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CTfcll/THrjWIt-HERALD.    j
Vol. 12,-No. 98
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The Snuimer Laxative
IT la tho best laxative (or Summer.
IT Is ess; to give Ihe children.
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Fierce Struggle at Sveaborg.
—A Mutinous Army Shows
Fight.—Scenes in the British
Commons, -Dunsmuir Wins.
St. Petersburg, August 1,—A wm*
cloud hrolto uver Northern Russia yesterday when the Ijiiynlisls met the
mutinous armies in a terrlBo struggle
at Svenlmrg, the liiliralter ol the
uorth. Although the rebels hud not
sufficiently completed their plans, this
encounter is without ilnubt the premature signal (or the nttenpt to seize th"
strongholds ol Oronstradt nnd Sevastopol, The mutinous artillerymen
and sapper?, who arc strongly entrenched, were still holding thoir
position this morning, The death
roll among the loyal troops was heavy,
amount ing to over 5110, while the
mutineers lost over 100.
London,, August 1.—The proposals
ol the (Jiiverniiii'iit. in regard to the
constitution which is to lie granted to
the Transvaal us outlined by Under
Colonial Secretary Churchill yester
day, in the House o! Commons, were
not received with sutislnction by the
opposition, and Mr. Hallour described
it us a reckless and audacious experiment. Under it the Britons and
Boers arc to have the fullest privileges rl British citizenship, and Mr.
Hallour argued that it was too near
war to expect the Dutch to be loyal to
Great Britain. Premier Campbell-
Bannerinaii described Mr. Balfour's
speech as most unworthy, mischievous
and unpatriotic. Cries of " Shame,
Gag, Apologize," greeted the Premier.
Lord Milncr and others in the House
ol Lords denounced the constitution,
and should the government act too
hastily, Lord Milner lorsees a tragedy.
Victoria, August 1.—In the recent
trials ol the famous Settlers' Rights
case, involving K. k N. Lnnds.the Full
Court has upset Ju tice Martin's
decision. This means that Lieut.-
Governor Dunsmuir wins the round,
The settlers' case, will be taken to the
Privy Council by the Provincial Government, as the act in force provides
for this.
Chicago, July 31,—The fall of Zion
City is imminent, according to residents there. Dissatisfaction o ver the
court't decision, rendered resterday in
the Dowie-Voliva controversy, when
the linancial management was given
to J. C. Hatcly, of Chicago, prevails
today. The ruling ol the court is
disappointing to both factions. Dowie,
who is said today to be seriously ill,
spurns the idea of going before the
people on a re-election scheme, and
his friends are considering the advisability of asking the court of appeals
for relief.
John Alexander Dowie called his
friends ahout him in Shiloh House at
Zion City today and predicted that the
decision of Judge Landis, which has
lost to the "First Apostle" control of
the Zion estate, would be reversed by
a higher court.
"Will you appeal to the United
States supreme court?" he was asked.
"That may come," he replied, "hut
the court to which I refer is a court
that will not forsake its apostle. I
may die, but the theocracy of Zion
will be restored."
The DowieiteS are stunned by their
further reading of Judge Landis decision. They lind that the court lias
declared even the one-filth portion 11
the tithes and offerings, which were
conceded by the Voliva taction as
rightfully Dowie's to be a part of Ihe
trust estate.
This statement from Dowie is his
last source ol revenue unlesB he is
awarded compensation for his former
cervices hy Judge Landis. At present
he will depend for his support entirely
upon the charily ol his Iriends.
Voliva is said to object to the nominal, position ol overseer of the church
il elected without the privilege ol
running and with the aid ol his own
Mr. Hatoly, who arrived at Zion
City early, admitted the task lielore
him was a prodigious one. He did
not know the first thing about Zion
City affairs and the officials, he
thought, were not over anxious to
assist him.
Judge Bams today dictated tho
terms on which the community would
accept the new trustees. He will have
to follow the old rules as far us possible, he laid, otherwise the people
will break away and leave the city.
Mr. Hately will stand unsupported
unless ho confirms to Zion the idea of
financing and running its business
institutions. In the meantime hundreds ol residents are making ready to
leave the city and church.
The Labor Problem
Toronto, July 31—Premier Walter
Scott, ol Saskatchewan, who is in the
city, thinks ihal the admission ol
all-comers into Canada is the only
solution ol the scarcity ol labor problem Whilst admitting that the
Asiatic invasion has its bad side, he
points out that certain lines of labor
are readily given over by Canadians
to the foreign dement, and work is
being done with good results without
injury to anyone. "We are going to
have a lot of work between the Lakes
aud thc Mountains in the next ten
years," he said, '"am! unless wn get
l" foreign labor there will lm great ililli-
|cult.y in the w iy.'!
Germans Refuse To Pay Losses
San KnAN(']S(!0,.l(ily31.—The Transatlantic Ure Insurance Company nl
Hamburg, Germany, has refused to
pay San Finiicifci. insurance claims
approximating $' 000,000, The follow
ing statement WI18 given mil. Insl night
hy the local officials nf the company!
" The Transatlantic Fire Insurance
Company denies liability upun the
ground Hint llie losses ivei'O Irom an
overwhelming catastrophe due to a
visitation »f Providence, Ior indemnity
against the consequences of which the
policy never w.,s Intoiidod tu provide
and dues nol pruvide."
Plunges Into a Rock Slide.
Engineer. Fireman and One
Baggageman Trown in River.
The l'ncilic express. No, 37, ol the
N, V. Central and Hudson Kiver
railroad, was wrecked Inst Monday
near New llnnbnry, N.V. by dashing
into a landslide which had been
washed down upon the tracks by the
heavy rains. The engine and baggage
car were thrown Irom the railB, and
tearing across the southbound trucks,
plunged into the Hudson river. Tin-
engineer, fireman and one baggageman
are reported drowned. Thc cars,
which did not go into the river, were
thrown from the tracks and piled up.
A score or more passengers were more
or less injured and the Highland hoi
pital has been made ready to receive
theni. All the phy-iciann in the
vicinity and the doctors ol I'uugh
keepsie were sent lor to the scene of
the wreck. The storm which swept
down the Hudson prior to Iho disaster
wiib the severest ol the Benson.
Fire Fighters at Work
A large conflagration caused by
sparks from the logging engine at the
lumber camp at Three Valley, started
iu the forest on Monday afternoon.
The Ilames, [aimed by a strung breeze,
soon gained headway, and the whole
camp force wore called into requisition
tu check the progress of the lire, which
waa got under control at a lute hour
Hatfield, the rainmaker, has (nil-xl
to get rain and he will be returned to
the In net from whence he came, with
expenses paid. This is the first time,
he says, that lie has fulled and cannot
understand why the clouds should go
back on him, more especially as there
was 1(110,000 iu sight. Nevertheless he
did, in some measure, what he professed to do. No ih ubt our city council would welcome some one who
could effectively lay the dust ol our
oity streets.
Hamilton, Out., July 31.—As the
result, ol a lire which occurred in a
small room in the rear of 70 Smith
Walnut street, James Coll, a wire
puller at ihe Ontario Tuck company,
was suffocated, and Mrs. Annie Beach
died at the city hospital Irom the
effects of burns and suffocation. How
the fire started is not known; hut it is
supposed that the dead man, who was
smoking a clay pipe when he retired,
sot fire to either the carpet or the
cloth on a small table which stnod
near the bed. In any event, when
Cliief TenEyck, who was the first one
lo enter the room, reached the scene,
Coll was dead and Mrs, Beach was
lerribly burned and wns gasping Inr
l.roath. The firemc- Bay it waB ono ol
ihe moBt ghastly sights they have
i ver witnessed.
It is thought that the man and
woman were under the Influence ill
liquor, as three bottles wcro found in
he room, and they were probably iu a
stupor and not 111 condition to escape
I'i nm the flumes, both being in bed.
J, Mollillvray, who owns a shingle
holt oa mp on ilieOapllano, Vanoouver,
I nil an awlul experience a lew days
ago. lle was moving (rom one camp
to another with a load ol gooda, when
lho horses took bight and he foil Irom
the roar end uf a waggon. His foot
caught iu a rope and ho wiib dragged
nt lull speed lor nearly a quarter of a
mile over fearfully rough ground. For
-oiiie time he had to shield liimscll
with his hand Iruiii Ihe pcevieB, axes
and other things that showered down
upon him, but as soon as ho could do
so he drew his kuifo and cut the rope
and then fainted away. He was
found and brought to his home where
he is now recovering from the effects
of the frightful drag. His flesh was
torn and he waa tearfully bruised and
lacerated and only his presence ol
mind saved liun.
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see them.
Call and see our line ol Lace Curtains going this wook at reduced
prices.   C. B. Hume & Co.
For that tired tooling get a bottle ol
Iruit salts at BewB.
Special Train oi Six Pullman
Cars. — Canada is Highly
The big parly of Pennsylvania editors and newspaper mon, under the
auspices of'the Pennsylvania Stale
Editorial Assooiation, arrived heie
yesterday at 4:80 p.m. by special train
(if six Pullman cars. The prcsetil
visiting oompany represents nne ol
llio very groat anil populnoe states nl
the union and one which may yet
send thousands of splendid settlors t ■
Western Oaiiiidii. II, is believed aa a
result nl ihls trip made through
Canada by the present parly, a portion ut the surplus population "I
PeuiiBylvanln mny be dellooted Irom
the western status ol America tn
Western Canada The parly consists
of 17!i newspaper men, and their
families and Ihey are being taken
across the continent in the best style.
They left Niagara on July 22nd nnd
have visited all tho leading cities on
the route where they had the most
cordial reception, Mr. K.P. Habgood,
Secretary-Treasurer ut the Associatiun
slates that the present trip is llie
thirty-sixth they have made, and has
been the must successful and enjoyable of any. The whole party were
much impressed with what they saw
and consider that Canada is a magnificent country. Miieli praise is
given to the railroad facilities and
Mr. Habgood expressed entire satisfaction wit.li the transportation arrangements, Alter a stay ol half an
hour in Revelsloke they lelt for
Vanoouver. The party will pass
through again on Friday, 3rd instant,
en route tor New York, Mr. Thomas
A. Harter, of the Keystone Gazelle,
Bellefont, Penn., iB President nl the
The British Co'umbia Gazette stai
lhat a close season tor mountain sheep
has been proclaimed, in that part of
the Province situated to the south of
the Canadian Pacific Railway between
the const and thc Coluinbin river on
the east, and the International boundary un tbe suuth lor a periud of three
years from July 10th, 1906.
The prospects for the grouse shooting season this year are very promising and the sport should be general in
most districts. .   .   .
The final game in the Ladies'Singles between Miss Spurling and Mrs.
Elson was played Saturday in a boiling
sun. Notwithstanding the heat the
game did not drag and the winner,
Miss Sp'irling bad to play bard for
This finishes the tournament the
winners being:
Ladies' Singles—Miss Spurling.
Men's Singles—1). Nairn.
Mixed Doubles—Mr. Sissons and
Miss Calder.
We have heard nothing of the invitation from Golden. Is this mutter
to he dropped fur lack of interest? We
hope not.
Friday last the return match was
bowled between the C. P. R. and
Dent house teams, resulting in another
win for the hitter team:
0, P. R
M. Crawford        180   155   171-5011
G. Palmer 165   170   130-465
,1. Lynns 193   185   144-522
W. Green 183   166   205-554
J. Palmer 205   194   190-589
Total 2636
dknt HOUSE
W. Calhoun 204 206 189-599
W. Bews 138 146 165-449
(',. Dent 145 174 222-541
C. R. McDonald 170 170 173-513
A.E.Rose 177 215 224-616
Total 2718
TUB turp,
Wo expected to he in a position to
make some definite announcement
regarding a meet this fall. The time
is getting limited,and we trust this
matter will mil he allowed to drop.
Vernon, July 31.—A story has
reached here of a I,nil ill outrage uu an
Indian girl at Kelownn. Seven ur
eight well-known citizens, under the
influence of drink, found an Indian
camp near the hike at which were
father, unit hor and daughter. After
filling the parents with whiskey, it is
alleged that the men grossly assaulted
thc girl. It ia said that tne iiiatler
was reported to the Kelnwna police,
hut practically nothing was done (o
apprehend the men, oue ol whom has
since disappeared from the Okunagiili.
