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The Mail Herald Mar 22, 1913

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fi ft 1013      I
"lievelstoke, the Capital of Canada s Alps."
Mr. "\       J?
Vol. 19-Nu S3
$2.50 Per Year
'The Dominion Government Arranging Much
Needed Protection to Navigation on B. C.
Inland Waters. Kootenay Member Brings
Matter Forward in Parliament. —Commissioner Visits Lakes.—Action Will Follow.
Nelson,  B.C.,  March  19—Capt. Q.O.      If tho aretylene     gas lamp ii used
j.. Robertson of Victoria, agent      in 1!-e f,-hts required would oust   many
thousands ol dollars und would   burn
withoul  attention    for    three months,
a  *  a   a   it a
* The    Tune  is  near for the   L.
* A.  B, of H. T.     Annual    Dance;   *
* Opera House,  Wednesday,  March   *
* liGth.   The   grca'est   social   event
* of the Season.
■    >    "    a    a   •    a    •   a
a   a    a   a
* *
Rcs.tvo Eastor Monday  liven- *
* ing the 24th  inst.,  for the    St. *
* Peter's Church  t'o icert nt     the *
* Opera House.   An  especially  at- *
1   tractive' jiro ram    will  be    pre- *
* sented. *
* •
a***...  a*...*..*, aaaaa
ti        il   M
B. C. TEAChc
Hon. Thos. Taylor and W.  W. Foster Address
Roadmaker's on Good Roads.
but  the  diliiculty   iu   the  use  of    this
British Columbia  fo:   the department
<jf marine and fisheries,  who has been
on Kootenay  for the past   three days. sly|e „,-  |;K|lt  Wiis  that   it   might  not
ior the  purpose of investigating    the be possible to use' it  during the' wiu-
need for  th tablishment ol     lights ter on account oi the EroBts, he .-aid.
at   dangerous    -pots      on  the    Arrow Oil lamps would  burn 21 hours would
iakes. tha    wc t  arm and     Kootenay te comparatively    cheap,    bul   would
lakes,   is   likelj   lo   make  a  favorable need  the attention  of a man daily.
report, although  be' i- not yet able to      Whatever    is    done  in the     matter
state th"  nature  .i  his   recommenda - however,  yeut may    tel  certain tth.it
tions.   H;s  visit  is the  result of rep- Mr. Green will give his support to the
resentations made  to the minister at test  practicable  means    ol    lighting,
.Ottawa by R.F. Green, M.P. remarked Capt.  Rohertson.
At  the  Strath t        a      night  Capt.      While   in     Nelson   he  has  conferred
Robertson sai.l  thai   one of  the most with E.  J. Beeston,  secretary oi   the
important   questions to be decided  was board  of   trade;   I,.It.   DeVeher,    co n-
Ibe style ol light  io lie used, whether modore of the Kootenay Launch club
ii  should be the costly acetylene type Canadian Pacific   steamer     captains,
oi   the oi din.try Ceeal  oil  lamp. ranchers, launch liverymen aim others
The amount of traffic had tee be' tak interested in  the safety of navigation
cn into ' on id ra Ion    before    any  de- in  local  waters.
cision "it this     point  was made,    h'     He    will     leave f.>r the coa-t this
explained. inornin;.
London.  March   19—A   Salonika  a -
oieiu  oi     the assa sination of   King
IGeorge ol Greece.   It says:
"The Kin,' was e-hot while return -
ing with hi< equerry from a walk to
the White' Tower. He w.ts ia n happy
and contended mood and as he strolled along talked of the war, of tbe
1 success of the Oreek arms, of the capture of Janinv and Saloniii and of
; this fitting climax to h.< fifty years
"Tomorrow,'' said the King, "I am
to pay my lo>'nr.al visit ne the Dread
nought Oo !). n — the German battleship which is to honoi' the Oreek king
her.- in Salonika—that tills me with
happiness and contentment.
These wands pro.ed to be the mou-
arch's lu-t, for at that moment a
shit r:ui: out from behind Colonel
Kiait'oli-. Thee King's aide sprang
around and seized lhc land of the
assassin,    whi h   was already    poised
Though British Columbia Bchool law
now gives teachers and pupils ;, week
at Easier for rest whether or not the
tea-hei'M attend ;l convention and
though there is no Provincial convention at all this year, the teachers of
thc Okanagan and North Kootenay
district have decided to meet at Vernon Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ui Easter week, and discus's matters pertaining lo their work an.l pro
Two years ag.0 this convention wa.-
fo nded and wa such a succcJs that
ii was fell thai it would be a distinct
loss if It was dre),):)', el this year. Buch
enthusiasm has been aroused that t'te
Mails  of  the  pul lie'    e hools  and      ih i
sei ind  sheet.   Covering bis mas-
The ope r hi use will have tbe one
|..ig rousing attraction of the' season,
on Tii.- .1 iy ni ht, "Slin and Jeff"
has nevei fail ,1 tee play to apacity
business at ev ry stand. It has dona
this from the opening week of the
t ia on and has i ven b< en compelled
to play lailj ma inees', so great babe cn the demand for seats. Bud Fish
er's clevei ca on con eit ba- bad
mori a.l  publicity  than    any
Beri ' ol cartoons in the history of
journalism, tins Hill ba- succeeded in
I ■, . . a-., al comedy woi thy of
the famous artist's enneavors. "Mutt
and  Jefl .   i.   . i,:.  :  .     p, i oU] I '
ol lack tr tck ba Ituants, always
broke, as such "grafters" us .ally nr...
Th y I am oi a rush to Nicador, au
imaginary South American country,
wh ire "i ai un Important Ingredient in the u.aii.ifa lure ol chewing
gum. has i ■ • n . e,,. ered in great
quantities. "Muti aud Jed' ship a
waiters on the "Insui gent,' ., t. a n
nhip bound for Nioador. Th.y represent tb in I i" as the long lost b ars
,d ib.' 1'b.e■' . sta e ami start a revolution. "Mutt" proclaims bimsell
President with his faithful ally "Jefl"
ai- \ ice Pi ■ . in Th ii "in.i ■■ i" '
io work f.er ., while but does not end
w.ll. "Mutt and Jefl" are glad to
ac ept a Pair oi tickets bai k to New
York and relinquish their claim o\
the •• tal ' ■ hu roua itual on
abounding DC isantly from tbe n-e to
me (all ol ih ■ curtain, may l>« -1 be
il, , ribe I as 'gall 0 lo ighl r " —
ih ■]..  .       :   .   e   no |. i   up,  except when
,, breathing spell i- Intontionallj    in -
no.luce I   b)   a Catchy   mu i al  numler.
Kvery membei ..f tbe company of
tidy la a capable performer, particularly suit"-l to the character he li -a-t
10 Impersonate. The i horns, composed of ex. ept ion illy pictty girls, is
well train.'1 and gorgeously cosiuun'd.
All in all, it is genuine Broadway pro
due tion, and all new this trip. The
best evidence of this (act is thut'Miitt
and Bed" hold the Bearfon's record at
both the Grand Opera House aud thn
Manhatten opera bouse, New York
City. Secure seat- early, is an old
ntorotyped bit of advice to theim-ego-
ers, hut in this Instance lt earn he
heeded with profit. "Mutt and Jefl"
have played to overflowing houses at
every appearani e and there Is no re -
aHon lo bi'lfcve ii will be different in
Farmers' Institute
Ranchers arc requested to take notice that powder, fuse and caps will
have to be ordered this year through
ilie. Secretary ol the Institute. The'
directors are get .ng in under govern
.i n n tila ion i 0 b >x - of stumping powder, besides t'u-'e an-l caps.
The re'Mitlai monthly meeting of lite
In li  ut.-  are  b dd  on  tl 1   Sa'.
urday of each month in the Y.M.C.A.
building at 7:30 pan.   The annual sub-
.li'iiion for the year to tbe Institute
Is einly  50 e ents.
ter with his body, Ue held the assassin un'il passing soldiers ian to bis
But the firsl shol had found its
be I '.i nt. • nr. Geo go had already
sunk to the earth. He was lifted into
a carriaj e and «iih bis head •
e.n lis arm. continued to I rea lie' foi
a shorl time, hul before the hospital
was re ich •.! li'e was e ainct.
Th ■ bull a, whbh wa- ! red at a
distance ol two paces, entered th.'
back   I. lo.v   th'  sho l.ler  blade.      Its
Snowshoe Tramp
Th.' Revelsto'ie Snow Shoe Cluh had
,-i bu i tr imp •. esl . i.e. . lood Friday
they wenl up the mountain intending
to reach Macdonald's blufl but owing
to ,i sllghi accident to i ne ol the parly, thej were pre ml I and bad lunch
lust below the bluff, and weat on tor
some distance finding ihe chalet at
2:30, The parti .ettirnd home at G
p.m. The lunch was partaken of at
altitude  120 i fe it, ab ive the city.
Easter is Early
Easter, falling on -o eat 1 a date
this year, makes some Easter stati--
tics Interesting. The earliest date-
i n whi b Easter .an fall i- March '2.2.
The im .on must theu le full on March 21, and thai date inu-t be a Sa:-
urday. Buch a combination of lr
nm tancea i ext em Iy rare. Haste.
3i'ndaj bas Fallen as early a- March
22 in 1093, In  1761 and  1817
All changes of ads must \n<i *
lively  le  banded  ino  ibis office
by Mon lay evening in order tha' •
the change shall appear in Wed- '
nesdav's issue ar.d  . ny clinn .
intended fo-    Saturday's    Issue
must     he     handed  in not !a<i-r *
than Thursday evening of   each "
wm k.   Business m n please take *
note of the above. *
pi  nt ol ."^ii  v a   beli  .    he sti
There was a severe li morrhage.    The
.'■■we'll.' 1    rots  whieh    he  K in • .
was smothered with blood.
Th •   assassin    » a Greek of
Intelle 1.     He   a. - bo was driven t .
n by Illness and want.
y. H. Bennett of Armstrong, and
<'. McLean of Vancouver, weic Thursday visitors in lown
No.     4—Arrives   24 4",   Departs 21:55
No.   H—Arrives     7:20,   Departs 7:40
No.    2—Arrives   11:55,   Departs 12:15
No.    3—Arrives    6:48,   Departs    7.03
No.    1—Arrives    l$k,  Departs  16:20.
No.   13—Arrives   1S:15,   Departs   18:35
Arrive*  15:40,  leaves  7:45  a.m.
The auto bandits who were con -
elemned to death in l'aris recently are
transferred from the Conciergeris to
the state prison where the executions
will tako pla e. Diendonne, Callemin.
Cotidy and Mom.T. the four who were'
sentenced to be guillotined. were
plae-ed in chains and hotst'd lnte n
van which was escorted by a squad
I'inioiin'ed polico. Thc joyous mob
which Was taking part in tbc Mi-
Careme carnival pelted the prison van
with confetti. The incid.-nt was typically  Parisian.
The Canadian North rn Rallwaj an
n .un .• tba' on Tus.bit. March llth,
ai s f. om tb" United Stai t
an 1   home '.-ekei 1  e\t a:' Ions  Irom
tern Dana la, ■•' -nt Into ailed  through
Dui uth and I'liii Francis,
Thes ■ bo • • se 'ker oxcur Ions will
hc run every Tn day. until October,
(rom Eastern Canada, and every Tues
day during March and April from tip-
United States, to nil destination- in
Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta
A large percentage ol the -ettler-,
from the I'nited  States to    Canada,1
i take advantage of these reduced rau-s
j and different land companies, operat-
ng into Western Canada, bring thoir
parties up on tln'se dates. I
Thc Canadian Northern railway hav..
oft*Ti found it necessary to run spec,
ial trains of American settlers to,take'
ar.' of the lai'e number travelling.
They a!«o announce lhat there is a
tourist car service i0 be operated between  Duluth  nnd  Edmonton, leaving
|I)uluth every Tuesday evening and arriving nt Bdmonton Friday morning;
toturning having Edmonton Friday
nitrht. and arriving at Winnipeg Sunday morning    and     Duluth     Monday
| morning.
Victoria, B, lb. March i'n -The '
'   British Columbia Gazette offl'ial- *
* iy announces the appointment  of '
'   Hon. Tho.Ttas Taylor as minister '
of m:n;s during tbe nbsencefn no
'   the province of Sir Richard Mc- *
■   Bride.
* •
liigh schools a e Loin; en masse wi h
lb    determination to make thN    con-
n: on the b ' 't yet.
Iik. e dor D nlon. ai d the committee
n e li-i gc ha ■ ■ put forth their I
foi t -ee at r n e ,, i ro ram helpful in
. e.->•«'.'\ t . ev . yon •■ and the . iti/ -
ens of Vernon are preparing t i make'
tie. visil of the teachers to iheir city
a    pleasant a- possible.
\mi.n; those tal In : part on the
program ar' Miss Hooley of Sell Irk
-chool and Mr. .7. Barker, B.A.. ol
the bi h si hool.
