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The Mail Herald 1906-06-23

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Ian Ml. AI1KNT.
i lie ivian ATici'aiu
VoL 12,-No. 87
$2.50 Per Year
Large Consignment of Crosse
Blackwell's Pickles Just Arrived.
C. A B, Chow-Chow, mixed, whito onions and walnuts, in quart
and pint- Miles, tor '15c. and fific. per bottle.
C. k II, Malt Vinegar, in quart buttles, 35c
C. it, B. Lucca Oil, in hall pint, pint and quail bottlos at 30c..
60c and $1.00 por bottle.
C A B. Olives, in hall pint, pint and quart bottles, at 40c., 00c.
and $1.1!) per bottle.
C. 4 I). Currie l'owder, in 2 on,, I ox., and 8 or,, bottlos, for 20c,
30c. and SOo. per Kittle.
C. <t B. Capers, in 4 oz, and 6 or,, buttles at 20c, and 26c. per
C. it B. Mushroom and Walnut Ketchup in 36c. bottles.
C. .1- I). Jams and Jellies of all kinds,, in glass jars, from 26c. to 36c
per jar. -* J--
C. k B, Marmalade in 1 lb., 4 lb. and 7 lb. tins, at 26c., 66c. and
$1.00 each.
Seeley's Extracts
We also have a lull line of Seeley's Extracts, in 2} oz.
the following flavors. at^26c. per bottle :—
Banana, Rose, Clove, Ginger, Orange, Pineapple, Cinnamon
Almond, Winter Green, Pistachio, Cherry, Vanilla, Lemon, Pear,
Fruit Flavoring, Coffee, Apricot, Blackberry and Raspberry.
C. B. Hume & Co.; Ltd
• --• Stores at Arrowhead and RevAistnlca
It vou are looking for something nice in SPOONS AND
SPEOIAL" for Souvenirs, we have litem here,
A Good Cigar
Choice Tobaccos
A Good Pipe ?
The Premier at Chilliwack—
Terrific Wind Storm in
Ontario-Western Railway
Ottawa, June 211—Hon. Fielding
has Introduced a bill which allows the
Oovernment to return the Grand
Trunk 1'ucilic its live million cash
deposit nnd accept instead nil) securities ul undoubted commercial value.
Tkoniiu.ihm, Norway, June 23.—
After, yesteiday their
Majesties held state ((Inner, intended
by 3611 principal guests.
Capetown, June 23.—The Govern,
ment has introduced u bill providing
lor nn expenditure ul seventeen million
dollars on railway extensions,
CmunvAi'K, June 23.—Premier McBride addressed a largely attended
meeting here lasl night. His account
of good wnrk accomplished hy the
Government wns heartily cheered.
WARSAW, June 23,—Another police
olllcer was murdered Inst night, He
is the 120th victim of vengeance on
police since January 1st.
Toronto, June 23.—A terrific wind
storm visited London, Woodstock and
Forrest yesterday. Many rools wero
blown oil' and much damage done.
Ottawa, Juno 23.—Western railway subtidies include, Kootenay Central, from Gulden tn the boundary
line, $5115,200; Kettle river valley railway $1110,1100; Wellington k Union
Bay extension ol C. P. lt. island line
Ottawa, June 23.—Yukon stud'
reductions will accomplish a saving ol
$50,000 per annum.
Nicoi.kt, Quebec June 23,—Loss
by lire here is now placed at half a
million dollars.
Toronto, June 23.—Holy Ann,
whose real name was Ann Preston,
died at Toronto last night, at the
age ol a hundred. She was one of the
best known Methodist women and
though she never learned the alphabet
was able to read the Bible in a scholarly manner.
We aim to keep everything a
Smoker needs and keeps it
just right. Drug Store quality.
Quality is everything with ns
in all lines.
Pure Drugs, Fine Stationery
The Best Toilet Needs.
The Red Cross Drug Store
% tiy hi
' 'f   '
Imported direct from STARRET'S.
Large Assortment of the very Best Makes You Can Buy.
We have four left-High Grade-Fitted with Best Dnnlop
Tires.  Two Ladies' Wheels and Two Men's.
i t       Qui- Stock is New and Up-to-Date with Refrigerators, Heavy
i f and Shelf Hardware,  Poultry,  Wire  Netting,   Lawn   Fencing,
♦ I Screen Doors and Windows, Hammocks, !,uwn Mowers, Garden
4 i Tools, Paints, Oils, etc.
ii ,- '
A Nuisance.
Editor Hail-IIkii.m.ii.
Sir,—In the interest ul all living
near tbe west semaphore, 1 would ask
il it il necessary for trains entering the
yard to so frequently use the whi,lie.
It ii very objectionable at night lo
those Bleeping, and specially troublesome to oliihlreu, but far worse to
those suffering in the hospital. I! tho
semaphore it against a train surely
the road cannot be clear, and if the
road iB clear there should be no necee-
isity to whistle. Thoso on duty in the
yard know when to expect lho truins,
and wnuld certainly attend to the
semaphore. This matter has always
leen a public nu sauce, and il it is
possible to discontinue it, I am sure
many people would led very grateful.
Thanking you lor this space in your
valuable paper, I am, etc.,
At a meeting of the Football Club
on Thursday evening, the following
oHicers were elected: J. H. Lyons,
captain; \V. Fecney, vice-captain; A.
Le Feaux, treasurer; W. Smythe, secretary. A team will go to Vernon for
Dominion Day, litem tiers arc requested
to turn out every night Ior practice at
the Gun Club grounds.
The English Pilgrim footballers intend visiting Canada this fall and
wish to arrange for a game with
The second contest between the
Dent House and the C. li. Hume Co.
was played to a crowded house ol
ladies and gentlemen who waxed en
thusiastic over the game, as the scores
were so close that the result was in
doubt most ol the time. The C. B.
Hume team won out by 03 points, the
total scores for the three games being
2423 to 2360. M. Hume with 263 was
the top individual scorer. Other contests are in prospect
The Rossland Miner says: "That
the production of ore in the Kootenays
and Yale is rapidly increasing is evidenced by the efforts ol the smelters
to keep in step with the output. At
Trail a large furnace of 350 tons a day
capacity is being installed, and the
outlook is that it will hardly be finished before it will be necessary t6
begin the work of preparing to install
another of like capacity."
The Standard Mine has been shut
down lor a short time till the snow is
sufficiently gone to enable work to be
started on a lower level. The aunual
meeting ol shareholders will be held
at the Company's olliee, at Revelstoke
on July 18th.
The Ymir mine is* running 30
stamps and shipping concentrates to
the Hall Mines smelter. The ore is
coming mainly from the 1,000 foot
level on the west side.
A. Dubois, Supt. of the Silver
Dollar, was in the city yesterday. He
reports the mine looking splendidly
The machinery is being put in place
and the mill will be ready to run in a
month. Mr. Dubois expects to be
milling ore in three months. Mr,
BottortT, Supt ol the ElwoodTinwork-
ers Mining Company, who own the
property, is expected to visit the mine
early next month.
The Ottawa mine, at Slocan City, is
sinking its shaft below the 500 foot
You can get all Artists' Materials,
such as waler and nil paints, academy
and drawing lionrds, pencils, crayons
and brushes nt Canada Drug Store.
11,,n't order a suit because it is
cheap. Order it la-cause it is becoming, and durable and comfortable.
Thc Isn't iB the cheapest. We make
the best, Knight and Devine the
Synopsis ol the Play.
Jeremy Crow, n fanner supposed to
he rich iu owning a large liirm, which
however has been mortgaged tn its lull
value lor many years, lmpcs to relieve
llis linnnciiil embarrassment by marrying his two daughters tu rich meii.
His plans are strengthened by the engagement ul his daughter, Cornelia, to
Ashley Merlon, an aristocratic Squire,
who prides himself on being something
ill ii philosopher, This is a sine trial
to Mrs. Netivell, a widow, whose residence adjoins thnt ut Ilu- Squire,
Meg, tlie farmer's younger duugbtor,
has an anient admirer iu Jasper Pal-
goon, a ourpenter, whose suit is dis-
courngeil by Meg's relatives beomue ul
his plebeian origin. Ilul .liisper fulls
heir In u large fortune, nnd fur the
sake ul securing n hum to make a
necessarily immediate payment. Crow
induccB Meg to let Jasper suppose
himsell nn accepted suitor, which she
consents lu, accompanying the supposition with much ridicule uud tensing.
Jasper's brother, Roland, who bus
been brought up as a gentleman, resolves to avenge Meg's ill-treatment
ol bis brot her, and having u favorable
opening through saving Crow's life
wins Meg's regard. Mm. Netwoll's
tenderness for the Squire bus caused
her to refuse repealetl utters ol marriage
Irom Mr. Eyteiu, her lawyer, who is
connected also in a business way with
Farmer Crow and the Pldgeon brothers,
Squire Morton, becoming aware cl
his cooling affection Inr Cornelia and
desiring that her regard lur him should
be tested, induces Rolnnd to profess
luve to the young lady Again, ns in
Meg's case, Roland ivoos successfully,
but tins time loses his own heart,
This sudden turn ul affairs causes Meg
much grief and humiliation, but she
acknowledges.that the lesson was richly deserved. Jasper, however, resents
his brother's conduct nnd a furious
quarrel is averted by Meg's interference, whu bus found that she can and
dues love Jasper, who finally proves
acceptable as a son-in-law to Crow
whose pecuniary hopes are now realized, Eytcm makes a virtue of necessity; Mrs. Netwell and Merton unite
philosophy and matrimony and general happiness results from "Meg's
This picturesque, pathetic and humorous drama will be produced by, the
Amateur Dramatic Club, Thursday,
June 28th, iu aid ol the Ladies' Auxiliary ul the Y. M. C. A. Seats may
be reserved   at uiu  c..._..   i,.„„ r.
Book Store.
Kruni Our Own Correspondent.
Gold Commissioner FrnBer was in
town this week.
Dr. and Mrs. Morrison of Revelstoke
spent a lew days here.
Mr. and Mrs. Kirk were in Comuplix on Sunday last.
Webster Fleming returned Wednesday from Chicago where be bus been
at school, nnd will spend the holidays
at bis homo here.
Mrs. Frank Giles and daughter arrived from Bellinghnm, Wash.
E. Hurkins made a trip to Revelstoke Thursday to meet Mrs. Harkins
who is coming Irom Ottawa.
Mr. nud Mrs. Hart have moved intoJ "..,
their new house near the Arrowhead
E. J. Bungs, of Nakusp, was in town
Mr. McGillivary, lumber inspector
for tbe Lumbermen's Association,
visited the mills here,
An Unreliable Alderman.
Editor Mail-Herald:
Sir,—Kindly allow me through the
medium ol your paper to correct a
statement ol Aid. Tapping's in your
report of the last Council proceedings.
Aid. Tupping:—"The Captain is
allowed $500 a year hy the Dominion
Government. I know this as I was an
applicant tor the position myself."
Such a statement is deliberately
false. The only grant the Dominion
Government makes outside of the
regular militia pay to efficient members is $4'l per year lor fuel. Anyone
who knows the length of our winters
out here will know this sum is not
sufficient to heat the hall. Such statements as Mr. Tapping's are detrimental to the Company. My brother
ollicers and myself have been at considerable persunal expense to keep it iu
existence. A few dances have been
held in the ball and we secured tbe
Irish Guards Band concert here in the
hope thnt we would raise a littlo
money lor the furnishing ol the gymnasium, but unfortunately they have
not been it financial success.
Yours truly,
Collapse ol Another C. P. R.
Bridge—Two Men Killed and
Two Injured-Line Blocked
for 17 Hours.
The city wits shucked ou Friday
afternoon by the news ul another
bridge disaster un the 0 P. II main
line, this timo at the Loop where the
11. 0, Contract Company hnve u
contract lu build a steel bridge for the
0, P. II. This bridge is elevated inn
feel above the bed of ihe stream. A
spun 70 feot lung wus being lowered
Into position about 11:30 a.m., whon
the luckle gave way und the spun wns
precipitated nunic feet hehiW. In
its crush It killed two men, luinied
Maylearl, und liich, who were member,
of J, 0, Frasor's bridge gang, lt appears the eniitructurs were short of
men und gut Mr. Kfasur's gang In
help. A man named Schultz was iu
charge ol the wnrk lur the construction company,
On the news reaching town a wrecking train with Supt. Kilpatrick, Din.
Sutherland uiul Graham, started
Ior the scene ol the disaster. Two
men named Lookle nnd McGillivary
were slightly injured.
The east-bound train was waiting to
cross the bridge when the accident
happened und the dining car was sent
out to tend the passengers.
beyond the loss ol life, the damage
done was nut su serious us at first.
supposed. It appears the two und a
hall incli rope used for lowering Ibe
span into position, broke at an unexpected place, uud one end ol the
girder slipped two Icot, lulling on the
two men who were killed and crushing
their lives outright, The rope had
been used to lower the other senilis
without a sign ol weakness.
Mr. Leach, engineer (or the eon-
tractors, hnd n narrow escape, as be
was standing right alongside tho girder
when it fell.
The girder wiih got into position uud
the bridge wns available Ior traffic
within 17 bolus of the accident nnd
regular trallic is nuw resumed!
Hr. Sutherland is arranging to hold
an inquest in the absence ol Dr. Cross.
The bodies ul deceased wore brought
to the city last night.
Lord's Day Alliance Bill.
On the Lord's Ilny Bill coming he-
lore the Commons, Ralph Smith
strongly supported the clause giving
persons working on Sundays one day's
rest uut of seven and snid every member of the Grand Trunk organization
had to work seven days in every week.
Mr. Galliher contended the provision
was impracticable as fur us smelters
were concerned liecuusc the companies
•could not get experienced men who
would be available to take the place
of men who were getting 24 hours'
rest once n week.
Mr. Smith submitted an amend
ment that a mnn employed two hours
un Sunday need not have 24 huurs'
during the week.
Bosrassa denounced the Bill as
the most antiquated, immoral and
absurd that had ever been introduced
into Parliament. It deprived people
ol all their lihertics on Sunday. Tbey
did not provide for outings on Sundays
for sick or feeble childron. It provided
liberties lor Jews nnd restrictions Ior
two million Roman Catholics.
Sir Wilfrid Laurier thought each
province should have the making of
its own Sunday laws. The Privy
Council hnd decided otherwise, The
basis of Sunday laws should be to give
effect to the Divine precept that Sim-
day should be a dny ol rest. In putting through this Dill the Government
was giving civil sanction to moral and
Divine law. When Franco, alter the
Revolution, had done away with Sunday observance, it had made the
istake in its liiBtory.
Groceries, Hardware. McClary's Stoves/Etc.
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds, Farm & Garden Seeds,
Garden Tools.   A Large Assortment.
Hollywood   and   Sherwin   Williams'   Paints,  Oils,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc.
Our Stock of Groceries,  Fruits  and   Vegetables,
is always Fresh.
BOURNE   BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
We have left a few 5-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in tpaklng their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
lit latest Suites ii Mini Is
A long diflcuBsin took placo upon
the bill to incorporate the Grand
Trunk Pacific Branch Lines Company
Vigorous opposition was offered on
the ground that the lines would parallel many existing roads in Western
Canada and notice wns given ol sever
nl amendments when tbe rending
should be brought up.
Mr. Whyte, general manager ol
western 0. P. lt, lines says: "If Mr,
Hill, after completing the railway
connections, can induce the wholesale
dealers of St. Paul and Minneapolis to
cut their prices lor Canada, then the
entire western trade of the Dominion
will be lost to eastern Canada, if the
country itself is not lost to thc British
St. Andrew's,—Rev, W,0, Calder,
pastor. Sunday, June 24, 11 a.111.—
'A Citizen ol the Kingdom." 7:311
p.m , "An all-inclusivu Benediction."
L. O. L, 1658 will parade tu St. Andrew's church un Sunday evening
July 8th.
Knox Presbyterian.—J,R. Robertson, B.D, Minister. Usual services
on Sunday conducted by the pastor,
11 a.m.—"Out of Darkness Into Light,"
7:30 p. in,—"Pluck Out and Cast
Away." This will be the Inst nl the
series 011 "Tlie Dillicult Words ol the
Muster," that Mr. Robertson bus been
following during the pnst six weeks.
Sunday School nt 2:30 p.m. Prayer
meeting Wednesday night ut 8 o'clock
subject, the Fourth Psalm.
Methodist.—Sunday a. m, subject
"The Christian's Security in Danger,"
At 3:30 p. in. n Scandinavian service
will ho held conducted by Itev. C. N,
Hangeol Vancouver. At 7:31) p. in.
there will le a united Kuglish nnd
Scandinavian service when the Rev.
Mr. Hange will give short addresses in
both languages.
St. Peter's—Second Sunday niter
Trinity. Holy Communion at 8 a. 111
Morning Prayor at 11 a. tn, Evensong
at 7,30 p' m, Sermons by the Hector
Rev. 0. A. Proounior.
      1 aji 1     .
The C. P. It. have let a contract lor
thu erection ol  a  line new station at
We  guarantee absolute  satisfaction or refund
four money.
1 Is tk Pride of "Rising Sun" Flour
1'hc proof of the
Bag of "
Try a
Pudding is the Eating.
Rising Sun Flour " and be
(J, i revelstok::. B.C.,
Including "postage lo Kngland, United Sin
mn! I'.iiin,!.,.
I',y the yoar Itlimnuli M.-'.'iti. • I
Hall      -        ,."'•• .„, i .
Vunrt.-r "        "• 1 ll
Legal uoUocs lu ceuls is;  Iini  I'n-i in-, i-i i...i.
.ii-i-n'.-l-: line .ml, autwcquciit [iiM-rtlon
Mt-;i-',ir,-ii„it:- Sonparli I [IS ilnwmnkc	
incli).    Store   nn,I   general Im-iti,— ,",
nouiii-i-iin-ii-- ?: '•■  -,"■!■ nor iiiuulli.
Pn-n-rrul nwilloni,   23   pel   cent,   nd-   liirth-. Mm ,--..-  and D.'iUlis,
BCc   each Insertion.   Tiiul»i-r null,-,-.-,*."1
Lain!  1,.;-.,,-  5:..'..   Ail a,li,-iii--iii,i,i-
lutojecl ;.,;l„- approval ol llio maiiagiinienl.
Wiuitisl ,111.1 i'iiii,li-ii-i-,l A,lvi-i-ii-,-ii„-iii-:
Aganu Wanted, Help *,• iiilcd, Sltuatlonr
wantod,   Situations    Vucanl,    roacners
Wanlod, Mr, :.„,:,- Wanlod. I" wonts or
1, -- ... ....     -. lioitnl Iim- l„   cents,
Changtx in nan Iii *■ idrartiwnents '"l! ;
ix.-in l,y B ,. 1:.. lu.-il.iy .ui.i l-i-iilii) nl
etch woek i" secure good ,li*[>lny.
jun 1 Ills , IM, prompUj - looutodai ruwun,
able rati -.
TKRIls   - .--    s■.-... nptioni pujalilti In i„l
ii)l:l:K-r,,M,KNi'K Invited , ml
pu!,!i<- ii,-,,-r,s'..  (-„iini,-.imr.,-1,-1- 10 M'
lor in.--  :-■ accoinpanlod  by nt - 0
writer, not   do - ■'- - it-ion. nnl
,.. -. .. ij.- : ■.nli, , orniapoud.-noi
-ho,ii,l bi    riel
1 p Ij   ol il i* I. ml i- I 11       ll   Wl  llllll' IWO
1.,,,   Re ,1-1- 1.-    i-.-'i-., I -
.v mi l.l n" iluwi hiilf, ai il Ibe
,11  still    I'"      bi-   I"   l'«>
mil i- ni in ns-1- , thu
Yil instead ol: In-people''
vi - in p'.iilinnii nl eni-,,iii
Colli: gc,
M   .I.-.,,-
■   • ,-.   I.I   , -
r.iilwtiv «
divide! ib
teprcsi - ■
aging 11 a lines an • nrcamng up ran-
nny nu, 1, poly, liny ,1,, wi nl thoy enn
lustille 1 . '.lun Ihu utters 1,, build
railway! in Cnnndii wilhoul stihsidirs
Th,- Grand Trunk wains I,, I
branch lines, unc of which is pr jeoted
Irom lie- Yell,,ahead Puss lo Nelson
via Revul-loke nnd the Hie llond. Yet
ill-tend ,,i wel,-,,-nine such projects
the legislators place every obstacle iu
ll iii way. The fact is thnt in ninny
cases men hers uf parliamonl become
iho paid .*• ivants ul Ibe railway nnd
utlu 1 i' ipurntiptiB iiisieatl of ilu-
people whu elect them, Public opin
imi nan's un nwilkouing on Ibis bcul,
.•licit a* il is getting in llie UllilOll
"ii-'iir, i'i llV  ll.-j:
,■1,11!  al    1 >|,«lril   III l-llllllW II lllint
until   .v»--l   ,-,,i-tn-|- pull ntnI III uit,,!
1.. Iiiiuh's 1 o,-ili iinil cornor pusl,
„,i Ki ihiliu, tin,  -.mill si, li.,in*
1 ut ni,-I,a ii-.ih,,,,,-,,uni-tlisiI'luni*tn
f,-,,tiini 11 i-im-nt.
1.1 an,, 1 in. itmx
HAItltY MolNTONH, inii'ii-
ui-,- Iiclil ,1	
imi,-    Touilili-.
1,1,1 |i','ll„,vsll,lli.,,
I,i third Mnndn),
si,!t   11 lh   "I    '
..,„  Vislliimlovll-
>i< -illtill)
\'iitii-i: i>
.\; uftor "
c. .1. I'ltOUUNIKI
II. MAl'llllS \l.ll, N.O
DUE. NO 1'.', I. 0. 0. F.
ovoning In OddWIows
Hull nl S u'clock
Visilint l.i.t-ai-lioor
illallj- iail'ol I', al
htiri-lij  niioii   Ihal   80  '!">**
Inin I i ill„ iijipl)'tothe  I"nor-
ll,,, Cltii.I Cuiiinilsiliuior »( l-aii'l- mi'1
rl.s tur 11 snocii.l liconso t„ cut nnd onrri;
oil Inn,la Hlliiiiin ,,11 not 'i rt'i-u.> ui
Slttlawiqi rlva-r,  V-,l- ,li*i  .1, nml iilnuilai-u-ii
mil,-a liun, lis llliuilh:
I,   Cuiuilioilt'llllt ill   ihoiil linn 1,1,1* smith
..( Iluilllhlll Cm-kal, I .a....lit ll mil, s ft.miils
In,null, 111,-,,,*,, ,-n-t s„ , Iinins; lln-in-i- smith Nl
chaini: tlionco weal siii-liiiins; tln-ni-i- HurtllStl
,-liaitis l„ point „f i-nliiun-ni-i'lnt'llt.
•i. I'oiiiiu,ui-iiiu nt 11 |,„s( iihiini tun rotlssoittli
,,(llninl,,,11 Crook, 1111,1 iiliitul ,", mill's frum 111
inmitli,  tlionco oasl  in i-lmins:  llit-i HiuitlllOO
clitdiii; tlionco wnsl i'i cliiiim, tliunci. nnrtli illo
chains i„ pnlnl ol riiuiiuoncoinciit.
Ilnlml May Dlltli, 1:1 tl.
.1. n.u.uv.
K,a,li<ui,'y Hi-lili-1:
1.   l'i>lllllli-ll,-l'K
I.,,,„l-  in nli <-,, 1
nnrtli furl „f 11-1
i-iiniii, oast imi olmi
ohnlns to pnlnl ,ilc,
■',   (■fliiiini'iiclitr ut  a   post
t ,1 pust in»rk,-,l ' lm
torunr," iihiiul \ ut',, ,11,
tii'iim  ilinin,'! imrlli i-i
,a.,u'.h III,-Iinins. ivmt. en
i.i.,-t..'.'.i.*- (
narked -Uu
-iinutiiil in  Osoyooi
lylllH  iiosi-riliiiil
division „f Vnlo
DR,   u
11 l-i i
iini' im
Jill.  N
E\V 1.'
A.Mi l'lNKUAM,
'll-, Kll .
OrricBs: 1
:, 1 ki ..   Uank
STOKr., 11. C.
Mum y 10.,
Offlotw: l:,
Il.C: KorlStoiilo, Il.C
Geo. s. M, Cakti k,
A. Jl.   PlSKlUM,
lti.-i,:-   .,  11.
J. A
r.        1
. Haiivkv,
'orlSU-ulo H. r.
J. M. Scott
\V, 1. Ill Hit,-.
1,1 Ull
.Ills, V.IV.
,* TU lai
." n
1,11s- Fl
■1: Mow
ons Ham;
First St 11-,
t-isioi.s, nr.
We   ii
busiiie - 1
1- 1,, ih, any kicking from n
, im ol vii-« nlVeutiiig tbe
industry iu which we ur,- engaged, Imi
in- arc glad io see thn printing olllers
I I till- illll 1 laII"   Wlllil'llillg    Up   In    tin-
fuel Unit ihtynre notgotting a pqiurc
deal Irom lie- luiiiboniion, The I11111-
bor Industry could not exi-l and pros-
|,i |- for 11 year without tin- llSsiatllllO,
and co-op,-rn!io 11 ,,[ lie- pnss ol ll-.e
province. When Un- lumbermen
ietiiid Iheir titles and markets in
joupardy, tbey wore only ion glad to
gel llie help ol Ibe pi'OSH. Thai help
was given gcneruiisly, in d bccniiso it
»ns bulievtd Ibat in helping mil tlio
iuiluslrj a siilislniitiiil bencllt would
be secured to the province. Now Unit
prosperity bar como lo  Ibe  lumber-
To Trappers?
Raw Purs Boughu
dash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Provincial Land Survi
Mini- Sill vi
lluX   Il«i.   Ill.VKI.S'l
.Minimi Engineer,
iMc-ni. American Institute Mining KnKl|u-(,r!")
( ftiiaillaii Milling IiiM.itnte.l
RWELSTOKE, li. (',
Examlnntion 'A ;\\A n*|)<n*i- on .Mim-ml Pro"
pcrties -i Speclnllj*.
Agent for Ciwiailiun Melnl Company, buyern
of zinc oreiJ.
