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Hevelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps.'{
The Mail-Herald
Vol. 19 -No 11
$2/ 0 Per Yea
President Canadian Pacific Railway Company Makes Announcement Guaranteeing Commencement Double-Tracking Thru
Revelstoke This Year.—Issuing of Securities Justified hy
Vast Extensions on Part of C. P. Railway.
New York, Feb. 7—Sir Thomas
Bbaughneasy president of the Oanad -
ian Pacilic, talked of thc railroad over which h' presides. He said: "We
have decided pretty fully on our new
work on the western division for the
present calendar y.ar. This will intrude finishing up of so ue three huit-
I'ri-d milcH of new line and lh- build-
inir o.'  live hundred miles in addition.
"Th" new work this year on our
Western division will include also the
liuildin; of a tunnel five miles long
sit the foot o; the Selkirk mountains.
I suppose ihat P'o;de tbin'c wc are
■pending an enormous amount of money Inasmuch as we have made rather
frequent Issues of securities. When it
^is known lhn' we are building six or
eight enormous ocean-going vessels,
developing our telegraph Bystem rap-
i.lly. in addition to enlarging our rail
load facilities proper, it will not be
difficult to understand that very largo
amount of mon'y is in constant demand."
This   information  from  New   York,
following the important announce -
ment recntly made by Mr. Uury, to
the effect that the eminent N.Y. En •
gin>"er had approved the plans for
double tracking the C.P.Ry. from Cal
gary to the coast, and the tunnelling
of the .Selkirk Mountains as nn integ-
inl portion of the scheme, must he
accepted as finally settling the lines
nlonj whi'h the great Tram Canatl -
ian Transportation Company intend
to model their Western Traffic ai range
It is expected that in the n'ar future, definite arrangements fo.' actual
commencement of the work on the
great tunnel will be available for publication. The estimated cost o." the
job has been variously placed at from
$0,000,000 to $10,000,000, at Ipast seventy per cent of which will fie disbursed in wages. The work is evpectel
to ta''.c some four years to complete,
ami means the constant employment
at both ends, for drilling will proceed
simultaneoisly on each side of the
mountains, of a force numbering     at
least 1200 laborers, many of whom
will be skilled mechanics and machine
rock drill men, as it is the intention of
the compnny to utilize th' very latest machinery and apparatus on this
one of the most gigantic tunnelling
enterprises e.rr undertaken on our
North Ameri an continent.
Ths work will indeed be a job of
such magnitude that special arrangements will be made with the contracting firm who will supervise the actual construction, and the Hnan.'ial resources of the C.P.H. will be brought
into play to provide the necessary
funds most of which must he paid out
in the form of wages before the eon-
tract can be actually completed.
The working out in practice of the
various dillicult Ies of this gigantic engineering task will be watched with
interest by engineers and railroad buil
ders everywhere, and will mark the
lateat and most costly attempt to
overcome the obstacles of mounlan
railroiding in the history of Western
Lo..t Man found
Mr. Any Ward, an oldlimor of Halcyon, Arrow lakes, nnl who disappeared from his accustomed haunts
sonic   two   months   ago,   thereby   raus-
in; considerable unaasiness to hia
(ricn Is, who were unable to make oul
what   bad   hero'iie   of   llllll,  has      been
located. Mr Bd. Trimble, road superintendent, received from Hall, a l't"
ter stating tbat he was on a pi'ojpoo-
tin [ trip in Nevada, U.S.A., and
would in' returning lo the Kootenays
in  the  Spring.
This will be w.'lc une news to o ir
leaders, fears having boen fell thai
the veteran of the trails had found an
untimely death In the cold water of
the lako whilst on a Winter trapping
cJTVIany Large Modern Structures Planned for Commencement in 1913. --Government Post Office and Dominion
Lands Department New Oddfellows Hall, Guy Lai ber
Block.—Public High Scl.ool Will Ee Rushed to
Considering Re-Adjustment of
Assessments-Meet Again
Tuesday Evening.
The city couneil met in regular
meeting on Friday evening last. Pre-
*ent Mayor T. Kilpatrick, Chairman;
Aid. Howson, Barber, MeKinnon, F.
Bourne, Abrahamron and McSorley.
Various communi'alions were ordered answered or filed.
A letter fiom the O.P.R. Solicitor,
relative to th? Mackenzie avenue ci03
sing as reproduced in full at a prev -
ious meeting and reported in tho Mail
Herald, was ordered a'kuowledged.
Requests from the Revelstoke City
Hand, Poultry Show Association, Gun
Club, Y.M.C.A. and City Band for
Band Stand, for the usual donations,
were eeferred to lhc Finance committee to be consideri-d In connection
with thc forthcoming estimates.
On motion, the City Clerk was In-
etructed to send a wired ni'Coptanee of
an estimated offer of 91 for city de-
fbeutunes failing which the same were
Ho lx offered for sale by tender to tho
.highest bidder.
' A request from the C.P.R. telegraph
ofllce to open up a cellar for coal stor
age purpOMt, was granted, subject to
adherence to Public Safety Bylaws,
nnd the supervision of the P.W. com-
The  school  trustees .submitted     estimates Bhowing expenditures for com-'
ing year on public schools $20,417 and
high school 13,838, being only $«   in'
excess of the estimates for last year'
Referred to Finance committee. i
A communication from Victoria con
firming the appointment of Messrs. J I
Guy Barber and 8. Sutherland as License Commissioners, and MessrR. O.'
W. Abrahamson and Bd. Trimble as
Police Commissioner* for 1913, was
ordered acknowledged. I
A communication from Mr. Mellle,'
complaining of the Polio, administration and bringing up matter connected
thercqith, was referred to (he Police
Commissioners, following a motion
and unanimous rote.
Mrs. Stacey wailed upon the council  to complain regarding     sewerage
running on her property, and also
to voi'-e certain complaints in connection with school matters.
Mayor Kilpatrick—Tho matter of the.
sewerage will be investigated, and wo
will communicate with you by letter.
As regards the schools, that comes
under the school trustees, to whom
you are referred. Mrs. Stacey thanked the Mayor and council and with -
Mr. G.S. MeCarter acted as spokesman for a deputation consisting oi
Messrs. MeCarter, Levesque, A.J. McDonell and Mr. Young, representing
tho Agricultural Association, ;ina asked for a grant of $500.
Mayor T. Kilpatrick—This matter
will be con'idered and referred lo the
Finaniv Committee who are now fram
ing the estimates.
Deputation thanked the coun.il and
Aid. MeKinnon—As regards th; estimates; before we ean do anything
with the finances, we must have some
idea of what the assessment is going
to bo, and the amount which is available. I think it would be a good idea
if something was done with the assess
ments before we are asked to Jo any
thing with the estimates.
We have to work along the lines of
the amount we have to handle, not'
what we would like to spend, our estimates for expenditures must be gov-
anted by our probable income, wbich
seems to turn upon the assessments,   j
Mayor T. Kilpatrick—I think we
should meet again on Tuesday night
rext, and that in the meantime each
member should consider the matter of |
having ft re-assessment, or a re-adjust
ment, so wc will be prepared to speak
definitely and go into tbe mattei on
that night.
Meeting then adjourned until Tuesday nett, February Hth, in City Hall
at 8 p. in
Government Road Superintendent E;
Trimble, leaves tonight for the coast
to attend the Road Superintendents
Convention to be held ln Vancouver
on the 10th inst.
The convention will sit two days in
Vancouver during which time practical demonstrations will be made with'
the new road machinery now in opei-1
ation near Vancouver. The convent -
ion will then adjourn to Victoria,
when it will deal with the technical
duties pertaining to the Road makers
of  the province.
Besides superintendents there will
be present many prominent people including some high local C.P.R. officials.
A Victoria dispatch announces
ihe  following  appointments    for
the Oity of Revelstoke: • j
To  be Police   Commissioners— *.
Alderman     O.   W.  Abrahamson, * |
and Edward Trimble. *,
To be License Commissioners— *
Alderman     J. Guy Barber    and •
Samu.l Sutherland •
The regular monthly meeting
of tho Progress Club will be held
on Tuesday Evening next, February llth inst. Important bust
.*...*•.  a.m., .. a.   ,,tft
The regular monthly meeting of the
Farmers'  Institute will be heW in the
Y.M.C.A.  building on Saturday,-  the;
Sth imt. at 8 p.m.   Besides the dele-j
g^tes report of ,the oentral meeting at I
Victoria, a aumber of important business matters will be discussed.
Provincial Government Work
Deep snow and frost do not deter,
the loci! government works which are
nearing completion. i
The new bridge over the Illeclllowaet
river is nearing completion, and the
end of February will see iho finishing |
touvhes done. This bridge is 425 feet
long and bas just one span of 125 lt,'
while tbe approaches are 300 ft. long.
It is 22 feet above low water and is !
a fine piece of work.
Road Superintendent Ed, Trimble,'
tae also been busy putting in brush'
mattress work on tbe river bank, behind the Oriental hotel to prevent a
re-occurranee of accidents similar to
the one that happened last summer. I
Another similar piece of work is be •
ing done by tho government in this
case the mattressing extends for a
length of 500 feet at tbe bend o! .the
JHebHlewaet river near the new bridge
aiW also for a stretch pear the lower
Gordon Nellis Shoots Him-;
self Thru Head With 38
Calibre Revolver.-- Body",
Discovered by Young Wife
Shortly After Tragedy.—
Brought to Revelstoke for
The usra'ly quiet little village o!
L'ealon, R.C., a fruit growing centre.
and summer pleasure resort, some forty miles distant from Revelstoke, along the beautiful Arrow lakes, was
the scene of a terrible tragedy on
Monday last, when Wr. Gordon Nellis
one of the two brothers proprietors oi
the Beaton hotel, committed suicide,
f.y shooting himself with a 38 calibre
The deed is supposed to have o-.
curred early on the Monday afternoon
No one witnessed the Bhooting. About
3 p.m. that afternoon, Mrs. Nellis,
wife of the de.eased, went into the
dwelling house dining room, and found
the body of her husband lying on tho
floor, with a 33 calibre revolver fai
len on the ground alongside. A bullet
fired at point blank range had passad
right through ihe head, and lodged in
tho wall of the room, and denth must
bave been instantaneous.
Immediately upon this shocking dis-
tovory, Coroner Dr. J. H. Hamilton,
of Revelstoke was hastily wired for,
rend in company with Mr. R. Howson
undertaker, protwded at once to tho
On arriving at Beaton, a coroner's
jury consisting of Foreman G. Sutherland, and Messrs. D. Fraaer, J.
Stanhope, J.H. Young, J. MeCormie,
and H. Burr, were empannelled and
a thorough investigation into all the
circumstances was beld.
There was very little evidence to bo
obtained. Mrs. Nellis 'who was out of
the house at the time tbe shooting is
supposed to have taken place, wasex-
amined, and several other witnesses,
whom it was hoped would be able to
throw Fonif light on the matter.
It was elucidated that for some few
days pa^t. Mr. Nelles had been drinking, but not very heavily, and he had
been beard to say in a muttered manner that "Ho would end it all" aud
lhat hc "mighl have to be carritsl
ont" however, unfortunately, very little notice was taken of this, it being
thought that dereased was simply feel
ing blue and fed up with the long winter, and the lonliness of life at such
a small out of the world place as
The jury finally brought in a   clear
verdict that "Mr.  G.  Nellis of Beaton
committed     suicide by shooting him-'
self through the head."
Tho remains were subsequently then
brought to Revelstoke for interment,
and the funeral took place on Friday
in the presence of the sorrowing wife,
and a few intimate friends. .
A very sad feature of the ease, ls
that deceased was only married a few
months ago, at Revelstoke, and then
took np bis permanent residence with
hie bride at Beaton.
Deceased was ft native of    Ontario,
and had resided In tbe west principally in British Columbia and the Trout
Lake district, for lho past nine years. I
He wai only twenty-five years of age. j
Alderman O.W Abrahamson, who<e
proposed building bylaw is now before
the city couneil. was only Just in timo
for the Spring rush wiih his measure
intended to provide th t Revel to'.o,
in Iiii' with all other progressive western cities, shall possess available un 1
reliable permanent statistics as to the
yearly progress made with the nect -
ion of all kinds of buildings, Includ -
ing business and residential pioperty,
within the cily limits.
The legislation is a l:ngthy a fair,
culled largely from thc bylaws of other B.C. cities and provides for the pay
ment of a registration fee and the appointment of a qualitied inspector,
whose duties will consist of seeing
that all the provisions of the bylaw
are properly observed by the erectors
of buildings in the Capital of Cana -
da's Alps, from lho date of same bo-
i omingeffective.
