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VoL 12.-No. 91
Limnges China—in setts or odd pieces.
Mayfield, Clovei Ijeal, and White Patterns—in setts or any part
of sett, or odd pieces.
Lemonade Setts, new nnd beautiful.
Covered Casseroles. j
Fire prool Teapots—any size.
Jardiniere and Cuspidores—all sizes,
Tea ind Coffee Percolators.
Vou will always find something new and interesting in our China
and Glass Ware Department, and ynu know you are always welcome
to look around.
The Preserving Season
The preserving seiison is on.   We can supply you
with Strawberries, Cherries, Etc.   Place
your orders with us as soon as possible as the season for
both fruits will be very short and the supply limited.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead snd Revelitoke.
If vou are looking for something nice in 8P00N8 AND
SPEOIAL * i'or Souvenirs, we have Ihem here.
J.  GUY  BARBER, -    fflffiffi
We make a specialty of Wiring Houses
for Electric Lights and Bells.
We also carry a splendid assortment
Chandeliers and Globes.
We guarantee satisfaction in all work
and if you require any F.lectrical Work
done call on th"       „,_
ii iti it*i 1T11' t
?*w*w 4»" "
Another Rich  Mineral   Discovery.
Another discovery of minerals, said
to be richer than the famous Cotton-
belt find ol a year ago, is reported by
Messrs. Mcl.eo.1 and Lund, ol Salmon
Arm, who have joined the number of
prospectors who are searching the hill,
and valleys Ior treasures hidden by
mother earth, The ledge is nine leet
wide, and the ore is mixed, consisting
ot copper pyrites, zinc blende and
The camp at the head ol the Arm is
growing, and the feeling ol the men is
hopeful and buoyant, despite the
steady downpour ol rain tor the past
few weeks. Grubstakes are being accumulated, packing will be in lull
swing as soon as the (rail is oleared in
a lew tnd places, and work on iinp-nv
ing tbe trail has been commenced.
From the survey work now in hand
by the Grand Trunk Pacilic the Yellow Head Pass is the route at present
favored, and the route will probably
run near Mil George.
An cast hound freight and a work
train came together in a head-on
collision at Kanaka Bar siding east ol
Kamloops. The caboose ol the work
train was knocked into splinters and
took fire, the work train crew losing
all their helnuginn in the wreck. All
the hands mixed up in the smash had
time to jump so that no one was hurt,
hut they have all been laid oil' pending an inquiry.
The 0. P. R. will build in the Northwest a steel bridge which will be one
ol Ihe wonders of the world. The new
bridge will be about one mile in length
and will lie 1100 Ieet in height, As
compared with other bridges ol the
world, the Brooklyn bridge iB nol
longer, and is not more than one-hall
as high. The well-known bridge on
the Tyne, iu England, built hy Robert
Stephenson fiO years ago, is About one-
half as high and one-half as long as
the one proposed to be built by the
0, P, It. The new steel structure ol
the Canadian Pacific will span tbe
Belly River at Lethbridge. Alberta.
There is a builders' strike on at
From (lur Own ('orro-poinlent.
Nukusp lioys captured a majority of
the events at Arrowhead on July 2nd.
Word reached here yesterday ol u
narrow escupe Irom drowning nt Burton. Young Reveler, a grandson ot
Mrs. Newniyer went out in an Indian
canoe and upset nt a place where Ihe
water was running Swift. The young
fellow's cries brought two Indian hoys
named Abraham Baptism and Victor
Kootenay lo the scene. Just when
young Reveler had gone down for the
Inst time, the two Indians plunged in
and alter a hniil struggle got the boy
ashore. Although unconscious when
rescued he was brought to by the
efforts ol several who hnd by this time
Misses Ella and Viola Thompson
spent a lew days in Arrowhead.
L. F, MoDongald, proprietor ol the
Lelaud Hotel has la-en granted a
license permit Iur thirty days. We
cannot understand why the license
hoard should refuse McDongald a
license as he conducts a lirst-class
Mr. nnd Mrs. W, Robinson spent a
lew days in Revelstoke this week.
Mr. and Mrs. F. W, Jordan and
family lelt for their rnnche at Edge-
wood on Thursday.
The painters arrived here from
Nelson this week and are at work on
the s.s. Minto. The s.s. Kootenay
will be laid up in a lew days to be
thoroughly overhauled.
From onr own correspondent.
Only last year were the merits, of
Silkhatqua (Tappen Siding) discovered
as a camping ground", yet one season
was sufficient to establish its lame as
an ideal spot for reBt and recreation,
Beautifully situated on Shuswap lakes,
whose placid waters afford lull scope
lor the lover of boating. As a place
for bathing it is not excelled, il
equalled by any other in B. C. having
a tine sandy beach, and being perfectly
safe for children and adults, who are
not expert swimmers. The temperature of the lake makes bathing a
delight. The wide-spreading trees
afford excellent shade for tents, and
the hotter the weather the more
enjoyable the camping. The committee in charge expeel 'o have the
special'railroad rate alter July 10th,
when camp-ecs will purchase a straight
ticket to Tappen Siding, getting a
'standard certificate*' with the sume,
and a return ticket will be given (ree.
Prospective campers will provide
themselves with tents and bedding.
Meals can be had at the grounds at
moderate rates.
Revelstoke is fortunate in having
such a pleasant refuge so near at
hand during the hot weather,
Some two hundred people visited
the camp last summer and the number will be exceeded this season.
Running broad jump, Thomas 1st.,
Nicol 2nd.
Running Imp, step and jump, 1st.,
Thomas, 2nd., Nicol.
100 yards dash, 1st,, Thomas, 2nd.,
Fat Man's Race, 1st., Smith, 2nd.,
G. B. Campbell.
Standing long jump, 1st., J. Don-
gal, 2nd. Smith.
Running high jump, 1st., Thomas,
2nd., R. Jacobson.
Vaulting, 1st., Thomas, 2nd., Nicol,
Tossing the Caber, G. B. Campbell.
Putting the Shot, 1st., Smith, 2nd.,
I) Cameron.
Boys' Single Sculls, 1st,, J. Kirk,
2nd., J. P. McArthur.
Girls' Single Sculls, 1st,, Ida Kerr,
2nd., M. Lawler.
Swimming Race, 50 yards, 1st., Kerr,
2nd. Jim Kirk.
Swimming race, 100 yards, 1st., H.
Ladies' single sculls, 1st., Mrs. Kyle,
2nd. Miss Holbert.
Greasy pole, 1st., A. Smith, 2nd., J.
Csnoe race (double) 1st. Pastou *fc
Bnllard, 2nd., Kirk it Hurd.
Canoe race, lady and gentleman,
Mrs. Fyle aud 11. Dewar.
2nd., Mr. and Mra. Ballard.
Single scull, 1st., Wm. Paxton, 2nd.
C. B. Kirk.
Chinamen's Race, 1st., Chas. Sing,
2nd., Hop Lung.
Considerable enterprise was shown
by the citizens of Arrowhead in carrying out successfully the above list of
Notwithstanding the extreme heat
ol the day, great interest was shown
by visitors and citizens,
Some of the buildings of the town
were very prettily decorated with Nags
hunting, etc.
Some sort of an excursion on the
lake would have been an enjoyable
feature, as t-he supply ol small boats
were limited.
Visitors from Revelstoke are loud
iu their praise for tlie fair treatment
they received at the hands of the
Arrowhead celebration committee,
and hope in the near future, should
they pay us a visit, to return the
New Island Arises in Sea-
Hearst not a Candidate-
Lord's Day Bill Passes its
Third Reading.
j HY Ti:i.l''.(IIIAPll|
TafOMi, Wn., July 7.—A new
island has arisen in Ihe sen near
liunisluv Island, Alaska, which itself
was thrown up by a volcano a hundred years ago. Fishermen say they
were unable lo approach Island because wnicrs around were still seething Iron) heat, .
San FhANOISOO, July 7.—W. II.
Hearst said Ihis morning: "I would
like to state very positively thai 1 nm
not a candidate lor the Democratic
Presidential nomination in 1908,"
London, July 7.—A select committee n' the House of Lords is Inquiring
into insurance methods. President
Morton ol the Equitable nud a number
of other Americans whose companies
do business in England were examined yesterday.
Sir Michael Hicks Bench, now Lord
St. Alwyn has awarded the Tanjong
l'agar Dock Company fourteen million
dollars lor the properly which the
Straits Settlement government wants.
It is believed the Straits government
are only acting Ior the Paitish Admiralty which intends to make Singapore
important naval base.
Ottawa, July 7.—The Lord's Day
Bill passed its third reading last night.
An amendment to prevent golf play-
iug on Sunday was killed. The bill
will not interfere with amusements
except those played Ior gain.
Eldest Son of R.  McRury
Last night Mr. and Mrs. It. McRury
ol Third Btrcet, received the news of
tho drowning ol their eldest son
Robert. No particulars are to hand.
He is supposed to have been bathing
in Shuswap Lake at Sicamous, when
he was seized with cramps and
drowned. The body has not yet been
r, covered. Mrs. McRury lett Ior the
scene ol the fatality last evening.
Deceased was the eldest son, aged
about 14 years, and n vory promising
boy. ilach sympathy ii lelt with the
family in their iiftTflvement.
For windo,' .•hades, wall paper,
plain and de. ive Burlaps, go to
C. B. Hume ■• l. .
Hastings, '*: and Allum report
business very lively. It is their intention to employ an extra man lor
the repairing department should the
present brisk trade continue,
The adjourned meeting of the Council was held ou Wednesday evening.
Alter considerable discussion it was
decided to luy over the by-law providing for an auxiliary plant at the power
house. I nek ol interest in Hie matter
by the citizens wr.s tbe main  reason.
Decided to lay water pipe to grand
stand for the Turf Club.
Time of sprinkling sidewalks restricted to the hours of 8 to II a.m.
and 12 to 1.30 p.m.
Tenders were let lor laying sidewalks.
E. C. Froiuey has in hand contracts
fur three houses in the city, one of
which is being built ot cement blocks.
E. E. Adair has in hand the contract (or erection ol a nice residence
for J. Manley.
W. A. Foote is building another
E. C. Fromey has completed the
construction ol the stone Imseiuent
lor J. B. Cresiman's residence on First
street, and L. A. Fretz bus In hand the
erect inn ol the building.
Tho neat residenco building on
Third street west, recently built by 10.
C. Fromey iB now occupied by Mr.
Nairn. On thc ground lloor are sitting room 13 x 14 (eet, dining room
15 x 14 Ieet, kitchen IB x 14 (eet,
pan11 y 11x8 (eet, nnd library. On
the upper lloor are three good bedrooms and bathroom. There is a cellar
the lull size ol house, tin; basement
being ol concrete blocks. The house
Is beautifully finished, being plastered
with wood fibre, and the posts and
rails ol the stairway are finished in
silver. There is a pretty arch between
the dining and sitting rooms The
house is neatly painted and of excellent workmanship throughout.
Mr. Fromey.is also building on
Campbell avenue a warehouse with a
frontage ol 40 leet and a depth ot 100
Ieet. It is ol wood, with basement ol
cement blocks, and the C. P. R. spur
line «ill bo extended to give access to
it diii'ct Irom the cars. The building
will be used [or storage nf cement,
building materials, etc.
D. McCarthy has completed a two-
storey building Ior A. Coourocbio, the
size lieing 20x24, and another for J.
Marriana, size 22 x 28ft. Both buildings are fitted with bathrooms and
are up-to-date in Interior design and
Pleases every Smoker the "
Lemon extractors, 10c. and 15c.
each, at C. B. Hume k Co's.
All kinds ot fancy chair, settees,
Morris chairs, iron beds, in all colors,
round extension tables, etc., at John
E. Woods' furniture store,
(|,'l,,lll (llll   O..II ('„ITI'S|l,>lll|.,|llJ.
Quite n ti iiii, tier ol citizens ol Field
wenl to Banff on Monday to attend
the Dominion Day celebration.
The Dominion Govornnient
putting ii|i n vory neat Utile building
ou lho C.P.R, grounds tor the use nl
the Park Commissioners,
,1. P. O'Neil hns gone to take oliai'gt
nl P, Bums & Co.'s Itiisint'ss at Hank
head. W. Neil lms taken his placi
Mr. Tiitlen, electrician, bus gone to
Winnipeg where lie will join his wile
nnd wllll her gn to Sidney, ll. C. Mr,
Siilnuiiiil hns cnnie (inin Winnipeg to
run llie electric plant hero,
Vl'itors are In'gillillg to arrive in
large numbers ut Ihe 0, P. ll. Iiotnl,
These exceedingly hot days makes mil'
high altitude a desirable one
The ineinliers nl the Alpiiu- dull
have begun In arrive. Mr. Wheeler
with Mr, Hi nli-la nil and their parly
have already gone mil Into the Viibu.
Tbe main bodyol the club will arrive
on Sunday evening antl stm-l (ur camp
un Monday morning,
Mrs, A, J. Patterson and children
have gone on a holiday tu Ashcrolt
and Vancouver.
Mrs. Frank Hooley is spending a
lew days with friends in Revelstoke,
Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McMillan lm c
returned Irom their wedding trip to
the i-iiiiRl.
A very sad event occurred at Emerald Lake Chalet, seven miles Irom
here, Friday morning. J. J. Woodward, a man in mid le life (rum
Stroudsliurg, Pennsylvania, came
Thursday morning to the Mount
Stephen House. Alter breakfast he
started up over Burgess 1'iisb. He
reached the Chalet iu the evening and
spent the night there. He waa up
and had breakfast over at 8.30 next
morning. Without any warning to
himself or any one else he lell in a
faint and expired in a lew minutes,
Heart failure must have been" the
cause. The hard trip over the pass on
an exceedingly hot day must have
been the immediate cause. Dr. Brett
has been summoned.
The Board o! Trade meetings these
days generally elicit an important
discussion and it is a pity they are
not better attended by the business
men of the city. At the meeting last
night the president, C. F. Lindmark
was in the chair, and the condition ol
the river bank elicited considerable
discussion. As a result it was resolved
to communicate with Hon. F. Aylmer,
Dominion Engineer at Golden, ami
the Public Works Department nt
0\'.'.'!B'*i, drawing attention to the
necessity of \\tgeut.steps being taken
to stop further enoruiicbiuent of the
river. A very important dlsottOTlcni
took place on the administration ol
lands within the Dominion belt and
the opinion was expressed that, it was
ubout ns bad as prssible. It was
pointed out that there was considerable good land In the district, but that
people wanting it could not get any.
The opinion was expressed that, a
radical change was required in the
land administration and it wiib resolved to appoint a committee to go
into the matter and draw up a report
with a view tn improving the Dominion laud administration. Messrs.
McCarter, Fraser, Haggen and Howson were appointed the committee.
St. A.N'dkkw'r— Rev. W. 0, Calder,
paBtor. 11 a.m., "A Divine Attribute,"
7.30 p.m., L. O. L., LOGS, will-attend
the evening service, the subject will
he "Why does the Orange Organisation Exist.?*'
Knox—J. R. Robertson, II. D., minister. Subject for Sunday morning
service, "Settling Accounts in the
Kingdom." Evening subject,"A Mes
sage nl Good Cheer." Sunday school
at 2.30 p in.
Methodist—Pastor, Rev. C. II. M,
Sutherland. Subject, a. in.: "Christ's
Call to Service;" p. 111.—"A Victorious
The inleiiK' heal probably is Unreason such a slim audience gathered
to hear these entortainers, hut those
wliu did go certainly hud u rare treat.
Miss Strnchiiii's manner, as well as
her voice, is pleasing indeed. The
apecial feature ol her voice being those
low resonant notes, awakening a responsive echo deep down in one's
heart, creating a feeling ol harmony
with one's soil and the world iu
Gavin Spend: is an entertainer both
interesting as well as amusing and
able himsell to hold attention (or n
whole eveuing.
K. OV V.
Members o( Knights o( Pythias are
requested to meet at Lodge room on
Sunday afternoon, July 8th, at three
o'clock sharp to attend memorial
service and go to cemetery, also to
bring llowers,
I llll.   mnn.-iis.iin...*. J
$2.50 Per Year
Bananas, Oranges, Lemons and
Pineapples, at C. B. H lime k Co's.
A large stock ol linoleum, lloor oils,
Japanese matting, window shades,
curtain fixtures at John E. Wood's
furniture store,
Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Hay, Feed,
Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness,
Paints, Rifles, Ammunition, Miners Supplies.
Agents for McClarys Stoves, Hollywood
Paints, Imperial Varnish Co's. Product*,
Marlin Rifles.
BOURNE   BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
I li 11
Wc have left a fow *i-Acrc Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within live minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after'this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
1 Where Is the Woman
I    Who does not know good
I    Flour when she uses it?
it Manufactured and Guaranteed by
I The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
Inclu ling Do-mse lo England, I'nitffll Blntci
and I '.u,,,-i,.
By Uie year [through poatolllccl   1*1,9
llsll         ... -8
(JuartiT "        " !•"'
Legal notices 10cents per line lir-i Insertion,
5 coats per line each aiibscquciil Insertion,
Mea-iirt-iiit-ti*- Nonparicl(Islinesn - ,■ om
incli]. Store an,I general liii-ii'i'ia an
nouiic-iin-nl* S.'.-i i„f Incli per l.iolllli.
l'rt-f,-rri»l poallioni, '-'■', per ei'iil, ;,"!'
dltlivd.  Uiul,-. Marriages nnd Dunlin,,
m.    each   '11 i-nlia:.     I'1 I,!" ■- i„
Lulu!   nolk-i-  JT..V,   -Ml ndverllscnionl.-
-uIiiiMi toliie approval of lliu liiannguiiiiiiit.
Wanted and C Icnsed Adnrllwiiu-nis:
Agents Wanted. Help Wanlcd, Slliiiil ous
wanted, Situations Vacant, liuelicr,
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, I" word, or
i, - 23c., each aildlllonal In,,- l"   mul*.
Changes in standing nilvertise tils at
'ot-iii by "a a. in. luesda, ,'„l Iritliiy nl
«i-h week U) secure good display.
JUli HIN'llN'l. piolii|,il),-v ,n,l ,' " - "l'
able rates.
TKHUS-Casb.   Subscription, pas ihlo In mi:
i ORRI -I'llSliKNCK Invited Oil iniilli-r.-. til
public ii,t.-ri-l. 1,nniii,i,li-a'i,,n» I" wil-
lor inn-' !„- accompanied by nun, ,,!
wriitr. not necessarily i„ inimical Ion, nm
ssevtdei (good laltli. Correspond ,-
.honlil be Inn-l.
Omens : Imi-i uiu. Rank Hiocu, Ituvri
Money to loan.
Offlcos; Hcvil-Kik,-, Il.C; Fori Slcclf. R.O.
Geo, S, .MiC.iiin.ii,
A. M.  l'lNKUAM. .1. A. ll.UIU'.Y.      ,
l'.CUi-[okc. II. (*. Knit Slcclo, Il.C
J.M.Scott I.I..I' «'. I Hrigga.
((ITT    AM!   IllilliliS
Barristers, Sol icitors, Etc.
Miinky rn Loan
Solicitors fuii Mtii.snxs Hank
First Street. Revelstoke, 11.1!
Provincial Lund Surveyor,
Mini' Sun'eying
McKenzie Avenue,
llnx 100, l'i:vi-:i.sTnKF,.
Mining Engineer,
(Mem. American lnslidilo Milling Kiigiiuw-)
I'anadian Mining Institute!
Revelstoke, B. C.
Enamlnatioii of and report* nn Minoral Pro-
pertlcs n Specialty,
Gbe fIDaiUlbevalb
■■ I would . . . earnestly advise tbem (or
their good to order tliis paper to be panel unlly
served up, and to be looked niton a* n jiartol
the tea equipage."—Aiuusiix.
SATL'RDjVY, JULY  7, 11)0(1
The address delivered by Mr. Hawthornthwaite was disappointing to
those who hnve heard lornier utterances ol the socialist, leader. True, lawns not in good furin, but it struck us
as we listened tu it that he felt the
dilliculty of tit-fending a position whi h
he appeared to have conscientiously
lelt tu be untenable. He admitted the
difficulties of the socialistic propaganda among Boietltilio men, and
showul nu utter lack of businees
knowledge when he remarked lhat
prulits were nut bused nn oust nf production. Every business man who
knuivs .i'u •! bu is doing is most particular ubout asCi'iTiiiiiing hi- pruiiui-
tive costs thut ho may ndd ijivath a
Bate per centnge oi.-p,ont, winch after
all is rp\!u'iv more than allows a low
- rate ui interest on the capital invested,
an allowance Ior depreciation by wear
and tear, and such contingencies.
When Mr. Hawthornthwaite calls
emptojers oi labor " rubbers and
thieves." he u*es language utterly unjustified and unbecoming any man
assuming the responsibilities of public
life. While thtre are some employers
that are unjust and tyrannical, the
majority of the captains nl industry
are men uf noble aspirations, anxious
to be o! benefit tu tlie world io which
they live and to do something lor its
advancement. Suppose socialism
were in vogue tomorrow there would
have tu be the same organisers in
charge of public industries as an, in
charge of the industries nf today.
Otherwise society would soon I ipse
into a state of chaos
When Mr. Hawthornthwaite talks
ol tbe homes ul the people as "two by
lour shacks ami breeding pens,' he
insults tlie intelligence ui th,,-.- whom
headdresses. Most people an- proud
of their homes, and nowhere an- better ot happier homes lound than in
this country. Mr Hawtbornthwaite's
ideas ,,l confiscation "f property without compensation savor >,f anarchism,
and are contrary to the laws ,-i property promulgated through man;,
centuries. These law.- ami tin ir effect's
can n-, more la- destroyed in a day
than Mr. Hawthornthwaite could improve conditions in British Columbia
if in- w,-i,- actually premier tomorrow
He saya In- hts been credited «ii!i being premier lm tin- last three yi ars,
on,l it would I,,- ■lulu",ilt to p mi to
anything he has 'Imi'- worthy nf such
r--|„.: sibilitv.
Mr.   lliwllniiiilliw.iite's   allack - li
John Burns is unwarranted,   Nu	
hns il, ni- in,re to iiupr ve lln- Cnmli-
tinn ,-f tin- worker, in England, .nnl
he it today as limicst in that effort ns
he was at the time nl lln- il"<"k *lrtki-
when In- proved a national hero
lln Mr. Ilawlhuiulliiviiile's own
showing In- i- m, hettei than anyothoi
politician, liberal, or lory. He voted
against his own professions and uus
to excise bis action. Then he talked
rot aboul Ibe workers iml paying their
sbnre ,4 tin- ta.ve-, anil consequently
not being interested in how the laud
ol the nation is disposed nl. We believe Mr. Hawthornthwaite can hardly
find a worker win, is under any lialiic-
ination ab,,ut paying taxes, or who
docs not believe tbe administration ol
the public lands is not ol as vital
importance tn him as it is to the capitalist, Mr Hawtbornthwaite's statement that he wnuld nut take the lot
at s gilt it balderdash, II he were
left a valuable property tomorrow,
whether in land nr anything else, be
pvov nee ns ii :-' ,- wish  i    	
li ,,, llv uiiii public I'lVaiis, -n.,1 the}'
i:, ,■ in,i gum had; ou Iheir elei li n
plc'gea undi f n Innii' excuse lilt Mill iv thornthwiiite. Tin- speech, loin
bns'ic in Inn,- inn! wanting iu sincer-
■ i ■ is ■ipl to give the iiii|i,,--si,,ii ilinl
Mr, lliiwlhurnlhwiiitc speaks Im
el.'i-'t mul appoal to rovnliitiun-ir;
pi -.iini raiher than Irom conviction
T inn will lell.
tt A. Cnlliher, ill. P., seem* In I*
sen ing ihe railway companies ihis
si -i m instead ul bis cotistiiucnls
Despite the prolesl ol tho electors In-
sii|i|,orted and even introduced Ihe
I,ill lo extend the A. k K. charier.
ami il is nlsii stilted he supported the
-, i, nsion nl llie Kootenay Central
,li;ii let lor another two years.
As fail,,nun for McKcii7.it' nnd Mann
In nl ., opposed the Pacific nnd Eastern llailwiiy Irom the c asl to Yellow-
In ,t,l Pass. Whon tlio hill wna ticlcatcd
in ilu railway committee.to the crediI
nf lion, SenatorTeniplenian be insist-
ed llrilish Columbia wauled lho rond
built, and the charter should there-
tor be grim led, Fur bis own purl he
In lieved in free trade in railways.
In bringing inn bill lo repeal I he extravagant pension legislation nl Insl
yi in-, iln- Laurier Govern ut took n
ci urao which public opinion demanded,
When Ilu- wholesale increasi k In
members, and these pension listi wenl
through Insl session, a howl ol iiuliv.-
nntinn   wenl   up  Irom   one end ol
Can -da in ll ther, and we nre glad
In - e the notion taken hy the govern-
muii iu mnko amends,
The delc'nl ul the Laurier Govern-
nu ni last week mi llm Grand Trunk
I'neii',,: Branch Lines Coiistriiction
Hill slums thai im matter how strong
n government may be, neither the
Legislature ns a whole nor the people
will knowingly permit tho existence
of anything which is phtyh g into the
bunds ol railway monopoly. The
country wants all lho railways il enn
get, in a legitimate way.
