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lo ii, aiiknt, J
ine maii-neram
$2.50 Per Year
*<i   '    1
Five o'clock tea, dainty luncheon or dinnei will not bo complete
without »n assortment ol theso Fancy Biscuits. This New Shipment
has just arrived and is here lor your choosing.
McCormick's Water Ice Wafers fcftJS*HaS, mti
McCormick'% Lady fingers and Cracknel!'s Biscuits.
Patterson's Cambridge Wafers, Oatmeal Wafers, Graham
Christie's Reception Wafers in 2 Ib. Tins, Zephpr Cream
Sodas in 2 % Ib. Tins, and Sweet Mixed Biscuits in 20
different varieties.
Several Lines in Huntley & Palmer's, such as : Assorted
Alaska Wafers, in tins, Assorted Carmencila Wafers,
Salt Wafers.
Mice Rich Walnut, Acorn, Dinner, Folkestone, Macaroons,
and Household.
in 1-2 Ib. in. and 5 Ib. Boxes—just arrived.
Stor-M at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
il vou an- looking for something nice in SPOONS AND
SPEOIAL " tor Souvenirs, we have them here.
J.  GUY   BARBER, -    «!
We will giv<
Pan   valued
the boy or g
be first to ha
most correct answers  to
the puzzles in the August
Red Cross Drug Store
D. NAIRN, Phm. B.
* iivijvii   ■ uu   iuii |
Sept. 19-20-21,1906   |
«*#*** «
Bi^est and Best Ever i
*     Hoi-se Races, Lacrosse Tour-    I
i    nunientainl otliorattraotious    |
f    The largest Fniit, Vegetable     T
and Mining Exhibits in the     *
hhshm. f
I). 0. MoMorkih,  J. J. Malone, i
Secretary.      President, i
garters p^j^ |
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
We Have a Splendid Assortment of
IB-bore Rilles from $3.00 up.
ShotgunB from $10 to $40.   All kinds ol Cartridges.
o  __
™ Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc., Plumbing and Tinsmlthlng,
The City en Fete — Revelstoke
Achieves Many Succeses.-
Large Crowds Enthusiastic
Over Celebrations.
Revelstoke in gnla attire  bus cole-
trilled   her   lib   anniversary  of the
Labour Day demonstration, and without  exception has proved tlie most
successful and   magnificent of  any.
For several days belore visitors  (rom
all parts lind been dropping Into the
city, and on tbe !l-l the liains disgorged    hundreds     more.    Monday
broke, a grand sunny day, with just »
delightful crispness In the air to put
an exhilaration into the blood and till
one witii a sense of enjoyment.   The
day's amusements commenced with a
grand parade, an aggregation ol ex
bihits of trade and industry. Forming
up at the City Hall, headed hy the
Marshall (G. Brook) and the Revelsloke Independent Band the procession
moved   in    the    following   order :
Decorated Rig with members ol the
management  committee   and   City
Council; Machinists' Association with
banner, City Fire Brigade, Hook and
Ladder Co., No.  2,  McRae on  an
artistically decorated bicycle, Messrs.
C. B. Hume & Co. in a gaily decorated
sociable wagon, " Barney & Balam's
Forepaugh Show in a handsomely
decorated menagerie car containing
dogs in cages, and a lively and energetic band perched on the gilded top,
Howson cfc Co. in a splendid exhibit ol
the furnishing trade—a  wagon certainly a complete bedroom suite; a
rig wilh advertisements of "Chic;" a
rig and a little pony and jockey adver
tising'- Dandy Dick," and Cecil Buck
on a prettily decorated bicycle.  Thc
procession   pcraded    the   principal
strectB ol the city, and finally passed
belore the judges at the City  Hall.
The Machinist Association received
the prize of $20 given by the Revelstoke Independent Band.  B. Howson
received lhe tirst prize Ior a decorated
turnout,  and    "Barney & Bailey's
Forepaugh  Show,"    received second
The whole parade waB most successfully managed and attracted large
crowds. Owing to the Okanagan train
lieing over two hours late an unavoidable wait was necessitated which
delayed the proceedings Ior the whole
(-day. On llv* »r'!val ol the special
train at the depot, where large crowds
had assembled, tbe Independent Band
played the visiting bands ot Vernon,
Armstrong and Keluwna to the band
room where lunch was served.
This game resulted in a very decisive victory Ior the home team. At the
commencement of the game Calgary
kept the ball up near iheir opponent's
goal, but towards the end ol the first
quarter Revelstoke took new lite and
play was transferred to Calgary's goal,
Messrs. Latham, Woodland, Dickey
did some good slick handling and
played good lacrosse throughout tlie
game. The following was the seme :
Ilevelstoke 12.   Calgary 2.
Between tbe quarters a lew races
lor boys were run oft' and thc Inde
pendent Band played selections.
After the lacrosse match, large
numbers ol people wended their wny
to tbe river where the b.s. Revelstoke
was in waiting to convey passengers
up to the race track. It waB certainly
a novel means of getting there and
made a most delightful change Irom
the dusty roads.
Owing to the delay Irom the train,
racing was late in commencing, but
when things were got going, some
first rate racing was seen. The grand
stand waa tilled to overflowing and
large number ol "sports" lined the
railing. Between the eventB, several
loot races were run off.
100yards dash, G Smith, 1st; It.
Thomas 2nd.
Boys' Race.—S. McRae, 1st; G.
Anthony, 2nd.
Quarter Mile Race.—G, Smith,
(Armstrong) 1st; Mulholland, 2nd. J.
E. Taylor ran very close for second
place, but failed in the last few yards.
The Vernon Fire Brigade Band
played selections during the afternoon.
J. E. Griffith, Golden, and A. McQueen, Kamloops, were the judges; A.
McDonald, time keeper; and W. Fleming and E. Dupont, starters.
First day.
l'ony race, J mile.—1 Miss Hammer: 2 Spider.  Time 30 sec.
Three-Quarter Mile open (dash)—
1 Golden Plume; 2 Hutch Miller.
Time 1.20.
Hall-Mile Trotting Race—1 Nellie
Emmet; 2 Bessie R; 3 Corsier; 4 High
Five-Eighths Mile open.—1 Young
Pepper; 2 Beaver Dam; 3 Buckskin.
Time 1.08.
The Opera House was well crowded
on Monday night, when the Melrose
Stoik Co. produced "Chic" a work lull
ot tragedy, pathos and humor. From
start to finish the interest was well
sustained, the villain being the embodiment ol all that a life of crime
will do. The caste was a strong one,
Mr. and Mrs Melrose were, as usual,
the life and soul ol the piece, while
the oilier characters werc well sustained, tbe aoting being exceptionally
good. The prison scene was very
realistic, while thc antics and remarks
ol the versatile Jerry received ronmh
ol applause.   Specialties   were ten-
ileldl 1,,'HV.
ine ivini I.
draw ug ol
< nei, niciiil
a coupon,
, ii lho acts and the evi n-
■oinrli! *o n close hy lhe
n liimls'.,iin- rocking chair,
ei of the nmlieiiC- li ning
The lucky mnnlicr being
A dance nnd supper ninde a grand
finale to a mint tucccBslul day,
The   hub-awl bub 11HI yards race,
between Nos, 1 and 2 Fire Hull llrig-
ades wns very keenly contested and
resulted in a win for the No, 2 Ilii-
guile.   Time, Hi seconds.
Much inter.st wns evinced in the
wel test which  is always one of tie
(eiiiures ni dromon's spoils, and apart
trom lieing interesting is nisi very
instructive, as giving lhe cl Izens nn
insight into the workings of lie
brigade. One hundred yards ol hose
wns coiiplid in tlm hydrant and the
water turned on the prize going In the
team who had a strong jet nt water
from the nozzle, in the shortest time
The contest was spirited and No. 1
llrigade ti.ishing in ill seconds and
No. 2 Brigade in 3d seconds.
Darge crowds of visitors attended
these competitions, llm Fire llrigndi
being always very popular. The races
were open to any outside competitor,
hut no other team hid ent.red.
Fresh from the race track with all
ils pleasures antl excitements still
vivid in their memory, u large and
splendidly representative audience
tilled the Opera House to overflowing
last night to witness the produotion
of that famous sporting comedy
"Dandy Dick." It waB in truth a
gala night. Visitors, Irom all parts
were preBent. The Vernon Fire Brigade Band performed selections of
music outside tbe building, and
the Revelstoke Independent Hand
played belore an appreciative audience
helore the risie ol thn curtain. Space ia
insufficient to lully depict I lie intricate
plot of this nicy comedy, but those
who were taken along last night
through the web of deceit which tbe
unfortunate Dean hail woven round
him, will lully understand the clever
sequence ol the piece. Towards the
end of the lirst act. the audience
warmed up to the situation and thoroughly enjoyed the little spicy bits ot
play which ran through the whole
performance. The lending parts werc
well sustained while the others in lhe
company worked hard to keep up Ihe
brightness" and go ol the piece. Tbe
staging was remarkably gout, tht'
drawingroom scene being especially
pretty. A Bplendid programme ol
classic and popular music was ren-
doied during lho evening by the
Independent Band and Mr. H. N.
Read, ol Golden, gave bo-iic very
pleasing solos, When it is known
liow Bbort a time has br-en Inkeu in
preparing and producing "Dindy
Dick" and ibe disadvantages under
which the company have worked, il
will l« seen bow enterprising am!
cnergelic the Amateur Dramatic
Soeiely is and whnt thorough an,l
capable work Ihey can produce A
lance brought the gala to a close ainl
visitors weiidel their way home loud
in their praises of our cily and
many were the expressions ol admiration lor tbo ability ol our citizens in
Much interest mis evinced iii thi-
mutch by the large crowd tlmt filled
the grand stand and lined lhe fences
o! the recreali.m grounds yesterday tn
watcli the struggle between the home
team and a team from En lerby. The
game wns even all through, some good
last work lieing done by our linys
The game would have resulted in n
" no gonl tie" had n it a little error in
judgment in the home forwards
caused the Enderby boys to get the
hall through the goals. The game
was last Irom start lo finish.
Terrorists at Large- Canada
Wants No Humbug Over
Immigration.— Terrible Explosion.—Frisco Strike.
Warsaw, Sept. 5.—Soldiers this
alternoon occupied Salsian Garden.
which was crowded with nurses and
children,and arrested -200 persons wh ,
were without passports, arising gc-i
nnil excite,mint. Great indications
thut terrorists in large numbers have
loll, Warsaw lor the purpose ol terrorizing country districts.
St. I'ktkksiujr(I, Sept. fi.—Three
hundred revolutionists were expelled
here today, among theni many mom
hers ot the local press. The government within a few days expect In
publish a lull programme ol reforms
which tbey will put before the country
at the coining elections.
Vancouver, Sept.5.—J. Rutherford,
who was supposed to have committed
suicide at Stanley Park, arrived from
Victoria yesterday and denied tlie
Ottawa, Sept. 5.—Hon. Lemieux,
Minister of Labor, decided to Bend
MacKenzie King, Deputy Minister, to
England to represent the British authorities un behalf of the Canadian
Government, the desirability of having
enacted at next session of Parliament,
legislation to prevent false lepresenta-
tions being made to prevent immigration.
Winnipeg, Sept. 6.—When asked
thc date of the next meeting of the
next local legislature Premier Koblin
replied that ho anticipated-the early
session beginning the latter end of
November or early* in December.
Elections will probably be in  March.
Fresno, Cil., Sept. ft.—As the
result of a terrific explosion shuck
which was lelt for ten miles, one man
wiib killed and another dangerously
wounded. $300,000 worth ol property
was destroyed at the big Calwa winery
yesterday. The man killed was a
refugee Irom San Francisco.
San Francisco, Sept. 5.-A thousand
strike breakers lauded here last night
to break tbe street car strike. No
attempt was made this morning by
tlie company to run the cars.
Toronto, Sept. 5.—A woman
named Miss Jean Porter was killed by
an autoniobilist last night, The
chaft'eur made a satisfactory explanation and was not arrested.
Macon, Ga., Sept. 5.—Unanimous
nomination ol Hoke Smith for Gov-'
crnor and the endorsement ol W. J.
Bryan for President for IU08 was the
principal business transacted by the
Democrat Slate Convention yesterday.
Shotguns, Rifles, Etc.
Wc nre handling Eley's Shells as tbey gave  such   good  satisfaction last season,
For the second time a large and
representative audience listened to the
superb voice ol the famous Norwegian
songstress. The Selkirk hall was tilled
in spite ol the other outside attractions
mid a most delightful programme was
rendered. *'0 Herre jeg er meget
tract" ("O Lord I am weary") was
most beautifully rendered, the expression being very Bympathctio. Grieg's
'Jeg Eleker I)ig,"(*'I Love You") was
perhaps the finest work ol thc evening
and Miss Dahl's rendering was sweetly
quaint yet lull ol pathos and Ming.
Miss Gina Smith, the charming and
talented pianiste, repeated ber numbers ol the first concert and received
the just reward in hearty and prolonged
applause. It is a long time since
Revelstoke has been treated with such
a combination ol vocal and instrumental talent as this and it can be
salely said that the programme of
Monday night contained some ol the
linest music ever heard in Reveletoko.
The massed bands of thc Interior
Band Association, consisting ol the
Revelstoke Independent Band, Vernon
Fire Brigade Band, Keiowna and Armstrong Bands, played at the corner ol
Boyle avenue and Second street on
Monday night, The ground was brilliantly lit with electric lights and
numbers nl people attended.
Tbe rendering ol their selections was
excellent, and the whole band played
with true precision. The volume ol
sound was superb and the conceit wis
thoroughly enjoyed by all. R. H.
r wielded the conductor's baton,
"Bananas, oranges, lemons, pine
apples and ripe tomatoes in perfect
shape for making catsup. C B.
Hume & Co.
I'rolially the most enjoyable and
best contested match in the two days'
sport was the tennis match between
Golden unit Ilevelstoke. Fourteen
Gulden players were pitted against an
equal number of Revelsloke people
making a match ol 27 events Revelstoke winning a majority. Although
beaten the Golden players arc good
losers and were in the cnine all tin
time making many of the matches
lost very close indeed. One of the
best played events in the mach was
that ot Mrs. l'lowriglit and Miss Spurling in tbe ladies' singles. Miss Spurling winning. Following are the
Miss Spurling and Miss Hardie defeated Mrs. l'lowriglit and Miss Yates,
0-3, li-1.
Mrs. Elson anil Mrs. McLennan,defeated Mrs. Bacon and Miss Fernie,
6-0, 6-1.
Miss Calder und Mrs. H. O. Morris
deleatcd Miss McQuirc aud Miss
J oil lies, ti 4, 0-3,
Nairn and Misa Spurling deleatcd
Parson and Mrs.,l'lowriglit, (i-3, (i-l.
Congreve and Miss Hardy defeated
l'lowriglit and MrB. Bacon, 0-1,0-7.
Sissons and Miss Calder defeatist
E. N. Russell and Miss Yates, 12-10,
Rev. Robertson and Mrs. Elson defeated Aston and Miss Fernie, 8 0, !)•(!,
T. E. L, Taylor aud Mrs. McLennan
defeated II. N, Reid and Miss Jones,
11-0, (i-3.
(I, Barber and MrB. H. 0, Morris deleatcd McClcniiaghan and Miss McQuirc, 0-3, ti-3.
Nairn defeated ll.G.Parson, 0-2, ti-1,
Congreve v. Russel, 0-4,2-0, 0-2,
Sissons v. l'lowriglit, 7-5, 6-1.
J. E. Taylor v. C. H. Parson, 0-2,
2-ti, 6-0,
MoClcnneghaii v. Rev. Robertson,
Reid v. ll.llarber, 6 3, 6-1
Aston v T. E, L, Taylor, ti-3, ti-1.
Ilullnian v. McDonald, ti-2, 6-0.
ladies' singles.
Miss Spurling v. Mrs. l'lowriglit,
ti-3, 2-6,6-2.
Mrs Elson v. Miss Fernie, 0-1, 6-3.
MiBa Hardie v. Miss Yates, ti-1, ti-3.
