoy    heretofore raised fur    tin*     Improvement
mi.I enlargement  ol the electric lighl
nml power system of lho City     have
been found to he Insufficient to make
nil complete tbo Improvements   and
additions  thereto and  in order      to
i omploto i he     Wol ks and  tn uto\ ide
l"t' an additional pipe line It will lie
necessary    to    borrow   the    sum    of
$50,000.09, which sum tho Council time, and all debentur-t
proposes I" rinse by tbe issue ol debentures secured upon the rates and
charges wliicb are chargeable and enforceable fm the use of water and
olectrlc light under tbe "Water and
Electric Lighl Regulation By-law
iii.:i" and tbe Municipal Clauses Act.
And Whereas tbe estimated amount
mi; two jut' rs in addition    to   of the said rates and charges .charge
ui*.-.   required by law  also sworn in.
When ihe last juroi    had qualified,
nl    Blanchi    adjourned      thc
court  until this afternoon wh n    tbe
;*i .**■'■. dings wi re t ■ -unu d.
SMhhi Gum
qnicUD -tups soughs, snra
Ibe   Uinml ur.2   lungs. -   -
I.Is.  her. lis
2h ecnta.
able nud  enforceable  for  the      year
in   which   this   by-law   is   passed       is
$40,1 .00:
' And Wberea*- there is now charged
'mi the said rales and charges the
sum of M,6«6.'22:
i    \iiil Whereas the debl hereby creat
e,l  is    on    the     security  of  the said
water and electric  light  rates      and
become due.
8*.   During tbo currency of sm.l debentures  the  snid  rates and  charges
in thc '\t. nt aforesaid shall not form
nm i  i.t the annual revenue   ol
ll, It shall l»' lawful for the Mini
oi im I t "iiiu'il ol the satd Corporation
to repurchase any ol the said do
hen;Hies  upon  such  terms ns      may
in' nm I upon with thc legal holder
"i holders thereof, either al thc
tune nf sale nt* at any suh cqucnt
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ so  repurch
nsed shall be forthwith cancelled or
destroyed and no reissue "f debentures shall be made m consequence ol
BUch repurchase.
1*0, As additional Becurity the credit of the Municipality at large Is
hereby pledged for the payment ol
the annual Interest nnl sinking fun.I
required for tbe extinguishment of
the .leht created hy mis by-law and
the Municipality hereby guarantees
payment ot tbe same.
11. This by-law shall eome into
force and take effect "ii the dny after
sums so raised or received to I"'.
paid inin the haii'ls ot ihe Treasurer
ni tho Corporation "1 tho City "f
1!.    Il   shull  bo lawful  for  llie Mayor
ni  tho smd Corporation ot the City
nt  Rovelstoko in cause any     number
ol debentures to bc     made, executed
and   issued   inr siieb  sum   or  sums  as
mul  in- required for the purposes and
object aforesaid, not exceeding, how
ever,  the sum   >i  Nln i thousand Dol
lars,     Such  debentures slmll  be    ol
ibe deiioiinii.il nm nl     Une    thousand
A   Dollars each mnl nil ol such     deben
hues Bliall  I"' sealed  with  tho    Beal
nf  iin*  Corporation "f the    City    "f
Itevelstoke and Blgned  by  tbe Mayor
and i'lerk  thereof.
;   ;i.   The Bald    debentures shall  boar
,.     Hi,* date "I the day horolnattor nam
iliil ;
ed f"t* the  iiikin • offeel  "I this     by
law   and  shall  bo payable in  Fifteen
years     iri'in tin* snul date In lawful
money "t Canada al  the office "f tho
Molt "us    Bank  nl    Revolstoke afore
-aid,    which    said place of paymenl
■ball  bo  deBl n.iii .1  hy  tho sm.1    de
belli nit's,   nml   the    debeiit iires    nil nil
have   nl lm bed   to   tlu'in   coupon,    for
iin* payment  ol Interest,     aud     tho
: i.i ii nre     io ih ■ Interosl     coupons
mny      be   either    written,      printed,
stamped or lithographed.
4. The Bald debentures shall bear
Interest at the rate ol five per cent.
pei annum from the nule thereof,
which interest shall lie paid 80ml
annually al tho office "f The Molsons
Hunk at Rovelstoko nforesald in lawful money of Canada on the
day ol nml on the day
of respectively in   each
and every   year during  lbe      currency
Il.e  litnil  passing and adoption  Ihere
of by   tiie Council.
12. This   by-la*'   shall   hefore        lhe
final  passing thereof receive the   us-
not take a tai mei
has to travel      almost     Imi
roa.is  to  get  to n  mm ■-.* ■
found mu be Is apt t    I v
v.:.-. v-.     it practically means, and perhap   v       .... io8t ,,,„*,
that,  everything  being agreeable,  he   CU8tomer ,,,„,.,,,      Thi|     .
can reasonably    be expected to     re-   t(   , .-,...   Bn the tradi
commend some form of cut nut    tor   (,.in;  t,K,  nu.r,.llll,. -
"••   ' '■'■'■■  '■'■ •   WM ,rom lbe     clt-v  citizens want It, and good      *
to tbe C.P.R.     But, ol course       the    .,.,   tluU  lf
plant is ;. it i   I  ■ wn yet, as we have jkl,iW V(,r}.  w„*,  ,,,„,   (
not i'aid for it. and i! it is to      1* L rouwiaboUt waj
ours uncondit    *,*.:>  It must be paid  tion evw ;( .,
I i      <"c-*; 0 « •- done   wi  cannot   ,„,„,„.,„,  [t  waa
'  •   :!"   '   p i;     'v!"r;-   than travel a mih  ol bad i
... probably the     most -     [ftnnM
corporation on this continent, to con   M you are and
aider    any    advances on  the  subject   t„e same VVHJ.       ,,,      <;
from tbe city.     And     anyway      I ron(1 tlU -..,
'  "■ ut 'llW'l>'  "Mt it    dot
So it is up to tl       '...,:..
Ixetrt to pay li t the pii nl ont do It aga
right awa*       - ium
n of it. and     t It ai Tll..n    . ,    *
possible on a revenue-prod'*' ' I
M ate:   in* tbods
own    •
.: Inrh
1    •
I *
Aasesi ir.ent 1911
icbnrges and is further guaranteed by  scut of the ratepayers ol the Corpor
the Municipality at large. """ according to tbe provisions   of
And    Whereas   tor tb" payment ot  al,d '" ""' "1"'"""' i"^1-"1"-'1 "y the
I the -nid principal money nnd interest
during the currency of tbc said de
li. inures it is necessary
nud withdraw from the annual current revenue derived Irom said water
and electric light rates and charges
annually the sum of $2,944.30; the
'lie  annual   sum  required  for  the
Municipal clauses Act,
13, This  by-law  may  be
all  purposes as the "Water
cited     foi
to set aside   "" PUH'OBCS as Il.e "Water and Elcc
trie Liu-lit  Kates i.oun By-law No..,
11911."  ...
Read a  first   nine tbe  llth da
March, 1911
tbereol and it shall be expressed in
sai.l debentures and Coupons to be so
6. It shall he lawful tor the Mayor
"f the said Corporation to negotiate
and sell tbe said debentures or nay
ol them tor less than par, but in no
ease shall the .*ni,l debentures or any
of them he sold tor less than nlnety-
iw" mi.l one-ball poi centum (92J) of
the face value Including  lho cost   of
|sale nml  brokerage and     nil     other
,   necessary  expenses.
I   i;.   There shall be levied and ralsod
the llth dny o(
interest  being    $2,500.00
payment      ol  the debt
payment nf
nnd for the
And  Whereas  tl Btimatcd deficiency  in  snul  rates aiid  charges      required to make up tbe amounl ,,.' tho
annual  Interest and sinking fund upon the debt hereby created is ml.
Sow Therefore the Municipal Colin-
if tbe Corporation ot the     City
i|   Revelstoke iu open  meeting     ns
t   eiiails  ns  billows:
l.   It shall !"• lawful toi  tbe Mayoi
•i  the ilorporalli n "l the City     of
Read a second time
March, 1911,
Road a third time the l Ith dny of
March, 1911,    aud    passed  with    the
unanimous ronsonl  ol the Council,
I   Received the assent of the electors
tbe   day of    I'UI.
Reconsidered,   adopted    and finally
passed tbe Council the  dny ol
City Clerk Mayor.
