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lilt? ivieui
'  '■-* thei;
• aaaf#n.w       I J|l«nill*fl
Vol 12.-No. 99
 ^__Z_ /
$2.50 Per Year
Limoges China—in setts or odd pieces.
Muylield, Clovei Leal, and White Patterns—in setts or any part
ol sett, or odd pieces.
Lemonade Setts, new and beautiful.
Covered Casseroles.
Fire proof Teapots—any size.
Jardiniers and Cuspidorcs—all sizos,
Tea and Coffee Percolators.
You will always find something new and interesting iu our China
and Glass Ware Department, and you know yuu uro always welcome
to look around.
The Preserving Season
The preserving season is on.   We can supply you
with Strawberries, Cherries, Etc.   Place
your orders with us as soon as possible as the season for
both fruits will be very short and the supply limited.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
if you art- looking; for something nice lu SPOONS AND
SPECIAL " ior Souvenirs, wc have Ihem here.
I J.   GUY   BARBER, -
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Gash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Furs.
Trueman's Studio
Is now o\icn under new and competent
MR. HEMUS. recently of Sydney,
Australia, will inert you nnd guarantee
you our usual sail<.l(icii»u.
Over Canada Drug Ik Hook   Company,
ll,'»r Ile0.ll, Animal., III.,!*, 11,It,   Klc,
Animal  Hun* M,„,at,-,l.
I*. 0. Ilex 31.
Stnill,,:   UI'I'IISITK P. (I.
||.<r,<lal„ke, Il.C.
The Snmmer Laxative
IT Ir the beat laxative for Slimmer.
IT U easy to -give the children.
IT moves the bowels without griping.
IT iiroven-U diarrhoea either in children or
grown people.
Large Bottles SO Cts
Havo you received a copy ol Our Druii
Blore Paper-" THE PUZZLER."
We will give a Prize to the boy or girl
who bring* UB tlicgruHtcHl, number of correct
iwHwera to " THK PUZZLBR?' in the July
number on or before August the ot-h.
Red Cross Drug Store
D. NAIRN, Phm. II.
I Don't Miss Our Special Offer
For This Week.
Nlokel Plated Teapots -40 cts
" " Crumb Trays »0 ots.
11      ii Tea Trays -40 ott.
Theae Nlokel Plated Coods
Hav* Only Been In 8lnoe Last
Ws ars Now offering Tennis
Raoqusts at S1.50. Do Vou
want ons?
Ilj* •*■"$"■ **$H"$H*|H$I
Too Much Tongue Make Women
Sick A Walk Out in House
of Commons-Call to Strike
in Russia Meets with Favor.
New York, Aug i.~Twenty women
nurses uf lit-lli'V'.ic in,s|,ilal nre under
treatment tor ptomane poisoning alter
enting cniiiicil tongue,
London*, Aug. -1.—There wus an extraordinary scent! in commons at an
early hour this morning when the
trades dlipute hill, whioh is the direct
outcome ol the Tnll'-Vnlu decision, was
in committee Lord Hubert Cecil
moved to report progress ns thc premier hml promised the dch.ito would
not continue alter 11 p. in. Mr. Hun-
nerniaii declined to agree and the motion wus defeated by u majority of 212,
Mr, llulluui- then accused llie prime
minister ol deliberately breaking faith
and invited bis own followers to lea lathe house. The invitation wns accepted hy three score nt the opposition
members present, who Died out amid
ironical cheers of government sido.
The education bid passed its second
rending in t e house ot lords yesterday without division.
Lord Charles Bereslord is about to
resign owing to the government's niggardly policy regarding the navy.
The Duke of Rutland died this
St. Pktkksiiiiiio, Aug. L—The en
to strike hns so far been responded to
by about 100,000 workmen, The late
nf Stolypin's cabinet bungs 111 the
balance und Russia seems un the
verge uf disorders which may either
lend to the reign ol the military or the
proletariat. The lirst step towards
dictatorship will be taken on Monday,
when Grand Duke Nicnolas will ho
nominated tu tukechief command nl
all troops in Russia.
Ati.in, Aug. 4.—Premier McBride
und party held n public meeting here
Thursday nud Inst night. The Premier spoke at D.scnvery and had a line
Mountain Park.
Editor Mail-Heraldt
Sir,—Having just returned Iiom a
trip among the muuntaiiis lo the
nurth ot Revelstoke, I would like to
draw the attention of your readers to
the lact that within a lew hours walk
from the ctty there is a splendid natural park ol nearly two thousand
acres in extent. This park, which, if
nu better mime is suggested, might he
culled Mountain Park, stretches in a
northwesterly direction from a point
almost overlooking the valley of the
lllecillewnet to the head waters of
Right Mile Creek, a distance of per-
hups five or six miles. The central
portion is hilly or rolling, covered
with short green grass and has clumps
of evergreen trees, dotted here und
there over Ibe surface, while the
slopes are gorgeous with innsBes ol
b.illiant llnwers. Higher up on the
slopes there is a prolusion ol white
nud pink heather. Towards the head
ol Eight Mile Creek there nre glaciers,
deep ravines, high precipices, craggy
peaks, and two or three charming
iittle lakes ol Irom ten to twenty
acres in extent.
' The people ol Vancouver are proud,
and justly so, of their magnificent
Stanley Pnrk, but for extent, beauty
and variety ot scenery, Stanley Park,
cannot begin to compare with tlie one
I am trying to describe.
Mountain Pink would m ke an
Ideal place to spend thc hot mouths
as, owing to the altitude, the air, even
un the brightest days, is pleasantly
cool and there is never any trouble
from mosipiitiies,
It is in the hope that Bteps may be
taken to make this beautiful place
more accessible to the public thnt I
am troubling you with this communication, No doubt the government
could be easily persuaded to give the
city a title to mis tract ol land lor
park purposes, and the cost of making
trails to the different parts would be
comparatively inexpensive once tlie
park was readied, as a horse and
buggy could be driven over a considerable portion as it now stands.
Yours, etc,
A. E, MlM.AH.
King and Queen May Visit
Canada and United States
London, July 30.—There is a poahi-
bility lhat King Edward and Queen
Alexandra may visit the United States,
unofficially, ol course, next year. It
is one of the dearest wishes of both to
see to some ol the modern wonders ol
America. They have practically seen
the rest of the world. The visit to the
United States, if made, would come
after their visit to Canada next year,
and that visit is almost a certainty.
The visit, while it would be incognito,
will be fuirly public, nnd on this account the liritish Ambassador at
Washington litis ul ready made en-
qiiiiies ul the elate department whether
such visit will be agreeable to the
United States government. President
Roosevelt will entertain the royal pair
at the White House, and they will also stop at the houses ol prominent
Americans, who arc identified with the
English Court. In Washington they
will reside at the British Embassy,
Ambassador From lapan to the
Court of St, James Gives Interview. — Some Important
Hint n II. E. Kiiniiir.i, rtconlly np-
poiuted ambassador tn the Court of St.
James, who arrived from the Orient
on the 11. M, 8. Empress ol Jnpan on
Tuesday, reached here on Thursday
lust at 9,80 n.ni on route for England.
The Baron, who bus n shilling yet
pleasing personality is accompanied
iiy Mr, N. Toi and Mr. Safuri. TlioC
P. II. has placed lit the disposal of this
eminent representative ol Japan the
cur "Canada," which wns spocially
built tor H. It. ti, Prince of Wales
dm ing llis tour through Canada, On
being interviewed the Bnrun states
that Japan intends lo curry nut without any change, all the pledges made
before the war uiul since with regard
to "the open door policy" in Man-
chiiriii, and us soon ns the military
ocotipati ui is discontinued, which will
not be very long, the country will he
open to uninterrupted competition of
merchants uf all nations. In regard
to Japan. Baron Konilirii stales that
the conditions nro fast Improving and
that .In | nt ii has recovered from thc
effects ul the war and is giving attention tu economic post helium conditions upon which the country is
entering; not the lonst of which is the
development uf Manchuria nnd Ooreu,
Siighaian fisheries too nro being
developed. The nationalization of
railways is nearly complete in Japan,
although at first there was much opposition. As Ior Japan abandoning
tin rights secured in Korea ns a consequence ol the war, lhat was nnl tube
thought nf or reasonably expected,
Baron Komuru according tu members
of his suit, is lo he slnu-lly created a
Viscount in reward for bis mi-vics at
the Portsmouth pence conlerence. On
beiuj' questioned in regard to bis
opinions ol Canada, llm Huron slates
Hint although he hns been across thc
continent threo times, hn bus never
yet been able to stay in Canada, but
wns especially glad that he wns travelling this lime via tbo 0. P. It mute,
Ior he said he wishes to avoid the
excessive heat ol railways further
south. His lute illness was due considerably to the consciousness ol the
disappointment of the Japanese people
over the pence terms, although he
knew that he lind ucted in the best
possible manner tor bis country's
ir....il and gained tlie Imperial prestige.
Baron Komtira was educated at Harvard, and since then bus hnd a lung
and b illiiuit career, b ,'o*i» a muster in
diplomacy. He is '-accompanied liy
his suits whioh include members of
the Japanese consulate nt Vancouver,
ninl travels diiect to Quebec where he
will embark on the Empress of Ireland
on August lltli, fur Liverpool.
Pressmen Sing Patriotic Airs-
British Columbia a Wonderful Country.
The heavy train conveying tho
Pennsylvania State Editorial Association pulled into the depot yesterday
afternoon at 130 p.m. The party
which is now on ils way home, after
being (iiilcrtniiud in Vancouver nud
Victoria, was in particularly good
spirits, und the scene on the depot
was a very lively unc The centre ol
attraction, nt least for tho feminine
section of the party, was the ice barrow, which looked ilecidely empty iu
a very short time, Tbe glee club wns
mustered nnd under the leadership ol
Mr. It. P. Habgood, the mostonergotio
secretary nf the Association, patriotic
airs were rendered, several of the numbers showing their onthushiBm in u
marked il not grotesque manner. Invitations wero extended to many city
people to join the supper at Qlacior,
The wholo party are in ruptures over
i heir trip and the general opinion is:
'•We did not know whnt we bud missed
until we came to Britisli Colu..ibla."
Sume well-known editors are inoludcd
in the list:—Erarmus Wilson, Pittsburg linaotte; T. L. Kaupinun, Pittsburg Sun; li. Thorpe, Keystone Philadelphia; and Col. Kodeuiiiicl, ex
Itostmnster ol Philadelphia, ol a
Hamburg paper. Altor a brief stay
the party lelt for Qlnoier, Calgary nml
The Eraser river salmon fishing reports show that the handsome uvcriig
ml at thc beginning of the week are being well maintained. At Vancouver
on Monday tlie bouts averaged 72,high
IIM, the daily average since being fill,
high 170. Improvement is reported
from Anacurtes, over 1)000 lish being
caught. At llclliiiglinni the catch was
■18,000 fish. Twenty-live cunts per
sickeye it to continue into thin month.
When thu arrangement as to price was
made it was agreed that during July
the price would be 2iic and iu August
20c each; but at a meeting uf calincrs
it was decided to continue the ilfic
price for a week ur twu nt least. The
reason is that lish ure comparatively
scarce and ulso that sonic American
canneries ure offering even more thun
20c lor lish, The main run, however,
bus nut taken place yet. Reports say
that the run iB dwindling away down
the river; just when the next spurt
will conic it is liuni tu say, hut almost
everyone is banking un hig catches un
Sunday night.
Pisasss every Smoker the " Maroa
Demise of a Kootenay Pioneer
—Was for Years Member of
of the British Columbia Legislature.
CiiANimooK, II. 0. Aug. 2—Mr, V.
Hyde Baker yesterday received n
cablegram announcing the suddin
death of his lather, lictenant colonel
James linker, Tuesday at l'lirkstnwn,
Dorsetshire, England, by heart failure,
supervening mi attack of peiiuintuiia
Irom which Mr linker bud information thai bin lather had pruoticilly
recovered. On being informed uf the
contents of lln- cablegram Ilic Cranbrook city council who were In session
ut. once adjourned as a mark of respect
lo the memory of colonel linker who
probiibly, niorethiiu any other iiiiiii,was
identified with the up-biiilding of the
prosperity of Esst Kootenay in which
lie was very largely interested. He
wns iissiicinteil prominently with tho
curly history of tlie development of the
conl industry in Eust Kootenay and
to him may be attributed in a large
measure the construction of the 0. P.
R. Ihrough the Crow's Nest Puss. Ho
represented Cranbrook, called alter
the name of the old linker home iu
Dorset, iu the British Columbia legislature from the time the cily had a
name up to WOO. and wns provincial
secretary in the Turner government.
