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The Mail Herald Mar 29, 1913

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■■■'■"■ ' --''a,:-':
11   Railway    Junction  and   Divis
11   ional  Point.   Headquarters for g)
gj   Columbia    River     Navigation. 1
11   Hub of   Timber    Belt,  Mineral §i
®   Zone,  Agricultural    Lands  and H
lievelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
\ i>/0Jl(l!il[II13>l£SI!I!®I!3I]
^-<-,iOR.A, 3; S 11
""g-.-! .XHS-ttAIL-HERALD »
g]   Circulates  twice  per  week  am-   (1
Vast Waler Powers of B. C.
ong the pro-perous citizens of
Canada's Premier Province.
Th" recognised advertising
medium for Kootenay and Interior  Briti-h  Columbia.
Vol. 19-No 25
KEYEbeSTO.eE. B. C. MARCH 29. 1913
$2.50 Per Year
One of the largest mining deals ever
made in North Kootonay was com -
pleted a few days ago, when an American syndicate purchased on a working bond for a sum reported io be
S2l)0,000, a group of four claims some
two miles from Cambotirne.
The properties included in ihis big
ileal were the Spider and May Hell,
Excise and Eclipse. Those claims aro
owned by H. M. Evans and F. C.
Wrightson, who own the Spider and
May Bell, while R.E. Drew and Geo.
McLaren own the Excise, while thc
Eelipse Is owned by a Mr.  Smith.
TheS' properties arc high grade silver lead propo'itions. On the Spider
there are two tunnels, one 135 feet
long, whieh attained a depth of 150
feet, while another 7,"i feet long al a
tlepih of JO feet, shows good ore. On
tho other claims, less work has been
done. Pay ore is shown up in tun -
liels and stripping. The nei assays of
the Spider are $56 in all values.
The American company which has
i.aken over tho group according to
the terms of thir bond will start
work hy May 1st and will employ 25
men. This big deal means much for
the camp as there is very little doubt
but  that the bond will te lifted.
Another fact that tend- io ,v revival
of mining in this famous Cambourne
camp, is the fact that the Dominion
government is at present experimenting on ih- treatment of separating
zinc Irom Silver hnd ore, whieh will
put thi- camp on iis feet.
The summer of 1913 i- full premise
for the milling camps along Ihe Arrow lakes and many more big deals
may  be ii porti ,1 any day.
Social Success
The I.a lie- Auxiliary lo ihe B. of
It. T. Annual Ai Home and Dance,
lias be'ume a reco.'Ui/od event oi tho
Hc\el-toke social seas„n, and the
crowded dancing tloor on the tvealng
of Wednesday 2.iih March proved that
ihe adair has lost none of its attractions Iuu rather tout mies year by
year io make stronger appeal ii- the
socialn.de citizens of Revelstoke.
Tic oP' ra boils.'. boing the most
spacious iii or in town, w i- admirably
decorated and in flrst . lass coalition
for darning.   The scheme     was based
on the lodg lore of rod, white and
green, and festoons of draperies folded in dainty curves surmounted by
color.d streamers ai.,1 set oil witb
lancy electrii lights and C.P.It. -.ignal
lanterns, iiirn-.i the usually sober and
itorium imo a veritable palace       <j.f
| li a-lire.
Mayor Kilpatrick and bis good lady
led ihe craiiel inar.-h, amid ,t scene
strikingly beautiful, the decorations
and li.b ing effects Betting oil to perfection iho costumes of iho lady dan-
,, i
Borne i.a couploa enjoyed the danc
ing, mesic supplied by iho Revelsloke
city Hand was of the very best, comprising the latest selections, so ue of
which    were presented for tbe     brst
1 '111'       .11     li tei'   ,■
A i i.m I at
"I'll '     .       ll. >     li'   Il ill        I .   O-   '       prO 111
i.l.l    Bl '   '.           I                  ie • I
il -  I '      ll'' I fl'Om 1 ' '' I'll:'' .'■     ••
lbc  I..i I       "    He i ii .1 .   ..In.      llu' ii
selvi ■                                iie.il   woll
e llpl'l  . d.
aii ■ :, • ' ti"is .on dancing i . i
i, sun ,1 with renewe i vl ;or, und it
was away "ii Into lhe early morning
hour-,   •■ ,    i h •   strain    of   the    Homo
Bwo t  I tome Walt/, i rotighl tl n-
joynn'iit  to ,i elo e.
Victoria, B.C., March 2S— Some im
portant changes in the provincial civil service go into eflect on April 1st.
J. Mcli. Bmith, deputy finance minister, and John A. Anderson, auditor-
general, retire upon auperannuation
allowance, to be -u.ceeded respective,
ly by W.J. Goepol, at present inspector of otlices, and formerly of Nelson,
and William Allison, formerly government agont at Hazelton. The latter's
successor at Ha/.ellon will be S. H.
Hoskins late of Nelson, wbo in turn
will be succeeded at the Kootenay
capital by B.S. Jarvis, formerly chief
clerk at the Nelson otlice and latterly
chief clerk at Ha«dton.
The naw auditor general will exercise his duties under the act pa-sed
lust scs-'ion providing for his appointment, which is outside of the civil
service, incidental te the creation of
ibis ofllce it has become necessary
to form a treasury board which Will
in future consist of the premier, ihe
provincial secretary and the attorney
g. neral. This board will act in an
advisory capacity to tha executive
council upon all matters elating to
finance, revenue expenditure of the
public accounts. The deputy minister
of finance will be ez-offlclo the secret
lary of this board.
Provision is also being mado to reorganize and improve ibe treasury,
and audit office systems. William M.
Dunloii, an expert chartered accountant of Ottawa, ha- b.-en engaged by
the government   for ".his1 purpose.
Among other appointments becoming effective at the beginning of tho
new fiscal year is that ol Geor :• H.
Eean as assistant .superintendent et
education and supervisor cf technical
Olli' ial aiinoun eiio-nt is made of
tbe appointment o" Oharles W. Voting
a well knowii resident of ihe Koo'.e -
nays and formerly .-hief of police at
Nelson, as receiver ior the city of
Sandon. He will be all public offlc -
ois and offices ioiled ime one with
exceptional and unique discretionary
H. F. Maleoil, formerly ol Nelson
and more recently . hief of poii. a at
Prince Rupert, i- made registrar of
titles at the Crank Tiiink Pacific term
Team for Fire Hall No. Two.—Frami  g   Estimates.   Increased Income and Expenditure.
No Big New Works L-uring Coming Year.
The    city    council     met in regular.                       ESTIMATES
meeting  on  Friday  night;  Mayer    T. j    Mayor T.  Kilpatrick—1   see  ths to-
Kllpatricfc occupied tho chair. Present  Ull iUmUil| receipts placed at $12S,000,
Aldermen   McSorley,   Abrahamson,  F.   Low  j, tu.lt al.riveJi at.
Bourne,  MeKinnon ami Howsen.           |    c'ity Clerk Lawson—The amount in-
City Clerk  Lawsoa read minutes of cluderi;
last  meeting,   whieh  were  adopted  asJeal    property   $ 40000
n'ad' lueal    property    arrears        15,001)
Couneil   passed  rapidly  through   the Loca)     Impi.oVement3          5i000
lOUtma  business. j Lo,al   lmprovementg   arrears...     2,500
FIRE TEAM ITiade    Licenses          2,000
Aid.  Abrahamson—We  have        been  Lijuor     Licenses       3,700
looking  round  for a stiita. le        team  Road     Tax       1,000
cne of our present team would he al-  0oS Tax   -  4j°
right.      but   one is a  little old.    Our  Police Court  Fines       2.CO0
present   team, are     worth about $450.  Weigh Fees          400
We could tet a new young team     for  Found Fees          100
a  slightly  higher sum. Cemetery  Fees          150
Aid.   McKinnon-A  team is  suggest-   Plumbing Permits   150
id   weighing  25O0  pounds  lo  be      set  Interest on Arrears       1,200
against  the    present  eity  team;      the  ^°vt-  Grant  to Schools       8,200
puce is $000. thi question is,  are     a  w-  L-  and    Power       45,000
i.500  pound  team  heavy  enough      ior  Stndiies          1,200
a tire team and general city use.
Mayor T.  Kilpatrick—We should ar- 128,200
range -o we can test this team     be- And against  which amount  thc var-
fore purchasing.   An arrangement can ious expenditures can be estimated.
be made  with  Mr.  McCarty    whereby Mayor T.  Kilpatrick—We will    pro -
the team is     brought in and if found ceed io go through the items  ot ex-
unsuitable he would retain same and penditure     in detail.   Thu     aldermen
we i ay a small sum for expenses. were     suppli d     with i opies of     the
Ard, Howson—That seems a fair ar- lough  draft, and for two hours     »he
:,intern'nt. council busied themselves  witb    over-
Mr.    McCarty  was    instructed      to hauling and pruning the various items!
bi n;  in   the team on  the  above un - At 11:30 p.m. progress was reported
deratjanding. find  the meeting adjourned.
The new regulations in regard to
the carrying of firearms aie now in
force, making it compulsory on all
persons, except Indians and Canadian militiamen when on duty, to obtain licenses before being allowed to
carry firearms,
Under the new regulation-, farm -
ers and pro-pectors must obtain lie-
enses but no charge will be mado
for them if the farmer wishes tp
.-'hoot on his own lands and the prospector wishes to shoot only for food,
while out on actual prospecting work
and in the latter ease only hold good
during the open season. Boys under
IG years of age will be prohibited
from obtaining licenses, except by
ihe request of a parent or guaidian,
who must undertake that the boy
will only carry the firearms under
his own supervision or that oi somo
responsible licen e holder. Reside ac'
in the province for six months . is
necessary in order to obtain a lie,en<e
An important innovation in the
new regulations is the absolute prohibition of automatic gun- or of any
pump or repeating gun< with a magazine capable of holding more than one
i artridge.
Just a few day- before the great
exhibition. All those takieg part are
urged to a'tcnl regularly, as the suc-
.[-- of an exhibition oi this kind depend- upon every one working their
bardst aud aitfnding r.'gularly. There
is a ^o d deal of rivalry among the
boys classes, anl the girls classes as
to whom can put i,n tbe be-t work.
Vnu had bolter como and see and be
■ onvinced.
Some' very  good  work in tile  line  of
balancing, tumbling, pyramid', etc.,
will l>e put on. Get a ti, ket and come
and enjoy yourself for an evening.
Adults admission 5C .. Childr n 25c.
Co not forget to brin; th ■ Kiddies,
and what'Ver you do, remember the
date, Fiiday evening, Apr 1 4ih, in
the  V.M.C.A.  Gym.
Cn Sunday moi ning the boys of the
above class will meet as u-ual at
10 o'clock, After the >tudy some bu-
.-iii'S- of importance is t0 b" i-an-ac-
tod. All member- are urged to be
pus nt.      Th ire  are  but  two     more
The three t.eams that are now in
for the iinuls. are I.y. ns and Mile-,
Little and Some-. Samson and Jigure
The i.na match will bo played ofl on
April 1st, iln' teun- will bowl three
wirings each, the' highest -ore ior
tb ■ ",lir.- • strings wins.
iii ti.
Barnardo"i Boy;
Lun ion, Ma cb 27 The .. 11 ma -1
amouni which the i Iou ..i Oommani
is (o be asked lo appropriate ibis year
fill    . XV   ll'lil llle'   0U    thO   HlMlisIl        ai my
i    $141      ,0 a. ilnsl    (130,800, 00,
last y ii.   The    uni i.f $1,170(000     is
to bo  li  lee'd in :,\iation.
1 I
■ 'i    i    will b ■ a   pei ial i i      ■;
ia    nu  of the Board ol Trade oi    *■;
■ Mondaj oiumc, Mai h 81j In    *
a    ib.' i'n-.   Hall    Special   bu I     ■!
.       ness.        All    ine'lub.T;    nie      le'        ■
.    qii .a.I i,, attend, ■
N "j
Whu Dr, Barnardo has done for
the Old Country and for Canada cannot be loo well and widely known and
Kev. W.J, Mavcisisnow holding meat
ings on purpose io tell tbat interesting and remarkable story throughout
i b ■ Dominion.
