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and Soda Drinks
Bews' Drug Store
The Ma
. V
Jhe Best Ipe Cream
The Best Ice Cream Soda
T,     yi'EV EVERY M'lHT
JsaUTtn BEWS, dim. B. Drugglll
anil Stiiti,,ner.
Vol. 12.-No, 82
$2.50 Per Year
Climes Co.
Large Consignment of Crosse
Blackwell's Pickles Just Arrived.
C. k B. Chow-Chow, mixed, white onions nnd walnuts, in quart
nud pint bottles, lor 35c, and (15c. per bottle.
C. &■ B. Malt Vinegar, in quart bottles, 35c.
C. &. B. Lucca Oil, in half pint, pint and quait hollies at 30c,
50c. and $1.00 per buttle.
C. k. B. Olives, in hall pint, pint and quart bottles, at 40o., 60c.
and $1.15 per bottle.
C. & B. Currie l'owder, in 2 oz., 4 oz., and 8 oz. bottles, for 20c,
30c. and 50c. per bottle.
C. it B. Capers, in 4oz. and 6 oz. bottles at 20c and 25c per
bottle •
C. k B. Mushroom and Walnut Ketchup in 35c. buttles,
C. k B. Jams and Jellies of all kinds, in glass jars, from 25c. to 35c
per jnr.
C. k B. Marmalade in 1 lb., 4 lb. and 7 lb, tins, at 25c, b*5c and
$1.00 each.
Seeley's Extracts
We also liiive^ full line ot Seeley's Extracts, in 2J oz. buttles, in
the following flavors, at 25c per bottle :--
Banana, RoBe, Cloye, Ginger, Orange, Pineapple, Cinnamon,
Almond, Winter Green, Pistachio, Cherry, Vanilla, Lemon, Pear,
Fruit Flavoring, Coffee, Apricot, Blackberry and Raspberry,
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
'. |V|. f. |T. sTi A J. .T. |T. .Tj «T. A .t. A {ft A A A t*f. .■**■, ."fr, jjf. j¥. jK j¥, JJp,
f vt1 M- " * 4> + 4« 4* * + + + "  + + * + *4» + + + + V +  '
A " Gurhey " 4-hole Steel Range with High Closet
FOR  $40.00  CASH
Call nud .See
.•*■% A A A .i*. A A j¥t A A A A A A iT. A A A A A A. A A A .*. .-K
im "P "J," "X* "X" "X' "X1 'V tl1 *X IV ■*•>  ♦ J.  <¥  4*  4"  41  *  41  4» + 4" X  X  X*
Remarkably Beutiful Circus Act
with Norris & Rowe Shows
The first public appearance in America of the Castoniiti Parisian Living
Models will be made with the all new
and Greater Nutria k. Rowe Circus.
The act iB beautiful beyond descrip-
tiun. For Beveral yearn a group of 20
artists' models have created a sensation in the studios of the French
capital. Norris it Howe's European
agent was confident that could the
group be secured intact for an American tour, it would surely prove both a
revelation add a sensation, but it took
considerable persuasion, a very large
monetary inducement and many tales
ol picturesque America bolore tho
young women could bo interested;
however, they finally decided to mnko
, a tniir ol this country under the management of Norris it Rowe. The
groupings wero originally designed by
a famous French artist. The picture
he secured made lilm (unions an it was
hung in tho Paris Salon of last year.
When the contract wn,s signed whereby the now celebrated group decided
to join tho Norris it Rowo circus, the
. bowmen  engaged  tho services uf  a
woll known artist tn elaborate upun
the original group mid iiuike a series
of groups nud this he hns done remarkably well. On a huge pedestal
made to revolve upon tlie elevated
stage, tho artist shows u series ol ten
beautiful actual reproductions ol fiun-
oiis paintings and marble statuary
with the 20 young women as the
human subjects and figures. This
wonderfully beautiful series of living
breathing pictures will never be forgotten by those who witness them for
it is the greatest original novelty ever
attempted under a circus canopy.
Though the subjects are ot the nude,
tiiere is absolutely no vulgarity, lor
they are simply reproductions of great
masterpieces. Norris it Ruwe will
present the art studies In conjunction
with their many other features when
thoy exhibit at Revelstoke, Wednes
day, June 13th,
The Lawrence Hardware Co. are
putting un the market a baud sprayer
that will ho must useful and serviceable to gardeners and Iruit growers.
It throws a strung, well separated
spfay ol fungicides and insecticides
thnt will get Into every part nf tin
limbs and foliage and sweep out the
Guatemala Revolution—Liberals Propose to Censure Chief
Justice—Insurance Revelations— BarU.S.Canned Meats
New OiUjBANS, June   6.—General
Castillo has lied here from Guatemala.
The revolution has failed.
Loudon, June 6.—Sir Frederick Peel
died this morning.
Chicago, June fi.—After twenty
years silence, during which he was unable to litter an intelligible sound,
Louis Mendelson suddenly recovered
power of Bpeech this morning. His
lirst foolish words were: "Hullo, is
this hot enough for you."
Edmonton, June C—The planing
mill of Connel and Daniels, St. Albert,
was destroyed by fire this morning.
Vancouver, June fi.—The Young
Liberals of the city will at their next
meeting, debate a motion censuring
Chief Justice Fitzpatrick for closing
hiB career as Minister of Justice by
releasing Brothier.
Victoria, June 6.—Harry Bray, son
of Govt. Agent Bray, Nanaimo, received intimation last night that he had
won the Rhodes scholarship for B. C.
London, June fi.—Following the
visit of a BritiBh squadron to Crnn-
stndt in July, a Russian squadron will
pay a return visit to Portsmouth in
August or September.
Toronto, June fi.—Fruitful of revelations was tbe seventeen hours examination of Senator Cox before the
insurance coininission, Loans repaid
on the last day of the year and remade on the second day of the following year were the subject of examination. Taken altogether, however,
Cox made out a good case for his
Paris, June 6.—Chicago meat will
be barred out of France.
Lonoon, June 6,—War office contracts will in future stipulate that
canned meats must be British or
foreign, thus barring Chicago products about which such hideous exposures were made in Monday's reports
to congress.
Vancouver, B. C, June 6.—Sir
Henri Joly loft for the east to-day.
Owing to his indifferent health, the
leave-taking was quiet.
On Monday afternoon, at the Oath-
olic ohuroh, Ihe marriage of Mrs.T.H.
MoMahon with J. MoGinnis, yard
foreman tor the C.P.R at Revelstoke,
was eeleiiruled.
crowded, Mrs 11
tended the bridi
,-' nicy tin- groom.
.,, rfornieil Ihe ct-ri
tlie happy i nuplo
The ohiin
.1. McSor
nnl Mr II
Itev. Fttihei
mony, alter
ere driven
to Hu-
From our own correspondent.
For the pnst two weeks electricians
have been with us putting up now
lines and wiring the houses. Almost,
every house iu the place is now lighted
with electricity.
The new home of Jas. McNaught is
now nearing completion.
Tom Martin has returned from n
month's bear hunt. He and his partner, John Otto, have, had good success,
securing two line grizzlies and two
black bears for their party.
On Friday evening of lost week the
people of Field were favored with a
visit from Hon Richard McBride.
prime minister of B. C, and Hon. R
F, Green, Chief Commissionerof Lands
and Works Addresses were given by
these gentlemen in tbe Buokham Hall.
Wm. Lynes occupied the chair in a
very acceptable manner,
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Newett have returned from their visit to Nelson and
Jus. Patrick, who hns been for some
veai-6 turner at the round bouse hero,
has gone to Vancouver to occupy a
like position there.
Mrs. J. H. Newett and Miss Field
spent last Saturday in Banff.
Mrs. Ii. Anderson has returned Irom
a visit to Calgary.
Mrs. Alex. McDonald has returned
to Field after having spent some weeks
with friends in Revelstoke. She will
shortly go to join her husband, who is
now locomotive foreman at, North
(From (lur Own CorruHnnnilunt).
Mr. nnd Mrs. Dudgeon of Cotnapfix,
and Mr. and Mrs. Sine of Revelstoke,
spent Saturday Inst in town.
Miss Stott and Miss Marshall of
Roseberry, also Messrs. Manhart nnd
Clark were in tnwnifor Sunday.
W. N. Pnnle, accountant .for the
Yale Columbia Lumber Co , sprung a
surprise on his friends when he arrived
home on Monday with his bride. The
young couple hnvo our best wishes for
a happy and prosperous married life.
On Sunday last we experienced a
terrific gale. A number of launches
and row-boats were out on the lake,
but everybody reached shore in safety.
On Monday evening last Messrs.
Maybe and Bailey were found al a late
hour on the rnilrond track singing
'Wc are the only two left."
Mr. T'ickcr, ol Arrowhead, is in
town with his photographing outfit,
and is doing considerable business.
Conductor J. M. Cameron has returned from bis trip to the const.
F.ngineer Jack Oadden is also buck
i ii'sitleiiet ,,( Mr. nnd Mrs. II. Urquliart
ivhcr.t wns spn,',! the wedding dinner,
:' ir which un elaborate menu wiib
The henlt'li, I tbo bride and bridegroom wns proposed by Mr Urquhurl
uud tbo groom responded in u nod
speech. Aid. Palmer proposed the
health uf the bachelors, tu which Bert
Howe responded, and lho henllli ol
tue young Indies was proposed by Mr.
iiuiley, coupled with llie name of Dr.
Sutherland, who responded.
In thc evening Mrs. Urquliart held
a social evening for young people lu
honor of the event.
Mr. and Mrs. McGinnis lelt by the
afternoon train for Vancouver and
Seattle where they will spend their
honeymoon nnd ou their return will
take up their residence at their pretty
home on Fourth street. The railway
station never saw such it shower of
rice us greeted them ne they entered
the train.
Tlie popularity of tie bride nnd
bridegroom created a widespread interest in the wedding, and especially
among the many former residents ol
tho old town of Donald, where both
were so well known and the whole
community unites in wishing thorn a
long and happy wedded life.
Tlie wedding presents were both
numerous and handsome,undine uded
the following:—W. Bailey and R,
Luyst, glass water set; Mr. and Mrs,
McCurler, glass berry bowl; Mr. mid
Mrs. Kilpatrick, cut glass salad bowi;
Dr. Sutherland, cut glass vases; Mayor
■ind Mayoress, silver cake basket; 0,
Corsun, Bower stand; Bert Howe, silver
Winer pitcher; H. Smythe, fern pet;
Mr. and Mrs. T. P, Wilson, Rogers
Pass, china tea set; Mr. and Mrs. V.
Anderson, China salad bowl; Aid. and
Mrs. Trimble, pickle cruet: Mr. nnd
Mrs. MoSorley, curd receiver; Mr. nnd
Mrs. W. S. Newman, waiter and silver
tea service; Mies Ryan, New Haven,
Con., sterling silver berry spoon; Mr.
and Mrs. Snider, sugar shell; Mrs.
Gilbert, Frederickton, N. B,, sugar
.-.hell and butler knives; J. Doubt, arm
chair; C. D. Morris, rocker.
The bride wore silk voile over taffeta
and lint to match, and Mrs. MoSorley
wore cream lustre.
A meeting in the interests uf lacrosse was held at Nelson Saturday at
which it was resolved to arrange lor a
game with Rcvelstuke in Nelson on
July 2nd. Before the meeting adjourned practically the whole amount
required wus guaranteed.
The local lacrosse team are in demand being wanted at Vernon, Kamloops and Nelson on Dominion Day.
The Revelstoke lacrosse team will
visit Vernon on July 1st.
Revelstoke will compete in the lire-
men's rices at Vernon on July 1st, in
which $2011 nre offered as prizes.
Revelstoke will send a football team
to Vernon on July 1st.
Practice on the McKenzie Avcnuo
grounds tonight,
Tennis Tournament.
The opening games in this interesting event commence this afternoon
with u couple of preliminaries in the
Mcu'b Handicap. The draw is as
0. R McDonald vs. R, M, Smythe,
winner plays T. K. L. Taylor.
M. S. Hustings vs. Dr. Sutherland,
winner play F. Thompson.
Dr. Morrison vs. W. li. Robertson,
winner plays K. W. 11. Paget,
R. Smith vs. K, C. Caruahaii, winner plays Rev. ,1. It. Robertson.
J. M. Scott vs. H. N. Coursier,
E, MeGowun vs. A. E, Kincaid.
.1. G. Barber vb, (',, Latham,
A. M. Pinkhnin vs. 0, H. SiBsiiiis.
Progress of the games will be noted
in Hie Maii.-Hkiiai.ii. Draws fnr Ladies Singles and Mixed Doubles will
not be completed until tomorrow.
Results will bo published iii Saturday's
Seating accommodation lor spectators will be arranged and all interested
iu the games are invited.
The secretary ol the tournament
will endeavor to give notice to the
Maii,-Hi;hai.d of dates and times ol
probable interesting events in the
Engine 14f>fi was turned out of the
shops on Friday last spick and spun,
and went west for her trial run.
The convention of the members nf
the Railway Carmen employed on the
0, P. R. opened at Vancouver this
The impression is becoming stiongor
in ibe Boundary every day lhat the
Midway & Vernon will he built by the
Groat Northern.
F. 0. E.
Third Annual Provincial Con
vention now in Session.