Mrs. McLennan v. Mrs. Bacon, 6-0,
Mrs, II. C Morris v. Miss McGuire,
Miss Calder v. Miss Jones, 8-6,6-4,
Nairn and Congreve v. Parson ami
RusbcII, 6-2,61.
Sissons and Robertson v. l'lowriglit
and Reid, 11-9, 6-7, 6-8,
McClonoghan and Parson v. Taylor
•nd Taylor, ti-1, ti-3.
Bullnian and Aston v, G, Barber and
McDonald, 6-4,7-6,
We arc thu sole representatives for
Banff Hard Coal the only hard
coal mined in Canada, which is a superior coal for domestic and steam purposes.
When fired properly it will give off a
greater, more even and sustained heat
than any other coal, hence the most economical to use. This coal is smokeless
and is specially recommended for Self
Feeders,Hot Blast Stoves and Furnaces.
The price is $9 per ton. Leave
orders at our offices in the Molsons'
Bank Building, where they will have
prompt and careful attention.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For all kinds of Hp-tn-dale anil reliable furniture
and bouse furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Say, Wifey
What the deuce is the matter wilh this
bread ? I was at mother's last night,
and she had the most lovely bread.
Well, no wonder, your mother bakes
with RISING SUN and if the grocer
sends any more of that stuff he sent
last, I'll send it back.   You get
and I'll make jusus good bread as your
mother ever made.
Manufactured and Guaranteed by
The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
! (.1,1111,11
li VY AT
tacluilng pontage to Kngland, United Stntw
nml Canada.
Bj the jiar lihv- ughp -*■ fflcc] .....    -  ?-'
Half      "*        " "     1.9
Quarter "       " "        ... l.i
Legal notices 10cents pet lino iir-' Insertion,
S cenU per line each ■rmbsoqucnl Insert loi
Measurement* Konparlel [13 Unes make om
Incht   Store   and   general .".-im-- nn
iioiiucc-meiit- titf per Inch per
Preferred po-Uion-,   SS   per   cent,   nd-
ditiivrtl.  Birth*, Marriages nnd Deaths,
50o, each in-t-rtion.   Timber notices $5.0u
Und  noticed  r.'-1    All advertisements
•subject to the approral nf tin* management.
Wanted and Condensed Advertisements: ,
Agents Wanted, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted,   Situations    Vacant   Toac-hors
* Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, l** words or
• lea lie., eaoh additional line \o   cents,
■"'  Changes in atanding advertisement* must
■   beiADj B a, in. Tuesday and Friday of
etch week to secure good display.
iUB PRINTING promptly executed at reasonable rates, ,,  ,
TERM.- Cash,   Bn!  mptions payablo in ad,
*. i*.. *.
WKREHPOSDKKCK invited on matters ol
public interest. Communications to - 11
tor must be aoc impanied by nanv i
writer, not necessarily fo publication bui
.- ,-..-. ■ , -    .■>•-■'  fiti'.l      ruM*l'-!"i*:ili-""-
rhould U* brief.
Omcni  l.Mii.Kiii.  Hank  BLOCK,  lti.vi i
Stone) to loan,
Offlf,--: RevoMoko, B.O.: Knrl Steele, B, 0,
QBO. .-. M' I'AKTCIl.
V. M. I'l'-MIMI. J. A, HAI1VKV,
llevelitoke, B. C, FiirtStocle, ll. r
Head-on Collision Near Medicine Hat  Serious Injur
ies Sustained.
Mi.i'ieisi: Hat, Sept, 2.—Intelligence lias been received ol a very ball
tcoidciit nt two freight trains at n
point about tbi-ee-liiiirtbs of a mile
,vest oi Duncan Junotion at 24:80 yesterday. It appeal's that one train
bound mis! Irom Medicine Mat with J.
Glov.r in chargeolthoengino, collided
with a train ooming from over lie
Crows Nest system in charge ol Conductor Bennett, lt is stated that
Hose, the engineer in oharge of Bennett's train is very badly scalded. J.
Glovor is dead. W, ltobb, a brakeman,
ia badly shaken up. .1. l.ovett,,fireman with Hose, had holh legs taken
oft' und can hardly be expected to live.
VV, Oliver, ex-chairman ol the Cranbrook Labor Union wus killed.
Ii is reported that tho cause ol the
accident was the (allure of the operator at Dtinmoro Junction to glvo the
proper orders with regard to tho trains
lle is said to havo benl over forty
hours on duly. This statement is
very improbable but very posslbh ill
ib, sumo,and will require investigation. The west bound paasen •■ train
was delayed for ton hotira and a hall
owing to the line being blocked wilh
''<,iii:,iiiiiM n„an,-*.:,i,,iii lln,-,-,in,i,-i,-r* Honied ,\iili Tiinotliy, Hiiiliiliiu f,„- fruit gruwlnit.
Ilmueamiuiitliullilliig.InBuiiilfeuilllliai sltnali
111 I'l-iiMlm-liii-. ,1 l.„l mil, - w-st ol  ItMl-lltuko.
\|.|,1M„ CTAl'I'IMl. IIM-l.i.l,..    	
.',1 .''
,*,.   .
.1.'.: -. ,-t i.L.n
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Monf/v to Loan
Solicitors tor Molsons Bank
stSlli-el. Revelsloke, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Stiiveylng
Mi KtiNZii-: Avenue,
Box 100, Revelstokk.
mTninu Engineer,
Mem, American Institute Mining Englnoenl
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke, B, C.
Eiun,ination ol and reports on Mineral Pro
pertlce a Spcolalty.
" I ivould . ■ . earnestly atlvlso them for
Iheir good to „r,lrr ilii-i,niar to bo punolimll)
wrven up, and to be looked uiion us a pnrtol
tbe U lequtnago."  AuiiIbon.
The great 3-4 of September ban
come uml gone and where ns before
was scheming and planning, now
there remains only a vivid and pleasant memory of the great celebrations,
a memory that will linger not only ill
the minds ol our own citizens themselves-. I ut ale., in those ol our visitors
uml guests 'Alio, hiving enjoyed the
courtesy am! liberality ot our tar
lamed hospitality, have returned to
their respective homes, happy ainl
content. Few* there are, and only u
few, who have lelt us dissatisfied,.nud
those need not be taken into consider-
ati.-n. Revelstoke, the gem ol the
interior, has been en fete and when
her citizens meat together to do anything, well—it is done, and done with
a ready will and a good spirit. A
large and varied programme of miniBO-
: ii Lt- was prepared, every detail ol
which had been discussed night after
night and the whole brought down to
a fine point. The programme wnuld
have run like clockwork bud not the
C.P.R. upset the whole arrangements
I tbe : :-*. Jay. but in spite ol the
disappointment and the uncalled for
lelaj n the part of the C. 1*. R.
officials in managing (he special train,
the temper of the crowd remained
unruffled, It may be salely said that
thi average British Columbian crowd
is a perfect, good and orderly body
and thtir power- ol endurance were
tested in more way: than one during
the celebrations.
l.,(icl('C No. 15AF.&A.IV
Tin- regular meol
in;:- are lii'M III thr
Mii-i,iii,- Temple.
ulii |,vi!i,wsllall,ni
Hi, liilnl Monilayh
llulh   nliilllll   III   Y
[..in Vlsltlnitbri'lli-
ri n  cordially wel
MooUt every Tliursdti.
--,.]  -^ ovonliiglnOddl'"ollowp
5?    \llall   nl   h   o'olocl.
it  -*"?*' ■"*■"*■ ^***j-^JV lulling brethren coi
■ ** '      '.i;.u» 'nvlteil to ul
•eby |
•lil lulu
iVOIl llllll   1 slllll!, llll W',',1-
lay, tho Ktli day or Soptembor 1000, al li*
,,,-1,,,-t, In the nfii'111,,,,11. ofrcr for nolo by Public A notion, ul the Town ol Coinaplix, I.--1
nninbered Soven iti In Mm-, iiumborca Twelvi
112), toKotlior wllh building tliorcon (lormorlj
Goveiiiiiieiil Record Olilco), said nropori;
being situate In said town of Comuplix, Bub
i,-,-i toarciorvod bid ol J82400.
Dated ui Rivohtoko, 11. (!., thia 21th day ol
August, I'M
l-'llKl) PHASER,
aug 23 liiivi'i-iiiiiviil Agent.
Nol Ico !* horoby given Uinta days all or dale
I Intond in imply lo the i !hlo( Coiniulsalonor o
l..-„i,l* mul Wurk. fur a upcolal liconso to oul
on! carry away timlior from the following do,
.eribod lands on Uppor Arrow Lakes, Wesl
run nn, 'mini! nl a posl planlcd annul ono
uiil nli oftliosoiilli «-,-*! corner ol Lot Cl In
, honco in i-lialns ivml. 11..-ii,-,- mn ohains nun h,
ill, HIclinlllH cast, I lien.-,- UUI elinlns soulli
lo lho jiolnl ol utiintitoiiroiiitiiil,
Dated tugiiat Utli, 1000,
daw alter ilul,
idi-r r,
lo   I inli'iid lu apply lulli,
rui Iiuiils iiiiiI Works for a
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
EBTS l-.VKHV  WI-.liNllSli..
i Idlelluivn'  Hull  in
lorl      Vi.stuig KniglilH ,u
ol,,illy nvlled.
iiiiwi-:, r.r.
11. II. HIIUl'K, K. nl II. AS.
II. A. HltOWN, M. uf F
ml carry away llnibi
mrrlbcil lauds nltiiatu
ul Arrow Uki-in Win
ill lin-IH- in ,-ul
i- lliu following
nlli,- Norlli Ku-i An
vu .l"iiii) dislricl :
  <n»t of Italian, uu -i.titli slioro of I,,
ml markod "VV. II, Hnliultu', north-wait cor
insl," il„, , oust SO chnlns,llionoo soutli
liains, llienco wosl. 80 i-llllili.-. lllOIICO llurtl.SII
lialus lo jmlnl „l coininoncoinonl,
".   ri.iiiiiioiK'iior in a posl lllillllod ulmut I
nil,, ivesl ul lli'ni i south slioro of Lull
md mnrkod "W. tl. Scliulzo's nnrtli ouitoorm
nisi," thouco sontli su cliains, thonco wost SI)
hains, Ihoneo nnrtli 30 cliains, thouco oasl su
liains tu puiui ol couiuioitroinout,
Doled Aug. Utli, I0M.
Per VV. I*. Ogllvio, Agent.
Nn. I. House iiiiiI tvvn lots, First
sireel, $11,500. Valuable cornel' loca-
I inn,
No, ;,. Lut mul Store, l-'irsl Strool,
$2,01)0.   Ensy lutins,
No. H. -Lot on First Hli-ect- $500.
No. 7. Two bus on First Si reel
wiih residence, $2,100.
These lots are likely to be valuable
business siles,
Nu. II.—Coi-noi property on Third
street, lwo lots nnil residence, $2000,
No. 15. S Lots on First Street. The
linesi hold in- Store sile in Oity,—
I Lols on First Stl'eet, $0,300,
I Lols on Second Sheet, $1,018.
No, 21,—Ono of the best resiilenees
nml Villa Sites lu City, $4.01)0.
No. 22,-Resldence, Victoria Rond,
$3 7., i.
No.23—Residence Muckonxlo Ave.
No, 24.—Business Block. Mitckcnzlo
Avenue, $12,000.
No,28.- Residence on Third Slieel,
No. 12-4 Lols on Eighth Street for
No. 30. -Residence and lot, Firsl
Street, $2,105,
No, 73.—Residence, .Second Slreel.
No. 74.—Residence, Secund Street,
No, 12.- Three lots in city of Nelson.
or wili exchange tot'properly in Rovelstoke,
No. 51.—Lot nnd Sl.-ibleiit t'aiiiboii,,-
No. 51.—House and Lot, Camborne
:.„,;,- will cause discontent and
restlessness on the part ol the crowd.
Monday was a series ol long waits and
y. ■ • . ,,,l held iis temper through
th«m all However, taking it all
r   ii ; i;      •■  !■:,- may be wells.iti.-t!,-,!
No. 1.').—110 acres within two iniles
,,!' city, oi- will bu sold in blocks of .",
acres lo 25.i ires,
No. 15.—700 acres Crown title and
half Interest in 5,0000 acres $21,000,
No. 112. -320 acres, Kelownn, $111,000.
No. 27. -320 at res Crown granted
Long  waits  ainl I landi ut Gali'ini Bay, "-,', per uci-e.
with    --.:     Our  band   and our   ,.-, ., 80 acres cultivated, good  b'uiH-
sp„rts teams did themselves credit, thc
trun.-), rtati n arrangements wen
well looked ifter und visitor- -
1 ud In theii ; -• I - or hospitable
treatment >i * - irtesy, Labour Hay
will loi ever livi in --or memory „- ■
time ol go -1 eei nd general onj y-
in mt, and apart In m that, we must
i. i i rgct what a gl -.: -I   -',',, rli-'ii ' I '
it ha been for us when om visitors
takeaway with them meiuories, both
il -tnct and coDoretc, ol our excellence in a| '■ i I histi nic and
... ,. ■ dent. From every point ol
,-iea thwi   I  -    *  Day cl • rati, ne
■ -.• be. [i -  ■ and will, we
tni-i.   ■     ll ii":'!   ol .,
regular anno,!  demonstration eacl
ue to be n ore  incccsslul than its
I M'!' -', -I   :■
Stanley Mcnbeoick has struck n
rich lead ut th- head ol Bcotl crock,
Samples ol the ore shown in town are
,-t client, and attracting much attention.   A slump will be erected,
V. A. Tliew. ol the Eva hotel, has
bought two Iol  Wallace Avenue
and will build a hotel.
Alex. .McKay will subtllridehis bind
between Camborne and Beaton into
[rtit fnrm blocks.
J, Perry is In charge ol the aerial
tramway at the silver Dollar mine,
which will lie the best in the country
on completion
No. 31, 2,500 acres Mcola Valley,
-i. h stock, $70,000.
'.,   :.;,   100 acres easl of Revelstoke
.\ . I? 320 a,-i, * Crown 'm-niioil
..-. * pnstoral lease with -lork. is miles
from railway ■$12,750
Nn. 37.- Best fiuitn in district, isn
VTOTICK N hereby clvun that BO daw aflor
i\ date I intend In ni'iily to tho Hun. ilm
1'lili.f I'omnilsfllonoi' of Lnmls nnd Works for
uminlsslon lo purchnxo the following doporihed
tmids, situated hi Wv*\. ICootuttay, wot-t ski
Oolumbiii rivor, Klro Vulloy:
Commencing at i post io chains north of
l.anyi- north \vop| corner post nnd marked
"Harry MclntoBh's north east corner pout,"
thonco west 80 chains, Ihoneo south 80oliiUnst,
i bonce easl 80 chains, i koiico norl h 80 ohains to
place of commoiKomcnt,
Iuti'il,liiin' i;*tiii. i:i'rn.
la. mm
Stock and Share Broker
(Subjecl to confirmation)
2,111m Eureka Uie., payable In inslnl-
uu'iils,    Engineers Report muy   be
seen ll! my ollhe.
2,000 Nicola Coal -5c,
75 Ciiniidlnii Marconi - $3.1X1.
2,000 Diamond Vale Coiil-2lc,
I.""i Hooky Moniiliiiii Developmenl
15011 Howe S> nml illiiiliiiiiii Mine)
mull. I*. Win-.-ind Nail   $111.50.
oil Grent We-l Feriiinnent Loan and
2000 Eva   511c.
luu Revelstoke,v. MeCiillough Creek
nl unc.
20110 Revelstoke A M iCullough Creek
Hydraulic -50c.
250 Great Noi-lhet-ii Mines  20c
0,000 Bcati'ii'ii   20e.
Iniperinl Develop nt, .Sii.
I Dominion I'ei'iiiiineiit, $85.
Manhattan, Nevada Gold Mines 20c.
Ji.HK) Prince.
(Subjecl ti confirmation*)
Virgin! i    Ic.
Hiiiulil-Ti iti'ilu ,-   IT -.