ROBSUND, II. C, July 31.—P. Ei
Hcckman, a brakeman on the lied
Mountain railway, waB instantly killed
Monday morning. Ho was switching
in the yard and had thrown a switch
and tried to jump on the pilot of the
engine as it came up to him. One
loot, however, was caught in the frog
of the switch, and he was thrown
down and tho locomotive ground him
to death,
Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Hay, Feed,
Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness,
Paints, Rifles, Ammunition, Miners Supplies,
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Paints, Imperial Varnish Co's. Products,
Marlin Rifles.
BOURNE   BROS.     Mackenzie Avenue
Wc have left a few 5-Acre Villa 'Lots, suitable for "Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
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and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
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the Strength and Nourishment, that is
why it is economical.
Manufactured and Guaranteed by
The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
m REVELSTOKE, B. 0.'.        Wi I DAY AT
Including portage to England, United State
and Canada.
BTtheyewlthroughpaatoffloc]      |2.M
Half      "       *•     LO
Quarter "       " "   I-'"
Legal noUoe-s 10 cents per line first lnsor(lnn
S cents per Una each Bubscoucnl Inception
Measurements Nonpartel [ri iim - make om
inch).   Stem  and  general business an
nounceiuciit-s $2. an per Inch por nnmlb
Preferred position-.  25   per   cent,   ad
ditiiivl.  Births, Marriages and Dcatha,
iOc. each insertion.   Timbor notice*$.1,0-1
Und  notices |7.5t)   All advertisement
subject to ihu approval of ilu* management
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M-ch week to Becnre good display,
job PRINTING promptly executed at raoaon*
able ratei1.
fTfnTs-t'a.'ih.   Subscript ions payable In ad;
. ORRJEBPOKDBKCK invited on mattors ol
public interest. Communications to Kdl
tor musl be accompanied bv name ol
writer, not necessarily fo publication, bui
u evidence i.f good faith. Corroapondonui
should be brief.
OtmoiS: Imi-iiiiim. Uank IIiiiik.   IIiviii.
BIUKK, 11.0,
Money IO loan.
UfAo-n Row l.-loke, 11.0.1 Korl Steele, 11. ('.
Geo. i*. HoCARTBR,
A. M.  1'I.SKHAM. J. A, IIaKVKV,
He-, i-l-iokf. II. 0,        Kort Stoilo, II, (!,
.'. M. Sooli l.L.li \V. I. BrlgRS.
arbistbb8, s      itors, ktc.
Miinkv t   Loan
■solicitors koh molsons bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.U
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
McKknzik Avenue,
box 100, revel8tokk,
Mining Enoineeb,
iMem. Aiicrictin Institute Mining Englneor»|
(ftiiatlianMining I*.(itiito.)
Revelstoke, B. C.
Examination ot and reports on Mint-nil Properties a Specialty.
Gbe AaiUDetalb
"I would . . . earuestly advlso thom (or
their Kootl to older ttilspaper to lit.- punctuallj-
'erveti up. antl to be looktxl upon ns a purl nf
the tea tqulpage^'—Addison.
Canadian investments are coning
to the front, Mr. 0. M. Stuart, general man.iger ol Sovereign Hank of Canada, who lelt Europe on Thursday,
places at 110,000,000, the amount of
money which British capitalists have
decided to invest in Canada, He
says, these men alter experimenting
in the United States, South Africa
and Australia and other countries,
have reached the conclusion that
Canada from thc Atlantic to thc
Pacilic embraces the most valued and
sate tield lor investment.
A number of newspapers arc discussing the insurance revelations with n
view to inspiring tbe public with con-
ridenee in insurance companies generally. The results of the recent ex
posures in the United States have
caused thousands of people to drop
their insurance policies, imagining
that all the insurance companies were
Insolvent and that their policies not
worth the paper they were printed on,
The "Yellow Journals" ol the United
States, which, beyond publishing facts,
do their best to exaggerate every feature of the case, nre in a great measure
responsible for all this; consequently,
holders of policies became much
alarmed, and even those who had been
insured lur years, refused to continue
their policies. The panic extended to
Canada as well. Ihen followed the
commission ol investigation which is
now sitting. Nothing however came
to light which would in any way serious
ly impair the confidence in Canadian
companies for insurance as an investment. Although there were gro-js.
irregularis and illegal expenditures
in the United States, their financial
condition was never threatened. The
Canadian companies' policy holders
were never in danger because the
amount ol deposit with the government necessary to do business in Canada was sufficient to cover all claims,
and these companies have come
through the investigation ordeal uu
tarnished. Insurance is the It'st in
ve>tmeiit a man could handle and it
would I * the extreme ol lolly lor the
public t,, lose confidence In Canadian
companies and refuse to continue to
iniure. As a result ol ilu- agitation,
the government will exercise more
strict Inspection to prevent any ol tin
Irregularities, no matter how small, ,,l
the past.
ar,- only n nuisance, me uit) . mm-
cil have pl.t' il tho pound keeper nn
night duty for n lime lo try and pre-
v nt the nuisance, nnd lho Council
will adttpi strong measure in regard
in ihis, nu.I my il.linage done in lut-
nro will Imve tn he made g,md hy the
iwner nl tho cattle in question.
Complaints are continually coming
in from all quartern, against the pro-
iniscunus wandering ol cattle nil over
the city, especially on the botilovardes
Those who have made complaint havi
every just cause Inr doing so, as In
most cases, has the plaintiff had considerable damage done to his property.
The cattle nuisance has been especially bad in Silth street where much
annoyance has twen caused, and ii
seems that the herder In charge ul Ihe
cattle is unable to keep control over
them. It is passing strange why this
has been allowed to continue so lung
without some steps Iwing taken to
prevent it, and to have cattle in the
city precincts at all Bhould not lie
permitted. A city by-law, certainly,
allows cattle In special portions of thc
citw, but there is nothing to prevent
them seeking pastures new, and the
herder, oltcn a small boy, is invariably
inadequate to stop them,    The pound
In connection with announcement
ul Chicago canned menl. revolutions
and llieir possible effect upon markots
lor canned goods, the minister ol
marine nnd lislierie. ordered a committee ol the UritiBh Columbia fisheries commission, now Bitting, to Investigate nud inspect salmon canning
operations and tbo salmon oanneries
frnm hygienic and sanitary stand
points. Hun. Mr. BrodourlliiB received
the report, It. says tho commission
lias made a thorough inspection of the
cannories oporating in tho Eraser
river district.
"We wore accompanied hy Dr. Eng
an, of the provincial board of health.
Without exception wo found conditions satisfactory, Tho salmon being
picked wero Irosh Irom the cold waters
ul thn l'ncilic nnd wee placed In the
onus in absolutely a fresh o nditlon
nnil iu the must cleanly milliner. "-Vo
found nu cniise (or complaints. Tho
provincial government board ul health
maintained a ooiithitious nnd system
atic inspoction ol all the cauucrioi
lm t year. From our inspection we
have to assure yuu thnl, tho salmon
canned iu this province is fresh and
wholesome." 1 he report is signed by
Commissioners Sweeny, Unboook and
Although they mny not realize il,
Canadians male it grave mistake in
being prejudiced against the English-
it,nn. .It,hu Hull mny hnve llis limits
and weaknesses, but nevertheless he
lias doiii! much for Canada and for the
world in general in years gone hy, nnd
ihe Canadian people seem to havo forgotten this luct. On the other hand
they might do well lu remember that
Canada dues not contribute ono cent
towards the up-keop ol tile lirilish
navy whioh allows ustn sleep in safety
und poaoe while we wax hit in pros-
perity. Beoauoo a few Englishmen
have nut justified theniscl cs in bearing that namo und huvu not treated
their Canadian brothers in a manly
way. Ihere is no reason why a prejudice shuulil be entertained for Englishmen in general.
.lust nt the present time a peculiar
phenomenon has been noticed by several marines at tbe north end of Vancouver Island, and also about thirty
miles north ol the island. The water
in several placcB is as red as blood, but
from what cause no one seems to
know, says the Vancouver World. The
sailors and fishermen on thc New
England Fish Co's steamer Celestial
Empire stated today that they hnd
seen the red wnter nnd had passed
through about twenty miles of it. The
red blotohos were sealtcred for at least
twenty miles, but they paid no attention to it. Some lishcriiicii nro superstitious and would refuse to sail
through the red water, claiming that
it wnuld give them bad luck, but the
Celestial Empire went ihrough several
blotches ul tlio water und had good
luck all the timo In fact, they caiigli
fow halibut until thoy Btruok red
Halibut steaniors at Seattle hnve
alsn reported the red  waler and llll
leered clear ol il on thu way down
from the halibut hunks.
The reason for the refusal to sail
through the red wnter is merely u case
,,( superstition, similar tu the refusal
ul stinie sailors to leave porl on a
This is mil tbe lirsl time ihal tlie
water in the Pacific lius turned red in
spots and variooa theories ns to the
cause hnve been advanced 1mm time
time The must probable theory is
that tnere are minute species of animal
r plant life front which the lluid
emanates and thus causes the top ,-i
the wnter to turn red, It is well
known that salt wnter abounds with
plant and animal tile and that there
is constant war waged among the
animals, who feed on eaoh other,
Somo ol the sailors were of the opinion that a whale hud been injured
ml had been bleeding profusely, hul
u whale has enough blood in its
veins to color the ater for a distance
ol twenty milts.
Capt. Saunders, of the steo i
Camosun, stated thai be had often
noticed the red water, but paid no
attention to it He was ol the opin,
ion thnl wl,al,s caused the water to
turn red,
Big Saw Mill There.
Tlie Judicial  Committee  if   '
Privy Counoil dismissed the npyi'iil oi |
th,- Attorney General of liritish Co I
luinhia against the Attnrney-Gonoriil |
,,[ Canada, I hns confirming tlio Du-1
miniun Goveniniont in the ownership |
ul Dominion'' Island, nml the leai
ii to Theiidin ■ Ludgate for saw
|iur|inWs.   Tit." ease over  Doadliian's
Isl iiiI originnled nearly sjvoii year"
The Province says: "Not only will
Mr. Theodora Ludgate start within a
low weeks to erect tt suw mill on Dead-
man's Lland, but his original scheme
«ill he exlt'tiihd to include other
manufacturing plants, possibly a dry-
dock and furniture factory,
■'llis Iriends declare that Llulgatu
hns nn intention i-ther than to fulfil
his end i i the lease made seven years
ago; and on tbo other hand ihey say
that the Guvcrniiicnl has no intention
but to curry out absolutely it' part of
Ihe agreement ill giving  |iusscssit,ii ol
the island to Ludgate Ior 'snw mill,
iniinulaotiirlng nnd industrial purposes,'m-ei.riling tothe terms ol tho
Instrument made und executed seven
yours ngo,
'■You may take it lorn cerlain WCl
that tho iiilll proposition will go ahead,
suid u Vancouver Irieml "I Mr, Ludgate lu The Province this illuming.
"There is one good result of Ibis
delay ul seven years The plan' which
will now be carried out will be lar
linger thun those ut lirst decided on,
I understand that tho Chioago people
who were behind Lndgato in the original deal have lung since withdrawn,
but he has plenty ol capital promised
[ur Ihe scheme. For the matter of
that 1 think it would be an easy matter
to get plenty of money right here in
Vancouver. The rental of $500 a
vear, practically for lilty years, naturally simplifies the scheme, when yuu
take into consideration the shipping
[anilities and the closeness to local
market that Deadninn's Island affords.
'Ludgate naturally expects that belore he is given possessiun ol the island the seven yenr' which has been
used up in litigation will be added tu
Ihe life of the lease."
Thorough Tests  of  Western
Canadian Oil Fields.
The C. P. It. is starting one of the
greatest undertakings In Western
Canada, namely, an extensive test to
ascertain whether ur not there is oil
underlying the natural gas fields of
Western Canada, o nimencing i't
Medicine lint. Nine cur lends of machinery have arrival at that town and
the test is to be very thorough. The
drills are modern and up to date in
every respect. A discovery of a large
lluw ol natural gns wns made at a
depth ol 1010 feet and Ibe company
will go, if necessary, in a depth nt uver
3,500 feet. These tests should certainly ascertain what is d-wn below
and i'i oil is lound it will mean a great
deal to Medicine Hat, which is much
pleased to have the ('. P. It. interested^
in the work, whioh will he in charge
of Eugene Costo, an engineer of repute.
L tin iliiitl Monday)!
