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The Mail Herald Feb 5, 1913

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'Revelstoke. the Capital of Canada's Alps."
The Mail-Hepald
■      '''A,   B.
 ■■'■     ■■ ■  '■■■"
Voi."'V No 10
RBVK viOvH, B. I    FKi
$2.50 Per Year
Columbia River Great Traffic Artery.—Canadian Grain and
Timber Through Revelstoke to Pacific Ocean.—Government Spending $4,000,000 Improving Navigation on
World's Seventh Largest River.—Eight Foot Channel
Established to Priest Rapids, 407 Miles from Portland.
At the preseut rate of progress the
tviilo Canal, now being built between
the foot of Tho Dalles Rapids and the
head of (Vlilo Falls, on the Columbia
will be completed in the Fall of 1914.
The object of the canal is to over -
tome the natural obstructions on the
Oolumbia at this point, as these rapids and thc falls are the only barriers
to navigation on the river from the
Pacilic ocean to Priest Rapids, ou the
Columbia a distance of 407 miles and
to Lewiston, Idaho, on the Suak" ■
river, a distance of 47U miles. Completion, in lS'Jt'e, of the Cascade Canul
removed the only obstruction west of
The Dalles Rapids.
Clans for the canal and locks at Ce- {
lllo were adopted by Congress in 1902
These plans are now being carried out
They provide for a canal eight and a
half mile's in length, having a width
of 65 feet and a depth of eight feet at
low wator. As the fall between Celilo
and Hig Kddy is Sl feet at low water.
there will he live loks in all, two
loeks having a lit o: 35 feel ea.'h,
and one lo> k with a lift of 11 to IS
feet, depending upon the stage of the
river. In addition to these locks there
will be two additional locks, one at
Celilo and one at Ten Mile Rapid-.
These la-t two luck* will be used only at high water stages of theriver.
A: low water the gates will be open
ami the Io k- will form a part of the
canal. At low water bhsre will be
seven miles nf open canal from Celilo
to the h i i nf The Dalles Rapids and
all th !••! a.e will be done in the
lower seven and a half miles.
The canal will be lined with concrete
where it passes through the sand and
gravel, but no lining will be necessary
where it passes through -olid rock.
'l'li ■ lock u ■ icavated in solid rock
and will be lined with concrete. The
excavation lor the lower lock chamb-
ei nf the tandem locks at Big Eddy,
I.i a depth of 76 leet. The upper cha-
mb i . -.- il mi will have a depth of
•i.i lest. The lock gates will be constructed ol ''I The lower gates in
the tandem lock- will be 50 (eel high.
Each ol 'li" lOJk chambers will be
I.'i feel " di and 200 feet long—ample
for all classes of Bteamcrs tbat will
navlgat    th ■ upper river,
Cons I. . • i.n ..I the canal Involves
the removal ol al out 1,800,000 cubic
yur.i ol olid roek and 1,500,000 cublo
J ,-ii 1- ol sand and gravel, and will re
quire the placing ol 114,1)00 cubioyafd
nf concrete mtl .ir y a well as 99,0 '
- anal lining in a Mit ion
lo 2,80  00 I pound • t.i1 work and
n ry,
Th • esl in ated cosl ol i-ho wurk is
$4,84 the pn .mt indications
.,..'   fh   I     li       ui   Will ii v reel   this
Bg     A    '-i'ii i icralile     living   will be
.        ed. II  1       el    bj   hir  I  labor,
especially if the fundi are made avail-
.•n.i - . ii fi,       there at 9 in- a '--n -
tion of woik during tin* construction
I I'lind.
tt ii esl Imaled tba' it can be opor -
.iie,i about i'ii months annually. The
annual Jun fn hei will cause it to
be  Inoperative for about one month.
ll    is   e  I i.ii.-i.ed   llinl    il    will   re |iiire
two houi in.I SO iiiitiuie-s for a steamer to make tbe passage through the
• hannel.
The lirsl work in ronneettOO with the
canal began ill 1901 and consisted ol
widening and deepening the Oolumbia
Unci at Three Mile Rapids, about 1
mile below i:' ■ .' .squired even yean to complete thl improvement, which Involved the removal of
(."..Min ruble- vi.rde of solid rock rr.'f<
ni I 'horn line, much of which «n« un
iler   water.   The   flrd   actual  COD lW
linn woii. wa   begun   n Octobet 1905,
when contractors started wort at
Celilo on one-half mile of canal, which
included the Celilo locks and boat bas
in. This project alone cost approximately $300,000. The small amount of
funds available at the time prevented
the letting of a larger contract. This
work was particularly important on
a. count of th" river wall of thc boat
lasin. Th.' wall has a height of 52
feet above its foundation at the -deepest pla<v aud ha- a total length of
about 1500 feet. The Winter season of
190u was particularly favorable for
work and the foundation of thc wall
was placed without interference by
Winter freshets or severe weather.
In  1907 Congress appropriated $100-
000 for con:inning the contract work,
and authorized contracts lo the extent of $000,080. In the following year
a second contract for the construction
of about three miles of canal was let
This section wa< built in .-o'fd rock,
and gravel, excavation and involved
the removal ol about 350,000 cubic
yards of solid rock and 400,000 cubic
yards of sand and gravel. In Juu •,
1910, Congress appropriated $600,000,
for continuing the work with a view
of its completion in six years. No
mention of contracts was made. It
was th"n decided by the United States engineers to discontinue the contract work and construct the canal
by hired labor. Authority was granted on June 7, 1910, and the work of
assembling the necessary plant began
at once. By the middle of July, 1910
the actual excavation of tandem locks
hud be -n begun and in less than three
months p force of several hundred nv u
and necessary plan) wa- at work.
Four >team shovels and a large land
dredge, with necessary locomotives &
cars, were purchased an.I a concrete
plant with a capacity of 300 cubic yds
daily was constructed. There is now
( n tbe ground nnd in use a plant val-
t ed at over $200.(100.
From Juiy 1910, io July 1911, the
Work waa pushed vigorously as Con-
eTess appropriated $t;oo,000 in February, 1911. In Spetember 1911, it wa-
necessary tee reduce the force to presenl Ihe work being dosed down by
lack of funds. Owing io d-'lay in securing addition appropriations th-
work was ci.. 1 down on May l. 1912
and wa- not again resumed until July
25 ol ihe' Bame ye ir, whi a $700,1 was
appropriated,   Much progress has i n
made incc 'lm ahout 700 mn being
employed. The project is about 60 per
.   n.   compl ill I.
The worl f Major   J,
J.  Mori . Captain H H. Rob-
• rl  .-i   i:    •       mt, an I iv:. Bchu -
1 e.rt assistant engin • i.
CAN \IH AV   \i  ,'li.N.
'i h ■ imi ortano a  th   Columl .
tr as a great  Internet! nal highway
-,.i  he ivj   I.   bu .       alio
receiving con iderabli al ntion from
tbe Dominion of Cana la
Iii the Iii t . si..n .,f th ■ Ottawa
Huns.. an appropi a
the purpose ol defraying expeni - of a
u.v.-v party, who were 'o work dom
lhc Citj ol Revelstoke down the Col-
imbia River io thc Boundary Line,
and ascertain an.l thereafter teporl.
upon II. tter of thi     litnbll
ny nf .h' Columbia rivei f..r navigation, and as to the expe-n--e which
■ iriii bi n '-■ ai ■ in ■ ler to provide
nn eight fo.it channel, all thc way
from Revelatoke, to where the river
entei    Atnei iran t rrilory
The i normoii an i con lantly ex-
riii.ii.i- wheal crop ol th* Canadian
Northwest, which foi pasi
bave complcti Ij hoked up nU the nv-
allal le nut! I In -ii H utern ship -
ping I'"'      w-' r-   the pr..' nn   OaUSt ol
this action, on thc part  of the   Canadian authorities
It is believed that the time is not
far distant, whan a large proportion
of this western wheat will have to
End its way into fhe world markets
via the Pacific Coast and the Panama
Canal. The parties behind tho Colum
l.ia River Waterways Improvement
schemes in both countries, believe that
the cheapest way to get the wheat
and all other bulky Canadian traffic
to the sea board will be via Revel
stoke and th'nce by water down the
Columbia River  to Portland,  Oregon.
It is pointed out thai Portland has
for years been a great wheat shipping
port, and that there exist at the Ore
£,on seaport every facility, for i opinj
with grain shipments, whilst these facilities have been greatly extended
with the special purpose of bidding for
Panama Canal traffic Tha Port of
Vancouver has *o far made no serious
attempt to either provide elevators or
prepare additional dockage or wharf-
ege accommodation in readiness for
wheat shipments; the route via the
Columbia River from Revclstoie t«.
Portland, is the most direct, econom-
iial, and practicable artery for this
great volume of tratlic, ii is estimated
that a saving of at least five cents per
bushel is in-favor ol the Portland via
Revelstoke and the Columbia, as com
pared with carrying the grain thru'
by rail to ihe Pacific ocean at Van-
e Oliver, B. C.
The report of th • engineers who
were appointed io investigate the
possibilities of tho Columbiu River wa
leeway, has not yet been presented,
but It is understood to be entirely fa-
\ o: alile to the project, and will be so
encouraging indeed, as must compel
the Dominion government to move in
the matter. Thc Canadian authorities
u ied not be afraid of spending a little
money on the "Columbia," thc seventh largest river in the world, in order to make sanv navigable to the International Boundary; already th" U.
S. Government have -pent over fo.ir
millions of dollar- In rendering some
I'.'i miles of the same nvcr on their
side e.f the line, available toshipping,
and this work is constantly being
pushed ahead  and extended.
Today there is a very considerable
lommercial shipping along the Colum
bia river, and the economic geography
of the Northwest, makes it absolutely
-nio lhal traffic must find the best
channel no artificial tavoriteism for
other older routes, or petty Interna
tlonal fc '. ii-. will le.- allowed to continue the only obstacle prevent Ing the
use ot il.- Natural com nic hi >hway
' the gn at ('..I mil la River, for
:raffle destln  I ... worl 1'   markets via
■   Panama Cannl.
Drawinqrooni Recital
tin   Salurda]     afternoon. Fob, l t,
I u'i on s mu Ic pupils nnd their
friends assembled al her home- for
t belt firsl recital, an I a most Interesting programme was rendered. Much
pupil contributing. I
The interest evidenced, thc interpretation and ih" executive ability re-
fleeted great credit on tlicir energetic
leacber, the I pre sion In rendering bo
ng particularly good.
Something of the lives and itrug-
.-'      eef  th* compose)    was learned  by
live papers from mibscs Ruth
I,in lini.'i and Marion Lawrence, on
BethoVl n  an.l   Handel.
\\.- are pleased to loarn that it in
Ml i aw .-ir Inti nt Ion to hold a pro
gn Ive lories of drawing room recitals.
Th? following pupils have been sec-
cessful in the grading examinations,
The names are arranged in order of
Inter. IV. to High IV.—M. Lawrence
M. Whittaker, R. Calder V. Jollille,
H. Hack, A. McLean, K. Donaldson,
D. MeCarter, E. Johnston, T. Bain,
G. Tomunson, D. Rushford, (J. Patrick, S. Manning,) F. Leigh, W. Fleming, T. Clough, A. Fraser, iP. Stacey
Ta Lee), T. Morris, W. McDonald, C.
Moran, J. Robbins. Recommended,A.
Robinson, T. McRae.
Low IV. to Intermediate IV.— M.
Simmonds, D. Fraser, F. Dunn, B.
Laughton, A. Lundell, H. Tomlinson,
P. Lonzo, S. Turk, M. Johnson, Q.
Goung, S. Liddy, A. Corson, W.
Smith,  E.  Eaton,  R.  Lawrence,     R,
Dominion Appropriations Include $50,000 Towards Building Government Postoffice Here. —Columbia River
Navigation Survey Receive $15.000.—Substantial Sums
for Building Wharves Along Arrow Lakes.
Appropriations for East and     Wost
Kootenay and Boundary include:
Craubrook—Puhlii' buildings, 42
public building renewals, $15,000.
Fernie—Drill Hall. $20,000.
Golden—Public building, 225,00ft.
Grand  Forks—Publi'    building,
Revelstoke—Public   building,   $50,000
Trail—Public  building.   $20,000.
Ainsworth—Wharf, $8,200.
Beaton—Wharf, $8,500.
Boswell—Completion   of   wharf,   $1,-
Stone,  G.  Jackson,   S.  McMahon, T. j    Columbia and Kootenay
Kimberley, I. Donaldson,  (A.Burridge   pr0voments, $20,000.
Columbia river—Survej
G. Bruce,) P. Ringer, H. Goodwin, A.
Sutherland, O. Peterson, V. GaUicano   navigablltty  from   Iioundary. $15,030
East  Arrow Park—Wharf. $7,508.
Grey  Creek—Wharf, $.re,000.
Harbors, rivers, bridges, gen -i al
pairs and  improvements,  $30,000.
...Invermere—Wharf,   $20,000.
M. Jollille, G. Davis. Recommended,
J. McCarty, J. Robertson, M. Brown.
Junior Intermediate to Senior Inl
termediaee— Class A.—D. McGre'gor,
W. Clough, A. Leslie, A. Smith, R.
Lawrence, T. Mai y, L. Edwards, H.
