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The Mail Herald Jan 15, 1910

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 " Empire " Typewriter
For ense ol operation and perfection
in remits produced, thin niacliino
js unsurpassed,   l'rice— Hum Cash.
Interior I'ublihlngCo.,     ■    Agents
Visiting Cards
Make a Suitable Christmas Gift
We have a good  variety at
a reasonable price
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 16   No. 4
$2.50 Per Year
A Clean Up
We have a number ol odds and ends left
over from the holiday trade, comprising odd lines
of china in Plates, Fancy Hon Don Dishes, Baskets, Vases, Fern Pols, Candlesticks and such
like, which we ate putting into
A 25 Cent Window
Pocket Knives
We are going to sell io cloven Pocket Knives
rang'iig in price from 40 cents to 75 ccritb
For 25 Cents
See our  display   of Scissors   in our 25  cent
window.    It is an eye-opener.
Granite Ware
A number of odd piices, some slightly damaged, worth (rom 75 cents to $1, also in our 25
cent window.
Lawrence Hardware (e., Ltd.
Itev. T
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Authorized
Capital Paid Up
Hmnebes  n- Agents at all principal tioinlu in Canada.
Agents in Ureal. Britain and United States—London, England,
I.I..ytls Bank, Limited. Obloago—First National Bank, Com Kx-
chnnge National Bank. Seattle—Heal tie National Bank, San Kran-
eiseo—WpIIk Kui-gn Nevada Natinnal Bank. Spokane— Kx> liangr
National Bank
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of $1 and upward, received, and  interest allowed at
:-ent rate from Mate of nepimit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branoh-A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
ow to
Select Beef
Broiled- Have your butcher either split the tenderloin lengthwize or cut
crosswise and flatten; put
on a wire broiler and cook
over a clear fire; when
done season with butter,
salt and pepper and serve
Mince any left over either
meat or fish: put in bottom of baking dish; cover
with a layer of sliced
onions, slice over that a
layer of either raw or
cooketl potatoes. Season
with butter, pepper & salt
pour over all enough milk
to keep moist. Rake in a
quick oven
In selecting beef see that
the grain is smooth and
open.     If the fibre parts
break  readily  on   being
pressed  by the finger it
will be found to be tender,
the color should be a deep
rose and   the  fat  a rich
cream color.   If the fat is
white it is an   indication
that the beef is young and
lacking in flavor, and if a
deep yellow the meat will
apt to be tough  and  of
an inferior quality.     The
choicest cuts for roasting
are the sixth, seventh and
eighth ribs, the sirloin and
porter house cuts, as they
are apt to be broken antl
stringy.   Sirloin and short
cut porter house steaks are
best, although the pinbone
steak is considered best by
some.     Beef    tenderloin
cut across the grain makes
most delicious steak.
Oreen Bones Chopped for
Your Chickens Daily
'Phone 251     Box 181
Last Meeting of 1909 Council held
on Wednesday Afternoon
City Council.
Tho In ' Bosaiou    pi   tlio IBu'.i    oity
tooncil was held on Wednesday     afternoon with Mayor Lindmark    uud Aldermen Sawyer, Wells, Stone
ini and .Macdonald present.
A  letter was read from thill',     iiall,    paatoi    of  the Mottiodist
church,  asking lor rebate on     ohurch
property  tuxes.
Kev. C. A. I'rociinier was present
and pr»sent«d thi matter.
Tue llayor slated that in former years church property had been
entirely exempt; then later on it was
uusosBod. the city council allowing 10M
feet free from tuxation. According to
tho Municipal Clauses Act tho council
now has no option but to tax. Tho
council felt that the churches should
bo assisted just as much as the V. M.
C. A., whose taxes were returned to
them last year as a donation.
Rev. Mr, Procunier suggested that
the same system thut had been practiced us regards the Y. M. C. A. should
regulate the churches, that ol refund •
ing  the taxes.
A resolution    was     passed lhal the
churches pay the full  umount  of taxes
and receive u refund on It"' f,.,,t square
including    buildings..   All local     im -
provoment   taxes   must   lie  paid      and
any property over and above the   Kill
feet limit must be paid for also.
A  eonimunienlion  was received from
Hii liinan iv Co., stating  thoy were unable to complete tho ordor for the   I
inch sewer    pipe-- owing to tho    cold
ivoather, uud requesting permission   to
stttp manufacture until  iiegiuniug     of
March, or until  the weather got warmer.   The     company contended     thai
pipes made     during  tho cold weather
Would nol   be -ati-fat inii   or  reliable,
rhe request was granted.
Mr. and Mrs. Grauat asked for payment for damage alleged in have been
caused in iheir property by water out
of a creek used fnr city water works.
I'liev suid they would be satisfied if
the damage was squared by their taxes for 1909.
It appeared the creek hud spread out
of its bed and spoilt their laud, crops
etc. 'ihe council offered to have the
ereek fixed and a sum nf *|ti be paid
fnr damage done
• l II. Jackson reported thai he was
unable itt e,.| i he liuaiieial statement
made up in time for publication in tho
Mail-lleialil  i-s, r Wednesday,  Jan.
I-.'. Inn reported the books, accounts,
etc.   all   in  order.       The  report   was   at-
Nn.  I. t'in: Brigade sen!  in     request
for a new pole fnr    their hns,. sleieh ,
the present one in  use being too short
in allow a team  being hiU-hed up i"
the sloigb.   Granted.
I    A  letter from     T.  I'\ Sinclair, eon
tractor for      iln.' city sewerage  system
was  read, sluliiu_r lie  hail  had an      interview with  Mr.  Clements, Vancouver
.City  Engineer,    regarding ihe average
coal nf sewer pipes laid.   Mr. Clement
reported that    where     there was little
rock  the prices were tor a pipe     laid
in place and back filling:
|   Si-inch pipe 11.10.
Hi-inch pipe, |1,15.
12-inoh pipe, 81.30.
11-inch pipe, ?1.4G.
10-inch pipe, (1,66,
18-inch pipe, 81.95.
In other parts  of   Vancouver
the prico went as high as 80 to
per cent more according to the work .
The purchasing of Marino's land nour
tho power house    was discussed,     tho
council recommending  that  tho     next
council should purchase the land, provided that the strip of lurid above the
dam, which would bo flooded, bo     included.
The Mayor, at tho close of the busi I
nees, said this was lho ln-H sitting of
the council and ha took the opportunity to express his highest regard fnr
bit aldermen. If the city's Interests
would always bo as well served as i,t
had been by them, Itovelsloku would
never suffer. Thoil offorts were sincere
over the heavy year's work, and he
appreciated the spirit shown by the
aldermen a- city representatives. He
offered them his own thanks, and also
the thanks dI the city, feeling kecnlj
the purling
Aid. Weih thanked the Mayor Im
bin remarks, saying il had Van a pleasure to work with him as ivell as with
his brother aldermen
The Mall-Herald roprosontallvo nx ■
pressed appreciation ol the oourtosy
ami kindness ox tended in the press by
the mayor and aldermen, A vote ol
thanks in ihe City Clerk tormlnutotl
tlm meeting, lasl vein'- council    rose
in  a  body  and  disappeared  round    the
C. Norris Killed in i Snowshed Dr. Hamilton Elected llayor by
■ e«     ■■_! IJ...
While On Duty
111 Majority
A fatal accident OQOIitlod at an early hour this morning On 'lie 0. 1'. K.
resulting in tho death of Charles Norris, tho well known and popular beuko
mun, who was killed in No. 8. snow •
shed while on duty on top ol 0     car
I ou ii west bound freight train.   Il     is
; not kuown exactly how the accident
happened or what struck the deceased
who, with his mate, Alex  Mel ennan ,
I were braking on Dan Mil.cod's train.
While pausing  through  the snow shed,
| No. 8 near Rogors Pass east of the  city
the deceased's  lamp was seen  lo sud -
deuly fly from tho top nf the car, aud j
search was al   once made to see what ;
had happened and  the body of the unfortunate man was found lying across
ihe car,     the face covered  with blood j
and    with a deep    cut over the right
sido of the head.   The remains     wero I
conveyed     to  Revelstoke to  ttowsou's
undertaking room.
Reports state that deceased was ou
top of a high freight furniture car at
tho time of the accident but whether
he was struc.k by a pan of the snow-
shed or by o large icicle hanging down
inside is not known. Much sympathy
is felt by the citizons for the widow
antl child whom he leaves, nt their
terrible loss.
Tlie deceusetl     was h comparatively
'young man, and his death comes as a
great  shock to tho mom  friends of the
The civic elections took place yostcr-
dav  and resulted  as follows:
Dr. Hamilton,—325.
C. F. Lindmark,—8U.
Spoiled 6,
Majority for Hamilton 111.
Total votes east  648,
Ward 1.-Trimble, E.-U2, McKionoi
n. F.—122; Kimberley, E.—70; spoiled
4.   Total votes cast  317.
Ward II.-W. Hens antl I McC'arty,
elected by uccluuiutiou.
Word III.—rowan,—01;  Abrahamson,
11 .nn -
-SI;   l.efcaux,   .'Hi;
votes .nst 213.
11   Tupping and F, Young, el
A procession in houor of Dr.
ilton's olection was organized, and
headed by the band, mnrchod through
the city, visiting the several hotels,
and celebrating tho eveul uitli grent
C. N. R. Agreement is Reached
j   Victoria,    Jan.     KI. —Negotiations
have been concluded between the Can
jadian Northern  Railway and the Mc
Bride Oovernmont.   Details will not be
made known until bringing in  the bill
into  the legislature.
The eoniract provides construction
must begin within ninety days of ratification In   lho provincial legislature,
SUe-V       J!    <^3&,    I,
Five Unionists Have Been Re-
London, Jan. II.—The following unionist candidates have been returned
Hon. Jos. Chumberlniii, West Bir •!
.1.  W.   Ililli-.  Iliirhani I ill.
Hon   W. E, Guineas, Bury St.     lid-'
Sir W. Ansou und Lord Hugh Ce -
cil, Oxford University,
Joe Martin has been elected for St.
A Terrible Accident
William     Hamilton., who owns   and
operates a swi*ep horse-power liny
press, met with a shocking accident
while ill work al llic farm of li. M.
Nevin, a farmer tit bin; Porks, Rainy
River. i
In tinier In press ihe liny into I lie
, feeder       so   I lull    il   ivolllll   pink     belter
ho climbed into the feed box and began to tread tho loose hay down.
His foot were euiigln by tho feed rollers ami he was drawn into the mu ■
chine, lu calling to the horses to stop
tin- pain caused him to shout so loud
thai il startled them, and instead of
■.lopping ihey went (aster, with the
result ihut Hamilton was severely
mangled before lho horses were
brough 1 to a standstill, Ho mis extricated and a neighboring farmer
who went on horse back for a doctor
had to gallop six miles to Lnckington
and telephone In from there so that
n long timn elapsed before Dr. lleih -
tine, reached tho injured man.
Five People Burned
Saakutoon, .Inn. 11, -Ah llic result1
uf u fire in the slunk uf h huiuestcud-
er named Henderson, Ins wife nml lioi
two children together v\itli tho two
children uf u mun named Alexander
s Rold are dead, while Ueid was terribly
' tunned liiin-elt ir> ing to save them .
i tlie lower purl of his body stripped uf
lloshj and his condition is hopeless,
Police Court
The case of W. Y. Mnlouey, who was
brought up iu the local police court
on a charge of having no visible
means of support, information lxu'ng
laid by the chiel ot police, and remanded for n day, was heard yosterduy ,
C. K. Olllan appeared for the defon •
dunt andf! . S. Mcl.'nrtor for the prosecution.
I    Mr. Gillan claimed that there     was
no tangible evidence to show that the
defendant  was   nn  undesirable  cliiirne-
■ ter or idler except from  the word   ol
tho  police.   The  magistrate  said   that
ho was prepared lo accept tlm  statements of tho police und lhat lho    defendant was undesirable iu  lho     'ily.
He considered  Mi   GUlnft's defence but
would piiHs no sentence now but if tho
'accused was in  lho city lhu following
|day he would be brought up and son-
ti'iiecd, which was paramounl lo    being ordered  to leave  the city.
A Fine Progamme
■Idoin lui^ i unveiling theatrical
Company, visiting this city, played to
I such a packed and enthusiastic house,
■as wus the case last night when the
well known and much discussed drama
' Zuzn was produced I"   tlio Allen flay
ers  iiiili  Inn   linle i liiicatioii    from
I tlio manner in which ii was played before large audiences in  Loudon     und
Sow Ntirk, und when the press of those
t-ities passed  opinion ou il   iu  a  man -
'nor that created     considerable sensation.   In Xn/n there is a greal  moral
lesson  and      the  ininit   line  situations
with which the   piece was iillod were ad
inirnbly carried out, iu a maimer true
' to life and realism.
1    I he opening act showing life bolund
lho scones of a burlesque stage,     was
absorbingly  interesting.      Miss  l-'eliou
iu the tit It- role demonstrated   to   the
audience her rare uud splendid ability
as an    omotionul   actress und played
I the   part of the    pure, loving minded
innocent girl, brought  up amid   rough
I environments,  temptations  and      vice
among mtllic hall     classes, loving     a
man for hiiu-'f alono, for line alone ,
in a way  that.     only    the  real  thing
could belter.   Tho oft repeated     story
of the heartless man taking advantage
of uu innocent pure girl was here portrayed in real intensity.   Spaco today
will not permit   of as full an account
of /.a/a us we should have liked     but
the large audience  Inst night had     a
sido ol human life shown to them that
few if any had soon before iu such true
and   awful   realism.   ."Love   conquers
all" and throughout  the whole     Miss
Koltou sustained  tho deep interest     ot
her audience aud showed them what a
gill could be made to miller for it.
I    'lhu    lesson     taught     last   night,  we
vouchsafe! nill novor bo forgotten     in
this city, and Miss  ldton hns gained
n reputation, that lew, if any nctresi'
es can ever hope to oxu'etl In the eye.
of   our local  'audiences        Tin* Aliens
are  (Im    "best   yet"  here  uin 1  it   i    .lull
players tlmi our people appreciate and
welcome,     tonight    the f  comedy
"Whose baby are you*' nill be itagod
Tho Aliens will bn here all  in-tt  week.
,be afraid of
your shadow
make & good
''km Copvriaht, l*>o7
You can't cast a  shadow in the dark, and you
can't stand the light unhss you are dressed well.
