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The Mail Herald Jun 26, 1912

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"Empire" Typewriter
For ease of opera rion and
perfection in results it is
unsurpassed.    Price $60,
Interior Publisnmg Co., Agts.y
Great Trize Voting Contest Soon O'Ver. Vote Early, Late and Often.
The Mail-Herald
.r*a* ■>'*'!*W',-fct^
Vol. 13-No.
REVELSTOKE. B. C. .JUNK 26, 1912
$2.60 Per Year
Wedding Gifts
New Goods, Sterling Silver Deposit Goods.
Many Handsome Artieles at Reasonable Prices
Sugar and Crear   >ts.     Water Pitchers.     Vases
Baskets, . ' '</_ Sets, Mierbet Glasses
Cut Glass
"Libby's," the world's best
Water Sets
Berry Sets
Wine Sets
Bon Bon Dishes
Nappies, Knife Bests
Comports, Vases
Cake Plates.   Pitchers
Jars, etc., etc.
Tt'" vith Trays
Soup        ens
Butter wishes. Candlesticks
Candleabras, 2 or 5 lights.
Berry Dishes, Spoons
Fish Sets
Knives and Forks
Cabinets of Tablew.ire
Carving Sets in Pearl
Carvers in handsome eases
 SJ4;00 and up
High Class China
Wedgewood Tea Sets,    Cups,    Saucers,     Plates,     Jugs
Royal Doulton Tea Seta.JCups, Saucers, Plates, Jugs.
Limoges Hand Painted Bowls, Plates, Biscuit Jars, etc.
A Few Suggestions
Electric Lamps, Irons, Stoves, Toasters, Chandeliers
Carpet Sweepers, Vacuum Cleaners, Motor Washing Machine, Steel Range, Line, Kitchen Utensils, Jardinieres,
Brass Vases, Candlesticks, Fern Pots, Clocks, Smokers'
Sets, Tea Gongs, Candleabras.
Last Saturday Marked By Special Activity on Part
of Contestants-Miss Blanche McCarty Wins
$50 in Gold and is Now in the Lead as Contestants Reach the Three-Quarter Pole
un lust Saturday night the contest
department was visited bj an aval -
anchc ol subscriptions, and many new
readers lieine; added to tire Mail-Herald's family.
MiBS Blanche McCarty won the spec
inl prize of fifty dollars in cold by
turning in a hundred and twenty-six
dollars for subscriptions. Bach candidate is straining every effort to
reach the coveted goal by duly bth,
and land the capital prize. Mr. 0.
Cutler, Mr. J. Ouy Barber and Mayor Sutherland will act as Judges al
the end of the contest, the results of
which will be published in the Mail-
Herald's issue of July 10th. A sealed ballot box will be used the last
three days ol the contest. Contest -
ants will place their remittances alone With the names of the subscribers in this box which will be opened
by the Judges when they make their
count  lo  determine  the  winners.
Only nine more days are lefl until
opportunity will have stopped Knocking and rewarded those who have
heeded its calling. Only nine more
days until the winners and the "hav
rans"  will have chosen their    plates
by the ability and thc energy ihay
have  displayed.
Contestants work with dellgence as
the contest ih nearing the end. Man?
of the old subscribers have u.,t >et
paid their past dun subscrlptlo is.
Several thousand dollars are Mill ■ ti
the   Mail Herald's  books  to 1)8 ul.'cc-
ted, Some o, iIim candidates Imvc
the impression that the tleld "i neatly worked. This i> not true. Many
ot the old subscribers have n..'. yet
been called on and many m >v subscribers arc to be gotten yet. Do not
think because a person Lim not a
home iu Revelstoke or i'i business,
that they will not take tlie Mall-Herald. Kvery man and worn.in v ho is
Interested In Hevelstoke, vicinity una
Western  Canada  should   be  a 61.1 mil.
cr  to  the  Mail-Herald,  and   wll
Standing of Candidates
Miss Blanche McCarty '  5I(M°°
Miss Olga Roman  497-200
Miss Edith Cooke  42>7oo
Miss Eva Hay  352,600
Miss Elsie Hooley  o35>5°°
Miss Cyndrene Matz  3*4>4°°
Mrs. W. Ci. Kile, Craigellache, B. C  242,000
Mrs. Alderton, Taft, H. C '. . 231,000
Miss Mable Henderson  04,000
Miss Jennie Wells, Golden, H.C  55,000
Mr. E. G. Woodland  52.000
Miss Irene Genelle, N'akusp, B.C  5.°°o
Miss Bertha Evans   5.°°o
0 <>0<><><K>-0<K><><KK><^^
* Imperial Bank of Canada
Head orfico   Toronto, Ontario.
il  properly solicited.
Itemember the motto—"Huutlo, koop
on hustling, and then hurtle some
more."     *
Death of Mrs. Young
It is with deep regret thai we once
again chronicle the death of ono ot
our most respected eitizens, in thc
person of lhc lute Mrs. F.H. V .uiig,
who passed quietly away at ii,c luui-
ily residence early Tuesday r.iotuing.
The deceased lady had been ..', ioi
some lnontns and the end wns n.n
altogether  unexpected.
The Mail-Herald joins witl the
whole community in sympathizing
with the bereaved family in their
The funeral is taking place this
The    nuniial      Lawn    Social  ,,(  llie
Methodist cburcb will be held tomorrow evening (Thursday] on the
church grounds. Come and enioy l.c
cool of the evening and spend nil enjoyable social time. Band in attendance.
W.  J.  Curtis,  piano tuner, will lie
at  Reveletoke  ahout  July  5th.
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Branches nt Agents at all principal points inlCuniula.
Agents ir. Great Britain and United States-London, kngland,
Lloyds Bank, Limited. Chicago—Firsl N-itional Bank, Corn Exchange. National Bank. Seattle—Seattlr National Bank, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—hxchango
Nation*; Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of tl aud upward, received, and interest allowed at
current va.be from date of deposit.   Correspondence solicited.
RevelBtoko Sranoh-A. B. McCleneghan, Mgr.
Q <><KKH>O0<KHHX><XK>O<>0O<KHHK> 0
The Tesla Engine Built by H. B. a Rush of Well-known Prospectors and Miners to the New
Goldfields   on  this Famous   Creek   75   Miles North of
Revelstoke—Will the History of the Sixties be Repeated
Stonex a Splendid Success
in th.   Popular Mechanics  Magulne
for December lasl. there appeared an
article by B. P. Stearns oil the .eiv
steam turbine engine designed l-y
Nikola Teslu, thc great Austrian 1"
vi-mor.    From     the description  (.i\,n
In the article Mr.  H.B. Stoa
Ih  there to  he  repeared  in  the  Big  to  bc  richer  in yellow  metal,     than
Bend district  the history  ot thc six-  any placer mines in British Columbia
When  it  is remembered that owing to
tn-,  when  live  thousand  miners stain ■
.the  absence of a railway,   Mr.  Brad
peded  from all  parts  ol  the  world to   ^  ^^   ^^ ^^   ^    ^
the  famous placer lieldn on  the trib- to he taken apart and  packed     into
utaiies  of Old  Hold  Stream,   namely   the mine, over forty  miles ol a trail
this city,  built an engine last iv.nttr   ^^ ^^ ^ McUulloUKh , .,...ok, < „,, pack horses, it will I* understood
along the  lines laid  down  by   Llie    n that his knowledge of  ihe camp must
seventy five miles north of Hcwutulc " ....
Mr. . tally  warrent such  an   undertaking.
It   looks   so,   t„r   prspactors   by   twos       ^    JQ    Montgomeryi   and   W.   B.
and threes, every  night for the past t wh()  ^_      ^ loclll men
»teum lest on   IhursJuy last. oeveloy ,„,    ,mV(.   ,,,,.„   leMtag   town     at
ed u speed of i.i.mm revolutions   perl
The     engine    built   hy
weighs    2^ Hi-.,  and   ,t  the
have placer ground on this new strike
Children's Sandals
Children's Romeo Sandals
SIZES, 4 to 101
Three and Four Straps
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
all  hours,  by stealth.  „n  foot and on   ^   nnw   ^   S(,aU,e  intl,r;.8Ull(,   „rom .
ment   mining  men  ot  that city in his
new  property  on  French  ('reek,    and
will  return  111  a few  days,  to
nieiiee  to    actively   work      thc
minute and developed one ho. v • o»    ,,,„,,li;i,k      l)011m| f„r    ,,„.    ,,rcnch
er.   And   this without   baUnci   I S     ^.^   ,,lggtag,    wll,lf(l   mnny   „,,lC0|.
This engine when lied up with pio- cUtmi ,mV(, ^ 8tak<M mlt iim, m
pel  balance  wheels Is expected  ,,, de    ^   ^   ^^
velop  about  seven  horse   power,   nnd
the engine  will ool  weigh ot      KWbS. I     '"" '"',w "' "'"  ,tamp^'  "■    '"" !*"■■«.   Mr-   Warren   Andrews      and
The eng  proper consists rl eight  MW« "' ■ nch strikp »' yUm'r J°W "'"'  >''"»'"• ""v" 'o™"'1 "lonisHle
th.n  steel  OlSCS  ti   inches  in  iKnmsl     '"  K,,",h  ('r'"k'  *°** ""  M *"* "»  Montgomery  property,  being  he -
.,,,,,     ,      ,,   nei,   discovered   by   three   prospectors, tween  this  property   and   that  owned
er.   set   about     an  eighth  ot an  linn .....
I'he   ite on   enters        "          over a year  have been  quiet- |,y   Mr.  H.   A.   Millard  and   as-oriares
ly   prospecting  this  channel.   The pay who   arc  operating  now   a:ong      tbc
is seated to !«•  big,  and  the prohab-' old  tihiiniicl  with  marked  results,
ility   is that  French  Creek  Will yield \    Tbe  surrounding     ground   is  being
millions in yellow  metal. staked us fast as men and  horse-can
llet ween  the  years      181,0 aud  18'iS, reach  there from   Uevelstoke  which u
apart  on u shalt
011 to the discs and the whole surface of the discs are au active t. nice
ol power, very little ol the steam
power   .-scaping,   as   in   the    ordinuy
logins.   The discs,    sight In nimber
will refresh vou with its bright, spicy
flavor and friigruiicy. Sold in 1 Ib.
lead packages.
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P.-.O   Box 208 GROCER & BAKER Phono No. 23
,,   tir.   StOMX'l engine  do  D  I   »elgh   "" "'<'  "OtklngS on      Krcn.-l,    Creek    the nearest city.
over nine ounces   H., that it -.-. ii t,e v1""'"1 I" the neighborhood „t    |t,      French Cresk can i* reachedH	
dsvslopsd about one horss piwsr to W0-000    '"   ihs huBflwos ot minsrs day   from    itevelstoke    by a lor i
every  pound weight.
and   prospectors   who   worked   it-rich
I     11.11     e.l   gavels   to   bSd   lock.     At   that   tne- a
ginc the  perfect  rotor  has been lound  typical   I   mining  town   #as     ts-
Mr   Btonei will follow up the work tabHshsd,  «rHh a population ,ffiom
and   fully  determ.ne   .he value ol  thia  *•>"•  Ul  '"»'   IhotUWrf   people,   With
,, „„ , its usual  accessories  in  the shape  of
new   machine.
The  engine  was  entirely   b.„lt      by   *loOM,      .lance      halls  nnd   b.lllard
Mr    Stonex  himself  In  his  workshop   rooms,  an.l  today  thc curious hurl,.,
Thc eng..,-  being petlee,   „, every dc-   r"' »«" s"" ,l1-  remni»« <" ""R ""c-
tail.   Without   being   bolted  d..wn  and   '<"»""" P»"« ««"P-   wi,h "* ,llBmH»
tied  billiard tables and shacks.
silting ouly on a puce ol plaus tl-eic
wns not a ^igti ol Vibration at her
highest speed.
flirting Princess
For years past, miners ami pro*
pectors have been looking for an old
er channel on French Creek, whieh
was known to SXHI from the very
nature of tlle ground. This has 1 cen
found otlly within thc pall ye if and
lla.:;      liulgei      i.uties     with   him j |g  believeil      tube  as  rich   or    richer
• three aosen  American beauMei -nota.than the workings along the prestoi
specie  „f  roses  but   three -lown  real,   creek,   from   which so   many   millions
robust,   bealtbj      American   beauties, j were extracted   in  lhe slutles.
■''-■" h»turo    K,„ ( nnmbar ,,f rears, tht    well
ol  "Thi   PHrbing  Princess"  In  whirl., knilWn ,,,„,.,., „,it,jnK man Mr.  10. A.
Mr,   Bulger  is starring  undei  the man   Qradhiy,   has   beet,   constantly at w,rk
agemenl ol Mori H, Biogw, and   in ,,n p-,„,„i, Cresk, developing and pros
Wbich  hi   Will   bl seen   ,,t   tbcKniposs ,„et.nK   at an   snormotll   expense      I,,
.'re   neit      Saturda)   no-Ill,   .lun, ymgt|(  „,„,   ,,IS  |lKM„.,aicN.    |I.H    |,e-
»th     .Inst     wh.                       il     HOfW lief   ,„   Kienel,   Creek  is  undiminished.
"      ■  »B   Mi      vein,   hi    the
Itrinlty  is sttll a secret   hul  ueverWn   ,„i  thai  hi has pnrehaiwl ., ibMun
-    I pl iCPl   drill,   which   hr is   putting     on
•    ni ii '' '' '"■'h' ""'    "''"' 't'""I""' e" ' "" K"'l"'h 0tt»\i  lot n.e
Music Store, McKenzie Ave.  > jSEUUS irt£S£
Sheet Music nnd all kinds of
Smnll e^VIuBical Goods
Call and Inspect
Irive. The -ueamcr Itevelstoke makes
two trips each week up the river to
Downie Creek forty miles; from Uow
nlw Creek to Krenrh Oreek, is thirty
or thirty the miles over a pony trail
There ik also a pony trail all the way
from Itevelstoke to French Creek and
two days ride will negotiate this
The Government of Hrltish Columbia at1- now s|M-u.ling thoueands of
dollars In the Hlg llend district lie-
tWSSn Itevelstoke and Flench Creek,
with a view to giving early HOW lo
the lode, as     well  aa placer grounds
oi the district.   The Premier hai pio
mised a rgilway through this wealthy
timber   and   mineral   district,   .ml     it
ti expected within three yeari   Intra
w.ll be such a railway, even if lhe
t'.l'.U. do not make this natl.'lll nv
er grade Iheir route for Ihe pl i|l el
doiib'e track through the moiin'ans
.it B    till  earlier  date.
