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The Mail Herald 1906-08-22

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^k^WA   %/%JJ$k.Wk
Vol. 12.-No. 104
$2.50 Per Year
CB. Home 4 Co.
Five o'clock tea, dainty luncheon or dliinei will not be complete
without an assortment ol these l-'ancy llisctlits. This New Shipment
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McCormick's Water Ice Wafers tSXinSi, k,.-.
McCormick'% Lady Fingers and Cracknel!'s Biscuits.
Patterson's Cambridge Wafers, Oatmeal Wafers, Graham
Christie's Reception Wafers in 2 Ib. Tins, Zephpr Cream
Sodas in 2 \{ Ib. Tins, and Sweet Mixed Biscuits in 20
different varieties.
Several Lines in Huntley & Palmer's, such as : Assorted
Alaska Wafers, in tins, Assorted Carmencila Wafers,
Salt Wafers.
Nice Rich Walnut, Acorn, Dinner, Folkestone, Macaroons,
and Household.
in 1-2 Ib. 11b. and 5 Ib. Boxes—just arrived.
C. B. Hume & Co, Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
if vou ine looking I'or something nice in 8POON8 AND
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Red Cross Drug Store
I). NAIRN, Phm. li.
As big nnd ns good u vaudeville bill
us has been ever Been is presented by
Richards A- I'ringle's l-'aniotis Georgia
Minstrels that conic to the Opera
House, Tuesday, Aug. 28. There is no
"headline" act, each and every one is
strung enough to be featured with nny
cotnpiiny or vaudeville theater m
America Like similar organizations
it has a "First I'urt," but the "Gior-
gins give one Ihal is dilTerent Irom nil
others; it is lull nl boisterous, lively
lun und music, with lots nl ginger.
There are no "Dummy Ends" or eliuir
warmers in the circle, every one is a
worker, nnd II you want to hear the
latest this is the place to go. An entire new cunipany is presented this
season and luces Ior tin: lirsl time in
this territory will be seen. Win.
Nichols bus cliiugt-nl the largest and
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show. Prof. Fred Blmpsoii bus oharge
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ij,i iii ij,i ixi i-ii i-ri i.i i.i iii iv iv iv iv 'V *X' 'J. 'X 'J. 'X' 'X' X 4, 'V '^-''
o   1
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22-bnro Rilles Irom 13.00 up. *|t
Shotguns Irom ifld to 140,   All kinds ol Cartridges. 9
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A At At ill Ml iTi ll*l ITI lil IB At .♦a  iTa .♦. .♦. .♦.  .9.  .♦.  ."K ."K  .♦. .*♦. ."fr. .♦. iTa si's
ifi im ix" »X" "X" *X' *X' "Xr 'X 'al" "X" "X1 *V *X 'X" X* "X" "X" *X" "P T «f   X   *  *  4*
Fugitive President run to Earth
—The Valencia Holocaust -
Gruesome Discovery—Valparaiso Disaster.
Honolulu, Aug. 22.—All night the
steamer iMiincbiuia wns pounding
despite all etl'uris to assist her. Tbe
sen is running high mul ihere is Ilnle
hope nl Hunting ber.
Valparaiso, Aug.22,—Slight, earth-
quake shocks continue and Further
largo 11 res have broken out, Valparaiso has bee-i visited by earthquakes
many times und the const line of
Chile is being continually alteml
Irom the elevation ni the whole country
In un extent ol nt least 12HlI miles
along tin- Pacilic slimes In 1822 the
const was raised lour leet at IJuinler.i
and three leet at Valparaiso, The
change nl level was permanent over nn
men ol llXl.lXHI square miles, nearly as
largo us the whole extent of Great
Britain and Ireland. A similar extensive elevation occurred in 1885. In
ISliG there was a violenteartliqiiake in
South America, und the tidal wave
which succeeded it. was the most remarkable in history. The sen at lirst
receded, then cnine bnck ill a great
wave estimated to be more than forty
feet high. It landed one of the
American warships high up ou the
shore, three miles inland, where it
remains to the present day.
Ei. Paso, Texas, Aug. 22.—Paul
Stenslanil, fugitive President ol the
wrecked Chicago hunk, wus arrested
here last night.
Victoria, Aug. 22.—The undamaged
Valencia and eight skelctuns were
found ut a eiive ticur Carninniili und
tell mutely of tbe most harrowing
tragedy of last January's disaster.
Eight people bad made apparent
safety, but died through inadequate
search ol the coastline.
Montreal, Aug. 22.—The C. P. R.
bus arranged with the Imperial Postal
authorities for rapid delivery oi British
Chinese and Japanese mails. A special
Inst mail train will be run through
Irom Quebec lo Vancouver in 113 hours
in connection with this service.
Similar trains will be run from here
east every time mail arrives from the
Honolulu, Aug. 20.—The Pacific
Mail Steamship Company's steamer
Manchuria is ou the reel nt Ruhl.it
Tbe Manchuria struck bow on during a heavy rain-storm at about 4.30
o'clock this morning. She wns considerably out ol her course.
Rabbit Island is a small speck in
the sen close to the windward side nl
the Island ol I Iuhii. The const here is
un usually dangerous owing toon-shore
seas. The steamier lies nbout 30 feel
(rom the inn in shore. There nre from
two to three fathoms ol water fore
and ubout six fill bonis uft. The tug
Fearless nnd the Inter-island steamer
A. 0. Oummins have gone to the scene.
Agents ol the Pacific Mail Steamship
Company at Honolulu nre on the
lt wns high tide when the Manchuria struck. An officer whu has
come ashore expresses the opinion
that the vessel cun be Hunted nt high
tide tomorrow morning at nliout the
same hour she struck.
There is no danger ol loss ol lite, but
it is [cared that the steamer will be
seriously damaged.
The Manchuria is a Iwin-crew steel
Bteamcr ol 13,039 gross tonnage und
88,760 net tonnage, She is GOO Ieet
long witii n beam ul lin leot three
Inches, und depth ol 33 leet one inch.
 »i,    —
QUEBEC, Aug. 21—While the Britisli
battleship Dominion wns coming up
the llaie lies Chuleiirn ill daylight oil
Friday morning lust, she struck u reel.
She received some damage and is making water, but information ns tn the
extent ol the injury is refused. On
Wednesday the battleship is to bo presented with a service ol plate subscribed for by Canadians, alter which
it is expected that the ship will go
into tlie Louise Basin lor temporary
ii pairs.
The sad death ot Miss Laura Mills,
sister ol Mrs. Ilund Gibbons, occurnd
in Monday last, August 20th, nt
Arrowhead, The deceased bud been
in good health up to the time ol
death, and iiii the morning ol the 20th
Mies Mills wns suddenly taken ill nnd
died later in the hospital from heart
(nilure. The remains were brought
up Irom Arrowhead last evening and
the funeral proceeded from the station
to the cemetery followed by a largo
number ol friends nnd relatives nf the
deceased's lamlly, Over and around
the casket were many beautiful
wreaths, a mnrked evidence ol the
high esteem ol the deceased lady.
The Mail HiiRAi.n joins with the
ninny Iriends in messages ol sympathy
to the lamlly '.(the deceased.
School opens Monday 27th nnd il
your children want now books don't
forgot The Canada Drug & Book Co.
keep every kind and the newest
Master   Mariners all  Speak
Highly of the Coal of the
Thut liritish Columbin pusscscs
coal superior for steaming qualities to
that ...iin-il in nil other countries is il
(act liiul is being sent broadens! every
time a steam vessel arrives on Iho
shores ol Ibis province sins the
Niinuiiuii Free Press. Alfred I lull. A-
Co, Ilu-1' I'. R., lho Union Sleuin-
ship company, ul Now Zealand, who
operates vessels to uiul frnm Viincntiv
er, nre undisputed uiilhniilics I'm llie
tiluive as.-ettinu, mul llieir desire lu
use the uunl nl this province to thai
ol utlicr conl regions is miinifostcd
every tiiuo one of tholr vessels reach
British Columbia waters. Tin- big
lllue Funnel liners which operate
botwoon Vancouver uud the oltl
country are cnnstiinrrs nl en irinous
quantities of luol and when traveling
en route to Vancouver Irom their
home port nre delayed several dnys by
frequent stows to load bunker coal.
During the summer months, when
weather conditioni arc lair, their
.....ling stops are less frequent, I ut
during the stormy months in which
heavy work is dune in encountering
Idyll se.is and heavy winds, their
vessels consume larger quantities ol
From Vancouver to Japan the passage is made much quicker than to
this const, and the difference iii the
time ot both trips by the big liners is
simply a question ot the lusting qualities of the two kinds ol cual used.
That the C. P. It. recognizes the
commercial value of the provincial
product is demonstrated by the coni-
pmy's large purchases. Steamers
supplied with the liritish Columbia
article can raise more sluitni (or their
passage across the Pacilic than they
are able to do with the fuel obtained
across tlie seas.
During the pnst dry season the pro-
iucinl government has hud live lire
wnrdens engaged to prevent forest
lires. Hon. It. F. Green states that:
'The really serious lurest lircs we hnve
had lo contend with so far, anil all ol
which, I iini happy to say, were
promptly checked nnd put out belore
very grout damage was dune, were up
in thc Cfiluinliiii riding, on Horse
Thief creek; along the Crow's Nest
Pnss; uround Saline and in the neighborhood of Vtwouver—this latter wns
pructiciilly a bush lire on lund that
bad been cut over.
"Last year I appointed paid lire
wardens for Rovelstoko uud vicinity,
embracing the northern end of the
Arrow lakes, the Kootenay and Slocan
lake sections, the Crow's Ne.t and the
Cniist. This season n additional warden was appointed for the Nicol i and
Similkiinieei). These live ollicinls nre
practical liinberiiien, alert to the
needs nf properly patrolling llieir respective districts, nml so safeguarding
the country. Besides these men we
have, at the request nf the Liuni er-
men's Associiition, appointed several
deputy lire wardens, principally camp
and mill foremen, who are paid by the
companies employing them. Their
duty is to Hike immediate steps on tlie
I,leaking mil ot a forest lire to check
ihe spread und to report to the nearest
lire warden for assistance. Besides
these men, the government has at its
call all the provinciiil police, who were
this son son, by speeiul letter nl instruction, requested to rcinlcr till aid
possible to the lire wardens, The lire
wardens also, besides patrolling (luring
lhe summer season, and il lires du
stint urganize forces to stump theni
out, look alter Infractions uml prose-
ClltO the iill't'iiders under the Hush
Fires Act."
M, J. Glcttson, who has been foreman ul (be Bowman Lumbor Company's mill at Coinaplix for the pasl
I hire years, was iu the cily Ibis week
on his way lu California whoro he has
a'I'l-pletl ii responsible position mid
uill hnvo enlire charge ul nue ul the
i. ust important sawmill plants iu the
Gulden State. During bis residence
ui Cuiunplix Mr. Gloiison mndo many
li I'lltls. ami the operation uf the II.trill.in Lumber Company's mill thoro
has achieved n high raputatioil under
bin cure till it is now une ul the best
und mnsl Important milling plants in
lie- province. The bast wishes ol bis
in my Iriends will gu with Mr. llleuson
lo his new lioine. Ills lamlly will loi-
It,iv lilm in about two weeks tune und
will he grimily missed al Coinaplix,
The magazine edition of the Vie-
ii.rin Daily Colonist, Sunday AugiiHt
12th, is n splendid specimen of modern
newspaper   work.   This enterprising
journal oontains ,12 pages nf good,
solid interest, and mil inily gives the
general news ot tho day, but also
denotes much space in eulogizing its
fair city nnd surroundings with excellent photographs und cuts. These
photos, taken in all parts of the city
und suburbs, ns well m many plaocs
un Vancouver Islnnd, ure excellently
reproduced nnd give u good idea as to
the advantages commercially and
otherwise of Victoria. Much space is
taken up in describing the industries,
progress uud resources ol the Capital
city, und un the whulo liirms a lurgo
iimuiiui uf Interesting uml puwcrlul
Story of Doom Confirmed-
San Francisco Horrors Repeated 5.000 Dead in
I'.iiK.vns Avitl-'fi, Aug, III—line nl
the mosl friglill'iil disasters in the
bisliny of the western bomispbuiu and
one equalled only by the Sun Krai -
cisi iiliimlty, bus iicciii'icl in Valparaiso, lln1 cbiel purl of Chili, South
America. A despatch (rum S'alpnr-
alsu states; ''Without the sligblosl
ii'iniot of warning nn earthquake
visited this cily, bringing death In
hundreds and leaving many hundreds
niun- imprisoned in llie ruins, many
ul whom woro burned to dentb before
nitl ciiiilil reach thorn, Fire slurlid
imiucilialoly aflor tho lirst shock uml
every Iiiii: cb ol the city's service was
paralyzed, Panic mul cuiistoruatiun
indescribable followed, mul those who
escaped death became frenzied with
ii'iir and could render no assistance to
victims, The cily is suffering a
repetition of Ilu- San Francisco horrors.