The ac'inn ol Ihe lioaid of Trade in
taking steps In improve tho land administration is n Blep in the right
direction, At pro-out tho government
lund administration is as bad ns it enn
lit', solely due to the lact that rod-tape
ollieials at Ottawa insist in administering liimls nearly IH1UU miles nwny ol
which they know nothing.
The revelations ol peculation ol relief supplies nn the part of public
officials nl San Francisco are amongst
llie inost disgraceful to be heard nl in
these days uf astounding exposures in
public places Such heartless brutes,
who seized ihe opportunity lo thrive
on a people's needs, should be severely
. 'dock    VWIIng Kiilglua an
crillnlly inviled.
li  W ll. IWHET, ('.(!.
il. I). liUtii'K. li. nl I!  ,i 8,
II. \. IIHOWN, U. „( I-
Kontennv Lodge No. 15 AFJA I'.l
Mrs. II,.I. Iln.iliiiry Aliinngrcss.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes
Largo Iiittiiigr, i Tor
tlnnijuots, Supiiors, oto.
Furnished Rooms To Let,
Truemans Studio
Tho regular menl
lug- ur*- lield in Hi,
ahu-OIIUi      '1,-lllt-l,
idill'Vllows llllll oi
lln I binl Mtiudii, li
<.„li in,-nti, al -
,..lll. Visilini'br.ll-
 nllally  wel
r. A. I'litiruMl-'.li, SiicniiTAiiv,
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12.1, 0. 0. F.
Meets even-Tliiirwln.
ovoning I iiOdd Follows
llnll nl 8 o'eliul,
A-i/r - ' -TaWJfVWtlug liretlimniin
**^ ^^dlally (nvlled to ai
ll. MAriiiix.u.li. N.n.        .1. M,vi line, Site
To Trappers
Raw Furs Boughb
Gash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
, I   Y.iiiiniiivi-i-  lti-.il Eslate would iln
well In eiioun.inifiile ivllli
800 Hastings Streot, West, Vanoouver,
I'm prevailing prices.    P. 0, llnx HUH.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new inanugeini'iitjof
Harry McIntosii,  Hoffman   House
mill'. MEDICAL WATERS of Hnl-
L cyon aro the must curative in Ibe
world, A perfect, nn tin nl remedy for
all Nervous und Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney nnd Slinnnr.lt ailments
nnd Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "Thnl Tired Feeling." Special
rales on all boats and trains. Two
mails nii-ive and depint every day,
Teiegra b communication with all
mni'ts of the world.
Terms- $1*2 to $is per week, For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Spring's
Arrotu Lake. B, C
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
SEEDS. Now crop now in slock tuul un test
in out- greenhouses. Ask your merchant for
tlicin iu sealed packages. It lie docs nol bundle
Ibciit we will mail .in assorted. ."„' pitokols of
vngi'liiblc mill llowor seed* lour owt. selection.
BUftablo Ior B. 0. gardonil (or $1.00, Spoolal
uriccs on your bulk scctls.
11. ('. GROWN FRUIT AMI ORNAMENTAL TRICES now ready   (or   spring
Kxtrit iiice*li,ck of two iiiiil ilircc-vciu-jVpplc
Trees ut $20,00 por 100, 8isn.nn per 1 ..mo; May-
liuni Plums, $1.00 cncli; llilllnii Prlliit-, two-
yoar, line, j-.'.',.!.! per 1001 Sugar Prune, two-
year, line, SWiii | or Kll.
Full list ul utlicr stock al regular prices. No
expense, loss or delay of fumigation or
Lot nn- prlco your list boforo placing your
Groonhoug.0 Plants, FlorlVork, Boo Supplies,
Fruit Packages, Fertilizers, etc.
Nl.   J,   HENRY
IUv,"illlNSIkl| ItllAll, VANClllVlill, II. C.
Is now open under new anil i-,,iii]','i.-.'
manngi-ineiil. ,        ' .
Sfl-V*.. HEWW13, ivivuili   „i  "hil §
Aii-.li.Uiu. will meel you nml giinriinli'i':
you our usual satisfaction.
Over Canada Drug ,x  Hook  Company, j
lillllK   Sll,mini   ill   Vfm   lillllllrllHJ, Wl'rl   sllll!
I'oliiuiWfl i-l vol-. Kin' V'ultoyi
(.'uninu'iiclnu nl a pom i" ulniiiiR north of
UiiKd's nortli wc*t uorncr pout nml mnrkeil
"Hurry MelntOKhVi iiorlli iiwl norntir post,"
IIk-iiu) urwl ni iliiin--, llii-mr ^-oiilh-SOrliniim,
Uui ciwCHO ditilnn, Ihenuu norlli 80 eliuttiH tn
|il;n-i'iif itniiiiiii iiit-iiifiil.
iMIt'il .li lllli, 11HHL
Til TUB I IIARKIIOLOKkl ul' no: I'lIXCR MlSIS'o tt
III Vi:i.,,|MI|.:NTt„M|,.lSV, I.I..IIIKI,  I.I.Ulll.lTV.
XnriiK. M IIKtKIIV UIVKN Mini lho Annual Meeting ol tin- Shareholder! ul Tlie
l'riin-0 Mining nn,! Oevelopmenl Company,
l.tiintcil l.iiibillly, uill be heiii atthe Com-
pnny's lillle,-*. l-lrsi su-.-.-t, Kcvelstoko, Il.C.
,,„ IV,-.lues,Iny. Hie Kiglitei'iilli ilaynl July,
,1.11., 1900, at the hour ol Blghl o'clock in tin-
an,-1110011, I„r the purpoiool electing ollicers
f, r il inning year, and Ior all other purposes
relating to the inauageineni ol the Company,
Ami ink,, noiice Unit nl ilu-said meeting the
Intituling special business it-Ill lie taken up,
namely ol-considering nml il deemed advisable, passing tin- following resolution!—
-■ Unit Hit- provisions ot Section 122ol thc
'Companlos' Act, 1897,' us ninendctl by sociion
F-igiil of llie - niiipanie*' Act Aini-iidliieiit Act,
1901,' shall i.pply to litis Company."
liaicl nt nev.-isii.kii, ii.c. this 18th day ol
June, nmi.
J, T, I.AlNd, J, M. scni'l',
I'rcsi.li'iii, Bocrelnry,
Hy 1»	
Arrowhead, Trout Lake and Nakusp Rural School Districts
Revelstoke Assessment Distriot
rnAKK NOTICK thnt I bh-nll hold a Court nf
1 HovUton nml Aii|ii-al unilur tho "1'niilic
Suhool Aot, 11X15," fur tho Arrowhead, Trout
Lake anil Naknnp Hnml Hrhool Dis.nci\ un
WednusdAjr, tho ISUi day of ,) iily, UKKI. nl thu
limn* ul' twu uVliii*!, iii thn nfloniooii, ut, tin;
School House, Arrowhead.
Dated at Hevelsloice, this l.iLli dny of June,
C. M, 1T1RIJ),
Judge of tlio Court of Itovialon and Anpenl
Ruvolstoko AsaesHinont Dlatrlol of West
Wing Chung's newly im- '
ported stock of Chinese
und Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services JFlowor Pots
Plates Umurellii Stands
Husk.it s Lunch Baskets
Cane Chairs Smoking Jackets
Hiiudkorohlels Silk Goods.
Finest, stock of candles and fruits in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
J. Henderson, having purchased
the business ol ,1, Ii. Smith, will
give prompt service.
Has Spccin, Attention
Leave-Orders at Lawrence's Hard
ware Store or Central Hotel Front
For Your Fruit Orders Strawberries at $2.50 per crate on
and after July 1st.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Manufactured Ior allele -,-- ot
All Mini.,,( Imildingnnd I
Arrowhead, B. C.
I li nihil -h situated on  the   I   -
uf Arrow Lake,
(i 1 Tl'-'H   I     li
Bnnl   tin ,-.    h i	
Sample ll clion,
l-'ll-l    .   1,1-       I       'I    ,-       fill I.
I ',,111.,1,-1.1.,I llll 11
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
I,.,., |lc.ul,   inimal    Ilinl*   l III    KI
in,I MM,
A ,,i Uui   *il„iin(i„l
I- i, ii..i n.
Uiul I'l'iiMII   I', II
II,   ■ I -i. 1 ■    |! ,
That's ll,,ml Crown kind—
11>:t,I,- iu Viinnouver—Largosl
Hoap Fa,iinry ivost ol U'inni
|,,-j, House cleaning and
wiisbir.garcnasy with itaholp.
And tin- nionoy saviiij; is the
Premium System
Booklet tolls what ive givo lor
Royal Crown Wrappers, Send
fur it—Kit-':—Also lry the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.
Outing Suits
For the summer home and the
summer resort—for seashore and
mountains—there is nothing like Fit-
Reform Outing Suits for coolness and
solid comfort.
"Light as a feather"—-elegant,stylish,
fa ill   is fitting—and COOL.
'U, *'i ■-, iy., up.
J. G.  M/qHQnALD
Ask your Dealer For
—— I—I——i—l——WB^
Garments for Workingmen,        -* a   /
Ovralls, Smocks, Shirt-, etc.       V, .
nl binl- --iiii,ue un lialnlww Creak, trlViiitary o(
Sliuiffiiii rlvi'f, Villi' ili-trii-t, ami ftlKint Bureii
miles fnnn luiunmh:
1, ('inn nciim .a a imst iilionl four roils smitli
nf ItnhilHiu  Ci. i r, ami uIhiiiI I) hiIIbh from Ita
i id, iIii-ik-i- .-list wi cliattu; Uietioe south 80
Hiatus; thence »t-s; mi clmins- tlience tinrtlifiO
rlinins lu jinitil ul iiiiiimeiu't-mt'lil.
2. ('ninnietieluK nt a postal i ten rotbi aouth
of IUIiiIhih Crew, nmi nliout fi miles from IU
mnitlli, thence ensl 40cIiuIiih; Iliem-esuiiUi iwj
cluilna; thence weal 40 clmlnu, tlience nnrt-lt 100
clialns in point nf commencement,
Dated May 30th, liMJ.
B, Commencing at a posi nliout four chains
Bouth of Rainbow Creek uml nkuit 4 miles from
Its mouth, thence east hi clialna, tlience north 80
Iinins, thencu west so chains, tlienn- smith HO
-liains to point uf commencement.
4. Comineucliij-j tvt -i post about four ehains
smith uf Rainbow Creek, nml nhoul 4 miles fnnn
its mouth, theuce west su clmins, thence nuith iai
ho L-lmiiis. tlience west 80 chains, thenoe south 40
chains, tlience eust ico chains, thence south 40
chains lu point of commencement,
fi. Commencing ut a post about four chains
nnrtli of Rainbow Creek, mul iibunL £ miles from
Its mouth, thence west  HH) cliiiins, tlience smitli
40clialns, them ast ino chains, thence nniiii4U
chains in point of commencement,
Dated May 80th, 1900.
J.lluny, Locator.
Notice is hereby given that thirty tlays after
ilnle 1 immi'l in.ipply tillln- Chief Commissioner
nf Lnmls uml Works fnrn spocial license to cut
ami cni ry nwny llmlwr from tlie following described lnmls situate on tho Shuswap River, Yale district, 11. t...
1. Cmuuieiiniug ui a tiost planted about three-
fourths of a mile south uf the imrtli nesi comer of
tot2818, thence north KID i-hilins, tbeiu-f ensl 41)
chains, thence south m chaliiB, Ihmico west 80
chains, thence south wi chains, thence oast40
clmins to point nl commencement,
2. Cummeni-inu at a post planted about one
ami one-fourth infles soutli ol tlit-imrili west cor*
ner of Lot 2818, tlience west 16j chains, thence
north 40 chains, thenco eust loo chains, tlience
south 4(i chains l" point of commencement.
Dated May 80th, pm
:s. Cominonciiig at a post planted about two
ami uim-fniirth miles south uf the nurth west corner nf Lot 2818, llienee north sll cliains, tlience
west Sll clmiiis, tlience smith 80 cbnins, Ihence
eastSQchalus to puint uf commencement.
i, Commencing nl- a post planted about two
ami niic-foiirtb miles frum the mirth west corner uf
Lot 2818, thenco west 40 chains,* thence tmuthioo
chain's, thence west 10 chains, tlience north 811
chains, tlience east 80 chains, thence nortli 80
clmiiis tu point of coiumeticeineiit.
Dated May 110th, 1900.
J. Barry, Locator.
5. Cotutnenolng at a post almnt Ave miles nnrtli
ami one-half mile eust uf tbe mirth wust curuer uf
Lot -JK18, thence west 100 chains, nnrtli 40 chains,
east 100 chains, smith 40ehnins to pointof coin-
0, Commencing ut- a pust planted ubout ve
miles north and one-half mile cast of then i Mi
west corner nf Lnt 2818, tlience west 1*00 chains,
theuce smith 1(1 chains, thence east 1*80 chains,
thence north 40 chains to point nf commencement.
Dated Mav Wih, 10,10.
7. Commencing at a post planted iitmut one
mile nurth of tin.her limit mm, thence north 80
chains, tlmnce east 80 cliains, thence suuth 80
cliains, theuce west si. chains tn puint of commencement,
8, Commencing at a post about one mile nurth
of timber limit O-'dn), tlience smitli 80cluihist thence
east 80 chains, thence nortli 80 chains, tlience
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
0. Commencing at a post planted about six
miles north of the nortli eust comer ul Lot 2818,
theuce east 80 chains, south 80 chains, west 80
chains, theilce north 80 clmins in point ut commencement.
Dated Mnv Mh, HUH*.
.1. Barry, Locator.
NOTICK IS 11KKKBY -UIVKN that sixty days
nfter date I intend to apply tn the liun. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works fur permission
tn purchase the following described lauds situate
in tlm West Kootenay district.
i uiiiineuciiig at an tojttal \/nA> erected on tlm
imrtli bank ol the Lardo river, almnt one-eight
mile vwt uf Lake creek and marked "D. V. Kane's
wvatli east enrner post," thence uortli 20 cliains;
thence west 80 ehuins; tlience south 20 chains,
mure or less to Lanlo river: tlience easterly following the bank of the river 80 chains more or less to
puint of commencement, comprising nne hundred
and sixty acres nmre or less.
Dated the flith May, 1000.
1). V. RANK,
11 dnys tiller ilntel intend to apply In tin*
I'liift Ci intnissioiii-i'iif Unds and Works font
speciul hoilise lucut and curry nwny limber
frum the following described hinds situated
,in ilm Wc-t Kootenay District, west side of Cpper
Armw Litlic opposite Nakusp:-
1. Commencing ut u pust marked "Nnrtli Kust
Corner 1'ost," tiiemv 80 chains west, 80 chains
smith, sn ehuins enst, mi chains north to point of
2, Commenchiaat n pnst adjoining No. i limit
uu the nurth side, theuce 4ii ehniiis north, Kid
clmins nest, 40 chains smith, Kin east to point of
Dated 8th dny nf .lime, lficii.
Netlce Is hereby glvon that oo days after dale 1
intend tu apply tn the Chief Commissioner nf
Lands ami Works for permission to purchase the
following ilescrilmd kinds, situate near Tete .Inline
Cache,Carlliondistrict, ILO: -
Commencing ut a post planted nt the suuth
nesi turner uf |,ol 480 uud marked "U. II, Nagle's
nortli west corner post," theuce south 40clmins,
tlience east IIM ehuins, tlience nurth 40 chains,
tlience west lUOclialnsto point of commencement,
containing uio acres mure or less.
Daled Htlulay of April, 1000.
0. B. NAGLK.
    Revelstoke, B-l\_
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date I
Intend to apply to the Cliief Commissioner of
Lamia and Works for permission tu purchase the
following described lauds, situate near Tele
Jaune Cache, Cariboo district, B. C.:~
commencing at a post planted ut the smith east
comer of Lot 4so and marked "B, McReauN smitli
nest corner pnst." thence eust 60 chains, thenci
north 120 chutaB, mere or less, tu the bauk uf tin
Fraser River, thence nest ao clmins along tin
bank of the Fraser River to the eust boundary of
Lot 480, thenco lotitli l-o chains, more urkss,
along tlio <ast boundary of Lot 480 tothe point of
commencement, cmitmnlug noO acres mure ur less.
Dated the Utility of April, 1MB,
Revelstoke, B.C,
situated In West Kootenay district, wost side
id Upper Armw Lake:
Commencing at a post mnrked "\v. w. Luck's
smith east comer," at tllfl sontli west enrner of
Lot 802, uml uIhiiii .-. mile smilli of Kostliall
Creek, tbenee north i'i chains, tbenee nest 80
chains, thence south m clmins, thence east Hn
chains to poinl uf commencement, containing W0
Dnteil ibis llili dnj ol June, 1000.
'    W. \S, LOCK.
IVrT. C. MnMiisoii,Agent.
Commencing ut u posl marked "L. M.Jolni-
stone's soulb easl corner," at Hie south west corner
uf Thomas Webster's applicatinn tu pun-lmc,
ubout 8 miles soutli of Fosthall Creek und about
P., miles frmn the lake, tlience imrtli 80clmins,
tu the soulb boundary of O.J. Hammond's application to purchase, llienee west 80 clmiiis, theuce
smilli 4o cliains, thence east ao chains, thence
smith 40 chains, thence east 00 chains tu point uf
commencement, containing f»iioacres.
Dated Milx Will ilay of June, HW8.
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "M. C. Dicker-
son's nnrlh n est corner," on the shore of Upper Arrow lake, about 8 miles south of Posl hall creek and
about 20 chains north nf tbe suuth east corner of
Thomas Webster's application to purchnse. thence
soutli 80 clmins, Ihence east 80 ehuins more or
less to Hie shore of Arrow Lake, tlience following
said shore In a general northerly and westerly
direction 120 chains more orless tu pointof commencement, containing' 840 acres mure nr less.
Dnleil this Uth day of June, 1000.
per Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pnst marked "K, A. slye's
smith eust corner," uiimiti) miles south of Post*
hall Creek, at the smith west corner of *Lot4M8,
thenco nortli on chains alniig the west boundary ol
Lot 4fi70, thence west 80 ehuins, theuce south vf
clmins, thence east bo chains to pointof commencement, containing um acres.
Dated tliis 12th day of June, IWW.
Per Ralph slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "A. Dolleniney
ers m.rih easl curlier," about IU clmiiis wesl of the
south west corner of Lut 802, ut the nurth west
corner uf K. A. Slye's application lu purchase and
about >t mile smith of tost hull creek, ihence west
8u chains, tlience south 8U chains, tlience east 81'
chains, thence nurih 80 chains tu point of com
nieiu-enient, containing 640 acres.
Dated this lltli duy of June, 1906.
per Rulph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pnst marked "P. A, Slye's
nnrtli east corner," about IU miles soutli uf Fust-
ball Creek, and about li miles from Hie lake
slim-cut the north west corner nf U..1. Hammond'*
application to purchase, thence west 80 clmins,
thence suntb Hi chains, thence east, 80 ehalus,
tlience nurth 80 ehains, to point of commencement, containing l!4H iii'l-i-s.
Duted this I2lli day uf June, 1900.
K. A. SLYK,.
Per Ralph Slyei Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "M. C. Slye's
uortli east enmor," nt the smith east corner of
Thomas Webster's applieatiun to purchase, alsmt
;i miles smith of Fnstliall Creek, and about 1
mile fmni the lake, tbenee west 80 chains, thencu
smith 4ii clmiiis, tlience eust 40 chains, thence
soulli 40 ehnins, theuce enst 40 chains, tbenee
north 80 ehaiiis tn point id commencement, containing 480 acres.
Dated this 12th duy of June, 10O0.
Per Ralph Hlye, Agent.
CommeiiciiiK at a post marked "A, I*.. Ham-
ninml's north west corner,''anotitlU miles south
of Fnstlmll Creek at the smith cant comer nf Lot
46711, tlience smith 80 chains, tlience east 40 clialns,
nmre nrless to the lake shore, thence following
said shore in a general northerly direction BO
clmiiis more or less to tlie south iKiiindary of J. L.
Hirch's application to purchase, thence weat 40
chains,mure orless, to point uf commencement,
containing 320 acres mure orless.
Dated this 12th day of June, 100(1.
Per Rulph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "O, J. Hammond's north east comer," about l1,, miles south
of Fosthall Creek, nt the smith enst corner of Lot
4*570, thence west 80chains, thoneo Kiutli80 clialns,
tlience eust 80 chains, tlience nurth 80 chains tn
pointof commencement, containing 640 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, KM.
Per Ralph Hlye, Agent.
NUTICK Is herein tivsn that thirty tlajmslter
ilat'i I Intainil in apply t" the linn. Ch el
Ctiiiiiiilsaiiiiier.il Lniuli anil Works, lor apechil
llcenara to cut ami carry away timher (rointhe
tolliiwlns tleacrllwtl lauds altuatai In the Welt
Kontcnay District:
1. Commencing at a p,..at plaute.1 about one
mile from weat bank of Columbia Rlrerantl about
one anil hall mllea north ol Seymour Creek and
marked "C. I*. landmark'aaontli ciistcornerpoat,"
thenco nortli 80 chalm, west Hu chains, aouth 811
ch«lns*nd caat to chaini to point ol commencement.
2, Commencing at a pint planted about two
miles trom Columbia River on itt. west bank anil
nliout .1110 and hull mlliis imrlli „I .Seymour 1'Kck,
uiul iimrki'd '*('. 1-*. landmark's Himt.li eaat corner
noit," thmico nnrtli Kit chains, weat 811 chains, smith
nil clialna nnd east 811 chains to point nl cum-
a. niiniifm-liii! til n pnst planted nbniit lln.-.,
miles (inm 1 tiliiiiiliin lllver nml iilmiit one nud
Imlf tnilca mirth „t Beymnur rrtwk an,l mnrked
"1-. I* l.intliiiiiik'a smith east corner post," tlience
imrtli 811 clialna, west 80 chains, south su ehuins
nud east 8ll cluilna t„ point ol commencement,
4. Couiiuem-inii uta pust planted um- mile from
well bank ol Ciltnnlila lllver and lour miles north
1,1 Seymour Creek ami mnrked "C. F. l.indinark'a
aintlli cual corner neat," llienee north 80 chains,
weat SH chaius, south 811 i-liillna, ami east 80 chains
to puint ,,f cninmi'ticeinont.
llnli'il May fflnl, WW.
Nutlco is hereby given Hint tw tluyafi-nni dale I
Intend t„ imply In tin- llotiornbls tlm (Jlilel Com-
miiaionerol Landiaiitl Works f„r jieiiuiaaiitntii
purchase tin- Inllowlng described lumla in (In-
.Veal Knotenn) IIMili-l, ,-nat allnr,- „( I'pper
11,,.,, I,„k,-:
1 'nm tninn ,1 a poit marked "J. li. (inplnit'a
ninth west romer," nl tie, imrtli weat i-nnier nf
1,1 -,:■:  iiiii aitniti  I', mllen north pi Nnknap,
theneeensl in chaini innr - less, thonce north
-,.. linn more or I,-**, ll ue tveauu chains more
di leas to the Lulu- ihore thence In ll general
inuUierl) tllrectl ,l„nii lit,- Uke ihnrc nh-IiuIim
 re nr I,-** 1,, polul ,,l "-I, rn,-nl    lulu-
in ■ ..i„,,■!<■- innrour loss
li.,l,*l till* "Slid,lay,,1 May, IIM.
.1. II. I'lll'I.AN,
Pel llalpli Hlye, Agent.
'-■-.. ,--'
Thoy filways bear nor Trade Mark anrl bhP Union fiabpl
Win. J. McMaster & Sons, Limited
Ni < ii it k h hereby given that 00 daw aftei dato
I i intenil U» ipplytn Hie Chief Commissioner
of Und* and Works for permission tonnrclioso
ii„- following dcscrlWd lands on tho "hig Ledge"
.., nl   Arrowhead Mining Division, wust
Knotenaj District:
Commonelng at n po«i almnt ton chains south
f ibe 1-mile mill "nlli--   lllg Li-due" wagon road
itnil iinirkml ' C. M. Symons norlh wesl corner."
ihu,, nnl io clmins,thence south id clmins,
therm- went 40 clmiiis, Hionco north 4u chains tu
poinl of I'liiimeini-iiu-iil.
Dated Mnv hi. IIhmi.