That the Building Inspector will
not have an idle time during the coming spring, is demonstrated by the
large number of n'W buildings fo:
wh.ch permits have aiieady been applied or will Bhortly lie filed at tbe
City Hall.
Foremost among these figures the
new government post office and lands
department building, for which a sum
of $50,000 on account of preliminary
construction to be disbursed this year
is pro.ided in the Dominion govern -
ment estimates brought down at Ottawa for the yi ar 1913. This will pro
bably be erected upon the Bite already
secured by the previous Ottawa al-
ministration and is expected to cost
in tho neighborhood of $100,000. Plans
and specifications are now being prepared, and excavation work will com
mence on or about the first of May.
Next in order of importan -e in the
realms of building activity for the
coming spring, must bo numbered the
Guy Barber Block, to be erected on
property secured last year expressly
for this purpose. The whole Blo-k
will cost in the neighborhood of $2.".-
000 and be a handsome re.inforced con
crete structure, with ornamental front
Portland stone fini-h facings the
ground floor will be occupied by the'
Barber Jewellery and Wati-hmaking,
and repairing parlors, and the interior finish will be of thnt high class
nccessi'tali-d by th" re-juironv-nts ol
the business, which is one of the oM-
eet established and most BUecessful
diamond, Jewellery nnd watchmakers
emporiums in the whole Interior of
British Columlria. It is a matter
worthy of not", lhat Mr. Barl.er, a
pioneer busins-unan of RsrslStoke, i-
willing, after fifteen years of cxper -
iefioe, to Invest such a large sum of
money in building a block of this description in his home town.
The upper stories of the new building will be occupied by modern office
suits, for wbich there is a very great
demand ln the city at tho present
There is probably no city in British
Columbia, whi.-h boasts for its size,
the possession of so mnny flourishing,
wealthy and powerful Fraternal organizations, as have tbeir homes in
this city of Revelstoke. Foremost am
ong these, a landmark among the hon-.
or.sl institutions of our city, stands
the Selkirk Hall I.O.O.F., claiming
the largest membership of any Individual lodge at present existing in Revelstoke. Some years ago, the Oddfellows erected a compact hall and lodge
room known far and wide as "Old Sel
kirk Hall" it being Justly named after the parent organisation, although
it was from <he outset, very    largely
us. .1 by other Fraternal societies for
busln s-i and open meetings. This
bu I.ling ba- for many years been tha
home of th' far famed old "Revelstoke Goat" upon whicli many a trera
bling no.'itiaie has safely rid len thru
the dread iniiiary rites into tlie full fel
lowship of his cho-in lod e. With
the pi ogres* of the town, the old hall
has become far 100 cramped for the
purposes which it is intende-d to fill,
some months ago the ledge acting Un
del pressure from o h.er lo.igi s all being united in the desire for letter quarters purchased an adjoining lot and
plans are now under way forth' tearing down of the old building, ,• nd the
erection of a grand n W, complete
lodge hall, toio t in tbe neighborhood of $25,OC0.
The building, we un.l rstand, will
contain a great assembly and dance
floor, and adciuately titted committee
rooms, whilst an upper floor will be
divided into club roo n- anl s i>all£r
meeting places, for the various associations expected to make constant use
Plans and specifications oi the< work
will be issued in theeai'.y spring, and
ih.- ne* butMing, a. worthy s'icfcesssor
to "The ileat old Selkirk Hall'thould
I.e comoleted in time to lorn a cosy
home for the lolgeei ere the snows o'
Winter come again.
Mayor T. Kilpatrick returned from
victoria in Monday last, witb absolute piomise fion the Provincial gev-
emment, thai a very substantial
grant wojid te made towards th^
building of th,; new high - -hc*>l, which
is to be erected in Revelstoke this
Spring. A bylaw for some $20,(40 to
complete tbc balance of tho ati.o.mt
tequirel, will shortly be put before
the ratepayers, and doui.tless will be
endors-d  by a large ma.ority.
The total eo^t of tho buildings and
fittings issjpjo-cd to be around the
$70,000 mark, anl tbe school in addition to undertaking instruction in the
usual high s. hool course, will provide
for Domestic S.ience courses, and a
complete eommercial course, includmg
shorthand and typewriting, bookkeeping and business correspondence.
The educational facilities premised
by such an institution Bre badly needed right today in Revelstoke, where
larenta are now fa'-ed wi.h :he necessity of sending th-ir children, and in-
e-id<ntally their money, out of town.
The n?w high school when completed,
will fill A ac ided want, and will go
a lens way to raaning Reielstoke an
i"1'' »t ".nl centre whi h its geograph
ic situation and the requirements of
the r.i; idly developing sunouniing
uintry  ne'ce-sjtateg.
In a I.iii ion to the foregoing a large
number of new and substantial dwelling bouses will be built this Spring
and Summer. Our growing popula -
tion must have, and demands, new
.lass of citizens who are making Revelstoke tbeir permanent home.
All the* erection* will come under
the Building Bylaw, and the figure of
J200.000 for new con-truction building
permits in Revelstoke for 1913, i„ a
Conservative estimate of the totals for
the first year's Building Bylaw re -
turns of thin city.
IM. R. Company's 0im
Drills will be held Thursday even-
irg as uiual. Gallery practice after
Os Thursday evening next, Feb. 13,
instead of tbe regular drill, tbe Company will indulge in a enow shoe
tramp over a selected course..All mem
bers bring saoyt abot*v
R. %*! SAWYJSlR, Captain. PAGE TWO
List Your Property Witli Us
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
j uiv ij. siu:i\m>. Pam.       j. i). siunu.i), jr, sh_\
Sir Rjichard McBride Makes Announcement Commissioner will Inves.igi.te into Disposal and Production—
rJ/VIeets with Universal Approval
Victoria, D.C, Feb. 5—The coal ques
lion in two of its various phases
wbie-h differently eflect tbc roast communities of British Columbia occupied
almost exclusively the' attention of
j urbane nt today. Primarily discussion centered ufon a resolution intro-
duc.-l by Parker Williams, in which
failing tbe passage of his former motion, :o comply wiih ihe rule* hc
sought to have a select parliamentary
rommittei' appointed composed of Er-
ne'st Miller, 0. E. Tisdale, and A.
Place to Investigate lb? question of
the ifg ic l.etwei n the Canadian Collieries Dunsmuir, Limited, and that
corporation's employes on the ground
that such issues childly concern tbo
matter of adequate precautions to assure the "--nf'ty (ef thc lives of workers
in the mines. |
Thf re o'ntion was opposed by the
I rime mini«ter, who traced, with tbo
production of nil the incidental i-orrr-
siond'n e. tha history ol the present
industrial a'jroemcnl ni Extension
and Cumlterlanl. jointing out llir mn-
ch'nery already exisiln; for adequate
investigation and that beyond this it
was not tb Function of the legislature
to Interfere in ihs settlement of disputes between employes .and employers Thf rffo'mion was negatived on
a vote of 35 to 2. only Messrs Williams
and Plac■. who respectively moved and
nded the resolution, voting alllrm-
itively, and th'' record of thc decision
being courteously cranted by the premier on the introducer's rcpiest.
Just prior to the rising of the house
th" premier in1 rod iced the sr. ond
r-hase of th? coal question, announcing
th.* Intention of the government to almost immediately appo'nt a special
- on r •■: |i • the Publi'' Inquir-
a ■ • i investigate and report upon
al! tl stan es  nn 1    i ondltii n-
ine lental tr, th" prolu.iion and sale
or oth- r dispi al In Uritish
It  w ered thai   during
es ."iis urgi nt  repn sen-
■  •  ma le to the govern
men;  in  this  regard the senior mem-
I ■   Vancouver in particular hav
tedly   d      led     pari intent's
attention  to    thi     annually  recurr.nt
' t iver during
win- r    ■       n  m d
to    restrict t
peratl •   . e to fuel
■ ons:' er
Tbs refusal of the lo al government
e     i r imtnission ba
upon th.      nten    in that inasmuch a' '
tbe pro lucl I sale ol c al I
tlnrt'y a featui     f Canadian I
cotnn nth   th"
Dom:nie-.n and it j more properly a
fan-tion of fed f to ere*U
such a 1       nal    f Inqu rj   a   . o :.-hf-
• ■    the resolution m this
mnr.   ■ ted by Docti        Mc
Iransi sion to the authorities at Ot
tawa. I'.ri ".-h Colui
ter Intimated tbat in 'he event of 'I.e
Cantd i-. ■".'•'!;:.•!,• failing to a I
thereupon action would necessarily be
tak'n by the ; ot In lal admil
t , -
The government al Ottawa do noi
feel :' I ••i'l in proceeding .-Jong
the 1 ••       I regarding thc issue j
ns one of purely provin inl origin and
ttt* I    This  being the rase,  Ihe    pro
thc coal production problem found a
seconder in Mr. Place and read as
follows: I
"Whereas, for a period exceeding
fne months a strike or lockout, bas
ixi.stcd nt the mines of the Canadian
Collieries Dunsmuir, Limited, of Vancouver island, and whereas, the said
strike or lockout has resulted in much
hardship and linnn.'ial lo s to the
mine workers and other citizens of
Cumberland, and Ladysmith. and
whereas, by reason of lhc closing of
thc mines in question a very serious
shortage of fuel has and does exist in
the cities of Vancouver and Victoria,
and whereas the mine workers believe
that lhe question at i-sne between
ihemselves and the Canadian Collieries Dunsmuir, Limited, is a question
as to the safety of their own lives,
while following their employment in
ihe mines therefore bc it resolved that
;i sel,. •( committee consisting of Messes. Miller, Tisdall and Place be ap
le.,in d to determine wh'ther lhe question nt issue between the Canadian
Collieries Dunsmuir, Limited, are ques
linns a~ to lbe safft'y of thc lives of
lhe mine workers witb power to call
for persons, papers, telegrams a-id
other documents, lo examine witnesses under oath and to report tho evidence from time to time to th' house
together with such recommendations
as  the  evidence may warrant."
The routine business of t-»lny's sittings   was   elistincily  limited,   interest
centering in  anew government      bill
which  prescribes regulations  for      th-
burying  of  human  holies  and  the ■ s-
tablishment and conduit  of a
mry  Legislation of this character has
not herat&ora found R P'a re ,.n     th.'
provincial statute boo
pic rca-oii that not until recently has
the mai"hoi of disposal of
its by cremation found favoi   with any
considerable proporl o
.-ial   community,    while   .1
I me It is only recently   .. .-
immigrants hav torn
■ dilation  whose
incline   them   toward  ths   •
the d-ad.
The art. and science of landscape
gardening, for here wo have both art
and scicnoe combined, is of paramount
importance to overy land owner whether to a humble city or town lot,
large estate, or the farm. The homo
surroundings can be vastly improved
and values enhanced by a judicious expenditure in landscape work, yielding
a hundred fold in actual value bt sides
affording a pleasure to the possessor
and the public generally that cannot
be estimated in dollars and cents.
Every boautlfler of his grounds is a
public benefactor.
The buildings may be ever so plain
and even homely, yet with the ground
surrounding them nicely laid out and
cared Ior. they are made charming; on
the other hand n building ever ho fine
if sin rounded by illy designed and
kept grounds, the effect is most unpleasant. It is manifest therefore,
ihat if we would have a really beautiful home we must pay attention to
its environment by a correct application of the means and material called
for in the art of laying outgrounda,
and while this fact is no obvious, yet
how often do we see this important
work entrusted to those without taste
and having little, if any, experience
In this very important work of lands' ape gardening.
Probably no firm in B.C. have gone
to the same length of specializing   in
landscape     gardening as    the famous]
Eraser  VaMey  Nurseries,  Ltd., of Al-
dersiove, B.  0.
These well known nurseries have just
issued a really artistic pamphlet which
deals  at  length  with  the above suq- j
.feet,   they  also  handle every  conceiv - .
abb' kind of nursery Btock and ship n„
damaged  trees.   Everything     , trictly j
first  class.   All  Spring shipping charges on orders of $36 or over are   prepaid.    See   ihir  ad  cluewherc  in  this
it mikei no dlffHvnct wlut sou 'Jgc.ic on
pluieClne this Bposon-—ve r.-n s-'ipl.v .run,
niiel with ,i,c finest i|u.sl!:j cl iiun«7 stock
eter grown.
All trees, r'-r.t*. vlop«. bwrloa, *>irut)S,
eveifmns, n.-,.. etc., lee.Jel hy us art? suar-
Ii Kill p.v j.u ti, i-t iii lonrti it',", u.
