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The Mail Herald 1906-06-27

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ine Mau-neraia
Empire Typewriter
VoL 12.-No. 88
$2.50 Per Year
Cl Hume SCo.
Large Consignment of Crosse
Blackwell's Pickles Just Arrived.
C. k 11. Cliow-Chow, mixed, white onions and walnuts, in quart
and pint bottlei, Ior 35c. and (16c. per bottle.
C. 4 li. Malt Vinegar, in quart bottles, 35c.
C. k. IS. Lucca Oil, in liall pint, pint and quait bottles at 30c.,
60c and $1.00 per bottle.
O & B. Olives, in hall pint, pint and quart bottles, at 40c., (10c.
and $1.15 per bottle.
C. & B. Gurrie Fowder, in 2 ot., 4 oz., and 8 oz. bottles, for 20c.,
30c. and 50c. per bottle.
0. & B. Gapers, in 4 oz, and 0 on, bottles at 20c. and 25c. per
G. & B. Mushroom and Walnut Ketchup in 35c. bottles.
C. A B. Jams and Jellies of all kinds, in glass jars, from 25c, to 35c
per jar,
C. A B. Marmalade in 1 lb., 4 Ib. and 7 lb. tine, at 25c, 65c. and
$1.00 each.
Seeley's Extracts
We alio have a lull line ol Seeley's Extracts, in 2} oz, bottlea, in
the following flavors, at 25c. per bottle :—
Banana, Rose, Clove, Ginger, Orange, Pineapple, Cinnamon
Almond, Winter Oreen, Pistachio, Cherry, Vanilla, Lemon, Pear,
Fruit Flavoring, Crffee, Apricot, Blackberry and Raspberry.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stem at Arrowhead and Revelitoke.
If you are looking for something nice in SPOONS AND
SPEOIAL" for Souvenirs, we have Ihem here.
Pack your grip with the articles yuu are accustomed to use at home.
You will And it difficult some times to obtain just the nice things you are
accustomed to use, especially in going to small places.
Let us post you on a few such needs.
Special Needs for a Lady
Toilet Creams for Sunburn and Tan, Toilet Powder, Toilet Puffs.
Curling Irons, a Soap Box, Good Pure Soap, a good Sponge and Sponge Bag,
Bathing Gaps, Lowney's Chocolates.
Special Needs for a Qentleman
Shaving Soap, Shaving Brush, Razor, Razor Strop, Cream for after
Shaving, Talcum Powder, Pocket Comb, Hair Brush, a Box of good Cigars.
GENERAL NEEDS-Tooth Brushes, Cloth Brushes, Nail Brushes,
Tooth Paste, Powder or Wash.
A few simple medicines are always needs such as perfect headache
waferf, Gibson's Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy, Laxative Fig Syrup.
We can please you in varieity and price in anything you wish.
The Red Cross Drug Store D. NAIRN, Pom. B.
We make a specialty of Wiring Houses
for Electric bights and Bells.
We also carry a splendid assortment of
Chandeliers and Globes.
We guarantee satisfaction in all work
and if you require any Electrical Work
done call on t1"'        ,
American Packers Worrying-
Sudden Death of Composer
- A Terrible Revenge —
Mine Accident.
New York, June 27.—J. Ogden
Armour suys the attack on the packing interests is killing industry nnd
vastly affecting American goods of all
kinds abroad. Loss may run into
hundreds of millions. He claims the
attack is without reason nnd asks:
"What has liecome ol our Initiated
Ameiicun lair piny?"
Toronto, June 27—President Hoover, of the Sovereign Life, iu ovidenco
before the insurance commission yesterday, laid it was necessary to make
speciul arrangements to secure business. He knew of only one man who
lind voluntarily sought insurance, and
that was en the life of his wife whom
he afterwards twice tried to murder.
London, June 27.—A Royal Commission is to be appointed to investigate congested districts and other
Irish affairs.
Toronto, June 27.—Alec. Muir,
composer ol " The Maple I*?al," dropped dead yesterday.
New York, June 27.—Frankly admitting he killed Architect White,
and pleading in justification that
White had ruined the life ol his wife,
a beautiful former chorus girl, H. K.
Thaw, brother of the Countess of
Yarmouth, occupies a cell in the
Tombs awaiting the action of the
Grand Jury on a charge of murder.
Greenwood, June 27—Paddy Clune,
who was seriously injured in the Skylark mine yesterday by a falling rock,
is not expected to live.
(From Our Own CorreBponilent}.
H. 8. Bailey, ol the Y. C. L. Co.
staff, left on a two weeks trip to the
The closing exercise) of the school
took place on Friday last. The children gave a very pleasing pieformance.
Our school teacher, Mies Mebins,
left for her home at Nanaimo, B. C.
On Friday evening last the steam
launch Minewa took a jolly crowd up
t'i St. Leon Hot Springs, where Mine
Host Grady and also Miss Smith did
their utmost to make things pleasant
for the crowd. The evening was spent
in tripping the light-fantastic and the
return trip was made in the "wee
sma" hours.
F. W. Jordan, with his gasoline
launch, the Mohawk, took a party
composed of Prof. J. A. Udden, w
Rock Island. III., T. N. Okerstrom, ol
Port Wing, Wis., B. P. Bole, of Cleveland Ohio, and Thos. Abriel, ol
Nakusp, up to Pingaton Creek on a
trip to the Adventurer groupol mines,
owned by Mesirs. Abriel and Smith.
At St. Leon, J. A. Kirkpatrick, ol
Escanaba, Mich., joined the party
which proceeded to the mines, where
considerable development work has
been done. J. A. Udden, who is a
protestor ol Geology, made an inspection ol the properly. We are
unable to report the result ol the
profeseors' investigation, but the
gentlemen are very much impressed
with the scenic beauty ol the mountains and lakes of British Columbia.
Great credit is due Thos. Abriel, who
lute interested these gentlemen so
much that they have visited this part
ol B. C. with the intention of investing capital in the mines ol British
On Sunday last the Minewa took a
crowd down the lake. A call was
made at the ranch ol Messrs. Prake
Bros., where a pleasant afternoon was
spent. Alter tea waa served on the
beach, the crowd went over to R,
Maxwell's ranch, nnd Mr. Maxwell
vey kindly turned them loose iu his
strawberry patch, to which you may
be sure ample justice was done. Mr,
Maxwell has an ideal spot lor a ranch
and llis Iruit trees are loaded with
D, St. Denis, ol Slocan, was in town
Mrs. Clemens and family have re
moved to Nelson.
Mrs, E. J. Bangs ipent a lew days
at T. Makinson's.
Geo. Lester, better known as "Old
Dad," met with an accident on Satur
day, while driving some slakes on his
ranch. A glancing blow (rom a hammer struck him on the arm, breaking
it above the wrist, He was taken to
Arrowhead by the launch Minerva
where the fracture was set by Dr.
Mrs. A. N. Cowan has returned from
Miss Constance Brett is home on
her vacation from New Westminster
A. Hobbs, while out Hilling on
Saturday, raw an animal swimming
across the lake. On investigation it
proved to lie a wild cat. On reaching
•bore Mr. Hobbs secured a stick and
killed il.
"To neglect to advertise ii like relieving never to travel by steam or
communicate by telegraph."—Horace
Greeley. Get an advertising space in
the Mail-Herald.
In a claim made by the Public Administrator for damages for the death
ol a miner, Judge Morriaon has ruled
Ihe St. Eugene Company liable (or
such damages.
Tennis Tournament.
The next event in the tournament
will lie Gentlemen's Doubles for which
J. G. Barber has kindly presented u
trophy. This should prove a very
exciting competition.
Weather permitting, Moatlames McLennan and Atkins will serve tea nt
the tennis ground this evening, when
the final round In the mixed doubles,
Mr. Sissons nnd Miss Calder vs. J. G.
Barber and Miss, Hurdle, will he played.
It is expected that other Interesting
events will also tike place.
The following team will represent
Ilevelstoke at Vernon on July 2nd:—
Goal, Entwhistle; Backs, Sissons and
Maguire; Hall Backs, Kerlnot, Lyons,
Feeney; Forwards, W. S.,iythe, Dun-
lop, Annan, A, Ljleuux, J. Allan.
Reserves, Lnurance and Lee, Revel-
Btoke colors will be blnck and white.
Revelstoke will be represented by
the following team at Vernon on Monday: Goal, B. Dickey;Point, P, Dunne;
Cover, W. Buck; 1st defence, E. Edwards; 2nd defence, A Hillier; 3rd.defence, W. Barber; centre, G. Knight;
1st home, ,C. P. Latham; 2nd home,
A. Woodland; 3rd home, 0. Kerloot;
outside home, N. Lee; inside home, E.
Tlie mayor should call a meeting
soon to see il we shall celebrate Labor
Two New Directors Appointed
James Cronin, of Moyie, and J. C.
Hodgson, of Montreal, have been elected to the board of directors of the Consolidated Mining and Smelting Co. ol
Canada, Limited,
The Consolidated Mining and Smelter Company's smelter at Trail is
doing a very profitable business. For
the three months ending 31st March,
11106, there were 88,847 tons ol different kinds of ore received at the smelter. Of thil 82,599 were smelted. The
output ol the smelter was as follows:
Gold     34,434 ozs.
Silver r   619,013 ozs.
Copper  1,226,567 lbs.
Lead  8,340,000 lbs.
The gross value of which, at the full
quotations for the metals, was
Angus McKay and Sam Hill own a
promising gold-silver property on
Cherry Creek. The ore shows gold,
and native silver.
Manager James Cronin, of the Consolidated Mining A Smelting Company
ol Canada, limited, visited Sandon a
few days since and put a force of five
men to work on tho Eureka-Richmond
A strike ol rich ore is reported Irom
the McAllister group up the North
Pork of Carpenter creek. The ore is
ol the dry variety, and assays 1,000
ozs., besides carrying values in gold.
The ere ii permeated with wire silver,
and embedded in very brittle quartz.
A force of miners arrived in Golden
Irom West Kootenay during the week
and lelt Ior the Ptarmigan mines,
where work is to be pushed vigorously
It, is understood the management intend to ship between 70 and 80 tons
of oro every week to the Trail smelter.
About thirty men are to lie employed
railIndIteamer. '
Work ol laying steel on the V. V. k
E. from Midway west has commenced
the tracklaying machine and some 75
men being employed.
At the present moment there are
lilty thousand men working for the
Canadian Pacific Railway, on the railway alone. This means that il there
are a million men amongst thc six
million people iu Canada, about live
out ol every hundred ul them are
working Ior the Canadian Pacific
Railway. The payroll ol the C. P, It
approximates about $20,000,000 per
yenr to the road employees.
Hon. Mr. Emnierson hopes to ask
lor tenders in July fur tho eastern
section ol tho Grand Trunk Pacilic
Irom Quebec to Monctnn.
Proposed to be Erected in
The Godericb Star, of Goderich
Ont., says: " It. Howson. of Revel
ttoke, B. C, who has been here owing
to his mother's illness and funeral,
has engaged Architect Fowler to prepare plane (or a block in Revelitoke,
lor the firm ol which lie is a partner.
Tho block iB four storeys, 100 It. by
95 It., to lie used for lurnittire and
house Furnishings, with undertaking
parlors on the lirst lloor to seat 300
people. The building is to be erected
ol cement blocks or brick ut a cost ol
Verdict of Accidental Death.
On Saturday altenuinu Dr, Sutherland held an inquest touching the
cause ol death ol the two men who
were killed at the Loop nn Friday.
The following wero the jury: Olevo
Hall, F. G. Brown, A. Y.. Anderson,
A. Cowie, II. Puce and ,1. Haner. Mr.
(!. Hall was chosen foreman. Constable Upper conducted the inquiry
on behalf of tho Provincial Government, Supt. Kilpatrick watehed it on
behalf of the C. P. It, and G. H. Mo-
Carter appeared for the 0.1'. II.
The evidence of .1. P, Forde, 0. E.,
W. Miller, .1. Fraser, It. Leach. 0. E.,
and II. Cliiiale was taken to the i-ll'ecl
Hint Um appliances used in lowering
the spun into position were the usual
ones employed in such a case, thnt the
rope had held the span for two hours
in suspension previously nnd was tested before the span was moved into
position. The witnesses accounted for
the accident by the rope having he
come cut by the turning of n thimble,
a thing which they had never known
happen before, Supt. Chontc said he
took special precautions to secure the
safety of the men engaged on the work.
The acting coroner, in addressing
the jury said the evidence showed the
material used was the best, and it
seemed to him to have been jiiBt an
The jury, after a brief deliberation,
returned a verdict of accidental death
and that no blame attached to any
At the Opera House Tomorrow
We arc juit opening up a choice lot
ol chenille and tapettry curtains and
draperies—V. B. Hume k Co., Ltd.
NttMns better Dim "Our ip-teW.
Tbe person who stole the bicycle
Irom between tho stores of Messrs.
Hustings, Doyle k. Alluni is requested
to return same forthwith, failing which
the matter will be placed in the hands
ol the office.
The performance under the auspices
of the Ladies Y. M. C. A. Auxiliary
at the Opera House tomorrow night
promises to be a most successful one.
'Meg's Diversion," the play to be produced on this occasion, is a bright and
pretty comedy well suited to the season of the year. The members ol the
cast have been rehearsing faithfully
for several weeks and patrons are assured of a good evening's entertainment, and as it is in aid of a worthy
object a bumper bouse will no doubt
be the result. Following is the cast:
Jeremy Crow, (a Devonshire farmer)..
 D. M.ltae
Ashley Merton, Esq., (ol the Hall) ...
 W. M. Lawrence
Jasper Pidgeon, (a Village Carpenter)
.  R.H.Sawyei1
Roland Pidgeon (his brother)	
 W. A. Sturdy
Eytem, (a Lawyer) T. H. Dunne
Cornelia j daughters (..Miss Hobbs
Margaret ( of Crow (.MissHislop
Mrs. Netwell, of the Grange, (a widow)
  Mrs. W. M. Lawrence
The 35th annual communication of
the M. W. Grand Lodge ol Britisli
Columbia, A. F. it A.M., opened at
Victoria lost week About 100 delegates were present. The forty-one
subordinate lodges within the province were represented at the communication.
The next annual communication
will be held at Vernon.
K. of P.
Arrowhead Lodge, No, 38, was instituted in the town ol Arrowhead on
Friday evening. Grand Chancellor
Win. Irvine, ol Nelson, being the
instituting iilliccr, assisted by 1).
Thomas, of linssliind, and It. J. Joy,
of Nelson, members of the Grand
Lodge, and assisted iu the ritualistic
work by Bros, E. W. I). Paget, ,1. B.