The third annual session of the
Provincial Aorio, Fraternal Order of
Englee oi British Columbia, met in
Selkirk Hall yesterday morning with
Ihe foil,,wing grand ollicers presont:—
G.I'.V.P, Bro A.Goodenoiigh, Kaslo;
(',. It. Chap., Uro. .1. R.Cameron,
Sandon; G. i'. Sec, Uro. Frank Leliuv.
Victoria; G. P Trens, Bro. II. F. W.
BellllBOn, Victoria: (I. P. Con., P,i-,i.
H. Scbollold, Now Westminster; G. P.
I. (1., Uro. .lolui Temple, Grand Forks.
Bro. Von Rhein, W.G. P. P., being
absent the chair was taken by Bro.
Goodenough, H. P. V. P., who called
the meeting to order at 0:30.
Mayor McLeod, on behull of the
city, in an appropriate speech welcomed the delegates to the city nnd
turned over the "big key" to the presiding officer, und hoped the session
would prove beneficial not only to the
F. 0. E. but the city at large. He
was ably supported by Aid. Abraham-
son, who also extended hearty greetings and well wishes to the officers
nnd delegates present.
Bro. Goodenough responded iq a
neat speech, thanking the Mayor and
citizens lor the cordialty received and
favors extended, and was seconded by
Bro, Behnsou, ol Victoria; Bro. H. A.
Brown, ex-mayor of Revelstoke; Bro
Sohofield, New Westminster; and
ulher members of the order, A snurt
recess was then taken to give tlie
different committees time to prepari
and present their reports.
At 2 p.m. the meeting was called tu
order by G. P. V. P. Bro. Goodenough.
and the committee ou credentials
reported the following delegates entitled tn Bents in convention: Bro.
Ed, Filich, Grand Forks; Br,. H.A.
Brown, No, 432, Kevelstoke; Bro. J.G.
Rosser, No. 853, Sandon; Bro. R. H.
Moore, No. 661, Fernie; Bro. E H.
Latham, No. 238, Kaslo; Bro. T, M.
Briiysbaw, Mo. 12, Victoria; Bro. Chas.
Goodwin, Nol 13110, Vernon.
The nlternnon session was chielly
tnken up in discussing the different
resolutions presented by delegates for
the advancement and well being of
Eagledom in British Columbia.
A short session of the Grand Provincial Aerie was held in the evening
alter which a social session was enjoyed, not only by the delegates, but
by the members ol local Aerie No. 432.
The convention is still in session us
this paper goes to press.
K. 01* P.
Gold Range lodge No. 2fi K, of P.,
held their regular meeting on Wednesday evening last. T. W. Br dshaw
wns given the Knight Rank, after
which ollicers were elected fnr the
ensuing term as follows:
C. 0, A. J. Howe; V. C, J. Leslie:
Pre., J. Mathie; M. of W., P. Ainslie;
K.R.S.,G.H. Brock; M. of F.,H, A.
Brown; M. of Ex., E. G. Burridgo; M.
at A., F. Somes; 1. IJ.,T, W. Bradshaw;
0. G., E. W. B. Paget.
The buys expect to go to Arrowhead
on Saturday to assist in organizing a
lodge in that town.
The grand lodge L. 0. L. has accepted the invitation of Vancouver to
hold its session of 11107 in tlmt city.
I). S. C. It. Irving attended Court
Mt. Begbie on Monday, and initiated
ten nuw members, in additiun to ten
previously, making 2(1 new nicnihers.
He congratulated the court on its
healthy condition.
Fi-niii (lur Own I'nrrusiioniltint,
E. llnrkius spent Sunday in Revelstoke.
Miss It. Kennedy arrived last week
Irom Trout. Lake uud will spend the
summer In Arrowhead.
Mrs. Lightburne is ape ding a few-
weeks ii I, St. Leon nml Halcyon Hot
Mrs. Smitli, who bus been in Van
couver lor some time, returned on
Sunday lust itccompaiiied by her
Dr. Kade, of Slocan, was the guest
ol Mr. und Mrs. John Bull.
Mrs. I). Dewar has been seriously ill
for a few days but is now Improving,
Miss Kelly is the guest ol Mrs.
T. Ludgiito und It, Gibbons are attending a meeting of lumbermen now
being held in Nelson.
Geo. T. Chapman is making preparations fur opening n pool room iu the
Hume block.
Arrangements arc under way (or the
annual celebration on Dominion Day
in Arrowhead. Owing to the rnptil
growth of our town, this year's deiii-
iiiiBlration should greatly surpass
tliuse held in previmiB years,
Groceries. Hardware. McClary's Stoves. Etc.
Onion Sets, Flower Seeds, Farm & Garden Seeds,
Garden Tools.  A Large Assortment.
Hollywood  and  Sherwin   Williams'  Paints,   Oils,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc.
Our Stock of Groceries, Fruits   and  Vegetables,
is always Fresh.
BOURNE  BROS.     Mackenzie Avenue
Mr. Price, superintendent ol trans
pmtation, was iu the city Monday. Mr. Cartwright, divisional engineer, wns also here in connection
with the Twin Butte affair, Gen
Supt. Mm)„,lr arrived the sume morning frum tbe coast uud went smith,
IU will return Thursday,
We have left a few 5-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Sue recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
A Bait offered by a Clothier to attract you to his
Store is simply a wedge to force himself into your
confidence. Beware of the House that advertises
" The Best Clothing in the World, made by angels at
the cost of Button Holes."
Such advertising is simply ridiculous.
If you want good, reliable Clothing, at as low a
price as good clothes can be sold, come this way.
We'll give you true values and an iron clad
guarantee with every garment we sell.
No Baits or fake schemes are ever tolerated here.
We Sell To-Day So as to Sell Morrow
Lumber May Advance Further
The rise in tho price ol lumber say!
Hie Winnipeg Comineroial is lieing
much dliousBcd throughout the province nml iu Hie interior generally.
A prominent lumberman, iu talking
over the situation the ulher day, suid
that the advance was simply and inevitably the icsult ol the market.
I.i-ss money, they state, is lieing made
in lumbor to-day than was made iu
11103, as the cost ol supplies is higher
ami th it ol lab >r Iisb also increased. One point that is the direct result ul Hie development which lias
taken place since then is Hint it takes
three donkey engines tn do the same
work as was then done by ball a dozen
horses, the distance Irom whioh the
logs have to be brought to the water
being so much greater in the majority
of cases now than then. At present,
too, most millmeii are shipping green
logs and the freight on green lumber
is nearly $2 11 ton higher than uu
seasoned lumber, on account ol the
increased weight,   Even at the prices
ruling now tbe supply is Inr Blunt ol
ihe demand, The supply Irom the
interior is short this year because
there was su little snow 111 the winter
, that little logging could be douo. The
summer logging in the interior
Is more expensive, It is regarded ai
a certainty that no reduction in price,
will Ik made this year, and a further
increase, though not contemplated at
present, is among the pr,-Labilities ol
the near futon-,
W. Huiipi.oi Wilmer, intends shipping this seasuu from the Tecumseh,
adjoining the Ptarmigan on McDonald creek. ThiB property carries ore
running inti ozb. in silver and 43 to 60
|Kir cent lead. Somebody played Mr.
Ilaupt a dirty trick last winter burning his cabin, and us the timber has
to I-e hauled up tbe mountain side the
loss is a serious one. He had in the
cabin enough supplies tu enable him
to work the property till snow had
gone, and the burning ol his cabin
upset all his arrangements.
The Silver Dollar will shortly install
a compressor plant aud aerial tramway.
1*. Bums k Co. Ltd., have bonded
the Conrad mines at Windy Arm. The
amount iB said to be $760,000,
The main tunnel on the Mammoth
is iu 300ft. A new ore body has been
uncovered 400 It. above present workings. UK MA1I/HERALD, REVELSTOKE, B.C
She nOaiUlbcvaib.
lncluling is,-iugc it, England, United StnU
nnil Canada.
Ily (lie fear lihroufe-h pa-iotllci-l fist
Hall ;            J--''
Ijuartcr "   1-"
Legal notice-1" cent- per lino Hrst Insertion,
- ,■-■- ptrllne eacn lubscquont Insertion,
Measurement, Nonparlel |l- linos mako mu-
inclij. Store and general buslnoss an-
nouni-enu-nis Si-''1 per inch por month.
Preferred positloiiB. -J.', por cent, nd-
diiiinsl. Hirilis, Man iui.-,- and Deaths,
SCc. eaoh toaertion. All advertisement!
subjecl to ilu- approval of il„' Hianu+remenl.
Wanted ninl Condensed Anvcrtlsqinonis:-
Agentl Wauled, Help Wanlod, Sltuationi
wanted. Situations Vacant, roachon
Wanted, Mechanical Wanted. 1" words or
less Be... each adililioiuil lu„- 1" cenls.
Change* in .suuifiiiiK advertliainionls must
bein I,)''.' a. in. 'lin-,!,!- and (Tidal' ut
wet, week to -ei-.ire k 1 display.
JOB HUNTING prompUfexocu'toii ul reason-
able rate*.
rF.RiiS—I'R-ti.   BnbscnpUoni payable In mil
, ORREfPUSliKNCK iiiviu-'l i iltors ol
public inlcresl.  l-oiuiu„ui,„'um- lu Kill;
writer, not iiect-siirily (or
must" ii iocbmpanlod  by name ol
■      Mlliii
ai evidence of (rood laitb,
should be brie:
iontton, but
McKcinrlc Avcnn
OriCES: Imikuiai. Hank  Iilook, Hum
stoke, 11. C.
Money to loan. ,
Office.: Revelstoke, B.C.: troll »leclc, B. 0.
Geo. 8. McCiRTEB,
Hevelslokc, B. (\
J. A. Hakvi'.v,
Kort Steele, 11.0,
J. M. Scon l.L.j, W. I. IliiK*!
b.ihristkrs,  0l10itors, etc,
Money to Loan
solicitous for molsons bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B
Provincial Land Surveyor.
Mine Surveying
McKenzie Avenue,
IillX 108,  (lEVELSTOKK
Mining Engineer,
(Mem. American lnstimic Mining Bnglneore]
('aiuidian Mining Institute.]
Revelstoke, B. C.
Examination ol and reporl.s on Mineral Pro-
pcrtics a Specialty.
Agent (or Canadian Melal Company,  buyers
ol zinc and silver-lead ores.
Zinc and silver-lea,! mines purclias    or operated under lease and bond
Financial Assistance given owners and  prospectors to operate ninl develop
approved properties.
Ebe flftatMberalb
" 1 would , . . earnestly advise them lor
their good to order this paper io be punotunlly
-crved up. and to be looked upon as a part of
the tea e,;'itpage."-AnDisoN. -
At last meeting of the City Cutinci
the Department ol Inland Revenue
presented a bill for $342 tor teal ing]
the city meters. The work of inspection took one man Irom the department a week, tbe city furnishing all
the extra labor required. The salary
of the man and his expenses to Revelstoke would not exceed $60, and why
the city should be robbed to the tune
of I'.'TO is more than any fellow can
understand. Such public services as
checking weights and mt-n.-ures,
meters, etc.. which are administered
for the public protection, should not
be a greater tax on the public than
the cost of administration, In this
case it is made a matter ol Dominion
revenue and is a most illegitimate
source ol taxation. We trust tin-
municipal convention! will take this
matter up, lor there is no greatei out-
rage on tbe statute book than the
fees levied on luch an ext rl m te
C. P. I,', lur a trulli - '- idge aerom n e
Columbia river al Hevolstuke, As ii
is undorstinid there is u laive appropriation lor the work, and thai ihe
foundations ol the bridge will bo pul
in tliis lall, there ia no timo tu be lust
in urging the Pioviiicinl authorities to
get into touch ivith tho C P. II. on <
the subject, The mosl. suitable trulli
bridge would duubtlcs bo one on the
same level as the C. P, 11. bridge nnil
no doubt a design to givo effect li
this can be made at moderate cost as
an attachment to the regular C, P. R
There is much indignation al the
Const over the release of Brut bier, who
is stated to have been one of the wur t
criminals that ever struck Vancouver,
lliotbier was sentenced to two years
for procuring girls, including bis own
*isii-r. from Franco under lln- pn tence
he was finding llu-ni respectable situations. Ho was nleo oharged with perjury and sentenced to live years. As
tho sentences were concurrent ho bad
-till three years to serve of tho hitter
term, li is suggested that the release
was granted owing tu irregularities in
the perjury charge, anil if so Hie
Minister of Justice should take the
public into his confidence and explain
theso irregularities Otherwise there
is nu awkward feeling that the administration ol Justice is being tampered
with nnd that because Brothior wus n
rich mini lie was able to purchase his
liberty at the cost of the reputation of
the Canadian Government. Uiilese
Ihere were technical reasons which
demanded liruthier's release at the
hands of the Minister of Justice his
action will be condemned by evbry
right-thinking person, and Mr. Mc-
Phorson, as member for Vancouver,
will have to explain to hia constituents
why he. lent himself to any such
notorious recommendation, for we
presume the minister would not lake
the course he did without Mr. McPher-
Bon's approval. That Hon. Mr. Filz-
patriok should have been crested
Chief Justice of Canada immediately
alter this release creates an unsavory
feeling regarding the purity that ought
to prevail in the administration ol
justice, and for the sake ol the Laurier
Government, the new Cbiel ,lust:ee,
and the reputation of the member tor
Vancouver, the Government should
givoout an explicit statement on tho
mntter. Next thing we might expect
to hear is that the train robbers have
been released, and that society is no
longer sale from the vilest vampires
even if they do go through the form
o! arrest, trial and sentence.
i -
flel ,lal
VCni'if i* iiev, I,, given
.\   minimi t.inppl) lu thu lln'   II,- clilel
M.ii„iii**i.,i„TefUiul- anil ..'eik. fur ;i Special
I.ieetl-e Ie e,|, mill Cl-Ty Ull ,V !l,„i>eV If..Ill llie
Inl!,,,, iim ,l,.*evil...il I.,Il'l- ill Wt'll t\'...|e||l> 1,1-
r,.iiiiiieii.i:M il   , i."- planted :,t nnrtli „,-,
v.., '.'i Tin ■ m ' :    U8]   i        l    lrrnv.-liu.-icl
MUM., r Co.'s imrlli -m-i eon  r posl   ninnln.