Homeless people aro wandoring abuul
crazed by the awful calamity. It is
almost impossible to ascertain lion1
wide an urea the visitation has luid
waste. Nolliing has been heard ol
Santiago and fear is lelt for that city.
No trains have lelt since the lirst
shuck. Rails nud wires ure totally
destroyed. There were two lerrilie
hocks following in close succOBsioii
nnd il lew seconds sufficed to e, inplcte
the wurk nl destruction Rows ul
buildings toppled over us il (hey were
nniile of brittle plaster. Fire broke
nut nnd spread wiih alarming rapid!
ty and completed the wreck, tho II uu s
being seen 211 mi'i-s out at sen. Seven
shocks werc lelt in the smaller adjacent towns und much damage dune
in ouch. Many people hnve left the
eity nnd the stream nf rofllgoos continues. Seismic disturbances were re
curded nt lluiiululu, Washington,
Hniubiirg, besides the entire Pacilic
8lupe of the Andes. Houses in Valparaiso arc built to withstand earthquakes, consequently the shocks musl
have been terrilic. Shocks still continue und lund subterranean rumblings, while storms are reported all up
the coast. All the linest buildings ol
the city are destroyed, government
liuuse, lintels, public ullices, etc., are
smoking ruins The panic is general
and martini law has been established
although no attempt bus bdeifiiiadc
to maintain order, consequently the
rescue work is proceeding slowly. The
damage is estimated at $2,000,000.
Further details arc incomplete us
there is no comniuiiioat'on
Buenos Ayrhs, Aug. 20—Tlm cut
off in the Santiago tclcg.iipl] lino uus
been repaired and hundreds nf private
messages huvo been received. Tbey
report even tiling in a sulisfuclury
condition there and say the people ure
not uluimed, Refugees who are
arriving at Santiago (rom Valparaiso
on horseback, und who lelt during lhe
worst panic, bring wild stories concerning tho number ol deaths by the
earthquake arid lircs.
Theso refugees suv the deaths number 10,11(111, and that there are 00,000
refugees in the mountains. One
rumor, which is not conliiincd, and is
believed to be iinil'ilc, is that the (lend
number 11,000 and the injured 00,000,
Public relief subscriptions were opened ill liiieiins Ayrcs today. Tbe
Argentine government will puss un
appropriation for tho relief ut the
New York, Aug 2n.—Startling hut
conllii'liiig reports regarding tho fatalities and ni'iiiclnry losses attendant
upon the seismic ilistui'liancos iu Chile,
August Hi uiiii 17,continue to rcucli
this city. Details liom Valparaiso
direct, ure still meagre and confusing,
Those troiu Sun lingo, whoro the stories
of lolllgees from the stricken oily ure
heard nnd compared by a less excited
puptilncc, contain mure coiisorvativQ
estimates ul tho disaster. The latcBl
news ihis morning iB contained iu n
cable despatch tu the Associated Press
Irom Santiago, 'ilu- correspondent
estimates lhe dead at Valparaiso al
500.    'I'he  money  lusa amounts lo
millions.    Six iglii cities bosides
Valparaiso have boon destroyed, The
strain railroads uml streci lines remain tied up, while the telegraph und
telephone service is paralysed.
The nubile si-li,nils, will re-open utter
Uiu midsummer vacation on Monday
next, August 27th. ll is the wish of j
tin* trustees nud touchers thnl us fnr!
us pussilile nil pupils should bu in
nil,-milium- mi Hint dale uud Hint
every olforl bo until.- to secure a high
norcontngo ot iittondanoo during tho
whole term, It is specially urged that
ull pupils who intend Olltorlng the
lii'ginnei-s' Clnss, Miss Grant's room,
should In* in attendance Irom the lirst
n( the term us otherwise Ihey cannot
receive proper attention.
«.». -■
Great Bargain Sale in Furniture
We ure siully overstocked in nil
lines. Furniture, carpets, linoleums,
limiting. Oto, II yon want u simp in
uny ul thoso lines call and see.iis, If
uur prices dun't suit yuu lell Ils aboul
it und W0 will meet yuu. Mulling 20o,
per yard.—John K. Wood. The liig
Furniture Store,
Jelly Powders, Quick Puddings, Etc.
will give a demonstration ol I'i in Got.n Goods in our store on Friday
uml Saturday,   We shall be pleased to have all the Ladies
coin,- and test these well known goods.
W'r arc tin- sole representatives for
Banff Hard Coal iln* only hard
cuiil mined in Canada, which is a superior coal lm* domestic and steam purposes.
When lired properly it will give oil a
greater, more even nnd sustained heat
than any other coal, hence the most economical tn use. This coal is smokeless
and is specially recommended for Self
Feeders.Hot Blast Stoves and Furnaces.
The price is $9 per ton. Leave
orders at our offices in the Molsons'
Hank Building, where they will have
prompt and careful attention.
Boots & Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For all kinds of up-to-diito and reliulile.-furniUire
and htuisi- furnishings ko to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
Say, Wifeyf
What the deuce is the matter with this
bread5 I was-at mother's last, night, /
and she had the must lovely bread,
Well, no wonder, your nn ither bakes
with RISING SUN and if the grocer
sends any more of that stuff he sent
last. I'll send it back.    You get
and I'll make just as good bread,is your
mother ever made.
I     j
I The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
Manufactured and  I iuaranteed by
Pleases evory Smokor  lho
' Marca i
(1, IE ft (ill
l^^^*Vt.*.VW*V*t.>WliWtW.« SUBSCRIPTION   RATES.
Inctutl-ng postage lo England, I'nitod Sl
nnd Canada,
By the year [through postoflieel J
Half     "
Legal notices 10 cents per iim- flrnl in--;' n
5cenwperline each subsequent inscriiui
Measurements Nbnparielll2lim - make m
inch], r-tort- and general b .-in.'-- an
nounconn'iii- *•_' 50 ;,- r in ill | er m nil
Preferred positions, -J,'i inr cenL ud-
dltlt 'a'.. Births, Marriages and Death-
SOc each ■ ■■•■ rtion. I Imbi i noli ■ - •' -
Land  notices  $7,30   All adve ll
- . ■■■■■':.■ .;;.'-'. il of ihe tn magcini nl
Want< I and ( ondensi I Advi rtisemetiU:
Agei ■- fl .: I d Hell   IV inti I, Sii   il
« inte :. Situ itii •■■■ Vacant, Teacher**
W -,:.-  1, Mi  ■ mi - Wauled, 1
.**•-• . '■ .     tii nnl line IU   <.: 1 .
Chang-- .; standing ftdvertlsenn '- iini-l
be in dj :■ a, m, I utsdaj and Ki-idtij ot
et 1. wei r. to -secure good display.
MH   HINTING promptly executed al ron>oi
il ii r .'■ •
1 r'.fiMv-*- ash.   - .*■- ■ iptioi - payable in 1 !
COltftl SPONDKNi I- Invited  un iiitillei   1 I
puhli   li '■ rest,   1 ommunliations lo Kdi
- .-   *    -    be acconij mlcd   bj   name ul
.* ■■.        ■■•-.■... fo publication, Imi
,- • .        e of good I iiiii,  Cum |  1
m    - - -i    UaNH   III irK,   I'; -- m
Mom 1 to
■:-  ■ .■    i'.i    .1 ..;' -■      0, I'.l .
II -   M     UtTI K,
*\. M    l'lNKUAM, .1. A. HaKVI '.,
::■ .   uoki   ll. C. Kurl Steele IU-
J. M -   Lt I.LI) fl\ I. llrlggs
Bahhistkrs, Sulk itoils, Ivn ■
.Mi'M y Tii Loan
First Street. Revolstokc, B.C.
Provincial Land Surveyor,
.Mine Suiveying
Mi Kknzie Avexi'e,
Box HXj, Revelstoke.
■Mem. American Institute Mining Engineers
Canadian Mining Institute.)
Revelstoke, B. U.
Kiamination of nnd reports on Mlm .ill.
pertics a Specialty.
Wc ni>ail4)cra(b
" I would . . . earnestly advise llieni Ior
their good to order this paper to be punctually
served up, and tobelookod upon us 11 part of
ihi tea 1 ..ii| ige."  Addison.
' WEDXKSUAY, Ai:iil-ST22, liluli
sengerc 011 Board.
The Western Milling Co. ul ('ii!.:arv  lire ine wnoii-saie m.-ii = „„ .,„•- -■„ ,.	
: -, 1 the besl known llr.ns in Al   I'1-'")"' reportnvcry I*''*'-'""* ;»■»"»•• ">ill;";'» »' wide experience, and sue-
Vascucvkr, Aug   il—A p.u-i\ ul . ing ili-ii.ii ,ui fortius p uduct, brought ecsslully maintains tho high repiila
Vancouver excursionists narrowly cs- he.tu, and evidences ol llieir ciicrg;  aj,(ll,j |,y ., BV8|.,|,ia(ic scheme nt ad- liun already gained, cleanliness being
eapctl disaster nu  Monday alteiii ou, und enlorprise are tn be met with at  vertisin'g.    The  llnur  is  on sale in his cliief aim I object.
.vlten 1 tt ss. Heaver, wiih .'IHo pa- ,.V(>rj turn I- th in tin- provincunl i-s nlninst every grocery store in the F. G, lliiivson ol Vancouver is the
tenger- on hoiiul crashed intu lln' birth and ul-o in llrilisb Ciiliiiii'.in, Knntenay district und bears in ils wholesale di iributor tor British Col-
draw ,,l Ibe l-'iaser river liridge, cairy- ri,,-,-!,, ., determined effort and b) I mil. the praises ol those who use it, unibiain ge ,-nl und sees to it Ihal
ing :, ty tlie must mid crushing in iin-iMiituia sysieni ol extensive iidvoi- Tbe mill was constructed in 1005 and "Rising Sim" is always ii. the ascend-
the pilot house. Tbe steamer hud rising tlie dime ot "Rising Sun Kliiur" is up-to-date in every respect, the nut.
been going al lull »pced and it" (Hie i'i.
lirst k h-.v the extent I the damage
Men fought for life rmscrvoia and the
rotten canvas covering them parted in
iheir lund-. Others tried to strap
m . -. round their loved ..ties, and
they ft 11 to pieces and scattered over
■ li ■ th k, Thero was no sign ol lowering a bnat, or of any organised effort
i., iHvvonl a panic. A pussengei
-- Hi - ihal ilu- excursion wus under
tin : -ju, ,- ,,l ilu- Viincuiivcr An &
Sen iiii   ■ Sncii ty, ivbti bud 11     - eil
tin   llr.ivi-l li I a III)! lu I'll!  I ilic,   All
iv, ni wi II until appro idling lln- l-'m-t-i
rivi - It idgc, when tn lb n siirpris,
those ri the bow nl il i   - iw In i
, ul stmighl lur thc pier. ! d in n
li", , i nli«ila-h inl., n nml s-.m -
round under the Imv-scl lulsi w ik -i
llm i ridge.    Nn nlli mpl » " m :i '* l'
evi.- lhe engines, ll  piuin being
ipimieiitly Inoduzid I" ki m n*l ui
he na- ilu'nig. 'lie Hi iver n.i- in
ililliiilit'lll tiling, :■ ol being cuiisiz d
lin   ihe   *.*    l''iivnrile   sin al b\ und
ussisli I in reselling the bnill   tr   il-
precarious pnsilion. Al m o limo ii
luoked us if a culiiliiily lliieiiteni-tl
which Wlillld ,i|ii:il Ihnl uiiii. Chilian.
Vuleiiciti or tin- Isluiider.
The captain slates thai Ihe leasnn
In- siniek the bridge was thai his
rudder was jammed by u piece of
flnnting wood, und thai ii wus utterly
impossible lor hini to break it by the
pressure ol the wheel.
Tbe question which is uppermost iu
the minds oi labor men at tlie present
time is naturally the one ot Chinese
labor, and ali labor unions are working
bard to keep the Celestials out of the
country. Labor wa.* never so scarce
as it is at the present time, and by
being kept in that state wages aro
higher and will remain so unless
Chinese a.-.d Hindoos are imported
to take thi place "I white workmen.
A laboring man is in the sunn- class as I
all ther merchandise, He sells bis
ability to the highest bidder, and when
there are no other men to take liis
place, at a lower salary, he cun always
demand gi od pay. lt is obvious then
that if Chinese and Hindoos are imported into British Columbin and put
I . . , at a low salary, the market
will be flooded with cheap labor, and
-■ ., - ■-■:.. ■ reduced to the minimum.
