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|n| Railway    Junction  and   Divis-   S
|«| ional  Point.   Headquarters  for   U
gj Columbia    River     Navigation.   1)
M Hub of   Timber    Belt, Mineral   HI
|mi Zone,  Agricultural    Lands and   P
|m| Vast Water Powers of B. C.        ^
lievelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
.'  .■w^BBBlBBSB'lipBBBia
...   v\, i. B
■.. y.\ THE \lAIL-HERA*LD ,*)
gl' Circulates twice o_er ^cek am- (ji
d   ong the prosfbrotu citizens of 11
vi   i) ^ainpla,*.-     Po'iiii-r     Province, g)
B   Tha      ufleogtii'sed      advertising [§
H   medium for Kootenay and In- 3
1]   tenor Briti>h Columbia. [«)
1 B
Vol. 19   No 32
KEVELSTi»   E. li. ('. APRIL
>') i '* i q
$2.50 Per Year
Head of Admiralty Lost Wad
of Bills and Naval Secret
Notes.-Police of Europe
Search for Woman in the
London, April 22—Rt. Hon. Winston
Churchill, flrst lord of ihe admiralty,
it is learned today, has been the victim of a most daring au.l sensational
robbery, in which a youug woman is
suspected as the possible agent of
some foreign power.
By bho theft the lirst lord looses not
only $2500 in money, but highly important e-onii lential naval data such
us might easily be sought as of greatest value to any nation not too friend
ly with Oreat Britain.
The robbery has greatly aroused the
entire admiralty, anl Mr. Churchill
ha- pui Scotland yard detectives ou
the trail of an aristoralic band which
has just appealed in London.
Mr. Churchill met with his misfor -
lune Immediately after having won
Ute money on cards on the Riviera recently.
Shortly aft.r visiting Toulon,
Churchill's cruiser anchored oil Cannes
whore the first lord received an invita
tion to go ashore. He went at ouce to
a fashionable house, noted for high
play, where be found many well-known
so iety persons gathered around the
table, anil Mr. Churchill was soon engrossed in ,t game and after an hour's
play found himself richer by $2500. Ho
was warmly congratulated on hissud-
den streak of luck and especially by
a young woman, who, with iwo aris-
toiiatic-lo'kin ■; young men, hal Paid
close attention to Mr. Churchill and his
play. When 'hatting with this young
woman lhc fir-i lord stowed his wad
of money away in his right hip pocket
A few minutes later he took his leave.
11 was not until he was aboard his
cruiser and started to tell about his
luck that he found the wad was missing. This was' bad enough, bui with
the money had disappeared the pocket
liook containing notes on British naval
matters which would be extremely
valuable to foreign powers.
It is rumored the woman in ilu case
is a member of an international band
actively engaged in espionage. Tho
political section of Scotlaid Vard is
making special inquiries.
There is considerable inquiry as to
the new gun license regulations, and
the following is printed for the inform
ation of inquirers:
An ordinary licenso costs $2..">0. This
allow:? the holder to bunt birds and
deer, bul not big game. The general
liccns.' i< worth $5.00 according to the
government tarifl and allows the holder to hunt anything that walks, creeps
or Hies and is not protected by game
regulations or some other shield. For
siO, a man can trap also. A guide
must pay 85 for a lkense, and It a^
lows him load as a guide only, and
do2B not permit the shooting or trapping of game. Fanners get an ordinary license, good on their own land,
free. Prospectors get an ordinary lie-
ease with their free miners' certificate,
if Ihey want it. Indians do not require a license, neither do members of
the Militia while on duty. Nothing i.-»
said aVout members of Civilian Rifle
associations going and coming irom
practice at ranges.
Kvery li.-ens' expires on March 31s'.
in each year. It is granted at the above rates to residents only. Kids under 16 years of age cannot gel lieen-es
except when their parents request them
and guarantee to keep the youngster
with them while he is packing the gun
.Automatic -hot guns, pump guns and
any gun- ilat contain more than one
shell in the magazine are taboed, and
must nol bs used at any time.
Dogs must not be allowed to run
deer, and no birds may be -hot be -
tween  April lath and August 1st.
This is not tb ■ act that refers to the
carrying of concealed weapons. If a
man wants to pack a pistol or revolver, he must show his reason to th"
authorities and get a permit, otherwise he i-; guilty of a misdemeanor and
the penalties are severe. In the easo
of foreigner- deportment may be invoked. The act in question bas reference to the carrying of ^porting weapons, and i- de-signed for the protection
of wild life and the regulation of shoot
ing. The possession of a gun license
of any kind do^s not give a man permission lo cany a e-onceab»d weapon of
any  kind.
Unprecedented o4ctivity Dominion Fublic Works Department Big Factor Present Prospei ity.— Engineering
Branches Reorganized. J. P. Forde Takes Charge at
Revelatoke of Work Completed or Under Way.
$10,000,000      DOMINION
At a meeting of the Shuswap Lake
Boat Club, held on April 21st, it was
decided to have the same programme
of ev nt- at their regatta on June 3, '
a* they had last year, with tho addit -
ion of an endurance race from Chase
to Sicamous, this event to be run off
on June '-'nd. The outlook for tbe regatta is exceedingly bright as there is
thc promise of many new boats rom-
iiiiuig. The prizes will be many, varied and valua le, with a silver cup at
ibe head r;f most of the lists.
A vote of thanks to the Reveistoke
donor- of prizes was passed, their nanus mentioned being Mr. Gran', of
the Wine and Spirit Co., Mr. Hums,
of CB. Hume & Co., Mr. Lawrence 0f
the Lawrencp Hardware Co.; Mr. J.
Walker, of the Union Cigar Factory.
Mr. Bews, druggist; P. Levesque, of
tbe Union hotel; CR. Maodonald drug
gist; Mr. McRae, Gentd Furnishings;
Mr. Sturdy, Revelstoke Hardware Co.
A. J. McDonell, C.P.R. Hotel; John
Abrahamson, Central Hotels S. Sutherland, of MeKinnon & Sutherland; H.
MeKinnon, Cigar Store; J. G. Barber
A committee was appointed to havo
posters put out and attend to other
P a
lul Reserve  Thursday,   May  1st 1
■ for the Girls' Hospital Auxil- H
iff lary    Second    Annual    Shirt- |
inl waist     Pane  at  tho    Opera gl
\tf House.     Special  music. H
PI 81
South Vancouver, April 20—A recent amendment to ihe Public Echools
act is likely to cause the South Vancouver municipal council a good deal
of trouble, if the board of school trustees persists in claiming what its
members allege is their legal right.
Chairman Whelpton, in an interview
with Tho Provin :e representative to -
day, stated thai aceording to an amendment to the Public Schools Act.
1 a-sed this year, estimates for Special
or extraordinary expenditure of the
board of school trusties must be submitted to th1 municipal council for
approval. If tho coun il disapproves
ofthe whole or any part of the estimate* due notice must he given to th;
sehool hoard an 1 a bylaw mu-t then
be  submitted  to  the  ratepayers.
"Our contentions are," said Chairman Wholpton, "flrrt that the council
approved of the school estimates as
fnally submitted; second, that ihe
consent of the ratepayers by n bylaw
was therefore unnece-sary. and third,
that the council is liable for the expenditure included in the estimates
submitted by the school board and
approved of by the council."
The matter will be raised at tbe
next meeting of the school boar.1,
when the trustees will probably decide what action they will take.
Women who constantly wear veils
-tifTer in time from teterioralion of foa
tures, »nys a London phy.-*iclan. After
that stage has been reached the wearing of veils should be made obligatory
by  law.
The Stndt Antwerpnn, th« first cross
chnnnel steamer fitted with anti-roll -
ing tanks to prevent sen si-kness, has
been launched „t Antwerp. It is a 24-
knot turbire syeamer and will carry
thc  mails on the  Dover-Ostend  route.
Citizens of British Columbia, are
well aware of lhe fact lhat for years
pasl up to .i recent date, the affairs of
the Dominion Government i'ublic
Works Department in ibis province,
were regarded as of s'o little import -
1 - ance, that practically no attention
was ever given towards keeping this
branch up io the proper standard, and
tbat Utile or no improvements were
effected during a long series of years
.n the organization of the same, al-
though the developments ofthe Pacilic Coa-i Province were loudly demanding that an improved system oi
ban.ling the department here, be introduced. Following the return to
power of the present administration
the members for British Columbia, including our own energetic representative Mr. R.F. Green, brought the statu
ii aftairs io thc attention of the responsible minister, and during the
past few months, sweeping reforms
lave been inaugurated throughout thej
Department  all over the province.
The whole of b' Pacitic Coast province was divided into engineering district-, and competent staffs wero appointed to systematise the work and
lay plans for cur., ing tame on along
proper pei man. nt lines, ln Revelstoke the new district is supervised
by Mr. J.p. Ford.', district engineer,
with Vi. Bowden as his senior assistant, R. Kirkpa'.ri'k as junior a-sist -
ant, and Miss Blanche McCarty as1
stenographer completing ihe, stall who
are installed in commodious offices in
ihe Bank of Commerce Bloek.
.since ihese changes were nia le early
in tii -pi in,-, work has been rushed to
co.,i,.I .lion on much needed .vharves
at Comaplix, Revelstoke, Deer Park,
li. swell, ShUtty Ben-h, Mirror Lake,
whilst exten-ions have been made to
wharves at Burton, Edgewood and
other lake points. Mans are com -
pleted for wharves at Kaslo and Willow Point, and < ontracts will shortly
be 1 i  for the construction of same.
Plans are in course ,,i preparation
lor wharves at Beaton. Fast Arrow
Fark, Needles, Reneia, Grey Creek,
Kooi-nay Bay, Ainsworth and various
other .enters of traffic, and work, will
co nmence so soon as water falls suf-
tieiently  to render operations feasible.
Muih ha>' already been done in the
direction of river improvements. Work
Las begun on the Upper Columbia, be-
;ween  Golden and     Windermere,      on
whicb put'iio.i of tlu river the snag
boal .Mus.iai, is at wo.k Improving
lho channel, removing -nags, auu nl-
luidiii.; toother matters wiib a viuw
to the improvement of navigation gen
eially. Among ibe additional duties
to be carried out Irom this boat during ihe coming season, will be the
construction of a new wharfs at lnver-
liiere, and additions io the wharves
at Alhelinere und Wilmer. A very important pi.ee of work now under aut-
uc way, is the removal trom Lho Col-
umbia river of a lur^e number ol snags
along the stretches between Revelsloke,
an.t Arrowhead. These snag--' have existed a3 a menace lor years, and the
clearing of ihe channel will indeed be
a. boon to steamers operating abug
tin- porlion oi tho great Columbia.
'lhe task of dredging oiu the channel in the Columbia river narrows,
betwetn the upper and thelower Ar -
lowlakes, has been prosecuted UU win-
ter, with very satisfactory results. A
few mote seasons of similar activity
to ihat during ihe past mouths, will
lender ihe narrows ?afe and easy lor
navigation by steamers at all times
during the year.
The provision of a mure powerful,
modern and suitable dredging eraft is
mder consideration, in order that operations may be facilitated and tbo
work completed iu a reasonable timo,
enabling full advantage to be taken of
the -oeithe.n steamship route viaRev-
e I stoke.
It is ofun complained by tho aver-
ago elector, ihat in spite of tho many
election orations, little or no improvement is eitected by changes of administration on. e the victors succeed bhe
t.usied, in the teals oi power. The
wonderful improvements in tho re -
spects outlined above, effected during
the past ii„hteen months, are however, proof thai a gmuine attempt is
bein; made at Ottawa, to make tbi
change felt in increased efficiency and
a well substantiated de-'ire to live up
io election pledges, and cater to the
incie a-ing needs of ibe settlers thru-'
out the Interior of B.C. generally and
the constituency of Kootenay in particular. The record of achievement
outlined in this article, i- an earnest
effort of the endeavors made by our
member to get results of the mot do-
tn.te and beneficial nature on behalf
of his constituents, and is wo understand only the lore runner of further
developments making for tho progress
and prosperity of North Kootenay.
Ottawa, April 'JI—Tho House spent
the day discussing Government meaa ■
Ures, the closure debate being put over until Monday. The nm t Important
mat ter taken up Was Hon. Martin
Burrell's bill to provide tot an expenditure of $10,UU0,UOii on agriculture in
the noxl decade.
In moving the second reading of the
bill, Hon. Mat't.u Burrell quoted a
number of extracts from   newspapers
in various parts ni Canada to -how
that lhc principle oi the measure bad
been generally approved, irre pe' live
of politics. He also read a number of
letters from leading agricultural auth
orities endorsing his proposals. Mr.
Burrell suid thai Ihe present bill was
slightly different in principle'from thai
brought down a year ago. At thai
time the appropriation could be used
•for every variety of agricultural endeavor. By ibis bill it was restricted
io agricultural education, and this
plan bad been generally endorsed by
authorities from every province. The
money is to be divided among the pro
vin 'es.
Tbe opposition members supported
the principle ofthe bill, but objected
to some of its details.
0E C.P. HY.
Winnipeg, April 22—The Canadian
Pacific Uailway will expend Jlt.OnO.-
O'OO in Western Canada this yea1'' This
vast sum is more than twice [be amount of $10,000,(10(1 spent here by the
company last year, and it is tho rec -
ord amount ever devoted to construe'
non work by anyone road on the continent in uny ono year. Tho natural
resources department of the road has
some huge irrigation and industrial
s hemes on hand wbich will . asily
iaise ihe amount to SoO.OOO.OOH. I'll;
main works include. Tunnel through
Rogers' pa-s, wbich, it is estimated,
will cost six or eight millions. Continuation of work oi double-tracking.