Scott, E. II. Lewis, W. Fleming, ,1.
Morgan and G. H. Brock, members ol
Gold Range Lodge, No. 26, Revel toke.
The Charter list contained some 32
names, hut unfortunately all could
not lie present on that (lute. Hugh
Ste ens, an old member from Nelson,
alliliated by card.
Sixteen new members were initiated
and expressed themselves deeply
interested and fully appreciative of
the principles of I'ythiinisni as exemplified, which gives ample assurance ol
the future of Arrowhead Lodge.
The following were elected I'ust
Chancellor! :
Hugh Steven's, Dr. Hamilton, G. I).
Campbell and Ed. McGagliraii.
The election of iillicers resulted us
follows:—O.C., Capt, McLennan; V.C.,
.1. II. McGagliraii; Pre., ,1, Taylor; W.
ol W., John Woodford; K, ol It. A B.,
.1..I. Sutherland; M. of F., Hugh Stevens; M.ol Ex., Wm. Kirby; M.atA.,
Geo. II. Campbell; I. G , Chas. Clark;
0, G„ Win. Ronnie,
There Is evory reason to believe the
abovo ollicers will prove themselves
thoroughly worthy ol the trust re
posed in llieni,
... , m .	
Sandon, Juno 26.—Fire started at
Archie Macdonald's house, through
his son playing with matches, and
spread to llie adjoining houses before
the firemen could get tn work. Al.l
the dwelling houses on the Cody Road
from H, F. Pound's two houses to Mr.
William Davidson's, are completely
wiped out, 15 in nil, with a loss ol all
the furniture nml contents.
"Meg's Diversion," Opera House,
tomorrow (Thursday) night—Y, M.
C, A, Benefit. Tickots on sale at The
Canada Drugstore.
Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Hay, Feed,
Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness,
Paints, Rifles, Ammunition, Miners Supplies.
Agents for McClarys Stoves, Hollywood
Paints, Imperial Varnish Co's. Products,
Marlin Rifles.
BOURNE   BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
We have left a few j-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and integdinr, Vhasers should not delay
in making their selection. '-,    ~"7"
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
i Try a Bag of it and get the
5  Satisfaction we Guarantee.
REVELSTOKE, B. C. ruaPUU. nr.u   n waiuwai   ,i.mi c
Im.uii  ; p(Kta;e io Knglaud. United States
nnd Canada.
Ik the year |throu*jii postoffiee]       ?--■'
Quarter "
Legal notice* 10 ecnta per lino first In*
Scents pur Unc each subsequent in-
Measurcincnt- Nniip<ini-1 [12 llticn
inehV   Store   and   general bu>
nouncements $.'..">" per inch pi r i
Preferred potions.  25   per   cent
ditiiML  Births, Marriages and I
5Cc, each insertion.   Timber notlui
Lind  notices  I7.-S0   All ad vert U<
subject tothe approval of the managi
Wanted and Cundi-n-cd Adveiii-tin
Agent.- Wanted, Help Wanted, Sim
wanted,    .Sit ii at in ns    Vacant,    Te
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted. 1" wo
Iobb 25c. each additional lino 10
Change,-, in standing adv. irtisemonl-'
botany!) a. m. Tuesday and Krh
•a ch week io secure good display.
i-nt   HINTING promptly oxocutcdai reason*
.tbie rale-.
rEHMS-Caeh,   Subscriptions puyablo in adj
luHKKSPONDKNCB inrttod on matters ol
public interest. Communlcatfons to Kelt-
tor inu-t be -accompanied by name ol
writer, not necessarily f» publication, bul
>j evidence or good faith.  Corropo nice
-hmiM be brief.
ke om
- an
a- or
iy of
It.   Mil
,T1!K  ST.W   L.VWIIKN'I I'   I I-'
Mi Heinle Avenue.
Omens:   iMi-Kiii.ii.  Hank  i:i,,,k,  Ukvki,
8TOKB, ll. 0.
Money to loan.
Offlcc: Ilevelstoke, B.R.: Kori Stoclo, B.C,
(Iko. S, McCaktkk,
a. M. l'l.vKiia.M, .1. A. Harvey,
Revelstoko.B. 0. I'orl Stcclo, H. C,
J. M. Soott l.l. II W. I. IlrlgK",
Money to Loan^W|
First Street. Revelsloke, B.C
I'l-nviiii-iiil Land Surveyor.
Mine Sin veying
McKenzie Avenue,
Hnx lui, Ukvki.btiikk
Mining Enginehh,
(Mem. American Institute Mining Kngincen-1
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke, B. ('.
Examination of and reports on Mineral Pro.
pcrties a Specially.
Agent for Canadian Metal  Company, buyer*
nf zinc ores.
Zbc fltaiMberalb
" I won il . . . i-iirtii-slly nilvisi- thi-ni (in-
their e-xal to order thin Jaipur to In- pniicttmlly
scrvet, up, and to bo looked upon n* n partol
th.1 tea equipage."—Addison.
WEH.NEI.DAY, JUNE 27. 1110(1
At lite meeting ol the Cily Counoil
on Friday night the Water and Light
Committee will make (he recommendation that the light dues be reduced
from 17 cents per kilowatt as at
present, to 15 cents per kilowatt, with
a further reduction ol 20 per cent, ns
discount on payments made by the
21111) of each month. This will reduce
the rates for Revelstoke to the same
as were in lorce at Vancouver before
the installation ul the Lake Beautiful
Power, the finest power in the woild
The proposal of tlie committee should
be accepted by the council and if so
this reduction, which will amount to
about 3U per cent, on present rates,
should give the utmost satisfaction to
the citizens.
New Members.
IY,., following is the list of 1 ow
application! tor membership:—
linn. Members E. Whyiuper, 1,-n-
iliin,  England; K.  Devillo,   F.R.SO.,
Active Mcmbere—Rev. U. R. Kin-
,-y, II. A, Michel, I*. W.ti.l-'iivhin,
.. n York City.
II ndiiii'.ing Members— Miss Nan
,1,-l.eiinnii, Miss Laura E. Marshall,
Miss Chnrlotto E. Uigh, .1 11. Alex
under, I-'. Yoigh, E.G. Bruwu,'loroiito.
.1. S. Hunt, II. W. Me Lea n, Miss
(Irnce Cameron, Mrs. A. O. Wheeler,
Mies Anna M. Stewart, Miss Annie (I.
l-'„„li-, Ilev. A. 0, MoRae, B. E. Sick-
h r, S. L. .limes, lluv. A, Dunn, Mrs.
Alico li. .loiies, 11. E. Anderson, Cal-
Mr. and  Mrs.   II. .1. Palmer, Miss
Milder  ('"ok, Mrs. li. E. Campbell,
Dr. lliis A, Lyman, Hunt!'.
ii. D. Hoar, Flold,
Miss Jessica L, Sherman, B, A.,
Sioux Fulls, Smith Dakota.
Miss Emma A. Barnard, 11 ilton,
Mrs. .1. 15, Griffith, Miss Mabel I'.
Durham and Miss E. F. Fernie, Golden, 11. 0.
Dr, A. M. i. Campbell, Domi'd
Keith, l.l. II, Holmes Graham, Miss
('Inn Adams, Mis. E. F. Stephenson,
Miss llenililine Ste|iliensoil,U inilipeg,
II. II. Aikius, liev.T .l.s Ferguson,
Miss Evelyn ll. Hobbs, Ilevelstoke
0, II. Glllis, Vnnctiiiver
Miss Dorothy Sharpe, Brookliuo,
Byron II. Harmon, W, Nioliolion,
E. M. Bui'waih, New Westminster.
The Camp is Looking up -
Strikes on  Eva and
Ma m moth.
When Cory Meiihinick lirst took up
the townsite ol Camborne lie did so in
the full Inilli ihnl- it was in I ho centre
of ono of the richest mineral belts ill
the province. Though Ciiinbiirne has
had its set-backs, a day ol prosperity
is at hand, and things nre looking up
well nil over Fish Creek. The extensive operations ol the Bowman Lumber Company bus given n great fillip
to Fish Creek this season nnil now the
milling industry is getting into splendid shape.
A rich strike is reported on the Eva,
reports Irom Camborne stntiiii: an ore-
body has been lound in the 7(111 loot
level, which is the richest yet found
in the mine, As soon ub the news
reached the directors at Nelson they
called Mr. Gracey, the manager, lo a
consultation nnd it Ib understood ns
the result the oapltal ol the Company
will be immediately increased and an
addition made to the mill with a view
to conducting operations on a mon
extensive scale and lessening the cost
ol production.
At the Mammoth an excellent body
of ore is reported to have been opened
up nt 300 ft,, and the success of the
mine is snid to bo assured.
The announcement we make in another column of the constitution ol
Revelstoke as the central customs
port of the Interior of liritish Columbia, marks another big step in tin-
recognition of the central position
which Kevelstoke holds as the huh ol
Interior British Columbia. This is
also another step towards getting a
Dominion Government buildiug in
this city lor the accommodation ol the
Post Olliee, Customs Staff and Public
Works Department,
W. I Briggs, ,,l llevd.-tok,. has
been appointed secretary ol the Interior Liberal Association,
.1. A. Maedonald, the provincial
liberal leader, intends making a tour
of the province and meeting the
friend) oi the party,
Mr. .1 A. Maedonald, leader ol the
UWrnl opp *ition, has iuued instruction! to the leads ,-i the lil-i-rul or-
ga lisati mi thn ugh ml the province,
to prepare Inr an early general
electi -
Offers New Field of Exploration
N. T. Edwards has been instrumental in drawing the attention of some
of the men interested in the Cotton-
belt mineral properties in the Big
Bend to the (net that the best means
ol access to that property is via Revelstoke ami Seymour trail which was
used to get into the llend during the
mining excitement ol the sixties. As
a result two gentlemen interested arrived in the cily Monday and went up
the river on the steamer Revelstoke
on Tuesday to look into the matter
lor themselves.
II the government will open uji the
old trail ninl run a short piece of trail
connecting that trail with Downie
Creek, excellent and convenient
means of reaching the Cottonbelt mineral properties will be provided and
Revelstoke and the Big Bend will
derive much benefit from the adoption of tin' new route .
*:.'***. J£   ui  In  Udillelloivs'   unit  ,u s
o'clock      .'i-ilillll   Klllllllls  Bit'
ci,r,li»il!y inil,-,I
li. W. H. PAGET, CO.
(i. II. Illtori., K. ol It. .*. I'll. A. BROWN, M. ,,( I''
Koolonnv Lodtte No. 15 A F. & A.M.
Tin, runitliii-  nniol-
in,;, mm ln-1,1 III Ihi-
Mn-onbi    T.'inplii,
Ki-lluws llnll.an i
l„ ihlnl M iijln i
in li   nl   M
Vi- u'U'i-lll  !
t-tii-i inil:   iml
r. A. I'ltOCUNIKIt, St«.'imw.Y.	
SELKIRK "LODGE. NO 12.1. 0. 0. F.
Meets ,-ut.v Tli'il-silll'
ovoning Inudd Follows
Hull   ul.   t   o'clock
flVisilin,- brcllirniionr
* iliully in.'' ' I" al
II. M.U'llll.NAI.Il. N.li. J, MM UIU. Sue
poriiitssion in purohtuio Lliu Ii,ii„wiiik ,i, senaou
luiiils, situated in West Kootonay, wo-l sido
Columbia rivor, Fire V.-lluyi
Uoiiiinenohij! at a posl in ihalns nnrlh ot
l.nnKnl's imrtli wost corner i„,sl nml marked
"Harry Mclnto-in'a lorlh i-ii-i enrner posl,"
llu-iii-i, west, sn ohains, llionoo -onHiKti ehniiis.
ihouco nasi 80 eliuiiis, ihonoo mirth 8*1 chains in
place illtioiiini in cinenl.
Ilnlt'il .lime llllt, hut;.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Pi-ices PaiQ
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
nl Vancouver Heal Estate would iln
11 in eon inloiitu wllh
800 Hasting* Street, West, Vanoouver,
I'm prevailing prices,    I'. 0. Box 1)1)3.
Halcyon Hot Springs
tinder the new uiiiiingeiui'iil 'of
ll.MiiiY MclNTOSH,  IIoIViiiuii   House
mill? MEDICAL WATERS of Hal-
| cyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, niiliinil remedy for
nil Neivous nml Miisi-iilui- diseasi'8,
Uver, Kidney nnd Stouiaoli ailments
md Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
I'm- "Tbiil, Tired Keeling." Special
i-nl.es on all bonis nnd trams. Two
mails in rive nml depnit every dny.
Telegi-n li communication with all
marls of the world.
XBIUIB—$12 lo $1S per week.   For
further particulars apply lo
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroiu Lake, 3. C
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
SKI-'.llS. Now crop now in stock and on lest,
in inti- greenhouses. Ask your merchant Inr
llicin in sciili-il packages. If ho does not handle
tin-in wc will mail -HI assorted. 6c pnckels of
vi-gelnlile nnd llowet- sooila lour owl scloctlon,
snilalilii I'm- II. ('. gardens) Cm- St'MI. S|iecinl
lirlcosmi your l.lllk seed,.
MMNTAI. TltRKa now rnaily (or spring
l-'xtl-n Hi,■(' slnek Of tWO llllll Ihrel'-yi'lir Apple
Troon nt s-".n" por I'm. Slsii.ir. por I.'h.i; Mtiy-
niiiil Plums, 11.110 eacli; Italian Prune, two-
year, tine. Si',."" por I'.l; Sugar 1'i-tiiie, two-
year, lino, 130.00 for 100.
Full list ol Othor slock ill regular prices. No
expense, loss or ticlny ol fumigation or
Lot ine price your list tiefnre placing your
(ireciiliousc Plants, l-'loi- Work, Boo Supplies,
Fruit Packages, Fertilizers, etc.
cataijOquk Fiti-ii-;.
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc., to any part of the City.
Any Kind of Transferring
Trueman's Studio
VTUTICK  is  hereby  tflveii   Unit   -to  fluj's
1>   iiflnr.liiLo  I   inlmiil Id .i|i]!lytntliil Huimr-
iiiilu tlm rliii.r I'liinmis'liiiior of Undi nud
Works Inr n utioeitil licoiise Ui out uml curry
nwuy timbor fnnn Uio folk-wing tloaorfbea
liimls. siiuiiiod in Odoyoos division of Yiilo
1. Commouoingntu iwat uliiiilod mi tlio wast
bank of tlio south branch of Cliorry crook nt a
liiiiiitlll milos uortli onstorly frmn tliolll-niilo
imst mi ilm Monaslieo wugon rond and mnrkod
"A. HoCioh's imrlli oust oomor post," tlionco
snulli Ilk) chains; thouce wost Hi clmins; thnnco
imrlli hill chainsi tlionco oust 40 olinina io tlio
[mini of commeiicomont.