Tnke notice Hint the above is a
true copy ol tbe proposed by law upon whicli the vole of tbe Municipality
i,       With  ih-  ;eit - -.,    0(
■    i-i powei     -■i
v.. t -■ ■ ■       jiven the C,
r   1',. tn,..-  • ,    .    *
ing   ip t<
If th.s  bi
a :i* m     fl i* ■ A-
everyb-ody knov
best constit ited mai hinei
everybo iy tbe Cl
probably exact
•day ibe city  Inconvi them.  It
might be thai ' ng com
nions'iinte   with   tbe
veirence  which   tiie   i .!' R.
l'-:t to, would in « lew da *
th-      revenue     to  the city  fur  many
months.     Consequents  the
wisely arrived at the conclusion thai
a two-un,t  power service would    obviate largely any such ehanc-s *
i*.' revenue, and decided to nsk    you
Mr.  Ratepayei.     what   you    thought
nbout it.     You ran express your assent to this wi-e provision by voting
ft*  th''  bylaw  on  March  27th.  When
thie money  .-   . .ted   as  wr feel  con-
inbiit It will 1h\ then tbe city will be
in a tloi    mnie int'ly to negoti
ate with tbe C.P.B., as there      will
•scarcely    ■■   any  OC t the
«ummer months to depcud iii>uu   tbc
• iTII '
ll..*     *
■ .*<•
A pnrc, wholesome
leavening agent, which makes, lhe
blscnit  and  cake ol highest  healthlul-
„eSS  at medium   cost  and   protects  the
food Irom alum, which Is the greatest
dietary danger of the day.
im.  h"i>  "i     bodies
min   in   willing     to
iie  a■ a loan, a   sum
en eedlng in the whole
' i mnl Dollars nml
i e*i "i  re
* ' ** i in* bands   "f
irei   "( thi   Corporal  ot
II *   *    t0kc
■   lawful   Iut   ilu*    said
•i   id    ,,l        'I'
le.l Mini
in   a   may
. : Ioi   tin   i irposoi  aud oh
I   llol
I  debenl ires  shall  be    "i
imlnatinn ul     l ine   11
BBCh   nlul   all   ",   stub    ilclu li
'..ill in- Malt ! ■' tb the seal of
i ity ol iin
*   Mayoi im i
(ieiK thereof
'■     I'n*   laid    'I'*■"    '   '•       ball   bear
tei named
"i.   ■ |i  t  ol  tt'        by-law
i i i    Innl   be  payable  in  Kilty    years
Irom 'he said d»i<   n Inwi i money
.i   ' i.luida   nl   II II i"  of  The   Mnl*
* ii     Hunk,  nt      lle-el  toke   r,l,.i.   „. |
nnl   pine,   nf   paymenl       shall
■ be      ind    dl lirTlt lllis
mnl ihe di    111 *.i Attach
id t
in each year during the curnncy of
I.in.i debentures tho sum of Four hundred and lilly ul.ei.ni Dollars blithe paymenl ,,1 interest nn.l Four
hundred and Bighty-threo and Eighty
Inin one hundredths ($483.84) Dollars
Ioi the payment ot the Bald debt undei the said debentures by a speeiul
rate sufficient therefor on all tbe
ratable  real      property   in  the      suid
7.    It   shall   he  lawful   for   Ihe Municipal Council of tbe said Corporation
in repurchase any of the snid      de-
cl. tlie v,„c Ol me mumum""* I bcn,,irea  "1"'"  "Ucll   terms ns mny  be
be    taken  nt   the    City  Clerk's   ■l^'''"1  "   «""■  "":  ^gal  bolder or
toke for the purposes and with | offlco,     City   Hall,    corner   Becond holders thereof, and all debentures so
ectafon aid to borrow on the   street  and  McKensle  Avenue. Revel-  repurAased shal  forthwith   can-
,,,.,1,, „,,,! security ol the said r,,..*    Btoke, B, C, on Monday. March Wth celled "'  '^"",,.,1 and no ..'issue ot
and eiuuges by     way of   debentures 1911, between tbe boms ot 8 o'clock debenture, shall    be  made In conse-
::**,',n.itt",   mentioned  trom any  per   a.m., and 7 o'clock p.m. M'"01u;e "' »uch "Pwchase.
BRUCE \   1 AW SON 8'            by-law shall     conn;     into
nek oi ih,' Municipality, torw "l"1 l|lk(' aflect "" ,lie 'la>' "f"'1'
the linul passing mnl adoption tbereol  by the Council.
9. This by-law shall before this Huul passing i In-i ii.; leieiic the assent
of the ratepayers of tbe Corporation
according t,, the provisions ol nnd In
the manner prescribed by the Municipal Clauses Act,
Read a firsl time the nth day of
March, l'Jll*
Read u second time tho nth day ol
Ma reb.   1911,
Head n  third time  the  1 Ilh dny    ol
March,      lllll,     mid  passed  with tho
unanimous consent of the Council.
Received  the assent ot  the electors
tbe day ol mn.
Reconsidered,     adopted and finally
passed the Council the <lay
,of 1911.
'City  Clerk. Mayor.
Take notice that the above    is      a
| true copy ol the proposed     By-law,
upon  whicli    the  vote ot  ihe    Munl-
tt'hei,* is  It   is      deemed      expedient   cipnlity   will   be  taken at  the      City
lhat tl      ' .I ih. City he     im-  Clerk's Office, City Hall, corner rtec-
proved and toi  the carrying   oul ol  ""•l    •"' '    lini1   MeKenule   \i""ic
n     , ivetni nt* In pun In, '   i".       U'velstoke, U.  I.'.,  on   Monday, March
■my  road making machinerj 27th, 1911.   between   the hours ol 'J
\ml      \  n    .,  petition  bn-  been   "'clock a in* nnd 7 o'clock  p m.
  . rpi i.i*   Municipal Councilot BRUCK A. LAWSON,
tbein com',.!* payment  tbi L'ltj ol Revelitoke signed by tbc l-'i-.'ii*> oi the Municipality
Corporalioo of tbe Cily of
li\ I.W.   No
A   U'i  LAW   in UA18B BY  WAY OF
|9,l   0.00      KOH      STitKliT
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INU   HIOHAIfU   1018
Capital Paiu Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in ail the Principal Cities of the World,
At all Branches      Intorest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager
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The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers, ar ri Coalers in Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars md Cigarettes
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
ofThe Canadian Hank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest ii allowed at current rates, There is no
delay in withdrawing tha whole or any portion of the deposit, tMn.tl!
deposits arc welcomed. 234
Accounts may bc P|H'iieil in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one of the number or by tlie iiirvlvor, A joint account
of this kind aaves expense in establishing the ownership of the money
after death, and ii especially ii ho t'n 1 when a man desires to provide for
bis wife, or for others depending upon him, in lhe event of hii death,
revelstoke, B. C.
A Symposium of What is Happening in
All Parts of the World
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ul track to the system this year.
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The United States will this week
appoint three members to the international boundary waters commission
in order that several tuiestions in
dispute between Canada and tbc
United StutcB may  be considered.
At the Imperial conference in London, Sir Wiltrid Laurier will broach
tlio question of having rcmovod from
tho list of favored niition countries
those nations that do not reciyirocatc
toward Canada.
Sir William Mackenzie hus made a
proposal to the city ot Winnipeg tor
the sale of tho Winnipeg Electric
Railway, A civic committee has tiecn
appointed to carry on negotiations.
(ieorge Patcrson, of Deloraine,
Man., has been appointed county
court judge to succeed D. M. Walker.
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Winston I'linri'hill, M, I'., spcakinK
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it is emphatically denied in London that Thomas Howell is over
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wanted as domestics.
It is understood at the government
buildings that P, 13. Maclenaan, one
of the members of the Manitoba elevator commission,  has tendered    his
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It is believed that twenty-six men
have perished in a cave-in in a mine
at Virginia, Minn. The bodies nave
already been recovered.
M. Uuison, a French aviator, broke
all records for aerial flight on Friday at Bethany, France, carryiag
three and four passengers.
The Toronto board of control at a
special meeting held ua Friday offered to buy out the Toronto Electric Light company.
According to tne vote being taken
by the Free Press the formers of
westera Caoa*da are liuing up strong
for reciprocity.
The London News in speaking ol
the Canadian and Australian navies,
says that they are but the germs ot
bigger things.
It is believed that the Canadian
Northern intends to encourage the
development of mines in the Vermillion iron range.
A strike of chauffeurs in New York
is threatened, and it is feared that
it will spread to other organizations.
Eight deaths are reported trom
Anioy, China, within the last two
weeks from the pleague.
The London 1'all Mall Uazette follows up the story of the monarchist
plot against the government of Portugal with the anaouncement tbat
thc royalists hope to restore King
Manuel before the end ol thc year.
lion. Robert Rogers 1e(t Winnipeg
for Ottawa, and it is rumored that
Vi. 1). Staples, member for Macdoir.
aid, may resign and that Mr. Rogers
will contest thc seat on a by-election
Savva Fedorenko, whose extradition was fought in tbe Winning
courts, bus becu forced on account
of 111 health, to go to California and
it is doubtlul whether be will ever
return to Winnipeg.
Immigration was tbe principal
theme in the Canadian house of commons. Hon. Frank Oliver stated
that Canada was getting more and tt
better class ot settlers than ever before.
According to a Calgary     despatch,
the St.  Mary's hockey team will not
I Ite able to come t0     Winnipeg     this
| season to play for the Allau cup, owing to tbe illness ot one of the players.
Three years will be required to
complete the Grand Trunk Pacific to
the coast and two hundred miles ot
railway east from Prince Rupert will
be ready by the end ol thc year.
A by-law may be submitted to
the ratepayers ol Winnipeg t0 author
ize the council to buy out tbe Winnipeg Street Railway company.
One thousand settlers tor western
Canada bave crossed from Europe on
the steamers Lake Michigan and Virginian.
It is proposed to build a joint automobile and motor boat club houses
at Winnipeg Beach and St. Andrew'a
Rear-Admiral Henderson ol thc British admiralty has outlined a scheme
for the naval defence of Australia. A
big sum  is  involved.
An armistice has licen reached in
thc Saskatchewan legislature, although the opposition declares it
still  intends to block supply.
Thc      Westminster       Presbyterian
church at the  corner of Notre  Dame j
avenue aod Hargrave street bas j Winnipeg's new vaudeville theatre,
been sold to local investors for tbe the Orpheum, was opened Monday
price ot -$85,000. night.