,,..,  in .li Un.., thence smith su cli
I, .in-, .until *,- ell Una., mm,  KI ' i, litis  mirth - -
i. ins wesl . . iceol
Tbe suggestion made by Al I   Abi
hamson at tin- l,ut  meeting
City Council re bridging theCol
river is a m ill Imp rtanl ine, mil we
hope to see steps takon to give effect
tothe suggestion,   The imporl ■:. ■
the Revelitoke  Sawmill  Company1!
industry, and the active demand lor
iand fur settlement on the wesl lido
ot the river and the Eagle Pass, make should be spared to seouro thi   afol
The verdict of the jury and the
sentence of Judge Irving in the hold-
up cases at Kamloops will, be received
with satisfaction by ever lover of law
and order. The pursuit of the robbers.
their sharp capture, their prompt trial,
and their heavy sentences will have n
deterrent effect which will be likely to
prevent such a recurrence f.r long
years. That llie only two hold-ups
perpetrated in Canada .should hnve
been by the same iu in. Edwards, alms
Minor, makes tho result nil tl tore
satisfactory. There is no more seri ms
offence thun robbery ,,f the mails, in -!
we believe thai the most Bevere pen I
ty the kiwis capable ot devising ih ulil
be meted out to men who dar,- tu i n
,-nt a revolver at the head of a railway
engineer and make him obey their
ordi rs The other two men whu were V""1
with Miner at   the  Mission   bold ipii« h '
have not y> I been oaugbl and m en r
should be relaxed to land them m il
lodge il i the common  .■
f,,r life.   An engineer has anxit
responsibility enough without   i ii .
made the subjecl of hold-up men. Ihe
next step v, itild bo the der nl the
engineer, a- happened n centl;
Southern Pacific hold-op    li ia un tn
il„. Dominion Government   to  I,ivi
two orthrei companiost   I    M
i   iccsta        I in Bril -;. Coliiinbin
wiib   bii nd-hounda  in readlni
in. en.-oi - n : ei     Di ,i   is   tho
way  to Bale-guard   I he rail -. ,
in tain,ms  country so near  tho
American   Boundary, and  no offi rl
badly on the Molirido Giivorunieiil il
it could be proved the in si i up irlanl
affairs uf niutu were iu cutitiol i.f a ■
ml vi -nt nr ss.
Cons'idurablo indignation li is beeu
expressed ul the action of the Minister I
of the Interior in reserving fiom pios-
peotora mineral rights on Initda applied
fur by the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Hon, Mr. Oliver explain, this
ic'erviitioti only applies t" lin.ils for
loiul bi-.i und station yn da No i x-
coptlon enn be tnk> n to that, but il
nny attempt is mado to shut out prospectors from Hint country by the
Grand Trunk applying for huge blocks
uf land with a view to monopolising
the mineral rights the people of British Columbia will not stand for it.
Cold illume Lodge, K. of P.,
»   Ilo. 20, Revelstoke, B. C.
VII iflV. IfVlfl'Y  WKllNKSIMV
I'I   III   0,1.He!  ,»,.'   Hull   itt  s
Vl-lllng  liuiuMs are
rdlnlly .in
|E. W, II. 1'AQET, ('.(*.
II. II  BROCK, K. ,.: II. A- B,
11, A, IIHOWN, M. ol 1
Kootur.i-.v LodRU Nc. 13 A.F.& A.M.
U. A. I'ltorUNIKH. I'lfclll-Xlliv.
May Accept Engineer Scott's
Engineer Scott, who brought the
train, convoying the hold-up prisoners
[rum Kamloops to Westminster June-
lion, is the iiinn who wus in tho cab
whon the C. P. It. train was bold up
liy Bill Miner and bis party near
Whoiinoek in 1004. As tbo prisoners
woro being escorted past, the engine
at the J unci ion, Saturday, Scott recognised Bill, and Joining out of the cab
window said: "Hello Bill, come into
In-cab and have another liiie with
me." Bill grinned nnd replied: "Not
this timo, thank you, you sec I can't
very well, but I may tako that invitation sooner than you think."
Miner, alias Edwards, paid a visit
to Rovelstoke two weeks before the
robbery. He visited the police station
und took special nole of Constable
Upper. When Mr. Upper was in Kamloops at the departure of the prisoners
Miner shook hnnds with him nnd
remarked; "You're the policeman from
The 0. P. It. have Miner's signature
as Edwards to two time checks. He
wns considered a good workman during the tini" lie served theni, getting
information to serve him in his proposed hold-ups.
The Stores ol tho town will close
during the months of June, July and
August at 1 p. m. each Wednesday.
People wishing to do shopping on that
day will please do so before closing
Certificate of Improvements.
tlolden liaglc Mineral Claim, situulo In tliu Arrow Luke .Mining Division ,,f Kiroti nay District.
Where 1 itcih-AdjoliiIng Miner;,1 city Town-
site. <■
TAKE NOTICE thnl I. Ko ll, L. Bn'rnot,
agonl (,„• Mrs. Ellon McDongnhl, ot Nakusp,
Cm, Miner's Cortilleiito No, I', BNUS, Intend, sixty
days tr llie date hereof, to apply lo the Mining
11,-,-,1'iiei I i I'l'iiiiieiite ,,( Improvements',Inr
thopui'puso ui ohtalnlngn Crown Grant ol the
iilwvo rlahn.
Ami further tail ti,'e iiiii action,iiii,lorsoc-
ni :.7. musl no commenced before the Isiuance ul
,,'lt Certlttcato of Improvements,
Dated llili Bath day of April, 1008,
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12,1.0. 0. I\
Meets overyTliu radii
evening InOddFiilloivi
11, MACIIONAI.il. N.G.
.Hull    nl.   B   o'clock
1 Visiting brethren our
ilinlly ravM to ul
.1. MATH IK. Sir
Something Pure
If you arc looking for Pure
Honey we hnve just opened up
it consignment,  nf   Oiitnru
hi 1 lb. boxes, or ill !i Ib.'cans
"Guaranteed Pure"
Our Canned Goods are second
to none, nnd 11101*6 tlinn that
we "Guarantee every Can."
Ice Cream Parlors
Ice Cream Supplied at  $1,50
per Gallon.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Deer Heads, Animals, Birds, l-'isli, lite.,
Animal Uui:.. Mounted.
-. 0. 00x31,
Stndloi OPPOSITE P. 0.
Revelitoke, 11. I*.
Will sell Cnrrots at $11 Parsnips at
11.20; Turnips at 7,ric, free on cars at
L. E. Griffiths, Malakwa, B. C.
Tmeman's Studio
Is now open under- new and competent
MR. HEMUS, recently of Sydney,
Australia, will moot you ami guarantee
you our usual satisfaction.
Canada  Drug & Monk  Company.
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Storm Duors, etc
Jolting Promptly Attended To
i-l East,
it imperative that the city ol Rovelstoke should have direct communion-
tion with thai Bectlon by a bridgo
acro« the river. Wc believe tin- ('. P
R. would l»; willing tu enter into an
reasonable arrangement and it is up.
to the Provincial Government and thi
City Council to arrange to provide th
extra cost. The (.'. P. H. Is, we understand, under an obligation In connection with that bridge, as they destroyed
the old Eagle Pass road, which had
been built at great tttpemie, in ll i
const ruction ol their road-bed and
were no doubt Imund to provide an-
other roadway when required, ll is
understood the Provincial records
provide lur an arrangement with  the
,,( tin-  mail.-  ami  | iissongor  traffic,
against such outrages in the (iituro,
'liter,- is a bad scandal at til    I    , '
over the alleged access of Mrs, ,fi is
Anderson to papers iu tho llopartmi nl
,,f tho Chief Commissioner of  I Is
anil Work.-, and lbs m or in whioh
the inform.iti m Is stated to hnvo been
used to the detriment nl Pendray and
Sons, Ii is timo lion. Mr. Green look
stops io hnve mi Investigation into
these scandals, lor no governmi nt can
afford lo loavo -orb ohargos unansw
i-red. II tho present ohargos aro true
they will support tbo ohargos of tho
same woman's pari In the Kalen
Island affair,  and   it  would  rclloct'
II   ilnn       Windsor lie'
l,i|.,i, illy II
1.11.1 i
. ii ■.'  ||
•    ,, ;.•
. -i
,      , II l„l,
I- ''
Ind fnrtltel
Hi Hi
K irtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
148, Cordova St., W,
OUVER, -   •   B. C,
To Trappers
Raw furs Bought
Cash Prices Pala
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
Mrs. II. J. Ila.ibnry Mauagrnss.
First-Class Table.;
Private Dining Boxes
leu,,,, l'liuingrooni for
Rnuqnets, Snppere, etc.
Furnished Rooms To Let.
J I'ur Aiiricultural Imnlomonts. Carriages, Wagons, Ktc, John
\ liiiere Ploughs, Muliue Wagons, Canada Carriago Company's
\ llugglos, l'lunot Jr., (lai-iliiii Seoilors anil Cultivator*. Whcol-
t ivrlght and Illueksiniili Work altouilod to.   Horso Shooing a
•*■* Heociitlty. #
-it*»«t>t-vii%t%««%-v«%««-vu%-v«t -w%^%%v4
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new iniimigi'ini'ntjif
Haukv  MiiXTosn,  Hoffman   House
L cyun are the mosl curative in the
world. A perfect, natural remedy fnr
all Noi vines and Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stoimioh ailments
and Metallic Poisoning, A sure cure
[or "That Tired Keeling." Speciul
rates on all bonis nnd trains. Two
mails at rive und depnit every day.
Telegi-ii b communication with all
mores of the world,
Termb~$12 to $18 per week.  For
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotv Lake. S. C
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
SEICDS, New crop now in slock and un lest
in our greenlionses. Ask your merchant for
lliem in scaled packages. If he docs nol. handle
thorn wo will mail .10 assorted. 5c pnckei-s uf
vegetable and flower seeds lourowi. selection,
suitable for 11. 0. gardens! for Sl.iil. Special
prices on your bulk seed:,.
11. ('. ClltOWN KllUlT ANII 011NA-
MKNTAL TREES now randy for spring
Kxl.ru nice stock of two and three-year Apple
Trees al $30.00 per lun. {180.(11 per 1,0001 Mny-
iiai'd I'liuns, S1.IKI eaeh; Ilalian Prune, tivo-
veiir, line, S'2,-,.(NI per 1IHJ; Sugar Prune, two-
year, line, 811(1.1111 cr 100.
l,"ull lisl of other stuck nt regular prices. No
expense, loss or delay of fumigation or
Let me price your list lieforc placing your
Greenhouse Plants, Klor Work, Boo Supplies,
Fl-llit Pai-knges, I'ci-I ilizci's, etc.
Nl.  J,  HENRY
The Arnott Method is the
only logical method for the cure
of Stammering. It treats the
CAUSE, not merely the HABIT,
and insures natural speech. Pamphlet, particulars and references
sent on request.   Address
The Arnott Institute,
Berlin, Ont., Canada.
NOTICE is HBttKBY UIVKN Uiau thtfly
dnys after dnlo I Intond to apply to tha
riiii'f Commi68ionor nf Uiulfl nml Works for 6
special lii't'iisi'tu cut and carry away titnbet
from tlm following described lands near
Upper Arrow hike, West, Kootenny Dlntrtot,
Koj-Ilmll waters:—
i. Corainonclng nt n post about n chains south
»f Bear (iteek mid nbout four miles from tlie
mouth, thonce north hi chains, theuce oast-SO
chains, thence south 80 chnfna, theuce wost 80
clialns t'< point nf commencement.
2, Cointnonclngata post on south side of Bear
Crook ami about five miles from the mouth, thonc
north mi chains, thonco east BO chains, thonc
utti 80 chains, tlionco wost 80 chains to imlntof
:;. Commencing at Nn. 2 post north 8ft chains,,
tlienco \ve**t wi chains, tlienco smilli K) elniiim,
lonce casi 80chains in point-nf commencement.
-i.  CommenoiiiR »i a posl on nortli side ol Hear
rook, almnt six mllcfl from the mouth, thoneo
irth 80 chains, tlienco west BO chains, llienco
uili Mii'liaiiis. tlienco east 80 chains to point id
Datoil May lib. itwn.