Mr. Mayers is tbe Senior IVputa-
i on Secretary of thc In-titution and
on,- of It. Binnar.ief- oldest friends.
I Ie b i brought with him ten -
ly trained boy from one of the Lon-
.;. ii Home:, wi." by th ii tendei ing
nf a vry fine and raried pr igram ol
mu i . will ev,.i n a the 'are that bas
een bestowed upon them. They are
::c ompanled  by their musical ins true-
I     .1,      Ml.      I!.      .'.111. ell
in i n [Ian l and in
J    I I 'iei     l. !     .
o dea pen tbi •    ■
Ah ad)  Large au
. d ,n ' a.i.i la, and nee   of
i tie pro ran   has ii greet     lm
he Dominion ol       i 'eii.- people
bave   b
pbllanl bropi'   an I
al   in ■ ii i i.n   - at  "ii m ,i  tribute to
;     '
I. tbe a i    i.i i       offered
\    ; lend 1 record bai      re-
ulted [rom  Dr,  Barnardo
Ion wmk for the las'.
la hoped  tbat   wherever    Mr,  Mayera
and bi-   musical   boy- go   tbey   will
itei In   -he
. I   hiiii  life    i tain thai
a mo t enjoys
i any,   and    the
ippoi tuntt)   of b ,i . real  In ti
tut ion i ' one i bai Ca .ill not
« ill in [ly mis .
I Untion    t.i
b   mii' ol tbe  ■
which nn rai     In   c tem nl
■ niiimtis.   Em pre     ih< •>';.    v, i
Contracts for the construction of
the Kootenay Contral Railway, a
short line of approximately 1?>0 miles
ih.it is de'signed to connect the main
C.P.R. line at Golden with tbe Crows
Nest Ba-s route at Fort Steele, lave
been let to Burns & Jordan, a ipjiC-
' ane railway contracting firm, for 13,-
130,0 0 .. oiding to a statement a. -
-uol in tb'- C.H.R. otlices thi- i.iorn-
j ing.
The line iollows the Kootenay i i< er
all the way down. It is to be completed wihin two years. It will open
ip one of tho most beautiful valleys
of British Columbia, and will provide
a short cut from the crow- Nest less
to the main lin,-. an 1 thereby ib
with the long wafer journey up tbo
m   Lab'-.
Burns ii Jordan     who have larrio!
out o'her rontia''ts for  ibe O.  :'.  l!.,
ui In - the ; a-t ilm .• > ars will ri ai-
rtj ii.il"- of the line tb 'in
wives, and a Similar itreteb of twenty miles win be built by Boomer u
Hughes, at Spokane, \ par', ul be
'in" hn- air' a Ij ■ • en built by tbi
railway company itself.    Boomer   tt
r   ill.   i
part of I Ai   .-ni Ij     t
Last Wednesday evening, Mountain
View Camp 221). W.O.W., entertained
members and friends, a good number
assembling in the lodge room, S. lkirk
Hall.   \\hi-'t prizes were won by:
Ladies—Mrs. G. D. Shaw and Mrs.
R. Tapping. Gentlemen—Mr. Norberg
and   Mr.  OITord.
After the games a dainty repast was
served, and Sov. It. Tapping, who
proved to bo an able and entertaining
chairman for the occasion, presented
the prize-.*.
A sln.rt program followed 8V aal
favoring with Selections. Special
inic may be made of "Meet Me 10
niL-iit in in amland," sung by i udy
Sovereign Miss Phillips; humo.oW
sen-' by Sov. Scott. Both v. aii-a-
being ao ompanied by pianist Sov .
Fred OITord, while ii. VI*. BMwarda in
bis recitation "A Cure for itlui'ii.ii
i-m,"  provoked much  laughter.
Con. Com. Sov. James Mclntyre,
who was chair".an of committee, n.v
in • thanked all tbi ove iin - < l< ied
with the National Anthom,
Postpone Election
a,     Ma ch    :     Ul era! news-
i    r.'.i I  i      In   be
lieve thai lhe naval bill will be   lock
I,  and  that  an  election  will     ia:tu
place ihia ) ar,   A f iw months     will
1 i,,   tbeir organ
I  them,  but   tbe or, au-     will
■ • i .       .'.   b ,,n,' i
i, and lbe marvel is
iny of thi "    i.ii oral n adei
mtlnue 'ii b lievo ihese     orii
•   will be no el   tion tb
but if there was, what would happen?
,nvi ii     'iir,   'but th"    Laurier
party   sn del if  the    government on
il,     when one of its own
n embei , Col   Mt I ian, M.i'., ia sup-
'      I n  polii y, and       no
,   ii   i %.iti\"  ne im si   i        uppoi ting
i. ■ I. .Mid   ..it rnatl a    Mow ,an it
, ei to tbe ■ ny I opt    of
win n  the  Burden pollcj   ■   sup
i b]    ucb   t.i.meii Lib-iai  papers
M    i'ii     Witness, 'be'      St.
Qlfcl •'. the    Montreal Herald,
.   tba   Winnipeg  Tribune'
Many inventions
I.i nd, ii,     Man h 2-   'i be announce
i., ni   wa       i ;    ■  ■ 'lay ol  wbat    in
Informed     quai toi i is  thought
" m  ,,,  ub makln ■ tnvi ration
.: - be sti iei trade II I alls • d ihat
,i pro ■ ss ba ben dis n.er,-d for eon
vol i ,n.'   iiiiii   ore   of      ..a .      'i I"   fi'-n
quit Bands, ol wb ch     bun
i.     ..f million   of nm   . x. t, ready
"  in  i Into   Bte 1 ni     c\ el en'
quality wiibie.ii  the aid oi n bia : fur
naco, the steel    being produced difocl
i   ., single operation.
T sta have already  i ecu madi     ol
teel so     piiiiii. ed ai  an asp print ii.ei pi ml   ind tbe re ul
iro   omcthlng quite romarkablo,     By
t •   new  i mc      the   a\ in ■  will     be
anormou     In the tirst' place in, ida t
Ium i ■'■ i'i ro inii. i, ami therefore do
. oke, wbli'h means an Initial se ■
, ipi'.il expi ndil  a> w' II as       DOS
.liny in production, while ores can bo
ii eil   which,  at  the   pieH'iit   linie,   have
no marl bI  value u hatever.
Tho ore i   reducod by hi al obtained
fioni   ii   ci   ,   Whi' b   .11   its   tUI li
duced i".      lacl     I        claim d  Ibal
I    ' I        ill    I •'   ill >  !.'     ,1    i.im    I'    I   I    i.f   its
pro eni cost.
London, March 2S—Mr. Winston
Churchill, tirst lord ol the admiralty,
is expected to announce today in bis
speoe-b Introducing the navy estimates
ihat there will be no more coal-burning warship- built for the Liiti>h
navy, but tbat all future war-hips
laid down |)0ih large and small, will
burn oil exclusively.
Tho Use of oil fuel in tbe .'mailer
British Warships has rapidly extended
in recent yi ars, and at tbe present
'ime only sixteen out of seventy-three
destroyers In commission in the
North Sea and tbo Kngli-'h Cnunnel,
ure constructed io carry coal. Five
battleships, eight light armored cruisers and sixiecn de-troycrs of the
BJ13-14 program all  burn oil only.
The Admiralty i- now spending
$10,000,000 to eipiip the fleet witb oil
depots  and oil supply  -hips.
London March 2s—Tinning to thfl
proposed Canadian bins. Mr. Cburc
hill said:
"While ihey will be directly conl
ed by the admiralty, we propi
fnrai  ihem  with  the Malay and    New
Zealand    i-hip
of  live   -hi| s ol lii 'li      uniform
io bo called the     Impei ial    iu
li    will     be ! need al   Gi ral si
ihence able io roach Halifax, in    five
day-, Quebc■ in   i\   lay ,   ;
nine   .lays,   ilie  .-',. ;Mi   Ami ri a",   r  as.
in 12 days,    Cape Town in l
Alexandr a In 8 day . Bj In ■   In    29
.lays, New /..alan I in    I daj      11
Kong iii 22 daj - :.   !   ■
day ■   ' iui it
a inm   ball,    a    opp "' u
nt an      ' ' .i ' n -I ■ - int  at bo i
., roal,   Th
I in all n
i  i   .. mllil
litles '.■■ ill be    ivi ti •
i hi  .    .     Ut !
.nill i    .,, serve
ia       .un h.in.   In  this  wa
1   ll ,1     U   II     ll"    '.Hi 11    eel
i.j    |uadron of the gi
.••ii I apt"i p itroll i
. e
w le i,'. ci   nc ded."
Grecian Monarch Wealthy
Copenhagen, March 2T—The deepest
rorrow is i.-lt here ov<:r ihe dea"h <■£
King il-'orge of Greece, who was very
popular  throu. ho.it   Diamark. 1
the pasi lifty via - ),. bad been a -
cu-toni-d to spend six ui eight weeks'
holiday in Copenhagen, living like an
ordinary ,-i'.i en and tai in : intere t
in everything tint e.n ein-d the
of his native .  eiiniry.
The r.,> rned of the ar.-
.-.i- il i     ::   tl    'Ugh a pi
They were deeply  moved,  p rticulaily
King Ueorge'-  brother,  l'rince  Valdn-
niai. With whom he had alway-  i
taitti d tb -     orapanionsbip «
Most e.f the K; ;_•'- property to tbe
value . .    u.ftCO,    is      in
1 ni.. irk.   He  wa nt   bu- -
n s- man, and  n a !•■ .i Ion in   .1   il -
' •' .     He ,.,i I a Pa
an I     - ivi ta      le, ■        a Cop
wbi h he ..hie-',  .
j      in< r a-"d .
He al -   bad     n anj   ho isea in I ari
I I securities v
. :
V il ai,a       an i
t the I ire.-lc
bi i.i: it ti nes
;.       bis
,', ■      1:
'I Ic
noi' n     that   the  re
moni hi j   me ' in ■  ■'   I  be on  tbe
Batui lay evi alt • oi   i\
ii    ,i i  "i ,!
able  I..   "•■   nrd r    tot        i ol
in the month   beside*
..a . I a Purs Bra i
Th ■ members ai ti to
11.'par.' I tn   tate what  quantity
bj.  clovet,  oats,   .ilfalla
wh  r  lhi v will ne.-1 foi
meeting will be In the V.M.C \
.nr. a'   i BO p.m.
• will
i   . n
>'.    11
•    '
th    «!i • •  ]„ ,,
n    to
s   by
ry of
tr   n   m   .   r   ■     -1.    r   »   «   «   x
Will    be
Saturday, March 29th 1913.
We have some splendid buys on our list
at the present time.
80 Feet,  north   side Fifth  Street,   between   McKenzie and Orton Avenues    $2,000
Double Corner, South-East Eighth Street and Orton
Avenues   -   $1,600
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
JOHN D. SIBBALD, Prbs. J. 1>. SIBBALD, JR., Sue.
by storm mm
Summary Damage Shows Loss 2000 Lives-
Property Worth Tens of Millions Swept
Away by Raging Waters--Floods Running
Twenty Feet. Deep  in Dayton Main Street.
Consisting of every conceivable size and make of
Hats, Gloves, Shoes ami Underwear; also a most
extensive stock of Neckiies of every shade and
Wc have also a specially fine assortment of samples
for our Spring Clothing Onlcr Departtneet.
Fit-Reform Clothing Stetson Hats Foot-Rite Shoes
Ohio—The Miami valley is floo led,
inundating Dayton., Piqua, Troy, bid
i.e'y, Carrolton. Miamisburg, Hamilton
and ;i dozen smaller towns. It is i s-
timated the dsad in Dayton will be lie
tween 100 and 300. There is no definite, estimate from the other cities.
In the Mad river valley, West Lioer-
ty and Springfield arc Hooded. The
t-vio'o river overflowed, inundating
part ol Columbus and the adja'onfc
Miiall communities, Delaware is flooded. Twenty-five persons arc reported
dead there and 100 homeless, The Ottawa li.i'i' flooded Lima. At Zar.es-
ville the Muskingum river is tloo.li.i-
ihe city; SOO a e homeless, and the
great Sixth stu- t bridge has neon
swept   away.