2. •Uommeucllig nt u |Ki9t plantod on tho
west lunik of tho south hrancli nf Cliorry crook,
about 10 milos uortb oasterly from thotu-milo
post oil tho Uniuishoo witSOil road and marked
"A. McCroa's sniitli-wost cornet pnst," thonco
mitli HU) chains; thonco cast 411 clmins; Ihi-nce
..iirlh 1H cbnins; thonco wost 4U chains to tho
point of commoncomont.
3. Commencing at n post plantod outho wost
bank of lho smith brunch of Cliorry crock, about
Hi milos iinrth-oaslorly from Iho Hi miln pnst on
(In; Mniiaslieo wagou road and markod 'A. Mc-
I 'rim's stnilh-wosi corner pnst." tlionco north Wl
clmins; thonco oasl 80 chains tboilOO snulli IU)
hiiius; tlionco wost »>*> chains to tho point nf
I. Commonolng at a [wat plantod on tho wost
bank nf tho smith brinch of Cliorry crook,
about iu milos nortmoastorly from tho Hl-milo
pnsl mi tho Mmiiishoo WttgOli rnnd and marked
"A, McCroa's -oiith-oast corner imst," thonce
uortli Kil chains; thonco wost ittlchaitis; tlitnce
south 80 ohains; thonce oast Hi) chains to the
point of commfMicomout.
Loch tod tho 23rd Mny, 1«M.
'i. CciiiimciiriiiM at n post planted about a
mile wost frnm tho west bank of Lake croek at
n point ubout 1 milos north-easterly from thu
junction of Lake creok With the north fork nf
Cherry creek und markod "A. McCrea's north
wosl comer post," thouco east 80 chains; thonco
south 81) chains; thonco west 81) chains; thouce
north 8(1 chains to the point of commencement
Located tho 'J8tb May, HUM.
Dated this 9th day or Juno, 1006.
and ciinv a i*ny timber from the fnii-nunn described hmda sitii'it' mi lUiiilmw Creek, tributary of
Hbtirtwnp liver. > ih1 (llMtrict, and about seven
uiili-s from Up mi .in: -
l. Cnmiiu i- njj al-a imst about four renin sontli
nf Kiiinlimv tivek iiiiil about ■< iiiilcs fnuuils
ninntli. theuce cast *wi cliains; I hence soutli 80
ihains: tln-un- west BO chains: tlience imrl-ti tUl
elinlns in point of coumiencement.
•i. Cninmcucliig ut a post almut ton rmhsniiUi
uf iininbiiw Creek, mul iihimt ;i miles from tti
miiutli, tlionco cant in rlinins; tlionco south 10(1
cliains: lh.-iui- west 411 chains, thence nurth 1(10
i-balliH in point <>f I'liuinieticeinciit.
Dated MayUOtli.llhW.
.1  HAI.1IV.
:i. Cimimuiictng at a post almnt four nhniuM
milltll of  llainlHiw  t'ri-el. amhilintit 4 miles frnm
Its mutttli. tlience east w chains, thence north 80
chains, Ihenee west Wl chains, llienco South 80
chains to point nf commencement.
4. Commencing at a pott almnt four chains
•smith u Kaiiihnw Creek, ami almnt 4 miles frmn
its niiiith, thonce west wi chains, thence north wi
mi chains, tlience westW) cliains, thenco smith 411
chaius, tlience oust IW) chains, thence south 40
chains to poinl of commencement.
fi, Commencing at a post about four chains
nnrtli of Italnbow Creek, and about fi miles from
its mouth, tbenee went Kin ehains, ihence south
40 chains, thenco east W0 chains, thence nnrtli 10
ehalus to puint nf eniiliiieiii-einent.
Dated May Willi, llKM.
,1, Barry, Locator,
Notice is hereby given that. :iil days after date we
iiitemltn apply to the linn. Chlof Commissioner nf
bauds and Works fnr a special license to eul and
carry away timber frnm Uu- following tleaorlbetl
laml's, situated in Wesl Kootonay district:
1, Commencing at a post planted about one
milo norlli from the north-west corner of K. &
P. Block,Sfifl, and marked "Hig llend Lumber
Cniiijiniiv's south cast corner post," theuce
norlli Su'chainji, llienee west W) chains, thonco
south 80 chains, theuce east 80 chain! to point
ol commencement.
2. Commencing nt a post plantod about one
mllo norlh from the north west corner of K, &
s .Block 1-60, and marked "liig Bend Liimhtr
Company's north ensl corner post," tl.e nee
wost 80 chains, thonco smith 80 chains, thonco
enst W) chains, thence norlh mi chains to point
ol commencement,
Dated June 1Mb, l'.HK'i,'
Dec! ile.1il.-a. Anii,, it.   Ilinls.   Flsll,   KI.'.,
Miilll-I   Hum M lta.ll.
I'  i,   II
ol'l'iisll't: 1'   l|
Tii.ii'- Royal Crown kind-
made in Va uver—I.,   - -i
.- ,ap I-'a,■!• ry wesl ol Wi ■
peg II- use eleaning and
-.Mi-!., i ire, - ij - ith its help,
Ami the money 'in ing is tha
Is now open under new and compelenl
ll ,11 .L.l-,11,'11'.
MR    HEMUS f Sydney,
Aualrnlia, will  meel you and  .   iran
you our usual *.' -■ cl ■-■.
Over Cana      Driijr
Notice is hereby given that 80 days after date, we
iutond lo applv I" the Hull. Clllof Cniuillissioliei* nf
Lauds and Works for a speeiul licence to eiltiunl
carry away timber frmn the following described
laml's, situated in Wesl Knnteiiny District:
i. Commencing at a post planted about tivo
miles west from Bannock Point on Upper Arrow Lake and marked "ll, 11 L, Co's southeast
enrner post," Ihence north 80 chains, thence
we a su chains, thence south 80 chains, Ihence
east wi chains to point of commencement,
2. Commonolng at a post planlcd about
three miles west from Bannock Point on Cpper Arrow Luke and marked "11. B L Co's
smith ensl enrner post," thence n-rth tin
ehains, thence west sll chains, thence south SO
clmins, tlience enst Wl chains to point of com
Dated Juno 18th, WG.
.Notice is hereby given that thirty dayi after
iliiti-1 Intend tn apply to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands uml Works fora special license tn cut
and carry away timber from the following ileserllieil lands situate ou the Shuswap River, Yale district, n. 0.;
l. Commencing at n lioat planted about three
fourths uf a mile smitli of the north west comer nf
Lot'Ms, theuce north IW) chains, thence oasl 40
iliaiiis, theuce smith W) chains, Ihenee west 80
chains, theuce smith Wl chains, thence east 40
chains to point of commencement.
1 Commencing at a post iilanled about one
aiidimefoiirth uifies south of the mirth west curlier nf Lot '.Ms, theuce west lll'l ehains, thencu
nnrtli ID ehains, thence east IW) chains, theuco
smitli 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated May 80th, 100
.1. IWItHY.
ii. Commencing at a imst planted al>mit two
and one-fourth miles south of the north west corner of Lot -2818, Ihence north 8(1 chains, thence
west Wl chains, thencu south 80 chains, theuce
east wi chains to point of commencement.
I. Commencing at a post planted about two
ami uue-foiirth miles from the north west corner of
Lot WIS, thence west 40 chains, theuce smith 100
chains, theuce west 40 chains, thence north 80
chains, tlience east 80 chains, tlience north 81)
cliains to point of commencement.
Dated May With, 100(1.
i. Barry, Locator.
fi, Commencing at a |mst ahmit live miles north
and one-half mile east of the imrtli west corner uf
Lot .!SlS, thenco west 100 chains, north 40 chains,
east Kill chains, smith 4(1 chains to point uf coin-
li. Commencing at a post planted about ve
miles north ami one-half mile east of then ith
west corner of Lot 2818, thence west 100 chains,
theuce smith 40 chains,thence east lOOchains,
tlience north 40 chains tn point of commencement.
Dated Mav ilOtli, liuni.
,1. BARKY.
T. Commencing at a post planted about one
mile north of tinnier limit tinim, thencu north Wl
chains, thence east Wi chains, tlienc south 80
chains, thence west 81. chains tu pointof com
8, Commonolng at a post about one mile nurth
nf timber limit tfUX), tlience smith HO'chain*, theuce
east 80 chains, thence nurth 80 chains, thenco
west80 cliains to point of commencement.
ti. Commenolng at a pusl planted almnt six
miles ninth nf thu nurth east corner'nf Lot'2818,
thence east 80 chains, smith SO chains, west Si
chains, tlience imrtli 80 chains to pointof commencement.
Dated .Mav .lllth, IiHHi.
.1. Barry, Locator.
Notice is lioroby glvon that 80 days afterdate, I
intend tn apply tu the Hon. Chief Commissioner
of Lands ami Works fnr a special licence to cut
and earry tiinln.-r fnnn the following described
lands, situated in West Kootenay district, Upper
Arrow Lakes;
roinnieiicing at a post planted one mile
north of the BOUth west corner of Lot 0146 and
marked "J. W, Foley'.- south cast cornor,"
thence north lOOchains, thence west.40chains,
thonce south iwi chains, thence east 4n chains
to point of co in in en cement.
Hated 18th June, 1908,
J. W, i OLEY
Notice is hereby given that 60 days after date
wc Intend lo applv to the Chief Commissioner
of Lands und Works for permission to purchase
the follow inn described lands, situate near
Tete Jaune Cache, Csriboo district, B. C.:
Commencing at a post planted on the Kramer
Kiver near Tete Jaunt Cache and marked''N.
T, Edwards' and R. A. Blackmore's south west
corner post," thence north W) chains, thence
east 80 chains, thence south so chains, thence
weal 80 cliains to point of commencement.
Containing 840 acres more or less.
Dated istti June, 1006.
Mr p. II. J. Hii.iimry Wantigfesa,
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Large Diningroom for
Banquets, Suppers, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Le
For Your Fruit Orders Strawberries at $2.50 per crate on
and after July Ist.
Front Street, Revelstoke
ARTISTIC PRINTING.       Premium System
Compliment to Work of Mail-
Herald Ofiice.
We .ire in receipt nl ,i l.-tti-i   Irom
the W Ilium ol the World, in wliloh
they give us crc-dil for work ive lind
tho pleasure of doing Ior Ihem, Tlio
Secretary Myj:
"1 leg to say tin- printed stationery
supplied hy the Interior Puhlisliing
Company to the local Woodmen's;
Ciunp ii- tn hand and gives the grunt
est satisfaction, Paper, inl; nnd type
need are ol tin- finesl quality, wliile
the workmanship in evidently ol a
Buperior standard ol excellence and
properly artistic."
Weappreolstethoirpreiseantl that they
unilerctaiid the benefit derived Irom
"fir.st-clwii work and try at nil timer to
satisfy our customers. Should tlie
same spirit. Fhown to us liy the Woodmen, permeate all their actions, their
power lor good in the community will
be unlimited,
Booklet tells whal we give lor
Hnval I'l-oiui tV'rnpi ,-r- Si nd
(,,r   il —Fi-,-,—Al-,,  lry  the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
Pleases every smoker-the "Maroa
Wing Chung's newly imported stuck nf Chinese
nnd Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed In Revelstoke (if
useful and ornamental
Toa florvtaoa IKIowor I'olai
I'liilps IJlniiiiillliHIiiiiila
llnslnil-i I.iiikiI, llii-knls
Ciini;("li.i!ri .SliiiikiiiK.liuikfls
lliiiiilkm-iiliiiifa Silk (l(i,«k
(101,1) FISH
finest stock of candlcm nml (mil* in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
UNION    MIUjR    r.tr.AIIS
Kurtz's Pioneei Cigar Factory
l<M. Cordova St., w,
VANCOUVER      •   B. C.
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
(iiili-i.t fur lli'ul ami Mutton,
Poultry,  Plsll  and sinall goods
will rooelve prompt attention,
/ Xi
ri ,  * hi d rruoi mtiY
conn ti -very ii inted -i [ le
nnl material VII are rare
fully '-ni .mil perfectly
/,-,l For appearance - -., b
and durability they have no
,-,|o;il . , We also carry
a wonderfully flue line of
worklngmen's (1 loves, Hon
nml Shirts	
Wm- J. McMaster & Sons
i ru,
VANCOUVER,     B,    C.
tu purchase tlie (ulluwinir doscribocl lauds
-iuiutpil in Went K,,,,i„tiiiy district, west slilo
of Upper Arrow Luke:-
Cuiiiinsni-lng nl u i»»st iiuirkHl "W. W, Luck's
smith onst i-orui-i,'"ilt Uu, south weal corner ol
Lot SO!, uiul i.lM.iit 1 mill' south i,( l-'iiadiall
Creek, lli,-iu-e u„rlh In chains, thence weat 80
cluilna, thence south III chuilia, thence east Htl
chains to point of colitinencenienl, containing r.20
Ilnlcil lliis lllh ilnynt .lone. IWO.
W, W. I.III'K.
I'eri. C. MnkiiMi.li, Agent.
('nnniiuiicliig at a post niarkeil "I.. H.Jolin-
sl,,nc'»soulli cast cornet," ut the aouth neat corner
„I Thonuts Webster's itpplicntioii t,» pureliaie,
alaiul II miles aouth ol I'oslliall Creek ami silent
IU lllllea Irom tlie lake, thence Imr III Wlclmlns,
,.,, tl..- -.,uth Iimiiul.ity nl (1. .1. Hllnillloiul'i nppli-
catlotl to piirellaac, thence welt Sll clmins. thence
aoulli 41) clialns, thenci, caat 10 chains, thoneo
aouth 4ti i-hiilna, llionce eaat oil clialna to |n,lnt ol
-nnintcuceutcul, coiiUilliitig doll acres.
Uiitinl tills mli day of Juneiinoe,
Per llalpli slye, Agonl.
I'oniincncliig at a poat mnrkeil "M. C, Dicker-
son's norlli neat comer," on the shore nl Upper Arrow lake, nitwit !l miles snulli „I I'listlulll creekullil
iiltout 20 chuilia north ol the soulh east corner ul
Tliniiiaa Wcbster'a application tu purchase, thonce
aniitlt So clialna, llienco oust 80 chnlns nia.ro or
lesa tu Uu, allure ul Arrow lake, tlienco following
iwl.lsli.ini In a general northerly nml westerly
direction 12H chains more orless to pointof commencement, containing,IHU acres more or lesa.