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The lowest or any tender not nccos-
larlly nccopted.
One Man Fatally Injured in Accident West ot lytton
Merritt. March 15.—Three men wore
hurt, one of them fatally, in an accident on tbe C.P.R. main line two
miles west of Lytton, yesterday afternoon. A work engine was pushing two empty Hat cars when a rock-
slide struck tbc cars and turned them
over. Eighty mcn. members of an
extra gang were riding on the cars
and they were thrown Id all directions, many ol them being pinned beneath the cars. The eastbound express, Nu. -, was due in four minutes and the work crew was hurrying
to get into the siding before the
pnsscngcr came along. It was impossible for the engineer to see the
rock ahead because of a sharp
reverse curve at that point.
Foreman King bad his back broken
and was hurried to Kamloops hospital wbcro he is no* lying iu u
critical state. No hope is held out
for his recovery. The other two
men were less acrmusly injured und
were taken to the hospital at Lytton
rrallic on the line was held up for
several hours.
Geological Survey Members Make
Discovery of Precious Stones
Ottawa, Marcb 15.—Thc Director ot
thc Geological Survey announces that
diamonds have been discovered by
tbc survey in Briti-h Columbia. Tins
is the tirst recorded discovery o' diamonds in Canada.
Thc rock is peridilite of variety
known as danit., consisting of aliv -
me and chromite.
The specimens bearing the diamonds were obtained on the Olivine
Mountain, near Tulameen River, by
Mr. Charles Catsels .A the survey.
On account of the small size of the
diamonds, none being much larger
than pineheads, the discovery would
seem tu be of scientific rather than
commercial importance.
Following Judicial Investigation
into Purchase ot School Sites
Winnipeg, March lfr.—H. D.A. Ross,
ML.A., for Springfield, who bas been
tbe subject of a judicial investigation at tbc hands ot Judge Myers,
regarding certain transactions in
World yet issued is undoubtedly thc ' connection with the purchase of
February numlier, its special articles school aites by tbc school board com
on Canadian sport Irom const to mlttee of which be was a member,
coast being particularly exhaustive resigned at the meeting of tbe school
miii   timely.      Thc  illustrations       of ! board  here  tonight.
The best production ol the Athletic
current spoil  events arc splendid features ol this excellent national sport
Mr. Rosa read a long statement in
whieh  he  claimed  Judge  Myers    had
magazine.     The editorial department   been ngainst him from  the beginning
treats R great number of home and
foreign happening! in tbe world of
pastimes, The Athletic World ia filling in an able way a long felt want
in the Canadian held ol sports and
ami that tbe judge had no jurisdlc -
tion; hut there was no appeal from
tbe finding ot the judge, and there
fore he tendered his resignation. It
was accepted almost without com«
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Sildilr  «lop« ooaSka,
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the imla.iXj-hejir.ajiix revelstoke
impassioned Appeal of Mr. Good-
eve in House of Commons-1
Look Before You Leap
wuuld ruin this market for the rest
ol Canada by i'nited States competition, besides killing Uh natural de-
vei,limn ni. The speaker traced tho
history ot tho National policy and
its beneficial eilect upon Canadian
trade nml commerce. Ho noted the
failure of the reciprocity cry of the
Liberals In the election of '91, when
once more the policy of progress and
nationalism triumphed, Today iu
l'Jll, Canada oneo more comes to tho
purting of the ways. From the tone
Pleading :, i a strengthening of tics1"1 Americnn     newspapers and     the
that   bind     Canada   to the Mother speeches of their public men there can
I"'  only  one  meaning      from       their
("i.nu>   rather than  io allow      our-    ,, , ,,   .  , .   "
standpoint, viz.,  the complete    com-
.- Ives  to drift apart, which will im-|mercial und political union of Cuna-
mediately follow tbe operation of the da and the United KtuU-s.
.city pact, Mr, A. s. Qoodeve,     Mr, GOtfdeve reverted for a few mo-
M. r. foi Kootenay, delivered a most  ments,to some of tho arguments that
impassioned  and patriotic address in   hnve  been     u.lvnnced by  the govern-
the It met  ol Oommons last week. He   ment on behall of this     remarkable,
with reolprocity from a broad-' unexpected and almost   complete re-
n. : led national standpoint, showing  versal of the ducal policy of Canada,
;     •   It   would  nfiect  Canada    ns      u   There  was  no  general  demand       (or
pointing  out   to  Ins  confreres , this change.  It  wns  (rue  that owing
in  the House the inadvlsablllty      of  to our vast und ever growing   trndo
..  thai  was    being     thrust  particularly  in  wostorn Oanada, there
upon this country,     The effect      of  developed    certain   difficulties    and
treaty on    Imperial connections,'abuses in connection with the band-
pon the agricultural   nnd  ling of that trade, particularly with
industries ol  British Columbia,   regard to grain and cattle and ment
conditions  with  respect  to   but   if proper action bad been    taken
these industries, wen- dealt wiib iii a   when the matter was brought to the
■ masterly manner, and questions   attention of the government    by the
the member tor Kootenuy by  enactment of strict regulations,  rig-
■ who  took  Ins  remarks as      a   Idly enforced, in regard to grain elc-
tlnging     rebuke for their     conduct  vators and the establishment ol pub-
were most cloverly and adroitly    re-  lie abbatolrs or  in  the     encourage-
plied to. j inenl „[ private abbatolrs under gov-
Mr, CJoodevc's speech wus u brilli- ernment inspection with an extension
ant ellort showing on the part of of refrigerator and cold storage scribe speaker a thorough grasp of thej vice, these abuses might have been
ject, gained through years of remedied. Sir Wilfrid declared to
careful study. His telling argu- several delegations who interviewed
ments were incontrovertible and will him during his recent western trip
have no little elfect in staying the that there would be no alteration In
band that is attempting to betray us the tarill until ufter the appointment
to the greed and avarice ol the conn- of an expert commission to make a
try to the south of us. thorough enquiry nnd the hearing of
This is Mr. Uoodeve's tirst term nil interests to be affected. Mr.
in the Canadian Parliament, nnd he Uoodcve carefully analyzed reclprocl-
is proving himself to be a man of ty, showing ub baneful eficct upon
mettle, and one who must be reckon- the fruit industry of Uritish Coliim-
ed with in national and Imperial bia and the grave possibilities oi
questions. His strong debating materially lessening the price ol Manpowers have been steeled up by long itoba wheat. The value of the lirit-
associations with Provincial politics ish Columbia fruit crop iu 1910 was
iu this province, he having been sec- $2,500,000. Thc imports of nursery
retary of the first Conservative gov- stock wus 8,770,170 trees and plants.
ernment of this province. ;The acreage in fruit had grown     in
Mr. Goodeve traced in uu interest- ten years from lu.lKiu acres to 1*0',-
lng way tbe history of Uritish Cuna- IWO ucres. We have all the dilticul-
da from the lunJing of Champlain iu ties usual to a now country and the
ICtiU up to confederation in 18G7, di- establishment of markets for a new
viding it into four periods: tl) from industry. At one blow the entire
IMS to 1760, French rule; i2) from protection is swept away and the
17t>u to 1791, when representative and fruit growers placed at the mercy ol
legislative instiitutions were cstab- the well established fruit growers of
l.shed; |3) from 1791 to 1S4U when California, Oregon and Washington,
these institutions slowly developed No consideration was given iu the
into responsible local Belf-govcru- matter of protection to the raw uui-
tneuts; ii) from 1!>4U to U07 wheu tcrlals, He held that the American
representative government was fully states would be enabled to under-
established am* federal union liuully sell British Columbia in the markets
accomplished the natural result of of our western prairies. Last year
the extended liberties of the people. BritiBh Columbia imported $1*4,902-
Mr. Goodeve took for his text a 904 worth of dairy and agricultural
quotation from the speech of i'resi - produce, which 'should be supplied by
dent Taft. delivered in placing the the other provinces uf Canada. Cn-
bill of reciprocity before congress, in der the reciprocity agreement our
which he said Canada hud reached fruit, be said, will he forced out of
"the parting of the ways." Coul our own market and we in turn will
tinuiug the president said: "They buy all the above agricultural pro-
iCanadians) must so0n decide wheth- ducts from tbe Amen an states. This
cr they are to regard themselves as is oue instance of the great loss of
isolated permanently from our mar - iuterprovincial trade, upon which we
ket by a perpetual wall or whether have expended s'uch large sums of
we are ,o be commercial frieuds." money from cast and west to n.irtn
This was not the first time, stated and south? Shall Bo ton, New York,
Mr. GOodeve that Canada has eome Chicago. Minneapolis, and San
to the parting ot the ways, lu the Francisco take the place of Halifax.
long tussle for confederation there Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton and
were men then as now, not      having   Vancouver'
the broad  grasp or national      spirit *       "When  the  hon.   the  Minister    of
who preferred to trade locally     with   Mines -.Mr. Templeman'     mii  >;ea-<*
the  United  State-.        Some    favored   tug  the  other  day."   said   Mr.
annexation  or commercial  union  but  eve,   "almost  his  urst     words  were
the  broader  minds  triumphed.  Agaiu   that    he   remembered  the  time
in  187*0  when  British  Columbia    was , there  was  no  trade  east  and
invited  to come  into     confederation . with   province  of   Britif .mbia.
and thus iorm an outpost on tue la-   but      when  all   the  trade—'all       the
cihe  ocean,     there   was  tbe  optimist   trade,'  and h.. repeated it—was.