He occupied ninny olliees of trust and
responsibility iu the Briti.-.h Columbia
government and was a man to whom
the province us a whole owes a heavy
obligation ol gratitude. The keenest
regret, is expressed by representatives
of evory cluss here for the comparatively curly demise of colonel Baker
who was in the prime of his intellectual life in his 72nd year.
The   Trades  Congress  Will
Meet a Week Earlier
in Victoria,
The Trades and Labor Cong ess of
Canada will convene in Victoria on
Monday' September lllth. instead ol
September 17th ns previously announced. This change has been made to
suit the convenience uf J. Ramsay
Maedonald, M. P., secretary uf the
Britisli Labor party, who will leave
this city for Australia about September Uth.
P. M, Draper, secretary of the congress, wrote Christian Diverts, ol the
local Trades and Labor Council milking the suggestion und it wns immediately so arranged. The committees in
oharge will meet early this week nnd
push nli dig details so thnt everything
will be in first class order ut the earlier date set.
Arrangements, hnve been ninde that
A. Verville, M. P., ol Montreal, will
meet Mr. MnoDonald nu bis arrival nt
ljuel.ee about August 17l.b and escurt
him across the continent. The Dominion congress has lully decided that
his presence in Canada shall be mado
llie oci'iisiun uf arousing interest in labor matters, Arrangements hnve been
mado tor him to address meetings at
different important cities en route to
Victoriii, und he will certainly deliver
tit lenst one address in this city. The
iliite will he lixed ns soon ns he is consulted mi other engagements,
Upon the return ot Hon. Ricbiull
McBride the combined committee of
civic anil other representatives will
wait on lilm with reference to a provincial grant and the extension uf
utlicr courtesies by the minister,
Hon. lt. (I. Tatlow has expressed
himself ill luvur ol doing all possible
to assist the congress and thc other
ministers will doubtless (all in line. t;
Caught Between Two Cars.
A very snd accident occurred at Ox-
drilt Depot, (Int., this week, when T.
II. Crowe, a well known and respected
conductor nn that section ol the C. P.
It., while engaged in coupling bis
train, was SO Imilly crushed between
|,W0 ul the curs Hint he died sunn niter-.
wards. A speciul train wns inimeili-
iitcly made up to oonvey the injured
iiinn tu Dryden, where medical aid
.-, hi Ul be obtained, but hu expired before Dryden cutild be reaohod, Deceased was only 86 yeais o! ugo und had
beon in the employ of the 0, P. It. lor
111 years, lle leaves a widow nnd two
young children.
The Inst issue of ihe B, 0, Gazelle
contains the following notico relative
to sheriffs and their respective jurisdiction:
William .1. Law, ol the city of Revelstoke, Esq,, lo he sheriff for that portion of the county ol Kootenay embraced iu tbo Revelsloke eloclnrul
district, tinder the title ol sherilf ol
Northwest Kootenay,
Samuel E. Humbly, ill the town ol
Hidden, Esq., to be sherilf for that
portion of the county ol Kootenay
embraced in the Columbia electoral
district under thu title ot sherilf ol
Northeast Kootenay.
Samuel Parker Tuck, ut the city ol
'Nelson, Esq., to lie sherilf (or the remainder ol the county of Kootenay
under tho titlo uf sheriff Suuth
Every Day Next Week at
"Crescent Mapeline"
"Crescent Baking Powder."
We have left a few 5-Aore Villa ,Lots, suitable for ^Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, Which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or .semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within live minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City. '
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For nil kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and house furnishing^ goto
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
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to        reason so many prosperous people are using
$      The Vital Essence of the Wheat
% is retained in all its purity in its manufacture.   It has
the Strength and Nourishment, that is
why it is economical.
H Manufactured and Guaranteed by
I The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
I   *   CALGARY, ALBERTA.       1
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J      ".REVELSTOKE, B. C. l'.\Y AT
lncluling postage lo England, United Stales
Hy t
•Quarter '
.   1.50
.- l.no
Legal notices 10cents per line Aral insertion,
(cents per line eacli subscuuent Inwrtton,
Measurement-i Konparlel It- lines make one
inch). Store ami general business an-
nounoemenU $'i$t per inch inr month.
Preferred positions, 2-i per cent ml-
ditiiitl. Births, Marriages ami Deaths,
aPc each insertion. Timbor notiees$5.00
Land notices $7.-0 All advertisements
subject tothe approval ot the mauagcineiiti
Warned and Condensed Advertisement*: -
Agent* Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
waau-d. Situation! Vacant, Teaobors
Wanted. Mechanics Wanted, in word*- ur
les« lx., each additional line in cenls.
Changes in standing advertisements must
win bj 9 a. tn, luesday nnd Friday of
«ch week to Bwnre good display.
j jh i HINTING promptly executed at reasonable rales.
fflB-flS^Cash.  Subscriptions payable in ad!
i 0RRS8P0NBKNCE Invited on matters of
public Internet Communications to Editor most be accompanied by namo of
writer, not necessarily fo publication, bul
K" evidence of good faith. Correspondence
should be brief.
f)rr(ci-.s: Imperial Hank Block,  Rbvri,
sn,kk, B.C.
Monej- to loan.
Office*: lit. tlsiukf, B. 0,1 Fori Steele, 11. (!.
Geo. 9. MfCAHTKR,
A. M. l'lNKUAM.
Kevelstoke. B. C.
Kort Steele, 1I.C
;. M. Scott IX.lJ \V, I. HiiKk's.
abri8ters, s     itobs, eto,
Muxev      Loan
First Street. Rcvelstuke, B.C
the spontaneous cordiality of llie citizens, he hardly expected ihal Mother
Earth hersell would have received him
in such fl voluminous cmh ncc. This
is ,,nly n repetilion of whal many, il
tint till, ol our business men and storekeepers have continually been citing.
In mosl cases the storosdisplay goods,
it-risliiible anil otherwise, in tlio open
'Thai thn deceased met their dcallis
by iln- derailment ul Ihe bout express
train un tlie morning uf July 1st, 1
nnil siit-h derailment was caused ny
tin- excessive speed at which the train
was driven, contrary to tho ronipnny's
regulations. Wo aro alsu ol opinion
that the driver ol every train not slop
ping at Siilinl ut Bho-ild have his nl
tention sjtioin' y called, bclnre sta
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 100, Revelstokii
Mining Enginkkh,
American Institute Mining Kngin ,
Canadian MitiinK Iustitiit,-.)
Revelstoke, B. C,
Examination ot nnd report* on Mineral Properties ft Specialty.
flbe flftaiWlberalb
"Iwould . . . earnestly advlso thoni fur
their soot! to order this paper to be punctually
-erved up.unit lobe looked tijton ns a partol
the lea equipage,,"—ADD1BOK,
The Province ol British Columbia
was, aa usual, tu the fore at the industrial exhibition at Winnipeg, in the
line of fruit*!, and our exhibit created
a specially good impression. In luct
the Free Tress uf Winnipeg states that
the British Columbia building hud n
very Bpecial attraction for the people
ol thc prairies. In Iruit exhibits the
collection of the province wus made
up oi two divisions, one representing
the producta ol the whole ol British
Columbia and the other confined exclusively to those from the Kootenay
district. The latter is more remarkable ol the two, from the fact that
Kootenay has only recently been "discovered*' us a country uf gardens, but
when it is considered what vast possibilities the Kootenay country has and
what wonderlul Iruit producing soil
there is, covering large ureas ol land,
it will bs seen that the Kootenay Valley round the Columbia has been, in
a very small way, properly developed,
and that every cent expended in clearing aud cultivating the laml now, will
bring in a correspondingly hundsume
profit in the near future. Iu tliis
Columbia Valley in which Revelstoke
is situated, sume ol the finest fruit
groiviug land in the iviiule Province,
if not in llie Dominion, is to be touiu'.,
and that, right ut our very dours.
Look back centuries ago, when the
Columbia River was yet only a very
email stream, slowly, but surely cutting its way through its bed, expanding and increasing in volume, and
picking up the waters of other tribu
taries, until u large body 'if water
rushed on its wny out of tlie gorge ami
gradually deposited, in its flood, milI-
lona of tons of rich alluvium, which,
as time went un, lifted its surface
above tlie waters and forced the river
to change its course. This process
went on lor a lung period, until tin*
whole of this bottom land was tormed
and the river relegated to its definite
channel, between the gold range and
the loot bills ol the Selkirk!,; and in
this valley on the very richest soil of
they catch the c;e of the pnsser by
who, us a rule, takes thoso goods us a
sample ami buys accordingly. Merchandise thus displayed, gets the lull
benelit of the dust, nnd deteriorates;
and nut only du the intending cub-
tomei'B refrain Irom purchasing articles that have a Boiled appearance, but
the guilds themselves nre practically
mired. All this is exceedingly detrimental not only to the business men,
Imt also to the Bntistiiction ul the cits-
liinier, nn whom depends in no small
way the progress of the oity, Alsu
in,ni a hygenlc point of view, this
Hying dust is most detrimental to the
general public health, Germs ul
every kind lurk in road dust, and this
dust wi- breathe into our lungs loaded
with, we know nut how many milli	
bicilli. Ilostdos the possible (lunger
arising frum inhaling dust, ii iB must
unpleasant nnd annoying battling
along against these yolluw clouds,
with eyes, ears und mouth lull ul it,
to suy nothing of the damaging effect
it has on the clothes, Immediate and
effective steps should be taken to, in
some way, remedy tlie dust nuisance,
oil her in the tomi ot water curls or in
the construction of the roads by the
putting down ol miiciidiini; and it nny
sort of pride is full in the improving
and beautifying ol the city, [unds
Bhould not he wanting to curry out
this must necessiiry improvement,
iir round their front entrances, wlicre i»g, I" lll(* regulations affecting bis
journey, which wo consider wus not
mine in this case,"
The coroner nsked the jury i! Ihey
were agreed on a verdict ol accidental
death, The foreman Baid tbey woic
not, uml that tin,- veiilictwliicb ho had
rend out wns the only one on which
the jury could agree. He ndded thai
the jury considered ii eormin amount
of blame wns to be uttuched to the
company, and they hnd endeavored tc
give expression to that opinion in the
Various articles huvo recently ii|
penrcil in tho newspapers commenting
upon the material advantages soon to
E,,.,...... ,  ,,,,.,.,,, bo onjoyed by tho United Stales in the
DW AUD A. HAIiIiUjIN, "        ,.,,,,       i
                            use uf "tax free   alcohol und urging
the Canadian Government to follow
the lead ol uur American frit-nils nud
give Canadians tho benelit ol llie prac«
ticiil  siiggcstiuns contained  in   the
recent legislation ol Congress in providing theprivilegool using denatured
grain alcohol free fnnn revenue spirit
tux,    Km* over ton years Canada has
had in lorce legislation whereby grain
alcohol (denatured  nud   known ub
methylated  spirits) can  bo bad freo
from  revenue spirit   tax at n price
which bears only a small profit to the
department over the cost of grain
spirit and the denaturonts.   Thia arrangement has worked very well und
the  United  States  hnve based their
methods accordingly.    Some   years
ago the government allowed denatured
alcohol tu be supplied by u linn which
wus allowed to buy grain alcohol "in
bond tree," mix it with 10 per cent of
wuud ulculiul uud sell it to the public,
until it wns discovered that an enormous  amount  uf revenue was being
lost through the abuse ol the mixing
privilege, tor  the reason  that grain
alcohol was being taken secretly and
converted intu   whiskey instead ofj
methylated spirits ns intended.   The
government then altered their policy!
and since then alcohol can be obtained
at  reasonable   rates.     It  is claimed
that if denuturm-d alcohol coiilil be
produced cheaply by the removal ol
disabilities  which at present militati
against such  production, ii could b,
generally applied to purposes in which
gasoline has, at piusout, a virtual monopoly, and that consequently a greal
impetus  would  be  given  to  man}
present day industries.    This point is
receiving  the  special    attention  ol
Canadian oBioialdoiu.    The problem
tlii-n, is tu cheapen the cost ol alcohol
by its manufacture at u cheap rate,
The price of methylated spirits now is
ifl u gallon, at which price it would be
impossible iu compete with gasoline,
lu speaking ul manufacturing or fuel
purposes, the  mere removal ol duly
will not accomplish thai res dt. I'here
itiii.-t be n cheaper iin-tli.nl nf produc-
iii-,u if Canada  is  tu gum «tial I -
United States gain hy placing deuu-
turized alcohol on the (ree list.   B d
what is the outcome ol all this?   Hie
calculations upon which thc demand
lor the relief bill, recently passed b
United  stales Congress, was  urged
were  based  upun   the  experiend oi
Germany and other European States,
when denatured aleln,l is,-- tens ■•
employed,    It  wns  thus  estim led
that grain alcohol could be prod c id
and sold in United il iti - il 15 cents
a gull"u and yet yield sulllcii i   pi li
I:,,. |i ivi - eutirely, utol thequestioti
that a oohol lor power ptirpt sei can  i
produced  Irom  inatei in   in i pr icl
i, oally waste and (mm products relativ-*-
all, the pioneer, ol Revelstoke built ,   ■        r  t|M|i    '^
their camps, knowing then, evan more ,;,lsl|,.l,'nl   ....,.,:...