It is tie:-. * :- imp rtant that the
Chinesi bead tax be not withdrawn,
b it tl it .- d men Irom the east and
Great Britain Bhould be induced
• conn to British Columbia to work
:'■ - :. thing but union wages.    All a
pessimist has to do in li. C. tc I me
completely cured ol that dread disi asi
is to travel through B. C, A visit t ■
the Xorth, South and Kast Kootenay
B :. iary, nnd West Kootenay will
-:. the unparalleled and unequalled
:■■ irces ol the co intry, West Koote-
na) .- : pi I y developing and times
in ■• ::■ than the) : uve bei n lor
yi .:- and Revelstoke .i> a commercial
centn ai d natural Bupply point is
fiity tin - - a ■ • tier km wn ei:;. th in
ever before, Britisli Columbia is
gainiug in • i :■ rprise foster than it is
gail.il.g    .      l  ,| ul iti Ul Wl     :.     1
more la   r and tin geueral conditi	
afl . - .- ; _•. • utei ol -'■ ■ ly i in
pi ) menl e : ill round i en are u
i- in:.' ' i * ::. general, The
more n  I B. C the ni ire convincing It i- that   it     ■-.    .-.   H ■•
d :.. un in  North   \  eri        lu n
-   i:,->-   an    -!..      :,..:...',-.!,   ,.- :   it.
.   •• •   ...-• that tin   nlins
cannot comprehend tin
■-:.-     -    -   .-   |'M- v   ■    in till
dim  •- wliicl ■... - Revi .-• ... .,- .
centn      !. ic tj is thi   uuu win :. ■-
■- ecte-d thii pr, ii ■ r bis |n>rman-
ent li -
"ll is uu ill wind thai blows nobody
good," is an old   bul ul the ■ - lime
a very true maxim nnd one which
might apply very strongly to ourselves
in Rcvelstuke. It is n certain fact,
however thai thegnlo which blew un
Monday morning whirling up cl mils
of dust, whistling round corners und
buffeting pedestrians, blew nu ono any
g,-od, especially tho business bouses
where show case?, desks and counters
had the appearance of having passed
through n mild volcanic eruption (rum
llie line coating ut dust over them.
To look at it fnnn i serious point of
view, lhe dust nuisance is getting tuo
iiiiu-li uf o good thing, anil no matter
how gentle the breeze, the dust Hies ut
once, being most unpleasant nnd nlso
exceedingly injurious to the interests
of the city, (lrstly by giving visitors a
bad impression ot the city manage-
nu nt in not keeping the roads in
oilier, and secondly by deterring tho
sion- keepors from exhibiting their
goods. Nothing looks so bail as soiled
goods iu a store, and to avoid this tho
stoic keepers are forced to keep their
merchandise covered nnd thereby offering no incentive for the passer by tn
step inside. Willi our good and ample
supply oi city wnter, the council could
very well purchase a team nnd water
cart uml utilize this wuler in water in
laying the dust and thus prove themselves benefactors to the city iu gen-
, inl. Every ratepayer would welcome
ihis item ot eity expenditure which
would benelil the community nl large
tend to improve henllli and also tn
demonstrate to the tourists and visil
urs whu come to this city Ihui there is
u city council who know what they
ure d'oiiig, and look ufti r lie comforts
nnd pleasures of the citizens.
E. Baylies Reed, in charge ol the
local meteorological statioti at Victoria reports that iln* si'i*-niiigrai>li in
his oharge bIiows n rccnril ; * eul
earth disturbances al V i pai ,.-
tremors beiug felt nl Victoriu
Uanufaelnrad !or nil elusion nt Iniililinu*
All kinds of bnllillns nnd liliuttorluir
Stock and Share Broker
ifi A* aft*1! ■'i'i At At At i-t'i ."i'i .fh i't1. ti'i .9t A A A\ ifo A\ A\ At ifi ifo ■'ti ill At A\
Koolennv (.or!tre No. 13 A F & A M.
...    ^? Tin   regular  niei-i
..^y \>^\ -   %t\   Vtu
'■ •■     '' "I     .. v> Hull
In third M ■
,'!i    ll,,.;.-'
.    Itil -.   ■
llllll]      I*,
l'i:i,   , Ml-!-   -
SELIiirt ,,0   OE. N*0  IJ, I.O.O. F
Meow ■   ■
Cold Ranse lodRC, K. n(  P.,
No. 26. Revelsloke, fl. C.
(Subject to confirmation*)
2,000 Eureka IOc, payable in instalments.     Engineers Report  may   be
set-It III IIIV office.
2,000 Nicola Coal  oc.
".-. Canadian Marconi -$3.00.
2,000 Diamond Vnlo Conl  2-lc.
I.nmi Rocky Minimum llevelopinulll
1500 II,,w,- Sound (Hrittaiiia Mine)
Iiinn. c. Wire and Nail   $10.50.
;,n Great Wesl l-'ei-iniineiil Loan and
Savings  $115.
2000 Evil   50c.
Ino lli-vrl-lok,',".- .\l,'Cnlli,ugliC,-e,-»
III llll,-.
2000 Revelstoke .li M.I'iiIIuukIi Creek
llvdiaiilii-   .10c.
■_'.-,oii!,-.ii Nui-tbern Mines   20c
(1,0110 llenli-ice   20c.
Iinpeiinl Develiipinenl, $11.
I lloiuiniit'i I'erniiinent. nm-,
•rt.iiiliiiii.il!. Ne\ ula Gold Mines 20c.
Ji.niiii 1'iii	
Virginia    lc.
11 -      ■■ -   IT .
I,mm |,ni i| le,
Itel     ■
'    !■-.-.%,      ,   ...
II Nnl-tli Sl
OFF'C"   Mackenzie Ave.
You have often looked across the Columbia River and
wished you could have a piece ol that, line Hat lying south of the
C. P. lt. Bridge.
I have instructions from tbo owners to offer that land for
sale ut a price per acre that bents anything else you can get so near
the City.
Let me know how much ot it yuu want and 1 ihull endeavor
to accommodate yuu.
£A   U Ann CM   Peal Estate and Insurance Agent
.   n.   UnUUt.11, REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Imperial Bank of Canada
iiead Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Hratii-lie.. iu the Provinces ol Manitoba. Alborta, Saskatchewan,
Hritisli Columbia, Onturin, l*>iuiboc.
Capital Subscribed ...        $4,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....    $3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund ....        $3,9oo,ooo.oo
ll, ll, Wii.kih, I'l-esitl, !ii: Hon, tt, .l,\|.-|.-i(.\v, Vice-President.
A General Ban'iing Business Transacted.
Kavinos. Di-irAiiTMKNi' Deposits received and Interest allowed
nl highest iiiiii-tii rate frum dale of opening account, and 06111-
pounded liiilf-yeiu-ly,
Drafts sold available in nil purls uf Canadii, United States and
Imim in..   Special ntlentiuii given to Collections. ,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Ottawa Fire Insurance Company
Head Office, Ottawa, Ont.
-    ,   -i I'm   Policy Holders  $5(10,5117 (HI
IIOBSON A CO., LTD.. llll Hastings Si..  Wesl, General Auents
Agent for Revelstoke
'■■■- -. tin 1   •
Indian im I be kepi
'       f ItK'il I '        . -.-.-■
Britisli I .inns        '      I torgel
that their'.- is 11 vim iiiiiii'-. 1 ir)
and prepnn I pul p lencei flu
exist   ig ■ ■ cl .      iltOBC priii 1 ni
il,- privy .    :.,.. I.,.-   ip| rilled nl;
denies the rigid   t frum     ■ 1   1   1
■ -   lapin r li ,|. ms     1  .  . . :
Indians" i •- not 1 mln iei I-., tin-
dians wh, an Hritisli - ■ -.-■■ 1
therefore w it hi il - gisl itiou over)
Hindi"' wb ' 1- I, .•. 1 ni| , "! ni tins
("..iintry, altei having complied wil
the residential i>na!illcatioii, is entitled
to register as a voter, Whal n cb inci
for th" Goven . • nl tu plnce 11 bunch
of these people—there are aboul 12.IKHI
ol tbem altogether—on the voting
list! pending .111 election und then
claim that public opini n has endursi tl
tin- ministerial policy,
Now i- tin- time for to leavuyour
order for the new fall suit yuu prom-
ised yourself, and we can give you
just the linest material and the late.-l
style ol cut—Knight A Divine.
Windsor Restaurant
Mr-  II   I   I! v     ,    ,
First-Class T ih ■■
Private D 1      3oxe
Furnished Rooms Tn Le
t bat - Royal Cm mi kin I- ■
luatli- In Vnnci nvo I , - il
Soap Fad 1. - nsl of W'inni-
pi g II- .-. .- ■ 1 .- mil
washing iroeii ritli itshelp,
And the mu  .aviitg 1- tho
Premium System
llooklel lolls whul wo give fur
Itovnl Crown IVruppers. Send
for it—Free—Also try lh<*|
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B. C. |
Union Made
for   .   .
Wi   il 11 Iiiii
I'liese lines n
Wm. J. Master* Sons
1 - -,
VANCOUVIOIt,     11    0
"Anglo-American" Fire Insurance Co.
M'-Koinun lluiltliiig. Toronto,
,   MTI \l
ITI \l,. . .
11 (11 ,,'iiiint'lil
.   Il'l.li'i-*
$   IHO, Illll
■fills ll, i;\iiiii;k. ,\|.|>|.,
II   II   lil.i I,   UamiKui
f.   A. HAQQI N,
Agent for Rovelstoke
The Equity Fire Insurance Company
1    '|'l ,1  Sllbm 1   lll'll     |)I,VII,llll
.    .
II     111    I'lUlliKlvSS
I I *  Paul
is mm hi
mm 11,1 iir, 15
■'■'■■ 11,157 22
■ i-o 115,705 07
MB I ,vi,:in-j K.-:
I" 115 g|,]8,-i II
111,121) 1115,20(101
11 ,;-.', 117 1711 -i-i
bund 8 IK),SIHI Ki
I' ' - ■    ' 52,081 12
Other Assi .        52,022,7H
1,1 .,1    illed
fill     ,   li ...     '   cl    Dec. HIM, 1005.
F   A   HAM.I N
$11)5,81! on
850,000 iki
Sol.'i.HII III
Ageni for Revelsloke
J_ cyun nre thn most curative iu the
v.-nild. A peil'eci, iintuiiil reined)' I'm
ull Nei vims uud Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney and Stuinauli ailments
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
tor "Thin Tiled Feeling." Special
rales on all bouts and trains. Two
mails in rive ami depait every day.
Telegra b communication with all
um lis uf the world.
TERMS—$12 to $18 per week.   For
fut I her particulars apply to
Halcyon Hoi Springs
Arroiv LaKe. B. C
yoTH'K is HKKBRY GIVEN that thirty
L> ilnys uflpi* iliilt; 1 iiilciul to itpiiiy Lu Iinil iff L'uiumlsplomir o( Ultlils und Wurkti font
i|iuolal lin-nsii in out ami carry -away timber
liuni Hid fwiiim iui; deRcrlbod landn in Mn-
llili Hi-mi i!i-lrici. nf \Viwt kouti'iiuy :
1. Com 111 unciiifi ut a jinst ] 1 Ian tod about V\
milt's south uf Smitli Crouk. und nun milu wust
nr Mid I'ol 11 in bill rivor, uiul inurkml "A. Mcltuo's
north oust enrnor |iust," tlionco snulli SOcjilliiiS,
tliuuco wost 8(1 clialns, tlionco nnrtli 80 cbuins,
liionco i-n-t .mi clialns to ixilutuf commouco-
2. (.'oinmoncltiH at u |>ost plantod about SU
null'- -Mmih of Smith t'rooknud ono mllo wosl
of tln> ('nliiinliiu rivor.and imirkod "A. Mi'ltui'V
uorlh oasl cornor |»stt" tliuncn south so olialnn
thonco-wost sii uhuiui, thouco north SO chuius,
liionco  Olisl   Ml cliuiii    In imiiil nl iiiiiiiimiHii
;t. CouinioucluHnt u (Hist tilaulod about 8,-^
m I lus south of Sin I Hi Crook uud ouo mllo wom
nf tho Columbia rivor. mid uiu iked "A Me Hue'-
n>>iih oasl cornor wist," thouco south mi olinlus,
Ihouco wosl sn cliiiins, thouco nortb 80olinlus,
Ihouco onal Ho cliiiins to jioiut of comuionce-
I. CommouciiiKitl u imst plantod about *4k
milu--niiih nr Smith Crook und ouo mile wost
ut tlio Columbin rivor. uml uiurkud "A. Mi-lino's
mirih oust corner iwst," thonco south 80chains,
thouce wosl so chuius, theuco imrth so chuius,
thouce oust 80 chuius tn point nf t'niiiiimure-
j. Coiiimoucina ut u posl planted about BU
milos smith uf Smith Creok, nud one mile wost
nftho Cnliiiiiliiii rivor, und mnrked "A. Mcltae's
north oust corner post," thonce smith 40 chuius,
ihoiu-o oust to olinlus, thouco soutli 40 chains,
Ihouco west HO t-huim, thenco north 40chains,
thouco wost 40 chuius, thouco north 40 chuius,
ihenco oust 80 chains tu point of cmiiuiouc-a-
0. Commencing ut u post plantod ubout iij.j
milos smilli of Smith Crook, and nln.ul nne
mile wost of the Columbia river, uiul inarkod
"A. Mcltae's norlh oust corner post," thence
south HO chains, theuco west HO chuius, theuce
north HO chains, thonce oust HO chains to point
of cmuiiioiiceiiiont.