For all kinds of up-tii-dal.e and reliable, furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Nmv that bright sprlug days are coming in, to be followed by the bent
of summer you want to keen your stores and houses cool and comfortable,
The best Way to du this is to .secure awnings for your windows, and
order them from
L.   A.  FRETZ,
First Street.
liicorpiinitml by Aot of l'ltrlitiinont, 1855.
Wm. Moi.son Maci'HKKSon, Pics. S. II. Hwino, Vice-Pros.
Jamks Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of bunking business transacted without, unnecessary delay,
Interest credited twice n year at current rates on Savings Hunk
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Brunches iu the Provinces of Multiloba, Alborta, Saskatchewan,
liritish Columbia, Ontario, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed ...       $4,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   t3,9oo,ooo.oo
Reserve Fund ....       $3,900,000.00
D. K. Wii.kih, President; Hon. It, Jafkbav, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
SAVINGS DEPARTMENT—Deposits received and Interest allowed
nt highest current rate from (Into of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sold available in nil parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given tu Collections.
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
days after (lute I Intend to apply Oi the
Chief Commissioner ol Lands and Works for a
1 is hereby given that 60 days afterdate!
in ;i]-i|iiy in tin- cider Commissioner of
ml Work-for permission in purchase the
i! doHcrllwd lands, situate near Tete Jauno
Jartlioii district, IJ. C: -
lonolng at a post planted at thn nontli
■ii.Ti.f l,ol ihi nml iinii'ki'il "(i.i!, Najili/s
oat comer post," thonco miuilNiiehnhiM,
hence eosi 100 chains, tlionco mirth 401'hiihw,
hence wwil lOOchalnsto point of commencement,
on taint iir 840 acres nmre or loss.
ihi i-l [III, .l.,\ -f April, 1900.
Iti-velNloke, n.O,
•rlh \
■ •        ^.lUWWJI
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
The Money Saving
Work Saving Soap
That's Royal Crown kind—
i lo in Vancouver   I
Knap Factory west of w
peg,    House  oleaning and
th it- In lp,
Ind the n ey savii
Premium System
Booklet tells what m give for
liovnl I'l'o'in Wrnppi. - -!
[or it— Froe—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd. t
Vancouver, B. C
ic-.lei- fur Reef and M
,■ : joodi
-■■ nti :,
I    S... i.
ul   I
i- 1,,-ieliv i-iv.l. Uml. Ill daya
„ apply fo ihei-liiul Coii
alter ilnle |
'iiiiiii issiuiii'i- nl
yrOTIi k ;   ffRHBBI 01 ..   11     i    *,
'...,.. | .'',,-jvijii/ r|fl
criMlnnd K*      ■  ■ ,»
,,\ \\- i Krinb
i iimmnnn -, the sn it
hmili nf thn I nl imoln  \l..-r   ib«iiit  I li ilf
' inin   ' r^-.'k  in (|
mnrkeil   '(, .1 R    Month  Wo I ' nr Pr* I,
.  . | , .  . ,.  .
■' -   in rn "t In ,,
tn tho on I hank of the (lolumhl i Rlvori thenoo
rollotflng th< '■    ''   nf the (lolnmbln
il RfiTll .-..'.,   the  ii'.iiil, nf
-ii'   '■'■■ 'i ■ ■ ■ 180 mro    fo ni
twontr-nfnth day of March, A l>„
I . -I   III'MI'.V.
I Until- fur permission to purchase the
follow Ink iitucrlbcd lands, situnto near Tetu
Jaune Cache ' irll listrtet, ll- 0,
 tncimlng al a posl planted at Mm houi.Ii ciihI
■ .■nn*! -ii Ui i I marked "K, MoBoan's smitli
... .i corner post," |Jiuiice oasl i''11 ohains. tlienco
 i'u. hains, more nr Ion, In tlm hank of tho
i.,-.-,  iti..i   ihence wosl 5n chains jilntiictlif
1  nl "f'li. i'!.-i lllvoi to tin' diwI   Hilary nl
1,-' iw thonco -"iiiii MO chains r 'leu.
ilnns ■!■■■■ ' i 'n'" "l l.'.f i- It poinl of
< o 'in i'luini i milainhiK 000 arrus moru or lose,
Dated thi Uthdaynf Vprll 1000,
K  M<lli:.\N.
Itovolslolte, li.c
special license to cut and carry away timbor
from tbo followi»K described latlan in \\ out
kootenay Uistrict:-
1 Cmnmencing at a post narked "A, McKap'a
north wost comor post," planted about six miles
from Gold Hti'oam, on ivostsldo of Ira I, miming
»Wchains smith, W) ehains cant, 80chailid nortli, Mi
ehains west to point of commencement,
2 Commencing nt a post marked "A. McRap's
south wost corner post," planted about six miles
from Gold Stream, on west sldo of trail, running
Ml chains north, 80 chains east, 80 chains unlit ll, 80
ehains west to point of commencement
8 Commencing at a post mnrkeil 'A. McKau's
nortli west corner post," planted about eight miles
from tiol.t Stream, oiiohsI side of trail, running
Hi ehains south, K" ehains east, Hi chains north, so
cliiiins west to point of commencement
■I C
south wost corner post," ji	
from Gold Btroam, ist Hide of trail, numbm
-ii ehains north, 80 chains east, 811 chains south, Ml
chains went to point of commencement
loiumoncillg at a post mnrked "A. .Meltne's
I west cornor post,  planted about eight miles
5 Coinnieiieing at a post marked "A. Mcltap's
south west corner posl,'' plnnled about nine milos
from Gold Stream, on east side of trail, running
80 chains north, m> chains easl, 80 chains siiuth, 80
chains west to |mbit of commoncomont,
Dated this -28th duy of May, IWH).
A. McltAK.
tin , liurub   [Ivenlhal 00 davi from ilnle I
, - id       I-    "■ Hn-  Km, 1,1,. lh,. Clili-K'niii-
-,,!- i i ham In and IVorks for iirimlisloiiin
ion  t„, lullowliiu doscrllwd lands hi Lho
ii.-.i  KckiU ii t)  in nil i   .M -I  shorn of Upper
■wi-..* Uki
■ ... ■      i posl inarkeil "J, D.Coplati's
inuth wosl i "iin-i,   ii tlm nnrlh wostcornor of
i,,,i ■''•. noi  nl  i', miles iliof Nakusn,
tlmn *" ' '  - rlialn   more in less, Llienco north
go i halns in-1-- mi [■ - - tlionco wosl ho ehalus more
-I |<     I-. He* Uko il  Ihence In i gonoi il
nontlmrli dlrwtlnn ilnnglho r*ako shore 80 chains
" [xiiiii nf ■ nmmencuinent, contain
*  I     n    n ■■' i*
in'-.i no  rsml duy fl Hay, 1000,
l li I UPUN,
I'oi ItolpliHlyn, Agent,
Do You
\\. i lm
recoivo your Maii.-
li i. a a i. d regularly
md " on time?" If not, kindly
notify tbo office at oner, oithflr
'Phone 18 nr hy postal.
lu llm County Court of UVs' Kootonay, hidden at
To Kincst Augustus Baker, known as tins linker,
of Arrowhead, ll. 0,
Take notice that a plaint has boon eutcml and
a siiuiuioiiH issued agnliisL you In the above Conn-
ty Court by George Chapman of Arrowhead, B.C.,
for tbe sum of giriii.iHi, being the amount of a cor*
lain eheiptu itiaile and drawn by you upon the Imperial Bank of Canada, Arrowhead, II, C, ami
tinted July 81 at, 1006, which cheque was on presentation dishonored for non-payment uml remains
niili,i ill and of which Ibe plaint ill is Ihe holder aud
nn order has been ninde (but the publlenllon of a
mill f llm entry of siicbplnint in tbo Mail-
Herald nownnapor published at Kevelstoke, B.O.,
for four Insertions shall be deemed to be g I and
siillleienl service of the summons upon ynu.
Vmi aro foqiilrod loentora itlspuln note within
light dayi from the Writ day of Mny, tism being
Ibe dulc of the las, piibllcHtloti nl Un, notice, at
lliuKoglstmr's nflleoat ltevelstoko(B,p„ ami if
ynu ilo not so outer kiicIi dispute nolo, Judgment
■nity be signed against, ynu nml Ibe plaintiff may
proceod to execution.
Dated Ibis Pith <lny of .May, IIMIH,
Hcotl &
Depuly Kcglstrai'.
Brlggs, Solleltois t..i 1'l.iiulill. j'/
Certificate of Improvements.
l',;ini>is Mineral (lliilin, sltmilo hi Uu, Itovelitnko
Mining liirisi I Wesi i<„„i,,iiiiy Dlitrli-t,
Wliele    l„e,ll,,,l:    Nullll   1,1    ll     Illll     Mllll'l'lll
Claim, HUiniliir,! Iliuln, uiu llond,
Take nutlco Ihui. I,,his, 1, tVnmlroiv, K.M.il. No.
lis-im. a.-,inac im ,i|i„nl („r invsell and A. IV, Mi"
ltit„-l,. 1' M.U, No. Iisslut, lie,,. .Iiilniaun, I',M.C.
No,  llSSUfl,   Ullllltalll  MeMiiliuli.   K.M.C   N„.
IISSHU, ml- im slxlvilnys Ir  ll„- dm,- ht'i'eul, l„
.,|,|,|yl„lll„ Mlllllll Keeelilel 1,,1'U C-rlllleille „l
liiipieveiueiils. for llie purpoie uf uliliiiniiiK u
Crown llninl. ul llio almvo claim.
iliul further lnko uotlco tlinl notion, umlsr sue,
I l..n :i7. mint Iw ,-"inini,ni-i'd holoro llm issuance uf
seel, rerllllllllle ol llliprulelllClllM.
11 ,!•',! this I'-eiileelillt day uf ..hi. A.II., Illll,
JAS, 1. IVIIIlllllDir.
For Sale or Rent
VTOTICE is hereby Rivon that. 00 days oftor
1> dato, wo iutond Ui apply tn tbo Chief Commissioner trf Lands nml Works fnr iinriiiissitin
to purchase the following described lands
situutod iu Wost Kuotoiiiii district, wost side
of Uppor Arrow Lnko;—
Commencing at a pnst marked "M. C. Hlyo's
north cast emncr," abnutu miles (Ottlh of Kost-
ball ('reek, at tbe south east, corner of A. K.
Uammond's application to purchase, thonco wont
1*20 clmins, theuce south -tl) chains, thence enst Hi
cliiiins, tlience south in chains, theuce east 4u
chains, tbenee north ko chains to point of com-
mcneeim-iit, containing tun acres.
Dated this 82ml day of May, 1906.
Per WalpliSlyo, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "A. K» Hanii
niond's north west corner,' al the smith east cm.
ner of Lot «76 nnd about lh miles south of Post,
hall Creek, theuce south hm chains, thenco east
in chains, thence north ton chain:. I henco west 4n
chains to point of commencement, innlaining otu
acres more or less,
Dated this Hist day of May.l.KH!,
Per Italpb Slye, Agent,
Cniniiumcliig at a pnst marked "J<*. A.Slye's
north enst enrner," about IU chains west uf the
south west corner of l,nt 4576 and atthe north
west corner of (t. J. Ilannuomrs application to
purchase, ami about p., mllwt euutn of Fosthall
Crock, thonco west -10 ohains, tlience soulh 4(1
ehains, thence west 80 chnlns, thence soulh In
chains, tlience oast r.!n chains, thonco north 80
chains io point of commencement, containing
Old acres.
Dated this 21st day nf Mnv, mini.
P, A. HI.YB,
Per Kalph Slye, Agonl.
Commonolug at a post marked "(1. J. Hammond's north east corner," at tlie south ensl corner of |,ot im, and about I', miles south of post.
hall Crook, thenco wcst4u chains, thence south
UK) chains, theuco east 40 chains, tlienco north Illll
chains to point of commencement, containing two
Diiledlhls2lstdayof May, IIXiil.
Per l.i.lphNlyo, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "M. C. Dicker-
mi's north west corner," on the shore of Arrow
Lake, about 8 mllus south of Fosthall Creek ami
about SO chains north of thu south east corner of
A- K, Hamuiniurs applleiafon t<> purchase, ttitmeu
south 120 eliuiiis, thence uast hochalmi nmre in*
less to the shore of Arrow Lake, llienee following
said slime lu a general northerly and we.itorly
direction 100chains more nrless to pniutof com-
nmucemeut, contaliiliig'iMu acres more or less.
Dnteil t,his22iiildayof Mim. lisiti.
M. V. IHt'KKIt.soN,
Per Kalph Nlyo, Agent.
('iiuuueiiehig ut a post marked "I„ M, Jolin-
stone's south east corner." aimut $ miles south of
I'listhallCruek uml about P,, miles west from thu
lake, at the south wost corner of O. J. II am mum I'u
application to imrcleisc. theuce north 80chains,
theuce west 100 chain*, thonco sunt)-,fu chains,
tlionco cast 41) chains, thence south 40 chains,
t hence east 00 chains to point of commencement,
containing iI4iiucrcs,
Dated tliis 22ml day of May, 11KMI.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pnst marked "J.L, Hfrsch's
smith west cornoi," ut the south east ciirner -of
Lot 4*578. and about ]| milos south of hist hull
Creek, tlience north 8(1 chains, tlu-ncu east 411
chains, theuce south 811 chains, theuco west 41)
chains to point of commencement, cnulaluiiig .'!2<i
acres more or less.
