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blliAI. AUKNT.
Vol. 12,-No. 110
CB. Hume 4
Empire Typewriter
tALD.   J
$2.50 Per Year
II,-if nre sunn pointers i;n what Fruiti tn ordor next week for
proem! nt, alio Vegetable! lor Pickling :—
California and B. C. Peaches
Red and Greengage Plums
Crab Apples, Citrons
Ripe and Green Tomatoes
A Nice Lot of Cucumbers.
We have a special line ol Men's Wet Proof Shoes—the "Doctor's
Special " and a Rubber Sole Line.
These are made in the New and Popular Lines nnd Shapes. Some
are Leather Lined. They are about what you need belore tho Rubber
Season comes on.
Sole Agents for the Original Slater Shoe.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
it you arc looking for something nice in SPOONS AND
8PECIAL " for Souvenirs, wc have Ihem here,
No Cough can linger
il you use    ....
Nairn's Famous Black
Cherry Cough Balsam
This remedy hns ben whl lor tho
last 12 years and gives universal satis-
It cures coughs and colds speedily
and is equally good for old and young.
Keep a bottle in tbo house. This is
the season for colds,
Red Cross Drug Store
I). NAIRN, PHM. b.
mmmmmsmmm *mmmm
Sept. 19-20-21,1906   |
Bluest and Best Ever
Horse Races, Lacrosse Tournament and othurnttructinns
jl The largest Fruit, Vegetalile
i and Mining Exhibits iu the
Jj Province.
* ****
| ****
f D. C. McMiiiutiH, J. J. Malone,
$ Secretary,      President.
S***"**** Furniture I
Jobn E. Wood's Furniture Store
<i> i iVi 1X1 iti tti p" "' *** **^' **^* **^* *^* *^** *^* *^* *^* *^* *^* *" iffc *1^* iTi iTi iTi iti
y f »x» «ii li'   X Tt""!^^^^rTL"P'I**rVlrTr   X    X    4    ♦ TP^P "A* "+" %V "4>"
4]4 Largo Size waa $27 60    Now   $l!l 00 fy
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O 9
o —;	
j •. Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
\'. and Sawmill Supplies, etc,, Plumbing and Tiusniithing. ^
vf vf
Medium Size was 20 00    Now    H 00
Small Size waB 16 60    Now    11 00 A
Russian Reign   ot  Terror -
Three Men Electrocuted
Ontario Child Strangled to
WiHSAW, Sept. 12,—With nu armed
guard an associated press oorrespondent visited Seitllice yesterday, Shops
were closed antl people panic stricken,
tearing slaughter, .Soldiers were
everywhere. One hundred and forty
corpses werc picked up in the streets,
ami ub many more bidden in cellars,
Train loads ol fugitives nre leaving for
the south. Grave lean of a lerious
outbreak in Warsaw are entertained
Soldiers searched the Jewish quarters,
wounding two .lews ami taking seven
Brandon, Sept. 12.—Sir Thoniai
Shaugbuessy ami other ollieials arrived last night en route to the coast.
They were met by a civic committee
nml shown nround the city.
Uusiivii.i.e, Ind , Sept. 12.—Three
workmen were killed by coming in
contact with a barbed wire lence which
had been charged with electricity
from the plant of the Indiana and
Cincinnati Traction company.
London, Sept. 12.—A Daily Mail
correspondent at Hamburg suys thut
during German naval manncuveros nn
the night of Sept. -3rd, 36 torpedo
Imats accomplished an extraordinary
lout, dashing lor the liritish const and
returning without being discovered.
The nominal purpose ol the raid
across the North Sea was the search
for the German fleet, which, however
the torpedo host ollicers knew of lying
off Heligoland.
London, Sept. 12.—The Society Ior
the propagation of the Gospel has
received a donation ol $19,000 from an
American donor, who requests that
the money be devoted to the extension
ol church work in Western Canada,
in view of the huge inllux of immigrants,
St. Thomas, Ont., Sept. 12.—The
coroner's jury in the case ol the infant
child of Lizzie Smith, found that the
infant had been strangled to death by
the grandmother. The mother is in
the hospital and is not expected to
live. The grandmother is under
Toronto, Sept. 12.—In addressing
the Grand Jury, Judge Winchester
intimated that the Crown would lay a
charge against Joseph Phillips, president ol the late York County Loan
A wide circle of friends will regret
the announcement of the death ol Mrs.
W. Cowan, which occurred at Golden
on Friday, Sept. 7th. The deceased
Indy was well known here and the
announcement that she had passed
away on Friday was received with keen
sorrow by the many Iriends hero. Mr.
Cowan, to whom this has been a
tumble blew, is well known throughout town and district, being the
pioneer ol many useful institutions in
and around Revelstoke. To the bereaved mother, lather and family, the
Mail-Herai.d joins with the many
friends here in extending to them
Iheir sympathy in their hour ol sad
The funeral of the lale .Mrs. VV.
Cowan took place yesterday alternoon
Irom the residence. Cowan hlock, to
I he Roman Catholic church, where ii
most impressive service was held.
From the church to the cemetery the
remains were followed by a large number ol citizens, Iriends of the family,
who were there to show their respect
und esteem. Over and around the
casket, which was simply, yet handsomely oroated, were piled in great
prolusion, the wreathB from many
friends, a marked evidence of the high
esteem lor the deceased lady. The
Rev. Father Pecouil preached the
luneral service both at the church and
the grave.
The pall bearers were: Messrs. A.
McRae, J. G. Maedonald, C. Holten,
B. A, Lawson, F. Fraser and A.
The following Iriends of W. Cowan
sent wreathe and llowers: Mr. and
Mrs. J. H. Jackson, Mr. and Mrs. T,
E. L. Taylor, Mr. and Mrs. Caley, Mr.
and Mrs. E. Edwards, Mr. aud Mrs.
Holten, Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Lawson,
Mr. and Mrs, Kin man. Mr. and Mrs.
Lund, Mr. and Mrs. A. Johnson, Mr.
and Mrs. Green (Golden), Mr. and
Mrs. Field, Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Sutherland, Mr. and Mrs. Jamieson, Mr, and
Mrs. Nettle, Mr, and Mrs. C. Parsons
(Golden), Wall Chung and son, Mr.
and Mrs. Wing Chung. Abrahamson
Bros., Mr. and Mrs. J. Bourne and
family, Mr. and Mrs. T. Downs, Mr.
and Mrs. Hedetruni, Mr and Mrs. H.
N. Coureier, Mr. and Mrs. G. S. McCarter, J. V. Perks, Hobson & Bell, J.
Henderson, Mr. and Mrs, Bradley, Mr.
and Mrs. A. McRae, Revelstoke Club,
Miss Mary Edwards.
One of the newest and best musical
farce comedies ol the day is "Hooligan's Troubles," which appears here
on Saturday, Sept. 16th.
" Hooligan's Troubles" is in itt
fourth season nnd is built upon the
humorous catastr phies of one 'Hooligan,' who has been msde famous by
his antics in the New York and
Chicago Sunday papers. The company carries its own hand and orchestra
and the Hooligan Band parade is a
Favorably Impressed with Pur
Fair City.
The Uovi'in,.'!'Goiinr-i ,u«i Lady
Grey, and vice-regal piny arrived in
tin*  city on   Monday   ifter u by
speoial train from the , nth. 1 large
crowd waited on the dep,.,| pi itform to
watch lhe arrival of thi distinguished
visitors, uml as the train nnmo I,- a
standstill the Independeul Band
played the National Intheni whi'e
tin- crowd heartily ohei'i-id Thoii Ex-
oclleucies, who bowed iinknowhidg,
in, nl [roin the car plntlorm The. purl
is I,,oking remarkably well In ipltoof
hie r.ioenl illness ninl soonind pleased
with his reocptlon, The Band played
a few more selections which were
acknowledged hy llis Excellency per-
sunnily expressing his appreciation if
the sapie lo tl.e lender, Mr. I! 11.
Sawyer. The vice-regal party then
loft the train und visited the Hotel
Rovelstoke, returning later anil dining
in the private car. A visit w-lis paid
ilining the evening to the Hospital
nnd Hit! Y, M. 0. A.', llis Lordship
being particularly Interested in tliei
respective work. Their Excellccics
iu spite ol their brief visit, were well
pleased with their recopliun in Hovel
stoke and were greatly interested in all
they saw. The party spent the night
on the train, nnd left en route lor the
coast at 7:30 a.m. yesterday.
The Governor-General's car "Corn
wall" is most handsomely uud beauti
lully litted nnd was used hy the Prince
and Princess ol Wales on their recent
Earl Grey is an ardent imperialist,
nol on account ol the size of the empire, but chiefly because he profoundly
believes that the empire has been the
most potent factor in tlio world's history for the spread of justice and humanity. His Exoellency is no eminently practical man and combincB
with that virtue a kindly courtesy.
The regular sittingol the city council was held Friday night. Mayor
McLeod, and Aid. Tapping, Howboii,
and Abrahamson being present.
Minutes of the last meeting were
adopted as read,
From G. 8. McCarter, suggesting
that plans should be drawn up to
decide upon what portions of the city
should be laid with hewers, and tiiii
necessary cost and general estimate of
tho work which could then be laid
before the ratepayers.—Laid over Mil a
lull meeting.
From Dr. CroBS, requesting authority to luniigate all diphtheria infectec
houses.—Request granted,
From Mrs. Turnross, asking that a
crossing be put in iu (rout of her
premises.—Lelt till next meeting.
From tlie Attorney-General, re
municipal lines.—It was resolved to
bring the matter before T. Taylor, Al.
P.P., and ask him to rush thc matter
Aid. Tapping gave notico that ho
Wjould put a motion at the next meeting for the establishing of lire limits.
The accounts were then passed and
the question of sidewalk levels wus
discussed, grades being decided upon:
Oorner Victoriu Road to MoKeiiziu
ave., McKenzie ave lo First Street; on
First Street toGovornmentSireet, VV.;
McKenzie ave., to Second St ; west on
Second Street to Campbell Ave. It
was resolved thai an engineer h, instructed t„ fix tlin-< levels.
Thc rivei bunk problem wna ngain
brought up und it was resolved to see
the local member in the matter and
nrrange to get the government to work
on it at once.
In the nbsence ol Mayoi McLeod lor
next few weeks, Aid Abrahamson was
appointed aoting-Alayoi
The council then adjourned,
The first meeting ,,1 the Interior
Bund Association wns held in the
b.uid room on Monday, Sept. 3rd.
('has. Godwiu ot Vernon, president of
thu Association, being in the chair.
Tl,e minutes ol the last executive
n,i cling were read and adopted. The
chairman on rising spoke of tbo object
i,i the ; Association and how from its
loth all members hud taken a keen
nr crest in it. Thin was tho lirst
general meeting of the Association
and lie hoped that it would be the
first of many iu a long and successful
Career. Tlie Baud Association could
do good in many ways, and especially
in cementing tlie good fellowship of
the cities ol the interior. After a lew
i|i,,*«, ions ol genoral business being
discussed, the ollicers lor the nextyear
were elected as follows:
President — W. Wollendon, Arm-
1st. Vice President—W. Sawyer,
2nd. Vice President—J. Sttibbs,
3rd. Vice President—W. Robinson,
Summer laud.
Conductor—R. H. Sawyer,
Sec.-Treas.—R. Armstrong,
The executive committee wi
on the next place ol meeting,
general discussion  on  business and
social matters, the meeting adjourned.
The Revelstoke lacrosse team have
accepted an iuvitaaion to play an exhibition game with tho Nelson team
during the lair in that city next week.
1 decide
Revelstoke Forms a Society to
Fight Consumption.
1'ln cure aud prevention of consumption lius, lor many years, been a
source of deep study anil investigation
by medical men throughout the globe.
The "white plague" is one of the most
terrible diseases known to humanity
and the time has mrived when
in, aBiircs should be taken to cope with
Ihis unseen enemy,
The Rov. Dr. W. Moore, D.D., ol
Ottawa, lectured before a Revelstoke
audience on Monday night iu theoity
hull, taking Tiihetciilosis as his theme,
Acting-Mayor Abrulniiiisoii wns in the
chair .mil Introduced the lecturer In
thu meeting, On rising, Dr. Moore
laid "that he was sorry thut so few
bud attended, but put it down to the
(act that the cirrcspo.-idciicc was not
ninde public iu the city. However, be
was pleased to Bee that IIiobc who were
present were interested iu the matter,
In 1901 Lord Minto called a convention nt Ottawa lo lorm an anti-consumption associiition. The yearly
death rote from the disease numbers
nearly 12,000, and it is high time to
stop this rapid spread. In England
in the last 40 years the death rate has
been reduced by 60 per cent and in
New York, in the worst tenements of
Bronx, the death rate has been reduced by 20 per cent In 10 years.
British Columbia has a hotter chance
than England owing to her healthy
climate. The drawback to this is,
that people come into Canada, suffering from consumption, to try and cure
themselves, thereby, in many cases,
spreading the disease. Dr. Pagan has
stated that the need of a Sanitarium
is very great nnd Lleut.-Gov. Dunsmuir had donated $10,000 towards a
building fund while the C. P, It, had
given $6,001) and many other private
persons had contributed largely. The
germ wiib inlinitcsimally small and of
a vegetable property. Alcohol was a
good ally ol the bacillus. Tho most
dangerous lorm of spreading consumption is the expectoration on sidewalks
which contain billions of microbes
Milk very often is infected nnd caution should be used in sterilizing it
and not boiling it. The bacillus takes
a long time to show, sometimes nearly
30 years, bo slow but sure is its deadly
work. Ladies skirts are especially
dangerous, ns tbey sweep up all the
refuse from streets and sidewalks.
The chief means of preventing cun-
umption are, good nourishment, sunlight, fresh air, exercise and good
moderate life. Dr. Fagan urges the
necessity of establishing a local society
for the prevention of consumption and
also of an institution where paticnti
taken early can be saved."
In concluding his speech Dr. Moore
I hanked those present for their interest and requested thut a motion bo
ninde lo form a local society.
Aid. Howson, seconded by H. N.
Coursier, moved that measures be
taken tc prevent the spread of consumption,und that a society be formed
in the city called the Revelstoke Anti-
Tuberculosis Society.
W. M. Lawrence moved that, Mrs.
T. Kilpatrick be elected president.—
Mrs. T. Kilpatrick moved that Mrs.
Cameron bo elected vice-presidoiit.—
II, Floyd moved that Mrs. W. M.
Lawrence be elected socretary-troasui'er. Also that a committee ho formed
lo help the ollicers.—Carried.
A vote of thanks for Dr. Moore was
moved by Aid. Howson and carried
unanimously. The meeting then adjourn,:.!.
lhe Presbytery of Kamloops is toil iy meeting in Knox Church for its
regular hall-yearly session, Tho territory included in the PrcBbytery
roaches to Liiggun on the east, to
Arrowhead aud the Okanagan Valley
on the south, to North Bend on the
west, and to the Cariboo country on
the north. Tho work in connection
with the Home Missions will receive
careful attention. A call from the
congregation of St. Andrew's Church,
Vernon, to Rev. Logic Macdnnnell,
will be dealt with, but the session wili
likely be a short one as the "docket"
is not very long.
Members of Prosbytery arrived in
i ho city yesterday and this morning,
und Presbytery convened at 10 o'clock
to-day. Those in attendance are Revs.
T. 0, Miller, moderator, Irom Ducks;
W, A, Wylie, clork, Kamloops; D.
Campbell, Armstrong; Dr. Herdman,
superintendent,Calgary;C. W. Whyte,
Pcachland; .1. G. Duncan, Salmon
Arm; J. 11. Miller, Field: W.L. McRao, Golden; E. 0, W. McColl, Arrowhead; Jas. Hood, Slimmerlaiid; A. W.
K. Herdman, Kclowna, and J. It.
Robertson,- Rovelstoko.
The following representative ciders
are also present: Messrs. A. L. For-
tunc, Enderby; A. E. Miller and G.
M. Clark, Revelstoke.
A public meeting will bo held tonight (Wednesday) in Knox Church
at 8 o'clock, to which all friends are
invited, Addresses will lie given by
Rev. A. VV, K. Herdman on "Young
People's Work," and Rev. C. W.
Whyte on "Tho Social Problem of the
Country Church." *
Tho Presbytery'*. Home Mission
committee met In' the church vestry
with Rev. Dr, Herdman on Tuesday
night to prepare the report to be submitted to Presbytery. Those present
were Revs. D. Campbell, convener; W.
A. Wylie, J. 11. Robertson and the
Shotguns, Rifles, Etc.
Wc arc handling Elcy's Shells as they gave such  good  satisfaction last sciiBoii.
We nre the sole representatives for
Banff Hard Coal lhe only hard
coal mined in Canada, which is a superior coal for domestic and steam purposes.
When lired properly it will give off a
greater, more even and sustained heat
than any other coal, hence the most economical to use. This coal is smokeless
and is specially recommended for Self
Feeders, Hot Blast Stoves and Furnaces.
The price is $9 per ton. Leave
orders at our offices in the Molsons'
bank Building, where they will have
prompt and careful attention.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For all kinds of up-to-date and reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Say, Wifey
« What the deuce is the matter wilh this
g bread ?   I was at mother's .last night,
and she had the most lovely bread.
Well, no wonder, your mother bakes
with RISING SUN and if the grocer
sends any more of that stuff he sent
last, I'll send it back.   You get
and I'll makejustas good bread as your
mother ever made.
Manufactured and Guaranteed by
The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
, ipvr.LST.lKP,. !*.C.