7. Commeueiug ntn post plnntod about i'-j
milos soutli of Smith Crook, und about t\v<
milos wost of tho Columbia rivor, nnd markod
"A. McKne's nurth oust corner ikisI," ihenco
south KO chnius, theuce west Hi) chuius, theuce
north HO chuius, Ihouco oust SO cliains to point
H. Commouciug nt u imst planted about 8J-_
milos soutli of Smith Crook, nud ubout two
milos wost of the Columbin river, and murked
"A. McRae's north enst curuer post," thence
south HO chuius, theuce west HO ehalus, thence
north 80 chains, thouco oust Kt) chains to point
of commencement.
Dated July 10th, lOOrt.
j> 21
NOTICK is hereby given thai .10 days
nfter date 1 intend to apply tothe Honorable tho Chief Commissioner of Land* aud
Works for u special license to eut and carry
away timbor from tho following described
funds, situated in Osoyoos division of Yale
1, Commencing ut u imst mnrked "S. Hill's
north west cornor," plnntod on the oust buuk
uiu.nt l mile from the smith ond of Sugar Lnko,
thonce onst 80 chains, smith HO chains, west 80
chains, north 80 clmins to pointof commence-
111 oi it.
2. Commouciug ut a {>ost marked "S. Hill's
south wost coruer," plantod on the enst bunk of
Sugnr Luke, nbout 1 mile from tho south end.
thence onst 80 ehuins, north 80 rhnius, wost 80
ehnins, soutli 80 chains to point of commence*
3, Commencing nt a post murked "8, Hill's
south oust corner," planlcd about 1 miln from
lho nurth end nf Sugar Luke, on tho wost bnnk,
tlionco north 40 chnius, wost 100 ehuins, south
40 ohains, oust 100 chains to imiut of commeuco-
4. Commencing ut a post murked "8. Hill'.-.
north onst cornor," plantod about 1 milo from
tho north end of Sugar Luko, on tho wost bunk,
thouco south 40 ehnins, west 100 chains, norlh
in chains, eust PM) chains to point of commence*
."j. Commencing at a pn.-t marked "S. Hill's
south oust corner,'' plunted on the wost bank of
Sugur Luke ntxmt 1 mile from the south ond,
thence north HO chuius, west 80 ehuins, south 80
chuius, oust 80 chnius to point or commencement.
ll, Commencing at a imst murked "S- Hil
north oust cornor," plantod on the wost bank of
Sugar Lako, almnt 1 mile from tho south ond,
thouce south 80 chuius, west 80 chuius, north 80
chains, onst 80 chains to pointof commence*
7. Commonolng at a post marked ''S. Hill's
smith oust cornor," plnntod on thn west bank of
ilm Spallumchoou rivor ubout \\ milos below
Sugar Lako, thonco north 80 ehuins, west 80
chains, smith 80 chains, east Mi chain.-In point
of commencement.
H, Commouciug ut u post markod "S. Hill's
north eust cornor," plantod ou tho wost bauk of
Spallumchoou rivor ulmut I'-j miles bolow Sugar
Liue, tlionco south 80 eliuiiis, west 80 chains,
north 80 chains, eust 80 ehuins to point of eommoucemont.
Duted July 2nd, 190(1.
11 Commencing nt a ihist marked "S. Hill't
south eastcorner," plnntod about I mile west
of the north ond of Sugur Lnko, theuco north
HO ehuins, wost, 80 chnius, south 80 :huius, oast
80 chains to poiut of ciunmoucomout.
Dated July llnl, l!KW.
10, Commouciug at a imst mnrkod "S, Hill's
smith wost corner, planted on tho oast bank of
the Hpullumchooii rivor nbout Ik miles below
Sugar Lake, thenco enst HO chums, north HO
chains, wost HO chuius, soulh 80 chuius to point
11, Commonolug at it post niarked "S Hil..
north wost cornor," plantod ou tho east bank of
lho Spallumchoou river about Ik milos bolow
Sugur Luko, thouco east HO chains, south 80
chains, wosl 80 chnius, north 80 chuius In pninl
of coin iiiem-iimoiil.
12, Commencing ul u post murked "3, Hill's
south oasl cornor,' pluuted ubout lj miles bei
low Sugur Luko and I mile eust from thoSpu--
liimctioeii rivor' thence wost SO chains, north 80
chains, oiiit HO cliiiins, smith SO chains to (mint
Dutod July 4th, 1000,
NOTICE is lin,'!,) till in Ilia! Ol ilny-aft i-i
Sain I tunai,l In n|,|,lj' In Hm Hun. Hi,.
I'lliil Ciunllllssliiiti'i- nl |,iu,il* ainl Wul'lls (ur
lll'l-lllis.illll In [,,,,, I,a ,MI„- (,,ll,,.li,inil,-,aal„',l
laml*. .Iluuli-il iu Wi-I K,iiili'iiu), hi,.! side
1,'ulillnlilu rivor, l-'ln- Valley:
I' i-lit-itiK ill   tl  |ii,*l   II) eliuiiis luii'lli uf
LaiiUrl* iiiiitli wall i-iii'iii-i-|„isl mul laurtiiil
"llarrj  Mrluliwli'i iiurili ™*i niirnurJiosl,"
llU'll,',' IVI'-I Ml rl,Illll-, I In.       Mill SUiUiiiii...
I In mm nsl ,-ti rli,iiii-m Imiii mill .Sll,'llllllis 111
|ila,i- ,,r i-iuiilili'lii'iuiielil.
Ilalt-il .llllll' lllli. hill.
IIAKIIV MolN'1'0811,
NtiTH'l-ihl lu i-ii.ii ilul |-,...|.i,..ili..i il.n,.
I inl lUiUlllll) liillii'l'liii-l I' in*.i"	
„l  I..HI.I* niiil   IVnrks l..t |i,a-|iiij*i,,ii In |„i,rliii...
ii. i..ll,..iiiic .l"..'iil''-'l liiml*,..it uu,. mill nsl
ilium ,,( Au„« bilk,-. inilloiHil Arraulii'iiil uml ilo,
M-rllmil n« lullii itm
(lm ni-iuiiiii <i|„,*i |iliiiii>>,liii tin- muUia-ml
 nur nl Ij'I 7ms ami itmrketl "Duo. Nouuioa'i
iiiittliweit eorner |mit," tlioucu maillisiii-liiiliiH,
IIii-iii'i- call su chnlni, llii'tii-i- nnrtli hiii-litiitiH,
tlii-li,-,' in-sl Wl I'liallll III JlllU'u III r,,liilil|,|lt'|,|it|.|lt,
nml nmtainim: Hillut-ri's.
llnloil tlm 1!(Hli nl July, imi
Jly as
VfOTICK li liereb) given thut imi days tift-ui <lnti>
i> I Intend in apply tn tin-Hon. Chief Coin-
iiii-.iii.inT..f l.n„i. mil Wi'iiki f-.i iiermlsKluii to
nnrcliaio lhe li.llmvhig deNcrtlied lumU In ihe
Wesl Kni.tenuv District, Hnleim Hay, ennt nlde u\
Lfiinoi Arrow Like;
l iiiiuneticlliu ut ii post plunli'il nl ilm nnrlh easl
coriioi of l."i No, Kilo,tlionco nasi tOclialns,
vi iiiii io chains, wesl (0 chains, imrth IU chains to
phre of i-nminriiceinrmt.
Dated tills Mini .litv..f JhIv, i>n
smith east coruei," at llie souin wesv curnw ui
Lui mi, nnd ubuut J milt' south of Posthall
Creek, tlience north 4U chains, thenco wesl 80
chuius, thouce «mith 4H .liain*-, tlience east 80
chains to poinl ol t'ouiniencemeni, containing wo
Dnted this nihility, if June, 1900.
W. V¥, LOCK,
Per I'. C. Makinson, Agent.
Cuiniiieiiclng at a P"<J (narked "L. M.Jnliu-
slime's south eastcorner," at the smith west enrner
uf Thomas Webster's application to purclmo,
about H mile* south of Posthall Creok uml about
I'i miles from the lake, theme north 80chains,
to the south Iwundaryof fl.4. Hammond's applt*
cation tn purchase, thence west HO ehuins. thence
south 40 chains, thenee east SO chains, thenci?
smith (i) chains, tlienco east(W chains to point of
ciiuitnenci'iuoiit, ciiuiiiiuinic 6110acres.
Dated this IStu day of .lime, iwu.
Per Kulph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at n post niarked "M. C. Dicker-
nou'. nurth wont corner," oil the shore of Upper Armw hike, about :f miles smith iifl'iisthull creek und
about 20 ehuins nortli of the smith east comer of
Thomas Webster's applieatiun tu purchase, thenco
south HO chains, limine eust tn chuitm more or
less to the shure uf Arrow Uke, Ihence following
said shore iu u general northerly and westerly
direction 180 chains more orless in puint of commencement, containlllgHMu ncres nmre nr less.
Dnted tills i-ili day <>f Juuo, moo.
Per ltalph Slye. Agent.
Coiuuielieing ut a post mnrkeil "K. A. Slye's
smith east corner,'' nbutil I' miles smith nf Pust'
hull Creek, nt the smith went corner iif l,ut4A70.
thencu nurth so chuius alou^ the west bounihny of
l,nt 4670, tlience wesl Wl ehuins, thence smith  HI'
chains, thence east so chuius to pniutof com*
im uiiient, cuntaining 840 ncres.
IK I tin. mh .ta) nf June, ItMl.
K. A. Sl.VK.
Per Kulph Slye, Agent
Commencing at a post marked "A. Dollenmvy-
cts imrth uasl corner," nimui i* chnlns west i.f ibe
smith wost corner n( IM808, al the nurth west
curuer u( K. A, Slye's application t" purchase ami
ul t i, mile smith ul Fnstliall mock, lln-nce west
.so chains, thouce smith-80 chains, theuco uasl sn
ibuins Ihence iinrtli HU chains In puiui of emu-
uiencomuut, containing 040 acres.
Daleillhis Nth day of June, IIUKI.
Pet Kulph Slye, Agent.
Cmnmeiicing ut u post marked "P. A. Slye's
north oast corner," about IH miles suuth of Post*
hull Creek, and abuul 11 miles frum tlie lake
shure ut (he nmi li west cumor uf O. J, Hammond's
application to purchase, thenee west 80 chnius,
tnence south80 ehuins, theme east Hu chuius,
thonce imrth 80 chains, to point uf commencement, containing 04U aires.
Dated this I'JtTi day of Juno; 100(1.
Per Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing ut a post marked "M. C slye's
nnrtli oust comer," at the smith oast vomer of
Thomas Webster's application to purchase, about
;t miles smith nf Fosthall Crook, uml about I
mile from the lake, theuce west sn chains, thencu
south 4i) cbnins, thenee east 40 chuius, theuce
smith in chains, thenee eust 40 chuius, theuce
imrtli sn chains tn point of commencement,-containing 4811 acres.
Dated this Kth day of June, moo.
Per Itnlph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a pnst marked "A. K, Hammond's north west corner,'' about I1* milos smith
ut Fust Iinil Creek at thc smith oust corner of Lot
4670, Ihence smith 80 ehuins, thonce east 40 chains,
umre or less tu the lake shore, thence following
snid shore In a geuernl northerly direction kii
chains more or less to tlie soutli boundary of J- L.
Hindi's  application  to  pun-linse, thence west 40
chains,inure nr less, to imiut of commencement,
containing tfto acres more or less.
Dated Ihis llitli day of .him*, I1KW.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "(1. J. Hammond's north east corner," ulmut D4 miles suuth
uf FuHtlmll ('reek, at the south eastcorner of Lot
4670, thence wost SOchuins, thence suuthHOclialns,
t lii'tire enst sn chains, thunce nurth 80 chains to
poiut of commencement, containing 640 ncres.
Dated this 13th da;-of June, tWW.
