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The Mail Herald Mar 4, 1911

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $G0.
Interior Publisnmg;Co., Agts
The **M
Visiting Cards
Interior PuDlishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 16
$2.50 Per Year
Lawrence Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Otfioe— Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
5 S30.000.00
5,5o«, .00.00
Br.iuches nr Agents at all prinolpal points inJCanada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—First National Bank, Corn Exchange National Bank. Seattle --Seattle National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank, Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and interest allowed at
current rate from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch—A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
fire partially destroys
residence df jdhn cjilev
Damage by fire, Water and
Smoke Approximates $1000,
Fully Covered by Insurance
Damage by tire, smoke and water
to the extent ol close on to Jl.lKKI*.
whs ilonc to the residence ol Mr.
John Caley on Second street west,
last, niulit by a tire whicli broke out
at about to o'clock, occasioned iiy
an overheated stove pipe, or disconnected Hue (mm the lurnace,
The presence ol thc tire waB first
detected by Arthur Caley while in
the sitting room ot the house read -
ing, "ho discerning smoke issuing
from tbe partition between the pantry an.l thc sitting room, Immediately notified the occupants ol the
house who had retired, nnd then
turned in an alarm to No. li flrc
hall. Thc family hastily removed
themselves to the City hotel just at
thc rear ol the residence.
When thc fire brigade arrived a
few minutes after the alarm was
turned In, smoke was Issuing in
dense clouds from thc windows,
doors and root of the house and it
was with the greatest difficulty that
the main seat of the blaze coiil-d
be discovered and reached, but the
brigade worked heroically and soon
had two streams or water playing on
the blaze. In the meantime, however, the flames had made considerable headway and it. was several
hours before the building was entirely out of danger. Incipient
blazes were discovered here and there
even after thc main blaze in the cellar was extinguished.
The extent of thc damage had not
been appraised up to the time of
going 'to press, but it is estimated
to Ite in the neighborhood of $1,000.
Besides the damage to the Iioubc,
which consists of thc woodwork at
the cellar being badly charred, the
•partitions partially burned away,
holes chopped in the tloor by the
firemen in reaching the blaze, and
the roof partly burned at the chimney, there is considerable damage by
smoke ami water, while thc handsome and costly furniture of the
house was also considerably damaged hy smoke and water and exposure
to the atmosphere. A few of the
more delicate bric-a-brac of the furniture were destroyed by breakage in
the effort to remove them hurriedly
to a place of safety.
The loss to the house is covered hy
insurance to the extent of ?2,0O0;
$500 in the Hartford and $1,500 in
the New York Underwriters Association. No insurance was carried on
house furnishings.
p. gums & Company. <£td.
Ladies and Children's Shoes
Mrs. A. G. Crick, First Street
Grocery Quotations
Six liars Light House Soap  ajc
Old Brown Windsor Soap, per dozen cakes  35c
"Lux" for washing flannels, per packet  toe
White Swan Waseing Powder, per 3 lb  25c
Bluingi per Quart Mottle  20c
Goods Delivered Promptly.
John Mclntyre Sr Son
School Board Favors tiie Addition
ot This to School Curriculum
-Government Will lid Work
Belore the snow flies next winter It
is quite probable that a manual train-
; ing school will bc in operation in
this city. Mr. H. DunneU, government manual training inspector (or
British Columbia, came through here
on Wednesday last an.l stopped over
in the evening to discuss the matter
with the school hoard. The latter
organization, in view ot the fact
that the inauguration of such a
■ehool would not increase the taxes
for this year, and in view of the fact
that the institution could lie maintained very cheaply once the initial
cost o.' equipping such a school was
secured, the school board viewed the
proposition very favorably and while
not definitely pledging themselves to
do anything in the mntter, promised
to consider it at future meetings.
Mr. Bunnell, in addressing the
hoard assured them that once thc
hoard and the city inaugurated such
a school that they would conclude it
was one ot the best things that "ever happened," and would wonder at
themselves for not instituting such n
school earlier. In thc proviacc there
nre already seventeen of thi-se Bchools,
ten in Vancouver, four in Victoria,
two in New Westminster nnd one In
Kelson. Some of these places were
so Impressed with thc need of such
schools that on their own initiative
nnd at their own expense they thoroughly equipped the departments,
hired and paid their own teachers,
and would not give up this course
,,' study for anything. "Now," he
saiil, "the government hal become
equally impressed with thc matter
,*in.l had ,1-eciiliil to give the greatest
amount ol aid possible to such in
htilutlpne.     It teaches scholars     to
Fisk Will Hang April 18
John Fisk, convicted
murderer of Tucker I'each,
whose trial has been pro-
pressing for some time in
Calgary, has been sentenced by the Court to be
hanged on Tuesday, April
18th. The prisoner showed
no sign of nervousness
when the sentence was
pronounced, but simply
told the police that they
had condemned an innocent man.
"You have condemned
an innocent man," he said,
and as he waited shackled
and silent, in the cell to
which he was removed
after the sentence, he
broke down completely.
become -dexterous and bandy In thc
use of tools, it trains them to connect their fingers with tlicir brains,
and best of all it teaches them to
use thair powers of observation."
Briefly this course of study requires
the drafting of designs, the planning
of objects, the cutting out of them,
and putting them together. In some
schools pupils have become very
handy In this class ol work and
their work has received the highest
recommendations from such person -
ages as thc premiers of provinces, various proficient engineers and even
the Governor-General himselt. The
course of study docs not aim to
teach trades at all, hut rather steers
na far away from this as possible.
The object is rather, as said before,
to teach the lingers of thc child to
act in conjunction with thc brain.
Under the directions of a proficient
teacher of this subject children love
tbe work, and instead of regarding it
as a tedious duty they jump into it
with pleasure and anticipation, and
pride themselves in the making of
many very useful nnd ornamental objects for the house.
As to oost of installation of mechanical appliances Mr. Bunnell has
specifically figured out that from
August, which is the very earliest
that Revelstoke could get its appliances in, until the end of the
school year, the city's expenses in
this connection would amount to not
more than $800. This would secure
appliances to the value of almost
$2,001)', as the government practically
shoulders two thirds of the
initial       cost. Succeeding years
the cost of maintenance and teach -
ers1 salary would cost the city about .
$1,300', the government putting up .
dollar for dollar with the city and
paying towards the salary of the
teacher in the seme proportion as
is  paid for other teachers.
After listening to Mr. Bunnell's
proposition the school board considered that right now would be as
good a time as any to introduce this
course of study, as by careful economy it was thought the board could
save enough from this year's estim -
ates to cover the cost of installation
that would be incurred by the city.
However, not wishing to jump into
any proposition without careful consideration, the board left the matter
over and will take it up again at a
regular meeting a week or two
Government Arbitrators, by a
Majority, Decide ia favor of
Increases for IM. Employee;
Toronto, March 1.*—Judge McGib-
bon, Mr. W. J. T. Lee and Mr. F.
If. McGuigan, the arbitrators appointed by the government, have arrived at a part-decision regard-teg
the claims iiiadc by the maintenance
of ways men on tho C.P.R. and C.
N.  It.
Judge McGibbon and Mr. Lee agreed in their report that the men
should get an increase from 18J to
15 per cent., while Mr. McGuigan,
representing the companies, forwards
a minority report which will not
give any such increase. The arbitrators were asked to consider better
conditions and an increase of wages
for C..N.R. men west of Port Arthur
and the C.P.R. men covering thc entire system.
The majority  finding as follows:
"All the men on the C.P.It. At -
Inntic, Eastern Ontario an.l Lake
Superior divisions an average increase of 1 per cent, fnr all classes
of service. On the Central, Western,
and Pacillc divisions an average increase of 12J per cent. The same increase is given tho men on the C.N.
R. west of Winnipeg, 125 per cent.;
and from Winnipeg to Port Arthur,
I.i per cent.
"If a man is moved from his b-ec -
tion for ft day or more to work he is
allowed on Eastern lines 75 cents and
on Western lines $1 per day. At city
points where the section foreman has
no house he is allowed $7 per month
extra, and at -other Points $4.01) a
, month extra. Thc men must be sup-
i plied with good water while at work.
They arc entitled to leave ol absence
four times a year, not to exceed two
days. This means that they can at-
tend their union meetings. If thc
| company should refuse to accept the
I majority report, then the men may
call a general strike, which would
mean that 8500 men would be immediately affected."
The employees asked from 20 to 80
per cent, in some cases.
If both parties agree to the finding, then the new rules and increases
will date from Becember 1, 1910. The
men are also to receive, according to
the majority report, time and a half
on Christmas and New Year days.
No man will be compelled to work
more than 24 hours without being
given eight hours  rest.
Master Willie McGregor Expires
While En Route to Hospital
Just twenty minutes hefore the
train from Salmon Arm pulled in
here Thursday night, Master Willie
McGregor, aged 11 years, breathed
his last while ea route to thc hospital to undergo an operation for
The lad, whose parents, Mr. and
Mrs. V. Vi. McGregor, arc well
known here, took Hick last Monday
and tbc lamily physician decided that
nu operation wns necessary. For
this purpose the lad was being conveyed here when a sudden attack of
lii-art failure seized tho youth and he
expired as stnted, the ambulance
greeting „ corpse instead at a hospital patient.
Mr. and Mrs. McGregor were at
one time residents of this city, the
father being a carpenter by trade .
while here. Eight years ago he moved to Salmon Aim where he has resided ever Bince.
The many friends of the liereaved
couple extend sincere sympathy, In
which the Mall-Herald joins.
Moving Pictures tonight.
Never a Dissenting Voice Raised
Yet in Public Meeting-Board
of Trade lets it Slip by
Reciprocity or any other ocity for
that matter seems to lie no Issue in
this city. Notwithstanding the fact
that the newspapers all over the
country for the past couple of
months have hcen tilled from stem
to gudgeon with pros and cons on
this proposed mensure, and notwithstanding the fact that all other
hoards of trade have dlscussod thc
proposition from Ban: to Beer Bhcbn,
lievelstoke Board of Trade has not
yet expressed its opinion on the subject.
A meeting Wai called tor Thursday
night nt whirl) no doubt, had then-
been a Quorum, thiB matter would
have bein brought up lor an cxpros- |
sion of popular opinion, but tbc only
prisons apparently Interested m   the I
welfare of this country were four
staunch liberals, Messrs. J. p. McLennan, IP, II. Bourne, F.W. lining,
nnd W. H, Pratt, the president. Now j
a quorum for g, regular meeting must I
constitute of live members, conso -
qurnlly only four being present, there
wns no meeting. Many other Important, questions were nlBo to havo
been brought up for discussion. From
this apparent dlsintcrcdnesB It must
he assumed that this city is at one
on the matter of rcciprocltyand that
all its citizens nre thoroughly In ac- '
cord with the measure before thc
house, which has set the wholo manufacturing and producing interests
agog, and threatens to disturb the
commercial atmosphere of the country throughout its length and
Jams, Jellies
Wo have a larjje quantity of Crosse & Blackwell's antl Lipton's Jams
and Jellies in 4 and 7 lb.
tins and 1 lb. glass jars
that we want to move
this month.
We are making a reduction of from 20 to 30
per cent, on the above
high class goods.
Ontario Honey in I lb. Glass Jars, ct 25c.
Pure Maple Syrup.    Buckwheat Flour.
New Laid Eggs.    Ontario Pea-Fed Bacon.
Fruits and Vegetables.
Hay, Oats, Wheat, Barley, Beans, Shorts, etc.
Bourne Bros.
Groceries,    Hardware.    Flour and Feed
S3 — ■  ■ JE
Fresh Fish Arriving Oaily
Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Smelts,
Codlings, Whitefish, Finnan
Haddie, Pickled Mackerel, Lock-
iver Herring, Pickled Herring,
Fresh Olympia and Coast Sealed
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
11 ion Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 251
P. O. Box 181
Housewife's Favorite Brands
Robin Hood Flour
Jacob's Dublin Biscuits
Bell Blend Tea
Bell's No. 1 Java and Mocha Coffee
P. O. Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phone No. 23
*=o =
Hpcclal prlcrs for thc last      day's
business, tonight and Monday,      at
May Be Foul Play
t'n.lrr iirruinstances s irrounded by
certain elements <rf mystery the dead
body of nn Indian woman named
Mai y Ann Christy, who was last seen
.it Caitlegar ,,a Monday evening, was
Thursday morning (■-und lying face
downward! near thc river af a l»>int
about une mile east ot Oastlegar.
