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1.(11 ai, Ai;i:.vr.
VoL 12,-No. 93
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Home & Co.
Limoges China—in setts or odd pieces,
Msylield, Clove) Leaf, and White Patterns—in setts or any part
ol sett, or odd pieces.
Lemonade Setts, new and beautiful.
Covered CasseroleB.
Fire proof Teapots—any size.
Jardiniers and Cuspidores—all sizes.
Tea and Coffee Percolators.
Yen will always lind something new and interesting iu our China
•nd Glass Ware Department, and you know you are always welcome
to look around.
The Preserving Season
The preserving season is on.   We can supply you
with Strawberries, Cherries, Etc.   Place
your orders with us as soon as possible as the season for
both fruits will be very short and the supply limited,
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
if you are looking fur .something nice in SPOON8 AND
SPEOIAL " for Souvenirs, we hnve Ihem here.
a P. R.  WATCH   IN8PE0T0R.
|here*sa genuine SNAPo
i \       These  bicycles are well  made from the best j j*
materials and fitted with Best Dunlop Tyres.
Nothing cheap about them except the price.
O ~
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Liiinheiiiien's
and Sawmill Supplies, etc.   Plumbing and Tinsuiilhing.
.♦. Ak A .t. »Xj JTt «T» iT 1 itt Jt* stt .Tt iTji tTt iT« At tT> «T. sT. it. its iT. «T. sT. »T. .' -.
Brothier Must Stand Trial in
High Court.
Once moro that famous criminal
Desire Brothier must luce bis trial
belore the bar ol British Columbia
justice lor wrong-doing. But lately
freed by the grant of executive clemency Irom the toils thc ollicers wove
nliout him two years ago, he had
enjoyed his freedom for a brief period
belore being faced with trial (or other
grave charges, Such was the result of
the judgment ol Police Magistrate
Williams ol Vancouver, where he
committed Brothier lor trial in the
higher court on the charge of forgery
of» doctor's certificate.
Good News from French Creek
News comes (rum Frenoh ereek that
a rich strike of gold has been made on
tho property ot the American Mining
Company. An uld channel has been
located showing a rich run ot gold,
George Mitchell Shot by His
Sister Esther.
Skatti.K, .Inly 18.—George Mitchell,
the youth who recently shot and killed
Franz Edmund Crelliield, a Holy Roller prophet, and was acquitted on a
charge of murder on a plea ol insanity
was yesterday shot and killed by his
sister, Either, in the Seattle Union
Station. Esther Mitchell joined tlie
Holy Roller sect at Corvallis, Ur., and
was 0110 of the most ardent of Orel-
lield's followers. When her brother
pursued the leader of the Holy Rollers
to Seattle and shot hint in the street,
he pleaded in justification that Orel-
field hnd deluded nnd wrcnged his
(leorge Mitchell was acquitted nn
the charge ol murder on Tuesday, »' d
nearly nil the following day he Spent
in searching tor Esther in Seattle
lodging-houses. She had rcliised to
bt comforted alter the death ol l'n-1-
flold, and would not have anything to
do with her brother.
Main Business Block of the
Town Demolished.
At half-past nne u'clock on Thursday morning an alarm of tire was given
at Arrowhead, the cause being an outbreak in Iteid & Young's store. Mr.
Stevens, whose house was in the buck
ol the b'ock, was probably the lirst to
raise the alarm ouiside, hul meantime
Oeorge Reid hml been startled by the
lire and roused Mrs. Bain, the housekeeper, Mr. Young, Mr. Reid's little
daughter, and others, The stairway
was lound nlready blocked by lire,
and the inmates made iu their night
clothes to the front windows ot the
store, where Dr. Hamilton was attracted by their cries Inr help. He and Mr.
Freeing got a bidder and rescued
.lust Ihen a quantity ol coal oil
stored In the alley was caught hy the
tire and in an instant the lire spread
through the big store rendering the
saving ol the goods nn impossibility,
though a little stock mis got out.
Tlie lire then spread to the City
Hotel on the east Bide, and to W. R.
Iluuiphy's cigai store and the Union
Hotel on the west. The Union Hotel
having caught it was impossible to
save the Newman Blnck, which rapid
ly followed the destruction ol tlie
other buildings. At the rear the fire
caught the houses occupied hy Mrs
Kerr and Mr. SteveiiB which also went,
not a stick being lelt between the
Lakeview Hotel and the public hull.
The hall was badly scorched and was
on lire twice.
Messrs. Caley Bros, saved a little
stock. Some furniture und stock
were saved from Mr. Liglitlnirne's
Union Hotel, and n large amount ol
stock was got out ol C. B. Hume k
Co's. store, which was in the Newman
block. W. R. Dumphy also saved
some ol his stock.
Although a new water supply has
been put in at Arrowhead there were
no hydrants attached to it and no
means ol utilising it in case of lire.
About all the spectators could do was
to let it burn. The steamer Minto
ond the Arrowhead and Big Bend
Lumber Co's. mills whistled the alarm,
and man willing hnnds turned out.
The Big Bend Lumber Company ran
out their fire hose but lound it would
not reach the site ol the fire. Mr.
Gibbons, of the Arrowhead Lumber
Company, offered the use ol hose Irom
their mill to attach to the Big Bend
Co's. hose but his offer was not availed
of. Indeed blank despair seemed to
have struck the people bo far ns all
hope ol saving any portion ol the
block went, though witii a decent
stream ol water the City hotel could
easily have been saved on one side,
and tlie Union hotel and Newman
block on the other. Capt. Fraser had
the steamer Minto pulled up to the
scene of the lire but was short of hose
to reach it. There wss no lire hose
whatever for public use in the town.
Brave men with wet blankets and
small hose worked bard to save the
jewelry store just west of the Lakeview
hotel, also the public hall and neighboring houses on the west ond and
succieded, though the public hall was
twice on tire. Where so many did
such good work it would lie invidious
to mention names.
Among the pluckiest ol the J lire
lighters was Miss Pitblado, who kept
up a steady stream ol water on her
home from a garden hose and refused
all assistance.
The insurance men were promptly
on the ground. E. A. Haggen, representative of the non-tariff companies,
was in Arrowhead nnd wired lor the
adjuster for his companies as soon us
the telegraph olliee opened, and Mr.
Field, of Sibbald and Field, was down
on the first train Irom Revelstoke. Mr.
Lye, adjuster for the non-tariff companies, arrived by yesterday morning's
train Irom Vancouver and is now in
Revelstoke completing Ids work. He
complimented most highly (I. T.
Newman, manager for C. B. Hume k
Co., on the manner in which he saved
the linn's stock, stating lie hud never
seen a salvage stock iu better con-
The sleuths ol the lire were tlie
Arrowhead Chinese who, while the
people of the town were saving the
stisik, were packing nwuy what they
could ol it and hiding it in the htisii
behind the town. At daylight tliis
was discovered and the Chinese quarters were cleared out In search Ior the
thieves. Several hundred dollars
worth of goods were found stolen In
this way. Constable G. B. Campbell
came in from Comaplix and arrested
several Chinamen, and yesterday W.
E. McLaughlin, .1 P., came down to
hear the charges against them. He
committed two Iur trial and remanded
two more lor further investigation.
Messrs. Heid & Young's and Newman's buildings were absolutely new.
The Union hotel had recently been
enlarged and  thoroughly  renovated.
Tlie losses arc heavy, Messrs. Reid
k Young being the principal losers.
Tbey bad about $20,000 stock,
new building worth $4,000 to
15,00(1 and hud only about $5,000 insurance, having let $3,000 of their
insurance run out a lew days ago. The
Newman block, belonging to W.
S. .Newman, ol Victoria, cost
about $11,000 and was insured lor
only $1,000. Messrs. Hume it Co's
loss will be fully covored by insurance,
thanks to their saving so much stock.
Mr. Lightbume'i loss will probably lie
about $5,000, and Messrs, Caley Bros,
about a similar amount,   W, R. Dum
phy had $8110 on his stock and Mrs
Kerr and Mr. Stevens bail insurance
on their furniture. Mrs. Bain lost
everything and had only $100 insurance, Vi. R. Reid had about $5011 on
his furniture worth about $1,500.
P. Chapman, who hud just re-opened
business in tbe Newman block, was
also one ol the sufferers.
The loseis were insured in the foi
lowing amounts:
Hen. T. Newman on building $1500;
0. II. Hume k Co., stock. $4,000;. W
J. Lightburne, building and contents,
nbuut. $9,500; Reid & Young, nn stud:
$1,000, on building, $8,000; .1. Caley
$1,000 on slock, $3,000 on building.
Companies carrying tlie insurance
are: Hoard Companies: Atlas, Canadian, Union, Weal em, Norwich Union,
British American, Queen, Liverpool
and London and Globe.
Non-Boards: Ottawa, London
Mutual, Montreal-Camilla. Equity,
nnd Anglo-American.
frnm om- iitvn l!„i-ii-s)iiiii,l,,iil.
.1. Iliill and Miss Alice Bull are visit-
ing frienils in the Okanagan district.
Messrs. Chowu nnd W, T. Nickle, ol
Kingston were in town recently.
Miss Armstrong, ol New Westminster is the guest of Miss Kirk.
Mrs, Round nnd son Reggie are
visiting her sister Miss MiicKay.
Mr. Cnrrington and MissCurrington
of Kingston, en route for San Francisco, are the guests of Mr. nnd Mrs.
Allied Bull, ol Vancouver, is spending his holidays at his home here.
J. Shaw is shipping Jin strawberries
to Arrowhead every day Irom his line
farm nt Galena Bay.
,1. Ludgate is expected back shortly
from tbe east.
Thl Big Bend Lumber Company
have a new logging camp known us
No. 1, in charge of J. Sanderson. The
camp is located on the steep slope ol
the mountain in the hay south ol
Bannock Point and a shoot bus been
built over a mile in length, The camp
is located 500 Ieet up the mountain
side. A tine supply of tir and hemlock logs Is being obtained Irom Ibis
C. B. Hume and C. R. Maedonald
came here on Thursday.
A had state ol affairs prevailed in
Arrowhead during tlie lire. Two cars
ol dynamite were lelt standing in tlie
yard with the sparks Hying over them
The railwuy authorities were appealed
to to move them, hn.'. did not do so
till Ihe fire was ubout over. Had that
dynamite gime up the results can be
better imagined thun described. It
wus certainly a most reprehensible
slate ol affairs and one which the
government should take steps to prevent a repetition of.
It is reported an American firm of
lumbermen is completing arrangements for the purchase ol the Arrowhead Lumber Company's mill; that
they have bought the big American
timber limits at the Big Bend and
propose erecting at Galena Bay the
biggest lumber mill in the interior.
R. Hall, M. P, Ior Peterborough,
Out., who iB on a visit to Mr. and Mrs.
T. Ludgate, at Arrowhead, was a
visitor to Revelstoke Thursday, in
company witii Mr. Ludgate.
Belore the ashes had ceased burning
steps were taken to rebuild the town.
C. B. Hume came down Thursduy and
hud a temporary store built by Friday
nighl. Mr. Newman ..ill also re-build
at once. W. R. Dumphy had a team
at wnrk clearing his site lor re-building. Caley Bros, have let a contract
to.I. A. Kernaghan tu replace the
City hotel by as line abii.ldiugas that
ownetl by the linn iu Revelstoke, and
Mr. Lightburne bus let a contract to
I). McCarthy to re-erect a line hotel
on the site ol the former Union.
J. McMiirtin lias been appointed
assist .int collector in tlie customs nlli
ces nl Revelstoke, B. R. Atkins remaining in charge. Tho department
have moved the customs olliee from
the post olliee to Mr. Alkin's building
on Si,-mid street. It is probable that
Mr. ('lute, who bus been customs In
spectnr for 11, C, will be placed Iu
chiin-e of the new customs inspectorate created by the recent changes, lle
ins hml 21 coast ports cut nil' his list
and has bad 15 new purls iu the
Northwest added. Revelstoke will be
the most central puint from which Mr.
Chile will transact his duties and he
will probably move his place ol residence Irom New Wostniinster to Rovelstoko.
1 have to tender my hourlfolt thanks
tu the kind Iriends at Rcvelstuke and
Sicumniis who gave me such valuable
assistance in the effort to recover the
body of my late sou.
It. MdRllKY.
Permit mo to tender my thanks tu
those who gave such excellent assistance at tlie lire here tu save my property.
Lakeview Hotel.
Arrowhead, July 12th,
Nothlnc batter Sim " Our IpsoM."
McPherson Denies he is to be
Postmaster of Vancouver —
Slayer of Creffield Murdered
by his Sister.
Ottawa, July 14.—Fred Calder, ol
Aslicroft, bus been appointed Deputy
Judge of the County Court during ihe
absence of Judge Cornwall.
Prorogation has taken plaoo and ihe
Governor General will take a yaohllng
trip nn lho St. Lawrence Iill A-.gust,
and will visit Vancouver antl other
coast cities in September.
BlMXDOK, July l'l.-R. (i. McPherson, M. P, lor Vuticuuver,emphatioully
denies the story that ho is to he made
postmaster ol that oity,
Teheran,Persia, July 14,—Twelve
students and two soldiers were killed
in sharp street lighting yesterday.
Seattle, July 14.—'George had to
go because be killed Joshua. We are
prepared to abide the consequences."
Thus said Esther Mitchell and Mrs.
Crellield this morning when interviewed concerning the murder by the
former of her brother (leorge Mitohell.
tlie acquitted slayer of "Holy Roller "
Crellield. llnlli will be charged with
murder in the first degree.
Ri-xiina, July 14.—"Hill's road and
all others that mny come will benefit
Eastern Canada us well as the west,"
said Premier Scott last night, in reply
to alarmist niticles in American papers saying that the Hill line would
be a peril to the unity of Canada.
Continuing, Premier Scntt Baid, 'Settlers Irom the United States are liHy
to become most enthusiastic Canadians.
Paris, July 14.—Dreyfus is besieged
by friends who urn congratulating him
on liis re-hiibilitation. The celebration ol llie French national holiday
today has special significance in connection with Dreyl.ua resuming Ins
place in tlie army and being appointed
a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor.
Under Secretary of State Surraut was
dangerously wounded iu thc breast
yesterday, in a duel arising out ol
tlie Dreyfus case.
London, July 14.—King Edward
last night received members of tbe
Chambers of Commerce ol the Empire
at Buckingham Palace. Congress
will hold its next meeting at Melbourne.
A visit of tlie Channel Fleet to
Russia will be postponed until a more
fitting lime.
The Glorious Twelfth Right
Loyally Celebrated by the
Interior Orangemen at Salmon Arm.