I.uno Laideaii.Mines.   Ic.
10,000 Ri ferendiiui   He.
5,000  F -Iiv-Vim- Creek  Rcceipla-
5,000 V :'b Si,,    |l
1.000 II .i
Imperial, 81,50.
OFFICE-i,;ackenzie Ave,
Nexl i . I*. R, Ti ,.i id ■
all,-l uno-   l   „lie,ui   ,,- .,|-|.,,.  	
Commissioner ,,i 1.anils and Works for a
special licence lo cut un.l carry awny tim-
l,i-i Innii the following described lnmls,
shunted in lhc Yale Dis riel!
o Comaienciiig al a posl marked "J.
Harry's norlh-easl comer post," planled
ahoul lliree miles norlh of llie easl fork ol
Shuswup river anil aboul one-half mile
easl of Main river, thence snulli So ehains,
ihence wesl So ehains, thence norlh Ho
chains, ihenee east So chains to point of
io. Commencingal a posl marked "J.
Barry's south-easl corner post," planted
about three miles north of lhe easl fork of
Shuswup river, and about one-half mile
east of the main river, thence norlh 8o
chains, Ihence west 8o chains, Ihence
-.iiniii So ehuins, thence east So cliains to
point ol commencement,
11. Commencing at n posi marked "J.
I'urrs's north-west corner post," planted
about three miles nortli of lhe east fork of
Shuswap river, anil ahoul one-half mile
east of the main liver, Ihence soulh 40
chuius, thence east 160 chains, thence
uorlh 40 ehnins, thenee west 160 chains to
poinl of commencement,
12. Commencing al a posi marked "J.
Harry's soulh-vvesl corner post," iilanled
ahoul three miles norlh ol llie easl fork of
Shuswap river, nnd about one-halt mile
easl of lhe main river, Ihence cast 80
ehains, Ihence norlli So ehains, Ihenee
west Ho cliains, ihence soush So chains lo
poinl of commencement,
1,1. Commencingal a post marked "'J.
Harry's uorih-ensi corner post/' planted
aboul four miles in,rlh of tlie ensl lork of
Shutiwnp river, Ihenee soulh So ehuins,
Ihenee west 80 chains, Ihenee ninth 80
chains, Ihence east 80 chains, lo point of
14. Commencing nl a posl marked "J
Harry's south-easl corner posl," plnnletl
about four iniles norlh of lhe cast fork of
Shuswap river, thence north So chains,
Ihence west 80 cliains, Ihence soulh So
chains, Ihence cast So ehaiiis to poinl of
15, Commencing al a pod mnrkeil "J
Hurry's sinilh-wesl enrner post," planted
ahoul lour miles north of Ihe cast fork of
Shuswap river, thonce norlh So chains,
Ihence easl 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, Ihence west 80 chains to poinl ol
i(i. Commencing nl a post marked "J
Harry's norlh-wesl conier posl," planled
about six miles norlh of lhe easl fork of
Shuswap river, Ibeuce soulh 80 chains,
Ihence easl So chains, Ihence north 80
chains, thence wesl 80 chains to point of
17. Commencing nl a posl maiked "J
Harry's north-east corner posl," planted
about six miles norlh of Ihe easl fork of
Shuswap river, Ihence soutli 80 chains,
Ihence wesl 80 ehuins, thence north 80
chains, thence call So chains lo point of
is. Commencing al 11 posl marked "J.
Barry's norlh-easl corner posl," planted
on lhe soulh fork of Shuswap river, and
about one mile from llie mould, ihence
ivesl 80 ehuins, Ihence south 80 chains,
Ihence east 80 chains, Ihence norlh 80
chains In poinl of commencement.
19, Commencing nl a posl marked "J.
Harry's north-west corner posl," planted
on llie souih fork ol Shuswap rivor and
ahoul one mile from ils mouth, Ihence
easl So chains, Ihence soulh So chains,
Ihence wesl So chains, tlience norlh 80
chains lo point of commencement.
jo. Commencing nl a posl marked "J,
Harry's soulh-vvesl corner," planted on
the south fork of Shuswap river and aboul
one mile from ils mouth, ihence norlh 80
chains, Ihence easl So ehnins, thence
soulh So chains, ihence wesl So chains lo
point of commencement.
.'i. Commencing al 11 posl inirked "J.
Ham s norlh-west corner post," planted
011 llie soulh fork of Shuswup river aboul
livo iniles from ils mouth, Ihence enst 80
chains, Ihenee soulh So chains, Ihence
wesi 80 chains, Ihence norlh Sn ehnins to
point of commencemetil.
- j. Commencing al a jiosl marked "J.
Harry's south-easl corner post," planted
011 llie north branch of lhe easl fork of
Shuswap river, and about four miles from
the forks, ihence north 40 chain 1, thence
wesi mo chains, thence south 40 chnius,
thence easl 160 cliains to point of commencement,
■-,. Commencing at a posl mnrked "J,
Hams norlh-easl corner posl,' planted
,,,1 ihe north branch of lhe east fork of
Shuswap river, and aboul four miles from
ilu-lorks, ihence soulh 40 chains, thence
wesl 1 > chaina, thence north 40 chains,
Ihence easl loochainsio pointol commencement.
.•4. Commencing al a posl marked "J.
Hums norlh-west corner post," planled
on lhe norlh branch of Ihe easl fork of
s- 1 *-,, ip river and ahout lour miles from
ihe forks, thence south 80 chains, ihence
.. i*- *, , ains, tlience north So chains,
Iheece wesl So chains lo poinl   of com-
Dated August 10th, 1006.
-,.p 5 J. BARRY.
will be made 10 the Legislative "Assembly
of lhe Province of British Columbia al lln-
nexl session, for aii Acl, incorporating
Company u, build, equip, maintain
operate a line or lines of railway ol sti
ardor other gunge, with any kind
motive power from 11 poinl on Upper Ar
Lake, Wesl Kootenay, near Arrowhi
ihence following lhe Columbia River
northerly on either side to a poinl at or
near the confluence of Canoe River with
the Columbia River and thence following
along Canoe Kiver on either side, to a
pout al or near Tele Jaune Cache, on
Fraser River, wiih power to construct,
operate and maintain branch lines to any
point within twenty miles from the main
line of railway 1 and wllh power lo con-
slrucl, operate nud maintain all access,
bridges, roads, ways and ferries! and
construct, acquire, own anil mainlaii
wharves and docks ill connection there
with; and to construct, own, acquire
•quip and maintain steam and oilier ves
sets and bonis and operate Iho same
any navigable waters, and to construe
operate and maintain telegraph and tc'
phone lines along lhe routes of lhe sl
ailway ami ils branches, or In connect
herewith, and lo transmit message
commercial purposes', lo generate
iricilv and supply lighl, heat and power,
and creel, construct, build and maintain
lhe necessary buildings and works, nnd lo
Ifonoriilc nny kind of power for Iho purposes ufores'.iid.or in connection therewith,
lor reward i and lo acquire und receive
Irom any Government, corporation or persons, giants of lund, money, bonuses,
privileges or oilier assistance ill aid ol ihe
construction of ihe Company's undertaking, and lo conned willi and enter into
irallic or oilier arrangements wiih railway,
Hteamboal or other companies, and lo
exercise such powers as arc granlal hy
parts 4 and 5 of lho " Water * Clauses
Consolidation Acl "1 nnd for all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental to lhe premises, and for other
Daled al Revelstoke, B.C., lius 31st day
of August, 1006.
Solicitors for the Applicants
in.-. Sill per acre,
M    ill,   Bouse uiul two  u   ■-
nl Trow I uke $1,200.
Nn. 55.   110 ai res  Easl  Ko 1
No. II",   Frtiil farms nl Ai-instr
tt, in sii;, tii ss,', per nere,    0 odi
Allll -, b. ,,|-
'. ,. il.   50,000  111 res  Eastern
Is  ia. ST..Vi per uctt?.
\ ,   Tl  (ai   50,1X10   ..!.-  ui
I.,,-, > , ikat. In w ni s 1 pin ner
Nu Tl Ih]   10,1 -i, ml I., hi,ii,
$11.75 pei
N 1, 70.   lOOai 1     ,  Edin   I
p      .,,-!,-.
Houses und Rooms to Lot
Businesses For Sale
No. 1-.   II,,1,1, llrii-k Building, $2!,
No, in Hotel, prollylof ,$3,000.
Ni . 27.     Hotel,  ■ !„■> maker. 1
No, 13,   Hotel, $3,501),
I!  II la,   1 si,,1, ..  .,   Ill„k,ii,i!'i's
Huh       iii ib,- Northwest,
;. 1, |3,   Sion rn- ll„i,l -ii.-'i Notch
No, Hi.   lintel ..11 v iincmivm I  I,
s 1,5     ball eiisb.
No, 50,   Half Interi il In Shlngo Mills
pi ,, , ,,l mnn reipiircdj [Inn opening
No, li.    NeWSpllpel   ill   liritish   Col"
iiinbi.i. $1,000 down! balance on terms,
l-;,-i-y tonus
if  payment   loay
■Wiil the party who borrowed the
large bung auger from the BlltflrnrlsS
Brewery, please return it at once."
Nothing better than " Our Speoial.
For particulars apply to
Id-ill Estate and Insurance Ageni
Rovelstoko, B.C,
...   ,     RAO,   '„RK
,M     II   ,■-.    ...       -      MM    I      ' I !m
. 11 malerial,   Ml 111	
lllj mil andprrfi - 'Iv lined.
I-    |,    ,i|>j,..,.i   111   1      i-.lse    .111,1
durability Ihey   have   no
,',|ii,il  .   .   VVti -il-.. --oi-■
11 wonderfully line line nl
win king nn- n ' * Glove
Socks uml Shirts  ....
i rn ,
vANcouvrcn,   a c.
Notice 11 hereby given thai   al  lhc ex
.,;., from dale I intend 1,
ei Commissioner of Land,
md Work   lorn speciul limbei license ti
.,.-.,  llrobei  fi ,	
- land in Ihe Dislricl  of
desi ribed as fo ■
,   ,. ,    . i ig -■ 1 posl planled ul  the
north    ml        ■■'   -I  '" 1   ; me   '•"■
 n I '■ I). Mi Inl .-hs Soulh-
!-,,*i 1 win - |*o*l,  thence weal Ho 1 hainsi
il..11, ,   .,   ■!,   ,,,  , ham*:   Ibeni 0  wesl   I"
,, u! i iim, il,,-,a-,
,.,-isi I..,, ihem , 1011II1 r- h iini lo
lho p,,ii,i   ,1    in meneement, containing
, , |M    MM      .
M    I906,
I I.     VI   I
\,   ,    ,.,. , - MM      .1 ,] ,f|,T   lllltl
j ,. ...I'M ...
■    , ' Mi     ,      I	
in,l enrrj i* 1     -'-'•' '"-"" *-!." lollowini,do-
111!, > Kuolti i)
,.   .;..,;,..,   -,,   th,  Old
I ..' !!.,., ...
V.   „! I! roi lb, ll
. .  nod   „,„r*>,,l      T    h.l|..,lr.,-i
...    ,    ■    -,     I , •
.   H del '  -i   li 1
uiul con,.
 ,- ,   -.1
1   , , ,-,.- ,- , po 1 planted un t.i.,-01,1
-,'    ,t fl   if -, m   ilxrtil in
m, In    Hiw ,,,„!  ,„ oV'-l     T    Kili-itnrk I
, ,        . .,,.   vi   chain
m -,, -,- 1, ■ ,1   -I ...,'■- ,.,'/, citato,
.., rlii ■'- chilli    '-- "" m I  -
.:.  ('ommcnciiiK nt 1 po ' pim W Of lho Ohl
w, ,„l 11,-,-,-s trail ihonl Is   sail ol thfl' ',1
,,   i, ,   :.....   md  i,i.,rt,"l   T    Kllpitrli \
uortli ■•■■ 1. corner,   theiion   sail   W c-tiiiii
m,,.,.,,   outh "'' -',,'i"   thoni   .,,„ 1 an .'Innii
liionco north "' ohflln ,.. thfl point „f «",„•
1, 1 ,„,„„  is at n I-,-1 plnntfld on thfl Old
Wood Kivor trull ibout I mil"-„„-<'. <>f i.iu.i',,1
 lm, Ilivor, !,,„! iiiiirlwl  "T, Kllpalrloki
...,.i  ,.. , ,-'  Itiflneo flu '   W   ,-l,„,,i.
11,,.i„.,. north 10 chain!*, Ihfliico .,,- 1 M)quilii"
thouco mutli su chains u, lh« pointol eom-
 11,01 1
Datod Uill Ulii 'land ,V,u(ii',|, !!«<!-
„,, 1 I KII.I'.VTIIirK
I'liiiiBou ovory Smokor  the " Maroa
I to
Haiihy MoIntosh, Hoffman lions'-
_ cyon are the most curative 111 Hie
world. A perfect, niiliiinl remedy l„i
all Nervous and Muscular disen*. -.
Liver, Kidney and Stomiioh ailin-i,!-
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure run
for "That Tired Feeling." Speei.i
rates on all hoats and trains, 'fw
ils airive and depait oveiy flirty.
Telegra h communication with all
mart* of the world.
TunMS-$12 to $13 per week.   Pol I
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hoi Sprtng.i
Arroiv Lake. B. C
Notico U hereby glvon that 80 days nfter dato
I intond to apply to tho Hiiof Commissioner of
Lnnda and Works for a special licence to out
ami carry away timber from the folio-wing described lands situate in Kast Kootonay district.
1. CommeiiciiiK lit it post planted on tlie
south-east bank of Wood Kivor about 2 iniles
below the wost fork and inarkod "E, Mclloan's
soutli-west cornor," tlienco uortli 80 chains,
tliuuco oast 8ii cliains, tlionco soiitn 811 chains,
thonce west 80 chains to the point of com*
2, Commenolng at a post plnntod on the
southeast bunk of Wood River about 2 milos
below tho west fork nnd marked "K. MiUenn's
north-west corner," theuco oust 80 chains,
thouce south 80 chains, thouco west 80 chaius,
thonco north SO chains tothe pointof pom*
,1. CommeiiciiiK at a i osl planted ou the
south-east bunk of Wood Kivor, opposite the
mouth of the wost fork and marked "B. McBoan's north-west corner,'' theuce south 1*10
chnius, theme east 40 chuius, theuco north 100
chains, thouco wesl 40 chuius to the point
of coii'imoiicomeut.
Dntod this 18th duy of August, 1006,
4. Commencing at n pott pluuted on the
north-west bunk of Wood Kiver just above the
mouth of the west fork aud marked "E. Mclloan's south-oast coruer," thonce uorth 80
chains, thonce west 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thonce oust 80 chuius to tho pointof
Dated this 20th day of August, 1900.
5, Commencing ut a post planted ou tho
south-east buuk of Wood Kiver opposite tho
mouth of the west fork uud murked "E. Me-
Bean's suuth-west corner," thonce uorth 80
chains, thonce oust 8(1 chnius, theuce south 80
chuius, thence wost 80 chaius to tlio imiiit uf
0. Coinmeiiciug at a post pluuted on the
uorth-west buuk of Wood Kivt-r about 1 mile
bolow (he mouth of the west fork and murked
"1-3. McBoan's south-east corner," theuce uorth
4il chains, east 40 chains, north 40 chuius, west
ni ohains, south 40 chuius, wost -Id chains, south
40 chains, cast 80 chains to the poiut of c
T. Commencing at u |msL planted on the
north-west bank of Wood Kiver ubout I mile
below thc west fork and marked "K. MoBoan's
north-oust cornor," tlience south 40 chains,
thenco WOSt 40 chains, theuce south 40ch.tius,
thenco wust .SO chains, thenco uorth 40 chains,
thenco east 41) clmins, theuco north 40 ehuins,
thouco oust hu chuius to tlio point of commoucu-
8. Commencing ut h post plauted on the
south-oast bauk of Wood River alwut 4 miles
below iho we»t fork uud murked "E. McBoan's
south-west corner," thence north 100 chaius.
llionce eust 4(1 chains, thence south liiO chains,
thenco wost 40 chaius to the point of commencement.
