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The Mail Herald Jun 22, 1912

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $(50l
Interior Publismng Co., Agts.i
Great Trize Voting Contest Soon O-der.        Vote Early, Late and Often.
The Mail-Herald
Interior PuDlishing Company
Vol. 18-No. n;
REVELSTOKE. B. C, .JUNE 22, 1912
$2,50 Per Year
Wedding Gifts
New Goods, Sterling Silver Deposit Goods.
Many Handsome Articles at Reasonable Prices
Sugar and Cream Sets.     Water Pitchers.     Vases
Baskets, Liquor Sets, bherbet Glasses
Cut Glass
"Libby's," the world's best
Tea Sets, with Trays
Water Sets
Soup Tureens
Butter Dishes. Candlesticks
Berry Sets
Candleabras. 2 or 6 lights.
Wine Sets
Berry Dishes, Spoons
Bon Bon Dishes
Nappies, Knife Rests
Fish Sets
Knives and Forks
Cabinets of Tableware
Comports, Vases
Carving Sets in Pearl
Cake Plates.   Pitchers
Carvers in handsome cases
Jars, etc., etc.
High Class China
Wedgewood Tea Sets,     Cups,     Saucers,     Plates,     Jugs
Royal Doulton Tea Sets,;Cups, Saucers, Plates, Jugs.
Limoges Hand Painted Bowls, Plates, Biscuit Jars, etc.
A Few Suggestions
Electric Lamps. Irons, Stoves, Toasters, Chandeliers
Carpet Sweepers, Vacuum Cleaners, Motor Washing Machine, Steel Range, Line, Kitchen Utensils, Jardinieres,
Brass Vases, Candlesticks, Fern Pots, Clocks, Smokers'
Sets, Tea Gongs, Candleabras.
<> <><><>0-OK><>K>0<KKMX><><><K
% Imperial Bank of Canada
Q Head OtFlosj — Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed - 6.000,000.00
Capital Paid Up -      •      6,000,00u.00
Reserve        ....        6,000,000.00
Total Assets,       -      - $72,000,000.00
Branches nr Agents at nil principal points inJCanada,
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago- FIihI National Bank, Corn Exchange National Rink. Seattle—Seattle National Bank, Sim Francisco-Wells Fargo Nevada National Batik. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of 81 aud upward,  received, and interest allowed at
current rate from dato of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch   A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
. <H>0<KHKKK><H>0<KK><><><> 0
Children's Sandals
Children's Romeo Sandals
SIZES, l to In!
Three and Four Straps
Mrs. A, G, Crick, * First Street
villi refresh you with Its bright, uplcj
flavor mihI Irsgrency.    Sold in  1  Ib,
lend packages.
35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P.rO   DOX 20S            OKOOER & BAKER            Phono No. 23
1                                                                                                                                         J
Shed Music unci all kinds ot
Small rJ/Vhisiciil Goods
Cull and Inspect
Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
Fifty Dollars to be Awarded to the Contestant Who
Turns in Most Money Between June lOtti and
9 p. m. To-Night—Candidates Putting Forth
Every Effort to Reach Coveted Goal on July
Bth- $50, Last Special Prize to be Dlfered.
There Is one sure t lunr in this con
test iiiiii Unit Is. thai the poison
whu wins tin' grand prize player piano or nny other of the $1-800 worth
of prizes, wem't lie a person with
cold leot. The Lord mimt must hate
n quitter (or things hnve been su fixed thnt n quitter never gets anj
place, except in tho soup. Take tor
Instance, the person who faltering in
the Mail-Herald's contest beoause
"I'm afraid someone will defeat me"
they can be dead sure that someone
will.   Someone    always     defeats  the
person who i-.  afraid  they     will      he
jMish Olga Roman and her friends
are reported to he doing goo.i work
this week. This popular candidate is
one of llie most consistent In the
contest, she is liusy all the tunc and
Is now  in  the lend.
Look out for Miss Munch.- McCarty. Miss McOarty is out. after the
capital   prize.
Miss Kdith Cooke is one of tlie
busiest ladies in Revelstoke just now.
She is going     strong (or the special
Standing ol Candidates
Miss Ol^a  Roman  ,",73,000
Miss Blanche McCarty  360,000
Miss Edith Cooke  ,542,500
Miss lilsie Hooley  311,500
Miss Eva 1 lay  280,000
Miss Cyndrene Mat/.  2.So,ooo
Mrs. \V. ti. Kile, Craigellache, H. C  202,000
Mrs. Alderton, Taft, B. C  100,000
Miss Mable  1 lenderson  (14,000
Miss Jennie Wells, Golden, B.C  55,000
Mr. H. G. Woodland  52,000
Miss Irene Genelle, Nakusp, B.C  5,000
Miss Bertha Evans
prize ns well as the JW10 in  gold.
Only   twelve   more   working   days  ol
the contest left.   tict. busy candidates
youi tune from now ou should be
taken up With the contest-
Miss ISlslo Hooley has heen doing
very effective work lately. She is
likely lo spring a big BUrpriSO aud
has many friends who arc real mix
ious  to see  her  will  the  capital prize.
(inly twelve more days between you
and that J600.
Miss Kvu Hay is still ill lhe lace.
This little lady can make things hum
when she gets busy, and she is busy
must of the time.
Now is the lime to help your favorite candidate.
Miss Oyndrone Match is meeting
with a splendid measure of success,
and she has some splendid helpers
The contest will close two weeks
from  tonight.
Mrs. W. (!. Kile and Mrs. AKIerton
are still contesting for honors to the
west of Hevelstoke, while Miss Jennie Wells is making a noise like
something doing to the enst.
Thc other contestants have failed
to make any report regarding their
Now is the time to do your bust -
ling,  votes will  win,  get the  votes.
Don't let it get away. Win the
big pries.   Vou can do it. Do it now.
And tln> countersign is, hustle,
hustle some more,  keep on hustling!
Orange Celebration
The  O.P.R.  huve issued  special  excursion rates  from     Hevelstoke     to
New  Westminster  in  connection   with
j the  Provincial  Orange celebration  to
] he held     in that city on  July  12th.
I The fare for the round  trip  is $1A.80
good    going    on July  llth ami  13th,
and returning  July  llth.   Children ut
halt     thc above  rate.   It is expected
besides     Orangemen  there   will   be  n
large     number     ol citizens who will
tuke  advantage of the cheap faro to
pay  a visit to the Roynl Oity.
Oil and Gasoline Stoves
Meat Safes
See our window of thrA> goods, Just what you
want for the hot weather.
For the next two weeks we will sell these Meat
Safes at the low price of ?o.T5. Absolutely vermin proof.    Every one a bargain.
Our stock of Oil Stoves is complete. Just what
you want for a quick meal.     Call and See Them.
Granite Cement lur mending pot-., per packet 15c
Carbolic Soap, Taylor's, four bars .   jic
Shaving^Stick, Taylor's,  per stick                                     .'0c
Six cake, of oatmeal and lettuce Soap             . 2Jc
Fancy Uox, three cakes, Taylor s June Rose Soap  .'5c
Shipments ol New Groceries Arriving Dallj
John McIntyre a* Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
See Mcliennan & Co.'s new Closing
Out advertisement.
Conservatives Returned
Bt. John, N.l!.. June 20.— Th* provincial elections today resulted in
practically a clean sweep for the government, only two Opposition mon,
Messrs. Dugal and l'elletier in Mud.i
wusku, being elected. In Northumber
land, where three Independent Conner
vatives ran against thc governmenl
ticket, two of them were elected, lu
St. John city, York and Sunbiiry
counties, the Opposition candidates
lost their deposits. Mr. A. B, Copp,
the Opposition leader, was bally
defeated ia Westmoreland. Premier
Flamming beaded the poll in Carle -
ton. The results ol today* voting
gives tbe Governmenl 10 seats. Inde
pendents 2 and opposition i. Gloucester polling takes place Monday.
Accepts Report of Committee in Re Dominion Lands in
the Railway Belt-Meeting Enthusiastic Over Send
ing Delegates to Calgary Conference
V.M.C.A. Boys Camp
The time is drawing very close Ior
the camping time. Already several
boya have banded In tbeir names as
desiraus of  going.    Every   loy   I bat in
going should have their names baud.
ed to   Mi. Giflord ..i   Mi. Taomson,
before Wl in- tdaj,  .1 une 26th.
This camp will bc held al St. Leon
where there is plenty o< good boat,
ing. swimming, and lots ot splendid
lishing,      and a  good   spot   lot   hikes,
the   things that  give  one  a good  ap
Tin- [are Ioi the entire camp will
bo tin wblcb mil Include transport*,-
lion   notli   ways.
The camp will tic run (ol LO days.
information as to whu' to take will
be given by the Thy.-u al DlrCCtol [Ot
the asking. Tbi* camp ... open to
any boy in tha City whose age i mis
from iu to ir. Tin swimming und
boating will only be at staled t.mua
and  uuder supervision.
In Attractive Subdivision
Bub oHvi a thirtj acre
blook, which li divided Into quarter
acre lol      11      ow ned bj  Mr. □, vv.
Hell   and   lies  at   the   DIS I   ol   McKi n
iie ,\\. n ii .,: .1 adjoining the city
iim ts. i!. ., Ideally situated
ioi home an i ..ii, 11 greal suburban
Inducements to thi honmoitor.
Kill and Miller are now
laying n IMO (ool loui Inch water
mn,n ta this propel i> Irom the city
watei main and eai h ownei ol lots
In  -his subdivision     can be supplied
watei ami otl t ■■    advanl
i' tbe Hume i inm bi Iree ol
tan luartet acre lois
-! •■ i Ioi   tbe small  nitre
ol $100 pi i  lot     an :
i b«VI   W, D mapped  st   thut  |
Although the attendance was not
large, there was some good bueine -
done last Thursday evening at tuu
Special meeting ol  I lie board ol Trade
President c. ti. Hume occupied     tne
chair,   while   Secretary   B\   W.     Laing
was also on duty.   Owiug  to  tin  fad
thut it was a special meeting, the
reading of the minutes of the prev -
ious   meet mg   was   dispensed   with.
In a few brief remarks President
Hume stated the object ol th,- meet
Ing, which be said was toi tbe purpose ol receiving tbe report of tho
committee winch was to reporl on
the Dominion Railway belt Uud irues
tion. Becretary Laing then read the
repoi t
To ilu- President and Offlcel . nl tbu
Board  ol Trade:
Oentle n,   row    onmmlttee    ap
pointed to report soma recommends
tion    a. to     tb,    regulations   ,bi u
should be brought   i force wltb re
spect to Dominion Lands In tho rail
way belt In tbs lowor Uulumhla Val
loy,    beg    to    i.poll    lhal    (he., la..
Iillly considered llie matter! ief,lied
to Ihem and submit heiewilh lho (ol
lowing   rec nu ous:
I.—Homestead entries not to     ex
ceed  in acres should be avalluulo lu
all   head-   ol  families  oi   male  ul       La
years oi over, who are Di ,tlah sub
jects or declare then  intention   ami
they should ue required to reside on
the  lauds  for  al.    least   line,     years,
und clear al  least  two acres  per  uu
num   tor   live  years,   and   belore      obtaining ciown Grants should i,,.   m-
qulred to make Improvement* Ln all
I lilting  of   ten  acres  ol  clearing lit
lor crop ami during the term ol live
years resilience, tenoing Mt least t-nc-
hall ol lhe land uud erecting build
ink's  ol a   value  ol      at  leasl.  % iOO.OO-,
Where tbe marketable timber on the
lands ezoeeda 1000 leet to the ai re,
the land should not  ipen to boma
stead   cut I y
i.~Huns oi bomoeteadora (over Hung,- oi is years) to bave tba same
rights to acquire 40 acre bomeetoada
on   the  name  lenns  hnl   without      rc-
quLrement uh to roi Idonco on the
lands provided  ihey reeldo  with tha
bolllMHteudel .
3,   Itvorj   alternate   I gal aubdivla
Ion uot to ozi god 10 aorea to be op-
|cu to purebaft by any person or corn
pany on terms of payment of %:, par
acre -plead over a term of live years
with   interest  at  live   per  cent.      per
annum; the purchaser to clear during
each year at least three acres tit for
i-n ip and fence the cleared lund and
on having cleared fifteen acres lit ioi
crop     and   fenced  same and   paid   the
purchase price in full, to receive a
Crown Grant.
i.   Holders of Umber lands     from
winch a substantial part ,-i the mei
cbantable    tlmbor has been removed
leaving less than an average of 5000
feet  to    ib,  acre, to be given    two
years lime for      removal  of  the  hul •
am f      llie   limber  and  any   Umber
left  on   the  lands   to Ihi   the   property
of tbu homesteader or purchaser free
oi dues.
i   ii.—A complete    topographical sur
vey and  Inspection of all lands should
in- made forthwith iii order thai  tba
local   ofllOO*  would   have  al   baud   lbe
necessary Information tor     Intending
sei tiers ami purchasers.
