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The Mail Herald 1906-06-16

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 "Empire Typewriter"
The Mail-Hera
nucnio run
Empire Typewriter
Vol. 12.-No. 85
REVELSTOKE. B. (!. J TNE 111. 1906
$2.50 Per Year
C.B. Homed Co.
Large Consignment of Crosse
Blackwell's Pickles Just Arrived.
C. A B. ChowChow, mixed, white onions nnd walnuts, in quart
and pint bottles, tor 35c. and (inc. per bottle.
C. k li. Malt Vinegar, in quart bottles, 36c.
C. &. B. Lucea Oil, in half pint, pint and quail bottles at 30c,,
60c and |1.00 per bottle,
(1 *. B. Olives, in half pint, pint and quart bottles, at 40c., 60c.
and $1.15 per bottle.
C. It B. Curric Powder, in 2 os., 1 oz., and 8 ot. bottles, Ior 20c,
30c. and 50o. per bottle.
C. ilt B. Capers, in 4 oz. and 6 oz. bottles, at 20c. and 25c. per
C. k B. Mushroom nnd Walnut Ketchup in 36c. bottles.
C. & B. Jams and Jellies of nil kinds, in glass jars, from 25c. to 35c
jier jsr.
C. & B, Marmalade in 1 lb., 4 Ib. and 7 Ib. this, at 25c,, 65c. and
$1.00 each.
Seeley's Extracts
We also have a full line ol Seeley's Kxtracts, in 2| oz. bottles, in
the following flavors, at 26c. per bottle :—
Banana, Rose, Clove, Ginger, Orange, Pineapple, Cinnamon
Almond, Winter Green, Pistachio, Cherry, Vanilla, Lemon, Pear,
Fruit Flavoring, Coffee, Apricot, Blackberry and Raspberry,
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
If you are looking for something nice in 8POON8 AND
8PEOIAL " for Souvenirs, wc have Ihem here.
c. P.
BARBER     -     JEweLiR
B M ll D E If |     ■        OPTICIAN
Take your Prescriptions to Nairn's
Tbe new RED CROSS Druggist
All Medicine piepuied in mil" Pre-
-rli|ili,,il I'lioin, enn In-ti-lieil on to he
eurreetly nud honestly cuiiipiiiuided
Iiinn Ihe purest nnd highest gnide of
llllllellills exactly ns prescribed by
vour iliioloi,
Two ipinlilb-d ilriifririhls are here
lind every prescription is carefully
checked und sent out willi un absolute
gimrilutee of its acciiriicy.
The Red Cross Drug Store D. NAIRN, Phm. B.
Imported direct from STARRKT'S.
Large Assortment of the very Besl Makes You Can Buy,
We have four left-High Grade-Fitted with Best Dnnlop
Tires.   Two Ladies' Wheels and Two Men's.
O -
i t       Our Stock is New and Up-to-Date with Refrigerators, Heaw *" t
4, r and Shelf Hardware, Poultry, Wire  Netting,  Lawn   Fencing     "
4 'i Screen Doors and Windows, Hummocks, Lawn Mowers, Garden { \
i' '\ Tools, Paints, Oils, eto. ***
'- 9
mmmm •$ •$• $ $ $ j j j jhjjj^Hhij1 j j
Riots Rage in Russia-Horrible
Massacre ol Jews.-Earth
quake at  Frisco.   English
Women Gone Mad.
St. Pwniisiiniii, June 1(1.—A despatch from Biulistock, dated 'In in.,
says rioting continued throughout the
night with unabated fury and shows
no signs of cessation. The horrors ol
the massacre of tbe Jews arc too awful
to publish. Several Luuibs hnve b en
thrown and ther- is a constant inter
change ol shots between Jews, Christians nnd soldiers,
San Francisco, June 16.—A severe
shook of earthquake lasting tire sec
onds was fe't last night.
Oakland, CaL, June 16.—Two severe shocks ol earthquake were felt
here last night.  No damage wus done.
VIENNA, June 16.—King Otto, the
mini king of Bavaria, is soon to bo
deposed. The king is now living like
a wild animal and is in a frightful
condition from neglect.
London, June 16.—The woman's
suffrage agitators last night carried
out their threat to attack Herbe.t
Asqnith, Chancellor ol thc Exchequer,
who is their pet aversion in the in in
istry. He went to Northampton to
deliver a Bpeccb. Women rose in (lie
ball, screaming furious denunciations.
I'hey were carried out yelling nnd
screaming. After the speeches were
concluded and Mr. Asquith was leaving the hall, the women again attacked him. There was a furious
tussle with the police who had to
protect tbe minister from the mob.
London, June 16.—A despntch from
Tangier says a cobbler named Mca-
fewi, who inurdered 36 women, and
who was to have been crucified, bus
been walled up alive. Previous to the
linal act in the tragedy he was beaten
almost to death. For two days lie
screamed in his living tomb, on the
third day silence reigned.
London, June 16.—British naval
manoeuvres nre lieing carried out in a
realistic manner Over 300 warships
are being employed. Attacks on
Portsmouth and Sheerness were repulsed last night
♦ ♦
The boom in Kootonay Iruit lands
ie spreading in every section. With
the available land on Kootenay lake
or the weat arm at least, and along
the river to Robnoii, and up tho Slocan, all taken up, the attention ol
land companies has turned to the
shores ol the  Arrow  lakes,   whore
thousand- ol acres arc available, much
ol it is low, clear und exceptionally
A gentleman, residing near Nelson,
who does not want his mime pub
liehcd in this connection, stated yesterday that within the pust ten days
nearly 20,000 acres of land along the
lower Arrow Lake have been taken up
by prospective settlers.- Nelson News,
From our own correspondent*
Ve»}' heavy ruins have fallen during
the lust week, which have lieen musi
welcome to the lands that hnve no
streiims (or Irrigation. The rond down
to the bike is blocked by several lurge
(alien trees, torn up by the late gale.
The amusement committee met lust
Friday to discuss plan, and make arrangement* lor a "gala" day on July
2nd, when n big picnic will be bold,
followed by a concert and dance in the
evening in aid ol the church. Among
other sports there will be n rille slumping contest and boat racing.
Messrs. Morris Bros, and families
hnve returned Irom a fortnights'
camping and hunting nt the bead of
Anesty Ann lake, Shuswap. The continual rain somewhat marred tbe
outing. Excellent fishing was obtained
both at the Cape Horn Narrows and
at the head ot the Arm. Several ol
the salmon, salmon trout and dolly
varden trout weighed over 18 lbs.,
one in particular, a splendid gray
trout turned the scale at 27} lbs. and
me ,Bured 36 3-4 inches. Bear and
deer ere numerous, but it requires
very careful and quiet hunting lor the
former as they are very timid and
wild. No grizzly were seen. Near
Anesty lake the remains of an old
wooden trolley line were tunnel, evidently being used by Mr. Anesty nearly 35 years ago, lor placer mining.
The track, ties, trolley, wheelB, etc.,
were all made ol wood, and thickly
covered with moss, The vegetation in
some parte is semi-tropical. A series
ol heavy storms were experienced, in
many cases sweeping oft' the mountains and lashing up the lake in water
spout tomi, in the space of two
minutes, Warnings of these stonna
are given by the loons, who utter their
strange laugh-like cry continuously
before they come. During one ol these
squalls in the narrows, the steam-
launch Minnewauka, of tbe Kamloops
Lumber Co., was nearly capsized and
The return journey ol the camping
outfit, consisting ol a motor boat, one
pulling boat and a canoe, was made
without a stop and took seven and a
half hours from thc head ol the Arm
to opposite Ihe Scotch Creek Indian
reserve. A sample panning ol the red
sand in Anc-ly Lake river showed a
very luir -percentage ol mineral.
Much sympathy is felt throughout
the district (or Mr. Barnard and Miss
Barnard owing to the death ol Mr.
Barnaid Jr., al Kainloups.
looking healthy and fruilful. An
effort will be ninde to send an exhibit
to the Westminster Fair ibis full.
to  her
]."r..in our uwu OorrtiRjiuiiiloiil.
Mrs. A. J. Patterson has returned
from Banff nfter a very successful
Mrs. Blake, who lms been
with her daughter, Mrs, J. I),
fur some time, bus  returned
liunie iu Minneapolis.
Mr. Iluiuly bus come to paint
church and Mnnse.
Mrs. W'yckiitl' and children have
returned Irom Banff where they havo
spent a couple of weeks visil ing
The building that has been fnr some
time used for school purposes, bus
I eon sold to C. Warner. Plans for u
new school building have been made
and approved. The contract has been
given to W, G. Taylor. Work will he
begun at once so that the building
will be ready when school opens nfter
On Friday evening, after choir practice, the choir adjourned to the Mutiec
whoro to tender a farewell to T. W.
Shaw, who, since its organisation, has
been the capable and fuithful lender.
A very appreciative address, accompanied by a pair of Held glasses, wus
given to him, Mr. Shaw has been
very deeply interested in nil that pertained to the interests nl the chinch
und he will be much missed not only
in the church, but in the whole community. He lelt on Monday for
Glacier where ho is to have n position
f station agent. The best wishes of
the community follow him to bis new
The Government road gang under
Roxy Hamilton have spent some time
clearing up tlie streets. They have
improved the appearance ol the place
very considerably.
From Our Own (lorrespontleiiL
A number nt Arrowhead people attended the circus in Revelstoke Wednesday.
Mrs. Kennedy, of Trout Luke, is the
guest of Mrs. Lightburne.
Miss Kennedy, who has been ou the
sick list fir a time, is much better.
W. M. Lawrence of Revelstoke, wis
here this week nnd expressed his admiration ol the growth of our town
since his last visit.
IV. G. Ludgate, of Seattle, arrived
recently and is superintending the
iiistn'lation of a new hand mill in the
Big Bend Lumber Company's plant.
T. Makiiison, ot Burton City, was in
town Thursday.
On Monday, June lltli, al the Lake-
view hotel, Thomas II. Motl'att and
Mies Florence Watson were united ill
marriage. Rev. Mr. MeCnll tied the
There will he services in both
churches Sunday evening.
There is an active demand lor hind
around here. Mr. Crawford has sold
his ranch for a good price, und big
niters tire niiido lor other lands near
Arrowhead aud refused.
This year promises to be n "bumper
lor fruit iu this district, every orchard
From imr own ciirrusimnilont.
E. 0, Froincy bus nearly completed
his contract for the erection ol several
cottages for the Bowman Lumber Co.
and has mado a good job of tbe work
We are looking forward to good
times as the result ol the enterprise ol
the Bowman Lumber Company, loi
with their new mill running night
and day they will employ a lot ol
Tennis Tournament.
Men's Singles-
Preliminary— It, Smythe  defeated
0, R. McDonald.
1st Round — Carnahan deteated
2nd Round—W. I). Robertson defeated Paget.
Mixed Doubles—C. B. Sissons and
Miss Calder defeated Mr. McGowan
and Mrs. Elson.
The tournament is arousing considerable interest in tennis and no
doubt another court will be necessary
in the near future.
A good game is expected Monday
in the Men's Singles.
In a handsome special edition thus
reflects credit upon its publishers at
well aB its contemporaries ol western
Canada, the Farmer's Advocate and
Home Journal, Winnipeg. Man, outlines thc work incident tu the production ol a first olass agricultural paper.
The Progress Number, iib the issuo is
called, contains a magnillceut illustration ol the large stall' und comprehensive array ol modern machinery employed in turning out magazines, In
addition the number contains well
written articles relative to the advancement lieing made all over the west.
Seldom have wo seen a publication of
any kind, anywhere, that gives evidence of such careful thought and
skilled workmanship,
Yale-Columbia Lumber  Co.'s
Mill Destroyed.
On Thursduy night a disastrous liie
occurred at Nakusp, resulting in th
entire loss of the Yale-Columbia Linn
her Company's mill nnd their stock of
timber, Tlio loss is covered by insurance to thu extent ol $8000 on the
lumber. Occurring at this time the loss
Isii serious one iur theCompaiiy as thev
were lull uf unle™ nud hnd u busy nml
profitable season ulicud of them.
Shortly after 5 n'cliick un Thursduy
evening lire was disoovored in the
Yale-Columbia Lumber Co's. mill and
ut the time a fierce wind wns blowing
So rapid wiih the spread ol lliimcs thai
the men lind to lleo Inr their lives.
As the wind wiih blowing towards the
town it looked at first ns if the whole
place was hooked for (lestruotion.
Dynamite was secured and several
buildings were blown up. Just when
the Humes were approaching tho boarding house and olliee buildings of the
company, the wind changed nnd by
desperate cll'orls of the men, the
Humes were confined to the lumber
piles which, with a few exceptions,
were totally destroyed. Several cars
ol lumber were burned, The C. 1'. R.
engine reached the scene In time to
save a few. Good work wns performed
by the hose from tho shipyard nnd
also the steamer Roaslnnd, which
arrived from Arrowhead,
Your c- ('respondent was nimble tn
lind out what the loss is hut would
estimate it at about $75,111)0 which is
partly oovered by Insurance. In the
destruction ul the mill Nakusp Buffers
n severe blow, ub it moans the less ol
employment to u greet ninny men, a
number of whom nre married with
At present, we ure unable tn sny
anything in regards to re-building, [or
at the time of writing thc lire is still
raging, and should the wind blow
again, it will be u desperate light lo
Have the town.
(From Our own rorresponttont).
The steam launch which Messrs.
Bulger and Anthony purchased from
dipt. Gore, has arrived. They intend
to give her a thorough overhauling
and put her in first-cluas condition.
The ladies nf the Presbyterian Ladies
Aid intend giving a strawberry festival
Silver is at 114 5-8, electrolytic copper, 18 3-8 to 18 5-8. London, lead
illll 17s. fid.
A very riuh find ol pure native silver
has just come to light at Cobalt. The
vein is eight inches wide, nud has
been traced oyer 700 feet. The samples
brought in are about tho richest and
finest seen.
The Riischerry Group on Carnes
Creek bus passed into new IiiiiiiIb nnd
n gang ui men went up on yesterday's
steamer to start development; work on
ii most promising Blmot of copper ore
that has been uncovered in the lower
Development on tho Moreen mino,
adjoining the lluckhnrii iu I end wood
camp, Boundary, has been steadily
prosecuted by tlie Alliance Gold and
Copper Milling Company, The long
tunnel is now 150 feet in the ore with
no hanging wall in sight, 'I be ore
body shows copper nil the way, and in
places iB liuni lour to twenty-four feet
wide, lieing of splendid shipping grade
William J. J. Smith, M, B,,of Cincinnati, Ohio, and general manager of
the Little Salmon Gold Mining Co.,
of Greenhorn, Oregon, examined the
Broadview group last week. Mr.
Smith was scut in by Mr. Mishaw,
who is representing the property with
a view to purchase. While not expressing himself fully, Mr. Smith
declared himself well pleased with
what lie suw, and predicted a great
future for it if developed along practical and ecoiiomlo lines.—Review.
Rolcrriiig to the load market the
Suit Lake Mining Review says:—The
shortage of thc lead supply and the
heavy increase in its uses of late, loir
really caused some apprehension in
commercial circles and the result Iiiib
been the steady advance in lead quotations until now the silling price is
given at from $5 to $6 per hundred
pounds, and it is confidently believed
by some authorities that the price will
advanco to $10 before the supply will
equal all demands and still leave any
surplus on tho market.
At the police court on Thursday,
before His Worship tho Mayor, W.
iiidlowny was lined $6 and costs lor
assaulting a colored man mimed Butler. Accused said complainant was a
claim-jumper Inini Poplar nnd be lell
justified in trying to make him move
W. Plllsiler wiib charged with having stolen harness and other gondii
the property ol W. Fleming, Alter
hearing the evidence licensed wiib com-
niited lor trial at next Bitting of the
supremo court.
—— .*••	
Tho Maii.-IIkkai.ii nllice turns out
all classes of cnmincrcinl printing
, Send them your order,
Groceries, Hardware. McClary's Stoves.JEtc.
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds, Farm & Garden Seeds,
Garden Tools.   A Large Assortment.
Hollywood   and   Sherwin   Williams'   Paint*,   Oil*,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc.
Our Stock of Groceries, Fruits   and   Vegetables,
is always Fresh. 	
BOURNE   BROS.     Mackenzie Avenue
II LI 11
We have left a few 5-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture anil Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Sclioolliou.se Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings. Ready-made Clothing
For nil kinds nf up-to-date und reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Thi! Latest Success in ili Is
I Is the Pride of" Rising Sun" Hour
V,        We guarantee absolute  satisfaction or refund
J your money.
A        The proof of the Pudding is the Eating,
g        Try a Hag of " Rising Sun Flour" and be
(I, I
—*-«-•.•»« — -.a
f *
,\ Cbc flfatUfeetalb.
lm*hi ling postage to Kngland, United !
and Canada.
By the year [through postofflce)	
Quarter "
Legal notices 10 cents per lino Hr-t Insertion,
5 cents per lino eacli Kubscnueiit Insertion.
Measurements Nonparlcl [12 linen make one
iiich|. Store ami general lui-iin-- an
nounccmenh ?-''" per in, h per month,
Preferred positions. 25 per cciil* nd-
ditii'nl. Mirth-. Marriages and Deaths,
fiOo each Insertion. All mlvcrtiteinunUi
Buhjecl to iho appro*) il"i tho manngcineiil,
Wanted and Condonsud AdrertlsemcuU;
Agenu Wanlod, Help Wanted, Situations
wanted. Situations Vacant, Touchers
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, in words or
1- -- 23c, each additional line in eunU
Changes in standing advertisements musl
oo in by a a. m. Ilieaday and Krlduj of
ot. h week lobccuh good display*
j i,:; HINTING promptlyi xccutednl reasonable rates,
TKRMH  I'aah.   Subscription* payable in mi;
i UUHKSPONDKNCK Invltod on mat low ol
puhlir Interest,  Conn IcaUoiit. to Kdl-
-*.  bo accompaniod  by   name ol
writer not necessarily for publlcntf hul
u i-i ui< ner oi k'uml faith,  Corrospoiidcncc
should bo brier
11.   Md
I! li I suN.
|i I-: NTI NT,
nt l hi: :
venule Avtnuo.
limcsa: Ivo-inm. Hank iiiju-k,  Hkvki,
Money lo loan.
Office-, Kevelstoke, B, C; Kori Steele, 11. (*.
Geo. S, McCaKtkr,
A. M. Pl.VKlUM,
Hevelstoko, B. C,
. A. Uakvkv,
hiri SUiolo, ll. li
J. M.Scott l.L.n IV. I. lirim,'*.
barb1steb8,  olioitors, eto,
Money to Loan
Solicitors for Molsons Hank
First Street. Kevelstoke, B.U
T)0BERT smith
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveylng
McKenzie Avenue,
Hox loo, Revelstoke.
Mining Engineer.
iMem. American Institute Mining Engineer?)
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke, B. 0.
Examination of and reports on Mineral Properties a Specially.
Agent fnr Canadian Metal Company, buyers
of zinc and silver-lead ores,
lilnc and silver-load mines purchns     or operated undor lease and bond
Financial Assistance given owners and  pros-
pectora lo operate n d develop
approved properties.
Ifbe fltotUtieralb
"Iwould . . . earnestlyndvlsotbom lor
their tooil to onii-r tbidpaper lo lie punctually
•erverl np, and to be looked upon us a partof
the :■ i equipage."  Addison.
Scientific investigations nl late have
established new lucta which are of no
greater interest to any part of Canada
than this district. It is well-known
that l,,ll,,wing the summit of the
selkirks, Irom the head ,,( Downie
Creek to Canoe River, and again in
the Rocky Mountains south of tho
Yellowhead Puss, ure numerous dykes
of pegmatite, in which large quantities
oi mica have been proved to exist
The mica itself is valuable and were
transportation available it would he
extensively mined, Hut what we want
i-, point oul is that it is not only lor
their mica contents those dykes should
be investigated, The rare earths, as
Cranium. Thorium, yttrium. Cerium
and Radium are found t,, exist in
just sucn dep-it* a-we have in the
liig Bend. Cerite is worth 50 cents
p,-r lb,, or |1,000 a Ion; Fergusonite is
worth $2 per lb., nr -(4,000 a ton;
Gadolinite is worth $2.60 per 11,., or
A Short History of Ihe Largest
Wine Growers and Distillers
in the World
Founded in tl.e .year 1 H.r>7 by the
hint hers Walter and Alfred llilbey,
ihis well-known firm bus, Irom a small
beginning, become the largest wine
■r, were uiul distillers in the world,
doing an annual trade of nearly lll.-
1100,000 bullies uml having agents iu
everylpart ol tho glole,
In the year in question it struck
lho brothers Gilbey lhat it large lusi
ness might he done in selling colonial
-.vines, nnd particularly the wines then
being imported into England Irom the
Cape ol Good Hope, on which llio
duties woro very light ns compared
with the French, Spanish und Portuguese produots. With this idou iu
view, thoy dcoided toopon premises in
the West End ol London, uml frnm
lhen nn thoir business, great:) assisted as it wus by tho [not that thoy
dealt only in n gontiino artiole, grow
-,, rapidly lhat in  1801, when  ll  HOW
commercial treaty with France red nood the duly on light French wines
twin i,no dollar und ti fly ceuls in
tiiontyflvo cents per gallon, they
went into the trade us well, nnd were
In- lirst lu givo the conBiimcr the lull
lionollt uf the reduced rules, regardless
of what othor firms were doing. This
Have the young business a lllllp ul
which it has never censed tu (eel the
benefit and shortly nlteruurds, in
ISI',7, to he oxact, (inly ten years fnnn
the dale ul its establishment, the firm's
trade hnd increased to such a remark-
lile extent that u removal to fresh
qoarteis was necessary, and ihe freehold of lho historic Pantheon which
has constituted the principal olliees
ol tho concern ever since, wus acquired.
Surely no stranger place, so lur aa its
history is concerned, was ever utilized
(nr the present purpose. Originally,
the "Pantheon" was u theatre, to
whioh a goodly proportion ol the. rank
and fashion ol eighteenth century
London proffered a steady patronage,
As far buck us 17112 it wus burned
down, but a few months Inter it arose
Irom its ashes, and subsequently underwent many vicissitudes Some
idea uf its importaoce muy be gathered
Irom the (net that it was built in the
regular theatre fashion of the day,
with pit, Btnlls and gallery, and
actually boasted it spacious royal box.
After serving us a public dancing hall,
concert hall nnd bazaar it wus offered
for sale by public miction and pur-
based by the brothers Gilbey, in whose
lands it- booh became one oi the finest
suites of offices in London, which will
bear favorable comparison with tl.e
biggest, bunking establishments in
Lombard-street itsell. lu order to
turn whnt was at that timo a theatre
into biiBiuoss olliees, it large lloor
capable ol accommodating a seated
audience of sume 2,000 persons, wus
put ill, and here may nuw bo booh an
iiriny of clerks und bookkcopcrs at
Bonded stores nnd warehouses ure
siiuuted at Camden Town, about a
mile und a hull from the olliees, where
between Sllll ami llllll JiuiiiIk nre employed, These buildings, which cover
nine acres ol ground, are divided into
lloow (or the bottling of the various
brands of wines and spirits', ami underneath are situated tlie vaults—sume
of ihem u quarter of a mile long—for
the storage of ports, sherries, eto,
Hard by is the large gin distiller}
where the still produces HKid gallons
ol distilled water per duy und 8000
gallons ol proof spirit per week.
With regard to Scutch whiskey,
which is one ol Messrs. Gilboy'sstrong
points, they are the proprietors ,,f
three well known distilleries in the
funiniis (llenlivet district, at which,
during Baoh season, some 300,000
gallons ure distilled and it is the
firm's prido that nothing but the finest
hurley grown in the vicinity is used
for mulling purposes.