1 ...Indiana—Peru: Many arc reported
dead, lhe city is isolated. Indiannap-
oils is flooded by the White river, 10,.
000 homes ate iiinn.lai ,1, and there is'
immense property damage. Fort Wayne is flooded, the lighting plant is
out of ■ ommission, mil a water fam-
ice' is threatened. Marion. Elwood,
Broad Rip] le, Lafayette', Rushville,
Munlce and Noblesvllle are partly un-
JflcJntyre //ot Jelling
cut in the Grocery line, but hereby solicits your orders
and promise good service. .       .       .        TRY US
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
Blood and Bone
and Lay More
Poultry Foods
Write for Prices and Booklet
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
\ CUP 01
. and SOc. per Ib.
13 E L L
p. o  Box act
1            GROCER & BAKER            Phono No. 2*     i
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
! 9' i''
$ 3,000,000      * 4,000,000
3,000.000 4,600,000
Reserve   ....    j
Deposits      ....        28,677,780       35,042,311
Loans and Investments 27.457,090        38*854,801
Total Assets       -      -      -       88,090,192       dxztf.nxi
Has 83 Branches In Canada, anil Agents and Correspondents In all
tho Principul Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rate.
Revelstoko Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
'cor water. AI Richmond twenly bridges arc gone ami many are homeless, j
Kokomo is Hooded by Wildcat Creek
end 1500 arc homeless. Half of the
city ol Shelbyville is under water.
Lo^ansport is isolated, and scores of
houses have been washed away. The
residential' section ot Ter re Haute ia
Hooded, railroad trallic is dead and
o<SQ home* are under water.
Dayton is the e-ounty seal of Mont -
gomery County, 50 miles northwest of
L.nclnnatl, on ilie Great Miami river
ut the confluence of the Mad river. It
has a population oi approximately
125,000 and it is an important manufacturing centre, its best known pro-
ami lieing the National Cash Regis -
ter, which is made there. A national
home for disabled soldiers is locate:!
n Dayton, and it is also thn national headquarters of tne United Brethren Chinch, an important religious denomination. The eiiy U' also famous
us lhe home of thj late Wilbur Wright
anl Orville Wright, his brother, aero-
, lane itieVt ntors.
Mr. Edison
has invented a New Record
that will rekindle all of your first
enthusiasm in your Edison Phonograph
—a record that makes your Edison Phonograph far and
away the best sound-reproducing instrument that can he
had. The new record is called the Blue Amherol. It
not only has greater volume and decidedly the finest tone
of any phonograph record on the market, hut
is practically unbreakable and will never wear
out. Go to your Edison dealer today and
ask him to play some of these wonderful
Blue Amberol Records. Then take them
home to keep and play the rest of your life.
Tkomu A, Ediion, Inc., 100 Laknidc A»c Orange. N. J., U. S. A.
A complete line of EdUon Phonographs and Record* will be found at
Mmtii       ADRlAiMOPLE
London March 25—The governments
announcement oi it< intention o' Introducing in the present Parliament,
proposals for a reform oi ihe House
i.t Lords is regarded afi meaning nothing 1 ss than tne a.;oliiion oi hereditary privileges In legislation.
No I'ha slightest outcry ha- beeu
rai^e.l against Th. proposed measures
lor '.he- t ni. iti-ts themselves are eom-
mlttcd to a reform of the Lords.
Wh n the tit astir,'- that aie now being Btudi tl ley ih' subcommittee oi
thc i'n incl lake definite shape, bow-
ever, the Conservatives will doubtless
t n.i bi op   fo :■■. iii details. For
resent, onu ol th- m, like Thej
I all Ma.l Uazell are ontenl to
shed .i   ■' :i forth oming .lis-
l Ious ■ ..." Lords one
nation, a-.
"I ti tti c bas
I thu-:     Qualified
■..• :
Sofia, Manh 2J—Ibe war office hore
announced today ihai Adrlanople has
.'.ill n and that the end of the Balkan
war is li'uly to he atliand.
It is announced that the third division of the Bulgarian army look pos-
s:s>ion of the eity. Before surrendering the Turks blew up t.icir powdor
magazine and set fire to hundreds oi
houses,   The Bulgarian troops proven-
Sealed Tenders addressed lo the undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for
Wharf at Willow I'oint, B.C.," will be
received at this o'.lice until 4.00 I'M.,
on Monday, April 14, 1913, for the
construction of a Wharf at Willow
1 o'.nl, District of Kooteuay, U.C.
Plans, specifications ami form of
< ontract can, bo se. n and forms o!
tender obtained at Ihis Department,
and at the offices of C. 0. Woiwlold,
l's.|., District Engineer, New Westminster, B.B.; J. 1*. Forde, Esq., District Engineer, lievelstoke, U.C, and
on application lo thc Postmaster    at
ted tiie destruction oi bhe city by lire, willow Toint, B.C.
At an early hour this morning fires Persons tendering are notified tbat
wer.' raging in various sections of the unders will not lie considered unless
beleagured city. The. maddened popu- made 0n the printed tonus supplied,
Iation, «hos.. nerves had been -hatter ami signed with their actual signatured by the' almost incessant bom!,ard- c.=, stating Iheir oc.-upations and plac-
i;i>nt for a period of over live months ed of residence. In lhe case of firms,
>v.i- fleeing about the streets, not (he actual .signature, (he nature of
knowing where to lind shelter. The the occupation, and place of residence
great artillery arsenal in the eity was 0f each member of the firm must be
burning and the     barracks and forts given.
..  re    ti  flame*   tonight.   Tho  Bulgar- Ka^h tender  must     bc accompanied
...n-  in -tion.: force gradually advanc by nn accepted ihe.|tie on a chartered
I  Hi ir  i i.s  encircling  the  <-iiy  and hank,     payable to ths otder of     the
ty   -h  it   nt -li-   the  infantrymen    ap- Honourable  th ■     Minister of      I'ublic
proa hed i  a inch to prepare   for Works, equal to ton per cent (10 p.c.)
he I.nal dash.   The entire line of fort of the     amount  of the tender,  which
in     ' le- eastern  si If     of will be forfeited if the person  tender-
by  tho Bulgar- ing decline to enter    Into a contract
a iuui spectacular when called upon to do so, or fail to
The     i   em  teens    .-oon  fell complete the work i ontract ed for.   If
u.i Bulgarian hatter
i 'ell   to i one-en
on  ih ' ni her     works
: • i a direct as
tho tender bo not  accented the cheque
will bo returned.
The Department  dot's not bind itself
to acept the lowest or any  tender.
Uy order,
Department  of Public Works
Ottawa, March 14, 1913.
Newspapers     will not bo paid    for
T  'eur   'his advertisement   if Ihey insert     it
without   authority  from      (he  Department.
■  Hi  hair   1st  issue Mr.  22, 2t.
as    done	
. ir . onfide
We really believe
wn as liexal  " I
I tier
nn   \:nii  i  <  ■ (amlnations for lloen-
.\ ill lee beld by i'ho Board
i    . nn i    at I lie LOdgewood  Lum -
iei   Company's pawmill at e,i tlcgur,
ii i  ,t
i. to you
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
!n Manitoba, fiasliatetwwan and AI-
derta. the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion ot thc Province of British Col-
unliia, may be leased lor a term of
twenty one years at an annual rental ol |1 an aero. Not more than
IMlll acres will Iw leased to one applicant.
Application for (ease must be made
iiy tbe applicant in person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent ot the district
n which the rights applied tor are
The lease will include the coat mia-
ing rights only, hut the lessee may
•i« permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rights may lie considered necessary for the working of
the mine at tbe rate ot $10.00 an
ln surveyed territory tho land must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sectious, and in tin
surveyed territory the tract applied
for shall bo staked ou: «>y the ap -
plicant  himself.
Hadi applicant tuust be accompanied by a fee of ti sbich will be refunded it the rights aiiulicd lor ara
not available, but net otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate  ot  live cents pur  ton.
The, person operating the mine shall
furnish the Agent with BWom returns
iiccoiuiting for the full quantity ot
merchantable coal mined anil pay ths
royalty thereon. If tho coal miningi
rfghtH are not being operated, such
returns should he furnished at least
onre a year.
Kor full Information application
should be made to the Secietary ot
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Ageut or Hub-Agent
of  Dominion   Lands.
W. W.  OOHY.
i led  ni  I'm I  vlll ,,f ihe" Eor-
n   I'.i
ol   thc   I
. . ' ■
■ nm ■
lhe   le.   I      .f   \| in-ill   Would   lie
tilted    i     ,      Mii..1.   i out i   e„,   ! i ■
ii    ommlitfti    .-
Vith    V  llieh     I le  re    IIMI'lll     I. eH
amalgamal ion
ally destroying I bli h are
its ol the
I   A.i        For   fui I le i   pai I culms  ap-
T   W    Moual, A sistanl  Sup
Kvi or of   Sealers,   Nelson,   H.C,      or
ting  it   i ie   Chiel  Wove ter, \ ictoria,  B.O.
■  ii   Mm    ;"i  It.
ned,     and — I
'.       i        I..... .       ii ■   e- Minister of Edu -
.    .ie,     was    hut. and     dangerously
nf Rei.woundfd  in   Bhaflglial  la i   Thursday.
,. ilir  in   ,i   .nlm' escaped.    General Sung
acted,   n     .i   di ■   scalp  wa   on bin way to attend bbe opening
mm  dandrufi  |ein   .,'  Pnrllamonl   at   Peking. Tho attack
■nt    iii" mt and ■'   ni.ii ai   lho railway station. Bo-
growtb nf han '      lenth, wW h occurred on Sun
umi     In i m.i.  nates    lay,   be General received a h-ttcr sta-
factl hi.     ... mi  back nnd tell uh, nnd Hth' 'ic snooting v.-n< „ mistake, an-|
gel  '."ii iie'iii", back    Two sltts   50cIothei official  had been Intended     and
<"»l      fl Ofl    Bold   e.niv  at   our ntorn   lbe   layer hoped  he would enjoy per-,
Walter flews, the Reiall Store, petual tost. I
Tenders will be received until March
29, 1913, for the erection of a Standard No. I Section House at Si'anions
Junction. Plans and Specifications
may bo obtained at the Resident Engineer's  Office. Revelstoke.
l>t iss.  M.2 2w.       Resident Engineer.
Tinders will be received by the nn
derslgoed, until noon March li'.lth, 1913
Ioi clearing Right of Way on the Ar-
rowlake Subdivision, M.R.-O. to Arrowh ad, and on the Shuswap Subdivision, M.B.-O. to M.B. 45.
Specification! may be obtained     at
the ofllce of the Division Engineer.
H. B. Walkem, Actg. Divn.
Engineer,  or M.K.   McQuarrle
Resident Engineer  Revelstoke
1st issue Mar.  12, 3w. Saturday, March 29th 1913.
There is Now a Market
List Your Holdings With Us
For a Quick Sale
We have the Buyers
If Your Prices and
Terms Are Right.
J. IS. Watson Realty Co.
R. R. COLE, Manager.    Local Agency American Casualty Co.
Contract Provides for Shipbuilding Only.—
Election Before New Warships Commissioned Wou d Decide if Canadian People
Desire Control and to Maintain Same.
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
Children's Shoes
Another shipment to hand of the above line
which includes an Al assortment. All sizes,
pretty shapes, all prices. The makers of these
shoes stand behind every pair with a guarantee
of their durability.
Ottawa, Mai'e-h 27.—The important
fai't that if the conttaits aie let now
for the' building of the three battle -
ships which it is proposed be Cana-
' da's addition to the British navy,they
j will not be ready to be placed in commission before tbe next Dominion general election, is now emphasized.