Zbc nDaiUlbcralb
■• 1 won ,! . . . -i.i'i.i -ily iiiIi-Im-lln -in Ior
their goo'l hi order Ihls paper Ui bo punctually
-ervca up, and to be looked uj  n- n partol
th,- ten equipage,'   Addison,
We consider the action ol the City
Council in regard 1,, tin- Drill Hull ul
last meeting was unfair, Tin- council
accepted ex put,- statements made to
prejudice tin- Ibill Hull which were
untrue,    'lln- Hall bu.- u„t been used
as a dance bull, tln-.l'iiiiinb, .1 ■■'
receive fouo a year Ior expenses, ihe
Domini'-11 Government does not m: ke
nn allowance to cover water and light
dues. We consider (be Drill Hall one
of tbe best public institutions ,-f il„-
town lor our young men and it is n
pity more "i them do not join the
rifle corps. There is nothing promotes
better manhood than drill uml discipline, ii'-r is there 11 inure moral
incentive than rifle shooting, a.- the
man who wishes to excel must follow
all that tends to develop (lie best
qualities ol physical character. The
hall lms a well equipped gymnasium,
and the Morris-tube competitions
aftord a line type -<i recreation during
the winter 1 itbs.    The cily showed
its sppreciation ol the advantages oi
the Drill Hali by donating tin- site on
condition the Dominiun Government
erected the hull. Tin- Government
did its pari, and ii looks .• ry 1 ad lor
the city t-- repudiate its own p licy on
tbe irresponsible and untrue statements uiad'- at the c-'iincil meetiug as
a matter ol personal vindictives and
(ell-interest. We stand lor what is
fair, and we feel .-ure tin- council will,
on reconsideration, regret its ill-advised action.
The only lees the Drill Hall receives
are grunts ol -*t4tJ .1 year each Irom the
province and Dominion and tbe personal capitation oi members which
tbey voluntarily turn over i -i,,
be'iet';: ol ti.- ,-■ rps. ',','-., n ihe members of the ,.-■ rpj *.;. « - - mu li -■
sacrifice it is up to tbe city to do its
share, and to frown down any such
narrow picayunish •: iril a- was dis
played on thil ■. lestii :. Evi ry rifle
corps that «■•■ ever lies ::. any put
ol tin- '■ .; I i- tl ighl i" u-,.. it.-
ball 1 -.- dances av: locial 1 nU rtoin-
meuts ; ron ted by thi mi n her, :
thee,,:;-    '■',: y - Hi  - ••-is, 1-
an eld pti :. 1 be small sun - ol
money n - led •-.- re .-■ tl li r equipping tl,,- gymnasiun -. 1 - rlectly b-jiit-
mate objeel -I expenditiin I he 1 '
should ,-f course t-1 lull,-,--; I .- Ihe
value ol a,' services ;i supplii ■ and if]
the Drill Hall im- to pay these water
and light till, • i,-t (lu '.: I-- i-iiir-,, -I to
the corps ns a civic donation.
The .-an,' arguments apply to the
Y, M. ('. A Anything which makes
(ur the manliness, virtue, moral upbuilding, and elevation ,,( u community i- cheap at any price.
mon it. might be expected
would remember tin- Irioudship shuwn
lln in by ilu- local pre s iu tin: dnys ol
their ndversity, but instcull nl ibat
ive lind Iiniii, wilh Ilu- esc.pti,,11 of
ibe Rcvelstuke Sawmill Compiiny,
sendb g tl" ir priming to "lliniicnp 'lis
,,r some tuber outlandish place, lu-
cause ihey can get it done Ior a little
less tl, nt 1 hey uuu Iti huvo to pay Iheii
bonie primer. Why did ihoy nol i!"
to Miiinoiipolis instead ul thoir bonie
print' is ami iiowsp.ipers fur aid it,
their liceusn extension logishltii 11 und
such iniltlcrs? Tin- press ot the inter
ior wishes to co-oporato and work with
and to Uu- advantageu[ lite lumbering
and every oilier industry ol benelil lo
Ihe community, und it is only been use
il, is furred lu do so in solt-deli lice
that Ihe pnss of the interior i.i lulling
up Ibis qiiesliun willi 11 view to soutli
ing lln- 'square d
We coi gratulale the Cily Council
011 having tnken steps to reduce the
electric light charges I >r tho cily. Tbe
matter will conic up at next meeting
ami we luidorsimid llie Wnter and
Light C.iiiiniltci'...h,v,'('i7iii''i:TiiliiMi
A matter tbe City Council should
take up is the securing ol n permanent
reservation of tbo whole of tho watershed of lltitlge Creel;, anil in fact the
reservation should bo mndo to covei
thu whole ol Ml. Victoria, Irom which
the oity derives its water supply. It
i.. „ ...,.'ii 1 ,,, iici that ibe (lestruction of forests ilea roys souices of
water supply, and one reasun why
Revelstoke bus been short ol water in
the pasi has been the fact thnl the
[uresis on Ml. Victoria hnd been burned off, Now the new growth is coming
on il sh,,uld be preserved from spoliation. The Provincial Government
mndo a similar reservo for the benelil
of the sources of water supply for
Vanoouver City and there is no reason
W'llJ the Dominion Government sin,uld
not do the Bnmo lui* Revelstoke
W. Abrahamson ol Trout Lake, who
is in the cily, informs us milling operations look better than ever 111 that
part of the Lardeau, Trout Luke people me 11 I nl all ^discouraged about
the removal ,,l the mill to Gerrard as
they intend establishing another mill
almosl immediately and ban- secured
tii- ,,-,-, ssary timber limits to supply
the log«
Mr. Abrahamson nlsu informs os
ti,,-:-,- i* n vi ry -tr- ng feeling against
the action ,,f W. A. Galhher, M. P, In
ignoring the petition against further
extension ol the A, .'. K. railway
charter and instead bringing in a bill
• - tend tho charter against the will
and inti n sts ol his constituents
That'- l;.,val Crown kind-
made ii, '...:.i-  iver— Largest
Soap Fo t r,  rest of Winnipeg     II- ... ...
.-. talii 1 g -I--- I--.    --. ,1 ihelp
And lb,- mom y sn       is tin
Premium System
hm iii
Vancouver llenl  Estnta
I lo loiiiuoinii'iile wilh
800 Hastings Streot, West, Vancouver,
11 prevailing prices.    P. 0, Mux HUH.
Halcyon Hot Springs
liiul,-I- tii,1 new niitnageini'iit of
ll.utliY  Mi'Iniiisii,   UolVinun  Utilise
mill') MEDICAL WATERS ul' Hub
I cyon nre thn musl. curative iu the
world. A perfect, natiuiil remedy fur
all Neivtnis and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney nnd Stomach ailments
uud Melnlllc Poisoning, A sure cure
lot- "That Tired Feeling." Special
rules on all bonis and trams, Twu
mails nirlvo nud depnil, every day.
Teh-gin h communication  with .-ill
lliiiils of Ihe will-Id.
THUMB   $12 to $18 per week.   Km
further pniilciilnrs apply tn
harry Mcintosh
Halcyon Hot Springs
ArroUi LaKe, B. C
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
owuy llmlwr Irom  llm  [ollowliui ,h"
liuids   '
1. Commonolug nt a post plnutedon tltnwost
bunk ol tho south branch „l Cliorry crook at n
poinl HI tiiihis nurth onslorly Iron, tho lll-liillo
pnsl on llio M isheo wagon rond nml nuirWciil
"A, Modioli's nurth onst cornor poit. thonco
*„nili lOOchillllS! thonco wo*t HJohnllH! thonco
muMi inn elinlns; thenoo oust liichniiislii (no
[Kiln! or CUI inromoiit.
2, Conuuciiclug ul n pout i.huilod on tho
\v,,*t Iiiiiii.,,[ (ho south liriuich ul Cliorry crook,
nliulit 111 mill,* nurth onslorly Innn thn lll-niilo
pngi nil llm Mnlllishon win;,,,, rutl'l mill Innrkoil
"A. McCrnu's soulh.wost cornor pusl." Ihoneo
soulli Wl chains; thonco oust 111 I'hnilis; llii'tic-
nurih nm ohnlns| thenoo west llohnhiBtotlio
puint nl cnmmoncomotlt.
;i. Commonolng ut a pnst plimloil nn tho wosl
bauk id thn south brunch uf Cliorry cruok, nlinlit
nt inilns north-easterly Irom iholu-niilopnstoit
ilm Miiiiii-hi'o wagon road and marked 'A. Mc
Cron'a -mtlh-wost cornor iii.-t," thouoe norlh 80
rlinins; Ihoneo oust Kll chains; tinmen smith SH
chains; thonco wost Sll olinlui I" tlio potato!
I. ('.iiiiinunciliK nt a IKtsI pllllltoil uu llm WOft
Inillk nl thn south bmlioh „l Cliorry crook,
nboul IU miles lliirtli-onslnrly Irom tho llhiule
inutoll llm Mmiiislioo WUBon mud nnd innrkoil
"A. McUrou's Miiilli-onsi corner post, ihenco
nurth Sll ehaiiis; thnnco WOSt SH rlinins; lli.ltrn
suiilhSlI lllinlnsi Ihouco oust Sadisms lu lho
I * .ill! nl i-iiiiinn-licmii'llt.
I.itculnil llm 28nl Mny. HUH.
j. Ciminioiiolnit nt n posl plnnlod nbout a
mllo wost (nmi (lie wost hunk „f l.iiko orook lit
ii point ubout 1 niiltis nortli-onstorly Irom llio
jitniitii.ii i.r i.llhn crook  wilh the nurlli lurk ul
Cliorry orook nnd marked "A. Mol run s iinrtli
est. curlier ptist," tlioncn olist80cha US| I iciicn
null Sll ehniiis; thonco wesl Sll,-linln-i llionce
,rlh HI clmiiis lu tlm laiinl ul cuminniicununit.
Loculod the aili May, 11X11.
tl.ilisl tlii.'.illiilny „f J„,i,'. Iim,'.
A. McCltKA.
I! IIU'N* IIAlllll-iN
JKEIIS. N,-w,-r,,|,
ii our grocnl s.
Ill-Ill ill seah-il pni'k;
lu-lti wi- wil! mail ,-,
pi-icon mi y
; Ktilt I'ACII-'li' COAST
I'll'.l.ll ANII l-'I.OWKK
mu- iu stuck ami oil toil
A-,k your merchant lor
p... If In- lines iiiii bundle
, nssorlod. .-a- paokoU ol
ula lour owi. loleotlon,
S| inl
icing your
omipi ",
('. nanlellsl for Sl.lltl,
nm- hulk seeds,
MENTAL TItKES now rondy for »|i.b«
l-.\t in nice *lu,-k ,,(I WO uml I href-yenr A|,pl,
Trees al U-.ii.iii per Um, J180.III por 1,1)001 Mny
iiiii-.t Plums. II.IHI each; Itnllan I'niiie. Iwo
,,.-„,. in,,-, *i,„.,a, (,■,-..'.,'.,• -s,,„:ii' I'nine. Iiii,
H'ull li-t of othor slock ul regular prions. Ni
exponso, lu- ur tielny of riiiniKiilliin ui
l,ei mo prlco your list noforo pi
Grocnhomo PlaiiU-, Klor Work, Bi
l-'ritit Packages, Kertlllsers, oto.
I'AT.M.ticii-: i-'itKi:.
Nl.   J,   HENRY
3010, ni.Mitlssii.n iiiiiii. VANCOUVER, ll. C.
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt dclivorj ,,f parcels, baggage,
etc., io uny part of the Cily,
Any Kind of Transferring
Trueman's Studio
Nntii'i' is lim-oliy nivi'ii Unit, nil iIiij-hnflurilalu we
inlriiil in ;i]i|i1v tn tlm llun.cliii-fi .mitiiis.-iiiiu'i'iir
UihIhanilWnrlM turn Hiwclnl tltinwulHnitaiul
I'lvvryiiwaytlinboi' fnnn lli«' ftilluwinu iloHt'iiliuit
I Is,Hltliutuil111 Wi'stKiiiili-iiiiyilislrirl:
l. Coinmunelng at a pfwi plnnlm! ubuutouo
mill' imriii fnnn Uio norlh-woul corner of K. &
*. liliii*k,Xiio, mul marked "Hln Iteuil lituilber
Ciuniniiiy's smitli east eoniTpost," tlieueo
nortli 801 limns, thenuo wesl hu rlinins, tlionco
-innii mi elm ins, thonco east 80 elmins u> pelnl
nf Cllllltlil'III'l'MH-llt,
'i. Cuiiiiiii-iii'tng ut H (nisi plnnletl about one
mill' nortli Innii Uu- north west corner of K- &
s. ill-nek im, nml markeit "Itin llend l.niiiln.r
cuiiiliativ's nortli east cornor jinsl," t..onco
wesi 80clialns, theuco sontli tuirhains, tlienco
i'ibi 80clmins, thenco north 80clialns to (mint
nf I'oiiiinoiii'i'iiK'lit,
Datetl Juno 18th, mm,
Niitii*.'i.ln'i*.-liy«ivi'i] Unit :m daysafti-r ilati\ wi-
Intenil tn ajnilj to tin' llmi. Chief iJoniiiiisslonor of
laiimls ami W.'.rks (m- a special licence tu cut uml
carry away Umber from tliefolluwlngiloscrlboil
liimls, Bltnatoil in Wost KonteniU' District
1, ComtnenelnK at ft post planted about two
miles west from Bannock Point on Upper Arrow Lake and marked "ii n L, Co's southeast
corner post," tlience north 80 ehains, thonco
we 180 chains, theme south su chnlns, tlicnct
enst .ho chains lo point of commoncomont,
2. Commonolng at a post plantod nbout
throe miles west from UannoPK Point on Up
per Arrow Lake and mnrked "It. It L Co'
sontli ensl corner post," theuce   n -rlli 8u
:i. Commencing at n post almnt four
south of ItalllboH   1'icck nml iiliimt 4 inilrs fnnn
Its liiniiih, thence cast su chains, thence north 80}
clialns, tlionco wesl kii chains, thencu south 80
Imiii.i to point of commencement,
4, Commencing at a post about four chains
simtii iif ltainliow Creek, onil almnt i miles from
its mouth) thonco wost hi chains, tlience north mi
8ll clialns, tlience wMtrn chains, llienuu smith 40
eliuiiis. tlienco cast itiu chains, theuce smitli 40
chains to point of i-nuuuencemont,
5, Commencing al a post abmit four chains
nortli of ltainliow Creek, and about S miles from
Its mouth, thouce west nil) clmins, tlience south
lu chains, theuce cast 1*80 clmliw, tbenee norlh Id
chains tn point of commencement.
Dated May 80lh, moo.
.1. Barry, Locator,
Ni.U.-e is hereby glvon that thirty dnys afler
date 1 Intend to apply In llie Chief Coiilliilsslniier
of Lands nml Works fnra special license tn cut
and carry nwny timber from the following doserlb*
oil lands situate on tlio shuswap lllver, Yule ills-
triel. II. (\;
i, Commencing at a post planted about three-
limit lis uf n mil'' south of the north wesl curuer uf
IM881B, theme north ion clmins, tlionre east Hi
chnlns, tlience smitli Kll chains, llienco west Nl
chaius, tin-ill'*' south nil clmiiis, (hence cast 10
chains tn point of cuminemieineiit,
2. CoilllllOllcillU at. a post iilanled uhmit uiie
andnne-foiirtb miles smith nf theiiortb west cor
ner of Lot 2818, tht  west 101 chains, thencu
imith HI i'liains, Ibem-e easl  UK) chains, theuco
nth to chains to pnim id commencement,
Daled .May ,10th, I'.hi
,1. UAltltY.
II, UflUimencbiH at n post plauted almnt tw
nlum-fmiiili miles smilli nf tlio north west om
'luf |,nt shin,tiii'iifc mirth Mi chains,thonc
out so chains, thence south 80 chains, thonc
ist 80 chains to point nf commencement,
I,  UmmuuiicilifC at a post planted ubuiit Iw
ml unc-fin i rth miles from the north west corner i
hot 'M.s. Lbeuue west hi chains, thenoe south iu
ohains, thenco west in chains, thencu imrih so
ohains,  Ihence east HI ohains, llionoo north 80
chains (n poiut of uoiuiiioucoiueut.
Dnled May lllllll, IHOU.
,1, Harry, hncatnr.
ii.  Cuiumenoingata pustabuiit live miles imr
and one-half mile cast of the mntli west comer nf
Lot 11818, thouco wost Hill chains, urn i h 41) clialns,
east, mo ohains, smith JO chains to puint of cum.
ii. OolUUieuclug at li pnst planted abmil uve
miles north mid nnc-linlf mile oast nf then ■ Mi
west corm-r of hot 2818, thenoo west 100 chaius,
tlience south I'i chains, thence cast km) chains,
tlience nortli tu chains tn point of onmmoucemont,
Hated May 80th, IfiOfl,
.1. UAltltY.
7. Cnmmonoing at a post planted about utio
mile nnrth of timbor limit 0300, tlience mirth so
chain.-, thenci' east BO chains, tlience south 80
chains, Ihence wesl, W. chains to puint,nf com-
8, Commencing at, a post almnt ono mile north
of timber limit OliiH), thence, smith Hlcbaiiis,tlienco
ensl 80 chains, thenco imrtli 80 chains, theuce
wi-t so cliains in point of cuinnieiiconient.
ii. Commouoiiig at a pnst planted almnt six
miles imrih uf the nortli oast comer of Lot 11818,
theuce cast 80 ehnitis, smith 80 chains, west 80
cbnins, thenoo nortli 80 chains In point uf commencement.
Datod May 80th, ItHKi,
,1. Barry, Locator.
situated lu Wost Kuotoony district, west siiio
of Uppor Arrow Lakii:-
('umueucliig at a |">st marked ' W. \V. duck's
south east ioriiii,"n(   the sotllll west coiner uf
Lnt M.i. ami  ul t A  mile smilb of Kostlnill
in'ck. thence north h uhnhu, tlmuco west 8u
chains, ihence  smitli   4u iIinins, tlietlCfl enst Bu
chains tu point of cumuieurumeitl, contalulng ;w"
Daleillhis lltli duv of June, USUI.
W, rt. LOCK.
1*01 "f, ('- Makliisoii, Agent,
Uuiumeiiclllg at  a  post ninrked "I.. M.Juhn-
stniic's south easl comer," nl the south west corner
of Tlmmis Webster's implication to purcbtsei
.   ,      ahnnt :i milt's smith uf Kusthall Creek nnd about ,—---.---,--,-■--,--■-.
'»ttl|lB|lW miles from the bike, thence north 80 chains, I west W0 ohains to point of oomiiiviwenonl
Luild's nortli wosl cdi-iii-i-." nlmiil J milo nu
iiorib fork nf ('oliUimini, tliuicn miiiIIi id
clmins, cast Ittflcliuins, north 10chains, West 100
chains tn |iolut of couimciiccttici.t.
H. fluntniQncIng at a imst marked "Ons
I.noil's om ili west corner," nlxml \ mllo In-low
north fork of Coldstream, on left bank, thonco
north 10 ohains, cast 100 i-lmins, suntb 10 chnlns.
■htiiiis. thenci
'halns, tin-in*''
west so clmins, tlm
cnstBOahaD'sto pn
.1 nf .
.mill -o
Datod Juno 13th, 1«'5.
Itl'i HKND l-l'lHKi; i'u , LTD
n that 80 iluys niter date, I
Hon. Chief I'uniinissiniii-
specinl licence t„ ,-,,
 <-, „ l,-„ , i ,
I In Weil'iity illilrlct, tlppu
■ hereto
1,   I„  Ihe
JVorki lor
Intenil i,, i
ul l.nittla n
lamia, allu:
lii„ii Uk
I'lilillnelii-illii   at   a   pnsl   plalilell
I  "J,   IV
nurih 1,1
ninth 111
I'nley-s ami Hi
chaini H,en,-"
chains, Ihouco
( commencement,
a ml
us! corner,"
,-s, liletntiits,
lis-, 10 (-1,11 ill;
lint,-,! i-tli June, in
Notice is hereby given thst OOdayanflordato
wc Intend to apply to the chlof Commissioner
nf Lmiils and Works for permission lo pnrcliaso
tin- (allowing described lands, situato near
fete launoCaeho, Cariboo district, B.C.:
Commencing al a post pim.ted on the Frosor
River near Tete Jaunt i ache and mftiked,'N.
r. Edwards' and K, A, Blackmorc's south west
corner post," thenco north 80 ehains, thonco
eastso chains, thence south 80 chains, thenco
west 80 i'liains to ooini ol lommencemont,
Containing -1' acres more or loss.
Dated lath I one, inoc.
!-. \   BLACKMOKE,
■ iijicn iniilr
il compcUm
man lament.
Austral i.i, ■
.  g
Over i -       ■■ -
Mrs. II .1. Ha -mry Unnagress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes. Dininsfoom fnr
let. 3nppers,etc
Furnished Rooms To Le
tn the smith lumiiilary nf (I.J. Ilniumnml's appli
cation to purchase, thonce west 8u chains, thonco
south 4o chains, thenco east 20 chains, tlmm-»
smith 4ii elinlns, thence oust go chains to)>olntof
commoncement, cuntainiuic Uiwneres,
Dated this mh day uf June, IQLHI,
Per Kalph Slye, Agent,
Cotuuiuuclng at a postmarked"M. C\Dicker*
snu's uortli west comer," oil the shore nf Cpper Arrow lake, nbout :t miles soulh of I'ost hall creek nnd
about BU rhnius imrtli uf the smith east enmor of
Thomas Webster's npplicat Inn lu purchase, theuce
smilli 8n chains, thence enst Hi chains mure or
lens to the shore uf Armw Lake, thence fulluwlug
snli! shore lu a general northerly and westerly
illrectlmi 181) cbnins more or loss to point of com-
uienceiiu'iil. ColitftlnlngitMO aires more or less.
Dated tin- l-Jllnl.ivi.f .liiot", IIHHl.
>|. C. Dlt'KKIlSON,
lVr Halpb Hlyo, Agent.
CoilllHeliclUg at a post marked "K, A. Slye's
smith east enmor," about 1| miles soutli of Fust*
hull Creek, ut the soulh west corner of IM 41178,
tlience mn I li hn clmiiis almm the west boundary of
Lot 4876, thenco west 80 ehains, thonco smith 80
chnlns, tlience enst 80 clmiiw to point of euin-
ineiu-emeiit, cuiitniiiliiii (140 acres.
Ii.iie.niii- i-.:ili day uf Juno, 1008,
K. A. SLYK, ■
I'er llnlph Slye, Agent.
Commencing atn post mnrked "A. Dnllemney-
or's north enst curuer," about m chains west of t he
smitli west- enrner of |,ot w>„ at the north west
curuer nf j{, A, She's applicatluiitu purchase nml
n I n ni I ij mile soutli of t'osllmll creek, theuce west
8(1 chnlns, tbenee south 80 clmiiis, theuce east 81)
chains, theuce north sn cliains lo point of com-
nienceiuent-, containluK 040acres.
Daleillhis Uth dny uf June, 1WH1.
Per Kalph Slye, Agotll.
('nuunonclng ut n puHt mnrked "I1'. A. slye's
north oast corner,  nlunit !!•) miles smith ut I'ost*
Imll Creek, mul about l| miles from the hike
stun*!*- at the north west corner uf (I, J. Ilmiinimid'n
nppliculinii tu purchase, thonco west so chains,
Ihoneo south 80 clmins, thence east su chains,
tlienco north Hi ehalus, to point  of commence-
ineiii, conlniiiinc (HU acres.
Daleillhis i-ith day of Jane, lissi.
I'er Kalph Si ye, Agent.
Commencing ut a pust marked "M, C. Stye's
north east enrner," at the smith east cornor of
TlmiuaH Webster's application tn purchase, ahnut
:i miles south nf Kusthnll Creek, and nlmnl |
mile frnm tin- lake, theuce west Hi elinlns, thonce
smith 4ii clmiiis, tbenee easl 4(1 chains, theuce
smith 40 ehalus, thence east 4n chains, thonco
imrtli mi chains to point of commencement,containing 480 acres, ibis rJlhdavuf.lmu-. IWHi.
I'er Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing al a post marked "A. E, Haiti*
moiid's north west corner,'' nhmit P., miles south
uf Kiisthnll Creek at the smith east enrner of Lot
4670, thence smith 80 chains, thenco east40 chalnst
more or less lo the lake shore, thence following
said n!mro in a |>enernl imrtlierly direction 8n
ehniiis more or less to the snath boundary of J. L.
Hir.-li's applicatinn tu purchase,thouce west40
chnlns, mure or loss, lo point of commencement,
containing :<2U acres mure nrless.
Hated this I'.'th davnf Jitue, 1000
Per Kalph Slye, Agent,
Commencing at a post niarked "CLJ, llaiu-
mnml's north east corner," alsititIU miles south
of Koslhal! Creek, at the sntith east enrner uf Lot
4,',7ii. thence WOSt su chains, thence youth SU chains!
thencu east 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains tu
pniutof commencement, coiitalning 040 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, US HI.
I'er Kalph Slye, Agent,
NOTICE IS HKRKUY GIVEN that sixty days
afterdate 1 intend to apply to the lloii. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission
lo purchase the following described lands situato
iiitlie West Kootenai,* district.
EJKoinniOlicliigntnn initial post erected mi the
mirth hank of tin- Lardu river, about one-eight
mile west of Lake creek and marked "D. P. Kane's
smith east corner imst," thence nurth 20 chains:
theuce west HJ chains; theuco south 20 cliains,
mine or less to Lardo river: tlience easterly follow-
PIU IJi-MihiiV ■■' "111 rlvu-i. Ull 11l1.1t ".» 1 l-i.,   I.)
tililtoi coiiiincui'i'ineiil, comprlsuin one iiiinilreil
ami sixty acres more or less.
Daled the gfltll May, \m.
I\ days after date I intend to npuly to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license lo cut and carry away Umber
from tin: following described lamN situatod
in the West Konienay District, west side uf Cpper
Arrow Lake opposite Nakusp;—
I, Commencing at a postmarked "North East
Cornor Post," 111 nee w chains.west. BO chains
smith, 80 chains oast, hi chains north lo point of
*j. Commoncingat n post adjoining No. 1 limit
in tin- imrtli side, tlience 40 clmins north, 100
ihalns west, 10 chains south, itin cast tu point of
Dated 8tb day of June, 1906.
"Mice I
lllellil   I,
Umls nn,
lierehy given that 60 days after date 1
apply to the (,'hief Oommliiloner ul
liorks lor permission t„ purchase (lie
ili.-.l Inti'ls, situate nonr Tete .lilitlle
trlhootllitrlct, li.Ot-
nctns al  n  pnsl  |,lata,-,l nl the smith
terol I.,. 480 and niarked "(1. II. Nuglo'i
it,,rth .vest i-i,rii.T poit," tlience soutli ili i-lialtiB,
then,,' ensl   160 chaius, thence imrtli 40cliaiiM,
thence i.,-st ifMchalm to point of commencement,
,iiininiit|, mu acres inure „r leas.