Bradshaw, L. Maley, C. Holten, .J.
Pouine, L. PetiTi-on. Recommended,
R. Shaw, J. McGregor. J. Lonzo.
Class B—C. Davis, (E. Tapping, O.
Leigh, G. Field,) H. Bradshaw, E.
Williamson, B. Williamson, G.Williard
A. Fleetham, W. Sing, W. Nelson,
Sf Needham, A. Daniels, 0. MeKinnon
Roi ommended, J. Calder, B. McMahon.
Second Reader to Junior Intermediate Class A.—E. Shuttlewood, L.
Bongard, D. Garland, D. Smythe, K.
Butherland, D. Bruce, Rl Law, ... I.
Morgan. V. Madden, C. Stone, (E.
Abrahamson, F. McDonald,) R. Gordon, F. Cook, W. McRae, F. Bourne,
J. Ebata, M. Hamilton, A. Mainprise
T. McGregor, I.. Lilley, E. McMahon,
Class B—J. MeKinnon, C. Lyons, S.
alien. B. Peterson, M. Bell, P. Mc -
kellar, M. Southworth, M. Daniels, W.
Dunn, B. Nrl-on, M. Shaw, G. Campbell. J. Fleetham, W. Whittaker, R.
Armstrong, E. Johnson, N. Bruce.
From First Reader to Second Reader—Class A.—W Smythe, (B. Brad-
siiaw, D. Bunnell.) E. Jollifle, A.
Needham,   (G. Barraclough, E. Lily.)
D. Siegfried. J. McRae.) D. Holten, J
Madden, C. Owens, F. Watson. Recommended, P. Oowan. Class B.— G.
Bell, H. Melti,., A. Cartwright, (T.
Leigh. G. Mainprise,) A. Cressman, W
Jnmieson, G. Carlson, A. Davis, A.
Lesperance, tl. Trimble. Al Robertson
A. Williamson, T. Gordon, A. Goaeffln
E. Abrahamson, Eng Ming
Second    Primer    to First  Rouder—
Class   \. -A. Abrahamson,   I).  Leigh,
B. Burrldge,  A.  Bourne. T.  Madden,
C. Pochard. 1). Pciv-inni, I). Leslie. A
Petterson. Class li—I). Southworth,
It. Upper, .1. Mainprise, 1,. Barns*, H
Morris, W. Cres man, L. Parry, If.
Davis, Q. Morgan, V. Hamilton, A.
McRae, T. Coueffln.
Junior Second Primer to Senior Bee
.uul Primer—A. Cnelson, N. Pappas,
G, Madden, M, Calder, T. Trimble,M,
Miekelson, J, Allot, J, Bamson, S.
McLean, it. Parker, J. Bruce, (!.
Tni//i, W. Upper   M. Cl iland, O.King
First. Primei to Becond Primer— U.
Taylor, 3. Daniel on, EC. Cor on, T.
Edwards, N. Allen, M, Lidy, ,i. Jam-
li  .hi. c. Kelson   W. MorrI«, B. Warn
ii.   K.   SI nil.',   Fleming.
Primary    tn     Senior   Fil   t   Pl inicr •
W. Smythe, D. Miller,     li. Fleetham,
\. Johnson, C. Bmyithe, A. Morris,
II. McMahon, it. JolllfTe, I). William-
.in, O. Lilly. F. Mainprise, EO. Daniel-
m n,     it. Allen, tl. Price, ii. Barrac
Junior Intermediate to Senior Intermediate—0,  I.undell, Pat Skene,     D.
Porta,  D.   Mackenrot,  (!.  Forde,      S.
Moran, I, Hay, !•'. Porta, K. nv. rgan,
1). Lyttle, F. Pugsley, 0. Johnson, L.
iini.Mnn. w. Cameron, h. Brlgga, 1).
Hume, M.  McLcod, M. Goodwin,      A.'
Morgan, A, Oa bato, I). Laing,     M.
McCleneghan, IN. Go.-h, L. Mnnnlng.)
n   Qallirano, L. Qoodwln, H. McDonald, n   Hay. R. Mnekcmi.t. 0   Carta-1   oltaWR'
in. ii. Crawford, v. Hunt, w. Lang- inK As>' Wednesday and ,-, parliament-j
bead, 0. Hunt, s. McAdnm. s. Deil-  ary holiday, the commons will    have
moni, 0.  Blantouche. enly four working dnys In the pri
Kaslo—Wharf, $18,000.
Koot.nay Bay—Wharf, $7,500.
Needles—Wharf, $7,500.
Renata—Wharf,  $7,500.
Shutty Beaih—Wharf, $6,000.
Willow Point—Wharf,  $10,000.
The total expenditure for the above,
improvements is $362,100.
In addition there is a vote of $550.
000 for dredging in Britiph Columbia
of which part will be spent in Kootenay. There La a!-o an appropriation
of $19,300 for a new di edging plant for
^^^^^^ this provine.
We are informed that the $".0,000
rivers-Im- appropriated for ReveUtoke is for the
r.'w post ofe". This sum is not into ascertain tended to be the whole allowance for
.he building. We understand it will
Le augmented at the next session by
uuotheT like or largi r sum, sufficient
o erect a creditable post office and
custom- office at the Capital of Canada's Alps.—Kd.
Senior Second Reader to First ye'ar
Intermediate—C. Laugtaead,  E.    Frey,
D. Rushford, D. Ciitelli, L. Frey, J.
Smith. J. Murray, J. Guzzo, H. Hughes, Mary Desimone. T. Blamoue he.F.
Donaldson, J. Pugsley, J. Goch, F.
Curveon. Alma Lie.   Recommended
Jr. Second Reader to FirM year In-
lermediati—L. Beech, R. Beech, E.
Kincaid, M. McMahon, P. Kulcyzcki,
M. Porta. F. Turk, R. Lindmark, J.
Patrick, E. Davenport, M. Lain,', M.
Cancelleirc, E. GaUicano, B. Kenwaid
Recommended—M. Goodwin, O. Lonzo
nnd H. McLean.
First Reader to Second Render— E.
Frey, L. Hayward, J. Crawford, T.
Jaekson, E. Comoz/i, p. Irviu, J.!
Moran, M. Ringer, A. Lawrence, B.
Mackenrot, ('. Couoz/i, H. Cu-hato,
R. Pngdiu, F. McCarty, H. DeBlas, D,
Stacey. C. Lee. C. Howson, H. Curve
on, V. GaUicano, II. GaUicano, E.
Macdonell,   <!.   Donaldson,  D.   Purvis.
E. McCleneghan, It. Bell. V. Hooley,
!•:. McArthur, J. Beech, W. Hughes,
Q. Young, W. Cormier, M. Go.-h, L.
Luth'f.  It.  Cummings,  M.   Fittante.
Senior Second te. Firsl Book- H.
Porter, V. Paleck, ('. Kimberley, G
Miclelll, U. Mi .'ili, R. Hove, R.
Goodwin, P. I on o, \ Tevin, -T.
Carmh hid, J. Cretelli and M-
F. Donald-on, I. Donald on,  .1
W.   Morgan.   It.   Fittante,   F.   I
R. Trimble, C. Defoe, J. Cane l'i re.
Junior   Secon I     Primer to R   > r
Second   Primei^-W.  Potter,  0   Jo
.-on. H. Brlggi. i:  Galil. ano, E. Fra :
er, It. Slriannl, E. Robbing \v. Hi .
deifon, J. Hin.-ei, A
Junior Second Prin • r -,-
( n.i  Primei —R,   Rowli ft.  C.  M
int., 0. Lie... '■ . i D   Kil] al.   :..     A.
Corning,. J,  Rowlet     \
PoiniiiT. if. Turl .. (W. Roi in ion,   P.
Dean),   (IS.  Smith,  R.  La
Trimble,  W,  Crawf. i I, L.    Lai
Norberg, tl. Blacpw II, W.  I'i   ta,    If,
Ballard, A. Harri . J   Blantou
I '.I    .1  etee.    !•'.    I'l,-. . I
Si ii i ir  Fil      I - '        r 8w-
ci  i rimer   li. Fr y, Fred 8
McRae,  lv  Ford     i..
Goi b.      v    i'i Icy,
Howson, Vi. Johnson,
Pri mar j Cla    In H
• r   Squarnbi igg . K
gan, ti .    I'ar.iM.he
Hob on,  A.,  Pri Hi Ite    \
II ,  Di I.:-.ui,  It..  Fyfi    J
week. Monday will be devoted to pri-
\ate busin-ss, T ■ govern
ment day nn.l it is e\p ct d that th.-
main estimates will I tabled by Hon
W.T. While. I- j. )',]■, -,- -I:..,' on n, .
count of Hon. C.F.. Foster's early de-
1,-irtur for Australia, the West Indies
tiadc agreement n'd other matters in
which he Is Interesl .1 will be taken up
These include th? adjunct to the Grain
act. Th ■ hou«e .'■• ,•.'■•. therefore, U
r.ot li't.-ly to lie resumed un'.il Thursday or Friday ni tt.
A Hi thi- mo n
Ing. stat.    thai B   \       . ., boi I man
of tb.it town ha- eitl       ■   i
or commitl   I Bui i.i.-. Co no Dr.Ham
ilton lefl ih - ng I
investigate matters.
T   Pug
I. .
'    ' ■
II. li'i-V.    G.i    l.'C.      \
Biisco, R., Laughton. R., Hume,
Kilpatrick,  N.    Rowlett,  ll , Hnn
Quzzo, M . Cn til i   i.i.
f.on/o. v., Middle, A.
Recclvii • tee PiImary   Bregolii •■
Tevln, P., Crawford,  J., Harris,
Defoe, J., DeBlas . J.,     p
Demore, F. Cflinhato, F . Defoe,
M,-i M-nn.  a .   Cummings,  H
louche, i;.. GastaMon, M., Hi   -. J,
\iin irong, '' . Defoe, n.. Jone . n*
li .
it .
I'll' i\ INi'K   WILL   BE
l'.' '■        |!      ■       fa      .'e.l
umbia    will   be   i nted at
.   . ti-
.i'.  HI..-.. -      -.be
I ..  dune.
n.-xi,  hy Ho i.    Tl
P Forks,
'. puty,  Mi    V W    Fo ter.  11
I e
ll".   .'.' ,.-!   ;. :. .' fa    fa
Mi    \. E. Ti i
r 1   ar.d
I one
11    •'  "    e >       . , ■      "ll   ■  '•
B  tl
I ro i-i
i ■ tier   up-
:. I
i, so thai
ther I
f.     Do
ro fall 1   in
' rural and In-
• n n
Main Estimates for the Week
'.',- U'.-dn    day   next be-
.Mnii-'i t—"The Rosary."
Empress tbs
\f t.1   21   an 1  tl    J ".   :  le   Po-coni; n.
at the Empreta th>ati i,
Banter Wi      i
llU.i     I   .
A        H       eef     U.     '!' PAGE TWO
List Your Property With Us
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
J ).\\ D. SIBB.VfyD, I> .<•:;. J. I), SIBBALD, JR , Sue.
Public Schools Attendance
The attendance at the public Bchools
for January was as follows:
Central School, Div. 1..
" II..
 ' IV..
" V...
  Vlll. 38
Tot ils 270
Selkirk   School  Div. I...-10
"    III..38
 IV.. 40
 V.  .38
 VI    43
This being the last week of our January Sale, we are going to make a clean
sweep of all odd lines.   Price reduced to a fraction of original cost.
Reg. $1 to $1.50. Sizes,
154 to 17 only	
SALE PRICE, 50c. Each
08 12
01. «7
na ss
00 81
HEAVY RIBBED Underwear. Reg. 753. per garment	
35c. per Garment
Steady Progress During Past Year—Arranging Judges
lor Coming Show—Finances very Satisfactory—Proposal to In:rease Membership.
One of the largest rne:-tings of
Poultry fandera evei held in Revel -
Mo'tc was held al Smythe's hall, on
Wednesday, Jan. 29. Those present
were —J. Mathie, O. Young, J. Shaw
F. Som.- E, Paget, H. Scighlried, D.
NV-dham, E. Somerville, J. Ballard,
W. A. Foote, Mr. Creech, F. W. Laing
and Secretary R.  Smythe.
Janic? Mathie took the chair.
Secretary Roy Smythe read thc inin
ute* of last meeting and on motion
were adopted ap read.
The Secretary's report on thc financial standing of the Revelstoke Poultry As=o-iation for the year 1912,
shows a total of receipts of $167.61,
and 'i;ens s $166.86, leaving a bai-
an * on hnn.l of $2.05. On motion an
audit committee was appointed con.
► ie-ung ol F. W. Laing, M. Creech and
E. Somerville.
On meet ion F. W. Laing gave notice
of amendment io constitution that
Sec. :i t.e am-nded to read an annual
fee of ?2.00 of which amount $1.00bc
forwar.i.-d to the secretary of the B.
C. Poultry Association to constitute
eu h member of the locnl association
a member of the B. 0. Assoe-iation.
with the provision that any
life member of the B.C. Association.
shall be called upon to pay a fee of
$1.00 only  for     membership  in     the
Revcl-itoke Poultry Association.— Carried.