Dated this 21st day of August, IWO.
'.i. Commencing at a imst plantod on the
north*west hank of Wood Rivor and 2 miles
below Jump-up Croek uud markod *'E. UcBonn1
south-east coruer," thonco oast 100 chain:
thonce north 40 chains, theuco wost 100 chnius,
thonce south 40 chains to tho point of com*
lu. Commencing at a post planted on the
North-west bank of Wood Rivor ahout 2 miles
below Jump-up Creok and marked "K. McBoan's south-east corner," thenco west 811
chains, thenco north 80 chains, Ihenco cast80
chnius, thence south 80 chnius to the point of
Dnted this 22nd day of August, 1906.
sop 1 E. MoBKAN.
Notice is hereby given that su ilayit after date I
intend to applv tn the Chief Commissioner uf
Unds and works for a special licence tn cut ami
carry away timber frmn the following described
laiuls situated in the Yale District-
i. Commencing at a post marked "J. Barry's
gouth-west comer post,'* planted mi the south
branch of the east furk nf slmswaii river, thenco
imrth 10 chains, then™ea.it 160chains, thence
«oiith in chains, thencu west igo chains to point uf
SI, Commencing at a mwt marked "J. Barry's
north-west comer pnst, planted on the south
branch ol the east (nrk nf shuswap lllver, thonce
smith in chains, thence enst isu chains, thence
north m chains, tlience west iso chains to point of
:i Commencing nl n postmarked "J. Hurry's
north-oast corner poat," planted on thu smith
branch of i he east furk ol Wluswan Kivor, Ihenco
■imiii mi chains, thencu west Bu chains, thenco
nnrtli N chains, thonce east 80 clialna to point ol
I   Commencing al n post marked "J. Harry's
outh-easl  ir posl," plantod on the smith
branch of tl astfork ol nhnawap river, thonce
north BO chains tlienco wesl B0 chains, thenco
touth80 chains, thence ooal su chains tn puint nf
 llll" tlirlll'llll
i nencing at a pusl insrked "J. Barry's
uutli rent pnnier post, planted about three
mild fr«m Ww tn^utti nl n tal torkof Nhuswap
HI .   tin i,.'.  nortli i'i chains, rust hu chains,
ith   'i chain*"* wesl so chains to point of com*
lllrl Ml.
i utumom ing al a posl i ked "J, Harry's
nnrth-west r u pn»t," planted about ono mile
ir.,,,, the i lib .if Miiirmp lllver, thei oasl m
rhalnH   mntli lo chains, oiwl «n chains, snutli li
oat 80 .ii.iiiH  north io chains, went ko
. I,, i„   ni 11 li i'i chains to puiui ul cointnem ion I
-,   c me i'-i' a posl  marked "J. Harry'
...irij >■ tcnrneri '," |iliiiite*il aboul um* mib
fi-.,,,, il,.  utli nl tlio easl furk ot Shuswup lllvi-i*
lieucs unlll in chains,east IflO chains,south40
■ nn    rvest IW i b.uui* i" puint ol commence
«  i-a -in.-ingHi a posl marked "J. Barry'i
.,iiih i--*.| "irni-r | r pbuiti-'l nn th'-wi-st thli
.    , hi   . ,i,  rlvt-i ftWil "iir mul' hair in'
ir.,..- the montli nt tlui pmI furk, thene
i, ,,„-  thence wesl 180 cbaiiiH, thence
r-in Ins, tlience siut 100 chains (<• poinl
I,,-. ' Vugnsl iiiii, 1006.
.,,, i .1, HAIIItV
tb in
lib In
s..,;,..,. Iiaroll, Ri.lll Unit.Ill,1 f'nii,,,!,,,, )',, ill,'
I! .ii,,, i ,„,|iMM I,,,,,- ilu- ,t,v Mod In tin Iii i.
Lrlcl Uml iiM-ii. "Ill," ll Nelmn.fl pl«J1,pr„
lil.- ,,„'! l i nl  Mi,-,,.,,,,. ,l,„^li,K ll,,-|,„,|,„.,-,l
I.. ,..-,, i,| , iiiii.1i li,,,. I,, II,,,  II.M.iiiiMi I I,,'i
r„,iii,»,„ ■ I„„li,-r Llndi, iu-,,1 ll„.,-l*i„k,,, ii„,l
11,.,i Imn "---I - liter till. 'Int.- tlio mill CaiuidUii
I'iu-iii,- iinii.i.iy i',,i„|,i,nr inli'iid i» applyl«tin
llniinl uf II iilw.iy l'„iiiini.,ii,nsr, !,,i lliiimda un
llorSool ;.-, ,,l Ilu- ll'illnny Aot, f..iniilli..rll,
iimmhmmI tin iiiiii llranch,
liiii..,,l thl. lltli day ol Aiiiiiiii, num.
II   MAIll'tll.K.
.,.|i i Oflnnral Huporliitiiiidi-ni
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days after date
I Intend to apply to the Chlel Commissioner
01 Lands snd Works lor a special license to cut
and carry sway timber from thc following
described lands in West Kootenay district:
t. Commencing nt a poBt marked "J. II.
White's north-west comer post," plantod at
the north east corner of Lot H414 and running
south 40 chains, tlience cast 80 chnlns, theuce
north 80 chains, thunce west 80 chains to point
et commencement.
•1, Commencing nt n post marked "J, ll.
wbile's Ni-Hilh-went corner post, plantod at thc
north-east cornur of lot 8414, and running
north 80 clialns, thenco casi 80 chnlns, thonce
south 8(1 chains, thence wesi 80 ehains to puiui
I commencement.
:i, Commencing nt n post marked "J, II.
While's south-east comer post, planted atthe
iiortb-caNt corner of hit ;t4H and running
norlh 80 chaius, tbenee west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thenco enst 80 chains to point
of commencement.
4. Comnien'liig al a post marked ".I II.
Whlle'ssoiith wesl corner post," plnnted about
•I miles up Five Mile Crock, on easl sideof Five
Mill- trail, ihence norlh HI clmins, theuce enst
Bii chains thence south 80 chnlns, thence west
8U i'liains to point of commencement
.*i, Commencing nt n post mnrked "J. II,
White's south-' nsl corner post," planted about
2 miles up Mve Mile creek on enst side of
Irail nnd running north 80 chnlns, thence west
80 chains, tbenee souih 80 chnius, thence cast
no chnlns io point of commencement.
0, Commencing nl a post mnrked ".l. II,
White's south-west corner pnst," planted about
8 miles up Five Milo creek on east side of trail
and running north 80 chnlns, theuce enst 80
chains, theuce south 80 chains, thence west 80
ehnins to point ul commencement,
7. Commencing at a post marked "J. II.
White's soulh enst comer post," plnnted aboni
II miles up Five Mile creek on easl side of trail
and running north 80 ehains, thence westSu
chnlns, thence south 80 chains, thenoe east 80
chains to pointof commencement.
8 Commencing nt a pust marked "J, If.
While's south-west corner post" plantedabout
4 miles up Five Mile Creek on east side of trail
and running north 80 chnlns, Ihence east 80
ehnins, thence south 80 ohnins, Ihence west go
chains to point ol commencement.
'J, Commencing nt n post marked "J. H.
White's south-east comer posl," plnnted about
4 miles up Five Mile Creek on east side of trail
and running north 80 chains, thence west80
chains, thence south 80 chnlns, theuce enst mi
chnius to point of commencement,
Dated August 10th,l!KK).
augitf J. II. WHITE
NOTICE is hereby given that SO dnys
after date wo iutond to apply to the Honorable tho Chief Commissioner of Lauds aud
Works for u speciul license to cut aud carry
away timber from tho following described
I unds:
I. Commencing ut a post markod "O, H,
CamtibuH's aud C, B. Kirk's north-west cornor
post, pluuted on the oust bank of tho uortli
font of Fife Creok, *>,., milos abovo thu forks,
theuce 40 ehuins oust, ltio chuius south, 40chains
wust, 100 chains north to place of couimence-
2 Coinmoucing ut a inst mnrked "U, H.
Campbell 8 aud 0. B. Kirk's north-east oorner
post,' pluuted on the oust side of tbo north
fork of Fifo Creek, 5% milos above the forks,
thonce 40 chains west, 160 chains soutli, 40
chains enst, 100 chains north to pluce of commencement.
8, Commencing at a post mnrked "U. B.
Campbell's antiC. B. Kirk's south-east corner
post,' plauted ou the eust sideof the north
lurk of Fife Crook. .I!--* mil*"** aUivh tbu.TurU,
thouce 40 chuius west, 100 chuius north, 10
clmins east, 160 chaius south to place of commeucemeut,
i. Commencing ut a post murked "Q. B,
Campbell's uud C. B. Kirk's south-west comer
post, pluuted on the eust bunk uf tne north
fork of Fife Creek, fy miles above theforkf.
thouco 80 ehuins east, 80 chuius north, 80
chains west, 80 chuius south to place of commencement.
5, Commencing at a post marked "(J. B.
Ciiinuboll's and C. B. Kirk's north west coruer
post, plunted ou tho wust buuk of the north
fork of Fifo Creek. 8 milos above tho forks,
theuco 80 chains oust, 80 chains south, 80
chaius west. SO chains north to place of commencement.
tl. Commencing nt a post murked "U. B.
Campbell's and C. B. Kirk's north-oust corner
post, planted on tlio west sldo of the north
tork of Fife ('rook, 8 miles above the forks,
tlience 80 chuius west 80 chains ninth, 80
ehuins oast, 80 chaius south to place of commence mont.
7. Commencing at a post mnrked "(1. B.
Campbell's and C. B. Kirk's south-west corner
post, planted on tho wost sido of the north
fork of Fifo ('reek, 8 milos above the forks,
thence 80 chaius east, 120 chnius north. 40
chaius wost. 80 chains south, 40 chains west, 40
cbnins south to place of commoncement.
8. Commencing at a post marked "6. B.
Campbell's nud C, B. Kirk's south-cast cornor
post, plnnted on tho west side of the north
fork of Fife Creek, 10 miles abovo the forks,
thenco 80 ehnins west, 80 chains south, 80
chains east, 80 chains uorth to place of com
0. Commonolug at u post marked "fl. B.
Campbell's nnd 0. B. Kirk's sonth-wost comer
post,' planted on the west side pf tbe north
fork of Fife Creek, 10 miles abovo the forks,
thence 80 chains west, 80- chaius north, 80
ohnins oast, 80 chnius south to placo of commencement.
Dnted Aug. 23rd, 1006.
aug 20
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days nfter date
1 intend to apply to the chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for especial license to out
and carry away timber from the follo-ving
de cribed lands In the Big Bond district of
West nnd Enst Kootenay:
1. commencing nl a post marked "Ivrnesl E.
Adair's north-east corner post," planted on thu
west sideof the Columbia river, about i mile
west from the Dominion post near units
Creek, theuce west 80 chnius, thence soulh 80
chains, tlience enst 80chains, thenee north 80
chaius to poiut ol commencement
2. Commencing at a postmarked "Ernest E.
Adair's north-east comer [Hist," plnnted ou the
west sideof the Columbin river, about:;", miles
west ot the Dominion post near Carnes Creek,
Ihence south B0 ohains, llionce west 80 chnlns
tbenee nortli KO ehuins, theuce cast 80 chains
to polul of cominencument.
Dntod August 8th. 1908.
I). Ciniiiiu-111'iiig ut a post marked "B. K,
Adair's BOUth-WOSt corner nosl." plantod on
tbe norlh side of Coluinhlu river, nbout lj
miles west of the mouth ol Cummliigs Creek
and about 1 mile north ot river, thence cast UIO
ohnlns, thenoo north IO chnlns, theuce west
IMI chains, thouce south in chains In pointof
I.   iini-iicini: ni n  po--1. murked '*K. K
Ailalr'snorth eastcorner post," plumed uu the
south sldeol the Columblnrlvcr, about 2 miles
liin-k Irom river nud about 2 miles west ol
Cedar Crook, thonoo west uio cbnins, thenoe
Mill 111 10 ohalna, thenee enst Ml) chnlns, thenco
nnrlh 40 chains to nOllll orcnmmenocmeiil,
Datod August Ifilb-IDOO,
*6, Commencing  ut a post marked "K. V.
Adair's imrtli easl curlier pusl," planted on the
soilth-oaat side nf Columbia river, uliuut Imlf ti
inllo from river and ubuut thitiu and n half miles
below Clime Ulvor and ol i nnu mile above Pot-
Inih Creek, thoncesuUthBO chains, thunce west 80
ehniiiH, thenee imrth 80 chains, tlience enst 80
cliiilui lopoiiit n( commencement,
Dated August Ifllh, 1008.
HOTlj g, E, ADAIR,
Certificate of Improvements.
Adtonttirer. Iron imke. Watchman, outiunkund
hunslilno mineral ■ i.imi-. ultuatl In the Armw
Luke .Mining Divlsloiiuf West Knntenay District.
VVhoN located!  'in the nnrlh side uf ringslmi
Creek, ubuut 6 mil"- »'■"! uf Arrow Lake.
Tftkfl imt Ice that 1, John  Druuiiimnil Aiidcrson,
)M,S.,i'I Irail. H.C*. agent fur Tlioinnn Abriel,
F.M.C.  No   IUi,r.«4l; Richard smith, F.M.C. No,
\mia, and Bfltabolfi Bcoit. f,m.c. No, imm,
inli'iid, sixty dnys from the ibit* hereof, U\ apply
tn tin- Mining llccunlcr lur Certificates nf Improvements, fur tbo purpusi' nf obtaining Orown Grant*
And further t-iik** notice Mint action,, under notion R7, nut-d Is- commenced before the kMinnre nf
inch ortificni-'H nf Improvements,
Dnted this 'Mb day uf June, iim,.
Mt 18 J- D* ANI)K11H)N
to purchase tho following described lands
situated in West Koutouny distriot, wont sldo
of Upper Arrow Laku:—
t'niun oiiciug at a post marked ,-W. W, Lock's
south easl cornel/'at thu smith west corner of
Lnt m, »nd about I mile south of Fn.-tball
Creek, thenoe imrth lo chalna, ilwiwe wi -4 mi
clmiiis, then e smilli 4(1 chains, thence vast-Sll
clmins tn puint in  ■-'.. mencctneiu,containing 880
StotedthUUthda) -it June, 1906.
I'.i .. (. Makliisiiii, Agent.
Cutuuicneing at u |fiwt marked "L. .M.Julm-
sinnc's south easl corner," al i lie rouIIi west eorner
uf Thulium Welwter's application tn piirchinu
ii lam-kit miles south of Fusthall Creeknml iihoiit
I', miles frmn the hike, lli.nce north BO chains,
tothe south linuinliiry nl ti.,;. It'iuiiu'iud'xiippli-
entloli to purchase thence Heal ■ halns, thettco
snulli IU cliiiins, thenco eiOj't U" t balna, Ibeiice
south 40uhnlna thepcet»ahtffl[eiiaitw tn pniutof
iiiniuciici'iiieut. containing MKiv-",,.
jiatcd this Iiiii day uf Jniie. IflCO.
L. M. JoMNsiONK,
P«r ltalph Klyo, Agent,
Commencing nt a post marked "M. C. Dicker-
kun's nurth west cnnier/' on the shore of Upper Arrow lake, nbout ;> uuluit south uf Fnstliall creek nnd
ubuut an. ehnins north uf the smith eait eurnur uf
Thomas Webster'** application tu purchase, thence
suuth 80 chains, thencu east 80 chnlns nunc or
less to the shore nf Arrow Uks, theuce fullm-vlng
said shure in n general nurtherly and westerly
direct ion 1IE0 chains mure ur lean tu point of commencement, containing' 040 acrei nmre or less,
Dated lhii 12th day of June, lOOti.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent,
Commencing at n post mnrked "K. A. slye's
.outh east corner," about lj miles smith of Fust-
hull Creek, ut the soutli wust comer of Lot 4.*>70,
Ibeuce norlh HO chains along lhe went boundary n(
|,ut l.'nll, thenee west Kll chains, Ilieucc soilth 80
chalna, thenee cast ko chains to point of commencement, i tabling 040 acres.
