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ine mail-
Vol 12.-No. 89
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Stem at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
If you are looking for something nice in 8POONS AND
SPECIAL " for Souvenirs, wc have Ihem here.
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Special Needs for a Gentleman
Shaving Soap, Shaving Brush, Razor, Razor Strop, Cream for after
Shaving, Talcum Powder, Pocket Comb, Hair Brush, a Box of rimx! Oif-jnrs.
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Aromatic Cascata, very pleasant to
take, in 25c. bottles at the Canada
Drug & Book Store.
Address to the Citizens oi Rev-
velstoke on the Political
Mr. Hawthornthwaite liegan his ad-
dresf on Tuesday night by stating the
socialist party bad determined to send
himself snd other speakers nn a cam
piiign ol the Dominion, but since then
it appeared there is to be a general
election in British Columbia, necessitating a change of program inc. He
was now addressing a scries of meetings throughout the province, and
would probably also bold some meetings in Alberta.
The subject ol socialism was it scientific one and one ol the mosl dillicult
problems with political economists
He contended profits were not made
by addiug to Hie cost ol production
but amounted to what was tqrnied
"surplus value." Labor power crciitrd
value greater than its own, and that
"surplus value" went to the capitalist.
Socialists were sometimes accused of
using hard language by accusing the
capitalistic class ol being
He intended to repeat that accusation, and to accuse the capitalist class
of thriving upon robbery and theft as
they were not paid Icr the surplus
value resulting frum their own pro
duotion. In the United States the
wage earners were thus robbed ol (our
filths of their own production, that is
to say ol all the product of a day's
labor over and above two hours per
day, went to the capitalist and the
worker waB not paid a cent for that
surplus product.
Socialists argued that capitalism
ad completed its development, and
the next stage of evolution that they
would be compelled to accept and
adopt was socialism. Capitalism must
(all down, whether
IK A 8EA OK lll.ool)
or by peaceful methods. In Vancouver
they had boosting clubs, trying to
make a big city. What, was the effect
on society ol big cities? In New York
there were 500,000 women and children compelled to work in the mills.
In this country the majority of them
lived in homes which were little better
than 2x4 shacks not fit to house a
dog. OI 400,000 homes in New York
only 9000 were owned and the balance
were rented.
Capitalism not only
ol the product of their toil but destroyed private property, enforcing on
men not only total enslavement but
deeper degradation, as witnessed by
the fact ol large families being lorceij
under capitalist conditions to live in
one room where decent conditions
could not prevail,* He wished he
could stir them up to be men and no
longer submit to the degradation to
which they were subjected, Their
homes were nothing more nor less
[or capitalist market They were educated, it was true, but just as far aB
was necessary tor the uses ol the capi
talist. He believed the necessary
change would not come by peaceful
means. In the United States he was
satisfied capitalism would go down io
a sea ol blood.
In this country in which they were
fortunate enough to live under the
British flag they had the means ol
peacefully changing the ordtrof things,
and by their ballots throwing off the
yoke of the capitalist class. By legal
enactment they could take possession
of the means ol wealth production
The capitalists accused them ol
All capital was produced by labor
and was not being paid Ior. Where
then did the confiscation come in?
They were asked how they were going
to make compensation for such confiscation. That was not the question
that troubled him. The question
with him was bow were tlie working
classes to be compensated and the
women compensated Ior the misery,
and toil and degradation which they
had borne under the yoke of capitalism V When the capitalists answered
that question he was prepared to oon-
sidei compensating them.
He came now to discues with them
the position ol himsell and colleagues
who had been sent to the legislature
to represent the socialist party, Until
they were returned in sufficient force
to capture the reins of power they
which they wished and all they could
do was to try to carry through the
provincial legislature some palliatives
and try to relieve the pressure. They
could not reform capitalism. There
was but little they could do, They
could not improve their wages. All
they could do was to protect the lives
and limbs of their fellow-workers aa
welj as they could and that had been
their principle object and aim, A
number bad said," why don't you line
up with the Liberal party—the Reform
party? By that means you can do
more than at the present time," His
answer was tbey could not relorm
capitalism. Hon. John Burns, a labor
M. P., supposed to be a labor representative, refused to meet a labor deputation tbe other day and told them he
could do nothing Ior them.
The Liberals said they proposed to
make reforms and did not do so. The
Conservatives said we ate willing to
grant such reforms as do not illlor'ei'
with capitalism. Neither party proposed to introduce or force through u
single hill that interfered, with capital
ist progress. The working classes ure
deceiving themselves in suppi<irting
the old parties. Take the great liberal
reformer, John Oliver. What did he
do? Ho'introdnced it bill to prevent
poisoning loin cats (laughter.) Take
that other great liberal reformer \\.\V,
B. Mclnnes. What did he do? He
proposed a hill to prevent the wandering ol scrub bulls (Renewed laughter.) How could lie line up with such
men? (Cheers.) McNiven, supposed
to be a labor representative, believed
in the eight-hour law; hut did not,
believe in enforcing il. Tho Liberals
were thoir opponents, The Conservatives said, "capitalism is good enough
for us." Better In be allied with a
party whose position thoy kdew defin
itely than with oiiekefinitely opposed
to them.
He Introduced mote legislation and
passed it l iuin all the Liberals (cheers)
He introduced sixty or seventy bills
and passed hall of them. (Renewed
In the Coal Mines Regulation Bill
he introduced a proviso that foremen
and managers should pass an examination in giving first aid to the injured.
These reform people protested against
it on the ground that a foreman or
manager might not be able to stand
the sight of blood. Patcrson, another
Relorm member, said the working
classes were too much educated. One
bill in which he must say a good
word for tlie Liberals wbs that conferring tlie
They had also a good supporter of
that measure in Revelstoke in Aid.
Tapping who wrote him several letters
in support of the measure, ff they
did their duty to Aid. Tapping tbey
would see tint he was a candidate for
Mayor next, yenr and that he was
elected. (Laughter.) He looked on
that a* one of the great reforms
wanted and considered it an outrage
that one half of their population
shouid be deprived of the franchise
while Indians and Hindoos whom they
were now importing iriight have it.
They talked about civilzition. Why,
they were just emerging Irom barbarism, and he knew nu greater civilising
force tlinn the enfranchisement of
their mothers, wives and Bisters. He
hoped the lime would come when that
measure would become law and he
would never relax his efforts till it
did (cheers). That bill was opposed
by most ol the conservative party—a
lot of
and tbey succeeded in killing it.
(Laughter.) He thanked the liberal
members of tlie House for their support of that bill. That was not the
policy of tlie liberal party however,
because Premier McBride nnd J. A.
Maedonald, lender ol the opposition,
voted against it.' Neither of the old
parties stood for the enfranchisement
of women.
He carried a bill to enable trades
unions to exist without their funds
lieing liable to attachment on account
ol strikes as the result ol tbe Tnffc
Vale decision, nnd he got this done
belore thc other members had awakened to Ihe (net ol what it meant, lit
also introduced a bill to make an employer liable to a penalty of $1,000 for
discriminating against a member of
a union, but failed to make it law.
He got the eight-hour day in coal
mines nude law but could not gut it
to apply to smelters. Next y?ar, however, it would be carried. (Cheers)
He accused Mr. Maedonald, leader ol
the opposition, of blocking thnt, us he
had told Ihe smelter people tbey hud
better concede that voluntarily or it
would lie made law and so thai
gentleman had provided the argument
which was successfully used agitiust
him, Don't blame him or Comrade
Williams for any failure to do more.
Blame themselves. They were going
to have another chance and don't
make tho same mistake. If they
would give tlie socialists nine instead
of two members be would undertake
that every bill that Ihoy deemed-
necessary would become law.
now hi; HEi.n up 811 mkmiieiin.
II two men could hold up 811 members for three years as ho and Comrade
Williams had done aud make the
trouble they had, what trouble could
they not make with nine? (Cheers.)
They were accused ol vol ing for
laud subsidies and the Kaien Island
deal. Ho did not vote for a single
subsidy—he. voted against every one.
Since the present government came
into power there had not been a single
subsidy bill introduced, lie supported
the Columbia and Western bill because
It waB a bill reciting the railway company had complied with tho conditions
entitling it to tlie land subsidy but
'that subsidy had been twice confirmed
tt previous sessions. Homo asked him
why he voted on the question at all
having given his pledge to vote against
111 subsidies to railways. Some ol the
conservatives were trying to hold tip
iho gover'ment, and il he had not
voted with them the government
would have bean defeated and the
liberals would have come into power.
Ihey also got two important hills
pasted as the result, the reduction of
the election deposit to $100 and the
amendment to enable a man to trawler his vote. II tho Columbia and
Western had not become law then
Other bills could not. havo Immune law.
CtwUaiMtt on Fssjt Iwo,
Hot Speech on Lord's Day Bill,
—Grand Trunk Riots.—Disgraceful Scene in Congress
—Thaw's Trial Deferred,
I.oniiii.n, June 80.—Richard Griggs,
the Britisli Govern,neat's Iripccinl
Commercial Commissioner, Bails lor
Camilla next week to interview the
Ottawa and Provincial Governments
on the subject " why American and
foreign trade with Canada grows faster
than British, despite preference," Ho
will go as far west as Vancouver;
Montreal, June 80.—A fiery epoooh
was delivered last night belore ten
thousand people on the Lord's Day
Dill by Mr. Iloiiriis.su, M, 1',, who
handled Laurier with gloves and was
roundly applauded. Jiourassn euiil
any man who voted for the bill was
unworthy to be called a Liberal.
Kingston, Out., Juno 80.—The
Militia had to be called out yesterday
to quell riots stinted by Italian
strikers who had been working on the
Grand Trunk. Two policemen were
St. l'ETERsnuita, June 30.—Two
more regiments have mutinied and
declared they won't fire on the people.
New York, June 30.—Thaw's trial
will be deferred till October. It is
learned that architect White, who
was supposed to be rich, was in fact
Edmonton, June 30.—The Grand
Trunk Pacific has bought sites for
yards and workshops here.
Washington, June 30.—During tlie
debate on clerks salaries lust night,
Representative Southwick was threatened by Representative llartlett, the
latter holding a knife iu his hand, told
Southwick that tlie latter dared not
say he lied.   Friends interfered.
London, June 30.—Premier Camp-
bell-Bannerman entertained Ids lending supporters at Downing Street last
night. Afterwards there was a brilliant
receptiou at the foreign olliee.
London, June 30.—The Society ol
American Women banqueted thc
Longwortlis last night. Lord Cur/on
eulogized Roosevelt as the greatest
statesman ol tbe day.
Reduction of Light Rates Goes
Into Effect Tomorrow.
Meeting held lust night, present,
Aid. Abrahamson, Palmer, Trimble
and Cu ley. lu thc absence of the
Mayor, Aid. Abraham™ was voted to
tho chair.
P, Burns asking wlifl.licr the oity
would be putting in electric power as
they would like to have it for operating cold storage plant iu their new
block. Laid over till reply obtained
from C. P. R.
dipt. lirowu expressing surprise nt
action of Council in cutting oil' water
and light from Drill Hall on absurdly
false report by Aid. Tapping that he
got $500 it year from the government.
He asked tumis on which oity would
supply light and water to hall. Other
cities contributed to maintenance of
drill halls. Aid Palmer considered
tlie nnUliT should be laid over till
Aid. Tapping was present to explain
the statements he mudf1 to the
Council.—Laid five.-.
Mrs. Nicholson c.,mi|.lairing of unj
sanitary condition of house in which
slio lived. Slie had complained lo
Chief Bain an Mr Coursier. The
Cily Clerk suid Chief liain had, several
times drawn the attention of Dr. Cross,
health officer, to this case. Referred
to Health Committee tn report and
tako action.
Tlie joint committees who consid-
ere I the red notion o( the light rates
recommended the rate for 40 kilowatts
be cut down to 15c, and to larger
users to 12c, and illc. respectively,
with discount of 20 per cent, on all
accounts paid by 20th, the new schedule to gi into effect on July 1st.
Aid. Palmer said Mr, 1'ortor complained of condition of street in front
ol Ids property, Referred to Works
Committee to report.
The motion to borrow $111,0(10 to
put in steam auxiliary, valve, water
tank and mako sewerage survey waa
adjourned in the absence of Aid Tapping tlio proposer.
Aid. Palmer asked for more street
lights at cast end of city.
Aid. Palmer and the ohitiriuau referred to delect in the V, M. C. A.
drain and it waa referred to tho Works
Aid. Abrahamson said thc Racing
Associiition wanted the city to extend
the water supply.—Laid over,
The meeting then adjourned till
The Stone Age.
Ou exhibition at Hastings, Doyle 4
Alluni's. Nearly seven hundred
specimens, arrowheads, arrows, stone
axos, knives, etc, from America, Ireland and Norway.
I An education on the evolution of
Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Hay, Feed,
Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness,
Paints, Rifles, Ammunition, Miners Supplies.
Agents for McClarys Stoves, Hollywood
Paints, Imperial Varnish Co's. Products,
Marlin Rifles.
BOURNE  BROS.     Mackenzie Avenue
We have left a few 5-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For nil kinds of iip-tn-dnto and reliable furniture
ami house furnishings ^1 to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
| Nll/I     V   IL  VS WM
fcft**VV**»*M liAV AT
I.,.-!-,Hi.- . Mage to Knglnnil, United Sin!
nml Cniiuilii,
Br the year Ithrough postoftlce]     ?*-■
Half               .........
QturtAi "       " " I-
Li-fnliiotlec- li'eent* per line H---I hiscrllnit,
5 cents per line inicli suhseiiueiil iii-.riiini
Measurement; Nonparlel (12 lm, - mnki, „t„-
Inch).   S   .111,1   mineral biisin,     nn
tiouiie--!iii-i,i- $-■■'-' I"-!' '" 'I' I" ' '- :: '?'
l'r-t.-md i-,-iii„ii-. i', |,,-r of ni. nu-
dilliul. Births, Man-togi- nnil 1 >.->iI,-.
Wc, each Insertion. Tlmhcr nonces JM.!
Lii„l  notices  $:.'»   All ,i,li,ul-,I-.-Mi-
subjecl tothe approvalof tlio innnnire I.
Wanted* nnd Condensed Ailu-iii-i-iiu-m-:
, agents WmiUsI, Help WanUsl, Silniilloin
wanted, Situations Vacant, Icneliera
Wanted, Mechanic. Wanted, 1(1 words or
less ii-.. each ndditlonnl lino I I ■
Changes In Handing advertisements inn-l
savin by 9 n. in. Tutt-jday nnd l-rliliij nl
Srh w.-.-k to secure g„<*l dlsjilny.
nn! . ItlN I IN'.i promptly executorial reason-
ahlo rate*.
TKRSls i'i-!i. SabMtiptlow payahlo In ndj
i nlll-.l.-T'iiNHKNit: invited  liters "l
publlu iiil.-ri-a-I.  Communications I" Kill-
Ior inn-l be accompanied  by  nn  in
writer, not iiomwHUil) i„ publlualion. I.ul
. . ..l.i..i ulBWKl Inllh.   ("IT" 'I'1"
-iioiiitl la- brief,
H.   Mn HUH SON.
THK NEW  l.UVHKNiT. I'l.ui K,
MeK, nzic Avonuo,
Orrici-:  Imi'Ekiai, Hank Block,  IIbvki.
stoke, B. 0.
Money lo loan. 	
Olflcc-i Hevel-lokc, 11. I'.l Fori Steele, 11. ('..
Geo. ij. Mt'i'.inTi.i'.,
A. M, 1'INKIIAM. J. A. Haiivi-.v,
Hevelslokc, 11. C, Kort Steele, 11.1.
J. M. .-,ou l.l. li IV. I. Brlggs.
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc
Money to Loan
Solicitors rim Molsiins Bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box 106, Kevelstoke
Mining Engineer,
(Mem. American Institute Mining Kiiginccrsl
Canadian Mining Iiwtltute.)
Examination of nnd roporte on Mineral Pro-
perliesn Specinlly,
Pe fltatUDetalb
"Iiroud . ■  . earnestly ndvlso them for
iheir good to order this paper to bo punctually
-erved up, uiul lo !,e looked upun ns n part of
tl,,- tea equipage."- Addison.
SATURDAY, JUNE 30, lllllll
In relusing Ihe small grant of f'iol)
aeied Ior from the British Columbia
Government tr wards the lirst Bather,
ing in connection with the Alpine
Club at Yoho Park, Premier MoBride
took n course which we think ought
to be condemned for pettiness. The
Dominion Government willingly granted iflJU uiiii the Alberta Government
gave .*f*250. although the camp is not
to be held in Alberta. The Dominion
and Allierta governments rscognised
the value this organisation is going to
1* to liritish Columbia and the Northwest in advertising the attraction!
which will In ing mountaineers from
all parts ol the world. Switzerland,
with it- Alps, though otherwise n barren lund. stands among the foremost
countries in the world to-day in point
ol wealth, prosperity and political
progressivene88, its prosperity being
due to the splendid way in which ils
mountain* ami scenic attractions hnve
been advertised and handltd by the
The tourist business ol u country is
one ol the nest valuable features that
can lie cultivated, and ii liritish Columbia g"t a lair show there is no
country in the world can heat tliis as
a land ol charm to travellers and
mountaineers. While such a narrow,
picunayish policy ns that which refused the smiil aid asked for to an
enterprise which will do more than all
else to advertise world wide these
great mountains and their charms to
the tourist and mountaineer, is pur-
sued, the benefits to the people ol the
pn vine- lr,,tn utilising the mountain
attractions will be delayed, A -:- n ■
feature ,-i tin- policy ol tbe late Richard Seddon, premier ol Hew Zealand,
who lately passed away, was that lie
recognised and appreciated the Imaii-
ti,- -,[ tin- lund he governed and spent
hundred, ol thousand, ol dollars year
ly in advertising them over the civil-
lied world with il„- result that the
tourist trallic built up an immense
railway and hotel business, increasing
the l,*al market lor tho farmer, nnd
greatly adding i,  the busii  dune
bv the inerclnnisand public. British
Oolumbja badly want, ti public man
ol Seddon s calibre alio can lakes
states-manlike v,ew ol such rjiieitions.
The condition of tie cemetery is a
disgrace to ibe city lathers, Many
complaints have- been made i" ub
lately of the way iu which it is neg-
■ lect'-l. Considerable revenue is de-
flved Irom tho sale ol lots and thut
revenue, with more added t>, it,should
be utilised to have the cemetery kept
in decent condition.
Rev, Dr. Torrey Denounces the
At Ottawa Dr. Torrey said. "I don't
know how it is here-; but I know how it
is in England, and how it is getting to
be in tlie State!-—how it is becoming
the fashion lot 'respectable' people to
turn their homes into gambling bells;
lor women to lieootno adepts nt bridge
and invite young professional men I r
iu iglcd into bridge purlins, supposing tbey are not playing foi* liuni")-,
nnd when the iiiehl is over hey mc
ii- |iiircd I" settle.; uud Iheir li b been
in ne limn one suicide, and more lhnn
nne fasc, widder, if possible, thin su -
ride, ns the result. I wnnl in sny Hint
coy woman—1 cure nol how high her
• oi-iiil position—who bus curd parties
for money in her home, is running n
gambling den just ns low down i i the
sicjit of God nnd more dangerous lhnn
lho vilest gambling boll in iny city,
 I she is no bolter lhnn u common
low down thiol."
IContlniiod Irom I'iiko Onoi
li the liberal party hnd not hcli-vcil it
p.-sihlc lo defeat the government on
ibe bill thoy would never have opposed
ii. Lund grants and bonuses were no
business nl the working olnsscs anyhow, They ditl not, pay the taxes, ns
all   land   was  held by Ihe capitalists'
Labor produced  all wealth mid ilm
capitalist class sniped OVCIJ'tlllllg. The
two hundred million acres of land in
the province were absolutely worthless
to them, lb- would not lake the
whole hunch as u gift, tic hud also
supported reducing tho exemption ol
taxation on lho small (armor to |IObO,
the siinio ns lln- workers, und every
liberal nml conservative voted against
it. He defended the Knien Island
deiil, and suid lawyers and real estate
ngciits were n bud lot anyhow. The
government charged lho Andersons |l
an acre, the funic price its they would
hnve charged anybody else, and the
interests of the province were protected
by the reservation ol tlio water front
and every fourth section. It wns a
business deal and the best that ever
went through in the history ol the
House.   (Cheers.)
He advised them to turn out both
parties. They were all rascals. The
socialists hnd introduced more laws for
the benefit of labor than ever before in
the history of the Dominion. There
was a provincial election coining on.
It had been said he wns the virtual
premier of British Columbia. He
knew Dick McBride would get ready
for the election and he knew the liberals wore also getting ready. So fur ns
he was concerned the working classes
of British Columbia would be aroused.
He asked them to
Aiiousr, vi: slaves!
Get up and bo men and thoy would
lind who the cowards were. These
capitalist cowards came to him and
said "Mr. Hawthornthwaite wo are
sure you nro a reasonable inati and
would like you to taken favorable view
ol this and that." He asked Ihem to
do their duty at tho coining elections.
Alter a i|iiestiou and explanation
the meeting adjourned und a gathering ol those intonated in the socialist
party was afterwards held to discuss
the situation and consider future
To Have all Mr. Mcintosh's
George H. Green nnd A. W, Smith
have purchased the Hoffman House,
Hosslnnd, from Harry Mcintosh.
Mr, Mcintosh is retiring Irom the
Hoffman House afler managing il for
eight, years, says the Miner. It was
almost unknown to the public when
he took charge of it eight yeurs since.
At thai time the patronage was very
small, but Mr. Molutosli by close attention to details, by making the
accommodations of tlie hpute first-
class nnd by the judicious use of
printers' ink, soon made the house
popular and its patronage large. The
result was that he made considerable
money. Now. however, he finds that
there is moro money to be made in
the Haley,,u Springs, and he has
dett-imined to sell out the Hoffman
und to devote his entire time to the
management ol the springs.
Pleases every smoker  the
' Marca
onlliilly to
E W, I'.. I'AUKT. ('.('.
ll. II. IIHOCK, I!
11 ii ,v s
Koolpniiv LocIkc No. 15 A Vfc A '
I'lillllllbl'l river. Ki.,- *,' il yi
Commencing m n pusl in chains north ol
i angel's norlli w,--i uirncr p-al nnd innrkoil
"Harry Mcintosh's , mil -I corner poit,"
llienco ivesl su ehalus, tin- onil,K)clmins.
llienee I',1*1 SU ollltlllS, tllOIUl Ill W olltlllW 1,0
llllll-O „f i'iiiihii: |l, i-ine, 1
li.iieil.il lin. r.,,;.
lil.UMI,,.,* II:,II ,11 .,,,.,.,,,,.   ,     ,       .
III lllil-,1 .\ injii      \" ," '-,  ,"•  - "'
...l,   ,„.„,ll,   ,,i    S 1> ■■illi.'f'lnl,
' al,lt,  tin, Ml,i, I   ('.mi
mh. VihH(iiii1ii'iitl
du   i-niilmll)    W-1
c. a. iMtorUNll'.i"., si.i-u-'.T.U'Y.
M coU every Thurada*>
Hull nl 8 o'clock
Visiting brethren em
iti'iMy invito-! to ul
U, UAt'lioNAl.li, N.tl, J, M Hl-IIK., sir
To Trappers
Raw Furs Boughb
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
oiihl do
of Vancouver Real Estate
Well loftiininnuictile with
800 Hastings Street, West, Vancouver,
hu prevailing prices,   P, (). Mux sins.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new manngementjof
Harry MoIntosh,  Hoffman  House
X cyon arc the mosl curative in the
world. A perfect, nattual remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney nnd Sl.oinaoh ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains, Two
mails in rive and depait every day.
Telegi-ii h communication with all
marts of the world.
TERMS—$12 to $18 per week.   Por
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroiti Lake. 3. C
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
IllillWN IIAKIIKN, l-'l 1(1,11 AN IJ 1'T.OWF.II
SKIDDS, Now crop now in stoek mill tin lo.*l.
in our gi-i-enliiiiises. Ask ynur merchant for
tliein in scnli-,1 packages. If ho does nol bundle
Hi,-in ive will muii .in iissiii-ieil. .'„• packets ni
vt-gelil!,!,'ami llowor sei-il* lour OWl sell-el illll.
suitnhle fur!!. ('. ttardons) for H.0O, Spcolnl
prices on your bnlksoedn.
MKN'I'Al, TIIKKS now ready  for   spring
Extra ni'''- sleek ,,(I wo nnil llileeyeill-A|i|ile
Traos ut s-jii.ihi per inn, sisii.im jiur l.m.i: May-
iiaiil I'liiins. ^I.ihi i-iielr. Italiun I'l-tnte, two-
vear, llm-, K5.IKI per lm; Sugar I'riine, two-
yoar, line, SIiuhi |.oi-1(11.
I'ull list,,( oduir stoek at regular prices. No
expense, loss or (lelny of fiiniigallon or
Let in,- prlco your li-i boforo placing your
ilrei'tiliiinse I'liiuls. 1,'lorWork, Doo Supplies,
frilll I'ai-kltge*. |,',-l'tili/,,'l-s, eto.
l-ATAI.Olil'l-; I'TIKK.
