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J8L'W.A   %SUJL\Jl
Vol. 12,-No. 102
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Hume 4 Co.
Five o'clock tea, dainty lunoheon nr dlunei will not be complete
without an assortment uf these Fancy llisciiits, This New Shipment
has just arrived anil is here lur yuur dimming.
McCormick's Water Ice Wafers lfjj£ft tilfi, •*.
McCormick'% Lady Fingers and Cracknel!'s Biscuits.
Patterson's Cambridge Wafers, Oatmeal Wafers, Graham
Christie's Reception Wafers in 2 Ib. Tins, Zephpr Cream
Sodas in 2 ]/, Ib. Tins, and Sweet Mixed Biscuits in 20
different varieties.
Several Lines in Huntley & Palmer's, such as : Assorted
Alaska Wafers, in tins, Assorted Carmencila Wafers,
Salt Wafers.
Nice Rich Walnut, Acorn, Dinner, Folkestone, Macaroons,
and Household,
in 1-2 Ib. 11b. and 5 Ib. Boxes—just arrived.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
If you lire looking for something nice in SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" for Souvenirs, we have Ihem here.
J.  GUY   BARBER, -    jRg»S
Fall Term Opens 17th Sept.
Prospector's Course.
Commercial Course.
School ol Science Course.
For particulars apply lo
Rev. W. i. Slpprell. Principal,
New Weslniinster, B, C.
ROOMS TO LET-Piirnlshetl or unfurnished, from Pi to $14 per
month, Apply to K. A, Hauhkn, Real
Estate) and Insurance Broker, Ilevelstoke, B.C.
FOR SALE—Second-hand Range for
sole cheap,   Applv to  ,1.  B.
(Irkhkmax. Tuiloi Shop.
We Have the Finest Line
of Toilet Soaps in the City
We have food Soap at all prices
from the lowest to the highest specials
1.—Mechanic's Soap, v\'^ms.
2,—Red Cross Skin Soap.
A atilt'iiillil lienlinj; soap, gum! fnr complexion.
3.—River's, Roger & Ballets
Pear's Colgate's and Taylor',
Fine Toilet Soaps.
Pure Olive Oil and Cucumber
Soap at 5c per Cake.
Red Cross Drug Store
D. NAIRN, Phm, 11,
*i3ti At *Ti iti iti if i ili iti t"h tti«" At At At At At At At «<**■ At At A. A, A, >'
_ '.J,1 lty *jf \[p '-J,' 'J,1 'J,' vp ij>*JJ 'j? *V t^i Wl ill m ijp ity ifi fll m Iii mi illt
ii Including,
Kltohen Tinware, Wall Lamps, Brass Kettles, Handsome Brass w
Kettles, Handsome Brass Fern Pots, Brass Candle Sticks, 9
Brass Blnner Cong*, Carden Spades and Watering Pots, 9
Brass Fir* Fenders, Whips and Halters, Drawing Room Coal 9
Vases, Brass Spirit Lamps, Cash Boxes, eto. 9
These goods are imported Irom the Best Old Country
iiuiiiuliictiirers. It is a pleasure to show these goods. Call in
tnd see them,
To be Rushed Through at Next
Federal Session and Then
Laurier Forces Will Go to
the Country.
Toitu.vrn, Aug. 14.—A special to the
"World*' Irom Ottawa says: "Sir Wilfrid Ijaurier's trip to thc Western
Coast and tho probability that lie will
address the Manufacturers' Ausociu-
tiun Convention in Winnipeg, and
the news lhat Hon, Mr. Aylesworth
will lie there also, have caused political prophets to surmise that everything is being made ready fur an
appeal tn the country within a month
alter the next session uf parliament.
A man in the councils uf the party
tuld yuur representative tunight that
the next session ol parliament wnuld
lie the lust unc uf the present liuuse
His idea is that the tai'itl' will be revised in the interest nf the most persistent and with the view of catching
the popular fancy. Sir Wilfrid Laurier will put through legislation with
the intention of classifying his political
career and on u wave of unexcelled
prosperity appeal tu the country.
Said my informant: 'At the next
session of Parliament, greater representation will he given to the We6t,
and a measure of tariff reform will be
meted out to meet (lie wishes ul the
Western fanners and others, propar
atory to going to the country.'"
Interesting Lecture by Professor Shutt, of Ottawa.
A meeting was held in the city hall
last night under the auspices of the
Fanners' Institute. The Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mr. J. it. Anderson, and Professor Shutt, Irom the Experimental Farm at Ottawa, were
present. These officers are making a
tour of the province Ior the purpose of
investigating the soil iu various parts
and proving its fertility for fruit growing.
F. Fraser took the chair and introduced the lecturers to the meeting.
Mr. Anderson, on rising, stated that
this was the first time be had had the
pleasure of speaking in Revelstoke on
fruit growing and was pleased to have
been able to du so. He then defined
the work and origin of the Farmers'
Institute, and the privileges a member
received. He was pleased with the
general result of the fruit growing industry near Revelstoke. Professor
Shutt, on being called upon to address
the meeting, commenced by saying
that he was disappointed and surprised that so little real work had been
done on the land iu Revektoke district
and that no advantage had been taken
of the great possibilities of the soil,
and what little work had been done
was without method. The markets
were good and the town bad made an
almost phenomenal development, but
he was disappointed to find no systematic effort had been made to supplj
the demand Ior fruit and vegetables.
The rainfall was gnud and the suil good
in must parts nl thc district, The
prolessor then descrilied the various
kinds ol soil suitable for Iruit growing,
and alsu the formation uf such soils
dwelling at length upon the "humus,"
or vegetable matter, which was the
most important part ol it. He ex.
plained the uses of manures and the
effect of lire on land, the excessive use
nf both being injurious tu the soil.
Rapid growth was essential fur vegetables and the Revelstukc suil was especially adapted lur vegetables, and
alter a little draining, fur fruit, The
effect ol nitrogen un suil made an interesting subject, and after giving a
lew words of advice us regards planting, etc., aud also complimenting the
district on water supply, Prolcssor
Shutt answered numerous questions
from members ol the meeting regarding fruit growing. Mr. Anderson, rising again, gave a short lecture nn Iruit
tree planting, pruning and general
care of an urcluird, and finished by
saying that if Revelstoke could muster over 20 members to the Fanners'
Institute, a lecturer would be sent
[rum Ottawa at slated times to hold
meetings and discuss agriculture in
general. Mr. Fraser declared a vote
of thanks to Prolessor Shutt and Mr.
Anderson un behalf ul the meeting and
brought the proceedings to a c.lnse.
The extreme longevity ol Richards
k Pringle's Famous Georgia Minstrels
is the best evidence of its worth, For
over a quarter o[ t century the public
has lieen amused by these dusky entertainers. Never in the history ul the
"Georgias" has there been such a program of good things offered as will lie
seen at the Opera House on Tuesday,
Aug. 28.
A big new "First Part," arranged by
Clarence Powell, lively with bright,
new jokes and repartee, lively music,
handsome costumes, beautiful scenery
and the latest in all songs and music,
Ten new vaudeville acts will be seen
in the olio, including tlie latest absurdity "Jim Jackson."
There will be no '*ong waits between
acts. The curtain will never hill until the final act on the program,
"There iB more fun than a circus,"
is what is claimed for the "Georgias."
Pleases svsry smoker the "Maroa
How  the  Reward   May  Be
The authorities lire trying tu arrange for the distribution ol the $11,-
500 reward offered for the capture of
tho men who held up a 0. P, II train
in British Columbia. Five thousand
was offered by the Dominion Government, an equal amount l,y lhe railway and $1,500 by British Columbia,
The seven mounted police who participated in the capture cauiiol accept
government rewards, bo lhe 11. C.
ollicers have been pressing for the
whole thing. It is probable the five
thousand will ho'divided among the
seven mounted polico and the remainder among llie B. C. ollicers,
Union Labor will Oppose Reduction of Chinese Head
Tax—Plenty ol Men if Fair
Wages are Given.
Vancouver, Aug. 14,—The union
labor niun ol British Columbia, as
might be expected, are prepared to
oppose, if it seems necessary to them,
the concession asked lur by the Kootc-
ay Growers, ol a. remission ol the prohibitive bead tux on Chinese in favor
of agricultural laborers and duniestic
Frank Phillips, president of the
miners union in British Columbin,
"OI course we are against it. There
is no scarcity uf labor. Any man that
wants laborers can get them if lie will
pay a fair price. 1 cuu get it guod
many right here.
"A lair price? Well, $3 a day. A
niun can't live in this country on any
less. Now, ranchers don't offer any
such wages as that, and that is the
reason why white men dun't, care to
work on ranches.
"Can the fruit industry stand the
payment of Biich wages? I don't,
know. II it can't, the sooner it is
dropped, in my opinion, the better.
"But, judging from the prices
householders here have to pay for
berries, I think the growers can ulfnrd
to pay decent wages.
Tho landowners here claim that
thoir land is the best in the world lor
Iruit growing. If that boast depends
on getting cheap labor it should be
withdrawn. Other Iruit countries get
on without Chinese labor ur any cheap
labor, and the growers make good
"If the Kootenny fruit growers can't
do that, and some ul theni are quite
willing to try, they ought to get out ol
the business and make way for better
men that can."
Mr. John Brown, writing Irom Ymir
to the Nelson Daily Sews, says:
"The fruitgrowers sny thnt there is a
considerable loss caused by tbe want
of labor. They never think of the
loss it would be to the working class
of liritish Columbia, who hnve families and cannot get work. I wonder
il when the snow is on the ground the
inosBbackR will take the thousands of
men and feed and clothe them? .
The working man will have to compete against them till the Iruit grow
ers are ready for them in the summer.
The Iruit growers need not be alraid
ol not gett'ng enough white labor to
pick their fruit, il ihey pay anything
like ii fair living wage."
J. G., writing to the same paper,
lays emphasis on the offoct which the
low class Chinamen naturally hnve Oil
the children who nssuciiitc with them
in the houses in which thoy serve.
He says:
"Some people will sny: 'Oh, that
is all nonsense,' but us the mothers
encourage such classes ul people
around lhe liuuse, children arc mure
pt tn take their habits, and when
Ihey get older they will even slaud up
and lell their parents that, there are
lliosc Chinamen they hnve engaged lo
work and they sen llieni do so and so.
Our missionaries who are sent out to
those people in their own counlrv will
lell you the habits that they billow
there in China and how long have the
isfliunaries been trying to enlighten
them and what have they accomplished? Nothing, And then the
lowest and most degraded class comes
ovei'the seas."
Tbo result ol the draw in the Bevel-
sloke-Goldcn lawn tennis tournament
is as follows:—
men's singles
Revelstoke Gulden
I), Nairn captains H. G. Parson
F, S. Congrovo E. I'luwrigbt
F, F. McGowan A. II, McClenniighiiii
Itev. J. It. Robertson E. M. liussell
,1. Guy Barber II. N. Itcid
W. B, Robertson G. II. Aston
UIHES' sinui.es
Miss Spurling   captains M rs. Spragge
Mrs. Elson Mrs. I'luwrigbt
Miss Hardv Mrs. Griffith
Mrs. McLennan Miss Yates
The doubles and other game details
will be arranged by the captains and
play will commence Wednesday morning, 22nd August.
A cordial invitation is extended any
of the members ol the tennis club tu
come ou the 20th inst. to attend the
Sports' Ball.
Lowney's Iresh chuculiites just arrived, in bulk and in boxes at Bows' drug
King Edward and Kaiser Meet.
-Anglo-German Entente Cor-
diale.-Persia's Monarch a
Figurehead.-Disastrous Fire
in Russia, ^lij
London*, Aug. 15.—Much speculation is indulged iu regarding the visil
of King Edward tn the Kaiser und its
effect un European problems, especially witii regard to the "Near Kast,'* on
account ol the critical condition of tlio
Sultan nf Turkey. The meeting is
generally believed tu be an indication
of improved Anglo-Gorman relations.
St. Peteiisiujuu. Aug. 15.—It is
learned here thut the Shall uf Persia
has granted nil demands uf the progressive party, which practically abolishes ull his real puwer, leaving him
only a figurehead.
St. John's, Nld, Aug. 16.—The
Newfoundland government bus put in
force an act passed last session imposing a poll tux uf $300 on Chinese.
The assent ul Imperial government
was obtained Iiefore this step was
The Canadian and Newfoundland
governments are negotiating a modus
vivendi respecting the Labrador
Syrzan, Russia, Aug. 15.—It is
learned that 1)8 people were incinerated in a lire which destroyed a greater pint of this city recently.
Chicago, Aug. 15.—Paul Stensland,
the fugitive president ul the Milwaukee
Avenue State Bank is supposed to be
biding in Nelson, II. 0.
Vancouver, Aug. 15.—While insane
laBt night Mrs. Juhn Couksley, ol
Victoria, dashed through the glass of
a window in a romi in the bouse ol
the waterworks caretaker at Brockton
Point. She sprung over a bluff and
was drowned in the Narrows.
Y. M.T. A. ~
Some idea of the strength ol the
Young Men's Christian Association ol
North America and the interest which
tlie people take in its welfare, may bn
gained from the fact that within twu
weeks the AsEuciiition completed can
vasses extending over periods of two
to thirty days, and received pledges for
the erection of new buildings amounting to more than $2,500,000. The
associations, while making an minimi
gain in their permanent equipment of
$1,500,000 to $3,000,000,11.11-0 never
before made such a record as this. The
amount of real property added to the
associations this year will undoubtedly exceed $5,000,000. Large private
linns have donated very handsomely
towards this movement which has
done so much lur the improvement
and devclnpment ul Canada's youth.
In Revelstoke alone the (lunations
have been liberal and the city can
boast ol as good and well managed a
branch as any city twice the size in
Nurth America. The building is thoroughly up-to-date and scrupulously
cleiin and has evory facility for the
amusement and recreation uf its members. Mr. Ralph Connor, of literary
fame, wroto a must complimentary
letter to the Ilevelstoke Y, M. 0. A.
inclosing a handsome, donation at the
time the present building was in
From oar own corrosisindotit.
Tbe lung wished for rain has come
and now the orchards will suoli begin
to pick up again, alter the long spell
nl dry weather.
C. Ilaines, road foreman, has nearly
finished the repairs on the section
frum Mm lis Bros, tu the Hill and will
commence wurk on the new road (ruin
Blind Bay. This road has been long
asked tor and'has been badly needed
by the Blind Bay people.
Camping is very popular just nuw,
the talr sex predominating in this must
delightful form ul amusement. The
"tent settlement" ut the landing is
daily swelling its numbers,
Outbreaks ol fire are lieing very
carefully guarded against. A fire
starting in the forest near Carlin destroyed a large part ol MoLeod's oamp
consuming the sleighs, sheds, etc., besides badly damaging the sawn timber.
A number ol intending settlors and
prospect.,,™ have camped in the district and are making arrangements
about purchasing sume land near
Blind Bay.
EDMONTON, Aug. 14.—G. T. P. engineers arc at present examining u
new pass tlirnlieh the Ruokica. Its
location is not definitely stated, but
the engineers are quite satisfied that
it can bo crossed easily. The grades
would nut be unusually heavy, and the
ennstructiun eust would be moderate,
Tbey arc alsu ut wurk iu the Yellow-
bead and Pino Ilivor Passes, oonSO*
quontly the route which will be
ultimately lulluwcd by the ruad is yet
Next year Great Northern triiinB
runnlngover the Northern PaoiHo from
Seattle south will bring Vanoouver
within 10 hours ul Portland, two
through train running each way ovory
Jelly Powders, Quick Puddings, Etc.
will give a demonstration uf Pore Gold Goods in our store on Friday
and Saturday,   We shall be pleased ro have all the LadieB
come und test these well known goods.
We havejleft ajfew j-Acre Villa 'Lots, suitableJiforJJFruit
Culture anil Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after.this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agenrv, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For all kinds of up-to-date aud reliable furniture
and house furnishings go tn
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
j Bread that is White!
I Rolls that are Light!
t Cakes Just Right!
Thai Mill ALWAYS BUY It'.
Manufactured and Guaranteed by
| The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
f        FOR SALE BY
111 III (
liiclu ling ■,■ * '       ■* i . ■ I, 1    ted BI Li -
I id i iiii; ihcyi u hu    -.: ;■   I   I '              I2.fi
Hi        ■ 1.3
Quart*?** **       " i'"
■■;... i-i. ,-i ■- iv ;■ line iii'-t Inscri
5ccot£ pel line each -in*- imei i  Iim r
Measurement' Nonparicl 112 Hu   mak"
mch].    Store   nnd   g< m    I 1-inlni
nounci mi ut* --- '■   per limb per nn-
Prefeired  j.ii-iiinii-.   :'.i    per   eenl,
diiii vil.  Births, Marriage-*"    nil  l)i
50c   eai li Insertion,   Tii:-    .
Land   i.'  ■'■■   JT.-50    All  advert iseiu
subject to Uio approval of Uie ■
Wanted and Condensed Advert Uemcii
A&enu Wanted, Help Wauled, Muni
wanted.    Si nations    Vacant,    To-"'
Wanted, Mechanic* Wanted, 10 mini
;..- ;'". .. each additional Una I"   <"'
* : i _■■■- ;n standing adverti-enn    ■
ba in by '.' a. ni. luesdnj and Mao
ci li week Labocuro good .li-plny.
J )\\   K1XTING promptlyexcouted at rawon-
* *  .  : itflS,
; i.f.Mr  < a n.   - - * cnptloi - puyablo in nd;
l.l!.' >*.
OHHf 'POND! SCK Invited on motion ol
public inioretit Communications to Ldi
■  be   icoompantcd  by   name ol
writer, not necwwarily fo publication, hut
. otgood faith,  torratpondonai
should 1"* brief.
IISH"- 1    IMI-IIIIUI.   H.NI-'    lll'llll.    I'.I'VII
BTUKB, 11. 0,
Money to Itxin,
Iti  ,   ■.,'„,,. H.c.; Korl s'it-,-1,-. ll.(.
GEO, -. Ml '  .'.KlKll.
A. M   I'lXKHAM, J. A. Maiivi,-.
It, -..i.-.tiM-, 11. ('. fori Sloolo, HI
J. M. Scott I.I..1' V!. [.Urine
Barristers, Solicitors, Etc.
Money to I.".n
b0uc1tuhs fob molsons bank
First Street. Revelstoke, B.C.
Provincial Laud Surveyor,
Mine Suivoying
McKenzie Avenue,
Box nm. Revelstoke,
Mini.nh Engineer,
(Mom. Atii-riiiaii Instlttito MlnliifJ Englnccrnl
Canadian Mining lii-iitiiif.l
Revelstoke, B. 0,
Examination ot andVoporte on Mlnornl Pro.
pertles ft Special! jr.
"Zbe flSail-lberalb
"1 would . ■ . earnestly udvlso1 limn (in
thoir good to ordor thin paper to bo punctually
served up, and to bo looked upon ns u parlol
tin- tea equipage."—Addison.
We say that justice is'swift! and yet,
what kind oi justice will bo measured
out in the case of the millionaire blood
poisoner? Those men who have for
years been systematically poisoning
human bluud un several continents
with diseased meat, filth and rubbish
are no less criminals than the men
who break the laws uf our community
and take human life. Iutheformer cose,
unfortunately, the law has not made
any provision, and these men arc
allowed tu still live in milliun dollar
mansions with their names on the
roll ol society, while in the latter case
it is a life fur a life, according to the
ancient law. The Chicago millionaire
meat packers have ruined thousands
ul human lives with disease, but who
is to prove it*; Happily the truth is
coining out nuw, but nut before tin
mischief lias been doue. These men
have been living on tho edge ol a vol
canic crater, almost unacknowledged
by themselves, putting confidence in
tiie ituiet and peaceful appearance ol
tbe scene; but now tlie Intent lires
have broken,,ut in tlietorni ol popular
indignation, and the clamorous outburst ha? pierced the shield of their
conscience which unfortunately can
be healed by chemical treatment, I ho
poor devils who bail summoned up
enough spunk tu hold up a train in
British Columbia, without IobsoI life
have been si nti need to lib imprison
ment, which is v.,us,- than dentb, an,I
yet their crime is a long way short ol
beingas heinous and lar reaching as
that of the millionaire criminal who
mam [actures wholesale death, If we
bad neb criminals in Canada would
the |„ iple allow them, tindci the
same conditions, to n-main at large
and i" ie .,- - oil ty loaders': ur would
we hurry them ofl to gaol where i ven
oriminals an led on decent meat, li
is most gratifying to think, that, in
spite ol the close contact i which -.-
live, with these millionaire criminals
mul tbeh satellites, as yel the infection i.us nol spread into our own concerns, which nt tin- present timi are
undergoing  I oil   ordeol with Hying
C   i'.I's. 	
01 all the callings nud pn lessi ns
inl    which  man throws his onergies
in the present century, oni sl uida*  ul
, inently before the real n I lor
'..  brilliance, not  lor  itt setting of
,;,.-,     ... , Illll  '...     1,    '     1    ■     I'"
. wig ory iiikifi,. in many ease
,, in it- trail but for sheer gril
,ii..I dogged perseverance againal a
hundred and oneodds, "Oh, lio'sonly
n rep rtcr, is s »nei olti ti on the lips
olthoBe wh su pride haspuired them
up abnormally nnd taken (rom them
the gilt of clear and right'thinking.
A newspaper reporter is a man in a
milliun, be is one among ti,,- chosen
few, and he carries with him the spirit
and strength Ol his paper apart Irom
what else may be attributed to his
person. II.i newspaper's readers number 40,000, then the reporter on thai
paper is tho reprt tativeol 40,000
peoplo, by no occasion a mean posit	
and carrying with it infinite responsibility, Were it not fur the reporter,
what would society at large do to portray their doings and describe their
costly, raiment, The reportgr must be
everywhere almost before the act mil
event happens; he must have a good
personality, possess unlimited energy
and bequlck incomprehension. How
many ol our groal men possess these
qualities!   In his search fur truth  he
■ i
'I I--
IV 11
. *,
■  vuicc ill   the peoplu.     At- ii:
•   ■  |,h    prei   representative
Ittl il ni* just,   A re,
ami knuw  li iw  - -
i pcupleuml moreover li     i.sl
nuirvi'lliius descriptive power.;
lei -■ it-.ill lo lhe cuiuini'ii- "
rgo, bul very lew would ree
n  in their own homes.   'I lie
the press is groat and ihe
handles une ul tbo lovers,        i
Toronto, Aug. I I.-I". U.Morley
ml N iei Marshall, tho Toronto (lolo-
ales to the Congress nf Chambers ol
Cuuimcrce o! the Empire have returned in Canada after "a delightful trip
uiiii n grand time." Secy. Morloy,
who is very entluisiastio, said that
Canada and Canadians ham al hint
it,mli- .i groat hit with the in ther
country nnd Canada is the lavorito
colony! English peoplo us u whole,
niter "years in the dark, have awakened
tu understand  the colonies ami es
pi.ci.illv Canada.    All yon *d I"1-'
i.  ii  Canadian  and  you arc treated
with lho greatest kindness and respect.
-I lei-euee l„ trade" Mr Mnrlc-y
-aid, "the Englishman is nol slow l
lake advantage ol a bargain. H <■
line they do not announce their business deals with a blowing ol irunipots
but ihey gel Ihere slowly uml surely
just the Baine Thoro is great
agitation uver tinned meats, uiul I
mu of the opinion tho English will
not 11.m-i, Chicago tinned goods again.
This bitsdircctly resulted in a boom in
chcoso, iiiiiI Canadian cheese is considered fur and away the best. As lar
ns the congress itself was concerned it
wns a great, success and many Canadian resolutions were adopted, Preferential trade with Cauada has been
carried with overwhelming majority.
Lord Slratlictinii," lie said, "is a wonderful man and a prince to Canadian
visitors in London; and also lie spares
no timo or effort in keeping Canada to
tlio front." Noel Marshall mid: "The
idea of Australia us a premier colony
hud all passed away, and the Britisl
people malice.'
that Canada was onlyji
week away. British capital wnuld How
into Canada during the next few years
and each year the class ol immigrant
is better.
Five Lives Lost in Deadly Red
Winnipeg, Aug. lltli.—Ono of thc
greatest tragedies in tho history of
Winnipeg occurred on Saturday last
whin live young lives were lust in the
Red river and another hangs in the
balance. A gasoline launch struck n
sunken pile near the park and its
eight occupants werc thrown into the
water. Only three were saved, and belonging us they do to well known families in the city, the disaster bus created u most profound regret. It appears
that the party lelt the bunt house for
ii trip and had arrived within n hundred yards of their destination, when
without a moment's warning the
launch struck'the pile and tbe bow
rose in tbe air and the stern sank,
shipping water. The weight of the
engine dragged the boat down, but the
gasoline tunk in tbe li-w boated thai
end and by that means two ol the occupants were saved, while those in the
stern had no time io jump and wero
trapped by the boat lun,ing over.
Ono nl the young ne n made a ,-'.>!
lanl attempt I" rescue the young ue.es
but became exhausted and was only
nicked up in time to Bavc his own life,
which it now despaired ol.
Reports  are coming  in  Inmi all
quarters ol  the   I nited Si it -   u
Canada ol the ante cyclonic heat tva\
which l- sweeping Irom tin
high  temperature and    leai i
many ens'-, death in its train.   From
New York the deotb rate ia
as many as niiiehcin-j re.    It I d
tbe last week, while si     -
tions are being daily iittt i d
hospitals.    In Phllaib phia il
same, the temperature
part ol the -lay being IWdi
a i',7 per cent   humidit;
i, H, m   ,-ave  is creeping north into
. |a ind according I - Imrunietrii
reports Irom inland cities is
; n,,: wi it towards B Culum ia
hul thi ll- ckies will almost effectually
bar its progress I * tho pai reek
Revelstoke has been visited -
humid weather, and l ikii i an avi r-
age of temperature and nn il
result shows ante-cyclonic conditions.
r   , ... at ■ stent tbe mount ii
ding I        ty ti
ti    ... re    thi ir    rad al i n   bi Ing
gi ir, bul lying   iwed      a hollow
t ,.    . it      . led  fr. ii
rocks i- ■- '■■ cdbat ,-. ti il    useq lent-
: ■   ii     ,      the ,■
in.   Taking everything intu considi
,,:„,-   the  olii late    I   Iti     tol
hard t - beat and witi -I winters
ind tempi rat,- iiimmer, we  eed m i
l,c alarm,il at iln-   prospecl   '    -   eal
wave  visiting  us.  and causing the
mortality and sickness   thai   ither
citiel experii nso.
lln three Canadian India , I hie
clad in their picturesque garb - ■-
received by King Edward VII at Buck
ingliam, Palacoon Monday, Thoy pre
.i-iiIhI 'an addross to his .Majesty
pleading Inr the restoration ol theii
uiiling rights and certain native ens-
uus whioh ihey allege havo boon our-
tailed by Provincial and Dominion enactments, The ohiels a re delighted
with iheir visit an I will return to their
own people with glad hearts and good
words to say (ur the king, ol whom
their peoplo are most loyal Biibjccts,
Pioaee8 overy Smokor  the " Mnron
I.  ■-. I'ltllCUNlHIt, s-niil I'AllV.
.'.!.;: ,ftK LODGE, NO li 1.0.0, F.    |
j^»_ Mtii'l-' vl! TIi'II-mIiu j
.Hull    ,il    a   ,-i-,„'i ,
IVisilitw lit-,11,-,-1  ,
ili.ill)   iiivili-il   li, in
. i.i^ Colli Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C,
•   r-JlN '"'   'a  (id'lli-ll'uvs'   Hull   rn  »
\WMJ o'.-l.ii-k     Vlaltlug   Klllgllta arc
4"^'" ordlnlly invited.
A. .1. litiWl-:. CC.
G. II. BROCK, K. ol It. &8.
II. A. UUOWN. M. nl V
Largo Dinlngrii'ini f„r
i:,,i,[,i„i .Bupimra. "ir.
Furnished Rooms To Lut.
v oi'ici-' i* lu-ifliv Klren Uml 80,1-iya after date
N    I   ,,,i,i„l l„,;|.|.l>.„ 11»' II.,;.. Tlie,!.'!*!
i-.niiiiiiisi ,'„(l,aii.l*aii,l Wnrka or ri Special
I irutiao tu eut nud ,-an-v nwny tiniln-r Irom tile
■',!'..,li„,;,l,-,-|'il,,-,| llilliis ill W'i'sl   li„,,ll'lll'y I'la-
,.,1 'Ai-ilnu-
I. (liininti'iit'i!
,. i ,,i„iii  ,.. ,, i- ■-■■■■ i
I'avn,.-* .mull «,■*!  at I'.'-i. Iilaiitoi on Uio
,,i*'l,i I lliu ll.aiil tuill mill iiiiiml I uill''ii.alli
i„„ii|..r.i,-rs„ii*'* iiiai'i,. Hi'- iinrtli IWIcliallia,
,,,..! in rlmliiMtiiilli 100 clialna, weit 40 clialns Ui
'"■"''i"-!,au'ii'.-'i!-it'i'"at"a noil   marked "Artlmi"
,,;;,,., , i, ,,,.,t  ■!,,.,■ |i„,i.-|ilaiiii-tl mi Hu'
, .',j',„i,,„i fll llciiil linll ami t I'l'iu I mile imrtli
,,l I', l',-i.a„;,- miu-li, Utuncea b-10clialna,
. ,.t um rliiiina, Ii Iinlna.iveat 100 clialna lu
'"ii, ("inilnii-iii-lng ai a   |i'-si inatkotl "Arthur
...iiii,,- lilt mul raniiT |,„*t," lllulltolllillllip
,.,*! «iil,i „( lllg llunil trull nml ali'Uil Iinil', ti'.i'lli
„l I*. I',,|,.,-*„ns nuii'li,  llu'lb lii'l'-bai'i".
»,..t lu clialna, aonlb lliu t-biibia, nisi locbalualo
linilll n(i I||.|l|.|.|ll|.|lt.
1 ('iitiniieni'liifi at a 1""' mnrkeil "Artluir
|,,„„,-., nnrtli coal ctirlicr |n»t, plnnti'tl till llio
...uth altlo "I K..» ,- trail iiiiiml inn mllea oaBl
„| I-,,,,-,!, i„„l,.lli,-i„-,'*„„llill!.,-l,ailti.»cs   11
fltalua, um Hi limclialna dial 10 clialna tu pnlnt nl
I'ltlUinoHe-e'lile'llt. . .,, ,i
-, ('iiniiiii-iiiiii" al a l'"si mnrked "Artluu-
I'liyno's buui.Ii cual enrner |n,st," plnntod ou tbo
iiiiilb Bltlu ul Keystone trail almnt Wn illiles oaat
(t-.iiii linyil'a i-aii'i-lt. tlii-iii-,' ii'iitl' 100cbabiB, weat
lOcliabia, atiiitb 100 chains, onal 10 cbalua tu point
"o"Ciinnnoiicing'ul a I'i'-i markod "Arthur
|>iiyno'a imrtli uoal cornor |unl,'" iihiiitotl on the,
atitith siih',,(lii'valtuic trail nl I two mllea can
(ruin Bnytl's tiiiich, llienco auiilb 1011 chains, cast
III ohalna, nnrlh 100 chaina, wosMu clialns to point
nf ciiunni'it in-lit. ,   ,    . ,,
7   I'liniincnclng ul a pnsl   marked "Ailbur
I'iimii-'.* i-.Hi ensl  r iioatr iihiiitoil nn lho
aoiitb Bide ul Koyalnue Hall about 11 luiloaoiul
(imiii lltml*a ranch, Ihouco soulb80 chaina, treat 80
chains, nurth su clialns, '-asl Bo i-balmtu iiulnt "1
Dated July 18th, 11100,
ARTHUR I'AVNH, 1.,,,-alw.
Miiiitilucturctl tor nil olnssos nl buildings
AU kinds of biilldlug und plustorlug
Stock and Share Broker
(Subject, to confirmation)
2,000 Eureka 10c, payable In Instalments. Engineers Report may bo
seen at my nllit-e.
2,000 Nicola Coal—Be.
2,1X10 Wi-lmi Oil   Hie.
lun Dominion Coppor- $8,00,
2.*i Ciinniliaii Mui-t-iiiii   $3.50,
2,00(1 llinntoiiil Vale Cual   2-lc.
l.uiio Rocky Muiiiitniii Uevt'lopuieni
151X1 lluwe Sound illi-iiliiuin Mine)
in |i iminionTrust   $130.
IDOH.ti. Win-iiiiiI Nnil   $10.u0.
nd t.M-ti W.--I Pei-iniuienl Loan and
SavuiRs   SilS.
■j.,,,,, National Con lolidated.
I.MIi lleyu-uud Urns. Oil.
250 i -|..m*. N,.*i Oil nml Cual,
i nil He.   This (toekpays
, - ;.'■■ .MiH-.i
i Mmtntniti ( un, (lold Mining
-   .   -,      ,       ngb Creek
■_i..i!;m c.M.l Creek
_..'-. 2Hc
I Hi
•  : Saw I
i |i... uinn Pern *
■     :
North Sim   ie
7 .
:i  cunfirniation)
lii.il,.. 21 2c.
Mlh,- IU-.
Virginia   i I 2c.
.'ii u iboo  22,.
Munte Chi   '"   I-'
i,- ■ 1  Mill,'-       1
lu.lill llrl'ii'inhill'    a,-.
5.IKKI  I-' rl   flint Creek  Iteci pi
5,110(1 North Sim    Ir
,! I ...,l    l|l)c,
.   -    -. FteiH   '" ■
.', Pathfinder,
.it. llm ■ - .      ' II
I'm i Imp
OFFICE   Mackenzie Ave.