In ease it should then be the will of
'the Canadian pio,>le to recall these
I .ships and make them a part of a
j proposed naval service, it will then
•be perfee'tly feasible to follow that
This was establi>hed in a governmenl statement issui-d yesterday. In
addition the manifesto said:
"It cannot be too seiongly empba-
| sized   that   the'  clause  which  Sir Wil-
j fried  Lai.i um   , n 1  Irs followers      have
' been obstructing .lining the last    two
weeks i-  ilie  first clause  ef  the resolution which Sir Wilfrid Laurier   pro-
' posi'd  I.y  way  of an amendment     on
December 1_'  last.   Kvery  member     of
i the  opposition,  including  Sir    Wilfrid
, Laurier hims'It, voted for  that clause
on February 13 last, as part   of   his
| amendment.
"There has been no display of brute
force in the debate except on the part
of those who flrst voted for this e-lausj
and th.n obstructed it- passage.
"The clause in (question, which thus
forms part of Sir W Urid's resolution,
proposed cn December 12 last, is as
" 'From and out of tho consolidated
revenue fund of Canada there may be
paid and applied, a sum not exceeding $35,000,000 for the purpose of immediately Increasing the effective
naval  forces of  the Empire'
"If  Sir Wilfrid  Laurier desires to recede from his declaration set forth in
his resolution then at most the ciues-j
tion   between  the  parties    is   whether'
this sum shall be devoted to the pro-]
vision of three' battleships for immediate and effective aid    to    the    naval
forces of  ihe Empire,    or    whether it
-bull  le employed  in establishing     a
Canadian naval service.
"Every possible facility for debate
has been afforded io the opposition,1
and they have taken full advantage of
it. Not i/nly have they done ihis hut
they have accompanied the discussion
with unworthy threats and taunts,
which have gone unrebuked by auy
leading members of their party.
The manifesto thin points out the
absurdity of tho spectale of a gov-
einmiat fresh from the people and
with a normal majority of li), being
tie.1 up by such methods.
In nonparti/an circle's the rain oi
manifestos is taken to indicate some
doubt in the minds 0f politicians as to
vhat n ally is going to happen this
The situation is one which wiil lend
iisalf to negotiations and compromise
cn both sides, but what is really likely j
to happen r.o one is in a position at I
lhe moment to -av. It is certain,
however, that the fight over the naval
bill i.s nol over, and n closure' rule will
be intro lucod an.l debated.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
Pontraciva Si Iver-Grey   stock patterns
Cups C& Saucers Regular $3.00 Doz. This week $2.15
8 in.    Plates
6 in.
5 in.
7in. Large Soups
Fruit Saucers
Gravy Boats
Cream Jugs
Covered Sugars
Vegetable Dishes
Water Jugs
91'-piece Set of Above, Regular $22 50,  This Week.  $14.50
These Dishes are Semi-Porcelain,  and   the   pattern   is
guaranteed not to rub off.
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Paints, Oils, (3Lc.
Agents for Minerva Paints and Oxford Ranges.
Union   Hotel
$1.50 PER DAY
Weekly Bnd monthly rates to be arranged.        Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.M
A. P. I.KYKSQUK, Proprietor
Laughton C& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
ty/      H, J. McSOftLtr, Frcpnucr.    \^
Bdmonton March M.—The found
session iei the' MCi-.nd legislature of
Ali.vita was prorogued yesterday atternoon. Later tlu House was ilis-
solvcd and writs will be U-ucil at
once, tor a new elect^ u un April 17.
The i m ai n is ain ady begun In
many sections e.f the' province.
Lieu tenant-Go vei not liulyea gave
the royal assent to eighty-eight nill-,
including foiup of the most important
li gislatlon yet  passed by the province
Premier Sifton yes'terday morning
tabled .lie full text of the judgment
on tlie waterways a e. He also ex.
plained to the house that the judgment lta<l iu-i conic lo hand and the
government had not yet decided on a
course «ii action, a- negotiations with
lho li and tlie. hank would
..   .   time.
Hi  a    n   1  ili"   i.e i lature,     how-
. a any Si al action was
taken  bs i ■ en im        the     mem -
bere   wo lid   hi   ■ . I   i  to Bth ir  In  session.
Pre nici Sifton will contest two rid-
> oniing ele     on. On Mon
day he was" nominated ,n     Vermilion
for wii • ow thi    Itting mem
ber, and •       . i ti the
... Ion in MacLei ; t'j replace the
late Hon. Malcolm McKen ie, who
w,i-   l.o • ti   ' Feral v e its .■
! Uiick ns Ali Sold
The wanl and for sale ad- of tho
Mail-Herald, have always heen regarded thy our readers as the most speedy
mi tl.ci.l ol making one-' wants known
to the public, bul of late these littlu
advertisements have been working ovei time, during thc past week ovei half
n dozen of ihi'se ior sale ads have
hi ought quick results the latent being
, iv Inserted in our last issue, which
re ad as follows
FOR SALE—Aliout 2t) or 25  Fowls.—
Apply to J. Hack.
This advertisement .-truck homo on
Thursday the day following 1-i-t Wed
e.i lay's : 'sue. Mr. Hack personally
informed thi< paper that lhe appear-
i" ' of his .i.l in a -ingle issue of iho
Mail-Herald had sold all liis chickens
fi i  him.
6     40 Announcement <&     %
We are now showing the Spring and  Summer
models of
-^nrtetij Urauft"
rinsmlth <Tcoairs, m0» Ah-, Pio©
txnti Furnace wnrh
, -^ to,       S'L 11
fonnaiiefKt  Avo.    -    R»>\if>i»*r,i<o
Transfer     Draying
Hand'ing Ptai >s a  Specialty
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Ci{/:tr<-     Rate? $i a day.    Monthly rate.
WILLI       ST
try, Vila Ma c I I Thi ' ity
I.a opt te l , ..ar a roplane funil and
.ui. ini. 51,2CO ha be n i li .l.-ed hy
toward the eon-
-tin. tion i.t i.e aircraft. When com-
i! te-!. th< ae ■.; lane will be banded
over to the BritiBh government an a
pift from lhe cllizeM if ('alary, to
le  us.d  in  the  det'en-e ot  the empire.
It i- under 'eee. I ihat thc co-t ofthe
proposed "dreadnought of the air '
will hc in the' neighborhood of $5,000
and th" promoters of .he scheme are
i ontid"nt tbat tbe sum can he obtained with ca-e. Tbo plan lin-f
awakened great interest and it Is not
unlikely ihai other Canadian oititra
will follow I'aU'ary's lead and open
funds for a similar purpose.
In line with the proposed fund, it is
po lible thirt a -e liool for instruction
in air navigation will be opened in
Calgary, The open prairie oilers excellent opportunities for flight's and
nn i.leal aviation Held . ould hc found
within easy reach of the eity.
nne 42
ii Phone 85
Hat slu- si t Hie only ' best" rook on
canii.   lie's been patronizing our
10 I f'eti and praising our piitnr masts,
juicy steaks, tender lamli, etc.,  tli.it her
i urlosity line brought bet lo our pleasantly arranged Restaurant,   our  menu
is lievre   her.     No   womlci   lite   --miles
i.ii our prices catch ber eye and she'll
wonder how we ,ln it.
A. U. Tiuakihon Manuger,
Our position is unique.    We are Specialits.    We
devote our entire entire energies to the outfitting
of young and progressive, mature men.
We handle the better grades of merchandise for
' this class of trade and aim to give a service that
' is refined and courteous.    See this Clothing.   Try
' them on, and you will be as enthusiastic as we arc.
!     McRae Mercantile Co.
The Kevelstoke Home of Soeiet;   Brand Cli
' and U.S. Peter'- Overalls
Imperial Bank of Canada 8
Houd Ol+"ico-Toronto, OntnWo. 0
Capital Subscribed - 6.000,00000 0
X Capita! Paid Up
J Reserve
0 Total Assets,
6,620,00' .
Branchce-oi Agents al aU principal              i. Cai Q
Agenti   a Hi i a     rital     I nd I I                       I              1 X
Lloyds Bi'r.K, Limited,    Chicago   )■         ' Ex-   T
change National Bank.   Beattie— Seat tli National Q
cieco—Wells I                a a National 1 n...k.    •"■,•»■ i        ^v
National ij.tnk V
Savings Sank Departrnt 9
Depotits                ' ui •■.■•l, receivd j?
current rate from date of deposit,   <                 enc« Q
Revelstoke Branch—A                  han, 9
ooo-a-o-o-ooo oo-o-oooo-oo ooo < o ooo
New S.S. Laurentic ar.d Megantic
S.S. "Teutonic" and S.S. "Canada*
582 feet long.
(15.003 Tens
110.000 T*ns)
611 feet long.
Now is the time to arrange for the passages
of your friends from England, We issue
prepaid tickets, and our offices in England
communicate  with passengers,  arranging
all details and advancing any funds deposited with us. We also inform you wlnn
passengers arrive.
EI9 Second Avenue, Near Cherry St, Seattle
A. Q. BROOKER, C. P. Rj. Pa«senger Agsnt. RBVBLBTOKB, D. C. PAGE  FOUR
Saturday, March 29th 11)13.
lhc (IDatl-lbevalb
REVKlaS'l'OKK.  B.   C
Have you had your supply of Kalsomine—Only 25c. Per Package
Still Some Good Colors Left-
Veribrite or Magic
Furniture Varnish ..
 Large Bottles, 40c.
 ' Per Tin, 15c.
Family Nail Hammers	
Choice Selection of Scissors
Kitchen Mirror
25 Per Cent:. Discount
on All Electric Chandeliers
Jfil§t       Imll
Apt.*..!*.  '.■■•■ ■■■      ...... A.■£^ibi2Aai.i'.j£ii
„.. u...,j'i"*rrfrff? :..ig>yja^^Sr-"—£~-^&lul\ *■
[ever found Except In Con-
clion wiih       A*       <W
, ll
[f You V/ant You
d i
ively   Con ult the
Jntcftoi- ipublisbtim Company.
J.  K.  JOHNSON.  Manager.
RALPH  Q.   SURUTON,  Editor.
Local Rending Notices and Business
locals tO cents per line each insertion.
Minimum local ad charge 25 cents.
Display advertisements 25 cents per
inch each insertion, single column.
Legal advertising of any form, also
Government  and  Municipal Notices 12
cents  per lino  lirst  insertion    and      8
cents per lino   subsequent   insertions,
allowing 111 line's to the inch.
Applications for Liquor Licenses $5.
Ai'i lications for Transfer of liquor
Llcensos  $7.50.
i.an I purchas • notices, $7.00
Water Application Noli es up to
100 words, $7.50, over 100 words in
All o.Iit classes ol advertising not
in. ludad in an.eve to I e charged at.
rate to bo arranged witli manager on
api lieation.
,.. ..
i - j ,    ■
SATURDAY,  MA ICH 29th,  1913.
The di.isioii if ilu Progress1 Cluh
Publi ity Commit le.', endo:sed i.y the
gene.al membe ship in re-ular meet-
in  .   : bai   it i-^  ni I   :, . .ia  le  to    pro-
; d , is yi at' .villi the pit lieation ol
the pr  i.. ted     Sen ,:i r Beo'iht,     for
.1 .1. i in i fi il h '■' . .ti coll ct .,1 al
i ons d .'. i .' a .- of ii ei ■ and nun,
ey, l.'.i- e a tho whole qu ~ti in e.f a 1-
u-rtlsing fo.- 1913 approximately in
me posi :ion as it o cupi - i si .
incutlK a >>■ If an .1 i ■ ; I In ■■ can-
|a:..n is to I.e carri I mil ellei iv. I,
for the i omin r s asin, it i i impi rati .,■
lhat   "Mi .    iei'tnii ■  line  o' a t o .
idi .1  ti on ai  an    i ly  da e;     ih i
i a. li cf     t ler '    a - '.    n
ii oi <   lo I 'ana 'a ... n  Ap
ril,    ii Ion • f ihis    i! .oil   ol
I'O ne     . s   to    e  divi ned      to-
■•    ■'■ fertile vi i; >-' and  lands ol
.'  ■ 1 rict, no tin i should
lot in n acti ns  trfore
'■    '    ■ .an be
ad ■ ll
ts   fo .in   utile
i ■
■ :
'   -'
'913   NEW MILLINERY     "913
■      J -a' f,*L       '
March 12th
and following days
inery   Opening
for 1913
MI33 CA.LL, who hu j ut retnrnej from Eaitern
Market3, hn visited tin different Wholesale
Millinery Openings in Toronto, Chicago and Win-
Ymi .'tin depend upon the vory Latest Spring
Styles lot 1913.
r» sbwm." jKncimunin lUMuaran
1 STKOUMi Wn»'.Tl,Wniw.**'ill-Tn»i'»"tI''*M*
First Street, Revelstoke,  Tel.  No. 22
Choice Groceries,   Fruit,    Vegetables
Hay, Feed and Poultry  Supplies
l\ u : . HO YE   RS
'e ■ ,e cl Sr tie, I'm ly 'ei   l i ni
'      it j     .M      ,  .... \\',,|  ^.