M.   J,  HENRY
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc., to any part of the City,
Any Kind of Transferring
Tmeman's Studio
. a  th.it   im dnys
,,pplyl„lli„ llini.il--
 i- o( 1,1,11,1* nml
uui lo cut nn,' firry
lullmvhiB dssorlhod
,,* ilivisimi of Yule
Works Inr n spocial li,
nwuy timber from IIiii
liuni*, sil.tliileil in I) in
t. (.'tnnuioncingfitn post plnntod on tliewost
iiiiuli,,(iln, *„uth In-imeli o! Cliorry oreok ntn
peitii in inil,,* nnrtli onslorly from the lU-mllo
post on lite Mutiii-I wugou road ami mnrkod
"A, Mrt'reu's iiurili oust cornor post," tlmnt'ii
mill, nmoiuilii11 thonco wo,l mi-iijiin ■:'',,-'	
nnrtli P'al eliuiiis; lliiim-n ini-l lileliuilisto llm
l„,inl nf i-ouininiicenmiil.
-J. I'oiniiieiirittg lit n post plunted on tlm
ft-ost hank ,,1'tlie soutli brunch ol Cliorry crunk,
nbout in mill,* uortli oustorlj Irom Ilu, lu-mllo
pnsl on tin. Mi,ini*l iviigoii t'oinl :"„I mnrkod
-A, EiloUroa's ioutli-wost cornor poit," thonco
-imiii IHO i'liains: tliei, asl lit eliuiiis; tltnuv
uortli nm ohnlns; thonco wost Woliuinstollio
i„,iut ot oonimouooiuout,
ll. Coininoiioliig nl n posl iilantod on tho wost
Imiii. of (lie soulli bi-iiueli nf Cliorry orook, about
111 mile* li,,i-|l|.|,|i..lel-|y lt',,,,1 III,, lllliiilo p,,*t on
llie M I  wiikmii loin! nml innrlmil 'A, Mc-
t'ron's iniith-wosl cornor post," ll co north 80
cliains-, tlionco onil 80 ofmlnsi tlionco itmtliBO
i-lmins; lliimcu west Sll I-lmins tu till, |a,illt of
I. Cniiiiitiiicinu nl a posl pllllltOll oil tlio wnsl
bunk n( Hm south In-iiii-li ,,( Cliorry orook,
nliout io inilns iiorth-oniterly from tlm llnnilo
l„,sl.on il,,- Hlouushoo wagou roud ntnl iiinrkntl
"A, Mi-Creu's liiutil-onsl corner pnst," tliuneo
norlli su cliaiu-iil co west BO ofulllisi tlienco
soulli sn clutiii*: thonco oust uii-luiinstoilio
puint ol ooiiinu'iiceiiieul.
Located lho Ulrtl .Muy. IHOtl.
■',. Cominopolng at a post, plantod about n
milo wost from Uie ,v„*l lunik of I.iilie crook at
a point nboul 1 milo* nortleniisteriy (rotu tlio
junction of Lnko ereek willi Ilu'nnrlh lork of
Cliorry crook nml nuirkoil "A. Mcl'rou's north
west comer post," tlionco oust S.II chains; tlionco
south si ohafnsi thoucowost 80 ohnlnsi thonce
north 811 chnlns lo (tin point of cnmiiioncomenl.
Located tho 28th May, nml.
Dated this Oth dny o! June, 1906,
A, McllRKA.
Ml  lllllll,   s,
Sim..,-.„|, ri
illiles [r,nn i
i. c n
of  lUllnbul
111,Mill     llll-
.ll lltlllllHlw irei-K, in,,,,,.,,,. ...
, In dlalrlet, un.l nh.,111 «|vi'li
il a i„i,t iilionl Inin-1-
.1 su chains; llieiicc
si so clialns: n„-	
Mill sn
until SO
, pn
". r.,1111111 in-iiii-
,[ ll.iiiil.„n t'n-,-
„.Mill,   I Inin .   ||
linltii: tin-are we
■Iinins ti, point „(
Ilnle,! May lllllll
Notlcfl is liertOij fjivi-n that. W) dnys utter ilatc we
intend to apply to tlio Hon. Chlof Oomniuhmer of
fjiamls ami Works for-a Bpoclal llcflliaotocutfliul
uatry away timbor fnnn the following dOHcrlhed
liimls, situated in Went Kootenay district:
1, Commoneint; nt a pnst pliink'd nliout one
mile nortli from llie north-wcsl corner of K. &
S, Block,800, and mnrkeil "lilt,' lleiul Liunher
Company1!** south oast enrner post," llienee
north so'chains, tlience west m chains thonce
south m chains, theuco east m chains to poiut
of common cement.
2. Commencing at a pout planted about one
mile uortli from llio north west corner of K. A
B, Block COO-and niarked "Big Bond Ijumbtr
Company's north east comer post,1' thence
west 81) ehalus, thence south 80 i-liiiins, thence
east 811 chains, ihenee north til) chains lo point
of commencement.,
Dated June 18th, l'JOR,
Notice is hereby given that 30 dayH after date,we
llltemtto applv In tin- linn. Cliii'f I'liiiiinissiiHit'riif
Lands and Works for a special licence tn ont And
carry away timbor fnnn thu following doscrlbud
laml's, situated In Wesl Kootenay District:
i. Commencing nt a post iilanled nliout tivo
miles west Irom llaniinck Point on Upper Arrow Uko and mnrked '-it. U.L, Go's southeast
comer post," tlience imrtli W) chains, llienee
woit 80 chains, thence south Sll cliains, thence
cast 80 chains to point of eommonuoniont,
■1. Commencing al n post plnntod about
three miles west from Bannock Point on Upr
per Arrow Uko ami marked "B, It 1. Co's
south easl comer pusl," llienee n rth 80
ehniiis, llionce west su cliains, llienee soutli 80
cliains, tlienco cast80.ehaiiiB to point of com
Dated June 18th, IWO.
Nutice i.- heroby given tlint B0 days aftordato, I
iiiti-i'dtii apply to the Hon. Chief Commissioner
nf Lands uiiii Works for a special licence to cut
ami carry timber frnm tho following described
lauds, siluated In Wesl Kootenay district, Uppot
Arrow Lakes;
Commencing ni n post plnuled one mile
north of tho soutli west corner of i.olOl-15 and
marked "J. W. Foley'* south east corner,"
thence north 100 chains, llienee wes' ll)chains,
thence south W0 cliains. thence east In chains
in point <>l commencement,
Imii-.l 18th June, 1906,
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after dale
wc Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner
i.f Lands hnd Works for permission to purchase
tlie following described hinds, situate near
Tete Jaune Caoiic, Cariboo distriot, B.C.:
Commencing at a post planted ou the Fraser
River near Tete Jaune Cache and marked "N,
I. Edwards'and K. A, Blaekmore'a south west
corner post," theuce nortli 80 chains, thonce
easl80 rhnius, ihenee south80 chains, tlience
wesl SO clmins io point of commencement.
Containing MC acres more or less.
Dated 18th Juno, 1900.
new and
II. ula, A m|.. lllrili,   I■- i,   I I,
MolM lh
I,illll,I    HUP  11,Mill.,I,
-lll.il...    DITIMITI    I'   o
li.,, i.i ki   ii ,
Tn.ii * Royal Crown kind-
mode in Vancouver—Largest
.-. ip 1-,,'t , -.-si,,,' Winnipeg 11m- cleaning and
wall)ing are easj with itsholp,
Ainl the money saving ii the
Premium System
liooklct telle whal wc jive for
Itoval Crown IVrappors. Send
for   it—Fro,—M*o try   the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
[> HOW Oj't'ii ui\i
MR.   HEMUS    ecenl
\ *
vou our .-
MACKEN'Zli    ■     '
Mrs. II. .1. lln.ihiiry Manngrese.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
l.-in-,, Dlnioarnom for
ilacquots, Snppsr. etc
Furnished Rooms To Le
For Your Fruit Orders Strawberries at $2.50 per crate on
and after July Ist.
From Street, Revelstoke
\\ ing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
yANiiFarTiuiFfi ,iy
Kurtz's PioneerCigar Factor)
UN, Cordova SI., W.
VANCOUVER, -  ■  fi, C.
fr    MARK
Tea nerviceH
y\nw-r Pots
I'limrrlla Stands
Lunch ItiL-ikoiH
mii'iI'.iiik Jackets
Silk (IihkIh,
KiiicriL ttlock of ciuidicH and fruits in Uiwn.
Front Street, Revelstoke
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders for llcnf and Mutton,
Poultry,  I'ish und small foods
will receive prompt attention,
are marinfnctiti-t-d l,y Wc tt i-n
in-1, ti meet Western i-,-,|'iii,-
menl In Ihe langungi of tho
Weal "They're tough un Ihey
mik,- cm." Ever) i--:i is Union
uiu,I,- and guarantee'! as nearly
perfect in i tit, fll and Hnl h ,
hum m kill i an make them
l-'oi- .nl,- retail hy
all reliabledealei i.
Wm. J. McMaster & Sons
LKl ,
VANOOUVEH,     B.   C,
111 -I |IM-t  lllllttll   l,'l I* SOIllll
,   101,1   III,,,lit   fi  lllill-s It',,III il*
I.-I    llli'llilills;   til,' snulli Illll
l   III cluilna,  llli-l no.Hi l«i
;-,ililllli-lli-eilli-lU .
,i. u \ui:v.
II.   I'oiuilii inn nl  it l„,*l nl„„il  four rlinins
south uf italulioiv t'i,-„lM,n,liil t-lmllea from
Itsiiiuulli,Tlienco oiisl sn eliiiins, tlieiu-o iim-tli ul
clialna, lllenpo neal si) clnllini, Ilii'tit-oauiilliSiJ
Iinins t„ l„,in! nlemiiliii'in-etneiil.
•t. L'liiuinuiiclnjr nl ii |„,-t .-ii„-,it fnnr cluilna
nlltliul Itiiiiilniiv Co-.-k, ninl .'liuni' I uiili-s (nun
ist,i,.uil,,tlience ivuh! sn ,-liiini-i,iir-ii,-.-in,til,sit
sll clialns; tlience-ivent80 cliiilui, llitnlcosuiltll-lll
,-lntiiis. tlienco ensl um eliuliw, tlience Himlli III
,-llllillS l,,|,„illl ,,( 1'MlllllU'IH'OllH'llt.
r,. Ct.inmoneliia ut u iipst nlinnl fiiur cliuiua
iiurili nl lliilnlinii- I'n-i-k. nml iilionl:'. nilli ■ frum
lisiiiniiili, tlienco nesi   uiu cluilna. tlioiieeauulli
111 i-li,iiii*. Hi,-I list. INI i>Iinins. Ilii-ili'f II,Hill HI
.-li,lius lo |„,inl nl liniuucelliolll,
IMI,',I May lllllll, mill.
.1, Horry, litientor,
.Notice ii liuroh)  Rlvon tliattlihtyt|a™ lift
iliiti' | inli'iid hi»|i|ilv In Hie Chief CliUlllliHHilill
nf IjuiiIi and WoiIh torn iporla) livuiwt» «
ami cany awaj llinbur from i ho (tilinrt ini> ihtai-i i
ml EiiiiUsiliiiili-oii Un1 slni-H,i]i I liver, Vali'd
trlct, Il.C.:
1,   Cmnnn-in-inn at ajiostpliuitod about tllltl
ii.inili, nf a mllu nntUi m Uiu iiurili wusl I'urnernf
|,iit->|s, lln'ii Hi Kill chain., th cat-! Hi
clmins, tlienci- loiltli SO olialiw, ttatuwe Wflitt 80
I'liaitif, thi-nce Miiilh HI ehniiis, tliuiieu oaabJO
I'llftlllfttO point nf i-iiuiini-neenieiit.
•2.   ('oiiiini-ni'iiii; al   a   |ioittnlaill0d KbOlltOIIO
nmi iiiiu-fmii-ili unit-!* -.nutli nf tin) uortli woat cor
ii.Tof I.ul 281S, llienee wesl Hi) clmins. llii-tict
nnrtli 1(1 chains, tllOlU'O easl Mil) Cliiiins, llienei
-■nnl li in cliains to point of cuniliiulii'eiiient.
Dated May aotli, Hhi
.1. HAIlltV.
8, CmniiuMielng nl- a [»0Ht iiliititod about t\Vi
and ono'fourth miles mmthnf tho north woat cor
nerof f,ot 381S,thonco north 80 clialns,thonci
west SH cliains, tlit-nce smith M) clmins, llii-nn
eiint su chains to point of coininoiicoiuont,
1, Conn ne ne iiii: at a post plunted about Ui
and (nit--(oiirtli null's fnnn the north wesl cornor o
IM2S1B, tlisnco west -10 chains, tlience sontli lull
chains, thence west 40 chains, thence north Ml
Clialna, tlience east HI chains, tlience imrlli!"
chains to point of cnmuieuccuicnl.
Dated Mny HOlli, 1000.
.1, Barry, Locator.
6. CiinimeiiohiK at a pnsl about live miles nortli
ami otie-lialf mile east of the north west cornor of
Lot 2818, thence we.-4 Kit) chains, north -10 chains,
oaatlOO chains, soutli -illchaius to pointof commencement.
li. Coininencinn at a post planted about ye
in ilea north and ono-half mile cast of then i.h
west corner of Lot 2818, thenoe woat hid chnlns,
thence south 1(1 chains, tlience east IHO chains,
thence iimth -III chains to point of commencenu-iil
Dated May 30th, 1000.
J. HAKltV.
7. Cniiniiencluy al a ppat plantod about one
mile ninth of thnl'ir limit (huh, thence imrih H)
chain!', thencu cast 80 chains, thence snath HI
cliains, tlienco west s. chains to pointof com
8. ■fJohiineiioiuK at a post about ono milo north
uf timber limit U'lOO, theuce smith KUclmins, Ihence
east 811 chains, thence north 811 chains, tlieuofl
west SO chains to point- of Ciiilimi'licomoiit.
li. Ciunnmnchig at a poat planted about six
miles norlh of lho nortli ensl corner of |,ot i*81<s,
thence oust 80 chains, south 80 chains, nesi HO
ohains, thouco north 80 chains to point nl com
DnteilMav lllllll, llltKl.
,1, Harry, Locator.
-ihllllCM    in nuaii  ii...........j  .,.- , ...
of IIpeer Arrow I.aliii;—
Uiimrtmni'liiK al n imsi marked "\V. Vi, I k'-*
sontli easl rami I/'At tho soulh wiui ciiriierl)
Lei m, nnd nliout I mllo wmili nl I'o thall
ilrcoki Ihi'iH'o north 10 ebivhia,them-e nesi 8<i
L-|iahiH, thenco unilh w ehaiiis, llmiie.' caat Si
elinhiH lo polul of I'oiniai'neeuieiii.eoulahihil! WW
Dated Lillu llllnla
\  I.f .lllll.'. UUU),
1'i'iT. C. M.ikii.-
NOTICK IS llRRHIIV (HVI-'.N thai slsly days
aftordatul Intend (•> apply to the lion. Chief
Couuiiisaliinur of Landa and Works for pormlaalo
to piirelmse (he fullMVlilK desi-rilu'd lands sitnat
in Ihe West li note nny district,
L-i iiiiinieuciiij; nt an inilial posl ereclod on lliu
north hank of the Lanlo river, nliout oilO-utgllt
mile west of Lake creek and maikeiC'D. I*. Kane's
aouth east comer imst," llienee north 80 clialna
thence west SO clmins; tlteiiee smith 20 ehains,
more or less to Lanlo river: tlience easterly follow
ing the bank of the river so chains more or less tn
pointof commencement, comprising olio hundred
and sixty acres more or less.
Dated tlio 20th May, mm..
days after dato j intend lu aimly lu ihe
Chiof Cotriinisslonor of Lands and Works fur a
special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands silnnti'd
in the Wesl Kootenny District, west side of Cpper
Arrow Lake opposite Nakusp;—
1. Commencing at a post marked "North lifts!
Comer Posl," thoiico 80 chains west, so chains
smith, sn clmins east, SO chains norlh lo pointof
2, Commencing at a post adjoining No, 1 limit
oil the north side, thence -10 clmins north. Hill
clialna west, 10 chains south, 160 caat lo point of
Dated 8lh day of June, 1006.
Nstlcoh lioroby glvon Hint un tlayi after ilutn 1
inti-nii lu nr-iily in tlio Cliief Omiitiiissimii'i- „f
Liimls iintl Works for ]iei-inissi„ti In pim-lnisi- tlie
foiiowillK lleacriileil loiuls, situate- near Ten- .Inline
Cache, Carllioo district, 11. (,': -
liillllni'liritii! ill  ll   JiOlt  Iililllli'il nl tlm sotllll
lirst comer ol Lot isuiuul mnrkeil "II. li. "s'nglc'i
nurth ivcat curlier post," llioiicu south 40 cltnTiis
tliem nal  nm flmiiis. tin-it,-,' imrtli III ,-linitia,
ihoneo ,.,'st liiiifliiiiiisio point olciuninoncuiiioiit
i-iintiiitiiiii; Hln in-i-i-a litore or leaa,
l)ni,„l iiiii ilny nf April, mm.
ll. u. NAUI.H,
l!,-i,-l,sl„kf, H.C.
Nutlco is lioroby Kiven that nu ilnys niter (Into |
Inieiul l„ apply In die (.'hlef l.'oinutl8slnnur nl
Umlsami Mollis for pennlsaiiiii lopiirelinjiutlitt
iullon-hiK iloicrlbeil linuls, silunlo nenl- Toti|
.Lun,. e nlif. i .nil lisliirl, II. C.l
1'mnmenelng ul n OOHt |ihiui,,l nl lln- snulli cast.
cutnerol l.oi «u nnd niarkotl "KJIcllonn'i sontli
«,.*l ...iiii-i' ,„,*!." llien, (ill .'si i'liains, lln-	
north Ml chnlni. moro or less, to the hnnk of tin]
Iei*,-, lllver, tlienco witsl fid clialns nliingllid
Innii ol llio I'rnicr River to II si I Inn of
U( 180, llienee *,,nili i»> ,-l.iiiiia, iii.iii- or lom
,,1,'im- ensl lilnrj ul l.„l Is lit,, pnlnl of
, .nm,nnMiH'M..-Mil'iiniii- mal im,'- uml leas.
Ilatisl tho 11th tiny nl April, IIHJ0,
Iv MollKAN,
l:,-ifl*l„kf. Il.C.
Niiti.c is hereby given that (Hi daya from ilatu I
 mltoftpnh 1" Ihi" II lil" Hi" Cliii'fCniii
tin*  iui Umls .nnl Worku for porlillasinii ti
,, i   the foilowinu duacrl I Imuls hi tin
iv.- t KiRitrmi)   DUtrfel, mul slioro of Cppt-i
\no* leik.-
I'liiiiiinTi'iii i ii   i  |i',-i mnrknil ",L [1, tlnplan'i
„,ntli wevl , 'liiin.    ii Uir north wenl roiiu'rol
1,1 sob   alntit   i ■ miles nnrtli of Nfthnsp
I   ii • li im-. mure "' lewji tlienco li" tii
Vlelminainoreoi h— thonni fteal 8(1 cliftllu i
, i if ui tha links linw tlience in i generAl
...iitiictlv-iii.*'U'!ii along iln* Uko dmrc80clialna
., -1 i, i tn [mini nl piiiitmi'iK's nt, contain
nu .,-.0,1. f   i ■ "i luaa
I, l.-dlhl   ""i In-j --I M'i.  lOOfl
,1   ll Ciipl.AN,
I'd Kalph Hlye A«ciii.
N-ul ll Hi.Iim.i,'. i'ii',-,i llial «,,,l;,vsall,'i,lnlf
I   l i„i.nli.i tniily t„ llm Clili-I Colnllilialolut
i I. nl   nnl «„,k*  lm   | llasltin l„J hiuo
il„.(..l|.,»m-i'l,'.,rll,fil Inntli null lllc Loilgu"
I ■     ,, I    Annnlii-.i-l   M„u„i-  lllvlllllUi lltil
K   Oi*l,i,t:
,..,„ ,h„i:.M'i,,i   ],.. 1    ,l,„l,,   l,'l, flinilts sontli
!ll„-1lllllf|,,...|  >„, UlO      llil' l,,-,l,|f" ».!l!olll„ll,|
mil ii.i,l„,| - (,', \l. fiymuiii north noil f."
II,..,nf ,„•> in "Imiii- tlionco llilllll I'I lhnn.,
- mm. .. i in ,'l,.,ina, tlience nortli IU i-linln.tii
point "f ,',.iiiiii"ii,-,-iii,-iit.
Il.,|a,l May lal. lOOO,
(!, M, HVMON8,
NOTICK ll horobl glum that .'Kiiluys nf
ilnlo I Intenil loaptil; to tho (Idol a
missioufi'of Lands ntuf works r„r a spool ,
ii,liaise utout and carry away tiinitm- fii.ni the
following; ili-scrllml lands siimiieil In   Weil
ICoolnliny ,|lsl.rl,'t:
r„niii„-,i,-i,,g nt n piot iintlti'n-,,.t lido "I l.'pi„T
Arron- Ijik,- aliiilins nl Ilu- V.C. I, (*,,. LW.'I
norlli  ,1,-sl  ,■,„,„-,   |,'--' No I. llifinf III .-Iiiiiii.
ensii ll  sii ,'Ii.iui. norlli; LliencoHQcbnlni
(teat, llienee so cbnliia  lontli, llienco III ,'hnina
,-iial tonlnco „f ,-,iii,i,„'iiieln,'lll.
Ilnt.nl lllli i In) ol, Iuin,, IW.
ii, As'-i'l-
('.iiiiiueiii'liin iii ii posl mnrkeil "I.. M.Jt'hn-
.Inin-* iiailllellal corner," ill tin- atnllll neat I r
ot iholiins WelMter's npplli-iitiini lo pilti'llnai,,
iiImiiI :i null- aoiilhoi IWIIiiill ('reekiin,liiiiiml
ili inlli-a lion, iln- lnko, llu-neu nnrtli HI i-lntlns.
Wilissniilli hli'umlnryol (I..I. Ilnujii'iiml'i uppH-
lltion lii]iii|-il,n.-'.i' tlleltff \i,",t so flillin.. tln-iu'ii
unlll   in fliiilils.  lliim.-i-  ,;,.t -loi-lmiii-   lln-iii','
SOIllll   IIIl-llllllia, lll,'llfe,i,.l lill.li.illls topoint 1,1
lUlllllflKTIIIi'l'l  :■ lllllilllti:   ilJJJ e-e-H
Ilnli-illlii- |-!ll,,l:i,ol,lniie,l!i"ii.
L. .11 ,1011 NS TON I'..
I'er Itnlplt Slye, Agent,
M. I'. Illrki'l-
posl I
on li
will ileal
 -lui ins
if iti,
1.Ml In
,ll',.*lIinil mrkninl
soiiili ensl corner of
to I„ll,-I,„s„, 11 0U
Sll i-l,,-,ill
, 111,-,
■r , ii-
Ml  l-llllill.i llii.li- i't
itss 1
ol Al
on Ll
ke, llienee tolloivlng
Sltlll *
lull-    ill
i gem
III   ll
nhi ill llllll ni'slnl'IS
i,,n 120 ell
iu* m,
ru nrl
,s !., poinl.nl iinil-
nmi nenl,, tiilnlng,mu ui'iea ntoyi- or lo.*i.
Dnl.'d lllli Ull, iill) "( -I, ■ in"11.
I'er Itulplmlyo, Agonl.
('..tillii.iiifillg nl a pnsl  niulkftl "!'. A.SIyi.-'.
soutli eust ,-i,l-,i,-i-." nl t l| uiili-s it,,,1 !n,( le.l
llllll I'rei'k. Ill  llm SOIllll ileal COOICI'ol l,,,U",7ll
Hi,,, iniiilisn,li.,in* ;«l,,m: iIn- iveal hminiliiryn
l,ol i Mi. ilieiii-,, ti.-M su ehniiis, Ihence muitli 80
rutins, llienco ,-„*i su eliuhia l„ |inlnt nf mm-
ninnt'i'tiienl, cunliiliilng (Mi) seres
Dalinl tills mil, dnj nl Juno, UW).
I'm llnlphslye, Ageni,
Ciiiniiniliclin nl n pusl niarked "A, lliillenuiey.
,-r's tioilli ensl cornel-," al I III cluilna iveituf the
sontli »fsl foriier ol l,otS08,ill Hi Hi ivesl
cotnei olK. A, slv,-* nppllfiilI,ni io piiivli.is,,mul
uiu,ui K mllo smitli ut l'nstluill crc'ok, thence noil
sn chnlni, tliei soulli so cliiiins., tlienci si sn
fhiiiti* tlionco north 80chnliuto pnlntnf coin-
tiu'in'i'iiifiii, ,'oniiiiiiiiii: mn in-,'■-*.
faiiledlhls lltli dny ol,1 lino. HW,
A. Dtlt.LliN.MRVHll,
I'm-llnlph Slye, Agonl.
I„,si  inniked "R A.HI;
norlli t-iisl foilit-r," nliout!',
Iinil Creek, uud nbiiul II
■fibre at Uio mirth west eurnei
tijlillcatlon to pnvelinso, then
ifli-iu-f soutli Sll cllllllll
lies siiulliot Cost,
llr* frnm Uio lata
i'u..I. Hammond"!