Iiiili-il thia 121 Ii day ut .lime, KIM.
I'er Ralph slye, Agent.
Commencing at n pnst mnrkeil "K. A. slye's
smith eaat corner," alHtutll miles sotllll ol I'oat-
hull Creek, al the smith west enrner of Ia,t4,r,"6,
tlienc, rth Sll cliuiua along the west hulllldary nl
l.i.l 167(1, tlience weat so chains, thence ninth 81'
ehithla, Ihence eaat 80 chtiina tn puint nf commencement, containing Mil neroa.
Daled ihls Ulh day of .llllll', l»«l.
I'er Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "A. Dnllenmer-
er's nurth cast corner," ulsiitt 111 ehains wen uf the
aouth west corner ol Lot 802, al the north woit
corner of K. A. Slye's application to purchase and
about', mile south ot I'osthnll ereek, thence weat
80 chains, Ihenco sontli 80 chnlns, tlience east 80
chains, thence north 80 clialna to point nf commencement, containing iwo acres,
Daled this Illll, la) nl .lime, 111 II.
A. DIll.l.K.NMKYKIt,
I'er Ralph Slye, Agent.
Cuiinneiichig at a post mnrked "F. A. Slye's
norlh east enrner," nlKint 1). miles soutli ol Fnstliall Creek, nnd nbuut I) miles from the lake
slmre nt the nurth west curlier of (I.J. Hammond's
applicatinn to plllcliase, thence weat 80 clialns,
thence snulli all elinlns, tlience eust 80 cliains,
theuce north 80 clialns, to point of commence,
ment, cnntnliiing 1140 acres.
Daled this lstli day „( June, IMS.
I*. A. Sl.VK,
Per llalpli Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pnsl marked "M.C.Slye's
ninth oast curlier," at the smith east corner ol
-Hi as Webster's application to purchase, about
S miles south of I'ostliall Creek, and about 1
mile from the lake, tlience west Bu chains, thence
soutli 40 clialna, tlience enst ,0 ehains, thence
south 40 chains, thence enst 40 chains, thence
nortli Ho cliains tn pnlnt of commencement, containing 480 acres.
Dated Ihls lSlli day ol June, 190B.
M. O, Sl.VK,
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
Couiinenciiig at a post mnrkeil "A. K. Ham-
mend's north west corner,'' nbuut 1!, miles smith
ol Fnstlutll Creek at the suuth east corner ol lot
4670, thenco south 80 clialns, tlience east 40 chains,
mere or leaa to the lake shore, tlience billowing
said shore in a general northerly dlreetlon 80
chains more nr less t„ tlie south boundary ol ,1.1..
Hitch's application t„ purchase, thence west III
ehalus, mure „r leaa, tn point of commencement,
containing 1130 acres more or leas.
Dated this l-JIli day of June, IDDll
Per Ralph Hlye, Agent,
Cummeiicing at a peat marked "11. J. Hammond's north east enrner," aland l1. miles ninth
nfFnatltall Creek, at the smith east curlier ol lait
4.1711, tlience west 80chains, thence iiiulliSDcliaini,
'tlle.ieo east 80 chains, thenoe uortli 8(1 chains*,,
puint of coiniiteni-eiuciit, containing 641) acres.
Dated this 12th day el Jnne, HOD.
Per Ralph Hlye, Agent,
nftur iliiUi I inti-iul to mi-ply to the Hun. Chief
Commissioner ul Lands ami Works for iitmuisHioii
to imrcliiisi' the following described innds nitwitt-
in thu Wost Kooli'iiiiy district.
U oiuiiii-iii-iiin at iui Initial post i-iwteil on the
north lunik ol the l.nrdo river, ubout one-eiglit
mile went of Lake creok and marked "D. P, Kane's
south east corner post," tlience north 20 chains:
thence west 80 chains; thonce noutli 20 chains,
more or lean tu Lardo river: thence t-asterly following the bank of the river 80 chains more or less to
point of commencement, comprising one hundred
and sixty acres more or leas.
Dated the 29th May, toot).
days afterdate I intend to apply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands situated
iu the West Kontenay District, west side of Cpper
Arrow Lake opposite Nakusp:-
1. CoinmenciiiK at a pout marked "North East
Corner Post," thence HO chains west, HO chains
•nmtii, sn chains east, mi chains north to point of
1 CommeiiciiiK at a pout adjoining No. l limit
on the north side, thence 40 cliains north, ltW
cliains west, 40 chains south, 160 east to point of
Dated Htti day of June, 1906.
Netlce is hereby given that t\u days afterdate I
intenil to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lands und Works for permission to purchase the
following described lands, situate near Tete Jaune
Cache, Cariboo district, Il.C :—
Commencing at a post planted at the south
west corner of Lot 480 and markod "li. H, Nagle's
north west corner pout," thence south 40 chains,
thence east lot chains, thence north 40 chains,
tlienco west itin chains to point of commencement,
contatnttig t!4l> acres more or less.
Dated 14th day of April, 1906.
(}. B. NAGLK.
Hevulstoke, l(.CL
Notice is hereby given that (HI days after date j
intend to iinply lo theCliluf Comiuiiisioiy;rol
Lands ami U«rks for permission to purchase the
following described lands, situato near Tete
Janne Cache, Cariboo district, ll. C.:-
Commenclng at a post planted at the south east
corner of Lot inn and marked *'K. McHean's smith
west corner post," thence east riii ohains, thence
north 180 chains, more or less, to the bank of the
Kmser Kiver, Ihence west R0 chains B long the
lunik of the l-'raser Kiver to the east luiiiiiilury of
LotW0,thence smith i-.in chains, more orless,
along Hie easl boundary of Lot imi tothe point of
commencement, containing 000 acres more ur lesn.
Dated the nth dny of April, 1908,
Revelsloke, B.C.
v,ii,-,- i« hereby given Uml ill days from dale I
Intend £o apply to III,- II, ruble the Child Conl-
mlialnner of banilaatul Works tor permission to
l„,r, li.i-,. ,!„■ following described muds 111 the
iv,-t Kootenay District, east shore „f I'ppcr
Arrov. Ijikci
I  in..,, inc. <l   a   ]„,*t iniuki-'l ".I. D. Ciipllin's
aouth west corner," „l tin, norlli weat curuer of
i,„i -.-.-, md almiii i-, miles north nl Nakuip,
ili,,,,., caat so I'lniins more nr leii, tlience nortli
SO chain, uiore or leaa, thence west 80 clmins more
or 1,-s I,, il„- l.„k,- .hore tliom-e In a general
 herlj -I,,,-, ii ilnng the Lake ihnrc sn cluilna
in r lea. lu i„'i„i,,( cnminencomunt, contain-
mu,.n,a, i,.* inoro ,,i losi
l..,,-,l it,,* -/i„l,h.vol May 1906,
I   II. I'lll'I.AN',
I'er II,, Iph Slye. Agent,
V ol I'I-: li !,"',-!,> given Ilia! m dayi liter date
,\    I Intenil Iii apply to tlm (ililcf (Jommlssloner
.11 1  iml Wnrki lor permission U, piirclinje
the Mil-..,nig ilmerllanl land In- - lliu lanBe"
■ mi, mail Arrr.whoa.1 Mining Division, »',-at
K..,,t..„a, liistrlct:
'...inn,.,,, uii'iit a   |„.,t  about  lell cliuiua aollltl
, the - mil. [mil nn He- Itin t,edge" wagon ruiui
mil marke.1   i. M. Hyinnni north scat comer,"
hence -, I i„ chains, thence aouth in ohains,
ihence weit 40 chains, Ihence nnrtli Id chaini lo
,-,,„, -,! ",,„„„'„,-,'llli-l,l
Dated May lal, nsil.
NOTD'K ll liT.'l.y given thai ^days af
llntfl Mnlioil loaptilvlO the Chief I'i
iiil-oilowT uf [.nii'li iukI v. mk" for a hjwci ,
lloonno tooill .nnl cirry nv\ay thiilier from the
following dcsorlbotl   Inini*-   MiiHiti"'! In   West
Koolmnty illltflct;
(Iflmmenrlngal n until nn the wost sldo of Cpper
Arrow Uke starting nl ttie V.0, L. Co.Ll.Vi
north wesl i'nriii'1 |hh| N"- 'i. Mietice II) ,-lnilns
easl; llicln-e sll chains north; thence HO chain*
irest, thoficn ho Plains south, thence 40 chaini
ensl. lo plnre nf i'»liimr||i-einP1lt.
Muled lllh diiv of June, 1006.
IN dnys aftor date I Intend to apply lo the
Chief Commlselonor ol Lnnde and Works for a
special license to cut and carry away timber
from tho following dcsorlbod lands in Wesi
Kootenay District :-
1 Commencing at a post mnrked "A. Mcltae's
north west comer post," planted about ill mllei
from Gold Stream, on west side ot trail, running
80 chains suuth, 80 chains east, 80 chains north, 80
chaini west to point of commencement.
2 Commencing ot a pust marked "A. McRae's
smith west corner poit," planted about all mile,
Irom (l„ld Stream, on west aide of trail, running
80 chains north, 80 chains east, 80 chaini south, 80
chains weat tu point of commencement,
:i Commencing at a post marked ' A. McRae's
north west corner post," planted iiltout eight miles
from (lold Stream, on oait side of trail, running
80 chains south, 80 chains east, 80 chains north, 80
chains weat to point of commencement.
4 Commencing at a pnst marked "A, McRae's
south west corner poit, plantedabout eight mlloi
from Gold Stream, on east ilde ot trail, running
80 chains north, 80 chains east, 80 clialna itiutli, 80
chains west to point of commencement.
6 Commencing at a pus, marked "A. McRae's
soutli west corner post,*' planted about nine miles
(rout ((,,1,1 stream, „u euit tide of trail, running
80 chains north, 80 chaini eaat, 80 chains south, 80
chains west to pointof commencement.
Dated this 28th day of May, 1900.
A. McllAK.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to the Chief commissioner of Lands and works for a special license
tocut niulcarrv Rwsv timber from the follow
ing described lands, situate in tbe Oioyoos
Division of Yale District:-
1. Commencing at a post planted on the east
bank of the south branch of Cherry creek at a
point S miles north-easterly from the 40 mile
post on the Monashee wagon road and marked
"tf. Hill's north east corner," thence south 80
chains; thence west HO chains: thence north SO
chains; tnence east 80 chains to the point of
2, CommeiiciiiK at a post planted ou the east
bank of the south branch of Cherry Creek at a
point 8 miles north-nuttorly from the 40-mile
post on tbe Honnshee wagon road nnd marked
"H. Hill's north west corner," thence south80
chains; thenoe east 80 chains; thence north 80
chains; thence west 80 chnlns lo the point of
tt, ('ommenclng at a post planted on the east
bauk of the smith branch of Cherry creok at a
point 8 miles north-easterly from the 40-mile
post ou the Monashee wagon road aud marked
"S. Hill's south west corner," thonce north 80
chains; tbenee east 81) chains; thence south 80
chains; thenco west 80 chains to the isilnl of
4. CommeiiciiiK at a post pLintod ou the south
bank of Cherry croek about 9 miles from the
■lii-mile post on the Monashee wagou road and
marked "S. Hill's south west corner." thence
east lOOchains; theuce north 411 chains; thence
westlAOchnlus; theuce south40 chains tothe
point of commencement,
5, Commencing ut a nosl plantod ou the
.nontli batik of Cherry ereek about 9 miles from
tlie 40-mllo isist on the Mouashoe wagou rond
and marked "H. Hill's north wost comer,"
thence oust 100 chains; thenco south 40 chains;
theuco west 11)0 chains; theuce north 4n clmins
to the point of commoncflmout.
Located 24th May, li«i.
0. Commencing at u post planted about s
mile west from the west bank of Lnko Creok,,
about 7 miles up from the junction of Lake
creok and thn north fork or Cliorry creek uud
nut;1 d ■ S Hill's south east corner post,"
tbW ,i north BOcliiiins; theuce west Hli chains;
thence south 80 chains; thence onst 80 chains to
the point of commencement.
T, Commencing ut a Dust planted about u
milo wo-i from tho wost hank of Luke creek,
aliom'1 miles up from the junction of Lake
creok and I ho north folk of Cherry creek uud
mnrked "8. Hill's south w»t corner post,"
theuce east 80 chains; thence north 80 chains,
t hence west KOchaius; theuce south 80 chains to
tlie (Hiitii of cominnuceinoul,
Localoil 'JMh May, 11KN).
Dated this 0th day of June, 1900.
following described lauds sltnto in   West
Kootenay Dlstrlcl:-
1. Commencing at a imst niarked "Gin
Lund's norlli east corner,"* about 1 mile up
norlh fork of (Jnlilsiii-uu Ibciioe north in
chain i, cast 100 oliaitw, sou'h 40 chains. wc*-l Ifio
chnlns lo point of commencement.
2. Couiinenciiig at a post marked "GlH
Lund's north west corner, almnt J mile up
nurih fork of Goldstream, ibenco south 40
chains, cast lOOohaiiis, north 40 chains, west 160
chains lo point of commencement.
*}. CommeiiciiiK nt a post marked "Gus
Lund's north west corner," almnt) inllw below
north fork of Gohlstronm, on left bank, thence
north 40 chaiiiH, ea.it 1(10 chnlns, soulh 10 chains.
w< al 100 chains to polul of comincnccment.
4. Commencing at n post niarked "Glja
Lund's north cast corner," about J below north
fork of Goldstream, on left hank, thfliicc south
100 chains, we-t 10chnlns, north 11)0 chains, east
40 chains to phu-o of commencement
5. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north enst corner,' about 1 tulle from
mouth of Caribou Croek where ll joins Gold-
stream, thence south Iff! chains, west 40 chains,
north 160 chains, oast 40 chuiiH to point of
il, Commencing at a post mnrked "Gus
Lund's ninth east corner," about I mile from
mouth of Caribou Creek whore It joins Gold-
si ream, thence west 40 chains, norlli llio ehniiiH,
enst 40 chains, south Iflo chains to point of
7. Commencing nt a imst- mnrkeil "Gun
Lund's north east cornoi." about 1 mllo from
mouth of Caribou Crock where it jolm Coldstream, thence west 40 chains, south 160 chnlns,
oast 40 chains, north 100 chains to point of
com menoement.
8. Commencing nt a post, mnrked "(Jus
Lnnd's north west corner, about 7 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, thence enst 160
chains, south 40 ohains, west HH) chains, north
40 chains to point of commencement.