Winnipeg, Aug. I.—Tho C. P. R
bus established a new lung distance
speed record fur Wcslcrn lines, making
ii run of 31)1) 2-10 miles in eight hours
fiat, including stops. The train which
made tho record wns a speciul, carrying Pir William Van ll.irno, William
Whiti- nml ll. -I. Bury, nnd consisted
ol ii baggage cur nnd two private curs.
Tho stops were lor wnter, change ol
engines und n lay uver for all cast
bound passenger trains. This means
an iivei'Mio nf over fill miles nn hour
wns maintained throughout the whole
distance. This .speed lms boon rend
od possible by the improvements that
have been carried cut on thomain line,
including heavier steel nnd hotter road-
Recognizing the great commercial
importance ol the advent of tbc.Giig
gcnhcillis in Britisli Columbia, nnd
apprehending the significance of
visit which tht' principals nt the big
Now York firm urci ow milking in Ihe
Canadian Yukon, much ililliculty bus
bit'ii experienced in securing reliublt.
information regarding the scope of Ilu:
extended operations in which the ruin
is preparing tn engage. It is ascertained that Mr. Arthur Hepburn
M.O.I.E., wns nhiFCtid with tho Guggenheim party on hoard tho 1'rincons
Muy boforo she It'll l..r I ho north on
Tuesday, lt is understood that Mr
Hepburn disousicd with Mr. Chester
llentty, the eminent engineer whn
forme one uf tlm party, delails ol a
large mining deal In tho Yukon which
is now practically cluscd. There arc
other deals in progress, Hie smallest cl
which involves hull a million dollars.
Should those deals bo completed, it is
likely Unit the operations of the Gug-
genlieinis nro alrondy marking a ' ew
era in tbo history of mining in Britisli
Stock and Share Broker
(Subject tocoiiiiriiiiitiitii)
thun we real;/- now, what n wonderlul district they hail taken possession
ol, und this camp bus grown int..' Hit-
prewnt flourishing city. Thus, lor
miles along this valley, with Revelstoke as the centre, does this land
extend; the soil full of rich vegetable
and animal mutter mixed with sand
and productive mineral, Such soil as
this will grow anything, and the must
profitable industry now is Iruit grow
ing. As it is, some of the linest fruits
ever seen are grown in the vicinity ol
our city, Iruit, which lur size and
ewectness, has few equals. Acres and
acres uf magnificent land arc here
waiting for the plough, nnd when
once it is realized (hat such good Inmi
and rich suil is to be hud only a lew
miles di,tnnt from Revelstoke, then
will a new em lor fruit growing com-
inence in new varieties and enormous
yields, and "grown at Revelsloke'*
will always ensure a great demand
and signify as a reputation for excellence.     ___________
A visitor tu  Rcvelstuke the ulher
day remarked critically un tlio quantity ot dust that careered through the
Frum '!l)0
potatoes,  unsaleable  lor
ordinary purposes 225 gallons ol nl-
cohol can   i I lined.    I'iu- is un
interesting problem, and one which
affects all branches, The Standard
ml Trust regulates the price ol gaso
line whioh makes engines, run by
thnt fuel, expensive in operation. On
the other hand, the oil driven engine
ia getting more popular every day,
and the era ol cheap luel will soon
dawn. By thernanulaoture of uloohol
from potatoes, another industry is
opened out to the Canadian larmer,
and also to those who build and operate distilling plants. Thus tho country will materially benefit and a
strong check bo placed nn Standard
oil   li gram alcohol can bo produced
the United Statesut l.i ceuls n gallon.
why could n i. the saint- result be obtained In Canada, Nor is il necessary
to restrict the denaturing Ingredient
to methylated spirit, The matter is
well worth thc attention of parliament
and an official enquiry into the position, aB it effects Canada, should ho
Instituted without delay, Statements
have been freely made that it is possible to produce alcohol in certain oasos
at Irom 5 tn 7 cents n gallon, und its
advantages as a fuel arc undoubted.
in  inst uiiii:. v   lie
loon Eureka In,
molts. Kiiiritii'i-
t't-ll nl uiv iillh'i,.
•J.IIII Nicola lonl   .",,-.
2,11111) Western Oil   life,
Iini Dominion Coppei   811.(1(1.
35 CmiHilinn Miueoni   $1.1111.
2,1101 Diamond Vale Cn.il   24c.
I. Rocky il lain Di-viilouiuciil
third iuoiuiuj in
1  in,,mli   at   -
.  I'isitinubi-t,!.!,.
cordially  wol
('. .1. I'lMJCl'NIKIt, Stl-ltl-.TAIiV.
SELKIRK LUDUE. NO 18, 1.0. 0. F.
Moots everyTlliirsda-"
cve glitOddl'i-llows
Hull al s o'clock
Vjailing brethren cur
tliully invited tit Hi
11 MAI'IIIIN.ll.ll, N.ll.
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
III ll,l,ll,-ll„ivs' Hull at s
(,',-l„,-k Visiting Knights, tire
cordially invited,
Q. H. BROCK, K. ol R.&S.
1 inn prepared tn undertake all kinds of
freighting und te lining.
My stage connecting between the
steamer and the cily leaves the Oity
nl I a.m. Tuesdays nnd Fridays, connecting with Ihe Steamer Revelstoke
for (he Big Bund, and also meets the
steamer on Ihe return trip same days.
Leave word at Navigation Company's nll'u i- my Stables where lu
Hmiufaoturad for nil classes nr buildings
All kinds of building nnd plastering
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
mid Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
IKIownl- I'oto
Uiuitrellu Stands
Lunch Bankets
Sinoktntr. JacknU
Silk Goods,
I; stock ot caudles and frulis in lown.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Tea set-vices
Cane Ch.dt-s
Nil. I. lb,use nnd Iwu lols, rum
Sii-eet, f!i,fi!iu. Valuable corner location.
No. 5. -Lut and Store, First Slieel,
$2,1X111,   I'lisy terms.
Nu. (I.   Lot on First Street- $i*illll.
No. 7. Two lots on First Street
with i'i'.siilcnce,'<$2,lli0.
These lots are likely to be valuable
business sites.
No. 1-1,—Corner properly on Third
street, two lols iinti residence, $2000.
No, 15.-8 Ijots on First Street. The
linest hotel or Store silo in Oity,—
4 Lots on li-lrBt Street, $6,800.
i Luis on Second Sheet, $1,575.
No. 21.—One of the host residences
nud Villa Sites iu Oity, $1,000.
No. 22.-Residence, Victoria Road,
No. 23—Residence Mnokemde Ave.,
Nu. 24.- -Business Blook, Mackenzie
Avenue, $12,000.
. 0.28.—Residence on Third Street,
No. -12—1 Lots on Eighth Street for
No. 12. -Three lots in city of Nelson,
or will exchange for property in Revelsloke.
No, 51.-Lot ntul Stable at Camborne
No. 13.-119 iieres within two miles
nf city, or will he sold in blocks of 5
acres to '& acres.
No. 15.—700 acres Crown title und
half Interest In 5,0000 acres $24,000,
Nil. 32.- 3211 ncres, Kelownn, $111,0110.
No. 27,-1(2(1 acres Crown granted
lnmls nt (liilcnn Bay, $5 per acre.
No. HI. -2,500 acres Nicola Valley,
wilh slock, $70,001),
No. 33.—109 uci-t's ensl, of Revelstoke
No. 4—820 acres Crown Kriinled
and pastoral louse with sliiok, 18 miles
I'l-oni railway -$12,75(1.
No, 37,-Best fium in district, ISO
acres, 80 acres cultivated, good buildings, $10 per acre.
Nothing better than " Our Special.
Henry's Nurseries
Extra Inrge importation of
pill DC  io arrlvo fr-mii Holland, Franco
DULDO   und Japan in September
For Fall Planting
Thousands of Fruit nnd Orniiniuuliil
Trees. Rhododendrons, Hoses nnd hardy
plant- nuw growing nn our own grounds for
future pluiitiirg.
No espouse, loss or delay of fumigation,
Inspection norcustomsdutiostopny. Headquarters for Pacific Const grown nnd im.
■jjortod Garden, Field mul Flower Seeds.
Visitors are always welcome to inspect
our stock.
Greenhouse Plants,
I'm Flowersand Floral Designs, Furtilizors
Rao Hives nnd Supplies, Spray Pumps nnd
No agents -theroforo you bavo tin commission to pay. Our r,tinlogiin teiU you
aboul it- Lot ine price your list boforo
iilnciiit.' your order.
Uit an business un our own gronnds—nn
rent to nny, and are prepared tn muut nil
competition. EaBtorn prices or less White
labor.  Catalogues Free.
Smilli Vanooi
Businesses For Sale
No. 18.- Iltilt-I, Brick Building, $22,-
No. 1!) I Intel, pretty lncatiou, $3,000.
Nu. 27. Hotel, a nioncv-innkei-,
No. 4,-HotBl, $3,500.
I! Hotels, ti Stores, a Blacksmith's
Business in I ho Northwest.
No. 43. -Store or Hotel aitcnt Notch
Nu. 4(1.-Hotel on Vancouver Island,
$3,500- half cash.
Half Interest in Shinge Mill; pencil
cnl iiiiiii required! (Ino oponiug-
J_ cyuu die the most curative in the
world. A perfect, niilmal remedy for
nil Nei vims und Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney mid Slomiii'h ailments
und Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on ull bouts anil trains. Two
mails aii-ivt- nnd depait ovory day.
Telegra h cuinuiuiiicalion with all
marts of thc world.
Tbhms-$12 to $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arretv LaKe, B. C
, days after date I intend to apply to tbe
* liiof Commissioner of hnnds and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
from tlie following described Unds In the
liig Iti-iid district of Wust, Kootenay I—
1. Commencing at a post planted about I1 j
milos soutli of Smith Creek, and one milo west
of the Columbia river, nud marked "A. McRae's
north enst coruer post," thence south 80 chains,
theuce west 80 ohnins, theuce north 81) chains,
theuce east 80 chains to point of commence*
2, Commencing at n post planted about 8W
miles soutli of Smith Creek nud one milo wost
of the Columbia river, and marked ''A. Mcltae's
north enst corner post," (hence soutli 80 chains,
thouco west Wi cliains, theiu'o north 80 chains,
theuce ea.-L 80 chains to pointof commencement.
li. Commencing at a post planted about 3*H
miles south of Smith Creek and oue mile west
of the Columbia river, and mnrked "A- Mcltae's
nnrtli easl corner post," tlience south 80 chains,
thenoo west 80 chaius, thence north 80 chains,
tlience east 80 chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a imst plauted about i%
miles south of Smith Creek and one mile west
tif the Columbia river, ami mnrked "A. McKay's
imrtli east corner imst," tlience south 80 cliains,
theuce wbsL 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains,
tlienco east 80 chains to point of commencement.
Ti. Commonolug at a post plunted aliiHit.Va
miles soutli of Smith ('reek, uud oue mllo west
of the Columbia river, and marked "A. Mcltae's
north oust comer post," tlience south -10 clialns,
thenco east 40 chuius, theuce soutli W chuius,
theuce west 80 chuilif, theuce nortli 40 chaius,
thencu west 40 chains, thouce uorth 40 chains,
thence oust KO cliains to point of commencement.
0. Commencing at a post plauted about 6J^
miles south of Smith (-reek, and about one
mile west of the Columbia rivor, und niarked
"A. Mcltae's north east coruer post," thence
.-until So chains, thencu wust 80 chuius, tlience
north 8nchains, thonce east 80 chuius to point
of commencement.
7. Commencing at a post plauted ubout V/3
miles south of Smith Croek, and about two
an .-west of the Columbia river, and niarked
"A.. Mcltae's north oast coraor post," theuce
south 80 ehnins, thencu wust 80 chains, theuce
north 80 chains, theuce enst 80 chains to point
uf iviiinioueoinout.