„   1 VI i'.v I i.AVirit NEEDS HI K BOOK- -
.32 PAGES, 10+CSTAMP5)
30X. A.AL0ERGRCVf:.5.C.
jrovemrnral propones to implement its pro-nis" <if a year bro nnd a
'ommisslon   -nrh as has been     nuked
for will be nani"d at once.
Mr.     Williams'  resolution   touching
ther rend very different aspect of
The hii-h • lecured
• •nt  for     his    ;
t prominent
.«iniir nn.'Celot'
A     Ran ■ ■
e      '
|70   to which the fnr .
log  that be had
.•on man.
hefore ior in- The dealer ..
that ihe   ■ is due
te, higher m,  •
the farmer   • invineod.
cn^ihy  argument   I    developed     'bat. j
ibe farmer  len years betorc had  paid
for the $fiO wataon with flflfl bmheleof,
cr.rn; .rim al   thai  Lime bringing ten
!•!.' per bushel. 'I will tell yon what
I will do," said 'he dealer. "You eive
me f.00 bushels of rorn for this Ul
w.iiron and Twill make you a present,
of tbe bent, reaper In my stock your
'Loir., of nurreyn and you can brim;
yourwife down and I will make her
„ preeenl oi the best, kitchen range
I have in lhe place, and will fit her
kitchen up corr^dete with new dishei
and <ookine ^P>nsil". Isit a bargain?"
It wa' n't.
ed Tenders will be received by
T.e Mioieter oi Landl not later than
r. -i 'lav oi March, 1313,
for the purchase of licenses Nos. XI,
U, in cut timber estimated at 1,-
720,000 feet, r.M.OOO feet, and 310,000
(eel ISM respectively, together with
'• 100  ra;l»'n7      ti''S » from
f.'rown land     ariioining  Adams Lake,
Kamloops District.
Particular!  of  f h ef  Forester, Victoria, IS ' I   N.lO 3m.
Itevelstoke  Land  Ijitrict.
trict  oi  West  Kootenay.
Take notice that I, Robert Arther
Mossman of Nakusp, B. 0., occupation Medical Practitioner, intends to
apply for permission to purchase the
following  described   land:
Commencing at. a post planted at
thn N. W. Corner of Lot MH
Thence West. 10 chains thence Houth
40 chains Ihence Kast 40 chains
Ihence North .'SO ehains to the point
of commencement, and contalng 160
acres more or less.
Dated November ,30th  1912
Robert   Arther   Mossman.
let  Issue Dec.  lith
fc This being the last week of our January Sale, we are going to make a clean
sweep of all odd lines.   Price reduced to a fraction of original cost.
Reg. $1 to $1.50. Sizes,
154 to 17 only	
SALE PRICE, 50c. Each
HEAVY RIBBED Underwear. Reg. 75c. per garment _.
35c. per Garment
Regular $s to$(>	
ODD LINES men's Underwear, heavy ribbed,
includ'g Stanfield Tiger
Brand _	
90c. per Garment
BLACK AND KHAKI colored Mackinaw Coats, best
makes.    Reg.  J6	
MRN'S SHIRTS, collars attached
cream ground, fancy stripes, 14,'^
1; la it nei Shirts, collars attached.
Reg. $1.25	
MBN'83UIT8, Tweeds, etc. Reg.
$20 and $22. .SO	
fc    BLOCK
™jO*r% ine. - JZti Mm/i6
DYB| one can buy—Why you don't evrn huve to
knowwhat KIND ot Clotb yourCooda u,c made
of.—-So Mistaken are ImpoaitlMe.
Send for Free CotOf Card, -*ilory   RookU-t, and
Bookltl civing ranltt of DyalngoT*rothw coiora.
Montreal. Canada,
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying yonr outfit oi working clotlies
for the bush. I make a
specialty of LoKKinK
Shoes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
KlanlJets and everything
reonire/1 in vour tiimiiinq^.
Fruit  Lands
Galena Bay landn in parcels of
10 or 20 acren or en bloc. Correspondence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Consisting of every conceivable si/e and niiike of
Huts, Gloved, Shoes and Underwear; also a mosl
extensive stock of  Neckiies of every  shade and
We have also a specially fine assortment of samples
for our Spring Clothing Order Departmeet.
Fit-Reform Clothing        Stetson Hats        Foot-Rite Shoes
Buy Real Estate in Reoelstoke
These  lots  nre 4-1(1 of  an acre anil are beautifully situated in
the west end.
The price,  $3!H, ntfans  that you are HOUND lo make money
on them.
The terms are so easy that you can pay  fur  them   without   auy
In Men's Furnishing Department
Rubbers, Sox, Tweed Pants, Heavy Top Shirts,
etc., reduced to cost. ....
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
..Swift's Specialties..
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd,
will refresh you with its  bright,   spicy
flavor and fragrancy.     Sold  in   1   lb.
lead packages.
35c., 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O   Box 208           QROOER A BAKER            Phono No. 23 .SATURDAY,  FEBRUARY  8, 191S
Tiie Capital of Canada's Alps
MR. INVESTOR.-Do you know that Property
Values are lower in Revelstoke than in any
town in Western Canada! They will not remain
so long, so get in now before the rise.
103 Feet on 8th Street at $1200 Terms
Modern House. Fourth Street at $ 1200    "
50 Feel on McKenzie Avenue A Snap
Modern House wiih 75 Feet Frontage, McKenzie Ave.$3600
A Good Assortment of West End Property at $300 Per Fot and Up
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
R. R. COLE, Manager.    Local Agency American Casualty Co
Sir Richard McBride has Donated Trophy to Best Hockey
Player in the Interior—Competition for Cup will be
Keen—Winner Must Accept Challenges
Grand Forks, B.C., Feb. 6—The increasing enthusiasm which has been
manifested in hoekey in the Boundary
and Kootenay cities during the past
few years is to have a new impetas,
word having beon received in this eity
that Sir Riehard MeBride will gi'O a
cup for the championship of tho hce-
key teams of the interior cf British
The information is contained in     a
lottcr from the premier to T.A. Lo-'O,
president of the Boundary hoekey league, the oldest league In the province.
The ne'W trophy will be known as thc
| McBride cup and be emblematic  if ibe
I championship  of hockey  teams ol  the)
I interior.
Tho details as to  the    competition
will  be arranged by the different lea
. gucs represented.   It is proposed tbat
; the champion     teams of   each league
I will  play ofl for the initial possesion
of thc trophy, the winner to defend it
in future seasons against challenging
teams which shall bo champions of
thi' league with which each is connected. For the initial possession a lories of home and home games will pi ob
ably be arranged between the champions of the Boundary league and tho
champions of tho West Kootenay leagues, tho winner to defend the eup against any other challengers from intor
ior e-iiies.
Whut is expected will prove the fast
est hockey match ever played in tho
interior of the province will take placo
in Ibis city next Friday cvcniii'/, lbe
opposing teams being Grand ForKs
and rhornix. Iloib teams are com-
I osed of players who are widely
Pnown throughout the west for their
hockey expertness. Next Friday'.-,
game practically decides the championship of the Boundary league and
authority lo play for the McBride eup
Special value in a   Hit Water  Bottle.    A  2  quoit Red   Rr.llir
guarnnti ed bottle     .S1.7-,
Chamois and bid Felt Chest Piotectors, Each      tl.JO
Rexall Cherry Cough Cure 36c, 50c.,fl.OO
Rexall Wine or Cod Liver Oil fll.00
Resell    Bj'pr {hoiphiles— (the   I est   tonic   we een  recommend)
Rexall Beef, Iron and Wine  $1.00
All Kon'l 1111 oinlii u grcreulcee lo give Eolisiaclicn or mc will
return your money.
WXXAaX * iocs
Mm Ohoes Coin
Now is your chance to get Shoes at
Bargain Prices. Sale vvill only last
for a few days. Come now and get
your choice at this Bargain Sale.
Victoria, B.C., Feb. 7—Premier McBride has not had any offloial com -
munication with any official railway
man regarding the extending of the
Pacific Eastern railway north to Alaska oi io 'he south for a connection
wiih Mexico.
The Pacitic Great Eastern is now
looking for a route iuto the Peace
River country and next year the question of lis extension in this direction
may 1 e taken up.
lt is within the realm of possibility
that when tbe Panama canal is opened lo traffic conneetion may be made
by the Pacitic Great Eastern wi'brail
ways to the south.
ed bis opinion of one sample that lay
I eforo him.
"It is on the basis of palmoll, only
it is not half so clean."
"This condition of affairs, lhe gene-
lal Hooding of the western market
with this class of stuff is simply a
lesson showing the necessity of moro
mixed farming," he continued. "It is
an absolute shame that figures show
that the production of vegetables and
other foodstuffs from the farm we're
practically ihe same in 1912 as they
were in 1908.
"Wholesale firms in the east are able
to flood the louniry around herewith
this imitation product, simply be-
cause there is no standard locally produced by which it could be judged."
W. have the medals which count.
Cil: iu anil see our instruments.
Over 15 000 now in Canadian homes.
Made to stand all dim.die changes.
Before the public for half u century.
Even home Bhould have a NEWCOMBE PIANO.
Pie-eminent for quality oi workmanship.
Illimitable class.    Ideal c instruction.
Artistic designs.   Perfecl finish.
Never suffers bj any comparison.
Only one class made   The Hest,
Second to none    A NEWCOMBE.
THE HEW COM BE PIANO CO.. LTD.    -   McKenzie Avenue
Revelstoke, B. C.   Phone 262
Head Of lire and Factory, Toronto, Ontario
• irt&zxsEmaEBPa.'i
Office :
Cumming's Transfer Co'y
Second  Street
tmczum.T li Titm^.'Acram .
3n the County Court of West Kootonay
holden at  Hevelstoke,  B. ('., In the
matter of the    "Tlans Cancellation
In the mallei- of the Application of
Richard II. Sawyer, to cancel portion of Plan 696 liled In the Land
Registry Offline at thc City of Nelson, B. 0.
Notice is hereby given that B Mo -
.ion will be made before" his Honor
Judge Porta at the Court House In
the City of Revelsloke, on Wednesday
the 12th March 1918, nt the honr   of
10.30 o'clock, in the forenoon or so
soon thereafter as Counsel can bo
heard for an Order that Plan C3C of
the City of Revelstoke in so far as it
affects Block 14 be cancelled and annulled and an amended plan now filed
in the Court House in the City of
Revelstoke an.l approved by the Coun
dl of the Citv of Revelstoke be substituted   therefore.
Bated at Revelstoke.  B. C.  this 29
January. A.D.. 1913.
Solicitor for the Applicant.
Approv.-d, W.E, MeLnuhlin. Deputy-
Registrar. 1st Iss Jan 29 lm.
Th ■ Canadian Farm in a recent article males a stiong plea for mixed
farming in tho three Western provinces wh, n it points nut that the cobf
of 1 i1. ine: tan be dcrea^ed by its
adoption. Thc article is in part as
"Ne' country in the world should bi
able to produce bettsr or cheaper
meats than those grain-growing provinces. Poultry of all kinds do well
and thrive on the wn-te of n.iny
farms where tbey arc kept while milk
and butler and cheese should be yielded in sufficient quantitie to a' i i
meet the ooal de'mands. Last year
Manitoba alone exported upwards ot
4.COO.O00 bushels oi feed wheat ■ ■> -
sides a •'"i'.v large quantity oi barley
while' she Imported more pork and
mutton tlian she raised, and lor
months laBt winter Winnipeg inipo -
ed milk from Minnesota. It is tot
because- oi difficulty in raising ihese
products nor of the want of a '■' ''
market for them that so few en • i ip
on mixi I farming. Nor is there a
f<ar that the soil wo Id he injured iy
in in.' een the e liie-uv hes of a ;ri ■ il-
ture. Evidence from every h.i id
pointi •■■ the • ase with which abund
nnt yields ar? secured and meat-pro
during animals developed. Las, year
tin Caiad'an Con rut i.n had surveys made o' 10,0! 0 acres ol in
land-, nnd learned from the mosl il
pendable sour ••■ that yi (Ids aro going back year by year, while weeds
are increasing al an alarming     ra'e
Nor Is thc remed    hai tl t'. find   m.I
. • I .y.   ii   lies  in    • it n ling    the
ration    ;-i  the     dire      I
Of     PrO   1   1        ' ' .1.1! e,       ' '
Uf.' ihat mpi >"*' i  In
."..::! .ell I 81        ll
-ii.1.- for     the   h       ro      if ii
the Weet.