9. Commencing at a post marked "Que
Lund's north enst corner,' about 7 milos below
north fork of Goldstream, thence south 100
chnlns, wost 40 chains, north 1110 chains, east
40 chains to poiut of commencement,
10. Commonolng at a post marked "Gus
Lund's south cast corner," about 7 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, thence north 80
chain*}, weit 80 ehains, south80 ohains, east 80
obelus to point of commencement.
11. Commencing at a post marked "Gut
Lund"" north west corner," about 9 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, thence north 80
chains, east 80 chains, aouth 80 chains, west 80
chains to point of commencement.
Vi. Commencing at a post marked "Gui
Lund's sblil It east corner," about 9 miles below
north fofk of Goldstream, thence north 80
chains, west HO chains, soulb 80 chains, eust 80
chains lo pointof commencement,
13. Commencing nt a post marked 'Cun
Lund's south west corner," about 9 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, thence south 80
chains, cast HO chains, north 80 chains, west SO
chains to point of commencement.
14. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's suuth east corner," about U miles below
north fork of Goldstream. thenoe aouth 80
chains, west HO chains, north 80 ihalns, east 80
chains to point of commencement.
1.1. Commencing at a post markod "Gut
Lund's south west corner," aboul It miles below
fork of Goldstream, thence north 80 cliains,
east 80 chainMiouth 80 chains, west 80 chain-*
to point of commencement.
16. Commencing at a pott marked "Gu
Lund's soulb east corner," about 11 miles below
fork of Goldstream, tbenee north 80 chains
west HO chains, south 80 chains, east 80 chain*
to point of commencement.
17. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north west corner," about 11 miles below
fork of Goldstream, thenoe south fiochains, east
80 chains, north 80 chains, west 80 chaini to
poinl of commencement,
18. Commencing at a post marked "Gut
Lund's north east corner,' about II miles below
fork of Goldstream, thenco south 80 chaini,
west 80 chains, north 80 chains, east 80 chains to
point of commencement,
Dated June Kith, 1900.
19. Commencing nt a post marked "Gut
Lund's south oast corner,' about 3 miles op
Camp Creek, thence north 100 chains, *w*ost 40
ohains, south 160 chains, east 40 chains to point
of commencement,
20. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's south went corner," about 3 miles up
Camp Croek, thenoe north lOOchains, east 40
ohains, south 100 chains, west 40 chains to point
of commencement.
21. ('ommenclng at a post marked "Gun
Lund's north went cornor," about 3 miles up
Camp Creek, thenco east 160 chains, south ft
chains, west 160 ohali.s, north 10 chains to point
of ojmmenoement.
22. Commencing nt a post marked "Gus
Lund's north east corner," about tt miles up
Camp Creek, thence west 160 chains, south 10
chaini, east 160 chains, north 10 chains to point
of commencement,
23. Commenolng at a post marked "Gut
Lund's north west corner/ about 1\ miles up
Camp Creek, thenoe east. 160 chains, south 40
ohains, west 160 chains, north 40 ohains to
pointof commencement.
24. Commencing at a post marked "Gut
Lund's south east corner, about 2} miles up
Camp Creek, thenoe weat 160 chains, south 40
chains, east 160 chains, north 40 chains to point
of commencement.
25. Commencing at a post markod "Gun
Lund's south onst comer." about 4 miles below
McCullough Creek, t miles from Goldstream,
thenco north 80 ehains, west 80 chains, south 80
chains, east 80 chains to point of commencement.
26. Commencing at a post niarked "Gus
Lund's south west cornor," about 4 miles bolow
McCullough Creek. 2 mllen from Goldstream,
thenoo north 80 chains, east 80 chains, south 80
chains, west 80 chains to -point of commence
21. Commencing at a post marked "Gut
Lund's north west corner," about 4 miles bolow
McCullough Creek, 2 mllen from Goldstream,
thence south 80 chains, east 80 ohains, north 80
chains, west 80 chains to point of commencement.
28, Commencing nt a post marked "Gun
Lund's north east corner," about 4 miles below
McCullough ('reek. 2 miles from Goldstream,
thenco south 80 chains, west 80 chains, north 80
chains, east 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated June 12th, 1906.
GUS LUND, Locator.
I am |iri'|uii-ml lo nutlet-Ink" nil kinds nl
frrinlit in"; and tanniiiig.
My stngi! t'liiini'ctiiiK lii-twei'ii the
atenmer and the city icavon the Oily
at I a.in. Tiii'Hilays and Fridays, iuin-
nerl ing with the Steamer Revelstoke
Inr llm Mr Hend, lind nimi meets the
steamer on the return trip artmedaya,
Ijeave word nt Navigation Company's office or my Stnhles wheie to
VTOTICK is lioroby given that, 30 days aftor
ll dato I Intend to apply to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and works for a spec*
inl license to cut and carry away timber from
the following described lands situated In the
Osoyisis division of Yale District;—
1. Commencing at a post planted on the enst
bank of the south fork of Cherry ereek about 1
miles up from the 40-mile post on the Monashee
wagon rotd and marked "D. Woolsey's south-
oust cornor post," thence uorth80chains; thence
west 80 chains; thence south 80chains; theuce
oast 80 chains to the point of commencement.
2. Commencing nt a post planted on the enst
hank of the south fork of Cherry creek, almnt 7
miles up from the 40-mile post ou the Monashee
wagon road and marked "D. Woolsey's south
wost corner," thence north 80 chaius; theuee
east SO chains; thonce south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains to the point of commencement.
Locatod 23rd May, 1906,
3. (-ommenclng nt a post planted on the
south bank of Cherry Creek about 9 miles from
the 40-mile post on the Monashee wagon rond
and marked "D. Woolsey's north east corner,"
tlience west 160chainst tlience suuth 40 chains;
thonce east 160 chnlni; tbtnee north 40 chaius
to the jmiutof commencement.
4. Commencing nt a imst planted on thu
south bank of Ch-erry Creek iil-Hint il miles from
ilio40-milii imst on tho Monashee wagon road
nud marked "D. Woolsey's south-east corner,"
thenoe west lHOehains; tlienco north 40ehains;
thence enst 160 chains; theuce south 40 chains
to the point of commencement.
Located 24th May, 1906.
Ti, CommeiiciiiK at a post planted nbout a
di lie west from the west bauk of Lake Creek,
nbout 7 miles up from the Junction of Lake
Creok and the north fork of Cherry Creek and
marked "D. Woolsey's north east corner post,"
theuce wast 80 chains; thence south 80 chains;
theuce east 80 chains; theuce north 80 clmins to
the point of commencement.
Located 28th May, lOOtl,
Dntod this 9th dny of June, 1906.
Certificate of Improvements.
Fianols Mineral Claim, situate lu the KtveUtoke
Mining Division of West Kootenay District,
Where located;-North of Iron  Hill   Mineral
Claim, Standard Itasiii, lllg Bend.
Take notice that I, Jas. I. Wootlmw, F.M.C. No.
1SW470, acting an agent for myself and A. W, Mc-
Int.ish, F.M.C. No. 1188406, den. Johnson, F.M.C,
No. 1188027, Elizabeth McMnhon, F.M.C. No.
B886N, intend sixty days from the dale hereof, to
apply to the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpone of obtaining a
Crown Grant of the nlmve claim.
Aud further take notice that action, under tec-
tinii 87, must he commenced before the tnsuance nf
such Certificate of Improvements.
Dated this Fourteenth day nf May, A.D., 1006,
jas. i. Woodrow, Furnaci
Sy/WA'/ffi* OF CAI^vs
Tlie "Sunshine" furnaci, and    • W//f^lll]j$$*\&
M«uimy" w»yg are synonymous, /////'' .AYijUW.
The cold, dreary winter days can
Im made cheery and warm with a pure,
healthful heat if you have a " Sunshine " furnace.
Is easier to operate, cleaner, uses less fuel nnd
"shines" in many other ways over common furnaces,
Two shakers are used to shake the heavy, triangular-
shaped grates. This just cuts the work of-shaking-
down in half, besides being easier on the furnace than
tha old one-shaker style.
Sold by enterprising iloul-
ers everywhere,
Booklet free.
London, Tononro, Hontbul. Winhipru,
V»NroiiTK», Br. Joan, HnnatoN.
BOURNE BEOS., Sole Agents.
The Kin* and His Veopk!
All alike—the humblest, the highest—luivc marvelled ::t
the gigantic enterprises of W.& A. (lillicy. 'llieir niiir.rs_i.ro
household words; their products legion, in the lulled Kingdom alone
sold is supplied from the stock ot W. & A. Gilbey,
By Royal Warrants Pi irveyors ol Wines and Spirits
ToH.RK-itPrincolWJei To KM. ike Kis« ToH.M.lk.KiMoltl«Be!|iii..
The wonder of the business world, their fame and success
arc based upon an absolute guarantee, given under Acts rf
Parliament, that the Purity, Age and Quality of their Brands
"ro   In Strict Accordance with the Labels
From among many varieties the following Specialties nro
particularly celebrated:
" jiratknlll" Scald, WMtsky
Pure Mat', 6 .tan old.
"Spey Bojrrl * Steal.* Whisky
Tl-a-chcacfl .a I oldot pioccullr.   Dauled
l.om wcti.-i y. UcteJ Malttil Bully,
(llll Tom Gla- The (inn, quality.
London Dry Gln-The fivn qtnJity.
i'lymouth CIn   GI Una ilatalt fla.0..
r.'iaainaaae ComiM, "I'Or Extrall
Oil Via." iFt« Stars).
A Comic BnlJr .1 tke Bk.1 oudily.
Clrt .'.iiralra Run, "TheGovernor
CI tieal •«. yra Kll mellow Han*.
"iBvalW Port
A very line liskt vintiie wine.
-Natural MoalUla" Sherry
A pile, nutly wine, 9 yean old.
"Chateau Loudenne" Clarel
Gtand Via. Dininiuiiked by twit eleraaae
•nd bouquet. Awarded lh. Cold Medal al
the Pari. Eihibilion.
"Pomitinrd" Burgundy
Charmina bouquet, with a kM. hill Barer.
Purily. Age and Quality etsaaulely luaianteed 1.1, alilclly ll Kc.rd.ace will, descrlalioil II lh. Lib,I,,
- --,,.,-., wtac nad Spirit Merchants, In the World
For sale by all the leading Hotels and Stores.
Distributors—Thc Revelitoke Wine & Spirit Co., Ltd., Revelitoke.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hand Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Brandies In ths Primness ol Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
British Colombia, Ontario, (Quebec.
Oapltal Subscribed
Oapltal Paid Up
Raaarva Fund
I). K. Wii.kik, President i
-     »3,900,000.00
Hon. It. .Iaffhay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
.Savings Dhi'AHTMKNT -Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest current rate (rum date of opening account, anil compounded half-yearly.
Draft* wild available In all pints nf Canada, United Still.-s nml
Europe.  Speoial attention given tu Collections.
Rovelstoke Branoh, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
VfOTICK Is lioroby glvo-i Hint thirty ilnya
IN duto wo Intend to n|i|ily la (hu chief
(jOinmlsaloncr of lamits ami Works fur a
apodal licenso lal cut and curry nn'ny tinibur
from Iho (tilliiwlnit tli'scrllHul liintla, slluiitu In
tho Osoyoos Division of Ynlo District: -
ConiineiicliiK nl a post iniirkoil "Sam Hill's
north wost corner pust," planted on tho south
bank of the north fork of Cherry Creok. anil
about unc mile aluii-u the forks uf thu north
fork, riniiiliiK cast no chains, thenoo soulh Ml
chains, thonco wesi Wl chnlni, thouce north Ml
chains lo point of cominiincenient,
Ilnlcil May Wllh, IK I.
SAM HI 1,1,.
Commencing- at a poit mnrkeil "D. Woolso-f's
north east corner post," planted on tho aouth
bank of Cherry Creok. about three inUes above
the forks of the north fork of Cherry Creek.
riinnliiK west III chains, soulh SO chains, east Si
ohnlns, north Wl ohnlns to point, of commence-
Haled May ISItli, llllll.
CominuntiiiiK at. it posl. mnrkuil "A, McCrcii's
norlli ivi-al cut-tier poat," jilanteil on thn unlllh
bank of the north lork of Cherry Creok, anil
J,bout three inlion above Ihe forks of the north
nrk. ruhhlna cast (to chnlns, south Hli chains,
west Wl chains, north Wl -ohains lo ixiim nf
Daled Hay mh. IHU).
.   J JO A. MoCttKA.
pi-mmi swry Smoker the " Maroa
(old br all Dm jjlita and General Stow
•od by null.
tl. R. Thornton
For City of Revelstoke.
nunesi uuvcriiiuciii-
I'rnl,   Ooldnin   Smilli Hit's:   "The I
(liitni'io leiis iiliiie ends ti   I'li-v ninl
lini'liil s,ssii ii. ai ilm lift election
n greai ihui Iter oi electors came out ol
puity tu voie (or li.,neat government
Tin r- secnir! lenann lo hope lllilt lliey I
got it Whal hut honest govern men I
dn ive in (his pr ivinco tvnnl? What-
in tin- mu, e i i c, ii,inini sei sn is there
•o keep ii- divided inlo Iwo hostile
parties, tinging u perpetual war of |
intrigue mul nlitise against eaoh other?
Tho Irniiehi.o hns been reduced ns low
ns pussilile. and nu other difference ot
ue eral iinil speculativeopinion can he
mimed, Coii-ervntisin and Liberalism,
aa contnin'ed jsilicies, have lost their
meaning All the questions tli.it come
More oni' legislature, however Important in their way, are questions, nut of
political ptinciplt! hut ol practical
adininir-trali'ii, We have got inlo
the iiith of reason; let us keep it,
nud Iran others into it if we can."
Revelstoke Made Central Customs Port for Interior.