Continuation of work on terminals
and yards at Trans.ona, Winnipeg,
Ogden, Calgary, Co:|uitlam and Van
couver. Building of many largo brid-
gis, such as that over tbe Red river
at Winnipeg, the South Saskatchewan
at Medicine Hat, the Bow at Calgary
and thc Pitt in British Columbia. Additions to depots and hotels at Winnipeg and Vancouver, works whieh together will cost over $J,500,000.
The Dominion Forest Service has
progress farther than any other ser-
viee in i anada in ibe lu..ing out oi
forest reserves and providing for their
proper administration. Sixteen million acres have been definitely set apart by Act of Parliament to Is' admin-
i n- tor si reserves. Additional
areas are being examined tech year,
and ome -. < million a res additional
are now under temporary reservatlou
nnd will ibottly be added to tbe reserves set apari by stat.ite. The mere
- iim.; atari of rasertes, though an
important t i, is only ;l pre ininary
iii'. Although, unfortunately,'n some
ca ll lias noi ! een reali ed that
aivything lurther is nec-essary, ibis mis
i.i.. has r.o >• i u ma le in the le iei al
a.Iiiiui.  ■  ..  ii .i.
The reserve- have been organized by
appointing an inspector in charge for
. i of the id.-., in  ino.iii es,     Th •
inspector!! selected are men wbo have
bad a thorough technical training In
forestry and wbo ha\ i hown good ad
iiii-i-ir.itivc ability. In eaeb ... the inspection eli-tiits the reserves areas
are laid out in unit- or forests each
under charge of a t ohnically trained
man or a nan i t| •.. a ■ .1 in timbei
admini tratlon, Twelve, -uch divisions
u.ivm all ..I.. in 'ms ,.;.li-h d. an>l
oth i - a ■• ii in; org a i an 1 manned witb io'..'t laiue.sa- ihe levelop-
o ent o.'  ib   ree i the Bre dan
ger may render ne .-.-.ny. Th •■■ divis
ions do not incl.de ;.itiol uiit-ide oi
i .ii reserves on the larg area oi for
e-i not ine hid d ih r; n. In -uch aria- there aie in addition twelve patrol ui.i-ions each i.n.li charge oi a
chief tire ranger.
On each of ihe forests, houses have
been cncte.i for the fore-i rangers so
thai they ma> 1 •■ dose to ' :u-ir wo k.
and giv. ii careful s ipi I .;s . n. At
different [oints throughout ihe i ue'St.
huts have been i rei te 1 a hea I ,.i.ii
for Bummer patrols and in some of the
ir.ore inaccessible! .1-trie s. 47■ i miles
of trail- and loads have  . nsiruc
ie-d -ei ,-s to make ihe leservea more
accessible. 'iVn biil.es ba.v l.c i
Constructed, and I > mile.-.1 of telephone
have been put in operation. A much
enlarged program of >uch improvement wor^i has ti'-en laid o.it ioc the
coming  year.
A conference of th.' Inspectors was
recent.y held at Ottawa to plan the
work for t:;e co i in_s-ason and tho
eonsnuction work on the reserves will
be pushed as rapi Uy as i os ibl s i as
to have the reserves mado mirnuno
irom tire, as they are in Europe-, in
the shortest  possible  time.
The Juvenile Bos:onians, dainty and
da/zliag as' ever, pl-ayed before packed
bouses al the Bmpress theatre on
Monday eind Tuesday night. In tho
Monday evening offering of "Princess
Chi'" the company were seen at then
very be-et, and the suc-es- thoy scored
brought together another bumper
bouse cn Tuesday when tho versatile
entertainers delighted their audienco
with a good rendition of that ejld favorite "The Daughter of the Regiment"
They well sustained their reputation
as one of the premier groups of public
entertainers now travelling tho western circuits, and theatre-goers of Rovelstoke will bc pleased to know that
they will shortly pay us another visit.
Women like to organize Shakespeare
clubs because it gives them a chanco
to get together and  talk scandal.
An interesting ceremony yook place
last week In the Crypt of SI. Paul's
Cathedral when a group of Canadian
Masons attended to pay their respects
to the lato Field Marshall Lord Wols-
lt-y. John MacRae, worshipful master
of Prince Rupert MaBonic lodge, on behalf of his brother masons in the West
laid a floral wreath on the grave.
G.T.P. HY.
Winnipeg, April 2U—Thirty-five mil -
iion dollars will be expended by th3
Grand Trunk Pacillc railway in new
equipment to man its nearly complete
transcontinental railway from Mone -
ton   to  Prince  Rupert.
With its extensive program of 3,SGfl
miles of main lino, stretching fiom cr.l
to i-nd of this continent and with the
still more extensive program of .r>,000
miles of branch line tracks the Grand
Trunk Pacific will be requiring enor -
mous amounts of now rolling stock
within a few years. At the present
lime tho company bas barely sutllci -
ent rolling slock to man tho divisions
I ow boing operated, viz., 3,025 miles of
track, and even if tho opening of the
i onlinental were not less than two
years away the company would still
have to make large additions to tlio
A large s'olid salt belt has been discovered on tho Skeena River, 45 milos
from Prince Rupert on the lino of the
G.T.P. Up to the present about eight
tons of salt has been itocurcd from tho
place. The most thorough tests show
tbat lt is absolutely pure and of the
best quality.
Nelson, B.C., April 2'J—Apparently
on a hunger strike, Albert Winn, sen -
teii'-ed at Cranbrook two months ago
to one year in the Nelson provincial
.nil for safe-robbing, has refused to
take anything with the cxeptionofa
little soup and some water Ane last
Yesterday he was fed by means of a
iitomach tulic, by Dr. W.O. Ro-c provincial healtb officer. Ho was givon an
"egg noaj" composed of a quart of
milk and an egg, but, of Course, lack -
ing the whisky, wbi'h ia usually • "n -
Bidered  an essential  to this  drink.
For somo time Winn has been Debar-
in; queerly, and it is thought that his
mind mny be slightly affected.
No difficulty was experienced in feeding him through the tube.
Minister Visits Ottawa
Vancouver, B.C., April 22—Hon. W.
R. Ross, today left for Ottawa, where
he proposes to tako up with ths federal authorities several pending matters wllh which his department is dir
ectly eoncerned, prominent among
these being tbe matter of water records and adminNtratian of the railway twit lands within British Columbia.
Revdstoke Booster
Mr. ar.\ Mrs. Fred Nlemeier, of Revelstoke, Driti-h Columbia, are visiting
relatives iu liurl.ngton, They were
former residents oi this city anl havo
many  friends here.
Mr. Nlemeier states that for moun •
tain scenery Uritish Columbia leads
the continent, and he bas ..vn about
everything In tho -'.ay ii the high
places, 'i i. j ,,i balding automobile
i.a.s thi ii h tb' i oun try, lie.-aus;
they t.n 1 li pays. The tourist busi -
ce s is immense, and more p. opie are
coming every year. They spend money
ime the proverbial -ailoi of bibulous
type, nnd thc nu re attraetivu tbo
country Is made ihe n.oie freely the
tm ney goes out.
Toini-t area gr^a*. asset and tbo
people nf British Columbia liko those
of southern California and some other
;: i . ai l nol iM lep to the fact. Mr.
and Mrs. Nii'in iei traveled .'0') miles
tn Van ouv,r, thenee by boat ro Seattle anl a. ain by steamer toFrisco ,
rooting east from that town.
Mr. Niemeier was shown a number
of improvement-' male' here, being
escorted about by Councilman Krueg-
er  yesterday.—Burlin »ton  Observer.
......... a an nulla
8 P9
■, Th"  Orchestra  will   play  at .\
1, Manning's    tonight   from 8:30 pl
* to 10:30.   Come and enjoy tho jgQ
g musie- with a dish of our pure g
B Cream    Ice    Cream  or a nice S)
H cozy  Cup  of Tea.   Courteous IJ]
ft and  prompt service  assured. f>l
B l-l
WEDNESDAY, APRTla 23, 191«.
Have  Yoa Money Lying Idle
which you would like to loan.
We can loan it for you on first
mortgages at current rates of
interest ranging from 7 to 10
Per Cent, per annum.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
JOHN D, SH'.l'.Al.li, Pkks.
1.  I). SIBBAIvD, JR., Sue.
Pointed Paragraphs of Provincial Interest
Lethbridge,   Alta, April i.'i,—Claude     For tho Ion months ending February
\.  \ati llciuei-i, real estate agent,,(or   I, 3$5,COO foreigners settled In Oanada,
according to i ilgration  Bgut'os    for
merly of Nei on. B.O., has commenced suit in the surreme court against
Dr, l'.W. Tuller of Lethbridge, claiming $25,000  for alienation of his wife's
A Pail, With Water-
Brush—and a Pkg. of
yjlt,!, transform tbe ugliest wn
"      ul leflnement.   Alabastine «
the fiscal year tut ended, Of this
number l-l'J.WiO were United States ci-
t: ens, and 1:10,000 British subjects.      I
The Panama Can.il mil question has
i appear el in con pass,  S natoi' Knot.
I.i     n roduced   his bill   of last   -ession
ibe officials of the Oa-  for thi repeal  of thai  BBCtiion of    the.
Railway.    Vic-Prc-i -  new  Panama  Canal law,  whicli  would
An important change will according
to local railway     gossip, take place
shortly  anion:
nadian   Pacific
Consisting ot every conceivable size and make of
,; Gloves, Shoes and Underwear; also a most
extensive stock of  Nckiies of every shade aud
We li ive also a specially fine a isortmenl of samples
for our Spring Clothing Order Departmeet.
Fit-Reform Clothing Stetson  Hats Foot-Rite Shoes
dont   M'Ni.o! will rdire on     June l.   permit  American costwlse ships to an-
lie will be succeeded by Mr, Vaughan   ;oy freodom from tolls.
a sistant to the president.
\ tl inch ie in ol Ohlneso in ops last
'ilie Duches   ni Connaught was opor v   k attacked a batalllon of. police at
at.'.l on  lasl    Thursday  at.     Clarence tn lu I l(l ,i British surveying party on
Houso,  l.uu Imi. bj   He  William     Ar- ihe I onlier of Burma. Tho Uillman  in
i.iiiiui.it   Lini.'. .hief surgeon of   Guys coiisid ruble     numbers jo-nod     tor.es
hospital.   The operation  was' a severe with the Chinese,   Tho British tolumn
' ono but was bome well bj Oho duchess, i   ml    1    be attack   but       ta'tned    a
ihr royal highness was advised   thai few   casual ties,    >mong  the    wounded
the operation  was  necessary  lo    pre ■ .as :■
vent   a iv hit nr ■  of the    attacks      uf mUsii
abdominal illness from which she sui- ; arty
fered  in Cana la.
I Moos.ja'.v, April 16.— An exciting
lime wus witn.'ssd at ;bc Dominion
land office here lust in: lit and the
early bonis of this morning, when 1150
nn n : nib ired in ho hope of raining
cancellation of a homestead and pre-
r-uii t on car t ssiniboia, a new O.P,
I!, lo.vn south of Moosejaw. The police were called,    ln  the end tbe land
most .Mini
A     ill 1       Lie'  Uy   te.M   e\e
you uc'el is r. \
tmi.li.   TUe res! is easy
watt i> ■;> 'i hm l ilcalsotnlne, 'i ti
!1 its  if.      A! ibiltiue
alii Into i" ills of beauty   <ef utt
Is i\rt  I' e;i   UK to the
ed  t istcs,   Anyone c in apply
i   ; i j . (j| ,.,-ti ,11^,,    ,\;i
it, with w ii i, ii'i-l a n i
Al ili ts'.lne, in.'   .'
.1 • ii. nu I bee nu.'i
Us 10  t',10  w.l.l
put cf the wrie, ,
m.ii.ciitlv. it i« Ui-'tjiny absolutely sauiUty wallcovcriufi
tesltt )
A , i -. .,..,'
Cllnirh ...i /.,.£.-(
A new coat can be applied v. itliout tv-
moviug old one. Alabastine is made iu
white, and twenty-one charming tiuts.
Conic- in and get the Alabastine tint
book. We'll show miii how really beaut
ii'ul Alabastine is.
These free Stencils me worth fvemi .r>r''\ to
i' ■
• ""iv,
....a I,
■v'N*.      $1.00. Thoy enable you loni'-relwii
^      ifully decorate ymir home. Call
'r'"*-^ in i"f particulars.
l—HTTf' li    '
M  ( harles I ernar I, chl -f    com
n.r and b .id .,(     in.' ■ lurveylng
i . n. .e  [.'. Sullivan of Lowell, M iss.,
the ic i b u - ii nt-ance swimmers
in Nov Kn 1 n 1, \. i'l at I 'in,it to swim
ii ■ I ii li: h . 1 iiini'l next .milliner.
Those who h,i e witnessed bis -wnn-
n.ing i a s . r i o id.ml he will suc-
... .1 ir (cm lilloiis are favorable. In bis
i veim to i'i   ton late last    ummer be
I - t .i walk   of the water un-
i i   i.     while Lis opponents     wero
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
Special Attention Paid to Mail Orders
was made over to R.O.
erly ol Owen Saurod.
Perklas,  form  weak.