Some ideu of the popularity enj ,yed
hy this firm's brands ol wines und
pints in England almie muy be gathered Irom the statement that they pay
to the government for duties nearly
$10,000 per day, und the secret,,( the
success which they hnve met with
attributable tn the
fact that they have always guaranteed
the absolute purity, quality ami gen
uiueiiess o! ull their brands, Thi*
enterprising firm are nuw introducing
Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B, C.
MI'.KTS i:\kiiv
ill   in! II, 11, ,
If uivlicil,
■    Hull   nl  i
Knii-.tii*  nn
. PAGET, 0,0.
(I. II. BROOK, K ol II. AS.
Kootonnv Lodge No. 15 AfSU,
1-,-irnliir ini'ol-
iiru liel,l ii, Uu
.min    Ti'iupli),
Mill WsllatC llll
liit-.l Monday It:
inolllll   ur   .-
i-lt Vlaltliurbroth-
in   initially   wel
I'KlIf I'NII.K. SeellllTAUV.     *i73
Meets evcry'l'liui-sdii,
lllllll tit S u'rloik
IVisiiiiiK brethren cor
illally iuvlleil lo ul
It. .MArllllNAI.il. N.ll. ,1. MAI IIIIC, Sue
Something Pure
II you are In,,king (or Pure
Honey we hnve jusl upencil up
it consignment  ol   Ontario
iu I lb, boxcB, or in fi lh. onus
"Guaranteed Pure,"
Our Canned GoodB ure second
to none, nnd more lhnn that
we "Guarantee every Can."
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Mrs. II. .1. Ila.ihiiry MnnngresB,
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Lurgo Dlnlngrooni Inr
Bouquets, Suppers, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Ice Cream Parlors
Ice Cream Supplied at  $1,50
per Gallon.
Front Street, Revelstoke
of Vancouver Real Kstatfl would do
well to cumin,luicuto with
800 Hastings Street, West, Vanoouver,
fin- prevailing prices.    P. O, linx IHIS,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new miiniigenient]of
Haiuy MoIntosh,  Hoffman   House
_L cynn ure the most curative in the
world. A perfect, mituiiil remedy for
all Nervous and Muscular diseased,
Liver, Kidney mid Stomach ailments
und Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
for "Thut Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all boats and trains. Two
mails atrive and depait every dny.
Telegra b communication with all
ninrts of the world.
Termb-$12 In $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotv Lake. B. C
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of purcols, baggage.
etc., to any part of tho Cily.
Any Kind of Transferring
Trueman's Studio
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
SKKDS, New crop now ill slunk anil uu test
In our groeiiboiisefl. Ask yuur inercluuit for
ilii-in lii.seuli-,1 iinekng-oi, If lie dons not lianillii
Ilium wn will mail M assorted. 6c packets of
vngotablo uiul llowor seeds (unroivi. selection,
Bllltnlilil for II. 0. i*'iir,lctis| for $1,111. Special
prices on year bulk seeds,
11. O, GltOWN Kltlirr ANII OltNA-
MKNTAL TltliKS mnv ready for serine;
Kxtra nice stoek i,( I wo and (liree-year Apple
Trues al S2II.IKI por H». Slsn.u, per l.mi; May.
nurd Plums, 91.00 elicit; lliiliau Prune, two-
vcur, line, $'2,5.10 per 100; Sugar Prune, two-
year, Hue, $30.1111 or IIII.
Cull list nf othor slock ut regular prices, No
exponas, loss or delay of fumigation or
Lot mo price your list before placing your
Greenhouse Plants, Klor Work, Beo Supplies,
Fruit Packages, Ki-rlili/ors, etc.
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services JFlowor Pots
Plates Umbrella Stands
Boskets Lunch Baskets
Cane Chain Smoking Jackets
Handkerchiefs Silk Goods.
Finest stock of candies and fruits in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Nuiii't1 i-. hereby given tliat thirty daya after
ilal i> I intend tn apply ti* tht* Mi iff Commissioner
ull.iiii.h ami W.irka [in* a special license to nil
ami cany aw;i\ I'ulwr fnnn tin* following described latidu nil ii it-j mi Kuinlmw Creek, tributary of
Shuswap n r, Yale district, uml about seven
miles fnnn K., monthi—
1. Commencing tit a poat about four mils south
of itaitiiinw Creek ninl about u milt's from Us
iimiilli. tlience ewt Nl chain*; tbenee aouth M)
chain*; tlience went 80 chains; thence imrtliSO
cliiiins tn point uf commencement.
2, t'oumienclng at a poat about ten roda south
of ltalnlfuw Creek, nml ulniiit r. miles from lla
montli, thence cant 411 dialna; thence south bill
chains; llienee went *to chains, thence nortli 1(10
chains tn puint nf commencement.
5, Com mowing at it post about four chains
south of 1U in 111 iiv Creel; uml about 4 mill'* from
its ni'iiilli, thence east vo chains, tliem-eiiortlihO
chains, thence west Ml clmiiiii, thence south m
limine tn point of coimueticemeiit,
4. Commencing ut a pnst almnt four chains
outh uf Rainbow Creek, ami about 4 miles from
it* un.ni li, thence west 811 chains, theuce north Wl
m chain*, thence west 80 chains, tbenee aouth 40
'bains. Ihence east 160 chain*, thence smith 4U
chains to point of commencement.
6. Commencing ut a poat almnt four chains
north nf kiiinhow Creek, and about 2 tittles from
its mtmt h, theuce we*t UK) chain*, tlience south
4u chains, tlience east 160 chains, thence north-ID
chains to point of commencement.
.1. Hurry, Locator,
Notice Is lmrnby givnu that thirty ilnyi alter
ilal.- I iiiti'inl in llppl, tn ll)n Clour (Innniilsslnni'r
„l Luiiils nml Works (or n ipocial Hi-iuihh In i-ul.
nml carry away lliiilii-rfrniu tho fnllov.Ing ileicrlb-
ml liilnls slluuli, 1,11 the Hllliswiip Itlvi-r, Vnle ,lis
Irh-t, 11, 0.1
1. Coiimieiiolng al a poit pliuiteil about threo'
fonrths,,(11 mill' snulli nf the north weat t'linler of
Lot -.wis, tlience nortli inn chnlns, thnnie easl 111
i-liiiiiis, tlienco smith su chains, tlienco west so
chains, tlionco south sn i-halus, thenco cast IU
i-hiiins t„ point „1 commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted about one
it„>l,<ii<-lonuh mil,-.* smith ,,! llio north west, i-nr*
ner nl Lot 2S18, thinii-o wesl 111 I chalna, tlinnre
north lu chains, tlience rust uio chaini, ihence
smith in ehains to point „f imonceineiit.
,1. I1AHKY.
il. CominoiioliiB nt a limit lilantoil ahnnt tun
ninl ono-f th mil lh „( tin. ninth west corner nf Ltit 2818, tbenee north sn ehn.hu, tlience
west sn chains, tlience smith so chains, thence
east ml ehains to point ,,f commencement',
I. Commencing at a poit planted ahnnt two
and nno-fourlh miles frnm the nurth west enruer of
L,,t 2S18. theuce west 10 chaius, llienco smith 160
chains, thence west Jo chains, thonce north 80
chains, theuce emit 811 chains, thonce north 80
chains to [mint of commencement.
,1. Barry, Locator,
8. ('niiinienclng at a post ahnnt Hve miles nnrtli
and oiisJiii If mile east „l the nnrtli woit corner ol
Lot 8818, thence west 100 chains, north 10 chaini,
east ISO chains, hoiiUi in ohains tn point „f commencement.
(1. Cniiiineneing at a pnst planted almnl Hve
miles north ami one-half mile cast of the north
west enrner of Lot 2818, thonce west 160 chains,
thonce smith 111 cliiiins, thonce east 160 chains,
thence nnrtli 10 cliiiins to puint ut cniiiiiiencelilent.
7. Commencing at a post planted about one
iiule north of timber limit 6SO0, thence nnrtli 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains, thence ninth SO
chains, thenco west m chains tu puint n( commencement.
8. Commenolng at a post almnt one mile nortli
ot Umber limit MO. thence smith Mohalns, thenoe
east 80 chains, thonce nnrtli 80 chains, thenoo
west 80 chains to puint nf cnmmencenient.
9. Commencing at a pust planted almnt six
miles nurth nf tho nnrtli enst enrner nf Lot 2818,
tlience ea«t 80 cliaios, smith 80 chains, wesl 80
chains, thence nurth 80 chains In puint nt cum-
,1. Barry, Lucutnr.
•^Jjar^wmoo^"aiT midc Irom teffiiaieSugar, grown on ourown blanfelions,
and oysblized to re*5embl« RtoA Cand/.The *grain& s|>arfcie like uncurdtdmonds.
U ismefno^dwidous 8uflym^fa'TeaorCoff«et---Solci Everywhere...
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Provinces ol Manitoba, Alberts, Saskatchewan,
Britiih Colombia, Ontario, Cluebec.
Oapltal Subscribed ...       t4,ooo,ooo.oo
Capital Paid Up ....   03,900,000.00
Reserve Fund        ....       S3,9oo,ooo.oo
D. R. Wilkib, President: Hon. R. Jaffkat, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT— Deposits received and Interest allowed
at highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in all part* of Canada, United States and
Kmope.   Special attention given to Collections.
Manufactured Tor all classes of buddings
All kinds of bulldluu aud plastering
1*. now open niulri new aiiil com
Management 1
MR-   HEMUS   recentl)   ol' S)
\iKtr,ili.i, will  meel you and guai
Over C
,11 iii.1  Drug ,V  Rook  Con
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Storm Doors, etc
S5,000 per ton; Radio-activecleveiti 1-
ttorth  in  London -fi  per mince, nr from the start i
184,000 per ton; Bamarskile brings .fl
jier  ounce.    The  minerals  ilo  not
occur in Urge quantities of course, bul
right in these mica-bearing pegmatite
dykes sre the very conditions for their
occurrence, snd  investigation   .voulil
pi I.,! ly reveal discoveries ■ i the vain-
si - - irths.
It   lus  been well laid that the re
sources ol British Columbia an  littli
known  snd the development ol the
country is io its vcrii si Infancy    Wi
an   getting wmplei  ol   these rare
earths and shall he glad to show them •    —
with a view to prospector! familiarii      I.,-  Roi  shipments   amounted  to
ing themselves with them                 I"""'" to ne, containing 4,350 ,-/- jold,
                1; 1001 21 silver   283,700 lln   copper,
It used to U uld there »ai A nger Rstimated prollt on this ore altei de-
I Canade  being   ml   by  the duoting conl  of   mining,   imelting,
United States,   Andrew Carnegie snyi realisation and depreciation   (113,0(10
Canada will annej  and govern  the Expenditure on ilevelo| il    nork
Statci is Scotland did England When during the month $12,000.
it is considered that one man if evcrj     There is a mining boom m Frank
'   " ■   *■' ■'■''   ■   '  '   '-     '     "■'   lin,on the North Fork ol Kettle river,
,n,I a phenomenal amounl ol atuking
Jobbing Promptly Attended Tn
Th rd Streel l-'.i-i.
The Arnott Method is the
only logical method for tho cure
of Stammering. It treats the
CAUSE, not merely the HABIT,
and insures natural speech. Pamphlet, piirticulnrs and references
sent on request.   Address
The Arnott Institute,
Berlin, Ont., Canada.
111 HOI
Arrowhead, B. C.
Charmingly situated on the shores
f Alton Lake.
Good Trout Pishing.
Boats always for hire.
Sample Rooms in connection,
First-class house fop Tourists and
i Commercial men.
NOTICK IK lllillliliv QIVKN that illty daya
niter date I Intend tn apply tn the Hun. Chief
Commiisioner,,! Liimls ami Works fnr ponnissinn
tu purchase the following described lamia situate
in (he West. Kootenay district.
l|, uliii.iolicllinatllll Initial pust iwtetl nu the
nurth hank nf the Lirih, river, alsait nneeisht
mile west ol Uko crook anil marked "II. 1>. Kane's
soutli east cornor poll," thence north 211 1-11111111:
thence west 81) ehains; (hence south 20 chains,
more nr less In Lanh, river: llienee easU-rly follow-
in;; the hank nf the river so ehains more nr less to
puint nf commoncement, comprising one hundred
and sixly acres mure nr less.
Daled lite aith Mi y, Ml).
I). P, KANK.
their specialties throughout Canada
and the Canadian public will doubtless l„- quick to i- gnizo the value ol
in,- guarantee which attnehes to ,11
goods sold under W. & A. Qilhey'i
In Revelstoke thoy aro   repres
bj lh, Revelstoke Wine v Spirit Co
l.i,l. who in- tholr distributors.
Man '.,,
Kuii        si Cigar Factory
lis, Cordova St,, w,
7ANC0UVER, -  -  B, C,
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
days aflnur dalso I Intond to apply to the
Chief Cunmiitwioiior of Units and Workfl for u
spocial license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described landa situated
In tht' Wost Kootenay District, west side nr Upper
Arrow Lake opposite Nakusp:—
l. Commencing at a nost marked "North Bast
Cornor Post," tbiuoe mi chains weat, DO chains
smith, 80 chains east, 80 chains north to point of
commencement. •
•i. Commenolngal a punt adjoining No. 1 limit
mi the nnrtli side, thence 40 rliiiins nnrtli, itiu
chains webt, 4ii rbains south, 100 oast to point ol
Dated 8th day of June, Usui.
Revelstoke Branoh, B. C—A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Nfttlco is hereby given that 60 days afterdate 1
intenil to apply Ui the Chief Cuiiimlssiuiier of
Luiiils and Works fur permission to purchase the
following described landa, situate near Tete Jaune
Cache, Caribou district, B. C:—
CiitmiienciiiL' at a pnst planted at the smith
west comer of Lot 480 and marked "O. B, Nagle's
northwest corner post,"thence south40chains,
tlience east 160 clmins, theuce north 40 chains,
tlience wost 100chains to puint of commencement,
containing MO acres more nr less.
Dated 14th day of April, 1006.
(I. 8. NAM.K.
Kevelstoke, B.C.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days after date 1
'   *   ero?
j\ days after dato I intend to apply lo tho
Uilef Commissioner of hands aud Worlw for a
H|iccial license to cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands in West
Kootenay District :-
1 Commenolng at a post marked "A. Mcltae's
north west comer post," planted about six miles
fnnn Unlil Stream, mi west side of trull, running
80chains south, 80 chains east, m chaini north, 80
chains west to point of commencement.
2 CoiniiienvhiK at a post marked "A. .Mcltae's
south west enrner post,' planted about six miles
from Gold Stream, on west side nf trail, running
ku rim ins north, 60 chuips east, 80 chiiinn soutli, sn
halns west to point of commencement.
:i Commencing at a post marked ' A. Mcltae's
nortli west corner pnst," planted about eight miles
from Cold Stream, nn oast side nf trail, running
80 chains south, so chains east, 80 chains north, 80
halns west to point of commencement.
4 Commencing at a post marked "A, Mcltae's
south west corner post, planted alwuil eight miles
from Gold Stream, on east side of trail, running
80 chains north, 80 chains east, 80 chains south, 80
chains west to point of commencement.
& Commencing at a post marked "A. McKue'
south west corner post," planted almnt nine miles
from Cold Stream, on east side of trail, ninniuj
811 chains north, 80 chains east, 8(1 chains south, w
chains west to point of commencement.
Dated this -28th day of May, 1006.
A. McltAK.
SOT1CK is hereby jl.en that JO days
altor date I intend to apply tu the Himnr-
1 the Cbiel Cummissinner of Leads nnd
Works fur a special license tu cut aud carry
nwny timber from the folliiwiiiij dewribed
lands, situated In Osnyisw divisinti uf Vale
1, Cummeucini, ntn inert plnntod un the wost
bank uf the smith branch of Cherry creek nt a
point 10 milss nurth easterly frum the 10-mile
Post on tho Uunnshee waitnn road and marked
-'A, Mel,tea's nurth east curnor pust," thence
•uiuth lhii chains: llionce wost (0 chains; thence
north ISO chnlns: thence east in chnlns to the
IM.int of commoncomont.
2. Commenolng at a post planted un the
wost bunk of the snulli branch ul Cherry ereek,
about 10 miles north easterly frum the lu-miln
post on the Huuashee wnKi.il rond nnd marked
"A. MoCreii'tt south-west corner post," thence
south IHU chains; thenco onst PI chains; thence
north IlKI chnins; theuco west HI chains to (he
la,inl of commencement.
intenil to ii[iply tn the Chief ("omiiiisslunL-i ..
Liimls uml Murks for permission tn purchase the
following described landa, silunte neur Tete
Inline Cache, Cnrlls,,, illslril-t, II. C.:—
Commonolng at u pust planted al the smith east
■oim-r of Lollsnami marked "K. Meltean's smith      .
imorpoat," llienee east Ml ehitins, tliem-t,  hunk of tho soutli branch of Cherry crook at a
■ a Canadian
have tin- key to tlie hig  influx  fr..in
tbe States to Canada.    It is largely a
case ol Canadians or their descendants
returning home again.
Returns to Practice in the City.
I'r. Curtis, formerly of the Red
Cr- •". Ilrug Store, has passed his medical examinations, and has returned to
start practice in Revelstoke. Dr.
Curtis sees great ohangos in the oity
since leaving it to enter on hie Btlldics
and thinks tlu-re is no place like
Revelsloke, Mrs, Curtis is nt the
coast and will shortly join Iiim
Dr. Curtis wns nt .Sn n Francisco at
the time of the destruction of the city,
snd suys the terrible time through
which the people went lias completely
unnerved them, The (hcI that the
earthquakes continue makes capitalists shy ol investing again in that city.
Oakland. Him liiegu, Seutth.-,ami Vancouver will (nr the present benefit in
their up-building hy the diversion ol,
ban Fr»iioi6Co trade to these points.   '
i- going on,
Tin- Knj,'li»h 'ine quotation is
highest on record,
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
That's Royal Grown kind—
mado in  Vancouver—fjUrgOnt
Soap Factory west of Winnipeg, House cleaning and
washingareoasy with its help.
And the iniincy .saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give Inr
Itnviil Crown Wrappers. Bond
Inr it—Freo—Alan try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders for Beef and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish mul small goods
will receive prompt attention,
OTlrK i-  lmrnby nivm   Mint   thirty  dnys
iifinrdntn  I   itilnii'l Ln npply to the Hun
ChtofCommiMlonornf Landa and Works for n
spoolnl liconifl to nut and curry away timbor
rrmn llm fnllnwiiiKdii-rrilKifl liunU in Mm-**   Dm
.f wosl Kootonayi
at n post iimrkod ".f Whitli
wost cnrimr poat," plnntod at
Hnowdon'a aonth oast cornor, thenso north wi
r.hnlna, thonod oust in chnlns, thoneo wuth Bfl
RliniiiHi thonoo woat to ohftlfifl topolntofconi'
April mli, 1906
Oommonolng .
combo's -iontn
"Buck Bran."
Come in Many Styles
Plain Pant Shapes
Bib Overalls
Swell Bottoms, etc.
Those wh,, have worn them sny
ibat I'm- durability, style, Hi ami
finish, they ,-iiiiiii,t be excelled al
liny price,
rth 180 chains, more or less, to the hank of the
Fraaer River, ihence west SO chains along the
bank of the Fraser River to the east hmmlnry of
(.ni 480, tlience south ISO clmins, mure or loss,
along tin- easl boundary nf Lot t"> co the point of
commencement, cnutalnlng uoo acres more or less.
Dated the 14th flay of April, 1900.
Kevelstoke, II. (J.
Notice Is hereby given that thirty dnys after
date 1 Intend to apply to the Chief Commissioner of Lands and works for a special license
tocutandcarrvaway timber from the following described lands, situate in the Osoyoos
Division of Yale District:
1. Commeuci&g at a post planted on the east
bank of the south branch of Cherry creek at a
point ft miles uorth-easterly from the to mile
post ou the Monasbee wagon road aud marked
"S. Hill's north east corner," theuce south 80
chaius; theuce west 80chaius: thence north 80
chains; thence east 80 chaius to the poiut of
2. Commenehig Ht a pout planted ou the east
bauk of the south branch of Cherry Creek ut a
poiut 8 miles mirth-easterly from the-ill-mile
post ou the Mmiasliee wagou roud und marked
'U Hill's north west corner," theuce south80
chains; thence oast 80 chaius; theuce north 80
chains; thence wesl 80 chains in the poiut of
:i, Commencing ut a post planted on the east
. Commencing at a post planted on the west
bank nf the south branch of Cherry creek, about
10 miles iinrth-eiistorly from the lO-milo post on
the Huuashee wagon road and marked 'A. He-
(■ron s south-west corner post," llionce north 80
chains; theuce east 80 chaius; thouce south 80
chains; theuce west 80 chains to the point of
4. Coinmoueing at a post plauted ou the west
bank of tho south branch of Cherry creek,
about 10 miles north-easterly from tbe 40-mile
jKist uu the Mnnasliee wagon road und marked
'A, McCrea's south-east corner poat," thence
north 80 chains; thonce west UOehalni; theuce
south 80 chains; thence east 80 chains to the
[Miiut of coinnwicement.
Located the 23rd Hay, 1906.
5. Commencing at a post planted about a
mile west from the west bank of Lake creek at
a poiut about 1 miles north-easterly from the
junction of Lake creek with the north fork of
Cherry creek and marked "A. McCrea's north
west corner post," thence east 80 chains; thence
south 80 chains; thence west 80chains; thence
north 80 chains to the poiut of commencement.
Located the 28th May, 1906.
Dated this 9th day of June, 1906.
i horehy glvon thai BO days from date 1
jlplytn the II ruble the Chief Com-
miramnerof bainls and Worka for permission to
iiiiriii.w- ihi' fdll'uviiiu dcflcrllHjil lands In the
uy-i Knoteimj District, uaat shore nf i'ppor
trrnn Uko;
Commencing al n posl marked "J. I), ('ophm's
mntli wevl corner," nl  Mm ikhIIi west comer nf
i,,i -i,t uml iiiimit  m, miles Miof Nukusn,
theni iwl wi chains more or leu, tlience north
-in halns mom or leas, thonce went wi chains more
nr lags in the l.iikf ilinrn Iheiu'c In a general
Htiitherh illrBcllnji along the Uke shore Kit ehains
 *eiiri8M to |i"ini of cninmi'iii-emeiii, contain'
IngOiOarres more or Ibu
Dated this Hnd (lay of May, nn-fl.
.1   l>  COI'I.AN,
|Vi Italpli Hlye, Agent.
N[ OTICE >* iiiT.'iiy given thai do tlayi after dah
j   i intend to anplyto the Chlof Commissioner
of handii and Wnrk" for |n-rmisH|nn toptircllftse
the following duscrllwd lands on M dig i^lgi'"
mgnfl road. Arrowhead Mining Dlv|niim, Went
Kootenay District:
(lommeiirtngata nosl alKint Um chains south
f Mii-s mile pu-d on the ' liig fiodge" wagon mad
ami marked c. M, Bymons north wejl corner.'
thence easl 40 chains, tlience mnitli to nhnfiin
thenoe west40 chains, thence north 10 chain*U
i>-iln! nf tjommeiicement,
Dated May fit. 11*10,
0. M. 8YMON8,
(mint 8 miles uorth-oastorly from the 40-mile
post on the Monashee wugnu road aud marked
r,8. Hill's south west cornor," thence north 80
chains; theuce east 80 chains; thence south 80
chains; theuce west HO chaius to the [mint of
inm inoiiceiiiiint,
i, ('oinmeiiciug ut a post ptantod on the south
bank of Cherry creek almnt tl miles from the
Jii-uiilu jKist im the Monushee wagon road and
marked "S. Hill's south west comer.'' theuce
oast 100chains;thenco north40 chains; thenco
wostlOOclialns; tlienco south4(1 clmins Initio
ixiint nf commencement,
Commencing ut a mist planted ou tho
i bauk of Cherry creek about It miles from
llio4o-mllti post On thu Mniiiislme wagon road
after date I Intend to apply tn the Hon. Chief
^ninmliil'inor uf bands and Work" for pcrmlsslnn
tnpiinharir Mn'lulliiwing di^rillspd lamh in the
ffest Kootenay dlstrlctt west side of t.nper Arrow
lake almnl one ball miln south of Pim thrill creok.