Thc election ol officers resulted as
lion. President—F. W. Laing.
President—J. Mathie.
Vice-President—F.  Fleetham.
Sec. Treas.—Roy Smythe.
Executive—H. Seighfried, J. Ballard, S. Needham.
The matter of holding a Winter
show was discussed and on motion it
was decided to hold same this year,
in the month of December, dates to
be decided later.
A committee was appointed to look
after the matter of securing a judge
committee to comprise of F.W. Laing,
J. Mathie, F. Fl?etham an-d Roy
The Secretary reported having received several now members to lhc
Revelstoke Poultry Association and
thc B. C. Association.
At the elo-* of tho meeting n hearty
vote of thanks was tendered to Mrs.
Roy Smythe' and Mrs, F. Fleetham for
refreshments they so kindly sent to
boost   the  Poultry  Association  along.
Any member wishing to join the Rev
elstoke Poultry Association or the
II. ('. Association, can call on the
Secretary or any member of the Asso iation nnd help make our annual
show n sue.ess.
The B, 0. Poultry Association show
will bo held at Grand Forks tbis
Totals... 283   03.11 105
The Nelson Shield was won in the
Central school by Div. VI., with a
percentage of 97.24 in punctuality and
regularity. Division IV. of Selkirk
school wins the shield with a per -
contage of 96.90.
High  School  report  for month     of
January, 1913.
Div.l Div.2 T.
Enrollment   19     18     37
Pres.     Ev'y    Sess      4        4        8
Percentage Attend 917   .793   .815
Regular $5 to $d	
ODD LINES men's Underwear, heavy ribbed,
includ'g Stanfield Tiger
90c. per Garment
BLACK AND KHAKI colored Mackinaw Coats, best
makes.    Reg. $6	
MEN'S SHIRTS, collars attached
cream ground, fancy stripes, 14.fi
to 16J	
Flannel Shjrts, collars attached.
Reg.  $1.25	
.MEN'S SUITS, Tweeds, etc. Reg.
$20 and $22.50	
fc    BLOCK
Big Eddy Sc o.l
The total attendance at the Big
Eddy school for  January was 228i.
Thc pupils were left in excellent condition by the retiring teacher, Miss
Bruce, and consequently are readily
taking hold of (he new term's work.
The following pupils were perfect- in
attendance during the month: Charley
Barrett, Rolf Carlsen, and Fawaune
Albeet Canyon Public School
The following is thc monthly report
of Alliert     Canyon  public school for,
tho month ending January 31, 1913:
Days school     was in session      20 .
Total actual     attendant*  215J
Average  actual attendance  10.77'
Pupils  attending  during  month...    121
Eoys        6
Girls   ',       6
Visitors         1'
The following are  those who    have
attended     every day suring month:—j
L. Carlson, 0. Litva, V. Litva,     AT. ■
Snndberg,   E.   Ratcliffe,   Russell     Rat-
Revelstoke Land Ditrlct.
District of WeBt Kootenay.
Take   notice that I,  Robert Arther
Mossman    ol Nakusp, B.  C, occupa-1
tion Medical Practitioner,  intends to
apply for permission to purchase the|
following  described  land:
Commencing at a post planted at
the N. W. Corner of Lot 9323
Thence West 40 chains thence South'
40 chains thence East 40 chains
thence North 30 chains to the point
of commencement and containg 160
acres more or less.
Dated November 30th 1912
Robert Arther  Mossman.
1st issue Dec. 14th
Sewing Machines
coming nam
March 7—"The Rosary."
Emprese the-
Apr.l  21  and 22—Juvenile Bosonian-i
at  the  Empress theatre.
Famiiy Rink Wins
■ ■■■     B.    C, Jan. 30—The 1913
•!   o!  th-     Golden  Curling . lub
hisiory and with Its
record     in eonnection
with   b    roaring game in Canada has
been estallished....Tho Henderson risk
• omposed of James Hendenson of Golden and  three  tons,  George.    James.
and     William, are the hero.'s ol    the
■    '■ •    lo-i only  one game.
are artists anl it is problemat-
dhcr link   an be found     in
tb-  Dominion composed entirely      0f
■'■   iM family tbat will meas
ur* up   •    ■ em.   Th.-y i...
the erar.d challenge which take    with
It the Parsoni trophy, a very valuta Burn- conpetr
:  : la e in the O'Brien, an .
' is the result ■
v ■'  ' ■ B«    PPoaed iy   ome oi    the
'      '••■'   •   '   -   -  in the wo t a
An Interesting feature of the
' '"■   ■ ■•''• tbeir rink *as   in
no wa] | .   . ,
••cn  ef  the  -lav   wa      I
'r     ■   th- grand challenge, In wh  b
Henderson     beat   Buckham   ;   •    -
frth" ■' hi   teriei were   Hen-
• I Buckham il. ■ ;.,,...
pn 10 Breti ,,f Han't beat Henderson
n the final Fftmo oi tin- O'Brien competition, IS to II Other frame* for
this troihy were Henderson ». War-
ren 7   BrHt  12,  King 9.
Colebrook of Banff took Urst place
In thc consolation. Stalker of Wiime,
leelm- pc'oni.
A big smoker in honoi  of the visit-
inir enrlers  wa.  held,  nn,,  ,,,„ pr|
of 28th correct, with ex.-eption of the
nani'v Which should read Peoples
T'Ust Company. not Wes'tnin-ter
Trust Company.
Briti-h i ■
Fory years in use, 20 yars the
standard ires, ribed and r.votn r.end
ed hy phyklcian=. Fer Woman'-. All -
ir.'-ir-. Dr. Martel's Female Pills,    at
v - IT   elrngjisi.
A nice new stock of Singer and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
by the month at Manning's.
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING.   Agent.
Fruit  Land
Galena Bay lands in parcels ol
10 or 20 acrep or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Watch This Space
Next Issue
Fit-Reform Clothing        Stefson Hats        Foot-Rite Shoes
4" fcj?*5rS& 'f.
Buy Real Estate in lievelstoke
These  lots are 4-10 of  an acre nud are beautifully situated in
the west end.
The  price,  $303, means  that you are BOUND to make money
on them.
The terms are so easy that yon can pay   for  them   without   any
In Men's Furnishing Department
Rubbers, Sox, Tweed Pants, Heavy Top Shirts,
etc., reduced to cost ....
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
Th- Following who hi,   been receded
by th- Mall-Herald
New Westminster, January M, 1918
The Mall Herald, Ren
Report of voluntary anljunwnl   ol
trust companv in British Columbian
ONCRETE watering-troughs and
feeding-floors help ro keep your
live-stock healthy.
\ |   '      ' e     of   hogl IT.   directly
»** fe<
e .1 a I     I •
improvement!, hi
due  to
■ mr mud
I e. e   IDI ■
.•■ iiii  i. tram;) i i    ■ . i .
eat il ■    ■ .   .  " on, with, mi rete
iren., - ,  sjniury       I   ey keep ho|
ov Itnl.
II7A    I    IK   I   Me
V \     i m pi
'io -.    are
"f valuable,
All   ire   f ■      '■<•'!   in   „ur
every day
J fill [Mage,
icnt free to any farmer upon reque.t     Thia IkihIc hai «le"w of Canadian f..rmrrj nov
r '  : Stable,     In avkint; f'.r it, t place  v.eir r.t under the iligli
obligation to boy cement, or to do anything el«e for ui    S nplyatkiot the book, by Infer
or pod ' ml, an I it will he mailnl .it nnrr.    Addri
I lo
..Swift's Specialties..
Revelstoke Meat Market Ltd.
will refresh you with its bright, spicy
flavor nnil frnnraticy. Kohl in 1 lb.
leail packages.
Price, 35c., 40c. and 50c. per lb.
P. O. Box 208    GROCER & BAKER    Phone No. 28 WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 5tb, 1913
It makes no difference which way the cTWunicipal Elections go,
the future of Revelstoke is assured, and our City is going ahead this
year as never before. Outside capital is already heading our way
and property values are gradually increasing. Appoint yourself an
" Investigation Committee" of one, Mr, Investor, and take advantage
of some of these snaps.   For a limited time only we can offer:—
100 Feet on 7th Street B2WS $1280
range     ^
100 Feet on 8th Street S™ $1200
50 Feet on McKenzie Av. Sssfe A Snap
Modern House, 4th St. &E.SS $2200
Modern House, 2nd St. Lv^rS $1800
A good assortment of West End Property, $300
per Lot and up,.
J. B. Watson Realty Company
R. R. COLE, Manager, MacKenzie Avenue
Local Agency, American Casualty Co.
.'■ 11rial value in a   Hct Water   Koltle.    A   2   quart  Red   Rubber
guaranteed hcttle.  _    fl.?S
Chamois and Ke.l Felt Chest I'rotectors, Kach       £1.50
Rexall Cherry Cough Cure 35c, 50c.,fl.OO
Rexall Wine or Cod I.iverOil $1.00
KtM'l!   Hype phot-phi tes—(the  le.st   tonic  we ran recommend)
Rexall Beef, Iron and Wine  $1.00
All Rexall preparation gnarenteee to «i\e satisfaction or we will
return vour money.
tawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
ol Dominion Lands.
Ladies' Shags Going at Cost
Now is your chance to get Shoes at
Bargain Prices. Sale will only last
for a few days. Come now and get
your choice at this Bargain Sale.
Coal mining rights ol the Dominion
In Manitoba, Buakutchcwun and Alberta, tho Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territorial und in a portion of the Province of UritlBh Columbia, muy bo loused lor a term ol
twenty ono yeurs ut nu annual rental of $1 nn acre. Nut moro than
1,560 lines will  bo lousod  to ono ap
Application for louso must bo mndo
by the applicant in pitHon to the
Agent or Hub Agent ol the district
lu which the rights applied (or are
Tho lease will mm Iii<I>• tho coal una
Ing rights only, hut tho lessee muy
lie permitted  to     purchase whatever
available surfuco rights may be con
sldcrod uecossury for the working ol
tho nui..' at the rate uf $10.00 an
In surveyed territory the land must!
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in un-
survcyed territory the tract applied
for shall be staked ou: uy the ap -
pllcaut  himself.
Euch applicant must be accompanied by a fee of $6 which will be refunded if tbe rights applied for arc
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on tho merchantable output of the mine at the
rote of tlve cente per ton.
Thc person operating tho mine shall
finnisli the Agent with sworn returns
iii'iiiiiiiting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mino>! and pay the
royalty thereon. If the coul mining
rights are not being operated, euch
returna should be furnished at least
once a year.
Kor full Information application
should lie mado to the Secretary of
the Department of tho Interior,   Ot-
Sealed Tenders will be received by
tbo Minister ol Lands not later than
noon on the 3rd day of March, 1913,
for the purchase of licenses Nos. XI,
X2, to cut timber estimated at 1,-
720,000 feet, 520,COO feet, and 310,001)
feet Fi-M- respectively, together witb
8,000 railway tics und poles from
Crown land adjoining Adams Lake,
Kamloopa District.
Particulars of Chief Forester, Victoria, B.C.     ' 1st iss. N.30 3m.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West   Kootenuy.
Take notice that 1, .Samuel Junico
Harlow, occupation. Farmer, Intends
to a; ply for permission to purchase
the following d ■ a Ibi d lands:
Commencing at a post planted al
the Nortli Wust Corner of Lot U32;!,
thence utst 4u chiins, thonco south
40 chn.i.«. thenco cast 40 chains,
theuce north It) chains to point of
commencement nnd containing 160
acres more or less.
Dated October 2Cth,  1912.
Revelstoke Land District.
District of West Kootenuy.
'i .ike notico that I, .lumen Sneddon
of Nnkusp. B.C., occupntlon, Gcntlc-
ii un, intends to apply lor permission
to purchase tbe following described
Commencing at a post planted at
tbe North East Corner of Lot 8800,
thence north 20 chains, thence west
20 chains, thence south 20 ehuins,
thenco east 20 ehuins to place of com
incncement, containing 40 acres more
or less.
Dated October 3rd, 1912.
1st Issue Nov.  cth
Obedience ls the bond of rale.—Ted/
Remembrance oft may start a tear.
Death but entombs the body; Ufa
the soul.—Young.
Be thou familiar, but by no means
Men do nothing excellent but b#
Imitation of nature.—Rosseau.
Thore aro some sorrows of which
iwc should never be consoled.—Mme<
ide Sevigne.
Cslebrlty: the advantage of being
known to those who do not know ua
A woman who Is not susceptible
Jibs not yet seen the man whom sh9
Canst love.—La Bruyere.
It Is a groat thing to mix betlmea
with clever people. Ono picks their
hralus unconsciously.—Bulwer Lyt'
Nothing proves bolter the necessity
of an Indissoluble marriage than the
Instability of passion.—Balzac.
Women are seldom so clever but
that they sometimes fall into tho
snare of thoir owu vanity.—Geo
More evfl truths are discovered by
the corruption of the heart than by
the penetration of the mind.—Tally,
To succeed 1 the world, lt Is mucK
more necessary to possess the penetration to discover who is a fool
than to discover who is a clever man,
A book ls good company. It Is full
Of conversation without loquacity. It
comes to yeur longing with full Instruction but pursues you never.—
Henry Ward  Beecher.