We  can   dress   you   well   let   us coat you over
or  Grey   Heaver over-
We satisfy om custom-
because   when a man
becomes a customer for
-----^^^^^^^    wel
with one of our Hlue.   Black,
coats.    I) will please you.
ers.       We  say   "customers
once lets us  clothe  him   he
A clearing sale of Hoys'
and Pea Jackets, sizes from .
and Youths' Overcoats
2 to :,.s- $1.85 to $b.;5
Mini & smalm
Fit Reform Clothing
Paid-up Capital, $10,000,000     Reserve, $6,000,000
Arrangements have recently been com plated under which the branch**
of lhu Bank axe able to lasui- DiritK on the i ■'. • u-al point*
In the folluv inp o.iintrlos: ■"•"■
KinUod Ireland
Formosa Italy
France lapaa
Fr'ch Cochin-Chin i   U..,
Germany Manchuria
Greal Britain Mrxu-o
Greece Norway
Holland Prraia
Iceland     . Phlllipinr Ulan
India Rouniauia
HO   DELAY   IH   lltuiND
Auntrla Hungary
Faroe Island*
South Africa
Slriiiu Settli
1 tiikt-y
Wev. Indie* m
and else*hei*
ALLEN.    MO«.
quick oven.
Maundrell Meat Market
>- * i m    i   ■     ■    i -
o .    V.'i.   am! cl     each ut  Uowi   Druy
|   ttot iii^- I'n "ii"-   I O'liightt
New Timber Regulations
Now Westminster, Jan. 18,—In pur -
suanco "f Its new policy of selling hy
auction timber lundft within tlia railway bolt, tho ledoro.1 government, hat,
iihriiiigh    itn agent   Mr, tlan. Loamy
hold  tlm ItrKt   ptlbllo  Miln  in  tin- hint •
lory ol British Columbia,
Thn timber lands consisted of ll,inn
ucmu ni'iii' ilia    confluence ul tho Lil
looi'l nml  I'itl viii'is. situated n   fan
mill's   north      of   llm   I'aiiailirili    I'til'il'li-
Iracks, whore the lultor at'owi lho Pitt
I   Tin.'    limbei    in'.it to Mi.    J. 0.
i Shields, representing the Independent
'Lumber ''ompany ol RtgiDe,
.'ml Sunduy altar Rplphuni
H u.  lu.    Holy  I 'ouilnuliion
II   a.   In,    Matins   ami   unu-i-oiuiuiiii
7.IIII  |t.   in.    I'.U'li u
'.'.ilil p.  in.  Sumliii   St-litjiil
Mothodlsl church Service tuuiorroii
at usual hours- 11 n, m„ nml 7.30 \i,
ni. Morning subject: "Sovon reaioui
lot bclloving llm Bible": Hod's Call lo
Our   KrlHOII."
I isi-li io :,-[.• it i p.\ lhauka lu ihon
ulfijiois ivho Rupoorled me in tli. pol
fui ih,' Mayoralt) on rbursda) kt»l
heartilj   appreciate ibe loynl nml   tin
Iii ittsl supporl ii. corded mc
Grip and Password
W. ij. w,
■•.a View, .So. ~Mb.     C
n   ii.   .'. i."I  their regular mooting
IU   ll.jt.   ,la,    tvlinn   lllll  following   olh-
,,.     ...   "      lied by  the muring 1',
i'. i'., Jov. rt    li. Armstrong.
r. t . t      i... a Carlson. ,
t.t.   \\. I . Osborne, ,
,   i     i.. 11   >havi
It   .lolttt  toiderton.
i lork,    in-   M Intyr*.
I     C. Corsi
W     Vug.   Vudersou.
i.i.   Sorlxtrg.
At tin' Socialist Party mooting    "a
.Siiiulu)     nielli    next,   iu 'lit- I.'it ■"■
1'urlor 1 licii11,■ tii  .1 p   in. un addros
will bo  nivoii  by  Organizer  l.efcaux ,
Subjurt--industrial    Evolution  in Eur
I upOj  Ulllitlli  VI    't"Hil.ltlv
,1. S,  Hoolsy, li. I'    Im
To Parents
I in- [our lower roomi  ol thi     publ
hello"! mil r**open on Kondaj   the I
\   I,     In beginners nill also bo Im
nail and ii U it.im  !.■ i ti.ui nil Ixi en
rollod  an  -ooli  ill possible,    I'upil. wil
not  l»ii '■■ ■■'■ od into thi       isi    site
Miaul.ii ss^—	
,    i, 11 ii Mourn; Pictures I'omi! [lit.
Mi       -■    it    Uol,Inn i   Will n  oil'.
>on   Ihutsday altcrnoon next, and     L *oMUg Wcluros To-nlgbl
'future she will rcceiwi on the last Wc" Mo<-inn Picture* To-nigh*,
[.,, .1... ..i nm \- njiiiii- ' Uovlng I'lft'iif   L'o-uightt
;    Osborne. THFfiMA.L-nRRAM") REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Ubc  flDalMbcralb.|
■     l1
REVELS I OKE.  n.   C,
interior flMtMlslMno Company,
Subscription   Kates
year |l "tto'
...  II   ..
...... I ...   I  .
■       I   ioi      11 lott-e   "ii   Set till   St rrct,   close   i n
six i: .':.     i        ■  :■
.  ■ '      .   \    'M   I
25 PER
A Railway amission
Great Future of Canada
ADVKR    .    . ■ •       IATJ
I I ■    ■'
i ., mi   buamc     it"
; , lUL'h    PUI
, ■  ■
I i-   ■    ; .   ..
■, ■ I
■|.     ■
\.. ..    ...    ■ ■.      II     .,        >\    ■'
.    . vi .i'ilf'1,    I"   WU1   ■
m-       I i
I    ■	
,      '.'
i       ;,-,.-, |i,. m }   invited  ou mattui
■      ■ I    ml,I,,,,11..  ..    IUU
.<■  [tallied    bi    u uw    ■•■
,. iu  pubucuUui
,.- L . guud i.iiih.   Lorn  .
■ .... be brief
Kivi  Koomed Llmien on UuimhI land for eata ixt $200
hi   Fifty  Foot   Lot,  for  mile  i\1
uir-Ivtionirii    tiouso  i
III I t \ 11   A li' 1111. N'T   I
jo- r.t.    ^-ut™, :.,.-.       -~>      -.-:■.■.»
j    I'oslon,  -I.in.   I".-.111.ii.   Sydney  Fin
hor, mini lor of ngrii ulturo foi     Can-
>,-    ft a    i he di 'iiiinit at a  i" cnlc
fulurc,   in  "Iii' li  hor      Ri-ctil   re ouri c
K'lil'"     ■ will   have boon  developed  nnd  nhn  "ill
Hi1 oll>   fin id 'li   I lie   food   • om iiiued    in
Whilst ' Inn     tl,,.  I nit... 1   Suites.    For  Hie  henelil  of
i- I  nol I  the I     P. 15   ivi inbori   of  tlio  Rencon    oi Inly      hero
iii      ■    '■■ mud  trip good    fm   i„. ,|,. .     , verb il  pi  turn ol  the d	
i    ihrcc monl  ■ ■'. inion'    future,    I il ti   Iho   United   Rtn •
one   faiv   phi    S'J '.   nnd   n     Hovel       ,.     |       ■ ;,|. i unudii  hn    boon  ivn  liny
n ii ii" I   I   llioiiylil l>    i :   ,      I,ut   |IM     ,,vn lho
ivould lion Rood  plan   i"    uyye i   tlml    i.,11,   ,,f  j|   ,'„1(|   |ii'opose         nerve
i "■  Hoard of Trade interview   Iho     I',   tliein   from   imiv  on.    lie  profu   od    lo
P     H.   pilSSl  i    ii ■■'!,.'  a-a nl  and t.ial.f      oe  Itllolld   I".:   lillie   ll'llell   Hie    I'lilifd
i'|"pic '   Lhal   Hovel  lolto  bo  includotl.      Slntos nill   hnvo con cd,  lij   red on  of
The    following  arc tho     points     to   tl nge li f pooplc,   lo  bo      lho
which tickets    ■    i    uiblo: food-produniiig  iintion  that  sin.     now
PACIFIC    in'.    I      Now      We I inin     I .  hul   l„.      ,    urod      Ids henroi     111 il
lei •   I n uvi r.  Vii'tnriii .        diiiuld   lie   im      fmu-,   n     I 'iiiindii
Ktltll'l MAY.    Ni'l on,   II"   bind, In     «i||  I,.  ,1,,,     ,„    il, ,,,  „|,li.  i,,  1 1
In,  iwi        i I or)      Hidiinj .   .,    all.
" ""lo"' In   ilia  liiilin     tho   iiiiiiiuoi   ,n    uli;. li
ntmwJ      'UvAXAfLA   .    I ndm-liy,    \r„,       .   „„,    „„     UK   ,,, ,,,„ ,„„.„, ,   ,,„ .
L'' »■   Kelownn,   Siimmei       , ,. , .     .        „.,,,      „,,   mi)v-lllg ,,,
*»3*L>..r.4M t-UJCIt. .-*-.**..'«»■* art Carina.
I.    IVa.l,
ti ii 'I    la i  idi al.  Mr.   I i hoi    uiil lhal
• I.n,       L'I      I,
OlTIOSS:    lMI'KKlAL   1 ANK   Hl'll.l'IM-   I.I I t'
b I OKB, «. V,
,,.uue> lulu.ui. ,
Offloee   ia-.f.-iuku. It l .    Craiibrook, H  I.
slKO. 8,  .Md  AH IKK
i,  Al.   1'lAI.UA.U
it, relstolce,
j. A. li.i.    • '
I'nililHtiiik   i.   l
Uai i.i'i
Bolicitoi. in.
S tilt lini   t"l i—
Xuk i anaihan Bank of Uummkiu '.
uik .iiiii.Mi.-.s Hank, i-. n .
iu-;vi-.i.Mi'iM . i.'
I'l km  -
. >vn;,..if ci.Mliil
Provincial Lanil ft>ui vi-ynf,
Minion .-mi »'■:•••'
..IlKl'N/O    A VI- Ml',
We Have a l?ood Lea
In the Meat Business
Our Ham antl Baton is Unequalled and our Fresh
Meats are The Best That can
be had. Fresh and Smoked
Creamery   and    Dairy   Butter
P. Burns & Co., Ltd.
a Protest
t-athor  ■ tar Hod  bi"   hcarors  when      In
-■uiil  ilml  slnli8tics slumi'il  tlml  dm
;  lho past  I'm' yonvs 31)0,0111) A	
t-ans  bail gone  lo Canndn  Inking with
A I.I l I.N   \       .1   i.l.t   I'' I i
via HI i Ki  l>
...■■!       -   I     'KI.       I'.
in   oil   yi'iii     I,it  priitlui i     "I   a ■ I'll nl
"   l7  i"i bi ive     |i|l(.   | „', ,    |(ll      , ,,|   ,,,,,„   sli.iiAini.	
"'I'l}   call  ytiui   an.■mi.ai   lo   tho   ,,,  s„■■■„. .;,„., ,vn,|   ihp |„,    .,    ,,., |M!l
 '-   : ""■   V»"    '" ■'    n"ll«'      '"''   ""'    louohod        flil f   la--.-   p        lllilitic
'   '' ""l   ■''■""   advi»alil|.. |'l„    ,|,m, ,,, ,;,, .     j,,   ,|„,  ni„.(|nvi, , ,
1 am etc., |u, ,|,.,.|a,,„|, ,,.,„  |)ro(l„ ,.  „  billion bus-
I'll A V F.I. 1,1 It.      hei   ,,; wiii-nl, or one nnd  n  hall li -
ni'iii' liuin  ih.- Fulled Stulen produood
lasl  yenr,    t.nsl  year,  Mr.   Fisher said,
I.,  I   :,.,,,   Mnil-lleruld, 130,000  iVmoricnns ivont   across the bor-
Sir,   PIciH,. allow      lo oilier     my   do1'-  Parrying      with   Iheni   S05, ,000
1..-..I.I ;   tiBiiinsl   ,1 ten nay     into   "
i'hiili   iniinii i|ial   .ili.iii -■  are  gottiny   iu
thi   oil i-.   I  Inn o I n nn lho     voters
,.  , i   ing  tIn. nasi  live war.   300,000 A i
list   and   \ tilt-d   I i  i   your nn   litiiiso anil
Im, and  nn   husband al-.  bud  a  vol
•oil, .     I lll'lll   S-Jllll, ,1111(1.
I ,ila\    lay    lllisbilllll   noill    1"   into   anil -
Ihoj   Uihl   Int.,   lie   bad   nn   vole  as      1 |
had   told   Mr.   Field   In assess   I be hulls.
I"   1110   instead   nf   I.i.n      Slloll   a   slalt
n.nil   is absolutely   false,    I   never   -ail ,     Irate      ivnnian.    II      photographs
Mr. Field oi    poke In hi   iho mnl     i mile of*myself  and  biisbnnd   itru
tor and ibni'i   kmiu   nliolliot  be     does inn   nl  all  satisfactory and   I   refuse In
.a    assessment   tvorii  ai   In-  bouse,    ul    ' pi   ihem.    Why,   nil   husbiind   Looks
I.i-  iillieu or ul   the .il.,   ball.    My Inn      iii." n ball	
lf\   bniid  ihun      timli   il.inii   t lit, .1 1      of      Pbntiigraplier,   Well,   that's   no  f mil I
.  JU>   boid   be   linli        nil   Ihei   allnwed    him   ol  ■.  madam.    You     s Id     have
_                                         ——      — ■      in   vole,   Inn   in   iii     as i-linit-iii       I thniiglil   ni   lhal   before you  bad      Inn.
found   thai  alilmugli lay   un  was oil taken     i bieagn Sun.
led   (loub     .   a.   - I,.'i,',!,„','l     '["^ '"""      '"  wed  In vote, j     I;,.,,,,,.,!,, ,,,,,,,  ,,„ .|,„,,.,|  n|, v ,,„,
bj   ihe niaiinei   iniibi    | pie m   !                                 "'  ''            '   """' lips jusl  I hen us if you were going   it.
 im       ,.'','" "''s     '"w",l.i"     -.'ii.l     the beautiful creature
Ioi mIii.-Ii       I   -   am.   In havo        a  ■ ,   ., I ,,
i   leel, aii'l are miiiiiIv di , .  , '■'"■- Isl> •  "» i lie  lai     mi. lied      on
vnif.    li   Uu     i      lie  nay   in   it Im I.   re ,|,, |
-itlt-ii i -   nl   ih.      it\   are  In  bo deprived    , lu„,
nf       I heir   i-i. i.:-   l.\    I annua..i       gl llfl
Capital Paid Up $3,500,000
Rest Fund
$3 500,000
Has 65 branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
In all the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Branches  "Interest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, B. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager.
Your  Xm s Gift
Km n SiiitnliU, s ii lli|. nnd
I'Ii-iihIiik I'.is. in fin Kill Iuu,
Miuhof, Hviiili e. SI lor nr
Ki i' lid, linn U nii'lnnii m
lion 11.n l'|i     null      ll      llaiulaiillie
I'lnce ot Furniture.    Wc lime a
Nre.   S • ok
(' lilt* ,iml i-litt"se \ niii Xmas
I'rost HI.