NOTICK ii hereby given that 30duy* af
'Inn* I Intond t'ifiptiivio tlm chief Va
mlMlonor of Ijiuds nml work- for a spool ,
llf:mi*o to mit und curry away timber from the
following dpxcrllwd  luiui-i  sitnnted In   West
Kootenay district:
f ommemiujt nt n post on the west side of Cpper
Arrow Lnkn. slartlng at thn V. C l„ Co. Ltd.'*
north wesl eorurr post NO. 8, OlfltlCfl 10 ehuins
enst, thonce BO chalm north; HiBm-e 80 chains
west, thonco W chains south, thenrp tOchatoi
pnst tnnliconl roninipncpmeiit
DiilPd llthduvnf June, IWW
Notice is hereby given that thirty days afler
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Commls-
sfmierof Lands and Work' (or a special license
tocnt andcarrvawav tlm tier from the following described lands, situate in the Osoyoos
Division of Yale llbtrlol:-
I, Commencing at a post planted ou the eust
bank uf the south brunch uf Cherry creek at a
point 8 milos north-easterly from the 40 mile
post iiii llie Monashee wagou road and marked
''8, Hill's uorth east comer," thence south 80
chains; tlience west 80chaius: theuce north 80
chains; tlience east 80 chains tu the pointof
'2. (.ummenciiiK ut u post planted on too east
bunk of the sooth branch of Cherry Creek at u
point 8 miles north-easterly from the 40-mile
post on the Mouuslieo wagou road uud marked
"9. Hill's north wist corner," thence south80
Chainsi thence east 80 ehnins; theuce north 80
chains; theuce west 80 ehuins to the point of
;t, Commencing at n post plantod ou the oast
bunk of the soutli branch of Cherry creek ut a
point 8 miles uorth-eustorly from the 40-milo
im-t on tho Muiiu-i.ee wugou road and marked
r,9. Hill's south west corner." thenco north 80
chaius; theoce east 80 ehuins; thence south 80
ehuins; theuce west 80 chains tn the poiut of
4. Commencing at u post planted ou tbo south
bank of Cherry croek about 0 miles from the
40-mile post ou the Monashee wagon road aud
marked "3. Hill's south west comer." tbenee
oust Hidehuins;thonce north40 chains;thenco
west lOOchains; thenoe south 40 chains tothe
point of commencement.
5. Commencing at a ikisI plauted on the
south bonk of Cherry creek about 0 miles from
the 40 mile post on the Monashee wagon mud
und inurkod "fl, Hill's north wost comer,1'
thouco east 100 chains; theuce smith 40 cbnins;
thence west 100 cbnins; thonce north 40 clmins
to the point of ciunmoncoment.
Located 24th May, IWO,
0. Commencing ut u mist planted about it
milo west from the west bank of Luke Creek,
ubout 7 miles up from (be Junction of Luke
croek uml the nortli fork of Cherry creek and
uui/ivd 'S, Hill's south east corner post,"
thfftni.irtl, HO chains thouce west 80 chains;
thenco south 80chains; theuce east 80 chains lo
Hie point nf commencement.
1. Ciiniinencing ut u post planted ubmil n
milo west from tho wost bunk of Lakecreek,
about i milos up frnm the junction of Lake
crook und Dm north folk of Cherry creek and
mnrked "H, Hill's south wett comer post/
tbeiioa oust 80 chnlns: theuce north 80chains;
Uieoi'i- wo-t KOchulus; theuco south 80 chains to
the p'0nt uf ruiumencement.
Lncutnd 2Htb Hay, 1IMN1,
Dat-ail this (Hli day nf June, lOOil.
Kootenay District:-
1. 'CoiniiH'iiring nt a ponl marked "Giw
Lund's imrih enst corner," iiltout J mile up
uortli fork of (loldslmun Ihenee north 40
chain-', east liV) chains, sniph 10 chains, west Iff)
clmins to pninl of conunencemeiil.
I. Commencing at a imst marked "(jus
Lund's mirth wosl corner." uhoni ! milo up
north fork of Cloldstreuui, theuco south 40
clmins, easl lOOchains, north 40 chains, west 160
clmins lo poinl. of commencement*
3. Commencing ut a post marked "(Jus
Lund's north west corner," ubout *. mile below
nortli fork of Uoldstreuio, on left bank, thence
north40 chains, east 100 chains, soulh 40 chains,
west Kin chains to point of com men cement.
4. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's norlh east corner,"about ) Mow north
fork of Coldstream, on left bnnk, theuce south
100 clmins. watt 40chains, north 100 chains, east
40 ehnins to place of commencement.
5. ('ommenclng at a post, marked "Qua
Lund's north east corner,' about 1 mile from
mouth of Caribou Creek where il joins Gold-
stream, theuce south 100 chains, west 40 chaius,
north 100 chains, enst 40 cht.in-i to point of
0. Commencing al a post mnrked "Gus
Lund's "-outl. enst corner," about 1 mile from
mouth of Caribou Crook where It. joins Gold-
stream, thence west 40chains,north lOOchains,
east 40 chains, south 160 chains to point or
i. Commencing at a post niarked "Gus
Lund's north easl oomci. about 1 mllo from
mouth of Caribou Creek where it joins Gold-
stream, thence west40chains, soulh 160 chains,
east 40 chains, north Mil) chains lo point of
8. Commonolug nt a post marked "dim
Lund's north west corner, about j miles below
norlh fork of Coldstream, thenco cast 160
chains, soutli 40 chains, west 100 chains, north
-ti) chains to point of commencement.
0. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's uorth east comer,' about T miles below
north fork of Goldstream, thence south 160
chains, west 40 chains, north 160 chains, east
40 chains to point of commencement.
10, Commencing at a posl marked "Gus
Lund's south oast corner," ubout 7 miles below
north fork of Goldstream. theuco north 80
chain-(, west 80 chains, south 80 cbnins, uast-80
clmins to point of commencement.
II. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north west cornor," about 0 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, thence north 80
chains, east 80 chains, south 80 chains, west 80
chains to point of commencement.
12. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's south east corner," about 9 miles Mow
uorth fork of Goldstream, thence north 80
chains, west 80 chains, south 80 ohains, east 80
chains to pointof commencement,
13. Commenolng nt a post marked 'Gus
Lund's south west corner," about 0 miles below
north fork of Goldstream. thenco south 80
chnlns, east 80 chains, north 80 ehnins, west 80
chains to point of commencement.
14. Cominonoing at a post marked "Gus
Lund s south east corner," about 9 miles below
uorth fork of Goldstream, thonco Bouth 80
chains, wost 80 chains, north 80 chains, cast SO
chains ta point of commencement.
hi. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund s south westcornor,"ahoutU miles below
fork of Goldstream. thence north 80 chains,
east 80 chains, south 80 ohains, wost 80 chains
to point of commencement.
16. Commenolng at a post marked "Gu
Lund's south east cornor," about 11 miles below
fork of Goldstream, thonce nortli 80 chains
west, 80 chains, south 80 chains, east 80 chaini
to point of commencement,
17. -Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund s north wost comer," aboul 11 miles below
fork of Goldstream, thonce south 80 chains! east
80 chains, north 80 ohains, west 80 chnlns to
point of commencement.
18. Commencing at a post markod "Gus
Lund s north cast corner,' about 11 miles below
fork or Goldstream, thonco south 80 chains,
west 80chains, north 80 chains, east 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated June loth, Moo.
19. Commencing ut a post marked "Gus
Lund s south east corner, about 3 miles up
Camp Creek, thonce north 100 chains, west 40
chaius, south 100 chains, east 40 chains to point
of commeiicomont.
'20. Commencing at a post niarked "Gus
Lund's south west corner," about 3 milee up
Camp Creek, thenco north lOOchains, east 40
chains, south 100 chains, west40 chains to point
of commencement.
21. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north west corner," about 3 mllea up
Camp Creok, thence east 160 ohains, south 40
chains, west too chaii.s, north 40 chains to point
of c immenconiont,
tl. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north cast corner," about 3 miles up
Camp Creek, thenoe west llio chains, south 40
ehnins, cast 100 ohains, nortli 40 chains to point
of commencement.
23. .Commenolng at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north west corner,' about 'i{ miles up
('amp Creek, thouoe east 100 chains, south 40
chains, west 100 chains, north 40 chains to
pointof commencement,
21. Commencing at a iiost marked "Gus
Lund'.-' south euM,corner,' about'Jl miles up
Camp Crock, Ihenco wost IU) chains, south 40
cluilus. cast 1001 bains, norlli 10 chnlns lo point
of com meuci mion t,
2.), Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's south oust corner," about 4 milo below
McCullough Creok. 2 milos from Goldstream,
thenco north 80 clmins, wesl 80 chains, soulh 80
chains, east so chains to puint of commencement.
20. Commonolng at n post, marked "Gus
Lund's south wost corner," nbout 4 miles bolow
McCullough Creek. 2 miles from Goidstroam,
thence north 80 chains, cast 80 chains, south 80
chains, west 80 chains to point nf commence
27. Commencing at a posl, marked "Gus
Lund's north wost. corner," about 4 miles below
McCullough Creek, 2 miles from Goldstream,
thonce south 80 chains, east 80 chains, north 80
ehuins, west 80 chains to point of commencement.
28. Commencing at a post marked ''Gus
Lund's north east corner," about 4 miles below
McCullough Creek. 2 miles from Goldstream,
thonco south 80 clmins, wust 80 chains, north 80
chains, easl. 80 chains to pointof commencement.
Dated June 12tb, 19011.
GUS LUND, l-oeator.
I nm iii'i'iini-i'il tii undertake all kinds ol
fn'iKliiinn nnd tninninf-".
My »lnni.' connecting lii'tween the
alt inner nnd the city leaves the Oity
nt I ii.ni. Tu.'wliiyti nnd Fridays, con-
net lii>« with the Steamer Kevelstoke
for the llii< Send, und iilsn meets the
ti'Hineron the return trip wiinednys.
Leave word ut Naviit-ntlnii Com-
piiny'n office, or my Stnblen wheie U)
NOTICK Is hereby given that 30 days after
dale I intend lo auplv to the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and works foi a special llconse to cut aud carry away timber from
thc following described lands situated in the
Osoynos division of Yale District:—
1. Commeuciiig ut a post plauted ou thi east
bunk of the south fork of Cherry creek about 7
miles up from the 40-mile imst ou the Houishee
wagon road and mnrked D. Wonlsty's tontb-
eust corner post," thence north BOchains; tbenee
west 80 chains; thonce south 80 ehuins; thence
east 80 eliuiiis to the poiut of commenoemeut.
Commencing at a post plauted ou Llie east
bauk of the suuth fork uf Cherry creak, about 7
miles up from the 40-mllo post ou the Monashee
wagou road and marked "D. Woolsey's south
west comer," thence north 80 ohains; thence
eust 80chains; theuce south 80 ohains; thenoe
west 80 chains to tho poiut of commencement.
Lucuted 23rd May, 1900.
3. Commencing at a post planted uu the
south bank of Cherry Creek about 0 miles from
the4ii-mileini.il on tlio Monashoo wagon road
ami miirked "D. \Vonl««y's north oast corner,"
theuce wost lOOchains; tnence soulh 40 chains
thonco oust 160 chaini; thence north 40 chains
to thu puint of commouoimout.
4, CniiimeuciiiK nt a |>ost planted ou the
south bunk of Cherry ('reek about 0 miles from
the 40-mile post ou the Monushen wagon rond
and mnrked "lc Woolsey's south-east corner,"
theuce west 100chains; tlience north 411 chnlns;
thein-e east 100 chains; thence south 40 chains
to the isiiiit of conunoucemont.
Located 24th May, 1900,
ft, Commeuclug at a post planted about a
mllo west from the west bank nf Lnko Creek,
about 7 miles up from the junction of Lake
Crook uud the north fork of Cherry Creek and
murked "D. Woolsey's north east corner post,"
thonce w-st 80 chainsi thence south 80 chains;
thence east 80 ehuins; thenco north 80 chains to
the point of enmmeucemeut.
Located 28th May, 1900.
Dated this 9th day of June, 1900,
Certificate of Improvements.
l-'itiiii-isMiiu-rnlCliiliii, altiliitJ- lu till llflclatiike
Minim nivlali.il nl Woit Kimtensy District.
When 1,,1-tlml: -Xi.rl.li nl Iron Uill   Mineral
Claim, rlttllliliril llnaln, lllg Until.
Take notice tlintl.Jsi. 1. Wimlnw, F.M.C. Nn.
IlKrITfl, ii'-tlnu sa Agent Inr myself Anil A, IV. Mr*
Inlnali, F.M.C. Nn. imaiOt, Uf". .Inlmanll, l'.M.C.
No, HUM, KlllAlietll Mi-MaIii.ii F.M.I!. Nn.
IIM8.-.-19, intenil illty ilsyifrniii llie iliitc herenl, In
npply tn tlie Mining lteennter (nr ft Ceitlllcftte nl
Improvements, (or the purpoie ol ohtslnlng a
Cmwii (Irani nf the shoverlftlln.
Anil further tske notice thnt Action, tinilor Mc<
tion 87, muit he rnmmenred l-iiore the laiusnce nf
inch OrtlflcAte of ImPriiveRinift,
DUed thli rniirtewlh itsy of Tlsy «..D., 1*»,
You can shake
down a "Sunshine"
furnace "without getting
covered with ashes and dust—has a
dust flue through which all the durt
and ashes escape when you shake
down the fire.
This heater is go easily regulated and operated,
and so clean, that it makes the entire household
bright and genial.
Sold by all enterprising dealers.   Booklet bee.
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
$10,000.00 a Day in Government Dalies
A detail, to be sure, in the colossal business of W. & A.
Gilbey, but justifying their claim—'"the largest Wine and
Spirit Merchants in the World."
More'astonishing statistics of this firm might be multiplied.
It is enough now to exploit the fine qualities of their Wines
and Spirits---
Choicest and Oldest All-Pure Mall Scotch Whiskies
Distilled by the old-fashioned Pot Still method, duly aged
and bottled to conserve their natural flavors, tonic and food
Not a " medicated," but a light, pure, full-bodied Oporto
Wine, recommended by Sir Charles Cameron, M.D., as " unequalled for general consumption and excellent for the use of
invalids."   On sale at the leading stores, hotels, buffets and bars.
Growers. Distillers, Holders and Dljlrlbslor..
Appointed to II.M. the Iln,. U.It.n. the Prince of Welei, U.S. the King of the Belgllna,
and ill I',,Initial (Joveraora and Suites.
For sale by all tlie lending Hotels nnil Stores.
Distributors—The Revelitoke Wine & Spirit Co., Ltd., Kevelstoke.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Branches iu the Provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec.
Oapltal Subscribed ...       •4,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up        •       -       -       -   $3,900,000.00
Reterve Fund ....       13,900,000-00
I). H. Wii.kik, President; Hox. It. .Iaffkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transaoted.
Savixuh Department—Deposits received and Interest nlloned
nt hishpnt current rate from date nf opening account, and compounded half-yearly,
Drafts sold available in all parts nf Canada, United States and
I'jiunpe,   Speeiul attention given tn Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
^ufAi^idingn^rsVV m*de fhombufSJAQe^^L ^rwn on ourown ^nWions,
II iilht nxul M\t\m "Jugy mdt fcr Ita orUffee-.^ Sold l>pry wiiere...
Tin- Dominion Dny celel.ruti'.n 1 -nl,
place t<u Moniluv nml ivhb the mosl
'i ccec-lul function 1l1.it lms ever token
place in mu- lil ilo city, The weal her
ivns inost propitious although it waa
alnioBt tun lint, tin- temperature during tlie afternoon Itcini! over till in
tbe simile. Tbe whole district, to a
mini, turned mil, mul many cuine
Irom Salmon Arm, Tappen nnd Kindt
altnicled by llie gorgeous notices
ponied in iheir respective stntiuns.
The usual picnic ground was chosen
nnd Ibe Iniuling presented n pretty
scene, with decorated bunts, Hugs, etc,
the dainty dresses ol the ladies flashing in tbe sunlight, the whole forming
11 line kaleidascopic ul colour nnd life.
Lunch was sprvt-d, aud a noble repast it was, at 1 p. in. under ibe willows, where tables bud been erected,
anil ample justice was done to tbe
many dainties provided, tlie Siwnsb
Indians being loud in their praises lor
tbe good things given to them. The
sports commenced nt 2 p.m. on the
race track, nud included lint racing,
fancy racing und gymkhana events on
horseback. Much interest, centered
on the Siivnsh horse races, ol which
Ihere were a niimlnrand there wore
many exciti'g finishes. Needle
threading on horse back caused much
amusement, and competition was very
keen. Each event was well entered
especially the hurse racing nnd the
starting post presented a veiy animated scene, the colours and costumes ol
the Indians contrasting well with the
trees and grass. About 25 horses ran
,nd the races were well managed by
the starter and assistants. At 4:30
p.m. mi adjourn incut win made to the
bench where boat races antl Indian
canoe races sustained the excitement,
S'jine very close racing being done.
Tea was served in the cool ol the
evening when the prizes were distributed. A large tent and shaded stall
bad been erected on the ground where
strawberries and cream, cool drinks
and Iruit, etc., were to be had and a
big business was done. The whole
programme was carried through without a hitch, the Indians causing some
excitement owing to their high spirits.
Above all the perfect weather and
calm bike added to the enjoyment as
much boating was indulged in by
young and old. During tea a distribution of candies to the children was
A concert was held in the school
at 8 p.m. and a bumper house was the
result, the numerous songs, act pieces
and musical performances being well
applauded. A "grab bag" caused much
merriment. The concert was followed
by a dance and although the hall was
almost too warm to be pleasant dancing was kept up steadily till the suu
began looking into the windows to
try nnd join in. Tlie proceeds of the
concert, amounting to over $39 was
given to the Rev. Duncan, ol Salmon
Arm, our visiting minister.
Tuesday was the hottest day in the
year, the thermometer standing at
99 degrees in the simile.
A general meeting ol the School
Bnerd and tax payers is lo be held on
Saturday, July 14th.
Our teacher, Miss Barrett, will
remain till the 12th lor the Orange
demonstration at Salmon Arm.
Mi s Simpson, who has accompanied
Miss Barnard here Irom England,
leaves for Victoria, Ii. C., this week,
Mr. Davis, our agent, has returned
from Salmon Arm, where be has been
relieving Mr. Curry.
R. M. R.
Col. Holmes held Inspection ol the
local corps of Kooky Mountain ltan-
gers last week but the attendance was
small on account ol the number ol
members out nl town at present. The
Colonel expressed himsell well pleased
with the drill and appearance ol the
corps but regretted to fee such a small
attendance. He pointed nut thnt at
Fernie, a town not as large as Kevelstoke, they turned out two companies
of 39 and 41 respectively, and considered Revelstoke should do better. He
also inaptcted the arms und accoutrements ol the corps and expressed himself well pleased with their condition,
Lindsay, Out., .Inly 4—A horrible
tragedy occurred a few miles from the
village of Kirklield. A well-known
farmer, Duncnn McArthur, nged 35
years, and his wile, some years younger, were found dead outside their home,
the indications being McArthur had
first killed the women and then committed suicide. The body of McArthur, had the top ofchff head blown
off, Mrs. McArthur's lelt side ol lace
ami bend were torn away with a shot-
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc., to any part of the City,
Any Kind of Transferring
Something Pure
II you are looking Ior Pure
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment of   Ontario
in 1 Ib. boxes, or in 5 lb. nans
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Goods arc second
to none, and more than that
we "Guarantee every Can,"
Nothing better Uiu " Our Speoial.''
I Three hundred times bet
ter than stlckypaper,
told by all Druggists and General Store)
and by mull.
Notice W hereby Kiven lhat thirty days after
dato 1 liiii-ini 10 -apply tn (lie Hon. chiof Commissioner of Lands mul Works fur n special
license in out ami carry tnvny Umber frmn tin1
following described lands.
1. Commencing at h nosl n I tinted on tbe
east lunik ni tlio norlh fork of hm- crock nboul
BU miles above Hie forks nnd mnrked "K. P,
H.'s nurth west corner posl," llionce east-Hi
cbnins liionco south 100 ohnlns, thenoe wost-10
obalns, thonoo nurih inn cbnins to pointof
2. Uominencing >ii a nosl planted on the
east Liiul; uf Hit! nnrth fork ui hifo creek nboul
bi miles abovo lho forks nnd marked "E. P,
ll.'s norlh easl comer posi," thonce west 40
ehains, thenco smith iiiii i:L ai ns, thonco oasMO
chains, theuce norlli Kin chains lo point of
;i, Commencing at a dobI planlcd on Hie
easl i niik of the north fork of Kilo ereek about
5W miles above the forks nnd marked' K, P,
ll.'s south west corner post," tlionco cast 80
ehains IhOIIOQ north su cliains, thonco west80
chains, thenoe south 8U cliiiins to poiut of
com iiieiiceinent.
■I. Commencing hi. a post planted mi the
east bank of Ihe north fork of Pifo creek, about
5U milos above the forks and marked "E. I*.
Il's south oast corner post," thonce wost40
ohnilis, thenoo north Uiu ohains thonco nisi in
cbnins,thenco south 100 ohnins lo pointof
fi, Commencing nt n post planlcd on the
west bank of tho north fork of hie creek nbuut
8 miles above the forks and marked "E. P. H.'b
south east corner post," thence west 10 chains,
thonce north 160 clialns, thenoe eHst 10 ehnins,
ihence south KiO ohains to puint of commencement.
0 Commencing ut n post plunted on the
wost bank of the north fork of l-'ife crock .bout
8 milos above tbe forks und mnrked "li. P. H.'s
bouta west corner post," thouco eust 80 chain-,
thonco north 120 chnlns, thence west 40 chnlns,
thoneo soutli 80 ohnins, thonco west 40 chains,
thenoe soutli 41)chains lo pointof commencement.
7 Commencing nt a post planted on thc
wesl bunk of Hit north fork of Fife creek about
8 miles above tho forks and marked "E.l'.H.'s
north enst corner post," thence cast 80 ohnlns..
thonce south 80 ehuins, tlienco west 80 chains,
thenoe north 80 chnlns to point of commencement.
8, Commencing nt a post planted outho
wost bnnk of the north fork of Fife creek nbout
0(i miles above the forks nnd marked "E. I'.
ll.'s south oust corner post," thenoo west4(1
ohnins, tbenee north 100 ohnins, thouce onst 40
chnlns, theuce south 100 ehuins to pointof
it. Commencing ut a post plnHted on thc
west hunk of the north forkoi Fife ereek nbout
ii'i miles above the forks and marked ■ li. P.
ll.'s south west comer post," theuco east su
ohnins, thonce north su chnlns, thence west
80 cbnins, thenco south SO ehnins to point of
Dated Juno 28th, 1906,
jy7 K. P. HENRY.
Certificate of Improvements.
liulileii Eagle Mineral Claim, situnto in Llio Arrow
Lake Mining Division of Kootenay district.
Where located—Ailjolnllig Mineral Citv Town-
TAKK NOTICE that I, Kenneth L. Burnet,
agent for Mra. Kllen McDonald, nf Nakusp, Free
■miter's Cortillcato No, humm), intend, sixty days
frmn tho daio hereof, to apply tn tlie Mining lie-
cowler for a CeitMcate of Improvements, for tlio
purpose of obtaining a Crown Oranl nf the above
And further tako notice thai action, under boc-
tion 87, must be coniineineil before the Issuance
of such Cert i Ileal e of Improvements,
Dated this EOlh day of April, 1900.
nugl KENNETH li. IH'UNF.T.
Meeting re Fruit Growing.
A meeting will he held mi Revelsloke on
Tuesday, July 101 h, iu IVIIIls J. Armslrong's
Orchard, nl 2:80 p.m.,nti.I will be addressed by
Mr il Kippof chllllwRck,on "Plantinganil
Pn.ning,"and Mr. W,J. Briiudrith on "Spray-
lltg," and in the Cily Hull al"::*0 p.m., when
Tims. A. llryduii, of* Victoria, will speak uu
"Planting and Pruning," Mr, J, C, Metcalfe of
Hiiiiimoiiil, on "Small Fruits," Mr Maxwell
Smith, Dominion Fruit Inspector, on "Orchnnl
Cultivation," Mr. Henry Ktpn, of cltilliwack,
on "Varieties to Plum." uml W..I. Iiraiulrith
ou "llenutllying tho Homo."
"(ion Save tub KiNo."
runs. a. niiYiiox.
.1. IIUANIIIlll'll,
,1 Ilia
NOTICE is lioroby given Unit thirty dnyt,
date wo intond to apply to lho Chief
CominiKi.ioncr of Unds and Works for u
speoial license to out and curry away limber
from lho following described hinds, Rllunte in
tho Osoyooa Division or Yule District:-
Commencing at a post niarked ".Sum Hills
north west cornor post," planted on the south
bunk of tbo north fork of t'berry Creek, nnd
nboul ono mile above the fork*of the norlh
fork in ii n int; cast SO chains, thenoo south 80
chains, thenoo west: 80 ehniiis, theiieo nortli 8n
cliiun- lu poinl of commencement,
Dated Mny Mlh, 1000.
Commencing nt a posl mnrked "D. Woolsey's
north eust corner post," plnntod nu the soulb
bank of Cherry Creek, about throe miles abovo
the forks of the mirth fork of Cherry Creek,
running west 80 ohnins, soulb SU cliains, east Hli
ohains, norlli no ehuins to point of commencement,
Dntod Muy -20th, UHNi.