Below is a condensed program -how
ing the -i 1 n.l: 1 ; apers to be expect-
I, For further information apply to
J, M. Paterson, B.A.
Tuesday—"The n .■ :lnd abuse of lhe
T xt   Book";     E. H. Murphy,    Ks [.,
' .. ■     '    chool.
Wednesday, V.M. Literature of the
Fourth Read r, "Lady of the r.akc";
It. B. Fee..man It. A., Armstrong.
Arithmetic—The four sin-'le rules, a
ilea for more drill; I). M. Robinson,
li. A., Provincial Normal school.
Wednc-'iay A.M.—I/ilerature of tit?
tion, Priman Wi rk; Miss ]•". Currie,
Kclowna. Methods in thr teaching of
writin ■: Miss E, ll. Hooley, Revel -
stoke; C lor Work, A Practical Dem-
onstratii n W.C Mil h '1. Esq., of
Vernon. Ili-b School Section The
Botany Course; R, Wil on, H.A.. of
Vi mstron :. Remlnisr n es; J. Barker
B. A., Revelstoke.
Wednesday evening—Addre* "India"
Rev.  A.  Dunn.  Kelowna.
Tbuis.liv,   A.M.—Nature  Study;   W.
II. Hivtlain, E»q.,     Planl  Pathologi ll
ii . Departm -.t ol IVgi ii ullure.
The Revelstoke city Counclj mei
in Bpecial meeting on Wednesday irtgbl
Mayoi T Kilpatriod, occupied lhe
ibair, present Aldermen McSorley, W.
Abrahamson, Bourne, MeKinnon.
The City  Clerk  rend the.  noi ice  call
ing the meeting     which    was (or the
purpose of discussing the assessment
Alderman MeKinnon— I move that
Mr. Lawson be appointed assessor to
comply with the act, and that the
roll be brought down on or before tbo
llih April, 191,').—Carried.
After some discussion ol minor details, and  the  date of  the  Court      of
Revision the meeting terminated,
Get out your seed pearls thai have
b<"en tuekied away hor years, for thi-
onoe popular jewelry Is in favor again
and 14 appearing in delightful forniB
for Barter gif's.
At th • recent convention of     Road
Sti] i-iint"ii hin   ol B, t'., at the <, ■.
nine very interesting addresses   were
delivered on tie   Good Roads     Move-
mint   in the Pacific Coast Province.
At 10 a.m. mi the 12th the delegates
crossed to Victoria by the S.S. Princess Adelaide, In the afternoon the
superintendents mei their re pe live
members and discussed the noiv-'-ary
appropriations for tbeir various districts, taking up also with their a--is
tain engineers certain departmental
matters. At s p.m. a publi.
was convened in the Alexandra Club
Mr. W. W. Foster, as chairman of the
convention, introduolng Hon. Thomas
Taylor. Minister of Public Work-, wbo
referred to the benefits resulting from
lbe' convention beld last year, and
spoke of the wonderful growth oi interest in good roads during thc paa
six years, He also referri el i , ibe increase in Provincial expenditure for
mad mai binery, in L306 lhe appl o ir ...
tion being ?10,0 0 a .1 Ept I li-13
.-1 .">i'.i'tv■, which would ten 1 to hon
that ihe govern nent apprec ai d tb i
valne ol good road-making machinery
in  i .., the expendiure . n i on I n
British Columbia was ■> 1 0,0
aii.l  1913, -f.' 0,000.    Goo I  roa '.- wore
a  necessarj   factor  in  deve   pl
: rli      opt iie'.l up by new tallways under e onsl • is t i'ui.    I he mini ter
referred     to the fact   that   >7. 0
mighl   be   pent  to good advan a ■■■ in
o| ng  up  the  Skeena   Hiver  district
alone, For lhe present. the laying .el
bard ui ic i pave nenta on i bad was -
w iui ! neces 'arily b ■ confin -it th
, i mil ie of the larg r .-iii.'- ot the
Provin ■ . He al-.e referred to the
paving     h tne now  b ing  undertaken
! y   lb     I      " i in Wii ae. lr:      on      the
Lower M I  an Ithe  I  land.        Al
t hou b     i .■' ; o ind to do    o, thsse
muniei alitl .■    I    e assisted     bj
Ll any  way   po^sibl >.
He  al-o   refei i I to   the  Hope I'rin c -
ton io id which, v.h n co iple     ■-. ■■'.-.
op. Il  Up th bi   Similk
di 'trii t to the i  and tourist.
.Mi.  .'..  E vi r.  inter
. sting and on tl
Pacific Highway plan an 1 It - p
Mi.  Fi Mi.    To 11
iu the list ol - ..iie i ■ di alt .   bau t
ively an 1 enterl
adlan  Higl  ovii
ii< n.  l'i ei n     Al icrni     to  the   \
boundary,   I le   aid in I art:
"Mr.  Kerr, wbo is unavo dai   •
sent, inl  n i ■,] di aling «ith the .
of the i 'anadian I ligh ■ oclatl0n
Briti b t' Iui ...   ,,i whi h i ■
being planned and con«tiucted by  ih
representati I  th ment as
sembled this -...
ferencp,  and,        il   ■     u p
present to   lefine  the .->.i -i   •, n-  .
Wlliell     'el'       I
iiit iiii itely i -a-   the hi hway d a •
natod as t be I 'an   i an Ti un i     I toa I
■ i newhat   ■ titl
Albei tn  io   \.' i ■ ••■.I toi
the viev    to   ■
Vs ,,     matter of fe arc thre t
route    receiving
WllJe   ll      I 11 ll
that     im th. i  refen n  ■ to
Charged with wounding with intent
to commit actual bodily harm. Alberl
George Qoulbomc, n porter on the Im
perial Limited, was taken over to New
Westminster   by the provincial police
yesterday afternoon lo be arraigsed
before Stipendiary Magistrate Cloutc
The Canadian Pacific Railway Company were montioneil yeste'rday a' the
probable prosecutors in the cast In
which tho complainant is Mr. Albert
Ve un Thomas.
Mr. Thomas told hi- -tory seated in
\ isable. The ond, In m Vlbi rni to
Princeton, thence uortb lo Kamloops,
and via the Tete Jaune Cache and
...ib a I I as to th - u d -riaiid.
i resents ni.-ii. lommenda le : atures,
whilsi the thii"d oi sv;ual I Dgi hi about
yc i mile i oui nu - east trom Prlnce-
i ii, traversing tbe ou h rn .- ctlon
..;'  Bi it Ish I a .en    i; , bing Al
berta  through the Cr w'e  Nesl   i'ass,
bas ah. a.l.   I n  disi  .   '■■ 1  at   ■   >Dsi ler
able     I. ti iii.   Ii   -    I m    t .i       third
rout -  we  \- i'l   pi  ■  tin-      c. mm
..  ,'ou that  th
: nt ialitl * of thi- province a      o en
.. .    thai  .'i    ■ nly rea on ible to
asstim ■ thai th >ii   :■ • eb p .. nl  dui Ing
irs wiil ii i.u^
but se   ta ■    t: un; lines throu-
i .    [no lo serve ibe • o.a-
a .'1
incidentally to ae i        a I  ...
i t d     :.
"M  /  I  . iini is
■ .. i para ■ '
the i-rovin        :                      ; i to
. n-
.   :     11   e.
ean  •     ne  e.cry  I   ad   In  tl        >untr>
.. ■ -
j i t t r a       ■   .      I
... . . hway
Mr.  J ■        t   road
ii    he    o in ry,
told us 1....   a ■ .i  •     da
read     ud ti I     I powder,
withi   t i with -
., ing
....      Indian
11 a'Is and
highly at : :'
'     :      .
• b .
location as t . :. i
than mil
"Ai ■ • -  .
i to
..  -. ,    Laj
a urally d
'     ,e'
n .   ■     •        .
:-'..    that   .t   i. .
■     :
; ...       tandard,
■ ;
■■ I   Up  1..C-.      .. : i   • :      and
n wl    Whilo
il   .- ■.. :     n
■ stly
. n I 'i        will
of I        ra       v.
•..     ■
; - ■
i greal ■   ' . hat tl
e    B
. I,. 1 • ,
.i    '. - . ucial  i " ■
tb  a  bandagi
•■ 'kil"  ,va    a
; .i     ...   I    li.-   -,i ,1,  on   the    C,   P.   R.
'.in- a nental flue in Vancouverye«
•■ r lav m. in :.-. Seated m the smo't-
ompartmi nl i I ., tei irlet le-per.
he wa- gently nicking the a-h'- from
bis cigarette when ;i negro porter appeared :in I remonstrated with him.
was ., «" I oi t wo, an i th.'u,
he claim-. Ihe portei u-ed viol nt lun-
gttage, and left the compartment. Mr.
Thomas went in sear h ot the conductor to report the occurrence, when, as
he w.i pa Ing hrough the corridor,
he say-, tho pnrtei -'."ang out at him
and stabln-.l him in th-- heck with ,t
knifi'. He closet and w,is, he claimed
again -tabbed in the bark. This oe-
e-uired neai Coquitiam Qoulhourne
was pla.'ed under nrre-t upon tho arrival of tbe train at Vancouver. PAGE  TWO
SATURDAY,  MARCH  22,  1913*
We have some splendid buys on our list
at the present time.
SO  Feet,   north   side  Fifth   Street,   between   McKenzie and Orton Avenues    $2,000
Double Corner, Soiuh-East Eighth Street and Orton
Avenues    $1,000
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
^  - ^
Pointed Paragraphs of Provincial Interest    J
•V. ♦*. •"*.*♦% ati. «, «H   X. "Vet, •*, X. ■«». 4.-^.«*, "fc 'Ht -fl- *»
li  train No. 1, whioh left at 9      Tho "Monetary Times
cstimato 0f
i. one ni lit recently for Kansas Canada's Bre losr during January,
City, was routed i.y a fine highway- amounted lo $8,913,385, compared
man   before   it      was  beyond   the city   with  Decemher loss of $1,709,905    und
..  ,o 2,650   for   lhc   . orres, oiiding   per-
i,.m1  of  last year.
A   new  Dreadnought   for  the  German
navj  has been launched in the presence o.   Ifl.nperor William.   She  will    bo
the Ur 'i  warship to carry u battery of   tl e
14-inch gi ns
\ statement issued by the Winnipeg
power department shows that the dan
uarj bill for power for street lighting
amounted lo $1,118,98, and for power
inr water puinpin , $6,258,34, „ iotitl
,,i $10,372.32.
■   ni isting  .'f every  conceivable size and make of
. Gloves, Shoes and Underwear;  also a most
extensive   stock   'if   Xc.-kiies   of every   shale   and
We have ilsoa specially fine assortment of samples
for our Spring Clothing Order Departmeet.
Fit-Reform Clothing Stetson Hats FoDt-Riie Shoes
In M;n's Furnishing Department
Rubbers, Sox, Tweed Pants, Heavy Top Shirts,
etc., reduced to cost. ....
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
agaJ33JJ^a:m~"3KMCSEaU.QVTi, •"
Blood and Bone
and Lay More
Pon! iry Foods
Write for Prizes and Bjoklet
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd,
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c per lb.
P. O.  Box  208
Phono No. 2j
Record of Progress for Five Years -1906-1911
I 3,000,000      * 4,000,000
Reserve   -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
23,677,730 36,042,31]
27.4')7,000 38354,801
88,090,192       4H,'£fl,M
Has 83 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents in all
the Prinolpal Cities In tho World.
interest allowed at highest current rata.
Revelstoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager	
r:i|.,'i ny   ri   tuu  ai- ,  ,,        if
The Balanites    now  telegraphed Instructions to Hon,  J.H.    t
\, ir 1 ea co.nmun'irallon l.ctween
divd     Lore ton    al   ti   di  lance
ni es bus i een attain -<1 1 y
i0\i      i ili  »  nt  Arlington,   \ u.,
til      :    ee I I     Cl Ili. i'l-       ." llll'lll    1)11    Il'l'    Way
■ :ro      . be   \ I  iui.-  in  lost tho send -
ing and   ri   e . in ; capai'ity  of  the Ai
lin  ion -i  tie.ii.
teai li. .1 .1   I" nn  more than 2000 miles
;    \ lin • ton, uiul  th • otflo-
ial  test   mes-ages have  been exchanged ut that distance.
'lh   Pi n li Cabinel has accepted the
di     ion o   Hi1 supreme council of war
, i  ,  I'hree years' term of Ber-
ar-ny,  in-
1 .-.In)   l.a-iir. in,    Koran r    Fo i'i„n
inUter of Mexico, was mndo head ol
tent election, and gave way to General llu.: ia aftor lin had held tho hon-
i :• fi r iwent,', -six minutes.