Nexl l.l' II   I" ph
i    ' ,  Royal Crown kind—
,i, in     :  mi - r—Largest
i Factor    - m of Winni-
II ..j i   el,-ailing   und
" , 'ii itshelp,
Ami the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklot tells ''mi ' ■ give for
Royal Crown Wrapp ■ Sow!
i,,r it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
I uui prepared to undertake nil kintlH of
freighting and learning,
My singe connecting between the
■leiiuiefiind the city leaves the City
it. 1 a.in, Tuesdays nnd Fridays, cun-
necting with the Steamer Revelstoke
for the Hig Bend, nud also meets the
steamer on the return trip same dnys,
Leave word ul Navigation Company's (illicit tn- inv Stables where to
Extrn Inmn l<npnrtiilIoit nf
Dill U-C  loarrlirn frmn llnllaiiil. V rtuicn
DULDa  nntl Juunn in September
For Fall Planting
TliounnudH "f Fruit uml Oriniiiiotitiil
Troon, Rhododendrons, Roaos mul Imnly
nliinls imw (rtrowliitf mi onr own grounds Tur
fitiiir.) plnuUiiK. . .      . ,    .     .
No expense, loBSordoleyol! fnmiKiitimi,
insiiootionnoreustoinsdutiostiOptty, Heud-
.iimriiirslur I'urillc Conit Brown mul im-
imrtod Qftrdon, l-'ioUhuul Flower Seeds,
Vl-aitorsureulwnyswoleomo to iusjioct
nur stuck.
Greenhouse Plants,
Cut Flowers and Floral ni»ni«iH,FortlU»rs
ROU i 1 ivos and BtlppllOB, Spray Pumps uud
Sprnying material,
Nn agents therefore you have no com-
mission tn pay. Our catalogue tells you
uliuut it. Lot um prico your list before
placing your order.
We do business on our own grounds—no
rent to pay, and ore prepared to moot all
-compotitiiui- Eastern prices nr less White
labor.  Catalogues Freo.
Greenhouse! i-8010 Wostmlnster   Road.
Ilrinicli  Nnrsorlosi-S.iut.il Vuucouvor.
Yon have often looked acruss the Columbia River and
wished yuu could hnvo a piece ol that fine Hat lying suuth of tho
0, P. It Bridgo.
1 have instructions from the owners to oll'er that land for
sale at it price per acre that heals anything elso yuu can get su near
the City.
Let me know how much of it you want and I shall endeavor
to accommodate yuu.
1 eyuu ate the most eiirnl.ive. lu the
world. A pei-i'eci, iiiiiiinil remedy for
nil Nervous nnd Muscular diseases.
Liver, Kidney and Stomach ailments
and Metallk" Piiisuning. A sun* cure
for "Tina Tired Feelinji;." Special
rules on nil lnmls and ti'iuns. Twu
mails iiiiive and depart every day.
Telegi-ii Ii communication- with all
marls of the world.
Teiims-$12 tu $18 per week.  For
fiiitlter particulars apply tu
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroiii Lake. 3. C
£A   U A nn CM  Real Estate and Insurance Agent
, n. nnvuL.li,        revelstoke, b. c.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Off ice-Toronto, Ontario.
llrntichoa iu llio l'mvlncesitf Munitttbti. Allieirlii,Snsl.iitchowali,
liritish ('oliunhiii, Unttiriu, ejuubec.
Capital Subscribed ...       $4,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $3,900,000.00
I). H. WiLKiii, Pt'csldonti Hon. R. Jabphay, Vice-President.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Saviniin Dm1 ABTMENT—Deposits received and Intci-cst allowed
at highest current rate from date of opening account, and compounded half-yearly.
Drafts sultl available In all parts uf Canada, United States and
Europe.   Special attention given tu Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.-A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company
Heud Olliee, Ottawa, Ont.
Security for Policy Holders $500,51)7 00
HOBSON & CO., LTD., 131 Hustings St., West, General Audits
for B, O,
E. A HAGGEN, - -    -. Agent for Revelstoke
''Anglo-American" Fire Insurance Co.
Ilt-ntl Olliee, McKinnon Building, Toronto.
Deposited with the Dominion Government
for th ■ protection of Policy Holders..,
  $ 480,11X1
s. I-*. McKlNNON, Esii., Pies, JOHN It. BARBER, M.P.P.
s. I-', McKlNNON St CO., Toronlu.        JOHN I'T.ETT.
II. II. HECK, Manager.
Agent for Revelstoke
Gloves Shirts
Socks Smocks
Hose, y% Hose    Overalls
Dry Goods, etc.
Makers of "Buck Brand" Goods
Advertised Everywhere
The Equity Fire Insurance Company
Capital Authorized   J1,(X)0,000, Capital Subscribed- $u00,00ll
Governmenl Dopnsll  $5Ut0f)0.
Dominion Llcen ie,
dross lii'-oint-          Pollclos Wiiiii'ii Claims Paid
% !1,42S 15                        17..-J $  IHUI 81
55,053 70                      371111 14,126 16
78,877 17                     5207 11,467 '£1
VMM --,                      7480 35,7115 U7
175,281 71                   im',1 ,vi,3H2h:i
103,235 05                      10,115 81,185 II
:;|.-|,7U., I-                      18,4211 II15,2IKI HI
HfloVflll 08                      ll.iMl 117,171122
111 ih iu Dunks nml on hand      -     ■ ■
lliilientlll'iis ■ 	
Other Assets          •     ■
$ im.sim 85
62,081 12
th , rlhed Oapltal uncalled
Total available itssotH, Deo. Hilt, 1005,
$lll.-|,811 00
:ivi,ono no
$515,811 00
Agent for Revelstoke
vi otic;
JN dayi
Clilcl C.,11
a uf tur date I Intend to apply lo the
 „.>inmlaaloncr ol Landa aud \vorka Ior a
special license to cut and carry away timber
Iran tho following described lands In the
Hi* Heud distriot of West Kootonay 1—
I. Conimenoius at a post planted ubuut IS
mllea aouth of Smith Creek, und one mile weat
of tlio Cutumbiu river, and marked "A. Mcltue's
north oust corner punt," tliuuco south IU) chuilia,
tlience wesl 80 chalna, theuco nurth SU obuina.
thence oast SO ehuins to pninl .if i-niiiiiiuiu-o-
-. Commeuoinv at a post plnntod about VA
mllea suuth ol Smitli Crook and uno mllo west
of (he I'ulumbiu rivor, uud marked -'A. Mcltue's
north etial corner post," thenoe aouth SO chalna.
tlniiii-e woat SU chains, theuce uorlh HU chuina,
ttiunce uusl IU cluilna In puint of cumineuce-
II. CommeiiciiiK at a (aist pluillod ubout :i'.,
mile, suulh of Smilli Crock und tine 111 Ilu weat
nf lho Ciiliiniliiii rivor, and murked "A. Mcltae'
mirth 011.1lenrnor poat," thoucu „„,tI, KUcliuiua,
thenoo wosl SU chuilia, llionce norlh HU chuina.
thonce oaat HU chuius to poiut ul commencement.
1. Conitnouolug at a post plauted nliout 4|5
milos soutli ol Smith Croek utul uno mllo wost
u( the Columbia river, uud marked "A. Mcllau's
in,i ili uuat curuer post, lliooce soutli HU chains,
tliuuco wust HU ehuins, tlieuee norlh HU cliuiua,
(hunt-e easl SU chuius tt, point ul cnuunouco-
111 ent.
a. Cuitunoiicinu ut it pusl pliintu,! ultiuit','.,
in ilea suuth ol Smilli Creek, uud one mile weat
nl tbo I 'nliinitiiii rivor, uud inarkod "A. Mcltue's
mirth onal cornor post," llionce snutli lu cliuiua,
thoni-e east lu chaius, thouce suuth IU chuina,
llienco west HU chains, theuco uorlh lu cliuiua,
thouco west 111 ehuins, thenco nurih 10 cliuiua,
Ihouco oust Hi) chuina (u poiut til commencement.
6. t'liaiiiiuliciiiu ut u pnsl plulitcil ubnutti'..
miles suulh nf Smith Creeli, uud about oue
mile west of the Columbia rivor, uud markod
"A, Mcltae's titirlheual ciirner poat," thonce
soulh HU chuina, lltuitcu wost Hu chain-, thonce
nurth HlJ chuina, thenco oust HU cltuins lit puint
nf I'nUlllililiCtllinilil.
1. Commencing ul u post planled aboutll.
miles snutli uf Smitli Creok, uud uboul two
miles wesl nl llio Columbia rivor, and marked
"A. McKne's uorth oust oornor poi ." '
south HU chuius, Ihouco wost HU chuius, thouoe
north HU chuius, Ihence oust HU chains lo poiut
of ciitiimoiicoment.
H. Commouciug at a oust planted about H!.,
miles south of Smith Creek, and about twu
milos wosl uf tho Coluiubiu river, uud murked
"A. Mcltue's north eaat curnor post," thouce
south Hi) ohains, thence west HU cliains, thence
norlli HU chutus, thenco oust HU chaius to poiut
of comineucoRieut.
Dutod July lUth, 1800
A. Molt IK.
NOTICK U heraby itivan that SO -days
after dato 1 intend tu apply to tlie Honorable the Chiof Commiusioiier of Laudtt aud
Works for a speoial license to cut aud carry
away timber from the fullowiutf duscribod
lnmls, situated iu 0»oyoog divlslou of Vale
1. Couimouciiitfata post marked "8. Hill'a
north wost coruer," plauted ou the east bauk
about 1 mile from the south eud of Sugar Lake,
tlience east 80 chaius, -south 80 chaius, west 80
chains, north 80 chains to point of commencement,
2. CommeiiciiiK at a post marked "S. Bill's
south west coruer," plauted ou the east bauk of
Sugar Lake, about 1 mile from the south eud,
theuce east 80 ohains, north 80 ehalus, west JH.
chains, south 80 chaius to poiut of commence'
3. Commeueiug at a lwst marked "8. Hill's
south eastcorner," planted about 1 mile from
the north ond of Sugar Lake, on the wust bank,
thenco north 40 chains, west 160 chains, south
40 chains, east 160 chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a i><>»t marked "3. Hill's
uorth oast corner," planted about 1 mile from
the north eud of Snyar Lake, on the west bank,
tlience south 40 chains, west 160 chains, uorth
40 chains, east 160 chaius to poiut of commencement.
5. Commencing at a post marked "8. Hill's
south eust corner/' planted on the west bunk of
Sugar Lake about 1 mile from the south end.
thouce north 80 chaius, west 80 chaius, south 80
chains, east 80 chains to point uf commencement.
6. Commencing at a post marked "S. Hill's
north east corner," planted on tho west hank of
Sugar Luke, about 1 mile from tlie south end.
theuce soutli SO chains, west 80 chains, uorth 80
ehnins, east 80 chains to poiut of commeucemeut.
I. Cummmiciug at a pust marked "8, Hill's
south oast eorner," plunted un tho west hank of
the Spullumcheen river about IK miles bolow
Sugar Lake, theuce north 80 chuius, west 60
chains, south 80 chaius, oast 80 chains to point
of commencement.
8, Commouciug at a post marked "8. Hill's
nortli oast corner," planted on the west bank of
Spallumcheon river about 1% miles below Sugar
Liue, Ihence south 80 chains, west SO chains,
north 80 chains, oast 80 ehuins to point of com-
Dated July 2nd, 1006.
9, Commouciug at a post mnrked "8, Hill's
south east corner," planted about 1 mile west
of tho north ond of Sugar Lake, theuce north
80 chains, west 80 ehalus, south 80 chains, east
K0 chains to point of commenoement.
Datod July 3rd, ltxti.
10, Commencing at a post murked "8, Hill's
south west corner, pluuted on the east bank of
tlio Spallumcheon river nbout 1% miles below
Sugar Lake, thence east 80 chains, uorth 80
chains, west 80 chains, south SO chains to poiut
of eommoucemont.
II. CommonclDK at a post marked "8- Hill's
north west corner, planted ou the east bank of
tho Spalluracheeu river about 1^ miles below
Sugar Lake, theuce east 80 ohains, south 80
chains, west 80 chains, north SO chaius to point
12, Commeueiug at a post marked "S. Hill's
south east corner, plauted about 14 miles bej
low Sugar Lake audi mile east from the Spa-
lumoheen river' thenee west 80 chuius, north 80
chaini, east 80 chaius, south 80 chaius tu point
of commencement.
Dated July 4th, WW.
NOTICK la lioroby given that, 110 days after
•ate I iuii'iiil to ajiply to lho lion, lho
clili-f Coniiuiaalonor of lauuls and Works for
iiorinlsslnn lu pui-oluiso llio following described
liimls. slluatctl In West Ktitiloniiy, west stele
Colninliln rivor, 1'lro Volley:
Ctiintncnclng al. a pusl. 10 ohains north of
Unguis nurth wost curuer imst and inarkod
"Hurry Mi-IiiIikIi's nnrlh east enrnor imst,"
I lii-iiii'»,mi si chains, t honco soulh Sll chains,
11 oo cost Su chnlns, I limit-.- north SU chains lo
place of i-tiiuiuuncoineiil,.
I Iill oil J lint, Mill, lllli.
NOTICK Ih hereby iclven that i>i days afttir date
I Inloml to apply to tlm Olllof Cntnmlnidnnur
nf I.iomIh uiul Wmks for pi'i-mlsHiiiii to piircliase
lln- (..Huh im-. iloKerllwil I'liuls, situate on thc east
uiu no uf Armw Luke, opposite Arrowhead and do-
Mcillit'd hm follows:
Oommenoltu at a post pluntml at tlm Hoiittiwest
cornor a( Let 704fiatifl marked 'Jflon. Nowiiutn'n
iii'illiwi'st corner pout," tinmen smitli811 chnlns,
thonce east mi ctiatun, thenee imrth tM chains,
tlience weat 80 clialna tn place of i-umnieiicomuiit,
ami containing 040 acres.
Dated the HOtli of July, 1006,
VI (ITIUK is li.-rul.y given that00 days after date
J\|   I Intend l„ upply to the Hun. Chlet Com-
tiil-inii,,, ,,f 1„,n,l* ami Wurk. f„r iierinlaaitut tu
iturt-lia.t' Hie Itillnwlnu ih'st-rlli.,1 lantli  In the
Woat Knntenay lllalrlct, (lalena liny, eaat able of
Upper Arrow Like-: -
Commencing at a poit planted ut the nurth east
ai„'r „f tol No, -il 10, thenco eaat IU chalna,
lonlli ."• 'Imi,,* weal cl chaina, nurth IU clialna to
place n( cuninienceinenl.
Dated thia 21at day ol July, liiutl.
lllltCK A. LAWSON.
I,,,l sta, uud aluiiil I milo aoutli ul I'u.inu..
Creek, tbonco nnrtli I'i chain., thonco woit So
challll, llienco suulh IU chain., llionce east 80
iiniii,* tn pnliit ol ciiiini'iit't-iiii'iil, cuiitiilnlng Illll
lilllcil Ibis lllli day uf .linn-, OHIO.
»*, IV. LOCK,
1'ei I'. 0, .Miikiuinn, Agent.
Coniuioiiolng ut a poit marked "t, M.Jolin-
alonc'aaulllheualcrnoiV'ul llio aouth weat,-urnor
„( Thuiuaa Wehater'a application to purcbuo,
ahnnt U litilcs .until nl l-'ostliall Creek anil ahmil
I'i iniles Iruni Hi. lake, llienee nortli SO chaini,
tn tho aouth bouutlttr) of a. J. Uumiuolldi application topurchaie, tlienc. weit SU chaini, tlience
.until IU chtilui, thence eait SI ohalni, Hume.
snutli 10 chaini, thene. east OU chaini to point nl
nuiiiuieliceiueiil. colllaiuilig tell aerea.
Dated title 18th day ol June, 1W0.
Par Kulph Slye, Agent.
Commencing ut a poll marked "M. C. Dicker-
aun'a north weat comer," on the "hor. of tippet Arrow Uko, ubuot 3 utile, luuth (it Fuetliu.ll cr.uk ami
abuui SOI chain, north ot tin suuth «ait corn.r ot
Thuiua. W.bster-| appllcaUon to purcha.., tlience
luuth HU chalna, llionce eaat SO chain, uu.ru ur
luis tu the aliure u( Arruw Uko, thence lulluwing
suid alturo In a guu.ral northerly and westerly
direction 1211 chain, mure urle*. tu puint ul cum-
nieiicemeiit, containing. HO acrei mot. ur leaa.
Iiitcd thia mh day uf June, 1BO0.
I'er ltalph Slye, Ageni.
Commonolng at a jioit inarkod "K. A. Slye*.
auuth eait corner," abuul 11 tulle, ionth ut Poat-
hall Creek, at the aouth woat curlier ul Lut ,(.711,
Ihence nurth Btl chalna along the wait boundary ol
Lut IdiO, thence woit Wl chain., thence luuth 80
chaini, llionce east BU chaini tu puint ut coin-
iitenceiuetit, containing HO acrei.
Dated Mill l!lh day ol June, lm*.
I'er Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a poit marked "A. Dolleiirajv-
ers nurth eaat cunier," about 10 chains well ul til.
aiitilh west comet ul Lui 8112, at lho nurih well
corner ol li. A. Slye's application to puichine and
nluiiit 'i inile auolli ol Kuatlto.ll creek, tlienc. w.al
Ho i limn,, thonco south 80 chains, thenco oaat Sll
ohalni, llienee nurih Houhahntu puint ot com,
uienceliient, celilallllng «Wacres.
Dutcillbia lllli ilny ul Jaiiii.l'jiitl.
I'er ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a poll marked "1*. A. slyo'a
north oust coruer," about P. mllol aouth ul l-'olt'
hall Croek, ami abuul lj Illiles (ruin the luke
short! al the north wost comer ol II. J, Hammond*,
application lu purchase, thence wost so chaini,
tlience south 80 chain., thenee eaat 10 chaini,
Ihoiit-u north 80 chaini, to puint ul cuiniuetic..
ment, containing BIO acrei.
Dated this Kill day ut June, 1000.
I*. A. M.VK.
I'er Ralph Slye, Agonl.
Commenolng at a posl marked "M. C. Slye".
nurih east corner," al tile auuth east euruer ol
Thomai .Vobslcr'i appllcaUon tu pun-hue, almul
a miles suulh u( Kuslhall Creak, ant" uliuut I
mile Irom the lake, thonc. w.at 80 chains, thence
Booth 10 ohalni, thence oust 10 chains, thence
suulh lu chains, tticacu easl 10 chaius, theuce
north Ull chains lo puiui nl cumniencement, containing IHU acres.
Dated thia Hill duy ul Juno, IWaJ.
M. 0. SLVU,
l'cr ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing ai a pml marked "A. It. Hatu-
inond'i north woit oornor,"'about IX mllea muih
uf fu.-tlnill Croek at the aouth eait corner uf Lut
4070, thenco aouth HU chaina, tlience eait 10 chaini,
mure ur leaa to the lake shore, thouce following
said shore iu a general northerly direction HO
chuina more or less to th. soutli boundary of J. 1..
llire-b*. application io purcliase, llienee well 10
chain., more or leu, tu puint ul ouiuuienceuivul,
containing lift) acre, more or leaa.
Datod till, l'itb day ol June, IW.
Par ltalph Slyo, Agent,
Coiunieuclog at a poat marked "O. J. Haul*
iniind*. uorth eait comer," about IH mllei luuth
ul j-usthftll liruck, at th. aouth eaat corner of Loi
Idle, thence west HUchauie, thonce aouth go chaini,
theuce eait HO ehalm, Ihence north 80 chaini tu
point of commencement, containing lliu avrei.
Hated this mh day of June, mod.
Por Kalph sl je, Agent.
NOTICK 18 HKUItltY tilVKN that sixty days
after date I Intend to apply to the Hon. Chief
Commissioner uf Lauds and Works for perm Ins Ion
to purchase the following described lands situate
in the West Kootenay district,
t ommenclng al an initial post erected on the
north bank of the Lardo river, about one-eight
mile wust of Lake creek and marked "D- P. Kane's
south east-curiier punt," thence north 20 chains:
thence west 80 chains; thence noutli 20 chains,
more or less to Lanlo river; thence easterly follow*
log the bank of the river 80 ohains more or lens to
pointof commencement, comprising one hundred
and sixty aeres more er less,
Dated the Wth May, 1906.
1). V. KANK.
VfOTICK ts hereby given that thirty daye
1\ after date I intend tu apply to tbe Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works for speoial
llconse to cut aud carry away timber from the
following described lands situated in West
Kootenay district,B.C.:
1. Commencing at a post niarked "A. Mcltue's
smith west eorner post," planted abuut one mile
east uf Columbia river and about opposite lius*
kins creek, thence nurth 80 chains, east su chains,
suuth Bu chains, west SO chains to poiut of commencement.
2. Commencing at a post marked "A. Mcltae'i
northwest conier post," planted nbout one mile
east of Columbia river and uliuut opposite Uus*
kim* creek, theuce suuth SO chains, east 80 chains,
imrth 80 chains, west 80 chains tu point of com*
Dated July lblli, 1900.
Notice is hereby given that 00 days from dale I
iutond to apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for permission to
•miri'lia-g-t' the following described lands In the
West Kootenay District, east shore of Cpper
Arrow Lake:—
('ommenclng at a post marked "J. D. Cnplan'a
southwest corner," at the north west corner of
Lot 80S and about IH miles north of Nakusp,
theuce east 80 chains more or Irss, tlience nnrti
80 chains more or less, theuce west 80 chains more
or less to the Lake shore, thence tn a general
southerly direction along the Lake ehorc Jo chains
more or less to poiut of commencement, containing (140 acres more ur less.
Dated this Mini day of May, 1004.
Per ltalph Hlye, Agent.
Notice li hereby given that 80 daye after date
I Intend to applv to the Honorable the Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for especial
license to cut ami carry away timber from the
following described lands situated In the
Osoyoos Di vision of Yale District:
1. Commencing at a post marked "fl, Hill's
nurth west corner," planted on the south bank of
the east fork of the uerth furk uf Cherry Creek
about 4) miles above the forks of the north fork,
running east 160 chains, theuce south 40 chains,
theuce west 160 chains, thencu uorth 40 chains tu
point uf coiuineiiceinent,
2. Commencing at a post marked "fl, Hill's
south west comer," planted on the suuth bank of
the east fork of the uortli fork of Cherry Creek
about 4' miles above thu forks of the nnrtli link,
running east 160 chains, tlumce north 4» chaiiiH,
tlience wost nm chaiim, thencu smith 40 chains to
pointof commencement.
B. Commencing at a post marked 'S. Hill's
north east corner," planted on thu south bank of
the east furk of tin- north fork of Cherry Creek
about 4*^ miles above lliu forks uf the north fork,
running south 16U i'liains, Ihence west 4<i chnlns,
theuce uorlh Kin clialns, theuce east 40 chains tn„
point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post markcil||,,3. Hill's
south west corner," planted ou the south bunk of
the east fork of the mot li furk of Cherry Creek
about 21 miles Above the forks of the north fork,
running east llll) chains, theuce mntli 40chains,
Ihence wust lfiO ehains, thence south 41) chMns to
point of commencement.
•ft, CmiiiiH-uclng at a post marked f-.S, Hill's
smith west corner," planted on the went bank of
the north fork of Cherry Creek about!!), miles
nlHive. thu forks, manning north 160 chains, theuce
east 40 chains, thencu soulh Kin chains, thence
west 40 chains lo point of cotuinuucement.
Dated .Inly ilth, lissi.
fl. Commencing at a imst marked "H, Hill's
north wesl corner," planted about 40 chains north
of Like Creek about,". miles up the same, running
east ft i chains, tlience smith SO chains, theuce went
8(1 chahis, thenee north SO chains to point of commencement.
7. Commencing at a post marked "fl, LHU's
mlh east comer," planted about Id chains nortli
nf Lake Creek and about 5 miles up the same,
running west SO chains, thence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains, tlience north 80 chains tn
point of commencement.
8. Commencing at a post marked "S. Hill's
north east comer," planted alwut 20 chains nnrlh
uf Lake Creek ahmit 4 miles up the same, running
west 80 chains, thence suutn 80 chains, tlience
east 80 chaini, tlience nortli 80 chains to poinl of
Dated June 26th, im.
m I" S. UILL. .
500 acres of
stands a palatial 18th century building,
purchased in
1875 from
Marcellus for
$140,000 and
Dithering drapet at Chateau Loudenne +l,„ vyhole im
proved at a cost of $350,000. The property ofW. &
A. Gilbey, who on three occasions were awarded Gold
Medals by the French Government and Agricultural
Societies for the best cultivated vineyard in the M-idoc,
this estate is specially noteworthy as the home of
Chateau Loudenne Claret
Grand Vin
Avarded (he Gold Medal at (heParis Exhibition 1900
This delicious Vintage Wine is marked by an elegance
and bouquet beyond any other of its kind; and, in
addition, is rich in life-giving qualities. Grand Vin
without a peer!
On sale at all first-class establishments in Canada.
I, >n.l>l«U 111.1, lit Ilii, H. 1.1. Tki Mm il Willi, 1.1. Ili| el Ik Mlliis
For sale by all the leading Hotels and Stores.
DI»trlbutorg—The Revelsloke Wine & Spirit Co., Ltd., Revelsloke.
(K8T.UIMSHH1I 1850).
Other Liabilities
$1911.071 28
211,(187 01
!}557,886 95
213,759 19
Surplus to Policy Holders $34-1,120 70
J. B. LAFLEUK, President.      L. J. McGHKE, Managing Director.
E.   A.   HAGGEN,
Agent for Revelstoke
Sold in 2 lb. tealed packages by all good groceri.
Bnlliint in appearance, convenient in form,
ind no  lugar  can equal   it   in   excellence.
The B. C. Sugar Refining; Co, Ltd.
Established 1850.
Losses Paid tu date $4,000,000 00
Assets, 31st December, 1905 ... $  828,528,27
HON. J. DKYDEN, President. * GEO. GILLIES, Vice-Pres.
J, KILLER, Inspector.
E. A. HAGGEN, - - Agent for Revelstoke
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery ol parcels, baggage,
etc., to any part of the City.
Any Kind of Transferring
For Sale or Rent
Containing 110aerea, ubuut thri!t'i|iinrtera acoil-
ed with Timothy. Unliable lur Imlt grown*!,
llniiae ami outbuilding! In «..u.l condition. Situate
at Craljellaclile, a lew mllea weat ul llutelatnlo.
Apply to H.TAd'INd, Hcvelatiike,	
Ol Concrete, Hollow Blut-ka, Hti.ne, llrick nr
frame Hnilillniia. DIAIIR lu Cement, Lime,
Cnnt-rcle Hollow Blocks, nnil "ther Milling inn-
(crlala.  All lalair anil niattiriala llrat-claaa.
Plutertng (Hid Plastering Supplles-a Specialty.
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All Kinds of Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
BWC Furniture I
"Obn E. Wood's Furniture Store
Something Pure
If you are looking Ior Pure
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment of   Ontario
in 1 lb. boxes, or in 5 Ib. cans
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Goods are second
to none, and more than that
we "Guarantee ev.trv Can."
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Gash Prioes Paid
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
St. Ann's Convent School
Re-opens Aug. 22nd.
GIRLS from 6 yeurs up ore received
as buarders or day-scholars Inr tuitiun
in English, French, Latin, Piano,
Organ, Guitar, Violin, Banjo, Mandolin, Plain anil Fancy Wnrk, Painting aud Drawing, etc.
HOYS frum 5 to 14 years are received as day-scholars.
For full particulars apply to
ag 8 lm       SISTER SUPERIOR.
Ul   loii   , uiiii,hj   lew,.
Ottawa, Aug. 11th.—With a new
minister nnd a new director the public
will li.uk fui Bometbing duing in the
geological Burvey during the immeili
me luture. The survey hoe done great
mirk iii the pnst. it, is hue, but it lius
linen largely alnnj; lhe line o( pure
scientific wurk rather tlinn in econom-
ic geology, and therefore the results ol
nil the lulgo expenditure (luring the
past thirty ur forty years, valuable us
it undoubtedly bus been, has not appealed to the hard-liended, practical
men whu hnve been responsible Ior the
discovery and incipient development
of nearly all the mines nuw operating
in this country, The experienced
"prospector" is seldom a geologist, although he possesses n knowledge of
rocks and ores, and formations, and
placers, as well us of the woods and
mountains, and lms ut the same time
the will to face a.'d nvcreome difficulties, that is even ot greater value to him
than a certificate ol cnnipetency us a
genlngiBt from Toronto University
would bo if unattended with the practical qualifications that all successful
pioneers in mining hnve possessed,
The geological survoy can be made ul
enormous value to the mining industry, which is growing perhaps mure
rapidly than nny other, by becoming
mure practical; il does not need to
sacrifice or inipaii the scientitic value
nt the work it is doing, hut it can
bring its scientific knowledge to the
assistance of an enterprise that abovo
all others requires aid ul that kind,
and place it in llie forefront uf all
Canadian industries. A little more
knowledge ol geology on the part of
the working miner and mine owner
and a litrle more knowledge nl the
practical or economic side of mining
by the geologist* of Canada is what is
wanted in this country. It is possible
now that the geological survey has
been taken away Irom the interior department, where it was a little thing
among many big things, and given to
the minister of inland revenue, who
represents the great mining province
of the Dominion, and with a new director at its bead, that better economic work will be done limn ever belore,
Director Low leaves for liritish Columbia this week to look into the work
being done there.
It is understood that the place formerly filled by the director has been
tendered to Mr. Vi. R. Brock, who is
one of tbe most capable and efficient
officers in the department. Mr. Brook
was appointed to the permanent staff
on May 1st, 1807, and acted during
that season as assistant to one of tbe
field parties in British Columbia. In
1898 he was given oharge of a field
party in West Kootenay, and since
then has geologically examined West
Kootenay, East Yale, Boundary Creek,
Lardeau and Rossland districts. The
work of Mr. Brock in these districts
has met with the highest praise from
the local mining communities, and
his advice and judgment is readily accepted in all important mining problems in British Columbia.
Although every precaution is taken
by local Fruit Inspector Thos. Cunningham to prevent grain of all sorts
infected with vermin reaching Canada,
the fact remains that there are socks
of rice on the local docks literally
swarming with pests. The weevils are
bred in the grain before it is exported
and breeds in enormous numbers in a
very Bbort time. Wheat, rice and
other grain is mixed and when it is
placed neor other commodities the
vermin transfer their operations and
continue their deadly work. No section of Canada is more exposed than
British Columbia, and as has been
stated by the inspector, "that our
chiel danger aracs out of the fact that
we may import the pests, but not the
predatory insects which prey on them
and hold" them in check, thus disturbing the balance ol nature.
A siiitiililt- I inlist- to rent with a spring
running nix feet frmn tlie door ami 2 acres
of ground for drying lines, WW a month
worth nf washing sent nut tn Chlnamuii.
Apply tor particular.-, to
Townsite Agent, Coinaplix.
Deer Honda, Animals. Birila, Plait, Etc.,
Animal Kii|>a Muunlcd.
P. O. Box Sl,
Studio:  OPPOSITE P. 0.
Iti'volatukc. 11. C.
Certificate of Improvements.
AdYenturer, Iron Duke. Watchman, Ontlnnk antl
Sunshine mineral claims, situate in the Arrnw
take Mining Division nf West Kootenay Dis-
Where located:—On the imrth side of Phigston
Creek, tilmiit 6 uiili-s went of Armw Lake.
Tnke notice thai 1, .li.hn Diiiuiumnil Anderson,
l'.|,.S.,nf Trail, 11. ('..ajji-nt for 'I'lnniitis Al.rlel.
F.M.C. Nn. 1KB314: HIrlianlSiiilUi, F.M.C. No.
B96S4S, and KlUaMh Bcolt, VM.V.. Nn. B9fi808,
intend, ilxty day* frnm the date hereof, to apply
to the Minion Recorder for Certificate** of Improve-
menu, for tho purpose nf niiinhiing Grown Grants
of tile almve cialm***'.
And further take notice that action, nndm- section :i;, iiniht lie commenced before the Issuance nf
hucIi Certificates of improvements,
n-ii.-i iln- iNini.-iv *.!,11  mm;.
sep 18 .1, D. ANDERSON.
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
nnd Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea acrvlcca Klowcr 1'oti,
1'iaUia Umbrella Simula
Husk,a- Lunch HaakciR
('.me Chain Smoking Jaolecta
Hantlkcrchted Silk Ootids.
finest slock ot candle, and Irnil - In luwn,
Front Street, Revelstoke
Three hundred times hot
ter than sticky paper.
told by til Druggists and Qoneral Store,
and by mall.
Notice ic horoby glvon that 80 days aftor dato
I intend to apply lo lhe Chief Commissioner o(
Lands and works for a special lloenco to out
and carry nwny limber from the follow
doBorlbed lands In the UIk Hund distriot fl
West Kootonay:
1, Commonolng at, a post markod "K, A.
Bradley's norlli east corner post," plantod
nboul 1 mllo west of the mouth of Smtl h orook,
on the west sldo of Columbia rivor, thonoo
nontli 80 chains, thonoo west 80 ohains, thonoo
north 80 ohains, llionoo east SOohains to point
of commencement.
2. Commonolng at a posl marked "B, A,
Bradley's south cant corner posi," plantod
nboul 1J mUeswostof thomonthof Smith orook
mi w-i-i side nf Columbia river, thonoo north
111 chains, thonoo wost 100ohnlns, Llionoo south
10 ohains, llienee oast I'i'1 ehnins lo pnlnl of
S, Commenolng ut u post marked "K. A,
Bradleyb south east oornor post,"   planled
ubout I) milos smilli nf Hit* mmiiith of Smilli
creek mul i mllowosl of Columbia rivor, thonoo
imrih so ohalliB, thouco west SOohains, thonoo
soulh ito clmiiiH, ihenee oasl mi chains to point
of commencement,
Hated Aiiku-i lib, I UUI.
l^"U=urrunruu ; >(
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders lor Heel anil Mutton,
Poultry, Fish and small goods
will receive prompt attention/
Nol Ico is hereby glvon l hut 1 hirl y days nfl or
dale I iiileml io njiply In Ilu-llmiorahle Chief
Coiiiiiilshiouoi' or baiiusand Works foraspoolal
llconse lu cui.nml curry away timber from Mm
fui low iim; described lnmls in Went, Kootonay
1, Commonolng at a post niarked "Thomas
Kilpntrick's south east corner post." planted on
llie norlli side of Armstrong Lake, nud about
Ihreo hundred yards from lho fool of the .said
hike, theiieo north 80 ohnlns, thonco wenl .su
ehnins, thenco south 80 ohains, thonco enst 80
ohains tu point of commoncomont.