Cmniui'iii'lng at n punt marked, "W. W, I/MX'l
loiilh oast coffiflf," .ii ihe south west comer of I.-
868, thence north iflchains, along the went botitid*
ary of I,. wi5; thonce wast 130chains; thence south
SI chains: thence fflwt 40 chains, more nr less to
Ihe west boundary ol A. Dnllenineyer's applicatinn
o purchase: tlience north 40 chains, more or less
»Mii' imrih wosl corner of ,v, Dollenrasyer's
application in pMrchaso; Ihence im-i 80 rhains
more or lens In poinl of I'linuieuiement, fl40 acres
Dated May 98, iimi.
Per 'i, C Makinsun. agent.
and marked "8. Hill's nortli west cornor,"
IhoiiCB east l(Kl chains; llienco south 40 clmins;
theuco west UK) chains; theuce north 40chaius
to lho point of coiiiiiioucemeut.
hnciiiml 24th May, 1WI0
ii. Coiumeiiclug at a iKist planted hImiui a
milewust from the west bank of Luke Creek,
utxiut 7 miles up frnm the junction of Laku
crook ami the north fork of Cherry creek nod
markod 'H. Hill's south east comer post,"
thonciiimrth 80chains; tlionco westHOctiuiiis;
thouce smith 80 chains; thenco east 80 ohnlns to
the point of commencement.
7. Commencing nt a post planted alsnit a
milo west from tbe wost bunk of Lako creek,
about 7 miles up from the juuotion of Lake
creek and the north folk of Cherry creek and
marked "8. Hill's south wett corner post,"
theuco oast 80 chains; theuco north -SOchain*-,
I henre wo-t Wl chaius; thenco smith -SO chains to
tho iHilut of commoncomont.
Looiitod 28th Muy, lWHi.
Dated this »th day of June, 1900.
NOTICK is lierebr glvon that 90 days after
ilnle 1 luleiid to apiilv Id the Chlel
I 'oniiiilssioiicr of Landa and Worlas for t special license to cut snd curry away timber Irom
tlie following; dcsorlM landa situated in the
Osiij-ik.s division ol Villi, District:-
I. I'niniiieiiciiiK at s post planted ou the east
bnnk ol the soulli fork uf Oherry creek alxiut 1
miles up frum the W-inlle inst uu tbe Moimshee
wimuii roi.il and mnrkeil "11, Woolsey's soutli-
east enrner oust," thenoe nortli SOcbaina i tlience
west SO cltulns; thenco soutli Stlcliains; tlience
east SO chains lu the point ol commencement.
3. CimmeiiciuK ut n post pluuted on the enst
bunk ol llie south fork i,f Cherry creek, about 1
miles up from the Id-niile post on tbe Monnsliee
wiimm mud uml marked "ll Wm,lues's suutl,
wost comer," tbenee north SO chains; Ihence
east no chnlns; theuce South ml chains; tbenee
west Sll chain, ai the point of commencement.
Ijui-ated ?.1r,l Mny, IMI).
II. ('niumoni'hitt ut a post pluutwl on the
SOUtll hank of Cherry Croek about 11 miles from
thole-mile post on the Mouuslieo wnsvin road
nml mnrkod "II. Woolsey'a mirth east comer,"
tli.iiii-n west Italt-ltiiins. llietu-e .south 40 i-linins;
theuce enat UK) ctinina; tbenee north 40 chains
to the isiint of i-olliiiieiii-i'inoilt.
I. Ciimmiini-iiiK at a post planted on the
south bank ul Cherry Crook nbout 0 miles from
the 40-mlle post ou tbo Miamsliee wagon road
ami marked "D. Woolsey's south-east corner,"
thenoe west llll)chains; tbenee north 40chains;
thence east ISO chains; theiu-esouth 40chains
Ui th. is,hit i.f t-ummencement.
Located 21th May, ISM,
Post plauted about a
.',. Comm.uciuK al
mile west from the west hunk of Lake Croek,
about 1 miles up frum the junction of Lake
Creek and the north fork ol Cherry Creek and
marked "D. Wooliey's north east corner post,"
thent-e wist SO chains; tbeucesouth80chains;
theuce east SO chains; thence north 80 chains to
the point of i-ummeui-emeut.
Located 28th May, 1900.
Dated this tth day of June, won.
I am prepared to undertake all kinds of
freiKbliiiK snd le-iniing.
My sin",'' connecting between the
steamer nnd the city leaves the Oity
at 1 ii.iii. Tuendaya and Fridays, connecting with Ihe Steamer Revelstoke
for the Hig llond, nnd also meets thc
si en iner un the return trip mime days,
Iii'iivc word nl Navigation Company's office or my Stnblcs wheio to
Certificate of Improvements.
Kianoli Mineral Claim, iltuate lu tbo Kevelstoke
Minim; Division ol Woit Kootonay District,
Where locatedi-Nortli ol Iron Hill   Mineral
Claim, Standard lliisln, Big Bend,
Take notice that I, Jas. 1. Woodrow, F.M.G. No.
1188.79, actlnu aa agent for myself and A. W, Mc.
Iiitoih, F.M.C. No. II88III. (Ion. .luliiuon, I'.M.C,
No. IISSJB7, Kllzalieth McMalum, r.M.C. No.
HSo.',.'tll, iiiti-tnl sixty days (mm the (late hereof, to
apply to the Mining Kecoriler lur a Certificate ut
Improvements, for the purpose uf obtaining a
Crown (Joint ol the nlmve claim.
And further take notice that action, under aoc-
tion 37, must lie commenced before the Issuance of
such OrtlHcat.- uf Improvements.
Dated I Ills Knurtcenlb day nl May, All, IHUI.
Nothlnf better than
I UU III 1111 Ull
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famous   Distilleries   in
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I3peisi.il lo the Mah.-IIehai-i. I
Ottawa, June II.—Au unusual, und
decidedly, interesting incident occupied tbe attention of the House ol
Commons on Thursday afternoon,
when Mr. 10. E. Cinq Mars, the parliamentary representative ol Lu l'reaso
ol Montreal, appeared b, lore the bur
of tho HuiiBe to answer a charge of
misrepresenting Hun. Ueorge Eulus
Foster, the member for Nortli Toronto,
in the columns of llis paper. Mr.
Oinq Mam hud said nil kinds of nasty
things. He had declared thut Mr.
Foster belonged to a class of politicians that represented the French
Canadians in "fools steeped in ignorance and their clergy as lunatics and
hypocrites, 11 school ol lying hypocrisy
and cowardice." Mr. Fister didn't
like this. Many of his fellow members expressed surprise thnt he of ull
men should squeal when he was hit,
and his leader, Mr. Burden, remarked
that any mnn who was so thin-skinned
thut he couldn't stand the severest
criticism upun his acts as a public
man ought to get out ol public lite at
Sir Wilfrid, however, was more considerate, and assured the aggrieved
gentleman that ol course he was within his rights in objecting, bo the,
offending scribe nas culled upon to
appear, und explain.
The proceedings in the House partook ol the nature of
When the culprit appeared, in frock
coat, und black kid gloves, nnd carrying a silk lint, but looking very pile,
a round of laughter and applause
greeted him, a demonstration by the
way, which ivus not confined to the
government side of the House. It
put "the gentleman at the bar" ut his
ease however, and from that out he
evidently realised that he would not
be sentenced to be hung, drawn and
q-'artered alter all. Mr. Foster himsell appeared to be the moBt uneasy
man in the audience, he sat tugging
at his moustache and glancing furtively from side to side.
Ten minutes was next consumed in
rending the article in which the offending matter occurred, and it was ol
course in French. An English-speaking member rose on its conclusion and
requsted that it be read in English, as
he could not understand what it was
all about. But there was no translation available at the moment, and at
once there was a deadlock, until Sir
Wilfrid again enme to the rescue, and
proposed that the translation might
be put in later.
When Mr. Foster moved, Mr. Bor
den seconded, and the House resolved,
lhat Mr. Cinq Mars be asked what his
mime and occupation was, the reply
came promptly enough, but when he
was next asked if he was the representative of La Fresse in tlie parliamentary gallery, lie replied that, before
answering lie wished to consult counsel, and desired a week's adjournment
for that purpose. This wns a knock-
out, Ior it indicated, apparently that
a justification would lie pleaded; il
such is the intention, a very interesting session may be looked lor when
the hearing is resumed next Thursday.
Apart Irom the Cinq Mars incident,
there has really been very little doing
in the Commons this week. The
"scandal" campaign is falling very
The conclusion of the debate on the
administration of the Northwest landi
too was not particularly satisfactory
to the Opposition, leaving as it did the
government a good deal stronger at
the finish than at the start.
foreshadowed in this column last
week have taken place and the personnel ol the government is readjusted.
But all Ihe changes are not on the
Liberal side ol the Chamber. Yesterday it was announced that Mr. Andrew Ingram, for some years the
representative from East Elgin, has
resigned upon his appointment by the
Whitney government to a seat on the
new railway commission. What about
that inborn objection to a member
stepping Irom the House into a job,
of which so much has been heard Irom
time to time? It evidently makes all
the difference who is getting the job.
Then another member may have to
go soon. Dr. Keid, of Grenville, lias
declared that il he cannot prove that
more goods were charged up to the
Arctic than could have possibly been
gut on board the ship, he will resign.
So far all tho evidence has been favorable to the government, and the principal witnesses have testified. His
Iriends have got quite a contract to
save the worthy doctor's seat tor him.
The Senate is busy filling in time
with a debate on how it can reform
itself. We are taught that self-examination is always beneficial so the exercise and cannot do much harm; so Isr
it must be confessed it does not appear to have been productive of any
very material amount of good. How
ever the discussion provides a certain
amount of agreeable occupation, and
it looks like working.
for the much abused Marine department, have been occupying the House
most of tbe time given to supplies
this week. The Opposition has scrutinised every item with exceptional
attention, but all that has been accomplished so far has been to emphasise
the wisdom of the decision of the
House that there was nothing in the
mansgement of the department that
culled Ior special investigation,
ia. ■
The appe.il court has upheld the decision ol the Rossland magistrate in
fining the Consolidated Mining and
Smelting Company for keeping an
engineer at work more than eight
The Beatrice Mines are looking
well. A good body of ore has been
developed iu the intermediate tunnel
and development work is being pushed
yuTlri: is horehy eivon Uiul thirty dnys
a\ nfter ilnio I ititoiiu In ninilj hi lho Ohio!
('qinnllssfuuorof I,mills nml -dorks for s|,ociul
license to cut nml i-uiry nilliy timlinr (rotii tho
followittu doacrihnil Intnl., hIIiiiiIci! in Ensl
Knnlenny dlitrlct, H.C:
1. rouiinoiicing nt n posl mnrkeil "Arthur
I'nyiii-'s sontli wesl corner post," plnuled on tin,
ensl side of Sullivan Itivnr nliout l>i mllo from
Klinbnsket Lnko, llienco sail 80 chains, ilioiu-n
imrlli lZOolinlns, il, i wci in olinlui, thenoe
snulli Nl chains, tltoiit-o wnst 411 cliiiins, thouce
smith liichuiiis tu point of cinnmonconiont.
1 (Jommonolng at n post mnrkod "Arthur
Pnyno's north wost cornor poat," |,l,inln,l on tho
south bauk ,,i Sulllvnu Rivor nliout two miles
from Kiiiilniskol I,uko, llionoo south HOclluihH,
tlienco ottsi Sll chains, thenco north Kii]oiiuin-,
Ihenco west Sll cliiiins. to, in,inl id commencement.
u. i',„„n„,i,,-iiu: nt n post mnrkod "Arthur
Payne's north onstoorner post," |,liuitn,| on the
south irnnk of Sullivan river nboul 1 mil,,* (mm
Kimbasket Luke, theuco soutli 80 ohnlns. thouoe
west. 80 clmins, thonco north eal clmins, thouoe
ou*i 8(1 cliiiins ti, puint of commencement,
1. I'liiiiiiionciuK ul n |,,,*i marked "Arthur
Pnyno's nurth wost ciu-ncr post," Hunted on
tlio suul.lt hunk u( Sullivan Itivnr about 1 milos
from Kinibnskol Lake, llienon south 10 clmins,
tlionco onst HKI cliiiins, tlionco north 40 chains,
thouce wost Uio chains lu point nl commencement,
5, ('iinimoiiciiii- nt a post marked ('Arthur
Pnyno's south west corner post," iilnuliiil mi
lliosinllh hank u( Bul li villi Itivnr iitinntt miles
from KiniliiisketLiuo, tlmni-n north Ificluiiits,
ll,unco oust hill eliuiiis, tlioni-i, south 10 cliiiins,
tlionco wost llll chnlns to |,„iiilo( cumiuonco-
S. (lomnioiiciiiiT at n posl mnrkod "Arthur
Pnyno's north wosl corner post," iilnniod un
the snath bank id Sulli vnn Ilivor about 11 milos
frnm KimbiiBknt Lnko, tlioin-u soulh 811 cliiiins,
liiimco oust 81) chains, thenoe north Sll cliiiins,
tlionco wost 80 cliiiins Lo point of colnnionco-
1. CumnieiicinK nt u post marked "Arthur
Pnyno's south wost corner nost," planted nn
the south bank of Sullivnti Itivnr about 2 miles
from Kimbaskot Luke thorn-,) uortli 40 chains,
thonce cast ISO chains, thonco south 411 chains,
thonco wost 1110 chains to ,•->i.,1 of continence-
Dntod tho 21st day of Hay, IM
■.-..a \ i a I /
.  , a  I   I    I -
I Jl
NOTICE ia hereby given that BO days after date
we iiiteml to apply In (lm Uoii. Tlie Chief
('(iiuMiissiiimTnf (.amis ami Works fnr 11 Spocial
License to cut ami carry away timber from the
following described lands In West Kouteiuiy District:
Cimimencinp at a post planted at mirth-west
corner of Timber Claim 0142, marked "Arrowhead
Lumber Co.'s north east corner post," running
west 40 chains, thence soutli 80 chains, east 40
chains, south 40 chains, east 40 chains, north 80
clmins, west 40 chains, nortli 40 clmiiis to place of
MaySfitli. iww.
Notice is hereby given that *W days after date
I intend to apply to thc Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works f,>r permission to cot and carry away timber from thc
following described lands situated in West
Kootenay district:
1, Commencing at a post planted on the
south side of Smith creek about 2J^ miles from
the Columbia river and marked "E.J.Johnson's nortli cast corner post," tlienco south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, theuce north 8o
chains, thence east 80 chains to the point of
•_'. Commencing at a post planted on the
south side of Smith creek about8Wmiles from
the Columbia river and marked "B, J. Johnson's north cast corner posl," tlience south 80
chains, thence wesl80Chains, thence north 80
chains, thence east80 chains to the point of
*i. Commencing at a post planted on the
south side of Smith creek about \% miles from
the Columbia river and marked "E.J. John-
sou's norlh east corner post," thence south 80
chaltiB, thence west-SOchains, thence north 80
I'liains, thence east 80 chains to the point of
4. Commencing ot a post planted on thc
south sldo of Smith crock about 6^ miles from
the Columbia river and marked "E. J. John-
son's north cast comer post," thence soulh 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains, thence east 80 chains to ihe point of
fr, commencing at a post planted on the
south side of Smith creek about 0^ miles from
i he Columbia river and marked "E.J.John-
s-iii's north east comer post," thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north so
chains, thence cast P0 clmins lo the point of
0, Commencing at a post planted on the
south side of Smith crock about 7W miles from
ihe Columbia river and marked "K. J. Johnson's nortli east comer post," Ihenco south 8o
chains, theme west80chains, thenco north 80
chains, thence east 80 cliiiins to thc point of
7. Commencing at a post planted on thc
south side ol Smith creek about 1% miles from
Hie Columbia river and marked "K. J. Johnson's south cast corner post," tlience north 40
chains, theuco west 100 chains, thence south 40
chains, thence east 100 chains to the point of
8. Commencing at a post planted on the
Minthslde of Smith creek about i% miles from
the Columbia river and marked "K J.John-
sou'ssouth east comer posl," thence north 40
chains, thouce west 100 chains,thence south
-10 chains, Ihence east 100 chains to tho point of
9 Commencing at a post planted on the
south Bide of Smitli crook about o% miles from
ihe Columbia rivor and marked "B.J.Johnson's south east corner post," Ihence north 40
i'liains, thence wesl 160chains, thenccsoiitli 40
chains, thence cost 100 chains to tho poiut of
10. Commencing at a post planted on the
norlh sido of the north fork of Smith creek,
about OW miles from the Columbia river and
marked"E. J. Johnson's south east comer."
th-ncc north 80 chains, ihence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 chains, thence cast 80 chains
tothe place of cnmmencemenl.
Dated May 2.1, WOO.
NOTICK is hereby ph-on that tliirly daya after
date 1 intend to apply tu Um Hon. Chief
i-,iin,ni**iniii'i ul Luiiils ami Works, fur a Bpoclul
license to cut und carry nwny timber (rum llie
full,,nine. ,l,-*,Til„-,l Imi, Is:
1. Coiuniuiu-inp, at a post (limited on tin. cast
bunk nl the nnrtli (nrk of Fife Creek, alio.it S
miles above tho forks and marked "ll. I*. Iluliry'a
norlh east cornor post," thonco west in cliaina,
tlience ,,»ulb un, ehains, thonce cast iu i-lmins,
tlienco north UHicbnins l„ point ofcoimiienoouient.
t Uuni'iionriiui at a |,„st plunk,,! nn tin, cast
Itmk nf llm uortli fork „l Flln Ca-ck, iilinul 5
mlliis ubnvc tin, forks and marked "K. P. Henry's
nnrtli wost comer poat," liionco smith ion chains,
tlionco east III Camilla, lllOIICO nnrtli llll i-lmins,
liionco wesl III chains to point ot iinnini cmotlt,
.1.  (,' neiii-lni! at a poll iiliiiiti-,1 nn tl asl
bank ul (In, norlh (nrk „! I'ifo Creek, almnt f,|
mlliis from the forks anil marked "I-l. P. Henry's
south eust corner post,' thence norlli lliu chains,
Ihence west III chains, llienee soulli 100 ,-llilins,
tiiuliec enst 4u chains In pnlnl of i-uniiuelii-emeiil.
4. Cuniiiit'iicinji-at n 1'ust nliiiitndiin the east
hunk of (hi. north fork ol Fife Creek, about I,|
miles above llm forks ami markod "I-l. P. Iloitry'a
south west corner poat,"tlience north80chains
thence east so clmins, tlionco aoiitli su cluilna
tlience tresi su chains to point ul en em.
c. Onni'iioiiolti", at a post planted mi the nesi
lumk ul ll iirtli l„rk „l Pirn Crook, about si
miles abovo tlie lorks, and marked "li. P. Henry's
north oust corner pust," thence west W) chains,
tbelici, soulli Kll chains, llienee cast till chains,
l lielu-o nnrtli Su chains to point „l commencement,.
0. Commoncliigat a pusl iiliiuti-il on tlm west
bunk ul the north lork „l File Crook, nboul s)
miles abovo tbe forks and mnrkeil "If. P. Henry's
south enst enriier post," tlionco nnrtli Illll chains,
theni-c west 411 chains, tlu.net, smith IIHI chains,
tin-lire oast Hi chains tu point of comn.oncen.ont,
7,   CnnnnonclllK at ajinslldutlleil uu the west
bank nf tlio north fork of l-lfo Creek and about 0
milesulsivetbo forks anil innrkoil"!'.. P. Henry's
smith cast curlier pust," thenco iiurili uiu chains,
tlienco west ,11 cluilna, thonco smitli llll chains,
thonce cast Hi chains I,,, puint nl commoncement,
5. 0,million,'iiii: at a imst planted on the wost
hank ul lho north lurk ul File Creek, about II
miles almvo tbo forks anil marked "K. P. Henry's
south wost comer pnst," tlionco east 80 clmins.
thonce nurth So chains, thence west SO chnlns,
tlience south so chains to point of commencement,
ll, P. HBNHV.
Dated May 1st, 1906.	
..."OTICE 18 HKUKBY UIVKN that thirty
ri days after dato I Intend to apply to tha
Chief Commissioner of i-Ands and Works for a
spocial licenso to cut nnd carry away Minimi
from tho followinR described landa near
Upper Arrow Uko, West Kootenny Distriot,
Kosthall Wfttowi—
1, Commencing at a post about fl ehains south
of Hear Crook ami almnt four miles frnm tlie
mouth, thence nortli 80 Hindis, thence east 80
chains, theuce south 80 chains, tlience west 80
chains tn point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a imst ou south side of Hear
Creek and about five miles from the month, thence
nortli 80 chains, theuce east 80 chaiim, tlienco
nth 80 ehains, tlience west 80 chains to point of
Commencing at No. s post north 80 chains,
thence west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains,
thonce cast HOchalns to point of comnioncemcnt,
4. Commencing at a post on north side of Hear
Crook, about six miles from the month, thence
nnrtli 80 chains, thence west 8(1 chains, thence
smith 80 chains, tlience cast 80 chains lo point of
Dated May 4th, 1000,
\J(>T1CK Is horehy given Hint. 00 dan after
1> dato, wo Intend Ui apply in tlm I 'bii-f i un;
mis-donor of Luiid.ii.nd Works fur permission
tu punliaso Um followiug doscribod In tub
situated in Wnst Kootonay district, wost side
of Upper Anow Uko:-
Commont'Iug al n post marked "M.C.filye's
norlh eiut corner," nboul a miles soutli of Fosthall Creek, nt Ilu- sontli onst corner of A. K.
Miimmoiul's application tu purchase, tlience west
ISOHiains, tlienco smilli -in chains, tlionco eust so
chains, tlienco south 4>i chaius, tlienco east 40
chains, thonco north 8o chains tn point <>f commencement, containing mo acres.
Dntod tills 22ml day of Mny, iihw.
M. I'. SLVE,
Per Kjilph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "A, K, Hammond's uortli west cornor,'1 at the south east corner of Loi 467(1 aild 0.1 t I'-i miles south of Fost.
bull Click, thonce soulh leu chains, tlience onst
iu chains, tlienco north 100 chains, tlionco west 40
chains to poiut of commencement, containing 040
news more or less.
Dated this 21st day of May.ioon.
Per Ralph Nlye, Agent.
Commencing nt a post marked "F. A. slye's
north oast comer," almnt lu elinlns west nf tho
soutli west corner nf l,nt 4670 and at the nortli
west emner of n. ,f. Hammond's application tu
purchase, and nl t IS miles south of Fosthall
Creek, llienee west 10 chains, UlOIICU south40
eliuiiis,   tllOtlCO  west ISO clmiiis, Ihence south-in
ehains, theuce east I2U chains, tlionco north 80
chains to point nf commoncomont. containing
040 acres.
Datod this 21st day of May, 1900,
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing ntn post marked "(J,J,Hammond's north east corner," at tho south oast corner of Lot 4670, aud al 11',, miles snulli nf FusiJ
hall Creek, Ihouco west-in i'liains, llionce smith
lOOloliatns, tlience.east 40 chains, theuce imrth itin
chains to point of commencement, containing oin
Dated this 21st day of Mny, MOD.
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a Rosfc marked "M. C> Dicker-
son's nortli west comer," on the shore of Arrow
Lake, about .1 miles smith of Fnstliall ('reek ,1 ml
about 20J chains north of tlm sontli east enrner nf
A. K, Hammond's application to purchase, tlience
smith 12ii chains, lllOIICO east BO chains nmre nr
less to the shore of Arrow Lake, thenco following
said shore in a general northerly and westerly
direction 100chains nmre nrless to point of commencement, containing 040 acres moro or less,
Da l ed this22ndiiayof May, 1000.