.   i-   ail   Giorgo Pearce,  "the    last
survivor" of  tho   Uo.,al  Artillery  Hat-,
,;, r,, whi li     was in advance of     the
., i r, at ih' "i hargo o the Light
: ri  :i 11"  ni   it;.la. I.i a,  died  recently.
i, m i or Col iii-" opln'n a, lie was the
only survivor in ('ana la, or In Uh
Colonies of Or al Britain of those who
were al   tl:e . barge.      1 io  was  in  hia
i. lity st" ond  y ar. ,
The Provincial    eovernra'-nl      have
.a  i.r ■■'
\ i •    in all     ■ n i li'-  of   ih
-i a I  of  two years,  as hitherto.   The io.i
iiiaiisui d will add -ii least 210,000 men
in  tho  i eace  fi o in    if    th •     army,
which al   pre ent stands at 580,000 ex-
I ,e     ers.       '. li    \as      military
pre, a   itlc-ns l:c;n-j: made by ('. n many
.i n . - ill -   an   - for tlii- s c|i by
)' n i nt.
.'.nii.'r, Agent-General in London, to
■lose a- otiations whereby the /.even • ■ bei oaii's the lesss i troi i I lie
n 'ii of very desirable property at
Rogenl street and Charls street, upon
. hi h it is prorosDd at ence erect a,
suitable British Columbia building in
the hearl of lho Empire. The building
will bo an initio ing structure ofs'ono
M\!• sto ies in tei ht.
'. h .   n j. iry   into  the  death  of  William  Mm st   Davidson, who was killed
i.y an  Ebi i ae ■ ar colrW n ;  with    bis
auto il ar llii hou .  station, was held
I ist  week : i fo  ■   he i mo.err Dr. Jeffs,
,n,l  jury. After being out   -oiu1 time,
h ■  ii ry  le o i lit in a  vi rd cl o! "ac-
a  iravcllei   ,vho bas      I ntal 'I a h,'" al th ■ same tinio sta-
jusl   rei   rn 'I  fro a Bg-ypi    Ai'aaia and   . ng  thai  in  'li ii   opinion tho  motor-
altho'i h he was coi     -I    by   n i i ha ' clone all In his power to av-
.1 ill • a c il nt.     A  i ide    . as a;li!e,l
th    f en h    •   i
Julian  i ;
n the h ii'ds < f an Ara i tana
I ic,   '. h      li   a     '■-  !■' .In. ly       . a  r le I
I    hat  I ' h.i- ci ler-
. .1 a  shrine et    . .   iop cf     o m   Her
v. hi h       . ■     i ,1  to be  , ba  io nb     of
'ai. n. an 1 i o have photographed the
ha        '.ni- and has oe\ sr 1  i n
exa   in   ■ : n    ar ■■ aco'io*-
ist.   i; an I     ash' -aw Hebi -..'    in-
bi in -.   II thi ' is po
ii I  that   they  are   ■:.;    -it
nt  as  tm  Jew
I    i. d lo apni>ea h  'he     brine
.  i o  a.i-n,iin;   ih .t    -as   1 <■  i'.nipped
..: 'i      m.i    ua--.
. he    i      in i  of     Magda' n  CoH?ge
were wiong i.i thinking ihat  what tho
Ince of Wai :s toolt t.i I arnin r   ihe
bagpipes, that he would si on e;et  tired ni  i'  an 1  give ii up,     Tbey could
nol   undei stan 1  what 11 a ure  bo 1 ad
I   wing  -'i'h    "unearthly  nois's."
tii r    ia i hi'.l ,.t  those who  ; ri.-il to
emulate Ihe prince and learn   he' hag-
i   o.   Thoy have given up— they
had to, I" •    ap.' certain consequences
lut   1!; ..-  were Wi'OI       I        I   I ie   ;.:inco
than   iver dean expert.
A: i      v.     o i tele
it   who i    ,-ai.l  to li ■  more
nis ■ ■      toi     en iin  I to becom
1 all foreign
0     Citj     ..       lak"
ragi    a. ath
lent M
t   ol
from the •
'   ' ■■   ;     . i       ,  • i
"   1890,   i-iivi the   Ri
late     ' .    bhe ItlCfefl ed vi••''1 per acre
hrougholil 'he     Doited
Mr. r.. t'.ii.'-, Commi sioner of Com
leavi  t ittawa i n March 11
i- ,n  East. It. is ;, li that great
or   ia lies    . x : t  for the extension
•  the Ca .ili.-1n t iael ■ in  China     and
>i     ' .i i   • . i."-  in study   tbo
B 11.    II ■ will   . .i  lirsl   'e,  Vol ohama,
..   i afici       ... i siay in Japan, will
on    Kong.    Ho will later
li i and I'e .in . Hor. Q.
r'oi mlng liis duties
■   the Dominions' Trade
ralia and Now Zea
. e. .a i,i the Par El i^t and
g     v,ho   ..ill  bave
• . ■•       t is   thought
i rii m of a pub"
I   1 v.   i'e, ler'     tan ling    at
.   I   O't     avo,-
y   west,        Mr.
•  ral  prov-
1     i.. n m   a    oufor-
n   I  to establish  a  plan    ol
'i al   work       bottle       I  .Hlei     :,!),!    ,h<'        | IO •
•   appoai ii'  hi
.  m   ';;, ,-t to,
•as    a
•   ' ■ •       TV-- how,
•■■   eef
. ff
■ I
n   run.
e bl
■   Mai
. ■. i"l     a
i a ing    the
I " chiel
, ii     ■ in in'.
h pbuilding,
i      ite< I  '. ,i ei
n     ol
lis   p ,       how
'    :    I- ',     ,        ,,,    ,:.i    . .1    ,■ I    ■   ,1       ,n
12,  I il ei.ni> I   incroaM   le'
iill    I   with   1911,  and
.   - otnparnd v. ith itoo. At.
M   sme 'imi  il nhnuld be noted that
«inii' ibe pi Ice   of eirm' i ommo litloi
showed  an   .n'-r.-ii .■,  others  showed     a
e -  I'  11   fl.
*jHE type of men who
wear   Fit-Reform
garments, are the men who
have ideas about dress and
other things.
They are "the coming men"
and the men who "have
We'd like to show you some
of the new spring styles in
Fit-Reform Suits and
/A' /
/   'v.-'
MeKinnon &
You will want to hear more of the
Blue Amberol Records
as soon as you've heard thc first
Tn tone they are finer and  clearer than  any  other records   made.
They are more lifelike.
Play them once or play them 3,000 times and the
result is the same, for Blue Amherol Records can't wear
out. What's more, they are practically unbreakable.
They are musical and mechanical triumphs. Your dealer
will bc i:latl to play them for you or we' II send particulars.
Thomaj A. Ediion, Inc., 10O Lakeiidc Ave, Orange, N. J.. IJ. S. A.
A complete line of Ediion Phonographs and Records will be found at
..__.... ._. xrrxnBsaaBB
New Govem.nent 1192111
Stephen ll. 1 ins'..ine, provincial as-
01 and eollector in tlie Kcl:-on
government oliici' for tho past threo
years, has been appointed government
. nt at Hazelton on tho new Lliand
Trunk Pacific line, and will leave for
lhe nortli in aboul two weeks.
Coming from Cranbrook, Mr. Hos-
klns lms al^o bold the government
in itlona nt >.'■ Imiui of mining recorder, registrar of voters, registrar of
births, marriages and deaths and reg
. trai  under the Mai riago act.
Ho wn overwhelmed yei/terday
wllh congratulations on his   promo-
..ii in Haw linn, as the' position     of
■ o.'iTiini.-nt :i .i'n' al lhat place is
consrderod one of tho boat of the kind
in  iln' provincial sorvi c.
Mi. I lu \ n 1 hi e mi 1 otli. ial
from lhe Nelson oili ■• to bc promoted
in Hazelton within the' past year, S.
S. Jarvis, formerly i bief clork to the
government agent here, having sono
norili in 1912.
A survey party to work in conjunction with the oiu' from Manitoba, is
lo be senl inlo the now district of
Patricia tbis s'ummer io commence tli«
tirveylng of the 500-mile boundary ba
tween Manitoba and Ontario. Tho
e.itimatcj now before tln> legislature,
. ontain a vote .if $20,000 for this
Rich in all the I
elements that $o to
make (>ood flour
A71bAtrial sack,
• *J*a ■.     ' .   i a        •!
constant user of
More Bread and Better Bread
Sold  by A. Hobson & Co., Revelstoke
There is Now a Market
List Your Holdings With Us
For a Quick Sale
We have the Buyers
If Your Prices and
Terms Are Right.
CP. Ry.
Canada shares in the remarkable in- Tbc Oanadian  Pacific railway    have
uvas.' in   ihe use of all building ma- reduced freight   ial'    in   per .mt.  for
terials wbich has been one oi the eb ief grade cows ami heifers from all points
e-harai tcii-t..s o: the pa-t quarter cen in  eastern Ontaiio to Al erta.     Tbis
tury.   According     to the Commercial reduction has     been pui   in force by
Review   whereas  in  USJ9  wo  hail    im lhe   li,-  railway  corporation   in  sym-
ports of cemi'iu of :>i),lT3 barrels—less jailiv  wiih  lh,. wl-dospread   movement
than on -tiftiitli barrel per capita; and over tha whole Canadian wost to en-
of all classes of i'teel tbe consumption courago mlxod farming,
was 101,110 ion-, n trifle over oua-uf- Tbr.' is no doubl  that tbo     Grand
tieth ton  per capita; the wood   eon - Trunk Pacific an.l tbe Canadian Nor-
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
lll'lll will fall ia
low rates, ami
hlpmenl • of  . o-k wi
line wiih iotnpetltivo
ine'aiis iimi eastern
ho greaily In-
p.iaeeeara>.ajaaj,iai eatfe...
i3.8. Watson Realty Co.
R. K. COLE, Manager.    Local Agency American Casualty Co.
■nMH**ni>^<i «' i TU tTV*a*U)B*mt
txwtmitm iwin —gaaMaawraManriwn^aa..ueaea
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship an1, wear
And comfort born of every imi'".
Lh Centu i that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold thc old.
inapt.on was something over 3,125,-
000,100 board [e t, or ahout 050 fe.it
per e ani':i.
In  l.u   the consumption of oement  creased from now on to ihe benelil of
was  5,726,282 barrels,  almost      Beven  tho     Alberta    set liar and farmer.   It
teuibs barrels per capita, anl of steel  will  also have  the desirod effect     io
the consumption wa- 878,093 ion-,   or greatly en, oura  Ing ihe  mixed  furin -
[one-tenth tons pel eapita, en    all over tho pro in e, ... ihe i . I
The fig ires on limber used in    mil u-n  li h    iadu stool   inn    e brought
mil certainly bo found lo Bxceod thoso  In ..  Al .nia ,-.i   n   .;i ..  i -,,i   will en-
iei in ', wh a ther   was -on nine'! well a 1   lh' (trade of cattlt ho desires iu
oter ine mi linn feet of lumber, which the eastern markets,
would     !_iw,    will   a population of     It   i. purely ,., matter of     bi
eight mi Ilio is e f p. opie, ...   i er capita
consumption e.f .'jr. teet or more—alii.ee i  o [i,al io ihe figure in 1899. This
le.i.es i,ut of   consideration     entirely
Hi •  r.i   ,   , .      i io . ,n       | ulp  in,lu-try.
whi li had a  i.i a ■ I,: a . ut   ten iui! -
lions in  1910.   Pulp is giaduallj  tak,     ■    ' otation   ra' s  'ilin
ii';-   b ■'   umber in mi ny forms  , reas i 1    toe i to I
n ui ii lor finishing ar.'d ' ox man i -
fa i ue.
To sum  up,     we u-1 ju il  as    much
tt I   n-   e..'i'  ve  . i.l,  an .   :.n  .i.l.li, i, I
wo hi.- I rou lit uto sen ico . bv i.
t m s the c "- i at ] er i a [ta, aietl flvo
1 iui'1 ■ the si. ji wc used In i 591.
Wiih t ie   o e   s of Uriiisli  Oolum -
i ia opei m -  up .      b ■ ■     ie,  it is dif-
Pontraciva Si Iver-Grey   stock patterns
Cups £& Saucers Regular S3.00 Doz. This week $2.15
• uh lhe i'.i .' .; tii , havo bt o tie
broad minded - no i| li lo al lasl see
h..• the fai nn rs' info rests are their
i.t i' -is  and   |ust   In    ho   | r .■ ,,■-1 ion
ii  i   iii y  bo'p     ih  t     n li  I  i al     to
his farm v. ill thej     ia a i i
8 in.    Plates
6 in.
5 in.
7in. Large Soups
Fruit Saucers
Gravy Boats
Cream Jugs
Covered Sugars
Vegetable Dishes
Water Jugs
2 00
97-piece Set of Above. Regular $22 50.  7ln's Week.  $14.50
These Dishes are Semi-Porcelain, and   the   : is
guaranteed not to rub off.
poultry i    s vi!:        Revelsloke Hardware Compan)
s j noes
Another shipment to hand of the above line
which includes an Al assortment. All sizes,
pretty shapes, all prices. The makers of these
shoes stand behind every pair with a guarantee
of their durability.
