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I W'.ll, AIIUXT. I
Vol. 12.-No. 98
REVELSTOKE. B. C. JULY 11. 190(1
$2.50 Per Year
Hume & Co.
Limoges China—in setts or odd pieces.
Mnylield, Olovel Leaf, and White Patterns—ill setts or any part
ol seti, or odd pieces.
Lemonade Setts, new and beautiful.
Cuvereil Casseroles.
Fire proof Tea puts—any size.
Jardiniers and Ouspidores—all sizes.
Tea nml Coffeo Percolators."
You will always lind something new and interesting in our China
nnd Glass Ware Department, anil you know you are always welcome
to look around.
The Preserving Season
The preserving* season is on.   We can supply you
with Strawberries, Cherries, Etc.   Place
your orders with us as soon as possible as the season for
both fruits will be very short and the supply limited.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
If 1011 are looking I'ur something nice ill SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" for Souvenirs, we have Ihem here.
J.   GUY   BARBER, ■    optician
1 iV..fi ii', ['i'i (j'ti ■'t', .i'i e*r. .-i'i i-fri 1*t'i t*ff> e^i i*i\ .i'i i-fTi tt, ti'i tT> t"ti tt\ I't'i A iTi
These   bicycles are well   made from the best
materials and lilted with Best Dtinlop Tyres.
Nothing cheap about them except the price. 9
I  Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Minors', Lumbermen's
]? anil Sawmill Supplies, ole,   Plumbing and Tlnsmltlilng,
A factory is sunn In lm established
in liritish Columbia—at what pninl
has nnl yet been determined—lor the
manufacture ol the new liritish high
power explosive, Aiiiniiiinil, Ammonal
is the newest Invention in the line ol
explosives, and is used fnr milling,
quarrying, aud similar operations. In
strength it represents from twu and a
hall io three timet its weight in blnck
powder. 11 is stronger by fill per cent
than dynamite, and is about on a par
with gelignite, Its advantages uro
that being a dry powder, it is tint
nll'octod by bent or cold. It cannot be
exploded by shock but needs it detonator or cup similar to those used Inr
dynamite. When ignited by llunie it
burns slowly, and in (net it is only
ignited iu this way under tbe must
iidviinliir,, mis Conditions, llllll il pile ill
it will us ally smoulder iiiiii go uut uf
Itself.   Fiinilly there urn i hjeotiun-
able lunies lelt alter the explosion.
   ♦     - ■-
"A woman's crowning glory is hor
hair." Ilu nol miss the free demon-
siiiitiuiih ly the Huveu Sutherland
BlBtors'i at Dews' Drug Ml ure next
II. Lniighton, proprietor ol the
Hotel Victoria, lias juet completed the
eicctiini uiu new bar-room which will
be opened this week, It will he one
ul the finest bats in the city. Tlie
windows have a new feature, namely
Venetian blinds made by II. Stritingo-
way. The. contract for the building
was curried out by 1), McCarlly, on
whose workmanship it reflects tbe
highest credit. The hotel has also
been thoroughly renovated, being
plastered throughout. The house lias
also been newly furnished and is now
able to supply the most up-to-date
J, A, Stone has just completed the
extensions and additions lo the Oriental hotel, making tlio accommodation
first-class in i very respect, The additions include a complete third stnrey
the lull size ol the main building. The
best plumbing bus been put In. The
luiliil has been renovated nnd refurnished, anil with Mr, Stone's popularity
the new addition is already well
occupied. A lino laundry has also
been built,
Hothlmt better than " Our Speoial.'
Hon. Peters Appointed Commissioner on Pendray Lease
Charges—Mitchell Acquitted
of Murder at Seattle.
[BY TKI.I.(il(APIl|
Victoria, July 11—Hon. Fred
Peters has bran appointed Commissioner to inquire into tlie charges iu
connection with Pendray land lease.
Seattle, .Inly 11.—GeorgeMitchel,
who shut and killed Holy Holler Orel-
field, was acquitted ihis morning.
I.oxiios,.luly 11.—Lord Roberts, in
the llniise ul Lords yesterday, mice
again called attention lo the need o
greater efficiency in the army and ol
the formation of an ellici nt reserve ol
half n milliun men. He pointed out
that iu future Great Britain cuuld not
depend upon the assistance of her
allies, who'e aid in the past had been
largely responsible for Britisli success
in past wars.
At a congress of the Chambers ol
Commerce of the Empire today the
debute was continued on the Montreal
motion favoring preferential trade,
Delegates from Australia, New Zealand, London, South Scotland and
Birmingham supported the Canadian
motion, while Manchester, Sheffield,
Sunderland opposed it.
St. Petersboro, July 11 — Court
martial reports it acquitted Commander Rojestvensky because he was
not in his iiill senses and sn unaccountable lor surrender at battle in
the Sea of Japan.
St. Petersburg, July 11 —Three
ironclads have joined thc mutinous
garrison at Bntouni. The mutineers
at Tambov are still masters nl the
situation. They have killed several
Winnipeg, July 11.—Two boarding
cms, containing 40 l.alicians, jumped
lire track near Niblock yesterday.
One car telescoped the other and two
freight cars were piled on top ol them.
Miraculously, nobody was hurt.
Gai.t, Ont., July 11;—A freight
train from the east ran into a construction train on tlie C.P.R. here
yesterday. Three Italians were killed
and a dozen frightfully injured.
Ketchikan, Alaska, July 11.—A
fire occurred here which destroyed a
dozen buildings.   Total loss $40,000.
Ottawa, July 11.—A large batch ol
amendments to the Lord's Day Bill
have passed the Senate. The measure,
though emasculated, retains its principal. An attempt to kill the bill last
night found only three supporters.
Prorogation will take place to-morrow.
Seattle, July 10.—With his grief-
stricken wile beside him, Judge G.
Meade Emory, shot by Chester Thompson on Saturday night, passed away
at the Miller Hospital at 1.30 Yesterday morning. It. became evident.
shortly before midnight that the end
was nut lar away. At 12.30 he became
unconscious, and remained su.. Tlie
murder af Judge Emory by Chester
Thompson, son of Will H. Thompson,
one of the best known attorneys of the
city, formerly attorney Inr the Great
Northern, is the most Bensutioniil killing in the history of Seattle.
Two years ago, when a high school
hoy, young Thompson lell desperately
in love with Charlotte Whittlesey,
daughter of Chnrles F. Whittlesey, former Cnuiity Treasurer, and member of
tho abstracting firm uf Booth, Whittle
sey, llan'ord Company. Leaving a
Cetlnr street car near Denny Way on
Saturday night, he walked west to
within a block ol the home of the girl
with whom he wns infatuated. There
it appears, he saw Hickman Price, a
young son of John E. Price, broker,
enter tbe residence of Mr. Whittlesey,
nnil insane jealousy was an,lined.
The family ol Will 11. Thompson is
widely known and highly respected.
Mr. Thompson's poem ol High Tide at
Gettysburg, and the story Alice of Old
Vincenues, written by bis brother
Maurice Thonipstin, have given the
family a national reputation. With
lun families ol lliis proniiiicneo involved, the case lias attracted interest
(ruin all parts ol the United Stites.
Judge Emory was one of the best
known members ol the bar, and was
former Superior judge.
Practical Demonstrations
Visiting Experts.
At Willis J. Armstrong's orchard-
yesterday alternoon Messrs. Brandritli
and Kipp, uu hehalf ul the 11. 0. Fruit
Growers Association, gave an interesting ileiiionstnition in planting mul
pruning of Iruit trees. Mr, Brandritli
took up the subject of planting, illustrating how n tree should be treated.
A bole, several inches larger than
required to take in the extended roots
should be dug, Ihe subsoil being
loosened and mixed up to a depth uf a
foot bolow the setting of Ibe tree. Any
Injured roots should be pruned off with
a sloping cut liuni the bottom up, the
hole rounded up in the centre, line
loose earth placed over the rootB,
gently moving the tree up and down
meanwhile to allow the soil to settle
well round tbo loots. Then the soil
should be firmly tramped round the
tree and tlie hole filled Up to the level
nt which the tree stood in the nursery
in old ground or two inches higher in
new ground. As to manure, he lound
bone dust the beBt. An orchard
should nrt be planted among stumps,
but the ground shold bo thoroughly
cleared and cultivated first.
Mr. Kipp then took up the subject
of pruning, showing how a fruit tree
should be treated during its growth
The demonstration was watched
with marked interest by tbe spectators who claimed to have learned
much from it, and votes of thanks
were passed to Messrs. Kipp and
In the evening addresses on fruit
culture, packing, etc., were delivered
at the City Hall.
Ottawa, July 10,—From tho way the
senate is approaching the Sunday
iibservance bill it looks as if parliament would have to prorogue without
passing the hill.
Senator Scotl moved the second
reading and strongly supported the
Mr. Choquette attacked the bill and
said if the clause forbidding games on
Sunday lor a lee were not struck out
he would oppose the whole bill,
This  made  Mr. McMullcn say he
uld not see how Senator Choquette
could keep the Sabbath holy and advocate horsoraolng on Sunday.
Mr. Cloran snid that .Mr. McMullen
was going too lar.
lt. Btrangeway bus started in Revel
Bttike a Venetian blind factory, and the
product should be popular lor both
olliees and residences these hot days.
Two young men of this city bad a
close call lor their lives, either through
drowning or from starvation. It
appears that the two venturesome
men lelt the city a lew days ago on a
rait of three logs fastened together
with haling wire, for a trip down the
Columbia river. Things went smoothly lor an hour or two, the swift current helping along the rait in good
time. Tlie occupants ol the rait were
enjoying life immensely, smoking
cigarettes and reading novels. Suddenly, at a point near lite Green Slide,
the raft struck a snag anil went under
leaving the men stranded in the middle of the river on the snag with swift
currents on either side through which
it would have been almost sure death
to hnve attempted escape to the
banks. Fortunately they were wrecked opposite Ruxton'r. lugging cam]
and were readied by the loggers whu
brought theni to shore in boats. Had
the accident occurred at a point on
the river away Irom help there is no
doubt but the mon would have perished before help could have touched
J n the presence of her husband and
family, Mrs. E. C. Fromey left this
lile yesterday alternoon about two p.m,
As she lived, so she died; a true
woman, brave in tho laitb that the
Great. Spirit would proteot and uphold
her. Coining so unexpectedly the
shuck to relatives and fiends is severe.
Mrs. Fromey's ninny friends knew
her to be worthy of the name friend;
true, high minded and with sterling
principals, endearing herself by her
kindness of face and manner, Mr.
and Mrs. Fromey came to Revelstoke
some twelve years ago and through
hardship and trial she proved herself
a true pioneer and a loving helpmate.
We extend our sympathy to the
berenved ones.
Thu celebration of the Glorious
Twelfth for the interior will bo held at
Salmon Arm tomorrow. A special
train will leave the depot here at
about 7 o'clock, and a large crowd is
expected to take advantage ol the
cheap rate—$2.0fi—to visit tbe Ann
and celebrate the day with the Orange
ircthren. Kamloops, Aslicroft, Arm-
strong, Viiriitni and points in southern
Okanagan will send their members ol
the Order and friends by special trains
tn joins in the annual celebration.
■lit'I ll; .  M
Dr. S. F. Tolinie, V. H., Provincial
Inspector ol animals, recently made
an inspection ol cuttle at Salmon Arm,
with the result that two cows belonging i'i Ah King were found to be
suffering Irom tuberculosis, condemned
and subsequently destroyed by the
owner, Dr. Tolinie also took occasion
to in- ue instruction for improvements
to be made in the sanitary condition
ol the cow byres, so as to comply with
the regulations governing thequestlon,
 ■ ■
Once more the immunity ol Britisli
Columbia from serious railway accidents is declared to tho world. The
ollicers in charge ol the Pacific division of the Canadian Pncilic railway,
being that portion ol the road between
the Rocky Mountains and tho Pacific
Coast, are able to say that during the
twenty years since tho line was
opened lor passenger traffic they have
not been required to record Uie death
I a single passenger by accident to a
train. It is doubtful if this can hu
Baitl ol any similar section ol railway
in the world,
These hot days the question
"How to keep cool?" Someol us go
in for eating ices, etc., and uu doubt
Ihey help the situation, but one can
only take a limited quantity. Then
ure ulher ways, and wc would Biigges
one, at least, that is worthy ol attention. We have, about eight miles
from town, it regular cold storage
plant, amid surroundings lit for the
Gods. This is Eight-mile Crock. No
mailer how hot the sun is heating
down this place is cool. One never
tiros ol watching the water rushing
and tumbling, racing to bog how soon
il can reach the until,ly Columbia.
Ynu could imagine it, trying In reach
that stream in order to purify it, but,
alas, like human nature, it sunn becomes tainted and dues not get far ill
the larger stream before there is no
The road tn these fulls is well worthy
of mil ice. Just enough risk at sume
points lo innk,' one forget the heat.
The rushing river far below claims all
the attention and conl breezes come
up from it which are refreshing io the
healed body. At Mosquito Landing
tlio horses are unharnessed, left in tlie
cool shade, and you start on a walk of
about two miles. In several places
one has to cross slides and go carefully,
then again the path leads under large
cedars, giving one alternate feelings of
excitement and peace. Arriving at
the creek, you le,ve the river hank
and climb nboot 100 feet. The roar ol
the falls deadens all sound and the
ground shakes. Thc trees hide the
view until a certain point is reached
and the Silver Tip lulls aro before you
in all their power and.majesty. The
spray blows into the face and all the
heatol the climb is dispersed. The
memory ol the roar and tho cooling
breezes keeps ono cool until the next
Revelstoke will send the following
team to play Enderby tomorrow nt
Salmon Ann;
Goal, Entwhistle; backs, Johnson,
McGuire; half bucks, h'erloot, Lyons,
Fceney; forwards, Smythe, Morgan,
Annan, Lc Keaux, Allen.
Tlie team leaves with the Orange
excursion tomorrow morning, and
should make a creditable showing.
Practice tonight at 7 o'clock on the
Gun Club grounds. Everybody turn
The high average competition which
was conducted dining June on the
alleys of the Y. M. C. A,, was won by
IV. 0, Calhoun, with an average nf
2-lli -1-5 for five games. Mr. Calhoun's
semes were 233, 233, 241, 257 and 267)
a total nf 12111, W. Green was a elust-
second wilh an average of 242 3-6;
while 0. li. Sissons rolled 218 1-5,
It ia interesting to note that of the
lirst (ive men in the competition, four
ere members of the Dent house club.