All of whicli is respectfully submit
W.   II.   l'i at I,
ii. .1. McSorley,
Geo, s. MoOarter,
0.   II.   .Much,nald,
I'ollilliil le, .
after the report was read, a   gon
ioral   discussion   was  held   as  to      It
merits  an.l  demerits,   and  each      sec
j tion was i hen read by Becretary
Laing and dealt with separately, Mr.
ii. .1. MoBorley was of opinion that
lhe minimum clearing before a land
patent was issued  uboul.1  be  2H acres.
. He thought that many ol tb* railway
employee*      WOUld    prefer   purchasing
I rather than pre einpting, as by purchasing the residence condition   wus
dispensed   with.
Mr,  Tapping,  who  bad   |U*t Come .11
! thought    that   the government had
IiCmii rather lax iu allowing too much
latitude   to   land   iipeenlators.
|   Mr, i'". M. Gibson i bought that the
homesleadel-  should   nol   !„•   aaOtttoap
ped hy heavy clearing condition*,
I li W, Hell Ihoughl that in acres
deal nig   was quite  enough.
I   w.m. Lawrence though!  tbat every
chance  should   be  given   to   I,onu   ni,,
, •tilers.
I'lesidenl   CB,   Hume   thought   Ilml
Ji2u per acre would bo tho average
l Lt'oMiiiucd, on Page Two!
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
■■ hi
Revelstoke Meat Market. Ltd.
Showing ,i splendid assortment "f fine
■ ■ ■ ,.ii ^hitis ni plain and  pleated
bosom,  plain  whiles,   blue cbambrsya
and man) rtripe i in, la in a g.d.ivv oi
■\ ill make choosing, i u •
& i ii   ime double -od collara made
■if -■nne material which are verj popular
i  ■■'ui.
McRae Mercantile Co.
6 <><>0<KK>0<K>O<H><HH><XH><XM><KH><
Prize Eggsfor
Early Hatching
Best  Strain of Brown  Leghorns, single and Rose Comb,
nnd     Partridge    Wyandotte
nm mai.i: n\
IG. Woodland
I P. McLean
Are You Insured Against
Accidents and Illness
IF   NOT.   WHY   NOT—It is ynur duty both to yourselves and your dependents.
Call and see us.    We shall be pleased to point out the benefits to be derived from these policies.
Special double indemnity clause quarantine indemnity clause
and all illnesses insured against.
London and Lancashire Accident Co.
Railway Passengers Assurance Co.
Ocean Accident Corporation.
The Revelstoke General Agencies. Ltd.
ie flfoall-lberalb
nov pubUsblnfl Compans,
J.   K.  JOHNSON,  Manager.
-••■• ■-''-: -.
iTURDAY,  JUNK :2n i.  I I.U.
lOARD of trade
h   ui I'agi   ' mm
j  the  land.   Mr,   Ii.l.
'■'   - -rley tbeu recommended that  the
extent        Ian i  eleal Ing   he   lixed
bomi ■ tea lei a and '..
land  ; •• - based
Mi    Pratl to  know ii
Lai . m i    ined ,u   not,
Vi M     Lawreuci     tate.l   thai
n< ai   ; be  - il .■   ■-■ is    iiidotiutedly
thai   oul  .-■.. i,,i  mil.-s
.•!:.  Tapping  ihoughi   mat un
« appointed    hy
, mem  '."i  the i- irpobe
ettlers.   The   settlers   i
i. en  ground
-.;, im
i h.
ild    lie
ti.  w.  Bell     thought     that people
ehoul,:   bi   compelled  to   burn     their
while     W.   M.    Lawrence
ight     that  everyone ihould  look
aft :   bis own place.
Aft.;    Secretarj      Laing bad   road
tion l ol the report, Mr, Tapping
tbe t imbei  refei red to
lo   ;.- ■  section   Bhould   read   mai ..<
....   timber and tbe committee   eon
•   m     Invent.
Ad ■        place as to
■ •       to take     uii
it  was nurtlly decide v any
■   | ears ol
ae     well  as  tne  bead  >■: auy
ti   homestead luud.
Then Dt    -  I . moved, second
.   Mr.  Tapping,  thai  clause One'
ed.   ('lause   Pwo
.  on  motion    .,! j
-.  Gibson an I  Lawr mc . I 'la is
Railway Appropriations
Victoria, .lune 17 KxteiiMVH as
was the railwas program ol the Provincial governmeul un the occasion
oi  its  recent  appeal to  the country,
,i   bas sou xpanded and  it iu  now
stated on the authority of Sir Itich
ard McBrlde that the sum to be spent
upon tbe entire program during the
next four years will easily exceed the
$100,000,000 murk. The additions immediately referred to consist ol the
projected operations of the Great
Northern Railway on the mainland
and Vancouver Island, that corporation having just announced Its Inten
tion of going ahead at once with its
extensions on tho V.V. and K. on the
mainland and one or two pieces of
construction  work on  the Island.
"With refernce to the rumors ol
til-eat Northern development in this
province," said Sir Ricbai',1, -you
may say that It is mv understanding
from my conversations with Mr.
Louis Ilill, who wns in the capital
recently, that the Ureal Northern has
decided to proceed with its opera
tions here. \s you know they own
the V.V. and B., and It is tbeir In-
tentiou to extend thai system con
shlerabiy. Jusi what their plans
are of course,    it m Impossible     to
sny. lull at the presenl time il Bbould
mittee, thai very shortly they will
stait upon tins work. 1 am intorm
eil that it is their intention to let
eontracts for construction work
within a few iluys and that no time
will be lost in t'ettine: ahead with
llu-   work.
"And added to additional
work there has to be taken into eon
sub-ration ihe determination of the
C.P.R, to double track t,, the coasl
all of winch materially adds to the
estimate made somi tune ago us
covering the railway construction t,,
indertaketi within the provincial
limits during the next lour years It
i< not necessary tn turn to lip
but 1 um satisfied thai il thi work
waa represented by cash del
now u  would aggregate a sum in ex
of   $100,000,1      I   ,!,,   cut   think
lhal   the total   I have   menl .,-.,■ I   Is    it
all extravagant."
Again Scores a Hit
II.  -    th,
I    on  and
in,I   K.
Bame   in funny
i 'U edition ,,f that
lul m ■  .
li-ii.   .
va* upoi
the Fuller  two   .
■ '    ■
work ami  the show,
mot;.       '•'   Messrs      ^^^^^^^^^^
Mr.   'I',., I     moved   tbat
K.  VI am  . Intent
•i  was that   ■
-•: - . 	
mai f who
ae 5 waa ■  ■   .. i •   thai
tion of M ....
I -   tbi he   most
.   .   :     ■        nti -     •       lUthol
tie*  that t
.   •     ■
■    ■ •        president    f■  1
ii   -..
.       , • •<•, tm-
ly and well-dressed chorus nlso helps
in rounding out the show-.
During tlie action of the piece several new features in the dancing line
are introduced, Including the wlerd
"OOgle Dance," by Dale Puller and
Irwin Hardy nud the unique "Gloomy
Glooms," not Forgetting the now- turn
ous "Egyptian Turkey Trol," given
by the entire chorus.—Empress Theatre,   June  2')tlu
$100 tor a Slogan
Sew Westminster, June 21— One
hundred dollars has been offered by
the Progress Association of the eity
for the best slogan to be Adopted ns
the motto for the banner of progress
that has been raised here. A second
prize of $50 will also be riven. Tbe
rule- of the competition are very
simple. All slogans must be sent to
the secretary ol the association by
Septembei- 12th. To win they must
be short ami snappy an,I have a good
hit to Ihem. They must also in -
elude either the words New West -
minster or  (eraser.
\ew Wcstmlnstci on the broad
Fraser river aims ul being the great
fresh water port on th,- Pacific eonst
ami the chief opening to the western
spout for tin, prairie's grain, once
the Panama canal ,s open, with thut
end in view, bit: sum- ate being spent
on harbor development. All las'
year Mr. Powell, .m American engineer of international repute, was draw
Ing up plans fm the harbor, and tlle
eity i- just about to puss th,- lirst
installment of half n million dollars
to In- spent on improving tbe water
front in anticipation ol tlie opening
of the canal. The Dominion governmenl has also stalled on the three
and a half million dollar work which
they have planned to improve the
river channel all the way up the snort
fifteen miles from the -ea to this
Come to the    City of     Reveletoke.
Come  t,,  the city  of    romance    and
beauty.    Come   lo   the   land   of    nirt'i
ami music, and  the bome of ,-,,ni; and
story.   Come    to the     deathbed     of
melancholy     and  tin-  graveyard     of
care.    Come     to the land r.i  golden
sun bine.    Come  to the  laud     if    Ib .
,-edai   and   pine.    Come  to the land < f
crystal   streams  and   the   frisky   t  iut1
comedians.   Come to the land of frag
rant  wildlloweis, drooping ouathcu-,
-and hills,  and  timid  violets blubbing
in a   thousand   dells.    I'onie   to      I ue j
land of snowcapped mountains. Come
to      the   land   of    grim   ,,ld  cany •-.
w,,o,ied  hillsides  un.l   lightening foot-1
e,i deer.   Come to the land of wind   I
mi: trails,  the  romance and the i,l.ny
that      cling  to the   relies of  frontier
life.   Come  to the  Alps of America,
of which every tongue on earth obeli
speak.   Com,,  io tbe mightiest e.l,lb-
It oi nature's artist.   Come   to   the
city  of      destiny.    Come  t,,  the    tn. n
and   women   who  have   watered 11  with
then   tear- and  blessed  It  with their
smiles   t,,   tbe    ampfires     of
hosp talt v   that   are  awaiting y,,uf— '
Come to  Revelstoko     with her
throbbing  hear-,   Como I
: , -ll.,
. At. __ __ et. ,*K __ .•t | __ __ l't. __ |Ti __ __ ."t. ■'i'. __ A __ .+. __ l't*. __ __ __
* 'l' w' v 'v 'p 'V 'V 'V 'V 'V'V *+* '+1 '+■ 'I1 '*''+''V 'V '+1 '*' '*''+''+' V
I Closing Out
Have you had your share of the bargains
lhat our Closing Out Sale offers ? Every
day brings something new. Right at the
beginning of the hot weather, you can buy
your summer goods at greatly reduced
prices. This is a bona fide sale. We are
leaving lown, and want to sell every
dollar's worth. Here are some of the offerings for the next few days,
Dress Goods
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Sash, Doors. Mouldings' Turnings
We are in the manufacturing business of
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases, Office and Bar Fixtures, Screen
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cJTVletal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
Watch our Windows
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i McLennan SrCo. §
lea! ..
ird of Tra.If      *.,
tbt   Km, I
Ml       ■      ■' '       '■■
Mr.  Tapptni •
i •,   ^    -.; •    i .,-■
i •• part nl
pr   all j hours ol    h|i   Inimitable   i i	
foi ' Hi* own  poi om.iI   rmg n im ei
Bai k  to  tbe Town V w r«
Born" nn,i    v, nut. i     i     i-.i.   •.
Through,''  m/i,i,    dli tlm'   hii       an l
f British Intervention  brought    bim n duo i   ot     deserved
,in ores
Ao Important Decision
Ottawa      Juni -   •
■   ■       it ■
was evidence thai tin- lumber In
question was manufactured nnd
came within the scope of the Tarifl
Act. He held that the Crown's con
tension that the case uf Queen vs.
Ayr, a tlevi-ion of the late Sir M.J.
Ritchie, CJ., wae not applicable to
tbe case at bai ■
Ayr importr.l these items for
fears, paid full duty and then it was
contended that after having legally
Imported and puul the <luty chargeable because they chose Canada to
put tin-in togethei and muke a compound liable to higher duty if imported in thm fraud bad been perpetrated and Unit they weir bound to
pay  tho extra duties and penalties.
WINK   IN   (ASKS.       ...