Union   Hotel
$1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to he arrange*!.        Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.1X1
A.  P.  LEVESQUE,  Proprietor
A   :, ii, ati   o" furtb rin
...   dei  li .  n    th ■ ,.. nl r..      tei
o   inion ia whic    the Live st icfe
i omni   si nei n:     i      <      me the
m   ,',u.     n ul   pro] a;,i . n ..,,     . ,j   , |     ., ,    .    .     0|
imi" H e iii  :   i an   mil  ol liml er u ■ I . o .: i     in  Can;i lo  win i-      sto
in Cana   i, -n     the R   lew. While ihe ally endeavor   ■   to impiov    i  .  -n.'
I       ...     .!■.'.' ei.' . n •■■ pan non ol   ty of his     oek, cularlj       m the
nve times its presenl   bulk without im si i id oinl   ...   nc 'asi i  ■   ■        I
pairin    the wood lapita1,  one  rather production.
shrinks  from the t loughl   of what ecu      lho Inormati  i   i    desir d in       tier
eiiiion forest fires, if they ones       got that the  U\u St .ek Branch mo      be
headway,     mi.lu leave.   Canada has brought   i ore tlos ly   In   ton b    with
in .s [mated growth | rr acre of    150 I  o re  -   <■      ;   ultrymen    throll    oul
loird  feet a .la cut  of 125 board feet lhe Dominion and     wi b thoso v se
but  th'  Sre     loss la 525    board foet. names  n.i.hi   i.e eligible for inclusion
The terrible disproportion between the in ,,  Dominion    oultry  directory.
amount grown and the amount     re-     As ., in ans cf (ecuring thia Intoim-
niovcd every year i- sor.ethlng which ation, in part at least, all those who
:nu.-t be    overcome, if    Oanada is   to aie   interested  a >■  requested   to  write
maintain Iut place in th.' fore oi the thfl Llvo Sto k Commissioner, Ottawa'
timber-producing nations. Indicating: I
There may be    som ■ excuse for tbo     (a)   lhe breed, variety and strain or
use of an ever-intxcasin-g absolute am 'amily oi poultry ihey arc breodin .
ounl of timber—jump of llfieen fold in     (b)   The extenl  to     which e lection
the last  half c ntury—or even „ slight tor increased egg and meat production
ly increased use pei capita, along with is being practised. I
mormon- Increase in the use of other     (o)   A brief bul Rpeclflj Btalemenl of
structural  mat r.als,  but   there i8 no what has heen accomplished,
excuse  for the waste whi.-h we allow,     (d)   Whether or not  they arc active
to oce-ur annually     making us poorer ly engaged In trap-nesting at the pre-
in the present, .mtl crippling the pro-' tent  time.    If not, what  means       are
pei ity o: generations yet io c me.
Laughton i& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
A Parisian Novelty—In Europe it is
used     this     y.ar   ns u little  Easter
['resent, or rather :1 mark ol courtesio
1 ■        ads and n 1 itives.   Its valiu   ns
a  to'te'it lies more     in the novel  idea
lhan in the prii.- nl the arli 1.'.     ll is
i.rran.ed  so  that it  Can  be  -.nt  just
like a posl card, for .,    en
anj   place In Canada i r  ihe
being used to select the most desirable individuals for lhe breedi i p oa
Letters giving the above information
Bhould he addressed to L/ive Stock
Commissioner, Ottawa. Sucb eommuni
e-aiions do not require postage,
if everyone who bad  property     to
or twee, to  Bell followed the plan of    advert Bing
United  ■    con inuously and persistently     un-
n.laiin     Idea  tibotit  it,   til  ii   i-    old,  no one     would       ever
aarwa■-»,-/■ fi  yarmmmmmcanm
li. J. UlcSOkLLY, 11 tit- -
is the embedded     I.imin nis     Cross, feel "property  poor."   Anl while oc-
which  will shine all nighl  lout,- (or in raslonally an ad might have    io   bo
i ny darl   ro  In ,, Glori        Mj ,-. , eated n Bcore or    n ore t.1'
tic Blue  Light,   ifler you bad it    ex- iho cosl  ol it would     be but  irllllng|
i io    1   to daylight for a few  minutes, ompared to tho advanta i  ol rinding'
'lbe pri o Is so low     t ...    any.ono is th    buyer to whom     tbat  particular
its i      n ny  wo ild  be a  I ar ai ■  nl   the
mre.   It  is   n i.   .    n ai I   le whi h i i ice asked,
Strictly. First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
suitably famished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Jiir:i>-<-     RatSF $i a day.    Monthly rate.
1  Id in  high . Cl tn
., i'l ill       I'lO-,
■ ' .i ~:"        ' found on
.   ■.    i,      f whi-1
ff    .
ous  S'ee      in  i   i - alon o'   em
I-'..   P ■ fo
:■ for 50c. and 12 for 11.00    K. Ncl
B32 \ . 'i oronto, I iut.      ol
'■- ■ tit .  for i una.la ..nd  I.S.
1-:   Is ue  Mar. 19. .'it.
\ii  i in ei :v  ,n  or ;,    th      city,
• •I  ■•■',., itie-
■ n     ■.,,          ,, Id    ifl
..      a" I     i     '  nt   i t:   . i i
1 time to md,     as
ted,  the onl    I ti     to      la
i.  | our k .1 ■ is lpa.l .
Tiie Paper fariff
Washington.— Paper mills in Wa h
mirton and California have applied to
the treasury department to roscind its
oi'd"! of sonii' time ago admitting pa-
per from Brlii b Columbia fice ol duty
This ftiucst follows the treasury's rc-
.ent refusal to abolltth lhc duty on
paper fie,in Quebec, on Uie ground
h.ii Quebec had noi removed tbo export restriction! from wnod and wood
pulp but e nly fro n papei.
The treasury has Informed the wesl
crn   mills  that   if  Ihey   . an   prove  con-
cluslvely that Uritish Columbia would
refuse to remove export re tri tlont^
from the wood and wood pulp, tbe
duty on paper would be restored.
Human Life Chi
Albany, nre ;on, M in b 15 Dr. Wiley, fe.i many y nrs ehu i ehcmlsl of
ih ih.' United Stales Departra nt of
Agriculture, spoke here tonight. He
said human life i- lhe cheapesl ihing
ihoro is, lhal five i Imo as much Ih
i' ni for the 'MU' and Improvement of
farm animals ns for human luings.
Dr. Wllej   urged Btrlcl  medical     in
Bpeclion of Bchool children lo wai i ofl
disease, and declared  thai:   "children
don't have to have measles ami whooping couch; their mothers jusi  think
o.    They doll'I   hav.'   llieni  u 11!i■ -    th.y
cnich thom somewhere,   The   amo   is
frim    ni    tubereulosis,    and    typhoid
lie nil the average aue of people,
now ii years, rould be made ss yearij
just a« easily     by   scientific eugenics
adopted in each community,
Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware, P
Agents for Minerva Paints and 0
Q-OO-O-Q-.XX) 0-Q<><>CMD-Q-0-0-OCH>0^ C-Q
Having decided to clear out
our line of WALKOVER
SHOES we have placed
on sale all of our remaining
stock at $3.75 Per Pair.
Don't fail to sec our windows and buy while the
sizes last.
6 <KKKHK><KH><KK><HK>{>0<>O<W<H>0 -6
'.■■ ■- .,   ■'" '" . M      "—       " ■■—■ 1—1 a I —-,!■_
(><HKH>0<><KK>OKK><M>0<KK^O<K><K>0 Q
Imperial Bank of Cai^ada §
Hoad Otflco- Toronto, Ontario. Q
COC 0.000.00 0
6,o20,00w.00 §
6,620,000.00 A
McRae Mercantile Co.
The Revelsti ke Home of Soeiet]  Brai
and U.S. Peter's < Km rails
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
0 Total Assets,
5 72,101 ,0'OC.OO
Brm cl     ' .i - at i i! prii nts in,I
Agents in G i i
Lloyds Bank, Limll ( I S
cl.;.''. 8eett> Nr.tioi
Cisco    Welle 1 ■  .   .      I
'    '
: ■ .• :   ri
.stoke Bra
■ $
O0<5-0-0-0-0<H.><>-C-CK><>C ■-
New S.S. Laurentic and Megantic
S.S. "Teutonic" and S.S. 'Canada*
582 feet Iohk.
Ij.OCTJ Tons
110.000 Tens)
Now is the time to arrange for tl
of your friends  from   i.
prepaid tickets, and our offices in England
communicate  with  passengers,  arran ;ing
all details and advancing a .U de
posited with us.    We also inform yuu when
passenKers arrive.
GI9 Second Avenue, Near Cherry St, Seattle
A. ti. BROOKER, C. P. Ry. Pa^engcr Agent. REVELSTOKE, R C. PAGE FOUR
SATURDAY,   MARCH  22,  1913.
sA-iTuitvYs specials
- ' ■• ..-' .Vir ■ i," «a    .    ,   i
r ■       ¥Zj&s3&f% In •%'<1'   ■  ;''"< -'-■■    ■■"
£be  iDau*lbci\nlb jr*
KF.Vfj.sk new.  B   rt
Interior ipiubtlsbtim Company.
.!.   K.   JOHNSON,   Mima. t'l'.
RM.PH   n    PC'RPTflN,   tSdltor
.913   NEW MILLINERY     ^3
Hav,- you ha i your supply of Kalsomine—Only 25c. Pcr Package
Still Some Good Colors Left'
Vei ibri
Furnil  re Va
1  V.
e I
■r Tin,
Fa                :           rs
Choi ■•• S.-'e .".'■ ■■• of Scis >ois
Kitchen Mirr ir
25 Per Cent Discount
on A!! Electric Chandeliers
Local  Roadlng Notices and Business
lo al    I11 'inis per line each insertion.
Minimum local a.l charge 27, conts.
Di i>l<]    advertisements  25 cents per
Inch each insertion, single colttiien.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Governmenl and Municipal Notices 12
rent    per lin ■ first  insertion   an I     s
;i     per line    stihso |ii in    insertions,
allowing in lines to the inch,
Applications for Liquor Licenses $5.
Appiica ions  for  Transfer  of  li mor
Licenses  $7.50,
.  i urchaBii i oil es, $7.00
i   Api li ation     Notl a*,  up   lo
. " ' .        0, over  100 words     in
\ !  oh ■   cl i • es e.l   ..1 i" Using not
'   '.  ai ,    .i.e.. barged     'it
ral.' i ii he arran fed w ll h manag ik ou
api lica ion.
S.\ I'URDAY,   MARi H   22,   l   13.
. '•       i   I notice,  ihat thanks
to .    ur member,  Mr,   R,
1''. t.i itter of i ; tli
: iy atvd  Arrow ition
ixn is now o i
...i     I   the
in nt   ii and     e  :, ■ u  repre -
i.e   [nicn
  .. I  m    ;. -i     and
liich iho navi-
u I     .i   n  i- m
i I tendered sa'e Ior      tho
, o and lnuii-
.i    .      i   ...
March 12th
and following days
Millinery   Opening
for 1913
M133 0 \LL, wh i h ti j ut ntnrna 1 from E i il srn
Markets, Ins visited Vd diflhrant Wholesale
Millinery Openings in Toronto, Chicago and Win-
Yoi can depend upon (lie very Latest Spring
Styles for 1913.
ar\ 7%
ai . ji  I.IHl.HMI11tiWllilllWIMII II..IWIIIII ■■■
p ,ff "   '   -   I 'f ':
■iCTheiamwnH ■ uwi i w »itw mi i*-tfwt' <a mfcanti
'. Revelstoke, Tel. No. 22
C ies,   Fruit,   Vej   I  '
Hay, Feed and Poultry Supplies
> 1 .
i \J
I i USE  40   -       .:
',  Pill ily of To
ol Tn . ,
low anl'     I     ■ . .    ' Uo. If,
' me,
■ ■ ■        .
Su]      Ine I i
ware and Sporting Goods
' ■    ' good di ■ .. ,
toke.     T< No. 22
Heal mithing
Orr s Orchestra   in Attendance
Im D r the C
Se '    ..
' "a
MEA   •  ••      LL HOUR
iod to E it i;i Se
SHOM I V  OUR SFEl :      I
:o an I Cigars, Sleep  Alw lys ai  I mr
1 Ad
Reserved Seats.
CURTAIN     RISES    8:30   P.   M.
I  In    ,-.,!.
fljj   '"    '   remedy   i «   i . |hi   nml Celdi
''lr   nnil dors   no much r
Plymouth Rocks
B '■ IM.I'h     Rl h'KS   	
Inhibition   Strain    $5.01)
Inhibition  strain      $5.0(1
iliitlon   Sliinn    $3.00
!H I'K    ROCKS 	
iniie n    Strain  $11.(10
Second P n Barred Rocks  $3.00
Pei   Setting ol K.  H
Ml  Be - -I Whn.' Bufl Rock    Imvc wen
'      hown   al  doth Provincial
Show    I  wuu    -'. .   i'i I,-,        ;      ;
iit  i i>     m»4s.
to please the puhlio tn spcure itu
patronage. This restam-ani keeps
In view tin' importance of pfenning
your appetite.