Thursday was the Glorious Twelfth
nud the Interior Orangemen right
loyally celebrated tho day at Salmon
Arm. King's weather favored tho
Orangemen and their friends during
the day and contributed to tlie enjoyment of the hig crowds.
A special train left this city nt 7
o'clock in the morning, carrying with
it 150 Orangemen ami their Iriends,
accnmpiiiiicil by the Independent
Band, while special I ruins In-might up
the brethren ami Iriends from polnta
iu tlie okanngiin and from Kamloops
In the west. There were six lodges in
parade, vi/.., Kainlnnps, Vermin, Enderby, Armstrong, Revelstoke ami
Salmon Arm, which took place ul I
o'clock, fully HOO strung. The brethren at Salmon Ann, whu wen-Ihe
hosts ul lho visil ing brethren, had
inude cureliil arrangements Inr u successful celebration ami these woro carried out without n bitch.
After lunch a splendid programme
uf sports wiih held in which competition was keen. The [notbull match
between Enderby and Kevelstoke It till silver cup. was won by IfevelHtoke
after an exciting game liy II goals lo II.
A Hiuippy game nl basebii II between
Enderby and Salmon Arm resulted in
a victory lor the latter by 7 riniB to 2.
The lacrosse inatc.b advertised to tnkn
place between Vernon and Kamloops
did mil, materialize owing to objections
raised by the Kamloops team which
could nut he adjusted,
During the evening dancing was
indulged iu until the departure nl the
speciul trains fur their respective destinations, Tho RevelHtukucontingent
reached home nbout midnight niter a
most pleasant day's outing.
Besides the Independent Bum! of
this oity, there were present the (Com-
loops and Vernon brass hands, antl
tho file and drum band ol Armstrong.
Tho celebration next year will either
be held at Revolstoke or Kainlnnps.
Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Hay, Feed,
Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness,
Paints, Rifles, Ammunition, Miners Supplies.
Agents for McClarys Stoves, Hollywood
Paints, Imperial Varnish Co's. Products,
Marlin Rifles.
BOURNE   BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
I i 1
We have left n kw yAcxe Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within live minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and house furnishings gn in
R. Howson & Co,, Furnishers
i Where Is the Woman
I    Who does not know good
4    Flour when she uses it?
ft Maimlacturecl and (.uaranteed by
I The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
i       mmm——■—
Indu ling potage lo Knglnnd, United
By the yoar [through nostoillce]  	
Half      "        "   ' - 	
Quarter"       " *'        	
oliccs 10cents per line iii'-i Insertion,
- vJits per line each -stibsenuunl in-- riiim.
Measurements Nonpariel [12 linen mnko one
Inchj, Store nnd general business an
nouik'iiH-iii"- $2,50 per iiii-li lier Dinntli.
Preferred positions, 2'< per cent, nd-
ditii m). Births, Marriages and Dmlhs,
fiOo, each Insertion. Timber not tors ?5.0o
Land notice* $7.i5u All advertisement
subject lothe approval of tho management.
Wanted and Condensed Advcrtlsemuiilj*:
Ageni* Warned, Help Wanted,
warned. Situations Vacant,
Wanted, Mechanics Wanted, 10 wonts or
lea S5c, each additional lino In cents.
Changes in standing advortisemonta must
be in by 9 a. in. 'liu-s<liiy nml Friday of
ej ch w eek to wenro good display.
JOB   HINTING promptly executed al reason-
able rales,
TKBM8—Cash.   Subscriptions payable In ad;
WRRESPONDKNCK Invited on matters ol
Interest,  Communications Lo Kili
... mu-t be accompan
writer, not uoceasarily (
n- evidence nf «rK«i fait I
-honia be brtei.
Owens:  in
om, Bauk Hlock, IIbvei,
stoki.. n. (.*.
.Motit-j- '.u loan.
Offlci-: I'.t-vi-l.-Uiki-, Il.C; Ktirl M,-,-l.-. 11. r
Oio. S, McCaktkb,
A. M. Pixkham,
Bevclitoko, H.i'.
A. ll.utvtv,
Kort Steele. Il.C
J. M. istoli 1.1..],
flCOTT   AM'
\V. I. llliKK's.
Mnsky ru Loan
ni.it units inn Molsoxs Bank
Revelsloke, B.C,
First Slreel
■nOBERT smith
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Suiveying
Mi Kp.x7.ie Avenue,
Box llXJ, Keveustokk,
nei] r nil oasis, iinititiiii'i'ii in iiriii.i.
nl I. Montreal Bouidnl Trndoal tho
,,| i-iiing i,f tin- si'ssinn nt Congress ol
Uhiimbi rs of Commerce nl the Empire
uaseirricd at today's session nmid n
ivi, iirkubV sceno uf enlhusiasui, The
vote wus preceded by a further animated discussion for nnd against the
resolution. Thu Australian delegnles
coui'i lered it lu be imprnclit-able,
while ihe Madras represontativeB ip-
provedol it. Tbo British dolegaliou
oppmirod tn bo divided, hut when an
expression of opinion was culled lor n
fi ii-st of hands went up in favor of the
resolution and only a dozen voted
ag-ii; st il. The Canadians then rose
in il body and iln- litill re-i'flioid with
their cheers, while some ol them sung
"(iml Save (be King."
Mining Engineer,
[Mem. American Institute Mining Engineers)
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke, 11. 0.
Examination of and reports on Mineral Properties a Specialty*
"I would . . . I'lirui'stly ntlvist, then, (nr
th.ir Knotl (o order this paper to bo punctual!)-
-ervea up, and to bo looked upon tis a partol
ilu- nn equipage."—Addison.
SATURDAY, JULY 14, 1(106
The important question ol new town
sites was deslt with by the Associated
Boards of Trade of Western Canada at
the Edmonton convention, and it is u
subject worthy ol great concern, All
along the lines of railways now being
extended with great rapidity town
sites will be laid out. Some of these
will remain agricultural land, und u
few will grow i" populous centres of
industry und commerce. Under existing conditions tin- men nu the inside in the railway companies have u
chance to make large prollts out of
town Bite speculations, und Iheir en-
terpriee in that direction may often
seriously interfere with the normal
development ol the country. The
resolution at the convention demanded
that none be laid out in the new provinces until the 1,,cation lius been ap
proved by tlm Lieuteiiaiit-Govcriior-in-
Council, that a proper plan be submitted and approved providing for
drainage, water supply, pa ks ninl
public squares und that the plan
should comply with stipulated standards.
The most striking feature of thin
resolution, says tlie Toronto QJobe,
is tlie inadequacy of tin- demands and
stipulations in contrast with the magnitude ol the problem dealt with, ll
must be clear ui a superficial glanco
that Government inspection and approval would luiv no effect except t,,
transfer some of the speculative advantages from tbe railway promoter!
to the politxians. The Globe recommends thut the new provinces move
lor the immediate application, of the
policy advocated by it im- the development of northern and western i Intario
—the reservation of town sites as
sources ,-i public revenue. This would
not deprive any mnn ol any property
rightfully hi« own, and it would provide for all time a large mil important
public revenue, The railways can
create or destroy towns by the adjustment ol se vices and rates, but .-;,,■],
things are now jufliciently under
public control to assure every locality
a (air chance of development. 1*1 the
commission ,t.- that the publicly
owned town lib - have station laclli
tie., -.iiiii fair treatment In regard It
rates, and the gi iwth ol every well
wlecUil location will be assured. Enterprising merchai i- will bo much
in. re ,., ly lo locate where renewabh
lease- can be ,ecured (rom tho provincial authorities than when they
musl deal with unreasonable or un
duly hopeful land ipeculatora, li
(aot, the exorbitant demands ol ipecu
latnrs have killed oil many a promising town in the West, and ihis dungi-r
would be entirely avoided il the town
sites were administered and leased I
users by the provincial authorities.
The Arrowhead lire ought to bo ,i
objeel lesson to towns  to give  loin
attention   to   fire-fighting   arrangi
nicuts.    Smne means Bhould, where
possible, be provided fur getting wuler
on to a lire even if it is only by u hand
lire engine, but there should be plenty
of bono to utilise what water isu avail
able.   Iu towns like Arrowhead, where
there is no local governing body, tii
Provincial Oovernment should arrange
to put in a small hand lire engine, us
that  government    derives   all    thn
"INivi-iJiie frnm taxutitui ami should  be
prepared 1.1 give an unorganised town
that    protection    which    municipal
government gives a city.
E. W. II. PAGET, cc
n. II. UHOCK, li i>( l( A s.
II. A. IlltllWX. M. ,,(
Koodmnv LoilKt No, IS A F, & AM
'I'hc regular moot-
lug,aro Inild in lit,
Miiionio Tomiilti,
hid follows Ballon
lla t.lili-,1 Moulin) li
     '    ll
■-S'/.'.'i'.'ii'i VlKllliiglirrtl
f^2ji/>> I-.-it  cordially  wi
Meets every Thursda,
ovoning iiiUilill-elluivs
.Hull III 8 o'l-liit-l
)V'isiiing brethren eoi
ilitllly invite.! In ut
.1. MA'IHIR, Sue
C iiii'iH.-iiigiil   ., |i,,.*l' (It elinlns north o(
IjiiibcI'b iiiii-iii we-l corner posl and markod
"Hurry  Mclnlosh's nnrtli ensl  etu-ner posl,*
'llllill-, I Ill-lie,, SOUlil Nl l-lillitl!
co easl sn eluini*. Ilioium north 80 chains lo
,- ,,l i-i,liiliien.:eniei,l.
let! .Inm-llllll, lltlli.
I!. .MACIION.ll.ll, N.Q.
Al I'IXE Cl.l'li (-AMI-, July II
lime reached camp und ure loll o
surprise at the excellent location and
splendid layout. This is u record,
Never before in iln- history ol the
Rockios have sn many gathered Inr
mountain climbing,
'lb,- mini], is shunted ut the lit oil uf
lb,-V,,In, valley beside Summit lnko.
in nil ive have Ifi leuls, including u
large dining marquee. An avenue ul
tints is formed among the trees, the
ladie- occupying one sido ol the avenue
and the gentlemen the other. Nearer
the lnko are the tents ol the cooks and
camp men, und in lite centre ul the
camp the president, secretary and
guides have their olliee;.. Tlie cooking and dining tents arc ou the edge
ul tin- Inkn. Flags nre Hying (rom the
many Hug poles thut. have been erected, nml |iicsent u guy appearance,
Mr. Wheeler, the president, is in cuui-
niuiiil, and is giving directions nnd
allotting quarters lo the various mem-
Kin- lour days 1,1 men hnve been
busily engaged in preparing Ibe place,
did right nobly bail- they done.
We have two Swiss guides. Edward
Fens ni.d his cousin, who will assume
charge ol the climbing,
R, E. Campbell, Laggan; J. Otlt
Golden; S. linker, Glroier, nnd Tom
Marlin, of Field, deserve great credit
(or outfitting the party iu so admirable a   manner, and it is their work
ml bus made the camp possible,
Tbey hnve employed -10 horses to convey goods to eiimp and are continuing
llie work.
The programme for tomorrow; 01-
ficiol climb up Vice-President, 10,050.
Francis I'enz will have cbnrge of the
party, whioh  will  include T. Kilpnt-
k, C. VV. Rowley,!!. Haggen, 0. R.
Merrill, II. W. McLean, 1). N, Mc.Tnv-
ish, A. M. Campboll, (leu. li. Kinney,
Miss Hobbs, Mi.-s McLelliin, Sluuley
lones. Subsidiary climb, Ml, Burgess,
in cbnrge nl Ed, Ken/.; Mies I'owi-r,
Misses Foote, Stewart, Smith, Power
I, A. Campbell, Mr.Langlos, Mr. Hob
erlson. Dr. Herdman will lake charge
ol ii party to Look-tint point. The
parly will include F. Vi. Freeborn, I,
Mitchell, D. Warner, R, S. Solomon,
Mr. Grnhome, Miss Griffiths, Anothor
parly will he formed. A large number
will visit Tnk-iih haw fulls ill the
Yoho valley.
Miss Tuzo, n well known climber,
bus joined the party. Her wnrk bus
been confined to Switzerland nnd the
Rockies, where she bus climbed many
of the highest, peaks,
Mr. Solomon, Irom South Alrico,
has already become the hiimorist ul
the  parly, and  keopB the crowd in
ul humor.
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under llie new muiiiigeineiitjjuf
IIaiiiiv  MiIniii.sh,  Hoffman   House
mill. MEDICAL WATERS of llnl-
1_ cyon are the most curative in the
world. A perfect, natuial remedy I'm
all Neivuus und Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
ami Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
for "Thnl Tired Feeling," Special
rates on nil boats an,I trains. Two
niiiils nii-ive nnd depml every day.
Ti'legiii It communication wilh nil
marts of the world.
Tkiims $12 to $13 per week. For
further particulars apply in
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroiv Lake, 3. C
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
GltOWN (lAllliKN. 1'IKI.li ANIi b'l,OVVElt
SEEDS. Now crop now In stook am! on tost
in our groonliouscs. Ask your merchant for
Ihotn in seiileil packages. It liu dues not handle
llieni we will tniiil litl nssin-li-il. at- pilokoln of
vegelulilt; nnil flower semis lour owl. .selection,
suitable tor H, 0, gardoiw) tor Slim. Spocial
prices nn your hulk Bocdit.
II. ('. (IIIOWN KIII'IT ANIi ORNAMENTAL TUBES now rondy   for   spring
l-iNtrn nii-eslnok of two nud llii-i-u-jeiir Apple
Trees at Sum por llll, "Siso.u.i per 1,00(1; May-
iiniii Plums, SI.ihi eiieli; Italian I'riuie, two-
year, line, $i',.im per lui; Sugar Prune, two-
year, line, "Sw.ui for lm.
Kitli lis! <>f other stock a! regular prices. No
expense, loss or delay ol fumigation or
Let mo pt'iee your list nolorc placing ynur
Qroonhouso I'lauis. KlorWork, BcoSupplies,
l-'ruil I'ni-kairi-s. Fi-rlilizcrs, ele.
CATAl,illii;l* FltKE.
There are n number ol railroad men
t the Motel Dominion jusl ul present
The doyen ol the corps is Mr. IV. A.