Nature wastes whole generations of
men In Instructing mankind.
The blank loaves at the beginning
end end of the bonk of life are lt9
most wonderful  pagra.
Pride ls the man; humility Is b'.j
It would be eas'er to die for somo
people than to live with them.
One ean well afford to bo unF.elflsh;
the right heart Will find it out and
recompense It.
Love need not flatter; Its presence
3s sufficient flattery.
Nature makes friends for us; alj
we have to do is to hold thom.
To win a woman uso her well; to
keep her, treat her badly.
Woman Is what she is, not whal1
Che seems ts be.
Friends are always to win an#
Cever to be considered won.
To follow the Heavenly star to Its
divinely appointed Bethlehem Is th<
Bav'ng act of faith for each Individ-
llu'  soul.
Heaven tolerate absurd creeds so
long aa they are not incompatibly
With righteous conduct
All sincere Idealists are born
preachers of the world. The artist
takes for his text beauty, the philosopher truth, the religionist love, but
each deliverance is part an parcel ot
tbe same Gospel.
It Is better to he frankly dull than
peiiunllc. One must guard one's self
from the temptation of "talking
shop" aud of riding one's "hobby,"
says a writer in tbe Ladies' Home
It pleases her to be told that she Is
It pleases her to be called wel)
It pleases her to ho called 6ensihla
It pleases her tn depend ou som«
man and protend that she la rtillnj
It pleases her to bo told that sh«
improves man by hor companions!:!;,
lt. pleaeel her to be treated courteously and with respect) and to bi
talked to reasonably.
It pleases her to bo trealod sensibly
and honestly, to be considered and
questioned and noi treated aa a but*
tcrfly. with uo bead or heart.
It phases her to be loved and admired hy a man wii > la strong enough
to rule and subdue hor, nnd make Ins
way her way, to load her and takf
care of hi r.
It pleases hor to find liapplni i
be ng ruled by nn Intellect  thai  ."lie
can look up to admiringly, and one to
•vhuni her mind  bows in riven nuc.
This eenturv received from Its pr*.
Bi on the hoi -. we bequeath tbe
••cycle, thu locomotive aim tho muto.'
Wo received the goo squill nnd bo
Queuth the typewriter.
Wo received the scythe aud bo>
queuth  tho  mowing niuoliino.
Wo received thn hanit-printlng
press, we bequeath the cylinder pn
We received tho painted oanvaa, m
bequeath    lithography,     photography
and color photography.
Wc reoelved the band loota, we ba
fluenth the COttOn ui'd  woo   n (..-ytiif
Wo received gunpow*^, we be
flueath lyddite.
We received tho tallow dip. we bo
fluoatli  thu electric  lump.
We receive 1 the gnlvanlc battery
(We bequeath tho dynamo.
We raceved tho flintlock, wo bo
fliii'utii Maxima,
Wi received tho sailing ship, Wl
fceuueath the stc.i   e.bip.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
To Clean the  Soot from
Stove Pipes and Chimney
"Imp" Soot
15c. Package
for one Week
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
0 January Clearance Sale
A few of the prices that are bringing
Crowds to Our Store.
Boys' Suits, values up to $G.50	
January Sale Price $1.95
Boys' Suits, values up to $8.50	
January Sale Price..... $2.95
Men's Overcoats, values up to $22	
January Sale Price $10.95
Men's Suits, values up to 315 	
January Sale Price $7.90
Men's Shoes, values up to $3.50	
Jahuary Sale Price $1.90
<j>     McRae Mercantile Co.
SThe Reveletoke Home of Societv Brand i. ]i thes
ami M.S. Peter's Overall* V
<j> Imperial Bank of Canada <j>
Head Office— Toronto, Ontario. Q
Capital Subscribed            - 6.000,000.00
Capital Paid Up             -      - 6,620,00^.00
Reserve       ...       - 6,620,000.00
Total Assets,       - ~   - 572,000,000.00
Branched or Agents at all principal pi inti  in^Cnniitln. O
Agents in Great Britain aad United State*—London, Enj  md A
Lloyd" Bank, Limited.    Cbirago—Fir&!  National Bank, Com El Y
ehange National I'r.nk.   Seattle- Seattle National Bank,  SanLi Q
Cisco—WpIIb Fargo Nevada  Natkual Bm k      S( ckai.c-Kj A
National Bauk. Y
Savings Bank Dapart.rent 9
Deposits of 91 and onward,  received, and Intel       dloi       .V
current rate-from date of uVp< oil.   Correspond) ■■• wl Q
Revelstoko Branch   A. B. KoCleneghan, #yr     £
 , **
1 "" ^ *
Comports,        *
Vases, Bowls.
Manufactured by "Libby
■* I
a-%/%^%/»^%''%.*''%''%'*/^* >%'%.%'%'%'%% '
No matter whether it i^ a high grade Razor made of tho very finest Sheffield Steel, with Fancy Handle or the latest Safety Razor, we
have it. Wh n you want a reliable, absolutely guaranteed Razor—
Our Hoo-Hoo Razor, made npoc-
Carbo Magn tic Razors,  the old
la! y for us, fold  under giimuntee
reliable,  $2.25;   also  the  choice  of
Shellieltls  best   brands  from  $1.00
M'   12.00 ia a prize.
up.   Bokcrs Clause aml others.
fiver twenty styles to choo-e from, and at prices to suit nny pocket
From 1.' cemS to $7.50. Gillette, Auto Strap, Gem, Every-Ready,
Keen-Kutier, Claus-, Yankee, Arnold, Ender and many others.
would provide a Umber traffic alono
sufficient to make the Oolumbia river
ono al tho busiest of lnteraational
Traffic highways. Tho vast stores ol
mineral wealth throughout tho region
drained by the mighty river, would
[urnUh freight whose volume would
repay a thousand fold the initial expanse of any private corporation or
body which might be prepared to
spend n few millions of dollars in
building dockage or equipping steamers to cater to the enormous business
awaiting their advent when the waterway is in shape.
Decidedly, the opening up of the Columbia to navigation, is a live issue,
r.ot only in Revelstoke, but through -
out the entire west.   Cheap transportation is the very breath of life     to
domestic   trade,  or International commerce.   The  U.   S.  government    havo
lend thc way, let the Dominion of Ca
nada through its Ottawa representatives,   prove  that   in  regard  to    this
important matter they are as     much
alive as thc legislators of Washington
, by voting money to continue on    the
] Oanadian side of the line, the work ao
' ably  begun     by our cousins in     the
■ I'nited States.
Plenty of Ga't Lump Coal arriving.    Orders will have
prompt attention.
Order at Kootenay Agencies
McKenzie Aveue
A. Davidson, PH2^
Z.r: aiDrii-trntt
PUBLISH!   '    '"1" '1.W   AND
Sill UJJA*   Af
uT.-i r: o "ikk. n. c.
Jntcnor g>ubU*btng Company,
j   K    J01IX30M,  Manager.
r>.\- n:  o    BCRHTO'N.  Editor
The V'ry interesting parilculara
printed ten oil liont page of this issue, regarding progree \.. '.tag made,
and v:,-t expenditures sanctioned by
the United States government, to -
ware-".;: completing the work of opening up tht Columbia River to navigation, will rioul tb ?- . ome a- a -ur ■
i - -• to ii large number of Mall-Herald readers.
To all ol uf. th name PORT OF
REVELSTOKE, ha- become a familiar fO'.md, but in spite ol thi-. there
have always !fen a number oi doubt-
ng Thomases, who whilst willing to
■ tl.at tha Co'umbia River as a'
traffic artery wa a possibility, were
n d t0 throw cold water on
the  : -.  lasing  apparently ..li
ed with •;.-      a, thai the whole schc-'
me tra- soi   thing rei y nm h in   thc
• • ire Th"  American  government, cer-j
tainly cannot be accused of being fu-
r even    leali        they  build,'
•  ■ ost cn'irely tor the ne -!
It!     | n    nt, and wiih     a
View t(. Ol • I • ing  some imm   :
I i n • ■       ol
■ ■■ ■ th    Re|
-'■'-■.'              ' ' a
iterway, fa  ■      her*
fori        •      ting ii    fa    math
pn'al        ■■••■;   "   ■ '
maeie ;,r..    •  ■•     .to such goo 1 pur-1
■ ■' adred n
th-^ World's Beventh River, are al-i
'»ady opet
iartr* Pf- •    ' ■.       ' 'aged it     the'
eorr- ■     '
lined ' •   ■■  rid n . t,
• ■■
It '   •   rhl h ali     govi
  ■ • I
■.. ent -, wa-
' ■. liH"Ver
available,   th • cheap* t,   most  ea«ily
I  eron'-einieal  medium  '
the  transportation   of  all  heavy    and
Th"   building   o:   th.'
Pan - .,   is only the latest at
the I a11 of man. to make
ths full ■ po sibie us.' of water trans-
pi rl '..'ties; thc canal will pro
vl': ol communication which
a hundred line« oi railway across the
historic irtbmus .ould not  give.     The
• penditun 'if one-fiftyetb portion of
the capitalised ■ ost of the great ditch
..oil.l render the seven hundred miles
I waterway along ih" Columbia river
i pen lo -hips and barer- ol large ■nm-
mercial Cargo carrying capacity. The
Great Northwest would pour along
•hi- natural route, ils limitles bushels of golden wheat; the lope of the
Rcky Mountain*, and the tributary
rivers flowing     into the     Columbin,
Eeports that 191- has been by fnr the most successful
of twenty successful \ears
The Applications received made a new record.
Totnl for 1912 $25,155,166J
Increase for the year  $ 7,136,81J
Largely increased Assets and income evidence the Company's
Assets, December Mat, 1912 $12,251,981
Income for 1912 jf 3,-556.724
Increase in Igio aie for the year   $'•  792,-;<v .
Greatly   increased  Hains   indicate    \vell-satisfi;d,   persistent „..,
Policy 1 loblers.
Business In force, end 1912 $83,97ff,739-
Gain for the year  $16,009,307
Increased Gain over 1911  $ 4,965 n 2
Interest-earnings are thc highest yel recorded.
The Average Gross Rate for 1912 beinp  7.95 p.c.
I ucri ase (or the vear  0.23 p.c.
The Mortality has never been so favorable.
Net Death Claims 1912 $ 32S.613
I lecrease f< r the year $ 6,65]
I,ow Expense Kates betoken due economy,   and with the  two
preceding items, find tangible expression in
Surplus Earnings for 1912                          S 573,4$
Greater than amount earned in 1911 bj                               $ 131 !8i
The Great-West Policies in force now number    $ 4'.•.">
Increase for the year                                               $ ' -'-
Again proving that for low rat   i and turns    the public increasingly
Great-West Policies.
Manager for B. C.
640 Hastings Sl, a
■   Manager,
istoke, B. C,
We have the medals which count.
Call in and see our instruments.
Over 15000 now in Canadian Hnnes.
o7VIade to stand all climatic changes.
Before the public for half a century.
Every home should have a NEWCOMBE PIANO.
Pre-eminent for quality of workmanship.
Inimitable  class. Ideal construction.
Artistic designs. Perfect finish.
Never suffers by any com;
Only one class made:    The Bl
Second to none:    A NEWCOMBE
THE NEWCOMBE PIANO CO .LTD.    -   McKenzie Avenue
Revelstoke B.C.    Phone 282
Head Office and Factory, Toronto, Ontario
Hay, Grain and Feed
Office :
Cumming's Transfer Co.'y
Second Street
Special Prices all over the Store.
Ladies' Pony Goats
Regular Price, $120.    Sale Price. $75
Furs!   Furs!
All our Furs to be cleared out at less
than manufacturer's prices.
Call in and examine our
Stock and Prices. It will
pay you. Buy here while
Our Sale lasts.
Ladies' Suits
Si/es 32,   34,    36,    38.    Made   from
Tweeds, Velvets and Serges.
Coats and Suits
Hoys' Reefer Co.its $3.00
Hoys' Overcoats         $3.50
Men's Suits $7.50
Men's Overcoats , $8.00
In the County Court ot West Kootenay
holdsn at Reve'sloke, B.  O., In the
matter o' the    "Plans  Cancellation
In the matt?!' ot the Application ol
Richard H. i-'awycr, to cancel por -
tion of Plan 63G filed in the Land
Registry Office at the City of Nelson, B. C.
Notice is hereby given that a Mo -
lion will be made before his Honor
Judge Forin at the Court House in
thn City of Revelstoke, on Wednesday
the 12th March 1913, at the hour of
10.30 o'clock, in the forenoon or bo
soon thereafter as Counsel can ho
heard for an Order that Plan 636 of
the City ol Revelstoke in so far as it
affects Block 14 lie cancelled and annulled and an amended plan now filed
in the Court House in the City of
Revelstoke and approved by the Coun
cil of the City of Revelstoke be substitute!  therefore.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C, this 29
January, A.D., 1913.
Solicitor for the Applicant.
Approved, W.E. McLauchlin, Deputy
Registrar. 1st iss Jan 29 lm.