- ivesl ." chuilia,
tlioncu oust sn cltiiiiu
ilii'tii-i-iiorllisti cluilna, to puint „l ,-„iunit'ii,-i
]iieitt,i-i,iil!iiuiim uiiiiu'i-fs.
hntoillitisIWi 'In)''' Jnnu, lino.
i. a. si.vif.
('oiiinii'iifing nl n lms! innrkeil ",M. ('. Slye
norlli,-list,-ni-iier," nl tin- inntli ensl i ior i
Tlioiiina Weliitor's np;,li,':iii,,ii to purchase, nboul
ll miles soulh ol l--„sllinll Creek, anil libuul ,|
iJJlotrmn the lnko, thonco nesi sn chnhis,Tlioiice
soulli io chains, thenco cast, 40 cltalni, thonce
sontli Hi clialns, tlionco oasl 10 cliiilui, llionci
nortli sn i-liiiinst,, point „f cmnnionceinoiit,cuii-
laluing 480 acres.
|l;lllnllllisl2Ul,lll)-"I.luilf, IDI'll.
M. ii. SLVI-;.
l'i-rlli,l|,l, Sly,-.Ageni.
('tniitni'ni-ing nl a post niiitkeil "A. l-'„ lllon-
inond'siioitli ivesl (•oriii-r.'nltoitl i'i miles sontli
ol l-'o*ll,:,ll Creek ill lite snulli CMtlUofilor nf Lot
lift, tlionco lontli 80 chaius, tlmnco oasl 10 chnlni
more or less lo the lulu- slioro. llienco (ollowln
auiil shore in u gonornl ninllioily illrcclloii!
rhnius moro or less l„ the sontli I liny ol .1. L.
llir.-li'* nppllcatlun l„ inirehnsc, tlienco
fhniiH,i ,. ,,,-1,-ss. In poinl of fniniiiiinvliit-nt,
Dntod tills 18th day of .nun-, iim.
A. ll. IIAM.MdNO.
I'er llnlpl, Slye, Agelll.
C'tiuimoiloliig ntn pnst mnrkud "ti. .1. Hunt-
tnond's niiilll enst i-oioer," nliout I'i lialit imlltll
„f |.'„silnill Creek,nl lliuaouthciuttcnriiorotLol
15711, llii'li'Tiifsl.Slleliiiiits. Ilii-nifsoullisiii-liiliiis
Ihtiiu-f ensl sn oluilns, llionoo nurih80 chainst
uoiiii ,,f i-,,iiiii,i'ii,-,-iii,-iiI, coiituinlng um ncres,
Dtilcdthis lah.inv"(.iuin', I'.imi.
tl. .1. IIA.MMIINII,
Per llnlpli Hlye, Agonl.
J\ daysiil'ler ilnle I inli-nil n, upply lu lln
(lllief Cullllllissloiior o( Lands and Works lorn
speeiul lieonsolq mil and i-ni't-y uivny liiulu-i
frnm tlie following tlosoijbeil Intuls iu West
Hot,!uiiii)- llistriiil:
1 t'lilinaeiicillgiltii post luni-ki-il -'A. Mi'lti
uortli miit corner jiust,' plailled nl I sis miles
from Hold Stream, ml «,-si aide „I trail, running
su, li.iin- soulli. so, inini- oast,.siii'hiiius luiiili, su
cliiilui »,-*l 0, point o( fonititeiifetni'iil.
2 Colillneiifiiin at ii posl liutilieil 'A. .Ml- Hull's
south west corner post," planted about sis tulles
from Quid Stream, on-wootsldo „( .mil, i-uuniiig
su chnlns innlli. so olialiw i-ust. sn .Iinins smith, sn
,-liains wesl to point illC01 illllOIU'eillollt,
3 Commencing at n, poll iifnrko'd 'A. SIcKno'
norlli wi-sl corner posl," plmiteil about eight mile
Ii-init Unlil sii-einii, mi ,-nsi sldo „f trail, rniinlni
SO elinlns soulh, sii elinlns en si, su ehnitis nortli, su
cliiiiiis wesl lo lioin! o( fotiiiui'iiifliienl.
I CoiniiienclfiB nl n p„sl inuiktvl "A. Heltl
......itI, well iinr posl."idittiti'diibotit fi:*lil- niili-s
from Gold Stream, mi side of trail, rniiulu
80 chnlns iinrtli, sni'liuiiisens!. SOi-liiiitissoiitli, s
chains irosl !„ point of I'liinnicin-eiiicnt.
S Uominoneing at a post intu-ked "A. MclKtti
soaLli west fol-nui- post,'- plnnli'd ubout nine mile
rrmu Hold Stream, oil ensl Side of Mil, rlllllllnj!
SU rlinins norlli. Sll Chains enst. Sll i-liillns -oillll, SU
ehains ivost l„ point of coininoncomonl.
Dated tills -«lh day nf May, itmu.
Notice Is hereby given Hint thirty days after
dale l intend io apply to the Cliief Commissioner of Lands and Work-; for a speeiul license
to cut and earn away timber from the follow
inj! de-jcrlbod landa, situate iuibeOaoymin
Division of Yale District:
1. ConiinonciiiK at a post plnuled on the east
Inuik of lho smith Imuiolmf Cherry crook at a
point R miles noi'lh-ensterly from llm -lilmilw
imst on iln- Mnnaalioo wnBon mad ami markod
"S. Hill's north eastcornor," thonce south 80
chains; lliunco west Silcluiius: llionce north 80
ehniiis; Ihencii enst SO chains to lho point of
2. Comlnonolnij al a post jnantod on the onsl
bank of tho south branch of Cliorry Cnmkut ti
point S milos iiui-lh-eniterly frinn the iD-mib!
post on lho MoiiiisliDo wngoii rond nnd mnrkod
■(B. Hill's north west corner," tlience south So
clmins; llionoo cast SO chain--; llienco uortli 80
chain's; tliunco wost SO chains loilu- point of
:i. t'nmmonoliiK ntn po-'l.plauiedon thaoiist
Imnkof (ho soiiLliliram-li.il' Cherry crook at a
point  S  miles   noilh-mKlcrly from Ihe -tll-milo
i ou tho -Mnnaslioc -iVukoii road and mnrkod
Hill'-, BOUth wnst nirm-r," llionce <||i8»
ohnins; tlionco Olibt Sii chains; llnmee -until Su
iniiis; Ihenco wosl SU rlinins to thu point of
■I, Coiiimonciio,'ut a posl pt'iiti-d on the .oiilh
hunk of I'horry creek nbout Qmllos Irmnlhu
ill-mill! post mi iho Monnsl ffagon.rnml nud
narked-S. Hill'- tututli woat cornor," thence
inst Kit)chainsi Ihence imrtli tn clmins; thuimu
woHibm ebnins; tbonci! •miilli -III chains in thn
piillil. of enmiiioiiemimnl.
:>. Con I inoi id iik nt- u tuv-ii,. planted on lho
-until bit ilk of Chorrycretik aboni llmlloifrnm
llm in milo post, nn ilm Moiin-dioo wngoil mnd
and mnrkod "S. Hill'- norlli west comorr
(henco enst P'iO chiiliiB) thonco soulli hi ohuiiiHi
lliauco wosl IlK) chains! thoneo norlh Inchaina
lull- in,lm nrrominem-eili'Ml.
Loeiited.'lUi Mny,jlHNl,
il. Coiniiii-iK-iim ul a po-i planted enotit a
mill) west, from lln- wo-t haul, nl |,nU t'rftck.
about   "i   miln- up frmn tin: junction uf   l.nkii
crook nnd ilu- th fork of Cherry crunk ami
maj 'd '8, Hill's KHilli oaal corner post,"
1li4 ' iinrtli 8-flClllllllH! llnmee wosl SU ehniiis:
tinmen -until SU chain-; tnoiiCOOBSt SU cliains to
tlm pnlnl of comtnonconionl.
7. CuinmonclnK al a |H)aL planted nhontn
mill! we-l from the WOsI linnlc of Lake creok,
snout? miles up from tho junction of Lake
creel, ami ihe iioi'lh folk ol Cherry creek and
marked "S. Hill'*- south wo-t cornor [mat,"
liioni-o onat so ohntnsi tlionco north Micliaiu*-!
llionoo wosl Sn chains; tlience south Mi clmins in
lliu poinl nl'c.iiniiieiicmuont.
LnralodL'Stli Mny. IML
Deled thia Oth day of Juno, HXW,
I, Ciiiniiii'iiciiii; at ll. posl i.mrkcd "iln-
1,Mini's in.nli ensl rnrmr," nboul \ n.ih*ii|<
uortli fori of (io|i|s|,re'nn llienco noijh 1(1
i-l.iiili-. east l^ieliiiiii'i^onMi |o eluiiii-s. (TOsI Hi"
I'biiln- io poinl uf con 'iicenn'i.l.
■3     C.imiioniin?  ul   n   oortl   lllftl'kol   'Ull
1. I'm iK'i'lh wc-.t lonior." uli.iui i miln up
imnl, t'ui-k nl' t-uhlsimini, ihe ion mhiUi 10
iliaiuM-a-l liiili'Imin-, north Hicln'iis, west UHi
i hit in.- In point ol fnuinmljci'UiciiL.
3, Ci lunionoliiK al n Dual mnrked "Oua
Lund's north wesl cnrtmi'." uhuul 1 in lie bolow
to.nli iorkul liiiliMi-i'iiiii, on h-ll, hank, thmico
north (lh batip, ca-l (IK)iliifilis, s'Olilb llleliiitns,
west 100 clialna tu jinlol of coninienceinoiiU
I I'lHiilllfiiiillK 111 a po-t inn l,i ii "Ujft
l.'lllUs|ioi'l|ie;i4i'UI'll.'l'."llliiilll   '  hclow mu bh
fork of (iol,l-li*.*am, mi lui baj|k. l-himeosOntt
lt'nl i-hnln-.-w.' i |Ui*ha:ii-. norl-h Ui'i ehaim;, cast
■lucbiiitii-toiiUoeiifcinn nemo.ml,
,'. ' cnmnii-iu-iii!.: nt ii posl inui'kcil "lius
Lun.l's north east cornor,' nhuiit I mil" front
mouth oi' ('lU'lliou tlroult whero ii join Hold-
sin-iiiu, Ihoneo soulli KlOoliiilus, wnal luchnhffi,
nurih Uiu obelus, oust lu I'lu.Iiis lo pointof
ii. i oiuiiicmjinu at a |nnl iiiii'kid "Oils
Lund's .-outh 1.1-.I coi'iior,"iilionl I mile from
uiniilli of C.ii'iliuii Creok wlicri-ll- julie, llold-
sti-i-uni, thonco woh| 10ohnlns,norlh UIOulmliB
i'ii'-L J'l t-hniiis, riiiI,|i UUI clmins lu piuiil. of
7, OouiiiicneinK nl- iv ]m-l tiinilted 'liii*
Lund's north onal conic.' aboul I mill- (roin
mouthof Caribou Crook wlioroll (olnsOoS-
slivain, llienei'wist III chains, soutli IfHIollllllffl.
tii-1 In chains, north bin chain Iupoinl of
s, CoiniuoncliiB at a posl   innrkoil "Om
Lund's iiurili wesi coi'lior, nluuii T miles holuw
tion li fork of Coldsiicaiu. thonco onal liii
chains, soulh 111 chains, west 100 clmiiis, noiffi
I'i clinihi. lo poinl of ciiiuiu.'iiccincui.
h. CoinuioueluK al u post uutrkod "Gus
IjIiikVr imrlli cn.-i ouriier,' nboul", milos beldw
norlh fork of Uoldsli'oiuu, thonco aoulh lliu
ohallW, west in i'liains, north KM chains, cost
lu ehaiiis lo poinl of I'.iiuiii'.'iicciiii'iil.
IU, Coiiiiiumcliift nl n post mlirkcd "(ills
Lund's south casi corner," nbout 7 ndlus boltffi
nmih rock of Qoldfllroani, Ihenco nmih nu
chain-, wust 80 ehains, -wiilliMchains, cast g(i
chains to point of coniniciietlinonl.
II. CommoneljlH at a posi umrk'.l "Qra
hnnd'» north Wesl corner," nboiil 0 miles below
norlh fork id liulilsinani, IhgiuO noi'lh 80
chains, i'n*-*l Sn chains, south W chains, wofltll
chains to point of couiincnceiucnt..
I.!. Cominolioiug at a post imii-kcd -'(Jus
Lund's soulh cast ciJi'iicr, "about II miles in-luw
north fork of liold-lrcnni, thcilco north HO
chains, we-l gl) olialiw, soilth Slohnlps, easl 80
chains in point nf ComriicliCCtiiuUt.
LL Coininunolng nt n post, marked 'dim
Lund's soulh west conier." nboul 11 miles In-low
north lork of lioldsirciiin. Ilmnce kolitb 8"
chains, i asl SI chains, north su chains, wesl 8u
chains to poiut of commencement,
II. Cominonoing at a post marked ''(ins
Luuil's south cast conier," about U miles in-low
norlh fork of (iolilsticain, thonco soulh till
chains, wosl 80 clmiiis, norlh 80 chains, oaat-St)
clialna io poinl or commencement.
18, Commencing at a post marked '-(Jna
Lund's smith \V(>lcoriiei',"ub.iu( Utiiilefi below
fork of (lohlsireiini. thence uorlhsii chains,
ensl Su ehniiiH, Miulh ffl chiiiim, wust si) chains
to point of coinuicuciuii'iil.
10, CoiiuncuciiiK nt n post marked "(iu
Lund's south casi corner,"aboul ll miles In-low
I'mk of Uoldslrcam, llionoo -lh suchainB
west mi. bains, aouth sn chain.-, easl 80ohaim
In point of e luenccniciit.
17. Uouniieiiclng at u post marked "(Jus
Lund's norlli" eal coi-nor," about n miles liol©1
fork of Unldfltrcam, thoneo south -SOohaiim, east
sn t-hains, nortli 8U ollftllis, west Sll chaini, io
point ofeommonccmont,
18. ConniiciicliiK at a post marked "Huh
Lu mi's norlh eaat cornor,' about 11 miles below
fork of I'ulil^ircmu, Lhemii: suuth 80 chnlns,
w.-st SOcimius, norl h SU chains, uist. SU clmins to
point of conimonecmeiiL
Dated June I'lih, l.lilii,
ill. Coiiimouclng ni a pusl mnrked' "Cus
LuiidV soulb east cornel', nbuut. II niilts ti|i
I'ainp Ci'i-ok, llionce mirth lOOchains, wostatl
chains, soulh HSu chains, eust III chains lu puint
of comiuoiicomeul.
20, Commencing at a post marked "(Iiim
Lund's snulli west cornel*," abiml 'A milt-.- up
Cainp Ct'cek. Ihence norlh KUlcbains, easl 4<i
chains, south lliu chains, wc-sl In chains to poinl
'Jl. Coniinriii'iiiK at. a post marked "(ills
Luinl's north West corner," iilionl ll miles up
Camp Ci'cck, tbciU'c cus| 100. Iinins, soulh Jtl
chains, west, lliu chaii.s, nurth Iti clmins lopninl
of oiiiuicncciiieni.
•Jl'. Commencing nl ii posl inavked "(lus
Lund's north oiujlcoriier," aboul ;i milos up
Cump Creek, llionce wust lliu chains, soui.h 4(1
clialns, eusf lliu chains, norlh 10 clmins lo puint
of ouniniouceiiiuul, .-.,.•..>'.■
2'S, Cunimouoing nt U post inai-ked "tins
Lund's mn ih west cornor, about 2J miles up
CnnipCreek.lbciice y.isi, l^i chains,south 40
clmins, weal Uiu chains,' north Hi clmins lu
pointof commeiicomont.
•Jl, Commencing ut, n jiosl marked "tins
Lund's south ca-l corner,' ahuut 2j miles up
Camp Creek, thenco wost tiitchaiii.'i, suuth Id
chains, cast let) chains, north lit chn.lhs to point
of coiiinmuceinciit-.
J."'. Commencing at a'po-;t marked ''(lus
Lundr snulli i'as,l copnoi',"abouL I miles beluw
Mi-Culloufjli Cicck, 2 miles from (luldslvcam,
thulice norlb so clmins, west sn chain.", Kiiith so
clialiih, ciwlSlchnliiH to point, of conuneucu-
JO. Coimnonclng al a post niarked "(ins
Lund's south west curuer,"nbuut. I miles below
MrCulloiiKh Creek, 2 miles from (loldstrcam,
thenco norlli Mi chains, cast, 80 chains, soulh Sll
chains, west SO chains In point of commence
men l.
■'11. Commencing at n post, marked "Giis
Lund's north west eoni'jr," about 1 miles below
McCllUouah Creek, 2 miles from Culd-lrcaui,
'..hence south su chains, east Ml cbnins. nurth SO
chains, wesl sii chains lu poinl of commence-
'JS, Commencing at u post, marked "(Jus
Lund's north otwt.coruop," about 1 miles bolow
MeCulluugh Creek, 2 miles from Coldstream,
thence soulh SI) chains, west mi clmins, north Wi
ehains, east, so chains to point, of cnmuioiujo-
ilaloil.lnne I'JIh, liluO.
tlllS LIND, Locator.'
liun lui'l'iii'i-il Iii iimh'l-l.iheoll kiiulso!
frelKliilna'niul laiinijijg.
My  Btllglj t'liniloctlilg  I, Uv.ii-n Ihe
•Icilllll'l-Illltl   llll-   Cily, h,llles ||)|, Cily
ul I ii.in. TiicRilnys nnil *Kii;lay-, coif,
nceiiiic; ivllli Ihe Kleuuiei- lii-'vel-l.oki'
foi-the 1% Hi-nil, nnil alsii in,els Ihe
sieiiniei'oo Ihe return trip sameiluys.
I.i-nvc wortl nl Niviejiuion Coni-
|)iiny's nlllcit or iny Sluhlcs ivhoie lo
yrOTlOR is nbrnhy given Hnt 80 nhyft afler
i\ date I intend lo iuiii|y io the Chief
I'iiintnissjouor uf Land- am! Works lu- iv special license to cui and cari-y away liiul cr from
lht|followingdosorlbud lauds -ilomiiil iu Um
1. Cuiuineiicin^ul a posl planted on the east
hank of lhe Minth fnrknl' Cliorry croak uboiiV7
mllo,- dp f i'i-in lliu in -mile post on tho Monnslico
Wngoh i*n,d and ' marked "D. Woolsey's soioli-
oiiatcoriior'pujl," thonco north SUotiuliisi thonco
Weill SO chains; tlionco smith hi chains; thouco
oust 80 cliuiua io I lm point of commoncomont.
'J. CnmmoiioiiiK at a post, planted nn (bo mist,
haul, nf ilm i.iiili fork nf Cherry creok, about, i
inilob op from tho lO-iuilif iHisl.ua the Mnnnshoo
;ou mad nml mnrked "D. wrfola-Sy'a -miih
wosl enrner," llionce nnrtli 80 chains! lliflnflo
oa-t.Sii(!iiaiii-; thenco Sontli SO chains; thenci)
wc-t 8(1 chain- lo Iho point of cninuiciiceinent,
Located *J3rd -Mny, 11KK1,
m.   C nlli: al   a  post, plnntod ou the
si tii Ui bank nf Cherry Cn-ok iihiiuin miles Irom
tho'li milo pint mi (Iio Muim-hae wugnu mad
ninl markod "D. Wimlsny's nnrlh east t'Oi'iior,"
theni'" wosl h'i')fhaiOh|.thcut'0 south -111chains;
tliciuoniist Ii'iO chains; ihoni-o norlh 10 i-hulii-,
in tho pointof eominoncuinont.
|, Commen.'inij ul a post plnntod on thn
-milli Inini, of Cherry Creel, nliout 0 mile: from
the ill-mile pot on the Mumialioo wiiatfnn nrnd
nnd innrkoil "D. Wmd-ey's aouth-oiiBtcornet,"
thenco woat HtUoliniiwi thouco north hiehulm-;
thenco oast Khl i-hillnfc; them-o sonlh lOcliitus
in tin, point ol L'ommoncomoiit.
Locutod Ullh May, 1000.
:>.  CommoucliiR nt a post plantod aboul. a
Ilo wost (rum tho yoal hank nf LakoCreek.
iilnml 7 miles up from the Junction of Luke
Creek and the north fork of Cherry Crook und
,arUd "D. Woolio/fi norlh ou-t n.nmr |kisI("
thenco WJSt SU chain.-; thence-null, Silchalns;
thoneo cast su chains* thenco north BO chain-, to
the poinl of commoncomont,
Located BBtlcMay, lHOi).
Dntod this Oth day of Juno, 1000,
Certificate of Improvements.
l-'i.nieis Mineral Claim, altonto iu lit,- lluvolatiko
.Miiiine llivision ,,f We.l lvi„t,-nnj |i|H!iiet,
Wli.-ie lucuteil; North of Iron Hill .Mineinl
i.'liiiui. .siiimlni-.l llnsin, Hit; llond,
Take nolii'e llllll I,.I u. I. W.ibdrjiv. F.M.C. No.
MHO ,,,-line iis.im-iii Inl inyiolf mul A. »'. M--
Illluill, I ..(I.e. .N„. It.-s-.loo. II,,,,. .lolmaon. (.AM:,
Nn. I188IK7, KlKiilinlli M.-Mnlniil, Ml I , Nn.
I'.smiiii. mi.ml alxtj ilm. from lln, dnlo lu-ri-nl.t,,
lipplyiollli Mlllllbt ll,-,-„r,l,-r lor n (Vrtlllent., of
llnpiovi'iut'lils, (or   lite  pu.posl'   of  nlllllillilin, n
Cruii-ll (Irn ntuf the llliove elnlm.
Ainlfintlifrliikf itiili,-,, lliiil ii,-IImi iiuders	
lion ll,, inn-l by ,-oninieii,-,',l belore (lie imulvilco of
Mil IVllili if  |,ll| Ill.-OIH
l)atl-,ltl,ial''„iiili',-iilli 'Ins „l Jlnv, AT)., IUHII.
jas. I. wouimow. '-   ^A^fc^
#-.:--■ v -of'
»"**   ?V   '
Thn "Sunshine-" fni'micn nnd
"sunny" ways ni*o synonymous.
Tho cold, dreary winter days can
be mado cheery and warm with a pure,
healthful heat if you have a " Sunshine " furnace.
Is oasier to operate, cleaner, uses loss fuel nud
" shines " in many other ways ovor common furnaces.
Two shakers aro used to shako tho heavy, t-rinngnlar-
shapod grates. This just cuts the work of-shaking-
down in half, besides being oasier on the furnaeo than
the old ono-shaker style.
Sold by enterprising dealers everywhere.
Booklet free.
Lonoon, Touonto, Montuhai.. Wn*iiii'i.(i,
VaxcoI'vi-'ii, St. Jons,. IIajtiTiTon,
BOURNE BROS, Sole Agents.
The Rinc c:i'- ['is 'PejWj'l I
All alike—Uu- liii-jil-ba, llie )iighe.-'.t--!u.-.c mt.rv-i'.- d ',.,
the glg-iiitic t-n'tcrprisc's <( »"."& A. C-iU-cy. ' Their ?,"'-.?•"•'.,'*.">
laouschJid word".; their paiduots legion. In Uio LciU*. JaVllig;
iKiiii alone
.sol,! is supplied from the stoek of \Y. & A. Gijlscy,
ily Iteyal Warrants Pi irvcyors ol Wines bft'fl SjlSrKo
- I
I   "iuli.R.H. iln Piince ol Wale.
To H.M. (!,c Kina ol (he Bdci..:.!
The wonder of the business world, their fame and success
; re based upon an absohtie guarantee, given under Acts of
I **rluiment. that thc Purity, Age and Quality of their Brands
In Side! Accordance with the Labels
From among many varieties the following Specialties are
1 articularly celebrated ;
"SfTaHrtntl!" fjcolch Whisky
Pcre Md, 6 yewi c!d.
"'.*•,<•■>■ RoyU" Scotch Whisky
1 in! <.H<ucc:t (ild olden procurable.   DwliJIed
!, ;..i :;-. iol' I tt tectad M.-iltctl Barley,
03*"! Vom G*il   The fin-*il oualiiy.
I    ".i?on Dry C!n -The fir<;il quality.
•r   Vl'ic*:;!': **iln -^f finedrlicatr flavor.
-.:■..H-.(-'it Conn**c,"L'OrExtrall
.*'-., Vic " <H/c Stars).
'*. C   . *   Biwidy tl ita finrtt quality,
,    ;,   rtnlon Kiir.i, "TheGovernor
(icnM M",
0! treat ego, win wit mellow flavor.
Pi-.i.r, Air iidQualhy Abiohitely eWtinleed (o be slrictly in secordsnee with descrfpfioas on the Labels,
"Invalid" Port
A very fine Iiniii vinlasc wine.
"Natural Montllla" Sherry
A pale, nutty wine, 9 yean old.
"Chateau Loudennc" Claret
Giand Viri, DislinijuiiKeil liy ureal ejepwe
and bomiurl. _ Awarded ihe Cold Midi.1 -l
ihe Paiis Exhibition.