Commencing nt, n post mnrkod "A. McCrcu's
north wosl, corner post," plantod on the south
bank of the norlh fork of Cliorry ('rook, mid
nlioi'1 three mites above tho forks of the north
fork, running ensl Sll ehalus, soulli Wl chains,
west su clmins, north SU chains to pointof
DiiM Mny "JOIli, IIM!
jffl A. MoCHBA.
VTOTICE is hornby given that .'Ht days
ll aftor (Intn I intond to apply to tlm lluuor-
uiiii- tbo Chlof Commissioner of Latnls 'iml
Works for u sjioclnl liconso to nnl und curry
nwny timber from tbo follnwinu described
lnmls -iiuiiieil in O-iiyuii- division nf Yaln
1, I'umineiiciiii: nl a jwist iihiulod on Uiewo-d
haul.; »f tbo soutli branch of Cliorry orook atu
poinl ll) milos norlh onstorly from thn tO-inllo
posl mi tho Momislioo wagon rood and mnrkod
"A, McCrou's north oust cornor post, tbonco
south lOOcluiiiis; thonco wosl 40enttlna| liionco
north 100 cbnins; tlionco oust 4(1 chains to tho
polul of coiiitiifliiRomont.
2. Commencing hi a -post planted on tlm
wesl hunk of tbo south branch of Cherry orook,
about. Ill milos nortli onstorly from tlio 40-mllo
posl mi the Momishoe wiwoii road and markod
"A. McCrou's south-wost corner imsl," thonco
soulh 100 elinlns; thouco oust 40 ehuins; thence
norlli 100 cbnins; thouco wosl lOchnhisto tlio
IMiiul ofcommonoomoiit.
ii, Commencing nl n post planted on tho wost
haul, of the south brunch of Cherry creek, nbout
10 milos uortli-iiuslorly from the III miln post on
tlm MoiiiisIhki wagon road and marked 'A. McCrou's south-west cornor wist," thenco north HO
elinlns; theuce east 80 clialns; thnnco south 80
cbnins; theuco west 80 chains to tlm puint uf
4. Commencing at u post plnntod on the wost
bnnk of tbo south branch of Cliorry orook,
about 10 miles uortli-onstorly from the 10-iuilo
pust on the Muiiitslieii wiirun rond und niurknd
A, McCron's south-oast corner mist," thonoo
north 80 ohnlns; liionco west 80 ehuins; theuco
south 80 olinlus; thouce onst 80 clmins to tho
point of commoucomout.
Located tho 2Hn1 Mny, 1906.
5, Cnmmeuclug at a ixist plnntod ubout u
milo wost from the wost bunk of Lnko crook nt
a point about 7 miles iiortb-onstorly from tlio
Junction of Lnko orook with llio north fork of
Cherry crook uud markod "A. McCron's north
wost comer post," llienco east 80 chain -; tlienco
south su clmins; tlionco wost 80 chains j tlionco
north 80chains to tho pninl nf commencomeiil.
Located tho \'M\\ May, 1900.
Dated thil 0th dny of Juno, 1900.
M.mill's, tt'n lying, Nciwii Dnoi'y, i-lc
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Clihil Street Eitsl, Revelslnki
\l OTICE is hereby given thai SO dnys after
J> dnlo I inien.l to apply lo Uio Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lauds anil Works
for special licenses to out and carry away limber from Ihe follow iiiK doscribod lauds sll mile
in Ihe We-t Kooieiiay Diatrict:
I. Commencing, at a pout marked "II- Hon
nelly's north wosl corner posl," planted nbout
l| miles norlh from Seymour Crook nnd ahnnt
2 miles wosl of UiowokI bank of Ihe Columbia
Rivor, ihence soulh 80 chains, thonce east 80
ohains, llienco nortli hu ehuins, thonco west hi
chains to tlm point, of commencement,
1 Commencing ut a post planted about i;
miles nurih from Seymour Crook and about i
miles weM from the west hank of Die Columbia Rivor uud marked "IL Donnelly's south-
west, corner pORt," Ihenee norlh HO chains,
llienee cast Ml chains, llnmee south 80 ehuins,
Llienco wost80chains io iim point of commencement,
:t. Commencing nl a posl planted nboul, i|
miles iioit.ii "from Seymour Creek and about-J
miles wost of Ihe wesl hank of llm Columbia
River und marked "II, Donnelly's north cast
corner post." thence ivesl 80 cliains, Ihenee
soulh SO chains, thenco cost80 chnlns, thence
north hu chains lo the pointof commoncomont.
I. Commencing ul a pos|, planlcd uhouUl
miles north from Boymour Creek and about 2
miles west from tlio west hnnk of the Columbia
Hivcrnnd murked "IL Donnelly's aouth oast
Comer pos|," Ihenee west HI clialna, LhcilOO
north 80 ohains, tlionco oasl 80 chains, thonco
south Sll ohnillS to I In-pninl of commence tneiil.
ri, Commencing at n post planted about Hi
miles north of Seymour Creek and about;!
miles west from the west luink of the Columbia
l-ilvcrund marked "H Donnelly's north ensl
corner posl," thence smith 80 chnlns, ihence
west80 chains, thonce nurth 80 chains, thonce
east su clmins to the point of commoncement
ii. Commencing ui a post planted about IH
miles north of Seymour Creek und nliout H
miles west from tlie west hunk of thcCnlumhiu
lllveruml mnrked "11. Donnelly's south-east
corner post," thence norlh 80 chains, thence
\vt si sii clmins, thence south 80 chains, thence
east su cliains to tlie point of commem-cmeiu.
Located 0th June. loOO.
7. Commencing ut a post plunted nboul 'l\:t
miles noi th of Seymour Creok and nbout :i
miles west from the west bnukof Columbia
Kiver nnd murked WI, Donnelly's south enst
corner post," thenco nortli 8U cliains, tlience
west 80 cbnins, thonce south 80 cbnins, thence
ea t so chnlns to the point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post planted about ft*.-]
milos north of Seymour Croek and 2 miles
wesl from llie west bunk of tho Columbia
Kivor nnd mnrkeil " IL Donnelly's nurth west
comer post." thence south 80 chains, thence
castsu ehnins, thence north 80 ehuins, thenco
west su chains to lho pointof commencement.
!>, Cummencingut u post planted ubut.tltU
miles north frum Seymour Creek nnd about l
mile west from the west bunk of the Columbia
Kiver mnrked "II, Donnelly's south enst corner post," thonco nortli 8u ehnins, thonce west
8u chains, thonce south 80 ehnins, thonco enst
su ehnins lo the point of < oinmeneemcnt.
Located lllli June, PM.
10. Commencing ala post planted at a point
nbout opposite Keystone Creek nnd about 8
cbnins west from ttio west hunk of tne Columbia Kiver uud mnrkod "II. Donnelly's snulli
east corner post," thence nurth 80 cliains.
thenco west su chains, tlience south su ehuins,
thonco onst so chains to tho pointof commencement,
Located L2th Juno, 1900.
II, Commencing ut n post plnntod on tbo
wesl bunk of Frisby Creek nbout I'-j miles
west from the Columbia lllver nnd marked
"il. Donnelly's south oast comer post," thouce
norlh 80 chains, llienee west 80 chains, ihence
south 8ti cbnins, ihence oast so chains to the
pointof commoncomont.
12, Commencing ut a post plnntod on the
west bank of Frisby Creek about I'j miles
west from tlie Collimbls River uml mnrkeil
*-H. Honnelly's norlli ensl corner post," thence
south SO chains, thence wost 80 ohnins, thence
iiorlhsu clmins, ihence east sll chains tothe
point of commencement.
Located 18th June, 1900,
18, Commencing al a post planted about Mj
mile west from tin- west lunik of the Columbia
Kiver nboul opposite Hie south lioumlnry of
Lot 8414, Croup 1, Kootenay Dislricl, nud
inarkod "ll Donnelly's south cast comer post,"
ihence norlh stl chains, thence west su chains,
thence soulb Sll chains, thence casi 80 ehuins
to the point of commencement.
14. Commencing ut a pusl planted nboul yt
mile wesl from Ihe wesl hunk of (he Columbia
klvcruliout opposite Iho south boundary of
Lot ittii, Croup i, Kootenay Dislricl, und
marked "11. Donnelly's nurih onst comer
posl," llionce soulh Sll ehuins; theuce wt-stsu
clialtiB, tlience norlh Sn ehnins, tlience enst.su
chains to ihe point of commoncement,
Liieuli'-I Mlh .Mine, P. ,
VOTICE is hereby given 1 hnl .on dnys after
ll dnlo 1 intend to apply to Die Honourable
thc( liicf Commissioner of Lnndsand Works
for permission liipuicliaso tbo following described binds in ibe West Kootonay district,
west side of Upper Arrow Luke:
Coinmciii'iiu,' at a post nliout three miles
soulh of Eoslhull crook, and nliout) milo from
the Lake, mnrked "Thomas Websler's soulh
east corner," at the north eastoornor of M, C.
Stye's application to purchase; thonoo north to
chains, moro or less, tu tlio lake shore: Ihence
fnlluwing said shore in a general northerly
and westerly direction to cliains, more or loss,
lo the soulb boundary of A. E. Hummond's
applied lun lo purchase; thonco west till chains,
more or less, to the ensl- boundary of L. lit,
.lohnstnuo's application to purchfuo; thence
■south 80ehalus; thenco oasl80 clmins io puinl
of commencement, containing om acres, more
or loss.
Dulcdlhisl'-'ihdiiyofJ 1,1000.
Per Kalph Slye, Agonl.
XfOTICE [SHKBKUY (UVEN thnt thirty
i\ days after dale] intend (o apply to the
Chief Commissioner Of Lauds uud Works for a
special license lo cut, nnd curry nwny timber
from thc following described binds situated in
tlm Wesi Kootonay District, on the west side uf
Arrow Uko, opposite Nakusp;—
1. Commencingal a post marked "Nurth Kusi
Corner Poat," tlionco so i'liains west, su chnlns
south, su chains oast, 80 ehnins imrtli to puint uf
2, Commencing at a post adjoining Nu. i limit
ull Uu-  nurth   stile,   the  40 eliuiiis Ill, 100
west,40 ehains south, 100 ehains oastta pninl of
Dated .lunoin.li, tooo.
Notice is horeby glvon that, 80 days after dato wc
Intond to apply to the lion. Chlof Commissioner of
Unds nml Works for a s| lal license to cut and
carry away tlinlwr from tlm follow Inn doscribod
lnmls, situated in West Kootenny district:
i, Commencing at a post plantod about ono
mile norlli from the north west corner of K. &
s, iiiuck, Him, uiul mnrked "liig Bond Lumber
Company's south cant corner post." Ihoneo
Iinrtli sn cliiuii", Ihence wesl SO chnjlts, Ihi lice
smilli sii chnlns, tllOUCOORSl so chnlns tu pnlnt
of commencement,
2. commencing al a posl plnuled aboul one
mile north from ibe nnrlh west corner ol K..V
S. Hlock  00, ami murki-d "lllg Iteiul I lur
Company's nurth east comer noil," li.onco
wesi sii ehuins, ihenee suuth 80 chains tllOllCO
enst8ilelinlns, Ibeuce north suchulns tu point
nf commencement,
Dutcil.luno Mh p.'in;.
Not Ico h hereby given t hm 80 days aftor ilato, wc
i ti.i lu apply io iln- Hun. Chlof Commissioner ut
Lnmls .nnl Works fur a speeiul Mi o to oul und
carry away timber from the following iliwi-rihed
laiuls, situated in Wesl Kootenny District:
L Commenolng at a post plantod about Uo
miles wnsl Irom Itunnoek Point on Upper Arrow Luke nnd mnrked "11. It !.. Co's soulhcusi
corner posl," thenco nurih Si) chains, theuce
ii ni so eloil ns. theuce south SUchnius, thence
cost -ho ehniiis iu point of commoncomont,
2. commonolng ai n posi plantod about
Hirer miles west from Ihuitinck Poinl on Cpper Arrow Luke and mnrked "II, II. L. Cu's
soulh oust corner post," theuco uiith Ho
ehnins, theuce west si) Chains, thoneo south su
chains, theuce enst 80 chnlns lo pnlnl nf com
DatOd Juno 18th, IBM,
Notice is lioroby given Unit nu dnys nfter date, I
iiiicini to upply tu ihe liun. Unci Commissioner
of Li mis nml Works fur a speciul licence to cut
uml curry timber fnnn Uie following described
lnmls, sitiiutoil in Wesi Kootenay dUrki, Upper
Allow iJlkCH!
Commencing at n post planted ouo mile
nnrlh of (be south wosl corner of Lot 014.1 uml
mnrkod ".I, W. Poloy's smilli east corner,"
thenco norlh Uio cliiiins, theuco west -liiohnlns,
thoneo south Hlu ohains, theuco east In oIihIiih
to point ol commencement,
Dated 18th Juno, 1900,
J. W» tOLEY.
Import direct from Country of origin.
Por Agricultural Implements. Carriage.-, Wagons, Etc.. John
Doi-re Ploughs, Holfne Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders hicI Cultivators, Wheel-
- wrlght ami Blacksmith Work attended to.   Hone Shoeing a
f Specialty.
incorporated by Act uf Parliament, 1855-
Wm, MOMON M.ui'iikhsiix, Ptps. 8. H. Kwino, Vic-Pres,
Jambs Elliot, General Mimnger.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything In way of bunking business transuded without un-
necessary delay,
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,        -        RctrIjSTOKE, B. C.
(Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C-
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Queens Hotel
Rest brands of Wines, Liquorsagd Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG,        •        •       Proprietor
UKADOKKICK:   C.llai.lliv,  Al.llKHTA.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merohantt
l'«>rk I'uckora ami Diinlsr   in Lire Stock.  .Markets in all tlie principal Cities and
a „( Allwrtu. lirilisli .....uinlil.i ami tll,' Yukiiu.   Packers ot the Celebratwl Brand
"ItniitTiittir " llama and Ba,'„ii. ami Sliamrock llraml, Loal I anl. If
Central Hotel
Newly built,     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates,
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
"KI* OTIOK la heroby glran that is. dan after data
1\ tre Inlsnd to apply i„ the lion, lit, Chief
|-„,iiuiis,l,,ii,-i-,,f l.amls and Wi-ili" (,,r a Special
Llconiu to cut and cam amy timber fr,,m tlie
followingiloicrlMlaiirli hi ileal K na) Hi-
Commencing at a pusl planUal at north-west
.-..rn. ri,rrimla-t Claim rn-..'. marked "AtowIkhvI
l,iimi„-i fn.'* m,rilt east corner post," running
wesl in clialna,thai  loutli *,, chains, east 4*0
clialna, inntli in chains, ,-;,-i <» chains, north U
chain., weal li),-liains, i,„rili |,, chaini t„ place „!
Ma, Mil. um.
Jj-'      AllllUHIIK.Ul l.l NIIIKIt CO. I.T1)
n ii q ii heroby given tbat 60 dayi afterdate
lliiii'ii-i to make application to the Chief Com-
mis I- ner ol Landi k Work! for pi-nnMim to
piin-lmic (lie foil.mint; ileicrlbod lund ultnau-
Initio rt'eit Kootenay .ihtrictnl HritWiful.
niiilui mi the well lide cl Arrow Lako In tlio
1m--.xiii.i1I v'alloy:
Commenolng at It, Nlobol'iiouth weii cor*>
nofi tbenee ivoil •," chaini, thenco wuttUO
cliiiins thonco out«" chains, tbenee norlh -tn
clni'ii*- io point nl lotiinii-noutiH'iil tocotilain-
jiiJ .0 acrei more or \v*n
Dim.ilbi' illlh iIrvoI.Iimu-, I1HI6.
jii PorS.J.Uirlow.Agent.
NOTH'K is MKHI-.ltV GIVBU ibat sixty dajn
after date I Intend to apply to the linn. Chief
Commlnloner of Landi and Worki for permianim)
Uipurrhaie the following dtncilbed InniU In tbe
Weal KwtenajrdUtrict, wait lide of Upper Arrow
l.'iliciii tone-halfrallewuth nf PnxtliAll cnek.
Commenctna it a peril marked, "W. w. Lock'i
■ai'iith sail i "flit-r, at tlm hi ni ih ireit comur of L.
BBS, thence north to chaini, ii"iii: the w»t bound-
ary of I.- nu thence ■--*'-i lWobauii tbenee wutb
B0 cbalni: tbonco eaat 40 cliains, more or lt-iu tn
tin- real boundary ol A. Dulb'iiiiii-ycr'n.'ippllcttti'in
to j.iin-li.iii'; tlicnre imrtli Hi rhaini, tnnre nr Ivan
tothe imrtli wait corner of a. DoUonmeyePi
application to porahaae; thence «a>it no cwins
nmre ur leu to puint oi codinencowent, 6t0 acres
Dated May t8,1*906.
w. w. LOCK,
Per. T. 0, Makinson. agent.
Notice in heroby given that 60 dayi after date
we Intond to lliplY t« the ■ :.:■*! CoinmlMluiior
nf Liuni- mi*i Wi.-k-- for pernluton to purchase
tbe (ollowliiK deioritwa l«nl- situate near
tetfl Jaune Cache, ('arilxio illstrict, B, C.:
(jomiiiL'iii-iiig nt a poit planted mi tlie frail r
Kiver near Tetfl Jauni' Cache and marked ''N.
T,Kdwardi'and it. a. Dliokmore'iioutowaal
oorndrpoitj" tbenee north io f-hain*. thence
caat 80 chain*, llienee umilh to chain*, tin-nee
wesi 60 obalm to |m>Itil o( Mimmeiicenieiil.
Containing fltt aerei mure nr Iw,
Hated 1Mb June, luu6.
Kotloe il hereby given that sixty dayi alter
date wo intend to apply lo (he Chief Com-
mii-'-iniierol bands and Works fur permission
to purchase llie following described lands lo
tlie district of West Kootenay:
Commencing at a pout planted twenty chaini
west irom the northeast corner of' ot Mi md
marked 'MIk Rend l.nmboi Company's sooth*
west corner pout," thence north it: chains,
thenoe east io chains, thence south 65 chaini
more nr leu to tlie lake shore, thence west
llo&g shore to south eastcornerof IjoHW.
thence north 7 chains to north eaat corner of
Lot 4M9| tlience west m chaini to point of com-
Paled July 2nd, 1906. Jy5
J. R. Thornton
Fur City'of Revolgtoke.
8ICH8, COTTON ITRUMERt, Show OftTtll Merchandise at Money-Saving Prices 1
Thus.- ale   till'   tlisiiiu-livi- ,-v-m.-tlay-ill-llu-ivi-cl.   features   lit   ihis  Slul'O.   .Ills!   lunv   llie
in,-leli.-iinli-c ami money-saving leal tires .ue especially strong,   These condillotis miiko nuw
u good lime In buy,    Sec win I   ne are llll'l'l'lllg hero :
DRESS SKIRTS   Ladies'   Brawn   nni
Hlnck    Lustre
,-!.-,ii ul   $3.00
MISSES' DUCK SUITS Sim \$ . II years. Regular
$4.3.   Now $3.51).
LADIES' PRINT SUITS Reglllili values $11.00 nnil $7,011.
LADIES'SUMMER SKIRTS In Imi,, i,. Din-k nnd Print,
at prices to clear,
MUSLIN BLOUSES In n lull range <>!' si'/.i-s. All Ilii*
-- .muii* *ly|,--. ,t! reduction pi-ict s.
Holiday Dresses I, i il„- chilili-en, Regular
is.-, .md-ii.'. |„-i vnrd,   Nun In,-, pur viml.
SUMMER DRESS MUSLINS   .Must omphalic price cut.
These nre suitable alike for chin-cli in- picnics.
BOVS' LINEN SUITS   Regular $3.50.   Now $1 50,
Boys' Summer Suits Regular Pi'ice$2,50. Now
Boys' Colored Blouses  Jusl tin- thing fur the
hnl iliiys.   A Hig Cnl nn Those.
Hats for Everybody Men's ami Ohildrons' Straw
ami Linen Hnls, selling regardless of cost.
MILLINERY! Our Millinery is well nssorleil I'm-
this seiisiiii nf Ihe year ami will niter it at
prices In clear, Drop in uml ltd us show
ymi inn- display,
Real  Live  Bargains
On   Every   Counter.
f        We have them   all Kinds, all Prices ami all Sizes. $
% This is tin- Season (or Picture Taking, *$
I Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited f
Local and General.
Nilson people propose, buildingu
- ifi tourist hotel,
Camborne wants I', linn.- ,.- I',,. In
put in a nit'ut store-there.
Mi.-.  Caley  lms son I  the besl
grown roses to be seen in the city. ,
• Tin- medical building ,,l Queen's
University, Kingston, bus been ruined
by lire,
A Fernie man elnpcil with a miner's
wile, nli,, deserted her husband, mul
twu children.
.1. Fred Ilium- is Belling mil the
11, tel Iiinn,- mul nl' his other interests in Nelsim.
Mrs. and Miss McFhail lelt Monday
night ,,n ii two months' visil to [fiends
ut Durham, Ont,
Le Roi N,,. - bus (lectured a dividend
of a shilling a share and proposes to
pay u similar dividend quarterly.
J. Banks, clerk ut the C.P.R, simps,
bad one ol his lingers laken off by
being caught between cars,
A. McRae Int.- imported from the
east one ni the linest carriages brought
int,- tin- city, lt has ball-bearing
axle- and rubber tyres,
The Mail-Herald is in receipt uf a
tine sample of new potatoes grown in
the garden of Mrs. K. Tupping. The
size is remarkable Inr this time of tlu-
Reports from Ottawa state that Ilu,
Lords Day Alliance Bill will be killed
in the senate. Five th usanil people
joined in a demonstration at Moutreal
against the bill.
C. Cartwriglit.,,1 Athuliner house,
Athahiier, bus two griz/.ly bears at the
river bank which are a great.attraction to visitors passing Atlialmer on
the steamer Ptarmigan.
A subscription has been taken up
at Camborne to improve the street.-.
The provincial government contributed $160 and the citizens $360 in money
and al.iiut the mime value in work.
Tin- Revelstoke, Trout Lake and Big
Bend Telephone Co. intend to have
their own line between Revelstoke
and Arrowhead, and will start immediately clearing the right-ol-way lor
erecting the wires.
The Dominion Oovernment have
suspended all land regulations with
llie result that no more Dominion
land can be acquired by purchase at
the present tin.,- and only homestead
entries will la- accepted.
The new creamery ..t Lumby is
churning twice a week. The butter i-
of excellent quality and is finding a
ready lall being flipped to Revel-
stoki. Pentieton, Hedley. It i- ex-
I«ct.->1 when ilu- creamery is operated
t,, tin- lull capacity ihu Kootenay
market nil! be invadtd.
Keep Cool
■ i  •    : i  '       ill H I,	
Wl' lui,- ail 'll-  Ctlllling snlilic*
ll      M
Citrote Magnesia
Sherbet Powder
Fruit Salts ,,f all descHp-
lions and make*.   Also entiling
11,-1 et Igl■■.
I all and Inspect foi yojii-ealf,
Peremptions Om Specialty.
iii-uukI',! nnil Stationer,
Mil ll," liuni,- lil-- ll,
Now ihal high water is on Ihe river
nml doing ureal damage to oity pro-
pi ily behind the Bkiiting rink. Fred
Fruser, government itgont, inld the
Board ol Trade he estimate I the river
liiul already encroached 2111) (eet this
sen sun
Tin- New Brunswick Tourist Association has iasiieil uu excellent illns
liaicil pamphlet descripitivo ol the
iitlr-iolinns ol St. John and New
Brunswick for tntirists and Bpovtsmen.
Full information can be obtained Irom
the Secretary, Mrs. \V. II. Scnvil,
Dalhonsie, V li.
A sad drowning accident occurred
at Sainmn Arm wlien D. Mantel, nn
employe ul the stone quarry there, lost
his life, Deceased was engaged in
making a Irinl Hip of a boat which lie
constructed, when it overturned and
precipitated him into the hike.
I.uli-i' nous regarding tho death ol
the lato engineer Nicholson show he
committed suicide at Dauphin by at
fuelling a rope round his neck and
jumping from a bridge into the Vermillion River. Deceased leaves a wife
and two children. He enme Irom
Ohaploau, Ont., to Dauphin about
two years ago,
On Wednesday mi important lund
■nl was closet! by whioh A. Williamson sold to C. I!. Hume aud B. A,
Lawson 25 acres ol his land adjoining
11. F. Hay's farm, The price paid
was about $751) or $30 per acre.
Messrs. Hume uml Lawson have also
taken un option on the remaining 136
acres ol tlie farm,
Social and Personal
Miss McLean returned Thursday
from Ducks.
Mrs. D. Nairn will nut receive at
her home until October.
A lawn tennis club is being organised at Trout Lake.
Mrs. lluoley and her daughter leave
nest week for England,
,1. li. Sibbald returned Thursday
from his trip u, Duluth,
D. T. Forbes, formerly toilet iu the
Molson's Hunk her,-, is visiting Iii*
wile's relatives.
K ('. Fromoy's sou Johnny, who
recently met with a seven- accident,
i- now lining well.