The   Chief   Justice's   BmiU   explains
the view. Importation of wine in .i
• ask. subsequently bottled in Canada
indicates    what   he  meant. \s    he
•,-! out, the customs tarifl pro
\rrded certa ti duty on wins if it was
Impi ri The man    lot
ted the wine .ii a cask,  paid    the
..,'.t.       ottled
:  tbe Chief Jusi
rn        vhicta     tbo
••in ••'. the •
the it
■  '     ■
■•    ■■■■
■   ■
uiil lu- celebrated in
grand fashion than
ever befoi e al
Armstrong. July I
Aeroplane Flight
I v\t» (lights In Aviator
in Ins Vtrighl Bi-plane, 75 ll, p.
ti e) limit'!-,
Kirst Aeroplane Flight in the
Vernon \>. Kelowna
Iji.K'ii>y \s. Armstrong
l,i ague Game Kelowna v»i
Ai nisti .Mi^
Horse Racing
\ ti non and Armstrong
Grand Ball
in tin> bvening
Special Train
[*eaves Kevelstoke at W ■<■
in. and boat Leaves Kelou ua
al * .t iu. Visitors can return
b) specials same evening.
Watch t"i   Programme aud   Time
1 able uext week.
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Revelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Before Investing.
Wills, Title Deeds, Mortgages, Insurance Policies
or other valuables in one of these boxes
Our Doctors Anli-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a Ioiik felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoo pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and 8hoo Repairers,
Harness Makers
New Time fable
ih. June Ind, a new C.P.R.    tunc
table came Into piled  lor llic sun •
tiiit     changing tbe   hours ol arrival
leparture "f ibe tminH,     wbicb
are  nn follows
Vote Schedule
Now in Effect
16 lo
I   111,1 Ml
i i
ii y,
.ii   rRAIM
G i .
l . ...
I .
. II
'1 hf WhII l*api*ni u* wanl you lo nee
.u »• Mlricih thin season'* produi liona
Thr) .in' uiu|ui*Miiotuibl) hiipvrior in
1m\hii\ ol design .uul iiriiMic coloring
lo an^ wu lutvt! ever shown, or lhal
\ .mi , .ui »ccelwiwhere,
It should not be  difficult   lo  Induce
you 10 ex.i ii i nic 11 inn.      Will you ilo mo
noon .'
A New Short Order Restaurant and Eating House »»
Only   White   Cooks   Employed
Have had 15 years experience as a caterer
.   ■    . •       ■ .        M   go '"   I
ton     .• ■   nforenee.
Tb<' meeting I ■ '•"!
\s a r.-Htiit    ^^^^^^^^^^
tbt   RuMfeu   Bmperor lm*    ,-suwl   .,
pardon    to   MIM Kate  Maleka,   tbe
Knglish  uM.njiin     wl1"  "''"'•riMy
o low  r'.u     |>enal
■I'll I
itisl   i' vnlutlonlata,     Tbe con
,1 i,. ■ ■ bat i be null
Thr • ompan • in   np| ntf   i   tht   ta
Includes u numhei  ol singing   imn I
uum  Mini   romiMl   ii.
to    howgool       in tii,
whom     are   Helen   Dnrlli
Hbei iiim,, Dale VulU t.  Hun .   Dick in
Hi'ii .ui i ii wm iiaiih    .\ large, cum-
twn  a|
i ,'.'i   i,    m,  p uniD
is nol maniil u ttiretl
i   .in  at Un   opinion  thai   ^,
'•■hi oi  "' tbe Crown   i , i
i/i.       ||      RPARATH   Ml i.l.
'iiii   plnlnliil«   iiim Mnl  llmt    iin!<•
i -
propi >  i ni'.i'ii'   ■ i m.     Itimlit'
iin.i Uur    in h
■ Mii „l"   null.
Mr, Jusi      c • bai  tbts
; J. hippos <ind J. Ghitsas,     ■    Proprietors j
ZL ivi.u.kliiiiu Avonuo, nivclatoko, b. C
Ki'tjiildi 15.25 liekot lur live Dolldrs.
III l« ll
. .1
mi    in-i     his
|| |l lil ||   I ..lllr ' I |0U      "I'll     ' li
III lit,
i ii i mi-1  moi"
.i.  ii,,-  iii i      md iy     in
-.   nth,
I \       I'lMl Ulll.'l ,    I"' im .    M  il
■ ml    K.ili..   i
i..      i.iini.y i.ii tbe
and Un-  An', i  nii
tbe 'iiniii   "lii'iu)'    uilu
Hal In ■ i.        nn
■Iny    ■ '.i      ' In..i    |ii.ii   ,..      on
it I P "i
mii HODIST 'in in ii
,:     .1      Mi I'.' or,      H"l
  i i .. iii   and 7 M
i ■"
,,i, • iiii.i" ■ ID i m . Wad
p in . Kp
ii ihk, Fi Ida)  •"• oning, .1 inloi  ,m'i
I     i lm,I     |I1|H In" \     lllll   Wll
luuu im.iit* ii," |.ui,in- ai nil   tbate
■ on   Moi k »i mi ui  HcKensll avontu
itrsel k. .1. riiuv",
II     V      i'.i toi.    B In)'   Ml vii'i'S       at
and i su p.m.; Sunduy Kbool
and adutt llihle claaaea at 1:80 p.m.;
Monday al ■ p m . ICouni People's
Meeting; Wtdnaada} at I p.m., cburob
, i Ht il lag    \ • miiini
sitended   to all  neretoes,   Htmngers
iini'li-  ».lo,iiie.
i ATHMi.n   CHI ic ii
Ht. Krancls ol Assmu I'atbullc
i hm ili, loinei ol Fifth Itfftt mil
Mi Kon/i" avenue.
tin vices-<ja   all    Juniiiijrv, except
tho Imn lh ol cull month. I,ow mns*
with ' ..iiiiiiiiiiiiiii ol lho Fnl till il I at
tl ii.iii. Ili,;h M.i-M at I" mi ll. in.,
I'lirihtiun Uoctrliio Ior ihiMroii at
2.110 p.m.    It. min y  with  Dciulicliun ol
'iho liii-nhi'ii Bacrament 7:80 p.m,
Ofl wcuk daya—Holy     Masu every
iinirnliii;  at  7:30.      OooiaUtOM ara
lioanl every evening alter 7.31) anil
in the in.niiini:'! before Mn,.
J.  0,   McKenzie,   P, P.
Uev.    J.    Wi    Stevenson,     mount"!
Regular eervioei on    Buote| at   u
a.m. anil 7:30 p.m.; Snnilay School
ami  adull   Ullile  cIiiksth at i.M)  p in.
mi «'"k prayei  mssUni oa fftdnei
''   I  |'iu.   Hearty OOOgrtgablon
ui wiiikiuk ami ipeelal mtitlc bj   tbi
Btrangars and visitors ate tu-
vitod is tbe seivices.
kflJafS       IfaHHHBBIfMHHaMaf^tataflBH SATURDAY, JUNK 22nd, 19*$.
SATURDAY,  JUNE 22n,l, I?l2.
Second Period Closes To-Night at 9 p. m.
Now is the Appointed Time
As the hours go rolling on, one by one, some person
is nearing the summit   of  victory's pinnacle
while others are sinking deep in the
mire of defeat.
You are the Buil
Your Own Destiny,
Must Work Together
Victoria,  June  18.—That 'he Iruit
flowers of British Columbia will
huvo to co-operate cordially and
watch the market closely .his Sanson if they desire to got lair | r.ccs
ior then crops, is thc opinion ol Mr.
KM. Winslow, provlndil borticultur
ist, who hus just returned (rom u
teu-daye' trip through tbe Iruit seo
older to keen up the prices in the
i oust cities, Vuncouver and V ictoria
"Another feature of thu situation,
which is not to he overlooked, Is tbat
the dealers on the Canadian prairies
are stiongly affiliated with tne Anni
lean wholesale dealers, ln fact tbey
are mostly in thc same businesses un
der  other names.
"There Is no reason why the Brlt-
isb i "i..inn.a fruit giower should leei
serious alarm, lie has the advantage
is one oi the features of th.- coming
raahii n. The -kirts will still he close
Blslngj but fuller and dra|ej."
tions of  the  neighboring states.   Mr.   ul  the  duty  uud ol a very   reasonable
Winslow     was   accompanied   >u the J 'Wight rate recently put into (ores cn
journey bj Mr. J. Forsylhe Smith,
provincial market commissi mer.
Their itinerary Included v'nsbon, We-
iiatchc", Hood River, Seattle, bpo
k.iue, Yakima, Puyallup uud a number of other points.
"There is going to bc a heavy crop
ol all fruits in the States," rays Mr. i
Winslow, "and there it. going to ho a I
heavy crop here. Conditions over
there are such lhat thc people nave |
cettled down to tho couviction that
they must do business, for the arcscnt
Ol auy rate, on a small margin, and
British t'l'luniina growers must meet
them on this basis in the prairie nun
keis. Thc large dealers ol Wishing
ton and Oregon arc preparing for a
big campaign this year on the
fuuadlan  side, because  ns mte ui tham
tbo' C.P.R.,  which naturally    desire
i to encourage traffic aloug its own line
There is, however, excellent reasnu
why   tlie  growers should   bestir   Ihem
. ■ Ives iiiiiI join   theii  lore s if    they
wish  to  secure adequate  returns on
their   year's   lal.or.    The   grower   who
insists      upon  marketing  his  produi
individually,  instead  ol  co-operating
with Ins neighbors is liable to   have
some cause  to  regret   it."
June    ii—For     oue    week,  National
Slock  Company,  hlmpress  theatre.
Octolier 7—Muuugiug     Mildred Opora
Co., Umpress theatre.
I-:,.un,ii.iin.ns [or thc position ol
Inspectors of Steam-boilers aud Ma -
chiuery, uuder the "Steam-boilers inspection Act," will be held ut tbe
Parliament buildings, Victoria, coui-
meucing   .May   Uth,   1U12.   Application
und instruction  lorms cun  be hud uu
application  io the undersigned,     to
I whom the  lormcr     must bc returned
No Rate Decision
di i renders addu ss d to the
undersigned, and sudor ed "IVi.ilc.
Ioi Wbarl al Needles, B.t .", will he
received at this oflloe un il  i p. ui.,
j correctly idled in, not later than May
Ul,  1912,   Salary, $130 per mouth, iu
creasing 15 per mouth  per annum to
a maximum of  flbU per mouth.
Chiel   Inspector   ol   Muchiuery,
New Westminster, U.O.
on Thins I,,), July tth, 1 'IJ, I •! tUC
ei instruction oi a Pile Dent wh.u. al
Needles, Division of Airow Lai .
oi K'...!. na], B.C.
Ottawa, Juno m.— Tbc Uailway! Plans, specification and lorm ul
Commission this morning again took contract can '■ Men and bums cl
up the question ol freight ratal     In  tendei  obtained at th,* Departm nt,
the   Weat,   Which   has   been   ncloru      it   aud at  tht  Office*'  "I  C,  C.   Wuisfdi,
bu mnny months. | Ksq., Bistrict Engineer,    New W«at
In thc County Court ol West Koote-
ar>v   Holdeu  ut   Hevelstoke.
Frank McAulay  vs.  Ucatricc    Mines,
Ltd.,  ■ .."ii ;ni."'inii  Liability.I
A.   A.   li.iiuuu   vs.      beatrice      Mines,
Li.i., (Non personal Liability.)
John G undersoil und others vs. lieu
trice Miues, Ltd., i.Nou-peisouul
Pursuant to thc Judgements in the
above actions bcuriug dute the 2t)tb
June lull, the order Ior mile therein
Contained and tbu Direct.ons givcu
herein on ihe 2nd May, 1912, benders
will be received Iiy the undersigned
for   the      purchase   of     the   lollowing claims;
"Beatrice" Miuerul claim being Lot
No.  162b, Croup 1.
"Ivliuuiid" Mineral claim being Lot
No.  2634,  Uroup   1
.Soli",'   is   hereby   given   that  ViM,.',    "Folaom"  Miuerul cluim  beiug Lot
John Armstrong, ol     Uevelacoke, il,
C,   will   apply   bu   a   license   to   lake
o. iiiii, Croup 1.
All   sitiiatu   heal   Camborne   iu
and  uso six fit)  in.inu     milieu of  wa-1l.ardeuu  Mining   Division      oi      West
ler  out ol  Mill  IreeK,   which   Hows in j Kootenuy  District, B.  C.
told inc. they believe that money will
be freer ou Ihe I'liundian  pinnies tins
season   thuu   any   place  clue   on      the
"Moreover, they have certain ad
vantages which will tell piclly Inai.
lv in Ihoir favor. Their crop, taking i
the country as u whole, will i.e .like
that oi British Columbia, uboul 20
jier cent, greater thuu last year. They
are lieing given n nile ol yi a hundred Irom Spokane to Calgary, Loth
bridge, Moosejaw, Regius nud ilrnii
don, which is u better late than ihey
have  ever  had   beloro.  Also  the  prico
of then packing boxes, spraying ma
(mTiiiIh  aud  other   requisites   is  al 1
iiniiy lo forty pet "enl. cheapei than
nn   this  side.   When   lino   things     ale
added     together    tbey a little more.