Pur Kalph Slye, Agent.
after ilutel intend to apply tu tho Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Lands nnd Works for permission
to mirchuKi' the full..wing described lands situute
in the Wost Kootenaj district.
commencing nt an Initlul post erected on the
imrth bauk nf the Lardo river, nlinut one-eight
mile wnst of Uke creek and mnrked I'D. P. Kane's
smith east cornor imst," thunce north 20 chains:
thence wost 80 chains; thence smitli 20 chains,
mure nr luss to Lurdn river: thencu ensterly folluw*
ing Iho bank uf the river 80 chains muru or less to
pointof cnnimiMicpinent, comprising one hundred
and sixty acres more or less.
Dntod thu 2t»h May, ItHHi.
JTICK is horoby given that thirty days
utter dale I intend tu iimdy to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands nud Works for special
license to cut nud carry away timber from the
following described binds sitnnted iu Wost
Kootonay district, B.C.:
1, Commonclug at a post marked "A. Mcltue's
south wesl comer post," planted ulmut om* mile
eust uf Columbia river and about opposite Hos-
kins ereek, thence nurth Hi) chains, east Hti chains,
smith HO chuius, west Ml ehuins tu point nf commencement.
2. Commencing at u pust mnrked "A. Mcltae's
northwest corner post," planted nbout one mile
enst of Columbia river und nlMint opposite Hns-
kins creek, thence suuth HO chains, enst 80 chains,
north8iichnius, wust mi chnius to pointof commencement,
Dnted July Utli, 1906.
Nut ice is hereby given that fin days from dato I
Intond to apply to the Honorable the Chief Com-
missinlier uf Lands nnd Works for permission to
purchase the billowing described lauds in thu
West Kootenay District, enst shore uf Cppur
Arrow Lake:—
Commencing ut n post murked "J. D. Coplan's
south WOSt enrner," ut the nurth west curuer of
Lut sun and nbuut l«- miles north of Nakusp,
thence east HO chains more ur less, thenco north
8ti chuius mure or less, thence west SU chuius more
or less to the Lake shore thence iu u general
southerly direction along thu Lake shun' H't ehuins
imue nr less lu puint of commencement, containing 1140 acres muru or less.
Dnted this Knd day of May, moo.
,1. D. COPLAN,
Pur Kulph Slye, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that.10 days alter date
1 intend to apply to the Honorable tho Chief
nun missiniier uf LumL and Works f.ir ft speciul
licenso to out and carry away timber from the
following deter I bed laiuls situated In lhe
Osoynos Division ol Yale District:
1. ('uiu uie ui'lug nt, u pust marked "S, Hill's
north west curuer," pluuted mi (he south bank uf
Ihe eust furk of thu moth fork uf Cherry Creek
about 4) mill's above the forks uf the north fork,
running mist Kin chuius, theuce suuth 40 ehuins,
tllUIICO WOSt 100 ehnins. thenee imrih 40 chains In
pnlnl nf commencement,
2. Commonclug ul u pnst murked "S. Hill's
souih west enmor." plunted on thc-ioiith bunk of
lhe ensl fork of the nurth furk of Cherry Creek
ul I  C Uliles above lhe forks of the Hnl til folk,
running east HU) chains, Ihenee imrlli lu ehnins,
lllOIICO wost ItMl chains, thouce smith 4<i chains in
pninl ul cmuiiicucciiifiil.
;i Ciimiiieiiiiiig al a pusl uiaiked 'S. Hill's
north east coiner," planted mi the smith bunk uf
tin- east fork <>f tl rth fork of Chorry Oreek
.Omni ■*. miles above ibe forks uf the tlifnrk,
running smith ion chuius, thence west in chains,
thouco  Hi ion chuius, llieme east 40chains lo
point uf C'llllllieiieemuut,
4, Commencing nt u post iuuiked||"s. Hill's
south west I'lHticr," planted mi the smith bank of
theeast fork nf ihe north fork of Cherry Creek
.ilu.ut lij miles ubiive thu forks nf the imrth fmk,
nullum: eust Iim chuius, theme imrth 4Hcliiiins,
tin- west iir' ehuins. ili.'in*.* soulh 411 chains to
puiui uf eommoucemont,
i'i, Commenolng at a pnst murked -s. Hill's
soulh west curuer," planted on the west bank of
the north fork of Cherry Creek nbout91 miles
almve the forks, rumming nortli 100 chnlns, tlienco
east lu chnlns, thence smith 100 chnius, theuce
west 40 clmins io point of commencement.
Dntod July Uth, llNNi.
I). Commencing at u imst murked "S, Hill's
north west enrner," planted ulsml pi chains north
of Luke Crook abuut 6 miles up the same, running
east Si) .Iinins, thonce smith HU clmins, thence west
Hi ehuins, thencu imrth HO chains to pnlnt of emu-
7, Commencing al a pust murked "S, Hill's
iinrtli ensl oornor, planted about to chains north
uf Luke Creek uml nhmit '* miles Up the same,
miming west ho ehuins, thunce smith BOcnittlis,
theuce eust HU chains, thence north HO chains to
poinl of commencement.
H. Cnmnicnt'ing nt a pust mnrked "H. Hill's
nurth east oornor?' plantod about 20 ehuins north
of Lnke Creek almiit 1 miles tin the sninc, running
wesl wi chains, thencu soutli HO chnlns, Ihence
cast 8(1 chains, thence north 80 chains to pnlnt uf
Dated June Wtll, \m.
aug 80 I). HILL. W. & A. Gilbey have their celebrated Distillery, daily producing from the linest materials thousands nf gallons of lhe
Purest nnd Most Wholesome Gins
Spurious Gin, like spurious Whisky and Brandy, is injurious
to health—a deadly enemy to the consumer and a foe tu decent
morals.   But—
Are of Finest Quality and Delicate Flavor
Distilled from choice Corn and flavored with the juice ot
selected Juniper berries, they are unequalled in Quality and
Purity and unexcelled in Medicinal value.
Among the celebrated specialties are :
"LONDON  DRY"   and   "OLD TOM"
Examine the Labels for an Absolute Guarantee.
Lara>st Win* aaal Spirit MarokaBtt In the World
1'ur siilu by nil tlie lending Hotels uiul Stoics,
Distributors—The Kevelstoke Wine & Spirit Co,, Ltd., Kevelstoke.
(E8TABL1SHBI1 1839).
Otiikk Liabilities
$183,071 28
•-11,(187 ill
$557,885 (15
218,7i)0 111
Surplus to Policy Holders $HH,120 7(1
J. B. LAFLEUR, President,      I.. .1. McGHEE, Managing Director.
Agent for Revelstoke
Established 1859.
Losses l'nid tn date $1,000,000 01)
Assets, Slat Decembei, 1905 ... ,$  828,628,27
HON. .1. DRYHKN, President. UKO. GILLIES, Vice-Pres.
I). WKISMILLER, Sec. mid Man. Uir.    LAUCHI.1N LEITOH, Supt,
.1. KILLER, Inspector.
E. A. HAQQEN, - Agent for Revelstoke
notice.        Something Pure
,tven that thlrly days alter  *JVUIVUHII*J*|   1  Ul V
  it..,, ,-iii.if I'.iiii ---
Malice I* hereby then ih«t thirty dnys niter
date I Intenil to apply t" tht Hon, Chief Com-
mlnlonei ol Unds and Worts lur a apectal
license to rut an.1 e.rry awajr Umber Inmi the
lollowlnj described lands.
1. Commencing nt« pout pljilted aboul 1!,
inilri from Ihe east bink of Columbia river
and »™t I mite north ol the Thirteen Mile
Tree on Ilia Bend trail and marked It. A.
Lund'a norlli east corner theuce wrath SO
chaini, thonc* we«t 80 chains, thenji-north Ul
chains, thence oast 80 chaini to point of commencement.
2. ConinienciiiK at a post planti-il aboul 1',
mile, Irom the easterni bank of &lutnbi» "
nnd aboul 1 mile norlh of the Thirteen Mllo
Tree on His Bend trull and marked R. A.
Lund's nurth west eorner. thence sou li SO
chains. Ilionoe cast SU chain,, thenco north sn
chains, thenoe west su chains to point uf commencement,
8. CimmoncingntajKMt planled about 1,
miles front the eastern tank of I oun bin rhor
and about I mile north of the Ihirlein Mile
Tree tin HiK Heud trull and marked II. A.
Lund's soulli wort eorner. thenoo north H
ehains. thonce casi 8(1 chains thence suulh Si
cliains. thence west 80 chains to point ol coin-
Dated August 12th, 1!»«.
I, Commenolng at a pos'planted about I!,
miles from lioldslrenm on the II g lend trail
to McCullough Creek and marked 11. A.
Lund's soulh cast corner, thenee weit SU
clmins. Ihence north 80 ohnlni, thonoo east SO
cliains. Ihence south 8U chains to poinl ot commencement.
J. Commencing nt a post planted ihoutM
chains from lhe soulh east corner of Hcrln S705
and marked **B. A. Lund's north west corner,
Ilieucc easl Su chains, thence south W ohalni,
thence west sn chain., thence north 80 chaini
Io point ot commencement.
(1. Commencing at a post planted about M
chain, from the noillh eust corner ol Berth 5,1)5
and marked "B. A. Lund's .south cast corner,
thenoe west 80 ehnins, tlience north 80 chains,
thence east 8U cnalus, thence soulli 80 ehains to
point ol commencement.
7. Commencing at apwl plnntod. stout»
chains Irom lhe soulh cull corner ul llerlli .,,o.i
and marked "lt. A. Lund's southwwt owner,
thenee east SO ehains, tlienci! north 80 clans,
thence west BO chains, llienee wrath 80 chains
lo point o( commencement,
S Conunencllig nl » po«l planted iiboil hiIII
ti mile Irom tlio .uillh east curuer of Berth iiiOB
and murked -II. A. l.ui.d's nurth Wert corner,
tlience ensl 10 chains-, tlience .unlll 1*1 ehains,
thence west 10 chains, thence north 111 chain,
to point of commencement,
0. Commencing al u poit planted ubout hall
it mile Irom the south east comer ol llerlli Win
and marked **B. A. Lund's nnrlh easl corner.
Ihenci, west ll) chuius, tlienco south ISO chid is.
thence east tt chains, thence north Kll chains
lo point ol commencement.
llSted August 13th, MB,      R Ai LUMDl
Siillec Is hereby given dial 30 days alter date
lie Intond tu apply lo the liun. Cldel I ..minis-
sinner ol I and- and Works lor a spocial license
t„ .-.it and carry away Umber Irom (he follow-
Ins described lands, sllnnle iu H i-sl Kootonay
1. Commencing m a port planted almul une
mile a,,nu irom ihe noith-woit corner ol K, ,«
S Moot SOU mid marked "Hln llend Lumber
iiunnaut's smiih-i-a-l comei poll." llionoo
iiuith so ohalni, Hi unco iiesisueliaiiui, llionce
Riniiii 80 ohalna, Ihoneo casi so ohalni lo poinl
tif i-iiinuielii-enietit.
•I. cm curing si a i-i.-t planted about pno
inlionortli from llio north-wort corner ol K ,t
>. 'Iliu-b Nl„ and marked "lllg llend Lumber
I'nuipeiiy's niirilni-usi i-iiriu-r |s,»l," Ihouco
west 80 thalus, thenee suulh su ehains, lllOIICO
essi no ehains, thonco imrth B0 ohalm lo pnlnl
ul eitinineneeinent.
little,! Aug. 181b, UNO,
Nullee Is hereby given lhat:«)'lays alter dute
we lull-nil in »p,.ly m tin- Hon Chlol Column.-
sltmer id Lands anil Works lur a special II situ eut and carry away timber Inini the billow-
Ins ileserllieil land., situate lu Wesl Koiilenay
1. Conimenclng at a post iilanled abuul Iwo
mile, west Irom llalinuek Pnlnt on Uppor Arrow Lake nnil malked "II. II L. Co lllli east
oomor pnsl," Ihenee north sll chains, ihenee
west 80 chains, thence south 80 clialns, llienee
east Sll ehalus to juilntitl cuinnienecmuiit,
-J. Commenolng at a jittst planted abuul
Ihrce iniles west Irnin Hanmu-k Point on Up-
per Arrow Lake and marked "11. II. L. cu.'s
Ninth-cant corner pnst." thence imrlli so
clialns, Iheni-e west 811 chain., llienee smith su
chains, llii-in-,' .„*l ">',, I,slits lit point ul com-
Haled Aug. 18th, IW,.
Hit; IIKMl M-MIH-.n in., 1/1 ll.
John B. Wood's Furniture Store
II you are looking tor Pure
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment ol   Ontario
in 1 lb. boxes, or in 5 Ib. cuns
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Goods are second
to none, and more than that
we "Guarantee everv Can."
To Trappers
Raw Furs Bought
Cash Prices Paid
F.   B.  WELLS,
Exporter of Purs.
St. Ann's Convent School
Re-opens Aug. 22nd.