Jackson, n railroad mnn ol 30 years'
experience and for tho lu*t ten years
on the run between Rosaland ami
Trail Mr. Jackson suys thnl be bad
to come nwuy for awhile or his nervous
stem would havo broken down. The
train he runs gnus so swiftly thai a
mnn can hardly gel his breath. Tin
average speed is something like n mile
in seven limits, line day when the
I rain was going full speed pnst u
crossingo ninn jumped nn the engine
tep and told bis wife t,, jump on tin-
caboose. She slipped on tho ice jus!
aa s'ne wns going In get mi nnil fell
Hat. She weighed Uuu pounds, but she
got up and caught the train just the
satin-. This is Mr, .liu-ksoti's first
holiday in ten years. Among tlie
"'her railway men at the  Dominion
who are enjoying ist holiday are
Conductors Geo Porter, Ed Bougard
and S, II Crump, ul Revelstoke I'
T. Fraser, bridge foreman and C
Gran--, conductor, ,-i Nelson Mr, ,1.
Orrin, ,,f the Trail smelter, is with the
party also,   li ia unnecessary tn Bay
that they are having n k i time.—
World. '
, THE SlI.lKtllllll.lilllls OF TUB 1'lllMi: M.SINII it
lIUVKInlMISSTl'mil-ASV. 1.11111111, I.IIIIII.ITV.
NOTICE |l IIKHKIIY lllll-.N Hull III." All-
niiiil Meeting ol Un- Shareholders ul The
I'miee Minine nutl Development company,
Limited Liability, nlli In- ln-1'l at UlO Com-
piitiv'.* Olliees, Kfrsl Street, Itevelsloke, B.C.,
Wednesday, Ihe Blglilooiilh day ol Joy.
ll., 19011, at du- liniir n( Bight ii'i-ha-k In Ibe
iill.iniiiin, for Hiepurpoio.,( electing olllccn
(nr Hie eltBulng year, ami Inrtill oilier purpiisen
rotating in the iiianiigeini'iii oi tlio company,
Ami lake notii-e I list nt llio said meeting the
Billowing ipoolal biulncsi will bo iskcnup,
namely ol considering and if doomed atlvls
nine, passing the following i-osolutloui-
'•Tlial the provisitinsnl Section liii ol the
'Companies' Act, 1897,' M amended by Section
Eight nl the' ..onipanics' Aot Amendment Acl,
lliu.' shall apply lo this Company,"
Dated at Rovelstoko, B.C., litis 18th day ol
Juno, 1900.
,1. T, I.A1NII, J. M. S00TT,
President. Secretary.
JU 18
fSllllSWHJt   river,   -».■«■   mmm**,   bu.. ■»....,.*.«.,...
inilvs ft mil ils imiii'n: -
1. Cummeiieiiig al a imsL about (our rmln soutli
nf Rainbow Creek anil about o lullefl rnmilts
iiiuiitli, tlii-iici' i-usi mi cliains; Ihence smit-b un
chains; thonce wost 80 ehains; thence nurth m
cliiiins tn point nf (•I'lmnt'iiccnient.
2. Coiiiineiieiiig ut a post about ten rods south
i.f Rainbow Creek, nud about r> miles frum iis
mouth, tlienco east 40 chains; thenco snutli 100
chains; tlience west -in clialns, thenoe north 160
chains u> [mint nf commencement.
Dated May 80th, I90U.
J, 11AUUY,
U. ConinionciiiK at a pint about four clmins
south of Rainbow Creek and about 4 utiles from
ils mouth, thence oast mu chain*, thence nortli 80
chains, tlienco west ut chalmi, tlience soutb 80
chains to point o( commencement.
4, ('(immi-ni-iiig at a jmst almnt fmir ehalus
south of Rainbow Creek, uml about 4 miles fnnn
its mouth, theuco west mi chaini, tlience north HO
80 clialns. thence west 80 ehains, thence south 4(1
chains, tlienco east 100 chains, Ihence smith 40
chains to [mint of ciimuiuiiL-eiueiit.
6. Commencing ut a punt alhiut four clialns
north of Rainbow Creek, nml iilmnt i miles from
Its mouth, thence west iui) ehains, thence south
-10 clialns, thence east \w chains, tlience north 40
chains to imitit of commencement,
Dated May 80th, 1900.
.1. Harry, Locator,
Arrowhead, Trout Lake and Nakusp Rural School Districts
Revelstoke Assessment District
rilAKE NOTICE that 1 shall hold a Court of
I Itcvl.ion and Appeal under the lnibllo
School Aot, 1005," for the Arrowhead, Trout
Luke nnd Nakusp Iinrtli School I lis. riel«, on
Wednesday, tho istli dutof July, HKB, at the
hour of two o'clock in tho afternoon, at tbo
School House, Arrowhead.
Dated at Itevolstoko, this 15th da) ol June,
C. M. ElEl.O,
.lutlgc of tho Court ot Itovlslon and Appeal
Rcvolstoko Assessment District of West
Certificate of Improvements.
Adventurer, lion Duko, Watehinan, Outlook anil
buiielilno mineral claims, situate in (he Arrow
hake Mining Division of West Kootenay District.
Whoro located:—On tlie north side of I'lugstmi
Creek, about .r. miles west of Arrow bake.
Take notice dial 1, .lohn Drunimpnil Andorson,
P.L.-S., of Trail, 11. Ci, agent for Thomas Abriel,
F.M.O. No. B95244; lUchiird Smith, F.M.C. No,
1105215, nml  Klizabeth Scott. F-.M.C No, Mm,
intend, sixty days from Uie dato hereof, to apply
to the Miningliocorder f«rCertificates of Improvements, fnr Ilu- purpose of oblainitiK Crown Omuls
nf the above claims,
Ami further tako notice that action, under section 87, must be commenced before the issuance of
such Certificates of Improvements,
Dated this 83th day of June, 1000.
sepO .1. 1). ANDBRSON,
Notice is hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend lo apply to the Chief ('ounulKsioncr
of bamls ami Wmks font special license to cut
nml earry away timber fnnn the following ileserllieil lands situato oil tlio SI inswap River, Ynle district, ltd:
i. Commencing at anostplaiitedabotitttiree*-
foiiiths of a mile south ot tbe uortli west corner of
I .ol '.Ms, thence north 101) chains, tlience oast 40
chains, theuce south 8(1 chains, thonce west 80
ehains, thence south 80 chains, theuce east 10
chains lo point of commencement,
2. Commencing at a post planted about one
amlone-foiirlh miles south of tlie north west corner of but '2818, theuce west 16') chains, thence
north 111 cliains, thenco east IU) chains, tlience
south tn chains to point of commoncement.
Dated May 80th, 100
It. Commencing at a post planted about two
ami oiiefourth miles south of ilm north west corner of l-ot 2818, theuce north 80 chains, thenco
west 8() chains, thenco south 80 chains, theuce
east 80 chains to point of commencement,
1. Commencing at a post planted aliout two
and one-fourth miles from the north wust corner of
Lot 2818, thence wost 10 chains, thence south 100
chains, theuce west 40 chains, theuce north 80
chains, theuce east 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement.
Datod May 80th, 1906,
J. Harry, Locator.
5. Cuinmotichig at a post about live miles uorth
and one-half mile easl of the north west corner of
Lot -.Ms, thonco wost 100 chains, north 40 cliains,
east UK) chains, south 40 chains to point of commencement.
0. Commencing at a post planted almnt ve
miles uorth and one-half mile cast of then ith
west corner of Lot 2818, thence wost lOOchains,
thence south 10 chains, thenco east 180 chains,
tlience north 40 chains to point of commeiicomont.
Dated May :10th, 1906,
,1. HARRY.
7. ('onuueiicitig at a post plauted aliout one
mile north of timlier limit mm, thenco north 80
chains, thenco east 80 chains, thence south 80
cliains, thence west 8*. chains to point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post about one mile north
of timber limit 081)0, thence south 80cliains, tlience
east 80 chains, thonce north 80 chains, thonce
wost 80 chains to poiut of commencement.
9. Commencing at a post planted almut six
miles north of the north east corner of I,ot 2818.
theuce east 80 chains, south 80 chains, went 80
chains, theuce north 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated May 30th, 1906,
.1. Harry, Locator.
ui i|i|ier arrow uniQi-
('ouimeuciiig at a post marked "W, W. Lock's
soulli east comei," al the small west comer of
L»t St.i.   and   ulmilt  .'.   mile south of Fosthall i
Creek, theuce nnrlh 40 chains, thence west 8U
chains, tlienco sonlh 40 chaius, thence east Do
chains to point of eouimem-emeiil, containing :t2n
Dated this llth day of,Iime, lUOtf.
I'er T, C, .Makinsoii, Agent.
Commencing nt  a post marked %. M.John-
stone's south east curuer," al the south west comer
of Thomas Webster's application to purchase,
about 8 miles south of Fosthall Creek nud alsuit
P.1 miles from the lake, theme north 80chains,
to tho soutli l n m in Iar> of (l.J. Hammond's application to purchase, thouco went 80 ehnins, thence
sooth oi chains, thence east 20 chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence east tK) chains to point of
tpmmencement containing i-oHiiu-res.
Dated this 12th day of June, I'M..
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked ".M. C. Dicker-
son's nortli west corner," on the shore of Cpper Arrow lake, ;i Loiil ;*! miles smith nf Fosthall creok ami
atmiti 'jn chains north of the smith east corner of
Thomas Webster's application to purchase, thenco
south 8n chains, theuce east 80 chains more or
less to the shore of Arrow Luke, thenn*) following
said shore lu a general northerly and westerly
direction 120 chains more orless to pointof coin-
uiouceineut, emitailiiug. 1140 acres more or less.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1901).
Por Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "K. A. Slye's
south oast corner," nlmiii ij inlion soutli of Fosthall Creek, at the south west corner of I«nt457fl,
theuce north Ko ehains along the west iHiumlary of
Lot 457(1, thence west so chains, theuce south 80
chains, tlionco east 80 ehains to pnlnt of com-
mom-eiueiit, I'ontaiiiing 040 acres.
Dated this mli ilay of June, IHO0.
Per Ralph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "A. Dollonnicy*
or's north east corner," almnt Id chains west of the
smith west corner of Lot 862, at tlm north went
enrner of K, A. Slye's Application to purchase and
aboul ', mile soutli nf Fosthall creek, thence west
8(1 chains, them-e south 80 chains, theuce oast 80
ehalus, theuce north 80 chains to point of com-
moiicement, containing 640 acres.
Dated this Uth dav of Juno, HU*.
Per Ralph Slye, Agent,
Commencing ut a post marked "F*. A. Slye's
north east corner," ulmiit ll\ miles soutli of fosthall ('reek, aud about l| miles from tlm lake
shore at tho north west corner nf 0. J, Hammond's
licatlon to purchase, theuce west 80 dm ins,
thonce south 80 chains, t-hence east 8n chains,
tlience north 8(1 chains, to point of commence-
Trueman's Studio
Is now open mul
a, will meet
usual s.-itisi'a
lew antl i-,'iii|it-li'iil
ntlv  „! Sydney.
i .iini :-ii.-i'i-.-.iii,'i
Ov i  Canada  Drug -.V  Booh  Company.
For Your Fruit Orders Strawberries at $2.50 per crate on
nnd after July 1st.
Front Street,
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
nnd Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services -I'lowcr I'ots
Plates Uniorellii Stands
noskels Lunch Htiskets
('nut, Chairs Smoking Junkets
Ihintlliei-i-liiefs bilk Hoods.
I- in,-*l stock of candles anil fruits in town.
Fronl Street, Revelstoke
Arrowhead, B. C.
I liarinii . ite.1  on the shores
nf AlTIIll   l..ik".
i, I Ti ml I- -
Bunts always foi hire.
S.-iinjili- lln,.ins in i i.iitiiTli.in.
First-class  huuae  foi   T    I   '    ind
i 'nmmei cinl men.
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
Mnnnfaotured for alt dosses of luiildiio'-
4H kind-.>f building and plnstfirlng
IN   I'llllllll'K
I.N llll: SUPRKMR i iil'lll' nl-' BRITISH
In ih,- -...-I- nl < .,,„,! m,i-.1:,,',i. deceased, nml in
lie-   imill. r „( llie "linleiiil   A.hliiuislraters'
irl '
N-li...   i-   hereby   »i,-ll  Hint   I,)-order nl   His
II ti     I   ,   Pin a 1.. ,1 JllilKe. iltlU-il the :,lli .lay
,1   i       -■ ,....,:.■ smith Mr-Carter, iilll-inl
ttoi tor lhat pari ol Knotennj County
.,.,,-.!   « uiau the Revelitoke  Blectoral 1>I«-
Irirl   ...,-.;, .MHI-.I [..-tt-r*..! A.hnlnlstrattnn
-. - ni „„I singular tl itatuol Cnmil
tec 1  a,,--,;,!-.
■ ike notice thai  ,11 claims 11,,. *ti
■ ' ,,.-   a;,,-,   !»■ -,-Mt in to ,lli--ai,l Ad'
-' ■■ Imperial   Hank It!,„-k,
K.-..1-,......  i: ,   within a- dayi Ir ili„,late
"•      ..<.\. .11 pro di will bs ills-
■ ■   |,:irti,--   lawful!,   Ili-ri'inili,
Official  l,liiii„i*lr;it,ir
|,.,--lll,- Till ,|a;„! .Inly. IMH. II
Mn, II. J, lin ibury Man, n  ■
First -Class Tahle.
Private Dining Boxes
Ur«0 |,i„i„.T,„,„if,,r
l!,i,.i„„i . Buppor   oto
Furnished Rooms To Lei,
That'll Royal Orown kind—
made In Vuncoiivor— Isiirgost
Soap I'lii-imy imst of \V in ni -
peg llniiHi- cleaning und
ivashingaroeaiiy with itaholp,
Antl tin- nn,nny Having Is tin
Premium System
Booklet tolls what wo give for
linvnl Orown IVrappori, Bend
for  it—Freo—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C
Is the pure il form in which enne sugar can
be made. Evetygrain parklea with brilliancy, the reaull (»i perfect cryataUzatforii
Ynu will I)' pi iscd thc moment you open
a box. You wi! Iv delighted after trying it
in your tea 0 iffie, Sold everywhere in
'I lb  ie 'led packages.
The B. C. Sligai R( i.ling Do., Ltd., Vancouver, B. C
^^^^^^_ A. H1.VB. 	
Por llalpli Slye, Agent.
C-tuiintmchiK nt il pout marked "M, C. Slye's
uortli ciiHt corner," at tlie nontli "iint corner of
I'linnias Wi'lintiir'H miplinition to purcliaHc, alHiut
'l uiili-s Hinitli of t'osthall Cri-iik, and nliout J
mile from the lake, tlience wost 80 clialiw, tliuncn
soutli 41) i-liiiin.H, thonce eust. 411 cliains, tlienci-
soul li 41) chains, thence cast 4n clinlm., thonce
uorth Hi) cliainsto point of cotiimuncemeut,coi1>.|
talnliiK 481) acres. *>
Dated this 1'illi day of .Mine, 1900.
