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Llll',11, AUENT.
i lie iviaii"i_ei'aiu
X , i3-
Vol 12.-No. 100
,-r,    $2.50 Per Year
,' ....
C. B. Hume k Co.
Limoges China—ill setts or odd pieces.
Maylield, Clovei Leal, and White Patterns—in setts or any part
ot sett, or odd pieces.
Lemonade Setts, new and beautiful.
Covered Casseroles.
Fire prool Teapots—any sine.
Jardinicrs and Cuspidores—all Bizos.
Tea and Coffee Percolators.
You will always lind something new and interesting lu uur China
and Glass Ware Department, and you know you arc always welcome
to look around.
The Preserving Season
The preserving season is on.   We can supply you
with Strawberries, Cherries, Etc.   Place
your orders with us as soon as possible as the season for
both fruits will be very short and the supply limited.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
if you aro looking I'or something nice in 8POON8 AND
SPEOIAL" for Souvenirs, we havo Ihem here.
II  you  have PLENTY of
Soap and Water.
The  City  will furnish   the
water.   We will furnish
You can do the rest.
We keep all kinds at prices
5 cts. to $1.50
per cake
Try the Red Cross medicated
soap for tender skin,
Red Cross Drug Store
D, NAIRN, Phm, B,
Montreal, Aug. 7.—In an interview here, B. E. Walker, general
manager ol the Canadian Bank ol
Commerce, declared that the press of
Canada should realize how much
greater are the wants ol British Colitm.
bia than the provinces ol the plain.
The Pacific province, he said, is an
empire in itself, and to develop its
resources a great deal of money has
to be spent. The legislature, he continued, should not he parsimonious
when money is required for British
Columbia which will become the
revenue-producing province par excellence of the Dominion.
At thoconclusion ot the preliminary
hearing in the Featherstone trial
which was adjourned to South Wellington, the prisoner was committed for
trial on a charge of murder, The
case will come up for trial at the
Nanaimo assizes in October.
Special bargains in Carpets and
Linoleums at C. B, Hume & Co's.
♦ ♦
9 Including.
Kltohen Tinware, Wall lamps, Brass Kettles, Handsome Brass
Kettles, Handeome Brass Fern Pots, Braaa Candle Stick.'
Brass Dinner Conge, Cardon Spades and Watering Pots,
Brass Flra Fenders, Whips and Haltere, Drawing Room Coal
Vases, Brass Spirit Lamps, Cash Boxes, eto.
These goods aro Imported frum the Best old Country
iiuiuiiliicturers. It is a pleasure to show these goods. Cull in
and sec llieni.
Severe Floods in Texas-
Captain Showed Ihe White
Feather-Negroes Lynched
—Painted and Feathered.
Fokt Worth, Texas, Aug. 8.—Many
lives are reported lost as the result ul
a Hood. Five hundred persons lire
homeless, and the death list is growing hourly. The disaster i* probably
the worst since the Galveston Hood,
The Hoods wero caused by tho Colorado
river being forced out ol its luniks by
heavy ruins,
Dallas, I'exas—Aug. 8.—The lirsi
reports i.f the damage oaused by Hood
are declared to be much exaggerated.
The Colorado und Concho rivers nre
subsiding. Tlm loss ol lite is declared
not to be very large.
Mahkiii, Aug. 8.—It is now asserted
that the captain of the wtecked Sirio
showed the while leather and was one
of the lirst to rush for the life bouts.
"Everyone for himself," he cried and
thereupon began to make battle for
the possession of a boat. The crew
with knives between their teeth and
the ollicers with revolvers iu their
hands saved themselves,
Salisbury, N. C, Aug. 8.—Three
alleged negro murderers were lynched
here last night. One ol the ringleaders ol the mob has been captured and
troops ate guarding jail to prevent Ills
rescue. The suldiers have orders ti
shoot to kill,
CHICAGO, Aug. 8—The president and
cashier ol the looted Milwaukee Ave
State Hank, have lied to Canada
Theodore Stenslnnd, vice president,
was tti-rcstrd yesterday.
Syracuse, N. Y., Aug. 8.—The
villagers of East Syracuse having
viewed with disfavor tlie attentions
paid by Edward Connors lo Mrs.
Frank Rice, wile ol a railroad mini,
last night drugged Connors out of
Rice's house, stripped him, painted
him with green paint in lieu ol lar
and then leathered him. They threatened to do the same with the woman
but listened to her plea for mercy.
Rice wns away on his train nt the
A very quiet wedding took place on
Monday afternoon at the Roman
Catholic Church, the contracting parties being Mr. Hector Mclvinnon, a
well known C. P. It. engineer, and
Delia, eldest daughter of Mr. Joseph
Morgan of this city. The marriage
knot was tied by tlie Rev. Father
Pecouil, and the bride, whu was charmingly gowned wiib attended by her
sister Emma Morgan, the bridegroom
being supported by Mr. Joe McKin-
non. The piesents were handsome
and numerous. The happy couple
lelt on Monday evening by No. 117 on
their honeymoon which will he spent
at the coast cities, and a large number of friends gathered at the depot,
with showers of rice, to witness their
departure The .Maii.-Hkralii joins
in wishing the bridal pair a prosperous and happy married life.
From Our Own Correspondent.
Mrs. F, W. Jordan and children and
Mrs. Walter 8cott have returned from
St. Leon springs.
Miss Olive Wiinderlnirgh is at present on tlie sick list.
Norman Thomas, C. P. R. brakeman
here, met with an accidont at Rose
berry, one ol tbe car wheels passed
over his heel crushing it. He was
removed to tlie New Denver hospital
and is reported to he doing nicely.
The steamer Kootenay which has
been laid up for repairs is almost completed and will soon he on her run
Miss Moore, of Victoria, has been
engaged by the school lioard for the
ensuing term.
I'tica. Aug. 7.—While his two children, Edith and Eva, 8 nud u years of
age, respectively, looked on and enjoyed what they thought wns a joke
on the part of their father, Curtis E
Moore, n carpenter ol this city, hanged
himself in his home
The little gi-ls sat on the bed while
their lather ivhb preparing tn end bis
ll lo.   As they sat there, Moore said:
"I am going to die girls. I tun gu-
ing to heaven and I won't conic Ime.k.'
lle then lied one end of n small nip,
ur,tiind ii lii'uni nnd lied tin- noose
around his neck, while standing ou a
box. He*then stepped from the box
ninl strangled to death,
The children laughed ill their parent hut when he I egan In writhe ill
the end ol the rope ami did ml speak
In niiswer to their questions they
became frightened, and out-ol ihen
slipped from tlie bed nnd blew nut till'
lam p.
'Ihey covered up their heads nnd
awaited Iheir mother, who presently
came in and, colliding will: her bus
band's body, fell in a taint mill is now
iii a serious condition. Moore killed
himsell because of financial dillicullic
l-'rniii our own Oorroiponilent,
Mrs. T. Dempsey is visiting her
mother Mrs. M. Loltus.
Mrs. E. Erickson returned frum
Revelstoke on Monday.
Miss S. Johnson is visiting her sister Mrs. E. Erikson, as is also Miss H.
Johnson from Tacoma.
Haying is finished, The crop is
good and saved in line condition,
Fire Warden J. Dunn has been par
ticularly busy this week. Two lires
started, one ol which took some
amount ol work to subdue.
Some hundreds of poles for telephone and other purposes are being
loaded here.
Now that the efficiency ol the tele-
graphone has been demonstrated to
the satisfaction of the 0, P, R. ollicialB
we think it would be in order lo ask
for the installation ol un apparatus
here. Some means ol knowing when
a Iruin may lm expected would save
luts ol wasted time and energy.
bargains' Bargains!! Bargains!
on anything in Furniture, Carpets,
Linoleums, Curtains, etc.— Nuw is
yuur time tu furnish cheap, at John
E. Woods.
Chioaho,  Aug.   7.—Miss   Hun In li
Logan Tutliill, a Methodist mission
ary stated at a Methodist damp meet
ing, bow she aw eleven persons killed
and devoured by cannibals. Misi
Tuthill who hns been connected with
missionary work since she wus seven-
teen years of age has spent mosl. of the
time in thc Caroline [elands. On her
way homo to Sydney, N. S. W, Australia, the vessel wits wrecked on u
sand bur, two miles from the Cannibal
Islands. The shipwrecked party
managed to secure a bonl that hnd
been washed nsbure, nud while attempting to launch this, one of the
luok outs descried a horde ul snvnges
coming down the beach fully'21)0 of
them, in full wur paint urmeil with
shields, spears and heavy clubs Tbey
stole down upon the hunt und attacked
It with a rush. The sailors ninde no
resistance. They concealed themselves
in the hope of escaping, but one by
one, eleven men in all, were found,
drugged out nud killed with u blow on
the back ol the bend withn war club.
Then they dragged the bodies up the
bench and prepared fur the feast,
heating upon tom-toms end strange
drums. "The rest, is ton horrible,"—
she snyB, "how they e. -oketl their
human loud, how they danced about
their victims, how, at last, they tore
the smoking human llesb tn pieces
with their units and teeth in a mad
<"*gy, >__	
The "Scotsman," that most popular
and progressive ol Great Britain's
newspapers, which has just taken
possession of its new home in Edinburgh, mny be taken as a good example
of a hat sheer energy and enterprise
will do. The ''800181111111" wns Hrst
published in 1817 consisting of a journal of about 12 short columns, printed
by contract nnd Sold for 20c a copy,
and sb the circulation increased, the
premises hnd lo he enlarged accordingly and the preset t "Scotsman" building is the largest and most magnificent
establishment devoted lo the production nl newspapers in the world, and
perfectly equipped In all detail. Tho
building itself is n massive handsome
pile of Renaissance stylo, measuring
350 feet long and 120 feet wide, and
constructed at a cost ol $2,5011,0110, including the site; it is well situated in
the centre ol the busiest part ol
Edinburgh and contains every conceivable appliance which is essential
for the conduct of a large newspaper.
The machinery is entirely driven by
electricity nnd the linotype machines,
of which there arc 80, me of the very
latest type. Electric light is used
throughout. A complete uyslem ol
pneumatic tubes for letter delivery
und an elaborate system of telephones
have been installed. The lloor space
amounts to over two aorcs, The priming outfit cunsists uf five Hue presses,
two quadruple machines, two lour-reol
nnd one two-reel. The larger machines
have a capacity ol 24.000 III page
papers per hour or -18,000 8 page
papers in the same timo. Tbe total
capacity ol the five presses is tlie
•uorniuiis output uf 2111,000 eight page
papers per liuiir. Besides tlio mosses
tbe various othor machines Inr the
production of an up-to-date nowspopor
ure ol the latest typo. A foundry,
zinc block mounting mom, stereotyping room, carpenters ami mechanics
.hops, arc all on the ground lloor,
iie»ides printing its uwu paiior the
"Scotsman", which has n weekly issue
nl DOO columns, publishes the "Even
ing Despatch " and the " Weekly
A matter of great interest wasinlru-
,bleed iu the last meeting nl the Island
Assooiation, Toronto, by Mr. W. II.
Lockhurt Cordon, who has been com-
illuminating witii musquitu extermination societies in the States, with u
view tu finding suiuu menus of abating
the plague ol those pests, which Ire-
queutly detract- to a great extent Irom
the pleasures ol our popular summer
resorts, The new system, which is
not definitely statod, is not outlined
BiiHicioutly tn enable the public to
kuuw the eust, but Mr, Gordon thinks
it will be very small. There is at
present an ingenious contrivance,
however, that has pruvod its success,
namely, a hoop suspended Irom the
celling witii oleoma) connections,
whioh causes sudden deal h hy burning
to tho insect that touches it.
Four Hundred Drowned off
Spanish Coast. Crazed
Passengers Kill Each Other.
-Captain Shoots Himself.
Casiackka, Spain, Aug. II—A
terrible merino disaster occurred Sal
iirdnv evening oil' Cttpo Pitloa. The
Italian steamship Sirio frum Genoa,
lor Barcelona, Monte Video mul
lliieiius Ayres with (100 passengers wits
wrecked off lue Hiiriiigns Islands.
The steamer was threading a dlllloull
passage through the Islands at lull
speed when slur struck, A tol I'i ok'
scene ul confusion and panic ensued.
A number ol lisliorinen who mado
al tempts at rescue wero drowned, Italian emigrants willi knives in their
hands, nnd without regurd lor the
women nml children, [ought with the
greatest brutality, for the possession
of life buoys und life belts. Many
were killed nnd wounded, When the
captain saw the vessel wus lost and
the emigrants hud captured the boats
he committed suicide by shooting himsell with a revolver, the other ollloors
then lust their heads nnd thero wits
nobody to direct the work of rescue.
Eye witnesses givo awful pictures of
the brutal panic on board. Women
nud children wore slushed and cut
with knives by lho men, when the,
tried to get into tbe bouts. One report, states that a group of emigrants
approached one of the lnmls that was
foil and ubout to lie launched, killing
several of the occupants with knives.
Justus they themselves were nbout to
occipy the bout, another armed body
uf emigrants tried tu lake Ihe boat
and a fierce light ensued. Many survivors were brought ashore seriously
wounded with limbs badly fractured,
Before the captain shot himsell hi
declared that the steamer bad 015
passengers when she lelt Genoa nnd
more were taken on nl, Barcelona. The
crow numbered 127. Reports Btute
thut when the ship strue.k she immediately slid off and tank. Many
heart-rending scenes were witnessed,
many went insane when their friends
were lost, children were drowned under
(heir parents eyes, The Arch Bishop
ol Sun Pedro went down with the
vessel, blessing the drowning passengers. Tne survivors are camped in
tho town t Cape Palos and their condition is most deplorable; tbey are
without food, money and clothing,
and also the medical assistance is
tnli Ily iu -.tletji-i'te. The government,
bus started u public subscription nnd
food und clothing are beginning to
Tbo mangled bodies of women and
children are continually being washed
up on Ihe rocks, and the seniles oI
grief are terrible when the bodies are
identified. Whole families have been
wiped out. The Austrian consul at
Hiu tie Janeiro was saved but lost n
very large sum ol money when the
Sirio sunk.