Hated this 12th day of June, 1(106,
IV-r llalpli Slye, Agent,
Commencing at a poat marked "A. Hollenmey-
cr's north easl cunier," abuut 111 chains west uf the
south west enrner nf Lut 8(>2, at the norlh west
curuer of K. A. Slye's application to purchase uml
almnt *i mite suuth uf luislball creek, thonce west
80 ehniiis, thence muitli mi chains, thence easl 80
ehains theuce nurth 80 chains to point of commencement, containing om acres,
Dated this 11th day of June, 1606,
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post mnrked "F. A. Slye's
north eastcorner," about D* miles luuth of Fosthnll Creek, and about li mllea from the lake
shure at the nurth west curuer uf O. J. Hammond's
application tu purchase, thence west 80 chains,
theuce suuth 80 chains, ihence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chnius, tn point nf commencement, containing 040 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1UO0.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pust marked "M. C- Slye's
nurth east corner," ut the south east eorner of
Thomas Webster's applieatiun to purchase, about
9 miles south uf Fo-.ihu.ll Creek, and about i
mile from the lake, thence west 80 chains, thenca
south 40 chains, thence east 40 chains, thence
suuth 40 chains, theuce east 40 chains, thsnee
north 80 ehnins to point of commencement, con*
tabling 480 acres.
Dated this 12th duy uf June, 1906.
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pust marked "A. E, Ham*
mend's north west corner,'' about \H miles south
uf Fosthall ('reek at the smith eust corner of IM
4fuU, thence south 80 chains, theuce east 40 chains,
more or less to thc lake shora, tlience following
said shore In a general northerly direction 80
chains more ur less tu the south buuudury of J. L.
Birch's applieatiun tu purchase,thence weat 40
chains, mure ur less, lo point of commencement,
containing 320 acres muru ur less.
Hated this llitli day of June. law.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pest marked "U.J. Hammond's north east curuer," about Ui miles south
of Fusthall Creek, at the suuth enst eurner of Lot
4570, theuce wesl su ehniiis, thence south80 chains,
theuce enst 80 chains, thunue imrth 80 chains to
point uf eouimencemvnt, containing 040 ner**.
Hated this 12th day ef June, 1UU6.
Pur Kalph Slye, Agent.
NOTICE IS HEHEBY GIVEN that sixty days
after date I Intend to apply to the Hun. Chief
Coinmissluuer of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following descrilied lands sltunte
in the West Kootenay district.
< uunuetieliig in an in it itt I bust eri-eu'U on tne
north bank of the Urdu river, about one-eight
mite west of Lnke creek nud marked "D. P. Kane's
south east cornur post," thence north -20 chains;
thence west 80 chains; thence south 20 chains,
more or leu tu Lardo river; thence easterly following the bauk of the river 80 chains more or leu to
pointof commencement, comprising one hundred
and sixty acres mure or less.
Dnted the 29th Mny, 1900.
 E is horoby given that thirty days
_ , after dato 1 iutond to npply to tbe Chief
Commissioner td Lands und Works for special
license to cut and carry away timber from the
following dose rib-ad lands situated .in West
Kouleimy district, B. O.J
1. Commeueiug at a post marked "A. McKae'a
suuth west coruer post," planted nbout one mile
east of Columbia river and about opposite Buskins creek, thence north 8t) chains, east 80 clialns,
south 80 chnius, west 80 chnlns to point of commencement,
2. Commencing at a post mnrked "A. Mcltae's
north west corner punt," plauted about one mile
east uf Columbia river and about opposite Hns-
kins creek, thenco soutli 80 chains, east 80 chains,
north 80chains, west 80 chains,to pointof commencement.
Dated July 18th, 1900.
Notice Is hereby given that 60 days from date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for permission to
purchase tbe following described lands in the
West Kootenay District, east shore of Upper
Arrow I<ake:—
('ommenclng at a post marked "J, 1). Coplan'a
southwest corner," at the north west comer of
Lot 803 nnd abuut \% miles north of Nakusn,
tlience enst 80 chnlns muru er less, thence north
8(1 chains moro or less, thenco west 80 chains more
or less to the Lake nhore, thence tn a general
southerly direction along the Lake shore 80 chains
more or less to poiut of com meneement, containing 040 ncres more or less.
Dated thia 22nd day of May, 1000.
Per ltalph Hlye, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that30 days after dnte
I Intend to apply to the Honorable tbo Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special
llconse to cut and carry away timber from tho
following described lands situated In lhe
Osoyoos Division of Yale District:
1. Commencing nt n imst mnrked "N, Hill's
uorth west corner," plnnted on the south bank of
thu east fork of the imrtli fork uf Cherry Creek
iilmiiUJ miles alsivelbe forks nf the north fork,
running enst 1G0 chnius, thencu south 40 clmins,
thence west lOOchains, tlience north 40 chains to
puint nf commencement.
2. Commencing nt n post niarked "S. Hill's
south west comer," planted ou the south Uiik of
the east fork of the north fork of Cherry Creek
jiliniit 4i miles almve the forks uf the north furk,
running cast UU) chains, tlience north 4n rim ins,
thunce west Itto chains, t.hence soulh 40 chains to
point of commencement.
3. Commencing nt a post murked 'S. Hill's
north east corner," planted on the south batik of
the east fork of the north fork of Cherry Creek
a bunt -i J, miles above the forks of the north fork,
running south 100 chains, thence west tu chains,
thunce north inn chains, thence east 40 chains to
point nf commencement.
4. Commencing at a post inarkeil||"S. Hill's
south west corner," planted on the smith bank of
the east fork of the nurth furk uf Cherry Creek
a hunt it-, miles above the forks of the north fork,
running enst 100 chains, thence north 4(1 ohains,
theuco west 1(10 chains, thenee .inntli 40 chains to
point of commencement.
Ti, Commencing at n post mnrkeil \< H. Bill's
south west conier." planted on the went bank of
the north fork of Cherry Creek about 21 mites
above tho forks, ramming north 100 chains, Ihence
east 4o chains, tlience south 100 chains, thence
woHt 40 chains to pnlnt of commencement.
Hated July 6th, 1000.
fl, Commencing at n post mnrked "ti. Hill's
north west eurner," plnnted nbout 10 chains north
of Lnke Creek ulxnit fi miles up tho same, running
enat 8o chains, thence south 80 chains, theuce west
80 chains, tlience nortli 80 chnlns to pnlnt nf coin*
7. Commencing nt n post mnrked "H. Hill's
nurth cast corner, planted nbout 40 chains north
of Lnke Creek and alum! f> miles up tha name,
running west 80 chains, thence south gn chains,
thenee east 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains to
point of commencement.
8. Commencing nt n post mnrkod "Ji HillS
north enst corner," planted nbout 20 chains north
of Lake Creek nlmut i miles un the same, running
west 80 chains, thence south 80 i-IihIii-», theneo
cast 80 chaini, thence north 80 chains to (mint nf
(MM June Will. 1*906.
aug 80 9. UILL, mm ^mttmjr
Ail Kootenay
Steel Range
wearing parts
are made extra heavy
London-Toronto- Montreal
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
Notice U hereby given that thirty days afler
date I Intend to apply lo the Hon. chief Com
mini oner of Unds and Works lor a special
license to rut and carry nwny timber from tbe
following described lauds.
1. Commencing at a post plnnted aboul l!-a
mllM from the out binL of Columbia river
and about 1 mile north of the Thirteen Mile
Tree on Big Bend trail and marked 'R. A.
Lund's north east corner," theuce south 80
chains, thence went 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, tbenee oast 80 chains to point of commencement.
1 Commencing at a post planted about I'i
miW from ihe eastern bank of Columbia river
and about 1 utile north of thc Thirteen Mile
Tree on Hig Bend trail and niarked "H. A.
Lund's north wost corner," Ihence south SO
chain-**, thenoo east 80 ohains, thence north 80
chains, tlienc r west 80 chains to pointof com-
3. Commencing ill ipost planted about \>i
Dillcsfrom the casici-n bank of Columbia river
and ubout I mllo north of the Thirteen Mile
Tree on HU Hend trail and marked "It. A.
Lund's south wost comer." thence north 80
chains, I hence ca-l Hi chains, thenco south 80
chains. Uu nco w**>lS) chains to point of commencement.
Dated August 12th. 1MB.      ,
4. Commenolng at a pout planted nbout w
miles from Coldstream on the Big Bend trail
lo McCullough Creek and marked "H. A.
Lund's north eaat corner," thonce west 80
chains, thenco south 80 chains, theuco cast 80
chains, thence uorth 80 chains to point of commencement. ,       ,   ,
a. Commencing at a post planted ibout
one mile from Uoldstream and marked "R, A,
Lnnd'n north west comer," thence east 80
cliains, thence south 80 chains, thenco west so
chains, thence uorth 80 chains to point of commencement.
6. Commencing at a post planted about
one milo from Qoldstream and marked "It. A.
Lund's north east corner," thenco west 80
chains, tlience nouth M) chains, thenco east 80
chaini, thence north 80 chains to point of commencement. ,       ,    ,    .
7. Commencing at a post planted about
one mile from Goldstream and marked "It. A.
Lund's north west corner.' thonce oaat 80
chains, thenco south mi chains, thence west 80
chains, thenoe north 80 chains to point of commencement .   .      ...
8. Commencing at a post planted about half
a mile from tho soulh cast comer of Berth oiOfl
and marked "It- A. Lui.d's north west comer,
thonoo oast 40 chains, thence south 100 chains,
thonco west40 ohains, thenco north 100 chains
lo point of commencement ...
9. Commencing at a post planted about hair
a mile from the noutheast corner of Berth 0708
and marked "B. A. Lund's north east corner,
thence wost 40 chains, thence south 100 chains,
thonce east 40 ehains, thence north lOOchains
to point of commencement,
Dated August ISth, 1906.
It. A. 1.UMJ.
Notlre li hereby given thnt 30 tUyi .Iter ilflte
we tnteuil lo apply to tlie lino Clilcl Coiiimi.-
.loner ol I ands »ml Works lur I sin-rial license
lo oul and carrj «w»y Umber Irom llie follow-
log doicrlbeil l«n.l«, .Ituitc In Wen Kootenny
district: .      ...
1. Commencing it > poit plantod >boot one
mile uorlh Irom toe norlh-woat corner ot K. &
8. Mock 800 flii'l marked "Big Beml Lumber
Conipani'i ioiilh-e».t oorner pom." thent-c
norl h 80 rhfllni, tb ence veil «0 ehalm, thence
.outh mi chain', Ihence oa»t HO chain. 10 point
ol commencement. ,  .    ,
2, Commencing ala pout planted almnt one
mllo north Irom ilic nortb-iicm corner ol K. Si
8. Block «IC, and marked "Big llend Lumber
Company', north-tail corner pn«t," tnence
weit SO tlifllnn, Ihenco soulh 80 chains, thonoo
tut 80 chain*., ihence nortli ml ohalm lo point
of commencement.
Dated Aug. l»i li, imm.
Notice Is hereby given that SI ilaj-i alter date
we Intend to apply to the Hon Chlel Cummin-
•loner ol Landi and Worki lor a special license
to cut and carry away limber Irom lhe fallow-
Ing demrlbcil landi, situate In Weal Kootenay
1, Cmnmcnolngal a ),oit planted about two
mllei weal Irom Bannock I'olntou i.ppcr Arrow Lake and maiked "11.1) L, Co'i southeast
eurner poal," ihence north 81! ohains, thence
well mi chnlni, Ihence ninth 80 ohalm, Ihence
eait 80 .'liains to pointof commencement
2. Commencing al a poit planled alwut
three nilli<! won Irom Bannock Point ou Up-
|,cr Arrow Lake and marked "II. B. L. Co.'i
louth-c&it corner [toil." thence north 80
ohalni, thenco well 80 ehalm, thonco louthmi
chain., thenoe eait 80 clialns to point ol commencement,
Datod Aug. 18th, im.
Notice is hereby jtlvon Hint 60 daya nfter date 1
Intend to apply to the Honourable the Chief Cum*
mlssioucr of Unds and Works fur permission to
purchase the following described lauds In the district of West Kootenay, BcVulltoko divisionH
Conimuiicliig at a pnst plnuled on the went bank
of the Columbia lllver almnt half n mile below
Priest Haplds and mnrkeil "fl. M. McCarter's
north-west comer post," tlience south 20 cliains,
theuco cast 10 chains more or less to the west hank
nf the Columbia lllver; thencn In a north-westerly
direction and following the west hank of the Columbia River to the point of ciiiiiiueiicomont.
Dated this 1,'iih day uf August, iihsI
oct 18 a H. McCAIll Kit
Notice Is herein* given that 30 days after date
I intend to apply to the Chlel Commissioner ol
Unds and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from lhe following
described land< lu Big Bend dlstrictof 9 est
and Enst Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post marked "Kd
A-tUlr't, south-east comer nosl," planted on
the west side of Columbia river, about :i miles
west of the Dominion post near the mouth ot
Carnes Creek, thonce north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence soi.th 80 chains, thence
enst 80 chains to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "Ed.
Adair's north-east corner post," planted on
the west side of Columbia river, about :i miles
west of the Dominion post near the montli i.f
Carnes Creek, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, Ibeuce north 80 chains, thenee
east 80 chains to point of commencement
:l, commencing at a post marked ' Kd
Adair's north-east corner post," planled on
the west side of Columbia river, about 4 miles
west nf the nonunion post near the mouth of
Carnes Creek, thence west lliu chains, thenee
soulh 40 chaius, thence east 100 chains, thence
north 40 chains to point of commoncement
4, Commencing at a post marked "Kd.
Adair's smith-east corner posi, planted on thc
west side of Columbia river, about 4 miles
west of Ihe Dominion post near the mouth of
Carnes Creok, thenee west Uio chains, tbenee
north 40 chnlns, theuce enst Hit) chains, thence
south 4i)cliiiins to puint ef commencement
Bated August 8th. WOO.
5 Commencing nt n post mnrked "Kd.
Adair's north-west comer pout." planted
about tj miles north of T. L. 0659 and about J
mile cast of the Columbia river, thence south
80 chafns, thence east 80 chaius, thence north
80 chains,thence west 80 chains to pointol
6. Commencing at n post mnrked "Kd
Adair's north eastcorner post plnnted on the
cast bnnk of Columbia river, about U mile
south ol I'otlnsh Creek, thence west 80 chains,
thenee south 80 chains, theuco cast 80 chains,
theuce north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated August 11th, 1006
7. Commencing nt .-, post mnrked "Kd,
Adair's north-west cornor post," planted on
the south-east side of Columbin river, ahout 14
mile from river, and about :p; miles from
Canoe rivcr.and about one mile above I'otlnsh
creek, thonce cast 80 chains, tbenee south 80
chain**, theuce west 80 chains, theuco north 811
ehnins to point of commencement
8. Commend) 1; nt a post marked "Kd.
Adair's north-west comer post," plnnted ou
the south-east side of Columbin river, about
one mile from river, about tV% miles below
Canoe river, and about 2 miles above Pot lash
Creek, thenco oust 80 chains, thonce south 80
chains, thelce west 80 chains, thunce nortb 80
chains to point of commencement,
1 ated August i:itb, 1900,
9. Commencing at a post marked "Kd,
Adair's south-cast corner post," planted on the
north-east side of Columbia rivor, about J mile
from river, and about 8|i miles above Canoe
rivor, thenoe nortli 100 chain*-, thence west 40
chains, thence south 100 chains, thence east 40
chain; to point of commencement
10 Commeuelng nt a post mnrked "Kd.
Adair's south-west corner post, planted on the
north-east sideof Columbin river, about !**,mile
from river nnd about 3U miles above canoe
river, thence north 160 chnlns, thenco onst 40
chnlns, thence south 100 chains, ihence west 40
ehnins to pointol commencement
II. Commencing nt a post marked ' Kd,
. dair's south-cast corner post," plnnted on the
north-east Bldeof Columbia river, about W mile
from rivcr.and about,') miles above Canoe
river, theuce north 100 chains, ihence west 40
chnlns, thonce south IOO chains, thonce east 40
chains to point of commencement..