2. Commencing at a post marked "Thomas
Kilpatrlok's soulli west corner posi," plnuled
on lhe oast boundary of I'ulham's ranch ami
about, one hundred yards in a norlh easterly
direction from tlie seven mllo post on Boulder
Creek, thence north lu chains, thenoe ensl lliu
cbnins, Ihenee south 40chaina, thonce west UK)
ehnins to poinl of commencement.
;->. Commonolng at a post marked "Thomas
Kilpatrlok's north easl cornor posl," plnuled al
tho south west corner of T h. (i.ftti, Ihence
south 8(1 ehains, thence west W ehains, Ihenee
north 80 ohains, thonco onst su chnlns to point
of commencement.
Dated Ibis 4th duy of Atlgimt, HML
I, Commencing at a post niarked "Thomas
Kilpatrlok's soulli west comer posl," planlcd
al V. K. Fulmar's north went corner post marked L. 74111. O. I„ thenee north 80 chnlns, Ihence
onst80chains, tlienco soulh fSO ehains, thenee
west 80 chains to point of commencement.
Daled this (ith day of August, HM.
Notice ia horoby given that M days after dale
I intend to apply to lho Chief Commission or of
Lands and Works for a special license to cut
nnd carry away Umber from tbe following de
scribed lands in Big Bond district of Wesl,
1. Commencing at a post marked "N. T.
Kdwards' north west corner post-." planted on
lho east bank of Columbia river, about hmilo
north of O. F. Lindtnark's Uortli (fty.), tnence
soutli 40 ehuins, thenco east 160 chains, thence
north 40 chains, thence west llio cliains to point
of commencement.
2. Commencing al a post, marked "N. T,
Edwards' south west corner post," planted on
the east side of Coluinbin river, about 21)0 yards
back from river and 1 mile north of C. F. Und-
mark's Berth 0559, thenco nortli Uio chains,
thence east 4U chains, thonco south HKi cliains,
thenoe west 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated July 26th, 1906,
nng I
N. Ti EDWAUDS, Lnnntcr.
Notice is hereby given that SOdays after date
I intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works for a special licence to cui
and carry away timbor from the following described lands situated in tho Big Bend district
of West Kootenay:—
8. Commencing nt a post marked "Arthur
Payne's soulh westcoryer post," plunted on lhe
eust, bauk of Columbin river, about 100 yards
norlh from mouth of Mica creek, thence north
8i) chains, thenco cast SOohains ibencosouth
8u ohatns, thence west 80 chains to poinl of
il. Commencing at n post marked "Arthur
Payne's norl h west corner post," planted on lho
oaat bank of Columbia river, about KHI yards
nlmve mouth of Mica creek, Ibenco south 80
chains, thonco east 811 ehains, thence norlh 811
clialns, thonco west 80 ohains to point of com*
in. Commencing at a post mnrked ''Arthur
Payne's souih wemcornerpost," planled on the
cast bank of Columbia river, ahoul Smiles
below Mien ereek, thence cast 81) chaius, Ihenco
north 411 chains, thenco west 40 chains, ihence
north 80 chains, thence weal 40 chains, thonce
south 120 chains to pninl of commencement
Dated July 25th, 1000,
day- after dale 1 intond to apply to tha
Chief Commissioner of binds and Works for a
special license lo eut and carry away timber
from tho following described lands situated
in the Big Bend district of West Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post marked "Alex.
Brot's soutli east corner," planted on the west
bauk of Forty-nine creek, about 4 miles from
Columbia river, running nortli 80 ohains,
Ihenee west 80 clmins, ihence south 80 chains,
thence east 80 chains lo pniutof commencement ,
2. Commeueiug at a post- marked Alex.
Brot's uortli east corner," planted on the west
hank of Forty-nine creek, about I miles from
Columbia river, running south 80 chains,
ihenco west 80 chains, thonco north 80chains,
ihenco cast80 chains to point of commencement. ,   , 1M,
8, Commencing at a post marked "Alex,
lirot's soulli wesl cornor,' planted on the west
bank of Forty-nine crook, about 4 miles from
Columbia river, running uorlh 80 chains,
i hence east 80 chains, tlienco south 80 chains,
llicuce wesl 80 chains to point Of commence-
4. Commonolng at a post marked "Alex,
lirot's north wost corner," planted on the west,
batik Of Forty-nine creek, nboul, 4 miles from
Columbia river, running soutli 8it chains,
ihenee easl 80 chains, thenee north 80chains,
thence wesi, wi chains to pointof commencement
f>, Commencing at a post marked "Alex.
Hrol's norlh east corner," planted on llm west
bank of Porly-nino creek,about 2-1 mile-* from
Columbia river, running south Hln chains,
ihence west in ehains, Ihence north UK) chains,
ihouco cost loehalns to point or commencement ,  	
Q, Commencing at, a post marked "Alex.
Bint's norlli west corner," planted on lhe wesl
bank of Forty-nine creek, about 2[ miles from
Columbia river, running soulh llio chains,
lliMiceeaul-40 ehalus, I hence uorlh llio chains,
thonco west 40 cbnins to point of commence
ment. ,   , „ ,.
7, Commenting al a post, marked "Alex,
Brot's north west comer." planted nn tho wesl
bank of Forty-nine orook, ahoul 2 miles frum
Columbia river, running soulh Kill ehuins,
ihence east.40 clialns, llienco north 16" chains,
tliuuco west 10 chains to pninl of commencement. 	
8, Commenolng nt a post marked "Alex.
BrotH north east corner," planted on Ihe east
bank of Forty nine creok, uhout 1 mile from
Columbia river, running soulh llKlchains,
Ihoneo west 40 chains, theuco north 160 eliuiiis,
Ihence east lo chaius to pointof OOmtnotlOO-
il. Commencing al a posl mnrked "Alex.
Hrol's south west corner," plantod on the ensl
bunk of Forly-ulno creek, about 1 mile from
Columbia river, running north 80 chains,
thenee east 80 chains, thonce south 811 chains,
tlienco west 80 chains to point of commence
10. Commonclug at a posl marked "Alox
Brot's south west cornor," planted aliout \ mile
from Forly-nliie crook ou the wost bank, nnd
aliout 1 mile from Columbin river, running
north 40 chains, thence wost 1*00 chains,
thunce snutli 411 chnius thenco cant HKI chains
to pointof commencement
Dated July 80th, 1908,
AIM, BROT, Locator,
uug 1 ^cr lius Lund, Agent.
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
I-IK, Cordova St., W.
VANCOUVER, -   -   B. C.
Notice h hereby Riven that thirty days aftor
.hue l inieml in apply lo the Hon, Chief (Join
inlsBlonorol Lnmls mid Works fur u speeiul
license to nul and earry nwny timber irom the
following described hinds.
1. Commencing al a imst [ilaulcd ou llie
ensl buuk of the north fork of Hfe creek about
fit**, miles above lho lorks and marked "JS, I',
it's north wost cornor post," thouco east 40
eniiins thenco south Hill ehains, ihenee west 40
ohains, Ihoneo nurih Uiu ehains lo pointof
2, Commencing al a post planted on the
east biinkof the norlh fork of I'jfe creek about
■j! inihs above the forks and markod "K. P,
ll.'s nnrlh cast enrner post," thenoe west 40
ehains, thenco south hill chains, thence Cast40
ehains, llienei- north bill ehains to point nf
8, Commouciug al a post planled on lhe
ensl bank of the norlli fork nf Hfe ereek about
.v, miles above the forks and marked' E, P.
ll.'s south west corner pnsl," thenee east sl)
ehains, Ihence north till ehains, thenee wesl so
chains, thenee south 8(1 ehnins lo puint of
l, Commencing at a post plumed on the
ensl bunk of the mirth fork of 1*ift* creek, about
n1', miles above the forks ami marked "K, I',
IPS BOUlh   enst   eonu'l'   pusl,"  theuce west 40
chains, Iheuce north 160 ehains, ihenee enst 40
chains, thence smith 160 chains to i.uiuiof
6, Commencing at a pust planted mi the
wesi. bnnk of the imrih fork of Fife croek about
Smiles above Ihe forks and marked"K. I'.ll.'s
smith ensl eorner posl," thenee west 40 chains,
Ihenee north Hill chains, thenee east Ul chains,
ilieucc smith ino chains u> point of commencement.
r. Commenolng at a post iilanled on lhe
west bank of the uorlh furk of Hfe ereek .ibout
ii miles above llio forks and marked '•¥.. P. ll.'s
South west corner pnsl," thenee east mi ehnins,
thenee north 120 chains, ihenee west 40 ehnins,
Ihenco south sn ehalus, thenco wesl 40 chains,
thenoo south 40 chalnB to pointof commoncement.
7, Commencing at a post planted on the
west bank of Hits mirth fork of Fife creek nbuut
8 miles above the lurks ami marked "E.l'.H.'s
norlh east eoruer post," llienee east ho chains,
thenee south SO ehains, theuce west Hi) cbnins,
thenee north so ehuins to pnlnt of commencement
8, Commencing at n posl planted on the
west bauk o[ the north fork of Hfe ereekahonl
ol/i miles above Ihe forks and niarked "E.P,
iii'ssoutb east corner pnsl," thonco west 40
chains, thenee north lliu ehalus, ihouco oast 40
chains, thenee south 161) ehalus to poinl ol
com men cement. J
9, Commonolng al a posl planted on the
wesl bank of thc north fork of Fife creok ahout
9^ miles ahnve the forks and mnrked ' K. P,
H.'s smith west corner post," thence eust 80
chains, thenee norlh 81) chains, thence wosl
bii chains, theuce south 81) ehalus to point of
Dated June 28th, 1006.
jy7 E. P. IlhNUV.
Certificate of Improvements.
•Golden Eagle Mineral Claim, silnate In the Arrow
Lnke Mining Division of Kootenay district.
Where located—Adjoining Mineral City Town-
TAKE NOTICE that I, Kenneth L, Burnet,
agent fur Mrs. Ellen MoDougabl, uf Nakusp, (free
Miner's Certificate No, B95W9, intend, sixty days
frmn ilm date hereof, to apply to the Mining Recorder torn Ceitlfioate of Improvements, for the
purpose uf obtaining a Crown Grant uf the almve
Ami further take notice that action, under section 'i7, must be commenced before the Issuance
of such Certificate uf Improvements,
Dated this 26th day of April, 1900,
Notice is hereby given lhat sixty days afler
date wo intend to apply to tlio Chief Commissioner of Lnnds mid Works for permission
I*. pnri'lniM: Uie following described lands in
the district of West Kootenay:\
Communcingnta post planted twenty chains
wost Irom the northeast enrner of' ot 49-i-j aud
marked "Hig HendLumbo Company's south,
wesl corner post," thence north 0) chains,
thenee east 40 ehalus, thonce south 85 chains
more or less lo tho lako shore, thence west
along shore to south east corner of Lot 4949,
tlionco north 7 ehalus to north east corner of
Lot 4949, thence wosl 20 chains tu point of commencement
Dated July 2nd, 1906.
NOTICE IH HEREBY UIVKN that sixty days
afler date I intend tn apply tu the Hmi. Chiof
Commissioner uf Lauds and Works fur permission
topurohaso the following deBOiIbed lnmls in the
West Kootenay district, west side of Upper Arrow
lake aliuut une-lialf mile smith nf Fnstliall creek.
Commencing at a pust marked, "W. W, Lock's
smith cant enrner," at the snutli west cornor of L.
862, tlienco nnrlh 40 cliains, aluiig tho west lnjuiid-
ary nf L. 802; tlience west 120 chains; thenee smith
80 chains; tlionco east 40 clialns, iuuru ur less in
the west boundary of A. Dotlonuoyor's application
tu purchase; thencu north 40 ehnitis, nmre ur less
In the north wesl curuer uf A, Dulleimiuyer'a
application tu purchase*, (hence east 80 chains
mure or less tu puint uf eu-iiineneeiiieiil, UIU ncn-H
Dated May 28,1900.
Per. T, C Mak in nn n. agent
\\   1 IV'l-I^.T.'Vl-l-
Fur Aurictiliunil Implement*. Carriages, Wagons, Etc.. John
D,i,-re I'I,,null*. Muliue Wagons, Cnuada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Planet Jr., Garden Sealers ami Cultivator*. Wheel-
Uwrinlit ainl lllaek-mitli Wnrk attended to. Hor*e Shoeing a
Specialty. \
WiVit^'WW******!***********   "V-*
Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1855.
Wil. Mtii.stiN M.ici'iiKiisiiv, I'li-s. H. H. Rwimi, Vice-Pres.
Jambs Elliot, General Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Evi'i-ylhing In wny of tankim; business transacted without un-
necessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year at current rates on Savings Bank
W. II. PRATT, Manager,
Ukvelstoke, B. C.
(Under  New   Management)
First-clan accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Queens fiotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars. Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
CHIEF  YOUNG, - -        Proprlcto.
1IKAD OKKIOE : C.u/iAnv, Ai.iikiita.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchant*
Pork Paokera and Dealer in Lire Stock. Markets in all tho principal Cltie. and
Towns o( alberta, liritish u.uiiuliia ami tlie Yukon. Packers ol the Celebrated Bnad
"lni|i,'ra(„r" Hams und Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Leal Lard.
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Nulled Is hereby glvon tlinl W duj-H Biter dale
11 mi-mi to make ajiplloftllon io ttio Chlol Commissioner of tamlH & Workx for normliltoH in I
iiureliiitm llie fullnwliiK described lund -num.
In llie Wi-i Kootonay dlHtrlelof Hriil-n i ..I-
lllilbliioii Ibe west Hide of Arrow take ill tlie
1-oHtball Valley:
Coiiiiiii'imiii*.; ul It. Nlebnl'N Himtli wenl eur-
m-r, tbenee went Ml chalna, llienee tmulli in
ebaiiis, llionoo east ho chains, tbonco nurth m
ehalus to imini of commencement to mtiuin-
iiiltiljii iieres nmre or le h
li-iic.|ili.".i.in .In. ..l.l 1,1006,
)y*i I'er H..I, Harlow, Atjcut-
NOTICE is horoby glvon lhat 00 days after
dato I intend io a|i|ily to the Honourable
iln-ciiii't Oonnnlsfllonor of i-uni-mni Works
fur iiennliwlnii topuronano llio following do-
Horlbod lands In llm Went Kootonay distriot, |
went shin of I'mier Arrow l/lkoi
Commonolng at a posi about throe miles
soulh nr l-'n-ili.ill orook, and about 1 milo frum
tlm Lnko, marked 'Thoina- Wolffltort south
coat oornor, at tho north owL cornor o( M-.0.
tSlyo'n application to purchaHOi thonco north In
chaina. moro or loss, to the lake shore; thonoo
following snid -shorn lu a general norllieily
and westerly direction I" chanw, more ur le-.-,
in thn -niiib huiindary of A. K Miuiiumnd's
application to purchase; thonco wosl im clmlm.,
moro or Ion, to tin- oasl boundary uf UM,
JoluiHtoiiu's application to purohasoi thonoo
Mouth 80 chains; Humor oast 80 ohains lo point
nf commencement, containing mu acres, more
or lows,
Uiilwllhi.* Ilillnht, ul .1 -. l!*Hi.
i'or Hulph Blyu, Agent
lieut cliuiicu ever offered lo secure some of the tinea! Betidtntial
Sites, Garden and Fruit Growing Landi in Bevehtokt.
Having lieen appointed Agent for the Hevelitoke Realty
Company, Limited, 1 have for eale their lands on'tbe Weit, Nortb
and East sides ul the City.
Any area to suit purchasers Irom a Building Lot to a Small
The new " Addition li." offers the choicest residential and till*
sites overlooking the City,—line garden soil and sheltered bom
prevailing winds.
Plant and Price* at my Offloe.
If You Doubt i*he   Jeiuifnertej-.!"; of this Sale, please
Call and Investigate for Yourself Ou, Prices.
We Need thc Money and  Must Havs
Good Our Fire Losses at Arrowhead.
to matte
Come  Now Before the Best
Been Picked Over and Sold.
of  the Stock   Has
Real  Live Bargain-
On  Every   Counter,
nl  Nelson. Willi  if   Vil'illllg
s i-.-iin- ove" in  sen   his
, linn been ill in
Steed, win
I        KEr.P YOUR
SHy nol letting them trouble
vuu. They won't il you unit
£ FOOT EASE. We keep it.
♦ Canada Drug & Book 9
$    Company.-Limited,    Y
Local and General.
A iliinct' nnil suppor will lie given
to-night in Selkirk Hull. A band
orchestra will be in attendance
Musical young men nml women
with good voices are cordially invited
to join the clioir ol All Saints1 Mission
Church, Arrowhead, II. C.
Guotl crop reports nre coming Irom
tin- [arming districts, some averaging
100 bushels to the acre lor nnts. while
wheat nud hay have been almost phenomenal.   *
Tin; grand aggregate ul Canada's
loreign trade lor the last liscnl year
reached the enormous sum ol $55(1,-
854,246, which is a gain ol $311,828,-
886 uver last yenr.
.Members ot the United States Senate stib-ctimmitteu ou Indian aft'airs,
believe they have discovered the Democratic ticket f,,r 1*008. For president, Vi. J. liivitn; for Vice-president,
W.a. Clark.
The latest novelty in London, Eng.,
is tbe edible menu card aud this now
Ind ha* been patronizing by the King.
The menu card is made ol sugar tisBiie
paper and the lettering i- composed ol
cake trusting.
Tbe tug Eric, in charge of Capt.
Kane, is towiug tin- government
dredge to Revelstoke, She is nuw at
Greenslide and should get in to-night.
The w..rk ol deepening ibe channel
below the city will be carried on,
The demand Ior lumber is very great
just new and su insistent that all the
mills in liritish Columbia nre k.-j.t going at lull capacity, and many would
run double time if cars and men could
be obtained to handle the busincsi
.1. Ollarson, who lias just arrived
i'r,-in Vancouver, is in charge til True-
man's studios on McKenzie avenue,
Mr. Ollarson ha* had a wide nnd extensive experience in all brunches ol
photographic work and will give the
public every satislaction.
A in,it, was drowned inst Saturday
in Arrow I-ak,-. Irom the steamer Boss-
land, hall a mile Irom the whart, He
is said to have slipped and fallen overboard. A boat na* immediately lowered but the man sunk before the boal
could reach him, His name was unknown.
yesterday's rains were a welcome
change alter the late oppressive heat.
The oity gardens and lawn.- are looking beautifully green and Iresh after
their um;.:] ectal bath; tbe Btreets,
- ii - Ies inclined to .■■ serl themselves wheni fi: I -• eze oi wind c i -
Mr. and Mr*. Pickard are mournin
the loss ol in, ii  little one aged I ■
years,   lh--  child was taken ill on
M..i,,lay nighl and alter levi n atl
,.( convulsion!   passed  away.    The
.Msii.-lli.HAi.ii ■ nm with their manj
friendi in sympathy lor llieir sad be-
reaveuii  *
A meeting ol the Sports' i* m...ill
ul iln- Labor Lay Ci luliriitiun  wi I  In
beltl in tin- llninl lb .um Ihi* evening
ni 81>. in. tu arrange programmi   mid
ll .;i.-ai I gOllOl'lll business
Al Li,, n,iii-li un Sunday nioi',.ing
T. A. 1,,-wis wa* severely hurl by a
bull, ami is now in lln- hospital,
frum   injuries  rocofved   in   the cu
i liter.   If it hml nol been fnr some
mn'  assisting Mr.  Lewis,   the resull
might have been serious,
A serious burning la tal ity tunk plnce
mi Monday which might have proved n
lingedy, Mr. II, Samson's little son
had been playing with a lighted can-
dli which ignited his clothes, und before the lire cinilil lie extinguished he
Iinil liien badly burnt. Whal llm prior
child must hnve Buffered can be easily
tu dcrstood.
A new legal linn will shortly ho established in this city. I-'iviIC. Elliott
nl Trout Lake, n well known uml,-lever
lawyer, lias
in ,shi|i wit
iui* practici
ten yenis, n
sponsible pi
.-tl the re-
litor for llnil
11  SlUlli  1* .-
        i brnslt Iii-ii-
ii can depend on ii to give yon complete satisfaction,
Every brush wc have
good brush.   If you hay i
Druggist ami Station,-t-.
nexl 'li- limn,- l,l„, I.
Mi   nr 1,-i- Recoiro l'r„,„j,t .titt-ntim,.
formed an Dxcelle -l part
n Charles E. liii nn, win
-il law in Rossland fnr nvi i
ml who bus HIh
     isitiun of solici      	
city for the past year.
The construction ol the new City
tel and Union hotel at Arrow-he. d
ii being rushed to complutiun as fast
ns iiii-ii and nionoy enn do the wnrk.
Both holds are now about ready for
the lathers and plasterers. When
conipli led these hotels will hi* a credit
tu Arrowhead and the district nnd
will l„- finished and in the must
up-to-date manner.
Al the Wilmer Mercantile Company's slore there is on display a very
large moosohead that is attracting no
little attention. It is Ibe property ol
.Inini Biirinitn, who shot the nnium'
last. lull at the bend ol Kootenay river.
The bead was mounted by Harry Edwards, the RevolBtoko taxidermist, nnd
is n work nf art that be and il ivncr
mny well be proud of.—Wilmer Outcrop.
The advance in the ensl ol American
timber is diverting the attention of
European buyers in Canada, Many
lieriuiin liun ber men are visiting Canada and especially British Cnliiinbin
willi ii view in ascertaining ii thoy cm
procure the wood material llieir linns
require, Tin- (lei-iiinn lumber coin-
paniea will endeavor to create n timber
trade with Canada,
At th I ensl end ol tho depot plal
form can be seen n most  remarkable
garden ol sweot peas, thirty-two vnri
elii-s in all, the jtl nits being over live
feet, high and arranged so a* to Inrni
separate squares of color,   They are
the propctry nf WAV. Foster, who grew
them ibis year Irom bi i ds   ip   ed I y
.1.   Liuilo'i.   Iiurili   commissioner  ol
Montreal.   This speaks well
wonderful soil Ilevelstoke possesses
The latest labor saving devici ta thi
electric cow milker.    A   farmer near
Niagara is the inventor    He
on a current ol Niagara I■' •  ■
and in live miuutes milks tl   I
cows, some of  them   notable kickers
under  the  old style.     Hi -
labor for this same work ivonl:
lour men, two  hours, n,
tbt- kit-king cows, Hies,switch
\ treat i iu Btore lo™ i:
I y goer in the f inn ol i vei
.mil amusing vaudeville - ■ tain
in,mt to take place in thenpern house,
Aug. 28,    Citizens in gi ut
■ ... ind revel in a In h and they
will   bav ■   full
h in witm *gia Minstrels.   .', IIOVI   ll il
parade  in the nn ruing and the performance .-  bo full ol
.. ister iui lun music and ginger
ii-i.-i-ila}  iftern ear I 'eih.r Creek
■ i • lefl
the   tourisl    car  In ing  n|
■ isted niiir.il n
i .-ii-      i ,   .-, nn for tin
ai-riilenl   is the track i 'Icon
diti ii   -i,il   tin -■
',,,- poinl there trpcurve,
! -.!..-. ine wii' injured, beyond a bi - ling, flio train
I  thn 0 h * Iii      ■ i ii
Insurancs and
Real Estate.
Full Line Of The P«st
nas *].,.,ii in,, ijis, ,,,,.  nn...,
Several parties of oity lolk spent last
Saturilny nnd Sunday on llio ridge
behind the oity, inspecting the lakes
nml piirk.
(I Stec
tin- ciiy,
brother1 S      ^^^^^^^^^
the hospital.
Messrs. Wins. Mi'llonnlil, Klllipp
Lombke mid fui-kson visited M.-un-
tain I'nrk Ibis week nud put iii some
very good climbing.
Miss Lennox lias returned from
spending her vacation at Vancouver,
and will I'l'sinne her duties in the law
-iilit'e ol Messrs. Harvey, McCarter &
A. Hillior and S, Lefenux lelt on
Monday on a trip through tho Okanagan on business connected villi Hip
Interior Band Association meet here
on Labor Day.
Mr. and Mrs. S Needham and
fninily wenl. south this morning. Mr.
Nttiillinni will ie em ployed nt Arrowhead, while Mr- Need Iiiiiii and family
will visit friend,- in tho Liiribiaii.
Business Locals.
All the latest bonks at Bews'drug
Keep the dato open for Knox ohuroh
annual soolal, August 29th.
Special Bargains Ibis week in furniture, Carpets, Linoleum and Crockery.
Big discounts. Call and see .lohn E.
Wind, the Furniture Man.
Shot Guns, liilles, Ammunition, at
Bourne Bros.
See Howson's furniture Store lor
Carpets, lloor oil and matting. Buy
an Ostormoor mattrass and enjoy one
third ol your life in solid comfort.
Howson's furuitirc store is the place
to got them.
! Kincaid k Anderson
The Chinaman who has been lound
insane at Arrowhead was taken down
on Monday by Provincial Constable
Upper to the asylum at New Westminster.
The Boss rilhi is being given a
thorough and praoticnl lest by the
Militia throughout Canada. The
general concensus of opinion expressed
by experienced riflemen who have
used the now Canadian small arm is
very favorable, tho rilie being very
acciirale and sights, scientifically
Mr. William Whyte, second vice-
president of the C. I'. IL, who has been
,,n tin- const for the past week, Is suffering 80 inlicll from tin'ell'ei'tsof a
recently contracted cold, that he has
been unable to proceed eaat, Mr
Whyte Ia now staying at lhe Ilnle
Vancouver, and he will remain then
until In* i nfliciontly rccovi red ti
leave for ins headquarters at Winnipeg. There is nothing serious in bis
conditi ui, and it, is only n matter uf a
li i days before he will be lully recovered,
, sa.| .ii-ei lent occurred last Wednesday uiu -ii i:,. -i pai ty uf exenr-
i,, lists who were coming up on a
handcar mi the ' - V - lino irom
Sirdar intending to go to Crestou to
witness a baseball match hetwt en Sir
dar and Creston.    When nbi il
ni es fr     Creston I ird a train
approachm ■ tnd ett'mg ll -;- ■ :i md
car they plot ed il * *'. side :" the
track, hut  by son      icans nol
r of the
train. - I thecar snd
violently upset it oi     -
who were stand Mrs, Mc-
S,    the wile
nd Mrs,
A   ■   •■:,    train
Social and Personal
We have wihout doubt the best make, the
biggest.value, mul the hi,gest- assortment to chouse
Iiiiiii in the town. Numbers of satialied customers
are sending their Iriends to ue, when they can get
solidcomlit in CORSETS at small enst.
TAPE GIRDLE CORSETS.-Ncat nnd comfortable—15o. In Ilfic.
fillc, 05o., and 7fic.
Supporters attached.—7fic. per pair.
with ilniiblfi hose supporters attached,—$1.00, $1.20,
$1.50 and $1.75.
ive ns great pleasure to show yon lhe different styles.   Wo know weean suit you.
Kroin (lur Own (lori'dspondmit.
Mrs. F. II. Bourne iind children, ol
Revelstoke, are visiting Mrs. Bourne's
mother, Mrs. 0. S. Thomas,
The Misses Atkinson, of New Westminster, speng a lew dnys in town with
their brother, Mr. Fred Atkinson.
At the meeting ol the license boned
held nt Nakusp a renewal of the license which had been cancelled wns
granted to Mr. L. F. MoDougal ol the
Li-land bouse. Upon investigatijii the
board decided that the charges brought
agiiicst Mr. MoDougal were without
Mr. Norman Thomas, who was injured by having his loot crushed by
the train nt llt-si-berry, is reported to
be improving rapidly at the New Denver hospital.
The olliee stall' of the Y. C. L, Co,
are leaving next week lor Nelson,
where they will in future be located.
'I lie families ol 1'. Vi. Jordan and L.
J. Edwards are oaniping at Nakusp.
Miintkkai,, Aug. id.—At the meeting of the director' nl the On 'indiiin
Pacilic 'Railway Company to-day, a
dividend of two per oeut, on thu pre
it -nod slock for the hull yenr i nding
June 80th last, was declared, A division ol three per cent. Ior the same
period was also declared on the common stock,
Gross earnings, $61,009,758,
Working expenses $38,696,440.
Nei earnings $22,973,313,
Net earnings of Bteamships in ex-
ccaBol amount included in monthly
reports $752,567.
Income Irom other source* $1,868,-
I'otal ne' income, $24,642,760.
Deduct fixed charges, $8,360,o45
Deduct amount transferred to
steamship replacement lund, $500,000,
Deduct  contribution   to  pension
Net revenue available lor dividends,
Alter  payment  ot   all  dividends
,     ■    or the fiscal year, the surplus
Ior the year carried forward is $8,368,-
Have you seen uur New fancy
Ribbons, Nothing so pretty
and cheap has ever been
shown. We have Dresden
Ribbons Inmi Baby Ribbon
up to Six inches wide. See
the Maple l.cnl Ribbon ill
Autumn shades. Then wc
have Plaids, Shots and Novelties in many colors, and a
lull stock ol plain shades.
We carry n large variety of .Supporters in the Belt Styles, Hlack and
Colors, from 30c. up. Ladies' and
Children's Inside Supporters in cushion grip and the celebrated C. M. C.
No. 4.—House nnd two loti
Street, $!,,.*iil0.   Valuable corner
No. fi,—Lot and Store, First Street,
$2,000.   Ensv terms,
No. 6,-Lot on First Street—$500.
No. 7.---Two lols on First Street
with residence, $2,100.
These lots lire likely to be valuable
business sites,
Nu. 14.—Corner property on Third
street, two lols ninl residence, $2000.
No. 16.-8 Lots on First Street. The
linest hotel or Store site in City,—
I Lots un First Street, $11,31X1.
I Lols on Second Slieel, $1,575.
No. 21,—One of the best residences
nnd Villa. Sites in City, $4,10).
No. 22. Residence, Victoria Ruiid,
No. 23—Residence Mackenzie Ave,.
No. 21.—Business Block, Mackenzie
Avenue, $12.(XK).
No. 28,—Residence ou Third Street.
No. -12— I lxits on Eighth Street for
No. 86.—Italdeneo nnd lut, First
Street, $2,106,
No. 78,—Residence, Second Street,
Nn. 74.—Residence, Second Street,
$2, IKK I.
No. 12. Throe lots in eity of Nelson,
tu- will exchange for property in Rovelstoke,
No. 51.- l,olnud StabloatCamborne
Nn. 51.
House and Lot, Camborne,
,     fhcodore I.i!    it, ' -  ■
head i In-di
(,. Mel 111 a visil
ii. the,-" ■-' -11 Mi -,:.,-.
Mr  md Mrs. Pral turn frum
St. I,enn        ifti
• II return
■    -'   Li-mi.
1, ildcn
M '.I
■ head,
Mr,   na1   Mrs   Philips  and lamilj
, d (rom I be        1 t, 1 bi
Mis. Nellie Qretl hat   el irned *•
. 1  -.--,.        n visit I   M-  and  Mi
K. ill- P.
v.   1  end   1 ■ IJi    N
sii 1, Aug
38, met iu
  ith.  Three new
members were initiated into the Order
1 :■,--• ! ■ -I pleasantly and
i1 1- no mi take to aj tii il there is in
M-     head  the  nucleus ol a most
,      --., 1 .--fil  branch ,,(the
di      . :    1 ■- ol Pythias.
No, 18.—110 acres within two miles
of city, in- will lie sold in blocks of 5
acres to 25 acres.
No. 16.—760 acres Crown title nnd
linli' interest in 5,1010 acres $21,000.
No. 82.   820 acres, Kelownn, $10,(0).
No. 27,—820 acres Grown granted
lands at Galena Bav, $5 per acre.
No. 81.-2,500 aerea Nicola Valley,
with stock, $70,000,
No, 83,  -Kill acres ensl. of Kevelstoke
No. 48—820 acres Crown Igrnntcd
.-uui pastoral lease with stock, 18 miles
from railway - $12,750.
No. .'17. -Best fiuun iii district, 180
ncres, 80 acres cultivated, good buildings, $40 per acre.
Nu. 111.- liuuse and two .acres hind
iitTroul Lake $1,200,
N11. 55. IIII acres East Kootenny,
No. 07. Fruit farms at Armstrong,
Iiiiiii $115 in $85 per acre. Good roads
.inti schools.
No. 71. 60,000 acres Eastern AI
beita,, $7.50per acre.
No. 71 In 1 50,000 ncres ul, Eagle
Nike, Saskatchewan, $11 per acre,
Nn. 71 ilo 10,000 acres at Lothbt'ldgo
$11.75 per acre,
No. 70. 100 acres al Edmonton, $11
per ncre,
Houses and Rooms to Let
l\ ll ho   11 li ed 60 |.
: fl KJ0; 2,0001ijcki
Businesses For Sale
18,   llnli-l, lliick Building, $22,-
,1     J    -',-'      t||l    "H"1"1 I
,        .•      .I.MMlU, I        •     ,     I,
.- thi kngui .hops,
NothinK hotter than " Our Speoial.
WANTED   I'I.-i.-im-  1,, pul  mi
ahoul 14,000 -.u'.- 1 f plastering
r day I ilmr.   Ma-
1    '; i      t City Hotel,
Revelstoke or  Arrowhead,    1 ILI -,
-Ml     (fill,
lf.,,1 tlw 1
I —
:- In 	
1     .
ng- it
frmn 'Int.. I
I    Mil,,1,1
",|.il, 'a I„lf
II Wt-at
'^„,,(j,,tiiy eliatrle-l   mul  ihnf. ol  I'pjwr Ann'
'                                           !..!,,,    I    ,|       I     J,,   |||,  1, I,  ,
 ll    tl ll  - III   <Mt„M   '.(
I,-- 1  -. ,- 1 Ij mllen tit nl K'-tiiall
Cm.ki il„-i-. .  , , 1(1
1 Imiii    til  li   ■" - lln.ll       . |.
ll . . nl • a r , .a,,,..,    M.i mmi,   .-,,
ri-. niitui^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
 I il,,..  -Ml llllj,ot Mas, Illll.