Dated this 21stday of Mnv, 1000.
.1. I,. Illliscii.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing nt a pnst marked "K, A, Stye's
south east corner," ut the south west corner of
l.nl'l,v,-ii and about IU uillos south of Fosthall
Creek, llienee iinrtli 4(1 ehnitis,   Ihence west 80
chains, theuce south 40 chains, tliunce west (IU
chains, thence smith 40 chains, thonco oast 80
chnlns, thonce north 40 chaliiH,  Ihence  east (HI
chnlns to point of commencement, containing 040
Diitiidthls 21st day of May, 1000.
Per Kalph Hlyc, Agont.
Commencing at a p<ihI marked "A. Dollmimey-
OJ'fl imrlli east corner." about '.. mile south of
l''nsthiill Creek, af Ihe north west corner post of
ha *.v,n, thonce west 1211 chains, thenco smitli wi
halns, theuce east 4') chains, theuco north 4n
halns, thonco east 811 chains, liionco nnrlh 40
chains to point of coinmcnccmunt, containing 041)
mtalultig HOn ires, about ihrc-uuinw B dmi'
Mlih Timothy.   Bul(Ahls for milt growing, acres,
I[oihc ami out linildiiigH in anoil 10n.lill1.11, Hltuate I   Dated this 1Mb day nf May, 1008,
mlgollacble, n to* miles west of Kevelsloko a. Doi.lknmkvkk,
Apply to K. TAPPI.no, KeveliLoks, ftr Kalph Slye, Agent. THE MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE li. ('.
Valuable Shipment From Hedley
Would Have Fallen Into
Bandit's Hand, but ior Mistake in Cutting off Car.
In the greatest ol schemes the "best
laid plans ol mice and man gang alt
ngley," and in lho pinna ol rogues as
with men and mice, some little slip,
"or gome little carelessness unhinges
tho whole neatly arranged fabric ol
the scheme and instead . I order, chaos
reigns. Simply because the usual
type of express cur wus not running
on the particular train which the robbers held up at Kamloops, Miner and
oompany (ailed to make a little commercial transaction which would have
added untold wealth to their working
capital At all cvet-ta, hud things
worked wilh the smoothness associated
with Miner in his other robberies, the
trio now awaiting trial at Kamloops
would not only have made a much
!ar,;er haul ol registered mail matter,
but would have lilted Irom the express
car in which it was snugly ensconced,
a pure brick of virgin gold worth
probably Irom thirty to forty thousand
dollars. Understanding this, one cun
easily understand Miner's annoyance
so tersely expressed when McQuarrie,
the cool-headed mail clerk, told him
that the express was attached to the
car they had lelt a mile or so behind.
Two weeks alter the holdup at Mis
sion in September, 11)05, Bill Miner
occupied a email cabin at Chilliwack.
He occupied these uncongenial quarters for over a month, and that he
was ready lor any emergency was apparent in the (act that in a deserted
barn about half a mile from the cabin
he always kept two horses ready fur
immediate use.
Finding that the chase after the
Mission bandits wiib not in his direction at all. Miner unconcernedly
boarded a train at some smaller station
and came to Vancouver. A fortunate
rancher lound the two horses and
never suspecting their owner's identity
put them to his own use.
For several days Miner was walking
about Vancouver and the tales ol his
prowess that were being told of the
man must have been pleasant music
to his ears. Wearying of city life, he
made his way to Spokane, nnd in that
city joined the men who were probably
his associates at Mission.
The next heard of Miner wns Inter
in the year. In company with a young
man and womau he ignored the railway as a means of conveyance, and
drove from Spokane to Hedley, It
was a journey altogethei unnecessary,
Ior fully three-quarters ol it could hav
been made by rail. At the time of
their transition fifty head of horses
wore stolen from over tho border and
strangely enough, their owner's brand
was a leaning "M" exactly similar to
that found on the horses discarded by
Ihe robbers at Kamloops,
Arrived in Hedley the trio spent
cash in so lavish a manner us to attract notice even iu that open handed
mining town. In reply to questions
as to the sources ol their wealth, the
lady accounted for it by explaining
that the two men had struck a rich
vein somewhere south ol Kamloops.
It is now considered most probable
lh t this vein was located at Mission,
and waa "struck" hy Miner and his
companions iu September. It ia estimated by those who knew the trio at
Hedley that in a short time they must
have spent nearly $20,000, The younger man was lavish in everything, insisted on having the best of everything
at the hotel, and often joined the
crowd around the tables where blackjack was the favorite game. For four
consecutive nights he was known to
have lost over $250 at a sitting.
It was the lady iu the case that
brought this pleasant partnership to
an end. Quarreling with the younger
man about her share of the fortune
that was supposed to lie coming from
the mine, she broke away from the
gang and took a position as waitress
in the hotel at Hedley. From reports
in the Similkameen her career before
her advent with Miner and his companion had been a chequered one, and
after her row she fully lived up to her
reputation.' Tiring of Hedley, she
journeyed to 1'enticton aud ihere lived
' a life of untrammeled freedom, She
finally entered into a marital alliance
which proved as uncongenial lo hor
husband as to herself, so they separated. The lady is at present in Vancouver and when discovered by tho detectives, who are working on tho case
at Kamloops, will he abb: to throw
many interesting sidelights on the
career of Miner and his associates in
the upper country.
It was ut Hedley after the quarrel
that Miner made the acquaintance of
John Groll or Billy Dunn. Thc latter
originally came to the Similkiimeen
from Montana. He had spent considerable time iu the Cariboo and lor
somo years had followed the peaceful
pursuits of trapping, prospecting and
broncho-busting. Ho was absolutely
at home on all tho trails which connected the great mining district ol the
North to that of tho Boundary. Tales
of bis prowess with tho gun are told*
in many a prospector's camp in the
Similkameen. Dunn hnd often enlivened proeeodings by relating his own
adventures in the imitahle manner
that bus made him such a "favorite" at
Kn m loops, To an acquaintance aboul
llili timo ho boasted of the Indian
blond in hit veins. At nun time when
iiiidei over-indulgence iu firewater, he
told unc of his companions of an exploit in Montana when he shot and
killed a sheriff, who was pursuing him,
causing a reward of $4,00U to be placed
on his head. The man to whom he
related this tule put it down to the
freak imagination ol a drunken brain
but since the arrest at Kamloops, has
communicated with the authorities
over the border and it is more than
probable that "Shorty" will pay the
penally ol n crime even more severe
than that ol a life-sentenoe, (or holding up His Majesty's miils, Dunn
proved to be a mnn after Minei'e own
From Hedley Miner went lo Prince
ton, nnd lived ou the ranch of Jack
Budd. His iicquainlnire with Blldd
dated fnnn childhood iu Texas,
Throughout his long sojourn iu the
Similkameen and the Okiinagnti thero
wus uut the slightest suspioion thut be
was a wanted man. Socially lie
showed all the trails that hud made his
cirecr sn remarkable in California and
Nevada. He wus always a great favor-
lie with the ladies, and on ono occa
ion, while driving with one of bis
fi'ininine friends, talked political economy iu a way that stumps him a
deep thinker us well ub ii deep
"1 wish I hud control of the air,"
said Miner. "I would dole it out to
the rich and make theni pay heavily
(or it, too; but I'd lot the poor have as
much as they wanted."
Alter leaving Build's much at
Princeton, Miner and his companions
were often together. For a considerable lime he was Bttiying with the
young man with whom he arrived at"
Hedley. This was on a ranch a fen-
miles out of aVrmstrong. While he wus
hero he often met Dunn, who was
working in a neighboring sawmill, and
last Christinas the two created a disturbance in a quiet Okanagan town
by getting gloriously drunk. Even
then Ihoy were well supplied with the
neoessary ciibIi. Several persons in
the vicinity now recognize Miner ns
the Edwards whose suave manner
with the ladies quite disarmed any
suspicion that be might I e the notorious stage and train robber.
WOULD STEAL 001.1) 11K1CK.
Lulled into security by finding that
his identity was safe, it is only reason-
aide to assume thai Miner should look
forward lo a chance of once more
practicing his art. He and Dunn
while in Hedley were aware of the
frequent shipments of gold bricks from
the Niokel Plate mine to Vancouver.
They were acquainted with the route
taken hy these consignments, and
arranged a neat plot which but for one
untimely error would have added one
Certificate of  Improvements,
Martha Juno Fraction and Minto Mineral
t'liiiim, situato iu tbo Rovelstoko Mining
Division of Wost Kootonay District.
Whoro located :-At Standard Basin, Hig
T-YKE NOTICE that I, R. Smith, Froo
Minor's Certificate No. B 88.7,23, acting as agent
for tlio Prince Mining and Development Company, Limitod Liability; Froo Minor's Cortillcato No- B 88485, intend sixty days from dato
hereof to apply to tho Mining Recorder for
Cortificntos of Improvements for tho purposo
of obtaining Crown Grants of tbo above
And further, tako notice, that action under
Section 37, must bo coiuinoncod before tha
issuance of such Certificates of Improvements.
Dated thi:-. Socond day of April, A. IV, linn;.
Ap.i-2m. R. SMITH.
J : j.	
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful ami ornamental
more success to Miner's many exploits,
The day preceding the robbery one ol
these gold bricks wns quietly shipped
by tha Nickel Plate mine. A confederate of the robbers telephoned n
simple mess tee to a man i >. Kamloops
advising him that the treasure bad
started on ils journey Hue of the
party who bad -inee Miner's first arrival in Hedley been associated with
him received tbe message and conveyed
it to the camp ol tho robbers. The
gold briolt, which was valued roughly
nt about $30,000, sUtrted on its journey
to Pentieton, up tlie picturesque
Okanagan Lake and via the Sicamous
k Okanagan to Sicamous. There it
was transhipped to the express oar of
the train which wns held up, The
story of the robbery and the annoyance
of Miner when he discovered thai the
cur which contained thc treasure hud
been left la-hind is now well known.
But for the fact that the bandits mistook the imiii for the express car, it is
linssiblc that the robbery would have
been altogether successful. Complete
plans were made for the disposal of
the booty.
It was undoubtedly the intention of
Miner tu secure the valuable brick and
throw it off the train at thiB point,
leaving his friends on the hill to safely
dispose ol the booty. From his anxious inquiry about the contents oi the
catarrh paokago, which was about the
size and shape of the gold consignment
it was evident that even when McQuarrie told him that tbe express car
had been left behind, he hoped to lind
the precious parcel in the registered
The disposal of the few letters which
the robbers secured has puzzled the
detectives who are working on the
case, and it is evident that with the
number of confederates who were working with tlie robbers, that had the
gold brick beeu secured, it would have
been just us safely spirited away.—
S'WSCWBsaarai p; ■: .
-" ^'%:'
.mm-. ..'.-i
*4al A   & w.\m. w^#£-;^-A"^/a w1 a-*-
Import direct from Country of origin.
The "Sunshine" furniico nnd
" sunny " ways are synonymous.
The cold, dreary wintser days can
be made cheery and warm with a pure,
healthful heat if you have u " Sunshine " furnace.
Is easier to operate, cleaner, uses loss fuel and
"shines" in many other ways over common furnaces.
Two shaken are used to shake the heavy, trkragular-
shaped grates. This just cute tho work of-shaking-
down in half, besides being easier on the furnaco than
the old one-shaker style.
Sold by enterprisii ■■ dealers everywhere.
Booklet free.
A i
n 2libs Net. , .
JJUdl!*ydnc:j)ufi'y Qij&r.-,;'.'."n.j\
mmlmrpi s
Flower Pol*
Umbrella Standi
Lunch Bankets
Snioking J auk eta-
Silk Goods,
Finest -stock of candies and fruits in town.
Front Street, Revelstoke
Tea sorvices
Cftiio Chairs
I la ml kerchiefs
Our Registered
Trade Mark
WHEN buying Overalls see
tIml they bear Ihis label, ll is
11 gintrantee of tholr quality, . . .
Overalls bearing ihu " Buck
Brand " are Union mado, by your
own countrymen, and as nearly Indestructible as It's possible to niake
llieni. They aro manufactured by
the pioneer worklng*man*s outfitters
of the west, Ask for " Buck
Brand" Overalls and take no
ul hers.
Wm. J. McMaster & Sons
VANCOUVER,    11.   C.
:-M.i,:-:-iiis  ul-"  KEUULiU'lONS  GOV-
j*i LICENSE to cut' timber can be uc-
ciuired only  at  public  coinpcUtiou.    jV
rental ol Iii lior square milo Is cliarged
for ull limber berllls except those silu-
utetl west of i'ult for wliicb the rental U
at tbo rate of .", coins per acre per annum.
In addition to the rental, dues al tlie
following rates are cihargca:—
Sawn lumber, iaj coins por tliousuiul
feet B.M.
Hallway tits, eiglil and nine feot long,
I l-i and 1 3-1 touts eacli.
Shingle boas. -.5 cents a cord.
All other products, ;, per cent ou tile.
A lioense is issued so soon as a berth
Is grained, but iii surveyed territory, no
limber can be cui uu a berth until Ul
licensee lias made a suivey ihoreot.
