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The Mail Herald Feb 26, 1913

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Revelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps.'
Vol. 19   No 16
KKVELSTOKE. B. C. KEB 26, 1913
$2.50 Per Yea"
Completion Scenic Auto Road and Revelstoke Court \louse Provided for.—Large Amounts for Roads. Trails and Bridges'
—Pushing Forward Connection witk Okanagan Disjtric
via Mara.
Thai tbe development of the interior ol" British Columbia, especially the
constituency of North Kootenay, is
bein; kept well to the front by the
Provincial government, is strikingly
Illustrated In the estimates of expenditure.- em pul,lie works for the current year, which will be brought
down in the Victoria House
the next few davs.
the summit towards the close of the
coming season's operations, when the
eleven and a half -miles stretch connecting i'he present work with the peak,
is hoped to     bee completed sufficiently
Two Doukhobors were killed and
live were seriously Injured, one probably fatally, wiveu three or four sticks
of dynamite which were being thawed
OUI on top of a queen heater in one of
the new concrete buildings at the pum
ping station at Brilliant exploded at
about 7 o'clock yesterday morning.
t Thoro wero probably a dozen Uotik-
I hobors sitting around the stove when
the explosion occurred and the havoc
| wrought was fearful. In addition to
killing W. Robin and P. Planiden, ono
be opened up, and roods round Colum man lost a hand on one side and an
bia Park open d up and graided for »rm on the other and suffered terrible injuries  to his eyes. Two others
Italian Ben Rallion Committed for Trial. Aid.
J. Guy Barber Gives Evidence.-No Plea
by Accused.
in  ii.linit   oi     occasional  travel.   Th.
surfacing oi the entire >oad   however
will   not be altogether t!one in     les
within  than an additional season's woik.
Over and above the foregoing,
automobile tratlic.
The above bi ln-dule of     works
From   advance informal ion received,   presenl   Big   llend  Road will be
following ih.' visit to Victoria of prominent citi/ens of Revelstoke and district, we ar,' enabled to forecast some
of the principal items slated fo--' com-
1 let on under the bending of Public
Works throughout mir Bection during
tlie twelve nu,nth- of the> financial
yenr now commencing. The gross amount of appropriations for Roads and
Trails is expected to reach the huge
sum of $123,000, in addition to this
some $16,000 will be ~et aside for repair-' and maintenance of bridges,with
a further vote for the adequate protection of stream and river banks. Ue
sides these expenditures, the Provincial government will supply for road
work in thi- 'vicinity, a new gasoline
power roller, and which will be ,1 welcome addition to the machinery al-
nady available to the gangs who are
raeh y ar making more and more pro-
press in the art of roa-llutilding, so rapidly turning the tra Is of n few years
ago into up-to-date, well surfaced.
moderately grade 1 automobile high -
ways taliating from Revelstoke as a
center, and serving the entire sui round
in-; country.
proved and repaired giving a tin.
Iraek to Kight Mile Point.
1 niuu to
meet with the hearty appro.-al of all
citizens throughout tha Rovelsto'.te dis
trict. lt Includes virtually every item of ral importance to the city and
surrounding country, and the manner
iu whi h under the preset capa de
road superintendents, ihese works
have been executed in the past, is
OTHER WORKS. 'sufficient guarantee that the improve-
Among bhe other roudwork down for ments and extensions planned for this
completion this season, i- a wagon season, will be carried out in a work-
rotate from Downie Creek to Gold- manlike manner, and litat the moneys
steam, a distance of soni" ls miles; appropriated wil i.e spent in a busi-
the Trout Luke-Beaton wagon toad, nesslike way to ensure absolutely the
will be re-built     toaiiitximum grade   best results.
of eight percent compared with max- Th.' work already performed on the
imums of 17 per cent at present,which Se enic Automobile Road, is Bufiicient
improvement will be a great boon to to prove to any in rulrer that the gov-
tho travellers, settlers ;-,nd homestead eminent are getting one hundred cents
eis travelling In ihai distiict. The> worth of value for every dollar ex-
preseot South road will te extended pend'd, and now that thc scheme has
to beyond (lieen Slide, several poor so far advanced as to prove its ab-
stretches between  Revelsloke and thut   -olute feasibility, it is gratifying     to
point will be permanently improved
out of existence, and at the Wer-t side
of (hc Hiver will be completed to a
point six miles South ofRcvelstoke,
and graded for automobile travel .
The Ea;le Pass Road will be exit u.led as far as     the length  of      the
i:nd that the government are prepared to rush same to completion, as
when finished, thi* work will be a
valuable as-et to the city of Revel-
-tokc and this entire di-trict.
These great appropriations are   proof
that wh n it coan
to the in:erests o
bad their iei;s broken and there was
hardly a person who will not carry
sears as   mo.nentoos of the tragedy.
Ur. Gilbert Man in. coroner, of Nel-
Mon, was called to the scene of the
explosion und held an inquiry. Ho
found that the Doukhobors had been
warned on several occusion by John
Sherleinin, business agent for the society, of the dangers of thawing out
dynamite by bhe method w hich yester
day resulted in stub havoc Doth the
men  killed  were married.
The Annual Meeting of the
Revelstoke Cricket Club will be
held at the City Hall this evening, February 2„th, at 8 p. m.
All members are requested to
attt n;l.
season will permit,    st ruight towards  mcy, our present member at Victoria
( l.inwilliam.and   will   form   pare      of
the main road  leading to Vernon and
i- not only willing, but callable     anl
energetic in securing for us thatne<es-
With a portion of     the funds     thus
itnderel  available,  the  Mount   Revel-
Woid has been received of  the death
n. thing vital  at Kamloops, 0f Dun an George Mc -
his own tonstitu -  Kay, a well-known Winnipegger
A number oi years aj;o Mr. McKay
was a conductor on the Northern Pacific and t'nnudian Northern. Later
he was chief license inspector for Win
Kamloops.   T!:e Hon. Thomas Taylor sary     amount    of     mon -y which  the
Minister of Public Works,     announces growing population  and increasing de  nipeg,  and  more recently carried    on
lhat he is taking steps as rapidly as vdopnunt of North   Koot.niy demand a real estate and investment business
possible to have the road Clanwilliam whilst the mann-,  in which the funds  with offices in the McArthur Building
stoke Alpine Auio Road,  which when  t-o Mara completed, thus     giving     a are distributed     among     t
completed   will be   unique among the  through connection     from Revelstoko works, gives evidence of that Intimate
tourist and scenic   attractions ot   the   via Clanwilliam and Mara to v'ernon, knowledge cf and  pra'tical acquuint -
cintinent,    will be pushed to complet-  and th.'     Okanagan district, and    as ance without  pioblems and  the   geo-
ion tind it is expected that the     first   much as possible of this work will be K'a] hy of this     constituency,     which
medium rower car to climb the seven put in hand during thcoming season assist  in makin; our member him-olf
thousand feet   hi".h  mountain.     over-     Comingbaci     close to town again, tt pattern/or   the representatives     of
looking  tbe  town,  the Columbia  Sil-   the Greely Creek Road, heavy    grades other district-. and the efficient cham-
ver Streak, an.l towering up amid the  will be cut out, and two miles of tbe I io:i of every movement which is   for  < -c-.
age oil     reaks and glaciers of     the  ioad re-built. the wel'are and     prosperity of
Nineth street will city and district.
MightySelkirks, will be able to reach     Nearer home stil
often advisable to identify a note by   been passed since the consideration of
marking it, whereupon Mr. Ames point
ed out that all are numbered.
"I think thc magistrate would exercise wise discretion, ' observed the mm
ister,  and  the clause  passed.
The committee reserved for discussion later the clause aflecting annual  rie proposed an adjournment till W jd-
nesday.   This was agreed to.   In   the
meantime the    proposed    amendments
the measure began, but in no instance
has a really debatable section letn
Chairman Ames suggested that a
fresh start be made and the contentious sections taken up, but Mr. ''uth-
will be printed.
statements,    auditors  reports,  securl-
Ottawa. Feb. 24—When the banking ties of banks, privileged liens and de-
i-ommittee resumed consideration of fining lines of prohibitd bu-ine'S-.
the bank act today, Hon. H. P Em- The requirement for nuuibh returns
nierson pointed out that the Liberals »-j n'Xt taken up and J. E. Arm-
tomorrow are goin,' t.i have a little stioL< inquired if the banks keep thc
"family gathering," and he suggested law.
that committee should  not sit  then. "On the  whole,"  remarked Hon Mr.
Major  Sharpe then moved for com- White,   "thc  returns  are  made       .  rv
parative  reports of     banks sinoe  the promptly and  very  completely.  There
last revision,  including a     statement has been some difficulty  however, dur-
of stock,      eupital, new stock   issues, ing the  period  of emergency  eircula -      Senator    Clean    moved  the second
dividends,   bonuses,   and  circulation.    ('tion, but the penalties in regard     to  reading of a bill   providing   thnt where
This was concurred in and J. A. M. this are stiff.   We have collected     as divorce is granted in Canada the per-
Aikins gejve notice of an     amendmont high as a thousand dollars from    one   -on  who has  been foun,l to have of-
to clause 88, so as to allow banks to bank."                                                         fended and against whom thc divorce
loan money  to any ono engaged     in The committee    considered this suf-  was granted, should tic forbidden     to
he various 'rl;e remains are being brougat to
Winnipeg from Kamloops by his brolh
er, Mr.  J.M. McKay.