Whether the caae is one ol foul play
or ol death from natural causes is
not yet determined. News ol the
startling discovery wns brought to
the city Thursday morning hy Alec
(Misty „ brother of the dead woman
wh,; lor some time has resided with
tho girl aud her mother in u but on
a piece of land at thc confluence of
the Kootenay and Columbia rivers.—
Nelson News.
Calrary. Alta., March 2.-II was
announced this morning that the sum
to lie spent in school buildings this
year would be about J468.0WI. This
InclOdei the coat of hul'dlnr four
new schools and making a live room
addition to the high school. Calgary
will then have 24 public schools and
thi i.nest school system In all probability in the nonunion. The new
■ ch Oil will all be built of atone and
with reinforced concrete ground
fiours. the   :m:A-ix^-JHiiiiiR^X-iX),   iiim v if.: lstoki]
<Xbc ADatMbevalfc
KEVLi..MUKt.  11.   C.
interior publlsbtng ilompans.
Legal notices lii cents per line liist
insertion, 5 cents per liuo each
subsequent insertion. Measurements Nonpanel (12 lines mime
one inch.) Store aud general
business announcements %t.M pui
inch per month. Preferred positions, 25 per cent, additional.
Births, Marriages aud Deaths, 5Uo
each insertion.
Land notioes $7.50. All advertisements subject tu the approval ui
the management. Wanted and
Condensed Advertisements : —
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sit
uations warned, Situations Vacant, Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
'-Aanted, lit words or less, 25c,
each additional line 1*0 cents.
Changes il standing advertisements must be in by -J a. ta.
Tuesday un.1 Friday of eacu week
tu secure  c     ,   .   play,
CORRB8PONDENI i*. luvitcd un mat
ters ul pubnc interest. Com
munications tu Editoi must be
accompanied by uumi ut writer
nut necessarily lur publication,
but »a eviuence ui ;;ood faith.
Correspondence  should   be  Uriel.
Including   pustage  to  Englaud,  United States and Canada.
By the year i, through postollicej  $2,011
JOB PRINTING promptly executed
at reasonable rates.
TERMS—Cash. Subscriptions payable in advance.
(Lbe flDaillfoci'aU)
Of Every Description
Can be Obtained from
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
^  ^  .J
■- i. '.-:*;,   * S: *!
. * . '.. ■i-l.'.l  :H*j'*!»*|i[!ll|
-,%-,. *  * rh*»"*a,iin:,*.i bii in i       mmm
 (ili|     kw€ yM®
in*, i
C-ntractor  Newman  bas completed
h.i job at the new  power dam      and
h.s men, tools, and machinery   have
all been removed.      So far thc     new
dam has been giving every  sntisfac
tion, but whether it will continue ti
do so remains to be Been. Everybodj
at least hopes it will, us the citizen
in general, together  with the    wholi
city   council,   have   had   quite  enough
ot delays and     disappointments     to
last them (ur  some  time.  Mr.    New
man pressed fur the payment of   bis
accounts  before be wus ..il the     job,
and the council   acted  wisely ,n   de-
ferring payment until sum time     as
the work is passed upon. Tins action
Will of course  put   it  up to  tile      en
gineers   should   delects   occasion   fur
ther  disappointments  within  a  teat
. nable time.     Had the council acte I
as wisely in the ;*ust as they arc in
this Instance a  great   deal ol      the
trouble  experienced  might have  been
*...! ol  ili  .,   ichool   ask     your thc men  whom ibis organization
boy what he thinks ol such    a  pro- supposed to ropj>esont, but  never
osltion,     By all moans lei  m   have word  issue.1  from ns meeting
,1 manual training school,     It      will organization Bhould     bo tho
iml.c ii  moro manly (.How of    your alive  Institution  In  tho city,
ioy,     And  by  the waj   ivhat    aboul wc   ihould not be obliged to ask the
he     girls.     Wo    must    nol   noglcct nuestion which prefaces this article.
hem.     S cr or  Inter tho    Bchool ■
ioard     will  no doubl   be confronted Tho government   has amended    the
nth some such training tor     them, | Health  Acl   by  introducing a    "con
u.i  .i  is io  I>e hoped they will get aciense"  clause in    Hi,-     regulations
be same consideration as tin-  boys, covering vaccination,  which      means
  that    vaccination  is not compulsory
,    ,,     , ,   ,     ,,      ,    , ... 'without  the  consent of  the   patient.
i     I'. *.. 1   toke   11..ar.l   of  Tr.-ui.'       a     . .
, .       , .. ...     ,     , ,    ,   i ndor lb.- circumstances this is   in..
Iiinir ..f  lbe   pasl.'      Is she a      dead
vcrv     best    th.nn     the  government
n-ititutiou.'      Some  weeks ago  a  re , ,   ,
..      could do.
procal  agreement     regarding      the
.vision of tariff arrangements be-
...ci'ii Canada and the United States
was drafted out. Following this
almost every board of trade in the
i mntry, considering the Importance
of the changes proposed, met in sol-
* mn conclave and discussed pros an.l
i ns from every point of view. Hod
us such as lodges, political organizations and trade congresses did
the sunn- tiling, until Sir Wilfrid
Laurier must now be neck high in
t..'solutions submitted to him urging
■   in t  ahead or back  up.        Hut
a far not a body in Uevelstoke has
had initiative enough to draft a res-
lutlon   in this   matter which affects
very mother's   son of them bo vit-
lly.     The Hoard of Trade to which
very organization in this city looks
•o lead off the van. lias made no
...ove whatever. In fact a quorum
cannot be obtained to transact ordinary      basin s.s.      At      Its    an,noil
neeting not over a dozen of Its fifty
idd   members   were   present.   A   meet-
ng called   some   two  or  three   weeks
.go broughf out  the president.     tho
ecretary and on,* or two    members,
"hursday night another meeting was
lallod and  the faithful  pre ddenl.  it
jiially faithful secretary, and      two
nthuslastlc members turned out.
hal  was all, and c nsequei tly  with
i i quorum, no busin iss was done,
o ..nr mind this organlzath " shoul I
.i.   taken a haul In this light and
ower   trouble   that   lias   lately     been
xperlenced, as  it  materially
lakes Home Baking Easy.
Give s nicer, better food than baker's.
There is no ^baking powder like it
for hot biscuit., hot -breads and cake.
Made from Pure Crape Cream of Tartar.
Hltjh School Attendance
Alt,* dn  00   nt    Iln    '•'"!<'•     II .:b
,*h ioi foi mouth of I el ru iry, llll I
High sell ioi
, Div. 1.    .
u.i;.:;   i
Div. II...
1)7 72   6
\ a ■:,:', 17
Now that Radcliffe the hangman i
dead  applicatii ns  nre   in   order       for i
Ihe vacant job.     Now don't all speak
at once.
New laid eggs arc down to GOc.
Who did that?
San Francisco went mad over a
s!';;iit snow fall. It is our opinion
that, things are not eve,*!., dlstribut-
. I over tho surface of the globe
Down in the Canal Zone whore the
heat Is so Intense that n Hurry of
snow would be enjoyable, they are
lucky to get a peep at it through a
telescope. Dp In Greenland where
.! is cold enough anyway there is no
end of snow.
The pervicadous oplnicestry of
the Reciprocity philosophasters
will result In the detumescence ot
the hortulan Industry and op-
pigneration by the opcropolists—
Creston Echo.
Geo win.-, li   thai so?
Three hundred ami  thirty one chll -
dren came over on a steamer that
sulci Saturday.     This should make
h     tork jealous.
Puttie School fitteiidaiice
The .ill.*ml ine • ul ti.* Public si li
i'or llu- I il on 111 of l-'i'bi-i are -.van
follows :
C iiilral School, Die, I..    20   RO.lij
 II....SJ   8S3-I
ii lal lor the murder ol Tucker Peach
gave  i". al.uiT as  follows:
"I   was   digging   Post,  boles   between
six and seven o'clock  when  1   heard
a team coming along lhe road," said
.Ions  In  telling hia story.    "I    was
■ in prised  to see ,*,  team  out so earlj
ni   the  morning  going in  that direction,  and   looked over to BCO    who  it
was.    There was ,, man driving, and
another standing in the body of   tho
wa ;on.     Tho man driving     wns     a
nei -bbi.r of mine,    whom    1      havo
j    Ottawa,  .March  l.— That "Old Bill" ; known for years,  and  1  know      him
in,..*,  prohablj   tha     most  noted of   'v'''*    It was the prisoner, Jack Fisk
all bandits of recent years in Canada   nnd he was wearing „ yellow    khaki
ii-   was really captured and  is in      the    !l rr-    Th'' olllT nl«" w;,s Bllra «'<!
a-    uila again nl  (ialesvi'.lc, Ga., is the   "harp featured, mil although 1     did
iii'bstance of n  message received      by   " ''  know :'"" V,'r-V wp". ' took him
ID   Col.   Sh iw,.,.,l,  commissioner of  Do*   to ho Robertson, Both the team un.l
111   minion   police  from    the      Pinkerton   thc  wagon belonged to the murdered
13 m iSTffiSIER
Famous Bandit has been Posi-
tively Identified—-Will Com-
plete Sentence in Canada
Uevelstoke Lnu.i District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that Corccue Cornish
Kennedy oi Revelstoke, occupation,
married woman, iu-cuds to apply lor
permission to purchase thc lollowing
described lunds.
Oommenelng at a post planted
about Id eha.as in a southerly direction from the south west coiner of
Lot 0-1*11, theoce west 40 chains,
theuce south Id chains theuce cast
■IU chains to the west shore of Upper
Arrow Lake, theuce north along tho
.ake shore to poiut of commencement
containing about IliO acres.
Dated January 19th, 1911. ...
Per M. Grady, Agent.
Revelstoke Lund District
District of West Kooteuay.
Tako notico that I, Mary Selkirk,
ol Vancouver, occupation, married
..oniau, intends to apply for permission to purchase tho iollow.ng
described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. IS. Corner ol Lot GHU G.L,
and marked M. S.'s S. 13. Corner,
thence north MJ chains, thenco west
.0 chains, thence south 'Id cha.us,
ihence cast 20 chaius, thenco south
iU chains, thenco eust 50 chains
io point ot commencement, contaiu-
• ug ISO acres.
Dated January Oth, 1011.
i'er o. P.  Smith, Agent.
.   I.     13
iv... in
v.... r,t
\ i ;::
VII lill
Vlll. 2'
li    12   detective agency at Chicago.        Col.   man. Tucker Peach."
si 75
HI s|
ii s.:
87 111!
Ti t.i'*.
iS7   t&IS
iii at be. na Sib!. Div, I
. I..
.11    (Vi 85
1 ' .
, .|||    !'". 1*2
.  II    8''(HI
. |H   no.f>0
s  Sherwood  slat..I  today  that    Id n l-l  • —
ll ftcation was complete and that there1 The Vancouver Standard, organ of
r> \vas no doubt that Miner was one of ( the local option party, says In its
"i he bandits captured n connection report of the recent convention in
•"■ with tho robbery of the Southern Vancouver:—"Revelstoke was our
alwaj ompan al White Sulphur, mosl distant delegation in tho per-
"' Ca., .n Fob. IS. Scleral thousand sons of Revs. Mr. Mclntyre and Mr.
dollars   were  secured   hy   thc       train   -i bl)rpe."
robbers  In  this  particular    Instance,!	
17     '....I    icoi-n   ,*,,!,t..,i.,l      .,,„,*n.    tl,,,„.   I.e.! NOTICK
If you aro in socli have   to
Don   one nf those harom
and w ■ will believe you,
As previously s'et. .1 each schnn] has
b *. n provided with i \**l .on >hlel '.
]' i... -ihi ild in on :h school i - .*'i ■ ■■■
in ml iov lo the ih piirlnii til nnikiim
Hi lii ;ln ' p *i*.... ■ ; ■ ■■• f i r • •■' il. n *.-.
Mi-is l\ii a* v'- i! . * In  ■  , -  .
win -;li* -iii.'I.l ir, IVul lill   he' o .1    md
Mi > t'nei ie's in Slriitimoiiu sell ioi,
and   live  days  later  three     of      the
•   : b id were captured, amen ; them be-
"   Ing .Miner.
"Will  .Miner be brought   back      t.
!'. n.'.a  to    complete li s sentence ?"
