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 Al'l'I.V TO THK,
1.(1' AI. AKKNT.
ine ivimi-nerttiu
L-lliavitv       I J|JLT»iih;i
Vol. 12,-No. 86
REVELSTOKE. B. C. JUNE 20, 1901',
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume 4 Co.
Large Consignment of Crosse
Rlackwell's Pickles Just Arrived.
0. & II. Chow-Chow, mixed, white onions and walnuts, in quart
aud pint huttlcs, tor '15c. and Ufa:, por bottle.
C. & II. Malt Vinegar, in quart bottles, 35c.
C. A. B. Lucca Oil, in hall pint, pint and quail bottles at 'IOc..
50c. and $1.(10 per bottle.
C &. B. Olives, in half pint, pint and quart bottles, at 40c., 60c.
and $1.15 per bottle.
C. & B, Currie Powder, iu 2 o«,, 4 oz., and 8 oz. bottles, for 20c.,
30c. and 50c. per bottle.
C. A B. Capers, in 4 oz. and 6 oz. bottles at 20c. and 25c. per
C. & B. Mushroom and Walnut Ketchup in 35c. bottles.
C. & B. Jams and Jellies of all kinds, in glass jars, from 25c. to 35c
per jar.
C. & B. Marmalade in 1 lb., 4 lb. and 7 lb. tine, at 25c, 65c. and
$1.00 each.
Seeley's Extracts
We also have a full line ol Seeley's Extracts, in 2J oz. bottles, in
the following flavors, at 25c. per bottle •--
Banana, Rose, Clove, Ginger, Orange, Pineapple, Cinnamon
Almond, Winter Green, Pistachio, Cherry, Vanilla, Lemon, Pear,
Fruit Flavoring, Coffee, Apricot, Blackberry and Raspberry.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
If you are looking I'or something nice in 8POONS AND
SPECIAL" lor Souvenirs, we have Ihem here.
J.  GUY   BARBER, -    gSgft
A Giind Cigar
Choice Tobaccos
A Hue Cigiuotte
A Good Pipe ?
We aim to keep everything a
Smoker needs nnd keeps it
just right. Drug Store quality.
Quality is everything with us
in all lines.
Pure Drugs, Fine Stationery
The Best Toilet Needs.
The Red Cross Drug Store D. NAIRN. Ptam. B.
Imported direct, from STARRET'S.
Urge Assortment of the very llesl Makes You Cun Buy.
We have four left-High Gl'iule-Fltted with Best Dnnlop
Tires.  Two Ladies' Wheels nnd Two Men's.
Our Slock is New and Up-to-1 )ati> with Refrigerators, Heavy { f
9 and Shelf Hardware, Poultry, Wire Netting, Lawn Fencing,
4 | Screen Doors and Windows, Hammocks, Lawn Mowers, Garden A
i \ Tools, Paints, Oils, etc.
a. '* »^* *^** '^* »^* *^* **^' *^>* *^* *^* *^* AgiAii
f tlil tJTWf*»J|TlW**1Jf IJFITfWf •"X""*' "•"fr* ***  •
I. (I.   F,
At the Methodist church on Sunday
night tho members ol Court. Ml. Beg-
hie, I. O. F., to the number of 30
paraded to service, whon Itev. 0. H. M.
Sutherland preached a sermon on the
Ten Commandment* and the importance ol observing and obeying tbeiu,
On Saturday tho Arrowhead Lumlter
Company made a record cut having
put through 147,000 leet. The cut ol
the Arrowhead and Big Bend Lumber
Companies that day is pul nt 220,000.
Another sawmill is to be erected at
Arrowhead by American capitalists
who wished to purchase the Arrowhead
Lumbor Company's mill but whose
offer was rejected.
Jewish Massacres in Russia
Double Murder at Hazelton
A Kamloops Man  Killed—
Turkish Troops Rebel.
| BV 'ITU.UK A I'll |
Hazi.kton, Il.C, June 20—A double
murder wns committed here mi Sunday morning, the victims being Alex
Mcintosh, a halMirecd, and Max
Leclare, a guide <i( Kninluiips. The
murderer is supposed In no an I iiii ill ii
named Simon Johnson, nl Kis|icn tribe,
who liiul a quarrel with Mcintosh
The Indian is thought tu have killed
Leclare while milking his escupe.
I.i-i-liiri' w.is riding a horse and it is
supposed the Ind inn tunk it to aid his
Hight. A posse ol Indians is ou the
Constantinople, June 20—Turkieli
troops in Yemen province rebelled
yesterday. A stubborn fight lietween
loyalists and rebels resulted in thc
latter surrendering alter heavy losses.
Loniion, Juno 20.—A despatch from
St. Petersburg says heavy tiring is
going on at Cronstadt,
The Colonial Marriages Bill passed
its third reading in the Lords.
A despatch from Seoul reports arrests in connection witii discovery ol
a plot under which tlie King of Korea
sanctioned a treaty with Russia inviting the Tssr to rend troops lo expel
the Japanese.
London, June 20.—Reports received
here indicate a continuance ol Jewish
massacres last night. Filty Hebrews
were killed at Starosielce, near Biiily-
TRONDHJEM, June 20—King Heakon
and Queen Maud slept last night in
tliis, the ancient capital nf Norway,
where great preparations are being
made for tlie coronation. Although
Norway is regarded as safely outside
the bomb belt of Europe, the police
are taking every precaution to protect
the king and queen and all notable
Gr.Asnow, June 20.—Tlie Allan line
has given contracts lor two new turbine liners larger than the Virginian
for the Canadian trade.
Tickets for this popular drama, to
be produced by the Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic Club, Thursday evening,
June 28th, are being rapidly disposed
ol. The performance is being given
under the auspices of the Ladies'
Auxiliary to the Y. M. C. A. The
Dramatic Club have been rehearsing
care.'ully for Borne weeks and the performance promises to be one of the
best they have yet produced. Special
scenery is being painted and every
attention paid to the details which go
to make a lirst class performance.
Seats may be reserved at the Canada
Drug k Book Store at the usual price
—75 cents.   General admission 50 cts.
Tennis Tournament.
LndieB singles—
Miss Spurling defeated Miss Calder.
Miss    Hardie  defeated  Miss   McLennan.
Mixed doubles-
Rev. J. R. Robertson and Mrs. McLennan defeated Mr. Carnahan  and
Mies McLennan.
Mens singles, preliminary games-
Sutherland defeated Hastings.
First round—Congreve(minus J 30)
defeated Sissons (minus 30.)
Carnahan (minus 15) defeated Robertson (minus J30.)
T. E. L. Taylor (minus J30) defeated
Roy Smythe (minus ill).)
j J. H. Hawthornwaite announces he
is about to make a tour ol the province
in the interest ol his party. He also
states that indications are not wanting
of an election this fall, so gird up your
loins and get busy."
The Times and World declare Lieut.-
Governor Dunsmuir is pressing Ior
Hon. R. Green's reiignation from the
Cabinet. The Government have
authorized a political investigation
ol tbe statements that Mrs. Anderson
had improper access to confidential
information in the Lands and Works
N. McEachern has recorded 300
inches ol water for the Revelstoke
group ol claims and 300 inches for the
Columbia group.
Tho Eva mill had to shut down
Thursday owing to a break in the
N, Leigh, superintendent Ior the
Camborne Mining Company, is in thc
city today. He is getting the cabins
in shape to start work by beginning ol
July. Mr. Leigh has examined' the
Eva and other properties at Camborne
and expresses his surprise at seeing
such fine mining properties in the
Toilet soups—beautiful line of the
best French and English makes just
opened at Canada Drug Store.
M. 8. Hastings, Ref. I)., whu graduated both in Philadelphia and
Toronto, is in charge ol the Optical
department at Hastings, Doylo and
C. W. 0. w.
Tho following is nn outline of llie
sermon by Rev. C. A. Proounlor to 0,
W, O. W. on Sunday evening, June
lilli at St. Peter's church, Revelstoke.
Text-St. Matthew VII, 17.
"This is an age ol social organizations and institutions. They nre
many and various. No doubt, the
reason is lound in tlm diversity ol
Ionium thought and desire—"Many
men of many minds." In sociology
as in all sciences, there arc two
prominent anil important laws, viz
identity nnd diversity whioh govern
and control men. In tho choice of n
fraternal fellowship we ure governed
by our individual idosynorusles and
proclivities. Many people regret tin-
diverse and contrary opinions held by
men, arguing that an identity til
taste and disiro would unsure pence
uud harmony. Not so. On the contrary it, would he provocation ol extreme disoord aud dissention. Like
seeks like and water always llnds its
own level.
No doubt the C. W. O. W., we speak
ns an outsider not as nn inside, not
being a member and only having a
small brochure Ior our guidance,as all
societies has a two-fold object, viz,
(1) Absolute and (2) Relative.
On the one hand, absolutely, every
social craft or guild promulgates what
it believes to be the truth and the
whole truth, re the virtues and principles within its sphere. Their absolute aim is to establish, disseminate
and preserve certain aspects of speculate knowledge.
And on the other hand, relatively,
every craft or society aims at some
specific benefit or advantage Ior her
membership. Benefits in sickness
und death aud in insurance for the
dependant. Such objects, we understand, are in the mind's eye of your
society. They are praiseworthy, nnd
no doubt are tlie prime causes ol your
successes financially and .numerically.
But, however, let u i remember that
speculation, without practice, even in
social crafts, is nothing. Examples
arc better than precepts. Your society can never rise higher than tho
individual unit of the organization.
Be Woodmen through and through.
lie fruitful trees; and, moreover, cultivate, prune, graft and nourish yourselves so that you bear good Iruit
Because man is a tree that is never
barren, a crop never fails, and Irom
day to day and year to year he bears
either good or had Iruit. Some moralists have said our actions are good,
bad or indifferent, but, strictly, all our
actual and potential life is good or
bad, and can be estimated by our
words or deeds. It is easy to say that
going for a walk or winding a watch
are indifferent acts; but speaking
rigidly, from an ethical standpoint
ihey nre right or wrong. And inasmuch as "none of us liveth to himself," our tin lights, words and deeds
ought not only tn lie right, but we
ought to also "abstain from every appearance of evil."
1. Every man ought to have a good
head. A man's mind runs either to
herbs or weeds, therefore let him
seasonably water the one. and destroy
the other. Think good, true, pure,
thoughts.   "Obstn prinoipis."
The logical sequence ol a flagrant
ife is: First, the thought; secondly,
the desire; thirdly, the lust; and lastly the wilful sin and transgression.
Crush tlie sorperei.t's eggs and there
is nn danger of the cockatrices. "The
result of education" says Emerson "is
to do what you ought to, when yon
ought to, whether yon want to or
2. And a good will. This is tlio
"Summum bonuni." Judgment,
sagacity, understanding, riches, etc,
are good iu se; but without a good
will they are dangerous assets. Cultivate and develop your wills. Will
what God wills. Say: I will keep
God's will and coioiiiiindniciils and
walk in the same all the davs nl my
And lastly a good heart. Lovo ia
tlie supreme attribute of the Divine
and human nature. Love God with
all thy heart and thy neighbor as
thyself. Love the sinner, but not the
sin. As all lathers know it is sometimes necessary to ho cruel to lie kind
and where the great offence Is lot tho
great one (all.
In conclusion have a model and
principle ol life, tor without thiH men
are mere liol sum and jctsoin upon the
sea of life.   Lot us be strong, straight,
stalwart trees, nourished hy the dews
ol heaven, the River ol Life—tho inexhaustible fountain of everlasting life.
"From thee, the over-llowing spring,
Our souls shall drink u Iresli supply;
Which thoy who trust thoir native
Shall me'.t away and droop and die."
Ottawa, June 18.—The Commons
sent the Mackintosh Divorce Bill back
to the Private Bills Committoo Ior
further consideration. The applicant
Eileen Mackintosh, had presented
evidence that induced the Senate to
dissolve tho marriage she contracted
seven years ago with Charles Mackintosh, eon ot ex-Governor Mackintosu
A motion Ior reconsideration waB
passed nn tho assurance that the attendance in committee last week was
small and that tho ouso was disposed
of without time for due consideration.
The Minister of Justice in supporting
the motion, deolared that the oase
from the Senate's evidence was one ol
the clearest he ever saw in bis hie.
Don't lorget whoro you get all the
new and up-to-dato liooks, The Can-
[ ada Drug Store always 0ft them,
Regular meeting Friday night. Present I the Mayor, Aid, I'nlmer, Trimble,
Howson, Tapping.
Cbiel Iiniii Stating he hnd given
notice to II. Siegfried thnt. IiIb chimney wan unsafe.
C. 1', ll. slating supply ol electric
power in Hevelslokc shops was still
under consideration.
Hand asking I2III) grant, as llu-y
won Id heavy expense.-—$100 to he paid
now and balance I ,r Labor Day.
Mrs. (ai'iiiinl's complaint ol rows
lionr her plane was referred to the
police commissioners.
Salvation Army, asking grunt in
aid ol rescue wink.—Laid over.
Mrs. McKiltrick asking permit lo
cross  sidewalk   at   Union    Hotel.—
E. A. Haggen, F. B. Wells, J.Snlb
erland, Mrs. Morris UBking lane nil'
Kootenay street be made accessilile,—
Referred to Works committee.tu report,
KIKE'protection and other thiniir
Petition Irom citizens asking that
another water tank he erected to Improve fire protection,
The Mayor said il tho tank wont up
it should be done by bylaw.
Aid. Palmer and Trimble considered
I hey had no funds available from ordinary revenue,
It waB suggested the west tank he
repaired and put on same level as the
new tank.
Mr. Floyd pointed out the three
new creeks they had taken in were not
used till after the dry weather was
over last season and they might have
enough water.
Aid. Howson said Mr. Gordon considered they should have iinotber
tank. II this was an urgent necessity
surely they could finance it.
The Mayor said this request came
in alter tho estimates were out and
they could not provide Ior it Irom
revenue. Another piece ol work just
as necessary was a valve at the powerhouse, which would cost $1,000
Aid. Tupping layered a bylaw lor
these two items ol expenditure.
Aid. Trimble considered it necessary
to have a steam plant at the- power
house and the bylaw could include
that also.
The Mayor said it was their duty to
try to give effect to tlie wishes ol the
Aid. Howson said there was the
question ol sewerage which must lie
taken up lit no distant date and they
should include in the bylaw the necessary luiiils for a preliminary survey for
:i sewerage system, which wns very
necessary and should have their early
Firemen Knapp, Scott and Brock
wniled oil the council in support of
tlie petition for another tank,' Mr.
Knapp pointed out that at S. Mc-
Million's lire last year the brigade
lound they bud no water. All the
ratepayers they saw were ttrong in
support ol the petition. Most people
thought the C. P. K. tank also belonged to the city and were surprised
to learn tho city ha.l only one tank.
'I he Mayor said the matter would
have tlieii cupful consideration, Ihey
were up against increased expenditure
of $1,1100 Iur the hospital this year
mid ii similar increase for the school.
Six. Knapp said most people would
llingly pay a little extra for water
for their lawns, and others would pay
for water pnwei. They must remember that il a lire got ahead it might
destroy $30,000 to $40,000 of property.
Aid. llowson said it would nut he
wise tn sell much water puwer.