The hapi leal farn bi and ih ipo t
■ ontenti d and r. ally pi osp i ou fa-n
Ily, are those who lind i ri fltabl i innl bis day* a week the year
'hiough and are able lo see Ihe t; ■
turns coming in Week i.y Woflk to
meel the emergencies of life, Su.'h
men hav.' a mot Interesting earner.
They are eldom troubled by gmvf'Ag
debt, and never run tho nsk of i io-
tract' d   privation.
w^m r
i?Vv T-rTjV.^:''"'■   ,--.*»   *
Coal miuing rights of tho Dominion
:n Manitoba, Saskatchewan nnd Al-
►•erta. thc Yukon Territory, the
S'orth-wcst Territories and in a portion of tho Province of British Col-
nnbta, may be leased lor u term of
irenty-one years at an anuual ront-
il of il an acre. Not more' than
! 560 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must be made
■iy the applicant iu person to the
Asent or Sub-Agent of tlie district
n winch the rights applied for are
Tne lease will include the coal mis-
ng rights only, but the lessee may
it permitted to purchase whatever
available surface rightg may be con-
si.!, ted necessary for the working ol
t ie mine at the rale of (10.00 nn
In surveyed territory the land mimt
be described by sections, or legal
-lib-divisions of sections, and in un-
surveyed territory the tract applied
ie,r shall he staked ou; by the ap -
plicant himHi'll.
Kach applicant mint be accompanied by a fee ol J.i which will he rati tided if the rights applied for   are
i et   available,   but   not   otherwi e.    A
shall    be paid on tbe mer
bantable output ol the iu.ih- at  the
r.ito of live cents por ton.
.■  |   e son opera     .  the mil
the Agenl
ircounl ing for the full yuan I   ..
;•   rcli im; ei,ei paj the
i-niity  11.. reon,   If  tbe ci il n
right! are not  hi tod,    such
returns should   I.e  furnlabi 1  al
lel.ee'    II    JtHt.
Kor full     information    appl
should be mado to the Secretary    eif
tbe Department of t he  1 itei   ir,   ot
tawa, or to tbe Agent ot   .Sub Agent
ul  Dominion Lands.
W.  W.  CORY,
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
To Clean the  Soot from
Stove Pipes and Chimney
"Imp" Soot
15c. Package
for one Week
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Some Snappy Prices to clear oue the odds and
ends left over from Our.January Sale.  •
Men's Fleece Lined Underwear  45c
Men's P. & I). Wool Mitts, Per Pair. 35c
Boys' Wool Mitts and Gloves, Per Pair  20c
Boys' Stockings, Per Pair  25c
I.j Pairs Men's Working Boots   %\ 90c    P
12 Pairs Men's Dongola Boots.  1 90c    9
p    12 Pairs Men's Heavy Rubbers, Sl values . 2 90c    6
P    Nine Pairs Men's Heavy Rubbers, ?3.50 values 190c    V
i = s
<j>     McRae Mercantile Co.  .  <j>
S Tbe Revelstoke Home of Soeiet'   Brai I Clotl >.
and M.S   Peter's I V
Imperial Bank of Canada %
Hoad Otricc-Torc-ttc, Cr.tn.rio. 0
Capital Subscribed            - G.OQO.OOO.OO 0
Capital Paid Up              -      - 6,620,00^.00 9
Reserve        ...       - 6,620,000.00 A
0 Total Assets,               - $72 I   0,1 00.00 0
r!ni Ipa  pel In.Cai                          Q
d Ci   • A
;< - V'-.y   t V
-8catt! 0
Saving*; B*r... D?r
Deposit* <-f Si <m.l upward, rea
current rati      m date of aepoait.   t   i
Revelstoke Branch- A. E
C><X>^<><K^O-CK><K>00 O-O
Brani bea ,    Ag< nl ■ <>i all ; r!ni: li
Agents in Great Britain and Cniti Lei Frgli
Lloyds Hani. Limited.    (
chnn^i Nal     i.i i .mk.   Beattle-
cisco— Wells Fargo Nei ida Nati ns! Llit»
Nation.; Punk.
Butter Mm of Palm Oil
Saskatoon. Feb. (i—Two lonB of but
ter were condemned here loday and
there i* several ton- more to ho examined. Thc nanii'« of the dealers
were withheld. This nioininR a start
Waa made on the examination of somo
two do/cn mote  samples of butter.
'Raw material for soap," was the
way  Commissioner  Selandcrs exprevs-
I    Revelstoke Land Distiict.
District of Wost Kootenay.
Take notico thnt I, Hamuel .Tames
Harlow, occupation, Farmer, Intends
to apply for permission to purchase
tho following described lands:
Commencing at n Post planted al
tho North West Corner of Lot 9323,
thencp west 40 chains, thenco south
40 chains, thence oast 40 chains,
thence north 40 chains to point of
commencement and containing lf.O
acres more or less.
Dated October 26th,  1912.
Vases, Bowls Comports,        *
Manufactured by  "Libby"
, %.•* *-^%.«.•*■%■%.♦*■%.■% -»a %^-a.%.^% %%.%%.^-% •».♦».%■%-•% »»-J
.. -a...    . ' t.-m>"S-
... V„.v- i  -■'^KJ.     \>
haiii'd lo meet the circumstances   ol
tho case.
The bill providing for the extension
of the boundaries ol Strathcona Park
11   wns explained,  wa-'  for  the suiting
aside of ihe tract of some sot) surface
miles comprising this provincial park.
In  r.ilt  systematic  prospecting     and
exploration of the luuk ami its euviro
amenta     had  progressed,  and it  had
been found that to realize the full advantages  of  the  territory  for     publio.
park purposes it     was necessary     to
toinewhat  extend tlve  boundaries     of
tho established reserve, so as to bring
|   within them features of exce'ptional in
5   ; ;e  i or of especial Bcenic charm and
ee   in  control   the  natural  and  iin •
ji   presslvo entry portals.
I      Tho bill as explained provides for an
£   increase of the park  hy approximate-
g   ly 201 square miles.    Uy this extension
ihere aie'  retained  within   tho     park,
the  four  lakes  al   Ihe  summit of  the
Elk river,     which forms ., centerpiece
for  th i     Alpine     territory  adjacent.
i  'i h r • ar i al o     inol uied     the peaks,
snow   fields  and  glaciei     constituting
ih • Ali ne sn tion of  ili i park.  Con-
i Inning - nub. the Allien:' area outsido
t lio  .e    lei n   I Ioi ndary  of tho park  is
ii i .1   i in i he now i'" Brve, while the
i.e th 11: boundary is advan e.l in ordei   to ini in.I ■ ihe A li  i i .it I.m nil v,
• ■''M a' P,-lces <" Buit ""V P°cko1   3  mid permil  , I pro ei  aci  ss b Ing ob-11
No nn ter whether it  i.s a high P'ado Razor made of the very  lin-
I   il, with  Fancy Handle or the latest   Sa'ety  Razor, we
\Ui n  yoj want a  reliable,   absolutely     guaranteed     Razor—
in-:i i:.
Ladies' Spring Suits
A Stylish Suit, black and white check,
Size 36	
Price, $18.00
Ho   11 mado Bpei -
.   ler 1   ai anl 1 0
Carbo Magn tie  Razors, thc oil
r.liable,  $2.25;  also  the eh..ice  of
h ■   1 Ids   lies'   I ran.Is  from   $1.0 1
■J   up.   linker- Clause 1:111 others.
A Smart Suit, Navy Hlue Serge, with
Fancy Lace Collar, .Si/e 36	
Price, $22.50
' '1 r, v   Twee t\   Suit,
(Teet.    Size 34	
Plain    Tailored
Price, $18.50
Ladies' Spring Suits
Black Navy Suit with Brazil Trimmings 	
Price, $40
Navy Blue Serge Suit, Plain Tailored
Price, $19.00
American Wash Dresses
Bought direct from uur Hesl Manufacturers in the United States. A'l
sizes from 16 to 42	
Price, $2.00 Each
Fi       I", cci 0.     Gillel    , Aut0     Strap,     Gem,    Every-Ready, 1     ,      ;.,.        he Alburn'. end.The lands
I  bj  their [hy l.al .hum 1 ri ti s   and
.11  fo iu il ion hi .'    ■ in . ally     usi
la       ave  ie r  uconie  pin pei' i.
The r ■■ ised  boundai i -   now  [>,o\ Ide
'or   h ■  1 ar'   an ar ,1 of     sis mare
I.'.      A . ■..: ■:    1.
■- :■
1 -1 tr—-a <&:-■
iat.il:':: jsstii
. 1   'it  maj b ■ found when   lhe   1
prefenl   '1 'volo] m nl   | ro    am  i-  com-   '•
'   ' I that a] ortion i ay I ■ without
lh±Tr : . ii    " ' i  leased.
WWT-1 TS.KIU.e2a11.-R
"     FULLY GUAEAN'J   f.D
Iiii.I.s   ADVANCED.
I ii     a '    in ■ ...   Lho     , i i .'atn
i   ee r   oi ■ i lho bills   for     The Canadian Courier, Toronto, will
il.' incoi  oration of Porl   :■'■  id   City        ,[   .   rtcon   ■     ng  1,   ios  lo     11    r
tl ■ :'ii li i  ii.. ii.i..; nt of tho :l i  ten  lo     Euro o,  lo     bo selected
Van o.ivir    barter, ;rom all o'er     Canada.   Any    young
e exact     Vl    1;::i,i ,,,:' '"' anan e  :':''!  !     Lha lady ilxurr  yeai    of a      or over, of I
■,,  . ,,..   ,,, annual report of the    ipirlntcn.ltnt ol ,,., : cl ire ter,  li   eligible.     For par
  .'hum a, ,i tfae hills  to i   lend   he       ■'.,   , ... ,!,•  ■  R,   .'.  Secord,    Box
uvrn ie at, ei.il     .   ic    act,    land- G7,  Cam lian  Courier, Toronto.     21  '
lord an I i man   a"l and ol in Ive wea ——
"i hi     an ed        lage
the wife of       a
le to t in» up h ir lm
■   VE
snamnaasaamamarsmamc ■■ sacimaanaBi
in >ultry specialties
iVliilc !■.■•;    i.    iii '.mii' 1 eh in m.I, iiiiii tiie pi ice l'i. !>, is the time to
tr) il   mi ,      '■•'"•-.   a 'h  eis   Crushed Iton   i, O ■•:■■.■ Shell,
•.. •., i        . ip,   Alfalfa   .Mi' il,   Grains  ol   .ill   '■•   nis,     ncludiug
> he .i   lUrlei   Oais, Coi n.
1     s
n ■ "
i orb \o ■ ■: ■ ■• ' ■''"'
on o       ■.'■..;. a ii    ;.,
1 0
.. .      ond iy wb
Ini '  i  of 'n in
i ■ '
: i. ihe bill provid
of     ll ■   1 i'   i.    .
an I tor tho
, .   ■ . 1 in   ■'.•
.ie,:.       i, de       '''
.,     . i.
thin perl
.   Vild
. 11
mend tl        . hi i
1 re ad In 'lho
•■' Pie itv of G   ' ■ '
n ■    al     Po
prompt     ' ■■  • m.
1   ■ '"-1'1 ' ni.
Mi .' n ■
i   ■.
igcs ■  --
OUR   FETCD   STOCK   is   also   complete   with
horl . Oil i il  i, Lin I, etc.
AGENTS   FO '. I  (    FLOUR     '.
f    r    I'.'l'   H     I'l    HU '      I '    ■'■    e    ,   1     111   '    ii.
V   Hobson
. .
. :; .   :
ta*mmmmmwmm*m*memm... .ao.^-.~ommca. t^,m*rm*i
Box 74
Jll j
\V.   P.VUir?
First Street, Revelstoke,  Tel.  No. 22
1     ■■;.    Ve
Hay .. I. ;      i  ill. . ilies
. ioating Sieves
Kootenay Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Hardware and Sporting Goods
■ ■   ood      co    ts off all <'.'".'
during i Janu iry.
toke.     I eli i hone No. 22
t    l! ent ion Paid to M ill   Inl i
». •
. ID
PiiroH 15 .>'i,   Balco
■; it  i''i'ii. i .tii
P 0. BOX 356
( i i /
' E
0. Co . nny 102nd, ron. ''• M.
B., h
■  111 ..  ....ill ha
ml. ami  Iti    t'riil.    evening
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14-th.   "
28th.     "
Match 14th.
28th,    "
Ap.i! 11th.