*    |  .„ll   llllllll.ll    ui    l
I,,.,,   VisillnKbrelli-
mi   ,-oi-ilitilly  wel
Vein ol Gold Bearing  Quartz
Goes $5,000 to the Ton,
line il the biggest stampedes ever
witnessed in the Yukon territory Ins
ink,-it pi,tee tn the (i„l,l Hill mountains, i r the  bend   waters  ol  the
Watson river, forty units Irom White-
horse and twenty mi - lm n Robinson
the nearest poinl reached hy railroad.
.lack Slayer and another prospect, i
the lucky discoverers arrival at Car-
cross with  ph i '*"  -1'1
taken, -o they iill • vein five
Icol   wide.    The  i -    -   ••*■'   values
mounting to $5,000 in gold pei ton.
Tliis is. by long aids I gre tcsl ond
richest strike yet made in  tl ■     rth,
I!. ... I'lKKTNlKlt. Sl I'lll-.-l'.MlV.
SELKIRK LoinE. NO 12,1.0.0. P.
Mitels, -v, ryTliurada,-
evening iiiOddlCuHoWB
Hall    al   S   o'eloi-k
malting brethren cor
illally it,vital l.i al
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
in Oddfellows' Hull at s
o'clock VliltinB Kuiulils are
cordially invited.
A. J. HOWE, 0.0.
Q. H. HROCK, K. ut 11. & S.
H. A. UUOWN. M. ul F
I am prepared t« undertake all kinds of
freighting ainl teaming.
My singe connecting between the
sieiimei-nnd die ciiy leaves the Oity
at 1 a.m. Tuesdays nnd Fridays, connecting with the Steamer Revelstoke
for Ihe Big Bend, nnd alsn meets the
steamei  I be return trip saint* days,
Leave word al Navigation Company's otlicn or my Stables whete to
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Screen Diiors, eh
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street Ensl, Revelstoke
Manufactured for nil clnssos of buildings
All kinds uf building and postering
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea Horvtcea IFlower Pots
['lutes I! nun elltt Stands
Has!*,,!.* I.nneli Baskets
Cane Chain Smoking Jackets
Hamlkereliicta Silk Gooda.
Finest stock ol candles mid Iruils in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Nothing better than " Our Speoial.
Henry's Nurseries
Bxtrn large Importation of
Dill DC   I" -in-iui from Hnlbiml, France
DULDd   ;,,„) Japiui i„ Soplnmhnr
For Fall Plan'ing
TlionBiiuds tif Fruit ami Orm no lit til
Trees, Rhododendrons, Roses nml hardy
plants now growing on onr own grounds for
No expense, loss ordolnyof fmni ition,
inspection uor customs duties Ui pny. Ilnml-
[[iinrtorsfor Pacific Cousl grown nml im
ported Qnr-deii, Field and Plowor Sen Is,
Visitors nro always wolcome to inspect
i.nr itoolr.
Greenhouse Plants,
rm Flowersmid Floral De-dgns, Fertilizers
Dee Hives and Supplies, Spray Pump- and
Sn agent* therefore yon hnvo no conv
mifei-.ni Ui pay, "nr dialogue tells yon
nboul El l.i-i mu price your list before
pine ng your order.
We lo business on our owu grouuds -no
reul in pay, and are prepared to meet nil
competition Eastern prices ur lev- While
labor,   I in iloguea Free,
Orei   lion •■-      1)10   Westminster   Road
Branch  Nnr ories: -Sontli Vancouver,
IV, It. Ingalln and Philip Argall
have completed llieir inve ligation ol
tie- nine resounos  I British Columbia
ft i the  Canadian  Qover mt,  nfid
their report will shortly bo published
i y the Mines Branch ol the Deparl
 ni ol the Interi,,r.
J, li. Sibbald, manager ol the Revel-
Btuke a- McCullough Orel k Hydraulic
company, brought in a magnificent
lot of gold lr,,in the mine on Friday,
One nugget weighed over two ounces
und was valued at ll'l. The mine is
looking well and has never shown
inure promising results than now, Mr.
Sibbald expects, ii big clean up.
Itiiiliuni has lii-en disoovoretl In the
provlnco ol Quebec near Murray Bay,
Teats by an expert Innii Paris prove
that tin- find is a valuable one,
An exceedingly rich find ol native
silver ore Iiuh been located near the
west lork ol Kettle river, (iriiinl Forks.
This high tirade  silver   ure   runs   in
teams about 12 Inohos wido and has
been traced lor uver I ,'HH) lent by various open cutfl.
Pleases ovory smokor tho " Maroa
(,i:l i SSRBRO, Pa.,    ! ll)   :: ' —H   '•
nil . - .- - -       ,
i mis   :,; i ad  eigl *- ei       •-   Hi»
York-Chieag   fiyi
inti  t In ig I wreel that
It m tracks    the b wesl
of Blairjville at li ■'•'< ' ck Monday
night,    M  .,- iloi e on tin
flyer -..,- in-jured i ■ H -. n idi hy
Engineer  Coram i eed by
railroad men a- the most hli
ever madi     I he pil     u   hi    i  ■
er train plunged  iuUi   iln
catti    g it tar n        li    i; - - - ?im
,    '■-,... ,      - -l-    it tin
can wi re scratched fr nn contact with
kago when the - ■    ;    ighed
through tin debrii
Tom *    I      ■"    -   !  i'i Monday
morning  two electric   -- n  the
I ronl '"-Mimic, line met In u
li.-n.l-, .ii it illlsion, and twelve persons.
Including the n ol - injured,
hul ii,-i soriously, The ten men were
coming to theoity lo their work The
collision   happened  on a dangi
curve, one ol tl onducton apparent
ly having disobeyed the passion orderi
Mrs. II. J, lla.ihiiry Managress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
1. irsu liiMii.-rnian (,,r
liu„in,.,-. Sappert, etc
Furnished Rooms To Let.
■-.   it- Una   Mock!   stone, Itri.-l* „r
i i ijf*i.fR a. i nt. time,
, ...   • -.  It  ti   . I-.I.M     ,„.|   ,ll„r latilititiu mil
1 - .,■•..,|- (Hit-clan,
t-i,,,.,-",- anil Plaat.rttiK Supollea a S|i„taally
e|-|, I.-   Ill,.III
That's Royal Crown kind—
mado in Van ivor-  Largt it
Snap Factory west, ol Winnipeg, Heuse cleaning and
waBhingarecasy with ils help,
And the monoy saving is th,-
Premium System
Rooklot telle whal we give fur
Royal Crown Wrappers, Bond
lor It—Froe—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
\',,, I. House anil two lots, First
Sneei, $11,.-, ai. Valuable corner location.
No. '.. -Lot and Store, First Street,
Sj&IHHI.   Easy .tonus.
No. II.   Lut im First Street- 8500.
Nn. 7.- Two lots on First   Street
wilh i-esiili'uci',I$2,l(KI.
These litis are likely lo be valuable
business sites.
No. II.—Corner property on Third
street, two lots and residence, $2(1(10.
Nn. 15.-8 Lots on First Street. The
linest hotel or Store site in Oity,—
I Lots on First Street, $0,300.
1 Lots on Second Htt eet, $1,575.
No. 21 One of the best residences
and Villa Sites in Oity, $4,000.
No, 22,—BoBldence, Victoria Rond,
No. 23—Residence Mackenzie Ave.,
No. 21.—Business Block, Muckim:!,-
Avenue, $12,000.
Nn, 28,—Residence on Third Street,
No. 12-4 Lots on Eighth Street for
No. 12. -Three lots In city of Nelson,
in- will exchange for property In Kevelstoke.
No, 51,—Lot and Stable al Camborne
1 i-ytiti ai i' tin- must curative iu the
world. A perfect, naliual remedy fur
all Nelvtins anil Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Sluninoh ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all bonis and trams. Two
mails in i-ivt* and depail every day.
TeJegiii h communication with all
iniiits of '..he world,
TERM8-$12 to $1S per week.   For
further particulars apply m
Halcyon Hoi Springs
Arroiv LaKt, B. C
JN   day
Cliief Cm
No, 18.—110 iicith within two allies
nf city, of will be sold in Mocks nf 5
acres to 25 acres,
Nn. IB.—700 acres Crown title antl
half interest in 5,0000 tides $21,000.
No. 32.-320 acres, Kelowna, $10,000.
Nn. 27,-820 acres Crown granted
liuiils at Galena Hay, $5 per acre.
No. Iii.-2,500 acres Nicola Valley,
with stock, $70,000,
No. 33,-100 acres east, nf Kevelstoke
No. -1-320 acres Crown granted
and pastoral lease with stock, 18 miles
from railway—$12,750.
No. 37.-Best fann iu district, 180
acres, HI! acres cultivated, good build'
Ings, $10 per acre.
Businesses Por Sale
No. 18.-Hotel, Brick Building, $22,-
No. ID-Hotel, pretty location, $3,000.
No. 27. — Hotel, a money-maker.
No. i- Hotel, $3,500.
(1 Hotels, (i Stores, a Blacksmith's
Business in the Northwest.
No. jii-Store or Hotel siteat Notch
No. 40.- Hotel on Vancouver Island,
$8,600- half cash.
Half interest in Shinge Mill; practical  man  required;    fine    opening—
dnys iiftcr iiiiii I intend to apply to tlm
..... OomtntBBloner of Ijuidn und Woi-kuforu
xjiucliil lluenriu to cut and carry nwny Umber
froii) Uiu followliiK ili-*-;crib.:d lands In tlm
IliK Hi'iid dlntrlct of Wust Koottmay :-
1. ComineticiiiK at a post planted about \\i
i iiules south of Smitli Creek, nml one milo west
of tho Columbia river, mid marked "A. Mcltae's
north east cornor post," theuce suulh 8(1 chtiiny,
Ihence west 8() etinius, theuce north 80 chains.
Llieueo cast 80 chains to point of commencement.
2, CommeiiciiiK at a post plunted about 2'i
milos south of Smith Creek uud one mllo west
of the Columbia rivor, and marked ''A. Mcltae's
north oast coruer imst," theuce south 8(1 ehuins.
tlience-west 80 chuius, thonco yorth 80 chains,
thenco eust 80 chaius to point of i-ommoiu'o-
.1. Commencing at a post planted iibouUJa
miles south of Smith Creek and oue mile west
of the Columbia river, mid marked "A- McKno's
north ensl, corner post," theuce south 80 chain*,
thence west 8(1 chains, theuco north 80 clmiiis,
theuce east 80 chuius to poiut of commencement.
4. CoiiimeiiciiiKiit a post planted about i^
miles .sooth of Smith (.'reek and ono mile west
or the Columbia river, und marked "A. Mcltae's
uorth oust comer imst," thence south 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thenco north 80 chaius,
thonce oust 8(1 chains to (mint of commence-
Ti. CommoneiiiK ut n post planted about!%
miles south of Smith Creek, uud one mile west
of tlie Columbia river, nud marked "A. Mcltae's
north enst cornor post," thoneo south 40 chains,
thonce onst 4(1 chains, thouce south 4(1 chains,
theuco west 80 chainr, thonce north 40 chains,
thence west 40 chains thouco north 40 chains,
thenco enst 80 chains to point of commencement.
ii. CommeiiciiiK ut a poat planted ubout ft%
miles south of Smith Creok, and nbout one
mile west of the Columbia river, mid marked
"Ai McRae's northeast cornor posl," thonco
south 80 chuius, thouce west 80 chaius, theuce
north 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to point
of commencement.
7. Commencing at a post planted about VA
miles south of Smith Creok, and abont two
milos west of the Columbia river, and marked
"A. McRae's uorth east corner post," thence
south 80 chains, thenco west 8Q chains, thence
north 80 chains, tbenee east 8(1 chains to point
of commencement,
8. CommeiiciiiK ut a post plantod about 8!^
milos soutli of Smith Creek, nnd nliout two
miles west of the Columbia river, und marked
"A. McRae's north east corner post," theuce
south 80 chains, theuce west 80 chains, thence
north 80 chuius, theuco east 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Dated July 10th, 190G.
Easy terms of  payment   may he
For particulars apply to
Heal Estate and Insurance Agent,
Revelstoke, B.O,
N OTIOK is hereby given Unit 80 days after date
I Intend to apply to the Hon. The Cliief
Commissioner ofljuula ami Works for a Special
License to cut antl carry away timber from the
following described lands In West Kootenay Dis-
1. Commencing at a pnst marked "Arthur
Payne's snutli west comer post," planted mi the
ensl sldrfof lti-4 Hi-mi trail and about 1 mile mirth
from 1'. Potereons's ranch, tlienco north llliichaiiia,
itsl in chains, smith 1U<) ehaiiis, west w chains to
point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a pnst mnrked "Arthur
Payne's norlh west corner post," plantod nn the
east side uf V.vi Bern) trail and about 1 mile imrlli
nf p. Peterson's ranch, thence smith 40 chains,
east bin clialna, north in chains, west 160 chains tn
point nf commencement.