Datnil lltli day of April, iiim.
II. 11. NAIII.K.
Uerelstoke, ll.c
IN duy« aflor dnlo I Intenil to apply to the
Chief Commissioner ol Undo and Worki for a
titer dato I intend lo
. ,„„. „ iilssionerof Uuds and 	
special license to out aud oarr/ away timber
from tbo following described lands In West
Kootenay District :-
1 Commenolng at a post marked "A. Mcltae's
ninth west corner pnst," planted about six miles
from Gold stream, OH west side of trail, running
80 chains south, 80 chains east, HO clmins imrtli, 80
cliains west to ooint of commencement.
2 Tiiiniiii'iieinn ai ;i , t  mniHeU    A.  BlCRl.   -
sotllll west enrner pnst," plantod about, six miles
from liolil Stream, on west .side of trail, running
80 chains north, 80 chains east, 80 chains south, 80
iiiaias west to point of commencement,
:. CommeiiciiiK at a pust matked ' A. MeKae's
north wesl comer post," planted ubmit eight miles
from (told Stream, un cast side of trail, running
80 chains south, 80 chains east, bU chains north, 80
chains west to point of commencement,
4 Commenolng at a pnst marked "A. Mcltae's
soutli west enrner post," planted about eight miles
frnm Gold -Stream, on east side nf trail, running
80 clmins north, 80 chains east, 80 cliains south, 80
chains west to point of commencement.
b Commencing at a post marked "A. Mcltae'
south west comer post,'' planlcd alsmt nine miles
from Gold Stream, on easl side of trail, rtimiha
80 cliains nortli, 80 chains east, 80 cliains south. 81
chains west to point of commencement.
Dated this 28th day of May, 1900,
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and after July 1st.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Hooklet tolls what wc .-h
llovnl Crown Wra-ppi,-. .-
lor   it—Freo—Also  trj
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B, C
If there is one thing nmre lhnn
another thai (lisgu-t- the people of
Western Canada ivith the conduct of
tlifcir rt-jir.6"ntativt-s* in tin- ConimODJ
and Senate, it is the servitude ol legislators to tlm- great ruilrond interests
What Western Canada wants is opening up by railway lines, no mutter by
whom it is done. The railroad rates
to the west nre little less than high-
wny robbery.   In our own eust it costs
MANnpacomin   ,y
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Silk doodi,
^^        (101,11 KISII    ^^
lun. i of uiiiiilii.-s ami (mil- in Inn-
Front Streel, Rcvulstoko I
W, Fleming's
Meat Market
Ordors for Beel and Mutton,
Poultry, 1'isli no,I smiill gooils
will receive prompt attention.
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Wm. J. Master A Sons
i ro
VANCOUVER,     B.   (J.
Notice i^ hereby given that 60 daya afterdate )
ntend to apply to the Chiof Commissioner ol
Lands and wonta fur permission to purchase the
following deacrlbeil lands, situate near Tete
jaune Cache, Cariboo diatrict, H.O.:-
i ommenclng at a post planted at the south east
comer of l.»t 4U0 and marked "B, .Melleau's south
weat corner poat," thence east ;,n ehains. thonce
north ISO chains, more or less, to the bank of the
Praur lllver, thence west so chains along the
hank of tin- [fraaer Kiver to the east boundary of
-e Hunt h i je cliains, more nr less,
! boundary nf Lot (80 w tho point of
ni, containing oisi acres more or lesn.
(th day of April, 1000.
K, MiltKAN,
Itflvelatoko, B.C.
i, the
i the aa
ted the
Mice i* Kcraliy ilven tlml SO dayi (nun date I
i,,',.,i,l,,. ipp|. t„ tl,,. Ilnllnralllotlie CliMCuii.
, i,.,i„i- mil Works f,,i i,,,iiiilssi„nto
i,ii„li.,-.. tlio fiillnnltig deicrllwtl lanili in the
K„„t,.,,;,.   Olitrlrt, east liiors „f Upper
l*i -
t ^^^
la,t sain nml  o i
„ ', .
- - '- - poll iitiirki-l "J, li. (loplnu'i
ii lh,- nortli ii.'sl ,',,rt|,'r,,(
I1     null'- nortliol  N.-ikils,,,
m,,r,< or |,-,-. llionce nortli
low, llienee wi-at sn
Hi"   I.M-     I     tint  In a. |t
1,,,'iiii.n .,i,.ii'j tlio Uko ilturi'Sll,
m„r. „r li-aa to polul "I in ni-nci it,
n ..Ki, ■ i.. moro or loi.
I).,t,-,iu„. ■/. In ul lln  II,.;
I  li rnl'I.AN.
I',., lulpli Myi,
ITOTII KI   I"-,-!,) IO"-
.>    I inl I i,..,|,|,l,i,,
' I.
.ill,., dnli
,,, Bit ilny.
I  ),i,-f I  Mil
11,1   MM,..   Im        >||,n   0. |il,
,iiiI'illi,»i„,Mi,«.,| Intnl. onllto   Itin Ijcdst
M     \,„ial„'„l   Ml,,,,,,,   Dlvillllll, Weal
I ',   M.        Oi    Mm,
i .., in I,,;' il   ,   |,',.f    iIm.,,1   ,,'tl Clmltll llllllll
I, n«ml..,, Die   Iln., I.,',Ik<- ,,.,|,,„i roai]
md mnrked   (,'. II, H,ni..m norlii iroit corner.'
,     i in- Ill, toillli  in iiim in-
> I... n i i<- ' ii.on, o,,', mil, in clialns to
poinl..( ' "„iiiu-ii"-,i,,'i,t
0 1 .1,-, III nm.
I     M. SIMII.NS.
f i'i If K i- hnrebl (liven Uml .tidiirs nl
I Intond to apply to the Chlol <',
—inn,-i- nf laintls  ntiif tVtirks for a s|,oiu
ll,,,i i imiii inil mirry nwny llmln-r from tlui
f„ll,,,„,l! ,l,*„rll„-il   In.nls   sll -,l In    Wnsl
l<i,<,t.oiiiiy distriot!
i.,, ,,, Ins nt., poil nn tha woil ild
Arrow   I,,ik„ .Inrllnii ,.l till  V (' I.
innlli «i.*t cornel i i Nn St. Hienci
'list   III,!,,,'  *n cln ,,,,-tlt. ,1,,-ti,
,,,-,i tin-,,,,- so ohains south, thonc.
-„*t to ptneo,,( ,',,iiiiii'',„',,iiipiii
Oiii.-il lltlidnvnl.lun,-, iiim.
I'ltKli llti;li|;nK
.a I ppei
(Je l.i.l ■
in ,1,111,1-
-II ,-1,,-lina
III rhnllil
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
dato I intend to apply to llie chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works for a special license
tocnt nndearrv away timber from the follow
lug described lands, situate lu the Osoyoon
Division of Yale Distriot:-
1. ComuienciUK at a post planted on the east
bank of tbe south brunch of Cherry creek at a
point 5 miles north-easterly from the 40 mile
imst on tho Monashee wagon road and marked
"S. Hill's north enst corner," thenco south 80
chains; thonce wost 80chaius: thonce north 80
chains; theuce east 80 chains to tho point of
2. Commencluff at a post planted ou the east
bank of tbe south branch nf Cherry ('reek at a
point 8 miles nortli-eiutorly from the 40-mile
imst on tbe Monashee wagou road and marked
"S.Hill's north west corner," thence south 80
chains; theuce east 80 chains; theuce north 80
chaius; thouce west 80 chains to tho point of
:■!, Commencing at n post planted on the east
bunk of the south branch of Cherry creok at a
point 8 miles north-easterly from tho Ui-milo
post on the Monashee wagou road ami markod
r'S. Hill's south west corner," thenoe north 80
chains; thenco east 80 ohnlns; thence south 80
chains; theuce west -SO chains to the point of
4. Commencing at a post planted un the south
bank of Cliorry creek about 9 miles from the
40-mllo poat oft the Monusboe wagon rond nnd
marked''H. Hill's south west corner." thence
oust 100chains; thenco north 10 cbnins; thence
west IMIcliiiins; thonco south40 chains tothe
[Hiint. of ('iiiiiinonroineiit.
5. Commencing at a uost planted on the
south bank of Cliorry croolr about 0 miles from
the 40mil» post mi tho Mouashoo wagon niad
and markod "S. Hill's north west corner,''
thonco oust Hill chains; theuco south 40 chains;
thenco wost 160 chains; thence north in chains
to the point of commencement.
Located 24th May, 1000.
0, CommeiiciiiK at a imst planted nliout a
milo wost from Ihe wn-l Inm I, of Lnko Crook,
about 1 miles up from the junction of Lake
rri'nk nml llm imrlli fork of Cliorry crook and
mnrlfd 'S Mill's south east cornor post,"
tii"Wro north 81 ohajnsi tlionco west Kll chains;
limine smith -HO chains; Ihouco oust So chains to
the point of commoncomont,
7, Commencing ut a im-l plnntod about a
milo wo-t from tho wost bunk of Lnko creek,
ulMtnt7 mile- up from the junction uf Lake
creok ami lho mirth fork of Cherry crock ami
mnrkod "S. Hill's south wo-t cornor |Kist,"
thouro oust KO chains; tlinure north 80chain.-.;
tlionco wosl Ko chains; thonco wmtli 80 chains to
tho (mint nf coniiiinocommit,
Locatod 28tli Muy, num.
Dated thi-Ulh dny of June. 1000.
I. Commencing at a poat marbed "Ojw
Luud'rt imrih oasl corner,"about J bolow no'tli
fork of OohlHtronm, on loft bank, thence soul b
Ml ohains, wo-t 10 chains, north IflO chains, mwt
40 chains to place of oomiimucomoiit.
5. Commonolng at a post marked "Gun
Lund's nortli east cornor,' about 1 mllo from
mouth of Caribou Creek whuru ll joins Qoldstream, tlienco aouth 1110 chains, wont 40 chains*
north nil chaius, oasl 10 cliaiin to point ot
6. I'omtiii'nciiig at a post markod "Gus
Lund's ,'onth east corner," about 1 mllo from
mouth of Caribou Crook where It joins Gold*
si roam, theuco west 10 chalnn, north UIO ohains,
oast 40 chains, south 100 ohnlns U) point of
.. Commencing at a post marked "Gun
Liiiurs mirth east, coruov about I mllo from
mouth of l nribou Creek where it joins (lold-
stream, Ihenco wost. 10ohnlns. south lOOuhalus,
east lo chains, north 100 chains to point of
8. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's nortli woBtoomor, about 7 miles bolow
north fork of (loldsUeam, thonoo east, 100
chains, south 40 cliains, west 1(10 chnlns, north
10 chains to poinl of commencement.
II. Commencing nt a poat markod "Gus
Lund's north cast corner, about 7 milos hnlnw
north fork of (loldstrcam, thouco south Kid
clmins, west 10 chains, north Klu clialns, oast
10 chains to point of oommencemunt,
III. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
JjUiid's south cast corner," about 7 miles below
nurth fork of (loldslrenm. thenco north HO
dial ih, west HO chains, soulh SO ohdlttl, oast .80
clmins lo polul of commencement,
11, CommeiiciiiK at a post marked "Gus
l.iind'-- mirth wesl. cornor," about 11 miles In-low
north foik of Coldstream, Ihenco north HO
chains, east 80 chains, soulh 80 chains, west HO
olialiiK to point of commoncement.
I:', Commenolng nt a post, marked "Gus
Lund's south cast comer," about 0 miles below
north fork of Goldslream, thenco north HO
chains, west HO cliains, south 80 chains, cast 80
ohains to point of commencement.
13. Commonolng nt a posl, mnrked 'Gus
Lund's sunt h west corner," about tl miles below
north fork of Coldstream, thonco soulli 80
chains, rust 80 chains, norlli HO chains, west (0
chnlns to point of commencement.
il. Commonolug at a post mnrkod 'Gus
Lund's south east corner," almnt il milos bolow
nnrlh fork of lloldslicam, tlionco south HO
chains, west HO cliains, north Kll chains, east 80
chains to point of coinmoncument.
la. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's ninth wcstcoi-ner,"aboutll miles below
fork of liohlstrcniti. tlience north 80 ohains,
east HO chains, south HO chains, wost 80 chains
to point of commencenmnu
10. Commencing at a poat, markod "Gus
Lund'H south east comer," about 11 miles below
fork of (loldstrcam, thonco north HO chains,
west HO chains, south 60 chains, east SO chain**
to point of commencement,
17. Commencing at a pnst marked "Gus
Lund's north west comer," about 11 miles below
fork of Uoldstrenm, tbenee south HO clialns, oast
80 chains, north HO chains, west 80 clmins to
point of enmmoucemont.
18. Commonolng nt a post marked "Gus
Lund's north oast comer,' about 11 miles below
fork of Coldstream, thenco south HO chains,
west Ho chnlns, north 80 chains, enst 80 clmins to
point of commencement.
Dated Juno loth, 1900,
19. Commenolng at a post marked ''Gun
Lund's south east corner, about .1 miles up
Camp Creek, thence north 100 chalna, west 40
chains, south 100 chains, east 40 chains to point
of commencement.
20. Commencing ut a poat markod "Uus
Lund's south wost corner," about 3 miles up
Camp Creek, thence north 100 chains, oast 40
chains, south 100 chains, west40 chains to point
of commencement*.
21. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north wust corner," nlmnl. :i miles up
Camp ('reek, thence east 100 chnlns, south w
chains, west 160 chah.s, north 40 ohains to point
of ommenoemcut.
'i'i. Commencing at n post marked "Gus
Lund's north east corner," about ;t miles up
Camp Croek, theuce wust HM) chains, south 40
'■Imios. cost 1(10 flhftlns,- north in chains tu point
of commencement.
'& (kimmonctng at a uost inurked "Giib
Lund's north west corner, about L'-J miles uy
Camp Creek, | hence oast 100 chains, south 40
chains, west inn chains, norlli 40 chains to
point of commencement,
2i. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's south eastcornei-,' about 2*} miles up
('amp ('reek, theuco west lliu chains, south 40
chains, oast, loo chains, north 40 chains lo point
of commencement,
2.1. Commencing at a posl. marked "Gus
Lund's soulh cast corner," about 4 miles below
McCnllough Creek, 2 miles from Goldstream.
thence north HO chains, west 80 chains, aouth Ml
chains, cast Ho chains to point of commence*
26. ('ommenclng at a post mnrked "Gus
Lund's south west cornor," about 4 milos below
McCnllough Creok. 2 miles from (loldstrcam,
thenco north Knclialns, east 80chains, aouth 80
chains, west 80 chains to point of commence!
27. Commencing nt a posl, marked "Qua
Lund's north west corner," about 4 miles bolow
McCnllough Creek, 2 rolled from Goldstream,
thence south 80 ohnlns, east 80 chains, north 60
chains, west 80 chains to point of commencement.
28. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north cast corner," ubout 4 miles below
McCullough Creek, 2 miles from Goldstream,
thouce south 80 chains, west 80 chains, north 80
chains, cast 80 chains to point of commoner
Dated June 12th, 1900.
GUS LUND, Looator.
I uut prepared to unilcrtakc nil kiiiii*: ol
freighting ami teaming,
My -.tup,,' connecting hutween tbe
.ileum i-nnd the city Icnvcs the (Jily
nl. I a.m, Tuesdays and Ki-idayn, connecting with Hu' Steamer Revelstoke
for Hie 1% Hi-nil, und also meets the
steamer on the return trip snineduys,
Leave -ivyril nt Navigation Company's office or my Sfuililes wheie to
NOTICK is hereby glvon that 30 days aftor
dato I intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and works for a speciul license to cut and carry away timber from
tbo following described lands situated in tht
Osoyoos division of Vale District:—
1. Commencing at a post planted ou the east
bank of the south fork of Cherry creek about 7
milos up from tht 40-mile -post on the Monashee
wagon nihil and marked "D. Woolsey's south*
east comer post," theuce nurth Unchains; thence
west 80chains; theuce south HO chains; tbenee
east 80 chains to the poiut of commencement.
2. Commencing ut a post planted ou tbe east
bank of the south fork of Cherry creek, about 7
miles up from the 40-mile post ou tbe Monashee
wagon mad and marked "1>- Woolsey's south
wost corner," thence north 80 chains; thence
east 80chaius; theuce south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chaius to the point of commencement.
Located 2.1rd May, IlKNi.
.1, Commencing ut a post planted ou the
south bunk of Cherry Creok about 9 miles from
the 40-mllo post ou the Monashee wagon road
and mnrkeil "I). Woolsoy's north east comer,"
thence wost IHO chnlns; thence south 40 ohains;
theuco oast 180 chnlns; thence north 40 rhnius
to tho point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post plantod on the
south bunk of Cherry ('reek about 9 miles from
the 40-mllo post on tho Monashee wagou rond
and markod "D. Woolsey's sonth-enst cornor,"
thouco wost lOOchains; tlienco north 40chaius;
tbenee oust 100 cbnins; thtuee BOUth 40 chains
to the point of commoiu-oment.
Located 24th Mny, VM.
:>, Commencing at n post planted nbout a
mile west from the wost hunk of Lnko Creek,
nhoul. 7 miles up from tbe junction of Lnke
Creek and the north fork of Cliorry Creok nnd
marked "D. Wmdsey's north tust corner post,"
tboiuo wjst 80 chains; thence south 80chains 1
tbenee onst 80 chains) theuce north 80 chaius to
the (mint of commeneemont.
Located 28th May, 1900.
Dated Ihis 9th day of June, liam.
Certificate of Improvements,
Kimicis Mineral Claim, situate iu the Ktvelstokt
Mining Division of Wont Kootenay District,
Where located:-North of Iron Hill   Mineral
Claim, .stamlnril llnsln, Hig llend.
Take notice that I,,Ias. I. Woodrow, K.M-C No.
II8M70, acting nn agent for myself nnd A. W, Mc-
Intnsti, K.M.C. Nn. B881W, Geo. Johnson, F.M.C.
No. 1188027, Klltalwlli McMnhon, F.M.C. No.
1-tWti'*-*), intend sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply to tlie Mining Heicrdrr for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purposr of obtaining a
Crown Grant nf the abnre claim.
And further take notice that action, under section .17, must !*# commenced before the Issuance of
surh (.Vrtlflcnte nf Improvements.
Dated this Fourteenth day of May, AD., 1906,
^0*0*** INEXPW
*M lift V
lib not the prioa yon p»y (or % lumaoe that makes tt oheap
or eiptmsiTe, but the fuel it afterwards consumes.
A c-ommoa (nrnaoe may cost yon (6 or $10 less than a
Sunshine," bat if It tats this ap the first "winter in extra fuel,
what do yon gain? Nothing, bat all tbi annoyanoe and extra
work that go with a poor I onaoc
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Sold by enterprising dealers ererywhere.   Booklet ires.
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
News from Camden Town
Situate in London, Camden Town is well-known as the home
of the Gilbey Gins which are of world-wide .popularity. Here
W. & A. Gilbey have their celebrated Distillery, daily producing from the finest materials thousands of gallons of the
Purest and Most Wholesome Gins
Spurious Gin, like spurious Whisky and Brandy, is injurious
to health—a deadly enemy to the consumer and a'foe to decent
morals.   But—
Are ol Finest Quality and Delicate Flavor
Distilled from choice Corn and flavored with the juice of
selected Juniper berries, they are unequalled in Quality and
Purity and unexcelled in Medicinal value.
Among the celebrated specialties are :
Examine the Labels for an Absolute Guarantee.
Largest "Wins. *ad Spirit Merohastt* In ike World
For sale by nil the leading Hotels and Stores.
Distributors—The Kevelstoke Wine & Spirit Co., Ltd., Revelstoke,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Branchei in the Provinces of Manitoba. Alberta, Saskatchewan,
Britiih Colombia, Ontario, Quebec.
Oapltal Subacribed ...       (4,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   S3,9oo,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       •3,900,000.00
D, K. Wii.kik, President; Hon. It. JAFFHAY, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
SAVINGS DBPABTMBNT—Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all pacts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
NOTICK Ih hereby glyol) UmlflOdftysaftor
dale I intend In apply tu tlm Honourable
tho Chief CummlHtiloiier of bind* it ml Work*
for perniMon to puruliiwo tho following de-
ROrlbM lindl In tho Wont Kootonay ilintriel,
went Mile of uppor Arrow boko!
Commencing nt a pout ulmul Ihrcu miles
aouth of Font hull firook, und ahuui | mllo from
the Lake, marked "TlioiUM WobHtor'n ninth
cant corner," ot, llm north eaHteurimrof M.C.
Hlyo'H nppllmlimi lii|iiircliiiw; ihi'iioo north I'i
ehniiiH, more or hw, lo tlm lake nlium; Ihoiieu
following nnld Hhuro In a Koiioml northerly
and woHtorly direction III r.huiiiH, moro nr h-s*.
to tho south boundary of A. K, lluinmrfnil'-*
application lo pinohaHo; thenoe wohI HOoIiiiIiih,
more or Iohh, to lho cunt boundary of I* M.
Johnntono'ii appllcatloti to puroliniw; thenoo
"iiniii 80chalmi; thmii'e ciiHtWi oIiaIiih Id point
of commencement, euntiilnlnti Ml) aores mure
or \m,
Dated llili 12th day of .1 mm, HM).
-}' nf
alter ilate I Intenil In apply n, the Hon. I'hl'el
(!„it|,r nl btinila anil IV,alts f„r
ln |llirchn..|, lln, („ll„» hl|( ik'.si-lilniil liimls in llie
West Kootonay illstrlct, wenlsl.le,,( Doner Arrow
1al<«-ivlH»it .>t«-li.-tir i.illa, snulli „l H*,,sllinll creek,
Commencingnl„ post .imrk.-.l. •• IV. «', 1,,,,-k -
H,-iitli etui comer," m the .smith m-.t corner „( I.
HK, tl,,-,,,-,- nnrtli (n elinlns. nlmm tin- weal I I
niy „( 1„ SIB; linn,,' ivoil l-'lli-liiilns: llionce annth
Hi i-hiilua: Ihen,-,, mat ,11 i-lmins, m r Ion to
•lie weal I nlarj „( A. n„n neyor*sapplication
toiiuri-linae: themi, ninth IIIi-liuht's. mnn- „r inl
I", llie north weal ,-„rn„i nl A, |l„lli,|inii-;,-t ■
iiplilli-iiiliui t„ purchase! llionce cual su clialns
I.,,1,- nr trail to polo!, ol i-minii'll'-i'liii-nt, llln icm
lllllnl May Its, Ilia.
IV. IV. l.lll'K,
for. T, U. Mtklnion, ageni.
IMao  " nijoaaa.a.
Per Kalph Hlye, Agent.
Pleases every Smoker  the
s niiuiniiiun ■
IS|iei-itilUitl,oMii.. -II uia,.:i.i
Ottawa, June Hi—An und'ily violent criticism by the parliamentary
writer in La l'resee, ul Mr. Footer, tu
which eitended notice was given in
this column last week, was taken up
und debated in the House, .Mr. Foster
claiming the prulcctiun uf the House,
poor iiian. against such treatment.
The Government thought tu laugh it
out ol court, it wus a childish proceeding, and beneath the dignity nl an
old time public man, whose reputation
should be proof against such attacks,
to notice. A hundred yeurs ago such
matters were thuiight to be important
but the parliament of tlie Motherland bud outgrown the idea, and her
However Mr. Fuster believed be
could make tbe Government side with
tbo writ, r, and take a position that
would give culor to the charge ol
fomenting a racial and religious quarrel, and lie therefore lefusid lo fceept
the means of escape offered him, but
persisted in bis attempt. The result
was that, niter showing up tin- foolish'
ne-s of the whole proceeding. Sir Wilfrid moved a mild vote of censure on
the olTcmdi. g scribe, and Mr, Cllnq-
Miirs was culled in and told by Mr,
Speaker that lie mustn't use such
strung language ngain It is lube
hoped I but Mr. Foster's lacerated feci-
Inge arc sufficiently smith d.
The dignity of Piir'innient having
thus bedi vindicated, and tlie country
saved, the House evidently [eels it
may hurry up business and get bonie.
Morning Bcssions start next week, and
the end if the mouth will probably
see promotion, There bus been n
great fpurt of industry this week, the
estlnintos lire being bustled thn.ugh
rapidly, and bills nre going through
llieir various stages villi fur less disposition lo waste time in unnecessary
discussion. One ol the mint important of these Is
which was referred to at length iu this
column three weeks ngo. The provisions ol the meaiure recommend it
to both sides ol the House, und very
little criticism is being oll'ered. About
the worst that could suggest itsell
apparently, was the growing expense
ol tlie work. Tbe Opposition (Les not
seem to be able to realise lhat the vast
ncrciise in results necessitates some
increase in cost. The cost per head is
less to-day than it ever wast.
,n You
and the Heat.
Fit-Reform Summer Suits solve the
problem—"How to be cool and well
Their lightness makes them coolness
itself. Their faultless tailoring and
perfect fit—enable a man to be both
stylishly dressed and comfortable.
English Flannels and Serges.
Scotch   Tweeds
$15, $18, $20 up,
and   Irish
has just issued the best statement ol
business in tbe history of the country.
Su lar the increase ol trade for the
eleven mouths ol Ihe present liscal
year is Iff! ,000,01)0 ahead ol the cor
responding eleven months of last year,
and it is estimated that thc full year
will show air increase ol ut least $80,-
000,000. For the month of May alone
the increases are, imports $3,000,000,
and c.xiiitrts Jli.tllHl.lltX): and the in-
crenscs d r the eleven months arc, imports $21000,000, and exports $40,-
81)0,360. Tbe lotul imports are still
greater than the total exports, but the
latter are rapidly pulling up.
in (act. Even the Intercolonial Railway is going to show a surplus this
year, and what will Mr. Haggart do
then, poor thing? The minister of
railways told the House the other day
that the delicit hnd be. n wiped out
by the end ol April, and during the
remaining two months of the fiscal
year he expected to gather a modest
surplus. Reduced expenditure, and
increased revenue are doing the trick
and this too, without impairing the
efficiency of the road.
with which the country is grappling,
loom up Irom time to time aud claim
the attention nl parliament. A vote
o! ten million dollars ($10,000,000) lor
for surveys and construction work on
the Transcontinental went through
this week with little discussion. The
charter to build the Georgian Bny
Canal has been renewed, the authorised capital increased, and power given
to the Government to take over the
enterprise at any time it may be
thought wise to do bo, and an application is before the Government to renew the lund subsidy to the company
holding the charter to build a road to
Hudson Bay. Any one ol these propositions would have caused the people
to catch their breath ten years ago.