and pessimist,    the ono looking    far  and     south,  and  be
into the luture, believing ,n the -Jes-  pr0ud of it,     Well, Sir. thei
tiny ol Canada as a nation;  the ith-   men in  those  days  as  there a'
ei  read;  to take the line of least re-  today,  who were  turning away from
ace     and the easier road,    • .i..   the promised  land,  an
trading with  the  t'n.ted States.  Ag-   to the tlesh pots of Egypt, men who
am the nioad principles of the great  preferred  to  trade  north  and
ploneei    g of the  Anglo-Saxon  rather than east and west
people,  when appealed to, triumphed   were meii in those days, i
li. .  British Columbia, oue    ot      the  uf ti,.* House    *'..* i k was
rt  and richest ,.i u:.-.   provinces,   too greal
was added to Canada.     There    wer-i   to undertake.     They     said
.■:.*■ telt that the cost      ffouid   though we succee i t    un-
great; men who declared  that   dertaking •' :        "
;:j„   . latloD   of  Jint.sh   Col-   worth   the  while.      They   laid   B
....   .       rdeni    mat   Columbia  tiat  nothing  bul   a  wa
ed by the building of I m
i  |.    ..,. ■  as   indei   '     Bul   -     ire are glad to   ay that
•tlir..:..- and  .'.  was held  thai   British   tbi    tami
,       * ..,,.  ,,      , nnie ipuit of Biit.sh    tatc
That   ... t natun ship, that nn,mated the **  -
i.,.   i -ifi    that ervative party ol    that day      when
.   ■   .**.*. ■* •     the    gatlx n *i  to  bring abo if
in that province auc thus these n n    that    ame    pirlt   anlmai-
tatns pi   ••■*  to  '••■ the great    store    es tbe Liberal-Conservative party to-
* ..::. ol prei     ..,,       r ., - of that ros
.out  metali **!   and copper,   indeed „ huge and difficult task
Tbe black   ..**■: :   *cre     to   must remember that not only bs
become th.*   Iut ■•'      '•«■-'   '     build  the  road    but we  hud  first
Industries. Thcsi mountains with a to take population Into that wilder
score ol beaiitilul lakes and might} ness before any natural products
rivers and waterfall.-' gave an unlimit could be Becured to bring out * I
ed supply of electricity. A rich min- road. But tbere were men then, as
,,a> , , an, : th li volleys. Their then- are now, who were ready to
are covered    with thc largest undertake tho tank; they knew   that
if ti,.*.     * *■ i ,n thf. evening      th iy
Woul 1 reap a harvest ill the mm n
ing. But there wen* other men win,
said YoU havo burdened this country with an enormous debt, you
are assuming large obligations,    bul
nnd most compact area ol n,. tchaut-
B *,.* timber on this continent. Her
ries account tor ■)" per cent, of
the tot.il value of the fisheries ol
Canada and today she furnishes a
borne market ti i over 114,000,000 of
dairy and agricultural products for you are int. getting tho results which
the other provinces "I Oanada in ad-, you expected. And so we lind these
dition to what she hersoif raises. Mr. I same hon. nun today, oppoiits W"
Poodeve    declared   that  reciprocity ways ready to complain, aiwuys re
ady to find fault. But at tho Ranie
time wo find also the broad-minded
men of Canada coming to the foro.
Now the time ranie that one of those
cries that come to all nations, came
to Canada, as it has come to overy
nation In the world, when there was
a world-Wide depression In trade,
whon wo found our farmers working
iinprolitably early and late, when
we found these scattered villages
along the frontier of this enormous
territory for four thousand miles,
when wc found many of our mechanics without work. Then the same
men who were trying to build up
Canada stepped Into the breach and
they said: If we are to become sttc-
oesslul in building up a nation we
must round out the country. we
must build up our industries und our
factories! and so they (ought the
,rreat tight wc are lighting todny and
they adopted the principle of a National Policy. How did they do it?
Uy one or two men in a dogmatic
way bringing down a resolution and
asking this Houso to support it,
.'ithoiit Consulting the people at nil'.'
Wo, but they formulated a National
Policy, whieh was discussed freely
ind frankly in thc House; it. wns dis
tussed on every platform in Canada,
.t was discussed in every newspaper
in Canada, und finally they issued a
manifesto to the people of Cbnada,
relying on the sound sensennd good
judgment, aiid the result wns that
Ihey were returned to power on tho
great question of a Nutioual Policy,
■Sir, that day there came n change
into the affairs of ihis greut Dominion of ours. The snmll and scatter-
*'d villages lying along our shores
grew from villages into towns, and
irom towns into cities. Everywhere
we saw the smoke and steum of industry and hear the sound of the
hammer, We gradually evolved a
.ionic market for our people, nnd
those farmers who heretofore had
been complaining, and justly so, of
lack of a market commenced to sell
their home products to the artisans,
laborers and mechanics in these growing towns. The result is that gradually but steadily they removed tho
nortgages from their farms and
there grew up confidence iu the power ot the people, of Canada. They
.'elt that this was lhe policy for
llieni, that no longer would they
look to the nation of tho south,
that they were able, as their fathers
had been before them, as the great
pioneers and colonizers of the world
to build up their own national life,
and so the\ continued along that
^- iJtry ft bne
»     r. *- „      , . , ■** 't '    ,
all baking
[at ourriisk
yHF Tour money back
if it disappoints
"More bread
and better
bread" V-,:/
Until Released by Wonderful Sa-
,      maria Prescription
Liquor seta i'p Inflammation and lr*
citation of the stomach and weak^na
the lurvea. The steady or periodical
(.spree) drinker la often forced to
drink even against h1 -'ill by hia unnatural phytic! condition.
Samaria Prescription stops the crav-
ng, steadies the nerves, builds up the
general health antl makts drink ac-
;uai!y distasteful and nauseous. it
is taatt>Iesi and odorless, and can tie
jjKen with or without the knowledge
tt tht- patient.
Thousand! of Canadfa homes ha\.e
neen saved from misery and dlsgrac*
by sorie devoted ;e. mother or
Ia-;Khtpr through this wonderful Canadian remedy- The money formerly
wasted in drink has restored happi-
nesi, home comforts, education and
respect to the families formerly la
want and despair.
Kead the following, one of the numerous unsolicited testimonial* received:
in never re-pay you for your
remedy. It it worth naore than life
to mw My husband has been offered
liquor severs', times, but would not
It H* said It had no charm for
him now. May 'iod's eholce Massing!
ever rest nn you. and yours, are my
prayers  ever.    No  one  anows    it    but
ose who r.avt rrted It.    as soon as I
will   see   others    *har know
w    ild rive anything to s*op their hus-
• trom   drink.    I    will   glvo  them
yti-r   i    "   <u
ftfra K . Dewtiron. Alta."
(Name withheld on rosiest)
Now, if you know of any family
needing this remedy. Uli them about
it. If fovi have any friend or rela-
tlve who naa formed or Is forming
the Srlnk habit, help him to release
nlmseif fnm Its awful elutohea Ss*
maris Prescription Is used by Phyai-
l   >■ and Hoepitale.
A FREE TRIAL PACKAGE Tf Samaria P-ascrlptlon, with booklet, giving full particulars. t»atimon;a*« price,
etc will be sent absolutely frea and
postpsld In plain staled package to
anyone asking for H and mentioning
this paper       Correspondence sMr*d!y
Write to day    Thi
mana  Remedy  G   .   De] f    16-49
• St., Toront  .    Can ida       vh.
.■ Drug
jisl    l;-
Better Now Than Later
Y/X)U can select your Spring Suits and Overcoats just as advantageously now as later.
In fact, you can make better selections NOW
because many patterns are going dairy.
HE styles are settled.    We are showing what you
will see men wearing on the Streets at Easter-time.
CHOOSE your Spring Suits and
Overcoats now while aH the
novelties and exclusive effedts are
here.   $18. up.
Sole Agents in Revelstoke.
Dr. J 0. Morrleon)
Mi    Ceo   N   Onion j
MORRISON *& G; EEN kootenay   lodge, No. is a
and A.  M.
i Regular meeting! are held in MAS-
i ONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
j on the Third Monday la each month
nt. 8 p. m. Vim ting brethren are
cordially welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
Vancouver and Suburban
Real Estate
Coquitlam Acieage and
Lots a specially
Special attention given to Mall orders or Inquiries
402 Dominion Trust Bltlg., Vanoouver,B.C.
Teacher of Voice, Piano and Organ
Pupila  prepared  (or Toronto Conservatory  of    Music       Local  examinations.
Th*   Innf   ■KfTW*
•ful (K* '•nmfort if
fivffl make* it th*
Sii. ter i.f Onalii)
S-nld Fvarywhwfo
Toronlrt,   Canada. '■■
In   tae     Matter   of thc     Estate    of
Thumus  McMahon,  doceased:
■j hereby      given that     all
and  others having claims
ie   Kstate of 'Ihnmaji      McMahon, :at« ot Revelstoke, B. C, de-
* iio died at Revelstoke on or
." 10th day ul November, 1910
•  lested  to setnl to tlm     under-
SohcitorB  for  Donald  Mcln-
* entor  ol  the  last  will      of
i ised,   *,ii.n   !',<j  days    from
late    '       I'aiticulaiii of their claims,
ed   and   thai  aftur      that
A   Bxecutor  will  pruceed
i" the said  estate  amongst
regard    bemg
OS  "I       which
r  shall   have  ihen       rs-
arch  ljtb,  lill.