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pnst markod "L.M.John-
stone's smith east cornor," about :i miles south of
Fnstliall Creek uiul about I1., miles west from the
lake, at the soulh west enrner of Q, J. Hammond's
application tn mircli-aso, thenco north 80 chains,
theuco west 100 ehalus, theuce smith 40 chains,
thonce oast 4ii chains, tlienco smith 40 chains,
tlienco east 00 chains tn point nf commencement,
containing 040acres.
Datod this 22ml day of Mav, 1000.
Por Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commonolng at a post mnrkod ",l.L. Qlrsch's
south west corner," at the south east corner of
Lot 4570, and ubout ij miles south of Fnstliall
('reek, theuce north 80 ohnlns, tlience east 411
chains, thence south Hi chains, thenco west 40
chains to point nf enninieneemenl, containing ,120
acres more or less.
Dated this 2tst day of May, 1006.
.1. L. HIKKCH,
Per Ralph Hlye, Agent.
Commencing ut 11 post markod "K, A. Slye's
south cast enrner," at the south west corner of
Lot 4670 and about 1J4 miles south of Fosthall
Creek, thence north 4n chains, thence west 80
chains, tlience south 10 chains, tlience west 00
chains, theuco south 10 chains, theuco east 80
chains, thonce nortli 40 chains, theuce east on
chains io point of commencement, containing 040
Dated this 2tst day of May, 1000.
Por Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked ".A. Dollenmoy-
o.i'« nortli oast corner," about- fi milo south of
Fosthall Creek, at the mirth west cornor post of
Lot4570, thence west 120 ohains, llienee south 80
chains, thoneo east 40 ehniiis, llienee nnrtli 4o
chains, llienee east 80 chains, thence nnrtli III
chains to point of commoncement, containing mo
Dated this lStb day of May, 1000.
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
vrOTIl'E IS HEKKHY UIVKN that thirty
l\ dnys aftor time I intond to apply to tlio
Chief Commissioner ol Lands und Works for a
special license to cut and curry away timber
from tbo following described lands situate! in
the West Kootonay Ulstrlut, on llie west side „(
Arrow Isike. opposite Nnkils|ii-
1. Commencing at a post marked "Nortli Bast
Comer Post," theuce su chains nest, 811 chains
soutli, so cltalns cast, mi chains nortli to point „(
-'. Commencing at a post adjoining No, I limit
on tbe noi'Ui suit-, thence in cliiiins north, njn
wesl, 10 i-liains aouth, 1110 chains ensl. to ]„,ini ut
Dated Juno tub, 1000.
Kll. I.KI'INK.
iiY.NOl-kilb   Uf   llliUULA'i'lUNS   UOV-
jV LICENSE to oul timbor uuu be acquired only   ul public  competition.    A
rental ol' lil por atiuure milo is cliurgetl
(ur all tluilicr berths except Uiuso situatod wost ol i'ulu (or which the rental Is
at llio rule ol S cenls per uoro per annum.
In addition lo the rental, dues al the
following rates are ohm-god:-
Bawn lumber, 60 coins por thousand
(cot L.M.
Itaiiwuy ties, eight and nine feet long,
I i-l and 1 3-4 coins each.
,-.,mini,■ bulls, 26 cenls a curd.
All Other products, i per cent on llio
A licenso Is Issued so soon as a berth
ia uraiileU, but In surveyed territory no
lliiiuci- can be oul on a berth until thc
licensee baa made a survey ihoreol.
I'crinlta to oul timber aro ulao graiileil
ut public colllpelllloii, except lu tlie cuau
of actual sutllora, who rouulro tho llin-
,„ c iur Uii-ir own uso.
Settlers and olbors muy uiau oblu.ui
ponulis lo oul up lo 1IX) curds of wood lur
sulo   wlthoul   coiiipetitiun.
Tlio duos payable under a purmil arc
J1.60 per thousand feet 11.M., for square
limber und eawlogs ol any wood except uuki from 1-2 to 11-2 cents per lineal
loot for building logs; Irom U 1-2 to 2o
coins per oord for wood; 1 cent tor leuoe
posts; 3 ceula for railway ties; and 60
couls per oord for shingle bolts.
Louses fur grazing purposes are Issued
lor a term of twoniy-uiio years, at a
rental of two coins por uoro per annum.
Coal lands may bu uurohuaed at W
nor acre for soft coal and J20 for auUira-
ciio. Not more than » acres may be
ucuiiired !>y uno Individual or oumpuny.
hoyally al the rale of lo cents per tun
„i 2iMi pounds Is collected on tho gross
"Entries for land for agricultural purposes may be made personally at the local land olilco for Ihe dislricl In which
the lund lo be taken up Is situated, oi
If tlio lioiuosiouder desires, ho may, ou
application lo the Minister ut lho internal
ul Ottawa, llio Cuinmlusluncr of Immigration at Winnipeg, or the looul ageni lor
Uio District, within which lho land 1«
situated, receive authority for soma one
lo make entry lor him.
A foe of 110 Is charged for homestead
^Vsiitller who hm received un entry tut
a homestead, is reo.ulrod lu perform tlio
conditions connected therewith under one
ut the following plansi-
(ll Al Iciuil six mouths* residence upon
und cultivation of the land In each year
during the term of three years.
It Is the practice of the Department to
require a settler to bring 16 acres utidei
cultivation, but If ho profors he may sub
slltute slock; and 20 head of cattle, to be
uctually Ida own property, wllh buildings
for their uccommudallun, will bo required
Instead of cultivation.
(2) If the father (or mother, If lho fa
Uuu- Is deoeasedj of any person who n
eligible to mako a homestead entry undei
tho provisions of the Act, resides upon
a farm ln the vicinity of lho land on
tered for by such person as a homestead
tbo requirements ot tho Act as tu real-
donco prior to obtaining pateni muy tu
satlslled by such person residing with tin
father or mother,
(ll) If the settler has his pcrmanen.
residence upon farming land owned bj
him ln tho vicinity of his Iiomesiead. tin
requirements of the Act aa lo residence
uiuy be satlslled by residence upon the
said land.
Application for patent should be made
at tbo ond of throe years bofure the local
agent, sub-agent or a honiesteud Inspector.
Before making application for a patent,
tho senior must give six months' notice
In writing to the Commissioner ot Dominion Lands at Ottawa, ot his intention to do so,
Deputy Minister of the Interior
Ottawa. Februray 14th, IKK.
Import direct from Country of origin.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons, Etc.. John
Deoro Ploughs, Moline Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet jr., Garden Seeders and Cultivators Wheel-
wright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Hors-e Shoeing a
Incorporated by Aot of Parliament, 1855.
W.M. MOLSON MAOPHERSON, I'ii-s. S. H. EwiNG, Vit't'-Prei.
Jambs Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything In wny of banking business transacted without un-
necessary delay.
Interest credited twice a your nt current rates on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Pleases ovory Smoker the " Maroa
(Under   New   Management)
First-clas accommodation Ior travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
Cigars.    .
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
R. Dowswell, (formerly of Li-I.uul Hold, Vancouver) Proprietor.
First Class House for Travellers and Commercial Men
Newly Built, Newly Furnished, and the most comfortable house in the City.
Queens /fofe/
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers^
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at'this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprleto.
HBADOmCKi Cauiaiiv, Aliikhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork I'ackers and Uealen In Live Block. Markels in all thc principal Cities and
Towns „f Alberto. British Columbia and Die Vitkon. Packers „l the Celebrated Brand
"Iinjierator" llunu and Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Lea! Lard. j
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.   All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
lliu.-k service io uny pint of the Oity ul all hours.   Rigs equipped for
Pleasure Parties,  First class single and dodble rigs.  Express, dray,
ing and transitu ring.  Saddle and pack horses fir hire.   All kinds
of job work undertaken.    Wood for sale,
Commercial Printing
Rapidly and neatly turned out at the Mail-Herau> Office
riend tlii MAll.-Ul.nAl.li olliee uini-
<-i iting order anil ynu W'll not it done
BE ID   &   YOUE"G
| Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited.
u e nave tnem-
is the Season
-all Kinds,
for Picture
.11 Prices and all Sizes,
Kiiii.M.t:—At Wotnskiiviu, Alta,,
on Tuesday, June 12th, to Mr. uml
Mr*. .1. K. Tweeddale, n daughter,
Local and General.
iia College nt  \V-"Ji'v-.iii-
ii sol 1 ol science mi''
destroyed  the
did damage to
The Colmnbi
ster bus added
Fire nt Baltimore
Savannah dock and
J. Adams, a minei* employed in the
Wakelield mine, Silverton, was killed
by a i-iiM'-in.
C. Mitchell had a success Iui limiting
expedition up the Jordan, where he
killed lour hears.
The fool-hunter named Rollins shot
u rancher named lieili,,rd at Xiiiiiiinio,
in mistake iur a bear.
Work has been -started on J. B.
Cressman's house on First street. E.
C. Fromey bus the contract d,r building thi basement.
The plans are out for tbe new Burns
Block to be erected nt the Corner ol
McKensie Ave. and First St., and
tenders will be culled shortly.
The- circus was unable to perlorm ut
•uolden as one of the wagons wont
through the Kicking Horse bridge, so
they re-trained their,,utlit and went
on to Calgary.
The Matr.,n ul the Hospital desires
to thank th,- little ones of St. Peter's
church lor the gilt ol IJowers, Mrs.
Williamson (or cake and the Ladies'
Guild lor fruit.
A in.ni naini-,1 King lu-: been fined
|S0 at Vancouvi r lor starting a bush
tin-. We are glad t - see the Provincial
.-'  ritiea pi i itii.-; n raisi rs and
no mercy should be shown them
li. Howson has imported n magnificent pair ,-f thoroughbred black
horn.-.- In in i" derich, I int., and they
have been tho admiration ol - in y
horse fancier in town who has seen
Development ol the oil land! in
Beaver Valley, near Harper's Camp,
11. ('.. is about to I-- begun on a suitably extensive'ale, The company
ha-' just let no otr.ict to put down »
well lOOOleet.
Tbe "Savonai Und and Lumber
Company" is the title ,-i a new company capitalised .tt 1244,000 and head
office it Phoenix, Arizona. It i» undent --1 il"- c impany intendi utilizing tin- water power now going to
watte i-1--.- :. the outlet ol K imloops
I.,,., al Savon , ai ,1 the Horsesh e
Bend (or tho gi eration ol e'ectricity
I* wei '.,. i- ". insmitted to Kamlooi*
and inten - iliati customers who muy
desire p   er oi light,
If you il
vnn call,
rop In here ji
111(1 (."■!    ' '" *
in take uiili you. This delic
Candy is welcome wherever
U-st uiul purest ** 8WBET8 '
In hall in- pound packages o
in bulk, ul
75c. Per Lb.
Mall mul Telephone Orders
ci v.- prompt attention,
Football practices will in future lit
hold on the Hun Club's grounds.
The Mount Stephen Division ol the
Order ol Railway Conductors bus now
i slnblishcd its headiiuartors at Rovelstoke.
Thoro wus un important mooting of
tho City Council lusl ovoning, but
owing I" the length ol tbo report we
ure obliged to hold it  ov.-r  till   next
is,i(f ,;,,tf,t,y-A^i,-y,i'.t(Ai.ii.
Ily a vote of Lift Ior iinil 8 ugiiins't,
the Presbyterian gonornl assembly
mli pled the motion nl Principal Patrick, ol Manitoba colleges instructing
the church union committeo to proceed with negotiations.
Thu Chinoso Exclusion law is having tin unlocked for elVoct on Chinese
already in Ihe country lor they have
gut on to it so thoroughly the wages ol
Chinese us cooks, laborers, etc., have
risen all round, in Lust, Kootenay
Chinamen that last year worked tor
.fl a day now require $2, while in
Cariboo the wagetplf Chinamen have
gone up to $2.75 per duy.
Three Revelstoke candidates have
been writing this week nn the matriculation examination for McGill University before Rev. 0, A. Proounier,
nnd ure the lirst candidates who have
gone up from the Revelstoke high
school. The candidates are Misses
Francis Paget, (Irace Somes und Maud
Tlie American Government threaten
to deport Brothier back Irom Seattle
tn Vancouver us an undesirable im-
migrant, nnd il so the llrilisli Colum
bin police will be advised and will be
on hand to take euro ol him. II, will
perhaps regrel he did not keep laitb
with the Minister ol Justice in his
promise t,, leave Canada lor ",,""1
With I his week's issut we begin the
publication ol an illustrated supplement, which will be issued on Saturdays with the Mail-Herald. A
serial story will be run with a child-
r, ns' column, illustrated comical
incidents, two pages for the Indies, including hints on physical culture,
dress making,  house  keeping   and
The telescope man ol the circus
ivenl up to Mike Carlin, at Golden,
ml mid * shake pariliu-r, if you could
extend yourself like I do you would he
the biggest man in the wotM and it
would be worth more to you tlinn
lumbering." The telescope man then
lii-:uii  extending  himsell  till   Mike
ndered what sort ol a prodigy stm d
before him,
Arrangements have been c impleted
for the production hy the Amateur
Dram itic Club ,-i thai picturesque
ami humorous drama by II. I i 'raven
,-iitii!,,1 Meg i Divi rsion." The per-
f,, rn i.i will talk.- place on the evening of June 28th, and is being given
under tho nUBpicos - the I adlei
Auxiliary of the V, M, C A, Special
scenery is being prepared loi the production which promises to he n R md
Don't forget the At Home on Wednesday evening nexl in the V. M. C,
A, parlors. The bowling all, y and
pool room havo been turned over to
the Ladies Auxiliary for the evening
and the proceeds will lie applied on
the piano whioh the ladies recently
installed in the parlors. A number ol
keen bowling contests are looked forward to. Music and refreshments
will be furnished hy the ladles and a
splendid timo is assured. Everybody
Social and Personal
F. II. Lewis returned yesterday Irom
the const.
A. E. Rose left Wednesday Ior thc
const on a holiday.
Miss Mclean leaves today Ior Ducks
on ii visit to friends.
Miss Atkinson is spending the week
end with friends in Kamloops.
Mr. and Mrs. F. Julian intend leaving for Minneapolis for a lime.
Mr. and Mrs. .1. Mediums will return
Monday or Tuesday night Irom their
honeymoon trip.
The friends of C. F. I.inilmiirk will
regret to learn that be is laid up with
un attack of rheumatism.
Dr. J. A.  Briggs, brother ol W. I.
Briggs, will assist Dr. 11. A. II. Hull
the practice ol his profession ui Nelson.
Miss Garvin leaves shortly Ior Mon
trail nnd thonce to Minneapolis, nnd
her ninny friends regret tn learn ol he
The Ladies' Aid of St. Andrew's
church purpose holding llieir annual
garden party on Thursday, July lllth,
on the Miiuse grounds,
.lohn Houston, ex-mayor nl Nelson,
has opened an olilco iiiGoldfiold, Nov,
In deal In "prospects and mines,
mini- leases, mining slocks und real
The wedding look place ut Montreal
n(  Edith Ihidglcy, only daughter ol
Dr. Moleon, to Richard 11. Van Horn
the eldest son ol Sir William Vnn
Homo oltbe C.I'.R.
The young people ol Knox church
will give an "at home social" in the
church parlors on Monday evening
next, June 18, beginning lit 8 o'clock,
The evening will he spent with games,
music, recitations and refreshments,
The young people with their Iriends
and especially strangers in the congregation are cordially invited to ho
present.   Admission free,
The Winnipeg Free Press says: "F,
W. Aylmer, who came here some
weeks ago as resident eiigiiieor lor the
Dominion pul,lie works department,
lell last night for Golden, ll. C, nsn
i, suit ol bis recent resignation ol his
position here. He has been reappointed aa assistant lo Mr. Keeler in Britisli
Business Locals.
as   I. Woi
' Arruwhei.
drnw Is,
n n biisim
Ploases every smoker the " Maroa
\  -■',--  ol   Bews'   Soda
necesi      (utility, to fill v, ith di light.
Healthy teeth follow the -  ■  i
Be, - tootl p ..-•     i.
pli ,- -   ■
The M  -.-I  i UC them I
you like ili,-ni     Lawn nei   II   il   in
i ■ i ■   wen
Beautiful, artistic pieces ol lurni-
i, ihogany and quarto oul  ah
.i! i:  Howson -
I.one Juice, the Favorite  lummei
drink, in pint, and ,|iiart  bottles al C.
li Hume it Co's
Maps nl  Hi-   different districts ,(
British Columl Id al the C in ids
Drug Co'i
Another .liipmenl ol fancy Japanese
mips and  -an,-,-r- and lancy dishes,
just npe I ,- I ai nl' Drug 81 ire
Ymi ,-.,-; .', i anything you wanl in
Dings or  Modlcim -  al   the  Can id a
Drug Co -. --I, il" rti.-iM
Agents foi Eastman's Kodaks and
lilms, Canada Drug Cn.
Bananas, Lemon, Oranges, Cherries,
s-u Spoil- Ripe Tomatoes and Cu-
cumbers at <!. II. Hume i Co'i,
lilol.n Wernioke   office lurnituro
roll top desks, etc,,
,, ire -ior,-,
MoNally'i   Pure
quart bottlos ami j
0. II. Ill.loi- a- Co'
Tlie right
nnl writing
Drug Co's.
alien to
,,,'t li ie stationery
nt  the  Camilla
Strawberries!   Straw
icrries m any
II limn
, k Co. '
icrriosl Straw-
arriving daily
ut ('-
Sea Salt a, d Pet'liiineil Bath Powd-
erB in packages nl Ihe Canada Drug
R. II nv-on hill i'. inverted his former
residence on Victoria Road inti undertaking parlois, and the rooms will
bo amongst the linest undertaking
parlors in the province.
Always lay stress in your advertising on the best thing about your goods,
whether that be the price, workmanship, style, facilities in delivery or
sonilhing else. Advertise '.a the Mill-
In this nnappreeiiitive world, where
silent merit may lie undiscovered forever, it is a good idea to speak up mice
111 it while, and let folks know you've
got tho goods. Advertise in the Mail-
Today more thun ever men's judgments are based largely upon the
introductory first ghince. You will
always have the advantage of first
impressions if you get your clothes
made lit Creasnuiti i'i.* Morrison's, the
importing tailors. Our clothes are
the standard ol what is best in quality
and correct in style. Be correct in
yuur dreBs and get your clothes from
the house ol Crcssmnn it Morrison.
St. Peters — First Sunday alter
Trinity. There will be a celebration
of Holy Communion at 8 a, m. and
aftermiitinsiitllu.il), Evensong at
7:30 p.m. The Lord Bishop of Kootenay will preach both at morning and
evening services. Conlirmation at
evening pruyor.
St, Andrew's—Sunday services on
June 17th, 1900, Rev. W. C. Calder,
pastor. 11 a. in., " The Glory that
Exsols."  7:311 p.m., "Sinai and Zion."
Knox Presiiyterian—Rev. J. R.
Robertson, Ii. D., Minister. Sunday
11 it.ni., subject "The Transfiguration."
7:30 p.m., the series mi the Dillicult
Sayings ol the Master will be continued, Biibjeet, "What .Iobus Did Not
Know." Prayer meeting Wednesday
night ut 8 o'clock, subject, The Third
Psalm.   All are cordially invited.
Methodist—Rev. Jas. Turner will
take the services In the Methodist
church morning and evening. Mr.
Turner wus the first Methodist Pastor
in Revelstoke. His ninny old time
friends will appreciate the privclege ol
hearing him uguin lor the Sabbath
services. The Foresleis will parade to
the church In Uio evening*
A Swedish Service.
A Swedish meeting will be he'd on
Tuesday evening nt 8 o'clock, at the
residence ut Mrs. Ulnckb, rg, 2nd St.,
by Rev. Mr. Kwnnson.of Vancouver,
Representative Sherman introduced
u hill in Congress providing that the
passenger rates mi all railroads in the
United States shall he two centB a
The C.P.R. are milking investigation und surveys at Esqtfmalt which
indicate that ihey intend making tliis
the port for their Empire liners, and
Victorians are jubilant ul the prospects Another report suys theC.P.R.
intend lo build a railway north to
Seymour Nutrows and put on n big
lerry service between Vancouver nnd
the mainland.
The Greal Northern will rush
track-laying ,n the V. V. k E., nt ri
mile a day to ICeretneos
Girl for Dining Room.  Apply
to Hotel Revelstoke, City.
J. R. Thornton
I- - oily ol Revelstoke.
Dressmaking & Plain Sewing
Cor. King and Douglas Sts.
HI . KI.-IOKI ,  I-.   ,
We have lots of New Corsets on the way and have to make room for them.
To do this we must close out the present stock and to do so we put the whole lot of
" E, T, CORSETS " on sale at one price
50 OBlsTTS
In this lot you will find every size from 18 to 30. Some sold at $1.50 and
$2.00 and some were less, but they are all the one price now.
Is a line to which we pay particular attention. We know good Hosiery, and
we will not keep a poor quality, no matter how cheap it may be offered us. Our
variety is large and the colors are fast—they are Hermsdorf Dyed—you know what
that means—the very best.
COTTON HOSE   200.   250.  300. Per Pair. LISLE H08E  40c.   tlo.   50o.   OOo. Per Pair
LACE H08E- 450. 500. 600. 750. Per Pair. IMBROIDERIED HOSE-250. 500.  750. 11.00.
Made by the best firms in Canade—cut in a style that always has the proper
" hang " and made of materials that wear long and look well and sold at prices from
$5.00 up.
Your choice of any in this Store at $1.00.
We invite you to call and see our stock. ' We ate pleased to show it to yon.    You will
not be urged to buy, and if you do and are not satlslled, you can get your money back.
fllini9lw9^^ISVWS9WWWWWwWW9WWWW0wwwwwwww9wwwwwwwmwwwwwwwwwwwwwwW990wWWtWtlwWtin W
Arrowhead, Trout Lake and Nakusp Rural School Districts
Rovelstoke Assessment Distriot
nuKKNOTlOKtliall .ball hold aCmirt. of
1 Itcvitlon and Annual unilor tho "Public
School Act, 1*15," for tho Arrowhead, Trout
Lakoand Nakusp Rural School Ills rlc's, on
Wednesday, tlm lSth ilav of July, 1006, at the
hour of two o'clock In the altcriiimn. at the
School House, Arrowhead.
D.Ucd at Rovelstoke, this Iiith day of June,
0. M. K1K1.D,
Judu-o ol tho Court of Revision and Anneal
ftcvclstajko Assessment District of Woat
PROPERTY OWNERS arc hereby notified
lo have Uio thistles growlnjt on tlielr pro-
perty cut down as soon us possible to prevent
Uj (Inlor,
June Itilh, 1006, City Clerk.
Tax Arrears Notice.
IABTIKSIN AI1HEAIIS with licit Property Taxes are hereby iiutllleil lhat iu
ni-cni'ilancu with (lie Municipal Act  which
came Into-forco Jtinolllh, a rale ot 8 por cent
11 ill heeliarKi'il mi such arrears from that date
City Clerk.
.1,111,1 in. nm -i ins
cri'liy glvon that mi days afler
I'ni: 8AI.K   Complete sei ol Stern
V    Wheel   M„i,iii,-i>- nnd   Boiler
uit.-iiilo 1..1 heavy word, Pari li ulai
Apply to II   \ .l',-.i--. Iff? 1 urd -- 1
Street, Vancouver, li 1
1 Lnko. British Columbia, To wind
up estate, -'-'" iquarefet-tof la ml1 will,
cabin) on Kellio street, under Crown
grant. .\',> reasonable offer refused,
Apply T,„l,1, li,-linos k Lamb,47Chancery Lane, London. England,
ut HpwSOn'l Kuril-
Maple Syrup ii)
gal. nils just in at
Lite Chief (''unmivlnnrV'of UinlMtnrt Work*
Tur permlmlon topurohiuo Die following do*
I I it 1 nt j in lln1  Wt'Ht Koolmmy iIIkItIcI,
j went ride of Upper Arrow l«ftko;
■Commenclnk ol a po*l nboul Lhrao milcn
OUth nl Kn-,1 lind croek, ami nhmil. | mllo from
the fAko, marked "Tnoma* WowUrij ninth
•■.i-i corner," at the north east oornor of M. ('.