::i iti^hi]! anil  !!
'I he    i" 1      I'm"    i miii';.i   tl     • ,
i'.    I'..' ■ 1:        : ■    111,
-■e hicli eu urtis IVrn    ..  i■ ■ . 1 '.■ i •.
!   ii",
cur: p
n  t  11-... L
foe in u.u
ii. .
eating" S; oves
askalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Hardware and  Sporting Goods
We are offering good discount) ckery,
Glass and Silverware during this month.
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
Special Attention Paid to M iii > li I
- T ir Tbbi—XI— naiaalwi aanaaaj aaaalBa IW
o Co.
all a
..■,«»K««M».,.»»»«M.» ■'.< «;»«>».■.    •   ,, •   ,', ., -, "K H , M „ B|B!B|
'■,   ...111
'■ 11     11)
- ol  other
V   IV
•K"K""»-- ■
Empress Theatre
J}prii 1st, 8 p.m.
.'/. J. M nd
Dr. Barnai     . Musical 8oy^
ll ' I
i i ■
ATOR  AND   ii-:/.-. R( CM
HAMS  AND BACON   a Specialty.
P. BUMS & GO., Limited
-,    li ■      pi  K
ii | y « | | «.« * a a a a a a a a i a  igQ BUBI r. mm h k v a a a * *■* m :i K a a a a
It will pay you to
e  i call al
I > porter
lid Town,    -   Re ebi ik    B
• rl :    .111-
<t, SliirU
e»i   r" I iii vi.en bnalnpa*.
Adults 35c.     -     Children, 25c.
iitald'i Drug Store
■a   ii. |
.'!•■ Ida, and hetli
i! -mi t    I I  in i,        :. as centn.
.- ..iv llttla    to
n tht '"> din
• ,                                                         . , ... !;   human  life
i                               Uona in .    I  ami  main-
.■!   i    sn ml ot i ' A,- i
lymouth Hocks
m m rstcig
Exhibition   Strain   $5.00
Exhibition   Strain    $5.00
Exhibition  Strain  >3.00
Exltlbltii n    Strain  $3.00
Second Pen Barred Hocks $3.00
Per Setting of 15 Eggs)
My Barred While Hull Rockl have won
i       !:own   at both Provincial
Show    I   wnii    -!;x  Prizes       1       '•       i
stuck Kim BALE).
REVELSTOKE Saturday, March 29th 1913
Al! During March There
Wi-I be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
velstoke's Department Ston
C. Q. J4ume $ Co.. limited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During March and
Look at Price Tickets.
Ladies' Spring  Underwear
nowest   Spring Needle Knit from Switzerland,
from the low priced   Cotton    Vests at    15c.
each to tho  Fine Silk  Knit  Vests ati I Draw-
era      At    per     garment  $1.00
Framed Picture Bargains
THIS WE3K—A Big Bargain in a I.in.' of
Kia'itcl Pi i.i s, Pearl Sel Photogravures,
and Oil Pa'ntlngs, all with Glass andFrames
nt  Bach  $1.35
Ureal; Display of Ribbon
■■ BBONS   !•'., im      FRANCE - Th    greatest
li : .' fl er    attempted   In   -il' s,
mJ   Sal i       A  ilo   t Gai'den of Colors and
-     5c to $1.00
lew Spring Suits for Ladies
The Plain Navy Tailored Suit is thc
correct thing this Spring, We iiave
finest proposition to make you along
this line 'hat we ever had at	
$20.00 and $25.00
Lies' Waterproof Rain (oats
This line, no doubt, will he very seasonable for the Spring rains. Right
away we a:e .showing'a great range
1 V
o $
New Suitings
NEW   NURSE  SUITINGS—This     well-known
Wash  Good   tor Ladies and Children's Di
ie .'.   no  R   ommendation from us,     Thii* is
the. best   'Old Country make,     Smart, neat
Pal om.   C.,lor- Fast, per Yard  25<-
A Beautiful Showing
of Old Country Drygoods
NEW LOT JUST IN from the Old Country,
Prints, Giii.hiriis, Calicos. Crinkles, Seer
Suckers. A ragnifi enl showing of all th<*
prettieBl C lorii - wanted this season. Come
feast your eyss on this Spring like
ii • prii e,   Per  '. ard    1 5c
l.   :•.'.'   ;• ■        y.    ..I
r»#■-.'. ' .i(.-i   Vajj^' bj.;''.. J,..-.,
oioLt    O
Button Shoes (or Worn n   are    again     to ihe (ore this
,  and  with  the bottoms remain the Medium high to 9
and   short  Vamps!   F r the Coming Season the heels   will
li_-lr.lv   lower.   T. ns In all  Shades will be much worn,
ally in the huh cut, fourteen  nnd     ei hte n     buttons.
i'ho olal •■  t.    I     ■  inn- have mad.' their appearance,
nd  glv    promise of   eing mu h worn nexi a ason; but for
the present season the lighter shade, will be more in vague.
We hav.-  re eived   mi        t     .-'r.n       Shipment of Wo-
n     High Grade boots and Oxfords.   They are all     the
Bell'  Shoe a   I        <r all the most up-to-elate feat-
xh:luted for  the. present   Seas n.   We  ask   your      in-
on and do not b lieve   lhat  eompati-ons are obvious.
' iMEN a PAN' LAOi or BUTTON HOOT—Fourteen
lititto'is; Goodyear Welt, Me,liuu he. 1, short Vamp
n . "Wedgewood i . Vbout the classiest little
-ho' shown this a .son.      Price,  per pair   $5.00
VS  TAX   LACE or  BUTTON  BOOT—High    Cut
or Eighteen Hii;to;.s.   Same Last and particulars as the Fourte n buttons.     Prire,  ■ air   $6.00
Buttons, Dark Ta . (loth Top, with lighter Vamp
Trice,   per  pair  $5.50
Fourteen Buttons, new toe and heel. Very dressy,
and    .ust the thiu    for Spring     weather. Price ... $3.00
High cut Lace or Eighteen Billions. Same as Fourteen Buttons. Price per     pair   $0.00
Mho'.t Vamp, Flexi le as a glove. One of the real
New  Ones.      Price per pair  $5.00
Top to match. Sh irt Vamp. "Wedgewood, last.
Price,  per pair  ,  St.50
WOMEN'S BUTTON' OXFORD—Gun Metal with cloth
Top, same Last and weiiht as the Tan. I'rice,
per pair   $4.50
WOMEN'S  PAT  OXFORD—Eighteen   Button    or  Lace.
Short    Vamp.    NOb toe.      Medium   Heel. Dull     Kid
lops.       I'rice,   per pair   $4.50
The  Be-t   VALUES   ever  shown in  the    City.   Tbat     s
.-   what   we claim for Our   Spring Stock of  REGAL
SHOES.     Moreover   thej t, Most Exclus
ive Styles shown this i.    fn  this day    of     rapid ad-
van ing  Leather  Prices,  It   i.s diflli lit  to anJ
Wi iring Qualities of a .-the
same money.   We are   a a po ition arhat
you want at   •   vi ry I   o
ago.   Let your ey.' run over thi
VELOUR CALF  BOOT:—Medium  toe and
sole;  Sol 1   Leathei    tock.      Price   $4.00
VELOUR  C ILF   BOO y new Last;
Nob  toe,  Medium h el, li ,    . Price 	
CALF Bi IUT:     New   "Panama"  Last,  Bump toe.  .Medium heel, Good  V  i   Wel   -ole. black -'.00
KANGAROO   BL    IB        -"Panama"' Last,
as a Glove.  Medium
sole.     Pri •■<      -
BLACK   CRESt 0 B0O1     I!   i\     3 Warn
..    . Grain  Water Proof Sto ,
:   -..      :w ASTOR LAST:—f I     ast
n    h    ma      t.  R el.  I al  cut.
Kith.:- 'an i   $6.00
Our* Grocery and Crockery" Department
Pure Clover Honey
Pure Clover Honey
Five Pound Tins   |1.2S
Sealeri  85 cent
Bottles    2iic, 35c. and 40   -ents
A Fresh Assortment of
Cross and Blaekwells 7 and 1 Bound Tins.
Cross nnd Blaekwells land 2 Bound Glass Jars.
Kelllrrs 7 and  I Pound Tin'.
KcJMera 1 Bound Glass .Tars.
Robertsons 7, 1 and 2 Bound Tins.
chiveiB Oiangr, Fig and Li'tnon in Class Jars.
Robertson!   Tangerine, Pineapple, Ginger in glass   jars.
In h'avy syrup, straw'; i tries, Raspberries, Cher-
ri'■-, Green Gage Plums, Lombard Blums, Peaches and
Pears, in 2 Pound Tins.
Pie Fruts in Gallon Tins— Pumpkin, Peaches,
Pears, Rhubarb and Plums.
Evaporated Fruits
N. w and  Fre-h  Peachse, rc*u, Apples,  Figs and
$ &&&$$$&&&&& <$«&$ $ ♦* ■':■ $Hjl $ * «Hl $<$» !$H$+ ftH$H$H$H$*$»
1     Watch Our Corner Window     |
* ^
* |
I For Friday and Saturday Specials I
t_______________^^ *i*
House Furnishing Department
Spiini' will noon be here, that means N. w Carpet*, Linoleum, Curtains, Wai pa] r, Window Shades,
Verandah Screens, Hte. We have all of the above in seleet designs ,iwl olors at reasonable prices. For
the balance of this  week we are. making a reduction on Rugs, to make  room for  New  Stock.
As you know the eost of raw Material lias been ad van ing for the  pa--t few jreart, nnd it oflecta the
Cork, Oil and  .1 uie that Ib used in making  Linoleum.   Prlcee on Line.leiim   lave   advanced   about20   per
per cont  on what they  were  two  years ago.   We have a full lino ti.a'  '■ a it the old pri-ei and
will sell at tho old prices as long as it lasts. Do not wait but buy now and ae i:ood interest on
your money. Wo bave received a larire consignment of good serviceable bedi tha we can aflord to give
you lbe benefit of the low price ou them. They arc four feet and four feet six (full -ize). We will Mil
at the low price of $5.00, as long as Ihey  last.   We  will   be pleased ;o show them to you il interested.
We have  many  other articles you will require for Spring.
Saturday, March 29th 1913.
Brownie's $1 to If.II
Folding Brownie's       $5 to $12
Kodaks _ S10 ta $65
Winter or Summer
You Can Kodak
BEWS  The ^&X£&1 Store
Manufactured by "Libby"
J. <3rTJ1£~ BAEBEE
tym. <%/%/%/%*V% ♦V^'%^%^%^ ^ ^%/«W^%. -m-t^^^tay^*, -%/>V^-^.'qu. ^ o.-V
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
, . . It Mioht Be Gold. . .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent Our record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—tho Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor.
Halcyon. Arrow Lakes
D. Company 102nd. Reg. R. M. R., K. to in that thej n*
Hall on I
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14th    "   28th.    "
March 14th.       "   28th.    "
April 11th. ■'   25th.     "
l. Music l
R. M. R. Dance Committee
C. K Brock. Chairman.
The conduct of the blockade at
Ottawa lms revealed a situation withiu the Liberal Party humiliating io
those Liberals by whom tlie principles
of true Liberalism are still held dear.