The   gigantic   ...iiimi al.   I.m   • i       and
water powei   resources ol lho     i g
llend district have always bl)] rr-
girded Uthe t:.eiiieHl asset ol the
Interior of II c . and an inum'Tic im
petui win i.e 11 ,.-n i . ■ he i il      of
Itevelstoke and the whole s,,iillirr.i
Interim Ol British Columbia, l,y the
denloponol oi this Dig tkud country, •
Oil and Gasoline Stoves
Meat Safes
See our window of these "foods. .lust what you
want for the hot weather.
Kor the next two weeks we will sell these Meat
Safes at the low price of $3.75. Absolutely vermin proof.   Every one a bargain.
Our stock of Oil Stoves is complete. Just what
you want for a quick meal.    Call and See Them.
News At McIntyrb's
Granite Cement for mending pols, per packet
Carbolic Soap, Taylor's, four bara
Shaving'Stick, Taylor's, per slick
Six cakes of oatmeal and lettuce S„ap
Fancy Uox, three cakes, Taylor's June Rose Soap
Shipments ol New Groceries Arriving Daily
John McIntyre & Son
First Street. Telephone No. 93
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
► <HHHXK><KK><HHKK>000<><XH><>0<> ■
Showing a splendid assortment ol fine
negligee cost -hirts In plain and pleated
Won. plain whiles, blue t-lianiliraya
ind man) stripe effects iii . Knlaxy ol
patterns that will make choosing eaay.
Some   hive double v,ft   collars  made
ol same material which ire \,n popular
thii icsson.
McRae Mercantile Co.
6 <HH>0000<>00<><XKK>0<K><KH><><>01
Prize Eggsfor
Early Hatching
I'llll   hai.i:  nv
E. G. Woodlaid
I P. Mclean
Best  Strain  of Brown Leg
horns, single and Rose Comb,
and     Partridge    Wyandotte
P.O. BOX 181 WEDNESDAY   JUKI     I    1912,
Are You Insured Against
Accidents and Illness
IF  NOT.  WHY   NOT—It is your duty both to yourselves and ynur dependents.
Call and see us.   We shall be pleased to point out the benefits i" be derived from these policies.
Special double indemnity clause quarantine indemnity clause
and all illnesses insured against.
London and Lancashire Accident Co.
Railway Passengers Assurance Co.
Ocean Accident Corporation.
The Kevelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Che flpalWbevalo   CRICKET MATCH
jntcrlor pubttsbliiQ ttompanjj
J.  K.  JOHNSON,  Manager.
Revelstoke Defeats Salmon Arm
by 52 Runs
Tins match mis played on the Kev
elstoke     cricket    elub  grounds    Inst
RALPH G.  BCRUTON,  Kditor.  Saturday.     The local beam     batted
  , first, aud by good Individual Bcorlng
in which no leas than eight men got
nitu double tigures, and despite the
tact that their opponents tried seven
howlers, the local team compiled a
score of lti'.i runs.
The visitors on going to bat tared
i ui ber badly oil the bowling ,,f Bonallo and Maley. loosing lour ol their
Wickets lor 27 runs. However Uow-
den played a steady Innings Ior 2'i
runs, ami by good baiting Capt. A.
Meek compiled a seore of 24 not out
this lieing the highest Individual seore
in tho match, and brought to total
up to 117,leaving the local
victorious by 52 runs.
Kuli score and analysis;—
of  I'M i.   llourne,   run  out li.   Verity  I
M.   Field,  c.   and   b
French IW,   Brier,  li.  Grell  19
Hon. Tbomas Taylor Succeeds
at Ottawa
Hon.  Thomas Taylor,    Minister of
Works and     Hallways, arrived home
yi'.iii'Jay   lioin  a successful      mission
to Ottawa connected with the negotiation of a si'llleini'iit wub the
Federal gvernmenl of various de
partmental matters affecting British
Oolumbia. lie arranged with Hon.
K. H. Monk tor the establishment ol
a harbor line at Prince Rupert, and
also made a formal application for
the Dominion government to assume
the entire wmk ol the Improvement
mul maintenance ol the banks ol nav
Igable   rivers   in   ilus   province.       Mr.
Monk snul be w.o. prepared to admit
thut the whole responsibility for Hns
work rested with the Federal govern
linul, Insofar as navigable rivers
were concerned.
A satisbiMti.t \ arrangement was
also reached with Hon Robert Rog
ers, whereby the building of provincial roads across Indian reserves In
ibis province will  be facilitated.
Mr. Taylor added, "l was pleased
to Bee the deep Interest taken in Has
ii'in Canada in the development ol
tbi' country west of Lake Superior.
Asa Canadian I was proud of the
magnificent spectacle presented by
the "iim miles of green wheat fields
our train lravers,,l. While the
season lias been a little backward,
there Is every Indication of a record
Tbe well auth        ited  ni
. li:.  sti ikes ol  place)     gold
now  being madi   along the old     bed
nf Fi :. ■   creek,   at ie Big Bend   lh
trict       me seven tj five  miles    from
i. .' Istiike,  ■'■ i  ne as much ol
a surprise to tbe old timers In this
district, although ,t will doubttess
be received with the usual scepticism
by those wiio are but little acquaint
ed  w.th the  vast mineral  wealth
.:  I..:.|   ■ untry.    i ne new coin , i
cr  •*. the  word*
' .1.11.
Creek" and ' Uold Stream '  but   the
place two unimportant tn
I utaiies >•; tlie Columbia rivei, uut
to ibe members "l tbat uiu Brigade
it. . Beiv.-.e in tbe Interior ol
British Columbia, tln-s,- same terms
will conjuie up a world of memorable
.      •       DCv.lt   was  .tl tbe sixties that
;„.= region, now  again discovered by
the prospect-:,  was  tbe scene "l one
ol tne greatest rushes In the history
..;  4- _■  on tbe I'm-.nc coast,
and tbe tra Is lead ng (rom tins city
up the Columbia, were thronged wltn
a motbly  a in i rowd ol
sectors,   miners and  speculators,
who i. ,j    thrown     down the tmple
men!.- isual  occupations,  to
ip thi   p  k an l thi  pan and tbe
Ioi gold.
M.Uions  u'.  dolfars  worth  ol  alluv
.   were taken  Irom the
■ ..  the cream had ap-
klmmed,  the diggings  Extras
were   ... ol   trans
revi i  profitable  working
y al . st cla n,s.
tt ba v ol evei y
mount.,.:,   .- and    .l.tlu .;•    n
■ .    -    - •      railwaj   ti
I transport I  Ran
efloi - ind even the
r.ch.-" dor
• . l
wat "   ways,
try I     thai   -t..p-
where      . '
• ,  ..
are ms
ia riv
er  :■■ which
•i, ■
B. It.  Atkins,  b.  Grell    7
H. Bonallo,   b.   Grell    17
J. Maley, b. Strickland  i.">
G. Barnes,  b. Harrigan  11
K. Fleetham,   b.   Holmes    It
W. Wallace, c.  Barlow,  b.  Strick'dlO
It. Ballard,  b.  Harlow    jm
E, Young, not out   19
Kxtras    25
Harrigan,   b.  Maley  ,.,
Nieluilsan.  M Bonallo
Grell,  b,  Bonallo   0
Sti Ickland,   b.   Maley   . .         2
Bowden, l.b.w., b. Barnes 23
Meek,  b,  Bonallo         13
Harlow, b. Bonallo 	
M-i'k, not out  lm
Verity,   l>.   Barnes i
Buckle,  b.  Fleetham    7
Holmes i>.  Fleetham  12
Verity,  2C  runs,   i   wicket;   Barlow,
.'1  runs.  2 wickets;  Grell,
ts;   M'','k.   2.1   runs,   u   wiek«t- W
Strickland 30 runs, 2 wickets; Han
15 runs,  1  wicket; Holmes 1 i run.-.
■    Bonalli .   K   i ins    Iw
Maley  .'I   run-,   2   H Ickets    Wall
runs, " wickets    Barnes  12  runs
wickets;  Fleetba  run-.
i mpires   tt    Bank i   i     North.
Sen match Julj
it   Revelstoke.
Team  selected    i      Ha ipl
F.  Fleetham . D    Bon i
Come to the Oity ol Revelstoke.
Come to the city of romance and
beauty. Come to the lund of nirt.'i
and music, and the home of song nnd
story. Come to the deathbed ol
melancholy and the graveyard of
rare. Come to the land i.l golden
sunshine,   Come to the land    j.'   iti-.
„ ',"""' ,I '-eiiar and pine,   Come to the land 11
Hallow     -t'
crystal  streams  and   the  frisky   t out
comedians. I'oine to the land ,.! !rag
runt, wlldflowers, drooping on a thousand hills, au.l timi.l violets blushing
in a thousand dells. Come to tno
land of snowcapped mountains. Come
to lhe laiiil of grim old cany.,:. .
wooded hillsides and lightening footed deer. Come to the land ol winding trails, th.- romance and the i,l.n-y
tbat riing to the relics of frontier
life. Come to tlie Alps of America,
of which every tongue on earth Khali
speak. Come to the mightiest e»blh-
it of nature's artist, Come to the
city "f destiny. Come to th i men
an.l women who have watered .i with
their tear- and iilf-s ,1 ,t with their
smiles. Dome to the i-amptlres ol
hospitality that are awaiting -.
Come to Revelstoke with hei cpen,
throbbing heart.   Come t" tbe spirit
that    bl.l-   you   welcome.     '  "Illi-.
■'■    •-• ■  ace,   it   i>kbell,  w
Field,     It.  Ballard,
Hi   if    FIXTURES
Brll   I   Ci
\   .- .-•: I   ' ik il igan   M ss
■   •. nn er trmal
»rn  i
l rn
Sparring Match
tory i
...... Revelst
es wb.eh await
•   ■
known .,»      e Big
•   ■
■    :.      . -.
Ing into I those whi
fortunate and July    1st.  Don
.1 .iim
nv»r   tr.,:l«,     - tl id il   I  ival  ui     Vancouver,
roarse gold, and nil i
■■■:■■ ■ tb America.   1 lat It
'.:■!' rnese,   for  that pron
rtricb i        tui    the wilden ir taking
of -his match     wiii
In the Shadow of the Beak
111 -'.!.
morning    Magisl I ate    t lam   I
a lul
Walter Clark  was the nam. i
son.   li   •■■.-■   i that thi
J  to  thl
■   ■
■    ■
| Closing Out
Have you had your share of the bargains
that our Closing Oul Sale offers '.' Kvery
day brings something new. Right al the
beginning of the hoi weather, you can buy
youi- summer goods at greatly reduced
prices. This is a bona fide sale. We are
leaving town, and want to sell every
dollar's worth. Hero are some of the offerings for the noxl few days,
Dress Goods
Cashmeres, Mohairs, Panamas, Serges and
Suit Lengths, All kinds of materials and
all colors al HALF PRICE.
Long Gloves
These are mostly blank. They sold regularly at $1.25. We are clearing them out
at 75 Cents.
Shoes!   Shoes!
See our window of high grade "Empress"
shoes.    Pumps, Oxfords and  Bals.    They
sold regularly up to $4.50	
Your Choice for $2.65
Sash. Doors. Mouldings' Turnings
We are in the manufacturing business of
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases, Ollice and Bar Fixtures, Screen
Doors and Windows made tt) order and all
kinds ol repair work done in good order.
We have a lull line ofbuilding supplies, lime
cement, plaster, Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Pooling
cJTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295,   Kevelstoke, B. C.
Watch our Windows
Watch Our Advertisements
| McLennan SrCo.%
•J1 'J' ,I|,i,,I| 'J''J1 fJ* 'J* t?.'* 4$f *i* 'J* *i* ■^*'+5+*ifc*'(J* ♦J* ■* J" 'X' 4i* *I* +5-+' *' '•£'
People of Revelstoke, Do Not Be Downhearted
We have the Resources. Capital will come to us
In the time of Peace, Prepare for War.
Now is the time to place money in Kevelstoke.
Do not wait for the coming raise.
Call and See Me Before Investing.
Silt  EDMUND WAI.KICK. C.V.O., I.I..D., D.C.L..  Pri'siilcnt
General Manascr
Assist;,in General Manager
CAPITAL, $15,000,000
REST, $12,500,000
Interest ;it the current rule is allowed on till deposits of $1 and
upwards. Careful attention is ffiven to every account Small accounts
are welcomed.    Accounts may be opened and operated by mail.
Vccounls mav bo opened in tbe names ol two or more persons,
withdrawals to be made by any one of them or by the survivor! s,
Dominion - Day - Celebration
JULY 1, 1912
Football, II a. m.
Kamloops vs.  Revelstoke
Field Sports, 2  p. m.
' ipen to all Amateurs
J imping, Pole Vault, Shut Put, Etc.
Baseball, 4 p, m.
Chase vs. Revelstoke
Admission to Grounds, 25i.    Grandstand, 25c.
Refreshments will be Served on Crounds
Our Doctors Anli*Septic Shoe Ls Proving a Winner
This last is fillinga long felt wantand its waterproof qualities are standing the lest.
We carry a full line of the famous l'enc-
tanK Shoe pack antl all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers, Saddlers Harness Makers
Tlio W..II r.ijurs ue wanl yon lo sue
.nr siiuih lliis heaton's productions
rhry tiro uiH|uosttoitul)ly superior in
beau .." ami ar.:*,.,   ... 01 ng
to am \\\i n.n, tivt!i bhown, y\ lhat
wni oan seo el.sott hero,
Ii should not Iw iliflicult Lo induce
you to ox iu- 11mm,     Will \uu do so
5 A New Short Order Restaurant anil Eating House
Only   White   Cooks   Employed
Have had 15 years experience as a caterer
Ktgulur $5.25 Meal ticket for live Dollars.
i J. Pappus and J. Chitsas,
MacKenzio Avcrui-, Revelstoke, B. C
.,:  belt   with  h network  ol , rn
■ .-   in "■■- in --.i-   I
11    ITfUt     Hll.l     | r-     -     • ■ Itj.
A New Business
Tb* Havana '' M-ai  Factor; li    tbe
Dame ot a aew cigai  Factory  luitop
entnl  up nn  Flr-it  ntre«t  west.     Ths
l«tor la Mr. 0«orf« Hay,     bb
expert     eipar    /iinkiT.   Mi    Hay      Is
tilling  in  m.ikiii* by hnn I     l>.s
t       hsrorlt*  brand! fA dgari ttnowu
■ m    •,.,,-• and "Oaa»| Jontt.'