Mr. McKay was 46 years old and un
married. He is survived by four brothers and three sisters. The brothers
uie:—Daniel Winnipeg, C.P.R. conductor; John M., superintendent C.P.R.
W.A. McKay of
this the Codville Company, Winnipeg, and
A. McKay, Calgary. Th i Bisters arc
Miss C.J. McKay, Professor of house
hold economics, Ames Agricultural
college, Ames. Iowa; Miss J„net McKay and Miss Anna B. McKay.
The late Mr. McKay was a prominent Mason.
During the past three years Mr. McKay had charge of the attractions at
Winnipeg Beach. In the provincial elections of 1 it07 he was nominated as
Conservative candidate for North Win
nipeg but withdrew in favor of J.F.
! Mitchell.
In the police court last Monday evening belore Police Magistrate Hamilton, Ben Rallion appeared io answer toa charge which was in part as
follows:—"That he did shoot al the
parson of William Harris with int nt
lo main him by dise barging :l loaded
pistol at him, the said William Harris on the 17th February inst.''
To this charge the accused did not
The lirst witness was Mr, .J. Guy
Barber, who upon being duly sworn.
testified as follows:—1 never saw thee
accused before that I can swear to.
I was in my store on February 17th,
when there was a row outside. I came
out and saw a man al otll the ite ni
accused being held by Mr. Stump an.l
some other nun In front of Manning's
.-tore. I walked up to him and sail
come.along wit.'i me. He said all
right. I started up the Btreet, met
constable Ferguson. I .aid take this
man and Ferguson took him. Th'
man did not say a word to nic.
Cross examined by Mr. Briggs—The
mun did not object to going along
with me at all. I eannoi swear positively to description of man. He walk
cd along with me.
The next witn, ss was William Harris, who said after being duly sworn—
I do not know accused. 1 saw him on
Feb. 17th in Revelstoke near MoUon-
Bank cn McKenzie avenue about 6:30
or 6:15 p.m. on the 17th inst. 1 was
travelling southward. I was with
Watson an.l Kenward. The a'cused
was with two menl recognized Loseva
as on" of them. J went on to Cutler
and Stokes ciear store and bought
some cigarettes. We found we had no
matches. Near the Molsons Bank we
met accused and two others. Either
Watson oi Kenward a<ked accused for
a match. Saying have you a match
you will give me. It was said in a
civil way. Accused said there are lots
of matches in the store, go and buy
your matches. I turntd round and
looked at accused and said we can
easily do that. 1 said you needn't get
sore over it. He said, I am as good
a man as what you are. 1 replied not
in your present condition. Thinking
that this man was drunk I started to
come away. 1 had my back towards
acoused. He struck nic on the back of
the head with his hand. Wat-on and
Kenward were not mor' than 3 or 4
feet away from me. 1 turned around
and hit accused under the jaw with
my right hand knocking him down.
Getting up the acrus.-a made the rt-
mark. 1 will fix you. He put his
hand toward" hi- hip pocket and drew
a weapon and lired a -hot. Looked as
if it was at ritrht angles to me. I
slid aside before accused could pull
again.   I  closed  with him.   He    then
got towards mj ba k, Btrifcing me ou
the head wi b the butt-end ui the pistol twice. Mr. Watson and Kenward
then came to my assistance pulling
Iiim o:i. and Kenward disarming him.
Accused only fired om shot. The shot
wi nt to my right -i '.e. Accused was
about three feet away from me wheu
the -Uoi was fired, 1 moved towards
the- building. Acused said nothing
more, I to ik th loaded shells and
i u ■ em y one i ut ol the gun. Th -
\& lhe same gun. I cannot sw.ar iu
the lartridges but tb.y look to me to-
be the same exhibit "U". I t..okth'
gi.n and gave it lo Mr. To.n Bain
th,.t evening and let the man go, or
ra li •• told Kenward and Wat-on t .
let him ,i.-o. I never m ■• accused previously,
Cross examined by Mr. Briggs— I
knocked the accused down once, I
S'Veai positii ily io this. 1 .-.r.v the
flash of fire, but the -Ine-. did not set" i
ti ome my way. I Ji l not call ac-
. u --'I any •■ i   -
A. J, Kt:i vard, swi i , a.i—I saw
accused Men daj night, February IT.
1 have h ard the v.; len ■ given by
Mr.  Harris.    H. is a  curre t
statement of what al I. There
was nothing t-a^d in the onversation
other than what Mr. Ha.'i'i- sal 1 t i
my knowledge. Loselva gave' u- son: •
.n.i! h s. lit. ■ them to Watsou while
a usi ! and Harris were wran-.lin..: I
nev.r h"ar,l accused ay anythin-. 1
was ju-t behind accus 1 when the shot
was fired. Harris hal bis back to -
wards Burns' butcher -hop, a used
w.ts b .'or<- in-' and Harris. Hari s
was ri.ht on the cornr of the pact- -
ment. accused about .i lit feet away
from Harris. Did not sc Hash of
-hot. bul saw Harris knock ac u- ,i
down. 1 saw accused Btrike Harris
with butt end ol gun. 1 took gun away from ac Used, 'ihe gun was just
aliout this -i ■■ "exhibit A" I turned
thc gun ov.-r io Hani-. Harris toil
u- to tel  .. CUS ei go and we did so.
Cross examined —We were not very
much a'rai 1,1 suppose a used bad lota
of chance to -hoot Han is. Accused
was about eight feet from Harris. He
pullt-d th • gun assjon as he go: up
off the street. Hani- clinched with
ac used after  the shot  was  tired.
In addition t,j .ih" above evidence
testimony was obtained from George
Watson, M lton Fee, Jame- Smith,
Fran': Stun;' H. M Cleneghan, Ja>.
Munro. Consta'le Ferguson and
Ohiel  Parry.
Mr. Briggs for th- d.-fence waived
the r.-.iliag of the depositions after
which Magistrate Hamilton after a
brief Bumming up of the evidence com
mitted the accus -d to t-tand his trial
at the next . out t of competent juris-
farming,  upon threshed grain.
. ficiont and approved the $50 a dty marry again, under penalty of prose-
On the sections respecting the pow- penalty. cution for bigamy.
ers of curators, C.J. Thornton (Dur- Duncan Ross objected to the section Hon. Mr. Lougheed, sai'd the hifl by
ham), said there had been much dis- respecting note issues being the f.rst imposing an impediment to rcmar-
natlsfac(ion respecting tho handling of ehnrgc in cases of a bank's insolvency riage, seemed to fringe upon the sta-
nssels of defunct Itanks and he sug- an.l it was deferred. The section I to- tutory authority of the provinces ov-
gest-ed thai Beven clauses stand. hibiting undue reference to :ertain er divorce so recently decided by the
Hon. W.T. White demurred, but fin- creditors and prescribing two yea:8' privy council. In view of tho legal
ally the clauses wro held over. Tho imprisonment was ratified. Mr. Whit2
neotion maintaining the double linbil- -tated that It would be necessary to
ily of shareholders went through with establish wilful intent before convic -
OUt Objestions.   That authorizing Calls  tion.
upon shareholders after insolvency was      The prohibitory clause respecting 'he
held up. j word "l*nk" or  "banker"  was  sllo-v-
Thete was some tlisoussion    on    the  tA to stand, alOBg with  most of     the
clati-e  Imposing a  $20  penally    upon   schedules.      This  finished  the  discus-
unyonc  who  mutilates and  defaces   a  sion of the non-. ontentiou< (teasel of  Clappi-on,  lo     Qeorge G.  McDonald
lull    Mr.  Wmraerson thought it    was  the bill.   Fifty-five out of the 1C0 have   and to Freicrick F. Saunders.
"Captain Racket,''  the humor- ♦
* ous  Inree act     comedy,  will    he '
* presented  iiL'ain  at the Kmpress *
* Theatre  this     evening  (by Bpec- *
ial   request).   Secure   your seats *
* early and avoid the rush. *
* •
...........a. .........
Saturday morning a free-for-all
will be held in the Gym for  all
rive, and  by  S 31) all  weic  merrily en- Anoth r  int resting    game  will      be
gaged in gomes of all kind-.      Great bowled on  Friday evening,  when    th-
credit is due Mr.  and Mrs.  Donaldson :.e hi„h average married men,     will
nn.l  family  for   ih'ir  untir.n^  eflorts ;'ay  f.,- ti-..-  high average --ingle men
to make th; evening pleasant for   the Save ih- night of April 4th, for that
toys.       After  refreshments all      w. nt is the m  i.t  of thj Gym     Kxbihitiou,
home well pleased    with th" evening's ereryLodys coming, and they axe go-
m;er ainment. „-    0 |„ n: ,)10 kiddies.
Commencing on Monday neu at 7:30
p.m., anil on every Monday thereafter
a class for the' diseussion of baseball
iiilcs will be held for all seniors who
are interested in this line of sport.
These discussions will be held by th--
1 hysieal Dlie-tor and all those at -
lending are invited to bring their
baseball tiuefltions for di-cussion.
A class will also be held for boys
who are interested in this game. Tbis
i lass will be held on Saturdays from
1.30 to 2:30.
complications involved in this bill he
thought it would be unwiBe for tbo
senate to pass it.
On division the motion for second
reading was defeated by a vote of 12
to 27.
The third rvading was given to a
i ill    granting divoroe to Minnie   K.