"   Col.  Sherwood  was asked. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
"Certainly."  he  replied.   "But    the'' °»  clerk'  i,ltomls t0 ""1,ly  f:"'  '""
American authorities will try him on
the charge tb y bave arrested     him
on fil  t.     Should they fail to     convict him, wo will certainly bring him
Uevelstoke   Land   District.
District,  of  Wesl   Kootenai.
Tnl e not Ice that   liasil    it.    Reynolds, of  Revelstoke,  B.  <'..     occupa-
mission  to  purchase    the     following
described lands:
Oommcncin - at  a  post planted   at
the south  west corner of    Lot  7818,
Revelstoke Laud District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that James Peters, of
.MitUeld, Kugiaud, occupation, brick
layer, inteuds to apply for permission to purchase the following described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
ilie south west corner ol lot 8080,
und marked B.J.P. south eust corner
post, thenco west twenty chains,
thence north forty chains, thencu
..ast twenty chains, thence south ior-
ty chains to poiut uf commencement.
Dated December 'Mil,  1010.
Dccill        Per Fred, C. Terry,  Agent.
rack   to  Canada  and  incarcerate him   ,llcnee  (>nst  SC rhni"s'   thenec    south
in  New
Westminster     penitentiary
.ing 1 e.ght.
. a «   icts * * ms   have
u   receive.1   i.i   the   local   I....is   bn
■v and have      I.cen
Thi   bo
■aranco      in
il  chaln3  to  the  n irth  east      corner
of  Lot   TO43,   thence  along  lino      ol
I said   Lot   In chains,   west  Ki     chains
h and 20 cbains  went to line    of
1   .t   l'112,  thence along line of    said
1 oi   li)  chain;  and   20 chains  west to
the  north  west  corner,   Ihence about
6 chains north to place ol commence-
A so   .    un  *.* as *       i tha Flak   ment.
m      a   ami.iei*  trial  now  going on  at   Cal Dated March  1st,  l'Jll.
their     new     ,ii v.     when    on Wednesday, Hubert HASH. It. REYNOLDS,
Jones  a  neighbor of the    man      on Agent  John  Sahw.
jgTTOffi*?"**•'rwvmamtrxvmrxBtiamrYtti-wtjiir: aar: r^T7«r.-ra*TgmcEg«;v -.., :.^.UT^eKBGtlIJi;,8i..i'*a235»E3
The scho. '. board .- verj lavorablj
Impressed with the idea ol establish
,ng a manual training school here
■ lally when the provincial go.
ernnieiit promises to shoulder thi
gn ,*.••:  . ai I ol •  •  . xpense in     con
:. therewith.     Hut apart    from I j
•itter !act    the    board    alwaj      *i
was impressed with the     importune
.f Buch a train.ng Bchool hire,    an
I .o.     :;•    ..   •,;. .gin   the  mattei
•. their regular meetings.
I    . ur m.nd there never    was     r j Ij
"    Q th.iu this .'! train  i
.ng mind and hand at the sami  'imo
I! ;.*  ..   .  lys are to become all lound
men,  m'n  useful in the      vorld      o '
nnni  anii  matter,   the)    ... t  men.
■s .cu ira.niut.     We iie-ej hoys      uh   .
-   •   not top wavy,    boys    with     n<
overs *    Ion        tn
exclusion v ■■ •■-
Sana in i ,J
.  mind     ia
an i ipn n Ion   i
<..iii.    - be pro i.  , *.
meai *.     to  tbe j
I i.r.n i .. in--:.* al     - uu
• :.... .   •        a
.*,..      ■ al   ■• o     i
, . bl ..   • .
ties provi       • *.   ■ i.:i ii **
iiim, lai .;•      i. t   ing so i.. ■
training     b ~i o.r   *. .
:.     u**    .:'■ .  ..   ■* ■ •       u
•   ■
lesieu   in. r hlmsel II
onsi. t in a
just  a-   great   a    tli
ho*.   ,.*■■.i i .
^^^^^^^^^^^ tb.*     boj
t . put h.i.  mm I i,n*i      h in
■     v .rk  id  e.in. inl Hi•        In
cities ...I L. mbla    ■' u
nnd t provinces the •  n
-1ii.nia^- are is    ■ pi i a
imd   the  •      Wl        made  by       tb
■ki.    ll at < ..a-  are  malic
ingenuity—all through a little t .
ng  an.   c.   ..'ira,-. ment.   \w*  need
■round ..  I       , 'or without them
cannot  have nil io:nd men an.l
Nei* n to thi    -'Uth   ol
tas a  mnn ial  11 atnla ■    'br>ol.       i
',.   Vancouver  and  New   We     i i
• Loin,  and   I:.**..*. I.-.,   can i
unu. '. ■        i.fh.n i any ol thi c     i
'.ip-t.  il *.''   -i.c i). ..i.       II  y        dpubl
b    Di \K<
IUCD   ^J*
* .TA
. .
' -     '   LETHBP: IGE
'' sattleforo
% sas'aatooh
swift current
KOOTENAY     LODGE,  No. 15 A. F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MAS-
ONIO 'l'i-LMI'I.lO, Oddfellows' Hull
on the Third Monday in each mouth
at S p. ni. Vi-sitinj; brethren are
cordially welcome.
W.  li. ROBERTSON, Secretary.
SELKIRK     LOUGLl  12,  1. O.  O. F.
Meets every Thursday evening iu
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock: Visiting
brethren  cordially  invited.
K. G. McRAE, N. ti.
JAS.  MATIlIt:,  Secretary.
NU. ilG, REVELSTOKE, 13. 0.
Meets every Wednesday except the
Third Wednesday of each month in
Oddfellows' Hall at S o'clock. Visiting Knights arc cordially invited.
.1. Y. BIMPSON, C. C.
G. 11. BROCK, K. of It. & 8.
M. of F.
\\   II Y
• ?
II Y .
11        I   ii i   solid as the Rock of
...      ■* country is the i"'st for
ipulation, now 4600, will be doubled
000 1 $2,500,000 during this year.
and you parents know
.   .:*■*.. .-*,'• **.      '   -.'-'•''
the I   P Fi
thc i* ild
•.in-   *
'■ "  ;   build 'i" nn alternative freight
uallj lai'. c I* ■ [M i Miiiiti's bein ' mi tl o Dominion -■ vernment
H buill bj the i Canadian Noi them ;in<l
1   ' ar, and it is Btated that
ial  improvements, and the resl will be
rhat i  whj ali t'.vcs nre on Kamloops
One ol
1J K (   K M A X ' S     ADDITION
12 blocks from the highest-priced p     ■                                      mild ol   the entire valley    Lots will be on
>n March G             L0 to Hfli            i one-i   •                                        in monthl >l   'pen   nt of the amount due    Onl   one half of the
■addition will be  old, the e   i                I lots, a will bi trrani     i                 mj faith in the property, as I am
satisfied J             e'moremo            olding half of tl iw.   Ill not a gilt-edged investment, those who
i.Vi. ' i ie in thi Kootenays   ■ ••    ]      ■ ^ ''"' l"' ; '' ,|li! ' '■                :'" ''"     ' " '' "isl''
UL Simpson, (tormeray of Cranbrook) Real Estate Broker, Kamloops, jjenjjjt
COURT     AIT.      11KOIJ1E,    No. S461.
Meets in I. O. O. V. Hall next to
Tapping's Opera House every second
and fourth Monday in month. Visiting hrcthren cordiully  welcomed.
U. VV. BKLL, C. R.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,  Rec.-See.
O. W. O. W.
Mountain View Camp,  No. 229.
Meets  Second    and     Fourth  Wednesdays    iu each   month   in    Selkirk
Hall.      Visiting   Woodmen  are
cordially Invited to ati end
II. W. EDWARDS, Cub. Com.
IIR,    R.    T.    W1LSU N.
BTU1RO—MiiHic Store,    McKenzie  Avenue.
rBRMS- Elementary, under 12 yearn
of age, 75 cents per    lesson.     Ovor
12 years ol age, |i «».       Advanced,
$1.25    per   lesson.       Lessons throv-
iiiiiii ten, ot an hour, once or twice
weekly, as desired.
Teacher of Voice,  1'iiino and Organ
I'uplls  prepared for Toronto Conservatory ol   Mualc.       Local  examinations.
Barrlateri,   Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Dank Building Revelstoke, h. C.
Money to Loan.
Olllces—Uevelstoke,    li.   C,    and
Cranhrook, B. C.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. l'inkham, J. A. Harvey,
RevelBtoke, Cranbrook
I'rovincial  Laud   Kuveyor,
Mining Bnrveyofi
BOX   lilt,   REVBL8T0KB. SATURDAY, MARCH 4TH, 1911.
Capital Paid Up $4,000,000
Reserve Fund    - -    $4 400,000
Has 77 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches.    Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, 6. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Having purchased the business formerly carried on by IS.  A.
Spring we are prepared to execute all orders promptly.
loot and Shoe Repairers,
Harness Makers
Under New Management.
Wm. Boyd, Proprietor
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Greatest Health Resort on the Continent
Natural Hot Water, 124 DeRre- of Ilea
Natural Hot Water in Raths.    O        All Year
Rates from $12 to ? 15 Per Week
The Largest Stock" of Smokers'
Supplies in the Interior
We are thc right people to do business with.
We are carrying an especially good line this
Come in and we will show you that present
for hubby, father or brother that was worrying
The Cigar & Pipe Business is Our Business
and we know it like a book, and you get the
benefit of our information.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Have your architect prepare your plans for
your new building early and get my figures on
your work.
Everybody knows him, lie will
tell you that the whiskeys we arc
selling are tbe best. Call and In-
convinced. No household should
be without a supply of our Harvey's Speoial Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
'.IO yearn old or Blaokborry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled. Hold by all
the leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers ard Dealers in Pure Wines, liquors, Cigars and Cl-garettos
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, - $7,000,000
of The Canadian Bank of Commerce will receive deposits of $i and
upwards, on which interest is allowed at current rates. There is no
delay in withdrawing the whole or any portion of tbe deposit. Small
deposits arc welcomed. 234
Accounts may be opened in the names of two or more persons, to be
operated by any one of the number or by tbc survivor. A joint account
of this kind saves expense in establishing the ownership of tbc money-
after death, and is especially useful when a man desires to provide for
bi* wife, or for others depending upon him, in the event of his death.
Revelstoke, B. C.
suitably furnished with the choicest tht?
market affurds. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate
j.   a.:c:b:b:r,t    stotstje    jf:r.ot?.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
pioved.     First-Claw" in every respect.     All modern convenience
Larue Sample Rooms.
Special Weekly Rate*
Salaried r
Rat a $2.00 per day
Revelstoke, B.C.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   RevelBtoke
New Line
Stirrup  Attached
F.   B.   WELLS.
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
Inside Lots for Sale at
Carriage and Sign
.Shop  in alley" back "of E. J. Bourne's
btore, First Street.
First   Class Work Guaranteed.
Prices Reasonable
Residence Cor. Hid St. and Rolisonn.i
Pacific Coast
Tested Seeds
Arriving daily our new and
fresh stock of Seeds, grown
under contract hy the he-it
growers in all purls nf the
world. Seeds that will K'VI*
yon the lies! results. One ti-i'il
will convince yon. Also a full
hne of garden requisites, Implements of all kind-; Bee
Supplies, Sprayers, Spray, ami
a full line of Chick Feeds and
Conke\ 's remedies. 1'. ess the
button, we will do the rest.
3011 Westminster Road
A. R. McDougall,        Manager
First Divisional  Point   West   of   Winnipeg, on G.T.P. By.
Some Good   Bargains   in   Itevelstoke
W. B. Robertson
Great West Permanent Loan
Company Agency
Special Attention given to commercial
men and tourists. First-class Bum pit
rooms. Finest scenery in Uritish Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne. Prop.
Manufactured for ah ciuii** of   bnildti.jrt
For salfl i» Inn.*** <>r smnll qraDtltlM
at th* lowest i>r re.- for cash
All Itiodfl of bnilHiuK uud plii^toriiiR
ci derukou
Foote & Pradolini.
Hay, Oats, Wheat, Bran
and Shorts
Officii :   Cor, McKenr.le Ave.
am. Second Strbrt
PHONB   73.
Hutchison's Warehouse
Fruit Lands
ll ilenn Bay 1 a r rl - in pur. i-!- of
10 or 'JO arres or rn bloc. Correspondence inviu il,
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
Kepairs  ol  all   kinds   nrnlly  done
Bicycle and Gun work »specialty
Ksliinaten iifven on any class
of work
Front       Street.