Moi  m'.tkr * PINKHAM
eltoi -• ol Donald Mi Intoab,
Executor of  tht  Last  Will
Dei eased.
LOST Flrown Niuini-H Puppy, white
chest, white led., white tip on l.nil.
answers to nnme of "Burtff." Any
one harboring this dog nfter today
will iw punished by law.—Cliff Ur-
'jiihart,  H.  J.  Bews.
SM/oM Gure
.lii.il.lv   atop* < mirfhi,   cures  lr.l.t-4,   I,    ,!,
llit Uussl sa4l*as*»    ' •  •    •ii "«!•
man.   Ineuscl       All
Qg     SO .   * iiiims or      .le*
■ iai above    deceased,
R    II     , , .'-man,  lately can )'••.■      on
.  photographer at     True-
* ,iiio,    IW Qvorgla   itreet
in,:   * d »i St. Paul'i ii ispital,
, ii .'iini ft *i iai ■'.    i"i,
red to si'iiil tbs inn i.n iilai I
thereof to us, and all persons in-
iliiit,.' I or liable to tho above do-
ceaied, are required to pay tbe amount of their Indebtedness or UaMll
iy, i,, is i.be undersigned, on or before the nst March, ian.
Tbe   Dominion Trust Co.,   Ltd,
Dominion  Trust.  HiiIIiIIiil',
Vancouver, U,C.
SELKIRK      LODGE  12,  1.  O.  0. F.
Meets every Thursday evening ln
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
K. G, McRAK, N. G.
JAS.  MATHIE,   Secretary.
COURT     MT.     BEGBIB,    No. MU..
Meets in I. 0. O. F. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting brethren cordially  welcomed.
G. W. BELL, G. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Bec.
GOLD RANGE LODGE,       K. ot    F.,
NO.   26,   RKVELSTOKH,  B.   O.
Meets every Wednesday except   the
Third  Wednesday of eaoh month     ia
Oddfellows'  Hall at i o'clock.   Visit-
mn Knights are cordially  muted.
J.  Y.  SIMPSON, C.  C.
G. H. BROCK,   I*,    of R. & %.
M. of F.
C. W. O.  W.
Mountain  View Camp,  Ns. )H.
Meets Second    and      Fourth  We*4nea-
days    in  each  month  ia    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting  Woudmen are
cordially Invited  to attend
H,  W. EDWARDS, Coa. Com.
JAMMU  Mi'lMi'lln:,  Clerk.
Itarnstere,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  llauk   Building  Revelstoke, H   O.
Money to IxMUi.
Uflices—Rovelstoke,    U.   O.,     aad
Cranbrook,  U. 0.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. I'lnkham, J. A. Harvey,
Revelstoke, Cranbraok
I'rovineial  I,nnd  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Rereletoke Land Dlstriet.
District of West Ko0tenay.
Take notice that B. M. Hicks, of
Greenwood, B. C„ occupation laborer, iatends to apply for permission
to purchase the following described
Commencing at a post planted on
the north shore of Trout Lake, about
three and three-Qiiarter miles west
from the tow» of Gerrard, adjacent
to 8.B. Corner of Lot 7*66, thence 80
chains east, thence M chains south,
or to lake ehore. tbence 8fl chains
we*t, or following lake shore to
point of commencement.
Dated February 4th, 1»U.
Revelstoke Laad District.
District of West Kooteaay.
Take aotiee that Coreeno Cornish
Kennedy of Reveletoke, occupation,
married woman, iatends to apply for
permission to purchase the following
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted
about 40 chains ln a southerly direction from the south west corner of
Lot 5414, thoor.e west 40 chains,
thence south 40 chains thenco rant
tii chains to the west shoro of Upper
Arrow Lake, thence north along the
lake shore to point of commencement
containing about 160 acres.
Det*d January 19th, 1911.  ...
Per M. Grady, Agent.
Certificate of Improvements.
Glad Hand Mineral Claim, eituated
in the Trout Lake Mining Division of
Hest Kootenay District. Where located.—At head of Seven Mile Creek
and adjoining the Winslow Mineral
Tabs Notice that I, O.B.N. Wilkie,
acting as agent for Bruce White, F.
M.C. B29009, William Bennett, F. M.
C. B25221, and Nettie Davcy, F. M.
C. No. B25561, intend sixty days fr0m
date hereof, te apply to the Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the puriKjse of obtaining a Crown Graut of the auove
And further take notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the issuance of such
Certificate .1 Improvements.
DaU« Ninth day of March, 1911.
O. B. N. WILKIB, B.C. L.8.
Trout Daks, B. O.
Uevelstoke  Land  District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Basil R. Reynolds, of Revelstoke, D. O., occupation clerk, intends io apply for per-
nassioa to purchass tha (ollowing
deserihei lands:
Commencing at a poet plaated at
tbe sos* west coiner of Lot 7818,
tkence east 90 chains, thence south
6 rhnina to the north east corner
of Lot 74*43, ihence along line of
aaid Lot 40 chains, west 40 chains
south aad 29 chains west to line of
Lot 2112, tkeace aloag line of said
Lot 4* chains aad 29 chaias west to
the north west corner, theaoe about
6 chaise north to place of commencement.
Bated March let, 1911.
Agent John Sahw.
Revelstoke Laad District
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Mary Selkirk,
of Vaaeouver, occupation, married
woman, intende ta apply for permission to purchase the follow,ng
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. B. Comer of Lot 6140 G.I.,
and marked M. S.'s S. E. Corner,
thence north 18 chains, thence vest
70 chains, thease south 40 chains,
thence east a* ohalae, thence south
40 chains, theaoe east 80 ehaias
to point of coisnieareoient, containing 484 acre*.
Dated January Mfc, 1911.
Per O. P. Smith, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District.
District ol Wsst Kootenay.
Take aotioe that James Peters, of
Nutfleld, England, occupation, brick
layer, intende to apply for permis-
ki *,a to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a past planted at
the south west eoraer of lot 8-986,
aad marked E.J.P. south east corner
poet, theaoe west twenty chains,
thaane north forty chains, thence
east twenty chains, thence south forty eknns to point of commencement.
Datrni December 34th, 1910.
D»81        Per Fred, C. Terry, Agent.
Attet.li, superior educational advan-
lUjfr.M. IJiincUoiue new brick building,
modern equipment, exteu.sivc-^round.i.
Clause Ki'ridi'd In accordance with the
school* throughout this Province.
■Lonipk io Mtn-m-and Art Department-..
Special Courses in Shorthand, Typewriting and Book-keeping. Particular
attention given lo rehncment ol manner! and -.orreet Knglinb.
Per Preopgptus, Mdrtu Thi Ao.dsmy,
In the Matierol tlie Estiiie of ErneBt
R B. Baylies. Uecesfed.
Notice is hereby given thut all cied-
itorn aud others linvini! cl.iiins against
Estate ol Ktue*-' It. H. Ilawics, late of
MaliikwR, II (V,deceased, who died at
Kevelstoke on or i,bout the 17th day
olDioember, l'JIO, are required to
set d to thn undersigned Solicitors lor
I) vid L. Bnyne-s and Holieit Huwhuii,
Administrators of the Estate ol sai.l
deceased, within GO di.js fitun ili..**
full particulars ol their claims, duly
venlii'.l, and that alter that (late the
said Administrators will proceed to
diatribiitu tbe said estate amongst
those entitled thereto regard being had
only to those claims of which said
Administrators shall have then received notice.
Dated January 10th. 1911.
Harvey, MoOarter .t Pinkham,
Solicitors f it   D.vid   L.   Baynes
and  Robert   llowson,   Administrators  ot   tho   Estate   of   said
deceased. .111 (iOd
In the Matter ol the Estate ol August
Johnson, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that nil oreditors and others having claims against
the Estate ol August. JobnSOD,   late of
Kcvclxlnke,   It  0 , decesbi d, who died
at. lievelstoke on .*r al out  I he Ht li dav
ol September, 11)10,  are  required   to
send to the undersigned Solicitors  lor
Willisni B. Roln rlson,   Administrator
of the Estate ol said deceased,   within
(10 .lavs from date full   particulars   of
their claims, duly verified,   and   that
after that date the said Admimetiator
will proceed   to   distribute   the   said
estate amongst three entitled   thereto
regard being had only   lo those claims
of   which   said    Administrator  shall
have then received  notice.
Datid January 10th, 1911,
Harvey Mc''auter a. Pinkham,
Solitilors for William 11. Rolert-
sou, Administrator ol  the E-tate
ot the said di ee ised. .111 tiOd
In the Matter of the Estate of John
T. Jones, deceased.
Notice is hereby gnen that all cred-
i oi" and others h,.ving claims agaiuBt
the Estate ol John T. Johns, Inu* of
Revelstoke, I) C . deceased, who died
at Bleamous on or about tie llth d..y
of August, 11110, are r quired to send
tn the undersigned Solicitors for Mar-
tha Jane .loin h mnl Thomas Kilpat-
r tik, Ail n. ip* i-i .-ni i- x mid Administrator of tbe Estate of said deceased, within GO day* ftoin date full particulars
of theil claims, duly verified, and that
«lter that dale the said Administratrix and Administrator will proceid
to distribute the said estate amongst
those entitled thereto regard heing
had only to those cla me of which ssid
Administratrix aud Administrator
shall bave then received notice.