How do you do it? Why, hy seeing that all food Is properly rooked
and that it's "lusty."
A. O. Till .kjso.n M'limger. SATURDAY,  MARCH  22,  1913.
I tt&rss/muBMSJEsatsar
All During March Thero
Wi.l be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During March and
Look at Price Tickets.
Naw Spring Blouses
NEW SPRING BLOU ES ol Sheor Lawns and I.'men,
for Ladies Several N w Ideas and styl s. At all
Prices   $f.90 io $5.00
A Bargain in Underskirts
'- BARGAIN IN DND IRSKIRTS—Several kinds, Silk
Taffetta, Merceriz- 1 Sateen . Fan •■ Brocades. All
i n ths,  a'l   lolcrs   :'. 5 io S3.75 values foM  $1.90
Silk and Satin Skirts
A   CLE ».RING   :.i T   I      Sil'.t  and    S itin    Skins      and
Wa   ts   at    J3.90
■ Day Emble
VINT PATRICKS'    DAY EMBLEMS   i        U,E at 10c.
MOM DAY, MARSH 17, 1913
'■    ■   TT iN  CREP a    All lhe Wan ..1
I: al    ' 5c.
One of the days we celebrate.
Canadians generally have a
profound respect for the honor
ir fathers pay the patron
ints of their different coun-
tries   and  usually   help   cele-
s  ' vith enthus-
Pretty English Prints
PATTEN PERFECT ENGLISH Prints and Percales, 32
in h wide. Tbe greatest showing oi pretty .oiors
we bave yet had a'    15c-
Embroideries and Laces
NEW   EMBROIDERIES   NND  LACES  in greal   variety,
from the ne'at Narrow  Bdgin 1'ounc
inga from   5c. to $2.00
Quaker Grey Suitings
(UAKER GREY  SUITINGS, all  the  Rage  this Sprii
In Bed      I Cords and  V, bipcords.   All    the   di Ii rent
Weights  for dressa   and 3uits  $1.00 to 92.00
Neck Pieces
NX. Y   NEI K PIEC           The 1 n  Fancy
Neck i'i-                          ^r   sh   .vn.   3    ots,
ph re  Collars,   Etc ,  from     [2o
..:. r...'.js ci
i!      '
iii I
■    '.     .       ■■ ;a :>     to ihe for
.   . ■'. 1   wl h  th mi  main ll
■' .   . Season   I ■ I eels
r '.-ill b   mu U worn,
high ci hto  i     butto is,
I very i i m   1 ave    .. ,1 ■        r ,-.  .   ar
Iv    proi roi;-. n on
- in ■     118,
I .    '      Sprln       Shipment oi Wo-
ords.   Thoy are all
ost up-to      ti   feat-
Ited for  ii: nl -   i .   .',.' as..   your     in •
'n '   . e ss  nr!?  ob.ious.
; '. .     ,A         .                     N   I iOOT—Fourteen
iWlt,         .e  he 1, short  Vamp
t      ihe     classiest litt'e
thl lee,  per  pair    $5.00
LAC                         .    '     T-High    Cut
ons,    Sa       Lasl  anil p rti u-
I       bul on a     Prire, per pair   $6.00
Buttons, Park Ta . Cloth To , wi h lighter Vamp
Price,  per pair -  $3.30
,,  .     .;i   Buttons,  , an.l    heel.   Wry  dressy,
. ist the thin       ir  . ;rin;     weather. Price ... .?J.00
cut]        or        bl    ii    nitons.   Same as Four-
Button3. P Ice  pei     pair   $t>.00
[OOO BOOT—Welt sole,
ho .   l'lr.'.i  1"  as   i   glove,   nne of  the  real
nes.     Price j er ] air  $5.00
.:, Dark  Tan  with   Cloth
Top to math.    Short .     "Wedgewood,    last.
c pair  ,  $4.50
WOV 1UTTON iXFORD—Gun Metal with Cloth
Top, same Last a I wei ht a- tbc Tan. i'rice,
per pair     54.50
WOMEN'S   TAT OXFORD—Eighteen   Button    or  Lace.
Short    Vamp.    Nob toe,      Medium   Heel.  Dull      Kid
To;i?.       Price,   p      1.50
Tbe  Be-t   VAL1 E3  evi
■      -'■    '
ive Sl
van i-: ithor Pri
'BOO :
.     ■
n    h
■   s.
Crockery" Department
Pure Clover Honey
Pure Clover Honey
Five Pound Tins   $1.23
Sealers    S3      i.t
Botiles    23c, 35c. and 40 cents
A Fresh Assortment of
Cross nnd Blaekwells 7 and 4 Pound Tins.
Cross and Blaekwells land 2 Pound Glass Jars.
Kellli rs 7 and 4 Pound Tin-.
Keillors 1 Pound Glass Jars.
Robertsons 7, 4 and 2 Pound Tins.
Cblvcrs Oiang.\ Fig and Lemon In lilass Jars.
Robertsons  Tangerine, Pineapple, (linger in glass   jars.
Try Dur Canned
In heavy syrup, strawberries, Raspberries, Cher-
ries, Green Gage Plums, Lombard Plums, Peaches and
Pears, in 2 Pound Tins.
Pie Fruits in Gallon Tins— Pumpkin, Peaches,
Pears, Rhubarb and Plums.
Evaporated Fruits
New and Fre.-h Peachse, Perns,  Apples, Figs and
r i unes
Watch   our   Oorner Window   for   Easter Goods,
Hams, Bacon and Eggs
Specials for Friday and Saturday
Greengage Plums in heavy syrup      Lombard Plums in heavy si rup.per tin, 15c
 per tin, 15c    Craw ford Peaches in 1 tin, 20c
Bartlett Pears in heavy syrup... .per tin, 20c    Cherries in heavy syrup, pcr :i.i 20c
97-Piece Dinner Set     $7.50
House Furnishing Department
Spring will soon bo here, lhat means New Carpets, Linoleum, Curtains, Wallpaper, Window Shades,
Verandah Screens, 10 tc. Wo huve all of the above in select designs and i olors at reasonable prices. For
thc balance of this week wo are making a reduction on Rugs, to make  room  for New  Stock.
As you know the <OHt ol raw Material has been advaU' ing tor thc pan few years, and it eflects the
Cork, Oil and .lule that Is used in making Linoleum. Priees on Linoleum have advanced about20 per
per cent on what they were two years ai;o. We have a full line that was bought at tbe old priees and
will sell at lho old prioes as long as it la-its. Do not wait but buy now and <ave cood interest on
your money. Wo havo receivod a large conslirnment of good serviceable beds tba-. we can aflord to give
you the benefit of the low prico nn them. They are four feet and iour feet six (lull ^lze). We will sell
at tho low prico of $5.00, as long ii" ihey  last.   We  will  be  pleased to show them to you il interested.
We have  many  other article's you will require for Spring. PAGE SIX
SATURDAY,  MARCH  22, 1913.
Brownie's Sl to $4.DQ
folding Brownie's       $5 to $12
Kotiaks $10 to $55
Winter or Summer
You Can Kodak
u Store
■ in    i >Hwmvvmw*«mw\nmww* —a
ronyiwajw w*i*«"»
Vases. Bowls. Comports,
Manufactured by "Libby"
Centra! Hotel
Pro; .
Mi-M-ionm:, 10. Bayness, formerly cl
Kootenay, who Is now lecturing for
the British Columbia government In
the old country lias forwarded to W.
N. S'oit, publicity commissioner, tbe
[ollowing from a Manchester newspaper, in which u tribute is paid to
the fruil  of thia province:
"Britisb Columbia might well be
described as the paradise of the fruitgrower, fo never was there a finer
display of ipples lhan that seen 01
lhe 'iii'i • 1 lhc British Columbia
government at thc Manchester winter
exhibition al Rusholmo and consider-
ing Hi.' fruil bad travelled a distance
of 6,500 miles and had been prevlous-
lj ei bl Ited it \ crnon, B.C., it was
. «leinl-i iui that it waa in such
a mn nil: cn condition. Although U13
111.lu: iry Is t.ll in its infancy thro
is every pro ; ■■• I of n great ;;nd 'u
ccsslnl Futuru for fruit culture ln ihiis
Cana la's ir esl and perhaps most
fertile provinc.', Tbe stand, which by
ibe i 1 ion of 11, n. Price Ellison,
min ol ie-e and  n ■ 1 i ullure in
Biltlsh Columbia, is In charge oi VI.
S.  Saville, of Lymm, is nne of     the
.1    1      in  lh .  1 on, nnd
crowd    of 1 ,'islt it dailly to so i
lhc  pro luci   1 i ihi i  p osperous in-o.' -
nice.    '1 '   • .'   both  tli'
1 di s n  and ,   ieii ■-■ hn
prim Ipally     "nmn in thc   0 anaga'i
: ;
ers in li.i   dl-trict    hould    ot     miss
; he ..... tl      .iiibi-
■   ' it c'ui nei s ihe
■■ ce."
I   B
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYP, Proprietor. -        Halcyon. Arrow Lakes
Toronto, March 18 A vigorous denim ia ■ th ' > Jion inl 1 British Co poi nianent 1 it tl i'ui 1 lii.i. ■-, Japanese and Hii l>i- has
u • n iss'u .1 ley Re\. Dr. M Kay,
,.i tho Presbyterian Foreign Mission
In hi       al      t»1   i r.   ". Kay    .-ays,
tha tako to admit   tho
Hindus at all, for a'  I res nt thi 5 are
qui ■       neal a le  ol      sclf-governmi nt
and        hi   i i an .   an cil    nsh p ba
i        rth     il it.    tl at
ire here J.low.'.i
0 return ho .
th • immigration    ihould
be     ti T ese     regulations
si.oul '. '    .
should be ad-
NY.  H.   WALLACE,   M.B.O.B.A.
Box 205, Telephone 313, Revelsloke
Provincial   l.aml   Scveyor,
Mining Survey, i
i-'mci.'•'§.- 11
D. Company 102nd, Reg. R- M. R., I
■■ tl     Di.'.' Hal
nth. I late folii nv-
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14th    "   28th.    "
March 14th.        "   28th.     "
April 11th. •«   25th.     "
R. M. R. Dance Committee
G. H. Brock Chairman.
-eh  t    th
Barristers.   Solirit'^re,   Etc
Imperial   Hank   Buil.ling   Revtl-
stoks, B. C.
Money to Loan.
cat—Reveletoke,   B.   n.,
Cranbrook. B.  O.
'Iin. S. McCartsr.
\.  M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
HiVilgtnkf. Cranbrook
COURT      MT.      BEC.BTE,    No.  1481.
OF I. O. F.
Meett in  I   O   f). F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  Hi  ise  every «ecnnd
Monday  in   month.   V|§it-
~ ly  welcomed
H.  \ .  MORGAN, O.  R.
vw    S    OAMBRON,  Rec.-flie.
LODGE   12,   1.  (i. O.  F.
Marchji.t   H0T CROSS BUMS   Marr
ig   In
.   11
A   I Ioi tsoN
Coal mining rights ol the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
herta, the Yukon Territory, tho
N'orth-west Territories and in a por-
tion o( tbe Province of Uritish Col-
umbia, may be leased lor a term of
twenty-one yeurs at an annual rental of fl an aero. Not more than
2,560 acres will bo lease,1 to one an-
a [.plication for lease must bo made
:>y   the  applicaut  in   person    to    tbo
.,.,n!  or     Sub-Agent of the district
in which  the rights applied for     ure
•ituated.    y
The lease \ili iiiclihle tbe coal mia-
ag  rights onV.  but the lessee   may
ie  permitted  i.i     purchase  whatever
ivailable surface rights may  bo con-
sldered  necessary  for  tbo  working ol
the mine al   the  rate of     Jlli.UO     an
in Burvey   i territory the land must
described    bj  sections, or   legal
iBions  .ei   sections,  and   in  un-
,. a   tei Iti ry   tbe  tmct   appliod
. ill   : ■■ o- t\.A, uu:  by  tbe    ap
'   him
E u h  hi plicai t   'i ist     •■  a '.ci tn] nn
a.  iff  ,.:•..'■ re-
it  the i . 'it .  ni plied  for    aro
'i.et   a\ ii'."' if,   but   ic '   oth .'     \
.  , ild   i.n  the mer
mine  at the
ts per toi
i he perso
.   ' 11    iliantity     of
.... re   i" ■ ind pay the
II  the  coa!   mining
-   ipi rati '.     bucI
returns ■■■■.;     |
mi c a   i   ■
Kor lull     information    api lieation
.. uld le made to the Secretaii
the Department ol the  Interior,   Ot-
tawa, in  to  the Agent  '.er Sub-Agent
.(  Dominion   !,.•.