I boys in the cily who are too young to
I join. The Gym will be opened at 9:30
I and nny boy in the city may como and
' have a good time. This is likely to
be  the last time
A very enjoyable so-inl was held on
Saturday evening at the home of Barl
, Donaldson,    Seventh  street.   At eight
o'clock the boys comment ed to     ar -
One of thc  grc.itost  gam 8 of
lh.' Griffith* stoek Company in
a repertoire .f • omedies and dramas
the lest of talent selected from the
I'n.ted State- and Canada and a ca-u
of eie-eUcme in wardrobe of supreme
n w play-. Special scenery and popular pri ea. Fe.turing Miss Julia
Fchr, tbe  greatest  actre-s in Canada.
Sec thi-' pajier for further particulate. Ktnpics- theatre for one week,
-tartin; March 17th.
season was bowled on the alleys on
Monday afternoon at 16 o'clo> k when
thc stalwart High School bowling
team played against the Directors of
the As-oeiatiou. The Directors as usual bad thc staying qualities, and finally defeated the stalwart young men
by three straight games. Weight
counts, ha, ha.
rations of tbe Hevelstoke Steam
Laundry, are re iurs ed to Phone the
< >Hi e, No. SO. in ca<es where the new,
driver overlooks  the usual calls.     3t.
The report  of the     meeting of   the
Aericjliura! Society held last Monday
evening, has been unavoidably crowded out oflthi* issue, but will appear ta
' Saturday's issue. PAGE TWO
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J.   K.   JOHNSON,   MBB&ger.
RALPH   G.   BOWfnN     Editor
Victoria, Feb. 22—Hi- Honjr I.n i.t
enant-Governor Paterson ye.-t; • lay ai-
ternoon in the Legislature ,-, .ve i .1;;-
ial asse'nt to the following mea* ires,
passed at the present -es<ion .■'. th.;
Legislature and they accordingly become law save and except l urtili raa
es a- piovi-ion i- specifically ti.uie in
the ac- themselves that i.h'>y chfcll
no; become' operati.e till a ■ retain
An at to amend thc Revsauo Act,
An a l   making  provision for the ap-
pointnvr.- auditor-jfe.l!'al    aud
de&n;n.: the     function!,  oi   t livasury
I oard.
Aa a t to an   0 1     the    Po )1 rcoi IS
An Act  to anund the  Civil  Sen
A t,
An a :t     fl--;■■  ting I incial
mus-.;::. ol natural history   ;.ul    an.
An u " I ■'■   ■ ■
the : Map Act.
Al act to amend   the     -•   ■
Pa:.%   A   t.
An fi ii    ti.   regulation  ■•:'    tht
bur: a  ten-.ain-  and
• e  .-matones.
An a t   respecting  the
ind marrla ••
ict to validate th
tion   ■'. V..
An act t . atrth
i •...       1 t Waf
Com) an;  an I the e, >  ol \
n for   1
tensioi •■,'■••'.   the
' ■
An ad
•   | .   - le
aps t ti.   '■ ".if term na a
■ ■
I    112
.\r» a i en i i ibapt
Si .tut bein iei    to In-
■ my.
o lneorpor-
in     Northern    Pa iflc
:   •        ■    •   Chapter 4
■ •     of ' HO.
ii thc .mend the Tm le
\ -.
■ ami nd the' Statute    and
Jourr.V     Act,
An act further lo amend the Municipal Act.
An act respecting ihr city of Victoria.
An ait to validate certain bylaws
passed by the i-oune il of the corporation of the district of North Cow-
In the form of messages from His
Honor the LitUtenant-Govcrnor-in-
Council ihe following hills were in-
Irodueed ami read a first time yesterday afternoon: to further amend the
Cemetery Ordinance, 1870; to amend
ihe Special Surveys Aet; to amend the
Trustee Act; to amend tho Execution
Act; respecting the drainage, dyking
and Irrigation of lands-., respecting
public  irrigation corporations.
The bill amending tho Cemetery
Ordinance Act provides for the ex-
linglriahfog of lbe titlo of Victoria
"ity in certain lands on the Dallas
mad. whicli have been used for cemetery purposes and their conveyance
to the Dominion Government which
lequirea iht-m in connection witb
harbor   improvement  works.
Oonnaught Ave.   -   ReveUtokr
Forty years in use. 20 years
the standard, prescribed and
recommended by physicL.ns.
For Women's Ailments, Doctor
Marlel's Female Pills, at yeur
Unexcelled in Tone,  Quality,   Perfect
| tion of Scale, Design, Finish ami Dur
quickly  utops   coujrhn,   cures   coldj,  a' 1   hesli
the throat ani luncs. :: :
-J ct.-.u.
Mormons Will Eu Id
Cards ton, Alta., Feb. 24—Au officio
better hrom   President   Jo■••■
•  S.t t   Lake City,  I'tah.  ■
al head oi  th.*     Mormon    h ir
1 re-.dent   K.J.   Wool,   of
State   et   /.ion.   annour. es   tha
temple for  Canada I ,
 cted at  Cardston,  in  South*'
I erta.   President Wot ■     I   I
s     would   probably    •
The Hilly Piano equipped with
Howard's Patent Straining Roda,
which ensures I'e-rn anem e anil I'm iiy
ot Tune,
with human-like control contains all the
improvements and -leviees.   They
a'e per: ne    .irtistie   in  design
■eable of giving life-long Bei
Me ing opened up i wareroom
■  Ave., Revelstoke, for Ihe salt
■    supervision   of
ohn   i inghatn  an>i   il. G.   Rod^n,   we
ectfn pul
ird !■■.!■-• •
The Newcombe Piano Co.
Mc K elstoke, H < .
ind i l' '■!■  . Toronl
Phone, 262
Empress Theatre
New Dress Goods
New Cotton Dress Goods
New Dress Gingham
New Linen Suitings
New Zephyrs
New Colored Dress Ducks
New Indian Head-Repps, Persian Lawns,
New Dimitys, Table Linen, Napkins.
New Gloves and Hosiery.
New  American Ladies' House   Dresses.
Teacher of Violin
Pupil of Ernest Simple, of Winnipeg, and Prof. Frederick,
late of London, Eng.
Studio at City Hotel;
Plenty of Gait Lump Coal arriving.    Orders will have
prompt attention.
Order at Kootenay Agencies
McKenzie Avcue
A. Davidson, %NE
Buys ami sells everything, (New
ami Second-hand.)
Household sales a specialty.
Conducted anywhere.
Satisfaction guaranteed.
Auctioneer and Valuer
Whj |.n\  more for il when you
■t  N'n. I <',r,.,.t,  ti ,t   II,,v .,(
«-e per too and No. 1 Peed <>ats
|*-r   ton   lacked   P.O.B.,
Prompt • bipment
Empress Theatre
In.I.   •! i .e  natrucl l«in by »^iti<l
i..ie-.i,,ii formei tnat herol Hprotl
K Mi.i ■ Instil uie, \'.in
Nik 111 ichool,   i In"'-  uis.Ia       i
wit'k, -'- :   'i |m i me.nlli.
Puhlii [i i |eh\ (lone,
P. 0. bOX 356
While Kkits are " I?00'' demand, and the price high, is thc lime to
try sume tlf our en.i; producers, such as Crushed Hones, Oyster Shell,
Grit, Beef Scrap, Alfalfa Meal, drains of all kinds, inri utiiuj;
Wheat, Barley, Oats, Corn.
OUR FEED STOCK is also complete with Hay, Bran,
Shorts. Oil Cale, Linseed Meal, etc.
AGENTS FOR PURITY FLOUR We are sole agents
for Purity Flour.   (More Bread and Better Bread).
Tel. 41
Box 74
J £
First Street, Revelstoke, TeL No. 22
Choice Groceries,   Fruit,   Vegetables
Hay, Feed and Poultry Supplies
Heating Stoves
Kootenay Ranges
Saskalta Ranges
Sunshine Furnaces
Hardware and Sporting Goods
We are offering good discounts off all Crockery,
Glass and Silverware during month of January.
First St, Revelstoke.    Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
Special Attention I'aitl to Mail Orders
D. Company 102nd, Rag. R. M. R., beg to announce that they will hold
regulai daOCei in Ihe Drill Hall on the 2ml. ami 4th. Friday evening
.il i it'll month.  Dales will lit' as follows:
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14th.   "   28th.    "
March 14th.        "   28th.    "
April 11th. ■•   25th.    "
I !••■ lust of treatment guaranteed. Music hy City Band. We solicit your
R. M. R Dance Committee
G. H. Brock, Chairman.
l : ntitnrti. make yonr headquarter! here.   Quick service.    Perfect Cleanliness
and Reaaonablt Prloeie    Qlve Us a Trial.    "We Never Bleep,"
a. ii. TiiiAKisoN,     -     Manager WEDNESDAY,  FEBRUARY  26, 1913.
During February There
Wiil be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. &. J4ume & Co.. limited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During February.
Look al Price Tickets.
■"":" ■"' ■ •' '*•. '■— toi.. t. r. '
^ 'y^^r-y 'yr-
f y ^Ste^L 'A. ..-■ -
-'$ar *
New Silk and Cotton Thread
Woik — Dine Pevi Lusta, Filo Roman Floss, Royal
Flees. Fie.
/ /
Penman s All Wool Hose
Spring Weights. Ahsolulely Seamless, Fast Colors, Non
Shrinkable.   Sizes 8J to 101   At CO rents and C5 cents.