"Pommard" Burgundy
Charming bouquet, with a soft, full flavor.
,..-,., 'icsl Wine and Spirit Merchant* In Ihe World
For sale by nil the leading Hotels und Stores.
Distributors—The Revelstoke Wine & Spirit Co., Ltd., Revelstoke.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Itriinclies in tlio I'ruviiicosol Mnnltolm. Albortu, Snalititohownn,
British Culunititn, Ontario, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed ...       $4,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $3,9oo,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       $3,900,000.00
II. It. Wh.icik, President; IIiin. 11. .I.M-tkav. Vice-I'i-esiilent.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
S.tVlNUsl.lll'H'AliTIIENT [leposlls received and Inlei-cst nlluiled
nl hij.'j|,»l ciU'i'tnil inte I'l-iint date nf opening Account; nnd cijin-
Urntiti mid nviiil.ilile In nil pui-tsul eaniulii, United .Strttcsiinil
l-lump,-.   S|iet-hi] ,-illeilHnli j;iven to Cnlleclhins,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
VOI'ICU i- heri-by Kive-i Uuullili'lyilnys
iN ilate we iitietnl In n|i|,ly In llie Chlol
UoinnilB-lotior ,,( hands ami Works Ior 11
Rui-i-ial llminsu to eul nnil tini-i-y away Umber
l'rnlil the (oil,,-.villi,' ileset-11,,-,1 l.iinis. sttnitlt: in
tin- Usnyoos liivislun uf Yale Ills!riel:-
t'liiiitneni-iiiKnl iipost mnrked "SaulHill's
hprtl, west eiirin-r poll," iilallteil „n tin-snulli
timilnf llie north lork ofntun-ry (ii-unk, uml
n.l)iait ono mil- nlmve the font, nf llio nnrlli
(oil,, riiinil, ;■ 111*1 ni hulli", thoiicn soulli HI
cliitin-, tlieni-e we*. Hn chains, tlionco inn-iliNi
ctlimiK 10 poinl of eiiiiitntineenictii,
lintail Moy Will, 1000,
t'tiiiinii'iiclnn ni, n pus! mnrkod "D, Woolioy'fl
inn-tit ,-a-l cornor pnsl," plattleil on tho mntli
WlnltofOlicrryCrook.nl 1 Ibree miles nlmve
the forks of lho norlli hirknf 1 iliorry Creok.
riiiinliu wesi sn ,-liains-. wiiiih SO clialns, tint SO
oluilns, mntli Ml tihnlitsto poltit, of i„,l!iiii('iif:tv
11., 11,1 May '.'lll.li. llllll.
I). Wtllll.SKY.
Coniiiii-lielnit ill n pnsl Innt-keil "A. MeCrea's
norlh 11,-1 cor - t,„-l." iilnitleil on Hio-i.icli
bniikol Hi irlli (til-It nl  Cherry Creek, mill
ahnnt  inn Ins nlmie ll Men.  „f ll„- mini,
(nrk, r.lnnlni: ensl .Sll eliiiiii-.simlli Sn,-liains.
west sii abulia-, north mi chain* lo pnintuf
liM.Ml'Mny j-.i-li, ll,,M)   . -
Jill A. Md'ill-: A.
I'ioruoo overy Smoker the " Maroa
NIITICI--, is li,-i-,l,yiiii,-n thai thirty ilii)s;ill,.|
ilatii I Intenil lo npply tn llio linn, Bfhlef
('„iiiii,is*i,,iii-]-„f Until anil w,,iks. tor -p,riai
lii-t„ls<-s t„ eat ami ,-arrv iin.v Limber frninth,-
(„ll„,ibm iltuci-lteil lamia situate in tie- Weil
Km.Imm;, IIMiirl
I, Coininoncliig al a poit planted about out,
mill- fi',,111 ivi-sl Isink „f I'ltlnniliiii Ilivt-r.111,1 ab,-til
,,1111 ninl li'ilf miles math „( s„i,- ar l"r.-»-k ninl
iiiark,',! "C. 1-*. I.iiiibi-ark's lontli e  ' comerplut,"
III,,nee llortll se ehains. ivesl 80 . li.tin*. -unl'i s,,
i-Iinins ninl east M! eliain* tn point ,,( enlmiieui-f.
'J. (!,aiilii„nvlnn at a noil liliiiiti-,1 iiIh.uI t,o,
allies ft',,111 |-„liuai,ia ltivi'l' on Its west hank an,I
nixati nun ami half miles north ,,f Seymour o,-k,
anil uiiu-kinl "I*. 1-*. Llntlmnik's -etitlt i-,i.-t i-onivt-
p„'s(," (fii'ii i,,rth sn ,-li'iiti*,,ii-.-l s,i ehains, antub
sii clialna and east 80 chains tn point ol r,,ia<
il.  < oniincnclii}! at n p,.,t plauteil iil,„tit three
utiles fr  Cohnnhin Hirer and alioiil „ai-i,i„I
It,If iiiilei mall, „f s,-viu,air fjreok nnd marked
"r. V I.imlm,,,k', Botitli east enrner i„,-i."ilieii,-,-
llillth Wl nballll, west Mieltaia*. seallifl, ,-liaiii-
nnil,, i BUotutlni I,, poinl olcuuinienccinctit,
I. CummeiicliiKnl a poit planted nne mllo-lfnm
.vest, hank nl Cnlimilitn l.'ii.'iaii'l Inin nali'sunrth
„( Seym I'leekand  rked •■<'. F. l.lnilniVk'a
anulbuast enrner i„,.-l." thence north80ehain..
wesi siinliabi*. a„iit'ihn el,,, n ,„-! ra-t s'lilium*
in |„,int iiteolilliieiii-onit'tit.
Hated Slay anl, hum.
I'HAIII.I.s I   I.INUM Mils.
A  liiindhoiiic ilioplity ,( ladies hack
cumbs ut llitwo' Drug Store.
-eivuiie, ion. Hi, House has inm me
matter uver in, (iirllnr c iisidcratnui
until next -.viek. 'Ihi- i- [leiliapn tlit
iin.l lii'liy subject the (.'oniiinins
have lack loil I bis sessinn,   Views, din-
iiieliieiilly o|i|,osid   1 ,e   another,
have been expressed. One member
declines Ihe entire measure is nn
iiiv-indily, in other that it d ,es not ffi
marly Inr enough, po rty lines nre cn-
iirely ubliti-riit.il, and every member
takes the course that siemelli best, to
Inm ,,r possibly that eeeuiB most
likely lo niiikc votes ill his own constituency. There are even rumois
t'bat the bill will be allowed to die tins
session owing tiitbediilicullyiil leach
ing a Conclusion satisfactory to all,
but ibis- is not probable.
Having lulled completely to make
nqytbiiig oul ol llieir
the Conseivnlive members have lost
bcait und me nut even Inking the
trouble to attend the sittings ol the
Committee; two ur threo sessions having to be adjourned this week for want
of a quorum, the Opposition being the
delltKltionts. They must still make
pretence ol lighting though, ami it is
rumored they will bring iu a minority
report. It will be interesting tu watch
the course of Dr. Held, of Uienville,
who undertook to prove that more
goods were purchased lor the "jYrctio"
tlinn could possibly be packed on
hoiird, or resign bis scat. He certainly
has not done the former. Will he
stand line to his undertaking? Wait
and see.   The work ol
which investigated the grain grading
problem in ihe west last year, has
borne fruit in a scries of amendments
tothe Grain Inspection Aot, iViuoli
passed through the House this week
on tbe motion ol Mr. Fisher. Under
the new law, "Extra Manitoba Hard"
is done away With, and it new class,—
"Alberta Ked Winter Wheat," is added
to the list; the new class has three
grades. The general effect ol the
changes will be to lower the standard
somewhat, the complaint boing thnt
the high standard set in Canada gave
the United States farmer an advantage in the loreign market.
The weather today is the dullest
and darkest Ottawa has experienced
in many moons. Today is also tbe
tenth anniversary of the liattle of the
llnllots on June 23rd, 18%, when tbe
long period ol Conservative rule ended,
and the present government took up
the veins ol power. One is inclined
to bo reminiscent on such an occasion,
and dwell upon the changes that the
past decade has witnessed. No country con show a better record, no government Iiub a more creditable statement ol work accomplished, and no
people hove better renson to be satis-
lied with the outcome of that memorable day's work; the day when, according to Mr. Foster's own admission in
the House n couple of weeks ngo,
Canada stepped Irom boyhood to
man's estate. There is no occasion
for idle boasting. As Sir Richard Cart-
wright sagely observed on one occasion
a mini docs not need to have figures
quoted to him to prove he is prosperous, he Icels it in bis pocket. Caua-
dinns hnve been leeling it in their
pockets "good and plenty" this past
decade, and tbey nre likely to continue
the agreeable experience for many a
long day if present indications are to
be trusted. '
nl the "Arctic" inquiry,—to return a
moment to that exhilarating subject,
—is worth recording in thin column.
The Opposition wns vainly endeavoring to prove by the mouth of Captain
liernicr that there was friction during
tlie voyage between himself and Major
Moodie. Thc captain utterly denied
this, though be admitted that he had
never been under an olllcer in a voyage and would nol do it again. He
lind never quarrelled with a superior
ollicer: "You see," he explained to
Mr. Bennett, his inquisitor, "a good
sailor must have three qualities; ho
must be as strong as an elephant, have
n stomach like an ostrich, and be as
stupid as an nss, so Hint he will do
everything be is told without thinking
f,,r himsell." Epigraniatic, but to the
The proceedings in Parliament this
session in connection with the disposal
nl tlie large and ever growing number
hnve created an uneasy feeling in tho
minds of many. The present method
oi dealing with this must vital mutter
is admittedly very unsatisfactory. A
question which nllects most closely the
very deepest interests ol the nation, is
dealt with in a slipshod, happy-go-
lucky wny that cannot but shock the
better feeling of the community. Take
n case in point: A "relief" bill passed
the Senate and came down to tlie
Commons. The Committee threw it
out nnd so reported to the House; on
motion the bill was rclorred back to
committee, on the grounds that there
had only been a bare qiiuruln present
when it bud hien previously denlt
with. When the Committee took it
up the second time, the bill carried by
a bigger proportionate vote than it
wns defeated by before, and the divorce
iB accordingly grunted. Ib it possible
to conceive ol a more free and easy
way of handling a serious mutter tlmn
this? No wonder there is a demand
for reform, even to the extent of advocating a properly constituted divorce
oou rt.
The Secretary ot State mode a satisfactory announcement in tlie Senate
the other day when he told the House
that no settlement in reference to
matters in dispute between Canada
nnd the Slates e mid be mude by the
Imperial authorities without reference
to end'tlio concurrence of Camilla.
A decease iu the cost ol postage ol
old country publications mailed to
Canada, is n step in the right direction, and will be veiy much appreciated by tbe thousands in this country
who would far sooner read the old
reliable papers from 'nine than much
of the stull from across the border,
Is the purest form in which cane sugar ctn
be made. Every grain sparkles with brilliancy, the result of perfect crystalization,
You will be pleased the moment you open
a box. You will be delighted after trying it
in your tea or coffee. Sold everywhere in
2 lb. sealed packages.
i.uMjrncTUll. d iv
Sugar Refining Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B. C
\TOTICK Ib lioroby riven Unit thirty (lays
1\ ntlor (Into I Intend to imply I" tlio Clilof
t'ommissionoro? Lauds nud Works fur spoolal
licmiso tn cut nud carry away timbor from tho
fullnwliig described lands Blttmted In Eust
Kootonay illsttiot, H. (',:
1. Commencing at & poat marked "Arthur
Payne's south west corner post," plunted on the
oust sido of Sullivan Kivor ubout ',, mile [ruin
Kimbnnkot Lake, llienco east HO chains, thonco
north 120 chains, thonce wost Hi clmins, thonce
smith ») clmins, thonce wost 40 chains, thonco
smilli Hi chains to point (if commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "Arthur
Payno's uortli wust cornor post," plantod on tho
south bnnk of Sullivan Hivor about two milos
tram Kimbaskot Lako, thonco south 80 chains,
thouco oast 80 chains, tlionco north 801chalns,
thonco wost 80 chains to,'potrit'of commencement.
8, Commending at a post marked "Arthur
Pityne's north oastcoruer post." planted on the
soutli bank of Sullivan river about 4 milos from
Kimbaskot Luke, thouce smith S" chains, thonco
wost 8(1 chains, thonco nortli 80 chains, thonco
oast 80 chains to [loiut of commencement.
4. (-omniencinBut a fast marked "Arthur
Pnyno's north wost conier post," plnntod on
tho south bank of Sullivan Rivor about 4 milos
from Kimbasket Lake, thonco smith 40 chains,
theuco east 1C0 chaius, thonco north HI chains,
thonco wost UIO chains to point of commencement.
5, Commencing nt a post nurkod "Arthur
Payne's south wost cornor post," plnntod on
thn south bank of Sullivan Hivor about 4 miles
from Kimbaskot Lane, tlionco north 40chains,
thonce oast 100 chains, thonco smith 40 cbnins,
Ihenco west 160 chains to pointof commoncement.
0. Commencing at u post marked "Arthur
Payne's north wost corner post," planted on
tin, Fouth bnnk of Sullivan Hivor about 6 milos
from Kimbasket Lako, thouco south 80 cliains,
thouce east 80 chains, thonco north 80 chains,
thonco west 80 chains to point of commencement.
7. Commencing at u post marked "Arthur
Payno's south wost corner lxist," plantod on
lho south bnnk of Sullivan Rivor about 2 miles
frmn Kimbaskot Lake tlionco north 411 chains,
llionce oast llll) chains, thonco smith 4(1 chains,
thonco west Ml cliains to point of commeiicomont.
Dntod tho 21st day of May.lWQ,
\T OTICE is lu'U'bv -riten thnl B0 days nfter date
]M wo Intend to apply to the Won. The Chief
Commissioner of tonus mul Works for a Special
License to cut and carry away timber from the
following ileserllieil lands In west Kootenay District:
Commencing at a post plnntod at north-west
comer of Tlnilier Claim 614B, marked '.'Arrowhead
Lumber Co.'s nnrtli onst corner post," ruhtilng
west 4n chains, thonce south 80 chains, east 40
chains, south 40 rlinins, oust 40 chains, north 80
clmins, wost ill Chains, nnrlh to chains to plan- of
Mity26tli, Mm.
Notice Is herobv given that 30 days after date
I Intond to apply tQ the Honoranlo the Chief
Cominlsslnncr of Lands and Works for permission to cut and carrv away timber from the
following described binds situated in West
Kootenay district:
1, Commencing at a post planted on the
soutli side of Smith creek about 2'a miles from
tlio Columbia river and marked "K..I. Johnson's norlh onst corner post," thence south 80
chaius, llienee west so chains, ihenee north tin
ehnitis, thonce east 80 chains to the poiut ol
2, Commonolng at a post planted nn the
south side of Smitli creek about :.>., miles from
(ho Columbia river nml marked "K. J. Johnson's north ensl corner posl," llienee smith 80
ehnins, thonco west si) chains, thouce norlh M
cbnins,thonco east Ml chains to llio point of
8, Commencing nt a post planted on the
soulh sido of Smith croek about V., miles from
iln* Columbia river and markod 'K. J. Johnson's iinrtli onst cornor post," thence soulh 80
chains, thence wesl 80chains, Ihence north an
chains, IhOlicooast -80 ehnins to the (mini ol
l. Commonolng at n post planted on tho
soulh side ol Smith oreok ubout;';!., miles from
lho Columbia rivor and mnrkod "K, .1. John-
sou's norlli ensl eurnor host," llienco soulh Mi
chains, thenoe weslNl cbnins, theuco norlh Ml
chains, thonoo-joaat 80 chains to the point of
6; Commencing at a post planted on lho
smith sido of-Smith croek about oM miles from
Hie Columbia river nnd marked "K. J. John-
t- m'l norlh ensl corner post," thence south Ml
diains, tbenee west 80 chains, Ihence norlli Mi
(liiilns, thenco east fo ehnins to the point of
ii, cominonoing at a post planlcd on Lho
nuth side olKinilli crook nboul 1% inlion from
ihe Columbia river and mnrkeil "K. J. John-
viu's nortli easl corner pusl," lliuiiuu hoiiiIi flu
dinliis, thence west 80 cbnins, thenco north so
i nnins, ihence east 80 chains tn the point oi
i om menoement.
7. Commonolng at a post planted on the
south sldo ol Brottn crock about t\-% miles from
llio Columbia HYer and markod "E, .I.John-
hill's soulli oast corner pust," Ihenco norlh 41)
i huins, theuce west 1WJ clialns, thence south 40
< halns. ibenco east 1-00 chains tn the point of
8, Commonolng at a post planted on Ihe
• i-nlli Mile nf siuiill creek nliuui-l1,, miles from
i ,1'Cniumliiii river and marked "K J, John-
s n's south east comer pust," tbenee north 40
< luiiils, thence west n;u chains, (hence south
in chains, theuce east 160 clialns to the point of
li Commencing at a post plnntod ou the
iniitli side of Smith creek nlioutii^ miles from
ibe Columbia river and mnrked "K, J.John-
i-i-n's south cast comer post," Ihenco nnrtli 4n
chains, thence west nm elinlns. theuce south 40
. miltis, ihenci'i-nsi HiUchnlns to the point of
c'liiimencement. ,
10. Commencing at a post plantod on tlie
lorth side of the north fork of Smith creek,
n mul n'.j miles frum llie Coluinhla river and
marked"K, J, Johnson's soulh east comer."
Ihenco north 80 chains, thouce westflu chains,
l hence south 80 chains, thouco east ho clialns
1 ithe place of commencement.
Ilnlcil Mny 2*), 11SKJ,
NOTICK is UIMKHY uiVKil tlmt sixty-ilnys
nfter duto 1 Intend to apply to the Hum Chief
CnmiiilHHioiicr uf Lnmls uml Works fnr periulHiion
to purchase the following deseilbail lumis in the
Wont Kootenay district, woit side of Upper Arrow
hki'itUml Hlieluilf mile smith  of Kiim til till creek.
Commencing at a post murked, " w. w. Look's
ni *ii tii oast cornor," atthe smith wost cornor nf L.
S'l.:. thouce north 40 chains, iibmu the wenl hoiind-
iuy <>f L. KO'd; thonce wost HfOelinum: thencu smith
flii cbnins; thence eust 4d ehniiiH, more or IflSH lo
tht! west h-uimlury of A. pollemnoyor's application
to iitirchnse; thonco iimlh 40cbnins, more ur lens
to tho north WOst comer of A. Dol Inn in oyer's
upplirntlnii to piirelinso; tlience cast 81) cIiuIuh
mui'1 or Ickh lu 'mint of co'iiiiioiicuuicnl, U40 acres
Hilled May ~\ 10OU.
I'er. T, C Mokliiioti, agent.
Richard R, Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Screen Duurs, etc
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street East, Revelstoke
NOTICK is hereby given Hint, 30 day* nfter
ditto 1 intend to apply to I he Honourable
tho Chlof Commissioner of Lands und Works
for special license,-, lo cuL mid curry away timbor from tho following described lauds sit mile
in Hie West Kootenay District!—
1. Commencing at u post markod "If. Don'
nelly's north west cornor post," plnntod nboul
l1, miles north from Boymotir Crook and nboul
2 miles wesl of the wosl bnnk ol the Columbia
River, thonco soulb SO clialns, tlionco oast80
chains, Ihoneo norlh SO clmins, thence west Ml
chains to lho point of comiiiciu.cmcnl.
2, Commencing ul a post plautcdaliouill
miles norlh from Seymour Crook and about 2
miles west from the wesl. bank of tho Columbia Rivor and marked "H. Donnelly's soulh-
wesl, corner post." theuce north SO cbnins,
thence cast Wl chains, llienco south Ml chains,
theuco wcslHOcbains to the poinl of coininciice-
X Commonolng al a post planted about I j
miles north from Seymour Crook nndabouti!
miles wesl of tbo west hank of tho Columbia
Rivor and marked "II. Donnelly's north onst
corner post," thenco wost Ml oliatns, tlience
soulh Ml chains, Ihence cast Ml chains, llienee
north Ml ohnlns to Ihe point of commencement.
I. Commencing al n posl. planlcd about 11
miles norlli from Seymour (-reek and about 2
miles west fnun the west bunk of tbo C'oliimbiu
River nnd niarked "II. Donnelly's soulb cast
corner post," Hit neo wesl so chains, I hence,
north 80 ehains, tbenee east SO chains, tbenee
south Mi ehnins to the point of con unci ico mont.
6. Commencing nl a post plnntod about 1V6
miles norlh of Seymour Creok nnd aboutH
mites wosl from the west hunk of the Columbia
Hivor and marked -11 Donnelly's north oasl
corner post," ihence smith Ml cbnins, tlienco
west 80 chnlns. thence north M) ohains, thoneo
ensl 80 elinlns to lliu point ol commencement
ii. commencing at a post planted about 1W
miles north of Seymour Creok nml about:!
miles west from the wesl bank of ihe Columbia
Kiver nnd marked "IL Donnelly's south-east
corner post," ihenco norlli Ml chains, thence
west so chains, llienee south 80 ehaiiis, thonce
east SO chnlns to Ihe point of coinincncemeiH,
Located 0th Juno, 11100.
7. Commenolng at a post plaiitojl about 2Uj
milos nmlb of Seymour Creek and about8
miles west from (lie west hunk ol Columbia
Kiver and marked ''H. Donnelly's south east
comer posl," ihence norlh 80 chains, thence
west SO chains, thonco south 80 chains, llionce
ea 180 chains to the point oi eolnnieiicohiont.
8. Commonolng at a post planted uimiii:■■[..
milos norlh ol Seymour Croek and 2 milos
wosl from lho west hank of Ibe Columbia
Kiver and marked " II. Donnelly's north wosl
comer post." ihence soulb HO chains, llienee
oust so chains, (bancs north so cbnins, thence
wesl su chains to tho pointof coinmcueouieul.
o, Cflmmonelugata pusl plantedaboatSJ^
miles norlh from Seymour Creek and nboul l
mile west from iho west bnnk of tbo Columbia
Kiver mnrkeil "II. Donnelly's soulh oust corner post," llienee norlh su chnlns, thence west
Mi chains, thenco south 80 ehnins, thencu cast
su chains lo (In- point ofcmnuicneeinctit.
Locatod llih June, ItKHi.
10, Commonolng nt a post plnntod at a point
about opposite Keystone Creek uud about 3
ehnins west from tlio west bank of me Columns Kiver and mnrked "II, Donnelly's south
east corner posi," tlienco north Ml ehnins,
Ihenee west so ehnins, thenco soulb sll chains,
llienee cast mi cliains tothe pointof commencement.
Located laib Juno, lfloO,
II. Commenolng al a pnst planted ou the
west bank ol hrisby Creek nooiil Ca miles
wesl Irmn ibe Columbia IHvcr and marked
"11. Donnelly's soulh oast comer post," tlience
norlh Ml ehnins, thonco wesl 80 ehnitis, thonco
south so chains, thouco cast no chains tothe
pointof commencement
12. Cmiinieiiciiig at a post planted on llie
wesi bnnk of fp'rlsby Crook nboul i>2 miles
west frmn thu Collimbin Kiver ami marked
"Hi Donnelly's north ensl comer post," llionce
soulh so elinlns, liu-ncc wost 80 chains, thonco
north Mi chains, llionce oasl 80 chains to lho
,,111111 ui commencement.
Located i:ith June, IWO,
18, Commencing at u pot-t planted about W
mile wost from lln- wesi bnnk ol tho Columbia
Kiver nbout opposite the south boundary of
Loi :H14, Group I, Kootonay District, and
mnrkod "li Donnelly's soutli oast comer post,"
llienee north so ehnins, theuce wesl Ml clialns,
thenco south 80 clmlim, ihenco oast mi chains
io ihe point ol commoncomont,
11. i om uciii); at n post planted about ',s
mile west from lho west bank of lho Columbia
Itivorubuiit opposite the south boundary of
bit Hill, Uroup I, Kootenay District, und
'marked "II. Donnelly's north ensl conier
posl," ihenee south 80 chains; tbenee west 80
chains, tlienci-iiin'ili Ml chains, tbciicu ensl MJ
chains to the pointof cmtimcncemctii.
I.ocille.1   lllli  hill', I'l'ii,
Import direct from Country of origin,
For Agricultural Implement•-. Carriages, Wagons, Etc.. John
Deere Ploughs, lioliefl Wagons, Cauada Carriage Company's
Duggios, Planet Jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivator-. Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1855.
Wm, Mui.stiN MAOPBKR80N, Ptcs. S. H. Ewino, Vicc-Pres,
Jambs Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything In way of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at. current rate6 on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,        -        Revelstoke, B. C.
(Under  New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C-
NOTICK Is hereby glvon Hint 00 days aftor
date I inl ind Io apply to the lloiioumblc
tho Chief Ciiniiiii.",-iiituT of Lund*-nml Wurks
rut- permission lo purchase tho following described lands in the Wesi Kootenny dUtrlot,
wosl sido of Upper Arrow Luke:
Cniumcuciim at u post about three miles
Miuili of Fosthall creek, and aboul | mile from
tlio Lake, marked "Thomas Wobbler's ninth
oast, corner," ul I ho north cast corner of .M.C.