:i. ('ommenclng at a pnst marked "Arthur
Payne's south easl corner pnst," planted un the
east side nf Itiu llend nail and about 1 mile imrlli
of P. Peterson's ranch, thenoe imrtli too chains,
west in chains, soutli Kin chains, east 40 chains tn
jminl nf ciimiueiieoiiieiit.
Dal ed July 17th, IWHl.
-I, Commencing at a pust marked "Arthur
Payne's nurth east enrner pnst," planted mi the
smith side nf Keystone trail about two miles cast
uf Boyd's ranch, thence soutli ion chains, wcsWU
chains, north 100 chains east 411 ehalus tn pnlnt uf
ii, Commencing at a imst marked "Arthur
Payne's south east corner pnsl," planted on the
south side «f Keystone trail abuut twu miles east
frnm Boyd's ranch, thence imrih Klti chains, west
lu chalna, smith 11m chains, east lu chains to pnlnt
of commencement.
1;. Commencing at a pnst marked "Arthur
Payne's north west enrner poet," planted mi the
south side of Keystone trull aliout two miles east
from Boyd's ranch, thence smith ion chains, easl
|n i-hfi ins', nnrlh Kin chnlns, west 41) ehalus to point
nf commencement,
7. Cimiuienelng at a pnst marked "Arthur
Payno's nurth east enrner pnst," plantod mi the
south aide of Keystone t rail aboutll miles east
frnin lloyd's miii'li, Ilieucc smilli M chains, westtUI
bains, nurth 80 clialns, east Xo chains In pnlnt nf
Haled July 18ttl, 1906,
Certificate of Improvements.
A. McR\K.
IlSjoar Diamonds
. 21h»Net. ,
3o*M hy O'rpccra Evciywhat.
lilrml r, li,,ii link,,. iVaii'litiii.ii. Outlook anil
-,m-iiiiM- mineral i-laim*. altuat. in tlm Arrow
lAke Mining l>i,i.i„ii„F Woat Kootemiy nil.
Where Iwalotl: On llio nnrtli .Ids ol Plngatini
L'mk, 1,1 1»mllea ««*i ol Arrow I.,.**,-.
Tii Ilea thai I, John lintiit i„l in,i,-i	
IM.s   ol'l'rall   I! r.Jt-i'iil I". 'I'hirtiiiis AltiM.
1-...M'. N«  im.v.ui: MellarilHmlth, F.M.0, No.
mm   .,,„!   Kli/a!,,-lh S.-i.tl   P.M.O. No, IKMIS.1,
.,,,..,,.   ility ilayilr tin- Oslo liarcot, to apply
toll,,. Mli,iui.' Il,,-,if,|,-rl,,rl'i-rlill'-iil,'s,,|llii|iri,i,-
1,,,-iiia, („ri!itt nnrpoia „f olilalnlng Crown iintnta
.Kit., ihoveclalmi.
,t„,l lurllier lal,- nntlen ihal notion, miliar „-<■
thin 117. 111,1 sl la iiiiii,-, 11„<(,„„ III,' insulin,',' ol
,011, < ,-r, tllt-al,-* ,,(Iitiliriiit-iiiflll.K.
llata.1 llili SStli ilay ol Juno, iiihi.
wp 1:1 I. 11. AMikiison.
M1AKK M'lM Ktbnta SlM-elal OflOOMJ Mi-el-
I Iiik ol Hie shnreholders of THU I'BIHCB
I.uiiUjITV. will be heldnt IheCoinpHiiy'sDIII-
cei, Klrst Htreei, llevebioke, H,('„ 011 Haiurdav,
Ibe lltli dnv-l August, 10W, Al eight o'clock.
p.m., for lho piirintsi* ol roiillrmliigarcaolu.
lion pMned iiiiiiiilui'iiHly m the nieellni! held
mi July Iflth, 1000, and which resotuilou I eld I
as follows;
Thnt ibe provliloni of Bwtlon 138of the
-i:oiii|.nnli-s'Act, IW7,1 nsamciuleil byHocllotl
Kighi nl ihe 'Companies1 Act Amendment Act,
inni,' shall apply in this Company."
J. T. I.AINI.. ,t. M. B0QTT,
rrosldenl. HecrcUry,
VTOTICE Is hereby given thut SO daya
ll after date 1 intend to apply to tho Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and
Works for a special license to cut and carry
away timber from tbe following described
binds, situated iu Osoyoos division of Yale
1. Communci 11 k at a post marked "8. Hill's
north wost coruer," plauted ou the east bank
about 1 mile from the south end of Sugar Lake,
theuce eust 80 chains, south 80 chuius, west 80
chains, uorth 80 ehuins to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post murked "S. Hill's
south west corner," planted on the oast bauk of
Bugar Luke, ubout 1 mile from the south end,
theuco oast 80 chuius, uorth 80 chuius, west 80
chains, south 80 chains to pointof commencement.
;i, Commencing ut a post marked "S. Hill's
south eust cornor," plauted about 1 milo from
thu north ond of Supir Luko, on tho wost bauk,
tlience north 411 chuius, west KM) chains, south
4U i-lmins, eust 100ehuins lo point of commencement.
4. Commencing ut a post murked "S. Hill's
uorth eust corner," planted about I mile from
tho uorth eud of Suunr Lake, on tho wesl bank,
(hence south 40 chains, west 100 chaius, uorth
40 clmins, enst UIO ehuins to pointof commencement.
ii. Commencing at a post marked "8. Hill's
south east corner,1, planted on tho west bank of
Sugar Luko about 1 mile from the south end,
thence north HO chuius, west 80 chains, south 80
chains, east 80 chuius to point of commence*
tl. Commencing ut 11 i>03t marked "B. Hill'i.
north east corner," plauted on the wost buuk of
SiiK.tr Lake, ubout 1 mile from tho south end,
theuce south 80 chuius, wesl 80 chains, uorth 80
chaius, oust 80 chains to pointof commencement.
7. Commencing at a post marked ' 8. Hill's
south east corner," planted ou the west bank of
tho Spallumcheen river ubout VA miles below
Sugar Lake, thence uorth 80 ehalus, west 80
chains, south 80 chains, eust 8(1 chaius to point
of commeuoomout.
8,1 Commencing nt u post murked "8. Hill's
north oust corner," planted ou tho west buuk of
Spullumclioou river utxuit 1^ miles below Sugar
Luxe, tbonco south 80 ehains, west 80 chains,
north 80 chains, east 80 chaius to point of com*
Dated July '2nd, 1900.
9 Commencing at a post markod "8, Hill's
south east corner," plantod ubout 1 mile west
of tho uorth end of Bugar Luke, thence uorth
80 chains, west 80 chains, south 80 chains, east
80 ehains to point of commoucement.
Datod - Inly :ird, IWHi.
10, Commencing ut a post murked "S. Hill's
suulh west corner, plunted ou the east bank of
the Spnllumcheoii river about VA miles bolow
Sugar Luke, thence east 80 chains, north 80
chains, west 80 chains, south 80 chuius lo point
of commencement.
11, Commonciug at a post marked "8 Hill's
north west corner, planted on tho east bunk of
Ihu Spallumcheen river about IU miles bolow
Sugar Lake, thouco enst 80 chains, south 80
chuius, wost HO ehalus, uorth 80 chains Ut poiut
12, Commencing at a post murked "8. Hill's
soulh east corner, planted ubout 1) miles bet
low Sugar Luke uud 1 mllo east from theSpn--
lumcheon rivor' thence west 80 chains, north 80
ehnins, east Nl chains, south 80 chains to point
of commenoement.
Datod July 4th, r.Oi.
sillUlte.1   111 Wesi Miuiouay uisumv, nwi .....
of Upper Arrow Luke:—
Commencing at a pust mnrked "W. W. Lock's
suuth east comer," at the suuth west corner of
Lut MiJ, and ubuut \ mile suuth uf Kusthall -
Creek, thenee north 40 chains, thence weat 80
chains, theuce suuth 40 chains, thence eaat 80
cliains In puint uf commencement, containing 820
DateJ this lltb day of June, 10Oe.
Per T. O. Mnkinsun, Agent.
Cuinmeiieing al u punt niarked "L. M.Juhu-
.-iimie's suuth east corner," at the suuth west corner
uf Thuiinm Webster's application to purchase,
about 3 miles suuth uf Fosthall Creek aud abuut
Hi miles frum the lake, thence nurth 80chalna,
tu the south boundary of U.J. UuimuduiI'b application tu purchase, tlience weat 8H chains, theuce
suuth 4(1 chains, thencu east 20 chains, theuce
suuth 40 chains, thenee east DO chains to point uf
commencement, cuntaining HO acres.
Dated this 12th day uf June, 1906.
1'ur Hulph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a poat marked "M. C. Dicker*
son's nurth west corner," uu the shure of Upper Arrow lake, abuut 3 ml leu smith of Fusthull creek and
abuut 2D chalna nortb uf the aouth east corner of
Tlmnms Webster's application tn purchase, thence
suulh 80 chains, theuce east w chains more ur
lesa tu the shure of Armw bake, theuce following
said shure lu a general northerly nml westerly
direction ltd chaius more orless to pointof commencement, cnutiiiiiing-040 acres more ur lesa.
Dated this 12th day uf June, 1000.
I'er ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pust marked "K. A. Slye's
suuth east curuer," aliout U miles south of Fosthall Creek, ut the smith west curuer uf Lot 4670,
thence nurth 80 chains ulung tbe west boundary of
Lot 4670, thence weit 80 chains, thence smith 80
cliiiins, thence east 80 chnlns to point of commencement, containing 040 acres.
Dated this 12th day «f June, WW.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commenolng at a pnst niarked "A. Dollunmey-
er's north oast corner," about 111 chains weal of the
smith west enrner uf Lut 808, at the north wesl
corner uf K. A. Slye's application to purchase and
abuut 4 mile smith uf Fust hull creek, theuce weat
8(1 chains, Ihence smith 80 chains, theuce east 80
chains, thence north go chains tu pulutnf commencement, cuntaining 840 acres.
Dated this 11th day of June, 1BW.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing Rl a pnst marked "F. A. Slye's
nurth east comer," about l1* miles south of Fust-
hall Creek, and about Ii miles from tho lake
shure at the north went corner of U.J. Hammond's
application t» pun-haw, thence west 80 chains,
tbenee smith nu chains, thonce east 80 chains,
theuco nurth 80 chains, to point of commencement, containing 640 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1000.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "M, C. Slyo'a
nurth east comer," at tho smith oast corner of
Thomas Webster's applicatinn tn purchase, about
3 miles south of Fosthall Creek, and about \
mile from the lake, thence went 80 chains,^hence
south iu chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
smith 40 chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
nnrlh 80 chains to point of commencement,con*,
talning 480 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, 10W.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pnst marked "A. K, Ham-
mold's north west corner,'' about Di miles south
of Fosthall Creek at the south east corner of IM v
4*j70, thence south HO chains, thence caat 40 chaina,
more or less to the lake shore, thence following
said shure ia a general northerly direction 80
chains more or leas tn the south boundary of J. L.
Kirch's application to purchase, thence weat 40
chains, inure nr less, to point of commencement,
i-untuiniiig 320 acres more or lens.
Dated this 12th day of June, 10W.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent,
Commencing at a post marked "O. J. Hammond's north eaat cunier," about I'i mllei south
of Fosthall Creek, at tho snutli eastcorner of Lot
4670, thence west 80chains, thence aouth80 chains,
thence eait 8(1 chalna, thence north 80 chains to
puint uf commencement, containing 040 acres.
Dated thin mh day of June, WW.
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
NOTICK is heroby given thuiuoiWuricr
dale I Ink-nd to apply lo the Hon. tho
chiif CouiiiilHslonor of Und* and Works for
permission to puroliuso Uio following dosorlbod
luinls. situated in VVcst Kootonay, wc t sldo
Columbia rivor, Klro Valley:
Commencing ut a posi 40 clialns north of
Lungel's north west oornor post und marked
"Harry Mcluloub's north eust cornor posi,"
thonco wosl, 80 chains, ihence south 80chains,
thonoo cast 80 ohains, 1 banco north 80 ohalna to
place of niiiiiiiciH'cmcnl.