Blue Mountain District Devastated-Ranchers Burnt Out.
Westminster, Aug. (i,—One ol the
worst bush lires which have over been
expoiienced in tliis vicinity occurred
is week. Fnnn it small blaze in the
surrounding bush, a large conflagration was caused by steady winds
which had been blowing in tbo direction ol the settlement, The lire
iriginutcil near Mr. Brown a nursery,
ihe Ilumich quickly spreading uml even
jumping Ibe roads which mo nil (II) fl.
wide. Everything in the path of the
lire wns as dry as tinder and before a
gang ol lire lighters could bo organized
the Haines had made most dangorotiB
headway. The most serious property
lo.-s wus sustained by Smith Bros.,
whose handsome residence, barns nnd
nuthouses were completely destroyed,
Nearly the whole chicken farm nl Mr,
Page was burnt uud ninny utlicr
Bottlers lost everything thoy possessed,
In iiiiiny places holes were burnt in
meadows to n depth ol over three lorl.
Considerable damage was dune to
limber, fences nnd crops, uml us wator
is ip -available people are praying fur
rain. Men, women and children have
ill heroically answered the call tn
light the llames which threatened at
ono time to devastate the wholo district
uud us it is several square miles hnve
teen completely burnt uut,
Great Fires Raging in Kootenay
Riissi.ami, Aug. 0.—The woods III
section along llie Columbia A* Western
Railway between Cascade and the
Bulldog tunnel are ablaze in places.
The Haines reached Furron where tluy
destroyed the station, round house
and water tank and a large hoarding
house, inllicl-ing a loss ol abuut $5,(H)!I
The residents and railway omployeos
at Furron made u strong light iigiiiiHl
the Haines, which nfter destroying the
buildings passed on towards tlio Hull-
dog tunnel 'Che lires now extend
iilnng thu road lor about 211 miles and
thc entire 0, P. II. force from Cascade
to Robsoii is endeavoring to save the
trestles. Tbo long spell ol dry, hot
weather has aided the rapid spread ol
the blaze,
Every Day Next Week at
" Crescent Mapeline."
"Crescent Baking Powder"
We have left a few 5-Acre Villa "Lots, suitable for JFruit
Culture anil Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be 110 land available after'this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
nnd house furnishings gn lu
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
I With a Feeling of Uncertainty
» This Flour is made from the best selected Hard
JL Wheat by people who know the milling business, and
ft who stake llieir experience and reputation on every
J bag of RISING SUN FLOUR that they
A turn oul.
»        I'.very bag is positively guaranteed.
&' Manufactured and Guaranteed by a
t TU* UW+*...  MSIUm*. fi*     \IA   I
1 The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
Inolu.lng portage to Knglauil, United Suites
and Cttdwln.
llv llie j-,-ar|llir„i,Kli|»,*ti,tli,-,-|    ...        ?--'"
H'ali      "        " * ■     »l
(Juitrtcr"       " ■ I-1"
lir.-l in -.-il <■
per lm,
$ i-t-i,:- per line each aulueqticiit Insrrli.tn.
Mwv-iiriMiit-tit- Konparlel 11- llnoa make one
inclil. Store mid general lni*iii,-* nn
nounc-im-iit.- $-io" per iuuli pi r nwn: h.
Preterm! pMlUoas. SS per cent, an-
iini,-nl. Iiirih*. Marriages ami Deaths-,
5Go. eauli in*, rtioti. Timber notice* (j.i.Iii
Und notices 17.60 All ojlvertUeinciila
subject tothe iiiiprov.ilof (lie management.
Wi.nl.-d mid Cuiiili-ii.-etl Advertisements:
Agftu- w,.iii,-,l. H.-lp Wanted, Situations
watit.-d. SltuaUons Vacant Teachers
Wanted, Me, lianie- Wanted, I" words or
ksv- 25c.. each n,l,lilioiiiil lino HI cenls.
Unilite ,|i -uni'tefc ll-l-M IOm-iiimiM iiim!
be ill bv 9 a. in.   Inesilil)  unit hiilaj   „!
et ch week lo secure good display.
j ill I-r.INTlXU proiniitls'i-xeculciliil rcimoii-
ib:e rales.
.-"tEuS-( lash.   Sulwriptions pnjiililti in nd!
ullllBSI'USliKNlT. Invited on limners pi
public inleresl. Caiiiiiutik.i'ioii* to Editor tiiu-l be aocompanlod hy itaint- of
writer, mu necemarUy (o mililloutlon. bill
a. evidence olgiai.1 faith. (*on-i-*|'„i„l,a„'i-
-hotilil be brief.
OmcM! iMiiuou. Hank  Hlock,  llrvw.
STuKfc, B.O.
Money io loan.
Office*: hevelslokc, H.C: 1 oil Steele, H. I.
Geo. S. McCaktkk,
A. M. l'lNKUAM.
Revelstoke, 11. C.
J. A. Haiivev,
Fori sHuulu, 11. ('.
J. M. Scott l.L.Ii
W. 1. Brlggs.
, Etc.
bakhisters, solicitor!
Money to Loan*
•solicitors fob molsoks rank
First Street, Revelsloke, U.l
Provincial Land .Surveyor
Mine Suiveying
McKenzie Avenue,
Dux 100, Revelstoki-
Mixing Exoixeer,
[Mem. American Institute Mining Knglncoral
Cauadiati Mining IiislKuli'.l
Revelstoke, B. C,
Humiliation ol and reports on Mineral Properties a Bpoolalty.
Gbe flftaiMberalb
" I woitltl . ■ . earnestly advise thorn Ior
ihi-irgood lo tinier thUpnpcr to bo punctually
strvLtl up. ami lo be looked upon as n purl of
the tea equipiige,"-AtiniBON.
The statement on army relorm
England, as made in tho House ol
Commons by Mr. Richard lj.iluldune,
secretary tor war, will greatly interest
any Canadians who may be thinking
about militia matteis. Our war inin
ister at Ottawa has allowed the session
to close without, affording any explanation, which contrasts strongly
with the debate in the British Commons Great Britain has reduced the
permanent corps by 20.0U0, while our
standing force has been steadily in
creasing. Sir Frederick Borden is
still piling up the expenditure on our
standing army, an appendage which is
the least needed and must expensive
of any of uur wlinle system, nnd yet
he declares that nu man should bo
given the right ol the franchise in
Canada until he bus put in at least
three annual trainings in the Canadian
Militia, that the permanent force is
not a success and that Switzerland enn
give us a few wrinkles in a cheap and
efficient lorm ol patriotic service. It
the minister had S-ullieit-nt strength (
purpose he could increase our passilil
defence force by 10,1100 for every 1,000
man available, and that without costing the cunntry one cent more nnd
still he able to relieve the overburdened citizen soldier. Great
Britain cannot compare with Canada
in the number oi wealthy men and
men ot leisure, yet Britain maintains
permanent corps manufacturing "red
ta|*" to keep them busy, while the
militiaman and volunteer is made
responsible for all stores, has to give
his own regimental instruction and is
severely censured il he does not know
and do everything ns well, or even
better iban the professional soldier.
In Great Britain the regular army
provides ao adjutant loi eaoh regiment
and a drill sergeant lor each squadron,
Canada needs no standing army, in
imitation ol the Mother country whu
has her wide spread possession! to look
alter. But what we do want Is a
small, efficient crpi ol competent
instructors, s- in Switzerland, to do
duty aiming our militia regiments, in
which capacity, one of them wi uld do
as much gt«sl III the ivhol inpany
uf permanent corps do in their expensive barracks, It Is high time tinmen and whu,en ol Canada l-> uan to
think nl their fatherland. Wo want
defence,not defiance. Military authorities, sudh a- Lord Dundonald,
think wc have no delences, ,,r whal
th re is, is entirely inadequate, which
practically amounts lo tin- same
thing. However small u standing
irmy is, the expense ie considerable
Our militia lo.ces In Ihe Boer war
were in every wny successlul, whioh
proves the case in question, II the
money expended on the Increase ol llie
standing army bo paid I,, a company
ol thoroughly effective and competent
instructors who would he sent to tin-
four corners ol the Dominion, and
there endeavoi to excite patriotism by
tbe organisation of a militia uud
volunteer corps, then at tho call tu
arms, and muy il bo kept 'rom us lor
many a long yenr, Canada could produce us line and effective a body nl
troops, untainted by red tape ur
mechanical routine, us could be lound
in the universe, men accustomed lo
OUt ul doo'r lite, men whu can ride and
shoot, uud whu are accustomed lu the
woodb make the best lighters.
v/ni bv
A Correspondent Tells ol the
Beauties of the Famous
Marble Caves. Situate East
of Revelstoke.
Within n three hours' tide of Revel
tuko 11,ere is one nf ml tire's; gardens
is yet lillle known In Ihe public, ' nl
which iu luMiuy of locution, grandeur
t[ -cciii-rv. and weird and  -it- spots
iiinnot lie surpassed in A morion. The
|leuts"hmim Caves arc known but tn
u lew, but I hose who line seen them
nnd the surrounding scenery go in'ii
ruptures over their beauty. On July
"211th a sight-seeing parly consisting ,-f
Mr. Ileiniis, photographer, Ohrisl
Church, New Zealand, Mr. Culey, Rev,
.1 R, Robertson, Charlie Gordon, Joe
llowson. Dr. and Mr.*. Morrison, start
,,l mil   to explore the sublnrwnean
depths   ul   these   euves.     Tuliillg   11
camping outfit nnd enough ul ihe
"substantial" to lasl lour days. The
only tunk tho cast bound morning
itain, nnd by 12:30 o'clock w.-re Iol uff
al llnss Peal; tank. A ciiyiiso lull!
been wired lor tu Glacier, hnl all ul
them wen- out i'ii trips willi li uiisl
so llrnt Manager Flindt could not sond
one unlil lift ecu thirty. In the moan
time lunch iis prepared und nl l;i
o'clock, nu cay use being in sight, each
Hue shouldered bis swag uiul "bil Ihe
trail." The path wind- upun easy
grade to the caves i}, miles nwny, an
ascent of 2,01)0 Icot, along the luces of
greul slides, grass grown and bright
willi flowers.
Arriving al tho picturesque little
cabin the Government is building for
Charlie Dcutschnian, wo were welcomed by that, big-hearted good-follow
in true western style, and sat duwn to
it supper ol Rocky Mountain strawberries, tried Armour dough babies
und apples. Next morning each one
was given a candle and "follow the
lender" was the order.
Cnve No. 1 is a plunge down into a
water carved pussuge 8 to 15 feet wide
nnd Irom 20 to 150 feet high. Down,
down yuu gu, the rocks on eil her side
all carved into fantastic shapes re-em-
bliug all the animal kingdom in natural history. Evory hundred toot, ur
sn ii ladder takes you down to greater
depths until the roar is heard ol the
cavern river, rumbling like distant
thunder through tho echoing hulls.
A.tum, and the Cougar, with loam
crestel nnine rushes past nud into a
black cavern beyond. In this c ve
one cun get sonic idea of the immensity of time. Countless years must
hnve been taken to chisel out Irom the
solid lime nnd gunrUite formation
these wondrous waterways. Leaving
Cougar Creek with its sub rosa exit,
we climbed up into "Tho Gallery,"
This passage is a succession ot pot
iniles, like grout witches cauldrons,
nne below tho utlicr, yuu ascend until
at the end ui the gallery yuu can look
down into a part of the lirst entrance
85 leet bolow.