Ul. 'ull-.TT0-TtS!e : ' I'lv'!':-!. l'nili-,1 Stair
'»qM«.MWWw-»Wr.*fallyV.      ' ' '   '
11 •':■ year libra -i | ,-i.'ili,-e|
""llflVERTI*5lV*b  RATES.
 iu-liL*. OCX Him .!. .  .'..
*-r liiie mi, l, -ni,-, mi:,M  In-.rtlii,li
' il«H". I,.
r- ^Ia'B'.l^"u*-'-V',i-*' **" il- --"„* I".-1*-- "'
■ —■■ j-an   of-'"  I-'* '"'l'  I"'1'- "'"Hill.
■ l*rg ipiT Bv dim*. ..', i„-r cum. nil-
l.llfjf. ;5r-VM,i :,.,.*.- .,nd ImuIis
.-,£*) %.  ir.- Il-        I.Mb ■ iiollm   -   ■
--..■■: approval ot thu management.
Wanted .,:,-! Condensed Advertisements:
Agent. Wai,;.*!. mill, W-uKcl. Situations
-.. .-■ -. SltunU :,- Vacant, Ti chcri
Wanted, Ueolwi -- Want il. lo tvunii in
I-- j^T.cli,,,.-..,.iioniii line 10 cew-.
, : *"M.ft. Kau.!M^t3vwi'.iiiii,-ii'.s ,m,-i
•*. In oj !i a. in. 'Iin-day ,ti„l Kriduy ol
etch VJeek lo secure oood ilisj.lny.
.,,!: ■ RINT1NC1 prompUjoxeontedal roasn
able rati*.
rEBMS  i ub.  Snbat-ripttons t-ayobl.- ,„ „,l
ilist'iws; n cits i'l the sizo and-iniiort-!!"!"1."^'".""' J'".' I."'"'1:!'""..!' y» •;,-
M,', , i"',' itriiiisfpt' of-my llminr lii'oiico lor the
iiiiccni r.i'vnlstoko lias no' nddtjmito  l,,-lmi,| Ili,i,l,Xu!,usp,io u I-'. M.-liuiiguld.ul
tn-.um- ol  cniiitiK   with   ni.v   si'iini*  Nakusp,
■, ., ',      „, i       I'-'i'-i si'pi■-ii--
0|ii(li'iniii  iiiiii.  mny   -|n-i'iil.     hilu-j    s,,„| |j
■ Iiiiiii |l \. II- ,111 ,-.\.llll|i!,-, dli'iv Willi li
Wi- 1,-.' ,1 -II, ll   :l    SCOIII'gll    should    [llll
upon ii■-.*    mn hospital is totally nn-1  >ch.-.-i*.iit-rt-i
:ll,!i-   1-   I,In-   in 111,ur lllllll lull Ml li'W i I inI,-1,-1 tnopji
,"s, *. mt - besides, iln- ineniice nl iln-1iVniV'.'-ar
cjosejij xiinily ui patients  s_yJlV]ing .*,rlbi-d
!*,-..,. ■',-,!;■■■ use wiin'.l lut lun tlun'"e - ^™c.'icliig ,1 ,. posl planled nhnul.one
oust' HevelMBke. The cily nenl-, milt iitU'l|icf.thi- ftiiitlir.\vost, n, .iei',of,riol llll.'
lumi in-ill- badly, n properlj  '*'ll-'!'l"'' |il^ni'vj'.'el.'u
i *i
■"Q-fTNl.'-Ivril  i.vV!  oi   '-•"*'.;'
prticTiiuB-t: .-i.mmnm,.,-„-:i" to ml;
4h t»«iol"J*ailul  o£  uuuii, oj
r^V^fHi'-f^ini.' r„ri-,'-1|--i,'',i-,'
vMsisi »»»i
S". 11! I'.l. V.AI.KI-!!!.
\ given IhaUWliynnflerdaii
to the Chief i'miuiiM<im*r ■
.,   for tl   HJH'ijIll   liiTi'-O lj It'll
iiiiii.,-1- r nm Uio riiKiiwllwd*'
i,  |-|,|i,*i"  \rruw l/iU'>, \\\-
t'iiiiiiiii.-sit>iit-r t i I-ami
spi i iiii lifi'in i* lo cm
"it-r Irom lliy li'lUi-wiiij*.
-iiiiiih-.l in ilu- Vale IV
i) Commciu'in^ nl -
Harry's uorllwiisi cor
ilnuil ihive milos norl 1
Shuswap rivi-i" ami i
l ul" ivl;iiiiii\!-r. llnT
isolntliu) lnis|iiiul where infiocbioiis imd 1 Fut'l'i
,-„lltiigi,)IIS)i:ltioiltSl-;lll lillillllll.'llilllt-:    "*1"1 V"k'"-1 'It*.. llhMl.
ly pluceil, nml where the (ear an(,l
ilatificr ul ii-Ieciiini is eliminated. Tin*
gnveriiition-'t', would, in all probability
j,lil iiii dollar for ilullnr with tbe tit)'
ui lln- I'Biablisliiilwit nl a public insli-
tttlinii ii ihis description. The tM
a -, 11111 nol In.' excessive, uud, I'nnipiiriil
willi the sii|i(Tiil>iiiiil:inl,. iH'iiclils to
Ki.'vt'!.-',-l;,-. pruotically nil
i, Uicuceino iiiiniiisi
sl, ih.titci 10*0olflillls •
.1. «*. KOliKY,
..Jiil j -\M' PINKHAJI.
ll\i(KI-iTI:.s, SOLICITOUS, I "I I .
Orvmar.  l-m-m .1.  HifK   Hun-K,   IIkvki*
'9IOKK, Il.C.
.'•! ■   . to :■--., ,t
Offl •■ K ■ I M-ilic, Il.C: KortHi,'!", li. c.
'IF.I,. S.MiC.HtlU.
A. M. I'lMiiiiTi, J. A, llii.i-v.
ltclel-WlC.'ll..t;.        • lull K-jx-Ii   II. I*.
J.M.Scott I.I..H W. I. llriiM*.
HCOTT   A-M'   HKUM*****
'"  Babbist'M, HfiMftiiiiis, K-rr.
SolicttoKs i,iii BTotsews Baku
Ili-v.-lNl-'okc, B.C
Fir*! Street,
I'l.ivilivilll l.llllll Survi-yiii,
Mine Snivi-yinj:
MrKi-iNziK Avenue,
llnx Klti, Ui-:\*i-:i.stiiki-'.
-rsUWAlili A. BAGGEN,
Tlint's 1,'uynl Crown kind--
inntli* iti VnnrrKifrr—T.orpisl
Snap factory wosl ol Wiuni-
peg. House denning nnl
H:lMiil.u;il'll'.l-y Willi ilt-lirip
And tin* inntii'j- yiiving is llie
Premium System
U'hAIc! tcjia wbiitwi* give fur
lluviil rrmvn Wrappers. Si nd
fnr il--|-'n'c—Alsu try
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
lM(-m. A-iicriM.ni ln-titiiu- Mlnlog Engim
1'nn.rtlnn Mlnlne" lnalltuto.1
■Hr-VRUsTiiKi-, B. Gi
Kianiii,,,,ion ol ni,*! Hi'ijil.- on .Miio.ia! I. .
ln-ilk-.*;, r[ i-ciiilly.
I       I,. \YIS\IiIt &(!(!.
.A,       . tln,ni|,i,iii!iiili
.   Bajikehs & Bbokehs.
awMUidIpkyftB.mltilnooll aid ti,(lii-.ti-i„
Investments.   Blghost speculative prollls com
blned with   bank  security: 0,-000   dividend
cheque! trailed every-month tn clients.  Call
oiimeo'f.'v.-illed- l a-t. n!.ir\
K. A. Ifiiiois. ;  •    IWiLSTUKK. li.i*.
,JI \\J 4 *r l\lv%<f»U
TCC -flDaiUlbcralb"
sni-.'.itlr.itti^'lhein lor
ia paper u< bo punctuitll,
■ ■'ill CjMII.I I'i t-eli-'l-.l  upon „► n |*,rl
■IS („.,,,!: I.1-. - A1-1---V,   ,,.
Unr ni to-, ni'-.t iiupuilaiil   iniitld-s
- !ift-*We*iW.W1imrt-'City  DftfiWl
tiwiij.u tuUaii i .mil gu int'j very st'r-
iously, is that i i» new system ol sew-
•  igi thi ugHi in iln- city.    Tin- time
}.*« iXHti-tf when Ilu- council, instead ol
•pulling I'll  ibe question repeatedly,
<   uld get down to work and do some-
•rilling  di-linite .,in-, regard   In this nil
, iniijwrtiuit^utKtioc.,  lt is certainly
s-Mtbag md m,,*t- ilisquictiiig wlien
' ne lolt'inttj thin.'S, t,, lind thnt the
•■ \     'tjLf'■■■' "''■".• -,w'in-e i- l-l-.li-licnl-
Jh" ibslWed in the very Boil on whicli
i ti.-- eity il-i-lt atniiJt, ainl wbeu Ibere
S :   .-.! - irbtion owing to tlie presence
•!o: rock ■: builclay.ihiirelui-e retnains
, Ci di ■.   ;: i -ne-. Btsgnanl   and  fermenting   Tlieptsation is this, Unit
li are practically .living over n vast
less-;    I, tlAJ must nt sunn-  future
tjrai assert itself, and styttter its mill,
'.-  - and ci un!!,- millions il bJcllli
:' ''.'.iie,  dealing   out    i|,m!!i
-»:. lesale. 'And new tnere'eoiries the
ttirerunner ol a deadly ncuurgc, that
T-, le utli u fever liend, that Awful plague
lat  '(fare death  in its train e'l r it
Kootonn    Loiltrt No, 16 A F. & A.lti,
»/r,A . The regular mi-i-
^/s,^-■   --.     ing,mo hold in lhe
Masonic    Toirlpla
1,1,1 l-Vllows Hull.oi
Lhc third Moinlij li
,-i.i:l Ill    nl    !
p.m. Visitinghfcth
len   i-oi-ilinlly  will
r, a. riiiiiTNll.l!.. Brcbctaiiv.
Wl      SXr^K. "rvoninnliic.
Hull   nt   -   o'clpii
V'isilini- li,-,.i!ii,-iuio
w' dinlly mv!   I to nl
U. ,1. lAti'M.VllT.N.ti. J. .IIA'llIlli!. See
Gold Range Lodge, K. of  P.
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
Meets kvkhv wednksim'V
in i),l,licll„o-s' Hall al 8
o'clock visiting Kiiinliis an-
. irdlnlly mvllod.
own, CC.
(i. II. I1R0CK, V.. "( II. & S.
tl. A. IIHOWN. tl. of.P
Ni i'l li.i; id iit'iflij uivvii Lhat i)u ilaya uftor ilaic
T'infi-iiri tn npply tn lln* ITi.ii. Tin- cliief
i;uiiiiiiiM.iniii)i*nf liiimli. nml Work-i fur ii Special
1.. ,,,-.-1 -. ■. i r , i,. t carry away timlior ft*  tlie
iiiski-wiiiniUsmli-jil lunils iii WchI- K'-iutfTiiiy His-
in) Cinniii'-iiciiiir at* a post plulitcil l| niiltis
Wi-A 1,1 lln* Ciililliilii;!. l:i\lll'..(ll| Ull'l|l>I*l llbll nl,
mil lar™(* crcflk cmfTfyilig IfiCotboColupibih
Rivor almul 2 mllwi aboyo Gordon Ilapldaatiil
marlii-il ''JO, Mfllioailffi (souOi-onat corner/'
ilituct; wi-sl illycimina, tbonco norib lOcliftlm),
llwnue ea-l H'i<i clmins, thonco south I'i cliniin-
totllfl point of nimmi'iiri'inciil.
(b) i oinintnciiifi at a pnsl planfto aboiil lj
tulUr- vmhvt tin- ColuTiilHn mvefffi tin- iifirih
iiuibia Jtiv-tr uliuui -mik^ itbini-inirilon lla
]iids ainl ifiarketl "I*:, KcHciuis nortb-carf
ciinioi-," Mionee houMi ItwcliainsrThonco wdsl
ilmins, thonce north 100 chains iln*i*W-i*a--i
4u i-h'iiuh io llio imiiii of t.oiiimi.iii-.i'iiicnt-
riali-illliiKLMthdiiyof AomM. 1!HW.
Bop8 E. MoBEAN*.
TIcIHs hereby given iliiituOday* oiler ,l:,n-
I inionil t„ ,,'pply t.. iin- ll«it. U i"f i mo
-t Lun,i-and \V,„-ks. f-o jieroiissi,-,,
j,iir, i,:,ie ilie tdlowlng ,!<■ -rilied lno,l
West Ko.l"i,«'!ii liiM. (i.-ilen,, ll.i v, ens
I'l  In HI Uke:
I'ninuieneillgal ;, posl Idanlcl at ll„- nortli easl
colliei „f l.„l -No. -11". tlleliee ,-.,-l lUShnins
*,,„,li 1,1,-1, ,ii, j. „,■*, nl ehains, north i". In,i, - -,
|,1 olcouimencenicnl.
li,,...., I ui- -.-;-; day of July, WOO-
Illll','!-! V LAWSON
(Cterr|,Ie -uiind in the ear.
lleadly gl
lrttdy there iiave beeri'eeven caei
Notice is herebj-aiveu tlmt CO dnys fi ■  •,     i
llll, 1! Ill, Vo-lyr.,,   Ur-   iloilOl |l>li-the I        (I
i>]i.i!n!,p,M.( l.:-,i,|- anil Woiks m-i
: n i i.    the lolloivint describe,! lands In ,:-,-
v.,-*,  K ,.,. ifiij   |,.*-:ii.-i. , ..*   ih, re „( l"|,;*,
Arroiv Ukcl-
i Minui-ii, in- nt :■ in.-t marked ".I. D. I'-,],!,-' -
*j-,„,l,\,..*i .,.,i:,-,-.- ,i, (he*norlh west eorner i
I. ■• -mi   ,, I  ibonl   : •  in I, ■ llorthof VH-k,--,,
■■ , ■ ■ .    ■  |    . | .       M
SOcliaio.s more m I,*-, - i, i     ..   : -    i ninsln„r(-
-tithnin' Wbnt :*'- iw '   *''   1. '    '■ --      -   it    -, - i
sontherly direction ., ongthc hake -1 1!  nl
ui„ioorl,-** to p„i i: .1  on,,,:, mi,, ni. i-iintnin
• win,
Brought in bv \ iii6''iHci-,--in,'i. ,,r x-
:jt?Jur  eity/  ?M"' ■»'■'•»"'»1 "*"''
ch" fell disi-iset.
d'.inp ,.it«  -vyrk.| =*"**•*
.1 p. - iu'i.an;
I'er llalpli slye,
NiiTK C, IN lll'.lltT.Y (ilVK! tlmt Blxtydayii
alter datullntniidtii hpply lo Hm Hon. I'hl-f
t'„iiii„i,*ii,ii,-i ,,f Land, an I Works for permission
l„|,iii,-l„i.*,'lli,-l„ll„»i-,5 ilotuilltell lnmls 111 tie
Wesi Kooleiuiy .lis.ti-i.-t...,n uostslilo ol thiil'oli
iiiiihlii rivor, liniiul tliree miles from Arroivheiul:
Citiniiieiii'hljr; id a poll iilanled ai Willi.nn urcg.
,-i„i.ii.„ili.,H'stci-,,-v. thenci! ivMUO ,-liainsi,,
I', in-ti-' iiMilh ,-n-l criier, tliojict smilli 10
rlinins In Wjne-s 0,,,-Hi m-t enrner, tlieiii-c eaal
in I'linlii. tn Day's mntli wosl enmor, thonct
north to elioins l,, nnhil n! i'.,i„io,<ii,'„menl.mid
eonliiillili,- 10 res in,,,,-,,(!,-**,
I Itlcil S, |,l   Ilii  JIMJ,
.1. C, IIAIII.nW,
s,-|,s |l) hi* Agent, S. J. Harlow,
Viitich is HWiKiiV iiivi-:n Hml thirty
.A   ilnysiiflei- iiiiii, 1 lull-nil lo applv loll,,-
Cliief Cu ilsslonoriil Isuids nod Works lorn
*l„-,i,il lii-oiue 1,, ,-nl ninl ,-ni-rv nwny limber
li- Hie (oIliiwniK doscribod lands tltcuiilpd
nn ll„- Norlli Kn-1 Aim of Arrow Lake in \V„..l
Ivooli'iiuy ,lisl..J_
I.   Coiinii.'iu-iiie ail n |„,*t. |,I.iiiIimI nbout I'i
inili,* wo-l,,( Item,oi. on soulli shorn of Lnko
nu,I marked "W-. II.Si-IiiiI/.,,'* nortli-v/ost cor
imst," tlionco oosl Ml chains,.Ihenco soulh
clinlin, Uipnco wosl Sll eh.iin*, Ihoneo norlh SH
chains to point ,,F eooiioI'lieenmnl,
:'. i iiiiimi, in -in,- ni n i... -1 illumed 'about I:
miles wosl of I!,-:, n -until shore „( I.nl:
mid inarkb'd "W. (1. Sehiil/.-i*. north-oust c
.'•llllllis, I henr
chains t„ |,„i
Dntod \im
mlli SlUliiiin.*,thonoo wostSO
nrth sn .-hains, tin-mo Onst'W
IV. (I. SI'lll.'I.ZK,
I'er W. I'. O'gllVle', Aitonl.