R. Howson & Co.
Wit ami Humor
' wis K4J   W3 a   I £i y W -x    i
v'^ui^^^   y   i»«r!TJ*i0lT'Mi|
. im'  i.iii.
.■.  i... .     ...  .I
•    htaiul   n.
Mountiuti  View Can,,   mc   i
i, .\ .  a ui   a a     ,, i.
....      ei ...     .
I   .1   . , .,',.!-
I      , .   I l .     ,
,    1-    ',,:..    V. "'    l!"'   '   '    '
"uVii :■■ '    i ■ •(    '    -   '■   " "•■       ' Ullllwnj        slieelal .an-       and       in
, .. rtiallj Invi ■ :
JOHN ' HU,50S     uii.li '   '   !h"    »•""•'   '"
j   Mi INI Vol . i " rli inui  to  in.-  n  il lei      It is      up  It
—  '- .   ol    I I  i.a-   to   lain-   tlio   mallei    un
.    ..„.. ■'..'«. A   -.1 IPP'   '■    ' 11 -I" ■-'•■ I
Kootanay Lortlfo, no. .5, A. K * A. M.      „,,,,,,„.,       ,    |, , (
Lo   ,.t - . tl   |J,   1 .   w uu       Llic
Tbe .     - ■      '     • '"""   ivlup . .      ,
■I ndod      lo,"     replied   licvciiiald,
1,1,1 l»dilii-id    rolle -      ili.-.i n up- ' l,..-i tm ,,,-..K , "l,„,   |    .,.,.      |,„V1,
 '"' '   I «  '"   "•.'   pie who   ,„,,  „„„„ ;a,„| N ,    „, -
'pi.n-i«i« ii.- '-I-, of uri.isi, '■„,---,,,„.   ,;v.    ';,  „:„ -
 »-'.«he} - i -Li, tu.: "i	
I"1'"1  '-'" '   '"        "'""  :""'  ""■   ,1   badly   in      your   -i -..■,.,."    Vo..nK'8
 '   thoy  leave ii  ai   the morel      of   Maffn7inn
^   """''   l""      ;!"1"   I    nppcar-   ,,„. tfl.,l[tcl.s  ,,„. |„,,„.,
   Innl.   i-   none   loo   _  .
I. T. 1
■ IU-   •'   AMAN, Si   i .
SELKIKK l.'JlHil-  12  I. OJ
-...  ... -
cor Hall] r.ufjti.
ALHtHT AHUAN, v.i..      'v*   MAI HIE ~>
st^^t*.     Co,d ni,»B" l-oilijc, K
No. irt,  Revtiisioko, B
T. P.  BaUTB
.:•  ...    ..
lulI. un  will    b ,
UI \\ A \
'    -
Eb<    5
pay } •  ■ ■■ ■ ■ ■
- -
■. -
tl.e   It.- ....
..    .    ■
a    pi ■
,     i-
^ ...I.-  re-|.e. ti'idlv.
New Molsons Sank Building
mi   Millions   Hank  [ireinisos   on
lleKeii/ii' ai.'nut',  n hit-li
mill   I'led   In     	
I'.yi'i      A     Uiudili,       nf
'.a   neeiipa
.ml       e  si all   \t ill nml e
...I !,-.      -,i   nine,
plellllid    llll
 ■  I I...
....... lie two
,     :;.\ i.i.j
ll    ....     Tho   bail-
.i   i-.     with
flirilllee |
Wood For Bale
Jbnl Its Keeping Qualities
SOME .   .-.   ■ find it necessary to buy a considerable quantity
ol  il    i.i  -'no lime    Biiflidenl  to last for n lonij period.
':■'■ ittn ill) i1   y nre anxious to procure a Hour ol the Icim! be t
.■u'i'-'. tl ti  '.-::-■: Iiv storaee. |
ere nre two important reasons why PURITY \'\x L'R
i - esses these qualities. One is.lhal it is made entirely fi n
*■;■' •' i I lard Wheat, Tbe other lies in tho fact lhat tlie cinvi
'.■ lo produce "Purity" absolutely evrludi.!
t lfu'..:.. ! ] nicies tl iho wheat borry, Its tbe l.i.di rrails
'i Manitoba Hard Wheal Plour that keeps—stands longest storage.
That's "Purity."
- ■ kami r%
"Purity" Hour may cost n little more,
but is more than worth the dilTerenee.
Try it. Watch results both for quality
and yield,
"More Bread
and better Bread"
Western Canada Flour Mills Cn., 1 c.uin,
Mills at St, H,t,.|f,.,,., Oodrrirh, llrni.Jon
OHVe, w;. ,.:,..„. M ...,,.,,
Orders  Taken fu
I'.iiil)   I >cli\ cry
J   The Vernon fire showed the need   t
qj our \
. r The lit'^t safe-guard hi vvtilcti you can Invest. Kverj hotel should
ei t » sin <i n sin ni ? l>c fitted with these ,ns u mutter *»( Bafetj lo occupants, Rverj house
bill   ill    \L     ll],     10    Or   U\i      •touMh.veow is roof,
...       ,, (J Only 45c. afoot.    Sample on view here.
| * Revelstoke, B. C. S
MAKKKT    I'RK KS      \\ 1
First Street     TeS. 6ti.
• •
i.ai.ii  11;  Ii ir..
.   -      a Kimii nay,
Si     i      lllll  J     .n.   li,   LilWHUll,
llki . lu. i-i'M i |til ,   ilili'.al   It.
ipi ;.  . a- pel mis-... ai  ,n  pun till e tin
....      i .i.i-t, iai.tl-:
i . I. iiiuiiciut; ul ii (ii s. pliii,ti .1 al ; he
. I     "I     I ."I    S.lil.S,   a.al
'.   "   U.    lv .     I    . ll HUH  -     S t  11 ..   IM Si  j
i   :    I .a ... -   111 chains .si.iil ti;
■     .       .        llllll      ll 1'Hl; I ll'la t' 'in i-l.a.i.s
...■ii. r :;n . i in,- t-a-i: i iiii., .-
Ill   I    ll    1(1     llll      iti     I.i.I     .S.IH1-;
lid line In [uai--   I'l  i tan
111«II t.
i  , I  nil.
INMIv Iv. 1..VW SI i.N.
lin| i.i. direct from country ol origin.
R.EVprLSTOKB    3=J.  r~
Louis Hi hbVlbiUil
TJmon Hotel
I   ■   b i   N'i u    M n an  n i ni
' wert Mecdonald
Prep; et
,g,    ,., Iictnu,      llri
priui Iple ■ ■■ :-   -'' :
'   Ul
bill uj
.im      ll   .
i 11 i - ■
i        in,       \
Hi    11  ■    .ii
■'.iiii     .. . . llll litl     11 ■. i    i 11
,1 \ ,       un,
... tlm .....
irl   ll       .     ...   . i  lol '
istli       lu; I v. n    '      ...'■..■ai
I   ■  - mipl.
i     I  I I.I.I), , a   : .    .  I. ■  ..
.1   Hi     ..,, Ai       i
\ iiivi ■ lit; \|i. ||  .
Uanofsatnrtd for nit elanw «>r tmlldings
'  ■    sli lu InnW ul -mull qonqtttlM
hi if.« inww-i irii'P»t fur r-«*«i|i
i ticit o< bolldini mm j la»ter ujr
lit I'iirs nl nil  kinds nniili   rair'pd  nu
r.ii-vfli' nml (nm in ik a-1 IhIij
Kslin.ai." -In n un hiii fbiH-
uf work
ii Oesperate Encounter
W,-lu.,   - , -
llll li \i;ii ii ri'ii.i
j.,.. ..     i ii 1}   ■'.'" il. %\ •'■-'■ ' in  til
ml denmnd    suuii Lliiuu  bultoi "
Im      11101
Nl.i- |„ ,1
i,ui i
I        ll.-i.i
II      I      -i      .   II
tl,n      I ...   . ii H Uu 11
ll.Ill I'.      I.I
IVAN'IKU  KNOWN.    Iloiwn  In   rent,
II .    N     '  i .in sn-i .
W..'. Lightburne, Prop.
Palace Restaurant
McKonzie   Ave   uo
Krnil. I '.iinil".-. ( iiiai-.Tnl.iir. 0.
Meali 88 cants,
Front     Street.
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Pain
F.   B.   WELLS,
A. H. Sing, Proprietor      Ezyortor of Purs. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Scotch   Whisky
Necessity of Large Reserve Stocks.
Only when adversity conitH, can we know
our full strength—or weakness.
A smaller concern would have been completely dismayed by the disastrous fire which,
in one night, wiped out our Dundee warehouses,
together with two million gallons of Watson's
Whisky. ,
But we were carrying on business--without
inconvenience to any of our customers—the
very next day.
Ihe largo slocks of whisky we continually
hold tu reserve at other points, enabled us, at
that crucial tunc, to fill all orders with the usual
promptness - and with whisky of the uniformly
high quality that has always distinguished our
When you consider that a two million
gallon loss could not hamper us, you can readily
understand how well we ar« prepared to meet
any untoward circumstances that may arise, and
to ensure uniform age and quality for the
contents of every case wc ship:
Insist     on
"THREE 9TAR"—A mild. ihorouirMy matured Scotch.
"NO. 10"—A lull-kmltrd. richly llivorn] Scotch.
JAMES WATSON & CO.. Limited   - Dundee.
li. T. P.
IIII."I  (.. il.r tool '.'...I. bul
led   bay   antl   fodder,   a-   if.
am..urn ..( oquipment,
A Good Story of the Railway
Grand Trunk I'liciiie Kiiilwny.
Away "in beyond the throbbing city
nf Kdiiioiitoii nn army nf men, rough
nml rugged, arc engagod in the t-*»ix-
quest nf n wilderness, blazing and
building n mighty highway nf com -
un',if, say.-, tin- Free I'ress. Slowly,
but irresistibly they advnnoe towards
lhu setting sun, their white, lonts dotting the lundscupe from tin- 1'embina
i in i- tn thf shadow ol tho Hookies .
Ceaselessly they mil, digging und del-
ring, excavating nnd filling, rutting
and lovelling in tlioir gigantic nisli
"I constructing mi a 1-1U grudo tho
Guest railroad in    America,   following
whero tlm engineering pathfinders have ol ,1,,, gooci8 by "thc ,„„„ ,.,„„„,,,  ,
blazed lho way over sli-etehoi   of
Ing prairie, through dismul sprue
wero .-.lain
idli' lunm ■
iipwttrd, b
und suppli
[   idle   for    lllll
luindle  il	
-   an  i■ \|n-Ii   it -■
lllll.     ll s|     ,,|    |
iln- .■■ uur.i. 11us hud
dirt  Hi   in see a  propel
upon tin. righl kuIu
(To br ".mini
Laurier at Toronto
I'llilll AMI (UKH'KHIKS.
Seven hundred tennis, with Stony
IMniim us a base uf operations, ivoro
iieelipied continuously all last winlur
in freighting in thesn supplies, a fuel
which all'nrds a erlterioii of whnl ivuh
required. At milo l(".i lho eiiehe eon -
uini'd 211,000 sacks of mils which wore
valued nl 880,000, and il is nut iln-
probnblo lhal     the total  invoice     nf
ibis  depot,     which  ivim  bill   i f
many, represented an investment valued bi'iiii'cn two hundred thousand
nud n quarter million dollars. Owing
in il... grout diHtaii.it over which
llm supplies liiul In I"- freighted, along
rouds  Which  bud   In bo CUl   or       built      Canada   bad      nrogrossi
through tin' bush und across tho rlv •  [,,,,,.   \y0 claim Ihut  ther.
ers und     bills,   a iroi dotiK oxpenso  try under lho sun wbieh
was involved,   Indeed  tho Ireighl .bin-  „, are.   Canada had bcci
in. exi Ifil many linios tbc flrsl
Ills pi
,.f tho ledge
tl   ll...  (In-
Big Eddy Breezes
\  , iui-  ivits laid ..i  Hi"   ICddj   un
.Inn.   l-ili. for  the purpose uf in   .n,./
in- a liiiikt-t   . I,iii. und n us I.n . ■
tended   bj   the   lliu   Kddj   entl
I'lir I'..II.,w .....  nllii,-.    were elc u
lb.n.  I'm .    I    W    lie
I'.,- at,-.ii,   .1.   I',    iutton
\ ice   I'res,    II.   laritilt'ii.
Mtiiingor.   .1. ('. Lyons,
Si'ty. I rail.;. -.1. It. Dunbam,
Captain.—E, Hung.
At  the '"Inse nf tl... meeting a  vote
Spenking al iln* opening
Inrio Club nt Toronto, Sir Wilfrid
Laurier run through u list nf his neb
ii'ii'inents. lie had restored harmony
in a country which "was torn by un
agitation nlmosl threatening civil war coming champions,
in IR00." i   Our deeposl  sympathy
I      W,
, ,:ii,_ iliian introduced i'i I.i- tiequ .ihi.hi. .- Willi regard
in   iln-  Suudiii   School   Im  urged  par -
inn-  i ml  their children,  and if  ihe
children he h id    eei   in the humeri   nf
'.bn- llllf |ft|    "ill.    tl..'   I.'hurcll    Hell'
■ ■in ii. .— 111,.i .'.     School il..- basement
of l In* rh'.i eh u i.aid have I.t be ulili/
Sundu.i School pui-poscs in or-
dei t" . ommodate them. The weak -
of tin- church was thoy bud uu
young people's organizations, und ho
urged I be institution uf a Westminster
Guild in    Christian Endeavor.     With
f thanks mis tendered Mr. W, Cham-   regard to tin- Ladies Aid ho nugirested
bt.iliiin   and   "Thomas"   fnr   their  kind
assistance in preparing the iff fnr the
tamarao forests, over bills mnl valleys
through     which    surge  lho mountain
r.i t'eaintj
Nearly h thousand miles further west
d    Ki
in.ui. remotu dopots ivoro ren.-In
iiiBlnuco, liny which cost 812 f. n, b,
ai Edmonton was worth from IV. in .'.
..mis par pound it Wolf i reek I I"
M.'L.'iid nnd llm Big Kddy which liu
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ uros nut ,-n from *"■'' to 8100 pei  inn.
nud      l*>yond    tlio Kockies, ivbeie   the  Qats   retailed  ut  *",'•'•   per   ton   at   mil"
I Hi uud 898 ut iln'  11 I I.       Bacon
tins worth from 2fi in Uu cents per
pound, ami ibe staph beun found a
ready market al as high ns ten cents
por pound, l'nini.i. avoraged nil tin'
way  from  *J.I" tn  -:i.i.u por bbshol ,
fetieeua rusues doivn past l'rint'C Ku-
pert to the Fosific, uiiotiiai army under thf. name commanders ure engaged
in driving tlm grude through the defiant mountains to meet those who are
co-operating with them from llm eust-
ii'iiid in the colossal enterprise of linking Edmonton with Prince Rupert, the  ,„ , U10 ,.v,,n llt ,;„,,    |n(J(
Iocs required for     the most ndvuneed
lumps were freighted     down by path
in. itinn ■
fr    iban
a nation.