Slyo's application to purchase; tlionco north in
cbiiiiiK, moro or less, Io the lake shorn; I hence
following suid slioro in a general norlbcrly
iiud westerly direction 10 chains, more or less,
to tho soutli boundary of A. K, Hammond's
application to pnrcliaso; thouco west, IK) chains,
more or loss, lo tho oast boundary of L. Al.
Johnstone's application to purchase; thence
south DO chains; llionoo caslnf! chains to point
of commi'iieomoiil, containing (HO uoros, more
or less.
Ilnlcil Ibis iL'lhlliU Ol', llllll". l!Mi.
Per Kalph Hlye, Agonl.
, daysiiflor date I inteiid loiiiiply lo the
Jilof Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for a
speciul license to cut nml curry away timber
from tho following doscribod lands situated in
thu West Kmilomiv DhlHel, on tho west side of
Arrow Like, npunslte Nakusp;—
1, Commencing ui a post marked "North Bast
Corner Post," thence 80 ehnins wenl, sn clmins
miiilli, Mirlii.iii.i'Mi, mi clmins north to point of
& Commencing at a imst udjoiuing No. I limit
on thu north sldu. theuco 10 chains north, 160
wesl. Iiichiiinn HoUtll, 100 ctiuitis eHntlo public'
com men com out,
Dated June Uth, 1000.
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
R. Dowswell, (formerly of Leland Hotel, Vancouver) Proprietor.
First Class House for Travellers and Commercial Men
Newly Built, Newly Furnished, and the most comfortable house in the City.
Queens fiotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers]to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at'this
<v%, «^%%%«'%%%%%-V%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%-%%%1
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Dealers in Live Stuck. Markets in all the principal Cities and
Towns of Alberta, liritish . .miinhiu ami Hie Yukon. PackeM of the Celebrated Brand
"Impci'ilur" Uiuns uu     acoHi und .Shamrock Itruml, Leal Linl.
Central Hotel
r*m.   REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Newl}' built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Ratet.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
IN ALL PARTS of rUK CITV   i3    i-Jr.,.':'33
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Kates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
lold brail DraggUM anil Oautal Hm
aid by mall.
.1. Henderson, having purchased
the huniness ol J. B. Smith, will
give prompt service.
Has Special Attention
U-avc OrderB at Lawrence't Hard
ware Store or Central Hotel Fiont
Street. '1 i-w     I1VIIW   ■
$$ Shipniciii.H nl' liimls uml Shoes have lieeii coining in nn ihe jump tho
tpnst week, milking tlm Stick lln- Besl Assorted in the cily.
Special iiiit-nli,,ii hu- I   liven In Ihe Children thisSoiBqti, nnd the
Misses', nml l.iltlc Tuts can have thoil1 pick  of llie Lnleii  ."iini-i-ii-nii
nml ('.iniiiliiiii Styles, in II' i-k. Iti'tl. Tail mid While.
J.J-; ,,v (iil,-,ni Ties, i* um- uf the nll'lil'sl lliirtgs I'm- wear wllh Numnior
Dlvsscs.    I.ntlies. He invilc yulll ill8pi'l)| illll.
MUX'S  SHOES   IN   ALL STYLUS   Are Agonls I'm- lln-  Famous
\\',-   , Jl iim   Ilii*   Shoe   is  Ihe   llcsl.   iiii   the   Miiikcl.    Every    I'nii
llniii-iinjccd,   Hi.,- 11 i...i n Trial,
Mpine ninl n,i winner ne .en in i.ivc
nun Mis Netwcll (Mis \V M. Inure, ce) both her Innkii nnd nuii'lier
wore s,t elnirmiiig lie cnuW ie,l help it-
llnlllllll l'iili;(v,ii (W. A. Stintli) ninde
n most Hiccesslill lover. II is hoped
lm gut tin.'i-iglii girl   tfq deserved lo.
.1. Melrose ulliciiiliil ut I he piiitin
and assisted materially in llie enjoy-
ment nl the i-vcniiig.
The leoncry n-cd is worthy of
special mention mul wus much ad-
n'llrcd hy the audience, the garden
scene heiug piirticnliii'ly realistic The
Inge sellings were excellent showing
the master lin uit nf the Chili's stage
iiiiinungi'i-, T. H. Online. The scenery
wns the work of lt, It. Oopelnnd.
&LM0-})k00000 $&0; ^00^W-0000c000
Wc have theni—all Kinds, all Prices and all Sizes.
This is the Season (or Picture Taking,
I Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited §
^♦♦m ^♦♦♦♦<it^M
Smythe—At Revelstoke; on June
30th, ti, Mr. nml Mrs. H. M. Smythe,
ti daughter,
Third Sunday nfter Trinity.
Holy C',niiiiiinion 8 a.m.and Mulit.s
ami Litnnyat 11 a.m. Evensong nt
7.30 p.m.    Sunday school utlOn.m.
Sermons by the Rector, Rev. 0. A.
I'rocunicr. Mi A.
Local and General.
Come nnd wili ;i prize at the Dniiiin-
loll Dny ccli-l,rati,,u in Selkirk Hull.
The city public school broke up
yesterday lor the midsummer holidays,
Wc have t,, tlnink Mis. Siaci-y for
an excellent sample ol new potatoes
from Stacey Bios, ranch south of the
Gavin Spence and Miss Nannie
Strachan have had crowded houses
everywhere and are now engaged on
all the return trip,
This i.s said I,, he llie wettest season
ever experienced in Kevelstoke. During the last few weeks it has rained
almost daily.
The sch,„il trustees have received
about UXi applications lor the position
of assistant'master iii lln Revelstoke
high echoi'l.
Hear Miss Nannie Strachan on her
lirst trip. Sin.' is likely to be one ,-i
ilu- world's i-est singers. In Rovel-
st'-kt July ith—Wednesday.
A iund is being opened Ior tho
erection ol a national monument to
Alexander Miur, the. author of thu
-Maple Luif Foi Ever,'
A patriotic contest in tlie evening
will Iv a feature oi thc strawberry
s-jcial in Stlkiik Hall, prizes will be
given iur successful eohtestahts.
A special train will leave Kevelstoke
for Vernon. Mmiilay July ".'nd, at six
o'clock in the n.--ruing. Quite a large
crowd are taking in the sports.
A table - i pretty handkerchief-,
sn.all fancy articles and home hi'ade
candy will be .'or sale Monday after-
n-«,!i an,I ,-1,-iiing, Selkirk Hall,
.Inly 2nd.
We trn-t Ri .,-'-'> k,- -.-.ill respond'
with a crowded house to the enter-
prise shr-wn hy the Pire Laddies in
bringing io Kevel-t-ki- on.- "i Soot-
laud- l.-.i, Mngeii—-.Inly lib
lc- cream ami strawlierry social «iil
beh'-ld infelkirk ll.ill. Monday, July
Snd. No adrai-lioii win ue chirged in
the afternoon Imt a small charge of
10c. will l«- made in Ihe evening which
All  entitle  .,11   In tab   part ii, tlief
evening -  ileil  winch pr,,mi'e.s to)
In? very enjoyable,
."-,-,- lie-,-' ,i:- -I v. • SI u.'ard I' D.!
,t (' pre-paritiuii" -'.•- -I i' i • -' -|' ns-
iugci.ui.ki—la i»» Dug Si a-.
Keep duly 4th open, The great
Scottish si-gcr and Miss Nannie
Strnchnn nnd entertainer Gavin
Spence will ho here. This is one ol
best cu.-.curts travelling through so
Don't Miss It.
The provincial high school and
tencher's examinations, commence
Tucsdnj, July 3rd, l'JOIi. at II a.m.,
and will ho held in Principal Miller's
room in thc public school, the Rev.
C. A. I'rocunier, M. A, being the
presiding examiner,
While engaged in shunting cars on
the siding at Three Valley this morning, Conductor Aikcns lell from the
t-.i|i of a car and was picked up in an
unc,nisei,ills state, lie was brought
In licvclrtoki- hospital siitl'eiing from
injuries to his hack, the extent of
which have net yet been  ascertained.
A well i'(|uippcd steam riding gallery
arrived in Ihe city yesterday and will
afford lots ol fun Ior the next week.
It is located behind the Union Uigur
Factory, It will be. open to the public between 3 to 5.30 p.m. in the afternoons, and between 11.3(1 and 10.30 in
the evenings.
As E. G, Kromcy's son Johnny wim
yesterday mountingjl rig loaded with
brick, driven by his brother, the hoy
fell in front nf one nf the roar wheels
whioh passed over his face, crushing
the nose, injuring one of the eyes and
cutting him badly, lie has uut yet recovered conseiotisnejs,
Hews will uttepd promptly lo your
tnnil order, in Drugs nnd Stationery,
Tin- iln.i|,,-i u.iy I" huy
l\-iluni.» is to buy lln in iu
.hulk. providing ymi gel full
sti.-ligih. piiiiiiiiil', il'ini,'s.
IVcsi lUftiu-ri-piiliition on
Hi. QUALITY ol everything
we  sell  ,,n Perfumes  as mi
llrui.' Stoli' needs.
Our Hmh I'd fumes ure llie
GENUINE   |i|',(luels    of    Ilu-
foremnsl Perfume Manufactures, nnd wc wil litem jmt n*
ve get ih-m.-No (liiuling of
,-tnv kind.
Social and Personal
Mrs. Skein- is on a visit to the city.
Miss Grunt anil lierl- Ijiiwrei'oe leave
Wedn sday lor the coast,
Mr. ami Mrs. W. W. Foster have
returned from their holiday trip.
H. Lotiglieed intends leav'ng on a
three months visit tn Mt. Forest, Out.
Miss Hall's pupils will entertain
their friends at, u musical recital in
the Oddfellows' Hall this evening.
The friends ,4 J, G. Maedonald will
regret to learn uf his illness, lie having been litiil up since Tuesday with
nu attack ,,f 1,-ver.
Dr. Taylor, of Golden, hns retui-m tl
In,int- in,in In* c,is! Itip, mul Dr
Cross, wh,, was relieving him, has
returned lo Revelstoke.
Il.-v. Jlr Forbes, of Sloenn City,
was;, vi-ii.,1- n, tlie city U'ciliiesil-iy
aiid i--i-te,l nl (he prayer meeting at
St. Andrew's church in the t veiling
ll is stated Ih.it 11. N. Coursier will
1„- selected :,s Ihe socialist candidate
tor Revelstoke riding at liexi election
Mr L'i,ni'-iu is willi il ecpti in  pi
Mi, Hen net t. proltiihly in,- strongoil
man the party could bring I rwuril
l.a-i Salnrdaj ultern the nui-i-s
,-f llie general hospital, -- rved ten ,,n
tin- tennis i    The ippreelati i
illie ),layers und spectators was shown
,ii i,,i: licaity muiiiii-i in which the)
accepted this kiiidnc.-s ,,i ilu  utilises,
I! il in,mi Iri'iidsi.i Vi S Ni.-ivhm.1i
-,, r,- g'lrtd la, an Mm huck on   his   old
Ulaniping «r,,iinde thi*  week     Mr
Newman i.- looking  well,  il ,-t
evidently agteelng with him, Ho
| says in- has, however, a warm heart
i Iur lh velsloke mul felt that his tup
| hen- was like coming home again, lie
noticed-great improvements in tlie
city since hu le|t. He returned yesterday tn Victoria
Druggist and Stationer,
ttiil ,!„■ Hum, bikes,
Business Locals.
Edison Phonographs, llerlinei* a nd
Victor Griuiiaphones, any price at
t'liniuhiDi-iig Store.
Webbs fresh ohooolato cream, one
4 Canada's best makes, iu lancy boxes
inly at Canada Drug Store.
Don't forget where you can get the
In ingest of Insect Powders nnd the
Blowers, The Canada Drug Store
keep theiii,
We always keep the best only and
have just opened a shipment ol fancy
Toilet soups. Any size boxes you
wish for at the Canada Drug Store.
S-r. Andrew's—ReV. W. C. Calder
pastor, Sunday, July 1st., 11 a.m ,
"Tho Divine Turn " 7.30 p. m.,
"Sumo National Problems."
Knox—J. R. Robertson, B. D,,
minister. At the morning service Ibe
Pastor will preach n sermon especially
for the children from the text "Remember now thy Creator in the days
of thy Youth," Parents are asked to
bring their children. At the evening
service on the occasion of Dominion
Day the, service will he ol a patriotic
nature. Subject — " Blessings and
Curses in our National Life." Sunday
school at 2 30 p.m. Prayer meeting
on Wednesday night at N o'clock.
— . a» * -      	
Thoro is no lown that can put up a
better or more enjoyable day's sport
and recreation thun Arrowhead. The
public spirit and enterprise ol its
citizens is shown in tho splendid
arrangements they have made to
entertain visituis nn Monday next
Dominion Day. An elaborate pro
gramme hns been prepared, iu which
$600 is offered ill prizes, and the bus
pilnlity nf the citizens ol Arrowhead
is such tlint people always enjoy a day
there. Arrowhead is very prettily
boated mi Arrow l.nke, thus affording the best of opportunities
lor nthlotio and acquatlo sports. One
,.f tho most exciting features of tbe
programme will he a life-boat nice,
each boat being manned with a crew
of four men and a coxswain. Special
prizes nre offered for the event.
Ten will be served on the court tliis
The finals in the mixed doubles and
some of the semi-finals, in the ladies
an 1 gentlemen's singles will he played
(In Thursday, in tin- men's sincJn-,.
\V. K. Robertson defeated  Carnatian.
ro, -null..
il   Revelstoke I-'   tball  <
play Km!-;  I at S > Arm mi ■! •>
I'iib, for i -il-,- ■
A Pronounced Success,
Certainly the performance given by
the   in ateor Dramatic Club Tlnns-
Ity ,-v, inn,!, wat ii M-rj- great and
1,-n-nit surprise In ll,,- critical nudi-
- - ,--,-,,,ilul in ilu, opera house
A marked improvement wn ihon n
ovist nil lormer performance, given by
this ftlnb, showing Ihe results Ol hard,
earnest work, Any ,-IT,,its nuule to
please ,>■■ certainly responded tn by
the public il Revelstoke, nnd Ihnl lh'-
performance was much appreciated
wac clearly evidenced by hearty ap
plume ll,,- Driin,,ii,- Club need
IIOVCI fi it , -innii In,os,- if Ihey keep
up ilu- standard nl their productions
to Hull given tliis week.
Jeremy Crow (D. M. Kaej should
hive been a l.trtiu-r, at, least his im
pern million ol one was all that'could
In- desired. Jasper I'lilgeon (R. H.
Sawyer) iu his usual pleasing manner
scored n decided success, in ivbnt was
a very diHictill role, Kytiini IT. II.
Dunne) certainly put in just the right,
humor mid played his best. Cornelia
(Miss Hobbs;  and Meg Clliss Hislnp)
A special meeting nt Kamloops
Presbytery was held in St. Andrew's
church, (lolden, Inst  Tuesday  night.
The congregation at Golden presented
a petition to the Presbytery lor leave
to cull a minister, Alter lull discussion ol the inatler the petition was
granted and the congregation raised
In that ul an augmented charge.
Rev. ,1. II. Miller, ul Field, was np-
pniuted to moderato in a cull, lie
will meet with congregation nn Tuesday night, July 3rd, when it is expected the congregation will extend a
R. M. R.
The Rifle Range will be open Monday morning for members ol the Corps
to complete their shooting and those
who have not yet qualified should
make it a point to attend.
Officer Commanding.
Hair Oil, Tooth Brushes, Paragoric,
Soap, Perfumes
PE-RU-NA for sale at
"BROWN'S" Cigar Store
Tenders for Laying Sidewalk
!J       iiflj Ikmu V
. . I Iff a,       SSC,, fjr    v     ... s,       •-
All the pretty patterns for Draperies will be found here. Wc have a New lot
of Art Silks, Silkalines, Madras and White Muslins, Art Sateens, etc., in entirely
New Patterns and Colorings.
Cushion Materials
Tapestry Curtain Tops—25c, ,toc, 40c. and 50c. each. Cushion Cords, Cords
and Tosscls, etc.
Sable Covers
Tapestry, Derby and Chenille, 1 yard and i1/, yards square, in all the
Standard Colorings.
Prawn Ainens
And Open Work in Doylies, Table Covers, Shams, Sideboard and Dresser Covers.
The drawn work is all hand made, and comes in handsome designs at exceedingly
low prices.
White £louses and Underwear
We arc offering some good Bargains in White Blouses and Underwear that it
will pay you to look into. Iu some lines you could not buy the materials for the price
of the finished garment.
dOc.-See Our pftu Cent Corsets-SOc.
We still have a good line of these, although they are going fast. They
are Genuine Snaps.
lflc<£ennan & Company, mM* auw
Tlm City Cniiiicil ilcsircs tcmlcrs for laying
SldowalftH nt |icr lineal font; nmtcrial tn lm i>ru-
Yiiiuil iinil gmilini; iiiiiii- liy tlie City.
Tciult-rs to reach thu iifttlefelgtio-il at Ii p. in.
Wediiesilay, .Inly itil, l!HKi.
City Clerk.
Dr. R. L. Bybee, Ihe well known
Eye Specialist, is ill llm Central Hotel
iu this city. He is a g'liiduiite in the
eoiu-se of Physiological nnd Ophthalmic Optics. He will iiinke n specialty
of treating Myopia, llypei'liicliiuiin,
Pcesbyspiu, Astigmatism and Sti-anis-
liuis, with all its varied forms of nius-
cul.-n- Insufficiency. Those who have
trouble wilh Iheir eyesighl and are in
need of glasses should consult him.
Special iilleiilinn will he given to chil-
ilien.   Al.tiflcial Eyes always in stuck.
Examination Free
Iinins   I toll and "toll p.m.    Other
hours by appointment.
Office at Central Hotel.
You are Busy
But Read This
li is pot me that's talking, but others,
Taxidermist Edwards.
1. "The Elk head ununited by you
has been inm-h admired. I've seen
no better work in any American
*i "I kept a live Mountain Sheep for
*<-,ii>- yearsas-a pet. I know what
tl.,-1 should look Ilk.-. The Mountain Sheep thai you iiiimnted rut-
it,,- ,* simply jieii'.-ei. Thank ynu
:i. --'Ili,- valuable specimen ununited
f,,i-tu,, iiiivi-ii it few days a^o. it
1- Iim- nml v.--iy well mounted,   I
think  y inch  foi   Ihe skill in
.im-1, run ,litl ih,- work."
Reader  T,ne excellence is known
l,v its in,,,!,-.iv. hence mv reticence in
publishing nnsoughl praises, hut in
He ,-,,1111111., -,-ns,,n I'm after your
,,iil,-i*.   s.. ilnn-'l Inrgel nn-.
Taxidermist Edwards
Cillll'lllll,-. .1* I -I Al. IH-.HI--II.
Arrowhead, Trout Lakr and Nakusp Rural School Districts
Revdatoke Assessment District
riHKK NQTIi Kthal I -l„.li I...1.I»' ...in .,(
I Kcil.ifin „,„! A|,p--al ,ii„l,-r iln Til,I,.
Hchool V-  n>,'.    !,,r H„-  Arnmlii-ii.1.  Troiil
l/ik -' Nakuap llttral School I'i- i-.cla.oti
\V,.,lii,'*,lny. Un- I'll, J«j!,r Jul-,. HOI, ;,l il,,
lionrtif two o'clock In M,o s(l„nio.,n. at  lli„
Sctiool IPni-,-. Arrownedil.
i,,ii.,l ,,1 Revelatoke, this Idtlidajrol Jnne
'', M. KIKI.Ii.
Jndge ',( tho Court of Iteviston and Appeal
!!,--.,-l'lok,    Is-,—„„i,,   Dtstrld „l Wral
I. O.O.F.
ijiOKSALE-Two-story dwelling and
J; lot fid x 100 feet, corner Douglas
and Hanson Streets. Price $550. For
li-iius apply SiBiiAi-i) k Field.    30
OOMS   TO   RENT-Mail   Herald
building. Apply to R.,Tapping.
FOR SAl.E-Ouinplete act of Stern
Wheel Machinery and Boiler
suitable for heavy work. Particulars
—Apply to H. A. Joneb, 107 Cordova
Street, Vancouver, B. C.
WANTED-A girl forgenei-iil house
work-, apply to office of MAIL-
WANTEU-Six Teamsters,; ,1145 a
month and hoaiii, 0 Swampers,
$2.25 per dny, Fullers, Sawyers, Filers,
Setters, Cooks and Helpers.   Bbown'b
E.MI'LOYMENT OWIUB.   Tel. 110.   P.O.
Box 44. ^_	
Dressmaking & Plain Sewing
Cor. King and Douglas Sts.
J. R. Thornton
For City of Revelstoke.
01 Odnorete. ll,,llo„ lll,,,-k*. Blaine, llrli-k „r
friuiii, 15.iil.lii.L-M. DEALER in Cement, Mini',
Cniidretc 11,,11,,»- ll],i,ks, nml ,,il,,.i- Imllillni; ma-
U-riala,   All litlan nml irnteriala lirat-rluss.
Plastering; a Specialty
H. TAPPING liss secured the right-o!-
Irauchise as Bill Poster Ior tlio Citiiiidinii and
Amorlonn Bill Posters Association in the City
ol Rovelstoko, nod limine the bill hoards, he
is now prepared to do all kinds ol advertising
on the same
For Sale or Rent
A    FARM    ON    EA8Y   TERMS
('..iitiiliiiiik- mum's, atioil! Ilin-wiilnrti'ra st-i'il-
,.,l will, Tiinniltv.   Suitable t„r Iruit Bri.wi.iK.
Ili-nat' ;ui,l „iitl„iililiti|*s iii ti Icoiulitlon. .situate
-,il'r!.li!..|lni<lil.>, n 1,'it inili'a tvt'al „( IttiVelltiike
,i,,|,i. ii K. T.iHi'iMi, aevelatokei
Notice is hereby Riven Hint the linsineai
KanlOIoie '-art-ii-i'l ..n hy Mlkel'si(WliiK Wo)
,,n Ural Sln-iM, Kaal, Kevelstoke, has l«cn
taken over t,yi|iit,n« WIiik Wo, who will here-
iilier nondnol iliiianiui, In bla own name and
» bo will I,,- res| llble l„r all accounts here.
alter   Incurred   In   i-oont-ciinu    with  the
MIKE I'A'l (WINti Wil).
quono wish wo,
All  ,lHii,,s  ai-aiusl  Mlk„  I'll!   (Wine;  W.,|
sin,ul.I la- ],r nled'al ,-,,,,- f,-r-,-itl,- ni as
li„itit,-,i,|. i-Mini: li. riilne. J'Ji 'It
Decoration Day. Sunday, July
1st. 1906.
All Oddfellows am requeued Ui meet
at the lodgp room at 2 o'clock next
Sunday to parade to the ccmclory.
Brethren are requested to hrinj;
Jamkh Matiiih,
Meeting re Fruit Growing.
A mi-wiim mil lal held in Keviilslnkl'iill
ln,..,|„y July llllll, III Willis.I. ArinslroiiK's
,tr,-iiar,l, al "m ji.t.i , Hi.,1 will In- ailflrelHi',1 by
Mr. II K lop ill oMIllwul "ii "PlanlliiKsnil
|-r.ii.lii«."aii.l Mr. W.l. Ilramlrllli on "Spray-
ink," and in ll,,' ill) Hill aH-'lliun , when
lima, A. Ilrvdi.n, ol Vlclorla, will a,ai«k on
"l*laiiitl»K hii.I Pruning," Mr J. c. Metcalfe nl
II mm,,    mi   "Small  Koills," Mr Maxivcll
Hiallh, luiiniolnli Prnlt lliaia-elor, oil "Orchard
i 'iltiiatlnii." Mr. Henry KI■■(,. ol Cbllllivack.
nn   Van-n.- to Plsnl," and W..I. Ilrattdillb
,.,,    lleaillllyillil de III,lite."
"OOP Savn Tils KiNn."
IV, I, HKANIHtll'll,
Something Pure
If you are looking lor Pure
lluney we have just opened up
a consignment ol   Ontario
in I lb. Isixes, or in ,ri lb. cans
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Hoods are second
to none, mid more than that
we "(luaraiitee every Can."
Nothing better Dim "Our SpeeW."
Mining, Real Estate, Insurance and (ienei.il   Commission Aicent,
Notary Public, Cominissionei- of the Supreme Court.
AGENT FOH-IxiviioN Mutual Fiitm Inhuhanck Co,, ok Canada,
" Ottawa Fiuk Insiuianck Company.
" Monthbal-Canara Fire Inhuhance Co,
" Anoui-American Fire Inhuranck Co.
Equity Fire Insuranoe Company,
Colonial Fhik Inhuranck Company.
-Dominion Fire Inhuranck Company.