Now they scarcely attract attention.
Truly the country has reached man's
The many changes that ten years
has brought about in the personnel ol
parliament is strikingly brought to
public attention by the death this
week ul
one ol tbe real old timers. Though
be hnd retired from active service before bis party went down to dcleut in
1M16, he was still at that time in close
touch with those who were central
figures in the stirring events ol that
dny, and it brings forcibly to mind
how many have passed from public ken
in the interim. Un the Government
side, Sir Oliver Mntvnt, Sir William
Mulock, Sir H.'iiri July, Messrs Mills,
Sutherland, Tunc, Blair, Fitzpatrick,
Preliintnine, Diivies.Gedl'rion, Bernier
Dubcll, Carroll and others; on the
Opposition side, the Tuppers, Sir
Adulpb Ciinni, Hugh .lohn Maedonald,
Messrs. Chirk Wallace, Peter White,
Nicholas Flood Divin, Dalton McCarthy, Wood, Ives, Prior, E. F.
Clarke and Dr. Montague. Half nl
them dead, the oilier ball gone frum
tbe public gaze, and it must be added,
we fear all ol them last being forgotten by thc eager hurrying crowd that
now occupies their places on the stage
they trml but a iew short years ago.
A representative ol one ol the city
papers in the press gallery announces,
occultly, that "sonic extraordinary
information bus reached the Conservative members, and wili be used in
the examination nl witnesses," in the
steamer Arctic investigation. Well,
that is what, the country wns told
weeks ng" und with what patience it
can muster, the country bus been
waiting for the bomb to burst. Under
some conditions the suspense would
bo awful, but somehow nobody seems
lo mind much.
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Hi-icen  llonj's, etc
ll itllnr ilnto 1 Intend I
ven tlmt thirty daya
ninply to tlm Chlof
Commissioner of Lands mid works fnr special
liconso lo cut, anil carry uwiiy timlicr frniii the
following dosortbod limils Hllnatod In East
Kootenay district, B.(!..
1. rommoneing nt a post markod "Arthur
Payno's soul li wostcornerpost," plnn£odon ilm
east side of Sullivan Hivor about M mile from
Kimbaskot hake, thonco oast 80 chains, thonco
iinrtli 120 chains, tlionco west 411 clmins. tlience
Botith80cliiiins, theuce west 4(1 ohains, thenco
south 40chains to poiut of coiiimoncomout.
2. Commencing at a post markod "Arthur
Pnjim's norlli west cornor post," plant od on tlm
south bunk nf Sullivan Rivor about two miles
fnnn Kimbasket Lnko, theuco south 80 chains,
thonco oast so chains, thenoo nnrtli 80'olintus,
theuco wust so chains tn [mint nf commencement,
3. Commencing at a post markod "Arthur
Pnyno's norl h oastoorner imst," plautod on tho
south bank of SullivilU rivor about 4 milo-- Trotn
Kimbaskot Lnko, thenco south 8n ehaiiis. theuco
wost 8o ohains, thonce north 80 chains, thenoe
onst 80 chnlns to point of commoncomont,
4. CommenoinBat a imst marked "Arthur
Pnyno's north west corner imst," planted on
tho sontli bank of Sullivan Kivor nbout4 milos
from Kimbaskot Luke, thence south 40 chains,
thonco oast PJO chains, thonco north 40 chains,
thonce west PM chains to point of commencement.
Commencing at a post market] "Arthur
 VmtMm.iil (iToinnvViir'ni'vor about 4 miles
from Kimbasket Lane, thonco north 40 chains,
thouce oast UK) chaius, thouco south 41) chains,
thouco west UM chains to pointof commencement.
0. ('nmiiH-mciuff at a post markod "Arthur
Payno's nnrtli west comer post," planted on
tho sooth bank of Sullivan Ilivor about il miles
from Kimbasket Lako, thenco south 80 chains,
thonco east KO chains, thouce north 8(1 chains,
thonco west hit cliains to point or coninionco-
7. CominouciiiB at a post marked "Arthur
Payno's south west corner post," plnntod on
tho south bank of Sullivan Rivor about 2 milos
from Kimbaskot Lnko thonco north 40 chains,
thonce oast Hill chains, thonco BOUth 40 chains,
thouco wost HM chains to point of commencement.
Datod lho 21st day of May, 1908.
VTOTICE i-s hereby given that sn days aflor date
j\ we Intend to apply to ihe Hon. The Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Winks for a Special
Licenso to cut anil carry away timber fnnn the
following described lauds In West Kootenny District:
Commencing at a post planted at mirth-west
icrner of Timber Claim 0142, marked "Arrowhead
Lumber Co.'a north oast corner post," running
west 40 chains, thence smitli 80 chains, east 40
chains, south 41) chains, east 40 chains, north 80
clialns, west 40 chains, mirth 40 chains to place of
May 85th, MA-
Notice Ib hereby given that30 days afterdate
1 intend lo apply to the Honorable thc Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands situated In West
Kootenay district:
1. Commencing at a post planted on thc
south side of Smith creek aboutM miles from
the Columbia river and niarked "K.J.Johnson's nortli east oomor post," thoneo south 80
chains, theuce west 80 chains, thenco north m
cliains, tbenee east 80 chains to thc point of
2. Commencing at a post planlcd on the
soutli sldi of Smith creek about :iu miles from
the Columbia river and marked"K. J. Johnson's north east corner post," thence south 80
chains, tbmee west Wl chains, thonce north Hi
'halns, th"iice cast CH ehains to the point of
B, Commencing nt a post plumed on the
soulh side of Smilli creek about4W miles fmni
tlie Colnn Ma river and mnrkeil ''E.J. Johnson's norlh east corner post," ihem-e south W)
chains, thonco westMioliatns, thence nurth so
chains, thi'iice east 80 i-balns to Die point nl
commouci mont,
4. Commencing at a post planted on the
south sidi of Smith oreok abont6Winll0B [mm
tbe Colnn bin river and marked "K, J, John-
sun's north nisi corner imst," tbenee south Mi
ehniiis, tlnnce west8n ebalns, tliencf north 80
chains, tln-m-e east Kll ehnlns to the poinl ol
eiimmciici mont
5, Commencing at a post planted on lho
south slili of Smitli creek nlmut i;'„ miles from
tbo Columbia rivor and marked "K. J. John-
win's nnrlh enst comer post," thence south so
ohains, tliunt-e west 80 chains, thence north su
chains, thonco MitH ohaliw to the point nf
commence mont
ii. commenolng ut a post planted on the
south side nf Smith ert-ek about 7U miles from
theColini'lila river and marked "K. J. Johnson's norlli cast cornertmsi," Ihoneo south sn
chains, ihenco wost80 chains, tlienco north so
chains, tbi'ui-e east KO ehnitis tn the poinl of
commenci mont.
7. Commonolng at a post planted on the
south sldcot Smith creek about 2,Uj miles from
tin* ( olnii,din river nnd marked "I-.. J. John-
son's south mist corner pnst," llienee nnrlh 40
chains, tbenee wost KM ehains, thence south 40
ehains, tin nee cast UM chains to thc point of
8. Commonolng at u post planted nn the
south side of smith ereek about 4^-, milos fmni
the Columbia river and niarked "E J. Johnson's south enst corner post," thence north 40
chains, thenoo west loo chains, ihence soulli
lu chains, thence ensi 100 chains to the point of
■j. Commencing ut n imst planted on tho
south Milr of Smilli creek about CU miles from
the Columbia river and mnrked "E. J. Johnson's soulh east comer post," Ibenco uortli 40
chains, thence west ltM chains, thenco south 40
ohains, tbenee east 100 chains to the puint nf
10. Commencing at n post plnntod on thc
north side nf the north lork of Smith ereek,
nl"ml f>], mile- fnnn the Coluinliln river nml
mnrkod "K. ,1. Johnson's south oast corner,"
thenoo north KO chains, ihence wesl KO ohains,
Ihence soulh 80 ehniiis, llienee cast 80 e hnl us
tu the place of commcucoment.
Dated May ti. 1000.
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street East,
Manufactured for nil classes of buildings
All kinds or building nnd plastering
NOTICE is hereby glvon tlmt 30 days afler
dute 1 Intend to apply to the Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for special licenses lo nil and earry away limber from the following described lands silnate
in the Wesl IContenay District!
1. Commenolng at n post marked "H. Don*
nelly's north west comer post," plantod aboul
U miles north from Seymour Creek and about,
2 miles west of lliewoal bank Of Ihel'olunibhi
River, thenoe south 80 chains, thoneo cast8t)
chains, Ihoneo north 80 ehains, (hence wesl mi
chains to the point ot commencement,
2, Commencing at a post planted nboul 11
miles wesf irom l-fib west, iniliK di uiM'uiulih
Ida Hivor and nm-keil "H. Donnelly's southwest corner posl," thence norlli .su chains,
llienee easl Ml chains, thence south 80 cliiiins,
thence west 8)chains to ihe point, of commencement,
*!, Cominonoing at a post planted about lj
miles north from Soymour Crook ami nbout 2
miles west of the wesl bank of the Columbia
River and marked "fl, Donnidlv's north east
cornor pnsl," thenoo west 80 chains, thonco
south 80 chains, thoneo easl SO chains, thenco
norl It 80 ohains lo the point of coinmcjiceinent,
4. Cominonoing at a posl planted aboutU
miles north from Seymour Crook and about 2
miles west from tlie west bank of the Columbia
River and marked "It, Donnelly's southeast
corner post," tbenee west 80 chains, Ihence
north sn chains, tlience east, 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains to the point of commence menl.
5, Commencing at a post planted about IU
miles north of Seymour Creek and nbout i
miles west from the west hank of the Columbia
Kiver and marked -H Donnelly's north oast
corner post," thenco south 80 chains, tlience
west 80 chnlns. tbenee north 80 ohains, thence
east iSO ohains to ihe point of commencement
0, Commencing ul a posl planted about IJ-.
mites norlh of Boymour creek ami about 3
miles west from the west bank of the Columbia
Kivor and mnrked "11, Donnelly's south-east
corner post," thence north su chains, thenoe
wost 80 ehains, llienee south 80 chains, thonce
east80chains tothe puint of commencement.
Located 9th Juno, 1000.
7. Commonolug at a poUt plantod about 2W
miles ninth of Seymour Creek and about ;*
miles west from llie west bank of Columbia
River and marked '-H, Donnelly'!- south east
comer post," tbenee north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, thouce
cu 180 ehniiis lo Ihe point ol commencement,
8. Commencing ntn post planted about 8^
miles north of Seymour Croek and 2 miles
west from the west bank of the Columbia
River and marked " II. Donnelly's north wust
comer post," tlienco soulh 80 chains, thonco
ciisiKu ehains, thenco north 80 chains, thonco
west 80 chains to the point ot commencement.
0. Cuininenelng at a post planted about 8W
miles north from Seymour Crook and about I
mile west from the west bnuk of the Columbia
River niarked "II, Donnelly's somh east corner post," thence norlh 8u chains, theuce west
8(1 chains, Ihence SOUtll 80 chains, tlience cast
8ii chains lo ihe point of commencement.
Located Uth Juno, 1006,
In. Commencing atapost planted nt n point
nboul opposite Keyslone Creek and about 8
chains west trom tlie west bank of tlie Columbia River and marked "11. Donnelly's south
east enrner posi," tlience north Ml ehniiis.
thence west 80 chains, l hence smith Ml ehains,
thenco east Kll ehniiis lu Hie pointof commencement.
Located lath Juno, 1000,
11, Cominonoing at a post iilanlcil ou the
west bank ol l-risby creek about 1% miles
west fmtn the Columbia River uud mnrked
"11. Dnmii'Ily's south enst comer posl," then CO
north 8(1 chains, thetlco west 80 clialns, thonco
south 80 chains, thencu east Ml ehniiis to the
point of eninnienceiiienl
12, 00111010110111(1 at u post plnnleilnn Ilu-
west bank ol Krlshy Creek about ll, miles
west Irom the Columbia River nud marked
■'11. Donnelly's uortli east corner pnsl," llienee
south 80 chains, thouce woilHO clmins, thoneo
nnrlh mi ehains, llienee cost mi chains tothe
■mint nl coinuienceineiil.
Located IsiliJiino, ItXM.
18, Commencing al a post planted nbuiil \i
mile west frnm ilia tt'CSl bank of tlie Oiliimliia
Ilivor about npposlle the south boundary of
Lot 8-11-1, Urniip I, Kouleiiay Dislricl, and
marked "II Dniniclly'ssoutlicastcorner post,"
llienco north Ml chains, theuce west so chains,
theuce snulh 81) chains, thence easl 80 chains
to the pnlnl of i-uinmciiccmeiil,
11. Commencing at a post plauted about \'t
mile wesl from the west hank of Ihe Columbia
Riveriiliuiit opposite the south boundary nf
Lot 8414, (iroup I, Kootenny Dislricl, ami
marked "II. Donnelly's north oast corner
post," tlionco soulh 80 chains; thenoe wcstKo
chains, thence north ko chains, theuce east su
chains to the point til eninineneemcnt.
I.oeuli'i) I llll JllllC, I'.N'i-.
NOTU'K IS IIKHKIIY alVKN llllll llili!)*
llnj'Hlllllll- illltol lllUllilltonpnly to Ilu,
CliitiMluliilnlMslotiorof Ijiunlsmul Works forn
spoolnl liconso lo cut nut! curry nwny limliur
(l-om Lho foiloiviiiK (loHcriticil Itiotls siliiiilt-,1 in
Uiu Woit Kootmuiy lllatrlot, mi the west slilo ,,l
Arrow hake, t,|iii„sfl»' Nukuaiu-
1. 0„lnnit'tlclliKiltii|ii,sl inarkoil "North l-',;ist
Curlier Post," llionce su elialns west, su ehnlna
smith, su rlinins oust, Su i-lmins north to point of
8.   Ciniinii'iidliu III ll |i„al !t',IJ,,initi|t No, I limn
on tho nnrtli alile, thoneo io i-lmina north, nm
wosl, 40 chains hoiiiu, nil) chains oasttu point oi
Diileil.1 unc Illll, l'JDii.
Imp,,n direct irom Country of origin,
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagou, Etc.. John
Docro Ploughs, Uollno Wagons, Canada Carriage Oompany'a
Buggies, Plunel jr., Garden Seeders nud Cultivators. Wheelwright uml Blacksmith Work attended to Horse Bhoelng a
Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1855.
WM. MOLBON MacI'IIKHSiix, Pics. S. II. I'lwINfl, Vice-Pres.
Jaiieb Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in wny nf hanking business transacted without un-
necessary delay,
Interest credited twice a year n,t current rales on Savings Bank
W, H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelbtoke, B. C.
(Under   New   Management)
Firel-clas accommodation for travellers.
Rest brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
R. Dowswcll, (formerly ol' Leland Hold. Vancouver) Proprietor.
First Class House for Travellers and Commercial Men
Newly Built, Newly Furnished, and the most comfortable house in the City.
Queens Jfotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travcllersjto
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at"this
CHIEF  YOUNG, • -        Proprleto.
rs- *illi%UUUt'V»«t%VU%UUU4Ut
HEAD OFFICE: Calgary, Auwrta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Turk Packers and Dealers in Live Stock. Markets in all the principal Cities and
Towns <d Alberta. British uuiumbla an-l tht- Yukon. Packers of the Celebrated Brand
"Imperator" liaras an    aeon, and Shamrock llraml, Loaf Lard. A
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
J.    ALBERT     STOIN"E,    PROP.
Hack service to uny pari nl the City at nil hours.  Higs equipped for
Pleasure Parties.   Firsl class "ingle and dodble ri(?s.   Express, dray-
ing uiul li-uiisfi'ii-ing.  Siulillt' and puck horses for hire.   All kinds
of job work undertaken.   Wi mil fur sale,
Htaulk amd Residence Puone 41. |Hack Stand—27
Commercial Printing
Rapidly and neatly turned oul at the Mail-Herald Office w
Read It!
Shipments lit Hunts
|..i-t week, ninking I'u,
Special .iiioiilion has
Misses', end l.itllc Toll
uml Canadian Stylea,
-I Klines have I
Hlock Ilu- Real
(', tl entiling III in
Assol-lfil ill tilt- t
op llll-
1,1-ri, itivoii li, Ilu- Children Ihis Seiison, and I
,,ii] hnvo I hole pick of Ihe Litlest Anient-
n lllack, Ited, Tan nud While,
or (iii,*,,
MUX'S   Midi-
I. anil Tun, in high and
cut, Iton-iilittlnn or Ski
. A pair ol our Slippers
the nlftlesl things for
ii,i* ios,
•i   IN
Ladies, we invil
,-eai-  with Summer
a-l i< hi -
An-  Agenls   fill'  Uu-  Famous
Inini   Ihis
Heed.   Oiv
lho   Rcsl
n  Hie   Market,
$WWW >B W ffffffliwWfff
l|l l$l 1$) ifi ifr l|l ifr l|l$ill$ '^#######
e have iiicm
the Season
Kinds, all I'rices
Picture Taking.
ami all Sizes.
| Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited f
, in r-DEAX—At St. Andrew's church,
Vancouver, B. C, June 18th, l'JOII,
l,v tin, Rev. Gilbert 11. Wilson.
Bessie Mnj Dean to George Alex.
Scott, of Revelstoke, 11. C.
Local and General.
A white Ily threatens to destroy the
strawberry crop al Westminster.
Mr. I). Nairn Is  ving his family
into ilo- new residon -,- on tho corner
of Third street and Boyle Ave.
Afteri ii tea und sale of work under auspices ot St. Peter's Ladies Guild
in the rectory on Tuesday, the 2lllh.
Admission IOc.
The Ladies Hospital Guild will hold
t heir  regular  monthly  meeting mi
Tuesday alien u next al 3:30 o'clock
in the city hull.
Mrs. Desire Brothier was arrested
at Seattle as  sh,-  Btepped   fr    the
with her husband,
Some children's prclly dresses nl the
afternoon tea and sale ol ivurk until r
tin- au'spicis ol tin Ladies (liiild of St.
Pi ter's church, ou Monday llie 2(ith,
admission 10c.
At their lust meeting the city school
trustees resolved to make extensive
improvements lo the school grounds,
and to have the lawns thai are lo he
prepared regularly col and watered.
The 1'reshytery ,-i Kainloups is
called to meel ul n ilden on Tuesday
the  20th, i" consider the  Uur ol
raising tin c mgregntion of St, Andrew
there lo the status ol nn augmented
,  Dfcregation.
Mrs. Phillips, who was lost in the
mountains on Gribble Island, British
Columbia, was without food I-"* hour.*,
chas.-i by bears and wildcats, and
rescued only in time t save her from
II,!:' a million acres ol land in tin-
Edmoi loi Iricl ha* just lieen pur-
cl .,-"1 In in the 0. I*. 11 hy a company with ii capitalisation of if'2,500,-
000, represi ted b) Cecil Wardol U>n-
don, Engl u d
The medals lor the ride shooting,
and a!-- the medal presented by Lieut.
llr- -an to ti., Interior Rille ',-.- cia-
tiou, havi arrived and will prove very
handsome dec rations I r the winners
of thes,  :   ;   ■ -
Tin->'"••:■ Sc itia Provincial eh lions
resulted in the return ol thi G n
ment. but the Opiiosition will nuiubei
six instead ol two, .- Is t, re. Two
members ol the Government, Messrs
Wickwir.- and Patten m, were beaten,
C. J. Wilkes and J. McKei sick have
invented an ingenious devici I i
syphoning out., ship, i lc, without the
ise ol iteam, and llr. Wilkes goes to
Vancouvei to cumpli *■ the neci ssary
plans a.-.-i pa] ■ -- :' ir palenting thi
The curlers have scoured from tho
Revelstoke Land Cunipany six lots
liehiiul McKenzie Avenue und intend
erecting a rink to l»- ready in time fur
next seusiin's play, I'lnns nre being
propi!red and the buililing will 1"- pill
in hand ul un curly date.
(in the supplementary estimates
appear grants [or Nelson public building, improvement, $1,400 Removal
of sua is, etc., between kooloiiny Lauding nnd me International Boundary,
$2,000. South Thumps: "ivor, removal ol sand and gravel burs, $5,000,
The great Scottish ontertitinars und
siugeis, Miss Nannie Strnchnn and
Gtivin Spi nee nre appearing hero July
-III-, under thu auspices ,,i the Rovelstoko fire Brigade. This is oneol Ilu
really good concerts we will have this
yenr anil also being un or the patronage ol ilu- Fire Brigado, every person
sin,nl.I make un oll'oi'l lo buhl this
i-ii'iii- g open for them,
A Winnipeg despatch suys: "Winnipeg will take every strawboiry British Columbia can send, as ibe demand
jirell rfCil over every strawberry except
Hood Rivers. Iltilish Columbia fruit
growers should co-operate an I secure a
regular fruit ear service. In this way
shipments would come forward more
regularly and io a more uniform condition."
The secretary of the Alpine Club ol
Canada has received for active mem ■
bcrship llio name of Mi.-s Henrietta
L. Tumi of Surrey, Eng. The ipialili-
i-ntions of MissTuzo, bespeaking Ibe
liardv mountaineer, are : Ascent in
Canadian Rockies ,,l Mounts Victoria,
I!,,nnil-, Rogers, Swiss I'e.iks, Sir
Donald, a'l over 10,000 leet, and some
„ver 11,000 leet. MissTuzo has al*,,
reached nn altitude nl over 12,000 feel
in the Swiss Alp.-.
George Laurie was attacked at Mor-
risHoy hj a bald beaded t agle «Inch
kuteketl him tn the ground, Attempting lo rise lo bis feet lie was again
knocked down. Fortunately tnere
was u good-sized slick within reach nf
where In lell, and giasplng il. and
jumping io his (eel Mr. Laurie started
along th" line ol an energetic defence.
The eagle was game, however, and
notv, ilistaiiiling the fierce work Mr,
Laurie did with his club, returned In
the attack again and again, and Mr.
Laurie was forced to benl a retreat
until he reached a p iini where the
sagle dropped the fight and withdrew
from tb" field.
Mas Laura Phipps, of Revelstoke,
ia tin gu est of Mrs. MoKeown, 13th
incline, west, Vnnciuivcr.
Fred. I'-rnsi-r, gold commissioner,
returned Thursday Irom nn inspection
trip of llie I'ingsli.n Creek road.
Messrs. S. 11. Bowman and 0. Johnston arrived ill the city this week in
connection with their lumber interests
Mr. and Mrs. Wilkes arrived this
week from Conutplix and intond visit,
ing friends at 'trail, after which they
will go lo Vuneo'ivor,
I Constable Upper und 11. Manning
wont on a fishing expedition lu Kbit
I Creek ycstoi'day. M r. Uppor tuuk 1.5
line trout, and Mr. Manning adds u
go-„l lish story io bis basket.
(lu Monday evening Dr, and Mrs
.Morrison entertained aboul 20 young
people ill honor ol Miss Ue ver, on her
iouving Rovelstoke. Ihe evening wns
spent nt crookinole, music und curds
Mr. uud Mrs. Sharpe, of Albert
Canyon, returned this morning from
a months holiday. Most ot the cons
cities were visited and nolwitlistand
ing lho wet weather tbey had a splendid
The "At Home" given by the Ladies'
Auxiliary in the Associiition building
wns a very happy affair, The attendance was large and reprcisntativc.
The following contest was watched
with keen interest and good plays wen'
applauded, Alter the contest was
over Ilu ladies look u hnnd at bowling
uml made spares and strikes uud big
scores ton, It need not bo told that
the refreshments were delicious, blithe housewives of Revelstoke nre
billions cooks. They sold theni nil so
Ihe Indies were quite delighted with
the success of the event.
On   Thursduy  evening  a   farewell
ibe occasion ol her leaving Revlsloke,
and was held nl, Mrs. A. N. Smith's.
A purse ,,f gold wus presented to Miss
Devor by her admirers. IV. Bews made
the presentation ou In-half ot ihe donors nnd in doing so -nid those present
wished in show (heir desire to pail
with hor with feelings ol kindness.
lln- choir bad during Miss Devi r's
leadership, been iu better condition,
and has supplied better music, than
ill any time during his residence in
Rovelstoko, and ho felt justilied in
saying sn
Business Locals.
Social and Personal
Tht- I,
We   kII-
I,, try at
of the Special
ie wish our
ibi-ii  leisure,
i'i, am i- tin- purest
how I,- make, while
■-'. A. Mundy was in the ,'ily ■"■
Tl   rsday
Miss 11: -! li fl ' the easl this
ii. i-i.i-._
IV. Morel p and familj left for the
, -,-•  I;     sda
I'r. Ce.-- i- taking Dr Taylor -
practice nl Goldi n for ii reek
A V. Anderson ,-i Rcvolstoki li is
been app ,inted s Notary I'ublio.
Mr. uml Mrs. I. Mei Iini is returned
Irom their honeymoon trip Thursday,
Cbiel lino i- a .i.ii on ,t thrci .-.,tek
ilida. and Consl.ab ,- rlturdy Isaotii -
as cbiel
Missi - Mm.di ai„l McRae lell this
morning mi n isil tu Mrs Dudgeon
nl Comaplix,
Judge Curtis returned  ll cdnesday
from .VI .md lull. Ibis morning lur
llis home al Calumet, Mich,
Nothing: bettor than   " Our Special.
Carpels and squares at Howsou's.
II.i' oks, any   price, nt Canada
Drug it Hook Co -
i (ranges, lemons, bananas and strawberries a: C, li. Hume k Co's.
Pleases evory smoker the " Marca
See Howton's i m - *■ it cl i
Souvenir post cards and n      tain
views at t ni a,11 Drug Si  -
Sec tin   ne ue rtment ol furniture
a'   Hi,
I1" nol ' irgel to sei • » me Multiple! st {cards at Bews's Drug Store.
- -'---it, tor—tbe    ' mattrasB
ninde—at Hows   .
'in and alter July 1st, Wall I hung
vil supply slrawberries al J2.60 per
Japanese napkins Irom 36c, to 76o.
per hundred il Che ''.inula Drug
Call and gel i dozen Sauce Dishes
for l-„- This bargain closes today—
0. B. Hume !
Miss    N ,linn-    Mra,-ban   a   regular
Ii - Mii.iiii-'iiiiii, in t ipera House
July Id.   Don'l miss it.