■i.e  eigatt   inn !■   iit   tl»    Haviini
.-.   li.in'l made.
In his new mi' »IkIi    Mf.
•.be greatest mta^'irf ol iiwn.
'imn    in
spar  mi  I.., oi   hr.     Mi    D i
■ ning in li-
Mi    I.mm Man    :, :, ,     ,
,ii   :l„- l..i .i lei   tin h    C i' l'
ii/  .M  q iit« ii tew iuu
poi •■ i      Th ■ man h wlll
.i   'lium-M  '
\    McPherson,
The ai
watch  to the
■ ■'.
wo    found   'I ,i   woo i u   Mi
livery     barn    In  -
'■>' M< Mcl imte   i in '■ I     , ,     , ., .  ,
I"""''  n '" Kamloopi |ail   • th
Bverybodj   .    lo iking foi ■ u I  to a MagletraU   n ...                       that
"'"' ■•*•' Won  on  Julj   !■!    tfeMrved  herealterall   pettj   I Id     bo
'-'    r*l .ilm.   ion  n. ii ium |aja.|{   , i|, ,,,.,,,    ,  .
Empress theatre Monday nighl  i.utl „„ i„   ,n, ,\.,,.,„,,„ ,;  ,.,   ,,,„., ,,„,
psl ij   th •'. nu'  In  ii'  ■ i I'.rn-  11 poi
Ste oui window "I Mint inapt Mid slblo,
m.i  stovM,   Hot  wsatbor ipecliltiui, fong t.'h
llourne Bros. num   wa    fl 1  |100  lor carrying (in
■ ..
ifi'f >>■..-,.-.i  ■
■ ■
iui iim
' m.i  ■■ ilul v      I I ■   .,; at   will  i i
fi\.   in..niii
tn       COOl     ill      Iii   tl
i'n tei  ai if i rn
Gold Medal.
<mdon, 1911
lar,. ■    ■ '■ HI   'I '.HeWM
I .....   II     n<
Riillliviiys Tea
r [rrown nn  Ji'il  lini  Mptftl
|i the i,. i foi tea cul
t lit: nevei idultei
nevi i - olon I.
la latad AlrTlffhl Pk,i.
All llloh I !•
Orifer  l,nl l'»rVa,»
Hany Bu'gcr, Famous Opera Star, Empress Theatre, SatuiiJa-J' WEDNESDAY.  JUNE  2C,  1912.
WEDNESDAY,  Jl'NK n.  191J
Tho measure of success in potato
growing Is the yield per acre nnd
quality ol tbe harvested crop.
Krom the (allures ..s woll ..* the successes ol pot..lo (armors the (ollowing are found to lie the seven most
Important poi..to needs;
1.—A potato soil ik a prime re-
.|iiinite for profltablo putato uuliuro.
This consists of surtttco soil with
a sufficient admixture ol sand and silt
or clay to bo responsive to tillage
operations, Beneath ihis Bitrfooa
soil should i.e ii well drained BUhsoil,
capable o( plnnt food renewals,     to
upper soil,  from  time  to  time.
2.—Plenty of air is needed, hence
porsoity in tbe Boil,   Potatoes must
have  uir,   especially   aftei'   the   setting
of the tubers during tho period     ol
their  maturity.
8.—There must be plentj ol avail -
Hide plant food. Soils rich in potash
wnli  plenty  oi vegetable mold—bum-
Us are   usually   well   supplied   with
nil the other desirable elements in
available form fm- the growing tubers
4.—A tine, well-firmed, Imt porous
Boil has an evenness of texture which
enables it to roccivc moisture and
Iced it to thc potato plant through
capillarity as its root system has
need. An earth-mulch at the surface
prevents too rapid evapi cation of
this desired moisture, conserving this
essential for the growing plant needs
Thus   other   essential     requisites    ON
provided for that encourage a well -
developed root system by means of
which the growing tulicr plaot draws
its sustenance from soil and air,
5.—Deep plowing and thorough storing of the soil at the proper time
insure soil aeration, so essential In
successful  potato culture.
6.—Careful systematic seci select
Ion is all-Important in maintaining
quality in potatoes. A seed plot will
furnish the desirable quality ol s e.l
for next year's general field crop. A
definite system of using bill-selected
seed pays nrh dividends this yenr
from bill-selected s^e.l ,,r last in In
creased yield per hill and desirable
type sought. Une should plant Ior
seed the type and character of potato he desires (or maiket A tulier
With hut lew and shallow eyes, with
skin free of fungus diseases which
prey upon it, ami of the form typical
ol its breed, is the type of potato
most to bc desired for seed. Unknown
grocery p otatoes, run outs and
culls, must or should lie discarded
from seed, if we would hope to im -
prove tbe crop or obtain satisfactory
profits in potato culture.
A well order.-,1, ro a.ion ol crops is
important for potato success. Potatoes should not be grawo more than
twice in succession on the same
ground without rotation to insure
freedom from fungus diseases. We
should place potatoes in the rotution
after the legume crop which pays
best to grow upon the (arm.
General Booth's Message
General William Duuth, o[ tbe
Salvation Army, has issued the following nies-age to his soldiers thru'-
out the world.—
My Dear Comrades:—II the unexpected blow regurd.ng the loss of my
eyesight has nut actually fallen, as
the newspapers have stuted, it is
hovering dangerously near. Instead
ol thc restoration ot sight for which
1 had hoped, aud for which I know
you have so earnestly prayed, the
doctors tell me 1 am on the aery eve
of etitire  darkness.
In a few brief hours my comrades
may be under tho painlul compulsion
ol announcing thut The General is
hopelessly Wind. In that event, what
un indescribably painful Iobs will he
mine, never again to see tho light of
duy, or behold the countenances of
my friends, or look into the sympa -
thetic eyes of my comrades; never
ugain to witness that which for over
Sixty years has been to me the sight
of sights—men and women kneeling
at the .Mercy-Seat.
Then, too, I have lost the hope ol
being uble with uuy facility to write
while it will be un absolute impossibility to read well.
Pile lip all my losses—they aro
many and serious 1 udmit; but look
ut the mercies left mo!
First, there is my confidence
tlod. I am uot going to allow
existence of a few things whicli
in conflict with my judgment to
terfero with my confidence in
wisdom—confidciico thut is inspired
by a lifelong knowledge of His loving
Then, I have not lost thc assur -
uuce of my own happy relations with
my Heavenly Father, 1 haVg not lost
the confidence und lovo of my own
deur people. 1 have not lost the in-
eBtimnblo blessing of life.
I want tho continued loyally of my
own people and the heartier ,, operation of all men and women whose
hearts arc fired with the same purpose us illy  own.
In a few  wock'n  lime  I  hope
round  once more on  lhc  latii-
All) way   my   dear  Ct. Ill'udla
light or  in  the  da. k,  yuu  may
upon your General to trust   m
nnd go forward I
An Knsomble aiu! Chorus Grouping .seen with Harry Bulger in  "The F
,i   . Empress Theatre, Saturday Night
nneess   conn
ng to the &'Ji
May be Reopened
Montreal, June I'J—The .use ol
Ohlniquy v. begin took ou a new aspect tins morning ami it is possible
that'tlie trial may be reopened, j inl^
ment was to have been rendered tu-
uuy. As soon us thc court opened
tuis moiuuig Mr, Lamothe, ropros-
tenting Mr. Begin, made an application lor a delay ol judgment until to
morrow, lie bad, liu said, been iu-
lormed of a certain uct which might
huve au import.iut beating on thc
nature of tlie judgment and asked for
time to Investigate the matter. His
lordship said that if uo action were
taken in the meantime he would render judgment at 10:30 tomorrow morning, lue planum in this action Is
a daughter of the lato ltev. Charles
Chiuiquy, uu ex-priest of the Catholic church and wile of i'rof. Morui of
McQlll university. Sho sued Mr.
Begin, editor of the Croix (or un article in whieh he refrred to the wife
of the lute Mr. Chuuuuy us a concubine.
Luud Registry Ollice,
Vancouver, L.c,
2ibi May, l'J12.
lu the uiaticr ut a cuiuiu agree
ment oi sale unu purcause ui Lois
11, 10, 111, io u;id _! in BUudlVlslOU
"D , Lots ol) UU.i Ji in ButidlvlBiou
"O" uud L,ots 2i uud io iu bUi.dins
iou "ll   , Uiocs   ii)6,   IJ,BlllVt   Lul initl '■
city oi vuueouver, uuud 9ih July,
lu'ji, entered iuio uy uuu between
William F. Sun Antwerp, ui lue une
part uud 1 humus hi, Wilsuii of tuu
oilier pun; uud iu the tuullcr of u j
certain Agreement oi nuie una i-ur -
chase oi i_,ot 21, iu Subdivision "D",
in.,cis US, District Lut 2e,m, dateu
21st Uciouer, 1»92, entered iutu uy
uud between William F. \uu Antwerp
ui the uue part uud Vuuul Cairytr ui
Llie oilier' part.
Whereas satisfactory prout ol
broach uf cuuveuuuts and uf le-eutry
uud recovery of possession by tue
registered  owner.
liUulfltuu' LUuALui
Meet mu ut  the  Suvoy.
Catherine 1.  Ll.  Muusuu.
Kevelstoke Lund District.
Bistrict of  West Kooteuuy.
Tuke notice that 1, Elizabeth
Hannah, ol itusslnud, B.C., occupation Married Women, intend to upply fur permission iu pu.'chass 'jt
lulluwiug described lunds:
Commencing ut a post planted
ubout Su chains uurih uf the North-
West Corner of Lot 84112, tbence iti
chains south, it) cbains cuct, su
chains so,.th, oil cm us i,.i-', Do
point of commencement and contuining 240 ucres more or less.
Duted thiB 2t,th ol April,  PJ12.
Johu  Vi,  liu.iuuu,  Ageut.
Notice i.s hereby given tbut William
LIUU' lionet tuull, ol lluvcl.sloiie, D.C.
will apply lor u license to lime ,.n.
use u„j uileuu Miners inciics ul water
oui oi cariboo cree*, wuica uows iu
u southerly direction through T. D.
o)iii  una   T.   il.   4,1112,,,   a.,u   empties
Hevelstoke   Laud   DUtriSt.
District  of  West  Kuoteuuy.
Tuke nolice that I'.ar.icsL. Adull
Mayor, ot Miueapolls, Miuncectu, occupation Clerk, intends to apply for
permission to purchuse lhc loll jwiug
described  lauds:
Commencing at a '.;ost planted at
the Northwest Cornor ol Lot S115
thence north III chains, ibeico v.ist
■111 chains, thencc smith lr ileitis,
thencc east Iu chains to point of
cuiiiiiieneenic.it and containing lill
acres  more or less.
Duled  June   10th,   1913,
hus  beeu   produced   tu   tbc   Registrar  mt0 Uo*««  u<""'.  about  two  mi.es
una med m this uiiicc ""'" lts mouth, uolumuia Kiver. 'lho
notice is hereuy giv.n that, at thu Iwatet W1" "• <"»e"ou at a puna i.
expiration of  tuuiy  auys ltuui    tue
un.es   uuiib   ol   Downie   Ciees
uute ui service hereol, i shuD cwicol W1"  bu UBea ,or »°"'lli^    purposes
Dig reductions in buby carriages ot  tue     registration oi   ine said agreement  upou  the  registers  uf  tu.o of
Meut chests ut lluwsuu's,  fur |3.00
uud   ,'.',.mi.
For  rcully   choice  Chocolates,   drop
in ut the Sugar Uowl.
thc "Luud Registry Act"     u reprint
of which lection  is endorsed hereon.
Pure    Muple      Syrup,
ivasuington     itrawuerries ...  Bourne
Uius., vnst street.
A fresh supply of Moons' noted
chocolates hus just urrived at the
Suvuy.—Try  them.
Vour  losses  assured,  rates  reusou -
ble—W. li. Robertson, reul estate  at
'. ictor Hornless Machines '. from
*-' uyniU'ul, Edison rhutiugrupus,
Hum tu.oU upwards.—Revelstoko
Music   rttoie,   .McKeu.au Aveuuo.
See the ltevelstuke ilurdwuie Co.'s
a.ivei tnsenieitt for burgaius iu screen
dours uud   wiuduws.
The   "Sugur  Dowi"  ice cream  parlors uro    now    complete.      lhe   nest
and most  up-to-date suJu fountain iu !
the city.   A.  visit  will surprise yuu.   j
Only a fow hammocks left at How-
sou's. Wu oiler these ut greatly reduced  prices.
Try one of Probyn's special dishes
of ice creum culled the "Carpathian"
Low prices on Wicker furniture at
HowBon'a next week. Watch the show-
District Registrar.
Lime  Ji.ice,   To Thomas E.  Wilson,  Vouel can yer
The District Kegistrar bas directed
that  the ubove  uotice  be served      by
publicuuoii  thereof  lor one niuutb iu
u Kooteuay newspuper.
ltevelstuke  Lund  District.
District  of   West  Kooteuuy
Take notice  lhat Luua  A.   Bloud.u,
of  liulcyon,  B.  C,  occuputiou  mur-
ned m.man, iuteuds tu upply lor f-cr-
ou   the  luud   descrincd   us   Lut   l.u.u
Hcvuislosu   Luuu   District.
Tins notice wus posted ou thu
grouud ou the 4tu duy of J uue, l'.U2.
The uppiicuiiou will ne hied iu tue
oinco ot the Wuter Recorder ut Kevelstoke, B.  C.
Objections muy bc filed wltb the
said    Water   Recorder ur with   tue
Comptroller  of   Water   lt.gbts,      lur-
liamont Dmldiugs,  \ ictoria,  D.C.
Per Audiew Kitson, Aiunt.
Por a License tu lake and use Water
.Notue is hereuy given thai James
A. Shields, of Revclsloae, B.C., wilt
upply lor a liceu.se to lu^e uua use
b'liteen iiej Miners incius of    water
mission    to     purchuse  tue lo.lotfiug   uut °'  >-"nl'u" CreiK,  which  liows in
In  i e
i  Lbe
Don't [orglt,  pcacl.es and lt <-ain ut
lhc  Savoy.