L, Levesqile, tile  Well kllulVIl   Tl'OUt
Luke h,tel keeper has moved to
Revelstoke visitors to the Yoho
Camp ol tin- Alpine Club lean- Ior
Field during the next day or t« i
Mr- B. R, Atkins wishes to announce that she will not receive at
her home until the lecoud week in
3i plumber,
Tin- Html entertained tht cil ens
-.iiiii ., choici pi gi inline last nighl
ui the band stai il     t osile tho  City
1 lie , ' •   mil Call   lias
been extended to lb    W    I,   Hi lily th ngregatioii    I Si    \, tiro -
church, Oolden.
Chief Him i- ;,-.'-in. tin dill)  lui --.
: Irom ni*   li   id i)   trip  thi
Diinvcg ui   mn..-   win ie in- has linen
[doing t-*i--meiil work
,l  I; Robert ■ <peets to join  the
Alpii - Club at their camp in the
Yoho Vullej ut. M lay     Hi- will be
lll--nl    all    week   ami   return I'll lln-
viitiuity following.
Mr Kent, general manager of 0. P.
II telegraphs, in mi a visit tn British
Cnliiiiiliiii and will be accompanied by
Mr. t'liiiip mul General Superintendent Jenkins.
.1. (i. Maedonald, who has been
rather under the weather, expects to
letnrn to town tomorrow. He bus
been at the Halcyon Hot S|irings Ior
some days.
R, Samson learned today ol the
serious illness ol his little boy, who is
at present with his mother visiting
friends in tlie east. Mrs. Samson is
expecled home shortly.
George Sumner, mining recorder at
Camborne, is leaving fur Spokane and
ther Washington  cities on  a well
earned vacation.    Mr. Sumner will he
away lor almnt, a month.
The Ladies Aid ol St. Andrew's will
hnld their annual lawn social on the
lllth inst., Thursday, on the Mnnne
grounds. Band in attendance. Ad
inissnii to grounds 10 cents.
The Record says: "It. is with sincere regret, we note tlie retirement of
Mr. John Bowron from the several
Provincial Government positions be
has long he'd in Cariboo district, especially since much impaired health
is the cause,"
Business Locals.
Pleases every smoker the " Marca
Try Ram Lal Tea, one ol the best
leas on the market, lor sale at C. B.
llunie k Co's.
"Carpets, velvet pile, Bcussells', Tapestry, Ingrain or any other kind you
ivish at John E, Wopd'B.
A Hue assortment ol Chenille and
Tapestry Curtains at C. B. Hume k
Co, Ltd.
Go-carts, at a Biiap to dear out, at
John I'!. Wood's furniture store.
Massive and withered ouk furniture
at .lohn E. Wood's.
J. Melnlyre, ol Notch Hill, will
open a s.„ie in B. i". Caiman's build-
im   ,n First street about August 1st.
The (lien* Northern anil Northern
l'n tlie Railways have prepared pre-
iii inary plans fni- n mammoth hotel
ai Vm ver to cost $760,000.
A Mn nit1 In public mini tl.inl i- Ihoy
should present Jim Hi,I with bouquet
ils the only man who hud ever ottered
to build railways in the Dominion
without u bonus,
The Progress sny.-     "All were glad
to Larry Dorati back  in  his  old
position as conductor nl the local
iiiiNed. Mr. Do ran, who lias been on
thi sick list im over a year, i- now
. king Ids wonted sell, in d he must
have been -really touched by the
hearty welcome that met lorn all
down the line.
Notice as   to   Sprinkling   of
Stock and Share Broker
I! a iuul am iu iw « muitpi
l.ooo Eureka IOc., payable in Instal-
niints. Engineers Report mny be
seen nt ray olliee,
2,000 Nicola Coal-5c.
2,000 Western Oil- Klc.
1,011(1 Intel national Coal-17c.
Illll Dominion Copper-$:t.00.
2.'i Canadian Marconi—$8.00,
50 American He Forrest Company,
25 American Do Forrest (preferred)
2,000 Diamond Vale l*oiil-2lc.
I.ikhi Rocky Mountain Development
l.'iilii Howe Sound (Brlttiinlii Mine)
80 Dominion Trust—$180,
It) Dominion Trust   $180,
1110 H.C. Wire ami Nail   $10.50.
20 (ileal. Wesl I'ei'iiiiinenl Lunn and
Savings- $111.
2,000 National Consolidated.
1500 Heywood Bros. (HI.
250 Crow's Nesi Oil mul ('mil.
7,000 Osuve.
2,000Red Mountain Con. Gold Mining
100Revelstoke* M iCiilloiigh Creek
250 Great Nml hern Mlnes-20o
1,000 Lai-dean Mines.-l)c.
10,000 Refereudiim-5c.
5,000 Forty-Nine Creek Receipts-
3,000 Interna tional Coal-45o.
5,000 While Bear-- 5c,
5,000 Pathfinder.
20 Canadian Marconi- $2,25.
OFFICE  Mackenzie Ave.
NextC. P. R. Telegraphs.
In lite gomls of Carnll Mnylaert, ileeeaseil, antl in
tlie matter i,f the "Official Administrators-'
Notice ia liereby given llm! liy order ol Ilia
Honor .1. A. Cm in, 1 tl Jiiiles, ,l;,i,-,l the nth day
,,!' July, UHKI, George Smilli McCarter, Official
Ailiiiiutatriitnr (,,r lliat pari of Koiitcilitv Count
,'„l,l|,lisr,l "ill,ill III,, Kevelstoke Electoral Hi,
tiiii, tins twen irraateil Letters ot Administration
t„ administer all uiul lingular llio eslute of Cilinil
Mnylaert, deceased, intestate.
Ami farther take notice tlint all olaltns upon
the said estate must lie Hent tn to the laid Administrator, nt his itltice. Imperial lliiuk Hlock,
lletelslok,,, B. O, within llll dnys (ruin the dote
lleieof. alter which lime all proceeds will la-ilia-
triliuteil union).' the parties lawfully thereunto
nilieiiil Administrator.
Ilnlcil the nli day ol July, 1800. 4(
Certificate of Improvements.
Adventurer, [ron liuke, Watchman, tliitl„,'k and
s naslii itinera] claims, situate III the Arrow
Uko Milling Division,,! West Kootenny Ilia-
Where located:—On the north aide of i'.iM.-toii
Creek, mbaut.', mllea west of Arrow Lake.
Take notice that I, John Priiininouil Andei -n,
I', I, s.. „f Trull. 11. ('.. ii.ent f"r Tltolnlis Alat„l,
If.M.U. .N„. Iiu.:,-!i; liiehunl snulli, l-'.M.C. No,
niivi.-i. nnil Bltaibeth Sett. F.M.u. X". US.--a,
Intend, sixty days Irom the datehoreot, toaiply
t,,the..lii,ii]pl(,Ti,i-.lerf,,rCei.iliriil.-aof linpr ic-
nienta lor tho purpose o! obtaining Crown Or .its
or the above claims.
And (ui ther take notice Um! action, under *,-c_
tion ht. tun*! lie i menceil belore Cu- Issuanc, „(
-,i,h Certificate! „f tiuprovements.
Dated this 28th day ot June, 1006.
aoprj .1   li. ANIIHRSIIN
H,.*,,.rl,r,  p,,,.!,^ ,
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
urn B i- hereby given that 60 days after ilaio
riokliitf, •■'
i. valtti
,   ,t i ml,
Nn.   1.     II, ,11-
WO   In!
-      I'll*!
Htrrel   s:i..-i'
\  lllllll
1-   . -I 1
-,    1,,, a
Nn, J.    Loti
n,il Stm
-.   Imi-i
$2,000,    l-'.a*v I
,-t iiim
N» :i,   1	
i, Fll .1
SI 1
No, 1.   Tu,,
M-        -I
i   l-'il-t
with 1,- id, in -
These Iol s ti
- likely
It,   he
. double
1,11'  11,,              III
Im,  \   l-i iii
ma)   i-
ii i.an-eil.
I'-OI    Mlli, III;
^    i internl to apply in the chief Uoininiuaiiuie.
■ I  Lui't- nnl U'orb fnr perniisaton in purchase
the folio*Inn ilescribetl  lamU situated In West
. -'mi ifesl -id.' of Uppfir Arrow take:
i i.iiiiii'-iiriiu ti :i poit marked "J. 1.. ttlrscli'*
corner," at the wutli eait corner "f
i, ■  i       md about i| mllea aooth of Poathall
.I-:- north ni chaliu, thon uut to
■ ii-iiii-. thence -..utli 80 chain* thence west 40
I • commencement, containing 880
.   r lm
Uatotltbh ji-i -Uv ..f May, 19U6.
>*•«*! per Ralph Slye, Agent,
Wanted t,, purchase shares in the
Prince Mining and Development Ho.,
>■: a. HAGGEN,
.-tuck iiiiil Share Broker,
.Revelitoke, Il.C
\     ,.. . ,t  .,.1, ,   iprlng
....  !   fl,     ,..   -I,.-  .I-..-I     Hit!    !    I.'l'*-
ll       l. -■ *       '■""'
ll)        Hi    I,.    I   I   IHU,.'M
\l-|.i   i-      ■'.- ilaf  I
I' .-! ,i. i.-.i.i i  maplix
£:j   P. C. and W. B. Corsets
We have just received our full line of
P. C. and W. B. Corsets and can now
offer you a line that for value and style
cannot be matched. We have them in
white and drab, long or short hip and
girdles. Corsets with supporters attached, 75c. up. Take a look at our
\V. B. Nuform Corsets for style and
fit-they arc world beaters.
Ladies' Parasols
All the best colors, not too fancy to
be serviceable, and the prices are low.
Summer Neckwear
In soft, cool, wash goods, at prices as
low as ,-) for 25c.
Summer Hosiery
We are prepared for a big Season's
trade in these, and can give you the best
values in town. Cotton, Lisle and Lace
in all sizes.
Wash Waists
Silk or Lawn, all sizes from 32 to 42.
Long or short sleeves.
Slock is large
& values the fait.
We hnve just the
shirt you wantfor
hot weather, wilh
or without collars
nl Inched. Neglige
Shirts, nil kinds,
New Collars
Just received a
slock of the New
Outing Collar.
Tooke's Collars,
Iiniii Hie different,
heights, from t in,
up.   2 fin-25c,
Balbrisgnii or Wool. We have all sizes
and weights. We can give you anything you
want for hot weather.
Alpaca Coats, Duck Trousers, Straw Hats,
Linen Huts, Lisle Sox, Handkerchiefs, Belts,
etc, et«.
McJ^ennan & Company, Ma&mw Amu
WANTED-A girl for general house
wnrk, apply lo oOlce of Mail-
WANTED-Six Teamsters,'$45 a
month and lionl'd, ll Swampers,
$2.25 per day, Fullers, Sawyers, Filers,
Setters, Conks and Helpers. Brown's
Employment Office, Tel. lift. P. O,
Rox 44.	
Dressmaking & Plain Sewing
Cor. King and Douglas Sts.
Of Cdticreti), Hollow Muck*. Stone, llrick or
Frame Iliiilrtin^s. DEALER In Cement, Mine,
Concrete Hollow Blnckf, ami other building materials.   All labor and lruti-riuls lirs!-class.
Plastering and Plastering Supplies a Specialty.
R. TAPPING has secured the right-ot-
franchise as Rill Poster for tho Canadian and
American Rill Posters Association hi the City
of Revelstoke, and having the bill boards, he
is now prepared to do ull kinds of advertising
on the same-
For information that will lead to
arrest and conviction of party or par-
tics who carried away guy ropes and
Hag poles, and otherwise damaged
militia property on the Rifle Range.
.,,i Estate and Insurance -igent,
Rovelstoke, I', 1
Hair Oil, Tooth Brushes, Paragoric,
Soap, Perfumes
PE-RU-NA for sale at
REVELSTOKE   d»o   -A*
BROWN'S" Cigar Store
Ample accommodation provided lm
all   (looil tune assured,  Come One,
Come All.
Chairman u,-„ Cam,   Chairman Celolira. ('"in
You are Busy
But Read This
It is not me that's talking, but others,
Taxidermist Edwards.
1. "The Elk head mounted by you
bus been much admired. I've seen
no better work in any American
2, " I kept 11 live Mountain Sheep for
some years us a pet, I know what
they should look like, The Mountain Sheep that you mounted for
me is simply perfect. Thank you
11, "The valuable specimen mounted
fnr me Hi-rived a tew days ago. It
is line and very well mounted, I
thank you much for the skill in
which you did the work."
Reader Tt-tte excellence Is known
hy ils inritlijij^', hence mv reticence ill
publishing uiiHiiiighl praises, hut in
llie coining seiison I'm afler your
orders,  So don'l forgcl me,
Taxidermist Edwards
Or. R. L. Bybee, ibe well known
Eye Specialist, is ul the Cenlml Motel
in ihi* city, lh- is 11 graduate iu die
course <>!' Physiological mul Ophihiil-
mic dpi it--. Hi' uill .ii.ik,- .1 specially
uf treating Myopia, llypei'metinuln,
Pri'-sbysplii, Astigmatism mul Him bis-
oni,, with all its varied fnrinsof muscular Insufficiency, Those who hnvo
ii,,ultli- wiib Iheir ,-y,-sight uml un- in
need ,,f glasses shuuld consiill him.
Special attention will be given tu children,   A11 ill, i.tl Eyes always In stock,
Examination Free
I lor um  I to (I and 7 to 0 p.m.   Other
linen hy appointment.
Offlo* at Central Hotel.
Mining, Real Estate, Insurance and (leneral  Commission  Avent,
Notary Public, Commissioner of the Supreme Court.
AOENT FOR—London Mutual Fire Insurance Co,, of Canada.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company,
" Montreal-Canada Fire Insurance Co.
" Anhlo-Ameuican Fire Insurance Co.
" Equity Kirk Insurance Company.      •        	
       CorjiNiAi. Fire Insurance Company.
" Dominion Fire Insurance Company,
" North American Life Insurance Company.
' The above Non-Tariff Companies lake llt-st-clnss risks at lowest
5,000 to 10,000 acres of laud in blocks suitable for small settlement,
Municipal Bands, Timber Limits, Mines and Prospects, (loud Hotel,
Store and Livery Businesses, City of Revelstoke Lots and Rural
Corporation Debentures, Shares in Industrial Investments, Lands
at Revelstoke, Arrowhead and on Arrow Lukes suitable for fruit
growing, Well-Developed Coppci-Oold and Silver-Lead Mines.
If those wishing to invest in or sell Oity, Rural or Business Property, will advise me of their requirements, tliei, interests will have my
best attention.
Reports on Land, Timber and Mines. Agencies at Calgary, Vancouver, Kamloops. Nelson, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Spokane,
Chicago and New York.
Office, Mackenzie Avenue   ■     •    Revelstoke, B. C.
Next C.P.R. Telegraph Office.
>oooooooo-oooo<    ^^^^^^^
Make it as Easy as You Can for
Yourself During the Hot Spell.
Don't swelter under the weight of Heavy Clothing,
Warm Hats, Uncomfortable Underwear, Unseasonable
Get a lightweight Two-Piece Suit-one of our featherweight Hats -a Suit of Underwear so light and comfort-
you won't know you're wearing it,—a comfortable
Neglige Shirt—Cool Hosiery-a pair of our Special Hot
Weather Comfort (living Shoes, and you won't grumble
ii,,(i oiiii-e, no uiul ter how Mali the mercury climbs,
We are Offering Special Bargains
This Week in All Summer Goods
See Our Two-Piece Suits at $7.0(1. Special Snaps in High
Hats at (15c, Hot Weather Bargains in Underwear at
Hoc.   Remarkable Values In Shirts nt D5c.
You Can't Afford to Suffer from the Heat
When You Can Buy at Those Prices
We're doing bigger business every day.   Low Prices
and good I real menl to oveiyone Is doubling om- trade,
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders lor Beel and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
Kurtz's PioneerCigar Factory
148, Cordova St., W.
VANCOUVER,!- .:;B.?c.
upon (MMmS (LOTHI/
I -i 1=1     ,J Jl    HU  l/
r~> CALLOPS came int
^^ ivinter with -a vengeance, lor any
V_7 :-'*1 every Bort of clotlies- so tl-
* - plpfcd or braided or button-
■ d ni* trimmed In every concelv-
way. And when the fashion
d i-i ehildri n's clothes, it proved
li - asily thi most popular form of
■sll , li trimming thai could be devised,
altho jh ii is used almost entirely
in om   form—thai of buttonholing.
V hi li dressi s huv« ii fm- their only
trimming, even the hems of an occa-
Bionnl dress ending In a row of scallops, although hems are more often
left plain and deep tor the vei y practical purpose of providing a lot-down,
But collars of every .sort and description display it, some uf them narrow sheer things, with the scallops tli»
flue oni b like those used upon the exquisite baby things that come over the
seas from Paris, and cults are us frequently trimmed with them
Often upon the pretty little dresses
of henrlettn or cashmere, or even
tii"-- of pongee, a rather eluboralo
design Is embroidered in color and
shade thai match the cloth exactly.
Berthas, often oddly shaped, are n
pari of the style, and are edged with
a small silk scallop.
Deep sailor collars, adjustable ones
for the most part, are made of white to
-wear upon culm's, or of colors to wear
upon white, and finished with a scallop.
And hats of heavy or light linen may
have no embroidery nboul them except fur the deep scalion which edges
MJjst Hint Buttons To§eihei°
the lirim anil Ils facing, nnd which, accompanied by tin' necessary buttons and
buttonholes, turns a smaller circle int,i
ii I'liiinv Utile tum-o'-ahanter crown.
Even helts-nnd belts are upon the
mttjoi-llv ol Uu- simple!' dresses, and
upon coata ns well-are Bcallojied, n
narrow shaped atrip having* a row ot the
scallops iii„,n each edge.
Dots, tiifkt'il each Inm 0 scallop, or
eyelets used In the same way, make
a slmplo variation ot scallops which Is
very pretty.
Sum,-tlttiea. upon u round collar, motifs of embroldory  thoroughly conven
tional In type nre set, ono on each Bi,k',
bv way of a llnlsli. A group of eyelets—
Uu. long, tear-drop kind, gr„u]..',l around
a dot or n round eyelet—Is n favorite
motll, mid one ihni requires neither artistic lal'tii to stamp ii,,r a greal deal >,f
work lo do. Yet it adds very much lo
the work. ,   ,  ,
ti.l.llv slia|„,l scallops are used, hut
only occasionally, il„- must satisfactory
„f alt, from every standpoint, being the
plainest, ma,!,- in medium size-neither
Uie very small, which are hard to do,
nor lh,.- very large, which will curl awkwardly nt lln- Hrst wearing.
An Emergency Cupboard and How to Use It
/ttVIAT   hoary   "ounce   of   preven-
|      tion" never servos a beltei pur-
I pose than wli,-n applied by llie
careful housewife to a well-
stocked emergency cupboard,
Were vou ever In a house where sudden accident or 111 news created utmost
(i panic?
The doctor was. perhaps, miles or
hours away, .--,-t nol the simplest remedy was in hand. Tho mustard box was
emptv; the lioi-ivau-i- bottle leaked or
else Hie kitchen lire was low and water
would nol boil; soothing nils or washing soda were plentiful—at the grocer'Hi
n„i the mildest restorative or spirits
could he lound; ns for bandages, the
only linen or cotton In the house was in
linn,!-,-nil,I-,,id,-re,I    gowns    or    mono-
grutlillli-,1  Sheets
Aa you helplessly watched thc patient
ivriili', in ngony unlll Hie doctor arrived, \„ti straightway, doubtless, do-
eld..I not to be so caught ngnln; lo here-
hum own a medical emergency box or
Lei us h"i„- vou did not forgot when
th, crisis was pnst, Ior no household
can afford lo he without sm-li u supply
closet.  In town li Is ivonlent; tor ihe
country, Indispensable.
Illll, is asked. "Whal la I" go In sueh
n closet? Du you mean us i„ run a
drug sion'.'"
.N'.'t at all.   Unlhor a mlnlaluro lms-
pit i|     ppltes di |iu em.   lu-iiBs-li'iiv
fond, alas, w,. .iuteri,-mis are becoming
01 drugging oursi'lveal-wlth tho exception ol n lew slnple general remedies,
in-,- besl |,-ii (., lho discretion ol a physician.
Uui ih,ie nre many simple medicines
or useful appliances which should bo In
hm Ii ni i, moment's notice. Therefore,
Arrange rotir cupboard or box In a con-
vciil,-nt plan- and divide ll Inl j compartments.
Tliis i npbonrd may bo ninde of the
cheapen! pine, but, II possible, have Ihe
shelving put in will, n view to ullllly
ai -1 thc avoidance ,»t n breathless hunt
for some iirgenl necessity.
Fortunately, tor a in,,derate price
household emergency eases cun now bo
I),' 'slit.
The more complete eases contain, in
varying tiitnntllles, gauze a,tid unbleached
bands ,,( ai,s,i-liiiit titnl styptic ,- tton.
Plorie .1,-1,1 gauze, nSBorled iniislln
liaiidngi-s, plain nnd niillseiitlc; absorb-
cni lint, antiseptic inblots, bicarbonate
ol  soda,  mustnt-d  plaster rolls,  , tt
plaster, rnr!>i,Hz,-,! vaseline, n pan nf
surgical scissors, forceps, BUi-gloal needles, envelopes nf silk iiini entgul, a,I-
healvi piasiers. safely pins, pyrutnldauf
pn * nnd n liiin ni,iiiet.
N,'l all ol llies  useful tn III,- llll-
trnliicd, even In a pinch! bul Iln- doctor,
When la- iloea nl last ai-rlvo, will lii-a
the fiirolhoiighl which provldod thorn.
Tl. a ihore must lie lini-wutcr bultlei
It] dill-tell! sizes.    Tilly ollCa enllle  HOW
ill ll eatt res! cvci nil ll yes w.Ill,ml
wel] III ll,- watchful Unit thoy nn- kept
In period condition, ik a holtlo Ihnl
pari, niih lis seiiltlfti-.' contents un pa-
ti, tn ,.r bed Is conducive lu bud lan-
A small alcliol heater, with a largo
cup attached, insures wnler uf the right
temperature in a (mv minutes, ami
makes one blissfully Independent of the
vngai-les ol range or coiii Blovo.
This will be rendered useless, however, If there be not n plentiful supply
of alcohol on Ihe other shell. Alcohol,
moreover, Is Invaluable us a quick disinfectant and lu rub u levered patient
Carefully slowed nwuy among Uie
utensils should bo an Ice cap, measuring
glasses, a special drinking cup-un ordinary tumbler, half tilled, answers Jusl
its well-an Invalid's tray, a clinical
thermometer, an eye cup, u dropper,
orange wuod sticks, a fountain syringe,
it bedpan, a small foottub and u BltZ-
A lillle sickroom refrigerator Is Invaluable in long Illnesses, and might bo
kept in in,- emergency cupboard.
On the niodloliif shelf should stan,1
tip- alcuhol, camphor, aromatic ai
nioiila, whisky, llmewater, witch has,
arnica, caBtor oil, vinegar and sat_
buttles, carbolic add, or some otito'i*
disinfectant, and any other special
totiles or Illedlelllt'M approved by your
Hero nlso, besides tlie .-in, rg. n,-y
case, should i„- kept a box uf ordinary
suil, powdered boraclc add, corroBlve
sublimate tablets—thoso are terribly
poison,his and musl be labeled and.
put mil of reach of children's hands
—a box uf mustard, washing suda and
disinfecting soaps.
Neatly put away In a I,ox should !>„
nil lie-,,1,1 llaiinel on„ can collect. It
Is surprising lew lew* housekeepers
ever have any, yet il Is Indispensable
<■ *. rUOBVl'lR has n it utru ; ed di ■
VV perately at a luncheon or din-
» »     ner  to  imi   through   the  Btlff,
erlau shell of a moring n gi c ■.   ■ mml-
nent peril oi landing it on om      wn
rn-,   worse   yet,   one s   ne ghbot .- -best
Now. a meringue to be truly d
musl li" soft mul creuiny all
quite precluding nn) sui h tnlsfo   mi
Mow is lhat deHl al lc cienmluess to
lie atiaiinil"   \ *t\  simply.
ii. fori nerving youi met ngut n move
li from ih" rreewr and lot It st     I
tin" open air fnr a timo sny,  twenty
Hi nines.
Pot i plain ftimllj dlnnet It mighl be
tnken nut lusl ftct tl oup •■■ re
tu ,*. ii Thl- nllow« the Ice crenm to
pei'iui-iit," the sh. .i md ■ thi thi mo-
rttiKiii  ininh mori di lid ■,
in the Blckroom, tn take away the
ache caused by an Ice bag, or to keep
warmth tn a hot-water bottle, and
prevent ugly burns.
Soft old linen is useful in addition
to the prepared bandages of the case.
Willi such a closet much of the
dread ot sudden Illness is removed;
.indeed, a doctor may often be dispensed with for trifling ailments, provisionally, of course. The best equipped medicine closet counts for Ilul"
without common sense to make tho
proper use of it.