Mr. Knapp said the tank on the
old system would have to bu replaced
and it would appeal better to build
the new tank there instead.
Mr. Scolt Bald the water was undoubtedly required in caso ul fire.
Md. Palmer wished the petition lelt
till next meeting tor lull meeting ul
The Mayor considered they should
deal with it as sunn SB possible.
Mr. Floyd pointed out that the
revenue during time which the plant
is shut down in a season, would pay
the interest on tho auxiliary 'steam
The Mayor said the city was hecom
ing too large, to bo suddenly deprived
nl lighl, us in the ense of tiic C, P. lt.
On Aid. Tapping's report lor Works
Committee, it was resolved that eight
loot sidewalks lie put in, fir tn be obtained il possible.
It was resolved to notify property-
owners to cut thistles and tu have
them cut on the streets.
Aid. Tapping's proposed motion, of
which be had given notice that Drill
Hall bo compelled to pay taxes and
pay water and light dues.
Mr. Floyd pointed out Drill Halls
wero not taxahlo.
Aid. Tapping then moved the Drill
Hall pay water and light dues, or
their light and water lie cut off from
August 1st.
Aid. Trimble seconded.
Aid. Howson: What rovonne have
they ?
' Aid. Tapping: Thc Captain is
allowed $500 a ycai by the Dominion
Government. I know that as I was
an applicant for the position  myself,
Aid, Howson said they should bo
liberal in their assistance to public
institutions as a Drill Hall or Y. M.
C, A., whioh had a tendency to building up better things in a community.
Aid. Tapping admitted this was a
personal matter witii  hi lal    II lho
Groceries, Hardware. McClary's Stoves,|[Etc.
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds, Farm & Garden Seeds,
Garden Tools.  A Large Assortment
Hollywood  and  Sherwin  Williams'  Paints,  Oils,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc.
Our Stock of Groceries, Fruits   and   Vegetables,
is always Fresh. 	
BOURNE  BROS.     Mackenzie Avenue
We have left a few 5-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after'this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Bools & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
nnd house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
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•1 LVUi
Uuatluusd ou Pap Tlneo.
l.r.VI.I.STOKE   B.O.,
Inclullllg poaUigo I,, ling] I, tit llcil Sli
and Canada.
11, the year Ithrn i h poitofll -..•' I
.,.-.:: - ,     luceti    per I,
iceiil. por lln       n   li
\|. I--,,- >mt nl- Scan I lll-lii
-,,i-!,|.   s. ■■     mil    - -■
, ,0|l|      :      . ,    '     .""   I."-"III.
I-:. '• ired  -■--■' > n     "    i" ,'
■   -.      „,:■' -. Miui-1,-.     mil On '-.
-,.\   ,...i, .,, onion.    1'iniiiui
Land   notion    .- . ■      ill mli
. |i     ■•   ll,      .1   ■     of I lie UUU I'*"
Wautani ind Condi        111
... |    ,-,  . . | ,,, led  Sitiiulous
.- „.:.-'.    - tuattoi       '■  ml     '• -I-'-
\\ ,:.-  :  il, .,.,,„:.   «  .   m   li   ivords or
.... ;,.'       ,.|,,,....,. 11 '     CCI1
• ,.„-,-■  -I „. '     '■ '"  ;.
.    . -    . l-iitwd  '"da) "I
a-j ell v..-.''f  I,  -I    , '  I   -M       pi I)
,' , RIOTING t ot i| U) ran -■ won-
. ie rate
.{.Ms   ,-i.i,     ip ""   pnynlilo In ml
imREbl'ONIll N'l I- Invlleil  nntlers ol
-.-.',:.  mm it  i' indentions u, Mil;
..-.  be nccouii inleil   lis   iiainn of
■M.-.M - nl - rill In linlilieiil Inn
i*i.\i,l,i„-,-,'lg",", faith,  i ,,i,,'-1 doner
. ■„■ brief
r, MoniiiisoN,
\l.\v  LAM IIENl'K l-.l.ni'll.
McKi-nilc Avenue.
inn. i-:  iMi'iniAi, Hank   I'.i.och,  Hkvri,
K1l.lt>.. II. (;.
.Money to loan. ,    ,, ,,
uill..-. Ilevolsloko, 11, C.; I'orlhlecle, 11. (.
A. M.  1'lNKIIlll. J. A. IIAIIVKV,
RovOlltOko, 1). C, Kuvl Steele, H. I ■
J,M.Sootl I.I..11 W. I. HrlKK«.
Barristers,  OLiciTORS, Etc
Monky ru Loan
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
)iii!i-;ia* smith
Provincial Ijimd Buvveyoi
Mine Suivoylng
McKenzie Avenue.
Box lllfl,   KHVELST0K1-
Mining Engineer,
iMeiu. American Institute  Milling Englnco
Caiiniliar, Mining lllRlltuto.1
Revelstoke, 13. C.
Examination of and report- on Minora!Properties a Specialty.
Agent for Canadian M,ml Comjiany. huyor
of /.ine inc.*.
Wc it)aiU1beralb
"Iwoud . ■ . uarnesUy advlaotltem fp
llieir giiwl to order Ihlspnpcr lobe piuicllinlly
,-rv,d up. iitifl [olie loul-eil upon ns n part of
the lea equipage.** Addibox.
WEDNESDAY, JUNE 20, 11)011
The important discussions ol the
general nnd special meetings of tho
Cily Council published iu this issue
deserve more than passing attention,
The cily i* in the position where it
asks tin citizens whether tbey will
allow the civic ship to suffer lor the
proverbial" haporth nl tar!" $1(10,11110
ol civic moneys have been expended
on the wnter nnd light plant. This
plant is unquestionably a valuable
asset to tlie city and is its principal
source ol revenue. The question ol
tbe otty supplying electric power wns
recently raised by theC.P.R. lint Ihe
C.P.R. have unpleasant memories ol
their shops having been hampered lor
weeks ni n time -wing to hreak-dowuB
ol the present light Bystemorits being
paralyzed by ice in lho winter. In
view of these il is uui to he wondered
at that the C.I'.R. hesitate to accept a
proposition Irom the city lor power
when it lms not heen able t- give
them r<-'.in, le and continuous eli trie
Ever since the plai hai been installed it has In -  ■ I that in
order to avoid thc ,-. int I eing shut
down in wiutei an uu; iliary itt uu
plant should Ix installed Every
winter there lias ,.,. n tr hie a th it -
ami the plant has - en en ed iiei ■
lest during a-       I   old ■•■■ - er,
I., relstoke is jetting t- - ,. ., city
■ i ■. i anj - ■ ', incerl i nties, and
iu - '•■'.,-' iighl iu] ply i- too important ni. enterprise to have it sin i ,1 ivn
.a t heavy loss ,-i revenue to llie city
Tin last break-down ol the Hume
necessitated the planl lieing all ti I
down for some wei ks resulting in
greal inctnvci ei cc to the citiions
and losi ol revcuue to the cily, Fn m
personal observation wc tako tho
responsibility f - lying the same thing
i; igl t happi ii any ,11) nn another
ll um , II n dues happen iln- citizens »ill hlanu tin Council and that blame would lie justified
ii tin- C tuncil did not lake every
possible precaution against its occurrence. II, re are the C.P.R, shops
alone employing over 200 men whose
earnings form a big  leature ol the
city payroll.    There are al i 600
buildings, or installations, to lie supplied in addition, The C.P.R, liglo
bill is by lar the biggest source ol city
revenue, and ii the city tails to k« p its
lighting syslein in such shano thai il
can not be depended on in all weathers
the C.P.R, will lie forced to put in its
own lighting and power system and
cut out the city system altogether,
No citizen who has at heart tbe
welfare of Revelstoke, wants to see
that. The cost ol installing this
steam auxiliary plant will bo $16,000,
and a months' shut down ol the light
plant would lose more than enough
revenue lo pay interest and sinking
lund on that »un. lor a whole year,
The installation ol -uch a plant would
further impress the C.P.H. will) the |
fact lhat Ihe city   is   determined to]
, customer for power
1'in- waii-t tank proposed to be pro-
.1 il is ,n nl,., lute necessity in case
lln, loi- nt .-. tank should bo
, rveil ■ loly fin lln purposes.
1 In .'. ni,,- M the power house
■ mm: Hushing 'ne out of tho
me in cold ivi itin i In avoid dniii-
■-, | ■ ili,- power plant,
■ urib ii.i'iu lho council hnve
..,i, t ■ insideriitioii for ii loan by-law
ii the securing ol plans and estimates
i sewerage system lor tho cily,
Ibis sin,ohl certainly I-e provided,
I ie- city is getting into n sorious pnsi-
ti in for wnnl ol such n system. ITans
mi this work will lake Iwo or three
;, us to got ready and carry into effect
md il. is well to shirt, the preliminary
work in time, lla sowugo systiini is
noi put 111 it is only iiquestionol time
till this cily will havo lo face n most
seiioiis epidemic uud people will wnnl
I,, curry out lho work when ii is loo
l-i, io avoid ils ill clYeol.8, and will
I,ave. no time to gel it properly laid out,
Tin- cily bus already taken $7,600
■ni of ordinary revenue Ibis year tu
improve the dam nt tho power Iiiiiibo
mil lite Counoil a-l.iii.i it has boon put
into suoh excellent condition thai il
will InBt lor years This money wns
really chargeable to capital ur loan
account, and tho fuel lho oily was able
lu lllke it out, ol tcvrilllc sll WS IllllV
well the waler nml light plan! is doing
lor the cily No more tueils nre, how-
evel'iiivnilablo from the yen's ino itnoio
carry nut further works, f iho oharno
tor suggested, and tho oity is obliged
to raise the nionoy by loan and to put
n bylaw boforo the people f.r tho pur-
p se. We believe such n bylaw would
I-e in the host interests of the cily and
Unit every citizen who wants tu see
the city progress as it should would
do the best thing by supporting it.
A cily is never more enterprising
lhnn the character ol its citizens
justifies. Ilevelstoke bus reached n
singe where it must look forward to
going on to higher and better things.
Its people will be judged by their
enterprise. An enterprising community attracts tbe attention ol others and
in that way helps to build up its city
nml district. While it would be lolly
to waste money on speculative 'chemes
those enterprises that serve to improve
the assets of a oity, to beautify it, or
provide sanitary conditions should
have the best o! attention nnd support
in every progressive community. We
trust the citizens of Ilevelstoke will
give these matters thoir fullest and
best consideration ns there is no timo
to be lest if the bylaw is to be presented. We think at all events tl.o
bylaw on these expenditures should
be put to the people. Then ii tbey
witii, lo turn it down let them do so
The Council will hoyedono their duty,
und if tbe llniiic goes out or the power
plant freezes up during tbe coming
winter, or a lire does devastation Irom
want-ol water, tho citizens will have
to shoulder the blame themselves and
will be unable to accuse the Council
ol neglect or nl having failed to take
the necessary precautions to provide
against such mishaps.
l.l llll IV llllll,-,!
li. W. II. PAGET, ('.('.
II. II. RROCK, K. of 11 A S
,1 I*
Kootcmnv Loclate No. IJ A Rat A.M.
u ingiiliii   meet-
Tl, - are lu-1,1 in llie
>.,..!«>tii«-     Temple,
Ma I'Vlloii's llall.m,
,, i,pi hint Monday lo
Mi.o.,, niuiiiii  nl  f
1 i, VMIInglirulle
.   i-illiliall)    wel
(', ,1. I'ltlltTNII-'ll. Sl-.l'lll-.TIItV.
SELKIRK LODGE. NO 12, t. 0. O. F.
jjit^*5v uvonhighilMil I'Vllmis
0      ^ Hull    ill   8   o'clock
Visiliiin lii'illiri'ii em
B',linlly  Invited Hi in
II. UAGDONA1.I1, N.ii.        .1. M..TII1I,', Sue
Something Pure
If you nre looking for Pure
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment  nl   Ontario
in I In. boxes, or in 6 Hi. cans
"Guaranteed Pure,"
Our Canned Goods are second
In none, and more tlinn Ihnl
wo "Guarantee every Can."
Ice Cream Parlors
Ice Cream Supplied at  $1.50
per Gallon.
Front Street, Revelstoke
PROPERTY OWNERS arc hereby notllli-d
I to have Hid thistles growing on their pro-
icrly cut down n* soon ns possible to prevent
lu Order.
II. ll.nYli.
Jinn- Will, ISOO. City Clerk.
-.'in*. .
VTOTICE is lioroby given thnl 30 daya
i\ itf-lor (Into I intomlto Hpply to the Honor
abio iln' Chief Commissioner ol i.-1 md
Wnrk- fur a special llceuse to cut and carry
bar trtmi   llio  following  described
lauds, silitutod
D-m iiv *-,',   of   jttle
1, Commencing ntn post plnntod oi ■■ « ■■
auk of the south branch dI Chorrj Be i il i
•poinl 10 milo*' north easterly from the 10-mile
post ^n the Mounsheo wagon road and mnrked
■ \ Md r'.-      .-■:;    in il c irj i r po
.1-     ■ ■ ■ -  n ■". ce west i  cl
. thane ist Wc] -
point"' cummun :oment.
.   i im mencing ni a i»'-i plnnte I
, ,,i iln> -milli brum hof Cherry craek.
nbuutlOmlles north eastorlj from   : - ■
■ ■■■■ Mouusbeo wagon road and marked
■ i   MeCrou's -out-h-weiil cornel ; ■
-. lins; thorn ait 40 aha
,i,ri!i  ItlO chains; thence west  lOd i
(uuu ,.f i'., i. i*--i can ■■
encing ii! n i"i-i planted
f the sontli ht inch nf Oherr;
Hi milo- north-easterli  from	
aUi   whei    ■--.,, id md   an 'kiwi   \ M
,.'.--..;. .       ■■      -I
"   lp ■ ,,"   -null, i'i
" chains
■   -.■:■■■'
-,*■.'. the wesi
,■:!.' -i  *,-" i
post mi I    Mi   ■   ■- ■ wagon road ind    i
\    m mul nn ii i nrner p once
■ ■■: -■ till] '■' mi . thti	
■ -. ■ ■        , -.'■:., i i   Id i*1 ■      n the
pnlnl "f '■■- n!■•" ■*' ent.
:.     ■ \\
i ■ '.- ;   lllxiill   -I
■ a- ■ ■ ikol Lakecroeh ;ti
junol :  Lh */{th the north fork of
md marked   \  M *    -,    iorth
west corner posl ■■ in !  D chain     iei ce
ion tii W chain-: thence wesl Wl cl ■ m thence
,rtii SOeh i  ,'■'■; ■■ il of commancoment,
I. - - ■ t      -   ■*    '"I |      KH
  " '  i -  ". IWHl
\   Mn UKA
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
That's Royal Crown kind—
made in Vancouver—Largest
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg, House cleaning and
washing arc easy with itshelp,
Anil tbe iiioniiy saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells wlmi we give lor
llovnl Crown Wrappers. Send
for   it—Freo—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new manngemeutjof
Harry MoIntosh, Hoffman  House
J. cyon are the most curative in the
world, A perfect, natuial remedy for
nil Nervous and Muscular discuses,
Liver, Kidney nnd Stomnoh ailments
nnd Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "That Tired Peeling," .Special
rates on nil bonis and triune, Two
mails atrive and depait every day,
Tolegra h communication with all
marts of the world.