Tho next examination for tno cut.)
of Nuvul Cadets will be held at thc
examination centres of thc Civil Ser
vico Commission in November 1912,
parents or guardians of intending
candidates Bhould apply to the f.-ecre
tury, Civil Service Commission, Ottawa, for outry papers beforo Isl
October next.
Candidates must lie l.ctwcm tho
ages ot 14 and Hi on 1st JANUARY,
Cadets arc trained lot appoint min
us Olllcers in the Naval Service, th
eou.se at the College being two year.-
followed by one year in a Tr.un.n,
Cruiser, after which Cadets are rut
cl   Midshipmen.
Kurt her dctnifc can be obtained O i
application  to iiiidcrslgi),-d.
.;    t    DB8BARATB,
Deputy Minister "t tin, NavalSerriet
Depart nt  ol  the   Nav il   UIMCc,
t'l law,,.   May   6th,   IMA
Uist issue June 22
described  land:
Commencing at a post plant-Jd on
tbo South Bouudury sixty chums wesl
of the south-east corner ol Lot ,u,2,
theuce south Stl chuius, theuce esst
4U chains, theuce noun IN chums,
to said south bouudury of Lot ,0,2
theuce west uloug suid bouuJa,y 4u
chuius more or less to poiut ol coui-
meucement, contuining t>u ucres u.uu-
or less
Duted March llth,  1912.
Laua A. Blondin.
Hugh Puliiisuu, Ageul
a southerly direction through 1.inner Limits ojj,., and iioitt, und duplies iuto Downie Creek uuout two
miles irom the Columbiu river. The
water will ne ulvorced ut u point
uuuut one uud a hull miles nulla o,
Uowuie i reus trail and will be used
lur iioiiK-si.u purposes on the luuu
described as certincate oi purchase
n.l  KevalstOkfl  Cau.1  District.
This uotice wus posted uu thc
grouui un the ltn duy of June, PJ12
ihe application will be filed in t.ie
oince oi tue Water Recorder, itevelstoke, B.C. Objections muy be nlo.i
with the suid Wuter Recorder or with
the Comptroller of Water Kights,
Parliament moldings, \ ictoria, B.O.
Dy  Andrew   Kilsou,   Agent
PUBLIC    NOTICE   is hereby given
that the   Canadian   Paella   Kuilwaj
ltevelstuke Land District.
District ul  West Kuoteuuy.
Tuke uul.ee that I Alice iLlluiuu,
uf Uerrard, B.C., uccupat.uu Married
Woman, .uteuds to apply lor permission to purchase lbe lollowiug des-
cribsd lunds:
Commencing  ut a post   planted    un   toln|„lI)y    dw     ,„.,„„,,.
the North shore ul Trout Laki about   Uc(.,slry    ()1I„T ,„  t0, (-lly  uf  Kiim
tt) ohalni west and 2u   chains north loopi on  tbe sth day  oi  November,
from the North West Corner of Uothgu, Ul)lhl. No, m ,,lllU( ,.rolilo ulul
TiW, thence eust 2c chu.ns, tbence book oI Ke^rcuce of proposed spur
south 20 chains, thence West M to be constructed by thc suid Coin-
chains or less io shore ol Trout | uuny Irom ,ls ,„,,,„ hnu al Mllu
Lake, 20 chaius more or less to' U(mrd «,, m,a,. tno ,own uf Sicu.
point of commeucemcut, and cou - moUSi tht>ncc runntag Northerly aud
taming about 40 ucres more or less.  North-wostcrly  across  tho  South-east
dYNDPol*   ur   oual   IVI...IM.
Coul mining rights cd tbe Dominion
iu Muiutouu, Suskatchuwun aud Alberta,   tno    \uKun   Territory,     ihu
jNurui-wcsi Territories and iu u portion ut tiie Province ul Driiisb Ool-
{umuiu,  muy  bo  leased  lor u term ul
! twunty-oue years ..i  uu uuuuul lout-
'ul ol il uu uere. Not more luuu
2,auu ucres  will  ne leased  to oue up-
I pneant.
i    Application for icuue must  be oiudu
' by lhe upplicuut iu persou to tho
Ageul or     Suu-Ageul of tho Uismci
j in whicu  the nghis upplied tor     are
j siluuleu.
I in surveyed terntury the luud must
bo Uescnbed by sectiuiis, or legul
sub-divisious of seeiioUB, uud iu uu-
surveyed territory the tract appi.cn
• or shuU uu viukud oul by thu ap -
plicaut  Uimsuii.
Eucu ap,-in.ini must be uccompuu-
led by a lee ol 4o which will lie refunded it lue nguis uppiicii lor ure
uot uvuiluble, but not otburwise. A
royuky shall uo puid ou iuu mei
chuutuble output ol tbu nnue ut tbo
rate of live ceuts por ton.
Tho person operuting tue m.uo shull
in. h,. .. tue Ageut with swoiu returns
uccouutiug lur the full quantity ol
iiiMieiiaul.ii.le coul nunc; uud puy the
luyuli) tueroou. If the coul mining
rights uru uot beiug operate,l, sucu
returns should be luruishud at least
ouce a year.
The lease will iuclude the coul mining rights ouly, but tho lessee may
no permuted lo purchuse whutever
uvuiluble uuriuco rights muy be considered necessary Ior the workiug ol
tbu mine ut the rule ol lltl.UO un
For full information application
should bo mado to the Secretary of
lbe Department o( tbe interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Ageut
of Dominion Lands.
W.  W. CORY,
Deputy  Minister of tbe Interior.
N.B.—Unauthorized   publication    ol
this  advertisomeut  will  not   lie  paid
Dated 18th day of Muy 1912
Per  Luni-e  Hillman,  Ageul.
ltevelstuke Land District.
District of  West Kootenay.
Take  not....   that Adelard   S.   Dion-
din, oi     Halcyon,    D. C, occupation
shipwright, Intends to upply for por-!
mission    to     puicbuse  thc following
described land:
Commencing   at  a   post   planted    20 I
North-cast  and  Noilb-wcut   quarters,
Section  J,    Township  22,       Rang! S,
West uf the 6th Initial Meridian,
tbence Westerly across lots ln;i.", and
MS, Croup 1, Kamloops Division ol
Vale District near Sicamous in the
Province ol British Columbia, to the
premises of the Columbia River Lum
ber Company, and that thirty days
altor this notice or as soon thereafter as  lhc application  can   be heir,I
ihe Oanadian Pacific  Uailway Com
pany  intends  to upply  to  tbe   Board
chains south  and 2U chums  west      of
the south-east      cornel   ol    Lot  7072;   ^."""""?,. ('."""""'H""1",S. '"'i. °^J
thencc  south   4(1  ciiains,  thence     west
211 chains, thencc north 40 cbuins,
thence cist 20 chains more or less to
point of commencement, and contain
Ing eighty arres,  more or  less
Dated March  llth, 1913,
Adelard B. Blondln,
Hugh I'attiusuu, Ageut.
da for authority t
aforesaid spur.
Dated  the  12lh duy  of  June, 1912.
Local   Kight of   Way
...id  Lease  Agent,
Cuuadiau   Pacific   Uailway Compauy
Vaucouver, B. C.
Notico is hereby givon that Willis
John Armstrong, ol Revelstoke, U.
C, w.ll apply for a license to tuke
und uso nix (6) miners inches of water out of Mill Creek, which Hows in
a suulhdiHtcrly directum through
Section 29, Township -.">, Itange 2,
WoHt of the 6th Meridan, and empties into Touch Watlia river, near
Dig   Kddy,   B.C.,   The  water  will    bo
diverted at 200 [cct ui.ovo 0. P. 11.
track und will be used for irrigation
pui puses on thc land described us 88
acroS, part section 29, township 13,
range 2,  west of Rth Meridan.
This notice wub posted on the
ground on the llth day of April, 1912
Thc application will bo filed in tbe
ollico of the Waler RlOorder at Hevelstoke, Bf C.
Object ions may be tiled with the
suid Wuter ltecordcr or with tho
Comptroller   ol   Water   Rights,     Par -
llament Buildings, victoria, B. c.
Applicant. ...
In  tho  County  Court  uf  W,st  Koote
uuy  Hidden at Revelstoke.
nu.  MuAulay   vs.  Beatrice    ailaes,
ci.l.,  iNon-persoual Llaulllty.l
A.   A.   Human  vs.      llcali.ee     .Mines,
Ltd., i .xni personal Liability >
Johu  UUhdei'BOU  and others  vs.   Dcu-
trici:   iUhk.s, Ltd.,    iiNuu-poisunal
Pursuant lo the Judgements In the
aiiuve actions bearing dute tho SOth
.luuu l'Jll, Uiu order (or sale therein
contulned and tbu Directions given
herein uu the 2nd May, 1912, tenders
will lie received l>y the underslgneJ
lur ihe purchase ul the (ollowing
mineral claims:
"Deiilricu" .Mineral clu.ru being Lol
No.  1,'mi,, Croup  1.
"Bdmond" Mineral claim being Lot
No, 2634, Group 1,
"Folium" Miuerul cluiiu being Lul
No. 4087, Group 1.
All hi uiu lu oear Oamborne iu the
Lardeau Mining Division ul West
Kuoteuuy District, li. C.
Considerable development work bus
beeu douu 011 ibe Beatrice cluim.
Tenders uro to be made iu writiug
uud scaled and marked "Tender for
Houtrice Mines property" and addressed to the undersigned at Revelstoke, B, C, on or belore tlie LSth
day uf Juuo, 1912.
The highest or any tender uot necessarily accepted. Further particu -
lars of tho properly will l«. furnished
on application to W. I. Driggs,
Plaintiffs   Solicitor,   Revelstoke,   B.C.
Duted this Sth duy of Muy, PJ12.
w. e. Mclaughlin.
Deputy  Registrar  County Court,
Revelstoke,  U.  C.
First issue  May  li,  4wcoks.
The time for receiving tenders herein has beeu extended to August 1st,
Sealed Tenders addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender
for Wharf at Boswell, B.C.," will lie
received at tins office until 4 p, m.,
uu Tuesday, July 2, 1912, f..r thi
eoiisiructiuu of a Pile Beut Whurt at
Boswell, Division ol Nelson, Kuote-
nay District, D.C
Plans, specilications and furm uf
contract can be seen und forms ol
tendei obtained at this Dtpartnent
and at tbe offices ol G. A. Keefer,
Esq., District Engineer, New West-
minster, B.C., and on application to
the Postmaster at Victoria, B.O.
Persons tendering uru notified that
tenders will not le cuiiHideiod unless
made on the punted forms supplied,
and signed with tb.1 actual sign"-
lures, slating ther occupations and
places "i residence, tn the case of
firms, the actual signature, thu nature ol Mi icupatlon, and plaot ol
residence ol  each member of the firm
miisi be given,
Euch tender must 1.0 accompanied
by an accepted cheque on a chartered
bank, payable tu the urder o< tbe
Honourable the Minister ol Public
Works, equal to ten per cent (10 p.
c.J of the amount of the tender,
which will be forfeited if tbe person
tendering decline to enter into a
coutruct when called upon to do so,
or full to complete the work contracted for. It tbe tender lie not uccept-
od the cheque will be returned.
The Department does uot bind it-
sell to nccept the lowest or auy tender.
Dy  order,
It.  C.  DE8R0CHBRS,
Department of Public Works,
Ottawa,   May   20,   1912.
Newspapers will nol bo     paid    for
this  advertisement   if  they   niBcrt    it
without  authority   from   the   Bepart-
Juue  Sth   1st   issue.
Seuicd   Tenders addressed   to   the
undersigned, una cudur-ed ' Teudei
lur Wburt ul Neeulcs, D.C. ', will uu
received ut this ollice uuul r p. m.,
ou Thursday, July ith, 1912, tur '.ut
cuustructiou ol u ITlo Deut Wharl al
Needles, Division ui AUuW Lun.,
ui  Kuuteuuy, B.C.
Plans, specifications aud form of
coutruct cau ue t>tMi au.J lorms uf
teuder obtained ui ilns Deportment,
uud at tne oiiuea ul C. c. worstjla,
e-su.., Dumct naisiuSdr, .\uw Westminster, D.C, UU.1 uu upplicutiuu to
the Postmaster ui .scene.-, u J , auu
victoria, D.C.
Persons UnueHng .nu nu.. n-.i -,i.ai
tenders W'lU uoi .c .< u ... .' u unless
inuue uu tuu printed fur.i.s ■ ,\i, Ilea,
uud signed w.tu tbeir act... i.j.-.a
lures, stutiug their occupations an.i
Jiluees ui requeues. L. :u. c.,s^ ul
urms, the actual signature, the nature ul the occupullou, uul pl icu ..I
.evidence ot euch memuer a t,.... n, ^
must be given.
Euch teuder musl ae acC'i ipouiul
by uu uccupted cbeu,uc ou u chartered
iiuim, payable 10 ihe or lur ol ;^t
Honourable tbe Minister ol i'luiu
Works, equal lo len per ce.it tlu p
C.J of the ..mount of tee teuder,
winch will be forfeited if the persuu
tendering decline to euter iuto a coutruct when culle-d upon to do so, or
(ail to complete tho work contracted
fur. If the tender be uot acoeptod
the cheque  will  be returned.
The department di^s nut  bind  itSeli
tu accept  the lowest or uny tender.
By order,
lt. c RB8ROCHBR8,
Department  uf   Public  Works,
Ottuwu,  June i,,   1912.
Newspapers will not be puid Ior
tins advertisement ,; they insert tt
withuut uuthuriiy from the Depart -
Notice Is hereby givcu that 3o
dayB alter date 1 inten,! to apply tu
the Wuter I'ominiBHiouer fur Twenty
Miners' Inched ol Water to bc taken
from Davis Creek, and to bc med fur
Irrigation purposes on the following
described luud.--Part ol ths s. w.
One-quarter Section 32, Township 20,
Range 29, W., 5th Meridian, north of
Arrowhead, B, 01
Dated this 7th  day ol May 1912.
LlUUOR   ACT,   1910.
Notice is hereby givcu that on thc
lulh day ol June next, application
will be made to the Superintendent
of Provincial Polire for the grant of
a license Ior thc Bale of liquor by
retail in aud upon thc imh**
known us Humlicrt Hotel, situated
nenr Itevelstoke, B.C., upon the lunds
described as Lot 1, Block A, Plan
I tin    I    •':).',' 1 Msj   1912.
lloaorio  Lit.uiu.ue,   Applicant.