VIITICH Is herebydli'o'O ihal mdnv.-alle
..X dole 1 liili-nd in npply io lh" linn, lh,
niter C„iiiiiii**i„ii,T nl Inmi* nnd Works for
iii'i'iiiis.ioii (o pUrohliad llie foil,,wine; describe,!
lnmls, sHii.-ili-il In V'.'e.-I Kooli-iuiy, wii.l side
Columbia liver, t'lre Volley;
Clofnmonolnl' nt n |,„*i in ehniiis nnrlh of
Latigol'H ni.i'tb west oorner post, Olid nmrkcil
"H.-iri-v Melnio-ir* norlh easl cqi'ilor (io*t,
(hi'iiiio wosl, an ehniiis, llienee koilth 80onlllli
(liunee. llaHLNIolioil,*, Ihoneo north SU cliiiins 1
placo of eillllllll'lli'l-lllenl.
llninl .llll,,- lllli, Iini.
VfOTICE Is horoby glvoli Ihnl thirty dny
lA illlor dnlo 1 ililon,I lo apply lo tbo (Ihio
Coinniissiiiiioi-ol' I,ninl.. and W,o-l.* Tor speoial
Ili-eiirO Ui out ami I'ni-ry nwny titolior (rom tii
foilowiuK dos'ii-ibiiil In,,,!.* situated in Wosl
llooteii.iv .lisliii-t, 11. (".:
1. c."ii>nioiioiiic nt a |,,|-i marked "A. McltAeJn
*„lllll B-esl i'i,|-|li.-t' Jiost.-'pllilili',! nboul ono mih'
.M*'. ..fl'i,Iiiiiii,ill ilver mn! about oppdslto ll'-s
kins ereek, tlience not-Ill so cliiiins, east si) ,'hnilil,
*,,nth so chains, west sll chains m point of coir.-
M. tloiniiiiJiicingal.ii,i„st ni.-n-keit "A. .\1,-I!,i,-'*
nurih west corner |n,.*t." lilalili-il nlnnit „no mile
i-n-l ol Coliiioliin river nnd -,l,„iit upposlle II"-
kins e'-eek, llienee soulb *n, Imiii*. ensl Ml,-In,in*,
liollll Mlelinins, wesl so cloiills to pointol com-
Hated Julv 18111,100(1.
city;     dice   '.list
d.'.tliw*' it sn,ai.
,- > go'    What i-. !',
Hi    ■ -     -     w inanv in n-
i!.,r- •  .■:!:■■  H%l(*.lipr't
bavi !bani|##e
Argiit pr' ' I   eati    'l-et-'hy.  r "-*'■■
-li,   j-:' tl,,- ijjjv^ec—irjiil coy^trict-
tb- iUI*'
d »
\   iiiiitiar;.
^^^^^^^3 'nft,- l4'0l-
- ,lr^",?a,„»,wU*i,'.''us
aven !     I        I  grudge the
^^^^^^■cti a cause as tiiii 	
t  ..' I ..iurgii ton rtrongly
*. take til,--'lll:|/-   Hli't get   li-r,VH   t-il
™.,- work '■;   having  plans   preparetl,
t»<v, ,-• - ::        -it  and  the
jjfci,,-:ii,    dd   -    re  the  rati payei
*be_ eiiy has increased ti luoliash
S.l   thill    -''.-l,!!!,,' J*n>^tl    is   HOI
Asolute necessity, and the | n sence ,,i
o,--;     - ., i   lie-  city   I-  only
Surting disasturj  ||iwiriii. u,hi„* |
"-., where cleannneu is practised ami
t» i.!|ie«i|iiie.itv jhiiii iu nrifiitiH
l.'i-«DfJ*Ji kud*     .'.l.OMi.i-l.ly,
wstroying all ortneic gerflr breeding
Bwerage pits, the riskvoi W eiiideniic
OkiiigahuM wiil be Inl',' ;i, ly !>'--, no;
A|.-: any migratory bacillus that comei
S,ng will I- u:i.ii,|et,,!ilrti a- linmo I
, A- regards  tho  present  epidemic,
'«i-,lical men should take .the iitm   i
|j|ri'  and   precaution   ill •flinunfl.iii'p*^
jinj     suspicious     en-'.      Tliis
| helirJil t,,n slrOjiSjy.     .More-
.,.,'   MIPS
frJd too s|r-liiy.v. Mor,
iilrti'd biiisissljoiilil bait
di|tii'i'!ii9iil»rl£ than  11"
nfiee ul SlSli
Jesl iliould tefu
tienn.. ftLi
-li napti ,-,^qi.,uii,n i;i(izi-ii» will
Jb wise ir they u.-( (lisfnlcctiiiits very
jfeely nil over tlicit boiiics, lor inf'''!*-.
un is cnrrinl al,-,iit.iui   jciiiyt w/lJlQ
"Wid should the epidemic be allowed to
;«»iii4,,ii*tei«lt wiaiklliu too awiulj
rnAOB ^*r
pr- iimIiiiiI'h, -iiii-iI hy VV, -th
iii,-ii I,, iu,,ei Western m ,|nii,-.
nil-ill . In ib- Inngiiagi* of Uie
W<,<H i'Tbcy're lough ns lln*y
link,- i hi," Uvcrj pitii i I innii
wade, anil guaranteed .i- nearty
pi I't'iii, ll, cut, Iii nnl liiu-li .is
biiiiiiiii -kill i nn iiinke t.li'-in.
snle   uiiiii   Ly
reliable   ,lril,-i--.
Vancouver,   a c,
Not Iim in hereby I'i.cn llinUlihluvs nfter ilmr
intond tu apply In the llniionu'ilu tlie t-bkil
Joinniissioner ul l-aiida iinil *.. orka for aspecinl
lOOllKiJ'tt) eul iiiiiI {'-hit. iiwiiviMiiberfnini the
iiill'iuiiifj ile-crilii'il [niidj ihituatyd iu Ibe
Oaoyo6s Ptvjrioh ol Yiilo Ujatriel;
ulltmoncillg :it   ll   pilfll   marki'il'*S, Kills
iini'th n'ojft i-iirm-r,' pluiilii'i mt Ilu- Hinil.li hank nf
I1ii*i*;i-i fmk nf iln< iinrtli f.irknf Cherry Creek
ml Umilt's iilicvi'itii- f-i-ks- nftile ilortli flirk,
iniiit: eaal Hip pliain^lhum-vwinUi IDieiiaiud,
•im im--i ii;'M-li'iti.. llifti'-i! n irlli  Hii-hain- I
piiinl. nf riii!,tni*iii-i'iiiriir.
:;.   ('..nun,•11,-m- ui   ii i*.,-l   iii.iiIm-iI "S. Hill
i.liUi rto.il Hiriier," phnt-,| „ii iln .until liiiiknt
Ii«eiuil f"ik nf Uiu nnrtli imk nf I'lu-m Vtvhi
dmiit U iniW almvil Uie forksi ut tlm in-uli d.rk.
tiiuiiiijs t-asl  HW .Iiiiii-. il- in .* imrtli Wi-li in.
llit-iiCi* H'i'"t itin cliafrt:*, ili'*iii*c -'iMi ioenithwlo
nl i'iiii'*i'i'[-u*nii'iti.
(' tin-in*in*_' nl  a  !"  '   *■ irked  'S. Mill's
hitlli i»ii«l  iter,1 planted t»\ the miitli lundt -I
lliu ,,i-i futk ol tliuinirili (orknl Ulierrj Lutl
ibtiiii I) iitilen iibnv. i'u [nrki el Lhe nurth furki
[Uiniii - -., utli 1*80 '-ii 'in-, llienei m>M j-1 rhalnn,
tlience imrtli li - ■ li     ■■•■ -i 10 HiaiiiH i"
]»*nil nl ri.iuiih'U'Vincnt.
^   tlfinniu'iiciti i nl *   rl Lt|h"tj, Hill'
-"llll -A..-1 i'nl'H'l* iilib.mk.i
■int   fnrk   nf tlie  ' v .    ' rt-i \
it 24 mil
nan i.- ■■ - I   i*- 1.1 ms, tlie-*v!u      Qi I ol  .■■
tl. nn wi *\ Ifi" chaiiw. Ui-i'tiei-      ith       ,
■ • inl ■ I ■■ ■ *i ■'- ■ ment.
tl   * >. llill't
imitjj wenl     ** 1   ■ a* bankn|
ii .,.--, - ■   D
.- 1 ■ . I 1
■ 1 ■    ■   '
...-v|      111       ll    .-"■,-' '
[] . :.      .     '
. . '       I1
M '. ■
; i. ..■
' ■
...... . .
■        ■   .■
'!        * - -.-:,..
■■*    '       ., I   ,M.   ■ I    I , -
■    , .    - :
.*, .
point ol
■   ■
I'.- - " ,     . ' -. ' I
II.- -I i
s. uiiii.
N"ii e w hofeby givBi " ■' BO daye
.n-i*.' .1 it.* 1 in', in1 11 apply tn the
Cliii I  ''---ii mi- om-
■ 3pi c -   inem-s I I and
.■11 rj -■ *.1 i'u" [i ■ Iht Eollowing
t|i -. ril "'i lands - 1 1 ''"■ ia Wm
Kootena-y riUtriufc, I) (J
N-i. 1 t onjmoni mu .it ,i pnn\
mnrked 'KM : ■ |
I'l.ni'T I' -1.' pi i-i'"! m ll.iliu.iv
jomek, ;il"iiii 13 IttiN fro*>i in mouth.
itint iwlj ' ing -wrrowhe id 1. irnboi
Co.la '■|:iH'*, So, "ii ii:*i|i 7109 thence
iro hi    -    .1 ■ ■ thi neev< nt-SOi   .: •
ll       ,1 .      -  Mill Ml l-.lttt'!,-.  til ■ 11'        *
ciuiiiH tti pclhl "1 1:'-niin-.M-i me«t,
Nli   'i     \ i;-iiHni" .\rri".vh.*:ni {..mi-
1     ,     I'm .'. 1     .1      i HO*.!     1 [Ul      .wil-
Mil : ■■'  ■■<      "   "i.:iii!-. li 1 ne   n..iti, HI)
I'li'illiS IhtfBCO HfWI  N"  I'll '!'■•     ti.rlU'l-
HAnth 80 oll&fni t'- p in' nf ■ ii. 1 "Mf*
No. '■'>   AdjoiniBfl NTo i on  %%\ %\M
thiMifii'CPHl 80 f\\ 1 i'i- I1 ffl <'.''■ nnrth Ml
i-h*i'^, i.Iimic" wf-t -1' ohain«, itmaee
,*iuili 80dh4!n (1 \r Mt.of dniinfmonmi
\'n 1 Ailj')in!ii«,' Nm. :J. on iaM nidi
tiviic' 1 UBi II'D ohflini, 111.".'"! north
'Hii-linim*., thonde vo»l 160 nhrrinn,
thenee qotrfh *lh chftitw 18 ""inf nl
qomnfen cement;
No. f>. Adji.iiiiii!: X'i. I on south
lide, thenoe rthutli HO olihinftj Mmnco
west HO f.li!i.in-i.l.licnri' nor! It RO.Ohflins;
iJipuco etiftt HO ehaini Ni [joinl n(
I), tlOinnionctrtK IOut*H nt  NT". :t.
fhence cu-^i- 100cnf|/ri , Lhyu.cj'Htmth '''
cli;iili.*i, t.ln'lir'' ui'sl, (ll'i 1 li.iiii.-:,  llit'iin-
tmrlli 10 cli.iin.s to poinl of i'ommonci*-
liiicntor, i
, jinn vvoi-Ki iur ;t
,1 ,* uiy ,t*v.-iy iim-
ili'sci'ibi'il latuis,
kod "J,
o; ilu- oasl fork ol
lumi one-hall' mill
v soulli Ko i-li linv
lionet' west So rliauis, itioitre norlli S(
h.tiii--;, thi'neo o;r.l Sn flnins io [nihil o
f Bfltihii Columhia at the
ut) Ail, imvr-jior.ilinfc a
ild, rqiiip, iiiaiiilitiiwaiul
linos of railway of stand-
Ill any kind of
a poinl on Uppor Arrow
tt-nay, near Arrow-Head,
ol iho I'roviiK"!
ifoxl session, l>
toniiwnv Ui
opi-rate ii tints
ardor oilier gimj{
I motive power I"
I Lake, WVsl Ki
iUieni-o following llio Coin in bin Kivor
, in'rllii-iiy on t-lilii'i* siilo to a poinl al or
hrcttr thr i'onHui,irocot''l:';inoo ■Rivrr'with*
the Coliimbia Kivor and llienee following
liiloiitf L'anot- Kivor oh i-iiiui   £ijl n a
iii-,ir Jolt**. Jainn- .C*fife| on
0,   Coinmeneinjral a posl markod "J. ,    -m ft( p|.- ^
Harrys soulli-easl corner post,   PlimU*tl i );riM,.- mvcri with power lo eonslrud,
ibout tlnoo milos nprthof ftlfl eiljj lork oC|.oHl,hlft aiu|.m;,imauibranch linos to
Shuswap river, and  abmu one-halt   milo
cast of tlio main rivor, llienco nortli 80
liains, ihoneo wosl Ho chains, tlienci1
south So cliains, llionce easl 80 clmins lo
poinl ot'commeiU'iMiienl,
1 ii Cotnmenciiig at a posi markod "J.
Karrs's noilh-wesl corner posl,1' planted
about throe miles north of lho east fork of
Shuswap rivor, anil about one-half mile
easl of lliu main river, liionco smith 40
chains, thence east i(>o chuius, tlience
uorlh 40 chains, ihence wesi 160 chains to
point of commencement,
1 j. Commencing al a post marked "J.
Harry's south-west corner posl," planled
aboul Ihroo miles uorlh ol lho oasl fork of
Shuswap river, and aboul one-hull mile
oast of the main river, ihenco cast Bo
chains, thoneo uorlh So ehains, thence
wesl So ehaiiis, tlience soush So chains lo
point of coinmciu/omeul.
13. Commencing al a post marked ''J.
Harry's norlh-easl corner jjosI," planted
aboul four miles north of lhe oast lork bf
Shuswap river, tlience soulh So eliaiiv
ihence wesl So chains, ihenco norlh 80
cliains, Ihrnee easl So chains, to point bf
14. Commencing at a posl marked "J
Harry's sotith-oasl corner posl," planted
about four miles north of lho oast fork of
Shuswap river, ihence north 80 chaini
llienco wosl Ho chains, ihenco south 80
cliains, thouoe easl So chains lo poinl of
15. Coinmeneing al a posl marked "J,
Harry's soulb-wesl coruer posl," planted
ahoul lour iniles north of iho oast fork of
Shuswap river, llienee north So ehains,
Ihence easl So chains, ihenco south 80
cliiiins, Ihoneo wesl So chains to poinl oi
16. Commencing at a posl marked "J
Harry's norlh-west corner post," planted
aboul six miles norlh of the easl fork of
Shuswap rivor, thence soulh So ehains,
llionce east So chains, thenco north So
cliains, thoneo wost So chains to poinl of
17. Com men emg. al a post mai kod "J
Harry's north-east cornor posl," planted
aboul six miles norlli of lhe oast fork of
Shuswap river, thenco soutli So chains,
llionce west So chains, thonce norlh So
chains, tlience e'«i-?l Ho chains to point of
commencement. i*'
iS. Com*ni*ticih^at:a p-^st JndifJcjM "J
Ham's north-east corner posl," planled
on lho south fork'of Shuswap rivor, and
aliout ono mile from the mouth; Ihence
wesl 80 chains, Ihence soutli 80 chains,
llionce oasl Ho chains, tlienco norlh So
chains to poirtl of coinmeneeinenl.
ni. Coaimoucini;* al a post marked "J.
Barry's north-west corner posl," planted
on the soutli fork ol Shuswap river and
aboul one mile from its mouth, ihence
oast 80 chains, thence soulh 80 chains,
ihoneo West Sn chains, liionco north So
clmins lo point of commencement,
jo. Commencing al a post inarked "J.