W.  V..  OOR\
Office :
Cumming's Transfer Oo.'y
Second Street
A\,Tffl3*v'ii^ffTirvi;r4'qDr^T?icr--',T'*r". ra.7 nnna
- "Trrniri     fr    nn i    in mi m i   nimn iiiiiw— miii— wiwiini mii iiii'ininiii mum '    ••rnn'M
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at tlie Revelstoke Plumbing C&,
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s  Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone _'S1
Nielli  Plume  I.i
iHKran; >
i'. o, i;   .  '• '
mmmmmsr. :   ..- •      -..=*■■   •»-• i ...ive.—■-m-vm. .. ■•..    una
Howson C8? Co., Ltd.
Furniture, pets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson CEb Co., Ltd.
Then take advantage ol an ex-
ii i tii nal e | | orlnnitv. Call at
and ins| ect the stock oi Mandolins, Violins, Cultnis. ftcccrd-
rons, Flccclcs, Flutes, Wuiti-
Flutcs, Hnrmonicns, Albums,
Sheet Music, Player Rolls, Silk
Piano dopes, Etc. Selling at
next te  ci st 11 ice to clear.
[Hit on Phonographs m il Vlctcr
Cn mephrncs. Also 5C0 l-:.'■:. n
Wax Records selling al
U mini 1'iii,-. 6Sc.) and a first-
. 1.. •• Felection ol Bine Sjl
li.l'H.il able   Records   i i
Ccmc- Early aud Ctt First chcico
Piai ii   Tuning and   Repairs   u
S|niia l\.
MCKENZIE AVE. Revelstoke.      -       Phone 262!
is. c.
Be reasonable! Don't send vour hard-earned monej
to Cliini! Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only. Be progressive, and
have yonr washing il"'ie by the West Kootonay Steam
Laund.y.   Regular collector and delivery service.
Phone 80
Fruit  Lands Lumbermen
Galena I'.iy land- in p»i ol
10 or '^ii .trrc- or en blot, Correspondence invited.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
mak<' a rail al
P.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town.    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before baying yonr '.'ii
fit   of   wirlciti,:   cl"    I
Ior thr bath.    I makf ■
ipedaltv   nf    i.'ei'i;inK
siuirs, Pants. Sox, Shirts
BlHiikets and everything
reniiirwl in yonr liiismrm
M.  1913
I      Ior
D<   if   'li"v   Inanrt      it
'. i l    from    'ii* iinpart-
a int.
1   111 HAMILTON, W. M.
A rtary.
<     W   i)   w.
V     .  • iw (imn,   Mo   ti.
:'..i. and      ¥•■ .i Hi   W,.iln»a
. laeh month m    H«ikirk
•    ia;  Woodmen ara
trA    tO   nfftlil
iam I   TTHB, O.O.
H   w   HOWARD t. Clork.
UOOBfl  No.  10HI
Ma^ta     (tvfiry  Ural   nnd  third Tnee-
day    In  Oddfe.lowi    IUU.      Viaitlng
hrethern cordially Invited to attend
K.   Ildwiirdn,  Dlrtator.
H. I.   Haug, aacroiary.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
THAT is the name, and
below is the trademark,
you are to look for next
time  you buy underwear.
Your size in any garment
with that trademark will
lit perfectly, will outwear
ordinary underwear, will
not shrink. Yet you pay
nothing extra for this
extra value; and you get our
Guarantee of " money back
if you can fairly cImj*ti it."
Made at Paris in Canada,
by PEN MANS Limited,  5i
foreign certificates of registration   do
j not correspond  with  these reports Canadian   registration and  import  Oer-
tiflca'tes for the    animals in question,
1 aro refused.
Picture Censor
On the first of April this year thero
will  come  into  force  new  regulations
,    ,        ,     .                 „„f          , Victoria,  H.C,   March   15—The proof annuals for the improvement       01 .
vin ial   government   has   appointed   0.
stock.   To this end  the following am- L   (,()|.:li)n    uf     Va|lcouV(,l.   (.em.or ol
ended  regulations   have  been  adopted moving picture shows in  the province
hy  Order in  Council for  tbo guidam-e as  provided for by  legislation   of tho
Ri r
ol Importers and Custom House Of- i ast session. His dutioB will be to
iici'i-j: pass ii|ion all lilms shown in British
1.—No animal imported for lhe im- <. olumbia anil forbid tlie production
prove'inent of stork shall be admitted 0f those whieh he regards as harmful
free of duty unless ihe owner is a in addition, he will exerciso super-
British subject, resident in the Brit- vision over the structural appliawes
ish Empire, or if more than one own- jn theatres where tho cinematograph
er, each is a British subject, resident j. shown, lha fire prevention appli-
in the British Empire and there is ancea and exits and tho sanitary ar-
furnished an Import Certificate stat- rangements. Mr. Gordon has lor tho
ing that tlie animal is recorded in a pasl M years been engaged on tho
Canadian National Record or in a editorial staff ol the Vancouver Pro-
Foreign Record recognized as reliable vines, latterly as city editor,
by the National Re ord Committee. ,
Facts Concerning Our Home Town.—Geographic Centre of
British Columbia.--Vast Mineral and Timber Wealth
Throughout Surrounding Country. Homes for Thirty
Thousand Prosperous cAgriculturists.—Scenic Attractions.—Industrial Possibilities.
Go where you will, yoll will find no This land is capable of supporting
better located point for the site of a ''ural Population of 30,000 people.
Cily than Revelstoke.   lt is as nearly
NOTICE IS HEREBT GIVEN that the list of Voters for the Revelsloke Electoral District has lieen cancelled, and that applications to be
placed on th..' Voters List will be received at my Office at Reve'.-toke,
where printed forms of affidavit to be used in support of an application
to vote will be supplied. The list of persons claiming to vote will be sus-
pinde.i from and alter tho seventh day cf April, 11)13, and a Court of Revision will be held on the nineteenth day of May, and notiee cf objections
to the in-ertion of any name on th ■ Register of Voters must be given to
rn.'' thirty clear .lays before the holdin.ee of the Court of Revision!
Dated ihis Third day of March, 1913.
1st  iss. M.5, 3w. E. EDWARDS,
liar of Voters for the      Re.elstoke      El ctoral      District.
Presidenl Polncaro has given another evidence ol his democratic tennonc-
ies, according io a story printed in
lie Figaro. Thc new chief executive
has dismissed the sentry who had been
on duty niusi.le ihe president's bedroom ui Elysee Palace, Heretofore, an
armed sentry of tbe Republican guard
has been stationed there and has been
provided  wiih :,  .'amp bed.    President
' EA$f!R
\a\ Gordon St., Stai'i.kton, N.Y.
quickly v.    .  c ■   .is* cures
tn.* throat u;:J lunco.        :;
■ 'IiCm-TJ
"f th it lire yoli   that  policy   we
wrote   (:ir  '.n.i.    The  mnnci  you'll
be paii] on it   will  cover  your   loss
t i   your condition.
Have us v.:
■ ing even thin j you have.   Premiums .ire low .in 1   <mr poii ies are
Iut ly - i(e.    1> i it to-d    .
A. l-l. Kincaid, Mai.
Tenders will be received until March
29, 1913, Tor ihe erection of a Standard No. i Se.'tiou House at Si amous
Jim, lion. Plans and Specifications
may be obtained at the Resident Engineer's  otlice.  Revelstoke.
it iss.  M.2 l'w.       Re-i.lent Engineer.
E.    G.    C'.'RRtDQE
Tinsmith Repairs. Hot Air, Pipe I
and Furtincc work
ConnauirKt  Avo.    -    Rovolstoko
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone .42   -    Nijjht Phone 85
We can help you !
Just advertise iu tlie
The exclusive advertising
medium for this district.
Everybody will see umr advertisement anil lhe cost is only
lOo. Una.   Minimum Charge, 2So
T.ndcr- will le received hy the under -i njd, until noo.i March :l!);h, 1913
for t'lcnrine Right of Way on the Ar-
rowlake Subdivision, M.B.-O. to Arrowh-ad. and on thc Shuswap Su'o-
divi-ion. M.B.-O. to M.B. 43.
.-'.    ideations may  he obtain d      at,
the otltee of the Divl-ion Rngincer.
H. n. Walkem, Actg. Divn.
Engineer, orM.K.  M.Quarrie
Resident En;ineer  Revelstoke
1st issue Mar. 12. 3w.
NOTICE i- hereby given that the copartnership heretofore subsisting between the r.n 1-rsigned, under the firm
name ol Rcvel-toke Plumbing, Heating and Sheet Metal Company, at
!:■ .elMtoke, U.C, has been this day
dissolved by mutual con-ent. The
business will hereafter be carried on
by Sidney Humphreys, by whom all
debts of the old firm will be paid and
to whom all outstanding accounts due
the old lirm are to be paid.
Revelstoke, B.C., February 14th,1913
Revelstoke Plumbing, Heating,
and Sheet Metal Company.
S. Humphreys.
P. Bent.
1st  issue  15Feb.  lm.
A statutory declaration by the owner or one of tlie owners, lhat lie W a
British subject, or thai each is a
Britishsubject resident in the British
Em] ire and that such animal is the
ide nti.al animal I.s iih-d in such cer-
li.i. at" must lie provided, and that
such animal is being imported into
Canada for the impcove'ment of stock.
2.—In  case  such  certifl ate  is     not  |
ai  hand at  the  lime. ()f the arrival of   Poincare doe-  not care for any
'.li- animals, entry I'or duty     may be  attention.
accepted -abject to refund of  the duty	
upon the production of the requisite
ertifieates and proofs in due form sat
isfactory to the collector within one
year from the timo of entry. |
3.— The form of certificate to bc ac-
i-opted for ihe free importation of animals foi the improve it nt of stock,
an.l tli' Cus'toms pro lure in connection therewith .-hall be subject lo the
direction of the Minister of Customs.
4.—The- above declarations shall bo
attached to the Free import Entry,
an 1 nmy he made before ihe- Collector
Sub-Coll ctor, Surveyor or Chief
rk at the port where the goods are
entered or before any fun tionary au-
tiori -.1 by law io administer oaths,  j
Under the old regulations a British
Bubject residing in a foreign country,
• \ ihe citizen id anoth r country living in Sanada -ould .-.-cure the free
entry 'i properly registered animals,
whereas under the new order ioreign
persons or firms are excluded from this
Customs . are re iuired to ex-
amine rarofully the animals presented
for entry to see that they corres-
i ond with the description contained
in tin.' Imiort Certificate and if they
do not duty is eolleeted.
The statutory declarations required
regarding citizenship and identity will
ii i- hoped efiectively prevent abuses
that lei up to the passing of the now
i emulations.
As in the pa-t animals are subjected to veterinary inspection at tho
port of entry. Offl inls of the Health
of Animals Dram h who do this work
are required to make a report as to
e olor and marking--. II it i< found by
tbe Canadian  National  H'eords    that
Extensive an.l  varied mineral     deposits are known to exist in the neigh
as possible, in the centre of that great   ^^ ^ ^.^ deveiopmt.nt.
section of Uritish Columbia extending
for a length oi 350 miles between the
Crow's Nest and B.C. Southern rail -
wuy systems to the south aud the
routes of the Grand Trunk Pacific
and Canadian Northern railways to
tlie north.
Prettily     situated on the Columbia
Cradled and beautiful scene- of
i ■ intaln and glacier, forest-clad hill
and vale, river -tram and lake: favored with an quable climate. Revelstoke is one.of the most picturesquely '..red ..:' Canadian cities and an
ideal town in wbich io make a home.
It is well lighted lit a high pressure supply oi pure water which can
River where it is crossed by the main j I'" extended io meet any future requirements, good i ilnag and sewer-
.1.- , high as- < .1 icationa institu -
, tions in the way of pul lie and high
line ol tlie Arrowhead and Kootenay j s,-hools, a Y.M.C.A. witli a .'.ell-
Railway, which connects with the pal- equipped gymnasium, two public parka
atial steamers ol thc C.P.it. on    the   fair  -rounds,  race  track,   magnificent
Arrow Lakes, and with the B.C. Sou-j summ"r     ''ark    °n Mount Revelstoke
rutin, .ied  with thc eity  by rail,  nice
thern, Columbia and Western,  (.'row s
line of tlie Canadian Pacific Railway,
it is ulso the junction with  the main
Nest  Pass and  Oreat  Northern  Hail-
Way  systems  to   the  south.
As the construction of the Grand
Trunk Pacific and Canadian Northern
railways io the north proceeds, and
these systems become extended into
the Canoe River valley and  ihe terrl-
bora s and gardens, and in fact all
the modern conveniences that . to
n,ak- a lown attractive from a residential point of view. (The jr. at
summer and tourist resorts ( :' the
Rocky Mountains are within a few
hours reach.) Good fishing ma-. be
had in many of the adjac nt streams
and lak s.   Hunters will Cnd here re-
i "  '
y.  ,3:./
" Will   you
kindly inform
^__ m c    if
■—? your
Gin Tills
are sold
in   New  York
City ?    I learned
nbout  them  last
summer.      My
daughter went to
Kingston,    Out.,
•V  JfM% '
and spent the summer there. She got
some of your Gin Pills and sent them
to mc aial I tried them and found tbem
to be the best medicine Ciat I ever used
for Kidney and Bladder Trouble. Oh I
'.hey did mt so much good and I am so
much better. I hope you can fix it so
1 can get Oiu Pills in New York".