The next exam.nation for the entry
of Naval Cadets will be held at the
examination centre of the Civil Service Cuium.ss.un iu Navember 19i2;
parents or guardiuns uf intending
nn,;..:.,i. ■ should apply lo tbe Secretary, Civil Service Comm, t.\.'K,
Ottawa, lur eulry papers uo'uro Ut
Octuher ueit.
Caudidutes musl be between the
uges uf 14 and 16 on 1st Octuncr.i.'U
Cadets are trained for appuintment
us Officers iu the Nuvul Service, tbe
cuuise ul tbe Cullege beiug two years
followed hy unu year n u Truinmg
Cruiser, alter which Cudets ire rated   Midshipmen.
Further details cau  be outained uu
appiicauou  tu undersigned.
Deputy  Minister,  Depurtment
of the Naval  Service.
Department  of  tbe  Naval  Service,
Ottuwu,  May tth, 1912.
The qualifying examiuatluus (or
Third-class Clerks,  Junior  Clerks and
Stenographers will be held at    the
fullowing pluces, commencing un
Tuesday, tbe 2nd July next.—Arm-
struug, Chilliwack, Cumberland, Duu
can, Gulden, Cruud Furks, Kumluops
Kuslu, Kelowna, Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Nelson, New Westminster, Peach-
luiid. Prince Rupert, Penticton, Revelstoke, Rossland, Salmon Arm,Summerlund,   Vancouver,   aud   Victoria.
Candidates must be British sub -
jecU between the ages of 21 aud 24),
if for Third-class Clerks, and between it and 21, if for Junior Clerk*
or  Stenugrapbers.
Applications will not be accepted
.f received later than tbe loth June
next. n>...
Section 7 ol tbe "Civil Service Act"
provides lhat temporary clerks and
stenographers, who have nut been
regularly appointed by Order lu
Cuuncil, must pass this examination
Registrar, Civil Servioe,
1st Issue May 8th.
Examinations lor the position ot
Inspectors ut Steam boilers aud Ma -
chtnery, under the "Steam-boilers Inspection Act," will lie held at tbe
Parliament Buildings. Victoria, commencing May Uth, IUI, Application
aud instruct.on .'onus can bc had ou
uppl.cation to the undersigned, to
whom tbe former must lie returned
correctly filled in, not later than May
1st, 1912. Salary, $130 per month, in
creasing |l wr montb per annum to
a maximum of $180 per month.
Chiel  Inspector  ol  Machinery,
New Westminster, B.C, WEDNESDAY    JUNE  It    I U2.
THE n^I.A.IL-ECElKi^.Lr), revelsto zk-e
WBDNDSDAY, .TUNE 20,  1912,
Time is Flying, 0p|
1 unity is Passing
i •
Hustle, Keep on Hustling, and then Hustle Some More!
.'     - -.!...
tees of I       Charles 11
■    • ■       s.    has
I of I
• -   . that
fticienl to pay
.  -     ■
living wiil, i. at 'b ■ a( I  IOI  yeai
orted at ,11  active wub  b i   pen
at  her home at Upper Norwood
11.i   inst  literary  vcntun   wns
eil   !..  Di
•    tiiul  she recall* I
had  ii    manuscript [Tom
Abo  '
don's northern suburb.
COWS   FUR  BALB—Apply  to    1).   S. '
Mitchell, Kault, P.O., Tappen, D.C.
WANTED—Row    Until,
i;   .1
tt vNTI
Galena day
1   Fi ii;    .-' u.v.    ■ ten-i lomed
■ n   i'n,i l stroet,
resi lontlal   I
I        Apply
Mr     tt      -;-:; ler, Third   .'
:   nld   b -ti i
i    1
i ■ !■'    -  mervtlle,
I try  Farm.   Malakwa
At the Empress Theatre, July 1st, 1912
.■ ■
i •
■   n
■ ., ,. i.
' [h,       The   in
t      . a     I"       •'■■ ||       Inci    thl      lllnrk
'.'■ ■■       • ■ i.'n I, flrst paraded In
• seen Taj Bi Igi and  Vber
unsuri ri ■■■'■■    Brit       i nnli      To
ibei   No More' ..
marche i up thc nnve
■    • ■
M.s, Caroline A. White, the oldest,
i 1'  K
■     ,
I .,•        ■       that I
.it.. Ros-land,  H.   t
Married Woman
|.. im, n to |
ied   lands
Oommcni n ■ "" ■ t
chain    noi
W \NTKD—Btnbionmefl  ,,
:     '
ply  to    11    ■!     \
•Col     ' I     "I     Im .1     ' I'   '       t hi ' •
' ha n •    south,    if)    elm n    easl
chains north and   ■•• t, tn
point  "i  '..inm -m ,„, at   ami  cunt
Ing .'t" ." i:    nn ri  "i
Dated   Vpril W.tl, I i
Per   .lohn,  W,  1 la ii nu li    Agent.
i   nw it   Mi1       ro
• ',,iit ■ t— A ■ .n •
■  ■'   ■
i -1:1-: i:   Iron    i    .   ISth     to
uni  ' blldn n     Vppl -
uibcc im ml iii  ainl n lersntn
Dr. C. fiordon Hewitt, Do
minion   Entomologist,
M'       '
of Nanaimo,
i f Vancouver
.la   Champii n
!        \ ,1   I,   .1
Will   Spar   IO   Rounds
m the Empress Thea*
, July Ist, 1912
' lal  Seats  l?eterv-
ed foi i adies
' I.   Mcl» i.u'   will   referee  lhc
nd M i    0' I )o
i    luinbiri,    ni  ,    ,
■ ■trii   in-..i   by   nol
i   mi. niuu lii   foi
i       M i . i     Middlc-
■  |     n ol   Hi hi -li Col-
'nl,i i.
Wati li   foi   I'   ■'. i     ind
in -il hand bills.
i WHDNHrtlUY,  JUNK 26,  1012
WEDNESDAY,  .UNF. 26,  L91-2.
Parties desiring IntormatloD re-
gardlng tlio Valloy of tlio Harden ol
Kili'n, oan ulitiini Hiimc Iree ol'obarge
by writing to Mr. J. II. Johnson,
Mulukwu,  11.  0.
A deal ol considerable Importance
in Malakwa and tbe Guidon of Bden
Valley generally inm been closed,
whereby Mr. A. lv Haycock bus pur
chased from tbe original owuer, tbc
land surrounding Mulukwu station,
known ns thr townsite ol Mulukwu..
Immediately alter closing tbis deal
Mr, Haycock succeeded in interesting
Mr. J.H. Johnson, muyor ol Mulukwu lo tne extent i,t a bull Intorest
in the townsite.
Tbe new owners il tbis valuable
property bave already taken time by
the forelock and bave Mr. Robert
smith, P.L.8., engaged In surveying
this     plot   into lots,   lt is etpecbed
that their will he ubout 700 lots in
Malakwa townsite, Tho deal nlso iu-
rliuiiM the store business lately carried on bj Mr. Hall ai Malakwa,
which bus only n lew days ugo been
The Valley of
The Garden of Eden"
Just 32 Miles West of   Revelstoke,   and   Extending   between Sicamous Junction to Three Valleys Station
Area of First-Class Land-20,000 Acres
Character Of Land   Principally Level.
faiarartnr nf Qnil   Bench   Lands,   Clay    Loam   and Vegetable
iJlldldUt;.   Ul   OUII   Mould, while on  Lower Lands Black Loam
Ma Iit'i/i llinn   Positively no irrigation is needed as Valley is sub-
llU III lydllUII   irrigated, and many creeks supply water for  Domestic purposes.
This Land is specially adapted for Large and Small Fruits, as well as
Hay and Vegetables.
Moderate Clinidte   Freezing is  Average Winter Weather.
Prices of Land Reasonable
For lurther Particulars About this Garden Spot of b. C, Watch this Page
of the MAIL-HERALD Each Week
taken over by Mr, Thomas Sturdy "1
Rr-velstoke, wbo ik working doubli
mIhIim dealing oul provisions to the
Bottlers, Tin' opening up "f thm
townsite ol Mulukwu meant greal
tblngi for tin1 Valley surrounding it,
already mnny lots bave lieen spoke
lor mnl arrangements are maturing
(or tin' starting ol itveral ne* busi
nc si's, among widen If a black -
smith Bbop by Mr, P. L. LeBeau. An
up to-iiatc hotel with all modern oon
viMiHMici'H win follow ni'i' and before
many weeks tbere wlll be a thriving
little town iu Mulukwu.
Peter Allan "I    Craigellachie    bn*
Hiibl bis house to Mr. Hodman nf
Taft, gml Mr. Allan leave- for Kngland Immediately,
The owners <>! the new townittc ol
Mulukwu ure receiving enquiries fnr
■town lots from people all over   tho
. . It Miqht Be Cold. .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our.record of cures))
of rheumatism and other chronir complaints is unequalled .
and verified by our gratified pan ous. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the ^anitar-
mm is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor.
Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly mtes to bc arranged.      Meal Tickets, 21 meals for <6.iki
A   P. LEVKSQUE, Proprietor
Laughton C&, Tapping, Props.
First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Etr-'ctly  First Class
Rooms Single, cn Suite
and with  Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Clgnrs.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.    ALBEBT     ST03STIL]      PR.OP.
lt       Wll-
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
iiuliirkuii  and Imimivml.     Pint-Clan* in every reipoct,     All modern i:onTenioni*i
Laige Sample lloums.
Rate $2.00 por day        Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke. B.C.
Aitl.  McSorley—These     assessment*  re the water    surlily,    an regard    '■■
on  these  new  walks should  be calcu-  tween  Bridge creek  to  lbe  lank,
luted to conic  well up to the amount!    Mayor  Sutherland-Thort   will  havo
thc work will co-t. | to be a by law.
Aid. MeKinnon—What is the cost of      Aid.   MeKinnon-1' U>   WS   get  u   I y
hot and    tired    lookiDK'tbc srdcwulk  wc are  building now on   law  through,
eity  council  whicli  met  in  thc    city  McKenzie avenue    and    what  counoil      Aid.   McSorley—I   beileve   the  r. tit-
hall on Friday evening last. I accepted  the   tendei   lor  miiik,   I   am   en-   would   lie   intelligent  enough    to
Mayor     Sutherland    occupied     the  trying to lind out what cement  side-   cuiry  the  by-law.
chair,  Aldermen  MeKinnon,  Abraham  walks and crossings cost,      we     are      Aid.  MeKinnon—The citiieas     were
son,   Howson,   Bourne,   McSorley  and  doing some of  this      work    now  and   told  last  year  they   bad Ml  adequate
City Clerk  Lawson were nlso present   should  be able to tell what it is coBt  water  supply.   The  Clt -.."is  ol   IW'.'I-
ing us.   I don't see     why we cannot  "oke   us*  about  thr<-.   times      moi.
Minutes  ol  last  meeting  were  ad
opted   as   read.   Also   minutes  of
special  meeting held  June  14th.
■'■'■■■      ■      OPEN NIGHT AND DAY- — ■ ■  I
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant—Short Order
W. C.   BATCHELOR,       -        cTVIanauer.
ol  be    so
Aid.  MeKinnon—I am not  in tavor-
of  putting  through  by-lawi lor si 111
u   know  what  these croMingfl arc cost-  *ater per day than 'he usua. blowing.    It  a   tender  has  lieen   accepted,   '»■><*   in   other  .'.tics,a lot   ol      waler
j thc council      should  have  passed  ou ) °ere  is  used   whieh  ne?d
Various communications  were dealt   such  acceptance,
with. !    Aid.   Howson—I   recollect   that   cc-
The  Y.M.C.A.   were   granted the Use   ment crossings  Were to  I*   | .it in.
ol the recreation    park on duly 1st!    Aid. MeKinnon—Ye», but the c ist amounts.
for tbe pin pose of holding an athletic   shouldlie known  before hand. Tbe     proposal  ll to put   i  1:!  inch
meet. |    May...    Sutbeiland-The   City   CMk   PH*  from   Bridge  ereek   to  the  tank.
A   request  lor a  proper  band  stand   will  get out particular-  of tne cuts   '  think  such  an expen
for  the city  was  laid  over for future
A request from tbe O.P.R, for -uf-
lld bO aV
ol cement crossings put in, and in j ul,|ci1 '' *" "s(''1 ",,r ■UPP,«' -Uil'CCiis
past ruses aiid submit to OOXt meet-, 'T>
Rosedene Nurseries
Revelstoke. B. C.
House Plants, Ferns, etc.
Cut Flowers, Roses, Carnations, etc
Thos. Newell, Prop.
Designs Tox 51
Phone 295
AUI'.l WIIKAD, B. 0.
B\n i   Aiumlongivon lo  nmerolal
nun   r,i .1  i'i lifts.    Flrtt-clasi sstnpli
moms, Pints! Mtnery in British Colum-
bin, ni,-il,inking I'pper Arrow l.ske.
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
W.J. Lightburne, Prop Phone 42  -   Night Phone 85
Beienl  water nt night to test tbe new
oil tank wns granted, subject to thoir
I not   nn.Inly   ilekleting the city  supply
A   request   Irom  the  hospital  board  „t  Btreot
for  free   wiring of   lhe  new      hospital   Htm,
provoked  aome  discussion.
Alderman MeKinnon—We have to
bt careful as n iin.nn-e committee or
we shall   be beb.n.l on  our estimates.
Aid. Abrahamson—A considerable
expense will he involved and we have
t" hi careful, hul  we have noi done
much   f">   tbe   hospital.
<bi   mot ian   il      was deOMed   to  gel
an  estimate  ot  the  cost   of labor    In'
connection  with  this  work  and    submit  same to the Oouncil.
An aCCOUni  from      Dr    McLean was
referred   to   the   Pittance  eommitt"e
Aid. McKinuoii—In ronneetioii with
In"' vi ilkn it. seems to me that ther-
is room fm  Injustice iu these mnt -
tiTs,  also  in  the  ease  of  the  boule -
lard   tax.   on  the  basis  of  these by -
Aid.   Abrahamson—In   Hi    ...      ol   I
specially hardpiece of sidewalk,    the
rust   should   be  bourne   hy  eity   general revenue
Aid. MeKinnon- The general roVentle
Cannot   slniiil   any   extra   expense   not
estimated for or we slmll get     iki -
The by-law  to put In certain cement sidewalks on   Victoria  Koad    r .,
Becond    street, hevemh
Orton avenue,   lonuaognt avenue,  was considered.