Per Ralph Hlye, Agont.
Commencing at a post niarked "A. K. Ham*
niuiid'fl north west corner,'' almnt l1^ miles smith
of FoMliall (-reek at the south east comer of IM
457(), thence south 80 chainn, thence east 40 chain*,
More or leaa to the lake shore. Ihence following
said shore in a general northerly direction 80
chains more or lima to Die smitli Imnudary of J. I.
lurch's application to purchiiHe, thence went 40
clmins, more or loss, to point of commencement,
containliin USO acres more or less.
Dated this Uth day of .lime. 1U00.
I'er Itnlph Slye, Agi'lll.
Onimiiencing at a post markod "(I, .1, Ham>
niond's north east corner," alsuit IU miles nonth
of Fosthall Creek, at the Koittli vast corner of Uit
4!>7U. Ihence west- 80chains, thence aouth 80 chaini,
thence east 80 cliains, thence north 80 clmins to
point of commencement, containing (Hi) acres.
Dated this 12th dny of June, ivnti.
I'or Ralph Slye, Agent,
after date 1 intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Coinmmsiniici' of l.iin.ls ami Works for |ieriuissioii
to purchase the followiiiK descrilwd lands situate
in the Most Knoteuay district,
> oiiimeticiii'it at an initial post erected on the
in mh lunik of the Lardo river, ahout one-eight
mile west of Lake creek and marked "I). P. Kane's
south east corner post," them-e north 20 chains:
thence west hi) ehains; thence south in chains,
more or less to l.ardo river; thenoo easterly following the hank of lho river 80 chains more or less to
pointof commencement, comprising one hundred
and sixty acres more or less.
Dated the fifth May, 1906,
.    D. P. RANK,
days after date I Intend to apply to the
chiof Com 111 Us ion er of Unds mid Works for a
special licence to cut and curry away timber
from lho following described lands situated
in the Wesl Kootenay District, west side of Upper
Arroiv Lake opposite Nakusp:—
t. Commencing at a post marked "Nortli East
Comer Post." tnence so chains west, 80 chains
smith, 80 chains east, so chains nortli to point of
2. Cmiuueneinsal a post adjoining No. l limit
on the uortli side, thence 40 chains north, IW)
chains west, 41) chains .smitli, Itin east to point of
Dated 8th day of June, 1908.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days afterdate 1
Intend lo apply to the Chief (.omnibodniier of
Lands iimi Works for permission to purchase the
following ilesciilied lands, situate near Tete Jaune
Cache, Cariboo district, B.C:-
t'limuii-nciii" at a post planted at the south
wesl corner ..f l,ot 480 and marked "U. II, Nagle's
norlh west enmor post," theuce south 40 cliains,
thonce east inn chains, tlience north 40 chains,
thence west liiochalns tu point of commencement,
containing 040 acres more or less.
Datod Uth day of April, 1900.
Q, 1). NAQI.K,
Kevelstoke, H.c.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days afterdate 1
intend to apply to the chief Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for permission to purchase the
following described lauds, situate near Tete
Jaune Cache, Cnrilioii illstrlct, ll. 0.:—
Commencing at a post planted iu the south east
comer of Lot -i-n and marked "K. McBean's south
west corner post," theuce east .'.n chains, thence
north ISO chains, more or less, to the hank of the
Praser Biter, thence west hi chains along the
hank of llie Fraser Hivur to the east boundary of
Lot480.tlienco south 120 chains, more orless,
along tne easl boundary of l,ot48n 10 the pointof
commencement, coutiiininn iwo acres more or less.
fluted th- Uth day of April, 1900,
Kevelstoke, II. 0.
Notice Is hereby given that 1x1 days from date I
Intend toapnl; to the II rabletho Chief Com
mlssloiierol Land*and Wmlis for permissionh
nlircliMtJ Hi.* following doscrlhod lands In the
Wesl K.i'.ii-nny District, east shore of Cpper
Arrow Like:
1 nonclng at n posl marked "J, I). Cnplati1
-"iiith west comer," at ihnui.rih west corner of
I...I BUB ami aboul   l1, inlles nnrlhof Nakusp,
ii -i i  -1' 'inin- 01 less. 1 henco north
10chaini inor*' nr lens, thence wostSi chnlns inure
or   less   lo   Iiii-   Luke   -lion-   Ihence In agOIieral
 llnrly dir.-i h.,ti ,il-.n-j ||,<< Luke nh,,tr HO chains
iiiore ..r I"--- Ul polul "f  .i.inoiciicemeiil, colilaiii'
Ins 540 ai ren moro or less.
Hftted tills 7i,.| dny nl Mny, HM.
,1   I)  COI'I.AN,
Per Itnlph Slye. AgOIlt,
NOTICK I. Iiersli) Bii
, ,    I li,lra,ll,,.,|,|,KI
„ Ilul l», il.,;.',11,.,-lal,
tin- riilt-f Canitil.slntn-i
!-.t   |i,-rlnl..l„ll 0, [ilirt'lllist-
' lnmls mill lliu l,.-,lu,-"
a...  n..........  n. .1
i? Un.li 1111,1 "',,.1.
lln- (,,ll,,«iin. ili-in-rili
, ,...i,   ,,,,     .\„..„l„..„|   ll.nn,;.   In.,.,,,11   n,.i
K..MMI.,, lilitrlcti
I -.11,1,,,,I,,,,,, aI  '   null   Ills,,,I   1,-tl I'llllilM soulli
1 Hm - ,„,i,. nml on lla-   Hli' I.<-,Ik<-" HSgnii rooii
.nil marktsl '(!, M. m>h.,,ii- n„rilt w,-.l enrnsr."
ll,,-,,, „-l   in  ,latin. Ill,-  «,,„!ll  HI ,'llilln,,
Uifncowe.no M,.,in.. Him,-,' north 10 child, l„
poinl,,( ,iii,-t,,-,-,iii,iii
llal.,-,1 May l>l, Kill.
(!, M. BVMONS,
NOTICE is hereby given that 80dayi al
dato I Intend to nphhln Mm Chief C.
rhlwioner nf ImhiU and U'ork« for a IpflOl ,
lloonsfl in'tit. and no rrv away limber from the
following deeorlbed  land- sitnnted In   WMt
Koolotiny district:
Commencing al n pnsl nn the west side of Vmwt
Arrow Lake itartlng nl the V c I, Co, LW.'i
north went corner poil No. j, ihence 40 rhnin*»
oast; thence W ehalm north. thrnc^Wrhsins
aest, thence wi i-h,iin« -outh, thenci 40 chsinn
'-.ist, Lords'-pi if r'.nim^nrfmfnt
IP.I...I llUidiv.f .luni>. I9TK,
ineiit.coiitainini.'04i) acres.
Dated this lZtli day of June, liKW.
l. I'oinineneing at a post mumou -uus
Lund's north east corner," about i mile up
north furk of Uoldstreum ihciue north 40
chain -, east 101) chains, sou'b 10 chnlns. west ifio
cliains to point of cuuuneiicoinei.t.
fi. ('uinnieiicing at a post marked 'Uus
Lund's north west corner.' about 1 mile up
north fork of Ooldstream, thtnee snutli 40
chains, cast lOOchains, north 40 chains, west 100
chains to point of 000101000001001.
Jl. Cimiiiit-uciiig at a post marked "Uus
Lund's north west corner,' about 1 mile bolow
north fork of Uoldstiomii, on left bank, thence
north 10 chains, east 100 chains, south 40 chains.
west Kin ohains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at n poat marked "(lus
Lund's nurih cast corner."ubout J below north
fork of UoliMream, on loft bank, thenco south
100 chains, wc-t4i) chums, north 100 chains, east
40 chnlns to place of commencement.
il Commencing at a post marked "Gits
Lund's north east comer,' nbout 1 mllo from
month of Caribou Creok where It juius Gold-
stream, thence soutli 100 chains, west I" chains.
north 160 chains, enst 10 chains to pointof
li. Commencing nt a post mnrked "Gus
Lund's Hindi east corner," about. 1 mile from
mouth of C-aribou Creek whore It joins Gold-
stream, thence west 10chains,north 160 chains,
east .40 ehnins, south 100 ohains to point of
7. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north eust comei. about! mile from
mouth of caribou Creek where it joins Gold-
stream, Ihenco west40chains, soulli lOOchains.
east 40 chains, north Mi ehuins to point of
8. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north wost oorner, about 7 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, thenco enst 110
chains, south 40 chains, west IU) chains, noi th
40 chains to point of commencement,
I), Commencing at a mist marked "Gum
Lund's north east corner,' about 7 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, Ihenee snutli 100
chains, west 40 chains, north um chains, cast
40 chains to point of conimcncnmcnl,
10. Commencing nt a post, marked "Gus
Lund's suuth cast oornor," about 7 miles below
nortli fork of Goldstream, thenco north 00
chains west 00 ehains, south 80 chains, enst 80
chains to point of commencement.
11. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund - north west corner," about 0 miles lielow
north fork of Goldstream, thence north 00
ehnins, east 80 chains, soutli 80 chaius, west 00
chains to point of commencement,
12. Commencing at a post marked  "Gue
und s south ouso comer," about 9 miles below
north fork of Goldstream, theuco north 00
chains, west 80 chains, south 80 ohains, east 80
chains lo point of commencement.
13. Commencing at a post marked 'Gus
Lund s south west corner," about 9 miles below
north ' ■<-. of Goldstream. theuco south 00
chain .st 80 ohains, north 80 chains, west 80
chains .o toint of commencement.
NOTICK is hereby Riven that thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the Hon, Chief
Commissioner of Lun Is ami Wmks, [or special
licenses to cut uml curryaway timber from the
following described lauds situate In the West
Kootenay District:
1. Commencing at a post planted aliout
mile from west bank of Columbia Kiver and almut
one and half miles north of Seymour ('reek and
marked "C. I-'. Liudmark's south east comer post,"
thenco nortli 80 (-bains, weat 80 chains, south 80
chains and east 80 chains to pointof commencement. |
fi. Commencing at a punt planted ahout two
miles from Columbia Kiver ou Its west bank and
aliout one and half miles north of Seymour Creek,
and marked "U. V. Liudmark's south east comer
pnst," thonce north 80 cliains, west 80 chains, south
80 chains and east 80 chains to pointof commencement.
8, < ommenclng at a post planted about three
miles from Columbia Kiver and about one and
half miles north of Seymour Creek and marked
"C. F Liiiduiiii'k's southeast corner post," thence
north 80 chains, west 80 chains, south 80 chains
and east 80 chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post planted oue mile from
west bank nf Columbia Kiver and four miles north
of Seymour Croek and marked "C. F. Liudmark's
soutli enst corner post," Ihence uorth 80 chains,
wost 80 chains, soutli 80 chains, aud east 80 chains
to point of commencement.
Dated May -23rd, 1*900.
Notice Ik hereby given thai thirty days after
date I Intend to apply to the chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a special licenso
tu out and earrv away timber (rom the following de-icrlbed lands, situate In the Osoyoos
Division of Yale District:-
1. Coiiinienciiii; at a post planted ou the east
bunk of the south brunch of Cherry creek ut a
point 8 miles north-easterly from the 40 mile
post ou the Monashee wagon road and niarked
"S. Hill's north enst cottier," thence south 80
cliiiins; thonce west 80chains: thence north 00
chaius: theuce eust 00 chaius to the pointof
2. Commeueiug at a post planted ou the east
bank of the south branch of Cherry ('reek ut a
poiut 6 miles nortb-earterly from the 40-mlle
post on the Monashee wagou road and marked
"S, Hill's uorth west corner," theuce south80
chains; theuce east 80 chains; thence north 80
chaius; thence west 80 ohnins to the point of
3. CiuuniouciiiK at a post plunted ou the east
bank of the soutli branch of Cherry creek at a
point 8 miles north-easterly from the 40-mile
ixist on the Monashee wagon road uud inurktd
r>S. Hill's south west corner," theuce north 80
chains; thenco east 80 clmins; thenoe south 80
chains; thence west 80 chains to the poinl of
4. CommeiiciiiK at u poitpkiuted outhesouth
bunk of Cherry oreek ubout 9 miles from the
40-mile post on the Monashee wajron road and
marked "S. Hill's south west comer," thence
oust ItiOchains; theuce uorth40 chains; thence
west Ml chains; thence south 40 chains tothe
poiut of commencement.
Ti. Commencing at a fsist planted ou the
south bunk uf Cherry creek ubout 9 miles from
the 40-mile post on the Monashee wagon road
and marked "8. Hill's north west comer,"
thnnco enst 100 chains; theuce south 40 chains;
llionce west HK) chains; thouce north 40 chains
to the point of cnuinioucHmout,
IjKicutml 24th May, 1900.
0. Commencing ut u post planted alxml a
mile west from the west bunk of Luke Creek,
nl mat '.' miles up from Ihe Junction of Lake
creak and the north fork of Cherry creek aud
mifjLj.'d ' rt. Hill's south oust comer post,"
Ih I TV in. rlh hu chain-; thonco west HO rlinins;
tlionco south HU chains; thence eust 80 chnlns lo
the point of I'liiiiinoiieemenl,
1. ('nuimonciiig nt n imst planted nbout a
mile west from the west bank of Lnko creek,
iilmoi 1 milos up from the junction of Lake
crenk und lho north folk of Cherry creek and
mnrked "H. Hill's south wett comer imst,"
thmicn mist HO cbnins; thouce north 80chains;
thonco wost KO chnlns; thence soutli 80 chains to
the point uf coinniencemuut.
Locniod '.'Mih May, 1900.
Dated this 9th day of June, 190H.
II. Cc Hiioticing at a post marked "Uus
Lund's south east oorner," about 9 miles below
north fork of Goidstroam, theuco south 80
chains, west 80 chains, north 00 chains, oast 00
chains to point of commencement.
15. Commencing nt a past marked "Gue
Lund's south wesl comer," about 11 miles lielow
fork of Goldstream, thenco north 80 chains,
east 80 chains, south 80 chains, west 80 chains
to point of commoncement,
16. Commencing at a poit markod "Gu
Lund's south east comer," about 11 miles below
fork of Goldstream, thence north 00 chains
west 80 chains, south 00 ohains, east 80 chaini
to point of commoncomont,
17> CoDimonuing ot a post marked "Gue
Lund's north west corner," about 11 miles below
fork of Goldstream, thence south 80chains, out
80 chnlns, north 00 chains, west 80 chaini to
point of commencement,
18. Commencing at a post markod "Gus
Lund's north east corner,' about 11 miles below
fork of Goldilroam, thenco south 00 chains,
west 80 cliains, north 80 chains, east 80 chains to
point of commencement.