25th.     "
I    M
■ l i •   Rand   W   a 'licit j-our
R. M
. R. Dan
ce Committea
II. Brock, Chairman.
i lie ■! ju ni'i'. here.   Quick service.    PerfectCleanlinesi
e Prices.    Give r. i Trial.     "We Never Sleep."
Manager .....        .        . ..   .T.'oi   A     ■'   ■
During February There
Wiil be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During February.
Look at Price Tickets.
ns in
uniidren s nos«
A clearing line of Children's Hose.  Black Wool, Tan
Ribbed and Tan Cashmere; all sizes up to Ti and  lots
of thom at 3 pairs for $1.00 or each -	
lied h®rs>
In all the usual lines.   We oarry different le ;
all sizes,  at - ..
$1.50 to $5.00
!    ,
sL G
Anderson's Zephyr Old Country Wash Goods, with
wide bonier for t i'i mm ine:, in a fine range of colorings,
36 inches wide, at per yard 25c.
.! Old Country Prints, ths strong wearing, good
washing kind, in both light ami dark colors, full 32 in.
cloth, in a big range of patterns, all at p-^r yard 15c
Old Country Gingham in all thc new plaids, stripes
and plain cloths. We can recommend these forwash-
i ..- iO in. wide, at per yard 12jc
'.'. w I rinkleWash Goods, 80 in. wide, in white and all
the leading colors. Going to be very popular for
Wai; ts and Dresses this season.   At per yard l">c
EiiglisL White Cotton
Madapolm Fine English White Cotton for Ladies' and
Children's Under Muslin, the loveliest cotton yet, in a
range of qualities at  15e., 20c. and 25c.
Spool Cotton Standard- 200yards—Kerr's,   Clark's or
^oates', white and Black, any number, at 6 Spools for
English Chintz
For making Comforts an 1 Quilts, fuil yard wide, in the
Turkey Red and Paisley pattern?, at per yard	
*ti#' i in ■■■ii
b va  ^'a*' lai-jBasra
F u rni s Jiinsr
Any man can afford a new hal at this
price. Christy's Soft and Stiff Hats
in a variety of colors and shapes. All
sizes; the remnants of this season's
lines.   Good fitters and good lookers.
Sale Price, Sf.55 Each
a-- -.:'■ -
wer ^Gots
Sweater Coats
We have still a limited number of those 20th Century
Brand Overcoats on sale, and while they last, our prices
vill continue to make them snaps. The greatest amount
cf style, combined with the most solid comfort and
wear, mak: them exactly what is needed.
GRAY AND BLACK CLOTHS -Velvet Collars, dressy
and serviceable,    S VLE PRICE .   $15.00
HEAVY ULSTERS—Browns and grays.     Three way
convertible collar.   SALE PRICE $17.00
RAGLANS—Grey   or    Browns;   single    or    double-
breasted. SALE   PRICE—$19,00
All  the   Remains cf  this Seasorfs Stock Must Go.
B y's and Youths' si/.es in a variety of colors     	
SALE PRICE  85 Cents Each
Boy's and Small Men's Coats.    Greys and Browns	
SALE PRICE  $1.25 Each
Bargains in Shoes
WOMENS" ROOTS ON SALE. A variety of different
lasts and leathers in tans and blacks. You should look
them over.   All on the table	
Prices, 95c, $2.55, £3.15
- ^
Grocery anc
ockeiy* Department
Large Assortment of Pickles
Fresh arrival of New Goods direct from England
Mixed Pints       ;-, ■
Chow Chow      35c
Onions     35c
Girkins     35c
Cross and Blackwells Indian Mangoe Chutney
Quarts 85c
Fancy Sweel pcr bottle
Stephen's Gloucester Pickles
Sweet Mixed half pints toe
Sweet Spiced Girkins pints )>>c
Sour Mixed, pints    j.^c
30 OZ |'K'
Chow Chow pints    25c
Gofd Medal    Whiteonions 55c
C & B Celebrated Spanish Queen Olives half pints 40, pints, 75c
C & l> [unkei Powder, b >ttle  1 ^c
Bovril" for a Cold Weather Drink
The right thing for " Zero Weather." Have it in the House
Served Hot. It Prevents Colds. We have a new, cleanstock
recently arrived.
Bovril,   4 oz.  bottles  65
Bovril, 2 ox., bottles 35
Bovril Cordial, 20 oz. b iti $1 25
idBeef, 16 oz b »ttlea    Sl 00
Specials for Friday and Saturday
1 Pound Packagas 5 o'clock Tea  jeg,
Nixey's Stove Paste  bCi
Lowney\s Chocolates, 2 Cakes  tsc.
Roast Beef, 2 Pound Tins  jgjr
Roast Million,   2   Pound  tins      30c,
Nabob Jelly Powders, 4 Packages '.    25c,
Greengage Plums, (1 cans for       $1.00
Lombard Plums, f> cms for   $1.00 PAGE SIX
Hebrew Financiers of cTWontreal Would Plant Compatriots on Soil in B.C.—Similar Settlements Prairie
Provinces Proved Eailures.
T:..r   a large project for the settle-!
ment  of a section of the     Kootenay;
country ley the     Jewish Colonization,
As ■' iation, of Montreal, is underway
is  iiuii aii-ii  by the appearance in The
Provin ial   Gametic   of  an  application,
iy   that  a?-oriation for  a  water  lie -
tn--' to take water from Cherry Creek
branch of the Kootenay river.
The; application covers some' CO!)
i, ies. but thia is understood to be but
■the lirst of a series of applications for
.. si rig-hts a- regards a territory
ivhicl ■ 11 omprise more than 2,500
i   r ■   tn all.
It im- been a dream of the practical
1! !■■■■»• busine -me n of Montreal, for
more than twentv years past, to ib'-
i is . rni ■  which their co-religion-
. ,1'mih-    nationalities    from
tthern,  Eastern and    Northeastern
i. rope should !■■   given opportunities
I     gel   on  to th'' laml, instead of re-
■ ••• 1 in the ci'.ies.     Men
i thi de Sola?, the Jacobs, tho Blu-
. an ! other ol the     weaithy
Hebrew    of the big Quebec eity,     or-.
s=r:natel  the  idea  mor.'  than twenty -
■ .' yeai    a?o.
Settlements w re   .mum..! at various!
i   -  in  th    I'    :     pn finces,    sub-
. ■ :;   in   ilio     move-1
ent-1     '        ■•    Baron de Hirsh and
••■■•.        mad      at colonization
:     ..:•' ■ .        now thc
:    i.":. ■    . ■■'   -'.i ■ :■. i chewan.      Unfortu-
n    has  not  turned
the -        '- whii h was anticipal id
here and there through
th    Province   of     Saskatchewan,
Hebrew   colonic,   bul   they
■ rerj    ucce«ful a< farm
largely     owing to lhe conditions
n '. eb.   ili y   we t a   lo (ited      and
■ •'      '     lh    fact  thai   in  manv  ■ ases
the young people, as .-oon asthey get
lo maturity, desire to get into aline
of business which will bring in quicker returns than farming, even in the
wheat-mining style which makes so
many Prairie farmers wealthy in a
few years.
Now, however, the Montreal syndicate has turned its eyes to British Co
lumbia, and it has, through Mr. W.K.
Gurd, a solicitor at Cranbrook, secured the title to a number of claims in
the railway belt, whicli has been granted to non-Hebrews. It is now the
intention to bring out selected famil -
ies of Hebrews from Montreal, Toronto, Winnipeg and other Eastern cities
and place them upon the land, under
happier conditions than was the case
with those who were located upon the
Thc settlers will bo given their own
lands upon ibe' instalmenl principle;
they will be supplied with implements
they will  ha a of    th.-
instruction of men Rkilled in fruit and
vegetable raising; and probably there
will be ;l co-operative end to the move
menit by which the produce shall be
sold by agents of lhe association In i
the cities, especially in the East.
The plans for the actual working of
the organization are understood to be
now re.-eiving ihe final stamp of approval by the director- of the associa
lion in Montreal, but meanwhile tho
work of preparing lhe irrigation ditches and sluice-: will be gon.' ou with
and ii is hoped to locate in the coming summer. Mr. H.J. Haffner, who is
the Provincial agenl of tho Jewish Co
linization .\- -ociation', has been in the
■ ity for a few days, bul lias now gone
East to consult with his principals be
fore the plans of d ivelopment are
finally approved.
that she even went so far as to have
memorial services, and personally
pointed out to the men who risked
tbeir lives on the treacherous elifls,
the spot where his body would prob -
ably be found. She insists, howevor,
that she did not know he. meant to
The minister and his companion
are on> board the steamship Ballarat,
out from Tilsbury January 2>3, Ior
Australia. This was discovered yesterday, when Chief Constable Lind -
ley, leader of the searching party, followed up his lines of investigation.
He had decided that tho much-
mourned vicar was not dead, despite
the protestations of his wife. He close
ly questioned her again today, and '
elicited the information that proved1
she  was  telling an untruth. I
Then the motive was sought,      and
the    disappearance    of   Miss    Grimes, '
who is 25 years old and very pretty, '
was noted. The  elopement has  caused
a very decided sensation, not only in J
Yorkshire,  but in London. Much sympathy  is expressed  for  the wife,     who
has been left destitute.
The story Mrs. Knight told origin-!
ally    was    that, she and hor husband
were taking flashlight photographs on'
Flamborough Head.   He was on     the '
eilg.e of the cliff and several feet away !
from her    when, suddenly     overtaken
1 y  dizziness,  he fell  over thc  cliff  be
fore she could reach his side.
Write Ideas for Moving Picture Plays
You Can Write Photo Plays and Earn
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We have received many letters from the film manufacturers, such as VITAGRAPH, BDISON,
urging us to send photoplays to them. We want more writers and we'll gladly teach you the secrets
of success.
We are selling photoplays written by people who "never before wrote a line for
Perhaps wn can do the same for you. If you can think of only ohe good idea every week, and
will write it outNas directed by w, and it sells for only $25, a low figure.
You will Earn $100 monthly for Spare Time Work
I-VM-* "j—l~f~l   .Send your name and address at once for free copy of our illustrated  book,
i .tvJjiJji   "Moving Picture Playwriting."
Don't hesitate.    Don't argue.    Write NOW nnd learn just  what this new  profession may mean for
yon and your future.
NATIONAL AUTHORS' INSTITUTE,   :    1543 Broadway, New York City
mm policy
Off to ustralia
B.C., Pi      7—the nc es it ?
ning poii y in Bri-
t   . Mil upon the
•     of the legislature
rning by a delegation from tba
rade,      II      was
to the min-
il Ottawa to the effect
■ lr  province
tion.     Th" seven
> "        ' " ■■■ 'i.ce and also
. oa oi
n lm me.
mai  ■
I tl     -    I i  '.ut'     move-
-, ted attention I
■ at     i      ■"
I'he i"
■   ■
i :i
•' I
London, Kc'e. 7   A \• ry decided sen
ation was caused yesterday when i;
became known thai the missing Yorkshire clergyman, Rev. Albeit Knight,
who wa reported by his wife to hav
fai • ii ovei ihe' cliffi ol Slamborougb,
Head, was on the way to Australia,
and ai i om] anii tl bj Mis (Iri:.
pretty young ehuri 1: worker of bi
Th,' «ii,   '        ..    ted thai  . ii
her  hi, ",.■■  clitT    when
.eel;  of    di.  in
and the ti .ly had bei •
far 1 inemoi ial    i " .
had bei i        1 for thc 1 ar     in
Thc i. Imittcd
to the authorities that  tier    in
i    false,    She  stue.   tha;   h«
I  under '
Meanest Man On Earl h
Another candidate  for  the  title  of
meanest   man  on  earth"  has    made
his (dis)appearance,     The incident of
a  Chicago woman giving birth  to    a'
baby girl on a train in the St.  Clair,
tunnel a tew days ago will be remom-'
bered.   A philanthropist on board interested     himself     in collecting $200
from the sympathetic passengers, br.'.
thc fund never reached the beneficiary i
Tbe husband is intent     upon ninuinj.
down the guilty party.   To thai    end
extensive newspaper advertising     haa
been used to locate passengers on that
particular train.   The Grand     Trunk,
officials  hav,'  taken it  up  witb     tho
conductor of the train, but he was unable to tell who was the custodian of
tho  fund.   Thc  mother  .lid not  learn
i.t the fund until a Toronto newspaper
gave publicity io ihe generosity of the
; assengers,
Teacher of Violin
Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Winnipeg, and Prof. Frederick,
late of London, Eng.
Studio at City Hotel.