Aid. Howson   These walk.- brtvegot
to  be lal'l and  We  bave  tie-  litre -ar>
petitions to do tbt work.
Aid. McSortej -s.,m,- sir-,-1 pad
ing wiii have to be done in my opts
ion  before carta In  etcttoiii   ,,(    tins
walk   are  laid.
At tins point Aid. McSorley phoned foi tome lee water snd foi s brief
iiiomi'iilth,'      hot   and  thirsty   fill cil
moniiwrs rested Irom ti  .1 laborsi
The by-law was tli a passed a Second iiiiiI third  tail".
On  tin   mot.on   ..( 11  previous  coun
ril, the matter nf alterations t.. uu
Health In las  was .1 11 the
nine were postponed to anotlkSI ue 11
log n< the council,
On motiou It Waa decided to se
cure n rijrHt ol wuy from Mr uewis
by purobase, and to clear tbe poll
line through  same  at OBCS,
Iln'  proceedings then drtit.-d  Ior u
time   inlo   a   general  dtsCUSSlofl   on
Aid. Howson —Well, gentlemen,
what are wc going to do re this wmi
ter supply.
Mayor Sutherland—Tbis mutter will
come  up again.
Aid. MeKinnon—I am uot in favor
of any such by-law this year.
Aid. Howson—The question is wu
need a larger main and whether we
should put sume in this year or otherwise.
Aid. MeKinnon—We have to get
tins mi'l,-. nnd th- tux sale will
have to tuke pluce.
Mayor Sutherlund—I'ut in tho advertisement  next  week.
Council  uajourned  ut   la.m.
Mr.    llowson-Had  we  not     lieti.'i
Hevelstoke  Lund District.
District   of   Went   Kootenay.
Notice is hereby given thnt I, Adorn -1 s. Blondin, of Halcyon, U. c .
occupation Shipwright, intend to apply for permission to purchase the
following described land
Commencing at a post planted   It)
chains south and in Chains WSSl Irnu'
Hi- Soutb Kast Corner of Lot itii'i.
Uroup Ont,  Kootenay  District.     and
Aid.  MeKinnon -There is going to '"' i-"'Ui"k ready, making inquiry and I marked "A' B< Biondin'i North West
be a difference in costs in laying side Investigating  materials ami methods, Corner Post" tbence south W chains,
walks nnd  we  have  fo  make  a   care  . '"r   Street   making  and  SttlfsOUlg
!ul    In.li   ol  this subject. Alcl
Aid. McSorley—In my opinion the '"' COnsldSring such mntteis,
grading throughout ihould from thc slm11 ,,"v'' '" *!''t '"" s supply
start have  been done by tlie city and   rot'1'
thence   west  V) chainB,   tbence  n rth
Abrabamson—Yes, wt sin   Id   '" chains, tbence east 2» chains more
«yc'.ii    less     tn  lbs point of eonini 1
,y  ment.  and  containing  SO  arres, more
or less.
lbe sidewalk  charged againirt tho separate schedule.
Aid. llowton—what    arc *e .0 fo
Dated tbis icttb June, l'.»13.
The Horse
thei   laj   i man  wenl   Into   a
•  ',   , a Hi     Ban     lbe
. mt. I  nnil   i ked   thc  price
1'   ...      .   . il   ill      ild
i, is," saW   iho  uniii."I
i H get  '  ■     ime thing from Tlmothj
tor I
■■Tl at'a ll   i. I'l coal  me,'    i tl
thi  di iler,  "but  I'll sell ll    on    the
name terms aa  ibe mall order bouse
• hi   s.iiin ."
\ t, you Bind II  .in'iig"said
.,. •     an ; ch .ii.-    ,i   in my
■, ■ r life," I lie >i  iler i >■
; .  .. . :    ■     .,. CoUntS. YOU
,.,:. : with the mail ordei
il    .■ ,.       i', i..   ovei      tho
• ■ in i complied.
\. ...   :■,.    centa  postage  and    liv
■        lor n i ij  order."
■ What "
Certain!)    •   ■  hn i'e  to seud a lol
ti;  and a  mone)  order  lo a  mull oi
e,  ) oil   know."
i .-:i.m. i,    Inwardly     laving,
kept i"  b.-  agreement   and  paid  thc
wenl j five ceni    tspi esa
"Well,  i.m. ■ '  hi   Baid,     but
paid ii a.m.,   band me thai
saw and I'l   laki    I  home myi ell und
i   ry I"
U bei e  .lo  you
are?  You're  in  It ivel I iki
onto, and you'll have
■am eeka for the taw."
dealer  hung  i be saw
t   I :.f  hi. ii- y     .n      .i
"Tbat  makes  tl.K7 "   be    aid,    "If
ivo  ci in-   more and  ;t
bat ta)       .   . two weeks longei    to
get It    ban   (you had  paid my price
in the tirst place."
\  friend" Interested In dumb animals makes the (ollowing plea   f"t
' kindll   ■   to horses:
rm yourselvea In the borso's place,
hoys1 i low would you like It to have
the Ulan who employs you jerk you hy
the .ii m, Bl rlke you in ibe noao with
Ins lii an.l yell al you when he gives
vnu .in oi.i-i i" do .'.'omelii.iim,'.' Then
when you nro either doll.oring n mos
imm ; rucories, or whutevor youi
Innl.' may be, he should keep lulling
you with a whip, although you are
doing your lies! to carry out bis
wishes, and going just as fast as four
:•   I   mu  lake you,   would   you like il '
■ And yet thai is what you ure doing
every day, gll dny, to the faithful
hi'' bo you are iln lug. Thai boi i'
has in siny with ."'ii, he is depend
eni ou you for hi i food, water, all
Ins comforts, and enil'l get away
fn.in you no mattei how mean you
nro in Iiim, Bee how patiently bo
stands  when  you  yell   "whon"     mnl
Hull      Btlll'tB     lhe       inolllent    you   take
>i.iii   place  iii ih- wagon,    If he hap
pens  io imn  toward  a certain  houso:
hecaiiBo you go thore often with gro
mmnmm. iml  tins lune ymi are int go
Ing, how ilo ymi reward  bun  tor re
 mitring?  Usually  by  a cruel    jerk
at  tiro bll  which cuts hia poor mouth '
Those are only a lew ol t bo daily and
hourly  tortures  which  you  inflict   on
tbe animal     who is entirely in your.
power.    Tin Ml    Hm. ■   you    stall    to
yell at bim top and I b nk bow you
would like It, .nnl pel lum. watch
and see if liis aboea nn.l harness are
!• ptbt. Learn all .ion can about hor j
sea aud don't think you are a great
horseman and expert diiver, for you
are not, I'm yourselves iu the bor -
s   place. I
Serious Accident
Mr, Jackson, hank manager, rum"
ion, met wiih a severe accident ou
Tuesday, rocolving Injuries to thfl
chest, through tho overturning ol
ins auto, I le nnd a i arty of friends
woim oui for n tour in tbo enr; whieh
be ii'iviiily purchasod for $5,000,
Whon Hu-' suIm ui Canyon Houbg it
i.ui [nto u heap of sand, Bklddotl and
rolled over the hillside aboul ten
foot, None ol tbo party were bun,
except Mi. Jackson, who was pinned
tinder   the car    which rest! d on his
Chest, Nothing could 1 :• Anne by his
companions to extricate bun, and bo
renin uir,I in that pOBlllon for three
hours, until assistance arrived,
Doctors were enl lor and be was
removed to 1'i'lncoton, whoro ho lies
In a serious condil Ion! Pi luci i in I lor
aid, Mav 2«ivd.
water   iron   LAWNS,   ETC.
Oity  Water may  only  bo uso>l lor
I,awns,  Ute.,  betwoou  tbe  Hours    ul
ii to ;i a.m. ami i  to 9p.m.
Tins Order will  ho rigidly enlorcod,
and all olTemlers prosecuted.
Ily   tinier,
llltllt I'l   A   LAWSON,
Cily  Clerk.
lhe Man of Forty-Five
"Among the nun I hire, nine out
of t.ii are iictti'i workers at ill years
of age than aro men ol 25 or 30" declared Hie seri'ilniy mnl manager of
a Chicago commercial Iioubo.     They
believe   that   the   man   ol   Ifi  or  thure-
aliouls   is In   the  prune  of   life,   pbysi   j
rally and mentally.     Men ol mature
years are m.u-e reliable, he aver-,
more I rust worthy, anil are not apt
to be possessed ol that restlessness
and  indecision wliicb so often char
ai'leri/es youth, .in.I which leads
younger      men    continually  from  one
I'okii      to   another,   Tha   average
! ng   man   in   buslllOBB,   he  boi,Is,   Is
always   seeking   a   "soft   snap"      job,
and is not content with sucking    it
out   With   au   employer   through   thick
and Hon. until ins best services lie-
come highly valuable and perhaps Indispensable,
Sealed Tenders endorsed    "Plumbing" will be received by tha under
signed  until   Snturdny,  July  6th,   I-
o'clock   noon,   for   Plumbing   Work   ti
tho (jueen Victoria liis.iital additions, Revelttoke, B.C,
Specifications, etc, may be uhlan-
ed   upon   applieat inn.
A certified choquo lor Ave per cent.
of the amount to nc ompanj taob
tender.   The lowo t  or     any   tender
not   neeessni ily   ncce| led.
Archil. r-Ht.
P.O. Uox nt., Revelstoko,   B, 0.
New Brunswick [lections
■ tb  m « rial tl        M'au     Uovern
. ■ "       Hon    .lohn    MorriBBey,
Governn i 154    Stewoi i.   ludepen
dent     i   nservative,   201    McLachlan,
anient,  i ,Sb&;     Bctl  .    Govern ■
men    '. Doyle, Independent   Con
.     _,. ,,    ,,
jueen's county — Woods and  Sllpp
U vernment,  cted, ur, majority.
St. John City—Wilson, Tilley, Lock
ard and Orannan; Government, elec
ted    ;.  2,000 majority.
■ ■hn County—Baxter and Cal
lovernn eni.   elected,   majority,
tte—Grimmer, Clark, Taylor,
Gu] til      lovei  ment, elected, 900 major.ty.
Kent—L.ii. lty      Bouruue,  Sheridau,
" iu., ority.
i)     Jones,    Dick on,
7'mi  major ty.
taming,  Munro,  White.
Vici ■•     • 'arter,   Govern
Ma '. , ■ Pelletier    Dugall,   i ip-
■    SitlOl     • ■ •    '...,    : It)
agi an,
i-i t y.
Westi Humphrey,
Govei nmt al. 500
Moi el   ni.Mit.
a . i nty.
rk—M ' ■ Young,
ie,  Governi ■     ma
men-. majority
Gi vern
ty not  given.
Situation Explained
Montreal, June ji   At n mooting of
the  directors  of  tbe  Canada   cement'
Company   held   ibis  aftei ni
board  authorized   the  secretary     to
rue the lollowing to the press:   The1
question ol tho    quantity of cement
on  hand  and the difficulties of transport, ition   were   gone   Into.   The   oilii'
ial figures show  that on June  12 the
Canada Cement Company     hud     on
hand  1,085,903  barrels of cement,  On
the same date unfilled  orders  west   of
the Great  Lakes amounted to 149,214
half-barrels, ol wbich quantity 60,707
barrels were In transit.   On the Bame
date thc company wns short una ears
and   tbeir  deliveries  at   the  head      of
the  lakes   by   boat  were   182,264  bar -
rels  less  than  the company   bad plan
ned and was prepared  to ship,    tins
| shortage lieing caused partly by    the
late opening of navigation, interruption of tbe Cornwall Canal, the Blow
dispatch steamera have th.s ye.it lieen
receiving at   tbe  terminals  and     by
water transportatloi   companies    not
supplying  a sufficient   number of stea
mere.   Having in view the growth of
| ih- West and to assist  th    transput
lai "ii companiee   thc  board tint a i
ed  the  building  ■ I  four ate im
tu   the  ■   mpany's use   Th
! sumption of cement ida for ths
year   1911   waa  I   09,717  burr, i
capacity of the Canada Cement Com
pnny'a present  mills ■   t
rels per niiniun.  which ca|.
■ .-   ncreased as rapidly   .    I
kel   jus'
MUSIO-Mibs Johnson, pupil of A.
Miller, K.It.A.M., Loudon, is prepared to take a limited number of pupils for tuition in music. Kor terms
apply at the resilience of J. K.
Johnson, first house went of the hospital.   Kirst   street.
See our window of M-nt snaps find
Oil stoves. Hot weather spe-i llib.'S,
llourne  Bros.
The  "Sugar  I" « •     ■ am     .»
; unsurpassed.
i'l,,- - . i
i.'o.'s  is  now
will be ct'lebmtetl in
grand fashion ihun
evei before at
Armstrong, July I
Aeroplane Flight
I no flights   hi    .In     S   ll I.
hi In-. \\ light lii-plane, To h, p,
s . i lindei.
I H-.I Aeroplane   Klighl   in  the
Inlet ior,
\ , ■ ■ ..... vs, Ki owiui
ii-\ \•.. ,\iiM-
League i        K, i w   a   i -.
Aim- -,
Horse Racing
Grand Ball
ecial Train
No. .'20-M.
108 Cheques Will be
Distributed Among Canadian
rmers. Will You Gel One of I hem?
addition to the twenty -seven first prizes ol
i aan prize*i ranging from
■   i ig . In additioi
exi ept ■   ■   ■
re are three I prizes, and equal chancr with fl"
•■ '.■■• • met       mai y  i ham es  I (
•    • to win     I i-crj fanmr ■" '  ,;' ',,r r" ^ Pfoy'':''"     'Ul
« anada" t'- ment is eligible to
■ pete     The conditions are such thai
ind small user, ol cement have equal opportunities to v f        I/--.
■ tf • .     ■ •   ■ • ihere
.,....,        . third and
■ ■
,   .       ...
j ......
-. - - ■      ■ -     -   ■
, i »
■   - .       i
of your
Prize Contest.
pr"\ inrr, and not w irh
[)r.n't  flunk  fhaf he never
used ' emenl I      i a pr /-•
, ,   , . . . ,, ■   ■ ■ .
(       .   ;.■    ■ ||t   V
I wii
■ ,
t   ' »     •    ■■
i    - ■   , • ..,
Acldrfin Puhltrity Manager
Canada  Cement  Company
501 Herald Bldg.   •
-^        A
Irt'o book.