8. Commencing at u imst planted about &%
miles soutli of Smith Croek, nnd about two
milos west of tho Coluinbin rivur, aud uuirkud
"A, McHuo's north onst comer post," thence
south 80 chaius, thenco west 80 chains, thouce
north 80 chnius, thouco oust 80 chains to poiut
of commeueumuut.
Datod July 10th, 11HKJ.
jy 21
A. MclUE.
Easy terms of
payment   may be
For particulars ipply to
Real Estate und Insurance Agent,
Revelstoke, B. 0.
IJIK'   ||,,»,
,.! iliiin iuin  Mini-)
in Dominion Tin-'   $1311
Iini 11. I*. Wire md Nil     $111.50.
mm, . ,- \V,--i Perm ii ■ ill I sail) and
Savings   $115.
■:. National Cnisoliil
l.itKl Hi ■  ■        R
:•:,,, i row's Nest 0      (I I
7.si" it-.,.', nil li,-.     ;
$1.(1(1 pei month perl.II    -   i
2,(100 Red Mountain i mi. Gold Mining
SflH   elstokt ,i \l i Creel
iVJ tin-si! Noill  Mines   2H«
0,1)111 Bt -■    ■    --
11)1 ll. i    I' ■■ ;,■ i ■ $20,211.
;:: A. S. Burton Sa« I   ., $Hl
I Dominion Pi rmani nt, $85,
Manhattan, Nei ids Hold Mi  20c.
ji.inxi Prince.
Subject !,, confirmation)
1.0041 l..ii.|.-iii Uiu,--.    lie
lo.iaai IM,.,.    |
,*i,l))l   l'-orty-Nlne
Mrs. II. I. Hii.tbiiry Muniigi-ess.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
UrgeDlnlnjr , Tor
11 ,,.|in-t- Suppers, oto.
Furnished Rooms To Let,
C k  Heci-ipts
:.,())) Sullivan    It
:,.,nni North SI ,,   lc
(Vl.urX) Int,     i
;,.inni White I',,..,,   ,-„-,
5,1100 Pathfinder,
20 Canadian Marconi
OFFICE   Mackenzie Ave.
Nexl C P. R. Tolegraphs,
That's Royal Crown kind—
iiiad,, in Vancouver—Largest
Soap I'.i'i'.rv west ol Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washingareensy with itshelp,
And ibe money Baving is the
Premium System
liuttklct tolls whnt wc give fur
Roval Crown Wrappers, Hnnd
(or   it—Free—Also  try  the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C,
,  rrncD trad* mar-/
Our Registered
Trade Mark.
When buying Overalls see
il, i| the) bear ibis lal„-l. It Isa
'<:,-->■ nf their Quality . . .
Overall! hearing the "Buck
Brand" are Union made, by
ynur own countrymen, and as
nearly Indestructible as it's possl
hie to make iln-in. They are
manufactured by ih'- pioneer
ivorkingmen ■ ,.,iilin,-i - nl tho
west, A-k for "Buck Brand"
Overalls ind take no rithnrs,   .   .
We J. .Master & Sons
t in.
\j OTIOK is hereby given that Ilii days after date
\S 1 intenil to apply to. the Hon. The chief
Commissioner nf bauds and Works for a Special
License to ent and carry away timber from the
following described lantts In West ICnntenny District;
1. Commencing at a post marked "Arthur
Payne's south west corner post," planted on the
east sldelof lllg Heud trail and about 1 utile north
from 1\ I'etei'sons's ranch, tlience north ltliichains,
east 40 chains, south Hid chains, west 40 chains to
point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post mnrked "Arthur
Payne's nortli west corner post," planted ou the
east stile n( Hig Kt-ml trail and about 1 mile north
nf P. IVIerson's ranch, tlience south 40 chains,
east liiu clialUB, nortli -in clmins. west uio chains to
puint of commencement.
3. Commencing at a post marked "Arthur
Payne's smith east comer post," planted ou the
east sldo <<f Hig Hend trail imt almnt ] mile nnrtli
of p. peter, ma ranch, tbenee north PHli nvlns,
west lllctiaim smith 100 chains, cast 40 chains to
pninl ot commencement.
Dated July Irtb, \m.
I. Con moncing at n pnsl marked "Arthur
Payne's north enst corner pnst," planted oil the
south side nf Keystone trail almnt two miles east
ot [lord's mncli, thenee smith UWi cliains, wust. 40
chaini, north itt" chains east 40 chains tn point nf
6. Commencing at a post marked "Arthur
Pavne'a sooth east comer post," plantod on tho
smitli iii1- if Keystone trail aboul two mileB east
[rom Iti*-. s . inch, theuce north UU) ehnins, west
lOclmh ' 'intu too chains, east 40 chains to point
>i[ commeii -■ ment.
ii. Commencing at a post marked "Arthur
Payne's nurth west coruer post," planted on tlio
smith sld*' of Keystone trail ahout two miles east
from lloyd'a ranch, thence smith ltm chains, east
in chain north lOOchains, west id chains to point
nf commencement.
7. Commenolng at .t post marked "Arthur
Payne'n nn Mi east eorner post." planted on tho
smith side of Key-stone trail about, U miles enst
[rem Boyd's ranch, thenee snutli 80 cliains, wstHi
ehains, norl It su ehains, east sn chains to pninl nf
Dated July ttth, low.
AUTIIt.lt PAYNK, Lociiter.
Certificate of Improvements.
Pfeaaes evory smoker  the " Maroa
Adventurer, Iron link,- Watchman, Outlook iintl
- itnsi.ii,.. mineral ,-lnittis, *itiiat>- In lla' Art-,,..-
i.ait, .MoitiK lilvlaiono! Weal K„„t.i»iii> District
Where located; -On tin- northitdc ol Pingitnn
0 ,,,-'., aliollt li iitilt-s wt-Htiif Aniitv Luke.
Tim. is.ti,,-Uuu 1,.lohn I,,,,,u „i Aml'-r ,.
I' l.s .' ('rail '■ .(-.-ill for I'Iimhim AhrM,
P.M.C. '.'„ .,.,.!!. Ili-1 inl smitli. l-'.M.l!. N,
llll.wl.',. , Mini, ' ricott. F.M.C. No, DS.H10S,
Intenil, ilay. Irom the date lioreol, to apply
to lli„ Mo «, lleronli-rfotl'i-rtitl-iili-aof lla|ir„v,,
aii-iits, . me,, ,r|.,.s<- „f obtaining Grown (Irani*
oltl,,.-.I..,, claims.
And (nrllioi inh lice Hint action, under ice.
,Inn '.'.'  ,i i-i im, ,-,,iiii,„-ii,',',Ibotnro theliaiinneu„f
 '   i-lilli-j|r* „f liii|,r,,v,-nl,,|lla.
IUI, [litis'islli,l..v..( .1,111,', IHNI.
rn-iKK ' ii K lint a BpoeUl lieni-riil Moot-
I litK -.I (In- -hnn-liol'leis nl Tin: I'uisi K
Misif-o   AMU   lnvi'.l'il'VKNl   OOMfANV, LlMtTKD
I lABIMTVi #HI  bC liehl nt UlCC paii)'s Oltl-
f-0it| Plrrl W • fit, Itovfllltokfi, It t!, OP Hatnrdiiv,
the lun iln> ol AiiituM.iimn, ni elghl o'bIopIi
pul., for tlie piirnosi- ol oonflrmltigt roaolu*1
lion piuund utiRnlraoiuly nt Llio meeting hold
mi July Hlli, IWfl, and which resolutlnu leads
m follows:
"Thai.  UlC  provlllotn ol Hei-thm 122 Of tho
'Oompimlen1 Anl, 1897.' Mtimotidod byHeetlon
Kluhi id Um- ( ompaiil'-s' Ael Amendment Act,
HKit; shah apply to this Company-"
I'resldonl. Hccretary,
NOTICE is horoby givou that 30 days
afterdate I intend to apply to tho Honorable- the Chiof Commissioner of Lands und
Works for a special license to cut und curry
away timbor from the followliiK described
lands, situated in Osoyoos division of Vale
1. Commoucini; at a post marked "S. Hill's
nurth wust enrnor." planted ou tbe east bunk
nlimit 1 mile from tho south ond of Sugar Lake,
tbonco onst 80 clmins, soutli HO chains, west 8U
ehains, uortli su ehuins to point of commencement,
1 CtuiitiionciiiKut a post marked "S. Hill's
south west corner," plantod ou the east buuk of
Sugar Lake, about 1 milo from tho south end,
theuce east 80 chains, uorth 80 chains, west 80
cliains, south SO chains to pointof commence'
K, Commencing nt a post inarkod "S. Hill's
soutli eust cornor," plnntod nbout 1 milo from
tbii north end of Sugar Lake, on tbo west bauk,
theuco north 40 chains, wost 100chaius, south
40 chains, eust PK) chnlns to point of commencement.
4. Commencing nt a post marked "S. Hill's
north enst corner," planted about 1 mile from
tbe ii -Iili end o. Sugar Lako, on the wust bank,
t honco south 411 chaius, wost 100 chains, north
40 chains, onst 160 chuius to point of commence*
ii. Commeueiug ut a post marked "S. Hill's
soutli enst corner,1, planted on tlio wust bank of
Sugur Lnko about 1 mile from the south eud,
thouce nortb ttO chains, west 80 cbnins. soutli KO
chains, oast 80 cbnins to point- of commeucemeut.
fi, Commouciug nt a post marked "S. Hill'*
north eust cornor," plauted on the wost bnnk of
Hi our Lako, nbout 1 mile from the south ond,
thonce south 80 chuius, wost 80 chains, north 80
chains, oast 80 chains to poiut of commeucemeut.
7. Commencing at a post marked' B. Hill's
south east coruer," plantod on the west bank of
tho Spallumcheeii river nbout VA miles below
Sugar Lako, theuco north 80 chains, wost Nl
chains,south 80 chains, east Wl chains to point
of commoncomont.
8. Commencing ut a post markod "8. Hill's
uortli east cornor," plantod on tho west bank of
Spnl Inmcliooii river uWiut l]^j miles below Supar
Lane, thoneo south 80 cbnins, wost 80 chains,
north 80 chains, east 80 chaius to-point of commeucemeut.
Dated July 2nd, liol.
0 Commouciug ut n post marked "S. Hill's
south east cornor," planted about 1 mile west
ut the uorth eud of Sugar Lake, thonco uortli
80 chains, wosl. 80 chaius, south 80 chains, east
80 chaina to point of commencement.
Dntod July 3rd, 1906.
10, Commnticiiig at a imst mnrkod "S, Hill's
south west corner, planted on the east bank of
tlio Spullumckeen rivor about VA miles below
Sugar Lnko, tliui.ee east HO chains, north 80
chains, wost 80 cbnins, south HO chains lo point
of commencement.
U. Commouciug ut n post markod "8 Hill1
north west corner, plantod ou the oust bank of
tho Spallumcheen river about VA miles bolow
Sugar Lake, thonce oast 80 chaius, south 80
chains, wost 80 chains, nortli 80 chains to point
ofer nuiii once ment.
12. Commouciug at a post marked "8. Hill's
south oust corner, plnntod about U miles be[
low Sugar hnhe mid 1 milo oast from the Si
liimcheeu river" thenco west 80 chains, north 80
clmins, oast 80 chains, south 80 chains to point
ol ciimmoucement.
Dated July 4th, WOO.
of Upper Arrow Lnke:—
Commencing at a post marked "W. W, Lock's
smith east comer," M tlie suuth west corner of
Lot 802, and about i mile south of Foithall
I'leek, thenee imrtli 40 chains, tbenee west BU
ehnins, thence snutli 40 chains, thence east 8n
chains to point ot commencement, containing NO
Hal cil this Uth day of June, ItHHl.
PerT. C. Makinson, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "L. M.John-
stunt's south eastcorner,-' at the south west corner
of Tlioinni Webster's application to purehue.
about 8 miles south of Fosthall Creek and about
LM miles frmn the bike, thence north 80 chaini,
to the soutli boundary of O. J. llamuiniid's applieatiun to purchase, thonce west 80 chains, thence
smith 40 cliains, thence east 40 chains, thence
south 40 clmins, thence east 00 chains to point ol
commencement, emitnininij 600acres.
Dated this lStli day of June, ltfOO.
Pur ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "M. C Dicker-
aim's north west comer," on the shore of Upper Arrow lako, about 3 miles south of Fosthall creek and
about 20 chains north nf the south east corner of
Thomas Webster's application to purchase, thenco
south 80 chains, theuce east 80 cliains more or
less to the shore of Arrow Lake, thence following
said shore in a general northerly and westerly
direction 120chains more orless to pointof cum*
meneement, containing'040 acres muru or less.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1000.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pout marked "K. A. Slye'n
soulli east corner," alwut li miles south ot Font-
hull ('reek, at the south west corner of Lot4fi7fl,
tlience nnrtli 80 chains along tbe west boundary of
Lot 4570, thence west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence east 80 chnlns to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
Dated this 12th day of J nne, 1900.