These men bum dob-Cully ou while a
truculent and irresponsible section ot
the party, obsessed wiib the idea that
tbey e'aii usurp the power wrested
from ib'in by the Oanadian people,
trample Upon lhe old party principles
run umii' h and bold up all iho busi -
uess ni Parliament. Tho cllort o[
these weeiil.l be wreckers to destroy
the whole machinery of parliamentary
government has done more than any -
thing else would do to muke remote
the day when a Party hearing the old
name .if Liberal ean ever hope to be
placed ii-.uiii at the burd of affairs in
Canada- i
The meu behind tbo movement
which lias disgraced the record of Liberalism, are the ex-ministers, members of the government wh'uh the
Canadian i» opie punished so severely
for their attempt to betray the nai -
ional and i seal Future of ibe Dominion, The ino-1 active aad Insistent
have been those of the ex-ministers,
whose administrative records were
uch timi their own constituents refused lo return them to Parliament
at all.
The. situation lias been a remark -
able cn'. li is knowu ihat Sir Willi id Laurier after the disaster which
overtook him and his Government in
September uf l'.Ul. was not anxious to
lake tie' position iri Opposition Lead-
ei. lie had declared to ihe ele i ors
in his own province tbat he would
never ago n lead an Opposition. lie
was persuaded to take ibe' position ot
i ominal leader, bin there is evidence
enough (bat he kept th■• promise made
in Quebec, in spirit il not iu Letter,
He im- in,i bei n i tiding the paity. It
has been led by the scatless ex-ministers whose sole Id a iias been io
evi ui th,. . (intui> en, some pre - ■.' in
Other before Sir Wilfrid Laurier, no
Ion ■ i i young man, passi out of
publi'   llfi
Ti  attain   this objeel  considerations
iolil - ■      ive been     ■ ast
aside,   i.in. ral-  have  i let   hesitated to
■•   the  old   mothei   nation  whose
, 'if i   have refused t.e     BUp-
ri     Vmci   ni     De : edition   of
educed     and
ini ter      ou
T        ilk has
i'h- r-.    has
$idk db (flj   <n>
S4fc <fe <fe  <fe
JXmJ9 ^ W
of life insurance if nn investment every man with a conscience should make. No one
has li ii  lit to leave his   widow
aud c'liltlien penniless for the
lack of a little fo'ethought or
and we'll tell JOU the i ost of
various I irtns of life insurance
in one uf the hest companies in
the world.
A. E. Kincaid, Manager.
We can help you I
Just advertise in lhe
The exclusive advertising
medium for this district.
Everybody will see your advertisement and the eeisl is only
10c  Line    Minimum Charge, 25c
Hay, Grain and Feed
Office :
Cumming's Transfer Co.'y
Second Street
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing <f&
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone 281
Night Phone 40
!'. O. Uox 46?
Hwson C& Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C8k Co., Ltd.
W.  H.  WALLACE,  M.B.O.8.A.
Cox 205, Telephone 313, Re vein oke
Provincial  Land  Suveyor,
Mining Burvayor,
I   R   ':\ .  McCARTER
Barriatera,   Bollritori    Etc.
Imperial   Bank  Building  Revel-
itoke, P. C.
Money to Loan
Offlcae— Revelatoke.    "•     '   .     aad
Cranbrook, B. I
B   M   iartw
M.  Pinkham, J. A.  Harvey
Revelgtuke. Cranbrook
MT.      BEOBIB,
OF I. O. F.
No.  I4M.
P    Hall   next    to
Tapiilng's  ii[.rr.'. every  eecond
-. lay  :n  month.   Vieit-
Dg hr'three.  r-ordially welcomed.
H. v.  MORGAN, C. R.
BRON    Rec.See.
rch Vi:
March j,st   H0T CROSS BUNS   Ma
Tel. il
A   I Ioi {son
O.  O.  F.
evening   In
■    O.
McKENZIE  AVE. Revelstoke.        -       Phone 2G2.
li. r.
Take advantage of an exceptional opportunity. Call al BINGHAM'.; MUSIC
STORE .mei inspect the large stuck of Mandolines. Violins, Cuitars, Accord-
eons, Piccolos, Flutes, Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Alhunii;,
Player Piano Rolls, Silk Piano Drapes, Etc, Selling at Baatern I'ii es.
Edison Phonographs and Victor Cramophoncs wiih Coed Stock cf Records.
Also J.sn Edison Wax Records selling :it 40c. ti> clear. (Usual price, 65( I Ask
f<>r Catalogue of the New Edison Blue Seal Untiroakable Records.
Come Early and Get First Choice.
Piano Tuning and Repairs a Specialty.
Re reasonable! Don't send vour hard-earned money
to China! Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only. Be progressive, and
have your washing dono by the West Kootenay Steam
Laundry.   Regular collector and delivery service.
The Kee Moon Restaurant, Old Town, RevelBtoke, has been
taken over by a New Owner, "Lim On," and is now open for
Everything good to Eat in Season.
Tobacco and Cigars.   We Never Sleep. Always at Your .Service
I |  I
. ,•• |     MAS
f montb
t    ,       •       n,«
i   if. HAMILTON, w   M.
A   O    BROOKBR, H... rotary.
Phone 80 EARL BARRACLOUGH. Manager.
L.ANfV ,
fcV.   WH/'.
*    ,   w.
Mountain   V,«w Damp,  .Mo.  119
Ifatta .-c  .-, i   antl    Fourth w*dnee
dayi    in   nn !•   in .nth   In     Hrlklrk
HaU.     Virtual Woodman are
eorlially invited to ati^nd
Mmkh MelNTYRB, 0.0.
H   w  EDWARDS, Olark,
MO'eHK   No.   10HI
Mente     .vary   lint nnd  third  Tuesday    In  Oddfa.lowit    Hall.      Viaitlng
bret.hern  conllnlly  Invited  to  attend.
Rt.   BdwnrilB,  nMator.
H.   L.   Haii((,    Iwr.elary.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
WATCH THE MAIL-HERALD ADS Saturday, March 29th 1913.
would seem absurd!
Then  why any seam1
You have kept on wearing stockings
with a seam up the back -shapeless,
uncomfortable things I because you probably didn't realize the perfection reached
Full-Fashioned lSSMlWu«ri8l fteWSMtt
Seamless.    MB£BMGm&
These nre hose without thc sign of a seam—look for the sign ofthe
trade-mark. As they nro belnjl knit tbey nre shaped lastingly to
the curves of the foot und leg. Thct) fit—tbey wear better-
anil tho utter absence of uny seam at all makes them
ever so much more comfortable.      No difference
in cost-but much in quality, in economy
anil in comfort. 65
Makers of
Made by
Penmans Limited
Paris, Canada
j"F you want as much
■*• snap and style in
your Spring Overcoat,
as you do in your Spring
Suit— come here for
Londun, March 25—Fii'ld Marshal
Viscount Wolseley, one of tho roost
famous of modern Uritish soldiers,
died today at Mentone, France, in his
SOth year.
Viscount   Gamet    Joseph     Wolseley,
Beld marshal, entered the army in
1852. He served with the 80th foot in
the Burmese war 1852-53, in the
Crimea wiih lhe 90tn Light Infantry,
where ha was seriously wounded, and
was mentioned In despatches. He
was given the litle of brevet major
during this campaign. He served
at Lu know, and at the defence ol
Alumbagh, where be was again mea -
tionei in despatches, and given the
title of brevet lieut.-col. He served
in China, I860', and was appointed de-
puiy ipiiu tcsniasier general lor < 'an
ada in 1887, where he commanded ibe
Red River expedition in 1870. He
had command of ihe' troops on ilie
Gold Coasl in 1873 and distinguished
himself during ihe wars with the' Ash-
i ntee . receiving the thanks of parliament and a grant of &25.000 for
"courage, energy and perseverance" in
tbe • induct of the Ashanlees war. in
1874 he was presented with the freedom of London. He became governor
of Natal in 1879; quartermaster general of the forces, 1S80; adjutant gon-
.•ial. 1832.-85. In 1SS2 he was ap-
p< inied e-ommandiT-in-chief of the
expeditionary force of Egypt, for
which he arain received the thanks cf
pnrliamc t and v. as rased to tbe
p era e with a gram of £3(1,000. He
was commander-in-chief o." the Gordon
R- lief expelition, 1884-S6, for whi.-h he
again was thanked by parliament anl
raised io a viscounty. He was adjutant general of the forces, 1885-90;
e-ommander of forces  in  Ireland.  1890-
|S5;  general,   1S92;   field  marshal.  1894,
commander-in-chief of ihe army, 1893-
l& FIT- SB
MeKinnon &
\<   'IrmI f I 2>y£M cantsgucc
'■ ■ ..VaVW-V «#  . ^      ~~"J? if
DYE, one tun huv--\Vhy you don't even have lo
know what KIND of Cloth your Goods ire made
ot.-.So MUfalu-* nro lmpoaslhle.
Send for Free Color Card. Story   Hnnklel, nnd
Booklet Ki* in« result* of I>yc.n|[ over othi t color*.
M i.ii    i    milli
The   family   remedy   for   Coujtha   ond  Co'ds
"Shi*ah cost3   bo   little   and docs   so much]'
$2 For Votes
Seattle, March 28—Prosecuting Attorney Murphy ha- been informed that
s2 was paid for each vote in several
precincts in ihe icceni city elections
for ., me'.'i-ure which propose-d ,t partnership between the. .'lty and the Sea-
n I.'. Kenton & Bouthern Railway, an
arrangement wbich, ita opponents say
i- a bad 'ine for th.' ciiy. 1'aul Red-
-lob and H. Williams, two of the five
precinct election oflicers in jail charged
with stuffiing the ballot box in predict jis. are employes o! the county
aSSC   Sell 's   eltll. e.
Was a Creole
It was snowing in the north, but
in New Oi leans the air was as soft as
May, ar.d in :1 garden brilliant with
flowers and sunshine ihe winter vis -
itors drank after luiwheon ihe famous
creol; coffee.
"How good this creole colfee is I"
said a young mau.
"1 make it," said the hostess,"I am
you know, a creole.''
The young man looked sbo'kexl hurl
"Well, after all" he said in u low voice
"you .an't help that, and I'm sure uo
Bensible person thinks any the worse
oi you."
His hostess who was very beautiful
with hair and eyes like night, laugh-
e I merrily.
"Define the. word creole," -be said.
And the young man replied,"A ere ■
. le ts ;, descendant of Kreiich or Span
i-h immigrants, with a louth of neg-
io blDod  in  hie cr her  veins."
"And ihe word means just thc op -
posite!" the woman cri> d. " A creole
is a descendant of French or Spanish
immigrants who-' veins bold not a
riop of neero  blood."
"Well, well!   I didn't  know that."
"No!" she -aid "Nobody from ihe
Dorth loes. The word creole is probably tb- unique word of ibe disiion-
ary, ,i word ihat i- universally mis-
un.lir-'or.d. Why. ii is a- though you
hi up there in thc north that
white meant black..'—New York Tri -
Officers of thi* Forest Branch Vic-
loria are already laying the Hold
plans for ibe Ranging Stall for thu
coming summer, ll is expected that
the members of the service will have
one of the mosl difficult yearH fn the
history or ihe province, because of the
heavy growth ol weeds and .grass last
fall, lhe strong probability of a dry
spring and ihe greal amount of lum-
berlng slashing, railroad and road
construction., land clearing und settle-
ineni wbicb bas I een going un in tbe
province .since wet wealhor nei in at.
ibe' end of last, summer.
Bl ipa  have'     been  taken  during the
winter lo ensure that railway construe
lion  gangs and tie cutlers -hull properly saloguard their operations. Tbere
lias been adopted a requirement  that
strip of .um feel  broad shall  bo cleared ol Inflammable material'after   the
tutting of the right  ol way. The lire'
dan er around new construction   has
lien shown  by every line in Canada1
to bo greater than in any other oper-j
Oreat     devastation     resulted many
years ago,  when liule heed  was paid
to lhe forest, and it was a matler of ■
small moment whether it burned down
or  not.   Bui   conditions  are  changed, i
and now  ibe'     Provincial   authorities:
are co-operating with the. railroads in
suppressing what is' the one of     the
greatest possible economic losses     to
the company, and to the government,
and  tbe  people alike.   The  cost of a
very  efficient   patiol  ulong  the    lines'
ol construction is a mere bagatelle as
compared     with the lo>'ses prevented.'