GIRLS from 5 years up are received
na boarders or day-scholars Inr tuition
in English, French, Latin, Piano,
Organ, Guitar, Violin, Banjo, Mandolin, Plain nnd Fancy Work, Pointing and Drawing, etc.
BOYS Inini 5 In 14 years arc received ns day-schnlars.
For full particulars apply to
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery ol parcels, baggage,
etc., to any part of ilm City
Any Kind of Transferring
For Sale or Rent
<'iiiituliiititi 140 Huron, til'uiit tlm-*' iiwiriiTM seeded  with Ti tliY.   Siiitttlil*' f..r (mil  growing.
IIuihp liiul millinil.lini:-- in u<nnl L-dllilltlon, Hltwile
ni Ct-iiHU'liii'. n fen nnl.-. west nf Uevelstnkfl,
Apply to K.TAPl'INfl, Uovelatoke.
Of Concrete, Hollow Block*, Stone, Brick or
Frame Iinil.liim-i, DEA1R in Cement, Lime,
Concrete Hollow Blocks, nnil utlier lmilitini: ma-
tfriiiU.   All lulu.i anil tL-uteiiiiN Hrxt-eliiKH.
PtMttrlng and Ptrut erlng Supplies ■ Specialty.
PtttCKti   Kll HIT.
Fresh Hay     New Potatoes
All Kinds of Vegetables
Front Street, Revelstoke
residence lalelv purchased frmn Cnpl.
Mn. l.i-.litl.iiine in nn llie sick  list,
.1. McGsghrnn ninl H. Jolinstnn
ivere in Revelitoke Thursday,
Mrs, Sliuemitli und family left on
Friday fur Vancouver, where Mr.
Sliumiilli lms been Inr sonic lime.
C. II. Kirk ninde n trip in Kamloops
In oharge of n Hindoo who wiib een-
tenced to f, ur months in gaol Inr
being drunk und disorderly,
A Bud drowning took place lust
Monday off the s.s. RosBland, about u
mile Irom the wharf here. A passenger, H. l.uke, nl Sundiin, lell over-
boaid. Every poBsiblo ttt'urt wus
made to rescue tbe unfortunate man
but without, success. His body wns
nut seen alter going under.
Kioin Our Own Correspondent.
Mr. uml Mrs, Vi. Scott spent Tuesday Inst, St. Leon Hot Springs.
Jas. Morrison Inul un encounter
willi n young bull nt bis ranch, which
lie will remember tor many n day.
The niiiiiiul which lind always bodi
very qilii'l nne ilny Inst week ninde u
rush at Mr. Morrisim, crushing him
ii gui nut. ii stump, tlie Itiill then iiiu-'t-
nil', letiv'ng Mr, Morrison badly bruised
und slinki'ii, but we ure pleased tn Buy
he is now recovering und is able lo gel
around uguin.
A i|iiiet wedding took place at the
l.i'lnnd biitt-l mi Wednesday (veiling
lust when Mr. Fred Atkinsonand Miss
Mail-in Lincoln were united in tbe
ItiindB ol Wedlock by Ilev. 1). Campbell. We extend to the young couple
our hearty congratulations.
From otiruwu currespondout.
A most enjjyuble dunce was held
this week at the Landing Camp, the
attendance being very large. Dancing
was held on the "green" and a hearty
slipper wound up tbe proceedings.
Spawning is well under weigh nt
thc Scotch Creek fish traps and ninny
visitors have enjoyed the hospitality
of the camp. F. Perry being in charge
A picnic wus given l„st Sunday by
members ol tbe Lake Township, ut
Scotch Creek, nnd a very jolly party
sat down to a sumptuous lunch and
tea. The ladies evinced much interest
in the salmon which were in thousands. Rifle shooting took up the
greater part of the afternoon.
Tbe Blind Buy road has been commenced and will be finished before
tbe fall.
Squilnx Bluff was on fire on Saturday and several falling trees cut the
telegraph wires thereby causing communication to be stopped for over
four hours.
Accident to a City Boy
Francis Bourne, aged 9,Bon of F. H.
Bourne, was the victim ol a very nasty
accident on Thursday afternoon at
the Nakusp steamer landing. The
lad wiib standing on the puutunii
watching the arrival ol the steamer.
On reaching tbe landing she struck
the lloat with considerable lorce
causing one of the mooring posts,
which wus rotten, to break and full
heavily over the boy's leg, with the
result that bis left ankle was badly
fractured. The injured lad wus
brought up to the Revelstoke Hospital
on the south truin Friday night,wlu-re
he wus attended by Dr. Cross, who will
use the X-Ruys to determine further
the extent ol tbe injuries. The buy is
progressing as favorably us can be expected under the circumstances.
Our new fall and winter suitings
ate some ol the finest ever shown in
the city. Call in and examine them
and see (oryourself—Knight & Devine
Pleases every smoker the " Maroa
A niiitiilile house to vent with n spring
running six feet frmn the door am! 2 ncres
of ground for drying lines, $150 a nnuitli
worth o( washing sent out lu Clitnaiieti,
Apply for particulars to
Towiwlte Agent, Coinaplix.
Peer Heads, Animal., Birds, Plait. Kit-..
Aiiiiiiul nm-- .\i..uui,,i.
P, O. Han SI,
Revelitoke, ll. C.
Certificate of Improvements,
Adventurer, Iron Hnke. Watchman, Outlook nml
siiii.liini, mineral claiin*, .iliinte in tlie Arrow
Like Minim Dlvlilonol Weit Koolclia) Intnl.
Where located! On Uu- nnrtli iltle ol PlniaUiii
Creek, iil„,iu 6 mile. »,-i ol Alton- Uke,
Take notice thai I. .Mm Hnimi i.tn.i.i ...
l'.I..S.,ol Trail, 11.C..agenl lor Thomiu Abriel,
K..M.I'. No. Hii.v'n; lllehanl Smith, P..M.U, Nn.
IMS, aad Klliahelli s,-„u I'.M.c, No, 119581)9,
liid'ii.l, >lil) .lui. Iiniii Hn- date horool, to apply
lo the Mining Recorder lor CertlScatei ol Imimivo-
incuts, f„r iln- i„tr]M,*>, „f obtaining Cnuvn Oraiita
i,| Hu- above clnlrai.
Ami fitttlit-r take notice Hint action, under section 3", must 1„- commenced belore tin- lisuanco »f
stii-li CerJflcatei,,(Imjiroveinenli.
hated this 28th day ,,l Juno, lumi.
lep II .1. I). ANDKIISO.N,
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tea services Klowcr Pol*
Plates L'mnrella Stands
Ha»kcl« , Lunch Ilasket*
I ,«"c("li*lri Smoking Jackets
Handkerchiefs Silk Ootids.
Finest slock ol candle, and Iruits In town,
Front Street, Revelstoke
lold by all Druggists and General Stores
and by mall.
Notice Is herony given Uml 30 days aftor duU
I iuieml toapuly lo tho Thief f-ommisnioiiorof
Lands and works -Torn speoial licunce Looui
uud carry awny timbor from the riillowiii^
described lnmls in (lie ltiK Hontl rtUlrluLof
Wist Kootenay:
i. Commencing at a post marked "K. A,
Hmdloy's nortli cast corner posl," plnuled
;ilimit l mill: west of the mouth of Hmilh creok,
on the west side of Columbin river, tbonco
south 80 ohains, tlienco wenl 80 clmins, Llienco
mirth mi ehnitis, llienee eust Mi chains lu puiui
of commeiicomont,
1 Cominonoing at a pnst marked "K, A.
Bradley's souih cast comer post," planted
about lj miles wist uf tbo moulh of 8mitii orook
on wost sldo of i'ol bin river, thoneo north
in cliaiii?, thenco wet 1110chain* llienco -xmtli
10 chains, thence oasl nm chains to puint uf
3. Commencing a! a post mnrkeil "K, A,
Urn.II. \\ koiiLIi oust eoruer post.," planlcd
ahoul lj mih- suuth of lhe tnoulli uf Smilli
creek uml I mllo wosl of Columbin river, thenoo
norlh sn nlialns, thence wosl -Mlolmltiw, thonce
souih Mi chains, thonco nisi mi chains to point
of commencement*,
Dated Angihl Ith, ItWI.
■Notico Is hereby given that thirty days after
dun- 1 iuieml io apply to tbo Iloiiorablo Chief
Commlsfcloiier ol Landsaud Works forasjioohil
licoiiBQ to cui and curry away timber frmn the
following tloscribod lnmls lu VVosI Kootenny
1. CommoiicinK at a post markod "Thomas
Kilpatrlok's south oast corner post," plunted nn
tlio north sldo of Armstrong Lnke. ami nlimii
threo hundred yards from the (out of iln-snid
lako, thenco nortli su chains, thonco west Sll
chnlns, thonce souih 8d chains, tbonco east 80
chains to point uf commoncemont.
2. i 'oiniiH-n.'iiiK ut a po-i marked "Thomas
Kilpatrlok's souih west corner post," planted
on the oast boundary of Pulham's ranch and
nliout one hundred yards in a north easterly
direction from the seven mile post on Boulder
Creek, thence north 10 chains, thence ensl \m
chains, thence south 10 chains, thence west 1(10
clmins to point of commencement.
3. Commencing nt a post marked "Thomas
Kilpntrick's north east cornor post," plnuled at
tbe south wesl corner of T L. 0,535, tlionco
soulh 80 chains, thence west 8(1 cbnins. ihence
north 80 chains, tlionco cost so chnius to point
of commencement.
Dated this Jth duy of August, 1000.
4. I'iimnu'iii'iiiK ut a post mnrked "Thomas
Kilpntrick's soutli went corner pust," plnutcd
ut F. F. Fiilmor's north west oornor post murked L. 7401 G, I., theuce north SO clmins, ihence
onst 80 ehnins, tlienco south 80 chains, thence
wist So eliuiiis to point of commoncomont.
Dated this 0th day of August, 1000.
Notico is hereby given that 30 days nfter dato
I intend to apply to tbe Chief Commissioner of
binds and Works for n special license lo cut
uiiii carry away timber from the following de
scribed lands iu liig Bond district of West
1. Commencing at a post marked "N. T.
Edwards'north west, corner post." plunted on
ihe enst Imiik of Columbia river, about > mile
nortli of ('. F. Liudmark's Berth 0559, thonco
soutli 4(1 chains, theuce enst Uio clmins, thence
nortli 4u cliains, thunce wust 100 ohnins lo point
uf commencement,
■„', Commencing at a post murked "N.T.
Edwards' south west corner post," planted oh
the cast side of Coluinbin river, nbout 200 yards
buck from river and J mile north of C. F. Liudmark's Berth 6559, thence north 160 ehnins,
thonce east 40 chains, thencu south 100 chains,
thence west 10 chains lo point of commencement.
Dated July '-'(ith, 1000.
aug 4
N. T. KI1WAUDS. Locator.
Notice is hereby given that SOdays after date
I intend to apply ta thc Chief Commissioner o(
Lands nnd Works for a special licence to cut
and carry nwny timber from tho following described hinds situated in the Big Bend dislricl.
of West Koolenuy:-
8. rommenciiiK at a post mnrked "Arthur
Payne's souih west corner post," plnnletl on the
east bank of Coluinbin river, ahout loo yards
north frum mouth of Mien creek, llienee norlh
80 chains, Ihence east 80 ehniiis. thence south
8i chain-*, thonoo west SOohains to point of
ii. Commencing at a postmarked "Arthur
Payno's north west eorner post."plunted on Ihe
ut.st, hunk of Culuuililn river, ubout IHO yards
abovo inoiith of Mien ereek, thenee south So
chains, Ihenee east so ehuins, llienee mirth so
ehuins, Ihence wost sn ehuins to point, nf commencement.
io. Commoneliig nta posi markod "Arthur
Payno's south west comer post," planted on the
ensl bnnk of Cotumbiii river, about 3 milos
below Mien creek, tlienceeustSOcbnins, Ihenee
north 4o chaius, thonco west to ohains, thouoe
nortli SO clmins, thence west lo elinlns, thenee
south 12(1 ehuins (o point nf commencement.
Daled July i'.th, l.mti.
aug 1
days uftcr dale I intond toapuly to tha
Chlof Commissioner of Landsaud Works for f.
special license to cut and carry awny tlmhei
from the following doscribod lands sttuntod
In L lie Big Bend district of West Kootenay:
1. Commencing at a post niarked "Alox,
lirot's south eust enrner," plantod oil 1 lit! west
bank of Forty-nine crock, nliout I miles from
Columbia river, running mirth 80 clmins,
llienco wost so ohains, tlionco south so ehnins,
llienee ensl SO chains lu pninl uf cumim-iicu-
2. Coinmonoiug ul a posi marked "Alox,
Brot's northenst cornor."planted on the wesl
bank of Forty-nim. creek, ubuut Initios from
Columbia river, mulling south -SU clmins,
Ihence west SO chains, Ihence nurth Sti ehnins,
I honco oast 80 chains io puint ot oominuucu-
;!, Commencing at a post marked "Alex,
lirot's south west, conier," planted on the wist
Link of Forty-nine creek, about I miles from
i oluiiihin river, running north so ohains,
llieueo east SO uhniiis, thonco soulh m chnius,
llionoo west so chains lo pointof commence-
II101! t.