Dated June loth, 1900,
10. Commencing at a poit marked ''Gue
Lund's south oast oorner, about 3 miles up
Camp Creek, thence north 100 chains, west w
chains, south IGo chains, east 40 chains to point
of commencement,
20, Commencing at n post marked "Gus
Lund's south west comer." about 3 miles up
Camp ('reek, thence north M)chaini, east 40
chains, south 100 chains, west 40 chains to point
of commencement.
ill. Commencing at a post inarkod "Gus
Lund's uorth west comer," ahout 3 miles up
Camp Croek, thence east M) chains, south 40
ohains, west 100 chali.s, north 40 chaini to point
of commencement.
fifi, Commencing at a post marked "Uui
Lund's north east corner," about ;t miles up
Camp Creek, thunce west lti« ohains, .south 40
chains, east 1*80 chains, north 40 chains to point
of commencement,
23, Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north west comer, ubout 2*1 miles up
Camp Creek, thonce east Mi chains, south 40
chaius, west 100 chains, north 40 chains to
point of nimi ici'inont,
24, Commencing at a post marked "Qua
Lund's soutli east corner,' about ${ miles up
Camp Creek, thenco west 100 chains, south 40
chaius, east 160 chains, north 40 chains lo point
of commencement,
25, Commencing at a post markod "Gus
Lund's south cast comer," about 4 inlles below
McCullough Creek, 2 miles from Goldstream,
thence north 80 chains, west 00 ehuins* soutli 80
chains, east 80 chains to point of commencement.
28, Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's south west oorner," about 4 miles below
McCullough Creek, 2 miles from Goidstroam,
thonce north 80 chains, east 80 chains, south 00
chains, west 00 chains to point of commence
27. Commencing At a post marked "Gui
Lund's north west comer," about 4 miles below
McCullough Creek, fi milos from Goldstream,
thence south 80 ohains, east 00 chains, north 80
chains, west 00 chaius to point of commencement,
28. Commencing at a post marked "Gue
Lund's north oast oornor," about 4 miles below
McCullough Croek.fi milos from Goldstream,
thencu south 00 ohnlns, west 80 ohains, norlh 00
ohains, east 00 chains to pointof commencement,
Dated June 12th, 190a
GUS LUND, Locator.
I mu |iit'|iari-tl tu iiiiili-rliiki'iill kinds ul
rrolglitlng mul toiitnlliK,
My kIiihi' cniineclliiK lii'twui'ii thi'
dUmiiiPr mid Hi'- ''Hy l»'«vfn thn Oily
nt i ii.iii. Tuefldiiyu (tnd Fridays, coll-
iK'i'tiiiK wilh thi' HlntiiiiT Iti-vt'hloki'
lor Ihu Uiu Hi-oil, nod nlm, iiui'ls tin,
BtetHlier Oil tho ml urn trip hiiiiip rlnj-K.
IjPiivc word ut Navigation (Join-
nnny'u officii or my HtnbleR wheie to
NOTICE is hereby given that 30 days after
date I Intend to Applv to the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds ana Works fo; a special licenso to cut and carry away tlmter from
the following described lands situated 111 the
Osoyoos divlsiou of Yale District :-
1. Commeueiug ut a post planted on the east
bauk of tbe south fork of Cherry oreek about 7
miles up from tbe 40-mile post ou the Monashee
wagon roi.d and marked "D. Woolsey's southeast comer post," thence uorth 0Ochalus; thenoe
west 80 chains; thence south 80 chains; thenee
east 80 chains to the point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post planted on the eust
bunk of tho south fork of Chorry ereek, about 7
miles up from the 40-mlle post on the Monashee
wagou road and marked D. Woolsey's south
west corner," thence north 80 ohnins; thonce
east 80chains; thence south 80 chains; thence
west 80 chains to the point of commencement.
Located 23rd Mny, 1900,
3. Commencing at a post plauted on the
south bauk of Cherry Crees almnt 9 miles from
the 40-mlle post on the Monashee wagon road
and marked "1>. Woolsey's north east corner,"
thouce wost 100ehnins; thence south 40 ehains;
thouoe oast Ml chains) thence north 40 chaius
to tho [mint nf commencement.
4. Commencing nt a imst planted on the
soutli bunk of Cherry Creek about 0 miles from
the 40-mllo post ou the Monashoo wagon road
nnd marked "D. Woolsey's south-east corner,"
theuce wost Michnins; thence north 40olinlus;
thence onst 100 chains; thence south 40 chains
to the point of commencement.
Located 24th May, 1900.
5. Commencing ut n post plnntod about a
mile west fmm tho west hank-of Lake Creek,
about 7 miles up from the junction of Lake
Creek nnd tha north fork of Cherry Creek and
marked '*!). Woolsey's uorth east corner post,"
theuco w ist 80 chains; thence south 80 chains;
thenco enst 80 ohnins; thence north 00 ehains to
Ihe point °f '-ommenoement.
Located 28th May, 11100,
Dated this nth day of Juno, MOD,
Certificate of Improvements.
Pianola Mineral Claim, situate lu the Revelitoke
Mining Division of West Kootenay District,
Where hunted:-North of Iron Hill   Mineral
Claim. Standard llailn, Big llend.
Take notice that I, Jas. I. Woodrow, F M.C. Nn.
H88479, acting as agent for myself and A W, Mcintosh, F.M.C. Nn. 118840-8, Geo. Johnson, F.M.C.
No. 1188027, RIlKsbeth McMahnn, F.M.C. No.
B88A89i intend sixty days from the date hereof, to
apply i« ihe Mining Recorder for a Certiflcatonf
Improvements, for the purpose nf nbtslnlng a
Crown Grant nf the abore claim.
And further take notice that action, under eec-
tlnn 37, must be commenced befnre the Issuance nf
such Certlflcate nf Improvements,
Delrd thli Fourteenth dayef May. t.P.,1904.
ft b Bel tha price yon p»y for »farnaoe that'm&kes it oheap
or ttpnifo, bat Dm foil it iflarwudi oonsumes.
A oomowB Inm may oott yon |5 or $10 less than •
" BuiIum," but if it Mh thii up tbo finl winter in extra fuel,
what do yon gain? Nothing, but all tht annoyanoe and extra
work that f* with a poor famae*.
The " SunahllM " ii in ut from Halifax to Vanoouver,
and we hart hundreds of tmtimnnlali from pleased users.
Sold by enttrpriting dtakm trerywhere.   Booklet free.
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
K° '   \
c 'Wvr^t^^' ^Jisj
The Old Chateau Loudenne
On t he
banks .of the
500 acres of
stands a palatial 18th century building,
purchased i n
1875 from
Vi countess
Marcellus for
$140,000 and
Qstherlnl; Qnp.1 >l Ctist.su Loudenne j.Jj„ ^Qjp jm_
proved at a cost of $350,000. The property of W. &
A. Gilbey, who on three occasions were awarded Gold
Medals by the French Government and Agricultural
Societies for the best cultivated vineyard in tlie Medoc,
this estate is specially noteworthy as the home of
Chateau Loudenne Claret
Grand Vin
Awarded Ihe Gold Medal at theParis Exhibition 1900
Tliis delicious Vintage Wine is marked by an elegance
and bouquet beyond any other of its kind ; and, in
addition, is rich in life-giving qualities. Grand Vin
without a pt?ei!
Gn salt- at all first-class establishments in Canada.
I, .n.in«.l 1.1.1. Ik Hi,. 1.1.1. Tii Mm .1 W.l,., I. V. Ii.< it Ik, 1,141m
For sale by all the leading Hotels and Stores.
Distributors—The Revelitoke Wine & Spirit Co., Ltd., Revelstoke.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office- -Toronto, Ontario.
Brsuchos Id Ihs Prolines ol Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan,
liritish Columbia, Ontario, Quebec
Oapltal Subscribed ...       $4,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   $3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $3,900,000.00
D. R. W11.KIB, President; Hon. K. Jaffkay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Traneaoted.
Savings Dki'artment— Deposits received and Interest allowed
ut highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.  Special attention given tn Collections,
Revelitoke Branoh, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, liaggago,
etc., to any part of the City.
Any Kind of Transferring
Something Pure
If yon are looking lor Pine
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment  ol   Ontario
in 1 lh. bones, nr ill 5 Hi. cans
"Guaranteed Pure,
Our Canned Goods aro BOCund
to none, and more than that
we "(luiirsntee every Can."
oiTi- are ijinit us r, vuiiiiigasaiiyiniug
alleged ol the Chicago meat packing
revels lions. Dirty factories and dis
gusting nielli- il- M-uns to lie llie rule
instead of ihe exception. .Iuin (actor-
its, bakeries uiul sausage lactories are
ull censured as being filthy, and tbe
description of one lils most ol the
others. Tlie rejiort on Ihe typical jam
factory is us follows! "Where tlio
horses were -.tailed ivas close to the
boiling room. Tbe sanitary iicconi-
niodatioii nut, hardly separated Irom
the rooms where the fresh fruit and
uncovered jam were kept and the
lionrs were dirty  nd nndraiiied."
The factory Inspector found juni
pots being washed in "liquid like dark
soap, which rinellid aboutiiiully."
Tbe manager inloiined tbeins|ieotor
thut the water mis changed "about
once 11 week." When fi-htd out of
these evil smelling tanks the po'8 wore
ullowed to stand until dry, when they
were considered to be ready to receive
fresh instalments ol preserves Inspectors of bakeries lo'ind that it was
a frequent eust,,in In bathe tho child
ren in them ulti r the olose ol work on
Saturdays, The sausige lactories,
mys the report, "arosnpill dolapida ed,
badly lit and niton infested by rats."
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Screen  Doors, etc
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street East, Revelstoke
Bold by ell Druggists and Oraersl Stores
and by mall.
Policeman's Skill Shown.
Edmonton, July 12.—J. K. Cornwall, who lius just returned frmn the
north, tells of an adventure which
Sergeant Rockwell, of Ihe North West
Mounted Police experienced while
bringing in a prisoner from the Landing to stand trial ut Edmonton.
Sergeant Rockwell is a big, strapping fellow, one of the biggest men on
the lorce. The prisoner given into
llis charge at the Landing last week
wns charged with theft and committed
(or I rial at Edmonton.
Sergeant Rockwell started Ior Edmonton with prisoner Kerr last Tuesday und reached Egge's stopping place
wi'liout mishap, where they were to
spend the night. Tlie sergeant mounted guard over his prisoner during the
night, but not feeling well, sat down
with his buck to a door facing the bed
in which the prisonncr slept. He
dozed off for a few minutes, and when
lie awoke Kerr hnd disapgeared. The
prisoner had effected his escape by
crawling over the hid and out through
a window, milking off into the bush
with his shoes in his hands. Sergeant
Rockwell was on the chase in a short
time, but it was dark and he hunted
for a trace of Kerr's tracks in vain.
He then went down to Vermillion
river, and procured a horse from Ed.
Williams, who accompanied him bnck
in search. Alter a few hours' search,
they discovered Kerr's tracks at a
place called Tuo Lukes, where the
prisoner had stopped to put on his
shoes. Rockwell took up the trail nt
daylight, Williams returning home.
The sergeant followed the trail for
ten miles, passing through the village
at the Landing. Here it was most
dillicult to diitiiieuish the tracks
am ng the many footmarks, but a
peculiar patch on the heel of onecf
Kerr's lioots gave him away. The sergeant continued on the track until he
reaokd llaptiste, ten miles north ol
the Landing, where be came upon Mb
prisoner as he was resting.
The sergeant recaptured his man
and is now on bis way to Edmonton.
The adventure is spoken ol as being
one of the most remarkable feats ol
tracking that has been laid to members ol the Mounted Police.
W. Fleming's
Heat market
Orders Ior Beef and Mutton,
Poultry, FiBh and small goods
will receive prompt attention.
ni qisiehi ii trade i
Within the Reach of All
If your dealer■ does not curry
them take uo substitute, but enclose $1 in an envelope, addressed
lo the milkers, for a sample pair,
stating whether you wish pant,
hih or plain overalls, the shade
and size, and whether you prefer
swell oi- straight bottoms   .   ,   .
Vou will receive the biggest 811
value in overalls you ever saw by
veluin uinll , . ORDER TO-DAY
Don't la- conU'iit till you try them
Revelsloke, is in town and has induced
(l.l''. Stalker to take the agency cl
ihe Mutual Life of Canada and the
Canadian Casualty uud lb ilor Insurance Cn. ol Toronto for Gulden and
North, nst Kootenay. The firm is io
be congratulated upon scruring tie
services of Mr. Stalker in Ibis rcsprct,
ns Fred ia one of tbe right sort and
will lm ve very little trouble in working up biisiiiiss, while be in turn may
be congratulated on the fact thai be is
representing aliout the only oompany
not called upon to give an accounting
of ils doings to the Bupremo court —
Golden Star.
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
148, Cordova St., W.
VANCOUVER, -  •   B. C.
Notleo h hereby given that thirty rtaya aftor
date I Intend lo apply lo the Hon. chief Com-
inissimier of LandN itii'l Works for a speoial
HceiiKc to out and carry nwny timlior Inmi the
following described lands.
1. 1 iimmennlng nt a imst planted on ihe
enst lunik of Die north fork of Fife creek n botli
AU miles above the forks and markod "ft. V,
Il's nurih west corner post," Ihence east III
chains thenoe south IM chains, thenco west40
chnlns, llienco north imi ehnins to point or
2. Commencing nt a post plnuled onilie
enst Imnkof Ihe north fork of l«Ifo crock about
ol miles above Ihe forks and mnrked "Ii. P.
ll.'s norlh enst corner post" thence west In
chains, thence south 100 clialns, tlionco cast40
chains, thence norlh ICO ehains to point of
8, Commencing nt n post planted on the
enst bnnk of the north fork of Fife creek nbout
fi!i miles above the forks and marked ' K. l'\
H.'s south west corner post," thonce east no
chnlns, thence north rfO clialns, thence west80
chains, Ihence south Ho ehnins to pointof
4. Commencing at a post plnntod on the
east bunk of the north fork of Fife creek, about
5'i miles above the forks nnd mnrkeil-K. I'.