Pet-mils to out timber aro also granted
at public competition, except in the cane
of actual settlors, who reo-uhe tho Um-
., r lor i,., Ir own uso.
Settlers and others limy also oblnlu
permits to cm up lo IW cords ol wood Winnie   wilhoul   .oiiipeliliuu.
Tlie duos payable under a i»ernnt ai,-
11,60 per thousand feet B.M., for siiuaic
Umber and sawlogs of any wood except oak; Horn 1-2 lo 11-2 cents per lineal
toot for building logs; irom U 1-2 lu -^
oeius per cold fur wood; 1 coin for lone-
puses: 3 cents for railivay ties; and on
cents per cord for shingle bolts.
Leases lor grazing purposes me Issueu
for a term of twenty-one years, ut a
leiitul of two cents por acre per annum.
Coal lands may be puroliasod at »w
per acre for soft coal and *2o for aiithru-
clie. Not moiu tbuii '£» acres may be
acquired by ,-ne Individual or company.
Royalty at Hie rale uf lu coins per toil
jl .oni, pounds is collected on tlio gross
Eiiuics (or laud for agricultural pui-
poses, may be made personally at the legal luim oillce lor lho dislricl lu wlucii
iho land lo be lakeii up is situated, ui
if llie hoiiKsieader dusues, he may, on
application to the Minister ot llie interior
ul Ottawa, the Conunieisloiier of liniiilgiu
Hon at Winnipeg, or the loci ugoiu lui
the Dislricl, ivllbin which the land Is
situated, receive authority for somo one
to make entry lor him,
A (oe ol IU Is charged for liolnesua,!
entry. ,
A settler who law received un entry foi
a homestead, Is required to perioral tne
conditions connected thercwlili under one
of Uie following pliins:-
(fijU least six months' residence upon
aim cultlvutiou of the land In euch your
during the term of three years.
It Is the practice of the Depurlmehl to
require a settler to bring IS acres under
cultivation, bul If ho prefers he may substitute stock; and 20 head of cattle, to bo
uctuttlly his own properly, with buildings
for their uccominodaiion, will be required
instead of cultivation. ,
(11 It the father (or mother, If lho lu
Iher Is deceased; of any person who Is
eligible to make u homestead entry under
-.lie provisions ot the Aot, resides upon
a farm In the vicinity of tho land entered for by such person as a homestead,
the requirements of the Act as lo residents, prior lo obtaining pateni muy be
satlslled by such person residing with the
...:;,,-r or mother.
i'oi If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming lund owned by
him in llie vicinity of IiIb homesloud. the
requirements of the Act as to residence
muy be Ballslled by residence upon llie
said  land.
AppllcaUon for patent should be made
at ilio end of three fears before the local
agent, sub-agent or a homestcud inspector.
Before making application for u pateni,
He sen Ui inn.*! give six months' notice
In wrltlim to thc Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa, of his Inlen-
iluil lo do su.
Deputy SI.Msiei- of tlm Im-r in
Ottawa, Wbrursy Mill, UK.
London, Toronto, Montreal. Winnipeg,
Vancouver, St, Jons, Hamilton.
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
tin noi
Arrowhead, B. C.
Ohfirinuigly situated on the slimes
of Arrow Luke.
Good Trout Pishing.
Boats always for hire,
Sample Rooms in connection,
First-class house for Tourists nnd
Commercial men.
rl. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
Nittlrc is hereby glvon thnl "IU days afterdate
iiiieiiil to apply to the Honorable tbo Chief
■.nniiiissiiuu-r ot bunds and Works tor per-
iiission t„ cut and carry away timber from llie
uilowlhg "Ic-i-ribml hinds situated In Wesl
.(ootenay district:
1. Commenolng nl a pusl planted on ihu
Miulli side nf s-niilli creek ubuiil'".., miles Irom
tho Columbia river nud marked "E.J.John-
,,ii's imrlli e.ist curlier pnst," tlience smitli SU
Iinins, llienee west80chains,thonco imrlli su
■nnins, thenco cant 80 chains lo tlie point of
■:.. commencing nt a posl planted on tbe
■ontii side „( smith ereek aboutil'. mites Irom
lie I'uluinbia liver uiul marked "E. J. John-
ion's north cast corner post," thonco south sn
ehains, tbenee west 80ohains, thence nnrtli su
elinins, thence enst Sll chains lo the point „(
3. Commencing nt a post planlcd on llie
south side of Bmllll ereek alinnt 4'., miles from
the Columbia river nnd nmrked '-1-1. .1. .Inliu-
-iiu's norlh east corner pust," thonco south Su
eliuiiis, tlience nesi BO chains, Ihence norlli Su
ehains. llienee east SO ehains t„ tlie point uf
-I. Commencing nt a pnst planted on the
soulli side of Suil11, ereek abolltfi*^ mile* frum'
Iho Columbia river and mnrkeil "li. .1. John'
*„n's nortli ensl corner post," thonco soulli su
ehains, llienee ivesl so cliiiins, tlienco norlli su
chains, thence oasl su ehains to the point of
,i Commencing nl n posl pinned on (lie
io utlt side of smitli creek nbout OK miles Irom
iheciiluinblii rlvi-rnnd marked "K. J. John-
ion's norlli ensl enter post," the smith Ml
chains, ilu-nic wosl so chains, thonco north 80
,-Iinins. II,ence,-nsl SU elinlns to tlio point of
U. Commencing nt -,i posl plumed un the
...nlli side in smith creek about "'.. miles frum
lho Columbia rivor nml mnrkeil "K, J. John-
inn's north cist corner iiosl," Ihenco south 80
chains, Llionce wosl stl clmiiis. llienee norlh so
chains, thonco east 80 chains to the poinl ol
7. Commonolng nt a post pbinled mi ihe
-.mill lido nl Smith creek abulll'.", illiles from
Ihe (olumbla river and marked ''K, J. Johnson's south cast corner post." llionce north 10
chains, liionco wosl I00ohains. th otolith 4n
chnlll*. I heni-eci-l Ml elinlns l„ the point nf
ciiilii, ueeiuenl.
s. Ciimiiii-iii'lngat a pusl planted on Ihe
snulli ildo,,(sniiih ereek ahnui -I'., miles from
ihe (:,,,un,hin river ami marked "15 J. Johnson's south easl enter pusl," llieni-,- norlh 10
chnlns, thonco ivesl 100 chaini, tlionco south
III elinlns, llielu isl llll chnlns to tho pnlnl ol
Il ilonimciieitig ,il u |,"st pliinted nn lln-
aouth -id,. i,( sin iiii crock lllimitli'u miles '"'iu
Iho Col bin river iiiiil mnrkeil "E. J. Johnson's soulh cast cornor poit," liionco nurih -m
chains, thence i-.csl lull chains, theil'-esuiilh HI
, llllllis, III,,111-1' ensl INIi hnlns lo UlO point nl
IU.   Cmnii dug ill n pusl pliiulcl mi Hi,'
nnrlh side nl die nnrlh l„ik „1 Smith creek,
ill I CI, mile* (rum Ilu- I'eluinhlii river mid
marked--If. .1. JohniOll'l lOUth mist curlier."
thenco nnrtli suchum*, ihence tiesi su chains,
ihenco smith 80 elinlns llionoo oasl B0 ohnlns
,e ihe plnec ul cunilncucclnenl.
Hilled Mnv 111, llllll.
VTOTICE is horoby glvon that thirty day
i\ alter dad) I intond (n apply tn tbo Chiof
Uommissionor of Lands und Works fnr spocial
llconse to cut and carry away timber from the
fiilhiwinii doscribnd lands situatod in Easl.
Kootenay diatrict, B.C.:
•1. C<> in ni (in cine nt n post markod "Arthur
Payno's south wost cornor post," planted mi the
oast side Of Sullivan Hivur about 'i miln from
Kimbaskot Lake, thonoe east 80 chaius, thenoe
north 120 ohains, thonco wost 40 clmiiis. tlionco
•south 80 chains, theuco wost 4(1 chains, thonco
soul b 40 chains tn point of commencement.
'1. CommouciiiH at a post murked "Arthur
Payno's nnrlh west cornor post," planlcd nn tin
smith bank of Sullivan Hivur aboul two mile."
from Kimbasket Lake, thenco smith sn chain--.
I henco oast 80 chains, thonco north HD'obains,
llionoo west Wl chains to point nf commencement,
3. Cm nm unci in; ut a post marked "Arthur
Payne'-;north oastcoruec -post," iilanled on tho
smith bank of Sullivan rivor about 4 miles fmni
Kimbaskot Luke, tlienco smitli 80 ohnlns, thonce
wo>t 80 chains, theuco north SO ohnlns, thouce
oast 811 chains tn point of commoncomont.
4. CommenciuB at a post marked "Arthur
Pnyno's nortli wost corner posl," planted mi
tho south bunk of Sullivan Rivor about 4 milo-
from Kimbaskot Lake, liionco smith 10 chains.
tlience oast Kill chains, thonco north 40 chains,
thonco wost 1(10 chains tn point of cmnmoiico
5. Commencing at a post markod "Arthur
Payne's south wost cornor post," plnntod on
the south bunk of Sullivan Elver about I miles
from Kimbasket La-ae, theuce north ■tOohuitis,
thonco oast KiO chains, tlionco south 10 chains,
I thonco wost bid clmins to pniutof commence'
| mont,
j fi. CnmmeuciuK at a post markod "Arthur
Payno's north west corner pnst," planted on
the smith bonk of Sulllvau River about o miles
from Kimbaskot Lake, thonco south 80 clmins,
tbenee east SO chaius, thouce north 80 chains,
thonco wost 80 chains to point nf ennuuonco-
7. Commencing ut a post markod "Arlhnr
Payno's south wost cornor pnst," planted mi
tho smilli bauk of Sullivan Rivor about2 miles
from Kimbasket Lake Ihouco north 40ohains,
thonco oust IM chains, llienco south 40chains,
thonco west IM chnlns tn pniutof commencement.
Dated the 21-1 duy ut Muy, 11W6.
NOTICK li boroliv glvon thai thirty duy-
utlurdiiln I   inliuiil I,,apply I" ll,„ Hull,
Chlol (ji nliilonerof hands  I Works lorn
iiucinl lice,i-i, in out uiul eiirrj'iiwiiy tlinbur
Irmu llm lullnwiiigiln-rriliiid lands In lite lii-
unini'lichlg III  II |«.-t iiiii'l-,"I "J   IMnlll
il,,,'. mntli wosl onrnor p„*i," phinicdui
Bnowuon'i ih onil -nor,than nli so
chain-, lliuuei, ensl. in ehaiiis, thnncii south Kl
Iiniii,*, Ihiuieu iv„-l HI chnlns to point of com-
* '*M*   jciin wiiirriidiiM.,:.
N OTIOK Is lioroby glvon that 00 ilayi altor date
I Intend to iipnlyt* llio ClilofCoininlislnnoi
„fhiiiulsami W'mks Inr periiilsiloli Inpnichiisc
till-lullilB lllg lll'SI-rllll-ll llllllis "llllll* "lllgla-'lgl'
u igun road, Arrmvhciid .Mining IHvIhI Weal
Knotcnay District: , ,
(' nienclngalii |i'«H abnllt I Iinins suiilli
fill,, Smile p„sl nil llie    lllg bed.,'" migull road
mul minimi -■('. M. syn s il, iicsl corner.
Ihence eust 10 ,'linlus, llienee snulli  -III clmins,
tlience nest in chnlni, liionco nnrtli lOclialnttn
peltll,if I'ollllllclli'Cllli'lll.
"»""l,,"!l-1' ''       ak SYMONS.
,,riui-,liii,iliiiiiiii,ii„ii|,i,iyi" iim Hun. iiiiii
<-„u„,ii**ii r,,[ bund-,uui Work', f„r n spnrlnl
liroiiMi Incut Icurryiiwny llliibnr Irnlll Ilul
followingdoiorlbod lands, -liuni" ni or nnur
 Ktiiiiilnril llnilii, IbiveWulndi-lrlcl.
(' t icing utn pn.lphinlclnbutil 1 miles
mrlIml Slnndiird Minn, mid marked "I.,I,
I'sBouth-WoilCorner I'mt": lliono nli nil
hiiin-i Hemm,  mist in elinlns: liionco snulli
Ii'.icliiiiii.-tluuii-i, w„.,l. Iilehulns tn tlm place
ti n lilt,
Dated the Second day ol April AiD.. IWj,
Ap. 12-111, CJ.HUJ1KNS.
\TOTlCK is heroin given Hint thirty days altor
i> date 1 Intend In apply i„ tin, linn, chief
Commissioner of hands nml Works, for a special
licenso tu eul mul carry away timber from the
following described lands:
1. ('niuuu-ni'ing nt ii pnst planted un the east
hunk ut tho north tork „( In- Creek, iilmut',
miles above tho forks nnil marked "K.P. Henry's
n,,ith east corner pint," thoneo west lu eliuiiis
llienee soutli 100 chain., then -,- onst m chains,
thence north 100 chains topolnl ofcommonceiiiont.