I, Commonolng ni n posl inarkod "Alox,
Kiol's uorlh westI'lii'iii-i'," plnuled on lhe wesl
hank of Forty nine ciei-k, nboul 1 miles from
Coluinbin river, 1-iiiiiiiiu: soiltll *o chnius,
iiicucccusi so ohains,Llienco north80chains,
ll.ence west So ehniiis lo point uf commuiioo-
,i. Commencing ut a pn-i marked "Alox,
B ol's uoith oust eorner," pluuted ou Ihe wisl
li.iuk of Forty nine creek, nbout '2\ miles from
i i-l bin river, running   south Uio chains,
I hence wist lo chain-, theuce norlh IHO clmins,
IliOllOOOAst 10chains In poinl of commence
i u out,
0, Commencing at n |»wl mnrked "Alex.
Ktol's north west curlier," plnntod uu tho wosl
bank of Forty-nine creek, nhoul'.'] miles from
Columbia river, running smith lliu ehuins,
Ilu.iicc entitle clmlim, Ihenee uorlh IlHichains,
llionoo WOSt 10 ehuins to puint uf cuinuicnce-
7, Coinmcniiug ut n po.-i mnrkeil "Alox.
Brot's nurth west cornor.' plnuled on the west
i.iiikul Forty-nine creek, 111)01112 miles I'rnni
(uliiiubia river, running south 100 chuius,
llionce oast 10 ehuins, thoiieu north HlOehainv,
llionce west 40 chains Lo point uf commencement.
8. Commencing at a post marked "Alox,
Ili-ots north east corner," planted on Ihu east
bunk uf Forty nine ereek, about 1 mile from
Columbia river, running suulh 100ohains,
Ihenee west 40 ohains, thence nurth 100 chains,
thonoo cost40 clmins tu pointof oommonoo'
0. Coiuinoiieing nt a piiHl inarkod "Ale:*..
Brot's suulh west curuer," planted on the eust
bnnk nf Forlynine creek, ubout I mile frum
Columbia river, runnlmf north so chains,
thonce east 80 chains, thencu south Sll chains,
Ihenee west 80 chains to point uf commence
10. Commencing at a post marked "Alox
lirot's suuth wost corner," planted uliuut J mile
(rum Forty-nine creek uu tho west hunk, nud
nbout I mllo from Columbia river, running
north 10 chnlns, thenco went 100 chnlns,
Ihenee smith 10 chains thonco east Kid chains
to point of cominencemuiil.
Dated July 3011), 190(1.
ALEX, BltOT, Locator,
augl I'or Cm-, Lumi, Ageni
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders tur llccl and Mutton,
Poultry, Kisli und small guilds
will l'oceivo prompt attention.
Kurtz's Pioneur Cigar Factory
lis, Cordova St., W.
Nalii'i' is liei',-1,)' (Ivoil llllll  UU ,1,-IVS (llllll illll,' I
Iiileml Iii iii-iil, lull!,- IIiiii.tlioCldi'l Cnniiuls
sinner ot Laiuls and Winks for litiiliilssitlll tu |ttir
cltaietlie Iiillnwlnn ileserllieil lamls. in tin, Wesl
Knntenay district, weal slum- ,,( Upper Armw
"Cniumunclng ntn p„si marked".!. I,. Ilii-scli.
snutli tu-st enrnor," nt tin- uoiitl, cunt enrnor til
l,„t (;,;c: nml alwut lj mllea snulli ,,( Fusllnill
Creeki tlience norlli su cluing, llienee easl lit
cliiiliiH, tlionco soutli 80 chains, tlience west 10
i-liuins tn pnlnl „( ,'„tiiii„'ii,','iii,-iit, coiitiilnlng 820
at-i'i-s iiiiii-,- nr less.
Dated this Stst tiny ot Mny, ions.
.1.1, llinsi 11
net 13 I'er Itnljili Slye, Acent.
VfOTICK is horehv ijiven that Hn days nfter date
ll 1 Intend to apply to the lion. The chief
I'liiiiinissiiiiierof l.nnils ninl Winks fur n Special
License tu eut and carry nwny timber fnnn the
following descriliud lands in West Kootenay District:
1. Commencing nt a post marked "Arthur
Payne's soulh west corner post," planted on the
east side nf Big Bend trail ninl nl (I mile north
frum P. Petorsons's much, thonco north lOOchains,
enst 40 chains, south 100 chains, west -10 chains to
point of commencement.
2. Cuiniiieiii'inu at a post mnrkeil "Arthur
Payno's imrtli west corner post," planted on the
east side of Big Bend trail and about l mllo north
nf P. Peterson's rnncli, thenoe smilli 40 chains,
enst l-oo chains, imrtli 4n chains, west 100 ehnins tn
point of commencement.
:i. Commencing at n post marked "Arthur
Payno's south oust corner pust," planted mi the
ensl side uf Big Bend trail nml almnt I mile north
of P. Petersons ranch, tlienco nurth lOOchains,
wesl lo ehnins, smitli Uio chnius, ensl -to chains to
point of commencement.
Dated July 17th, looo.
4. Commencing at a post marked "Arthur
Payne's north easl cornor post," planted on the
sunth side of Keystone trail about two miles easl
nf Boyd's ranch, thence south ion ehaiiis, west -in
chains, mntli Kin ehuins enst-in ehnins tn puint nf
.'.. Commencing nt a pnst marked "Arthur
Payne's south oust, enrner poat," planted un thi
smith side uf Keystone Iinil nbuut two miles east
from lloyd's rnncli, tlience norlli 1110 chains, wesl
lOclmins, smith ton clmins, ensl lu chnius tn puint
of commencement.
o. Commencing at a pust marked "Arthur
Payne's imrth west corner post," planted on tho
smith side uf Keystone trail aliout two miles east
frnm Boyd's ranch, tlience sunt It Kin chains, enst
in chnius. imrlli 100 chains, weat-40 cliains to point
of commencement.
7. Commencing at a post marked "Arthur
Payne's imrth enst eoruer imst," plnuled mi the
suulh side uf Keystone trail nlimit 1', miles onst
from Boyd's ranch, llienee smith so ehuins, wost 80
ehnins, nortli 80 ehnins. ensl sn chains to point of
Daled July 18th, 1000,
Certificate of Improvements.
Bullion l-jitd,- Mineral Claim, situate In tlie Arrow
Lake Mlnine Division ,,f Kootonay district.
Where located -Adjolnlnc! Mineral City Town-
TAKK NOTICE thai I. Kenneth I,. Iliinu-I,
mont forMra. Ill len MoOnimnlil, nl N'nkusji, I'reo
-iHiiw's Cortlfloato Mn. II05M, Intend, sixty 'lavs
It- Hie ilaie liorciif, lo iimily In tlm Mining Ili-
conier lor a (,'oitlllento ,,( Improvements, fnr the
pui-piise nf nbtiiliiliiKa Cruu-ii tii-.-nti „f the above
And further Hike notice thai action, under so,-.
tion 87, must bo o,iiiiiuoit-o,l before tho Issuance
.(:.ii.-li l-...iill.nl■-,.(Imprnvemcnts,
Dated lids UStb ihi) nf April, 1000,
Notice is hereby given thnl sixty days after
dale we Intend to apply to Ihe chief Commissioner of Lands nml Works forperitiisitluu
io purchase ihu following doscribod lands iu
lhe disiriet of West Kootonay:
CuuiiiieueiiigHt a post planted Iwcnlychntns
west Irom (he northeast corner of' ut ■um und
marked "Big Komi I.umbo Company's south-
wesl corner posi." theuce north 01 ohains,
thouco oasl 40 ehniiis, thonoo south 65 ohains
more nr loss to the lake shore, thoneo west
along shore to snutli east enrner o( Lot 4010,
thence north 7 chnlns to nnrlh cast enrner ul
Lot 41)10, thence wesl 'ju chiiltn to point of commencement
Dated July '2nd, 1006. Jyfi
NOTICK Its IIKItlillV iilVlil-l Ilinl sixtyiluy«
alter date I Intend tn apply to Ilu, lion. Clduf
Comnilaslnnor ol Lamls and Wnrks for iiurinlislon
to pnrcliaso the lollowlnn deacillioil lnmls iu the
Wosl Koiilenay district, uoal ihlo ol Unjiui Arruw
Inkenlw -hull mil It nl Mliall creek,
i' ilug at a pusl marked, " w. w. |,oek's
si ui li oust, corner," at lliu atuilli wait ■■■,.,,,■, „f I,.
se, ihenco ni.rili in elinlns, aluus tlio ».-»t I I
my ut I,. BOS! I hot tt'-sl IKiloliaius. tl -o soulh
sn chains; llionoo oust III i-hiiins, more or b-ss Lo
Hm ,iosl hoiimliiryof A. Dollaiimeyer'sappllcullnn
In ptui-hiis,-: llionoo uiit'lb iu i-haltis, more nr Iim
I,, Hn- nnrtli nesi curlier nl A, Dulluiniievoi'.
uppllealluii i<> piiioliiiso: tlioncu oaat wi chaini
mnru or Iuna tn polul ul tioiunutieoment, um aerea
llati'd Muy an, I'M.
w. w. LOCK,
I'or. T. (I. MilltiilHmi. ititoiil.
Null,',' Is ln-ri'l.v given Hml lin lay* allot date
I mt. iol tn make iiii|.llo>>ii',ii 1,1 IliuUliloICuin-
lillssitiner nl Lands ,1 Works Inr permission to
nun-huso lho I..li„«in.. .1 rllio.l Intitl sllual,
lu ilu- Wesl Koiilenay ,l!sirl,-i,,l llrlllsli Col-
ninl,in mi lllli west side ol Arrow l.llkn III Hie
I ii-IInill Viilloy:
Cinniui-nelim nt lc. Nieltnl's Lb well cor-
nor tlionco well ',' ehnins, Ihouco soutli 10
olinlus, tlielICO oust so ebnilts, tlionco to,i lli in
elinlns to point ul i-i.iinnotiitement, lo ninluln-
illllJl'.'llllOI.'S IIH.IOOI   li-S
Dated llio 2Mb dny ol Juno. I'm.
J. ». MOIiltlSON,
I'or H.J, llnrittw, Agent
NOTICK la lioroby glvon thnt00dnyaaftor
ilalo I inioiitl lo apply In lho linn -alii,
Hut Chief Coniinlsaiotior of Isimlsutul \\,,ti.
(in- perinissliin In piireltiisi- llio followingdo-
serllii-d hinils In Ilu- Wosl. Kooloimydistrict,
west side u! Upper Alltiw lutko:
('nnuneneiiiK ut  ti pusl itbiitil l lire- miles
siinlli of h'tisiluill oi k. uiul tibotil I iitllti Iiiiiii
Ilu- Luke, marked "Tliomaa Wobslor'a ninilt
oast cornor," ni tlio norlli caul cornor ol ,\i.r.
Slye's uiiplloiiilini topuroliaaoi tiionoo north i"
elinlns, moro ur less, In lhe lulu- sboro; tiionoo
ftilhiwlng suit! slioro In n gout-rul nurllieilv
und wiisterlydii'i'i'l lun In cluuiis, more or loat,
tn tin- suuth liiiiintliiry uf A. li. Iliiitiiuiinil*
npplieiil.lou Lo pureliiise: tlionco wesl no ohnlns,
moro in- less, in the mist, boundary nf l>. M.
.Iiiliiist.nto's iippliiiiilliili to |iiii'i'Iiii-ii: llninto
-unlil rn. -Iiiiiii-. ii oo oasis) ohnlna lo point
of eutllllielu'tuii'-tll, f-'intaiuillK Illll iiel'os, mora
or less.
Iliili.lllii" l.'lliil'i, nl ■Juno. Illll.
I'or llulpl, Slye, Agent.
Import direct from Country of origin.
For A([rtcultural Implemoots. Carriages, Wagons, Etc.. Juhn
Doore Ploughs, Moliue Wagons, Canada Cnrriane Company's
Buggies, Planet Jr., Garden Seeders and CultlTators, Wheol-
wright and Btauksmitli Wnrk attended to Horse Shoeing a
f Specialty
Incorporated by Act of Parliament, 1855.
Wm. Mni.stiN Macpheiison, Pres, s. 11. Ewinb, Vice-Pres,
James Elliot, General Manager,
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything In way nf bunking business transacted without un-
necessary delay.