Cave No. 2 is further down the old
waterway.    This ancient channel is
wider but not us high as No. 1.   Side
galleries  running  to right und lelt
tempi tlie explorer to stray, hut Ihe
black emptyuess and silence that follows where llie main party has gono
on, gives a weird love-of-socioty lei ling
that keeps the crowd together,   The
walls are grooved and polished; nl
different points, stalactites of  limo
carbonate  hang while nnd spectral
Irom tin-ceiling, the beautiful crystals
showing to advantage  wit -    thcii
Btrango BtirroundingB nl intervals wide
shelves  propel   lioin   the  wiiIIb,  ol
burder rock.    A peculiar -hupetl rock
called "The Dragon" gives its niiine
Ilu chamber at end of  passage.   Fin
below is Ilu- rushing stream, al ,--i-'
Iio  feel   below ils original bed    Om
third  experience   was, nn  emergin
into sunshine, Mr. Robertson, .Ine und
Charlie went duwn the ''Wiggle Hole
a form of excroise tor lighl weights
only,    A    rock-ribbed,    strnil I   m
corsot-shalt  that  leads down to the
"Dragon," but is sn narrow thai -■ I -
the brave trio came hack the)  •
like rook rabbits on i dredging expi
tlition.   Afler a rest Mr. Deutschman
led the way, like Guy, to ".omething
cool."    This  proved  to be the "ice
Cave."    Tin-  entrance i- nndei the
shadow  ol a  mighty ledge ol  rock
where  Cougar Creek  emerges
nu,nienl and then plunges -I-- .
again into the main auditorium sh - il
300 leet below Id Cave,   Clu cavi
over ice und bo slippery tlm
cui steps tor sr.fi i,      Chi bn i;h ul
the  ice  man—"O   ll itc    - hi n an
lb,,it  in  comparison       l- i
walls ol the cave haiiB In v n cascades,
with a most peculiar ic
o ... ,- l irgi is a honey,  mbci 11. Tho
guido pul In- candli  behind i ne ice
pillar giving i sl beautil -
Mr..  Morrison Is ing tin ins1   ,
eui. i iln-  [co I ivi   - -   given three
cheers bj tin  part)     We tin i   -
turned ti   camp I   - njo; annlhcr ol
Charlie's lunches,   Alt, i   Ice
lor" the in (I (iill was to  " Hie Pil
m  there over wai a pim o vlu re i he
diicoverer ol these   i mdei • needed
cniiragfl with n lag C It wan hi re    III
-i aided  and al  Deul ichman let
; .., ' down through n n ,-ky man-
, .,*,. landing on the narrow ledge ol a
yawning gull 260 Ieet deep   With our
party, Charlie slid down, then with u
r,,pe around the waist, Mr* Morrison
eliml'dl up the in,nml ,"■•' nl I lin
Cues Tlio ase.-iil ia steep bul nu
underbrush I" impede tuivcl.   Every
I died yard.* [imiii line in twu hoary
iimvinntsiirwhistlers ivuul "wlu'eiigh"
and s!t up* In inspccl llie visit, rs,
while uplirn a mid ruck nil bits w, re
nu every side The whole mount in
side is ii  gui'd  i and paradise lur lliu
I, ,-a-iisi.  win i: and    pink    I ill,
Amonr.ui Inn-el. lit Rhodoih ndr.ni,
[ii'so heather, anemone, bul" croups,
and sti'iingcsl - f nil iho spring Unworn
nl lie valley just Cluing inlo bloom
A gienl glacier, its sides seen red with
deep crevasses, crowned the summit,
while nil around wcro siinwflelds willi
Btreams pouring fori li on all side-.
Acrosi it patch ol biiow, a brown and
while mother ptarmigan was lending
her Huffy, dainty, littlo "ptarmier"
chicks, not the least iihirmed atthe
party's appearsnco, while the mule
bird snt up to bo photographed. The
scene Irom Ptarmigan Look Out
Point is magnificent, 20 grout gbifclors
in- in sight nnd snow Holds by the
sen e, Away below, Cougar Creek
wind-, like n bolt ul s'hor across n
cloth ul green, down ibe valley to the
lllecillownet Across (be valley is the
(lii-nt Glacier, ilB 30 miles ol Ice
gleaming lair nnd beautiful, Mounts
Sir Donald, Cheops and Begbie assume
their proper heights, while domes,
minarets and towers pierce the "bine
null-oil" 50 to 81) iniles nwny. A lunch,
ii sleep, then down to camp. Next
morning Mr. Homus and the other
Iriends took Hash light views ot the
euves. Then we nil packed up once
mi re, loaded a cuyuse led lor ub nnd
said 'good-bye'" to Mr, Warren and
Mr. Deutschman. No nne could have
been more attentive and thoughtful
im- our welfare than these two during
our stay. Mr. Deutschman being the
chei, and giving us the linest of mountain fare. His kindness was appreciated by all. D wn we went to Glacier,
bud liinch there and home at 17:30,
tired but happy.
Trueman's Studio
Is now open under new ami competent
MR. HEMUS, recently of Sydney,
Australia, will meet yon and guarantee
you mil' usual sali.slaction.
Over Canada Drug ,V lawk  Company.
li,-ei- Heads, Animals, [Hnls, 1'lih, Etc.,
Animal lltigs Mounted,
.11. IlliX HI.
Studio:   lllTUSITi; I'. O.
ltovelstoko, 11.0.
Stock and Share Broker
(Subjecl to confirmation*)
Pleases every Smokor
-the "Maroa
wont down tlie 30 leel ,-r so and
standing in a little pot bole looked
down Into ipace, The guide throw
itones down and lor seconds we all
Could boar them "link, link" us tbey
loll down llm black abyss One at a
time, others were lowered down on the
l-npe, In feel the  BOOBfltion  like sitting
tho edge nl a cloud     Coley, Ils
inns iiiiiI Morrison had u midden long
itij, lur sunshine just then .ind lelt
reluctantly (?) bed,re their turn emit-
Tbe  great  Auditor!     was  not
visited, ns there is such n   I rgn spice
ol danger In being loworcd down liun
ilreds nf feet. It iseven more wonderful, according to reports Iiinn those
seen. Mr. Culey, whu hits Imen in
India in caves thine, nnd Mr. Homtls
whu has seen must of the wuiulers ol
Australia and Now Zealand, both say I
"2,110(1 Eureka llie., piivnhlc in Instalments. Engineer Ri-pm-l may he
seen nl my nll'tee.
2.0IK1 Nicol i Coal   3c,
o.lHK) Western Oil   Hie.
IIH1 lloiuiiiinn Ci |.poi   IJBI.IIU.
25 Canadian M in-nni   $:i.HH.
-.um Iiinn I Viilc Col   -Im
I.IHKI Rucky Mountain lleveliiputi tu
I'iIKI Hmve S, und iRiitlauiii  Mine)
HI II.-mini-ni Tl -        II II
IiiiiI',.!'. Wire uui Kail   $111,511.
-„t (iit'iil We I Pel',,. i.i 1.,-an and
"sn in-.'*   $115.
2,l«»l N itinnnl i  m olidnti-il.
l.-,no Hevivuotl Bros, I)
25(11 i   ,    V  ■ m
T.HmiOxnpcii Oil lie,    T i
sl DI pei tm - ■', pi ■ 1,1111 hI ■
2,(0i [ii tl M i   ii. I        Mining
lm Revelstoke* Mel ulln
nl (Hie.
.'i.,i|!,.    Istol    It.M-l liCreel
i'.i Ureal Northern Minei   _'"-
I), .n Ri ,
Hiilt.i   Pnckci   "*
.:; \   -  Ru ton -     t      $g|
I Dominion Permiiiu nt, $S5,
\| mhntl il   Se' ids (i   d Mini     "
.a; 'am Pi
Subject :-  ■ nhrmation)
I .uuu Lai I  '--!
|l),(KKJ Refcrenduiii   '»
5,(XKI   i Vine Creek  Roi - pi
5.IXXIH i .    H-
,"i,tHKl North SI i
11,101 Inl '   n   -•'--
5,101 ",\ lib   11, ,
.,,,<., Piithflndi'i-,
- tdlan Mat..,nt   $125
Eva Imperial,
OFFICE   Mackenzie Ave.
\„xi C. I'. II. TolegraphHi
■III Al.V.
SK1.K1RK LliDiiE, SO 12.1. O. O. F.
,-ve iiii.ilil.ll-*. II,™*
.lull Ul S oe.liik
^lulling lii-i tl,r,-i, cr
ilitillj Invllol Iii ,1
I! iMiriillNll.lt. N'.U. .1. MATIIIK. See
Cold Range Lodge, K, of P.,
No. 2G, Revelstoke, B. C.
In liil,lf,<ll„.vs- Hull n! s
t'eloi-k Visiting Knights aro
-orillnll)- nvlled,
.1. J. HUWI!, CC.
Q. H. liltOUK, K. ol H. i S.
II. A, IIHOWN. M. ul I'*
I nm prepared tn undertake all kinds nf
freighting and leaning.
My singe connecting between the
steamer and llie city leaves the City
at I nun. Tuesdays and Fridays, connecting with tin'' Steamer Revelstoke
for the Hig Bend, and also meets (lie
sieainei-on I he return trip sume days.
Leave word at Navigation Company's office or my Stables where to
■Manufactured for till olussos of buildings
All kinds of biltldinc nnd plastering
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed ill Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Ton services Klowur i'lil*
|%t„s Umurella Stands
HuskcUi Lunch Baskets
('tine Chairs Snnikilil! Jackets
Handkcrchicls Silk Uood».
Kitit's! stock ot candies and Irulls In town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Hlreet, ($3,0011,   iuhul,,,,- .«„,,< ■  ......
Nn. 5. I.',l nud Won-. Fitsl Sheet,
$2,0(1(1,   Easy terms,
No. li. -Loton Fh'sl Street- $500.
No. 7.- Two hits un First Street
with iesid('iicc,i$2,100,
These lols iii-e likely In he viiluuhle
liu-tiness sites.
Nn, It.—Oornor property on Third
street, two lols uml i-isiib-nee, $2000,
No. 15. 8 Lots on First Street, The
tlnest hotel in- Store site in Oity,—
I Lots on First Slieel, $11.10).
I Lols on Second Slieel, $1,015,
Nu, 21.-One uf the best, residences
and Villa Sites in Oity, $4,000,
No. 22,—Residence, Victoria Rond,
No. 211—Residence Mackenzie Ave.,
No. 21.-Business Block, Mackenzie
Avenue, $12,101.
Np.28.—Residence on Third Slieel,
Nn, 12—t Lots on Eighth Street for
No. 12. Three lots ill Cil)' of Nelson,
or will exchange for property in Revelsloke.
No. 61.—Lot nnd Stable nl Camborne
No. 18,- llll acres within two miles
of city, or will he sold in blocks of 5
acres to 25 acres.
No. 15.—7(10 acres Crown title nnd
half interest In 5,0000 acres $"24,0110.
No. 82.-820 acres, Kelownn, $10,000.
No. 27,-320 acres Ci-own granted
lands ut Galena Buy, $5 pec acre.
No. 31.-2,500 ncres Nicola Valley,
with stock, $70,000.
No. 33.—109 ncres eiL"t of Revelstoke
No. 1—320 acres Crown grunted
and pastoral lease with stuck, 18 miles
from railway—$12,750.
Nn. 37.-Best fn.1111 in district, 180
acres, 80 acres cultivated, good buildings, $10 per acre.
Nn. 61,—Bouse and two acres land
ul Trout Lake $1,200.
Houses and Rooms to Let
Nothing better than " Our Speoial,
Henry's Nurseries
Extra largo importation nf
Dill RC  lu -m'iv0 fr""1 l',,*l;illi|* Fnuico
DULDO  iukI Julian in Su-jitcmlior
For Fall Planting
Thousands of Fruit nnd Ornnineiital
TriMM, Rhododendrons, Rosoa and hurdy
plants imwijrowltig on our own grounds for
future planting,
Nooxpenso, iossordolnyof fumigutioiji
laspootion nor customs duties to pay. Hoad*
Hiiartors for Pacilic Const grown nnd lm-
IMirtod Qnrdan, Field ,iiul Flower Seeds.
SMsitors aro always welcome t<» iiispect
our .lock.
Greenhouse Plants,
rm Mowers nnd Floral Designs, Fertilizers
Rno llivi-  I Supplies, Spray Pnraps nnd
Sprujin" iiiiili-n.il
Nu BKeats llierefore you have no com*
iiii-inii in imv. Dnr catalogue l lU ymi
nliout it.   Lot mo price your li-i liefore
liliici'ii' vmir nrdcr
Wn tin biwiuess on uur own groun-ls-no
n*iu to pny, nud urn prepnred to mi'ut all
 i|n*ii'.imi.   Enstern prim-or le--  \Vlnt«
labnr.  Cntalnguea Freo.
Ur.Miilii.,, ,'■:    30IU   \V„lii,iii-l„r    lloail.
Hrnncli   l-iirsorio :   Snutli   ViutciH-or.
Windsor Restaurant
Mr-. II. .1. lla ibuiy Manogress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
I.ir,,,- Dlnlnsrnom Inr
Haii,|,iots,Suppers, nlr.
Furnished Rooms To Let,
That's Royal Crown kind—
iiiiiii,- m Vie vor—Largest
Snap I-' tctnrj vesl ol Wiuni-
peg, II- ti-- cleaning and
ivashiiignreeasy ■- Ith its help,
And Ihe monoy saving is the
Premium System
Booklol tell -.l - •■■ glvo lor
Roval Crown Wrappers. Bend
fur   it— free   Alan  try   tho
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
■    i'i 0   fHAfj'    MAMf
Our Registered
Trade Mark.
When buying Overalls   lee
tl! it they hear 'bis label,   li Is 11
-,, of il„-ii quality .  .  ,
., trlng   the   "Buck
Brand"  nre  ITnlon  made, by
your own counti vim n,  und ns
iidetti-uclible as It's |mssi
bl  make them,    They arc
manufactured hy   the  pioneer
ivorklngmen's nutflttei'i of the
\ , 1 , "Bucli Brand"
Overalls ind I ike no others,   .   .
Wm- J. McWastcr & Sons
Businesses For Sale
No, 18.-llotel, Brick Building, $22,-
No. II) I Intel, pretty location, $8,000.
Nu. 27. — Hotel, a money-maker,
Nu. -L-1 Intel, $3,50(1.
II Holds, II Stores, a Blacksmith's
Business in the Northwest,
Nu. 13.—Store or Hnl el site at Notch
No. 10,— Hotel on Vancouver Island,
$3„5IKI-ha!i* cash.
Nu. 50,-Half interest in Shhigo Mill;
practical mnn required* fine opening—
No. 0,-Newspaper in British Columbia, $1,(0) downs balance on terms,
I nmi me the inn-l eui'ntlve iu the
1.oilit. A |n'ilt'cl, niilutul i-eniedy I'm
,11 N>-i vote, null Mnsculnr itist-ni-i".,
I.iii-i, Kiilney uml Sluuiaeh nibneiils
nml Metallic Poisoning.  A sure cure
I I'b.-.l   Tiled   I'Vi-liiiK."    Speeiul
lules on nil lnmls ninl 1.1-11111-.. Tin
inilili. uiiive mid ih-pHil every day,
Teh-gra li enniuiiiiiii-alinii with nil
mill-In of the ivorl.l
Tubus—$12 in $is per week.  Pur
fmili.-i- p.-ii'ticiiliii's apply lo
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arretv Lake. 3. C
Easy terms of
payment   may he
For particulars apply to
Real Estate and Insurance Agent,
Revelstoke, B. O,
nsl --iiii
•mn p.