.1 I, hhwcii,
I'll M:.l|>liSly«,A«„nl
No, in Hotel, pretty location, $8,000,
Nn, Si.     Hotel,   n   iiinncyniakiT.
No, 18,   lb,l"l. $8,600,
(1  llt,ii|s, 11 Stores, a lllacksinilh's
H , in.  . iu the Northwest,
Nn. 18.   Store or llninl silent Notch
Nn. Wl.   Hotel on Vancouver Island,
$3,5110  half cash.
Nn. .vi.   Half intorosl InShlngoMllli
practical man required: Hue opening
No 0,   Newspaper In British Oul,
nnil,in, $1,000 down) balance on bonne,
Easy terms of
payment  may In-
I- particulars apply In
Richards & Pringle's
Famous Minstrels
Real Estate and Insuranci
llevelstiike, II. 0,
Twenty-Eighth Triumplianl Tour
Introducing the Big Six Comedians
Clarence Powell
James Crosby
Fred Simpson
Happy Bureguard
Frank Kirk
Lester McDaniels
40 Emperors ot Minstrelsy ZL.Q
Nuw nml llewlltleritiK
Sights, Scenes and Sensations
Without n I'nmlli-l In |tlte> Mlmlrrl World III
J I."' M, AUKflT.
Vol. 12.-No. 103
REVELSTOKE. 11 0. AUGUST 18, 190(3
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. H time & Co.
Five o'clock ten, dainty luncheon or dinnei will not he complete
without 1111 nssortnicnt of these Fancy Biscuits. This New Shipment
baa just arrived and is here lor your choosing.
McCormick's Water Ice Wafers tm"S\ v3ii,i, ki.-.
McCormick'% Lady Finger   and Cracknel!s Biscuits.
Patterson's Cambridge Wafers, Oatmeal Wafers, Graham
Christie's Reception Wafers in 2 Ib. Tins, Zephpr Cream
Sodas in 2 |, Ib. Tins, and Sweet Mixed Biscuits in 20
different varieties.
Several Lines in Huntley & Palmer's, such as : Assorted
Alaska Wafers, in tins, Assorted Carmencila Wafers,
Salt Wafers.
Nice Rich Walnut, Acorn, Dinner, Folkestone, Macaroons,
and Household.
in 1-2 Ib. I Ib. and 5 Ib. Boxes—just arrived.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
if yon ate looking I'or something nice in SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" for Souvenirs, we have  llieni here.
c. P.
We Have the Finest Line
of Toilet Soaps in the City
We hnve good Soap nt nil prioes
from the lowest to the highest.
1.—Mechanic's Soap, "\mnm.
2. -Red Cross Skin Soap.
A sjilenillil healing innp, g I Iur cnniploxlun.
3.—Piver's, Roger & Ballets
Pear's Colgate's and Taylor,
Fine Toilet Soaps.
Pure Olive Oil and Cucumber
Soap at 5c per Cake.
Red Cross Drug Store
I). NAIRN, Phm, 11,
A most successful dance was held un
Wednesday night at Selkirk Hall under the auspices of the lacrosse club.
The room was tastefully decorated,
and over 50 couples took the floor
which was in perfect condition, dancing being kept up till the lirst streak
uf dawn nt 3 n.ni. The music wns
supplied by the Revelstoke Independent Bund, who provided an excellent
and well selected programme of dance
music. A sumptuous supper was
seivcd at midnight. The arrangements wcro admirably carried out by
W. Pettipiece na master of |coromoniel
supported by nn energetic reception
committee, and the whole affair proved
most enjoyable.
The C. P. R. will shortly put into
commission sixteen new Mogul locomotives of the 1600 type. There nre
at present eight of these mammoth
engines in the hicnl yards nnd they
are splendid specimens of C. P. H. work.
The Moguls will be put on passenger
and freight work on the eastern divisions only.
lYi ill iTi iti iti ti'i ill A. .'K .♦. t9t At At At A, A A, At itt At ■♦. ■**■% ■*t'« At t*
'+* '+• \"fr' *%' *¥ *ty lty *ty *ty *ty 'ty "ty 'ty "ty 'X* \l" "X* X* *x "X   X  ■*   ♦   4*  *
Including     ^^a
Kltohen Tinware, Wall Lamps, Brass Kettles, Handsome Brass 4*
Kettles, Handsome Brass Fern Pots, Brass Candle Sticks, 9
Brass Dinner Gongs, Garden Spades and Watering Pots, 9
Brass Firs Fenders, Whips and Halters, Drawing Room Coal *■£
Vases, Brass Spirit Lamps, Cash Boxes, eto. 9
These goods are imported frnm the Beat Old Country fu
miiuulnctui'era. It Ia n pleasure to allow these goods. Cull in +u
und see thorn. &
♦ I
Alderman Pitman of Calgary,
Vists the City and Advises
Advertising our Scenery and
Fruit Lands, Etc
\V. Pitman, Alderman ol Calgary,
and chairman ul the Market and
Health committee ol that oity, paid a
short visit to lhe city yesterday. Mr,
Pitman expressed bis keenest delight
in whnt he snw in Revelstoke, being
must enthusiastic uver the gardens
here nnd the excellent mil nnd fruit
growing possibilities A visit wns
made to A'd, Tapping's gnrtlen, where
some splendid Bpcclment of garden
produce wore to be seen. Mr Pitman
also visited the City Hall and discuss
ed municipal matters with the City
Clerk lor the purpose ol attaining in-
loiinatinn Unit might lie of use in his
own city. Great praise wns bestowed
on nur water and light plant as being
the linest of its kind in tbe west. Mr.
Pitman is touring the west and states
that Revelstoke is n moat progressive eity in itself, but that it is not
sufficiently advertised. Advertise
your Iresh and pure mountain water,
your electric light, your Iruit lands
surrounding your city, your immense
lumbering industry nnd forests, your
valuable mineral lands, and last but
by no means least, your magnificent
mountain scenery, J only stopped
off nt Ilevelstoke tuday to civc a rest
in the trip to my family, and I nm
now glad that I did so, nnd I will he
buck herengain, suid Mr. Pitman as he
hoarded train for the weat on a tour
nl the coast cities, accompanied by
Mrs. Pitman and fninily.
A very pretty weddingtook place on
Thursday evening at the residence of
Mrs. R. Urquliart, Third Street, when
Miss Palmer, daughter ol Alderman J.
and Mrs Palmer was married to Geo.
Vi. Edwards. The ceremony was per
formed by the Kev. J. R, Holier son
under u handsome bell ol white
dahlias. Mr. J. Hooley played the
wedding march us the bride entered
the druwiugrooni on the arm of her
father and touk her place with the
bridesmaid and tbe maid uf honor
before the minister. The groom wna
assisted by Mr. Ross Donaldson, while
the bride wns assisted liy her sister
Annie nnd her cousin Miss Gladys
Urquliart was maid of honor. The
bride's gown was crepe de chine,
trimmed with lace nnd applique. The
bridesmaid wore n pretty dress of
white voile and the mail ol honor
wore a dress ol pule blue nun's-veiling,
The bride wore a wreath ol orange
blossoms in her hair. These were
worn by her grandmother at the time
of her wedding uml also at her golden
wedding. She carried n shower bouquet
of carnations nud maiden hair fern.
After the ceremony the guests, to
the number of fifty, were shown to
the diningruom where a most sumptuous repast wus served. Rev. J. II,
Robertson proposed the health of the
bride nnd was nt.lv responded to by
the groom. Mr. Edwards proposed
the health of the bridesmaid, to which
Mr. Donaldson answered, The Mayor
proposed the health of the bride's
parents nnd Mr. Palmer responded,
Mr. Vi. M. Lawrence proposed the
health ol the h ist anil hostess and
Mr. Urquliart responded,
Mr. and Mrs. Edwards left on the
midnight train for Montreal, where
they will spend their honoymoon,
niter which tbey will return and take
up housekeeping in the city.
The following is a liat of the pres-
enta received by this popular couple :
Cut glass vase, Miss Annie Palmer.
Cut glass houey jar, Mr. and Mrs.
I). Jackson,
Cut glass vase, Mr. and Mrs. C.
Silver curd receiver, Mr. nnd Mrs.
A. Brundrett,
Silver cream and sugar Bet, Messrs.
Doyle k Hastings.
Cut glass (lower holder, MissGough.
Pickle cruet, Mr. and Mrs. Forbes.
Silver bon bon dish, Mr. F. \V.
Cut glass bon bon dish, Mr. and
Mrs. Bews.
Cut glass celery dish, Mr. Hurry
One dozen pearl handled knives and
lorks, Mr. and Mrs. Cotighlin, Dun-
dec, Scotland.
Silver berry spoon, Mifls Davis,
Thorn Hill, Man.
Set ol carvers, Lawrence Hardware
Table linen, Mr, nud Mrs. Young.
Cocoa jug, Mr. ind Mrs. R. Anthony.
Salad howl, Mr. and Mrs. Blunden,
of Field, II. C.
Bible, Rev. and Mra. RobertBon.
Hot water kettle, Mr. and Mra. A.
Pickle cruet. Messrs, P. k .1. Hooley.
Five o'clock ten eel, Messrs. C. B.
Hume k Co.
Parlor table, Mr. and Mra. J. J.
Silver Iruit bowl, Mr. and Mrs. Vi.
M, Lawrence.
Cut glass salad bowl, Mr, nnd Airs.
.1. McGinnis.
Silver butter dish, Mr, and Mrs. E.
Ilulf n il'i/.i-n Iruit plates, Mr. und
Mrs. Tctgllc.
Sugar  s| i, Mr. nud  Mrs.  Neil,
Japanese bon Um dish, Miss I,
Jardiniere, Mayor nnd Mrs. McLeod.
| Silver ten service. Mr. ami Mrs
Urquliart and family.
China Cream and Sugar Set, Mr
and Mrs Dee, Vancuiivoi'
Silver ctrd   receiver,  Mi's Poison
Table Boll, Miss Grant.
Out glass salt cellars, Mr. nnd Mrs,
L. Patrick.
Clock, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Winnipeg.
Cut glass crenm and sugar set, Mr.
ainl Mrs. Kil. Jaokson,
(■ul gluss jelly bowl, Mr. nml Mrs
11, A. Lawson,
Half  n  dozen silver  len   S| ns.
Miss I loi tbs.
One dozen silver dessert spoons,
Mr. C. Palmer.
Hall n dozen Cut (ilnss Water
glnsses, Mr.und Mrs. A. Y. Anderson,
One Wiitor Carnfi'e, Mr, .1. Guy
Pearl bundled butter knife, Miss
Davis, Thorn Hill, Man.
Silver butler knile, Mr. I.. McKin-
Cut glass berry bowl, Mr. and Mrs.
C. B. llunie.
Silver lea service, Mr. Ross Dunn Id
I Inmi painted cushion cover, Miss
Elsie Edwards, Montreal,
China biscuit jur, .Miss Ronnie
Edwards, Montreal,
Set of table units, Mrs. Pike, Mon-
Half a dozen silver knives nnd
(inks, Mr. nnd Mrs. T. II. Smythe,
Table linen, Misses Edwards, of
Chest ol bed linen, Mr, nnd Mis.
Edwards, Montreal.
Chest ol table linen, Mr. nnd Mrs.
Palmer nnd fninily
Silver pudding dish, Mr. J. Duncan
Silver cuke dish, Mr. and Mrs.
Breakfast ierviee and tons! nick,
Mr. nnd Mrs. Stevenson.
Set of carvers, Mr. Smith Urquliart
Pair of Vases, Mr. T. A. Lewis.
Half dozen out glass water glnsses,
Mr. C. P. Latham.
Hall dozen wine glasses, R. M.
Hall dozen linger bowls, W'.llornell,
Hall dozen ice plates, Jack Hume.
One Water Carall'c, It. S, Square-
The groom's presents were lo the
bride a sunburst of pearls, the bridesmaid, crescent nl pearls nml In llie
in lid of honor, n wish bone of pearls.
The bride's going away dress was of
blue ohiffon cloth.
The iMaii.-I1kiiai.ii joins with the
many Iriends of lhe young couple in
wishing Ihem a long, happy uml prosperous life,
a w, o. iv,
On Monday evening Mountain View
Camp, No. 2211, received a visil Irom
the llend Clerk nl the Order. Sovereign
Vi. C. Fitzgerald,ol London, Ont. . At
8 o'clock the mom hers assembled at
Selkirk Hull when matters relating to
the Older were discussed by the iiicin-
bers uud the visiting Head Camp olllcer, alter which the company sat down
ton repast, followed by a program ot
speech, song und music. F. II. Bourne,
P.CO., occupied the chair, und His
Worship Mayor McLeod honored the
icctision by being present.
In replying to the toast ol the Head
Camp, coupled with bis name, the
llend Clerk, who is an able speaker,
expressed the pleasure he lelt at meet
iug llis Worship lhe Mayor, and referred pleasantly to the many advantages ul our henutil'u' nnd progressive
city. Taking iqi the subject of Woodcraft, the speaker dwelt upon tho advantages of the Order. Ne other
society was more practically fraternal,
nor could present evidence of greater
growth at the siinie uge ns the VV. 0.
W. A beautiful leuture of the Order
wus the monument placed by the
Order over the grave of each insured
member. Although his visit wna not
ollieiiil, he merely being on u vacation
trip. He had that day gone into the
affairs of Mountain View Camp and
could congratulate the members upon
its condition. The books were accurately kopt and properly balanced, the
work reflecting oreditably upon Clerk
11. W. Edwards. Mountain View had
n splendid record as during its two
years existence there had been but
two suspensions Ior non-payment of
assessments, und the hall-yearly reports showed a steady Inorense in all
respects. He would refer also to the
excellent manner ill which E.S., It.
W, Haggen did his work, also Banker
A. J. Stevenson. The Camp possessed
a splendid working executive and It
wus this fact, backed up as it wus by
(he active interest of the whole membership, that resulted so well.
His Worship, the Mayor, who upon
jisfng received a great ovation Irom
the company, said he was pleased lu
meet the Head Clerk ol the W. 0. W.
and welcome Iiim to Revelstoke, lle
had much enjoyed conversation with
bun and largely shiired the viewa ex
pressed with regard to civic government. Owing In its progressive oltl-
/.ilia and Its many natural advantages,
Revelstoke was rapidly becoming the
hie( centre ol eiiinmerciiil and Industrial activity in the interior of II. 0.
He complimented the Woodmen ol
Ilevelstoke upon the progreas ol their
camp and urged them tu continue in
their efforts to build up the Order.
During tin- evening, lecilatioiis,
vocal und Instrumentalsolootions were
given  by Sovereigns Humphreys, 11.
II. Sawyer, Hooley, Haggen, Veith
nml i theis, while the othor speakers
were Cun. Cum. II. C. Cameron, Act.
Trees., W, I). Armstrong, Manager
Nettle and others.
Pleases ewery Smoker the "Maroa
Mt,  Victoria  Park  an Ideal
Spot for a Summer Camp
-Board of Trade will put
^Attraction jo Practical Use.
Cnnl iiiiiI unpeopled places arc rare.
Nono li' outside Canada except those
too distant (nr summer vacation. Why
goto lhe Rockies to spend your hard
eiuneil dollars! Why fritter away your
incomes on thecoasl cities? Why leave
ynur city to seek afar the glori.s of the
chase, the thrill ol the whirling reel,
ibe coolness nl the mountain tn vin?
uiul the slnide nl the mighty forest,
when not Imlf u dozen miles luck,
behind the bills lhat guard our cily,
Ilea spread out lu all ils grandeur as it
nature herself was wailing for ils
.supreme head, the arrival of man lo
rule over it, a vast natural park ol
over 211(11) acres, u plateau ol gentle
undulating land, carpi-led with sifi
emerald green, dotted with nltunpsof
evergreen, and here and there stately
pines nnil lirs renr their noble heads,
casting shadows over the jugged boulders of the ravines and affording restful shade for the climber, Who, after
the toil of the lirst ascent through
brush nnd over crag cannot hut marvel nt the wonderful panorama which
unfolds itself belore Iiim us lie casts
himsell down on the green award
among lhe pink and whito heather,
ou the summit of this beautiful plateau nnd drink ill the pure air ol the
mountain, To thc northeast stretches
uut the valley of the lllcolllowael river
with tlie silver strenk glinting iu ito
deep canyon, rushing in its mad cnurso
11 the Columbia, ami glistening in tbo
sunlight the rugged sister peaks i f
Twin Untie rear their heavy siiininils
to the clouds. To the north lie tbo
head waters ol Eight Mile Creek where
the scene is split up into glaciers, deep
avines, high precipices and lofty crags
and peaks. Here can he seen the
beautiful Silver Tip Falls, one of the
most magnificent sights iu this region.
Awny in tho northwest mils the
mighty Coluinbin vi-iblo fur 40 miles
winding its way through forest nnd
canyon. To lho west the heavily timbered depths of the Jordan Pass luok
dim and mysterious, while to tinsmith rise in majestic grandeur the
snow chid peaks ol Mt. Bcgbio nnd
Mt. McArthur, the glaciers near tlie
summits glistening in the rays of the
sun. It is indeed u soul inspiring
view nnil all can be seen almost ut our
very doors, The climber niter resting
and filled with the sublimity nl the
scene will explore this magnificent
mil ninl park which is shunted on the
shoulders of Ibe Cliicb-nn-cotitlin
Range ou Ml. Victoria at mi altitude
of 0,000 feel. Here is llll ideal spot for
the summer camper, the bout nf lhe
valley tempered by the altitude, where
mosquitoes are unknown ami whore
uue can nimble mid walk lor iniles
uver comparatively spunking even
country. Here uro specimens of ull
the Canadian Horn, here the geologist
may find scope for llis culling, nnd
iihuvc all the bountiful supply nf
water, the "water which mndo Revel-1
stoke lainniis." Whnt more ideal spot
could be found, go where you will,
thun this mountain park within u
hour or two ,,f ynur city residence
By spending n summer vacation here,
iu this natural garden, the expense of
mil or Inmi is eliminated, nnd the
camper cun lind up in this vust purk
all the pleasures and attractions which
niiike life in the open air so dear to
Iiim. Tlie city of Revelstoke has not
yet renlizcd whnt Blie possesses,almost
in her midst, in this wonderful region.
Facilitate the means ol access to the
summit, bring it into public notice
mul strive lo mnke this spot u favorite
summer camping ground.
Another very important point and
one which is of interest not only to
the citizens of Revelstoke hnt to the
whole province, one might say, uiul
that is that game shuulil he preserved
and   every   facility  given (ur the in-
Jelly Powders, Ouick Puddings, Etc.
will give a demonstration ol Puhe Gold Goods in our store on Friday
and Saturday.   We shall be pleased to have all the Ladies
come und test these well known goods.
IT LI 11
We havejeft ajjfew 5-Acre* Villa JLots, suitableJ'for^Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This hind is situated within live minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will he no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Kevelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
Boots & Shoes, Men's Furnishings. Ready-made Clothing
crense ot that most valuable asset.  At j
present   cariboo are   comparatively !
plentiful in and around the hills immediately behind the city and what
stronger claim could we hold out, for
tho preservation ot game which is so
lien 1 uur homes,   Thus our mountain I
park  would  have a grand additional
Active Btt'ps have already been tnken
by the Board ol Trade to put this
beautiful summer resort into practical
use, and the Dominion Government
has also been approached and in all
probability will, at a later dato, construct a good rond round Ibe bills tn
tho summit, The construction ol a
rond would be nn easy matter, very
little excavating would he necessary,
and when accomplished—behold the
result! our city would possess one ol
the linest natural parks in the province und one which would prove n
raro attraction to the already boatiti-
(ul surroundings of Revelstoke,
Nkw York, Aug. 17.—Tlie city ot
Valparaiso, Chili, is reported totally
damaged by earthquake and the siiu
alion may prove to be ns seriousiib the
Sun Francisco disaster, Practically
every building In lhe city is damaged
ami lire is adding to the destruction,
Thi'loss ot life is considerable, ami
telegraphic communication cut oil.
Earthquake shocks have been lelt in
many towtiB in Soulb America,
Valparaiso has n population ol over
Say, Wifey
What the deuce is the matter with this
bread ' 1 was at mother's last night,
and s'he had the most lovely bread.
Well, 110 wonder, your mother bakes
with RISING SUN and if the grocer
sends any more of that stuff he sent
last, I'll send it back.    You net
and I'll make just as good broad as your
mother ever made.
<p Manufactured and Guaranteed by
I The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
I lAjW.)LUIi|
I REVELSTOKE, B. C. £ menu ■    : ■
■    11
Bj thc j*i n lliro gh postolllcc]
-;.,*■-;■ iwi'llm
:-;*'.',      I  *    -     -
'-'.   .-.-*.■'.•- N  - .,    ii iki mi
..   :.,     S .  * ■ ■ ,    b - ii---   ■ !'
:: -     -. .*.!.!;    i llllll    '
:■    --.:■■:    j .       |K'1     ci lit.       ll-
.    ,;.      I M .:.... -      :   I    D    ■
..    each   . .   ■ |'j
;■:■■■-   !   -      \.    ulvertisi i h '
.-,.-■ f     man iguiiicnt,
V. .- *       . .   \      ■   s'-ni.'ii'-:
Agei ■- tt .     I Iii -:   Wai led, Situation-
*.-*, ,:.-- L    - ■    '. ■ -     Vai -it-'.    Two-hot-*-.
.:■:■-.      Wanli
It *- .'■       tch addition .1 line Hi   eent-
i    11 _■- .;  -■ u I * _■ advertisement'; nm**!
..-,.-     hn -!..*. and l-'riiluj  ol
eti h ■•-■■ ■ ■. to -'• in good display.
I ill   HINTING promptly executed al roft^m
iTBHS   ■ i-      - -1 - riptloi ■ pa) ible In id;
-     S'UJ '•* -   : on mal ■     -
I ibli   .: lei el  Coi i   n i utions to Kdl*
--   :.   i, -.   . micd   iy   nami   ol
■   - - - :■■■'■'■
.   ' a  h! faith.  l oi li
i-t/Pi Eb Hash  Hi.ni k,  Hkvki
BTuKh, H.C.
.       .     1. i .. i    :' - ilfic, H.C
., .*■:
... ■ .
. llAHVI '.
- ,.  .
H '
-   ,.i
. Ur
1.11 1'
-II 1.1
l.n i-
Sl i
tins i
I'i, ,\ in, i.i Lund Surveyur,
Mine Sun ying
Mi Ki -./ik AVKNI'I-:.
Dux lun, lliu i-:i.s-rtiKi-:.
Mixing '..m.inim-.ii,
Menl. A'licrii'.in  In-tit'.ilii Miiilni! l-aik'i a"'
I'.-iiiuillnii Mining Insliliiicl
Revelstoke, B. C,
Kxnn ination e,f nnd rcjiorls on Minernl Pro
-,..-■...- a Sped illy.
Che SSbevalb
■ [ tvoillel   .   .   .     aiia'-tly iiilvi-ct.li.-in   lm-
their go I to onleir lliis pape-r to bu pimctiiiillj
tnltolicl ,okoel niton n- u imrl „t
a ■   '..; ,.--.     AI1D1SON.
i     -    I'Ulll'UXIKIt, Sl-Il'IIBI'AIIV.
i i ilii LODGE, NO IS. I. O.C. I.
enn    i   ■ . im in i ility and i
■ ■-,■■  ■     I-', v. people, e.vct pi lh -
lm   i, ■,.   at Mi.iilv   SCCU, can   I'Cllli
li ii ;. ie ribly depraved life u Chii
nu |.-i tl -      i'hc nvorngi* -avi.il.- is :. i   .,
Ui: in , .-I ry rispect, tor ho certain 1
, ■ ti     ainl   liis   moral    instinct- 1; .   ,,:,; m
luiilthier, but the Chinese, who, liki a
,.,., ,i.       «-l."'X  Cok  Range Lodge, K. of  P.,
11 w   wave   arc sweeping   ..ver Ilu-    /KiaS)
Mcol-i'vt'n IIpii-s,',-
HJIiH il tlil.ll'*. I Innii      HI     *-      I
JVIsillni: la-t-llif, a	
*' hall,   llivllnl  	
J, M.VIIIII'*. Sir
.   Ill In ai- iii iheir train all lhe dc
,:avily ul   thnl vast  hive ut iniqu ly,
11- Empire nf China.    Whal horrible
hues    - on, whal revolting practices
,.  cm reised, nnd   what  disgusting
iy reigiiB iti.it Chinoso quur-
li. is   hardly  creditnhlo.   The Cbinn
I, ivn nl San '.'i-ancisi-.i that was, wns a
reveliilion  uml those  ivhu essayed to
poni'trnte iln mysteries saw nol one
ipiarti'i of what really tunk plnce   '.ml |
eel  these nre   tho   men. tin nail I
uiau i- ardly suitable there, ..lm
have In-ill brought into uur country,
who  Imve  been   treated  wiih every
i-ui.-'ub inii iiiii win, hnve, in luiiuy
cases, ousted lhe  while iiiiiii Iio ii Ii -
rights, these nre  the creatures  :
agitation is ,-n liiul, to bri (I wh les le
ntn mu country, nnd to facilitate lh"
 luiiig, by Inking ull lhe    end titv
1 he ii How pi nl once ii gels a hold
., i ] ho a itiiirci nl danger tn the conn
lry in general, mil only f nn alien
- ,   view, bill in lliu iiiiiuiliii-ii mi
n| ■ ice ami depravity.
Tlm basis iii iill real growth u
altruism," suys Arthur Brisbane in
L, mh,n I in ily Mail, "nml altruism,
ti ,■ iiii-liiini-i.iit  think mnn- ni ul hers
limn ul y sell, en  Into Ibe world
through ihe cradle." True, Iml nl
tin lirsl gltinco strange is Ihis philosu-
phj nnd yel how many mortals recognize this tnct, Marriage is only the
0Ktuii.no ul altruism, which ii ,-i,.i-,l
ns generations roll    n, bei -s i m-
lit.tlied  in   luvc  nnd   lin-u in Usu.ill)
, . ,-,,. i ;     .    , ,   ..,..-,.. glurilied  iiltruisni.   If  we go hack to
[•j   iho slone age and look nl Ibe scone us
hns been portrayed by ninny, i. rends
ilm*: In Iht- old duyswl en thc world
-aa* cruder, men und women run wild
ihiiiiigh loresl ninl swiiinp They
foughl initurt. [iiught each other, as
savage as other bensts nroiind them,
There was no love; thoro was no marriage The iuslincts of sell preservation ami nl reproduction worked nl n e
t. keep the nice hers Ihrough its liuni
i-bildb ml. But in cold I me caves us
in rough nests under fallen tree trunks
savage children were horn nnd nursed
bv their snvngc mothers wilh snvngc
j ail'eciion. Tims it was tin account ut
these infants ot tlio stone ago thnt
A. decided fight against the muuey pure affection came intu tho world,
sl. rks ;- i >-- being made everywhere, |t js ,,.,t |,y M1y menus hiird to reproduce in our mind's eye the picture ol
the lirst marriage.    A snvngc woman
No. 26, Rovelstoke, B. C.
lll   OtliKl'lltnvs'   Hull   nl   s
lurk      Vlsltlna   Kttitilils  nn-
-.liiillj- mil,-!.
IlltWI-:, I'.l'.
II, II   BROCK, I!   ol It   & S.
H. A. IIHOWN, SI. "I f
{■■ v
■.■.■: ing   revelations  ure  bei
-: : le ■'. ii ..   It has been shown that
..,;..-    I  thi   money lenders charge
:': -     i.. | . ;.-.    hundred per cent, mi
the  money  the)   lend, and  if  the
victims caunot pay up to the last ci nl
p li -. ,.- urt proceedings are threnti n-
ed.    Ii    idditi m  to the rxoi'bitant
interest, fictitious accounts are .undo
ip by tl,   b nders, such as lawyer's
I ..,  ti li gran -  and other expenses
which are never incurred, bul which
the unfortunate victims ure forced to
pay.   In Toronto and  Montreal  the
:.. ney lenders were arrested nud several ]  ..-.- court prosecutions tollowi d
which -i. wed, in most caseB, the violin - were p ior people who werc driven
to b irrowing money, resulting in the
,    -,; •■-. :,-   | - -., nil oi their ollicinls
in  1 or i to.   A law called tbe ami-
ii ,--.    ma ': ,- been passed nnd ii is
:.  -. ;  ssibh for newspapers to show
rn thi -., i ey lenders without leai il
libel - a*.- md "ther incidental prose-
cuti lis.   Hundreds of tnk'E ol Borrow
nn ; ,-i daily hy the victims 11 the
sharks in the east: scoundrels  who
... ...   tl -   last  pennies out ot th.
j,.  :   people.    There nre   -c res
mil irgi -M-iiis in eastern Can-
ids wl | .,;.- int each other's li mils
m . | ■ .-.■.. -- in a more or less
-:. unelul manner, and ii is tor tlie
public I *■ - wl liavi - ttfered to
- in ::. • radicating thi evil. The
'-• ies - id by one and all vary only
in th< li en I est rti in to which
:: e vi. -.:..- have bei:. subjected. Ul
: ivi • ■ :, -: on I illy I bbed, md tin
: 1 by s me     usi 5 horror evei
in the inin Is I th -■ wh bavi heci
st . lying [for tin nths thi wi - - and
.,-. ■■;. - (tin rapaci is Sh) I I -
Timi ind gaii the sl ry h is I - n
i .,1 th it tin ■■. tims ,vere thri  toned
liull  human,   hall ape,  with rough
matted luck* hanging round her (ace,
siis nursing a new horn baby, shielding il frnm  wind nnd  cold      ll is n
queer  1 a,king baby, covered, perhaps
with reddish hair, its forehead Bluping
like a rat, protruding jaws, Hoy grimy
bands clutching willi monkey power
all Ibings within its lench    In conies
the lather, lull of jilaiis In kill a miini-
ini.th rn ii cave bear; interested in his
stone tipped  club, caring nothing fur
tin-   mother  who ha* been for sume
time only a whining imi- met.   Hi
slops tor a second to watch tlie small
creature which he has udded In tin
earth's animal life.    Tlie mis-simp i
skull, lerrel eyes, mini iliire s    il.h
—.im tiling nboul il i*i - .ml- him n!
his royal sell as sludiel  in tin | ul
He  stoops  to gol n closer look; bis
bristly hairs are grabbrd und a w, ird
insane, toothless  grin lights   up th ■
little iiionki j  Inci    Then Ilu suing,
lakes  u  new   vie    I     fe: I    re I
marriage institution and lhe in
problem     nre   b .rn   -imu   u
-a;. 8 till  lllllll)ninth I 11  '
bourse nnd   sounds hall
-I like Hits baby,   Ik's liki
me bold him    Don'l yuu g
ing fur ("Oil llllll
I'm gone.   I'll bring you       thi
you want.    I> i
say to that mammoth bum
■ . ■■■ ,--.< imp.    I  win ■ ■
me i'll look a ter )
baby hi lo iks liki     -        ill      es tin
nd   *.. ,*   ■■■■ ■
primitive   way. is u wile,     Herea I
die is to I     tied for,     Bears
kill d loi    ter,   vi i
i i Id
Ilea   i-m o uiau:  mark
Onion Made
for  .   .
" III CK IIIIA.NH" Win-king
Shh-ls und   Overalls   (uui- nun
Splendid Sncl * und llie mosl
I'unil'oil ible underwent'.
Our Siiincks.   I  ure a little
sli-uiigor tlinn anything ynu have
seen i ei-ctofoce,
We nlso hanille jusl as good
heavy Clloves,
These Iio,'siiii- lm- sab- i-etail by
all guild dculeis,
Wm J. Master & Sons
VANCOUVER.     B.   C.
-,. .--..■ |  .- ... :.. iu many cast - ■
:       t loss of position,   ln i vi ry .  -        d, helpless  and
thi inti ■■ -* I be exorbitant, and  marriage nud
■ nei   n tin :.,   ■-   ; tin   .-..-.-'    ,    ,..--. iking  us
had sn all ch no    [escaping    I'ln
rate   I inti rest   mrged ii    eyond all
I    , im young girl I I  •-"-
is forced I   pay    ic. *r-:- *     In
ther case a  profit    I f 120
■  . .   ■   . ,   n    :' "Jill    A  *: ivi Her I |i
-■    •' ■ .-•.-;..   '"■ •- -   .;    . . -■   .
i  month I     12 i     ihf      kii g u       the erecti
total of 105.4.*— the an
..... ... .        Ml
rrov i piuinpt iu paying ,
...... nil .    ■     . ,
him. and il ilu iv.np nfter I
igh    - -   -   •     echur,       i uck
e have Iill     il Ibis in  Briti
Columbia, ■ pracl e,   bul
,.,.,-..- ■ -■       )■ cxtei      | tsand litl
,..-• ii -,. that .- ii ha.  been deelari ...  ■
gBiust the usurers ol the east,
ict ilenl       curred
! b ,   la) ii   mil g on the Iii
nt  the  Loup, when a mini
(iambic. iiiii|       '■
i ndeavi ring   to jump aboard a    n
■   etion train  thnl   vn  pnisii
the bridgi nl the tii i mi  cd I    Imld
nnd fell u difltnnco ul III feet, susl	
ing severe concussion il the In tin ii 'I
n  dislocated   shoulder In id
severe bruises     A (loctm
iliiitely *t lil for win, hntl tho man fun
eyed un  n  -picial train In the city
hospital, whoro ho lies In n critical
I- ! - -.,:.,: iiii iithf pasl cm     liuls
ive   been  inadi   to the   Vancoii .-
ivi-   ., .:.   rili -   al- nl   Ilu   -*'■!.- li
which is plainly .1 i-c* rnahlci n ■ ■>■■
occasions win ;   tin   win I is -     in
frmn   the  directi f  the ( liii - -
quarter, and with a view to putting n
stop to this ti.- policehav ked inl
the matter and found n disgusting
state "f affairs which would nnl I ■
credited by the average person who
eats Chinese grown vegetables, The
conditions undi r which the Chinese
live are most deplorabli. The water
which is used to wash their pigs aftei
being killed, passes through tho pig
Stock and Share Broker
(Subjecl tuciinllrniiition)
 ill-. Iln-lii-i- IVt'.sl   Sll  fl llllls. llll'llt'l, ,,1,111, SU
elinlns, linn,-,- en,t, mi . 1,1,1,1-1,,|„,iui i,|-,.t,ni.