Dated January 10th, 1911. Jll 60d
Harvey, MoOarter <fc Pinkham,
Solicitors Ior M >r ba Jane Jones
aud Thomas Kilpatrick, Administratrix and Administrator of
tbc Estate of said deceased.
in tbe Matter of the Estate of James
A. Magee, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all creditors and others having claims against
the Estate of J sines A Magee, late nf
Chase, B C, dereastd, who died st
Uev, 1-ioki* ou or about the Hth day
.,( November, l'JIO, are r. quired to
tend to the uudersigned S, lienors (or
Sarah E. Magee, Executiix ol ihe I art
will < f said deceased, withiu 60 di.ys
from dRie lull particulars of tbeir
olaim», duly verified, and tbat alter
tbat date tbe ssid Executrix will proceed to distribute the said estate
amongst those eutitled thereto regain
neii g had only to those claims of
which said Executrix shall have then
received notice.
Dated January lOib, 1911.
Harvey, McOautkk & Pin RU Ali,
Solicitors t f   Sarah   E.   Magee,
Executrix uf tbe   Last   Will   of
deceased. JllfJOd
Kevelstoke L**nd District.
District of West Kooteuay.
'lake notice lhat William Kennedy,
ol Ktvelstoke, B. t!., occuparion, Special t'onslaiile, inlet..Is lo appl) for permission to im:.ih,.sr the lollowiug de-
sei tb. d lands
Ootumencing at a post planted at
ti e south-east corner of Lot 50lil>,
theuce north 40 chains, thence west
20 chaius lo im -i in|ii nm No. '2fi'2.
tbence north 40 chuius, thence east 80
ohaine, ihence ninth tin chains to Lot
No. .'IHI.'i, thence weBt 401'haina, tbence
son ii 15 chains to Lol No. 1139, thence
weal 20 chaius to poiut ol commencement.
Dated January 7ib, 1911
Per T. W. Bain, Agent.
Revelstoke Land District,
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice that the Canadian Pacific Railway Company intends to
apply for permission to lease the
following iie. iTihc.l lands:
Commencing at a post planted oo
tbe shore line oi Upper Arrow Lake;
said poet bearing South 41 degrees
West a distance of 224 feet from the
South I'lioii corner of Block 49 of the
registered town site oi Nakusp, in
Lot 397 G. 1 Arrowhoad, and district; thence Westerly along said
shore line a distance of 38&0 feet to
a point; said point bearing South 41
degrees, West a distance of 887 feet
from the Head block of South leg
of Nakusp Wye; thence south into tho
Waters of Upper Arrow Lake a distance of 800 feet, thenco Easterly and
Parallel to the Shore line of said
lake a distance of 3850 foet, thenoe
North a distance of 800 feet to true
point of commencement, containing
70.8 acres more or leant
Dated February  9th,  1911.
The Conadlan I'acilic Railway Company, Per E. W. Batemna, Local
Right of Wgy and Lensc Agent, Van»
Watch   window   for    Big
Towel Sale next Friday.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. J4ume 8 Co.. limited
Mail    or    Telephone    your
orders.     Have our Traveller
call.    Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
New Wall Papers
Beautiful new Wall Papers in
the latest effects. Make your
home more beautiful at little cost.
It's time to buy wall papers.
Our new Spring patterns are now
all in stock, all new and up-to-
date. Beautiful effects in extremely dainty colorings and designs. We have never before
offered such up-to-date papers at
so reasonable a price.
Curtains, Curtain Muslin
but ride up to the second story on
it and examine our new Curtains
and Draperies suitable for every
room in the house.
Battenbergcurtains, Irish point,
fancy Scrim, Nottingham lace, in
white, ivory, ecru and Arab.
Some choice Madias Muslin and
Bengal Nets, the very newest,
you will appreciate them at a
Tbe Children s Contest
Japanese Mattings
A new lot of Mattings just in
which includes a nice range of
patterns o(5 inches wide, at prices
from 25c. to 65c. per yd.
Japanese Matting Squares, size
6x9, 0x9, 9x10, and 9x12, also
small mats 3x3.
In the matter of C. B. HUME & CO'S.
contest for the children we find Miss Gladys
Fletcher winner of the prize for Girls, and
Tommy Morris winner of the prize for Boys.
We also recommend the following children as having done very well; Earl Donaldson, Maud Ringer, Victor Hooley, Howard
Thorpe, Harvey McLean, Willie Cameron,
Irene Morgan, Jeanne Robbins, Gilbert Davis,
Alma Corson, Graham Bruce, Dorothy Little, Irene Kimberley, Harold Lawrence,
Cecil Kimberley, Florence McDonald, Art
Robinson, Burroughes Scott, Beverley Ken-
ward, Mable Simmonds, Glen Urquhart,
Ruth MeKinnon, Ruth Lindmark, Margaret
McMahon, Blanche Monk, Margaret Wilson,
Ernest MeKinnon, Gladys Thorpe, Frank
Dunn, Ben Carlson, Myrtle Hamilton, Nancy
Fleetham,  Lottie Lee, Irene Field.
New English Calicos
The showing this Spring is
unique. bike a real breath of
spring they are welcome with
their tasteful spring colorings.
The designs are especially nice
this year at
15c. per yard
Fresh Ginghams
You can fairly see the parley
vous sticking out of these they
are so French. Such pretty dresses they will make for the kiddies,
one lady remarked. Such delightful colorings and neat patterns.
You must see these French
ginghams at Hume's, per yard
French Voiles
In Dresden and Artou stripes.
The most harmonious blending of
shading shown in the wash goods
fabrics. This is a very sheer material and will lend itself delightfully to the style in vogue, at
50c. a yard
Shepherds Check
"Woolsey"—a fine soft fabric
in all the different size plaids black
and white, 42 inches wide, only
25c. a yard
While Shirt Waists
on Tuesday $1.65
The sale of the season-500
White Shirt Waists and Blouses
go on sale Tuesday, March 21st.
You have only to glance at the
window on McKenzie Ave. to see
for yourself.  The price only $1.65
Ladies Spring Suits
The new spring suits are the
particular lode stone that is attracting all the ladies to our ready-
to-wear department (2nd Floor)
these bright days. The designers
have excelled themselves this
year and have produced some
things of beauty that we welcome
the chance to show every lady in
Honan Silk
A weave like the Rajah in better quality. All the colors. King's
blue, brown, tans, helio, mode,
navy, etc. This is 28 inches wide
at a yard
Take the Elevator
Jams and Jellies
Wc have quite a number of i
lb. glass jars of Wagstaffe's jams
and jollies left in stock which wc
are placing on cheap sale tor the
balance of tbis week. These are
all pure, fresh goods and at the
price we are offering it at is
cheaper than vou could put it up
20 c. Per bottle
Canned Goods
Xo matter what you buy,
quality is lhe lirst consideration.
Price may be an object, but
quality comes first. Quaker
brand vegetables and Vineland
brand fruit is a sure guarantee of
quality; put up in sanitary cans
of 2 dozen to thc case. These
are all new eastern fruits and
vegetables and our prices arc
down below tbe average.
Sale of a Shoe
that has made
Shoe History
in the
British Empire
For the first time on record SLATER SHOES
are offered at less than the seal-stamped prices.
Never before hasth" "Sign of the Slate " broken
into a bargain week,    hossibly never again.
But radical changes in styles and lasts—changes
more acutely noticeable than usual, urged The Stater
Shoe Company to give us the privilege of selling out
all broken lots and shapes that are to be discarded
after this season.   NOTE WELL THE PRICES.
Groceries of Highest Merit
You will find in our Grocery Department the newest
and Choicest Stock in the City. We buy only the best
on the market in carload lots and give customers the
benefit of the freight saved in this way.
Ham and Bacon
Swift's Premium Ham and Bacon,
unexcelled for their mild, delicate llavor
and rich juiciness of the meat. These
are our sellers. If you try them once
you will use no other.
eas an
(1 Coffi
We have just stocked up in this department and are prepared to handle
heavy trade. These are articles that
you want good.     We have them.
Our Coffee is specially selected and
ground or pulverized while you wait.
We carry all the teas that are worth a
Luscious  I ruits
A fresh shipment of Fruit unloaded
this week. Sizes I2().s., 150s., 176s and
216s, extra fancy Queen quality brand
Navel Oranges, also Lemons and Bananas. This is the time of year that you
need good juicy oranges and Queen
Quality supplies the demand.
See Our Eif Bargains in Mr Ms
Patent Leather Snaps        Q_|g   Ppjngg
The Big Shoe Sale is Now On
All sizes from 6 to 10, light
and heavy soles, but all Goodyear
welted. Either blucher or bai
cut. Regular $5, $5.50 and $6
stamped prices.
Box Calf Snaps
You can't make a mistake in
thes3. They were all good values
at regular prices. Sizes (i to 10.
A real hard wearing article with
the genuine Slater stamped prices
of $4.50, *5, $5 50 and $fi.
Vici-Kid  Snaps
All late lasts and all sizes and
widths. Something here to fit
any foot. Think of the prices
quoted and remember that all
bear the regular stamped prices,
*•">, $6.60 and K regularly.
Any Shoe stamped $4.50
will be sold for $3.35
Any Shoe stamped $5.00
will be sold Tor $3.65
Any Shoe stamped $5.50
will be sold for $3.95
Any Shoe stamped 6.00
will be sold for $4.25
Children's Shoes will be
sold for $1.95
Ladies' Shoes
All the remnants of our last
season's stock. Sizes from 2i to
ti.   Widths D and E.