Thumb-$12 to $1S pee week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroto LaKe. B. C
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc., to any part of the City.
Any Kind of Transferring
Trueman's Studio
Is now open under new and uompeienl
MR. HEMUS. rccentl) of Sydney,
Australia] will meel you and guarantee
w*-n our usual satisfaction.
Oi-,-! Canada Drug ,v Book  Company.
Richard R. Copeland
Gash Prices Paid!
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Mr-. II. J. Ila.tbury Manngress,
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Largo Dhilngrouiii (nr
lliin,|iiots, Bnppors, ole.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
of Vancouver Real Estate would do
well lo t'liiuuiiiiiieule with
800 Hastings Street, West, Vanoouver,
for prevailing prices,    P. O, Hun !HK
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
SI0I0I1S. New ,-rii|i iiiiiv in slni'U ninl un test
iu our Ktiiciiliiiiisiw. Ask vour niernlinnl. for
Ilium In si-nleil iiiuilniKi-. ll In- (lues liol liaialle
I Iiinn we will innll SO assnrteil. .ie |iiloknUi of
vejaetnllle llllll llinver Sl't'lls (our OWL SOloOtlOll,
siiltnliln [nr II. ('. iiarileilsl fur (1.00. Special
nrioosoil vour Iiniii seeiln.
MKNTAL TltKKS now randy for splint!
shipment, , ,    ,
Kxtra iiinn slonk of two anil lln-ccyear Apple
Trees at 82n.nn per 100, (180,00 per l.iwo; May-
naril I'litnn, (1.HI eacli; IUvlin.ii Prllno, two-
year, llae, Sii.«l por 1001 Sin,™ l'mno, two-
year, linn, PUKi |.cr UK).
Full list of oilier stock at regular prices. No
oxpunsc. loss or delay of funilgntion or
inspeellolt. ,   ,
Iait mo price your Hal ncfore placing your
Gre'eiilioiiso Plants, Klor Work, Boc Supplies.
Fruit PnektlKCs, Ferliliacrs, uie.
M. j.'henry
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services                  IKlowor Pots
Plates                      Uniul-olln Stands
Muskets                      Lunch Baskets
(.nno Chairs              Smoking Jackets
Handkerchiefs                  Silk Goods,
Finest stock of candies and frutU in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Manufactured for nil classes of bulldioga
All kinds uf building nml plastering
Tax Arrears Notice.
)ART1ES IN ARRRARS with Itc-il Property Taxi" nn1 lioroby notified thut in
coraance wltli lho Munfolpal Aot which
in-' into furcu June lltli, a rato of 8 pur cunt
ill bo charged m -11011 arroara from thnt date.
City Clurk.
'i ins
ml liiul- lilunti mi lUiiiiiow irt'i'k, triniiuii> in
Hlnimvoj) river .'1I11 dUtrlot, mul about aoven
miles fmni IU .11 nib; -'
l. ('innii'-,. iiniii a imst about f uur rods soutli
nf ItnliibuW 1 n'i'l; ninl ubiiut 11 uiib's from [Ui
iiionlli, IIk'ih-i' onttt ni rhalim; thuncu Hmitb m
I'lmiiw: ili'iiii- wosl BOi'liiiiiHi tlienco nortli80
i'liains tn pnlnl uf ciimiiielii'Oitieiil.
:!, Ciiiiiitieni'liiKul ii posl admit lun rods smith
of Itainlintt  Cri'i-k, ami iilmut ;. miles from lis
11 lb. Hip  Ultsl  Hi i'liains;  (huuee smitli 1WI
iliailis; Ibftii ti nest  -ID i'liains.  llmill'S imrtli lai
chains tn puint uf I'ommeiiceiuuiit.
Dated May 30th, 1W6.
.1, RARUYs
8, OnmmoticiiiJJ at a pn-i about four chains
aouth of Itahibuw I'reek and aliout * tulles frum
Its montli. tlience east BO ehains, tltuncu norlli 80
iliuiiH, tlience n'esl ho chains, them-esiiuthsn
cliflllia lu puint uf cumuieiii-i'iiieiit.
4, Commencing at a pnst ulimit fuun-haius
smitliui Rainbow Creek, and aboul 4 miles from
its mouth, tlionco wist HU cliiiins, tliiMu'i' nurth mi
sn eliuiiis. tbenee west 80 ehaiiis, llionce smith 4(1
chains, lliem-e east ion chains, thence smith -10
chains lu (iiiiiii nf t-uimiimicommit.
fi. Cum uiu in'int' nt 11 pusl almiii four chains
mirth nf Rainbow Creek, anil about" miles from
its mouth, thence west too ulutiim, tbenee smith
to i'liains, Ihei cast iwi chaini, tlienco (hli)
rliahis tu puint uf rnlillilt'iii'i'iiii'iil,
Dated MayUOtli, UHKi.
.1. lin 11 y, bueattii*.
Nutii'u is hereby given that thirty daw afler
tliiiu I Inlt'iid tu ;t|i|ilv l« (hi' chief Commissioner
uf bands and Works fur a Hpoclal licenso to cut
ami carry away Umber from tlm fulluwiug itonurlh*
ed lands situato on thu shuswup River, Yale dis-
trie!, It. c.:
1. Uomtueiiultiii at a imst planted about throe-
fourths of a miir smirti ut thu north west corner ol
Lot 2818, thence nurth 100 chains, tlience east 40
i'liains, lllOIICO smith 8(1 ebaiiis, tliouee west 8(1
chains, llienco Houth 80 ohains, tbenee east to
chains ti) point nf comnieiioouiont.
ConiinenotiiK at ■< post planted about 0110
und nnefmii'tli niiles south of llio north west cur*-
nerof Lot 28W, llienee west tin ehains, thenco
nortli 10 uluiins, 1 huuee cast llio ehains, tliuueu
smith 111 ehains tu point uf euiiimeiieenient.
Dated May OOtli, W0
.1. HARRY.
lost planti'il almnt twu
1 nf the ninth western-
:i.  Cumiueiielii)' at 11
iiinliiiie-fniirtli miles smitl
nei'uf but 2818, thence north 80 chains, tbenee
west 81) ehains, thence south 80 elinlns, llienee
east 80 chains lo point of enmuieueeuiunt.
I, Ciiiiimeiieiiijf at a pusl planted about twu
nml uiiu-fuurth miles from the mirth west enrner of
but 2818, theuce west 10 chains, thenco south 1(H)
chains, thenoe west 10 chains, thenco nurth 80
chiLins, thence east 811 chains, llionce north 80
ehniiis to point of cm nine nee. meat -
Dated .May 30th, 100(1.
.1. Barry, Locator.
fi. Commencing at a pnst ahnnt five miles north
nmi one-half mile easl, nf the nurth nest enrner of
but 2818, tlience west 100 chains, nortli 10 chains,
east 100 chains, smith ll) chains to puint of commencement.
U. Commencing at a pnst planted about "ve
miles nortli and one-half mile east of the.' ,.li
nest corner of Lot 2818, thenco west 100 chains,
thence smith 10 chains, theuce east ISO chains,
thence north 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated May 30th, 1906.
", Commencing at a post planted about mio
mile nurth of tlniber limit 11390, thenoe uortli 80
chaius, tlience east 80 chaius, thonce smith 80
chains, theuce west a chains tu puint uf commencement,
8, CnmmcticingatapnNtiilmiit one mile nortli
of timber limit 0300, tlience smith Unchains, thence
east 80 clmiiis, thence north 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
9. Commenolng at a post planted about six
miles north of the north eust corner of Lot 2818,
thence east 80 clmins, south 80 chains, west 80
chains, thence iinrtli 80 chains to puint of commencement.
Dated May 30lh, 100(1,
,1. Barry, Locator,
utter date I intend to apply to tbe Hon. Chief
Commissioner uf Itamts and Works fur puruiissinu
tn purchase the following described lands situate
in the West Kootenay district,
fl- ommenclng at an initial post erected mi the
nurth bank of the Litrdo river, about one-eight
mile west of Like creek ami marked"!), p. Kane's
south east corner post," tbenee north 20 ehniiis:
thenco west 80 ehains; theuce south 20 chains,
more or less to Lardo river; tlience easterly following the bank of the river 80 chains more or less to
puint of commencement, comprising one hiiudrud
uud sixty acres more or less.
Dated the 20th Muy, 1006.
1). »'. KANK.
! 11110 10, HHti.
Arrowhead, B. C.
Mantles, Shelving, Storm Duors, ,-u
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
!       Si ' East, II---..-1*1,•!*,
the shines
union   miiiif   cir,*ns
K irtz'i Pioneei 1 iffai Facl rj
1 in, Cordova St., w.
VANCOUVER, -   •   B. C.
riiai-inii-.^ly sitiiut,
ul Arrow bike.
(i,,nil Tumi Fishing.
limits always for hire.
Sample Booms in connection.
First-class house for Tourists ami
Commercial men,
W. J. lightburne, Proprietor
W. Fleming^
Meat Market
Order! inr Beel ami Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and email goode
uill receive prompt attention,
-,,,ru, iwarji Man.
N"OTICE i- iier.ii.j- ifiv.m that 80 daw alter
ajatc I Intend in nniily to tho linn. Mm
OWol Commissioner ul Lands and Works (or
permission i„ purchase tho (i,ll„wit,ir ,li-erllmil
liimls, iltuated in Well l(i,i,l,-ni,j-, woit »lile
Columbia rivor, KlroVnlloyi
Commonolng nl a litis! I'i elinlns north nf
l.aiiKi-l s niirl.n well oornor post ninl iiinrliii'l
"llnrrv Motnlosh'i iiurili oast corner j,osi,"
thonco west 8(1 ,-Iinins. llionoo mtitli SO ohalni,
1 lionoo oast >"> ohnlns, i henco north mi olinlns in
place nf commonoemont.
1 i.,i,,1 ,i,ii„ im 1, iiii;,
"Buck Brand"
Ooroe In Many Styles
Plain Pant Shapes
Bib Overalls
Swell Bottoms, etc.
Those who have worn tln-iir-siiy
thai lor iliii-itliilil.y, style, III nml
finish, 1 li>-v ,-.,iiii,,i i,.- excelled at
any price.
VANCOUVKR,     B.   C.
days after date 1 intend to auply to the
Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special licenso to cut and carry away timber
from thc following described lands situated
in the West Kootenay District, west side of Upper
Armw Lake opposite Nakusp:—
l. Commencing ntn post marked "Nurth Bast
Curuer Pnst," tliiiiee 80 chains west,80chains
smith, 80 chains east, su chains north to poinl uf
I Ctimim'iu'iiijt at a pnst adjoining No, 1 limit
011 tlie nurth side, tbenee 40 chains north, 100
chnlns west, 40 chains south, 100 east to puint of
Dated 8th day of June, 190G.
.iluaiuil in \\ ust Hootonuy msinci, »uh n.««
of Uppor Arrow Ln ko 1—
Coniiiieiicing ut a post mnrked "W. W. Lock's
smith east cornel," at the smith west corner of
hut sn:i. ami nboul S mile smilli nf Kusthall
Creek, llienee norlh io chains, tnence west 80
chnlns, Uiunce south 4u chains, tlienco eust Bo
chains to point of 1 ineiicemeiii, coiilaltilni 820
' Daled this Uth din of .luue, luoo.
W. ft*. LOCK,
Per T. C. Makinsmi, Agent.
('oiiimetii'lug ut n pust marked "L- M.Jobn-
slune's south uaslcurner," al tlio smith west corner
of Thuiuus Wci.sit'i m applieatiun tn purclmse,
abmit 3 miles sutltll uf Fu-lhall Creek and ill mill
l\ miles innii the lake, tlience nurth 80chains,
tothe smith boundary uf U,,l. Ilammuiid'sappll-
catimt tupiirelinse, them-u west ho ehaiiis, Ibeiieu
south 40 eluiins, tbenee east 80 chains, theuce
smith 40 chains, thence east 00 elinlns lu point uf
commencement, containing MO acres,
, Dated this Mil day nf June, 1900.
Per Italpb Slye, Agent.
Cniiiuiencing at n postmarked"M. 0.Dicker-
Mini's nm 111 west curuer," oil UlO shove of Upper Armw lake, about :i miles snulli uf Fastball ereek and
almnt-jo chains north of (he smith east corner of
TliuiiiasWoiMier'H application to purchase,thenco
-..itilli 8u ehains, tbenee east 80 chains mure ur
loss to Ihu shore of Armw Lake, tlience following
said shore lu a general northerly nnd westerly
direct hm li-.il chains more or less tn point nf com-
mciiecniciil, containing!04u acres inure or loss.
Daled (hi-, liiilidav of June, moil.
Per Uulpb Slye, Agent.
Cniunieiicliig lit a pnst marked "It. A. Slye's
-.miili east, corner,'' nliout 11 inllos smith nf Post-
hull (ireek, at thu south west minor of Lot 4(170,
(hence imrlli 80 chains nlulig tlm wesl I ltiry of
Lui 4:>7U, tbenee west 8ii chains, theiieu south 80
eliuiiis, theuce east  mi chains to pniutof cum-
inuncemunt, cuiitalnliig i)40 neves.
Dated this taih duy nf,lime, 1000.
It. A. SLYK,
I'er Knlpli Slye, Agent.
Commencing at it p<mt marked "A, Dullomney-
er's north east euiner," about 111 chains west of the
soulli west enrner of Loi 802, nt lho imrlli west
corner of K. A. Hive's application to pnrchuso nml
nbout 'i mile south ol Fosthall creek, thence west
80 clmins, tbuiico smith 80 chnlns, Ihenco ensl 80
chains, thenco north 80 chains to point of commencement, containing 040 acres.
Dated this Uth day of, lime, 1006.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "P, A. slye's
north oast corner," about IU miles south of Post-
Iinil Creek, and nbout 11 miles from tlie bike
shore at the nurth west corner of (I. J. Hammond's
application to purchase, thence west 80 ohains,
theuce south 80 chains, thence cast 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains, to point of commencement, containing 040 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, UM
I'er Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "M. 0. Slye's
north east corner," at the south east comer of
Thomas Webster's application to purchase, about
;i miles smith nf Fosthall Creek, and about |
mile frum the lake, thence west 80 chains, thence
smith 40 chains, thence east 4U chains, thence
smith 40 chains, thencu east 40 clmiiis, thence
north 80 chains to puint uf commencement, containing 4B0 acres.
Dated this Iiith day of June, 1000.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "A. K, Hammond's north west corner,'' about I'i miles south
of Posthnll ('reek at the south enst comer of Lot
4570, thonce smith 80 chnlns, theuce onst 40 clmins,
more or less to the lake shore, thence following
said shore In a general northerly direction BO
chains mnro or less to the smith ItOlimUry of J. L.
llirh's applieatiun tu purchase, thenco west40
chains, iimru or less, to point of commencement,
containing -t20 acres more ur less.
Dated this mh dny uf June, 1000
Per Kalph Slye, Agent,
(.nnimenciiig at a post marked "<1. J. Hammond's north easl, comer," about IU miles south
uf Fusthnll Creek, at the smith enst corner uf Lot
■un, thence wost 80 chains, tbenee smith80 chains,
tlience east sn clmins, thence norlli «n ehnitis to
point of commencement, cmiUiuing 040 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1000.