2. I'Olllllll'llulliK nl il |,..*l lilnnti'll nliout 111
mil-s limn Oi, ,.|*t,. i, liuni:,,( ,.Inmi,,,, pi,.,,
iiiiliilinilt I mile uorllllll III.- Tliil-|,-i-ii .Mile
Tim "ti   lllg   Hi-mi   trill llllll martial "II. A.
1.'mil's  Ill   we-l   .......-I-."    llll'llt'l'   snulli SU
flialll*.'Iietiei' ea-l   Sll fl, llll*. Illl'llff mit'tll Sll
fliaill*. tlieiiff  ive-l   S labia lo point uf COIII'
3. ('aililiifliiiliiii at ll lii,-l iiliinlfil nliout P.j
iiiIIm fi-oin iln- enstsrn lunik otI'nluinlila rivor
and nboul I mllo norlli ,,r   Tlilrtoeu Mllo
l'lf,i on 1% 11,-inl |rail aial nini-kt-il "It, A
l.uiiil- snutli ivf-t fiit-iifi-,-' iiii'iii-f north80
i-liain*. llionoo oust S„ rlinins, tln-nco south 811
fli.ani*. liionco wohI sn i-liain* tu nolnl ol iiiiii-
Dalftl August IJIh. ".Mi,
I.  i'u lonoliignt n uoatplnntoil noon;VA
iiiilf-lratn linl.lsii-fiiin iiii the Big Bend trail
to SpCullougli Crook uml innrkoil "11. A.
lunula soulli onal cornor," thoiica wost su
.-Iinins. iiii'in-e nortli su clinlni, thenoo onst 80
■iiinn*, i nonce snulli su uhnlna in point nf coin-
5. Commonolng nt a post plnntod ibout 20
ohalna from tho south oasl corner ol I'n-ili.iHi.;
and mnrked "It. A. Lund'a north ivt-*i corner"
ilifiu-iifiisi sii ohnlna,Ihenee soutli 8'ichiiliii,
Ihenco wesi 80 ohalna, thenco north 80 ohains
minimi of cominoucoinent.
0. Cqmnioiiolug al it posl plunted uhoutSO
fliain- from ih,- smilli onal oornor ol Iinrtli Si05
and murked "H, A. Lund'a aouth onst corner,"
Ihenco wost 80 ohnlns, thenco inn-ilt su ohnlna,
llionoooiuil su i'liains, tl i th 80chains lo
|„,1I|1 nf,-until!,', menl,
7. Commencing ul upoal nlniiteilalnnlSO
chains from tlio soulh rail corner uf Iinrtli .W.1
ami markod "II, A, biinil'a muth woat cornor,"
llienco onst 80 ohnlns, thence nortli sn chains,
Ihoneo wosl su chuina,llionce Boutli 80 olinina
in iiiaiil of ooiniiiunceiiienl.
•. Couimonoliig ul a posl plnuled nboul Imlf
n mllo from lliu souih onal cornor of Berth 0700
mid marked "ll A. I.nia,'* norlli west corner'
Ihouco onal lu elinlns, llienee snulli 100 ohnlna,
Ihenco weal In clinlii-,, lhe i north 100 chuina
Lo poinl of coinmuncoiuoul
U.   I 'iiiiiiiii-tu-Ing nl a poll iiinn|ul nl | |„,|f
a mllo from the aouth ens rnee of Berth S701I
nnd marked "It A, Lund'a norlh onst coi'inr,"
llienco wosl 10 chnlns, thencu snulli UIO chnlns
Ihnl onal In ohnlns,Iheiico north llJOeiiuina
In pnill! uf tilitllltifiifi-tni-lil,
Ilnlcil August lllth, 111.111.
I.'. A. I.UNII,
WANTED I'lasieiets |„ put mi
ahout 11,(1(10yiuiist |* pliiKii-rliiu
eillit'i' by tuiiirat-i nt- ilny Inline, Mn-
lurlnl tui-iii.-hfil. Apply nl City Hotel,
Ilevelstoke   01'   AlTOWlll'Ild, — (jAl.lilV
•.'.ihi Einckii Hie., piivnble in iliatnl-
ineiiis.    Engl i* Bcpiii-I  may   he
* ml mv olliee.
ilKHI Mini, ('.nil    .'tc.
■>, Wesl oni Oil   Hi,.
Inn 11 -mini, -111 nppei    Sii.nti.
•iH'i linn Maiciiii   $l.ii\
".nun lliauuintl \ ale ' ."I   -lc
|,  lb   k\ Mi uiiiain llevelopiiteni
I!  II
I."al   Mow,   H
in Uuu ui ,u Ti ■■ $1
Ulii r, i    ,\ -.     tl Nu     s|o..-,it.
\Vi*s   I'd : ll l.i-iili iiiiiI
-J.II.Kl   S'lt I
Sl.im pel
Bed ' llininp
Furnished Rooms To Let.
Inin pn-imnil loimdeitaketill kinds of
freighting and ti'tutilng,
My stage connect lllg lielwcen the
Bl.eninei'nnd Ihe cily ienves the City
at 1 a.m. Tuesdays und Fridays, eun-
iieeling wllh tin* Sleamer Itevi'lstoke
foi-lhe Rig llenil, and also nu els the
sliMtner on Ibe return I rip same days.
Leave wtnl at. Navigniion Company's olllc ■ or mv Slables wbeie to
Henry's Nurseries
Exlru luruo ImportntUin nr
Dill QQ   tourriVQ from Hollnml,Frmico
DULDO mu] Jdjhui in Boplombor
For Fall Planting
Tliousuiiila nf Fruit mul UriiRinoiiliil
Troos, Rhwludoiidruiw, Itoeoa inn! hardy
iiliini- now itrowitiK on tmrown urouiids fur
iiiLuro |iluiitlnii
Nn iixi ho, Ins-- iircluliiyo-f fmnigiitlmi,
liiRimcl loi roiiflUHiisiliitlofi tn pay. Bond-
iiuiirlors for Ptiolllc l!ou»l iirowii ami im
porloil liiinli-n, Kinlil nml Plower Sum Is,
Visitors nro lilwiiyn wolcoino in liisnocl
our -tuck.
Greenhouse Plants.
Cui Flowomtiiui Florid DosiKiif, Forllltsora
lloo Hlvoa ami Supplloii, Spray I' |ia ami
fljiruyiiiB mntorial.
No uncut- tliorororo ynu lmvo no com-
mit-sloii to |itiy. Our i'.iIhIoruo tolls ynu
nbout It. Lot mo [irlco your list boforo
|iliii-iii« vnnr nrdor.
Wo on liusini'ss on nur own Brouiids nn
rout tu nil), nml aru proimrod to moot all
ooni|iolitiuu. Enstoru prices ur losa Whl to
lnbnr.  Onlaloguoa Froo,
Qroonhnusos:    301(1  Woslmlnstor   Rond,
Hninch   Nur-nrios:- Smitli  Vaiicotivor.
You have often looked across Iho Columbia Kiver and
wished you could have n piece ol thut, lino Hut lying suuth ul the
C. P. H U.idgu.
I have instructions Irom tho owners to offer that lund lor
side nt it price per nore that bonis anything else you can get so nenr
the City.
Let mc know how much ol it yuu want and I shall endeavor
to accommodate yon.
£A   UAfinCh]   Real Estate and Insurance Agent
^    . n. nnuuL.ii, revelstoke, b. c.
", At At .-fr. .i'i iti ti'i At At At At At ill ti'i tii tii il. ill rli iTi ill ili ill ili ili A*
7*ty *ty IrrtTt rty ity \ty ity ity \ty ity *ty "4?Tip*ty \P lty w *ty "ty *w *w lty *vp w
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
"fin Brnuchos hi thn Provinces ol Mnnltoba, Alborta, Saakntolieivnu,
hw llriiisii I'olnnibla, Outurlo,Qtiiiheo.
Jgj Capital Subscribed -        -        -        $4,000,000.00
'■M Capital Paid Up ....    $3,900,000.00
S na:crvc Fund ....        $3,900,000.00
%      II. II, WH.kii-:. Presidenl : Hon. B.JAKKHAY, Vice-President.
]|     A General Ban: ing Business Transacted.
£? Savixiis UkI'AHTMEXT lleptisils icceivetl iiiiiI Iuleiest allowed
lp il hiirhesl eiii-ieul rale I'u,in dale nf opening account, and coin-
Si pounded hnlf-yeni'ly.
Sk Dinfls sold iiviiilahle in llll pails of Oan.-ula, I'nitetl States and
»KJ Kiii-i.pi*.   Special attentiun given tn Colleclluns,
;| Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company
llend Office, Ottawa, Out.
Security for Policy Holders $500,507 00
SON A CO., LTD.. IHI Hastings St., West. General Audits
Agent for Revelstoke
"Anglo-American" Fire Insurance Co.
Head Office, McKinnon Building, Toronto.
\l'Tll'iltl/I ll   1  \I'IT\I..
-   ■       . "a,in,   Ii.i.i'lliliiont
rol    linn ul Policy Holders
I    ,1  KIN'N'ON Sill   Tiiiiinlo JOHN l-'I.LTT.
II   II. HKi K   M.im:...
Agent for Revelstoke
OFFICE   Mackonzie Ave.
1 i. ii
. -
if v
And tin    mni
Premium System
flonklel '
l.'nval Cu.en IVrnjipi
fur   il- I-.,     Uso   ti
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C.
The Equity Fire Insurance Company
I'Old .'.in  . INADA
  I   ,|,lll!   "-ill,mi iheil     $.VI(I,IKKI
I 1' (■■• il   ,s..naii.
1  ■   .  .
-    •iVrlllen (I.iini- I'.ii.l
sj   IKili HI
I7I1U 11..* i'i lo
11.157 22
il-n 115,705 117
Mlul M,H02K1
1:1,1m in-i.am ill
ILIIWI 117,170 'il
11 I Ull 1   in POI.II *i   llnl.liKltS
< ,        Huid   rn.1 -,ii bund
'    .   -     n    r. |.(|
Till il , mil ihi,   ...    I, .  ;j]Mt, Hi
E. A   HA(,(,F II
% lm,wm Ki
RIM fl
$105,811 no
H5(),(KKI in
$515,811 00
Ageni for Revelstoke
v.urld.   A pii'l'i'cl, untuial remedy I'm
all Nl'l vims mul MllUlllllar diseases,
Liver, Kidney und Sloiiliiull iiiliueiil.s
anil Metallic Poisoning. A sin-.- cure
foi- "Thai Tired Feeling." Special
rules un all I mats and trains. Twt,
llllllis ni rive and ilepuit every day.
Telegi-n h ci.ininuuicalion with all
maris of the world.
TEBMS-$12 to $18 per week.   For
further pnrllculara apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotu Lake, B. C
days nfter dntu I Intend to ftuply to the
Chief Comniiaslonor of Landa uml w urlta for a
special lieu ihu lo cut, and earry mvuy timbor
frum thu following dofiorlbcd lands in the
ItiK Hund distriot of Wesl, knoteuay :-
1. ('omniouciiiK at » post plantod about IH
milos south of Smith I'rcok. nml mm mile wost
uf tho Columbia rivor, and mnrked "A, Mcltae's
north oast cornor post," thencu suuth K0 cluijus,
thenco west ik) chains, thence north 80 chnlns.
Ihenco i-ast SO chains lu point of Cummeuco*
2, ('nmmunciiik at h poutphuitod ubout2W
miles south of Smith Creek and one mile west
or Ihu Colliniblll rivor, and marked "A. McKne's
uorlh easl corner poBt," I hence nouth 8U chains.
Ihence west mi chains, tliuuco norlh 80chains,
thenco east fUi rhnius t>. point<>r i-oinmein'o-
!), Cominonoing nl a |wat pluuted ubuut SW
milos south of Smith Creek nnd one mile west
of Ihel'oliiinhin river,and marked "A Mcltae's
north oitutcumor post," thonco smith SU clmins,
thouco wesl SU chaius, thonco norlh Michnins,
Ihoneo oast 80 chains to point of commoiico'
I. Comiuonuiiij,' nl it post planted about J)-j
miles soulh of Smith Croek nud one milo wost
of tho Columbin river, ami inarkod "A. Mcltiio's
uorlh omit corner iio.il," thouco south Si) chains,
thonco wost SO chnius, thenco nnrlh SO ehuins,
thonco enst SO chnius lo pointof rotniueiiee-
'), CoiiuiioiictiiK nl a posi plnntod about ft-H
miles south of Smilli Creek, and ono niilo west
of tlio Columbia river, nud marked "A. Mcltue's
north east corner post," thenco south HI chains,
thouco oust 40 chains, thonce south 40 chains,
thonco wost SU chain:, thonco north 40chains,
thonco west 40 chains, thouco north 40 chnius,
tlionco oust Mi chains to point of cmuiuoiicu-
ii. Com mono iim at u post planted about i)}a
miles south of Smith Creok, and nlxmtono
mile wost of tho Columbia rivor, nnd marked
"A. Mcltae's nnrlh onst corner post," thouco
smith So chains, thonco west SO chains, thonco
north Sll chains, thonco east SO chains to point
of cmnmeiicomuiit.
7. Commonclug at a post plantod ubuut
milos soutli of Smith Crook, aud aliout two
milos wost of the Columbia river, nud markod
"A. Mcltao's north oust coruer i«)st,J1 tlionco
south SO chains, thonce wost N> chain--, ihenco
uorth 811 ehnins, thouco east 811 chains to point
of commoncomont,
8. Commencing at a pnst planted about 8)u
miles south of Smith Crook, and about two
milos wost of tho Columbia river, aud marked
"A. Mcltue's nortli uasl corner mist," thonco
smith SO chains, thouco west 811 cliains, thonco
north SO chains, thouce east 80 chaius to point
of commoncomeut.
Dated July 10th, WOti.
('ruck, thencu in.illi
i'liains, LllOIICO smilli
'liains tn point ol in],
in chain-, thenco weat Sn
4<i cliains, thenco east su
mui]ceinenl,cunluiuliiii WW
A. MclUK.
NOTICE Is horoby givou Unit 80 days
nf lur date 1 inteud to apply to tho Honorable the Chief Commissioner of Lauds and
Works for a special license to cut und carry
nwny timber from tho following doscribod
lands, situatod iu Osoyoos division of Yalo
1, Commouciug ut u pnst mnrkod "S. Hill's
uorlh wost cornor," plauted on the mist buuk
ahout 1 mile from the soulh end of Sugur Lake,
thouco oast 80 chains, soutli 80 clmins, wust Su
chains, north 8(1 chuius to point of eommoucemont.
2, Commouciug at a post marked "S. Hill's
south wost corner," pluuted ou the east bauk of
Sugar Lnko, about 1 milo from the south ond,
thouco oust SO chains, north 80 chuius, wost 80
chains, south 80 chuius to pointof commence'
8. Commeueiug ut a post marked "S. Hill's
south oast coruer," planted ubout I mile from
the north ond of Sugar Luke, ou the west bunk,
llieueo north 40 chains, west Hit) chains, south
10 chains, east P'ti chains lo point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a pnst marked "S. Hill's
north oust comer," pluuted about 1 miln fron.
tho norlh uml id Sugar Lake, on tho wust bunk,
thonco south 40 chains, west Kill chains, north
40 chuius, east \w chains to point of coinmouco-
inoii t.
■i. Commouciug at a post marked "S, Hill's
south oust corner,' plantod nu tho wost bank of
Sugar Luko about 1 mile from the south end,
Ihi'iicu north 8() chains, wost 80 chuius, south 80
clmins, east So ehuins to point of commencement.
ti. Commencing ul a posl inarkod "S. Hill1!
north east cornor," planted nu lhe wust bauk of
Sug.tr Lake, about 1 mile frnm the south end,
theuco smith SO chuius, west 8U chains, north su
chains, east SO chnius to point of coiiitnoucu-
1. Commouciug at a postmarked'S, Hill's
snutli oust corner," plunted nu thu wost bauk of
tho Spnllutiicheun rivor about VA miles bolow
Sugar Luke, thonco north 80 chuius, wost su
chains, soutli 80 chains, oust (Hi chains to point
of commoncomont,
5, Coinmonoiug ut a post murked "9. Hill';
north oust corner," pluuted on thu wust buuk of
Spallumcheeii river ubout l!-*, miles bolow Sugar
Luao, thonco south 80 chains, wost 80 chains,
north 80 chains, oast 80 ehnins to point of com
Dulod July 2nd, KKHI.
il Commouciug nt a pnst marked "H. Hill's
soutli east corner," planted about 1 milo west
of the north ond of Sugar Lako, thouco north
8(1 chnius, wosl, 80 chains, smitli 80 ehuins, oast
Ml chains to point of commencement.
Dutod July:ird, KHMl.
io, Commencing at n imst markod "S. Hill'
south west cornor, planted on tho east hank of
thu Spullumcheou river ahout 1J..J miles below
Sugar Lake, thenco east SO chums, north 80
ehuins, WOSt 80 ehuins, smith SO chaius to point
1). Coinmonoiug at a post marked "S Hill's
nortli wost corner, iilanled ou tho east bank of
tlio Spallumclioou rivor about l! j miles bolow
Sugar Luko, tlionco oast 80 chaius, south 80
chains, wost 80 chuius, north 80 cliains to point
12. Commencing at a post marked "3. Hill's
soulh east cornor," plauted ubout |.j mile.- l>o|
InwSugnrLnko audi milo oast from the Spa-
liiiiichiu-.il rivor' tlionco wost 80 chains, north 81
chnius, oast ho chains, south 80 chains to point
nf rommoiicoiiioiit.
Dulod July 4th, HM.
NuTH'K is lioroby given thai lit)days after
dull* I mh ml to apply lo thn Hon, lhe
i biif CntiiiuisKiouur of Unds and Works for
permission io purchase the following dosoiibod
lauds, <Hunted iu West Kooimiay, wu-t side
Columbia river. KIro Valleyl
Commencing at a pu i 10 chains north of
I .angel- unrili ui'sl cmiicr pnst and marked
"llairj Miluln-.h's nnrlh ensl, cornel' posl,"
thenee ui-st so tliains, ilmuee south SO chains,
lln iht c,i-.| uirhiiiiis, llionce norlh 80 chains to
plnrc of coiiiiiii-nei'iiienl,
Daled Juno lllth, \'M.
Nl ti | n l-i ia lioruliy Blvon Hint OOilaya altor tints
I   I inli'inlt,, n|,|,ly inilii-oliii'f rjniniulailuiiur
..[  l.uiiil*  ainl   Wink* I„l |ii>|-|lliasiiiti In lilll't'lltiai,
lln lull,,,, iuinl iHe -I lallila, altllill i tl tal
illiiruol Alien Uko, (iplmalUl Aimitlieiul iiiiiI ilt'-
*, il.i-,1 iu. It.llowai
I'l.lllllli'lK'illll 111 a I>„al |lllllllt>,l 111 tilt-  ailtllllWOHl
,',„a,-r„r l,„i  /iiljiiiiil iiiiii'ki<<l"iit>n. Ni'ttiuiui'H
nuilliuual I'tiriiur |mat," ilioni-o iinitti 80 clialns,
ih,.ii, .at mi clmins,tlionco imrlli Wi-liniiu,,
liii-in-,- tu-ai wiclinlm i„ jtliii'u nf cniniuoncoiiiont,
an, ,„litiillilll|! Illll in-li's.
Ilnlcil llm Willi nl July, nan.
II) 18
IIKll, T. MiWM.lN,
\* m UK In h.-M-liv glvon thai 60 tlnjn afler dato
X\   I Intend tn apply to llio Hon. Chief Cum-
mi-mj i*..f Lands mul Works fnr pci'inisHi'iii to
uurcluuo the fulluwlnn described landi* in the
Wosl Knntenay District, (lalonn Kay, east side nf
Upper \mm Uke;
11 ii, in-.,t a pnsl nlaateilnl lln- th east
enrnor "f l<fli No, lil 10, thence oast 40 chains,
mnth 40chains, west id elinlns, imrth |o chains to
placo "f commencement,
lilted llili-JI-tt day nf July, ItHKi.
Dated this lllli da) of June, IVOti.
W, ff. HICK.
Pei i*. d Makinsun, Agent,
Commeuelng nt a pn.i marked "L. M.Jolm-
sLolie's smith cast curlier." at the smith wt-»l corner
of Thomas Webster's application to purchase.
nlimit a mile*.* smitli of Fosthall Creek and alimil
Pi miles from the lake, thunce imrth 80chains,
tn tin- K.alh li'iiiiidury nf li. J. Ilamiiiuiid'n application to purchase, thence weal an chains, llienee
mnit h 40 chains, thenee east 20 chains, tlicm-o
south 40 chains, thencu uanLUU clmins to pnlnt nf
commencement, containing fitJOacrus.
Dated this llilh day of Juno, LtWO,
1'ur Kalph Slyu, Agunt.
Commencing at h post marked "M. 0. Dicker-
aun's nnrtli went eoruer," un the almre nf Upper Arrow hike, abuut 8 miles smith uf Knnthall croek and
about 2(1 chains mirth nf the smith east corner of
Thulium Webster's applicatinn to purchasu, thencu
south 8<i chains, thence east 80 ehaiiis more or
less to Lhe shun- nf Arrow Lake, llienee follow lug
said shore in a general northerly and wc-.ti.rly
direction 180 chains more or loss to point nf emu*
meiieeuieiit, colltiiilling.tUU ttCr-JS nmru or less,
Dated this Pit Inlay of June, 1900.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "K. A. Slye's
south eust comer," about 1) miles south nf Ki.st-
hall Creek, at the south west corner of Lot 4678,
thencu imrth 80 chains along the west boundary of
Lot 4Wlli theuce west 811 clmins, tlience suulh so
chains, (hence cast 80 chains in pnlnt of enm-
ineiiceineiit, containing 040 acres.
Daled this iBttl day ,.f June, lisw.
1'erKnlph Slye, Agent.
Cmiiuieiiciiigiil a pnst marked "A. Dnlluimmy-
ers iinrLli uasl comer," about Hi chains west nflliu
smilli west corner ot l,nt sen, at the nnrtli west
enrner nf K. A, Slye's application li.|uircliasnaiid
nl..ml ', mile smitli of Fosthall creok, llienee west,
sn i'liains, thunce south 80 chains, thenco ensl sn
chuius ilmnce nnrtli 80 chains to point nf i-mii-
iiiencemunl, cuiitahiing inii acres.
Daleillhis Uth day uf June, ItMHI.
Per Kalph Slye, Ageni,
Commencing at n pnst marked "P. A. slye's
nnrlh east cm ner," ahmil I1, miles suulh uf I'nst-
liall Creek, nnd ahmil l| miles frmn the lake
ahure nt the imrth wust coruer uf (l.J. Ilamummrs
tuipllcntluii lu pnrcliaso, llienco west wi chains,
thonce sutitli80 chains, ihence cast 8H chains,
llionce uortli 80 chaius, tn pninl nf t'ommoiice**
ment, contalulng 04o acres.
Dated this iali day of June. IINit).
Per Kalph Slye, Agonl.
Commencing at a pnst mnrked "M.C. slye's
north east comer," at the suuth eust corner of
Tliniinis Webster's application to purchase, ahnnt
:i milt's smitli nf Fosthall Creok, nud iibnnt 1
mile frmn the lake, tlience west Sll chnius, tlience
smith 4ii chains, thonco cast 4n chains, tlience
smilli 40 chains, thence east 40 cliiiins, theiieo
uortli sn cliains to point of commencement, containing 480 acres.
Dated this 12th day of June, Hint;.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commune Ing at a pnsl marked "A. K, Hammond's nnrlh -wost corner,*'about Idi "dies smilli
nf Fnstliall Creek at thc smith east corner iif l.nt
4.fi7ll, llienee smith 80 chains, thence easl 411 ehains,
more or less tu the lake shore, thonce following
said shore iu a general northerly direction 80
chains more nr less to the smith bmindary nf J. L-
Hirch's application tn purchase, thence wost 40
cliains,more nrless, to point of commencement,
eoiitainiiiK 320 acres morn or less.
Daled this 12th day nf ,1 unc, 11HHI.
Por Kalph slye, Agent,
Commencing at a pnsl marked "U,,L Hammond's north east enrnrr," about Pit miles smith
of Fosthall Creek, at the -smith east corner of Lot
467(1, thence west SOchains, thence smith80 chains,
thenee eaut 80 chains, tinmen north 80 chains to
pninl of commencement, cnntnlning tun acres,
Dated this 12th day of June, iimki.
Pur Kalph Slye, Agent.
lifter date I intend in apply to lhe lion, chief
Commissioner of Lauds ami Works fur permission
to purchase tlie following descrilied lamls altuate
in the West Knntenay district.
i oitiuioncing at an initial post erected on the
north bank uf the Lardo river, almul one-eight
mile west ot Lake creek and mnrked"l). P. Kane's
south east curuer post," tlienco north 20 ehains:
theuce west su chains; thenee smith 20 chains,
mure nr less to Lardo river; thence easterly following lhe hank of thu river 80 chuius more or less to
pniutof commencement, cumprisiug one hundred
ami sixty acres inure ur less.
Dated the 211th May, loud.
D. P. K.VNK.
VTOTICE is horoby given lhat thirty days
W alter dato I Intend to apply to lho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for special
license to cut uud carry away timber from tho
following doscribod binds situated iu W'nrt
Kuotoiiay district, H.C:
1. Cuuiiueticllig ut a pnst marked "A. Mcltae's
-milli west comer pust," planted about une mile
easl nf Columbia river and abuut opposite lius-
kins creek, thuuet rth 80chains, east- B0 chains,
suuth SO cliains, west sll chains Ln point (If com-
2. Commencing at a pnsl marked "A. Mcltae's
nnrlh wesi corner pnsl," planted about oue mile
east nf Columbia river and about opposite Hns-
kins creek, thence snutli mi chains, east SO ehnins,
imrth80chaius, west hi chains in pointof commoncement.
Dated July 18th, 19M.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days frmn date I
intend In apply to the Honorable the Chief Commissioner nt Lauds and Works for permission to
purchase the following described lands In the
Wesl Kootenny District, oast allure of Upper
Arrow Lake:—
Commencing at a post marked "J. D. Ooplnn's
south WOSt enrner,'- at the north went corner of
but su;i and almut l'-t miles mnth of Nakusp,
thence east 8<i chains more or less, Ihence uorth
sn i'liains mure or less, tlience wesl so chaius nmre
or less to lite Lake shore, thence in a general
southerly direction along Lhe Lake shore 8u chains
moro or less to poiut of commencement, containing MOacres nmre or less.
Dated this 22ud day nf May, 1110.1.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Notice is hereby given thnl!10 days afterdate
I intend to apply lotlic Hnnuranlo the Chief
Conimlssioiier of Lauds and Works for a special
license to cut and earn* away timber frnm tho
following described lauds idiiiatcd in the
Osoyoos Division of Yale District:
1. Commencing at a oust murked "S. Hill'*
north wesl eoruer," planted ou the smith bank nt
lhe easl fork of the imrtli fork of Cherry Creek
about i' miles above the forks of the north furk,
running east 100 cliains, theuce smith 40 chains,
(hence ucst IDO clialns, Ihence north 40ehuins tn
puint ut commencement!
2. Commencing ai a post marked "s. Hills
-until west enrner," planted nu the smith bank of
the cast (nrk of the north fork of Cliorry Crock
about i) miles almve tin- forks of the imrlli fork,
running east Kill ehains, I In-nee mulli liiehnitis,
thai wust IW chains, Ibeuce smith 4» chains lo
point «f coiiiuiciicciiieiit.
:i Commencing ai a pnst inarkod 's, iiiii-,
nmlh easl cornel," planted on the smith bank nf
ll ast  fork nf the north fmknf Cherry Creek
al 141 miles almve lhe forks of the imrtli furk,
running smitli loo chains, (hence west III clmins,
theuce imrlli I0O ehaiiis, llienee east 40 eliuiiis In
point of cntnmoiicuiueuti
i. Commoneliig nt a post niarkodJI'-S, Hill's
smith (test ciirner," planted mi the snutli bank nf
theeast fmk of the uorlh fork of cliorry Creek
about 2-| mib-s almve the forks uf the nnrtli fork,
running east Iim chains, thence nortli liiohuius,
(hence west nm chnlns, thence smith 40 chains to
pnlnt ni cominoucoinent.
ft, Commonolng at a pnst marked ,'S. Hill's
smith wesl corner." plunted on the west hunk ot
the nurth fork nf Cherry Creek nf milt Sl miles
above the forks, riinmiing imrtli itio chains, thence
east40 clialns, thence smith inn chains, thence
west 40 chains tn point nf commencement,
Dated July Uth, 10M.
8. Commencing at a post murked "s, Hill's
nortli west corner," planted almul pi chains uorlh
of Lake Creek about.. miles up the same, miming
cast so clialns, tlience smith 80 cha Ins, thence went
so chains, theuce imrth 80 chains to point of commencement.
7. Commeuelng at a pot-it marked "M, Hill's
north east comer," planted about tu chains north
ul Lake (,'reek aim about .'. miles Up the same,
running west 80 chains, thenee soulh 8ii chains,
theuce east 80 chains, llienee north 80 chains to
point uf commencement,
8. Commencing at a post marked \s. Hill's
uorlh east corner," planted about 20 chain* north
nf Lake Creek nboul 1 miles up the Name, miming
west 80 clmins. thenee smith SO chains, Ilieucc
easl 8o chains, thence North 80 cliains tu point nf
Dalf.| .luim 2,-ith, l!SSi.
atig 80 S. HILL. ,
sold is supplied from the stock of W. & A. Gilbey,
By Royal Warrants Pi irveyors ol Wines and Spirits
To H.IUI. the Prince olW.la To H.M. the King To H.M. thu Kins ol iht Belgian.
The wonder of the business world, their fame and success
are based upon an absolute guarantee, given under Acts of
Parliament, that the Purity, Age and Quality of their Brands
;ire    In Strict Accordance with the Labels
From among many varieties the following Specialties are
particularly celebrated :
"StralhmlU" Scotch Whisky
Pole Mall, 6 y,-.„ old.
"Spry Itoyal" Scotch Whisky
11„- dioicT.1 and olden ptoenrable.   Duel]
(lorn ii*-c,.lly k-lfurd Malted Bul«y.
Old Tom Gin Tlw f>„,,i quality.
London Dry Gin -Tlie fined quality.
Plymouth Gin   Ot fine delicate fl««ot.
Iln.nnM.ane Cognac," L'Or Exlrall
du Vin." (Five Slara).
A Cobd.c Bi.mtr cl lhe (ine.! quality.
Old Jamaica Rum, "The Governor
Ol ttvkt .se, with Ml mellow fuvot,
"Invalid" Port
A wry fiur light vintage wine.
"Natural Monlllla" Sherry
A p»le, rutty wine, 9 ye.e, old.
"Chateau Loudenne" Clarel
Gland Vin. Di.lingni.hed liy gtral elegance
ind bouituet. Aw.ided the Guld Med.1.1
lhe P..ii Exhibilion.
"Pommard" Burgundy
Chinning bouquet, with . toll, (ull flavor.
Purity. An .nd Cimlily .Udulely gti.t.nleed 1.1. Kiiclly la icciidi.c. s-ilti deicillliou .. Ihe Libels.
Largeal Wine and Snlrll Merchants In Ibe Worll
For sale by all the leading Hotels and Stolen.
Distributors—The Revelstoke Wine & Spirit Co., Ltd., Revelstoke.
says mr. a, m. rainier—no
Fear o! Eastern Competition
Now B. C- is a Desirable
place to Live.
Thai there is nn apparently tin-
llniiti-d ili'inaiiil in llie |irairie provinces Ior nil Hie Iinil wliicli may I"'
grown in British Columbia, and, Iur-
ther, that tlie quality ol tbe product
offered is more than Biitislactory to
the consuiuers, ure statements made
by Provincial Officer Palmer uu his
return to the city last night, suys the
Vancouver Province. And Mr. Palmer knows whereof he speaks, for lie
bus just irttirne,! from n round ol the
lairB nt Winnipeg, Briindon, Moose
Jaw, Region, Kilhiruey nnd other
places in tlie section, At ull these
exhibitions Briiish Columbia fruit was
exhibited und the interests the specimens aroused wus noteworthy. The
j fact that ii wus possible to ripen Iruit
bo curly wns the occasion of greatest
surprise to many.
"I found,'' says Mr. Palmer, "that
tbe interest in British Columbia ns u
fruitgrowing country nud desirablo
place to live iii bad certainly Increased
sinct' my lust- visit. There wire many
Inquiries especially about the eliinnte.
The ileinuiiil for liritish Columbia
Iruit is very strung. The buyers there
sny,'Soiul us all you like of it.' Nor
is llu-ie nny reason to tear coillpeti-
11 u Iruin ca tern Iruit, lor ull who
Imve tried the liritish Columbia fruit
ale ilniu.iiin.ii - in declaring Unit it is
superi r tu anything they Imve bud
int. .re."
Mr. Palmer rep.iris general progress
throughout nil the districts lie visited.
The w bent crop us be suw it appeared
to I shout on a par with the liig crop
of la.t yenr.
lold by sll Druggists and General Storei
tnd by mall.