What Ihf liirmrr
rlo with (uiRiftr
)c sent to all
uesl details
ze Contest.
Sewing Machines
A nice new stuck of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by llie month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,   Agent.
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads  and Birds
P.O.Box 31, Revelstoke
Court of Revision
PUBLIC NOTIOB la hereby given
tbat tbe Court ,.I Revision of tlie
City oi Revelstoke, will be lielil In
be Oity Hall on Tuesday, July 9th,
1912, at 8 p.m.
city Clerk.
to July 5th, 1912
-.'■   pm ies,
n    Programme,     m-
■ ith  a    Curtis
Ladiea Military
1   other
.m   1'..
■   l
Fruit Land:
Now is the Time to
Get Your Flower
Garden in Shops
Wo grow the finest bedding'
uni plants that can be grown.
2"> different varieties of AS-
'I KKS. Write for our complete
price list of ROSEH, SHRUBS,
plants now ready.
Florists, Columbia, B.C.
Sat ih fuel ioti guaranteed
Agent   for   Flexitime   Electric
Shop in Cumming's Transfer
Building. Second Street
Corporation of the City
of Revelstoke
i'ulilie Notict! is hereby givcu that
it   in   alisiiliili'ly    UMii'MM.il y    Ui.it      (11S-
oiii.iM oi ii .--ij.--i-.a- nature be io-
uoru-il tu Dr. McLean, Cily Medical
Health Ollicer or other uiiyuiciuue,
as souu us kuovvu.   Failure to tlu this
IS  u   I'liii.   l'i..;,ic   ..lli'iic.
Ily ord' r,
b.  A.  LAWSON,
City  Clerk.
No.    JI,    UOYAL    TEMPLARS    OF
Meets every :i«i aud 4th Thursdays
in Oddlellows Hall, ut 8 o'clock.
Visitiug Templare ure cordially iu -
vited to attend.
W.  H. MUNSON,  S.  C.
A.  D. TOUHNEH.  H.  8.
Provincial  Land   Suveyor,
liming  Surveyor,
Mckenzie ave.,
130X    l'J6.    REVELSTOKE
Barristers,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Bank  Building  Reveletoke, B. O.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Rev»lstok«,    B.   O..     aad
Cranbrook, B. O.
Geo. S. McOarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Uevelstoke, Cranbrook
bi a   Bay  lanii- in pi
10 or 20 I   iT"i-
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhf.-,i(J
Shi/ohs Cure
qult-hly   llopi  rnnrfb*.    CtlfM   tttiitn,   t.   -.1*
ll>"  lhr»«i(  nnd ltiai«.        •    •    ■        2U  ■ „im
Electric Restorer for Men
Phosphonol'"';""'•""""        '
 ' I" I*'  pf.par  lr...     ,,,,   .     ,.,
ftm lad vitality, rrintlinreitetiy ind ill .nual
w^ilrnaat avarlrd at am* rhrtaohonnl will
nikeynui lowmen Price IStbnk.ortwo Ioi
tt M., ia.| l>, anvaiMram Tlmdciolwll I), i,|
CO.. It. I all.a, I ..«a. Onl.
W.      H.      WALLACE
A R C H I T E C T.
P. O. Box 146, Hevcletoke, B.C.
Revelstoke,  B.  C.
Dominion and  B.  C.  Laud  Surveyor.
KOOTENAY      LODGE, No.   .!) A.  F.
and A. M.
Regular meetings are held in MAS-
ONIO TBMPLB, Oddfellows' Hull
on ths Third Monday in eaeb month
at 8 p. m. Visiting brethren are
cordially  welcome.
W.  B.  ROBERTSON,  Secretary.
I 01 RT      MT.      BEGBIE,    No.  IUI.
OF I. O. K.
Moots in I, IX. 0. K.  Hall neit    to
Tapplng'i 0[ieia  Huuse  every  secund
and  fourth  Monday  in  month.   Visit-
• i  brethren cordially  welcumed.
O. W, BELL, C. H.
WM.   H.   CAMERON,   Rec.-Hec.
O.  W.  O.   W.
Mountain  Viow  (;aiup,  No. nt
•I-  « Second    aud     Fourth  Weiluea
days    in  each   month  iu    Selkirk
liai-       Visiting   Wooilmen  arc
cordially  inviUid  to atumil
A    .1.  WOODLAND,  l'ml.  Com
JAMES   MoINTYRB,   Clerk.
anii 1.1 v   tli.,,a , andha.   rtiraa  coltta,   hpaL
it Isrosl tsil iunis.      •   •   .     its caatav
SELKIRK     Loin,E  12,  1. O. O. F.
Meets every      ThiitHilay evening    iu
Btlklrt   Hnll  at  H o'clock.      Visiting
brvtbrra oordlaUy invited.
II.    BIBQFRIKD,   N. 0,
JAS.   MATHIK,   SecroUry.
GOLD RANGE  LODGE,       K.   of    P.,
NO.   H,   HEVELSTOKE,   B.   O.
Meets every  Wednesday  eicept   tbe
Third  Wednesday ,,( oaeh month      In
'Mli'llum    Hall  at  8  o'clock.   Visiting  Knights are  cordially  Invited.
G.  W. OAKLAND, 0,  0.
G. ll. BROOK, K. of H. k 8.
M. glli
Smoker's Supplies
Tin- old reliable now lies llle liirgcsl nnd besl Hue nl Smokers'
Supplies eviT in the I Ily, awl old pt leu are  tiglil.   I-'lllj  bruwla
oI I'ic.n.s to ilioi'M' li.'tn. 1 i n i' In m Sl.t 0 ji i box up; nnl ininlf
Irani scrap eithei.
Meerschaum  Pipes from $3.00 lo $10.00
Calabash Pipes Irom $3.50 Up
Cur  llock    Ol   Ciilaliai.il     I'ipi"   !•■   Mil.ill    mi   annuill   ol   the
cropbeiuy n failure tins yeni nnil quality pour.
Briar Pipes in eases Irom $1 mi up.
AsU dn- Un' liiiiuiii.s II. H. B,  brand.   Kvery  pipe  is kiiiii-.iii-
Cigarni'tl rignretie  Holders, Chscb and l.i^liuts,  Pouches,
Ash I i;i\s ninl l'ipi' Km Us. Tell uswli.it miii waul ami «r will
suit yuu, ll Mm cannot i'liii, phone 37 antl goods will be seiil lo
youi lii'iiu im approval,    Buy earlj while "lock is complete.
's Cigar Store
Everybody knows him, ho will
tell you that the whUkuys we are
Hilling aro the beat. Cult und lie
convinced.     No luumi'linlil  should
hn without » supply of i'lie Har-
voy's Special Srotch Whiskey; our
Frnpln Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
BU j i'ui n old rn- Blackberry Brandy
I'or Mt'iiiriiml purposes.   Out' Hlock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds are unexcelled, s, Id by all
ihe leading hotels, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Iiiiiiiii turn ard bunion. In I'm o Wines, Liquors, Clgnrs nnd Clgnroltes
Fresh Imported Groceries
D. GaUicano, Second Street
Montreal Quebec Liverpool
Largest & Finest Steamersf rom Canada
New S. S. Laurentic, 15,000 Tons Each
New S. S. Megantic
Sails June 22, July 20, Aug. 17. July 6, August 3, August 31
ono-olass till Cabin service.
Twin-Screw S. S. Teutonic     Twin-Screw S. S. Canada
5.SJ feet long,  1*.inm horsepower 514 l-'eet lollK
Sails July 13, Aug. 10, Sept. 7. June 29,July 27, August 24
Company's Offices, 619, Second Ave, Near Cherry St., Seattle
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
90d 1911
I 3,000,000 * 4,000,000
3.000.000 4,600,000
23,677,730 35,042,311
27.467,090 38,854,801
33,090,192 48,237,284
Hns 83 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In all
the Principal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rate.
Revelatoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
Reserve   -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught Ave.   -   Rovolstoko
New Lightning Method
Oil Painting, and Painted Walls
Cleaned like new.
Papei' Hanging a Specialty
Estimates Given
Mirror Making and  re-Silvering
Class Cutting and Boring
Class Frosting and Staining
Picture Framing, etc.
Prices Iteserved.
Painter, Paper Hanger,Decorator
Reveletoke, B. C.
Dr. J. C. Morrison
Post Graduate .Chlcago^Uulverelty
Specialty—All   Porcelain  and
«.'n«.t Crown Bridge Work
Cor. Granville and Robson Sis.
(ivoi Harrison's Drug .More
Phone Boy—5238
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -  Revelstoke, B. C
lieforp hiiyinK ynnr out-
lii of'working clnllies
lur tlif_liir.il.    I make a
specialty   of    i.oi'pnr.
Shoes, I'ants, Stu, Shirts
Blanket), and everything
required iu your builnen, WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 20, KM2.
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. Jfume Si! Co.. limited
Classy Shoes in newest designs
at a minimum cost for maximum wear.
HKi Ladies' Blouses and Waists, Peter Puna. Middys,
Sailor Waists, Linen Waists, Colored Muslins and Per-
coles, all at one price, worth up to $3.00, for each	
Five Dozen Children's and Infants Dresses
Lovely creations, pure snowy white. Some are a little
mussed up, but most of them are in prime condition.
They are half price now, and you can get some nice
ones around	
$1.00 and $1.50
Ladies' and Misses Corset Covers
A clean up of Ladies' and Misses Corset Covers and
White Cambric Drawers. They go as high as $1.25
each in price. We have placed the lot on a table and
you can pick what you want at 	
50 Cents
Another lot of Corset Covers, worth up to $2.00 each
at 00c. They are all our choice ones, lovely lace anil
embroidery trimmed and the new shapes, all one price—
90  Cents
Children's Wash Dresses and Middy Blouses
The greatest selection we have ever offered, to fit any
girl from 1 to 18 years. All the improved models and
materials are here for the warm weather. We surely
have something cool and nice for the girls, from	
90c. to $9.00
See the New Blouses
Colored Rajah and Pongee Silks
30 inches wide, in   Tan,   Brown, Navy,  Black,  Green,
Apricot and Grey, at	
85c.  Per  Yard
New Summer Hosiery
A new idea in cool hose for ladies. Silk boot with lisle
top, fine and cool, and they have the appearance, in
pink, blue, tan and black, at
75 Cents a Pair
FINE SILK FINISH LISLE HOSE, for Ladies, in tan,
Black, etc.    Good wearing hose at 3 pairs for $1,00 or
35 Cents a Pair
New Pongee Coating Silk
In heavy Cord,  natural  color,  a perfect  washer,  and
absolutely no wear out to it, at   	
$1.50 Per Yard
Groceries anil Crockery Department
Fresh Strawberries and all other Fresh Fruits and
Vegetables arriving daily".
Some Specials in Groceries
New Potatoes 3 lb. for 25c
Jellv Powders     i, for 25c
Sunbeam Tea 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
Pork and Beans in Tomato Sauce	
 ioc, 15c. and 25c. per can
Corn Starch 10c. per 1 lb. package
Crosse & Blackwell's Pickles	
 ' Pints, 35c.,  Quarts, 05c
Nabob Seeded Raisins 10c. per package
Fruits and Vegetables
Pineapples, Strawberries, Ripe Tomatoes,
New Cabbage, New Meets, New Carrots, New
Radishes, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Oranges,
Lemons and Bananas, always fresh in stock.
In this department wc are ready to serve
vour wants. You will be looking around for
a suitable wedding gift for your friends who
are about to join the largest society in the
world, and you will find it here among
our Cut Glass, fancy China, Glassware, Tea
Sets, Dinner Sets, Toilet Sets and the thousand and one pretty things in our stock.
Fruit Jars!  Fruit Jars!
We know—Oo you know ? That its what
you get for what you pay. that counts. You
will notice it more than ever in the price of our
Glass, Screw Top Fruit Jars in pints, quarts
and half gallons—thc best and only brand that
gives satisfaction.
Trv a small quantity of our several varieties
Plain Canadian Cheese, McLaren's Imperial
Cheese, in 15c, 33c, 55c. and $1.10 Jars;
Ingersol Cream Cheese, 20c. per package, and
the old familiar Limbergcr Cheese in 2 Ib.
bricks, for 000
Quality is the "come before any" com 'deration
when Sealey's Extracts are asked for. Pure
goods in this line will save you money and
time in cooking 2'/2 oz. bottles for 25c.
Cool Summer Shirts
Let us cater to your comfort and convenience with the very latest stvles and patterns in Shirts.
We have the sole agency for the celebrated W. G. & R. Shirts and Collars in the City, and are
convinced that if you wear them once, you will always wear them. Dressy patterns, standard
sizes, full bodies and long arms are the great features which point to comfort and durability.
Negligee Shirts *n plain co'or8, ^ine s^'P68'
iHHMHMHHuraHBHMa hair lines, pleated fronts.
All the fine prints, cambrics, chambrays and zephyrs
are here.
Prices from $1.25 to $3.00 Each
Soft Collar Shirts In plain  white  linen'
■■■■■■■■■i white crepe, white chambrays, and merceldas, stripes, solid colors and high
grade silks.
Prices, $1.25 to $3.00 Each
Silk Shirts  *n plain w,lite' b'ue> am' Shantung.
mm^^nmmammi  Prices
$3.50 and $4.00 Each
High Soft Collar Shirts with double
■m.MHBHMl.?.?MaMMBm^MBi French Cliff, in
all the new shapes and patterns	
Prices, $1.50 to $3.00 Each
Bargain Hats
lo clear out a few odd lines, we have reduced
the price to as low a figure as could be wished
by anyone.    A whole table full at	
25 Cents Each
Bargain Shoes
Ladies' Oxfords which sold regularly from $3
to $4.00, now on the Bargain Counter at clearing prices.   You can't afford to pass them up.
$1.95 Per Pair
This Department has everything that you will require to make your home bright and cheerful for summer, and now is the time
to look over and make your selections, at prices that will suit your wants, from a well assorted stock of Wall Paper from the
best manufacturers in the east, Rugs and Carpets from Germany, England and Eastern Canada at prices from $ for a 9x9 Union
Rug to the very best that can be had and in all sizes.
Lace and Lace Curtains
We have the largesl assortment in the city, most of wheh
are Imported by ourselves direct from England, enabling us to
.sell at a price thai saves yuu the middleman's profit.
Scrims—by the yard or make Into curtains, a good assortment
Madras We have both colored and white in very dainty designs, from 20c per yard up.