ViiTH'K Is hereby given thai 80 days after date
ri I Intend lo apply to Uu- linn. Tho Chief
(Jommiaaloner of Iiands and Works fur a Specl-al
l.ici-iisi'in nit nml carry away timber from thu
ftillmvtng described lafltffl in West Kootonay District:
Commencing at a imst   marked "Artlnlr
n-'s soutli west comer nest," planted on tho
HiiluIofDfg Bend trail ami uliuut 1 mile imrtli
ivtt'isiiiis's ranch, llienco north 100chains,
■liains, south um clmiiis, wost 40 chains to
mi intending at a post marked "Arthur
•ayno'i m'rth wost. comer post," planted on the
i.ial aide nf I'.i-j Hi-ml trail and ahout I mllu north
if p. peternon's ranch, thenoe south Wchains,
nsl Uiu chains, ninth 40 chains, wust 100 chaina tu
mint nf commencement.
:i. Commencing it a post mnrked "Arthur
•ayno's south east comer imst," planted mi llm
mat side of Itlg Bend trail and aliout 1 mile north
if P. pi'ti'isi.n's ranch, thence north too chains,
real ID chains, south wh chains, east 40 chains to
mini nl commencement,
Dated July 17th, um.
t, Commencing at a pust marked "Arthur
•ayne'a nnrtli east cornor post," plumed mi the
niitli i-idr of Keystone trail about two milos east
if Boyil's ranch, thence soutli uui ehains, wust 411
liains, imrtli Uio ehains east -in chains to pninl o(
j. Commencing nt a post markod "Arthur
'ayno's south enst comer post," planted on the
milli side nf Keystone trail aliout two miles east
from Boyd's ranch, tlionco nurth luticliahw, west
lOchafns, south bin ehains, east 40 elinlns tu point
f commencoment,
ti. Commencing nt a pust marked "Arthur
Payne's imrth west comer post," plunted mi the
south sldo "f Keystone trail alwut two miles east
from UomI'-s ranch, thonce south itin clialns, vml
10 chains, nortli lOOchains, wobI 40 chains to point
nf commencement,
:. Commencing at a pnst markod "Arthur
Payne's north eust corner post," planted on tho
south shlo of Keystone trail abuut U miles east
from Boyd's ranch, theiici'muilh Wi chnius, wesl 80
chains, imrtli su chains, oast hu oiinlnstn point uf
Ilnlcil .Inly 18tll, I'.HHl.
AHTUl'll PAYNI-1, bnealur.
. dnys nfter dnlo 1 iiileml lo apply to the
icf t'niuuiissiinii-i'uf Lands nnd Works for a
special lloetiflo to out and carry away timber
from thu followhik desurtlied lands In the
IUk Bend dintrict of West boot i-iuiy :—
1. Commenolng at u ixist plantod alwut I1 •
iniles south of Smith Croek. and one mile west
of the Columbia river, ami murked "A. Mcltuo's
north east corner post-," thence south 0(1 chuius,
thence west 80 chnius, thonce north Wl ehuins.
thouce cast su chnlns to point of commence*
2. ('luiiinonciiii! at u [Hist plantod alwut 2'-;
miles Bouth of Smith ('rook nud one mllo west
of the Columbin river, and marked *'A. McKne's
north oust corner post, theuco soulh 80 ehuins.
thonce wost 80 chains, tlience north 80 chain*,
thouce enst 80 chains lo pointof commencoment.
8, Commencing at a post pluuted ubout VA
milos south of Smith Creek and ono mile weat
of the Columbin river, and murked "A. Mcltae's
uorth oust corner post," llienco soutli 8(1 chains,
thonco west 8(1 chains, tlionco north 80 ehnins,
thence onst 80 chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing ut a post planted ahout i%
miles south of Smitli Creok aud ono mile west
of the Columbia river, nud mnrked "A. McKne's
north oust corner post," theuco south 80 chains,
theuce west 80 chnius, tlience north 80 chaius,
thonco oast80 chains to pointof commoncement.
5. Commenoinu nt a post planted flbout "ija
miles south of Smith Creek, and one mile west
of tho Columbia river, nnd mnrked "A. Moltne's
north oast cornor post," theuce south 40 chaius,
thenco onst 4(1 chnlns, thence south 40 chnius,
thouco west 80 chaint, thenco north 40 ehains,
theuco west 40 chuius, thouce uorth 40 chnius,
thonce east 80 ehnins to point of commencement.
0. CommeiiciiiK nt a post planted ubout tija
miles south of Smitli Creek, and about one
milo west of the Columbia river, and marked
"A. McKne's north onst corner imst," theuco
south 80 chnius, thonce west 80 chaius, thence
uorth 80 chains, theuce enst 80 chains to poiut
of commencement,
7. Coiiinioncinn at a post planted about 1%
milos --outh of Smith Creek, and about two
milos wost of llie Columbin river, and marked
"A. McRae's uorth east corner post," theuee
south 80 chains, tlionco west Wi clmins, thence
north 80 chains, thonco oust 80 chains to point
of commencement,
8. Cum m one inn at a post planted nbout &%
milos south of Smith Creek, and ahout two
milos wost of the Columbia rivor, and mnrkod
"A. McKne's north east corner post," theuce
soutli 80 chuius, thonce west 80 chnius, thenco
north 80 chains, thenco east 80 chains to point
uf com meneement.
Dnted July 10th, 100(1.
jy 21
A. MclUK.
Certificate of Improvements,
I'lmiHiis (ivory smoker   tho  " Maroa
tdventnror, ir,,n nnk,,, Watchman, Outlook uiul
- tiit.liiii,. mineral clnlim, lituato in tlm Arrow
I,,,!*,- Miiiiiti- Dlvlilonol Wait Kootonay jlii'
Whin located; mi thu north aide nl I'luini mi
Creek, ntmul I mllei well oIArrow Uke,
lit,,-   tn.till- llllll 1,. lulill    Inni,un,,,1,1 Ainl,, all
I'.l, H. ol mill   I! I' , 11-,-nl  I",   II, ih Altl'it'l,
(Ml-   N„   I'.li.v-ll,   llli'luiril Smith, I'.M.i:. Nn.
Illivil...  1  Kli/.lla'lll Hell. I'.M.I*. N„, Il9,',-'ll:l,
inlMi-l. *Wly ilnyi Ironj UlO ,l.,l,-lmi,-„l, l„.,|.|,li
t„ Hi,' Miiiiiin l(,'f',i,l,-rf„t l'i-rlillt-nli-a„( 11..|>.-.,via-
tii'-lil- Inl lliu |.III|iihi- ,,f "lil.iaiiniMI,,,,,, tit,in,.
ol th. ahmro cl -
Ami further take notice thataction, iintlor iec-
ti..ii nv. inn-l ho commenced before tit,, lamAiiceol
.in li t'l-rlitluiti-, ol liii|ir„vi,ttii<lils.
Iitij-il thliWth ilnynl June, mil.
up II .1. II. ANI1KI1.SUN.
rilAKK U'lll-K Ihnl « H.a-eHI Oi-lli-llll Mi-el
| um t,l ll," alinrnli'il'l.T. "I "1 UK I'liis. K
I ia nil I r,. ..ill l«- It.-I.l Ht lliel'iiiii|iiiiiv'a illll
,..., hr t llmol, llovollloko, ll.c,i.nsiiuriUv,
iln- nti, -la;- ,,l AiiKini,i:«»i, tl oluhl o'clock
ji.nj,, Inr (ho puri  nf nonliimfng it roaolu-
ti,,,, |,„ ...,| ,i,„,,,„i„,i.lv al tlm iin-i'lliiK ht'l'l
,,ti .Inly lailt, 10(10, ,oi,| nlil.-li re-.ftliitl.in lends
--ii, „i iho |,minimis ,,i (Mellon IU ol Ilia
"I ",„i'ii ' Ait. Ii'i-,-,' n«,i ti'|,,,| hyHoellull
Ki^ltt nl the 'Companloi' a.i Aiiii'it,liti,-nt Aal,
mu,' si.nii it|i|,iy in nil*Oompany,"
J i. I.nso, .1. M. B0OTT,
I'ri'ililoul. Hecreliry.
NOTICK is hereby given that SO dnys
after date I intend to apply to the Honor-
ablo tho Chief Commissioner of hands nnd
Works for a special license to cut aud carry
away timber from the following descrlbod
lands, siluutod in Osoyoos division of Yule
I. Commencing at n post marketl"S. Hill's
north west cornor," planted on the nasi, bunk
about 1 milo from tho south ond of Hiimir Luke,
theuce onst 80 eliuiiis, south 80 chains, wost 8u
chains, uorth 80 chuius to point of commencement.
"2. Commouciu-**1 at a post marked "S. Hill's
south wust corner." planted on the east bnnk of
Sugnr Lnke, about 1 milo from tho south eud,
thence east 80 chains, uortli 80 chains, west 80
chuius, south 80 chains lo poiut of commence-
.1. Commencing ut a post mnrkod "H, Hill's
south oust corner,'' pluuted about 1 milo from
tbo north mul of Sugur Lake, on the wesl buuk,
thenco norlli 40 chaius, west Pit) chuius, south
40 chnius, oust WO chains lo point of commeucemeut.
4. Commencing ut a post murked "8. Hill's
north east curuer," planted about 1 mile from
tho north uud of Sugar Lnko, ou the west bunk,
thence south 40 chuius, west PiO chains, north
40 chains, eust OW chains to point of commence*
5, Commencing ut a post marked "S. Hill's
south east comer,'' pluutod ou tho wnst bunk id
Sugar Luko ubout 1 mile from the south end,
thonce north 80 chuius, wosl 80 chains, south 80
cbnins, easl 80 ehniiis lo point of commence-
0. Commouciug at a post murked "S. Hill'*
uorth oast corner," planted on the west buuk of
Sugar Luko, about I milo from tho south end,
thonco south W) chuius, west 80 chains, uorth So
ehnins, oust 80 ehuins lo [mini of comniouco-
7. Coin m one iui: ut a post marked1 S. Hill's
south eust cornor," plnuled ou the west bunk of
tbo Spnllumchoen river nbout IU miles below
Sugar Lako, theuce uorth 80 chaius, west 80
chains, south 80 chaius, east SO ehains to point
of coin menceme nt.
8, Commencing nt a post murked "S. Hill's
uorth easl cornor," pluuted on tho west bunk of
Spul luiui'litioii river about \% miles below Siifiar
Lime, thonco south 80 chains, west 80 chaius,
north 80 chains, oasl 80 chuius to point of commencement.
Dated July 2ud, 1900.
0 Commencing ut u post murked "S. Hill's
south eust cornor," plantod about 1 mile west
of tho uorth end of Sugar Luke, thence north
80 chains, west 80 chuius, south 80 chains, east
80 chaius to point of commencement.
Dated July Hnl, 100(1.
10, Commencing at u post mnrkod "S. Hill's
south west corner," plantod nu the eust bank of
the Hpnllumt'heen river about 1)^ miles below
Sugar Lake, Ihence enst 80 chains, north 80
chains, west 80 chains, south 80 chains to point
of commencement.
II. Commencing at u post markod "8 Hill's
north west corner," planted ou tho oust bauk of
the Spnlliimclioen river about IW miles below
Bugnr Luke, thenee east 80 ehalus, south 80
chains, west 80 ehalus, north 80 chains to point
12. Comineuoiuir at a post murked "8. Hill's
soulh oast oorner, pluuted ubout l\ iniles be[
low Sugar Lnke aud 1 mllo east from the Spa-
liiiucheou river' thonce west 80 chaius, north 80
chains, oast 80 chaius, south 80 chnlns to point
of commencement,
Datod July 4th, 100(1.
ComniouL-iug ut a imst marked "w. w.mk-kii
south east eoruti,"at the south west corperof
Lot 8tii, and alwut •) mile snutli of KiMliall
Creek, llieiwe mirth 4j chains, thence west 8u
chuius, thenee smith pi chains, theuce east so
chains in |iulut uf commencement, containing »*>
Il.ll.-il Ilii-  lllllll,ll  III   ,1 ,  I'M:
\\. \\. LOCK,
Peri. O. Mnkinsmi,Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "L. M. Johnstone's smith oast corner," at tin- south west corner
of Thomas Webster's application t»» purchase.
almnt 3 miles south of Fosthall Creek and almul
1', miles from the lake, thence north80chains,
tothe smitli Iwnndaryof ti. J. Haiiiliioild'l uppll*
rat imi to purchase, thence west 80 ehalus, thence
south 40 chains, theuco east 20 clutins. theme
smith 4» ehains, thence east IW chains to point uf
commencement, containing BOOacres,
Dnted this 12th day of June, 1900.
Per Kulph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at u postmarked "M. 0. Dicker-
son's north west comer," un the slioro of Upper Arrow lako, about a miles south of Posthall creek and
about 20 chains north of the suuth east eorner of
Thomas Webster's applieatiun to purchase, thence
south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains more ur
less tu the shore of Arrow Lake, thence following
said shure In a general northerly anil westerly
direction ISO chains more orless to pnlnt of commencement, eiiuitiining-fuu ncres more ur lens.
Dnted this 12th day uf June, 1006.