At the Busy McIntyre Cornkr
I'. 'tins. Bmall, white, easy to cook, 3 lb. for  25c
Japan Rice, finest, cooks soft :'. Ib. for     25c
Stephen's Chow Pickles, por bottle  35c
Sliced Lemon Clint? Peaches, small tin  20c
First Street. Telephone No. 93
The strike ot railway employees in
Australia has concluded satisfactorily
nnd the men returned to work with
tbe  result  that   all      servie  schedules
Tbat navigation of the Great Lakes
will open at an exceptionally early
late this year I- apparent from reports recei ed by the marine lepart-
ment.   Porl   A rth ir ad', li e '   ay     the
have reco m n ed. This is due to the harbor will bo open lo le than Iwo
determined anl commendable attitude weo I bictking is now going ah-
lakm by the     ate Labor government    ai v   o'ou ly In tha St. Lawrenci in
0<)OCHK>0<>aO<>0<KH50^a<K)-(><H><> <
Imperial Barak of Canada
i Httntl Ot*"ie*   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed -           6.000,000.00
Capital Paid Up -              G,770,00v,.00
Reserve        - 6.770,000.00
Total Assets,        - -              &72,G((»,0(JO.CO
i          Brunei '   '  '   Inolpal point* In Cnnnda,
i|.,i ;. ... i •. -a i ■ •   n ii.,\ i j n i < ■ • 11 Muto    I tendon, Rin gland,
Lloydh Pai k i.ri'.'t     Ohkti        First   National Hank,  ( i ro Kx-
i   change '      • ■■   • >' fi i k.   Bur I r in-
t   ,.;..,,    U ',.,".   nal  I n  i       -i • knur    K.
"   H ■ ' •
'    Hell    .('
w ho ■ pio 'i'-m i isBi 1 the m tn The
governm nl have assure.! the employees ' hat a ie.- al i om ■ i- i"ii will ba
nppointed lo investigate ibe phases oi
the alleged unsatisfactory conditions.
■■ ipa at'n n foi   t      o ■ rin.' ol i a • iga
cn. 11' ■ ie- ■ ,ii  i ake Superior i     aid
'o i.e lighti r than u lual.
'I he  ■ i   a pi ii | .• i   that   I talifax may
Im .c   iu i i. ship plant within the   iii'ar
'inn i    'i b • re. n     |i , ch of Winston
in  n gai el io England requir*
rail ha -  mado il plain  that
le   -ll      ,1
I Iroc-t   ■!'. linn  of I'nited States -en
one ol lho provisions of < hui ibil
the constitution 1 :-t week by Connec- ing a rial    .
i.   t:ii   .  .   ..-I  ol thc amendment ;in l,.,n I  bo    entered    ho tie.id.   It    ia
in that effect.   Thirty-six -tales, hav.. und rstood  that  inquiries have     been
approved  the change.   It  remains on- .ui I j   tra •■ bj   ••     i alists a- to the
T        ' i       ,     A    ' i'u/j ha«, iV.'-.'r
Revelstoke Men'. Market, Ltd.
SWIFT'S . . .
Blood and Bone
a! -
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd,
ly   f.et the
whi li
■ i;''.  Si
■ e. s iii all     stat i       .i     llitj '.i ■ -mh I hing a.   iation al
..■ably to t riiia    Hali       for  the  purpose if construct
I li   ..    an 1 For him
pro I .i'i.i' ii n   ;,
The a   end at to     the
li      e ond  within   the
last  fi'V
in,- air. hi, s ...  th.- ruid. semi rigid,
.'i i i on .    i 1  types, iti.-, also I in ed
t ia   .i   ent .       ivtn to     the
..' ., '.,ii ■ .
i Mo hoi on   intro.luein ;      bia
■• mat    the I olal re-
oi  n "ii year Ior Primo     •■ i
■   i     'I.it. an I lotal ex
I.'a. iii;     an
i rn' 01 ibi.   Tbo pub-
tl "In ed  by  M',".i. 0 an I
.,-   .: (fl  ': '.
-   '
. I   bl   5H0,O0O,
1 cen . ta sc.   A   new
."!.:: the black
It 1-   in he     a
11     on   the   value-    of
1  .1   is expci  ed
lx will
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hoi Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters arc the most wonderful health restorer on tiie Continent Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verilied hy our gratified patrons. Located among tho
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access, -the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
/.'M. BOY?, Proprietor, - Halcyon. Arrow Lakes
\ .-. .unu.
AI   LU -       mud
lead pe  -. ■-.
35c, 40
z. and 50c.^per Ib.
P. O   Box 208            GROCER & BAKER           Phono No. 23
Vancouver, B. ('., April 15.—Henry
1'nt and John Forbes, ohargod with
having counterfeit money in their pos
•->ion, present nn inlrrcstintr problem
in ihu polio'. Ost insists hi'is iiieone
1 I 1 iwls1 around his cell on htinds
.•iiii knees, muttering unintelligible
noises nnd occasionally letting loose
.en ear iiliitin^' yell. Tho ofllcials bo-
■vr |i . is shamming.
Mi. Thomas Leith, 11 pioneer of Vnu
e ouver aiiel a former Provincial Oov-
ernmont school Inspector until il.I-
lnvilth compelled him to resign, died
nt his bome Inst week after an illness
of several months. The late Mr. Leith
wns lorn in Ontario bul i-ame to Van
couver twenty-four y ars ago. H»
leaves ., wife and three suns, aU rcii-
dents in Vancouver.
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
: '/' K e
* 3/<00.fX)0       * 4,|)()|),iMi()
3,000.000 4,600,000
Capital        ....
Reserve   ....
Deposits      ....        28,677,780        85,042,311
Loans and Investments -      27.457,090        ;{«,H54.W)l
Total Assets       - -       88,090,192       48,287,284,
Has 83 Branches In Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In all
the Principal Cities In tho World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rate.
Revelstoko Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
■ I of
II,     M '
*.,   ih      R
for the purp   ■
n  guard and  be ping    b   aut*
oi i : drive ofl the raiders.
qii.(.k!y itoi i "»ur!"i.  cure I coftfji nr I  Ii^jiJh
the throat ami lunc&* '■■ 99 crnm.
iri    .it
Bsli;   helps,
the "ie eel ■
ley, .i miii
i body    i.f
III lill :\
to  the
■r||           |
e   ll m  |        ;|
'   lileeh
■II 1
.   on  bul
II''  It
• i      .1      do
Make Us Prove It
We dare not exasperate to you. We are dependent upon
your patronage. To gel it we must have your trust and confidence. We make the following statements with a full understanding of what they mean to us. You are safe when you
believe in these statements.
ii, Japan
,!       ..l',:i,'.'it       on
III llll'
1 iiifi.i. Tbey urge   the
■. . t Ird r ll W.i'    e.l    .1 i|..iii' ■'    pal I .     pal l"'l
.ti   ilie   I i•;.;.., .1 ion  itu
niillilllelv    Ihe   ' ill    I .i e       ,       . <.||     aH
1' I'ii nitist \ iiii"     im      in
of boml ills and in n short timo
usually make unnecessary the continued use of physics and purgatives,
llius tiiuliim to stop sui'li unhealthy
habits as may have Ix-cn funned.
Make us Prove This
\V. ele. nut ask you to tnke our
Word fur lliis. We wiint yuu tu muko
us prove it, und nt uu eust to you.
Huy n lx>x of Hexall Orderlies at
our steere. Use them ouce, or use up
the  whole  liox.     Then,   if  vein   aro
nui thoroughly satisfied, just como
back empty banded nnd till us.
Without obligating yuu ur questioning yuu we will return the money
you paid us for them.
Doesn't that Indicate that Hexall
Orderlies an' at least worthy of trial?
Doesn't it prove uur faith in then?
Doesn't it merit your confidence?
Could any olTer be more fnir to you?
We particularly recommend Hexall
Orderlies for children, delicate and
need persons. Rexall Orderlies rome
in convenient vest-pocket si/.e tin
boios. 13 tnlilets, 10c; 30 tablets,
ilor; M0 tablets, SOc.
CAUTION; Please Wr in n Ind that. Itcxnll Orderlies are not sold by all drup
insti.   V'eu cun buy ltee«n!l Orderlies only at the Hexall Stores.
You oan buy Hexall Otdorlios in this community only nt our storo:
Revelstoke The   ^QOCoJuL Store       British Columbia
Thiw is n Ketnll Stow In n«rlv evrrv town and oity in thc United States Cuaiia ud
r,r*iit llriinin. There ia a eliffor. ,,t Itnisll llora^ly lor nearly every ordinary human ill —
each <*>i*einlly 'le-iKned lor U)S particular ill for which it ia recommended.
Tbe Rexall Stores are America's Greatest Drug Stores
For the Bowels
If you only knew as much as wo
nml those who have used them know
iileuiit   Rexall  Orderlies,  yuu  would
I ni i'i 11 i lo about recommend
ing tli'in as wo are. Ihey taste just
like candy. They acl ■" oasily nnd
ee, ph i antly thai tlia taking eel then
is a pii
l . ' liihli' ii lil.i Rexall ilrder-
i "I ymi know that if s miili-
• ine ippenls te, m child, it will appeal
to grown-ups.
lnlp chsse nlee.1111, dispel bluoo and
lllllke yuii  feel   llllpp.V   I.y   llll'il   spleo-
elii ' nji. alt ne iiii! ninl strengthening iiieei upon Un bowels. Thoy
net lull'    t ii"   .-ii in      mul keen it
fiee    from tho dl ti and ill feeling
He il i .'ui ill.- ri .iii e from Irregular
:u ! im ni. • bowel
Hexall Orderlioa do thia ipiie ily,
without griping nr causing n
purging ur excessive luosi ness, Tbey
nei p. overcome and remove tho cause WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23, 1913.
There is Now a Market
Pouring Into
British Columbia
List Your Holdings With Us
For a Quick Sale
We have the Buyers
If Your Prices and
Terms Are Right.
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
R. R. COLE, Manager.    Local Agency American Casualty Co.
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
Tho style, tho workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
Nelson,  April  18—"We an icipatc  a
wry   iiiiii h   h..;\ h r      pas on -ft'   ii'tilli'
over our western line* thia season than
ever before," Btated O.B. McPherson,
assistant gi n ira.1 tra I d manager ol
the Canadian Pacific Huilwuy, who
vasal  the Strathejona last  evening.
"Settlers aro coining into the coun-
try rapidly from Buropo, particularly
from Great Britain, umi a wplendltl
class i,f soetlera too. These people
arc, in tin' main, people uf means, nnd
a great many e.i them ure making
iiuii lm:.i.s in th' variousvalleya of
r.titi-h Columbia," he' added.
"'I'lie' movement wost ia a great deal
heavier now than it wus tlii-e timo n
year ago, and we anticipate a vory
heavy summer tourlsl bui iness, which
will hr b iinil 'l by our extra train Bee-
vice. We wl I be bciti r able lo take
caru of thia «i n :;• during the coming
Bummer in this district through the
addition of ihe' steamers iionnington
nnd Nasootin."
Mr, Mel hen on    Btated that     there
! was a very  h avj   movement of   set-
t'l'K from the Unit .1 States also who
v ere m .   n; a        nd 1 addition    to
th ■ popul tl ion ..   ihe co ntry.
On the i f.tiii ■ , Mi', Mel'h ir on
slate I that I h i \. iatl er during tho
I nsi ten days had hern beautiful and
warm, i n.l that '• ding had om
mencej in farts of tho country, and
votilil be genaial throughout .luting
th ■   him   .  it:n _\\:.
The summi r Bchedulo had not yet
been ai f; n .1, sai I Mr. MbPhenton,
but ii v.a under'discussion, and would
trobablj   soon  be in force.
Mr. M.-l'her.-on un- recently Ln Sun
Francisco and during his siav there
went over the site ol the Panama Pa-
ciiie exposition, whieh will take place
I tb era in 1115.   ' Tno situation ol    the
expo H  site ii thc most beautiful I
have ever seen" is the wuy bedescribes
it. "Surrounded by ihe mountains,
.and the Bay of California.it is mag-
ni.lc nt."
The peo] le 11 the Pacific coa^t, he
sail, were highly enthusiatic as to
Ihe exposition, and the business which
would accrue from it, nn.l he predicted
that ihi' traffic overall lines leading
westward would be very heavy. British Columbia wouM benefit greatly
from ihe tourist travel to the exposition, in Mr.  McPherson's opinion.
Mr. Mcl'hei-on is making a flying
tour o! inspection in fiis district and
after spending today'in the city he
will return easl to Cal aryand Edmonton
All businessmen, householders, oitist-
i us and others, are hereby notifies
thut. in accordance with the Oity of
Revelstoke Sanitary Bylaws, thoy aro
inlled upon to forthwith proceed to
clean all alleyways nnd public np-
proaohes to property within the eity
limits, from any accumulations of
a h s, rubbish or garbage, ami to
bave such removed t.o a dump ground
approved by the council, All property
owners, tenants and others, aro required to clean up thoir premises and
remove from same any refuse of an
i bjectlonable nature, The Police will
be Instructed to take tho necessary
proceedings Bummarily, a ai i t. any
parties (ailing to comply with this
notice by May 1st next,
IN  Till') MATTER OF AN  APPLICATION for the Issue of a Duplicaio
Certificate of Title to Lots 3, 4, 5,
and ll, Block 12,  Revelstoke City,
Map 636.
it is my inteniicn to issue at the expiration of one month after  the    first
publi a'io.i hereof a duplicate   of   the
Certificate of Title to the above mentioned lot in thc name of Alice Amelia
Tapping,  whieh     Certificate is dated
the Mth dav of February, 1912,    and
numbered l.riS37A.