0)-given thill lin ilny
Nulle-e- is li
1 inli-liil tiin|i|ilv In Ilii-Cliii-I Colli
Laiuls nnil Works lorn apcclnl llcom
nmi curry nw-ny tiniln-i- from lliolollowlng
doscribod lands in lln, lliu Ili-ml ilfsLrluLof
West Kootunny:
I, Commencing ut u posit innrkoil "IC. A.
Brnelloy's nortli onst cornor poal," planted
nlimn I mill' wi-st of llie- liuiillIini Smilli creok,
on Un- wosl siile of Columbia river, llienco
Bouth sn i-biiiiis, tlienco weal so, eliiilna, liionco
norlli SO chains, llionoe caat. sn ohnlna in polul
of i-iiitiinoiit-t-nii'iil.
--'. Commencing at n post mnrkeil "K. A.
lii-inlli-)-.* snulli ensl oorner post," plauit-il
uiu,in ll miles wosl u( Uu- mouth of Smitli orook
on west sido ol riilnnililu rivor, llionoo north
loclinlns, thonco wont, 100ohnins, thonce south
10 chnlns, thonoo ensl Iim elinlns In pninl nf
3, t'niniiienolng n*. n pnsl mnrkeil "I-l. A.
lli-iiilli)--- smilli cost oornor post,"   plumed
al,,,,I 11 uiiii-* st,mli tif Iiii,  till, „f Smith
crook nnd I mllo wosl ol Columbin rivor, lhe i
north 80 i-lniiiis, ilii-ni-i- wosl 80 ohnlns, tiionoo
sunlit sn ohnlns, thenco ensl SO eliuiiis io poinl
of com nu'ii,-i-nu'iit.
Doled August lib. Utiii.
illll! S
Otheii Liabilities
Ui.M.irn 2s
ai,t«7 m
$557,885 IB
2111,759 11)
Surplus to Policy Holders  .$344,126 711
J. B. LAKLKl'H, President,      L. J. McGHEE, Managing Director.
E.  A.   HAQQEN,
Agent for Revelstoke
Sold in 2 lb. sealed packages by all good grocers.
Brilliant in appearance, convenient in furm,
snd  no  lugsr  can equal   it   in   excellence.
The B. C. Sugar Refining Co., Ltd.
Established 1850.
Losses Paid to date ,*|l,lkl(l,iKlll uu
Assets, 8l8t Decenibet, HKl.1 ... $  828,528,27
HON. J. DRYDEN, President. CEO. GILLIES, Vice-Pres.
I). WEISMILLHR, Sec. und .Man. Dip.    LAUOHLIN LEITOH, Supt.
.1. KILLER, Inspector.
E. A. HAQQEN, - • Agent for Revelstoke
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, baggage,
etc., to any part of the City.
Any Kind of Transferring
For Sale or Rent
I'niiiiilnliiB nu ncres, almnt Uir i|«nrters seed-
oil with Tliiinthv.  Snltnltl,, („e (mil urowlllg.
11,111.1- uml ..iill.nil.liiik- ill Kini'l lu a ut  sll "ill-'
nt ("iitliifllii.'hii-. a Ion- iiiil'-i Weil »l ItoralitnKo.
Apply hi li.TAl'I'INu. Bovelitoke,
Ol Concreto, llollon lllitcki, Stone, llrl.-k or
Kmiii. Ilill|,llll>!<. DMBH III Cement, l.lnn'.
Cmi-ri'li- llolinw Illocki, nml othor bnlbllm. ma-
torlali,  All litlini- ninl ii-iit.-rlitl. Brst-elnss.
Plastering and Plaslerlng Supplies h Speclnlly.
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All Kinds of Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
.EIUIONI. 211.
! Furniture!
for  .
ohii E, Wood's Furniture Store
Something Pure
II you are looking lor Pine
Honey ive Imve just opened up
a consignment of   Ontario
in 1 lb. boxes, or in 5 lb. cans
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Goods are second
to none, and more than that
we "Guarantee every Can."
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bouglii
Cash Prices Paia
F.  B.   WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
St. Ann's Convent School
Re-opens Aug. 22nd.
CURLS (roin ,*) years up nre received
ns linnrdcrs or diiy-acliolais lor tuition
in English, French, Latin, Piano,
Organ, Guitar, Violin, Banjo, Mandolin, Plain nnd Fanny Wnrk, Painting nnd Drawing, eto,
HOYS (nun fi to 14 years nre received us duy-neboliirs.
For full particulars apply In
ag 8 lm       81STEH SUPERIOR,
W. Whyte, 2nd Vice-President of
the C.P.R, has ninde the announcement that the company bud tillered u
special rate oi $30 to agricultural
laborers Irom nil parts ol England,
Ireland and Scotland to nny point in
Manitoba, Alberta ir Saskatchewan,
in order to lend nil tbe assistance
possible to tho farmers of those provinces. The Hon. Capt. Tatlow, culling upon Mr. Whyte, at Victoria,
represented the almost desperate conditions in which the farmers und fruit
growers of British Columbia found
themselves for want of help, and suggested tlie C.P.R. might do something
towards their rebel. Mr. Whyte
evinced a deep nnd intelligent interest
in the case nnd without hesitation
promised to recommend thnt the
special rate be extended to fnnn
laborers (rom the United Kingdom to
British Columbia,
An interesting nnd instructive
scheme bus been put into practice by
the C.P.R. and other lines in the
introduction ol an " instruction car "
in which lectures are given to trainmen nt intervals in practical lessons
in the art ol nil' braking. One end of
the big couch is usurped by tbe power
room, which is succeeded by Ibe
dining room, library and berths. A
kitchen follows, nnd the remainder of
the spneo, practically hall the car, is
devoted to the lecture room, which is
fitted with every appliance known to
air braking, of both tlie Westinghoiise
and .New York models, including
enough cylinders nnd piping lu constitute nil nir bruke system for a 17-
('iiach train, During demonstrations
the various apparatus is put in motion
mid the points elaborated Irom the
actual working of the machinery.
This car und live other instruction
cms nre kept constantly on the move
over the railway system of Canada,
,lav* unci-
able Thief
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Onion for Heel and Mutton,
Poultry, Fish anil sniull goods
will receive prompt attention,
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
MS, Cordova St„ W,
VANCOUVER, -  -  B. C.
Notice ia lioroby given Uml thirty
lm.' I intend >u iii.ply imiii'llmi.
["umniUtloiiur of l.-iinhiiiiil\Viii-.;.i
licenso tii cut ami carry nwuy timber from Hi
fn)..mliit: doscribod liuidii in Wesl tCooloiin
1. CniinnenciiiK at a posl nmrltcd "Thomas
Ki'lin trick's -mi id ensl corner pnsl," planter
tbo norlli nkle of AriiiRtroim Lnko, and al
Ihroo hundred yards from I he fool of [hoi
lako, tlionco norlli 80 cbfiiiiB, thence west
ehuins Uience Bouth 80 chains, thence oust 80
chains to puint of eoiiiiiiencciiieiit.
2, Commencing al a post marked "Thorn;
KilpnLrlck'fl south west cornor post,"planted
on tho east boundary of 1'iilhanr- ranch and
iilionl, one hundred yards ma nurih onstorly
direction from the seven mllo post on Boulder
Creek, Ihence north 4n ehuins Ihenee east 100
cliains thence south 40 chains, theiieo west HM
chains lo poinl of commeiicenienl.
ii CoinnicnciiiKat a posl niarked "Thomas
Kilpntrick's north cast corner post," planted atthe south wesi corner of T L, 11,535, thonce
soulh Sn chains, thenee west80 ohnins, Ihoneo
north 80 ohains, thonco oast su chain-, lo point
of commencement,
Dated this 4th day of August, 1900,
4. Commonolng at a post marked "Thomas
Kilpatrlok'tf south west cornor post," planted
al V, K. KulmerV north west oomor pust. marked h. "fin (i. I„ theuce north 80 chains, thenco
cn>t Kll chains, thence smith 80 ehains thence
west -SOohains to poinl of commencement.
Dated thia 0th day of August, 1900.
Pleases every smoker -the " Maroa
A siiitalih1 house to rent willi a spring
running six feet frmn the door and 2 acres
of ground for drying lines. 3160 a month
worth o! washing sent out to Chinamen.
Apply for particulars to
Townsite Agent, Comaplix.
Dm 11,-ails, Animals, llinla, l-ialt, Etc.,
Animal inm- Mounted,
P. O. llnx 31.
sitiitlit.:  OPPOSITE P, II.
lli-velstnkc, II. C.
Certificate of Improvements.
Ailronturer, Iran Duke, Watchman, Outlook nnil
s.iiihliin,, mineral claims, iltuate in Un- Arrow
Uke Minion Division o( West Kootenay Dis-
Where located"—On tin- nnrtli iltle ol Plnastoii
Creek, nboiits mllei »,-*! ol Arrow Lnko,
Take notice Ihal I, John limn. I Alulonoll,
l'.l,.s.,„f ir.-ill. II. C.ntenl l«r Thomas Abriel,
l-'.M.C No. BttXIl lli.li.irilsinilli, J-.M.I'. Nn.
lltSiti, anl Kllinbetli s.-i.u p.M.c, No, iidmiih,
liili-inl. -im. ilm-Irani tin- date hereof, to applji
ta tlie tl Inlng Reconlar for CertlScates of Iniprovo-
iiii-ni-, far theburposa,,( ,»l»lulnini: ('mini (Irani*
ol the above claims.
Ami (urther take notice that action, under iec
ti,,ti nr. musl I nmmenced lieforo tlieluuaticeol
-in-li Ccrtlflcatci ol Improvements.
Ilnti-illlii. -J-1liilav.il .Iiiiii-, 11*10.
ai-p is .1. II. ANDKI180N.
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Toasorvlcofl HoworPots
Plfttoi Umbrolla Stands
Buketfl Lunch Baskotfl
Cane Chilli Smoking JiuibcU
Handkerchiefs SllK (Jowls.
KlnOSt flock of OMldlM and fruits In town,
Front Street, Revelstoke
Notice Is horoty glvon thai 30 dnys aftor dato
I intend to apply lo tbe Chief Commissioner of
Lands and works for a special liconso to cut
and carry away limber from lhe following de
scribed lands in Big Head dislricl of West
1, Commeiicing at a post marked "N T,
Kdwards'north west, corner posl," plunted on
' he cast hunk of Columbia rivor, About Initio
norlh of ('. h\ landmark's Uortli 0550, tlionco
south 4nchains, Ihence east Mi chains thence
north 1(1 chains, Ihenee west 100 chains to point
of commencements
2. Coinmonoiug at a post marked "N.T.
Edwards' south west corner post," planted on
Ilu- cast side uf Coluinbin river, about 200 yards
back from river and J mile north of ('. K. Landmark's Berth Q5MI, tlience north 100 ohains,
theuce east pi ehuins, tlience south lOOchains,
thenco west in cliains to poinl of commencement,
Dnted July 20th, 1000,
aug I
N, T. KMVAKnS, Locator,
Notice Is horoby given that HOdays aftor dale
I inicnilloapplv to the Chief Commissioner of
Unds and Works for a special llceueo lo oul
anil carry awav timbor from lhe following described lands situated in i in li.c Id nd dislricl
of West Kootonay:
8 I'ommcncing al a post marked "Arthur
I'nyno's souih wosl cornor post," planled ou ihe
easl hank of Columbia river, uhunl IU) yards
mn-.li inmi mouth of Mien ereek, Lhenrc north
80 chains, ihence oasl 80clialns,thencosoiith
mi chains thenco wesi, so chains to point of
il, Commencing at a postmarked "Arthur
Payne's norlh wusi corner poBt," plantod un ilu-
ehstbankof CuliiniliU river.aboul lOOyards
almve mouth of Mica creek, Ilieuccsoul.iiSH
chains, tlionco cast SOehnius, thenco iiurili 80
chain-, Ihenee wosl Sll ehnins lu point nf com-
10. Commencing al a posl marked "Arthur
Payno's south wesl oorner post," iilanled ou tho
eust hunk uf Columbia river, about U milos
bolow Mica croek, thencu cast80clialiiB, liionco
imrih lu chains, llionce west lu cliains, thonce
north 80 ohains, tlionco wesl ID chains, tbonco
<outh 120 chains to puiui ofcoinmoncomoni,
Dated July 25th, IIHA
l>j days after date 1 intend loanply lo(h.i
Chief Commissioner of Unds nnd works fori,
special license In eul and carry awaytimhei
from tlio following described lands situated
int he Big Bend dish-in of Wesl Kootonay:
1, Commencing al ,l i"Ml "nuked "Alox,
Brot's ^oulh oasl enrner," plnuled on the wesl
hunk of Forty-nino crook, about I miles frum
Columbia river, running norlh 80 ehnins
thenee wesl su chains, llu-nee south 80 chains,
Ihence easl .so chains lo pninl uf cnniinciiee-
n icnt,
:'. Commenolng ul a post marked "Alex.
Trot's nortli east eorner." planled on the wesi
bank of Forty-nine creek, ahout. I miles from
Columbia river, running south 80 chains,
I hence wesl SI) chains Ihence uorlh Sll chains,
tiionoo east 8<i chains to poinl uf commencement,
11, Commonclug al a post murked "Alex.
Brot's soulb west corner.' planlcd on thc wesl
hank of Korly-ninc creok, ahout I miles from
< ulumbiu river, running uorlh 80 chains,
ihence east 80 chains thenee south 80 chains
thence west 80 chains to pointof commencement.
I. Commonolng at a posi marked "Alex.
Idol's norlh west,corner," planted on lhe west
hunk of Kurly-nine creek, ahoul I milo from
Columbia river, running smith fit chains,
Ihence east sn ehains thenee uorlh mi chains
thence west. 80 chains lo pninl of enmmcnei>-
"i. Coiiitnuiiciiig at a pnsl mnrked "Alox.
I; ui - ninth ca-l corner," plnuled on the wosl
hunk of Forty-ii I lie creek, uhuut :'J mile-, from
l ulumhla river, running smith llio ehnins
Ilieucc wesl IU chains. Ihenee nurih Itin chuius
Wii'iicccasl lu chains lu pninl uf commence
ii icnt,
ii. Commencing at u posl marked "Alex
llrot'n nurth wesl corner," plunted nn Ihe wosl
hunk uf Forty-iilne creek, uhout -.!' mil.- frou
Cnlumhla river, riiiuiiug suulh llio clmins
tin nee east 10 chains, Ihenee nurih lOo chains,
ihence west P) ehaiiis lo point of commence
7. Commonclug at n post marked "Alex.
Brot's norlh wesl curlier,' plunleil im I lie wesl
bank of Forty-nine creek, about!) miles from
Columbia river, running souih 100 ohalm.
Ihence cast III chains, Ihenee nurth lift chains
Ihence west 1(1 chains lu pointof commence-
8. Commonolng At a post marked "Alex.
Brot s norlh cast, corner," plnuled on lhe enst
hank of Forty-nine creek, about I milo from
Columbia river, running soulh UK)chains,
llienee wesl 40 chains, Ihence north 100 chains,
thenco east 40 chains to pointof commenoc
!i. Commonclug at a posl murked "Alex.
Brnl's .-.outh west corner." planlcd on the cast-
hunk nf Forty nine crock, ahoiil I mile from
Columbia river, running norlh m chains
thenee east sll chains, tnOllOO suulh 80 ehains,
thenee wesl 8ii chains tu puint nl commence
Pi. Cumineneing al a post marked "Alex
Brot's snulli wesl cunier," plnuled uhuut, 1 mile
frnm Foi'ly-nine ereek on the went, hank, and
iihiml 1 uiih- frum ('uluiuhiu rivei, running
nurih 10 chains theiu-e west Kin chains
thenee smith in chains (hence east, Kin chain
lu point of commencement.
Datod July 80th, m\.
ALEX, BUOT, Locator,
aug 1 Pur Uus Ui nil, Agent.
Kiillee Is liereli) iio.-n thai on dais froiuilntul
inl I i<> n|,|,l,  o.iln. Il..ii.iln-riiii>l i-„i Is.
*i I ,,11.1111,1*1111,1 IVnrks (i,i-|ii'l„ii**i„li!.i|,ll|-
. lias,- th,- (.,11,Mine ikwrllwil Inini*. iii lho Weil
gnntenny dlali-li-t, woal ahnro „f t.'inier Anow
■ C'tininioncliiK alii [mal inurkod "J, I,. Hlrai'li'a
snulli uoal i-iii'iii-i'." alibi- smith east cumor nf
l.-.i 1570; ninl ul I 11 mllea * li ..( Ifnalhnll
Urouki thunce nnrlh so clulna, Ihenco onal 1(1
i-lniiiis. llionce aouth BU'chiilna, llienco neat 10
cluilna t.. |iohd „( commencement, eoiitaiiiiim 820
ucrea nuno urloaa.
Ilnletl this Bill tiny of Mny, IM.
,i i, uliiscii,
-I IS Por Ual|ili slye, Agent.
\TOTICH la horoby elvon t Imt So dnys aft ,-r dnlo
IN I Intend tounjily to tin- linn. Thu Cliief
(Jtiiiiinissluiier of Lands nml IVnrka lm- n Spocial
l.ii-t'iis,-1„ ,-ui ami curry luviiy limber [rum the
(„ll,,tiiiii,,I,'*i-fii„.,Ilaiiila in Wesi Koiitemiy Hi*,
1. Cnminenchig nt a pnsl mnrked "Artluu-
Pnyno'a ainilli ivoal corner |ioit,"plniitcilontho
east aid.- nf liia 11,-n.l nail and nbout 1 mllo north
Irom P. Poteiwiua'a rnncli, tlio mrth lOOchnlna,
t-ast in i'liains,-.mill  tlini'liitills, woat 10 chains l.i
point ol commencement.
-J.   Cuiini, inii nl  n pust   iiiaikcil ".Llluu-
Payno's mirth tu-si  -nei pnat," [ilnnted un tho
casi sldo "i lliu llcitil nail iiiiiI 'ih..iil 1 mile nnrlh
>( I'. Poteraon'a ranch, thonco il, loclinlns,
.-asl nm chain*, nnrlh 10 ohnlns. weit 100 chains In
point nf comniencoment.
ii. (lominoni'liie at n   post innrkoil "Arthur
Payne's *,„uli cast  tn-r post," iihuilctlniiilif
cast altlo ul HIr llond trail and almnt 1 mllo nurth
otl*. Potorson'a rnncli, tbonco north inn cliuiua,
wesl In chalna, -mult 100 chnlua, cast 10 chalna to
t,,,iiit ot comnioiicemont.
Datotl July 17th, looo.
■t. ConuneiiL'iiig nl u imsl inarkod "Arthur
Payno's nnrlh ensl tornor post," planted nn tho
si..1.11. side nl Kcvslnli,, It-nil about twit utiles cast
nl llnyd'a much, tlience smith nm ohalna, west In
ehains, iim-lli III,, cliains ciislln cllllllls to pnlnl nl
;,. ('iiitiiiicuciiic at a pnat innrkoil "Artbu
I'nyno'a -soul I, cast cornor |iost," planted on Hit
smith side „( Keysi.nie onil aluiiil iim iniles ensl
frnm Hoyd'a ratii-h,thouco north lOOchains, west
HI ehains, Hnlltil liin ehains, ,-asl 10 chaius tn point
li.  Commencing at n p,,*t   marked "Artlm.
Payno'i  -lh »csi corner jinst," plnntod on the
smith -i,le„f Koystone trail almul Inn miles east
(iiiiii lloyd's ranch, tlienco aouth too chalna, eust
10chains, nnrtli 100 chains, wesl in chains in polni
[ilciiinineut n-nl.
7.  Commencing al. a past   marked "Ailbur
Payne's north onst ,-,,. ■ post," jilnntod mi lln
auuth altlo ol Koyal  trail al I 1.1 miles ensl
frnm lluytl'a ranch, llienco HonthsOohaltia, m-si k,>
chains, north Sll chains, easl 811 ehains tu pnlnt nf
Hated July isili, man.
AllTIIUIt I'AVNK, bncntel
Certificate of Improvements.
Hidden linglo Mineral Claim, altunlu in the Arrott
Lako Sibling llli-lalnn ul Hontennj dlalrlct.
Where Incntcd  Aillululng Mineral City Tini-ii
TAKK MUII ll lli.n   I.   lieintelli  l„ lluinot
ngcnl fnr .Mis. Iill™ Mel unlil, „[ Nakusp, I'rot
Miner's I'orlUlcate Nn, llOSHtil), liitontl, alslj ilnyi
fnnn lho ilnle hereof, tti upply In the .Mining Ilo
i-nnlei-fni-nl.'eillllrn I Iiupi'iiieiiit-iiis,(.„■ th,
inirposo of obtaining n Crown (linnl ol the tilion
.-l.i Mil.
Ami further Like iinllco Hint action, iindor	
linn 87, musl I in,ai'.-I bolero ll,.- [ssiinnci
i,f illitli Cortllli'nlonl linniMicinciils.
Dalutl this 20th day nl April, 1000.
Notice Is lioroby glvon thai sixty days aflor
dale we Inlend to apply lo (he chief Commissioner of hands and Work-* for permission
lopurohaso the fuliuwliiK deserlhcd lands In
ihe district nf Wesl Kootenay:
Commencing at w post planted twenty chaius
west irmn lho northeast enrner ol' 014949 and
marked "Bl|« bend l.mnhe Company's south-
west eorner post," Ihenee uorlh in chains
Ihouco east in chains, thonce soulh 05 chains
more nr less lo the lake shore, tlienco wesl
alongshore tu south cast eorner ol LoUMB,
thenee nurth 7 chains to north oasl corner 01
Lot 411111, theuce west '20 chains tu point ol com*
Iiiii HKNU LUMH!£Hl!0.,LTD.
Daled July 2nd, 1906, Jyfi
altor date I Intend to apply In the Hon, Chief
Cuminlssioner „f Li.ttds uml IVnrks f„r pennlaston
l„|,iiieha.*ctliefiillii»ing described lands iii lhe
Wesl li mo district, west side „l Upper Arrow
llll..- Ill Imichlllf lililea.illth ol Posthall creek.
Connnoncltig at n imsi. marked, " vv. w. Lm-k's
s, uth oast cornor," al lhe smitli west cunier.,( L.
mil, llionce imrth in cliiiins, along tin- west boundary o! L. SOI; tbonco west LdOchaliis; thence auuth
80clialna:thence oast40 chains, mora or lc*. to
the nesi boundary ot A. Hullo yar*a application
to purchase; thonco north 10 chains, mora or less
inilic inn,ti well enter ol A. Hollo jet's
iii>|ilicati<in i„ purchaioi thonce oast su chuina
more or h-*a to puiui „f cuntnoncement, tun acrei
Hated Mny SI, Illll.
I'er. T. H. Makiiisnn. ngenl
Notion li horoby glvou lhat M daya aflor dat.
I intend in make application in tlioChiel i'<.ni
inliiloiier ol [.anuiA Wnrkslnr i.i-ruii-'Siiui i.
[.iiiThii.,. thi> |..hi...un,- doscrlboil hind -num.
Ill tin- Wesl lumlnuiy dlslrlcluf Hn-l- I
iiliiliiiii.il (he WOlt lldO of Arrow I.uke in lln
I'usihnll Valley:
Commencing at It, Nlchol's south wost aor
nor, tlionco wesi mi eiuiius, ihouco south40
chains, lllOIICO oust Ml chains, the me nurih lu
ehalus tu poinl ol eouiini-lieeliieut, to i'..uuin-
IllujL'U iiert'S nn.it oi IcsS
liiili-d(In-:!iith day nl,Inm-, imsi,
I'er s, ,1. Ihirlnw, A nenl
NOTICK I- lioroby glvon Hint 110daysafU
datn I Inlt-utl lu npiily in Hm lltiiiiiiii,il,l
tlio Chlof Comnilnsloiier ul l,nu,l-i.iid Works
(nr ,i. ;n.t-.-u.li  Inimrt-hiisi- lhe f.ilhiii'lliKd-
-riilii'ii Inini-in ihe Wi-sl  Kootenny diatrict,
wesl ildo of Upper Arrow Ukoi
i 'nitiiii, n, nm nl a |,„*i ul,,,ill Ihroo mile*
smilli nl Knsllnillei-ecli, anil ulinill | miln fiiuii
tlio lake, innrkoil "Tlinnui* Wobslor'a miiiiIi
onst corner," al llio north oust cornor of M.C,
Slyo'napplication to piirchiisoi ll oo north M
cii.tiic iiinie in- It-*, iii lln- hike ilioroi tlionco
(iilliiw-liiK inld -Inn-.- In a general northerly
mul wostorly illrootlon I" chaini, mora or loss,
In Hu- south boniidnr) ol A. K. llaiiiiiiond'a
njipllontloii in purohasoi thoneo wosl Oo olinlus,
moro ur lose, to lhe onsl In lar) of I.. M.
Joliilstono's npiillonlbiii l„ piirchnaoi thonoo
south 801'linli.s; Ibe u-i su .•.inii.* io poinl
ul ciunliiciii'i'itteiit, i mtliiiiittig liln acre-, moro
nr loss,
lliiluil Ihis l-.'lh dm nl. I uui'. lllli.
I'or llalpli 8lyo, Agent,
Fur Agricultural Implement-- Carriages, Wagons, Etc.. Juhn
Deere Ploughs, Blollue Wagons, Cauada Carriage Company's
Buggies, Plauot Jr., Garden Seeders and Cultlrators, Wheel-
U             wright and Blacksmith Work attended to.   Horse Shoeing a
8 dulty
Incorporated by Act uf Parlinmeui, 1SS5.
Wm, .Mih.son Macpherson, Pros. S, II. Ewmo, Vlce-Prei,
Jamks Elliot, (it'iit-rnl Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in way of bunkim: business transacted without un*
necessary delay,
Interest credited twice a year at current rules on Savings Hank
W. II. 1'RATT, Malinger,
Revelstoke, B. C.
(Under   New   Management)
First-claB accommodation for traveller!-.
Best  brands   of   Wine*-,   Spirits,   and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
HEAD Ol!TICK!  (*.ii..i.iitv, Ai.hi-.kt*.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
i'.trk Packers an I Dealer itt Live Slock. .Market* in all the principal tellies and
--owns ol Alberta, llriti.lt ...iiiinhi.i and the Yukon. Packers ,,f the Celebrated Brand
"Iinpomtor" llama and Bacon, andBbainrock Brand, Leil Lard. j
Central Hotel
Newly luiilt.     Kirst-clnss in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Da/, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Tl-OUt Lake, under same  management
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, liest Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Heat cliunce ever offered tuseetirt' sonie uf the finest Residentisl
Sites, Oardeo ami Fruit Growing Lands in Revelstoke.
Ilavinjj been appointed Agent lor the Revelstoke Realty
Company, Limited, I have lor sale t heir lauds on the Weit, North
and Eust sides of the City.
Any area to-uit purchasers fr en u Buildine; Lut to a Small
The now " Addition B." offers tbe olioicost residential and villa
ait's overlooking the City,—line garden soil anil sholtored Irom
prevailing winds.
Plans and Prices at my Offlosj.
J ts imam?.
-iii-i   in   linisli.     Aug   28th nl lln-1
Open, lino-,, t- iln- il in-1,1 il'i-ir up
|iiaia..i-i- in this i-i v    'I In- usual pillule will he given at'IItill) i.m
If You Doubt   he Genuineness of this ?ale, please
Call and Investigate for Yourself Qui Prices.
We Need the Money and  Must Havs It, to make
Good Our Fire Losses at Arrowhead.
Come  Now Before the Best   of  the Stock   Has
Been Picked Over and Sold.
*r«s V*K<s^^»rfW^..»,
1 ory lllls In
i. . : ilic copper mil rs in I'liili,
•T l„ n Ilu h il) ol :i miner whu li.il
t$l       - I :- life, ti i- estimated nvei   201)
I        KEEP YOUR
|   FEE1 OFF YOUR HEAD   $      B™  -[^Zi ;fi j KINCAID & ANDERSON
9  By not letting them trouble *   is iu a perfect slate nl preacrvatlnii.       jj	
I'.n Inmi i* sending lil)'' ilclegntt-s -I'I
,-   liritish   Medical   Ass.n-hr.i n to  J FOR YOUR
nt,,. Augusi -Jl-i. including Sir
9 vi ..     I In . won't ii vou use 9
4, FOOT   ELM   -:   ALLEN'S fy
*   FOO'I  EASE. We keep it.     i
♦ Canada Drug & Book $
* Company, Limited.    T
Local and General.
William liroaillient, Sir  V if I u* ilors-
Sir T'n..ton* Barlow,
.In nii-s
li,;, t j. :_•■ ■ Kii , church lav n
.   .,, ..:.  Wednesday  evening,  2!lth
1;., . - -,■ - id i . k" , ui Intel)' ul
i . \., ley iven directly caused by
... tning,
Tin- Rev. J, i,. Brnden, ol Vernon,
, preach in the Mcthudist church
tomorrow morning nnd evening.
Thursday was a record lor the
i. . : .- I visitors in ilit-ciiy. At the
Hotel Revelstoke alone over 180 sal
down lo dinner.
Tl • n -ir..ii ol the hospital wishes
• tl u .-: Mrs. Harvey lor contribute ii - I b loks and Bowers, and the
i. lies 0 did lor Iruit.
,, ving : ' the .wires being down be-
tweei K ■ i It ips und Vancouver the
Maii -Heraui is unable to obtain today's d( -;- itclu s.
i ,:. id i La- been invited to tender
i„r the supply ol fresh meal and cattle
:' : th. military district ol Malta for
twelve months Irom January next,
Tin Willing Workers uf St. Andrew's ' li ii ill --ill bold their lawn
- a, le n the Mans.' grounds on
Tl ursdsy evening next the -Inl inst.
Band in attendance. Admission lo
gi  ii ds 10 cents.
M, T. Gleasou, 1, reman ul the Bow-
in  :   I  ■-..'■■. ; i    -   mill nt   Cotllliplix,
wh   .- wi 11-kiiowii in 11," Istokc, has
■ signed iti- position to take charge
1 asawn 11 i   -  v -' Fi    cisco    llis
It  m uncoil  ol   Mrs.
Pearl   Mary  Teresa   Craigic     '"I,.
,'...■ II. bl -.  till   i.iiin.iis  autliiii, ss
.I I uu itiat, who died Insl  week ul
."..:•    ,     ■        Ventnor,   Isle    ul
.. igllt,   Ellg.     Sin    Wa-    li'.l    yours    of
Mrs I.. ■--."-' ;■ is mourning the loss
: :.- r littli girl, uged sixteen iths,
who   - ice   i ■ -I  to  tin    ett'i'Cts    oi
ping   -    .ii  on    Tuesday   last.
[Tie   Mail-H   iai.i   ■ in-   with    her
. -:.y friends in expressions ol dei pi -*
--.   pathy ::. ..-     le sad bereavement
;  ■ rai    y c  - - issi -   ntends I
.,-.-.   |   ■ .;....- .  "     igl    it Canada
• ;. m n urder I iscerl n win
the r i:. ■ iy c nipnniea have i ;
. .•: the I M-.   in regard I     ii
: ;   itomatic couplers     11 ■   i -,
■ -     -    will  examine  the genera
...        ,'      e in order to 11" I I      In
,- . ■ . . ., ■ bei tin .- ■■ ■--'- I
e properly saleg iw
|. Vi. Bole, M.I'., who 1
-■-.-.       •   . -    '       ■    -
*• I,.   thi
the Kootenai's. |lr,i
mils are gi ibunduiit'i •
fruit industry wi
■*■■■-     I snticip.ui-th,1 M ' .....
.   •   .    -.-■•   •        ,   .:
.; -...-■
Hurr, Sir Hector Caiiicrun und I'r. (i.
r. Franklin.    The trip niun i will cosl
,.*- tlinn $280,1	
Winston Churchill, speaking ul
,\ ml. rue, sni 1 lli-t in- believed the
■ ,-mini,,mil settleuieiil of the
I'ruiisviuil laml liiel linn 'well re
■■ dvrd in Canndii and Austrnli,.    He
. lu ,1 lorw rd lo n time not lar ilis-
,. iiii when Alrica will lake her place
I,) ilu- side ol Canada and Australia
under the British ling,
i. horse ,-n ii Inini i i dunce-
lie I. I . S. A,, lias been | rnii niicid
incurably insane, having cun-mitleil
the ii|iiiin' iinli t-trliiiiis ,,i trying to
-laml i,n it* In-all in vegetable gardens,
lielluwing open defiance to all proper
tiiulil ri'giilntinns, keeping perstms
a uu ki- nnil tearing duwn its hatiiiatiiui.
Vetcriuiiiy suigeons prein-iunce the
mis. ,hi,...j rare equine iiberruliun.
A mosl pleasant evening was spent
at the liomo ol Mr. Iv Cooke, V.Mr.
\ Seen tury, mi Saturday evi ning Inst
l,y a number ul the Iriend- ol J.W.
Homus, the occasion being i larcwell
party to him on llis departure (or his
old lmnn- in Christchnrch, New Zealand. The evening wus spent in
games and other lovnis ol iiniiisenieut
until 11 o'clock, when supper was
served. Alter supper Dr. Morrison
made a presentation address, and pre-
-, nted Mr. llemus with n soiivenir-nf-
Caniidii-wiitch-l ili, Mr. llemus ninde
■i very able speech ol llinnks, ih nigh
being lukoii (piite by nur* rise liming
bis slloll slay in llie city lie bus Woll
many friends by Ins geyst i liki How i i
inn and uiiliiiliiigeourtes; I - nil with
wli'ini. In- cnine in eunlnei and his
departure (rom lhe tit) -- much
regretted. Hi s i ed fro * ,- ■ ir -
Friday lhe 17th inst., lm In- p
New -Zealand,   Uood-bve Mnbopi'.
Insurance and
Real Estate .
Full Line Of Tho Best
!•'. B. Lewis arrival yesterdny Irom
the const where he has been recruiting
(rom liis late indisposition.
Mrs. 1!. M. Smythe lelt last evening
[or Vancouver on a visit to her
uu ther, Mrs. J, A linrragh.