" North American Like Inhuhance Company,
The above Noh-Tiirllf Conipnnle's take llrst-class risks at lowest
11,000 ti) 10,000 acres of land in blocks suitable for small settlement,
Municipal Bonds, Timber Limits, Minos ami Prospects, Good Hotel,
Store, and Livery Businesses, City of Ilevelstoke Lots and Rural
Corporation Debentures, Shares in Industrial Investments', Lands
at Revelstoke, Arrowhead and on Arrow Lakes siiilnhle for fruit
growing, Well-Developed Copper-Gold and Silver-Lead Mines,
1,000 Eureka Cupper at 10c., payable 10 per cent, down, balance
monthly instalments, 2,000 Nicola Coal 5c„ 2,0011 Western Oil IOc.,
1,000 International C,oal,.47c,, 100 Dominion Coppc, $H.00i 25 Canadian
Marconi, $11.00, 50 American De Forrest (Com.) $1.50j 25 American Do
Forest (m-efd.) $0.00;
WAHTED TO BUY-1,0<X) Lardeau Mines, ljc, 10,000 Referendum, 5c.,
5,000 Forty-Nine Creek Receipts, 3Jc., 8,000 International Coal, 45c.
5,000 While Bear, 5c„ 5,000 Pathfinder, Canadian Marconi, $2.25c.
If those wishing to invest in nr sell City, Rural or Business Property, will lulvise me of their requirements, thuii interests will have my
best attention.
Reportsoii Land, Thalier and Minos,  Agencies at Calgaiy, Van-
Reports on Land, Timber and Mines.  Agencies at Calgary, Vancouver, Kamloops, Nelson, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Spokane,
Chicago and New York.
Office, Mackenzie Avenue
Revelstoke, B. C.
Next C.P.R. Telegraph Office.
Will Operate
Coriier CampU-ll Avenue anil Heoollil
Street, every nlti-rnnon and evenlni.'.
IB o'clock la, liillll udt'ttiiKins; |S::lll
I.. Siisn evenhiKB. CJUrrJb&MiM^ il
Still, Ihn( sort of thing was to he summer resort," observed Tom lie could not but admire lho leverisli
expected. A gang ol men who Iol- llrondhead, "but dniiged II I know animation Ihnl now characterized
lowed    tlie plow carried axes    and  It wns a summer resort all the year Ihe jobber,    Evory mischance was ns
cunt-hooks tor the purpose of repairing extemporaneously just such
tlei'ecis, which never would hnve been
discovered otherwlso thun by tn,,
practical experience. Railway himself iiceoiupunii.il the plow. Thorpo,
who went alnng ns one ol tho "road
monkeys," suw now why such   enre smiii wns beginning.
The weather got to ho tho only
topic of conversation. Each had
his sny, IPs prediction. It became
maddonlng. Towards ovoning tlm
chill of molting snow would deceive
ninny into the belief thnl    a    cold
"I'm going down homo for two or, mon tod oltl Jackson llines  with    a
three weeks," lie announced to Dyer, chuckle.
"you know my addross,   You'll huvo     In tho cook ciiuip Dyer wns saying
to lake charge, unit 1 guess    you'd  to tho cook, "Well, anyway,     we'll
betlcr let the scaling go,    We    can  have dinner enrly nnd get    a
el lho tally nt the banking grounds start foi" this nl'lci-iiooii."
It cook," snid h,
mollis on time
when we begin to hind.    Now
nln't got nil tho time there is,
yuu    want lu keeji the boys ut
pretty well."
Dyer twlstod tho littlo points
liis mustache. "All right, sir," snid
be willi bis sniilu so inscrutably insolent iliui lindwny novor saw, tho
insolence al all. lle llintigbl "his u
poor yoar for u iiiiiii In Railway's position to spend Christmas wiib his
fninily, but il wits none of his business.
"Ilo ns much ns you cun In lho
marsh, Dyor," went on the jobber.
"I don'l believe It's l-eiilly necessary
tn lay oil' any moro Ihere on account
of tho wealhor. We've simply got
to got that Job lu boforo the big
"All right, sir," i-i-penlod Dyer.
The senior did whnt ho consldcrod
bis duty, All dny long be trumped
buck nnd forth from one gang ol
mon to the othor, keeping n sharp
eye on Ihe details of tho work, llis
practical experience wns Bufllclont to
solve readily such problems of broken tackle, extra expedients, or fucili-
i,v which ihe days brought forth,
Tho tact lhat In lilm wus vested the
power to discharge kejti the mon at
Dyor wns in the IinL.it of starting
for the marsh an hour or so after
sunrise. The crew, of course, were
al work by daylight. Dyer hoard
them often through his doze, just us
he hoard the chore-boy come in to
build (be lire nnd Iill tho wator pnil
afresh. Alter a time the lire, built
of kerosene and pitchy jack pine,
would get so hot thnl in self-defense
be would arise nnd dress. Then he
would breakfast leisurely.
Thus he Incurred the enmity of the
cook and cookco. Those Individuals
have to propare fooil three times a
duy for half n hundred heavy caters;
besides which, on sleigh-liuiil, thoy
aro supposed to serve a broakfast at
threo o'clock for tho loaders and u
variety of lunches up to midnight for
tho sprinkler men. As a consequence,
they resented infractions ol tlie little
system they hnve bet-n able to introduce.
Now the business of n foreman is
to be tilt ns soon as anybody. lie
does none of tho work himself, but
lie must see that somebody else does
it. nnd does it well. For Ibis be
needs actual experience 'at thc wol'k'
ilself, but above nil zeal and constant presence, lie must know how n
thing ought to lie done, and be intisi
be on huiiii unexpectedly to sec how-
its accomplishment is progressing.
Dyer should hnve been out of bed
n( firs! horn-blow.
One morning he slept until nearly
ten o'clock. It was inexplicable! Ho
hurried from his bunk, made a hasty
toilet, nnil started for the dining-
room to get some sort of a lunch to
do him until dinner lime. As he
stepped from the dour of the office
he caught sight of iwo men hurrying
from Uie cook camp to the men's
ciinip. He thought he heard tho hum
of conversation in the latter building. The cookee set hot coffee before him. For the rest, he took
what he could find cold on the tablo.
On an Inverted cracker box ibe
cook snt rending an old copy of the
Police (lazette. Various fifty-pound
lord litis were bubbling and steaming on ilie range. Tho cookco divided his timo between them nnd the
task of sticking on the log walls
pleasing patterns mado of Illustrations from cheap papers ami the
gaudy labels of canned goods. Dyer
sat down, feeling, for llie first time,
a little guilty. Tliis was not bo-
cause of a sense of a dereliction in
duly, but because he feared the
strong man's'contempt for Inefficiency.
"I sort of pounded my em- a little
long ihis morning," he remarked
with nn unwonted uir of bonhomie.
The cook creased his paper     wilh  solid uppe
had been required of him in smoothing tlie wny ot stubs, knots, and
Down the creek on accident occurred on ibis account. "The plow hnd
good j encountered p. drift.    Three limes llie
horses hud plunged at it, and three
Tbo cook ngnin laid down bis pa-! limes hnd been brought to a stand,
per.    "I'm tending to this Job     of not so much by the drag of  tho   V
•nnd I'm getting the  plow Qs hy tho wallowing they theni-
Diiiiier will   bo   on selves bail tu do In the drilt.
time to-day—not a minute curly, und
not a niiniile lato,"
Then he resumed bis perusal of the
uilveiiliii-es of Indies lo whom Hie
Illustrations    accofdod    magnlfluonl
The. crow worked on tho marsh thai
nfteniooii, nnd Ibe SUbSoqUOIlt ilnys
of the week. Tbey labored conscientiously Iiiii noi zealously. Thoro is
u ilenl of tlilTereiice, nnd llie lumberjack's unaided conscience is likely lit
allow him a certain amount of conversation front Ibe decks of skld-
wnys. The work moved slowly. Al
Christmas   a    number   ol tho men
She'll freeze before morning,
sure," wns tbe hopeful comment,
And then in the morning tho air
would be moro balmily insulting than
"Old man is ns blue ns a whet-
, stone," commented Jackson Mines,
"tin* I don't blame him, This
weather's mako a man mad enough
to ent the devil with his horns left
"No use, break her through, boys,"
suid Radway.
Su ii dozen men hurled their bodies
through, making en opening for the
Ily antl by il got to be a case  of
looking on ihe bright side of ibe affair from pure recreation.
"I don't know," snid Radway, "il
■  won't be so bail aftor all.   A couple
pi"    -honied    lho   three of days of zero weather, with ull this
galhorlng up their reins, wator lying around, would fix things
Tii-- horses pm  iheir bends     down  up lu prclly good shape.    If she on-
and plunged,    Tho whole apparatus ly freezes light, we'll have u   good
moved wilh a rush, men clingim .
animals digging their hoofs in. snow
dying. Suddenly Ihere enme n chock,
Ihon ti crack, and,then the plow shot
forward so suddenly and easily that
llie horses all but lell on Ihoir'nosos.
The flanging arms of llm Y, forced in
"went    mil."    Most    of (hem were  a place loo narrow, hud caught be-
back   again after four or live days,  twoon heavy stubs.   One of the arms
for, while men were not plenty, nei- bail brokon squaro oil'.
Hi*''* was work.   The equilibrium was;   There was nolliing lor it but to lell
nearly exact. another hemlock und hew out nnolh-
llut llie convivial souls hnd lost to'er Ileum, which meant a day . lost.
Dyor ihe days of iheir debauch, and Radway occupied his men wiih shov-
tintil Iheir thirst fnr recuperative els in clearing the edge of Hie rond,
"Pain Killer," "Hinckley" and Ja- and Started one of his sprinklers ov-
iiinieii (linger was appeased, thoy or tho placo already cleared. Water
were not much good. Mislead of i holes of suitable size hud been blown
keeping up to fifty thousand a day, In the creek bnnk by dynnmile. There
as Iindway liiul figured was nocos- the machines were filled. It was a
snry, the scale would not havo ex-j slow process. Stratton attached his
cooded thirty. horso In the chain and drove    him
Dyer saw nil this plainly enough, back antl forth, hauling the barrel
but was not able to remedy it. That Lp and down tho slidewny. At the
was not entirely his fault. Ho did, bottom it was capsized and filled by
noi dare give Hie delinquents tholr means of n long pole shackled to it's
time, for he would not have known bottom and manipulated by old man
where to fill their places. This lay Hoath. At the top it turned over
in Rndway's experience, Dyer felt by its own weigh!. Thus seventy
tbot    responsibilities    n    little too odd times.
great hud been forced on him, which j Then Fred Green hitched his team
wus portly true, In u few days the Ion, nnd tho four horses drew the
young man's facile conscience had , creaking, cumbrous vehicle spouting
covered nil his shortcomings with the I down iho road. Water gushed iii
blanket excuse. He conceived Hint'fans from (he openings on either side
lie hnd a grlovanco against Radway'
solid boll,nu to build on, nnd Ihnl'll
be qulto a good rig out thero on lho
Tho Inscrutable goddess nf thowll-
dornoss smiled, nnd calmly, relentlessly, moved her next pawn.
It wns all so unutterably simple
nnd yet so effective. Somothlng
there was in it of the calm Inevitability of Into,   ll snowed.
AII night and all day Hi,- great
flukes zig-zagged softly
through the air. Radway plowed
away two feet of it. The surface
was promptly covered by a second
storm. Radway doggedly plowed It
out ngain.
This lime Ihe goddess seemed to
relent. The ground froze solid. The
sprinklers became assiduous In their
labor. Two days later the load
was ready for thc first sleigh, its
surface of thick, glassy ice, beautiful
to    behold; the ruts cut deep    nnd
quickly repaired ns aroused expedient, could do (he work.
Tin, marsh rocolvod first altontlon.
Thoro tlio restless snow drifted un-
ensily before tho wind. Nearly everyday UlO road hnd to bo plowed, and
tho sprinklers [ollowod the tennis almost constantly. Often it was hitler cold, bul no one dared to suggest in tho determined jobber that
It might be belter to remain indoors, The men knew as Woll as he
that the heavy February snows
would block trallic beyond hope of
As it wns, several limes an especially heavy fall clogged the Way, The
snow-plow, even with exirii learns,
could hardly forco its pnili through.
Men with shovels helped. 0(1011 bill
n few londs n duy, uml Ihey small,
could I,,- forced In Hie luniks by the
ul mosl exert ions of Hie entire crew,
Kspirii de corps awoko, The mon
sprang to iheir tasks with alacrity,
giiii- more lhnn un hour's exertion to
i-iii-b of lho Iwonty-foitr, look a prldo
in repulsing llie assaults uf Ihe greet
enemy, whom ihey personified under
th,- generic "She," Mike McOovern
raked up u salnl somewhere whom ho
apostrophized in a personal nnd familiar manner,
ll,- hit his hood iiguinsi nn overhanging branch.
"You're u nice wan, now ain't ye?"
lie cried angrily at the unfortunalo
guardian of his soul. "Hum if (ii
down  don't quit yol   Vo'll seel"
"lie Hie gate of llivin'" lie sh,'tiled,    whon    he   0lien,-il   tile  lloor      of
mornings uud dlscovorcd another six
inches of snow, "Yo'ra a biiri-dl If
(li couldn't make out lo be more of
Tjom Vft's Cxperiments
I All going n, suggOBt three expert-
ni,-ms today, 1,,-ys and slrls.
I. Mesmerism.—Take a gold ring,
as heavy h ring us ymi can get,   Fasten
„ silk siring n, It. al„,m lg Inches long,
Aitneh ih,- other end ,,( lho string to
your forefinger nnd
let   tin-   line   lians-
ul,,,ut linir nil In,-h
above   tie-   snri'in-o
,,r  ihe  mlile.    Rest
your elbow ,,u tho
table u> Btcndy your
hand.    m,j1,i   your
linger   horizontally',
wiih    in,     thumb
alt-etched ool as io
its    possible    !i"in
in,- Hand.
Nuw. u ihere Is
nothing ,.n tii,- table,   lie-   rlii.'   will
l is,- -■ mi i ll,
will, lu fin ' I mi
stationary If, I «
ever,     imi    place
..-1,1, Ml'
-.i ■ r fi   r half-
dollnra. hi nenl   thi
en the ring
nn   n,   ..
i,... kwnrd nnd (,-r-
wnnl, toward you  I uwu) Irom you,
Ill-lug v,,ur iliiimh now in i-utiluei wilh
vein- forefinger (or suspend lln ' :''
from your thumb), ami ihe .       tlom
wili I nne precisely trnnsvern I   tin ir
previous swing. Or
you con produce iln-
sunt,- result liy in
tr (ace downward. Sland off 01 such
distance (rem li thai you cannot hear
the ticking. Now lake n stick long
enough to reach from you to the w il
piace one end on the back „f tho wat, h
.,,.,] grip Ihe "ile-r end between your
teeth. I'm your fingers In your ean la
shut ,,ii( disturbing sound, nnd then I
lull. Yuu will lind the licking ol llie
watch a* audible „s i[ It wero held ,1 -■
to \otir., ;,r,
rins i* only um- experiment, ton can
lry othura --( your own originating to
prove ih.- same thing.
hi I. .hung a Candle Wlthoul Ti uch-
Ing tho Wlck.-Burn ., candle iill ll has
a  g |,  long snuff.  Then  blow II out
. ,i.
a saint lhnn Hint, Oi'd quit the
hiznis! Move yor pull, an' get us
some dncint weather! Ye nwt t' in,
road monkoyln1 on th' golden streets,
thot's whnt ye awl to bo doln'l"
Jackson llines wns rigbleoiisly in-
true; the grades sanded, or sprinkled dignant, but with ihe shrewdness of
with retarding hay on the descents, lho old man, put, the blame partly
At    the   river   the banking ground «'bei*c it belonged.
hold „f your disengaged hand. As
BOOH ns III- II.,,,--
verso m,.ii„n Is
plainly perceptible,
ihen lm v.- sume ono
of the ,,|i|„,sln- sex
take the .',-,,.n,l
person's ,lls, nguged
hull,], uml Mil,Millie ring will elinn.-e
hack l„ lis first
form of osclllntlon,
ran yoll lell Turn
TII what II is Unit
pre,!,ices llicsp efforts?
II. Hearing With
the Teoth.-Sow lry
.",] experiment lo
stiew whether lho
(eeih nre conductors
of s'limtl; in ether
words, whether wo
can "hear" through our teeth.
Lay n watch u|ion a tabic, thc glass
wiih a ludden puff. A wreath nf hright
whu- smoke will curl up frum the !,"t
Now sirlk,- a match and tuueh lie1
smoke even nl ., distai t" two ,,r three
Inches above tl,„ candle You will find
the llame will run down llie Brooke and
rekindle th- wick*
This experiment m.tsi !,<• trie,] to a
room free from draughts, and with nobody moving about and no doors opening
nml closing.
Tea Cup Signs.
One leaf alone, alone you'll be,
Two together, the pii.-st you'll Fee;
Three In groups, year wish you'll gain.
Four, a letter from I,wing swain.
proved solid. Radway breathed
again, • then sighed. Spring wns
eight days nearer, lie wns eight
dnys more behind.
Radway returned to camp by thc
(ith of January. Ho went on snow-
shoes over the entire job; and then
snl. silently in the office smoking
"Peerless" in bis battered old pipe.
Dyer watched him amusedly, secure
iu his grievance in case blame should
be attached to him. Tho jobber
looked older. Tho lines of dry
good-humOr about his eyes had subtly changed lo an expression of pathetic Anxiety. He attached no
blame to anybody, but rose the next
morning at horn-blow, and the men
found they had a new master over
And now Hie struggle with the wilderness came to grapples. Radway
was as one possessed liy a burning
(ever. He seemed everywhere at
once, ulwuys helping with his own
shoulder and arm, hurrying eagerly,
[■'or once luck seemed wilh him. The
marsh wns cut over; the "eighty" on
section eight was skidded without a
break, Ihe weathor held cold and
Now it became necessary to pin
tho roads in shape (of hauling. All
winter Hie blacksmith, between bis
lusks of shoeing nnd mending, had
occupied his time in fitting the ironwork on eiglil log-sleighs which ihe
carpenter had hewed from solid
stick,s of timber. They were tremendous affairs, these sleighs, with runners six feet apart, and bunks nine
feet in width for the reception of
logs. The bunks were so connected
by two loosely-coupled rods that,
when emptied, they could be swung
parallel willi Hit- road, so reducing
Hi,- width of the sleigh. Tho carpenter had also built two immense tanks
,\s soon ns loading began, tbe cook
served    breakfast at  three  o'clock,
nnd beneath; and in streams     from  The men worked by the light of tor-l^ako
two holes behind.    Not   for on ins- cites, which were often merely catsup didn't
'I ain't snyin'," be observed judicially, "that this weather ain't
hell. It's hell and repent. But a
man sort've got to oxpec' weather.
He looks Ior it, and he oiighta be
rendy Ior it. The trouble is we
got behind Christmas, It's that
Dyer. He's nliout ns mean as they
cm. The only reason he
die   long ago is becuz     th'
tarn, ati   long asi the flow continued jugs   with   wlcking   in   tho necks. |d0V11-s thought lilm'too mean to pay
dared lho teamsters breathe     their Nothing could  be  more  picturesque nllv   'tention to,    If ever he should
horses, for a pause would freozo the than n teamster conducting one     of (|io „„■ go to Heaven he'd pry up lh'
runners    tight   to the ground.     A  his great jiyrninidical loads over the,soi(|cn    streets nn* use the infernal
tongue at either end obviated     llie little Inequalities of the road, in tho1
necessity of turning around. ticklish places standing atop     with
While the other men hewed at  the the bent knee of the Roman chnrio-
rcqulrod beam for   tho   broken     V  leer,   sjiying   and forestalling    tho
plow,    Heath,    Stratton, and Green chances of the way with a fixed eye
went    over    (he cleared road-length  nml nu intense concentration     that
once.     To     do   so   required   Hire,, relaxed not one inch in the miles ol
the hnul.   Thorpe had become a full-
fledged cant-hook mon.
He liked the work.   There is about i the door, "it's a lot easier   to   I
sprinklerfuls. When the road should
be quite tree, and both sprinklers
running, they would have to keep al
it until alter midnight.
And then silently 1*30. wilderness
stretched forth her hand and pushed
these struggling atoms back to tholr
That night it turned warmer. Tho
change wus heralded by a shift of
wind. Then some blue jays appeared
from nowhere and began In scream JjJ,
nt their more silent brothers, the
whisky jacks.
"She's goin' to rain," said old
Jackson. "The air is kind o' holler."
"Hollow?" said Thorpe, laughing,
"Mow is that?"
"I don' no," confessed llines, "but
she is.    She lost feels lhat way."
pit for a smelter."
With Ihis magnificent bit of invective, Jackson seized n lantern anil
stumped out to see that the teums-
ters led tholr horses properly.
"Didn't   know you were a miner,
Jackson," culled Thorpe, laughing.
'Young feller," replied Jackson al
Effective Flower Decorations
JAPANESE dogwood, with Its deep
pink bloisomB, makes the most effective iort of floral decoration.
The hrsnenes should bs rather large, to
show off the curious hare branches, with
the flowers sorcad out ln the Hat, effective way which appeals so strongly
to the ortlitic tense.
Clover blooms make a pretty, If somewhat subdued, luncheon ilower, especially If you are entertaining in the
country and want to give a touch of all
outdoors to your table
Wild roies-suon to be with us-almost
literally droop while you wait, which Is
a pity, for almost nolliing else decoruies
with a certain wild grace which is at
ones redolent of the Ileitis and yet expressive of highways even more than of
The wild (lower season Is, at best,
what I ain't been.'
(To bo Continued.)
it n skill Hint fascinates, A man
grips suddenly with the hook of his
strong instrument, stopping one end
thnt the other may slide; ho thrusts
tho short, strong stock between the
log and the skid, allowing it to bo
overrun; Iie stops the roll with a
sudden sure grasp applied at just
right moment to bo effective.
Sometimes be nllows himself to be .-fa.*t.a.f.,,,+<,
curried up bodily, clinging to the
cant-hook like on acrobat to a bar,
until the log has rolled once; when,
his weapon loosened, ho drops lightly, easily to the ground. And it is
exciting to pile thc logs on the
sleigh, first a layer of five, say; then
one of six smaller: of but three;   of
Covering Glasses
IN these days of microbes the careful
woman never lets liquid stand uncovered for a moment, since It la
well known that both milk and water
quickly absorb inpurltlfs from the air.
When the lifjiild la In fairly large
quantities in pitcher or water bottle, the
covering presents lew difficulties, but
often It ii necessary to leave a glass
half full, or medicine must be protected.
A clever housekeeper, tired of having
cards slip off these glasses or extra
dollies to wash, hit upon the scheme uf
using small individual butter plates for
She keeps about a dozen or more of
the butter dlshes-the Inexpensive white
variety—ln convenient places, half In
bir medicine cupboard, the rest stowed
away In different rooms. Tlr.ii, when
ttj QD*t is Ul or a glass of milk Is to be
k»t over night, a butter plate Is sir; If
sloped, bottom down, Into the top of
thf lists, resting on the edit.
Tht ordinary butter plate just fits ex-
aotty most glasses In common use, end
keeps the contents perfectly alrtUhl
The Hall-Room Boys.
In the morning the Icioios dripped  two; until, nl. the very apex,
from the roof, nnd although the
snow did not appreciably melt, it
shrank into itself and became pockmarked on tho surface.
Radway wns down looking at the
"She's boldin' her own," said he,
"but    thero    ain't    any use putting
I more water on her.    She ain't freezing a mite.   We'll plow her out."
on runners, hohline- each s„i,„- s.-vetJ   ,W» ,hl*-v fln|ish«i the job, and plow-
IV barrels of wuler, nnd will,   boles:1"1 he'' out, leaving exposed the wet,
so arranged in the bottom and rem-! """'H *.' ,S""RK ,01 thocreek bottom,
that on Ihe withdrawal of plugs the P? "'lm'h at *1"*'r,*t a lhl" c™   form-
w-nter would Hood the entire  width c.*   *»«« the mawh the old tramp-
of tho rood.    These sprinklers   wore <"? ■'"'"* hel<* "<' tho hors,'s* nml thu
filled by horse power.    A chain run-1 L .!'".    Mv"'"
ning through blocks attached   lo   a
one bund and went on reading ; tbe
little action indicating at tho same
time that he heard, but intended to
vouchsafe no attention. The cookee
continued his occupations.
"I suppose Ihe men got out to tho
marsh on time," suggested Dyer, still
The cook luid aside his paper and
looked the scaler in the eye.
"You'ro   the    foreman;   I'm   Ihe Hoi
cook," snid    he.   ' "You ought     to  ''""
framework, like the open
belfry of an Italian monastery, dragged a barrel up a wooden track from
the wnler hole to tho opening in the
.sprinkler. When in act ion this formidable machine weighed nearly two
tons mul resembled a moving house
(liber men had felled two big hemlocks, from which they hnd hewed
beams for a V plow.
The cookee hntl [mused, Ihe paste
brush in his hnnd.
Dyer was no weakling, The problem presenting, Iio rose to the emergency. Without another word he
pushed back his coffee cup and croi-
sed the narrow open passage to the
men's camp.