Puys aud sells everything. (New
and Second-hand.)
Household sa'es a speially.
Ponducted anywhere.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Auctioneer and Valuer
Will     •    l>.     llle.r'-    f.er    ii     ullctl    VOll
1. I (.le-e-ii 1 i.ii  I lay  ll
and N"'i- 1 Peed I lata
icked P.O.B.,
o. Xj. LixLiJii
While Kggs arc in goini demand, and the price high, is lho lime to
try some of our egg producers, such as Crushed Hones, Oyster Shell,
C.rit, Beef Scrap, Alfalfa Meal, Grains of all kinds, including
Wheat, Barley, Oats, Corn.
OUR FEED STOCK is also complete with Hay, Bran,
Shorts. Oil Cat-e, Linseed Meal, etc.
AGENTS FOR PURITY FLOUR We ire sole agents
for Purity I'lour.    (.More Bread ami liclter Bread).
Tel. 41
A Hobson
Box 74
First Street, Revelstoke, Tel. No. 22
Choice Groceries,   Fruit,    Vegetables
Hay, Feed and Poultry Supplies
Heating Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Hardware and Sporting Goods
We are offering good discounts off all Crockery,
Glass and Silverware during month of January.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
b                                 Special Attention Paid to Mail Orders
 a  X
>   I   ,
IndU Id ual Instruction hygrad
late and former ten cherol Bprott
.V Shaw r.n -.in'-    Initll uie, Van
ffl     e. |
Iluy and  Kirning 8a .e.ieiin.
Night ichool. three night*   tt
« k. v, u'i pei month.
I'ublic ttenographydone,
P. 0. BOX 356
0. Company 102nd, Reg. B. M. R., beg to announce that thev will bold
regulai dancei in Ihe Drill Mali on the 2nd, and 4th. Friday evening
<>l i.icb month.  Dates Vvill lie as follows:
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14th.   "   28th.    "
March 14th.       "   28th.    "
April 11th. "   25th.    "
Tbt l» sl nt treatment guaranteed. Music by City Hand. We solicit your
R M. R. Dance Committee
G. H. Brock, Chairman.
Trainmen, make your headquarters here.    Quick service.    Perfect Cleanliness
and Reasonable Prices.     Give Us a Trial.     "We Never Sleep."
if   A. Ci. TIIIAKISON,      -       Manager WEDNESDAY, PEHRUARY 5th, 1913
page vvrm
During February There
Wiil be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Revelstoke's Department Store
Cr. 2J. J4ume $ Co.. limited
Watch Our Windows for
f Special Lines and Bargains  During February.
Look a I Price Tickets.
Bargains in Drygoods Department
rens nose
A clearing In? of Children's Hose. Black Wool, Tan
Ribbed and Tan Cashmere; all sizes up to .74 and- lots
of them at 3 pairs for $1.00 or each	
Bias Filled Corsets
In all (he usual lines.   We oarry different lengths and
all sizes, at	
$1.50 to $5.00
Wash Goods
Anderson's Zephyr Old Country Wash Goods, with
wide border for trimming, in a fine range of colorings,
3G inches wide, at per yard.... 25c.
Real Old Country Prints, the strong wearing, good
washing kind, in both light and dark colors, full 32 in.
cloth, in a big range of patterns, all at p^r yard .....15c
Old Country Gingham in all the new plaids, stripes
and plain cloths. We can recommend these for washing, full 30 in. wide, at per yard VA\c
New Crinkle Wash Goods, 30 in. wide, in white and all
the leading colors. Going to be very popular for
Waists and Dresses this season.   At per yard 15c
English White Cotton
Madapolm Fine English White Cotton for Ladies' and
Children's Under Muslin, the loveliest cotton yet, in a
range of qualities at  15c, 20c. and 25c.
Spool Cotton
Spool Cotton Standard-200 yards—Kerr's,   Clark's or
Coates', white and Black, any number, at 6 Spools for
 3  ________ 2uc.
English Chintz
For making Comforts and Quilts, fuil yard wide, in the
Turkey Red and Paisley patterns, at per yard _	
Men's Furnishing Department
Hat Bargains
Any man can afford a new hat at this
price. Christy's Soft and Stiff Hats
in a variety of colors and shapes. All
sizes; the remnants of this season's
lines.   Good fitters and good lookers.
Sale Price. $1.35 Each
We have still a limited number of those 20th Century
Brand Overcoats on sale, and while they last, our prices
will continue to make them snaps. The greatest amount
of style, combined with the most solid comfort and
wear, make them exactly what is needed.
GRAY AND BLACK CLOTHS-Velvet Collars, dressy
and serviceable,    SALE PRICE  $15.00
HEAVY ULSTERS—Browns and grays.     Three way
convertible collar.   SALE PRICE $17.00
RAGLANS—Grey   or    Browns;   single    or    double-
breasted. SALE   PRICE-?19,00
Sweater Coats
All  the   Remains of  this Season's Stock Must Go.
Boy's and Youths' sizes in a variety of colors	
SALE PRICE 85 Cents Each
Boy's and Small Men's Coats.   Greys and Browns	
SALE PRICE $1.25 Each
Bargains in Shoes
WOMENS' BOOTS ON SALE. A variety of different
lasts and leathers in tans and blacks. You should look
them over.   All on the table	
Prices, 95c, $2.35, £3.15
Our" Grocery and Crockery^ Department
Large Assortment of Pickles
Fresh arrival of New Goods direct from England
Mixed Pints.     35c
Chow Chow     35c
Onions     35c
Girkins     35c
Cross and Blackwells Indian Mangoe Chutney
Quarts 85c
Fancy Sweet per bottle     40c
Stephen's Gloucester Pickles
Sweet Mixed half pints 20c
Sweet Spiced Girkins pints  40c
Sour Mixed, pints  25c
30 oz  40c
Chow Chow pints  25c
Gold Medal    Whiteonions  35c
C ik B Celebrated Spanish Oucen Olives half pints 40, pints, 75c
C & B J unket Powder, bottle  15c
"Bovril" for a Cold Weather Drink
The right thing for " Zero Weather." Have it in the House
Served Hot. It Prevents Colds. We have a new, cleanstock
recently arrived.
Bovril,  4 oz. bottles	
Bovril, 2 oz. bottles	
Bovril Cordial, 20 oz. bottles     _   $1 25
Johnson's Fluid Beef, 10 oz bottles     $1 00
Specials for Friday and Saturday
1 Pound Packagas 5 o'clock Tea  3^,
Nixey's Stove Paste  ^c,
Lowney\s Chocolates, 2 Cakes  1 jc.
Roast Beef, 2 Pound Tins  30c.
Koast Mutton, 2 Pound tins  30c.
Nabob Jelly Powders, 4 Packages  25c.
Greengage Plums, deans for        $1.00
Lombard Plums, 6 cans for  $t.oo PAGE SIX
A cording to the report oi Dr. 0. { men la were progressing lo safeguard
E. liojerty, medical superintendent ol the seucoast magazines from the at-
the Medical  Hospital at     Coquitiam,' tack of  airships.   The  trials  oonduct-
S96   patients    eived   treatment  dur- ed on the new "airships willows"     a
ing January,of this number 567 be- kind of protective roof, had been most
ing male- and 22!t females. At the satisfactory, concluded Mr. Ohurohill.
i-losi   of the month there     were     740
patient In lh« institution, tin increase What, is believed to have hcen an
<,'. eight over November 1. Two pat- act of vengeance hy g, surviving mem-
ieats es aped during the month, sev- ber of ihe notorious lionnot gang of
catoen were discharged at the expiry anarchists, which early in the last
i> probation, thirteen were released year terrorized Paris, ocourrod in
on probation, and throe without pio- Mountmare last Thursday, when an
At the close of tho month anarcnist, editor of tlte Freckle, a
tit"• y -.x patients in all were ott on M. Ducret, editor of the Freeide, a
i   ibation. newspaper of anarchistic    tendencies,
and shol and mortally wounded Duo-
With ihis n • ii h's standard divid- ret. The anarchists alleged that Duo.
(nJ, the total profits disbursed this ret had turn*d informer while the Pav-
yeai bj five ompanies In the' Koote- is police were hunting down and ex-
i a. ind Boundary districts passed terminating the hand. Ducret, us he
the million dollar mark. In addi- lay dying, accused ,t mun named La-
i on to the Standard, the companies combe of being his assassin.
ie        The     Uritish    Columbia  Copper —
Campany at Greenwood, $177,512; A peculiarity of thc three Balkan
the Consolidated Mining and Smelt- rulers, King Ferdinand, King Peter,
i .- Company tit Trail, $220,1100; the and King Nicholas, is the admirable
'■; Hey Mining Company, Nickel Plate manner in whieh they all speak Eng-
Mine at Hedley, $180,000; the Le Roi lish. That King Ferdinand, a Saxe-
P.o. 2 at Rossland, $20,000. The total Coburg and a kinsman of the royal
is $1,032,512, and is In addition to family, and King l'ctcr, who lias
the profits made by su h comaanies as spent mo.t of his life in the capitals
Queen Mine at Sheep Creek, which of Europe, should be conversant with
i> operated by g close corporation and t'11' English language is not, after all
numerous smaller mines operated   hy   astonishing,   but   it  is  curious     that
King Nicholas, who has reigned over
his little nation of herdsmen und
shepherds foi- five and forty years and
seldom cross.'S his own frontier should
be the' ino<t perfect English scholar of
the three.
private individuals and syndicates.
Ac o: el ng t.' us present plans, the
C.P.R. will build over one thousand
miles of now lines in Western Canada
in 1912. Thi- includes 250 miles of
i1 ci! le-tracking between the head of
■tit-- lake- and the Pacific Coast. It is
j ropo-fd to build between six and seven hundred miles of branch line's and
one hundred miles of sidings for terminal facilities. The projected branch
lines will open up a vast stretch of
n w territory. The bulk of the double,
tracking will lee' done between kem-
nay, Manitoba, anl Calgary, Alta.
Tl:" double-tracking i- already practically romplet d between thc head of
th" lakes and Kemnay.
when it should not have beon offered
until May or June.
Mr. Bowman, of Huron, stated that
under tlf present inspection law it
was possible for tho shipper to take
a barrel ot apples marked rejected by
the inspector and sell that barrel to
any retail dealer in the district. The
retailer could put those on sale and
the public had no means ol finding
out whether Ihe apples wero third or
fourth class quality or not.
Mr. Rnddick said that this eould not
be denied. Chairman Sexsmith asked
for an explanation of tho report that
last fall farmers sold thoir apples on
the tree for 75 cents a ba.rel, while
the consumer in the wesl paid as high
its $5 and over.
Mr. Ruddlck said he believed the
1 rice averaged from $1 to $1.50 a
barrel on the tree.
"Vou bave been misinformed," said
.1. K. Armstrong of l.ambton. "Thai
is away above the figure. Mr. Rud-
iliek lias not been informed of conditions. We have been, encouraging the
farmers to Improve. Dut wo do not
seem to be able to get our own market or any outside market."
Mr. Thornton of Durham, said that
in bis district many apples had rot-
led for lack of a market.
Mr. Ru Ulii'k calculated the cost af
laying down, a barrel to the consumer
in Wiinipeg as follows: (Ine dollar a
barrel for the apples off lite tree; 45
cents for (he barrel; 17 cents abarrel
for picking and packing, 10 cents for
commission to the buyer; 80 cents for
freight to Winnipeg; 12 cents to the
broker on a five cent basis; 50 cents
to the retailer; making a total cost
to the consumer of $3.25 a barrel.
"We don't get them for anything
like that figure," said a voice from
the  West.
Write Ideas for Moving Picture Plays
You Can Write Photo Plays ahd Earn
$25.00 or more Weekly.
If you havo Ideas—If you can THINK-we will show you the secrets of tliis fascinating new profession.   Positively no experience or literary excellence necessary, No "flowery language" is wanted.
The demand for photoplays is praotioally unlimited. Tho big film manufacturers are "moving
heaven and earth" in their attempts to get enough good plots to supply the ever increasing demand
They are offering $11X1 ami taore, for single scenarios or written ideas.
We have received many letters from tbe film manufacturers, such as VITAGRAPH BDISON
urging ns to send photoplays to them. M e want moro writers and we'll gladly teach you the'secrets
of success.
We are selling photoplays written by people who "never  before  wrote  a   line  for
Perhaps wn can do the same for you.   If yon can think of only ono good idea every week   ami
will write it tint as directed by us, and il sells for only (J26, a low figure.
You will Earn $100 monthly for Spare Time Work
I^T? TTTT   8eDd y0Ur name BDd ,ul,1,e8S "t "'»''' f«>' free copy  ol' our illustrated  book
rilJlj   "Moving Picture Playwriting."
Don't hesitate.   Don't argue.   Write NOW and learn just what this new profession may mean for
yuu and your lul ure.
NATIONAL AUTHORS' INSTITUTE,   :    1543 Broadway. New York City
Mrs. Edward Kennedy, of Meriden,
Conn., 40 years old, was advised by
her Physician to try Ur. MarteU's Female Pills, she did so with wonderful
results. Thousands of others would
say tho same. 20 years the standard
at your Druggist.