I   Uailway companies ware gun   un ' minsier, B.C., and on application to
October  to present a  Juris ilctlou' tbe Postntaatai .ii N<   lie
ales largely owing t" Illness   ol    Victoria, B.C.
BJ.   W.   Heatty,  K.C., tho OOUnsel    foi
the   I' IMC,   Imt  it  was  ulso    a
thai    when   tb"   board   goSS   'Vet     in
.luij it will hoar ipectnc complaints
as to discrimination aud undue
charges,  it   being  uudcriitood     that
railways   would   not     ,,11.1     any     i vi-
donee In rebuttal until October.
Tins means Ihai   htial decisions will
be delayed until midwinter.
u   south easterly      direction    through
Atll,   Section  i'.i.   Township      ist.   Range i.
West of   thu  I'Ci   Meridan,   and    emp*
I   thai    'u'1'   "ll"   '°" "      ^atba   rner,   uour
Big   ttddy,   B.C..    The   water  will    bu
.1 unless
Finally Doomed
Paris,    .ilin.    i»  ii.    n, I.,   th,-
question oi rasblom for women is a
■ubjaot  of i "nti..v. i i   in  rm is.  Mii
liuin oi.cibalance the duty charged on \todrsrn   repeats his statement   that
l'i i.m.I.t.    t   Inin Ing    .11"
tenders ».II nol be ton
niii'li   ou   tbc   l' d   bin.*  b.ip,died
aud signed wltb then .i»ua   i***** "ml "'" '"' u"0<1 {or Irrigation
tuies,   staling   then   occupations   and
diverted al 200 leet ubove C, P. It.
ii mi "Hiii Ing Oanada,
"When «" were al Tacoms i wired
lo our people mi    ihe prairie    Lhul
straw bei lies   would   be gelling  in  Cal
irniy IIiih   week al.  JI fl   einli g\   I    tltl
Ah a mnl ter ol laot, they  ni
for t'i, which I figure im snmetliln
I hull   Hi"   cosl   III   i    Hiii,'   III. in   Ih  i".
■ i-n ii the giowei  gave iii iii .ni.i.
Iiii  nothing in ib" imi  ri.      rii.,i  ,
i   iml to have n serious   iltecl     mi
pi ia mi ill" in".r mainland ol this
ibe bobble sknI must go
Mi .  Hi'dlern says       "Tht I
dl 11mt tendency In   thai    ■Hrsstlon
Tbe   I'lll IHH'lille   hi, i     IO ll'llcl        lb"
imi mr.   in laiii.i in.oi" ni i ime* th
i li i   will  i.e tight   ii" n.i tbe hips,
i.ui.   Instead ol     lieing   siiii lurthn
iii'hi' i    tower   .iowu, as   tu   the
»di inii   Iralgtrt
"There witl    I     ,,   much
. h im .   in the iii'" ii and rvw
In   iu,   paM      ol
Arms,   ihe  actual  signature,   llu    sal
ure ol tbc  occupation,  uni  pl tse    ,.l
reside : sot b member   il tno .■. .u
must be given,
liuch tandi i     m ial ta aoci ipauiui
by au accepted chei|iie on acliartc'.ii
bank, payable to the orlcr ol i.e
Honourable the Minister ol PULitc
. i ...I in ten per ilu i>
ci of the amount ol tbu tcuuu,
which wlll ' loffeitad if the person
tendei Ing to enter Into  ■ con
tract whi ipon to do s",   oi
imi to comi • I •   *..ik contracted
ioi.   u in.   tendei     bt  not aa ■ ptad
tb» cheque will is' returned,
purposes uu the laud descrilied uu M
.nil's, purl section 211, township HII,
runge 2,  wesl of olh Meridiiu.
This notice wus posted ou tbe
ground ou the llth day of April, 1912
The application will be hl.-.i lu tho
ollice ol tho Water Hccorder at Hevelstoke,  Bl C.
iibji'i lion, muy be bled with the'
suid Water Recorder or with llie I
Comptroller   Ol   Water   Hights,     Par -1
iiameiit iiuiidiugs, Victoria, it. c.
Applicant. ... |
i.iiji OR   \'T,  run.
Notice  is hereby  given  lhat  on  the
Considerable development work has
been .lone mi the Beatrice claim.
Tenders are to be mad" In writing
Jiud sealed aud murked "Tender for
Beatrice Mines pioperty" and addressed to the Undersigned at Hevelstoke, ii. c, iiii or before the uth
day  of  June,   I'J 12.
The highost or any tender not. necessarily accepted, ITurthoi purlieu -
lars ol the properly will Is) furnished
on      application      to    W.    I.   Ilnggs,
Plaintiffs Solicitor,   Revelstoke,  B.C.
Bated this Hth day of May,  1U12.
w. a. Mclaughlin.
Deputy Registrar County Court,
Revelatoke, H. 0.
Kirst  Issue May 8,  iwooks.
The depr.rtm nt does not bind itself   ifjtb duy ol June n.'xt.     application
p|   tl,     lowest   ol   nny   tendei.
IU     .I'd"!
H      I   .    111',.   I'."'     ,
,|   l'ml,"   Works,
 ^^^^    Jun. ... B
di-cHNcH.    We have nol   ottopanlsrsl   Ncwapapari    will    not be paid Ioi   described as Lot 1, Blook A,
i.m ,,i ib,. drag   snd the Oram. Prii I this advertisement  il thoy insert    It. (MH,
win be mude to tho Superlntendenl
oi Provincial Police i"i thu grant ol
,, license lor tbe sale ol liquoi by
retail in ami upou tho promlisi
known as    Humbert Hotel, situated
min   Hive!, hike.  B.C.,  upon lho lunds
The  I line for  receiving  tender    here
in  has   I n  extended   to August   1st,
Shi/oh's Cure
a "I. 1.1 V    sine.   . ..lljll*,     O.lf,   , ..I.U
>• thi     '      " * ■   *    nn.l  ll.niU
.    In   i'l
'ifi  renlav.
province   The lobliers, in fact, show.
.     I,,'     ImIiiImi.i       III    Hlll'l'ibie lhe HIII        ion    -.1 .11       ,'     I I,      ,,.  .'.    ■ tl ""•     fl "In    I l'|'..H
plus bcuros iu ih" pi'i ii-    litres, in or draper) ..i    ,.      i,., ,■   . .,....,1,,   meal   .-
1,1 1   - , f v. y, i'.li.
):,,,   ll. siiuoiue,    Appli">uut,
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol o-storss irerynerve In Ihebmly
■<i" Its prnpei i'n,1 11 , 1 .',,..
1 rim mi'l vitality. Premaiuro deray nml all .eni.l
. we.line.1 Hv.rteil nteme l*hoiphoaial - !l
i make yen a new man.   Viir.ttn a hok. or Iwn lor
tt.    f( ■'.'•■   .. .'-I" tb. Scollrll Dl ng
'0., tt. t >llm III".. Out.
.Sealed Tenners auurewed to tbe
undersigned, ami eudorsed ren .er
lor Wbuii at boswell, B.C.," wi.l he
received at this office until 1 p. in.,
on Tuesday, July -, l.'l-, '• 1 tbi
construction ol a r.iu lieut Wbun at
Boswell, Division ul Neioou, Koote-
uay District,  B.C.
i'laiis, Bpecittcations and lorm ol
contract cau be seen uud lorms ol
tendei obtained at d.s Departncnt
und at the olllces ol U. A. Keefer,
lisq., District. Kngiiieer, New West
minster, B.C., and on application to
tbc Postmaster at Victoria, D.C.
Persons tendering are uoiiued thai
lenders will uot uo considered un ■
made on liie printed lorms supplied,
mnl signed w.tb their uctual
tures, Btatiug their occupations an 1
places of residence. In the case ol
lirms,   tbc   actual   signature,   the   na-
une of the occupation, and place of
residence ol each meinour ol tho urm
inusl  be given.
liuch  lender    must   he  »'   ompanted
Iiy an accepted cheque on a cbarti
bank,  payable  to  the  ordei    ol    tbc
Honourable tbe     Miniatei of   i'ublic
Works, equal io ten per cent lid i
. ' ..i     tbe   amount    ol tbs tender,
wbicii   will   be  lol luted   il   the  poison
tendering d» Uni to entei Into a
contract wIht   sited  upon to do so,
oi Iml to complete the «<nk contracted lor, 11 tbt tendei lie not accept
■-.I the cheque  *ill t« reiuiuvd.
The Department does not bind itself to accept  the lowest or any  teu-
By ordoi,
Deportment ol Public w.,ikn.
mtawa,  May  il),   UU.
Newspapers will  not l>e     paid      foi
this  advertisement   ,!   tbey   insert     it
without   authority   lioin   tbo   Depart
June   6th   1st   issue.
Tbe ueit eiaui.uutiou for lhe entry
oi .\aiul Cadets will be beld al tbo
examination I ntre of the Civil ocr-
v.ce Commission ,u Navsmber Dli;
parents or guardians ol unending,
caudiviaica should apply lo the Secretary, Civil Service Coram .=. li,
uttawa,  |cr eulry   papers  belore    in
j October next.
Caudidutes      must    l.c  bet a.en    tbo
. ages of 14 and lt on 1st October. I'.'l J
i   Cadets are trained for appointment
au Officers in tbe Naval Service,   tho
course at the College liemg two years
followed by oue year in u Tiainiug
i iu.sei, .liter which Cadels tro rated  .Midshipmen.
'    Further details can   i.e obtained ou
application  to  undersigned.
Deputy   Minister,  Dcpurtuieut
I      of  the Naval   Service.
Departmenl of the Naval Berries,
Ottawa,  Muy • tb.   UU,
Notice is hereby given that 30
days alter dale 1 intend to apply to
the Water Commissioner for Twenty
.MiiH'i,.' inches ol Water to be taken
from Davis (reek, und to be used for
Jirigatli.ti purposes on the following
described land:—Part of tho H. w.
(me quarter Bection 13, Township W,
Range 29, W\, ;,tl. Meridian, north of
Arrowhead, B   01
Duted  this 7tb  day  .'I May  l»U,
Jii'TA C. 11A1GH.
The qualifying eiumnintiulls (or
Thu-d cluss Clerks,  Juuior  Clerks and
Stenograpbars will >*> held ut    tbs
following places, commencing ou
Tuesday, tho ilud July uuit.—Arm-
Mtn.iig, Chilliwack, CuuiU'i iainl, Dun
can, Coldeu, Crand Forks, Kumloops
Kaslo, Kelowun, Ladysmith, Nana,
iim,   Nelson,  Now   Westminster,  Peach'
luud, Prince Rupert, Penticton, Hevelstoke,  Hossluiid,  Salmon  Aim,.Sum
merland,   \ uucuuver,   and   \ ictoria.
Candidates must be Dritish sub -
tacts between the uges ol U and JO,
il for Third-class Clerks, and between lb and U, if lot  Juuior Clerks
or    .   I-in .g l lipids.
Applications will not lie ucceptod
if received later than the Kith June
next. lb...
Section 7 ol Mm "Civil .Service Act"
provides that temporary clerks ud
stenographers, who have not bocn
regularly appointed by Order in
Council, must pais this examination
1'.   WALKKH,
Registrar, Civil Service,
1st issue May ith. SATURDAY   JUNE 22u.1,  1 112.
SATURDAY,  JUN13 .2nd, 1012.
July Bth in
ting Contest
Time is Flying, Opportunity is Passing
Hustle, Keep on Hustling, and then Hustle Some More!
n—y T»'wwaE^.-«g«Lrj
Hon, Thomas lajlor Visits Home
of His i'Dtuii
Rnld Medal. London. I'll
Have Yoa Tasted
: -        ■ delicioui lea  in (hi
IV. m'    I
Then don'l delay Irj
ivaj       Kor i
tury   it   li.i    i
cu imi i arth.
au   Hi-ii'-i lass Grocers
OrJtrTii..: :
Ml all    M      Johnson, pupil ol A.l] M'NfiHS - -  Required Immediately
Miller,  l-.H.a.m.,  Loudon, darker and  Sorter, al-
i ...    .    ii p  in  nil  depart -
ils   Ior   tuition   la   m isii     .
f..:e   ut   J.     K.
\\ AVJ \a)
■■   Okanagan    Steam
'   ■
S ''.
i   old   ben-.