!,'- ipplloatlon lopurchonpi tlionconorth to
■ hnln*. more or lorn, to ilm lakn ihoro; then™
following   -11 i't ilmn'   in 11  gonorel   nml lirily
and wuuirly dlrootlon in chain*,- mora or low,
10 thi 'jiith boundary of Ai B. Hammond'*
application io porohuei thonoo w««i DO chain*,
more or Iiikx, io lliu out Imiunlary of 1.. M.
Johnstono's ujii'llaitioi, u> ourohattt ihoncu
■outh so .ilium-, thenoo <,•-■■•*' chain* to point
nf oommenoemont, I'ontmuiiiK ■«>*• aofWi moro
or l*i".
Dntod thin 13th day of J i, 1006,
Por Ralph siyo, Agonl,
Positively We Are Not Knockers
Where did you ),ret that Idea '**
Want to hear real knocking ? "OLD HIT IIIM A LICK''
advertising us,
Apply i" I..
or    Separately,
Moscrop, 'iity.
down the street works overtime at it adv
torn. B.
DriiKKlst uiul Stationer,
n. in tlnllutno block,
Tel. 06 GOOD   QOO08
Cigars,       loiiauiis,      Ciinfcciiiiiim
P 0 Box 44
Ice Cream Sodas.
ll TAPPmQ u. eonred tho rlghWif
frnnchl nei Mill Pouter fnr tho Hanndlon nnd
Imerlonn Bill Pouter AoooUtlon In the < Ity
of Rovoktolrc nnd Imvlhtt the bill honrd ha
i noffproporwl to fio nil kind* of ndvorttalng
mi llm -niitm
For Sale or Rent
A     FARM    ON     EASY    TERM8
I'olllllilllllJ linn -Il's, i,l,,„il ll,,,-,.
„,l iillli Tlinolliv.    Miiil„l,lo l,„
Hoiihi, nlitlollllMiflilllljl  III gnnil emu
nl.Craljullnrlili,, , hm mil, i m il,
Apply loll TAI'I'I.mi, Hi ,,J i-l,,
,,1,,1,'M     '.'.I
,,„il |,,,o, llll-
II loll Nlloi.lo
I llotolslot,
Y'lTK K i-  licroliyKlion llial iKiilays nfter
, - a,-, I u,,,.|i,| to apply lit Mm Ifnl). tin-
i liiol ('oiiiinl--li,ii,-r of lainil* anil Works (or
pi-riiiisslun lo pun hue. Hit' f'lllowliiK dc.crilieil
land! .|',i„l,-,| ut wnsl Kool.-nay, west iilili
' olooibls riv,-r, Kir.- Valli-y:
i on,,,„■„,dps .it a poll I'i chnlns nnrlh of
LsngSll  1,'irlf,   wosl  oomor pnal an'! initrko,!
"Ilarrj   Moll,!.,, ti a  nortli  ens!  iiiniii post'
lit,-noi, west SO ohains, thonno aoulliSllolialii
Ihenco oast ni ohains, llntioo norlli su ohalm lo
place of - >ii„,i„,„,-mii,-iii,
ii,ii.-.i .inn,, mh, I'm
Strawberry and Ice Cream
Monday, July 2, 1006
)OOMS TO  RENT-Mall Herald
i    fmildlng,  Apply lo It. Tupiiing.
Basket Social
JUNE  10th
In Selkirk Hull. A good time lor
all and a handsome smoking set Ior
one.    It costs nothing to come and
Ileum, iiiiil ],ot imly Sl.-'IKI,
by imtu. Apply lai
■Sllllil ilnwn, 1,i,1„iii-|,
11,'Hr Hi-ads, Aniiimls, Hints,  I-'isli,
P. 0. Hox 81,
, Animals, Hints,
Animal ltujiui Mounted,
0PP0SITB P, 0.
Kt'velitoke, II. C.
An auction sale will he held at .1
McCallum's house at corner ol Third
Street and Connaught Avenue (west
ol Mackenzie Avenue) nn
Monday, June 18th
The whole ol the Furniture ol Messrs.
E. and R Moscrop will be there offered
lor sale.
The furniture is principally new
and will be Bold without reserve.
Don't miss this opportunity tn furnish your home cheaply.
Sale commences at 1 o'clock sharp.
See Dodgers later.
NOTIOK In hcrehy given that 30 day* afWr
ilitir 1 iiiti'inl io apply to tho (-hlef Oiim-
iiiissiiint'i' of I.U111U uml Work* for a special
licfliiiw to cut and curry away tinilier Irom tin;
following ili'scribcil IiukIh uRmitnl In Wesl
Kootenay dlfltrlott—
(lotmnoiicliig :it a jinst mi i In- went slili> of t' |i|H'i-
Armw IjikH. utartlng at tlie Y. C. L Co. LUI.'h
north west cornor po«,t No, 2, Mience 411 chains
east; thence mi chain* north; tlionco SU clntins
n-cHt) thence mi obalno South, tlienco m\ chaiim
etiBi to place of comiuenceincnti
lialcil llth i lav i if, I unc, turn;
Kitici). KitKitK'rn:.
For Revelstoke and vicinity, agent to represent non-
tariff Fire Insurance Companies, capable of handling
large lines, good territory
will be given to live man.
Apply, with references to
18 Trounce Avenue,
J, Henderson, having purchased
the business ol J. I), Smith, will
give prompt service.
Has Special Attention
Leave Orders at lutwrenee's Hard
ware Store or Central Hotel Front
I. 0. V.
All member* of Court Mt. Bcgbie
and visiting brethren are requested to
meet at Oddfellows' Hall to attend
Divine service at Methodist Church
on Sunday, 17th inst.
By Order,
F. FRKT7-, C. R.
Men's Clothing, Hats, Caps, Boys' Clothing,
Shoes, Trunks, Valises, Underwear, Shirts, Overalls,
and everything in our store Smashed worse than our big
plate glass window.
This Sale is for Cash Only.
If you want a lot of Choice Goods for little
money call at this Store and take advantage of Our Big
Smash Sale.
THIS SALK only lasts a few days. og and through a bush, so that on,- '• but sinning as to the trifles of good \ the mornl effect of approval or dis- i ther to it, that he was inclined     to
ixtromity projected beyond the bu.-h j taste.    The two men conversed     in approval  by  those with whom     ho take    the    line    of least resistance
'■-a dinlomnrv won a piece of tne.ii j short elliptical sentences, using tech-! lived.    It amused Dyer to withhold when it came to a question ol even
from    the cookee.    This they nailed j nlcal terms. , the timely word, so leaving the job-1 ordinary diligence,    lie sought often
to the end of the pole by means of "That 'seventeen' white pine is her to flounder between his easy na-j in llis own mind excuses for derelle-
a pine sliver. The Canada jays gaz- going to underrun," said Dyer. "It tare and his sense of what should be | tion in favor of a man who would
ed on the morsel with covetous eyes. | won't skid over three hundred Ihous- done. not    hnve dreamed of seeking  them
When    the   men   had    retired, they and." Dyer knew perfectly well thai the i for    himself.      A good many people
swooiied.      One   big   fellow arrived I    "It's small stun"," agreed Iindway,  work was behind, and he knew   the ] would    cull this kindness of   heart.
(Continued) i    "Woll, will you?" Thorpe inquired,
"Thnt stuff doesn't come here," ob- tho humor of tho situation ovcrcum-
jectcd the cookce, indicating a box of '"6 him.
tobacco the newcomer was carrying. |    "Hnvo you ever worked     in     the
"She goes to tho 'van.' " ; w°ods?,','
Thorpe did not know  what     the:   "No."
"van" might'be, hut he replaced the     Th" man smoked silently,
tobacco on the sleigh.   In a few mo-     "I'll pot you on the road In   tho
ments the task was finished, with the . morning," he concluded,
exception of a hull* dozen other cases,  thia were the deciding qualification,
which the driver designated as also     °"e °< the    "leo colored abruptly
and    approached (he counter.     The
lirst,    and lit in defiance     of     the \ "and so much the worse for os
"Give it to 'im!" whispered N:>-
lan. who had been watching.
Dob hit the other end of the pole
a mighty whack with his ax. Tile
astonished juy, projected straight uj>
ward by the shock, gave a startled
is   g
but reason.    For some time tho men had I Perhaps    it was; the question
Company'll stand in on it   be- been    relaxing their efforts.     Thoy little puzzling.    Uut the (acts
,ause    small stud like that always I had worked honestly enough,  but alas stated.
Thorpe hud already commented on
the feeling among tlie men,  though.
over-runs oo the mill-cot." j certain    snup and vim had  lacked.
The scaler nodded eomprehensioo.     This was because Radway had   been
"When you going to dray-haul that! too easy on them.
Norway pine across Pike Lake?"       !   Your  true lumber Jack adores   ol
"Tomorrow,    She's springy,     but all things in creation a man   whom
for the "van." The horses were unhitched, nod stabled in the third of
the big log buildings. The driver
indicated Ihe second.
"Hotter go into toe men's camp
and sit down 'Iill th' boss gets in,"
he advised.
Thorpe entered a dim, over-hen'cd
structure, lined on two sides by a
doable tier of large bunks partitioned from one nnolher like cabins of
boats, nod centered by n huge stovo
over which hung slender poles. The
latter were lo dry clothes on. .lust
outside the bunks run a straight
hard bench,
entrance trying to
to the dimness.
desk laid aside    his
writer al the
"What Is it. Albert?" he ndded.
".lot of chewio'," was the reply.
Tho scaler took from the shelf a
long plug of tobacco and cut. off
two inches.
"Ain't bitting the van much, are
yuu, Albert?" he commented, putting the man's name and the nm-
utiiit In a little book. Thorpo went
out, after leaving his name for tho
time book, enlightened us to the
method of obtaining .supplies. He
Thorpe stood at theI Promised himself some warm .cloth-
accustom his eyes ing from the van, when he should
hnve worked out the necessary cred-
owing (o his inexperience, lie was
not able to estimate Its full value.
The men were inclined to a semi-
apologetic uir when they spoke oi
If his employer is big enough their connection with ihe camp.
Instead of being honored as one of
a series of jobs, this seemed to he
considered as merely a temporary
halting-place in which thoy look no
pride, and from which (hey looked
forward  in  anticipation  or back  in
squawk and cut a hole through   the i the books say five inches of ico will  he feels to be stronger thun     him-
air for the    tall  timber.     Straiten i hold a team, and there's more'than self.
and Nolan went into convulsions   ol | that.    How much are we putting in i to drive him, then he is willing   to
ns  though laughter. a day, now?" De u,.(vcn to t|le (ast ou,„.e   o( his
"(Jet at it!" cried the cookee,   as     "About forty thousand." strength.    Hut once he gets the no-
thoogh setting a pack of dogs     on |   Radway fell silent. tjon that his "boss" is afraid of, or
their prey. |   "That's mighty littlo for  soch  a for, him or his feelings or his health,
The men nte, perched In various at- crow," he observed    at Inst, doulit-, he loses Interest in working for thut
titudes and places.   Thorpe foond it, fully. mnn.   So a littlo effort to lighten or memory to better things,
dillicult to keep worm. The violent "I always said you were too easy expedite his wnrk, a little leniency in "Old Shearer, he's the bully boy."
exercise hnd heated him through, anil | with them. You got to drive them!excusing the dilatory finishing of a,suid Bob Siruttoii. "1 remember
now the north country cold ponetra- more," ! job. a little ensing-up under stress of when be was foreman fur M.&D,   et
(ed to his bones. He huddled close! "Well, it's a rough coantry," apol- weather, nre taken ns so mnnv indi- Cump 0. Say, we did hustle them
to tho Are, and drank hot tea, but oglzod Radway, trying, as was his cations of a desire to conciliate, saw-logs Inl I should rise to re-
It did not do him very much good, custom, to find excuses Wr tho other And conciliation means weakness mark I Out in ih* woods by lirst
tn his secret mind he resolved t o : Party as soon as he was agreed with. every time. Your lumber-jack likes - streak o' day. I recall ooe mornin*
buy one of the blanket muckiniiws in his blame, "there's any amoant^o be met front to front, ono strong she wns pretty cold, nn' the boys
that very evening. He began to see | of potholes; and, then, we've hnd sol man to another. As yuu value your I grumbled about lurnin' out. *Cold,'
that    the costumes of each country | much snow the ground ain't   really j authority, the love of your men, ami I says Tim, 'you sons of guns!     You
got your ch'iee.   It muy be too cold
"Set down," said a voice, "on th' it-
floor if you wain to; but I'd prefer At
lh' deacon sent." '*'"'*■'
Thorpe obi
the    bench, ...
ed to the light,    could one thing
supper    he learned something
that he must not talk nt table.
much snow
hnve their origin in practicality.       | froze underneath.   It gets pretty soil j the completion of your work, keep a
That evening ho picked out one of in some of them swamps.    Cnn't fig-; |,|„|t brow and an unbending slnglo-
the host.    jIs he wns about to in-1 ure on putting up as much in   this „ess 0f purpose,
quire    the price, Railway drew the)country as we used to do down   in i   Hallway's    peculiar    temperament
van book toward him,  Inquiring        "" '
"Let's see; what's the name?"
In an instant Thorpe was charged
on the book with three dollars nnd
| Muskegon." | rendered him liable to just this
I   The scaler smiled a thin smile all I take.    It was so much easier
diently took position on  A moment's   reflection    taught him  „ half, although his work that day
or "deacon seat."    His  the common-sense of the rule.     Por had earned him less than a dollar
to himself    behind the stove,     liig I liiin to do the thing himself than to
John Radway depended so much on'be harsh to the point of forcing ono-
for you in the woods, but it's a
iliimii sight too hot fer you in hull,
an' you're going to one or the
oilier!' And he niennt it too. Them
was great days! Forty million a
year, and not a hitch."
(To be Continued)
eyes, more
make oul a thin, lall. bent oltl man,
with hare cranium, two visible teeth,
nnd a three days' stubble of white
beard over his monger, twisted face.
lie caught, perhaps, Thorpe's stir
prised expression.
"Yon Ihink th' old man's no good,
do you?" lie cackled, without the
slightest malice, "looks is deceivln'!"
He sprang up swiftly, seized the toe
of his right loot with his left hnnd.
nnd jumped his left foot through the
loop thus funned. Then lie snt 'loan
ngnin, nnil laughed nt Thorpe's astonishment.
"Old Jackson's still purty smart,*'
snid be. "I'm barn-boss. They
ain't hnd but two sick ihis fall, an'
much nboul buss s ns 1 do. We
ninjt hnd but mo sick this fall, an'
between you an' ine. they's a skate
lot. You're n greenhorn, ain't
"Yes." confessed Thorpe.
"Well," snid Jackson, reflectively,
but rapidly. "I.,- Fabian, lie's quiet
but hnd; and O'tlrady, he talks loud
bu( you enn blittT him; nnd Perry.
he's only lind when he gets full o'
red llkker; anil Norton he's <s>: when
he gets mad like, and will use ux.-s."
Thorpe did not know he wns gutting valuable points on the .amp
bullies. The old man hitched nearer
and (leered in his face.
"They don't blurt you a bit,"
snid.  "unless you likes them,
then they can bnck you way oil
Thorpe smiled nt the old fellow's
volubility. He did not know how
lear to the troth the woodsman's
shrewdness hnd hit; for to himself.
as to most strong characters, his
peculiarities were the normal, and
therefore (he unnoticed. His habit
of thought in respocl to other people
wns rather objective than subjective.
He Inquired so impersonally the significance of whatever was before him.
supper wus n much brief- On his wny bnck to the men's shan-
er nITnir than it would have been ; ty he could not help thinking how-
had every mnn felt privileged to easy it would be for him to leave
take his will in conversation; not the next morning two dollars and n
to speak of the absence of noise nnd|hall ahead. He wondered if this
the presence of pcaeo. Each
asked for what he wanted.
mnn  method of procedure obtained in
the camps.
The newcomer's first day of hard
work hod tired him completely. He
was ready for nolliing so much us
his bunk. Hut he hnd forgotten i
Hint it was Saturday night. llis,
status was still to assure.
Thoy began with a few mild trick.s.
Shullle the Hrognn followed Hoi
Back, Thorpe took all of it good-;
niitiiri'illy. Finally n tall Individual
wiih n ihin white faco, n reptilian
forehead, reddish hair, and long
baboon arms, suggested tossing in u
blanket. Thorpo luoked at the low
coiling, and declined.
"I'm with the gnme ns long     ns
you say,  boys," snid he,  "nnd   Iill
have ns much fun as anybody,    but
Hint's  going  too  far   for  a   tired
The reptilian gentleman let   oot a*
"Please pass llie beans," he said
with the deliberate intonation of a
man who does not expect that his
request will be grunted.
Besides the benns were fried snU
pork, boiled potatoes, canned corn,
mince pie, a variety of cookies and
doughnuts, and strong green ten.
Thorpo found himself eating rnven-
ously nt Ihe crude ftire.
That evening he underwent a
catechism, a few (n-aetienl jokes.
which he look good-naturedly, and
it vast deal ol dialling. Al nine the
lights wero nil out. By daylight ho
and a dozen ulher men were a I work,
hewing n rond thnt hud to be us
smooth uud 1,-vel ns a New York
Thorpe nod four others were set to
work mi this rond, which wns to be string of oaths whose meaning might
cut through n creek bottom lending,' be    translated,    "We'll    see    abootj
he    was told, to "seventeen."     The  thnt!"
figures meant nothing to him, Lat- Thorpo was n good boxer, but he!
er, each number came to possess nnl knew by now ihe lumber jack's]
individuality of ils own. lie learned , method of fighting,—anything to
to use a double-bitted nx. hurt    the other fellow.    And in     a
Thorpe's Intelligence was of the'genuine old-fashioned knock-down-1
practical sort that wonderfully helps and-drag-out rough-and-tumble your
experience. He watched closely one woodsman is about the toughest cus-
of the older men, nnd analyzed the tomer yon will be likely to meet.'
relation borne by each one of his Ho |s brought up on fighting. No-
movements to the object in view, thing pleases him better than'to get I
In a'short lime he perceived that one drunk nnd, with a few companions,
hand nnd arm are mere continue-1 to embark on an earnest effort lo
lions of the helve, attaching the j "clean out" a rival town. j\nd hej
blade of the ax to the shoulder of will accept cheerfully punishment!
ihe wlolder; nnd Hint the other hand .enough to kill three ordinary men.!
directs the stroke lie acquired tlie It takes one of his kind really to
knack thus of throwing the   bit   ol* hurt him.
steel Into the gnsh ns thoogh it; Thorpe, at the first hostile move-1
were a baseball on the end of a mont, sprang back to the door, seiz-1
string; nnd so accomplished power, od one of the three-foot billets of
By experiment he learned just when i hnrdwond intended for the stove, and j
to slide the guiding hand down   the  faced llis opponents.
He     "I don't know which of you hoys
so is   coming    first," snid he quietly,
ux "but he's going to get it good   and
bothered his head us to what     the did nol  twist itself from his hands,  plenty."
other innii thought of him, his ignor- nor glance to cut his foot,    lie at-     It the affair had been serious, these
mice, or his awkwardness, simply bs- tatned    the method of the    double men would never have recoiled    because    ot   him    tho oilier man was  bit. and how to knock roots by   nl-  (ore the mere danger of a stick     of
nothing but an clement In his prub- tomato employment of the edge and  hardwood.   The American woodsman
lem.    So in such circumstances    he flat.    In n low dnys his hands     li,-
lenrned   fnst.     Once  int induce     Ihe enme hard and used to the cold.
human element, however, nnd his nli-     From  shortly after daylight      he
surdly sensitive solf-consclousness ns- worked,
seried    itsell.    lie mis. ns Jackson  company
it, backed oil the skill- self enme by, watched their operations for a moment, nnd moved on
without commont. After Thorpe had
caught his second wind, he enjoyed
his tusk, proving a certain pleasure
in the ease with which he handled bis
At the end of an Interminable period, a faint, musical ballon swolled,
echoed, and died through tho forest,
hoautlful ns a spirit, it wns tnken
up by another voice and repeated
Then by nnolher. Now near al
baud, now fnr nwny it rnng ns
hollow ns n hell. The sawyers, tho
swampers, the skldders, und the
(earn men turned nnd put on their
heavy blunket coots.
Down the rond Thorpe hoard it
too, and wondered what it mighi
"Come on. Bub! she nieuns chew!"
explained old iiiiiii Heath kindly. Old
Synojisls ,-f preceding Chapters
Harry Thorpe, tin,,in, on his own resources after the disgrace of his father,
who hail i„vn guilty ,,1 embezzlement, de-
cides to st.,,-t lor the Michigan woods to
learn, thc lumbering l,tisii„-ss frum the
ground up. On arriving at Itis destination he secures work with a man named
Radway, who !,„s taken a contract to
i-ul live million f<-'-t ,,( tinit„-r for Morri-
s„„ .V Daly, for ivliirli Radway is lore-
c-ive no payment unless the whole l„( of
Ions are delivered to .Morrison & Daly's
By Mary fi. Curler
Copyright, l&oc, by A. S. Barnes & Co.
HERE are very few people, ni
matter what their .station in lift,
who do not find themselves at
some iimc bo situated that thoy
would be very gl.id to know some of tlm
Hrst principles of good nursing, More*
over, thero are a peat many who find
the cost of a trained nurse a heavy tax
upon a limittif purse.
ln cases of severe or protracted 111*
r.ess the services of a capable nunra
count fur more than the doctor's visits.
Good nursing without any doctor is
more desirable than n doctor in regular
attendance, with a poor Mir-v ur none
at all.
A paid trained nurse in constant attendance' upon one family Is strictly the
rich man'* luxury. Even a nurse chartered by several relatives mucin be needed in more than one family at once.
After all. there is nothing so valuable
as personal knowledge, Ii generates
courage and Independence that money
can never buy,
The following hints and directions will
be found useful to all those who desire
to inform themselves about the chief
points that necessarily should be ob-
served by one who in earing fsr an Invalid, or who has the charge of a case
of temporary indisposition:
The Rev. George Hotchinson Smith
was born in Hnwkesbury, Ontario.
Afler graduating from the High
School of that place he taught
school for two years, previous to
matriculating into McUill University
in 1885, from which institution he
graduated B.A. foor years later, nnd
in theology in Thorrin College, Quebec, 1890, and was at once called to
the Presbyterian church, Dunnvllle,
where hi, remained four years, during the last, two of which he con-
liiiued his studies in McGill nnd the
Presbyterian College, Montreal, taking his degrees of M. A. and B. D.
Resigning his charge he travelled
nnd studied in Europe, taking full
sessions in Oxford, Edinburgh nnd
Mcnburg, Germany.   On returning to
Canada ho wns called to Thames-
ford. Ontario, where lie remained four
yenrs, during which time he decllneci
n'culi to Taylor church, Montreal,
From Thainesford hu was culled to
llis present charge, Knox church, St.
Catharines. In 181)0 he received ihe
degree of D. 1). from the Presbyterian College, Montreal, by examination, and was the youngest man upon whom his Alma Mater had op to
that time conferred this distinction.
When the Chair of Practical Theology was vacant in the Presbyterian
College ho received the unanimous
nomination of five Presbyteries,
wholly unsought, ln 1890 Dr. Smitli
was married to Miss M. M. Caw-
thorpe, U.A., ol Parsons College,
Fairfield, Iowa.