I'er Hulph Slye, Agent.
Commenolng at a post marked "K, A. Slye's
smith enst corner," about li miles snutli of Post-
hall Creek, nt the snutli west corner of Lot 4570.
thonce north 80 chains nlmig the west boundary of
Lot 4670, thence west 81) chains, thence south 80
ehains, tlience east 80 chains to point of commencement, containing o*o acres.
Dated this Uth day of June, 1900,
Pur Kulph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pust mnrked "A. Dollonuiey-
er'rt imrlli east comer," about HI chains west of the
smith west comer nf Lot 802, nt the north west
cunier of K. A. She's application to purchase and
Ubout' t mile smith of Fosthall croek, thence west
80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thenro ea«t 60
chains, theuco north 80 chains to pnlnt nf commencement, containing two acres.
Dated this Uth day of Juno, ltHW.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commonolng at a pust marked "F. A. Slye's
north east enrner," about I1* miles south of Fosthall Creek, nnd about IJ iniles from the Uke
shore at the north went corner of (1. J. Hammond's
application to purchase, thence wesl W) chains,
thenee smith 80 chains, thenco east 80 chains,
thence nnrtli 80 chains, to point of commencement, cuntaining 80) acres.
Dated this 12th day uf June, 11)00.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "M. C Slye's
north east enrner," at the smith east comer of
Thmnas Webster's applicatinn to purchase, about
3 miles south of Fosthall Crook, and about J
mile from the lake, thence west 80 chains, thence
smith 40 chains, thence east 40 chains, tlience
aouth 40 chains, tlience east 40 chains, thence
imrth 8(1 chains to point of cumniencement, containing 480 acres.
Dated thin 12th day uf June, 1000.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pust marked "A. K. Ham-
niond's nnrtli west corner,'' about P* miles south
ot Focthfttl t'reek at the south cast comer of Lot
4678, tlience smith 80 chains, thence east- 40 chains,
more or less to the lake shore, thence following
said shure In a general northerly direction R0
cliains more ur less to the south buundary of J, I..
lllroh'H application to piirchrtso, thence west 40
ehains. mure or loss, tu point of commencement,
ciuitaininu 820 acres mure or less.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1000.
Per Kalph Hlye, Agent,
Commencing nt a post marked "tl. J. Hammond's north east comer," alwut D4 mllen south
of Fosthall Creek, at the south east comer of IM
4fi70, thence west BOcIlttin:, .♦hence soutli80chains,
thouce oast 8(1 chains, thenco -A-rth 80 chains tu
pointof cuuiiiK-iiceuieiit, containing 640 ftftc***
Dated this 12th day of June, 1006.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
NOTICK is heroby given that 00days after
date I Intend lo apply lo lho lion, thc
t hlii' Commissioner of Unds and Works for
permission to purchase llio following desuribod
laiuls. situated In West Kootenay, wo-t sldo
Colunibla rivor, Flru Volley:
CommeiiciiiK at a post 10 chains north of
Ituugol's nortli wost oorner post und markod
"Harry Mcluio'h's north east corner post,"
thouce west Ho chains, thenco south 80 chains,
thonco oast 80 chains, i banco north 80 ohains to
plan* of commencement.
Dated June llttli, MOfl.
NOTICK IK HKKFltY UIVKN that sixty days
after date I intend tu apply to the Him. Chief
Cuuiiulssluuer of Lands and Works for permission
to purchase the following described lands situate
in the West Kootenay district.
' oumietichig nt an initial post erected on the
north bunk of the Lardo river, ahout unestght
mile west of Luke creek and marked "D. P. Kane's
south east corner post," thenco north 20 chains:
thence west 80 chains; Ihenco smith io chains,
inure or less to Lardo river: Ihence easterly follow*
ing the bank nf the river 80 chains mure or less to
point of commencement, comprising nne hundred
and sixty acres mure ur less,
Daled the 211th Muy, 1000.
I), P. KANK.
'K Is hereby given that thirty days
_, uftor dntel Intend to npply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lundfi nnd Works for special
license to cut uud carry nwuy Umber from the
following descrilied binds situated In Wost
Kuutoiiiiy district, II. ('.:
I, Commoneliig at a post marked "A. Middle's
south ivesl eoruer post," planted about one mile
east of Columbia river and about opposite lius*
kins creek, thouce north 8n chains, east 80 ehuins,
south 80 cliains, west 80 ehnins tu point of commencement.
8, Commencing at n pust marked "A. Mcltae's
northwest corner post," planted abuut one mile
east of Columbia river and alwut opposite Muslims creek, thenee south 80 chains, east 80 chains,
north80chains, west 80 ehains to pointof commencement
Hated July 18th, IIHM).
Notice Is heroby given that oo days from date I
intend to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of bands and Works for permission to
purchase the following descrilied lands In the
West Kootenny District, easl shure ol Upper
Arrow Lakei-
Cniuinunciiig at a post marked ''J. D. Cuplan's
smith wev'i. comer,'1 at the north wostcoraerof
Lut Still ami abuut ll, miles imrth uf Nakusp,
thence east 80 chains more or less, thence nurth
8(1 chains more or less, theuce west 80 chains more
or less to the Uke shore thence In a general
southerly direction nloiig the Lako shore 80 chains
more or less tn puint nf commencement, containing 040 acres more or less.
Dated this 22nd day of May, 1000.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
NOTICK Is hereby given that 00 days after date
I intend In apply lo tho Chief Commissioner
of Lauds and Works for permission to purchase
tbe following ileserllHid lands, situato on the onst
shun- of Arrow Lako. nppoHltu Arrowhead and described as follows:
i 'umiiifiicliig at a pusl planted nt llie southwest
oornor of IM ioifiand marked "Hen. Newman's
iiniiliwi-st eoruer post," tlienco snulli 80chains,
(Inner enst 80 ehains, thenco imrtli 80chains,
t.honco west mi cliains to place nf comiiieneeinenl,
and containing IHO acres,
DnU'il Ihe anil of July, 1'HJtl
OTICK is hereby given tliutflMays after date
lint I In apply to tlio Hon. Chief Com-
niernf Lmds und Wnrks for permission tn
purchase the following iI.'-miI-hI hnd, tntli«
Wosl Knntenay District, llnlciui Ilny, «ant side of
Upper Arrow Like;
Commencing st a post planted at Ihe north east
comor "I Ut No, alio, thouco oast-p] chains,
Bouth to-liiiiiih. went pt ehains, north lu chains to
pliieo nf emumencem**nt.
Dated this .'Ut day nf July, num.
Notice is heroby glvon thai30 days afterdate
I intend to applv to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for aspeclal
license to cut and carry away timber from tho
following described lands situated In the
Osoyoos 1)1 vision of Yale Distriot:
1. Commencing at a post marked "H. Hill's
north west comer," planted on the south bauk of
thu east fork nf the imrth fork of Cherry Creek
about 4) miles above tho forks of Ihe north fork,
running east 100 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thencu west 100 chains, thence north 40 chains to
pninl of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "H, Hill's
mill west comer," planted on the smith bank of
the east fork of the nurth fork of Cherry Crock
about 4} miles above the forks of the north furk,
running oast HW clialns, thouce north 10 chains,
thonce west tot) chains, thonce south lo chains to
pnlnt of commencement.
:i Commencing at a post marked *S, Hill's
imrtli east corner," planted ou thu soulh bunk uf
lho east fork uf thu north fork of Cherry Creek
about 41 miles above the forks of the nurth furk,
running smith 100 elinlns, theuce west 10 chains,
Ihence until) 100 chains, thence east 40 chains to
pnlnt of commencement,
4, Cnmuiuucing at a post uurkc(l||"S. Hill's
south west comer," planted on the south hank of
thu east fork of the north fork of Cherry Creek
abuut 2j miles above the forks of the north fork,
running east 160 chains, tbenee mirth 40 chains,
thence west 100 chains, thence south 40 chains to
puint of commencement.
6, Commencing at a post mnrked \s Hill's
smith west corner." planted on the west bank nf
the north fork of Cherry Creek about 21 miles
above the forks, runnntng north 160 chains, thenco
east 4o ehnins, thenee south ion chains, thenco
west 40 chains tn point of commencement.
Datod July 6th, 1006.
0, Commencing at n imst marked "S, Hill's
north west comer," planted about |n chains north
uf Lake Creek about. f> miles up the same, running
east 8i) chains, t hence mul li 80 chnlns, thence wont
8d chains, thenee north 80 chains to point of coin*
7, Commencing at a post marked "S, Hill's
nnrtli ensl comer," planted almutio chains north
of Lake Creek and alwut fi miles un the same,
running west 80 chains, thence snath 80 ehaiiis,
theuce east 80 ehains, theiieo north 80 chnlns to
poinl uf commencement.
8, Commencing at a pust marked "H, Hill's
nurth east corner, planted almnt 20 chains north
uf Uke Creek n limit l miles up the same, running
west 80 chains thenee south 80 ehslns, tlience
out 80chains, theuce north 80 chains tu point nf
Dated June 26th, 1006.
augSO H HILL %iy irtEAi
llll not lh« price yon pay tor afurnace that makes it oheap
or expensive, bat the fuel it afterwards oonsumes.
A common fonaoe may cost yon $5 or $10 less than a
" Sunshine," bat if it eats this np the first -winter in extra fuel,
what do yon gain? Nothing, but ill tlw annoyance and extra
work that go with a poor fnmaos.
The " Sunshine " is in use from Halifax to Vancouver,
and we havo hundreds of testimonials from pleased users.
Sold by enterprising dealers everywhere.   Booklet free.
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
' if Jbi9i*i
i l-Tl*.''2
The Old Chateau Loudenne
0 n the
banks of the
500 acres of
stands a palatial 18th century building,
purchased in
1875 from
Marcellus for
$140,000 and
Gathering Orapea at Chnteau Loudenne j-Up url-inlp ilTi-
jiroved at a cost of S^o.ooo. The property of W. &
A. Gilbey, who on three occasions were awarded Gold
Medals by the French Government and Agricultural
Moeictics for thc best cultivated vineyard in the Mcdoc,
this estate is specially noteworthy as the home of
Chateau Loudenne Claret
Grand Vin
Awarded ihe Gold Medal al iheParis Exhibition 1900
This delicious Vintage Wine is niarked by an elegance
and bouquet beyond any other of its kind; and, in
addition, is rich in life-giving qualities, Grand Vin
without a ] iv:!
Gn sale at all first-class establishments in Canada.
i, i».i.i«ii (•■-■, n. ii'i. & >- >- n> m>" °> »«!"■ ■' "• 'i'i •< *• ••!#'»
For sale hy all tlio lending Hotels and Stores.
Distributors—The Revelstoke Wine & Spirit Co., Ltd., Kevelstoke.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Brauchea iu the Provinces ot Manitoba, Alborta, Baakutchewoli,
liritish Columbia, Ontario, Quebec.
Oapltal Siibeeribed        ...       14,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   $3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       S3,9oo,ooo.oo
D. lt. WU.KIK, President; Hon. 11. Jakfuay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Depahtmhnt—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all parts nf Canada, United States and
Europe,  Special attention given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Sold in 2 Ib. ilnlcil package! by all good gmreri.
[ailliant in ip|icinnce, convenient in form,
and  no  tugir  can  equal   it   in   eicellen,:e.
The B. C. Sugar Refining Co., Ltd.
eil 11
■s (i
I! tli|l
I,Oil I'I
hi..    '
Ur. McAbee has: irt'ir
trip to tlie Ni rtlitvesl uml -
lias the lintsl I a .-course I
Severn I Cnlgnry h rs s -n-
the race nu el lu he liebl  1
20th" and 21st.
Dr. McAhet- intends takii
Ciilifori in wiili hi- Aral
the loritl spuria 1 xp-cl lo .-1
great tliinfS lln it-.
Golden is proud "I its eleelriti I g't ,
The plant, the installution ol whic s
due to the enterprise oi Messrs. I*\ V ,
Jones and HI. Carlin, is pn bably dullest ot its size in the province mul lus
proved n great convenience. Advantage has been taken ol it to Unlit ip
the streets us well as the stores und
residences, Ue tire to have 11 fine
new saw mill. The Columbia Lumber
company will start construction this
full ol a large hnnd mill with all the
must up-to-date ideas uud equipment
nnd the plant will hare double the
capacity ol the present mill, The
progress ol the Columbia Kiver Lumber oompany menus the progress ol
Work is still progres«ingsteadily on
the construction smitli from (lolden ol
the Kootenay Central Railway. The
grading already d ,ue will be connected
with the town nnd main line by driving piling aoross Phantom Lake and
lilling the trestle work in by means of
work trains, A line new bridge is to
be built across the Kicking Horse
river a little east ol thc present bridge
and it is reported the railway station
will be moved to the junction at that
point. As soon as the trestle work is
filled in a start will he made with laying the tics und rails,
Business conditions are showing
much improvement here.
F. C. Lang's fine mineral collection
at the Government olliee continues to
he 11 smirce ol interest to all our
visitors, who nre loud in their praises
of the taste shown by the mining
recorder in the work of his olliee.
The copper mine on Warren Creek,
recently bonded by New York parties,
is to he operated soon. They nre well
pleased with it and arc arranging to
let a contract for 1,001) feet of development tunnel. J. Lade, of Camborne,
has just been over hero figuring on
the work.
J. C. Green, our popular hotel-
keeper, has been on a trip to the
G. B. McDermot's line ranch bus
ntely been attracting several visitors
from the Northwest who are amazed
at tliesuccess of George's fruit-growing
experiments. His apple-trees loaded
with fruit are 11 sight worth seeing.