Halril Jnnci:itb, I.NHi.
Nn'I'lCK Is hereby given that (10 days after dato
I Iiileml In apply In the Chief Cninmlssimier
nf Luiiils and Works for permission to purchase
tlii-fiillim-ingdcscrllicil bnuls, situate un the enst
sliuii- of Armw Lake, npposltu Arrowhead and described as follows:
Commencing at u pnst planted at the southwest
corner of im voi.mini marked "Ueo. Newman's
northwest comer pusl," thouco soutli 8(1 chains,
llienee east 80 chains, thencu imrtli 80 chains,
tlience wesl Ml chains to place uf cnmmoncoiiiont,
uiul 1 niiiiiiiiini'. 040 acres.
Haled tlm'.iflth of July, IttW
N((TICKishcivby given that(10days aftor dite
I li'i'-inl t- apply tothe Hon, ChW .''.on-
lAmtoiior of Land and Works i>-     iirislonto
purchase the following doncrihi'd lands in tin-
W1-.1 Kootonay District, Ualenn Hay, east side of'
Cpper Arrow Lake: -
1 iiuiiui*ie*iii:r at a P"Hi 1*1 mt.-*l at the north east
cornei uf Im Ko, UlO, thonce cast 40 chains,
south 40 chains, wst 10 chains, north |n chains to
place nf commence ment-
Dated this 21st day of July, 1:1%,
after dato I Intend to apply tn the Hun. Chief
Cummlssfuner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following ileserllieil lamia situate
111 the West Kootenay district.
i ommenclng at an Initial post erected on the
north bank of the Lanlo river, nbout one-eight
mile west of Lake creek and marked "D. P. Kane's
south eastcorner past," thence north 20 chains:
tlience weat 80 chains; thence south 20 chains,
mure or less to Lanlo river; thence easterly following the bank of the river 80 ohalna more or lesa to
pointof commencement, comprising unc hundred
ami sixty acres more or less.
Dated llie .:.)lh May, 1000.
VfOTICK is hereby given that thirty days
1\ after dato I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds und Works for special
liconso to cut and carry away timber from the
following doscribod lauds situated iu Wost
Kootonay district, B.C.:
1. Commencing at u post marked "A Mcltae's
suulh west corner post," planted abmu one mile
east of Columbia river and almnt opposite lius-
kins creek, thence nurth 80 chains, east 80 chains,
smith 80 chains, west 80 chains to point of commencement;
2. Commencing at a post marked "A. Mc line's
imrih west corner post," planted about oue mile
eastuf Columbia river and about opposite Hos-
kius creek, thence suulh 80 chains,east 80chains,
nurth 80 chains, west 80 chaius to point of commencement.
Dnted July lSlh, limo.
A1.KX. McllAK.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days fnnn date I
iiileml to apply to the Honorable Ihe Chief Cum-
tulssiuneruf Lands and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands In the
West Kootonu-y District, east shore of Upper
Arrow Lake:-
Cnnimencing at a post marked "J.D. Coplan's
suuth west comer," at tho north weat curlier of
Lut 803 and abnut IH miles mnth of Nakusp,
thence east 80 chains mure or less, thence north
80 chains more or less, thence west 80 chains more
or less to the Uke shore thence in a general
southerly direction along the Lake shore 80 chains
more or lesa to putnt of commencement, containing 040 iLi-ri-s more or leas.
Dated this 22nd day of May, WOO.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Notice ia hereby given that30 days afterdate
I Intend to apply to tho Honoranle the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works fur a speeiul
license to cut and carry away Umberfrom the
following described lands situated in tbe
osoyoos Division ol Yale Dislricl:
1. Commencing at a mist marked "S. Hill's
north west comer," plauted on the snutli bank of
the east fork of thu nerth fork of Cherry Creek
ahimi 4.J miles above the forks of the north fork,
running easl 100 clialns, thencu snutli 40 chains,
tlience west 100 chains, thenco nurth 40 chains tu
poinl of comnieiin'inenl.
2. Commencing at a post marked "S. Hill's
smith wust corner," plunted 011 thu smith bank of
the east fork of the north fork of Cherry Crock
aboul 4| miles almvo the forks uf tho north fork,
running oast 100 chains, tlience north 40 chains,
I'hi-uce west um chains, theuce soutli 40 chains to
point nf commencement.
3. Commencing at a post marked lH. Hill's
north east corner," planted nn Hn- suuth bank of
the oust fork nf the north fork of Cherry Crook
about H miles above llm fm-ks of the north furk,
running smith 100 chains, thenee west 40 chains,
theuce north 100 chains, thencu oast 40 chains to
puint of cumniencement.
4. Commencing ut a pnsl markedJl'S. Hill's
south wesl corner," planted on thu south bank uf
the eaat fork of the north fork of Cherry Creek
about 2} miles almvo the forks of the nurth fork,
running oast 100 Clialns, thenoo nurth 40 chains,
thonce west 100 chnlns, tlience south 40 chains to
pnlnt of (-oniinelieeiili'llt.
6. Commencing at a pnst marked ,' S. Hill's
south west curuer." plantod ou the west bank of
the nurth fork of Chorry Creek about 2) miles
above the forks, runnnlng nnrlh 100 chains, thence
east 40 ehuins, theuce south 100 chains, thence
weat 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated July 0th, 10W.
0. Commencing nt a nost marked "S, Hill's
imrih west corner," planted about 10 chains north
uf Like Creek about 6 miles tip tlie same, running
east hi) chains, thencu south 8') chains, thence west
8H chains, thence north 80 chains to point of commencement.
7. Cummuncln-;' At a post marked "S. Hill's
north east rmty* planted ah,nit 40 chains north
"f l.-iV* ',.'•*, and about ■• miles upthesAmo,
running wust 80 cha.ni, Ilieucc soutli 80chains,
llionce east 80 chains thence north 80 chains
point of commencement
8. Commencing al a post marked "S. Hill's
north easl corner," planted aboul ft) chains north
of Lako Creek ahoul I fittes i'i" the same, miming
west 80 chains, thence south Wl chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence north** chains tn pnlnt of
com mence ment.
Datod June 26th, WW.
.   augSO 4. UIU.
. I
L''ii^,W^      Y™ "*** '**'
down a "Sunshine"
furnace without getting
oowred with ashes and dust—has a
dust flue through which all the dust
and ashes escape when you shake
down the fire.
This heater is so easily regulated and operated,
and so clean, that it makes the'entire household
bright and genial.
Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet free.
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
Finest London Gins
When properly distilled
elicious and medicinal as
and flavored no beverage is so
Distilled at Camden Town, London, from the choicest
Corn, and flavored with the juice of specially selected Juniper
Very celebrated and popular in the United Kingdom and in
the Colonies are these specialties :
Gllbey's "Old Tom" (Sweetened)
Gllbey's "London Dry"
Gllbey's "Plymouth"
These Gins are the purest and most wholesome obtainable.
Examine thc labels for an absolute guarantee.
On sale at thc best hotels, bars and stores.
Largest Witn- und Spirit Merchants In the World
For sale by nil the leading Hotels and Stores.
Distributors—The Revelstoke Wine & Spirit Co., Ltd., Revelstoke.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Brancbea in tlie Provinces of Manitoba. Alltortu, Saskatchewan,
llriti*!, I'ulim,liiH, Ontario, (Quebec.
Oapltal Subscribed ...       S4,ooo,ooo.oo
Oapltal Paid Up ....   S3,9oo,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       S3,9oo,ooo.oo
D. K. Wii.kib, President; Hon. It. Jaffuay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Dm'aktmknt— Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.  Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Ask your Dealer For
Garments for Workingmen,
Overalls, Smocks, Shirts, etc.
heoistered toade mark
They always bear our Trade Mark and the Union Label
Wm. J. McMaster & Sons, Limited
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc., to any part of tbe City.
Any Kind of
for . .   .
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
lms been brought to n close and from
exhaustive enquiries into die prevailing opinions concerning it, tbo promoters Imve achieved another success,
nml, as the products tilmtvn relied, in
some measure the unrivalled grain
properties of western soil llie growing
conlideiii". in Ihe future nf Western
Canada has been furl her advanced.
B. C. conies in for a large shure nf
praise both for tlie excellence of her
cereal products as well as her fruit.
Tlie Winnipeg Free Press states: "The
liritish Columbia fruit exhibit continues to draw large crowds to view
the tempting display of line, rich, ripe
Iruit, and many were the visitors who
had the pleasure cl sampling it. Yesterday n fresh consignment arrived
ei insisting nf apples, cherries nnd
lieaches and these are certainly second
to none ii, the Dominion. They excel
in their juiciness and exceedingly line
flavor." This, coupled with llie large
yield, makes dear old Ontario feel n
touch ol envy. The tomatoes loo,
were extra line, being firm, smooth,
and a good size. But not only was
British Columbia represented in Iruit
and cereals, but also in other industries. The progress ol the mining
industry ol II. I!, during fifteen years
is noticeable the total being in mineral productions 1178,072,789. Another
fact of much signilicnnce is the very
great desire, on the part of most visitors to the exhibit inn lo learn more of
the climate in fi. C. nnd also the
opportunities otl'ered to new settlers,
Taking all things into consideration
British ColNinbia gained for herself
much credit, and took the most prominent place iu the exhibition beside
her other fair sister provinces.
France's New Tariff will tikely
Benefit this Country.
A report from the Canadian commercial agent for France which has
been received at the department of
trade and commerce noies a very possible advantage to Canada in the
heavy duties about to be imposed hy
France against Spain as a measure of
retaliation. The higher duties will, it
is thought create a market in France
Ior Canadian lish and apples, which
will be admitted at half the rates
charged upon similii products Irom
Spain. The rcpoi t also alludes to the
good work being done by the British
Chamber ol Commerce in Paris in endeavoring to obtain Ior British
Colonies, most favored nation treatment by European countries.
Very favorable are the reports ol the
conditions nf the northwestern crops
this year. Prospects are for a yield ol
5,000,000 to 10,000,000 bushels more
than in 1005. The average quality ol
wheat and oats is good nnd barley
very good, harvest will be general hy
August 15th. It is estimated that over
30,000 men and women will be wanted
Ior the harvesting. Over 1,000,000
acres ol breaking has been done this
summer already, so that the average
en p next year will be double that of
11105, an approximate estimate of the
yield is over 150,000,000 bushes,
which means on an average 34 bushels
to the acre. The production of wheat
in the Canadian Northwest is bee,in
ing if (actor of great importance to tbe
markets of the world nnd the late
weakness iu prices at Chicago is attributed in a measure to tbe outlook lor
such an abundant yield on the Canadian side.
The Calgary Herald is either being
imposed on or is malicious ih its
statements made regarding the cost of
manufacturing lumber. Instead ol
printing the facts it has given the
imhlic a mass ot figures that are unreliable in the extreme. The readers ol
that paper are entitled to the truth,
and the lumber manufacturers are
entitled to fair treatment. This thing
ol alleging that the lumber manufac
turers are not at more expense this
year than one or two years ago, is the
rankest kind ol rot, and one ol the
heavy increases comes right from the
prairie, and that is in the price of
horses. There is nothing that enters
into the cost ol operating a lumber
mill that has not greatly increased in
price in the past twelve months. And
what is more the price that lumber
was sold at a year ago was simply
ruinous to the lumber manufacturers,
ns none of them made money and
many of them were pressed close to
the wall. The lumber manufacturers
ol British Columbia are perfectly willing that all the facts should be known.
They arc playing tho game on the
square and have nothing to conceal,
but tbey havo a right to object to mis
statements being made and the people
ol the prairie being led astray as to
the truth,—Cranbrook Herald.
. .... .........,,h   ...,.   ,uu ...go ouiH'UI
risu'ls of the lenohcr's examinations
just held:
RcvclsliikeOi'iiire,(maximum murks
1500)—Hilda Hobbs, 1022; Geoffrey
Haggen, 1172; George IV. Clark, 024;
Arthur Bc-nnolt, 801; Katio E. Suth
erland, 7ii(i; William Fraser, 770
Number ol candidates 10. passed ll.
Hilda Hobbs obtained the Uth
highest number of marks in the whole
Coroner's Jury's Verdict.