Nelson 13.C, April 5th, 1913.
S.  R. ROE,
Ap. 9th lm. Sistrie.t Registrar.
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Strictly Fiist Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
LIQUOR   ACT,   1910.
Notice is hereby given that, on the
■?nth day of April next, application
will be made to thc Superintendent of
I rovincial Police for Ihe transfer of
the licence for the sale of liquor by
retail in and upon the premises known
as tho Lake View Hotel, situate at
Arrowhead, British Columbia, from
Chapman & Irvin, to Chapman and
Smith, of British Columbia.
Dated this 1st day of April, 1913.
Holder of Licence.
Geo. T. Chapman and N. B. Smith
Applicant  for  Transfer.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
Pontraciva Silver-Grey   stock patterns
Cups C& Saucers Regular S3.00 Doz. This week $2.15
8 in.    Plates
6 in.
5 in.
7in. Large Soups
Fruit Saucers
Gravy Boats
Cream Jugs
Covered Sugars
Vegetable Dishes
Water Jugs
97-piece Set of Above, Regular S22 50,  Tliis Week. $14.50
These Dishes are Semi-Porcelain,  and   the   pattern   is
guaranteed not to rub off.
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ud.
Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Paints, Oils, C&.C.
Agents for Minerva Paints and Oxford Ranges.
6     <& Announcements     o
We are now showing the Spring and   Summer
models of
-iwtPtij Irauii
A Daring Robbery
Noitb Vancouver. April IS—A daring robbery took place yesterday afternoon in the> branch oflin- of Jack
Lout mi & Co , at King Street and
North Lon9dale avenue ia this eity,
when ash to the amount of S27 wa<
taken from the till of the company
ond the robber backed out of the door
way covering the agent, Mr. Robert
Gray, with an automatic pistol in one
hand a revolver  in the other.
Nice, France, April 15—Louis Gau-
dart, a well-known French aviator,
was drowned while tnaaing a flight in
a hydro-a Toplane .in front of the
pigeon shooting grounds, whero a
large number of spectators wore admiring his evolutions.
The hydro-aeroplane lost its equilibrium, the left wing cut tho water,
the apparatus tilted and plunged into
the depths. Gandart's body wa- not
rei overed.
Our position is unique. We are Specialits. We
devote our entire entire energies to the outfi'.tir.g
of young and progressive, mature men.
We handle the better grades of merchandise for
this class of trade and aim to give a service that
is refined and courteous. See this Clothing. Try
them on, and you will be as enthusiastic as we are.
McRae Mercantile Co.
The Gr,cian blacknde of the oasts
of Epirus and Albania has been raised in consequence of the international
bloe'-'ade now in -■ITcci on the Albanian  and Mi ntenciin coats.
Forty years ir» use, 20 years
the st.Tida-ii, prescribed and
recommended by physicians.
For Women's Ailments, Doctor
Martei's Female Pills, at your
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
suitably   furnished   with  the choicest the
market affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Clgf""-     Rate" $i a day.    Monthly rate.
j.   .A-riBaES-RT     STO-ETiHl     PKOP.
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
HAMS   AND BACON   a Specialty.
P. BURNS & GO., Limited
The Kootenay Brewery
The Kevelstoke Home of Society Rrand Clothes
and II. S.  Peter's Overalls
Central Hotel
Abral amson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
From Montreal, Quebec, Liverpool
New S.S. Laurentic. .(15.000 Tons    New S.S. Megantic
First-Class—$92.50-      Second -$53.75.     Third*-$82.50
S. S. Teutonic - • S. S. Canada
582 feet long. 514 feet long.
Carries Only One Class Cabin (111 $50.00 and Up
and Third Class $31.25 and Up.
619 Second Avenue, Near Cherry St, Seattle
A. O. BROOKBB, 0. P. R7. Pawenger Agent. REVELSTOKE, B. O.
[Read "Mail-Herald" SALfS AND WANTS for Snaps PAGE FOl'R
Baseball Outfits Complete
Either  for the  League Games or  the  Small Eoy
G001 >S
We lviv> imported direcl from
Best English Makers, Our
The Best Values we have ever shown	
from $2.50 to $7.50.     Special Hates to Club
$2.00 $3.25 $3.50 Per Set
Double-Track on C.P.R.
Lui'al education, as published elsewhere ill Ihia issue, will bo read witli
interest b.v all citizens, and especially
ihat important section of our leaders
who are directly concerned in iho Industry of agriculture.
Tho rush io tho cities, the deilin'e of
our nual as compared with urban pop
ulation, is not a healthy sign of tho
times in su. h a dominion as Canada,
whose basic prosperity must depend
upon a wide spread and scientific at -
leniion io soil cultivation,'and vhcDo
minion government aro making no mis
lake in voting money towards the Improved agricultural eduoatlon of our
people, Thu road leading 'rbaok to tho
Land" is the only feasible route whieh
will over bring us oul ol the Inhospitable wilderness of "High Cost of Liv-
ing" in the mi,U'i tf whieh tho whole
ii North America's people are ut pros
ont hidden irum the comfortable world
of low priees and good tats, it only
remains for lhe government to see to
ii. that tbe agricultural education so
ginero.isly endowed, ls of the right
practical In an.l, which present eondi -
lions demand, mil thai In addition to
providing such educaii a, the n ces -
-aiy sleeps are taken to render life on
lhe land, pleasant and profitable, in
order that those who wend their way
back to the soil, may be induced to re
main  there   pi rp.a icntly.
Now that winter is over, ihe public
using city sidewalks throughout our
residential districts' are becoming pain
fully familiarised with the fact that
many of our exist iiim; sidewalks, aro
not only in bad repair, bui actually
worn oeii to such an extent as to con-
siituta in many instances ase.ious dan
ger io pedestrians. Just before .-ol 1
weather commenced last Fall, tha residents oe" certain streets, had prepa ed,
and s.ie ecs. f .11/ circulated pel.tions,
easing for ilw wo n out wooden walks
lobe lorn up and replaced by c men .
<ia the basis upi n which such improvements have always be a made thiough
out lhe liiy. . s these I ar i alar
street* musi necesTarily be attend I
to this' summer, there would appeal
do valid reason why the work cannot
be put in hand ai on e, an i I nd i
..ili 1 for the c; nc-reting. This should
be done right away, the citizens might
ju . a- wi il .a e I: .■ us • ol the imin ivemen luring lhe co.n'm : summer
an I an early commencement will en-
ai a- th- i-i us: iiiii.ii to be properly
.lie..e-, lea.ing time .'or other ret-idont.-
atl a le-1 " o ;i!t ng
l h ame lin 3, In ii -.-ular rotation,
I    .    obv iating a ni-h later on in    th i
-. e-.t   'till.
'i he editor  i f  this   pap r, o i
■ - - ,-t   iwo  years,
ention  to  ihe
■ .    tela ti oc ur in
neci     uj luring each
h  e.i     the    poor
- ■ ;.
i een caus-
• ■
•■ pui
.    ■
^^H^^^^H^^^^^Etb   past
Ladies Tweed Skirts
Ladies 1-piece Dresses
Ladies' Suits
Only a few Suits left to clear at
Special Prices.
in   White    Lawn,   and   Muslins.
Regular $4 and $5.     Your choice
for  $2.00
White Wash Skirts
Prices $1.75 to $2.50.
Women's Spring Hosiery
Women's   White  Underwear.
Ladies' House Dresses
Rej?. $4, $3, $3-to clear at $'.1.00.
We are keeping in touch with
the Eastern Market.     You can
depend upon the latest styles,
Spring Wash Goods
Our stock Never Hitter.   Prices
marked down from  40c. and 35c.
Now 2">c.
so a safe bet t.i mnke', thai tho heroine of this little advonturo will never
be discovered.
When all the fuss ha-' el'ie.l away, the
i-ditor has reasons for believing that
a bill will be introduced into the Mother of Parliaments, requiring all cabinet ministe.b' in particular, and oilier officials generally, when travelling
i.n their country's business, to bu strictly chaperoned by their wive.-', as the
only l ra t.t able manner iu whieh i.,
guard a amst catastiophes ol the
"Winstonian" nature.
i; only S'Ua,ra et oj wera a trifle better looking, how great a Beld would
lie open to their talents; an entire ca-
i int-t niiulit be seduced from .huy, for
the Churchill incident is only ono
more historical proof thai "Politic
ian" was never burn who was able to
suce s-t'uily arm   .i aiu-i  th- cunning
ii.lvnu.es of a charming woman of the
Elsewhere  in   thi.-'  issue will be     een
in offi lal no Ic ■   ailing attention t" a
.- called ior tbe formation of   a
all team.
Now ii Is up to the citizens to    say
th ■> wanl i i e all playi -1 this
summer oi   not.   Nothing ran  be dono
nl- s   sorr.i   one t u ns oul   lo the moot
l;      mber the  time and place—
:  ii: 'if   Uiis   we k  at   eight
; h ■  Union h del.
\ :re Alarm B.xes
FRIDAY, APRIL 25, AT 1:30 P.M.
At  lho  Residence of Mrs. Rushford's
Corner of Fourth Street, Facing
South Railw-iy Track
Sjlii! Qiartcr Cit Oik China Cnn-t, Round Ex-
te s on Tal I •. S-t of llp'i I t re I 1 i e-s, R al
I.'Mih'-r, Stiafftfd Leather Liunjre, C imbination
Wri'i-iv lh'sk nnd B'.iok Case, Value $35, Massive
Upholstered Rockers, Reed R<ck<?rs, Parlor Tables,
Axmin.ter ll'itr. Value £60, Drophea'i Sewing
Machine, Pi tures, Dressers a'lel Stands, Missive
[ron and Brass Beds, Complete Kitchen Cabim i,
Chairs, Sterling Lexington Rinfio, Valued ;.t '60,
Li.vi M i ver, Hose, etc , nnd a host of other useful
ho i ehold effects too numerous to mention.
W.  PARRY, - Auctioneer
MacKenzie Avenue.
the finest stret I ting     on   the ei
.... ■    -
■    ■
the complel -    Th
s     the  C.P.R. Ri at  Nico
The tra ollast t
leal for a wet '-lii
I     .    . nd su
■   -   ••■■:■'
■   ■ ■' n  line of  the  I
nd  in  oi eratlo ..
-   pro -.   .v  and   -: I ale-  from  New
ter Jun st   ■   •    Mission will 1 I i rema
Mission  Jun'tion to R Inlahed
'■■'-.-   -   =   oubl     rack ■■■
crus). itu
• •     •
-   crl   p-
Ave   ■ co ids,
I   -1.    Nu   ol box will
lire hall.
Six (6)  strokes    oi
a roke ' o!
ati okas ni
ike ol bell
an.l Wales street; back o' Court house
liox   No. 48—Coiner  Third and Char-
lea   t .ets, Cowan block.
The F,re Alarm Boxea     to ne kept
closed when not in use.
Che flftafMheralb
sm h r. \ v at
5iucnor puMtablnfl Companr
T,t ^tl*r.r\
n- h.
.. ii
J. K. JOHNSON.  Manawr.
RAt.ril r,    SCRTTTON,   Editor
Local Reading Notices  and B
■ nta pet line ra';. In art .mi.
Minimum loe-al ad charge 2ri cents.
Display  advertisement-  2.". cents per
each insertion, single column.
I.e.a advertising ot any form, also
C a ment and Muni'-ipal Notices 12
cent- per lin" first insertion anl 8
cents pei   line    iUbaei}U$nt   insurlion«.
: licaMons
'..     n
Tan : nott es.
•inn      No
100 words, $7.50 I '.       . n
•   oport .on.
All oth -i I   idvertlsing not
rate to be arranged with manager on
| application*
Particulars of  the crantlnc  nf $10,-
OOOjOOO,  by the Dominion  government
to be appropriated nmontr tho vario-i«
provinces and by them expended irk pro
\nliiu- additional lii'-ilitieB for agriculr
tl r C hta^e^eHe^e^B
l    dOUt,tle
I ape!
'■' :
of 'he   ■ ,
oblig.il -iv   pread
i reel heads ol is
|l      I elie|e..|l     |i If,. t     e-| .|t,||   ,
that ths political   I'
laml   Yard. arc   working   overtli        ee'i
the case ol   thai   MVi i i
ing yonnj; linly of Cannes,"   II      .1
IO.   TWO.
First Btreet an t
B.   Hume & Co.
•     a  Btreet antl
■.  i ifflce.
. .   ind up ra
e'l I
i^^^^B   Globe
fifth   t i-et ftod
,   b
e'-t A
\   Foote
:, I on th '■'■ •
Hot b    treat St.
..,,„. i     treat
. ., H.ikci.
lo  Two
ei    ,-i'al.
il     'hool.
,:.,.  • ,,   il   »•.:    11 ,M No   una.
iirix No, +'■ Front tresl wsat, uf. it
'   i- it   bridge.
uox NTJ, f Corner King and l>om;-
la>- sirecu.   Palace Men* Maiket.
Boi   Nn on.I    mrcat
He owned a handtomo touring car,
To ride in it was heaven,
He  tin across apiece ol k'iibs—
lie  look Ilis friend out tor a ride,
'Twu- Rood to bc alive,
The carburetor sprang a leak,
I le    lari. 1 on a little lour,
Tin- hue i sort of fun,
He stopped  to  quirk and stripped bin
liill   (90.51.