Hiis Old Gentlemen
Cured o! Rheumatism
By On* Box of GIN PILLS
Yarmouth, n.r.
"I have been bothered with Rheumatism for the prist year and have taken
i good many different kinds of medicine
jnd found no relief for it.
One day a friend advised me to try
GIN PILI.S, and after taking one boi
of them, I felt like a new man, I
thought I would write you a few lines
to let you know how thankful I »m for
the relief they gave me, and would
»dvi»e all sufferers from Rheumatism to
Wm. Contv,
Don't bother with liniments and so-
called "blood purifiers". They won't
help your kidneys—and Rheumatism is
caused by weak, strained or irritated
kidneys. The only possible way to cure
Rheumatism, Is to rurc the kidneys. GIN
PII.I.S will do this as nothing else will.
Take GIN PII.LS NOW and be free
from Rheumatism this winter. 50c. a
box—6 for j2.,i;o—and money promptly
refunded if you are not satisfied.
Order from ns if your dealer does not
handle GIN PILLS. Sample box sent
tree on request. National Drug and
Chemical Co., Dept. VV,     Toronto,   fj
WANTED—Competent girl nt once,
good wages to right party. Mrs-
S. M. Field, First street, next do0r
t0 Second Hand Store.
WANTED—Men and Women to lenrn
barber trade; cn'y eight weckB required; stay as long as you v ish
for one tuition; tools given with
each scholarship; best school in
Canada; Bituatians or locations
furnished; catalogue mailed free;
write for particulars.—Moler System College, 609 Centre street
Calgary, Alta.
FOUND—Revelstoke Badge Flag Pin
in Opera House a-rter Whist Tournament by Roman Catholic church.
Owner can have same by rroving
property and paying for this add.—
Apply Mail-Herald Office.
ROOM AND BOARD-$25 per month,
in private family.—Enquire at the
Mail-Herald Office.
* Commence 11ow!
We want evcrpidokow
%t we arc paying -
c~4Z InTerdf?
per annum credited mlhlf
on saving deposits ($1-
k opwari) subject To Withdrawal br cheque & *
on lime deposits of*
Sifmonlb & over. *
Wc invest moncf for clients
in first mortgages & do a
general financial business.
& if you are not saving -
j.ysTciuaticallY', *■*»•*■
Commence NOW WiMS.
Deposits ty mail ^ZT»
+ +± casitytianSlei) —
^jncaii. send by Draff,
Post Office * Gjrorcss
Order or Re&isterecT^
better & withdrawals
+ ■+**-►
can be maffiT
--anyway you wish.
Weare Responsible
ReferTo^?+ * * -*
or To anyone ta *
Write 115 about it \ofar
321 Gambi/Street,
g Vancouver B.C.^i
$   A Symposium of What is Happening in
t All Parts of the World
Revelstoke I/and District.
District of WeHt Ko„teBay.
Tnke net ire that D. M. Hicks,      of
Greenwood, it. 0., occupation laborer, intends In npply for permission
to purchase tho following described
Commencing at a post planted on
the north shnre of Trout Lake, about
three nnd threc-ijuartcr miles west
Iron the town of Oerrard, adjacent
to S.B. Corner ot Lot VKf,, thence 80
chnins enst, thence 20 chains south,
or to lake shore, thence 80 chains
west, or following lake shore to
point nl commencement.
Duted February Ub, 1911.
The Veterans' association is preparing for a great summer reunion
.luring  tbe  Winnipeg  exhibition.
The eastern railways will strenuously oppose the order ot the Interstate Commerce Commission prohibiting an  advance  in freight rates.
Informal polls taken in the United
States senate show a majority for
the reciprocity measure arranged
with the Canadian government.
Latest developments indicate that
Winnipeg and Brandon will secure
franchises in thc Minnesota- Wisconsin baseball league.
The officers aud men ol thc steamer Athinal were arrested at New
York on a charge of smuggling and
released on heavy bail.
Timber wolves have killed many
head of cattle and horses in the Willow Bunch district of  Saskatchewan.
T. P. O'Connor tells ot eiciting
scenes in tho commonB on the passing ot the first reading ol the veto
A program of dairy meetings is arranged by tbe extention department
of Manitoba Agricultural  College.
Complications may arise aa a result of the detention of four negroes
by Canadian immigration officers.
Judge Cannon, of Montreal, has
ordered an investigation of the United Shoe Machinery Co.
Thc United States Congress is in
favor of fortifying the Panama canal at a cost al -$12,000,000.
The monarchists in Portugal are
still hopeful of plncing King Manuel
on the throne again.
Premier Briand ol France, and his
cabinet ministers have decided to resign.
The British army estimates for
1911-18 total $138,450-,000 a decrease
ol $50,000.
Viscount Wolverhampton, formerly
British secretary of state (or India,
is dead.
The Liberal candidate Webb, was
successful in tbe Forest ot Dean by-
The hockey team at Thoenix, B.C.,
has challenged tor the Stanley cup.
Harold Vosper, a settler in the
Tyvan district,   was asphyiiated.
The Duke and Duchess of Argyll
may visit Canada next year.
Bold attempts were made Sunday
night to break into three places at
Uev. Wm. Shaw, principal ol Wes -
leyan College, Montreal, is in a very
critical condition.
Six Poles were arrested in a gambling raid at Berlin, Ont., about $75
being found on the table.
A dog woke D.E. Terry, ot Kingston, in time lor him to see a burglar escape trom the window.
North Wellington Liberals endorsed
reciprocity, and elected R. M. Hazel-
wood, ol Clifford, president.
Woodstock voted a loan of $20,-
000 to the V'en Knitting Co., which
will build a »25.0OO factory.
Guelph will put its sewage disposal
plant in good condition and avoid
damage suits for polluting the river
It is said that Sir Wiltrid Laurier
was among tho first to congratulate
Arcbibishop Gautbier ou bis appointment at Ottawa.
Thos. Bobbin ol Arichat, N.8., and
John Porter, of Guysboro, N. S.,
were drowned when a schooner dory
capsized  off Capo  Sable.
Thirteen   ears   of  an   l.C.K.   freight
train were derailed near Munro's Siding,,N.S. Two passenger coaches attached  were also derailed.
W. O. Sealey, M.P , believes that
tbe government will commence the
work this summer ot dee|ienlng aud
widening the canal at Burlington
Cornelius Baden, a dry goods clerk
at Kingston, aged M, ended bis llle
with carbolic acrd. He married a
young widow a lew months ago.
Thos. Courier, aged 30, died at tbe
|>enitentiary nfter nerving three years
of a lour year term for assault. Tbe
(remains will be shipped to relatives
in Potcrboro.
Hugh Hart, of Orangevllle, was fined $25 ami costs for purchasing liquor from an unlicensed party at the
recpiest of a third person who, drunk,
gave Hart away.
A coroners jury was unable to determine the cause of death in the
police cells at Hamilton of Allan
Hayes, win. had been arrested as a
drunk. The stomach will be analyzed.
Capt. and Mrs. R. W. Leonard, of
St. Catherines, have donated a pipe
organ to St. Thomas' church in that
Mrs. John Wands dropped dead on
Sunday at her home in Tilbury, east,
from heart trouble. George W. Wands
H.C.R., of the Independent Foresters
for Western Canada, is a son.
L. B. Gillett, manager of the St.
Thomas street railway, will become
connected with the Department at
Labor at Toronto, and Aid. Trott
will supervise thc railway without
A peck on the back ol tbe left
hand by a chicken which Godber
Jackson, a Grand Trunk freight conductor at Windsor sustained a few
days ago, almost resulted in a casa
ot lockjaw.
George Waller, forjner C.P.R. news
agent at Montreal, was awarded $300
damages for false arrest on a chare*
ol theft, as be had been unable to
secure employment or get license for
The body of ChriB Andrews was
recovered from Hamilton Bay. He
and his brothers bad taken up land
is Saskatchewan, but he returned
east lor the winter and had been
working in Toronto.
London city council defeated a motion to ask President Hays when the
G.T.P. intended to make improvements, the aldermen feeling tbat patronage of rival roads was the only
way to obtain the desired object.
Rev. Dr. Pcthie, pastor of the
Jones street Baptist church, Hamilton has received a call from the
Church of the Redeemer, New York.
The salary offered is $5,000 a year.
It is understood that Dr. Petble has
decided not to accept.
The total issue of South African
scrip warrants up to February 18, is
as follows:—Total issued, 7,096; located by veterans, 534; located by
substitutes, 4,408; instruments registered, 5,083; located but not registered, 584; ofl the market, 5,668; still
on the market, 1,128.
Archbishop Begin, of Quebec, in a
pastoral letter, denounces La Yigie,
and Le Soleil, stating that a Catholic journalist, whether he be swayed
by party or not, should put the cause
of God and tbe Church above all,
and should never sacrifice tbe superior principles of Catholic doctrine,
morality and discipline to human
Because city power suddenly increased while Dr. Lipsey. of St.
Thomas, was treating a patient with
electrical apparatus, causing burns
to both, the city will likely be sued
for damages.
A vigorous effort is being made to
prevent the reciprocity bill (rom go-
in,,' to a vote in the senate at Washington. It is said tbat there is no
question of the measure carrying if
a division was reached.
As a result of tbe order of the interstate commerce commission regarding rates, the Chicago, Milwaukee, and St. Paul Railway is reducing the number of its employees.
A bill bas been introduced in tbc
Saskatchewan legislature to give the
municipalities the right to assess unimproved lands for school and muni-
cidal purposes.
lu the houBe of commons Hon.
Clifford Silton came out against the
reciprocity agreement. Hon. Sydney
Fisher replied to tbe ex-minister of
thc interior.
Tbe Pope contemplates issuing an
order to tbe cardinal vicar ot Rome
to forbid all women wearing harem
■kirtl to enter the churches in the
A report comeM Irom St. Petersburg, Russia, that thousands are
dying daily of tbe plague in tbe
Manchurian city of Pel  ChaunlinUei
The Labor government has started
a campaign in Australia to hare all
industrial powers rest with th* federal authorities.
The independent candidates triumphed over the candidates of tbe
"bosses" in tbe Chicago mayoralty
The storm which ushers in tbc
month ol March is causing considerable trouble to the railway train -service. ,
Residents and ratepayers of West
KildoBan,  nearest the Winnipeg city
limits want to be annezed    to the
C. 0. Bo0tb, an aged invalid, was
burned to death tn his home at Fort
tlu'Appelle,  Sask., yesterday moinlng
Kdwin |>»«rCe, * ('orniehtnaa, was
granted « divorce in KogUnd from
Ma w|f,. m Canada.
Moving Pictures at tb* Edis0a Theatre to-night. THE   OVnAlI^-l-lE^^LiD,    KEVELSTOKE]
£•* •%'%^%^<».%^%^V%%^*%1
►.■*%■%.%■ %^*^va> 1
4.-%.%-%.%-»%-% ■v%*%'%.^'%%'%%•%■%%.%%-%%%■»%%'%.'%'%■%
Curling days are rapidly bearing and plenty, nnd forced to grivo in af-
nn end anl the game all through has ter receiving as sound „ trimming as
provided nn immense amount nt win- the gypsy niuu ever gave a num.
ter sport for those men who other- 'Altera couple of years rest and modi-
wise would not have known how to tntion, King having proven his met
employ their spare momentB. This tl- by defeating John 0. tlci-nnn, ag-
proposition ..f a new rink, devoted aln challenged Mace, who hnd gained
exclusively to curling, should add an universal recognition ns England's
impetus to the sport it it is gone champion since the retirement ol
through with and not allowed to die  Tom Bayers.
in its initial Btages. It should not Mace and Kent met in 1SH2 nnd for
be allowed to die, but should be forty rounds their fight wns a rcpe-
dexterously advocated till everybody tltlon of thrir first battle. The
is thoroughly enthused nnd made to scienced, crafty Mace was all over
feel as much as its proposers the the younger mnn. lie slushed Tom
need ,.f the rink. Kevelstoke should j with his sweeping knuckle-drivers; he
have :t. It will prove n splendid ■ jabbed him nnd jolted him, and there
'    .in. nt   to   the   city,   nill     will j wis  no  stage  of  the  tight   at    which
•   .ii  the  good old roarin'  game   Marc was not the absolute     master.
ning one ol the linest and most.] King seemed to keep on    bis     feet
liar L-aincs of thc senson—a game   through  sheer gameness  and  recuper-
...  which old and young,  male nnd fr-   a'ive    power.      Finally      in  the  I2n.l
may disport  thomaelves.    Did I   round the gamo y gster was all in
ray female'' Yes. an.l I believe hon-I He staggered back toward the ropes
tbat then- are suilicient wo- and the gypsy crept catlike after
men sports in this city to gat up eager t.> l.ni I the final drive. King
twi an.l perhaps more, good rinks, js imod wholly helpless, and Mace
that would succeed In interesting nil Btarted g long right hand swing thnt
the women folks ,,! tbe city In the should bring down thc bacon.
game as much as the men folks seem As the swing started, King ham
to    e.     There Is no reason whatever  niored hia right list downward, blind
Ellison Pays His Fine and Costs
for Stealing Silverware from
Windsor Hotel
Changing his former idea of
guilty" to that ot "guilty ol stealing three articles ol silverware from
the dining tables of the Windsor hotel," J. T. Kllison, who appeared before Magistrate Foster on a remanded case on Thursday morning, was
sentenced to a line of $50, or in default three months' imprisonment,
with a further penalty of three
months' imprisonment on suspended
The accused came up for trial on
Monday morning last and pleaded
for  a   remand  of  the case  till Thurs-
Ilen Hart, confessed to the crime,
nnd turned Kind's evidence at thc
assizes when the three men were
brought up for trial. The Newman
brothers were sent down for a term
ot 20 years each in the penitentiary,
and Hart as a reward for giving evidence against his confederates was
allowed to leave the province. He
return>d to his old home at Chesaw
but in spite of the stein wnrn'ni;
given him by the sentence passed on
the Newman brothers in Canada was
not'sti"   unable  to distinguished between
mourn and tiiuiii."