'I li>. iolicy of the Forest  Branch i< to,
n.ist  money during ihe period       of
. i.at.'-i danger.   Once ihe line i.s thru '
a. .1  the) right of way cleared there is
l'i lali re small risk, and development of ]
the country can proceed without    the
tremendous losses  which   are apparent   in eieiy  quarter of th i    country.'
A patrol at  least as elli lent as    that
established in the past year is to be
maintained  this year on the new  rail
roads in course of construction.    One
iooi  patrolman to each ten miles    of
track,  with additional men  on speed-
e s will be required.
Th- lumbermen and government are
wvr'.ing iii.t 'lii'i to tiie -ame end in'
the case of logging operation-'. The
principle upon which the officers of.
the Fore.t Bran h are working is the,
tii" whieh is becoming universally recognized; namely, (bat slash is going
:n bum at -ome time, and that usual
ly i: can l,e eonirolled if its disposal
is a.i nded to in proper season. Slash
bui ned under supervision m. ans the
eaCety if the wools; if on the other
hand it is allowed to lie and become
atcidentallyignited ii nay form tbe
asi- of a forest fie which will .hange
.no barren wastes th;? rich area-'
which  il   i-  exp cte.l  to develop.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVlenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c/lccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Stationery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms     Tags, Etc.
!  p.
Agents for famous
Patrons of Grand Forks dance balls
will have to legister their names at
ihe dii'irs as ihey enter, under tho
terms of an ordinan-e parsed by the
city council. Girls under IS y.ars are
i ,,i red entirely alter 3 p.m. unless they
are accompanied by gusttHaas.
Sir   Herbert  Beerbohm Trc decided
last   Thtir 'day  not  to appear    at   the
rdam   lh atre, New  York,   next
autumn  with his repertoire   ompany,
arrangement   lor the trip prao
t. ally bad   been completed when Sir
■   w.i    in New York  la-t  winter
Reliable Merchants everywhere sell
Look for them — accept no other.
StOflle, Briggs' are the best grown. No matter what you need in
Seed*, thi* name stands for highest quality.
Behind  every packet is the strongest seed  reputation  in  Canada.
Thousands of successful gre->wers everywhere use Steele. Briggs'
BeodS vear after year because they are sure of what tbey are buying.
We retain control of our packets and supply them fresh each season.
Look for tbis box at your local store. If your local dealer cannot
supply you, send in your order direcl.
What i- expected to revolutii ni/o
t.i? deld work of the lumbering iu-
dUxlry  is a  machine  invented  by  two
Portland   men.   which,   it   is   el" lar.'.l,
will reduce the cost ol logging from
"u to 7*i per cent, in addition to saving an average ol eight feet to the
tree that i< wasted under the present
method .
An equally important lum tion ol
ihe .levic.' in th" removal of stuinpK,
in cutting over lands, and tl in the
,ii tical solution of tho perplexing
land • tearing question.
The machine li a simple piece of
mechanism    consisting oi   a gasoline
motor   imilai ie, ,, ni y. le engine
,' in which is attached a drill operated
nt «,o<iu revolution  •, minute,       ity
moving ihe elnll I ark an.l forth it
cut-  it- way   through a tire  wub lUoh
rapidity that it will fall ., Ims sight
feet in diameter at ths bun within
five minutes.
According to the inventors th. malum' will fall und cut into logs' a tree
at a.o-t of 2"i cents lor each lfloo it.
Bythe presenl  method of (ailing,    it
costs from l,.".<•.  to $1  to do the  work.
Two men operating tbe ma bine an
, ut 4oo(iiHi feet of lo^s daily, while.
under lbe present system two men are
able to "it only 80,000 leet dally, de
clare the Inventors. The dovi - ,;l„
be o pla ed a to i ut a tree at any
Hy 'li [ging ih,. ' arib from around
„ iri-> nr stump, tlv machine can be
operated at an nngls to make ths cut
Irom nne to two feel underground.
Wiih lhe lump thus removed ibe
hole is covered up nnd the ground
i   ready lor the plow.
$60.00 Cash
has new type and printing machinery. Our stock
§f printing papers is large
and well selected.
Saturday, March 29th 1913.
-'V*V%%^%'%.%^SV%^%.^» I
H. K. Hin of Vancouver, is in tlm
R, w. Lindsay nf Beaton is in iho
Get   vour Linoleum at  Howson's at
A lew more articles at half price at
Howson's sale.
I lew nieeic Carpet Squares at dale
pri v   at   Howson's.
i li. Morris ni Rogers Pass, came
,: . . :>. the bill on Wednesday.
II. G. Knight,     a Calgarj   printer,
Cami   in  .en  Thui -day's  nam.
S. Mi.is ol Sew Westmlnstei was a
Friday  visitor here thi- week. i
W    T.   Burnwe 1   ol   Seattle'.   Aas     .ni
arrival on Tui   laj - 7 30 eas' sound.
A. Be I ni Winnipeg, was a buslne -
vls'itor in thee city the- middle- ,,f ibis
Fiaak McKenna ol Cranbrooke stopped over yesterday In tin- city to do
till-ill- BS.
W.G.S, Fltzmaurice, the eigai man
of Ni 1.-' n, paid Revelstoke a visit
^      i loy.
E. C. Traflord, i.i Arrowhead, was
numbered among the lako visitor- in
lown  yesterday.
E. Vi. Kidd ni Toronto, was uoti. -
i-,l aiie'e.i-- the throng of eastern vi-it-
oi - bi re yesterday.
Mi-s 1.. ('. Mobery of Swift Current
ISaskat bewan is in the city a guest
tat  th" King Edward.
H. B. Fuller of St. Paul Minn.. and
JF. A. Rice oi Winnipeg, were both doing Li iness in town yesterday.
Jam,- Evans of Salmon Arm, came
an on yesterday's early ea-e't lound
/train and is at the King Edward.
Mi. A (1. Jorgenson and family, of
London. Ont., were in the city the
« - ; ar; of this week the guests' of
.Mr, and Mrs. A. P. I.undell.
Tinier the auspi es of the Revelstoko
Orchestra a full dress spring tido
bai Will bl given in St. Francis hall.
b ..AAA the middle ,,f April, further par
ticulars will appear in the  Mail-Herald
in the Methodist church Sun lay at
a: a.m. ami 7:30 p.m.   Subjects, "Dis
p's      -i -a-." aiid "Elelments    iu
.*- m as''      Anthem  ' Saviour
•   ■ ■■ '■■   ■.:: Even ng Ble sing," by the
St    Peter's  church First   Sunday  al-
<   Easter.   The following is   , list of
•I'irma'.ion at   11   a.m.   by
t.. I  Ni w   We tm '
t   ■ Evensong at
on t     following ..
Fina   Word to Peu
1 boo'
:.      ' -    •   .'   •
1 lis Syndics
The Livestock Branch of the British
Columbia Department of Agriculture,
will sell pure bred sires to farmers
Institutes within the Province under
ihe conditions as outlined below:
Hulls  will   be  sold   ou   the  following
terms:—One-third  of   purchase     prioe
when bull is delivered, one-third at one
year fiom the date hull is delivered, '
a n.l one i lii nl ai two years from the
.late bull i- delivered. No Interest will
11 charged except after payments bave
1-ecomc due; in asm-h cases, interest
will he' charged at ihe rate of It' pet
■ ini per annum. Tbe Department oi
'Agriculture will pay all transportation charges, so that the animal-- will
be Bold lur their initial cost to the
Livestock Branch at the points where
thej   are  pur. based.
Boars and rams will I.e sold on the
same conditions as hulls, except thai
tbey -hall be paid for by two equal
payments; ihe Urst  payment   to      be
made  at  date  ol   delivery,  and  the S6C
ond payment at one year from     thai
The selection nf the breed to whioh
a liiill shall be belong -hall he made
by the' majority of the member- of u
Farmers' institute present at ., meeting called for thai purpose, of which
.iai' notice -hall be given. The selec -
lion of a breed should he given the
musl careful onslderation, and the
members should hai'. in mind a per -
tnanent policy. No progress can be
made by :, periodic changing from one
breed to another
He [Ul--lilon fm animals shali ne
made by lhe USO of a foi iu supplied
by the department and i ;ned I y He'
president, secretary, directors and six
a Iditlonal members of the Farmers'
The Llvcs'tock Branch realizes that
in  the. case  of  rams  and  hunt's,   it  will
often, if mu always, be found best to
lave each animal the properlty of one
or two men. In suoh cases, the Farm
ers' Institu*e shall have the privilege
of selling tn -uch person or persons,
in the same term- and conditions under which the department -dis the annual-  to tli" Farmers'  Institute.
The Farmer-' Institute shall agree
10 carry out ;h.' instructions of the
Livestock Branch relative to the ears
and management of the animals until
ail payment! have been made.
The Livestock Branch reserves the
light  to iiv a  maximum service [ee
Germ Discovered
March 28—That  the    or-
g.ini-m which causes infantile  paraly-
• Is has     been     found and cultivated,
that   'he  connection,  previously    sub-
mi:  not pi :. di tn-
etween   sj
Is were the announ
made public toi  the
ti   Johns Hopkins
The announccm
"on   Flexner,  dil    tor ol
. ear
Ni «   \ or:.   Citj. and
guchi of ih.' »ame inst
t    Pointed Paragraphs of Provincial Interest
4^%. %^^v%^. %^^%^a^^fc «*%*n*^% a/%.%/%'%'%/%'% ^^a***^*-*^
Manitoba enjoys  the distinction    of M.  .lean  Barthou, Minister of Jus-
Idng the only   province in the Domin- tue in the retiring French Cabinet bas
icn that does     not recognize Easter accepted  the President's invitation to
' bead ihe new cabinet.
The ei[Ual suffrage bill enfranohis -
ing Alaska women was passed by tbe
Iniictl  Stales bouse.   Tho Senate will  enl  parliament proposals for a reform
The Government's announcement of
its Intention of introducing In the pres
ppprove ihe bill, as there is no op-
position to vot.s for women in that
I ody.
bh nest Walsh, ;l chemist oi Hull has
invented a remarkable machine gun,
which i- discharged by pa-, will send
I rojectiles   tive   miles,   and   tho      pro
of the House ol lords' is regarded as
meaning nothing less than the abolition nf hereditary privileges in legislation.
Tim timber output of Newfoundland
during tbe past winter is the largest
mi re onl. the cold     weather   having
jet-tiles set on lire anything they may  teen exceptionally favorable to    log-
The Saskatoon city council expressed its willingness last week to put
up $35,000 to advertise tho city :f tho
Industrial league will put up the sum
of $25,000.   The lund will bc adminls-
ging operations. Next io the fisheries
and mines, the timber industry ranks
among the chief Industries of the island. |
Such a tide of immigration as arrived  iu this country lasl      week  breaks
Winter Climb
The first winter camping party to
icaeh and camp in Balsam Lodge, In
Victoria Park, on tho summit of Mt.
Uevelstoke. made up of Marjorie Lee,
Arnold MeCarter and Pat Skene, under the guidance of Chas. R. Skene,
left town at 8:30 a.m. on March 2(>th
and reached the Chalet at 3:30 p. m.
the same day.
The parly found lhe snow even with
the ridge pole of the roof, and ten
feet of snow piled over lhe chalet.
After tunneling for about one hour,
an entrance was effected, everything
in the interior of thc chalet was lu
line shape and lbe wood pile was good
nnd husky, the only drawback lo
complete comfort was the baokdratt in
ihe tunnelled mn stove pipe and ohim
ney. In spite of ibe heavy storm and
drifting snow some excellent snap
shots were obtain d, iho Canadian
Hag wa- tied to ihe lopof atree by
Uie chalet al 11 o'clock on March 28,
and  lhe party  made town  by  a  direct
snowshoe course in tin' afternoon. All
well and  hungry.
11 rial  by a     j
oint committee through all rocords in the history of Canada,
the' board of trade.
in Chilliwack the curfew by-law will
be enforced Immediately. The hour sei
in which all children under hi years
-hall be oil 'he streets is '.I p.m. Tbe
city police will also be iuruiuhed with
instructions and switches to see- ihat
tlie bylaw is enforced.