12 Commencing at a post markod "Ed.
Adair's south-west corner post," pinuted on
the north-oast side of Columbia river, about j
mile from river, and about 6 iniles nbeve Cnnoe
river, thenoo north su chains, thenco cast 80
chains, ihence souih M Liim, thence westOP
chains to point ofcommou cement.
IH, Commencing at a nosl marked "Ed
Adair's south-west comer post," planted on
the north-east sideof Columbia river, about
100 yards from river, nud nbuut G\ miles above
Cnnoe rivor, thouce norlh 80 clmins, thence
cast 80 chains, thence south 80 ehaiiis, theuce
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated August lfith, 1906.
11. Commencing at a pust marked "Kd.
Adair's south-oastcornernost," planted on the
north sldo ot Kimbasket. Lake, about 100 yards
from shore, and about I mile east of Small
Creek, thence north 80 chains, tbenee west80
chains, theuce south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains to point of commencement
Dated August 16th, 1000.
15. Commencing at a post marked "Ed.
Adnir'ssouth-east corner post, planted on the
north side of Columbia river, about \ mile
from river, and about 6 miles easl of Cedar
Crctk, thenco. north 80 ehnins, thence west 80
chnlns, thence south 8(1 chains, thence enst 811
chains to point of commencement
16. Commencing nt a post mnrked "Kd,
Adalr'i south-east corner post," planted on
thc north side of Columbia river, about \i mile
from river, and aboul 6 miles 1 bo vo Cedar
Creek, thenee north Hit chains, thence \vc»t mi
ehnins, theuce south 80chains, ihenco enst so
chains to point of commencement.
17. Commencing nt n post marked "Kd.
Adair's north-weal corner post, planted on tbe
uorth sldo of Columbia river, near trail, alwut
one mile nortb ot Columbia rher, opposite
Surprise Rapids, thenee enst 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, ihence west 80 chains, thence
nortli 80 chaius to point of commencement,
Dnted August I7lh, HKKi.
augUt) ED. ADA I It
Chinese, tin*- number of Gulwtiiil"
ouining here had hllcn off to sum
IhiII dozen n y ar, bul cqiinUy nn li "I
if not worse, urn the Inn ilea '>. Hindoo.'
wlm oniiiu ti Vaicomer n-i every
O ictiinl linor, On the livt Empres-
ihere woro 240 Sikhs and twice thn
number me expected on tho ne.\'
Bteiime-. U seems probable llrnt som ■
eui'puration is interenied in importing
ihe llin*.l''i'-\ hs they would new
mnke enough money in India to pay
their piissa3e to Cumidt, It has beon
tigurvd (Ht tint th- Ilinil>ju6 who
come to Cun nd 11 mnke twenty lime-i
as much money hern us they can in
their native country. Almost as soon
as they land heie they are given
employment by the mills, and paid ut
the rate of from $150 to $2 25 a day,
while in Ii.diu they pay averages
about ten cen's a day. The Hindoos
do not epeud their money here, but in
most cases leave their wages with the
linns for which they work, and as
Boon ub they hive enough money to
live comfortably in their own country
ihey go back, taking good Canadian
money with them. They will not
accept any kind of work either. A
Chinaman will work on a farm or hs a
street laborer, but a Hindoo must get
thc beat employment going, and they
Areseld<<in found working anywhere
except iu sawmills."
The ip.c* tion to be asked by everyone interested in labor problems now
is whether the department of iinnii-
uritijii is seeking to quiet tbe alarm
of this province at Oriental invasion
by substituting Hindoos for Celestials,
The question is a grave one in view of
ibe fact that the World's statement is
to tbe effect that the Hindoos accept
only the better classes of labor, and
always obtain the highest wages paid
to foreign labor. A ne ,' difliculty is
thus 'created as apparently the new
element is to enter into direct competition with the partly skilled Anglo-
Saxon labor already in the province.
Pleases every smoker—the " Maroa
Notice Is hereby glvon that SO days after dute
1 intend lo apply to tbo Chief Commissioner of
l.niiils and works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following do
scribed lands iu Hig Hend district of West
1, CoinmcnciiiK ftt a post marked "N T.
Kd wards'norlh weat corner post." planled 011
lho east bank of Columbia rivor, about J mile
north of C K. Liudmark's Berth 0559, thence
soutli 40 cbnins, theuco cast 100 chains, tlience
uorth 40 chains, theuce west 100 chains to point
of commencement.
2. Commencinif at a post marked "N.T.
Edwards' south west corner post," planted 011
the east side of Columbia river, about 800 yards
buck from river and .*■} mile north of C. V. Lind
mark's Berth 1*3, thence north HHi chains,
thence enst 40 chains, thence south 100 chains,
theuco west 40 chains to pointof commencement.
DaU'd July-20th, 1900.
N. T. EDWARDS, Locator.
Notico is hereby given that 30daya aftor date
I Intend to applv to thc Chief Commissioner of
Ijiuids and Works for a special licence to cut
and curry away timbor from the following do-
scribed hinds situaled In the Hig llend dislricl
of West Kootenay: -
8. CommeiiciiiK at a post marked "Arthur
Payne's south west corner post," planted on thc
cast bank of Columbia river, about Um yards
north from mouth of Mica creek, thence norlh
80 chains, thence cast 80 chains, thence south
fell chaliH. thence west 80 chains to poinl of
9. Commencing at a post, marked "Arthur
Payne's north west corner post,"planted on the
east bank of Columbia river, about 100 yards
above mouth ot Mien creek, thenco south Wi
chains, thonce oast 80 chains, thenco north 80
chains, thenco wost Nl chains to point of commencement,
10. Commencing at a post marked ''Arthur
Payne's south west corner iiost," plauted on the
east bunk of Columbia river, aliout 'A miles
bolow Mien crock, tlienco east80 chains, thenco
north 40 chains, liionco west 40 chains, thouce
north 80 chains, 1 hence west 40 chains, thence
south 120 chains to point of commencement.
Haled July 25th, 1000.
Notice is hereby given thnt % days aftor dale
I intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands aad Works for u special license to cut
uud carry away timbor from the following described lauds iu Big Bond district, North East
1. Commeueiug nt a post planted on tho
uorth-oast bank of the Columbia Rivor, 200
yards above Codnr Creek uud marked "E. Mc-
Bean's south-west corner itost," theuce north
80 chains, thence east 80 chuius, thonce south
80 chains, thonce west 80 chnius to point of
Dnted this 7th day of August, 1W0.
2, Commencing at a post pUnted on the
north-east bank of tho Columbin River abour
ono milo bolow the mouth of Yellow Creek and
mnrked "E, McBean's south-west corner post,"
thonce north 80 chains, thence oast 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence west 80 chains to
tho point of commencement,
Dnted this lr.tb day of August, 1906.
aug 20 E. McllEAN.
Notice Is hereby given that 30 days aftor date
I intend toapply to the Chief Commissioner of
Landa and Works for a special licence to cut
and carry away timbor from the following
described lands In the Big Bond district or
West Kootonay:
1. Commencing at a post marked "E. A.
Bradley's north cost cornor post," planted
about I mile west of tho mouth of Smith creek,
on the west side of Columbia river, thence
south 80 chains, thence weht 80 chains, thenco
uorth feO chains, thonce cost 80 chains to point
of commencement
2. Commencing at a post markod "E, A.
Bradley's south east corner post," planted
about U miles west of thu mouth of Smith croek
on west sido of Columbia river, thenco nortb
40 chains, thence west ltio chains, thonce south
10 chains, thence oast 160 chains to point of
3. Commencing at a post mnrked "K. A.
Bradley's soulh east cornor post," planted
about l} miles south of the mouth of Smith
creek and 1 mllo west of Columbia river, thence
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, thenco oast 80 chains to point
of commeiicomont
Dated August lib. 1106,
aug 8
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to tbe Honorable Chief
Commits* inner of Landsaud Works for a spocial
licenso to cut and carry awny timber from the
following described lands in West Kootonay
1. Commencing at a post marked "Thomas
Kilpntrick's south cast comer post," planted on
thc north side of Armstrong Lake, and about
three hundred yards from the foot of tho snid
lnko, thonce north 80 chains, thonco west 80
ehnins, thence south 80 chains, thenco east 80
chains to point of commoncomont
2. Commencing at a post marked "Thomas
Kilpntrick's south .west corner post," planted
on lho oaat boundary of Pulham's ranch and
about one hundred yards in a north easterly
direction from tho kctch milo post on Boulder
Creek, thenco north 40 chains thenco cast 100
chain-, thence south 40 chains, theuco west 100
chains lo point ol commencement,
'!. Commencing nt a post marked "Thomas
Kilpntrick's north east corner post," planted ft!
the 1011111 west corner of T L. 0,535, thonco
soulh Wi chains, thenco west 80 chains, tlience
north 8ti chains, llionce en-t 80 chains to point
of commencement
Hilled Hits 4th day of August, 1906.
1 CoiniiieiiciiiK.il a post marked "Thomas
Kilpatrick'** soutli west cornor post," planted
at K. K. Fulmcr's norlh wosl corner post marked L. 7491. 0. L, thenoe north 80 chalna, theuco
past 80chains, thenco south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chain-- to pointof commencement.
Dated this 0th day of August, 1906,
aug 8
lold by -all Druggists and General Store*,
and by mall
W. Fleming's
Meat Markel
Ordure for Reel nnd Mutton,
Poultry, Kisli nnd small goods
will recelvo prompt attention,]
Notice is herein given that 30 tlnysafter
dale I intend lo npply to Ihe Chief Commissioner ol Lnmls and Works* for speeiul
license lo eut and curry awny timber from
the following described lands situated in
North Kast Kootenay dislricl, l». C,s
(a) Commencing at a posl planled
about one-half mile Norlh Kast of the
Columbia river and one mid one-half miles
souilwasi of Sullivan river and marked
"K. McBean's south-west corner," ihenco
norlh 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
Ihence south 80 cliains, Ihence west 80
chains to point of commencement.
Dated this ph day of August- igoG.
(b) Commencing at a post planled on
lhc north-east bank of the Columbia river,
ahoul 1 '4 miles above Sullivan river
and niarked "E, Mc Demi's soulh-wesl
corner," thence easl 160 chains, tlience
norlh 40 chains, thence wesl ibo chains,
thence south 40 chains lo the point of
Dated this 8th day of August, 1906.
(c) Commeneing at a post plant eil
alongside of llie pack trail ow and one-
half miles south-east of Sullivan river find
marked "E, MeBean'suorth-wesl corner,"
ihence east 160 chains, thence south 40
chains, thence' wesl 160 chains, tlience
north 40 chains to the poinl of commencement.
Dated this 8lh day of August, iqoO,
(d) Commencing at a posl planled on
the north-east bank of llie Columbia River,
at the foot ol Klnbasket Lake, and marked "E, McBean's south-easl eorner,"
thence west' 80 chains, thenee norlh 80
chains, thence easl 80 cliains, ihence
south 80 chains to lhe point of commencement,
Dated this 9th day of August, 1906.
(e) Commencing al a post planled
about one mile wesl of the fool ol Kin-
basket Lake, and about 33 cliains south
o\' the Columbia river antl marked "K.
McBean's south-easl corner," tlience wesl
80 chains, thence north 80 chains, llienee
east 80 chains, tlience south So cliains to
llie point of commencement.
Daled this 1 oth day of August, 1906.
(f) Commencing al a post plnnted on
the north bank of (he Columbin river about
two and one-third miles from lhe foot ol
Kinbasket Lake and marked "E, McBean's south-east corner," thence north
160 chains, thence wesl 40 chains, thence
soulh 160 chains, ihence east 40 ehains to
the point of commencement
Dated this 1 olh day of August, 1906.
(g) Commencing at a posl planted one
quarter of a mile north of Ilia Columbia
Kiver and aboul two and one-third miles
from the foot of Kinbasket Lake and
marked "E, McBean's south-west corner,'
tlience north 80 chains, theuce east So
chains, tbenee south 80 chains tlience
wesl 80 chains to the pointof commencement.
Dated Ihis loth day of August, 190(1.
lh) Commencing at a post planted two
hundred and fifty yards west of lhe Columbia river and one-quarter of a mile south
of the mouth of Cummins Creek and
marked "E. McBean's north-West corner,
thence south 160 chains, thenee easl 40
chains, thence north 160 chains, thence
wesl 40 chains (0 the point of commencement.
Dated this nth day of August, 190O.
(i) Commencing at a posl planted on
lhe south-west bank of the Columbin
river and aboul three-quarters of a mile
above the mouth of Cummins Creek and
marked "E. McBean's north-west corner,"
tlience soulh 160 chains, thenee easl 40
chains, ihence north 160 chains, Ihence
west 40 chains to the pointof commencement,
Dated ihis nth day of August, 1906.
(j) Commencing at a posl planled on
the north-east bank of the Columbia river
jusl above (he mouth of Cummins ('reek
and marked "E, Mc Bean's north-ens!
corner," thence soulli 80 chains, thenci'
west 80 chains, thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains to the poinl of commencement,
Dated ihis 13II1 day of August, 1906,
(k| Commencing at a post planted on
the north-east bank of the Columbia river,
about one and one-third iniles below the
mouth of Cummins Creekand maiked "K,
McBean's north-east corner, thence soulli
160 chains, tlience wesl 40 cliains, tlience
north 160 chains, llienee cast 40 chains to
lhe point of commencement,
Dated this 13th day of August, 1906,
(I) Commencing at a post planted on
the north-east bank of lhe Columbia river
about two and three-quarter miles below
1 he mouth of Cummins Creek ami marked
"E. McBean's south-west corner," thenee
north 80 chains, Ihence east 80 chains,
Ihence soulli 80 chains, thence west 80
(liains to llie poim ol commencement.
Dated this 14th day of August, 1906,
(m) Commencing al a post planted on
llie north-east bank of the Columbia river,
aboul iwo and three-quarter miles below
(he mouth of Cummins Creek and marked
"E. McBean's north-east corner," theuce
west 80 chains, thence soulh 80 chains,
llienee east 80 cliains, tlience norlli 80
cliains lo tlie point of commencement,
Dated Ihis 14th day of August, 1906.
(II) Commenolng at a post planted 011
ilie south-west bank of the Columbia river
about one mile below llie mouth of Yellow
Creek and niarked E, McBean's norlh-
easl corner," thenco soulh 160 chains,
ihence west 40 chains, thence north 160
chains, thence easl 40 chains lo llie poinl
of commencement,
Dated this 15th day ol Angus), 1906.
(0)  Commenolng al a post planted on
ibe south-west bank of the Columbia river
about two miles above the mouth of Canoe
Wer and marked "K. McBean's norm-
■ast   comer,"   thence  south  80 chains,
hence wesl 80 chains, Ihence norlh 80
chains, thence eatt 80 chains to the poinl
of commencement.
Dated this 23rd day pi August, 1906,
sep 5 E, MeBEAN,
Notice Is hereby given thai (ill daya from d.ile I
intend to apply lo tho Hon. the chief Commissioner of Lauds and Works for permission ta pur-
chase the fnlluwiti*-; descrilied lands, iu lhe West
Mootenny dislricl, west shure of upper Anow
"Commencing at a posi inarkod "J, t. Hlraeh's
,-uuth west cnriu-r," attlu- smith cast cunier of
l.nl-4.170: ami about U miles smith nf P'nstliall
('reek: thence north SO chains, ihence east 40
chains, thenci' south 80 chains, tlience went 40
cliains to point' nf coimnencoinoiit, containing 820
acres nmre or less.
Dated this lilst ilny uf May, 1!HKi.
.1. L. IllitSCII,
net IS Per Ralph Hlye, Agont.