The' growth of the Canadian postal
business is indicated in the annual report of the Postmaster-General. A
surplus of over ?1,3<KI,QOO is recorded.
The number of post otlices is 13,859,
an increase of 535. Postal note otlices
increased by 5(19, money order offices
by 172 an.l savings bank otlices by 21.
There was an increase of 1,869,467
miles in the mileage of the mail routes. Tli.' number of letters carried in
the mails was 566,140,100 and post-
cards 54,727,000. Th.' total revenues
was $10,482,255, an 1 the expenditure,
Advan ■ed steps have been taken to $9,172,035. A notable extension in
prepare Greae Britain for the poBsibil- the rural mail delivery system is not
ity of a modern war when, according ed and a separate branch to attend to
to military experts, aeroplanes will it has been established. There aro
take an active and dangerous part, now 900 rural mail routes and 25.000
Tn th'' Commons last week, Rtf Hon. boxes. From September, 1903, to the
Winston Churchill, First Lord of the end of th'' fiscal year, 27-Hi annuities
Admiralty,    declared      that  arrange-   were sold, $1,319,924 ree-eived.
Ing of St. John'j
I :• ■' in httre-h helel Inst week,
: Saturday Issue
. '  •    - well  at tended, and
: rit of i nthusiasm an.l
i sports   show-
• .    •■    • .-ee-.s in     all
• •   e.; (Ji,   .-•  -..,.•.       re-
■ ou '-.; ... n g i ar ses-
. •. ing 11 lei -      Geo.
"   " -       X  0     li   '.   V  i    !.:;
ng, A. Tl an I
d added
I      .    :      ■
I  _. - . ■      ,
■ ■     •
^^I^^^H^^Haaaa^B    V.
1 with Mr-. McDonald in charge
The1 Hand had sent a box of Christ -
mas cheer, including dolls and books,
to the Presbyterian Mission Home at
Vegrevilie, Alta.
...Mr. .1. H. Munroe, secretary of the
Y. P. So I ii. read the repoit. which
-i.ou.'e'. a \ .co-ii'.'.rt aud s tiv
rarrying een, iis  work  in four
ments,  namely:—Devotional,  Missionary, educational  au.l  racial.   The treasurer's etnte-ment bad a balance    of
• in hand.
Mes is. Laing, M Quarr ■   i
as  managers fo- a three
year term, and  tbe elders   ver
pointe't a Missionary committ
Mr. Vi   M. Lawrence, who a '•
' hairtr. in on    of
thanked all who
Nova Scotia Man and Wife n-.'.h
Benefited  By GIN  PILLS
;?ST how much
JSSf difference CIN
K8i PILLS can ciake in
the home lit.: <-an be
guessed from lbe
letter below. Where
formerly boi li
husband and wife
were In nn>re or less
constant misery with
backache, tbey arc
now delighted to be
almost free of the old
l.yon-. Brook, >;.s.
"You are perfectly
free to use my name
in any way te. benefit
GIN PILLS, for they deserve the highest ; raise.    My back his never troubled
ne     ince taking GIN PILLS, and mv
hi etti t after ukinjf OIN
PILLS  for hi .  I tck     She thinks GIN
I'lI.I.S will make a complete cure."
Why shouldn't you or any of your
friends   who   may  be   suffering    with
Rheum ati-nt     Lumbago,
:  Strained   Kidneys,
t rine,   Pail I
nt    :olda   iu   thr
[i ■   the lame
relief that so qui to the
■    • ■    s'lrte■!  t.' use  GIN
Rem ■ CIN ph.:
it they will
II be ] romptly
a   box,   ft   f. i:    -
of Canada, Limited,
Tor ■ 151
Teacher of Violin
Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Winnipeg, and Prof. Frederick,
late of London, Eng.
Studio at City Hotel^
W.  H.  WALLACE,  M.B.C.S.A.
Box 205, Telephone 313, Revelstoke
Provincial Land   Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial Bank  Building  Ruvtl-
j ctoki, B. O.
Money te) Loaa.
Offices—Revelstoke.    B.    O.
Cranbrook. B. O.
Gso. S. MeCarter,
j A. M. Pinkham,
J. A. Harvsy
MOOSE No.  1085
.V1WTJJ      ^
Vou th<' Mone)
j '. -..'
,   and
•    '
■   •
D ■    Tl e 1        B
; .    is. both in
Uixiliai •   e y at
T        bad    nl c i
1424 ,,'ionfl
frpra th. 1  Young I.n die ' !<i-
th   oi  ai
•   -i othei wa
The report of th   Won en'   M    Ion
ira    read hy Mr . P,  P,
c . |       ,      •
yeai   fa • I   done   mu h   to   .!■ BJH n    I '
est li   Ml .- 'in1- nnd bad raisi        o oi
thirty-five dollnrH.    In coi Qi      I D with
it a Girls' Mission Hand bad ben or-
Mi    Flu . ol
., ...
Ume I .
■ io      ■   , Min b
. I   ■  •     ]    ■ ,.    he    pro
rilieer  ,   '      n    i ■ i - apples
i n tho tnat    I   n tl ondifion
fully matured.
'lhe ii'ii Davl apple, foi Instance,
had  I"  n put on duly in many oases
To Buy
.'     resent
Meets     every first nnd third Tuesday    in  Oddfe.lows    Hall.      Visiting
brethern  cordially  invited  to attend.
G. R. Lawrence,   Dictator.
E. Edwards, Secretary.
KOOTENAY     LODGE.  No.  it A.   F.
aad A.  M.
Regular     meeting* nre held in MAS-
INIC TBM1 LO,     Oiidfoilows'      Hall
on the Third Monday in each month
at $ p.  at.     Visiting brethren      are
aliy "olcomt.
'    0, BROOKER, Secretary.
o. w. o. w.
..utain   View  cump,   No.  229
M»«ij gee nd   a i th Wednes-
Bi   ...»
H.i: a      . »r«
I ied  to attend
.i    WOODLAND,  Con.  Oon
y        BBOBIH,   .No. mi.
OF I. 0, f
■   >■   Hall nasi   to
» •        - 'i  House  every  second
. irth Mod lay La month, Visit
,   irtthn isd.
11.  V.  MORGAN, 0. It
AM    ri.   OAMBRON,   (w.-Hsc.
.SELKIRK      LODOB   IS,   I.  0.  ').  F.
M«et«   '■'   ,        '.'.   iftny   r-.entllg    ln
Helkirk  Ball  at  8 o'clock,      Visiting
N. Q.
.    \Ie\TIIIK.   Hit.
OOLD ■' I UODOB,      K. oi   P.,
NO.  M,   REVBLflTOKB,  n   0.
Meets evi/   Wednesday  except   ths
Third   Wedn»«.laf ol each  month      In
Oddfellows'  Hall at I o'clock.  Visit-
lug  Kaifkts are cordially  Invited.
fl\  W. THRRY, (!.  O.
0. H. BROOK. K. ot R. it 8.
U. of r.
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
and Modern Photography; also Developing1,
,       Printing,   Copying  and   Enlarging.   Prices
Room 1.     Lawrence Hardware Block, Revelstoke, B. C.
Record of Progress for Five Years—
Capital        -'     -      -      -        $3,000,000
Reserve 3,000.000
Deposits       ....        23,677,730
Loans and Investments -      27.4-rv7,090
Total Assets        -      -      -        33,090,192 	
Has 83 Branches in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents in all
the Principal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
* 4,000,000
liie die Lumber Company, Ltd.
Dealers in
Lumber, Lath, Shingles, Cement,
Plaster, Tar and Building Paper
Al Doors and Mouldings.
E. Mcllmoyh, Agent
Phone 254.
Third Street, West WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY Sth, 1913
High Class Residential and Day Schools
A. 13. Tait, Enij., M. A., Principal
The stall of Masters in Langaru in
an exceptionally strong one.
Boys prepared for the niatricnla-
tion examinations ol Canadian
universities or for the entranco examination of the Royal Military
College, Kingston.
Careful supervision of the pupils
in their games as well as in their
Special attention paid  to the development of character.
Mihh Mahharkt ROSS,   Principal
The   most n.odern  buildings and
most efficient stall ol all the girls'
schools ol the Dominion.
Kach mistress a specialist in  her
own department.
liegular training in gymnastics by
a competent mistress.
Both schools are under tho management of "Western Residential
Schools, Limited." Winter Term
opens Tuesday, Tth January,  1013.
Applications lor admission should be made at onco to
Dr. E. D. McLaren,   1497 Pendrell Street,   Vancouver, B. C.
i i i    i    ir i  i ii in     ■  "      ■!■■!	
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing C&
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone 281
Night Phone 40
P. O.  Box 469
Howson C& Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C& Co., Ltd.
Then take advantage of an exceptional oppootunity. Call
at BINGHAM'S MUSIC STORE and inspect our stock of
Mandolins, Violins, Guitars, Accordeons, Piccolos, Flutes,
Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Albums, etc.
EDISON PHONOGRAPHS and VICTOR GRAMOPHONES. Also 500 Edison Records selling at 45c, (usual
price, 65c.) and a good selection of Blue Seal Unbreakable
Records at 65c. Good stock of Player Rolls. Selling at next
to cost price to clear.   Come Early and Get First Choice.
MacKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.     Phone 262.
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turnings
W   are in the manufacturing business
Sash, Doors, Mouldings, Turnings, Show
Cases,   Office and Bar   Fixtures,   Storm
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, ^Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
Be reasonable! Don't send vour hard-earned money
to China! Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only. Be progressive, and
have your washing done by the West Kootenay Steam
Laund.y.   Regular collector and delivery service.
Phone 80
It Might Be Cold.
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our'record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, -        Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Union  Hotel
RATES,     .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Strictly! First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
Facts Concerning Our Home Town.—Geographic Centre of
British Columbia.—Vast Mineral and Timber Wealth
Throughout Surrounding Country.—Homes for Thirty
Thousand Prosperous r_/4.griculturists.—Scenic Attractions.—Industrial Possibilities.
(Jo Where you will, you will lind no
better located point for the site of a
Oily than Revelstoke.   lt in as nearly |
as possible in the centre of that great
section of Uritish Columbia extending
for a length ol ;ij() miles between the
Crow's Nest und B.C. Southern rail -
way     systems    to tho south and the
routtt of the    Grand     Trunk Pacific
and Canadian  Norlhcrn railways     to
the north
Prettily situated on the Columbia
River where it is crossed by the main
line of the Canadian Pacilic Railwny,
It i.s also the junction with the main
lino of the Arrowhead and Kootenay
Railway, whieh connects with the palatial steamers of the C.P.R. on the
Arrow Lakes, and with tho B.C. Southern, Columbia and Western, Crow's
Nest Pass and Great Northern Railway systems to  (he south.
As the construction of the Grand
Trunk Pacific and Canadian Nonhern
railways to the north proceeds, and
these systems become extended into
(he Canoe River valley and the territory tributary to tho Big Bend of the
Columbia, they must seek connections
with Ihe south, and Reve'stoke will be
the point of junction of (he railway
systems of the future with those of
today as Ihey traverse the great valleys which radiate cast and west,
north and south from this city as
their common centre.
While Revelstoke thus occupies an
exceptionally strong position as a
traffic emporium, its outlook is still
brighter fiom an industrial aud manufacturing point of view. There are
1,000 miles of timber on the Columbia
River and its tributaries north of the
city. The expenditure involved in the
conversion ol this timber into a marketable product will not fall far short
of »275,OC0,00O.
Water power is plentiful in the vicin
ity, the city having harnessed one
stream to a capacity of 1,800 horse
power, which is offered for industrial
purposes at low rates.
(leg.; Jan. 1910, Mean, 27 deg.; Jan
1910, Minimum, 12 Irelow zero,  Jan.
1910, Mean   17above zero.
Precipitation—Summer, 1909, 2.32 in.
rain; Winter, 1910, 1.11 in. rain; win
ter, 1910, 22.20 in. snow.
The altitude of Revelsloke is 1,400
feel nbov3 sea level, and It is subject to Pacific Coast winds influence,
a guarantee of moisture and mildness
vaiii.l  with line and sunny weather.
New Steamer Schedule
Halcyon, B. C, Jan. 30.—The OeW
schedule for thc Arrow lake and olo-
can boat and train service, whicli
went into effect at the end of last
Week, and will continue until the wat
cr begins to rise at th.' end of April
or the beginning of May, gives ua
a great advantage.
The train leaves Nelson a( 7 odock,
arriving at Slocan City at 8:30. Tho
steamer Slocan leaves at 9 o'clock
for Rosebery, whieh ia reached at llf
Thc train leaves at onco and urrives
at Nakusp at 1215. The steamer leaves at 12::i.V arriving at Halcyon
14:25 and Arrowhead 15:35. On Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays the
down steamer goes south as far as
Buxton, returning the following morning to Nakusp nt 11 o'clock. The
Kootenay and Minto maintain thi" ser
vice and the Rowland has l>een transferred to the lower lake, wbetv afi ado
quate services as weather and other
conditions permit will be givfn. Sho
will leave West Robson. Mondays,
Wednesdays and Fridays, and M possible proceed as far as the swift water lo conn.-,-t with tbe down stumer,
calling ai intermediate points on the
lower lake—Needles, Fauquiera, Edge-
wood, Van Houton, Cape Horn, Renata, Broadwater, Beer Park and Syr-
inga Creek.