He took  hi    wife down town  to shop,
To   avo e in (are was great,
II amme I nun B hitching post,
I le sp,m  hi- littlo pile of cash,
\ a i then ni anguish cried.
rn  put a mortgage on the house,
\n I   talo- Hist   one   more   j ide.
Hospital Whist  Drive at 830
p m .  City  Hall.
May it   Opera Houaa, r.iils' Hospit-
.j   Auxiliary   Iblrt nv n.i t  Dance.
May        The  l'rince ol Tonight,    Empress theatre.
Coming—Flora Bora, at  'ht  Bmpress
Coming—"Royal    Players," at   the
Kmpress theatre
IN  USE 40 YC'liS
Perfect Scale, Purity ol Tone, Susceptibility ol Tonch, Heauty ol Finish, Work-
iii.tnsliip and  I 'ur.il'ility.
Tlio   mil"   Piano   equipped   with
llnujiil's    I'att-nl      Straining      Hods,
«liieli 1'iisines Permanence and Purity
of Tom-,
with human-like control con tal na all tha
latest improvements and devices     They
are perfect in tone,  artiatic  i" design
au.l capable of Riving life-long Berviee.
Tin- very lic-t material nml the best
skill that money can secure are employed in their construction,
The Newcombe Piano Co.
McKeneie A ve.. Revelstoke, B.C.
Head OfiHf and Factory, Toronto,  Ollt.
Phone, 262
She may bc a good imitation befora
marriage, but no girl oan be a wifa
< nd nn angel  at the same  time. ■WEDNESDAY, APRIL 33,  1913.
All During April There
Wi.l be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. Jfume 8t Co.. £imited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During March and
Look at Price Tickets.
Ladies Spring Underwear
Cotton,   Spring   Needle  Knit  in  Vest  anh    Drawers,
'.vith  or without B coves.      Among  ihis lot are some
of the Famous Arao Knit and Porous Knit.     All at
3 for 31.00 or each    35c
Children's Cotton Vests
Sleeve-. To tit ( hildren from Five to Tenyears.
At each    15c.
Special for Friday
Kn; FRIDAY WC haV2 a (treat Speeial in Little Boys'
Suits, They are a" lor R°>'* Two years to Six. A
good range of kin is. and losts of them. All at
One-Half   Price.   Vou ean g. t at    $5.00 Suit  for J2.50
Department for Ladies', Misses
and Chi/drens' Ready-to-Westr
Second Floor
We have opened up a Department for Ladies, Misses,
and Childrena' Ready-to-Wear, See ond Floor Front.
There is here a tins large space and splendid light.
We will endeavor in future to carry a Full Line of
Made Up Garment- Etc. This week we have a special Line of Women's White Lingerie Waists in the
Finer Lines of Mull. Mustin and Voile. Pretty ef-
ieets in Lac- and Embroidery Trimmed. Some with
Shori Sleeves, an. 1 Dutch Neck, others Long Sleeves
and  High  Collars.    This is a good buy aU at ...$3.90
Your Inspection of Our Display
Ccrdial/y Invited.
Old Country Wash Cotton
Goods in Gingham Zephyrs, and Galatc-as, Etc.,
the gootl old fashioned, hard wearing kind at 15c,
20e., and  35c.
Ladies  Tailored Suits
See the Samples of i i.r Speei.il Hand Tailored Made-
to-Yoin- Measure I adies' Suits, Hundreds of Satisfied Customers are wearing these. Why not you,
ai $25.00 and $35.00
Ladies Rainproof Ccats
Here i« a Special pur cb aec    of    Ladies      Rain     Proof
Coats.      Real English      Coat    with  Raglon  Sleeves.
All  sizes.   This is a    regular     S20.00   Coast.     We
bought   ihem at a-acriflce and can  pass them  onto
you at  a K°oel bargain a'   $10 00
*.* i.. i
f fl
nti»«B"iM nm
TH CENTURY BRAND models  for  Spring
.'ind Summer, 1913, have all the grace, style
and   distinction   that   have   given  them   a
national reputation.
The fabrics are the most attractive ever shown in
this famous line, and the tailoring is of the highest
standard inside and outside.
e See these new models before you place your Spring
' We are exclusive agents.
PRICES, $20 to $35.
Friday and Saturday Bargains
NECKWEAR SNAPS—This week we will put on the counter
over ten dozen snappy, nobby, Neckties—all four-in-hand
style and good wearable patterns. Regular 75c. ami $1.00
values.    For two days only ..
35c. Each
CHILDREN'S SHOE SNAPS-Over thirty pairs of Children's
Shoes and Slippers to go this week. You can't go astray on
Our Grocery and Crockery" Department
The Best Medi
lcine on Lar
JOHNSTON'S FLUID BEEF, (16 ounce Bottles)
BOVRIL, 4 ounce bottles,       ...
BOVRIL, 2 ounce bottles,
Earth for Colo!:
A Large  and Well Assorted List of Pickles
Crosse & Blackwell's Walnut, pts. 35c qts. 65c
,, Mixed pts. 35c qts. 65c
,,  Chow-Chow pts. 35c qts. 65c
,, Gerkins pts. 35c qts. 65c
,, White onions pts. 35c qts. 65c
,,   Imp. Relish pts. 35c	
,,        Oriental pts. 15c	
,, Sweet pickles pts. 40c	
Swan Bean Chow-Chow and Mixed 	
 20 ounce bottles, 35c
Victoria Cross Chow-Chow and Mixed 35c
Heinze's Sweet Sauce and Chow-Chow and
Indian Relish in Bottles.
Gillard's Relish, Chutneys, Pin Money Pickles
Steven's White Onions, Mixed,  Chow-Chow,
Walnuts and Gerkins.
Half Gallon Tins
Quart Bottles
Half Pint Bottles.
Pint Bottles
1 \t\ 1T1 \t\ ktt tti iTi i*l*i ttt ii'i iTi '**' '***' A A 'fr* ***** ii'i i"ti ii'i 1T1 it*> itk ***** '**'» A ■***■ ***** '"fr* ■**** ■***» A ■***■ ■***» '***■ ■**•' tfr»
"4,* •4,1 ffJ1 '.J,1 »,*£' '4»   X "4.   X  4*   X   X   X  X   X  X   X   X   X  4* TX* *X   X   X  A" X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X   X T.   X
Specials For Friday and Saturday
Wash Boards :    Regular 40c.     Sale Price, 25c.  §
iTi il'l il'l ll, il'l iTi l'li il'l 1*1*1 ii'i I iti iTi '"J** ■"*"■ ii'i '"Ti i^*i t't'i i'ii >"t% .+% t'l". i'l* tTk t"ti ■'l'i ."Tj t"tx iti t~ti l't. ill '"-t*' '"J"* -li ill
™jj,» '^' ^o if? 'X' "X  X   X   X  X™   *>  X   X  X  X   X   X  X   X  X  X   X   X   X  X   X   X   X  X   X  X   X  X   X  X
House Furnishing Department
Reduction Sale on Carpet Squares, still on. Do not wait but buy now.
VER.ANDAH SCREENS—Something everyone requires. They will
keep out the sun and at the same time let the air in. Wo have them in all
Sizes and colors.
WALL PAPER -We carry a complete stock and can please every taste.
We also handle Beds, Mattresses, Comforters; PiHows, Curtain Shades, Curtain Rods, Linoleum, Carpet Sweepers.   Goods and Prices are Right. PAGE  SIX
& *-^,t*£l^
Save One Ton of Coal
in Every Six
The Economizer will  do  it.
While the cost cf living has undoubtedly been
growing greater, at the same time it is true
there are sonie inventions that will offset this
increased cost of living, and the careful house-
wife takes advantage of these inventions.
On every Gurney-Oxford range there is an
Economizer which controls not only the drafts
but also the entire combustion or burning cf
fuel to create   heat.
This Economizer will save 1 ton of coal in
every6thr.t you would uae with the ordinary range.
The Economizer is a simple device, absolute
in its control. Ly merely moving the lever you
can obtain any degree of even heat in the oven.
This insures the satisfaction cf always having
light,  delicately  crusted bread and biscuits.
Thc kitchen lire ceases to be a worry if the
Economizer is on your stove.
Thc   Gurney - Oxford is   the   final  result   of
experimental    thought. Science   has   given   it
a  Divided Flue, a   new Special  Grate,   and   a
i-iroilcr attachment.
This Gurney - Oxford range is primarily a
a saver of money, time, and energy.
Hardware Co., Ltd.
IQ2& <*^ t*$tie$ &$>!!!$ >£$&$>&<&$
D. Company 102nd, Reg. R. M. R., bit; to announce that they will hold
r dai   esin the Drill Hall on the 2nd. and 4th.  Friday evening
of each month. Dates will be as follows:
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14th    "   28th.     "
March 14th.       "   28th.
April 11th.
■ treatment guaranteed. Music by City Band. We solicit your
patr ■
R. M. R Dance Committee
G. H. Brock. Chairman.
March 21st
If   \ou   haven't   anj -.-•. for yonr sons,
teut be suri liver ihem
(or your GUUD FRIDAY morning's
Newl) Laid Eggs, Fresh i burned Lauri . Fresh
i burned   New    Zealand   Hi. ,,nd
Bur:-.-' S!i.i::ireck brand Ham and B
Radishes,   lettuces. Green Onion
Ask for De J ing's   elebrated Dutch Cocoa.      We H i
Tel. 41
A  Hobson
Box 71
Hay, Grain and Feed
Cumming's Transfer Co.'y
Second Street
Vi toria, April 21—When spoken to
last evening as to the significance oi
A;..- M.ieilu elections, Dritish Oolutu-
1,-ia'a Prime Minister, Sir Hu-hard Mu.
l,i i le expreseied himself as much grati-
lie.l with ill,- outcome and remarked
lhat lu' considered the results very
striking evidence of the substantial
growth of I'on-'eM-vutivo sentiment, in
the  neighbor provinoe.
"In the last House," said he, "Mr.
SHion had an overwhelming majority,
und this fn t coupled With ihe very
xtensive railway ptogram which th'j
govei uni, ni had embarked upon seems
ii bavo been looked upon as astrong
assurance that the present election
would produce a result almost similar
ie, ih it which eamo from the last oon-
test. It is true that Mr. ltiitlu-rtord's
withdrawal irom tho premiership an,l
the' Issues whieh led up lo this step
nay have tor a time somewhat compli
cated the party organization, but any
circumstance of this EOrt, has long
since been overcome by the Inclusion
in the Cabinet of Mr. Cross, who was
Attorney-General for the province under ihe Rutherford regime.
"Mr. Michener, tbe Conservative
leader, is a very energetic and earnest
public man, an.l while in a measure he
bas been rather new to the work devolving upon a leader, it must be con-
eid -tl that the outcome of the campaign reflects splendidly upon unu and
his colleagues. It seems to me that
the gratifying advance of Conservatism in * I'.mi ta mav le looied upon
as an assurance thai bo -mm as another i' e tion comes round a change of
.nei, ernmi in  will  lake place.
"There has been a great deal said in
the | ress in re.-ard to the redislribu-
imi of seats lately provided for by the
Legislature of Bdmonton an.l the
i barge is ma le thai ihis was a move
cntbe pan ofthe administration of a
jerrymandering nature. I am not in a
pos ii ,i to express myself ou thi.
point, but I ifel quite safe in saying
that from a neighbor's knowledge of
the Albei an govei n i em. m, advant -
age \ee.uld be overlooked that a
change in tin' distribution of -Vats
mi tht make   possible.
"Briti h Columbia has nothing' but
g I wi i. ■ for the progress anl prosperity ni Alberta, and now ihat Mr.
Sift on, has i... n .ji lorsi I i.y the u opie
of hal se lion, we hope an 1 trust
that his work a- a leader will be of
inum asurable ! en >flt to the province,
tl an. I think be said wiih every con-
ftdence thai Mr. Sifton will always
find in Mr. Michener and his eolleag-
n whos ambition will always
first and
their ndarily."
■       .
•   • h
.::..; taken
011 —
,   or      o-
■ - ■
■  •
:■ -
I ' -    fail      into
•   • ■    nn        n-
.'■    you
Make  for the shore,    swimming  with   'h.-  t.. I       r      r.'am.
Don' • ;n   the    a-n
ake nniitttintft\ by -.,   ..... an "X
I       iwimmor.
Don't, lake- fright if iflized "rith a
Cramp, kffip cool turn on t.h«! back
an'l endeavor 'o nil, -hn place ,,(• rt-
i'ii.    If   the  leu li   drawn up with
dowly  with  the  arms only.   All
swimmer     hould   practice  this.
| but every savin;; person can hold at
least a small part ol it if he wishes to.
We bave some earth on our bands tbat
we would like lo dispose of, line residential plots till* arc sure to advance in
value iu tlu- near future.
Call at our I flice and   let   us   tell  you
aliout Kewana Subdivision.
A. I-:. Kincaid, m
We can help you !
Just advertise in lbc
The exclusive advertising
medium ior this ,1 strict.
Everybody will see yentr advertisement and tbc cost is only
10c. Lino    Minimum Charge, 25c
W.  H.  WALLACE,  M.B.C.S.A.
Box 203, Telephone 313, Revelsloke
Barriiters,   Solicitor!,  F.tc
Imperial  Bank   Building   Revrd-
•toke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Offices—Revelstok*.    13.    O..     %%,,
Craubrook, B. C.
Geo. 8. MeCarter.
A.  M. Pinkham, J. A.  Harv«y
Revelitoke. Cranbrook
CQDRT      MT.      BEGBIE,    No.  14(1.
OF I.  0. K.