When he opened the door a silence
fell, lie could sec dimly that tho
room was full of lounging und smoking lumbermen. As a mat let- of
fnct, not n mnn hud stirred out that
V plow was now pit! in tic-
Six horses drew It down tho
poch paii- superintended by o
driver. Tho machine was wi Ightod
down by a number of logs laid
across Hie arms. Men guided it by-
levers, and by throwing iheir weight
ngiilnst tho funs of the plow. It
wus a guy. animated scene ibis, full
of tho spirit of winter—the plodding,
straining horses, the brilliantly dressed, struggling men, tho sullcn-ylold-
Ing snow thrown to olther side, the
shouts, warnings, and commands. Tu
right and left grew while luniks of
snow. Behind stretched n broad
while path ill which n scant inch bill
tbe hnre earth.
For   somo   distance   tho wny led
morning. Tliis was more for lho
sake of giving Dyer a lesson lhnn ol l'01' son'u
actually shirking the work, for n'nlnl,K comparatively high ground
lumber-jack is honest in giving bis I '''''''"■ skirling tho edge of a lake, It
time whon it is paid for. | plunged Into n deep creek bottom be
"How's this,    men!" cried     Dyor
"why aren't you nut on the
No ono answered for a minute.
Then llupliste:
"He mak' too tain colo for do
marsh, Moester Radway he splk dat
we kip off dot marsh w'on ho mak'
Dyer knew that tho precedent wan
"Why iliiln'l you nil nu eight
tin n?" he asked, siill in premplory
"Didn't have no one lo show ns
where to begin," drawled a voice iu
tlie corner,
tween hills. Here, earlier in the
year, eleven bridges bad boon constructed, each a labor of accuracy :
and perhaps ns many swampy places
had- been "corduroyed" by carpeting
them with lung parallel polos. Now
tho lirst difficulty began.
Rome of Ibe bridges hntl sunk   h<»
low lho level,   and   tho approaches
hod lo be corduroyed to n practicable gra
ed up li
clear    a    lillle wider
"She'll freeze a little tonight,''
said Radway hopefully. "You
sprinkler boys get at her and wet
her down."
! Until two o'clock In the morning
' the four teams and the six men
-crcuked bnck and forth spilling hard-
ly-gathered water—weird, unearthly,
iu ihe flickering light of their torches. Then they crept in and nte
sleepily the food thnt a sleepy cookee
set out for them.
fly morning the mere surface of
lius sprinkled water hud frozen, the
romalnder beneath had drained away,
anil so Radway found in his road
considerable patches of shell Ico, useless, crumbling, lie looked In despair ni tho sky. Dimly through the
gray ho caught tho tint of blue
Tho sun camo out. Nut-hatches
in',,! wood-peckers run guyly up tho
warming irunks ol tho trcos,    Blue
Jays (lulled and perked nml scroai I
in tho hard-wood lops. A covey ol
gi,,us,.- ventured from tho swamp and
Strutted vainly, a pause nf contemplation between each si,.p. Radway,
walking out on the tramped rond
ol the marsh, cracked tho artificial
skin ami thrust his foot through Into Icy waler. That nighl the sprinklers Btayed iu.
The   dovll   seci I   In it.    If tho
thaw would only cease before tho
Ice bottom so laboriously constructed was destroyed! Radway vibrated between the olliee and the road.
M.-n were lying idle; teams were do-
last is dragged slowly up the skids, \ t
poised, and. just ns It is about to!,
plunge down the other side, is grip-! -
ped and held inexorably by the lit- k
tie men in blue flannel shifts. *
Chains bind the loads. And itev-!,.
er, during ihe loading, or afterwards! k
when the sleigh is In motion, the ■ £
weight of tbe logs causes the pyra->
mid to break down and squash out; ■ J
—then woe to the driver, or whoever: *•
happens to be. near! A saw log does ; T
falling, bul it falls through anything I
that happens In its wny, and a man f
who gels mixed up in a ioad of f
twenty-five or thirty of them obey-!-*
Ing the laws of gravitation from a'. I
height ci some fifteen to twenty Ieet, I j
can be crushed into slrinigo shapes j J
and fragments. For ihis reason f
loaders are picked anil careful men.  f
At the banking grounds, which lie I
in nnd nbout Ihe bed of the river, f
the logs are piled 111 n gigantic skid-, +
way to await the spring freshets, it
which will carry thorn down stream
to the "boom." lu that enclosur
they remain until sowed in lho mill,  a
Such is Hie drama of ibe suw log, -
11 story of grit, resourcefulness,
adaptability, fortitude nnd ingenuity
hard 10 match, Conditions novor ro-
|)ent themselves In the woods as tbey ,
do iu Hie factory, The wilderness
offers new complications to solve,
difficulties to overcome. A man
must think of everything, figure on,
everything, from Hie grand sweep of
Ihe country at largo to Hie pressure
on a king-bolt, And where another
possesses tin- boundloss resources
11 great cily, he lias in rely on tho
material stored in mu- corner of n
shell. It is easy to build a palace
wilh men nml It,,,Is il is dillicult In
build a log cabin witii nolliing imt.
nn ox. His wits must help him
where bis oxporlonco fails; und his
experience must push him mechanically along Hie track of habit whon
successive bulTotlngs have beaten bis
wi<s out of his llend. In 11 dny he
musl construct elaborate engines,
roads, nml itnpleiuenls which old
civilization considers ihe works of
leisure. Without a thoiight.of . expense   li,, must abandon as tompor-'
THE HAT. I WILL NOW -—-   "' ~-	
ng ihe same.   Xmliing went out. bul  nry, property which oilier Industries
cry out  ut  being compelled to    acquire as permanent,    For this reason
tie- dnys ,,f il„-   year; and four
ih,-111 had already licked off the cui
,-mini'.   The deep snow ol the unusu
Others again were hump- ally , oltl autumn had now disappear
tom-cats, and had to be ed    frnm    the    tops   of the stumjis
he becomes in time different Iron) his
fellows. The wilderness leaves something of her mystery in his eyes, Hntl
mystery ol hidden, unknown but
guessed, power.    Men look aftor him
pulled apart entirely.    In spots  the Down in the swamp   the covey    ol
"corduroy" hud spreud, so thnt  the purl ridges    \wn beginning to hope _
horses thrust their hoofs fur   down that in n few days more they might on the street, us they would     look
inin    leg-breaking holes.    The    ex- discover a bare spot in the burnings, after nny other pioneer, in vague nil-j
perieni-eil animals were never caught, It oven stopped freezing during   the miration of u scope more virile than |
however.    As soon as they felt   lla- nighl.    At times Dyer's little ther- their own.
Dyer turned sharp nn his heel nml ground giving way benealh nne foot, momctcr marked ns high as forty de-    Thorpe, in common wilh the other
wenl 0111. Ihey   llirew   Iheir   weight   -,n   the groes. men,   had   thought Radway's vacn-
"Soi-e us n  boil,  nin'l  he!" com-  oilier. ,    "I often heard this was a sort 'v Hon    at Christmas time a mistake.
Percy Makes a Hit as a Prestidigitateur. !■■   I
for j Short Chit
SVVE.-.Ti;!;S-wii.*.ij ar-- -ji. important (actor with every girl whu
goes in .tt all for uthletlcs-have
: ■ ■ - in li rgoing changes, In spite
of thi ...-• For  tht   new st one
to ■-; i ■ ■ jpon the .- ■• n< la so utterly
Unlike the ro igh-and-ready Idea of a
5w atei that its nam*, is thu only ex-
cusi  It  las for -• tying In that class,
- - ■" - ■ eater was n< ■-. meant for
sen .- . isln ;s th igh i Is a nighty
•- ' ' little thing to .-.:; Int i
UI   n iQllsh" mornings ir. sum-
: ■ ■.-;■:■' ,-.; is Just
■•  '- ■   thin  fur cu nf rt    An 1
whi ■ -.... moat of them this
----- ■' '111 be ■ . lotel pq chi -. an I
whi er a noi I rl( t light wrap Is
*■■ : ' ;■ :. it Ily llkel) by any
- f field or a vacht
Now for a d rlptoi if that mis-
na but pre it    sweater;
■ *     - ■•:    11 white,
but I witn pink
Ita direct from sweatu
g<' ■ I wiih rl            v.'.
tr. ■ i I ii        .                 mi
belt and I n two pretty b iwa   Tl a
:■   - *         ■
' • .
r- ■•    ' if.   And i
An    HR    :    ..    ■.'.-.    * - -  ■    |   - ..',■,
(   * .        e*    ....'.    vin >;-
whicl -     .        li
j ..*•• Is t    ei
l pretty-in
■ . ■ ' '   - '
.    ii.
thing    it sh<    '.   -.      -.*-;,.'.
les H        \ .*, *.
t ii
f ■ which muy  he
f ■ it   for   i
v . *    ■      :■••:.■•■. .    ■    .. r
■ ii  styii   if nil
on ■■   \Vi li;
:• ' . ■ -• ■ ■ ng, loose kind, n ■■ Ilk
a Norfolk - l thai n ■.•■■. .
hinted at I     the  ■»      th     Hitch
thrown to mafci
I*' •   ; ■ ■■-     ■   -■ ■       g   inder   a   coat
11   -■  iwi ■ -■   Ilk' d;   ih
v-:-f.   •;.-  -*:'   v   f 'iMi.i! -  ,-  i  ., *.
strli •-• -i wn fr nl ind I ck a I sleeve.-*,
Irreslstlblj n iggesl - ol i pin ted mini
stick  still popular.
Very   few   sweaters   have   collars,
most of then) mad'.- Instead with thu
Tk Vse of Ribkn&&ffi% *n Innovation
but aren't
tlnuall    ■,-'   .   t oul       iapi   Prai
: ■ • 1-   '■! □ ill
on over th    .i ii would Inter-
: ■ •    arranged ■ olf-
fun   , ■ portant fl matter
■ •■;■'■      ■   ■  for  the
oung idores" a var-
■ ■■■.'" i ire '■■-■••it
rumpling of hi      -   ■■■ ■ I po npu ■
dour for Mi- sake or flaunting ihi- all -
Importai t , olors before some less for-
iin. iti ■■'.-,;   friend
Mori- white sweaters are worn than
i ili .- .I next to white, gray, with
red 1 third- though not. a very close
lh rd    i itre    That   red   Is  at  all   In
Albatross Blouses
THE prettiest blousei for wearing
on the chill days that come in
spring, and even In summer, are
made   if white albatross, Inset with
cluny, which, by the way. is growing
m ghltty In favor.
Upon some ol Ihem the cluny takes
thi fui in of tin n irrowest of Insi i •
tion set between lucks, or outlining
an oddly shaped yoke, unbroldcred In
wa ih silk I'pou others square medallions are used, but the newest of
all have tho*- characteristic cluny
I., - .-,. ipi 'l like it pond Illy leaf—tho
v. ■ . oke. perhaps, made up of thorn,
the centre of each deftly clipped out
in, i i i.i: of the albatross put in Its
pla      ■ I ■ mbroidered.
i: .'.I ciun) lace and albatross wash
well -1 there's a point of economy
ii. ■ Vet Paris, In spite of that
noi ■ iol omy, ii f Bet lho seal of
l- pproval upon them, sending over
ti,- ml ! tsclnatlng, i-ostiy editions
of th ■ i lea
Garnets Arc in Fashion
CNARNET9 havo usurped some nf
jf the popularity which hos been
surrounding ooral for tho last
good while Sh who hn among hor
ii. .i. urcs un old brooch or buokle of
garnets is fori una 1*6 Indeed, for the old
settings .ii" ii ■ iim let) -'ii stylo as lho
garnets themselves.
Little pins in -> i with gurnols, lho
pins conforming io ihe lines of old*
fashioned styles yni bringing lliom Into
harmony with the needs p.nd ubos of toil ay.
liuckles and brooches and pins, lho
loveliest nooklttcos   even  braoolots-
iti*i- mado of garnets; whllo garnot cult
buttons for somo  of th'- new ntiff
BhlrtwalstB promise to bo very good
The cleverest ring Ih In procoss of
making for a class of girls who nro
to bo graduated in Juno, it Is somothlng in the fashion of a seal ring,
with a garnet sunk Inlo tho gold, tho
stone carved with the dato and tho
Initials of tho school name
.   .
t out with a bang
..  .-
.*    !   ' ■
.     !        '■
i!-,- ths only col
■■ ■.- ,-.     .   .■■ -
ago,  which  wenl  nut   villi  n d,  not
daring to   how thi
, ,       ,   .
dtttnh and in v d even
odd llttli  d  f
caslonal one >. -*,  ■ lo
of variety   Bul lh<       pl«
the  better  for I ind i ir
[    ,     fr im wi arlng to wa ■
all good sweat' rs ■ omo  to  !'.*   * ll
at somi lime In their   n
Petticoats of Poulards
I . V  WOMKN        -   Ilii   thi   (eel ol
\   a silk potth oat, bul for whom
taffota 11 too pi ii ihtiblo , lux-
ut .- lo lie - -,,i i-l-1- 'I   foulard  illk Is
i,.. Miin.g  bettel   tin I   :. Ltei   known.
i,-.. i y- woman w ail , di --,-, „(
It  knows  hnw  durable  It  I       that
il,. ro's practically no wear oul '-> it.
I--,,ui,inin arc in ik th,  -ilk, which
Mm  bu  aol  In  douhl,   vl'lth   n  (aot
iviiirh helps wondi, full    in - - i-
leal cutting
.sin,-,- such pretty potth nail have
come ,,',., tin oil-, fn I'm iiadi
of ohlna silk. It Is a natural stop to
making,   lie in  of  l„,i inl     i    .mm,
Iluinc „f chinn illk, fn il i  , i 11
are attractive by r ... oi ol tin li ifl,
clinging 'i i illty, mid wh -n mu t
rrrnpi rl lltlcil mud, lu In lien with
Hi,, il ,ii,.".i ,,r liuttoni nnd loop - nnd
iliii.'ilcl wllh lh,- fiillesl moil hr-ruf-
llivl   nf  llnimcns,   II   Is   mil   only  as
ilnrnl  tin-  mm li  I,      nllrnetlvo
-:-ilis nml ihclr kin, l„ii very pretty
•*• - ll
$t is the hemt of All
Sins oi Omission—No,
JACK JAYNI3 came home unusually
early one afternoon.   He felt absolutely Impersonal—as if creatures  were   merely   matter  occupying   space—but,   bowing   to   his
wife, he assured her that she was the
one true, honest person of earth.
Mrs. Jaync tried to kiss away the
worried look on her husband's brow
and assured him that he did right to
come home; but, being a woman, she
could not resist giving some advice.
She asked him if he had not seen
any really poor, miserable people that
day, and he replied thut, If ho had,
they had not seemed half so miserable as he felt. Thereupon she told
him that he could have crowded out
his own troubles by bearing thoso of
some one else. "Besides," she added,
"1 sent a poor man to you today who
asked for food and who really wanted
work. After questioning lilm I thought
you might Hnd a place for him in the
factory. Did you see him?" sho asked.
Jack could not remember If he had
seen the man, though he believed the
foreman had said something about It
—at any rate, there were no vacancies.
Nothing moro was said on the subject, und little of the good advice sank
Into Jack's brain and none Into his
heart. His wifo was always his sweet,
condoling angel, and attended to the
charities of the family. Some years
after, however, Jack had reason to recall this conversation.
Jack's business went to smash. Positions such as he demanded were not
easy to find. Being a man who had
Inherited his money and who was
without a love for work, he had few
business principles. People who had
positions of trust to offer were not
looking for persons of Jack's type.
One day, however, he learned of a
position which he believed would suit
him, so he nppli'-d for it.
The firm was a new one, and during the Interview Jack mado it clear
that he was Mr. Jack Jayne, who,
until recently, had conducted a mag-
nitici-nt business.
"Ah!" said thc head of tho firm, "you
ar.- the man to whom I applied for
work the first day 1 reached this
town. I was poor then, at least in
my own name, and all my inherited
wealth cannot mak- me forget that
awful struggle. And you, sir. wore
tho first man to refuse me work."
"But," he added, *'I am going to
glvi i thi position here for which
vou have applied, because your wife
gave me the first meal for which I
evi r . id * i bog, and, what is nmre,
b - ■ believed me honest, for she
-  ■ ■     ■  to you for work."
Jar"*  soon  found  he  was  incapable
of filling a position which demanded
rigid    isti ess tact  He found his now
emplo; ting, but of an appreol-
■ tture.
A Set of Amber
THE new styles in combs point to
■a revival of the styles which
were   in    favor   eighteen   or
twenty years ago, when combs
with  exquisitely   carved  high  backs
were in fashion.
As yet these extremes are only hinted at, though an occasional comb
shows the high back, carved a little,,
In a way suggestive of filigree work,
and trimmed with gold, applied like a
deik-ato tracery of the design.
Ho far tho most popular comb is
rather wide, varying from an inch tn
two inches In height from tlio teeth to
the top of the comb, tho top left perfectly plain or finished with heavy,
round or flattened out balls, or, per-
Cmb J!i(f3zrrettetktMrfck
haps, with a little gold rim.
Jewels are finding their way ont<
combs, exactly as they are upon any
and every thing upon which they con
find the slightest excuse for display*
ing themselves. The prettiest use ol
them la when pearls are set at intervals as on a coronet, or, perhaps, set
close like the pretty littlo pins—a BlM
larger than an ordinary cuff pin—which
first sot the fashion of rows of pearls,
An exqu'slte comb has the centre cut
out In the shape of n great butterfly,
the wings delicately marked with gold
and small pearls set In to make the
"eye" of each wing. And another is uncut, but Is ornamented with baroque
pearls brought together to form a simple design, with gold In graceful lines
surrounding the Jewels to break tho
sharp contrast between pearls and shell.
Rather bizarre effects are seen upon
occasion; combs, for Instance, in which
turquoises or turquoise matrix, or rose-
quartz—stones which are loo dramatio
In their effect to he used in a shell setting. And ovor some a snake Of rhlne-
stones drops his glittering body In
graceful, undulating curves.
Most of them, however, are kept plain,
or just that rim of gold allowed to finish them.
Amber has been more popular all winter and spring than It has been before
for years. And a curious feature of Its
popularity Is thai, unlike any other time
when It has been In favor, It Is more
popular with dark than with lighl
haired women—who, by the way, have
taken up the fad of wearing the darkest tortoise-shell. This fashion of contrasting is making the combs into far
more of ucltial ornaments thun they
have been admitted to be heretofore.
Sets of three combs to set around that
bun at the top, and a barrotto to match,
give the lust trig touch to the well-
dressed head which Is so important a
feature of present day.
For the women who dislike barret tea
there are dozens of smaller combs-
prclty, unobtrusive llltlo things, most
of them made wilh tho wavy teeth
which seem to minimize the danger of
the comb's working loose.
In barrettes there ate n dozen new designs, not varying so much, after all,
from the old, but adding to the number
of designs, from the plainest uf all-just
a round, (lot bit of shell-to elaborate
affairs of rhlneslono and sliver, a
realistic little uerpent twists himself
into a loose coil for one, his glittering
length made brighter still by tho semiprecious ruddy Jewel which is placed In
his head; wul]s-of-troy set In rhlne-
stones make pretty barrettes, while
those simpler ones, of shell or nmber,
of gold, or even of silver gold-washed,
are as popular ay any, by virtue uf tholr
unobtrusive usefulness.
;. •       k  had no  gratitude in his
■■.' ii    rati   makeup. Mr. Johnson (his
. . ■ tv : -  ni ver even asked to
i ■ i] ty of a dinner at
Ah,   no'   he   was   Jack
md this man had begged once,
■ •    *   . ■ ;     ■ ■ ■  position
■ v n     Besides, Jack had
. it  circum-
■-...'    n ■      ■. ;■ I,-- 1  fo    '.'    post-
■,* b. Jayi     had sion to call on
he ofl        i|       a      itt '■ Of
Jack ws    iui    -Mr   John-
■  .!. i ■.:'   and  invited
i ifflce
;       ire to me I to thank
: io IneBB to
inr! how I have
'-.:.■ •   . i
1 mi
i thai  v.-r/
Pretty and Economical Paper Favors for Germans
gest ol
■ -
I    ■
Itfrl   I
■ !■      I    !.' ■ ■.*,
•        . ■
■■! *.   ' ■
\ i Mr.
-    ■
.   ri nd to
How sorry i
Rut you »        ■ ■    ■■
!■   i,      - li -i her and
■  ■    ■
■ -
' ■
■  '
|    ■
"    ,       . '
■,:< i .   . . t pi ir a lonfc
■ ;# no ink 'i grateful
nour lh ■- imforl ynu
could iir -  , .
vitlng 'li i' il ■ - i to ■■' ii homi!
,i, k   -I- in   ho ■■ - -   ■■  bo lender,
., trui •■■ l the misery of
.i,   .      felk a "i'i"1
n<- k! '■■'! her snd ild "You irs
in ■ - H. II  T.
Goffering Irons Needed
'(Mii'i little i im-"' whh li ire w pretty
I    a part of new, shoei    hli two
have hroughl goffering Irons Into
■ ii iln   II tftki i' fl R I    dress to
do i iilled waists up well, nnd good tools
nre Mii.ost as !"■ '-1111111 ,i pari ol tho
H i it good deal of cflfi mu u bo ob-
Burvi -I m ih- use nf gulteriim Irons, or
• imi pi'eitv fiiitli g d I lm b will result io Btrnlnlng iho mnlei Inl netir lho
hoe oi i- in.-1    and ihnl n ■ lm n,
ragged nil!' i nftiM two or litres wash*
HAT Is a cotillon without favors? He It ever so simple,
no gorman is really successful that does not have at least
ono or two figures where pretty novelties are distributed. Those may be of
the mon elaborate description or just
dainty trifles, but favors there must be
without fall.
Few are fortunate enough to bo able
to give lace fans with mother-of-pearl
handles and monograms In gold, or silver vanity boxes for the girls and cigarette cases for the men, such as were
supplied by th- bcoto for certain handsome dances this winter.
Happily, one does not need to own a
bottomless purse to give a very enjoyable, even brilliant, cotillon. After all,
'io- chief merll of a gorman favor is its
effectiveness, and this, luckily, is often
better attained by some showy sei of
A Cheap Cuff and
Collar Set
•1    'loin do the)
favors that cost, perhaps, but a few
cents apiece thun by the handsomest
bit of silver or gold.
For the ordinary mortal who Is preparing for a cotillon gold und stiver,
indeed, is a great boon—lu paper. Given
tinsel and Mbsuq paper and a deft bund,
and any hostess may produce us charming favors us ono could wish.
Is there anything prettier, for Instance, than a fresh young face In a
big picture hut of pink or blue or
yellow crepe paper? (liven a long line,
such paper-bedecked pretty girls,march-
'ing and coiiiilerinarchlng Ihiough the
intricate mnzes that a skilled leader can
evolve, the effect Is ravishing. Nor
need even the million "be seared" to
linn this paper headgenr, for, somehow
or other, it is always becoming.
How fascinating this headgear, ns It
In to be seen this spring, may bo! Great
como ami go, hut sol*
quite succeed In
ig the us.-rul cuff and
collar sei -. « hl< h aro now ab-
■ ■ nti -ii win n n dark ullk
■i iy |)0 and oflen aro of
lh< . a l Intrh at< and expensive pat*
. pi ■ ntlng houi i of Htttehing
ro li ' ■ or laco wnrk, but. aft-
i r aii, immaculate freshness is lho
chief thing to be considered lu nock-
wear of any kind
Unfoi i matcl). the handsomest col-
i.ii i and - uff« do nol -ii ■■ ni ■ launder
woll, ii la actually hinrtbriaklng to
et heel ind bos itll tl hand w irk
it of thi ■■ i h In greal holes
thai neci Itato its conslgnmonl to
■ tghag
■ in n   nol try i inking i nil u -j
and ■ uffH if   In er dotted swlsa? Thoy
. -i [o - - - 'nun.- nd tin m   Blm-
extreme   daintiness,   trilling
i    half    yard    Will    mal'"    four
-I no trouble with ihe laundry Thi '■ do up beautifully, and, if
i, ,-<,  nto holes, what difference
■ ■ ral   noro  m 11 i tti bo made
in -in >  i'. ng?
1 t tht ■ ■ ■ whh h musl bo par*
IP il .1: .■ sheer and fine, Into strips
wldfl i no igh for an) di ijn tl depth of
"ill.ir and cuff Allow five-eighths or
three-quarters of an Inch for n hem,
fold and baste carefully and mitro
i ot ti corner Then hem an neatly an
possible   with  very   lino Cotton   and
tld h ni     '' row bands
Thai is nil ihero is to it! Easy, is it
If win whh lo take lho trouble,
tilt ■■ ' - are greatly Improved by
finishing lho '-ems hi line brlor*8titch.
Ing in mrrenrlwd notion, Kmbroliler-
Ing tiie dots "f lln hem with colored
i niton nl-- '*:vi i novel effect
In washing, bo Burn to iron when
\. i, i| imp ii i othi rwlso tho su Ibb Ib
api I- ii- limp Marching even illght-
Ij i" not advisable, us the chief boauty
of iheso simple cuffs and collars u
tholr -h' 11 ii"  i
A Use for Left-Over
Ol-SRC'I.EANINO limes often
bring tn lighl plocos, lomellmes
Whole rnlls, ol prclly wnllpopor,
luoked away when n r,i„in was papered,
for use in omergenolei. Ami by lh"
wny, It Is nlwayi woll lo gel an extra
i,ii of the paper, II none ohanooi to bo
loft, Iur yuu never know whnt iragcdy
mny liappon lo your woll, which v. skilfully applied hit uf paper muy convert
IlltO It  less I Uill llffllll'.