All three men. while awaiting trial
lodged in the provincial jnil
-Nelson  News.
" Wc don't have to boom Kamloops," was thc response to a ques-
tlon put to Mr. F. B. Simpson, who
wns In the city on business Thurs -
day. "The city's natural advant -
air.'s boom the place themselves, an.l
any  man  who  is wise to tbe      facts
metis no better argument than a
day morning in order that he might glanoe nt thc statistics. Just listen
secure legal defence. 0. K. Gillan to these llgures," snid Mr. Simpson,
was obtained and in defence of tnu I "an.l judge for yourself:—
prisoner who pleaded guilty to the "Last fall tho C.P.R, purchased
theft of articles to the value of $7.00, j JSMiOM to 275,000 worth of prop -
Ills counsel stated that the accused '''' '.v. and are enlarging their round-
white admitting the charge against house and shops, and extending their
him, hns committed it more in the yards. And it is quite evideut that
spirit of a joke, intending as soon ns   ''* is  the  C.P.R.  that is  back  of the
why  the men should  monopolize
this   sport  to  themselves.      It    is
-    - el  (,-ame,  requiring  not   a  great   wards
amount  of  strength  and  physical  en
durance, and there   is no  reason whatever  why the women should  not      be
as proficient at it as the men. There
ly, hopelessly, with both his eyes
shut tightly 80 be told it after-
Tin- blow was no orthodox
lighting blow—it was the chopping
■imasli of a blacksmith bringing down
the hammer on the anvil. And that
mad,  hopeless  wallop     enme      down
nre  perhaps  half  a  dozen   young men   full and  fnir  In  tho entro of    Mace's
In the city who will be willing     to   l;;'"• setting double force    from   tha
skip a ladies rink in its initial stage
and nothing would delight them
more. After that no doubt tbc wo-
men could do their own skipping and
challenge the men to ns fine a game
as was ever played. I would propose that the women get into the
game right away lielore the season
closes. Get them enthused nt once
gnl let them help in the agitation
for a  new  rink.
Two good games were played at
the rink on Wednesday evening between the Civic and tbe Hume's and
the Baud nnd Corley's. The lirst.
game resulted in a win for the city
hall employees by a score of 11 to 10
and the second was won hy the Cor- '
ley's to the tune of 9 to 8.
Old timers are again beginning to
take a hand in this curling game and
getting   as   enthusiastic   over   it   ..nee
wry impetus of Mace's head and
body as Jem lunged forward in his
n ighty swing!
Mace's entire face seemed to flatten
. t beneath the blow. He sank like
a hammered steer, and It was half
an hour before lie gained his senses,
h' ng veil knowing nimselt to be the
luckiest of mortals would never fight,
lr.n again, nnd the title passed hack
1.. the gypsy hy default soon after.
When Jack Dempsoy first fought
George I.a Blanche the "Marine" he
beat the Frenchman to ribbons, nn 1
when they were mat,'-rd 'for San
Fi .liiriseo, the bout was looked upon
as a picnic for the Nonpareil. And
si.  it     proved    for $8 rounds. I,a
Illinche took a dreadful beating, and
only the fact that Dempsey was no
K. 0. puncher saved him for the
n the 29th round Dempsey was
II sn.: the "Marine" furiously, and
I'.i,. finish scenic I at. haul Reeling
more as a ki.l over a, n-w toy, The pway from the clinch, I.a Blanche
pame   has  that   fascination  about   It,   i npod up an.l spun clear around      In
that all yon have to do is to start
at it and away you go. It is like
swimming and bicycling—-you can't
fjrget it. .Sandy McRae, Sandy Mc-
donell, Geo. S. MeCarter an.l Dr.
s itberland  literally   jumped    up    in
ill! air, swinging out bis right haul
.a the whirl. An.l the cloved hand
Caught the astonished Dempsey farr
upon the chin, flattening him as if n
i. u of coal had (alien on his skull !
I'   was a   pivol   blow, a   blow     Much
the air nn.l      whooped    her  up  to  a   •.:•:  ht  not   land once  in   10,000  times.
fare-ye-well on Thursda>   night  in    a  nnl  which    in    this ..in- case    went
contest   with   the  Civic  rink. Some
called  this rink the old tinier-.,  while
others  avowed   they   were   the       Big
Four,  but   whatever name      they    ns-
sume  themselves  .t  is evident      that
there will lav.   t,,    i.,      considerable
practice   among the younger    bloods
:•   they    ..n   heat   tin*-  almost   In-
bl(  aggregation,     They actually
beat the civic i-in* to a     standstill,
an '.   then   afterwards  set   around       a
blazing coal  fire anl toll  over    and
again ■ *! v . •*»i lee ■■•■■ u in     the
r Jay.- when they were in their
at   tbe  .'am.*       "It  was ..ne n'.
tin  ' • -; garni a ■ :' •' •• season,"     de-
■  iher-  w.i-   .
. .•   t ci tators     at   .
• ■ ..I  I .ver saw."     Every one   .:'
these    iiii       . a> -:  .u, excellent   i
an! chaaed the   ' n a ai
* a playing  .
a game of marble-      To  Sandy  M.
Rae  , r i» ascribed      '.  put tin •
*   II camparl •* l are
tt   tbi   third ■ nd thea
... :      v- laid I■•••    *•*:; ..   al  tbe  •  •
• i      -%i. lv   l j.• in     id '   ■ i
'   :. -    wl. . ll     hi     ' •
lata -   I n    bjr,   . .t
i ,. tones and I
■one :. :*    D
: a -
OD   tl •
i     a
-■ t short witl ; m tt wll
fling   t"   •:*.*
ii.-it  : at  was  played I.        i
J Barber uni (1 m It  n
ii   ne straight an*! ti n
\t   Robey,   Indiana, m  1892,  J oh Ml)
Griffin,     "the Braintree Lad,"     the
in. a that George     Dixon's     backers
■i'.i  most   ol  ali   the feathers    was
.*i. .pplng  Solly  Smith.  ..f Ca
*. little  pieces      Smith hadn't    a
."   nee  on  earth.      lb'  WBS  oul   ■ ,*
.* I. i outgeneraled      He     *. i
.*. i-ilcssly   round   the  ring,   wh
,:;   -whose  eyesij ht   was
.....ni-.l forward t,. peer a*  him     an.!
.   -ate him for th.* final  walli .     I
■ -t th.-a   bang!     \ frantic,
- swing from thi    leateti      smith
: led ovei    get! ng Griftm
>•  the  ear.      •'   !;■
• i    'he  Boor,   . th could
r.lly  stand   while  the  referee      was
There  have  been  man*,   other  'am
- Huki -   but these thi ee   perhaps,
■  wonderful in all     the
nils ..f the lighting game
have been mm
ties when •
through strangi
111 •
bave ended with
all     concert In all   I
i. ,*.. *. er, • .   - *    .  i*, . ii       markn
"•I ike    rlctoi
iim  tbi    ecoi. .   :.." I   ' el »i en    Je i
Mar» i:'. 1 T'm King . i..
tie betmeos Jack Dempaey nn.l   Oco
\m Blanetu    an I ihe    combat      i.
• - | -.'i. th  ni. I   Johnny Gi
Tom King. "Im
■ h     . ..     t,n ...     .n
the    summit      •-(    the    bare kn ■
■pr.*,,-.   a..-I     Joe Maii   iarly in h
yarwi   uni *w besup- bepttPfov
defusing a cable    '■ Hugh
I  I   '    :. !.i  a lighl "n  l.an •-
i   u :.* . don or Paris   for May or
and  with   ringer,
ea,   Jack   Johns.,n   threatened
i  months     '      be
•     .
'   I
■• n • roe
■ • again i tic
u ■■      '.a. i) II I
.a     :• mand       mei    I     will
•  * i:  an   Imei i m,  i efi n-c   i ,,n i
v    * ,'   I   . an'  n
the  ring  wh. n       I
• it  ai.i i, i again        Johnson -mid
'••'*• -     lie I . .til.}
0 -hi  In J
I.l MU-.l: CLAN l   in RNKI)
I'   * '  Ml '    i ■ '■ -       * ',
Inn  I. .in  "i
'        i   . i mill ■
planl    ' 'ii**   i;..11
■'-I.'i . '*'        i, :   il..-  Miillnoiii
Lumber* II
ng with every liki   I     i of i,.* ng de
troyed,     a heavy wind iH blowln •
, 'he lo *          i    || 50,000
J     i    *i  lm ili in*'
ill hold n tea on March 22nd at tba
I   "me "I  Mi...   .1.  I'    Mi l.eniian's.      i'l
Moving ri'fn.*   i ,.   ht,
the opportunity olfcred itself, to return the article. "The accused," he
sail, "bore a good character, lie
i was a steady workman, had behaved
himself as any law abiding citizen
should up to the time of this offence
and as fnr as known this was his
only lapse from grace either here
, or elsewhere."
Mr. 0. Tapping, proprietor of the
Windsor hotel, when placed on the
stand informed the court that accused had hoarded at his hotel for the
past two months and that during
that time articles to the value of
*$v3 had been stolen from thc dining
room. He Identified the three ar-
tieles which the accused had admitted the theft of, but could not
positively sny whether certain other
silverware in possession of the ac-
cused had come from his hotel or
His Worship to prisoner—What was
your  object  In  taking these articles?
Accused—I did not realize what I
had  taken  until  1 opened  my valise.
His Worship—But what did you
take  the other things for?
Accused—For use iu the caboose
car. as we sometimes eat there.
His Worship—Do you deny stealing
these knives,  forks and spoons?
His Worship—You just admit steal-
in- this silver tea Pot, and these
salt  nnd   pepper  shakers?
Accused—That is all.
Chief Parry, who conducted the
prosecution, made an attempt to
prove that the articles stolen were
taken with the object of disposing of
ih 'in. to which attempt
counsel ahjectcd. ^B^^^^^^^
Tin' fart  of the theft of certain ar-
tlcles   being admitted,   however.   Magistrate    Poster  Imposed  the sentence
..ve,   stating  that  he  had   civen
'i in the benefit ..f tin.*, lieing hia tirst
offence  and   had  also  taken in-.. e,.n*
ihieratlon  the fact ot his     pleading
guilty.      "The  charce acainst    you,
en," remarked the macistrate,
bave resulted in live     years'
I Alberta Central that is building west
1 of Yellow-head pass nnd down the
North Thompson to Kamloops, these
Increases  arc  to  meet  heavier      d
I mands on the company.
i "The provincial government has
been very liheeal with Kamloops
this year, and will start building a
new provincial old man's home that
is to cost $2C0',MO, It will also
spend from $511,000 to $75,MO in improving  the  rapacity  of  the   provin-
1 rial jail, to keep pace with the requirements of the growing territory.
The provincial governnunt and th?