Harry's souih-west cornor," planted on
the soulli fork of Shuswap river and about
one mile from ils mouth, tlienco norlh 80
chains, llienco easl 80 chains, ihence
soulh Su chains, liionco wosl 80 chains lo
poinl of commencement
ji. Commencing al a post uurked "J.
i uorth-wesl corner post," planled
* ahoul
east So
_ theme
csl So chains, iheiuv north So cliains to
)int of cominencemenl,
22. Commencing al ft posl m.vkod "J.
1 soulh-ea-it corner post," planted
on the norlh branch of the eaM fork of
Shuswap rivet, and aboul four miles from
tin* forks, ihence north 40 chain ., '.hence
wesl i'i" chains, ihenco soulh 4 1 chains,
thonco easl Ojo chains to poinl of coin-
„•;. Cpmmoncfnjjal a post marked "J,
Barry's norlh-eftsf corner post. ' planled
Oil lho norlh branch of tlie east fork of
Shuswap liver, and about four miles from
lhe lork*-. ihenee south 40 chains, ihcticti
wesl 160 chains, thendc north 40 cHaiHsj
•ji.-uee i-tst ii>o cliains to pointof com-
1:.   Ci mmenciOg at a posl markod "J,
Barry's north-tyest corner posi," planted
on the north   branch of ilie east fork of
iver and aboul tour miles Irom
* , ,* §oufll su chains, thence
■,   llionce  north So chains,
ce   ivesl   3o chains  to poinl   of rmn-
Dated August 20tb, \(>o<).
operate and maintain brapch lines lo any
point wiihie;twerilv niit'S from the main
line of railway;' and with power to construct, operate and mainlain all necessary
bridges*-, roads, ways .-ind ferries! and lo
const rticl, ai^uiro, own and maintain
wliary^sjuul. douks \\^ igonn^ctioil, there-
Willi; flwi' to'1 ct-mstrhcll* own, 'lie-quire,
[nip and nmitilatn *HI*uam and other vessels and hoals ami operate lhe same on
my navigable waters, and ,tn09Wtrudt*
.-iptTiiloand maintain telegraph anil telephone lines a'long'the routes of Iho said
railway and its branches, or in connection
therewith, ami to transmit nuMsugcS' for
commercial purposes; to, generate, elec-
Uicily ami supply li^ht, heat attd,jM-Mejr.
ami erect, construct, build ami maintain
llie necessary buildings -and works, ami to
generate any,kind of power for the pur
poses aforesaid,Or iiieomiecllontherowiih,
tor reward*; and to ai'ipi'ire and rece
horn any Government- corporation or per*
■ ^^
011 lho soulb fork of Shuswap ri
Iwo iniles from ils moulh, Ihenc
chains, thence   south   80 chaini
eby given that  at the
;..-   from date t intend
tie! Commissioner bf Laud,
and Wi-V ' ■ a Npecial iimbi*r (icense 1
Ctrl fellaftii     rirV ffwaj 'irnher from th;
■ *i;.*" pi'   ,    j.)   1 tn i   ffl   ibe   Oislrii-l   ,
- * 1.   -      . .t.*M ribed ai foHcws 1
1, otnmt     ■-: <! r i1*""'  phuited al   the
ic' .'i luioii'i   U, .-ii-,,- No,
:.!   " I). Mclni.ish -, South-
tfi' -*''   ■ ■ is) 80 chains
chain***)-;  thence wesl   \a
1 rtortti  *: ■    ': tin*, them ■■
, ,. • ■-, -  ■ hains l
*'.. ,M ■-,  ■-. .■■!■■ - ■
',(,   ,1.
|),ne,i   \   .     ,1   |6tlt| HJ06,
.    if).  M< ISTOHM,
(,'i-anls inf laiul, money,
llAIiltY   Ml'lNTDSlI,   Holl'linill   II,Ills"
Hiissbuiil. \
MKUICjMj WATKltS nf llnl-
_ eyun Jilt) the ni.ist curative inl In',
win-Ill. A peifnel, nntiitiil retneily Inr
nil Nei tuns nml -Musi-ulnr ilihe.i..-*,
Liver, Kiiluey uml .Slnimtub ailiii'-ei-
11111I Weliillie I'liisuiiiiijr..   A sure i-ui-e
l,ur__"'fliiil. Tim] Kei'lllig." Hpeeinl
liiTi'Sun' liTT Tmiii's niulii-Ktiis.- Tvi'
malls iiii-ive uml il.'iniit every  (till
I'dlHB*-It: rmiimiiiiii-ation   «ilh  ull
-iiinrts nr ilu* -woi-l.i.
I'EltM(S--$12 tO IJUS  I'er Week.    FlM'
fin ther pitrl.ieiilat-s'j.-ipLly in .. ,
HAllllt McfflTIDSH   •   i
HalqyoAlHji Spring
Arrotti LaKe. "B, C
L-I Notice Ii li
Inl UnM alio
privileges or other assistance in aid ol the
construction of tho Company's undertaking} ami 10 connect with and enter into
traffic or other arrangements wilh railway,
steamboat or othor companies- aud to
exercise such powers as are granted liy
parts 4 ami 5 of the "Waler Clauses
Consolidation Ad"; and for all rights,
powers and privileges necessary in or
incidental to the promises, and for other
Daled at Kevelstoke, B.C., this 31st day
of August, iqof).
Solicitors for the Applicants.
Notico is lioroby glvon that HO dnys nTtor dato
1 Intend to nnply to tlio Cliief Cum mission or of
bands nud Works for a spocial licence to cut
nnd carry away limber from tho rollowint: described lands Situato in Kast Kootonay district.
1. Commenolng nt a post planted on tho
BOUth-oast hank of Wood Kivor about 2 milos
bolow the Wost fork and marked "K. Mc Menu's
sunth-wost cornor," thonco north 811 chains,
tlionco oast 80 chains, tlionco soutu KO ehains,
tlionco wo-t 8() chains to tho iKiint of commencement.
2. Cumiiit'iiciiie, nt n post plnntod on the
southeast bnnk of Wood Hivor about 2 miles
bolow tho wost fork nnd mnrkod "B. McBoan's
nurtli-wost cornor," tlionco oust SO clmui.s,
thonco south 80 chnius, thouco wost 811 clmins,
tlionco north 80 chains to tlio point of commoncomont.
It. Commencing nt a 1 oat plauted on tlie
south-east bank of Wood Kivor, opposite tlio
mouth of the wost fork nnd mnrked "E. Mc*
Hoau.'s nortli-wost corner,'' theuce soulli 160
eliuiiis, tln'iice oast 40 chains, thence north UM)
chains, them-o west to chaius to the point
of commoncomont.
Datod this isih dny of August, 190(1.
4. C-itumiuii-im." nt a pott plantod ou tlio
uurth-west bank of, Wood JUvor just above the
month of tho. west tijrk -and inarkod [JE. McHean's soutli-Oiist cm-hoT," thohco .north 8J)
cliiiins, tlinuci) wust so chains, theuco Buufah 80
cliains, llienco east 80 chains tu tbo pniutof
Dmetl tlii.i20th dny of Au-Kust, lWW. * - I
'1. iiiiiiini'iiciiii,' at- a posl plantod ou the
si nt tii-oust hank of Wood Rivor opposite the
mouth of the wosl fork ami marked "E.'Md;
liimii.s i-iiulli-Wu-at' oornor," thonco , north Sll
chains, tlienco oast{ 80 chains, Uu'iieu-jonU* Hi)
rnilbis, thonco weit 80 chains to tho point nf
cuuinijoiicenieut*/.   1 . ,;;• Jijlij i ill 11 '•■.
ti. I 'oiiiiomicini; nt a. post planted ou tbe
nortn-West fiaak of Wood Rivor about 1 mil*
bolow tlie I mouth of Uio wbst forti -and m urk oj
"K. McBean's south-east comer," theuce north
40 ehnins, onst 40 chnius, north 40 chains, west
SO chiiitis, south 40 chltlns, west 40 cliains, south
10 vh)»imv«ast 80-chains Unthojuunt of com-
meflHU'tfiUU   -.Cfln   -11 ><J ■> n I
7. Commouottig at a imst plunted on llie
north-west bank of Wood Hi tur about 1 mile
bolow I be wost fork and marked "K, McHean's
n 11 rth-on St corner," thonco smith 4il omiiuaj
thonco wost in ohains, thonce simth 40*cluins
lliiuici-wu-t lip ebiiii.s, lliL-iice imrtli ill chains
thonce oasl -ill i-hains, tbonco norlh 40 chains,
tlianca en -1 K0 Chains to thu' point of commnuco-
8, Cxiiiinoiiciim ut a jHist jilunted 011 the
sou th**-™ isl bh 1 ik' of Wontl Hivor aliout 4 milos
below tha west fork and.mtubed "K. McHnau'j
■niiih-west coruorj" tbonco north IW,chains
tliiiiicenist in elrtms, tbonco south lOOchains.
tlienco wi'i'i ill chuina to the point of coin.
Dated this-2lst dny of Auyust, linW.
f). IViniiuoiiciiig at a post'phmtrid ou iln)
nnrth-wosb buuk of Wood Rivor and 2 milos
bolow ,1 iimp-up I 'rook and inarkod' E. McHoun's
Bnnth-oast'eoriior,'' thonce oast 100 *chninsi
ilii-iii'o north 40 c^iuius, thencowostlOOchains
tlionco soulli 40 cliains to tlio poiut of conn
meiiceinont. ' 1
in. fommonoiiiK nt a post plantedmitlu
Norl li west twink of Wood River about 2 milei
below .lump up Creek and marked "E. Mc
Moan's south-oust eorner," thence west W
(jbaiiis, thonco nortb 80 chains ihenco east 81
tains   thence south SOohains lo tho point ol
ntn men cement*. ■
Dated thin 22nd day of Auiciiftt, 1QQ9.*   rm,
sop 1 K, ^^clHCAJM.
., HoVic(nahrrH,y«itr-*nth.it-VI ■!..*>   lit ■
I     ■   I o
miiiI r.irry 1 «f*4      il *   flaw
■     ,     ■   ■■> .
, ir -,!     T. Kii pal
*.!   ■ (0     C|   .1:1,
...    1 ■       :, |(|      '-...
ntuf com-
mai 1 i-'.i.'
*'        I   ,.!|.   ,   .-    , -,','. ■    I,
.,-     ■ .      ,.! tti,   1 ,.
11 1  ftifor  ,u*l iii-ifio'i   'T   Kl/iwtrlfik1
In Ifi
;li,!,. 0   oil th *.,..,.. t yji , 1.,.,,
, i) --I       rj thftpoint of ''"in
.; 1 ommon * *: 1 po ' ,■ 1 ed m the Old
*.\"-i'l h .'iririol nlnnit'- inil'i- mstof Ihefiol
uml.i.i Hivr.r and imirloul T KI [rttrifll
north ■■«■'■ i- corner." thfliififl " ■ I '" ■ fi lia
llienee 'outd m rlmiii*. tli<wt*: 1 wi1.!. 40 ''Inini
ilniiii*e nnrtli "' Chnifp to tllO pyiflt f>f »"iii-
•iii*i ,-'i""iii*i.i.
I     * i,i„'ii*»l*if*'ini:iit 11 |,Ol|; blWltiH nn thrtOdl
Vi'(,i,'| Hi',,ii*|,r;nialMiiit..'.  rniln-i'i-1 of Mm Oil-
imihfn River and mnrkod "T. Kilpatrick'
01 tii A*" 1 - nrner," tlrarffee on 1 -to oh a ins
llmnf-o norlli wi ■■hnini. tjifiuoe v-t- 80clminn,
thonco mulli *#i Mnlw to mc pointof ooin*
IMN ''his imi. dajrof Airgtyt) r."«i.
f*tfiim«m every smoher  the  " Muron
notice   ::;',,
Nut ire islierebv j-iwti that 31) ilaj'a aitar date I
iriUnd to applv'to the (Jliief Conrtilnslouer ofl
Units and Works for a special Jio*uco ta cut ami
carryauitv timber from tlie MAwlng ileai;rilwd
laiuls situiiteil in the Yale District:   ■' < * ■ I
i. Comnwnclng at a post marked "J. Barry's
-niitli-M'est enrner pnst,'' pl|iiit,cd,on t|HJ sontli1
branch .iMhufiiwt fnrk rtf .Shiinwa 1 river, thence
ijnrlli Hi chains, thence enst* 100 cliftfni, tlienco
ri.nlli 40 clmins, tluyico wont 100 chains to point of
i ('iiinineiicinfrat tf-'mtt RttfUtl "*T- Barry's
nnrth we'd cornvr |Hint,", pjnnttid on the smith
branch of tfio earn, fnrk nf Sfiuswap River, thenco
fldiiili 40 chains, tlience east ltH) chains, tliem-o
nnrth 10 chains, thence west too chains to pointof
8 cmnifti'iinim at a poat marked "J. Barry's
nnrth-'iait corner mist," planted mi lhe snulli
branch nl the oast fork ol Nhiiawap Kivor, tlidlico
.„iiih yu rhalns, tlienco *eat 80clialns,tlienco
nerth SO chains, tlience castMO clialns to point of
I Oommenclng at a pnst inarkod''J. Barry's
.nmi,.„-,,! enrner post," nlantoil on the south
!>r-mi-li of the eastforll ol Shuswup river, thonce
nurth -"i rhalns thonce west 80 chains, thonce
,n,i I, bo chains, tlienre oasl wn chains to pnlnt of
-,   Commencing al a post marked "J. Barr/a
louth wesl   "■ ' pnst/ planted  about three
-flllesfr the inoutli nf tho east fork of Hluiswap
[ilver thenco north «n chains, Bast 80 chains,
..,,*(, - mi   ffi I -0 chains to point nf com-
i,   Cominonclng  il n post markod "J. Barry's
,  nrnei |wst," filantoil altoiit nne mile
rrnm tin mouth of -Huiswap Blvor, thence oastWl
i>ii in chalna, cum. sn i-inifns.sntii.il in
j   1    ., 1 -ij , imiH, nuiili in chalna, west, su
■I, 10 chains Ui pol f commencement,
)   c nencingal a post marked ".I. Harry's
1,1 ;,..,i *  planted abntil nne mllo
.   ,-   I t lOSl fork nf Slui*<w,.p Unci,
l|(1.IM-„ ni,rlll 10 nlmbll, '-ast   100 rlinins, llilltll III
.1   ,.,, L-halno Ui point ill cotnmonco
I   1 ninmeiicing sl n po 1  markoil ".I, Harry's
. ,,,,, ,,(.i ,,,,,,,-r jc.i.■ planUxl "ii tho wed -ut.-
-.(   Sliiiswan  riv.*r.-ilcnl nm* nnd mn-hull   miles
,!,,„, pnniitlioi 1 inst fork thonco mirth 10
,i,,,IM  tliencf **'-• i«" otiatos, thonco   911 tt J |0
i,mii- thencn easl llK|ehaliw l" point of com
Ditwl Aiiffhl WW, IWO
„.,, 1 ,1, liAltUV.
hereby glvon that ;iii days after date
* PUTAs:Jt«jUULi5l)iu' CommlHHloner
anu works for a. special license to cut
jid carry away timber frum the following
escribed lands In West Kootenay district:
1.  I'litiuiijHjflnK' nt a post marked "J II.
bite's norfli-west corner post," planted nt
he north owl cornor of I otfMM and running
ibiitli iji) chains, thenco east 80 chaius, tlience
nrth 811 chains, thunce west 80 chaius lo point
ei commencement,
■ 2, Commeneing at a pout marked "J. II,
White's nimi lb-west corner post, planted at the
north-east earner of hot 8414, and running
nurth 80 chains, thenoe east 80 chains, thenee
south 80 clialns, thence west 80 chains to poinl
of commencement,
8, Commencing at a post marked "J. H.
White's south-east corner post, planted at tlie
luuih-i'iist corner of Uit Uli and running
north 80 chains, thence west80chains, thenco
soulh 80 chains, thence east 80 chains to point
■1. Commeneing at a punt marked "J, H.
WhUc'sKouth west corner post," planted about
-2 miles no Five MIlo Creek, nu east sideof five
Mllo Irnll, llienee norlh 80 elinlns, Ibeuce easl
8U cbnins theuce south 80 ehains, thonce west
811 chains to pointof commencement.
5. Commeneing at a post marked "J. It,
While's south-ust corner post," planted about
2 miles up Hve Mile ereek on east side of
trail nnd running mirth 80 chains, theuce west
80 chains, theuce smith 80 cliains, tbenee east
so ehnins to poinl of commencement,
0. Commencing at a post marked M, H.
White's .south-west corner post," planted abiitit
Bullies up Five Mile creek on east side of trail
nud nniiitni: north 80 chains, thencu east 80
chains, thence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to point of commencement.
7, Commencing at a post marked "J.H.
While's south east corner post," planted abonl
:; miles up live Mile creek nu oust side of trail
am) pinning nnrlh 80 chnlns, Ihenco west Ho
chains, thence smith 80 chains, tlience east 80
chains to pointof commoncomont,
8 Commencing at a post marked "J. 11.
White's south-west eorner post" planted nbout
4 iniles up Five Mile Creek on east sido of trail
and running north 80 chains, thenee east 80
chains, thencu south 80 chains, thenee west 80
chains to point of commencement.
ti. Conimenclng at a post marked "J. H.
White's south-east corner post," planled aliout
4 miles up Five Mile Crock on east side of trail
and running nortb 80 chuius. thencu weat 80
chains, Ilieucc south 80 chains, thence onst £11
chains to pointof commencement,
Dated August 10th, VM.
qug 25  J.H. WHITE,
VTOTICE is lioroby glvon that 30 days
i\ aftor dato wo iutond to apply to the Honorable tho Chiof Uoinmissuuior of Lands and
Works for a special liconso tu cut aud carry
away timber from tlie following described
lands: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
1, Commencing at a post marked "U. B.
Campbell's und C. B. Kirk's north-west corner
post, plantod on tho oast buuk of the north
lorn of Fife Creok, 5U miles above tho forks,
thonce 40 chains oust, li<0 chains south, 40chaius
west, 11)0 chuius north to place of commencement.
■2 Couiinoneinu at a post marked "(4. B.
Ciiiupbell's and (.'. B. Kirk's north-oust curuer
Est,'1 planted on the oast side of the north
-kof Fife Creok, 5J--J milos above the forks,
siico 411 ohnins west, IOO chains south, 40
Halns *6ast1l 100 chuius north to plnce of commencement.
•&1J. ^'ommeiici
win obeli Vaiid
Mains east, 160
Beucement, .   .   .
.4.  ConimeucufiUtiiFvost^narked "G. B.
wnpuelt's uu*l^*tik^f4^|^y^fb-wost curuor
fork of FifeCroot-j 54 miles ntipve thu. fork-
thenco W -JMIus east? 80 ehalus north, V
chuius wu-t,.8U chain*? south lo placo of cum
luoucomfnj..   j 1
, ut a post murked "ti. B.
. II. Kirk's south-east corner
In the eust side of the north
wk, 5!"i mites above the forks,
_ west, 100 chains north, 40
chaius south to place of com*
south to placo ot com-
CoiS^iVa't-u'Vist Tnarioil!"d. B.