Dr. Taylor intends building a fine
From our own correspondent,
A peculiar incident occurred last
Thursday which might have bad 11
tragic ending. Chas. Castle, who was
silting in his store waiting inr the
arrival ol the passenger train west,
was startled by the report of a rifle
and the crash ol gluss behind him.
Hastily opening the door he peered
out into the darkness but there was no
one to be Been. On examining the
wall opposite the window n bullet was
fuiind, embedded in tlie wood, from n
22 calibre rifle, Mr. Castle offers nn
explanation ol the incident.
The Misses Simpson have a snug
little camp at tlie landing at Mr.
Hens'ridge's ranch, and these ladies
Imve set the example to ninny others.
Three girls are encamped at the
mouth of A1I111118 river, while A. Barnes
and family of Kamloops have pitched
tents not far ilislnnt.
W. Henstridge has taken a tour on
horseback to Knilcrby and will remain
away Ior a week or two.
The Government Hatchery people
have formed tln-ir camp at Scotch
Creek and are preparing the traps in
readiness Ior the salmon run.
The residents at Blind Bay paid 11
surprise visit to Mr. aud Mrs. Treyuor
at Express Point. A flotilla ol boats
ferried the party across, who provided
all the good things of life, and a most
enjoyable alternoon was spent. Many
indulged in bathing as the day was
tropically hot.
l(U hy all Druggists and General Storm
and bj mall.
Notice Is herony given thai 30 days aflor dnlo
I intend lonpnly lo the Cliief Commissioner of
Luiiils nnd Works fa<* a Apcnial licence in nu
mul enrry nwny timbor from thofollowinK
described lands in Uiu 1% Bowl ill-4rletoi
Wost Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a poet mnrkod "K. A.
Bradley's north enst corner posl," planted
nboul l mllo west of tbo mouth of Siniih orook
on tbe wost Hide of Columbin river, ihoneo
snutli 8n cliains, tbenee wet-it-So alinin*, ihence
north EOohahiH, thonce east 80 chaina to poinl
2, Commencing ai, a pnst markod "K A
Bradley8 smith ea-4 oornor post," planted
aboutll miles wesl of tho month of Smith creek
on wust,lido of Columbia river,ilicnco norlh
in cliains, thonco wo«t 1-30 ehalm, thonce south
ID chains, thenco cast Hid ohains in -.mint nf
8, Commenolng a', a post mnrked "K. A.
Bradley's snutli east corner post," planted
about Unities south of the month uf Smith
ereek nml 1 mile west of Columbia rivor, thonoo
nnrlh ko chains, thenco west ni cliains, thonce
south KO chains, thoneo uHsLWlclwhw lo point
of commencement.
Ilnli-il AiiKiM   llll, lllli.
Notice is hereby given thnt thirty days after
ilnle I intend lo apply to tbo Honorable Chief
Commit* loner of Lamfsaml Works fur a speoial
license to cut and carry away limber frnm the
following described laiuls In Wesl Kootenay
dislricl: '
1. Commencing at a post marked Thomns
Kl'palrlek's soulh east corner post." plnuled on
tho north sldo of Armstrong hike, uud about
three hundred yards from the font, of the wild
lnke, Ihenee nortli 811 ohains, thenco west Ell
clmins, Ihence south 80 chnius, llienee east Wl
ehnins lo puint of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "Thomas
Kilpntrick's soutli west corner post, planted
on Uie east boundary of I'ulhain's much und
ahout one hundred yards in a north easterly
direction from the seven mile pox! on Honlder
Crook, thenco north -10 ohains thence oastlflO
ehnins, llienco south 40 chains, tlience west UK)
ehaiiis to point of commencement,
H. Commencing at a post niarked "Thomas
Kilpatrick's north cast corner posl," planted at
llio south west corner of T Ii. 0,63*5, thence
soulh 80 chains, thoneo west, SU chums, Ihenee
norlh 80 chains, theuce eji.il. sn chains lo point
of commencement.
Dated this 4th day of August, liuni,
I. Commencing at a post murked "Tlumuis
Kilpntrick's south wesl, corner pnsl," planlcd
at b\ F. Fulmer's norlh west enrnor post mnrked Ij, "-till U, I., thence north sn ehalus, Ihence
east80chains, thenco soutli ko chains, thence
wist ko cliiiins I o point of commoncement.
Dated Ihislitli day of August, 1000,
Nol ice is lieroLy given that 80 dnys afl or dal o
I intend to anply to the Chief Commissioner of
ljindsnnd works for n special liconso to oul
and carry away timber from the following de
scribed lands in Dig Bond distriot of West
1, Commouciug at u posl marked "N. T.
Ed wards'north west corner post." planlcd on
'be cu-! li.inl. nl Columbia river, aboul '.mile
north of C. ft Lindmurk's Berth (1559, tlionco
soulh 411 ehnins, tlience east llio chains, tbenee
norlli 10 chains, llieueo west Kin chains to point,
of commencement.
2. Commencing at a posl marked "N. T.
Edwards' soulh wesi corner post," planted on
Uu- east side of Columbia river, ubuut 200 yards
back from river and ' milo north of (J, V. Liudmark's Berth 0550, thenee nnrlh lOOchains,
thenoo caat JO chains, thence soulb lOOchains,
thenco west III chains to point of commencement,
Dated July.JMtli, liHXJ,
N. T. HOWARDS, Locator
Notice is hereby given lhat .todays afterdate
I intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands antl Works for a special llcencotocul
and carry away Umber from Ibe following described luiiils situated in the Hig llend district
of West Kootenay:-
8, Commencing nt apost marked "Arthur
i'nyne's soulb west corner posl," planted on Ihe
enst buuk of Cnliiiiiliiii river, nboul PHI yards
nortli from mouth of Mica creok, thonoo mirth
811 ehnins, llienee east 80 ehains, thencu south
80 chain*, thenoo west so ehuins to point of
II, Commencing al a pnsl marked "Arthur
Payno's norlh wost corner post," planted on the
eust hank of Columbia river, ahout iini yards
above mouth of Mica creek, thence soulli So
chains, tlience east SOohains, thenee north 80
chains, thence wnsl 80 cliains to point of com*
in, Commencing m a post ma'ked "Arthur
Payne's south west corner po-t," planted on Ibe
cast bank of Columbia river, about 3 miles
below .Mica creek, theuce east 80 chains, Ihence
norlh 40 chains, tlionco west lo chains, thence
north Mi chains, tbonco west 10 chains, ihenee
south Un chains lo point of commencement,
Dated July 25th, 1000,
aug I
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Import direct from Country of origin.
*ff^Mf(*T--Js" .'W.H-'-fffjlr*. It ,    li'lli'TTHf I'J ITTrl-m
Orders fir Heel and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish nnd small goods
will rocoivo prompt attention,
Kurtz's PionccrCigar Factory
MS, Cordova St., W,
VANCOUVER, -  -   B. C.
For Agricultnral Implements. Carriages, Wagons, Etc.. John
Deere Ploughs, Uoline Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Bugglos, Planet jr.. Garden Seeders aud  Cultivator.-. Wheel-
U Wright uml  Blacksmith Work attended to.   Horse Shoeing a
Notice i'i herein* given ihaMhirly daysafler
■hue i itiieml to apply rn ihe lion. Chief Com
mlsslonor ol Lands uud Works tur u special
license to cut nml I nrry away limber from the
following descrilied lauds,
1. Coinmonnlug at a oust plunted on the
east lunik of the uortli fork of Info'ereek about
.v.; miles abovo the forks and marked "JS, P.
Il's north west eorin-r post," thence oast 40
ehains thoneo south lOOchains, thence wcst*io
chains, thoneo north ion ehuins to pointof
2. Commonolng at a posi planlcd on the
enst hunk of llie norlli fork of hfe ereek ahout
.V. miles above Uie forks und marked "K, P,
if.'s norlli easl comer pusl," llienee west -lu
chains, theuce south IG0 chains, thenee east 40
ehnins, llienee norlh Kin chalna to point of
8, Commencing al a posl plnn'ed on the
ensl bank nf lho north fork of Fife creek ahout
.'">'.; iniles above the inrks and niarked ' E, P,
ll.'s suulh west eorner nosl," llienee east so
elinlns, Ihenee north dl) ehains, thonco west80
ehnins, thenee south 80 ehnins in poinl of
!. commencing nt a post (ilnnied on the
ensl bank ol the north fork of Hue ereek, ahout
614 miles abovo lln- forks ami marked'-K. 1*.
Il's soulli ensl  enrner  post," thence wesl lu
ehnins, iiici north lOOehninB, tbonco oast 40
chain.', theme sotllll Uiu chains io point nl
5, Commencing nl a posl planlcd on the
wesi bank nf the nurth fork of Fife creek ahoul
8 miles above tho forks and marked"K. I' H.'s
south ensl comer posl," thenee west 10 elinlns.
Ihence norlli Hill chains, llienee ensl III chains,
thenee souih 100 chains lo point of commencement.
ii Commencing nt u post planted on the
ivesl hank of the norlh fork of Fife ereek iboui
.smiles above Ihe (orks and marked "K. I'. ll.'s
soulh west comer post," Ilieucc easl Nil ehains
llienee nnrlh 1*20 chains, thence west'III ehains,
llienee soulb Ml elinlns, Ihence west lo ehalus,
ihenco south 40chains to pointof commence.
7. Commencing nt a post planted mi the
west bank of the north fork oi Info ereek aboul
B miles above the forks nnd marked "fi. P. H.'s
mirth ensl corner pnsl," thence easl 80 chains,
llienee south SO ehains, ihence wesl 80 chains,
ihence nnrlh so cbnins to pointof commencement.
8, Commoneliig al n post planted on llio
west bank ol the north fork of Fife creek aboul
OW miles abovo the forks and marked "fi. I'.
Ili's south enst enrner pusl," llienee wesl lo
cliains, Ihoneo nurth UiO ehnins, thenee ensl 40
ehaiiis, ihence suulh liiO chains to polul ot
!', Commencing ut a posl planted on UK-
west bank nf the norlh fork of Fife ereek ahout
9J*ji miles abovo tho fonts uml marked ' fi. I',
ll.'s south west comer posl," thenee east itt)
chains, thonco norib so ehnins, Ihenee west
no chains, ihence south so ehalus to pointof
Daled .liinu 28th, 1000.
jy7 fi. P, HLN'ltY.
Certificate of Improvements.
jMtUrtft. fmKt |
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
Tlm C. P, B. lully rooognliing the
protpecta lor a phenomenal crop will
put Into oomnifulon inn Additional
engines and over K.tHHI now cum, to lie
i'»ehinivi'ly used lur handling the
Something Pure
If you are looking for Pure
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment of   Ontario
in 1 lb. boxes, or in 5 lb. cans
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Goods are second
to none, and more than thut
we "Guarantee every Can."
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc., to any part of tho City,
Any Kind of Transferring
For Sale or Rent
Containing mo acres, about thr quarters seeded with Tiuintliv. Suitable fnr fruit growing.
House and i>ullmi|i|ingH lu gnud condition. Hitnaui
nt Cmlgethicliie n few mllei west nf ItcvelMloko.
Apply tn It, TAPPING, lU'vi'lHlnke,
(II C„ll< It-It-. ||.,||0«     Hln, k*.    .S|,ill,-.    Ulii I    „|
Kriuiif Hat!,Iim-. DIALED lit (Vtni'iit, l.ita,.
I'„ll, ri'lr Itollim 111., I. ami iillii'i I.iiiI.Iiim ma
l.-rlak   All lllli"! all,! Ii ali-ti.il   lltal-rlllaa.
rimior ittK tnd Plutti-ln! lupplix a simoinll,.
days aftor date I Intend to apply lo th:
Cliief Commissioner of Uml- and Works for f,
special license to cut and carry away Umbel
from tho following described lands sit mini
in the Hig Hcnd district of Wesl Kootonay:
1. Commencing nt a post, murked "Alex.
1 trot's south east cornor," pluuted on the west
bank of Korty-iiine creok, about 1 miles from
Columbia river, running north ttti chains,
thonoo west 80 ohains, thonco south 80 chains,
thonoo eafct SO ehuins to puint or commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "Alex
Lrol's northeast corner," planted on the west
bank Of Forty-nine creok. aliout I miios from
Culnmbla river, running south mi ehains,
1 hence west 80 chains, Ihence norlli so chnlns,
I honco cast 80 cbnins to point of commence-
II, Commencing at a post mnrked "Alex,
Iliut'ssouth west corner, plnuled on Ihe wesl
bmik of Kurly iiim- creek, about I miles from
l iiliiiubia river, running north KO chains,
ibunco castltti chains, thence soulh 80 chains,
thenco west 80 ehuins to point Oi commencement.
I, Coniinniielng uf a post marked "Alex.
I ii ni '■-. north wost corner," planted on t be wesl
dank of Forty-nine crock, nbout I miles frmn
i nl bin river, running south   Hn   chains,
llicucucnst 80 ehalus, theuco iiorlhttlchaliiN
thifiice west 80 ehalus lo point of commencement.
j, Commeueiug at u post mnrked "Alex.
Il.-ot's north east corner," pluuted on Lhowest
 k of Kurly-nine ereek, ahout'J] ill lies from
Columbia river, running noiiIIi llio chains,
Ihenco west 10 chains, thenee north III"chains,
thencu oast lo chains lo point of commencement,
II. Commencing at, a pn-i marked "Alex,
llroi's north west conier," plnntod on tbo wosl
bank of Forty-nine creek, about if) miles frum
Columbia river, running suuth llio ehniiiH,
tin nee east lu chains, Ihence norlh 100 cliains,
Ihenee west 10 chuius lo pointof commence
1, Commencing nf n post markod "Alex.
lii'iH's north west cornel-' planted ou the west
bnnk of Forty-nine ereek, about 2 miles frum
(ol ii inula river, running south 100 clmins,
llienee east 10 ehniiiH, thenco north 100 chiilii",
tbenee west 10chains lo pointof comiiiciicu-
8, Commencing nl, a post marked "Alex.