"Wo nre uiidor the suzoraiuty "f the
Km-  nf  England,   Wo      no bit loyal
ul I i      Uf bow   llm knee  i"     bin'.
bill tho King ..f England bus nn moro
rights uii'i" us ihun ai" allowed by
mu tnin Canadian parliament 11 thii
is uni a nntion Ihun what constitutes
u nation?"
"WC recognize that tin- naval upre
iu.-i.-v nf (.v..,! Britaiu is cssoutial (..
tbc security nf commerce, the safely
nf the empire, and Ihe ptutre of lho
| Lp'tn tin- resolution ol lasl essioc
..'.  the naial policy
they should bold their meetings nt tbe
church, lie hoped to see the work of
tlm congregation go on and increase.
■Some discussion took place on the
appointment of a Kirk Session, and
on motion nf A, I" Miller, soconded
by A M. Faquhar, it was resolved tn
leave the matter iu the hands of the
l'rt'sin lory.
liu. ladies ..f dm congregation then
entertained the visitors with refresh"
fell ft,r our
worthy shipper who i-> tit present suf*
fering from   i dislocated Bhoulder tin-
Bed by being     thrown from  a Bleign.
His condition i    improving favorably,
and ue Imp ir cuts.uu companion
may soon be able to arise from     hip
ostermooi     uud Ihi nmong hi,   friends
Wondei  ii Ihe change in tho pn'" ol
beer had anything to do with this
j    ll,,  regret lay  -is'    "int.  , t   ■■,: . ^^^^
, .       A  vi.H  to  'he power house just uin-
young gem mi.,, n, who, up to a recent , „ ,
'i  .     i ,        , i   '-i.i   worth 'he walk nut, nnd   rate
dnte  uai"  been  hccpinc   verv   respeel
■ ,.   , . ,, ,,        payers     interested    in th" new po«-i"
■ ablo hours, are idling away from thou
' . , ... .' mi ■,   In ik"    all   l-fiurl    It' Stst
oarly teaclunge and coming noma     ai
i , ,i i -i  •. ,       . .    -. u.u  i., being       it.. A.
such  an  bnur as  in  disturb   llm Ji. ;. -
New Power Dam
according lo location, and were   hurd  positiou  wero going back
Revelst ke Flour and Feed Store
Roi.il Standard Flour, Five Rose Flour, May,
Grain, Feed aud Chicken Specialties, Means, Peas,
Barley, Breakfast Food?, Mayer's Celebrated Eng-
lish Horse and Cattle Foods and Medicines.
The Pa^et Supply Co'y-
E. W. 8.  PAGET
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBBET     ST03STE      PEOP.
LP. Le Beau
Corner Third 5 • & Campbell Ave.
/forseSlteeiny * Camaye Work a Specialty
'\A£<±* "*" - -S-
Doyle and Allum, Ltd,
Atlantic to tho Pacific by railwuy alecl
Theirs in a titanic struggle where
death and disaster lurk iu constant
rneuuee amidst the thundering ifur
of exploding dynamite and llm crash
of shattered rock which echo uni rc-
vor berate through the lull and wl
leys from dawn to darkw
aro tlio builders of the Grand Inmk
Pacific. Canada's second iranscontin-
entaJ railroad.
Although it was only Inst, -piiuu
that the first soda wen- turned on the
grade west <>i Edmonton, so vigorous-
ly hns thi' work been prosecuted, the
L.,r;i<li,i> are already in sight of the
Athabasca pa--, \\ hile ihe right-of-
way Im-' been rlonreil almost i<> llu»
mountains, a distnnce ol about 21)0
miles. Ti-f UiiiL' hmj kept proportionate pace w ith 11:.- coiiRtructiou »>f tin
grade, and th" steel \,< already spiked
ns far as WoH Creek, 120 mil.- from
the Albertan capital; ami ere the
~iin« - of am'iher winter compel a
suspension of work  in  1010 ii  will    be
at   Tete       -'a    I ai he.   ii«:i\      lic\ I
ill.' main divide iii the Vellowhead ,
and loo miles from Edmonton on the
headwaters of ih«> l-Yaser.
Iliiucvcr  a  brief ic^iin I  what   has
actually been accomplished in construe
timi conveys no adequate idea of th'-
immense amount of labor involved nor
ihe hut-re expenditures necessitated
through the remote ami inaccessible
nature of the country which the mad
'is pioneering. The marvellous nrgahi*
nation, the financial resources, ami the
concentrated energy <>f ihe ^rcal cob-
traetinj; Inin respouMible for the work
arouse wonder am) admiration in ihe
mind   "I   anyone   who   happens   tn   have
an opportunity to study the operation
it close range.
Preparations hi gnu many months
before the lit'nt sods were broken in
a-nml construction work, for ever)
pound of supplier nt' the multifarious
charactei re [uired if. a contract of
•mii huge proportions including -uf -
fieient food for the men and horses
for the entire season, had to be frei
ghted*in and stored conveniently ahum
the     right-of-way.     Great    caches or
horses from Swift's homestoad in the
Vellowhead, and were worth their
weight in gold almost by the time
they were delivered as it was a nine -
day trip to secure them. Valencia rai-
These* sons sold to the sub-contractors at --
cents o pound, nnd sugar at from 1"
to lo cents per pound, while flour commanded a price "f eight, ten, twelve
und fifteen dollars per suck. Dried
fruits, even to the despised prune of
boarding house fame, became a com-
.iK'i i i.il commodity of m lonishiny * n
lue; while bread wa- a real lusun -ii
ii price which would make the New
York combine green with envy. It
sold ni "two-bit-;" a loaf and wa* almost impossible lo secure even at that
price.     Fresh   beef   -supplied   bj    the   iilii
ipiiton - "Pat I turn "'. who drove the
cattle in <>n the hoof ami i hen -Immh
lered them at tho camps, was the on
lv reasonably priced article in the bill
of fare, selliuv from l*J cents at the
Lobslick in 11 and lo cents ttt mile
110 west  of the MeLeod,
I'.M.  BOAUI1 I'.il.I.>.
Let the thrift,* lmn-e\\ ife I'ujure up
what those prices mean and the result
will be startling, I nder the 'aw and
ihe terms of the contracts and modi
cal inspection, the men had to be well
fed, and so had the horses if the best
results were tt> he obtained from them
As f\ re-ull it ro-t j.i-t 86.SO per d,i\
in feed a man and team a board bill
of start liny proportion-. When the
writer passed over the construction
work early in October there were 008
men and &5H teams actively engaged
in the grading we>t of the MeLeod .
ami it actually cost £2,50(1 per daj to
feed 1 hem alone.
The wages of the men averajfwl from
S3t) to sl" per mouth with bonnl, an
unusually inch figure for this class of
labor, but men were hard to secure
nnd hard t.. retain even nt thai mon
e\. which was from ~~* to 100 |a>r cent
higher than navvies could command
even last spring. Indeed, the Canadian Northern construction camps in
neighboring turrit01*3 wen- paying ^-O
per month     when    the season opened ]
ami H I  an adequate supplv   of      la- I
1      been
.f  tho op-
 .    I
''  pota -   iln- opposition  taken  wai   that    M the
country 1- uol  bound  m do anything
l)iit  repel  au in\ nlei.  forgetting   that
the best plan  i.^   to      meet   the invader
before he reache*    your   shores.''     In
Outario Conservatives were demanding
a contribution    of money  ami  Dread
noughts, thirty million dollars,
Ui" cause,  they saj,  foi   thii   in rjen
cy, is  (liat     danger is  imminent      t"i
Britain,   Danger?    Where  ih  it  coming
from'.'   They tell     us from      'iennany.
Lot  Us look at this. We km.w that
the displacement of the British navj
is nearly two million tons, and thai
of the Herman iinvj i- -.iv hundred
I hour* 11 ml tons. In IUI*J the Dritish
navy will have a displacement of
more than two million tons, and the
(iermnu navy of about a million tons.
So thai the dispursit) is too great to
saj that danger i~ imminent, But
ihey tell us ihat the Hermans are
preparing for war. I know that the
(iermaus are prepuriuy for war on
land und sea.   So are iln-   l-'remh.    So
fui  slumborn '>\     the olaei I   residents
We  hope  the  outcome  o!   those      lutt
hours and dream j  days  will  lw 'hen
troduutiou ol some  new   resideni    iuti
our vdluge.
Rink Carnival
\il  Ilia.    S
Ullll    al-.t       Ml    IK.,
t]tf  nil-   |UV|iai ili'j   I
Italy.    S,. is
-.•   ualiiilis   n(
11,  lull   11
ii fm
sii|tjily  tli'pnts,   built   of   logs   ami  ci
ieil with canvas, were erected  in ml- bor, Iuu lasi lull the stale li
vau'i' i" receive these supplies al   tho advanced to W0, ,iu>i double, ulul yol
Btrntegio    points   decided upon,    and In some camps one-third "( tl"- toams
are   disposing  of  their entire   Stock   -it a
small   advance on cost.      It will pav vou to
investigate   their    prices    ^n     Diamonds
Jewelry, Cut  (lass,  .Silverware,
Tea That is Always Fresh
"SALADA" is ?rown in the finest tea gardens of
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    the Island of Ceylon, picked every day and reaches
__        - j    A 11 T   *       '4.    J   you not later than fifteen week? after being gather-
UOVlC 8.nCl AllUm, L/irnitCCl   ed.   Its native purity nnd fine flavour are preserved
J    in   air-tight   skied "SALADA" packets.   You
are guaranteed  tea of unvarying good  quality.
Hill   ttiif  war  in  purlii'lllur;   liill    1'iiT.i
one i- nfraiil "f tho ntlicm.
Ills  \l.'i.l MEN I
>ir Wilfrid's iii-|/umcnl In suppm-l nf
the idea tlml there wus imlhing to
fear from flerintun  was ihi^:
"Uiil it ihf (jeriniin Emperor i- Inii'
in the world,     to    the old world,     if
lil 1  i-  thicker than  wuler,  I dmibl
verj   iiiiu-h  lhal it  Is his intviilion In
attack  the iiiyal family fi-om which he
-|tiiiia..   Ila niai   have such un iiilcn
in.n;   lhal   is quite |Hissibli>.      liu I      I
kiniu   something of  1 In- feeling of   the
itfiinan 1 pie, antl I have nu lit-~ita
lion In saying lhal Ihey would mil
favor such an attack, li is uol ac
ri.nliii.j iii Iheir Iniilitions. W, Imve
hel-e in liii> ftiuniiy a Get-mall |i'>puln
linn, anil you kiitui lliui theii* niv its>
better citixens than our lleiinaii fellow
I'iii/t'ii'. They came here Hituitigst u-
uni will, any hairittl iu iheir hearts.
Tliri are loyal to the ili-itish frown .
Ilermany and Kiiglmid have been al-
liftl  in  ihe past,
I   '.nt   well   'tin.tit,'   thill    * M'l'ln.'ini
had a score to ui| it  with Kronoe,
because lho iirmios of l-'riince hnveov-
I'iri'lili'ii those ni Oermnny limn and
time again, in Saxony, in Prussia, iu
liavaria, and in Austria. In all these
wars England mis by the --i.i.- ol Germany, and when Germany huh hutnili-
aitti by liiiii'if In Napoloon—li mis
linglunH'ii nlliuii'i- uiih Germany lhal
saved her. I connol believe that these
ihiiiK--! urn forgotten, and if there mat
Im ivur, 1 hai'o only this to say: In
Canada wo maintain thai tint naval
supremacy oi Britain is essential i" the
security ul comnwrco. li i- a pledge
to the world, nml if England is in
ilaiigar—-1 cannot believe ihe is in
danger but if slu- be strongly pressed
nil 1 tun iaj is thoro would be 1
iviii'n of sentiment all ovor Canada t"
go in tho n .ii" '■! the old land.
I   "Din however, we must nol bo itnm
A nil successful Carnival wai
ui the rink lasl Tuesday oveninp,
following were the costumes
Ethel     l!l.-i.-Mi.-iv.   Maid ol     Honoi
14th Ccnturj
\:;nf    Ul 11 'l.'r.t rg, ■ 1 uml""ii ini   ' iii:
livelyn Johnson,—Hockey Girl.
Irene Proouuior,—College girl.
Mrs.  Dews.—Colonial Dame.
Wiiiniii'fil McDonald.—Joan t.i Axe.
Mrs. Thompson,—Japanese lady.
Annie i orsou,—Japaueso lutly.
Mi Heiiv     M, la nnan,   Elond) 1.
Mo her
Miss MoLfluuiiiii   .-1    Uopkiu
Miss Elsie Qooley,-
G.  Shardlow,- Daughter ol  Hogiui
C,   J.   W I. --Klein It   Klllglll .
II   iVlcroft,   Hut.hei.
I'',  Mui'ley,— ('Inn h.
I'hill  I'nrKei,   Clown.
• I    MePhers    Canadian Soldier.
Cyril Ki iiiieilv.   Unit aud Unit
< .   I ulllel'lll.     It.   S    Dri lit   It ,,
II, Gibbous,   SI  lilack
K Mcliao,   l-'ar r  Uruckeiislein
\ MoArlhur,   A  Prince.
( . Mills,   11   s. Oiihcsli.i.
li, M'1 alter,   Imul'  Cromwi
the new Hume to take ...
.' ei   1  ■     I '"ti.-t rut-ted  on   '.1 1       .o,.
of ■.'.■ u-a  Hume an 1  1 ■>.■ >■• a .
lam foundation
01 y   .   ti  - 1, ■■.      I ia- scene  11 a     uu&j
one, lohy ol men      a..
is    Mr.  Newmaa .
'      , xpocti  to compU
Un   d-u thi   mi idle of Maiuh, and
• .. wi   k 1   finished     d
of an .itlt^tUR•*•
ind upplj  of power in ail
■ - ondilions.  This
i'i' j' - ■" i.i-..I  important
'.'/ an. .       • ■   undertaken     by
the city.
K.  E. 1 ligol    Mfii'li Im      Uashei
F. -'at kson,   Si hool bi ■■
G. Buck,   '. I Sight.
Holla Miller. Ilai Seed
Louie Gould,- Cassie U
A. Armond,—Sailor.
I.  Hope,1 ('low n.
Joe    Motile!,       \tneti    ai:     P i - ■ t.  -
('.  Anderson,   Clown.
Ileri   M.-Ka. I     Hull   Player.
The ladle-     prize     was won Iii   Mi--
McDonald;  the gents  bj   '     tt'ood;  the
comic  hi   ■   II,.,.lei:   the  ■  nip
Mrs.   l'.ei\ -  .mnl 1,,.,,!, n,   Sehafe,
Ml*S.    l-ullel   tlinliiMl    u.i-
spei-inl hi   ihe judges.