Per Halph Slye, Agent.
Nitice Is hereby given that on days after dale 1
intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Lauds and tt orks for permission to purchase the
following described lands, situate near Tete Jaune
Cache, Cariboo district, lt. C :—
Commencing at a post planted at the south
west corner of Lot 480 and marked "CL It. Nagle's
nurth west corner post!" thenco south 40 chains,
theuce east 160 chains, tlience north 40 chains,
tlitmce wesl KlOchalns to point of coiiinieiiceinent,
containing ti-in acres more or less,
Dated 14tb day uf April, 1900.
fl. B. NACLK,
Kevelstoke, H.C,
Notice is hereby given that 00 days afterdate 1
Intend to nmdy tu the chief Commissioner of
[.amis ami Works for permission lo purchase the
following described lands, situate near Tele
Jaime Cache, Cariboo district, B.O.:-
cuiumcncitig nt a post planted at the smith east
corner of Lot -i>n anil mnrked "K. .Mcllenu's snulli
west corner post," thence east ;m chains, thencu
north 120 chains, more or less, tu tlm bank uf the
Fraser Stiver, thence west oil chains along the
hank of Ihe Fraser River to the east humularyof
Lot 480, thonce smith Iio chains, mure nrUss,
ilnng tlio easl boundary of Lot 48010 the puint of
commencement, containing 000 acres more or less.
Dated the Utlidftyof April, 1000,
Revelstoke, B.C,
mil in
up .1.
slioi-i, „(  I'pji.'r
, li,-i,-l,v given Mini nu dnys In,in 'litlu I
|,|,li to tl,,, II,, able the Chief <*„ue
„,**„,ii,i',,( Isiinl*.nnl Worki for jieniiliiiniitn
IV01I   Kiml !
trrotv l.,k,-:
('„ii,iti,-tn-lii|, „i ,1 poit marked "J. II. Ci,
...„,i,«,-1  ner," „! Hn, nnrtl, weitciinierol
I.,,1 kin :,n,I ii1ki.iI  ]', miles north of Xiikiiaii,
il,,-!,, .i an chaini ui»r<' nr less, tlienco norlfi
-,,, I,  more «t 1,-ss, tlienco rn-atmi ,-linltia m„ri<
1\ days after date 1 Intend to Apply to the
■Thief Commisxloner of Undu and YvorliH for n
special license to cut aud carry away timber
from tho follow inn described lands In West
Kootenay District :—
1 Commencing at a pnst marked "A, McRae's
north west enmer post," planted about six miles
from Until Stream, mi west side nf trail, running
so chains south, 80 chains east, 80 chains north,
chains west to point of commencement.
8 Commencing at a pust mnrked "A. McRae's
south west corner post," planted about six mites
from Gold Stream, mi west side of trail, running
80 chains north, 80 chains east, 80 ehains south, 80
chains west to point of commencement.
:t Commencing at a pnst marked ' A. Mcltne'r
nurth west corner post," plnntod a Unit eight miles
from Hold stream, mi east side uf trull, running
811 chains south, 80 chains east, 80chains nnrtli, 80
chains west tn point uf commencement.
4 Commencing nt a post mnrked "A, Mcltae's
south west enrner pust, planted aluiiil eight miles
frnm Oold Stream, uu east side uf trail, running
80 chains nurth, 80 chains east, 80 chains smith, 80
chains wesl to point of commencement.
6 Commencing at a post marked "A. McRae's
south west comer post/' planted almnt nine miles
frnm fluid Stream, 011 east side uf trail, running
80 chains nortli, 80 chains cast, 80 chains soutli, 80
chains west to point of commencement.
Dated this 28th dny of Mny, 1900.
A. Mi 11AK.
or lei
(.tike ilioro thenco in a general
ruction along ihe Luke shore ho chains
io point of commencement, contain1
iiimeor less,
22nd day of May, row.
.1. D. COI'LAN,
I'm -HiilpliHlyi
NOTICE U lmrnby glvon thai 00 dayi After dato
1 Intend to anply tn the ('hlef < Inminfiilotier
,f J,.iinl- .nnl Works for pi'imlssimi topiirchnsu
ii,.- following doscribod lands on tho "Dig Ledge"
wigmi roftiL Arii.vli. ol   Mining Diviidun, West
K cii.iy District!
Commencing at 0 post almnt (en chains smith
f ilu- n nille pout mi the ■ Big Ledge" wagon rmul
and markwl !'C, Mi Hymmis north nesi eorner."
thenoe omI io ohalni. thence south 40 clmins,
thenoe vest 40 chaini, tlionco north 40 chains to
pnlnl of commoneomonL
|t.it-d May 1st, Usui.
NOTICK Is horeby given that .IO dayi af cr
date I Intend tOftpplf to the Chief Oi*"-
mhsloncr of Lfthui ami Works for n IpflO*
[loenn U)OUl and carry away timber from Ihe
following dric.rllied lands minuted In West
Kootenay district:
Commencing Ht a post on the west side of Cpper
Arrow Lake,starting at tlm V. 0. L. Co. UiL'i
norlh west corner poit No g, 'hence 40 rhnlns
DAit; thonce mi chain-, north; thence 80 chains
wiwt, theme sn chnlns sooth, thence 40 chains
easl In place o( conimeni'Mneni.
Dated Uth day of June, lOMi
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days alter
date I Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands aud Works for a special license
to cut and carrv awav timber from the follow
Ing described lands, situate In the Osoyoos
Division of Yale District: ■
1. Commencing at a post planted on the east
bank of the south branch of Cherry orook ut a
point S miles uorth-oasterly from the 40 mile
post on the Monashee wagon road and marked
"S. Hill's north east corner," theuce south 80
chains; thence west 80 chaius: thence north 80
chaius; thence enst 80 chains to the point of
2. Commencing at a post planted on Ihe east
bunk uf the south branch of Cherry Creek at u
point 8 miles north-eacterly from tbe 40-mile
post on the Monashee wagon road and marked
"3, Hill's north wesl corner," tbenee south 80
chaius; thence east 80 chains; thenoe north 80
chaius; thence wesl 80 chains to the point of
;i, Commencing at a post uluuted on tbe east
bunk of the south branch of Cherry creek ut a
point 8 miles north-enstorly from the 40-milu
post on tbe Monashee wagon road aud markod
f,S. Hill's south wost corner," thence north 80
chains; thence east 80 chaius; theuce south 80
cb a ins; thonce west 80 chaius to the point of
-i. Commencing ut a post planted on the south
bank of Cherry creek about 9 miles from the
411-milo jiost un the Monashee wagon mud and
marked "S. Hill's smith west corner," thence
eust Kill chains; theuce north 40 chaius; thence
west HSU chaius; tbenee south 40 chains tothe
point of commencement.
5, Commencing ul u post planted ou the
south bank of Cherry crook nbuntO miles from
the 40-mile post on the Moiiashuo wagon rond
and marked "8, Hill's north wesl cornor,"
thouce oast KMI chaius; theuce soutli 40 chains;
thonco west llio chains; tlience north 40 clmins
to the poinl of cominoncument.
Located .Mill May, l»si.
0, I'niiiinhiiciiiK ut a post planted about n
mile wost from the west bank of Luke ('reek,
alsiui 7 miles up from the junction of Lnko
crook und tho north fork of Cherry creek nud
iimc-fd ' S. Hill's south east corner post,"
Ih-tTre north 80 chains; thenco west BO chains:
1 lumen south 80 chains; Ihouco east 80 chains to
tlie point of commencement.
1. Commencing at a imst planted about 11
miln west from the west bank of Lake creek,
about 1 miles up from the junction of Lake
crook aud the north fork of Cherry creek and
marked "S. Hill's south went coruer -post,
ihenco east 8(1 chains; thence north 80chain: .
tlience west 80chains; thence south 80 chains to
tho iKiint of commencement.
Located 28th May, 1000.
Dated this 9th dny of Juue, 1906.
I am iiri'iNtred lo undertake oil kimls ol
freiKliliiiK and tanning.
My stage connecting between thc
nleniiii'i- iiiiiI the city leaves the Cily
at 111.111. Tueadays and Fridays, connecting With the Steamer Rovelstoke
tor thc Dig lleiid, and also meets the
steamer on the return trip sninedays,
l,eiivc word at Navigation Company's office or my SUinles wheie to
Kooioimy inmrii-i.-
1. Commencing al a imst marked "flits
Lund's north enst corner," ubout J mile up
norlh fork of floldsiream Ihouco north lu
chain-, oasl 100 chains, south in chains, west I0U
eluiins to point of commencement.
2. Commencing al a post marked 'flu*
Lund's north wu-l corner.' about j milo up
nnrlh fork uf Coldstream, Ihenco south 10
chaius, east lOOchains, north 10 chains, west IM)
chains lo point, of commencement,
8, Commencing at a post marked "dim
Lund's uortli west corner," about) mllo below
north fork of floldstreum, on left bank, thence
north 40 chnlns, oust 100 chains, south to chains,
west lliu chains to point of coniiiioimeuient.
4. Ciimini'iii'liiK ut a post, marked "flits
Lund's norlli oast corner," about \ below ninth
fork of (ioldslreum, ou left bank, tlience mouIIi
lOO chains, wc-t 10chains, north 100 chalim, oust
4o chains to place of coiniHcuccmenl,
a. Commencing nt u posl marked "GUfl
Lund's norlh east, cornor,' aboul 1 mile from
mouth of Caribou Creek where ll Joins Cold
stream, thonco soutli itin clmins. wost 40 chains,
uortli lOl) ctiaiiis, east 40 clmins lo point of
0, Commencing al a posl, marked "Uus
Lund's nmi h cast corner." about I mllo from
mouth of Caribou Creek wliurc It Joins flold-
si roam, thenco wosl 40 chains, north 100 chains,
oust 40 chains, south 100 ohains to point of
7, Commencing at a post marked "Uus
Lund's norlh oasl i-uriiot.' nliout 1 mllo from
mouth of Caribou Creek whoro it joins Hold-
si roam, Ihence wosl 40 ohains. south 100 chains,
east 41) chains, north 100 (ihalns lo point of
8. Commencing at a post marked "(ins
Lund's north west cornor, about 7 miles below
north fork of (loldutrcaui, thenco east Hln
chains, south 40 chains, west 100 chains, noi th
10 chnlns lo point of commeuuemont,
II. Commencing at a post mnrked "Uus
Lund's unrtb cast corner,' about 7 miles below
north fork of floldsiream, thence south 100
ohains, west 10 chains, north 100 chains, east
40 chains to point of commencement,
10. Commonolng nl 11 post marked "Gus
Lund's soul beast, corner," about 7 miles below
nurth fork of Qoldstream. thence north 80
chaltH, wosl, 80 chains, south 80 chains, oast 80
chains to point of commoncomont,
11. Commoncltig at a post marked "flue
Lund> north west cornor," about 9 miles botow
north fork of (ioldslrcam, thence north 80
chains, east 80 chnlni, aouth 80 chains, west 80
chains to point of commencement.
12. Commencing at a post marked "Gun
Lund's south east corner," about 0 miles below
north fork of flold stream, llienee north so
chains, west 80 chains, Honth 80 chains, east 80
chains to point of commencement.
13. Commencing nt n post marked ' (ins
Lund's south west cornor," about 0 miles below
north fork of floldsiream, thenco south 80
chains, rast 80 chains, north 80 chains, west. fO
chains to point of commencement.
14. Commonolng at a post marked "Gun
Lund's south oast corner," about 9 miles below
north fork of floldsiream. thenco south 80
chains, west 80 chains, north 80 chains, oasl 80
chains to point of commencement.
!.->. Commencing at a post markod "Gun
Lund's south went corner," about ll miles below
fork of floldstrenm. thenco north 80 chains,
east K0 chains, soulh 80 chains, west 80 chains
to point of commencement,
16. Commencing nt a post markod "Gus
Lund's south east cornor," about ll miles below
fork of Qoldstream, thonce north 80 chains,
west 80 chains, south 80 chains, enat 80 chains
to point of commoncement.
17. Commencing at a posl marked "Uus
Lund's north west corner," about 11 miles below
fork of Unlditrcam, thence south 80chalns, oast
80 chains, north 80 chains, west 80 chain* to
point of commoncomont,
18. Commencing at a post, markod "Gus
Lund's north east comer,'1 about 11 miles below
fork of Coldstream, thonco south 80 chaini,
west 80chains, north -80 chains, east, 80 chains to
point of commencement-.
Dntod Juno loth, 1900,
19. Commencing at a post markod "Cm
Lund's south east corner, about H miles up
Camp Creek, thence north ItW ohnlns, west 40
chains, south 100 chains, east 40 ohains to point
of commencement,
20. (.'ommenclng at a post marked "Gus
Lund's soulh west cornor." about 3 miles up
Camp Creek, thence north lOOchains, cast 40
chains, soulh 100 chains, west40 chains to point
of com mm 1 cement-.
21. Commencing nt a posl marked "Gus
Lund's norlh west corner," about 3 miles up
(<ump t 'ruck, thenco oasl lfld ohains, south 4(1
chains, west 100 chult.s, north40 chains to point
of cjmmencomont.
22. Commencing at a pnsL market) "Gus
Lund's north uasl corner," about 3 tulles up
Camp Creek, thence west 100 chains, south 4<i
chains, east 100 ohains, north 40 chains to point
of commencement,
23. Commencing nt a post marked "Gus
Lund's norlh west cornor, about 2) miles up
Camp Creek, theuce cist itin chains, south 40
clmins, west llkl chains, north III chains to
point of commencement,
24. Commencing at a post marked "Uus
Lund's south cast cornor, about i\ miles up
Camp Crook, Ihence west W chains, south 40
chains, oast lOOchains, north Id chains to point
of commencement.
'IS. Commencing nl a pu-4 mnrked "Uus
Lund's south cast corner," aboul 4 miles below
McCnllough Crook, 2 miles from Coldstream,
llionce norlh Hi chains, west 80 chains, south 80
chaiiiH. east 80 chains to point of commencement.
26, Commencing at a post marked "(his
Laud's south wost corner," about 4 inllos below
McCullougb Croek. 2 mltea from floldsiream,
thenoe north 80 chains, east 80 chains, south 80
chains, wesl 80 chains to point of commence!
27, Commencing at a post marked "flue
Lund's north west corner," about 4 miles below
McCullougb Creek, 2 miles from floldsiream,
thence south 80 chains, east 80 chains, north 80
chains, west su chains to point of commencement.
28, Commenolng at a post mnrked "Que
Lund's norlh east corner," about 4 miles below
McCnllough Creek, 2 milos from Qoldstream,
thencu south 80 chains,, west SO chains, north 80
chains, eust 80 chains to point of commoncement,
Dated June 12th, 1900.
GUS LUND, Locator.
NOTICK Is hereby given that 30 days after
dale 1 Intend lo apply lo the Chief
Commleslouer of Lands and works for a special liceuse to cut and carry away Umber from
the following described lands situated in the
Osoyoos division of Yale District:
1, Commeucing ut a post planted on the onst
bunk of tbe south fork of Cherry creek about 7
miles up from the 40-mile post on tbe Mouishee
wagon roul aud marked "D. Woolsey's southeast comer post," thence north SOchaius; thence
west80chums; thence south 80chains; thence
east 80 chaius to the point of commencement.