W.  H.   WALLACE,   M.B.C.S.A.
Box 203, Telephone 313, Revelstoke
Provincial  Land   Huveyor,
Mising Surveyor,
Mm Shews Not Allowed
Voting mi :.    Instruction   from Mayer Kei Police Devitt yester
day ord red the Starland moving pi •
tine show, at wl ivriment of
■es wa   tried ior the I
t time, 1               The   nsti - •
T Ink   which '.va.-- n'.-'
milar '
Rarristeri,,   Solicitors,   Etc.
Imperial  Bauk   BuildinK   Rev«l-
ite.C,    B.    O.
Money to Loan.
OfllCM—Rovelstoke,    B.   C     aad
Crr.nbrook, B.  C.
Geo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, J. A. Harvey
Revelstoke. Cranbrook
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
MOOSE No. 10S5
bat tl
• ■ lay was the
. I
ii    eca
ha 1 dc -
and Modern Photography; also Developing,
Printing. Copying and Enlarging. Prices
Room 1.     Lawrence Hardware Block, Revelstoke, 11. G
Meets     every first and third Tuesday    in  Oddfe.lows   Hall.      Visiting1
hrethern cordially invited to attend.
E.   Edwards,  Dictator.
H. L. Haujr, Secretary.
and A.  M.
Refc-ulai     meeting! are beld in MASONIC TEMPLE,    Oddlellowa'     Hall
oa the Thir.' Mi ttday in each month
at 8 p. ta. Vimting brethren are
titilj   ...      ae.
A. G. BR0OKER, Secretary.
C. W. O. W.
amp, No. at
Vtt-a'.t *
tb   .,-.    .-iH'.lairk
Hi. are
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
Reserve   -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
* 3,000,000
t 4,1100,000
Has 83 BrnnciiLS in Canada, slid Agents and Cot respondents in all
the Principal Cities in the World.
Interost allowed at highest current rate
Revelstoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
a ,
Ilie Globe Lumber Company, Ltd.
s   li:
.   '
Tb     di
I '   M Br .     ie
on  nvnin;-    ti, ■■■  bin
Set Cabinet Sneezino
LomJo.     Feb. I   Thi  Bipre     ayB
(hai  th.' who!"    a ra       '   Buees»
■   te"-day by the . im iltaneou   n ■
■y fa<-h minister at the house of i
common* of "tiflrairette letters     <:un-
taining -rU p , ,
Thomas A. Edison'-.
Blue Amberol Records
havo increased f rm enjoyment of the
Edison Phonograph
An Edison entertainment hi : that
the opera, concert ainl vaudeville   I
I he use of Blue Amlx-rol Rerords means that tl
selections, dearer, sweetrr and longer, can be repeated
thousand of times with the tame perfect results.   And
ihey arc practically unbreakable.    AO- \, der to
play tome for you and you'll be convinced
lltnm.. A. RiUmrt. fa*, 100 iaalr.aia* Art.. Ortnee. t\. J. U. S. A.
A complete line of Editon Phono»r.pht and Record* will be found et
■    r
■ • • " i     i   irs in,- i rasing   In
(  Mall at 8 <       • I siting;
hretbrt . ,t«i|.
■Kit. 0,
'.'il.h RAJfOB LOCOS,      K   of   P.,
NO   «.   RBVBLBTOKB.  B.  0.
Battl tvtrf Vittlntmlnf except ths
Third We'lnewlar of SMI rm.ntli In
*/rlrIf«|J.,w«- flail at I o'eloek. Vlatlt-
lat Kalfhta are eortUallf Invited.
r. m. TKiutv. o. o.
O. H. MROOK. IC. of R   * 8.
m of r.
Lumber, Latb, Shingles, Cement,
Plaster, Tar and Building Paper
AI Doors and Moulding.
£. ftcllmoyl,   Agent
Phone 254.        Third Street, West •SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1913
High Class Residential and Day Schools
A. B. Tait, Emj., M. A., Principal
Tbe staff of Masters in Langara is
an exceptionally strong one.
Boys prepared for the matriculation examinations of Canadian
universities or for the entrance examination of the Uoyal Military
College, Kingston.
Careful supervision of the pupils
in their games as well as in their
Special attention paid to the development of character.
Miss Margaret Ross, Principal
The most modern buildings and
most efficient staff of all the giris'
schools of the Dominion.
Bach mistress a specialist in her
own department.
Regular training in gymnastics by
a competent mistress.
Both schools are under the management of "Western Residential
Schools, Limited." Winter Term
opens Tuesday, 7th January,  1913.
Applications for admission should be made at once to
Dr. E. D. McLaren,   1497 Pendrell Street,   Vancouver, B. C.
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing C&
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone 281
Night Phone 40
P. O. Box 465
Howson C&> Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C&> Co., Ltd.
Then take advantage of an exceptional oppootunity. Call
at BINGHAM'S MUSIC STORE and inspect our stock of
Mandolins, Violins, Guitars, Accordeons, Piccolos, Flutes,
Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Albums, etc.
EDISON PHONOGRAPHS and VICTOR GRAMOPHONES. Also 500 Edison Records selling at 45c, (usual
price, 65c.) and a good selection of Blue Seal Unbreakable
Records at 65c. Good stock of Player Rolls. Selling at next
to cost price to clear.   Come Early and Get First Choice.
MacKenzie Avenue, Revelstoke.    Phone 262.
Sash, Doors, Mouldings' Turning;
W   are in the manufacturing business
Sash,  Doors, Mouldings,  Turnings, Show
Cases,  Office and Bar   Fixtures,   Storm
Doors and Windows made to order and all
kinds of repair work done in good order.
We have a full line of building supplies, lime
cement, plaster, ^Hard Wall Finish, bricks,
Sewer Pipe, Plaster Plaster Board, Roofing
cTWetal, Lath and all kinds of Glass, Oils,
Paints, Varnish, all colors and tints.
Much pleasure in quoting anything in the
Building Line.
P. O. Box 295, Revelstoke, B. C.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufaeturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
Be reasonable! Don't send vour hard-earned money
to China! Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only. Be progressive, and
have your washing done by the West Kootenay Steam
Laund.y.   Regular collector and delivery service.
Phone 80
It Might Be Cold.
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Ourjrecord of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, -       Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Veteran Cellist Collapsed During Vaudeville Performance
—Was Darling of British Public—Composed Famous
Broken Melody and Played Same befora cTVlillions in
English Music Halls
London. Feb. 3—Auguste Van Biene,
tho actor, composer and musician,
died suddenly on the stage of the Hip
podrome at Brighton, where ho had
been performing hiB piece, "The Master Musician," which has replaced his
famous  "The Broken Melody,1'
Ree-ently in speaking of the change
"If I hadn't changed it would have
driven me into a lunatic asylum," referring to the fact of his many performances in his original work.
"Tho Mnster Musician,'' like tho
"Broken Melody,'' afforded Van Biene
opportunities for showing his wonderful work with the cello. He had three
boIos, (he last of whi.'h had the same
melody as "Home, Sweet  Home."
At the conclusion of this, the curtain goes down on "The Musician,'9
who is collapsed in his chair. Van
Biene had gone through two performances in compressed form at th»
Hippodrome,  whieh is a music hall.
When he fell back in his chair at
the end of th.' se'cond performance,
nobody in the audience thought it was
anything moro than the usual finish
by the playing of "The Musie ian's
last melody." The stag* manager,
however, ordered the curtain down in
a hurry and hastened to the chaie of
"The musician." The colli ict had
played his last tune. He was dead,
probably fiom heart disease. Ho waa
born in Holland in 184.1.
Union  Hotel
RATES,     .     $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals for $6.00
A. P. LEVKSQUK, Proprietor
Laughton C8> Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
Strictly-First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigar;     Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBBET     ST03STE     PEOP.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
fSLi.   [respects. | |
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
E,   a    BURRIDQE
IO.        IO -■ 	
afWTrWl!        Cl
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Oonnaught  Avo.   •    Rovolstoko
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42 -   Night Phone 85
Ottawa, Feb. 1—The railway legislation whieh is earning before ihe house
ol commons, and its big railway com
mittee, this year, impiesses the fact
that railway builders of today and
those who are obtaining charters for
the future are recognizing that electric
ity is the coming motive power. A
striking example of that point is
shown in the bill now before tbe house
with respect to the Calgary, Edmonton and Fort MeMurray Railway Co.
This is the company which is obtaining a charter to build into the Peaoe
River country, a line 2,300 miles in
length in all, a regular transcontinental, or at least trans-Dominion in itself, and for that great undertaking it
is asking parliament for the right to
use steam and electricity as it may
see fit. More than that, it is securing
the right to develop alectrieity and to
distribute it along the line of its route
to municipalities and private parties.
The securing of the right by charter
to generate and dispose of electricity
is not in any way new in railway
eharters. But in the present case
the wording of the bill makes it plain
that the company intends to generate
power and use power, and to dispose
of "its surplus." This it will be enabled to do by use of thegreat water-
powers in the north country through
which it passes and which will thus
be harnessed for thc first time.
Thnt a railway project so vast as
tbat to be chartered for this company
should lie proposing the us.' of electricity over parts of its line has attracted some attention here, particularly among Ontario members, who
are best  ae-quainted  with    the      de -
velopment and application of electric*
a! energy,  but  an examination  of tho
railway legislation that is before tha
house     and committee at the present;
time shows that mii'h of it     auticl«
pates,  if it do:s not actually        provide, for tbe use of     electricity     aii
motive power.   And this is so of linea
of great  length  western as    Well      as
eastern.      The Peace River      Railway,
already  referred  to  is       aa  example
Similar is the charter which is   being
granted  to  the Dominion  Northwestern Railway company which plans la
I build  from  Retina  to  Red  Dot,    AI-
! berta. and with branch lines to Bat -
' tleford and Fort McKay.    Anyone who
takes  the trouble to look up      these
! points on the map will see that  they;
| are in no respect neighboring    points
j but far apart,  more than tbe    width'
I of a provinoe separating them.
| ...An  interesting  radial line projected
i in the oast is the Quebec Rapid Transit   Railway   company,    which     plans
. lines east and west from tbe city    of
| Quebec along the St.  Lawreix.-  river
i a&J also a  line  around the  Isle     ot
i Orl -ans, with a   connection   bridge to
the mainland.
dealer pays
Joftlr than for
any: other, but
Jie's satisfied
fo do
so in order
to sell you
the be'st*'*
More Bread
■   and Better
"   Bread
Washington, Feb. 1—The free li-t ot
the American tariff, whieh is ot most
importance to Canada, furoished the
basis for the final hearings before tha
house i ommittee on ways and means)
yesterday. The Underwood free \',->t
bill, passed at the last session of Coa
gress, proposed to put on tbe freo
j list agricultural implements, cotton,
■ bagging, cotton, leather, boots and
I shoes, fence wire, meats, eereals, and
bread, flour, timber, lumber, sewing
machin-s, salt and other articles. Ta
nearly all these, Canada is competing
with the United States. We're all
these to be put on the free list, it la
admitted that the tarifl bill would
diminish the revenues of the United
States by from ten million to fourteen million dollars and it is generally,
believed that this balance would be
transferred from thi- >ountiy to Canada.
Representatives of most of the farmers in tbe United States were present to protest against tlie placing of
nvats. -creal- and other foodstulfs oa
the free list. They argued tbat ifl
would enable ('anadu to come into the
American market and rein C the pro-
ii thuu amis of \mcriran (aimer*
Th.y contended angrily that tin Dem
• proposal was r\cn worse than
;■■ dent t.i.'!'- Reciprocity Bill, be-
■ au-e ih. people if ihe I'nit«l Suites
under th" Republican administration,
Bed :m equivalent from Canada,
while in the pre (Ol instances 'he farmer would be ■ t ■ ed wiih no return from Canada to thc country at
Mo-t of the Democrats on Uu wny-i
and meant committee smiled quietly,
at tlie arguments that were made, bav
Ing ju-1 received an Intimation from
Preeidenl elect Wilson that he expect!
th.' leaders in Congress to re-pass the
Underwood free list bill in order tha'<
faith may be kept with thc people who
wer.' promised, in the campaign, that
every effort would !>e made by the
tvmn-rals to reduce tbe .'ost of living
Forty years in use, 20    ye»;s     the
, standard,  prescribed and recommend.
Sold by A.  HOBSON "d hJ P***1*"-   *" Woman'. AU-
Drun Ctai/l-!mU| Dr' Mitel's Female Pills,   at
REVFLSTOKK your dmCfiet.
i «•%%'•>% %evevwv*vev%«V»
LOCAL AND      |
N.  R.  Bennett of     Vancouver, paid
Revelstoke tt visit this week
is  of  Camborne,
Arthur Evans
town yesterday.