Owing to tho interest displayed
last month, the Association has decided to offer another prize this month
Ior the best live game total, Last
month's prize was a handsome gold
tie pin. Competition open to all
members. Get your high scores
I.. O,   I.,
A meeting ol L.O.L„No. 11158,
will lie lield in the lodge room tomorrow morning at live o'clock. All
members are expected to he present.
Visiting members will be welcomed.
The installation of officers ol Orys
lal Temple, Nu. II, will he held on
Wednesday, July 18th, ntn p.m. All
members are requested tn be pro-cut.
The officers and niombers of Gold
Range Lodge, No, 20, K, of P., nnd
their wives, are invited to attend u
social gathering nf Crystal Temple,
No. II, in the lodge room on Wcdnes
day evening, July 18th, at 11:3(1 u'clock.
E. c. Brown, Sup. Rep.,
M, ol R, it 0,
The World hns been interviewing
W. C.Wells, M, P. P., and says: "It
is iin assumption, hut a sale nne, I hilt
Mr, Wells will once more carry lho
liberal colore to victory iu the provincial elections nuw pending. Asked
concerning the polltioal situation »*
hii regards it at present, Mr. Weils
said his personal Opinion wns thut thu
recent tour of tiie interior made by
Premier McBride and Hun. Mr, Green
was really a tour of observation, undertaking to learn what prospects nl
success the govern ment might have
il a general election wero precipitated
J. A. Maedonald, lender ol bis
majesty's opposition in tne local
legislature, is thoroughly convinced
that a provincial election is not lar
off, Hint he will begin a campaign
tour through Similkameen and Cariboo on July 13, at tlie close ol which
he will be open Ior visits to coast
John Leask, I). A, McDonald, C. II.
McDonald and John McDonald, all uf
Cranbrook, were In Camborne looking
over the Mabel mineral claim un Goat
mountain, prior to entering into negotiations with them for tho sale ol it,
Messrs. McDonald are well pleased
with tlie Mabel us Iur as they have
seen it, and it iB likely they will take
it over. If this deal materialises. Mi.
I cask will tleviite the proceeds to
developing the big showing.
Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Hay, Feed,
Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness,
Paints, Rifles, Ammunition, Miners Supplies.
Agents for McClarys Stoves, Hollywood
Paints, Imperial Varnish Co's. Products,
Marlin Rifles.
BOURNE   BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
II LI 11
Wc have left a few 5-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after*this season within such
easy reach of thc City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
nnd house furnishings goto
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
I Where Is the Woman
Who does not know good
4    Flour when she uses it?    £
I The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
I ——
Manufactured and Guaranteed by
REVELSTOKE, B. C.  £»;, $2.50
■i*l inn,
Incluling postage to Kngl.ind. United Slates
and Canada.
By theyr-arlthroiiiili i^stnfllct-1	
Half " *       •' 	
Quarter *'        " ■' ......
Legal notices 10cents per line Hrst ii
5 cent* per line each subsequent ii
Measurements Nonpariel |l- linen make
iiK-hl. Store and general liu-iin-- -
nounct-nioms $2.31 per Inch per inn
Preferred positions, 23 per cent
ditiiMl. Births. Marriages ami Drc
oCc. each insertion. Timber notices
Land notices $7.30 All advertlsom
subject tothe approval of ilu- managen
Wanted ami Condensed AdvertIscmen
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Sltiiatlon
wanted. Situations Vacant,
Wanted. Mechanics Wanted, li
lc-.- tx-.. each additional line in cpiiI-s
Change- in standing advertisements must
be in by !♦ a- ni. lueaday nnd Friday nf
«eh week to secure good display,
words i
JOB HINTING promptly executed al liable rate-.
rBRMS-Casb, Bubacnptlons payable i
Mr. Hawthornthwaite.'
W, 11. P.V0KT, t'C.
ll. II. U1IOCK, K. t,( 11 ,. i
ii. a. nnowN,
Blili.r M.iu.-ll
iss III    llll
editorial in the lust,
Mr. Ilnivthornllittiiitc,"
charges bun willi insincerity, and a
let words in defence ol tbeapcakor
tm t not lie mil ol place, The claim
lh .i prulil-- ure not based on the c -st
ol production is evident wiih a lil tic
investigation, Tlio wage earner sells
his labor power at its market price,
ll* v.,lm is determined by lite slate ul
ibe Inl, ,r market,and the cost ol main-
taining that class is Hn- standard of
Iking determined hy itself. Willi llm
ns,- ui labor saving machinery labor
pn duces much greater value than its
M  ..I 1-'
Koouninv ljCll"M No. 15 A F.ftA.M
Tlie ra'ul.i'-
"">      lint, ure lu'l'l
fill  Masonic    T	
i'i:     1,1,1 KWIOWI Hull.
il,. ihlnl Monda)
(luiiiiaeiiolnK al n post i„ on
Lniu-i-l's nnrtli wi»l corner nail
"Harry Melulosli's nortli rail
tholuvw.-MSI ,ll.lill*. Illl'll.-l- sin
Illolll'O oast .Mli-liaili*. llii'li,-,- linrt!
plaito (if i-iiinini'iiienii-iil.
Ilali'il .llllll'llllll. IIKIII.
aiiil nnirliiiil
-,,1-iii-r posl.'
Hi sn cliiiins.
, sn rlinins li
CORRK8PONDKNCE invited on matter
public interest. Cc
tor must I*' accompanii
writer, not neceffamly fn
n- evidence of good faith.
hliould Iw brief.
- in Kdl
OrriCKs:  l.in-Kiii.ii,  Mask  linn ii.  In
Money in lain.
Oftli-e-i I'.ev.ltnlie, Il.C; Kort Hli-t-le, 11.
Geo. S. MiC.iiiti.ii.
A. M. I'inkii.im,
lU'i-eMoke, 11. C
J. M. Scott I.L.Il
st—wages. Thecmployei
ippropiialo labor's produc
i-iiiiM', owning the machinery ul
dilution, ibe worker is forced, in
iu lit,-, I,, st-ll himself lm- nu amount
inciisiiredjliy his necessities, regardless
ol the value produced. In othei words
ho will produce, wilh machinery, his
'lours in llie ilny, but)
in,,,, ■■
n We
,,!■ nu: l-liisii: MINIS'-it
living iii
oiitiullint, ibe
,Mtinky to Loan*
F.rst Street. Kevelsl
ll. t*.
I Hrlira
, Etc,
uke, Il.C
Provincial Land Snrveyi
Mine Sinveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box lllli, I!i-:vi-i.stiiki-:.
Mining Engineer,
iMem. American Institute Mining Engineers)
Canadian Mining Intitule.)
Revelstoke, B, (*.
Examination of and report.-; on Mineral Properties a Specialty.
Ibe SaiUlberalo
" 1 would , . . earnestly advise thorn for
their good to order thispapor to bo punctually
-ervedup, audio be look wl ii|ion as a pint nf
the tea equipage,"—Addison.
The numerous deaths Irom drowning which are recorded every summer,
point to the necessity ol steps being
takeu to lacililate nnd promote the
arts of swimming and diving. In '.he
city of Revelstoke the Y. M, C. .1. is
giving good aid in this direction under Mr. Maguire, the physical instructor, and it would be a good thing if a
lakelet ur pond, such as Williamson's
Lake, could be acquired near the city
to supplement tlie work. Arrowhead
is another ideal place where swimming
and acquiitic exercises could be successfully carried on.
the einpltiviugclass, Ityfl
products i,I labor can impose nn Iiim
nu additional 7 or 8 hours per day,
constituting » surplus value, which is
divided up n ng ihe various individuals wllOBO ine,,mes nre other tlinn
by wages. This sui-|iliis value is in
the markot and makes it possible lor
income derived from rent, interest nud
lil in purchaso on tlio same terms
...    corkers who   produced  Ibe
guilds. If there was no surplliB product, alter the labium's bad spent,
their wages Ihere would bo nothing
left in tho market for non-value producing incomes lo pnrcliaso. It can
now be stun that profits are not bused
nn ens! uf proline!.inn but ib a part of
tin- surplus product, which constitutes
unpaid labor and costs the capitalist
class nnthing. Tho business man is
only carelitl about ascertaining tlie
eust ol production because ol compe.
tilion, to the end that he tuny get his
slico of the surplus. Mr. Hawthorn-
thwallo, instead ol an "utter luck ol
business knowledge," not only understands the point ol view ol the business inini, but also dim look nl the
question Irom the worker's side, nnil
the language necessarily required to
tleline the hitter's position is,of course
distasteful to those sharing in t
sin plus product graft.
It is nuted that Mr. John llunis'
apologists are nil lound in the ranks
of the opponents ul labors' political
movement. Mr. Burns, years ngo,
called the capitalists nil kinds of hard
names II he hns been ol material aid
tu better the workers' condition in
England it follows thnt the conditions
would be that much worse lnifl sucb
aid been withheld. The conditions in
that country hnve been represented to
be iinpussible to he worse without
bloodshed—so much [or Mr. Burns.
Socialists court disoussion nnd can
arrange joint debates with any ol the
party lecturers when in town or with
any luenl party members who mny feel
competent to handle their subject.
11. I'-. Cayman.
Meels every'I'linrsilii'
ovoning ir.OdilKollowK
Hull nt » o'olotk
I Visiting l,r,'tl,r,-iit:„,
^_^^_^^_ ,li.,ll)-  lnvlu-,1  in ill
II. Mlt'llilNAl.ll, N.ll. .1. MAI IIIIC, Sue
To Trappers
Raw Purs Boughi.
Cash Prices Paio
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the now iiiiiiiiigeiiii'iil Jut
II.UIIIY   McIntosh,   ll'ill'lllin   House
mill,' MEDIOAL WATERS ol Ilal.
1 i yon nre the musl. curative iu Ibe
world, A perfect, mil hi al remedy I'm
all Nervous nnd Muscular diseases, |
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
anil Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "Thnl Tired Keeling." Special
rales on nil hunts ami li-nins, Two
mails airlve anil depnit ei'ury day,
Teiegra h coininiiiiiciilinii with all
marts nf the world.
TERMS-$12 In $18 per iveek,   For
I'liilbei- particulars apply In
HARRY Mi-INTiisil;
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroio LaKc. II, C
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
SKKIIS. Now crop now in slock anil tin le.-l
in oar groonhoasoB. Ask yuur inorchaiit (or
I lii'in in st-nlt-tl paokagos. It In- does ntn lian.Ur
lllorn wo will mall iiii assorted. -""' packets of
vi-grlaltlr ami Iln.vi.-r needs itnirotvi. selection,
siiiliilili- I'm-11. O. cnnleii*) loi-SUW, Speeiul
prioes tin your Imlli Hcedi*
li. (1. (IIIOWN KltlJIT AMI OltNA-
MENTAL TREES  now roiuly   Inr   spring
Bxtrn nice stuck of two ami t liroc-yoar Apple
Troea nt $20.00 par 100, $180,0:1 pel' 1,000; Mny-
tiiinl Plains, SI.HI caeli; llaliaii l.'l'llao, two-
year, line, Siiim per I'll; Sugar IVuno, two
yenr, line, (30,00 i or llll.
Full list n( utlicr slock nl rognliir pricos. No
exptnisc. loss or liclay of Iiiinlgiitlou or
belmc price your list boforo placing your
(IrcL-nlionse Plants, KlorWuik, HocSupplios,
Fruit I'licknin-s, l-'ert ili/.crs, etc.
Alt llllll.I.Ill
    lll-HKST I'u'	
NUTII'I': is HEREBY lilll.N tluit llie Annual Meeting nl Ut,- Shareholders ol   llie
tiiii-,' Mitiiii.; nml  li<-v<-]„i,lie-ill Company,
lllllll"!   I.lllliililv,   Mill   III'   Ill-Ill   ill Ha-i-i„a
llllit'i-s, l-'irsl Btrcct,  I'a-vi'lslnk.-, Il.C.,
lui-siUv, tin- Eighteenth dayol July,
.i.li, nmi, nl liie In,ur ul Eight u'clock in the
nil, rimim, fnr tin- purpose ol electing ulcers
for tin- ensuing y,-,ir. and forall other purposes
relating tu (In- management ol tbe Company.
And take nnli,-„ ttnil tit tin.-said nii'i-tiiiK the
tallowing special business will be taken up,
namely nf considering ami if deemed wlvis-
, the following
e   ],rnvtsi,
• Art, 1897.
,1 Section 1220I the
iiiiii-nilf'l l,y Seollon
Act Alnt'tlillnent Act,
"That Hi
lill-lu nl 111 .   __^_^^^_
I'.hii,' shall apply i.» this Company,"
llali-,1 nl Revelstoke, B.P., this lstliilaynl
.Iuin-, 1000.
.1. T. I.AINU.                .1. M. SCOTT,
President,                   Secretary,
lb* ib	
Arrowhead, Trout Lake and Nakusp Rural School Districts
miles fnnn its moid In I
1. Cuiiuueiiciiig at it pest aliont four rods smith
i.r It.iiniinu cu.-i. mul about u miles from its
mouth, tlience easl >o chains; theuce nontli wi
chains; theuce w.-st B0clialns; tlieiice imriliHi
eliftliw tn point uf commencement,
2. Commencing ut apnst about ten mils nontli
uf Itaiubow Ureuk, nud about r. miles frnmiu
nioiilli, tlience east 40 clialns; tlience smilli 100
chains; tlience weBt m clmiin, thence north 100
chains u> pninl of commencement.
Dated May 80thilWtl.
;t. Commencing at a post uliuut four chains
soulli uf Italnhow I'veek and about 4 miles from
iUunmtli. thciiiv i-;iil 80 CliaillS, tlieilit- llorlll 80
chains, tlience west so chaius, thence soutli 80
chains tu point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post about four rlmius
south of Rainbow Creek, and about 4 milen from
ils uiu utli, theuce west 30 chains, llieni c noith 80
80 chains. Ihence weat 80 chains, thence south 40
chains, llienee east 1C0 chains, tlience smith 40
chains to point uf commencement.
5. Commencing at a post about fouri-huhis
north of Rainbow Creek, ami about i miles frmn
its mouth, theuce west 1U0 ehains, thence smith
40 chains, thence east 100 chains, tlience norlh 40
Iinins tu point uf commencement.
Ii.n.-il ,M.i> :;i)ih. uHhi.
0. M. .SYMONS.
.1. Barry, locator.