_. Commencing bt u post planted on the eust
bunk uf the south fork of Cherry creek, about 7
miles up from the 40-mile post ou the Monashee
Wagon road und marked "D. Woolsey's south
West comer," thence north 80 chains; thence
eust-80chains; tlience south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains to the point of commencement.
Located 23rd May, 1000.
3. Ciimmeucing at a post planted ou the
south bunk of Cherry Creek about 9 miles from
Ihe 40-mlle post ou the Mouashee wagon road
und marked "D. Woolsey's north east corner,"
theuce west 100 chains; theuce south 40 chains;
theuce eust 160 chains; thence north 40 chaius
tu tbe point of commencement.
4. Commencing nt a post planted on tho
south bauk of Cherry Creek nbout 9 miles from
tbe to-mile post ou the Monashee wagon road
nud marked "D. Woolsey's south-east corner,"
thenoe west lOOchains; thence north 40 chaius;
theuce east 100 chains; thence south 40chains
to the point of commencement.
Located 24th May, 1006.
Ji,  Commencing at
mile west from the west   ,
about 7 miles up from the junctiouof Lake
Creek and the north fork of Cherry Creek and
marked "D. Woolsey's north east corner post,"
thence wjst 80 chains; thence south 80 chains;
thence east 80 chains; thence north 80 chaius to
the point of commencement.
Located 28th May, 1000,
Dated this 9th day of June, 1906,
post planted about a
mink of Lake Creek,
Certificate of Improvements.
Piancis Mineral Claim, situate iu the Re relstoke
Mining Division of West Kootenay District,
Where located:- North nf Iron Hill   Mineral
Claim, standard Basin, Big Bend,
Take notice that I, Jan. I. Wundrnw, F.M.C. No.
B88470. acting as agent for myself and A. W, Mcintosh, P.M.C. No, B88406, fleo. Johnson. P.M.C,
Nu. B88027, Klfoabfth McMalmn, F.M C. No,
B8BM9i intend sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply tu the Mining Recorder for a Certificate of
Improvements, for the purpose of obtninlng a
Crown Grant nf the almve claim.
And further take police that act inn, under nee-
Hun 37, must lie commenced Iwfnre the Issuance of
such Certificate of Improvements,
Dated thin Fourteenth day of May, A.D., I WW.
J-"-' INDffEJK     PJ^y    fifEAT
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V 81.   JOHN,   HAMH/TON.
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Oapltal Subscribed - M,ooo,ooo.oo
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D. K. WlLKIB, President; Hon. R, Jaffhay, Vice-President.
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The B. C. Sugar Refining Co., Ltd.
NOTICK Ih hereby given that 6U daye after
date I Intond lo apply lo tho Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase the following dc-
scrlbud lands In the West Kootenay district,
west nldfl of Upper Arrow Lnko:
Commencing at a po»L about three milos
noiith of Fosthall entile, and aboul I mile from
tho tiuke, marked "Thomas Webster's couth
ftattt corner," nt the north easl corner of M. C.
Hlye'* application to purchase; thenoe north KI
chnlns. moro or Ickh, to tholakoNhoro; thouce
following said shore In a general northerly
and westerly direction 1(1 chains, moro or lusu,
to the south boundary of A. K. Hammond's
application to purchase; thenco west (11 ulialim,
more or less, to the emit boundary of L M.
ilohnstono'n application to tin re bane; thenco
Hoilth 80chains; thenco oast tin chains to point
of commencement, containing lliu iiurtw, moro
or loss,
Datod this I'Jth day of Juno, KM).
I'er lUlphBlyo, AgonL
lifter date 1 Intenil to apply to the II,„i. Chief
Cniiimlrialnner nt Land* and Works fur permission
tnpurcliftse tlie following ,l,s,-iil,„,l lan,l* In the
Woit Knntcnay district, west lltle ol Cpper Arrow
lake about one half mile soulh „( !■',,.(lull creek.
Coniiiit'iii-lna, at a pn.I mnrked. " W. W. Cock's
si uth cast cornor," nt the south net ron.Br ol I..
8(111, tlitini-o nnrlh in chains, alnni the weat tnnnil-
nry n( 1,. mi; llieni-,, west 12tlchiitns; (hence s„ntli
Ull chains: tllt'lli'i" east in ,-h,illis. m„rt, „r less t„
the west iHiillldary t,( A. lloUi-limeyer s application
ti, pim-liasi'itlieni-e north 40 clialns, mere „r less
to llie llertll nest comet „( A. Il„lli'lliii,'yi-r'a
appllt'iitlnli ,,, purchase; tliint-t, east Ml chain,
more „r jssl l„ point <>( ,-,,-lini.lti-eliienl. BU acres
Hnlr.! May U, 11KKI
Per. T, 0. Maklnson. »|,-nl
Pitasss every Imoker the "Maroa
i'ull linn wus n giiitti iniiig, nun tt-i-y
exfrtnuted it (win taxes, the Opera
House slinnld he oxempted ton, as it
was n plane where nood plays and
cliiiii li work wore done tun. It wus n
straight cute uf government competition, which nn working mini ooiild
stand, in tl l,e would not put up with
it il lie could help it, He was in,
guveriimeiii pap-sucker, and he would
refuse to pay his taxis, light nr wuler
rules unless they put Ibe Drill Hull
i,n tbe sume Imsis, lie wauled I >
know why be had to work 1,1 tu IS
hours a ilny nn account ol government compel it inn'.'
Tbe Mayor said if the lb-ill Hull
was to lie r.n as it dance bull it should
lie taxed.
Aid, Palmer would have opposed
Aid. Tapping's first motion but bo
would support ii ns amended, us it wus
nut Init tn hnve (lie Drill Hull used ns
u dunce bull. The Dominion Government all twcil fair water and light
The ninl imi was carried uiiiiuimtiuly.
Aid. Palmer ocmplained ol the
boulevards, on MaKeniie Avo., us the
result wnuld be In make the street
Impassible Inr vehicle trallic. Tbey
might ns well give them all the street
nnd be dune with it.
The Mayor reckoned a great mistake
bud been mule regarding thut Btrcct.
He considered they should be carelul
uiu in, the amount ol street allowed
lor boulevardlng in future.
It was understood sidewalks should
be three feet from lot lines, along Mc-
Arthur Ave.
A special meeting was held Monday to consider the question ol putting
u bylaw before the citizens to borrow
sufficient money to put in an extra
water tank for lire prevention, a big
gate valve at the power house, a steam
auxiliary for the light plant and provide Ior preliminary surveys and
estimates for a sewerage system for
the eity.
Aid. Tapping proposed they put a
bylaw before tbe people to raise the
necessary funds for the above works,
the amount of the bylaw to be ,f 18,000.
The Mayor said a shut down of the
light plant by ice in winter meant
Inying off 200 men ut the 0. P. B. dur-
111°; the time light was required.
Aid. Trimble said there was two
inches ol ice round the interior ol the
Hume last winter.
Aid. Abrahamson: We had no front
last winter.
Aid. Trimble: Well what would it
be if you had frost? II tbe ice got
worse the breaking down ol it would
wreck the machinery at the power
house, and then where would you be?
Mr. Floyd suggested they should
consider whether they could not get
something better than steam. For
instance a gaB producer engine would
be ol higher original cost but would
cost leis to run than steam, and a
certified engineer would not be required as in the case ol steam.
Aid. Trimble seconded the motion
to secure discussion on it.
The mayor said regarding gas producing engines there were none ol
them in the province and he would
like to see somebody else try it first.
Aid. Huwson siiiil it seemed a general opinion tbey should have another
tnnk and another valve. That would
cost $2,500. They could not take it
out ol revenue, yet the work was
necessary. 1)12,500 was too little to
put before Ibe people in a bylaw, Tbe
auxiliary plant wus a necessity and
would have to be put in this year nr
next. He considered it better, therefore to put it in now. With thut
auxiliary plant they would be in u
position to talk to the G. F. 11. or anybody else regarding power. Ily ensuring steady light 3115 days in tbe year
they would soon make up interest and
sinking lund.
The Mayor embused the outlay as a
Aid. Caley favored the tank and
valve expenditure, hut did not think
the citizens would support putting in
an auxiliary steam plant at present.
There were many who would not support putting in a power plant to supply the C.P.R. with power at 5c. per
Aid. Trimble suid they knew tbe
trouble there would be il the light
failed for two or three weeks next
winter. He considered it better to
put the matter Mure the people and
if they turned down the by-law, then
the people would have themselves to
blame and would not saddle it on the
Aid. Howson wus afraid of lire,
Aid. Palmer said they put through
a by-law Ior only $3,000 more, and tbe
city did not get five cents lor it.
Aid. Abr,liamson said il they were
going in (or a by-law let them make
provision for the power plant so that
it could be put in nny time inquired.
Aid. llowson.—Supposing we have
to put in another piece ol llunie, what
n re we to do ?
Aid. Abrahamson : The llunie is
good enough lor years il looked after.
Aid. Howson. The auxiliary plant
is simply part ol the power.
Aid. Palmer agreed with Aid,
Aid. Trimble said that ever since he
had been in tbe city it had been said
they must have a steam auxiliary and
he considered it better to put it in
n-iv. II they had a hard winter they
would be up against it and they would
lind the C.P.R. would not put up with
any more break downs as they had in
the past.
Aid. Caley wanted to see the mattor
held over till next meeting to give the
Council an opportunity ol thinking
it over more lully
Aid. Trimble saw nothing to be
gained by holding it over.
AM. Palmer supported laying the
matter over til next meeting and
moved accordingly.
The Mayor suggested the aldermen
get the feeling ol thc citizens in each
Aid. Abrahamson seconded the
motion (or an adjournment lur further
discussion aud that was agreed to.
KiiiiUnm) dUtrlcl, ll i
I.   (i lenolnu nl nixiil ninrlml "Arthur
I'u, lie's miiiiIiwi-I ei,riii<r posl," phililod nil ll„,
,,n*i-iilu olSnllii.n, Ilu,,,- ills,ill ijinlloli	
Klinbniliol l.-tlie. Ihouco ousl 10 ,-luiltis, llioncii
norlli 01 chains, llioncuwosl In chnlni, tiiuuco
SOUlil Mli-lmilM, lllOIICO WOSt HI l-lulilis, thonco
Klllll It III I'lniilis Ii, point,,(nomine. nenl.
*.'.  C i inn ul ii i«,*i ,i,ailr, "Arthur
I'lDiin'siiiirih ii.-i enmor pust," |,l;„,i,-,l,,i, il,„
mul It Intuit nl Bnlllvnn Itli-iiriilsml iiv„„,il„*
I, Klmbinkul Lnko, liionco snulli HUchiilns.
tin, ,n*i sn olinlus, Uuu  nnrlh llOJohiilni,
thouoe wost sn olinlui I,, |,,,inl,,( cninmoiioo-
:i. Cniniiii'iK-iiiii at ii posl marked "Arthur
I'u) no' - mirth oiiitooruor pnst," i,lni,t„,l nn tho
■onil, Intiil, i.fSiilliinu rivor nboul I mil,- I'm,,,
Klniliatkul Lnko, tlionco minth SO olmbn.. liionco
wosl sn olinlui, tlionco nnrlh 80chain-, ll ,-„
oust WohiiliiB lai point uf '""» lout.
I. fjomniouoliigal u i„,*i inurkotl "Arthur
Pnyno's norlh west onrnor pint," plnntod nn
ihu south bunk ol Sulllvnu Kivor ulninl l ntlloi
(nun Ki.iii»ii i,,-t Lnko, llionoo *,,uil, in ohnlns,
llm ionst inn chnlns, liionco imrlli 10ohnlns,
llionoo wost it'll chain-1,, pnlnl of t-uiiitiiuiico-
fi, CniiiiniinciiiK ill n ]i,-I ni irlind "Arthur
Pnyno's snulli wnst curuer |,,,*l,*' |,liiliti,,l<iii
the south imiii, lit Sulllvnu Itivnr sin,at. I miles
[l>,111 Kiliilia-l,,.| I  lla a nnrlh  lllcllllill*.
thouoe onil um ohnlns, llionoo ninth 10 ohnlns,
lliniii'il woat leu cliioli* In |„,int,,( ciiiiiinenci-
ni.a.i t.
II. CnuininucluK lit u liosl innrkoil "Arthur
I'nyiin's tu,rth w„-l minor post," |,la,,l,-,l on
Ihe south liuni, nilSllllil'illl Itivnr about li luiiils
(mm Kimbaskot Lnko, llionoo aouth su ohnlns,
th.-linooust Wl chains, lhnn,-,, north hit ohllins,
tlienne wost Kll chitinsli, point of cnliitniiucD-
1. Cntiiiiinlii'iliK Si a l'n-1 intirkoil "Arthur
Pnyno's sooth \vn*l cnrieir |„,*t," |,liutti„l ou
(In, south haul, nl Sullivan Kiver tiliuut - milos
In,in Kinibiiskol Luke Hit, rlh lllrhniii-,
tlinnco oust Iim cliiiins, tlionco *,,iilh ill clmins,
Ihiiuco ivo*l inn clmins tn i i nf cnninencii-
Dntod tho21st iloynf May, inwi.
NOTICK la hereby given that 80 days after date
wo intend to npply In the Uon, The Chlof
Commissioner of Lands nml Wnrks for n Speoial
Liconso to cut nnd curry nwny tiuiher from the
following described lands In Went Kootenay Dis*
Commenolng at a pnst planted at north-west
corner of Timber Claim 614*2, marked "Arrowhead
Lumber Co.'s nnrlh cast cornor post," running
went 4i) chains, thence smitli SO chains, oast-lu
clmins, south 40 chains, ensl 40 chains, nortli Si)
clmins, west 40 chains, nortli 40 chains tn place of
May 25th, 1908.
jy 7       AltltOWIIKAl) LUMBBR CO. LTD
Notice Ih hereby given thnl !W dnys nflcr date
I intend to apply to the Honorable tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for permission to cut and carry nwuy timber from the
following described lands situatod in West
Kootenay district:
1. Commencing at a post planted on tbo
smith side of Smith creek about 2# miles from
the Columbia river and markod "K, J Johnson's north cast corner post," tlienco south 80
chains, thence west 80 ehniiis, tbenee nortli W)
chains, thence cast 80 chains to the point of
•£. Commencing at a imst planted nn the
smith side of Smith ereek about 8W utiles from
the Columbia river nnd marked "li, J, Johnson's norlb cast corner post," theuco south ho
chains, thence wesl SO chains, thonce north 80
i'liains, thence east80 chains to the point id
:',. Commencing at a post planted on the
smith side of -Smillioreok about 4W miles irom
tbo Columbia river and mnrked '-K.,1, John-
sou's norlh east corner posl," thence snulli 80
elinlns, thenco west80cliains, thence north 80
clialns, thence east 80 chains to the point ut
l. Commonolng at a post planlcd on the
south side of Smith creek about6^ miles from
the Columbia river and marked »K, J, Joint-
son's north east corner post," Ibeuce south wi
ohains, thenoe wjflt-SO ohains, tlienco north 80
ohains, thence east 80 chains to the point of
5. Commonolng at a nosl planted on tho
south side of Smith creek about GW miles from
the Columbia river and marked "K. J. Johnson's north enst corner post" thence south 80
chains, thonco west hu chains, thence north 80
chains, thonco east 80 chnlns to tho point of
ii; Commencing al a posl planted on (he
south side nf Smith creek about 7'., miles from
the Columbia river and marked "I-.. J. Johnson's north cast corner post," Ihence south So
cbnins, Ihenco west 80 chains, ihence north so
chnlns, theuce east HO chains to the poinl of
7. Commenolng at n pnst planted on tho
smith sideoi smitli orook abontliUmllos from
the Columbia rivor and marked ''JS, J. Johnson's south east cornor post," Ihence north m
ohnlns, thonco wost 1C0 chains, thence south-in
chains, thenco east IW) (.'bains to the point of
8, Commencing at a post planted on the
south sido ol Smith creek almnt 4":. miles from
tlieColumbia river ami marked "K J, John-
■son's sontli oast cornor post," thonco north 4u
ehains, thence west 100 chains, thonco south
to chnlns, llienee east 160 chains to the point of
!) Commencing at n nost planted on the
south side of Smith creek aboul Nt in lies from
tho Columbia river and marked "RJ, Johnson's soulh easl corner posl," llionoo norlh -ID
chains, ihence wesl 160 ohains. theuce south <lo
chains, thonce cast 160ohains lo the point of
10. Commencing nl a post planted on the
north side of the norlh fork of Smith creek,
aboutOJrjj miles from the Columbia river und
market!"K, J. Johnson's soutli east corner."
thouco north 80 chains, thence wesl ho ehalus,
th'enee south H0 chains, llienee east 80 chains
to the place of commencement,
Dated .May 'it, iisw.