Men's Congress Shoes
Just a few lines of the well
known Slater elastic side shoes.
They will all go the way of the
Children's Shoes
A line of Boots and Oxfords,
from size 8 tosizelOj. These
come in black and ox-blood, and
are make from genuine willow
calf.   Regular $2.75.
Come in and See
Our Shoe Bargains
Coming of a New
Style Cycle
Selling Slater Shoes at
Less than Stamped Prices
Kor the first time in the
history of the famous Slater Shoe, we are permitted
by special license to offer
all the odd lines and broken lots at a reduction from
the seal-stamped prices.
There's a radical change
coming in shoe Btyles. It
is a sale without precedent
brought about by extraordinary reasons.
New I-astfl, New Styles.
New Shapes are coming to
the front and every pair
of Slater Shoes made on
lasts that are passing out
will be sold at cut prices.
To-day we are suggesting just a few pairs in
particular, and there are
others. BATORDAY, MARCH i>Tll, Wi-1
I9II Milliner) Opening I9II
Monday, March 20th and following days
we will display our Spring Millinery. We
promise you that Our showing will by far surpass any of our former efforts in this Department.   You are invited to inspect the same.
-H- ■!-•-■!-•!- -!-i-i- .;..;..j..|..|-!..h-.-H-.-I-I-I-.
Mr. A. McRae left this week on e
business trip to Nelson.
Thia week Mrs. •Allum entertained
the Bridge club. Mrs. Qlbson carrying off the prize.
Last Saturday afternoon the
Bridge club met at the borne of Mrs.
J.  H.  Hamilton,
winner being Mrs,
ilie fortunate
CONGRBVE—On March 13th, 1911,
to Mr. and Mrs. I,. H. Congrcvc, ol
Sicanious, a sol.
CALDBR-ALLAN—On tbe 14th inst.,
at the Tonka Farm, by thc Rev.
W, ('. Calder. David Robert Cal
der. to Emma Mary Allan, second
daughter of Oliver and Mary Allan
Revelstoke,  13.  C,
We have just received a shipment of White Clover Honev put up in
five 11>. cans, which we will guarantee to be absolutely Pure Honey,
and as tl.is is the season for honey wu would advise you to try thia if
yoa wish to get the genuine articled
Tbe name "Wagstaffe speaks for itsell in regard to quality.    We have
a lull assortment ot ihis Pure Jam   including
Peach. Plum, Black Cm rant and Apricot.
Strawberry, Raspberry,
A. HOBSON,       Baker and G<ocer.
Iron beds at cut prices at Howson
*& C'o.'s Furniture Sale.
E, Gladstone Woodland left last
evening to spend Sunday with his
uncle S. F. Woodland. Salmon   Arm,
B. C.
Mr. Fred Manning, purchasing ap-
ent for the Revelstoke Saw Mills
Co.'s lines and yards, is in tbe city
visiting bis brother, Mr. H. Manning
The Hank of Commerce is this id-
ternoou moving Into the commodi -
oub new uttice building across the
street from their present  location.
Yesterday was St. Patrick's Hay,
and every person wan anxious to be
an Irishman, judging from the number of sprigs ol green that were in
evidence. The won ler is that they
do not want to be Irish all th, year
The [ollowing appointments uie
gazetted  m  the  last  issue  of  the  1.1.
C. Gazette. To be Commissioners
lor taking affidavits in the Supreme
Court—John Lewis, Wigwam; Timothy Rio'dnn. Thomas Gillespie, .1 P.
Forde and Win. Ainslie, all of Revel
The school trustees paid their first
official visit to Central school this
week and found everything going
smoothly. Much interest was taken
ln the work ol 'ne rhildren and the
;: istees were well satisfied with tha
steady progress being made.
The Y.M.C.A. basketball team con
sistitig of Frank Daniels, Fred Lyttle
Edgai Bruce. Morris Anderson, Menl
Calder.  Geo.   Woodland  anl  H.      B.
b   director, left Tl
,:hv jht (01   the  enst  to   pick  up
. impii nsh.p silver      in
Vance iver.
Is one of the most import'
ant items in your business
will look after this branch   of
the business for you.
Kjootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Ki u aid & Anderson
A  large stork of carpet."  thnt must
he sold at  Howson's Sale.
Carpet  Squares at  your
at Howson's Sale.
uvii prict
Howson's Furniture Sale is now
At the Sunday afternoon meeting
at the Y.M.C.A . Uev. Mr, McCall of
Ai i owhead, will addn ss the n
are  welcome.
Mr. C. F. Lindmark lefl i
for    Vancouvi *   ■
cities, v e   for   a
few  days
a  meeting of thi
be held  at  thi
next at B p.m.    General
th.* distribution  ol cups an.l
Is \bc work cut
a  meeting   ■•   I
ast e clt
I it in        clt
hall*      Devotei n    are
award In C. B. Hum   ft t •
■ .ement contest  wen   mad * liable t,    ie lomet
• lay evening   *:■   I ■"•■*   ravi Ilin •     Mr. H. H   Mi i
t     wati
gentlemen  Messrs. Olbeon an'.      Mc
•    ting will appear In C
H   lUme * Co '      ' ;*       "'
i   church sei ■'.' es,    past
p.. J. Mclntyre.     Miss   d
n   M rgan
tome    ■"■     • '"
tbe speakei  at
.   .   ,   ,.. red at aa'
m. Moi at   •        Ki «
Morrai   «
hrnr     hi: i       v"
prayei   meet i ■
will ba irtven at all
Ml -- Anders*
. . room ■' i
Mr. Grubbe, accountant at the Imperial Bank here, ief; yesterday mom
ng for Wilmer, B. C, where he will
assume the position of manager at
that branch of ihe bak there. His
position her.* . takei     ■■"  Mr
an,  who has  ire-en  promoted a
Wr.   Woodman's  position
former ledgei   -    per at the bank.
r of the
K n; E ; < *    * *   I
:'      the
c.p.p..  dining ca: which
>   ma ' 0 •■; white
'   '
:ns  with
•   a preat
': the  travel-
• *
Miss Iferna Felton a Versatile Actress, seen at Her Best in
Emotional Roles
I Wiih tonight's performance of
"Hello  Bill"  at the  Bdison  theatre,
| tho Allen Players conclude one of the
most successful theatrical week's in
the history of the city of Revelstoke,
not only from a financial standpoint
1 but also from tbe standpoint of the
versatility and ability oi ihe prlnci
pals in thfl company. The box ollice
receipts no doubt show tho popularity of the company, but tbc enthusiasm of theatregoers show better
than anything the appreciation of the
audience for thn players. This latter
throughout the week has been remarkable. The repertoire of the
company has taken the audiences
through n series ul comedies, dramas
and morbid tragedies and in no way
did Miss Felton disappoint tha crowd
ed bouses i,, which she played.
In uo play, however, did Miss Felton show such versatility ns in Tolstoi's "Hi'surection." The confiding
innocent in tho first und second nets
was converted into the BCarlet woman In the third and with the
change of characters the talented little actresB changed her personality.
Through the gamut of life's vicissitudes she ran to assume the rule at
the convict in tho fourth act, and
tin.illy wound up transformed and
beautified by Buffering to assume the
cast uf the devoted wife in th.' fifth
Miss Felton presented a portrait of
Katu'sba thc fallen that was in th.'
main convincing, Hei wan and wist
fui beauty plainly hinted at the years
wasted in Unhappy relationship,
while lhe clairvoyant vision that
sometimes comes as the reward of
suffering was plainly hers. Few women of the stage can reveal utter
wcaiin.'ss, poignant emotion, startled
fear und aroused passion so pictoi-
ially as Miss Fell, u does by the
mere pose of her head, the expression
of hor face, the eloquence of her
hands. Perhaps n little over emu -
tiolial at times, she however contrived to present the picture in her own
way and with her own personality,
and she succeeded well.
Thc Ressurrection is plainly a
Tolstoi production; its theme, its
characters and its action impress
that upon one at the very outset,
and the audience is never allowed to
get away from it. The aristrocrat
was ever the foe of Tolstoi an.l his
followers, and though dead, " Thc
Ressurrection" will ever keep the
fame of his ambition alive. H. Irving Kennedy achieve--? a Bplendid
niece of work in the impersonation of
Prince Demitri. It is nn unpleasant
but true enough picture of one sort
of masculine sclllsbness. The really,
line piece ot character work of the
performance was furnished by Hr. 0.
Connors in the personation of Paul
Simonson, the nihilist. His splendid
delivery of the impassioned speeches
on behalf of thc down trodden made
him a character study quite worthy
of Tolstoi.
Another  clever  piece  ol     character
work was given by Mrs.  P.R.  Allen,
as Marfa, an old woman,    whom nobody loves.     To see, the     character
Jot a drunken woman suffering      from
Chance of a lifetime Offered VouideUriu,n twmena on, theH8tase is "ot
,be any means an elevating or aiiis-
tic sight. It is however, an old stage
! device, and when such is     necessary,
tlle   Mrs.  Allen  is  right  there  with      thc
The many friends of Miss Pearl
Robinson will be glad to see her
about after her unfortunate accident
while snowshoeing lust  week.
On Monday afternoon Mrs. B.     it.
Atkins entertained in honor of   Mrs, '
Douglas.      Miss  MeCarter  and    Mrs. '
Hamilton winning the bridge prizes.   '
Mrs. A. McRao entertained a number of her friends on Saturday even
ing to an enjoyable game of bridge.