John xx: 22, 23:
melody, und may be associated wilh     Ili.   But what is the present da,,
! the gorgeous temple ritual where tho significance of the subject?
ilnd when he had j Levi te choirs and orchestral accom-     God wants to breathe new life into
said this, he breathed on them,
and saitb unto them, "Receive
ye the Holy Ghost; whose soever
sins ye remit, they are remitted
thnt it lost the human quality bolh
as to itself nnd himself.   To him men helve; nud so gained accuracy,
were things.    This altitude relieved suffered none of those accidents
him uf solf-consclousnoss.    He   never common to new choppers.    His
puninients were familiar lo every one us by the quickening power of His
who visited tlie ltuly Citv. on festal Spirit, that human lives being in
occasions. Perhaps it is that Christ lone with the Divine Life may sup-
wanted to produce the harmony thatj plunt the discord of the world by
unto them; and whosesoever sins I Christian lives should give, the Jar- the harmony of Heaven. God wants
ye retain, they are retained." ring discords of life beuig    removed  to breathe into os thc holy desire for
by a dii ine power.  Hut further, the j christian service.   Will we place our-
o[   the Hesurrec-   .
Savior had re- 'nsu'"""--»t may be ever
carefully  selves at llis disposal?   lie has coiu-
constrocted and all its parts accur-: missioned His disciples, not only the
lately adjusted, but until the wind
becomes a breath und breathes
j through its \ ipes there is no sound.
"We aro but organs mule till a muster touches the key;
At dark the old mnn lit two lumps,
which served dimly to gluze the shadows, and thrust lugs of wood into
the cust-iron stove. Soon afler, the
'in,ii camo In. They were n queer,
mixed lot. Sum,' carried tho indisputable stnmp of the frontiersman in
his bearing und glance; others looked
to be mere day-laborers, capable of
performing whatever tnsk they were
set to do, und ol finding the trull
Inline ngain. There were active,
clean-built, precise Prenchmcn, wi'h
small hands and feet, und a peculiarly trim way uf wearing their rough
garments; typical native-born American lumber-Jacks powerful in frame,
rakish  in  nil",    reckless  in iiiiiii ;
big blonde Scandinavians nnd
Swedes, strong mon n( Hie sowing ;
Indian or so. strangely In   con
It was the night
tion day.   The risen
torned  frum    Emails  and    suddenly
burst in    upon    the   assembled disciples within  the clused  (.oors of tt
Jerusalem upper-room.     It   is   ihu
Iiith recorded "appearance" thut day
and in many respects tho most vioaf-
dorful ol all .   'The sululution "peace j Verily vessels   uf   eurili   into which
be unto yoo" was familiar, and the God poureth the win,.
showing of the wound    prims added   Harps are we, silent harps Uiul have
every needed confirmation    that    it ■        hung in the willow trees,
for    Hint.    The reptilian gentleman' was the Lord and that He wus risen j Drunk till our   heart   strings sweil
alone grumbled at the abandonment indeed.   "Then said Jesus unto them and break with u pulso divine."
ol   the attack,, nunibling something again, Peace Ire   unto you; as   my    x-he   hand   must.touch the   harp
j Pother hath sent me, even so send I j strings, the    breath   must    fill ihe
yoo.   And when He had said this He trumpet, otherwise (here is only sil-
brealhed on them." ]ence.
What did lie mean by this peculiar
act?   "Breath!"   What does that signify?   The breath from the ocean col-m,        qulttJ dirrcront   ,-,.„„, ,,,„   ,„„..
  ,°™ "io palld  cheek   ol the Invalid. H|u| 1|lelmK, w|lk,h mm |)()W(,r
body tossed  out the dirty  torn old i The breath ol spring how reiieshing. I        m      Mo ^ {niubM    nmmm
set of buckskin boxing gloves. Tto breath of the wind blowing over L.^   May R ^ mm ^ sh|.m M(.  ^ ^ ^ ^^   u ^ ^ ^
The rest was farce.    Thorpe   was tho glacier to the panting traveller sllll.ui„ . blMt us   whcn   the ruins ot lls t0 8M to it   that it becomes
built    on    the    true    athletic lines, j m the sultry valley, how   nvlgorat- L^ ca|M t(j imi|S M at ^ gur_
broad,   straight   shouldors, narrow Ingl   Surely   there is   a   llle-giylng L.0UM|rag o( tho wans 0[ Jericho tho
flanks, long, clean, smooth muscles, property implied under such applies,- nolo (p( t|l(, ,U)ni WM mrrM ,    th(J
He   possessed, besides, thut heredl-1 tlons oi the word.  In Scripture   It     ,       , Ull)        ,    um, U|(,   Utm
is afraid of nothing human. But
this wns n good-natured bit of foolery, a test of nerve, and there     wns
Poor olher men bore   him  no object In getting n broken head
and twice Railway     him   '
"If    you    hanker (or trouble    soj
much," drawled the unexpected voice
ol   old   Jackson   from   tbe corner,
"mebbe   yoo    coold    put    on    th'
The idea   was   acclaimed.    Some-
Again the breathing us into    the
, wind  instrument    muy  imply  sume-
aposiles, for there were "others with
them," including the women. Fur
nineteen hundred years the church
has been reading her grand commission, and lo-ilny her professed followers stand amazed at the comparative sinullness of achievement,
in face of the fact that an all-powerful Christ said, "So, 1 um with
you always." It litis been suid that
only fifteen per cent, of the Christian Church members are working
Christians. Dr. A. T. Pierson has
made the estimate that for the Protestant brunch of the Christian
Church less than one in every 10,000
members is sent to the foreign field,
und (hat less than one pound is given oot of every 8,00t) pounds of her
income. Has the commission iallen
i.poo dull ears, has the breath tailed
turv toughness and bulk which no
gymnasium training will ever quite
supply. The other man, while powerful and ugly in his rushes, wns
clumsy nnd did not use his heed.
Thorpe planted his hnrd straight
blows at will,    In Ihis gnme hu wus
has this significance
into llis nostrils   the
'God breathed
breath uf life
: LlniH produced caused   the wells to
! Vibrate and crumble to   the ground
our prayer,
"llreuthe on me Breath of God,
Fill mu with life anew,
That I muy love what thou dost 1
And do whut thou wouldst do.
trust  to the rest; nnd a variety   ol mnn llenth wns n veteran woodsman ns manifestly superior os his uppon-
Irlslimon, Englishmen uml Cnnndlam
Those in,-ii tramped In without a
word, uud set busily to work nl
various tusks. Somo sui on lho
"deacon  s,-nl"  and  began In     tn
who hud come tu swamping in his
old ago, He knew the gnme thoroughly, but could never save his
"slake" when    Pal   McGinnis.      the
saloon nian, .-niiced him in. Through-
off their socks nnd rubbers;   others oul the morning ho bud kept an eye
washed al a In11.- wooden sink; still  on  tho newcomer, and  was secretly
others selected  und  lit   [alitor
a pendant row near tho wind-
followed old Jackson out oi
They were tho teamsters,
"You'll   lind  tho old mnn
office," suid Jackson.
Thorpe made his wny across to Gasman log caliin indicated us ihu office, und pushed open tho door. Ue
found himself in u lillle room containing two bunks, u stove, a counter and desk, und u number of
shelves full of supplies, About the
walls hung llroarms, snow-shoos, uiul
a variety of clothes.
■ A man sot on tho desk placing figures on n sheet ol paper, He obtained lho figures from statistics
pom-ill,-il on Ihroo thin leaves ol
beech-wood riveted togothor, In n
clinlr by Hie StnVO lounged n bulkier
figure, which Thorpe concluded Lo hu
Hint of Ihe "oltl iiiiiii."
"1 wus soul here by Slieurer," snid
Thorpo directly! "he snid you mighl
give tne seme work."
Su long « silence fell that llie applicant hi-smi tn wniulor if his
question had been heard.
"1 might," ropll.il lho man drily
a( lust.
ri.ut pleased
i,ml  sioiial  at
his heart of the proles- SUI.|.,i
nt would probably havo been    hud
the rules permitted kicking, gouging,
and wrestling. Finally he snw his
opening nnd lei oul with u swinging
[.iv.it blow. Tho other picked himself out of a corner, and drew oil the
gloves.      Thorpe's status was     us-
and man beoaiue.a living soul." |undw ,h(; umm. „, (lo(| Mny lt „„,
In tho vision of the prophet Ezok-|mp|y, then, a call to duty? .\la>
iel the same thought is expressed bo- It not be thut this power breathes
(ore llie volley of dry bones. "Coniel|nto iho souls ol those comprising
from the four winds brciiUi and the army ol the Church of God ns
breathe upon these slain that they again and again tbo dofianl powers
may live . . . and the broalli Lf Satan chullongo an onslaught and
camo into them, und they lived, anil |demand  that  the busts of the  Lord
stolid  up upon  t
ng great army.'
the readiness wiih   which
Ihe young fellow loomed,
Thorpe resumed  llis coat,  and fell
in behind tho little procession. After u short time be clime upon a
hoi'SO anil sledge. Beyond it the
conkee hnd I,uill u little camp file.
around nud over which he had grouped big fifty-pound Inrd-tins, half full
of hoi things to eat,    Each man, US
he approached, picked up a tin
pinto and cup from a pile near nt
The cookee wus plainly master ,,f
the situation, He issued pereiiiptni>
orders, When Rrlckson, the blonde
Swede, attempted surreptitiously lo
appropriate a doughnut, the youth
turned on him savagely,
"Gel. out   of thai, you  big     lo,.
head!" Ilo cried With nn oath.
A dozen Canada jays, iluiT.v, im-
pniiciit, perched   near by or  mado
lillle shofl  circles over and     bock.
Thoy awaited tho remains ol Hi-
dinner,   liol, Stratton and a devil-
A Frenchman took down his fiddl-
and begun to squeak, ln llie course
rn* Hie dance old Jackson nnd old
II,-nib found ihemselves together,
smoking their pipes of Peerless.
"The young feller's nil right," observed Heath; "he colled Hen up lo
u (teak nil right."
"Went down like u peck of wet fish-j promoter of   a now Kingdom.
nets."  replied Jackson  tranquilly,   jwns to them a  philanthropist
ir feet, un OXCOed-
Ono of (he mosl
powerful Illustrations ol Uio life-giving qualities of the Holy Spirit is
in the expression, "The wind bloweth
where it lisleth, ond then beari-st Ihu
sound thereof, but canst nol toll
whence it contest, nnd whither it
goetli; so Is every one that Is born
of the spirit." The Incident referred
to In the text wns really tho beginning of spiritual life to our Lord's
disciple*, They knew llim'tis true 08
friend, ns miracle worker, and ns the
tear down the   strongholds of mil.'
"lie breathed on thorn."
II. Willi the strange act ol Christ
and all that il muy Imply there was
un equally peculiar commission accompanying. "Ili'teive yo lho Holj
Ghost." The disciples of the Lord
were bidden to lurry at Joi'usalom
till the Holy Ghost be given. And
this wus nu earnest of whnt wus to
follow ol  I'ontecosl,  Tho vorso  fol
lowing contains  even
message : "Whosesoever
mil, they are   remittal
und whoso soever sins ye
tallied."   Whul
ii si rung,,r
sins ye i-e-
unto Hi,-in
retain, thoy
this menu'
teacher of strangely mystifying doo- N(rt t|„, establishing ol nu Apostolic
I trine.   But now He is before theni iu
Soul   now
spii-ituul, and    the
in   ihe   ofiloo shanty one evening18n entirely   new light,
about a week Inter. Iindway und his touchos soul and the
scaler happened to bo talking    over ulty hM  rMOived   In   them a new
the Situation.    The  sealer,      whose      t^ m
name wns Dyor, slouched buck in the
shadow, watching his great honMiiy,,n„ unS06n aro   „ow tjho otornn
*„i„-,„,r   as a crafty, dainty    cot H  » m th|B ^wul. ,
might wutoli the hliiiiderings of
St. Bernard. When he spoke, it was
with a mockery so subtle us qoite to
escape ine perceptions of the lumberman. Dyer hud a precise little black
mustache   whose   ends   he   wns cm
*   ,°°m, '"" |retain the sins of the people.
spiritual fac-it|)i, (lf   amnh   couns
succession with (lower to remit und
powor ol   eliurcii   courts to ox-
, ,.    ,     i communicate, censure or restore, but
""l.lCT!al_ld',,(?'ol'.!fi*oni tbe very personnel of the    us-
seinbly addressed,  apostles und  dis
"llreuthe on me Breath of God,
Until my heart is pure;
Until with thee 1 will nne will,
'I'd do und to endure.
"Breathe on mo Breath of God,
Blond nil my soul with Thine;
Until this earthly inrt ol me
Glows with Thy fire Divine,
"Brcalho on mo Hreaih of God,
So shall I never die,
But live with 'Hum tho ported lite,
01 Thine eternity."
African savages take kindly to
American  patent  medicines.
Spider nioi hers remember tholr oil-
spring nfter an ni,son,-,, of twenty
hours, bul forget tbomiwhcn a full
day   has elapsed
Successful      experiments   lillle   been
made in tho trcatnienl of neuralgia
and hysteria wiih radium nl tho
Salpotrloro Hospital, In Paris,
Tho British ".ins,,tun contains over
two million volumns ol printed
books uiul manuscripts, which    are
Taking Temperature.
The normal temperature of the body
is 98.1 degrees F. The normal inilse Is
72 beate to the minute. The respiration
Is is breaths to the minute.
Temperuture, respiration und pulse,
these three, give trustworthy testimony
regarding Ihi condition of the human
organism at all times,
When nny part of thc system Is out of
order the temperature immediately reg-
-s tl,- fact. A d, gree above or below
the normal mark, unless Induced by
some Immediate mental cause, such as
fright ,-r temporary excitement, Is an
alarm signal that cannot !,, ignored with
A rise in tii,- temperature, or an increase of pulse and respiration In a
child, Is not as Important as in an adult.
Children, as a rule, have a higher norma] mark ilmn .-i.luiis. Wi men an ipt
to have a slightly higher temperature
than men. Individual temperamenl Influences, and Ihere In ni I to be a slight
variation above or below th,- average,
according to whether one is an easy-g, -
ing. placid person or ,,( a nervous, excitable disposition. For this r,-,s„n it
is important for the nnr*<- t>, know ,-,-irh
Individual's normal tempernt ir, .,t,,i
pulse. Without this knowledge one
niiirtit mistake a normal tor an abnormal condition.
Before using a elinienl thermometer,
shako ii carefully ,l„,:,!ing the bulb end
downward) until the mercury fnlh below the mark 97; then it;s,r' (he bulb
end in your patient's mouth, well ui lor
the tongue;  make  him  close th,
firmly, so that no air will --, - i
1,■■■.•,. ii then for n fu'l (hm ml tul -
Unless thc lips are kept tlgliUy closed
all tho ti:n-\ ynu will net get the true
,-eii,-r:'.l-.iro  „r  the  body,
Before using the thermometer Invariably wash ii in co d ■ (I I .">" r m ii
hnve finish,-,!, also Invariably dip it in
a I--. Iini ,.,- some dlslnfec nm s,.Union to
k>-p it clean and to guard ae.iin.st in-
tn fever ease* the thermometer should
ie kept standtnR in a cohol-a piece of
soft cotton in ih,. bottom of Hip pi-tss
to prevent breaking It. Always, before
Inserting it in th.- moulh, li should be
rinsed off in cold water.
Th<- temperature of our Undies varies at different hours of the day It
is always higher In tie- afternoon than
In the mornin^. Its highest point Is
usually between I and fi p, m. Its
lowest point i« between .' and i A M.
Take your patient's temperature as
nearly as possible at tho same hour
of the mnrninir and evening. Only by
observing this rub- will you be 'aide
to keep an accurate record of the
change.*- of temperature.
Temperaments and Temperatures.
A half an hour at least Bhould elapse
after meals before tn,- temperature Is
taken, because siinmlaiinir meats and
drinks tend to elevate the lempera-
(ure for a while.
For (wenty minutes before using the
thermometer by mouth the patient
shnuid not have a hot or eobl drink or
any Ice; nny of Ihrse would prevent
your getting 111,- exac( temperature.
Tin- clinical thermometer Is a very
useful Iini,- Implement, bul overanxious people are prone to use it too
much. It Is possible tn ran.-,- or to
prolong 111 n--ss by too much ih-volliin
to that small Instrument. Avoid subservience to anything, however useful
il may be when serving its legitimate
The pulse is eounied by niacin? Ihe
first an 1 second ringer of one hand
lightly on th,- Inside ,,f your patient's
wrist. Afi.r pressing gently, bin firmly you will feel In a few seconds the
steadv l„-nt of the pulse. Tim,- tho
1,,-nt by tti- watch, fount by the half
minute and double the result, ore,unit
for a fu'l minute, n i= always best
to taki ■'- ; ' ■ ; succession
tn be sure of niaklne no mistake,
Sometimes, when lln- patient is asleep,
th,. pulse may I minted 111 Ihe tempi,, i., Her than In the wrist.
In nervous and excitable jienple the
pulse sometimes varies according i„
their feelings, A capable nurse under-
.,...,,1- ,,... ,..-,..,,.,. .,s w,,„ ns (nm.
peratures.   When the temperature nnil
111,   pulse rise ill  tlio Sl.me  lime llllll do
nol subside In ,, i pie -,f hours, li is
almost cenaln that there Is trouble
somewhere that may not safely be Ignored.
'*■'-,", ih-- respiration without the
ki - - of lh.  ■   tti nt.   If oonsrloiis
Ihal ■ ; -,-,- wan-lilii", it will I,,- impoi-
*-      him ,., i". tithe - sturullv
ii • -■ i. Unci rlns ;• n, .". ton
■-.-is-iv feel Hi,- rise nnd full „f the chest
by i lacing your hand -;i„,n ,t Respiration below twelve or above ttildv t„ ,i„
minute li „ danger signal that should be
Tie- temperature, pulse nml respiration token with the patient In n re-
ciinilniii. resiful position will bo moro
aeenr.,1,- than If standing ,,r sitting.
During sleep ihe pulse I. a little
sl,,w,i' than when one is awake. This
should be borne In mind when inking
the nulso.
Have you ever felt this (lower as Into yuur life there bus come u    now
land uplifting Impulse that has changed life's idoals and duties and made
i tht-ni holy? Was lt not as Christ
°" : standing in thc midst?
clples, our Lord took   occasion    to Stored upon   forty miles of shelving.
teach n lesson the whole church bus
been slow to learn, niiinely, that the
Christian Church   is   the   training
school for Christian workers. "You
hove seen the salvullon of the Lord.'
Tell it lo the uttermost corners   of
Germany exported last year over
$80,000,0(10 worth ol books nml
works nf art. England nml the
United stales wore her best customers.
A wnlrh token to tie- top -,f Hunt
Btantly  twisting inin points,   black:   Rut the word "breathe" in tho or- ,i10    (.arth,    They who refuse     tho  r)|anc w||| gain thirty-six
of No- eyebrows, und long nfli'minnle   blnck ; Iglnal has oven a dillerent   meaning. .j,ruth Hhnll remain condemned ; thev twenty-four hours.  The thinness    of
■with to  lusln-s.   Yuu wnuld hnve expected his It menus to breathe in or into,    us w|,o accept will lie saved.     It   will ifho air, with Us Increased pressure
cui     a dross in the cily tu be just a  trill.- [blowing Into a inuslcul    Instrument, th,is he n saviour nt life Unto llfo or makes   the   pour wntch
long polo, uml placed it  across     n  Itnahy,    uut enough so to be   loud. This may refer to tho    iiiiikiug    of 0( dentil onto death. Ii-ikIh it to run fuster,
The last rail bus been Inld on the
rood which nuw connects tho River
Senegal with the Niger in Africa
The Russian population represents
l ui nationalities, tho three great
Blocks being Finns, Tartars and
Th,- llger hum  in tho central pro-
vi f India during lun.'! resulted
in the killing of iui) llgors and 100
Dritlsh India lms lho swiftest rivor
In tho world li is ilu- smi, i.
which, in 180 miles, has a descent of
1'J,III«I (eel.
The  husl
dicrs   has
may-care giant by tho nam-
hm constructed a yoko wher
ainusi,    the Inlerlni.    Thev
■■s in children's  tin sol-
inrrcaseil nboul 50    per
cunils in conl    in th- last    few  months.   War
news ,i,,is,.,l the increase.
The Cheyto pagoda In Burmah   is
liz/y   nnd   blllll un u huge rocking slime puis   I
nn onolhor nt n height ol 2,000 (eel. ,  W'  1   V
jjj^ (zxxf
ir ftcc*L
that the new time j Go out For,
fresh air i'll cet fresh air .thats
Comes. Hontv/e Know that THERES AN
effect of iwcmMTftvimr
meh? AfcE Hospitals filled with
( VS tfovFJf
Mdny Bites
\ \   r hat is supposed to be exces-
\/\ /   B've   mastication   has   been
V V    made  the  subject   of  much
ridicule.   Only a very short
time ago I myself, when told by an
uld gentleman that 1 should take at
east 500 bites to an apple, wns inclined to think that ho wns certainly
exaggerating the Importance of mastication.
Since then I have become a convert
to the cause; und now fully realize
not onlv the Importance of complete
mastication nf all foods, but also that
a certain amount of "hard food" la an
absolute necessity for the health and
wellbelng of the body and, Incidentally, for the preservation of the teeth.
Remember, that by eating "hard
food" the cracking of nuts is not
meant. Thut is a practice which is
bound to injure the enamel of the
teeth, nnd this, onoe injured, cannol
be ire-formed; consequently, decay ih*
sure to follow.
By "bard food" is mern* such things
as crusts of bread, dry ti ast, lean meat,
apples, pears, walnuts, and things of
like nature-things, in fact, that require
thorough mastication in order to enable
them to be swallowed.
So the mother who can induce her
child to form the habit of eating the
crust of bread in preference to the soft
part Is laying up a veritable source of
health to him.
The reason why the chewing of this
kind of food is beneficial is that it stimulates to a healthy development the
glands of the mouth nml jaws. Dys-
lia sooner or Inter results when these
glands are inactive and do not secrete
a proper -quantity of the digestive
Want nf proper mastication often
arises from thoughtlessness, though frequently, particularly with children, it is
the result of sheer laziness. Making
complete mastication a habit should be
made an important part of their education; it Is a bsson very frequently
neglected In the nursery, with the result that thc swallowing of unchowed
food becomes a confirmed habit that will
affect the health In after life
Many people think that indigestion Is
caused solely by the tax upon the glands
nf the stomach caused by putting into it
food In lumps. This is. however, the
least part of the pause, The chief cause
is the lack nf the various juices from the
mouth and jnw glands, due to want of
proper exercise and stimulation,
If you He in bed fnr a month, see how
your leg muscles waste It is exactly
the same with your mouth nnd jaw
glands when ynu don't exercise them
Cultivate the habit of complete mastication, for It prepares your food chemically in the mouth, thus lessening
chanep of dyspepsia or stomach trouble,
nnd it Increases and prolongs the pleasure nf eating, and unconsciously prevents overeating and educates the sense
of taste to discriminate between wholesome and unwholesome foods, nnd finally to select the proper foods.
' Lack of proper mastication is the
cause of many n poor complexion, as it
brings digestive troubles, wiih pimples, pp.llnwneas and like ills following
in their train.
A Physician's Views on the Care of the Hair
By Dr. Emma E. Walker
Copyright, 1905, by ,\. S. Barnes & Co.
/'IA 1 i 1; care of the hair is of the
I       grv.at-.-t importance,   The condl-
| t.un ui iln hall ia often an Index uf thi 'a ol 'hi *.;■ aeral
health. Its glojti nud l:eai.tj dope tdlng,
to .i i*ui. great m insure, upon the
bodily conditloi ol Us possessor, One
of th.* greate I personal attractions of
a girl ia beautiful, or* mora truly, beautifully kept, hn i*.