Notice is hereby nivcn that 00 dnys after date I
intend to apply lo the llntimirahh- the Chief Coin-
uiissioncr of Lands and Works fur pcrmusinii to
purchase the following ilcscrlbiid lamls In the district of West Kootenay, Ilevelstoke dlvislon;-
Goiotneneln-jtat a post planted on the west hank
uf the Columbia Ilivor opposite 12-Mlle Itaplds
ami marked "il S. McCarter's south-east corner
post," thence nest 20 chains, thunce north 20
chains, thunce east 'Hi chains more ur less to the
west bank of the Columbia lllver, Ihenco south
following thu west bank of the Columbia Kivor *.!ii
chains more or less tn the pointof commencement
Dated August 16th, 1000.
oct 18 Q, 8. McCAHTElt
Kurtz's PioneerCigar Factory
148, Cordova St., W.
VANCOUVER, -  -   B. C.
Notice is hereby given that IW days after date
I intend to apply lo the ('hlef Commissioner of
Lands and Works for permission to cut and
carry nwny timber from the following described hinds situato in West Kootenay distriot:
1. Commencing at a post plunted aboul, two
hundred yards south of Downie creek, nbnut 0
miles above tho uorlh fork uud marked "U. H.
""igio'fi northwest corner post," thonoo south
80 cliains, llienco cast 80chains, (hence north KO
chains, tlionco west 80 chains to the polul of
Commonolng at a post plnntod on the
south side of Dowtdo Creek, about fuur and
three-quarter miles abovo tho north fork and
marked "tl. II. Nnglo'a north-west corner posl,"
thonco south HI chains, thence cast SOcluiiiH,
llionce north Ml chains, llienco wost Hu chnius
tu tbo point of commencement.
.'!. Commonolng at a post planted ahout four
hundred yards south of Downie Orook, about
threo and a half miles above lhe norl h fork,
nnd marked ''C, B. Nngle's north-west corner
posl," thenco south -bO chains, thouco oust 80
chains, thonoo north 80 chnius, thonco west, HO
chnlns to the point of comincneenicul.
Dated Ihls 28th day of July, 1008.
I. Commencing nl a post plantod on the
north bank of Downie Creek, about two miles
up from lhe month of l-ong Creek and marked
"Q, B, Nugle's north-east curlier post," thenee
south SO ehnins, Ibenco west 80 chains, theuce
nortb 80 chains, thenco cu*4 80 ehains to the
point of commencement
Datod this *tt)l,h day of July, 1900,
sepl G. RNAULK.
Imporl direct from Country of origin.
r'*^%^%%%*"V-V%%*.'%%%lV%%V%%%%*'%%%%%%V 1
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons, Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Moliue Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Boise Shoeing a
f Specialty.
Incorporated by Act of Parliament 1&&
Wm. Molhiin MaopHHHBON, Pips. H. H. EwiNO, Vi«*-Pn*fl.
James Elliot, General Malinger,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in wny nf bunking business transacted without un-
necessary delay,
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W, H. PRATT, Manager,
ReveIjStoke, B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Hn,,,,-!,,,* in ll,o l'mvinco- ,,f Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Itritisli Columbia, Outnrio, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed ...       14,000,000.00
Capital Paid Op ....   $3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $3,900,000,00
D. 11. WlLKlE, President; E on. R. Jaffkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Departsibnt— Oi posits received and Interest allowed
ut highest current rate from into of opening account, and com-
pounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available In all harts of Canada, United States nnd
Urn-ope.   Speeiul attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Notice is hereby given that thirty days afler
date I inteud to apply to the Cliief Commis.
sinner of bands aud Works lor a special license
to eut nnd carry away timber from the follow-
IngdoBorlbed lands In Kast Kootenay Distriot:
1. Commencing nt a post marked "A Kit-
son's south-west corner post" and planted on
eest bank of Columbia river and about 21-,
miles above Cedar Creek, thence north 80
chains, theuce east 811 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains tothe placo of
i-oni m ence in ent.
2. Commencing at a post marked "A. Kit-
son's north-west corner post" and planted at
Cedar creek and about t chaius below Canoe
river trail, thence eastsO chains, theuce south
80chains, thenee west80 chains, thenee north
8n chains to ihe place of commencement.
:t. Commencing at a post marked "A Kit-
sou's south-west comer post" and plauted at
a. Kitson's north-wefltcorner post, thenee east
80 chains, theuce north 80 chains, thence west
8o chains, thenee south 80 chains to I he place
ol commencement.
Dated this lltli day of August, 1900.
P.   BURNS  &   COMPANY,   LIMITED.    ,
HKAD OKKIOB! Caloarv, Ai.iikkti.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Puckers anil Uunler   in Live Stock.  .Harkut* in all the principal Citie. ami
Towns i,( Alln-rtn, liritlali uuiumbla anil the Yukon.  Packer! of the Cl.biat**! Bland
\ "Imporator" II.iiiih ninl Bacon, an,l Shamr,K-k lirm-l. Leaf Lanl.
\rOTICE is hereby given that (Ml days after date
i^| I intend to apjdy to the Hon. Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works fnr permission to
purchase lhe following described lands In the
West Koiilenay District, lialena Bay, east side of
Upper Arrow Cuke:-
Commencing at a post planted at the north east
comer of hot No. 2\ Ul, thence cast-10 chains,
south -10 chains, west It) chains, north 10 chains to
place uf commencement
Dated this-21st day nf July, 1000.
Notice is horoby given that sixty days after
date we intend toapply to tho Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase tbo following described lauds in
tho district, of West Kootonay:
Commeueiug at a post planted twenty chains
west from tho mirthca.it corner of 'ot-WlO aud
marked "Hig Hend tumbo Company's southwest corner post" thenoo north 01 ehalus,
thence east 40 chnius, thonco south 65 chains
more or less to the lake shore, tbenee west
along slioro to south cost corner of tot 4949.
thenco north 7 ohains to north east corner ol
tot 41)10, thenco west 20 chains to point ol commencement
Dated July 2nd, 1000. Jy 6
NOTICK IS HKltKltV QIVRW that sixty days
afterdate I intend to npply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permission
to purchase the following deseijlied lauds In the
West Kootenay district, west sidu of Upper Arrow
lake about one-half mile south of Ko tliall creek.
Commencing at a post marked, " W. W. Lock's
scut h east curuer," ut the soutli west corner of I„
sua, thence norlh 40 cliains, alnun the west boundary of L. mt, thunce west 120 chains; thence sunt I.
80 chains; theuce uast 40 chains, more or less to
thu west boundary of A. Dollemueyer's application
to purchase; thenco north 40 chains, more or less
to the north west corner of A. Dollemueyer's
application to purchase; thencu east 80 chains
nmre or less to point of co'utoei-comuut, 640 acren
Dated May 2D, 1000.
I'er. T, C. Maklnsoii. agent
Notice ll hereby nlv.ni that mi ilnyi alter ,laic
I Inlenil to make ,i|,|,ll,-,i,i„ii in tbe Ohlof Com-
i,ii*sl,,,i<-r ol Lamls <* Wnrk. [or iiunnlmiloii In
niirchim., llie I,,11,,wine ilcsnrlbeil Inini Kltualc
In the Wost Koolcnay illmrlctol Brltllll iol.
nm I,in,,n llie wnsl able ol Arrow l.nki, In in,-
ioilhall Vfllloyi
I'oiiiiiieiieliii! nl R. Monol'u flotltn we.i eorner, llinln-e wesl si) I'lialiia, llienee Noulli 111
rlialns, thence cml be ehalliH, Ibeilte llerlli lu
ehains to point ol iioiiiini'iioement, lo contain-
IllntlJll ihtl-h im.ri' or 1,,-B
Iiiilcil lhc 261b ilny ol June, 1009.
jyl I'er H,.I. H.rlow, A„enti
NOTICK is hereby Klvoiil 1mlWiiliiysniter
ilnli, 1 InUilul 111 apply to lhe lloiioiii'nbli,,
the Chlol Commissioner of lunils nml Works
for permission to purchase lho folluwliiKde-
soilboil laiuls In tlio West Kootenny district,
west sldo of Upper Arrow lnke:
Ciiniiiiciielm, nt a post ahoul llirec miles
soulh of I'osi.linll orook, mi,! ul 11 miln frmn
the Uke, lillil-keil "Thomas Webster's ninth
easl, cornur," nt llio norlli ensl eoruer of M.C.
Slye's u|i|illi'ilt.l,ili lo iiuitIiiwi-. Hi u norlli 10
elinlns. more or loan, to the Inkn slion-i tlionco
following suiil shorn In n guiici'iil northerly
and westerly illrcolioli lu chains, more or less,
lo the south boundary of A. li. lliu mills
application lo piirehiisoi Ihotice west OU chains,
more or loss, to lho cast boiimlnry of I.. M.
Johnstone's application to piu-clui-el Ihiince
south 80 elinlns: Ihinicu oasiilii chains tu point
ol eoniinoiicoliielil, containing UUI acres, more
or less,
llat«l this mil ilny ul.Inno, ll»«i.
I'or Italph'.SIyo. Agoou
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-claes in every respect.   All modern oonwnwnoeB
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Ratei.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
(Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
First-clan accommodation lor travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirit*, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50  PER   DAY
Queens Jtotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
FishJCreeicjwill find'excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - ■        ProprlotOt
VTOTIOR is hereby glvou that 60 dMa after data
i\ I intenil to apply tn lb--Chief Commluloner
nt i.amls ami Works for permission to purcbaie
the followtng dweribod landa,»Uuate on the east
.-.Inire nl Arrow Uke oppn-ite Arrowhead and described as follow-.;
('MiiuicnriiiK nt a pnst planted at the south-rail
coniernf Loi '/Uiftand marked "(Jen. Newmans
northwest corner post," tnence muitli 80 chains,
them list  80  challU, thflHCfl  imrth  HOchainv
tlience west unchain** tn place of < nuenceiiienl.
ami containing WO Mm.
Dated the llHh of July, ].*■»>
Null,-., ta hereby «tv«n that 10 dayi alter dtt
iim,-i.i to si-i-lv to Ibe Chlel ("ommluloner
ol Lands mul Work, lor fl ipeolfll ltc.DK, to cut
ami carry may Umber Irom the following
dcierlbed' land, situate In Ibe 111, Bend dtt-
Irlctol Weit Koolcmy:
Commencing tl i poii m.rkfld "8w»n
Ctrliou'i foulli-wetl corner poit," planted
about 1| mile, north ol T. 1,. 6M», and .bout 1
mile east of Coluabli rlier, thflnot north W
chains, Ihence caat m chain,, thence loutb. 80
t-halni, theuce weit80ohalni to pointol com-
Hated August 11th, IM.
aug U, IWAta GAUMS,
We have just received by express and put into stock ;i
shipment of Ladies' Coats. These arc of lhc most
advanced stv'es and materials for Fall, 1906. Wc invite the Ladies to inspect them before they are picked
over.   Cnine in and See This Shipment.
The Store
that never
disap oints
The Store
that never
I KEEP YOUR        $
9 Ily n-,t letting them trouble 9
9 you.    They won't il vuu list- 9
A FOOT   ELM  i,i*   ALLEN'S <i»
T FOOT BASE. Wo keep it,     ^
9 —          9
9 Canada  Drug & Book 9
Company, Limited.
T       uumpttiiy,   Liiniicu.      ^k
Local and General.
I', Stacey has some exceptionally
tinecrab apples on his rnnolie near
the south track, some samples ul
which have hecn received here.
The "Ov, r Seas Mail" train passed
th auli here on Monday alternoon
en route for Vancouver, She hns
been on time all the way through.
The members ol the Dominion
Railway Commission passed through
theoity oil Monday en route to Calgary, where ihev will tnkc up several
important matters,
T, Fletcher has been appointed lure-
man ol the I), winiin Lumber Co.'s
mill nt Coinaplix, vice M. GleaBon,
who bus resigned to take up the management uf a mill in California.
A forestry convention, on the invitation ol His Honor Limit, Gov.
Dunsmuir, and under the joint sue-
pices ol the British Columbia Lumbermen's Association and the Canadian
Forestry Association, will be held in
Vancouver on sept. 25-20-27. Special
rates have been secured.
During his tour of the West, the
i, vetnor General, Earl Grey, will
spend nearly n month in British
Columbia, visiting all tbe leading
cities. He will spend lho greater pari
of the tour on the coaBt. The Vice
R -, tl party will puss through Rovol-
-, '.. on Sept. K>tIi. from Arrowhead
en route to Vancouver.
"We b ipe and trust that the con-
between Cauada and the
M thii c,; .try will be continued anil
become closer," snid Sir William
Br adbent, K. C. V. 0., 1*. It. S. "Thc
luture, we hope, is. that England will
have the supportother strongest son
Canada ia sate, and it can go ou, as it
ii bound to ii" and prosper.'*
I ui, i, Church services will be held
in tie. Oin-r;'. House next Sunday
night at 7:30 o'clock. Rev, ,1. G.
Shi trer, General Secretary of the
I. rd's Day Alhanci of Canada, will be
I  it aiid will preach the sermon at
thi mans meeting, llis subject will bo
.-,, bath Observance iu view ol the
Lord's Day Iiiii recently passed by the
], mini, n Government. Special
ii, isic is '-eing arranged iur and every-
:;. .- invited to be present.
The leciiion of the court ol inquiry
on the ■■ lision between s.s. Cbehali
has -■•: mnounced. "Thecourt ha
verv carefully I llowed the evidence
and c msidered the arguments ol
council and have cme to the conclusion thai t n collision between the
Princess '*> ot ia aud the tug Chehalis on July il-; was caused •- lei)
bv the lianti I care in tin- navigatii i
j the Princes! Victoria under the
,: immand ol I.-., * inGrillin. We also
find that Captain Griffin displayed
ign ranee of Article 28 I th   rule*  i
..... : and ...-.'I.- find thai - •■ y
proper care was taken alter the col-
The Preserving
As llie preserving season is nuw
lii-i-i- we invite you to cull nnd
Inspect our fruits, Including
Peaches, Pears, Plums, Crabs,
always in stock,
l-'l-llil' .llll.-. llll sizes.
Iini, ii the part ot tho ollicers ot the
Princess Victoriu to rescue the Biir-
vivora, Tho Court suspends the cor-
'ilic.ii,- ,,f Captain Griffin for a period
olsix insntha Irom July 21, 100(1.
Tin-Sin mini il Oil Co. has taken stops
i,,\v:iiii- acquiring ownership of all
tlio principal distilling plums in the
United States, according tun despatch
troni 1'eoriii, III. A contci'ci ce wns
in-Ill un Friday last in Chicugo botween
representatives ol the distillery interests nml the Standard Oil Uu. A
price bus been set upon every distillery
in Peoria nml indications are, a deal
will be effected nnd the plants will
smmii pnss into tin- bunds ol lite Standard Oil Co,
Social and Personal
Miss Ontiipbell nnd Miss Haywood
hnve returned from u trip lo the enst.
I). Cameron lelt the. city yesterday
to attend the Firemen's Convention
at Milwaukee on Sept. 10th.
A very enjoyable party was given
mi Friday evening hy Mr, nnd Mrs. ,1.
.1 Woodland, Fourth street, to eele
brute Iheir silver wedding, Tbey wen:
the recipients ol many beautiful
presents from llieir numerous friends
uud relations, Mr. nnd Mrs. Wood-
nml ure to be congratulated on having
reached the 25th iiuniversiiry ol lieu
Business Locals.
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of The Best
Kincaid & Anderson
"Will the party who borrowed the
large bung nuger Irom tho Enterprise
Brewery, plca'e return it nt once !"
Sec uur demonstration beginning
Saturday, Sept. 8, at tlobson & Hell,*
First elnss cnling in cooking apples
to be Inul nt tho right price C. II
llunie & Co.
.Mi.-* Hull' will interest ynu. Call
nnil see her nl llnhsmi & Bell's ou
['caches und plums arriving daily.
Don't leave your order Inter than this
week.   ('. li' llunie A- Co.
Saturday, Mondav und Tuesday wc
will show you something yuu havo nol
vet seen ut n demonstration, tlobson
& Bell.
Nuw is the right lime lu buycilrons
for preserving to be had in any quantity at C. II. liuni,- A- Co.