An important change hns been made
in the administration ol the Customs
Department in Britiih Cuhuiihiii hy
which thc nter'or is cut off from the
New Westminster distri t. The new
customs division will he known as
Kevelstoke, wilh head olliees in this
oity. Revelsloke will be the central
port ol entry Ior North East md
Ninth West Kootenny, and Ynle-Cnri-
boo, and the officer in cbnrge her,! will
have supervision ol the diatoms olliees
at Ashcrolt, Kamloops, Vernon and
The change will probably mean promotion lor B. K. Atkins, thc efficient
customs officer here, to supervision of
the new district, and W. D. Armstrong,
who has been assisting in the local
office, will piobably succeed him as
collector. The change takes place
from July 1st,
Several large timber deals are going
J. G. Billings, secietary ol the Yale-
Columbia Lumber Co., whose mill nt
Nnkusp waB destroyed last week by
lire, told the Nelson News the mill
would not be re-built this season. He
said: "The mill stood on made ground
composed chiefly of slabs. The fire is
smoldering there yet and will go on
burning until the snow flies. Wo will
work our other three mills Ior all they
are worth, but we will not rebuild the
Nakusp plant this year. The planl
here in Nelson and at Cascade and
Robsoo will keep us busy. The Rob-
son mill will be kept running night
and day. We had $8000 insurance on
the mill at Nakusp and $15,000 on the
stock. About one million and a hall
feet ol lumber went up in smoke and
we had orders for every loot ot it. We
could not replace the Nakusp plant
today for $20,000."
W, E. Cooke, who has purchased
the Ksslo sawmill, intends putting in
a plant to cut 120,000 a I ay.
A gentleman connected with hint
beriug says the industry is booming to
such an extent at the Coast that ex.
perienced Chinese are getting as much
as $3.50 a day and axe-men are earn
ing $4 a day. Even then labor is
scarce. Coast lumbermen are hopeful
that the lumbermen's strike at Bel-
lingham will send a lot of labor to the
Canadian sides.
Import direct from Country of origin.
Is the purest form in which cane sugar can
be made. Every grain sparkles with brilliancy, the result of perfect crystalization.
You will be pleased the moment you open
a box. You will be delighted after trying it
in your tea or coffee. Sold everywhere in
2 lb. sealed packages.
The B. C. Sugar Refining Co., Ltd., Vancouver, B. C
Be forceful in your advertising, be
natural, easy and last but not least In-
truthful. The lie in the advertisement
is just as pe.uicious as the lie in the
mouth nl Ibe salesman, says the Com
mercial Bulletin. Advertisements are
composed af words and figures, skillfully arranged to draw trade. It is
frequently hard to get started, hut
once the initial lines are horn the rest
ol the ad. will come quickly il you
will but put your attention to it.
Sameness is not a desirable quality,
and yet some of the successful ad,
writers ol to-day are using exactly the
same space tor their advertisements
day alter day, pies rving some one
dature ol their ads., although changing the general matter frequently.
We believe that this Btyle o( advertising is good form, only where an
establishment has won its place, secured.its reputation 'and where the people
look Irom day to day Ior bargains or
(or good goods at right prices, or lend
ers as advertised. Borders exactly the
sume, the firm name in the same style
ol type Irom day to day, and the same
position in the paper arc perhaps good
features Ior the Buccesslul store.
Sometimes startling headlinersure
used, entirely foreign to the ad. ur to
business matters,   We do not consider
tliis at all necessary, although it wi
oftentimes attract attention.
Increased attention to advertisements will come as a result of the
reputation a stoie has (or honesty and
square dealing ro that when au advertisement appears the ad. will he looked
to indicate some good opportunities
for buying good goods at right prices.
It is absolutely useless to conduct
un advertising campaign, and expect
returns unless you back up your advertising. Seasonable goods, prices
and plenty of them, many things advertised, unlesB you are making a
special play on some one article, and
prices right. There are times when
you can fool |Kinple but every one
tooled "will come home to roost."
Hugh Aiiken, uf Nanaimo, caught
a rainbow trout slightly under three
feet in length, and in depth seven
Carpeti, Linoleumi and Floor Oil
Clothe—C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd.
VfOTICK is lioroby pivon Hint thirty duy
ll nftor dato I Intend to apply In llio Chlof
Commissioner of Lauds uud works fnr spocial
license to cut ami carry nwny Ilinbor frmn Uio
following doscribod lands utliiiitoil In Bast
Kontonny-district, li. Ci
1. Commencing ut a post mnrked "Arthu
Payne's south wost corner posl," plnntod on tlio
oast side Of Sullivan Rivor about '.j milofru
Kinihiiakot Lnko, thouco east Sll clmins, Ihoneo
north 120 olinins, thouco wost HI chains, thenco
smith 80 clmins, tlionco west, 40 chains, theuco
smith 40 chains to jMiint of commoncmuoiit.
2. Commencing nt a imst niarked "Arthur
Payne's north west corner post," plnntod on tho
south hnnk of Sullivan River about two miles
from Kimbaskot Lnko, thonce smith 80 chains,
thonce eust 80 chains, thouco north <80]clmins,
theuce wost 80 chains tojKiint of commencement.
8. Commencing nt a post marked "Arthur
Payue's north eastcorner post," plnntod on the
smith bank of Sullivan river about 4 milos Trom
Kimbaskot Lake, thence south 80 chains, thonce
wost 80 chains, thence north SO chains, thence
east SO chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post marked "Arthur
Payno's north west corner post," planted ou
the soutli bunk of Sullivan Rivor about 4 miles
from Kimbasket Lnke, thence south 40 chains,
thence oast 100 chains, thence north 40 chaius,
theuce wost 100 chains to point ol commence-
ment. '
ii. Commencing at a post marked "Arthur
Payno's south west corner post," planted ou
tho soutli bnuk of Sullivan River nbout 4 milos
from Kimbasket Luko, tlienco north 40 chains,
thence east 160 chaius, thonco south 40 chains,
thenco west 100 chaius to pniutof commence-
6. Commencing at a jiost mnrkod "Arthur
Payno's north west, corner post," planted on
the south bank of Sullivan Kivor ubout 6 milos
frmn Kimhusket Luke, theuce south 80 chains,
thouco east 80 chains, theuce north 80 chaius,
theuco west 80 chains to point of commence-
7. Commencing at a post mnrkod "Arthur
Pnyiie's south west corner post," plauted ou
tho south bank of Sullivan Rivor about 2 miles
from Kimbnskot Luke theuce north 40 chains,
thence enst 160 chains, thence south 40 chains,
thonce wost 100 chains to puint of commencement.
Dated the 21st day of May, 1906,
NOTICE is hereby given that 30 days after dato
we intend to apply tn the Hon, The Chief
CouiiniBiiionerofLanils and Works for a Special
License to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lauds in West Knoteuay District:
Commencing at a post plnntod at north-west
coriicr of Timber Claim 0142, mnrkeil "Arrowhead
Lumber Co.'s north east corner post," running
west 40 chains, theuce south 80 chains, east 40
chains, soutli 40 chains, east 40 chains, nnrtli SO
chains, west 40 chains, nnrtli 40 chains to placo of
Mav 25th, 1900.
Noliec is hereby given that 30 days afterdate
I intend to apply lo the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds nnd Works f.ir permission to cut and carry away timber from the
following described lands situated in West
Kootenay district:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the
south side of Smith creek about M miles from
the Columbia river and marked "E.J. Johnson's north easl corner post," theuce soulh 80
chains, theuce west 80 chains, tbenee north 8u
liains, thence east 80 ehains tn the poinl of
2. Commencing at a post planted on the
soulh sldeol Smith creek about BU milos from
the Columbia river and niarked "K. J. Johnson's north easl cornor post," thence south 80
chains, tbenee west Sll chains, thenoe north 80
chains, thonce eastSO chains to (he point of
:i. Commencing at a post planted on the
south side of Smith ereek about\% mllen from
the Columbia river and mnrkod '-E. J. Johnson's north enst cornor post," thence south 80
clialns, thence wesl mi clmins, ihence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains lo the point ol
4. Commencing at n post planted on the
south side of Smith creek aboiltSW miles frnm
thc Columbia river and mnrked "K, .1. Johnson's north cast oorncr post," thonco south sn
chains, thence west 80 cliains, thence north so
chains, thence eust 80 chains lo the point of
r<. Commencing at a post plumed on the
soulh side of Smith crock nbout tll8 miles from
llie Columbia river and markod "JS, J, Johnson's north ensl comer post)" thenco soulh so
cliains, thence west 80 chains, thence nortli su
chnlns. thenco cast 80 chnlns to the point cd
ti, Commonolng at a po-sl planted on the
Miulh sldl'of Smilli creek about 7'.., miles from
llie Columbia river and marked "I-.. J. John-
Mill's north on-»l corner imst," llionoo south sn
■ liains, Ihence west 80 chains, llionce nnrlh so
chains, llienco cast80 chains to the point or
7, Commencing nt it pusl planlcd on the
smith sldeol Smith creek about % mil UH Irom
ilic t iilnmliin rivi-r nnd markod ''K, J. Johnson's south cast cornor post," liionco north 40
rlinins, thence west 100 chnlns, thoucesuulh III
.halns, thence oust Ml chains to lho pulut of
s, Commencing ut a posl planted ou the
-until side of Smilli creek about 4';, milos from
iiioColiimbln river and mnrkod "K j, John-
mil's soulh easl odriior post," thencu north -III
11inins, Ibcuci1 west IMI ehniiiH, llienco soulh
in chnlns. thence easl ino cIiuIiih to ihe point of
ii Commencing at a post plnntod ou the
i milli side of Sin I (h creek nbout VA miles from
iho Columbia rivor and marked "E.J.Johtv
■-mi's south east corner post," llieiieo north 40
rlinins, llionofl went liiih-lmiiis. thence south Ht
bnlns, thence east Hill chnlns lo the point uf
10. Cominonoing at a post planted on tin-
north sldi' uf tin- in.rth fork of Smith creek,
nixuil O'j miles from the Columbia river nnd
mnrkeil-I-:. J, Johnson's suuth east comer,"
I hence north 80 chains, thoneo west su chaius,
i bonce south 80 chains, tbenee enst m chains
loth" place of commencement.
Duled May 2.1, 1000.
NOTICE IS HEREBY QIVKN that sixty days
after date I iutond to apply to thn ||„n. chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works (or permission
to purchase the following ileacilhod lands in the
Wost Knoteuay district, wesl side <.f \}y\m Arrow
lake ahnnt uiie-hnlf mllo smith of Kustliall crook,
Commencing ul a posl marked, " W, W. Lock's
smith oast corner," at thu smith wost cornor uf L.
802, Ihenee north 40 cliains, nhmii tho wust hmitnl-
ary of L. 802; thenco west 120dialliai thoncu south
80 chains: thonce oobWO chains, moro or less to
the west iHiiindary of A. Dolloiutioyor's application
to purchase; thenco mirth 40 chains, moro ur loss
tothe north west cornor of A, Diilloimmyer'H
application to pnrcliaso; thenco east 80 chains
moro or less to puint uf cu'tnuuiicotiicut, nm acres
Dated May 28,1900.
Por. T. 0. Maklnsou, agent,
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Screen Doors, etc
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Por Agricultural [tnptomenta. Carriages, Wagon?, Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Molluo Wagons, Canada Carriago Company's
Buggios, Planet jr, Garden Seeders nnd Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended tu    Horse Shooing a
Incorporated by Aot of Parliament, 1855.
Wm. Molson .M.utiikhsiin, Pies. S. II, EwiNO, Vice-Pres.
Jamrs Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything In way ot banking business transacted without un-
necessary delay.
Interest credited twlco a year at current rules on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Third Street Ensl,
NOTICE is hereby given thnt 30 dnys aftor
date 1 intend to apply to thc Honourable
the Chlof Commissioner of Lands and Works
for special licenses to cut and carry away timber from the following described lands situate
in the West Kootenny District:-
I. Commencing at a post marked "IT. Don"
nelly's north west cornel- post," planted about
tl miles north from Seymour Creek and about
•2 miles west of the west bank of the Columbia
River, thonce south 80 chains, thence east 80
chains, thenco north 80 ehains, theuce west su
chains to the point of commencement.
Commencing at a post planted about 11
milos north from Seymour Creek and about 2
miles west from llie west bank of the Columbia River and marked "H. Donnelly's southwest corner post," thence north 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence west80chains to thc point of commencement.
IJ. Commencing nt a post planted about 11
miles north from Seymour Creek and about 2
miles west of the west bank of the Columbia
River and marked "H. Donnelly's north cast
corner pnst." thenco west SO cliains, theuce
sontli 80 chains, thence cast 80 chains, thence
north 80 chains to the poiut of commencement,
i. Commencing at a post planted about 1|
miles north from Seymour Creek and about 2
miles west from lho west bank of the Columbia
River and marked "H. Donnelly's southeast
corner post," thence west 80 clialns, Ihence
north SO chains, thence cast 80 chains, '.hence
south 80 chains to the point of commence mont.
li, Commencing nt a post planted about Im
miles north ol Seymour Creek nnd about ;i
miles west from the west bank of the Columbia
Kiver and marked "H Donnelly's north east
corner post," theuco south 80 cliains, thence
west 80 chains, theuce north so chains, thence
ensl so chains to the point of commoncement
e, commencing at a post planted about iti
miles norlh of Seymour Creek and nbuut S
miles west from the west bank of tho Columbia
River and mnrked "H. Donnelly's south-cast
corner post," thence north 80 chnlns, theuce
west 80 chains, tlience south 80 chains, thence
east 80 chains to the point of commcuccmeiu.
Located Oth Juno, 1000.
7, Commencing at a post planted nboul 2H
miles noi lh of Seymour Creek and about 3
miles west from the west bunk of Columbia
Kiver and marked '-II Donnelly's southeast
corner posl," tlienco north su chains, thence
wesl 80chains, ihence south 80 ehains, theuco
ea 180 chains in tbe point of commencement,
8, Commencing at a post planted about8^
miles uortli ol Seymour creek and 2 miles
west from the west bank of the Columbia
Kiver and mnrked " 11, Donnelly's north west
corner post," thence soulh so clialns, tlience
east 80 ehniiis, tlience nortli so chains, thence
west80ohains lo the pointof commoncement.
0, Commencing nt a pust planted about 8W
miles nnrtli frum Seymour creek and nbout I
mile west Irom the west bunk of lho Columbia
Kiver niarked "11. Donnelly's soutli eastcorner posl," theuce norlli 8u chains, ihoneo west
80 chains, thenco soutli 80 chains, tbenee east
80 chains In the point of commencement.
Located lltli June, I'M.
10, Commenolng ntuposlpluutcd nl a point
about opposite Kcyslnne Creek and about 8
chains wesl Irom lho wesl bank uf the Columbia Kiver and marked "11, Donnelly's south
oust enrner pusl," tlience nurth ho chains.
tlience wesl SO chains, Ihenco south SO chains,
thence easi 80 elinlns to ihe point of commencement,
Located 12th Juno, lOtiO,
II, Commenolng at a post plnuled mi (lie
west bunk nl Irisliy Creek about l!j miles
west from the Columbia Kiver and marked
"ll. Donnelly's smith east enrner post," thence
nurih su cbnins, thoneo west 80 ohains, thonce
south so chains, thontfo east so chains to the
pointof commencement.