Tbi ■ tlr ..• t from five to seven
In h< - tear,    li  grows faBter In
th - - mi r ih hi in the winter, Very
jntii-i i»B work has been done in
v, [n« the number of hairs on a
head One a 'tin rlty has nvcroged this
nii;i,i-1    - '   ""
li i> s.'i p -ci thnt b in k hair and
light hrown nre thi i arm i; very lighl
huh ai wi 11 ax i h " I, i: " ■ Hn '
Hnl a' d dark I) iiv n c me In hotwn n
The hair con dBts of lie ri I llv
si ,-        . tin  lioint.   The root I   i nn-
I:, :,,,|  hi -i   little li llhoti    rnvlly  In  Hie
Sculp called lho hair rolllcle. In ibh lit-
Ho i ptaeti  the hair li man .,      ri I,
nnil frnm this Ilul ■ laboratory ft p ishes
oni through thc Burface of the scalp and
continues lis growth.
If you take a hulr between your
fingers and rub it from lho point toward
th ■ rool vou will fcpl tie* little barbs,
for th'1 Hillside of ihe hair In made up of
nils which overlap each other Ilk- the
pealed of a pine Cone. The central portion of the hair is fibrous, aad makes
up the larger part. To this is due tic
oliwllcliy of ih- hnlr, Die strength, an I,
to .i greoi slim! the color. It hns boon
GHtlim ted Ihal one hair will support the
weight of four ounces on the average,
Tlie color depends upon two factors -
pigment and nlr. The difference In tin*
pfgmonl Is due to tin* dlrterotil proportions of the chemicals Willi h compose
the coloring matter.
it la always much heller, even If Hm
huh' turns prematurely gray, to allow
ll in lake iln own COUt'SO, nml never to
try n» conceal Its nnlurttl condition by
d,.e, lor many dyes are most IiiJhiIoiih
nnd tlie consort Helices of their use havo
lie.'ii HoinotlmoH futnl. Hul lu uny ease,
With  IhC mosl  harmless dyes, the fact
Ih always appurenl ihui ihe color i- nr-
CI liol il. Vou have all seen llie fnco llllll
Would bo beaiilliul fiumi'd wllh In own
Whito hnlr, bui which was storlllflgly
iiglv when surmounled by dyed locks,
Hair never ileeays; 11 mny Insl Ibou
SQnds nf years, ns iii Kgypllnn mummies, It has a great nlli'mUmi for wall r, bin ibis property Is counlernctod by
the oil Hint U poured mil upon It
Whether hnlr is Hiniigbt or curly do«
ponds upon llio simp" of lis cross-s	
Hon to u greni extont,    The straight
Imlr of iho .liipntiiRe or native Atnorl*
can is cylindrical in contour, and when
cut across gives n circular section, The
hair of the English-speaking races is oblong, while that of the negro gives nn
i.val outline. These fncts show, then,
bow impossible it is to make curly hair
mil l( str light hair, or straight hair out
of , ii-iy, although various lotions have
been made which will keep Hie hnlr in
curl temporarily by simply stiffening ||
Into shape.
Vou have often run a hair between the
Hist finger and thumb-nnll to see it curl,
lu lining this you Have shortened one
side, which eau.-i H il (o CUI'I toward thai
side, This is the principle Involved In
the use of tho curling Iron. The hent
i utrneta one sldo of the hair, which
. *mly causes it to curl toward
Hi .I n!dt\
\ -:■< etlon nf quince seeds, which Is
i■:■ 1 ■■■• ii curling Inlion. mav be made
with about three teaspoonfula of the
seeds io a pint of hot wnter. Pour the
water uver the Beeds, and allow the
Whole to stand for several hours. This
mucilage may be I hi lined n little with
water or cologne, and n few drops of
violet or nnv other essence moj be
ndded. Use nboul two tablocpoonfulB of
cologne Ht this mixture The hair may
be moistened wiih this fluid before nirl-
It   Is   said   lhat    waler   In    which
enough soap has I u dissolved  to
mako a lather, an 1 I" which have
been milled it few grains of potassium
carbonate tn the quart, will make the
h.iir Huffy,
Th- natural nil from the scalp Is
furnished by oil glands, of which there
are two or more to each hair. When
tlie scalp is lu a healthy condition no
other dressing for the hair Is necessary.
Shampooing or washing tho hair
should be repeiit.-d as often us Is necessary lo keep the sculii clean. This
may bo mice a month or twice n week,
The following Is a good method of
washing the hnlr: First rub tlm tincture of green soap thoroughly Into tho
Scalp wllh the linger tips, being can ul
liol lo soralcli the skin with tin nulls
Add n IHI!" water iii make a good lather.
While cnstile simp le very good to use,
nnd Its Inlher should be applied after
the green soap,
if your hair Is vi rj oily you mny
use a few drops of ammonia Mon is
apt |o dry Ihe hnlr, or -sou mav add a
tenspoonful of soda to lho Rrsi basin
of water. Th- rinsing should I" can ■
inl ninl thorough. Use several watt rs
unlll Hie Insl one is porforlly cli ar
hry thoroughly with soft, warm towels; never use Turkish towels for ihls
purpose, as ihi'v nre too rough and
tend to pull out the hair. Always, If
possible, dry In the sun until every
vestige of moisture is gone.
The' sun gives the hair a sheen that
it obtains in no other way. After drying, the scalp should lie well massaged with Hi ■ fingi r tips until thc
whole head is in a glow. By this procedure the requisites of beauty and
health—cleanlInesa and vigorous circulation—have been fulfilled.
During the whole procss it is well
to muBsage the scalp. The polish of
the hair is more essential to its h< nuty
than even its texture or color. When
sunshine is not available you may use
fanning as a substitute. The [ocka
Bhould he shaken from time tn time
during the drying.
If thc hair la naturally very dry, it
Is w II, iftor Hi ■ shampoo, to have
rubhi d Into tin scalp n llttli bland
oil, almond oil or tin ill of In nne.
This i- nol 11 bi rubbed thro igh tbe
hnlr, 'nn Into tin n alp, Tin 11 ■■ •■>■■
tl il pn r buiil tin o,'l In that It must
be sweet mid not rancid, because rancid nil acts ns   in Irrlt Hit, and even
l I |l -      ll   '■  IHU   Of   I   ■    BC    p      Tl    '■
treatment will inlo to nourish the
Imlr ami offset any possible unhappy
results of tho Bhaini ,   A good hair
tonic for rather dry hair Is as foi-
l iws:
lies,in in, |.f) of a drachm; castor
oil, 12 drachms; spirit of wine, 5
ounces; balsam of Peru, B grains.
■Phis la to i"* shaken ami applied to
tho so dp evi ry other day.
\ lotion for oilv hair is as follows:
Witch hazel, 2 ounces; alcohol, -
ounces; distilled wati r, 1 ounce; j-e-
BOI'Cln, 10 grains. Hub this well into
the scalp at night.
An egg makes an excellent shampoo, although it Is said that the yolk
bus a tendency to darken lighl hair.
A simple shampoo is made by dissolving a cake of pure castlle soup
in a quart of boiling water, This
makes really a soap-Jolly, which may
be us<d to rub Into the scalp when
wishing the hair.
If your scalp Is lender, do nol use a
shampoo con tain lag ammonia, soda
nr borax, ns they are Irritating lo
tender sculps. Deal the yolk of one egg
with an HiiiM' of spirit of rosemary
Into one pint of hoi ralp water. Uae
while war,,i.
Now and then you may want to use
n dry sh i npoo   Pari thi  hnlr in dif-
f. H M    pi ■■ ' 5,   and    shake     onlo     the
scalp po vden -I ni rls root or plain
talcum powdi r if this is allowed to
remain for a shorl time, and Is ther,
thoroughly shaken out of the hnlr, it
will help lo clean It by absorbing thc
nil But it will nol do to n peal thl i
too often, ns it In not as thorough as
tl idiiiiirv washing of ih*  hali
WrHEN looking for a good, all-
round exercise that can be
indulged In at all seasons of
Ibe year, bug punching should
not be overlooked. It is generally regarded as an indoor exercise, but this
Is not at all necessary, as I have
known of several enthusiasts who, as
soon ns the weather permits, move
the apparatus out-of-doors, and thus
continue their pot exercise.
It is a simple, inexpensive recreation. The original outfit costs very
little, and will last years with proper
care. Any costume that Is comfortable and allows perfect freedom of
movement will answer, ami the apparatus can be adjusted to the size of
almost any room.
There are many advantages connected with the regular use of the
punching bag. It develops mind as
well ns muscle. The circulation is improved, digestion is stimulated, the
heart strengthened nnd tho muscles
given new life and elasticity.
tifke all other sports intended ror
entifie development, bag punching
should be indulged In moderately at
lirst and the amount of exercise gradually increased. .Many persons have had
an idea that bag punching was suitable
inly for prize lighters or, nt least, only
for brawny men; but women in general
are waking up to the fact that It Is a
veritable storehouse of health and
Symmetry of form and perfection of
bodily poise are inevitable results from
its systematic practice. First learn to
perform the simple blows accurately.
The illustrations show the proper positions for both arm nnd leg movements,
and the manner of performing ihe simplest blows.
The bag should stand on a line
with   your   head.    And   your   height
and reach should be considered In
placing tho bag in position. Ho not
nt first exercise for too long a period
without resting. Ten minutes' punching, with from three to the minutes' rest, will be found advisable.
Later you mav Increase tbe time unlil finally you will become almost
proof against fatigue,
l fancy ail of us have days when
we feel that nothing less than physical demonstration of some sort will
quell our bod humor; in fact, n desire
to "hit something'' predominates our
whole being. Ai such a time, at least,
a punching bug would be a real comfort, 1 am sure, and 1 venture to say
that ten minutes spent In Its company would chase nwny every vestige of bad humor and put one In the
best of spirits.
Mrs. Symes Advice on Beautifying Face and Figure
SUSIE,—For your rough, dry skin
try the following treatment: Use
bran bags Instead of soap for
your bathing purposes, They can be
purchased of almost any druggist, but
If ynu prefer you can make them yourself, Mix equal quantities of powdered
oalmeal and bran logelher, and to a
pint add half a cup of powdered soap.
To this add about one ounce of orris
root, powdered. Fill small bags and
use when bathing. Rinse the skin thoroughly afterward. The bumps on your
face Indicate some Inward disturbance,
and I Ibfnk it probable you need a
good ."lend purifier. To fatten your face
nnil neck try rubbing cocoa bulter well
into the tissues.
!.. M.'-I repeat the formula with pleasure,
Lotion for Enlarged Pores.
Boric odd, I dram; distilled witch hasel.
4   inics.   Apply with a pi  of "l '■   I' >m
11* a hit of absorbeiil i ■ it'M. I'k'iinae the
Bkln iii iroughly before applying.
OEIUIAN'TOWN. - Sine- receipt of
vour letter i xorclsos for hip development hnve been published. I «e the foi
lowing lotion to Improve tin oIllnesH of
your skin.
Lotion for Otly Skin,
Rnrae acid i drum! illsllllert witch Inzol,
B unci k; ri bv nli , *i . -. I'm uh ii
wash two er lhii e tlim ■ a   ny
A. B. ('.--it Is nnl accessary lo be In
peifecl   health  win n   ink ig  thu  Vnti-
r< :. ii mei/,, but, nuturu.ly, quli kni re
su is will h" obtained win n the hi alth
i- q mi] than whi n the syi torn la run
ib*. a. .Mihuugh Dr, Vaucah     remotlj
i-    .,- i  tm   bust   developmenl   onl;.
it fieqiH'iilly nets ns a tonic to the whole
sj tern,
R, M,-Regrol Ihal I do nol know of
nii> almnl method im the removal of
sens left by smallpox. I hnvo known
of c*isi s wil rn treatment   by a skin
Spec:,]lsi     In:'     lieu     nee I     boilCfiC lui.
Ma *,i"in*' the skill frequently wllh
Witch hasel cream will greatly Improve
its apearonce.
Witch Hflicel Cold Cream.
One rifince each nf white wax and apcr-
mumi; ", pim nf all nf nl ndi,
Melt! nnur inm h mortar which lms been
heat 'I hi ln't.itf ilium im 1 mini' rInn- in
boiling wnler Very gradually add three
ounces nf rosewAtor nnil one ouncu "f witch
hazi-l, nnil aaslduouslv Btlr i hi- mix tine
imiii an emulsion is formal, and afterward
until th„ mixture is noailj o Id,
This cream is particularly uneful to heal
sore or stretched skin.
THANKFUL READER.- I have nover
published a formula for tar water, Tur
hi.-, properties ihu! nre very beneficial
In the hair, and 1 know ol ninny eases
where beneficial results have been secured by using a good tur soap for
shampooing. Have not beard of a
curllnc such us you describe.
To Slop Hair From Falling
Having been a reader of ynnr column I
would like to auk nf ynu :i fow questional
My hali has boon fulling oul all winter,
Now, i want to know ir n would do any
u i to iiim* it shaved mwral iiiuen, ami
also a gnoil tonic to promote a neavy growth.
Reapectrully, j, F. N.
Do not shave tho hair until tho last
resort. Have the ends of your hnlr
singed carefully, and cleanse the scalp
thoroughly by shampooing. Then use
the following lotion as directed:
Tor Falling Hair.
Tincture of mix vomica. 1 mince; splrlls
of i*"si*miirv. 3 ounces; alcohol, Bounces.
Annlv several limes a week tn the routs
ot the hair,
Shampoo for Light Hair
Would vuu kindly lot mo know if the head
s'lmil'l he washed before iihIhk the shampoo given ter light hnii'.' Tills is ilu- ultati)-
poq: Potassium carbonate, 1 ounce; ammonia water, i'- ounces: tincture •>( can-
lliarldes, Q drams; bay mm. I ounces; nl-
eohol. I ounce . water, B ounces.
Use the shampoo only and rinse the
hair thoroughly afterward.
Lotion Brings Excellent Results
Would ynu kindly luacrl thai formula for
oily Imlr in nest week's paper? I huvu used
it wiui ureal bucocss. h lends m nroduco
an unburn shadu, I have lost Hi.- rrctiic,
l ,. ut. tiii.* t ii cunUtincd ooohlmml ami bl-
enrlionnto nl  ■ ■-'■■
Lotion for Oily, Damp Hair.
r .i  m> na]    in list h iir iie followlns is
nu .-s -ii, .it iirylna lotli n,   li lined dull) li
I n,|n   i i   mniliici1   n   ■ ii'-nv   condition   nnd
nn   itlhlll a   mi li
I'liw.ieriii blcnrbonato of soda, borate nl
, ,1,, ial n iMiwdercil). <' "'nil f each; oau
il,, PDiuitne, I iPiid opnee: alcohol J fluid
uunvea: tincture nl ewblni il, '« Haul ounce:
,ii-iiiinl wnler, bl oinicea,
MIX and iigltnle nnill aoluilon is complete.
To Reduce Bust
Am n youmt girl, 17 years nf ngo, nm
tin.t it iinposslbii to make layself Inns
like tin- real rn He i'IiIh of my ago mi
aeeounl ««i I usl being nn mijnciii«i' sl*o.
Kimiiv M nn* know If thero is aiiytblng
in rctfuco thin? READER.
Avoid stnrchy and fnt-formlng food,
Use ihe pomade for which l am giving
vmi formula, and make freqaenl appll*
cations of ci ' alcohol or warm vine-
Pomade to Reduce Fat.
bidl.ie of potoBslum, 3 grama; vaseline, 50
grama; Innolln, no grama; tincture nf ben-
Boln, ill nropa,
Mako it inin a pomade and inti nil over
lln- Hit  pnrll twice a day.
To U'ltiiai the Neck
PMNCRSS.-Tlio fnllowlno trcntmcnl
shoulil lirlng nboul Iho-results yuu ilo-
nlri-l Firm wimli Ilu- I'm " nml iii-,'l< Willi
wiii-u) iviiii-r, I,, rcmovu nil illrl nt„l
ilum. Then nil, well Willi ,,uiul imrin
,,( .'i.'iini nn,i |,-in,,it Juice. Tii,- cronm
r.-.-.lH lli„ skin, nml Ilu- li-miiii Juli-i-
ivlilli'lm It.
To Bleach Skin
I lun-,- l„„i r-n,llnu y,,„- ul„-,l,l,- l,,:iulv
liinis mil rami, lo coil I-,,- nun,,. i'miI'I
v,„i nil ,„,- ,,(  ,(-,'ili  hnrmlrss (,,*■
1,1, h?   Mi-  skill  ll  Mtti,„,lli.   I,„t  l|,-n,ls  :i
l,|,,-,,-ii,  limlly,   w.iul.i olio liu„ in lun,,
s",n,'iliiiii! i„ wltli'ii my hands.     0. .1.
Poroxlilo of livilr,,R,-n  In ii  linrinli-ns
toco l.i,-in-h.  in making tho nppllontton
core sliuniil lu- tj,,('--  tm tn it"' unv on
the eyebrows or hnir. n.* ii will change
Uu- color. Following rr,-uni will wliiii-n
the hniuls:
To Whiten the Hnnds.
Lanolin, |,„i grama; i„irtil()ti ,ll,,ul,ll. 2J
frrams; extract ,-f \,uiil„. 10 drcpi; oil ol
ritse, 1 drop.
Mix and aiiply when necciiary,
Troubled Willi Blackheads
1 am a constanl nnd much in ten lie! reader of your lu.iltli ninl beauty jiage. imd
would lil.'- in u.sk ymi a question regarding
my complexion.
I hnve I i bothered lately wiih black-
heads.    Will  veil   pleas.-  (UggQlt   n   way   In
which I may get rid of ihem'.'      it il  M
Use n little borax In the water with
which you wash youi face, and apply
the following lotion as directed:
Lotion for Blackheads.
Pure brandy, : ounces; cologm, 1 out
Hipim- of potassla,  ;    ounci        ^
Apply ;it  niifht, after washing the face
Un r lugbl -■ -' Ith si ap ind wati i
Excessive Oiliness of Skin
l have rond your g I sdvli c to ol   i
and wuiiik-i  ll ynu cannol help mo   I have
n very oily skin, und w-.ui.i you ad       mi
t,, n i  .1     hi rn  -ii nn in;   . i ■
! -. uy H will i,. ii,-  It i 11
,   ■   I   ■
nt t     i ilnl   Is very I ■    ■
the  , iim    I v..    ■   .
nli im> tell i      ■ -      ■      ■ i      i
for in,  i ntnpli V"-'' i havi  i - ■ ■   u  .
mul :t ...  i     ■.,-".    ;. ■!
The   |i Hun   given   I     0
will   Improve   the   nil)   - .    tlm      '
your   -Km.     Almond
ii-nt   for   lho
meal usi da    i     ibstlliito
g I   fnr    ;';   Ullj     \Ml\      T"   illlj I"-'    ihi
condlil a "i |   tr finger loini   i
thorn over;   nli il  m tl   i go  I ■ n im
beginning nl  tlm  ling' i   Iini   md I lb-
blng b.nk low ii i thi   '
Wash for Oily Skin.
Itorni le acid, I ilium; dlsllll**! wlb
j ..ni,,, *. rn ' woti '.       ui  -
i   , .     i  - -      -...-■
■you -ii iui | abstain frnti   high I;
HltliUlIntin-     i i. i *
Despondent Aboul Skin
As \ ,n hBVi h ii- I otlu-r |
thought I would write pn i wo If ]
help me    Mv ii'-*-   an I i hai     i • full nf
u hut     i   cnll  ileshworms,   Thej ■ •
|.|m Un,.a-    i - ■■'•f PKiucfgi  s whlti
out nf them th it i • iks like won      ■ ■:
you  lid! -,.■■■' [j ;
wl i \e i  much  'in re I its II
Tn Improve tho conrtltb n you
\iar ii   little   lioi i\   In  Ihe  wati     i   I
apply the following lotion    - il ■-  (i i
Lolion for thc Skin,
Rorai lc acid, 1 drams; ah
rosi.' ai' i   i otii
in, with frh ll a iwh ■ I il iv n •Wn
Annoying Freckle
T have Hi'i'ii io much good ndvlci
glvon  to  elbers  I   lh  -.*     I    ■
my ui*'* Iwforo you If ynu eai   | i
lltil» of your time    I am
years nf ag?, mul have i i ti
U<i klei  ■ vi i    li■■ ■   i   ■ i   '    ■   , •
1 wnuld like to kno*  if i "■- rem     l   i
would remove them, alx something tf.it
would fattm mv face, a-* I am tall onl
■■ : ind tt my fai i wi re fat I wnuld not
1-, k half   so had
1 saw a i- ;■ ■ ■■ ■; gave foi oi-ctinat-s
freckles, but do not understand whnt you
mean by saying to remove tn the m■-.ruing
with a little I'irjx and sweet oil. Do you
mean to mix th- borax with ih- su.,: id?
and how much the recipe will coal?
The nmedy fur obstinate freckles will
be suitable for your case To remove.
dissolve a little powdered borax in sweet
oil.  To fatten your face, bathe it with
warm water -very night before retiring
nnd rub cocoa butti r well into the pores.
Commercial rates are not given through
this department, bul the formula can be
tilled at a moderate i Bt,
For Obstinate Freckles.
■ I   '■     '.  alnc,  '■: drum   - ll .   :.-!■■ - ' I I-.
ninth, \ dram; dextrin, r. drama; glyeer-
b e, V   Irai
Bpr                  ■■ -.-■-.       ,,:
nlgl t before g.ilag  I   w In tl   mon b g
ren   i'i   t tial   ■ ■  ill    wil i tut     ;
den I i o u ai i iwe t   i1
Skht Rough and Drawn
I would u
i     ■ ■ ■       .      .  .    ■   ■
■    . .
-   ".    kin Is nil
lie si face
i ■        ■
*;..-    Ifhat  1
t get a. m. a
■ i
■ . . ■ -i .
I    !    . .
rlfiej    •. ■   . ,   ,. i  i ,|
kll    froi    frmn
•   .
■   ■  -.   ....  .,    ■
■.. *  :     r IUI
Good Toilet Fhn
'. ■    ■
•    i    ■   I    , .,-...-■ r
Lo |m     ■-■..■
\ N >.
I am repeating l i ror bora
glycol :'.--i giving you one for
a good l dlt • \ lm gar.
Eoro Glycerine Cream Jolly.
Tragai tnih, wh -■■       grab      water,  11
i *i  ah  hnl,   1
(jiii  •    ■   ■
'     '    ■    . UI : ' '
' t, by expression   ihrmurh
Ihe acid in thi glycerine
bir the aid f heal add I tin I iu< llage,
•■   ■ •■ hoi;   pcrfunie  to
nult, and add   I i   i    ir)   ■ nough water
to mnki  II
Livend"!' Toilet Vinegar.
I.v.t •:   ii ■■■ -1■ mcei     ilcohoL  R
fluid nunroi: dllul        ■      scld   U Bul I
n ■
rate I     ■ .  • •'<■■■   miltatliig
loth, beat
'-.,.. boilini   ptai '■  for
plan    Ihi n llb'-r and
irk | lace
MKI.i;N   The cxcrclsei for reduction
nf thi        I bi  taken abOUt twen-
ty   in ii      fi each I Idi al first and grud-
uallv   .ii't* i-.-d   until   fifty   movements
le i an hi taken without citua-
tlgtie,   Ymi had better consult a
■■ g nd  to  the  length of
■ mi foi ron Ai ng In a vapor balhi .>0KXM*O.
■f \J}^"^-*^y>>**3^
fl I ^ K'-
^   9 ./o0
i . -      -       •
4  German Fancy
.-—-w--,.    /V/.:* V*,-? ,,->\_ /"'.-.'  '^-'^-m'"\        /	
5 .-*'*  1     ■--: .■.''''',',*•'';■'."'..''  !-•>-...-,''    '•>• ,-*Y i ~v- ":
.J**1 —f    l*.^'-'        .    ;■       ,   .-•'•'J   .'       " a- .'.    * -   ' '      ,   '.'.-■  ■■
i ^'.*vv-;h^m M'
LIKE table linen, fine towels go
straight to the heart of every
woman who possesses really
womanly tastes. No matter
Wheth hi r time la spent in an of-
Hc< : In the more feminine occupation ■ ( directing the affairs of her
house-hold, linens are interesting to
her—and "linen" Includes everything
from sheets and pillow cases and
towel? through exquisite things for
the table to the coarser—but still interesting—kitchen cloths, such as cup
: ''■'■■• Ij ..: I | read towi Is and the like.