C.N.R.  will unite in the construction
' ol a combination traffic and railway
bridge across Ihe south     Thopmson,
I at. a cost of $25O,*0'0O.
"Many    large    business    blocks nre
I under construction, and plans are
ready for more. All thc hotels In
the city have been enlarged, and it
is evident thnt Kamloops will Ire one
of the liveliest rities in the province
the coming \cnr.
"It is conceded as a conservative
estimate by Mayor Robinson, an old
time resident, that the expenditures
in and immediately around Kamloops this year will reach $2,250,000
to  $2,503,000."
Old Jonathan sang (as thc chords he
Of "Over  the Water to Charlie"!:
"I'll    cross    the    border to  Johnnie
And fool him over his barley.
"I'll  grab up his  wheat and      wood
and  steel,
And herd up his beeves unruly-
Why,   iu  course of  time,  T  am    sure
he'll feel
That I nm a neighbor truly.
"For Johnnie Canuck  is a peaceable
And his goods are mine     for     thc
What i.- worth having is there to be
And  I'll  set   young  Johnnie awnk-
return'"  iHe closed
And,   "What   in      ^^^^^^^^^^
one •
"I'll offer him my  i rotection;
themselves    after several hours resi -!If anything hostile comes why I—
* *
..' last found
'.ate  ..n
Bg Wil '   * .
Mr.  J.  Hackett       ■
I"    nr..: (8.50
Benei   . -•
Sen Hart Famous for Bridesville
Hcldup Gets Busy Again
, ■    ■ j-    Ban H'o •
ian. I.    neai
* .■ '. gull
•    *
* •
•     ■
Her.     |9,    . ■   -
and  iii n   Hart      held      ip
*   I,in leton,        *    *   'fnnHtT III
Bi l<        near  tbe    Bti
i,  robbed
.1    li wh irj Mi 'ii  the ;.n.nt-
■i                       ■ Boundarj
.   '                          ■ :,      Min Harl
■ i.   to   'ana In     bul
.,..,,  brotbei
'iml I * ■     -i *.. I.n •
.,11,,     Lei-en
»OOd    ■   'li    Hart   and   left    Hie   olhel
v..     .i.n In*:   ,n   the   CURt.odj     of        n
■•   i!    ,1   I'liesa*.       Tli   ■   nun.
I; •  [CUM    liV    I'lrve    Ne.'. mini
lei thai   ' .i in ,* escape William '•  ■
nun   wn    brought   bark   I,.   ll
ii v ni..! iiitei „ ion.; pui** nt by Chief
Banbury nud his Militant i Uleva waa
lluulK located iu the Uknnsgan,
I ran look  in the other direction.
in  my  trusts    and      my
ilnei  fine,
And   his   food  an.l  his  clothes  shall
And I'll -••• that be filches    nothing
of n.
Thar'-   '■ • i ImIu*        v. bai   could  be
!<■    going to
• —
Ami  -.nn    if his  words arc  s,
nger   * *.* (•.. .le l
jreement'i     an
* ... i    nr.*
ikj * bi   .'.'   •   do H
• •  alone,
uiaki* I
'tables mm
' * .  ■*   reodei
.* ... ":.
vara potato* - make
it   meat   lo
While furniture nnd woodwork can
be beautifully cleaned with whiting.
Wring a flannel cloth from hot water
dip it in the dry whiting and rub
well to remove nil Btains. Then wash
oil the whiting with clenn warm water, nnd dry with n soft cloth. The
rubbing strokes should always be the
way of the wood.
A very simple method to keep the
hands iu good condition is to wash
thsm frequently (after work that
soils them much) with soap and hot
water, partly dry them, then rub in
a few drops of glycerine and ammonia. These should be mixed in equal
Parts and kept in a small bottle,
well shaken hefore using.
Often there is a little difficulty in
turning cakes, especially ginger-
hrend, out of tbe tin. This difficulty
may he overcome by greasing anl
dredging a little flour over the tin
before adding thc mixture. Then, nf^
ter taking it from tbc oven,    stand
Old Fallacy That Drunkenness Cunma
Be Cured  Exploded.
| the tin on a damp cloth for a minute or two before removing the
To touch up an old and faded rug,
get dyes of the various colors in the
rug nnd n number of camel's hair
brushes. Dissolve a little ol each dye
in boiling water, and nfter the rug
has been well cleaned, paint thc dyes
on where they arc needed.
Many men drink who iirpii-e tn sto;
the habit. Whfaky, however, bus un
dermtned the constitution uud create*
a craving that is not in be denied
anil the man must have whisky oi
something lhat will remove tbo crav*
ing ami build up the system i.nj restore lhe nerves.
Samaria Prescription Etops tho craving, steadies the nerves, i.ni,,is up ih.
^.-nt-ral health and makes drink nctu-
illy distasteful and nun.*- atus. tt I."
tasteless and odorless, und enn be given with or without the patient's
knowledge, in tea, coffee nr fund, n
is used regularly by Physlclnns and
Hospitals. It has cured tlinimnnils In
Canada, and restored happiness to
.lundreds of homes.
Ue.'lil    whe.t    Mrs.    C,. .   0f    Hull,
says of It and what it did for her:
It is four month* in.day shice* I
.tarted to line ynur Remedy I follow,
i-d the directions, and had ttoe best of
results. One week ariei 1 slull.d un
Ing your Remedy thfl patlenl slopped
iliinkliiK. and lias nol drunk a i:\inn.
.,f ll'iuor slnre. I hope y„„ win accept
my heartfelt thanks. Hoping ilod will
t.i. n ynur Remedy whenever tried, i
Mm.   O ,   Hull,  Que.
CName   withheld   hy   request.)
N'nw.  if there  is  anyone    in   your
'own   who   needs   this     Remedy,   tetl
them   "f  a     Proi id .1  philanthropy
mn  lake no h*etl"r form.    If you  bave
,   husband    father,   i.rother  or  friend
* 'in   drinks,   h< Ip   thi m   help  them-
\   I REE  TIM M     I'M K M.I!  of  Hi
mi,rl'i.    with    Bool      t   giving   lull    pur
.   lars,       i".*. il ms,      testimonials,
pr    e, 'tr.,  will  I"   Si lit  in .1  pl on se il
. a p..- kaga to ai   uni   inentlonlna Uilu
,*i it     Correspondent.-*   ineredlj   con
* a ntlal, The trial pneli iki ulnne hut
ifti n oured w I Ite lo dui The Ha
,1ai .a Heine :*. Co Di pt. il 19, Col-
borne st, Toronto, Canada. Ais.,
foi Hale bj ' ii. Macdonald, Druggist,  Revelstoke,  B, 0.
Certificate of Improvements.
tilnd Hand Mineral Claim, situated
in thc Trout Lake Mining Division of
West Kootenay District. Where located:—At head of Seven Mile Creek
and adjoining the Winslow Mineral
Take Notice that I, O.B.N. Wilkle,
acting as agent for Bruce White, P.
M.C. B29009, William Bennett, F. M.
C. B26221, and Nettie Davcy, F. M.
('. No. B25561, intend sixty days fr0ni
date hereof, to apply to thc Mining
Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, for the purpose ol obtaining a Crown Grant of thc above
And further tnke notice that action, under section 37, must lie commenced before thc issuance of such
Certificate of Improvements.
Dated Ninth day of March, l'Jll.
O. B. N. WILK1E, B.C. L.S.
Trout Lake, B. C.
Affords superior educational advan*
LagcMi Huiidsome now brick bulldiiiffi
modem equipmentt cxtennivcgrounutii
Clauses graded in accordance with the
schools throughout thi.** Province
Complete Music and Art Departments*
Special courses iti Shorthand, Type*
writing nnd Book-keeping^ Particular
attention given to refinement ol man*
tiers ami correct Knj^li.sh.
For Prospectus. Address The Academy.
John Lee
Manufacturer of  Ladies'
Ladies Suits Made to Order
Fit Guaranteed
All kinds of Silk, Gingham,
Muslin,   and   Fancy
things kept in stock
l't mim Reasonable p. 0. Box -206
Front 8t . Lower Town, Revelstoke
In tbe Matter ol the Esta'e ol Erne: t
K B. liHyinii. deceaeed.
Notice ie hereby given tbat all cied-
iinn. mid others having claims Hgxiuiit
Estate ul Ernest. K ti. Bayni-s, iate of
Msltiknn, B. (!., ilt'crimi'd, wlm died ut
Reveletoke omn bout tbe 17th day
ol Dicemher, 1910, nre required lo
sc. d in tbe undersigned Solicitors lor
D vid L, Baynes and Robert Howeon,
Ailiniiiisirat.oiai.f the Eata'e ol snid
deceased, within 60 days liom dale
lull pariiculars ol their claims, duly
vended, and that after that date the
snid Administrators nill proceed to
distribute the imid estate amongst
those entitled thereto regard being Imd
only to those claims of which suid
Administrators shall huve then received notice.
Dated January 10th. 1911.
Harvey, MoOarter & Pinkham,
Solicitors for  D.vid   b.   Baynes
and Robert   Howhou,   Administrators   of   the   Estate   ol   mi id
d-ceased. ,111 (10,1
In the Matter of the Estate ol AugUBt
Johnson, deceased.
Notice ie hereby given that all ored-
iii.r» and others having claims against
the Estate ol August Johnson,  late of
Hevelidoke,   B. C , drceasid, who died
nt, Kevelstoke on or about  tho Hth dav
ol Seplt inber,  I'.i 10.   ure   ri quired   to
si ml to the uudursigi.td Soliuiiors for
William B. Robertson,   Administrator
of the Estate of said decest-rd,   within
fit) days Irom date full   particulars   of
their claims, duly venriid,   and   that
■.Iter tbat dale tlie said Adniintsliator
will proceed   to   distribute   the   said
eatat'i iiniongi-t* Hi se entitled  thereto
regard being had only  to tho«e claims
ol   whicli   said    Administrator  shall
have then received notice.
I hid d January lO'li, 11)11.
Hahvev Mo-Tarter & Pinkham,
Snliiitors Inr William B. Robert-
eon, Administrator oi the Estate
ol the said dice-sed.        .111 BOd
In the Matter ol thu  Estuie of John
T. Jones, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that sil cred-
i ors and others having claims uguinst
tl e Estate of John T. Johns,   late   of
Iti'velstoke, B C , deceased,  who died
at Sicainiius on or about tlie   llth day
ol August, 1910, are n quired to   send
to the undersigned Solicitors for   Martha Jane Jones and   Thomas   Kilpat-
ru It, Admiiiistrati'x aud  Administrator oi tbe Estate of Baid deoeaaid, within 60 days Irom  date  full  particulars
of theii claims, duly verified, and that
alter tbat date thu   said   Administratrix and Administrator   will   proceed
to distribute the Baid estate  amongst
those entitled   thereto   regard   being
had only to those cla ms of which said
Administratrix    and    Administrator
Bball have then received notice.
Dated January 10th, 1911.   JllGOd
Harvey, M60ahter & Pinkham,
Solicitors for Man ha Jane Jones
and Thomas Kilpatriok, Administratrix and   Administrator  of
the Estate of said deceased.
Io the Matter of the Estate of James
A. Magee, deceased.
Notice is hereby given that all creditors and others having claims against
die Estate of James A Magee, late of
Chase, B C, deceastd, who died at
Bevi 1-toke on or about the llth day
nl November, 1910, are n quired to
send to the undersigned Solicitors for
Sarah E. Magee, Executrix of the last
will of snid deceased, within U0 days
In*in date full particulars of their
claims, duly veribed, and lhat after
that date the said Executrix will pro-
cied to distribute tbe said tstate
amongst those entitled thereto regard
being bad only to those claims of
which said Executrix shall have then
received notice.
Dated January 10th, 1911.
Harvey, McCahtkk it Pinkham,
Solicitors of   Sarah   E.   Magee,
Executrix of tbe   Last   Will  of
deceased. Jll 60d
Reveletoke l.-md  District.
District of Weat Kootenay.
Take notico that William Kennedy,
of Revelstoke, B. C, ocouparion, Special Constable, intends to apply lor permission to purchase tbe (ollowing described lands.
Commencing at a post planted at
tlie south-east corner ol Lot, 50(39,
thence north 40 chains, tbence west
20 chains to pre-emption No. 262,
thence north 40 chains, theuce eaat 80
chains, thenoe routh 65 ohaine to Lot
No. 3945, theuce weat 40 chains, thence
south In chains to Lot No. 1139, thenoe
west 20 chains to poinl of commencement.