Mrs. Sutherland and Mrs. MoOarter
carrying oil the prizes.
Mrs. H. Cunn nghniii Morris was
at home to a few friends Thursday
evening,  bridge  being  Indulged      In,
Mrs.   Lawson  Was also  n   bridge bos
tess the same evening.
On Tuesday evening Mrs. Sutherland entertained at four tables of
bridge. Mis. Holten nnd Dr. Hamilton winning the first prizes, while
the consolations went to Mrs. Douglas nnd Mr.  Robbins.
Mr,   Grubbe,   of  tbc  Imperial  linn;
staff, left on Friday morning to as-
jsume his duties ns manager of tha
i new branch ut Wilmer.   Rumor hasit
that he will not bc lung in return ng
for a short time at least.
Mrs. Douglas, who for some time
past has been visiting ber daughter
Mrs. MeCarter, returned last , night
to her home in Edmonton.
Mr. R. Vi. Purves, who has been
visiting Mr. and Mrs. McLennan, left
fur Vancouver Thursday evening.
Miss Adelaide Buck, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. II. lluek, of
Vancouver, was married in thut. city
on Tuesda> of this week to Mr. H.
Scott. The young couple, who are
both well known in this eity. passed
through here on their way tu Regina
where they will make their home. Mr.
Scott was at otic time teller In the
Molson's Bank here.
On Tuesday evening lust at nine
o'clock at the home of Rev. \V. 0.
Calder, Tonka Farm, the wedding
took place of David Calder, son of
Rev. and Mrs. Vi. C. Calder and Emma Allan, second daughter of Oliver
and Mary Allan of this city. The
event was a quiet affair only a few
immediate friend- of the contracting
parties being in attendance. The
bridesmaid was Miss Edith Cook and
thc best man Mr. Chas. Gordon. Immediately after the wedding ceremony the young Couple drove tu tho
home ol Mrs. J. Sutherland, where
the wedding supper wus served and
the young couple then betook themselves to the home of the groom's ,
sister. Mrs, J. Rogers, where they |
will reside for a month or so before
removing to Rogers Pass where they
will make their home. Thc groom's ;
gift to thc bridesmaid was a pearl j
brooch and to thc best mnn a
at Y.M.C.A. on March 27
There    - ao greater strain on
tai -    *   la    i .,*•-
\, i;.*.*«   I"* *   Ptore
ian* nnd expen Ivi
: ,.,, .,:, .'., .i . in l'i*: ">'■'■■!
collection, which are kowI m.t not
expensive o( .1 delicate but li
, Iragrance, «uch ai will please
■•*,. ii .   ■ :   1 til ul.ir.
Bulk I
I lim*.  . i   1     1"
Bews' Drugstore
Nl VI   IH Ml'.  bUICK
hope fi
p it  tu 1 ihe I
I ti  as
been 1 ompleb .   * *
tbe 0 P R  ol ■
i'p P.. J BO and Busineaamei
i ■      film plctui *
tand of Genera
Big Horn e 01
*  ,,n Monday
.  *,f the bl it"i Ic     I*.* -
that  ■   ■   ■  man,     woman an 1
.  tee,
Mi    *I   'i   Bradley,  who   u
nt  the com I  foi   *■ m<   I
poi 1 • having  loid all tbe    available
oi  the  Arrowhead Oil, Ci
OS     '        to  parties    iti      V anca
an I coast  1 Itlee      Mw '
will ai 11 .*" here iboi tlj to 1  mi
■ *[*<*i atii t
All   tin*    chairmen ol the tilflerenl
howling team   arc requested to    -1
then i.*rt|i prai tlCing as llu* ¥ M I
A. 1 In *i lie i* rapidly drawing to n
1 lo ' . an I ii 1 ilc'urous thai the
schedule bo run off up-t.o date al the
1 mi nf ibe month, so that arrange -
minis inu bi made for a tingle
■ *    ■
Business locals
n  GaUicano
11*11111 Breakfast  '
■ ■hni
Pnst    .■„1'1<   nf !
mountain  -Hew  honks, all  new
ires ai Maodonald'i drug iters.
*   * ■ ing ieedi   gai den and ff"w-
n    1, iw readj  ai  Macdi n ild1:   di ig
:i ore
fl 1      |   ,,  I ...11        (IIP     ill     linn! *i"  :
ho *   men's clothing, liati nud caps,
1 fur onu    m'rk    commencing Friday
morning,     D. Galilean i, Becond Bt,
, blunt
human n   than   inactivity.
■    -,ii In an     office hall     your
life time is a far  greater strain    on
■*.  than ., 'i Ip through  Af-
1 thi   North Pole, To offset
* ' mtarj   life there is
1 h.an      swimming.
a •- into play all the    mus-
;.,.   ;„.:.    without   any   undue
, ,,,, .<     muscles.
-     .      * ,,,**. '   '**
h   «  oi   even,  proportion
ilopi Imming keeps
eles  . larges  the di-
*r,'    tl
,i .  •        m    •"*-■*  and  ev
oi      nn
..;. ,, -       1*     trengtl
* , ■ 1.     are
11 ■
.in.   be
[I •  the pel
ane    By
goods. This lady is without doubt
one of the cleverest character actresses in the west, and her entrance to
th' stage night after night was the
signal always for unrestrained laughter and delight.
The play "Ressurrection" is essentially one ol tbc eternally triangular
style.      Three  rhaiai't.'rs carry       the
story, while the minor parts lill      in
to  break   what otherwise  might sate
thc appetite of the morbidly inclined.
On the whole tbe minor    characters
acted  their  parts well,  though      as
above it  mattered little,     as
mid iini  be considered essentials to the play.     Fur a company ol
iii* pretensions of the Allen   Players
* iry was remarkably good.
Tonight "Hello Hill"     a rollicking
will be pul  on nnd nobody
1 1 miss ih.    iu 1 chance   to sec
. 1 na   Felton  and      the      Allen
Tbe Ladb     Utai Guild ol the Ro-
ithollc church wish,     through
mni  ni tin* press, to publicity
11       their sincerest  thanks to th *
\ |i n  pn..:    im   the splendid    per
'■   lormance oi "A 11 ie of a Thousand
all    the   Candles" Inst night, antl tl nthus
tbeli      '    ' "  "" i""1  "' u"'
, urallj  at  tho performance
, 1!:. *    *   '       '■"'' "" 'L   '  '"ii;il;
ii mn appen '■■' ll
When   JTOU   wain  M  kodak  01   Camera
,,,, 1    v;,n to health   "'l the n " I    tylee, chemicals   and
a   I,, dwim,
11   11  Corsan    the
*i,* Mai rh   !7th to  Vpril 1st.
, ,our opp irtunitj    11 *.'i* ii
 n*; c-iii'.iti (of
wm k,     all    uoloi I,     i'I
drug store,
Knilnn   lery
Mm InUald'H
iiim.. you can gel  them al  Macdon
ii 1    -I:iig    * re.    Call and get     a
* ■ igua,
Fi.r     ri*:'. 1    1 n .   K,, a*   p, droom
im 1 Slttlngroom,    Bathroom     on
same     floor.       Apply   Mail Herald
New Wash Goods
We arc displaying .1 nice line of Choice
New Wash Goods for Spring, Wc have always
led in the newness of materials, colorings and
designs, and we iliinl; we have excelled all previous seasons in the showing for this Spring.
They comprise all the hest of several of the
largest houses iii the trade. Everything is new
as we cleared out everything that we had left
from last season diiiino our Removal Sale.
Our showing comprises Ginghams, Zephyrs,
Muslins, Indian 1 lead, Linens, Vestings, Voiles,
Organdies, Foulards, Repps, Poplinettes, etc.
You will find the whole range very attractive and
the prices still mere so.
New Madras
Another line in which wc have no old patterns to show. We have some new materials to
show this season in Macrame and Nets. Something entirely new and distinct from any yet
Whitewear and Dresses
We are opening up thc daintiest line of these
goods that we have ever shown. If you like to
look at pretty goeds eome in and see these.
How About A New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples I'or Suits and
Spring Overcoats just arrived.
We pfuaranTee a perfect fit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Retorm Clothing
Fool-Rile Shoe
f^m ai 1 ■ ■ ■'   ■   •■ ■■ ■     "1    ' ■        1 1-■ im     ■■« i     ■■    ■         *"*"*11*\
Suits of Style and Quality
Now our Spring stocks are in the full bloom
of freshness and beauty. Come in and see
them. The success of this Store is due to the
fact that every suit and overcoat bought here
has stood the test of service. In the lirst
place the making is of the best. Our tailors
are the sort that will not wink at careless
workmanship. Designing is done by the
cleverest tailors in the business. WE CAN
$ i 5 to s:*5
McRae Mercantile Co., Ltd.
I'he Stvle Shop for Men and Hoys Who Know
WANTBn—We pay hlebcBt prices tor ■ WANTI3D—],ivc man or woman,    for
Kurni    re,  Stoves, aluo mcn'B cast
oil rh'hint.     Tbe  lievelstoke  Second II. nd Stoic. F22  lm.
FOR KAI.K-Oliver Typewriter. Visible. V rst class condition, *»50.00.
Apply ut Mail-Herald Office. 2t.
work at home paying $2.00 or i'l.il'l
per day with opportunity to advance, Spare time can he '.ised.
Work not dittirnlt ami requires no
experience. Winston, Limited
■ripadina, Ave, Toronto.      m.ll ot.


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