Mr. tt. J. Stirling-, of London
.1- judge and i-emnrkeil lhat there wu<
11 luck nf interest taken by the mail
maskers which greatly handicapped the
ladies uitli whom thej skated in the
Aeroplane Exiiiiiiiioii
i        ^ncoles,  ' 'il.. .'»n  1'*'.—Follow -
ling hii      >i    rful exhibitions late yes-
ienla_\      ttflin n,    when hn smashed
liu,,   world'    records,  'ilenn  Curtins, -
'!'    1 !.'.!i   ••. iattti, is hi-iog idoli7ed
b)   till "  until yesterday wor
ihippi 1 at thi pedestal oocunied by
lho 1 roach man bird.
! '.'uni - lutetl today that he In ten-
'led to "cut loose nnd put a kink into
over) record ^"iit^." if it is within
his powei i" tltt .so After smashiHg
ihe .-taitiit^ record by rising after, the
remarkable short run of '■'-> feet, Cur-
11-,,  immediatel) created a new world's
 ia    foi   quick      .i.-triiou,   by  rising
ground     in ti 2-5 seconds .
flien  bel   ihe cheers of ihe     eiowd
had ceased  ■   hoing,  lho   tiin-iii-aii whs
hi  the au   null Jerome Ktiiieiulli, as a
anger,  ipeediug hi.- bi-plane around
"ii.-e at  lhu rale t.i 53 miles pev
Uou!-.    tie  travelled   ihree  '|uuit«rs   ot
t  mil"     I Ins  was  the  third      world's
ird made in one day by ihe uviu -
Profits in Telephones
I ii>' '   tori  "i   1 ho   Unericad
1. 1    I tjlegruph    » ompaay
howd 1 hf concern made nearly one
Immliwl und liflj millionth oi doliani
3 ear, I hi« record ol
[noiit 1'i twelve luontha made the rail
: uttj mi.', ii-- and oihei fiuaucial po>-
wors in ttn U   up and      tuke
imtii ■-.
liie Mines
St. John's Presbyterian Church
The annual meeting of tho cougreg ■
tion uu- hold Wednesday night, t\
M.  Law reiii-e presiding,
I-'.  IV.  I.ning, secretary,  read  the re
I 1 mvi .1: KAMiNE.
belie! ol J. Pkrko ' huuning
I tn.it ihe copper -,i|tjii,es oi tho world
>' un exhausted us ure it*
timber will ho received with surprise,
■ ni nil public, uccudtomed as
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^1 i 1 1- to Hike for granted so many
porl and balance-sheet, -honing the things which urn not so. Mr. Chan-
Hurd Btreet bailding bad been rented ning is one of the leodiug authorities
to the school trustees at (26a month, on coppei in lho world, and auy an-
tbat all salaries and dues were paid . nouncement of bis wnu regard to til*
For tho years 1910-lttli tho congregn - proa|HKis or supply ol Um re«l uietsd
tion had been fortunate in ha\in^- is ixiuuu w be reveneJ wuu nwpect
with them ilov. M. 0. Melvin, late oi by the judicious.
Arrowhead, but more recently ofGla, UihAP  COAl
low, Scotland,   Tho   financial   .,.„.■    At ii«, bow imue 1 .,iJ,er.es, Ltd..,.
m.°Dl V!.™^ " ""T1'" over Mobilities  g3,00O,OO0 company,   han organized to.
tl.o  purpose of     working How   V'alie>
ol e\'t,Mfl,Vii. Adopted ou motion ol
A.  E. Miller, seconded by A.  Faquii'ij
The report of the ladies Aid, read
by Mrs K W. Lalng, showed a bid -
nncn in hand of 8134.411. Adopted on
motion ttf a. E. Hos,,, seconded by J.
M, I. I,
ll,.. Sunday School report ihowed 1
i"li ol si* teat'liers, an.l   tverage     al
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
I1 ni.iit;t'il mnl tni|itnvnil.    Plrit*ClaM in every respect.    All modern roiifenlencei
Ltrgfl Siimplf Rooms.
Rates, $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
Ask your grocer for a package to-day.   You'll like It.
  Bluck. Mned and .Natural (jreen, 4Uc, GUc, tiOc uud 70c por lb.	
I You Don't Have To
^ Go outside of Revelstokn to make
your Real Estate Investments.
The Revelstoke Land Company Ltd.
have the best bargains in the City.
Lots $150 up.   Acreage $100 up.
Kootenay Agencies Ltd^ Agents
W ^^s^W ^^s^»^^i^» ^F^** ^m%JmW^.rm§mW ^F^r^ ^f^Tw wWW ■
peded by any words ol that kind. Weltendeno. of 61 scholar \ dehwate
r\ "r"' w" •'■:■ Wu :' •uand«d ""■ 8und«" b ; > < -"•
the ! tion at    Nelson,   Kisses Burn      and
I Christy prepared Um scholars lor  the
the , (Jhiistniui
, lands near ilrooks. y. VYeUion o'
Vancouver, mpresentative of the cor..
pony, his   i-ouipany   will      b«
ul at an approiima
tu ohnrgs uf WU cents par ton, f. o. b.
Hr.tOi.'     Ui Id  n  report*  that  the
tail  - I Is of a semi-nitumjL
uus nature and will lank high us do
do il in inii' own wai.    11
position ii-e tako on tin   muttci
elplallied  t
by tl.
entertainment.   Adopt! i
I.I..1 by .Mi
Power for Kamtaops
timi "hen n _
of Canada it  will be approved!notion "i li   M   Rne,
1 pis ol Canada. I'ruuiiiu i.
On motion ol J.     UoLeod, seconded
by U. M. Roe, Messrs   a. E. Miller, I
Steed,   I. II   Armstrong, n   V. I
'inii, H. M. Lawrence, und r. iv Luinj
ISyle    le elei't."!       1',,   n     |        1     MOO   Igl
tiu»; year.
iin suggest Ion "I  i   I    Miller, .. uiu
Hun  i ll ..•   ruir-.t i
ol minister', itipend  in  the nunj
th* Board ol Management, n   M   Mas
proposing and ■'      M-I.-od seconding
ihe motion.
Hei.  M   (.. Mslvin spoke, suggesting
rinup|i, onginoui iui iIm Miu
tup I'.niei Company, itated to Kam
loop* 'iti' Council ilinr tie company
is u°'r'K iilu'iid ll" "tlei made tu tin
-it\ was to iuppl) powm ai three
oiii'i pur nun. graduail) gnini) down
to two cents. The company had do
dittiirii io take the franchise Irom ths
njty, which would have i" mak*     It*
,.w n    ■ itlle.'tiolis   fittiii      iiit.niii'i I '•
toiul difference between the city    and
ihu company is (0000 pei annum,   He
the  appointment of four   mung      moii
ih  unlier-i  ul iiioi'imt,{  MTTios     He hud
,,n a Bumnei 'tf lamilies eonaei
Hi iti: .I LICINO  LN  1.A.U10OO.
An oiiterpriso, having (or its object
.ti n    hyoi. , , on
largest "1 as kind ever Drain British Culuaiuiu, is xww   in
he working ut Twenty Mils Creek   m
hi      1   iribou     district.      J ho project
  bringing oi water     from
-mil   Kivel   to   livunty Mil« l.'roek,   •
listonea ut some     tweuty miles,     by
means oi n tlatu. a ditoh nnd an iu-
"■'I  siphon.    Ihe work is heiug car
sd  out   by   u   -indicate  oi   I'hiladal-
beaded by  Mr. UuBols, «ad be-
'   r* i1   is liiouglu   lo completion   ovsr
>1,5uu,0lJt) will   huvu been spent.       At
..— in   i"" men  or* engaged on     the
wink.    Ihe  hydreullcing plant will be
in-lulled next  year and operations wilt
aiiuiel,-e   intuit ilialelv   aftelWlird^.
n ke 1 iliiii tint iuu council  ihouldg] ^^^^^^^^^^
Ihe proposition    consideration, Muyoi   Uid wiiii ihe churan and h.,-l motwitl
llulhii .iui -.uiil I Id nol seeil '■     [reateel  kindness    II" wo? grati
■ iu the iiiieiesi  t.i  K niil"ii|i. to accept   u*d to i.ii'l the people so hiiruionioiiH
ihe propyiiil e.v.'.'i'1   al  a gonsiderabloIH* emphs    sd  th*   rorl    il Iriendship
rsduollon ou th* Bgius    |uot*d [among tl ngregs k«d te
■ I.     Bull, "i ilarris ft Hull, h-.
"■a   appointed   police  niogi*'rnU    Ioi
. iu-.   liie new  magistrate is a
iToth*» ol  1. Bull, merchant of Revel
.t^tl.g, und  is  highly  spoken  ol THE'MAIL-HERALD REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Ktt-fQIWtsrrBilMsWIllli HI   il
i      . i uu HAS DETERMINED
Miss Verna Felton and The Allen Players
They Have Yet Got Some of the Best Plays to Offer, Among' Which Are the Following:
"The Second Mrs. Tanqueray," " Sherlock Holmes"
'Mrs. Danes Defence." "Tennessee's Pardner"
flan at        I * The Truth,' Camille/ "' The Hyprocite,
DRUG ST0RE      ! " Under Two Flags."
TO-NIGHT, "w^^^^-   PRICES,   25c,   50c.   and    75c.
'.'MiUHHM   Mi
Men Players
initiatr any Inlaw   limy may  ilosii'e nn
|ir".riu.itiiiii   nf   a   [mliti iitlinilt in.j
Iln-   AlKai   I'luyi'if   still  euutiuuu    lu   'I'1' liy-luw      nml  -iitnt-.l In   a   niitnbli'
'.haw   a,.,.,I liousn    (Tightly,  iii.' i la-.'f   |K.'ri'i'iiliii;i'  , ,i   11„.   vnlins    mil    Inn  |.,a
McNenzieS Mann Refuse to Ape i-
1 li,-  avrra:'f   liill   llllll    i-   pr llltal    llll x.    'I'lll'   tt.lia-   lu   Iiuvl'   ihu  ptiwrl'   u
tl,,.      uiiMiitfti      .la.,,-     Hn     Wi'tlllosllilN L'Xi.Tt'isi!   tin-  ri.ttavniliini   iiii   lt\ law -   nil
nitrlii   llut ivnll kimwii ili'iiiun /.ir.i  vvns   pii'Mi'iitnti if a   pelilion sin ' l>>   "
'Mpi-iiiliiceil,   ihi'  ii|nt|iinu   stein:  ilcpii-tiiiy   |'i"|'t'r  imiiiliur  nf  tin;  niters,      |i"i
to Government Control
■J  o'rloi'k   iln-   nill'	
■    .a...    n   "I   I'.i il it    I
... tinferreil  willi   tin'
ml i liief ullii'iiil    nf the t 'un
Soitlii'in  rnilwiij   on  llut fri'iijhi
lion    The  In,- i'.f-    men    rt
;        t,l   truilv      nl
liiyinu   ill.,   i ml      ..I   ihe  plul   whirli SKKIIS   I ,K<, ISI. A I ION
wa~   ...  well  ke|il   up   tin |r|uiul       I lie       ll   «'im   piiillted   .ml   a     t.i.an      -ml
wlinle nf  liie pi      \     /ir.a   iii"      ml- m-  ilml  prnposeil  iinilil nol   lie pin     ii
Maiiinv.    ami  iifieiwinil.   the  f..i'ui\iai oporutinii link's,   llm  Itritish  N'niili \n
mnl nell   leeiiseil  initensl,   Miss    Fcllim '''" "   \''  »  miiemie.il.    li   win I'mul
pliivcil   i    Irnim     pint,   her  tan..ii..nal l>  ileeiileil in nsk  Ihe H ini
1,11   l'T- Vi       "    .  ling bei rb. '»«l I-»l»»r f
.    ■ . im   lief
I.,  Initia   the mnl
I li miiiiii ni   i iiiiiiiimeiil
I lie   -, elii"      <llli\N ill'j    Ihe   ei ell", i:i   i in
    '"■"      '  ' 11„.„.| ,„   ., ,„|  ,„■  i i,„,  Mi «''"'  ""■ "l,i"r'   '"' ll:'""'  " '"
"   Untish  i tiliimln . i,,l:,l|,   I,,,,,,  |lt      I,,,,,,,,.      ,!,„   i,,,.,,,,.;,,
.             ,                -nm   antl  iln'  nii'iili'iilt   lukinu        tlnee.
■     '■ "-'-' °n "tl" '    " •    ■  i . • iinilitiini'iit.   Th"  ■■llii.ii'   nl  Uo'-iill    i
,.        .-      , wns  one w liifli  -littwt'il   nn   iii-ilmu inin '
|-  "'  the  i aim.nan  Northern      Ioi    ^ ^rf       .   (|„,     ,.,.,,,,i,,.-,,i   f„,'i.„-  in  Ihe  .ys
.        ,„ ",      ..',    ,        , "f. "!       ' uai,   aiK.t.'a'.'il.    ami   lonseqllelllU        I
'"'itl'iii.  ami  wlmli   llus   tt'i'iiaiaii l\   lieell '
"hilllire in  ih"  11.      N.   A.    \el   "ill     bi
Shocking Accident
\ timi l, .lull III Wall,, llil'hlird
1'.ilia, r tin ti-! in hiii- r. i.nt n btlHttlCKH
ti.il    In   ll,"   1   hifI     of   ill"   'tali.       anil
ii. ih. \ a loi'in i, tin tin leil from
>yiluey, jumped il," furw ni'il plntfot'ni
of liie pn 1'iiL'i'i' "lir, bill iippeil "ml
wu "in-I,"tl in n foiii-iiieh piii'e lie
iifii'ii the ini.\ ii".; 11 niii uuil ' lie plai
(nnil, Mimt-.i eM.'i'i bone In hi- limit
wu    la,,1    Tlie     ileti-HHiil    wns     •}.
I I'll! "I a"e. llllll lllll'l'll W'ltll 111- faille, 1 lie lej'lllati.a, a - lieili" otlt1 'tf ill"
im,-I    lllltlloritlllhe   liol'til'lllllll'isls       il
il," ilomiiiioii. Hi. fui her i- I,'. M. Pal
nam. ileputi niiiii lei of ntri'irllltlll'C foi
11.  r
imbe und  Hi
Tariff War
. a   hi    Ihe   L'renter  iliirni
,   (.l   .'.,.1     , | a -pi  •',   ai\        I"   fiialtle   -u, I,   a   tllliuit'iptll
•      -   •"",'''.'       it !     ,.„., Mll|1,,   ,,,      h,,i,,e  ini.-i,,,,.-'   i„„l     J   '"'" '"'""-  I''"       '"'I" "l"'im'i""     '"
clian   Northern   pro    .,     ...    t~> ,, ,        i , ' lli'iti 1   lerrilory,  unit  the  mailer   will
trv   iir ■ '. .., ,•. iiii be  plut'eil  before   the  Ini i  lirilisli
llolne Mere   lu'l'it    la.,.1',,    nml   selltou,
I'lll nl    ii"i    j ilrniniii        .,.,,.   ,,.-   I' .1 lobiinbiii      Miiuieipiililies.    Ami     Iln
'*'      ;,,, ir,    , ,  i i     , , i
 Ileum   lesson  iiei a      iviltu    ,'t|      a
M ■     I'.