2. I'l'iiitiieui-ilig ut a pusl. pliiutcl „n the cast,
hank ol Hie norlh f„ik ,,f l-'ife Creek, about;,
miles abovo the forks nml marked "K. I'. Ilonry'i
nnrlh mill lii-i' p„sl," Ihence su nth 100 chains,
tin e enst In elinltn. thonce north 100 chains,
Ihenco iie,I nl cliiiiiis iii pulul „( commencement
:i.  Cnnnnoncingatfl pnst planted mi tho easl
iinil: ufiiii ili lark „f life Crook, about 5J
milos from Hu- fnrki and marked "li. P. Henry*.
.untiloasl corner p,,si.' ilu-t ortli 100chains,
Ihence ii-osl lu clmiiis. llienee snulli 100chains,
thence onil lu chains in pnlnl "i commoncomont,
I. Commencing al a pnst planlcd on thu enst
hank „f Hn- nortli r„rk ,.( Plfo Crook, about Jl
miles almvo the forks and innrkoil "K. I'. Ilmn-v'*
 lh nesi enmor post,"tlienco northUOchaliu
llienee  mi .1 su chains,  tllCUCC   snulli   Sll cllllllll
liionco wesl Sll chains In poinl ,,1 commoncoinont
;,,  c onchiB ai a pnst phut,-,! nn lho wesl
i.-iik nl ihe Hi fork ,,( lil,- Crook,about 8
miles al,,,!-,-the forks, and marked "K. I', llcnrj s
nnrlh east curlier post," Ihence ivost80chain*,
Ihellre *,,Illll so chaius, II  east. Sll elinlns.
llienee north Si,chain* In puint el , uicii'ciiiciiI
il. Cumiiieiii-iiicat a p,,*i planted nn the wosl
hank iff UlO niiltll l„lk ,,( l-'ife Ccck.nl 18)
miles al,,,,,- ihe lurks mul marked "If. I'. Ilonry'i
hoiitl it comer pust," Ihouco iimih 100 chain..
II re  nest   In eluitlll, thonceinlltll 100chain*.
ihence easl, in chain* t,, poinl „f cniitmoiicemenl.
7.  Cnninicncltigal apnstjilaiitod mi the wesl
I,ml. .ilti ih lurk nl I ih- Crook anil nlmnl n
lllile.ahnvellle (nlli* llllll lliiir.e.l "If. |>, Helll'l's
-entile.Ml eel  |u,*l," lleiuv lie,ili   U'il chain*,
ihenn uc-i 10 chain* llienee ninth 100 chains
thence mul 10 chains In point „l  i neonicnt,
s. r,,lumen,-hi. ui a p,,*i planted mi ll..- wait
hauls nl Ilu- inulh lurk ill I'lfo 'reek, about0
milos almvo the Inrki uud uuiike.l-lf. I', ll™,,.
■outhveil  uerpoil," thoneo cast su chain,
llienee north su chains, tlionco noil soeluilni,
lllOnCO smith Sll chains In pnillt „f enmiUCI Iieilt.
n. i'.;iiifMiv.
I)iil..l May 1*1. Illll.
Certificate  of Improvements.
Ponoook Mineral Claim, situato In tlm Kuiol-
*i„kn Mining Division id Wost Kiiiiiiiiiny
Distriot i-
H'hern located I—At liindnrd llnsin, in llm
Illn llond,
TAKK NOTICK Ihal 1, II. Smitli, froo
Miniir'* I'nrllllciilii No. II Wl, noting us agonl
I'nrC. .1. Itililion*, Froo Minor's Ci-rlilicale No,
ll884801 o K. Robinson, Froo Miner' I'.-rtili-
i-ii,o No. ll88,',:,;, and Wm ,M. Boxloo'i Froo
Minors I'orlMonto No. II KHfl, Intond sixty
ilnyi front date liorool tn npiily to the Mining
Itiienriiiir (urn Cortlfloato of liupruvininnit* fnr
llm purpoiool ulitiiiniiig a Cruwu (Iriinlnl Ilu
iihiivo elililn.
And fiirlher, Inini nulieii, llrnt iieliou undo
Snediin 87, must bo cunlnillieoil hnforn tho
isslliineuof sneh I'erlilleiilo of fiupr<iii,nieiit-
Dntod this Second day ol April, A.P., 1000,
An, 4  2ui . II. SMITH.
Manufactured for all olasioa of buildlngi
All kinds of building nnd plastering
(Under^ New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B.   0
First-clae accommodation for travellers.j
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $160   PER   DAY
R. Oowswcll, (formerly of Leland Hotel, Vancouver) Proprietor.
'irst Class House for Travellers and Commercial Men
Newly (Built, Newly Furnished, and the most comfortable house in the City.
Queens /fofe/
Best brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at^this
*** VV%-V««%««%%«-i%%%%%%%%-VV«ai-Vi«t«%-|
HEAD OFKIOK: Caloaby, Albkhta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers and Uealers in Livo Stuck. Markets in sll thc principal Cities and
Towns „( Alberta. British Columbia and the Yukon. Packers of the Celebrated Brand
"Imperatoc" Hams and llacun, and Shamrock Brand, Leal Lant. a
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-claBB in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
>    LOANS
Houses and Lots
in all; parts of the city
A large variety
of Glasses always
kept in slock here
Try h pair on
-wc gtiarnnteo a
perfect lit.
If you require
anything in Jewelry
t is here for you,
A complete stock
i)f the right cWhs
of goods.
J. GUY BARBER,   - Jeweller, Optician
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate,
Hack Service to any part of the City at all
hours, Rigs equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs. Express
draying anil Transferring, Saddle and Pack
horses for hire. All kinds of job work undertaken.   Wood for sale.
Stable and  Residence   Ppone 41
Hack Stand "    27
^MMMMMMM0       000 . ^i0000^000.'iDnoinooo i noialc
M^^WWWWWW-.:-\:-WWW^^WWWWW^ m DllSineSS LUldlb.
sinoltor  llie  " Marca
We Kill pul on uur Bargain Cun iters lines to clear rt-jai'dli'ss ,-i cost. owfe.
—_—„...   ,.-,,..-rT: ■j-.ic.g.-M.-.iir.-j?,-^^^ ''0
Shirts,   in   lll-ivk  nnd    0
llc'triilur   Price Si.oo.     W
Twen '• pieces -1   Scotch   Ginghams ami
Cham brays.   Regular IViec joc Now roc.
.Men's Workii
Snip,- Mnn ii;
Now i,i,c.
m> '■ -n'.pi-...■■:.in-
Ladies Cashmere II,"
iv leltinjj ilu-si- go ul   Sale  I'
Tweed Suits al S.-.„ii a Suit.
Reg. Price 45c.
Franneletlcs     Si
1 hecks
Our Slurb is ul ii* host Now, This is
ilu- place lo gel s.iiisi'.ii-i'tiin in Footwear.
Our I'lic-s are iiiiamnU-cdtin-lowest.
Men - Cash sere Sox.   Hi ,'ubir I'ric
Five Pairs loi - .
This is ilu' brntiil lor ilressy men.    They
possess gooil  mmlitVi shape, .mil finish.
iktw irainif«ai*c*Tiianrasx«OT.'JB^^ **j^,
I      IRE 113   &   ~Y~0'UNG-
&MMM0 MMMM0000 I 00000000000.00
wwww^--'^^ww- fcw$fW\' '■tfrwwmfffff*ifff
We have them- -all Kin
This is the Season for Pict
a- if 4 ### *$*$ *H*-M
I Canada Drug & Book Co., Limited J
9 i|i i|i i|i iii $ ft 9 9m^m99m mmmm
Local and General.
A bad case ol typhoid baecome inlo
the hospital from Three Valley.
An American syndicate is locating
a lot ot land on Arrow lakes lor Iruit
gr living purposes.
Cu Saturday a run-a-way team bo-
longing to W. Fleming went through
a plate glass window in ir,mt ol J. G,
Macdonald's store.
Morales, who threw the bomb at the] llicil" horse-thief named I'e.u.e Flynn
King and Queen ol Spain, shot him- j«« . '"•rested   »"Uth   ol    Pentieton.
self when he found he was recognised Having stolen a race-horse near Ver-
and was being arrested. ; »'»».. ho ™? w^ing acro.B llio border,
.    ,     ,. ,   .,   I Having riilden Uls miles i.i zl liniirs.
A meeting *-!  the directors of  the.        "
Revelsloke  Land  Co.  Ui. was held    Jim Hill, the railway magnate, says
last week and a substantial dividend British Columbia is the richest prov-
was authorized  to  be  paid to thej;»ceoi Uiiada.   H m,.-.,;, i..■■ „:■..-,
shareholders, all  of  whom  are local
II. F. (layman bus been appointed
car checker at Ilevelstoke,
At Stubeuville, Ohio, a pitched
battle took place between the striking
miners and guards who were ambushed by the former.
There is strung probability inht
linn. F. \Y. Aylmer will return ns
Dominion engineer for eastern liritish
Columbia, no appointment having
yet been made in his stead,
Thanks to the efforts of Constable
Simmons of Vernon, a notorious Am
At a meeting oi Turf Club Executive on Saturday night several tenders
were received for improvements to the
grounds and buildings and the tender
oi \V. Fleming was accepted.
The Lumbermen's Association are
so well pleased with the results ol the
work of G. P. Wells as organiser and
secretarv, that they have advanced his
salary by $1000 a year.
Sibbald -V Field this week sold live
acres oi forest land in the Mara
property between the city and the
Il'eeilli'waet river at $100 an acre. The
pint will be used for planting out
At Montgomery. Va„ a 6-year-old
boy was tied to a stake and burned to
death by playmates who were emulating the characters in a mock imitation ol Red men recently preseuted by
members oi a local lodge in the public
hall at that place.
Complaint is made to us that the
telegraph olliee is not c mnccted up
with the telephone Bystem lor con
venience of sending in messages troin
the further limits ol the city, but I. 1..
Smith, the managi r, ml n ns us that
owing to the inert-..-, I risk 11 error in
it.e-sas-- I.) us i,.- tin- tei. pie-lie the
C.P. K. Telegraph! will not accepl
message! Sled in that way.
An Indian grave has '■•■■ en IU ■■■ ed
at .1.  .McLeod- ranch" on the wesl
shore ol Windi rmen   ake    The Indians ol that :  --.ity kn w n it I    g
it and say it must have lieeii ,   -
there many  years   ig    ;-
time.   The  bones    i  tw    -.-;• el
were lound nnd necklets ol elk •■
in an ucellenl il iti   ol pn wrval
R. R. Bruce, ol  Wilmer,  and  Mn
Hume, nl Firlands, went out  to -
the disoovery,
Bul Kootenay iportimei in g il
ii,,i ,   .....  the ' vay   in  which wild
celery li Increasing in tin il ugh
the uppei  Colombia   river  south ol
Golden,  Tbey say this plani   »hii
(ages of farm, orchard, f-iresi, sea nmi
mines. The prairies Irom Winnipeg
westward, have tiiKjuestionitbly advantages of large areas ol good grain Und
und breadstull's, but liritish Columbia
bus everything iu the way of minerals
—coal, iron, gold, silver, copper, lead
and zinc; large areas ol agricultural
land, and large valleys suilnbli- I'ur lite
production ul fruit ami vegetables,
Open fireplaces are becoming fashionable in ilm best hi mes in Northeast Kootenay. Al II. E. Foster's
line home ut Firlands th - visitor is
struck with the magnificent open lire-
aces.    At .1. Tayntou's  1 -•■-.  u
Al lh- Opom  House last evening
there was a fair attendance to hear a
ituro by Cuiiirndo Austin  Lewis on
the San  Fiiini-iseii  horror.   The lec-
er spoke from n Socialistic puint ol
view, and claimed the devastation of
the oily was due to tho greed oi the
capitalists, who owned the wnter supply uiul   refused  information us  tu
whore it could bo lapped afloi* the
pipes hurst.   11 ll. (lough presided.
On Sunday night there was a (lis-
•acoful row at corner ol First street
ul Mackenzie Avenue and  Monday
the police issued u hatch of BiiinnionsOB.
The ense was set down   for hearing
to-day before It. Gordon, P. M.   Cl. S.
McCarter prosecuted on belia'i of the
city,   .lohn McKay and Tony Burton
wore (inch   lined ."fill and costs for
being  drunk  and    disorderly,   nml
warrants were ordend to be issued for
lie   nrrest  of   K,   McCutehcoii  and
Casey who failed to appear,
Social and Personal
R, Hows -n returned Saturday from
the east,
\V, W. Foster lift last evening on a
months' holiday. '
A. E. Phipps, manager of the Im
perial Hank, went south yesterday.
Mrs. F. li. Lewis intends going to
ihe Coast for tho summer months.
Ili-v. C. A, Procuniei* left jestenlay
ior Nelson lo attend the annual meet-
ng of tho Diocesan Synod.
\V. .1. Nixon, wh,, bus been nu inmate ol thi- Golden general hospital,
Biifforing Irom an attack of measles,
has returned to Revelstoke.
A. H. MoCloueghan, manager ol the
Imperial Hank, at Golden, Ins gone
iu iiis home in Ontario, whither he
;ms bei n called through the serious
illness ol bis mother.
St-e llowsiin's large stuck ol Carpet
iinarcs, ii beautiful sei,',-liun.