A shipment of McLaren's Imperial,
English Still tnd Llmburger cheese
ii -   , ul ('. li liuni, j Co's,
Tl,,- Camera fiends gel ivhal they
aiini whon tbey call at l!"ivs' Drug
-ior,, chemicals, lilms, developers,
plates, etc
Tin- nun wild tries to gel too much
for bis money invariably gets too
little We give the biggest |»sssble
viilin - for any given price—Knight
and Dovino, tho tailors.
\ quiet wedding look placo at tin
Mi,n*u   nil   Widiies Uy   evening, the
•oiitinciiiig parties being Mr-. L. An-
lerst'ii nml Mr. M. A. MoMII inn both
,(Ihis place, Miss Field, tbe teacher,
iteted ns hiiilesmiiid and ,1 Gordon
Kruzer, druggisl, was best man. Tho
corouiiiiiy was perform, d by Rev. ,1.
II. Miller, luinieilialely lifler tbe
ceremony was performed Mr und Mrs,
McMillan led by tho evening train lor
the ciinat. Holh parties ure well nnd
popularly known in Field and Ihe best
wishes of the entire community are
with Ihem iu llieir new relationship,
Ou Thursday night of last week
trainmaster Carey wus taken with a
very painful sickness. On Salurday he
was lemuved to the Banff Sanitarium.
On Sunday morning his case had become so critical that bis lamiiy were
sent Inr. Wc nre glad to leiirn however Hint he is greatly improved and
wo hope to see him entirely well and
ut his post again before lung.
The Ladies' Aid Society ol St.
Stephen's Church purpose giving a
strawberry sncinl on Wednesday evening of next week.
Airs. Lynes and her Bister, Miss McDonald, have returned Irom Shuswap
where they have been visiting for the
pnst couple of months.
Mrs. Howard Mcltae has returned
from her visit with her parents at
Mr. nud Mrs. Longhead, ol Vancou
ver, have spent a lew days with Mr.
and Mrs. W..A. Clnrk. They lelt fnr
Vanoouver on Monday evening.
J. A. Patterson, conductor, and ins
crew have gone over to work between
Laggan nmi Hector. Trallic has not,
(cr a long time, been su nearly tied up
on account, of the rush us it is just at
(I'lmii Out- Oivn (*iirroH|io!i(lont).
K. Burnet, P. L. S., bus rented
olliee adjoining Mrs. Thus. Abriel.
Mrs. F. Wensley is visiting friends
nt Burton.
Mrs. It. Stevens and Mrs. I). .1. Mc
Ewen, of Burton, spent a few days in
During a terrific gale on Monday,
Messrs. Bulger nnd Anthony's steam
buincl), Ihe Mincwn, which was tied
up beside a hnrgc at the ship yard
was swamped and went to the bottom
She wus sunn raised again and as
Engineer Anthony says she is a sub-
murine, she is none the worse lor her
trip tu the bottom.
Although the smoke of the recent
lire has nut yet cleared away und the
future ot Nakusp luuks rather  blue.
your  correspondent  leels   confident
that within a year another mill
be built on a much larger  scale nnd
equipped with modern machinery lor
we have here one nl  the   linest   mill
sites ill B, 0,, and also  large timber
. . ..„.. , ...... ....  ,.,._.
ol ii short trip down  Iho  lake  nnd
culled nt Ihe ranch ol   Messrs    D.-uke
Brothers,  two   hustling    Americans
who have taken up a ranch here this
spring       I wus surprised nt the work
Ihey hnve accomplished,    They have
erected a fine house,   hnrn  ami   tool
It,Mi-,-,   also   have  n stump puller nt,
work, and I can lately say thai within
n few yeurs they will have a line ranch.
We al-,, called ut the ranch of Mr. L.
Borgat, and his wavering fields of grain
nnd clover, and orchard of fine fruit
trees, reminded me of nu eastern farm.
It issin-li men as these whom we want
ou the ranches alnng the Arrow Lukes.
Is our lime was limited we did  not
visit   nny   other  places but expect to
some Iini,- during the   summer,   and
will give you  n  description  ol our
H. A. Brown Wins Suit Against
Ai the County Court, on Wednes-
re .lodge Form, II. A. Brown
i-i- of tin- curling chili for
$82 rent of rink for last season's play.
. tits, ■ tended pltff. had closed the
rink on 28th Feb., Iielore end of season
and kept it closed during March although tin: weather wns then favorable
Inr curling. Pltff, stated he hnd kept.
the rink open to the curlers during
the usual "season.' and the ense re-
■olved itsell into a difference of opin-
ion n- to what constituted the "curling
season I M Scott appeared for
pltff and ii 8 McCarter lor defts.
Judgment was given lor pltff. $58 and
W. Pulsifer, who was committed lor
thefl ol harness fr-,m W, Fleming.
plead -1 guilty and elected lor speedy
trial.     II" was  ri-iiti-ni-.i-il t,, 80 .Lays'
imprison merit,   J, M. Boot! appeared
for   accused, and   asked  the Court to
deal leniently with the prisoner.
Several chamber applications were
heard nnd disposed   ,1
We have lots of New Corsets on the way and have to nuke room (or them.
To do this wc must close out tlie present stoek do so we put thc whole lot of
" E. T. CORSETS " on sale at one price
sold at $1.50 and
In this lot you will find every size from 18 to 30.     Some
$2.00 and some were less, but they are all the one price now.
Is a line to which we pay particular attention. We know good Hosiery, and
we will not keep a poor quality, „np matter how cheap it may be offered us. Our
variety is large and the colors are fast—they arc Hcrmsdorf Dyed -you know what
that means—thc very best.
COTTON HOSE   200.   150.   300. Per Pair. LISLE HOSE   400.   450.   500.   600. Per Pair
LACE H08E   45c 50o. 60o. 75c Per Pair. EMBROIDERIED H08E   ISO.  500.   760. 11.00.
Made by the best firms in Canade - cut in a style that always has the proper
" hang " and made of materials that wear long and look well and sold at prices from
$5.00 up.
Your choice of any in this Store at $i.oo.
We invite you to call nnd see our stock.    We are pleased tn show il tu you.    Vuu will
not lie urged to buy, und If you do and are not tuttislied, ynu can get yum money back.
Mclennan & company
pnnif iwifiitniiwifw «*vfiwffffififffff|i9||f| v
J' ,-lOKSALk- Two-Story dwelling nnd
*• hit, 50 x KHI feel, c(.rner Dnuglas
and Hansim Streets. Price$550. For
terms apply Siim.u.i) A: Field,    3D
WANTED for Office-Stenographer
and   typewriter, ..Apply slat
ing experielie
" A. B." Mail
and qualifications to
IlKltAI.1) Office.
WANTED  in Purchase'—A good
office sale.   Send particulars to
Maii.IIkiiai.1i Office.
OOMS   TO   RENT* -Mail   Herald
building.   Apply In ll. Tupping.
iiolt SALE Complete set of Stem
J' Wheel Machinery und Boiler
suitable for heavy wnrk. Particulars
-Apply lo II. A.'.Iiinkh, 107 Cnrdova
Street, Vancouver, B.C.
rtOR SALE-Fniir-Koome'd Cetlage
J**-   furnished, 1 Incubatoi included
in Inn-gain.
c P R Kin,
Five minutes' walk from
A   **l„,l|l      KlMi'ini   &
Dressmaking & Plain Sewing
Cor. King and Douglas Sts.
Deer lleiiils. Animals, lllnli, l-'i-li. Klc,,
, Animals, Itinls,
Animal Huns Mounted,
stuiliu: ol'I'ilsITK 1'
II. 0.
Strawberry and Ice Cream
Monday, July 2,1906
Arrowhead, Trout Lake and Nakusp Rural School Districts
Revelstoke Assessment Distriot
riUKK NOTICE that 1 blmtl 'hold a Court of
1 Iti:vii*inn lind Appeal under tlm "Public
School Anl, Mm" for the Arrowhead, Trout
Lake and Nakusp Kural School I Ms-rids, un
Wednesday, the Isth day of July, I1HNI, at thi-
hourof two o'clock In tho afternoon, ut tho
School House. Arrowhead.
Dated at He vol stoke, this I.'illi day of June,
Judge of I In-Court of Itevision and Appeal
Revelstoke Assetwment District of West,
NOTICK is hereby glvc-i thnt thirty iliiyn
ilute we Intond lo njiply to the Chief
Commissioner oj* Limits und Works Ior n
special liennsc In cut unit earry nwny Umber
from the following described lands, sll unle in
tin- Osoyoos llirlsion of Yulo District:-
(loninienelnK nt nposl mnrked "Sam Hill's
north west corner post." planted on the south
bank of the norlh fork nl Cherry Creek, nnd
ubout oi ille ilium, the furls of the north
fork, running east su chnlns, thence south Sll
chnlns, thence wus, su ehains, thence north Sll
eliuiiis Ui puint nf i-iiinmenecmcnt,
lliiti-,1 .\l,ti iiniii, |,.«,l.
Commencing nt n post marked "D. Woolsey's
north eust corner post," plnuled on thn south
bank of Cherry (Irealr. iibiiut three miles abovo
Uie forts of the north fork of Cherry Creek,
running west 811 chains, soulh Sll chains, east Sll
ehaliii, north su ehains to point of eornmonco-
Dated May Lllth. IM.
Commencing nl u post, marked "A. MeCrea's
north west corner post," planted on tho south
bank of the norlh fork of Cherry Creek, and
about three miles above llie forki of tho north
fork, running east 811 chains, south Sll chains,
west SU ohains, north Sll chains lo point of
Dated May'lSth, 1*1(1.1.
i * A. McCltKA.
Girl for Dining Room.  Apply
to Hotel Revelstoke, Oity.
No. 5 Company, R. M. R.
Inspection of thn above Company
day, June 25th, at 7.IK) p.m.
taken place in the Drill Hall on
All arms and accoutrements iu your
possession must, he returned to the
Armoury thoroughly cleaned, nut
later than Thiusilny, June 2lsl, nt 8
p, in.   Drill every evening,
Kevelstoke, 11. C.,,lime, llllll, IIKXI.
the Fruit
a im,
an  added
Di'int,mm and stationer,
III,. 11,1111,. l.l.,
Positively We Are Not Knockers
Where did you gel ih.*u Idea ?
Wanl to hear real knocking? "OLD HIT HIM A LICK"
down the street works overtime at it advertising us.
Tol   96 GOOD   GOODS
cijtiirs,       Tobaccos.      Confectioners
V O Box 44
Ice (.renin Sodas.
At a special meeting ol Court Mt
Bcgbii. No 3461, held on luno 17th,
il .ia- resolved thai "The Rov, C,
II. M Sutherland be heartily con-
■I itulated upon the beautiful and
al-l, ■„ n,,,„i which he preached to the
Indenondeni  Order ol  foresters, on
Sunday .linn- 17th  al*,, thai a hearty
vote of i banks be tendered (or the
hospitable way in -.'.Inch he received
Court Mt.JHegbie"
K. in  e.
Representatives ol   Hold    Rango
Lodge went to Arrowhead last night
to inaugurate « new lodj<c there.
('.  IV,  11.   W,
The local Woodmen will probably
visit the V, innii lodgo on Dominion
Dny celebration,
Prescriptions that nre right—We
iill prosoriplions "tho only way"—the
right way—lien-s' Drug Htnre.
Meeting re Fruit Growing.
i iimmiim -Mi i,,. hold iu Rovelstoko on
Im-sUny July Mth, In VVMIIh J. Armstrong"!
(irt-liHnl, hi-;:>t |,,,n,,,oi,| will l,„ l,y
Mr. II Klppol I'liillitiiii'lt , I'hoiuiiK '
Criming,  mul Mr. W..I. Iirsmlrllh nn   .i|,rny
lllg," ami   nt tin- Illy llllll nl 7-:«l ...111 , when
iln,-   a   Brydon, „l Vlolorla, willSHntk
"Planting and Pruning,'1 Mr. .I.e. Moleslli
ii    -innii fruits," Mr Maxwell
i,,n Fruii luipoetor, „n "Orchard
Mr. Henry
"■ 1-1,0,1."
J. R. Thornton
For City of Revelstoke.
For toilet water, Florida water nnd
powders, The Canada Drug Co. keep a
large assortment.
Have you tried "Peanut Butter"
especially recommended Ior picnics
and luncheons, fnr sale at C. II. Hume
Arrowhead;, B. C.
Qliarmliigly situated on the shores
of Arrow Ijiikc,
Good Trout Fishing.
limits always for lure.
Sample Idioms in connection,
First-class bouse for Tourists anil
Coininei'clnl men.
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
,1. Henderson, having purchased
the business ul J. II. Smith, will
give prompt service.
lias Special Attention    ,
fl I It Al I a  "      -   *   '
|HM||i|   j
IjeaVe Order* sir) lawreube's. Hard
ware "Store or Central Hotel Front
it. TA1TINU has secured the right-nf-
frnuchisti us Hill Poster fur the Canadian aud
American Bill Posters Association In the City
of Revelstoke, and bnvlng the bill boards, ht
is now preimred to do all kinds ol adrertlsing
on the same
For Sale or Rent
('niiliiiliiiuilalliirns, alntit tliree..|llarters ami-
App)y tn K. TAPPINU, Revelitoke.
ed  with Tflnothy.    .,	
House nud ntithtulilliiKH In
Suitable for fruit growing.
„   ,        -.g« 111 gnnd condition, situate
ntt.rnlgellnclile, a few |milca west of Revelitoke
ll„t, n
Smith, In
I    llllMll
on   Varlelli
Klpp, ol I'liillliini-k
W..I. Ill mi- llllll
I'.i-auttfylliK lie- lliiine,"
"(Ion save iur KiNu."
i nuviioN,     w. j. ii it nnil
I'reald, nl
Something Pure
II you nre looking lor Pure
Honey ive have juet opened up
a consignment ol   Ontario
in I Ib. Imxcs, or in ,ri Ib/cans
"(luiiriinteeil Pure."
Our Ca'niu-iUlnods are second
to mini-, nnd more than that
wc "lliiaruiitee every Can."
YESTERDAY Jennie and 1 hnd
*    inert' fun thun I enn tel] ymi
joining in tbe wheelbarrow rnee with
tin' Snyder nnd Gregory children.
Jennie is ;i trump. For, while
we were going liekity-split down tho
hill, wlmt do you think-! Why, she
spilt out! But she didn't cry u
Instead of that, sho picked her-      Tomorrow we're going  to  hnve
self up quick before any one could some more wheelbarrow racing.   It
help her, nnd scrnmbled back into is jolly fun, I tell you.   The only
the wheelbarrow—she didn't even thing I don't like about it is having
lose her dolly.   And then I ran on to push the wheelbarrow up to the
as fast as I could go, nnd we won top (if tho hill agnin each time. But
the rnee. sn we did. Don't you think it  isn't .so hnd, nfter  nil, for, of
Jennie's n trump? oourso, Jennie walks up.
JAMES and Jerry nre Ingenious boys.
They g-.*t up the greatest doings!
Thi' neighbors are always asking
eaoh other: "Well, what will those
boys be doing next?"
Om1 of tin1 latest contrivances they devised was 'The Roaring Dragon." Ymi
should have seen it:   it worked to .a
aboul it to devise their
Roaring Dragon. First, they
constructed a frame of light
wood, a couplo ot leather
straps, some stout twino
and a bcdsprlng.
Thru the akin thoy con-
Btructeil oul of cheap mus-
rharm. The first tho neighbors knew of
It wu> when they looUeil out of their
windows (iirly one morning and saw, lo
their amnzement, a huge dragon crawling slowly nlong on tlio front pavement.
of course, they wero not fouled, it
took ilii-in omy a moment to guess that
this was James and Jerry's latest stunt.
But Ihey were really filled with admiration, for boys who could do that stunt
were clever boys, to say the least.
The pictures show how the boys went
lln, with dark painted stripes laid
over a support mado of cardboard.
The top of tin- cardboard support was
cut Into a saw-tooth edge and painted
black, with tips of whito. The entire
edge of tho muslin on each side up to
the beginning of the tail was fringed.
The frame for the bead and mouth
and horn was also made out of heavy
cardboard and a stick and attached io
the rest of the dragon framework. You
can sec how, by means of a cord run
through the slick and the jaws, iho latter can be made to open and close.
By cutting a saw-tooth edge, teeth
were easily represented, Black paint
soon brought out ferocious-looking eyeB
and nostrils and outlined the huge
mouth. A heavy fringe of muslin finished the lower jaw.
The two boys got inside the framework; and while the forward one operated the jaws and did the roaring
(through a megaphone), tho one in the
rear did the wriggling act.
A Hard Road to Travel
Teacher—What Is thc meaning of
Tommy—A turning point.
Teacher—Correct; now write a sentence containing the word.
After somo hesitation Tommy wrote;
"Thoy ciime to a crisis in tlie road."
A Natural Inference
Why He Knew
Golden Egg Susan
Ben Mu
OTHER," sail,
son, when In
from Sunday school,
"Miss Smith told us
boys t li e pltlfulesl
Story today.    She  Weill
to boo an old woman
and her old husband
thut she bad heard of,
and found them sitting
hand iu hnnd-oh! so
poor, and n I in o a t
sturvcd!-ln a Utile bit
of nn attic room; anil
be well off, but their
and they hnd bail luck
nnl now they
used   to
ds all died.
got old and feeble
Id be dead  If the  nelghb
animals—cuts, rats, eic.-be stopped up
every hole and every en-vice thnt ho
could lind anywhere,
"Good, Ben!' saiti t*,ls father, -when
ho reported lb. si- precautions that
nighl; "It's good business sense you
are showing. See If Susan dues not repay your cure by laying golden eggs for
"Golden eggs?" repealed Ben, "Why,
dad, hens don i lav unld eggs!"
"Mu, hol" laughed limit his father nnd
mother, much amused nt Bon's dead
earnestness and llternlnoss.
"In other words, my boy, Susan, if
she Is a grateful mother, will reward
you for your pains by raising a good,
nonlthy family of spring chickens and
fill    v
ORE thi n om boj lms been In-
qu ring for plans to mako a land
sailboat. So Poll) Evans pro-
good plans tod iy.
land sailboutlng, you musl have
il ptroteh "i road, boys; don't for-
hot.    li   |s  ii mgerous  Bport   for
•il  streets.
'■un h im almost n* many differ-
nrletles of ihe land sailboat as
are varieties of the water boats,
holt io fasten the top of the truck to
thi i nd of the wagon bed.
Make the truck wide enough so that
either wheel may be swung clear around
.■ di r tl" wagon bed in obedlem e to
vo ir guiding hand.
1 in seat yourself on the hind end
of ihe wagon bed when sailing, as
shown In the Illustration, but a much
better way Ib to construct an "outrigger," consisting of a board attached by
fniKs themselves—didn't give theni a little to eat now and then."
"Dear, dear!" murmured Mrs. Mason,
with a look of deep interest and sympathy, "what does Miss Smlih propose
to do to help them?"
"Why, she fays some ladles have
talked with her, and thoy want to raise
$iHHi to pay for a i*oom In thnt uld
Folks Home at Darlelgh, you know.
If they can do that, then the old man
and woman will be happy and comfortable the rest of their lives. And .Miss
Smith told them she would ask her
Sunday school boys to raise (50. There
aro ten of us—that makes J5 for each
boy to raise."
"Hm! That is a large sum. Did you
"Yes; but I'm blessed if I know just
how I'm going to raise my (f>, for Miss
Smith asked us to earn our money, She
says money we've worked to earn will
be real giving."
"And she Is quite right, Ben."
"But how to go aboul It?"
"Have you any money?"
"Yes, a little in my savings bank."
Ben ran to the library for the bank,
and, emptying the contents, counted 5
cents. 15, 65. $1.05 In ull.
"Well, think It over. Ben, and ask
father's advice tonight."
Father's advice was to raise chickens
and eggs.
"For, Ben, that is an Investment
that you can realize- on in four
months' time. But it requires dally
and religiously careful attention. You
must keep out dogs, cats, rats and
"I'll do It, dad," cried Ben, enthusiastically.
The following day he came home
wilh the announcement that .Mrs.
Williams, down by the creek, would
sell liiin a Plymouth Mock cock and
selling hen for $1.50.
"If In good condition, they are not
expensive at that price, said Mr. -Mason,
So, with it loan of forty-live cents
from his father to add to his own
money, Ben made the purchase, and
installed the fowls In tho unused stable, with tho barnyard to scratch
around in.
On scraps from
thc table and a
dally handful of
tine corn and plenty
of fresh drinking
water, Caesar and
S u s a n, as Ben
named them, thrived
at a rate to make
the boy's heart
swell wilh pride.
Two weeks of brooding qulot! Then
one morning Susan's subdued "Cluck-
cluck!" was heard, and Ben, rushing
to her side, hoard n faint "Peep,
peep," which meant the early emergence of fifteen little chicks, if all
the eggs proved productive.
Sure enough, by noontime, thirteen
-—not 11 ft ecu—Huffy yellow chickens
had made their appearance and
struck wondering acquaintance with
the barnyard world.
All day Ben hovered around his
precious possessions, admiring them
and Inviting in tin- neighbor boys to
admire them.
"Better nail an extra board in the
corner of your yard yonder," advised
Jim Bales. "Sec our dog peeping In?
He won't do a thing to those chicks
if he gets at them!
"Whew!" whistled Ben. "I'll do that
right away," which Iio did forthwith.
Then, for fear of smaller predatory
laying an egg every day for you; and
you can convert her chickens and eggs
Into money. So, In lhat sense, It would
not be improper, [ hope, to call hor
Golden-egg Susan."
Next day Ben enme In with a long
face, a half-dead chicken in his hands.
"Forgot 'n lelt the gate open. Jim's
dog got in 'n nearly killed thc poor lillle
thing before 1 could drive him out!" ho
explained, half in tears.
"lib, the poor, little thing!" sympathized mother. "But perhaps good nursing will save It, Let me see—ah! there
arc no broken bones! Yes, It muy recover."
And su it did. thanks to a nice, soft
nest in a basket close to the kitchen
lire nnd a healing application of warm
vaseline to lis wounds.
After that no further dreadful accidents occurred, Ben having learned
the lesson of caution. In a few days
Susan graciously signified hei willingness to contribute a dally egg to
Ben's necunuiluUng treasure.
■■Bless   her   glz-
"I'liwii- ', , ■ I -.I   1 wird, she's proving
lWr\ll' i 'J&\   herself,   indeed,   a
' M « JtZXi golden-egg Susan!"
reported Ben joyfully at the supper
Surely, no boy
over had n hot ior
behaved ben than
Susan. She was as
n liable a hen as ever lived, faithfully
mothering the chickens, and never
forgetting to lay a nice, large egg in
But wc will consider only one kind today, if you are clever, you can devise
some other forms out of your own
Figure ] shows the lied of vour wagon,
which is made of two pieces of board,
one Hvr or six feel long nnd six Inches
wide, the ulher two feci long and eight
fnehes wide. Each should be at least an
Inch thick.
Fasten thi shorter board across the
longer board ut right angles.
Figure - shows the forward truck, Remember that the trucks are an Important do careful work on them.
The two forward wheels til in at either
end uf the forward truck.   Use a strong
means of a bolt to the hind end of the
wagon bed nd provided with a wheel of
its own, swinging perfectly char on a
Thus, you see, you ■• your outrigger,
with Its Independenl wh ■! can swing
around either one side oi tin other behind j' ir wagon and manipulati a i-i ry
large sail without danger of tipping
your land boat Dver. 'You must always
keei the outrigger towards the wind.)
The w igon bed needs
only one hind wheel,
if you have the BUggeste 1
outrlggi r. * itherwlse, of
course, it must have
two. Figure ?. sh ws
bow to put in this I Ind
wheel     Use a  boll   for
the   axle,    if   it    Is   the
same   Size   as   lie-   out-
7=7-5 o> rigger   who!,   you   will
lind    your    rear    truck
i ister   to   make.
Fig ire i shows how to
ci nsti'uct the "step"' for
yo r mast. Make it very
strong and fasten to the forward part
ol tin wagon bed. Make your sail out
of strong ci Hon cloth, any size you desire.
ll madi light and smooth-run ning, this
land sailboat will beat the fastest run-
I Ing     !'   :-  snort,   without  doubt.
nest provided by her young mus
In due course of time the thirteen
chickens grew to the spring-broiler
stage, and ten of theni went to Mr.
Bates' grocery at 70 cents apiece.
"Seven dollars!" proudly announced
Ben, jingling tin- silver coins in his
Add to that the eight dozen eggs
that Susan lunl laid—
And drawing a soiled memorandum
slip from liis pocket, Ben road oft' ihe
entries aloud;
One diizr-n cpRs told to Mr. Botes... 25c.
One dozen eggs sold to Mr. Hates    ""
Om- dozen vggs sold to Mr, Baton
Onu dozen eggs suid to Mr. Bates
Ono dozen eggs m-iii io Mr. Bates
Ono dozen eggs mild to Mr. Bates
One dozen eggs sold to Mr. Bates
One dozen eggs sold to Mr. Bates
Total, eight dozen 11.8314
"So you have made, all told-?" asked
his mother.
"All told-eight dollars, eighty-three
and a half cents;" ulild Ben," and when
I've returned in dad the i.j cents I borrowed from him and deducted my original Investment of the dollar fnnn my
savings bank, I have made a net profit
of seven dollars, thirty-eight and a half
cents—over two dollars more than I
promised to give,  Hurrah! oh, mother!
Won't .Miss Smith open hor eyes when I
hand In seven shining silver dollars!"
"Seven! Are vou going to glvo seven,
"Sure, I nm! Whin else did Susan
earn ihe money for?"
That night it was a very happy boy
who sang the praises nf Golden-egg Susan In the ears of his father; and tho
mxl Sunday It was a very much surprised and pleased Sunday school teacher who heard the story und received the
evldeii f whal Golden-egg Susan bud
contributed through Ben Mason lo the
happiness of two old people!
"Grandpa," said o Hit
seated on his kn
maid   whil-■      Teacher-What bird it that Noah
Bent out of the ark?
OF COURSE you boys and giri»
are familiar with uiuny uf tin-
signs   used   in   wriliiig   musical
But have you evi r discovered lhat
theso signs can bo usod for nnolher
purpose besides writing musl
Known by thc Brand
The littlo gll'l had been sewing and
lost hor needle. A shorl timo afterward
her uur her found one, and, upon suing
It, ibe lutic girl cried;
"That's my needle; 1 know ll'a mine,
'cnii.-e it lias i lode In it."-I.IU1e
Chronicle. on  hlq krtPfl                                 * *-"t ""< "f tlie ark? XO#!^       PUrpOSO   besides   Wl'lllllg   ITlUSlC?