NOTICK Is hereby given that thirty days aftor
date I intend Mi apply In thu llnii. Chief
Commissioner nl Lands nml Works, for a special
license to cut ami carry away timber from the
following described lands:
1. Commencing at a post planted on the oast
Icnik of thc north fork of Fife (reek, aboutQ
miles above the forks nud marked "H. P. Henry's
north oust comer posti" theuce west 4<i chains,
thence soulh 100 oiiatns, llienee enst 40 clintus,
tlience north lBObhalns to point of commencement,
2. Commencing at a post planted mi the east
bunk nf the imrlli fork of l-'ife Creek, about fi
miles above the forks aud marked "K. I'. Henry's
norlli west corner post," Ihence smith \w chains,
theuce eust 40 chains, thence mirth um chains,
thence west 40 ehains to point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a posl plmiicii mi tho oust
bank of the nnrlh fork nf I'lfe Crook, about fi|
miles frnm Ihe forks nml marked "K. P. Henry's
snulli ensl corner pusl,' llioncu north 100 chains,
theuce west 4u chains, theuce south lGOclialils,
llienee eiiHt4ucliailiH to point nf eimimencemeiil,
4. Cniiiiiiem'ing.'it a jmsl planted mi the east
bank nf the mirth fork of l-'ife Crook, about fij
miles abovo the forks and markod "K. !'• Henry's
.outh west comer post," Ihence north 80 chains
ihence eust till chains, tlience south HU chains
ihence west Wl chains to point of eoiiuiiencL-liieni
fi. Commencing al a post planlcd oil the wosl
'milk of the north fork of l-'ife Creek, nliout. SJ
miles above thi'forks, and nmrked "K. I1, Henrys
north oiint comer post," thenci' west su i'liains,
ihence south hi) chains, llienco east 80 chains.
I hence liol I li HO chains lo pnilil of I'oiuiticliccilicut.
li. Commencing nl a post planted on the west
lunik id the north fork of Fife Creek,nbout 8',
miles above tlie forks and marked "K. I1. Henry's
south enst corner posl," Iheiien ninth ion chains,
thencu west tn cliiiins, tlienco snulli 100 chains,
hence east 40 ohains tn pnlnl nf cntntnoiicotitotit.
7. Commencing ftl apostiilunted mi Ihe west
bank of the nnrlh fork of life Creek nml nbout 0
ntlleaabove the forks and marked "M, P. Henry's
■ioulh east curlier post," theuce imrtli Iim chains,
ihence west 40 chains, tlionco south 100 chains,
tlience easl 40 chains lo -.mini of commencement.
H. Commencing nt n nosl planted ou the west
hank nf the nnrlh fork nf Fife Creole, about 0
miles above the forks ami marked "K. P. Henry's
.until wi'i-.i corner post," thonco east 80 chains,
llionce nnrtli 80 elinlns, tlienco west 80chnlns,
theuce mmtliHii ehains to point of cnuimciicumtuit.
Dated May 1st, 1000.
.... days afler dato I Intend to apply lo tin
chlof Commissioner of l*ands and Works for a
special licenso to cut and carry away I imbci
from lho following described lands nenr
Uppor Arrow Lake, West Kootonay Dislricl,
Kosthall watora:—
1. Commencing at a pnst about fl chains snulli
d Hear Creek ami nbnul four miles fnnn the
mnitli, theuce nnrtli 80 chuhis, theuce east 80
lm iii".. thonco soutli 80 chains, Ihence west 80
halns to poinl of coiuuieiiceuient.
i. Comment-1 iur ala oust nn smith side of Hear
Croek and about live miles from the month, thouce
north 80 chains, thonce cast 80 cIiaIiis, tlienco
south SO chains, theuce wesl 80 chains to point of
8, Commencing at Nn, 2 posl north 80 chains,
thence wust 8(1 chnUis, thence smith 80 chains,
thouce east 80chains to point of cnmmeiiciMuent.
4. Commencing at a post on north side of Hear
Creek, iilioiilslx iiillen from the mmitli, Ihence
imrtli 80 chains, llienee went 81) chains, thence
south Fui chains, thnicu east 80 chnlns lo poinl of
Dated May lib, 1900.
In lln- Wm Kootenny District;
I. UumuiunoluB al a posl kod "11. Don'
nelly's innii, iviwi uoruur |hmi ."plantod nboul
r, uiilc-11.nili ii-  m<) ir Crook nnd ulioul
-.'mill's wesi of ilu-noi iinik mi llioCo'uiiibin
Kivor, thencu suuili 8» chains, llionoo oast 80
chnlns, lho norlli Si chains, Hjluico wosl "
i-buiiiHio tho point ofcoiiiinoucL'iiicnl,
'.'. Commencing nl a posl planted nl>OUl I]
miles north from Seymour Crook nud nboul -
miles west fr  I lu- wesl bunk ol' llii-Coliiiu
bin Rivor nmi markod "II. Donnelly's south
wosl cornor posl," llionoo north 80 cbnins,
ilimioi si mi oiinliiH, ihenco south 80 ohnlns,
Ibeuce \w-l BOolinillS In I he point of i-nmincuce
;\. Commencing ntn post planted about 11
mill's inn Mi from Scyiniiiir Ciei-li nml iibmil .'
miles wosl of the west bunk of the ('nluiuhia
Kivor nml marked "IL Donnelly'* north on»l
cornor p'st," ihouco woat hi chain*,thoneo
smith 80 chains, ihi'iiee coat 80 chains, thonce
north 80 emmis io Lliu point of oommonooiuont,
4. Commencing ut, 11 post planted about l]
milos norlh from Seymour Crook nml nbnut *.'
miles west irom Ihe wohI bunk of Die Columbia
Rivor and marked "II. Donnelly's south oasl
ourner poBt," ihcniT west mi onnlns, llionoo
north 80 uhalus, llionoo oasl B(l ohains, ihoneo
south sn chnlns iii thu poinl ofoointnoiioo nionl.
j coinineueiiig nt 11 post planted about ltji
miles norlli oi Boymniir creek nnd nbout!)
milos WOSI from llm west bank nf tlm Columbia
tlvoraiul markod -ll Donnelly's north oul
corner pout," thouco south80chains, ibeuce
west 80 clmins. llionce norlh 80 chaini, llionoo
ensl 80 Chains In Ilo- poinl id coiiinieueeinent
0. Comiiieiieing nt n posi planted aboul Ik
miles nnrtli of Hoytliour ('reek and abmti 3
miles wesl from the west bank ol [lieCnlunibin
itiveratid marked "11 Donnelly's Boulh-casi
corner post," thouco north mi chains, thence
wtsl Ml eluilus, llienee smith Mi cbnins, thence
enst mi chains io the pnini ol coinmoucomoiu.
Located mil Juno, IWO,
7   Commencing m a post plnntod about 2W
miles 11011I1 ol Seymour Creek nml aboul il
miles wesl from the west bank 01 Columbia
River nnd mnrked "II, Donnelly's south east
enrner posl," Ihence north hi) chains, tbenee
W08t80chains, theuce smith so chains, theuce
ea 180 chains to tho point ot commencement,
\ Commencing at a post plantod nbout:!1.,
miles north ol Seymour Creek and 2 miles
weat from the wist bank of the Columbia
lllver und marked ■**' II. Donnelly's north west
corner post," thonco south Ml chnlns, thence
east80 chnlns, thence norlh 80 clialns, thence
wesi sn chains to the pointol commencement.
0, Ci.iuinciiciiigala posi -plantedaboutSU
miles north frnm Seymour creek uud about 1
mile west from the wesl bank of the Columbia
Kivor marked "H. Donnelly's south eastern*-
ner post," llienee uortli 811 chains, theuco west
811 chains, thonco south 80 chains, thonce east
mi cliiiins to the point of commencement,
Located I Ilti June, IIM!,
10. Commencing nia post planted al a point
aboul opposite Keystone Crook and about 8
Chains wesl irom the west bank of tne Coluin-
lln Kiver nnd marked "11, Donnelly's south
east corner posi," llienco norlh ,-.(i chains
theuco wosl hu chains, thence south so chains,
thonce east 811 chains lothe point of commencement,
Located 121I1 June, iihnj.
II, Commencing at a posl planted ou llie
wesl bank of i-rlsby Creek about IJ-jj miles
wesl Irom Hie Columbia River nnd marked
"ll. Donnelly's south east comer post," thonce
norlh ho chains, thencu wcsiso chains, ihence
south HO chains, thonco eastsii chains tothe
point of commoncomont,
12. Commencing ai a posi plnntod on tho
wesl bank of trisby creek uliuiu 1', miles
west from llie Columbia Kiver nud mnrked
-11. Donnelly's northeast corner post," tlience
south 80 chains, tlience wost80 chains, theuce
norlli Mi chains, ihence east su eliuiiis tothe
iiiiiiit ol commeiicenieiiL.
Located i:;th June, WOO.
18, Commencing at a post planted about If
mile west from .he west bank ol the Columbia
Kivor about opposite the south buumlaryof
Lot ;,414, (iroup l, Kootenay District, nml
marked "11 Donnelly's south cost cornor post,"
llionce north HU chains, ihence woal su chains,
theuce soulh b0 cbnins, theuce casi mi chains
to the point oi eoiiiuienceiuenl.
11. ( oiiiineiielug ai a post planted about !•
mile west from llie wesl hank of ihe Columbia
tt) ver about opposite Un- south boundary ul
Lot 8414, Group 1, Koolouay District, ami
markod "11, Donnelly's noiili oast corner
post," thenco south 80 ohnlns; thence west mi
chains, thence north 80 chaius, theuce east SU
clialns to the point ol commoucoment,
Located lltli,Mine, I'Mi.
. 1. .l.i. ,10   -.-I-     ucUCLAtiUiNti    UU\
biltMrtU   Till!)  Ultil'USAL  UK  LMJ-
AlliMUM     LANJJti     W1TU1M     THh
A  LlCidiNMK to eul Llliibui' Uiu  be ac-
UiiiroU   only   ul  public   compclilioii.    A
rental oi *., per square mllo is oUargeu
Cor all timber bertlm oxeopl ihusu huu-
uleU west ot Vale fur which the rental is
ut llio rule uf 5 ceula per uerfl per annum,
in addition iu the tenlal, auea at tlie
following rates are uhai-gc*i:—
tSuwu liimbei', i>U ceiiid per tbousanil
feet UM. m      ,
Liallway lies, eight and nine feet long,
t l-i una 13*4 cents each,
blimglu bulla, 2G uuiila a curtl.
All utliei pruduuis, S per ceuL un the
A license iu issued BO "soon as a berth
la granted, bui in uurveyed territory nu
Umber can be eul m a burLii uuiil tne
licensee baa made a survey thereof.
tferuills tu eul limber are alsu granted
ul public cuiupeliliuu. except in llie euae
uf ucluul selllers, whu require llie Um-
.,11 im ihoir uwu use.
SeLLleis and uthers may uiau obtain
permils lu eul up tu 100 colds uf Wuud lui
sale   wilhoul   cuuiuelitiuu,
Tlie dues payable under a permit ure
*fl.iiU per Lliuusuud feel il.Al., fur square
limber and sawlugs uf any woud except oak; irum 1-2 tu 1 1-li cents por lineal
Coui for building lugs; from Li 1-^ to 'a
rents per curd for wuud; 1 cent fur lence
posts; a eeiils fur railway Lies; and uO
coins per curd fur shingle bults.
Leases fur grazing purposes are Issued
fur a term uf iweiuy-une years, ut a
i-oulul of twu cents per acre per annum.
Cual lands may bo purchased at flU
per acre fur soft cual aud ftti fur antbra-
eile. Nut muic than 320 acres may be
ucquiml by uiie individual ur company,
ttuyully al Lite rale ut 10 cents per tun
uf :.mi pounds Is culluctcd mi Uiu gius*3
uutput, ,    ,
Entries fur laud for agricultural purposes muy be made personally at Uie lucal land olilco for the dislricl in which
Uio lund lu be taken up is situated, ur
if the huiucsteader desires, be may, un
upplb-uliuu lu the Minister uf Uie Inteiiur
al Olluwu, the Cummlsslouer of Immigru-
Uuii at Winnipeg, ur Uie lucal agent for
the District, wllhln which Die land U
situated, receive authority for some uue
tu make entry fur him.
A fee uf }1U Is charged fur humesiead
A settler whu has received an entry toi
a homestead, Is required lu perform Um
conditluns connected therewith under one
uf the fullowlng plans:—
iO Al least six months' residence upon
aud cultivation uf the land in each year
during Uiu term uf three years,
It is tbe practice uf Ibe Department to
require a nuttier tu bring 10 acres under
cultivation, but if ho prefers he may substitute -nock; and 20 heud uf catllc, tu be
actually bis uwn property, with buildings
for their accommodation, will be required
in.-tead uf cultivation.
(8) It Uiu father (or mother, If lho father Is deceased) of any peisuu who is
eligible to make a homestead entry under
tbo provisions of the Act, resides upun
a farm In the vicinity of the land entered for by such person as a homestead,
Uiu requirements of the Aci as tu residence prlur lo obtaining patent muy be
satlslled by such penun residing Willi the
father or mother,
(3) It the settler has his pormunent
residence upun farming land owned by
him In the vicinity of his humesteud, the
requirements of the Act ai to residence
muy be satisfied by residence upun tbe
said land.
Applieatiun for patent should be made
at the end of three years before the local
agent, sub-ugcnt or u homestead inspector.
Before making application for a patent,
the settler musl give six months' notice
In writing to the Commissioner of Do*
minion Lands at Ottawa, of his intention to do 10,
Deputy Minister of tho Interior
Ottawa. Febmray 14th. INS.