Il's south east corner post," tlionco west 40
ehnins, tlienco north IM chains, liionco cast 40
chains, tlience south Hill ohnins to poinl of
5, Commencing at a post planted on the
west bnnk of the north fork of Fife eroekabout
8 miles abovo the forks and marked"K. P H.'s
south ensl corner post," thonoo wesi -111 chains,
thence north 1(10 ohains, thence oust-It) chains,
thence sontli ico chains to pointof commence'
ii Commonolng al a post planted on the
west bank of the norlh fork of Fife creek .ibont
ii miles above the forks and marked "K. |\ II,'s
south wosl corner post," thence oast 8(1 chains
thenco uortli 120 chains, thence west 40 chains,
l hence soulh 80 chains, thence wesl -hi ehains,
tlience south 4(1 chains tn pointof commencement,
7 Commonolng at a posl planted on the
west bnilk of the norlli fork of Fife creek about
8 miles above the forks nnd marked "E,P, ll.'s
north cast corner post," thence enst80 ehnins,
ihoneo south 80 ehnins, thonce west 80 chains,
tlience north so ehnins to puint of commencement.
8, Commencing at n post planted on the
west bank of the norlh fork of Fife ereek aboul
9% miles above the forks and marked "K. I'.
H.'s south enst comer posl," thonce west 111
chains, (hence north ITA) ehnins, theuce east-III
chains, thence south Itin chains to point of
com men cement.|
9, Commencing at a post plnntod on the
west bnnk of the north fork of Fife creek nbout
flW mites above the fores nnd marked * ti, 1'.
H.'s south west corner posl," thenco east 80
chains, ihenee north 80 chains, thence west
80 chains, thonce south 80 ehains to point of
Daled Juno 28th, 1900,
jy7 E. P, HENRY.
Certificate of Improvements.
Golilett Fugle Mineral Glalm, situate fu the Arrow
Luke .Mining Division nf Knntciiay district.
Where lucated-AdJilining Mineral City Town-
TAKK NOTICK that I. Kenneth I,. Unmet,
agent for Mrs. Kllen McDougiiM, nf Nakusp, Free
Miner's Certificate Nu. B95fflB, intend, sixty days
fnnn the dato hereof, to apply to tlie Mining Recorder for a Certificate of Improvements, fnr the
purpose nf obtaining a Crown Urant of the nlmve
And further take notice that action, under section 37, must be comniensed before the issuance
uf such Certificate nf Improvements,
Dated this 26th day of April, 1000,
NOTICE is heroby given that thirty days
dale ,vo intend to apply to ihe Chief
I'liniiiiis-ioner of Lands and Works for a
special license in cut and carry away timber
from the following described lands, sit mile In
the Osoyoos Division of Yule District:—
Commencing; ill u post marked "Sam Hills
north west corner post." plnntod on the soutli
bnnk of tbo north fork of Cherry Oreek, and
about otic milo above the forks of the nortli
fork, running east 80 chains, thenco south 80
chains, thenco wesi: 80 chains, llienco north 80
chains lo point, of commencement,
Dated May '(nth, 1000.
Commencing at a post marked "I). Woolsey's
north east corner post," planted on the south
bank of Cherry Crock, about three miles above
tho forks of tho north fork of Chorry Creok,
running west 80 chains, south SO chains, east 80
chain-, north 80 chains to point of commence
Dated May 20th, HMO.
Commencing nt a post marked "A. McCron's
north west cornor post," Hauled on tlio south
bank of thc north fork or Cherry Croek, and
aboul ih roe milos alio ve Ihe lurks of the noi'lh
fork, mi niiing cost 80 chains, south SO chains,
west 8ii chains, north 80 chains to pointof
coiuiim nooinoiit.
Daiid uay ami, 1006.
JJOTICK is hereby given that .io days
■tj uliordnlo I iutond to apply tothe Honor
ife ilm Chiof Commissioner of Lands ami
Works for a speeiul IIcoiimi to cut aud carry
nwny timlior from Ihu following described
In nils, minimi In Osoyoos division of Yale
1, i i.iiiiiiiiiicinc ni n post plantod on the wost
bank .if lho south branch of Cliorry crook ntn
point HI miles north onstorly from the ID-milo
IHist mi the Momishen wiikoii rond nml marked
"A, McCron's north oast cornor |hisI," tinmen
south l'<i>chains; thnnco west ID chains; I lumen
north UIO chnlns; thouco cast -Ulchnlns to lho
poilil Of COIlllllQUCOlIIOUt.
2. i oinuionciiig at a post plnntod on the
wust bank of tho south brunch of Chorry croek,
uiu.in in mile- north onslorly from tlm in mile
pnst on tho Mounshon wnunn road nnd markod
"A. McCron's soutli-wost corner wist," thonco
south nil) ehuins; thnnco east in chnlns; llienee
north 100 eliuiiis; llionce wost 40 chains to tho
point of commencement,
.'», i iimmeiieim; al n ]Hist plnntod on the wost
hank of the south branch of ('hurry crook, nliout
10 miles North-easterly from I lie 10-mile post on
tho M.ma-hen whkoii rond aud markod 'A, Mc
Creaa south-west corner imst," thenco uortli -so
chains; theuco east 80 chains; thonco smith 80
chains; thonco wosl 80 chaius to the pninl. of
4. Commoncln*-* at a post plantod on tho wost
bunk of the south branch of Cherry croek,
iilxiut 10 miles uorth-unstorly from tho 40-mllo
iKiston tho Monashoo wagon rond nnd mnrkod
"A, McCron's south-oast corner wist," thence
uorth 80 ohnlns i thenco wost 80 chains i thanco
south 80 ehalus; thouco eust 80 clmins loth
[mint of commoncement.
Locatod the 2-lrd Mny, 1101.
5. (-ommenclng nt u isist plantod about a
milo west from the wost hunk of Lnke crook nt
n point about 7 miles north-winterly from tho
•Hmeiinn of Lnko crook with thn north fork of
Chorry crock und mnrkod "A. McCron's nnrlh
wosl cornor po.-.t," tinmen oasl 80 chains; theuco
south 80 chnlns; tlience wosl 80 chnlnst thonco
uorth 80 ehuins to tho point ol commoncutnout,
Locatod the 28th MHy, IIO).
Dated this Hth day of June, 1D0H,
smith wesl corner," at the smith cant corner of
Lm 4670. mul ahuiii  lj mill's south of Fosthall
Creek.   tlieilCC  llurlll Nt ehnins,  llienee  Clli-sMO
chains, tlience smitli Mi chains tlience weal 4(1
chains in p.,inl uf comuieiicomcut, containing JfflO
acres limn',,)* lew,
Dated this ilti day of May, num.
.1. I.. IIIKSCM,
jy8C0d Por ltalpli hlye, Agent.
V! OTIOK is hereby given that 80 days afler
i> date l Intend to apply io tin- Honourable
tlio Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for speoial licenses lo cut and carry away I im-
her from Ihe following described lauds siluale
in the West Koolenay District:
1. Commencing at a post marked "11. Don-
nelly's north wosl cornor poBt," planted nliout
l\ miles norlh from Seymour Creek aud about
2 miles west of the west bank ol (he Columbia
River, ihoneo soulh 80 ehains, thenoe cast 80
cliains, tlience north so chains, thonce wost 80
chains to tin.- point Of emiiincucenieiil,
2. Commencing ut a post planted about 11
miles nmi h from Seymour Croek and about 2
miles west from the west, bank of tlm Columbia Rivor and marked "IL Donnelly's south-
west corner posl," thonce nortli 811 chains,
theme easl 80 chains, thence south 80 ehains,
thonce wesl SOohains to tho point of commencement.
li Commencing at a post, planted about 11
miles noi lh from Seymour Creek and about 2
miles west, of tlio west bank of tho Columbia
River ami marked "IL Don Dolly's norlh cast
corner pnst," Ihenee wost Nl cliains, tlienco
south Sll chains, tlience east .sn ehains, theuce
north 8(1 chains lu Ihe pointof eoiiiiueiicmiiciil,
I- Commencing al a post planlcd about 11
miles norlh from Seymour Creek mid about 2
miles wcsL from the wesl hank of I he Columbia
Kiveraud marked "II. Donnelly's south east
corner posl," thence west SO chains, ihenee
north80 chains, theuce onst 80ohains, tlienco
soutli su chains to the pninl of commence ment.
ri, Commencing al « post planted ahout m
miles norlh of Seymour Creek and ahoul :s
miles west from Ihe west hank of the Columbia
■iher uml marked "11 Donnelly's north oasl
corner post," Ihence sonlh SU clialns, tliem-e
west80 chains, thence uortli su ehains. theuce
enst su ehnins to the point of commencement
ii. Commencing nt a\poat plantod about IJ-ij
miles north of Seymour (-reck and about 8
miles wesl from thi- west hank of the Columbia
Rivor and marked "II. Donnelly's sonlh-easl
comer posi," ibeuce norlh 80 ekains, ihence
wesl SOohains, Ihence soutli 811 chaius, ihenee
ensl su chains to the poinl of eoniinciieemem.
Located '.lib June, IiHHi.
7. Commencing nt a post planted aboul 2H
miles not lh of Seymour Creek and about 3
miles west from llio west bank ol Xoliiinbln
River nnd mnrked ''II. Donnelly's soulh ensl
corner post," thence north N) ehnins, Ihence
west so ehains, theuce soulh 811 ohnins, Ihence
ea t sn ehnins to ihe point of commoncomont,,
8. Commencing at n post plunted nboutlt^'j
miles north of Seymour ('reek nud 2 miles
wesl from the west bunk of the Columbia
Kiver and niarked " II. Donnelly's nortli west
comer post," theme soutli 81) chains,tlionco
east 80 chains, theuce north 81) chains, tlience
wesi su chains to the pointof commencement.
.1. (Via neiiig ni ii post planted about HU
miles norlh from Seymour Creek and ahoul I
mile west from tlie wesi bunk of the Columbia
River mnrkod "fl. Donnelly's sontli eastcor-
ner post," thence north sn chains, ihenee west
Sll chains, thence south si) ehains, tlience ensl
su chains lo ihe poinl of commencement.
Located lltli June, l«H!,
IU, Commencing uln post plauted at a point
nliout opposite Keystone Creek and ahout ll
ehains west Irom the wesl bank of the Colum-
bln River ami marked "II. Donnelly's south
enst comer posl," llienee north si) ehuins,
tlienco wost SO chains, tlionco south 80 ehnins,
Ihence east SO eliuiiis to the pointof commencement.
Located 12th June, lfloO,
11. Commencing >u u post planted on the
west bunk ot Frisby ('reek nliout 1J5 miles
west from the Columbia River nttdmurked
"II. Donnelly's soulh east comer post," theiieo
nortli 81) ohains, thence west 8A) chains, thence
soutli 80 chains, thence east SO chains to the
pointof commencement,
12. Commencing nt n post planted mi the
west bank of Frisby Creek about l1,1. miles
west from the Coluiuhtn River and marked
"H. Donnelly's north oaat cornor post," thence
south sn chains, thenco west 80 chains, theuce
north Ml chains, Ihenee east SO chains to lho
point ol commencement,
denied 13th June, 1900,
IS, Commencing at n pm,lplanled about!]
mile west from the west bank of the Columbia
River about opposite the south boundary of
Lot S414, Group 1, Kootenay District, and
marked "H Douuelly'ssouthcastcornerposl,"
theuce north so chains, thence west 80 chains,
thence south 80 cbnins, thouce east 80 chains
to the point of commencement.
11. Commencing at a post planted about '>
mile west from the west bauk nf thc Columbia
Rivcrnltout oppusile Ihe south boundary of
Lot 8414, Croup 1, Kooienuy District, and
marked "H, Donnelly's norlh eust corner
post," thence south 8U chains; thence west 81)
chains, thence north su chains, thenco east 80
chains lo tlie point ol comureui-cmeiil.
Located llth June, 1900,
NOTICK is hereby given I hat 0(1 days after
date I intend to apply to tho Honourable
the Chief Commissioner of Unds and Works
for permission to purchase the following described lands in the West Kootenay district,
west side of Upper Arrow Lake:
Commend in*; at a post -ahout throe miles
south of Fosthall creek, and about 1 mile from
the Lake, niarked "Thomas Webster's (-outh
east cornor," nt lho north oast corner of M.C.
Slye's application to purchase; tlienco north 411
ehains, more or loss, to the lake shore: thence
following said shore in a general northerly
and westerly direction lu chains, more orless,
to the south boundary of A. K. Hammond'i
application lo purchase; thouce west Unchains
more or less, to the cast boundary of L. M
Johnstone's application to purchase; thonce
south 80 oh-ains; thenco east 80 chains to point
of commencement, containing 010 acres, more
or loss.
Dated this 12th day of June, 1000,
Por Ralph Slye, Agent.
daysufler date 1 intend to apply lo the
Chief Commissioner uf Lands and \\ orks for a
special license to out and carry away timber
from the following described lands situaleil hi
the West Knoteuay District, on the west skin nf
Arrow Lake, opposite Nakusp:—
1. Commenolng at a pout marked "Nnrlh Fust
Cnrner Pnst," thence su chains west, SO chains
smith, 81) chains east, So chains nnrtli to point of
2. Commenolng at a imst adjoining No. l limit
mi the nurth side, theuce 40 chains north, Hiu
west, 40 chains snutli, 10U ehains east to pointof
Dated ,1 line Bill, IWW.
I'll). LKl'INK
Notice is hereby given that. 80 days aft er date wo
iiileml to apply tn the Hon, Chlof Commissioner nf
Lauds and Works fur a special license to cut and
ciirrjiaway timber from Ihe following described
lands, situated In West Kootenay districts
1, Commeueiug ntn posl planlcd aboui one
mile north Irom the north-wcsi corner of K, ifi
s. itlock,silo, and marked "lllg llond Lumber
Company's south ca»l comer post," liionco
north so chain-, thence wesl so ehnins, tin D
soulb su chnlns, thence cast 80 oil allll to poinl
of coininoncomont,
2. Commencing nl A poll plantod nbout om-
mile norlh from Ihe norlh wesl curuer of K. \
s, Hlock 00, and marked "liig llend Liimhi r
Company's norlh east corner imst," ti eine
Wesl 811 clialns, tlience HHilli su i-| n, Mm in-
easl so chnlns, theuce norlh SOohains in point
of coiiimcnceuieiii,
Hilled June laillj HOI.
Notice Is lioroby given lliiil 80 days aftor date, we
iiileml tn apply lp Hie Hull. Chief Colaiillsij I uf
Lands and Works fur a special licence tn oiilaml
carry away timber frmn the following described
lands, mIi uui ml iu West Kootonay Dislricl:
1, Commencing at A post plantod about iwo
miles west from Ilaunock I'oiutou Upper Arrow Lake and marked '-11. ILL, Co'ssouthensl
corner post." Ihence norlh SO chains, thence
wo-H so chains, lllOIICO south so chains, thenco
easl 80 chains to polul of eoiiiiticiiceineiil,
2, Ciimmcnclng at a post planted nbout
three miles west from llauiiocli Point on Cpper Arrow Lnke and mnrked "ll, ll. L. Co's
south east corner post," llienco norlh Su
chains, theuce west 80 chains, the uce south HI
chains, llionce oasl 8U chains to pointof com
Dated Juno islli, lf*Oi.
illfi IIKM) LUMBER co, LTD.