Sold everywhere iu Canada at 50c. n
box, 6 for $2.50. Sample free if you
write National Drug and Chemical Co.
of Canada, Limited, Dept.   W  Toronto.
If you need a gentle laxative or si-^ae-
tliing to stir up the liver, take Natio.ial
Lazy Liver Pills, 25c. a box. 106
tory tributary to ihe Big Bend of the sorts e.f big game wiih reliable guide*
Columbia, they musl seek connections at ca''•
...    ,          ,'      , ,,     1     ,      -n , ' :i                   •"- valuable assets   ot
with the south, and Rovelstoke will he ....     ■      .      7   •
is it ate.   It is cotn-
the point  of  junction of the railway paratively mild, .        ie ac or     • to
systems of tlie future with thos •     oi the                                  , bright       and
today as they traverse the great val- sunshiny  throughout the greater part
leys     whieh     radiate
nortli  and  south from this city
their common centre.
While Revelstoke thus o.   Iipies
ast and west,   of the >'car'   Th" hont i? :" ''
ive in midsummer; tbe ara
1 pl asantly  cool.   The   «inters
are not extreme, ihe tem]    ature rami   relj      [ling  bi low  zero,  and  thi
exceptionally    strong    position as a  exc eding t 0 degrees below for ., few
traffic emporium, its outlook is still  d wintr-   The na'
isture is sufficient to make    rr   al on
r.       snry.    A  nure   bracing  atmos-
brightcr from an  industrial and manufacturing point of view.     There are ph„re it V/0,:M be j;.y,cuit ,0"finQ.
1,000 miles of timher on the Columbia Tlie. Government records  -how sum-
River and its tributaries north of the mer and winter ranges ol temperature
city.   The expenditure involved in the as ''ol,ows:
  Summer—Julj            Maximum •    teg
conversion ol  this timber into a mar- , ,    ....   "          „ .         T .    .„„,
,   a  ,.                      iii      a , i, ,       ,. 'J,ll>'  1909, Mean,  ,.  degj;  July  1909
ketable product will not fall lar short
of $275,000,000.
July, 1909, Mean
Water power is plentiful in the vicin
ity, the city having harnessed on.'
stream to a capacity of 1,800 horse
power, which is ottered for industrial
purposes at low  rates.
In the vall.ys tributary to Revelstoke are about a quarter of a million
acres ot lnnd oi good quality,     an 1
Minimum, 40 deg
49 deg.
Winter—January,   1910,   Maximum,   40
de-      ■' in     110, Mi an, 27   li g.; Jan
Minimum, 12 tielow zero.  J en.
1910,  M  in   i"a' ovo zero.
i-ion—Summer.   1909,   2.
rain; Winter, 1910, 1.11 in. rain; win
ter,  run, 22.20 in. snow.
The altitude oi     Revelstoke is 1,400
which, when cleared of timber      an i       •  .    ,vi s,-a level, and it is     <ub-
eultivated, is well adapted for     iruit- je.-t  to Pacific Coast winds  influence,
growing,     poultry farming,    dairying a guarantee oi moisture and mildness
stock raising, and general agriculture, varied with fine and sunny weather.
It ninkea no et.'.r :  1  » .  '. :    -. H^ure oc
All   trora.   p*  :;t«,   rlotf, -     '
1 .    .- .   I J u* -r? filler-
ll n:!i : v .   1 to gel
32 PAGES.        IO*(STAMPS)
nurseries i"
■to    'Hff\
Canadian Pacific Railway High Level Bridge at Edmonton
The third of the gigantic structures that have been built in Western Canada by the Canadian Pacific
Railw ay Company in the past few years, the other two being the viaduct at Lethbridge. one mile long,
and the recently completed viaduct at Outlook over three thousand feet in length, the latter opened for
traffic in 1912.
The length of this bridge at Edmonton, between abutments of north and south approaches, is 2,500 feet,
The extreme height above the mean water level is 153 feet, while the piers are 103 feet high.
The bridge consists of an upper and lower deck, the width of the upper being 39 feet and that of the lower
43 feet.
The upper deck will carry a railway track and double street car tracks; the lower will be used for vehicular and pedestrian traffic, the sidewalks having a clearance of eight feet and the roadway 23 feet. PAGE EIGHT.
the mail-herald,:revelstoke
SATURDAY,   MARCH  22,  1913.
fV «*,%<&. <4^a <».*■* 1
J, Gibson of Van ou
ver. is in
%,%.■% X%.\  "6. '^'^V».'%%'%ri
Don't Fail lo <ee Mutt and Jefl al
tin' opera house Tuesday evening nest
rhese are A  no one comedians, Don't
Illi:    '   llll'lll.
LOCALS I recoils .
e      '
Weeks , !
■i   Jone
Vancouver  i
the  Nel-on
in town.
Easter Services
April LSth,  is the date fixed for the'    The tirst  Canadian  contingent  that
,.■ dance of thc Ladies Auxiliary to   went to the Boer war were insured for!
u '   of  Vancouver,
Roos of Vaucouver
i ting business.
:, ier ..' Cal  ary,
■  .  past fi v.   lays'.
'.  Barr of Winnipeg,
.  15   ..    icrday.
is in the city
was in   the
was n visit-
M.   Sme
I ■■ I
Toronto,  was  no-
yesi nday.
.:   Cl'.ii.i   ...   w
...n Thursday.
A.  I l.u vi \  ,.:  Vancouver is in the
.. 't    |    ...   ,, i.m Edward.
Foshi i       Poi     \ithur. i- in the
t at the King Edward.
K.  Blond oi Ai rowhea i was     a
it   the Km'/ !•'. Iward ye I t laj
The     lollowing Is a list  of   Easter
Services in St. Peter's church:
Holy Communion at s a.m.: Mat -
tins and Holy Communion at 11 a.m.
Processional, U'.l, Responses, Tallis'
Testal; Anthem, Humphrey's Grand
Chant; 1' 'aim-, as sel; 'I'.' Ruin, Van
lo '.i ck; Anthem, introit, "This is the
1 ay" by < ooke; Kyrie, Plumer in E
ii.it; Gloria Tibi, Dykes m F; Ofler
lory lliiiini. 157; Retrocessional, Bee
iiiiiv.n In n flat
Em'H- Ul.;: — Processional,      D',4.    Res
pon ■• . Tallis' Festal; Psalm ■ 113 and
11',. a set, L18 Fit/herbert; Magnlfl
cat, l.'iu.l in H flat Anthem, "God is
a Spirit," by Bennett; Offertory boIo,
"Hail Festal Morn," Mrs. Gudard
Oflertorium, Beethoven; Hymn,
Ri tro ies- ional, Hymn 46 ' Bright Mu
Eic, eholr of forty voices, Sermons
by  the reitor Rural  Dean Procunier.
the II. of L.  E.   Remember the date,  ifl,000,000 in the Ocean Accident   and
Guarantee Corporation. The Revel -
stoke Fire Brigades are also insured
in tliis company. The special agent
for thi-; company is Chas. M Field —
Best policy in the market issued to all
GALT COAL  is  handled exclusively ' especially to railroaders.
in  Revelstoke by the Revelstoke Gen
eral Agencies, Ltd.
The great My.-'tery of tne Hankers
Hate', Pick Tun-in. and the Uld Curi-
ositj Shop. .Monday and Tuesday
next, Empress  theatre.
London, March 19—Tbe lalest phase
of the suffragette movement namely,
the outbreak of mob violence against
the militants, though long anticipated
is exciting much uneasiness as there
ia no saying to what lengths it may
be carried.   The     Globe today warns
Mr. A. Woodland
,t   Malakwa
spent   Good  Fl iday
Everybody who counts will be there
WHERE'.'   Al   the L.A.B. of R.T.  Annual    At  Ilo i.e  and  Dance,  in Opera
louse, March 36th.
i .mm.mi given under ihe auspices of
St. Peter's church at the opera house
Easier Monday evening.
March 26th—the L.A. B. of R. T.,
Annual Al Home and Dance in the
opera house.   Cancel all other engage
. i  \ '■■,,!-.,,, «a-  tran
s  in   the  ■ ity  Thui  day.
'.  ments for that evening,
Monday and Tuesday next big program at Empress The Hankers Sale,
Dick Tui'pin, The OH Curiosity Shop.
Don'l   miss thi-.
J,   .i  hnson
'    Ca
n.  i s 11
\ b    eiiivei,   paid
i  visil   y ■ terday,
.'r.i  of Wash
..   the city tins
11,  Weir ..I Nelson, came     in
•:   : a a   the end  ol    thi ■'
:    '
• .:. .
Evan   ol Ti i    .em.' m
!  is a guest at      the
The ran hlng commission wbich has
been Investigating Western conditions
tvitb i view lo stimulating the rapid-
de lining liv Bto k industry ol the
prairie provinces has made ., number
of Important recommendations. Th-:
reporl i- in the hands of the minister
and will lee publish) .1 within th     ies:
uple ol wee i -. i lie recommendations
nre ill wiih a ilew to ncouraging
ih ranching I u n ss in the West
\ hile changes an        gested whi h will   Bank
n.l to | i v. i,i ; ig t racts of lands
llii few hands,
GALT i'nAL—Not just a- good, but
the real article.—The Revelstoke
11 neral Age n ies, Ltd.
the government that such spectacles
Don't miss one of the big even is of as that of Sunday in Hyde Dark, aro
the Beason on Eas'ter Monday evening bringing England to lhe verge ol a
by failing io attend St. Peter's church sex war, and are calliug forth the
conceit at the opera house. basest instincts in the human brutes
who exi-i on the outskirts oi society.
The women stiHragettes having thom
selves appealed to violence and law -
lessness, now run ilie. i isk oi provoking llie unruly element- to carry vio-
lenco to a po nt where bloodshed will
be Inevitable.
The spectacle, renewed again yes
t)lL, terday, of women lawbreakei . cap
end. ln'S imprisonment ly the trick of the
lunger strike, Infuriates men wbo
know how certainly they will have to
suffer thc full penalties of their own
lawbreaking. The Globe demand-!
that open-air meclings of the militant
suiTra.eiies bo prohibited while bhe
excitement lasts, and thai the hanger
strikers be left to starve if Ihey per
m-i in refusing good pri on fare.
Mrs.     McBride
guest of Mrs.   J.
Mr, and Mrs,
Friday evening
I luuu
Vernon is the
J.  K. Shepherd,   left
to spi nd a  week in
Mis. Emma Mclntyro leaves on Tues
day io spend tho spring at Cascade,
witli Mrs.  It. Davis.
Only four companies settled their
losses in inll In the San Francisco
Of course you will take in the Big earthqtiake and lire, of whicli the London Assurance Corporation was one.
This company paid oui $7,000,000 In
that disaster, their poii ies are writ-
li n lure  by  Cha .   M.  Field.
Forty years ir. use, 20     years
standard    prescribed   an.l   recom
ed by physician.-.   For Woman's All -
nieuls,  Dr.  Manel's Female Pills,    at
your druggist.
Hool: your -e.its early at Ma don -
aid's drug Btoro for St. Peter's church
concert Easter Monday evening. There
w 11 be a 1 acked hott-e.
ladles ol the Y.M.C.A. Auxil -
.rve.l "Upper to the Directors at
meeting on  Thursday  evening.
The    I,111
i.n   Tue d
Spi Ild   llll'e
lie- -. hool tea. hers all leave
iy mom ii.- for Vernon to
■ days in convent ion In t hat
I'd|.II        elf    till
i he \ ancouver
al   both drug
u nts.
Sun. are ,
tore-,   prii
Edition   of
i sale  today
i only     ten
'l'li.. itevelstoke General AgenciesLtd.
are the exclusive agents for the famous GALT COAL.
See Chas M. Field about tbat Life
Folicy you are contemplating putting
on in the company of which Lord
Strathcona and the President o!    the
of Mi tin', al are directors.
I >,   > B i h iei  ol 'l oi onl >, was
ten    ..   ■ i.     here   Fi
is wo k.
: Ii.     1.1  Mrs.   Snth rl. nd of sum -
m ■       I, in   ihe city,   ihi .
. n .   ■■-.!
e genial
,,i   Nakusp,    ca
lay'i    .. :;'a  Main.
Dfliff Be UD
Nesrly Ar.jor.i. H i Sscure a ■; mrJid
dame-, tlie. Chimney Sweep, is back
in town, and will give prompt personal attention to all jobs, 'Iho e Ori,
ental Hotel, o- write, dam s. The
Chimney Swe p, C. 0. Oriental Hotel, Revelstoke.
■ : led)
i     Nukusp,
-   ■• ellin •   In  1:
• •   - ;    yet
,     .   ii._a:   ;o.    \ |.-
-     o P      ^
v   the
H v-
SVe bi
of rei .i.l.i:.
ha '     ' ■ 13 out ol i    ry    LOO
.   .i irding to
li li-tll   of   t.III.-.
a  strong
.ii. it i..
no one    lould do       i   until tl
1 ual  test.