Tb:' Vancouver bonspiel opens on
March 17th.
Th- Presbytery of Kamloops will
i. et in this .ity on Feb. 2.")th. and
vill likely lie in session for two day..
It .- a ; oint of wisdom to bc at
peace with men and at war with vicos
.—H.  C.  Chapman.
Mr. Burgess, inspector for tha Cale-
, , :. an Fire Insurance Co., was in
town Friday,    He left last evening for
1'.      ei-t !
A ;. e. ire must be bought al the
pi e ol : ain. For the '.rue. the price
i paid lore you enjoy It; for tho
i ,   e, af   r you en oy il.  -John Foster
See Chas. M Field about that Life
Po cy you are contemplating putting
i nintb- rompany of which Lord
Strathcona and the President ol the
U .:.k of Montreal ar.' directors.
Mr.   A.   HoVon.   on  Thursday   last, '
reeeivej th- -ad news of the' death of
tn-  mother, whieh  took place at  Pic-
ton,   Ontario,   on   Wednesday,   February  5th.
F. Hartwick
last  Tuesday.
•ume in from thu coasl
J.  P.  Westman of  Calgary,
the city yesterday.
Mr. 0. Cameron of Golden, wa
was  ui  visitor in town last  Thursday.
C. H.  Richardson of New Westminster,  paid Revelstoke
this week.
Montreal,  Feh.  7—Another step  towards the advancement of mixed farm
ing iu Alberta and (he west has been
a  business  visit   (.lk|,u by the aPtR,    Cowg and heiters
coming into Calgary can be     shipped
Miss McGojhn of Arrowhead, and A.   from   the  oasl     at  a    milch    reduced
S.   Noble of     Comaplis, were Revel-   treleht rnt'''   This wil'1 make lhe c°s*
-toke vHtors this week. j <|f lhe mtt'° to tho fanner much less
' and will encourage those around this
R.  Pickering and W.T. Porter, both  crty io bring in a few head and com-
of  Vernon,   were  transacting  business  menoo raising stock as well as grain.
here thc  middle of  this week.
A.C. Yoder, ihe gonial manager for
Lindsay Bros., of Nakusp, paid Revelstoke a visit Ihe fore part oi this
Mrs. G.B. Nelles and H. Nelles, of
Heal on, wero in town yesterday at -
tending the funeral of the late G. E.
Among Southern Kootenay visiiors
to pay Revelsloke a visit this week,
wciv Percy Shove, of Comaplix, and
J.  0.  Kingston of Nelson.
Get a dozen picture postcards for
$1.25 from Alf Pearson, the' wizard of
outdoor photography. He ean take
any  outdoor scene life like.
...James, the Chimney Sweep
in town, and will give prompt personal attention to aU jolts. 'I'hoae Ori,
ental Hotel, o'.' write, Janus, Tha
Chimney Swe. p. C. 0. Oriental Hole'. RvveLtoke.
Ladies Tailored Suits, to Order, the
s back latest New York Fashions for February are to hand, have your clothes fit ,
ted, and get ihe best. We are now
pre] ared to fill all orders for Ladies
Tailored Suits for Easter.—Cressman
and Company. 2t.
Eighty-five per cent of all headaches
are the result of     Eye-atrain.   It you
;,.■   treble I Ihat way, consult Dr
I.   Taube on W i     visit to
Hall.  Revelstoke,  B.   C on Tuesday
February ISth,  1913. 3t.
Remember ihe date of visit of Dr.
S. L. Taube, eye sight specialist of
S. the Taubo Optical Company of Cal-|
Diamond gary anl Vancouver, who will be at
Diamond Hall, Revelstoke, on Tuesday, February 18th, 1913. If there is
enything wrong with     your eyesight,'
The freight rales on cows and heifers
is reduced b.v nearly half from all
points in the cast to all points in wes
tern Canada.
In the past, cattle whose pedigree
was produced could be shipped into
the' wesl at a reduced freight rate. The
rates we're confined to this class of
catllo only, but now thc reduced rata
applies to all cows and heifers. This
will help dairying to a gteat extent.
Already several carloads of excellent
cattle hav.' been received at tho local
yards and were quickly snatchi'd up
by the farmers. The mixed farming
fever, whieh i.s now nn epidemic in
Alhceia, is spreading at an alarming
late. The railroads have taken up the
movement to encourage stock raising
to Ihe greatest extent, the govesn-
ments have spent money, and have
sent mixed farming trains through -
cut the province schooling the farmer
in the knowledge 0f rattening stock,
and raising cattle to the best advantage. The newspapers have published page after page on instructions
and advice to thi' intending farmer in
regard to mixed farming, and altogether a wonderful revival has taken
plaee. The farmer who a year ago
raised nothing hut grain, has now a
few eattl i on his farm and his plans
for  the future  is  to raise both wheat
Railroaders,  beware.  Do not  pul on   (]o|),t fa;,   (Q consuh  bi
life or accident insurance' without tirst
looking over the attractive anel low
pric-i policies offered you by Chas.M.
Fieid, in his sound and reliable eom-
I anies.
Only four companies settled their
losses in full in the San Francisco
earthquake an 1 tiie'. of which the Lon
dor. Assurance C.irpo a'ion was one.
This company paid out $7,000,000 in
that disaster, their policies are written here by Chas.  M.  Field.
CM. Field returned home on Fri -
day morning oi this week from a
week's business trip to Field and other eastern points. He says the Ban!!'
1 on-piel will start on the 12th inst.,
and it :- most likely that a Revelstoke
i Ink  will co io Banff.
The local lodge- of the Brotherhood
of Lo omotive Firemen and Engine -
men extend a hearty vote of thank- to
th- local officials of the C.P.R..    the
All  work   «nd s'ock.
absolutely guaranteed as tested.
The public are cordially invited to
the serviees in the Presbyterian church
next Sunday at 11 a. m.
3t.j    The high price of cattle  is  perhaps
the one thing  that now standsin thc
way of some farmers.    When they  can
secure  th.'ir cattle  at a more  reason -
Winnipeg. Feb. 7—Norval Baptie,
world's champion speed skater may
be instrumental in reviving amateur
speed skating in western Canada. It
is too late to do anything of an extensive nature this year, owing to the
lateness of the season, but Norval has
plans under consideration for next
These nre nothing less than a series
of invitation meets in the big cities
of western Canada, such as Winnipeg,
Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, v'ancou-
and possibly Victoria.
Baptie believes it is possible to
bring out the best in the amateur
ranks. The list would include Bobby
McLean, of Chicago, Wheeler of Montreal, and Logan of Toronto. With
Western skaters lining up against
these cracks Baptie is of the opinion
that speed skating would again come
inlo popular favor.
Baptie has been touring the west In
company with Miss Isabel Butlei, Nor
val says it has been th • most successful tour he has ever undertaken.
Baptie arrived in Winnipeg yesterday and will holiday for a couple of
days at his home in Bathgate, N. D.
He will be i oaipelled to continue hi<
tour alone for a few days as Miss But
ler is now In Chicago undergoing au
operatian for an injured toe. Baptie
will probably give an exhibition in
Winnipeg about  February 20.
Norval is still open to defend his
championship laurels. A Saranac
Lake promoter o.Tered him a scries of
races arainst Lamy and another star
professional, but the inducements were
not of a nature to appeal to th? Bath
gate wonder.
lt will be remembered that Norval
Baptie was in Rovolstoke on New
Year's Day 1912, w-hrn the skating
rink fell a victim to the tire fiend.—Ed
Fourteen Young Ladies to go to College and Ten to Visit Europe.
The Canadian Courier of Toronto,
Canada's great National weekly, bus
arranged the most magnificent educational offee that has ever beeu made
cn the continent. By this offer fourteen young ladies to be selected fiom
various parts of Canada, will each get
a year in a leading ladies' college and
ten young ladies will have a trip to
The twenty-four fortunate young
ladies who share in one of these opportunities will do so withoul cost to
themselves, the entire expense of the
college course, or the trip, being paid
by the Courier, li is a mnguitieent
offer, and hundreds of youn; ladies
will lie anxious to avail themselves of
tho opportunity, if they possibly can.
Great care will be exercised In the
selention of the yo;ing ladies who go
io college or enjoy Ibe European trip,
and only girls cf excellent character
will be accepted.
The advertisement in the classified
. olnmns of Tlle Mail-Herald gives information regarding where to write
for particulars of tbe offer.
the subject  ab,e  rate_moro in  kei,pinp  wit:a    thl,
will  be    'Working au.l  Shining,     and   „..„„„*    ,       u  ,. ,
amount of cash  they have on band—
then every farmer in Alberta will    be
convened  to mixed  farming, and  the
best of cattle will be found in     this
province  in  large  quantiti s  both for
killing and for dairy purposes.     This
last step on tho part of the C.   I'.   R.
to reduce the freight rates     to     the
at 7:30 p.m. "Hypocrisy.-' Sunday
se hool nnd adult Bible classes at 2:30
p.m. On Tuesday evening at 8, tha
Y.P.S. will meet, and on Wednesday
Prajcr meeting will be held at 8.
Court Mt.  Begbie No. 3461     I.O.F.,
will hold their monthly social evening
Aii $500 Hen
cn Monday, ihe' 10th inst. A first j weat on cattle will help the farmer
class program of vocal and instrumen- j considerably nnd will place thc pur-
tal music ha- b.'en arranged, and a'lhas,> I"'1"" '"' dairy stock within the
whist drive will form  part of the ev- j lvnch of ,h,! majority.
ening's entertainment. Every member
is expected to attend and bring two
friends. The entertainment committee
promises a good time' to all wbo attend.
During  the     I,ent.ii season a question     box  will be conducted at     St.
merchants and all others who assist,•! J KraI1,.is ,.mlrrh.   A box  is placed     at
the entrance to the church, into
which may be dropped questions con-
eerntng  matters  of Catholic  do trine
Cattlemen in Calgary are of thc opinion that within the next year thero
will be moo- e-attle come into alberta
than on any previous year. Tho^e who
are bringing it in are .-ar.'iul io select
excellent stock, and the very be'St .attic in the Dominion should be found in
Alberta in the n"ar future.
to make their first annual dance euch
•al success.
In spite of the .old weather, work
rontinues uninterruptedly on th' Ad-
jax mine, part of the famous Nettie L
group, -om- forty sacks of or- per
day l-ein.; taken out and held ready
for ;hipni-nt to Trail smelter as soon
as the lakes are open to traffic.
Th- children? choir which ha< just
■t<"n -tarte-i at Albert Canyon, in
«onnection with ihe Presbyterian
ahur-h services, rendered beautifully,
»n Friday evening the inst., an an -
Hem entitled "Of sU h i- the Heavenly Kingdom." An anthem and a solo
v,:'.;  D.V,  tee e-ontributed ea-h week.
At tho Sunday evening service, t:
questions will be answer.-d by the |
In the Baptist .-hurch on Sun lay the
pastor.  Rev.   E.J.  Chave,
on   the   following      subjects— Morn ng
"The Paradox  of  Idalism.'    •>•. er.-.n.-
"Elisha,   Wonderwork.t  tod
lor  of  Kings"   Sunday  scho.1      and,
adult Uihle class at 2:30 p.m. B1
in  tb"     Book  of G-en"»i-     A I  .
■a- I nnie to all Service's.
. All Oddfellows are requested
to be at the lodge room Thursday evening ne'it. Important
hu-ines-. By authority ,>i Bulld-
a   a   a   a
a   a   a a
■"e      7—Th'' annual
Mi    (IBS'.   Wilkie.   P.L.S .    arr.v i
in town   yesterday!  after     witi"  » ■
month              t the coast completing     '"     ' '     M    ateto Lumber Man
,  'or  the |.,          -                 '      ■ -    t.   wl!   Ufc       .
Mr    Wilkie                               ' "     ''                **   ln   the
•rade  rooms,  and   will
■ ion through OU'  il.-   nr]  ■
AC. men-   ana    -»       	
The   Revel -   sb"":v  open  up i permanent:
• arm    -
Th' fir-t Canadian contingent tha'
went to tbe Boer war were in.siire.1 ior
t:   ■• u    ic I '■ a   end!1?' K
Guarantee  Coi      tt r,n.   The  Rew.
fin Brigade)      ■  al.o    insured * ittag fa ths Lawren *
i D  account  of      th*'la>     ™ tl" ''"y  *'"
■tag     '    '
■ n  tbi     '.:      et,  h"  will  make R*v*!
stoke ins headquarters
St. Louis, Mo., Jan. 27—Blood will
tell. Lady Show You proves it. Sho
has been demonstrating at the Mis-!
souri agricultural experiment station
and has laid 82 suci-essive days, and
231 eggs in a year!