The following verd'et was rendered
by the coroner's jury at South Wellington, in the Dalton murder case:
"We, the jury empanelled in inquire
inlo the ilea tii of Mary Jane Dalton,
agree thnt she cnine tu her death Oil
July 21. b, a bullet frnm- a 38-oalibre
revolver, nnd fn,m tlio evidence we
agree that tlio shots were lired by
Robsrt Stiles Featherstone."
Some changes, dating Irom today,
will take place this month in tho C.P.
It. at Ncl.-on. P, Y. Gallaghor, road
master, Nelson, hns resigned nnd will
go into the lumber business In the
Slocan. He will he succeeded by
Phillip White, now at Eholt, and Mr
White's plnce will be taken by James
Yeo ol Nortb Bend.
Krutii oni- own CorreiuomlGiit,
Subscriptions are lieing raised tor
the purpose of- providing All Saints
Mission Church with a bell bo much
required, The Lord Bishop ol the Diocese has appointed the Missionery of
Malak'awa (Mr. Baynes, ex.,) to take
charge of this mission, including Nakusp, during the Vicar's leave of absence. Mr, Baynes preached last
Sunday, both morning and evening to
appreciative congregitimis, and promises to become very popular in this
settlement, being an earnest nnd courageous speaker.
A atutable house tn rent with 11 spring
nimiinf! nix feet from tin* <| ■ and 2 aerea
ofground for drying lines. 8160 n montli
worth nf washing sent out tn Chinamen,
Apply Ior particulars tn
Townsite Agent, Cmnapllx.
Three hundred times bet
ter than sticky paper.
Md by ill Druggists and General Stow
and by mall.
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders for Heel and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention,
Kurtz's PioneerCigar Factory
MN, Cordova St., W,
VANCOUVER, -   ■   B. C.
Notice l-s hereby glvon tliatltilrty dayB after
rtatol iiiti'inl to apply in ihc Hon. < liiul Com
inisslonerol Lands and Works inr a special
license in mil nnd curry away timber from tho
following described laiuls.
1. Commonolug m n nosl planted on tin*
casi Imiik of tho imrtli fork of l-'ife orook iiliuut
(H{ miles above .Ilic forks aud marked "B. I?.
ll.'s north wesi. corner nosl," thonce east -Hi
ehains thonoo south ICOonalns, thenee west 40
chains, thenoo north Ilii) clmins to point of
2, Cominonoing at u post planted on the
en-si hunk of llio nnrlh fork of Hfe creek about
fij miles above the forks uud mnrked "JS, P,
ll.'s norlh enst corner post,1'thonce west40
cliiiins, thonco south 100 on alns, thoneo oast 40
ohains, ihence north Itiu chains to point of
8, Commoneliig at a imst plnuled on ihe
enst bank of tho norlli fork of Fife meek about
6% miles abovo the forks and marked1 K. P.
H.'s south west comer post," llionce east 80
ehnins, ihence north oil chains, llienee west80
chains, thonco south B0 chuius to pointof
4, Commencing at a post planted on thc
east bank Of tho north fork nf l-'ife creek, about
.v.; miles above ihe forks ami marked "K, P.
Il's south easl corner post," tlionco wost40
chains, tlience north Uiu chains, theuce oast III
chains, thence south Kin chains lo pointof
■>, Commencing at a post planlod on the
wesl bank of [lie north fork of l-'ife creek about
fi miles abovo tho forks and marked "K, t ll.'s
south east corner post," thonce wesi 10 chains,
tlience north 100 chuius, Ihence oust 40 chains,
theuce souih hit) ehnins to point of commencement.
ii Commonolng nl a post planted on the
west hank of the north fork of Hfe ereek .ihout
8 miles above the forks and marked "JS, P, ll.'s
-south west corner posti" thence oast 80 ohalm,
thence norlli 120 chains, thenee west 40 ehalus,
thence soulh Sll chains, thenee west 40 chains,
thence south in chains to pointof commoncement.
7. Cominonoing nt a post planted on the
wesl bank of the nortli fork of Fife ereek about
s miles abOVO the forks and marked "K. P. H.'s
north east comer pnsl," thence eust Kll chains,
theuce soulli Sll chains, tbonco west 80 chains,
theuce nnrtli 80 cliains in point of commencement,
8. Commonolng at n pust planted on the
west hank of the north fork of Hfe creek about
0W miles above Uie forks nnd marked "K, P.
ll.'s south east comer post," tlience west lu
cliains, theuce nurth 100 chaius, thence oast40
ehniiis, tlience south ItiO ehains to pointof
0. Uontmouoing at a pnst plunled on the
west hank of Hie north fork of Fl To creek nboul
in j miles almvo the forks und marked * K. P,
ll.'s souih west comer post," thenoe oast80
chains, thenee north 80 chains, thence wosl
80 chains, thenco south 8u ehnins to point of
Datod Juno-281b, 1000.
jy" K. P. HENRY.
Import direct from Country of origin.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons, Etc., John
Doore Ploughs, Moliue Waffons, Canada Carriage (Vmpany's
Buggies, PlumM. jr., Garden Seeders awl Cultivators., Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to, Horse Shoeing a
¥ Specialty.
Incorporated by Aot of Parliament. 1856.
Wm. MoLHiiN Maci'iikusiin, Pies. S. H. Ewi.no, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything In way of banking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,        -       Revelstoke, B. C.
New   Management)
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Queens Hotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - •        Propriety
Certificate of Improvements.
Something Pure
If you are looking lor Fin*
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment of   Ontario
in 1 lb. boxes, or in 5 lb. cans
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Goods are second
to none, and more than that
we "Guarantee every Can."
Kieam every Smoker
Um "Maroa
Fire fighters will soon be called into
requisition owing to the number ol
outbreaks ol lire in the forest.
Vi. R. Peacock has returned from
Kualt Ior a few days holiday.
Several brief yet severe storms have
been experienced during the last week
which have seriously interfered with
the amusements at the Tappen Camp.
Mra. F. Reedman is spending a lew
we.-ks with Mrs. P acock.
Several ladies ol the district are
making arrangements for a summer
camp at the "Landing" on W, Hen-
stridgc'i. ranch.
Stock and Share Broker
(Subject to confirmation)
1,000 Eureka 10c, payable in instalments. Engineers Report may be
seen nt my office.
2,000 Nicola'Conl- Tic,
2,000 Western Oil   10c.
1,000 International Coal • 17c.
llll) Dominion Copper—fl-tOO.
25 Canadian Marconi—$8,00,
50 American He Forrest Ciiiunnnr,
26 American De Forrest (preferred)
2,000 Diamond Vale Coal-24o.
l,(HKi Rocky Mountain Development
liHM) Howe Sound (Urittuniii Mine)
HO Dominion Trust—$180.
Ill Dominion Trust- $180,
lllllll.I!. Wire ami Nail-$10.60,
25 Great West Permanent Loan and
2,000 National Consolidated,
l.'iiio Hoywood lii-os. Oil.
260 Oroiv's Nesi (lil nml Ooal.
7,800 Osnga Oil lie,  (Tliis slock pays
$1.00 per month por 1,000 shares,)
-.nil llnl Mountain Con. Gold .Mininti
100Rovelstoko & MjOilllotigh Creek
230 Groat Northern Mines—20c
5,000 I)eiitrice-20c.
10013. C. Packers $20.20.
25 Great Weal Pei-miinent, fully
I aid, $110.
38 A. S, Burton Hmv Co., $8(1.
4 Dominion Permanent, $85,
Manhattan, Nevada Gold Mines 211c.
26,000 Prince.
olden Eagle Mineral Claim, situato in the Arrow
Lake Mining Division of Kootenay district.
Where located-Adjoining Mineral City Town-
TAKK NOTICK that I, Kenneth L. Unmet,
agent for Mrs, Kllen McDmigulil, of Naku.sp, l-'ree
Miner's Certificate No, I1D5209, Intond, sixty days
from the dale hereof, to apply to llie .Mining lie-
conier for a C'eitlflcato of Improvements, for tlie
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant of the above
Ami further take notice that action, under section 87, must bo commolued before the issuance
of Hitch Certificate of Improvements,
Dateilthis M-h day of April, 11HK1.
Notice is hereby glvon that sixty (lavs after
date we intend io apply to the Chief Commissioner of l.aud-s and Works lor permission
to purchase the following described lands lu
the district of West Kootonay:
Commencing at a post planted twenty chaius
west from tl.e northeast eoruer of * ot 4949 and
marked "liig licud l.uiube Company's southwest eoruer post," tlienco north fl) chains,
Ihence cum 41) ehaiiis, thenee south -85 chains
more or less lo the lake shore, thonce wesi
along shore to south east corner of Lot 40-19.
thence uorth 7 chains to north east corner of
Lot 40-10, thence west 20 chains lo point ol commencement
Datod July 2nd, 100C. jyfi
NOTICK IS IIKHKIIY (ilVKll that sixty days
after date I intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission
to purchase tho following dcaeiihud lauds in the
West Kootenay district, west siile of Upper Arrow
liiiii-iiiiniii iiin--iiiiii'mill*south of I'Wilinii creek,
Commencing at it post marked, " W. W. Lock's
hi uth east corner," itt the south west curuer of L.
>;i;ii, theuce imrlli 4li chains, along the went boundary of L. m\ tlionen woat i.'." ehains; thence suuth
8u cliains, thonoo oast 40 chains, moro ur lcsn to
Llie woat boundary of A. IMIeiuueyor's application
to purchase, thence north 40 chains, more or less
to llm nortli west corner of A. Uolluiiniuyer's
application to purchase! thence east bo cliains
moro or less to point of conmenceinonts ti-m acres
Dated May a, 1906,
w. ff, LOCK,
I'er. T, C, Maklnson, agent,
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant* j
I'ark Packers anil Dealer   In Live Slack.   Market, ia all the priaripal Cities and a
Towns of Alberta, llrllfsh ....iitnliin anil the Yukon.  Packer* „( tlie Celebrated Bnnd £
"Iinperator" llama ami Bacon, and shamrock Bmml, Leal Urn".
Central Hotel
Newly built.    Kind-class in every respect.   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $ i a day.   Monthly rate.
For Sale or Rent
Containing it" arrvH, nliout three-quarters Beaded with Timothy.  Bailable for frull growing.
Hun-.-:iinl:iiiiiliiiiMinn8 in goodi-iindltlon. Situate
at Craliell&cttie, a few miles went of Kevelstoke,
Apply lo U.TAI'l'lXU, itcvelaloke.
(Subject to confirmation)
1.IKKI Liu-dean Mines.—ljc.
10,1100 ltefcrenduni-oc.
6,000 F(irty-Nine ('reek Uecointa-
00,000 International Ooal-48o,
5,0011 White Bear- 6c.
5,000 Pathfinder.
20 Canadian Marconi- $2.25.
OFFICE  Mackenzie Ave.
Next C. P, K. Teleumplw.
Notice Is hereby given that no davs after dad*
I iiilciul to make ti|i|iliriiiimi tu th<-Chlc( Com-
iiiisMiiiu-r of LaudHit Wurksfor [lenulsHlou to
iiurehase Ihe following dcscrlhed land sltuutc
iu tho West Kootenay district ot British Columbia un tbo west sldo of Arrow Lake ln the
I'ostluUI Valley:
('umniciiciug at ll. Niehol's south wesl curuer, thenee wost xii chaius, Ihence smith 40
clmins, thencu oust HO chaiiiH, theuce north in
chains to point of commencement, to contain
ing}!'^ acres more or less
Da   "
inlcd Hie ■.Wlb davufJiiim, Itfui.
Jyl 1'urH. J. Harlow. Age111
Notick Is horoby glvon thai 80 days after
dato I Intend fo apply to tlie Honourable
thu Chief Commissioner of Lund- aud Works
for perniiKsinn to purchase tlm following de*
scribed lands In the West ICoulenay distriot,
wost sido of Upper A itow Lake:
Commencing at a posl ahoul, three mill
soulh of Kosihull meek, and ahmil I mile from
the Lake, marked "Thomas Webster's t>out)i
east corner," nt tho north oast corner of M. O.
Slye's applied! ion to purchase; tlionco north Hi
chains, moro or loss, lo the lake shore; Ihence
following said shore In a Konural northerly
and westerly direction 4U clmins, more or less,
to the south boundary of A. K. Huuiiiioinl'-
application to purchase; theuco west i'A) ohains,
moro or less, to thc east boundary of L, M.