Hon. .1. B. Hazen, Minister of Marine and Fisheries, has gone' io Wash-
ington io confer with the new Democratic administration iu regard to the
treaty between Cana.la and lhe United States concerning tin- bona'iry
waters. Tbe treaty was framed three
year- ago. but it ha- not yet received
ihe a-sent of tbc United State
ate yet.
accordittg to the Canadian PauflC
railway officials. Tbe Ihird class accommodation of four steamers arriving at Halifax and St John, lasl
veck were taxed to their utmost capacity, 3.lot) immigrants landed in
Canada. This i- not counting the arrival of ihe Lake Manitoba later in
the week wiih 1,000 Bottlers, and ibe
Virginian with 1,500, ;in-tl the Monte
i nia  with  500.
lir. Solf, the German Colonial Sec -
rotary, has addressed fl public appeal
to the women oi Germany to renounce
the use of feathers from birds of pai'-
adi-e on their millinery. The Colonial
Office, he announces, is already doing
all in it" power io discourage the prac
tice by raising ibe export duty on
News From Far and Near U kkk  birds   killed in the   German colonies.
An expenditure of .900,000 on roads He hopes that ibe increase in 'be duty
,,: Ontario during ihi- year, $150,000 i- only the forerunner of a law whioh
more than was spent in 1912, is being will entirely prohibit ihe killing of
Pgured on by ihe provincial good the birds, which are now so much in
roads department. The work will favor on women's hats. German wo-
st;lrt earlv in tin- -piing anl two men in th.' meantime are buying mil-
thousand men will bc no. ded. Thc linery adorned with ihe feathers of
money will bo Bpent in twenty coun- th'' birds.
''lS' London,     Manh 2S—The   European
A movement ba- been inaugurated situation in connection with and aris-
1 •. Lady Sydenham for the presenla - iff <-»" of affairs in the Balkans and
tion of an address to Lady Harding..., Turkey is one of much perplexity, and
from th" women of InJia. and it is lives great cau>'e for anxiety. On the
- with phenomenal -uc-css. in cne hand it is believed in some quar-
,\cry part ..f India nc tings have t€M that peace i- imminent, anl is in
heen held, tnd those in native cenu..- deed a matter of a few days only by
and   I res alike  have     been  ita-'on of Turkey'- bankrupt ami hope
led    s   .".iii-n of every creed und   Irss position. On the ..ther bead how-
lages are   without  ever, then i- a grave f-ar ihat the re-
istory  of Imlia.     The  .ation-   between   Austria  and    Moats-
1 ;u a   negro may   burst   suddenly into     hos-
regret  tilities and that anticipating this and
le of tl teni   omplloaMons through-
women of India   cut   Europe, the    Boric will strive to
he for-   maintain  a  def. n-.■  thinking to    gain
April  1—Dr.  Barnado's Hoys.  Musical
Entertainment, Empress  theatre.
April 4—Y. M. C. A. Gym Exhibition
April  8—Whist  Drive,  under   auspices
Ladies' Hospital Guild,  in  the City
April 17—''The Canadian Follies" nn-
d.'r auspices Tennis Club,     Empress
April  18—I adies'  Auxiliary to B.    of
L. E, Dance, at  the opera house.
April 21 and 22—Juvenile Bostonians,
at tbe Kmpress theatre.
Coming—Flora Bova, at  the  Empress
Coming—"Royal     Players," at   tho
Empress theatre
Lord  iy the dis.nnl among and difficulties
..f the powers.
. -    .:       K.I
orjmD Ao ■s£a.':<aaj .»»
SALt;3 and •    ,1b
mm aBBs (be)] --ra» ex- n aw* a sm* tusfrs rxxez mnti
1 ome home, your tail
man  the  Tailor
iie    o;1 |0,,k like    a
Hits from      $30
, iei   on ttelj  -Mother.
ont.n;cnf   that
.1 for
Id i.t.    an 1
• '
n Field
;,0  It r> IS 01
11 •     ' ally in-
• •..   e,  *  r  *■»■■«■  m^ ■]
* «
■ the famous Dr.   J
«                       Boys   at -he  Em-    «
■ - Tl eati .  Tuesday i .mi-   3
■ ng, April 1   Don't mi is tbi m    '■)
'■  ■  •  a  ■   >  •  >  i i  i > |  »  >  «
' n El  hi
rr •   ited       I'l  Dip   >d
il      modi rr.   cr,n  SB
In   n    Admira ly  suited  for
ect.       Boardin-     botl   I.    Fn
[art. to      '-1»
Fdi: SALE    \    a
"Taylor Block" mi Lots Bight 'Hi,
and  Nine  (9),  l:!< • .
In the Cil . nf  l:    -    tOl I    i'
uated   opl 1
Co., and only a few ft '• m the
Molson' Bank. For particulars and
term • apply ,ri   '• !i ■' '   R< -
el toK" 0'.ncral Agendo
,   .  •    the
■ I
. '.I
Notice i.s hereby given ihat the partnership heretofore -uhsisting between
William Henry done-, and Halllia
Schmidt, trading under the name and
siyle of the Argus Company at Revelstoke, B.C., Job Printers, has been
dissolved  from  this date.
The business will be continued und-
tr the name of The Argus Company,
bj   Harold G.  Knight.
A "iints against the company up
to ihi- dale are t.. be presented to the
i 1 tt. H. .Line's, nl Nelson, B.C. Account- due ihe company are payable
to the :aid Harold G. Knight, who
is authorized to givu effective receipts
foi   ihe  same.
Revelstoke, B.C., March 27th. 1913.
W. H.   JONES.      I
FORT GEORGE, thc new payroll
uty; openings for business ond professional men of all kinds; al-o car-
renters, builders1, bricklayers, brickyards, sawmills, lulnber yards, sa-h
and door factories, nnd every kind of
business, one hundred million dollars will be distributed in the next
toui veai- by lourrallwaya now under
construction to Fort (ieorge, which
las been selected as the main payroll
. i ntre and the local ion of main pn- -
.-ingei divi-ions nnd terminals where
simps and manufacturing plants will
be located. Eleven railway are build
ing or projected io Fort George which
mil be the distributing point and
centro of one hundred million acres of
ii agricultural, timber, mineral and
■ids in Ci ntral Noi thern Hi itlsh
md lhe r ace river dl tri
. a     hou  uni miles nf - a\ i table wai
'••tin:..   ,1
     FO   I     Gen
P0»   i    and   cheap     ..
i li   b     .   hospit il,   puhlii   ball
•md   all   conveniences.
1 m n    no'A
Y an s cure      n
now.   Don't delay.
ttioi      ren Iree   Natur-
l   C impany, Ltd,
i.loini Owrn i   and Sole Agents     for
i        '•''.   •■ To  i Edmonton,
Mta..  103 IUI  Mo er  Rydei   I'.lk.r.  Fort
B.C ,   Central     \ venue.      Ad-
oi    all     Vnu ouver i ifllc    i  i
i f       '■ .a ,1 iver   B. 0.
I i  i      M 29, 2w.
Mrs. J. B. Kay returned last night
from spending H month lu Vancouver
We are pleased lo note that Mra.
I aimer  is able  to    be  oui     of  doors
Mi.-'s Myrtle landmark returned this
afternoon from spending Eastor holidays at Albert Canyon.
Mr. Jack Gulden's brother arrived
from the east on Tuesday io locate in
iiii- town or neighborhood.
The Ladies' Guild of Ihe Hospital,
will give a whist lournament on Tues
day, April sth. In aid of the furnishing  fund.
The Ladies' Aid of St. John':*
John's church, will meet at the home
of Mr-. Laing mi Tuesday afternoon,
at :i ;iu o'clock.
The Methodist choir had a social evening ui the Bchool  room after practice  Friday  evenin.-.   The   ladies  pro-
, vihed cake and eoltee.
Mrs, MacDonald, wbo has ibeon spending  ihe winter     with be.  daughter,
Mrs. iMueFalyen. will return to hot
1 ome  in  Vancouvei   mi  Tues,lay.
The Epwortb League of the Metho-
,ii i church extends a carldial invlta*
tion to iln- young people to attend*
social evening next  Monday night.
At t'lie missionary meeting la-t Tues
daj in St. John's cbur-h, Mr-1. Laing
was elccti-d vice-president to replace
Mrs. N.'imier and Mis. Haug elected
treasurer Instead of Mrs.  Laing.
The sialli of the Domin,on Sawmills
( ompany are giving a concert anil
farewell lo Mr. and Mrs. Dickie this
. vctiiiig ,.,t the offices, previous to seeing  them  Ofl oil  the  midnight train.
Mrs. W. A. .Morris entertained at a
thildrens party on Wednesday evening for her son Tommy, about 16 or
more of his friends' bad a jolly time
withgames, and afterwards enjoyed a
delicious supper.
Mrs. Ain-lie Miss Gowan and Miss
Pierce were the hostesses at a vory
enjoyable s,.wing tea nt iho home
of Mrs. Ainslie on Friday afternoon,
'lhe teachers of Selkirk school were
the  gnesls  of the occa-ion.
Mr. and Mrs. Dickie leave for England on ''"' midnight train tonight.
They will sail from .New York on tho
Oceanic on April Sth. Mr. Dickie bus
been here for a year as businesc manager an.l receiver lor Ine Dominion
Sawmills c,,., representing the English syndicate. Mr. Dickie returns to
bis former position in ihe law lirm
with which be was connected.
It came as a great shock to the
many old friends of Mr. and Mi i.
Benlson, to learn that, after consultation nl all the do-tors, they wer.' cun
pelled io announce Mr. Benlson' con-
mi nm as .'quite hopeless. A tumor has
di velopod at lhe 1 as,' of II e brain and
tiie- i n.l may !'•■ expected any moi     III
Mr. B nison was around in Ins usual
robust health only a week or so ago
Mrs,  Benison i-   completely  prostrated
by  this sudden   blow  nnd   tb,.  .
•ympathy is expres el for bet an   thi
ly.I   Waltei   l.e-i; linn    \ii      Bonfleid and
a     i     Oilp nu i.f Comaplix, were      in
n        Ltd i Thui     e      Thev   .. re    ui I   al
i   • • Edward.
I a
Mr. I ui piano
tot   foi   eMnue.n    and
i nd* bed     In  tbt
wny sty        latn il fash    Revelstoke I next w-.-rk   Parties
'i                                          b  Ioi |tiirin« 'm n • for tuning
• .   in     maki               ■ 1. i       hould i Idi 11 with    Mr.
< i,                                  ■ it. Howson,
Mr. Pel r MoBride, Victorian Minis-
ic ..f Mini Forest and Railways,
: . John Traverser   a?
. .en i i lor Victoria. Mr. Menu.le will not take, up bis <lu' tl
London until  the end of April.
CdRfSFOre'DtriS E
March 20th,   . lla
Mall Herald,—
Di   •   Sir,   i mum   a ain  st iii I    i ten
.. n  in   iui,   h .    i 'ap d  n    ow i    in-
,...i,l     Vr.   M.   A.   (iil'etd    ill
thing   less  Clan   foUl   me.nth      ta .       ll,
\ all ■>.     ba   : .,   hi
: e :   and   " ii'ial  ability,  proved  him-
ipablo ol  Riling a  more import
ant position
Much as he v ill  be missed by    the
many friends   b"   has   ma 1" .luring   his
av,  no one coul,I  lei  personal
feelings keep tbem  from  wishing  him
. verj    ne.e s iii his new work.
ll.   is assured of a beany  w Icomi
at   Taft,   w I •  h    has been mov  -I  to,
for be bas a large < if . ]c of friends
there,and bis cherry manner, for bo is-.
a typical Irishman, will undoubtedly
make bim many more. It no doubl
came as •,, plea ant surprise to him to
lind the esteem in which he wns held,
both by bis fellow workers and ibe
general  inhabitants of Three Vnlley.
In [dentally wc might say that   be
found his last  dav  taken  np in leave
lakinrB, and     although purling from
friends nf never pleasant, it sometim
e- leaves a nice taste in the   mouth
as well as thoughts in tbe mind.
Yours truly,
A Three Valley OltlseD.


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