Import direct from Country of origin.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons, Etc.. John
Deere Ploughs, Mniiue Wagons, Canada Carriage, Compauy's
Buggies, Planet jr. Garden Seeders and Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
Incorporated by Act of Purliument, 1855.
Wm. MOL80N MaoPHKRSON, Pics. S. H. EWINO, Vice-Pres.
James Elliot, Genentl Mnnii-gnT.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Bvcrythlng in ivny of banking business transacted without un-
iii'i-i'sHiii-y delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Reveutoke, B. C.
(Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
Flrst-olas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Queens ftotel
Uest brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will findjexcellent accommodation at this
►* *i-Vt"V«t%lsH%lU"MM"V*A"VU^*Ai«i1
HBA.D OKFIOK i C.iiji.ihv, Ai.iikrta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork I'li-kur.. mi,I Umiler In Lira Slack. Markets in all tlie principal Cities and
Towns af Alberts, llrilisli ...imiililn anil lit,, Yukon. Packers „f the Celebrated Brand
"llil|n»i-,lt„r" Hamsun,! Uacun, ait,l Sliatur-ck Brand, Leal Unl.
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.BO per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
N»i ire in hereby ci ven I hat BO i ia v.-. after .late, I
Intond to iipnly tn the Hon. ('hlef Cominlulolior
of bands anil Wnrk'. for a Hpeclnl ticeiien to cut
and carry limber from tho followltin dencrlhed
lnmls, Hltuatod In Wont Knntenay disi rii-i, Upper
Arrow IiiikoHi
ComineueiiiK at a pout planted one mile
nortli of lho south wost corner of LotdHo and
marked "J. W. FoIoj-'h mmlh eimt curuer,"
thenoe norlh liXJehnliiK, thouoe wi-hi -Mi-hnin*,
tlience nuuth HM) chains, tlionou eaNt In clmins
to point of commoiKjeinout,
Dated iHth June, WW.
J. W, tOLEY.
VTOTICH isl„,i„l,)t!l„-litliat:ii,,la,.afl.r,l.il,-
i\   no Inl Ilanpiilj In tin lion. I'lio thl, I
r nl..I, roi Lamb ami w,,rk, |„. a Hotel*!
l.in-n*,. lo cut and cam ;i»;.v timl.-r Irani the
l„ll„»il,Ml,-s,ail»-,l lands in U--1   KiHiUnu,)  III.
L'liiiiniuiiciiiK nt n poll pianist] ,i portli-wesl
cornor i.ITIiiiIhii claim Stilt mnrkod 'Arrawtiiad
l.nliil,,-. I'ti.'s  nnrlh e;.*l  camel post,  miiiiiiiik
»    10  Mm,,,.. Ill .,  inlllll   .-„ .-I, ,i,i*. ,.,-, <„
chain*. ..nlli in ,-liains,,-.,.I  in chains, tt-'llh HI
chain. »,-i 10chains,north 10 ,l iiUijila I
Mai 'Mill, ll«KI.
jy;     iiniiiiiiii.ti. i.i Mm.ii iii i.rn
I-..-I I
hit, i
Ifoll hereby nlvi-n thnt 60daya afterdate
nd io mnko amplication to thoOblefCODl-
.ner of Lanui A Worki for iiermlulon to
<    III-* loll..UIIII'    llMCrlbOd   Mild -IlllUle
< Wost Kootenay dlitrlctol iiritimi cui.
i ou the weal -!'!•' ol Arrow Lake in thc
all Galley:
iiueiieiiiit ni RiNiobol'saouth weaioor*
li'tice  west HI i'luini*,  Ihence nontli IU
«, ihenco east wi chaini, ihence norlh tn
n to point nf commoncement, to eontniD-
Oncreaiiioreor !♦■-■
i-IUie .-i.Mi dm ..I Inn.. 1906,
Per H.J. Ilitrlott, Agoilt.
Notice is hereby given ihnl 60 ,l».-> slier due
ive Iiileml li, ijpply tt, lln- Clllol l uinliiil.loner
ul Limits nml Worki (or purnil.-ii'ii it, purcliaie
the liillowliiK dcii-rlM linds, sllnsle near
Toto Jniilit- Cni'lie, 1'arib.w .llslrlcl, II, c:
Cuniini-'icliiK ai n i„j«i plantod ,,tt the FrtiM
River nearTi-to Jaune Cache an,I ina-k,"l ''N.
T, Kiltvartli'anil l(. A. Blaokmore'i lOuth ,,,'si
corner posl," thenco imrlli Wi-hsin-, Ihence
cmIIHJ eliuiiis, tlience tii hi ,-lialns. Ihence
wesl no chains in jKilnt ol commencement.
i'i,numinc tilt, acres more ur lei.-.
listed isih inm-, nm.
It. A. BLACKJinHfc.
NOTICK is IIKHKIIV giVBH that aiitjidaja
aft.-r data I Intend to appfj t., the Hon. Chief
ComrnUalnner of liAUdi and IVorkafor (wnolulon
Utpurrluuelhefolloirtng di-KniiHxi ituds In tbe
\Se-i Kuntena) district, waat itdeof Upper Arrow
lakeHbniiti.iie.inif mileitmth ••( K'Mthall craok.
Commenclui al ipoal marked, "W, W. Looti
aouth eut corner,' at the aouth arefli coraar of L.
Nil thence north 4o chain, -ilons the n«al boundary ot I,, siii Uietiee Hint lXnchatim; theticv touth
80 chaini: tbenee eaat 40 ohalMi more nr leu in
ihe *.'",i boundarj o( a. Dollenmeyefiappllcaiton
lopunli.we, theme north •Wchalas, more or leu
tothe north west corner ol a, DoUenitwr'a
applloatlon to purobaae; tlnmre tuut so cui-aa
uiwre or lcsj tu point ol cu-niatnicutoeut, 040 acrea
Dated May ■», l-me.
Per. T. O, Maklnaon. a^ant.
Notice ih hereby given that ilztr days alter
date W0 Inttml toapuly to tbe Chief Com*
miisionerol l.audf aud Works forpermtulou
i" purobaae the fullowiug described laodsln
the district ol Wmi Kootenay:;
(dmmenelDifat a po-i planted twenty chalna
wl-ni frmn the nurtbeaut corner ol 'otwtl and
marked "HIr Henl lornl* Company's aoutb*
went corner port/' thaiice north G) chains,
Iheitcet-Mt 40 ehalnn, tbenee soulb 650BNOI
more or b"-- to (ho lake (here, ihenoe weat
along abort to south eautcorofrof Lot4M6l
thence north 7 chain- to north euLoornerol
Lot \m, thonce west *> chaini to point ol eon*
in ence ment,
Dated July 2nd, 1006. Jyft
J. R. Thornton
For Oity oi Revslitokt,
IICNI, COnOM ITIIAMIRI, thow Ow* Merchandise
t± -Money-Saving Prices
Tl..,-,  ai,-  llie  .li-liiiflivi- -vi-ii ,lny-iii-lli.-»i"*l-   ri'i <*■"  "f  "li"  s""'''    *l"*~'   """   ""'
„„.„-|,:„,,li*,.a„,l„i„„-y.-aii„, i',-,!.i.-im:. s|,,-,-ii,lly sl,-,,,,,.   Theso eon mis make now
,-t -.nnl iimi- I,, liuv,   Sue "lin! »',' ni'' "IVi-i-iiit, li''!'1' '■
DRESS SKIRTS   I.nli,--'   Brown   nml    Mack    Luslro
s-kitis.   RoRiilnr$1,911 nnd$:>-m
Tncll ni-nl    $3.00
MISSES'DUCK SUITS   si/,-  12 In 11 yours.     Regular
si.::,.  Now *i.',".
LADIES  PRINT SUITS   Regular values ».«> antl $7.1111.
Now  *:*.•",'*.
l.incii. Hin-k nnd I'l-ini.
MUSLIM BLOUSES In n full range nf sizes. All this
season's styles, al reduction pi'b'i «■
Hnlidav In,—• * for tlie children, Regular
|8c. and '-'"■'• pel ! nnl.   Noli IOc. pel- yui'd,
SUMMER DRESS MUSLINS   Musl omphalic price cut,
These ni-e suitable allkn I'm* i-Iiiii-i-Ii or pit-tiit-s.
BOYS' LINEN SUITS   Regular $3,50,   Now $1 50.
Boys' Summer Suits   Regular Pi-lce$2.30.   Now
Boys' Colored Blouses Jual lln- thing for the
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Hats for Everybody Men's and Oliildrens' Straw
nml Linen Hnls, Belling regardless nf ensl.
MILLINERY! Our Millinery Is well assorted for
Ihis season of llie year and uill offer it at
prices in clear, Drop In ami lei us show
vi,ti our display.
intended nt ilia homo 11 Mr. Kroniev
nn Tlitiisilnv nu,ruing, July 12th,aud
presented  lln-  lolloivhlg address ul
col iliilcmv:
I'o Sovereign E, 0. Fromey,
Dear Sir mul Brother,—Al llie regular meeting ol Miiunliii'i Viiiv Cniup,
Nn 221), Vi. 0. W , held last evening
in the Selkirk Hull, lln" n'lnched resu-
lliitiun tvns passed l,y n .■tiind'ng vote
ol the nieinl enianil the undersigned
were appointed a'deputatlon to convey
tlm sume to yoll.'
H. CJCameron, C. 0.
Vi. D'Aniistrong, A. T.
H.WJ Edwards, Clerk.
Real  Live Bargains
On   Every   Counter.
| Feet Off Your Headl
ft        By not letting them trouble yuu.     I'licy won't   il yon
ii-,- l-'iiul' l-.I.M in ALLEN'S EOOT EASE. Wo keep it.
| Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited $
Hi a, k—im Saturday,  July  7th,  to
.Mr and Mrs, Geo. Black, a son.
F03TER—At Revelstoke. July 13th,
Frances Wasbrough, only child ol
\V. \V. and Olive Foster, aged one
vt-iir and live week.-
Local and General.
A special meeting "I lln- Hospital
Guild will he held to-night nl 8:30
ai tin- home of .Mrs 0. M. Clark,
Second Street,
.1. li. Sibbald lelt Thursday evening
ior the Big Bend with three men who
will be employed un the Revelstoke k
McCullough Creek property,
Contractor D, McCarthy received n
wire on Thursday to to t" Arrowhead
to arrange plans Ior the construction
ol a new hotel for Mr. Lightburne,
II. II,,ii-'.,ii lias purchased in acres
ol the Adair ranch (nr which he paid
aboul $40 ni acre. He intends improving ii ami planting ii out in liuit
'Contract -r John Kernaghnn leaves
t 'dny lor Arrowhead i" commence the
erection ol a handsome new nolel lor
Caley Bros. on the Bite ol the one
recently burned down.
To i.n-iliiiiii- supplies ol bedding,
etc., reaching Am,wh,-ml promptly
niter the lire the C I'. II. kindly
placed nt lt. Howson's disposal a
special cur lor prompt despatch.
Dr. and  Mrs. Curtis have leased \V.
Ileus' residence for the summer.   The
doctor will have an olliee al his- re i-
denceaswell as the one on FirstSt.
f pposite the Union hotel.
Ed. A,lair has Bold Ir bis ranch
already this season n ton and a hall ol
strawberries, the market being in Revelstoke, and be could hnve got n
higher price by shipping to outside
We learn with regret ol the death
yesterday ,-i the only child ul .Mr. and
Mrs. \\. Vi. Foster.and extend our
deepest sympathy to the bereaved
ones. Mr. Foster is taking the body
to the coast tonight Ior burial.
A. Ward has struck it rich on Boulder creek near Trout Lnke having
located u rich body ol ore similar to
the Cromwell A party went out to
see it Thursday. Fred Fraser brought
a sample in to the city this week.
We regret to learn that our estet m-
ed fellow citizen, J, II. Morrison, was
called home last week by n teli.
statin;: thai hia will was very ill ill
Cedar Falls, lows We linoerelj bops
he may Und In- wifeentii ly reo -■- - I
nnd that "Harry ' will be "on deck" in
a lew Weeks.
Important Notice!
Seven Sutherland   Sisters
|s |J   -,    , nn, a inc.   I,, llll!   lllli"- 'HI'I
gentlemen nl Revelstoki', thai Ihe)
have in.i,I, aittii.- nn-ni- wiih
Walter Bews, Phm B , Drug,
gist, mil will hold dnil) demon
Btratioua foi nne week enniuieni inn
Monday. July 16th.
regal-ding treatment nl Ihe Hull
ami s,tl|,. The) respectfully In-
vile everyone lo call and nnnsull
with it. in (.'nine and see llie lung
heautifnlhali grown hy theuseof
Ihe Seven Sutherland Sisters'
Hair Grower and Scalp Cleaner.  Rememhei lb,- place nnd date,
At n meeting ol the district licensing hoard Inst evening at the provincial polic - olliee, license permits were
granted to .Messrs, Caley Bros, antl W
.1. Lightburne to open up I linir premi
ses in temporary quarters until the
erection ol their new hotels.
Sir Charles Tupper, Bart,, spent his
89th birthday in England and carried
off his years with ense. It is (111 years
since he took bis M, D. degree in
Edinburgh, and 91 since he first entered public life. Ho is one "i thn
two surviving Fathers ol Coufcder-
A leading Vancouver linoncicr, who
wns on n visil In Ibe district litis
week, says il has always been his opin
inn llml Revelstoke will he tin- most
important city in liritish Columbia,
nnil hu expects in seo rapid growth
here the next lew years.
1'. II. Young, ol Messrs Reid &
Young, wns down al Arrowhead yesterday In,,lung into mailers in connection with the lire nml lo arrange
(or the erection of a new building and
the re-opening ol Iheir Arrowhead
Martin O'Brien lms taken n live
years' lease ol the Victoria Hotel, and
assumed oharge on the lirst ol the
month. Mr, O'Brien wns manager of
this hotel some years ngo, and const'
ipienily bus a lull knowledge ot llie
business requirements ,,( this old
established house.—Vernon News.
M 1'. Goi'tner, manager "I the
McMinnville group, i- wailing the
arrival ol n parly Irom Spokane who
will go into nnd probably eompleti
arrangements lor the amalgamation
ol ilu- McMinnville and Kingston
groups. Wurk is beidg continued ,,n
the McMinnville, nml il is said the
lends are proving up splendidly, with
a good grade ol ore.