Dated January 7ih, 1911.
Per T. W. Baiu, Agent.
lievelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenay.
Take notice that the Canadian Pacilic Railway Company intends      to
apply lor permission   to   lease     the
following dc-cribed lands:
Commencing at a poet planted   on
the shore line of Upper Arrow   Leke;
said post bearing South 41     degrec»
West a distance of 224 feet from tbc
South EaBt coruer of Block 49 of thn
registered town Bite of    NakuBp,    in
Lot 337 0.  1  Arrowhead, and      district; thence Westerly     along      said
shore Hue a distance ol :t850 feet to
n point; said point bearing South 41
degrees, West n  distance ol S87    feet
I Irom the Head block ol South      leg
! ol Nakusp Wye; thence south Into tbe
I Wuters of Upper Arrow Lake a diB-
! tance of 800 feet, then e Easterly and
i l'arallel to tbe  Shore line of      said
; lake a distance of 3850 feet,     thenco
j North a distance of 800 feet to true
Ipont of commencement,     conta'ntttg
70 » acres more or Iciisf
Hated February nth, wn.
Tbe Canadian Pacific Hallway Company,     Ter E.  W. Batemaa,     Local
Hir;bt of Way and Lfftse Ajent, \'%u>
cuuref. SATURDAY, MARCH  ITH, 1911.
I32T': ..
Get the Roys and Girls to
find the misspelled words in
our advertisement on this
page next Wednesday, March
Sth, and win a prize.
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store  or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
Carpet Squares
We have just taken in stock a
choice selection of these goods
direct from the factory, in Wiltons, Brussels and Tapestrys.
Ask to see the new Pro-Brussels
seamless squares for living rooms,
bedrooms, etc. Dainty patterns,
easily cleaned, and made to stand
exceptionally hard wear.
Curiam Goods
Part of our Spring stock just
arrived which includes a choice
line of Tapestry Curtains, Nottingham Lace, Irish Point, and
Also the newest in dainty
Scrims with Fillet Net Edging;
decorative Scrims, Madras Muslins, and Bungalow Nets.
Iron Beds,
A nice range of medium and
low price Iron Beds and Springs,
Mattresses and Pillows, Blankets
and Bed Comforts, always on
Pure Honey
White Clover Honey, 5 lb. Pails
and 1 lb. Jars.
Wild Rose Honey in jars.
Bishop's Honey, while comb.
Watch our Corner Window for Fruits
Wask Goods
Spring Showing
19U Wash Goods. A marked
style tendency is already showing
itself in that heavier weaves are
wanted i'or dresses. The sheer
materials are still wanted for
the daintier gowns. New weaves
color effects.and exclusive designs
are combined in our Spring showing which is by far the largest
and handsomest assortment we
have ever shown.
I5c. to 50c.
Spring Suits
For the Ladies
Plenty of women are already
picking out their Spring Suits to
judge by the present stir and
bustle in the Ready-to-wear Department. There is the woman
whose winter suit is getting
shabby. Then there is the woman
who is just tired of winter weights
and shades, all ready to greet the
new, fresh Spring Suits. We
have them from
$15 to $25
For Corset Covers
18-inch Corset Cover Embroidery at 25c. Snowy white,
fine floral effects, real value at
50c. a yard. Ten patterns to
choose from, and only
25c. per yard
The new Dry Goods
and Ladies' Ready-to-
wear Departments on
the Second Floor "Invite You" to come in
and look us over. Lots
of room to move
around, and piles of
new and interesting
goods to examine and
Great shipments from
"The Old Countries"
have been passed into
stock and we now have
a store and stock
which we know to be
the finest in the interior
of B. C. and we are
proud of, and you will
be.   Come and See.
Friday Special
Ladies  Underwear
Combinations and Separate
Vesls and Drawers. Sec window
on McKenzie Avenue i'or particulars. You can only buy these
Friday, so grab up enough to do
you for next season too. Any
garment in the lot at
Fri lay Special
Ladies' Hose
Ladies' Black Cashmere Hose
at 25c. They are 0. K. goods,
well made and absolutely seamless
You can only buy them on Friday
4 pair for $1, or
25c. per  pair
Friday Special
Ladies' Corsets
Ladies' Corsets at 50c You
could hardly getjthe steel in them
for that price—the whole corset
on Friday for
Friday Ba rgain
Taffetta Silk
40 yards each of Black and Red
Taffetta Silk goes on sale Friday
at SOc. a yard. Only a limited
quantity of each, so be early and
buy $1 Taffeta for
Pure Jams
We have nearly all kinds of fruit
in Kootenay Jams in 5 pound
pails. We also carry Wagstall'e's
Jams in 5 lb. pails and jars.
Crosse & Black well jams in 7
and 1 lh. tins and in 1 lb. jars.
Crosse & Blackwell's in 1 lb. jars.
In great quantities. Crosse &
Blackwell's 7 and 4 lb. tins, 1 and
2 1b. Glass Ja.S. Keillor's brand
in 7 and 4 lb. tins, lib Class jars.
Pine  Apple  in   1 lb* glass jars.
Quince in 1 lb. glass jars.
Lemon In 1 lb. glass jars.
(ireen Fig in 1 lb. glass jars.
Pine Apple Cubes
(linger in cubes
(linger on the stem.
West India (iuava Jelly.
s  in
Shoe Bargains
for Boys
This week we will put on the
table about fifty pairs of Youths'
and Boys' Boots to sell at a price
that will make you want them.
ItThey consist of box-calf, chrome,!
and grain leathers. Some sewed
soles, _some standard^ screwed,^
and some pegged soles ; both bai
and blucher cut. You can't make
a mistake in them as not a pair
sold regularly for less than 12.25
per pair, and some as high as
$3.50 per pair.
For the balance of the week
the prices will be as follows :
Sizes 11 to 13, $1.50 per pair
" 1 to 5, $1.75     "
Sweater Coats
The balance of our .$5 and $5.50
Sweater Coats will be put on sale
for the rest of this week only.
These coats are all in A 1 condition and pure wool.
For the balance of the week
only at
20th Century
Brand Suits
Our first shipment of this season's Suits are just to hand.
Every suit is a model of ]>erfection
in the clothing art. Nothing
slighted and every point perfectly
.tailored. They are "Bench Tailored " not pressed into shape,
and all points of wear are tailored
by hand.
This season's suits will be
strong in tweeds, and we have
prepared for it. Cood, hard wearing, domestic cloths; and fine surfaced.close woven,imported goods
Ditferent shades, gray and brown.
bl Fancy worsteds in both hard
and soft finish will be worn to
some extent, and like the tweeds"
the colours will run to different
shades of gray and brown, but
particularly to'grays.
For absolutely correct styles
see us. 20th Century Brand
clothes are by every one admitted
to be the leaders of Canadian
ready-to-wear clothing styles.
Simplicity and neatness are the
strong points of this season, with
coats slightly shorter, and moderately close fitting trousers. Watch
our windowsjcotne in and be shown
Prices $20 to $35
Dry Goods Department
Second Floor
Take   the   Elevator
C. B. Hume Sr Co. Limited
Revelstoke «** Arrowhead
Watch the Windows
for Special Lines
Fashionable Spring Whitewear
TObtte Jrisb
Xinen Waists
Pleated and embroidered with pocket
and starched culls. Selling price
8 5.50 to $.4..so.
ilDieecs lUasb Bvesses
Ages 10, 12.  14 and 16 years.     Smart
designs, good washing materials.
lUbitc Sailor Blouses
Misses sizes, in regulation Middy
styles. Ages from io lo id years.
We consider these one of the prettiest
lines we have in stock for this Spring
for young ladies.
IRew Sprino Corsets
Ell Si^cs
"W. R." and "P. A." makes. The
besl fitting and most durable Corse s
on the market to-day.
Wav>\> Scree ©lessee
Several styles and makes to lit gills
from li\ e to 10 years.
IMcw TOasb Suitings
Here we are again "itli a complete
assortment of New Wash Suitings for
Spring and Summer wear. We invite you tii call in and see ihis line
if you are thinking of buying suitings.
Tuesday is moving day; Monday is
special bargain dny at McLennan's,
On Thursday night the Hume green
rink bent the tlournc rink of green
curlers by the score ot 15 to 9. The
Hume rink consisted ol the lollowing:
Parker, Smith, Ferguson nn.l Square-
brtg-gB, skip. The Bourne rink: —
liuin, Fleetham, Lee nnd Sturdy,
A hot curling aggregation came up
to the rink from the old town last
night. They seemed to have a thirst
for even more than the reward of the |
game with thn .Mess rink would satisfy, and were not content with beating Ihem 16 to W aii^d walking oil
.villi tho "trophies" but turned In
against the old reliable, Uavo Kac,
who thought to redeem the up town
honors, and put it over him to the
tune of 14 to 5.
-i- •H-„+.-kH;*?M'.'-l- -i-l-l' ■!• -I-I-I-I' -i- -H;*
March S—The Kissing Girl,     popular
comic opera.
I.O.O.P.  At  Home,  opera  house,    on
March luth.
Allen  Players,   Bdison  theatre,
March Uth.
March    IT—S:.  Patrick's Day    entertainment  under auspices ot ladies
ol R. C. church.
April Is—Ladies' Auxiliary  to the IS.
of R. T.   Dance in Opera House.
April 21—Musical entertainment     at
St.  Peter's church.
We have jusi received a shipment of White Clover Honev put up in
five lb. cans, which we will guarantee to he absolutely Pure Honey,
ami as ti is is the season for honey we would advise jou to try thia if
yoa wish to get the genuine article.
The mime "WajjstnlTe speaks f..r itself in regard lo quality. We have
a full assortment ol this Pure Jam including Strawberry, Raspberry,
Peach. I'l uni, Black Currant ami Apiicot.j
Baker and G'ocer.
Rev. M. G. Melvin will aJdrtbS the
Young Mens meeting it i.'ie i' M.t).
A.  jn Sunday afternoon,
The ladies ot St. John's church
will ho.d a tea on March iilind at thc
home of Mrs. j. p. McLennan's.    -t
A special mealing of tne Ladies'
Hospital timid will be held on Tuesday. Marcn Tih. ut j:jm p.m. in the
Utj  Hall.
Mr. 0. li. S. Wllkle, government
surveyor, »us in the city on lhur*-*,-
uay taK.u;.- th.* levels for thc now
The C.P.R. Is to put on a magnificent  through tram trom Toronto tu
tver neit Murch as  business la
*   *  ' -... rapidly.
Invitations are out lor tho OdJ
lellows  "At  Home"  which  will      ne
held  111   the  opera  house  on    Friday
•- next, March 10th.
At ffinlaw, u. i'.. a fine ci ugai
»j.- trapped bj . n* ol the sch 01
, ipils   Mastei  Uiuu..},   last     ween,
Is one of the  most import,
ant items in your business
will look after  thia branch   of
the business for you.
iXootenay Agencies, Ltd.
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
Mrs. F. Vi. i.iiini! will nut receive
on  Wednesday next.
Mrs, Laittg's friends Will he glad
to hear of her recovery alter u serious illness.
Miss McDougall, of Nelson, paid a
short visit to Mrs. Hamilton this
week on her way east.
Mr. Ross Hett, who has been visiting Mr. and Mrs. Paget, left on
Wednesday night  for  the east.
Mr. and Mrs. Lawson are once more
occupying "The Antlers," their pretty little bungalow on First street,
Mr. and Mrs. J. IH. Taylor expect
10 leave shortly for Vancouver, and
after a short visit there will leave
(or Kngland, where they expect to
live in future.
Mrs. Atkins and Mrs. W. H. Pratt
will not entertain the Snowshoe club
on Monday evening as previously an
nouneed, the event being postpone.
to some future date.
After a very enjoyable tramp on
Mi n.lay night, the .Snowshoe Club
was entertained by Mrs. Robbins. After a much appreciated supper dancing was indulged in.
Airs. John t'aley was a bridge hostess on Tuesday afternoon. The
handsome prizes were won by Mrs.
Pluck and Mrs. Robbins. Mrs. Caley
also entertained the young people
the same evening in honor of her
house-guest Miss O'Connor ot Vancouver.
The wedding occurred on Wednes -
day evening, March 1st, at 8 o'clock,
at the home ol Mrs. Btnjamln, 4th
street, west, of Miss Louisa Hamilton an.l Mr. Chas. Wastaway. Rev.