B.F.   Somerville,
M ilakwa
M Exhibition Sparring Match
At the Empress Theatre, July 1st, 1912
bread &
hi nn
nothing I ne. triuney  in  Ini)
ii l't"-, ■ ' ■   i   ■ hut H. N .    •    ■ Itei
>'.. ii   i;.m..., i on,  real
Insurani •■
Paid Death Penalty
Kie.l   i'
■"      Vlctoi   Hornlci r      Mai lill   li nm
Was h I     '       "■   ' "log for the mid , •,,    :  ..,, (\a,     Kdli on I'l
man   Merrltl ■ Ut,m     IID.SO     upwnr la    IV .
Hi      ..- bi i ompanled  to tb
lalvatlou      Vrmj i '''''  '   Ht<""' *'"■'■•""■■"" * •"•
i„     ... ■.    to ' in  I "   th«  "evulstoke Hul I ware Uo.'
•    ' : ir advertisement fo,   bargains 	
.... doon   and  window i
i he     ■ mm.H   Uowl      ■    mi ,m  |. i
Low  |            rnlturc ul lors a >    i i>mpl ;'       Th
.' nnd ino I   up i o dull  Bodn  fouututn lu
low, the city,   a flsll   will . "iji■■ '■ you.
•.    i    \   i ,
.nn,, oi.i,  11 ' im
;.i'.-.'i    IIM   i     nil    .     ru      nr,'.
i ..nii  t—A .      "  foi    n
:i ,,     luly   Ifitti      I-.
,i.i ,i .. ijectlutt i"
one   •■ ' .ii,l.iM'ii    Apply ul Ibis
Ullne  lol   llllol tnul mmi   .ili.I   i
of Nanaimo,
of Vancouver
I « i ii;lii   Cliainpii n
South Africa
Will   Spar   IO   Rounds
in the Empress Thea
tre, July Ist, 1912
3p<•• lal Seats Reserv-
i ' i for I .adies
reform    tin
\| in    n and   Mr.  U'Don
f tin    lines)
'       |   . 'i.Iimi,      ,ii,   .
(       t   Heal    I..    i . I
i     illi*, il  '     foi
i.i i     \1 iildle-
mpii ii ui  Hi hi .li I nl-
Sold Bj   i luic.nn ''.. L'
"K rj    B.I
U'. .i.ii   fm
Ml  ill   ll,lllll   llllls.
' SATURDAY,  JUNE 22nd, 19x2.
BATURDAY,  JUKE 22nd, i?l2.
Parties desiring Information regarding the Valley ol the Garden ol
Eden, can obtain Biime Iree ot churgo
by writing to Mr. J. 11. Johnson,
Malakwa,  B.   (J.
Edttoi  Mall-Herald:—
Tho pleasant ruins ut Idle hits in.ide
glad the heart ol the Garden of Edeu ranchers. Strawberrba uro r.|>o,
and their appearance al present Indicates a good profitable crop. The
bay also looks promising and ibe
harvest most likely will rutin ence
within three weeks. Mr. Geo. Fli i.u-
can gives himself the credit . 1 having tbe finest hay in tbe district.
The Halle; of
"The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,  and   Extending  between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20.000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
f licir-jrfnr nf ^nil   Bench   Lands,   Clay   Loam   and  Vegetable
UluTdMtf.   Ul  OUII   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Nn lrri,i ilinn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is su
I1U III KJullUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for D
mestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Climate   Freezing is Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For Further Particulars About This Garden Spot of B. C, Watch This Page
of the MAIL-HI KALI) Each Week
There arc mnny important changes
to take place Bhortly and will in -
crease, the development of this, the
prettiest and (airest valley in lir.t-
lsh  ish Columbiu.
It ie now that wc need a lumber
yard where we can get a bill ot lum-
ber on short notice, ae man] build
Inge are now m the course ot erec -
lion and there ar, also in.■!-• planed
lor the tuture.
A doctor, an hotel, shingle mills.
saw mill, incut market, a barber
shop, are alBo needed. In tact any
trad.' would do profitable business
there. Let all who will come and
nnd an hearty welcome in thc Valloy
of  Bden,
Your-, truly,
. . . It Might Be Cold. . .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent- Our.record of cures ,]
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled ,
and verified by our gratified patiuns. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYP, Proprietor, •        Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
i JU8T m:\vi.y repaired
RATES,      .     $1.50 PER DAY
Wei klj and monthly ratei to be arranged.      Meal Tickets, ^1 mcali lot (6.00
A. P. LKVKSQUK, Proprietor
LauRhton i& Tapping, Props.
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan   "
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Sir ctiy  i-i*st Class
Rooms Single, cn Suite
and with  Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Beat Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
X.    ALBEET     ST03STE      PROP.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Enlarged   anil Improved,     First-Class in every re«.|K)Ct.     All niodurn convenience!
I .arte Sample KnnniH.
Rat'.o $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
wm—mm—k OPEN NIGHT AND DAY===S,=B*=
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C.  BATCHELOK,        -       rTHanager.
The destruction "f the house fly
is a public duty Almost every
American State Hoard nl Health is
carrying on a crusade against him.
His filthy origin ami habits, and
the fact that his body i s generally
la-lcn with disease-producing germs,
makes him one ol the greatest enemies of thc human race.
K the housekeepers of Canada will
persistently, this peril will be tremendously reduced
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
designs Box 51
Phone 295
AI...1.VV1IKA1I. II. 0,
B|ieo:a   Attention given lo commercial
in. ii i.i.i t, i hhIh. First-clast sample
room., lo e.l 10811**7 "' Bfltlih Columbia, overlooking I'pper Arrow Lake.
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a  Specialty
W.J. Lightburne, Prop Phone 42  -   Night Phone 85
The next examination foi   tie' Clltrj
ot Nnvnl Cadets will lie held  it Ihe
examination centres of the Olvll Bel
vice   CoiniiuHHiou   iii   Novemli.'.r   I'i'.i,
pui'i'iiti. or    guardians  nl   Intending
cundiilulCH should apply to tlie ;<-i-im
fury, Civil BerVtOO CoininisHi ill. Ot
lawn, for entry papers before '.*:
111 t.ober  next.      mU«l       lie   l.i-twe n   thfl
Sgea ol M and li, on int JANUARY,
Oadtts me trained lot appointment
nn Officers in the Naval Service, the!
course nt tbe College being two yearn
lollowed      by  one  year in u   Training I
Cruiser, nfter which Cadets are rat>|
od Midshipmen,
Further detail' cun bi obtained on
application to undersigned,
t!.  .1. DE8BARAT8,
Doputy Minister of the Naval Service
Department ol tbe Nnv >i fcotucti,
Ottawa, Mnv i.ib, I'Mj,
111 l't   U-flle   J unu   22
(Concluded Irom I'age Three
On tbc other hand, in such matter'
as divide US in domestic pohti, B in
Bingland, n la bard to sec where the
Oanadian Liberal and the Oanadian
Tory diflcr; it tbey differ, it is not on
our lines. Kvery Canadian Conservative Rould lie, in our domertic .pus
tions, more in sympathy with the
Liberal—perhaps evcn with thc R*d-
iciil— than wiih the i'oll-i'l >' i*ive.
They are—men ot both parties alike—
democrats; and on -neb questions aa
tlio [ranchbw, tbe relations    between
Bingland and Ireland, and taxation.
the Conservative would lie on the
Hide ol the Liberals, and even on the
side ot Mr. Lloyd George,
Th,-   future development ,>l Uritish
Oolumbia must go oo ai  even a mere
rapid rate than even it", present enormous advance. Iu a couple of years
from now tbs Panama Canal will be
o|ien to tbe commerce ol tbe »■ rid,
and iiii the Western Coast on th«
Pacillc must,- nu immense nu
pctuR from tbis ' inordinary new
development ol ocean traffic. Tbt
thought, oi Mr. McBrtdi have i*en
devoted foi h,,iiu years towards i-rc-
painii,,iis f..i this rrtoui rsvi lu-
imii. Ils went t" tne countrj s tew
months ago; and he , bM plank In
hm platform was tbe construction ot
railways t" tbe enormous amount "I
twenty   million   sterling,   and   tbt   re
suit l have already  lol f   s legists -
ture of  forty  BUpportera  anil  two , p
ponents. Apart Irom tbis extraordln
mv political triumph, tbere uas tbc
ev, ii greatei pei tonal ti umpb ol lining Prime Mhi> tei   a ith - mnip itent
hold   over   thu  dcittiii.' prov
inee, throe timet In •uecettton, an-i
aftei lie had already bald otlice    f,.r
ten  long years.
Rut     tliero are other dtvttopmtntt
going  on   under   thm  n, I ■••>   ;,n,l
I'SH   mull      lie   in   building   one   ,,|   tha
greatest Universities in the  worl I for
his province and bt Ii searching   all
Kuro|ie  for men      who  ure th.-  ,ofl
most, in educational work, it is ni»
ambition, uh bt says liminei!, not to
reach uh high .oi eiiueiiti,,imi position
us Oxford or Oafnbridgi or Harvard,
l,nl   to .start  equal tbem.
Finafly, one Htttt touch will help
to complete ona'a conception ol this
remnrkable parsottallt) Sir Wilfrid
Laurier     und     be bave nlwaye baas
wai m personal fricuds, tbvugh i-i,ual
ly arsleiit political opponents. A
collide ot years lietorc tb. last iren -
•ral Election .Sir Wiltrid went ou a
tone to tbe West of tbe great liomiu
ion. and everywhere be bad a triumphant reception, ln some provinces
he found political in otlice and
power. ;n Sa-katchewau Mr. Walttt
Scott, the Premier, is a Liberal; in
Alberta the otlice is held ny Mr. jetton, also a Liberal; but in Urit.e
Columbia there was Mr. M' Unl-.tLu
stout Conservative, in power. And
yet it was at Victoria tbut .ii" I'll-
Ind received thc most eutnt'-iastic
and the most sumpt.ious reception.
Oraal arches spanned the streets, tba
government buildings were ,,-,-,.r-.'.o-l
tbe townspeople were all oui to.' u
u.i there stood Sir. McBride
to receive bim with tbe wek cue of
an honored guest, it was ,t «u>.iime
tioke, it show.-.! ,,t onoe gtne.Mtity
and rhrewdoeei—tbe generjsi -.- ol a
naturally warm I1..-I1 heart an.l tbu
ehpewdneoa "( a k,,-h politician wbo
tinned  ulint might  hare  been a ram
poign against t,, ont .u (jvor ji ijlru
self  and  his policy.
Kinally,   a lew   stall- .'R   lo      alow
what progrtM British 1  ilumbta   tat
made  in  the  ten   yeai a  ol   Ml       M
Hnde's rule.
Tbe     net  revenii"  has  grown  from
M,044,00C  ,n   1 KM I to I         11
1110 11. Whereas '.OS proi m- 0 was
heavily   iu  debt   in   l.'"l,   tbt      Public
a , ,,iiits abowed ,,t ih, ,,.,sn ,; tne
SSCal   yeai    11 liiiluu e   1 t   J  ,;,, n,
000 OVti   all  h.i!,.I.lien, .uul l.y nasou
of tb. turplusee wU b ,,! latt rt •:
hav,- been tbe Invartablt ru di      bi
,-MtiiiiaUsl expendituieb lir ibe prtt
ent Imcal yt?ar uie mole thai, »l(,,li(KI
Tbe population,     bat ,i„'u la
ten  yean mon-  than  in pet wni
and   la  Mow   1<mi,ijo0.
Tin  llgures ale  tbe      nioai  eluiucnt
tattlmoni to a wis., and popular rule
Mi   McBridt has often i„ ,.n hhK-sI t.
Han -I, I     I,       .-i.t-i gte   ,    bit    fftti        mid
bis  magi,,-t, ,111   to Ottawa;   lie    10m :
have had a iai,in,-t office In tbe new
Conservativi   government;  bui  btba
preferred to remain In Us native pro
Mum until Ins work     bas tbere been
done.—T. i'.
OlOSing   Uut   Sale   at   Mcl.iuii.iu     tt
o.s ih i,,,w on B . tbeli advsrtlM
only  a lew  hammocks  left  atUoS
W.   tillci   these ut greatly    re
.|i|f„d   Jil,, f-..
Tr> on* of Probyn'l tpeelal dishes
of Ire cream called tht "Carpathian"
Smile. BATURDAY,  JUNE 23u:l, L313.
BATURDAY,  JUNK ."2m",, lllll
A Study of tir   Richard  Mc-
bnae by i.f. u'oonnor
■ dwelt lor a few weeks lately
.u London one ■■: the most remark
able ■ •'■ th< true Empii builders of
, .: timi i tli . be passed thru'
many scenes inkm mi. and unnotictd;
and thai, l bim, must bave beeu an
experii i i  Icome a it wua novel, Foi it - quite unlike bis ordin
ary  , ■ in  bis  own  country.