Meete In I. O.  O. F. Hall next   to
Tapping's Opera  House every iccond
and  fourth  Monday  in  month.  VUit-
Ing brethren cordially  welcomed.
WM.   S.   CAMERON,   Rec.-SiC.
SELKIRK      LODGE 12,  1.  O.  0. F.
Meets every Thursday evening ln
Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. Visiting
brethren cordially invited.
KOOTENAY     LODGE,  No. i( A. F.
aad  A. M.
Regular meetinjH are ht.|<| in MAH-
iNIC TEMPI.K. Oddfellow*' Hall
on thi Third .Monday in each month
ett fi p. m. Viaitlng i.rft.hren .r»
'■ordtally  welcome.
A. G. BROOKER, Secretary.
c. w. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp,  No.  12).
KMtl  Second    and      K'.urth   Wednesdays    In  each   month  In    Selkirk
Hall.      Viaitlng  Woodmen  are
cordially Invited to attend
H. W. EDWARDS, Clerk.
MOOSE No.  10M
Atisii'i Hungary Ih to l"nd th* way!
in onrollini; wotnflp for He- fighting I
force. Th'-y will replace rrn-n In -nmh ■
purely administrative ami auxiliary
servicei an Hanitalion, storAeeptog,'
telfyr.iphy and hospital  work.
Meete     every flret aod third Toes-
day   In  OMfe.lows    Hall.       Viaitlng
brvtharn cordially larlted to attend.
a   Edwards, Dictator.
H. L   Haug, Secretary.
I   in    '.a..
Tlie   family   rrmeily    for   Coufha   and  Coldi
"Shllob eoata io   little   and d<xa   ao much I'
s $1 to $..00
Folding Brownie's $5 to $12
Kodaks $10 to $65
Winter or Summer
You Can Kodak
BEWS The *%mm£l Store
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing iTtii,
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s  Store, Connaught Avenue.
l'lione 281
Night l'lione 40
P.  O.  Box 4.-1
Howson £&> Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson (3& Co., Ltd.
McKENZIE  AVE. Revelstoke.        -       Phone 2G2.
B. 0.
Take advantage of an exceptional opportunity. Call at BINCHAK'S MUSIC
STORE and inspect the large stock of Mandolines, Violins, Cuitars, Accord-
eons, Piccolos, Flutes, Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Albums,
Player Piano Rolls, Silk Piano Drapes, Etc, Selling at Eastern Prices.
Edison Phonographs and Victor Gramophones with Cood Stock of Records.
Also 250 Ellison Wax Records Belling at 40c. to clear. (Usual price, 65c). Ask
for Catalogue of the New Edison Blue Seal Unbreakable Records.
Come Early and Get First Choice.
Piano Tuning and Repairs a Specialty.
Be reasonable! Don't send vour hard-earned money
to China! Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only. Be progressive, and
have your washing done by the West Kootenay Steam
Laundry.   Regular collector and delivery service.
Phone 80 EARL BARRACLOUGH, Manager.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23,  1913.
will not bother you after you have once
tried this restaurant. Our meals are so
perfectly cooked, so daintily served, so
moderately priced lhat ymi will
The proof of the pudding is in the eat-
ing. Drop in and give us a chance to
prove lhat our claims are no idle boast.
A. (i. Thiakison Manager.
Plymouth Rocks
Exhibition   Strain   $5.00
Exhibition   Strain  ..... $5.00
Exhibition   Strain   $3.00
Exhibition    Strain  $3.00
Second rvn Haired Rocks  $3.00
(Per Setting of IJ Eggs)
My Panel White Purt Rocks have won
wherever     slio'vn   at  both Provincial
Shows 1  won   Six Prizes      :      :
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.    WELLS,
Fur Buyer anil Exporter
Old Town,
Rjvelstoke, B. C
before baying your outfit of working clothes
for the bush. 1 make a
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pints, Sox, Shirts
Blankets Hnd everything
reinire 1 in v »ur hm ine-.«.
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,    Wot Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
Connaught  Ave.   -   Revolntoke
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42  -    Night Phone 85
Steel Bridge, Thompson River, Lij-tton,
B.  C,  (To Be Built Alongside Present Structure)
Substructure and Erection of
Sealed Tenders, superscribed "Tender for Substructure and Erection of
Superstructure, Thompson River
pridge, Lytton, B.C.," will be received by ihe Hon. the Minister of Pub -
lie Works up to 12 o'eloek noon Wednesday, the 7ih day of May, 1913, for
the complete substructure and erec
tion of superstructure of a bridgo across the Thompson River at Lytton,
B. C
Drawings, specifications, contract,
and forms of tender can be seen, at
the otlices of thu Government Agents,
Ashcroft, New Westminster,V ancouver, and at the office oi the public
Winks Engineer, Parliament Building.i
\ ictoria.
Intending len-dsrers can, by apply -
Ing to 'he' undersigned, obtain one
copy of the drawings and one copy
of the specifications for the sum of
twenty-live dollars ($26).
Each tender mu-i be accompanied
by an accepted "tank cheque or certilicate of deposit on a chartered
bank of Canada, mado t ayable to ihe
lion, the Minister of Public Works,
for lhe sum ti $1,000, which shall be
forfeited if the party tendering decline
io enter into contract when called
upon to do so. The che.mes or certificates of deposit of unsuccessful tenderers will be return d to them upon
the execution oi the contra'-t.
The- successful tenderer -hall furthermore furnish an accepted bank cheaue
or certificate of deposit on a chartered I ank o' Cmada, made payable to
lhe Hon. lhi Minister of Public
Vor'.s, for the sum of one thousand
do'.lars for the due fulfilment of the
Tenders will not be considered unless
made oui on the forms supplied, -icn-
rd with 'be actual signature of the
tenderer, ar.d . n losetl in the envelopes furnished.
The lowest or any tender not neces
sai ily accepted.
Public Works Engineer
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.G., March 26th, 1313.
Con -rete  Arch,  Thompson River, Lytton. B.C. (To Be Built Alongside Present  Structure).
Alternative Design.
Sealed  Tenders,   superscribed   "Tenders for a  Concrete Arch across    thn
Thompson  River,  Lytton,  B.C.,"   will
The revolution
in     China,  together
It mnlti'a. no dllTcrpnco What you tlnuro OD
platitlr*' litis se-nsin—n-i? enn supply yon.
ninl wllh llii; flni'st qunlity of nursery stock
i-ve-r frown.
All In-i'.. plants, flnrs, lipprlea, ihrulefl,
evergreens, reses, etc., sold ley us nro guur-
It  Will   Lt:iv   J .eil   t.e  IOI   111   tOllrll   ttilli   lis.
,,   1,VI liv PLANTER NEEDS (it'll BOOK—
8c   WHAT TO  PLANT" »
nurseries l">
Steel Bridge, Thompson River, l.ytton
11.    0., tTo Be   Built Alongside Pre-int Structure)
Superstructure Metal.
Sealed     Tenders, superscribed "Tender lor  ManufftCture and  Delivery    ol
Superstructure Meal,  Bridge at  Lytton, B.C.," will be received by     the
Hon. the Minister of Public Works up
to 12 o'clock noon WeJn:sday, the 7th
day Ol Mav, l'J)3, for tli- manufacture
nnd delivery f.o.b.  eas at l.ytton,  B.
C.,    the ste.d   superstructure   of     a
ltii ■■ across  ilie 'lhonp-on River at
Drawings, specifications, ontract,
and forms of tender can be -een at
the- offices of ibe Government A.-ents,
Ashcroft, New Westminster, Vancouver, and at the office .ef the Public
Works Engineer, Parliament Build
ings,  Vi -toria-
In'eneling tenderers can, by applying to the undersigned, obtain one
iopy of the drawings nnd one copy
of tho spe. locations for the sum of
twenty-live dollars  ($25).
Each lender must be a companied
by an a cepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered bank of
Canada, made payable to the Hon.
ihe Minister of I'ublic Works, for the
sum of H.OOO, which -'hall be f. .rfeited
il the parly tendering d''clin>' to enter
inlo contra' t when i-alled upon to do
so. The e-hei|U''S or certificate? of deposit of mi -ii- '-e-sful tenderers will be
returned to them upon the eie utioD
of the contract.
The Jiici-p^sful ti-ndcre-r -ball furthermore furnish an aceept"d bankcheiue
or certificate of deposit on a chartered  bank of Canada, made payable to
the Hon. the- Minister of Publi   Works
fc.r the sum  of one  thousand  dollars
for tbe- due fulfilment of the contract.!
Tenders will not bc considered    un -1
less made out  on the forme; ..upplied,'
signed  with  the actual  signature     of
tbe tenderer, and enclosed in the   envelopes furnished.
The lowest or nny tender not nece9 ,
snrily a> pled.
Public Works  Engineer ,
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., !6tfa March, 1913.
be received  by  the Hon.  the Minister wiib tbe' famine of last year, resulted
of Public Works up to 12 o'clock noon ' in an unusual number of divorces. The
Wednesday, the 7th day of May, 1913, typical Chinaman vvill divorce his par-
for   the complete  structure across  the tu. t  -on slight  provocation,   and div -
Thompson River at Lytton, B.O. orce  is very  easy. Those divorces    aro
Drawings,    specifications,    contract, mainly matters oi convenience or econ
and forms of tender can be seen     at oniy,  however,   During  time  of scar -
tbe oSi-es of the Government Agents, city a couple muy de-ide that they can
Ashcroft.  New  Westminster,  Vancouv- do better  by    dissolving the pariner -
er, and    at (he     oflice of the Public ship- or tho husband may so decide —
Works Engineer, Parliament Buildings nl, i, presto: the  Illinois  done.   It    is
Victoria. equivalent  In mosl  cases to  the     hus-
luti-nding  trndsrers  can,   by  apply- lands   kicking the  wife oat   inlo    the
ing     to     the undersigned, obtain one cold   world   lo starve.    Divorce  papers
copy    of     the   drawings,     and     one were found on Lho bodies of mot   of
copy of the specifications for the sum the  thousands of     won cn  who    were
of twenty-live dollars  ($25).  u I starved during  lhe recent  fam-
Each tender     must be accompanied Ine,    Fain i      Hopt'omer,   a      Belgian
1 y an accepted bank cheque or certificate of deposit on a chartered, bank of
Canada. made payable to the Hon.
ih ■ Minister of i'ublic Works, for the
sum of .$1,000, which shall be forfeited
priest, who ri i entlj  iss :o 1 an interest-
in? book nii China, says    thai  among
ili • ■ in Ious methods of granting a di
vor:e    ii   that    .cuu.try iln-    hand-nnd-
footprint  method is the most curious.
;i the party tendering dee-lino to enter lhe husband simply writes out bis
into e-cntract when called upon to do di.orce paper, without bothering any
so. The cheques or certificates of dc- lawyers or courts, and attests it hy
jo^ii of unsui-cessfiil tenderers will be -e,i n ; heis hand and fool to it. Here
returned to them upon the execution is a translation of a sample paper part
of the contract. ; of which  is reproduced here:
The successful tenderer shall further- "He whi writes.1 this decree of di -
rrore furnish an accepted bank enemo vorce i.s rami'.I Hin-g-Hing-W-ang, and
or certificate of deposit 0n a chartered formerly took as his wife Sim-tcbo-ang
bank of Canada, made payable to the U13 sister of Lioulaowei Gow my
lion, the .Minister of Public Works for Ian ily is as poor as if it had been
lhe sum of one thousand dollars for wash d, and food and clothes arc luck-
the due fulfilment of the i ontract.        wig to us.   I can no longer support mjf
Tenders will not be considered un- wife, Therefore, In the presence of my
1. ss made out cn the forms supplied, said \vi-.'e, Lion-laowei, I say publi.-ly
signed with the actual signature ot thai I cansent toa divorce in order
the tenderer, and enclosed in the en-  that my  wife may enter some     other
velopes furnished.
The lowe-et  or any tender not neces-
. arily accepted.
Public Works Engineer
Department of Public Works,
Victoria, B.C., 2Cth March, 1913.
1  a wk. to Ap. 30.
family and seek some other means oi
I.'.in,-. Sh- can many any man Bhe
i 1" is ■-. an 1 I shall make no opposition. I. anybody fears lhal I shall
1 ■ fo nd fail n=' in my promises, I
write :hi- document and set upon it
ihe Imprint of my foal nnd my hand
as a guaranty."
After writing out the document the
I hina i an nibs his ri _:ht foot and
I in.I in in; and presses them on the
same paper. This document is accepted as of logical effect by the mandarins cr magistrate*'. Finger prints aro
ei . i illy valuable in China because
they have at present there no system
o! registering birthi, deaths, marriages, etc.—The Pathfinder.
Cnal mining rights of the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al-
teerta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia,  may be leased lor a term of   department of the Interior inlay,    it
was I'.-eirn   i that railway  belts of Brit
i li  Columbia are  so n   to  be  thrown
Railway Belt Lands
Ottawa   April 121—On enquiry at the
twenty-one years at an minimi rental of li an acre. Not more than
-'.'iCtl acres  will  be l»ased  to one ap
for settl -.a al, one district at   a
The  Go-,d n   listri , as a   mat
Application for lease  must be made   ter of f-''    '   ''"■» open one     month
.... ..     ago and Instru tions lo open the Era-
by   the  applicant  in  person    to    tbe ™
s i   Valley  distil i   wee  <e.,t forward
\gent  or      Sub-Agent  nl  the distnrl   ;,.(|.,.   M|;,  week  ag0
In which   tbe rights applied for     an-      Shuswap district,    which  is covered
• etuated. -   the      Kail op       a.eny.  will  be
The lease will include the coal mm-   thrown  i  ion in  the  course  of a Couple
, . ofweeis and later on  Revelstoke dis-
ing  rights  only,  bat   tbe lessee    may       . vo
trict      w II be opened  for    settlement.