■.!,..   ,1c   la,,"I
... .....
Ifevel mke     i he   whole   moral   li i
1     I'lav   « a-  ••,,,'  « hii'h  roiilil      ' en
Ihe)  nm)   lull)   iinilei'sliiuil ihe siibjeet,
ali  |lie un iiiiniliiteil  iiiforinution     will
he furitislu.il   'In
'' nil    I ,  'i eel   in   real   life Hie
Miens a,,' fnithftil  reproilneer.    o,    n Ppirp   nf   FlIPQ
oo'jnd wat   n      n   .i ll lbC  Ul   1 Ul D
.»     ■ ;■:.'■. ..aitl  call   them   ,. ,,,,
I   MK|\/I1-   \li;\\>  ,..,,,.    ,„,,  ,„,,   [lr1|      (| ,,   ,|„. u,,„|,|1,   nill l„, „|,|„ i ,
■ enli  '.     ' life "       initnnei   ilml   in;     nine "i     tlm lewliim vnrieties ,,i in,
I • ntelligeiil   au,lien.e   woulil   ilo   well   to   nexl   ten on,    if ".    lo   tin      tlule
■■'        tmeil In   ' le' . lollov     Iii,  membi'i   "f ihe enniptui)   inenl  ,'i n  fin  ileulei     who  i    perlinp
-•   ' •     ■ ■   ]". II        "thfil hn -  hi-- nl   in'   purl   ilnnii   :■.   ■ l„.  I,        i,,,,,,   ,,,   ,..,,, i,   willi   ihe  ,pn   lini  I	
.•• ■ .■ ■ mil   Iln       pin)     .   '  will Mini    , !,,       ivlnil       ml   wholesule   -ii,'
I ltril        ' I        i eep     i| | .... , ,   ;,,,. ,,, ,,,   j ,.
:',..,     ; rolil.         lllll I"  finish     Ul,, ihel    ii      nun ,ly   or   ll
tl  ,t   a  rnilwii)      , "I"    'I-"       '        i        nn                    t,„l,      „..,               _
 '     till    I.la,,,-       '"'I '■ . ■.,. '    .
irti interest on  tin       rxn nliein-i ■  •   ■ u t| .j t _
li     fuel in, »-iII In- tin
il   bill   ,,,ii      of    the   \     ■ .
...      , ,■,,,,,, I he   tlenli
nol  think  Hi
■■■■''■ ''     ' . .
You ilo
If wo arc hm .■ . .
-■■ ure     linnnt ini uiil. lit        »;        ,.-,... •—
be Imp      ;''.   Ioi .
D. D.     Mann, vice-president. I'm
tlm l to I I in i .
tbe inclusion ol fixing   rnt.-s
in the ,..  . ....
■ • ■
ground     of the
it to them.   If you have     i
• ■.   •
nnv pi ..
"l   I'UICM
■;     ■        r, I
'"'     I lion.   Mi    '
■ ■!
Municipal Reform
Wushinytini, .Inn I'.1. \ laiili will'
ihiealeiis between the I'nileil Slaie-
uiiil llermuny, I.n-f- uiiiotiutiti^ in
iiiillitin nl* ilnll.'ii fiii-e Auierieuii nmn
iifui'trui'i's null'-- a liinili-ilitti ii iieeiir-
in diplomtitic Iniili.
\ul Hi..
In ihe I  it)   i 'tma ni \\i■ -1   Ktinif
mat   hohleu al   Itevelstoke.    In the llllll
'ei   ..I   "IMiin   t'nneelliitioli   Act,   lilllli."
In the mallei nl llm [ipplifiilioii ni
llewitl I'tii.uni. in I'uiieel a portion ol
plans (iH"J ami lilWil, filed in llm I.anil
ll. . i nt  inii,.' ai  ih,. Pity o! Nelson.
in   \l I. WHOM  li' MAY iii\r|"ll\
Notite    i-   i In-  uiven   lhal   the  pcti
 • llewiii  P...-,,..-I, dntec] lhu aisl
■ la- ..i Seplember, \ IL lilllli, for m.
null i umciidinu, ami iiuniilliuii eertuin
le,,'    of plan,   numbered IKVJ ami lill'Jn
,ti   -lllttlil i.-i.ili-   nf        por
nl   I "l-   llll   ami   I I I'J.       i.r.mi
One,   koolei        Uisli i.i,  ami  known a-
| I "■', usite,   w ill   be   licnrd    ai
•li"  I   "im   Mouse,   Itevelstoke Wed
ii,-.! ,' ■'„■ I'tili ihi) ni Kcbrutiry, A.
II . lie hoin   ..i  I".:'." In   iln
l MM ll li;   i VKE SO
Il'l ii :   relil I,a,    i-   for   ill,
portion  ,,i
pi ' "tl   \\ i'liin   , lie
: ,, a     ' nmely, all thui
I   lot        llll    in.
botindnr) ol
an,.       tt t .1,1.1
■    . by tin   S'orl lieii)   botin
I   in  block      I-J prodileed
illi    In   ml,., f.l
,,|   lol  11 II
■ ■   line      I..
ml   lol   1. in
..:     Il.e
I       in
,,i a,-,
■   ...   ion
■   ■ .   mdun
i J. prod
:   .   _ :.'    lillfi   li,   the
' iinnimj belli     Re ..,..•■■
siviy diiyn from dnto I Intend to up
ply tn ihe liiief t'omniissioiier of
1.niiiii. fin purchase ol hind situated
iibnill Hi" ehains up from nioillll nf
Wt.inl liiver, p't-i planted about 160
chains ubovo mouth nf Wood river and
marked E.    A.  Andrews, S. W. cornet'
pn.I.   theme   mirth   Ml  liiaitl-,,   CU8l     1"
ehuins, uouth '10 clmiuti, thence west
followinu; W I river in point of commencement,
Dated 'hi- 10th da) ol December,
I'.'"!' K. A. ANUIIEWS.
NOTICE  Is   lll'.UI'.HV GIVEN    thin
sixty days Iroin ditto 1 intend in   up
ply in    ihe    Chief Commissioner    nf
bauds  I'm      pui'iilllno of bind  silualcd
about  II" tiiniiis up litnn mouth     of
' Wood    river,     post  planted nn north
• i.i" ,.f river ami marked I'.  A.   Hed-
I strotn, s. tl  inrner post, thence north
I" ,iiains,   we-t   I" liniins,  uouth       I"
chaitiR, en-ti   l" cltaitifi ntaining l'i"
acres more or less.
Dated ihi-     l"ili   da) ol I) inner .
NOTICE is  llP.lil'.ltv GIVEN   thai
y sixty* daya litnn date 1 intend in   up
pi)'   In       llut      Clliol  I'i'llimitsitiin'1'      nf
I..ni'l-. nn purchase ol land situated
about ll" chains up from mouth ol
Wood lini, post planted mi north
aide 'i Wood river and marked fl. I".
Iledstioin, S. W. corner post, thence
north  I" chains, east   I" clininfl, soinh
I" chains in W I river, west follow-
.inu river in point of comtneucemout,
containiii<-  IUU acres mora or less,
Dated ihi- Imh .l„v ,,f December .
'1.   I..  Ill'.li.-ii(n\l.
Notice       i liurebj   given        lhal
'ixl) tin) - afler date I. i.
Drill, oiciipulinii, einpeiiter, intend in
"pill, i" the Cliiol Commissioner ni
I tin I lor 'he purchuse ni ihe follow -
in-- described land, commencing at a
I"' ' planted uboill J" ehains south ol
tt,»„l Itiver nml aboul  Hi" chains from
iho , uli ami murked .1. ISiill S. \V.
cornel post, thence west MJ chains,
m,rib J" chains to batik of Wood river, ilieii.e following soiuh bunk of
Vi nml  Kin.r easterly aboul   M" ehuins,
llleme    J"   cllaillS      HOUtll    In   point uf
commencement,  containing   1C0   acres,
more t.i  less,
Hn'."I this lUth .la> ..i Doc.,     1909
.1.  iiUll.l.,
'I.  E, Qedstrom, Agont.
TAKE NOTICE thut I Percy Harold
Pease, of Trout Lake, 11. C, occupn .
tion eiigir- , intend to apply lor permission . purohaBO the following dc-
Bcribod lands;—
Commencing at a post planted at
the N, W. eorner of lot, ITiS, thonco
east "JO chains, theme north 'JO chains,
thence west 'JO liinins more or less to
lake shore, theme south easterly u -
Imi'- lake shore about 30 chains to tho
S. W. cornor of lot I7'2S, thcaieo north
along western     boundary of   lot  -I7JH
about lo chains to point of commencement mnl containing '10 acres more or
I'Klti'YllAltlll.ll PEAHSE.
December 16th, 1909.
li    '""
•   I
C.  I'.  I!   '- li' I'l   ITIAVII
■.   i   i. r. p. ii. -up.
" t"
.... lio   M i 11
.1...   „..   .
'I.,',Ir I,,
i ' 111.   till
1,1 r liuin      ,        iipiti-l
I  ,.
■i" ,      ,
• .   in   ,, ilel
fi     111 fro    .   i     i,,
'"I     1     '.!'   .in'      am
  .    ler,
i        iters in li.-,-,,- the powei to |r" nomio i
Can't Get a Mayor
I .-,   ie,   .1.,, I :      \"
ai" in a   mini, lie here ir
' Im i         land  foi
I' hi,..it    t ,e L,,,' .-, nmenl
, ■ |„.i,i ionod   o sol
i    ■
h'li i
illoi   I   u,  lt|,„|,   |-j
i. : ' ,
i' :   i     I:. i'. I,
ivi-d   i    \   l
'    I.  '.II.I \\,
nil   ,..,,■
I ■ I.' 111 -11  COLUMBIA
In the mutter uf
Ami in I he nun tor of •
Mi     ipolitan Gold und Silver Mill
ing ( umpany uf lanleau,   II,  i 1,
.   (lion porsonul  liability,
Ui ■ Cediton  in come "i". 	
Mil      Alii   ill HI \:\  requiri I     lo
md    i'i"..- il," iii'i.i  claimed
 .'■'.'     '!„'    uboVO    llll 'I  . . .|,|
filing   '.en   ullidnvil   and K<\
'"     i".' ini   ihurool   ' ,,  in      be .
Ion    Kriduy,   till    li'l .     ..i   \pnl,    \
I' .   1910,  nnd nllenil     In
• a        "I'll Im   I  hatnlt. i ,,f
ihe I1 I ulgc in ' lintnboi      on
M ' i  .  •' •    'mi dn    nl  \| •■ ,   \    n ,
In    '  '   lion c il    ,1.   ' ,,..
'    '■   I       '   I'l 'II ,,(   ll„.
'     irei ii.   being   ihe  time
'I'l lied   lol    In-all I, L'   ami   ad mil i. a I
,   ■    Upon   ll,"   ' hum.
h ' "I  'hi     "       I .    ,,1 11 mii,.,   \l
ll .  I'",'.'
I     I'.    II HI KMIIi.
ml,mil Liquidator, whoie
po ' ollico   iddrm    ,    Ncl "i,  Drltlsli
In the matter of the Land Regnvry
Aci nnd in the mat ler of Ibe Title tn
the s. K. quarter of Section •>, Township 211.   Range  6,   west  of  the  (ilh
[meridian  (except  5(1   acres  and  the
t'.l'.U. right-of-way) Province of B. t).
Whereas tbe Certificate of Title No.
9,955a to tbe above hereditaments in
I Ibe name of Peter Scntl has been lost
or deslioved and application lias lieeti
Hindi' lo me for a duplicate I hereof:
Notice Is hereby given I hat a duplicate certificate of title to Ibe above
hereditaments will be issued ut the
expiration of I bitty days from ihe
dale of ibe fiist publication hereof
unless in ihe meantime valid objection
to the contrary is made to me in
I list i hi Itegiufiur,
Land Reglstiy Offleu.
k ouioo'is, it. r.
Dee. li. HHrtl. Dec IK llll
Water Notice
Notice is heieliy given thai un upp'i
ration will be made  iiml.-i   Pint  V . of
Im   "Water   Art,   IWII.I'tn obtain ii
licence in the  Rrvflsloke  Division ol
West K' otenay District.
[a]    Tbe llullie, aildl's-   mill  tlipn
Hon of ibe iiprlii'-iiii—Cni'por.ilii u m
tbe Oily of Revelstoke. P •'•
[If for mining pin poses] breeMlneiV
t'ei'lilicae No	
|b| The liaine of the hike, stream or
s urce [If unnamed, the description I |
ii stream How ing oil Mount Revelstoke
in  a  vuPey  In a southerly dtieetlon,
und einplyii ^ Into lb'" lllet i lewnei ul
a point aboul half tt III lie westol (irei ly
Creek bridge.
I'l The point, of diversion ut n
poinl about 8600 feet above sea level
on said si ream.
|tl| The Quantity of wh tern polled
for ('n cubic feet per seiond|-ten
cubic leei per second.
|i ] The character ' f the proponed
works—8 inch pipe line to connect
willi Bridge Creek.
[') The pieinises on which the
water Is to be uai d [describe sum")-
The Corporation of itteCliyof Revelstoke.
[«) The purposes lor which llm
water s to be used -lienei'il    itv use.
[ii] If for InigHtlon describe the
land intended to Im irrigated, ul'lug
|>] It ih.. water is io hi used for
power i*]1 mining otitic ■-,.- iVirrthi' 'be
place where the ivaiei i-1" be relumed
mii,..    lint lllll til i-l, .iii.l tbe'tn-
fi'ii'i.ce ni iilii'iult   be'iv en point -f
diversion and p ■ I of i'p,u*'n	
(j] Area »l 0 own land intended ■■
be  ooup'ed  by   ihn  p epnaid w.uks
\i'oni 12 'iei"- ,
[k]   Th -   uilice was   p's'ed ill the
eighih day .,''  .Iu,..i,.r-. 1010. ind .ij.-
pllcation will In   made I.' dm ' . inn i--
Inner on the elgh h dav ■ f F, Inu.i.),
] (live the names and add. esses
nl.tin riparian proprietors or licensees who or \t hose hums nre likely lo
im affected by ihe propose! works,
• iibi'i'   above   in    beluw   tie  nutlet—
Government land as far as Isknnwu.