Import direct from Country of origin.
£%%%% %%%%%% %%%*%%%%%% %%%%%% *V%%%%% Vf
For Agricultural Implements, Carriages, Wagons, Etc., John
Deere Ploughs, Molina Wagons, Canada Carriago Company's
Dugglos, Planet jr., Garden Soedor- and Cultivator.-. Wheel-
Uwright and Blacksmith Work attended to Bone Shoeing a
Incorporated by Aot of Parliament, l&W.
Wm, Molson Maci'iikhsiin, I'h-s. S. II. Kwixii, Vlce-Prei.
James Elliot, Oeneral Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in wny of banking business transacted without un-
necessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W, H. PRATT, Manager,
ReveIjBtoke, B. C.
■\TOTIl-K IB IIKKKHY (1IVKN Ihnl thirty
±\ illlj-a lltlor illll.ll llitiilltl Iti illilily lo llio
(IliliiMloiiiiiiissloiiorof Lands uml \Vurhn lor a
ipoOlAl IIooiiho In uut llllll csrry nwny timber
fmni Iiii, (iiIIoivIiik iloacrllivil liimls lllliateii In
tllolVrat KiHili-nsv nlitrlnl, 1111 111,, ni-st slilo ol
Arrow Uko, oppoaflo NiiktiH|i:-
1. CoiiiinetioliiKntniioat miuki,,! "Nortli Bail
Corner poit," thanco 80 i-lmlna woit, SO chaini
sontli, KllrlinliiH i-inil, Wl aiming norlli to |,„inl ol
i. (.'iniiiiit'iii-liijt ill it poit loljnlniiir. N<,. 1 limit
,111 iiii, hm iii slii,., ihoneo 111,-liitins iniiili. 100
nosl. in,-l,,i in. .milli. liKI I'lmlns i-iistl,, |,„int ol
li.ilml Juno Dili, in'i.
HU. LEI'lXt.
(Under   New   Management)
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Beet brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
R. Dowswcll, (formerly nl Leland Hotel, Vancouver) Proprietor.
First Class House for Travellers and Commercial Men
Newly Built, Newly Furnished, and the most comfortable house in the City.
Queens /fofe/
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars. . Travellers*to
Fish CreeK will lind excellent accommodation at"this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprleto.
|v» n%t-i**.%t««%%««>M«%iU"Ut-u«t«ii
IIKAD OKKH'K:  ('J.I.III.UY,   Ai.iikht*.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork I'ni-ki-rs .wl Doalor. In Livo Sl„rk.  Market! in .ill the principal Cities and
Towns of Alberts, Britisli ...,uinl,in and Uie Yukon.  Hackm „l the CellbnOed Brand    _
"Iiuporator" Iinins ,m,l   aeon, and Lahamrock Brand, UafLarrl \
Central Hotel
Newly built,    First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Hack service to any part of the Oity at nil li'mm.  Higs equipped for
Pleasure Parties.   First class single and dodble rip.  Express, dray-
nig and transfeirlng,  Saddle and pack hones for bite.  All kinds
uf job work undertaken,    Wuod for sale,
STABIH ami Kksidemk Phiixe 41. |Haok Stand-27
Commercial Printing
Rapidly and neatly turned out at the Mail-Herald Office
v *M(/
SPECIAL BARGAiJSIS jr«jn J ujnui  ,
Hi- mil pm mi . ,i Bargain Counters liners tu clear i
ess „l cost.
I wont) i'iiM-s ol   Si-oii'li   liinglmms nml
Chambi ivsi   Uoiftilar I'i -   joc, Now ioc.
Muslin Stripe and die
Ladies Cashmere llos
Now 3fC,
ml i hecks im*
Met -,,-,.--- Sex.   I
five P       for $1.00,
jauaaa      W
Men's   Winking   Shirts,    in   Hint  nnil    •SHfe
Slripe  Materials,     Regiilnr  Prion $1.00.     W*
Now t',i,-. -*-$,-
Wo in,- letting ili,'-,- go ,ii Salo Prices,
Inn*' Tweed Suits nl S.'.im a Suil,
Our Slock is nl ils honl   Now,   This Is
11 tfoi sntisfni'iioii in Footworn*.
Our Prices uro ^uumnloud lho lowest,
This i* iln- brand for dressy men, They
possess good quality, shape, and llnish,
\\ i: \KI'. SOUS AGENTS. **
EEID   &   ~Y"OTJN-G-
#k ^ **"!■*. ^ 00 M y M00 '  00 0 M0000J&0£0z00
W JSWw fill P»-fliffffffffffffw
$,$n$i i$i <ti i$i i|i $iTj $$■$*$*$$$'*»♦ ####
1   9
9       Wc have them   all Kinds, all Prices and all Sizes. i$i
i$i This is thc Season for Picture Taking,
9 ••
I Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited |
Local and General.
Tin- scliuuls will break lip on tlio
*.'m'u lor the midsummer holidays.
Aid. Tapping left lor East Kootonay
to-day mul will ho nwny n month.
Brothier escaped Ir  tbo immigration officers nt Seattle, but wai recaptured alter 11 lively chase.
The swimming bath nt the Y. M.
(.'. A. ii now in full swing, and. is being largely patronised.
Rev. C. X. lliuigc bus arrived Irom
Vancouver, nnd will hold Scandinavinii
services at the Methodist Ohuroh.
II. 1-'. Hay has sold hall bis ranch
Bouth ol Revelstoke to parties who
intend going in lur fruit-growing.
11. Hobbs, former customs inepeotor
Ior the C, P. It., bus been arrested at
New York on a charge ol perjury.
The Law Soeiely hn* suspended S.S,
Taylor, of Nelson, for 30 dnys on 11
charge ol unprofessional conduct.
Rc-v. Jas. Turner camo in fronl the
west on Saturday night nnd assisted
at the Methodist church toi'vices on
Midsummer High School entrance
examinations are being held this week,
Rev, C. A. Proeunier being presiding
A siding "I tho County Court will
be held ibis evi ning. The principal
case isja suit by H. A. llr,,wn against
the members ol the Curling Club lor
rent ,,f rink.
Tin- Dominion Government have
siartt-il work on tin protection t,( 1 Ik-
iivi-r bank, behind Front Street,
where some damage was done by the
recent high water.
P, Burns ,v Co will call public ten-
di rs foi the erection ol llieir new block
,,i corner ol McKenzie Avenue and
First Btreel II,- architect i* expected here daily from Vancouver.
Much annoy mce is caused to peopli-
who have planted out tr,-, - in front ol
their pi ,perties hy children breaking
them down, A warning Irom Ihe
I   ice would pi    ibly do good.
Dish inesl mortar, faulty construction aud the misguided use ol cheap
bricks, were responsible (or nearly nil
the earthquake damage at San Fran-
cisco, says Dr. Knkaniiira, who was
sent to investigate tin 1 Heels ,-i thi
tremblei and lire.
On Saturday a Japanese was lound
dead at Three Valley, having been run
over by n train during the night, On
Monday Dr. Cross held nn inquest at
which n verdict of accidental death
wa- returned. Deceased had nol been
-• in around the track |,ri,,r to tin-
accident. A quantity ol liquor was!
-, 1,; there tin previous day snd it is
supposed he had been drinking mid
went to sleep on the railway track,
11. F Hay i- trying wheal this se«
son and ' u planted out areas 11
-.. eat and peis,    His Iruit irees an
If ymi ill-op in Ihmt ju-l lii'fiiH'
you call, iini RH ' I'0* "'
I,.,,-k- witii you. Tin- delicious
Candy is welcome whercvei llie
ln-t .iml piircal '■ HWKBTH "(ire
In half 01 pound packages inin bulk, n>
75c. Per Lb.
Mall nnd Telephone Orders re-
elve prompt attention.
\WALTER BEWS.    -   Him. B.
DruKKlsi and Stallonor,
1.1 xi tne li inin blot k.
looking Bplondidly notwitbstandiiu!
llie wel season, lb- intends planting
mil in,,ri- I'rnil trees. Al presold eight
cows nm being milked. Mrs. Uny bus
bad a Biiocosslul season with puuliry,
tbo incul iit<>rs having lialch d oul
SOU chickens nnil Iill ducks. Mr. lluy
i.- gelling liis place into good shape.
A mooting ol the executive ol tho
Fruit Growers' Association wns held
Inst night, when arrangements were
mado (or llie'visit of the lecturers in
connection with the Provincial Association who will be here mi July lOth
nnd will meet in Willis Armstrong's
orchard. Tbey will give addresses on
various matters connected with fruit
groMing at tlie City Hall in the
J. 1). Sibbald returned yesterday
trom the Bond nnd brings with him
over 20 ounces of coarse gold casually
picked up while bydraiilioing on
McCnllough Creek, Ilu reports the
property looking splendidly. One
Biiniplt- brought in was worth $21, and
those who saw the sample declare it
the linest tbey hud ever seen Irom the
Bend, Six hub. of gold was taken
from the top rillle nlone.
Ala meeting of the Licensing Commissioners on Monday at thu Colirl
Utilise there were present. Messrs. W.
It. lieiil (chairman), Kincaid ami
Johnson, ll wits resolved to cancel S
Walker's license at Nakusp ami to
suspend W. Hamilton's license ut
Comuplix for 30 days, owing tn coin-
plaints, It was rest,Ind to semi I lu-
Provincial Secretary 11 protest against
the granting a club license l" Arthur
Evans nl Beaton, .1 In-,-use having
been three times refused by tbo Bonni
lor thai house.
A man whoso name has nol been
ascertained lell Hi rough tho railway
bridgeon Monday afternoon and «.•
bo severely injured that be died snort
ly afler removal I" tho hospital, The
name ol the man is given ns Nunl-
ni-ss, and be also worked for the 1 !'
I! under Ihe name ,,f Minis. Inlor
innii,-ii since received shows he wns
under the iiilliieilce of liquor win ■
crossing the bridge and had with him
two companions similarly affected
The party wus making for Three V11
ley when the accident occurred, ai il
the "ther two men walked on as if
nothing had happened.
li- tore Mr, Justice Irvingal Victoria
,,n Saturday, A, D. Macintyre, wl
appeared lur the train robbers al the
recent trial al Kamloops. applied for
a new trial. The grounds advanced
were that the Crown counse
tin -ing the jury had maden commeiil
t,, the etl'ecl thai Supei inteii lent
lln--'-;   ol  the Provincial Police had
nut  .1 -,11.1111   evidence,     The
,- immenl - I counsi I ivas therefore unfair. Mr. Macintyre also stated that
when the lirsl trial proved abortive
the prisoners were nol re-arraigned
.iml asked lo plead    This cos another
nr, gulai pi ei ediu      lln- pul vi r-
ruled both these pleadings, It is
probable thai tin ippeal will be laken
to the Full C 1.
Bargains lor Friday and Batunl ly
only ,,n Sauce Dishes, I.',,-, per doz.,
al C. P.. liuni,-.'. 1 n's,
The Optical departmenl ul Hastings,
Doj le .'. All,nu-. i- in charge ul un
experl optician—Every pair nl glosses
he lit- is guaranteed to give absolute
satisfaction or no oharge will 1 e made,
li is a proven fscl that 110 per cenl ol
headaches are caused hy alVoctcd eyes.
Social and Personal
Mrs. tl. II. Skene is oil 11 visit to Ihe
Miss (lillies left to-day 1111 11 visit to
11. s. McCurier lelt for Camborne
J. A, Magoo returned from Oiimhnrno
nu Saturday, v
Hr. Cross is going I" Glacier lor
iiiiiiiii. 11 week.
Miss Mundy oiime in Inmi Three
Valley to-day.
C. I). Morris, ol lingers Pass, was in
the cily yesterday.
l'\ P.. Wells lelt Monday (or tin-
Const oil a business trip,
F. 11. Corson leaves for the Coast
tonight on a business trip.
Miss Miiiison will entertain hor
pupils nt 11 picnic tomorrow afternoon
T. Howl-US has been laid up with
rheumatism since his return from the
Big Bend.
J, W. Mntleland, elevator owner, ol
Melita, Man,, is visiting H.iiiul Mrs
Cook, accompanied by bis wile.
MisB Maud Heck gave 11 birthday
party to her young friends on Monday
evening ut her home on Third street.
Miss Mnnson of the teaching stnlV
i,I the city school, leaves Friday tor
-Scotland, and will bo away nliout
On Monday evening in the church
parlors, the young pooplo of Knox
church spent a very enjoyable time,
l'lirlor games, a short programme and
rclreshments enabled the young peo
pic to become hotter acquainted, there
hy accomplishing the object ol the
The Ladies Auxiliary of the Y. M. C
A, are giving a soolol III the li. Y. M
C. A. Ibis afternoon and evening
Kelroshmonts. Tbey will also have
cbnrge of the games. Allure invited
it, attend ami a guild time may he tie
ponded "0 when the good women are
itt command. No admission charged
ut the door.
A successful haskot social, organised
by tin- Ladies Aid ol the Catholic
church, was held nt the Selkirk Hall
last evening. There was a large at
tendance The Band entertained with
selections. Ice creiiiu was Borvcd. Tin
drawing in thc pipe contest took place
resulting in M. .1. O'Farrcl, "I Edmon
lun, being declared the winner. About
I*.'-.', was realised as Ihe result.
Business Locals.
All tin latest I ka ul  B    Dm
Violin, banjo, guitar string—nut or
-,. -1—at Canada Drug St   -
Strawberries, Bananas   I.-     ..- s   ,
M-.at ('   II, II ■ A- ('- '-.
Nothing better than  "Our Special.
i .    Irugi   nl;   and always  kepi
it tin- Canada Drug Bt. re
Afternoon tea md - ol work in
he reotory on Tuesday the 26th. Ad-
nission IOc.
Try our lin.- of imported cigars, thej
will please you, Nairns, Bed Cross
Hut- lirsi shipment ol New Potatoes
al '   B Hu a Co ■
Chloride nl lime ami carbolic scid
lor ilisiitfiinn ■ ai Canada Drug Store,
Plonses every smoker lho " Maroa
Fresh fountain syrups and Iruit*
11*1 am - .I f Ben - Drug Bto ■
Try a pound ol our Woodcroll  Tea
ni 36c   per 1 ml al C, 11. llunie k
clear II it in.1 .'imi- hi light smoking condition .1 Nairns' l(,-,l Cross
Hastings Doyle k Allum are mak
ing 1 peel ili-. ol their Repair depart
ment—With two experl workmen at
il,,- bench, thoy can now turn out
work promptly, and all their work is
guaranteed satisfactory.
zinc on Conditions Here,
Honor L. Wilhclm, editor and publisher ol " The ('nasi," ol Seattle,
tii-eiiiiipiiincd by bis wile, spent Sunday
nml Monday iii ItevQlstuke withering
views nnd data ul Ihis eity and unrounding country lor publication In
bis excellent moot lily magazine, which
is devoled exclusively I" the Pacilic
Northwest, British Columbia, Alberta,
Washington, Idaho and Montana.
si inlying Ibe conditions ol growth
iiiiil development ol ibis country and
is one of the Itesl posted in regard to
advantages nnd resources therein. In
speaking ol Rovelstoke bo said:
"Kevelstoke is one ol the moBt
beautifully and advantageously situated cilies I visit. The grand cliinntc
und the glories ul scenery niiike it 11
charming spot. The vnsi resouroes ol
lumbor and mineral tributary constitute tor it a treasure house «l wealth.