Campbell's uud C. M. Kitk-'s nortli wosbcnrnnr
iKi^t, ubuiLed juu-, the wost hunk of thenorlh'
tn>k\.rWM-TrMk.8 miles ilbovetlib ff>Vk<
Hit-nee SO rhaim east, 80 chains south, 81
cbiilii's west, SO chains north tii placo of coui;
meucoiiiont. , ■    nruii        ■'   *■•  ■  '     ' ' ''
li. Coinnienciug ut a t post jpMjt*id..."ti. B,
Ciimpbell's uud 0. B. Kirk's north-east co/por
t'lmat, f-' plunted -on the wost sjdo of the oiirlli
fnrkref*Pifo Crook,'8 ifiiles above'Ino ni-rks,
thonce so chains woht ,80 ciudus -ninth, Sl
ehuins ea-l,Sl) cbnins soutli toplucoof commoncement.*" 	
7, Coinmonciug nt a isist marked "(j. Bl
Camnboll's ami (Ti B. Kirk's south-west cornet
post, planted im thn ivost salo of the north
fork of Fifo ;r^kt?M» *ls)vo tho forks!
thence 80 chaius oast, 120 chains uorth, 40
clmins worst. SO .chain* south, 40 chains Mst, 40
clmins smilli toplacniif coii')ti|o*iiftu*4ieat,
S. .Coiunieiicjih,' at u |ii«t .;iu*i*rl#eyir. "0. lt,
V:imnball'ir and O..I& Kirk'ksOwtlwiaitOtirmir
i)ost,»': plAutod- ftii'tlie woslHdrfW-tHe^mrtli
fork of Fife Crook, 10 milos above the forks,
tlience..i-JO chains west, APl chtiiw-.Smith, 80
chain*-«inU SO chnlnw north to'Hob*of com
ni once in ont.
i). Commencing at a wist market-) "Q. B.
' '   w'^WW^sfcorner
iftbeffls imd/fc'. lVlMr^'^HUiM"rrflS ..
^ .ipllu.to/lW tb?westfe*Banhenorth
.JflMfelir-JOKitO rttlos.iflwto the forks,
thence 80 chaius wost, 80 chains north, 80
chains cast, 80 chains south to place of X-om-
inoucoment. , . .
Datod Aug. 2Srd, 1906.
mW '     O- B. (CAMPBELL,
m C. B. KIRK.
Rutin la lioroliy |l«m tliatllio Hi linn l'n,'ll!,'
nmi,,,., ir,.,..,..,.-, hireilila ilny flhil In tin nil-
i.in-1 I Illiy,>lry Hill,-,- nl r.,-1.,,1,, 11 |,l.m |ir„
iii,m„„I l,„i,k „l r.-f.-r..,..- almirliin III. prnpmoil
im.,uimi..u iirinrii 11,1,. iniii,. ii,,,.man Lumbar
i,-,l,,|„.,e    I iliil.fl l.iiiiil. ln„lr Itt-n-lst,,!*,-, mill
'     (uie )<M,n|.rlliis.lntir^^^^^^^
Null,-,! ia hereby given tlmt DI) daya niter tlntc
1 Intend tn apply to llie Chief Commissioner ol
Landa and Works lor a siieclal license to cut
anil earry aivay limber from the lollutving
de-eribed lands In thc Big Bend district of
West am! Kast Kootenay:
I. Commencing nt a post niarked "brnest £.
Adair's north-east corner,, oat," planted on the
west side o( the Columbia river, about, mile
west Irom thc Dominion jioat near names
Creek, (hence west 8(1 chains, Ihence south 80
ohains, thonce cast 80 clialns, thence north 80
i-lmins to pi,lm in commencement
J. Commencing at a p.-siniarked "Ernest E.
Adair's north-east corner post," planled on the
west *i,I,- <>f the Columbia river, about 81 miles
wcstol the nonunion jiostnear Carnes Creek,
iIn-ill-1- -iinih so,-Indus, thence west80chains
iIn-ill,-nortli sn chains, thence cast 80clialns
to point nl commoncement.
lialed August Sill. 1900.
II. Cnmmenelllg at a jinst inarked "F,. K.
Adair's soutli-west enrner post," planted on
il,,- in,ill, side ul Columbia river, about IJ
iniles west of lhc mouth of Cnninililgs Crock
and nl t I mile north in river, tlience east nil)
clmiiis, Ihonod m,r[li In elinlns, Uu'iH-e west
Iim chains, llienee snutli 1o chains to poinl of
i. Commonolng at a post marked '-K. K
Adnfr'sniirtti ensl enrner imst," planled on tlie
 lh sldeuf llie Columbia river, abuut 1! miles
back (rom river ami about--,! miles westol
I',-,Inr Crook, thonoo west imi chains, thenuc
souih -in i,iinins, thonoo oaat 160 ehains, thence
imi ili III,lullns !„ ,,., j i, I ol ,-,,iiiiii,-in:,-nienl,
Dltorl August Ifith.lWS.
TB.  (-oiiiineni-iug   at a jinst marked "K.  11
A,lull's ,1,,1-tli ensl i-nrllcr pnst," planted  nil  the
 th-oaal slilo nl Coitimlila rivor, nlsnit. half n
mil,-fiotii rivor nml almul three and a half miles
i„!,,w c.iiioi- Ilivor anil nlwut ono mllo almvo Pot-
ia.li I (rook, (hone Id 8U chains, thence west nil
chains, tlionco nortli 80 cliains, tlience enst I
chains Uiiiolnl <-' ciiiiiicici-iiieiil.
llnli-,1 Aiicnst llllll, IIKlll.
sep l| E, K. ADAIR,
Certificate of Improvements.
Wlllks fill- il K|lt,ei:ll IICtHICO III 1-1(1 llllll
ciii-i}" nwny liiiilii'f l'iiiliiillii,.(iillilwiii(,'
ili-M-iilii'il  luiiils    KitiinLt'il    ill   West
kiiuli-iiiiv ilisliiil,.wi-sl_ nltle ,,f Ui-pi'i"
Ai-t'i'iw ntHTi
I.   CiiliillH'lli'illJ,' ill  il   |li'«t lilillii'il
"B. ('illlson's Ill-«isl D01!UBI' pnsl,"
pliillrlfiliiiiillir ".-st.liiii.knl .Piiiiisliiil
Hii't-k, uliuui 11 i,,ill's 1 i month uf
■jTnw.'ivntrTii itU'l-iiilil'if 'lll'IMIRII frmii
Umiiii,,rk 1'iiiiil, in, in-,-snulli Sll i-lmins,
l.liell«),i-u«t-Well.uus, tlii-llft: mil 111 Sll
cliiiins, tficiliii' »'I'S| Sll I'lllllllS lo |lllillt
I* I'uiniiii'iii'L'iiHilit.
i. Cuniiiil'lli'ilin: ill. ii post niill'ki'il
S. CiU'lson's lioi-th-mist cuitiui' pnut,"
|,liiiiti-il un west 1 ,iink. i,I' PlliKskotl
Cii-i'k, il limit II inili-s I'l-iiiii mouth nml
in u westerly ilii-i-eiion fioiu Ilniuiock
Point, thenee huiiiIi Sll ehuins, llienee
west Sll clmins, Ihence north 81)ehnins,
thencu east Sll clmins lo point of commencement.
8, CominenciiiK nt. u post nmrkcil
"S. Oat'lion's noi-th-wesi oorner post,"
plnnted on the wesl. Iinnk of Pingston
i'l-i-i-k, iiiiiiiii 141 miles fiom mouth
und in n westerly direction from Hun-
nock Point, llienee south 40 ehnins,
Ihenee enst 100 ehuins, tlience nortli
411 ehnins, thence west Illll ehuins to
point of commencement.
4, Couunt'iicitiK ut n post murked
"H. Carlson's north-wist corner post,"
plnuled on the west buuk uf Pingston
Creek, nliout 111 iniles from month
und in a westerly direction from llnnnoek Point, thence Bouth 40
chnius, Ihence west 100 chains,
thence north 40 ehnins, thence eust 100
chnius to point of commencement.
fi, Commencing ut u post mnrked
"S. Onrlson's south-west eorner post,"
plunted nn the west hunk of Pingston
i'reek, ahoul l-IJ miles from mouth
und In a westerly direction from llannock Point, thence uorth 40 clmins,
thence east 100 ehnins, thence south 40
chains, thence west 100 ehuins to point
of cnmincnceuient.
0, Commencing ut u post murked
"8. Onrlson's south-east corner post,"
plnnted on the west hank of Pingston
Oreek, nliout 111 miles from mouth
nnd in u westerly direction from Bannock Point, theuce norlh 40 ehnins,
thence west. UK) chains, thenee south
40 chains, thence enst 100 chains lo
point of commencement.
Dated Angus! 25th, 11X10.
7, Commencing at a post marked
"S, Ourlson's north-west corner post,"
planted on the eust hank of Pingston
Creek, uhout 10 miles from mouth und
in a westerly direction from Bannock
Point, thence south 80 ehnins, thence
eust 80 ehuins, thence nortli 80 chains,
thence west 80 ehnins to point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a postmarked
"S. Carlson's north-east corner post,"
planted on the east hank of Pingston
Oreek, ahout 10 miles from mouth und
in a westerly direction from Bannock
Point, thence south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, thenee north 80 chains,
Ihence east 80 chains to point of commencement.
0, Coinmeneing at a post marked
"S. Curlson's south-east coi ner post,
plunted one |mile 'east of Pingston
Oreek and about 10 miles from mouth
and in a westerly direction from Bannock Point, tlience north 80 clmins,
thenee west 80 ehains, thenee south 80
ehnins, tlience eust 80 ehuins tu point
of commencement.
10. Commencing at a post marked
"H. Carlson's north-east corner post,"
planted ubout tliree miles eastof Pingston Creek and ulioutlO miles from tne
mouth und in a westerly direction
from Bannock Point, thence south 80
cliains, thence west 80 ehains, thence
north 80 chnlns, thence eust 80 chains
Mini of commencement,
. Commencing at it post marked
"o. Carlson's south-east comer post,"
planled !l miles east of Pingston Creek
und nlnnit Hi miles front mouth und in
S-A^toi4^lll4floctlan <leom Bannock
!-i>)iil',,lli9QM .noilIi 80ehairtl, tlience
wesl, 80 ehuins, tlience south 80 ch|iins,
thenee uus! 80 eliuiiis In point of commencement'  -    S    ':■■,   ,.,      ,,.
12, Coininonclim af>S post marked
"M. C.'irlsou's nurtli-eust uuinuir iiaiil,"
plnnted I miles enst of Piugslon Creek
•lind nlvimt lll'ini-fes* «toi»-fc.<jffv}ft;a
a-vwCerly flirecttoilft-om BftMk Fofit
,-J.lieneo eoiil li 81 -tbjiilill tliAii'i'. west 80
clianis, Ihenee nortli So chains, thence
east 80 chains to point of commence
Hi. Coinmeneing at a post marked
"S. Carlson's south-east corner post,"
plnnted 4 miles enst of Pingston Oreek
nnd nliout 10 miles from mouth aud in
a westerly direction from Bannock
Point, thence nnrtli 80 chnius, thence
west 80 cliains, thence south 80 ehuins,
thence enst 80 chains to point of commencement.
Dated August 27th, 1000,
14, Commencing nt n post murked
"S. Curlson's north-east corner post,"
plnnted on the west side of K, & S,
line, about half a mile north of Timber
Limit No. 0950, in a westerly direction
from the head nf Upper Arrow Lake,
theuce west lOOchains, thence south
40 clmins, - thence eust 100 chains,
tlience north 40 chains to point of commencement.
15. Commencing at a post marked
"S. Carlson's south-east corner post,"
planted on the west side of K. & H.
line, about half a mile north of Timber
Limit No. 011*0, in a westerly direction
from the heud of Upper Anow Luke,
thence west 100 chains, thence north
40 chains, thence east 100 chains,
tlience south 40 chains to pointof
10. Commeneing at a post mnrked
"S, Carlson's nortn-e-ist corner post,"
planted on tlie west side of K. tc H.
line and about I j miles north of Timber Limit 0050, in a westerly direction
from the head of Upper Arrow Lake,
thence west 100 chains, thence soulh
III clmins, thence east 100 chains,
thence north 40 chains to point of
17. Commencing at u post niarked
"S, Curlson's south-east corner pnst,"
planted on the wesl side of K. fi S,
line, mid ahoul 11 miles north of Timber Limit 01150, in a westerly direction
Irom the bead of Upper Arrow Ijike,
thence west 100 chains, thence north
III cliains, thence east 100 ehnins,
llienee smith 40 chnlns to point of
commencement,       "
Duled August Sllll, WHO.
Ibill t. v -r'Atfit, , ny Ininiiiii,, apply lo the
r."..r,|,,r lllil-.,.<y C„ii,iniwi,,ii,r- for Canada un-
Inr Section IB nl Hi,- ll.iiluny Act, (or authority
lm Slllil'l ll«'*i,lil!li-iui>h.
Il,ili„l tins 1Kb ilny „f Ji>g<iM.,.l!i(ii. .
II. MAItl'OI.I-*,, ,
hi-,. I llcncral Superintendent
Aiivi'iiinri-r, inm 1ml.", W&tollman, Outlook nml
I iiii-liinc mineral i-1uIiiih, iltuate in the Arrow
hitki-,Mining Division ol West Knntenay DIs-
When- lni-alc<l:   du the  tmrlli Blile of  I'iugsloil
Orook, about 8 miles wont of Arrow Lake.
Take notice (hntl, John Driiiiinioml Amb'rsiiii,
p I, S,, nf irnll. It. 0-, agent fur Tluunas Abriel,
KM (J N" Illicit: itii'linnl Smith, K.M.U. No.
II9S-JW, ami KllxalM-lh Nn.ll, P.M.C, No, B9S808,
Intend, it ity a Ays front tin Onie hereof, toapply
tothe MiningB'-cnli-rfnri prtllhnlt'siif liiymive-
mcnti, fnr the purpose of obtaining Crown urants
of the aboro claims,
Ami further take notice thai action, imiler ice*
tlnn 17, must I"' commenced .before the issuance of
inch cortlflcaiM "f Improiemente.
Datort this 28th day of Juno, 1*300.
nop 18 J. B. ANDERSON,
Certificate of Improvements.
(lolden Kagle Mineral Claim, situate In the Arrow
Uke Mining Division of Kootonay district.
Where ha-nted-Adjoining Mineral ('ity Town-
TAKK NOTICK that I, Kenneth L.Burnet,
agent for Mrs. Ktleti McDougnld, of-Nakusp, Free
MiiiHr'nCertitlcateNo. B9ft»W, intend, sixty days
from the date hereof, to apply to the Mining Be*
comer for ft Oeitlflcate of Improvement*, for the
purpose of obtaining a Crown Grant nf the above
t-lii tin.
And further take notice that action, -under nec>
thm 37, limit lie commenced More the issuance
of Htich (Vri iH'-ali* of Improvements,
Datod this -26th day of April, 1906.
I MClaiy
A Child can Opera
a Kootenay
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
Pf/re London Gins
Celebrated Specialtle.-the Purest tnd Most
Wholesom. Obtainable
Gilbey's "London Dry"
Gilbey's "Plymouth"
Gilbey's "Old Tom"
Dl.tlll.d, B.IIUd ine* Gu.r.nle.d bf
wing aeicrnreu.»..-.-.
Coniraeiiotog »t a post planted about 1)4
, Irom lhe ea.l b.yk of Columbia river
Notice li hereby given that thirty days alter
.late I Intend to apply to lhe Hon. (Wel Coin
inliiloner ol Unda and Works lor a speoial
ll.'enie to rut aud carry away timber Irom the
followingdeieribed holds
mliei irom me >"«' ""'-."',' v,',;'i""'™ v,'.','
a id about 1 ml'o north of I he Thirteen Mi e
Tree on Bill Bold trail and marked "H.A.
I und'a limn erst corner," theuce south 80
chaini, thonce wes, SO chaini, ihen.-o north 80
chaini, thence east 80 chaius to point ot coin-
TTouimenclug at a port planted about Hi
mllei from the easkrn bank ol oluiiibia rlw
Sid about 1 mile north of the llilrteen Mile
TW on Big Bend trail and marked "H. A,
Lu?d*i nortB west comer." llienee south SO
chaini 'heaoe HUt 80 chains, tlience north 80
Km, Irene, west M chains to point of oorn-
Tliommenclng »t» port planted about l«
JLlra nthe i-i.stcn, tank of Columbia river
"nd Sl mlifuorth ol the Thirteen Mllo
Tree mi nil! Bend trull and marked It. A.
Kd*. south west eorner," thenee north 80
BJ See easl .-a liains. thence suuth 80
ctau!,: tin» west IU ohains to point of com-
nionccmfiit. ,
?Uf',nEc- -at a po«t Planted about IK
to"SSough Creek and, marked A
chaliK ihence uorlh 80 chains to point of com-
TSmenolng at « P"i ^.SW
Ji mil," irom (Joldsttcnni and inarked "H. A,
f' a"jt-o west corner,'* Ihenco cast 80
chains the e m th £"ball* thenee westSu
chalSJ. thenee norlh 80 chains to point ol cone
TSmencmg at a post planted about
onemile "romUoVtren,.. an;Illijrkc,11 A^
ctS tiSmSK* chains to poinl uf com-
TSncncing at . post planted atat
...   „,ii. imn.Uoldstream anil ma kod "11. A.