Per llalpli Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "A. Dollenmey-
m's nurth oast corner," about 10 cliains west ot the
smith west comer nf Lot 81)8, nt the north west
corner of K. A. Hive's application to purchase and
about M mile soutli of Fosthall creek, thence west
8ii chains, thence south 80 chains, thonce east 80
chains, thence north 80 chains tu pointof commencement, containing 840 acres.
Dated this Uth day uf June, IWO,
Per ltalph Hlye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "F. A. Slye's
uortli east eoruer," about I'i miles south of Fosthall Creek, and about U miles from tlie lake
shore at the north wost corner of (I. J. Hammond's
application to purchase, tlience west 80 chains,
tbenee south BO clialns, thence east 80 chains,
theuce north 80 chains, to point of commencement, containing 040 acres.
Dated this mli day ot June, 1000,
Per Kalph Hlye, Agent.
Commencing at a pust niarked "M.C.slye's
imrlli eastcorner," at the south east comer of
Thomas Webster's application to purchase, almut
;t miles south o( Fostlutll Creek, and about 1
mile from tbe lake, thence west 80 chains, thence
south 40 chains, tlience east 40 chains, thence
south 4ii chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
north 80 chains lo poiut of cuiumoneuuient, containing 48U acres.
Dated tills 12th day of Juno, 1906.
Her Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "A. K. Hammond's north west corner,'about ll4 miles south
of Fosthnll (-reek at the south east corner nf Lot
4670, thence south 80 chains, thence east 40 chaius,
more or less to llie lake shore, theuce following
said shore lu a genera) northerly direction 80
clialns more or tens to the smith boundary of J. L.
Hindi's application to purchase,thence wwt40
chains, more or less, to point of commencement,
containing '.W acres more or less.
Dated this l-.lli day of June. 1000.
Pur Kalph Slye, Agent,
Commencing at a pust marked "O. J. Hammond's north east corner," about 1!* miles south
nf Fosthnll Creek, at the south east enrner of Lot
4B78, tlience went Miclialus, tlience south80chains,
tlience east 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains lo
pointof commencement, containing 640 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1000.
Per Kalph Hlye, Agent.
NOTICK IS HKHKBY OIVKN that sixty days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Laiuls and Works for permission'
to purchase tbe following described lands situate
in the Wost Kootenay district.
\ oni in cueing at an initial post erected on tbe
north hank of tho Lanlo river, ahout one-eight
mile west nf Lake creek and marked "D. IV Kane's
snutli east corner post," tlience north 20 chains:
thence wost 80 chains; thenco south 20 chains,
more or less to Lanlo river; theuce easterly follow*
iim tlie bank of the river 80 clmins more or less to
pointof commencement, comprising one hundred
ami sixty acres mure or less.
Dated tlie wili Mny, loot).
 JE is horoby given that thirty dnys
aftor date I inteud to apply to the Chief
Commissioner ot Lands and Works for special
licenso to cut and carry away timbor from the
following described lauds situated in Wost
Kootonay district, B.C.!
1. Commencing at a pnst marked "A. Mcltae's
smith west comer pnst, planted aliout one mile
east of Columbin river and aliout opposite Hos-
kins creek, thence north 80 chnius, ensl 80 chains,
south 80 chains, west 80 cbnins to point of commencement.
2. i'ommencinn at a pnst marked "A. Mcltae's
nurth west coruer pent," planted about one mile
oast of Columbia river and nliout opposite Hos-
kins creek, thence south 80 cliains, east 80 chains,
north 80 chains, wost 80 chains to point uf commencement.
Dated July lWh, 1006.
VTOTICE Ih nereby given that 60 days afler
J\ Unto I inl",nl to apply In tbo Hon. tho
' bii f Coinii! I ne- of Lnmls nnd Works for
permission to v ohai o tbo following described
lands, situated iu West Kootonay, wo-t side
Columbia rivor, I'iru Valley:
Commencing at a post 10 ohalna north of
Lungers nortli west cornor post nnd markod
"Harry Mcintosh's nortli cast corner pout,"
thenco west 80 chains, thonoo south 80 chains,
ihoneo oaat 80 clialns, thonce north 80 chains to
plum of comnioimoment.
lUled Juiml.l'h. ItHHi.
N OTIOK Is lioroby given Unit, fin days utter dato
I in*.end In apply to tlie Chief Commissioner
of Units nml Works for permission lo purchase
the following described binds, situate on the east
shore nl trrowLake, opposite Arrowhead and do-
si'rl I nn i  • i' How :
Coiinm in oil- at > pnst planted at the southwest
enmer of Lot Jutl and marki-il "lion. Newman's
northwest corner post," llienee south 80 clmins,
thonce east so chains, thenco north 80 chains,
tlience west KOeliiiiiH to place of ciiinmcncemelit,
uml containing 010 .teres.
Dated the itnthot July, 100(1
jly28 UKO, T. NKWMAN.
N( iTll 'K in hereby given I hat Oil days after date
I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief Com-
mlwloner of Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the billowing ilcscriheil lauds lu the
West Kootenay District, Galena Bay, oust side of
Cpnei Arrow Ink■■; -
Commencing at < post planted at Ibe north east
comer of fut No, 2110, thenee oast 40 chains,
smith 40c1i,iins, west 4'i chains, imrtli 10 chains to
place of commencement.
Dated tliis .'Ni day nt July, 1000.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days from date 1
intend to apply to the Honorable tho Chief O.tn-
missioner of Lauds and Works for permission to
purchase tbe following described lands lu the
West Kootenay District, oast shore of Upper
Arrow I<nke:—
Commencing at a post marked "J. D. Coplau's
smitli west comer," at thu north west corner-d
Lot m and about I'i in lies north of Nakusp,
thenco east 80 chains more or loss, thenco north
80 chains more or less, thonco west 80 chains more
or less to the Lake shore, theuce In a general
southerly direction along the Lake shore 80 chains
more or less to puint uf commencement, containing 040 acres more or less.
Dated Ibis 22ml day of May, 1906.
Per ltalph Hlye, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that80 days after dato
I Intend to applv to the Honorable the chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
iconseto cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands situated ln the
Osoyoos Division uf Yale Distriot:
1. Commencing at a post marked "H, Hill's
north west comer," plunted on the south hank of
tbo east fork nf the nerth furk of Cherry Creek
ahnnt 4) miles nlmve the forks ot the north fork,
running east 100 chains, thenco south 40 chains,
thence west 100 clialns. thence north 40 chains to
point of i-onini■'iti'i'intnit.
2. Ciimmeuciii" at a post marked "H. Hill's
south west corner," planted on the south bank of
tbe east fork of the north furk of Cherry Creek
alwut 41 miles above the forks uf the north fork,
running east 160 chains, thence nurth 40 chains,
thence west 100 chains, thouce snutli 40 chains to
point of commencement.
3. Commencing at a past marked 'S. Hill's
nortb easl corner," planted ow the suuth bauk uf
the east fork u[ the nortli fork of Cherry Creek
about 4.1 miles above the forks of the north fork,
running soi th 16U chains, thence west 40 cliains,
tlienco north 160 chnlns, theuce enst 40 chains to
point of couinienceiiieiil,.
4. Commencing at a pust markedH"S. Hill's
south west cornor," planted un the south bank of
the east furk of the nortli fork of Cherry Creek
ubout 2} miles nlmve tin-forks nf the north fork,
running east 100 chains, thencu north 40ohains,
tlience west IflO clialns, thence smith 40 chains to
pnlnl of commencement,
G. Commoneliig at a post marked .'H, Hill's
south wust corner." planted on the west bank ot
tin- north fork of Cherry Creek about24 miles
above tbe forks, ramming nortli loo clialns, theuce
oast 40 ehains, tlience south inn chains, thence
west 40 chains to pnlnt uf cuiiimeiiecinont.
Datud July 6th, 1000.
6. Cummnuclug at a pust marked "H, Hill's
nurth west curuer," planted almul 40 chains north
if Lako Creek almnt ,r> miles up the Name, running
ast 80 chains, tlienco soutli80 clialns,tlienco west
80 chains, thencu north 80 chains to point ut commencement.
7. Commencing at a pust marked "S, Hill's
noilb east eoruer," planted almnt 40 chnlns umlh
of l,aki- Creek ami about G miles up thu same,
running west 80 chains, theuce sontli 80 chains,
theuco east 80 chains, thonce nortb SO chains lu
point of coinmeiiceiiieiit,
8. Commencing at a pust marked "K. Hill's
norlli east corner," planted almul fll chains north
ot Lake Creek aboul 4 miles up the same, running
west 80 clialns thenee soutli 8ft chains, tlience
east 8o chains, thence north 80 chains to point of
commence me nt.
Dated June 25th, 1000.
aug80 H, HILL. .-*
,< -*
i- iv/..
iiii i,itv«.ws\\w>,
You can shake
down a "Sunshine"
furnace  without getting
covered with ashes and dust—ha* a
dust flue through which all the dust
and ashes  escape when you shake
down tho fire.
This heater is go easily regulated and operated,
and so clean, that it makes the entire household
bright and genial.
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BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
Finest London Gins
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Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Provinces ol Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec.
Oapltal Subscribed ...       S4,ooo,ooo.oo
Oapltal Paid Up ....   $3,9oo,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       S3,9oo,ooo.oo
D. R. Wii.kie, President; Hon. It, Jaefiuy, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
SAVINGS Department—Deposits received nnd Interest allowed
at highest current rate from ilnte of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all purls of Caniiilii, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
^arfijarnondsTane nude from fiUE__QL&ig^ grown on ourown blanfofions,
and crysfalized tDre5embleRockCMidy.Thegrdin5 s()drklelike uncurdidmondsj
ll istnc moil deticiou) SugarowdefcrTed orCoffee-.—- Sold Everywhere...
General ai the Congress o!
Chambers ol Empire.
IjOKIjo.v, An-.'. 2.—Following is n
re uiuli.,11 moved by J. H.Turner,seconded by Hubert Ward, nt the congress of chn in hers ol commerce ol the
"Having the honor lo represent tin
Victoriu, liritish Columbia, board ol
trade it gives me great pleasure to
move the re olution thnt the invitation of that board to the chambers ol
commeice ol the empire to hold their
next congress at Victoriu, B, C. be accepted.
''It may perhaps be considered a bold
order on the part ot tlie board of trade
of a city of only some 80,000 people on
the further side ol Canada to send this
invitation to the chambers ol commerce ot the empire, represented us
they are by the princes und giants ol
commerce and linnnce ot the world;
but I hope in a lew words to be able
to show why it would bt- wise nnd nd-
vuntageous lor the next congresB to be
held there.
"I do not wish to say one word
against the claims ol Australia or Africa tor ibis distinction, hut will simply speak on the advantages ul Canada
Ior it.'
"Canada iB tlie oldest colony; it is
easily accessible; the voyage across
the Atlantic is now more comfortable
and takes only about the same time as
did n journey to Scotland less than a
hundred years ago. Canada is now
very much in the minds of the public.
We on Wednesday last voted in favor
of a very important resolution thut
was introduced by Canadians, and in
the very able and interesting discus-
141011 on ibat resolution strong-state-
incuts were ninde in reference lo the
position of the Dominion in relation
to iis great neighbor on the south, nlso
to the great prosperity of the Dominion, its rapidly increasing population,
and particularly of its capability to
supply all the wheat und Hour that
may be required by the mother land.
Some of these points were strongly opposed, hut they bud, I believe, n great
influence on the vote ef three to one
in fuvor of preferential trade; and no
doubt if all the gentlemen who voted
aye or no on that occasion hud crossed
Canada aiiH seen tor themselves, the
vote would have been unanimous.
"A congress of chambers ol commerce ol the empire was held in Montreal in 1903. The delegates then to a
certain degree informed themselves
concerning castiin Canada; but the
Dominion has greatly advanced since
that dale, and by the time the next
cungrcss is lield the progress promises
to he phenomenal.