-I. ite       nl u ■
.lie.,". I    ■
ture li and ha i
gl'OM th, A i    ■
it in
Railroad rs, bi vare, Do not put oa
life or accident Insurance without first
lhat has ,, re ord   looking      er the       ri       e and     low
an I Ing  pi iced 11 I •  - i    red ; ou bj Chas.M.
'ield, in his  sound and rellal le
I anies,
Where aro you 'inn.: io my pretty
maid I Why to lho L.A.B. of R.T.
Ai nual At 1 lorae and Dance iii the
Opera Ileus.'. Manh 2 lh, First class
music i.y lho Revelstoke City Hand.
Miss B. .McMahon has opened up a
ladii - dressmaking establishment with
headquarters over lhe McRae Block,
McKenzie avenue, Revolstoke. Plain
sewing for ladies and children. l.ad-
i s on d materials mad • up.
Tho Kmi'i.'.    theatre will -how     on
Monday nnd Tuesday next  the start -
ling motion  pictures of "Mystery    oi
Banken   Safe"; also Dick Turpin, and
iho i ll 1 Curiosity Shop. Dicken   greal
works.   Thi    pro ;ram i- one of the tin
est seen in the city tor somr' time and
rent ti    t  i    in  sloi     for     Ihos -
o   si ■'  'h" above  proi ram.   Prices ,
; .  .   15c,  bolcony 35c,    Monday    an.l
How to Grow Tali
when    ■  •"
: '
E    Vi
'.'■:. ibI
•  Golden, ri
pted a
,-ith the E. &
V    '
I               rs  here
ay, plasters,
1   ai 6  employ-
-   ■
3t    ■ ■   , [ -   ihurch
-   •
Ith     :. -
•    I.
ua    H       tend    I
-..,    B.C.,   March 20—The     rein i     recommendations
,,: u.   11 .nor   iu       La   p   an in his
spei lally    appointed
i .... . . In   ihe   Public
■-■ .     . to investiguti   tie-   dis -
and  diftlcultic        ently   de-
n  Nei-on •. ii   sehool
•     i .    id   ed    by
i  :. ; ion     and
...    .: pension tor    dx
tea her's   certificate
I   Thompson, principal.
u     report   is in sub-
afavi rabli   to toi -
-•.ii.  and    refers
,    and    hurtful
ba     ma.le    Nelson
a iiywo d .lining re ent
ted a   possibly
A man's organs and those of bis
hones whicli ari not subjected lo pies
ure grow continuously until he is for-
. > years old; thai is to -ay. the heart
should become stronger, the capacity
of ihe lungs increase, and lhe brain
ho ild d vclop steudily until lhe
iuui ih decade of life. Also one should
wear ., larger hal a' the age of forty
iliau  at   thirty,
A m ,n  ce-.  es  i.i grow  tall,  however,
ftl   the  iMi'iiiiiin ; .,[ the  third •!   ia li .
because  after  that   time   the     down
ward  i'i •■   ure exi ri .1     by thc we'glit
of ih    : iel\   whil    in  ihe erect po i
i ii n co uur.'   m   lhe ver) lnae or small
bones in the  iplne, lhe discs .if can
ilage hetween ihem, the  pi li i .     an 1
lhe thigh bonos and the pressure over
ome ' i he  natural     elasil lty  of  the
i       and  ih- growth of these bones.
■ " .,       ,  iiiiii     scii a i I contend
that   wre   a   mill   a   <1H ub upi .1      and
for    fro .1  from     the   downwar l
pressure pri Iui .1 i.y hi    weight ui on
: is spinal  column, h ■ would continue
i lul In  for ten yi ar   Ion
l<t than  li ■ does at  i resent. since' it
■ ■■ n  lound thai   boms  not     sub-
'I li • Kpworih Lcaguo are holding a
social evening al the Methodist ehurlh
on Monday evening lo which the public  ai e  iin it. .1.
At   Hie.  song ser. ice   in   lhe   M  Ihod
ist   iimi ch  Sun lay  evening  lhe choir
..:' US i oi es u ill   ling     t wo anthems;
Mrs.   I'l.  Davis  will  sing a Holo,    and
ther,' will  I"' a ladies quartette
Mr, Melville of Sixth s reel, recelv
cd a  telegram on Thui slay  announc
in ■   : he  death  of  his   brother in   Van
couver,     Mr,  ami  Mrs.  Melville    loft
i.n  the i". oiling train for lho coa it.
'I be Ladies \u\il ary of the V .M.C
A. will nu"'l I'm the monthly sewing
circle al the home ol Mrs. \V. A.
Sturdy, Fifth street, next Tuesday at
:; p.m. All members plea o take no
iln...'     junior
i.n t   d   in   an
i.eo il    of   Selkirk
Ea li i   fesl ■ ,al  in
ie, . ompii
llle'    felll!  til     ll
ii a increa. e up   to
ii.-.! i
for nuiKG
You Run Ho M Wiieii V:. u lis
ihis Berried]
Miss ( in, He's room on Thursday afternoon,   Each pupil  brought a small
cr \ i irtor and all enjoyed Ha iei  ei
buns, rabbits and candies,
Mi.; '  t llodj     Urquhart.   Mi        li n I
Procunier,   Miss   ileitha   Hobbs,     and
di tiav I' ii'i.I, H I in u. I fro a the
...I il Clu ol al v ani e.il.er on i'ri -
day to enjoy th ■ Ea ter va al on at
limn i. The gli is aie look In ■ foi wai .1
te. j jollj   li  e   next  ive ik.
Vsbury who hai   b en tal ii
. i li. ni  care of  the V.M.i '.A,  buil  In -.
fo      ' i       live  year- ,      I a     r    i   n   1
Iii i' 11• ii and Intends li a ■ in, on
llie in. : of the a ■ t n onth fo
ti rla, wh ie ii is hop d iho • Iimate
will improve Mrs. As ury's h alth.
Tin j ha' •■ ilreadj I po ed ot all
tli      bou   bold - • eels.
ca'.'- ed, a to fre-
E    i
•■' irning        We I ha      ■   L
lin.'   evening,   "What   the He u i
;,   i ,-,„.;,      EartOT HOUSE TO LET—Also Kitchen range
hool at  2:30 p.m.
fion   wr
\ wrKD    i. •  .
k   ■     i     n To
eil foi Quick   a ■
1 ions    Addr i       Fort
ines street, wett,  Van. ouvcr.
Wc pi .."■ that,  i: your hair
is fail.ii i you bave nol
go too far, you can repair the dai i
nite    alrea.ly    don.' iiy  using    Rexall
"93"   Hair   Tonic,      with   persist  n y
and regularity, for a   rea i na  le  ;
glh of time,    ll  is a  scientific, clean
rmi i lal pri para - [ol.mej
h re-organiza tioa, that destroys microbes Bttmu-
I h,. under- i;lt,,K B0O(3 circulation around the
hair roots, promotes hair nourish -
mi it, removes dandrufl and act to
restore hair health. It is as ideas -
ant to use as pure water, and is delicately  perfumed,   it Is u real toilet
Wo want  you to try     Rexall "93"
Hair Tonic with our proral  i thai   it
I ci   t   you noth n - unless yo i are
i   fled with Its use.      it
in two      es,  ; rices, 60c   and
i:     ml  i,    you can obtain
i Remedies In this    community
only  at   uur stoic   The  Hexall  Store,   March
The  ladies  of  St. .lohn'    i hurc
a   i ;.  and  i ulinary  sale . n  Tin i
afternoon  and evening,  at  Mrs.   Si  v
. a -. a' .   Tin-  re nils  wi i'e  i i ;hlj     .:'
isfactory in evory  way, a Lai  oc owd
. i.ii.ni •   and   .'"in ;   all  8 ternn in.  The
I , ||  ci o1.in.- til-  disi laj   wa    un u
.1 and vci y quickly di pos .1 of. Dur
n ■ i hc ufl i-i noon, Mis La vson, Mis
Brown and Miss Crowe contiibuti 1 in
sl i ii men tali
tei m.
Tho np "ii.
.i    oard    in
■ prior
v I
A debate ou  I lo ne  Rule for  Irei ind
the     program at the regular
 i in.   e.f  i he  i ii an jo  Lodge  on Pi i
dny evening. Brothers C. Und mark,
i;. Woodland, and p. Sa n m ...e1"
i'.i the attlrmgtlve, and Brothers Rov.
M   Intyri',   ll. Tapping nnl   M.   Fee,   up
held lhe negative. The arguments
were forcible  and  interesting on  both
des leei lhe n 'gatiie came oil \ lo,
toiious. Tb re Was a lane attend -
, ii e and refrc hm nts served after a
. i."i '   mu leal  pro  lain
Premier's Well-Earned Pest
•   of Re\    W    Whyl
Vboul    hi'-
Waller  lie.'. |'  Drug  SI Ore
1—St.  Peter's Church con ert
tho Opera House.
K. Keimaie of Victoria wa   among
City visitors in the city yesterday.
11    ordia   welcome to all-
ae Presbyterian chur h on Bun-
he mu -.   and addresses wall   be
to  the  Ka-ier iv-ason.   In
Richard    M       '       ft for      I :'orma
h-   arin'ial     ad
i,f -h.' Universi-
thi oists <»f the
o men in I
• iffe Can h<> set i.   i
■ ■  i'Iti fl,   Fifth   Btn '    -.ard   y   I
and  Heater; al o Moi iis Chair, Bed
Room Die-S'i.   ind  Sewing M
and     Linoleum        and Carpe' •
other hou ■
the   Astburv
Sii Riobard  I Is undei   ood  ■
on wii.!.- I
Revelstoke, Ti. C
atternoon      at    2:10  -h.' Sunday1	
school will presenl   "The Message    of POR HALF.'—An Bight   Room House,  Pre   lent Woodrow wilse.n an-d
i. girt,"  a  combined  Ka-tcr and  Liv -
ingstone centenary.   The Women's Mis
s onmy  Boclety will meet  at 3:30 and
■d   was    llrlcden |.-   c,  Murray of Kerguson, made the
.   .ng upon an at- |ake trip Thursday to do business   in
B    ■'■   :•      and   ,"-neral      ill (0WD,
1      ' ie.-     ,asl »ll
Pre Menl   Woodrow  Wilson   i-    ihe
•    .'.-,....  #ai   ■■' 1 known in twenty-eighth pre«Men! of the Unltod
H        "I     -ru    .   charge  of Sl""'       ""'    ' he Inst demorat to be
the Pi                 churoh at I'lMiehi.uid Inaugurated ln twenty years. He Is th*
or   the  in '   'en    ntiti     !!■   leaves    a
■•■ 1 • 1 -. *•  ir*i 'I..-   rm , ii. y.ion, Parel,
i lay evening the Young People'- So ieiy will holel its regular
in-e'lng. I
very    centrally  situated.    Hi'jUlpped   lbe pi iposal lo DOOitroct an all P«ci
with  modern  conveniences. Has  line  1,     oa       ne I   Mexico to e\la'ikn
lawn. Admlraidy suited for a Ml - It is thought probable tbat tbt lln«'
ect Boarding houso. Kor further through British Columbia win 1* 'tm
particulars apply to Mail-Hnrald I a. ifl 'iren-1 Daftem Itmtwav nf'W
Office. . undol    on truotkJB
Mr      K    0,
Tu« nay   IStli
M. ftae   will   recelvs
T A. Oorley of Monti-aul, nnd A.J.
Milli ol Toronto, were among far sat"
tern vlaltoi   hi the n'y yesterday.
March 20-L. A. B. of H. T. Annual
At Home and Dance, in the Opera
April 1—Dr.  Uarnads Boys, Musical
Entertainment, Empress  theatre.
April 1—Y. M. C. A. Gym Exhibition
I April s—Whist Drive, under   auspices
Ladies' Ho-pital Guild,  in the City
j    Hall.
April  17—"The Canadian Follies"  under auspices Tennis Club,     Empress
I    theatre.
April 18—Ladles' Auxiliary to B. of
L. E. Dance, at thc opera house.
Ins  second  in  Philadelphia.  Cleveland April 21 and 22—Juvenile Dostonlans.
alier taking oath as preiddsnt, .-i-av.-d at tho Bmpress theatrs,
the-  open   bible which  he held.
leM'    Hi t a't nft«r  inauguration  v.as
to ki-fl his mother.     The address     of
"The "resi - Coming—"Royal    Players," at   tbe
third  D.moHat   president   -ince. 1!, S.
ivll wai     lb- 1       the Urst   pie-id-nt
1 Oordon   ni 0  , brother Dr Whyf f",rn  N>w  •','rB">- Washlngson's   f.rst.
inaugural mn  wa-   in   Nw-  York,
1 Coming—Flora Dora, at HM Bmpress
1    theatre.
tho president is simply
deni of th" Cnited Siat>-8.''
Empress theatre


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