Revelstoke Assessment Distriot
MV\KI<: NOTH'Klhat 1 shall hold a Court of
1 Itevhion and .\ppeal uiidortho "I'lililic
Huliool Act, 1U05.'1 fur lho Arrowhead, Trout
Lake an'1. Nakusp Idirul School IHs.,i'|cls, on
Wednesday,the i-ib dawif July, 1«W,aitliu
hour of two o'olock In the afternoon, at the
School House, Arrowhead,
Dated nt Rovelstoke, this lfith day oil .lime,
There are few bankers who so thor-
ouglilv deserve popular congratulation
as doe's Mr. D. R. Wllkie. He hns
recently completed his thirty years ol
control in what has become unc ol the
great financial institutions of this
country. As cashier, general manager
vice-president and now president, he
has served the Imperial Bark of
Canada sinee its foundation in 187".
and has built up its business, its reputation and the value ol its stock with
a steady prot-resEiveness which never
seemed to go beyond the requirements
or capacity of the country. During
these years Mr. Wilkie won an enviable reputation lor ability as u banker
and for patriotism as a citizen—twu
qualities which mny usually go together but which certainly do ii"l
often lind public expression in a
united lorm— Messrs. Byron Iv Walker and Culonel Mas.,11 being others
who naturally nccurti one in such a
E, A Haggen, -tuck nnd share
broker, reports —Iu view ,-i the development ii, ihe Nicola dislricl which is
sure to follow tin opening ol tl, ,1
country ty the railway now being
constructed Irom Spence, Bridgo to
Princeton there isconsiderabledemai ,1
lur land,coal uiiii othoi iiiiiui.i! In-
vestiiii-iiis.anil I look lor greal activity
not  only  in  N'irola  mines,  1 ul in
stocks ,-i all cm pan ndertnking
bona fide exploration In thai
To Mr. Sullivan.
On the Nelson sohool breaking up
for tbe holidays, the following presentation and address were made Mr.
Sullivan, formerly ol Rovelstoke. The
address rend;
" Dear Mr, Sullivan—We, the members ol Division 1, of Nelson public
Bohool desire to take this opportunity
given to us by the dosing ol the present session to tell you something of
KlgC   Ol   ...-_^^_
Rovelstoko   Assl-ssinei.l
Dist.riel ol West
Certificate of Improvements.
jV.lri-ulurer. Iron Puke, Wali-lniiiiii, Outlook ami
sunshine mineral elniitis, situate hi the Arrow
tako Mining lllvlsl f West Kootonay his-
Where lin-nn-il: On lln- north side ol Piagiton
Crack, itliiail,', niile.s west ,,f Arm iv bake.
Take nutlco thai 1, .Iiiiiii Di-iiiimionil Aiulersmi,
P.L.S., nl Trail, 11. 0., agent lor Tliniiitis Ahriel,
P.M.C. No. II1I.-.2II; llit-liiiril Smith, P.M.U. No.
1105415, ami Elisabeth Scott. P.M.C No. 1190268,
Intend, sixty days Irom the date hereol, to apply
to the HI ItibigBocordertwCertlBcatos nl Improve.
inents, f„i- the purpuse „( obtaining Crown llnutts
nf tho nliice claims.
Anil further lake llottco lind action, iintler sec-
liun 37, tiinsi he I'uiiniietit'eil iiefure (he Issuance ,.f
sueh Certificates of linjiroveiaeatH.
Dated this SSth day of Juno, HJW).
.1. 11. ANDEBSON,
it'll 0
Notice is hereby given lhat thirty dnys after
date l intend to apply to the chief Commissioner
ut Lauds and Works fur a spet-lal license lu cut
and curry it way limber from the fulluwiiig deserlt
ed lauds situate on ihe Slmawau River, Yale ills*
trlcl, It. C;
1, cminimi'inn al a imsi planted about three*
fimillis uf a mil'1 suuth uf Ihe imrlli wesl collier uf
l.i'Uhb. thonce imrtli 160 chains, thence cast 40
eliuiiis, thouce smith 811 chains, tlience went 80
chains, tlience south mi chains, theuce east ill <
liains to poinl uf commencement
2, Coinmeiicltia at a post iilanled about one
amiuiie-fuiiii.h niih-s smilh uf ilu-mirth west cor-
if Lot 1S318, thence west 101 chains. Ihence
north 1(1 chains, theuce east itm chains, thencu
suuth 4ti chains t« iM,iui of commencement,
Dated May 80tli, 190
J. UAltRY.
:i. Commencing at a uost planted almut two
ami one-fourth miles smith uf the norlli west corner uf l,i11 2818, tlience north 81) chaius, theuce
west Hli chains, ihence soulh 80 clmiiis, thence
cast 80chaitir. tu puint uf commencement.
1. CumineuciiiB at a pust planted about two
and uuc-fuiirlh miles fnnn the north west corner o(
IM 2818, theuce west 40 chaius, theuce smith 100
chains, Ihence wesl 40 chains, theuce north 80
chains, thence easl 80 chains, tlience north 80
chains lu puint uf commencement.
Dated Waj HOlll, IIHHI.
J. Barry, Locator.
fi. Commencing al a post about Hve miles north
ami one-half mile east nf the north west corner of
Lot ">i\ theuce west 100 chains, north 40 chains,
enst 1 Oil chains, south 40 chains to point of com-
0. Commencing at a post planted almut ve
miles north ami uiie-half milo cast of then i'Ii
west corner uf I,ut 2818, theuco west lOOchains,
theuce smith III chains, thence east 100 chains,
thence north 40 chains to point of coiiiiucuccniHtit,
Dated May RUtli, lWW.
7. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile mirth of Umber limit U'llH), thence north 80
Chains, thence east 80 chains, tlience smith 80
chains, thenci' west 81 chains to point of commencement.
8. Commencing ntn post about one mile north
of timber limit (i'llHI, thence south HUchains, theuce
east 80 chaius, thence nortli 80 chains, theuce
west 80 chains to puint of commencement.
9. Commencing at a post planted almut six
miles north uf the north east corner of Lot 2818,
tlii-iUT cast 80 chains, south 80 chains, west 80
ohains, thenoe imrtli 80 chains to point uf commencement.
Dated Mav Mh, 11100.
,1. Barry. Locator.
Commencing at a pust mnrked "W. )V. jiocx e i
suuth east cornel," at the smith west comer of'
Lui 802, uml about ', mile smith uf Fosthall
Creek, thence north ill chains, Ihence west 8U
chaius, theuce  sontli  4U chaius, theuce east to
halns to point nf commencement, containing :i-jti
Dated this Uth dav uf June, 1908.
PerT. C. Mukiiismi,Agent.
Cumiiieiicliig ul a pust marked "L. M.Jolin-
Stone's smith east curuer," al the south west corner
of Thomas Webster's application to purchase.
iiiiuii! 3 miles south of fr'ustlmll Creek and about
u4 miles from the lake, thence imrtli 80 chains,
to the south boundary of O, j, Hammond's application to purchase, thence west 80 chains, thence
south 40 ehuins, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence east ou chains tu puint of
commencement, containing f.tniacres.
Dated this i2th day of Jurte, iowj.
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing al a post marked "M, C. Dicker-
,jh's norlh west curuer," on the shore of Upper Arrow lake, about :i miles suuth of fosthall creek and
about 20 chains north of the south east corner of
Thomas Webster's application tu purchase, theuce
smith 80 chains, theuce east 80 clmins more or
less to the shore uf Arrow Lake, thence following
suid shore iu a general northerly and westerly
direction 120 chains more orless to pointof commencement) coutaiuing>040 acres more or less.
Dated ihi-lfllulavof June, 1WK1.
Her Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pust mnrkeil "K. A. slye's
south easl curuer," about I'. miles suuth of l-'ost-
hall Creek, al the south west curuer uf LuU.'wt),
theuce imrlli 80 chains along the west boundary of
Lot 4670, tlience West 81) chains, theuce south 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to point uf coil"
uiencemeiit, containing 040 acres.
Dated this mh day of June, 1-9O0.
Per Itnlph Slye, Ageni.
Coin 11
r's nor
iiith west
iiieiiclng at a post marked "A. Dolteiiiuey-
rlh east curlier," about in chains west of the
suuiu west corner of Lui 802, at the Uortli west
corner of K, A. Slye's application to purchase ami
about' i mile suuth of Fnstliall creek, tlience west
8o chains, theuce south 80 chains, Ihence east 80
chains,tlienco north 8ochains tu pointof commencement, containing 640 acres.
Daled this Uth day of June, wm.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "F. A. Slye's
north east curuer," about 1'^ miles south of Fosthall Creek, aud about li miles from the lake
shore at the north west corner of (J, * " ""-■'''■'■,
application In purchase, theuce Vivtn ou uum,,*,
tnettce soutli 80 chains, thence east 80 cliains,
tlience north 80 chains, to point of commencement, containing mu acres.
Dated Ibis mli day of June, Wot!.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "M.C.Slye's
north east corner," at the smith east corner of
TIlOlliaH Webster's applicatinn to purchase, nbout
3 miles south of Fosthall Creek, and almut \
mile from the lake, theuce west sn chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence east 40 chains, tlience
south 4li chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
nurth 80 chains to poiut of cumniencement, containing 480 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, 10tHJ.
M. 0, SLYK.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "A. K. Ham-
nioml's north went corner,'nbout IU miles south
of Fosthall ('reek at the south east corner of Lot
41)70, thence smith 80 chains, thence east to chains,
inure or less to the Inke shore, Ihence following
said shore in a general northerly direction 80
chains inure or less to the south boundary of .1. L.
Hindi's application to purchase, thence west 40
chains, more or less, to point nf commencement,
containing 820 acres more or less.
Trueman's Studio
Is now open
MR.   HEMUS,  iv.  nil
jsinilifti will  meet yuu i
ui our usual s-iiisfr. h. ii.
lur now and compelcnl
■of Sydnc)
il K'tii'inuiU-
Over Canada  Drug &  Hook  Compa
our master
our feelings toward yuu a
and teacher. ^^^^^^^^
"It is tvell known thai the big
position occupied by uur sch,,,,I among
the schools of the province has been
ned largely through your skill a-
an instructor anil your wisdom ns a
director. We teol proud ol our schoi
ami nulliing would please us more
than to be able to acquit ourselves -■
id name may be preserved in
ami honor
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed ill  Revelsloke of
Tea services
('unc Chairs
and    ornamental
flower Pols
bunch Itfiskots
Smoking Jackets
Silk Goods.
For Your Fruit Orders Strawberries at $7.50 per crate en
and after July lit.
j Front Street, Revelsloke
l-'iiu-.-l -lock n( candies and fruits in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Manufactured for all classes nf building
All kind- of building and plastering
NOTICK IS HKUKBY UIVKN that sixty days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the fullnwinif descrilmd lands situate
In the West Kootenay district.
i niiuiii'iiciiin at an initial post erected on the
imrtli hank of the Lardo river, about une-elght
mile west of Uke creek and marked "I). F. Kane's
smith east comer post," thence nortli 20 chains:
thence west 80 chains; tlience south 20 chains,
more or less to Laido river: thence easterly follow-
ine the hank of the river 80 chains more or less to
pointof commencement, cmuprlsht'i; one hundred
and sixty acres more or less.
Dated the aith May, 1000.
Dated this l'itlnlsv of June, WOO.
I'er Ralph Slye, Agent,
CmiinienchiK at a post marked "(I, J, Hammond's north east corner," about l1*, miles smith
of Fosthall ('reek, at the south east corner of Lot
4fi7ii, tlience west nu chains, thence smith 80 chains,
limner east 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains to
mint of commencement, containing 040 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1906.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Wind* norm easl corner,
north fork nr Goldstream
t-lialiw, east Uio ehnins, sou' h 10 chains, west 100
clmins to point of commencement,
2. Commencing at a post marked "tins
Lund's imrtli west comer." about J mile up
north fork of (Joldstream, thence south 40
chains, east lCOchalns, nortli 40chaini,, west 160
chains to point of commencement,
li, Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north west corner,' nbuut *. mile below
north fork of Goldstrcum, on left bank, thence
north "in chains, east 100 chains, south 40 chains,
west, IO) chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's nun beast corner," about *) below north
fork of GoldHtrcam, on left bunk, theuce south
Iir11 ehuiiK wort 40 chains, north 100 chains, east
40 chains to place of commencement.
j. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north east corner,' about 1 mile from
mouth of Caribou Creek where It joins Gold-
stream, tlience south 100 chains, west 40 chains,
norlh 160 chains, east 40 chains to pointof
0, Commeueiug at a post marked "Gus
Lund's south east corner," about 1 tulle from
mouth of Caribou (.'reek whore it joins Gold-
stream, tlience west 4n clialns, nortli 100 chains,
east 40 chains, south 100 chains to point of
7, Commencing ut a post marked "Gus
Lund's north east comei.' about I mile from
mouth of Caribou Creek where it joins Gold-
stream, I hence west 40 chains, soulh 100 chains,
east 40 chaius, north 100 cliains lo pointof
8. Commencing at a post marked "Gns
Lund's north wcHt corner, about" miles below
north fork of Goldstream, thonce east 160
ohains. south 40 chains, west lf)0 chains, north
40 cliain- to point of commencement,
0. Commenolng at a post mnrkeil "Gus
Lund's north oust comer,' about 1 miles below
nortli fork of Goldstream, tlience south 100
chains, west 40 chains, north 100 chains, oast
40 chains Lo point, uf commencement,
10, Commencing at a posl, marked "Gus
Lund's south casi comei'," about 7 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, thence north 80
chaliH, west 80 chains, south 80 chains, uost 80
chains to point of commencement.
11. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north west cornor," about 9 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, tlience north 80
chains, east 80 chains, south 80 chains, west 80
chains to point of commoncement.
VI. Commencing at a post niarked "Gin
Lund's south east comer," about 9 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, thenoe north 80
chains, west 80 chaius, south 80 chains, east 80
cliains lo pointof commencement.
IH, Commencing at a post marked 'Gus
Lund's south west corner," nbout 9 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, thence south 80
chains, cast 80 chains, north 80 ohains, west 80
chains to point of commoncement.
14. Commencing at a post markod "Gus
Lund's south east corner," about 9 miles below
north fork of Goldstream. thenco south 80
chains, west 80 chains, north 80 chains, east 80
chains to point of commencement.
15. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's soutli west corner," about U miles below
fork of Goldstream. thenco north 80 chains,
east 80 chains, south 80 chains, wost 80 chains
to point of commoncement.
ifi. Commencing at a post markod "Uu
Lund's south east corner," about 11 miles below
fork of Goldstream, thonce north 80 chains
west 81) chains, south 80 chains, east 80 chain*
to point of commencement,
IT. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north west corner," about 11 miles below
fork of Goldstream, thence south 80 chains, east
80 chains, north 80 chains, west 80 chains to
point of commoncement.