T&Slng't'a^t planted MM
to point ol commirooenieiiL
ilalwl Auguit 13th, 1906.       R A LUN|),
Notice 1. hereby given tha• SO day. ato date
JVVl'ie chili" thSnce north 80 chain, lo point
D,.edAng.mh(jl»j6. LUMpKB cu„ ,,-„,,
Nollco Ii hereby given thai SO dayi alter date
wo tend to apply I" the Hon Chle lloiniiiis-
ilm oroLendi and Work, lor a SfOoiH license
i ui mid c.rry away Umber Irom the lollow-
iSg describe""and., Situate In Wosl Kootonay
d L* Commencing.! a post MM^tm
mile, well Irom llannock ™n*?M{ffi'*r
row lake and maiked "ll. II I. bo ssou ins
corner post," theuce north 80 en, licit
wesl 80 ehalm, thence south 80 eb»lis, tbemie
eaat 80 ehalm to poluiol womenoemont
., commonclug at a poll plane HOW
three miles weit Irom Bannock Point on Up
chains! thenco east 80 chains to pointol cum-
^A"S-H'iy,ffi,u,M|IEttU0 ..LTD..
NoticeI.lioroby give;,i that Hilday. "l}"!^}'}
Intenil to apply to tlio lliiiiuurnb t Ilic Ull el I JO-
Saner.If Unit, and Works or pennil| onto
puirh.sc the 1,,11,,'vlng i i bi'il lands In   "' 'll»"
Irlrt nl Went Kootonay, llovelsloko division.
I'omnenolng at» post planUsI mi lhe west hank
„| i:ol,,i,,bl» /ll. or about hall a mile tin
1'rl.i.t llaplds and marked 'II. H, MW>*>
north-west corner post," iliiiiiciiioitlrm ollllhi,
llienco eait 1(1 chain, moro nrless to lbs west * »
nl the Columbia Kivor: llienee In n nortli-iu-sl,;.!.
direction and lollowlnJ the wesl lm ik nl Uie Col-
nmbls HI. ll to thn point of cninliirnciilnolll.
Notice la hereby given that 30 days niter date
] Intend lo apply'to tbe Chief Co in m Ins loner of
Lands and Works for a special license to cut
and carry away timber from the following
described land' in Big Bend dlstrictof West
and Kast Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post marked "Kd.
Adair's south-east corner pout," planted on
the west side of Columbia river, about 3 miles
west of the Domiuion post near the mouth ol
Carnes Creek, thenee north 80 chains, theuce
west 80 chains, thence south 80 chains, theuce
cast 80 cliains to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "Kd.
Adair's north-east corner post," plauted on
the west side of Columbia river, alwut 3 miles
west of the Dominion post near the mouth of
Carnes Creek, tlience south 80 chains, thence
west 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains, thence
cast 80 chains to pointof commencement
8. Coramenulnit at a post marked ' Kd.
Adair's north-east corner post," planted on
the west side uf Columbia river, about 4 miles
■st of the Dominion post near the mouth of
Carnes Creek, thence west llio chains, thence
south 40 chains, thence east 100 clialna, theuce
north 40 chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post marked "Ed.
Adair's sn utli ■eust corner post, planted on the
west side of Columbia river, ulmut 4 miles
west of the Dominion post near the mouth of
Carnes Creek, thence west lf!U chains, ihenco
north 40 chains, theuce east It'-o chains, theuce
south 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dnted August 8th, 1900.
ft Commeueiug at a post marked "Kd.
Adair's north-west comer post." planted
abuut i) miles nortli of T. L. 0559and about j
mile east of the Columbia river, thence souih
80 chains, theuce east 80 chains, thence north
80 chains theuce west 80 chains to pointof
li. Commencing at a post inarked "Ed
Adair's north eastcorner poat planted on thc
cast bank of Columbia river, about 'iinih-
south ol i'otlash Creek, thence west 80 chains,
theuce south 80 chains, thence east 80 chains,
thence north 80 chains to point of commencement,
Dated August lltli, Mul.
7. commencing at .. post marked "Ed.
Adair's north-west corner post," planted on
the south-east side of Columbia river, aboutl j
mile from river, and about SU miles from
Canoe river.aud about one mile above I'otlash
creek, thenee east 80 chains, thence south 8ii
ehalm, thence west 80 chains, thence north 8ti
ehains to point of commencement
8. Commencing at a post marked "Ed.
Adair's north-west corner post.," planted on
the south-east side of Columbia river, about
one mile from river, about 2W miles below
Canoe river, and about 2 miles above Potlash
Creek, thence cast 80 chains, thence south 80
chains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
chains to point of commencement.
i ated August 13th, 190G.
9. Commencing at a post marked "Ed.
Adair's south-cast corner post," planted on the
uortli-east side of Columbia river, about j mile
from river, and alwut :i*i miles above Capoe
river, thence nortn 160 chains, thence west 40
clialns, tbenee south 160 chains, theuce caat 10
chains to point of commencement.
10 Commencing at a post marked "Ed.
Adair's south-west corner post, plauted on the
north-east sideof Columbia river, about *.-, mile
from river and about 3U miles above canoe
river, thence north 160 chains, thence east 10
eliuiiis, thence south lOOchains, tlience west 40
chains to point of commencement.
11. Commencing at a post marked ■ Ed.
Adair's south-east corner post," planted on the
north-east side of Columbia river, about'. mile
from river, and about,') miles above Canoe
river, tlience north 160 chains, ihence west 40
chaius, tlience south 160 chaius, thence cast 40
chains to poiut of commencement.
12 Commencing at a post marked "Ed.
Adair's south-west comer post," planted on
lhc north-east side of Columbia river, about j
mile from river, and about5 miles above Canoe
river, thence north 80 chains, thence cast 80
chains, thence south 80 clialns, thence west 80
chains to point ofcommeu cement.
13. Commencing at a post marked "Ed
Adair's south-west corner post," planted on
the north-east sideof Columbia river, about
100 yards from river, and abuut 61 miles above
Canoe river, theuce nortli 80 chains, thence
cast 80 chains, thence south 8» chains, thence
west 80 chains to pointof commencement.
Dated August 15th, 1006,
14. Commencing at a post marked 'WA,
Adair's south-east corner post," planted on the
north sldeol Kimbasket- Lake, about 100 J Mil
from shore, and about 1 ntfieeastof .-mill
Creek, tnence north 80 chains, ihence wdtf80
chains, thence south 8tl chains thence cast B0
chains to point oi commencement.
Dated August Iiith, MH'i.
Ifi, Commencing at a post marked "Iii,
Adalr'ssouth-east enrner post, planted on the
north side of Columbia rivor. about K m|le
from river, and alwut 5 miles eaat o( cedar
Cre-bk, thence north 80 chains, thence went ho
chains, thence south ») bhahis. thence cost 10
chains to point ol commencement.
16. Commencing at a pout marked ' Hd,
Adair's soutli-eiiat comer post," planted bn
the uorlh side of Columbia river, alwut !4 mile
from river, and about 6 mllei above Cedar
creek, thence north 80 chains, thonce wc-i( 80
chains, thence south 80chaliiMI(tncccast si
chains to point of commencement**!
17, Commencing at a post mirad 'flfl.
Adair's north-went corner pout, pUnt-M ou lhc
north aide of Columbia river, near trail, about
one mile north of Columbia river, Oppolufl
.Surprise llaplds, tlience cast 80chains tliemo
south Wl chains, thence wust Ml chains, themo
north 80 chains lo point of commencement.
Dated August 17th, 1906,
augiifi ED. ADA1K,
Him up.
Chicago, Hi'pt 7.—Adcapntoli niiiiw
thut I'ftlti i) Sii-m-lantl, pli'Mlle ■ nf
the MiUaukco Avrnue Butr '■ i«k
Iuin I ihi ii oiipiuiv-d in Tiiiii-in. Sienti-
I was titc.-tcl nti Mm dny in ilu*
English pist uiiii'". lh- agreed I ■
return ]ienoe»tily. Mc left Uihml nr
lot tin1 ciistiTii ei).*st ol Africa on S n-
day, just nn hutir!»fore tho Abeis not
■rit'it'- utcmey H.OUt'n ai rived after
triiilin^; Imn from Anerieu to England,
thencu to Gibraltar, to Kendo und
several other Spanish lowi»,
Steps Imve heen taken to roqno>t
the United States Govermneut li r a
warship to brjng Stenslaiid luck to
America lest he might suddenly bjilk
at the prospect of returning to tbfe
United Stated,acro-ts foreigncountiies,
there being no extradition treaty with
Morocco. The Moorish authorities
will interpose no objection to the re*
liiuviiliif Stonslund to America, Assist
State Attorney Olsen and J. Keeley of
the Chicago Tribune, who made the
anest will lie detailed to eonvey the
|absconding hanker back to Ameiici
on thc warship,
Ottawa, Sept. 6.—Mr Lemicux,
minister ol Inbor, has decided to bci.iI
Meckeny.il! King, deputy minister of
Inbor, to England, to represent to the
British until,,:ilie», on behalf of the
government ol Canada, the desirability
of having cnacicil lit the next session
of the British parliament, legislation
to prevent false representations being
made to deter immigration to Canada
Cnniidii wants a siop put to such
agencies in Leopold, Loudon, Graeme
Hunter,Glasgow and others, who, it
is alleged, were sending persons to
Canada in ways prejudicial to tbe
working clussesol this country. An
act was passed in 1905 to prevent
people being brought to Canada by
false representations, but this con Id
not reach persons making such representations outside of Canada, and
Britain was asked by resolution in the
Canadian parliament, on the motion
ol Ralph Smith, last session, to pass a
similar act. The case of bringing
printers to Winnipeg under false
representiitione was cited, ns need (or
such legislation. Tbe secretary for
the colonies sent a despatch lust May,
to the Canadian government, saying
the matter was under consideration by
the British authorities,nnd he thought
lhat Mr. King would be successful in
his mission.
The Railway Commission has ordered that the C. P. R. shall no longer
be allowed to discriminate against
coast cities in favor of eastern points.
Percy F. Godenrath ol "The Week"
will very shortly publish a souvenir
booklet on Banff and the National
Park. The book promises to be a
useful memento of the Park, as the
author is a past master in descriptive
and pictorial work.
To operate three transcontinental
trains daily each way and reduce tbe
time lietween Vancouver and Montreal to HO hours is what the C. P, It.
intends doing next spring. The 0.
P. R, officials nt Montreal have stated
that the transcontinental service
would be increased next year. The
Iwo new traits which will he put on
the run will he built especially for
this service and will be litted up in
palatial style.
Nothing better than " Our Speoial.
A permanent income will be
had from small investments in
British Columbia Amalgamated
Coal Company,
Agent for A. L. Wisner & Co.
Bankers and Brokers,
Revel,toke, IJ. C.
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All Kinds of Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services
11askct«i ,-, .■
Cniiiii'li.dri ' , .
' Mower 1'oU
l.'lniirclla Stands
Liuiuli llaskots
UinuklOK .Incki-IH
Silk Qoods.
Kinesl stock of candles and fruit* In town,
Front Street, Revelstoke
E. W. B. Paget
Forwarding alia Distributing Agent.
Express and Baggage Delivery.
Moving of Planoe, lafei and Furniture.
Ceneral Draylng,
emu Phon. No. it.     House Phone Ko. 7,
Ml ty all Druggist! and General Btoiw
and by malL
Notice Is hereby given iliai 30 days after
dale I iiiU'inl lo apply to llie Chief Commissioner of Lands und Works for spocial
license lo cat and carry away limber from
the following described lands shunted in
North Kast Kootonay district, I!. C.i
(a} Commencing at a posi plunted
about one-half tulle Norlh Kasi of the
Columbin river und ono und one hair mill's
south-enst of Sullivan river uiul murked
"E. McBean's south-west corner,'1 thenco
north 80 chains, thence ensl 80 chains,
thenco soulh Ho chains, ihenee wesl Su
chains u> point of commencement,
Dnted llils 71b day of August, 1906,
(h) Commencing at n post plnnted on
the north-east bank of the Columbia river,
aboul 11{ miles above Sullivan river
and maiked "K. McHean's south-west
eorner," thenee east 160 chains, llienee
north 40 chains, thenee west 160 chains,
thence soulh 40 chains to lhe point of
Daled this 8th day of August, 1906,
(c) Commencing at a post planted
alongside of the pack trail one ami one-
half miles south-easl of Sullivan river ami
marked "E. McHean'snorlli-wesl corner,"
llienee east 160 chains, Ihence soulh 40
chains, thence west 160 chains, Ihenee
norlh 40 ehains lo the poinl of commencement.
Dated ihis 8th day of August, 1906,
(d) Commencing at u post planted on
the north-east bnnk of the Columbia River,
at lhe foot ol Kinbasket   Lake, antl mark-
d "E. McBean's south-easl corner,"
Ihence west 80 chains, thenee norlh 80
chains, ihence east 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains lo the point of commencement.
Daled this 9th day of August, 1906.
(e) Commencing at a posl planled
about oue mile west of the loot of Kinbasket Lake, and aboul 33 chains soulli
of the Columbia river anil marked "K.
McHean's south-east corner," thenee wesl
80 chains, tlience north 80 chains, Ihence
feast 80 chains, thence soulli So ehuins lo
the poinl of commencement.
Dated this roth day of August, 1906.
(f) Commencing at a posl planted on
the north bank of lhe Columbia river ahoul
two and one-third miles from the fool ol
Kinbasket Lake and marked "E. McHean's south-east corner," thence norlh
160 chains, thence west 40 chains, thence
soulh 160 chains, thence easl 40 chains lo
the point of commencement,
Dated this 10th day of August, 1906.
(g) Commencing at a post planted one
-quarter of a mile north of the Columbia
Kiver and about lwo and one-third miles
from the foot of Kinbasket Lake and
marked "E. McBean's south-west corner,"
Ihence north 80 chains, Ihence east 80
cliains, thence soulh 80 chains, Ihence
west 80 chains lo the point of commencement,
Daled this 10th day of August, 1906".
(h) Commencing at a posi planted two
hundred and fifty yurds wesl of the Columbia river and one-quarter of a mile soulh
oi the month of Cummins ('reek a
marked "E, McBean's north-West corne
llienee soulh 160 ehnins, thence east 40
ehains, thence north 160 chains, llienee
wesl 40 cliains to lhe poinl of commencement.
Dated Ihis nth day of August, 1906.
|i) Commencing at a posl plnuled on
the south-west bank of tho Columbia
river and about three-quarters of a mile
ibove the mouth of Cummins Creek and
marked "E. McBean's north-west corner,"
thenee south 160 chains, Ihenee east 40
chains, ihence norlh 160 chains, llienco
west 40 chains lo the point of commencement.
Dated ihis 1 tlh day of August, 190G.
(j) Commencingal a post plunted Oil
the north-east bank of lho Columbia rivor
just above lhe mouth of Cummins Creek
and mnrked "E. McBean's north-east
Corner," thence south So chains, thence
west 80 chains, theuce norlh 80 chains,
tlience easl So chains lo lhe poinl of commencement.
Dated this 13II1 day of August, 1906.
(k) Commencing at a post planled on
tlie north-east bank of the Columbin river,
ubout one and one-third miles below lhe
mouth of Cummins Creekand mnrked "K,
McHean's norlh-easl corner, Ihence south
160 ehains, thence wesl 40 chains, thence
north 160 chains, thence eust 40 chains to
the point of commencement.
Dated this 13th day of August, 1906,
(I) Commencing at a posl planted on
lhe north-east bunk of the Columbia river
aboul two und three-quarter miles below
the mouth ol Cummins Creek ami marked
"E. McHean's south-west eorner," Ihenc
north 80 chains, ihence east 80 chains,
Ihence south 80 chains, thence west 80
chains to the point ol commencement.
Dated this 14II1 day of August, 190(1.
(m) Commencing ut a post planted oil
lhe norlh-easl bank of lhe Columbin river,
about lwo and three-quarter miles below
the mouth of Cummins Creek und marked
"-E, McBean's north-easl corner," thence
west 80 chains, tlience south 80 chains,
ihence enst 80 cliains, thence north 80
chains to the point of commencement,
Dated this 14th duy of August, 190O,
(II) Commencing at a post planlcd on
the south-west bank of lhe Columbia river
aboi|t one mile below the mouth of Yellow
Creek and marked E, McBean's northeast.*, corner," (hence south 160 chains,
llieuw Ws? 40 Cliains, thence uorlh 160
-nluinH, thence, Cnst 40 chains to the poinl
of commencement.
Dated this 15th duy of August, 1906.
* (0} Commencing nl a post plaijletl on
l!ic south-west bank of lhe Columbia river
about two miles above tho month of Canoe
river und marked "E. McBean's norm
east corner," thenee .south' 80. tjllaius,
t.-wtiC*v, *>vcst '8o' chuini>, ihsitoe north 80
chains, thence eait 80 ehuins to Ihe point
of commencement.
Dated this 23rd day of Augu.sl, 190G.
sep 5 E. MoBEAN.
W. • [eming's
Bleat Market
Onion for Beef mid Mutton, |e
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention..
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
HS, Cordova St., W.
VANCOUVER, -   -   B. C.
Din ll,r.„l*, Animal*, llihll, Klsli, Mm,
Animal Hun, M„u,tt,',l.
P.O. llm31.
SUUiu:   UI'l'lWI'l'K P. I),
lt.'vel.tuke, Il.C.