The thaw whi'h set in the flrst
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigar*    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     STOITE3      PEOP.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
ft» -    respects, i 4
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pip*
and Furnaoe work
Oonnaught Avo.   •   Ravelitoko
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
In   the valleys    tributary to Revel-  the week has shrunk the snow
stoke are about a quarter of a million ' about half, and the slight frosts
acres of land of good quality,     and   night  have formed a good crust
which, when cleared of timber       and   snowshoes.
cultivated, is well adapted for    fruitgrowing,     poultry farming,    dairying
stock raiBing, and general agriculture.
This land is capable of supporting   a
rural population of 30,000 people.
Extensive and varied mineral de -
posits are known to exist in the neigh
borhood, and await development.
Cradled and       beautiful scenes     of
mountain and glacier, forest-clad hill  plil| aft7r a
and vale, river stream and lake; fav-.
ored  with an quablo climate.   Revel-     M. J. O'Brien, ex-mayor of Vernon*
stoke is one of the most picturesque-, and Mrs. O'Brien arrived on Sunday,
ly located of Canadian cities and an
ideal town in which to make a home.
It is well lighted, has a high pressure supply of pure water which can
1    Mr. and Mrs.  A.G.  Nock, left     for
tbeir fruit ranch near Nelson.     Their
present outing has extended over five
, weeks, including a trip     to the .oast
I to visit relatives in Vancouver and oa
Vancouver Islandf
Mr. and  Mrs. McCormick and child
left today for their home at  Coma -
a week.
J.S. Blondin of Rhode Island ie
on a visit to his brother, A.S.
"idin, Birch Grove.
bo extended to meet any future requirements, good drainage and sewerage, high-class educational institu -
tions in Ihe way of public and high
schools, a Y.M.C.A. with a well-
equipped gymnasium, two public parks
fair grounds, race track, magniflcent
summer park on Mount Rovelstoke
connected with the city by rail,  nic«
Rev. G.W. llartly, of N'akusp, conducted divine service TucBday even*
Reeent  arrivalB were:   R.  Pickering,
Vernon; T. McCormick and Mrs.    McCormick,  Comaplix;     Albert Poison,
Summit Lake;  Victor Hedin,  Summit
' Lake;      L.  Mnllaboo".   Sando.i:  J.  J,
homes and gardens, and in fact     all   Horn and A   H' Horn> Winnipeg; Mar
the modern conveniences that go    to1 !<n M,,|in- ('UR Oleson and Anton Hed-
makn a town attractive from a residential point ot view. (The great
summer and tourist resorts of the
Rocky Mountains are within a few-
hours reach.)   Good flBhing may     be
in, Summit Lake; A. Elliott, Nelson,
J. ('. Kinghorn, Vi.toria; H. Carpenter, Revelstoke; G. S. Ketehison, R.
P. O.J I. E. Bland, Arrowhead; J. W.
Allison,   Nelson.  M.   J.  OlBrien     and
Schedule of Changes
will I*  -een by the schedule    ot
had in many of the adjacent streams1 wifc' *'*"«"•: K Hove. Rovelstoke; Jf
and lak.s. Hunters will And here re-'S Ii,on,tine .Sconnsocket. R.I.; H. S.
sorts of big game with reliable guides' Wil!on- Wetaoo; Ohrla Jensen., Nelson;
at call. |Ni'k l|1',-pn. Reveletoke.—Ex.
One of thc most valuable assets of
Ibe district is its climate. It is comparatively mild, equable aceorJing to
tho seasons, salubrious, bright      and]    '^'
sunshiny throughout the greater part rates for advertising in The Golden
of the year. Tho heat is not excess • | s,nl published on page four of thif 1s-
ive in midsummer; the evenings are roe a revision has born made in tha
always pleasantly cool. The winters' scale to he barged for legal and otflc-
are not extreme, the temperature r*.' ialadvertisins;, effective January 1st.,
rely falling below zero, and then not, 1913- Th'* is made neces-nry by the
exceeding ten degrees below for a few steadily Increasing co«t in the pro-
days in midwinter. The natural moisture is sufficient to make irrigation
unnecessary.   A  more   bracing  atmos
pbere it would be difficult to find.
The Government records show sum-
mer and winter ranges of temperature
as follows:
Bummer—July, 1909, Maximum S9 deg
July 1909, Mean, 77 degj; July 1909
Minimum, 40 deg.; July, 1909, Mean
49 deg.
Winter—January,  1910, Maximum,  40
iuction of newspapers and bas heen
.igreel upon by the publisher! ol tho
Kootenay and Boundary generally,
with a few exception*. A new rule
ii'-n iroes into force with ih<- opening
of the year, bo far as The Golden
Ptni is concerned at least. It is that
fees (or this class of advertising must
Invariably tie paid in advance, otherwise advertU-em«nts will not be in-
-■erted. This rule will be strictly adhered to In all eases.—Goldon Star. TACK KIGHT.
LOCAL AND      *
i%%l%\>'%r%+ %.^^svevsv%,'%ri
tin' coast last
M,  Keliie  left for
-.l.u  evening.
ebody's  Coming to Town'  to
, Newcombe Player.
,i   p, Forde,     rove rnmenl
waa in Nelson lasl week.
II,  Matheson  made a trip
lakes  ihis week  t.e Nelson.
There  will  bc  a  Bpoclul  meeting  of
th.' Hoard of Trade tonight.
during   R«slc
L.  A.   B.
• Week.
of R.T. Dance
Muyor T. Kilpatrlok returned from
the coast last Sunday.
W. M. Lawrence Ib suffering from a
had attack of la grippe.
Someone bought a Newcombe Player, now  'Everybody's doing it.'
'I'm Saving my Kisses for Some -
cne," who'll buy nie a Newcombe
Hon. Price Ellison Absent Through Appendicitis—Attor-
torney General Introduces Government Audit Bill —
Will Safeguard Province Finances—Civil Service Act
Amended and Improved —Budget Next Week.
A.  McRae returned the fore part of
tin' weok from a ten day
Victoria,  B.Of,   Jan.  2'J—Owing
the sudden and serious illness of the
provinoia)    minister of    flnaneo, Hou.
Price Ellison, who has developed   ac-
to   this home oue of lhe' flrst items on th.
,,, ... .  v....        t     eallv the progress of each
assembling of the present  house.     In  ._.  ' .
framing     the   bill before parliament,
.are had been taken to get it as near
Basket ball—There will be no scheduled game tonight.
On Monday evening at 7:30 the Captains of the Senior teams are requested to meet ut tho Y.M.C.A. to discuss and arrange for a new schedule.
The boys of the Intermediate and
Junior classes are striving to reach a
higher state of proflenoy in. the swim
ming line.
Tbo Physical Director has introduced
a now scheme of recording systemali-
The boys are trying lo get into a
higher class.   By this systom tho boys
il. Dunn of  Spokane, wa- in
yesterday transacting business,
i perfect  as  possible.   It  followed  very
trip tothu   ute appendicitis, and is now in     the  iarg„ij. the federal legislation of 1894,
Mrs. McCleneghan   will noi receive
ch Friday, Iho 7th inst.
Mrs. H. H.  MeVity wilt not receive
again until after Easter.
Mrs Robbins, of  this eity,  whs among those present at Ihe Pioneers' ball
I are stimulated to greater activity, as  in Now Westminster last Friday even-
well as working for 0 definite objoct.    ing.
\   Jackson of Sii ■
e     ni ba In town ye
.us, was
j   pleshman, the   veil known travel-
:        i welli r,  of  Vancouver,  was     in
fn again.
\   \ iKor ol  Nol on, an I W.     Gil
, i     t ol   Vrrowh nd,  we're among our
, m-i,' oi    'ee visil town   this
e   ek,
i .    .    Dean, C.P.R   engineer,    and
I       ,, have gone lo Golden on       a
[oi   the  benefit   of  Mrs.    Dean's
I   ilth,
iv  M,   Lockwood  of  Su katoou was
town yesterday, he says the "hub"
■ Saskatchewan Is
i iy ie. om.
Ami they all said 'We've bad a lovely time, good-bye' when Ihey heard the
Newcombe Player.
it. Tapping left this week foi a
months' trip through the Windermere
and other districts.
R. n. Tweedle lefl lust nighl foi'
Victoria to attend tbe convention of
roadforemen's of B. 0.
D,   \V.   MoNabb,  uf Winnipeg,
over tbe mountains the fore part
ihi   week.
Tho W.O.T.U. will meet at the resilience' nf Mrs. .limes, McKenzie avenue
■it 3:80  Friday aiternoon next.
Wo arc glad to report that Mr. Ceo
Hawker is improving from his re.'ent
sever attack of phonomia.   He is     at
the hospital.
The Juniors No. t and Intermediate
classes will play a game of basketball
at lhe Y.M.C.A. at 8:46 Friday evening.   Admission 10 cents.
will be a greal treat,    (let your shoes
so little criticized that only one material alternation had been made in
it during the long years of Liberal ad
ministration, although it was a measure of the preceding Conservative ro-
gimc.   Having Htood the test  of bos*'and come along.
tile criticism of both parlies it seem-	
ed that the act should be a desirable   rvir-ia/    r>|    A \l
pattern and in addition to taking Us,|)|tW   |   LA Y
Snowshoe Tramp—On Friday morn- Mrs. Tomlinson invited the choir of
ing leaving the Y.M.C.A. at 10 a.m. ' St. Peter's church to her home ou Fri
the men ol the Businessmen's Class, day evening after practice. Mrs. Tom-
are Invited to a snowshoe trump. This
Reg. Rodgers, engineer, left here a
f  x (lavs  ago  for  tli a I  eltius    on
two montl '..■ at on, He was ac-
.., npanied by Mr    Rodgers.
Uowling enlhusla m still prevails al
Y.M.C \    a leys.    I.O.O.F.   defeat
e i c.P R., two garni   . and St. John's
,: feaeed bankers three straight,
Soveral complaints have reached the
jMail-Hcrald oflire regarding boys
Gauging on sleighs, and in many cases
i irrow escapes aro recorded. Parents
i oil,! dee well to warn Iheir children
a    ut  this matter.
Rev. J. (',. Shearer, D.D., Secretary
of the Hoad of Social Sei vice, will
speak in the Presbyterian chur-h oa
Wednesday evening. The moeting is
open to b pu an 1 a hearty invito' Ioi       ea t, n led to all.
I -i you will lake iii ihe dunce
,.• Malakwa on Salurdaj evening,
February 8th. Crowds are going from
vartou ; oints along the lino. The
Revi " ' I irch Ira will furnish the
dancinc  music.   Don't  overlook     the
t( ..  evening next.
The regular monthly me', ling ofthe' About   nineteen of tho iocal Snow -
Farmers' Institute will be held In the shoo ami  Ski cluh look a  tramp  up
Y.M.C \      tilding  on   Satm.lav.   tho thc Big Bend   is far asthecanyon on.
Sth inst,  n<   y  p.m.   Besides the  dele- |8ft Sun.lay and stopped on  thc way
gates                  he central meeting at upal Turnro   ' lumber camp, and re-
hospital, ii devolved upon Attorney-1
General Uowser lo father the bill creating an Independent audit office for
Uritish Columbia and lo elaborate its
features iu moving its second reading
as Mr, Bll'laon, in all probability will
he some time indisposed it is taken
for granted that upon Mr. Bowser
will devolve thc responsibilities of iho
budget   which  will come down sooner   | ,.s,  features,  Indeed virtually  tho cn-
ihun usual this .eason,     being indeed   tjn. ,iet as j( .j* applicable to the pro-
I already foreshadowed in the formal re-  vinolal conditions and necessities, the
umC   solution  proposed by tho. prime min-  legislation of New   Brunswick        and
,,i   ister in.lay and agreed to by      tho Nova Scotia had heen carefully stud-
house, that  supply be grunted to   his   jed in the framing of the measure, the
majesty and that the legislature rosol-   second reading of which was proposed
ve itself into committee for this pur-   up held thai the bill now ollered cov-      This  beautiful new play  "The Ros-
pose em  Monday next. ! crcd every     conceivable    requirement,   ary,"  under the direction of Rowland
Hon.  W.J.  Dowser was forceful and   nmi would satisfy    the    most crtitical   &  Clifford, will be presented at     the
logical   In   presenting  the  audit   ofllce ' opponent of the government. Kmpress  theatre next  March 7th.
bill for second reading. He > haraeter-1 A detailed and elaborate explanation What is the cause of marital unrest
ized th> measure as one of lhe most of the various sections followed, the Why is it that the percentage of div -
important to be dealt wiib. this aec- motion for second reading was made one ca8es rises steadily every year in
tion, British Columbia was now car-! with au expression of expectation the United States? Why should it be
eying on a larg" and important busi-j that the house would unanimously at- that today—tomorrow. you may meet
ne^ in wbich immense' monetary trail'test its agreement lhat action lak - your happily married friend, and in.