Ladies New
As per usual we have a comprehensive showing of all the wanted styles for Spring 1913.
This line of Ladies' Suits are the product of
one Canadian and one American maker and
are what were picked by some of the leading
retailers in Eastern Canada as the best models
and the proper cloths. You have our guarantee behind every suit. We only await the
pleasure of showing them to the Revelstoke
Ladies at - - - -       -
$20.00 to $35.00
WASH WRAPPERS—A lot of Ladies Colored Wash Wrappers
Dark Colors, till Size.*, 34 to *2. Regular $1.75 to $2.50
on Sale' al  Eaeh   il.00
LACES    AND  EDGINGS—New  Shadow Lacea and  Edgings,
in White tititl Ecru, in till  ihe wanted widths at	
 ,     23 cent.-i   io   $1.00
PAHLHTTE S1LK—3S inch All  Bili Paelette, Black  (douh
fold).   You hav.   our Guarantee and the Maker- behind
this Silk.   Special    $1.00
SHOT PAELETTE BILK—38 inch Shol Faelttte, in Green,
Purple, Gold Blue, Red. Etc., Pure Silk, Double Wld h.
Special   |1.   )
NEW FANCY COLLARS, JABOTS and oth r Neck Fixings,
all ihe New Spring Idea*. Rabisphere Collars, Qu.<>n
Elbahelh Ruftcls, Masie Antionotte Bows, Etc., Coning near Easter, better pick out you bai oi these
pretty novelties, while ihe pi king is good.
UePbRWEAR—One  hundred  Pie.-es  o1  Women's Fl.ec-M   m-
derwear, all Si/es, Grey Color, Warm Goods,   Al
for $1.00 or Each   S3 .
KNITTED WAISTS—Child's Knitted  White Cotton    Wa
Tape Strapped for Buttoning.   The Underwear I
To lit children from 2 lo 12 y ars nl a    .  Ea   l   J
Men's Furnishing
lap9 Shoes
' oo Meo'a Lasts
" They look just like Dads'*. That is what
every boy" says of them, and he is right. Our
"Boy Scout" shoes not only are made on lasts
just like men's lasts, but they are made just as
well as men's shoes. Every pair is "Goodyear
Welt" made, and the stock is of the same high
grade which goes into the finest boots for men.
c/411 the new styles in fine shoes, high and medium toes. All the wear and waterproof qualities
in the heavier grades. Let us show you what
we mean when we say they are " Little Men's
Shoes" and Better Boys Shoes.
BOY SCOUT BOCTS— Tan crrain. high top with iwo Buckle-.
Heavy Welled Sole, with screws to Prevent Breaking of
Arch. Si/es 1 to 5J, Price $5.00. Size 11 to 13   Price $4.60.
BOY SCOUT BOOT—Heavy Box Calf, made on a neat mannish last. Medium Sole, Sizt-s 1 loo, Price $3.25 Sizes
11 io 13. Tri e $2.75.   Sizes 7 to 10}, Price $2.50.
BOY SCOUT BOOT—Velour Calf, beautifully trimmed stoe-k.
medium Sole. Nob Toa.   Si/e> 1 to 5, Price $4.00.
BOY SCOUT BOOT—Velour Calf, Button, Nob Toe, thc mot
perfect Beys Shoe on the market.   Price $3.50, site 1 to 5
BOY SCOUT BOOT—Fine Vici Kid, New Medium Last, mt '.-
lum Heel and To •. Heavy Sole. Sizes 1 to 5, Price
$i.C0. Sizes 11 to 13, Price $2.75. Sizes 7 to 101.
Plice, $2.50.
Lbcb with Strap ond Two Buckles. Wilted Sole, Nob
To . fairly heavy.   Si e- 7 to lO-i.     Prioo >.'.".">.
LI7TLI   GENTS SCOUT BOOT—Tan OaU, Wcfted Sole, Nob
Toe', medium weight.   Size 7} to 1   '.■   Prict   12.; I.
LITTl.lv GENTS   SCOUT BOOT—Patent Calf,  Weltud.    Nob
Toe.   A Dressy an.l Serviceable Little Sho1   Sizes Ti lo
Hi}.   Price,  $2.75.
Men's Union
Working Trousers
ai olutely the Best Line oi Working Trousers ever bhown
in the city. Every Pair bears ihe UNION,LABEL, anJ every
Pair is perfect in Workmanship and F.nish. Full sized and
Regulation number of pockets.
Prioe 52.'0 to 54.1 I per Pair
Oun Grocery and Crockery" Department
Pure Clover Honey
Pure Clover Honey-
Five Pound Tin-   $1.36
Bealen  s.*>
Bottle     Mc., 86c, nnei  N   to
A Fresh Assortment of
and Blai kwclli 1 ati i i Pound Tins,
Oro    .ni" ' lackwells land 2 Pound Glass Jaw.
Kellli r   . and   i Pound Tin ,
KclHoi      i Gla     Jai
., i and 2 Poun '  I
chr ■     i Iran ■•. fl i an i Lemon In GIs i   :
Robert ari     Pit
Try Dur Canned
In heavy    ymp. strawberries,  Raspberries,  Chei
mis. Lombard Plums, Peaches and
iu 2 Pound Tin-.
Im   Fruits in Gallon     Tins— Pumpkin,    Peaches,
Pear*, Rhubarb and Plums.
Evaporated Fruits
.it) 1   Pi'   h   Pt a< h -    !'• in   .   Apple  .   I
Sunbeam Tea Red Label Good Blue Label Best
Specials for Friday and Saturday
Tuckfield's Sauce, (Large Bottles)      15 Cents or Two for 25c
Tobasco Ketchup     20 Cc nl  Hot les
Boss Hand Cleaner        IOc. Per  I in
Sewing cJTVlachine  Oil K) Cent: ottle
House Furnishing Department
i.   Foi
Bpring   will   oon  be here, thai meant Now Carpel . Linol   i
Vi'rnntlnii Screens,  Bite.   Wo have all ol tho above In s>;
the balance ol tin   week we arc making n ''l'1 ''"n on Rugs, torn
As you know ill" cost of raw Material has been advan Ing fort Secta the
Cork, tui and .lull' that li ttsnd In making Linoleum.   Prioea on L
par rout un what iimy wero two yeai    ago.   We have a full lino I
will sell al  lho uM prices   as long a  !i   la ts.   u.e not wait bul
your money.   Wr bave receive;! a largo   onsl i ood servia
you the benefll ol the low price on thom.   They ai    (our feat nnl
al tht  low price of $5.00, n* i ■■ ■ •    h !   la I    We  ■•■ ]\  be pit
Wi  have mnny other artioli   you will require for Spring.  }% PAGE SIX
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Kevelstoke Plumbing C&,
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone 281
Nighl Phone 40
P. O. H
,y Remington S 35   Empire $25   Underwood $65
fyjfrjky       Anil i.iiii.i r-iii   i iii-T hurKninn.    Bond for oomploto Hit of slightly med
',»■' y machine! robutll in our own factory and mado ri Brood ua now.    Wo buvo
^-^ijf j iutl i to $76 on any machine.  Battifaotlon guarantood<
Canadian Typewriter Exchange, Dept, 21, Suite 305,319 Pender W., Vancouver, B.C,
Howson C& Co,, Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C& Co., Ltd.
St.. John's church was lillod io tho
di.en i last Wednesday evening to heur
ili.- lecture on New Zealand, plven hy
Miss   Anderson   Hughes.    Minn Hu^'huB
was bom in thai sunny southern land
and has spenl most of her life ihere,
therefore she spoke wiih greater in-
loreBt ol the advantages of hei- native
country. Bbe told ol the advanced
placo New Zealand holds in tho niut-
lor ol women's franoblao ami temperance, she- said tho granting of the
vole to women in hor oountry had
been productive of great good and
none ot the ovlln p red to tod had really
resulted. New Zealand lias a Bplendid ij ! in of local option in dealing
witb ihe li iiioc problem, and iiiuIh
iimi it works admirably.
In pi alting ol the Maoris, ihe na -
uvis i.f \cw Zealand, Miss iInchon,
aid Ihej were a vory superior race
both physically and menially. They
wero kiml hearted and generous as a
class, The lecturer described ihescen-
ie beauty of Now /.inland in most
vivid language, It Im^ volcanoes and
iieii BprlngS, niiMiniains and lakes, I'iv
rs and bays, lhal equal those of any
country in the world. A number of
colored slides Illustrating tho beauties
ol tho island, wero thrown on the
ser. ni, and gave the audience somo
idea of Its se- nic granduer.
Mrs. Hughes had on part of a native costume, while twelve ^irls were
on the platform dressed in full Maori
costume. Tbe lecture was intensely
interesting from beginning to end and
Mi-s llu.hts, who appeared line under ih.- auspices of the local W.r.T.U.
closed her address wiih a strong plea
t.n in-half of temperance.
Write Ideas for Moving Picture Plays
You Can Write Photo Plays and Earn
$25.00 or more Weekly.
[f you have Ideas—If you ean THINK—we will show you the set-rets of ihis fascinating new profession.    Positively no experience or literary excellence neeessni-y, No "flowery language" is wanted.
The di mund for photoplays is praotloally unlimited. The big lilm manufacturers are "movlug
heaven and earth" in Iheir attempts to get enough good plots to supply tbe ever Increasing demand.