■■... menl  ol every day
I  people standing out
■ MM- ■      ! M.I.     li. ,
utere   .  oi     even     to
the I'll • : .,,.'.:.   bim   mi
. . .     ind        exi banging  u    lew
bim    lu  passim
■   •      :
.,  man,  woman or
lhal       .    .-    ioi   I,,',:,.     bim,
greet  him  with     .1
■■■ ...     .- .,   Iiim   a'
smile  us  tie  passes.   Mai >
ivell ,1- geutb .     ud
, ■
:        to
them by   then
man  evei   had
... .1  ri ■ iti r degri
ui lai ... ;
■   ,:    1 , au; no
fed by nature
I - Bimp
-    '.-   .-.:-.■ ■■■-...,    .......     ire .1111-
i   g the chiel requirements of tl
• • I I bi -,- gre 11
to   I :... .,rt  -
mather 1 iuntry
t within I
■-,'■'        nd I   wards theii  own repub-
■ itn   to a  di .-I •      un
it    ■' evi n  In thc philosophj    ■■:
themselves     n
,    ili
''■■''-    '      gl   I ia  :..,in,  ,,ud  person -
ality traugi    this  dweller
1 oui   gates could
not appeal   anj when   without  uttrui
ting - ■       "    tioi     11   looked whal
ol  men    Vei y
tl   tbi     ami   time   very  rn
great  shoulders of an
• rm walk of     u
I form,  he looks     the
1 liouldei     bis     ivay
*d  bowevei  dense or
howevei   sin ng    ll-   ...  the  em
■:     massive physical strength
si   '   -'.ii.     The head and
are ., worth) culmination   to the
Phi   :.,ff   .      round
imewbat  ■ ..,..   0| ,,,,,
-  mainly   Celtic.     The
t-rengtb ol     tbe Btrong
the I ghter,  ,,f the
(ear.   The moutb
mall  uud deli
.-    1.- chief
high     .md
righi,     blue.
..-,; tl
■    • •    leptba
I    1111,1
mud  an      ut
Vnd then
'    -
0«    "I'll,-rem
thai     be
■ tne "'  Sii
•     ,      1
compared  to     thut
" ""■••
.... cal nl the a mmerci
always    rallied ...
•    .,  I.     t.o
thi   dif cil
I .
>.■'■' ■
. ■
'   •     '•' ■     ■   :
gifts as a political man asserted them
solves  early.    Before  he  was  thirty he
' was a Cabinet Minister, and be soon
made  it  quite clear  thai   he was     a
I man  so Btrong,     so tearless, so us
tuie that be had to be counted with
I A Ministry brought In a railway lill,
giving a big concession; he, with a
small group of members fought the
bill through a session, not to be bullied, or lied, or cajoled into surrender.
Then, having lelt Ins feel, be fought
for a imw principle In ollicial and political life in Ins native province. The
Ministerial and Opposition parties
were then Battled on the simple and
good old system of tbe "ins" and
the "outs"; Mi. McBride resolved
Hut partj government was the euro
for tbo sordid und mean personal mo
tivea which influenced political con-
testa 0 primordial, and lighting his
waj through tremendous obstacles
and ovei powerful interests, be estab
'i.-Ii'm: ., party government, ami soon
ilu was liiniseli iit the head of a Min
istry. Ho uas 1'rimo Minister ul i'i
tbi i ■■;;..■. sl l'i in-' Ministei iu the
It waa ;i dazzling eminence; but ,-l
so a perilous one. The Province was
uol in a healthy mud. iou; its tin
wero suspect; and when the
young Prime Minister went to thc
banks Ior bucking, the cautious man
agora bad politely to refusa him tbeir
aid Here, then, was a Strang.' and
paradoxical problem. Nobody could
don it that the Province had gigantic
..u.,-,! resources; time only was
ired 10 make the world and the
Province itself realise Its immeaaur
potentilties. Population bad to
iCted,   ind   is  not .111 easy
rt .1 j      ...       lo    British    Oo -
. you i ..,11 one of the Ian,si
-: attractive lauds in bhe
Di . . want bci ni ry ol the;
Bame nppalling magnificence as that
ol the /Mimatt region ,,f Switzerland
Vou hnd ii almost immediately aftei
you entei its borders. Do you wanl
let-tile land bearing the mosl heauti
f"l  fruil  in  the  world?   li   is    t,,  be
in iii i.nn,ni- Okanagan \ al
ley. Are you .1 mining prospector '.'
Vo|i can ramble through British Columbiu wiih the certainty that In
time you will reach gold or copper,
,,i some other of the metals [or which
the   wurld   is  calling  out,
These  f 1  the     material   atLruc
tious ,.f British Columbia; but  11 you
- ,-,.  tor   other     things,  tor a lovely
anil healthy climate, foi  scenery aoft '
"i  spot    that nestle under the glgan
tic  mountaius,  and   bring   vigor and
tbe joy of life hack again;  these also
you can find, they  come  to you with
out the askiug.   And, finally, you gel
to the Pacific, spread before you, one
ol  the loveliest  sheets of  wat -is the
woi-1,1  can  Bhow.    \round  and
,'  are growing  tbo e  gigantic  hu Id
Inga,    tho e     mighty  wharves,  ih..n,,
,l'"ks  that  are attracted   bj   .,  gi hi
world centre und  depot, und  tl 1
funnels ui  in,   spreading  ....
Irom every   land     ore crowxli d
tin' «.iti 1  aide.   A city whose grow th
ie like ., tale     Irom  the        \i
Nights," ui  it.- auddenneas an i
opulence,  baa growi   up around     I  •
mngiiit n;
ol th,   mai
'! ud ,,f  thi    ■
of  Lou ■ ,,,,1
such  as s
ton cenl 11 •
'general, who desires lo live under
ihe Uritish tiag, in thoroughly British siii'iaiindings, with the inspira -
tion of anew, young and thriving
country  superadded.
All these tilings, I say, you liud 111
British Columbia; but you have to
go a long distance to reach them.
Victoria is four thousand milos from
tha Atlantic coast of Canada and
seven thousand from Bmgland; ond
though there is a splendid train service, either by Canadian lines or by
a detour through the I'nited States,
still it is a long journey, And on the
way you are met by temp Iers from
any ol tho other great centres of the
abounding life and the growing prosperity of Canada. Montreal with its
gigantic population and it- throbbing
commercial life; Toronto with its
great size and its fiercely active spir
ii, Winnipeg—of rapid growth mid a
depot between hlastern and Western
Canada; Reglua and Bdmonton end
Calgary all bog ymi to remain with
ihi'in  ami  not   go  Farther,    And   ilnis
II is  ihai  population  lias  been,  and
and   still   is.   the   great   want  of   Bl ,1
ish Columbia,
But all these difficult problems
were lined by Mr. McBride with that
extraordinary courage which is one
of bis greatest qualities. He ignored
the banks and the financiers, went
.sti. 1,ght on With Ins work, ,nui soon
tbe people of BritlBh Columbia realised that at lust there was ttt tbe
head of the government a man native
to tho soil, knowing all its conditions; and bringing ui its problems
exhaustlcsa energy ui.,1 proud local
patriotism. Progress began 10 ue
made, uol slowly, Inu rapidly, u-Ul
In the end it came to be felt that
all tbu safety and advance of the pro
vincc were hound up with his personality.   And  thus  there came to    pass
III Uritish Columbia what has Lap -
pened to other countrie and times—
that all the politics ot the country
were hound with one single powerful and populai personality,
A position like ibis may be qulck-
Ij won and as quickly lost. But that
has not heen the experience ol .Mr.
McBride, There have beeu three g, u-
eral elections since be became 1 rime
.Minister bu tho first tune; and eaeh
succeeding election has only Increased
liis   poller.
British Columbia has ouly ona
house ol legislature; it consists of
forty two members. 111 ih.- Inst legislature thirty-nine wore supporters
of Mr McBride; in tho pr Bent 11| Is
Intura tin- three members ,,f [ho Up
position have been reduced to two;
tbe support.,,s of the Prime Minister
und of bia policy thus number forty
"in "f the entire membership ol lorty
1 vv,..
Thia    exir,,,,i,im.,ri  dominance haa
not  been  won  by  m  force of char-
actei an instinctive adroitness, tact
and good sense hav.' been among the
contributory   causes     Ta m
tan •'   bin treatment ol whal oven in
British     i',,ium'
••iM.-   numi
'   •    *pecl    if th    iuick    re-
men •
'  ■
City  Water  may   only  bo  used   Ioi
Lawns,   Etc.,   between   the   Hours    of
1; to u a.m. mnl 1; to 9p.m.
This Order will be rigidly enforced,
and  all ollenders  prosecuted.
By Order,
City  Clerk.
Sealed Tenders endorsed "Plumbing" will be received by thfl under -
signed until Saturday, July 6th, 12
o'clock noon, for Plumbing Work to
the Queen Victoria Hospital additions, Revelstoke,   B.C.
Specilications, etc., may be obtained  upon  application.
A certified cheque for five per cent,
of the iiiiioiini to accompany each
tender. The lowest or any tender
not   necessarily   accepted.
Vi.  11. WALLACE,
P.O.   liox   111,,   Uevelstoke,     11.   C.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,   Agent.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads   and  Birds
P.O.Box 31, Revelstoke
Court of Revision
PUBLIC     NOTICE   is  hereby  given
that   the   Court    ol   Revision   of     the
City  ol  Revelstoke,  will  be held    in
Lhl   ir.,11   on   Tuesday.   July Uth,
Lt  • p.m.
City  Clerk.
ji it
to July Sth,1912
■ ■
• i  ., . ; i
lew Woi
..   ml ■
:,;..•   il„
bim so Idee ty.   Thi
ii     fntbei   •' a     ■
. n	
properties of th
■  - li    i-1.mi   t'. mat   ,,f mn     own     Hi
from   lbe ' ■■■',,
the  fi.i   ' pl mud
.•  thai   in.ik,-    inn,  .,   ti"' ",1'M'   ill  nn  ildwotld   mil
■ir  Idol.
Mi   McBride'a parents'
,  If   -l Clt)     •■!    'I,.     I   .,,      ■'. \,,,|    the
, i .   Mm  ,,   population ,    I'.,,,':   (i  i . tfio r.on   li
lucatlon, nnd in   w,ih smiiI  to  I' KnjHih, too, largcl)  ,.i   , u     „*u
"ar   end   "f  CaOada    tbat   is   to . "■" ■  '''    Pi   "'I   ,   llll    .'ill,,,!',      an I
•ay, to thi  in v. n hool of iiuiitui, la
■ ■   trained ». ,,  ban lil n   ami then
the lired, who, having won in
battle, detlre to ipen i  tholi  11
' •
■ i ■
,   I   III     .Hid       M
M'1        *nd    ., kniiA'M        li,
' lllwl    III,     I,,, ■
■ r-rvntlvi
. ,i i the Libel il
I ',in hided
■   up lot  himeell lo tbe small ol •'"J"   In a nerfeel   nnd u   trnmiiiillsliig
i       ii   'i.'i        primitive communl climate; lbe     middle    dai    pal ul
open t li-i i   rtruggle who desire to live In une "f thi cheo |
Hit  bo "im imt     lelt pent nml  uefi educational ocntn    ol
|uti|j  to itudy     knutu,     bin  Utttulul tbe   World;   the   leUlcd   udiuiiul      oi
ii win low at Meal ini
Oil   itovi      i Ioi    veatboi    peel ilti.ti
llourne  lir,
I III MMlMlt       ll',.'   ,
,   , I. IIIII
Fruit Lands
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 6Ifci Arrowhi:,tij
'   "I  '•' |       ,.,
IT ol    I.ol   .",.:.
,1 ii   i  ■  il
ii,     liuin iii in chain*,
thl Dl    I   20     Iiiiiiiii   uuu    I CM to
I I    Oi     ',',' lii'li' ellieill,   lind
'        ,|, iiiiui'   ul    li'HH.
Dated March llth, i ill
Adelard B, Blondln,
Hugh   Piittiuiou,  Agent.
Now is the  Time to
Get Your Flower
Garden in Snaps
We grow the finest bedding-
out plants that can be grown.
2") different varieties of ASTERS. Write for our complete
price list of ROSES, SHRUBS,
plants now ready.
Florists, Columbia, B.C
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for  Flexlume   Electric
Shop in Cumming'a Transfer
Building. Second Street
Smoker's Supplies
The old reliable now has llie largest nml ln-si line nl Smokers'
Supplies ever in Uie I ity, antl our prices are rinlit, lifty branils
of cigars to choose from. Price from $1.00 pcr box up; not made
Irsm scrap either.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes irom $3.50 Up
Our siink   of  Calabash   Pipes is small  on account of tlie
crop being n failure this year and quality poor.