I'.nil's norlh east, corner," planted on I be oast
I auk of Forty-nine creek, about 1 mile from
Columbia river, i-iniiiliig south 100chains,
theuce wosl40clialns, theuce uorth lOOchains,
Llionoo oasl I" chains to point of eoiiiinoncc-
I), Commencing at a post marked "Alex,
llroi's soulh west conier," planted on the oast
bank or Forty-nine creok, about 1 mllo from
Columbia river, running north 80 chains,
Ihence oasl 80 chains, tlienco smith 80 chains,
Ihenco west 80 chains fo point uf commence
10, Commencing at a post marked "Alex
Brot's south west corner." plnuled about J mile
from Forty-nine crock on the west bank, ami
about I mile from Cnliiiiiliiii river, running
norlli ID chains, llionoo west 100 chains,
thenco snutli 10 ohrtllti tbmieo oast 100 ehalm*
to point of cunimeiicemunt.
Dated July Mh, IIKNI.
ALi-.x. BHOT, locator,
(inlileii liagto Mineral Claim, situnto In the Arrow
Lake Mining Division nf Kootonay district.
Where located -Adjoining .Mineral City Town-
TAKK NOTICK that. I. Kenneth L. Iluriief,
ngent fnr Mis. i:lien MoDougald, of Nakusp, Free
Miner's Certificate No. B05200, Intend, sixty days
fnuutlie date hereof, tn apply to the Mining lie-
confer for a Certificate of improvements, fnr tho
purpose of obtaining a Crown Urant nf the above
And further!akc notice that notion, under see-
linn :i7. iiiiist be cniiiiiien.-eil hefnre the issuance
nf Hiicii Certificate of improvements.
Dated this UOtli day of April, 1000,
Notice is hereby glvou that sixty days after
date we iinvml in npplv m the Chief Commissioner ol Umls met -iVorks fur permission
to pnrcliaso the following described lands in
Ihe illntrlet ol West Kootenay:
CniuiiieiiciiiKHi a post planted twenty chili ns
west frum the northeast cornor ol nt-UM aud
marked "Hln llend Lumbe Company's south-
west eorner post," theuco north (1) chains,
theuce cast io chains, thenee south 05 cbnins
inure or less to Ihe lake shore, thenco went
slong shore to south east corner of LoUtHD,
theuce north 7 cbnins to north cast corner ol
Lot #111, Ihence west 20 chains lo point ot commencement
lucorik>rated by Act of Parliament, 180ft.
Wm. Molson Macphkrson, Pres. S. H. Giving, Vicc-Pres.
James Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of hanking business transacted without unnecessary delay,
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W, H. PRATT, Manager,
KeveIjBtoke, B. C.
(Under   New   Management)
First-clan accommodation Ior travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Queens ftotel
Best brands 01 Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creeu will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprlotoi
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
I'ttrk I'nckiin mt.I Dtiiilur in Livo Stock. Murkcti in .ill llio principal Cltioi antl
Tiuvlls of Alk'rtn. Ilrilialt ...inuliia ami tin- Yukon. Puckers n( tlie OeltbratOtl Brand
"Inuii't-iitor" IIiuii. nml Bacon, anil tJliamrock llnni'l. u-nl Lartl.
Central Hotel
Newly built,    First-class in every respect.   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rales $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
IikIciI July ami, l'.i»i.
Notice is QBBKBY QIVBli thai ilxtytl&n
after date I intend to apply to tlm linn. Chief
Commissioner nf i„uuls and WnrkN fnr permission
to purchase tlie following tloscilbo-U lamU iu the
Went Kootonay district, went Hide nf upper Arrow
Like ii I I mn* Iinil in ih* imiii h nf Fnntliall creek.
Cuiunioneinjtnl. a punt marked, " W. W. Lock's
ulii east enrner," at the hoiiIIi wost conier of I,.
8(12, i In-ncit imrih 40 ehains, almi^ the west boundary of l. 802; tbenee went 120ohains; 11 -•■ ionth
80 chain*} tlioiico OftsWQ chalnii nmre ur I•-■■*-+ to
the uent Imlliulary of A. |)..lli"fiiii'*vi-i', appln ,-iiii.il
to purcliaso; thonce north 40 clialiw, moro or leu
hi III-- imrtli went enrner nf A, Uullutiumycr'H
uppliealinii In pnrcliiiHii; tlience u:ml 80 clmiiiH
inure or tusi lu point nt cii-nineiiceui'iul, llio aeren
Dated May tt. 1000.
Pur. T, c, MakhiHiiii, agent.
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $ i a day.   Monthly rate.
Nolli'iila h,-t,-ln inu-ti (lull Wl -Iii" itllir 'Inl
I Iiiti'inl to innii- »|,|-li, -iiii„ii lo II"'l.'ll lui I'mil-
iiilaalitni-r ul l.tui'l- a Worki lur i ■■ ruitt»1..111"
iiiir.-iiii.,- Uu- lull,,wins 'li-arrlliwl liuni iiiiiii-
I11II11, n„-i Ktiuiiiiitiy illalrlt'i ul llrlllali I'ul-
inulilii mi lliu ivoM alii.- ul Armw l.tikuln III,'
l-iiallii-ll Villi,,):
Ciiliuilt'iu-hii! ill 11. Nliiliiiraaiiulli nml imr-
nor, llioiiri, weal sii t'linlna, lllOIICO amilli lu
i-lniliia, lliiiit al Sll. i-luillia, til,an t iiurili III
itltlijna lu |itililt ul I'lunini'liiioiniilit, tu t-iiiiliiln-
Itiilii-iitii'ti-a iiiiiii-01 loai
hitloilllio '.'lilli tiny ill Jiiiiii, IHUI.
Jyl I'ur H. .1, llarlnw, Anc-nt
• I'd Uus Liuni. Aguht.
NOTICK U hnrolty KlvenlliatOodiiyiiiftor
date I intenil luupply lo Ihe liomnimbbi
ilm chief Oommlmlonor of i 1- iln<i Works
for pcriiilMlon l.opurctuiHc lho followliiK de
huHImhI IhiiiIh in Uiu Went Kooleiiay dinlriel,
went mIiUi of tipper Arrow Luke:
Con unc nc hue al- a pn-i ahoul Ihree mil"*
-mu h of Kci-.ili.iM ereek. and ubout 1 mllo from
llio liiike, mnrked "Thomas WcIhIcih miiiIIi
east corner," at Ihe norlh easl corner of M.C.
Slye'-appliealieii to pillclltlMOi  Ihenee imrih I"
uhaliiH. more or Ic«h, lo tho lake shore; llienee
following Hald nliore In a gonoffll northerly
aud weHterly dlrecllou 10 cliiuim. moro QTlQto,
in the -.oiilli boundary of A, IC, Hiituiniui'i ■
application to ptirohaiOl tbenee wost llocbulim.
moro or Ickn, to the eaHt bouiulary of L. M.
iloliiiMlonnV appllealloi. lo purollUOl 11)01)00
"lllllll HU el.uill-; Ihenee   e.i-l SU  elllllll.-i lopllllll
of coiiiiiu'iiceiiicnl, containliiK 810 aen-, mt.re
or Iukh.
Dated thlhl-Jtb day of .luiie. IINNI.
i'ur Ralph «ljc, Aguut,
Heat chiinco over olfered to secure some ol tbe finest Reeidentlal
Sites, Garden mid fruit llrowing Lands in Revelitoke.
Having been u|i|>uinted Agent lor the Revelitoke Realty
Company, Limited, 1 have (or sale their lands on'the West, North
and Ka.-t tides ol tbe City.
Any area to suit purchasers from a Building Lot to a Small
The new " Addition II." offers the ohoicest residential and villa
-it- k overlooking the City,—line garden soil and sheltered from
prevailing winds.
Plane and Prices at my Offloe.
J REID & iroTiisras STOKE
If You Doubt .;he Genuineness of this Sale, please
Call and Investigate for Yourself Our Prices.
We Need the Money and Must Havs It, to make
Good Our Fire Losses at Arrowhead.
Come  Now Before the Best   of  the Stock   Has
Been Picked Over and Sold.
Real  Live  Bargains
Every   Counter.
9 By not letting them trouble 9
#1 you. Thev won't il Vou use vp
1, FOOT ELM or ALLEN'S rf,
T  FOOT EASE. We keep it,      A
9 Canada Drug & Book 9
$•* Company. Limited. T
9 *
Local and General.
The fishing at St. Leon is reported
to be exceptionally good just now,
many go.d catches heing made.
This week hns been a record for the
number of visitors making it stop over
at Kevelstoke, every hotel being full.
The Lade brothers have secured the
contract lor driving 1,000 ft. on the
big tunnel on the Uncord group, Ferguson.
Two canoes have been shipped Irom
here during the last week, (or the liig
Bend country, lor timber locating
Rev. Fred. Palmborg will hold divine
service in the Swedish language nt the
Methodist Ohuroh to-morrow (Thursday) evening at 8 o'clock.
0. Red, n negro, has been sentenced
by l'olice Magistrate Gordon to threo
months' imprisonment lor theft Irom
a Chinaman in this city.
All interested in getting up sports
Ior Labor Day are requested to attend
a meeting in the Hand Itontn oi
Thursduy. Aug. 9th nt 8 p.m.
All interested in getting up sports
for Labor Day are requested to attend
a meeting in the Band Room on
Thursday evening, Aug. lltli tit 8 p. m,
The snlniou canneries are very busy
just now. A large school ol sockeyi-s
have been reported making towards
the Fraser river, and the lish are snid
to be strung out lm* n distance ol 26
To insure a successful time on Labor
Hay it is necessary fur the whole town
tu take an interest. Everybody attend
the meeting Thursday night, und il
you have nothing to sny help ibe
matter along by your presence.
A Canadian, Eddie Duruan, ol
Toronto, and the Australian sculling
champion, George Towns, of Sydney,
N. B. W., will meet lor the wurlds professional ohampionship next spring.
The race will be held in Australian
According to Mr. Law, government
analyst, Vancouver is being threatened with a very grave danger in that
the milk coming from tbe Fraser river
islands, aud served in the city is literally alive with genus ol various Boris
This is caused by the cows drinking
stagnant water, which, at this season
is the only son obtainable.
Tlie largest land deal in the Boundary Ior some time has jn.-t been com
pleted when Hunter llros. purchased
the Bidley ranch „n Anarchist moun
tain. The price was-flu per acre cash
lor 2,080 acres ol crown grunted lund
The purchasers alio bought B,500 acres
timber and range land rccentl) so-
■itiiri.sl by Bidley lr,,m the C, 1'- "•
The lands purchased oontain the finest
body ol timber lot many iniles In anj
,\ report comes from [tosslnnd "I u j
lint! nl a new quart!/, lend 20 fool in j
width. The lodge lms been stripped !
Iur 200 [eel nnd a shall III feci deep
has been Hunk. The ore Is a quarts,
currying gold, silver and galena. Tho
value is. as yet, unknown, ns tho ore |
lms not been tested,
In Ihe course uf their regular practice last niglit ibe members ul the
Independent Baud received a pleasant
surprise in the shape of u freezer of
ice cream, and cako Irom Ilev. nnd
Mrs. O. A. Proeunier. It- is needless
tu state the kindness of Mr. and Mrs,
l'ltieuniei was much appreciated by
tin- buys.
Frank T. Shutt, chemist of the Dominion experimental farms, is now in
liritish Columbin for the purpose of
visiting a number of tlio inure impi riant agricultural areas of the province,
the object being tu make n closer
sindy ol the soils, climatic conditions
and methods of fanning. After leaving Vancouver and the lower Fraser,
Mr. Shutt will proceed to the Kooto-
nays, whioh distriot is being rapidly
by prospective fruit growers, who are
anxious for an oxpert opinion of tho
The liritish Columbia Medical Associiition concluded its sevontb annual
convention on Thursday Insl sl New
Westminster, Somo very able and interesting papers won- presented dining ll iivenlitiii nearly all a tech
nienl nature and of greil value In
medical mon. Tbe iiniiiiimnus opinion ul tbo doctors was that tbo patent
medicine habit has now reached such
shue as to he ii positive hai'in and the
associiition decided to lend its suppurt
tu secure any legislation which will
abate ihe evil.
Social and Personal
\V. Hews lell yesterday morning for
the east;
Mrs, J. M. Moyie is visiting in Calgary.
Miss Woodland bus lell In- n visil
In Golden.
and Financial Aljls.
.i    una i ni^   ..us   ,	
Iliiuiii on Monday n.nil gomiBistliig
i delegates Irom Fire Brigades 1 mid
2, i' I'. R, brigade, Ma.-hii.ists Union
nd Independent Band, n an etl'oit t>*
arrange spt-its [or Labor Day, Sep. I!.
As the Interior Hand A-snoinlinii
meots here un ilmt unto and there will
he 5 or 0 outside 'anils in town, an
etl'oit sliuiild lm mnde to arrange
sports and mako ii general demonstration un this the recognisod holiday
ol the crafts.
A committee wus appointed to
solicit subscriptions, and tbe acting
secretary was instructed in cull n public meeting ul all those interested in
Labor Uny sports, to be held in the
Hnnd Room on Thursday evening
Aug. Uth, at 8 o'clock, to here reports
and iniike further arrangements.