'Now, Toronto, in the centre ol eastern Canada, extends a cordial invitation. I say nothing against it, but
Toronto is not, I think, lar enough
west, and all the advantages of that
city for the meeting will lie more than
attained il it is lield un the shores of
thc Pacilic, as tbedelegates would then
not only seo the cities and towns, including Toronto, ol the older part of
the Dominion, but would go on through
the rich farming land of Ontario, past
the great lukes, across the illimitable
prairies ih stined to be the home of
millions of Britons, visit the wonderful new cities ot Manitoba, Suskutche
wan and Alhertn, climb the magnificent Rocky mountains, Selkirks and
Cascades, have a look at the great coal,
copper, silver nnd lend mines, and
tiarel through the magnificent forests
and the charming fruit nnd dairy
lands of British Columbia, and after a
delightful journey with the comforts
of a good hotel all the wny, reach the
line city ot Vancouver, tlie site uf
which was a dense forest twenty yours
ago—thus having a panoramic view ol
the breadth of tlie Dominion. Tbey
would then, by a lour hours' voyage
across the Mediterranean ol Canada,
find themselves in Victoria, the garden
city ol the whole Dominion, in the
midst ol enhancing scenery, in a glorious climate and still among their own
"It is ol the greatest importance to
tlie delegates of this great association
of commercial men to see British Columbia, for it is tl.e gateway of the
trade that has now commenced on and
around the Pacific, where the largest
future increaie in the world's commerce must take place. It lias already
started, and many nations are bidding
for it, but Britain, through its great
colony Canada, can practically command it, if Britons wake up. Tbedelegates will readily realize the value of
the strategical position of British Columbia, possessing the lest harbors, a
transcontinental railway and soon to
have two more, and on the nearest
route to the populous countries of tlie
great ocean. The delegates while
there can see the inland sens, the
thousand islands, tbe prolific fisheries,
the beautiful forests, and they will
readily realize that it is a country
eminently adapted for the British
•'I hope to have the support ol tlie
Toronto delegates to this resolution,
for if the congress is lield at Victoria
Ihe delegates would undoubtedly visit
their lair city, going or returning, as
it is one of the most important trade
centres of the Dominion.
"Tlie only thing that can be advanced against British Columbia (or the
meeting is tlie strong probability that
many ol tbedelegates once there would
find it dillicult to tear themselves
away again."
For Sale or Rent
''"iitaiiiina im acres, alwtit tliree-rjuartors seeded with Timothy. Suitable for fruit growing.
House nml outbuildings la good condition Kit mile
i't Craigellachie. a few miles west nf llerolstoko.
Apply ft IU TAPPING, Bevelstoke,
Ol Concrete, Hollo* Blocln, Stone, Itrl.-k 01
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E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
ilo., to any purt'of the City.
Any Rind nf Transferrin;!
for  .  .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
A suitable house in it-iit with n spring
riiiiniiiH six feot frmn the ilonr and - acres
ofgronnd for drying lines. 8160 n month
worth of washing sent <mt to Chinamen,
Apply for particulars tn
Townsite Agent, Conmplix,
Notice is horety given Unit SO dnys nfter date
I intend to nppl>no thc Chief Commissioner of
Bunds mid Works for a upeeial license to ml
and carry awny timbor from tho following do
scribed lands in Hig Heud district of West
1. Commencing at a post marked "N. T,
Edwards'north west cornor post." planted on
ilie cast bank of Columbia river, about!mllo
north of O. F. Bind murk's Jierth (Jo51*J, thonce
south 40 chains, thence east IfflJ chains, thenco
north lu clmins, thenco west lfio chains to point
of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post mnrked "N.T.
Kd wards' south west corner poat," planted on
the east side of Columbia river, nboul 201) yards
back from river mid >. mile north of C. K. Lind*
rmark'fl Berth 6559, ihence norlh Kill chains,
thence cast ll) ehains, tlience soutli 160chains,
thence west lu chnlns io pointof commence
liateil July afilh. WUG.
iiiig I
N. T. KMVAHDS. Locator.
Notice is hereby given Hint 90dayR after date
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
binds and Works for u special licence to cut
and carry away limber from the following described lands sitnnted In the Big Ht-nd district
of West Kootonay;- _
8 f oiiiuicucing at a post markod "Arthur
Payne's south wesl corner post," planted on the
eusibaukof Columbia river, about loo yards
nortb Ironi mouth of Mica creek, thence north
80 chains, tlienco east HO chains, thencesouth
80 chain-, thenco west mi chains lo pointof
!). Commencing at. a post murked "Arthur
Payne's north west corner post," planted ou the
chstbankof Columbia river, about 100 yards
above mouth of Mica creek, thenee south Sii
chains, thence cast, 80 ehains, thence north -SO
chains, thonce west 80 chains Lo point of commencement.
10, Commoneliig at a post marked ''Arthur
Payne's south wenl eorner posl," planted on the
eaat, bank of Columbia river, about 3 miles
below Mica crook, thonuu oasl su chains, thence
north 40 cliains, thonco west 10 chains, ihence
nortli 80 cliains, thonoo wost 10 chains, thenee
soutli 120 chains to point of commencement.
Dated July 35th, 1000.
aug 1
AliTIiri; PAYNK.
days afterdate 1 intend lo apply to tin
Cliief Commissioner of binds and Works for &
special liconso to cut and carry away tiniboi
from tho following described lands situated
in tlie Big Bend district of West Kootonay:
1, Commencing at a post niiit-ked "Alex,
Brot's south cast corner," planted on tho west
bo.uk of Forty-nine creek, aboul l miles from
Columbia river, running norlh 80 cliains,
thonco west, 80 cliains, theuce south 80 chaius,
thenco cast 80 chains to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "Alex.
Blot's northeast comer," plantedo.i the west,
bank of Forty-nine ereek, alwut I milos from
Columbia rivor, running south 80 chains,
Ibenco west 80 chaius, tlionco north 80 chains,
Ihouco cast80 chains to point of commencement.
:;. Commencing nt a post markod "Alex,
Unit's south west corner, planted on the west
bank of Forty-nine creek, about I miles frmn
Columbia river, running north 81) chains,
llnmco oasl. 80 ehains, thenco houlh 80 chains,
tlienco west'80 chains lo point of commence-
I, Commencing at a post marked "Alex.
Hint's north wesi corner." planted on the west
bank of Forty-nine creek, about I miles frum
Columbia rivor, running BOUth 80 chains,
llionoo oaat wi ohains, thonco north 80chains,
Ihence west 80 ehuins to pointof commencement.
5. Commencing at u post marked "Alex,
Hrol's north cast corner," planted on the west
bnnk of Fortynlne creek, about '2\ miles from
Columbia river, running south 160 chains,
theuco wesl liiehaliiK Ilieucc north 160chains,
[honcoOAflt lOchains In point of commencement,
6, Commencing at, a post marked "Alex,
Hi nl's north west corner," planted on tho west
bank of Forty-nine creek, about 2i tulles from
Columbia rivor. running south 160 chains,
lliiiici-eiiHl.ii) ehains, thencu north UM) chains,
thenco west 40 chains to pointof commence-
7, Commenting at a pust marked 'Alex.
Unit's north wost cornor.' planted on the west
bunk of Forty-nluo crook, abouL'2 miles from
Columbia river, running south 160 chains,
thnnco oust 40 chnius, thonoo north 160 chain-,
thouco west 10chains U> pointof commence-
8. Commencing at a poit marked "Alox,
Brot's nortli cost cornor," planted on lho oast
lunik of Forty-nIno creok, about 1 mile from
Columbia river, running soulli lOOchains,
thenco west 40 chains, theuce north 161) chains,
thence cast, 4<i cliains to polul of commence-
ilien t.
tl. Commencing at a post marked "Alex,
Brot's south west corner," planted on the oast
bank of Forty-nine crook, about 1 mllo from
Coin Hilda rivor, running north 80 chains,
thonce oast 80 chains, theiieo south 80 ehains,
tlionco west 80 ehalus to point of commence
10. Commoneliig at a post marked "Alox.
Brot's south west corner,'' planted about | mile
from Forty-nine crook on the west bank, and
alwut I milo from Columbia rivor, running
ooet 160 chains, thenco north 10 ehains,
thonce west 160 chains, thonco south 40 chains
to point of commencement.
Dated July 80th, IIKW.
alkx. BROT, Locator,
IVrliiin Luiul, Ageni,
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders [or Heel and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
Kurtz's PioneerCig*ar Factory
148, Cordova St., W.
VANCOUVER, -   -   B. C.
Notice h berebv tiivun that thirty days after
dale I intend to apply lo Ihe Hon. chief Com
niissionerof Lnmls uml Works for a special
license to eul and curry away timber from the
•followingdescribed lnmls.
1. commonolng ut ti post planted ou the
cast bank of ibe norlh fork of l-'ife ereek about
fiW milos above ihe forks and markod "JS. P,
II,'s norlh west corner pnst," thenee east-10
ohains thenoo south Kid ehains, tlience west 40
chains, theuce north 100 clialns to point or
2. Commenolng at a post planted on the
ensl hunk of Ihe north fork of hfe ereek about
ij.1, inili-s above the forks ami niarked "K, P.
ll.'s nortb east comer post," thenee west -In
cbnins, thouco south iOOonalns, thonco oaat 40
elinlns, thenee norlh Kit) ehains to pointof
tt, Commencing nt a post planted on thc
easl bank of tho nortli fork of Fife ereek about
a i-i miles above the forks and marked ' K, 1'.
H.'s south west corner post," thenee east 80
chnlns, theuce north dl) cliains, tbenee west Ml
chains, thenee south 80 ehuins to pointof
4. Commeueiug at a post planted on the
enst bank of the north lork of Fife ereek, about
Ti'i miles abovo the forksand markod '-E. P.
Il's soulb enst corner post," thenee wesl-to
cbnins, thenee north lOOchains, thenco enst 10
ehnins, thenee smith Kill cbnins lo pointof
6. Commoneliig at a post plantod on lho
west bnnk of Ihe norlli fork of l-'lfo ereek about
8 miles above tho forks and marked "K, l'. ll.'s
soulh eastcorner post," llienee west40chains.
thence north LOOchains, thenco enst 40 cbnins,
tbenee south lOOchains to point of commencement,
G Cominonoing nt a post planted on the
west bank of llie north fork of Mfe ereek .ibout
8 miles above the forks nml marked "JS. V. H.'s
■south west corner post," ihenee eust 80 chain-,
tlience norlh 1-0 cbnins, thonoo west to ehains,
thenee south so chains, tlience west-10 ehains,
thenoe south -inchains to poimof commencement.
7. Commencing nt a post plnuled on the
wesl bnnk of the north fork of Plffl ereek about
S miles above the forks nnd mnrked "E. P.H.'s
nurih easl corner post," thenco east so cbnins,
tbonco south 80 chains, thonco woBt 80 chains,
tlience north 80 chains to p.dutof commencement.
8. rommcnciiiK nt n post planted on the
wesl bnnk oi the north fork of Mfe ereek about
91, miles above tho forks and inarkod "E.P,
H.'ssouth east corner post," thonoo wost40
chains, thenee north Kill chains, theuco east 40
chains, thenee south 160 chains to point ol
'.). Commonolng nt a post planted on tbo
west bank of Uie north fork of Fife ereek about
ii'i miles above the forks mid marked * K. P.
ll.'s soutli wesl corner posl," tbenee east 80
ehnins, ihenee north SO chains, theuco wesl
Michnins, thenoe BOUth 8o i-haiiis to polul of
Datod June 28th, 11)00,
jy7 E. P, IIKNKY.
Certificate of Improvements.
Golden Eaglo Mineral Claim, situate in the Arrow
Lake Mining Division of Kootenay district.
Where located—Adjoining Mineral City Town-
TAKB NOTICK lhat I, Kenneth L Burnet,
agent for Mrs. Iill on McDmignld. "'' Nakusp, free
Minor's Certilicate No. 1190*), intend, sixty day*
from tho date hereof, to apply to the Alining Recorder for a Ceitlilcate of Improvements, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant of the above
And farther take notice that action, under section 87, miiBt bo fiiiiiiiii'ii.-i'il before the issuance
of such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated this liOth day ol April, 1000.
augl KKNNBTH l. Itl'BNLT.
Notice is hereby given that sixty days after
date wo Intend lo apply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands nud Works lor permission
to purchase the following described lands iu
tbe district of West Kootonay:
Commencing at a post planted twenty chaius
wost from thc northeast eoruer of' oi4!M9 and
niarked-'Big Itoud Lumbo Company's south-
west comer post," thencu north in chains,
thence east -to ehains, thoneo south 65 olialus
more or loss to the luko shor", thonce west
along slmro to south east corn r of Iol 4019,
thencu north 7 dial ns lo north east corner ot
Lot 4DI0, thenee west '20 ehains lo point of commencement
lllli HEN1- LUMIC'K CO,, LTD.