The navigable Columbia river, upon
whose bunk itsoonllneBextend, affords
11 mosl. delightful means for pleasure
trips and cheap freightage. There Is
not one point, uf view lor pro-Ill. or
pleasure but Untie nn avenue lor operation at llovolaloko.
I do nut, see how anybody can fall
to got great gain by visiting your oity,
The surrounding picturesque nnd evergreen niounliiins, with their snow-
whitened eresls allll I'llgged sides, rising lo high altitudes Biirrottidiiig,
compose 11 vista ol glory, silent and
sublime, ever appealing lo a wearied
eye and resllul to 11 worried mind. The
crisp Invigorating evenings and cool
nights bring welcome, restful slumber.
The grandeur ol the location is elevating and inspiring.
"The thriving uctivities, the prosperous conditions existing, the well
appointed homes, the attractive and
well kept gardens und lawns, tho neat
nud pretty buildings, the excellent
townsite, the commodious nnd well
appearing churches, Bohoolsand public
buildings, the earnest and hospitable
people, all please with their presence
and charm with their existence. I
like Revelstoke. I take delight in
visiting its people. 1 look forward
with joy to ench visit iiinidBt its beautiful and attractive scenes. 1 only
wish 1 could muke securing trips here
oftener to stay longer."
A successful entertainment wus
tendered last evening in honor of Mr.
Hnney, station agent at Glacier, prior
to his departure foi Uevelstoko to take
up his new position as despatcher.
Several appropriate speeches were
made, at the end ol which G. S, Flindt
presented Mr. Haney with a purae on
bohall ol the hotel employees at
The musical arrangements were
under the management ol Mr. F.
((uicb, who is to he congratulated on
the excellent way he performed bis
Songs, piano biiIob nnd mandoline
solos were rendered by Mits BeBsie
Walker, Miss Leahy Thompson, Messrs
Leslie limes, II. Reeves." Sid Baker,
Alfred Marcus, Mr Costcn and Mr.
Shaw, Mr. Bell gnu; an exhibition ol
slop dancing.
It is needless tosny Mr. Haney takes
witii him all good wishes for his
Amongst those present we noticed
Mr. mid Mrs. Schiller Flindt, Mrs
A. L. .larvis. Miss McQibbon, Miss
McGregor, Miss Haney, Mr. and Mrs,
Wondyiilt, Messrs. Charles Angevine,
W. P. Clarke uml T. W. Shaw.
Positively We Are Not Knockers
Where did you j,rci thai Idea ?
Want to hear real knocking? "OLD HIT HIM A LICK"
down 1 he street works overtime at ii advertising us.
Tel. 96 GOOD   GOODS P 0 Box 44
Cigars.        Tobacco!.       Confectionery        Ice Cream Sndns.
The post few years l:uve witnessed a
wundorfiil devclopme -t in the science
of advertising, Onl) a, decade ago the
idea ol national publicity was scarcely
conceived; today every progressive
town has its Board of Trade, Publicity
Commissioner or some other organi-
'..,tion making a special duty ol
1 rii jing to the knowledge ol the outside world the good points of particular localities.
As 'usual, PRESCRIPTIONS receive prompt attention at Bews' Drug
It. N. Ii,,yle, formally witii .1 liny
Burlier, jeweller, is now in charge of
the npair department at Hastings,
Doyle A Allum's store, where he has
taken a partnership.
. .     -,..-i M,,i  tn tin - tfterdatewe
■-,, ii-1, ' hlefl nmnilsBlfltiflrnf
l,.iii.i- mil W irl    ■        ;■•   'i i. *■"-' I anil
., ... 1 hi   • 1II11    ij desnrthed
I ||    A,    '  K      *. in, l||      'i 1
i. 1 on,: ■■■■■; Inntfld about one
mllo norm ""'ii tlie norlh ■■■■•' i orner ol K. A
Murk, ■*'   ind  marked     Hig  R< lid I 'iiiH.it
..'■■■ in r pfwi    u,.-i,.-.-
■  ■ -     nlm thence
mi -1. rlitlni tn palm
1 it planted iboql one
rner of K .-*.
...   11 * Bend I umU r
* ■■ '    ' ■   ■
-.-ii". tin-lie-
.,..1 m 1 in ni tbenn n'>flb *l phulni tn jwitnl
* ■
puled 1 ■ ■ IAUi ■ •-
■   Rl HU ' I MB) R ' '1   I Tl»
-    ■      1
. .  .■                     Iiiii.<    ■ * ■ ■ 1111 '-I'-ii-1   1
UmU ..lei   ' ■' - 1 1 imj
'■*.-'  llll  *'. id;    I.-.1 l|l„i|
i.„.i. [i,.-.,!,-, ,vi -t k ■*••■' n ■■ ■
i. f'.imni.*ii'*i!.z hi a po*! Mintedftboul t*o
■■   ■       1]     I      -1 ton I I'l-'-r \t
■ bill HI, tin-Hi'.-
1  ii -n-   - ■   ■*, -"■ bal 111 thonce
■ n-i Wfliatns i"  ■    ' '" menl,
-   Commenolng n  «  po I   plmtod tbo it
throe mill i '■'■■ »■ * P«   ■' on ' p
\tro'-  Uie and  marked "II li I, (to**
lotith '-n-i eorm r ,-■ r     Ihenite   n rlh   *
iihalwi, thence ,■•'■-' <0 - halm theiK-j; -nun, m
clmili-. i)i"in*»'*n-i -ii ."hair. ■ (/, point "1 ''"m
Dated inini lath ■■"
ill', BKND MWftKR I 0   I.II'
We have lots of New L'orscis on the way and have to make room lor them.
To do this we must close out the present stock and to do so wc put the whole lot of
" E. T. CORSETS " on sale at one price
In this lot you will find every si/e from 18 to 30. Some sold at $1.50 and
$2.00 and some were less, but they arc all the one price now.
Is a line to which we pay particular attention. We know good Hosiery, and
we will nol keep a poor quality, no matter how cheap it may be offered us. Our
variety is large and the colors arc fast—they arc Hernisdorf Dyed-you know what
that means—the very best.
COTTON HOSE   JOo.   250,   300, Per Pair.
IACE HOSE  46c. SOo. 60c. 75o. Per Pair,
LISLE H08E  400.   450.   600.   OOo. Per Pair
EMBROIDERIEO HOSE   250.   500.   7S0.  S1.00.
Made by the best linns in Canade cut in a style that always has the proper
" hang " and made of materials that wear long and look well and sold at prices from
$5.00 up.
Your choice of any in this Store at $1.00.
We invile you to call und see mil' stock.    We are pleased to show It to yon.    You will
not la, urged to buy, and if you do nnd are not satlslled, you can gel your money buck.
Mclennan & company
llOOMH TO RUNT--Mail Herald
1\,   building.  Apply lo It. Tupping.
T-10K SALE-Complete set of Stern
h Wheel Machinery and Boiler
suitable for heavy work. Particulars
-Apply to H. A. JONES, 407 Cordova
Street, Vancouver, B. 0.	
i^01tSAI.E^omti'Y-ln Trout
r Lake, British Columbia, lo wind
up estate; 2731) square feet of land (with
cabin) on Kellie street, under Crown
grant. No reasonable offer refused.
Applv Todd, Dennes k Lamb,27Chancery Lane, London. England,
1-1OR SALB-Four-Roomed Oettage
I furnished, 1 incubatoi included
iu bargain. Five minutes' walk from
C.P.R. Shops. A Snap. KiNCAin &
Dressmaking & Plain Sewing
Cor. King and Douglas Sts.
Pent Heads, Animals, Blnli, l-'isli, BUi.,
Aiiiti.il!  l(ll|i» Mniinti'il.
I'. (I. llnMII.
sttnli,,:  (H'l'llsilTK I'. (I.
Itovelntoko, II. p.,
Together   or    Separately.
Apply to I'J. Moscrop, City.
Strawberry and Ice Cream
Monday, July 2,1906
 \r   r\ ,<|, lli;il  HjilfiyH ifici ilato, I
Intend ti npnly tn theffon Chief'- mliwlonnr
nf Und ind Unrki fnr h ipnefal lleenre lo eul
, nnl i.nr, 11 in in-1 from Hie following ilewrllied
lamlH Itimt-ed in tVi I Kentenay dlntrlrt. Upper
Arrow Ijiki .
Commontrftlg m a post Hunted nni' inlle
norlh nf iinmiiitli ivoul corner ol l,«i r.M*> and
murk'-d "J, W, Koloy'i aouth gmi cortlflr,"
thsncfl north 100 chaini, thenco woii lOcliAlnr,
thonce KiHiiii ifiij chalnii tlience easl lu rhnlna
lu prill)| (if cOlllllieill'Cmi'llt,
dated 18th Juno, WW,
No. 5 Company, R. M. R.
Inspection of the above ('omiinny
takes place In the Drill Hall on Mon-
day, Jiine25lh, at7.311 p.m.
All arms and accoutrements In yuur
possession musl, be returned tn the
At -y   tboroughly cleaned,   not
l.iii-i- iliiinTliiiisilny, .linn- 21st, al. S
p, in.   Drill every evening.
II. A. HROWN, 0,0.
Revelstoke, B, 0„ June, lllth, MM.
Meeting; re Fruit Growing.
\ meellni irlll In hold In Reveliloku on
... i„i   J nl v iini,, in tt'lilis.i. Annilrons'i
i,r,-li»r,l,si ,'-.» |,.in.,itii I will I.<■ ...l.lra-Ms.-.t l.y
\U  11   K >,.,,'■ I   (lllllllWIVOll   1,11   '■1'lHlllllll! mi,l
I-,,inini, ■ t Mr iv i nr«ii,iriili , spray-
i,..    md in tin- illy ii.ii si 7-80 n in , when
ii,„. a Rryrtiw, i-l Victoria, will iptik on
I'lnittliiK liiul I'r lip," Mr. J. II, Mi'li-till,',,
Hsmmond, on   small Krulli," Mr Mnmi'ii
Smilli, dominion I'ruii lii-i,,-,-i„r, „n "Orolisrd
llltlv.llon " Mr   11,-nry  film,, ol Cliilliiiw-li,
mi "V.rlctlei lo I'liini,-1 snd w.J, nramtrltli
i, 'Keaitlinjritig lho Homo,"
,'00(i Havk 1UK KlNn."
Ml ,     I   IlllVI'ltS, W. .1. ItllAMIIlll'll,
I'rsililonl Socrolsry,
,-, in-
Nollrfl i" horobr slvon tlml'" dayi «ll„r d.lo
wa Intend 10 a|,|,ll- Ii, lln- ChlOl l-ouililllllillll'r
.,( uud. nud w,,rln t„r |,,-rinl»l„ii i„|,iir,li«n,
tin, loiiouinn doiorlbed i.nd«, illiuto noai
TClo Jaune Cache, (irllioo dlitrlot, B.C.I
Cum iiiliiit»l Spoil |.i«iii.»l mi Uu' Kr.-i-r
iiiu-r it,-nrTi-ii! Iiiiiii,'iih-Iii- and marked 'N,
i, Kdwnrds-niid It, A, lllni-kiniin-'a aonlli ui-'l
cornor poll," thonco nnrtli soi-lulm, tlmnoo
inistnii ,-iniius, iiii'iii-i, snulli m olialni. Ihsnco
Weil mi elinlns u, |,,,lnt "I iiiniincoeeinenl.
(: iiitnllilui: IVIf. neres mure or leas.
Dated 18th luno, lunfl.
Arrowhead, Trout Lake and Nakusp Rural School Districts
Revelstok* Assessment Distriot
r|1AKI'I NOTICE thai I shall linld uCoiirl nf
1 llnvl,inn and Anpenl under llie "Public
Sohool Aot, UKI5," fair lho Arrowlieiul, Trout
Lnko nnd Nakusp liurtil School Illn.rlcls, on
Wednesday, tho IBt.h day of July, 1000, nt llni
hour of two o'olook In tho (afternoon, ut. the
School House. Arrowhead.
Dstcd nl. llnvidsUiki-, litis liilli ilny iif June,
ft M. FIF.1,1),
.Indue of the Court of Ituvlslnn mid Anneal
Hevelslokc Assessment District of West
For Revelstoke and vicinity, agent to represent non-
tariff Fire Insurance Companies capable of handling
large lines, good territory
will be given to live man.
Apply, with references lo
NOTICK ie hereby glve:i that thirty days
ditto we Intond to apply tn tho Chief
rumiiiiv-iunri' uf !,mnls and Worku for a
Kpei'iul license hi cut nnd carry nway timber
frum tin: fnllowliiK doKcribud landn, altliatO In
lliu Oiioyooti UlvisUin of Villi! Dist.i-itil,:
CtiiiiiiiciicltiK ut'il posl, miirki'd "diitiillillx
north wost ooriiOr post." plnntod on thtiKOiith
bunk of tlio north fork of Cliorry Crook, and
about ono mllo ubovo tho forks of tho north
fork, runiiiiiK oast 80 clmins, thonco kiiuI.1i Ml
ohalllH, thonco west Hli clmins, thonco north W
ohauiK to imiiit of coinmoncoinont,
Dated Muy Mli. im.
SAM Mil.I,
Commencing at a pout markod "D. WoolnoyV
north oast cornor post," plantod on tho Month
bank of Cherry Crook, about Ihroo union above
the forks of the north fork of Cherry Croek,
running wost KO olmiiis, sum h m chnintt, east 811
chains, north so clmins to point of commonoe
Dated May 88th, 1806.
Commoncing at a {Hist marked "A. McCrca's
north west corner post," planted on llio south
bank of the north fork of Cherry Croek. and
about three miles abovo the forks of tho north
fork, running east 80 chains, south no chains,
wost. 80 chains, north mi chains to point of
Dated May 28thj 1WB.
J20 A. McCItKA.
Girl for Dining Room.  Apply
to Hotel Revelstoke, City.
J. R; Thornton
For City of Revelstoke. .
8ICN8, COTTOM 8TREAMER8, Show Curtis
1(1 Trounce Avenue,
J, Henderson, having purchased
the business ot ,1. 11. Smith, will
give prompt service.
Has Special Attention
Uavc Orders at Lawrence's Hard
ware Store or Central Hotel Front
R. TAPPING has secured the right***-
franchise as Bill Poster for the Canadian and
American Bill Posters Association in the City
of Ksvolstoke, aud having the bill boards, he
Is now prepared to do all kinds of advortlslug
on the same.
For Sale or Rent
CniitalnliiK Ml acres, ulmnt thrtnj-quartors seed-
eil with Timothy. Suitable Inr Iruit growing.
House anil otithllfhlillgs in R'Uill i-nedition. Situate
nlCriiiitelhiehle, n few iinili-s west nf RevelHtoke
Applv to R.TAl'1'INO, ltevelitoke.
Men's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boys' Clothing,
Shoes, Trunks, Valises, Underwear, Shirts, Overalls;
and everything in our store Smashed worse than our big
plate glass window.
This Sale is for Cash Only.
If you want a lot of Choice Goods for little
money call at this Store and take advantage of Our Big
Smash Sale.


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