Linoleums and Floor Cloths
A good assortment of Nairn's printed and inlaid in patterns
to suit every taste at prices that are lower than can be offered
again owing to the advance in raw material.
Beds and Bedding
We also stock a full line of beds, mattresses, blankets, comforts and pillows.
Bargains for This Week Only
We arc offering a special reduction in Japanese Rugs .0x12
at $3.20; 2}x5ft S1.25' 3x6ft $1.95. Everything in that line
will go at bargain prices.
Anything not  mentioned  that you want call  in and
ask for it, we will be sure to have it if in this line.
■■■Hj \\KHSKS1>AY.   .ll'N'K  2C,   lM2,
the ^jlil-kzer^lid, hevelstoke
WEDNESDAY,  JUNE 20,  1912.
Here   is   an   opportunity ■ of   buying your Muslin
Underwear at Special  Sale  Prices
Women's cTVluslin Drawers.
Women's cjTVluslin Combinations
Women's Muslin Corset Covers
Women's cTVluslin Princess Slips
Women's Petticoats
Call in and   look  over  the  Special
Prices tor this Sale.
Embroidery Needs
Swiss Cambric and Fine Nainsook
Edges and Insertions, Flouncing,
Bargains, Bargains
Throughout Our Entire Stock.
Call in and see what we have in
store for you at Cut Prices.
nmilitioiiK in the United States   are
mich and the crisis at  hand ho mow
ehtous,   cha!   Tl boiIoic  Roone ell    aa
a pnti lol   ik Instilled  iii  tfti'lim     ex
iri'iiii'     iiii'asin.M.   and   extraordinary ,
action  to bring  ivlioul   hi   own elec -
tion to tlir presidency, since there 'a
Lawn Musicale
\i Un' home ol Mr. .mil Mrs, Bell
Third Btreet, wont, the grounds ivarn
heatitllully decor n toil and lighted on
Wednosday evening innl lor the lav. i
musicale given bythe Sohuman Hlub
in, one else who will undortaWe, ot pupils ol Mrs. Hernuinn MoKlnuoy,
promise to undertake, lho great work | Ahoul bhree liundpod Irlande ol the
which Iw ih Able an,I willing to per  ; club had assembled about eight-thirty
lll'l .
The tbermometei   Ioi   th
haa • inged ai ound t li
See the hall price  Dres-
Mi Lennui  -   Clo-ing  I iut   Bale,
Mrs. Jack Stewai I came U li om
Three Valley Huh week in u uliort
risil '     ■   illvet
iii sex are nol the oul< peo
ph in Revelstoke who veur a .1
waists these sultry days.
Tbis     ultci in.on all iln- 1 ;,ai'
1 lost    ::  aii   3 JO   to    I   10   ll n .111.
funeral ol thc late Mrs.  r.n.  Young
\  meeting ■ •! the  Agricull 1 ni   \s
ition is called lor June -7m, at
:n tbe 1'iiy  Hall.   All mem
-   in  reques   .1 to attend.
Doii t   lorget   tiiv   Lawn   Social   on
il,.- Methodist church lawn, umorrow
alterooon an : eienlng,     t'au I in jt
iu< •■ 11   the evening.
Mi    w. Shuttlewood  i«ci    • I     tui,-
week a pair "I Norwich cauanes.Th ..
r, - on tin' trip and 111
;    .  ure e
it la expected thai al leasl ., dot
en  1 leave  tomorrow    lor
to attend  the I'anamn Oan
al  coi ,uitc
As the lime ban arrived when you must ilo your seeding, we wish
to draw your attention to the fact that our Becdssre all Iresh nud
n,-w slock not am old ones left to sluff off. (tut Onion s*'ts arc
the best, either lhe Dutch Set or the Multipliers.
FLOUR AND FEED We have jusi unloaded one car ol Purity
I'lour, One Cm of No. I Tiuiothv Hay, One Car I'eed, Including n.iis. whole01 crushed, Wheat, Barley, Coin, Bran, shorts
and Chops. Ifyou requires!!} of these, let us quote you prices.
We Can Save Von Money.
MacKenzie Avenue
Royal Commission
M,   1912
You Who Are Constantly Travelling"
What Protection  Have You in Case of ACCIDENT By Bca or Land?
Drop lu aud we will  explatu  our Improved Gold   Bom!
Accident I'olicyi double liability, only costing $30 a year,
f£,UUU on liie and fclO.U louble liability, paying f-.l5.UU
week.) iuUcniuilj ■
New i nt  Skills
.t   ilcl/ennan's.
,t  New  rm  prices
a niinilii'i    Imvr   was hi 	
i   willingness to ,■•■ bullet Btruck h.s hal  making
.    md.   The Bhot,  .t   has  lieen  liaru
.    ,.,;.. il,      iieurlni;
Young  Alfred Tapping had a mu
nclous  escape  Irotn  deaths   few-ilaya
ago    It   Beetna   thui   young   Te  |i  ■
th< Jordon  i'ass uhen u -'raj
ithletii   in "i
- '.1     I,      'M.I      i||
-,.   urodu ■
Dol ' get   tlu     baseball m ill li
. •   avenue re
•:.   and  Pri gn
•    ,.; tbe I'ro
i'      .• in*    -   lor    the
g l  garni   '
i*  r-M
,..1   was   tncl   foj  n  hoj.
where an uni n ■
Ij   .a. i ted,  should  acl as uti
ioiiui     w'HiiniiL' to  youths  ai
llS        I"
ily use Hrearms
almosl  paralyzes business, excites the
pi "i im  evei /where  unJ  creates  turn
aii  ;in.l     ttoalusiou un:., tin- popular
election  m  Novetnl ei     Bul    fen  ' his
ie  strut;
t.-.c Should tm i ■' ;„   three candidates
.'   muy happi n tuul  m
;.    ■' er
••Iti,'Is   .-on,i,a,.   ,    ,ii    :
noun thu
Vancouver,  B.C., June
Messrs,   Revelstoke  llm aid,
Revelstoke,  B, 0.
Gentlemen,   VI   the  requeBl  ol  Mr.
A.   I.liens,   M.P.P.   Ior   Vul umt.itii-
I'ui'y, i enolose herewith a memo re
the quifttlons wbii'b he considers
should be deali with by the Royal
Commission shortly to he appointed,
Mr, l.nras Justly qonBlders tho ques
tion of llnanclal aid (rom the Prov
incial governmenl to Intending sel
Hern, etc., a most important one and
is endeavoring to Interest farmers
and others, In all the ranching and
Farming contrcs-ot ihis province, In
iiic questions as eel forth :n the enclosed, wiih a \ ii'iv to getting iheir
opinions expressed Ibrougii the med
ium  of the   Press,  ami   would   like you
to mvite correspondence.
Yours truly,
ll. A. I'. COWPBR,
I.—The iiest. methods of doming land
und bringing It   under   profitable
2.—The lirst methods of Bottling land
for the promotion of mutual convenience, an,I easy administration
of the communities so funned.
II.— The  hest  methods of securing cooperation   among   setilers   in      re
gard to products of dairying, poultry     raising and fruit-growing,
ami for the marketing of the same
1.—The.   hest   methods of Improving
facilities of locui  transportation.
5.—The     question .of better financial
facilities for farmers,     an,I     the
provision  ol ealil  storage and oth
er modern facilities necessary  tor
the assistance of agricultural  development.
6.—The conditions affecting  tbe  lab
.  or market and an inquiry Into the
solution  of   llie  problems  presented.
7.—Immigration,  and   how   hest      to
promote  it   wiih  n  view to settling up     the lands, nml the conn -
tries   from   wliicb  tbo  supply      of
Immigrant-, should  lie drawn.
8.—An inquiry   into   the   desirability
of employing companies to undertake the Battlement of lands up -
on conditions Imposed by the gov
ernmeni.   and   the  nature   of   SUCh
eon,l;l ions.
I Vgricultural education in -elm,,is,
the location of experimental stations, an,I rural education generally.
10. \n Inquiry Into the quantity of
Land dose to transportation I.i
etllt.es   that   eould   he   made   avail
able ior cultivation  by clearing
,,f   Ices   and  Btumps,  all,I   hy   ir -
nformatl iu  ,,f a  use-
.in.l everyone pronounced the recital
a  success  in  every  wuy.
Mrs. McKiniiey is ihe pioneer iii the
good music movement in llewlntoke
 I  is ontltloil to tho ivspi'Mt     nnd
coltli,lence   ol nil   our   eili/ens.
She is to he congratulated upon li«-
inir ilie fortunate Inslruotor of ho
talented a class, Music of all grades
up to senior made up tho numbers on
(lie unique programs in the I lub'a
colors, blue and gold, We bopo to
he present at many more musical's
givon by ihi' talented cluh.
,'   lias
\\, KI
cu iy,
Fighting Fruit Pests
Tho Depni'tmonl ol Agricultur
secured the services of Ml', I'.I'l
fellow or the lUiitumuloglCll Sl
and follow ol t Iim Ko i • ,:■ il riocl ' \
ut one time government, entomo ok il
to I'eylon, io doltver addrw-i'S to lbe
forthcoming meeting ,>! ihe laun ol
horticulture gt Salmon Arm on.'une
18, and to tho directorate "I thfl B
c. Fruit Growers' ABSodat'on the
lollowing day,
Mr.   Wesl   who   lias   .1 l 10   n.ni'li       ol
his work under tho Ungl'i'i Cjlonlal
ollice, lias bud ovporieiice of tiiikit
ting and tho prevention ,f pests In
many lanils. lie lias (.tailed In ISg
ypt, of the rubber tree :n  »/oat Afi
,, and tile fruil pesls , ' ;' o UUU r i
linn continent an,I is coa ..ee 'I thai
while remedial measures ere n ara
snry snry at certain states rj| a
disease, the evil may ne moi'O cnslli
nnd satisfaotorlly prevented i.y tbe
more scientific treatment rf the soil
prior to planting a nop.
Mr, West believes thai motor'n'ogy
is a necessary suppleui'tu > •> ptudy
to entomology in dealing with ftull
and vegetable pests, and unit gitat-
er knowledge ,,I the condition ol the
soil is preliminary to success ingiow
Ing a good crop.
Classic    SbocB for Children.       The
liest  iiiade at cut  prices at     Mcl.eu -
Guaranteed  Kid  gloves, all  colors,
ali   sixes.      Special   prices  at   .Mcl.cn
nun's   Closing   Out   Sale.
Kolt  BALE—Several  loads   it    light
kindling  wood.        Apply  to  I'.ciet-
stoke Sash anil Hour K.ic'nry.
We have a lew Screens, Doors arnl Windows left
al Prices never before ollered to the public. Owing
to large shipments of Hardware coming in daily,
we are obliged to sell these at a sacrifice to make
room, and, as well, it is a pleasure to us to give our
patrons a chance to buy al less than Eastern prices.
Screen Doors, Regular $3.00 Now $2.15
2.25 Now     1.65
       2.00 Now     1.45
1.75 Now     1.35
Screen Windows. Reg... 30c Now... 20c
         35c Now...25c
45c Now... 35c
Complete with Springs, Hinges. Door Pull, Hooks and Eyes
Come Early, They Can't Last Long
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd.
Agents for Minerva^Paints and Chancellor
Ranges—the best on the market
llii:  lhn,1  travellers please lake uotice  Unit  my  place at  Carnes  Creek,
Ion   li.u-   lien.l  Trail,   lius  lieen  closed
Dated   June  1th,  1912.
$10 Reward
into    in.-
,- I
fnl and  i" i t.u, nt  charact ir eon
I   Willi   the  improvement and
opment  ,,;   the   agricultural
•ty In British Columbia.
Wedding Bells
SATURDAY,   JUNE   29,    1912
A Most Noteworthy Attraction
America's favorite Comedian
in the New 1912 Deluxe Edition
l'o Hough Adams Howard
A Real Musical llnmed)' Original Company
34*1 Times In Chicago.   Same coinpanj llinl oppcered in Portland,
Seattle aud Vnncouver In llic Fall.
Seats Now
ui Salt
$2.00, $1.50 and $1.00
at Macdonald's Hrug Store.
Others Are Making Money!   Why Not You ?
Ten Di
informal ■ ■■
Ian tlie System Stand it
Ul I havi
-  ■        • •
^^^^^H^^^^l lists.
r the |
.   .
•   '
-  •
doses  a
lortt to i
\ t vi r-,-  pretty     wedding
•   ii   1:30 ye terdaj morning
Ionian  ' 'atholic church,  wii -n
■   icling  i., '   s wi f.   Mi    \.
Nakusp and M,ss \ oleric
Toronto,   i ll t
perlormeI -.- the
,  ily    pres-
immediate Irli i da
rhe In Ide
■ li -en
.  ■   ■
list) tbe who wore
Hr   R. E.
H^^^H^Hil'ility        namnii.- 'he^lH
Bonusing Babies
Just road of a few instances of how successful our clients have been in recent
investments recommended by us. We made for one Revelstoke man in live
weeks on
A Cash Outlay of $375; A Net Profit of $475
Another client, Investing uo, made a net profit of $ioo in four weeks, and
two oilier men in six weeks on an outlay of $285 each, made a net profit of $205
each.    We have made gcod money for t     Kevelstoke businessmen.
Fruit Salts in all Sizes
Lime Fruit Ju" e
Grape Juice
Kodaks and Films
Thermos Bottles
Thermos Lunch Sets
Smart Clothing for Summer Months
ni'i' 1. ,   \   ;)    1 is   in i„t, •
WE M'l 1 IAMZK   ii i riped,
Spring Suits and t'
Drop in when passing Bnd lee  oui   la .
1 pattei ni lo   uii thi mosl fastidious.
Fit-Reform Clothing        Stetson  Hal.i Fool-Rile Shoes
Lasl week we sold out the balance of our 175 dollar lots in Moose Jaw and
have secured a few more closer in at the original pi ice of $200 each, which our
sales manager, who has just returned from Moose Jaw, informs us is at least $50
under market value. Two new railroads, locating in the cast end, aie causing
big advances and we arc expecting a bij; price advance very shortly.
These Lots are Only One and a Quarter of a Mile East of Post Office.
They Arc Recommended By Us As a Bargain
AT   $200  EACH
We Can Make Money for You if You Buy Here
Terms,-0ne Fifth Down, Balance Over 18 Months
Local Agency, Home Loan and Contract Co.
E. G  FOLEY, Manager, MacKonzio Avonue


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