Hul when ilt„ rolla uiul iilcct-H of paper
which belonged t,, n certain room ure
rendered ar.pariinlly unclc.su by ropaper*
liy ihui room, a thrirty houaewlfo Is
luird pul to ll In lind a use lor stuff hu
frosli uiul protty thnt sho dislikes
throwing It away. Vet things too good
n, throw away uhc up an immense
inin,tint uf roiitn for storing.
unc wiimnn solved Ilu, problem In an
Interesting wny- by uHlng the smaller
pIcci-H for llie covering of a couple of
iicrcena. Tho bcicchh had been ordinary,
throe-paneled iiff<ilis, with a jiollshcd
woodon edge, In which the panels Were
mink ii lillle, Originally they had been
covered witn lapostry, but the tapestry
hnd lung been "|uiHt tense," nnd iho
aeieeitH wen, occupying more „f (lie precious Hpuce 111 Hint already tuu-full
They were gut out, (In, titpcHtry ripped off, mul Ine prettiest,,( the wallpapers—a well-covered dowered design-
neatly faitenod on In Its place. The
rooms ihoy wore lo g-, in being papered
With   'HI   lllIIIMKt   pl.il,   impel-   tl   Htrlpcd
effect ut two tones—the flowered design
wiih like ii bil „f decoration, Instead uf
n dirfiiHien uf Ideas,
ur course. Il h,,IIc,i easily, but it wns
.uny to renew; and ihe paper supply
wm extensive enough io imure a fresh
cover every Huh' while. And Hit- very
next iini,- Ihe room wns papered the
ucroen wn.* especially paporod, too—noi
t„ mutch the whole rnrnn, but the frlt-zc
„r the celling ur «u^s one p„r, which
helped l„ ict uit If^bole room.
while frllloil hata. wllh bunches ot colored flowers und streamers to match;
(lower hats of roses, buttercups, violets anil daisies, wllh dangling buda;
hliln uf twisted white cord mnllncd, tinseled and bcflowered lulu real beauty;
quaint, hlgti-crowned Dutch bonnets;
tbirns ur gold, studded with brilliant-
colored "Hitters" for Jewels and wreaths
ui rosea or puppies or bully.
Then, whal man would nut turn
"l.iiiiduiiwuril" when he meets the irrc-
slillble, mlacldevous milkmaids who
peep out from pink uud blue checked
paper sunbountts aa they carry their
Utile wooden pulls through the mate!
Of the dunce'.'
1'TuKy, gay-colored boas und brilliant
cape i-ollurs, iiiluriieil wllh llowora and
mallne, are always striking,
I'.tiiiully au uiu big ermine muffs, bu
muiii-i.i thut om iimis ii hard i„ roallie
bin ihey are uf cardboard, tisane paper,
ink aplotonea und aatln rilibun hangers,
Ihere nre also dualling, tint iuuiVh In
different colors, gully bedecked with
lintel and llowora.
A Showy llgure Is Iiiiiii,,! to result
when th,, uiria entry lllM Egyptian
wands of lung black handles, gilt paper shell an,] |,|ul( „|. nn,,, ,„. yieen |ulu8
loaves, nmi ih,. mm B|,U|t Jowel-boilock-
nl Bluebeard awurda.
Agiiin, vegetables In clusters, bceta,
ciirruta, oiiIuhh, tomatoes, radishes,
/quashes mul turnips are held aloft by
- nit! glrlH, while the men carry Hcylhcs
and hues uml other farm Implements
lu cut Hicin down,
Groat paper sunflowers, ur ruaca or
daisies on Btlcks, mnko a charming llorul
For a driving llgure Um men aro given
Jockey cape and whlpe, while the glrla
wear un their heads gay-colored taa-
aclH, audi na hum's Bumellmea apurt til
I'ur a goll llgure, cuddy hugs In light
brown crepe paper, wllh plum, darker
brown straps, are carried.
Then there are Innumerable paper
trlllca, ouch ub Jewel cuacs, hair rceelv-
era, gluve Iioxiib, collapsible trash baskets, opera hags and photograph frames
fur ,he glrli, uiul whisk holders, plpoa,
calendula, L'lter lilcs and shaving pads
for tho men, to be naed In llgiireB where
pletlirca,|ue display Is nut the object.
The old. oid shepherd's orook, made ol
light v-'ud and covered with gay crepe
paper and largo bows to mutch, never
loses lla popularity.
A brilliant am of favors fur n llguro
lu be danced tu patriotic ulrs are largo
shields, covered with the stars and
atrlpch. tn b; carried by the glrla, wllh
Hags for (I,,, men.
Any and all of Iheae favors can easily
be managed If the hostess does not
like trouble nnd has llie money, moat
of them can be bought ut cumpiiralively
small expense, but every nne nf them
can be ir.ude by an Ingenious wnnian
who begins lung enough beforehand.
Fur H,ieh work, easy na It Ih, tnkca
plenty uf time, and let nn ono who iilmH
1,1 glvt a tolillnn nt KiiHler try to get
her fivnra ready In a few daya. When
the favors nre to be home-made, It Is
oflen well to buy a favor i" two of each
kind for models.
I r<>»'C»(xfka».t<*.
The ursp of a pastry fate
No, XI
• K ARE under obligations In
Mrs. Martin for introducing
'Plncll time' Into our household vocabulary," said Mis.
Hlsire, as iln> little Vlr-
I'liteied,  flowing   with   exercise
ami radiantly good humored. "With me
the 'pinch' DOmOfl Willi the .*uestlnn or
desserts. After fnrli fruits are fairly In
season ami marketed at reasonable
prices, the puzzle milvis Itself, und 1
brenthe easily until peacIlea are dean
gone and pears mo tough and tasteless.
You see'-encoiirnged by the attentive
faces about her to unfold what was
evidently u genuine grievance—"Mr.
Bistre says pies ure unwholesome, und
there Is little variety In puddings!
When Mrs. Sterling was talking last
week of scores of wavs of cooking eggs
aud rice, I was templed lo nsk Tier to
invent q dozen puddings for my bene-
"Shc could do It!" Interpolated Mrs.
Gray, smiling alTectlonately ut our
Oracle.   "A hundred, If you like!"
"Nonsense!" said i],,. dear woman.
"Your exnggerullon almost dissuades
ine from offering a suggestion lhat was
upon my tongue. 1 was wondering If
Mrs, Hlsire were well acquainted with
the Charlotte Russe family. It bus
■served me well In maiiv a pinch time.
A highly respectable connection, that!
I hnve much ami grateful affection for
the clan of Htisso."
The Clan of Russe
"The clan of Itusse!" echoed Mrs.
While, doubtfully. "Now, 1 have always regarded It as anolher naiiie for
■Inslpldliy-Bweetenod nothings—vault)')
If not VCXatlol), to appetite and digestive apparatus,"
"Thut rem 111 d8 ino'-Mrs, (lieeiie, nn
a saucy girl once said of her lu my
hearing, "is nothing ir not reminiscent,
und she hiui her uuecdoie ready. "Thnl
reminds ine of a farmer lo whom my
sister, whoso country homo is near his
farm, otn-e seiil some syllabub when
he tt.m fll. 'II'1 was much obliged to
the lady; he said, 'bul he'll rather Itev
vlciiniis whal hed iomo substance iuin
"I musl confess I have somewhat the
Bnnii'  Idi'fl  reapectlng iho clan  ■
Mrs. Sterling rales so highly," ob-
served Mrs, Hrown. "Hy the way, who
was Charlotte Itusse? And who knows
anything ol Sally J.mm, except that
she immortalised herself by inventing
a tea loaf?"
"She served her gem ration well, ir iho
did nothing else," responded .Mrs. Sterling, "As illd Ihe man who Is now so famous (Ital we omit the CD pi till to his
name when we wrlle •gialinin bread-'
Thnt Is a prclly good tost of celebrity,
hy the way! Returning to the original
Charlotte itusse ond her klnspeople ninl
descendants, I imiii fast to my assertion
lhat they an- most roipootablfl and
agroenhle members of the cullnnry circle, when weli troatod.
Prune and Chestnut Charlotte Russe
"To begin wllh the best-abused of the
tribe—Sliced sponge cake, formed in a
mould nml filled with whipped cream,
sweetened uud llavurod-al least seven
cooks out of (en add, boldly or sur-
reptlitouKly, gelatine to the cream In
healing It—n combination which is
downright adulteration, First, get real
cream; set It oil llie Ice for one, two
or six hours, taking It off when you
•rfro ready to uso It. Turn Into a gluss
syllabub churn which has been tilled
wllh crocked Ice for an hour, then
emptied and wiped perfectly dry. To
each half plnl of cream allow two
lablespoonfuls of powdered sugar—no
more! Ovcr-Bweetened whipped cream
is n ci'in-l mlsiuke. Heat steadlly-not
f,ist. Friction is homing, ah! the
Kusses are cold to Ihe core, ns the
name denotes. Don't remove the cream
us it (onus, imt keep the beater going
regularly tiuiii you have u thick, stilt
mass us whito ami apparently as solid
as new-fallen Russian snow. Willi tho
last three or four sweeps bent tn a ten-
si uiul of vimlna or o her llnvurlng.
Kill your form and set m on Ice.
"This   Is   ll rtgiiml   Simon   ,uro-
ihe primal typo of iho t'lmrlotte Russe
For-murk ymi! all Charlottes uir not
Rusaorl I'onk hooka define a 'Charlotte'
us 'a preparation of cream or frith,
fotmed in a mould, lined with fruil or
cake.' Th- snowy froth is the 'ltus*o
hallmark ' "
"My .lohn I would say, Mr Martin"
■ the young wife blushed bewltchlngly
hi  correcting  herself "is  very   fund  of
wlml  be (alls -a  nosy Charlotte.1   1
make it just as you have described,
omitting Hie flavoring from the "whip"
and pouring enough sherry upon the
sponge cake io souk it well."
'Good!" nodded Mrs. Sterling. "A favorite vurtety with mv John—you see, I
don't mind calling him so in this
coterie of valued Intimates—Is a prune
'Charlotte Itusse.' The family, like-
Other old houses, exacts the surname always.    TO  make  thi>;
"Blew a dozen ami u half lur^e
prunes; when cold, remove the slom.-i
and chop line. Whip a pint of cream
very suff. with three lablespoontuls of
sugar; then wh.p tin mined prunes
into this. Line a glass dish with lady
fingers, or ihln slices of sponue cake,
and fill the centre with tho prune
cream. Set In the let- box until time to
Reminiscent Mrs. Greene, noticing
that several of us Jotted down memoranda upon hacks of letters and visiting cards, was prompt with her contribution:
•'When we were in Italy last winter
1 became very fold cl u dessert of
chostnuti and cream, which we had In
Rome and In Florence. It was really
a chestnut Charlotte Itusse, although
they had another name for It there. We
often mak'- It at home, for one can buy
Spanish chestnuts now everywhere In
Pencils were suspended expectantly
In air, and Mis, Sterling drew from
h -r desk several scraps of paper, distributing them ns she called Bayly,
'Heclpe! Recipe! All contributions
thankfully received!"
Mrs. Greene gave tho formula readily
nnd graciously, as boeume a woman of
iho society world:
"Roll and shell Spanish chestnuts, remove the skins and rub ihe nuts
through a vegetable press. Sweeten to
taste nnd bent to a soft puslo with a
little cream, Form the mixture into a
pyramid In the centre of n chilled platter, and heup sweetened, whipped
cream uround It."
A "Pinch-Time" Charlotte
Mrs. Rlaek's was thc next offering,
Wc weie geitin„ into the spirit of the
Impromptu  "lectures";
"M'e have never used tho fresh chestnuts, but we are fond of a manon Charlotte Russe" (adding the hist woid with
a bow to (he head of the "class'). "It
is very nice:
•Chop half a bottle of marrons and
put n lablespni.nf.il In ilu- botlom of
each glass CUSlard cup. Hour a lillle
of ihe liquor io which they were put
up on these, and fill the glasses with
whipped cream. Set tn cracked |ce until
served.  Pass llghi cakes with those."
"We crush stale almond macaroons
llm- nnd Deal into whipped en am just
before serving." aaid Mrs. liray. "Then
heap i« a glass i iWi nnd sift powdered
nt ii moons upon the top."
Stimulated  by   thc  example  of  her
predecessors, Mrs. Hrown gave us next
formula for a dessert she claimed to
have Invented—A Tuitl Fruiti Charlotte Russe.
"Whip a pint of cream stiff. Sweeten
abundantly and stir into u lightly a cup
of whole strawberries, a uttnana peeled
and cut into dice, an orange, ireated iu
the same way, nml a cup of finely
minced pineapple. Servo very cold and
n* once. As tne fruits are acid, the
cream should bo very sweet."
"And speaking of inventions"—Mrs,
Sterling wound up the collection by
saying In n heat'tsome torn- (hnl showed
Imw much the interchange of household
helps had been lo hor liking-"! wns
driven by n pinch time In fresh fruits
to mnke up a sort of homespun Charlotte Russe when In Hie country lust
winter.   It was pronounced 'very good':
"Slew peeled and sliced apples until
tiny nro so soft that they can bo rubbed ihrough a colander, There should
lie a pint of Ihls upple sauce. Set usid"
until cold, Rent the whites ni three
eggs Ui u niliT froth, and Into fills heat
the apples by lho spoonful, alternately,
with u cupful of powdered sugar. When
very stiff, add a loiisponnful of lonioii
Juice, turn Into chilled glasses, hOftp
whipped cream upon the top and serve."
To vretseni confagzon
,HE llrnt steps in looking alter tlie
carpets uud furnishings of n sick
room might ron Ily to be tnken ns
soon us Hie lllii,'hs pruves lu be
o Berlous air.Ui-. Whether or nm ll Is
contagious, the removing nf ciirlnlns
und Hie snipping up ,,f carpets Is lo he
recommended, Willi a enrpol on Hie
Hour. Hie problem „f keeping iln- room
clean without inconvonionclng the patient Is ii serious one, while willi bore
floors nnil n couple or rugs it is a very
eusy  nuiller
Every tiny the rugs should i»- token
up nml shaken nut In ilu- fresh uir, If
POBSlblO,  illlll till-  Hours  wiped  up  witii
cloths wrung out of disinfectants,
The carpel Hhouhl be beaton nnd
folded, Ihen put nwny unlll ll in needed
again: and in placo „f hangings, ll llghi
screen muy bo used to ward oh* too
greal light or draughts,
If theSO fOW pollllH lire i,lulled  lu, Ihe
work afterward will in- minimised.
If die illnt-HH Ih contagions, a slioel
wrung oul ,,f carbolic h,,lotion hIiuuIU
he hung  up „v,-r   Hu-   dniu-wny   uiul
Hllllllltl  be  kept   wet.
(Iflcii whnt is llie mnlli-r ducaii't be-
irny liself iii iirsi, sn Hun it is Impossible when symptoms llnnlly prove llie
t-tiHe tn renitivc unnecessary furniture
uml hangings willioill   milking Hie pn-
When the room is to be shut up
ticni worse. Then then- is nothing t-<
du bin let them alone und disinfect at
the earliest possible moment.
In the ense of ,t particularly contagious ,lis,'ns,.. mattresses, carpets and
liunitingH must be burned, or. nt least,
bull,.,I. Upholstered furniture must !,,-
treated tho sume way, except for Hi"
w lwork. mul thut must be wiped <>fr
Willi el,,His which hnve been wrung out
In disinfectants.
Sterilising mattresses or carpets is
practically Impossible (or home people
tu attempt, bul Ihoj n, In many cases,
be dun,- dlroctly in iln- house, Instead ,,(
Ken,ling ib.in away. If ih.y nr,- carried i„ anothor room, however, they
nit,mi,I l,,- covered with a sheet which
bus I n dipped Into carbolic solution.
Sulphur candles ore good to burn for
purpose* „f disinfecting Tho room
sliutild I,,- tighily closed nnd l.-ft for
nli,,ut twenty-four hours, nm a huif-
doBon ,-- niiiv in,,-h discoveries ,,( (he
lust iwo ,,r ilu,-,- years—come, which nre
even   i    thorough   In   Heir   work:
lumps which swing from chandelier (or
any other high point) uml fumigate a
r,„,in perfectly,
Kiiih ii limp may even be shut up In
nn ndjulnlng closet, wiih Hi,- clothes P-ft
hanging on their l>„,k.*, II thev have
not been removed ai Hie first alarming
aympiom i„ moke 11*-.-;r manifest.
Even wl,.;, mi inn,*,* | pot ol ihe
contagla is order, bul Is, lm i el. only
nf Hu- pi-.-i.i ■ I. weal typo, 1„ i,-om
should !„ ii,. I. uglily overhauled
Corp, i- iho .-I :.. laken up and beat*
en, pillows ond matin-ssea thoroughly
aired nn-! the whole i -"in gin i. a i leaning which exti I,:- i. , -.. n ,;.,., i and
even In lie- draweri „! I,- rca . .,-. 1 - lllf-
( i -i-
ri|, s ihi u ■! be modi sal,- and clean
by having ., little ,-i ony good disln-
feeling fluid t ,1 down ihem, perhaps
allowing  ,:  to  stand Ii.  lln- basins for
tiwliii,- llrsl
By Mary /*.'. Curler
- ,-■■     m-   i, \ .- Dime, .v ,-„
The Housemothers' Kxchange
vi*:.\ health) peopli lose appetite in
-." '   i,"i room iu opening tin
breath ol fresh
\S WAS promised lust week, wo
will now consider lho second section of the excellent It-tier of our
Montana member. She does not
forget us in her now distant home-so
she writes, our leaders will agree with
ine that she recollects us to a good purpose-to wit,tho benefit of housemothers:
1. If, after inch niiial, llm sllvor Is windied
In clear, hut suds, then each ploeo rubbed
until It shines, It will imt mini re ck-unnlng
2. I'lipiir-'ii chalk Ih one uf Hn* boat thlniiH
for dinning silver, If much larntshi-il, lei
It Miami on lln- BtOVO In Iml suds a few
momunts. Thon wiiie dry un<l tub wllh a
imntt; nf iln- eltnlk   covorlng It -woll.    l-et
It remain llboul inn mlllllli-H Hub with a
dry cluth, brushing llie chiii'lug with a soft
brush.      A   jiii*k''l'.'.   worth   of   chalk   will
lftnt for n month, nml a Nimili tin tollmen box  Ik a lunidv thing lu keep || in.
3. A remedy for l"ii"-*' thai Ih round In
every hoUIB Is Innl mul limit1, COVOr Hie
bum wllh ro.I, liun wllh limn, and wrap
in uld linen or cotton,
•I. Listerias 1« nlso gund f'ir burns, and a
pioiti- -a prepared i-HulM and Hsurlm- Ih a
good inntli powder. A pleoq of raw cotton
saturated With llBtcrlno will cure (uulh-
Ti U'l,'i>' there hi ii Himill hoy and a penknife there mudit tu ho a imitii- or tmotura
id bonsoln, na thoro Is nuilihig hotter fur
ctitK und brulaoa.
ii    A   f'-W diu|ifi of (InclUrO (if benzoin  III
glycerine, JuM enough to mako ll milky,
Hie heller f'T 'Implied luni'l    aii't face than
pither lemon Juice or wbo wator,    Boften
handB nnd face in hot water lioforo ualnp,
7. llora Ih un i;nj;ii ti woman's remedy
fur tho pests linn win lomotlinoa net un
llm liesl K-giihlled lil'd.     Tllke llie bed a|Ullt
and wash thumuglily wllh cold wator, ihen
go over every pail with Ihhi, hut glim
wnler, nut furiK'liltiK the hack uf tlm headboard and sciow-hi-iul". Tin- glue should bo
jusl thin enmigh tu he Micky, and nothing
ii t ■Ih'.-i can got away.   u. 0, (Montana).
Will you klmllv slate how the laundries
iiuiku llu-lr slateh fur gentlemen'fl collaiH
anil I'lii'ffi',' I nm unahlo to uiakc sliii'i-h
su that tin- fnllars and cuffs retain their
Hlliffni-NH nfter Ihey are Ironed.
it. Midi, (Buperlor, wim-uiiHim.
A bit of spermaceti or of pnrulllu wax,
stirred inlo the hot starch will Impart a
polish to linen, which, however, owes
moro of professional glossiness to the
Hlrcligth nnd skill of thc om- who docs
the honing,
An Easy Way of Pilling Pillows
I feel i|iiin> bui'o l  have ii much more
eh-.inlv and OOiy way uf ill a I mc l'lll"WH ihuu
uny yuu have published an yet: Thorofore,
I am hastening to send It iii ynu, iih mini)'
will he i-hiiimliiK tlM-lr i iIIca ■■ iiil-i sprhiK
Helfi't tlm lilll'iWM Ihnl are tu 1 |,i'lii"l,
and wllh u I'm*.!' n lh- mid coorao lliicn
tlireii'l hasli' ahmit Opo huh fi'mn Ilii' end
nf a piiinw. commencing at tlie edge, ilm"*
unllv slant In tlm n-'niln'd 'llHtame; linn
slant uill .•ij-.nhi at ill" other end, sn thnt
when Ihe Hcnm \:> ii|ii-iied >"lir fenllii'ii uie
llll Mill In the plllflW, Afler rl|i|iliiK ns tur
a*i the l,;i'*lii|i". i;u, HOW the upi'lllliK ol 111'1
ulhrr In like mainmr; rlti the second nno
lln- siiiim ns tlio first, Nrnv null nut th"
bastiiniM nf huih pillows, which releases tin'
feathers,  then wurlt tlm  foathora fnnn 0DS
end into tho other by pushing them through
from uutshie
When   nil   nn-   lriim«ferii'1,   re;iliiic   the
hasting In tin- pillow containing lho fe»th-
eiH.      then IBparatS Hem       NOW  > OU  I.'''*
your pillow tilled nml in MiUn-m loci. Tuni
the odgoe In and m w up os over and <■><-<'
hand  Ititchi  ur,  do an  1   do,   run tlm end
across by machine, and there you ure: i'ull
uui tlm biiHtiiiK.
I   hopfl  I  have msdo  it  plain n." lo my
mode uf llllttii; a I'lU'-w
J. S   B.  iBlcrllng,  Ills ).
Recipe for Icing
I noticed s itquoi
your paper for bnkei
late  imue ut
hliiK   .1 '
yuur ... -
1   could  give yoj  a   lunte uf  mv   h Ine       I
mnke ii nf confectioner i powdertd mw
and milk. A lew ilmpi nf milk Bro nuf-
nclenl to mahe eii'iiiKh fnr li good arssd
eakc I would omphulso iln" iim nl confectioner's ftiKfir. in* ilo- ordinary iffwiii-r'"!
MlKiir   will   imt   mnke   It       Utl  ..f  grOCOri
win wil vnn ilm loiter fur tin* former, bul
yuu rati IHI Which ll the rlfthl :iMi*1. by
nibbing it tii-lwpen ihi- lliiKein     Tin- com*
mon puwd'-i'd lugar feeli hki land in com-
iniri-nn. Thin ki»d of tehut never crscki
or rails nil. nnr -toen it run <>fT, for if y-m
hnvi. it a bit thin add mora miliar, (iml
vice vi-inn.     Jllll  try It and I rr. ire •■'!
Some confectioners add alba terra-a
sort of1 chalky earth do Icing to insure
hardness.    Such  frosting is as hard as
a plastered wall and tastea nol iMilik" It.
Once In a while an advenl iroua hou
wife mixes cornstarch in her frosting
ami achieves a similar result,   I■:
io bo g I, should I"* a llrm mcrlngue-
iiut hardi tied cement.
wlndon i i
before meali tho patients appetite can
I-.* stimulated.
Perfect cleanliness should be lho Inflexible rule in caring for the patient.
tin- bed and tho room. •
After the daily hmh the bur should
in- hi nhed, the teeth and finger nulls
cleaned, tic bud changed, and nil soiled
clothing n moved   Tl o room si id be
cleaned as noiselessly as possible and no
dual ralsi d, it can be done by using a
damp bag tied -ni Ihe broom or u cloth
wrung out of water pinned over it- A
slightly damp cloth should h-' used fur
the dusting
aii furniture that holds dusi should be
discarded. Never use a feather duster
in a sick room. Thoy do nol remove,
but disseminate, dust.
Allow no soiled clothing to remain in
the room any longer than necessary,
It is well ii. have somewhere outside a
disinfectant- o can "f chloride of him i«
good, SpiInkle ii little In vesSOls If
they have tu stand anywheH Itfforfl
Flowers should nol be lefl over night
In the sick room The nlr nf the room Is
purer at  nighl  wllho'ii them nml ihey
keep fresh longer if nut m a t I place.
(■'lowers can be lc pi fresh for some time
bv taking "hem put of tho vases at night
ami cutting "fr a mil" piece of the
stem in a slanting direction, then lay
tb'm in a pasteboard box ami sprinkle
them-or else pin tlcm up In newspaper an i put '!" m outside ihe window.
Tl ev sh   ild be covered or pinned lo ex-
■   '■ " air
r\ ' '"'  had  with  little  de-
lav and no cxp nae by using a clothes
horse ivi covering u with muslin,
rhe ■ almply a sheet pinned


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