They are offering $100and more, for single scenarios or written Ideas,
We have received many letters from the film manufacturers, such asVITAGRAPH, EDISON,
niging us to send | hotoplnysio them. We want more writers and we'll glial ly teaoh yon theseorets
of success,
We are selling photoplays written by people who "never before wrote a lino for
Perhaps we can do the some for you, If you can think of only one gord Iden every week, and
will write it out ns directed by us, and it sells for only $:.'f>, a low llg ure.
You will Earn $100 monthly for Spare Time Work
111 > 1 .r< 1/<  *'''"' •v""1' name im'l address at once for free oopy of our Illustrated book,
4 HIili   "Moving Picture Pluywrltlng."
Don't hesitate,    Dt n't argue,   Write NOW nml learn just  what this new piofesslcn may mean fur
you ni 'I your future,
NATIONAL AUTHORS' INSTITUTE,   :    1543 Broadway, New York City
Then take advnntage ol sn exceptional opportunity. C.-ill al
and inspect the Btock of Mnndo-
lins, Violins, Guitars Acccrd-
eons, Piccolos, Flutos, Multi-
Flutes, Harmonicas, Albums,
8heet Music, Plnyor Rolls, Etc.
Selling at next to cost price to
i '.ear.
Etlison Phonographs and Victor
Cramophcnes. Also 500Kdison
\V.i\ Records selling at 45c.
11 su.il Price, 66c. I and a lirsl-
class selection of nine Seal
Unbreakable   Records   at    fti-v.
Como Early ami Cct First choice.
Piano Tuning and Repairs a
It is acquired through Alcoholic
Poisoning which Neal Treatment
eradicates in three days,
Kthi ul Aid whicli takes away
liquor appetite Given at the
Neal Institute.
Revelstoke.       -       Phone 262.
ii. 0.
i hi:
Be reasonable! Don't send vour hard-earned money
to China! Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only. Be progressive, ani'
have your washing done by the Wesl Kootenay Steam
Laund.y.   Regular collector and delivery service.
Phone 80 EARL BARRACLOUGH. Manager.
The   family   remedy    for    Coughl   end   Cole's
'Sblloh COStS  BO   little    rr.d tcca   so much!'
Parcel Post This Session
Ottawa. Feb. 20—Hon. h. R. I'ele-
tier is working oul his scheme of Par_
ce'ls post for t'ana.Ia, nml Is apparently determined lo make good. He promises something tangible this session.
Hon. Mr. Lemieux slated in the house
this afternoon that he had heen forwarded the resolutions of the Grain
Growers' Association calling for a
parcels post system and he desired to
know if the postmaster general had
gone1 atly further in the matter.
"Wh n lhe BUbject was up before, I
,-ai'l tha- I would de-al with the questions Bome timo during the session,
and I am working al it,'' said Hon.
Mr.   roll-tier.
Fruii   Lands
Galena  Bay  lands in parcels of
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold tho old.
10 or 20 acres or en bloc.
pendence invited.
John Shaw, Agent,
Box 616 Arrowhead
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co.. Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer
The Capital of Canada's Alps
MR. IN\ EST( 1;     Do you know that Property
Val n  Reve'stoke than   in  any
a!   They will not remain
get in l   <n before the rise.
103 Feel on Mh Street at $1200 Terms
Modem House. Fourth Street dt $1200   "
50 Feet on McKen/ie Avenue A .Snap
Modern House wiih 75 Feel Frontage, Mi Km/if Ave $3600
mmi ni Wesl I n.l Property at $300 Per Lol urd Up
J. 6. Watson Realty Co.
--      Amei     ■ '       ilty Co.
Record of Progress for Five Years—1906-1911
1906 1911
Capital       ....       * 3,000.000 8 4,000,000
Reserve 3,000.000 4,<>0(),0()()
Deposits       ....        23,677.730 35,012,311
Loans and Investments          -      27.4f>7,090 38,854,801
Total Assets        -      -       -        33,090,192 48,237,284
Has 83 Branches in Canada, anil Agents and Correspondents In all
the Principal cuius in the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrent rate.
Revelstoke Branch, W. H. PRATT, Manager
. . . It Miqht Be Cold. . .
It is always hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hot Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our.record of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenery of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of guests.
Haleyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. BOYD, Proprietor, -        Halcyon, Arrow Lakes
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
KivnsroKr. n.c.
R." ■■
► %^%.-*%.%-%■ ■%^-%'«.'%»  %e^^V%^V%  '
lay, Grain and Feed
Office :
Cumming's Transfer Co'y
Second   Street
owls, Comports,
M.: d hy "Libby"
* c. i        atcii i        roR *
and Modern Photography; also Developing,
Printing, Copying and Enlarging. Prices
Corner Studio, Next Star Theatre. McKenzie Ave. 'WEDNESDAY,  FEBRUARY  2fi,   1913.
Have you taken
Our advice yet
About Investing
in Real Estate
in Revelstoke?
We have some splendid buys in the
West End of Town
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Consistinn of every conceivable size and make ot
Huts, Cloves, Shoes and Underwear; also a most
extensive stock of Neddies of every .shade and
We have also a specially fine assortment of samples
tor our Spring Clothing Order Departmeet.
Fit-Reform Clothing        Stetson Hats        Foot-Rite Shoes
Buy Real Estate in Hevelstoke
These   lots  are 4-10 of   an acre and are beautifully situated  in
the west end.
The price,  S3)), iiim in  tint yju are HOU>'IJ to nuke money
on them.
Tiie term* are so eisy tint you can pay   for   them   w   hout   any
In Men's Furnishing Department
Rubbers, Sox, Tweed Pants, Heavy Top Shirts,
etc., reduced to cost. ....
John Mclntyre & Son
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
..Swift's Specialties..
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
will refresh you with its  bright,   spicy-
flavor and (ragrancy.    Sold i    1  lb.
lead packages.
Price, 35c., 40c. and 50c. per Ib.
P. O. Box 208
Phono No. 23
During thc recent visit of the Hon.
George H. Foster, Dominion minister
ni Ti ides aud Commerce, to Victoria,
he met in conference, the Provincial
Minister ol Agriculture, lhe Hon.Price
Ellison; Mr. W. E. Scott, the deputy
Monister, ami Mr. W.H. Ricardo, the
president of lhc British Columbin
Fruit Growers' Association, and these
gentlemen laid before him tho present
conditions of the fruit industry of tho
Province and its immedialo neods.
As was brought oiit fully at thc con-
v.-niions 0i growers and rancher, here
in Jaauury, iheir industry is being injured by competition, which Ihey can-
noi help bin feel tone unfair, from the
fruit-producing .late, to ihe southward. American growers pay only
thirteen cents a box on large fruits
shipped imo Oanada, while Canadian
producers have to pay twenty-live
cents a box duty io rca<h lhe mark -
pis of ihe United States. South of the
line, with cheaper labor, the average
osi of production works oul at about lifty cents a box. In thi? province, the cost is sixty-live eenls. More
over, the I'nited Slates growers have
an older industry proportionately liet-
ter organized nnd the above facts, in
lbe fruit, growers' opinion, point to an
inequality of eonililions which gives
theem a claim on lh'- Dominion govern
menl for a remedy in the shape of an
equalization of the duty.
In addition to this, the Amerie.au
»;i'ee rs, after selling; the best of their
ii in io ih"ir own Eastern markets at
perhaps $1.50 a box, are able to llooh
the Canadian markets with their second grade stufl at prices which are'
considerably lower than the cost of
production, at times ranging as low
as thirty ■■ nts a box,  thus, naturally
enough, preventing uritish Columbia
an.l oilier Canadian growers from rea
I ping lhe profits they are entitled to
•from their own markets. To remedy
this slate of nilairs, representations
are being made at,the present time
io tin- Dominion government at Ot-
I tawa thnt changes in tho dumping
act are desirable, putting the market
price on any quality of Iruit at not
less lhan the cost of production, and
also recommending a more rigid en. |
forcemeat ol the Canadian Fruit
Marks Act, which would result In all
American fruit not properly marked'
according to Canadian law, being
turned  back at  the frontier.
Lasl  year no less thnn .140 oarloads
of apples and other large fruits wiini<
-hipped into Vancouvor from   Ihe  Un-
ite-.i states, besides an equal number
of carload- of citrous fruits and   to-
inatoe-. the former amount being equal  io the   total distribution of Ok-
nnagan  fruit (or  lhe year.   This is but
one concrote example of what iH going
on. and considering  ilml   Ihis province!
ha- twenty-five millions of capital in- e
vested  in  orchards, it is evident  that .
it is   io  it-  inleresl,  and   to the      interesl   of Iho  Dominion  of  which     it
forms pari, to see 11 il  is not possible
to cheek the enormous drain of money ,
1 >-in ; [ .e'll   out   in   American   growers
eaeh year, ainl which might he return
I'd io  lhe ranches of Uritish Columbia
for purpbscs of further    development,
und for tbo good of (he  trade of   the
proviin e gi nernlly.
British Columbia is already a P''o -
vince with a surplus of fruit which
will enable il to supply the prairie
markets. She buys her grain and oth
er supplies largely from Ihere, and so
ha- a claim on support from the other province's jn building up her young
industry, by which the Western states
o'. Cana'in will nil benefit,
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
Pontraciva Silver-Grey  stock patterns
Cups C& Saucers Regular S3.00 Doz. This week $2.15
Birmingham, England., Feb. 21.—
The city council is being asked to vote
£21,000 towards insisting poor work
ing people to emigrate. Last year of
the 30 families tbus helped only on.-
family asked for help to go to Australia,  ths rest went  lo Canada.