Notice lsjiurolj-y -riven tlmt iw daya aftor data 1
ink-nil tn npjilv t" Uu- lluiiniiiiilili- lln* I'lm-I -Cmii-
mlHhiuitvi of Uh-Ih ami Woi-Ieh f'ir pmniHuii.ti tn
SurrliMoilii'tnlliinliiK ilt'.-i*riiieil IntiilsIntlii'dla
riel ni W.-ni K'Kili'nnj.Hi'K'lntnkti dlvinl'm: -
(' nii'iH-iii*.: nl ;i |m.-i| pin nl cd mi Ul(< wosl Imiii.
nl llie Ci'luiiil'ia Hivor omiimitu rj-Milu Uil|iIiIn
mul markud "0. B.-MbOarpePs MouCh-oast cornor
port," Mumi-i- iviM. 20 cliaiim, ttiuiii'o iiiiitiiVd
chains) ihoneo out .*<) cliains morn or Ji-m to tlm
WOSt lank nf tlio Olumliia Hlver, Miinit'i' mnilli
fnllnwl/IK till- went, li.nik ul (tif- Colilinliln I!im 1 :'i)
Mli.ifn-t muru ur fon*to lliu -fHiiutot oonnncneunient.
Dntod AiiKUnt Uli, iirixi.
oct 18 G. S. MoCAHXKB.
Notico is lioroby ilvon Unit 60 days fnnn dato I
hilt-lid in apply tot-liii linn, tiii-ciiii-f Cmu 111 is-
■-.inner of Liiitd.-uuiil Works forporniisBionto imr
I'lniM'iiir following described lands, in the Wosl
kootonay district, wost slioro of uppor Anow
"Conunoticlag at a post inarked "J. I,. Ulrsch'B
smith wost cornor," atthe south east corner of
hot4670; and :ii...iu i| inlion nontli nf tTostliall
Crook,- tlionco north mi chains, thouco east40
chains, thenco south 80 cliahw, thence wost 10
chains in pninl nf coniii'onconiont, containing 820
acres moro or loss,
Dated this 21st day of May, WOO.
,). I. IllltSUJl,
oot is Por ltalph Slye, Agont,
Notice is horoby given that 30 days after date
I intend toanoly tn the Cliief ('niiunissioiior of
blinds unit Works (or permission In oat and
carry nwny timbor from tho following described lands situato in West, Kootonay distriot:
1. Commonolng at a post plnntod abuut. two
hundroil yards suuth of Downie crook, aboul. II
milos above tho norlli fork and murked "(J. I).
Nnglo's north-west eorner post," thonco south
80 cnains, thonco east 80 chains, 1 honco norl h 80
ehuins, tbonco west SO ehains lo lhc poinl of
('nimnciir.h.g at a post [limited on tho
soutli sido of Downie Crook, about four and
throo*quartor miles abovo tbo north fork and
markod "ti. B. Nagie's north-west cornor pnsl,"
theuco suulh 80 chains, tlionco oust K0 chuius
thenco norlh Ml chains, thencu west80chains
to lho point, of commencement.
Commonolng at a post planted ubout four
hundred yards south of Downlo Crook, about
throe and a hull' miles above tbo norlh fork,
und marked '*U. It. Nuglo's norl h-west corner
post," thence south 80 chnius, llionce oasl, Sll
ehnins, thenco norlh 80 ehuins, tlienco wesl Mi
ehnins to the poinl of commencement.
Dated this 28th day of July, JOOfl.
i. Commencing at n post planted on Ihe
north bnnk of Downie Creok, aboul two miles
up from llio mouth of Long Crook anil mnrked
"IJ. It. Naglo's norlb-eust comer post," thonoo
south 80 cnuiiu, Ibenco west Kll chains, thenoe
north 80 ehalus, llionce cast 80 ohains to thu
point of commencement.
Datod this 80th day of July, 1000,
acpl O. B, NAOLK.
Notico Is lioroby given that thirty days after
date 1 intend to npply to the Chief Commissioner of Lnmls and Works fora specitd license
lo cut ami curry awny timlior from tbo follow-
ingdOBCrlbed laiuls iu Kast Kootonay District:
1. Commonclug at a post murked "A Kit-
son's south-west cornor poBt" and planted on
erst batik of Columbia river mid nbout 2\'t
miles above Cedar Creek, Ihoneo north HO
chains, thenco oast so chains, thence south Wi
ehuins, thence wesl so ohains 10 the place of
2, Commenolng iu a post murked "A. Kit-
sou's north-west corner post" and planlcd at
Cedar crook and nbout 2 ehnitis bolow Canoo
river (mil, Ilieucc oust Ml ohains, tlience south
80 chains, thence westsu ehuins, thonce north
Mi ohnins to tho plnce of coinmoucoinoat.
8, Commencing nt u post marked "A. Kll-
.son's south-west enrnor post" uml planted al
A, Kltsou's north-west corner post, thenoe enst
80 chains, thenee north 80 chuina, Ihence west
Bo chains, thence -.outh su chnius to the place
of commencement.
Dated this lllli dnv of August,l!HHi,
nuglffi A. K1TSON
Notico is heroby glvon that mi dnys aftor dato
I intuud toapply to tho Chlof Commissioner of
Lands uud Works for a special license to cut
uml carry away timlior from tlio Fcilliiwiii**^ do-
scrlbod lands in Dig Howl district, Norlli Kast
1. Commencing nt u post plunlod on tho
uorth-east bunk of tho Columbia Hivor, M)
yards abovo Codar Creok und markod "B. McBoan's Bouth-Wflst cornor post," thouco north
SOohains. tlionco oust 80 ehuins, thouco smith
811 chuius, thouco west mi chnius to point of
Dulod tliis 7t li duy or August, limo.
2, Commonolng ut u pnst phiiitod on lho
north-oust bnnk of tho Columbia Kivor ahmil
ono milo bolow tlio mouth of Yellow Creok and
marked "K. McBouii's south-wost corner post,"
Ihoneo nortli 80 chains, Lhonco oast Kll ehuins,
thnnco soulb Ml chuius, tlionco wost 80 clmins lo
tho point of ciimmciicoinout,
Dulod tills I it! 1 duy of August, K :*i.
aug 2(1 E. MellKAN.
Notico is hereby given thai 80 d. s nfter dato
I intond toapply lo lho Chief Commissioner of
bunds nud Works for a special I once to cut
and carry away timber from 1 >o following
described lands in tbo Big Ho 1 district of
West Kootonay:
i. Commencing at a post mn kod "E. A.
Bradley's norlli east corner pou," planted
nboul i milo west of lho month of tjntltn crook,
on tho west side of Columbia ivor, Llionce
soulh Wl ohains llienco west Wl chains, tlionco
north SOohains, tlience east so chains in puim
of commoncomont.
'I Coinnionoliig at a post marked "K. A.
linidlry's south ensl corner posl," planted
;i Inmi I !■ miles wosl of tlie 111011I h of Smith creek
on wesl sido of Columbia river, tbenee north
ID chains, thonce wost 1(H) chains, thence south
10 chnius, thonce caM, MO chains lu point of
8, Commenolng at a post mnrked "K, A,
Hi'udioy's south east oorner posl," planted
,tImiii 11 mile.-* soutli of tin* mouth of Smith
oreok and 1 mllowesLof Columbia river,tlionco
north 80 chains, Ihenco wost 80 clmins, thouco
soulb SO chains, Lboiicu cast 80 chains to point
of commencement.
Hated AllgllsL 20tll, ll'IKl.
aug 8
ffi. A. BIlAin-KY.
Notico is hereby given that thirty days aftor
dato I intend lo apply to tbo Honorable Chief
CommlsBlonor of Lands ana Works for asjioclal
liconso to cut uml curry nwuy timber from ihe
following described lauds in West Kuutmmy
1, Commencing at 11 pusl, mnrkod liiomus
Kilpulrick's KOUtn ensl cornor post," plnnted on
tho north side of Armstrong Lako, and about
llireo hundred yards from llio fool of Llio suid
lake, Ihence north 80 cbnins, Llienee west mi
ohains, thonco south so chains, thouco east80
chuius to point of commonoomoiiL.
3, Commonolng at a post marked "Thomn
KlIpnLriek's souih west, corner post," plantci
on tho cast huumlnry of 1'ulhnm's ranch and
almut one hundred yards 111 a north ciwlcrly
direction from thu sevon milo post uu Boulder
Crook, Lhcncc norlh 10 chuius, thonce cast llln
chains, (henco,south 10ohains, llionce wcsUGO
chains to point of eotnineiioeuieni.
1 -Commencing at n pos' marked "Thomas
KOpatrink'H norlh oast eurner post, plnuled nt
tho Hoiilh wesl corner or T L. 0,63-9, tllODCP
south 80 ohains, liionco wesl Ml ohnilis, tlience
nortb 80 chains, lhonco east 80 chains to point
of commencement,
Datodlhis 4th dny of August, KM.
I Commencing nt 11 post murked "Thomas
Klipatriok'n soulli went corner post," plnntod
at h\ K. Maimer's north wpsccornor post marked J,*. 7401. Cl. I„ Ibenco north 80 chains, tlienco
euit 80 ehains, tbonco south mi ohains, tlienco
wont 80chain* 10 noiul of -jouiuiomi-umiit.
Dated this nt h day of August, limn,
Import direct from Country of origin,
For Agricultural implements. Carriages, Wagons, Etc., John
Doero Ploughs, Mul ino Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Hugglos, Planet Jr., Garden Seeders ami Cultivators, Wheel*
■Airight aud Blacksmith Work attended to, Horse Bhoelng a
k%%%%%« %V*V%-VV%V%%V*%%%-%"»"*%%W%%
Incorporated by Act of Pnrliamout, lfjtt.
Wm. Molson Maophbbson, Prra, s. H. Ewma, Vici*-Pre».
Jamks Elliot, General ManRger,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in wny nf banking business transacted without un-
necessary delay,
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. II. PRATT, Manager,        -        Revelstoke, B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in tho Provinces nl Manitoba, Alberts, SHskHtcliswnu.
British Coinmbia, Ontario, Quebec.
Capital Subscribed -        - $4,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $3,900,000.00
11. li. WlLKlB, President; Hon. R. Jaffuay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Depabtmbnt—Deposits received and Interest allowed
nt highest current rate from date of opening account, and com-
poundod half-yearly.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United States and
Europe.   Speciul attention given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
ri *%%%%* W%%%« *%%%«* %%%%*% UUUVi
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'nrk Packors and ll.-a.lur   In Livo Stock.  .Markets in all the principal Cities anu"
Towns ol Alberta, British tiuiurabl* anil tlie Yukon,  Packers ol the Celebrat*! Brood
\ "Imporator" limns ond Bacon, and Shamrock Urand, Leal Lanl.
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Central Hotel
Newly built.    First-class in every respect.   All modern convenience*
Large Sample Rooms,
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rstet.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
(Under   New   Management)
First-clan accommodation lor travellers.
Best brands ol Wines, Spirits, snd
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Queens Hotel
Best brands ot Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish CrceK will find excellent accommodation at this
Hotel, ,  .
CHIEF  YOUNG, ■ ■        Proprlnto-i
Pleases every smoker  the " Marca
NiiTICK Is hereby jlien Uml si ilaii oltoi dale
1 Intenil to applji tnllii Chill i'..iniiii"l,,iier
„( l.iin.ls and «*„ik* loi ponnlMlon i„ iwn-has.-
tin, lollowlng ,l,--,-tll»-,l h.l„l«,sitll.,t, tl «■'•
nlll.ro „( Amu Like, oppoi lrr„»h,,a,l and do-
C„iiiiii.,ii,-liiii at a posl |,lani,„l al Uie lonllnnw
,-,im„r,,( l.„t lOMtnd marked-li,-" Xo«niin'-
iliwest corner poit," tllollC
*l   SO  rll.i
llionce „esl sll ,-lmins to (,l
ml aotitalnlni HO acrei,
Hate,! the-'i,tli„l Jul)-. UM)
,..,itl, BOehaiiu,
:„ttli sll chains,
:.,,il,,-1, hereby ,lven th»l«l d.,1 all«r dit
llniend to .nidy loth. Chlel( ommlMloner
ol I and, and ftiflu lor »ipecl.l IImdmi to cut
and tun «w.y umber Iron the tallowing
described lend. .liu.U In Ihe Bl| Bend district ol Weil Kooten.y: .,: ,
Coioniem-lnii ll » "post m.rllHl "Sw.I
t-.rli.ou', muth-wesl corner poit," plulea
»U,ot i • miles norlh ol T. L. 6KJ, Hid »bonU
mile ea-t ol , ..iumbl> rl«r, thence nortb N
chains, thence eait DU ch.las, thence wulb SO
ehalm, theuce west« oh.ln. lo poinl ol oorn-
lu.iiu-uienl. ,   .   .
-Dated August lltb, IW.
mft, SWAN OitUOM
White Uiiiii!;,-!-. 6 to 10 lln . irom one ol tlio
best makers in thc Easl Tin-- in bonntiful goods,
and we invite you t,, inspeol lln in I fore buying,
Grey Blankets, made Irom Iini wool, enme ns tho
white,   Thin (< i a good uselul Win  11 Ins nn oqiinl.
Flannelette Shoots, Grey and W bite, all sizes.
Our delayed Bhipnienl nl Ski li i bond They
are well worth waiting lor, leinf i" ho let'*! ''nl '"
I,-,, ds, Panama, Alexandra and III ,nde.|olli.
Good,  heavy,  large-sized Comforters,   covered
with Ail 8atoeii, selling Irom $I.TJ up,
Eiderdown   Comforters—A    Henntiliil    Extra
Large Comforter nl $10.
Mantles and Jackets
Another Bhipnienl nl (louts in tho Latest Oroya
nml Menken Check Designs, added to our lunch
iidiiiired Coal Depnrtnienl
In Ibis shipment we have just III'- Oont lot*
you Ladies. It costs induing to try them on. .lust
llio lighl .ivies lor full 11)00.
& youmg as
The Store
that never
disappoints _
!A Tonic!}
9 —      „   9
* ll y,,u want  an  excclleul Z
V Toni   and easy to lnke. gel n 9
A $1.(10 liotlloof'  Poll W'ini- 4)
T liottled especially for our- ±
T Canada Drug & Book I
||    Company. Limited.    ^
Local and General.
The Supreme Court will sit in
Revelstoke on October 2nd, 1900, for
civil ami criminal cases.
Oul ol respect t,, W. Cowan the
meeting ol the Order of Eagle.- lust
night was postponed.
Mr. and Mrs. T. Hart arc mourning
the loss ol their four months old baby
wiiu died suddenly on Sunday,
Tin- C 1". K. earned over $22,000,000
not in tin- lust liscal year, a ri-cunl
that no railway company on this continent can equal.
An Italian, Michelo Cioppa, died on
Monday from a clot of blood on thc
heart. Tlie deceased wiib visiting at
the home of L, Petretta.
Hallowe'en has been chosen by the
Ladies Auxiliary of the Y.M.C.A.
for the annual entertainment, This
year they will give a beuii Btippei.
E. \V. li. Paget lias moved into liis
new office iu J. I. Woodrow's premises
on McKenzie avenue, which will mnke
a convenient and central headquarters.
Lieut. Colonel Bridges, cbiel ol the
Intelligence department ol the Cun
monwealth ol Australia, will -Imnly
visii Canada to study tho militia
A. 1!. Currie, late C. P. R. operator
at Salmon Arm, has been appointed
1> minion Lands Agent at Kamloops
in the place ol .1. Bannerman, who
will, ; iivever, remain in the office.
i. - Hrst number of the "Slocan
Mining Ri vi, ir" has reached this office,
.N',--.v*y and up-to-date i» tliis excellent
paper, ,- being an official organ uf tbe
mining industry ol the district, The
whole issue is bristling with inlorma-
ti :
D. R. Wilkie, president of the  Imperial Bank »i Canada, has arrived al
\ id -., alter liis tour id' the provinces
-    .- 1' n inion,    He states thai the
Huai cial p sition throughout Ca la
at the  present  moment  is Boundei
tiiui.... has ever been 1, -th as  n gnrds
■ : ments and individuals.
V. y fi istng nml gratifying are
thc reports i ming in from iln- cities
of t! ■ ■-. ii- mt our Labor Ray
eel-i rati -     I lur visit--rs, one mil all
seem I been thoroughly pleased
with ;i •■':   treatment   by   Revi lis
.,ii,l ..:■   •    sal -f.,-,1 with ,,ur efforts
toenterta Kelowna, Enderby
.ui,l in -, ■ ik in the gn atesl
terms --i ei tb isiastn.
Late song   I mgling   musical
numbers, prettj girls, dunces and
-i„-, ialties.,. ill ,'.,ir,-s ol " Hooligan's Troubles !'„■ musical larci
comedy, 'Hap| • »(ipean on the Btage
ii. a, undenaat m 11. - cartoons thai
.-. made bii -■; - -i-. nnl his
.:, -1- quite iscontagi >us as Uml
,,f tl„ c- ;nir- supplement! Tho pari
is pla,, I - y Billy A Ward ., c imcdi in
f '■   sidei nut-   :,,   t'„-  i,-. -   ,
H, ;-,- S il inl... -- pi  16th.
The Preserving
V ilit> |u*i*m-i vinif season is now
hove we in\'I'' you In fillii Jtllll
inspect din* fruit*, Including
Poaches, Pears, Plums, Oralis,
always in slock.
1-Ynil Jars, nil sizes,
Eveiv I--1-., ii,-,-il um coinforl
thai I,,,s any excuse t,,i being in n
-.-■■ II ;- gulnted ,Imi,' Btoto i- here,
We look aftor tin- quality and
purity of baby things as cnrefullj
is the] mosl careful mother, Our
baby trade grows ami grows,
Infants" Foods of nlisolule flesh-
in—. Condensed Milk. Numing
Bottles and Nipples, Sterilizers,
lm.-ni*' Rubber Goods, Infants
Powders and Toilet Goods, Baby
Medicines, .-lc., etc.