Briar Pipes in eases Irom $1.00 np.
Ask for the famous H. B. 1>.   brand,    livery   pipe  is guarau-
Clgar and Cigarette Holders, Cases and l.iglilcrs, I'oiiehis,
Ash Trays and Pipe Kach-.. Tell us what you want and we will
suit \ou. ifyou cannot call, phone .i" and goods will be sent to
your home for approval.    Huy early while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
Public Notiee is hereby given thut
It in absolutely necessary thut ills
orders ot u suapicioua nature bc reported to Pr. McLean, Oily Medical
Health Ollicer or other physiciune,
US SOOU UU i.iiiiw li. Failure to do this
IS u pUUlsllllhle ,,Hence.
by Uid r,
Oity  Clerk.
No.    Ul,    HUVAL    TU.MPLAltS    OK
Meets every iud uud tth Tburaduys
in Oddlellows Hall, ut li o'clock.
Visiting Templars aio cordiully ru -
vited to atteud.
Vi. K. MUNSON, S. O.
A.  U. TOUHNEll.  lt.  S.
Provincial  Land   tiuveyor,
Min.iik  Survayur,
KliKinetl iii|,
BOX   106.    HEVKLdTOKB,
Barristors,   Solicitors,  Etc.
liiii'eiiiii  Bauk  building  Uuvel-
■toke, li. O.
Money to Loan.
Otllces-Revelatoke,    B.   0..    ud
Craubrook, It. O.
Oeo. 8. MeCarter,
A.   M.   1'iiiKhHin, J. A.  Harvey
Itevelstoke, Craubrook
Everybody knows bim, he will
tell you that the whiskeys ne nro
selling arc (he best. Call and he
convinced. No household should
he without a supply of our Harvey's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
f in inti Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
80 years old or Blaokborry Brandy
for Medicinal purposes. Our stock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds uro unexcelled. Sold by all
the lending hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Cigarettes
Fresh Imported Groceries
D. GaUicano, Second Street
W.      H.      WALLACE
A 11 U 11 IT K 0 T.
P. O. Box 1IC,  Itevelstoke, B.C.
ill PERT   w.   HAQQBN
Revelatoke, u. c.
Dominion and  B.  C.  Laud  Surveyor.
KUOTKNAi      LODGE,  No.  ill A.  *\
and A.  M.
liegular     ineeiiiiga are held in MAH
ONU    ilvMi'i,,',,     Oddlellows'      Hall
on  the Tiuril  UoOdaj  iu each month
at  i P,  ui       ViHitiug brethren      *r«
cordially welcome,
d   THOMSON, W. M.
W. li.  ROBERTSON, Secretary.
Ul al      vn       BBOB1E,   No. .tbi
Ul   I    n.   K.
•   "   I    0    0.   9,   Hull  ueit    to
rapptsf'i opera  Houaa every uocoiid
rtl    • ii an lay  iii  in,,mh,  vnit
t ■ i. cordially wulcomed.
U   a   BELL, i . R,
*M   B.  UAMBRON,  lt„c. Sec
Montreal Quebec Liverpool
Largest & Finest SteamersfromCanada
New S.S. Laurentic, 15,000 Tons Each
New S. S. Megantic
Sails June 22, July 20, Aug. 17. July 6, August 3, August 31
one-Glass il li Cabin service.
Twin-Screw S. S. Teutonic     Twin-Screw S. S. Canada
SU leet long, 18,000 horiepowci S'A peel luuu
Sails July IJ, Aug. 10, Sepl. 7, June 29,July 27, August 24
Company's Offices, 019, Seooitd Ave, Nenr Cherry SL, Seattle
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
1906 1911
Capital       .... $ 8,000,000 * 4,000,000
Reserve  8,000.000 4,600,000
Deposits      .... 28,677,780 35,042,811
Loans and Investments        - 27.467,090 88,864,801
Total Assets       -      -      - tf3.UlX),l!)2 48,287,284
Hns 83 Branches in Cnnnda. umi Agents und Correspondents in all
the Prinoipal titles In ihe World.
a aertr.RAL iiaiukinu ihu,in,.do transacted
Interest allowed at hlgheet ourront rate.
Rcvelatoko Branch. W. H   PRATT, Manager
'     w. 0,  W.
•I ■ intalD virw Uamp, No. ar.
I •    lecond    and      r mu III  ttediies
dny.    ui  mull  montb  in    nnlkirk
Hall,     vnu.iik w,„,,iuii,|i arc
, il Hall}  .ir. Ited  I" attend
A    .1    WUOULAN     < ,,,,,
jA.diMi mi in r\ ur.. i i,i.
i.i i. IRK      i. IB  It,   I   ii. o. K.
■:■■■,■■ , i inn,iday arenlni in
Selkirk Hall hi h o'oloek. s leltlni
bretbren cordiallj Invited,
ll     HlBOFIUMl),   M, 0,
■I a.i   M v i ini..  BecreUrjr,
liill,ll  ItANUlO   Llilil,K,       K.  0l    P.,
Nii.  M,  RBVBL8TOKB,  li   l
Me«ti  tvery   Wedneedajr   Itetpt    th»
Third  Wedni-MdAy nf eaeh  month      in
OtMlello*!'   Mall  at  H  o'clock.  Vielt
Iiik   KnluhH  are  lonlinlljf   invited,
tl.   W.   (IAIII.AMi.   0.   0,
11.  ii. lllli'i'K.  Is.  nl It. ft H.
M. o.E.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnaco work
Ojnnaught Avo.   -   Rovolatokq
New Lightning Method
Oil Painting, and Painted Walls
Cleaned like new,
Paper Hanging a Specialty
^stimuli's Given
Mirror Making and re-Silvering
< llass Cutting and Boring
OIjiks Frosting and Staining
Picture Framing, <.'tc.
l'rices Reserved.
Painter, l'ni«'r Hanger, Decora ter
Kevelstoke, 13 C,
Dr. J. C. Morrison
Posl Graduate t blcago. University
Bpeclalt)    All   Porcelain  ainl
i.'a"i Crown Bridge Work
fur. i d .nn ilh and Robson 81s.
< ti ei i larHson'fl iim^ Blora
Phone Boy   S2J8
it will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer anil Kx porter
Old Town,    -   Kevelstoke, B. C
before bliyinR yonr out-
iil oi ■.■.',' ili.lie
lur tlir liunh. I make a
•pectallt of i.nv,'KinK
bhoe a . r.nii'., Boi, sliirn
Binuketh nnd everything
required in your buiincit. SATURDAY,   JUNE 22nd, 19x2i.
SATURDAY,   JUNE 22nd,   ;   13.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. Jtume & Co.. £imited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
Hunan Silk
oO inches wide, all colors. This is
thc best quality of Raw Silk that can
be had and is in great demand.
Guaranteed at per yard
85 Cents
White Muslins
Are a feature this season in the
plain Lawns, Mulls, Linens, etc., also
the fancy patterns, in spots, checks,
stripes, etc., from_
I5c. to 5oc.
White Indian Head
Very,-takes the place of
linen. Easily washed, and will not
crush, antl has a better appearance
than Duck or any of the other white
plain cottons, at
25c. and 30c
Ladies* Silk Boot Hose
With Lisle foot, any color, black,
tan, sky pink, etc., at
75c. Per Pair
House Dresses
This is the senson that the housewife is put to task to find something
cool to wear and at the same time
be trim and tidy. This showing of
neat House Dresses will please; they
have the style to them
$1.50 to $3.50
Little Darling Hose
For the little tots, all wool,  pink,
blue, cardinal, black, tan—all sizes.
35c. or 3 pairs for $1.00
Groceries and Crockery Department
Fresh Strawberries and all other Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables arriving daily~.
Fifty cases of Grape Nuts, Corn Flakes
and Post Toasties just arrived. We are offering Post Toasties and Corn flakes at only
10c per package
which makes as cheap and refreshing a meal
as you would care to cat. Watch for our window display of these goods.
Vou don't want to wear yourself out over
the cook stove these days. Come in and get
some of our delicasies in meats in glass jars
and can's Chicken and tongue, chicken
breasts, ox tongue, lambs tongue, roast and
boiled mutton, roast and corned beef, lunch
tongue and chipped beef.
All Pure Food Goods
In this department we are ready to serve
your wants. You will be looking around for
a suitable wedding gift for your friends who
arc about to join the largest society in thc
in the world, and you will lind it here amoung
our Cut Glass, fancy China, Glassware, Tea
Sets, Dinner Sets, Toilet Sets and the thousand and one pretty things in our stock.
Prints and Ginghams
New lot of Old Country Prints
and Ginghams, good washers, and
with the strong wearing qualities of
the Old Land materials. A splendid
line of colors and designs
25c per yard
Nurse Suitings
A wear-resisting cotton material
for children's and ladies' wash
dresses; comes in those line hairline stripes and plain, perfect colors
30 inches wide at
20c per yard
White Bedding
Nothing so cool these hot  nights
as pure, clean white bedding.
FULL   SI7.I-:  SHEETS   plain  or
twill hemmed and well made at. . . .
Each $1.00, $1.25
Pillow Slips
PILLOW SLIPS—Pure snowy-
white cambric finish, made of Lng-
lish circular pi|low cotton, all sizes,
25c and 30
Fashionable Footwear
Right now is the Oxford Season, when you wish to keep cool and comfortable. Our line is complete
in style and size. Let us introduce to you the new lasts in our Regais ami Slaters. Lasts that will
not slip at the heel or gap across the instep, because they are made on Oxford lasts to fit the foot.
We are now showing a large assortment of
Summer Drinks. Lemonade Powder, Welch's
Grape Juice in half pints and quarts, Rose
Lime Juice in pints and quarts, Montserat Lime
Juice in 1 pint and 1 quart bottles, Nabob Lime
Juice in pints and quarts. Cider from the land
of Evangeline, and Pine Apple Juice, the best
that can be had.
In placing oui line ol Toilet Soaps on sale
wc know that wc are giving you value for
your money in quality and  quantity,    Here
are some of our lines:
Pure Castile Soap in 3-lb bars at 45c
Pure Castile Soap in 1'. -lb bars at 25c
Pure Castile Soap.4-oz cakes 60c per doz.
Olive Oil. Cucumber and Glycerine
Soaps in 4-oz. bars at . . . .60c per doz.
All tbe fancy Soaps on the market of
3 cakes to each box at prices from
 25c to $1.00 per box
Regal Black King Calf—Four hole lace, medium
toe,  Goodyear welt. Price   $4.00
Regal Black Calf-Roundup toe, four hole lace,
medium weight  .   Price $4.50
Regal Black Calf -Bump toe, the latest in short
vamps Price—$5.00
Regal Tan Calf   Climax toe,   right  up to  the
minute Price-$5.00
Regal Tan Calf-Roundup    toe,    short   vamp.
Goodyear welt sole, medium heel
I'rice,  $5.00
Russia Tan Calf—Short vamp, medium toe and
heel, Goodyear welt,   heavy sole
Regal Patent Colt   Four   eyelet   tie,    medium
sole  antl   heel I'rice—$5.00
Slater Tan Calf—One  of the  real new    ones.
Easy and comfortable with the short vamp.
I'rice   S5.00
Slater Vici Kid—Broatl toe, low heel, made for
comfort and wear Price   $5.00
Ladies' Oxford Bargains
ANOTHER FRIDAY SHOE BARGAIN—By now you know what these Bargains mean. Every
time it is a genuine snap. Friday morning you will find another. Right now, when vou need them,
we will put on thc table an assortment of Ladirs' Oxfords. Broken lines in all sizes. I'or Friday
and Saturday only the price will be
$1.95 Per Pair
This Department has everything that you will require to make your home bright and cheerful for summer, and now is the time
to look over and make your selections, at prices that will suit your wants, from a well assorted stock of Wall Paper from the
best manufacturers in the east, Rugs and Carpets from Germany, England and Eastern Canada at prices from $5 for a 9x9 Union
Rug to the very best that can be had and in all sizes.
Lace and Lace Curtains
We hav the largest assortment in the city, most nf wh ch
nn' Imported hy ourselvei direel from England, enabling us to
well ai a price thai bbvcs you ihe middleman'! profit,
Scrim*   by the yard nr make inl" curtains, a good assortment
Madras   We have both colored and white in very dainty designs, from 20c per yard up.
Linoleums and Floor Cloths
A gootl assortment of Nairn's printed antl inlaid in patterns
to suit every taste at prices that are lower than can be offered
again owing to the advance in raw material.
Beds and Bedding
We also stock a full line of beds, mattresses, blankets, comforts and pillows.