Lady Show You first came into the
limelight in May report, when Director Qui-enberry said of her:
"There is a Plymouth Rock pullet from Illinois No. 717, that has laid
Ci conse.utive days. She appears heathy and vigorous, and we hope she
can continue her good record for at
least a few more days."
Hi- hopes were realized for the little lady went right on and laid an
iggevery day for nearly three months
After laying 82 eggs she missed one
day an 1 then got busy on the job again, laying as regularly as the sun
'This hen is conclusive proof,'' says
the director, "that it is possible to
have- both utility qualities and fancy
or standard bred points combined in
the same flock and in the same hen.
This hen is breed from a male and
female whieh were both winners in
good shows.
This Iwn herself shows her good
breeding. IT IS all tommy ROT
are in hopes i be farmers and poultry
breeders of this 'Oiintry will endeavor
to combine both qualities in the same
do k ns we fiad them in this hen."'    I
Can any ol the local poultrymnn
beat this.-Bd.
One of the most brilliant games of
bosketball that was ever played in,thee
gym was played last Wednesday between the Has-Becns and th' Never-
To say that this game was fast is
speaking very lightly, Our friend the
si/vretary is certainly a star when it
comes to playing basket! all. -Men of
every vocation were on tbe line-up,
namely, jewellers, dentists, electricians
ticket sellers,  plumbers druggists etc.
The Referee Was a very impartial
man, and did his hest, but it was of
no avail, the players would take no
notice of his whistle, until he got after them without gloves. The teams
were so energetic that they would not
even wait for half time. After play -
ing -15 minutes the score stood 17 to
25 in favor of the Has-lic"'-, but uy
outrag.ous cheating on ,.e part of
the scorer the score stood 25 to 27 in
favor of the Never-Will-Bees. Watch
for another game.
On Monday evening at 730 a meeting of .the basketball captains will bo
held in the Y. This meeting is to arrange for a continued schedule. All
captains arc requested to be present,
with the names of nU present memb -
ers oT their teams who wish to play
on the new league.
On Wednesday February 12th,     the
old  schedule will  be finished. A good
game is in store for     the basketball
public, when thc Pirates and     Boneheads meet.
Boys' Bible Class—Tomorrow morning will be story Sunday in this class
The second Sunday in eaeh month is
devotedto this paeticular line of work
Any boy in the city whose age runs
from 10 to 15 may become a member.
This class meets at 10 o'clock sharp,
thosewho come at ten minutes after,
are considered late, and are taarked
so. There are 27 boys on the roll now
but room for more.
Men's Sunday Meeting—On Sunday
afternoon at 3:15 thc Rev. J.W. Stevenson will be the speaker, and Mr.T.
Pagdin will bc the singer. Both these
men are well known in their ^different
lines, so that a treat is in store) for
those who attend. Meeting starts at
3:15 promptly. Do not forget to bring
the  other fellow.
Inspector Denton returned this morn
ing. from a trip west.t    •
Dr. Hamilton was called lo Salmon
1 Arm Friday afternoon to attend an
i inquest.
Social and Personal £££ kkk ecc xxx
Mrs. Lindmark is sick with an ol-
. lack of the grippe,
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Sibbald ltft
Friday evening to Spend a week or ten
days at  the coast cities.
| Miss Fraser, aeting-.mntron of lho
hospital, had the misfortune to Hprein
her knee, and is off duty.
Dr.   "Shearer of Toronto,  who    hnB
been     conducting     meetings in evi-y
i town on his way to Vancouver,  ,.;a/e
a very enthusiastic     address ;•,     ,-t.
John's church  on  Wedn s lay evening.
The West End Bridge club mot (ti
Tuesday evening at the hoine of Mrs.
W.M. Lawrence. The prize was " on
ry Miss McConn dl and dainty refresh-
men Is were served.
The Young People's Society f ft.
John's church held a sociai evening on
Tinsilay after a short program of
vocal and instrumental music, everybody joined in a shadow game of silhouettes, which was extremely amusing. Reiresnments wire served about
The Snowshoe' Cluh will make a run
up the Jordon, leaving the post office
about ten o'clock Sunday morning,
crossing the Columbia above the
bridge and then lasl the Big Eddy.
Those wiJh'ng a healthy experience,
come along.
At the annual meeting of St. Johns
Ladies' Aid, hid nt the home of
Mrs. Haug. on Third strict, thc following officers were elected for tho
coming year:—President, Mrs. Nicme-
ier; Vice-President, Mrs. Laing; Secretary, Mra. McBean; Treasuier, 'is.
Smieh Urquhart.
The SnoWBhow club of the Methodist church, hnd a most delightful
tramp on Wednesday evening last,
After a lengthy tramp, Miss Evelyn
Clay entertained thc party to a dainty supper. Music and a good social
time Round up a most enjoyable
evi ning.
Mrs. Wm. Armstrong, Third street,
| entertained a party of friends to a
' very enjoyable progressive' whist on
Wednesday evening. Five tables play
ed until nearly midnight, when delic -
ious refreshments were served. The
ladies' prize, a hand-painted vase,
was won by Mrs. Wadman. The gen-
tlemcn's prize went to Mr. Nicmeier.
while Miss Hooley and Mr. Sutherland
were sonsoled with two com! al aw -
ards. Instrumental music and sing -
ing closed  a very  pleasant evening.
Mr. and Mrs. H.L. Haug, en'ertain
ed a number of their friends on Wed.
nesday evening last, at their home on
Sixth street. Rnowshocing was indulged in till ten-thirty, whon lunch
was served followed by Cards, Whist
being played al Five tables. Mr. H.
Carpenter and Miss Boilcau were the
lucky on^B in the flrst division, while
Mr. C. Kennedy and Mrs. H.B. Benjamin had to be content with the consolation prises. The general opinion
seemed to be that with a little brushing up, Weary's whist playing would
be really marvellous.
in (bit company. Th" -peeial agent
for this company is Chai M Field.—
Besl i ol: y in the market -.s ued to all
i  :      .illy to railroa b'.'s.
Allan Libby. n bridgeman on the
v r.i ir.-, loo, wh.:- cribbing Inside
{tunnel No. 2, east of Field, last Tuesday, MJ 20 feet on a rock pile. the
Jicrtffol'd -AVighing half a ton feel on
«hhr,. He wn- taken to Fi"ld and will
b- at work again in a week's time.
Dr. Gordon of Field     was in attend -
Wr. Sidn»y Holmes, on the htafl of
the Forest Mills of B.C., Limited, and
Miss Brick.II, riaplam, ItOnAon, were
married on Wednesday, February 5th
in Calgary, by Rev. Clark. The happy couple arrived in Revelitokc on
^Thursday evening's train, where they
intend making their home. Quite a
nsmber of the boys turned out on
Friday night and gave them a true
Reveletoke recep'ion. Cow belli, tin
cans, and the usual ehivari parapben-
n'la was much in evidence until midnight. The Mail-H»>r«M joins in wishing  them ev ry happi
G. B. Chocolates
Th" ph nomenal growth of M.
r.*-s represented  in  It 0   by  the w«*il
■ •ci ■!■•  pn     • ,
ind COI e nib*
-ir s .,p*ratioens and the     outlook foi    he     oming  yar.    It.
understoo'l   -hn'     ■ . will
be mad» tr,  •(),. Dominion government
r'lrardin?  the need for protection    on
I ihe lower it-riuto* oi lumber
The posi'eon  of   ^" rotary  ^  ,[,,,  ftf>
known firm of Knowler ,,n.l Maeaulay  f0ctotiOB   'in' I *tf* time beM   -,y W.A.I
of 27  Alexander ftrsel   Vancouver,     il   Aflstle,   who:-  rmt'irtnr tOSCOept a dir
elaimH  to a great measure  • n lie due   f'ornhip on the  Forest   Mill    Limited
to tbe real merit  of the    andy.  which j*'11   ■>• rlH-     A'"'"1,  »r>   or 40 lumber,
is extremely pure and totally free    tA™. ''r™ *"  Pn''   °* 'h" ,n"rlor *r'
„   .      . . ,i gathered   ,n   th"  rity  i'or  the  msetlnc
all  foreign  matter    These    ehocoat.es   t_  ,,.„   , .„ „    ,.    ,     .
I In  'he evening  ihe lumh»rmen will be
are manufa •tur-l nt Bt, Stevens, Vew   noils .,
Brnniwick,   where-  !.",00  men  and  girls'
are employed. who turn out t.hirty-
tboustnd pounds of chocolates per
day. The line of • andy pn. kages arc
designed by the most noted eiperta of
the diy and it. is a rceogniwjd fact by
nil candy expert* that the O.B. eho
rotates for cUmUdsss and purity carry the palm. Theae choice ehOOOtoteS
are handled by all the first class local
merr-hnntn.    Have you tried   tbeni-'
a lianquet at the Hum'- ho'*!
io th* m'm!*re of <h* Ve|«on board
of trad* «nvt the d*!nga»»R to th* n 10
H\ Valentine', rmnio. Drill
Friday evening F.-'.ruarr Mlh
forgi '   t.h* dnte.
Now that the double tracking t.hnr'
lown Is nnnounc*d, watch Rnv.-letok*
realty  values grow.
Splendid Pictures
TI." M'nr moving picture theatre.
I.nv* l/een -bowing lately, some ex-
eeptloaally food picture and ths
managerm-nt as-*rt that they will
ontinnc to iscurs the best obtainable
fllnu, thank, to an arrangement r*-
c'n'ly on.plet.-d with two l.-ading pro
during bouses in the ea-t Th*M lirms
epecialise (n j^.-ense Films, and have
on theti list an e-ielu iv.- s'nft of
tict who figure in the dramas and pho'o plays bnued under
th.'ir tiade marks.
Th* Path* Weekly News letter It
proving a genuine attraction.
Among th* sp.-ials booknd for nn
early app'-arane-* hefon Rcvelmok* nu-
die&OSS a< th*,Htnr are "Cn-rt*r'i Uet
F.gh'", nnd the "Oreat Ramham ft
Flail*y Clr DS Attractions" th* last
named IHng the first, serious attempt
t.o gdvn    representations of   bareha.-k
srrd   arenn       performance*   (n     moving
ff the Star ran keep the present He.k
up, lh*y will ...ntinii* »o deserve the
.erf large pntronnge which Is being
given   tlx-lr   roqy   ninus*m«»nt  hotlnel
Birthday Party
To ree-eive a genuine surprise on
his 50th birthday, was tho pleasant
experience last evening of Mr. A. McRae who was quietly enjoying an evening at hone', when ubout thirty of
his old time friends called at the
houso in old time surprise party style
The aflair had been well prearranged
I y Mrs. McRae, who had kopt all the
in rang'inent-i  from  her husband.
Mr. A. B, Kincaid made an admirable master of ceremonies and tho
songs and rceitationB which occupied
the chief position on the program,
wen; well nmdorod and appreciated.
At 1:30 a sumptuous repast furnished by Mrs. Mcltae was heartily par -
taken of after which the remainder of
ih* i.vi'ning was spent iu story telling
-ongs nnd music, Mnny of the old
time stories told on this occasion
would make sensational reading for
the public if It bad been put in book
This pleasant evi-ning wus brought
to a close at 3 30, after singing Auld
l/ang Hyne, nnd Tbey are Jolly Good
Fellows, after having passed a heaety
vet* of thanks lo their hostess, Mrs.
j The Amateur Dramatic Club will
1 present the three act farce-comedy—
"Captain Rncket" at th" Kmpress theatre on the evening of Thursday. Feb.
20th. The proceeds of this perform ■•
ance will be devoted entirely to thn
Mrs. Oould benefit fund. The Rovelstoke Band Ore'heslra havo offered
their services free; all advertising,
printing, etc., is given gratis, nnd it
is hoped that the public will respond
liberally by purchasing tickets, whii-h
will be on sale next week in all the
stores. Reserved seats plan nt C. R.
I Macdonald's drug store.
WANTF3D—A House   maid, apply    to
Mrs. Walter Bews.
March 7—"The Roaary," Bmpress theatre.
April 21  and il—Juvenile Boetonians
at the Bmpress theatre.
Foster Week—L. A,
nual Danoe.
B. of B. T. An-
O. H. Nadeau of Three Xallny, was
among tbe many western vieitors to
town tbe end of this week.


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