18. Commencing at a past markod "Gus
Lund's north east corner,' about 11 miles below
fork of Goidstroam, thonco south $0 chains,
west 80 chains, north 80 chaius, east 80 ohains to
point of commencement.
Dated Juno 10th, 1000.
that It,-
• We have got Rvenl
  Wnt'ii!   fv'iin
your twiching,    Vou have intere teil
ami quickened our minds, and  .
ns ;i high idea! uf how our word o ighl
to I'f done     At   the  same binii j n
Arrowhead, 8. C.
Clmrmi  ..
. i.ik'*.
- \\ i',- foi lm-.
S;llii|.l'* i:
I-M-.I-.■];,-.     Ih-IW    for
'amil Muyloert
of the   nilich
^_^^^^_       ivcil   that   livui'd.-ruf
ll--1".i   \. I--, ii ii. Mil Judge, dated the fittulay
- i  George smllh  McCarter, Official
I.-* ■ foi iim pari "i KnotonnyCounty
nilliin  the Revelsloke  Rtectoml District,        • ■ .   i inled [letters of Administration
■ ■ .11 ind ilngiilai UiGCstutenf Tamil
- uu.il, Intestate,
And fnrthfi take  notice that all claims npon
* must  I* sent in in Mm said Ad-
in- office Imperial  Hank Block,
'■ - ih.-dan-
days after date I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special liconso to cut and carry away timber
from tho following described lands situated
in the West Kootenay District, west side of Cpper
Arrow Lake opposite Nakusp;—
1. Commencing at a post mnrked "North Kast
Comer Post," tlience 80 chains west, 80 chains
smith, SU chains east, 81) chains north tn point of
2. Commencing al a post adjoining No. 1 limit
on the nurth side, theuce 40 chains north, 1130
chains aest, 4ii chains south, ltili east to point of
Dated 8th day of Juno, lflpO.
NOTICK is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Hon, Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works, for special
licenses to cut and carry sway timber from the
following described lands situate In the West
Kootenay District:
1. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile from west bank of Columbia Kiver and about
one and half miles north of Seymour Creek and
marked "C. F. landmark's smith east corner post,"
thence north 80 chains, west 80 chains, south 80
chains and east 80 chains to point of commencement,
2, Commencing at a post planted about two
miles from Columbia Kiver on its west bank and
about ono and half miles north of Seymour Creek,
and marked "C. F. Liudmark's south east corner
post," tlience north 80 chains, west 80 chains, south
80 cliains and east 80 chains to point u' "-"'<-
8. ( npimeuchig at a post planted about three
miles from Columbia Kiver and about one and
half miles north of Heymour Creek and niarked
"C. F Liudmark's south east corner post," thence
nortli 80 chains, west 80 chains, south 80 chains
and east 80 chains to point of commencement,
4. Cmnmuncliig at a post planted one mile from
west bank of Columbia Kiver and four miles north
of Seymour Creek and marked "C. F. Lindmurk's
nith cast corner post," tbenee north 80 chains,
est 80 chains, south 80 ehains, and cast 80 chains
.- ,1
rat um
have u,nil,- tlie ilays ouss  lor
pleasantly, and, although stricl   11
kii,rn yon ougli! to he, you h ivi   i
I.-, ii ii, ilu- Imi-i n tyranl
■ We shall almi;   i liinl ol
cm il H.il tr n Mend     And as Wl
sire ili.it ynu should thiol   ol
your [tit-nil-, oven although
not .ill continue under yi ur care   -
lm,- chitsi ti a .ull I'.liirlt ive .i-k   i'ull
t   ,t "mi i i- a    mi [riemlship
this   gold i   :
■  - ■   i   .    eri-ial mm.
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
: iiii
ll iill..    ill pi s,"|* ,M]|  I,,- ,
.-■ I thi   imiii.    Ian-lull) iln-i'i-ti
-in i   mum iii'i'iiii'H-.
ii-ti-ul liliiiitiiai'it..
■     1906.
„ limn! t't lautlliu-iita-iii
Baled May Hnl, 1S06.
... - ; I
Tin- re-votu ol the Federal mli idii -
t., tin- Kootenay Central and the
Kettle Kiver railway cooipanlea,
sliniilt! ,-iisiin- the early construction
ol two lines that uill do iiiueli   lo do-
telopesection- ill  British Columbia
that un- rich in natural resources
The ('. P. It. i- delayed in the con-
structlon ol its net. steamer on Okan-
agan Lake because ,,l thodifflci Ity ,,(
obtaining material, Meanwhile tin-
lake li'nili- is inorttislng nl sueh a rate
that in n lew weeks more the itoami rs
York and Aberdeen will he altogether
unable tn cupc with it. All this sea
the York has been handling inns! ol
the freight Oil barges, leaving tin
Aberdeen to take euro ol tint express,
baggage and passengers
barges are being built.
A shocking accident ooourrod near
Winnipeg, when a C. P. 11. brukcuian
named Unrlstianion, had both feot
cut o(T while switching. The crew
were making a Hying switch and were
using tbe regulation cable to connect
I wn moro
JO 1,(1
I - ii .1 na      	
First-Class Table
Private Dining Boxi .
Furnished Roomi Tn Let,
That's Itoyal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west nl Winnipeg, llouso cleaning and
wasbingarccasy with Itiholp
An,I tlie  y -living i
Premium System
Notice is hereby given that On days afterdate 1
Intend to apply lo the chief Commissioner of
Lands ami \\ orks for permission to ptirclmse the
following described lands, situate near Tete Jaime
Cache, Curih llstrlct, IL C:-
Cominenciug at a [inst planted at the smith
west corner of Lot 480 and marked "(I. It. Nagle's
northwest enrner pnst("tlienco smith40chains,
tlience cast Uiu chains, Ihence nurth 40 clialns,
thence west lOOehatnsto point of commencement,
containing ihu acres more or less.
Dated Uth day uf April, 1900.
O, «. NAULK,
  Revelstoke, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days afterdate I
intend to amily io the Cliief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to.purchase the
I following  described lauds, situate   near Tete
Jaune cache, Cariboo district, B. C.:—
commencing at a post planted at the suuth east
Corner of Lot 480 and marked "E, McBean's south
west conier post," thence east Ml chains, tlience
north 120 chains, more or less, lo the bank of the
I't iser River, theme west 60 chains uloiigthe
nk of Ibe I-rimer Kiver to the east boundary of
Lot 480. tlience smith \20 chaius, more orlvsii,
along tlie east boundary of Lut 480 tut lie point uf
commencement, containing 000 acres more or less,
Datod the Mlh day uf April. I'hjo.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date 1 Intend to apply lo the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license
loeul and carrv away timber from tbe following described lands, situate In the Osoyoos
Division of Yale District:-
1. fiiininenciiiK at a post plauted on the east
hank of the south branch of Cherry creek at a
points miles north-easterly from tha 40mile
KSst   """	
lii'ii-liy given that mi ilny-. Irom iluti-1
,,|tlvi„ the Honorable tlio l'lil.<ll'„ui-
,| |'.i,ii,|. I Hulks Inr I lllsslt.llt,,
I.,11.,nine il.-si-iilii-il   lnmls   ill Ilu-
,v lii-trlri it ihore „l Upper
n„si nunki'il -.1.1). I',,|,li"i'"
,il 11 1,1. s-Bitcor -"I
m mllei north nl Nakimn,
, iiim 'loss. Ill oh
less, ihence w,-sl m elinlns mora
l.»k,, iliure Hi,- lu a k roi
 I„iiiilli,. l.iikt'sliiu'i'Xx'litilii"
cuninieneeinoiiti enntatn-
Ml'.l   „|
,1 1,'SH.
illll lla, .,1 Mnv. Illll.
.1. II. I-I.I'I.IN
Pel llalpli.SI)
Booklet tolls
ml W0
give for
Itoyal Crown
rs, .Send
fnr  It—Free
lry   the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B, C,
Is the puns! form in which cane sugar c»n
be made, Every gram sparkles with brilliancy, the result of perfect cryatali/ation.
You will i„- pli ised ibe moment you open
a box. Von will be delighted after trying it
in your tet Oi 'offee. Sold everywhere in
1 ib. 9  ilrd packages.
1 uraoTimio -. <
, ng Co., LM., Vancouver, B. C
Nnl UK i- herohj Rival, thnl im,lays.ill,-nlnlt,
11 i„iii.,i|,|iivi,,iiii-('lili-K' Iiilunor
.1 1   ..1  iml Wiul-  lm lit-riiiMi'li l„|,nrrlia»i,
!,,ll,,wiii«,l,,»crllM.,illiiil,li "iilla- "lllg I.,-,Ik,-"
., ,j„„ 1,,,.|   ,tr„.»l,,-ail Mining Wvlilon, W'oil
r ..,1.,.,. in.inn
,  n.-tnlin- al ,,  poll  al I  l»'H 'llllllis sunlit
I Hi. • mli,' pm! "II "l"    I'h' I'1'1'!!"" ""«"" i"-"1
nnl mallei '■'', M. Kymnni norlli wesl enmor.1
tli.tiM  ,1,-1  I"  'llillll". ilit-ii'-,' ."'till  I" i-liiiliii.
thenoe weit 40 chaini, Ihoiice north ,n ,-liniii.H l„
nolnl »f enminonceinont.
 '"'   U"""- (IM. WHOM.
i-ii the Monashee wagon road and niarked
Hill's north east cottier," theuce south 80
chains; tbonco west 80chains: thence north 80
ehuins; theuce east 80 obuius to the pointof
U. Commeueiug at u post planted ou the east
bunk of the south branch of Cherry Creek ut a
-point 8 miles nurth-eatterly from the 40-mlle
post ou the Uouasbee wagon road uud marked
"8. Hill's north west corner," theuco south 80
chains; thence eust 80 chains; theuce north 80
chaius; theuce west 80 chaius to the point of
X ('uminenciiiK ut a post plunted on the east
bauk of tho south branch of Cherry creek at a
poiut 8 milos north-easterly from the 40-mile
post ou tbe Monashee wugou road aud marked
S Hill's suuth west corner," theuce north 80
ehuins; thence east 80 chains thonce smith ni
eliuiiis; tlience west 80 chains to the poiut of
4. Commeueiug ut u post pkmted on the south
bnnk of (.berry creek about 0 miles from the
40-mile post ou the Munushee wagon road and
iiiarknd "H. Hill's south west comer," thence
east 100cliains; theuce uorth40 chaius; thence
west 100chkiiis; thencu south40 clialns tothe
point of commencement
5, Cutiuueuchig nt a uosl plauted on tlio
south batik of Cherry creed aliont 0 miles from
tbo 40-mile isist on tho Munasbeo wagou road
und mnrkod "8, Hill's inntli wust corner,
thouco eust 10) chains; theuce south 40 chains;
thoneo wesl Uio cbnins; llionce north 4ocbaius
lo tbo pmiii of comiiiniicuiiioul.
Looatod IHtli May, lOOfl.
n, Commencing nt a uost plumed about u
mill-wot  liuni ibe we-l liuni, ui   Lako Crook,
abotlt  i milo- up h ibn jiuiciii.ii uf Luke
cn-iil. .uui   Ihu imrlli toil, of  I'liiury crenk uml
ind|L.il 'H. Hill'- south east comer ihisI,"
lh* '.v o rib Hodiiiiii-; llionce west80 chains;
ihi'ocii uiiii. 80 chains; theuce east 80chnlns to
thn iiiniii nf comuiencnuiunt.
7,   Coiumonclng ut a im-l planted almnt u
illo wo-t from tbo west liutik of Lako creok,
uliuut i miles up from tbo junction of Luke
creek ami the north folk of Cliorry creek and
marked "S. Hill's soutli wett corner post,"
Ihenco oast 80 chaius; thouce north So chains
thonce wost 80 clmins; thenco south 80 chains to
thu i"nnl of comineiicoineiit.
Located 28th May, 1000.
Dated this 0th duy of June, liKXl.
19. Commencing nt a post niarked "Gus
Lund's south east corner, about 3 mllea up
Camp Creek, thenco north 100 chains, west 40
chains, south 160 chains, east 10 chains to point
of commencement.
'20. Commencing at a post narked "Qua
Lund's south west corner." about 3 miles up
Camp Creek, thence north 160ohalns,eMt40
chains, south 160 chains, west40 chains to point
ot commencement,
21. Commencing at a post marked "Gun
Lund's north wost corner," about 3 miles up
Camp Creek, thence east 160 chains, soutii 10
ohains, wost 160 chali.s, north 40 ohains to point
of commencement.
tl. Commencing nt a post marked "Gus
Lund's north oast corner," about 3 miles up
Camp Creek, thonce wust Ilk) chains, south 40
chains, oast 160 ohains, north 40 chains to point
of commencement.
23, Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's uortli west cornor, about 2J miles up
Camp Creek, thenoo east 100 chains, south 40
ohnins, west 1G0 chains, north 40 ohains to
point of commencement.
24. Commoneliig at a irost marked "Gus
Lund's south east corner, about 2j miles up
Camp Creek, thence west ion chains, south 10
chaius, east 160 chains, north 40 chains to point
of commencement.
l'.'i. ('ommenclng at a post niarked "Gus
Lund's south enst corner." about 4 miles below
McCullough Creek, 2 miles from Goldstream,
thence north 80 chains, west 80 chains, south 80
chains, east 80 chains to point of commencement.
26. ('ommenclng nt a post niarked "Gits
Lund's south west comer," about 4 miles below
McCullough Creek. 2 milos from Goldstream,
thenco north HO chains, east 80 chains, south 80
chains, west 80 chains to point of commence
27. Cominonoing at a post marked "Guff
Lund's north west corner," about 4 miles below
McCullough Creek, 2 miles from Goldstream,
thonce south 80 chains, east 80 ohains, north 80
chains, west 80 chains to point of commencement.
28. Commencing nt a post marked "Gus
Lund's north east corner," about 4 miles below
McCullough Creek. 2 miles from Goldstream,
thonce south 80 chains, west 80 chains, north 80
chains, enst ho chains to point of commencement,
Dated-June 12th, ItiOO.
GUS LUND, Locator.