City (ink.
jiin 12 lm Revelstoke, B.C.
in \i
,l\'l N   linn
il,    Gram ■■ •■•
Lines t un pan    t
inenl ot  t'ana     .   .      n-     t   ...   . -  -
for an Act Intiln i   nt i   « ., ^   h, 11   in
corporatmg ilil  i , nr .,,, . Ch'p ,  i,ij ,•
'le Ma I |i ^ .', ,t,ii(t, '-. 'Ill- Htlt t l'\ t 1, ,'■
If. SO nl Ihe Intuits t'l uit't,, li) .iiitl,. r-
i/ini; Ihe construction tn lite following
additional lines of railway!
(i) From a poini on ihe VVeatcrn Di-
iis't'ii ot thi- Gran i Trunk Pacific Railway
bet ween the east litnil of Range IS and
llic west limit ol" Range 17, west of Ihe
third meridian, thence in a southwesterly
and westerly direction 10 a point
in the vicinity ot Calgary, Alberta,
or lo a poinl on the line which
the Company is uuthorlzedi muler pain-
graph 14 of clause 11 oi said Chapter 99.
to construct in Calgarj:
U) From a point on the proposed line
mentioned in paragraph (1) between the
east limit of Range 20 anil llic west liniil
of Range 2N, west of the ihiril meridian,
thence in an easterly ami southeasterly
direction 10 Retina or to a poini in the
vicinity thereoli
l^l From a point on the proposed line
mentioned in paragraph (?i between ihe
east litnil oi Range 24 anil the west limit
of Range 87,wesl of ihe second meridian,
lo Moose Jaw, or to a poinl in liie vicinity
I hereof;
(4) From a point on the Western Division of tbc Grand Trunk Pacific  Railway
between Aillaiul and VValnwright, liu not
in an eaatcrly ami southeasterly direction
lo a point on the Hue which Ihe Company
is authorized, under paragraph 13 of
clause 11 of said Chapter 00, to he constructed 10 Battlefordt
(5) From Regina, 01 a poinl in ihe
vicinity thereoli thence iu a southwesterly
and westerly direction to Lethbrldge, or
to a poini iii the vicinity of Lethbridge on
Ihe line which llic Company is, under
paragraph 14 of clause 11 of said Chapter
0.0, authorized 10 construct from Calgary
to the soul hern boundary ol (he Province
of Alberta al or near Coulis.
(6) From a poinl on Ihe main line ot
ihe Western Dlvi ion between .Moose lake
ami Tele Jaime (ache, thence through
ihe drainage ol the 1 learwatcr River,
Bonaparte River, Scton and Anderson
Lakes and ihe Lilloel River or the Squa-
iqish River, or between the lasl two
Rivers, to Vancouver, Pritish Oolumblui
authorising an issue of bonds 10 iheextenl
ttf $30,000, a mile of the said lines of
railway, numbered (1) to (5) inclusive and
comprising llic said lines within what are
defined by the said Ait as the '"Manitoba,
Saskatchewan and Alberta Extensions";
authorizing an issue of bonds lo Ihe extent
of $50,000,00 it mile of Ihe said line 01
railway numbered (0,1 and comprising the
said line within what is defined by Ihe said
Act as the "British Columbia Extensions;'
and also amending paragraph 11 of clause
II of the said Act, as regards Ihe southern
terminus ol ihe line itierebj authorized, to
be constructed from Regina to the International Boundary al or near Nt.rlll
I'onal "
Dated nt Montreal this 29th day of No-, ■
ember, 11)09.
dec 21) in.        Solicitor lor Applicants.
lijiiQpsis af Canadian Homestead Regulations
\NY .■V..111.1V" Doiululnn Luudi witbm tl h
BaHwMjf H-li in Hrw'^i, t oiuntbi*. mny
in n UittAteNded by uu] i»or on ui... iK ibe »nio
boat) ol iifjMily.tr hi-j nVc > ver 8 yo«r.-'f
art), t' iln* -I t j' 1.1 iH,B"i|i.urtur .-eriii.u ul IUI
tiTM more ur los-.
>>uLrj mi'Bi be mode personally »t the IochI
IhikI tin-* l.-r ihe dl-in ' [u 9 hn-h ',,rt la&u id
.. i iHte: Ei try hj pM.x> muy, In wovur. l-e
mHMfl uu i on ii iii uisUltinue n> tlio tut Jut,
•j Iher, hou «l linlt'er, bnuhur ur lUiernlaO
iu'QudinK tii'iiie-ieuticr
Tho humos «-htior ir r"tj''rpil lit iort; m the
eoutlitluOS cuiiiifcieti tiim•• wuli uime uuo uf
the follow Ids i'l« b :
(1) At luHHt six motitba1 reside' ce 'Jpon uii*l
cultivation of tbe laud oj e.ch >e*i f»'t ihr «
years ■
i,2)  H iho father (or mulber, If tho latberla
docoHsed) of tlio lii'ini': HMi'ior rcsideu up< n u
furm In tho rlcinity of tbn Uud ntitt^rnci f r. tho
!.,...;■•.i.i-i.i ns to reri<ieure oihs bo ;-mi inM
hy hucb |ie>S' u rosldiug with tlio fmher ur
(,'t)   If tho settler hushis perniHtieut repidonco
ni'tui lunniuK !i'»"! "wi.r . l,>   lint   ii.    hfVlcin.
it) nf MIh  hunin.^ioad-  tlm   reqili reinntils  im   to
n '.I'li'in" :iui\ bo iattsfie<i ') r -i <o uikiii
the said Und
Six muialin1 uotic* in urn tii hi uiil \<e wiveb
to tho Oob mlMotief uf > un u |< t Lr>i>ns at
i'iimwii uf imentioi  to Rpjply tor iment,
I'OAL —Coal nnniiiK rigbtfl nmy bo leasnd for
h poriod of tweniy-ono yntirs at an Rtihual
rental of ll per «cro. Not more thuu 2.5HO
ncro« shall bo loasori to one individual or
compnuy A royalty at tho rate of flvo ceuts
per tun ."I,nil i.n '.MiiM'i." I ni   the morehuutable
'"III    IHI lliu I.
Deputy of the Minuter Of the Interior.
N H,    unauthorized publication of  this ml
.-M n i.iu"iit will nut be inti'l for.
S'otiio is hereby givuti dim 00dayn
from dot" I, W VntlrowHi occupalion,
minor, intent! lo apply '" tlto Chief
< 'iiimii- lonei nf i.mills, to puruhaao
the following described land, situated
about 2UU ['hniiiH from mouth of Wood
River and n  |"»-i  planted on     south
ide "f rivet and marked W, Audrewu
\ I'., rofner |i"-t, Lhenee south 1"
ehnina,     woal     Ht     uhnins,  north   H*
ii.iui- io poinl  ol Wood river, thence
following banh of W I river to point  Tin»mithiHKt Repairs,   Hot  Air
of commencement, containing  100 ac Pipe and  Furnace Work
if- more oi  leas.
I' I thii  10th day uf Dec,
'.n ".i
Oonnuujhl  Ave.    .    Ravalatqkf We  serve i'urt-ulvph hv
set ving you heller.
A   | leased  customer ii
our lies! advertisement,
A news sheet devoted to the interests of the citizens of Revelstoke and surrounding towns and settlements.   Our aim is to place before the purchasing public the facilities of Our Big Department Store
Mail i 'nl, i..
T li'|i|,mii  i Irdt rs.
Semi iln- children t"
Ibe Btore    Come yourself.
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call at your home for
Of Laces
Torchon,   Vai,   French    V.il,  English Thread Luces,
all   in   a   basket together, worth 10c  to 20o. per yard
All going" at 5c. per yd.
nn Bsmnont
Hundreds ol  th n.  in a 'itsket, in IJ, 2, and 2} vurd
lengths.    Splendid choice.    A piece at
Any Price
Good Bargains
In kirannns, Dressing Ciowus, Dressing Sacques
Coats, Ladies' tiolfers. Children's Knitted CoatB
All laid our for easy choosing.    Take elevator.
The satisfied customer means a permanent customer.
We could not satisfy you if we were not progressive and
adopted new methods and improvements as they are evolved.
In the olden days our predecessors had to be satisfied with
ox-carts and wheelbarrow methods. To-day the purchasing
public demand automobiles and accompanying up-to-the-
minute methods. With the completion of our new Dry Goods
Department we can boast of the most up-to-date store and
one of fhe largest businesses between Winnipeg and the Coast
30Silk Skirt-
in   Mick.  "II
Bi?..'   .Ale,tat],
sCV.-r.il 'I ft-'-
enl   SlJ'les, all
g 1   Taffeta,
have been Felling al 16.50
tu  $7 50 you
can U»e one at
'_'() mily ll ick S io en ami Colored Tat'tt "ine iinilei-kiris worth
$2 00 "ml If-'!    T ike vour choice
At $1.50
Shawls and Keck Scarfs
A lable ol shaw Is and hi ,nl
wraps, wools, silks, etc., all
kniileil neck scarf-, fascinators,
elc J $1 .oil to   $3   goods, all   now
75 cents
Oress Skirts
2n Skirl--, New Panamas, Voile-,
Serae-, etc. Some creams ainoi y
these, all others dark colors,
Vou can get a rare harga n out
of lhis lot at
$4.90 each
For the Children
A Table of Children'.! taps,
White Hear Bonnets,Si,k floods
etc. We know the price is
ridiculous but they have got to
go. Take Ihe Elevator and
pick one out at
25 cents
500 pieces of
Indies in derwear
\ esis ,il Drawers
pure whi e a>i
natural color, .
in a n ufaclurer'-
cleanup, you can
g'-t '_' whole suits
or I garments
any way ' you
wish for $1 2."i or
Each piece 35c.
A pile of oddments of Linen
I>oylies, Dresser Scarfs, etc.,
worth 50o. lo $1, pick them over
25c.   each
500 do/en pearl buttons, all
sizes, lay in   a   slock   for Spring
10c. per dozen
Bargains ia Carpets
. For the balance of this month, unheard of prices in
Piece Carpets, Japanese Mattings and short pieces of
Brut-sells  Carpet   with   border,   regular   price  11 65,
sale price $1.20 per yard.
Brussells, without border, regular^! 10, nowif'l per yd
Tapestry,  27 in. wide, regular Toe, sale price -55c. yd.
Tapestry, stair, 22J in. wide, regular 75c, now 50c. yd
" " "       " "    85c, now 'i5c. yd.
Stock. Taking Sale
" Carpets]
Japansse Mattings
-bort   lengths  "f   Linoleums and Japanese Mailings
at clearing prices.    Ask to see them.
Extraordinary Values in Men's Winter Overcoats
Regular Winter Coats of black and gray cloths, up-to-date in every respect. A
stylish coal for any occasion and for any man. Tho) come in 15 and 50 men
Regular $17.50 and $18, Now $11.50
THE "MUTO" OVERCOAT made with special patented "Mutu"
collar which can be changed from a regular ulster collar to the high llussiitu
collar in an instant.    Dark lu-own and striped tweeds.   The best the market offers
Regular $26, Now $17.00
MEN'S RUSSIAN OVERCOATS—TbiB season's popular over garment for men. Iltissian collar, ulster out, four deep pockets, boxed button holes.
Dark brown and grey cloths.    Made only in  -VJ  inch lengths  	
Regular $22, Now $13.00
Bargains  in  Boys'  Overcoats
If price is an ohject we can assist you in accomplishing your aim. All our boys'
overcoats at greatly reduced prices.    Ask to see them; we can interest you.
CHILDREN'S   RED   RIVER   COATS of blue blanket cloth, lined  with  red
flannel ...... Regular 95.00, now $3.25
BOY-' ULSTERS of gray  cloth   with  imitation   lamb collar and cuffs, selling
regularly at $6.00, can be bought now        .... For $4.60
HOY.-' REAL IRISH FREIZE REEFERS, dark gray. Regular $400 for $2.50
BOYS' ULSTERS, dark gray cloth, velvel collar. Kguar price $6 50, now $4 00
BOYS' RUSSIAN ULSTERS, up to-date in every respect, bieh coIIht, four
pockets.    Dark and light browns.  Regular $9 coat for $6; regular Sil coats for $7
Regular $22, Now $13
A Choice line of Staple Groceries
Another shipment Deadman's Honey—5  lb,   Pails,   Quart  Sellers and  1   lb. Bottles.
You bad lieiler lay in a stock ol Canada First Cream and Milk while you can g«l five
Large Tins for $1.00 or It) Small Tins f,,r $1.00.
S'ew .ind Fresh MacLaren's Cheese just placed in stock. loo., 35c, 062. and $1 Jars.
Pry a bottle of our Emprtss Sweet or Sour Pickles—30 Cen's a Mottle,
We have still a few boxes of Apples on hand in  the following  varieties:—Greenings,
Baldwins, Ben Davis, Canada Bed, Russets, Peawakee and Northern Spys. These are
all A 1 Apples and the prices are right. We also have a nice supply of Oranges. Bananas,
and Lemons,    (let our prices.
Table Syrup and Pancakes make a good hot meals. Ue carry a lull line of Syrup- of
the best quality. Berry's Syrup in gallons, half gallons, quarla and pints. Pride of
Canada in quart bottles, Lyle's Golden Jyrup in pints. Edwarsburg Syrup in 5 lb.
Cans and 2 lb. Cans.
What about your Vegetables ? [B your stock getting low I Lei us take your order for
what you need. Potatoes, Turhips. Carrols, Parsnip", Beets, Onions, Cabbage or Celery.
We keep these vegotables in our Root House and they therefore are well kept.
Crockery and China
We are this week cleaning up in our Crockery and China Department and have a few
odds and ends that you can have at a price reduction. We al;o offer on Monday and
Tuesday .'(00 Jugs which we have just opened up at cost to make room on our shelves
for other articles.    Don't miss the chance of getting a Nice .fug fur a little money.
Tlifie ,s   p'Oni   f'ti    one
or two iln- smoking shops
as well as several ladies
lo go mil lo homes to do
sewing. II you have any
lady friends in the east
you would do well to advise them lo come to
Hat Bargains
A  line   of  Soft   and   Stiff Hats, Black and
At $1.00 each
Men's Shirts
Men's   W.   G.   &   R. Shirts,   soft   and  stiff
front.   Coat   Shirts
Only 85 cents each
l lie carpenters and the
painters have about com-
pleted our new Drg Goods
I 'ppnrlineiil, and we expect to be in ship shape
about 1st Feb, !"M0. THE'MAIL-HERALD REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Every Purchaser of 50 Cents Worth of Goods
Out of Our Store Gets a Coupon Ticket
This  Ticket   May Draw Any One of Our Grand Prizes
PRIZE   1.     Mackay   Defiance
Sewing Machine, Value $55
Tins) is a first class ball-bearing;, nickle-
platcd, 4-drawer machine.