0-0-0<>0<)^0<K><HK>0-0<yO<>0<K>00<K> o
Imperial Bank of Canada %
Head Office-
Capital Subscribed
Capital Paid Up
Total Assets,
Toronto, Ontario.
PrsrrhpR or Agent* at all principal prints in'Canada,
Agt-rU in Gieat hritain snd United States—London, England,
I.lrvdp Phi k, Limited. ( bicsgc— Fiist National Bank, Ccin Exchange Natiotal Bar.k. £>eatll»~ Suit tie National Bank, San Francisco— WeM Paige Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of Sl  a«d upward,  received, and  interest allowed at
current rate from date of depi sit.   Correspondence solicited.
Revelstoke Branch - A. B. MoCleneghan, Mgr.
►OOO Q- OKM>0<>0<><H><>0<KH><>0<>-CX><>9
Big Shoe Sale
Having decided to clear out
our line of WALKOVER
SHOES we have placed
on sale all of our remaining
rtock at $3.75 Per Pair.
Don't fail to see our windows and buy while the
sizes last.
McRae Mercantile Co.
The Kevelstoke Home of Society Brand Clothes
and H. S. Peter's Overalls
Special value in a   Hot  Water   Bottle.    A   2   quart  Red   Rttbbei
guaranteed i>ottle         >L'S
Chamois anil Red l'clt Chest 1'rotcctors, Kach       51.-S|)
Rexall Cherry Cough Cure Ufc., S0c.,|1.00
Rexall Wine or Cod Liver Oil $1.00
Rexall   Hypophospliitcs   (the  besl   tonic  we can recommend)
Rexall Beef, Iron ami Wine  W-00
All Rexall preparation cjiarantcce to give satisfaction or we will
return vour monev.
8 in.   Plates
6 in.
5 in.
7in. Large Soups
Fruit Saucers
Gravy Boats
Cream Jugs
Covered Sugars
Vegetable Dishes
Water Jugs
97-piece Set ol Above, Regular $22.50,  This Week. $14.50
These Dishes are Semi-Porcelain, and   the   pattern   is
guaranteed not to rub off.
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Paints, Oils, C&c.
Agents for Minerva Paints and Oxford Ranges.
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to he arranged.       Meal Tickets, 21 meals (or $6.00
A. P. LBVBSQUE, Proprietor
Laughton C&> Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
H. J. McSORLtY, Proprietor.
Strictly] First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with Bath
suitably furnished with lhe choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
CIgKpr     Rat"- $i a day.     Monthly rate.
Sweater Coats
A nice assortment to choose from. Warm and
comfortable for Early Spring Wear. Prices
reasonable. p
|k-'%%e-».%.-%.«V-%%^.'*.%.«V-%.'%.    %."•
i/%a%% *%%i% '■»►%■%.-%-%■%*»■ ^
I Krauso i,( Spokane, i• in Hue
(let    yotir   Skates  sharpened al   A. |
(I.    Duck's,     25c,    a pnir, ami  go  t.e
Three Valloy  ou Thursday.
•1^%^%^%^% 'tVtVJH
Dan ^^
Ti night i
ket" Is the
lhe night,
'( ,, mh a Rao
0.  il.  Daly iei Summei and
in on ihe i- e't bound Monday.
AW   \ enn eif
. In the
Kelowna, wn - doing
ity  on  Mon.lay.
L st     0|
UN 11
mg the
laguu vi
.  Monday
■;,  Po ej
• tin
.   Realty
HI     ■  ;
from  Palj
la     Mon
nl   "Time
will each
• nt roJun    im
in        to-
M       ',:     .
of     Heat
Oreek,     paid
■■,   i   ihi
■ rt  ol
(, ,
•rin tendent
i ii ned
til'      e  0881
\ romance beginning in the "Auld
Kiniry'1 was celebrated in a marriage
ivrcmoin ou Saturday morning, when
Mr. Campbell of Rogers Pass, wedded
Miss M. Call of Vancouver. They mot
at the Presbyterian manso and were
married by Rev.  J.W. Stevenson.
The Girl Prom Tokio, at the opera
house last evening, waa a flrsi das
performance. Lt is one of the best
i ompanies louring the wost. Tho three
acta were veritable screams Irom
start tee finish, It is hoped this com
pany will visit Rovelstoke on somo
futUl'i   i'   a ion,
Pointed Paragraphs of Provincial Interest
Germany has ricciod to set aside a
num of $6,000,000 for the aviation
branch of her armaments. This is the
largest nm yel voted by a govern -
ment for the purpose.
t ai Ison nf Vancouver,
; i mini I city  visil oi
< :.   '■: mday,
i, • . ir n serve I ea1 marked at
C. R. Macdonald's for "Captain Racket,"
Police led Hissing Husbands
LONDON. Kel>. 18- Tne Metropoli
ian polici are al present searching
foe 291 husband who have el' ei ted
. i he11 wives and 673 children, leaving
i hem dep n lent on the gnui'dlam in
London Tho distribution var -
ii s from its iii Woolwich to nine In
'i be tverai e cost for tbo mainten
ance of a poor law child is aliout
$1.26 a week, and therefore tbu nine
London unions concerned are being
waB, mulcted in a weekly expenditure of
tbe about $855 through having to assume
the    re ponsibilities of tbe defaulting
lath  is.
ln these- days of rampant feminism,
■•\ equality, ami suffragettes,     it is
The House of Lordi
I I the W.-Lh
bill, 2W1 to 51. Tims its fate is Identical with that ofthe home rule Lill;
it must le' passed by two sir udlng
i,l llie House of Common- bo-
i.nu it ■ on become a law,
Probably the oldest woman lu tho
city of Montreal died there on Baturday last, she was Mrs, LaPanno, aged 107 yeai's, who lived ou 1-bvervillo
last  week     re-J    A package of money was mislaid by
disestablishment  a member  of  the stall  ofthe   Imperial
Hank at Now Michel on Wednesday of
HALT COAL is handled exclusively
in Revelstoke by the Hevelstoke Gen-
cral Agenoles, Ltd.
The Hit; Evenl—L.A.B. of R.T. Annual At Home; the date, Manh 20th.
Tho place, Revelsloke opera bouse. A
word  lo tho wise is sufficient.
Leave your subscriptions for any
newspaper or magazine ut Maadon -
aid's drug store.
if you have not soon tho three aot
comedy "Captain Racket" don't miss
it Ibis evening al the KmprosH theatre
This is the Gould Benefll play.
Boo  Chas  M.  Kield about  lhat Life
a  week
Mell,ean has bei
with ilie grippe,
n   quite
II foi
last week and has not yet been loeat-  r0nCy you arc contemplating putting
ed. Th ■ polio ai rested the ( bine >■
janitor of lhc bank building in Michel
bul he lm- sinoe bi en released,
Edmonton,   Feb. 22.—Two hundred
uncut  fiscal  year,  841,983   dollars  and  costs  is lbe  price   iul'itk
Alary,    agod      63,     postm ist.'r      ai. I
storekeeper at   Vllleneuvo, aaar     I0d-
monion,    w III  | a;    Mrs,   Jn lu      i oul
a&gei. aged 10, wife ui a   '■" w ir   of
the same- district, for a   uln^la ki- -.
Sh., sued for $1,  dam igo   ,,nd the
a m wa board in the Buprsme cot'rt
tliis afteincon. Mrs. Boulanjer was
In the i  at tbe time and was lull.nd     the    counter looking ,.t. si mc
During the lu months, April to Keb
I. of the
immigrants arrived iii Canada, made
up <■: I :e.M'i British, 118,828 from tbc
United Stales and 125,1 84 from all
oilier countries combined. The figures
ol ihe corresponding period lu>t Usual
year are British, 121,611, United
States, 111,700, and from all other
countries, 67,388, making a loial for
iln in months ol tho fiscal year 1911-
12 of 300,708
ii.et surprising that an increasing uum
wa -             or to     thc
city the
p          this week.
ber of mere men in London and other British cities, arc found quite willing io steal silently   away from
A tall mau, bundled in a big fur
coat, walked imo tho United States
District Attorney's office in Chicago,
recently and laid down his bill: "107
miles by dog team, S1C.78; o.X'.it; miles
by rail, $389.60; total $405.30." He
waa William ll. Whittlesey, attorney
and former United State' marshal at
(]U.   Seward, Alaska, who came to Chicago
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^     j troubles  ol'a   harassed      inarrief   life,
H. I    .inl  wife of Vancouver,  leaving ths all-powerful   woman,     iu
w ed among strangers . n   the that complet onomii   and maternal
ay. control of the     home and     children,
I which  ihe suffragettes   profess   them-
J.  a.  Lyle of Winnipeg, and J. S.   eiVosso anxious     to   acquire.     The
Coi    '  nf Drj bn   Onl . were business  .rt   lhl,  imnleaiateiy following   this
visitors here Monday. ,,,,,., lh(.     women and   children     iu
1 spite of all  vapourings regarding eco-
i • your Skate- sharpened at A.
G. Dli k'-. 2j. . a pair, and go to
T':       ',    Ii,  0n Thursday.
(.. '      youi
G.    Duck's
Skates sharpened a    A.