NOTICK I- bm-nby given that .'todays af
dnie I Intend to ftprd/to the chief n
mlssfoner of Unds and Work- for a spent ,
llMnso U)oul and carry away timber from the
following described   land-,  sihmtodln   Wist
Kootenay dlstriel:
Comuu-iicing at a post mi Ihe wost
NOTICK is hereby given lhat 140 days after
dule 1 intend to apply to the ('hlef
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special license to cut and carry away timber from
the following described lands situated in the
Osoyoos division of Vale DistrictI-
1. Commoucing at a post plauted uu the east
bunk of tbe south fork of Cherry creek about 1
miles up from the 40-mlle post ou the Monashee
wugou roi.d and marked "D. Woolsey's south-
oast corner post," thence north 80 chains; theuce
WO-.1 SO chains tbonco south 80 chains^ theuce
east 80 chains to the point of commencement.
2. (-ommenciug at a post planted on the east
bank of tbe south fork uf Cliorry creek, about '*
miles up from the 40-mile post on tbo Monashee
wagon mad und marked "D. Woolsey's south
west cornor,'1 thence north 80 chains; theuce
eust 80chains; theuce south SO ohains; thence
wost Sll chains tu tbe point of coinmeiieoineut.
Located 83rd Muy, IWO.
3. Cinumencing ut a post planted ou tbe
south bauk uf ('berry Creek about B miles from
the (ii imiii post uu the Monashee wagon road
mid marked "I). W'ooUuy's uorth east curuer,"
tboncu west 1U0chains; tbenee south 40i*buin.s
thencu oust 100 chains; thenco nurth 40 clialns
to the pointof commencement.
4. Cuiiimuiicjuir nt u (Mist pluutud ou the
-south bunk of Cherry Creek nbout y mllus frum
lho 40-mile post on the Monasbeu wagon road
and marked "I). Woolsey's south-east cornur,"
thouco west HlOchnlus; thence nurih 40chains;
thencu eust 100 chaius; thence south 40cbulns
Ui the iHilnt uf commoncomeiit.
Located 24th May, 1906.
Ti, Commencing ut u post planted about a
mile wost from the wost bunk of Lake Creek,
about 7 miles up frum the junction of Lake
('reek and tho north fork of Cherry Creek aud
marked "D. Woolsey's north east comer post,"
thencu w'st 80 chains; tlience soutli 80 chains;
theuco oast-80chains; thence north 80 chains to
tlie [Miiut of cumniencement.
Located 28th Mny, won.
Dated this Dtli day or Jnuu, UN HI,
nurih   wesl
oasl   then
ilde of Upper
tnriiiig at the V. C I- ('». Ltd.'s
■urticr  post NO. i, 'I '' M r'"»'nN
-ii duiii- nurih; thlficfl 80 chains
sn rliilns /outh, tMnce 40 chains
easl Ln nitre nf roinmenccm'nt
Dated Uth day of June, WQ6.        MK„W.
I iiii) [iicpitri'ii to iniiii'iijikt'(ill kimlsof
fri'iKhliiiK ninl I (Mining.
My «ta|/,e connecting between the
Bleu (ner nnil Ibe city leaves the City
at I ii.in. TurmliiyH and Fridays., connecting with Ihe Steamer ItevelHtokc
(or Ihu liig llend, and also iiiei-ta tbe
sleiuiii'itin the return trip aniiiediiys.
Leave word nl Navigation Com-
pimy'H olHie or my Stables tvhete to
Certificate of Improvements.
I'lancis Mineral Cliiiin, situate iu the Kevelstoke
Mining Division uf West Kootenay District,
Where 1 united:  North uf Iron Hill   Mineral
Claim, .Standard Itaslu, Big Bend,
Take notice that 1, Jas. 1. Wnndrow, F.M.C. No.
l\mi\., acting as agent for myself and A. W, Mc-
liitu-.li, l-'.M.C. No. lifts*!*, (ten. Johnson, F.M.C,
No. 1166027, KllHbeth McMahnn. F.M.C. No.
II68A89, Intend sixty days from thn date hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate nf
Improvements, for the purpose of nbtslning a
Crown Grant of the above claim.
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be commenced before the Issuance of
such (Jertlfleat* of Improvements,
Dated thin Fourteenth day of May, i.D.,1906.
%y     IffiEAT
II ll not the prioe yon pay for afumaoo that makes it oheap
or expeulTt, bat the fuel it iftennrdi oonsumeB.
A common (arnaoe may cost yon $5 or $10 less than a
" Sunshine," hot if it eats this up the first winter in extra fuel.
°«hat do yon gain? Nothing, bat all the annoyanoe and eitra
work that fo with a poor fnnaet.
Ihe " Sunahlm " is in use from Halifax to Vancouver,
and we have hundreds of tatunonials from pleased users.
Sold by eoterprising dealers everywhere.   Booklet free.
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
Gathering Grapes at Chateau Loudenne
The Old Chateau Loudenne
On t h e
banks of the
500 acres of
stands a palatial 18th century building,
purchased in
1875 from
Vi countess
Marcellus for
$140,600 and
the whole improved at a cost of 8350,000. The property of W. &
A. Gillie)-, who on three occasions were awarded Gold
Medals by the French Government and Agricultural
Societies for the besl cultivated vineyard in the Medoc,
this estate is specially noteworthy as the home of
Chateau Loudenne Claret
Grand Vin
Awarded the Gold Medal at theParis Exhibition 1900
This delicious Vintages Wine is marked by an elegance
and bouquet beyond any other of its kind ; and, in
addition, is rich in life-giving qualities. Grand Vin
without a peer!
On sale at all first-class establishments in Canada.
I, m.iilai.11.1.1. Tl. Il.l, B. 1.1. Tt. Mm .1 Wil.., B. I. Ilil .1 ilu Ittlliu
For sale by all the leading Hotels and Stores.
Distributors—The Revelstoke Wine & Spirit Co., Ltd., Revelstoke.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Province! of Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Britiih t.'olnmbta, Ontario, Quebec.
Oapltal Subscribed
Oapltal Paid Up
Reserve Fund
D. K. W11.KIK, President;
•     S3,900,000.00
Hon, R. Jaffuay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department—Deposits received and Interest all,, veil
ut highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United Stales and
Europe,   Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.--A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Ask your Dealer For
Garments for Workingmen,
Overalls, Smocks, Shirts, etc,
They always hear our Trudo Mark and the Union Label
Wm. J. McMaster &. Sons, Limited
Work at the Lucky Hoy mine is
proceeding nicely under the direction
ol Manager Ehrehart. Homo rieli oro
ii being taken out. Thc shaft will be
sunk a further depth ol 100 to 160 ft.
Forty-three copper miniim claims,
including six groups, changed hands
tills mouth in Aspen Drove camp, the
buyore aro Copper, Limited, ol Montreal, with a large capitalization.
It,,in it visit In   I.uiiii-.ill   mines,   Ileal'
Camborne, in iln l.ai-Vuti mining division, and repuits It, llie Htwslimil
Miner ibat there is considerable mining activity in that sectiini. While
Mr, Uuiniette was there he let a contract lor a drift tunnel on tlie l.niiliaii
mines group. The leJge is III leet in
width ami curries a good grade ul concentrating ore. Mr. Ouimelto expects
that the development that he bus inaugurated will result lu liniling a guild
sized und valuable ore ehoot.
The Jim Hill group, adjoining the
Lni-ileaii mines group, lias just been
bonded to an Eastern syndicate lur
Jf-lOatUO. The representative ol the
syndicate was teen by Mr, Oiiiinette,
and be stated that the intention was
tu immediately put a force of tncii to
work ou the .Ihu Hill group.
Tho government Ib now building a
trail to the Lardeaii mines and the
Jim Uill group. Thoy are located
about nine miles east of Camborne,
The Eva mine recently had an accident happen to the flume whioh
supplies Ihe water lur puwer fur the
mill. About 1(H) leet ol the Hume
was swept away during 0 freshet, nnd
this necessitated the closing down of
tbe mill lor a period ol four days, The
flume has been repaired, and tbo mill
was again running when Mr.(iiiiiiiette
left Camborue.
The Silver Dillar, owned by the
Tinworkers* Association, is reported
by Mr. Ouimette to be looking well.
The last ol the machinery for tbe
stamp mill at the Silver Dollar is now-
being delivered on the mill site. The
mill is of the latest pattern, and promises to do efficient work when put in
On the Beatrice lately a body three
feet wide of high grade ore has been
encountered. It is said it will run
$150 to the ton. The ore is now being
extracted and sacked, and will be
sent to the smelter just as soon as the
snow will permit ot rewinding.
Considerable excitement lias been
caused in Camborne by a project
lately mooted to consolidate tho properties ol tlie Eva and Great Northern
Mines. Both companies have several
excellent properties, and eacli bus a
ten stamp mill, but they are not large
annugh for the capacity cl tlio mines.
What is wanted is a mill of at least
60 or 60 stamps. A New York syn
dicate, with ample capital, purposes
taking a hand in tbe consolidation,
Everyone who ia conversant with the
properties ol the two companies knows
that such a plan, properly carried into
effect, would result in divi ends lor
those who are now interested in both
W. Sharpless, mining expert, has
just completed an examination of the
Eva mine.
It is understood this examination is
in connection with a big deal which is
pending and which may also include
tbe Oyster-Criterion mine. If the
deal goes through it is intended to
erect a 100 stamp mill and Camborne
will then become the best mining
camp in B. C.
J. K. Verschoyle has been appointed
foreman of the Mammoth.
The asbestos deposits at tlie loot of
Trout Lake will be worked this
A miner's inch is 100 cubb feet ol
water per liiuir in Colorado; IJ cubic
(eet per minute in California.
J. Ennest and Mose McColloni discovered a rich silver claim which they
expect to realise a good sum.
J. Lake intends shipping ore this
season Irom tbe Black Diamond mine
on Toby Creek, Windermere district,
A correspondent ot tlie Miner makes
the excellent suggestion that timber
reserves be made tor future mining
Cory Menhinnick and (lus Sand-
ham are performing development work
on thc Nelson group situated on Scott
Creek, and are meeting with encouraging results.
The Crawlord Tramway Co., ol
Nelson, has secured the contract for
construction of the tramway at the
Silver Dollar. The concrete lounda-
tion Ior the compressor is about completed und the frame work lor the
Btampmill is being erected. Tlie llunie
has been constructed to within a short
distance o! the mill building.
Dill Butler and his partners are
pushing development on the Lucky
Jack, situated on Lexington mountain
says the Miner. A large amount nl
work has been performed on this property and the lead was Inst summer
opened up by menus of a shaft and
drifts run on it, but owing to bad air
the method ol working had to be
abandoned. So this spring Butler and
bis partners decided to explore the
lead by means of a crosscut tunnel
which will tap the bottom ol the old
shaft, Irom whence the drifts will be
continued. This has been commenced
and they arc in 100 leet and expect to
strike tlie lead in about 20 Ieet.
Third Sll I Kurt, Ri-vi'lslnkc
E. W. II. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc., In any part nf the City.
Any Kind of Transferring
Something Pure
II yon are looking lor l'uie
Honey ive have just opened up
a consignment of   Ontario
in 1 III. boxes, or in fl lb, cans
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned (lomls are seeiind
to none, and moro than that
we "Guarantee every Can."
Kotlco h lioroby Riven thai tliirly daya nlicr
ilm.-1 iiiti'inl in apply in Uie lien, chief Commissioner of Lands and Works (or n spoil lal
I Iconic to cut ami carry away timbor frum tlio
following described inini*.
1, commencing at a post planted on tlio
cast bank of the nortli fork of rlfo oreok nbuut
.Vj milt's above tho forks and marked "K. 1
ll.'s nortli wost cornor post," thonoo east -10
oiiains thonoo south IMoHalns. ihenco -west*I0
Chains, thonoo north nm chains lo point of
2, Commencing'al a post planted on tht-
cast lunik uf the north fork of tlio creek m I i
Similes above tlie forks und marked "li. P.
ll.'s north cast corner post " thence west-in
chains, Ihence soutli 1*50 ohains, tlienco cast in
cliains, tlienco north itm chains to point of
8, Commencing at a post planted on thc
east bunk of the nortli fork of Fife crock about
5M miles above the forks and marked ' K. 1J
ll.'s south west corner post," thence cast so
cliains, tlience north 60 chains, ihenco wosl80
chains, tlience south 80 eliuiiis to pointof
com men cement.
4, Commencing al a post planted mi the
cast bauk of the north fork of Fife creek, about
5J4 milos above the forks and marked "K. P.
Il's south east corner post," ihence west In
chains, thence nortli ltiu chains, thenco oast 40
chains, thence south liii) chains to poinl of
5. Com m cue ing at a post planted ou the
wost bank of lho norlh fork of Fife creek aboul
smiles above tho forks and marked Ufi, P H.'s
south easl comer post," Ihenco west 111 chains,
thence nurth nm cbnins, Ihence east-ID chains,
ihouco soulh loo chains to poinl of commoncomont,
fi Commonolng at a post planted on ihe
wesl bank of the north fork of hifo creek bout
8 miles abovo the forks and marked "K. P. ll.'s
south wesl comer post," thonce eastsOchuiii--,
thence north I'D chains, llienee wost 4(1 ohnins,
tlience south HO chains, Ihence wesl 40 chains,
thonce south 40 chains to puint of commencement. •
". Commonolng at a posi planted on tlio
west bnnk of the norlli fori, of Fife creek about
a miles above the forks and marked "IS. P, ll.'s
north east comer post," theuco east Ho chains,
theuce soulli 80 ohains, llionoo wesl ho chains,
thence north HU cliains to pint ol commencement.
8, Com mending at a post planted on Ihe
wosl bank of Ihe north fork of Fife creek about
H'i miles above lho forks and markod "K. P.
11,'ssouth east comer post," tlienco west III
chains, thence north 160 chains, tlienco east 4i>
chains, thenco south nm chains to-point nf
fi. Commencing at a post planted on tho
wesl bank of Ihe north forkoi Fife creek about
914 miles above tlio forks and marked • Ii. I1
H.'s south west comer post," thonce oast 80
ehnins, ihence nortli so chains, thence west
Wl chains, thenco south HO chains tn poinl of
Dated June 281b, UM,
Certificate of Improvements.
Golden Eagle Mineral Claim, situate In lite Arrow
Lake Mining Division of Kootonay district.