PRIZE 2.   Silver Tea Set Four
Pieces, Value $25.00
; iii" Pacific coast,
W,  Fleming liuu in-i got in a     lino
ii-aiii of brown male* for heavy dray
lug purpose*
'I he annual I lulllell Itullspivl W ill tlllto
plni e uu I't'lt. :',, I. 't. A Itu-al lini. tu
Iwo will  probalil.i   lake pail.
I'h,' l.atli,.- Akl "i il"' MotlioUisI
tliiiitli expoci to give an oyster mipper
mi Tue-uluy evening, Ivoui half pnsl
live o'clook lill oigllt iu ihe ihureli
parlors,   Admission BO cents,
| The men nl' 111i-t city are in\ itoil to
lieur Mr. A. li. Miller Sunday afternoon ut 3,45 in  ihe  V.  M. 0,   A.       It
PRIZE 3.—Gentleman's Gold-
Filled Case Watch. Open
Face, fully guaranteed.
PRIZE 4.—Mantle Clock with
marbleized  Columns.
The   Day  for  Drawing  of   Frizes Will  Be
Advertised.  Get the Lucky Number
An noon as wo have thoroughly verified tho information given us as lo
those, prominent oitlzons, including a
loading govornmoiil official, who took
pari in Hinging ihe smutty sunt; in
front   ni'  ox-Mayor   landmark's   rositl •
eiii'i' mi McKonzio Avoni n Thursduv
night wo intend publishing ihe names
and full particulars. If lho mugislrntos
ami polite nf ih" city are going In
stand fur thin kind nf thinn being our-
rii'tl mi iii tlie streets in u rosidontiul
purl nf ihe city, ihe Mnil-llei'iild nt
all events wont, ant! will spare nn
effort to -tup " ropotitlon nf it in
The iliii'iiiirs nf  ihe V.   ,\l.  ('.   A. are
is seldom thai an opportunity is olVor
.'.I   I.,   hear   Mr.     Miller,   and' wo  liopo   '" m'''i|H "' " ,'1"'''1"" fl'"m  ,1U El"'(>l
there will he u largo turnout.
The sleutner Konlen.'lv  tin   ihe   Al'l'OM
I a Lit grounded Tucmlay ami '." did nm
arrive ai Arrowhead in time to miikn
counoctioo with ihe train front ihe
coast. The passengers from the const
wero taken hy tug to Nakusp nml
thenco brought tin via the Shieini
route, arriving at Nelson.
HilUN,—Lewi—Un January Imh. il"
wife i.i Mr. V. I!. Lewis, SOU llowu -t
S'oncouver, of u son.
B0HX,—Murray—At   Hovolstol	
- iturday, -Ian. 8th., to Mr and Mrs
W. Murray, a daughter.
Un I'!■ iir..ii;t> night ii iew inuinl>i't>
tit itic Ski tiwl Slinw Shot- Club wcin
■■ui nil n I ramp round tin- \ve*i ritj
limit-. Torches woru unocl i" light tin*
'■•i'l. A most enjoyuble run L- there
port -»f all who took part.
129 Cough Cure
It will cure a rough more
thoroughly and iio it in less
time than any other preparation with which we have had
experience. Our customers
sa.\ it ami we know it
Bews'flrug&Stationery Store
«'.   BEWP. li.   .1    iikw •
To those who have not yet given Purity Flour a trial we
would suggest you doing so if you wish to procure the besl
tis we absolutely guarantee every sack. Your money refunded if not just what we represent it to he.
We have a full stock of the leading lines in Teas and
Coffees and can offer you the best values on the market,
ranging in price from $1 per lb. to 3 lbs. for $1 as a special.
\ special meeting of the. Ladies Iln- Utiyera represent iuu; IDS yard
pit til fillilll "ill In' llfltl in llii' < * i l > Manil.ilia art' in II, c piirelmsiii|
Hall, Monday, al 3.30 p. in, acquainting themselves with il on
I   .,,, ,    .     , . ,  , dition of ihe manufacturing cud of tl
I hf -i"avian  nf llic  Licensed  \ mi ■
.... ,,   . luinlii'i" itii-.in	
in,-,   nssocialiun denies 'In* roporl Inn!
imh nf tho hotel '''ti-  intend i"     put
on 5c. It.'ti-
The residence ol IV, I'.. Siui.ili on tho
uu,'li on the bench overlooking the
power house, north of tho truck, was
complctoly closti'oyotl by lire ModnoB-
duy aiiei-nntin with its contents. Thoro
tt at no uu,.. in nut utilise ai ine time,
Mr, Siniili having gone into town lliui
day anil ii is nm Known how lho
lilnv.0 originated, Via undcrstnud tho
biiililing was tmiusurcd.
Death under tragic ciruuutalaucos
Iook piace al I'iinie. William Aloxun-
<lor, empidycil as u driver doss, wus
uugugucl splicing ii rope ou I'nauy last
w "''ii a  pie i «ai,' i.iiirK  in ins unee.
i in uogu|i in foster, Ur. tvorkinuu
aiiiiiinislci'i'il clilorolorm ami look tlie
tMi'e nut'ni un' mice, « hen n was ilis
covered Alcxanuci' was dying, ami ni
initial   lespnaiinii   inn liuleiy   rosor
uni io failed in tvsioi'i' nun.
L'omplqto iviiiiii- ni ihe letfiii locui
tipuun Mm- uiroiiglioui iiiiiaini siiow
a lay Victor,!   lor ii'iiipeiaiiif. Locui
option taiiii'ii in  k'i   lowut liuving Uu
pt'onses, in  in.; Mliiigus  wim an ueou •
'- aiei in a.' i..« ps having  111 li
censes.    1 he lujunr |,iil ly  km  a      nm
lorn j   in eigiii   ' Hinges  " on   I.i In en -
-''•'■ ilgni  inwiis Having tin liemises
and  len townships having -"- licenses.
I in- lini'it.'t   imui'li  lx>twceu  Hi.' ltil-i
'""-- men a  ■!.  M.  I . lusl   uighi
resulted in .., «in im tll,, \    i|   (j    t\
by ii score "i "in- to ml.   Al  ihe cull
ni lime no goals had been ncorcd, ami
Mayor llainilittii aiel iln- new board   '-'" minutes extra was ullowod  in  in
I iddermeu     were sworu in yesterday   antl decide ihe mutch,  with  ihe above
fterniion  ul lhu eilj   hall.    Ihe     first ' result   in Itivor ol ihe  \.  M.  •'.  A.
i.limit  meeting will be hei,I Moi.dn) \    i„  ,|„.  Mai..nil elections   tho  reform
il'ki'i- huh in Victoria and Vancouver
lency I'.nrl Uroy, lioveinor l.lciuiriil nf
Canada of ^ I 'J.". luting imlf of his donation towards the Irniu crow nn his
lour Hiking Iiiiii llirough lho west be-
luei'ii I'tnt William ami Uovelstoko.
Ihe gift of $!fiU was originally inieu ■
ileti in bo divided up uuiongst ihe
men, Inn iu it was a diiUcult matter
to got hold ttf iln-ni, it was decided
lhat the Y. M, C, A. ul Kenoia and
Kovolatoke should each roccivo hull.
Tho donation was made through Mr.
Vi. Wliylit, '.'ini Vice i'resiclonl of (he I
C. Y. li.
is in full swing turning tint nothing but the besl
Bread and Cakes. Try them, they are like the
Groceries 1 carry   CANNOT BE BEAT!!
a. W. BELL
No tinllie i     -. urlel   fever
have  developed   in   lhu  eilj   ami   those
that  have hud    it  Imvo madu     rapid
i-ocovory,    I'lie  schools  "ill  reo|ien on |   The pronmlers ,,f tbe t'cntcnniiil K.\ \')' A   Morlpj heading the poll, at \'ic
Slouduj   a-  usual,  llmt   i.-  tn say   the |position al     l\inni|ieg  huvo postponeil tuna, nud I.. II.  laylor, of the     Van
rooms where the .uses broke mu   will   the big -li"«   nil  HUH, when it     "ill cottver World, securing a mujorilj    ol
be reopened t.'ii Mouduy, ufter     boiug  bo Ih nsion ol  thf celcbrution   t,? -t-'l in Naucouver.   II.  Sclous was re-
thoroughly     fumigated, clouuod     and  the complelion ami o|K>nitig nf the Ij, turned for  Nelson ami  ,1    Murtiu   for
done up                                                         T.   I',  rnilwni   from   the   Vtliuuii       to Kossluud,
Mr. L. T. Morris, Mr, C. A. Morris,
und Miss V. Cunningham Morris left
yestorduy for .Noieh Uiil.
The Hon T. Taylor ami Mis. lay -
lor from Victoria, Mr. .1. li. Uriuilii ,
(loin tiolden anil Mr. 1'. It. Lewis Irom
Vancouver, were in the city tins ween
for tin, olootious.
Mis. II. Cunuingliuni Monis was the
hostess ut ii very pleasant progressive
bridge party yostorday ovcuing, Mr.
Douglas ami Mrs. K. Allum soeurod
lho prizes iiliieh uonsisled uf dainty I
lilllo tin gluss bun bun dishes. A ic-
chert'he supper followed.
A lloodlaiid led this uioriiiug for
l'iuil, I',, i1., whore lie has accepted a
position in charge of the shipping di-
purtmeni lor .1. II Anniiblo, nml will
lake up hi- lesiiieme (here,    Mr. IVood- '
land  lias  n I an}   veins in  |{..\.
elsloke,  having    erei I a  large circle
"i friends, being extremely popular in1
'h"  V.   M. C.   \    udileliu ilepai'inietil.
Mi's.   I',  tt.   Lain'.' cnti'l lailieil  a lilllli- j
Ini  of the ladies of the tt    ('    I     I'.,
ul   ten  un   I htirsdu.i   afternoon       The
preliminaries ni the inslituliou   uf    a'
children's     Hand ..f  Hope for  Hevol
sinke wu. discussed and nrrangemeiils
iiiiuli' fur iinni,.li.it 'gani/uliou.  Tho
Ituiid ui Hope «iil In- undenominution-
One Car of Green Timothy Hay
For Quick Sale     -      -     $25 Per Ton
Oats, Bran, Shorts and Wheat
General Merchandise
Telephone 2*8
Bargains in Ladies' Skirts
A   choke   line   of  Ladies' Winter ^kiits,
just the thing for the cold weather,    I ati >t
Mils   and   shades,   at   mid-winter    prices
Alterations made to suit customcis right on
the premises.     Inspection invited.
MRS. A. G. CRICK, First Street
Opposite the Windsor Restaurant
Slock inking -ale nf curpel iciniiunt
■nil Linoleum ends at llowsou's l-'ur •
nitiiie Store.
'it'i a burgai i iii-|k'I cuds     at
llowsou's stock Inking -ale.
Your Insurance
Is  one of  the   most   important   items
in your business
LET Kootenay Agencies, Ltd,
Look after this branch of your business
Successors to Kincaid & Anderson
-. .--.-.
■ W.» —£..7*^^.  .-.".  A^»*r'">-^.r-l*...-THW::--^ir.-_,.j;- ^-;
«<tf JH.Kyiwisiat ..;.-r.-c„t_ .-jvjjw n>r ^.^-.jm^g
I   IMil  MMH   ll
-*. i    i.M\tmmt^mmut^mdXU»»»i-   ' iiiiV   MMJ>lil«lii li'
-'^•'^^'iriir'iu'ir itiii  "i r fiiurir' ifiI'aitiAyui f"'
Previous Prices Greatly Reduced to Clear all Departments of Winter Goods
Undermuslins at Less
Quality   undergarments   line   ii.   materials  ami
making, fall-fashioned, instead of tin.' -kimpily m
"Sale "goods.   Our regular ptock il   leep concessions
in cost to close out.
Thii .Sale includes a lot of tin"  Spring'*  -
' orset Coveri- made of gi   I l ambri    witl      ice trimming     ' 'nly 25c. each.
Ladies' I'rawer-    -■ as with  Lace insertion   i
Kuille and other- with embroide y    Only -'""'   I- ich
Ladies' ^iglit I'res-es—Splendidly made ind
trimmed with pretty embroidery Reg, fl i0 and
$ 1.75-for *1 00.
Skirts, mail'- of good ' ambric with Tor' hon ' n e
trimming—'60c. '-.icli
l.ttt- of ,n-i as good  .ai...- :n the higher ,
Knit Underwear Sale
A. complete clo'ing oul "f Winter (Knit i nder
wear will hf accompli? ci If these heavy price
We carry a large stock of Btanfields, both Hf-oar-
ate garn i nts mnl i ombim ii' tn. Regular Prioei from
*i 80 to $2.SO per suit. Huy two garments and we
will give you three.
At Big Savings
I   Kii.h lur-   the mailing
./   pelb  ;n single pieces
and set*  tu moat substantial
' In   Ir.-n - 1- ,r- DOW
selling nt   '.:iif price,
Lailien   1  ,r ,   good
■ tbii I tiff
Hosiery at Reduced Cost
i grades   i ■   hut
■■ i "■   ■■,   ... -     1 leavv
innol  .'e'   ti.    hetier    Tbey
Almost Given Away
\l'.ILIMi~    \\ i' have a i»rue  lo'   in
and patterns, that we nre I    Oi    ind !0o
And Gloves
~tylicli   nerkwt ur. becoming and dainty.
Gloves in all sizes
and styles Notable
HavingH ruin i n thiife
alway- needed dress
" i esftorles,
Women's Suits and Goats
t- wu never carry goods over, ihe Suits nnd
1 oat- offered are lain season's styles. They ar« now
marked to k" si i'"1 lowest prion quotiltons, affording
."'i ra 'in [ashlonable garnn-nt .
Hurry for Linens
■ i ir regular grad  none Hnei or more desirable.
Both i'i.no anil fani      .i big stock and biggir vnlima.
Ml Kuril > M tens, Tea Cloths Hldeboard Covers,
Tray Cloths in hemstitch anil drawn work pelling at
one-third off
Petticoat Cost Cut
Finely made Petticoats in all materialf, many to
choose from, each full value at regular price—and
rare barg'tins at the deeply cut prices named at this
Black   Siteen   Underskirts, deep   flounce—50a,
Wool   Moire   Underskirts,  corded  ruffle, $175
Flannelette Underwear
Our Flannelette Garments come irom one of the
best milkers in Canada, They art- well made, splendid niatemil and good nml full. We are K>lling them
about as cheap as you tould buy the material in
tlirls' Cowns—Striped and l'lain Colors. Reg.
7.V'. and We—for 50c.
Ladies'(iowns—Splendid value at reg ilar prices.
Now 70e., SI 00 and 1111.25.
Girls' Drawers selling at only  16c, 50c, and (iOc
All over liie -i' re you will find
goods pricedal il imost attractive
prices we have ioi offered. Do
not fail to take ad"1 antageol them
lines   are    advancing
are  wi th
draw in
j, their quotations and
will have to pay more


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