25 .    a pair.,  and  go  to
ley on Thursday.
nn t
w. ■:■
P.P. Farrell of Taft
Mi  .  Mayhue of     Three Valley.   I .:'•
visitors here yesterday.
nomic e [Uality  between tb,' soxes find
themselves absolutely dependant upon
public charity, i-  sufficient   to     prove
al any rate  to those concerned     that
-.in  with all the     moral and    social
shortcomings   nf  bis  kind, so  long as
ne has a weekly paycheck available, a
and Mr.  mere     man i=   i very handy    thing to
around  a  house.
Bov.l,  the  genial  proprietor    of
San lai ium  at-     Halcyon.
.ti -.h- city la--"  Satmday.
n ('ami' ell of Enderby, aud
It. M '.H-h of Armstrong, were transit ting business in town yesterday.
J. E. Bru.-e made a business trip to
Nelson th end of last week. Transact.- ness .a the Inland City on
H. J. McSorley, proprietor of the
K ng Edward hotel, left a couple of
day? aco or a visit to Kamloop- and
other western  points.
I      M. Field, the bustling insurance
man of Revelstoke, is in Calgary     on
business.   He will  return home     next
At Calgary he say= the weath.
er is fine.
.any friends of Mrs. Kenny Mc-
(:•-• will le pleased to hear that she
returne 1 last Sunday from the coast
W.a -h Improved in health. It is expected that in a week's time she will
te  herself again.
The P.evel-toke Amateur Dramatize iety -cored a biz hit la-t week in
«h-».r pre-enta'ion of 'Captain Racket." Which was put on for the Gould
Benefit ;;.-. i. By request th-S'' clever
amateur actors will present th--
p! iy this evening, Wedn sday. at the
Emptess theatre.
folks Should be Careful in Their
Selection of Regulcti.e Medicine.
We have a Bate, dependable and al-  during tin
together Ideal remedy  that is partic-  l"ke 5000
to testifj in a government -uit. Never
i.Men,' had I he < biea-go oftii ■• been
called on to pay a bill for transportation by dog team.
Upon the board ol trustees of th'-
new Seattle Chamber of Commerce
making a favorablo ripon on tie- beneficial results lo be abiaiii'd irom tbe
establishment of a bank under tii.-
Morris plan of industrial banking.
Attorney George McK. McOlellan announced thai the work of starting
-uch a bank would le taken up at
once. The bank will have for its purpose : be relief if -'loan shark" victims, and it is hoped that it vvill bein
operai Ion io about sin months.
Vancouver ia to supply Japan with
wheut fen 1913 ami will welcome the
tirsi -team-1 t,e carry wheat to Japan
next month, which will be a Japanese
st.-amer. the Kukui Main. She will be
the firsl of a s.-i ie^ which will come to
Vancouver evi ry month for wheal
oming esasi n. She will
tous.   She Bailed from Vo-
Moose JaR, Sask., Feb. 21 Three
thousand settlers will be booked dlr
e-t fiom the British i les during 1911
by the National Land Company which
has an ofllce in Manchester, England.
Thi-is the formation received loday
by T. Winfield, local manager of the
These new Sett.erS will all be agriculturalists with capital, The company, whieh has a number of other
branches in weBlern Canada,will bring
out thousands more lo their branches
at Calgary, Saskatoon, Regina, Ed
monion, MedLlne Hat, Winnipeg, Kan.
loops  and  Leth iri,lee.
on  in   Ihe company  of    which      Lord
Strathcona and the Presidenl of    tha
Hank  of  Ml ntn al  are  directors,
QALT COAL—Not jusi as good, bul
ib- real article.—Tha Revelstoke
Qtneral  Agencies, Ltd.
li i o.nes but once a year, the L.A.
II. of R.T. Dance and At Home. Tbis
i Imo ih • date is March 26lh, Revel -
stoke opera houso.   Romember the sue
cess se-ot-e'd  last   year,  and    hep    line
date open-
Tbe itevelstoke General AgenoiesLtd,
arc thc oXi Iitsive agents for lhc famous GALT COAL.
I'or chapped haiuN,and face, try our
special  Cold Cream.  Cures In  a nighl
Macdonald's drug store.
The  first   Canadian  , ont n. ent   thai
went to tbc l'o ■!• war were Ins I for
$1,000,000 in the Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corporation
stoke Kire Brigades are also insured
in ibis company. The special 'agent
for this company is Chas. M Pield —-
Best policy in the market issue.I to all
especially lo railroaders.
Children will be admitted for 25c.
al the Empress lonight.
i Patronize "Captain Racket" lonighi
and help out a good cause.
"Captain Racket" will be presented
al   lb.'   Empress   theatre   tonight      foi
tin' last  time,   t'o.in- again and bring
your friends.
: In iln' words ,,f Irving Kennedy,—
"None one iiiiii moment, all pure fun
Iiiiiii start to llni-h.'' in "Captain
Racket" tonight.
All ilie mothers In lown are    wel
como at ihe "Mothers' Meeting"     on
Thui sdaj all or noon al three o'clock in
ih ■   M -iboilisl   , bun b.
Mrs, S.C. Kobbins arrived homo on
Monday morning after a month's holiday    at  tbe i oast.       Miss  J.   liobbius
remains at Victoria attending school.
Mr, Jas. Teller ari'lvcd In lown ou
Sunday mot ning from Edmonton and
is thu guest of .Mrs. VV. M. Lawrence.
.Inu is all ru liu iast on tho StlbjcCI of
tl.o Ihk northern city.
The Ladies'M !o p tui Guild met in
tbe-  City  HaU yesterday  afternoon foi
'Captain  Racket"  when played lasl
.„,.   „     ,     tbe annuul election of oilicers,
I be il,'Vd -   . »
ing .as  follows:—President,  Mrs.  veil
Sutherland;     1st Vice-President, Mrs
J. I). Sibbald; 2nd Vice-President, Mrs
B.A,   lawson;   Secretary,   Mis.  (I.   S.
Me Carter; Treasurer, Mrs.  W.A. Foote
A discussion followed as to iho   best
means of raising funds for the purpose
Tho board of conciliation appointed
to con-i.lcr ihe demands ol the miners
employed at twenty min - in the
Kootenay dislrici has brought in a
majority report declaring that tho in-
i i-ease  ol   labor  in   the   mines is      nol
justified. This report is signed byW.
ll.  Bullocl-Webster, chairman, and C.
R. Hamilton, K.C., representative on
lho board of lhe mine owners. J. \V.
Bennett,  representative of the miners.
Thursday,   wns  n co.ni/od as one     of   of'buying furnishings for bhe hospital
A   farcy  diess   ball   was  decided   upon,
t.e  be  given early in  April.
Uil1 best and funniest plays ever seen
,n Hevclsioke. "A laiie-.li in every
The general
Last Saiuiday afternoon, three' ol
our enterprising young men, each pos-
se Bed of ih,- ..piiii of a Nansen made
a dash for the noitb polo in the shape
of lhe chalet on th ■ lop of Mt. RoVel-
stoke.    fitted      up w.ili   all   lbe  Usual
polar encumbrances, guns, dogs, sleds:
nowshocs  and  Bleeping  suits,      with
Excelsior for ilrar motto,  they steered for  the summit.   The snow     grow
deepor and deeper and ever more    impossible,   but tha  dauntless   three pur-
Railroaders, beware. Do not put on sued their course  till fully three  ben-
life or accident insurance without first   , lies  bael  been safely s.'alcd.   Then  at
looking over the attractive and     low about latitude (11 degrees north, alti-
oaimittee of the Cana-   priced policies offered vou by Chas.M.   tudo 300, popularly     known a-     the
You are o casional y reading of  Ke
i i. Is   ,n   ill'   newspapers.   Thc   drugs
for these are all kept at  Maodonald's
drug store.
James, tho Chimney Swc.-p, is back
in town, and will give prompt personal attention to all jobs, 'i'ho e Ori,
ental  Holel,  or  write,   Jam s.      Tho
has submitted a minority  report,    in   Chimney  Sweep,    C.  O.  oriental  Ho
wbich he urges that the men he grant   tel,  Revelstoko.
ed the increase demanded, urging    the
mcrca-ed  cost  of living as his      chief
reason for his decision.
dian Peace Centennial Committee con-   Field,  in his
vened in Ottawa last week and passed   panics.
sound and  reliable com-
ularly adapted to the requirements of  kohama on February 9 for Vancouver t^ following resolution on ihc'death
aged people and persons to weak constitutions  who  sutler  from    constipation or other bowel disorders. We arc
so certain thai     it  will relieve     these
complaints and give absolute sal
tion  in every particular that   .'■■   •,!!■■
it with  oui   p-Tsonal  guarantee    that
it shall cost  'lie- user nothing il
to substantiate our e-laitns. Thia remedy is called  Rexall Orderlies.
Rexall   orderlies  have    a
healing strengthening, ton:   ar. I regulative action upon the bowels.     Th.'y
remoVe all  irritation, dryness.
ness  and   weakness.   They   re?'.
bowels and  associate organs  -
vigorous  and  h.-althy  activity.    They
are eat n iy. may
any  time   without  inconv-r.
not catis-' my griping   nausea
rhoea. excessive loosenesc
or o'her disagreeable effect.  Pr
and 10<\    Sold only a' our 8'ore—The
Rex il1  Store.—Waiter Bows.