DruKKlst and Stationer,
nesi -M- Ilniu,- lilork.
llis IiniiortlicLioiit.Gov, in Counoil
lius been pleased to appoint tho undermentioned person In In- Commissioner
lor taking allidavils in ilu- Supreme
(-inil, Rovelstoke Electoral district:
.1, K McLean, ol St. Leon Hot Springs,
Tlio young peoplo of Knox Church
al in, ii meeting ou Monday night
r solvod I,, organize n young people's
society along llm lines of "The Presbyterian Guild," A committee was
appointed to mako further arrangements and report in a meeting to be
lield i.oxl Tuesday night, Sopt. 18th,
nt H o'clock.
\V. II. Robertson is building n hand-
B.nne suito ol otliceB on Firsl street,
next to the Burns Block, and whon
completed will make a substantial
nddition to tlio city buildings, Though
ol moderate size tlie olliees will lie up-
to-date in every respect and fitted with
„il Hu- latest improvements, The
contract has been given t,, E. C,
Tbo boat race between Harvard and
Cambridge mi Saturday, ovor the
fn Iinins old I'litney-Muitlalie course on
the Thames, England, was the lirat
ilnal collegiate nice rowed between
American nnd English crews in 37
years uiul lius opened the wny tor
many similar contests in the luture.
From start In finish lhe nice was very
close, both eiews doing excellent wnrk
ami Cambridge getting a little ad-
vintage over bor rival when near
home, came in a winner by lwo
lengths, the time being ID inin. Ifi sec,
over a course oi-ljj miles iu length.
Enthusiastic crowds witnessed the
rnee from the river bank ami frmn
numerous simmers full,,wing.
The Opera House was woll filled on
Sunday nighl to listen !,- II, v. .Mm
Shearer's address on th,- work "I the
Lord's Uny Alliance. A feature ol tlie
uccusion was the special music Me: rs.
Leloattx, Maguire, Tnggart and Jen-
ions rendered a quartette, while Mrs
Squnrebriggfi and Mi-s I! irdi >. nig n
duet.   Mr. Shearer gave n very inter-
i.-iing address, reviewing t, e r nl
legislation affecting lhe nbservanei ni
tlie Snl,bath uml poilltinu ,,nt llie
effects of certain features oi ihe i-ili
A g,:,„l collection wns secured. .
(!:■ close --:' lho uld 'i sn officers ..i lhc
lucal branch (or the ,-iisiiing year wore
elected as follows: President, Rov
.1. ll. Robertson; Secretary, A I'.
Miller; Treasurer, R, Howson. A
committee consisting ol two members
from each church was al*,, named I
.,-si-i iii lhe Work.
Social and Personal
I.. II. I. --1- In- i,en is,im-- in
A. M, l'n,i lii-.. Im- cturned i"
11 I iclnniii ! ft Ior Arrowho d
y,  ti
I-'.. A. II i...n wi -ii ■ .ii yesterday
-   i bushier,  trip
Mm     I     C     ll ■      ■       -ft     -II     M   -111"
Detroit, Mich.
\. K li, ,  -     ! |, 11. Wilkie lelt
lerday lor th      nli.
Mrs. Dent lias i, turned Irom a 1 -it-
vi-lt   IM  Um    M I
Mi. .mil Mr- r ii. Hume have I- fl
f,,i i visil I,, St. Johns, .V ll
Mi- li. M. Iiinn.: 1,-ft -ni Monday
-■:. , ,-isil!,, friends at Kamloops,
Mr. an,I Mi-. Ed, Corning lell on
Monday on a viail to Hamilton, Ont.,
,, ! Miln-: eastern cities.
Mis. II. A. Brown lelt mi M md ij
for a trip through tin- United States
I G-O   TO
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of Tho Best
Kincaid & Anderson
Business Locals.
All kinds of fruit and vegetables at
Don't forget Ihe auction sale, Tuesday, September 18th,at Munis Anderson's, Fourth Street,
Airtight Heaters for Wood, Airtight
Heaters lor Coal, or combination wuod
und coal heaters al Bourne Urns.
On Tuesday the 18th September, II.
Manning will auction the household
furniture of Morris Anderson, Fourth
No homo should be without a Knot
enav Range, they last longer, hum
less luel, and give bettor satisfaction
than nny other. Bowaro of light
weight imitations, Bourno llrus. ugis.
Y, M. C. A.
"Everybody .,-t into tho game." The
[all season i- rigid here, and with conl
evenings nud darkm ■- onrly, u follow
is looking for some!hiug tn ,!,, to engage In- spare lime.
What's lie- mull,-r with nuking
y -in- body a better plaeo tn live in by
some systematic i xerci e Or a luxurious shower alter a ha'f hours
apparatus work? I ben sup- - -,- you
take a plunge, nnd s i ith i brisk
rub down    Is'nt that
Hi,- (iyninasin clns-i ill c m-
inence on tne 17th and tin
, - • nl i class nl the
start, lln- physical direcl - • arrang
ing   i schedule mm
11  \ ,ti
mm ■   ■ piin
the Y. M. C. A ,,
thi seal
Ue   111 i ll ,;     !'■;.   thl    ., I
beg to take except on to the
therein c ml id ts they an
■!        ■     trued
i ,—li,-,
!    - :   child—I notified  in
-    - ol Health
n tin   .      ng   ' 1st uit.,   ind
two days   ifti iei  in  the
■ 1,-niiiv  Peoplei - re throats
lu no ilj  ,--,',- ill  i mwlioal
man and  iwl I u
[ailing to In   : j - ii il
seen, truly,
\,   GRAHAM,
M I!, M R.C.S
VV, Cowan wishes to thank, In the
most sincere manner, the many Iriends
-1 .!,-,led and untiringly itsi li .1
him In tho sad hour that has tal len
ni'-: in- home.
I   'llllll.lS    iMllimini     I I ivgl-nui.u,     it
superbly ilii,sii.,1,,I | - I-l guide, liy
Percy 1* lluilouraih, ,-i Vi.-'orin, n ivcll
!.,,,,,. ii uewspapi r eol i,■•(,-,n,lent ,-f
ilii* prm in.-.- Thl, ibii t, bnukl"! is
i|, ".'!.-1 - peeially Inr Ibe nso ,,(lour-
-i- who visit llunlV -imI Ilu- linokies. |
Tin? publication is ilu- wnrk uf ihe
Calgary'Hern'd presses, with engravings liy the It. i*. I'hntn Kngriiviug
t',,. ol Victoria. Tin- whole wurk is
distinctly artistic nud nrlgitwl, owl
ellecta great credit on ils iiiithnr and
ilsnon Supt..I. ll MoAra,ol the Cnl-
-uy Herald, under whoso suporvisinn
he work was curried mil. The lllllll.
iniliuns are lii'iintifnlly exeeuled, in-
i-liiiling views of Calgary, Caninnre,
How Rivor, Banff, Laggan, Flold,
Emerald Lnke. (II, u-ier and lhe
Doutsoliinan Caves,oto, The Inlorma-
linn iB otagood concise nature nnd
I Iio whole book Bhould he of great
viilue to the tourist as n guide nnd ns
■I souvenir -illhe mountains,
Mrs. T. II. limine   hi!   [nr   Notch
Hill nn Sunday evening.
Nnl id" is hereby given lhat llll dnys
I'lm ilnle I illli'llil lo npply Iii the
Chief Commission,,i- of Lands and
Works I'm-a Iii-,,ns,, io cu! and carry
awny limber from lhe billowing
di'seiihetl lands, sl United in Wesl.
Kootenay dlsl.rlrl of H. O,
1. Commencing nl n pust marked
"M, Grady's south ensl coi'ner post,"
planted ahout one inllc north of llnlf-
ivuy Creek and nli,,ul. 1*11111- iniles east
1*1-0111 Arrow Lake anil adjoining file
Arrowhead Lunihi'i- Cu's claim. No.
0078, marked nn map and adjoining nn
nm lh side, tbenee Sll clmins nnrlh,
thenee 80 chains west, thence80chains
suulh, thence 80 rlinins east In pointof
2. Coinmeneing ahoul one milo
north of No. 1, thence south 80 ehains,
tlience west 811 chains, tlience north
80 cliains, thenco east 80 cbnins to
point ol commencement,
3. Commencing at post of No, 2,
tlience north 811 clmins, thence west
80 cliains, thouoe south 80 cbnins,
thenee east 80 elinins to puint of commencement.
-I. Commencing at post of No. 2,
tbenee east 80 chains, tlience north
80 chains, tbenee west 80 ehnins.
Ihence smith 80 clmins to puint of
Dated Sept. 4th, 1006.
sep 12 M. GRADY.
Notioo lu huroby nlvc
I intend lo apply to tin
Lands and Works fur
mid carry away tlmbc
Hcrlbcd lands situated
of Wust. Kootonay:-
Comnioi|clng at a imst
iinrtli'flast cornor poat,"
n inii iini] lliu M li 1
the Columbia River, am
the river, tlience »vesl 8
chains, thonce oast S1-1
dm in*, to point of conmii
Dated-Hit Septoinbi
Hep 12 W
n that 3Qdays after dato
chiof Commissioner of
ii special licence to cnl.
r from the following do*
in the lliu Hend district
inarked "W.J, Mannings
planted about anilleatid
Ireok.onthe vvest side nf
I  half mile west fnnn
n clialns, tlience bouIIi 80
clialns, tlionco north hi
!. MANNING, Locator
Private Sale of Household
I intend leaving Hevelstoke and
hnve decided on silling my household
furniture hy private auction. Parties
wishing to purohnse may call at my
residence nn Second Street, eust of the
Queen's Hotel, at any time.
Auction Sale
Tin- Household Furniture of Morris
Anderson, Fourth Street, will bo sold
by 1'iibli,- Auction on
Tuesday, Sept. 18
At 1:30 O'clock, Sharp
i •;. ■I.t -1,i n.,
Three Bedroom Suites, Iron Bpdsteads,
New Singei Sewing Machine, $10 Conl
Stove 11',-, ili: I,  Cooking   Stove and
l tensils, Parlor Furniture, etc.
IA '-i -. i iiii.- :,, complete n first-class
hi i, -
No Reserve.
H. MANNING, ■ Auctioneer
Windsor Restaurant
Mr- II  i lla ..bury Wanagress,
First-Class Table.
Piivatc Dining Boxes
l. - -   liiiiiinfr-n,,,, f„r
..,   **-,i.j.- m etc
Furnished Rooms To Let
Why put off btiyin*; the goods you require for l-'.*ill until the hest are
picked ? Our Store is full of buyers looking up what they want for winter
wear, and naturally early buyers get the best selection.
j^-l       Al   present   we  are   busy
<£.,   allowing imm- elegant   Fall
.Hail Onlur, Becelre Prompt Aiicui,
....     ||ci
I I- l(...
Trout l.ahe City, B. C.
For Sao or Rent
'   '
i|i   f**r fmil /fo«ii,|t
ll :*■
I    i WflSll   Hi ■
Miss Betty McLennan
(Pupil   .-I   Dr. A.  s.  -.      '
is pn pared to take pupils In Piano
Instruction,   Reildenoe—Fnurth Ht
tuckets lm' Misses' and Children, und certainly better
values were never offered in
{ tlio city. They aro ninde in
the fiisbionnlile loose 01' semi-
) fitting buck, In thrcc-iiunrtcr
and seven-eighth lengths, nml
iu the light similes ibat nre
so popular this senson.
Tlie litest Styles
From $5 up
From $2.50 up
RAINCOATS—Of the  Best  Cravenette,   in all the pretty Shades
and the very Latest .Styles.
Stock, Share and Financial Broker
Mining, Real Estate, Insurance
and General Commission Agent.
Agent For
The Non-Combine Insurance Companies who give the BEST RATIOS
OF PKKM1UM, combined with AB-
lo amount of Policy.
London Mutual Fire Insurance Co.
of Canada.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company.
Montreal-Canada Fire Insurance
Anglo-American Fire Insurance
Com puny.
Ei|ttity Fire Insurance Company,
Colonial Fire Insurance Company.
Dominion Fire Insurance Company.
London Guarantee and Accident
Insurance Company,
Dominion of Canada Guarantee and
Accident Insurance Company.
.North   American   Lite    Insurance
Company, solid ns the Continent.
1 am prepared to undertake nil kinds of
freighting and teaming.
My singe connecting between lhe
steamer und the city leaves the Cily
nl, I,-un. Tuesdays and Fridays, connecting with tlie Steamer Ilevelstoke
for the Dig llend, and also meets the
steamer on the return trip same days.
Leave word at Navigation Company's olliee or my Stables whine tn
Court of Revision, 1906.
Notico is lioroby uiv„n that tlio first Bitting- ol
tho Court of Revision to lionr complaints
against tlio Aisossment lloll, ns proimreil by
tlio Assessor for tlio City for llio your lltOtl, will
bo In,!,I nt tlie Council Clilllnliiir, City Hnl),
llorolstoko, 11. C, nn Molidny, Octolmr 1st, llKM,
nt 1 :!!*! i> ,„.
11. FLOYD,
ii:i i I.
Hovolstoko, 11. (!., Aug. 28tli, llllll.    mis!»til
Employer's   Liability
Maryland Casualty Company issues
policies to Lumber and Mining Companies and Contractors.
Agent for the Pioneer Live Stock
Indemnity Company, whioh insures
against Iosh by accident or deatli ol
h'arin Hlock, Dairy Herds, Logging,
Livery, Teaming and Puck Horses.
Mining Promoters
A. I.. Wisiu-r A- Co.,  Blinkers null
Brokers, New York.
Ageni lor Crow'B Nest Pass Coal Co.
International Coal and Cuke Oo.
These companies supply the best
and cheapest heating and sieam coal
on tbe market. Prioes in Kevelstoke
from 17.50 to 18.60 per ton,
In Carload   Lots,  Irom 100
II,-,, to n Carload,    For price
L. E. GRIFFITHS, - Malakwa
City Iott, Rural Lnmls, burin and
-lock Ranches, Real l-'stato, Mining
Properties, Timber Limits, bought and
Houies and Busineu Premises (or
Hale and to Let.
All :,r|i.,: mining and industrial
-lucks bought and solil.
Money to Loan on (hty mul Rural
Purchasers found lor Hotels, "stores,
Liveries, Bakeries, Restaurants, etc.
Agents in principal centres ol Canada and United Btnles,
Hovolstoko, II. C,
Next Olliee to C.I'.K. Telegraphs.
Mn n u fur tu roil for ull cIhshos nf liuildin^
All kinds of building and plastering
Suits  from  Ten   Dollars   up  by  a
Toronto Dressmaker.
Of Concrete, llnllow Blocks, fltonti, llrk-k ur
i-'i'iiiui' Hiiliditig*-**. DEALER in Commit, Lime,
("iiiii-reti- lliillnw IIIut'kH, ami uther liuililiitg um-
tiiifik  All labor ami materials Brst-floss.
Plastering ar <l Plastering Supplies a Specialty.
W-tlOKH Kian-r,
I) cheap. Apply lo W. Pike, Cily
Restaurant. m-pt 5__
n killed nnd Common Inhtu can obtain
IO employment at all times in sawmills nnd woods by applying to this
olliee. Highest wages paid. Mountain
Lumber Manufacturers' Association.
Nelson, H.C.Geo. P, Wells, Secretary.
IOST-Gold Watch, between lower
J nnd upper Revelstoke. Finder
return to Hotel Itevi'lstoke and receive
Rember tlie 18th, tho dato of tho
Auction Sale.
Henry's Nurseries
Extra larue importation of
Rill Rfi  to arrive from Holland, Franco
DUkDO  Bnd Jupnn In September
For Fall Planting
Thousand*! of Fruit uud Ornamental
Trwis, Rhododendrons, Hdmis and hardy
plants now growiiiK ou our own grounds for
fuluro planting.
Nooxpouse, luss nriliilny nf fumigation,
inspect io a nor customs duties to pay. Head-
quarters for Pacific Coast gruwn aud iin-
IHirtod Uardeii, Kiold uud Flower Boeds.
Visitors are always wolcoiuo to iuspoct
nur stunk.
Greenhouse Plants,
Cut Flowers and Floral Designs, Fertilizer.**
Hue Hives nud Supplies, Spray I'mnps aud
Sim-vim*-; iiiiitiiriiil.
No iinoiits—therefore you havo no com-
mission to pay, Our idtaloKUu tells vou
a Ik uit. it. I id mu price your list hofore
placing your order.
Wo do buslnoss on our own grounds no
rout to [my, ami nro proparod to meet all
oorn petition, Hastem prices or Loss. White
labor,   (.utuloguos Froo.
Oreonhousesi — Mi)  Westminster   Road.
Hruuch Nurserieslr-South Vancouver.
Arrowhead, B. C.
Charmingly situated on the shores
of Arrow Lake.
Good Trout Kishing.
Boats Always for lure.
Sample Humus ill connection.
First-clans bouse for Touiists and
Commercial men,
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
We Will Make Good
Every Word of Our Ad.
A quiet investigation into tlio extravagant statements
and bubble advertisements that are thrown broadcast lo tbo public, sooner or later, results i.i the
finding out tho difference between
The lormer we deal with—the latter we don't.
Our Clothing, Our Pricos and Our Statements always
match our ads, Its a fact, when we say we have the
Rest Clothing in town Ior men and boys' wear.
It's a (act, when we say we have the best Hats and all
Borts ol Toggery Ior men and boys. It's a fact when
we say our Prices are the lowest that can be named on
our qualities.
Come iu and let us " mnke good " our statements.
J. G. Maedonald
Fit Reform Wardrobe.


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