Ju ihis direction a few hints of whnt
tu du before the doctor arrives may
nol come amiss.
For a sprain, pul the limb in i'"t soda
water-using half n teas; nful ol sods
to a half bucket ol waler-and let
it remain till the doctor arrives. Always
keep the Injured part elevated.
For a bandage, remember to begin at
the end of a llmb-tho toes or fingers
which   prevents   awelting   below   the
Keep a hum absolutely clean. Quickly mix enrron oil- equal parts ot Mnn*
water and olive oil—and apply with old
linen, An ihore Is always danger ot
contracture, a doctor should bo called at
... i for severe burns,  For lighter ones,
.plications ot plain  baking sod-a or
en urdlnnrj kitchen soap -frequent!)
•jring relief,
No Inatrumeni should over be used on
the nose or ear by n novice, Then is
more danger in getting things ma than
Never pour oil in the i ar, as is so
populni .i method with the uninitiated.
From a dropper, apply hoi water. This
nevet clogs, A little boracic -acid—a
tea poi nf M lo o cup—la also excellent.
For tho i ye, bathe with Imt salt water ,*uid do not rub, Fori Ign substances
(.hi generally !"■ removed hy n bit nf
cotton on thc ' nd ot a match I'm'
bathing the eyi or putting In drops,
.ui eye i in la mo M convenient.
Il> it ana the uso ot laxatives will
usually cure toothache, while sudden
cramps are relieved by inward nml
outward applications of Imt water,
A mustard plaster is also nf Bcrvlco,
M my prefi r Hi- home-made ones,
Which, If mixed wiih vim-gar or white
of i gg and one-half Hour, never burn,
An ■ ■■■■■ ■■ m pin ter for ii baby Is to
:, \ li with '.i or v.i.■■! line,
I- fi vera pm nn lee cap on ih" path in'.-' In id, and u •■ a 1ml mustard
fool bath
An old-fashioned remedy, which
rarely fails to break up a feverish
cold by producing profuse pi rsplra-
tlon, is lo gel in- patient in bed between blanki is and pul under thc cov-
. ri wiih him a vessel containing
slaked lime nnd water -two or threo
lumps the slxo of the hand Is ample,
wllh   newspaper   to   provont
, .   tting,
An ■ mi: grncy oupbonrd and a few
■*. , -,, imon- '■-1. ii    i ■ ■ ■ dies   save
,i Ijfi, not t-.i mention doctor
-w *■ r iTll the arrival of princess and
\  \      corselet skirts and iheir many
\ Y     Imitations  and  developments,
* * chemisettes have attained a
new importance. Jn point of fact, the
border line between chemisettes and
guimpt's is hard to place wUh the bewildering array of new kinds that have
come uut,
Sometimes, instead of the tiny yoke
and collar which originally constituted
n chemisette, a pair of elbow sleeves
is added, making un udurable little
affair of it to wear with the skirt of
high girdle and the shoulder .straps,
which aa* an echo of lust year's sus-
pender styles,
The more usual kinds, though, are the
little yoke, with, perhnps, the deep cuffs
to match.
In the most elaborate styles lace plays
an Important part, some nf ihem made
up entirely of narrow, very full frills of
it other exquisite ones, made instead of
allover lace, trimmed itself with mutifs,
and perhaps insertions, of oilier laces.
The most popular of all, however, are
those in which band embroidery is made
the form nf decoration, with perhaps
bits of lace entering into the design, as
is done with blouses.
Thc stlffer chemisettes—thoso which a
year ago were good—have gone their
way, and we have swung back to chemisettes more like those of a couple of
years ago, which were marvels nf hand
embroidery in every one of its many
beautiful forms.
Eyelet work and blind wnrk, both the
must delicate of kinds, and bold, heavy
work, and the popular, easily done
shadow work, art- all used, Hon' ribbon
embroidery used sometimes, although
usually upon the rarer silk kinds.
The sheerest of linen is uaei] ordinarily,whether the design i.s heavy or light,
tho uccasional one of heavy linen seeming very thick and anything bui the
light touch which anything in the shape
ul "neck-ilxlngs" should be.
If yuu make your own, bits of linen
•which are utterly useless for aiiy-
thlng else can be transformed, at a
cost of nolliing but work, Into duplicates of the costly little ones which
are at once tlio envy uud delight of
women. Koine of them are embroidered too elaborately for tho average
mortal to labor over—the hundreds of
tiny dot stitches taking endless patience to produce. Uut the simpler,
more effective patterns are quickly
dune, and, if the proper care is given,
ure as attractive as the others.
The design shown, although designed
originally for eyelet work, may be
carried out iu any of the other stitches.
To transfer it, if tho liner, is very
sheer—thin enough for the design to
show thruugli-pin it down Hat upon
the paper, and trace the design as It
stands, seeing that tin- dotted lino
(which marks tho middle) is set
straight by a thread, if possible upon
tho up-and-down of tin? linen. Reverse to till oul the other side.
Impression paper laid upon the
linen, wilh the design laid above it,
is perhaps an even easier way to
transfer it. Then you simply go over
tin- design wilh a rather hard pencil
nr with any dull-pointed instrument,
reversing lo till out the design.
The figure and the dots in tlie centre
of the large ring may be oniitted.
The Children's Birthday Parties
By Eleanor B. Ckjip
Copyright, lyuj, by A. i*. Baraca & Co.
BIRTHDAY cake, suitable for a
child's party-Take three-fourths
uf ii cup uf butter, tin, cups of
sugar, yolks of four eggs, one
cup of milk, three cups uf Hunt- mixed
with two ami one-half leaspuontiils of
baking powder. Flavor with one tea-
spouni'iil „f lemon or vanilla extract.
Hake in four layer-cake tins, and when
cool fill with a fruit cream made by
,liking the whites of the four eggs
beaten very light, half it cup of powdered sugar, half a pound of besl raisins, seeded and chopped line, and half a
cup of chopped currants. If a very
large birthday cake Is desired-and the
decorations are decidedly mure effective
If tbe cake is ii big one—this rule should ,
lie doubled.
Aside from the birthday cuke, the re-
fr'-slimeiils should be ralhcr simple.
Give the children lemonade lo drink
served in the small glass lemonade cups
with handles mi one side, serve dainty
tbreo-corncred sandwiches of thin bread
with finely chopped ham between, and
other sandwiches made uf even thinner
bread put together with just a Utile
strawberry jam.
A slmplo chicken salad will not burl
tbe mile ones If Hit- mayonnaise Is not
too rich; or If you prefer something
plainer, serve slices of eld tonguo on
n plait,-i- gnrnlshed with parsley and
decorated around iln- edge wllh it very
in,now daisy chain,
"I'll,-it, Inst of all, serve tin- Ice cream.
If you cure lo im lo Hi,- expense, you
might net Hu- caterer to freeze the
cream in smnll forma of flowers, fruit
.-uui animals, llm this Is by no moans
lieer-ssaty. for very good cream Ihal llie
children will like iilinosi as well can In-
mail,- at bonie. Willi Hu- 1,-c cream
serve Wile cakes baked In pally pans
and frosted with white, pink and chocolate Icing.
If the ,-liilil whose birthday is t„ be
<■,■],•!,r ,1 Is a lillle elder, of a Bllglltly
more eliiliiiiiile festivity Is desire,1, il
can ml,,- He- form ,,f n dancing party
lasting Innn I mull I.
Occasionally „i ntfiilrs of tills sort
iwo ,,r thr,-,- pi s of music are engaged, bill II Will sillllcc pot-felly if
>6mo frl,-ml of Un- mother's will volunteer I" play da  mns! ' Hie plan,,.
for n children's parties mi tho appointment*, should I,,- rather simple i„ |„. in
good Inst.-, anything elaborate, ot al
all usIMillilluas, ,„,t being cm,sal, fed In
g i form for very ynung i pie,
An OpeniiH) for Women
as Guides
By Cynthia Weslovcr Alden
Copyright, 1M0, by a. 8. Ilarnei A Co,
IT is odd how sho socured lho first
guide for her Hist ease of "I'lejise
meet me at Iio- depot." Hhe lind a
Hlinleiit rooming In one nf ihe
houses, and sho suggested thai Mudy
be put aside Pir ihe .lay In play cliap-
eron and guide inBtond,
l.iiter, a business arrangement was
made with Ihroo different students, each
taking turn,  The siudeiits received the
lull nay asked, the land bid j nsidor-
ing the accommodation in inr aulllclont
pity, as she made mi ibe lodging and bad
Ibe feeling nf having dono a good turn
al  tha same lime.     *
There is a money-making business to
in- tiiiit up us cither guldo or chaperon,
Like ev irytliitii) el.'-e, n Inkos time to
ndvortlse and boenmc Known. Have an
ofllec with a telephone, Me lavish wiih
nil vi rllslns cards in depots, simes bonds, etc. !■'■ pleasant ■•t<f\ tako kindly to
nn v.. i Ing qiipstlot s, nnd, especially, be
gi ni p.i"- '..iiii infoimnil in.
, ||ov fn" i would have been savod
!,., i ■ blocks and blocks bad the
• pon . • ne" who directed ine boon a
little less ru<h in mmini r ami moro par-
ik-iilnr m his toply in mv InanlfV
The Proper Care of
the Baby
By Dr. Emelyn I.. Coolidge
Copyright, 1W5, by A. s. Barnes & Cu.
A TAIL lllTINn Is one of ihe must
:\ frequent bad habits to which
1 > children nre subject. Like all
such habits, It can be corrected
much more quickly if taken lu lime
and not allowed to run on unlll It bits
become very (Irmly established.
Tl,,- mother may first try putting mittens or Utile bags on Ihe child's hands;
if this docs not help, dip his linger tips
iu a sulution ,,f aloes to- quinine. Killer though theso druga are, sume children ,b, not seem I,, mind tln-in, and
ihen the only thing lefi to lie done Is
I,, pr, vent Ht. child from gelling bis
bail,Is up I,, bis un,uth lu some way.
'Ph.- pnstcbonrd splints nlready mentioned slum!,! nexl lie Hied, and If theso
,l„ n„t prove satisfactory the celluloid
sleeves musl l„. res,,,-led l-i.
S,,111,1 lilies It  will lake II lulu; tllUO 10
break  up this habit,' bul the  molhor
sll,ml,!   pel'Slsl,   ami   su   Spat''   til.    e.1, .1
Hi,  -ham,, aiai iiniiu,■ if badly a
pouring linger llpi hi later life.
Iii limps.
Mumps In a disease mure Irequoii,
seen  Iii children over four  yours old
iiinn In younger ones, although ovon .,
baby mny lake lln- iliseas,-. if be is ex.
pus,-,!. It l-i very doubtful 11 mumps
(-an b„ carried by a liilnl person, |.-,,r
li child,lo lake lln illnoaao H Is usuall)
iioci Bflary iui- Iiim i,, come lu dli- ,-t
contact will, the person nlready affected wllh It,
'ili, period ,,i iiim- ncccsBiiry i   •.
Ii,.|',i-e tl,,-, xposcd child may ,-,,, |o\vn
wiib minnpa vnrlcB considerably I'sual-
ly frum i»„ I,, tin,-, weeks from n„-
lime ol Hu llrsl exposure nro lequlrt ,1
f,,i- mumps t,. devi I, p
Either "in- or hml. Hides ,,i Ihe neck
mav be Involved.  Mos -n Hit swell
Ing Is nulled Hist on ono side, and
Ihen, nfter a few days, mi Up. oilier
side. Tin- Hist symptoms nn-,,it,tt some
ivvcr, loss ol appetite, ami general languor.   Tin- mother ge||,-tally mill i    1,. i
,llanuusis  when   ll,e  ,-Iill,I   has   Iml	
,,| Ing Ids in,mill, nml llie swelling hns
bogun.  ll anything ncld. a   i, ,  ,i.
ut- vlnognr, is taken inlo ilu- mouth,
the pain will n(ten In- very severe,
Tin- swelling seen Is in llie parol Id ami
SUhllllgUllI aim,Is. anil helici, Is nollccd
behind, n, Hum ui and under lh • us
This swelling is nl Hs height nfter Iwo
,, tlm.,. days, Ihon li begins lo gn,".-
1,-ss, disappearing onllfoly alio] a wci k
or ten days at Uie must.
Tin- cllllll should be k, 111 111 bed. llllll
hln lund illllllctl ur mn,!" a "',"1 till I
n-hllo  n  i* nny fever; hi   bowels
Should be klipl op, II. and llama Is Wl'llllg
OUI  of b"l   waler m,v  be kept  on  lln-
swollen parts, lllllH S I ni,-.-, giving   I
'Ull,. relief
Screens for Summer
/nr\UOUOH am bo necessary in sum-
I      un r as in  winter,  screens form
J_ an Important addition tn every
country home, in bedrooms especially Ihey are practically Indispensable, while lluy are useful in downstairs rooms and even on a porch in
shut nit a ~drmig draughl or l" form a
background fnr a picturesque corner.
Naturally, summer screens differ decidedly fnnn those iu use in winter,
They are less elaborate in design and
workmanship, and are liyhli-r, both in
color and in the materials employed to
make thom up.
For bedrooms, nothing gives greater
satisfaction than a plain three-ply
frame of wood in match the furniture,
smoothly covered with a gay cretonne
or chintz In thi- same tone as (he other
room decorations.   Must cool and airy
also are s.n ens In  Which  White dulled
BWtss-a   Vi ry   large dot   is pari ilarlj
Htj lish  Is rufiled uver plain i- ■■ .- of
pink, blue, gre r yellott Bat no   The
swlsa should t-e run nn tin   rod
easing, wilh an ih' b heading both .it'"\e
and below,
Softly snirred sllkoih - ■   -. .
used I'm* bedroom nrr< -1 ■   Th tl
i .v. wenthi I'd "nk frami - ,.i-  pai lb -
i   nl*,  i I -i  V
'tin- plain mar ng screei
nl.Ie and i |-|ookll - -I'-    ■
formerly, tin- tgh, iik. ■■■ rial
in - liver He*'" nave the fai tltj ■ • \.
lag their own
Pnt  downstairs, i Ither In      i
dining  ni. Hi-' »' i thi red,oak I   ills In  high  favor.
nm- of Hpi cl till good appeara - ■  \\ . ■
mnde    up    with    n    topeslt
"Htretc.iOi     hlnli    ,; ■
wooden design of tti- wi r\, ■• i . ,,t<
,\   unique   summery -a . -  .,r
;-■.. M burlap '>>< ow, wltl
panel at ihe top of i    h   I \)i- four
P moi i, "M whi' h wna ]     ted
lund icene   typical i f th'* . ■ ■   i
S-ill   llllothm    - r-'-n   and   -
.■ ip -,i in homi r flowei
\\;is ill  'hi! blui
fnee nf which rent buncheR of d irk
red  pnppifs,  with  their grei
v.  ':   led
Vs most of thi     sereens i   it 1 I
nl a small cost or can I ht I
ih> moro, .■"■:,' i    I- to It
(hat her bedrooms   at i    ■
v'dci with "iie tn put off the vb w nf
Uu wnshstand <"■ to I ind I iv ei " -
l,. ,i and -ni "■ ■ n wlndi ■■> i ■        nighl
i.'Yi'.'KY  housekeeper should keep In
I*   hci  klieln n a tmmbei
urate 11 it tin covi rs wil
('nmi' in illfti renl  -■/■ i, nnd i     s   i
v,dual.!,   in Slip OP I '■■'.-■
In which articles o( foi d are   ■
- n iking
These lln covi rs are   ■ bis
m *ui on using ii ';' ' '   '■
■' ■ many i -..
with dire re.iults.
Awnings and Their
"\ "i   T ITll the lirst hm days the beat-
Y \      ,"K   l11111  otl   window i am   or
Y \     doorway    mews    uncomfort
able, and one thinks Instinctively of awnings, Old ones must be
taken out, d isted and ri paired, i r new
ones musl b< ordered.
Besides promoting -.ar comfort, nothing add.-, as much to the i ool appe u ince
ol i li" .s- I.- fresh-looking, harmonious,
well-cut awnings, and special ure
should be taken in their selection,
In 1 - .. n :..-:. l)< i thai durability is
the great i sent il Uowevi r one Is
templed to Indulge In novi Itles, either of
■ oloi .■.: "t patent < ontrlvanci. it Is
well to adhere to old-fashioned Btylea
which have ttood \'>- test ol moj j seasons' Sllll and I ,i ;i and Wind.
Economy should never be practiced
In materials Though costing more In tha
beginning, it is wiser to buy onlj the
b. si iti |ped heavy duck and m ik< li -,■
ou -i - .:■- i'.i/' i Iron ft imi  nf simple
As foi thi merhat
old-llmi   method of pu ing on a string
i- ' ird to Improvi :,;' m. Spring rollers,
those thnt go up llki   window shades,
and othi r    trlcai .,,-..   -Jes
Is . >. - ■ ■ ■ ■        h i : ■■ ■ ible
r '  ,    .        gelt f fi)
icknowlcdged that 1  ■■-
.: . .  ■    ervlci    Urei ni   ll   igh
■k .. ff
m ■■     it i   iu
brighl \'>. - ire ven
apt to t      r tl      .i-::.    irom i id*
the   at
-  ■ ■. ■ i   ,.-. i, -
IngH     i        ■.-.',,       more  or
ii st ii.aaid  but i    tier
i  ■ ■ hailing th     iui - -
!■■ ■     p tancy yellow    md
:■ md  with  good offi et.
id ■'   ' i    nd wh iirl] *  I ■ iki
■ ■  \. '■    erand is
tl        ■ ■ -i" ild ii tvi  blue
colonial, green       yell iw;
i |     ron thi    rarlous   browns
'.    "hometimes,
too, the awning I white, with a
■riklri "f i.; p    ■■■ ,-  <■• n
a    ii. ,*,.     - - I        net   to  nwnlngi
i ,     e ll     I ■■ the air, thej are
od at the
- :   I-; .   arc  run
,.■ a   .-..■-...■ .i   pace
- in v, |  p      it out the sun and
ni ii,. name i mi allow a cln ilatlon ot
: '  iv ■ ■ a, cm tlnual dis*
...      ■ ■      -..''■
■   ui.-:   ■ rnlns,    On the
v,,   . p belli     i ■■■     ii fl  i1 ns
  olh   v. ■ -  might
■   ■     ,       ■.' .   ho ev-1, they
■i'. ,     i   an  owning   Is
tl - .      -    -   ■ i re
-" r     'iii ■-.   are
-   ,   ■ . ■, ■   .- . ■  twi   ■ immei     -'-■ ll
■  ip *.  ■, ■     Sever
-   ■    i i:i*. cb in and brush
■     ■   ■,    re pui . *.-.;iv, uj Mri^yR^^^wjcujc^vivwHM, w
fn/eet Gasoline snd
Camphor into Every Qreviet
Mrs, Sterling's Ways,
No, Mil.
HAT  is  the  wny   1   nm
T tempted to niter the
original text!" Mrs. Ster
ling suid, in the thick of
for EsLzh Article
a parley upon liousecleaning. "Rust
is a sad corruptive agent in a house
wh'-rc- there ur- line steel furnishings—wrought   fire-irons   nnd   the
lik-.   Iii my modest abode, when 1
have seen that carving sets are polished, done up in tissue paper and
packed, each in its respective box,
1 can li ave home for a summering
of -ix weeks ,-r six months, us the   ing them in their boxes nil summer   unbleached   muslin  cloth.   I need
,,'..,'.,.... ',,, ,vj,|„,,, ., twinge of   long." hardly say that the garments should
i.i   ;■■-..  But moth and dust are a      "Perhaps you   nre  right!"   Bul   be neatly folded and the wrappings
direful partnership.   They hum in   Mrs. Sterling .lit! nol speak eonfi-   should not be ... tiglil ns to crush
,-  :•' - and the end of both is-or   dently, and two of the guests en-   Ihe nap.   A box well dus ed, and
ought to be-to be burned.   Darwin   tered   emphatic  demurs.   "1 hnve   with a snugly fitting tup, should be
.-,  ... ... |,,,, ,;,,., |,,.er.ds disease,   I   boon told tho same thing, and 1 part-   provided ior each article.   I'hcn pile
>.'.' w that ii is'the sure breeding  1/believe it. All the same, I take no   the boxes upon the storeroom shelf
or und of moths and other vermin   risks with uny kind of furs." ond be , us-.- in min.l.   I have pre-
thai Ihe how hold i- heir to.   For The Care of Furs. *"rv"'1 *?/■"  :;   ; ' «•* " r 'h',^
v, ur-. and nol  i moth I   >
"Xui-  I."   rejoined   Mr-. White,   .!,.,„••
this n as n 1 exact religiously
the -un is nd hi(
ivi" . - :       ..■-■
him keep them for you nil summer.   ... .-....    ; . ,.    .
-ur-.  Mr*. Mm-     ,]„,,„ ,„ v„llI, furrjer i„ May and let
the contents   ol   every dustpan be     ,       ....,.,-..„   i...   wnter became        n      ,
■.,,,, |   ,- ,    ,l,     "'""   uniiiu    insl   wiiiur  oecanu        ,.[)  ...       .....
,-,.iri:i.I",-::,, ilu- thun.- hetore the   i        mni>n>lnn«lv   ivnl     nnil  w hicli     ■■    ■ ..
inr   in.ii u inosi.i   uui,   ,in,i iinicn    . ..    Mrs, Greene.   'I hate
«'-:-': "■'■■ -" •'*'' !' obrood* must have cost   a   startling sum ■
"0 I I tell you of o clever in-   „•.-.      •  .  , . ,. u
nun is uui oni sun «,i> ,,i t.iMi.i.       ..\,   ...... ,
venti n of a Southern girl!   J lie   ,..„.,. ,„■ furs ,,,„, ,,,,,, ... ,
B] ■ ,1 .:-.   Ol
tin.   "Shi   had I - come S'orth to
leal     I   '■  impossible it is to burn   ti     -,, ,..,,.,. ,i... ...i, ... v .. .,
..tu   mu ii turn in. in «iii ii .UUI   Ml,,.     ,,„;.. •;.
i"- •   !: ich as a compromising let-   ,i       •    .„.,..-.,   ,rir    y,,,, i..,v,,   .
, i.tun   in  |itr,,,    ,-iu, i.     i "i,  inn -
ter n     steam-heated not where tlie   ,    .,.„.... .1M,i ,„, POSnoii<ihilitv in
.a- norrj   .inn no jeepiui-inuiii   , .     .
, -        one I    gi - : nd there   ,i.        ,    ••
■ in.  iit.iu r. . . .
I--   ■ pel    fil   place   11    'll     He        nil,,,, nalnn- hicr "hill il. the f-ill'"
i nu ,i i  using 1'isr -in in nu tan
)-•' ■••■-■ , Mrs. Black jerked   ut the r paper, tl
"        i|    •        ■      - withe,   ,-gy born of experience. "1
ll -    .       '        n io the fll      '■ „ .-.,  ,..,.. ,(nlI)„j, ,,„.... ,.    .-
<:.-.',... twite over
The Hygiene of a Dust Pocket. "1 used l
..-:'•-- tl  ' : ','    " in.   EvenTyndalt
PI p„ek.-t    lt isn't
..- tl ... :.      *:*-.. .
1 ""' .       js j  r.
An Ouno -f r'   .--■-.■
'     ■
---i   Mn
■   I'gn . -,
Take Everything out of
t/is e/osets
Keeping 111 Persons
By Mary ll Carter
Copyright, iw>5, by A, s. Uarnei & co.
(~\  HANGING sheets, with the ijuileiii
,,u "the bed, requires practice uiul
/    should  be learned with a well
person on the bed until vuu arc
expert.   Make no experiments wit li Ihe
sick one.
Have tin- clean sheets always well
aired and In cold weather warmed. Shut
the door ond windows while the change
is being made.
Fust change thc under sheet. Turn
Hi,- patient over (mm vuu on unc side.
fold Un- soiled sheet lightly, in Mat folds,
- i-s- to tin- patient. Lay on the clean
sheet smoothly with halt of li (,,ld.-il up
against Ihe roll ,,r tin- soiled sheet, ib, n
both can be slipped under the body at
"tic,-, fuck iii the clean sheet „n thai
Bide ol the bed, then crosa tu the utlicr
side, turn the patient hack „n the oppo.
site side, gently pull out tho soiled sheet
fmni underneath. Afterward draw tha
(olds ut ib.- clean one, pull straight, and
tuck tlrml) and neatly. By tollowlng
tt.s method th,- draw sheet, rubber
shcel ng and under sheet mav all be
hangi - it one time.