Dated July 2nd, 1006, Jyfl
NOTICE IS HEREBY GlVKl'l that sixty days
after date 1 iutond tn apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of bands ami Works for purinissinii
to purchase the following duHnilted lauds In the
Wost Kootonay diatrict, west side of Upper Arrow
lako about one-half mllo south of Kostiull creek.
Commencing at a pnst mnrkeil, " W. W. Lock's
si'iith east comer," at the smith west corner of L.
sti-j, tlienco imrtli 40 chains, along the west boundary of L. 802; tllOllCO west IH" chains; tlience south
80 chains: theuco cast 40 chains, more or loss to
the west lioimdaiy of A. Dollemnoyor'sapplication
lo purchase; thence north 40 chains, mure or less
In llie mnth nest cunier of \, Dollemimyer's
application to purcliasu; tlience east so chains
inure or less to pnlnt of eouiiietiei mint, liiu acres
Datod May Vi, WOO.
Pur. T. C. MakhiKoii. ngont.
Notice Is horoby given Unit oo days alter dm*--
I intend lo make application to lin-Chief Com-
.uissioiier of Lauds A Works for pori'ihsiou to
oiirebaso (he lolluwiin: dOBOrlbod liml altuatc
iu ihe Wust Kootonay dlstrlcur Britisli col-
iiinbia ou the wesl side of Arrow Lnke in the
l-osthall Valley:
Commencing nl It. Nlehol's south wosl corner, theuce west 80 ehnins, llionce south to
chains, thenee enst 80 ehuins, thenio north to
chains to point of commencement, to contain-
ingEL'o acrei niiiro or losn
■ Dated lho 26th day of Juuo. 1900,
Jyl                I'ur H. J. Harlow, Agent
NOTICK is hereby glvon thaUKhluysuflor
dato 1 Intond to apply to the Hoiiourahh
llio Chiof Commissioner of Land-awl Worki
fm- permission to pnrcliaso tho following do
scribed lauds hi tho West Kootenay district,
wost side of Upper Arrow Luke:
Commencing at, a posl, about Ihroe miles
suuth of Fosthall creek, and about 1 mile from
tbo Lake, marked "Thomas Webster's soulh
eastcorner," at lho north eastcorner of M.C.
Hlyo's application to pnrcliaso; thencu north lo
chains, more or less, lo tho lako shore; thenee
following said shorn In u gunoral northerly
utid westerly direction 10 chains, moro orless,
to tho south boundary uf A. Iv HiimmniidV
application to pnrcliaso: thonco west, iio chains,
moro or loss, to the oast boundary of L. M.
Johnstone's application to purchuiW! thouce
south 80 chains; thenco oast 80 ohnlns to point
ol cuniiiieiieoiiieiit, containing 610 acres, more
or loss,
Dated this Uth day of Juuo. 1006.
Por Hulph Slye, Agonl,
Import direct from Country o{ origin.
For Agricultural Implement*- Carriages, Wagons, Etc.. John
Doero Ploughs, Motluo Wagons. Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, PIflnoljr., Harden Seeders nud Cultivators. Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
r Specialty.
Incorporated by Act of Parliameut, 1856.
Wm, Molson Maoi'Iikhson, Pres. S. H. Kwinq, Viee-Pres.
Jambs Eluot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way uf bunking business transacted without un-
necessary delay,
Interest credited Iwlce a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
(Under   New   Management)
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Queen 5 jtotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
FishJCreek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Propriety
HEAD OmOE I   C.1LOAKV,   Al.nilllTA.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Pack in anil Dealer   In Line Stock.   Market! in all the principal Ciliei antl
Tmviia „( Alberta, llritiali ...utmlila ami the Yukon.  Packers ol the Celebrated Brand
i "Iraperator" llama anil Bacon, ami shamrock Brand, Leal Uld.
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day. Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Tl'OUt Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $1 a day.    Monthly rate,
.'.-JHeatJcbanci' ever ulTered tu secure some ol the finest Reaidential
Sites, Harden and Fruit Growing Lands in Revelstoke.
Having been appointed Agent for the Revelitoke Realty
Company, Limited, 1 have lor sale their lands on'the West, North
and East sides ul the City.
Auy area to suit purchasers from a Building Lot to a Small
The new " Addition B." offers the choicest residential and villa
sites overlooking the City,—line garden toil and sheltered Irom
prevailing winds.
Plant and Prices at my Offloe.
U. ^l. H^G-GKEET
■NOW   ON   AT —
If You Doubt ihe Genuineness of this Sale, please
Call and Investigate for Yourself Our Prices.
We Need the Money and Must Havs It, to make
Good Our Fire Losses at Arrowhead.
Come   Now Before the Best   of  the Stock   Has
Been Picked Over and Sold.
|        KEEP YOUR |
9 By not letting them trouble Y
ifp you.    They won't i! you use
A 1.1.EN'S
FOOT EASE. Wo keop it.
A  FOOT   ELM  rn-
9 Canada Drug & Book J|
||    Company. Limited.    &
Local and General.
The Ladies' Hospital Guild will	
hold any more meetings until aft, i*
their regular meeting in September.
At Kingston, Ten., n negreSB bus
given birth tu six children, The children are all well formed and all art-
The government dredge is on lit-i*
way up tbe river to commence worll
on' the Columbia river below Revel-
The Ladies' Auxiliary ol the Y. M.
C. A. will hold a meeting in the Y.
11. C. A. hall on Tuesday afternoon at
3:30 o'clock,
Samuel Macartney, of Siivoini, und
William Wellington Lynes, ol Fiold,
have been appointed justices ol the
peace in and Ior the province,
Canada is very popular just now
wiih tin- Australian tourist. Quito a
large number are passing through invariably making a stop over at Ilevelstoke.
The matron ol the hospital wishes
t,, tliimk Mrs. Harvey lor contributions ul dowers, Mrs. Armstrong Inr
vegetables and flowers, and tin- Ladies'
Guild Ior iruit.
The Independent Hund gave an
open air concert lust night in tlie
lower town and a very select program
wus rendered. A large number ul
people attended.
Tbe band ol cattle belonging to P.
Burns & Cu . that wus reported stolen
last week Irom near Greenwood have
been found. It seems that the animals had simply strayed nwuy.
A special gospel tnlilress will he
given by Evangelist Alexander Marshall i'i Scotland, on August Oth, in
the Selkirk Hull. a( 8 p. iu. A hearty
invitation is lively extended all.
E. E. Cbipmsn ol Kaslo. S. M„ bus
been appointed olliciul administrator
lor that portion ol the county of
Kot'teuay embraced within the Slucaii
electoral district, Irom the 1st Aug.
A total eclipse o! the moon took
place this morning, she lirst entering
the earth's shadow at 6:10 a.m. Tin-
eclipse was over at 9:60 a.m. There
will be a partial eclipse ol tilt- sun ,,n
Aug. 19th, visible in li. C,
The Equity Fire Insurance Co., tbe
Colonial Fire Insurance Co., ilo
yueen Fire Insurance Co., and tbe
Canada Fire Insurance Co., have all
handed over their cheques in connection with tin- recent lire at Arrowhead,
A Berlin storekeeper has been tin
victim of his own contrivance against
tbievei. He bad placed an automatic
pistol above the st„re enirniici- which
would lire at the intruders like a machine gun as .-.-,iii as llie spring ut ibe
thresh,,Id was trodden upon, Hi I x-
g, t where the danger «|mjI was wh -
locking up l.i- place, with iln- result
that the pistol shot Inm repcatedIV,
Thirty-six  t„iii,-i-  were :'-, imi in his
Fresh Citrate
of Magnesia
This agreeable and '*iii<:-
icnt laxative, so often prescribed liy physicians mul
so very frequently used b)
those knowi ng of if,
virtues, livery bottle
purchased hen' will lu*
found clear and sparkling.
I,.,ily ,,n being examined ut ilu- hos-
Puui.   llis condition is daiigenins,
Sir Charles Tuppor in a speech ul
Ottawa said: "This attompt lo represent that ilu- United Kingdom is
doomed a; no distant duy to an insig-
iiilicaiico Irom which she onn only bo
esctied by the United States und Canada, previously annexed to eucb other,
is Mr. Carnogio's dream, but it will
have a rude awnkoning."
Rider Haggard, speaking at Lewis-
Iott, Eug., on inluiit mortality, suid
In- hud never seen among savagos such
a vein ol cruelty as existed in civilized
humanity. The infantile death rate
et'iild be greatly reduced. Receiving
money on the death of babies from
insurance cuinpaiiies, helped to make
certain peuplo careless of llieir children's lives.
The Nelson -News says: due of the
saddest fatalities that ever betel Ihls
community happened it littlo atlcr IU
o'clock yesterday morning just across
lite lake when young Robert Irvine
Hume, the eldest son ot Mr, and Mrs.
,1. Fred Hume, was drowned while
bathing in tlie lake in front of bis
parents' summer residence.
On account ol the Berious illness ol
Rev. 0. II. M. Sutherland, nnd upon
the advice of his physician, he will not
lie nlile (or Bonie timo to take up the
wink ut the ministry. AiTungeiueiils
are being made to have tho Ilev. Geo.
Vi. Dean, of Victoria, como bore and
take over the work ol tho Methodist
Church till the end nl Ihe (ainference
The rewards for the capture of Hill
Miner uiul other trail! robbers have
not yet been paid. The post, olliee department never otVoi'ed u rewind although it. is believed one ol its nllicia's
diil. I'liyini'iil is now demanded lor
the capture of the men who did the
Mission hold-up two years ugo The
O. I'. ll. nnd Provincial Government
me willing to pity the rewards Ihey
1,11'i-iril as si„,ii us llio decision of the
Dominion Govornniont is known.
Weapon was a  Frying  Pan
(loi.OCX, li. I'.. Aug 3.—A serious
iilVray between Chinese and whitt
men has uccurred tit Lake Louise neiu
Laggan, in which n driver mi n construction t'littit, named Evans was
si-riuiisly injured. Tho injuries wen-
indicted by the cookol the C. I' 1!
hotel, with n Irving pun. A lelegram
was Benl for n doctor to Banff al T 311
p.m. and it was lifteeu hours In tore
medical aid arrived, nieniiwliilc Evans
wus bleeding to death, Ihe chel nnil
other Chinamen have been arresttd.
and Financial Agts.
Business Locals
The result ol the teacher
ing  exams  havo been made km wn,
and in our las! issue wo gave a ii-: ol
those ol this city who ivi re iucci - I
Much credit ia due to the  six  candidates who passed, as they all appeared
well tij, in the  list,  in  spin
dillicult examinations which
ing harder every year.   The - I
be congratulated on the   |
t| got -I teachers  wh i  gr tund  I heir
pupiia thoroughly and  pre| i
to take credit il le places in
vincial list.
Druggist and Stationer,
w-.i lln- liuni,- block.
Utli Oil'-r- Raeelro I'r lit Attonllun,
Km,\* Pltl -iivii hi ,-. —1.   It.  Rnh-
. rtson I*. I1  Minister    -^nit.i.iy. Aug.
6th,  II   a ■      *,     .    Ileatl   I
Excuse Mi   I' an       " 30 p m    i'u.
1.     ,-     il,  ,    .     ■ .      :. i lllllll
!„,-l 2:31) | n
Si   An,.,, ii ■    ltd'    W. (!, Caldi
Pastor.    Hund iy 11 u ui   "Nnl Faith
hu    Dei iiim       ' 3(1  p. ii       Pin
I'cmplation -1 the Church "
I'i it i: - -II, v. e. A. Prncunier,
Hector, Trinity, Eighth Sund
Celebrati I Holy Communion al B
in ,| II a in : Evensong il 7 30 p.m.
Ku ,.|,. School Bt 10 a nt W. II
Humphries, Supt.
li. llowson k. Co. furnish bouses on
ihe innii!.!,ly instalment plan.
Competent dispenser* always on
hand nt Hews' drug sturc,
_ Dug Hug Hugs, Milton und Velvet
Squares ut Howson's lurniture store,
Lust day ol Curtain Sale. C, li.
11 iiiiii- A- Co.
Tin- Fail,,n Hurlbllt's papers lor sale
ul Hews' thug B'ore,
Snaps on anything you require In
tbe Furniture line, Wo hnve u hig
stock and wo want tu reduce it. John
E. Wood's Fui'iilliire Store.
Good (nsh Linn- water at the Canada I'rue, A I k Cu.
For window shades anil wall piipi-is,
go loC. H. Hume k Co.'s.
Chin     lanterns—all   *i/.cs   and
shape, -ii ilu- Canada Drug Co.
\V. ll. Bcid mul l. II. Young have
been down to Ilu.- Cuasl uu business.