-v„,f, „..„,,,, , ,„; ,,„., i wis,, Ljmj S'-^vo. J? Vfl £! JS?'^W%rT
-ou would lell me! smallest boy In thi class Is the only one A, J    * I [','»','"!'    '"" """"' \"": "','" V" '"'",'
■Yes," su 1.1 the old mnn, solemnly, yet „ho could answer my question, flAlV        /       ,..',' """"""'Ik1'"'1 Plclm-M ol
with n twinkling eye, Billy—His father keeps a bird shop \Jf/\    //   5v ,,".,,'',,,,,., ,,„,
,„       ,      ,        ,„ ,,„  i.i,.,   oi,a j^    I      f      ,"u onn iim,-    o ly rn ny i fir   ,,,,n
•Hcmember, 1 was in the Arlt.     She ■——  (I    '    /. hl   un»  wny,  and  can   mnkc   your
gave a wondering cry- A  I an(J (). J'J,.ntv ^L|     /S Monda linppy by miggostlng llm Idea
'Were you Noah?" "Not Noah,   said ■' y   /S     lo them.
In-.    "Then   you,   pet-Imp",,   were One evening  my little brother sinned i ^r                                    ^_«^^_^        a
Hit,in-.' name th,- Hags of the different coun- Ar                  ^"^^^^^^^^^^^J
v„i Shem! Tln-n Ilam-nr J:i|,li,-t? lt tries,     Upon   coming to tb„  ll.ig of r                 ^fi    ^r^                  ~V
he.    "Then
,\„i ahem! Then Ham-or Japhet
iinil*! be ono >,( them!"
Th,' ,,1,1 limit shook his head nnd sntik-,1
Nut daunted In tha- Imst.
"Well,  I  ileclare!"  sh,- quickly cried
"you must hnve ln-e-n a beast!"
One • veiling  my little brother started
to name tht- tins'- of lit.- different '
tries     !'i„'i!    ,.'„niini(  to  Ihe  11.i„
Austria-Hungary,   which   he  had   not
leai ni '. th< roughly, he hesitated (in- a
m, mi nl and then exclaimi d:
"Oh.    ye«l    Ausfia    Eatl'—Little
L ft
Pretty model for shirtwaist 'of lawn or handker-
_.iief linen, It lias small tucks yoke depth and ajiox
pleat domi ihe front, edged with tiny frill of the''material. The sleeves are tucked to give deep cuff effect. Forty" of lumberjacks,
earlv work of Bret Hail
iiyi&sM ywi^^ r,;;"™"";TnT"
In 1 horpe, tin.- Landlooker,
Mr, White has. given to literature the most virile and picturesque types of the
i.   The fierce warfare of the rival lumber camps is tempered by an idyllic love story.
md his
since the
f k liiul Tiiii
ntinued From Last W,   , ,
One man said u     ...    . the goner-
iiiiiiniioii became tin, greater und the
inori.' sccrot.    In proporlion   ns   his
al discussion. It was bis first winter .:-. the woods, and plainly in tlw
ej-i - ■ ■ the veterans this experl n.-e
did not count. It was a latito de
micux, in which one would give an
hoi    t day's w, rk, an I a   in -
A* has been hinted, even tho Inex-
;. ..     ■: ::■■-.'.   mcr n ,ti    I the lack thus telegraphically notified
of  ■   thusiasm,  of unity.    I!.,,l     he  [cast,
la     n    the    loyaltj n, uml
u that a th n ughly eom-
peti: • man wins Ir m his ' hands,"
th I affairs t    .  I ll ive * aut
re * trprising,    Tho I" n-
ber-:    . will work     Ixte n   eighteen
i,  .     a day, somotlnios up   to   the
■       water lull    I Hooting Ico ;
round by a little
Bri next morning     will
spring t        :..m. i;... I I   with an
not tired ■    ittlo
!" ii . hi erl . rcplj to his
masi ..-.- ,—It r the rl| hi man'
tho tools on it, and took their way
to camp. In the blue ol tho winter's sky wns n single speck. Tin
The speck grew,   Soon it Bwooped. Thorpo lound himsell waist-deep   in to shut them In Irom expression. I-
Willi ii   hoarso   croak it lit on tho tho pitchy aromatic top of un   old i'uiluro In groat things wnuld  bring
snow ni n wary distance, and began  bull-sap, clipping nwny at tbe   pro- keener disappointment thun [ailuro in
to slrul back and forth.   Presently, )ecting branches.    Afler u lime   ho littlo.
:is suspicions at rest, the raven ail- hoard Paul's guy halloo. lie was getting jusl tho experience
vancod, nnd wilh eager beak   begun    "Timber!" camo the cry, and then and the knowlodge lie needed ;   hut
ils dreadful nienl.    liy this time an-  the swlsh-sh-sh,—crashl ol tbe tree's that   wus   nliout nil.     llis   wages
other, which had seen Iho lirst one's fall. were    twenty-live    dollars n month,
swoop, was in view through tho elli-     Thorpe knew that now either Hank which his van bill would reduce    lo
er; then another; then another,     In  or Tom must bo climbing with the the double englo.    Al. the end ol the
an hour Hi" brotherhood ot ravens, long measuring polo along tho pros- winter ho would huvo bui   a  little
was at  irate trunk, marking by menus    of over a hundred dollars to show   tor
shallow ax-clips where tho suw   w-us his season's work, and this    could
lo divide tho logs.   Then Tom shou- mean at must  only fifty dollars   foiled    something unintelligible.     The Helen.    But the future wns his.   lie
oilier   in-ii   Boomed   to understand, saw now more plainly whnt he  bad
however, for they dropped their work dimly perceived boloro, thnt for llie
ami nn) hastily in tho direction    of man who buys limber, and logs    it
ihe voice,   Thorpo, aftor a moment's well, a sure future is waiting.    And
Indecision, did the sumo,    lie nrriv- in this camp he was beginning     In
ed to lind n group ubout a prostrato learn Irom (ailuro tho conditions   of
iiiiiii.    The mnn wns Paul, success,
fright." assented Purily. rjeck (despondently)-"] said some
"Th' old    iiinn knows it hlmsolf, thing my wife didn'l   like uml    su,
agreed big Nolan; "did you see him basn't S|H(iit.„ ,„ „„, ,-„,. lwo ,|,1VS •
rammin' around yesterday askin'  us |,(,.|- (oag*orly)-"Can   von remom
if we lound her loo colli?    lle knows   |l0|. w]uu it „.ns VIH| sllj||*,..
iiiiiiiii well he ought nol lo kce|
iiinn out thut sort o' weather."
"You'd shiver like u dog ill
pulh on u warm day in Jul
i briar
" said
Jackson's   in-
lilll,-     worse
do !
Fabian Lavcquo elaborated ihe details of Hm catastrophe with volu-
■'Hi-,-'- not funny (hit she bro'ks
t'rough," In- said. "1 'nvo see dom
lirc'k t'n,ugh ino, t'reo Inm in do
day, inn novalro ilm she get drown:
hers hald—sacro dloul cot is so easy,
to ehok' da! cheval—she mako um
ry wil' de eye!"
"I suppose il was n go,i,l ileal my
fault," commented Railway, doubtfully slinking his head, after Lnveqin
i strom. man,-with  ha',j |of( tho olTlcc.   "I ought to have
s '" his   ii sunn- nl„„il Uie Ico,"
!      -  ■■.-  ::, trnlng  Ra Iway trims-
I   .   I XI ,lly and Jenny, wiih   littlo
1 ,,   •-.  I. ive ;.■   an I two    <•(    Ibo
mi.-,. to Pike I.ak-.     lh tre,
"Elghl Inches is a lillle light,
wiih so much sn,™- atop," remarked
lh- scaler carelessly,
By virtue of ihui samo careless remark, however, Radway was so con
a number    of w'on dose dam-fool can't rink   wit'
pin s had been felled oul on the me. finned iu Ins belief as to his   own
I M-   and !■■:'•   i:, expectation culpability thai  he quite overlooked
enough t-, bear llie lm- Fabian's inst contention—thai     th
in,-re thinness of the Ice wns in reality no excuse for th- losing of tho
horses. So Pat and Henrys were
not discharged—wpro nut Instructed
Io "get limit- lime." Fabian l.ave-
'eil this.
, iv ng to the fai'l ilmt
res    ol    Pike Lake wero cx-
, precipitous, II had been lin-
pos    ie to travoy tl,- logs up over
iv had sotti led carefully  Hie que promptly (Ionian
ss    ■ ti,c i .. With an ax.   Al-     "Sacro bleu!" said he lo old Jack-  Hon poise on the spring,
'    _    .... mm-mi had of I.,'- been sou.    "I  no work witi dot dam-fool lor days.   Then swiftly, silently
foi  th   tlm ■ ofyear, ,1a; no finis wil' hoes hald,"
This deprived llm camp at once o;
n teamster ninl it team.   When    you
refleel  'hnl  one pair of horses take;
care of th- exertions of a crew    ol
sawyers,    several    swampers,
three or four cant-hook  men.
will readily see whnt a serious
rangomenl    their   loss would cause.
And besides, the animals Ihomselvos
at-,, difficult to replace.    They    are
big strong liensts selected for     their
power, staying qualities, and intelli- dlont; and in tho next instant so
—nr- woi-ili anywhere from throe to absolutely beyond human control or
, . , six hundred dollars a pair. They direction, so whlrllngly contempai-
nutst be shipped in Irom a distance, oils of puny human effort, thut in
And, finally, they require n very cure- lime tho wilderness shrouds itself to
[ul and patient training boforo ihey our oyos in the sum,' imponotrablo
are of value In co-operating with tho mystery ns tho sen.
nicely adjusted efforts necessary to That evening the camp was unusu-
placo the sawlog whoro It belongs, ally qulot. Talllcr let his fiddle
Ready-trained horses an- never for hang. After supper Thorpe was up-
sale during the season. pronched    by    Purdy,  the reptilian
Radway  did his best.    He     took  rod-head wilh whom ho had had the
three days Lo search out a liig loom row some evenings before.
,,f   farm    In-rs-s.     Then it became
n -sat;,    to   find ii driver.    Afler
some deliberation he decided lo ml-
vance Boll SI ration to Hie post, that
"decker" having had more or less
experience Hit- year before,   Erickson,
w, as often happens, had fal-
•!..■ temperature.    Under
• .     arm white blanket, tho actual
;■    -.. _  ho I  been sli ;ht.    However,
.   :;. d io   be at least    eight
lear ice, which would suf-
6c ■
■;' thc . ---* in question woro
nd to !„.- half Imbedded     in    lho
it became noccssary   firs!    of
ill I    :'!■■■  -h-m.    Young Honeys eul
... strong  Imi- six or eight  feel lorn:.
Pal    McGuiro chopped a hole
i    girl    she -ets named after
uotlier, you bet,"
n separated.    In u moment  ideas increased, ho took greater pains nines contemn"'-mm
.,,..,.1       1-1 l-.artr.aaa1 t       n.A lal-    jl..j*.. ...        1..     ,-lan.       ll......      In     .**...,...     ..*.'I......... i . i.i 1.1.... ' ' -
"Slim up! snid Ihey. "You re
barn-boss. You don't hnve to l„- out
in th' cold."
This was true. So
lerveiition went lor it
thun nolliing.
"lt ain't Ink' ho hns mil tin'
sides," went on Baptlsto^ "lie
mnk' de cut iu the meedle of
"That's right," agreed Bob Strat-
ton, "they'll the wesl half of eight
ain't been cut yet."
So they sent u delegation to Radway.   Big Nolan wus lilt spokesman,
'•Boss,"    suid   he bluntly,  "she's
too cold to work on them plains today.   She's the coldest dny we hud."
Radway wus too old a hand nt tho
business lo make any promises    on
Ihe spill.
"I'll see, boys," snid lie.
_ CHAPTER IX. Wnon ,|u, breakfast was over   ihe
Thoy finished cutting on section crew were .set In making skiilwuys
sovontoon during Thorpe's second nml travoy roads on eight, 'litis
week, lt liei-tinie necessary to begin wns n precedent. Ill lime the work
on section foiirie-n. which lay two on the plains wns grumbltiigly done
miles to Ihe eust. In thut direction in uny weather. However, us lo
the character of Ihe country changed this Railway proved firm enough, lie
soinowhat, ■» wus u good lighter when he knew be
Tlm jiino there grew thicker on Iso- was being Imposed upon, A iiiiiii
luted "islnnils" of mil nmre than nil could never cheat or defy liiin openly
acre or so in extent,—Utile knolls without collecting a Utile war thnl
rising- Irom lh- level of a marsh, ln left him surprised nt llm Jobber's
J ordinary conditions nothing would belligerency, The doubtful cases.
have been ensicr Iiinn to have those on the subtle line of indecision,
ploughed roads across the frozen found him weak. He could be so
surface of this marsh. Tlm peculiar easily persuaded thnt he wus in llm
state of Ihe weather interposed tre- wrong. At times it even scouted thnt
mendous difficulties. be wns anxious to be proved nt, fault,
tercd the smoker of thc train, shak- so eager was ho to catch fairly the
The early purl of autumn hnd been jusl ice of lho other man's nttitude.
characterized by a heavy snow-fall He held his men Inexorably and firm-
Immediately after a scries of mild
dnys. A warm blanket of some
thickness thus overlnid the earth,
effectually preventing the freezing
over-present, j vvliicn subsequent, cold weather would
have caused. All the season Rutl-
wny had contended with this condition,    Even in the woods,   muddy
Tlm    following extract  from
obituary   rocontly   appeared in
rural paper,   H wus writ ten  by
child  of 111,'  ll, tseil;—"III spile
nll   lliiil    medical skill and loving
hnnils could do, she died wilhoul
per s ivct'Kiy.
A friend of iln- deceased, who cut
short a Canadian trip lo hurry back
to Washington for ihe purposo of
attending the last rites of his colleague, entorod Hie lute lawyer's
homo some minutes afler the beginning of thi' service.
'Whnt part of the service is this?"
he Inquired in a whisper of anothor
legal friend standing in Ihe crowded hallway,
"I've jusl  come myself," snid   the
a1 ulher. "lm!  I bellovo thoy'vo opomd
for the defense."
Tom Tit's Experiments
Two of the older woodsmen, kneeling, were conducting coolly a hasty
examination, At the front every
mnn is moro or less of u surgeon.
"Is he hurt badly?" asked Thorpe;
"what is il*.'"
"fto's dead," answered one of tho
other men soberly.
With the skill of ghastly practice
some of ihem wove a lil ter on which
Hm body wus placed. The path.tic
lit iie procession moved in the
solemn, Inscrutable forest.
When Hie live hnd fallen it hud
crashed through the top of another,
1,,;niiig suspended in llm branches o(
Ihe hitter a long heavy limb. A
slight breeze dislodged it. Henry
Paul was Impaled as by a javelin.
This is the chief of Ihe many perils
of the woods.    Like crouching pumas
lite instruments of n man's destruc-
tlm spring, somotlmes
nf vuu boys uud girls live
•nough ni bodies „f water
be able tu |iul III practice
what Tom TU talks in >>>i. ubout loilny.
When you rolled with Tom 'I'll thill
leso I,, ilirie-foiii-llis ,,( lho earths
urfaee is covered with waler, you will
,.and-i' willi lilm If ii Is imi nn- Hnl
iboul iln-,,- fourths of th- earth's won-
-is an- nut Hunting or concealed under
;i il greal expanse nf wuler.
!.,-i us experiment todny with an ur-
il-le by iii-aii-- nf whirl, w- limy lulu- a
i I-,-,, nil,, tit- great concealed I'.-iri nf
" nliirc'B Bloieh, us-., nml dlBCtiver sonic
nf Hi- curiosities Hunting iliere.
inn iioiini —lis ihls contrivance n
■ water telescope"—a very good word f-r
box wllh iincn enilH. If you are
enough m do n mile planing or
you might laner lln- bonrds „ff nt one
end su us ii. imike tlie box n Illll- smaller at uiu- uiu- peeping omll Ihon nl Ihe
,,itter .11..- submerged end).
Kit n piece of glass in to Hi- larger
end, lln-ii apply puny I" overs scam
ami crock uml end up by painting lln'
whole thing, for II musl lie wator-
tiglii.   li Is nuw ready for us-.
If   Vuu    would    Ilk.'  a    leleseupe  uf
iii-inl. us.- ilu siinp-il iu Hi- form of
a funnel, fr in-.-.- rn- lour i„ i-n or
twelve r—I lung, ns stills your wish,
all,-i- -ml amis. Tnek l-ail
end,  su  as  In
was thru I into Hie hole, lho
; go ng   h i n fastened to the other;
hold, a monster lever, who-. -
- .   .    . was the ico and whose pow-
.  ipp|   I by Holly, hitched   lo
nd of the chain.    In this situ-
tanni r ,-. task was accomplished
in minutes  which  would     have
■ ; izcn men an hour.    When
been cat-a-corm red from
■ l     the   chain    was fasten, il
end   i-..  in- ans of thc
■   ; swamp-hook, and il
nked a    iss the dray.     Thin
took    its careful way
i      ss the ice to where n dip in the
•     a -Midway.
logs    had  thus  bo -n safely
...   ...   0n its ; lurney
S iddenly   withu
and   *.':      ir ely a soui
horses sank through the It
. bi, : up aro tnd them   a
■ .-ks li   Irregular rott
;      .       I .-■'. ■      Fabian    Lnvoque
imp 'i down from h,s
'■'■',, tne Henrys
•J •       id broken tl
•  -.-, i.i h  the   i ■-
leap is mado.    ll is a (lunger    unavoidable,      lerribl,
Thorpo wns destined in time   I
men crush,al und mangled in n hund-
of red ingenious ways by the saw log,
und knocked    inlo    space and a violent
vou  death "by the hints of trees, ground
de-  lo powder in the mill of a jam,   but
never would he be more deeply   impressed  iiinn  by this ruthless silent
I taking of u life.    The forces of nature nre so tame, so .simple, so obe-
ly lo iheir work on llie indisputably
comfortable days; but guve in often
when uu able-bodied woodsman
should hnve seen in Ihe weather no
Inconvenience, even. As the days
slipped by, bow-ever, be tightened tho
reins, Christmas wns approaching,
An easy  mathematical  computation
Water.-telescope Ifade of tf°o<*
swamp nml spring-holes caused end- reduced   the question of completing
* he
I In rl,v
the   Swede,   whil- not  a star caul-
hook man. wus nevertheless sure ami
reliable.      Railway    placed him     in
,'.   si i >,- -n's pluce.    But now lie musl
j   find    n    swamper.    He remembered
i I Thorpe.
vere earning from twenty
tlollnrs a month. Thoy
hnd. mosl of them, never scon Hank
Paul before ihis autumn. II- had
noi. mainly because of his modosl
disposition, enjoyed nn extraordinary degree of pnpulnrllj. Y-t these
strangers -li-eri'iilh. as a matter   of
lived his first  course,
I  I"
art! Hi- ranks of skil
led  lain
-Id ,,f appl
or  llie
nccuro -..
,- a fnlm
he   had    so    intell
while  road-making,
stroke marred n saw I ig; and besides,
what    was   more lo his taste,    he
I  already seized  found himself near the actual scene
., .    .,,,|  ,,. ,, bold -,.    -   operation, al  the front,     a-     ll
ln,, Water.       -'■''■'•'    tie ''ml ";"1''1' l,:s *-",v   ''•'""
nt' -i
gave up ih- proceeds of a
hard work, ami thai wilhoul
ig ii„- slightest personal cred
- money was sen! "from the
Thorpe Inter read a heurt-
letli'i- of thanl-s to Hi- ,.,,-
Iieiiefnct, m I' touched him
in . li suspected Hi- ollvr
(tune 'in"' ion but by
time they had regained Hi-- In-
far a* il   had     I
■   .'     ■   m    .:■   he '.'"     I-,- ""' i'! '
I I    Po carried.
; the two m       -a.m. ul oxer-     '" his experience here he i le us,
tl     |      ,.      ,      .,.. o( Hi- same searching anal) I
„  , i-,.'. posi- ' -rvatlon thai had so quit
luiely no haste, him 'h" ""'"' "
maintained lor k"ew ll
.;      M   ly aid Jenny, '"
-   ■    eyes full oi mi - intelli-
situal on, r   tod onsilv
. . .        fideno       Bui  I'at ami
Henrys I    this s irl   -; "i:i---
■  {III  .   -:      a -i
:      iheiji i     affair    iml
.:;'-•    .: .:-..-
ny's  li adpli   ■
'.    ■ ■ ■   ; .i.      We can I
■        haul ihem iv    horses   on th
m .-.-"-.. i
.  I   ri
,        f Jenn
■ ■      aftei
' inblii
.   ■.     t fast
mare's n    .     Fabian
•he would
tld with i
.    .--.■'
■ • • ll-   kll'il
the  bii.    ,I
■   ■
s \ ■ ■, ing.     I le
,1 Mi- -1-. -
matter how trivial, was
premeditated    or   the   pn tl
liiiiic.•     If premeditated, he
find ,,,i,     its i,-a*"i:  for i" I
fortuitous, li- wished to know     Hi ■
fuel, ami always attempted -
thi  possibility ol its el m
>., !,- learned why nml when
.-     -     •'•   .".'.     a    tr— up or
;.      much si .i.'    tan I
l„.i-    ih,.y    tried t-, lell  it thr
whnt  consul ration held for Hi,
iini       'i    irent I ngths
iei   ■•      - lltull)  deck,
ihe - iuch a manner Ilia
pile should i ol  bulge and
■■ .- .,:■ could easily
ppOSitl   ■ ' 'I -      ,,f
d ■:■ ndei oiitaii "d   p-Mr     ,,;
Ihe fronl I'I      read il with
inmov, noes and I id il side
with a it tl ■ rd naril ■ . ;.
-■'■-.' iti       :       ;
-■ ■ It  '.mm  .i pari
lie I  - :   ,re   than
-   - men
\ -
do willi a caul a he p ng   the
"   II-
cards I
'Umber ■
ints ■      that rare
On Sund        '.
less   difficulty   and necessitated
greal deal of "corduroying," or   the
laying of poles side by side to form
an artificial bottom.    Here   in    the
open some six inches of water   and
unlimited    mud    awaited Hi,-    lirst
horse that should break through the
layer  of  snow   uiul   thin
tween ench pair of  islands
hnd to he "tramped."
Thorpe und the rest were put nt
Ihis disagreeable job. All day long
ihey had to walk mechanically back
nnd forth on diagonals botween lho
marks set by Radway with his snow-
shoes. Early in the morning their
(eel were w-1 by icy water, for even
the light weigh! of a man sometimes
broke the frozen skin of the marsh,
Ily nighl a rood ol trampled snow,
of greater or less length, was mnrkeil out across the expanse. Thus the
blanket wns thrown back from the
win-in earth, nml thus the cold was
given it chance ut llm wnler beneath,
In n day ni- so the rond would bear
a horse. A bridgo of ice had been
artificially constructed, on either sh
,,f which lay unsounded depths. Th
road was indicated by it row ,
snick in Hie snow on either si
li  was vory cold,    All day
th- restless wind swept across
shivering surface of Hi- plains
tore around Hi- corners of the
liimls.    Th- big woods ore as go
as it,i overcoat.    Th" men-out    I,
been taken away.
When Hi- lunch-sleigh arrived,   the
men huddled shivering in lho lee   of
Hi- km,lis.  anil  tried  to em     with
benumbed fingers before a iir-    thai
was bul  a mockery     Often it
near ■   il om bet ire thoir work
warmed Hi, in again.    All of Hi
ways had to be pluc d on the
ends  Hi mselves,   an
fogs lun! I,, I,- travoy,"! over
..,..,IK    A single
•   ■" Hm plain     a
■   "*,.       'nn— times     h'-iiu
tract  with Morrison &   B
lo a certain weekly quoin.     In fact
be was surprised at lite size of    il.
lie    would  have to  work  diligently
and steadily during llm rest, of   the
Having thus a definite task to ac-
Be- conqilish    in u d-linite    number     of
rond  days, Radway grew to be more of a
taskmaster.    His nnxiety us lo   Ihe
completion of the work overlnid his
morbidly   sympathetic human Interest.   Thus he regal I In   a     small
degree I lle respect ol bis men.    'I'll,'ll
he lost it again.
due morning lm came in   from     a
lull;  wilh the supply-teamster,   und
woke Dyer, who wns not yet  up.
(To bo contlnuod.)
/fetfe <f Tin (insidepainted black)
It. It Is iniiile nf either wuod nr nielli!,
and when ono end of It Is purily submerged ynu can plainly see objects in
tit- water which are llitlilell from the
naked eye. Indeed, you will lie surprise,! ami delighted l„ lind how fnr and
how much you enn se,- under tho wnler
by ihls simple means. The fishermen
of Norwny would not mnko lln- use ,,(
it thai (bey do If It were ilot ii practical
article thnl will disclose Hie presence „f
seliuuls ,,i' lish, fur instance.
Now suppose wo construct uur wnter
Iclescol "I of wood. Take four boards
- lh- longest yuu -an get from your
lumher yard—Ion nr twelve Inches wide,
und put' llieni together tu make a lung
make Ihal end easier In submerge.
Paint Un- Inside black—otherwise ilu-
light reflections will disturb yuu.
Vuu can probably Uml a ruuiul piece
nf glass lu lit Into llm larger end, lun
If \,,u cannot, then mako or gel a
linti-r in inake ii squnro piece uf lin
In be lined on tn the large end nf tin-
funnel, provided wilh a square plcco
,,f glass ami Um whole made watertight by means uf lead Boldered Inin
all  Ihe Bcnms.
'I'a!,- un- uf theso leleseupes on your
nexl boating party. If tb- waler is
in,i tu,, deep vuu can have lh- pleasure of seeing Hi- very bottom of llm
rivor ,,r pond ami watching lln- panorama ,,( merino Uf,- going on there.
Mr. and Mrs. Softy, the Monks.
lerated Hi- roads, so that
an   ■       -.  had to be ploughed out before
 could go id work again
M   ■
1,       iy v as ■■'■ idently worried.