12. Commencing nt a post planted on the
wesl hunk ol l-'risby Creek about Dj ratios
wesl from (he Columbia Kiver nud mnrked
"II, Donnelly's north oast cornor posl," theuce
south 80 chains, thonco west so chains, thoneo
north SO chains, thence enst sll chains in the
pointof coin nicttccineiil.
Located Iiith Juno, 1000,
i.i. commencing at a post planted about J4
mile wesi frmn the wesl bunk uf tin- Columbia
Kiver il I ii ni i opposite thu soulh boundary of
Lot IW14, Croup I, Kootonay District, nml
marked "11 lioniielly'ssoiitheustcurucr post,"
thence imrlli 80 ohnlns, tlience west so chains,
ihence soulh su cbaius, thence enst sn chains
lo the point o| coiiitiiciicemeiil,
11. commencing at a post planted aboul M
mile nest Irom 1 lu- west bank of Ilu- Coliunbin
itivernismi opposite iho south boundary "i
Lot IHIIi Crimp l, Kuutt-tiny District, uml
marked "II, Donnelly's ninth ensl corner
post," tlionco soulh 80 chains; thence woit
chains, thence norlh su chains, thence tail
ciiiiitisto the point oi commencement,
Located lltli June, 1000,
(Under  New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C-
First-clas accommodation lor travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
R. Dowswell, (formerly of Leland Hotel. Vancouver) Proprietor.
First Class House for Travellers and Commercial Men
Newly Built, Newly Furnished, and the most comfortable house in the City.
Queens ftotel
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers'to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at"this
CHIEF YOUNG,        -        -       Proprietor
HKADOKKlCK: Calqakv, Ai.iu-.htji.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
forkPuckora nnd llenlcrs In Live st.„k. Market! in all the principsl Cities snd
Towllfl „( Alberto, llritiali ...iinnltia snd tin, Yuk-iin. Packera „( (he Celebrated Hrar-a)
"Imporator" Hums an    scon, an,l Shamrock llraml. Leal Lard.
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
NOTICK Is lioroby  ;;n<-n tli.u I.,\   .tff.-i
dale I iiili'iid in.ippl) IuiIm' II it-able
Mm (hlef Uommlinlonor or Uud* and Work-.
fur pcrmls-ion io puroluiM-f Ibe following de-
seilbod lands in Ihe Went Kootonay dkrlcl,
west side of Upper Arrow Luke:
Coiuuionciiiii at u post ahoul ihree mile-.
•mil h of Kosthiill orook, und ahmil | mile frnm
Ihe Luke, iiiM-kcil "Thomas Web-tcr- ninth
tb euM curuer of .M.C
nib in
ihoroi thenoo
gonornl northorly
uml westerly direction io chains, moro orloiw,
In tho -ouih boundary of A. K tianimond'e
application to pui-ebasu; thence wesl ill)chains,
more or less, to the ensl. boundary of I, M,
Johnstone's application to purelniMi; thouce
Houth 80 chnlns; thouco eastKU chains lo point
of cuiuiiH-ncunieiit, coiituiniiiK bin acres, moro
or less,
Haled Ibis I'JIh ilu-, uf.Iuin-, I'.NNi.
IVi- llalpli Slye, Agent.
cost cornor," ai th
tilye'sapplication to purchase; Ilu
'   i, 11lino or less, lo Ibe lake
following suid ."Iini*
]\ dnysafl
OTK'K ishkkkhv oiVKN ihut thirty
jMifli'i* dato 1 iiiii-nd toiijiply lu Ihu
iiiinilsKiuuei-of Lands ami '\ orks for a
special llconse lu cut nnd carry away Umber
from tho following described lands situated iu
tlm West Kootonay DlBtrlot, on tho west side uf
Arrow bake, iipniisife Nnkusp;—
I. Commctiuutft ai a post markod "North Kast
Corner Post," thence su ehalm woi<l, 80 ehniiis
Houth, 80 chains ouKt, Nil chains iiun.li to point ol
•I, I'u,in,iu.ii'iiij; nl ;i pnst adjointtl|! No, I limit
mi the north side theuce 40 chuhis nurth, ItJO
wost, 40 chtii.ih suuih, mo chains oast to puint of
Dated Juno 9th, 1900.
Houses and Lots
ill   .-j
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Oest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rate.
lliiuk service lo niiynart of tho Oity nt all hours.  KiK» equipped for
I'leaatni. Parlies.   Firs! class single and doddle rijrs.   Kxpri-ss, dray-
ing and tinnsfril'lllg,  Saddle mul puck horses fur hi if.   All kinds
nf job work undertaken.    Wood for enlo,
Ht.mii k anii lti:-siii,:.vrK Phone 11. iIIack Stand—27
Commercial Printing
Rapidly and neatly turned out at the Mail-Herald Office WIIU^   i'^VI^ i     -       I aw-JAVi   iv.
Shipments of ButiU and Shoes Imve boeu ciipilng In un tlio jump Ilu-
pisi week, milking Our Sint-k the lies! Assut'led in tin- 'ily.
Special attention Int* lioon given lo lln- Children this Seiisuii, nnd the
Misses', and Littli Tots can hnve their pick  uf the  Laical   American
aud Canadian Slvles, in Black, Itud, Tun and Whin-.
3gg oi- Gibson Ties, is one nl the iilfliosl Ihings fur woat- willi .Summer
Dresses.   Ladies, we invite your Inspection.
MEN'S  slliil>.   IN  ALL STYLES  Aro Agents I'm- llie Famous
We   clnii
Onai'i ■
ihi*  shut,  is iln-   Ileal   on  Uie  Market.   Every   I'aii
lliu- ih,-in ii Trial.
'$bm M^M •*%-* 0 00000% '■■ 00000000
9 9
9 f
4,        We have them—all Kinds, all Prices and all Sizes, fy
ijl This is the Season (or Picture Taking, 9
9   9
9 T
| Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited |
Local and General.
V. M.C A. Bonelit—Oporu Houee,
Thursday, June i!8lh.
Sei ih- Crows and Pidgeonsat the
Opera House, Thursday, Juno 28th.
A. Williamson inlorms us that insect pests are very hard on tbe turn!
cr,,],* this season.
At New Yurk an old woman named
Btenton is accused ol killing her
diuightcr with a hammer.
"Meg's Diversion" will be your di.
version nl the Upun House Thursday
night—Y. M.C,A.Benefit.
Miss McLean, ol Vancouver, suvs
that ,-i 11 cases ol relief supplies sent
to Frisco, 40 cars wen- stolen.
The Pope has granted a dispensation
from abstinence lor Friday, June 211
the least ol St. Peter ami Paul,
Divert y,,ur steps to the Opera
House tomorrow (Thursday) night,
and witness "Meg's Diversion."
A Nevada mountain lias become
badly fissured which was probably
caused by the 'Frisco earthquake,
I' y, u want to learn to swim? Mr,
Maguire, physical director at the Y,
M. 0. A., will shortly Btart a class Ior
A, McDonald, the well-known 0, P,
R. conductor, had a narrow escape
from drowning at Vancouver, by Inint-
itie while bathing.
Hun. K. G. Tatlow hae been appointed acting Commissioner ol Lands
nud Works in absence of Hon. H. F.
The Provincial Government ninl the
City of Cranbrook have combined to
erect a public building in that city for
the staffs ol both.
Mr. Pcarce.ol Vancouver, architect
lor the Burns Block, was in the city
Monday and Tuesday, and contractors
are now figuring on the building.
An immense number ul horses and
rigs were to lie seen at A. Williamson's
ranch on Sunday, this and the lake
being n favorite resort ior excursionists.
A table ol pretty handkerchiefs,
small fancy articles and home ninde
candy will 1".- Ior sale Monday alter-
noon and evening, Selkirk Hall,
July 2nd.
Ice cream and strawberry social will
be held in Selkirk Hall, Monday, July
■2nd. No admission will be charged In
tbe alternoon but a small charge ol
10c. will be made in tbe evening which
will entitle all to lake part iu the
evening's contest whioh promises to
Ik- very enjoyable.
A Vancouver telegram says "There
cannot be any rea«onable doubt that
tbe lutiire terminus ol the Urand
Trunk Pacific railway will be located
on Kaien island, though nominally a
part ol iiii- mainland, ii the pre* I ce
| _•: mi ■ I workmen and a ll itilla ol
it, im  i in hi -   n - i) indication.
This is one of the Speoial
Dishes which wc wish our
patrmie to try at their leisure,
The Ice Cream ie the purest
wc know bow to make, while
the Fruit Trimmings Rive it
an added delicacy, which is
deliciously pleasing.
the select committee on thc Income
tux in England recommends thn ndnp
tion ol Ihe graduated syslem nl taxation which hns been in (ore,' in New
/(■aland lor the past twelve years with
id int.eh success.
When Ihe crowd was assembled
an ni nd Hie bandstand Friday night, to
heir Ihe hnnd siiine buys threw rotten
,ggs nnd did sonic mischief. It is up
I,, Ihe police lo pul down Ihis lind of
thing with n linn hand.
Don't miss the garden -ecu" in
■'Meg', Diversion" at the Opera House
Thursday nighl. This will he the
prettiest nud one of the inosl realist Itt
scones ever put on the stage iu Ilevelstoke,
The morning altor Mr, Sibbald left
McCullough Creek lor Itovelstoko
there wns lound on Iho properly ho is
,,perilling one ol the biggest, nuggets
nl gold taken ol late years Irom the
Bend. The nugget weighed i 07.B . ll
1I.1IK. nnd is worth about l-IU.
On Sunday morning W. Morris,
assisted by II. N. Coursier, liberated
twelve carrier pigeons belonging to
members of the Vancouver Homing
Association, A bird owned by Mr.
Cnsolman, ol Vancouver, won the
modal, getting home that afternoon,
hut the othor results ol the contests
arc not yet to hnnd.
S. II. Bowman visited the Kevelstoke Sawmill Company's mill at the
Big Eddy, the other day nnd informs
ns he considers thnt for ils location it
is the best mill in British Columbia,
being well-built, well arranged, supplied with the most up-to-date
niiiehiney. mid that it is under excellent management.
tin Saturday alternoon T. Lewis,
senr., was driving a team on the Ille-
cilliwnet road when the horses bolted
and ho was thrown out, breaking his
leg. A littlo girl who was riding in
die rig escaped unhurt, ll-peii
Haggen and .1. Hooley found him
lying on thef ad and went lo his son
1. A. Lewis, for assistance, Mr. Lewis
was taken to the hospital where the
irncture was fouud to be n bad one,
bill he is now doing well though ii
will be sonic months before he recovers.
Archbishop Brtichesi pays the tol-
owing compliment to gymnastic
raining "Tho benelil it will confer
ipon the rising generation is incalcul-
ible. It will not only give them free
nnl strong limbs and a clear hn w.
but it uill la- a great niornlizcr, li
nil make the youth ,,( our city string
nd robust, intelligent and moral,
rl i,l, will make lliom tlie piide and
I- ,i-i ol the land    I per ally i on
idit gymnastic exercises a i on tn
,in hi ii, lor ii will strengthen the
ml and -I- good tu the mind '' Every
uoiig iiiiiii iii Revelstoke should j«in
tin V M. C, \. gymnasium.
The inn.-nil- of iln- men who ivere
killed in the bridge  disaster at  the
I.  ip li ok placi 8 1,| - -1 Mi   ' ,-
thai of .1 Bitch being held on the
: -,„ r da) nd thai : Mu yearl on
Morula)   Htt,  tt C.Cnldi led
ihe burial  servicei  nti  Sunday  and
Hi    I,,!!,., Pec - ,1  -, Moi i     I
. • , ver)  large atti ndnnce nl  the
i.-i.-- mon i tpresi their tl
lln : ,i dity and thoir sympathy with
iln- Irionds ol the deceased in tholr
bereavement, and a large number ol
the public attended, Eaoh gang ol
tin- uridgemon sent a pretty wreath
lor each collin, nnd Mr-. H. Lnughton
also sent wreaths,
The American owners of the Big
Bend timber limits have sold Ihem.
II. Colbock's orchard on the Big
lit ml road is looking splendidly, the
apple, cherry, plum nnd pear trees nil
doing well.
Tin- heavily laden Iruit trees in W
Gee's orchard, on Mackenzie avenue,
area matter ol admiration wilh pass
ers by. There is not a Unci- crop of
Iruit to bo seen in the Province,
.1. II. Hii.wthorntbwn.iti', M.P.P.,
addressed a meeting lust evening in
the interests of the Socialist party.
About 100 people attended, 11. 6.
Gough presided, A report of ndd'-ess
will appear next, issue.
Willis Armstrong bus ono of the
host kept gardens nnd orchards in thc
city. His Iruit li-eee ure well advanced
nnd Blurting to bear fruit. Tbey
look strong, well grown and healthy
llis garden too is in splendid shape
(I. \V. Bell bus let n contract to
clear Ins lot of III acres south of the
Bowman Lumber Company's mill,
with n view in putting it into fruit,
trees. The cost of clearing this land
is $iill per iii-.i-i'
S. II. Bowman, ol the Bowman
Lumber Company, is looking over bis
extensive interests in this district., he
informs us Hint the selling prices ol
British Columbia lumber on the
prairie ure not ns high ns llie prices in
the Stiiles by $5 to "fill a thousand.
A splendid collection ol arrow heads,
ihe property ol Mr. Cook, secretary of
the Y. M. C. A., will be shown ',n the
windows of Hastings., Doyle and
Alliim's jewelry store o Saturday
next. Thc collection numbers between 1100 nnd 7(H) nrr.iw heads,
collected nil over the United States
nnd Canada.
On Friday Messrs Marshall und
Schelliug returned from tho Big Bend
accompanied by their agent Mr. Bradshaw, and left noxt day for New Yoik.
The weiitli, i wits Inld antl they made
the trip under dilliculties, but were
much inipiTssid with the prospects of
the Bend. Th y went over iheir property ou French Creek with a view to
determining future operati ns, hut
were so favorably impressed with what
tbey snw they concluded the ground
warranted operations on a large sca'e,
nnd they will probably have plans
matured by September for carrying on
the biggest mining operations yet seen
in thc Bind. They stopped oft* at
McCullough Creek and were amazed
at the line specimens of gold being
found on that property
Social and Persona'
Miss Hall intends leaving m-xt
week -,n a !ri[» to 1,-
\lr*. Ii Page na.- arrived Irom
England to join her husband
I-'. B. tt ell. returned Monday nn,inin:- frt -,i ti - tri| I- the Coast.