They relumed Ibis nn,ruing.
Kuril,cii.Mii,- teapots, only 50c,
They mal,, the Dne»i ten, Lawrence
Hardware Co,
\ - ice line ol Tapestry Curtains,
I . ■ mil Couch Covers ,i ('. H.
Hume .'. Co.'s,
Special prici * . I,- j - I - ,-i - ms
at our Fire • ili - -,, ing ul less than
mauuliicturi rs' pi.,-, -. Ileid .', V tung,
rhe '■- al "pick mc up ' toi ., — 'Heat
Sarsaparill i —lu' it -- 100 cents at
Bews' di,_■ store.
Dont' lorgel ip  your
prescripl     ■ iei i a ■           with the
.-    I Bool
■ irth ;,-
reucc  Hardware
Co.   Ior   60c .   ,
■ , .    fl ti
-.   '     :-   lell
-'        ■ !■ I'M
■ ■-,
. Furniture Sl
Go l   Bourne B p| lea, pears
;  ,..,.. .- ,   ;■
emons,   ton itoi •   canti   i-   watei
ii and - ist «
In -b i-   I
■       tl   1,-,-n Istoki
irger uiiii lietlt
stuck ol M   oi   '■      ■   H    n I-- Cai
 i . ,, i -.;
al   I,'   How*
Deal   i',..,  In    ■ .
a   ii,    city  i- -  i.,cted   - mil Irom
England  lugusl  lllth and irrive in
ilgn      ihuiil  Hepleinbe    l-t.    in a
el Hampihire to n friend he
nn -uiu, ns   thai   I joyed
iiutotnohilo in England.
Mrs. Leek and Mr-. Barnwell,
daughters ol Mr. .nnl Mis Carey, oro
spending u holiday with iheir parents.
Mrs. ,luso|ih Henderson, ol litvel-
stoki'. whose hiishand wns at one time
engineer on lho hill here, is spending
n lew days willi Mrs F. 0, Ncnctt nnd
oilier Iriends in town.
Mis. Norman Hughes, the wife of n
former, conductor, is also visiting her
many tiiends here.
.Master Orr Barker, whuse home is
in Brandon, Man., is staying with his
sister, Mrs. Vi. A, Clark,
Miss McLean, ot Moose .law, has
come tn spend some month's with Mrs.
Angus McGillivary.
Our genial conductor. Andy Putter-
son, went to Kainloups this week to
meet his fninily and to be present at
the wedding of a young lady who is a
friend ol the family.
The annual S. S. picnic came off on
Wednesday afternoon, Every pains
had been taken by the teachers and
Iriends of the school to make the picnic ii success nnd it should have been
thus regarded hy all had not a heavy
rain caught tho people belore they left
the grounds and belore the program
was nearly completed,
The biisebull match between the
married men and the single men proved i|uilo interesting, The score was K
lo ft iu favor ol the single men. Tbe
married men, lliuugh beaten, are not
disheartened, and ive hear ol another
Through the kindness ol Mr. Sain.
Campbell, manager here lor Campbell
Bros., the Ladies' Aid society ot St.
Stephen's church, are to have a drive
to Emerald lake, and picnic there on
tin' alternoon of Tuesday next.
l-'rinii our iiwll Ciirroajionilollt.
Miss Annie Whitebread left recently to accept a position with the C.l'.li.
Telegraph company at Ashcruft.
Mrs. W. II. Ludgate, of Seattle iB
renewing acquaintances here.
Win. Pin-ton is laid up witii a
sprained ankle.
J. H. MacGillivrny, ot Nelson, wns
in town Thursday.
R. Thomson left town last Saturday
to join a surveying party in Saskatchewan.
The work on thc new buildings is
progressing very rapidly.
 . .*.».-	
Social and Personal
Mr. nnd Mrs, A. E. Phipps ure visiting in Vlotnria.
Mrs. II. Clinninghim Morris ol
Notch Hill is spending a lew dnys in
the cily.
Mrs. Cleve Hall and liunily arc in
Toronto visiting at the home ol Dr.
Hall of that city
Miss C, Murray and Miss II. Lout
have boon appointed teachers in the
Ilevelstoke public schonl.
I-'roil Fraser, gold romuiissitiner and
governmdlit agent nl Revelstoke, is
spending u few days ut Calgary.
,1    Lewis,  ol  Robinson  A*  Lewi
shini'le mill, Wiewiini, litis been spending a few days in llm city lb:  week.
W. \\. Eraser, M. Avery and T.
Meredith, >,( ilu- Arrowhead I umber
Co., are registered at the Hotel Rovelstoke.
Hr nnd Mrs. Graham ami Dr. C,
Morrison lelt yesterday Ior Salmon
Arm where Ihey will spend a few days
Miss McFurluno left on Thursday
fnr Arrowhead to lake oharge ,1 the
hospital in the absence of Miss Thoill-
us. a Iio is away on u holiday,
Mi.-s .lessie Thomas of Nelson, formerly of tin- Canada Drug A-Bunk
Store there, lms accepted a position
with Mr. Nairn nt lite Red Cross Drug
Arthur (inwitig, Mrs. (I,,wing nnd
family of Beaton passed through the
city -ii Monday en mute In England,
their old home, alter an absence of
! ienty years,
The Misses Fraser ol Emerson, Man.
.-i-tli- nf W. Fraser of tin- Arrowhead
Lumber Co, spmt a couple of days in
- this week -,ii their way to tlie
I'. W. Bole, M  P. lor Winnipeg nnd
pretidinl  "f tin-  National  Drug k
,. Co ,,! Canada,«sited the
, ii\ ,,ti Wednesday.   Mr. Bole is tour-
ii   .1,-1   inspecting tin- various
-,,! iln- Canada Drug 4 Book
i-   • , matter ol much interest i"
the n ,-,-■ lovers "I  Revelsloke thai
- to be visited by one --( the
-, .mh,iui ling, rs,   Mis* Olivia
;,,      v : ,.,-.'   Representative Sing
.-im ,, ,-,,ii,, ri bore on Friday
,-..-  :|-i    li will be i ran Ireal
Pleasos every smoker tho " Maroa
ore Bargains
Our Midsummer Sale has cleared ont a
that we want to clear out und  make
afford to miss this opportunity to save
lot of Summer Goods, but there arc some
some new prices on them. You cannot
I        J.          I\l                    Cream,   Navy,
Lustre Blouses 3»
Price ajl.75 and $2.00.   Sale Price $1 25.
11/      L     /       J       Our 25c. Table has
WdSII QOOdS awns
1 1 UUU     HVVH-J    a„   85o   gn(1   BOo
Go, ds, but you can have your pick for 25c.
a      t.         -r            The balance of our
Vi-Hfln/    DinC   Sixdozeninabunoh
Ofllllj     1 lllj   -Only 15c a bunch
...•v...v..    .wpv   Price, 3Sc. and 60c.
1 AnO    Twelve pieces White Cotton Tape,
l||l|r              Only IOc.
■    j.      1    111      *,    Cambria Drawers
l-ies Wn sk°3
LWUlVd        I 1 \>*ll      |ml|erill|   ]Wfuht
Price 50c. to 75c.   Sale Price 35c.
White Belts S3.
M1IIU,  1/tllJ  A GemiineBM|!0in,
a   tt          ||            Black    and   Tan—
(OttOfl tlOSI! 5TH
Weather.   Try a pair ot them.
1 nnOri/nCtC    tm\W and Ohtlu.eua'
LUlUCl TLjIj    Underveste-lOo. each
/i   <   I   y   i       Girls'   Wash .'I ats—
wS MS ^^^
Bullies' Wesh Bonnets, a nice lot at. 20c.
w wm m
Revelstoke, B. 0, Aug. 2,'OB,
Last nighl in the Y.M.C.A. alleys
a mutch was played between the married and single Jmembers, the baohe
ini-s going down In defeat, by 315 pins.
Single Tot. Avg.
j Hume      ns mn im 537 nn
L How-son 18h 185 208 55-1 1848
0 D Palmer 159 I (17 102 488 KI2*.j
W Green 213 151 l»l 545 I8l|
A. E. Rose 139 112 1611 410 Uflfj
875 7113 Hllll 25(14
Married Tot. Avg.
M  Crawford   144 1711 208 628 1711
1 ||   I,vims    215 21111 202 720 2(l8j
'li McDonald   188 1711 103 630 mill Soiiiircl.rigB 202 173 188 578 llll
j.!,,,1!,,,,,,-      234 178 210 m 207}
UM3 1115 H2I 2879
W C. Calhoun still holds the high
average at Ihe Y.M.C.A. bowling
alleys, his best live scores lor tbe
month ol July averaging a fraction
uver 275. .1. Palmer was a cjose socond with 273.
Notice of Meeting
A meeting of the executive committee of the Tennis Club \vill be Imld
Tuesday evening next ut 0. 11. Mo-
Donald's to consider the invitation
Irom Golden nnd other matters effecting the club generally,
K. OK P.
A special meeting uf Gold Range
Lodge, Knights ot Pythins, will be
held on Wednesday evening, Aug. 8th
In transact regular and special business. „ ,.
 A. ,1. Ilnwi', aa
I..-IWI TO LOAN on npp loycds,-
if-i'llH) eorily. Apply in E. A.
it.uuu'.N, Real Estute nnd Insurance
Agent, Revelstoke. 	
For Your Fruit Orders Strawberries at S2.50 per crate on
And after July 1st.
Front Street, Revelstoke
ROOMS TO I.ET-Furnishcd or unfurnished, fn'in $8 In $14 per
month. Apply tu E. A, Hawikn, Real
Estate und Insiiiiinci' Broker, Revelstoke, B. C.
WANTED-AT ONCE-Fiist-class
laundry man, also marker and
sorter. Apiily, Revel-wire Steam
FOR SALE—Second-hand Range fur
sale cheap,   j\pplv  to   J.   B.
ClIKKHMAN, Tililli! Shop,
Notice to the Ladies
Seattle, representing
the Crescent Manufacturing Co., will give a
FREE Demonstration
next week at Bourne
Bros.' Store. It will be
worth your while to
hear what she has to
Mining, Ileal  Estate, Insurance uml General  Coininission Annul,
Notary Public, Commissioner of Ibe Supremo Court.
Why pay exorbitant rales when your property can he
against loss by Are nt reasonable cost In Ihe following NON-*
cimipnnles for which I am Agent?
London Mutual Emu Insubancb Co,, uf Canada
Ottawa Emu Inburanok Oompany,
Muntkhai.-Canaiia Fihe Insurance Co.
Anbi.o-Ameiiic.in Fihe Insurance Co.
Eiji'iTY Enn-: Insurance Company.
Ciiuiniai. Finn Insubance Company.
Dominion Fire Insurance Company,
In Life Insurance
I I'onruBont tlm NORTH AMERICAN LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, which offers thc MOST LIBERAL POLICY un the market,
(let particulars before closing elsewhere,
In Guariinloo and Accident Insurance I nm Ageni foi- the LONDON GUARANTEE AND ACCIDENT CO., LTD., nf London, Eug.,
whnse financial stiindlng is si, High ils bonds are accepted by the British. Australian, Canadian, Indian and Colonial Governments.
This Company's PARAGON Accident and Sickness Policy should
have your special attention. It combines the GREATEST LIBERALITY WITH THE SECURITY OF THE HANK OF ENGLAND,
and is the host Policy ever offered,
Giiuiiinteo Bunds issued tu Bookkeepers, Cashiers, Cily Officials,
Lodge Officers, Government Ollieials, etc.
Real Estate,   -   Timber, -   Mines
If tbiise wishing to Invest in or sell City, Rural or Business Property, will advise mo of their requirements, tiii.ii interests will have my
best attention.
Reports on Land, Timber and Minos, Agencies al Calgary, Van-
cnuvor, Kamloops, Nelson, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Spokane,
Chicago and New York.
Office, Mackenzie Avenue
Revelstoke, B. C.
Next C.P.R. Telegraph Olliee.
►OOO (KK><M**-0<><*K><*K*KM><*K) (XXXXHX,
J. G. Maedonald
Yuu have iili'-o looked across tho Columbin  River uml
winded you could havoi weol that fine Hat lying south ol He'
i' I* R  Bi  ' [i
a, | have instruction! (rom the owner* 1 ,Vr ••'"' ll""1 ["r .„
v   ,,i, it a price per acre that boat* anything ol*oyono«n gol io neat £
tin- Cily
l^t mo know how much nl It you wanl I I iball ondenvor
in accommodate ymi
Real Estate ami Insurance Agent $
Sale Now Going on
EVERYTHING MUST GO Regardless of Cost


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