Eighteen scholars Irom Biitisb
Columbia schools figure in the thirty
names of successful matriculants into
Mcliill, nnd among them is Miss
Maud Hyatt i,i ihis city, The pas-
list was announced by the examiners
ninl western Bchools occupy a promi
nenl place. A. N. King, ol Viet,.tin
College, i- third on thn list, and British Columbians ink,- thn i the next
lour places.   An Ottawa scholai
lirst, with 541 marks.
A writ (or damages against the C.
I', R has been issued by  Mrs, ]
i,eth   Ann   Thompson, dn -
Vancouver.   Sho claims $5,000 dan
age.- for lb- negligence ,,i defendant ;,
nol in lintaining a safe platform in
Ironl ol the defendant's Btali -
agg,.- -       ,i 11 losejaw, and In in i
causing the said prei lisos to be properly lighted  rherel   the plaintiff on
September'-- 1909
platform and broki i leg,
\ gentlem in v       i returned
to Winnipeg Irom u visil to
,-r at En,led,\ ii C brought some
sample! ul wheat, lin -,,-. ind i ver
The wheal measured sixty live inches,
Several head, measured seven inches,
ither, -,, ind n hall and the '■ I
-. i- : -■ in,l i ball inches in length,
I |,e In a,I- were all  ii   rowed in I m
  In ,,l n It Iteil and iixty-i
grains were mod    I -,-   i hi tl  • i
planted lato I isl : ill - ul il -I I nl
germinate until .pring I In I
-a- also , -| lendid sample nvi raging
lilty-livc inches with li.-...l- live inches
long. I lie clover wns whal i- knu - n
n- Mammoth Rcd,and was thirty-nil i
inches high.
Social and Personal
R. Howson was a visitor to Arrow
bead nn Friday,
JJMi's, Dr, Curtis arrived in tho city
,in Wednesday evening.
Miss GilliB returned lo town Wednesday evening. She reports a
splendid lime.
Miss Lillian Leu returned yesterday
(rom a year's residence with relatives
in Winnipeg.
Miss Mel'hadden returned to the
city on Thursday Irom n months' visit
nt Three Valley.
Mr. Mundy, oltbe Mundy Lumber
Co., Three Valley, was ill the cily on
a business visit.
Mrs. Briggs and family lelt on
We.lnesilny evening Iur llie const on I
month's vis.t to Iriends.
C. B. Hume and 0. R Maedonald
went down to Arrowhead on Thursday
returning the same eiening.
T. J. Graham was in the eity this
morning renewing old a.'(|iiiliiitiuices
lie was iiccnmpiinii'il by his brother
Mr. Jamieson Graham, ol South
1). Mcl'hiulilen speni Thursday in
the city renewing old friendships He
lelt the same evening lm Saskatoon
Sask., to join his .brother, whom be
has not seen (or over 35 years
The Ladies' Aid ol Sl. Andrew's
church will hold their annual garden
party on the manse grounds on Thin
dny evening the 19th insl. Band in
attendance. Admission to the grounds
10 cents,
——       -» j»»  . 	
Business Locals.
Pleases evory smoker the " Maroa
Hire's liuni Beer, makis Ave gallon
sold al Canada Drug Store.
Pro isos every Smoker the " Marca
White Ciutilo Soap, lln- v,ry besl
make, sold nl the Cai adn Drug Store,
II ispberrios, peaches, oranges Apricots and '• ananas, at C 11   lluino 4
Co '-.
Sticky and poison Ily paper and
tin strongest ,,(insect p will rs sold al
the Canada Drug Store.
i nil and see our di nn nstra'.iou nl
Heintz I'ickles at this .lore 'on July
21sl    '   li. Hume A I o
.-!,„. i - '—we keep lln in, my size,
any price, botli the r,-a -j ges and
the rubber, nes,   ('sua.I., Drug St. ■
We have a choice assortment ol
. le -,-is in latest designs, fl 7.'i
,   B. Hume i Co.
Hi,   Fie ,1 visited Aimwhes
Thursday in the interest!   I tin    itm
mc        ,     ■ ■   ■   '-      - lirni repre-
*,-: ■-
F',r n meal a readyc   ►.- dtl
you wanl to buy Mall ■
f M     M.M - I      ■-,,■■ ill   C
ii ll i ■'- i.:-,.*s
-■   \ .Ti    -—I:,--.   \\   , . > iIdi i,
--ii,,laj II a in,   Who is my
ur       ' 30 p in    I lis change
.... i i,
P - milay -,-r-
iei i,,., at II , n , -I 130 p in
conducted by Ihe pastoi Itei I R
Ftoberl   -   11 D
Sai , in,,-. Army—I apt .-. Davey,
■ ii i - through il,,- I! , mm ,,.-,-iv
,,l 11 - , -I - iptured, nnd lind
, ,■,-,,,,- pn a, hi il will lee-
i.ir<• in the Bariacks tonight -imt
lln)   it fi 30 i k
rt lay   Meetings nl  I ii.ni   11 .,.
in,, :i p in  ami B:80 p m,
Mi riionisT—Rov C. II  M   Suljiei
 I,  I'astm     Hubjccl    , Phi
i mi, Riiihi * m 7 30 |,,,, an nddrcsi
till i„. given by Mr. John Gale,
DriiKKlBt und Stntlonoi',
nml ii„- liuni-i,l„, I.
No Medicated Cigars
Sold Mere
Our stock is kept pure unci fresh,
It moves too fast to become shop worn,
Cigars, Pool, Confectionery, Ice Cream Sodas
Employment Qttlr.o
§£- RES01.PT10K,
^.Whereas Our Beloved Sovereign,
Bro E. C. Fromey, >s called upon to
sustain an overwhelming griel in the
Iobb by death ol his dear wife, wc, his
brethren in council assembled do hereby record our heartfelt sympathy, and
tender same to him.
Tlie excellent virtues of the departed one, ub a most devoted wile and
mother, commanded the honor and
high respect ol nlk
While it is our solemn duty to offer
our fraternal nnd heartfelt sympathy
and help to our stricken brother—we
realizing thc magnitude ol his loss—it
is also true, that no words or acts can
ever make 'Dentb other than death,'
and in faithful silence we reverently
turn to the divine source lor solace
and strength, in tliis our common
Signed on behalf ol Mountain View
Camp, No. 221), Woodmen ol the
II. Vi. EnwAitiis, Clerk.
In tbo Y. M. C. A. bowling
Thursday night, a match was
between a team captained by 0,
and a C.P.R. team captained
Palmer. Dent's team winning
25 pins.
C. Dent's Team,
VV. Calhoun      163
,1. T. Pollock     143
A. E. Miller
C. Dent
A. E. Rose
hy J.
out by
Totals 803 11311 888
Grand total 21127
0. P. lt. Team. Ave.
F. Fisher 1112 lllli 213 ISO}
W. McCulhth 1114 lllli 133 174.',
0. Palmer 158 125 18(1 158J
.1. Lyons 1(10 142 1117 1B9J
.1. Palmer 201 204 195 200
Totals 875   833    8114
Grand total 2002
Tl N NI S3.
The linala in Hie Ladies' and Men's
Singles will be playid weather permitting on Wednesday afternoon and
evening, July 18th. All intermediate
games nre required to he played before
ihal, dute. It is likely Ihe Men's
Singles will be played in the alternoon.
The funeral service of the late Mrs.
E, C. Fiou.ey wili be held at lie- residence on Second street, at two o'cl ok
tomorrow, Sunday alternoon. Fmni
the house Ilu' body will le taken to
the Cuthulic Church, where ash,,it
service will he held belore starting f,,r
the cemetery,
Services will be conducted by Rev,
Father Pecouil.
You Can't be Happy
with poor
Nor can you correct defeclive sigbl
without lenses ground to meet ynur
;,,hialnil needs. ToAl lensesaccur-
i, ,-h requires greater skill than Is
generally    supposed.     Dr.    Hybee's
fit restores perfect vision because
there Is scientific knowledge and that
skill, which comes from years ol experience, hack "f them. Auillcinl
Kyes always In --luck.
Examination Free
Hoi i--   l i,,ii and 7 luBp.m.    Other
hours in- appointment.
Office at Central Hotel.
Sn, i. House nnd Iwo lots, l-'u-l
Street, ,s.,..<ii, Valuable corner location.
v,   ■    I., i and Store, I'h-sl Street,
-->..     I,, -.- terms,
No, II,   I/il on l-'ii-*i Mi,, i   $50(1,
No, ;.   Two  lots nn   Plrsl   Hlroet
with i- "I' ti'-,-  $2 MO
riKMi ire likely to i„- valuable
business sites.
Nn, 12,   Three Into in - It; ul Nelson,
, „ III, it h ,i,i"  I-., proper!) In Rev
I   No, hi.   I in acres ivlthln two mllo
ol - Ity, ,,t  will he sold In blocks ,,f .'.
acres t,, i'i a, i,-.
N',,. II. i orner property on Third
street, two Inl i and resilience, munii.
Easy terms "I payment may be
Fnr particulars apply to
Ileal Estate and Insiimtioo Ageni,
Kavolsloke, li. ('.
r. o.™nun at i $?m*\m
We are showing two of the best
lines in the town and have a full
assortment of all sizes, in white and
Corsets,   with   Hose  supporters
attached—75c, $1.00, and $1.25.
Girdle Corsets—45c, 60c,  75c.
and $1.00.
Silk Shirt Waists
Colors, White and  Black.   We
have a Special Bargain in these in
sizes ,34 and 36.   All the new patterns for this Summer.    We bought
them at a Bargain and give you the
Silk Embroideries
and Turnovers
Another special.    Regular I'rice
35c. and 50c.   Selling for 25c. and
Ladies' Cambric
Beautifully  trimmed with Lace
and Embroidery. Regular Price 75c,
$1.00 and $1.50.   Now only 40c. and
50c. and 75c.
New Prints
and Ginghams
We arc headquarters for Staple
Goods, and sell them at reasonable
prices.   We  have just opened new
patterns in our 10-cent Prints.     New
Ginghams, Sheetings, Cottons,  Sateens, Towels, etc., at the very lowest
prices. '                             '''.   ; ■.
McLennan & Company
WANTED-A girl for general house
work, apply to office of M.ui.-
Dressmaking 4 Plain Sewing
Cor. King and Douglas Sts.
OI Concrete, II,,How ltlncks. Stone, Brink nr
Frame iiniiiiiim*. DEALER in Cement, Mm,',
(-..ii.-i.stc ii„ll„n Blocks, ami other iiniMmr. materials,   All Inlitir ninl iciilcrlnls nrslclnss.
Plastering and Plastering Supplies a Specialty.
I'ltll'KS BIGHT.
Stock and Share Broker
(Subject to confirmation)
1,000 Eureka 10c,, payable in instnl-
inenls. Engineers Report may be
aeon ill my olliee.
2,000 Nicola Caul-He.
2,000 Western Oil—Wc,
1,000 Intel national Coal 47c.
UK! Dominion Copper—$3.0(1.
25 Canadian Marconi—p.00.
50 American De Forrest Company,
25 American De Forrest (preferred)
2,11(1(1 Diamond Vale Coal-24c.
I.IHKI Rocky Mountain Development
151X1 Howe Sound (Hrittania Mine)
B0 Dominion Trust-$180.
lu Dominion Trust—$180.
HKIB, C. Wire and Nail-,$10.ij0.
20 Great West Permanent Loan and
Savings -$114.
2,000 National Consolidated,
1300 lli'vwooil Xros. Oil.
2801 'row's Nest Oil nnd (loal,
7.UI 11 llsaye,
2,000 lied Mountain Con. Gold Mining
100 Kevelstoke & M iCullough Creek
Hydraulic  OOo.
IIO Greal Northern Mines  20c
ii.floo Beatrice 25c.
Mining, Real Estate, Insurance and General  Commission Auent,
Notary Public, Commissioner of the Suni'ciiie.Oonrt.
AGENT FOll—London Mutual Firk Inhuranck Co,, ok Canaiia,
" Ottawa Firk Insuranck Company,
" Mi>ntkkai.-CanaiijV Firk. Insuiunuk Co.
" AnoIjU-American Fire Insurance Co.
" Equity Fihe Insurance Company.
" Colonial Fihe Inhuranck Company.
" Dominion Firk Insurance Company.
" North American Like Insurance Company,
The above NoiiTitrilf Companies lake Arsl-class risks al lowest
5,001) lo 10,110(1 acres of land in blocks suitable for small sett lenient,
Municipal Bonds, Timber Limits, Mines and I'l-ospects, Good Hotel,
Store and Livery Businesses, City of Revelstoke I-ols nnd Kurai
Corporal ion Debentures, Shares in Industrial Investments, Lands
nt Revelstoke, Arrowhead and 011 Arrow Lakes suitable fnr fruit
growing, Well-Developed Copper-Gold and Silver-ljeiid Mines.
If those wishing to Invest in or sell City, Rural or Business Prop.
erly, will advise ine of llieir requirements, tiinii Interests will have my
best, attention.
Reports on Lund, Timber and Mines. Agencies ol Calgary, Vancouver, Kamloops. Nelson, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Spokane,
Chicago and New York,
Office, Mackenzie Avenue   -     -   Revelstoke, B. C.
'   Next C.P.R, Telegraph Offlce.
(Subject tticoiilirimitiou)
1,1,1! Lll-lli-an Mines.    I |o,
10,1100 Referendum fie,
6,(01 Forty Nine Croek Ituculpts
:1.11m International Coal   l,'"-.
5,1*00 While Ill-Ill-    ,'lC
5,000 I'lilhllntli-i.
20 Canadian Marconi  Vl.%>-
y»i I'rlnco Mining and Development
OFFICE  Mackenzie Ave.
Nexl c. I', ll, Telegraphs,
S«„..rt.rs  F||r|)it|lre ,
r,\l(l'l',TH, LINOLECMS.       |
John L Wood's Furniture Store
fnfnontofc W/infoil
vflipKlllKli TTfllllKU
Deer HctuLs, AniiniilH, Binli, Kill), Kti-.,
Animal Ruei Monntetl.
P.O. Bos81.
25 Carpenters wanted at once..
Htllillo:  OPPOSITE P. ().
•                                     Itewlilnke, B. C
A slntnlile lioiMp tn rent Willi a spring
riiniiinu nix (eet (mm tlie ,l,,,,r anil 2 ncn-s
nlKrinintlliirilryliigllnra.   jl.vi n month
worth of washing lent out to Cliilnili.ti.
Apply lor imrtliiikrs to
Or to J. Keragban, Arrowhead, B. C,
TowtiitUAtient, Comn|ilix.


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