.1  .uu- to     in-
■   tl ■"    were "making It. '
[-1     emeil afraid they mighl wish to
.-"I Hi,- case, Imi
:, . p have taken    before
,,-• ■ ide iei. ihal of ai,so-
thelr Intentions,
■       natural   however
:. ed the a       i     necessity ol
ding I - before
Iho Ini-
-noi-i,  a  Hi,,,Hal il and   I llll  mnk- il
1    -   Wl     :.     :     ■
 '■   is the ex
in experience     II r
; ■ in   lh
;      llU ll
.     :
i     • in   li
1 - ■. :
PI    ■ '■
M iphidd by Fo
;     ni     "      hoi
holding herself 10
I will      mplcli '
fldence in I '       I    ,-"1 l|,v"1
1 ., . an dug   li ■
I , ... ,, |,ui could nm
l„   y    n     The drown ny horso   was
,: . fo  'I  '      1    i   id   VI :'-!'*-     I'l'-s'Ull.V
II b,   ,-:.      - .   Hon ol letting    or
Iragged Into the lake on top
.   .   ... ....,-.     With n Boh    tlio
Iti ■ Frenchman relinquished Ins
hold. The water seemed slowly lo
, ... and over-film tho troubled lool
ol pleading In Molly's eyes,
"Assns« ns!"  hissed  Uvoquo    nl
0 - two unfortunnto youths,    Thnl
was all.
When '- ■ Biirfa - ol tho water had
ui rrorod   lho clouds,    thoy
hau -I the rarensscs oul on lho Ico
tripped Hi- l,arne-s     Then they
. -.   the log Irom the dray, piled
■    ■
ned him n
' '" "        •".      'A"
• I in Ihe Mill
, 1 I    ■        plus
,,,,"      nun   the
1 worked ,
il  i
-   ■   .  - 1
•      1 1 si        iced
■   ,
■       ■        till
lid Pan    ■   ' 11
.1..11 nil.
and thorn aln'l  nothin'
or her, - hummj'
Thorp -,   ■ oul-si, I.  .,;'-. r   h
■ .Hi the 1 harlt;    .,'
;    ovored e real pi n
h   . -ar  p is Ion     As     be
. nti-mpliited  lho abounding h
,l„. uprlghl  - nn n; ■■   Iho sparkling,
I,ulil,hug Bpil  '     ol  tho M'UIU   'A', (I
innn.    lm could easily ima-in-     the
young girl and the young hnppines
ton lug lor a little backwoods farm
Hire* days alter Iho newcomer had   '' ,   r, ,,„;„,;;'.',,
■    ■
ey      SI
M       -
.       tl '
■ ," ;' i.
■ i.
".   rl      I he
' ■
• tin,
■ . -i
ials* 1
1 shorn*
. .
t-s against  those 0
■    . . 1 !
I-l' 1 hut!  I ,    '
mil lenrnei        n ll
 ,     i"    '        '
."        Iter lm  Ihe pur)	
 ;. Ind, v "       ■■■
I ■ •
1      .        - 1      ■
0|)l  ",, ih
keep up  -
th wind on 1     pia.ii
tho v
"l don'l po e Io in
n d   1      to H id ■"'.   ' and
,„,■!,"I in ni Hi- Bwnmplng, Paul,
during his early morning walk from
camp to Hu- scono nl tholr nporn-
tlons, confldod In him further,
"Oot another i-tt-r. chummy,"
said lm "cum- in yesterday, Sh-
tolls nm," Ii- hesitated with a blush
and H  11 happy laugh, "thnl ihey
iiin*!  going In lie only two of us ni
ih- farm noxt yenr."
"Yoii in-iiii!" qtierl-il Thorpe,
"Yes " laughed Paul, "nnd if ll'i
him in.11-.  ■''her, m     r, del
- gun
loiild  interpret    Ihe thou and      ol  t'v.   [al
ti ,', Ign leant it   appeal in ■ '"■'l ''""'     sl"   '   ''"     '■'  *     •
I, by   tomorrow    and     perhap    th
I,- in ,i',i--. ol lho '.""  »lnd'll il
acquired tho knack ol wlnlor fishing ,"11*-'' : hy hu Hun' a littlo, m I
.,, , ,. ■/  I li itai ., and ■ irl ,,n 'Iill  Sunday   were porhnp      the K
nn, t 1- a, |y porfeel ol an, ol tho
dn . thai wm1 1 In them the
young in,11, drew mute directly facto face wiih tlm wilderness II" nil
I,-,1 a truce with thn enemy; and In
foturn Ihal gronl lnscrutnhlo power
poured Into Ins hcarl u portion of
her grandeur, Ills ambition grew;
uml, ns always wllh him, In- rioter
»m»mmmmmm«m» mmmHIHHHH!mm+MHHm-mH»Hmm.*T*1*>
bool    - ida;
*t     ht," i!,"i - -,    , lonl -I
little doubtfully.
iln   happened perhaps two    days
out of Hi- 'a k,    l-' Ily li'.-r bung
oul a thermomotor, ■ hli h ho usod to
consull      'lh- iil-n saw  It, ami   tiiii-
ullml  ii   too     M  onco they     loll
much colder
- in,uld i„- careful in 10I00
ii    ilul im matter who
while under her rood ho
nlull «iih cordiality  and
A hosto
III     hm
the 1 il
mi 1  bn
,. i|,-, 1
Tin- ill-id,- ami bridegroom's
precede Ihem to lho i hun li
groom's family
Ol  III"  lllllll.   11
In  III"  lell
To round out the arms practice the The following Is a hair tonic that
dillerenl arm oxorclsos and rub with has un   extensive    reputation:  Bay
mulled cocoa butter, using a circular rum, one pint; Castor oil, ono ounce;
movement Irom wrist lo shoulder. Tincture     Cantharides,     one-loiirth
The perfect hostess cniiHcs all  her ounce.
fninily  guests lo feel al ease   and perfectly Sulphur and molasses   should not
The nl home while at her house.     The be taken during the winter season; a
soated lo tho right sllll, reserved woman who seeks   to tenspoonful of cronm ol tartar   may
fninily ol llm bride  keep Imr guests in awe Is a (allure be taken with tho   same result   ln
ns 11 hosles* purifying the blond. Tpnwn
\i/  ^''^■v^^xxrf'r^v*1'00*"
^^woroCr' j
low iacls
Vm WBtMW®.
?b/>2/ Gfe
hzlf worked
x   •***SB»v*m*m**a*'»»*»<**ri,mm9*»Zfm:
\ ^»«ta»*;»*«»ff$!fts*^*t»»#»»»R>s^fc»
ftandms<fe Torchon
wserfion wed
wtth hand e/nhro.
LACK fashions liave undergone
a radical change, by which,
however, they have become
even lovelier than ever, it
seemed as if every variety had been
drawn upon—and so it ha.I—lint
French Ingenuity discovered beauties
and possibilities heretofore undreamed
of in the simple groundwork of tho
fashionable laces.
Coarse, handmade laces, wrought of
finer thr,ead than they have usually
been, are the keynote. Thev are worked Into wonderful designs and used
as fleecy ruffles, hut never with plain
material, for handwork Is more
necessary and lavish than ever before. In carrying out a<scheme two
entirely different Inco motifs are often   used   in   combination,   but   nmre
frequently It ia some arrangement of
hand embroidery that goes with the
new lllagroe Insertions.
An excellent Idea of how thin Is
done Is given by the blouse pictured.
Mere baby Prenoh crochet (a detail
of which is shown in the patterns) is
combined with a new design ot hand
embroidery. It Is simplicity Itself—
but the elegant simplicity ot the
Any one of the laces given may be
successfully used in thi" way. rhey
are really only tin- simple mesh, or
background, for all the wonderful
heavy patterns with which we have
become so well acquainted within the
pnst couple of seasons; filet, Irish.
torchon ami i-luny, They are the easiest form of lace making; if you care
to undertake anything of the sort
you can have the latest Paris lingerie
waist for a very moderate cost. Often a piece of tho ''hand-done" looking a!lover embroidery that now
comes already made may be found at
not too great expense, and with a
little'  plan ning you  can  work  it  up
With excellent effi cl.
Or strips uf ono of the heavy laces
are herring-boned in alternate rows
with u fine Valenciennes lace. This is
very new for yokes, tuckers and even
whole shirtwaists—if you have lots of
Again, the new laces will encircle
motifs of poinl iie Venlse. These latter
are the latest form of fancy work in
Paris. They are slow work, but not
nearly so intricate as ihey appear to be
when linlslied, A while tulle dress
shown at one of the great lingerie
houses was Incrusted with these motifs,
each surrounded by line Valenciennes insertion and edge,
In fact, all lace combinations are wonderful and more elaborate than ever.
There Is scarcely a single piece on
which only one sort of lace Is used.
A magnificent gown of point de
Bruges is weighted with motifs of
French-Irish and Insertions of baby
Irish. A blouse of all-over Valenciennes
has motifs of point de Paris, their design traced out by a curious little fluffy
edge of narrowest thread lace.
A dotted swiss gown is trimmed with
Valenciennes insertion und great cream-
colored motifs, And as if ihey were not
heavy enough, their pattern is overworked with pure white linen thread of
the coarsest variety.
Tin- same sort of work was so daintily managed on another piece that you
would hardly connect the two. The
filmiest of pale blue crystalline was
trimmed with something that appeared
at a few feet a lacoy brocade. It was
point de Paris Insertion, its (lowered design delicately embroidered In shinies of
palesi blue silk.
In fact, any sort of lace combination
that you can think out is apt to be safe,
and the more odd and original vou can
make it the better it will be.        E. D.
Paris. '06.
Enjoyable Birthday Parties for the Young Folks
By Eleanor B, Clapp.
Copyright, 1906, by A. 8, Karnes & Co.
CMIlLimi-.N keenly enjoy having a
birthday, It is something so ills-
j tinetlv their own. That day out
of ali the year a youngster |s
the prominent ami Important member of
the household: and if iln- event Is to be
celebrated wiih a party, the cup of happiness is tilled to overflowing,
And li lakes su little to make a child
happy Ihal every mother and auntlo
and even grandma feels well repaid for
the extra trouble, ns she sees the glad,
smiling face and feels the hug of gratitude  when  the  little one  goes  to bed,
saying: "Ohl I've had such a  lovely
Should your Utile gh-1 happen lo be
ten yeapfl old, invite nine of her friends,
so that with herself there will he Jusl
ten nt the table; have her write her own
Invitations on small note paper decorated with some lloriil or Kate lireeim-
wuy design, or even nn Initial, and have
them sent out just ten days before the
party. Let the hours of the party bo
from li to il P, Mi, and serve ihe refreshments about 1 o'clock,
If you live in the country, or have a,
hOUBC wllh a good deal of ground around
it, an excellent plan Is tu set the table
on the piazza, If It is large enough, or
out In the grounds under a shady tree,
but If you do nol care to do this or hesitate on account of ihe uncertainty of
the weather, decorate Ihe dining room
with groat bunches Of white Held daisies,
not crushed heavily and .solidly together,
but arranged lightly and mixed with
nodding grasses, timothy and the foulh-
ery field grass thflt grows everywhere.
Have the table set as prettily as possible, and In Ihe centre a big hlrlhdav
cake, large and round and frosted in
white Make a regular old-fiishlotiod
Maypole for Ine middle nf this cuke
Tako a thin, round slick, and either cover It with gilt or silver paper or
or paint it some pretty color. Hnvo
narrow ribbons of pink, white, blue,
■red and yellow, and lavender for the
ten streamers Hint musl como from tho
top In traditional style. Finish the
polo off by a pretty now or rosette.
Around the edge of the cake, placed
a ( exact distances apart, are the ten
Utile Maypole dancers. These are
cheap little china dolls, four or live
Inches high and dressed in any way you
prefer, only the dresses should be of
bright colors
A very pretty effect is to have every
other doll dressed as a hoy; ihls Is very
easily accomplished by making for the
dolls tiny loose trousers, gathered up at
Ihe knee like bicycle trousers, and a
little blouse of blue or nd cambric, sateen, silk or anything you happen to
have that is n pretty, bright color.
If you can gel ihem. the small, old-
fashioned,    wooden-Jointed    dolls    that
used to be called "Dutch dolls" can be
used for Ihls purpose Instead of the
china dolls. Hul the kind of doll used
does not so much matter as long as it
Is   not   too   big.    The   dolls   Bhould   be
placed all around Hi Iges of Hie cuke
A long, black-headed pin. such as is
used for pinning on (lowers, or even a
short hatpin, can be run through the
back of their clothes to make ihem
stmid erect. A streamer from the Maypole should be tied ou each doll's hand.
This Alnypolc cake, with the same
number of dancers as the little girl is
years old, Is much newer and prettier
than a cake with candles, and entirety
does away with all danger from lire,
dread of which often spoils the pleasure of the older folks when the candles
are lighted. When the supper Is over,
just before the Utile guests rise from
tlie table they can each be given one of
the Maypole dolls and a slice of the
birthday cake ns a little souvenir of the
occasion, only be sure lo take the long
pins out before giving the dolls away.
In making the fllilrlhdnv cake, nnv
good enke recipe can be used, but It
should not he too rich, so as to disagree with Its lillle caters, and It should
lie frosled nil over top mid sides with
while Icing. If you cannot get the sides
(o look smooth and pretty, you can
hide all Imperfecdons bv making a
wreath of roses or ferns and placing ll
an.uml ihe sides of the cake.
About halfway between the big cake
In the centre of the table and the children's plates lay on Ihe white cloth nn
nid-fashloned daisy chain, made in the
form of a circle or oval, according lo
the shape of your table. You can make
this In ihe morning and keep It fresh
by wrapping It in a damp cloth unlil
almost time for the feast, when It can
be taken out and nil superfluous moist-
ure wiped away before being put on the
table. If you ale afraid uf the (lowers
staining your tablecloth, place under
th.- daisy chain strip* of white paper,
cut narrow s.. ihui ihey will not show.
If you us" pretty Japanese paper napkins, it will pleas.- the chlldn-u us being
something unusual and save vour. own
naiiery a good deal of wear und tear,
Put these napkins Inside the little ones'
plates, uml put on each one as a favor
eltlu-r a rose, divested of its thorns, or
a tiny bunch of daisies tu be worn as a
buttonhole bouquet.
Un the other side of the plate place a
tiny candy basket made of plnk-and-
white peppermint candy (the kind that
you can buy at Christmas time for a
few eentsi. Almost any candy store
can supply these, if you order them two
or three days before they are wanted.
Beside this put a funny little turtle,
made from a good-sized California
prune. A clove stuck deep into one
end. with the bud end out, forms the
head, the stick em] of a clove the tail,
and four other cloves, two stuck In on
each side, with the bud ends down, the
j to -i years
allowed to
- for a little
while each day, even in winter. When the weather is cold his legs
should be well protected bv warm leggings, and if the walks are al nil damp
he should wear small rubbers. Woolen
leggings are warmer and better for
such little lots than are leather ones.
The buby may now leave off his ribbed knit band and depend on his shirt
for warmth over the abdomen.
If the child is an only one. It Is well
to invite a little friend in to play with
him occasionally, so that he may learn
to share his toys and plnv nicely with
other children.
Avoid children's parties, however, ag
long ns possible; s*» many children are
made ill and overexcitnble bv these entertainments that it hardly seoms fair
to the child to run such a risk just for
an hour or two of nervous pleasure.
It Is so much better tu have one little
fri-nd in to lunch or to spend the afternoon, wiiile Ihe child is young and easily
Never allow the babv to have a heartv
romp jit^t before he goes to bed; these
bedtime romps ure often accountable for
restless nights and the "night terrors"
oi childhood.
.Many children will seem very naughty
and mischievous at this age. when In
reality ihey are noi so, but simply need
a littlo ^uidnnce In occupying their restless minds und fingers. It is a verv bad
plan to keep saving "don't" to u child.
ll the mother does her own hvnisewnk
she should allow the child to help her
in Ijiile ways; if the baby is a boy, ti
will do him no b-n*m to assist about the
house a liule also. Perhaps the help
given will not be verv much real assistance, but ft will start the child in
the rlghl dire.'ticn and keep him busy
and happy instead of in mischief. Children always love to "help," and will be
perfectly delighted If they are given a
towel and a fow spoons to dry. nr a
duster, and are allowed to polish off
some of ihe furniture.
Must Not Tax Bruin.
On account nf the morning nap, which
should be kept up until the child is at
least four years old, it Is better not to
send him lo the kindergarten at present.
If a little class can he formed of children of the neighborhood, having a kindergarten teacher at one of tlie houses
for an hour every morning nfter tho
child has had his third birthday, ft will
be an advantage and not loo much of
a tax on the little brain. This is very
different from a regular morning session of school, which usually lasts from
nine lo twelve.
A piece of paper and n'pencll will often
keep a child of this age amused for a
long lime lb- will like tn "write a letter" and to make believe draw things.
A pair of blunt or rounded scissors
should be kept on hand especially for
his use. for he will enjoy cutting mil
pictures, and may safely do so If he
shs quietly in his littlo chair and uses
his own blutil scissors.
A .1-year-old child usually weighs
thirty-one pounds, ills head measures
aboul nineteen Inches, his chest twenty'
inches, and his length thirty-five Inches,
When the child Is II years old the following articles of fond may in- added to
his diet: Fresh, very well-cooked green
vegetables, as green pens, lima and
string beans, and si|ii;ish; fresh ripe
peaches, half a raw, scraped apple, corn
stnrch,  und,  once  a   week, broiled or
boiled   lish.
Insist upon Hie child's chewing all his
food    thoroughly,    not    Inking    hu
mouthfUlB,   or   ealing   hurriedly,
should in ver "nt between monls.
He should he fed at regular meal
It ls hotter to give the milk warm,
especially In winter, Po noi give the
child u liking for ten and coffee by putting "lust a few drops" in his milk.
If he does ten know whnt Ihey tasie
like, he will noi be apt to form Ihe tea
and coffee habit a little later.
3e3<3 3e2te
$ome tnlfew
Two Attractive Sicmmcp 3elt 3'zreKtes
C^\ 0 MANY ways of doing beadwork
^* have been discovered thai It is
\^J brought within the scope uf those
who crochet or knit or embroider, the beads, for either crocheting
or kmitiiia., carefully strung on the .silk
threads before the work is begun,
Silk cross-stitch patterns an- followed
by counting stitches with the design
spread "in before you, so Hint the figure
is sure lu he set in ihe right place and
Hie colors properly balanced.
Nothing but tapestry patterns
followed for the many bugs dune
beadwork. Purses, for some Incomprehensible reason, are anything but popular, although a year ago some quaint
ones of a single color-all while bends',
for Instance—were shown among the
prettiest purses of the season. Hut bags
of all sizes and shapes-wrist bags,
chatelaine bugs and their kin-are better than ever. Occasionally the liking
for beads runs rampant upon a bag, tlio
clasps mysteriously covered wilh them,
and even the strong hook which sticks
so llrmly in your bell made of one of
those great bead buttons which are
among the trimming novelties of the
year. .*
That is usually too much of a good
thing — like a "gingerhready" frame
upon a picture. Metal clasps and chain
and hook set llie quaint, old-fashioned
design off In U much prettier way,
Pretty Opera Bags.
Under Ihe head of beadwork the hags
embroidered wllh paillettes ought really
to be classed. Most of theni are ambitious affairs, opera bugs of pink or
blue made into charming things by a
design modeled something upon art
nouveau lines, done in the soft iridescence of mother-of-pearl pnlllettes,
perhaps set off by thoso of gold or silver, or even (a French touch) hy the
clever Introduction of a Ultle touch of
blitck. And gray bags are oven lovelier,
embroidered unobtrusively, yol richly,
with silver paillettes, which transform
(he hag when Ihe ll^ht strikes It to a
thing nf sparkling beauty.
The most popular bead-use of all Is
for the making of necklaces uml tho
thousand ami one chains wiih which tho
summer girl has been bedecking herself
llie past few years, and which an- more
popular thun ever ibis year.
Thoy are woven in every way Ingenuity can devise; dog-collars, the threads
drawn taut sn that Hie beads stay In
place like sot j' Welai pendant necklaces, wllh lattice work of ilm- beads
supporting great cut bonds; simple
Strings Of pearl or turquoise or amber
or amethyst, and a ihuusand varieties
of each, are all popular.
The  use of  I'ondelles,   as   those   flat
crystal beads are called, is particularly
marked. Adroitly usod-that is, with
beads In which Ihe eontrasi  Is not too
marked—they lose themselves In adding
additional sparkle und lustre to the
beads ihey separate
Belts are seldom used—that craze
burnt Itself nut almost in ,t single s.-i-
son, Hut belt buckles, ami even hat
buckles, ore made of beads, and gnat
buttons (made, by the way. of the tiny
bend purses la favor a couple nf years
ago) are effeetl.e, If rather barbaric In
their style,
Even h-itpii. heads an* beaded, a design carried mil In line link- beads, nr
a single greal bead forms ihe head, amber (and iis Imitations) far In the lead,
although the pretty fashion of dellber*
alely choosing hatpins to match or contrast wiib each particular hat is still
ardently followed.
There's even a bead braid which comes
by  llie yard.
Candleshades made of (Ir trimmed with
bends are as popular ... ever—Uie lowest   effCCtfl   got   b>'   'he  use of  big   b";u]s,
in tii- shade proper or artfully Inserted
tu tin- fringe.   And bead portieres have
their season al   this  time,  with  bead
and bamboo urns u close second.
The variety of bends is greater, ton,
in spite of the fact that It seemed as
though we had about exhausted ihe possibilities. An all-white bit, for instance,
may have its well-defined pattern, four
or five kinds of beads ised—crystal,
milk, opal and chalk-while being the
foui mosl usual kiiMs: und white coral
beads have a style all their own.
All the jewels ii. fashion, particularly
Hi- semi precto ..- -■ i Is, are imitated
quite Frank)}  li   i» i Is
"Garnets' ■ ; ustonh hlng sizes come to
make nei kle es whli li tre copies of
th" fascinating ones mode "f the real
stones. Amethysts are no less popular,
whii" coral and turquolsi nnd amber
come in every Imaginable size and shape
and styli ol head
Not only are the real stones Imitated,
but a a ore r new • •'■•,- m ■>!■* iqi-hiue
-nn! i.-t en "[.. (.■< ,*k' stones, Alice blue
crystal beads, and the loveliest of lav-
i ndi i nnd while streaked ones, like an
ethereallzed onyx
i '.iii-,- ii ni havo *i li mdn d .-■.- i mg,
"tear-drop" kinds, or those n pure ovals
or circles, or thc *"it of squares which
somen m* have been robbed of their
corni is Bnd yi i remain squares.
Commencement Presents
•*▼ «        i   t PT> • \M "missing coimeclion" b-'tween waist a
Women s Ways or Earning Money jgjgirga;»
> VERY young girl likes J. welry.
ni i.ii the happy oci osion of
iduatlon then- is no mon i lit-
able g.ft to make her than -i
dainty personal trinket or some novelty
iu pin, bracelet or chain.
Bell pins make Impossible the untidy
missing connection" between waist and
a ring
as well.
nnI ■ X| inda   to  lit   any  nrm.
lal .■  i-' tic gold oi silver
li Ian ie  used as ,i necklace
IF YOU hnve made the mistake of
getting curtains of too thin a net
to hang over natural wood shutters, get sheer muslin, or silk, or one
of its yubstitutes, and hang ft from the
same pole, by way of lining.
A delicate tint of color may be used
In certain rooms. Instead of white or
ecru, but H must be so delicate as to
suggest while.
By Cynthia Wcstovcr Allien.
Copyright, WOG, by A. 8. Bnrncs & Co.
AN ENEKGETIC little woman no
bigger than a child of 12 Is doing a rushing business In this
great city by taking n house
nnd furnishing lt on the Instalment
plan. She got a house on Thirty-
fourth street, nol far from the great
Waldorf-Astoria. She had ln all |300.
She haunted auctions until sho had
used up most of her money, then
bought on the Instalment plan. It
was a venture, bul with one month's
rent paid she started In.
She tilled her house nt first with
transients from the hotels. She left
her business card with thc clerk at
every hotel near, and then personally
culled at every house, snying sho
could take roomers, and advertised In
the lally muier"    She now hns tbreo
houses, in one there Is a restaurant;
In the other two houses breakfast la
served to order. She makes the venture moro successful by trying to
supply tho needs of persons In ways
thnt thc average lodging-house keeper
For example, Mrs. Hrown lives In
the country, and she wants to know
of some place where sho can stay
overnight if her shopping keeps her
late. She Is cured for hero Just as if
she were at home.
Another woman wants to take a run
Into the city, hut Is timid, She Is perfectly willing tu pay some one to meet
hor, to show her about through the
shops, to go to the theatre with her,
perhaps drive through the Park. Hero
she gets all this attention, and is charged for It accordingly.
One woman tells another when she
finds out a good thing like this.
Other pretty styles are gmd  safety
pins,   either   plain   or   studded    with
stones.   The plain gold bands, bright nr
frosted, are always good,
What girl Is not crazy over neck ornaments'.' The new La Viilli'ie style,
With gold chain and amethyst dangler,
is most attractive.
Festoon ehains have three or more
danglers of amethyst or baro'fue jrearls.
Garnets are In again. You can find
nothing more becoming to a brunette
than one of the new garnet necklaces
Willi graduated star pendants.
The dog collars In antique, green-
finished silver, studded In colored stones,
are extremely stylish, especially over a
dark gown.   Not expensive, either.
The gate-top bracelet, In links of plain
nnd onrt-AVAfl silver, folds to the size of
Pendants with amethyst 11 ntn - jur«
rounded by baroque pearls would delight any girl graduate.
Flower shirtwaist pins. In Bets >r
thiee, in rose-finlshed gold nr baroque
pearl studdlngs, are worth considering.
Bangles never went out of favor with
girls, und at" m.ire popular than ever,
Now thev aro distinctly "tha thing."
The plain gold band Is the best style.
Earrings arc a relic of barbarism — a
little belter n w that they are screwed
on. The round or button pearls are
the favorites,
For straying lovelocks, a barctte Is
Indispensable. They come In rhlne-
Btones and pearls, closely set in silver,
in walls-of-Trov and crescent shapes.
Plain gold ones' are still prettier.
Tortoise shell back and side combs
an- equally conducive to a "tidy" head.