We are in receipt ol the programme
ol sports to  be. held at Golden Aug.
20 and 21, and have to congratulate
that town fur the enterprise shown.
The list includes a baseball tournament,   football   toiii'iinineiit, 8 horse
i races and numerous other events. The
j prize  given [or the baseball tourini
ment is $160; foot-bill tonrnument $50;
| md $700 lor burse rnces.    As Golden
is famous Ior ita hospitality all attending the spoils may lc assured of  a
jolly good time.
Corp. F. B. Fisher, of No. 5 Company H. M. R. Revelstoke, bus been
selected ns ono nl the Ottawa team to
represent Britisli Columbia in the
lortbooming Dominion Rille Association matches.
Arrangements urn being made to
bring the Calgary lacrosse team here
to piny an exhibition mulch with the
lucal team on Labor Uny.
The. stork visited the homo ol Mr.
and Mrs. Lundell on Fourth street,on
Monday night, with n Utile sun.
Mrs. 1.. T. Suil,may and family, ut
Harwood street, Vancouver, are spending the summer at Rower Island.
II. A. Robson, ol Winnipeg,attorney
fur the Arrowhead Lumber Co., is
registered at the Hotel Revelstoke.
.1. A. McDonald, loader ol (he Lib
oral party in the provincial legislature,
«|ii nl n lew days in llie cily this week,
Otto Laohniund, ot the Limb &
Davis Hardwood Co., ol Minneapolis,
is staying a tew days in the eity on
ll I!. Campbell, n lute resident in
Ibis eity, Bpcnl n couple nl il iys bore
Uus week nn bis way tn southern
Invitations have been issued iur llie
in. riagc ol n couple  ol   II v.-l-l -lu '-
popular young ptoplc, which wil] take
place Bomotimo this in iiith
I    It, \ Upper, Chiol l.i---, i  In p-*i
ll. Smith, surveyor, stalled on titvi|   to, and Messrs. A  F. Kincaid uud  A
suuth on Munday Insl
Mrs. Atkins is spending n lew aval the lint Springs.
Geo. S. McCarter went soulh tt
Nakusp tliis morning.
Mrs. Elson has returned Irum n shnri I
holiday at St. I n
Mr. antl Mrs. Im 11 Wells have Ir-li
on a trip i" the Rig Bend.
W, Sawyer, ol Vernon, t\ is in tin
eit; this week renewing acquaintances
Mrs. I';i mi and daughters left i n
Monday lor n visit to Hie Hoi
Miss  Simpson  and  Miss  ll.>   -
led on Monday lor a two weeks   visit
to St. Li-mi hot Bprings.
Mr. Jacobs, edit n ol the Mining
Record, of Victoria, 11. C, spent u day
ut two in the oity.
Mr. and Mis Jessop left yi sterdaj
[or a Bhort visil to St, Le m II- *
Mrs. A M,-ll... .iml family returned  !i l!'
to iln- city on Sunday evening Irom n
holiday vi-it to St. Leon.
Mrs.   Anderson  ul   tin    I - il i( -
mines, Camborne, was  i
.. iterday.
,,,.   i, lihtniithi owtioi   I the Scotl
group near Camburin   -
1   ti day,
I-.. A. Ilradli ■ li II on - indn - m >
Ing nn a montli ■-  trip  lo
Buffalo and Si ■
ibnson lell this in a ng I r Nakusp
where u meeting ol the hoard o(
lie,-n.-e commissitilicrs Will bu held
II'*.-, ON llll' FIFTEEN! .1.
Business Locals.
In*.- i powdei * nl kills al Bews'
Drug .-!- re
Japs      iti       .  - cor-
i; - . ihe i —' designs,
,u C B Hiime a Co
.-     .".I    .1,
: ■     ;
plan al E. ittin
. : 11       i- I I-. i. M 11.
I In- Full i ive ih
lioappi al
taken by the   lian   i Imber and
-1    -|      | i .     igainsl
fdicl ■
Vi. 1-'. Ogllvio returned on  Mi inlay
ovoning  Irom a visil I   the fai
Beatrici mini - '■-    ' iinbnriu
Miii iiim .-nt..! lined i
In   Iriends al lici li imi    Monday
. in ning,
'A  II ■ imt,,ii,i,l Gulden has returned
h illll     altor   a    tWU   .M'-k-    -m il    to
Mrs, Peter Campbell, ol lloldi n  ■ h
ha- been un a fortnighl a visil bei lias
returned home,
■   ,       l  - t    11 ■■'.-''    I'M"'   ;
iii,till llendi i
•!,       . llgflll din
,. . ,,     nd was die
ii i   ithoul 'iuin -    th." defendant
iiipan;  have been     lored to pay all
costs nl ' -'I md I     >;  -
i. H McCarter noted loi II-1 di   -
ainl A  V, In-all. r. ill Selson, app ared
fur the a pan)
Di-tiKKi',1 nnd Statlonec,
nut lla- Ihiitii- liilnl.
Mnil Otdtti Reoelvefrompl AtUratli
"The Best in the West"
Van Home Travels 134 Miles
Under Two Hours.
During the last [ow days Sir
William Van Home lias been smashing railway records. His special train
enme in Iron! Branded to Winnipeg, a
distance of UU miles, under two hours,
an average of (IT iniles nn hour. At
une tiinii the (speed indicator registered
7II.II-I miles per hour Inr a stretch. A
distance of 30 miles west ol Portage
In Prairie was covered in 211 niinutes,
an average speed ol 78 iniles per hour.
I .nsl week Sir William established the
lung distance speed reonid lor western
lints, Ins train making the run be-
Iwcen Mooeejnw anil Winnipeg, 'Illll
mile , in eight hours Hat.
A despatch from Quatsino, Vancouver Island, Btates that the biggest
strike ol Bog Iron in British Columbia
has just In en lound to the north ol
tin- west, iirni of Quatsiuu Sjund.
Missis. JacobflOll and Jackson are now
busy locating tho property and they
report ihnl tlie areas is immense, nud
that the ir..11 body on the west arm on
which development work bus been
.1 in- already, i* only a spol compared
with lln- exlont ul the new lind. It
may be remembered thnt IV v'moial
:i'-s:iycr II Caiiiiirlinol report-<l llllll.
lie had lound nuigliititc iii Inrg quantities, ais,, greni masses ol marble
rising in abrupt din's Irom thu deep
water, one deposit being higgi r than
iln- provincial parliament buildings.
c. li  1"   mail   sleiiniers
I  Britain    mil   impress
The i-.i
ol Ireland" havo both made very sue
.-.—ful trips, crossing the ocean in 5
day- -JU hrs, and f> days 21 lira., re-
•p,,-lively The passengers speak in
terms nl high lavor lor the comfort
md it, iuin.-s..(liuth vessels.
K.  Austin, superintendent of loco-
in .lives mi the Knntenay division C.
P. K . lias been appointed superintendent ol i   imotivi - on tlie division
eal ol Rcvi Istoko on the main line.
I :.•   C 1   ll   an- adopting a device
wl', i;   eliminates the objectionable
-   ••!.,,-  iinin  engines operating in  the  yards  in city limits.
v    2150   a   six-wheel
-wiieii ei..- m   hai been equipped with
- . ;., inini results, smoke
: jssiona licinjj reduced from several
ho it ilu seconds at each
eul «iiii * «prltif(
I. i in,,ulii
• . ,-,
■ ■
I1UJL C SJOtL goaxiio
Our Midsummer Hale has cleared out a lot ol Summer Goods, hut there are Borne
that, we want to clear out and mnke some new prices on them. You cannot
.afford to miss tliis opportunity to save money.
Md Blouses III
Price 11.76 nnd $2.00.   Sale Price $1 25.
Ill      L     /"       J       Our 25c. Table has
Wash Goods s«
Go. da, hut you can have jour pick Ior 25c.
/      S"          T            The balance of our
Cushion IflDS retg
V Al HTl/    IlinC    Six dozen in a bunch
Ofllliy     llllj   "Only IBc a bunch
wvmv"   ■w|»*'   Price, 85o. and 50o,
1 AD A   Twelve pieces White Cotton Tape,
IIHIr      Only 10c.
■    j*     s   ill..   „   Cambrlo Drawers
Lies Wm -i«~c=
Price 50c. to 7,r)c.   Sale Price 35c.
White Belts SjftS
HUIU,   WUIU   A Genuine pargain.
(>   tt          ■■            Black    nnd   Tan—
on Is ?«
Sock   for   this  Hot
Weather.   Try a pair ol them.
1 InnOfVOCTC    I^"Hen- uiul Cliilu.ons'
UllUU Tljlj    Undervests-lOc. each
t\u\A U..J.J.  oirl8' w»"h y»t.s-
lilrlv iMK •Be«ul»r 75c*lo 1*2B*
Villi j   IIU l J Tllcv ,ue here tur m
now nt 75c.
Baliics' Waali Bonnets, a nice lot at 20c.
Boys' wm i§
- - Mclennan & company - -
St. Ann's Convent School
Re-opens Aug. 22nd.
(URLS from 5 years up nre received
ns boarders or dtiy-pchohirs inr tuition
in English, French, Latin, Piano,
Organ, Guitar, Violin, Banjo, Mandolin, Plain nnd Fancy Wnrk, Painting and Drawing, etc,
HOYS frum 5 to I-l years are received as (lay-scholars.
For lull particulars apply to
ng Shu        SISTER SUPERIOR.
For Clients nn Firs'.-Class Securities :
$2,250, repayable $250 per quarter
and interest.
$1,500, repayable principal nnd
interest at $20 per montli.
$2,2511.00 for from three to live
Real Estate, Insurance,
and Financial Agent.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
nii^nii TO LOAN nn approved se-
<t>.)\)\) i-iii'il.y. Apply to E. A.
llAiiuKN, Real Estate and Insurance
Agent. Ilevelstoke.
Pleases every Smoker  the " Maroa
Notice to the Ladies
Seattle, representing
the Crescent Manufacturing Co., will give a
FREE Demonstration
next week at Bourne
Bros.' Store. It will be
worth your while to
hear what she has to
9 ■
9 y,,u have  in  looked m<m tho Columbia  Rivor and
9 wished you could have a pieoo ol that fine flat lying soulli ul the ^
9 i* I* I: Bridgi
.-,-. I ha i ,i,-iiiif' i from lho ownors to olfei that land lor
-,i, gi ., price pei soro that beats anything olso you can got so near T
the City '*
Let nu- know how much ol It yuu want ami I ahull ondoavoi *y
in accommodate yon.
ili r   A   U An re hi Real Estate and Insurance Agent 4,t
9 t. A. n Abb tii,      revelstoke, b. o.       r
For Your Fruit Orders Strawberries at S2.50 per crate on
and after July 1st.
Front Street, Revelstoke
1U10MS TO LET—Furnished or un-
{ furnished, frnm $S to $14 per
nioiilh. Apply tn E. A, Hahukn, Real
Estate uuu Insolence Broker, Revel-
stoke, B.C.	
WANTED-AT ONOK--First-class
laundry man, also marker and
sorter, Apply, Revelstoke Steam
FOK SALE-Second-hiind Bimaefor
sale cheap.    Applv  to   .1.   B,
OREBHMAN, Taihii Simp.
Mining, Real Estate, Insurance nnd General  Coininission Ageni,
Notary Public, Commissioner of the Supreme Court.
Why pay the highest premiums when yuur prnpeitycim lie insured
against loss by (Ire at lowest rates of premium In the following NON
COMBINE companies (or which I um Agent V
London Mi'tu.u. Finn Inhuiianck Co,, of Canada.
Ottawa Fihe Insurance Company,
Montreal-Canada Fihe Inhhrance Oo.
Anulo-amkuican Fire Insurance Co.
Equity Fire Insurance Company.
Colonial Fire Insurance Company.
Dominion Fihe Inburanoe Company.
In Life Insurance   .
I represent the NORTH AMERICAM LIFE INHHRANCE OOMPANY, whioh offers the MOST LIBERAL POLICY uu the market,
Get particulars before closing elsewhere,
whose financial st milling is so high ils bunds are accepted by the British, Australian, Canadian, Indian nnd ColonialGiiveiiuiieiits.
Tills Company's PARAGON Accident and Sickness Policy should
have, youi-special attention. It combines the GREATI'.HT LIBERALITY WITH THE SECURITY OF THE HANK OF ENGLAND,
and is the best Policy ever iiffered.
Guarantee Bonds issued to Bookkeepers, Cashiers, City Officials,
Lodge Officers, Government Ollieials, etc.
Loans, Real Estate, Timber, Mines
If those wishing to invest in or sell City, Rural or Business Property, will advise ino of their requirements, tiieii Interests will have my
best nlleiilitin.
Reports on Land, Timber and Mines. Agencies at Calgary, Vancouver, Kamloops. Nelson, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Spokane,
Chicago nnd New Y'ork.
Office, Mackenzie Avenue   -     •    Revelstoke, B. C.
Next C.P.R. Telegraph Office.
The object i-l Ibis Sale is to lind new owners
Inr i,hi- entire Stock ol Clothing, Hats, Hoots
nud Shuns and lliilierdasliiei-y belore the
iipeuing nt the Fall Trade. Wo don't believe
iu carrying over goods. They've a poor claim
fur patronage
What would you think if noxt year you
btiiight n Stilt ol Clothes from us identical to
the une sumo fellow got this season, "you
would feel protty cheap wouldn't yuu, and
yuu would not hnvo a vory gold opinion ol
Now, to obviate things ol this sort, wo
are willing to accept a loss—a most severe
une.   Hence, THIS GREAT HALE 1


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