Mictions were involved and its ex- en by the government on this oeeas - response to your question regarding
penditures should he as carefully s>rut ion was one which well merits the his wife, he shakes his head and re-
1 inized anl  safeguarded  as  would     be I country's approbation. I plies,  '•Divorced!"
...James,  the Chimney Sweep, is back   ^ Cfl p wpn, )h|, tl,ln,actions 0f thej    Parker Williams,  while  offering cer-      Why should all this bo?
m town, and Will give prompt person-   proy,nce   (hoge of any   ,,,lnk   or  |arge  taln comments and criticism  of     the1    These are questions  that tho ablest   thnt
al  attention  to all jobs.    Rhone On,   buglnegs corporation.   Tho  time    had | attorney-general's      remarks     agreed  minds have wrestled with for the past
. ntal   Hotel,   or  write,   .laims.      The  nr,.ivo<i|  with  ,hl, colmtry'„ ral,;d  de-1 tbat the bill was a desirable measure   decade  without even  a mediocre ans-
Chimney Sweep,    C. 0. Oriental Ho-, veiopinenti  an<]  tbe expansion of the  and therefore gave it bis support. The   wer.   But the question will not down
1,1 '    levelstok0, ' civil -ei vi.e that a more careful check   second       reading    was    unanimously   ■'  confronts every thinking man    and
Tho regular runs of  tho Rovelstoke   ihould be k..pt upon the financial mat  agreed lo . j woman over and over again.     Legal
Snowshoe and  Ski club have       been   Iers and a strictly independent otflc -' CIVIL SBRVIOB ACT. brains have tried     lo reply;    orators
changed   from  Tuesdays   and   Tridays   ial account in this connection not on-      I'pon the Civil  Service act  amend-   uaVe used iheir eloquence; the papers
to Tuesdays and Thursdays, commenc   ly  to  the legislature  but   to  the peo-   im in  bill being committed W.ll. Haying  on   the  t'.ih  inst.    Members please   pie.   This view has beea hold  by   th11   ward  inquired  wherein  provision   was
government for some time and during   found  for the Bpeciflc salary increases
Hon. Dr. Young replied that salary
increases .shall be made upon the re-
ebramendation of a deputy minister
approved by the civil service commission.   The bill was considered in com-
linson, ns usual, was an ideal hostess
and everybody  had  a delightful  timo.
lake' nolice.
Mr.   AUwood,   proprietor of  the  opera hou*'. look lho opportunity while
the hall was still decorated, to entertain the choir of St. Peter's with
their fr nds to a dance cm Tuesday ev-
havc printed reams of matter and the
pulpit has thundered its inhumations.
But  the  question  remains unanswered   hy  those pres,ent     an I  reflected great
Mrs. w. A. sturdy entertained the
Bridge Olub on Saturday evening in
honor of Mrs. Sturdy of Malakwa.
Mrs. Kincaid won the prise after an
interesting contest.
Mr. K. Q. McRae returned from
Vancouvor on Saturday. Mrs. McRae's
many friends are pleased to learn thai
she is out of danger and making a
good  recovery.
Mr. J. 0, Veit.h teller of the Motion's   Bank    is boing transferred  to
a   branch  of   the  same   hank   al       St.
Thomas, Ont. Mr. Vcltch has during
his four years residence here made
many friends who will regret to heaa
of his departurei
The Political Equality Olub meet -
ing was postponed on Monday even
ing on account of tho weather and
counter attractions. Thoso interested
n lhe subject will be pleased to learn
tho Premier lms arranged to
meet, the womans' delegation presenting the suffrage petition on the afternoon of Friday, Feb. Mill. Sir Rich
ard evidently is young enough still ta
appreciate a valentine.
The concert given last evening by
the Children of St. Mary in the St..
Francis Hall, was very much enjoyed
i ning.
mo t
About   thirty couples had
Ime t" lhc best
Snovtshoe Tramp
the last session the | rime minister
had requested the attornay-general's
department to draft an audit act,
whicli it had been intended to present
to the house lasl year. The drn'i had
how. ver. not   heen perfected in     time
v     . number of important mat-
- -1.
Th Malakwa,   arc
Fi bru irj   8th,     iu
11 a'l.    It
..,;    be a big turn out, as
;.   Three Valley,
•'i  ind Canoe, will bo
I to     "ich   tra     will
SJ at h   announces
that Sa ell-known C.
i; ■ ■ Wilkins
■ •
■ • bs ' k Pro-
■ trifle any i
lure, 1   homi    !\   .'■   o'clock     The   party
and  travel;'   : it 11
mile-.   The wintei   scenery  was     excellent • advantai
of  ih    party who had camera
Tin   partj  we   und r   ommand    of
W. J. Brown,     who a.
th  gn at caution
and   ii   remained  amang   the  heldover mittee,  progress being reported.  Ron
legislation for this       Ion. tine proceedings were limited to   thi
During the last campaign h1 had
publlcallj stated lhal an independent i rovem. nu within municipalities,
audi' acl h.i 1 already i.eea drafted, which is the measure drafted by tho
nml would have heen, rrystallied in Royal Munciclpal commission and ex-
legislation In lhc last parliament, hut plained by that body in its exhaustive
for the an xpectedly early terrains ■ report already published and the pri-
1912 Of eourse tate logi Iation with respect to inin- -'nteir.ent had orporation of the. Pacific Coast Cas-
1 een    1                  but il  r.ma'n d       a ualty company nnd the city of Arm-
I unsolved.
Now come a mode n play ensuing a
drama called "The Rosary'' written by
Edward F. Rose, and produced hy tho
well-known theatrical managers. Rowland & Clifford. Quietly and modestly with no blaze of trumpets, its pro-
ei'ielit both to tho children and to
the three ladies who I rained them,
Mrs, Mnlnven, Mrs. Hobson ami Miss
Hell. In spite of ibe frosty weather,
the hall was filled    with parent   and
fri.nils and each item hi ail ily applauded.   The   tiniest   performers   were
jeets a quiet word into the turmoil of   of course, the cutest and little Jackie
introduction of the bill respecting im-   opinions,  which many  believe  will re-   Sherman and      Annie   Jackson,  were
' volutionize our ethics of marriage and   first  favorites.  Little Olive  Oashato'a
divorce. ! sweet voiire won her an encore for hei
"Look within." it says, "Look in- soll)e us did the comical ncting ol Leo
to the hearts and souls of our men Hobson nnd Margaret McGlnniS in
and women today. See if there bo lluir duct. The fan drill by six little
within the same rugged faith that car tots was very prettily done. Tine
ried a Republic from the wilderness,! Chinese chorus wa bo plcturesqui a
and     raised     above it our Stars nnd ' to demand an encore.   The older chil
. Tl t I .       ■
accept thi
stn.w     inlo which she fell
ho el  the  boys    will
intimation and discontinue
Hengs on to Door
-   I
8 il irdsy   night,
J,  All&rd
td sl
this bad practi ■
iie over it.
before tbey get into
I)    R. Tweedie, of th'    government
tj;I bere,  left  la I  <-i -nin 5 for a vacation   to   the  coasl  cities  for   .1   few
the const be will visit hit cousin I.r. Y.K.I). Cosselman of
Mount  Pleasant, Vancouver.
strong,  witb  respeel  to the township   Stripes.   Search  for  tbe abiding    rotter] swnin   of! Spallumobeen. I Hance on things unseen, which, forever
.    I help up our pioneers when they falter
ed under privation langers and hardships."
For an illustration—"The Rosary,-'
lakes you into lhe heart of a typical
American family. It show* the peace
and happiness there, then suddenly 1111
masks the canker spot—lack of faith
iu the husband. Slowly, little by
little, is sein this devastating power
of atheism; how it saps the strength
and molts the will, so that when
doubt and suspicion creep in they find
the soil fertile for their direct descend
nnls, haired and revenge, and the
home goes down to ruin with a crash
Then comos ihe spiritual power of a
great nmn, n Priest, whoso life is
given to mankind. Slowly by sheer
faith he' analysis the situation      and
bads the Iwo forth, the husband and
wife whom he loves, out of thednrk-
1       of tbeli it ipali  to happiness and
Thai   is the Rosary, and the discus-
ie.iis ihal will follow its production,
« 11 do mu h to   I  u  the smoke    of
Idle th <■: ies from     the     tremei lo 1
"ii which undermines tho happt-
in 1 well bein i ..   evi rj   Vm ■ ie   1
Fisheries Board for B. C.
I   Th" , abinel        has
' I  develop -
■  There
■■ t
M       '      . Mrs. i
e  0
.   Mr. s.i Blu -
1.   ■ 'te tenant    Pel 10 ino.    in
i tneatr      la I
: -,. ■■:    h
bouses     both   evenings.   The pi turei
nrere well bandied ami life. \\^..    ,in,i
gave nn exi  llenl  Idea ••'.  p
In th,'  -I ims  of  New  York    Manager
Smyth i's ital ■  11 hereafter
only .'Ok hr I lass attraction* and
he ha: some exceptionally high lass
troops coming in tbe near future for
furth' information v.at h' the spoi.t -
ing co- imn? of the I!all-HeraM.
bulldli      .     cell a    Proj 1   I
ai, !   .,   Mall-Herald
o !*■ ins  '
occuri 1, n-i
fim oul  of H.
ft(f I
BANTl-nOSHTTT-AI     ihe   Catholl
church,   Insi   Sunday   a'    in 80  n.n,.
Giovanni .s;,nti to Brminla R
'Irnoai   was    upported   hv  Mr.   Krn
ect Hiii-nli 'o. while tho
was Miss Lucy Mn*r.
Y. M. C. A.
I     I    ,' "M
le'- 1
ng to ' plain       l'" '".'le'iici
'. ,1V     e.i
e \|
LOST '" r mi ih street, 1 Silver
WalCh, nml r kind.y return to tbis
Office 01  to   Lloyd     Bennlsou, call
tn 1   receive  reward.
I'm McKenzie Avenue or First
ftturday   evening,      a
B  i'h   of   Keys.    Kinder   please   return to It. R, f'ole at the Watson
1 salty Co.
WANTBD Young Man wants job nny
' U'i' il .     liox 721, A. D. L.
■   rldi   the    •• ti
lo Mi   11   Manning,
■ in n ,, vi '■ de time w , • unenl
1             ,„                    ,, ,     , ' "Ml  vou nil Uie time' to 'remem
i"  '.''it''  '                      ■ . t,      Rafre  hue in 1 .   .          ,    '        ,                             ,         „      .
.,.,,.,,„,....        ,        1 bet me,   nnd  buy your music rolls at
"1   to   IIM   delight  and   »»U»- ,,   M    .     q(
I" beal  it     Only ye tenlny n dn"rlit''i    (tOtiOO ot  lb,,  boys,    About 11  o'clock]
bridesmaid ] of n i-rnmlvcn' eltlKtn was pu bi>d od  ths le.y. repaired home well  pleased      Home, Bweet Home," with ,, New-
mo  sidowiill:      |,y  1  ml rhlevotiB  boy   willi   the evening'l  entertainment, rombc Piano.
dren in the plays and dialogues of the
second pari acted very naturally and
all the recitation were delivered deal
ly and well. The concert close,I with
I the National anthem aboul  len p.m.
Old Boreas ran a fas I special Mon
day nighl, free fare, as an oppoi tion
to the excursions billed for tb ■ evening. But the annual ball giv a by
the Brotherhood of Engineers and
Firemen is much too popular Li be
affected by any minor distraction >o
the' demand at the/ wlckolS was a-
brisk tn ever till the 1 rowds filled tha
aisles in the good old way. To be
sure the tern; ei al in e in i le wa ome
what colder lhan ii should ha.e been
hut the welcome was as warm at evei
and lhe music .so Insp ring lhal Ihere
was little or no demand for seat in
lhe observation 01 the second sec'
lion. The ball was .1 ora ed beautifully with bunting, lights of all col
oi . safe inl unsafe; the big engine—
I " 1918" mi lhe si uth   h Itch v ■ 1 1. a Ij
1"  Bl 111   al   a n 0 ii ill's  notico,     Wh ■
tha "li .1 Uight" finally Hasl I Into
\ lew Ihe a enerj was bc« Itch n and
much appr cialo I by both iravi Hers,
and sightseers.   The evening  schcdult
iiiinni need promptly al   twenty on,, 0
... and called for twenty-four changi ■
with a mam 1 lops. Undei the 1
1111 management of Trainmaster 11.
dordon. there were no delays and fov
collisions. A unique feature wa th
arrival ol the "special" and soon af
forwards a lengthy stop wa madt for
refreshments. Chef Probyn of tho Sa
voy arrived with the diner and liki
magic 'ows of 1.ench.■ covered with
imwy crepe appeared around tho
iiMiii with chairs placed on either
ride. The menu contained sandwiches
of several kinds and Cakes of all tho
known varieties, with abundance oi
coffee and tea. These disappeared in
the usual twenty-minutes for refreshments, and then nothing was heard
bui the clatter of dishes as strings of
empties started east. Several extras
were run through, and then the regular schedule was resumed merrily until the whistle for the home station
sounded ahout 3:30 a.m.. and concluded one of (he iolllest dances of tho


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