Fashions ifTect tow.-Is, strange ,.
m ■ ; ;■ ir, although there an .-
:--.:. K::. :-. -' ■ -1 *-. llie days of our
gn n lm thi rs, whb h are aa staple tuday aa ever thi y were then Some of
the old French designs, wrought In
linen damask -Fn..... too—are even
'■'■■"•■ ■'■ '■■■■ - ■ .- ; it terns pr.i't li- illv
k-ft unc1. ingi l foi i matti r of twen-
ty-flvi  ■• .:- or so
One of th*m is named Marie Antol-
nett—ne ■'. those twenty •live-year-
old leslgns. It has the famous little
i askets. a - ch iracterlstlc of the fancy
w.'.rk    .":.*:•.:.- ..-::■■:■   v  :■   r ;■ '
w ■■ fl iwi rs ■ how fond she w is if
f'.• ■ I idling fi ■. them all over the
towel An ither is th' Duchess ind
.*.:. thi r ' - Pralm thi - ni w||
■'■ ■ gn ■:' lilies of thi illej ol
stati ly fashl a; the othi ■ with roses
■ Mttli ■ ther fi wi rs glvei   i
little 1        :
among Rni r things,
; ist SI * u        pier patten
:.:.■    I •    th'    lots ond
:.        re thi    lost si fa
and     ■ ■      -. i -
..■   ng I      - -1 -1     -  ti
t popular of all
hat bids I ■  -      : ■■
•':..-       ■ ... n ■.-.   -  )
-■f ■, irli ty got Into the wi     •      :
g.   An
■■■■ th 111tie | tripes
nftci the
i of the d     ■ ; i
■ ■ irface Interrupted f
IT the beauty of
■ k towel k, to give
Ihem tl                 •  .     ..':.  igh   ..
is the name they go ny—come in every
conceivable size and quality and finish.
Instead of the fringe of a few years
ago, even the handsomest towels are
finished with a hemstitched hem or with
embroidery, the plain little band-
worked scallop which appears*on anything and everything these days, or,
perhaps, with drawnwork. or with an
.dge [and insertion lo match)
crochet lace—the close, Arm kind.
rhose trimmed with Irish laci   in
most impossible to   reproduci      n ess
you ve been at lace-maklng
and   have   learned,   through
wmk, thy secret of getting th<
even and so firm  that  ei dless   ■*■  - -
ings will apparently have  i
■ ffi 11 U] "ii it.   They are cOBtl;
but If you ve some old  Irish I
by. get the fine, plain hm k   ni I H m
Ihe towels with the lace.   If yo i
. ii,.ugh for om   end, lisi
stitch th" i ther i nd    Mai y
trimmed towi Is are done thai «
ihe n osi
ind, for that mattei
■ ■    ■   : Included In  l ■■■   1st
but ex pi
■   ;   .        ■-.- m       -.*''■
■ Il
n n in who is deft with her
..., i    ,.-. |.  indulge In beaut If u
to her in rtri i - ontent, wl ethi i
purse I    ible I    itretch to the price
;  ■
Practical Fancy-Work
I    i'u .   -      :
■ ■      »omen w I
■   -
It goea rapid
ira n lend Idly,
the more practical I
■     ■
■ ■    v  ,    , tnmp
■   ' ■. ■        '      ■
across tho end so that the scallops may
be "*. en
There's a heavy buck made—which
Is is< 'l ofti r ':■' lineal i ■■'■■ ■- -
called "eh phant huck," got fi ': ■■
iur face roken Inl - larger
"regular Irregularities     is one woman
put it    Vet thi  .'.- avlni Is .*..; i lose and
rokei    '   .   And bird-
■". e  a cr ss betwi ■■* h n k ind damask
is as popul ir as huck for th
■■ ■ -■. ■
Anoth       ii k    ■ ■        of th
'  .    towels eautj
■:   -.•-but not
.   ..-. upon a
of the warp knnt-
■        ther '•.'■■ id i fringe
mod tii ■
unottlng that it Is
lk<     - ■■■ -  -r ■
■ -   .* •-••.-
■■■■■-■       :
■■    ■ ■ :     ' "   '     -
-  _.     .       it into a
■    ■■--•
with vi
* ■        ■
flfi   fo ir
■   I
■     .        ■        ■■ ■      .
*      • . •      ■■:; ■
.     ||
pie its
By E/cflin i* 3, Clapp
-■-; ■-..-•   :•■•   by A. 8. Hsrw    I Co
A WEDDING ll vital on dm
rry wil
glfl iKlom
■ ■   || Intimate friend   ind rein
lives ■: I -   brill,   mil I    .-  -   m
send ; ■■ ■ ■ '       ■ ■ :--   '  :;- -
it,..- besl man, brldi Bmaldi and nhi rs in
do io.
l; isinei - ,-- late, ol ihi brl li 81 nn
often ihow ihclr opprcclatl in , "I   hl«
mi-.,-, ,.-. iiiii wny; but fi t tl. Unary
guest, ,--i".......  oni  who hut re
ceived an I     latl m lo the i h H
Is I
J |,.s. ..-*       ,;,   |.„  Sllll  lit  .,I,.V  Illll"  illll r
i, . ..:..-   ,: Is, thi ■ .,:.-■■ thi I- Her.
The i,i,-l-i-,.i),- should acknowledge all
wedding gifts by friendly note, -1 iliaiiki
wiiiiin ,i day or iwo i ( their rn,
latest, ll l« an unpardonable rudeness
f„r her lo wait until afler lho wedding
lo ,J„ Illll.
It l» in, longer very fnsliltiii.il,I" lo
publ | dlipla) thi > (is on thc occasion
ot ihe wedding A few dayi befon ihe
ceremony the Intimate fii„n,l« and relatives of the bride aro sometime, asked
Inlormallv lo the house 10 View ibe prel-
■tits, or rn ti„- iifiiiir Itself those tokens
ef affei Hon are laid oul in an uppor
room, wlii'h ,s k.rt closed; n-ii fi<>m
fajae to Urns 'I ' mnlo friends aro
-.-,-.. ■!     ' .     Kfiulll
care to seo I     glfl    ind a ;
.... :,,. mbei
All the e, .'...■..
be paid o brldi      imllj
...        :.-■:■■
.   ig the cb ir, h  m i
, : i,    .-.. ryllilng pertaining to ihe  or,.,,-,,.. bul ii"- clorg ma
,,, bridegroom  ho ild ,,,- i r be ., .-<■-
"I to paj  for apy ,,( ih'-s,. things    If
Tn Hang Up a Dress Skirl
DOiS 'I turn a dress skirt wrong side
out boforo bunging ll up. no mnl
lot   how di ii' a"* .,  cofof n  ih,
NutiikiD   ruli ,t   moro  ,,u,, gjy,
v ni h ig i non i-. id mi i il by ihe i eases
w hich creep hen, thi re and everywhere,
il     i ilurul ' nough,  for   the outside
m ii n tuillj In  a id" .i Hi i   larg. r
and looser than Ihe lining, and reversing ihe usual ordoi nf hanging is bound
in road m some unpleasam  wny.
If the skin Is a delicate color, make
a big bag of while muslin lo slip It III
while bunging up, nr pld li white cloth
big enough to cover ll over it, taking care, In either case, lo have the
covering hung from the hook 0, from
the (.'nut-hang r Instead of dragging
uuon the skirt iutdl
s iffnlr m *i" simple as
Aaih only near ind dear friends
-- -I   >  tti       i irroundlng   thi      i   „■
pie; but let thi        le n
■  , i     dignity  and
.■-,.,. ifford
;.   ■:     i! brif]
thi * .uui-:-   for the bride
uui ' expenses relfi
■,  ptlon or breakfo I     rhe guesl
;.:    di ihi li own cart ig
The bridegroom provides the carriage
in h hlch ho drlvi •■ to I he i hur h and
ib- in whit h he and the brld    I
from the - hurch to thi house and from
the house ■ • ■ he itntlon    Hi  , i
i li rgyman i   I I   !<■' lenl i    m i\\
glfl   ul  jev ell')  i" ni i   , i , ■
ii-   [lvei ihe pride as fine n wedding
on h v  i   he i -i-i  ifford, and nei da In r
her bouqiiel    And he may, If hi rl
send iiie brldi amalds tholi h<mr| lots
this is not obligatory.   Those hoigiuei
ue often furnished by the brldi     i im
li h n graceful nltentlon on his part,
nnd one sure to be appreclnted, lo end
n hnuipiet of violets nr whnti ver llowor
■die prefers lo ihe bride's mother, And
it is unnecessary lo say thai ha pays
for the w 'ding ring.
lb- is cxi ,cied to provide everything
for Ihe furii idling of the new home except  Ihe  ho ISA  linen,   Which  the bride
purchases a'id prepares Winn she is «e-
ItcHmr hOI i "uHsenu.
ITS heyday am] holiday wilh braids
and bullous this season, for every
sort of thing is trimmed with ono
or tbe other—or with both. Plenty
of ihem an* added evidence of the Increased popularity of handwork, embroidered buttons of silk (or of linen
for wash dresses) used with braids, and
passementeries, made up of several narrow braids Ingeniously  put together.
Almost all the new braids have a liny
cord skilfully concealed In one edge of
th- silken mesh, by which the braid is
drawn up into Wonderful curves and
wheels that become part of a more or
b-s.s involved irimmlng. The most popular of all braids is a flat silk kind,
with the square mesh that Is called
"basket weave." which comes In tine,
rather closely woven kinds varying to
a coarse open sort Hiai is brimful of
Th-* two widths most popular, although every width Is used freely, are
three-quarters of an inch uml an inch
Braids made of three cords plaited
togethi -■ are among the popular kinds,
as are those braids—ao elaborate ns almost to b-dong with the passementeries
made ol  the narrowesl and linest of
Ik raids, p tilted and woven into In-
trleate designs, *-■ me of them a complicated form nf one time simple herring-
■ atterns.
S itache braid Is one of the most
staph- braids made, and the prettiest
form of It is a revival of one in fashion
ten or fifteen years ago, made with gold
threads wrought into It, the gold show-
ng ', y In rhe merest line at each side
ind  an  occailonal  glint of it coming
■ ■ ■    the     ■ • .* ■■
Of two and even three toned
■■■■■  used, some of them woven
' ly, as many made up of two or
raids   i close, firm one for one
. : . -ilky plait next, per-
edglng it,  a heavy  waving
cord, or one of 'he many fancy littlo
br   ■-   which   range  themselves  under
ither misleading name 'if feather-
■ Igi
■ ng    Is    done    upon     perferily
•   ■      • ■ jreal many sun-: and
It   the   l,raiding  that   I -   ill   a
oi ■•*. tiding braids is growing,
,-■ ■•        ■ ded   braids-there
•  * ake  th" prettiest
lorl    of ed They   are
-. ■ with onft
■ thai       ■- mmed   the other of as
I as can be I
Hn.v Gold and Silver Are Applied
ndi '-
got - -    itloi      '   '" ■ I   ■'
■ ■ ■      ..
, ■   ■     |i   ■/  ||   ||
ised,  a       |le  thread   wo vi nd
gulartty through
lc y a except for a
tlds used
■      ■ ■
- ,
it even
I u
: *
fl ;- :,l
it for that u
-    :
...    i*. i thn
■ .    . Hat hi ilds,
■ . ■ .   , i.    • llttli     inl
i:a ipbei; -      I " i ighl    - ■'   In
.i u imber of other nev d
i  |    .      md a -   ■' ■
,.   , , i   ■ dial
i. d,   .'i   .■ i   - u■   to  the
■ ■.   i
lui      ■■    . 11 ■  ■   of course,
.,( i  ■ [th   ' n Iol   if mfl  dlvery blues
, , tar ted oul to be
linn, got tangled up With silver
and gray, iintll it turner! Into n soft,
lovely shad", utterly unlike the most
dlstanl ' on In of turn lolse blue, and
as iui- n allng -is n is unusual,
PYom ib" Mm k braids nnd Lrlmmlngs,
of course  nmre ideas lire lo be picked up
than from ill the colors pul togother,
for in blank   the design counts for ho
mi cb thai Ingenuity Is severely taxed,
Ono design would be plain In a irylng
wnv were il uol for bruld-l>«Ui>us. which
Helps wilh
Silk Buttons and} iheir
are sol hi the twists of braid at telling
A great deal of matching is done, or of
matching one tone of this braid wiih the
ch th it is to trim, and then adding two
or three other shades—lighter or darker
tones of tbe same color, or shades that
contrast, though even then contrasts
must be softened.
It Is In these combinations of braids
that the woman who likes individual
touches upon her clothes is finding \\\\
outlet fur her talent.
The range of ideas In buttons Is almost
as boundless.
A great many button moulds nre used,
covered with silk to match the dress, or
shiriwuist upon which they are to bo
used. Usually tbey are plain, although
some pretty conceits arc about In the
shape of buttons embroidered with
French knots, or with some simple
lillle design worked lu the same tone us
llie silk itself.
On linen buttons, n favorite treatment
consists In worklr n sort or net over
the button, the filtct, being the Blmnlcat
form of what Is known in lace work as
the lace sllich-really a sort of buttonholing Into rows of stitches. Occasionally a wee bii of hard-anger, or of eyelet
work, Is used for tho buttons which are
to go wllh blouses or shirtwaists embroidered In one of the two ways, lu
thnt case tho button bits are mounted
over other bits of linen when they are
put on tlm moulds. ,       ....     .
Embroidered buttons for children fl
clothes usually take the form of sailor buttons, with the all-Important star
worked In color upon It.
Resides tho buttons in which, fancy
work takes a band, there arc apparently countless new buttons, the kind most
iii fashion being thoso which are enameled, imlb the ilull and tho glased
enamels equally good. Theso com,. In all
sorts of designs from tho boldest Egyptian ones io dainty Dresden affairs, out
of some of which peep dainty ... .
powdered hnlr and jewels setting them
nfT like a frame.
Jeweled effect* are good, too, from the
rblneslone buttons—squares or stars or
clrcles-whlch give a rich littlo touch
to evening gowns, to dull gold and silver effects, set with Imitation amethyst, Of lade, or a dozen Oilier stones.
'hero are even openwork effects, got
ov a metal top, cut open, under which
Is set glass i dored like jewels, One
particularly good button looks as though
11 were made up of cut jewels, set in
circles. Hut n new device prevents
their being Hie perishable things
which nl lirst sight you think them.
For Instead of being separate blls of
gluss. set In jewel fnahlon, liable to
loosen and come out, ihey are nil one
piece, cut to represent a dozen.
Buttons nnrl Buckles That Match
Cut steel und jet are both good, nnd
ull sorts of unusual shapes and designs nre broughl out In thorn.
An echo of English eyelet work is
shown in buttons which are of colored
glass covered with metal, the metal
cut out In regular eyelets—the round
or tear-drop types.
Beadworlt has a hearing, too, In
bullous (and buckles to match) mudo
of colored beads put together in conventional designs of flowers, keeping
them to soft, dull colors always.
And pearl buttons never were ns
popular before, plnln or curved land
some of the carved ones are nothing
short of rich), lo lie sewed on. In Invisible fashion, through a drilled
shank or through eyelets, Hub; fiat
buttons wiib "lUicyc" cut inking the
place of tho now almost impossible tu
get lace buttons.
So many now buttons can bo
matched in buckles ih.it It Is possible
lo get up a vny Interesting sort of
treatment for a dress with tho combinations.
jeweled bullous nnd buckles, rhino-
stone, metal, the numerous finishing
of gold, cleverly reproduced, anil
enamelB—for nil the more popular
types of buttons there are buckles
which match or combine well with
By Cynthia Wesiovcr Allien
Copyright, 1106, by A. S. Barnes & Co.
IN a cily or in a large village many
a woman is confronted With these
conditions: She has u good-sized
house, entirely furnished, on hor
hands; tilled, it may be, with associations dear to her; and yet in her
mind's eye she can see the time when
all wilt be taken away from her by
the expenses of living, or the paying
of taxes, or the Interest on some hick-
Ipss mortgage; or by all three, unless
some way can be found lo bring in
She turns, of course, to uo keeping
of boarders. 11 involves for hei
only unimportant additional Investment for table linen, extra wash-
stands, one or tWO more bed.! and perhaps some china ami silverware. If
she is sensible as well as uilldenl. it
may lie thai she has chosen the right
Tbe keeper of a good, boarding house
ought tn bo proud of hers, if and proud
of her wnrk she offers to her patrons
a hi li"'r-tone nol ilndr own before
which they can Imagine themselves at
hone-; a tabla ai which they can make
themselves, ,r they will, members of
one big family; nnd the temporary uso
of her houaehold gooda is sumeihlng
ought to appreciate.
IHr Influence for good on young
'■ en and - n ing women who come under her rooftroo must bo unobtrusive,
bUl   it    Will    I."   real   |f   she   is   the   right
(i nf i  ttoman
Hi wc ■ r, Hi" BUceeBBful keeper of a
i ■ irdl r hou ' in isi ■ omblne ihe func-
•   ns of a nood atnge manager bohlad
. ■   1.1 n nsi  ol a good treiiB-
urer nl the box office   it Is hard lo say
,    thi more Important,  if either
Is lacking, her career will be one-sided,
her life will be one of discomfort and
bur success Will bu partial and imper-
As stage manager she will have to deal
With properties, scenic effects und serv-
antB—the actors uud actresses of her
littlo drama.
Servants must be handled wllh tact
and firmness. The cook has the star
port: but the waitresses uud ihe upstairs girl are not unimportant person-
'lThe properties mean much. One service of butter that is not qullo right will
be talked of fur a month; though It
muy have been offered by Inadvertence,
through lho fault of the grocer, und
Without any deep purpose of economy
Thc meats must he good and wen
rooked A Utile originality In desserts
is a great help. It is wise not to be too
ambitious about ibe number of doner
courses. People will bo belter satisfied
with soup, meat, dessert and coffee If
nil are just whnt ihey should be, than
wilh half a dozen courses sloppily
served and badly cooked.
Coffee, by the way. is worth special
attention. Good coffee covers a mnlil-
itulu of sins. Kind out how coffee
Should be bought and bow 11 should he
made before you begin to keep a board-
Ins bouse.
One general rule may be laid down
■—do your catering yourself, l.ot no
hired person have anything to say
ul I what shall be bought or accepted from butcher or grocer,   If ynu will
take the trouble to go to market In-
stcnil of letting the boys take your
orders, vou will get the best that Is
to be hnd, especially In tho line of
green groceries nnd meats, without
paying nn extra price.
I spoke of scenic effects as distinct from
/'   Or, Entclyn /.. Cooliiige
.-■■    r . Ly a  B, Darnei A Co,
B       ...... tin ■ igbtcenth and twen-
I) fourth  months  tho  baby  bo-
■ iin<    mui ii . i' ndler on his feet
iii.hi he has been in fore,  lie can
.  .*.    m pilti fast   tnd   mm (lines lakes
In i inning uwuy from a person
[usl i 'i mischief,
In   - i. when the ground oi plnsta
di. he mav be allowed lo walk out
of doors foi it least a short time every
duy Do i."i li I inm grow tired, however; ii \n m h ii i" Iter to keep the no-
, .nt ni i arrlago al h ind,
,\ bahy o| thin age is too vunK to
walk in ilu directs l" winter Ho can-
aol wear hoo' ■ enough shoes lo realty
keep I i fei-i protected from lho cold,
'lamp sidewalks
When n go * art is used Inatend of a
carriage, bo sure to have (he baby s legs
well covered sn thai the wind and
dampness cnnnol chill him and so give
him ,i cold. An i kci Ment article for use
in i\ go-cart In n large bug having a
drawing siring at the top.
The baby ahould bo put Into this bug,
wlilch will form n warm covering for
the lower nurt of his bod v. and then
the siring should be drawn and tied
under his arms. The air cannot possibly creep up under lilt, legs If this
bag Is used.
The bttg mav be made of flannel,
eiderdown Cloth, broadclolli or felting, and may have tin- baby's initials
embroidered on the front; or ll may
simply be mad" of uu ohl crib blanket
und Ihen a Small carriage robe may
be placed over It,
A baby of this nge must have bis
ears covered when out on very cold
days In the case of mile boys somo
mothers object to the baby cap which
has been worn up to this time by Utile girls ami boys alike; if so. "Turn-
n'-Hbnnter" caps, made of angora
wool, and which can be pulled down
over the baby's ears, an boih pretty
and Useful. Rfar mutts may be had for
babies also, bul are not very pretty to
look at.
If the mother wants her littlo boy
Io wear a soft felt hnt, It mav have
rosettes of ribbon lined with flannel
sewed onto the elastic, so that thu
enrs will be covered by them.
The baby girl should wear a lined
bonnet which will sufficiently cover
her enr«
properties. Uy effects I mean what are
Intended to impress the eye and through
the eye the mind of Ihu person who
sleeps in yuur bedroom und nils ut your
Cleanliness Is n part, a most significant
part, of scenic effect. Clean towels, clean
sheets, clean pillow cases, clean tablecloths, clean napkins and cluan-looklng
waitresses are essential. Neatness and
cleverness In room decoration and tahlu
decoration ure nut to be despised.
Confidence on the part of the boarder
In whnt you place before hlin Is what
you must establish, it Is not hard. He
wants to bu pleased; he wants to feel
lhat your food can be depended on. If
you can mako him feel that, even the
prunes and the corned-beef hash will
have an interest of their own.
The box office duties remain to be considered. You will have, business deitl-
Ings. as a seller, with your patrons, men
and women. You must l\x your rales so
that you cun compote fairly with others
In the business; you must adhere to
them rigidly, und you must insist on
prompt payments.
Yet the same courtesy that you expect from yuur grocer or butcher, the
snme deference, you must extend to the
buyer of what you buvu to sell. And
the time win come when you will exercise your judgment of human nature,
uml extend credit to the young woman
who has hud It fit of sickness or the
young mnn who is temporarily mu r.f a
job. witiuiui losing anything by the pro-
If you would have pence In your place,
don t gossip yourself, and don'l encourage gossiping, Neither encourngo nor
dfscourngo matchmaking, of width you
are hound to see something If ynu hnve
holh young men and young women In
your house.
If you have children, keep them out of
Bight ns much as possible. They may be
be best children In the world, hul they
are likely to make trouble. If yuu huvo
earnestness and force nf character, you
may make a good living as a hoarding-
house keeper.
Baby Runs nnil Quilts
K-irlll-l    runs   and    quills,    milder
YY    willi   birds and animals out
* '    nut of lirlKbtly colored ntiiffa,
are n  pretty addition Io tin-  linty's
riiiiin.   These may bo not up an ohoM).
ly or iih expensively na ynu please, lho
lllllllt inilllt nbout Ihem being llll, Idea.
Gel a plnln color for llie foiitiiliilliiu
—a ,1,-lli'ute Hlitid,, for n unlll; n deeper,  moro durable one.  thouirh with
plenty ,,f color 111 11, for u rug
''it! the intimitis mil nf uny mate,
rial  that Is llrm, not likely  to fray,
ueijn*'. if ynu ii I anything for a pnt-
terii, pictures of anlmalH from a cnta-
If nnlmnls require mnre time anil
tali-ill than you feel you possess, try
Insl,-nil sueh ulniide things as Mars
and blocks, sewing half a dosen Into a
figure liko the houses ilill 'reti build
Willi blocks.
Stitch the figures on by machine,
otter basting (hem carefully. If you
use felt or any of the heavier materials,  no  turn-In  Is necessary,


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