-Sometimes they are inlaid with gold
A young girl's heart is sure to he won
either by a string of solid gold bends,
or by a plain gold locket, cut with q
... <.■'.*■■'/. -• ■<■■'-■ II l«
\K/        KKS        V/KLS
Relaxed Tmues
Advice to Many Correspondents
A'-    ;  ■
.-:■ ...■■-
.*•■■-;■ ■       ■
regard I
; ir fa-"-
g     .     i y I    ■■■-'.-
, | the  t;|
,,.... I
,    -
'■    '
I. -.     .     •'       -..' W....u e
M mp.'-xton
t .  ■■
I,. Putting a fi'i
IDA Wa—1 do I        method
f--r g the size
■ .      ,     ■      ■
i Ui
, .      _ ■   ■
| .        ■     I '*-,.: '-'■■'
RE '■■'■ ir own drugglsl
i e Jtf-medy, ask
him I i tl :      eputah'i
drugglsl      . ■.    •    - who
will prepare II
A W fl Bran I -■ can l« pm
chased I i aln isl i ■■■ n R fl '■'■■'■
If you ;'■■■ ■ • ' aiaki them
yo iVsi * M it equal pari of powdi red
, • . -.) and I rnn togi tin r, and lo n
plnl add half i     ip of puwil I nosp
To th ■ ■* 11    I    ■ *'      "■ i'"'''"-
,',',.■-.---•'.■    Fill -. . ill :■ Lgs  li d
ust Ii  th'  I M ■
M. P — Exi • sslve i" rsplration Is mosl
annoying n Is often signll c int of
nervousness and o generally difjileled
l *■ :- Hi m    Tak<   n quick bath
with tepid ■■; , old 30 i water evi ry
morning    Dusl ll • nrmi ■■► well wllh n
■*'.'wd' r  made ol  om -s.-•*. 1 f pound of
Tt.nilt r Skin FrcckL
m ,   1  : -r   -I    1.■ ■   I, ■  1 -    " 11 rather
■ n -■ -   ■■ ii   u      ■ h * * ■
.,     ■'■-:,■ ■       ,- [|
i.,l,l ihni it ■■■ ■ uld !-. .' .-- ing 11 .- wh 1 hie
.,   ' '       -;,-:*     *- ll     I-.     K
' !-   Irogi ■'..■.*,'■
j, movi   fn ■ kh      '1 ><•■ following lotion
is ai, o exci llenl for th   i* irpose;
Lemon and Glycerine Lotion.
iKor Main rn. :n.   nnd Sunburn)
1 nit  acid (lemfin)   1 rlranu, hnl wntT,
H ounce*; borax, 2 drams: red rose petali*,
,,1,1,".-; glycerine. 1 ounee,
Dlmmlvn the ;■< 11 an 1 b in* In Ihi  wnl'-rj
lufiii"' th" petn!n Pa mi hum    n iln thrnuiin
n j. llv tiag after twenty four h mi . ilrciwl
the elenr portion  find inld  the glyrerlno.
Apply as oil*1 n 1 b agreeable,
/"■■Mil1; condition of tho tissues sur-
I      rounding the eyes makes niiK-h
|_     moro dl iterance to tho appear-
ttiico  of   ih"  eyes  themselves
than  Is generally realized.    Even  an
UllUbUtLlty   clear,   bright  pair  of  eyes
will lose much of their attractiveness
{ ihe skin surrounding them Is wrinkled, or if there are puffy bags un-
When the skin Is young, healthy,
lit in aud elastic, Hie temporary wrinkles produced by frowning or smiling
leave no permanent trace, imt when
the Uesh becomes flabby and (be skin
iobc and nun-elastic, llie repetition of
lUBculur movements leaves deep fur-
The pufllnoss which is seen under
llie eyes is Hu- despair of many women. Sometimes this is due to some
cli ron le internal trouble, bul more
often it is due to a relaxed condition
<.f (he skin.
ll is easy to determine whether the
1 illness under the eyes is due to in-
llan.iiuitinii of the lower Ild. Pull the
ltd down, and, if it looks red and inflamed inside, the chances are that
this is the seat of the trouble. This
trouble can nearly always be remedied
by the application of 0 mild astringent
by means of an eyecup. Salt and water make an excellent solution for
this, and another good lotion is boric
acid of the strength of ten grains to
the ounce of distilled water.
In addition to allaying the Inflammation, measures should also be taken
for restoring tone to the relaxed condition of ihe skin. Tannic acid will
useful for this—twenty grains in
an ounce of glycerine. This may be
applied to the baggy skin night and
morning by means of a small brush or
hit of absorbent cotton.
Massage is also mosl effective for
loniug up the skin and removing bag-
glness or polHticss. Use both hands;
place the linger tips directly beneath
the eyes, press gently around the outer corners and upward, following the
contour of the eye.
Besides the massage for Iho relaxed
tissues under tho eyes, massaging the
eyelids is v.-ry beneficial and keeps them
fnnn becoming wrinkled and puffy.
This should be gently done by means
nf the f. relinger or middle linger of each
hand applied to the corresponding eye-
bill over the ch fed Ild. Begin itt the
middie, ami gently, wllh a rotary motion, pass tho fingers outward until the
' ■ no na$ been eO "'"'■■ v,1>' "itls
pressun j-hould bo gtv. n.
If Hu- puflhiess stubbornly refills to
disappear nfter the above treatment, it
is most likely occasioned by some con
stitutlonn! trouble, and it would he wis
to consult n physician in regard to th
:       ■     : I preferred s
w de r
ithii       nd 01
■      ■.'■.-
ti    • ■ -
I, two    inn
t,il chalk
■     "
t part of your fn
■   :        ,
A    M    [1
■   ■ .,,'-■■
■ ,1 1
■    "     , ''.,    *  ' till
'i' ,
. irlng this
':,,-   .'      ISIng  ■■-'■ ' ■   ■   Sll ni.; 00
X.%% Shampoo   Dandruff Cure.
■   ..  ..    ■       ni- "und    U'-nl
1  , .
■      - ■ ;   ■      -
The Various baths and
Their Benefits
By Dr, Emma E. Walker
C pyright, IMS, by A. B. Banna & Co.
rrVIE youngest child   of  n   certain
I      peasant's  large  family,  sn   the
I     story  goes,   wis   tin lib -minded,
The  mother, Instead of feeling
lender toward the little 1 ne, kepi ll out
of the house us mui h as p isslble, and II
was forced to gn nnd sil in the m gl;- -
Ing peal bogs.
One day the count) physician, on going bis rounds, n tlced ,1 gre ti improvement In Hi-- llttti h ij He 1 iki I the
mother what she had been doing 1 ■ hi r
child, and sho replied that sin did m t
I ove 1 mo i" -1 ■ anything for I Im I 1 I
she had been sent uui-ol - ors, ind h
hud li-. n pi ylng the mud. Thl
the duel r ,1 :.- '■'■ Idea, and frnm that
time,   so   tradlHi n II    m id  baths
ha vi  ; ■" -. 11 ted for ihi r medl .   1   ■ I
Thi   [Uu 1      ■■   : or   baih,
v hli
More perspiration
ter 1 ■      forn        I
.    *   -
of these pi
■■■■-..     [0 r 1
■    ■     * -     . ■ ■      . .
ild wai
trouble, or
who suffers wil
■    ■ ■   .- t strong
.   ■   -
■    ■
; ■ .    '
en.  Then
■   *
■     .
■  :
..   1
I thi
1 ■      .    .  Intense Cold
'    ■
'    ■
. ! '
rnailj  '■
m   tin ■ ■     ■■
ii 1   1
■M.I.I.     '",1 tU
'I       ..      '
; ;
,,,   ■ .■   more  than  t •
infori  puttlti    -     ■   1 lot hi a    It
r| • ,-■      1 ml   ■"     ■'  llki   1  i" w  man
after hi; expm ■ ni -
An nil mh after Hie hath 11
fi    j |i -   i-i  is hem flchil lo thi    ■
Mn ■< ui'* Is nei essnry to knend In 11 1,
whl- b should be pi rfeclly *wcel The
besl quality nr ||< n oil or encon bulter Ih pxcnllenl fur ibis purpose
The electric llgbi hath Is medicinal,
and Is arranged so Ihnl the electric
1 ghi rn :: ui" thrown olther on to tho
whole Hiirfnoo nl thn body or a pari of
It, When tho current is turned on, heal
nnd llghi are produced, These baths
nre used with groal la nefll in cases or
ilv ■','" '11, goul an 1 villi"".; juhn nf.
I HAVE had a great many Inquiries
lately from women who wish to increase their height. Until quite
lately ihis bus been considered almost
In the hghi of an impossibility, but recent developmenls hove shown that
much can be done in Ihls respect.
Of course, age has quite a lot to do
with the success of ibis operation, and
Un* younger the person the greater the
It has been shown that several boys
who have been debarred from the army
or navy one year on account of under
size have so Increased their height by
persistent nnd regular exercise liia.t
ihey have been able to enter the following year, it cannot be dono quickly,
nor can very many inches be added, but
li is quite possible lo Increase one's
height one or two inches.
Keeping the body slender will, of
course, give ihe appearance of height,
und a very greal deal ipay be done by
tin ssing with this Idea iu mind, for-
uwi irlng   lines  and  trimming lhat go
around aad cultivating long perpendicu-     attaining greater height, care must be
lor lines. taken  to stretch the muscles, not the
When exercise is to be the medium of    organs. Stretch, stretch, stretch must be
the slogan, hut only so much as enn bi»
done wilhoul any chance of injury.
To do ihe won. best, a horizontal bur
Is needed, placed at a height which
makes it necessary for a person to stand
on tiptoes to reach it. Grasp It ilriuly
wllh holh bunds (Figure I), then, standing on tiptoes, stretch and draw
llie body up, making sun- that every
muscle Is being brought Into play. This
should he done for tlve minutes If possible, wilh short rests In between If
then is a feeling of exhaustion.
Nexl (ouch the bar with one hand
(Fig. 2) and throw the full weight of the
body on the fool lo correspond. Then
Btreleh, doing first one side and then
the other for ten times.
To stretch the muscles of the lower
limits, position should be taken near a
support of some kind. Place the |,;imi
firmly on the support, and ihen put
back one leg as far as il will go (Fig.
3), pushing vigorously to exercise nil tho
muscles. Im this first with one foot and
then with the other before living the
fourth exorcise, which Is meant for the
upper purl nf the body.
This is done by leaning so far forward Ihui without a support one wnuld
lose balance. Make the leaning also a
stretching-reach Just as fnr as possible.
The woman who wants to grow taller
must keep up her physical condition bv
good, nourishing food, as bodies will not
grow without proper nourishment any
more than plums ur trees.
Mrs, Svines' Formulas for the Care of the Hair and Complexion
Annoying Pimples
I ' .'■: ii,- ■ n uder 1 ( your beauty col-
1    tinns, i. it few qui stlons
■ ...;.    1 um botheri il bu
(villi i, nplM that 1 iim mi my chin
,-||l nnl nn away unless I
1 needle; then they leave
. ■   ■ 1 ■:■■■■ that will not disappear. I
■ |il   .    ■' ■ .       ■■ "U il you can iHl
1,  .-. externally that
thi        uks di appear   1 am 10
ther of 1      1 hildren, i-m
lious looking typll f. r them.
A. K.
To Clear the Complexion
■ ivhai I "im us" 10
li sion ' Al  tiniPfl I
,:.; again am quiti  1 ale,
. ne  Is 90 nething ti   1 ■-■r: ll   Also,
■;.-::    - ■    ■   .      ■ .     ;
\    K    I..
thi     '■ ipl -xlon, rub tii,- face
befon   a 1 ihlng It, with two
II im ■ rs   of   sulphur
.  .   ■    plnl ■'■' ■■■
. .    .1 iiii I"  while
face    Mas-
ome   In ■
irrect I
1 ream for Pimples.
■ .
.- . 1
: int  ol
, . -
■    ■
/;'  chi   ■ n !' u \
C ■ 1     Wake Up,
■   ■
■  ii
, ■ , ■
•        :./.-■
ll   I
'!,,.. I       ■    '
[rtilng li      I nr clow
i* - -        *
'      I      ..      '    I-  ' ■ ,.,!..,
.1   fitifl     H. :    . '   ,    ,
■   '*,   1   ■ i'i    - *      	
•     ,   , ■      ■  ■        ,! ■!  lAlni I
all Kiighi In !■■ r I- 1 !■ 1.    ,- 11    ■A-lihiml
■     Ivi Iv nril'li 1 ii In il    ■ h   h
tin ,■ .■■ -■    1:;- .ni ii.i.ii llghi 11 1- i",i» ■
u opt I hi (j
l'\ne Becomes Red
W'.illd   Cell  1 hull     Rl  "   1    "'     -/mil
columns,   which   I  r I  eviry   ■-■ ■       in<l
 much Inn '-i**1 n  the nnmn n| n whito
palnl Himllar to rouge, with the difference
in color?
I Hud when thc face bums uncomfortably
ihe powder (Iocs not disguise tin- redness,
Try the following lotion, which will. I
think, prove beneficial:
For Whitening the Skin -A Liquid
Pure oxide of zinc. 1 ounce; glycerine, 1
drain; ro;ewater, t ounces; esEC-nce uf ruse, •
16 drops.
sift tin1 zinc, dissolve li in Just en-«ugh
nf the rosewater in cover It, then add the
glycerine, next the remainder of the tobo-
Shake well and apply with a Bofl sponge
nr an antiseptic gauze, The face must be
well wiped off before tin- llipiiil dries or
it win be Btrenked.
Hands in Bad Condition
Will you kindly t-ll me, when I urn buying ilu- ingn'dit-ins for your creams and
lolloiiB, Hhould iie* druggist nils them, nr
dues he simply wive me so ninny ounces
and drams in bottles'i 1 never followed
any nf your good ndvlco. though I am
gniiily in need of some nf your remedies.
My skin is s<> very dry thai my face feels
drawn and lines nre appearing, in my narrow Y"i l have never as,-1 nny cream,
lieeatme of tho large amounl of down on
my cheeks. Your oinngi'-llower ereain,
li iv< v. 1   Bppeala to me, fnr you Btntu so
Rmph ially that  n will not Increaae the
gmwth Can you toll ine ol»n what to dn
for   nu*   Imii'ls'.'   'Mny   nre   mil  HI 1.-,
,■   -.,,   . r open, un dry lines thai IHd
||   of   -lust   lhai   comes   In   1  mtai'l
■ '. .-■    Al tlmoB tho skin is so dry
Mini hoi thai it cornea off in b  rlerw.
Mra, m   |i
!■ ,.■.', 1 wl 1 prepare thc creams
■ '   you.  T prove tho
,,1 1 our hnnds wur cosmi lie
hi    1  im glvh ■- >■ llrec-
,. I,, iii ■ - He*in   The cream for
...! ' ,   ;   will  dso i" bi in   1 lal,
Cream for Chapped Hnnds,
.     !   "■! 'II
■       '
.,,,-    nlcol il    '■
,   ■   ■
,-■■,. *\ild thi
I «   n 1   11      ■' I
To Hake Cosmetic Gloves,
Muii     -
open  mul
■    . .    ■
■■- ip
■    ■     ■    ' '    ■    I
Cosmetic Glove Pn te
■  ... i-  ,1
'     ietli Glove PftBte   No. '-'.
,    ■ . I IVI    till ni
01    . ■   :.,■        ih (il wine,
,    ■       1  rfiiti    i"
■■    lun,:
,1   guard   md  l      ■■■*.■    too
C   metit Glove Pnste   No. 3,
■ l,
i pint
*.i •   ■ ,■ i - i" with to
,--. i ii
I -    ■  ■
,t ,-..p ,*   i   i ,    ■        ih
, -i .*
,i i     ,'   ■      |ri II*v
'.IH  '     '
-,i In ii 1      ind add the
,.   - i while It In hoi    .wm heating
'  Ing"!in    ■ ■' nnd msi wnti i
||   ,| ,,!.!.-        . ,-,        ,.-     |hl     t.   I
[lonnfitl unlll     i      , ■     i-i-'-- which will
i i   i I  nl "ly
To Dye ilu link
Annul ,ii j', i "I Ihll l wwK nl Or-
I .I'M    III!     ,'"i   i'tli,,",l   ,,,    ", Itiinna
,»','    t        1   ,     -Ml, MB    HI     ,1.1.1ns    KNIl
imlr iH.ti, „,!,. - * i a* nnrmlFii. My
i,:,i„', ,,,,, miiindl ,,i,i I,,," wslchp.1 lite
imiu'ia ,-.-„i   iv, k.  ii'i.l  ii vi '"' n
Hits n acconil Unit*,  will yi-u klmlly print'  (WO US  BOOH it" llORMlll*,,   stuunn   til,'
siiii,lis  iroiluccil?    .-Iiiii.-s,' Bitiiti; ivniiiiii
slain. lluKOTHV S.
1 ntn giving ynu formulas tor (wn
linir dyes, Imih of which will stiiln tho
liiiii-.lit-t.ivti. Tho Chinoso slain i" which
ynu ri-l'i-i- Is fur uso un the eyebrows
,t mi lashes only.
Walnut Stain.
Four ,,-jnn-s „f walnut skills, licatt-n t„ a
i,ul|,, to v, in. h is added imro nlcoliol, IG
oum-ci, Let slumi eight uays tin,l Urulii.
Then apply us any uUiit ijj-i'.
Brown Hair Stain.
Green walnut shells, . ounces; alum, li
ounce: pure ull, i ,„in,','.s.
Uuu tun,lli,-i- tn :i wat,-r tsilli utttll Hi,'
ivntii lms been complclely BXpclletl.   Tinn
CXpi'CBB,   llltt'l'    lllt'l    IiM'l mil,'.    TIlO    slllllt
it] 1,1 be iil'Plli'il t„ ill,' hull' with tl "until
Will  you
will iiiiiki- ui
Ilul,-.   n.'ii
hnnlly iniy
i-r.ds „C n,y
ili>.   I meil
ll  is 10 lllill
wllh It.   1
, very niiilii
080  siS,     U.
Tin-    full
growth uf
1'nlnlliig llv
(Utipcd in s
Ills,i  l-X.'i-ll
Imlr i-iii-i-i'u
I'lll'll'IS    ,I„M
pulleil tight
Eyelashes Thin
eyelnsnei g
.".*  „n  Uu
tin-   In
1 luiv
,,,-   11,1,
hair nro inllt almost half way
to Iiuvt- very ililih hair, l,ul
How I ,-iuill ,| .;,, iinytliliiK-
ihitniicn tin- (."in mul do It up
In inl,!,,'. curlers. I in-iu-mliy
, you iluiilt Unit will Inin Ihe
iwlng lot inn will promolo
Ihe eyelashes anil brows,
.oni nu-h nliilil Willi a brush
-I ull sllnliily wnrmoil Is
nl,   Hnve Uu, ends nf your
Ily sitii*',-,l, uml use it k 1
icalp.  Doing tlie hnlr up In
in,I Injure It, iiiili-ss ll is
in,null in break the hnlr.
and Eyelash Grower.
,-.,i..i-iim hm ounci-ii tiiyi'it'iii.'. !'- ounce
iini.i i-xitncl ul j.iiiui'iniiii, :! ilraniH.
\.-.iiiii,. in a,, ii,,,i.< nil it miiiy lui"
i , iti'il AppI, i,, llio eyi'lirowi nlli, tl
i.,„ ti   .ml   to  Uio  Imliei  wiih   n   I"
i     I    i. ,,i   pnlnl   litilstt.   Tlie Iniiali mu
In, he, .1 rrem nny drop nnd t„iss,,i I
ul, nn il Ill,, ol  Hi   cycllili, exerelili
■ Ill', '   ii-   ihnl    n ,   ,,lllllll,SI   |i,,llt,,|t
il,, I'.Un, lollchci the lye llwlf.
Hair Cray nl 22
ii nn
ny linir
Will  you  t'lune  nil
i inn'i i teseilptlun" y,,u
n uld » it,,- hair n>
u  ii ,,,",i,i I" „i,|,ti<-,i-'   I ,-nti't Boat
ll,,- il Khl -'' uilnn iiiiyiiiinn, Imt. im I mn
nh    ■  I my In Ir '.? ticcpmlnii K"iy. I
 ut l ,":illy irllll un h ll.lii«. sn I
como i„ you for advice, M. N.
Tho physician's remedy for reslorlnfj
Hi,, color in ilu- Imlr l« perfectly harm-
1,-ss   wlutl   lisetl  as tllleeleil.    Ilnwevel,
I iiiiiiit ii unwise fur bo young n person
lo iMMii lo coloring ih.- hnlr by nrtl-
Ik-liil molhoils.    I'-lrsi try getting the
icnl I Imlr In perfccl c Illlon by
,,.,,.!:.ui .'iml careful un,-ui!,,n. It is
qulii- probable Uuu n hnlr specialist
could,- \,,u valuable a,l\-i,-,- In re-
l" l',l I ullil, III llllll WOUld I'l'lni'i! tllC
nppparniii'c nf gray Imlr.
Excessive Oiliness of linir
I wrllo !■• you ,,iiinn for mlvlc it-ern*
I,,,- my hnlr, I lmvo mti.t brown hnlr, l-m
II i   nry oily,  I I would like yuu to
nit „,.. Biim'-thlug iluit ivmilil ink,- ""t mum
,,f the oil ->,:-i to muii" n fluffy, ntn nothing
imiii mi W'heu ll .. .ih- ii i" very, very
nark, i v.„si,,,i ii Monday, end by Thuri-
dny I" ,,„« ,,-ryaflly „n-l dink iiiitln. 1
... . ,,i,,i i, iri.-iiilfli.ny inplcs, nu wilhoul
.,,, ,,.aa !'*   M. 8.
Formula lor Oily Hair.
i-.,. ti,, following mixture dully, rubbing
mil Inn, llll   icalpi
•j, ■ i, ,1 .     when iinis-l. .- ,',n„' i
rowrcln, !*- grain
To Remove Superfluous Ha'u
I in,,,, been ii-iiut b ilcpllntory for hali .n
n-.i Miln nil .,,, (siting ,il-',,' r.g ,1. n- I
fall tu n,„l  ,'   ,l" nihil l-ainllt. nti,I havt
already hm! two boltlei. If y,.u knew ot
a depilatory you lliiuk would l„- bettor, I
wish you would let n,,' know,  i wnuiii have
It  done  with  the ,brill,, neodlo,  lull  na l
do nm live iii ii i lis- l iiii nit knuw whoro
to u„ t„ have ll done. Could v„u tilve in,,
any bleu uf how Itnieli tt wiillld ensl to
have It done? m. It.
Try tlie following depilatory;
(Inn of lho oldest depilatories nuinufnc-
ttiie,!, and whirh Inm n very largo sale.
la ns fiiiiiiw-s:
Bulphydrate of smlii, ico grains; chalk,
800 Ki-iiinH.
Mix thoroughly uml keep dry In well-
corked bottle, uiitii wanted r„t- iih,-. Take
en,muii i„ make a paste mn! add warm
vator t„ li iiniii ihe proiier eomlitenoy is
secured, Bproad ovor lit- hairy surfaco
mul allow t,, i,limit, for from ono 1,1 livo
inlnuli-H. according ti, lho iiniure ,,f iim
growth an,! tin- sii.-ivntit.iiiiy „r tlio »kni,
ihen Bcrupc „ir tviili n 1,liun lila.l,.-a ,,,i|,,.i-
ki lie. for ,-x;im|il„. II slmubl l„- removed,
us In even- com wiih n depilatory, when
the litlr.ilni; Bensntlon Is produced. To,.
I, uu contact willi lho skin should be avoided, nml Immedlutcly nfter tho hair bus been
removed   the   denuded   sin (a,-,,  ulioiil	
gcnlly wns-ii,,| witii warm water ami n cold
creuin or u uiiiml „n nppik-tl t„ prevent lnl-
Illness Causes Hair to Fall
i'iiii I use ii hair imiii- nn,l Imlr ilyo?
Would you advlie the uee ,,l ,, Imlr tonlo
in connot ib,ti with Uie ptivHti bur* nro-
Miipilon to leitore the color ond mnko iln-
l.nir giow mu again?  I have I vei-j sl,-k
md mv hali- has fnllon em, and whnt la
led la cray. an,! ua 1 um only 35, ! am
very niiieh worried ul„,ui It and will go
according i„ your advice. Mv hair Is i-cry
dry mid I i in nut keen It It- placo. It icoma
n, slain and il»lo Ilk,, when 1 comli II.
Now, whu! tonic wnuhl you inlvlsi'-.'
IV,  W
V,„i cannot well use n tonic uml ,lve
nil yuur bull' ul  llie sntlle lime.   I  nil-
Vise  ynll   (0   trim   111,'   sl'lil   elltls   of   till'
hair, sliuimioii li thoroughly uml then
commence troatmoni with tin- i„]|,,wl,ii;;
Quinine Hair Tonic.
Hulpluile nf oulnlne, I drn'mi rosowolcr,
I ot si 'Hint. ,ui|,iitiiie iiiiii, I, minimi;
n,'till,',I splllls, : n '-   Mis. Ill,,, flintier
mid: aiycerlno '; ounce; wimico roynli oi
,-.-*. ii..,. mna!,, ', ur ii minima. Agltnli- until
iolutlo.1 I* ,'",, lilM". Apply tn tin- I',, t, Millie hnlr over, day.
How ti) Gel C
I tun n rend -r nnil have been much In-
lereitcd lu ynur columni, nnd If ll Is n,,t
asking i mh ,,i you, I would ilk,, tn
consult you nii.mi il,,- orange [lower cream.
I wnuld Hli,- i" know whoto I can net u
mul nti"iii whin li win toil, I Irled i„ get it
of um druggist, and he said il wnuld cost
mo moro liuni ll wns leiilly worth. If you
liii'-uv „r nny rollnbla druggist where I ean
Midiiin ii. wnuld you plena,, Bend me iho
umn. nmi iilmiil llie prior nf It V
Mill A. K.
Xitines of ileulers nr commercial nnl*
clos uie iiiii given through this dojiart-
nieui. lui! I nssiiro you Hint nny reliable
irugglst will prepare iim ornuge-flowoi'
cieitei for ymi ui u moderate cost.
Protruding Ear
Could yuu kindly auvisr in„ through ynur
column iiI'miii n inini,,- wtii,'), ia vory im-
pMriani io mo? I nm n mil nf is. and
iIiimiiiUi sMiiie negleci uf my inutlier one of
my ears protrude! uuiili ni„i" Ihail um
ntli,','. i',„,Id vmii tol! me „r nti, way I
c,mid nink" lit",,, luuk moro luilnral. ur do
you ildiik uu „p,-riiii,,ii wuui.i bo ol any
benelil?     ■ MU' W.
Vnn .-.-in do much inward iriilnlng the
protruding car closer to tho head hy
wearing ut night uiul al convenient
times during ihe dny n skeleton cap
similar I" thus'- worn by small children
for Ihls purpose, A strap Bhould be arranged i" i-ome directly ovor the protruding e.',r.


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