Mrs. Wise, who lias besil visiting
Mrs. Gee in the city, has returned
home to Winnipeg.
,1. M. Scott nnd Mr. Vnn Rosenberg, of New York, lell yesterday to
visil tin- Standard Basin mines.
S. A. Mundy, head ol tho Mundy
Lumber Cu., Three Valley, has been
spending it (ow dnys in Vancouver,
Ur. Sutherland ha- lell on a visit to
Sen Vin,. I'rineo Kdivmd I-l md. lle
,- ill attend llie Medical d nvention in
l*i i-..uiu.
1'lir in- ii niun* have arrived lur the
A   ii ting  ,,i    iln-    Sports   and
lln,'iml i comniitlei' • l llm Labor Hay
,'i'lelirntiiin was |i,.|,| ,,n Wednesday
evening in the Band r I tu draft  a l^.[
programme of events Inr the approval j^^-1
ul tin- general executive cuniniltleo.
A, Mi-lliu- (nuk thc chair and culled
Ihu meeting tu nrilei". Dulogntes frum
ihe Laerusse Chili, llille Assticiution
at'd Tur! Assncinlioii wore presont
requesting liiiaiiciiil assistance, Alter
considering many proposals Irom the
committee a suitable reply wns given
to each and the ntceling adjourned.
A rennitl meeting was held on
Thursday evening. All members ol
lhe committees being present. On
getting down to business, communications were read [rum the Lacrosse
Club and Turt Association, tho hitter
being willing tu pul up Iur prize
money uu ii|Wil amount, to ibat
portioned mil by Ihe general committee, A program ol events was
submitted nnd approved of, leaving
the lllllll ill- lighting until lul'-f on.
The ndvortising nnd transportation
committee havo arranged with the
C.I'.H, lur spicinl rates enst uud we-l
nml u speeiul li'nin service Irom the
Oknnagaii Landing TlieBiibsoriptlnn
list wiih then rend und after making
llie appropriations the meeting adjourned.
Al tho V. M.C. A. alleys lusl even-
in«  tlie  bachelors * cd a dooided I
victory over the married  men,   The
following is the sere:
We huie wiliout doubt the best iiuike, the
liiggesl viilue, nnd the lu.gest assortment lo choose
[rom iu the town. Numbers ol satisfied customers
nro sending their Irionds to us, when tbey can get
solidcomlit in CORSETS at small cost,
TAPE lillUH.E CORSETS,—Neat und com-
lorl abb—18c. tofiSc.
If?        STRAIGHT FRONT CORSETS.—Allmodols-
~~'     Ode, li.ric, and 75c.
Supporters attached.—78c. per pair.
with double hose supporters attached,—$1.00, $1 Hi,
$1.80 and $1.78.
11, will give us great pleasure to show ynu tho dltVorent styles.   We know we can suit yuu,
Havo yuu seen uur New fancy
Ribbons, Nothing so pretty
.ind cheap has ever been
up to fix niellos wine. See
the Maple Leal Ribbon in
Autumn shades. Then wc
have Fluids, Shots and Novelties iu many colors, and a
lull stock ol plain shades.
' i^j'ni /jfi shown. We Imve Dresdci
&!f&M Ribbons Irom Baby Rlbboi
iKraAwSSuffl   up to Six inches wide.   Se,
Wi; carry a large variety of Sup-
porters in the Belt Styles. Black and
Colors, from 30c. up. Ladies' and
Children's Inside Supporters in ensh-.
ion grip and the celebrated C. M. C.
15. Rose
S. Dent
C, Calhoun
-   -
MetiioiiIST—A service ill lhe Swedish language will be held by the Rev.
II E, Hiiuge nt I o'clock Sunday
afternoon, August lllth.
Knox Piiebuyteihan.—.1. R. Robertson, II. D„ Minister. Sunday, Aug.
lllth, 11 n.ni. "The Prayerful Life."
7:30 p. in. "The Lie Given to Hod."
Sunday Scbuul 2:30 11.111.
St. Axhkkw's.—Rev. Vi. C, Calder,
pastor. 11 n.ni. "The Publicum" 7:30
p.m. -Six Things the Prodigal Found."
Y. M.'C. A.
Tin- I adies Auxiliary held a most
successful Bocinl in ilu- recreation parlors Insl night, Tables, tastefully
depurated, were placed lien, nnd then'
throughout the sociul hall, whore deli-
rious ice cream and (ragrant lea were
wedding.. W. A Sturdy,,   the Law m(-| „,,|c ,,m,||liu„„
r. 11 -.   ll.i:.: mi"  1     , tn   II'     '     'II
1, roi Mr md Mrs, C, lli-!"|,"i Win
The man. ig" v p ice
ride'a ll •-      ,n Tn,-Ihi. ,\ns,
Social and Personal Business"Locals.
1. W    ni      Ni soi    -
I', llm us enme in Irom '
Thursd iy
W. F, Fun dei
'..,-■    ■      •
Vi,   li    Scl
Mrs. A. E. li
Fred C. E     '■        1
riu d in the 1
Dr. ll>
m   - -
iiiiiI assistants.   Mcsdames Kilnatrlok,
Elson,    Agnew,  Crawford,   II -wson,
In ni   Anthony, Crcclmiin and Cook
ii.n-il   a*   executive   ciiniinittie   nnd
worked Innii In insure the success of
lhe evening.   Large numbers ol ponplo
Hit tided, mul  the  whole  scei n was
-   ■ kling wiih t- ilor.sonie very charm-
, .. ..ui-  being wnrn.   S.-U-i-ti ins,,(
ninsie were rendered throughout the
Nothing better than " our Special.     (    . ,,.. ,,. w Vi .„, „.|in h*M „„,
- untiringly, while Mis- Dent nud
M ■    McLennan   played  to enthtisi-
ludiences.    The ladies showed
t inti rest in the institute, inspect-
1  nt   l;. ing the  building  Irum roof to base-
-    , -     I fie pr. eeeds ol (lie entertain-
■ will gn tn the Ladies' Auxiliary
No. I. liuuse and Iwo lots, Firsl
Street, $3,500, Valuable corner location,
Nu. 5.—Uit and Slore, First Street,
$2,000,   Kusv terms.
No, tl.   Lot on First Streut-$500,
No, 7.—Two lols on First Street
with residence, $2,100,
These lots arc likely to be valuable
business sites.
Nu, I-L—Corner property on Third
sli-eel, two lols uiul residence, $2000.
No. lu, S Litis on First .Street, The
finest hotel or Store site In Oity,—
I l.nls on Firsl Street, $0,800,
I Lois on Second Slieel, $1,675.
No. 21. One of the besl residences
mul Villa Silts in (lily, $-1,000.
No. 22. Residence, Victoria llond,
Nn. 211— Residence Miii'ken/.ie Ave,,
No. 21.—Business Hlock. Mueken/.ie
Avenue, $12,101.
Nn, 28. Residence on Third Slieel,
Nn, -12 I Luis on Eighth Street for
Nn. Ull. Residence und lot, First
Street, $2,105,
No. 73. Residence. Second Street,
No. 71. Residence, Second Street,
$2, (KM.
No. 12. Three lots in cily of Nelson,
n will exchange fin* property In Rev-
No. 61. Lnl .-iml Slitltlenl ('miilioi-ne
Nh, 51. liuuse mid Lot, Oiiinbni'iie,
M -- i
Tniil II
Kverv lirush ,     liavi
ll iini I
in de-pen
M, ml . ,
i ind is
ul m daya alter dato
■ ■ ,'. iniiii-iiiiii'i'iif
-     ,1  It   -M'eiill  li,','ll*eti I
0111 llll! followlnii do-
'.. iv Lakes, wesl
il it  posl  planted aliout one
vi -: n. r of l.,,i 8118
. ,..-   ■:,. a,, [tin chains nortli.
, - '   uiiii 'innii- -imiii
lllllll     ut
■■-     l ti  I
[|       .  il,li< ||i.. I'lii-f I'mn
.. ■     :   (i'DI til
:      ■ ■
I        '
ki      i i i   ■■ ■
i ' *
Nn, 13,- 111) acres within two miles
nf city, or will lie sold in blocks nt 5
acres in Si acres,
Nn. 15. "im acres Crown title and
Imlr inieiesi iii 5,0000acres $41,000.
Nn. 32.   820 acres, Koluwna, $10,000.
Nn. 27,-320 acres Crown granted
lands ai Galena Bay, $5 per acre,
Nn. 31, -2,500 acres Nicnhi Valley,
with stock, $70,000,
Nu. 33.   Kill acres east of Revelstoke
Nn. IS-32H acres Crown |gi*anted
and pnsl oral lease with slock, is iniles
frnii. railway - $12,750.
Nn. 37,-Best hum in district, 180
iieres, 80 nci-es cultivated, good buildings, SI" per acre.
No. III. House and two acres land
ui Trout Lake $1,200,
No. 55. IHI acres East ICuotuniiy,
Nn. (17. Fi nil fnnns al Armstrong,
it.nu $115 lo $85 pur acre. Good roads
.-iml schools.
Nn, 71. 50,000 acres Eastern Al-
bui'liii ST..Mi per ui-ie..
Nn. 71 mi 60,000 iiiti-s al Eagle
Luke, Sitskiili'lu'Wiin, S'.l per aei-e.
No, 71 iln 10,000acres at Lothbridgo
su.?.-, per acre,
No, TH. inn a, res ul Filinonliin, $11
- i "'"■■
Richards 4 Priiujle's
Famous Minstrels
Houses and Rooms to Let
to inf. 28
A Survival of the Fittest
TweiHy'Eighth Triumph,-nil Tour
Introducing Hie Hit-. Six Comedians
Clarence Powell
James Crosby
Fred Simpson
Happy Buregtiard
Frank Kirk
Lester McDaniels
4-0  l-Kipcrors ot Minstrelsy 40
Ni'iv nnd ItowtlderttiK
Sights, Scenes and Sensations
Witliniii, n I'at-iillel in lliu Minstrel Worki 11!
Druggist nnil Stationer,
I'i     ■ l
(ifi Store
Businesses For Sale
So, 18   Hold, llrlck IlitlldliiB, $22,-
m. Ill Hotel 'trail) locution,$8,000.
li i       s... 27,     ||,a,-I i v-inuker.
ll lintels, ii Stores, n IHncksnillh'n
llll   III In  Nmlliurst.
Nn, 13.   HI  II I Kile ul Noli-b
1 ll.il
Sn. II).   lintel nn Viineuiivui' iBliuid,
I.50H   bah -alt.
S'n 50    Hall InleroNl InSlilngeMilli
\.i ii    Newspiipel' in  llrlllsli  ( uP
noil,ia $1,1X10 down; balance nn turins,
,i,ii\|-* TO 1.1.1    |, nm ,.. I . i   rn
II      [M-I
11    furnished,   from $H In
I ''I In-, 111      |i,l\ llli'tll      IIIIIV    In-
i   itlKl-ll
The object ul Hub Sale is to lind new owners
lur uur entire Stock of Clothing, HatH, Boots
uud Shucs and llaberdaBliiery More the
opening ol the Fall Trade, We don'l believe
iu carrying over goods, They've a pour claim
for patronage.
What ivould you think il next year you
bought a Suit ol Clothes from us identical to
the one some lellow nut this season, "you
would feel pretty cheap wouldn't yuu, and
ynu would not have a very gocd opinion ul
Nuw, to obviate thinns ol this sort, we
arc willing tu accept a loss—a most severe
one.   Hence, THIS GREAT SALE!
..ili     \pply to K  A   llAHiil      lien I
inn In ui.nn i   lli'l*' i.  Revel-
li,    II. t
Uill    W,l,   S„
i in    u ix, Tol..i Shop,
t ml I
\|tplv     (0
an/' I".
I     II.
pm in nl.n*.11.|
ill" It
Ileal I-..I,
Illll lllslllllll,-'
Hovel-duke, Il.C.
Agent, Pe/ach&i
SOME of the prettiest linen suits
have tiny waistcoats anil vests of
white linen or pique tucked In by
way of an extra little finish. For
that matter, they are not confined to
the suits of linen, fur sume mighty attractive cloth suits are given a sum-'
mery touch by their use.
Sometimes the vest Is scarcely more
than a mannish piping, which folds in
the V-shaped neck, crossing where the
coat null-tins over in don hie-breasted
fasnion. Oftener, the vest runs down to
the belt. Hand embroidery trims some
Of them, braids and buttons the rest, an
occasional, but very occasional, one left
perfectly plain.
Perhaps the most satisfactory of all
is the one illustrated, which, instead of
having to be ripped out when it needs
laundering, to lie sewed in again when
clean, is simply unbuttoned and buttoned on again.
lt is vi ry simple to make, being cut
on the straight of the goods, fifteen and
a quarter inches at its longest point by
twelve and three-quarters on the other
long side; three inches wide at the bottom, the slant at the top measuring
four and a quarter inches. And theso
measurements allow for seams on both
Make the vest of a double thickness,
or, if it is very sheer linen, with an interlining of heavy linen or of muslin.
Make four buttonholes at intervals of
two and three-quarters inches down
the long side, cutting ihem crosswise,
and set buttons on the inside of each
flap of tlie coat ae corresponding intervals. Let it fasten directly in front,
either with buttons—rather large ones—
or with hooks and eyes, invisibly set
upon tbe wrong side.
Hand embroidery robs them of their
stiff little air, without in the least detracting from their style, and Ihe interesting braids, which come in white
or in color, may be made, if applied
skilfully, to give a strength and character to vest or waistcoat that Is
Tiny vests of Peisian embroidery are
seen on some of the prettiest of the
pale-colored voile suits, which have
proved so popular for dress-up occasions
this year. Some of it is done by
hand, but most of it comes already embroidered upon soft white silk.
Beaded vests are occasionally seen-
quite gorgeous, some of them, the beads
so closely set that they seem like the
closely woven hands and belts of the
best class of Indian work. Yet the work
fs a form of embroidery, each bead put
on separately, following lhe blocked-out
design. For people who find the work
too hard, a bend braid comes, which
can be cut the required shape nnd
length, the only care needed being to see
* that threads which hold the beads are
made linn again after the cutting,
Braids, for that matter, offer endless
Variety in the making of tiny vests.
Sometimes a single braid, the design
twinkling in nnd out nf Its meshes In a
fascinating, mysterious way, makes up
Ihe vest; as often three or four braids
are combined, in subtle fashion, 80 that
thev seem wtlibd Into one thing, Impossible to resolve into its component
parts. Perhaps the composite whole
mav be trimmed, In its turn, with a design executed in fine little bratuB—tho
braiding repeated elsewhere upon the
coat and even upon the skirt.
Vests nre usually matched hy the
cuffs, while waistcoats as usually stand
by themselves, although with either, especially when It Ik made of linen, the
separate linen collar and cuffs are often
worn, the three parts lightening the suit
In the freshest, prettiest of ways.
SOME ONE has Invented n clever
itirm of the round garter which,
although not worn to the extent
that ii was before the straight front
corset with Its attached garters came
Into universal favor, still has a following.
In this new form, the elastic comes
almost all the way around the leg, with
perhaps the opening of an Inch between
the ends, to each of which Is sewed a
ribbon. Then the ribbons arc lied In a
pretty bow.
'pie elastic may stretch as much as
It pleases—the ribbon regulates the degree of lightness without the bother of
ripping and resewlng which any change
In a round garler has meant up to now.
Carter buckles are the next best
things. Iml the siuing may grow weak,
cir a hasty movement may release lt,
wiih unpleasant results, and there's
Homing to happen to u carefully tied
Women as Window
By Cynthia Wcstover Alden
Copyright, 1MB, by A. S. Barnes & Co
IN HUNDREDS of small stores In
city as well as country mere Is
some woman clerk who has made
herself invaluable by being a
clever window dresser. Of course, window dressing for the great stores is
an art by itself, chiefly followed by
men who make it an exclusive occupation. There is no reason why they
should be free from women's competition.
There is little about window dressing that is not as tasy to a woman
as to a man; and there are many reasons why w-ojiu-n ought to succeed
better. In the first place, store windows are dressed chiefly for the pleasing of women's eyes. In the second
place, women have more artistic sense
In the display of goods than men.
Where prices are shown at all, women
nre sure to place them so that they
can he easily seen. They realize what
the Importance of prices Is. Thoy are
shoppers themselves.
There Is no store, not even n shoe
Btora or a book store, that cannot be
made to furnish an attractive window
display. In the holiday season Christmas greens are used as a matter of
course for embellishment, When Independence Day lulls uround Hags are
freely displayed. Whenever any city
Is deeply Interested In any local demonstration or celebration the store
windows must respond to that interest. Live animals will always attract
attention. An automaton may be made
catchy. Nothing that will \\\ the eye
of the pedestrian is to be thrown aside
without consideration,
Tho work of the •"•inflow dresser
must be done after store hours, and is
Often dono In the small hours of the
morning, so thai evi ning crowds, even
afler the place is closed, may not look
at drawn curtains. A woman who Is
really adapted to the work ought to
make from Jl" to Mu a week at It. To
get the latter figure she would have
to first Impress some big store's management wilh a sense of her usefulness. In some villages it would be possible, hy devoting one's self lo it,
to make small sums each week from
each of several different stores, and
thus eke out a pretty fair income In
the aggregate,
Arranging Children's
By Eleanor B. Clapp
CopyrlglK, 1805, ly A. S, Eainea fi Co.
BOTH roiintl unel scpiare tlancr-s are
appropriate, aa well us any sort
of fancy dances the children muy
have learned at dancing school.
When they tire of these, there should
be some good-niitured "grown-up" at
hand to suggest various games.
Some of the old, old pastimes ihnl are
played to lite accompaniment of music
-"Going to Jeiuealem," "Magic Music,"
ctc.-are sllll considered g't-at (un hy
the youngsters, while there I? nothing
like the ancient game of "State Coach,*'
in which every one changes places when
magic words'are uttered, lo take all
lhe stiffness out ol a group of young
The refreshments can be either served from the buffet—that Is, passed
around to each little guest—or the children cun nil Le sealed nt one large table or nt various little tahles. There
Should he cake, Ico cream and simple
candies, tiny three-cornered sandwiches
or rolled sandwiches lied with ribbons.
The last roitr.e should he lhe snapping mottoes iluit contain the pre-tiy
paper cups „( which children ure so
r„n,). As it Hrst course at affalri uf this
s,,ri It is fashionable to servo either beef
or chicken l,„iilllon In dainty cups,
A fane-v-tiress party or masquerade Is
Just as delightful an i-nlerlniiiini nt for
children ns it is for their elders, All
sons of fumy costumes can be worn,
but Mother (loose and Kate Cireenu-
ivny dresses are lhe prettiest If the
youngsters ure small.
N THESE days,  when cellars and
cuffs and  petticoat   milks are all
built upon ihe adjustable plan, the
lingerie huls which children wear,
naturally enough, are made so that they
may be taken apart easily, laundered,
and put together again.
Usually, In such cases, the crown Is
lhe full tam-o'-shanter kind, antl the
brim the flat round kintl. with a hole
in the centre, just big enough to let It
slip over the crown of the wire shape
It Is made up un, and finished about the
VOW tliiii the canning season is at
« hand, the discovery ol one economical housekeeper may be of service to
many  nnolher.    lrsiead of  buying  the
rubber rings by the down, she gets ihem
by the pound, or fractions Ol It, and
Ihe difference In cist is marked.
THE round dollies, made of leftover
hits of linen or table damask, and
finished quite simply with a scallop, have lost none of their popularity
-they're too all-round satisfactory for
that, Bui variations of the original
theme are being developed from time to
Dottad damask-the good old staple
kind which is in use for table cloths and
napkins in nine out of ten houses-
makes the newest of them. Both the
squares and dots are used, but usually
only the smallest size of either.
The scallop is emhroldered heavily,
and sometimes a smaller circle described
inside, a couple of Inches away from the
edge, the scallop reversed, so that the
firm edge comes nearer the centre.
And, by the way, an occasional woman buttonholes the outer scallops twice,
once before cutting out, going over the
work iigaln tv that no loose thread from
fraying stuff may work through. I t'n a
lot more work, of course, bul it tells in
llie wear.
By Dr. Emclyn L. Coolidge
Copyright, 1005, hy A. S. Barne-a & Co.
THE care of a child nfter ho has
passed his third year Is not
quite such a serious problem
as it has been during his earlier
years; there is still, however, much
for the mother to do In regard to the
child's training, both mental and
physical, and a few words of advice
regarding these subjects mny not
come amiss,
The following measurements, taken
from Dr. L. Kinmeit Holt's Utile book,
"Tin* Care and Feeding uf Children,"
show how the average child progresses
physically at this time!
Four  yem-H -Weigh) 3f,    pOUndfl
HciKiit ;ib .Im-h«n
client :'..-.; incii.H
lb-mi. Vi% null.--
Five ysars-Woigltl n   pounds
HHr.ni  ii'-. im hen
Cheat itfu iik-Ih'-m
He-ud :0'-j. ini1 la*
f-*lx   years-Weight..     «l!i    i,mi m In
Height H    lNfli.-H
Chest.mi      Ti    itK-liex
Beven years—Weight.i   -inn, tjuutniH
Height.,,    -m   IniliBs
Cheat..,.    z\\2 inclu*
When the child Is 6 years old, tho
mother may expect ut any time lo
see the little teeth which composed
the first set gradually drop oul, being replaced by the second set of
teeth, in. this second set there are
thirty-two teeth, which often appear lu
the following order, given by Forch-
helmer und Dr. Holt:
First molnra   6    vi-ars
InclBom    7-8 jeitrs
liiin. |.kIh   U-H) yi-an.
I'lllllllcs     L-i-t yuan,
Hh'-otkI mtilnrB  IJ-lb yearn
Third mulurs  17-;'6 yeurn
The teeth of the first sei become loosu
of their own accord and then drop uui;
or, if they are so loose as to make the
mother fear the child may swallow
ihem during the night, the teeth should
he drawn. Unless absolutely necessary,
however, it is better to let them drop
out of their own accord, for If drawn
too soon the Jaw may shrink, and so
crowd the new teeth as they come in
and cause them to he crooked.
When there Is any tendency to crooked
teeth, the child should be taken to a
good dentist and the teeth straightened
as soon us he thinks It advisable. If
there are uny cavities in either the tirst
or second set, they should he- filled as
soon as seen. Some reliable tuoih-pow-
der should now be used on the toothbrush at least once a day. 'llie teeth
should be brushed in the vertical ns well
as In the horizontal position,
The child should still keep enrly
hours, going m bed at 7 or, at the latest, Ji o'clock. It Is nol necessary for
lilm to take a nap every day, hut In
summer il Is wise to take off ids clothing during the very heated part of the
day, and, pint lug on the nighl dress,
have him lie down for ahoul an hour;
If he goes lo sleep, so much lh-   heller.
ll Is often more convenient lo give
an older child his hath just before bedtime than in Ilu* morning, and ihere Is
im objection lo ihla way, if the mother
prefers It. The hath should Im- Just lukewarm now, as in earlier life. When tills
tub hath Is given at tdght, It Is well to
sponge ilu- upper pari nf the body, at
least every morning, with cold water.
This will often keep tlm child from
caichlng cold eaally.
When the child iw 4 years old, lie may
he sent to lhe kindergarten for a half-
(iy session, and when he Is ti, he may
begin to go to n little primary school
for three hours in the morning. Ho
should not be allowed to do any studying home, however; he needs all the rest
of the time for out-of-door exercise and
For a city child, regular exerelso by
means of gymnastics Is almost Indispensable. These exercises should ho
guided by a   competent   teacher,   nnd
SO MANY of the new drosses nre
made without collars! If they are
lace-trlmmed (as ninety-nine out
of a hundred arel, the lace may describe
a square neck or one of the quaint
round necks reminiscent of Colonial
However It Is contrived, there are certain typoa of women who should Id It
severely alone, lt needs a round, plump
neck, one lhat Is rather shnrt, to stand
that trying little line, especially as such
a gown is ofK-n worn with a great pic-
lure hot
should consume part of the timo given
up tu school work.
il mothers were more particular about
Insisting upon these gymnastics, ihere
would not be so many round shouldered
It Is a mother's duty to sep that tho
child's eyes are not strained. When
he Is reading he should always have
a good light; Ii should heat his back,
falling on to his book over hli !<'■*-
shoulder. Every little: while he should
he made to rest his eyes for a few
moments, and nut read steadily fnr an
hour or more ut a time. Neither
should in' he allowed to read while
lying down.
If the child seems to hold his book
nearer or farther off than most people
do, the mother should turret this
hiihii, and if io* cannot really bci m to
see when his i k is held in ihe normal position, in* sin.aid at once be
taken to an oCUllat, and an . xamlna-
tlon made of nis i vis, if ]],- || found
to he near or far sight, d. !.• Shi .Id
he fitted to proper gtaili B at OOCO,
Children shnuM Invariably have
three regular and nourishing meals
every day. They should'not be allowed
to cat candy, cake ur, in fact, anything else between meals.
Thoy may eat any nourishing, easily
digested food, aud drink pit nty of
milk and water. They should nol eat
pork In any form, rich poultry,
game, gravies, any fried vegetables
or, In fact, anything else thai Is fried,
pastry, rich cake, griddle cakes, raisins
or the seeds Of grapes, They should
never be allowed to drink lea, coffee,
chocolate, beer or any form of wine,
unless It Is ordered especially by a doctor.
it is not absolutely necessary to pro-
hlliit all candy, but when It Is given
It should be either With or Just after
dessert, and only In very moderate
When a child hns very decided dislike for milk and It seems to disagree
with him, if he needs something warm
to drink, he may have cocjsa made
from the shells, never rich chocolate.
The water given need no longer he
boiled, If the water supply is a good
one. Ice should not he added to It,
however, In summer, when U Is wanted COM, It may be placed In bottles on
the ice.
opening with a narrow casing, through
which a tiny tape is run. The clrch
which forms lhe full crown Is finished
With a casing, too, and a drawing-string
Of tape.
The trimming is necessarily simple,
and is usually just a great bow of ribbon
sei directly In front, a twist of It encircling the cown at its base, and cov-
e-iing the tapes. Or a wreath of (lowers
—June roses, or the gay lie-Id (lowers, or
tiny forget-me-nots-may he used for the
same purpose. Even wide strips of the
material, embroidered upon lhe ends,
may lie used instead, brought around
the crown and tied in a great bow like
a small sized, sash  In front.
The brim may be faced with the plain
linen, or with linen upon which the scalloped edge is repeated and set point to
point, all the wiy around. The design
itself, however, is never repeated upon
the facing. Or narrow Valenciennes lace
may be frilled on. the rows widening
until the whole facing is hidden. If
you do this, don't make the frills too
full, or they will droop in a bedraggled
fashion that is anything but pretty.
While linen makes nine oat of ten
hats, but the occasional one is made of
pink or blue- and is so pretty as to be
wt-rlh while even if sun and doing up
conspire to make it short-lived.
Uut to the design:
The pattern shows a quarter of the
brim, and ts intended to he work*d in
eyelet stitch, although it can he done
in either solid embroidery or shadow
work, or in a combination of eyelet and
blind embroidery equally well. H you
do it in solid work, pad the dots well,
and, in press,ng. see to it that the ironing board is padded thickly, too; half
the beauty of lhe design lies in its being
effectively raised from the surface.
To transfer the design, rule a line hy
a thread, If possible, crossing it at right
angles with another Hue, also drawn by
a thread.
Lay the 'inen. if It Is the sheer kind,
over the brim design, spacing It so that
it just tits Into one nf the corners made
by the foundation lines and trace It off
with a rather Bofl pencil. Then repeat
in the next corner unlll the four form
d i Ircle.
If Ihe linen is the heavy kind, lay
Impression paper upon It. and the de-
slgn, right sid*- up, upon that. Then go
over it with a hard pencil or a dull-
pointed instrument.
Regular markers nre made for this
very purpose—pretty little things of
mother-of-pearl lnokinc nol unlike a
tiny penholder hm a homemade affair
if wood, whl tiled out by the handy man,
Is quite as good,
In using ihe Impression paper, great
care must be used to make the four
parti join neatly. Even with heavy
lhnn, the tracing can be done hy holding pan. in and linen up against a wln-
dowpanc, so that the strung light brings
M.i   di sign OUt   sharply.
The design for the ton of the crown
Should be applied In tlie centre Of a
good-Sited bit of linen, marking the site
the crown Is to be cut, but having it
uncul until the work is done, so that
working it may not stretch the edge
out of shape.
The casings for both brim and crown
nre belter applied than made by turning
up a hem.
The design fnr the brim, by the way,
mav be used instead for a centrepiece,
embroidering It in white or in the old-
fashioned but beautiful jewel colors,
MEAT CHOPPERS are uacd for so
manv   other   things   tlinn   ment
thut It ll very essential that they
should be kept absolutely clean.
Now. no metier how pnrllctiliir ono
mnv le or bow much the separate pnrts
of Ihe chopper are taken apart and
boiled, It will be found almost Impossible lo avoid blackening celery or nny
vegetable thai Is put In after menl.
This ran be overcome by running dry
bread Ihrough nfler Ihe meat Is chopped
anil t«,fo,,- washing. It will clean tbe In-
t.r.r perfectly, By Si.rn.ir! Edward White
The saloons aro full, the gambling consequence, Thorpt
houses overflow, all the places of comparatively quiet.
amusement or crime run full blast. Here and thero swaggered n strap-
A chip rests lightly on everyone's ping rivorman, his small felt hnt
shr-ildor-. Fights are ns common as cocked aggressively over one eye, us
raspberries in August. Olten one ol mini curled up behind: a cignr stump
these formidable men, his muscles protruding at an anglo from beneath
toughened anil quickened by ihe tic- Ins sweeping moustache) Ins bauds
tive, strenuous river work, will sol thrust Into tho pockets 01 his trans-
ou" to "take (In- town apart.** Fur ers. "stagged" oil at the knee; the
a time he leaves rack ami ruin, black spikes of his river boots cutting lit-
from three to ten "pretty waiter tie triangular pieces from the wooden
girls "    When the bovs struck town,  sidewalk.    His eye was aggressively
O       i
the proprietors uml waitresses stou
n   their do irways to welcome than.
■ Why, .lack!" ono would cry,
"f h ■:: i.i you drift in'.' Tickled I ■
deal li ' , -■■•■ you! Come In an' havi
, iii,,:  your chum?    Conn
::.      : man, nmi havo n drink. Novel
■ ;,,-.. thul's all liulu "
... ..  i-i  -in- firsl ,li-.ni,   .Li
c i: -       id to treat, and then lh.
..   .   Jack resisted tomptation and timber    twenty    lent    high,—liohind
, itelj   nn. ,, i     ili-- which pressed 'In1 full power oi  tho
would remark audlbl*, ',, onoth- fros-hot,—011I3 to jump wiih the agil-
:'.   of n mi:  (iiiiii nne Inl of uiisluhle
lin't  no  . -iiii--':■- a ■■'     I'du  fooling  i-- another    when the   lirst
lhat easy 'null!    lie's jesl nil  sharp crack war I iiim that he Inul
,:,■■ 'Imt brought Inin.   for
li'iiniii-iiiis, and the smile of his face
was n challenge,
For in the lusi month he hml faced
almost certain death n dozen times u
day. 11,- had riddon logs down Hie
rapids whero a ins* of balanco meant
in ,,n,, instant ii ducking nml in (Iiiii,-\i a l,!,,-.,.- nn the back from some
following battering-ram; ho hud tugged and strained ami Jerked with ins
poavey under e sheor wall oi tangled
' ' ' -in
Follow without tinning.
"I como to get my time,
the rivei'iniin humbly.
"What Ior?" inquired the lumberman.
"I have been over to Howard
Cily," confessed Uan. Tho owner
lurnod and looked him over.
"They sort of got ahead of me
a little," explained Han sheepishly.
The lumberman took stock of the
old man's cuts anil bruises, aud turned away to hldo a smile.
"1 guess I'll let you off this trip,"
saitl he. "(lo (o work—when you
fan. 1 don't believe you'll go back
there again."
replied Dan humbly.
replied Thorpe    so  everyone
••No, -_^^^_^^^^^
And so lhe life of nltornato   wur..        - -. .
„,„!  pleasure,  both  full  of personal solved lo ask lie old
danger, develops in time n cluss   oi  ns to crew and horses
men whoso like is to lie lound only
ninooB*   'he   cowboys, scouts,  trap
with a great cutting of while pine
lt runs ns high as twelve hundred lo
the forty sometimes."
"Trees clean un' free ol limbs?"
nsked  Jackson.
"They're as good ns the stull over
on  seventeen; you remember  thai."
"Clean as a baby's leg,
"Have a glass of beer?" asked
•■Dry as a tobacco box," confessed
"Have something the rest of
you?" invited Thorpe. So they ull
On a sudden Inspiration Thorpe re-
mun's advice
w viv>i _ .__.   It might not
be gooYfor"mucii, but it  would do
no harm,
could     hear, you're u good man,—one of
the  best |      lnorjie   necunie   awute   ui   „   ..fi"
oi   tne   ue-31 ,       ...*..,-*.                 a
Ihere Is.-and 1 presume I shall find crouched in the door-way almost at
-our Judgment the best, but I don't his ieet The nil lay ... shadow-so
want any mistakes to start with. If the bulk wns lost, but the flickering
vou want to be my foreman on (hose rays of a distant street lamp threw
„„„, just sny so, and I'll he tickled | into relic   (he   ,gh- ght   0  avollin
tn denlh to have you ^^^^^^^^
For the first time lhe lumberman's
agreed  face lost, during a single instant, its
-mask of Immobility.    His steol-blue
eyes   flashed,   his   mouth   twitched
with some strong emotion.   For lhe
first time, too, he spoke without bis
contemplative pnuse of preparation.
"That's th' way to talk!" lie cried.
"Co with yon?    Well I should   rise
to remark!     You're lhe buss;     uml
1    always   said it.    I'll get you n
gnng   of   bully   boys   Hint will roll
logs till there's skating in hell!"