M. G. Melvin officiated and only a
lew immediate friends were in nt
tendance. The young couple will
reside 111 the city.
See Clia..'.   M.  Field about  the
Ion  t inching  Port  Mann, the
Gazetted Pacific terminus     ..f the
Canadian Northern Railway t.c.
iy, occasioning a broken wrist.
All   lots  in   Revelst.'ke,   Van 1  ive:
  ictoria and New Westminster
and succ --:.,.> ihcd by Miss  .u.i  111 Port  Mann sub-division,    tor
dxle by Chas. M, Field,     bave
1   rsonally inspected by him.       t.c.
Moving    pictures    tonight at      thc
llson theatre.     New program     on
' n lay night.
Mrs.  Jenkins hu.l  tin   nu.-fu; tune to   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
p on  tbe si.lew all*,  on  the     south      Thi   subject ol    commercial travel-
.* of .McKenzie avent ii Wedn rate on Kootenay ink,* will   be
brou i     ol
K   A
ue.., anothei  school pupii.
.   :  Parry'e chain gang have i.e.-.
■ *    w0rk   on    McKenzli  aven u
lling    away the  winters su<..«.
Which •   t  th,n=-      that
lb      ■ .    ...      r thi        in
men,    This ;= one ol the 111-
-   •;.
: *
•are caUing for an otx
1 lali (or Wi ::.    ta;.     Aa
■    ■        :.. ■. .-     :l'..
cd in these (al ted     I
■    ..!.,• •      .1.  . ' f'i
•    •    tart
.. . * '  b. U        I
. * . p.m.
, - ■ ting
.   '
t li
„      •
r-i.   ,
th.* j... i.
: as! game     I ku
n     ft 1 In.
Bews' Brog Store
TALLY  CA»D8   (many   uilu
Bews' Brag Store |
V*\i Hume   I"
The p..sun.im. 1 :-• :.* ral ha
..it     the   salaries of   mail cli
Tiers   and  letter  carriers   will
•used.      The  technical     examiB
.on of mail clerk •  a
The  regular  monthly   meeting
'ie   Ladies'   AiiMiiar.
. A. uni be held Mi 1
t thi
ers  are  urgently  leijuestcd    to      he
1 i.i igade  ■■        .: ■
morning  where  Kev,   1:    1    Mclat
ll       ll   .111.'     .V
■        .
..ii  finds tl
:..  ii    : tbat
1 . * . •  ,
■   .*    :
* *   ... *       . 1. rial
i*    Und
ih.*   ladl '..*i /in*   al
well known -      n
mad   1 king   ' !ome and bring
.   and ■ ttfm    *  ■
tea      a.im. .-1 .1. 1 1
*. ■  -
Meth   .   ■
R. J. Mclntyre
.   ■
.  .*
There  is ii  possibility  lh.it      1 ng-
i. .ii.l   ii.ni acter actor.    Alliert  ( hevalicr,   may  make  a  l.'niteU
1 anada this spi .i'g,
• *     ian 1 •■■in. n-   ni     C'odnric
1'hree years     .1. i,     Mr.
a special trip to lion
1,ijh.se of     ar-
Her  i.'i   a  Cana
.t  the  terms     .ii 'in-i,.le.1
lam .us  Impersonator      were,
pinion,     i roi 1..1
la, so the     tour        i,s
.11 *i* tli ii   1 Ini *.    h w-
. i.iiniia
ompllshed, an 1 is phen-
onvl ..*  !      '. 1 .
.1      '■'. *     l.'l ;       I   11  1 >    .1 |S
ible I        * i-n Ibe
ol   ii.** wot  1       and
■*,   n .1 ni*
* *     .111 I    .      nut...I   1   I'll
ween these
Twenty-two Thousand Dollars
Approximately Due to the City
for tast Year's Taxes
About $22,(M)0 is owing to the city
treasury In arrears of tuxes for the
years 10'J'J and 1910' and on Wednes
day thc mails were burdened with
tax notices in respect to some -143
delinquent parcels of property, issued hy IJrucc A. Lawson, city treasurer, in conformity with the statutes
Since Jan, 1st of the respective years
eight per cent has been added. Every
year there has been a tax sale for
lands and property on which taxes
ire not paid and it is possible that
there will be one next (all unless all
these arrears are paid, Kach and cv-
iry one of the parcels on which taxes
aro not paidthen will he subject to
liquidation by sale ol the delin pirn'.
properties. In proportion, the gross
uiioiint of 111 rears noted above Is
.he smallest In recent years, and in
-/lew of the prosperous condition of
the community, the greater part of
dlis liability should be quickly extinguished,
The total amount of the arrears is
divided into two sums $12,15*7.1)3 arrears on ordinary taxes and $'J,'.I25.77
for local Improvements. The latter
11 many instances will not be paid
as some of the sewers on which th?
axes arc in arrears were never put
11. When thc sewerage bylaw is rc-
iiinngi'd as is anticipated shortly,
.1 will then be obvious who is to pay
m.l whn is not to pay. The sew-
tge tax, however, had to be levied
n accordance with the bylaw.
Business Locals
Two car loads hard coal just     ar-
ived.— Revelstoke General Agencies.
Toilet Soaps—SOc. a doz. to $2.50
i cake.—Hews' drug store.
Bargains in furniture and carpets
it Howson's removal sale.
A clean up of all odds and ends at
McLennan's,  tonight and  Monday.
Kodak lines, films and papers at
Bews' drug store.
Howson's removal sale is a genuine cut price sale to clear out present stock.
Preston's Hair Tonic feeds hair
roots and stimulates hair growth.—
Bews' drug store.
tjuick, effective, convenient house
■leaning done by Couisier's Vacuum
1'leaner. M.4* 2t.
The greatest opportunity ever oil-
ered to Revelstoke citizens for cheap
House furnishings at Howson's re-
noval sale.
Don't disarrange your house doin,'
old fashioned house cleaning, Coins
icr's Vacuum Cleaner takes up the
.lust without inconvenience to you.
You need not take up carpets nor
move out your furniture to house
clean if you enguge Coursler's Vacuum Cleaner. M.l 2t.
.Impi). . ■
i .    ,
•    *
B *' 1*.
Pin K.
n  A tha
nn.l   «
..By  Revelstoke Poultry Association.)
elggs, case  *   .35
figgs, fresh  50 to liOc.
Bggs,  new  laid        60
Butter,    dairy    " 30
tlutter, creamery  35c. to Wc.
Potatoes     per     100* lbs $2.00
•,'arrots     per    IW) lbs  2.75
iv heat,      per  100 lbs $2 to $2.2*5
Oats,     per 100 lbs  $1.00 to $2
Cauliflowers  each 25c.
The Salvation  Ai m .       *        «n '
from v. ,.i,i.i between tra ie  In isl    lal  ; *
„.,,,  ,,,.„,„, ,;,,,.  .,,„, bappemd    to  Aral time in twenty-five years
Messrs      .1     1    Mclntyre, ■ ■
il   1.1 .-in 1   r Mi
; I*
.:   '      ind Mr   Frs
U a*k.,
with their brother Rev.  It    I       Me
■ .* Don
 I   K>- •' tai ■       .'      'ant
■ 11 ,
. i:   ap   ... i*,. *   ..f Ilo,-
,   the in il  ■ i" "...
i,e at d on the streets to a iplen ""'  : '         '"   *■'"""   '"
u.i program ol sacred music.      Tins gethei  al  the same
..,„,.,.   organlwitlon baa <or IU band and the event waa celobratad   hy   a
leadei    Adjutant     McHSlhlnerjr     nnl curling gama with Uie brotbara form
i,an.Imn*.Lr I Inn ll      •'•'■' man R*
ii  man)  tl *i*  this   ipb » II '
im.,.1 iiiiii nol mn li  ai rangtnunl
j   t,  1 ui iie* *.... 1 ioi stopping ..
...  nn 1 putting on    nt  ..[ Its     Aral
1 ,   piugrains.
In ■ nne 1 In * and  Jao*   Rlngei  eklp
,. 11 ■ 1 pponmta.
.in 1 Mi. Mclntyre the pastoi.     "«l
1   took   thii 1 ■ ■     ida t-> gel
Two   ol tin  M' Intyre
had nei.'i   piir.ni     i'i' re.
tuna al
iin* lasl
I ..   llMllll'.l
the Bid
On Tuesday, March 7th at s
I'clock, the sKatin,' rlnk will be th;
scene ol a furious battle between tlia
in.I rivals C.P.R. and City, for tbe
* 1 ,.11 of the championship of
the city.    Those games bave always
,e, 11   very  keenly contested jind      nre
vorth 'iiK.n.- im evening oil to   see.
the admission ol 86c. to g<> to     the
 1  i.n . ball elub*    Skating
aftei   il.e ,'imn
Bowling Schedule
.l„n h 6   '   P It   ti    V .M.C.A.
March B, 111 Inei tmen **     Hunt's.
1 b 10,   1 111"   mi. Corley's.
March 1*8, C.P it. vs.   Builoee mum.
i.inli 1 *    , M 1  ,\. na, J.B.O.
March  17,  Uusltii   nun v», I 01 la)'*■
. I.   • . Dent'. 1 . c.i'.a.
March  82,   "i M.C.A,  vs,  Corley's.
Maul.  .1    J.B.C    Vi,   lii'iit's.
March .'., Businessmen vs, y.M.C.A
Miii.I,   ''.    I 11 C,   VI,   C.P.R.
C.P.!'. Timetable
•'* I.   TlliilNU.
No. 1, arrive*    tAb a.m., dtparta
No.  'J7,  niii'.i'i t :,:.  p.m. 1 departs,
7:15  p.m.
No.  2. ni riven  18 80  iin.liiight.      denim 12 1 ■ midnight.
No, (n, ..11 >. : ■ <5 a.m., di parta,
Thank Youi
For the patronage you have
given us in the old store. Five
years \ ago next Wednesday we
opened our doors to the Revelstoke
public, and we thank you heartily
i'or the large business you have
given us. On Tuesday we move to
our new store in the new Howson
Block, where we will be glad to
have all our friends come to sec us.
We have cleared up our stock
thoroughly, many lines being entirely sold out, but we have lots ol'
new ones ready to open, and we
will begin business in the. new store
with a fresh .stock, strictly up-to-
date and moderately priced.
Our aim is to carry a good
variety of exclusive styles, and you
will find our, new stock the best we
have ever shown. Watch our advertisements for particulars.
Come in to-night and help us in
our "Clean Up" Sale. There are
lots of things goiiiR' at snap prices.
Have you got your New
Shoes Yet?
Monday the Last Day
How About I New Suit
Made to Order
Our Spring Samples for Suits and
Spring Overcoats just* arrived.
We guarantee a perfect lit, style
and well tailored garments at
fair and honest prices.
MeKinnon & Sutherland
Fit-Rctorm Clothing
Foot-Rite Shoe
It is not often thai high quality shoes are
available .;t low prices, but owing to th-v fact
ilml our Spring lines are due tn arrive any
day, wo must dispose of most of our past
season's stock.
'I hey consist of kid, patent, gun metal,
vclour, vici kid with patent top, which sold
for .$.rj, rj;,r)..")() and $0,
McRae Mercantile Company, Limited
The Shlc Shop for Men nnd Boys Who Know
3L ----- i Jff
1/iHT   n„ Mm ill   Inl.  it  I.iiiIiih (Inlil
in.   i. -■     ■   i     rth  Hi.,
* n *ii i .ii        ivnniif        Kni.|.*i  n l'i ii. in.
 wm il.il   Lv   li'ir, Ing  ■ nm ■      .*'*. illi   iiii ii  ll .*.,.
iii Mall Herald <mico.
Revtlaloke nt ?
«   ni , ini.vcu Kcvilituke I'i'i V tu
WANTED-We pay blgbeet prices lor   WANTKD-Chnmhcrmniil
Kurnit ni', BtovM, atoo mcn'B cant     Hotel Reveletoke.
nil rlntlilnu.     The  RevelBtoke 8ec-
mi.l II.,ml Btore. K22 lm.
iiiiAiiti AND ROOM   in prlvaU tain
,1 v nt  hi.   -inilili' prii'e.     Apply ul
Mu,; ii-..iiii unicc.
Apply ti>
LiOBT—i.ii.Im'h' Colli Watch, between
K. Gordon'! reeldenee and lower
town.    Pindar will be rowarted on
return iiii; wime  to  Mih.   11.       Mac-
di nahl, Third itreet.


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