Johnstono's application Lo purchase; thence
south 811 chains; thonce enxlSil chains to point
uf commencement, containing (HU acres, more
ur less,
lMcd this U'lh day uf Junu, lllllll.
1'ur ltalph Slye, Ageni.
Beit chance ever olTered to secure some of tbe fined Residential
Sitps, Garden and Fruit Growing Lands in Revelstoke.
Having been appointed Agent for the Revelstoke Realty
Company, Limited, I have lor sale their lands onjthe West, North
aud East sides ol the City.
Any area to suit purchasers from a Building Lot to • Small
The new " Addition It." offers the choicest residential and villa
sits overlooking the City,—line garden soil and sheltered from
prevailing winds.
Plane and Pricee at my Offloe.
■■J, -ii
NOW   ON   AT-
If You Doubt the Genuineness of this Sale, please
Call and Investigate for Yourself Our Prices.
We Need the Money and Must Havs It, to make
Good Our Fire Losses at Arrowhead.
Come  Now Before the Best   of  the Stock   Has
Been Picked Over and Sold.
mmmmmmmmmmmmm ! §nCja| and Personal
!Feet Off Your Head!
9 9
SBy not lotting them trouble yuu.    They won't il yuu       iji
use I-'OUT ELM or ALLEN'S FOOT EASE,  Wc keep it.        ^
| Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited $
Local and General.
H. Siegfried bus been awarded th,
contract lor the dinting cl Kno
Thirty-eight leaders ol the Douk-
honors crusade Imve been arrested and
cuiitinei! in Regina goal.
The building figures lor the City of
Winnipeg for this season have already
passed the l|8,000,000 mark.
The Independent Bund will give
oneol their open air concerts in the
lower town on Friday night.
The Kevelstoke Lund Co. have Bold
some oi the old Smelter Co's. lund at
$100 an acre.
Baron Komurii, the lamotis Japanese statesman, arrived in Vancouver
Yesterday en route l„r England.
The Mundy Lumber Co. have soul
for more men' to assist in putting out
the bush fire which bus broken out
Typhoid fever iB beginning its in
nua'l ravages in Winnipeg.  A iiiiiii er
ol cases buve  been  reported  to  the
Winnipeg health department,
Aid. Tupping, who returned last
week Irom a tour through the Koolo-
nays, declares that no city in that
district appears to have such a brilliant luture, or is ou such ii sound
tinanciul basis as Revelstoke,
Despatches Irom the past state thai
the largest iceberg ever seen litis been
sighted in the Straits of Belle Isle. It
measured over 300 Ieet high and is
right in the truck nl shipping.
Miss Olivia Iiiihl, a Norwegian sing
er, who i- touring British Columbia
and the prairie provinces, will mnke
her tirst appearance belore u Kevelstoke audience tbe lust week in August.
Several members ol the Pennsylvania State Editorial Assooiation who
are acquainted with Kevelstoke expressed much disappointment at not
being able to make the scheduled slop
over in the city.
Sir Charles Rivers Wilson, president
ol the Grand Trunk system, who has
just arrived from England states that
the Canadian railway enterprises in
Enj'laud took precedence even over
the Egyptian question,
Tlie Provincial Exhibition at Westminster will be held October 2, 3, 4. 6,
and six. and (50,000 will be .-pent in
prizes and attractions. The usual
cheap transportation rates for .-xhibiis
and fares have l*en secured Irom the
C P, K.
An item appeared in our lust iss ie
stating thit ui the recent C tunty
Court sittings,G.S.McCarter defended
a ..tan named J. Wilson, charged with
indecent assault at Comaplix Vie
find, on enquiry, that the mnn was
not representc I by counsel al all, bul
conducted his own defence,
Alter living for two weeks with one
| of bis two hearts dead,George l.ippert,
Hi years old, whose two hearts, three
perfectly formed legs nnd sixlt-cu lot's,
made him ono ol the wonders ol P. '1'.
Hiirnuin's show, is (lend from tuber-
The number of travelling public
registering at the hotels during tho
Inst wi ek bus been considerably above
tbe average. This speaks well for the
city's popularity und iiIbo us a favorite
headquarters Irom which lo make
numerous excursions.
Gulden will hold its annual race
meeting on Aug. 20-21 und big preparations uro being made to insure a
success. The lleotost horses from near
and far will bo present. Tbo C. I'. It.
will give reduced rotos from Knniloops
to Calgary.
Dr. Tolinie, votenary surgeon for
the Dominion Government, paid a
visit to 1'. Burns & Go's, dairy and
slaughter house this week. Tho visit
wns strictly unofficial, but nevertheless the doctor made n minute inspection* ot everything uml expressed
much satisfaction a I llio general clean
llness of both establishments, Dr,
Tolinie lms loft for Arrowhead bul
will return to Rovelstoko curly nexl
The last English mail brings a report that oloso upon one hundred
members ol parliament will visit Canada thia autumn. Many "I them will
conn-out wiib doctors who propose I,
attend the British Medical Association
nit'cting in Toronto. Others will
reach Canada later. Among thoni an
inombersol the lute government in
eluding III. Hon. Waller Long, lion
Alfred Lyttleton, and Rl Hon. Austin
A circumstance which calls toi
immediate attention al the hands ol
the civic authorities, says the Van
oouvor Province, wns presented to the
Health Department this morning
which revealed the fact thai one ol
the little children of n well known
resident wns Inst week al death's door
u* the result of picking up und path j
from n packageul sample pills which
hnd been lelt nt the door ol the eai-
deuce by an advertising ageni
There is considerable unfair rivalry
among the  Chinese  gardeni rs   xb
peddle vegt tables about the city. Some
of them reported that  one ol  their
number had leprosy, and as n  r suil
ol tliis the unfortunate Mongi
nearly .very one ol his cusi
Th,- report reached Chit-I of Police
Long,  and he at once hunted up thi
Chinese who was alleged to be ifli 'ted
with lepiosy and took him to I1   K i
McKenzie, ihe medical
, i the city     I he doctoi   is It
ful examination ol the man's
condition  and   found ih.it he was in
perfeel health and lh il
in every ivay,   Che Cl      ■   -
bit way rejoicing.    I1   m
trick nn thi    irl ,-.,,..
him  of being   u    It per. — R
Fresh Citrate
of Magnesia
This agreeable and efficient laxative, so often pre
scribed by physicians and
so very frequently used by
those k n o w i ng of its
virtues, livery bottle
purchased here will In*
found dear and sparkling.
Hr. Muni-,,,ii and Mr -
Y. M, C. A. havi    isl  el
i -it i,, the Deutschmitn Can   i   H
I, ,,k, when a most ei   yuhlc linn    i
F II Huffy, of Pittsbui - - ne
il, wm Irom an inspection i Hmith
Creek bj the -- Ilevelstoke hut nighl
Mi. i,nil) i- pn cowling wesl I" Sl vi l!
i.i.,I uill liki-lv visit Nome before his
I Mrs, Mo-Carter Iott on Saturday lust
,,ti u visit to Banff
Rev. ('. A. Prnolinior left yesterday
morning ou u visit to Nelson.
Im li. Lewis bus lelt for a short visit
I, the eust.
Governor MilcKintosb went south
this morning to Itussluinl.
Mrs. A. MoRae uud family are
spouding n holiday nt Sl. Leon Hot
Mrs. McColl is mi n visit to her
parents, Mr. and Mrs. 0- Glover,
Miss Ciiiniilinii, of Mciltoi'd, Out,,
is in tin-city on a visil to hor brother,
It, E. Citriinhiii! of lho Molsona' Bank.
Mr. nnd Mrs. Prnlt and Mrs. Elson
lelt this morning Ior St. Leon Hot
Springs on a two weeks holiday.
Mrs. W.J. Lighlbiiino, of Arrowhead, is spending n couple of weeks
with Mrs. Kennedy ut Comuplix.
Miss Alice Wise has arrived frnm
New Westmin-tcr on u visit here to
her sister Mrs. A. Miioltonro', who has
been seriously ill.
Miss Ooilej" returned home on
Thursday Insl from a two months'
visit to Iriends in Eastorn Canada iinrt
the Slnlcs.
Miss ICinch uml Mius Clink of Vancouver, who have been visiting Banff,
Glacier and Revelsloke, left hereon
Tuosday morning's train lor the coast
Vi. A, Sturdy, of the Lawrenco
Hardware Co'ssiora bus lelt lor Winnipeg to worship ul the throne of the
Goddess ol Hymen. The brideis Miss
llislnp, ii Into loacher in ihis city
Mr. nnd Mrs. Sturdy will spend their
honeymoon al W innipeg,
Business Locals.
A now line of cliililn-n'- shoes and
lure fool -an,lal- al McLenn m & Co's
Curtain sale ibis weck.choicu colors
mil designs.   C. B. Hume k Co.
Hows gives every iilleul  to pn
Carpels, Linoleums md Carpel
Squares ivi C, B. Iluinc ,\ 0 's.
I'ur Wall I'liper, Window Shades,
plain and decorative Bui'.nps. go lo C,
II. llunie,. Co.
A large Block of (*.,i,, *-. Linoleum,
Fl,,,: Oil, Matting, Iiiii ds, etc., ul
[It wst - '- Flint ti re -■ re,
Dag-Dag Rugs W iln n Rugs, Wn 1
Carpels, Tnpi itrba llm •■ Ils and Velvet Squares al ii »- ' - Pun il ire
.—   ♦     ■ —
The recent disci verb
I '.:-■-'
,-..    • irgc dia
mond in the Ni| ii ■   .
tho rod -
Hu    ■:-.'-..■
numerous inquirii -  - - -     de ol the
,   - caiioi
and where I
I  ,    .., nit l   In      ■      loubt  thai
. -     iln- New
Ontario lands -it  ild  ' - -   announce-
menl be true, thai thi ••        -■    - red
ted •-  \1    ', O, Atibin   M
Mr. Aubii
ed in Ni      i   ■   with tin
tone that is eil rtune  or
eon parutivelj worthless    Should the
radium di | — -   argi   --
- — iree will
be added Canada* ■ ul) woallhj
!-■ ffi
. * •
Ml    llni-r   ma,   ,   . Inil lU'ali
Mining i i      ih Cm k   cami
down i ,-t nighl   Irom   lln
Mr, Burr rep irti I hi ;,- pi rt)
condition, having ttsl -■■ n pletcd Ilu
preli i im work in gi tl ing
in conditit -    r a stead     m 'Ins lull
From now until il Irei «es ihen piny
will conti vi I,in.- and will make
a clean up thii fall
Mi-. D, T. Bulgci : i il ' liildien me
v'n.iiing Iriends iu Nel-t i>.
Our ron-gmlulnti.il s mc i xlinded lo
Mr. ('-. A Drake, win wus quietly
nun lied ill Nelson hiRt mi k
Mr. A. E. Anlhony and Mr. Walter
Wright took in lho ltegnt.n nt Nelson
lust week.
Mr.T. N, Okerslrom, ol Port Wing,
Wis., is spending a few days in town.
Mr, Julius Dougul who has been
doing some development work on bis
mining claims down near Fire Valley,
arrived in town nnd repnrls that the
property ifl showing up well.
Killed by Explosion of Nitro-
TACOMA, July 30.—While engaged
in tearing down all old Bhcd in the
rear of South St., Dun McLaughlin
was so frightfully mangled by un explosion of nitro-glycerino that- he died
at Fnniiio Paddock hospital three
hours Inter. McLaughlin was removing boards from the lloor when his
nxc struck nn old call supposed by tbe
p lice to huvo been cached there years
ngo by snfe blowers, or else to have
bien the relic ot an old chemical shop
which wns once ill the locality. The,
explosion uus heard lor blocks und
shook neighboring buildings not un-
likc-ii small earthquake. McLaughlin
wus hurled fifteen feet into the uir
and terribly mangled. One leg was
turn completely oil' and the other leg
crushed. The unfortunate man's
features were beyond recognition nnd
when .carried to the doctor's office, it
wm-, first thought thut ho was a negro
laborer, Bol.ii his eyes were blown
out mid his hands und anus frightti Ily
lacerated. The explosion completely
wrecked tbo building. McLaughlin
dragged himself over a pile of boards,
leaving u red trail behind him, to au
adjoining shed where he was lound
In I or.
British Columbia Imports Orientals En Masse.
The Hindoos, who hnve been working in Vancouver for the pust year,
hnve luken advantage of the call for
manual laborers for sawmill, railway
and ulher work, to send home the
joyful tidings to India, with the result
lhat 2,(11X1 will be here shortly. Dr.