Satisfactory tailoring ui satisfactory
prices—Knight and Ilev no,
Wall papers   window  shades and
irtiiin fixtures, at C. I! Hume it Co's
t hildreiis wagons, automobiles, toy
oariiiiges nnd go Curls, at Howsou's
Furniture Sinn-.
If you ui*„ going lo be n tailormiido
innu you will be wise to let Knight- k
Define make you.
Buy an 0>ternioor mattress _ for
solid comfort, Howsou's Furniture
Store has them at eastern prices.
Jusl arrived, n nice line of luce
liirtiiiiis in prices Irom $1 to $4, exceptional value, at O.B. llunie i<: C i'i.
Wo have this week n few special
bargains in printed linoleum, six feet
wide, usk lor theni al ('■ B. llunie &
R, Samson is now running llie stage
in eiiiinect the city with the steamer
licvelstukc. The stage leilVOS at -1 a.m.
>,n Tuesday and Friday, steamboat
days Mr. Buinsou nlso undertakes
freighting to and from tho steamer,
The biggest, auction .ale yet held in
Ihe city isllxod fur June 18th,consisting of the entire house furnishings ol
two homes Fuller particulars in Inter
Southern Alberta ia growing fruit.
At Li thbridgestrawberries, apples and
plums haio been grown most successfully.
11. Creelnuin, who represents tho
local lodge of C. P. R, Engineers at
the biennial convention of the B. of
I,, I!., at Memphis, Teni,., expects the
convention to close in a few days when
lie will leave for home.
R, TAPPING has secured tlie rlght-of-
franchise us Bill Pastor for tbo Oanadian and
American BUI Posters Assoolntlon in tbo City
nf Revolstoke, imd having the bill boards, Iio
is now preparod to do all kinds of advertising
on tho sumo.
NOTICK IS UlillKllY uiVlfX that ilxtydavi
-ill,-, date I Intenil to np|ilj I,, Ilu- Hon. Chief
i 'oinmtisioner <>( bands ami w„i-k- for permission
le imrehnse llie following described land* situato
In Ihe Weal Knutonny district.
. iiniinencinn nl n it.iti.lI ]„,*, erected on Ihe
north bank ot tin- Unln river, abntil wu-eisht
mile ileal nl take i-a-ek and m 'keil "ll I' Kane's
-uu,i, eastenruer |,ost," I! -n Il, .0 clinlllll
iheuee ,,"'i *-, cl iln..: lh ,■ *,„itli -i oliulna,
i,i„, Ie„, , |„ |..iiier.l e easterly follow-
Ine llie bank uf tha river Kll chains moro or leu I"
pointof cuiniuenceinonl, comprising uno hundred
and sixty u-res morenr less.
I,.,,, i tlmaili May, 1909.
li   I'. KANIf.
Nuw tin-hul  ivi-nlbi-r is here,  yuu will
lind uiu-stun, well slocked wilh evi'l-y-
lliul will keep ymi well dressed ns wiill us
c furl iililo.
For Women
To-day's Express bi-nught us a Hhlpinunt
of Pretty Wash lilmiscs and Dainty Mim-
iln Underwear.   Wo lmvo nol seen anything-nlcci-not-anything quite so clipnp,
Summer Shirts
Fnnn the best makers in Canada, nil
styles uml all colors.  Prices  75c, $1
$1.25 and $1.50.
In Shi'i'i-  Lawns nml Organdies, wilh
Luce ov Embroidery Insertions, anil some
ii combination of both, long sleeves nnd
short sleevef,   All sizes Irom u2 to 12.
Prices fi-om i$1 to $5,60.
Tonki-'s Perfect Killing, nil shupes  2 for
In nhiiiisi nvi'iv shndi'. uml nil lho fashionable shapes- from 25c. Id $1.00,
Not Cotton  Iml llie finest qualities ul*
Nainsook wllh the prettiest patterns of
Hi'iiiling,  Kinlu'iiidi'ties uiul   Luces   yon
i-oiild wish to see, uud selling nl  prices
llllll will he sure In please you.
We hnvo tho host value In town.   Onllon,
Lisle, ('iislinu'ie, Wool. iln.    Vim will
snvu nionoy by buying from us.
Wash Goods
Thnl will soil   you  hulli in ipinlily uud
iniee.   This is a " While " yenr nnd our
Nobby Shoes
If yuu wanl sonni Bargains mo to us.
Wi- huvi' soiiii' odd lines in but h I'lllindiittl
and Aiiii-i'it-iiu lines thai sold ul (Blind Ijili
■ thoy are nil gillng al $8.50,    Nol ovory
size in nil. hul. nil sizes iu the Iol.
lines iu .ill Ihe dill'i'ii'iil weaves uiul niii-
li'i-i.-ils nre  splendid   values,   We lmvo
Alpacas, Oi-upos, Hop-Backings,  Linens
(iv hi to and natural) Cottons, Mercerised
lli-ociules, etc.
lliillii-iggiin, in Black or While, Natural
Wool, In nil weights
Cnttnii,  Milo, llalhrlggan, and Bill;.  We have nil
sizes uml nil prices—from iu cents un.
KM, in all colors, nf lho best makes, uml nil aw
purutttt'uil,  l.islf, TallVi.i mul liiin'. Black, White
mul i ream—all nines.
Hats!   Hats!
All the lies! Shapes iu Stiff and Soil
Felts ninl Straws,
In Silk, Hut in, Serge and Tweed, from
25c, up.
The Best Goods
and Lowest Prices.
WANTED-An energetic woman,
young or middle-aged, to act as
agent. Liberal coininission. Apply
at this Olliee.
WANTED—Good general  servunt
for family of two.    Iu town.
Apply D. Nairn, Red Cross Drug.
WANTED— Situation   in private
tuinilv, reliable and sternly girl.
No washing."   Box  105, Nelson, B. 0.
Pleases every Smoker the " Maroa
Basket Social
JUNE   19th
In Selkirk Hall. A good time for
nil nnd a handsome, smoking set for
one. It costs nothing to conic and
I nished, 5 minutes walk tiom O
P. It. shops, enst. Apply In Hohson
& Bell, Ilevelstoke.
NOTICK IS HBBR1IV (I1VK1, that sixty days
niter date I intenil to apply l„ tlm Hun. Chief
('eniinissiuner nf Lands and Works fur permission
to iiitrehii.se the following desoiibod latuls in tin,
West Kootenay district, west Hide,,( Upper Arrow
hlkelllinut nlli,.Ilnlf utile Hullth t,( l'esllliill creek.
Commencing at n pust marked,- " w. w. Lock's
lentil oast corner," atthe south wont corner „( I,.
802, llienee nnrtli Id clmins, along tlie nest, hound-
iu j- n( I,. 802: thoneo west mo ohains; llienee south
Sn t'liiiins; thonco east ,11 chains, mure or less to
tlie west, boundary n( A. Dollenmeyer's application
In purchase! theuce north 4'J chaius, mure nr less
to Ihe north wost cornor of A. Doflenmeyor's
application  tu pun-bust,; thence eust. Sll ellilins
nmre or less Io point o( couiinenconlenl, llll) ncrOH
Haled Slav !S, 19011.
Fur. 'I1. C. Slakinsoii, agent.
Nothing better than  " Our. Speoial.'
ire lake, there
•t built open liri-pl
,,:' Ut,
icre i- omyiil
_ laces we nave
ul   R.  A.   Kinipt,ui's   miigniticeul
h e ai   Windermere  is ills, fitted
with open fireplaces where the Yule
log burns s, brightly and cheerfully
as to make thc visitor  Ire u   lh i
hind feel at home uguin.
At an interview at Ottawa between
A. Mcliae. president of the l-'i.-h and
Game Protective i^ssociatiuii, md
Profess r Prince of the Fisheries Department, iii,- local inan, wh,, was
waiting a chance to gel n word in
edgi ways, remarked thai ii tin pr -■
lessor knew the damage done I ova
by suckers, sipiaw lish' und ling he
would nol long In sil te about sending
out has- Tin- professor remarked the
ling .i.,- lish of ivhich he knew noth
ing and asked b m iln il it* (pn - n
■ub. ii doesn I spawi ," ri marked the
local  fish  oxperi   il the sail i
.   a.   Big   Bill   Galliher, vho
..:... .      " :
Well Pleased With Their Trip
pn  ■   :.   tl I 111   ish      '•■   -■-      '
I. •   I.     -   iad '-*, iter -. .
,',-r planl
wt   tin
the  town      I        ■ ■'-    system is a
,  ■ -  ,    ■ ■ ' ■'.
d r e. ii       d     p|
-.;..-. :    .  , iled
Irai ■- istallcd     mice anil
I , '     I -!      I   ■
nterprisi wl by [level
Is such a favorite with leatheled game ., .k-- .m-l Arrowhead men and | nm
mint have Wen  propagated  by  the
ducks etc., visiting tin loughi and
thev siig'.'">i it should bo planted -
teniively in all  localities Ireqtientcd
by wild (owl, ai duck- lending on ii
are in iplendid condition lor table usi
and it appean to be a lavoritc I I loi
leathered   gam,-,   easily  grown  and
The Fish and Game Protectivi
Association arc (letermined to do
their utmost lo stop the illegal destruction of grmise as well n« other
game.   Ai a reaull a caae was I ighi
before Mr. fraser, 8.M., this week in
which a fine ol $10 and *t)l costs wa
iinpusi-d. in default ten days impri-
sonmeiit. Constable Dpiier prosecul
ed. Hli Wursliip pointed out the
penalty lor the offence waa a fineol
|100 or li'l days imprisonment and
similar offenders had better take
warning. Constable Upper lias in
hand anothei case of the kiud.
:-...  io  i - :, iiicci      :. ., mial    -■
-..   IV  II  lleid     I'     ilentnl
tin   ..    puny,  II  -. McCn '-
i uy. and T ii. Baker treasurer
ither  direct*
Oapl  l-'r.i ei l
Premier McBride and  Hon   I!
Green, Chief Commissini   r    ;'   Ui ils
uud  Works    i tun ed I    H ■■ -'    -
-.,-i, .; ly Irom ti eir trip  to  North
Easl K   tenay, when they   -
neetings al li ,ld n   t.  -:    ■''
... ,    Wilmer and    Al
-; lione    i I    metti ... al Spill-
■  m,. lie I at 8
...        ipite the i
hour thi n     ■ d
n       - ig I
..   ■•.,-.      ■ . •      trip
.From tie    stoke Hon. B. 1
south Kooten
ray ab -    ' ■"■'
him ti
people in
int I
I he  I - e Minins
, I Association, operu -:
Fire h)       ,■.,,:
mill to ope
.    ■ ipped to
■!;,. oompai . it fl
„-  smolti -I      I n	
romndellinu llieir Jmelt. r     Mr, In-
ilerson, the company > cngii
hn will take up   his ri idi   -
Bp Sll (ift#
.1. Henderson, having purchased
th,- business ni •!. B, Smith, will
give I ■ mipl service.
II.,- Special Attention
I,,.. urdi . ., Lawn nce's Hard
..,,.. St. :• : Centi ,1 Hotel Fronl
- re, ■
Circus Day at Revelstoke
Wednesday, June 13th
(r 100
C. W. 0. W.
ii \',nH i.
ili,, ,„..-    . emh     ,i   lodge
-,,, rk Hal        - inday even-
■ j ,i,.  10th  ■• heCamp
ittends for  Divii     Won
All ni' I by 6 I
II   \\    I'.n
I   .
:  \ ,,,,   i\ r Ken   I would A»
,, ,,|| ,,     - ■■ with
son HastinKs Street, Wost, Vancouuor.
i re. - PO. Bn    IM
Positively We Are Not Knockers
Where did you gel thai Idea?
Wanl lo hear real knocking ? "OLD HIT HIM A \AO<
down the street works overtime at il advertising us.
Tel   96 GOOD   GOODS
Ciiinrs.       Tobaccos,      Confectioner)
P 0 Box 41
Ice Cream Sodas,
Inm prepared I     -    irl       illklndsol
.1      i . .     ,,,,,,.', Mn,.   Iml ,
i. me i nnd ii,--   ,",  l-., -      -  '
ni I .-un. I ne -i       md Kridit
,,., ting with th ■ Hi en r Hi    I tol
I'm Hie' Big lleiul, und ul Is Hu-
ie nn- inn the return trip    lay ,
I.,.,,'.,, word al Navigation (Inm
l ,,,, ,,ir„" oi my Hlnhles whole to
, ..11.
m mm
le Menagerie
,mn Hippodrome
res of Trained Wild
nt! •■ x, u*
Th ■ Or.ly Lady in ih" Bntlra World who ihrows     \ - / *^
IMERSAULT3 on tho Nuked Buck of \aA V
.   v.iitiy Running Horse
Thundenng Roman Chariot Races
'^'i -V'!?!1.SEALS fi SEA LIONS
r-'<?f' Onlj Laity Japanase Artists in America
20 Astonishing Acrobats
23 Merry Clowns
-,     rue BCAurirut      ■
Le Fleur T™£?,
10 Lovely Ladies or Faultless Form in Classic
Poses on a Great Revolving Pedestal.
11 Arabian Tumblers
. MM (10) Famili
-' \        \      ItniiiGi'iOriiliilCycllil.r.iiillillirSkitirt
Reckless Rough Riders
Aerialists Supreme
7 Russian


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