To - hange the upper sheet loosen all
the bt ms at the (out. (hen spread
the   :■ -    sheet and blanket on top uf
ti.,   other bedclothes.   Willi   one hand
■  - 1,-an sheet and blanket up to
tl -. ,1 your patient, with ihe otht r
- . the soiled clothes line], rneath
,  ft   • ot the bed; luck in
bed i-lothes ami spread the
An  ■ Xpert will   do   this
it ui   ivering or fatiguing the In-
-   -M.l ever ill on the si,],, of
r lean   ■-- s-   ll   No   one
■ * ■     -s the tluor ol a
tl     Hoi     ii, -.-
• InJ■ d  part  uf the
I he    Weight    ol    b, .l-i-tiles
;..   [r ,1, -r.i.iies HSi-,1
,     two or Ihree barrel hoops
inswer the purpose, or a  round
irsri . the In-
thi P  owa  liiul  at
•' ■ .   bed  will keep ti,-,l-
. -,-. above the
 Irest, -,ne may
.... ■ with the legs
the  1    The long
,        ....-- for
ther, t-,
an ■■
...   from slip-
r   ■ Symptoms „f Bed-Borei,
' :
■ ■
■ .- '
! i , ' , ■
1 Iii ve tult.-ii cure „f my
First Qet :. I    * m  •
-       *."   . .  . *    -   .
re'   -       . i iiii ■ ;     ■
v ■ ■ -,-;'■ '   '
I ' . .
I ' ' '■  ■ ' ,      ,   .
I ■     ".      .. m     in nruhiir till
■:-,-, '   ."I
v   ■ i   :-'      ■ ' , -    " ,
•\ ■     ■       ■    : :* ■    i. iiftt-i     iiwi    i; ■
,   li   .■ < itlM.'i.inphorln ■
;. ■;■,.;■ of   |i     mic inl ■ »
(i. ['in up -..'im Ij ;   I*, ■- j  .    iIn'.Ii ji h    j      j
thit I       ni -' '■■"" n  ' I  imluiHinn   di      ■   (n    /i/lQfi/l'fW (lMMM*0)
!,;■,,' ■:. lenv- nrintors' ink.  Aboul (lie imm ph " • >
:' ■  .       ■
■    I
lirst tl
RK   up
A Pteh that &ezps Me berries &
IP YOU CAN get tbe wild ones-long,
pointed things, with a flavor so dL>-
llclous that it is more like Cragfanco
than actual tuste—you've a treat,
indei;il, and one that cannot be equaled by the most delicious of garden-
grown berries. Uut the wild ones are
very capricious, and Instead ot d.splay-
Ing" their fruit upon highway and by-
way, aa blackberries and even raspberries do in their season, they hide away,
so that it Ih almost Impossible to have
them unless yon live upun mountain side
or deep in thi' country, nmi even then
their season is very short.
For a lirst course for luncheon or
breakfast, strawberries arc usually
served with their "Jackets" on upun
plates. Willi a little nionml of sugar at
the side, or piled In pretty confusion
around a ci aire mound of sugar. Little
baskets, made in artistic Imitation of
the coarse splint baskets in which ihey
are most conveniently handled for shipping and Belling, enme to serve them
tn, and liny "farmers' " hats woven
of coarse straw tumble the berries out
upon the plate, the sugar being at one
side of the plate.
When you can get the leaves of the
Btrawberry plant, arrange a few of
them upon each plate, nnd serve the
berries upon them—the little touch uf
green sets their color off effectively.
A Man's Recipe.
If the leaves are hard to get, pile
the berries in the centre of tne plate
and twine around them sprays of Madeira vine.
Vanilla Ice cream, moulded into
mound-shape, with a deep, scooped-out
place on top, makes a pretty dish, If
the berries, carefully hulled, are piled
thick in. the centre, The ring-in u.ds
nre often used for forming the cream,
leaving still more room for tlie berries,
When the ring-moulds are used, the
centre filled lu with berries, whipped
cream is often piled upon the top. Often
tlie Individual moulds nre used this
way, although thi" more usual form Is
to serve ice cream in sherhet glasses,
willi the crushed berries poured over ii,
ami with a dab of whipped cream perched on top.
A new berry dish has come out for
those epicures who like berries firm
and dry Instead of wilting In their own
juice and sugar. The dish Itself is
raised from Its plate, and is perforated,
so that If any juice is crushed out by
the berries pressing upon each other it
Is drained off upon the plate beneath.
Delicious frozen dainties can be made
if you are an expert freezer—an Innocent-looking block or ball of vaiiul.i
cream being found to contain strawberries crushed and sweetened and packed
closely, or liny nests of Ice cream may
contain lurries masquern'dtng as eggs.
And wee baskets of ice cream, filled
with berries, may be bordered with or
set upon leaves.
Whfii you can strawberries do a couple of extra jars to serve With cream
cheese—that delicate white kind.    And
Ge/ JTvery Stf cf //?e Green Jackets' qp/
A Tret/y l/ay of
' Qjervin$ vjiih the Hulls 07^
when you do serve it, beat the cream to
a soft mass with a little sweet cream,
pile it up in a snowy mass, and set tlie
berries in a prim row mound the has .
As io strawberry shortcukc—tl.ere arc
kinds ami kinds, from the old-fnsbloned
ones made of real shortcakes pied high
wllh berries to frivolous-looking pyramids of rich cake and berries, wilh a
thick meringue on top. Either way. they
may be served hot or cold, with plain
or whipped en-am, or with crushed berries ami sugar by way uf a Bauce.
And speaking of slfawberry shortcake,
here's a recipe (contributed by a man
who prides himself upon his skill as a
cook) of whal lu terms "a man's Idea
of a strawberry shortcake:"
"(if course, it must be v( biscuit crust,
short and unsweetened. Take dough is
not half so good.
•'In preparing the strawberries be sure
tn mash them in a yellow bowl. No
niher bowl ever gives quite the same
flavor. When mashed, sugar to lasto,
turn in cream—a pint of cream to two
quarts of berries is about Ihe right pro-
|)ortion-and slir the ingredients well
"Cut the biscuit dough lengthwise, so
that the soft Interior is turned up.
i'over holh sides with little puces of
butter. Then pour the strawberries on
ilu* first layer, cover with the other and
cut in slices before pulling the strawberries mi top, so that the juice permeates the entire cuke,
"If any woman cook ran beat (his
strawberry shortcake, I'd like to hnve
lur recipe." . „
Strawberry sherbet, strawberry jelly,
strawberry jam, canned and preserved
strawberries^ strawberry pics and tarts,
everything in the strawberry line is
tempting, but the strawberry sea.-on is
short at its best, ami It pays In Jay in
supplies for next winter's use as early
as berry prices warrant It.
The Housemothers' Exchange
ET me t!ve n recipe for
suitlliu,- nn,'
I       . nnstiliK  il ea'aiti.   or even  a lull-
x-< grown laiinj-ird rooiter. ,
Make ii ilrcillng ol dry l,n-n,leriiintis
ii. t rubbed i„„ line, »lllt n cui'le „( "i';.'
■uoonUlli ol pulverised Bilge wet up WIUI
mux rich nam Into which is mstd >
nell-beoleil egg, When stiillliu:. iidtl bill
,,l   butter   anil   lets  ,,(  until,   (al.   leeUCO
raisins     wiien ready tor roaitlng, placo
on tii,, capon a lu.ir ,i„z,-ii vory nun sums
,(  sweetest   bilClttl.       Ill.SU- ul'lel,  ilinl  UrCdgfl
^ll^i,1ll,.f-- 1,.mn.
soon as they  read
your dillioultv
nf it.
I hold your address, subject to the
call of those who will gratefully avail
themselves of your generous offer of
Potato and Chestnut Flour.
I come us a ouppllunt, hnvltm no quid
pro quo.
If you have thue„ and will give a short
essay on the uses nf potato mul chestnut
iiniii*, ymi win eniiniiu'ii iniiiiy us ignorant
us yuur well-wisher.
Miss J. I.   (New Jersey).
Knowing little of potato Hour, and
never having seen in ibis country the
Tu Put Up K. uit Wil limit Sugar,
Our ,- ■-   utter -. -    nnl to mo with
,..-■:,  i   -..ill forward ii
to lh,  "In I,  ivh.i wrote ,,( putting up
i      After a   vain
i  culumna uu, -1 with
i un compelled it.
c.urti -ui.' uii-
.,. nu cl thu
m      .    M    --        mi     '"llll.  \    ll
l     -it   It   ll-l"
II      ild
..   ,1     HU     .      M -■ ,
. i       ii,i like much
r,],,| alum I
K lu-un
iiytliltig al I    ■    ■
... Mi
' '  '      '
' ,    I'l'M
...'.'.     ll      ' I       '
V ■
[lllver (li   .    i
■   . i.n i, ,|
| ..ill enme
:      -     i'ht- rcat of
    I ilh  „f
rr.-.l to ■    nit
-    I ■   Wur    B ilbel-l
■   it
• ,    ■-•
,- i Ihal I
... mini,
M .1    UUI    Of
Potato Luncheon Biscuits.
BOM,   eight   potatoes   anil   mash
smoothly wllh a Ilnle milk.  Heat
lm,, iln-iii twu tableau ifuls of
inelleil bulter, e|B|ii lablcspoon-
l'llls uf Hour, tWO uf urate,! cheese, unc
tenspoonful of bnklng powder sifted
twice Willi Ibe Mull,-, ball a Icaspiiuiil'ul
of salt iiiii) n "suspicion" uf cayenne.
Mix lulu a buhl dough wllh   table-
si,, fill of cream nnd Uu- yolk of an
egg.    Hull uill   ball an Inch  thick, cut
iiiiii i-niHiiis ate! brush over with beaten
white of i <"-. Hake In a quick ovon;
spill while liol, ninl serve iii onco, They
lite lllee nisi. I'll! afternoon lea.
Scotch Brcth.
("Tho Hemline Article,")
tin- ,iuini  ,,i  strong mutton st,„-t,,
from which every iinrtlclu of fat lias
bci ll I' veil, Thu liquor In which n leg
Of in illiui   Ins bl'CII boiled will do Well
lur this p iii»„,    11,,11 it down for an
I r  before making  lln-  In-,,lb,  as It
Hbuiild I,- strong,
nn- cupful of bat-lev thai has l„-,-,i
■naked In lepld water r,,r three hours.
in,,- largo -aiiui. ono turnip, tw lions,
, mi tillks , f celery, half a cupful nl
I.,..- iictia and llie sain- of string
In .ii-:. paisley aiiil four or lie- I—ll tops.
I'tll lb,, veaela,,as Up small aud parboil ihem fnr (en minutes,   Drain and
m i ib- iir- in Hi- Htocli.   Simmer
■lowly for ihroo hours. Have ready
a ... nl wliii- rtiiix, iiiiiii,- by hunting n
lieapilll!  |alil"S|eiulll'lll Of I,llll, r ll, II  pilll
aiiil Bllrrlng lm,. " n tablenpoi iiful uf
II,,.ir ,\,1,1 a few BII "nulls of Hi- s mn
,,, ii,in it ami sin Into lb. broth,i li il
om  in i-  and     i-
A Washday Luncheon Dish.
M ike ll I-- ''"in- "I I-'"'"! well-seal I
,,,,,, Un   n loi. llilclii'iud Willi u heaping
i,  i ii nf Hour rubbed Inl (
!,,,,,,, i ,. - Iml in a ii-iibi. holler set
:i, ,,,   1,1        -. range,
>|'i,     ',     III, ,1    bn   "I.    1 01    Hu ,11
1,1  . . Iter nnd nm n  tnblu-
■ moiiful of lot   iiii   uie -u-li.   Into
,.,  ,. n ,,.        ,f tbe I mnlo mine,  I itn
two - tijifula "I ml ! minion, p I the
rer tho lln     til   until  the
... lira I wl,    enson  to
.     .      ,i ■     - i
:,   ii, ii lit,.- ni . i   a mu pm ry
,„ ,,ii- "p-ii bii"  in  su nm rn  Kurup,-,
1 pass tho question nu. Who will tell
our gentle "suppliant" how to ititiko
uml to use putiito Hour?
To Use Hay Water.
Will you kindly u-li me in Uio Exchange
tbe best   way „f wailtlllg ecru eluny lace
citi-tiilns'.' I have heard u( hay-ivator being
used, bin do mil knuw lioiv t„ prejiare or
how to Use It. Mrs. W. S.. Jr. lU.ival.
Tho bay Is boiled and left to cool in
pure wator. When cobl It is strained
through lint- muslin, lest any specks
ahould be left in. The curtains are
soaked before tbey are washed in this
decoction.   An easier way is to wash
t belli 111   Wlllt-r,   tn which sitlYliut  lias
been ndded, until tho right shade is
Imparted to a hit of bu-,', or muslin
dipped In us ti test before tin, curtains
go Into ih,- tawny water.
When Starcli Sticks.
l. Somclimes when starch sticks It lias
m, i, .,-. long  mh    Tliis hint helped
me after I thought I knew tiutv to mako
•!. I wish innie otic would lell of nimble,
tii-x,..,.-.,., ,italics f„r ciiiM.cn between l
nnd >i -J- el-1,   line la ,tell,ale. II her
sll-iiil. This la my present problem, and If
s, body only would b-ll lane I- ,!>,'Milo
-luipic dialiea, or milk,, fain,- original Milada
ur side dish, a i-i- occasional company, nr f,,r
droit .i„hn. wis, jinices thlniia more, or us
much by ilskl na by tailo, I recoiled y ,u
ia. ml iin-ii ionic si„-ei„l i-entii'tv v„n Iiiiii for
numb  lunula.   Here ,,nc  luia b> curry dill
nil ilu- lioon uiul vvuaiiu,!! ,,i- ,,ti ilu- hands.
Bo fur Hie bunds linic had the wood ol I,
inn I ntn rather Bkejilical about a iin„i
iniedy l( It ki„-|,a nn.
A. M. I'. IA Wesl,-m Ibui.-.-ni.alien.
Mere la n groal   nml   a   with-   door
.p-llell   to   sylnpHUlll'.lll-,   fellow.Illein-
liers of uur l,„,ly domestic nnil bu-
lievnl-tlt. These euluiniis are fi Ilul lb- servlt f thus- win, can anil
Who will cuiiic up lu the help of our
surely tried sister.
"I'll,- car,- uf the hands Is mil in my
provlnco. v-t I can t,-n hor s, iiiinic
In   Iter   llllvantllire   If  sll-   will  send  a,
stamped nml self-ntlilressetl envelope.
Pour;h for Cleaning Wallpaper.
V.'tll you kindly send mo tho rcetito for
cleaning .vullpuhcr, uud oblige.
S.  McF,  (lltimiln,  N.  V.).
Make n silff duugli „f graham Hour
and bolllni*' water. No sliorlonlug and
nu sail. Knead 11 well, ami when cool
an,! sin,,,,ill break off a bit as largo as
; jrst.    Willi  litis senili a certain
area uf Hi- paper, d'nUdlng lb- dough
ball Iii upon Itself us you go on, lu pi-,--
!„ ut a clean surfiice with each rub.
When soiled through, lake a fresh
pin-,-, elinnullu: often. II Is nut an easy
Job, bul if well ,l„iie Is effectual.
Another Cleaning Problem Solved.
T.-ll '-Mia .1 C." Ilinl l( the hood Is a
bearkltl el all. sueh IIS Uu, emits all I hnu-ls
mi  . nildli „ are t ' s„ inucll t„».m- '
iln -   ti"-i- '- nothing liutt will alio so
ne-ll -„,!*( u'tl-in as lo use for ill- task a
is,,i ,,( lllli,■ war,n Wttlor and liny i: I while
..„„.   M il-  a i I mul. -,-,.l l-i tl,-- hood
 I. In II In  li'.  I-'ll ,„llllll, M III,-li ,„t>
i, ,i'i,i in,, iii I'.,-,, dear tvnrm ' •'' <-,.
■■,M , ivi ll uii'l put ever ii li'iwl ta dry 1'
will bo Jusl as nice us when new, 1 linmv,
for 1 have „ue thut 1 havo used for three
ivlrters, nnd it hns been washed lots of-
tints,  i lupi, thl- n-lll ii-ie -I', -
Mrs. 0. lllurtnlo. N T.l.
\/>l  couuuucu. , ,
(in..' in,,riling in February, Thorpe Thenco his privileges wore throe roofs
was helping load a liig bun log.
He was engaged in "sending up";
thai is, lie was one ot the two men
-,,';. . stand ftt either side of the skids
to help (he ascending log keep
straight and true to its bed on the
pile His assistant's end caught on
a sliver, ground for a second, and
slipped back. Thus the log ran -Uniting across the skids instead of per-
pen II ular t>- them. To rectify the
iaii'.- Thorpe dug his cant-hook into
the timber and threw lus weight
on thi stock, He hoped in this manner • . heck correspondingly tho
a* in >i his end. In other wur,Is,
h ■ • , the place n his side, ,,i ili-
pre-, ing sliver, -1 equalizing tho
press in and forcing the timber lo
its pr,[,.-,- position. In*'-.1,1 nt" rolling tl • log -li,I. Tii" stuck ol the
cant-hook was jerked Irom bis hands,
II" fell back, nn,I ili- cant-hook, nfter clinging for it moment to the
: ■ ...:. n mm ■ ipped down and hit
Inm , : ish ng blow on Ihe top of
il., i-., I
Had a I-** experienced man than
Jim i.i,■:.■- been stationed al the
otl ■: nd l h rpo'i In'- wnuld have
ended 'lei- A shout ,,i surprise or
horro l' hat    * ipped ilu- horso
], a.  the    '!- king chain;     the
heavy -Mck wnuld have slid     back
un th   ;<: - irate young man,     whu
1 li.... ther dip in been ground to
,,.-  • he  lay.     With  Hi"  UUU'isl
' Gladys Bwarmcd the slant-
in,- face nf 'li- load; Intorposod the
length ,1 Im cant-hook stock between th log mid it; held it cxact-
ly -1 enough tu straighten the
Umbei. bul nol bo lung us tu crush
his own li-rui anil arm; awl ducked,
just ns the greal piece of wood rum-
bled over the -ml of tlie skids am!
ri; '!'!>■-! with a thud into the place
N irl the 'top" man, had prepared loi
[I -.-     ., [ni- deed, quickly thought,
kly dared,    No one saw it,   Jim
,, idy's - as a hero, but u hero with-
-     ... audience,
The; ' iok Thorpe up and carried
!. -i. .:, jusl a- they had carried
Hani Paul before, lien who had
n it -;, ,',.-!, ,, d, zen words to him in
ai man; days gathered his few be-
| mglng i'm - tiled them awkwardly inl !. •■ satchel. Jackson Hines
prepare the bed ol straw and warm
blankets n the li ill un ol the, Bleigh
thai   - i- tt   ' -     him out.
"He would have made o good
boss," snid the old follow, "lie's a
hard     in I , nick."
cas   carried in from the
the battlo wenl  on ivith-
iitid a glimpse ot the distant river.
Th- roofs woro covered with snow.
i) lay   Thorpo suw il sink    into
itsel! and gradually run nwuy. Tho
tinkle tinkle tnnk tank of drops
imiiili'il Irom his own eaves.    Down
ty dollars ahead oi where i was last
full, so yuu see it Is slow business.
This summer 1 am going into a
mill, bul the wages for green labor
are not very high there cither," and
so on.
When Miss Helen Thorpe, nged sev-
migbt over me loss ui ins   wiuie. a
work and expenses.
The next day Radway and Thorpo
walked the ten miles of the rivet-
trail together, while the teamsters
nnd the cook drove down the five
tennis.    Under  the  influence   of the
Ilaly sat down, controlled himself paying him one cent."
with an effort,    and growled     out,,   Italy scorned ninuseil,    "How about
"Why didn't you suy so?" the million and a hall Ieet of   ours
"jNow I would like to know your he appropriated*?" he asked quietly,
position," went on Thorpe. "1 am "I'm coming to that. Now Ior
not here to make trouble, but as an your losses.    At the stumpage rate
drifted. Then in a night tin- bin.
disappeared from the stream. II be-
i-.itii- ;i menacing gray, a-nd ovon
irom bis distance Thorpe could catch
lh- swirl of ils rising waters, A
day ,,r two later dark musses drifted
ur shot across the Held of his vision,
uiul twice Iie ih,night li- distinguished men standing upright uml bold row lu I11-'1'
mi single lugs us thev riisb.-tl down sadly.
"1 know,
stamped    her    foul ulmost  angrily.
"You'd think lie was n day-laborer!" I
she cried.    "Why doesn't ho try Ior
ihip nr something in tho city
ih- far-off river, sluggish machos   nf onteon,  received  this document   she solitude   nnd    a    cerlain sympathy|associate ot Mr. Kadwuy, I have   a your million nnil a hall which  Rail
which    Thorpe  manifested,   Radway right to    understand tlie case.     Of way    'appropriated'    would be only
talked—a very little. course I have his side of the story three   thousand.    Bdt for the   sak-
"1 got behind; that's all there    is ," he suggested, as though con- ol argument, we'll take the
to it," he said.    "I s'pose  I  ought vinced that a detailing of the other sum   you'd have received Ior     saw
where he'd hnve a chance to uso his to have driven the men a little;  but side might change his views. logs.    Even then the milliun and a
brains!"                                             i still, I don't know.    It gets   pretty Daly considered carefully, fixing his half would only have been     worth
The thought of her big,     strong,:cold on thc plains.   I guess I bit oil' flint-bluo   eyes   unswervingly      on between   eight' and nine thousand.
tanned brother   chained    to a desk more than 1 could chew." Thorpe's lace.    Evldontly his scru- Deducting this purely theoretical loss
His eye followed listlessly a fren- liny advised him that the young muii Radway has occasioned you Irom the
nied squirrel swinging from thc tops was a lorce to be reckoned with. amount he has gained for you,   you
ol poplars. "It's like this," said he abruptly,' are still some four or five thousand
'I wouldn't 'a done it for myself,"
and she smiled  a  little
the current
"What, is lho ilut-'1" he asked
the Sister.
"The elovont' of March."
"Isn't it early for the thaw?"
"Listen to 'im!" exclaimed the Sis
ter d-light,-illy.    "Early is ill   Sur,
th'   freshet    co'i    thlm all.   Look
iliirlini, yo kin see lb' drive
'ive contracted   last   fall with this ahead uf tho game,
man Hallway lo |iut In livo million paid him nolliing."
feet ol our timber, delivered to the
main drive at Hie mouth of the (lass
Ilranch. In this he was to act independently except as iu the matter
she went on to herself,
"he'd rather be a common laborer
iu the woods iiinn railroad manager he went on. "I don't like thc con-
in tlie olliee. Ilo loves his out-ol- founded responsibility. They's too
doors." much worry connected with it    nil.
"Helen!" called a voice from   ho- I   had   a   good snug little stake-
low, "il you're through up there,   1 mighty nigh six thousand.    She's all
wish you'd come down nnd hel|i me gone now.   That'd have been enough ol provisions.    'Those lie drew Irom
from carry tills rug out." fur ine—I ain't a drinkin' man.   But our vnn, and was debited with the
Tho girl's eyes cleared     with     a then there wns the woman nnd the amount of the same.    Is that clear?
simp. kid.   This ain't, no country for wo-    "Perfectly," replied Thorpo,
"So do 1!" sho cried defiantly, "so man-folks,    and I wanted t'     lake     "In return wc were to pay   him,
do 1  lovo out-ol-doors!    I like the littlo Lida out o' here.   I had lots merchantable scale, four dollars    a
woods und tho lields   und the trees of experience In the woods, and I've thousand,    If, howovcr
just us much as he docs, only    dif- seen men make big money time  and  put in the   whole job.
again, who didn't know ns much
about il ns I do. Hut they got
thero, somehow, Says 1, I'll make
a stnke this year—I'd n hnd twelve
thousand   In   th'   bank, if Ihings'tl
Fur I lint    you
ferently; but 1 dun't get uut!"
And thus she came to feeling robol-
"1 see," said Thorpe wearily,
"when can 1 got out?"
"Not for wan week," replied the
Sister decidedly,
At tho ond ol lho week Thorpe said
good-by in bis niieiiiluiii, who np-
poarcd us sorry to see him go as
though Hi" sniiie partings did nol
rum- tn her ii ilu/,-ti times a yenr ;
ho look two days ,,i tramping the
little town to regain the use ol his Inclinations to his
legs, nml boarded the morning train not   guess,—how     could    sho?—his move down around Detroit
for lleeson Lako.    lle did not pause dreams for her,    Sho did not    boo put Lida in school."
in tho village, bul benl his steps to the future through his thoughts, but,   Thorpe noticed a break
the river trail,
[mind the woods very
limisly lhat her brother had been a,
little selfish In his choice of an
occupation, Hint, he sacrificed     her
was void."
"That's   how    I   understand it,"
commented Thorpe.    "Well?"
"Well, he didn't got In the five mil-
That's Hudwiiy's lookout."
"In justice you should pny him
that amount. lie is a jioor man.
He has sunk all ho owned in this
venture, some twelve thousand dollars, and ho has nothing to live on.
Even If you pny him five thousand,
he has lost considerable, while you
have gained."
"How have we gained liy this bil
he (ailed to of philanthrophj **-"
Ihe contract "Because you originally paid in
cash for all that timbor on the
stump just ten thousand dollars and
you got from Radway saw logs to
'.ho value of twenty," replied Thorp,
tbey will rush nt lilm to strike lilm with
their toes, whioh are strong as Iron and
can rip him to pieces. Ills only safety
Is to lie Hut mi the ground where the
ostrich can do no worse thun stamp
upon bis body unlil help comeB.