Where located—Adjoining Mineral City Town-
TAKK NOTICK Mini I. Kenneth I, Unmet,
agent for Mn. Ellen McDoiigalri, of Nnknap, Free
Miner's Certificate No, B952O0, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply tn tho Mining He-
conier fur a Ccuifli-ale of Improvements, for the
purpose <>f obtaining a Crown Urant nf tho nlmve
And further take notice Hint action, midor boo-
tton 87, must be commenced before the Issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this HOthriay of April, 1900.
bid faj all DruggUti and GiBtmltara
uid by baIL
NOTICK is hereby glvou lhat thirty days
date wc intend io apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of kinds nnd Works for a
speoial license to cut und carry nwny limber
i'l-um lho following described lands, eltUAtoIn
the Osoyoos Division of Yale District:—
Commencing nt a post marked "Sam Hills
north west, corner post'' planted on the -south
liuni.-uf the north fork of Chorry Crook, and
about one mile above Ihe forks of ihe norlh
fork, run ning cast, Hn chains thence south 80
cliains, thence west KO cliiiins, thenco norlli 81)
chains lo point of commencement,
I)ulori May :*ilh, liKHi.
Commencing ut a posl marked "D. Woolsey's
northeast corner post," planlcd on lho south
bank of Cherry Creek, about three miles uhuve
the furks of the north fork of Cherry Creek,
running west 80 chains, soul li >n chains, cast ni
chain*-, north 80 chains (0 point of commencement.
Dated May 211th, Rfflfi.
I). W00U3KY.
Commencing ut a post marked "A. MeCrcit'
northwest oornor nosl," planted un the south
bank of the north furk of Cherry ("reck, and
aboul Ihroo miles above 1 he forks of the north
fork, 1 mining eust HO ehuins, soulh HO clmins,
west HO chains, nnrlh 8(1 ehains to poinl uf
Dat.-IMay.11th, MM).
J20 A. MoCHRA,
but 1570. mid n ti   Undies south nl  1'oHtli.oll
Crook, thence  Ut mi rhnius, tlience eiutl m
clinins, Uii'iico sontli so chains tlwnee nosl u
clialns iu polul of comnieiiconiciit,containing 8«fl
acres nunc or less.
Dated this aisl day nf May, 1900.
ivMiii.i h     per llalpli slye, Agent.
■VTOTICKIb lioroby glvon thai 30 days after
i\   (lntcljiiiciiritniipi-.lv 10 Lho Honourable
thoChlofCo i-ioiicr of 1.111111- and Works
for special licenses to cui uud carry away tlm-
bov rr iln-follow im,' described lands situate
inl.be Wost Kootonay District!
1, Coinnionolng ul a pust marked "II. Don-
nelly'h north wosl conier post," planted about
1, miles norlli from Seymour ('reel-; and about
3 iiiiii--^ west of the wosl bank ol the Columbia
Rivor, Ihenco soulh 80 ohains, thonoo oast 80
ehuins, thenoe north wi ohnlns, thonco west-SQ
clialns to Ilu: pninl of ciiniiiii'iici'incnl.
2, Commencing at u post planlcd aboul 1.
miles norlh from Seymour Crook mul ubuul 2
miles west from UlO west bnnk of the Culuill
bin Kiver nnd marked "II. Donnelly's soulli
wesl, comor posl," Ihenee nortli HU chains,
tlionco east Ml ehuins, llienee soulh SO ehuins,
thonoo wosl BOohalns to tho point, of commoncomont.
3, Commonolng at a posi. planted about 1]
miles north fnnn Soymour Crook and about 2
miles wesl. of ihu.wesl bank of Ihe ( olimtbin
Rivor and niarked "II. Doiincllv's norlh ensl
cornel- post," llnmee wesi, si) clmins, thenci
soulh Sll chains, thonoo ensl Sll ehuins, thenci
north 80 ohains to tho polul of coiunienoomonl
-I Commonolng <u n post planted uhoui 11
miles* norlh frum Seymour Crook and about
miles wesl,frnm Hie ffosl bank nf IheColiiiulil'
Klveratid marked "II, Donnelly's smilli ens
corner post," thonco west, su ehuins, Ihcno
north80 clialns, thenoo oaat SOohains,llienei
soulh sn ohnilis to Ihe point of commence menl.
6, commencing ut « post planted about 1'
miles nurih of Seymour Creek nud aboul ;i
miles wesl fnnn llie west bank ol the Columbia
Kivor and mnrked "H Donnelly's north ensl
enrner posl," theuco smith SH chains, Ihence
wist so ehains. (hence uurlh HO chains. Ihenee
cast Ml ehnins tu the point nf commoncomont
ii. Commouelng ai a post planted about IW
miles norlh of Seymour creek and about 3
miles west from the wosl bank uf Ibt-Colnmhla
Kivor and marked "II. Donnelly's smith-east
corner post," theuce nortli 811 chains, ihciie
wcsl 80 chnlns, thence soulh 80 chains, llienee
casi so clialns to ihe point of commencement-.
LuealediKhJu ne, 1006,
7, Commencing at a post plantod about 2U
miles 1101th of Seymour Creek nml about-l
miles wesl from the west bank of Columbia
Kiver and marked "11, Donnelly's south oast
comer post," thence north HO cliains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, theuce
ea 1 so chains in ihe puint of commencement,
8, Commencing ut n pusl planted about tyi
miles north ul Seymour Creek and 2miles
west from Ihe west bank of Ihe Columbia
Kiver and marked " II. Donnelly's norlh west
corner pusl," theme soulh 80 chains,llienee
east HO chains, thonce north HO ehnins, thence
wost hu ehnins to tlie pniutof commencement,
9, Commencing at a post planted abo.;t 3U
miles north from Seymour Creek and about 1
mile west from tbe west bank of the Columbia
Kiver mnrkeil "II, Donnelly's south east corner post," thence north Hn chains, llionce west
Hi) chains, Ihenco soulli so chains, thence east
sn ehuins to (he point of commencement.
Located Uth June, 1906.
10, Commencing ala post plnuled uiu point
about oppusile Keystone Creek and aboul8
ehnins west from tho west bank of tho Columbia Kivor and inarkod "H. Donnelly's south
ensl corner pnsl," thence norlh Ml ehnins,
thence wesl su .-hains, 1 hence south so chains,
tlienco eust so ehains tothe point ol commencement.
Located 12th June, 1900.
11, Commencing at n post irinuieri on the
wesl bunk ol Frisby Creek about \% miles
wesl from the Columbia Kiver and marked
"11, Donnelly's small oast corner post," theuce
nortli HO chaius, theuco west 80 chains, thence
soulh 80 chaius, thence east SO eliuiiis to the
pointof commencement.
12, Commencing at a post planted 011 the
wesl bnnk of Frisby Creek ubout Di miles
west from llie Columbia Kiver ami niarked
"II, Donnelly's north ejist comer post," theuce
south 80 chains, Ibeuce wesl 80 chains, ihenee
nurth so chains, Ihence ensl so chains tothe
point of com inoncemeut.
Located litlli June, 1900,
18. Commencing at u post plauted about U
mile west from Hie west bank of Hie Columbia
River about opposite the south boundary of
Lot 8114, Group 1, Kootonay District, and
marked "II Donnelly's south ensl comer post,"
thence north so Chains, thence west su chains,
thence soulh 80 chains, theuco easisn chains
to tlie point of commencement.
14. commenolng at a post planted about W
mile west from tho wosl bank of the Columbia
Kivernlioul oppusile (he soulh boundary of
Ui .1114, 1 iroup l, Kootenay District, and
marked "H, Donnelly's norlh east corner
posl," I hence soulh ho chains; thence west 80
ehnins, lb on co north 8(1 chains, thence enst so
chains to lho point nl commencement,
Lucnled lltli June, liwfi.
VTOTICE is hereby given I lull (Ht days after
ll dato I intend to apply lo the Honourable
the Cliief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission topurohaso the following described laiidn in the West Kootonay district,
west side of Upper Arrow Lake:
Commencing at a post about three miles
soulh of Fosthall orook, and about 1 mile frum
the Lnko, marked "Thomas Webster's soulli
oast corner," at the norlh eii-4onrnor of M,C.
Slye's application topurohaso; llienee norlh Id
chains, moro or less, to Ibe lake shore; theuce
following suid slioro in a general northerly
and westerly direction to ehains, more orless,
to the soulli boundary of A. E. Hammond's
application lo purchase; thence west IHI chains,
more or less, to the easl boundary of L. Al,
Johnstone's application lo purchase; tlionco
south Sll chains; llienee easl. 80 chains to poinl,
of commencement,, containing til" acres, inoie
or less.
Dated this 12th day of Juno, 1000.
Dei-Kalph Slye, Agent.
yttTli'K is heroby given that .'HI dayi
l\ iiliordato 1 intond to apply totho Honor
able iho Chief Commissioner of Lands aud
Wort- for a special ! icon so to cut and carry
away limber from llio following doBCrlboo
lamls. iiiiniud iu O iiyiiu-' division of Yalo
1. Cminonclng ni. u pi 1 ■•( pin nt i-i! on lho wost
bauk uf tho south branch of Cherry crook ala
point Id miles north on-derly from lho llMuilo
post on llio Monaslieo W&gOtl rond and mnrkod
"A, Md'ma's north easl corner posl," thonoo
south bid chains; thouco wost 41) chains; thenen
north nm clmins; thenco east lOchnlns to the
point uf commencement.
2. < ummeucing ai u post planted on the
wust I k* Ilk of the south branch nf Cliorry croek,
11 bun 1 KI miles north easterly from ihe in milo
posl in the Monashoo wagon road ami market]
''A. McCron's south-west corner imst," thonco
south nm chains; thonco eust 40 clialns- thonoo
north UK) chains; theuco wust 40chains to tho
point of commencement.
3. Commencing at n post planted on the west
hank uf the south branch of Cherry croek, nbuut
10 miles uortli-eastorly from tho40-miln post on
thoUuiiusliee wngoii wad and marked 'A. Mc-
Crou'- south-west corner post," thonco north HO
chains; thouco east 80 chains; thonce soutli 80
clmins; Ihence west 80 cliains to tho jiuiut. uf
4. Commonolng at a pusl planted on the west
bank of tho south brunch of Chorry croek,
about 10 miles north-easterly from the 40-mlle
pust ou the Monashee whroii rood nnd mnrked
"A, McCron's south-oast cornor post," tlience
north 80 cliains; thenco wost8(1 ohains; thenco
south 80 ehains; thouce east fM chains (<> tlm
puint of commencement.
Lucnled the 23rd May, WOO.
5. CommeiiciiiK at a imst planted about n
mllo west from the west hank of Lake creok at
a point about 1 milos north-oastorly from the
junction of Lako crook with tho north furk nf
Chorry creek and markod "A. McCron's north
west corner post," thence oust 80 chains; thenco
south 80 chains; thouco west180chaius; thonco
north 80 chains tn tho [mint of cummoucomont.
Located the 28th May, 1906.
Dated this 9th day of June, 1006.
ll days after dale 1 inleiid lo apply lo the
Cliief Commissioner of Lands and \\ orks fur a
speeiul license io eul and carry away timbor
from Ihe following described lands situated in
the West Kootonay District, on the west side of
Armw Luke, opposite Nakusp:—
1. Commencing at a posl marked "Norlh Kusl
Cornor Post," tlience sn ehuins west, si) chains
oiiilh, 80 clialns east, 80 ehuins north lu puint of
2. Commencing nt a post adjoining Nu. 1 limit
m tin- norlli side, Ihence 40 chains nm th, IlHi
west, 40 chains suiilh, ItiU chains cant to pniutof
Dated.I Illll-'.llll, |!Nl|..
uiipuii UllCt'l IIUill VUUlJU)   Ul unguis
Fur Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons, Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Moline Wagons, Cauada Carriage Company's
Buggies, I'lnuet jr., Garden Seeders am! Cnlttrators, Wheel-
wrlght nnd Blacksmith Work attended to   Bone Shoeing a
Incur [mm tori by Act uf Parlinment, 1855.
Wm. Miii.son Maci'IIkhsiin, Pii'8. S. H. Kwino, Vlee-Pres,
James Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything In way nl banking business transacted without un-
necessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
(Under   New   Management)
Firet-clns accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Queens flotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - •        Proprloto.
|V%- t*%^*VW\"WV*"V**%"V*-*"VWV**V»*V >
' P.   BURNS   &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.  \
IIK.VU (IKK1CK:   ('.lUiAliv,   Al.HCKTi.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Puckers awl 11,-ilcr In Live Stock. Market! in all tlie principal Cities anil
Towns „( Alberta. Ilritislt ..niinliia and tils Yukon. Packers ol the ,',-!,i,r.-ite,l Brand
"Iinporator" liains aii'l Bacnn, antl Shamrock Brand, Leal Lanl.
t%%%«%%%'»%%%%%%%%%%>%%%%%%%%%-V»%Vi I
Central Hotel
./-ra^REVELSTOKE, B. 0.
Newly built.     Firsl-clnns in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample RoomB.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
Notice is hereby given that. 80 days aftor dale wo
Intend Lo apply to Hie lion. Chief (Joiumlssionor of
Unds and Works fnra special license to cutanri
eitriy mwiy timber from Hn> fulluuiu^ described
Inini.-, situated in Went Kontonaj diatrict:
i. Commencing in >**• post planted about ono
mile nnrlh from the north-went corner of K. A
H, block, 860, nnd mnrked "Um Bond bum hor
Comiiany's uuu Hi onil corner poit," il ■
norlli 80 cimi ns, thouco weal ni rim ins, th*	
•mul h Ml ehnins, ihi-nreeasl Nueliaiii" to point
uf commencement,
2, GoininonoltlRnt apoHl plained aboul one
mile nortli from lln- uorlb woil oornor ol K.x
H, Blook (in, nmi mnrkeil "lllg Bond Umbtr
I'umptinv's norlh east enrner noil," ti.oneo
w.-sl Ml ehains, tllOllOfl smith mi dm in-. Lheiu-e
ensl m ebaliiM, thonco mirth hn chains to point
of commencement,
Datod Juno 18th, 1000,
Notice Ik hereby given that 80 daya after ilalo, we
Intend lo apply In the Hon. chief i .ominissi ir of
Lnmls ami Works for A hj ial Mceiueto cut ami
earry away timbor from tho following doscribod
laiuls, situated in West Kootonay DlBtnot:
i. Commonolng at a post planted about two
miles west from lliumoek Point on Upper Arrow Luke uml mnrkeil '-ll. B.L, Co'sBOlltllOOll
corner post," thence norlh -Hi' ehains, Hieneo
we-l-HO chains, thonco mmlli micliulm., ihoneo
ensl su ehains to point of onmmcueiMiicnt,
2. CommeiiciiiK Rt a post Humeri nbout
three miles west from llnunoek Point ou I'p-
per Arrow Luke uml market! "II, It, L. Cu's
south east eoruer post," thence north so
ehuins, thCHOO west HI) diaiiiH, tlmuce south M)
chains, thence east 80 ehains to pointof com
tinted June 18th, WO.