Thorpe left,  afler making an   ap
"Why don't you see Tim
11     - tan    is abovo nil things
;•: .   ■ ■   ms o! Ins craft,
I bro .•■:. - toth bohind    hiin,
mei ts   a   more   redoutable
.imi i- pounded .mil klnk-
.    : IDS  ioUSnCSS.
. .- . ■ n.on I..nisi- in in,us,- forcing the pea eful Inmates to drink
ti n tl : bottles. Others take possess m -Mail, sections oi ilu
street i d i sisi a I'outrance the nl-
tempi -i -:'- - - pass,    Inoffensivi
■ - ■     are stood on their heads, oi
-  ike     ips le down until the     con-
: >nl -   il th iir p   ki ts rati le mi   t hi
!"...:■-ei helically,  these   cunts are invariably returned to then
inn.. I,;*- work, and that the whul
nm-- was nboul to break down on
him Iiim, u wm,, on the shore; he Inul
worked fourteen hours a day in Ico-
wator, nml hail slcpl .l.nii|i: h.. hml
pried a' Hi" key 1,*, in llie railways
the bunk itin il tit,- whole pile had
pers, and Indian lighters of our other Jackson listened attenlivelj
frontiers, 'lhe moralist will nlwnys the other's brief recital
holil up Hie limiils of horror ut. such
types; the philosopher will admire
ihem us the lust incarnation of the
her,iie ago, whon (lie iiinn is bigger
lhnn his work. Soon the factories,
ili,, iinii'liiiies, Hie mechanical structures mill constructions, Hie various
branches of co-oporallon will pro-
duco qiiasi-automatlcally Institutions
qvidently more Important thun Hie
genius or I'oi-.-e of uny one human
being. The personal olcmonl will
iini-,- !„-,-<un-, nearly oltminatod, in
t|i,, woods nml on (lie frontier still
ninny whoso powers ore groator
(„ polntmont
Ins own hotel for the
and a head. The fuce upturned to
him was thin and white and wolfish
under a brood white brow, llurk
eyes gleamed nt him with the expression ot a fierce animal. Across the
forehead ran a long but shallow cut
from which blood dripped, The crea-
(ure clasped both arms around a
violin, lle crouched Ihere and stared up at Thorpe, who stared down
at him.
"What's the matter?" asked the
latter Anally,
The creature made no reply, but
drew his arms closer about his Instrument, nnd blinked bis woll eyes.
Moved by some strange, hiilf-ioler
1U„UW1UB         moro tlinn ploaautlUnt whim'   of   compassion, Thorpe
ci ..,.,,.'> with his luck.'  Although he hnd   by I ninde a sign to the unknown to rise
..nearer i . ,, ,  ,  ,:„„i i,i„.lu-    ,.,, :,i,   „,„ >> u,,i,i ,,,.   "a,,,
He ain't doing nothln' since the
inm cnine down." was his comment. ,   ,,
"Isn't, he witii the M.&D. people.'
nsked Thorpt.'.
'•Nope.    Quit."
"How's that?"
" 'Count    ol  Morrison.     Morrison
lie comes up It. run things some, lie  ":;"'""for" provisions in nbuinlnnc,
does.    Tin, he's gelling the.."ive...       ™S
shape,    nnd he don't Want to     lie  aim
now fairly good nnd practical ideas j "Cnine with me," said he, "and
in regard to the logging ol a bunch mi have yuu forehead attended lo.
ul* pine, he fell himself to be very; The wolf eyes glenined into his
deficient in the details. In fact, Iio with a sudden savage concentration,
anticipated bis next slop with slinky; Then their owner obediently arose,
confident-!'. He would now be called Thorpo now suw thnl lhe body bo-
upon to buy four or live loams of fore him was of a cripple, Bhort-leg-
horses, mid 'enough feed to lust thorn god, hunch-backed, long-armed, pig-
tho entire winter; he would hnvo to| oon-breastod,    The large head     sal
Organized  begun lo rattle down Into lho river rauni |
like a cascade, nml had Jumped, or
ridden, or oven dived out ol danger
ai the Insl so,.-,md. In n hundred
passes be bad juggled with death us
a child plays with a rubber liiillo-.n.
\o wonder thai lie has brought to
Hi,. '.i-.Mi nml his vices a little nf
Hie lofty bearing of an heroic ng-,
So wonder 'hat lie fears no man.
since nattiro's mosl terrible forces <■■[
__^^^^^^^^_^_ .Hie Hood have hurled a thousand
The riverman'8 object     is  weapon- at  hbn in vain.    His mus-
:. :-,,l,ii.-ry. clos have 1 11 hardened, his eye   is
And  i:  rip-roaring,  swashbuckling,  quiet    ainl    suro, bis courage is tin-
i -.,. ■    glorj  is '.-.iini he is afier, ho  daunted, mul his movements are as
gets :'     Th ily trouble is. Hut n  quick and accurate as a   panther's.
whole winter's hard work goes     in  Probably nowhere in the world is   a
two or three w.-,-ks.    The only     re-  more   dangerous   man   of bis hands
feature is, that In- is never,   than Hi,' rivorman.   He would rather
lhnn Hi,-ir works, whose fume
"renter lhnn Hieir deeds. They are
owurful, virile, even briitul nt
i inn-*; Imt inagniflcenl with the
slronglh of courage untl resource.
All ihis may seem u digression
from iln- ihr,-a.I of our tale, but as
a matter of fact il is necessary that
you understand ihe conditions of
iln- time mul plnce in which Harry
Thorpo Ilinl sot himsell the duly of
lle had seen loo much of Incompetent lal,,,r to be satisfied with nny-
thing Inti ihe best. Although his
ideas were noi us y,-t formulated, he
hoped 10 !„' able to pick up a crow
of first-class men from thoso who
hud come down wilh the advance, or
"jam," of the spring's drive.     They
boHiei-ed, but t.hl Morrison ho's as
busy as hell beat in' tan-bark, Finally Tim, lie tails him. " 'Look
here, Mr, Morrison,' suys be. Tin
rininin' Ihis drive. If I don't gei
ber there, all i'lght; ynu can give mo
my time, 'Till Ihen you ain't got
nothln' lo snw'
"Well, thai  makes the Old Fellow
ns sore ns a scalded imp,   lie's used
to bossin'    clerks nnd such  things,  	
mid don't have much of iin idea   of Hon closed he could linpor
variety for his men; he would
have in llgure on blankels, harness
cook-camp utensils, stoves, blacksmith tools, iron, axes, ehuins, cttnl-
hooks, van-goods, pails, lamps, oil,
matches, nil sorts oi hardware—in
short, all the thousand nnd one
tilings, from needles io court-plaster,
of which .. ";^^^^^^^_
might como in need. Ami in- would
have in figure on bis requirements
for Hie entire winter. After navlga-
strangely top-heavy bei ween even
ihe broad shoulders. It count-mod
lhe hopeless hut sullen despair thai
brooded on the while counlenntice.
At Hie linlel Thorpe, examining the
cut, finind it iiieu'i- serious in appearance than in reality, With a fow
pieces of slit-king plaster he drew its
edges logelher.    Then  lie attempted
self-sufficing commiinity | to^nton-ogate his" Sucl.
''What is your niun ■-'
He has big ideas   of
rails'  Tim  dignified
afntiil of any-   fight  thai: eat, esj
..peeially when he
^^^^^^^^tho cow-boy, he usually i* when he gets into town. A
history could be written on the
feuds, the wars, the raids Instituted
by one camp or one town    against
should have finished their orgies   bv  tooth for M.&D. right along. Some
now,  and, empty of pocket,   should  thill's behind it all, I reckon "
^^^^^^^^^^^    lie asked.
'Thil what?"     ■
"How did you get hurt'?"
No reply.
"Were   you playing your Addle In
ne of those houses?"
 ^          The cripple nodded slowly.
bear  without any  weapon,—even   a  nutmeg, pepper, sail, crackers,   mo-1    "Are yon hungry?" usked Thorpe.
newspaper would 'a' come handy. He  lasses, ginger, lard, lea, corned hoof,  with a sudden thoughtfulnoss.
hands in his time t' once and quits,  catsup, mustard,—to inst twenty men,    "Yes," replied the cripple, with n
Sence then he's been mad as a bar-  live or six months?   How coidtl   hoi lightning gleam in his wolf eyes.
keep with a lend qtinrter, which ain't  bo expected to think of ouch item of     Thorpe rang the bell.    To the boy
usual for Tim.    He's been filin'   his  a list ol two '.uuiilrod, the lack     of i who .answered it he said:
respect,   so   hi 	
"Tim didn't  hit  lilm; but I guess
he felt like th' inmi who mot    the
more      ^	
How could bo know what lo buy,— j
how many barrels: of Hour, how much t
coffee, raisins, baking powder, soda,
pork,    bonus,    dried   apples, sugar,!
in o    - tl   it In* cups
th   . -i. i-  walks tl m-th.
A man comes out ,,f the woods nr
ifi ■ ■■ drive with two or three hundred i '..'ii-, which he is only ton
:.-.:: .:- -., throw away liy 'he dou-
■ handful,      It    follows naturally
tl ,'   i    rew ..I sharpers ar i hand
:; i I oul who gels it. 'they are a
hard lot. Bold, unprincipled men,
the -,i ar- afraid of nolliing: nol
--. -.. ,i drunken lumber-jack, which
:- ,- ol the dangerous wild animals
tl :..- American fauna. Their busi-
n -- is •-, relievo the man oi In*
:t. mej ,i* soon as possible. They
-.:.     ixperts at their business.
The -owns oi Bay City anel  Sag- *,,,,,. „ „.,_,
i   ■   alone in 1878   supported over | anything else  Hint   happened  tt
fourteen hundred    tough characters. '     ■-    ■■-•* *■'--'    - •-■-  «
BI tck after block was devoted entirely ■ , saloons, In a radius of three
hundred leet from the famous old
Catacombs could be numbered forty
-,.      *-.  where drinks were sold   l,y
lie found hanging about the boarding-houses ami the quieter saloons.
Thorpe intended to oll'er good wages
for good mob. He would not need
more than twenty at first, for during the approaching winter he purposed to log on a very small scale,
fnr expansion would   come
Whei-e'U    I    And    him?
Jackson gave Ihe name of a small
boarding-house, Shortly after.
Thorpe left him lo amuse thc others
with his unique conversation, and
hunted up    Shearer's stopping-place.
which meant measureless bother, and
thc desirability ol which suggested
asked 'tsolf only when the necessity arose?
It is easy, when the mind is occupied
with multitudinous detail, to fofgel
simple things, like brooms or iron
shovels. With Tim Shearer to help
his inexperience, he felt easy. He
knew he could attend lo advantageous buying, and to making arrangements with the steamship  line
The boarding-house proved to lie of £Wtto for ths land!ng^hh
The men would go in force   some- Tho ti
times to another city wilh Ihe avow-  later.
ed purpose of cleaning it out.    One     with  Ihis  object  in view he     set      lhe boaruing-notise proven io ne oi    ---,	
battle 1  know of lasted nearly    all  ou,   from  i,js  hotel  aboul half-past the typical lumber-Jack class,-anai- goods at the mouth of (h
nighi.    Deadly weapons were almost seven on the day of his arrival,   to row "stoop," a hallway and stairs makee.
cruise about in the lumber-jack dist- in the center, nnd an olliee  nnd bur     Deop in these thoughts, he wnnder-
i-icl   already  described.    The   hold on cither side.    Shearer and a half ed on at random.   Ho suddenly enme
hail obligingly given hini     the dozen other men nliout his own age: to himself in the toughest quarter of
-J      ..-,-.    .....1...    .,..„   !„,,„        nnMlJny   Citj'.
 _ nrted  to,  unless  indeed   a
liiin,Ir,-,I and eighty pounds of muscle
bohind a Asl hard as iron might ho
considered a deadly weapon. A man
hard prossed liy numbers often resorted '<! a billiard cue, or an ax, or
names    of a number"of the quieter sat, their chairs on two legs     and
saloons, where the boys "hung out*'   their "cork" boots on the rounds of
between bursts    of   prosperity.     In  the chairs, smoking placidly In-the
the first of these Thorpe was helped  tepid evening air.    lhe light   camo
handy,    Imt that   was an expedient  materially  in  his vague and uncer-  from inside the building,   so    tnat
XS oul bv necessity.    Knives   or tain quest  by encountering   an old  while Thorpe was in     an view
six-shooters implied a certain   pro- acquaintance. could not mako out whlc      «<*»
meditation which wns discountenanc-     Fr„m the sidewalk he heard     the  dark figures on the P»   « *
ed vigorous   sounds of a one-sided al- mm,    ho   wanted.   He   aPPfoacnuu,
...   „„ the   other hand, tho code    altercation    punctuated   by   frequent and    «tar«Mitatllftm"
*l7the centre of this whirlpool   ol  fan- fighting obtained hardly at all.  bursts of quickly silenced    laughter   *,***«"
inn   ty stood Hie Catacombs as the Tho long spikes of river-boots made  Evidently some one was very angry        **.in£r,"!°M
1    -        *   *   * -- '     an admirable weapon it. the straight  and the rest amused.    After a mom-  str   gei, sad nothing
kick.    I hnve seen men whose faces ent Thorpe    Imagined ho recognized     * Well,    bub,      finally    ™™<?*
w,„v punctured ns thickly ns though  the excited voice.    So he pushed op-  voice from the corner     Mowed that
 --'--       u,„ swinging    screen door    and  stake   you   mado    out ol Knflway,
Bring me half a dozen beef sandwiches and a gluss of milk, and be
quick about it."
"Do   you   play llie fiddle much?'
continued Thorpe.
Tho cripple nodded ngain.
"Let's hear what you can do."
"Thoy cut my strings!" cried Phil
with a passionate wail.
The cry came Irom the heart, and
Thorpe was touched by it. The price
of strings was evidently a big sum
"I'll get you more in the morning," said he. "Would you like to
leave Buy City?"
"Yes!" cried the boy with passion.
you will have lo uruw ine wium,
and till the lumps, and keep the
camps clean. You will be paid Ior
it, but ii is quite a job. And you
will have to do it well. If you did
not do it well, I would discharge
"I will do it!" repealed the cripple
with a shade more earnestness.
"All right, Ihen I'll lake you," replied Thorpe.
The cripple snid nothing, nor moved a muscle of his face, but the
gloom of the wolf faded to give place
to the soft, allectionule glow seen in
tho eyes of a setter dog. Thorpe
was start led at the change.
What, is Ihe moaning of "Terms 30
days, 2 per cent. 10 days," and whnt
does i'i cost llie manufacturer? Sinco
Hie Inducement is 2 per cent, for
payment in 10 Instead of HO days,
1 lint is foi- nn advance payment of
20 dnys, the manufacturer offers to
discount lhe bill at the rate of HU
per conl. per annum, Ihere being 18
times Ull days in the year. He pays
or allows 8" in every 3100 for every
20 days, or nt the rule' of SHU per
$100 per annum,
Somo cunning customers, recognising thnl money enn be borrowed for
sny II per cent, will I'vuil themselves
of a liberal cash di icount (offorod
probably ns nn insiu-nnce on credit)
of sny ."i per cent, nnd couple the pay
menl will, u ■1-iiioiiths' nolo nt In-
teres!; and oftontlmos lhe vendor
yields lo lhe customer, and allows
him liis ensh discount of say $(i0 ou
81.uuu. nce-epliiig liis -l-montlis' note
with interest oil the bill, which nt
fl per cent, will produce him 8111.
Tliei,, is clonrly a gain of (llll to tho
customer; nnil the general, and correct., idea is Hint what is one's gain
is nnother man's loss. For every credit Ihere musl be u corresponding
debit. Now, whul. has the lngiiiifac-
lui-er lost? Clearly, in (lie lirst place
his Insurance on credit, and secondly
his power of using working capital,
which will pri'sunuibly net hini considerably more thun llie li pei- cent,
lie is being allowed for it.
Lullaby for tha Bab*]*.
Tha great red sun Is falling,
Falling Into the tea;
The wind of the West Is calling.
Calling, sweet, to thee.   >
Sleep. Baby, Bleep, j
Cradled In the deep.
The wind ot the West
Whispers ot rest,
Sleep, Baby, sleep.
The great white moon Is creeping,
Creeping across the sky;
The stars of tbe night are peeping,
Peeping forth on high.
Dream, Baby, dream,
Kissel by a strong moonbeami
The stars of the night
Quart thee till light.
Dream, baby, dream.   —J. P. Fox
iniquti-,   ,iuuu  *....  *. *..	
hiii from which lesser spokes in ll,
wheel radiated. Any old logger
the Saginaw Valley can tell you
th-1 Catacombs, just as any oltl
g - -:' a y oilier valley will lell
ol the "Pen," thc "White Row,"
■    Streets"   of   Alpena, I
)g- by small-pox, where the steel points
on had   penetrated.     In    a free-for-all
h" knock-down-and-drag-out,      kicking,
--.*        .      .     »'t gouging,    mid   biting aro nil legiii-
II u -.    Ludington, Muskegon, and a male.   Anything lo injure the other
lozen   ither lumber towns. man,  provided  always you  do   not
■  -  itacombs was a  three-story knife him.    Ami when you take     a
building.   In the basement wero vile, half dozen of these enduring, active,
ng,    ill-lighted dens,  small, muscular, and fiery men,   not     one
isolated   dangerous.   The shanty boy entertaining in his  innermost  hear!
i    small stake, far gone     in il,e faintoat hesitation or fear    md
-   *-.    'here tasted  the   las: sat thorn    at each other with     the
:,:i   if -.vuav-dn-ss, anil tlienc,,  wus lightning    tirelossness of so    many
::    ;   .   ■ mscious and |e-::iuless     ,,n wild-cats, you get as hard a tight es
•'    -*:■ s      A    trap-door directly you could desire.   Ami they seem lo
ihe river accommodated    those like it.
-.-:.,    were    inconsiderate enough to One old follow, n good deal of    a
su   um , under rough treatment. character in his way, used to be en
he second story was given over to the   "drive"   ior   a firm lumbering
.:::-.     Polly Dickson there reign- near    Six Lakes     lie was intensely
The place
e,1 supreme, an anomaly. She waa
a> pretty and fresh and pure-looking
a- a child; and at the same time
was one of the most ruthless and
-, is rupulous of 'he gain;. She lould
t- will exercise a fascination turn o:
once to her victim's nobler instincts
■:' reverence, his capacity   for   what
mighl :,- called aesthetic fascination,
a. well  a- lus passions.    When   sh"
finally held him. sho crushed hini as
.- --..- would a Ily.
:    ir bars supplied the drinkables.
Dozens oi "pretty waiter uirl»" - rv-
ustomers    A force ol pi . is-
fighters was maintained     by
the     ' ib isl ment  to preserve     th il
:■•:■••-   .: peace which should :-..,. I
the    pres ■■ vati in    ot    urn-.*:.*    and
gl Lisware
The third  il -■ -.     nts -   i a   Ian
hall  ind ,i th .mm-    l \ -   i iracter of
vould :••-: I- !-i" t,, th
Sight   ifti    nighl   ; - - -   the   -  ,
soi    ■•: -   I--, ran a-  top-s uiu
:I ■   ;:,   :■   {hi        .-!:.-:.
i-   is he gl     th ■ winilov. - ie II .
• • ited   ■■    variou,     .--'*
, . - ig,   s ng n-'.
■,    g   ti.-! - ing   break
-   ,     together Irani i1      pen n
* - >     .,* .1 u      in H   .'- -,:, ■'
xpi -•   il   - to a.■       ■ ii-..    il
* .,     -       :         li mid
noi     •        -..■• i i,. i  ,,
.. I only have ris ;ed     to i
innii    itioi     1-    ittempl ■-.- a ra'd
V   ■ -.-■■•■'..
In th    path ■     - I
Iheii    ■■•     all - - . awn I liii   thc i	
* ,,     ■ .      im ■   when     l, *    stake
•i- :.,-•  i..-i.-;  dr,
his p       ire g ilped down, the   ban
I, i   ... ,,; i -Mini start i ,i the •■-■ iods
was typical. Across one
sill., ran the harel-woot! bar with
foot-rest and little towels hung in
metal clasps under Hs ,-tlge. Behind
it was a long mirror, a sj
pile of glasses, a number of plain
or ornamental bodies, antl a inini.i-
ture k,-g or so of porcelain containing Hi,, finer whiskeys nnd brandies.
'l'h., hai'-k.-eper drew beer from two
pumps Immediately in front of him,
and rinsed glasses in some sort of a
sink under th,- ".Ig,- of the Imr. Tha
centre of the room was occupied hy
a tromendotis stove capable of burning whole logs of cordwood. A
stovepipe 1,-d from the stove here
nnd there In wire suspension to a
final exit near Hi,' other corner. On
Ihe wall we,-., two -qor'.ng chromos,
,i- .i a good variety of lithographed
- iil.-tiii.ii-- and illuminated tin sign*
advertising beers and spirits The
n* - ,. ,- berall; sprinkled with
dar-p sawdust, and was occupied, He-
- Ies  the   -■ ive,   by  a  number     cf
■I.-     round
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^a^aaa^a-BT' ' affair
saloon once too often      lb-   i ,:,..■ .     ■;.   strength    tl  a:.
The other men merely m.,.    . -        -   :
!,, his --(lid Fellows," and
-very lime he got a little "budge*
in htm. li" in*' it uie,I a raid on Uptown owned by a rival firm So
frequent ami so severe did iii"*,- battles become that Anally the ni"n were
. terrible in Hm*  it appealed at   informed    thai  another such exped
lion  would  no'im  instant  dischargo
Tlie rule    had its oflecl     Tin- raid
But one day old Dan visited     Hi
ve-. warlike. The othei
laughed, lor they were strong enough
themselves to recognize firmness in
others, and It never occurred to them
thai   they could disobey so ahsoliii
ii.--    ,- I the attfti s« ol the
;,"-—*-sr ol tho angi \
riganl tng r vermai    n 'he cr.n
- al   ii agged hopped
"That    you.   Shearer?"      inquired
Thorpe advancing.   "You're the man
I'm looking for."
i,    nt-,nu,,      "You've  found  me,"  replies!     the
nunetrieal   old man dryly.
Thorpe wns requested elaliorotely
to "shake hands" with the owners
of six names. Then be had a chance
to Intimate quietly to Shearer that
he wanted a word with him alone.
The rivorman rose silently and led
the way up the straight, uncarpet -tl
stairs, along a narrow, uncarpetod
hnll. to a square, uncarpotod bedroom Tbe walls nnd ceiling of Ihis
apartment were of unpainted planed
pine. It contained a cheap bureau,
One chair, and a bd and washstand
to match the bureau. Shearer lil
the lamp and sat on the bed,
"What is It?" he nsked.
"I have a little pin,- up in the
northern peninsula within walking
i! stance ol Marquette," snid Thorpe,
"and I want to gel a crew nf alto,it
: wei - in.-n It occurred to me
thai n might be willing lo help
verman frown.-el steadily   nt
il ir Irom under his bushy
il   <     nni'-ii pine you gi
'Al    il    three  hundred millions,'
:   --:   I horpe duietly
OH, the awful Googleloos,
Tiptoeing in a row,
Will they eat up all the lambs
And the babies, do you know?
Deep, deep in the Goblin Glades,
Near an old, old mossy we"
There they gobble all the lambs
And the babies, so they tell,
How can little boys and girls
Keep from being eaten?
How make sure the Googleloos
In their quest arc beaten?
omniand    So finally Dan started  •-... and    broad
He ii '.,,!",I -li" enemy's camp, a--
tempted - - cieai   iui Hi" saloon with
billiard • I,and",!.     was
knock.? i  i --      ind   - ould have b	
I, ,--   as !i" lay     on   the
Mid nol  stn ■ I",I in ml
bid! typi  -
: ■
-. --, II n.-c
■    .
till     . thc   tat!        -   .-
.,  greal   bio   ■-,- -   ''-aler,  i II
ng under the b    md table    where hald headed    st     m   I     that  ■ ou
the men's boots could not reach hli had an*   ha r!"
ou b   the morning  Jack I the rl' erman
\ ou   -.'.,-     '     ■■,     ,      li d  I,rea*-.
fn ii   ■ he,   :.,.,-        ,  ., -    have
.,     ,   I
i        i in put on  i    -
:■- -     ,       ■    i .        ■
V'.l     'Ml..',
, .,,..,..   ni-,-  t ■..-      ■'. ■     i hi
mi.! iv    ■ . hat tah
,;, .   tunity   lo
i-   ■     . thus wer ■   Iteral
ribbons    --. ■ ■
.......     me ear
, mere shred ol   akin
■ i face and fl rlpp
: rl
• ni   th.-   ii . .m       \
WOUld    I,a    ■     ; . ■
-.,       llai      «  ■ l> lltl ■'-   -"I	
■ - , , ■    ,    uld      .'■■'    .i-i
.:, i
Ilul  -.  -.   nol ":
spill,-il     He ia (led   letteher-shop,
.   i..,\ the -.i .
■ -,! :-...| in Hi" but! le field
N "•'■-
in August, however, th
had died,    The "Jam'
1 , ed '.,-'. town, "taken it apart,'
,- i    -■■  the Inhabitants to i   i
toiether again  «*  Hi--,   could ;   lh
no! yet  arrived.    A*
enemy   decamped—rapidly appr .:,
,., ■■ ,,i then     through -1," v. nilow ' '! ■'-      'ncki            ild hi
llm     managed to l---  in bul     ono I                  peered at him oul
blow.   II" ripped Hi., eai down lho the him-   if his  •*, Iti
mnn    back na ii'-nil'.  n- He.'ml.   :• [-.,   t yon    mow m -        ■   . -
had 1, , dono with ihenrs, nne clnan I i>, - ;,■■
straight cu  from collar to botl „„ ■ Vni.„   ....                        ,   .
li. il   'earn.    A quarter  n Inch nonrei ,    .    -     ,
hod  '-""l!'1 h"v** -I'1''  "'* 'ollow" l""'i* -i ,1 ,          ■- •           ;■■
ll.ttl"         AS    II      Ml        le-   "  -   ipetl    With ',,.,',.                I     .      ,                ,       ||    .
oni  ev.-n a -.cratch, ry-i    iv,,,,,
Dan   I'oiiiiniinil",]    Iwo   battles   ,,f -, ■ I f - *    You look  'bout         it   as   n
iky, uml, gory nnd wounded    ns Ull led knit tin' neoiMe."
....   , . . ,.    ,.    ...
The nlfl man's blue ,-y--s fixed them-
■ - -     ' -:    1- wavering steadiness on
obbing some of it, eh ?"
In-    submitted    fnia-ly    as    lh" oniv
"In, you ihink
,,  about it?     Who
...    ng to?"
'It  belongs to a man named Curie • -.-■  .,-.,! myself."
Th.- rivcrmai  pondered Hns slowly
■ '       ,:   and tl:, n
u  ther quostioi
I et it?"
i • ■   ■ .    tt   I   hint   -sim|, 1 -.'    omitting
■ ■ hs : ■"-   --I 'he   firm
■'■ ■        hi     im,!  finished,
■      lament nor
well     he i "ttifne,-,,,,-!
. .- nterval
■,[      .-   -..-ho WHS 111,!
■   t, ne?"
,! Thorpe quietly, ' II
■ i  Daly '
'    .       -  • ;, ii syn-
■ ' lied i  - p |,e     and
■   It
•   mi a crew      ■ en," said
lie ..-  f-.r-inun "
'I.,,ot    . arer.il   you   ',,1--
,. ., indorstan i
iai i.   ,  ,m •!■" -•-,'*    'i his
,.      ... imp, nnd I'm foing to
■i .-- mu l.  -ti' -'
logging, nnd    I    ihal   ivanl   ,ou In
, ....    (re!   hul   l   -,h.,:i
.   ■ ,     •        M ',   ,     ill,        .,.
I  iis usk ihis ulii, old bird,
Willi's as kindly as he's wise,
I'lr.isi In lell whal all the lambs
And us babies he'd advise.
"Say over your multiplication,"
Is the wise bird's sage reply.
"When thiy sec you all so busy,
The Googleloos will pass you by." jC
Walking Suits With Pleated Skirts
MORE ami more pleated skirts arc seen,
particularly in walking suits, the pleating cleverly contrived in a score uf ways,
although every skirt tits in a trig Cushion about tin: hips; the pleats presscil so that they
lie flat, instead of the curious littlc spring thnt the
plcntcd skirt of n couple of seasons ngo had, Of
course, ns you walk the skirt flies out prettily, hut
so cleverly is the cut and the pressing done that
the folds drop back into place uguin, nlniust instantly.
The most popular form of skirt for the popular linen suit is laid in box plouts—it's the leust
hard to do up, which is a point to be considered,
Plenty of plain suits nre worn, especially those
ninde in walking skirt lengths, ns a sort of revulsion
against the elaborate affairs which have boon so
very much overdone, and gradually linen suits aro
resolving themselves into two classes—dress affairs, which muy he ns elaborate us ynu please, nr
the siinplo suits without a particle of trimming
anywhere aliout them, bul worn with the loveliest
of blouses, sheer nnd beautiful and trimmed as
little or ns elaborately as you choose,
In while, the plain suits arc particularly attractive—it's possible to keep them nt the very top-
notch of daintiness, a mighty bard feat to accomplish with a much-trimmed suit.
A New Material for Hot Weather
0ULAKD8 nnd China silks havo seen such
long nnd faithful service fur summer that
1 almost 'every one welcomes ns a pleasant
chniigo a new material from which many
of this season's gowns nre mndo.
This fabric, which is being much used by tlw
most fashionable modistes both In ihis country nnd
Paris, is culled by various names, such lis milium
silk or pineapple i issue.
lu pninl of I'uat it is neither ono 0*1 Hie other
as gun-rally Understood, but is ii very tlllll, light
silk, nlinosl triiuspnrt'nl, willi n hrilliniil sIlOOll. It
has sninelhing till npiwiirnnoo of llie old-time
delaine, bui is softsr nml moro sil!a»- looking.
One of the chief advantages of this material
is thnt it, does not wrinkle like foulards and other
summer silks, nml whils soft und "clingy" it is not
Many shlrtwnlsl gowns are being made up in
this new silk, sons' without any lining, others with
one of thin Inwn, Such a costume is more nearly
cool thun is possible for anything not u sheer cot-
tun lo lie.
Chiffon bows nml plnllingi nn.i -mall eul stool
buckles trim ninny of tin- drossy girdles. Narrow
black velvet or -ntin ribbon nbout a quarter uf an
inch wide is nlso oxlcusivcly used.
Embroidery Dominant
in Summer Fashions
WITH all the air of apparent simr'icily
behind which summer dresses nnd suits
mask themselves, those fnr dress occasions arc growing steadily more extravagant, chiefly bocuuso of the hand embroidery
which is upon uny nnd every sort of thing.
lt is not .',ily hnnd embroidery which is used
so extensively, either, for deep, beautiful llouneings
und ullnvers arc in bettor favor for blouses nnd
dresses than they've ever been—which is snying a
great denl, when ynu consider how ilic world bus
been embroidery-mad these Inst few seasons.
Hut to go buck to band embroidery—the most
unusunl and richest of all its ninny implications is
Hi whole costumes of linen whore skirt nud wnist
are holh ombroklored, the design ninde ii factor in
tho planning of the style, ns, for instance, in the
nvi-i-skirls—un nld Idea, Imt n radically new fnnn
of it—which offer so gootl nn opportunity for displaying the work.
Scnllups nre used upon every sort (if thing—
thoso ovMskirts nnil fhulr broad, pointed fronl, nud
buck pieces uf ilic blous Igod with il, llio embroidery spreiul ns InVsishly inside ns llmugji the
■-imIIiu, were not tilt- vprv definite addition lo lho
rest of the embroidery thnt it is.
A stunning dress, mndo of linen in ihe soft
tint of tun which goes by the muni' of biscuit color,
wns mndo wilh botli (lie skirt Itself and tlie over-
skirt embroidered, "lltlinugli only the oversklrt
boasted the scallop, and Hint n curiously shapod one,
cut in.deep rounded' points.
Embroidered belts lire worn wilh even those
handsomer types of COSttimo, but llie work must lie
nf n sort, to warrant ibe combination, the design
mul ihe work ns elaborate in character ns the gown
Perhaps llie gloves uiul pnrnsol, lint nml pumps
art' iill embroidered in match. I'or although there's
only nn occasional lingerie hnl in he seen, there ure
plenty ol* leghorns willi inolil's nf the linest sort of
hnndwork inset inin tlie straw iu such n fashion
liiul they seem to give a 'dominating touch of cm-
As to parasols, embroidered ones of linen hnve
things nil llieir own wny fnr "wearing" with linen
gowns. oU'libUgh for silk ninl pongee suits and
dresses linen parasols give way to silk ones, flow-
musl in nu liidascribnbly quniiii wny, reminiscent
of our grandmothers' dny.
Tin- liny wraps which tin. summer is making
such ii fuss over show eniliroiili-ry, too, trimming
ilu- all lun shapeless little sleeves around ihe shoulders, down front and back—everywhere there is
ih" sligjiiist excuse for ii.
Ami imt only linen gowns, hut tllOSO "I pongee
nml v,,ile nre i It- stunning liy the uso of embroidery, One beauty of blue in thnl run- new shade
which is neither 'lurk nor lighl. lun all benuty, hud
its short Eton jacket embroidered heavily in n
typical braiding pattern, yet wns as milch lovelier
iiinn ilu- more usual braiding ns anything could
It,-. Another of the softest wood brown—n pongee
—was embroidered freely with tiny vines, nil in ihe
sume exquisite shade,
Embroidered p«mps, which jusl oppearcd
among us Inst summer, ure here in several colors.
while ih,- most popular, by long odds.
All in nil, embroidery strikes a dominant noto
in this year's fnsliions, every -on of it, frnm the
sheer, cobwebby stuff wfth delicate trncerios wandering over it to the boldest bit of heavy work upon
n material which ot first thought seems inappropriate ns n foundation for ii, hi* the result of iw
inspiration when ikne. 119   Avm
%P «*&   EkSt    \J eiltaS       *fc   «»4fc    >«
(how Do BE careful)


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