Mrs II      I own will   nol    eci   ■
until tin        lay oi Novembor
' Be-   I I: lo bertson wenl to Golden
yesterday  I      tteod  a   meeting  ■-(
Mr. and Mrs. E. M nerop lell lor the
I-,.,,*! rni-.-iI.i_ j* in if I tie- good wi-iie-
ol their man; Iriends,
I-'. Billings secretary ol the 1 ale
Columbia Lumber Co., was in ihe
,- iv M lay
A. Johnson ol Hie Maii.-Hi.kai.h,
l.-ii [or Vic(, rin Monday and expecU
Ui be nw y    ,-,-k
I. T Bre« ter the former i lan tger
ui the Can - Creek Consolidated
Mining Con - tnj wai in tin city
i„ Patrio li "I a isil Monday Irom
;, brother ho makes his hi me in
Montreal nnd who is on a holiday trip
to Calilurnia
.1 ii. Sihl i lias,. ,- to liuliitli on
business ci ted witn the Revel
stoke am, MoCi Hough Creek Hy
draulio Mining Company.
On  Wednesday, being  ln-r day at
I „-,  M     Elson   entertained  her
in. nds -., -  pleasantly at. afternoon
ten at the I ij court,
DpuKKlst and Stationer,
• mil the liun,,-i-l-l.
Hair Oil, Tooth Brushes, Paragoric,
Soap, Perfumes
PE-RU-NA for sale at
"BROWN'S" Cigar Store
-i.it', I .ii ne-1 about 20 ho.s and i-irls
ii Iiiiiiiii- ol her bii tiulny. She was
In- recipient of eoinu handsome
11. Mcintosh, the popii'ur landlord
ol the Halcyon Sanitarium, was in tlie
eity yesterday, uud reports business
gnud at. Ilulcini), the sanitarium being
frttjticutcd by many guests this season.
Examination of  Miss Hall's
The following members ol Miss
Hull's classes were successful in the
recent theoretical examinations. Mrs.
Olovo Hall was thc examiner:
Senior Class—Eva Thompson, Libby
Ik-rget, Madge Calder, Mattie Calder,
Fiances Lawson, Isalxilla Crawford,
Gertrude Dent, Elsie Holey.
Junior Class—Muriel Porter, Gladys
Urquliart, May Anthony, Bertha
Hobbs, Lyla Bruiidrctte, Marjory
Young, Kathleen Sibbald, Muy Man
ning, Eric Coursier, Leon Coursier,
Bessie Brundreite.
Primer—-Edith Anthony, Myrtle
Lindmark, Louise Rae,
Evu Thompson nnd Muriel Porter
carried off the medals iu their respective classes.
In pianoforte playing Isabella Crawford carried oil' ibe medal iu the
Senior cIiibs, and Mny Manning was
the winner ol Hint lor the Juniors.
Business Locals.
Cnrpcts and squares at Howson's.
The best makes in Refrigerators,
Freezers nnd (lil Stoves—At Bourne's.
See Howson's oomplete stock ol iron
Preserving Cherries in 101b. boxes,
$1.25 per box, at C. B. Hume k Co's,
See thc lino assortment ol furniture
at Howson's.
Oranges. Lemons, Bananas and
Strawberries, at 0. B. Hume k Co's,
A beautiful lino ol new pictures just
received at 11. Howson's.
J. A, Davidson has moved his tailoring business to Mackenzie avenue.
Bargains Ior Fi iduy and Saturday
only on a table ol Chinnware nt 20c.
and 2.r)c. each—0. II. llunie k Co's.
A souvenir ol the Situ Francisco
lire in every package of Carnation
Wheat Flakes, we also have Puffed
Rice one of tlie newest and bent cereals.
Bonnie Bros.
For window shades, wall paper, plain
nnd decorative burlaps go to C. II.
HumoiS: Co., Ltd.
"Advertising is the legitimate channel through winch the inaniituctiirer
speaks to thc people he desires to
address."—Intro Kindly. Advertise
in the Maii.-HkhaIjD.
Bargains for this week:—A cuke of
glycerine nnd juice of lettuce Toilet
Sonpiiiitl a good noil brush for 10c.,
two tins of excellent French Sardines
for'inc., half pound lint cane of Salmon
fie —Bourne Bros.
Have you tried Bird's Custard
powder and Jelly-O-lce Cream powder
at C. B. Hume & Go's.
E, A. Haggen is severing his connection with the Interior Publishing
Company, Ltd., and intends opening
n real estate, insurance, share-broking
nml financial agency in Revelstoke,
having been appointed agent lor an
Eastern company investing in B. C
lands, mines and timber. He hut
also been appointed agent Ior the
following insurance companies: London Mutual Fire, Ottawa Fire, Mon
treiil-Canadu Fire, Anglo-American
Fire, Equity Fire, Colonial Fire
Dominion Fire, and North American
Lite. Mr. Haggen will enter on his
new business on Monday next, opening in tt*..I. Laws building next It,
Howson's furniture staire.
The oiiiecr.s and members of the
International Brotherhood ol Main-
■•; am, ol Way Employees ol tlie
Mountain a Shuswap section of the
C I' Ry. wish lu convey their ilianks
to the people ol Revelstoke lor their
sympathy shown in the loss ol our
two beloved brethren, Camil Muylaert
and James I P.itcb, also to the man-
. gement ol Ihe V. M, C, A , the St,
'-. , ," - and Catholic Church choirs
for tbair kind service,
-igii'M a   elm!I ,,f the members
.1.    II.    NlMI.I,
.1   A,iii-,,-.
.1.   I'AMI.
C, F   Nonius,
Qirl for Dining Room. Apply
to Hotel Revelstoke, City.
i. a. q. If!
Dec iration Day, Sunday. July
1st. 1906.
All Odd el'.ows ar,- requested to meet
nt the lodge room al 2 o'clock next
Sunday to   trade to the cemetery.
Brcllirei ."'nested   to   bring
JAMM Mathie,
• •
-    \    * IM fill
All the pretty patterns for Orapcries will be found here. Wc have a New lot
of Art Silks, Silkalines, Madras and White Muslins, Art Sateens, etc., in entirely
New Patterns anil Colorings.      * '•
Cushion Materials
Tapestry Curtain Tops—25c, 30c., 40c. and 50c each.   Cushion Cords, Cords
and Tossels, etc. .... „
Jable Covers
Tapestry, Derby anil Chenille, 1 yard and i1/. yards square, in all thc
Standard Colorings.
Pram Ainens
And Open Work in Doylies, Table Covers, Shams, Sideboard and Dresser Covers.
The drawn work is all hand made, and comes in handsome designs at exceedingly
low prices.
White ^louses and Underwear ___
We arc offering some good Bargains in White Blouses and Underwear that it
will pay you to look into. In some lines you could not buy the materials for the price
of the finished garment.
SOc.-See Our fifty Cent Corsets-BOc.
We still have a good line of these, although ijiey arc; going fast. They-
are Genuine Snaps. ,,., *!■$.'. - -
Mc£ennan $ Company, m^mu Amu
J.iORSALli--Two-Ktoi'ydwelTiiiK and
*•• lot, 5(1 x 10(1 feet, corner Douglas
and Hanson Streets, Price $550, For
lei ins apply SllillAI.Ii & FIELD,      IH)
WANTED for Offlce-Steiiogrnpher
and typewriter, Apply stating experience and qualifications to
" A. B." Mail-Hkiiai.1) Office.
ANTED  to Purchase—A good
,,    office safe.  Send particulars to
Maii.sHi:iiaui Office.
|)OOMS  TO   RENT-MAlf  Herald
li,  building.  Apply to It. Tapping.
no It HALE-Complete set of Stern
J- Wheel Machinery nnd Boiler
suitable for heavy work. Particulars
-Apply to II. A. JoNBB, -107 Cordova
Street, Vancouver, B.C.
FOR SALE-Fnur-Roomed Crttage
furnished, 1 incubator included
iu bargain. Five minutes' walk from
O.P.R. Shops. A Snap. Kincaid &
mO LET-A  house on. Fifth Street.
J.   Apply to Mrs. 0. M. Stacey.
Dressmaking 4 Plain Sewing
Cor. King and Douglas Sts.
Having been appointed agent lor
the following Fire Iniorpnce Companies, 1 shall be nrepsred to take
risks on sn.l alter Hondsy neit,
July 2nd:
London Mutual Fire Insurants Oo. ol Canada.
Ottawa Fire Insurant,! Company-.
Montreal-Oanada Fire Insurant* Company.
Anglo-Amorloan Fire Insurance Company.
Equity Fire Iniuranci Company.
Colonial Fire Insurance Company,
Dominion Fire Insurance Oompany.
iinii-u will-be:—MoKoniie Avenue, nextU. P.
li. Telegraph Office Inortli aide),
E. A. Haggen.
HotiCD is lioroby given that the builnwi
heretofore carried on by Mlkcl'aKWing Wo)
,,n Ktrit Street, East, Revoim/ike, has neon
iak„n ov.-r by 'iitotig wing Wo, ivht, will hereafter i-onilue! tlii-smiii- iu his uwu tiiiin,- an'1
n-lui will be responsible for ill ai-ttoiinls here-
afler Int-tirri'il In connet-lloti with tint
bail ileal.
All ,-laiins lyallist Slikc I'at (Wing W„|
■riouldbo preiontodal mire l„r miltlnmeiil in
lm Iniowla going to China. W 'li
Strawberry and Ice Cream
Monday, July 2, 1906
I.AIItl-'S' AI'XII.IAKV   01'   KNOX   (llllllll'H
Meeting re Fruit Growing.
i , ting uiu bo heli] in Revolstokeon
I, lay   July lull,, in   Wlllla ,1, Armllrnilg'a
on-liird. «i J:*) p.m a,„l will l,e addressed by
Mr.II Kl|,|,„f nhllllwstu. „ii 'Tinningand
l-rinilng.'siiil 4i.W.J. Ilrandrllli on "Bpray-
ing," and lu ii ,- City Hill al 7-80 p.in,, when
Thos, A. llrydui, ul Vlitorln, will sjiesk on
-'Plantingand Pruning," Mr, I. C, Moloalloo
Hammond, on "Small Kriilla," Mr Maxwell
■mul, Dominion Krult Inipootor, on "Orchard
Cultivation," Mr. Henry Kln|,, ol olillllwiu-k,
on "Varieties ui I'lam," and w J. Brandritli
on "Beautifying tin- llome,"
,'fiOll BAVS Till- K1 No."
TIKIS. A. iii-.vi,,,-.
Something Pure
II you ure looking lor Pure
Honey wn hnve just opened up
a consignment ol   Ontario
in I ll,. lanes, or iii fi lb, cans
"Guaranteed Pure,"
Our Canned Goods nre second
to none, nnd more than that
we "Guarantee every Can."
Arrowhead, Trout Lake and Nakusp Rural School Districts
Revelitoke Assessment Distriot
rlUKR NOTICE that I ahull hold n Court, of
1 Itovblon nnd Appeal under the "Public
Hchool Act, IflK," lor the Arrowhead, Trout
Luke and Nakusp Rural School Ills rlcta. on
Wednesday, the Uth day of July, 1900, at tho
hour of two o'clock In the Bftflriioon, at the
School House. Arrowhead.
Dated at Ituvelatxike, this l.'ith duy of .lane,
nun.   -    •
l*. M. KIK1.D,
Judge of tho Court of lie vision and Anneal
Kevelstoke Assessment Distriot of West
Arrowhead, B. C.
Charmingly situated nn the shores
uf At row Luke.
Good Trout Fishing.
Hunts always for lure.
Sample Rooms in connection.
First-class house fnr Tourists and
Commercial men.
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
Manufactured (or all classes of buildings
All kinds of bulldl-as and plastering
NOTICK in liereliv given that thirty days after
date I intend to apply to tlie Hon, Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works, for special
licenses to cut and carry away tiiniier from the
followinu descrltad lands situate in the West
Kootenay District:
1. Commencing at a post planted about one
milo from west liank of Columbia River and about
nm-and half miles north of Seymour Creek and
marked"(-. F. Idndinark's south east corner post,"
thence mirth mi chalmi, west 80 chains, south SO
chains and east wi chains to point of commence-
2. Commencing at a pout planted about two
miles from Columbia Kiver on Its west hank anil
s limit ono and half miles north of Hevmour Crwk,
and marked "(7. F. I.tndinark's smilli east corner
post," thence north SO chains, west 80 chains, south
80 chains and east 80 chains to point of com.
3. ('(Huiiit'iicing at a post planted almnt three
miles from Columbia Hirer and about one and
half miles north nf Seymour Creek and marked
"C. F. I.indm ark's south east corner post," thence
north 80 chains, west 80 chains, south W chains
and east 80 chains to pointof commencement,
4. Commencing at a post planted one mile from
west bank-of Columbia Hi ver and four miles nortli
of Seymour Creek and hiarked "C. F, I.lnilmark's
southeast corner iiost," tbonce north80chains,
west wi i'liains, smith 80 rlinins, aud east 8ft chains
to point of commencement.
Dated May 23rd, 1906.
J. Henderson, having purchased
the business ol J. B. Smith, will
give prompt service.
Has Special Attention
Leave Orders at Lawrence's Hard
ware Store or Central Hotel Front
Men and boys will no longer be
allowed to bathe at the lake on my
property unless they wear bathing
H. TAPPING has secured the rightaf-
franchise as Bill Poster for the Canadian and
American Bill Posters Association in the City
of Rerelstoke, and having the bill boards, he
Is now prepared to do all kinds of advertising
ou the same.
For Sale or Rent
CfilltAlnillK Ull seres, aland (liri.,'.,|,iiirta-ra seed*
ed with Tl.111.tl1y. Sultatble for Iruit growinc.
House antl niitliinliliiiRs in ..md rendition. NituatJ,
iitCralaellachle, ti lew luilles west .,1 Ilerelitnke
Apply ti, B. TAPPINO, llcvelitoke.
..V'.>-- -
We know, and the manufacturers know, that it is better
to sell clothing at a reduction, and even at a loss, then to pack it
nwny and pay the Cash ol storage and Insurance, losing interest on
the investment, and run the risk ol changing Fashions,
It is for these reasons, then, that we are inaugurating a
CLOTHING KALE that will attract widespread attontion.
Nothing could be plainer or more convincing.
m We are going to convert our stock into money, and make a
great sacrifice in order to do so,
Of course you are at liberty to stay away Irom this Sale,
but will it be a wise thing to do.   THAT'S THE (JUESTION II


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