-.•  permitted  to     purchase  whatever   ,. .,,.,,    -^ ,,,,.,   is ,„ •„ ,   .|(i.ilt  ^  ^
available  surface  rights  may  be con    ,„,,-.,,  ,„ „,.,,„...„,, ,,,„,„,;„„,    prc.
mdered  necessary  for  the  working  of   ^ ;i; j j n ,   y,ere
the mine at the rate of     $10.00     an;    Squatter    on  lands  arc   given    lirsl
acr6, opportunity  to homestead,   being nl
In surveyed territory the land must | lowed thirty days to put in their
be described by sections, or legal claims to homestead prifilegos. The
sub-divisions of sections, and in un- object of dealln with lands one dis-
surveyed territory the tract applied : tri, t at a time is lo prevent, congest,
tor shall be Btaked out oy the ap - ion in the land offices, aa there are so
plicant  himself. many claims lobe dealt   with.
Each applicart mist be accompun
led by a fee of $5 which will be refunded if the rights applied for are
not available, hut not otherwise. A |
royalty shall be paid on tho merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cests per ton.
Denied by Biry
Winnipeg. Man, April 21.—Mr. G.J.
llury, vice president of tin- O.P.R.,
The person operating the mine shall wnon -cen here today with referen « to
furnish the Agent with sworn returns j,n'' reported transfer ,,! himsoll to
accounting for tbe full quantity of Montreal as senior vice-president to
merchantable coal mined and pay the -' (v''1 Mr. "• McNicoll, who may re-
re,yalty theroon. If the coal mining j ll1'1' from lhat portion on .lune- let.,
rights are not being operated, such tated that be waa surprised that mich
returns  should  be furnished  at least   » reporl   should  gel      Into   print, and
once a year.
For full Information application
should lie made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Agent
of Dominion  Lands.
W.  W.  OORY,
Tenders will be received for lho erection of dwelling nt Revelstoke. Plans
gave an emphatic denial.
Mr. llury says that so far as he
knows „,, Bitch step is contemplated
i<y Si. Thomas Bhaughnosrfy, and ho
is .Sony that -u.-h n. itory over appeared.
That ..
Vciy* you
Your business status is often judged by
the stylo and qu ility oi your Printing. A
poor circular hasn't half the convincing
and business-bringing power of the better
one. A cheap and common-looking letterhead lowers your credit with the wholesaler.
Vays Ux
Vou are delighted with MAIL-HERALD
Printing for we do our utmost to please
you. We have the staff, siock and equipment to deliver the goods so we get vour
next order, sure. Then your satisfaction
results in recommendation and so our
business grows.
LooK. For
Thu Sign
Mail-     > a^ffif^s .   Electric
Herald <U%^g^> J*^™
Let us estimate for your next job. or ask
us for ideas, specimens, information we
can help you.
Vrint v
-  Billheads - Cards
-   Menus
Ball   Prog
rams    -    Books   and
Loose Leaf Account   Forms    -    Envelopes
- Wedding Stationery
-  Tags
Cards    -   Lumber Forms, Etc.
Instead of bullotfl anew German Kim
sbieiiis „ combination of K«ses, whieh
temporarily ehokfl nnd blind B victim
enabling Mm to rei over later.
Mail-Herald Electric Tress
Revelstoke.  B. C. Phone No. 8
The pekini;    correxpondenl  .,!
.-.nd     Specifientlons may bc obtained'London  Daily Telobraph  report*
fiom the offlre of tho Resident Bngln
eer, Revelstoke, or the Division Kn -
gineer, Vancouver. TcnderR will bo
received up to noon of April 19, 1013.
Resident Enuincer.
1st ies.  Ap. 12  1t.
nn unsuccessful attempt wa made to
assassinate General i.i Yuen Heng,
\ loe Pre Idont of the republic. One
hundred execution followed the at>
tempt. General <'hi l.ln Vine, the alleged ring-leader was among those le
'capitated. PAGE EIGHT.
^>^%%^^«*.'%%-H'%-%-%'%%^ I
CF. Holdsworth of Vancouver,
in the city.
4, aj ^ ^ ^.^ -^^ -ft V%'*V«V«V%' **r4
B.L.  Rami of Edmonton, is in    the
Mr   W.   A. Hunter of Kelowna,     Is
ing in the- city.
W.M.  Creary of Six-Mile  Creek, is a
, .- visitor to town today.
Arthur Ma- of Spokane,  was notlc-
■;.. atre ■•   on Monday  last.
are cordially invited to hear the
-. ai   Manning's  tonight,
e,    . i ol Comaplix
ong . isitors to town
Mr. Jim Campbell, who
spent some weeks visiting in
is  now  hack  at  Revelstoke.
thei east
Mrs. Gilllspie has rented  ihe Square
briggs residence' for the summer,    a
will occupy  same  with  her two son
A May Day Shirt Waist Dance is a
novelty in Revelstoke.   It will be giv-
Mr.  Squarebriggs and family,     iu- en-by the Girls' Hospital Auxiliary at
tend Bpending the next  tew  months in   ihe opera house on Thursday, May 1.
their cottage  on the  sunny  shores   of  All of Revelstoke vlll be there.
Albert Cam on.
Ten. Cocoa and Hot Drinks, are now
being served at Manning's with dainty
sandwiches and cake.
Mr.  Ray  Macdonald is  entertaining advertised  for the Sth inst.,  will  take
a visitor in the person of his father-in- plaoe this evening at the Oity Hall-
law, who  will spend a few  week.-     in Time.  8:30 p.m.
RovcUtoXe   before   returning   to     the
Miss D.  McMahon has opened up   a
adies dressmaking establishment with
The hospital whist drive, which was' headquarters over the     McRae Block,
AlcKen/ie  avenue,   Revelstoke.
i :.st
-.s am -
this mid
Government Engineer J.I'. Forde is
making an extended survey trip along
the' upper water- of the Columbia river, travelling by launch canoes and
portage, through the Windermere
,. ,- , pbell ol Salmon Ann, is valley.
.  ne    v. .i to Rov
The flrst Canadian contingent that
went to the Boor war were insured for
if 1,000,000 in tho Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corporation. The Rovelstoke Fire Brigades are alBO Insured
in this company. The special agent
for this company is Chas. M Field —
Best policy in the market issued to all
especially to railroaders.
t'wing for ladies and children,
s own materials made up.
,,    Ha .: .ii o! \ ictoria, was tt Monday arriva thewest.   He     may
.... days,
•, i„ Calbert of Toronto ihe Good,
is transa ting -business here ibis week.
He is at the King Edward.
H.  M Hartland ol  Seattle, wa- among  the many  western visitors in   the
tore pari of this week.
Mrs. C. Nad au,   Miss    M. tfadeau,
anl  Mrs. P.  Wat-on, oi Three Valley,
hi pping .n the eity  yesterday.
.1. I.. McHogan of Merritt, is   looking
on rn  Revelstoke   this
week.   He arrived from the west     on
.    «    X    X    K    V    R    |    JI    U    HU] SUSHI
Sir Lomer Qoul-n, pronator ol Quebec
arrived in London last week, after a
three months' visit to France, Italy,
and Switzerland. Sir Lomer says he is
impressed With the growing amount ot
iut st  shown   by   continental   tinnu
ciersin Canadian opening-    aud he
Confident that Canada will continue to
occupy a favorable position In bhe Lou     Forty yearg ,n u^e, 20
don market.   Sir Lomer met President | gtandard   I)r,.st.ril.ed and
companies settled   their
Ouly font-
losses in full in the San Francisco
earth-quake and fire, of which the London Assurance Corporation was one.
This company paid out $7,000,000 in
ig that disaster, their poll ies are wril-
; ten here by Chas. M. Field.
l'.iiii- ire when in Paris. Premier
Gouin, when asked for his views on
the new United States tarifl proposal^
remarked that the mi ligation of A mer
lean duties on lumber would prove decidedly advantageous to Quebec. Sir
Lomer and Lady Gouin
Friday.   April   ISth.
years     the
ed by  physicians.   For Yeoman's Ailments, Dr. Manel's Female Tills,    at
your druggist-
Railroaders, beware. Do not put on
See Chas M. Field about that Life
Policy you are contemplating putting
j on in  the compnny of    which      Lord
Strathcona and the President ot     the
Hank of Montreal are directors.
Are you going to the hospital whist
drive this evening, al the City Hafl.
I An evening's enjoyment is guaranteed
GALT  COAL  is  handled  cx.-ltisively
in  Revelstoke by the Revelstoke General  Agencies, Ltd.
Now that the snow is ofl the roof.—
He is doing it again—Who,  the Chlm
n«-v Sweep, al the Ori'-ntal hotel.
Don't forget the Hospital Whist
Drive on Wednesday evening at the
City Hall. Unusually good prizes,
with excel!, ttt supper.
Mrs. Noble of Vancouver, is spending a month visiting her daughter Mrs
H. Godard.
Mr. J. Ferguson has rented Mrs.
Mulaven's house on Third street west
and takes possession May  1st.
The  J. B.  Class concert has     been.
Thursday, however, the usual through  postponed  until  Tuesday,   April 20th,
The through Service on the Arrow
lakes will be resumed on Thursday.
Passengers thai day will have the option of getting to main line points
either by the 7 o'clock train from Nel-
s'on or the evening train via West Rob-
Plain 80n< and oan come to Nelson on that
La(l- day from main line points either via
Slocan lake or  via Robson.        After
service via Robson will be effective.
The steamers Minto and Kootenay will
handle the Arrow lako traffic pending
completion of tbo overhaul of the
steamer- Rossland and  Bonnington.
i n
ac' omit of other attractions.
I Or. line
lilmum 25c
NURSH PORTER—Maternity aud Gen
eral Certificated Nurse, open for engagements.    Box  .'i'lll,   Revelstoke,
TO RENT—Furnishot Trout Rooms,
in quiet house, gOi.t locality. Apply Mrs.   Jaeksoo, /'"ifih street, cast
House-cleaning and gardening ara
the order of the day and social allaira
are relegated to the background,
Mrs. C. B. Paget kit lust night oa
No. I, lo visit at Dean Paget's at Gal
gary, and at Mrs. Grubbc's, at Golden,  ii.  C.
Mr. Rand Gibbous haa beeu south,
getting the lumber mill at Piugston
Creel, iuto running order for tho
Mrs. Waiter Boyd of Okanagan
Landing, is iu town lo spond a coupla
of weeks visiting her sister Mrs. Wis-
ener on  Fifth street.
Remember  thi
on   Wednesday
Hospital Whist Drive
evening next,    at th>i
LOST—A Pure  Bred  Collie  Dog  Pup,
Eight Weeks Old.     Finder please re-  \er Friday  to spend a web
turn to W.H. Horobin.  Second St.
or Phono 209.
I ity
an evening's solid tun guar
Mr. Allan Thomson lelt for Vancou-
on  busi -
ness and pleasure combined.     lie Will
meet with the Y.M.C.A. directors and
discuss methods and management.
Th Girls' Auxiliary io the
Hospital will hold a meeting
on Thursday evening, April
24th at the residence of Mrs.
Dr.       Hamilton,   ut   7:30.    To
plete     arrangements    for
the May  Hay  Pan e.
life or accident insurance without first
sail for home  looking over the attractive and     low
priced policies ottered you by Chas.M. I    Time—Place and Event—S:30 p m.,~
Field, in his sound and reliable com-. This      even'nj—Citj      Hall—Hospital
Whist Driv.-.
WANTED—Small furnished houso or
housekeeping rooms ior ihe summer
West of McKenzie avenue preferred.
Apply P.O.  Uox 732, City.
Berlin,  April  22—"The mini-tor     of
war has repeatedly     emphasize,!,     in
recent statements     in  the  Reichsrag,
.  .  s h  x  » k * k"■ k  * 8 ■] ® Ml  the s'trict correctness of all the transactions of the        War ministry.      We
The Oddfellows all over the world,
will parade to church on Sunday evening for their '.Mth annual service, lu
ibis city they will proceed to St.
John's church where Rev. J.W. Stevenson will address them.
FOR RENT—Three Market G irdens,
with residences attached, about bIx
acres In each tract, adjoining     and  y ^j ru] [*] L«j l«j [■] |*| l«| |1 H [*j L«] L"J L»l Sl
From present appearances the ho»-
p.ta! wins: drive ihis evening, will be
a re "i-d breaker, It w.ll be at the
Cry   HaU.
nv. Bowden, Sen.or assistant engin
eer, was in B'-aton Wednesday, mak -
in_• pre iminary surveys for the new
Doi    lion govi rnment  wharf.
■        '        M
uiuounc'-d     ot
desire humbly io enquire whether he
considers the edition of special advertising numbers' of illustrated weeklies
und ihe cadging for advertisements
ol li department as strictly correct!"
'lhu.' Vorwats, the Sociali-t organ
yestoidaj followed up its diclosures.