Bargains for This Week Only
We are offering a special reduction in .Japanese Rugs 9x12
at $8.20; 24x5ft $1.28' .'5x<ift $1,96. Everything in that line
will go at bargain prices.
Anything not mentioned  that  you want chII  in and
ask ior it, we will be sure to have it if in this line.
■no BATORDAY,  JUNE :.-.
BATORDAY, JUNE 82nd, 19.12.
Here   is   an   opportunity   of   buying your  Muslin
Underwear at Special Sale  Prices
Women's cTWuslin Drawers.
Women's cTWuslin Combinations
Women's Muslin Corset Covers
Women's c7Vluslin Princess Slips
Women's Petticoats
Embroidery Needs
Swiss Cambric and Fine Nainsook
Edges and Insertions,  Flouncing,
Bargains, Bargains
Throughout   Our   Entire   Stock.
Call in and see what we have in
store for you at Cut Prices.
Call in and   look  over  the   Special
Prices for this Sale.
L,.,.                                                              .„„   *
Official  advices  Iiave   been   received
Iiy Mayor Waugh, ol Winnipeg,    that
tlio linki' ot Connaught will    be accompanied   on ins trip to   Winnipeg
tor  the opening  ol  tbe exhibition  In
July, by Princess Patricia.   Owing to
I her  illness,    the  Duchess    ot     Con -
(naught  will nol como and it lias  been
| feared in     Winnipeg that the Princess
would not. visit  the wesl  either. It. Is
Btated   thai   tho   DuchesB  will  remain |
tliiictly in Ottawa  until Bhe lms coi
|ili>ti>ly  regained her strength,
Nearly  three-quarters  ot a   million
more  pnssenglfs were carried on  tho
B.   0.   Electric    Uailway   Company's
City   and   .sill,urban   liars   in   Vantniiv
er during May last than in the nmn
tli nl May,  1911,  The llgures are:
May,   1912,   1,106,779;      May.   1911,   I.
384,228;  Increase,  722,561.     The percentages paid in the city from    il.e
traffic un city lines also showed     a
'healthy   Increase.   Kor   May,   1912, the
company paW $7,134.18 to the    oil i.
1 as     against (5,288.58  fur the corres
j ponding month of last  year,  the iu -
crease  being $1,846.GO,
Di    .-: in ;  will   left  !"'  the
I':..   tem| Thursdaj     isl
fas 102 degrees.
Mr. II   S". Coursier ie a delegate io
the Mas, nii   Brand  Lodge convention
v.i   t!,is   week'.
Mi. an :  Ml -   J.  Beck and Miss M.
.... .'..    ■ . -.!,,v   oil a iml. lay
»., • it   B llingham,
ft   :.
Tl ■   i. . . •     Vuj     iry of St.    i' hn's
L-hurcl ■    '     thank  the  Bank    for
■ . ....  a(   the  lawn  bocIh!   re
citj Is doing gt od woi I; in
clean i c tit ■■■ e ami grass "tl the
.. leg  ol First    tree!     May  the  good
■ iiuie.
x ....    ..Id  on    'lie
Mi • ,.  Usl  ' hurch, Ttaurs-
 i--. Hand;.
Th, '        ":   Sl     "'''
,: .- cburcb will  be beld duly 3rd on
tbt i. The Kevelstoke
City Band rill             ittendance.
.      -. . tested      to
! Sunday  ev
tion serviced al   the
■ • ■
,\t  •■ an   church
Kev.  J A    '•' [ Riverdale i burch,
row    Mi '   will     sing
meeting ol L.O.L
[bt,  the
q .. -■ att -   ' tit   Sew   Vie, •
taken ti|
All  tm m •: -  ai ■' to     be
- ot.
'   '
■    ■     •      28th.
lhe tt '
.   ■
Ihe |
■   a--
\n lhe time lias arrived when you nnisl do vour seeding, ive wish
i" draw yonr attention to the fact our seeds are all fresh and
new slock not anv old ones lelt to slull off. Uur Union sets are
ilie best, either the Dutch Sel or the Multipliers.
FLOUR AND FEED We have jusi union,led one car of Purity
I'lour, One Cnr of No. I Timothy Hay, One Car Feed, including Oats, whole or crushed, Wheat, Parley, Corn, Bran, Shorts
and Chops. Ifyou require any of these, lot us quote you priees.
We Can S.ue You Monev.
MacKenzie Avenue
You Who Are Constantly Travelling
What Protection Have You in Case of ACCIDENT By Sea or Land ?
l>top in and we will explain our Improved Gold Bond
Accident Policy, double liability, imh coaling $30 a vear.
$5,1)00 on life and glO.OOU liability, paying fii.W
weekl) indemnity.
A large hotel to be built al some
point on Shuswap Lake ,n stated to
be on the program the Canadian
Pacific Railway Intends to carry Into
effect   in   the      near  future. Many
sightseers prefer to navel only in
daylight through the mountains and
us some of the most attractive seen
ery in the west is that cast of Kamloops it is Intended to make the day
light run. both east and west, terminate at a suitable poinl west of
Sicamous and eust ol Kamloops. It
is understood the location will be
found on Shuswap Lake and Ohase
is named as the possible location,
Sicamous hotel is too small for the
inn pose Intended. The new hotel
proposed will have aeromino.Iation
for  llllll   persons.
There will l., a meeting of the Rev
elstoke foultrj and Pet Stock Ass,,
ciation on Tuesday evening next at
8 o'ciock at the city hall, to conBid
ei   certain  recommendat ions  fi
ges  ,n  the by laws    and     	
of the B. C,  I'oulirj   \
In   our    lasl      i- ■ thi    -oi'i.'tv
news  items.   ,i   wa-  stated  thai   Mrs.
Ilol,son  would  not   reci Friday
noi   again  till  further  nolice.     Tins
should  hav,   read   tbat   Mrs    Howson
it receh y, nor again
till  further nol
Mi    Oscai   i.    -   '
editor ot the Sue.:
if     his     pa]
that   ibtngs at  tbe
-   ,
a  beati
•   ■
■'■   •    ■
ll    ;
I ■
(lei   your   Sl -   at       McLennan    Jt
Ci   ' ■  i 'losing  i mt   Sale.
Mrs. William ll Mai-nail and daughter of Montreal, are visiting Mrs.
K    li.   Voung
Mrs. E Rogers and ilaught >r, of
Brandon, Man., and   Ml     tt   Ham of
guests uf the Mi -    .I.M
Rev.  lv
l ■   • -    \u-
Have Opened London Office
dames Stephenson, formerly general superintendent of the (Irand
Trunk, with headquarters In Montreal, hns just died at Ins home at
Walton I'ark, near Cleveland, Kngland. as the result of an accident.
Since his retirement from the (Irand
Trunk service i.s the late nineties, on
a substantial pension, Stephenson
had lived in England, but be visited
this country several times since, the
last time beiug last summer, when he
was m excellent health, despite tbe
fact that he was then in his 74th
One of the     most  severe sentences
ever   imposed   by B   Vancouver  magistrate was meted out to Frank Nelson
and  w*liam  Davidson,  who     plead -
ed guilty to   the charge of    having
waylaid .lohn  Larsen  near  the coiner
of Columbia  and  Cordova streets nt
an   early   hour   in   the   morning      and
I g   bim   ol   $30.    The  men    were
each  In the peniten
' arj  with ten lashes afte. the   first
th .md ten lashes after the tirst
■ i   mosl  stupi ndo is     law-
:i   tbe   British  courts
'he purcbase    of     the
eti     of the  Na
mpani    by
' mi nt   - nn-  tin being
■= ,
terns l • .,   .   ... the gov-
li   I-    ex
Mistime sev-
The Glass Coffin
The Count, de Noyau, living in all
ancient castle, has had some excava
ting done on his grounds. The castle
was alleged to Iiave hern formerly in-
haliited by an Indian Rajah. The
workmen find a very large box re
Benlbllng a coffin. The Count, being
anxious about its contents, orders
ihe casket brought to the great hall
,.f the castle. There, In the presence
of ninny friends, the mysterious cask
el Is opened. To the astonishment of
all, the form of a beautiful girl Is
revealed, silent and mm toilless, as In
death. The spectators are bewildered
Seized with admiration for the girl,
the Count calls u learned Braham.
lie shows Iiim the discovery. The
Braham recognizes In her a Hindoo
princess, supposed to have been buried over a thousand years ago. He
then studies the mummy for a few
moments and declares that the soul
has not yet left the body, and thai
he could command Ihe soul to come
hack, thus rendering hack life to this
beautiful creature. The Count dc
Noyan, Implores Inm to do so. where
upon thc Braham approaches the
class eollin and -tails his Incantations. Under tbe apell of the old
man's words, the PrlnceBs gradually
comes to life, and rising on her
couch, descends und goes towards the
Hi ah,nn.
Completely awakened, the beautiful
princess becomes frightened at the
Bight of the unknown faces surround
Ing her. The Count de Noyan, captl
vnted by her charms, treats her with
kindness, trying not to scut'c this
timid   creature.
After a while the little princess
familiarizes herself and gets acctts
tomed to her surroundings, It is lhe
BWeetness of love wbich allays her
trembling humor. She love, the one
takes care of her. On the other hand
the young Count, forgetting Ins betrothed, is captivated by the mace
of tbe beautiful Hindoo. Nevertheless
the lender pity which he feels for the
beautiful princess, changes to a more
pleasant    -ent Intent.
At the Empress Theatre June22nd,
Saturday   night   (tonight).
POR sai.l House and Lot on Connaught Avenue, one-half block from
Kirst street. Price, $1600, easy
Double house to rent an Kirst St.,
thirty dollars ner montb. Apply
Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
WANTED—Position by man and wife.
no children; Kirst class Cook. In
hotel or restaurant. Seven years
Big  llend  travellers please take notice thnt my  place at  Carnes  Creek,
on  Big  Bend  Trail,  has  lieen  closed
Dnted   June  Ith,   1912.
We have a few Screens, Doors and Windows lefl
al Prices never before offered to the public. Owing
to large shipments of Hardware coming in daily,
we are obliged to sell these at a sacrifice to make
room, and, as well, it is a pleasure to us to give our
patrons a chance to buy at less than Eastern prices.
Screen Doors, Regular $3.00 Now $2.15
       2.25 Now    1.65
2.00 Now    1.4-5
        1.75 Now    1.35
Screen Windows. Reg...30c Now.    20c
35c Now... 25c
" ••        45c Now... 35c
Complete with Springs, Hinges. Door Pull, Hooks and Eyes
Come Early. They Can't Last Long
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Agents for Minerva'Paints and Chancellor
Ranges—the best on the market
TO-NIGHT,   SATURDAY.   JUNE    22,    1912
3,000 Feet of Elaborate Scenes
Once Seen, Never Forgotten
Great Indian Picture
Prices, I5c=25c.
Balcony. j5c
Performance Starts at 8:15
.   ■
1        •
'                 •
L 0. t.
BIG    BOTTLE    FOR   50c.
Fruit Salts in all Sizes
Lime Fruit Juice
Grape Juice
Kodaks and Films
Thermos Bottles
Thermos Lunch Sets
Smart Clothing for Summer Months
DERB\    \Mi SOF !   HAI ttesi   tyli
WE SPK( I M.l/I-    in   >' hirl i,    il
i.m. d, fri nn S i
r. ,i■■ Spring Suits and (Iven
I>rt>j■ in when passin ee   uir  laige
I | m, m.i ir, to suit ii ■ itidious.
Fit Reform Clothing Siel.ion  H.its Foot-Riln Shoe.i
Others Are Making Money!   Why Not You?
Just read of a few instances of how successful our clients have been in recent
investments recommended hy us. We made for one Revelstoke man in live
weeks on
A Cash Outlay of $375; A Net Profit of $475
Another client, investing I :o, made a net profit of $100 ill lour weeks, and
two other men in six weeks oil au outlay of$2«5 each, made a net prolit of $205
each.     We have made  good money for t    hKcvelsioke businessmen.
Lasl week we sold oul the balance of our 175 dollar lots in   Moose Jaw and
have secured a few more closer in at the original price ol $200 eaeh,   wbich  our
m gi 1. who has iust returned bom Moose Jaw, informs us is al   least  $50
under market value.    Two new railroads, locating in the  east  end,   are causing
big advance: and wc are expecting a big price advance verj shortly.
These Lots arc Only One antl a Quarter of a Mile East of Post Office.
They Arc Recommended By Us As a Bargain
We Can Make Money for You if You Buy Here
Terms.-One Fifth Down, Balance Over 18 Months
Loctil Agency. Home Loan and Contract Co.
E. G  FOLEY, Manager, MacKenzio Avonuo


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