Notice is lioroby given that HO dnys uflerrinte, I
intend tu apply tu tho Hon. Olilcf Commissioner
of Lam Ih uml Works for n special licence lo cut
anil carry limber from the following described
lands, situated in West Kootenay district, Upper
Aliow Lukes;
Commencing at a post plauted nnu mile
north of the soulli westcorncr of LolOMd mid
mnrked "J, W, Foley's south onst corner,"
thence north 100 chains, thenoo wesi 40 elinlns,
thence south 100 chains, Hieneo east4n chains
to pointof commencement,
Dated l»tb June, 1906,
suitably  furnished  with the choicest the
« market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate.
N'liTDT, la hereby glvon that 80 days after date
we Intend toapnly in Hn- Hon. The cliief
CuiiiiiiH.ii.iiei ntLuiius niiri Worki Ior a Special
License lo cut and citv .mny timber from the
following described lands In Woit Kootenay Dis
I rid:
Commencing at anoil planted al ii'.rthuesi
 mi of Timber Claim 8141, marked "Arrowhead
Lumber Co.'i imrtli soil corner posl running
wesl io chains, thence south 80 chains, east w
clialhi 'nth 40 chains,oasl to chains, nurth imi
.lm iir nest 10 chains, nortli 10 chains to place of
Ullllll'll 'I'lllCllt.
Ma) ' ih, mm).
Notice is hereby given lhat «u rinvt, ali(-r rinte
I Intend tu make application to lln-chief Commissi -inr nf l-nnris A Work* for ("iTtni-'rioii tu
piirelm >• (he foi low Int; described laml -num.
In the West Kootonay district ol British Col-
umbl'i mi the west tide oi Arrow Luke in ihe
toslliall valley:
Commencing ut R.NIohol'i aouth woil oor<
ner, i-ieiice west 80 chains, thenco suuth -to
chain*, H ce oust ni chains, tbenee nurth 40
phalli* to point of commencement, to contain-
Inrt-fiO acrei more Or le.-l
Iini- ilih«'Jrtth day ul June, hug.
jyi i'er s. i. Harlow, Agent.
Notice N hereby given thai oo day** afler dale
wc Intenil to apply to the chief Commissioner
of Landa ami Works tor permission to purchase
the following described lun-!- •rituatc near
Tote Jaune Cache, Cariboo district, h.c.:
Commencing nt a posi planted mi the Prater
Kiver near Tete Jaune Cache and makeri "N,
T, Edwards'and it. a. Blackmore's south west
eorm-r post " thence north So chain.-., thenco
enstao chnlns, thence touth80 chains.thence
west so chains to point of commencement.
i 'uiiiaini in: 04). acres mure or let**..
Dated l8tli June, 1906.
NOTICK IS UK UK IIY i-IVKN that alitydays
after date I Intend to apply to the Hon, Chief
Commissioner ol Lands and Worki for permission
to purchase the following .1. - m..-! lands in the
Weat Kootanay district, weat tide ol Upper Arrow
lake about one-half mile aouth of i^-thiii crwk.
Commenolng at a post marked, " W, w, Lock's
■muth east corner." at the snuib west corner of L.
BB8, thence north 4" chains, along tbe west boundary of L Bet; thence went liuchalmi; thence south
BO chains: thence eaat W chains, more orless to
ihe w,.-i boundary of a, Dollenmeyei'aappllcattoo
to imr, has.-: thence north 40 chains, more or toss
tilth- north west corner of ,\, DuUenmoyer's
application to purchase: thence east 80 chains
more ur b-ss to point of co-umtmcumeot, M0 acres
Dated May t8,1900.
Per. T. C. Makinson. agent.
Notice Is heroby given that alxty daya aftor
date we Intend to apply to the Chief Com-
missiuiier ol Lands and Works forpermlssloa
to purchase the following described landa in
the district of West Kootenay:'
Commenclogat a post planted twentychalna
west (rum the northeast corner of! ot w49 and
marked "Rig Bend Lumbd Company's sooth*
west corner [tost," thence north 00 chains,
iheiiri- ■ n«t in chains, thence south 05uhalna
more ur less to the lake shore, thenea weat
along shire to south east corner of LotiM.
thenee north 7 chaius to north eaat corner ol
Lot 4-.ii'.i. thence west 2U chains to point ol com-
m en co ment.
Dated July 2nd, 1906. Jyft
J. R. Thornton
For City oi Revelitoke.
SIGNS, COTTON tTMMftlM, Show Car* Merchandise at ivsoney-^avsiig rnu^
Those arc  the distinctive evei-j  luy-in-llic week  fciituios nl ilii* Sti.re.   .1 u-1   now  Hie
merchandise nnd ninncy-savlng features i specially strong.   'I'lu'si' riinililitins make now
a good linn' tn luiy.   See ivhai '.ve nre olfering liero :
DflESS SKIRTS   Ladies'  Brown   nml    Mack    Lustre
skins.   Regular st..Mi.in,is',I"'
T.i rli in- nl   $3.on
84.a.   Now- $8.30.
v, ii .-.     Ilegllli
LADIES' PRINT SUITS   Itegnlai' mines $II.MI and $7.00.
N,,iv   HilLoll.
LADIES' SUMMER SKIRTS    In   Linen,  Hnl.  ami I'i in:,
al prices In ileal.
MUSLIN BLOUSES   In a  lull  range nl sizes.   .Ml lln-.
season's styles, ,n reduction prlc.».
SPECIAL BARCAINS IN CINCHAMS     Inl   Hit'    Inn-  for
Holiday h *,-- ft.i- iln- chililren,    Itcgnlni-
18c. and 2flc. per yiu-d,   Now Ifli. pi'i* yuril.
SUMMER DHES3 MUSLINS   Musl imiphnlic price cut.
These air sniliilile alike I'm- rltin-i-li in- picnics.
BOYS' LINEN SUITS   Regular .Moll,   NnivSI .Ml.
Boys'Summer Suits   Regular Pi-ice$2,i*i<>.   Nmi
si 5(1.
Boys' Colored Blouses  .Insl Uu- thing I'm the
hnl .lay*.   A liig Onl „n These,
Hats for Everybody   Men's and Children.*.' Straw
.tinl Linen Ilul--, selling regai-illess of cost.
MILLINERY!   llm   Millinery is well assorted for
Ilii M-i*i,li of lln- yenr anil v, ill t,ll',-i- il al
price in uli'iir. Oi'-op in ami lei its bIiow
\ ,,it mn- display.
Real  Live  Bargains
On   Every   Counter.
We have them   all Kinds, all Prices and all Sizes.
This is the Season lor Picture Talcing.
Mis. .1. II. Robinson, nf Rcvelatoki
I Ifli Int- ilm oust hy Hu, way of Nelson
over the I row's Nest, to Porl Arthur,
iir,,in thoro l,y tlio Groat Likes In her
| homo in Toronto, whioh will In- a very
plcaainl trip.
Business Locals.
I Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited |
Samson—At Kevelstoke, II. C, July
9th, to Mr. and Mrs. John Samson.
a boy—still burn.
Fromey—At Revelstoke, Il (.'., July
10th, Mary, the beloved wife o( E,
C. Fromey, aged 35 yeurs.
Local and General.
Soekeye salmon lishing is in lull
swing on tbe famous Fras.'r river nt
the coast.
Last year John D, Rockefeller added
f48,lXK.i,*J(X) to his wealth—pretty goud
gralting fur one yenr.
The special train tn take the Orangemen and their friends to .Salmon
Arm tomorrow, will leave the depot at
7 a.m. sharp.
Ethel Fleetwood, tifteeu years old,
ol Lethbridge, was drowned in the
Belly river near Lethbridge on Saturday while bathing.
W, A. Acton, of Nairn's drug store,
received word yesterday that he hail
been registered as a chemist und druggist for the province.
C. B. Hume and B. A. Lawson have
let to \V. Fleming a contract for
clearing up the land tbey have just
acquired Irom A. Williamson,
A cloud burst near Grand Forks on
Sunday, did considerable damage to
the wagon mad. telephone lines and
the Great Northern Railway truck.
The Calgary tire department bus
selected Aug. 28-31 as the dates lor
the annual meeting nf ihe Tneilie
Coast Association of Fire Chiefs, which
is to l>e held in that city this year.
Engineer Miller of tils Crow's Nesi
railway was badly injured by being
struck on the head by tlie timber of a
bridge over which Ins engine was
passing lust Friday.
Thc body oi Robbie McRury has
not yet been recovered Irom Shuswap
Lake. Mr. McRury has been working
with friend! since lln- sail accident
occurred to recover the body, bul su
far without Buccess.
J. W. Thicken, was arn sted Saturday last in Vancouver at the instance
ol W.C.Wells, M.P.P wl,-, claimed
that Thickens threatened to shool
him. The accused wa- bound over in
flum to keep llie peace and he promised not to molest (1„- old n in.—
Golden Star
A large nutnbei >,l om citizen, intend riming tin- Di utschnian C ivi -
this nation The heal time to make
the trip ii between tin 15th July an I
September 1st.    'I he wild flnwi ri
then in lull bl  and the I
on it- I     iiimmei garb
.1 A. Kennedy, recently ol llie
general ollioo stall of Wm. Whyte, lias
been promoted to Hie position nl
assistant fuel and lie agent ol iho
t!. I*. I! western lines, and a bulletin
to this effect has been issued. "Jack,"
as he is generally known, li s been
wilh llm C.I'.R. Iur several cars nnd
is a general favorite in all ol the olliees.
He lakes over his new duties at once.
Mrs. Matson,-ol Indianapolis, nnd
Mrs. Lasli'v, accompanied by her
daughter Miss Ruth Lnsley, of Mima-
lield, Ohio, arrived in tlie city on
Monday evening. Mrs. Matson and
Mrs-. Lnsley are daughters of Mrs. Mu
Kitriok, with whom they will spend a
couple of months, Later Messrs.
Matson anil Lnsley will join theni hero
for n tour of the province.
Important Notice!
Seven  Sutherland   Sisters
beg '- announce to -it-- l tdiei ind
gentlemen nf Itevelstnke, thai Ihey
have made arrangement* with
Walter Bews, Phm B , Drug.
gist, ind -.nil hold dnil) demon
itrntinns1 in- week commencing
Monday, July 16th.
regarding li-enlmenl ,,l the llm
nml Si- dp. They respectfully invite everyone to •-.-. 11 and ennsiill
With them,   Cuine and see the long
beautiful hair grown by th of
the Seven Sutherland Sisters-
Hair Grower and Scalp Cleaner. Remember tho place nnd date.
Social and Personal
G, S. McCarter went to Arrowhead
A. M. Pinkham is visiting Calgary
this week.
Mr. J. Leiuuy, Crown Timbor Agent,
spent yesterday in town.
Miss Flo Palmer It-It Saturday evening on n trip to the coast.
S. Hillier nnd \V, Buck lelt Sunday
ivening ou n trip through Washing-
.on state.
Tims. Taylor, M. J'. R., relumed on
Monday morning from a business trip
to the coast.
\V. Savage, formerly of Revelstoke,
has been admitted tu the burnt Van
.1.(1. Maedonald returned Sunday
(ruin liis trip to tlie springs, but is
still far from well
Mrs. W.J, Lightburne, Arrowhead,
was nn a visit tn Mends in the city
Inst Sain day,
As Dr. Smith, l>. L. S„ has nol
been well for a week, he contemplates
u trip to the Coast.
\V. 11 Robertson has been appointed
managing director ol the Interi r
Publishing Company.
Robt. Hockley, ol   Edmonton,  representing the Crown Tailoring C,
,f Toronto, i- in the city today,
Miss Laui'i Kenny, ol Golden, if
pending a lew days iu the city the
i-in-i uf Mrs, G, II. Hrook.
Mi- Audi i i   Miss Carroll,   i
H i ii ii i] eg,  are   visiting    Mrs   tt ni
Armstrong, Fourth stret I
Mi- Acton wile ,-i M    A   \, ti n
\ tin:'   drug stun   will arrive in the
citj inm rrow I      - her Husband
Miss Di ti! n turned Saturd i
-.   n \\ i,iti;  ' 'ni   ■• be -
been   ill, inini.  .   ia  ■   ■     in,. |,,-i
)■ a.
Mi    -. I dan    tei (nnner-
I;   i  Hn   ci-.  arrived   it Gold
week I       I       ' end tl
Hi     M    i ettipieci       I   M r     i
Mu,, .  :• n thi,   ..   riling   ■ i, a /ilii |i
in, i,.|.  ai   Kiltm nti n    ii- li
tl     S'urtliwesti
.i l.i. I-l, iei,, i.i p It, train in
-p.ei.i-,  and   Mrs     Fletcher    lean
tomnrn » nighl on  n   thr il
visil to their old honii in l.i,-Jam!
Mr and Mrs,   I    Kilpatrick, (' l*.
sis-.i - Misa II,,1,1,- -in,I  I: w   II ig
;."■!,, represi nt    Rcvi i.-i, l,,-  al   the
Alpine Clul -  ling  this week at
V,,l„, Park.
Insect powder. Fly paper and Conk
roach poison at Bows' Drug Store.
(Iii-ciirts—nt. n snap lo cl. nr out—at
John P.. Wood's furniture -.tore,
Pleases evory smoker the " Marca
Iv A. Ilaggi-n wont south this
morning on a business trip.
Bathing suits lor children, boys'
nnd men at C li, Hume & Cu's.
Pleases every Smoker the " Maroa
A line line of carpet squares, velvet,
tapestry and ingrain ni John E.
Wood's furniture storo.
Window similes, will paper, plain
and decorative Burlapi at C II. Hume
& Co.
Japanese screens, baskets, carved
centre tables nnd jaidiuiei'e stands at
Juhn E. Wood's,
A shirt bargain for th • boys—a full
line in suit nnd still' Ironls nl 4(1 cents
each—C. B. Hume k Co.
Bring them pictures iiloug, let us
frame ihem for you' John K. Wood's
furniture store.
We have just received a nice lot ol
Travellers' Carpet samples, II yards
long, price frnm fiUc. to $2.00. t'hey
make excellent mills. C. II. Hume
k Co.