No'lce is hereby gi ven that 30 days
after dale 1 inlenil lu apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lunils nnd
Works lui- n speeiul licence to cut and
cany away timber from the following
described landa situated in Wesl
Kootenay district, wesi side of Cpper
Arrow Lnke:
1. Commencing nl n pusl marked
■*s. Carlson's noilh-west cornel1 pnst,"
planlcd on ibe wesi bnnk of Piuuston
Creok, nboul II miles from mouth of
creek, antl in n weslerlv direction frum
llannock Poinl, IheneeRiiulli 80 chains,
llienee easl 80 chains, thence noi 111 80
cliiiins, Ihence wesl Sll ell lins In pnlnl
nl* cnliilili'licein.-tit.
2. Cummt'iicing at u post marked
"S. Carlson's uoi-lh-east eornoi" post,"
plnnted   nn   wesl   bank  nf  Plngstnn
Cteek, iibtilll II iniles frum i iii nm!
in a westerly direction frum Bannock
I',,im. thonce  « mli SI clmiiis, tlience
wesl 80ehains, Ihoi luuth 80chains,
tlience ensl Sll cbnins i,, polul nf com
■s   ri
llienee we I 80 chimin, thence soulh su
chains, llienei- ensl Ml cbnins In point
of euinineiic, in,-nl.
iii.  ('nniniiii,-ii.(i ui n pusl marked
"S, I'lirlsoii's iini-lli-c.ist cornel-pnsl,"
pluiilid nboul i In,-,- miles easl nf Ping-
sloo Creek noil aluiiil 10 miles from Ibe
in,,n!li nml in u westerly direction
frum Bannock Point, thencu soulb so
chain', llienee wesl Sll ehnins, Ihenee
north 80 ehnins, thonco ensl 80 ehnins
I,, point of commencement.
11. Commencing al n pnsl marked
"H. Carlson's south-easl cornur posl,"
planted !l iniles ensl of Piugslon Creek
nml about HI miles from inoiilh ami in
n westerly dlieclion frum Bannuck
Point, tbenee north Sll cbnins. Ihence
west Sll chains, llienee snulli Kll ehnins,
Ihence east SO ehnins In point of commencement,
12. Commencing ul n posl marked
"S. Carlson's north-east corner post,"
plnnted 1 miles east of Piugslon Creek
and about 1(1 miles from mouth, in a
westerly direction from llnnnoek Point
tlience south 81) cbnins, Ihence west Hil
cbnins, thenee north Sll cbnins, thence
east 80 ehains In pninl uf commence
111. Commencing nt a posl marked
"S. Carlson's south-east corner posi,"
plunted I miles enst of Pingston Greek
and about 10 miles from month and in
a westerly direction from Bannock
Pninl, tlience nnrtli 80chains, thenee
wesl Sll chains, I hence suulh Sll ehuins,
thence eust Kll ehnins lu point of commencement,
Dated August 27th, 1000,
II. Commencing nl a post mnrkod
"Si. Carlson's north-east, cornur pnsl,'*
planted un lhe west side uf K.&8,
lino, about, half ri mile norlli of Timbor
Limit No. 01150, in a westerly direcliun
from the head of Upper Arrow Lake,
thence west 100 chains, thence soulb
111 cliains, thonce east 100 ehuins,
tlienco north-10chnius lo poinl of commencement.
in. Commencing at a posl marked
"S. Carlson's south-east coiner posi,"
plnnted on the west side of IC. it S,
line, about lialf a mile north of Timber
Limit. No. 09:0, in a westerly direcliun
from llie bend of Cpper Anow Lnke.
tlience wesl. UIU ehnins, thenee north
-III ehnins, Ihence easl UIU chnius,
thonco suulh 10 ehuins, lo poinl of
III. Commencing at a post mnrked
"8. Carlson's nurtli-oist corner post,'
nlantedon the west sideuf IC. Its
line and almul. 1! mites north of Timber Limit 01)5(1, ill a westerly direction
frnm the head nf Upper Arrow Lake,
Ihence west Kill chains, llionce south
III ehuins, Ihence ensl 100 chnius,
tlienco nurth III chains to point of
17. Commeuelng at a post marked
"S. Carlson's south-east cornet' post,"
planted on the west side of IC. & S.
line, nnd about 1! iniles uorlh of Tim
her Limit 0115(1, in a westerly direction
from tbe head of Upper Arrow bike,
thence west 100 chains, thence nortb
111 chains, Ihence east 100 chains,
tlience south 10 chains to poinl of
Dated Angus! 29th, 11X10.
Arc You Using
If not why not ?
Ii* ilm neatest mid mosl
Up-to-date Note I'-ip'-i on
the mnrkel today. BEWS
HAS IT, Conn' In and
A grc.it number of visitors took advantage ,-i the facilities offered by the
Revelstoke Steam Navigation Co.
yesterday Ior n trip up the river.
Although the distance was short, .-till
itaft'orded n dolightful ,-i,, . ■■ - the
: ist} roads, Leaving the landing m
Recreation groundi thesteoii - r -i, m«
the chit- in. i niching al the bridge
-■ii. irl to pi ik up in, re , ism igers I
iplend IJvieu -   thi l ia bridge
la i id . - the vessel passi - underneath,
tl - -«■ ling rush in tin- Big Eddy
making quite a light A lun,in,-., wna
hm I' al thi ., ii • ick, where numbers
dliem'barked to ink,- in the events
there. Many preferred to remain on
boiinl too, ni    ,  the trij   up to the
tool --i the cauyon when  ti,,- -,- rj
i- magnificent.   The I  ,,-, loan ,-
.i now pin nn,I idmlral - adapted for
plessure cruises ,-i thisd -iption
The Masonic service .,t St, Peter's
church, nn Sunday Septi mber Oth, is
postponed until further notico.
PtKWlM   Ml DON.11,11,
!!. Ciiiniiii'ii, im: al n pnsl marked
**s. Carlson's nnrlh »■■■' - nrner posl,"
plunted on llie wesl bnnk of Pingston
Creek,   nboul   II    imi' - friilli  lb
in,I in il wesloi ly alii i' -' ion from Itiin-
uock Poinl, tlience soutli HI chains,
thenco easl Illll chains, tlience north
III chains, Ihence wesl UK) ,'bains In
puini uI' commencement,
I.   Commencing .ii  a posl mm k,-,l
-■"-. I .    ■ n * ,., i-tli   i ' ■ nrnei pi sl,
planted ,,n lhe wesl hunk of Pingston
Creek, nboul   II    miles  from i 'li
ami in a westerly dii-i'i lion frnm lln,
nock *' iini, then, e south in
cbnins, llienee wesl 100 chaini,
tlience ninth 111 ".bains, 'h,-n,-,- ,-i-i IIHI
chains lo poinl "I cominenceini ol.
.-,,   i       i ■    , |.-i mm k<-,l
"S. 1 ■ --ll - south-wt-sl cu - ■■-. !„-*,.
planted on ib-- west taint      Pii ---'■
Creek,  ahoul   il    him,-* fn , i ilii
and in a w-estei Iv iliri-elion I im Bannock Point, thence north Wchalns,
thi ;-■-,
ii i hence wesi 160 chains to poinl
,,f commencement.
ii, i 'ommencing al > posl marked
"S, i nls,-ii'- south-easl corner post,"
planted on the west bank of Pingston
( reek, ahoul 11 mil,-* I'i'",' mouth
and iii a westerly direction from Bannuck  I'- in1. 'In n, ■■  'I,  l" chains,
thenee wesl  100 chains, He- ith
in chains, thence easl 100 - bains I"
pninl ,,! ci inin, i - - menl,
I  lugnsl j-iith, 1000,
7. Commencing al . i»,si marked
"H, Carlson's nortn-wesl corner post,
planted - n   I,  * ; ink uf Pingston
Creek, ihnul 18 miles Iron uth md
in a iveslei iv direction fi im Bannock
Point, tin i "nil, 80 , hains, thence
easl mi - li.un.. Ihence north K0i hains,
tiieneo Wesl Ml,-bain- to pofnl of com
moncen ■■■
8. Commencing al  a posl mnrked
-.i irl ,-nii - asl - ni nei post,
planled on Ihe easl bank of Pingston
i i k. ahoul ill miles froi outh and
in ,, wcsterlj direction from Bannuck
I' -inl. then ith BOchains, Ihence
wesl 80 chains, thenco north 80 chains.
Ihenco easl  -ii,liain- lo poinl ,,f com-
I),   Commencing al >i   pnsl mnrked
VV, M,'"H, Carlson's south-east comerposl
Notice is hereby given that 80 days
afterdate I intend to apply to the
Cbiel Commissioner ol lands and
Works for a special license to cut and
carry away timber Irom the following
descrilied lauds situated in West
Kootenny district, HC.:,
No. 1. Commencing at a post
marked " E, Moulviehill's Smith-East
Corner Post," plnuled on Hallway
creek, about Ll milis Irom its month,
and adjoining Antiivhend Lumber
Co.'s claim, No..on map 7109, thence
norlh 80 chains, thence west HO clinin
thence south 80 ehuins, Ihence cast 80
chains to puint uf commencement,
No 2. Adjoining Arrowhead Lumber Co.'s claim, No. 7109, eul. Bide,
thence eust 80 chains, thence nurth 80
chains, thence west 81) chains, thence
suuth SO ehuins to poinl of commencement,
No. li. Adjoining No. 2 on i nst side,
thonce eust 80 clmins, thence mirth 80
ehnins, thonce west Sll ehnins, tlience
Bouth SO chains to poinl of commence-
No I Adjoining No, 3 on enst Bide,
thence easl IliO chains, tlience nurth
10 chains, thence west 1110 chains,
thenoe south 40 ohains to puint ol
No "i Adjilining No. 1 on soulb
side, thenco south 80 ohains, thence
west 80 chains,tlience north 80chains,
tl ■ in- east i*ii cbnins   to  point of
,'-. Commencing soulb of No. !i,
thenci Piial IB0 chains, thencesoulh lu
chains, thence wesl lOOchains, thence
ih 10 chains to puim nf commencement.
1 If You are Looking
Fnr something in  Comfortable Bedding, it will pny
yon to come to this Store.   We havo a large stock,
new und fresh, and wo can fit Jou out at reasonable
Comforts, lull size, from 11.75 up to $7.00 each,
White and Grey Blankets all sizes.
White Bod Sprcads—fLOO, $1.50, $1.75, $2.00.
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Pillow Cases with wide hemstitch 76c. per pair
Sola Cushion Pillows all sizes
Pillows, all grades (r0m $1.25 per pair up
Sheeting, plain and twill, bleached and unbleached all widths
Pillow Cotton, circular and flat all widths
Long Gloves
Wo have succeeded in getting a few dozen I ting Gloves in
Luce and Suede Lisle, Black and White. They will go very
quickly, so you had better como soon.
Flannelette Blankets
Suits   Irom  Ten   Dollars   up  ly  a
Toronto Dressmaker.
OI Coni-icte, Hollow 111,,,'ks. Sion,', llrii'k "r
Vrame lluilililigs. DEALER III (lenient, Lime,
Concrete Hollow Block*, nn,l oilier liullillng inn-
tci-iuls.  All lalsir ami icuti'iiiils Hrst-rlnBS.
Plastering and Flattering Supplies a Specialty.
De,-,- Howls, Animals, Minis, Villi, Etc.,
Animal Hugs Mounleil.
P. (I. llnx 81,
Stuilio: OPPOSITE P. n.
Revelsloke, H.C.
I um prepared to undertake all kinds of
freighting nnd teaming.
My singe connecting between the
steamer and the cily leaves the City
at. 4 a.m. Tuesdays and Fridays, connecting with the Steamer Revelstoke
for the Big Bend, and also meets the
steamer on the return trip same days.
Leave word at Navigation Company's office or my Shinies wheie to
I ,
Certificate of Improvements.
(lol.len Eagle Mineral Claim, situate ill tlie Arrow
lake Milling Division „I Kootenai district.
Wlicre 1,,,-uteil-Ailjoliiing Mineral City Town-
TAKK NOTICE Unit I, Kenneth I., ltunict,
agent lor Mis. Mien Miilloilgnlil, ol Nakusp, Vreo
Miner's (Vrtillcate No. install, inlenil, sixty .lays
Irom the ,lut« liereof, to apply to tlie Milling Re-
conier tor iil'eltitli.ile „l llii|lr„venicnts, (or the
put™ I oMiiilllllK n Crown Grant „l tlw «!»>ve
AiiiI hirtlwr take notice Unit action, muter section 87, limit tie eoiiniieii'cl la-lore the Issuance
„( such (Viiilli-alo o( Improvement*
Daleil tills setli .lay ol April, 1WJ0.
lillgl KHNNKTll I,. BURNET.
J > cheap. Apply to VV, Pike, City
Restaurant, »'"pi 5
)<1SITION WANTED-Hy middle
iiged women as house koepei.
Jessie Kennedy, Revelstoke. B.C.
n killed and Common laboi can obtain
i**! employment nt all limes in sawmills unit woods by applying to this
office, Highest wages puid. Mountain
Lumber Manufacturers' Association.
Nelson, B.C.Geo. P. Wells, Secretary.
WANTED-Board and Lodging for
hov of 111 years in respectable
iinily. going to school.   Apply, stat-
ig terms to Miw. Jas   Johnston,
Halcyon Hot Springs, B. C.
WANTED- A Saw Mill Plant-Cn-
pacily Six to Ten Thousand,
ate price and where tn lie seen In
S.wv Mill, ibis offlce.
sep 1 Hi
Court of Revision, 1908.
Notice is lierob) given thnt Hie Hrst sitting nl
the Court of Revision tu hear cunpluliits
against the Assessment Roll, as preimre.1 liy
lhe Assessor lur the City tor the year 1900, will
he held at the Council Chamber, City Hall,
Rovelstoke, II. C, on Mmuluy, Uctnlwr 1st, lsml,
at 7:11*11, in,
i I   i c I
Revelsloke, R.C., Aug. Mtli, lUK.    nngatUl
Mimnfuctiirod for nil olassaa of Imililiiik'-  .
All kinds or buildliiK mid |.ln-4oriiii.'
For Sale
A fine lot ol apples nt the following
prices: 75c, 85c, and $1 per box
according to quality, f.o.b, in Vernon.
Will li'l any order, small or big. For
further information write to
Vernon, B C.
J. R. Thornton
For City ol Revelstoke.
Stock, Share and Financial Broker
Mining, Real Estate, Insurance
and General CommisslonAgent.
Agent For
1 Iiondon Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
of Canada.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
Montreal-Canada Fire Insurance
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
Equity Fire Insurance Company.
Colonial Fire Insurance Company.
Dominion Fire Insurance Company.
North American Lite Insurance
A. L, Wisner & Co,, Brokers, New
London Guarantee and Accident
Insurance Company.
Dominion ol Canada Guarantee and
Accident Insurance Company.
International Conl and Coke Co.
Money to Loan
and   sold.
Real   Estate,  Mining
Timber  Limits,  bought
Houses and Business Premises for
Sale and to Let,
Purchasers found for Hotels, Stores,
Liveries, Bakeries, Restaurants, etc.
Agents in principal centres ol Canada and United States.
Revelstoke, B. C.
Next Olliee to C.P.R. Telegraphs.
Miss Betty McLennan
(Pupil of Dr. A. S. Vogl, of
Toronto University)
is prepared to take pupils- in Piano
Instruction.   Residence—Fourth St.
Druggist and Stationer,
nexl thi lliim- i.l,.,-k.
1!     i!,.,,.,. Receive Prompt Altoiitli
"Lives there a Man with Soul so Dead," that he is not Quickened with Patriotism
at the Approach of Labor Day.
It will be a Bssy, Banging, Booming Day, and every man and every Boy will be
exptoled to attend.
Have you got all your fixings in the line of Gent's Furnishings.  There's sure to be
something you'll want for that day, and you know you can get the best here.
Don't wait until the last moment.  Come while the picking is good and you can
find what you want.
We will be closed on Monday and Tuesday Afternoons.
J.G.MACDONALD, ■ fit reform wardrobe


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