11, 11. Daviohand bus n contract wilh
a number ol suwini.ls adjacent tc
Vancouver to furnish lhat number uf
Sikh nnd Hindoo laboro.s. The
Hindoos are found In he hotter lor
work tn mills than Chinese und lap-
iincse, It is pi'nb.ihlc ibat the white
workers will protest against tins Importation nt men from India. Tbey
want to make I his a "White British
Columbia." However the mills sny it
is impossible to get enough while
men. Since tho abolition of Kanakas
Irom Australia, which was the outcome of llm "Willie Australia Policy,"
the sugar growing industry, which
waa tbe main stay of the north, bus
considerably deteriorated, und many
I growers hnve been ruintil on that
account, white labor in those districts
lieing unreliable nod expensin.'
K   in  I'.
(Jilile ll number of llieni'el's uf
Gold Range Lodge, K ol P., went to
Arrowhead on Saturday to assist
Arrowhead Lodge, No. 38, in putting
through u class, who were ready lor
initiation, Al-hough the (leather
was exceptionally hot, we managed to
confer the lira! two ranks in record
lime, alter which we hied nurselve to
the howling alley, not to bowl hut to
partake ol a very pleasant repast,
which was prepared hy Mr, ami Mis.
Lightburne, and whioh retlects much
cii-tlii ou them considering the disadvantage under which they were
placed, The assembly then returned
tn the halt where ihe remaining work
was finished, when all retired in vur-
ti.i,- directions to partake of much
needed real
Brothers Scott and Leslie, pulled a
;- de sll the way Irom Revelstoke
head in thc evening to help
with 'ia- good work.
, lur members al-,,   wish   to  thank
Dicers ol the s.s. Rosslund lor the
coi rtesies exten led und also to
,: ithei Stevens, who did everything
i i make >-nr trip enjoyable,
ii. i . Aug I —K. E, Simp-
km ■■' i, -■   Dad Simp-
eil --1  ami  proprietor ,,l tne
1 --, il, .,1,1 i- registered at tho
Hume   lle has c n is op to take up
. Iieadqu irtera G.-r. m organizer lor the l.iliwal parly in iln- inter-
II- will not talk
bul it is in di ■' txl ;,. begins »*ork ns
-i    ion,   He ii provincial
un miuoumiiit.il im
To-morrow we begin uur First Clearance Sale ol Summer Goods. We want all tbe
room in our Store Ior our large stock ol Pall and Winter Go-ids, which will begin to
arrive next month, and Irom now until Saturday, August 11th, we will give you Bonie
genuine bargains on nil lines ol Summer Goods. We can oniy quote a lew prices here,
hut you will find all Bargain Goods MARKED in plain figures.
Druggist and Stationer,
next III,- Ilium- block,
Mail Ordm Recolio l'i„,„|,i Atlonllnu.
In Hosiery we have some great bargains.
We have the best line in town, and are selling
Cotton Hose, Black and Tan—regular 25 cent
lines—at 115c. Gauge Lisle Hose at 25c, Luce
Hose, Black and Tan.    Regular GOc, now 25c.
Wash Goods
Great Savings here In Seasonable Goods-
Mercerised Go-, (Ib—White grounds with colored
dots and figures. Regular price, 30c. Now
Wash Muslins—A large variety. Regular
Ilfic. to 50c.   Nuw only 25c.
Japanese Crepe—Regular 2„c.   Now 17jc.
Prints—A big line. Regular 12Jo. Now
White Cotton—Ilo. for lie; 8c. for 5c.
Wash Blouses
All Our Muslin Waists at One-Third Off.
Colored Waists, 50c. each.
For this Sale wo have bought 15 dozen
Hemstitched Linen Handkerchiefs. Tbey
come \ dozen in a hox and we are Belling them
at 40c., 50c, (IOc. aud 75c. per box.
Shoes, Shoes
Our Fall Stock is now on the wny nnd wc
must havo room for them. See our table ul
$2,00 and $3 00 Shoes, They sold from $3.00
to $5.00.
Childrens' Shoes
The odd lilies of these niiiBt go and we
have some snaps for the early comers.
McLennan & Company
nwfiifffwwnfinfff ^
grand master of the Oddfellows. 'I he
probable candidate in ihe Liberal interest ill Nelson is Dr. G. A. B. Hull.
It is understood he is anxious lor the
nomination, His reported that George
Fleming of ibis city will run us Socialist candidale.
j.i days nllM' tliitu 1 Intond to apply to tin
eiiinl (lonunlnloner of hinds antl tt orks Ior t.
special license, to mil uiul curry nwuy linlici
Irom tlin following described lands situated
In Ilu- lllg Hund district o( West Kootenny:
I. Commencing .-il n posl marked 'Alex,
llroi's snulli cast corner," plunled un llie weal
bunk of Forty-nlno oreok, about l in tics from
Cnliiiiiliiii river, running nortli 8U cliuiua,
thonce woit 80 clmiiis, tlience south 80 ehuins,
Ihoneo en-1, mi clialns to jiointof oommenoo-
llietlt. .   , ..,,
i. Commencing ul a post marked Alex.
Urol.'* nurih uut corner," planted on the wesl
bank n( Porlyiiinc creek, iilionl. I lullns inini
Columbia river, running south KI elm na,
llienee west Sll ehuins, thence norlli Sl) chains,
thonco eust Sll clmins to point of commencement. ,   , ,.,,
II. eoiunit'iiciiig nl a post marked 'Alex.
Ilrot's soutli west, corner, plantod on llie west
bnnk of Kul-lj-tilne creek, dhout 1 miles Iran,
Cnliliiibln river, running uortli 80 ehuins,
tlience east 811 clialns, I hence soutli 80 chnlns,
thonoo west 80 ohains to point of commonoo-
luenl. ,   , .,,,
I, Coiiinii'iieiiig nl, n jiosl market! Alex.
Utiil's noi'lii wost oornor," planlcd on tho wost
bank nl Forty-nine creek, aboul 1 miles Irani
Columbia river, rnniiiilR snulli Hi ehnins.
llienee ensl 80 chains, tlienco north 80 chains,
llienee west 80 cbnins to point ol commencement, .   . „,,
fl. Commencing ul a posl niarked Alex,
llroi's norlli onst'eorner," plnnletl on the west
bniikof Korly nine ereek, about *.| miles from
Cnliiiiiliiii river, running soulli 1WI clmins,
Ihence wesl in chains, thonoo nurih llll claims,
I hence east Hi cliiiins to point of commencement, .   , ., . ,
II. Commencing nl. n post mnrkeil Alex,
llroi's norlli wesl, cornor," plantod on tho west
bank nl Korly-iiino orook, about S| mllea Iron,
Coliiinliiii river, running south ISO ehains,
Ilu ace easUO chains, tlienco norlli UU ohalm,
theiieo wosl III chains to point, of commence-
ment. ,   , .,.,
7. Conillicliung nl. n post niarked Alex,
llroi's mirth weal, coiner," planted on lite weal
bank of Kortynille creek, about 2 miles from
Cnliiiiiliiii river, running soutli llll onions,
liionco ensl in cliiiins, llienco north IMI chnlit",
I hence wesl. Ill ehnins to point ol commencement. ,   , „.,
8. Commencing at a posl, marked Alex.
Hint's north cual, corner," planted on llie oasl
bnnk or Forty-llino ereek,abuut 1 mile[from
Columbia river, running soulh MB chains,
thenco west III cliuins, llienee north 100 cbnins,
tlionco enst 10 ehuins to point of oomminoo-
I), Commencing at a posl, marked "Alex.
Brat's Hi west comer," planted on tlio easl
bunk of Korly-ninc creek, ubout 1 milo Irom
(iiliiiiibiu river, running norlli Ho clia us,
llienee east Sll chains, tlience soulli 811 ehains.
ihence west Sll chains to point ol couin-.once-
iii. "comnicnoing at a post marked "Alex.
llroi's south east eorner," planted about l nine
(rom Korty-ntnc ereek on the west bunk, nml
about 1 mile from Columbia river, running
north III clialns, thence weat IU) clialna, thenco
south in ohalni, thence east 191 chalna to
pointof commencement.
Dated July 30th, 1906.
Al.KX. BHOT, Locator,
nngl Per (Jus Lund, Agent.
[■toil HA LE-Socdnd-haiid'Raiiffi' for
J* siil.- cheap. Applv lo J, H.
Cbkbsman, Tallin Shop.
Office at Central Hotel.
Il,,i us   I tn0 and7 lu0 p.m,   Other
In,or* by appointment,
tit tit iti itt itt iTi Ifi tTi it, ili ,-r. .*r. .-r. .-I;, ,-r, ,t, ,1-,,-!-, ,t, ,*t, ,*ti ,1", ,*****, iti nti iti
•V V 'I' 'v *v 'X' 'X' 'v 'I' 'I.' 'i' 1*11" iJJ' tyi '4. ij* tyi **t' i" 14,' '*' '-l1 + + "
'ion have often  looked  across  tho Columbia  River nml  x
iviihed yon could have a piece ol that lino flat lying south ol the
(' I* ll Ihidgc
I have instructions from the owners to offer that land lor
- .,, ,, price pei sore thnt heats anything nlso you oan.got 10 near T
ii,,- Oity, *<'
Let inn know how much ol It you want and I shall (tnileiivor *. I
to accommodate you, 4 i
must coin-:, tirst SERVED, 4)
£A   U Ann CU   Rottl Estate antl Insurance Agent 1
, n. nnuuzn,        revelstoke, b. o.        .
i'i*! .'i'i ,'ti iii iti. ti'i i-jti ti'i t'tt ■'i'i i'i*! ti'i iti t'tt i-ti t"t 1 i*ti ttt .t. At .'fr. ■♦» &t .Ta 1
tIT \js \? V TT TJ* Tl* TI* I" 1, TT V X* fr 'X *X iP vP *V V X 4? 'X1 '4
For Your Fruit Orders Strawberries at S2.50 per crate on
and after July 1st.
Front Street, Revelstoke
OOMS TO LET-Furnishi'd or un-
Iiiriiished, froni $8 to $14 per
month, Apply to E. A, Haookn, Reul
Eslute and Insiirunce Broker, Revel,
stoke, B. C.
WANTED-AT ONCE-Fitst-chiss
laundry man, also murker nnd
sorter. Apply, Rbvklotokk Stkam
Mosquito powder—the  kind
kills—at Bews' drug store.
.Milling, Real Estate, Insurance und General Coininission  Ageni,
Notary Public, Oiunihisslonei' of the Supreme Coiu-t.
Why pay exorbitant rales when your property can he insured
against loss by (Ire nt reasonable cost, iii the following NON-TARIFF
companies for which I am Agent'/
London iMiiTii.ii. I-Titu Inhubanck Go,, iik Canada,
Ottawa Fihe Insurance Company,
Montheal-Canada I'Titi'! (nsubance Co.
Anglo-Ajiehican Fihe Insubance Oo,
EqurrY Fibe Insubance Oompany.
CoijONiAl Pibe Insubance Company.
Dominion Pibe Insubance Company,
In Life Insurance
1 represent the NORTH AMERIGAM LIKE INSURANCE COMPANY, which offers the MOST LIBERAL POLICY on the market.
Get particulars before closing elsewhere.
In Guarantee and Accident Insurance I um Agent for the LONDON GUARANTEE AND ACCIDENT CO., LTD., of London,Eng.,
whose financial standing i« so high its bunds are accepted by the British, Australian, Canadian, Indian mid Colonial Governments,
This Company's PARAGON Accident und Sickness Policv should
havo your special attention. It combines the GREATEST LIBERALITY WITH THE SECURITY OF THE BANK OF ENGLAND,
and is the best Policy ever offered.
Guarantee Bonds issued lo Bookkeepers, Cashiers, City Officials,
Lodge Officers, Government Olllcinls, etc.
Real Estate,   -   Timber, -   Mines
If those wishing to invest in oi-sell City, Rural or Business Property, will advise mo of their requirements, tbeii intercuts will have my
best nil ent ion.
Reports on Land, Timber and Mines. jVgencios at Calgary, Vancouver, Kainloups. Nelson, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Spokane,
Chicago and New York.
Office, Mackenzie Avenue   -     •   Revelstoke, B. C.
Next C.P.lt. Telegraph Office.
J. G. Maedonald
Sale Now Going on
EVERYTHING MUST GO Regardless of Cost


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