Commencing Monday, July lllth,
n Seven Sutherland Sister dciuonstru-
tui will be at Bews' Ding Store for
unc week nnd will give free demonstrations daily iu Hie window, alternoon
nnd evening.
J,. 0. L. 1068 with visiting brethren,
to lite n timber ol thirty, pn railed and
mn robed to St. Andrew's Church on
Su day evening last. 1'lte church
was well lilled with an interested con-
grigmion uniting with tho brethren
in iiieir annual service. The platform
and pulpit wore decorated with plains
and He-word u iti en iie among nhicli
wa: a beautifully arranged hunch ol
om ge lillu s from iln- gnul. u ,,i Bro,
John Shaw. The pastor, Rev, l\ C.
i'u tier, had lor his - il.jeet—"Why
does the Grange organiza . u exist,'
taking for his texl Jude li, . li il you
should earnestly contend Inr be I lith
which wasoucedeliver! I tol lie - lints
Di ding with the tern M Culdi referred ; :,- -:...-■ - - - trlj
Christians with the luilais
which had its strength in tin ■■:■ pi
'.. imp ■-.  lircu
■   - ■ .
l  "ii    1!-     -
pries! '. \ ■   ,,-
ileal willi i, da;.    I he    I - I
n,-., condil   ns.    Tin
p,,pillar nl a
in the, - .   - in.
tl ingi   Organizati i      ,-■     i In
thi,    ii..  !
:       I lie in i-i     I it-con
■    . ■
ol liistorj i , ' i    conn - ■ -I
eligious attil
It'eiii    '    Roman
'     , I     M     I  MM       i '
nit Ire'nnil I'mtei
i -. mil
Compelled tn HI
, mil  ll -hi mi
igh the Bn
,1     i i.i   Ire
i-i - -.  -', .'■ din      i    ■ i -i
|]   l.l   Ml I   :,• ' '   ||
, ii.ii inns   ol   i'i'iii. ,-
the   ■  i■" •'    rn Ihe.,  - i ,   l   , illy
Ireland to the  defense n    Ll   SI ...rt
throni      Mr   Ciildci  rend   i    -. , ,
ru-i- I- .in  Ro i-i,   Catb   i  auth ,ri
tics an i , the |,,nlli,,I ,-,,.       M
nltn tanisti     He qui tnd the  II
Ci .. -lal' luenl- i 1 laml   I ■ . l ■    '-.HI
ni,! I'm- ,\ a* to the political iim, ol
ilie.ait-  in  laymen  wuai y sum.
ihink uiiii do in tho nll'nirs  ihe  na-
ti the monetary power and r, ntrnlol
pul,lie schnnls. the rule md ruin ol
universities and nlmve all n oluBoalli-
an-,-w'lh aristocracies and classes of
soci.ty." It was Cardinal Manning
who used Ihe meinorablc words "It is
yours right reverend lathers ....
to subjugate nnd lu subline, to bend
mul in break the will ol an imperial
1- , ihe  will, whioh as the will ol
Rome ol old, rules over nations and
peoples, invincible nnd Inflexible."
Turning to Canada, Mr. Calder quoted
the declare! on ol "Le Canada F.cclesi-
astiqiie," the year book ol the Catholic
clergy in Canada, in an article entitled
"The lui ure ol Camilla (mm a religious
point of view." The burden ol that
article being the conquest ol tho Dominion fin the ohuroh. He also read
Ir,nn Ihe words ol Archbishop Lunge-
vin ol St. Boniface us to the duty ol
the voter to take bis instructions from
the bishop.
Ml". Calder referred to the puwer of
Rome in this country which compelled tho Liberal parly to swallow ils
lile-long principles in tho Government's legislation lor tlie new provinces
For Ibis the Orange Associnti n is in
existence. To melt nnd check the
expansion of that power which means
tho taking away ol our liberties. The
development nl Rome's power in
Canada bus been bo marked of lute
Hint, already there is serious talk ol a
Protestant union to cheokmnte lho
growing anil incniioing power, tt Ith
Hie religious beliefs ol Roman Catholics the Orangemen have nothing to
do. The Order is defensive, not
offensive, and appeals to the highest
type ot Christian manhood, e-nd there
is nothing in ilsrilunlir ns.th calculated to stir up bigotry, nor is it
offensive to Roman Cntholio belief.
The Orangeman is taught to be an
intelligent citizen and to cultivate
those graces which go lo make life
happy. Mr. Calder concluded his
sermon with nn eloquent peroration
and was listened tn with deep interest
throughout the discourse, which covered some -15 minutes.
     «.» .     - —
Several parties of prospectors have
gone to tbe Upper Fraser on the hunt
(or pny dirt. Their destination is tlie
headwaters of the Eraser river, and
they expect to return loaded with
£   Hi WUL 01 Ul BV V\J l vim ouvi i iiim
bf Concrete, Hollow Bluetts, Stune, Brick nr
Frmn i' 11 ii ild in us. DEALER iu Cement, Lime
Concrete Hollow Blocks, mul otlier building nm-
terluls,  All labor anil luiiterlitla first-class.
Plastering and Plastering Supplies a Specialty.
Stock and Share Broker
(Subject to confirmation)
bruKKlst and Stationer,
nnl Ike Home block,
No Medicated Cigars
Sold Here
Our stock is kept pure and fresh,
It moves too fast to become shop worn.
Cigars, Pool, Confectionery, Ice Cream So'i.-i .
Employment Office
1,000 Eureka IOc, payable In instilments.    Engin -s Report may   l-o
seen III my olliee.
2,11011 Nicola ('uill-.'«".
2,000 Western Oil   Klc,
1.000 Inteinational Coal 17c
loo Dominion Copper—$8.00.
25 Canadian Marconi- $3,00.
"si American De Forresl Company,
25 \ini-i-ii-iii I)'1 Forresl (preferred)
2,000 Diamond Vide Coal- -:11c.
LOW Rocky Mniuiiiiin Development
r.,<  ll..«,, Sound (Brlltanln Mine)
30 |i minion Trust—$130,
In Dominion Trnsl   $130. .
UlO B.C. Wit-.nnl Nail   $10.50
■ Wesl Perm.- ut Loan and
(1 S il inntli l ',.u olidnted.
151)0 II- ■ i, I Bros, Oil.
-     , V-l   Hil   1111,1   (   Nil-
2,000Rwl -l unl rn. i mi. il,.lil   Mining
100 Rl -.; '. ki  Si M (nil,.lli-ll   Creek
ll   ' llll
25(1 On  I Noil in a,   lllne    20c
5.0UI l'..Mi-   .    !',.
.   I,'   Mil,le,I. ,
In., I Mines.   I M.
I'ikio I'. I, i,-i,,|	
m.ii  I   :     Sn,   i   .  -.   Iteceipli
I.UMII Interi  15c,
.,,.',   '.' -       Rl    I]        V
■<< I'mi.i Drier.
,   mdini   Mu ..in   s-j.iV
-,,.. i". .      ,i. ., ..  ., ih,
OFFICE   Mackenzie Ave.
*-..   it    I'. R, Telegl   p
li... i- il. ,'    ,,..„. ,i    lilr.l    y .a   ia.
llnl Ml-.l,
i- ,,  Bo* II,
-.1,1,11,,    OI'I'IISITK I', l..
I    M ,,,   II l:
\    illllAlilfl bolise  'Ml   'MU'        PM'!!
running six feet from tlie tl nml I lOfen
uf ground for tlfjrlnH Hmh    '| J I,tl
nnrtli"( M'luihlttK  ""' "'''■ to Clilmiriefl
Apply fm particular in
Townsite Anont, (i plla
P. C. and W. B. Corsets
We have just received our full line of
P, C. and W. B. Corsets and can now
offer you a line that for value and style
cannot be matched. We have, them in
white and drab, long or short hip and
girdles. Corsets with supporters ai-
laehed, 75c. up. Take a look at our
W. I?. Niifonn Corsets for style and
fit —they are world beaters.
Ladies' Parasols
All the best colors, not too fancy to
be serviceable, and the prices are low.
Summer Neckwear
In soft, cool, wash goods, at prices as
low as 3 for -',sc.
Summer Hosiery
We are prepared for a big Season's
trade in these, and can give you (lie best
values in town. Cotton, Lisle and Lace
in all sizes.
Wash Waists
Silk or Lawn, all sizes from 32 to 42.
Long or short sleeves.
Stuck is Inrg'1*
li values Ihe besl.
We bn ve jusl lho
.ilih-l ynu lllllllIni-
li,,1 weal her, wllh
or wil hull! cnlliii-s
attached. Neglige
Sliit-l*. iill kinds.
New Collars
Jusl received a
Block nl' lho New
Oul Ing (.'ollni'.
Tooke's Collars,
lualt tho ilill'iTcnl
li.-ighls, frnm I In.
up.   2 for 2.V.
Bnllirijgiin or Wool, Wo havo all siz.'s
and weighls. Wc can give you anything you
wnnl for hot weather.
Alpaca Coats, Duck Trousers, Straw lints,
Linen lints, Lisle Sox, Handkerchiefs, Belts,
etc., etc.
E;    Mclennan & Company, /mami. A«m
WANTED-A girl for general house
work, apply lo olliee of Mail-
ANTIiD-Di-cssiiiiikers. Apply al
once to Dressmaking Depnil-
nient, McLennan & Co., Mnckenisie
HOUSE   TO   RENT-On   Fourth
Street, near Ihe Arrowhead (nil-
wny truck, apply to F. F. OltBOWA,
Dressmaking & Plain Sewing
Cor. King and Douglas Sts.
No. L—House nnd two lots, First
Street, $3,,i(KI. Valuable corner location.
No, 5.—Lot and Store, First Street,
$2,000.   Easy terms.
No. 0.—Lot on First Streot-SEOO.
Nn. 7. -Two lots on First Street
with residence, $2,100.
These litis are likely to be valuable
business sites.
No. 12.- Three lots in cily of Nelson,
in- will exchange for property in Revelstoke.
No. 18.- llll acres within two miles
of city, or will he sold in blocks of 5
acres to 25 acres.
No. 14.—Corner property on Third
street, two lots and residence, $2001).
Easy terms nf payment may he
For particulars Apply to
Ileal Estate and Insurance Agent,
Revelsloke, B.C.
REVELSTOKE   Art   fll?
AND RETURN   '*'wg
Ample accommodation provided lor
all ii,mil time assured, Come One,
Come All.
• 1. inn ni (lull. Cum,    Cliiih-iiiiili (Vli'lita. (-mil.
ST?! Furniture!
John F. Wood's Furniture Store
Dr. R. L. Byboe, Hu- well known
Iv.e Specialist, is iii ibe Central 'Intel
,1 tin 1 iiy. ll.- is 11 giniiiiiiii' iu the
in I- nl Physiological nml Ophtbnl
rnii Optica, lb- uill mnke it specialty
.1 treating Myopia, Hypcrmotrnpla,
",-, by ipln, A- iigiiiaii-.in aud Simula-
inns, with all IU varied forms ol muscular Insufficiency, Thoso who havo
in.aiiil- mlh I heir eyenlghl ninl me iu
Ilt-fld ,,I glasaes iln.11I1I consult him.
Special attention will be given lo rltil-
droii,   Aiiilli-iitl Eyes always in slock.
Examination Free
llm ii-i   I 111II .mil 7 hi II p.m.    Other
hours by nppolulmonl,
Office at Central Hotol.
B. .A..  H-A-GG-BIsr
Mining, Real Estate, Insurauce and General  Commission Ageni,
Notary Public, Commissioner of tho Supreme Court,
AGENT FOR- London Mrri'.u. F1111-: [nbuiu.vcu Oo„ hi-* Canada,
" Ottawa Finn Insubanoiji Ch.mi'a.w.
" MoXTIiliAI.-CAXAIIA Flllli Insi'iianck Co.
" Axiii.ii-AMliitic.ix Flllli Ixsciiaxcu Co.
" Equity Fiki-: Insurance Ch.mi'anv.
Coiaixiai. Finn Insurance Company.
" DosiiNioN Fun-: Insurance Cosipany.
" North American Life Insurance Company,
The ilhove Nou-Tiu'llf Companies lake (li-st-clnss risks at lowest
6,000 lo 10,000 acres of land iu blocks siiltnhlo for small sotlleniont.
Municipal Bonds, Timber Limits, Mines and Prospects, Good iiolel.
Store and Livei-y Businesses, City of  Ilevelstoke Lots nud Rural
Corporation Debentures, Shares in Industrial Investments, Lands
at Revi'lslokc, Arrowhead ami on Arrow Lakes suitable for I'riiil
growing, \Vell-Devi'lo|ied Copper-Gold nnd Silver-Load Mines.
If thoso wishing to Invest In or sell City, Rural or Business Prop.
city, will advise 1110 of their requirements, thoii interests will have my
best attention.
Reports nn Land, Timber and Mines. Agencies at Calgary, Van-
cnuver, Kamloops. Nelson, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Spokane,
Chicago and New York,
Office. Mackenzie Avenue
Next O.P.R, Telegraph Office.
Revelstoke. B. C.
UNION   made  ciqars
MANitrAritiitti)  iiy
Kurtz's PioneerCigar Factory
IIS, Cordova St., W.
VANCOUVER, -   -   D. C,
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders' for Boel and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
Make it as Easy as You Can for
Yourself During the Hot Spell.
Don'l swell(M1 Under the Welglll nf Heavy Clnlhing.
W'ai-in Hal,,. I'nconil'iiiliilile Underwear, Unsciinoliiibln
(lota lightweightTivo-I'leco Hull one of uur feather-
weight Hnls, ll Sllll nl* I'liileitviiiii'sii lighl.nnil ciiiufoil-
\mi won'l know jiiu'rn wealing il, -11 comfortable
Neglige Shirt -Cnnl Hosiery  n pair of out' Spocial llnl
Wt'llllli'l' Culllliil! (living Slines, llllll yoll ll-ou'l gl'tllllhlo
nnl' 1111,1-,-, 110 nut!!ei- how Iiiiiii Hie mercury climbs,
We are Offering Special Bargains
This Week in All Summer Goods
SeeOiu-Twii-l'ii Sulla ni $7,00, Special Snaps In High
Hnls 11! ll.'n-, llnl Weather Bargains iu I'liilcm-cnr nl
li.-.,-.   Ili'iiiiiiknble Values iu Shirts at 05c.
You Can't Afford to Suffer from the Heat
When You Can Buy at Those Prices
We're lining bigger business every day,   Low Prices
and good li-eiilmoiil louverynno Is ,1,,ni,ling uur trade,


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