Tasteless Cod L/iver Oil for a bad
cold on ihe chesi —21.00 for a large
bottle at Macdonald's drug store.
Only   four    companies settled    their
ollowed at month- 0f Captain  SeotC    "That  the general
ly  interval    by steamers of the same committee desires to placo   on record
line   ind tl      . ace of Canada is ob- the deep sorrow felt by all iis mom-
oi      Au- f.ilia hers at  the- untimely end pf the    gal-
whence, -  to  Japanese    hip- lant Captain Scott and his brave com   losses in full in  the     San    Francisco  and ihey quat
Japan last year imported 200,000 panions.   It is the feeling of the   com  earthquake and fire, of which tho Lon-
grain.   Tins     year    tha cram mittee that   the -elf-saerifice and     de-   don  Assurance  Corporation   was  one.
■   e.rted to   be  a failure votion exhibited  in  quest of peaceful,   Tbis  company   paid   out   $7,000,(100  in
iii-h an extent, according to ut none the less dangerous and    ar-  that  disaster,  their  policies aro writ-
n from  the porth- duous    exploration    will    remain    au   trn here by Chas. M. Field.
■ rr.  territorie    oi     Oanada        in heritage- and  inspiration,  primarily to
cheap or  cheaper  than th'-  English-speaking nation, but also
"'■-        • . to the world at large..   The sympathy
atne appar- ,,- the members is hereby extended to
Japai .n.'csti- the  iamilies of the brave   men     who
have perished."
water tank, they stood and gazed below, "in happy homes ih<-y saw the
light, of household tires ^lonm warm
and bright; Above the spectral glm- -
ler shone, And irom Rei.l's Lips es -
i aped a g'Oin, Aw, boys, let's quit."
"linen,'' said  Lang and Hart Munro
Forty years in use, 20     y ars     the
standard,   pres, ribed  and  recommend.
ed by physicians.   For Woman's Ail -
ments, Dr. Martel's Female Bills,   at
I your druggist.
In the County Court of West Koo.enay
holden at Revelstoke, Lt. C, In ihe
matter of the "1'laus Cancellation
In the matter of the Application of
Richard II. Sawyer, to cancel por -
tion of Plan G.')li liled in tho Land
Registry Otlice at the City of Nelson, B. C.
Notice is hereby given that a Mo -
lion will be made before bis Honor
Judge Forin at the  Court House    in
'■■'        iry   te—"Captain   Racket'
'h ■ Bmpress th
Because He Takes 6IN PILLS
A pror'an'-Tit Consulting Engineer of
New Vork City, thus hearttlv endorses
o;n i'i;.i.r-; '
:<3 Broadway, New Vork.
\    "I bought some oi     ur GIN PILLS
'atv.ct ria.!'..C , last September. Voir
rerr- ly 1 :".:-.'!. at 6o years of age, to give
perfect relief frein tbe Kidney and
Bladder Troubles incident to one of my
■ .;". I urgently recommend GIN I'll.I.S
to friends aa being tbe one thine; that
dot- me goo.l."     E. O. WOOJJI'nkU.
Hy th" time a mnn or woman is dn,
the Kidaeyi and Bladder nenl a little
help to 'ai-' :■ iii good working order.
CIN PII.I.S are wliat they need. GIN
PILLS keep the urine neutral, prevent
colds lettliljon the kidneys or bladder
aud wn:.ic:f Rheumatic attacks,
R' member, every box of GIN* PILLS
is sold with a positive guarantee to give
perfect satisfaction or your money
promptly refunded.
5 .c. a box, 6 for $2.50. Sample free If
tou write National Urug and Chemical
Co. of Canada, Limited, Torouto.      139
and 27—The Blighr.'i
Path •   ll M  I •••■       tar ♦.heatr*
March 3 a.-d I—The Pendleton  Rotrad
up  1912,  5001  feel     Rmprcs* theatre
'—"Th" Rosary." Empress •he-
ler  H   :■. ■ er-pta y ol
1       ■        aa
-. ■     '.! '-al   • :,.V
been <• I  won   by
tbs referee
••   .
In New York.
He i- husband, B. • •■ I
of General
civil  war fam.; a:    01
the  Safety  Car  Hea;r,,'  A      L.it-'itiag
Chamois Vests and Chest Protectors
all sizes at Macdonald's drug store.
The presentation of the Rosary     at
tho Empress theatre last Monday ov-
enine; was well received  by a crowded the City of Revelstoke, on Wednesday
bouse.   This company are all they aie the 12th March 1913, at the hour    of
edverfcisod    to be—a flrst   class troup. 10.30 o'clock, In the forenoon or     so
^^^^^^^ They piny to crowded housos     every- soon thereafter as     Counsel     can bo
where.   Arrangements havo been made heard for an Order that Plan f.3G of
.M—Another selection  ''y which this same company will ap- the City of Revelstoke in so far as it
rom   the  •'.iary  of  Abdul
(.•Hid.  the    e-x Sultan  of Turkey ap-
ch number ol tho Review Nord    > .1   a •  ii     -.,  ■    on  wo-
men,  the - 1       The . ouni
divorce*  and  s'-andaU  in  Europe
a show that many men in
' The West," he ^oc- on to say "has
an  en';--    misapprehension  Hoarding
D  of  woman in        Turkey.   	
though     woman is fortunately   WANTED—Competent
pear at the Empress theatre acain on affects Rloclt ll be cancelled and an-
March Sth next. Watch for further nulled and nn amended plan now filed
announcements in  the Mail-Herald.        in  the  Court  House  in  the City     of
rn RENT—Furnished Rooms, witb or
without board. Apply to Mall-Hor-
ald otlice
8—"The Rosary'   at the  Era
March  17—St    Patrick's  Bay  eoncer',
Empress theatre.
March   17—The   CrifTiths   Stock   Com
Pany at.  the  Empress  theatre.
April 21   and  22—Juvenile Bostonians
a*  the   Empress theatre.
Faster Week—L.
nual Dance.
A.  B.  ef R. T.  An-
March    26—L.A.B,   of    R.T.
"At Home"  and   Dan-e.
Co., jump."! from thi   upper   teck of a   debarred fr part 111 Turkish
Stateo      Island     ferryboat  bsfoi fc  and      Ompslled   lo     leave
his m-de fttl,l narrow./ up- everything to men, at any rats she is
ed drowning. Two l«ck batxls sav-d *h.- intocrat at home,
him. Tbe identity ./f the vould-be ' As 1 observe the stern and nopcri-
uicide and the circumstances t,t hia ons faces of western women,'' says
act re'malnM a mystery until Mrs. Flo tbe former ruler, "comparison with
cum,    who     is flea^ribeh fui,   them easily favor our women,
blond.-  ;ind  young, brought  out     the      'Who   do  the     people   of  the  Wost
criticise  our   worn.n'   Which   Is      iho
aore sacrificing or the more beautiful
•h<  Oriental woman or the European?
"In Turkey a woman  ifUm^i, to her
home.    She  belongs  to a man    alone.
In Burope she has too many liberties
Apply at (m'-e to C. 8.
llowson  llfoek.
ReveLtolte and a'"o e.,| nv the Coun
I cil of th" City of Revelsto'ce be sttb-
! stituted  therefore.
Dated at Revelstoke, B. C.,_thls 23
January, A.D., 1913.
Solicitor for thc Applicant.
Approved, W.E. MoLauchlin, Deputy
Registrar. 1st Iss Jan 29 lm.
NOTICE is hereby given that the copartnership  heretofore  subsisting    be-
facts before t.he referee  who   'nolt  the
Slooum Rin'o has been -omm   t.)l t.,
an  asylum, a  victim  r>f «cr.i  melhD
■ •holy.   His bride, who treasua-ei    lbs
days   of  t.h'ie     ..nrt. hip     hefere    Pio-
cam's reason     was dnthroi't,  nailed   to remain   womanly.    If  only   half  of
four years for his mind   lo mend and  what   one roads    in newspapers      anl
I then appealed t.o  ihe court-  •,>  annul  -books about.   Western   women  is   true,
April 21  and  22—Juvenile Bostonians the marriage.     Mho    returns! to her j then   bhe lot of  men   there must      bo
at the Empress theatre. father in Montreal. I truly lamentable."
WANTED—Small,    eomfortablo house;!
furnished    or    unfurnished.      Apply
P.  I),  liox  914, or Mail-Herald ofllce   tween the undersigned, under the firm
 I name of Revelstoke  Plumbing, Heat-
FOL'ND—A Watch   owner can bavo the   ing and    Sheet     Metal Company,  at
same by applying to J. Hack, prov, Rovelstoke, B.C., has been this    day
Ing the property and paying for this | dissolved     by  mutual  consent.     The
April 4—Y. M. O. A. Cym Exhibition
FOR HALE—Farm, 2} milcn Routh of
Revelsloke, eighteen acres, ten acres
elear.-d and improved; with houso
2Sx24, kitchen 14x18 and four upstairs rooms, chicken house, stable,
and farm implements. Address Mr.
Antonio Corouchllo, General Delivery, Revelstoke, B.O.
business will hereafter be carried on
by Sidney Humphreys, by whom all
debts of the old firm will be paid and
to whom all outstanding accounts due
the old firm are to bo paid.
Revelstoke, B.C., February 14th,1913
Revelstoke Plumbing,  Heating,
and Sheet Metal Company.
Per 8. Humphreys.
1st issue 157eb. lm.


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