"Cine Sunday morning," writes a traveler who was visiting nn ostrich farm,
"1 caught siirlu of a cock osirleh running al m„. Luckily there was n littlo
hill of Ironstone near, for which I made
acUlul U'"1- reaching It in lime, climbed llll to It
Just as the ostrich reached mc.
"He ,-,,,t!il not come up, and I would
nu! come down, and there I sat with the
dog, tillable io move, with the ostrich
Btniking round antl round.
"At last a man came out of the farm
mul saw mc a prisoner; but even he
could not venture to help me, nnd be
bad lo call thc driver of llie bird, a lillle
Hottentot child, who looked nboul 1
years old.
• .ids lit tie fellow, with a little whip,
enme tin and drove the bird back Inlo
his pen, from which be had escaped.
These birds are most obedient lo their
littlo master—1 suppose because they
hnve obeyed him sinei th„y were
own.    She     (lid hnve gone right—nnil then we'll jest hung up in the woods,"
nn'   I'll
lion.    There's a million and u half Bharply.    "Besides you still own the
Thorpe f,nimi tin- woods very different ir,un when he hail firs! traversed them. They were full nf
patches of wet earth nml nf sunshine; uf dark pine, looking suddenly
worn, uiul nf fresh green sliuots of
needles, looking doliciously springlike. This wus the cun! rust everywhere— stern, earnost, purposeful winter,    nml    guy,    laughing,    careless
11- followe
II   wns
i    frc-.li
spirits with     every
il   up
'.■: lilt     .!'
IUI   '■   ...
ng gl't
sodden nml di
rpe found n bu
in it,—Railway
men who wen
Ut,-    movables
Tl  M" never   l:.n--w how carefully
he was carried to camp, nor    how
■ -   the tote teamster     drove
h      h iy- ouched   burden tn Booson
II- had un consciousness   uf
train, in the bnggago car
:   Ii   Jimmy, tho little brako-
; Bud, mid tho baggage man
m mkets, ,u il altogether   pul   i)n|v |,,.;v ,
■: ■    .- great deal ot iron- mnrsh mi,
".; n lil ally he enmo tn him- ,,,;*,,. m„st
sei he ivi - in a long, I,riel-. clean ||i;„ enr|y,
i - -i: ai . the iunsol wa- throwing L,„| cotitliti
splash I -':.'  un th'.- coiling ovor  |of,S| |.,,.|a
his 1   id Thorpe
li-- wai li ■; them idly [or a  lime;  ,|„, Qlllli
then I    i       m i's pillow.    Al onco s|(j(|s    |
tl a  long, double row   ol   Ami yet
n h te-paintcd  inm  beds,     on  -n m,,'.,,,,.,
lay   or   sat figures of men.   ;„g mj||j
■..V   . of women, glidi il hero |„,,',M i,,,,,
hei    :    sell ssly.    They     woro   „,,  ,|,„
spreading dove-gray clothes, (m, ]..,,,
i . - ed white kerchief drawn S0|VC t\h
he si ■  and across     the ,„■ Kotkt
bi   ■        1 ii ii    heads  were quaintly ,..,.„!.
wl   . .. i ■;> id "   -■ n w ng-like coils,     .v-nolln-i
til ii.   lose alii ul  the oval   of   Hie  ,,, Cain|i.
: i  ■     'I'I',.-::  Thorpe sigh >d comfort-  .,,
, -, i     ised hii eyes ami blessed   y\
e thi t he had bought a hospital ■ ket ■ : the agent who hud
.... imp tl i ioi th before. For
■; -. -,,.m Sisters and tie- young
: lav    ui    the   II ,sp tnl     i   S1
'i :,.-    -.,.,-    when the lumber-Jack
the '.:. sfortune tn fall sick
or ■ ■ meet  will   mi s cidonl wns in
e - -.;   plighl : -I i.    If le- posses
«.„i „ ■-,-,, . "he would receive sonu
. irl j -,-- ~: attention in ono of
the   nun and   tearful lurabcr-
i ioarding-1   tse   -   usl  so lone
lasted, nol on i     ton!
. .    n he was bund ed hr tl
...    ■■    .--   q   : . matter wl.-'   h -
.   g| ■ h      Penniless, within]    -       he drifted i aturally
to the    ounl    p   irho ise     There h
was patched up   u md   -"'   - il
I thorities wero noi
i        • ■    v. ■*:■. -: - •
; Uf     ty in taking i ire
.   - :..,-. ■    under
licl It was bar
that I
: I m-n   I
lit! i,;    i 111
m port a n i
c.   Mai think at H
t nf mod
an I medical
scoters pant
ni his approach. Bits uf rotten ice
occasionally swirled down tlio ilimin-
inisliing stream. The sunshine was
clear uml bright, but silvery rather
than golden, ns though a little of
Mi,- winter's snow,—n last ethereal
incarnation,—had linger,-,i in its
-nl,st mi,--. Around every beml
Thorpo looked fur sume ol Hallway's
crow "driving" tlie lugs down the
current. 11,- knew frnm chance ,-n-
countors with'sevorai nf lb,- men in
lluy City Hint Radway was still in
camp; which meant, oi course, that
tin- lu-i nf 'h *,-,-,sun'* operations
wore nut yet finished, l-'ivo miles
further Thorpe began in wondor whether this la*! conclusion mighl   nut
i ri'oncous,    The t'.iss Branch had
shrunk almost tn ils original limits.
through    his    words.      A  negative man's voice, and glancing   suddenly
hopelessness    settled    down on her,  townrd him was astounded to cntch
which soon her strong spirit, worthy his eyes brimming wilh tears
cotinterparl  of her brother's, chnng- way porcoivod Ihe surprise,
ed to more posltlvo rebclliun. Thorpe     "You   know   whon   I   left
had aroused antagonism where     he
craved only lovo.    Tile knowledge of
the fact would havo surprised     and
hurt him, I'or lle was entirely without suspicion uf it.    He lived    subjectively tn so groat a degree   that
iiis thoughts und aims took     on   a
cerlain  tangible objectivity, — they
became so real to him that he quite
overlooked Hie necessity of communication    In    mnke    theni ns real  lu
others,   He assumed unquostionlngly
could have held the same gait."
Railway paused,    Thorpe wns    silent.
"The boys thought it. was n
mighty poor rig, my leaving that
thnt the other must k,now. So en- way."
lirely liiul In- thrown himself into his Ho paused again in evident expec-
ambition ui making a suitable posi- Inlion ni n reply. Again Thorpo
lion fur Helen, su continually had ho I was silent.
But you hnve in your hands three
million und a half, which under   the
present arrangement you get   freo ol
any charge whatever."
"And we ought to get it,"   cried
Rnd-  Daly.    "Great   guns!    Hero we intend to saw tliis siiminer and   quit,
Christ-  We want to get  in every stick     of
mns?" he asked. limber ive own so as to be able to
"Yes." clear out of hoco for good and   all You can lind any amount   of   smnll
"I was gone two weeks, and them nt the close of the season; nnil now purchasers nl reduced price, You
two weeks dono mc We was going this condignod jobber ties us up Ior can sell them easily nt three dollars,
slow enough before, Rod knows, but a million and a half." Thnt nets yuu fur yuur million and
even with the rank weather and all,     "It is exceedingly annoying," con- a  lin I f  n   lillle  uver lour thousand
I think we'd havo won out, if    we ceded Thorpo, "nnd it is n good deal  dollars more,   tinder the circumstnn-
FEW boys take to tasks that require
thought ami persistent efforts,
Yet, .skilled wnvk Is the only employment In demand.
Hoilcurriers mul common laborers gin*
tho markets everywhere. The tradesmen and artisans are ihe ones lli.il get
the easiest jobs ami llie most money,
'Ihe others are -always hunting work.
Should ihey accidentally stumble upon
n job. they cannot hohi It. A superficial knowledge will not do. It must he
itoy-, learn a trado while young. Afler
you are 20 yeurs old lew will be found
who will lnko time ninl trouble tu teach
you one. When yuu are that old, you
will want a man's pay. If you don't
know anything, you don't get it. Know-
nothings work at odd jolis and are paid
million uml a half which, if you do
not care to put them in yourself, yon
can sell for somothlng or, tin- : kids."
"Don't you k*now, young mnn, ihal
while pine logs on skids will   spoil the lowest scale,-Gem.
utterly in a summer?   Worms    get
into 'om."
"I do.*' replied Thorpe, "unless you
hark thorn; which process will cost
vou    nboul.    one dollar n thousand.
of Railway's fault, 1 am willing   tn  cos, I iln noi. think thnt  my request
admit, but it's your fault too." for five thousand dollars is at,     all
"To he sure," replied  Daly    with  oxhorbitant."
mil there a lillle ho you or
-led recent freshets. Thc
havo been finished,   even
III   ll!
1 ly
ill'- -'ream in its pros-
■ float saw
nt ity.
1 on,      At
found empty
ive wns over.
''s ignorance,
ivilihle that the reninIn-
ii,I n -half of logs    had
banked ami driven tlur-
T inn* be liml  lain      in
y hospital.    More     tn
bli'tu tlinn  in nny  hope
■id   o'it, up the logging
dwelt on it in his thoughts, so ear-
nestly liiul he si riven for it in evory
step of ihe great game he was bo-
ginning to play, thai it. never o<>
curred to him be should also concede
n definite out wanl manifestation of
his feeling in order to assure its nc-
ceptance, Thorpe believed that he
had sacrificed every thought and cf-
fort in Ins sister. Helen wns becoming convinced that ne had considered only himself.
After finishing Un- letter which gave
occasion  In  litis    tr
Thorpe lit  his pipe and .strolled out
into    Ihe darkness.     Opposite      the
little office lie stopped amazed.
Through Me- narrow window he
could sec Radway seated in front of
thc stove, Every attitude of tho
man denoted th" mosl profound dejection. He had sunk down into his
chair until be restod on almost the
small of hi- bark, bi-; legs were Stuck
straighl oul in front of him, his
chin rested nn his breast, nud his
Iwo arms hung listless at his   side,
"Didn't they?" Radway insisted.
"Yes, they did," answered Thorpe.
The older man sighed. "I. thought
so," In- wenl on. "Well, I didn't go
to spend Christmas,   1 went because
the accent of sarcasm.
"Ymi bad no business entering in
to any such contract..    It gave
tin show."
"1 suppose that was mainly
ready told ynu, we bail to pr
lookout, wasn't it'.' and as T
"You should have demanded
curity for llie completion     of
■ snid be.
ynu give five
nsked Thorpe.
thousnnd   dol- \
Dalv laughed.    "Ynu are a shrewd
lars?" a,
"I  will
Willi 11  Sllllll
nuw I'll    di
THK largest mass of lee In the world
Is probably Ihe one which nils up
nearly lh- whole nf Ihe Interior of
Greenland, whore It bus accumulated
since before the dawn „( history. It In
believed n, nuw form u block about
10,000 efjunro miles In area, nnd averaging a mile and a half in thickness, According lo these sialisllcs, llie hump of
lee is larger In volume than the whole
body ,,f water iii tin- Mediterranean; anil
there Is enough nf it tn cover Ibe whole
of tin- United King nm of Greal Brltula
and Ireland witii a layer about seven
niiles thick, It II were cut into two convenient slabs anil built up equally upon
Ihe entire surfare nf "gallant little
Wales" II wnuld form a idle more than
I2i) miles high. There is ice em,null iu
recnlatid tn bury the entire urea of ihe
nllcl Stales a quarter of a mil., .'.-'en.
ni." replied Haly,
n little
VOU  inst  I
Jimmy brought mo it tolegrnm that work.     Under   yuur present ngree-
Lida was sick with diphtheria. I sal.  ment, II Radway got  in tho timbor,
ui   the
-,-    wel
n poo-
Die cook,     and,
help in; i" pack
nml wliu later
a pipe Iml:' (ailing frnm tbe fingers
uf nn- hnnd. Ali ill- facetious lines
had turned t,, pathos. In his face
sorrowed Hie anxious, questing,
, ,,f ili- St. Bernard that
:lie matter niiii thc boss,
n*k-,i   Th,,rpe    in n low
Jackson  llm ,s,  when thin.- was finished.
- heard?"  inquired
would drive oul  Ihe wagons containing ili-in.   Th- .mill show  I stron .
traces ui tho stra - he had untler-
gone, but greeted I'horpo mosl ■-.
ally, II- seemed able lo show more
,,i In- real nature nuw lhat the n i-
cessity lor nulhoritj hn,I b—u
tl -finitely r- moved.
■■llnlln. young    man."  h- shouted
,,    Thorpe's    mud- ■;■ ft
"Mint-   back   to   view the remaii
Wistful   Inn
does n,i! ti
seven up gi
"Il'ninl ;
III   il.I'      ■      Ul ' -'
"Why,  no,    What?'
"Busted,"    said   In
lent   in
"Flow?    lliia- iin .'.mi moan?"
"What  I soy     He's busted.   That
..,..  'I'll,-, 's
more'i       ni tnd a imlf     logs
l-f:  in th- woods -ha: can'!   !.-   got
i       inil as his contra, -
up nifilus wilh her for 'leven days.'
"No lind after-effects, I hope?" in
quired Thorpe.
"She died," said   Radway simply
The two men tramped stolidly on
Tliis wns too    great nn affair     fin
of thought,  Thorpo to approach except
knees uf his spirit.     After   i
interval,    during which  the
liiul time lu still,  the young
changed the subject.
"Aren't  you    going tn gi '
thing nut of M.&I*)
"Xo.    Didn't earn nothing.
a |,,l  nf their saw lugs hung
thn wouils, where they'll deteriorate
frum rut ami worms.    Tins is tholr
last  season iu this district."
"Got nnythlng left?"
"Nn! :i cent."
"What ur" ymi going tn iln?"
"Hu!" cried the uld woodsman, the
lire springing to his eye. "lln! I'm
going intu the woods, by Godl I'm
going to work witii my hands, ami
be happy! I'm going to iln other
men's work fur them nnd tako other
men's pay. Let them du the figuring and worrying. I'll boss tholr
-.ue- mei make their roods and see
;n iheir logging fnr 'em, but it's gut
in be theirs. Hu! I'm going to be
a freo muii by tbe ll. jumping
Thorpe dedicated a musing instant
tu tlie    incongruity  over a freedom
i.ai I In  ceasing in be master und
!"■■ .mn- servant.
■ Radway," said he suddenly,   "1
l„ pi
Iiim  n   i.ii
long  ns I'm
tu.   I have Railway's contract
thnl snf- uml I In,- up tu il. I'll
thnnk ynu lu gn plumb In hell!"
'That's    y
,,-d Thorpe
uu-   last
Wnnl,   is   it?"
tinelly,   '
said    lie   slowly
I"11  lell yuu whnt
I loft
dollars n thousand Ior the three mil-
linn nmi n Iinil Mr. Radway bus delivered lu yuu.    In ret urn Mr. Rail
wny    will    purchase   nf yuu nl  lie
stumpage    rules nl* two
thousand Ilu- milliun tint,
failed In pul  in.   Thnt makes
against' ymi. if my figuring is
tlinn   seli-
If be didn't, ynu aiipropriated everything lie Iinil already dono. In other
words, ynu made him n lie!."
"I don't, enro what ynu cull il,"
answered  Daly,    wliu hnd recovered
his good-humor in contemplation ot I Intend lo collect In full
Ilu- security of his position,     "The
fact, stnmls all right."
"II dues." replied Thorpe unexpectedly, "and I'm glad of it. Now
lei's examine a few figures. Yuu
owned live million feet of timber
which ut ihe prlco uf stumpngo"
(standing trees) "was worth ten
thousand dollars."
"Vuu cum,, mil ui tlie ond nf the
season with three million nnd a half
of snw lugs, which wilh Hie four
dollars' worth uf lugging added, are
worth twenty-one thousand dollars,"
"Hold mil" cried Only, "we paid
Railway four dollars; ive could have
done it ourselves fur less."
"Ynu could imt   havo dune it
on,, conl  less than four-twenty
thin  country,"  replied  Thorpo,  "as
any expert will testify."
"Why did we give il In Radway al
four, then?"
"Yuu saved the expense of ii salaried overseer, and yourselves some
bother," replied Thorpo. "Railway
could do it fur less-, because, tor
some strange reason which you youtv
self do not understand, u jobber caul million nml n half
always lug for less than a coin- chanco to spoil."
puny." j   This statement bud its ell'ect,
Waiting His Turn.   '
On, day George's mother nskeo
whether he wonted i„ !*',» with '..,
buy a petticoat.
Georgo answered, with enthusiasm,
"lib, yes."
When Ills nmllicr gol in the slur- site
nsked for a while petticoat. When
(Jeorge saw the skirt b- nsked:
"When ur,- we going to gol Hi,, pet
Boat?"—Littlo Chronicle.
mil dis-
I'll do.
red, of jusl eleven thousand dollars,
Vnn will pay lhat bill, aiiil 1 will
lell ynu why: yuur con trad will be
classed itt any courl as a gambling
contract for lack of consideration.
You have no legal standing in tho
world. I call your bluff, Mr. Daly,
and I'll light you from tho drop of
tho bnl through every court in
"Fight nhenil," advised Haly sweetly, who knew perfectly well that
Thorpe's law was faulty, As u matter of fact tho young man could hnve
collected on other, grounds. Iml
neither wns aware of that.
"Furthermore," pursued Thorpe in
addition, "I'll repent, my offer boforo
witnesses; and if 1 will llie lirsl suil,
I'll sun ynu fur lit,- money we could
hnve ninde by purchasing the extra
lefore it   Iiiiii    a
NE ot the boys and girls acts m
witch or wizard.   Each of tlm
'other players ohooses a tree, or
anything else for a "home."
Tlio witch then tracea out on ths
ground with u atloli as many circles
as there ure players and calls thess
circles "Jura."
Tbo players all run out from tnolr
"homes" and   tho   witch   runs after
thoin.  Evory one that sho catches shs
lars     n puts In ono ot her Jars.  Ths csptlvsi
half   !„. must remain In their Jars unless th«7
,   ,  aro released by n touch Irom ioms
'   " '"" uncaptured player. If released he canon- not Iio recaptured until after ho has
roached his "home" and started out
from It onoo again.
But his rescuer runs groat risk of
being captured, as the wHch ni.turiUly
keeps close guard over the prisoners
and stands reedy to pounce down upon
anv would-be resouer.
When every plnyer has beon oaujot
a new witch or wliard Is chosen, Tie
game goes merrily on again.
Game of "Den" tf
HUE Is an outdoor gams.  Buk
or girl  must represent t
bejlltj-llon, tiger, Jsgusi.
etc. "iind choose t seps.rs.ts trie to,
his "den."
The game Is to see h»w manr I..
can start out on a Iini Ing vxf edit)*
and return to thetr "deni" wl
Ing captured (I. e., tamed).
Tho moment a beast leavM hli I
sny other boast la at liberty to tar |
oapturo (I. e.. tag) him.  II any bat'
loss capture him, Ike capter canmot
tagged while be Is drsgglng his
live home to his own "den."   '
there, the captive mcull llentlflr
self with his master and help kll
to capture otker beuts.  The OM WW
enpturei tke larfttt aurabsr wUyi
n'l  . d money ami  I  i d it bail.     I
:   i
Ml     well     n
ll     -Mul- down to g   ■
,- heai   I;   h   '!    hai
inqiossili  harmed
iiiici dialit;
  '  ■    '
, to  see il
1 could e ■' -    ih "
(Veil now I
in    turn ii
, wnnl  '
il the ■
tnd set to v
,1 i
imi lun' for
rig.' :
I'horpi a lot ol valu-
.' a ■
.     - .       - delivered
i good deal ol
■    ill I
Daly's hand
tl ink   you ought  to get something
.-  .a' this job of the U.&D, — nol
much, bul something,    Will you give
a    share ol whal  I con culled
fi-..nu them?"
-..      agreed the jobber readily,
- la mi.     "Surd    Bul    you
ret an; th ng,    I'll   guv  you
per   ei I quick.
Five Games«One for Each of the Senses
PREPARE a score card, like the     "Penknife."   Allow three murks to tho
ono shown hero,  for us,- with    one writing "A spool of black cotton,
   —- '--   »' —"     Nn. BO," but unlv nne murk In 111" one
who onlv remembered having seen a
live sense
one for each of our
li'" cried Thorpo,
be too -in-- you'll earn
;!."   warned     the
when  I     was
-     weok."
- lablo," replied
chei      "■    g-t to
... - ;,.,.' or ol attorney
aftoi vim li I will
man called
a-   111-      lillle
inrit-r  -ii-  shadow
- ond lime
-I the
,    ; -I ,
ular "poison" bottles used by druggists),
place a number uu eaoh und tie a pretty
ribbon bow around the neck of ll, long
enough to slip over ilie head of a player,
Hive each • player a bottle, let each
smell bis own lioltle an,! no around
smiling al each of the other players' bottles. Do nm limit tbe time unless s,,me
appear to be unduly slow. Each player
writes down, properly numbered, a description of each smell, line mark
trcs fur each correct gtioss.
Grand total..
■ -
MM |(| '
'    , . I        '
Su|i|.iise vuu entertain twenty-four
jie-sis Ask six nr them t.i preside
;it ih- different tables, rearrange tho
trays nf nbji -'is in the sight gamo
imi bring in iln" prepared eases ia the
■ - npetinn, while one may be put
',■ nf ihe timekeeping,
in-  objects  indleatod   for
  in iln- following doscrlp-
' ■>!  will   want   half sheets uf
writing |i-iii'*r or twenty-four small
■ I* -ii.itiii pnper ami n Bcorlng
■ .-   >fich playpr,
nmnll   tahles,  twenty-
v rnlnred handkerchiefs (ur
nm   ■   fnr   blindfolding   pur-
■ s, nr folds "f cheesecloth will .In.
i iuht tin; HIOHT I'.AMr.
Ifnvi   i . ,i   in m|,i,    ;,!   each  table,
■■ -I v- ill h- paper anil ihui
\-   i   *i.i-i, signal 11 h mi Hi.- lime-
!-■■■ p. r Pn* eiivi-i* Hlembl hi- lifi"! from
■  .    ■■    eh is on iii- 'ii'!".   Give
i ■.-i nnd ;i half mlnuti ■ in
■ "." contents in si If nei ; then
i- tl ■ nnd give ihe playeri
four mlnutf-H to write down tin  oh-
■. i".i in remembering.
■ '.I  • !.- i   lines  hi-  hell,    Th-
-1 - who have done u si (each
ilnyei ni j., hi; own hi oi  iie* scor-
.■ i i in thc i" \i i.'I'lc, us
h < game,   Id urrangi the
■  the ■ i- trnj ;. Ihen give the
il   thi   eiiie' rn he resumed.   The
"Spool of cotton."
Next have the Hearing Game.
Head nut distinctly ami not too rapidly a list nf twenty funilllar proverbs or
sayings, The players must not jot down
any notes, but must depend wlmllv on
iheir memories,
The timekeeper rilles bis bell, and nine
minute-; are allowed the players tu
write down as many of the proverbs as
they can remember. Thev are nut expected necessarily to reproduce the exact wording, so long as tbey do write
the exact sense of each proverb. Score
one mark for each correctly given proverb.
The Taste flame should come next.
This scores (ho successful player only
one mark, but is the must amusing of all
the games.
Nave on a covered tray Iwenty-flve
different articles of food, Hllmlfnld'eneh
plavor in turn, tin- others being allowed
tn look on and see the fun on condition
oi keeping absolutely silent, nml with n
Spnon jjvo the player a taste of one of
the concealed funds. Give him two minutes io tasto ami meditate, then, removing lho bandage, nne minute to write
down the name of the kind of food he
thinks h was.
Tne Game of Touch follows!
Hllndfold all Die players.
Place four similar articles nn each
tnble (there being four peoplo nl each
tabic), Iol tho timekeeper ring the bell
A suggested list
Sight Game:
A velvet-covered
A pen.
A pencil,
A slick of soaling-
A 26-ccnt coin.
A pair of scissors.
A slice of bread.
A flower.
A chocolate drop.
A key.
A drinking jlass.
articles for the
A carucase.
A bib.
A shoestring,
A compass.
A visiting card.
A hit of ribbon,
A small feather,
A tea wafer.
A spoon,
A hatpin.
Needle nnd thread.
Pipe.   King,   Notebook.
Suggested   list  of  things   for  Taste
Piece of hrown
Piece of gingerbread
t'hiicniiiie cream
Cream "f wheat
Toasted bread
Hed our ran I Jelly
Orango marmalade
Orape Juice
Suggested   list   or   ibings  for  Touch
Silver bulter knife
1'iinlcnne wllh half
dozen   cards   In-
A half dollar
Jeweler's     e a r d-
board   box   wllh
cotton Inside
Apple butter
Lemon Jelly
Potato chip
Slice of banana
Some kind of
Taste of a plum
Pulverized lee
An eclair
Mashed strawberry
child's bib
An   eggctip   with
live beans inside
I'osi card
Violet perfume
st  of   things   for  Smell
t :>-.'■' , IB.


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