The journal .muounces thai the wur
ministry edition, assisted in the compilation oi and invited advertisements
A lively cricket match was played
last Saturday afternoon, April l'Jth.
between a learn chosen from the For -
esi  Mills stall and the regular     local
Winnipeg, April 20—Willi a propos •
ed expenditure of $-l'.i,(»00,000 on its
ii eight equipment, of $7,00ti,(i00 on
passenger equipment an.l of $3,000,000
cricket cluh.   The final result was   in I on subsidiary  rolling     and operating
favor of the Forest Mills by six runs  stock, or with a total expenditure     of
$50,000,000 on all  kinds   of equipment,
Ithe     Canadian Northern railway     Is
Runs   planning  what it will  need to  operat9
a   its new   transcontinental   lines      when
M'ss   Roberta  Scott-Brown, of Buena 0,   ai.mamenta :lud arearma for    the
\ ,-ta  on the  Shuswap  Lake  to    Mr.
Kenneth Ferguson of Victoria, B.C.
inilit,,i\ nurabei of the Lelpziger Illus
tlien  /.eitiuig  produced on April l'Jth
at sixty cents a copy,     wuh thi  express object   of stirring up public feeling on behalf of ihe army bill.
\ owarts publish id an offl la
orandum .- ued  by thi     .*ar ministry
to these linns, urging   ihem  to   i
Thi   regular monthly meeting of the tise in the     Illustriert Zeitung       rhe
of ih- Methodist  circular admits that the number wa-
t- -.nday     -chool will   be    hold at th- being produced with  the d
M. Morrison ot Lethbridge,   arrived
ye ul'O to till     th.-:
\a-a:.cy.n  the    Molsons     Bank .-'tall,
5 the  transfer  ol  Mr.   Cronyn
(    Van ouver.
Tin- score was as follows:
J.   Maley  	
(.    \;orth    4  finished.    With   the  completion  of  this
E. Young 11  1'n'" 'l0,n Quebec to Port Mann within
F. H Bourne . .. I measureabl • distance the company
\V. II. Walla -   1 lin,ls ilSl'!f lnw to face with the edit    page                   0   cssal and almost    unprecedented task
,j    Maley  .3  of anatielpating what equipment
P.   U.  Wi son   3
J.  Leo   1
within city limits and west of Col-   „
umbia Bridge.   Apply to A.  McRae, |g;
or Harvey,  MeCarter and Pinkham.    ^
FOR     SALE—At Grandview  Poultry ^
Farm, Malakwa, B.C.,  Singfe Comb   „
White     Leghorns,    our Stock   won ^
First Pen,  First Cock    and     other
prizes,    at  Fall    Fair.   Eggs  from
selected  breeding  pen  headed  by the
winning Cock, .">•; per sitting.     Onj
year-old  hens SIS  per dozen.
Apr.  10,  lm.
There will bo a meeting of
all interested in Baseball at
the Union Hotel Parlors on
Friday, April J.'ith, at eighi
o'clock.   Everybody   Invited.
iM) 11 L»J S IS li H L-i IS 1 IS IS 1 tS isl
Rev. J. Knox Wrighl i- the guest oi
Mis. F.W. Laing during his stay in
this cily. Tonight he will address u.
union meeting in St. John's church on
thu work und needs of the llihle So -
clety.   Every body interested is Invited.
Mr.  CU.  Paget     returned irom     a
visit  lo  his brother,  Dean  Paget,    at
Calgary,   lie sees  wonderful    uhangoa
since his last visit nine years ago. Ho
also  -'topped at  Golden   io visit     hia
daughter   Mrs. Grubbe,     on tho way
ndorsed and  recommended .
II.   Ve
be need d to operate lhc railway.
'■' . H.c. Cameron Fifth Bt
e . Tl .  afternoon.
Hi raid lia-  I een requested
to announc - that   he stumping
rs' Institute, .- now
Dehers can now obtain
■ • to th    Secretary of
P.  B. Wilson   1
Foggo   6
S Zl
Boyle   1
N.   M< ns.     .J
port ance to ladies who appreciate a
perfect fitting Corset , Bplrella spleu
did figure builders, moulding the
form into fashionable lines, giving
style, comfort, support, over two
million satisfied women now wearing
hy leading | hysieinns'. Have your
measure taken and tried-on by a
trained Corsetiere in the model designed to give style, comfort and
service. Grace Abbott, Corsetiere,
above Manning's store. Post ollice
Box 3r>2, write or call
At the Retail Merchants Associa -
non meeting held yosterday morning)
the following officers were elected :—
Presidenl, .Mr. Diyou; Vice-President,
.Mr. Walter Hews Secretary, Mr. Ken-
M2r. lm. iii-tli  McRae.   Among other business it
   was decided to hold -, merchants' pio-
PROPERTY FOR SALE. nic excursion on the ^.H-d of July.
thi    war  miiii.-'try,   ;
, "With tbe object of mak
sue as coup." e a ITg
ently   desired   that ail   firm
with army  supply ,,:.
fi u e   should   take   -.he
ing. .n ti.'     . ...    :;
the- development e.f theli .   .   0
their present -   2
Hogan Crawford, the oracle   of The minis tei a o .   - 	
ti.e King Edward hotel,   has resumed office la prepari —.
1 i   t at th Homi   I on re.iuired.'  47
. r.  Second     s:re-t,     bavin,  returned     The
hree     --.o-.-iis  trip to   the- number however,  were
:  i,t   b* .nlver-
n -  rates      The  p
a-companying   the  war  o:'.
i 'lint- out
-. ■
i lermany a
i; in a.a
Cricket Club concert in the opera house Monday l.i-'t. was an artis-
tli and tinancial succe--. although the
box  otli-e  receipts  douhtle-s  fell    the
-  ■. '    ltii
Th      i-        '   ■      en.ago 1   i
-timates misht obta
-   -
.cho     carve
i       ■'■'■     '      luneb
■   playel
-,oon  next.
'■ •   - i church
.   •   Ml       •; •:. Beat - .n \
.:       ipark
l-l- .-la-e !.  .,:: : Mr.
".        •( Tait, P. C
■ te holy b..n!   oi mat-
: b   Ret   CA. Procuni
■ ergyman
0 ■ n.  and    It
•|, tl
merchani I were not a
war.   '■ ,r (n*,
but the  ■
BO ' ■■  ati-.   who  hav-   ;>ne|i-,tee and    the    thl
''   led houses at tbe   Em- Kru] ire only    ymptoma of   a
• theatre Monday and Tuesday ev- general oancer,    with    whi'h modem
will   play   return  engagements  lodety  in all  count rli
he      Empress theatre on  Monday       Pal enching their    tints,
■ H.-iy. Ma;   ' and 6, on   th<>ir  first of all,  ovei   'he  Bxpo m-o ..f the
■ from   -he Okanagan     dis-  Krupp'a   reptile  fund.      The    Krupps'
trict.   On Monday   evening. May   Bth,   honoi 11 f>ermany'fl  honor. The.   Krupp
will  iii'-sent "Olivette,"  while on shane-  In      Germany's    shame.
May 'th. they     will nppear  >ay."
■inl new operetta "Iroma." Iir.   Uebknooht'a     article    oticlud
with tbe itatement that the hour was
never more- timely for coming u,     an
H arinam'-nl    agrcmnnt.       with        both
Bl France and Great llritain.
■gj     Give Inr  wlnn    he  wanl    to     wear,
„   mid  give  him   what  he   wants   to   eat,
pj  and  they  wlll   livo happy  e-.-er.'  after'
.- i-
C.P.R. ra
anel     d.-
idea of beau nt the
somewhat   ban n  aspect of thf
ions    on  the    railroad, rouDd
pprty.    It  wan  a-mall     ^I'.nn.n/ ...   ,     . • %]  wi,n  |UDg j,,v,.r
Strain  of  the
attractions of  the same evening,     in
other balls.
Such   well-known  artists as  Messrs.
Hawker,  lioyle, Monck, AUwood   anl
i    h.'ured   on the   programme,
■   v of charming young lad-
ei on   of thc Misses     D.
ter,   I-'    Lawrence,  M.  Lee,      M.
Morgan, and the Misses Henderson as
a   providing  mu ical entertain-
plea ant. evening.     A
to  Revelstoke mus-
■   I   wh n   Mr.      F.
; n -I i -i     two    bass solos,
a 11, ally    received.
"I 1   OVer  e"lp' n-e .     will
the Cricket club  to pur
oming     .i
Mcltuiy   r>- • r-i"!     .coi.I   Friday
tl   le i    la Igbtei   Mrt.  Ivan
Gardiner,   *ho had  ti«eii  for n.n      a
Tenders are inviti»d by the undersigned for the purchas'e of lots One
and Two, in Block 30, Plan C3GB,
Revelstoke, such lenders to bo in our
band3 before noon of  the 30th of Ap-
1, 1912.   This pioperty stands on tho
numerous other pulling aouth-ea-'t corner of Fourth street,
end Orton avenue and the buildings
consist of n sloroy and a half Frame
house, formerly occupied by the lato
w.E. CoughUn.
Dated  April  Mth,  1913.
Harvey,   MeCarter   and rinUham.
1st iss. April Ifi, 2w.
gr ................
Remember the Ho-pital
Wb'.Ft T)riv». Wednesday even-
inir, A pi il 23rd (thin evening)
nt the C ty Hall. Don't miss
today  the-  O.P.R,   is  exlehra'-in ■
-"•mi-annual   (lower d.y   .rr!  -'ie      tU
■c.-d planted .n  the earliei   ia
-ee.wn  ti, siihan  ■■ < i f ti ♦•  that  it      r»
rjuires   ,i fioral   'be,e;ir'.ment   to   handie
'he   work   and   in"l>-ad   ofafeW
i "•   of    ....I i   i, ,ndee| out   to
numbei of amployses -nnieem than l"0,
'100   pa<kets  (il   various   varie'i^i   h-r."
1 ii ' •!   tO   Station   »t*ent .,
seeilon  foremen,  tbosa  in  Obargi
'     e'lllel      ll    ,'i    I     I        /.|l    !     OlIlCI'H     fl ll. I   .1
living on oompaoy'    pi
howlng an  incllnalion toward"      ih'
cultivation of flowei
Call for Tenders for tho construction
of a Wharf nt Kaslo, ll.C., Is hereby
canoeUed, New Plans and Specifioa -
tions are being prepared and call for
Tenders for same, wlll  lio issued   In a
few   Week-.
Dy Order,
I . i.ui tment  of Piihlic Works,
Ottawa,  April  l'Jth, 1913.
bad btconu    ixMenly worse   Mrs. Mo-
HYs, 'iray left for  \'an ou-
var     Friday   aft'-nior/n.   Mr.   MeRury,
f.nd   Mr.      Gray  followed  on   Hunday,
Mr. H.N. Coursier addressed a larB°
meeting on Monday evening in tho
Methodist church, on the subject of
"Socialism.'' His presentation of thj
BUbject was most instructive and
threw it number of new view points
of a fair minded character on this
much abused topic. A warm discussion followed in which half a do.en or
more of tbe audience participated.
Mr. Gough arrived in the city on.
Baturday evening. 10 spend the buiu-
nicr visiting his three daughters, Mrs.
R. Macdonald, Mrs. II. Ferguson und
Mrs. R. SiiuarehriggH. Mr. Gougb
•has been under the doctor's caro ever
since reaching here suflering from the
effects of train sicknos. and a severe
cold contracted during tho long six
day journey fiom l'rince Edward Is
land to Revelatoke,
i A deliulc "Resolved that Canada is
Justified in Kxclnding ihe Orientals,"
wus exceptionally well attended in
Bt. .lohn's chin'li last evening. Mr.
Chisholm and Mr. Liltle spoke lor tha
affirmative; Mr. John«ton and Mr. Mo
Fadyen for the negative. After four
papers full of instructing nnd , onvinc-
ing arguments, the atlirmatlve won
by throe points. The debate was followed by a discussion in which Mr.
Colpitts, Rev. J.W. Htovenson, and
Mr. V. Laing took part.
All iiiidfeilows am requested to at.
Mr, and  Mrs.  Mark Mulaven    leavj
today  to make their home in Edmonton.   They will bo greatly mi-ised  by
I „ teb-grarci contuining' tend a  meeting on    Thin day     next, a large circle of friends in this     city,
Um'      the enl  hal  'Oino  /prii IMth, ln the Lodgt Room at 7:30  and  especially     by   the  young peoplo
morning,   Galloping    on iim-
i .use of ner death.    An
Mi' Winnie ircKuiy hn was well-
known h«'r» both in thi- public sehool
nnd Ini'ii Mlhool, where nhfe wnJ one of
the moit brilliant pupils, rfhe taught
a year in 'omaplix and another ia
Bumas, where be mei    Mr. Oardiner,
io whom   ih*  win mnrrlofl.
I -m i
A p.  IU  2t.
0.  NORTH,  N.  G.
.......  ■•■  H'V ■: :«iiH a a   «nrd.
'I'he deepest  sympathy in felt lor her
Mr«.  WR.  Reid  of  Arrowhead, ipent   relatives Inthcir     vory    sad  bereave
the w-ok  ntd  in  town  shopping. ment.
and dramatic club of St. Francis
church, where they have both been,
active workers and universal favorites
for years. On Sunday evening, niter
Service the St. Francia Club presented
them with a cut-glass water set, and
All Oddfellows are requested to neet  appropriate  address,    Mr.   Mulaven   is
nl  the Lodge Room  at 1:30 p.m.,   on- going into businei-  in  Bdmonton with.
Sunday, April  27th  to  attend  Service Mr. Dennis McCarty.
at th" Rresbyterian churoh. 	
0.  NORTH, N. O. Clothe-- may not make the man but
Ap 19,   3t.   W
I ads often make ths woman.


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