Interest credited twice n year at current rates on Savings Hank
W. H. 1'IIATT, Malinger,
Revelstoke, B. C.
(Under   New   Management;
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Queens ftotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
•V**, l^l\\\\VV\'V«'V*.lVVV-VV»V»-V%VV«j%1,VI
HEAD OKKICK:   Camiaiiv,   Al.llKHTl.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
I'urk Packers anil Duller In Live Stock. Markets in all thc principal K'itie, and
Towns ol Alberta, British -,.,iiinl,la. and the fnkon. Packers „( the c-libraieil Brand
"Imperator" Hams and Bacon, ami Shamrock llraml. Le.il Lard.
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $1 a day,   Monthly rate.
Best cliuiici: ever ulTered tuaeciin' snnie uf the linest Residential
Sites, Qardon ami Emit Urowing I,mils in Itevelutoke,
Having Ltiiiii appointed Agent Inr tlie KoTelstuke Realty
Cunipany, Limited, I have lor sale their lands nn the West, North
and Eust aides ul the City,
Any area to suit purchasers frum a Building Lot to a Small
The new " Addition B." offers the ohotcost residential and villa
sites ,,viirl,inking the City,—fine garden ami and sheltered Irom
prevailing winds.
Plans and Prices at my Offloe.
A 1 if*-
Ladies? H;asi^ Coats Corsets J Corsets
Mad ■ . •'  ■   -; lieiivj I    I
:  -■ mai il   ■   ■ ■-.     Regnl    I'I" i
Regular IfS,    Nuw
. $12
■■■ .nil
': I III)
Boys' Clothing
\| ■  ,    Besl    Tweed-   and   Sage
Sizes I   in 21 ti   32.    ■ ■  :	
Suil  mi  iui- Uarguii    I ; ■      it wh 't'su
price.      Tliis is . -   ■      IM
R -,-, School Suits (nr liti ,
Itrgultir ml.i - - - nml odd lines. I CD nml
lull :■ irs In i-lear ai .Vi- inch. Wn keep nil
Ilu- leiidine i, • nnil full rn tgo ol sizes in
ll. k A. Ci -i'i
w Goods
IHiltV li
l.lUIIl't .
We are opening up new goods daily. We
Imve already pul into stoek 50 pairs while
I'lauiii'is. Iinugli! direct trom tho taotory,
lull pairs while uud grey lluniieletto sheeting. I h.ile ul I'illitw uiiii Cushion forms, IS
cases nt liitida and shnea, 6 cases Men's l-'t-ll
The Store [F-s r*6 ? \*%
that never K t i U
The Store
that never
•**—raww^wn" h *-jmp.«"y*-»
1",.--I ■.■■•"'    - *--!•- --i.ru .■-», —   m    •*»■•
|        KEF.P YOUR |
9 By     • '    -i-i- J
9 vim.    They won'I il yi u
ii,   n ,, ■ i    im. ,,   ui    ., I.,....- I", 144
| FOOT EASE. We keep it.     ^
9 Canada Drug & Book
9    Company. Limited.    $
Local and General.
Keep in mind the imp irtanl evi i *
i We tn- -lay. 2!>th inst. Kn is
Church Si :i il.
Last week the mini's ,-:i li 'in,Iht k
K • ■■ nny shipped 31,487 I ms ul ure,
mak ng "over 1.000,000 tons lur this
year liitis (ar.
lh.- new legal firm ol Uillnn k
EUi •• irrisli rs, solicitors, etc , will
:, , thi ii ull ci s in ihe Lawrence
IU    , ,:, Ci .'- blook.
A.  11. Ski y, manager of  lho Kant-
ps :. i: the hunk ul lininiltuii,
lias arranged u* tin upening - n
ii  Salmon Arm.
Three Italians were lined *f,i und
,■ --,-. ■ |.j i1 ice Magistrate Iiurili :, n Satiml ij lm ailitwing their
cattle I sti iv ..:i to the premises ul
i; N. I-
s   ..       ....  wild sustained  lain' in-
juries  on  Thin-day  Inst,  by lulling
it the 1. "i bridge, n distance ol in
feet, Iii ; h ■'■    :.   | .I... .-a S turdny.
Tin   ri mains were conveyed tu Ni w
\\ .-■■ insti   . ii nteriut lit.
fi    ,-. ■    ih, lawn suciabli on the
*-,;    ..   :    mils  to-morrow, Thursday
.■ .,: .,    nidi i   the auspices ul the
...   Workers  ol    Sl.  Andrew's
: :..    Admission to grounds 10c.
tnd will be in attendance.
.   Davis,  wh ■ .-   In lieved to
been tin   In nviesl womaii in the
■    -• ..      :  Vitjj nniii.   She
ill yen , -.-i ('20
;'|.,  ,   |      ..",.-    (|  nnd 3
..:   . ...-,,     | In   dead   -. mini has „
-.-:•: - - .      . ' ''
Ac tl  : - aft       ilinrtlj lie launch-
t he sea : .-in and s.iii
side bj side with  . ■ ivspapcrs in the
... f0]     : ■     Siucni
,1 :  ng Review  pu ..- ■ I at  Sandon,
1, ,    by Mr. .1. .1. Athertou nnd will
. • .::. ,   :      nt ws ul   the  SI icau,
.    .* ,.        In; ri ady  in ui- nut
■ ■ si-
Mr*. Vi. M. Lawn net   has rei - ivi d
:   • hall  I ths i-i:. -. ihurcli,ii hand-
...   cut   ....    ' ,n    vasi   lor tin
ilpit       I    -   ■   igl .: " i,i   gilt   has
..■-.,   -. Mr. It. 1* I rqnliait
tin    t -ti  tl re]  - - nti li        *■    '-lm
,..--;..'     i   : \ Mnutl-i
i the largest firn    I s    i and
..... tersintliei ist.
ge has taken ]
•   e las! the elements. Sl
ivt-sl s  prevail,  ii
Hi   l|  -  . Ill   I  eul   linv, i   (' tun
pi    i,-i|   i      n !-,.■   '   -
■mi     inl       lis   111 : llll, I ' li
lli-rl II ylh. nl An  '.viiinl.   I'.-.| . In be
lh,  IVnee in und  I'm' lhe
I'riiiiiiei'iil British I'ulunibi.i. Edward
;, Iwiirtls,  , i   lli'vt Ish ke,   K»i|., In lc
Iti _■;-:..ii ill Voters Inr the  II   -   li ■■■
I'.lui-li nil District, in place nl Will i
I-'.. McLiiuehliii, resigned.
\ despatch it,un   Now York stales
: hnl .|u- Suuth American cnitliqunki
di  ' i  ■ eil the Island uf .linn Fernau-
, -Mi'! theC-liiliiiiK st.   It bei mged
' "iiiii anil nn it were a lorl and
penal settlement, This is lhe i-'a: d
mi which Alexander Selkirk spent n j i
■.     two   in   libs 'lull-  imii'liiiess,
■it ii-li h is In-.-n iinmnrtuli'.i 'I  by  lliu
i-. el Cuivpt-r, beginning '*  i   n-
■noli nl ail I survey "
Sept. 3-1 promise tn b ■ red  lc!lui-
hiys lm lievelstiike il n large crowd
■ -I [mni all pninls, The In-
in inr llninl As* iciiitiun , — i will be
a [nature nl ll" ii-l,lull,,■■.ah i Iii vol-
ke will be Ireated  In  some :
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of Ths Best
SS & Anderson
Social and Personal
oia,n nud the Turl Assuciniin,, nre
getting iu some crack horses, Ihu
■:i;' ic performance.:! will 11 pi-mlnt-i'd
nl lho Opera House.
A serinus lire hrnki i tin llm pro-
perly ol the Colniiihiii Itiver Lumber
,',,. ul Kit ill, Uko Sliuswnp Insl week,
destroying IIUll.OOO (eel nf lumber, tlie
In innii " liuuse. iv ii-ehntise uud sevei .!
ul lun liuildings. A high wind slnrm
thnl sprang up,scattcrine, ilu bun ine
ri fuee in llie WtiBte burner, is supposed
to Imve originated the lire, llie yard
being n.i lire in many places during
the Btnrni.
The linn. It..niil.l Melloiinld, di I-
i.r n[ the Ciilcduniiin Railway, Una!
llm iin, whu Ins bei n inspecting n
huge lunula-]' ot American nnd Cnn-
atli-ni railways, states thai hi* trip has
priivcil mosl enjoyable uml instructive,
The :'i- ittish railuay c.vpi ri admitted
friiiiklj that his visil was ninde tu
ivnlcli I'niiatliai, and Anient: in railroads mid in luuk tor new ideas th it
mighl lie used nu the liii:.-!: systems
Mr Chas, Walsh, nl O.viuw, Susk,,
I in lisitiug Mi. mid >fi- 1'.. Atl-fir in
;! i- cily. In- i- I.lively interested in
mining i rupi rties in lhe Big liend,
lieii g mi-ii-iu y-treusurer nl ihe Adair
Mining i'u . wh tse properties ure sjttl-
itiil   ii Lalnriiic ereek.    lieture guing
I Mr, Walsh will visit the proper
ties ami make plans for their further
developnient. lie expresses great
delight in liis visil -in Revelstoke,
being struck with the wonderful possibilities nl the city,
Business Locals. |
Nothing better than " Our Special.
(let. Wall Paper at Howson's Furniture Store.
See uur line nl Lace and Tapestry
Curtains, C. II. llunie k Cu.
Dug-Dug Mats, the best thnt enn bo
bought, al Howson's,
A choice selection ol Blankets und
I led Comforts just arrived at C, It.
Hume k tin's.
Fancy colored sealing wax with
taper iu contro, sold nl, Canada Drug
l-'ur Linoleums and Floor Oil Cloths,
Carpets and Carpot Squares go to O.
ll. llunie k Co.
I'ost Curd Albums und Sorilp Hunks
nil sizes and any prices, suid at The
Canada Hrug Store.
Anything in the house furnishing
lino required? Iluwspn's furniture
sturo is the place tu gOi
Slates nud pencils, copy luniks nnd
tho newest things in Scribblers at tlis
I'.nnndii Drug Store.
Rovelstoko Fuel k Supply Co, always havoc,ml on hand and the host
in themarkol-HANFF HARD COAL.
Buy yuur school huoks at Mews' nud
got a school bug thrown in.
Largo assortment "I Carpet Squares,
Rugs, Mats, Linoleum nnd Floor Oils
nt It. Howsou's Furniture Store.
(liiul for the Tooth, one ot the very
la-si antiseptic washes, 50c, a boitlo
at The Cuiiiidii Drug Store,
hanil nt the Revels!.ike Fuel A Suppl.i
E. Diipunl bus heeii visiting in
Dr, Mutt-bun lei, ye-ilerdiiy (or
I). I.iii'liiiuiiiil In* lell I'm n visil to
\. Mcltae lell nn Monthly (urn short
vi.-il to Golden.
Mrs. ,1. M. Doyle relumed Irani Calgary Inst evening.
K. A. Ih-.itlltiv returned nu Monday
I'i..in n trip rn Biill'iiln,
A, E Kincaid lufl yesterday ovoning
[ur a visit :-. ili.- Ok iniigan,
T. Sehulos. ol Cumuplix, spool u
few'days this week visiting the city,
.-..i,nn.r Lniigheed, nl Calgary,
passed through lhe city this morning.
M,   Evans, editor ol the Wilmer
«*»-       ft)
Fuii ONE WHOLE WEEK |   VWtii   VIUUUJ |   "' "'"■ Cl" Y°» m | j^
fell lui In inf. U to lut M
Fur   One  Week   we  will   absolutely  give  Wool   Dress   Goods   Awny.
Something New in Bargain Sales.   Don'l, Miss This Chance.
In some lines ot Wool Goods we lind we have loo many. Some are in Suit
lengths nud sume are hiug pieces—many nf them nre heavy suitings, just what
ynu will want tur the Fall, and here is a chunee tn lit yoiirsolvcs out at a saving
—that means something. The children will require new dresses lor lhe cuol
weather, and il ynu want something Hint will slaiul the wear and tear nl sehnnl
you will lind it in this Iol, many of them as iip-tn-diilc ns lhe New Fall Goods.
With every piece ut guoda you buy we will give the same value of my other piece
you may select.
You may take yuur choice ol any gnnds in the Sale tor yuur Free l'uttern
providing the piece is the same ns the goods you bought.
This great offering will he taken early ndvuntnge nt nnd ynu will do well to
oonio early mid get your clioioe,  GoodB will be where yuu can exiimlno llieni
eusily.   Collie in nnd lot ns show yon around
Buy . Dolldr's Worth!
There is no need tur ynu to s nil
mil ol town for the latest material or
the style uf cut, JOU can get it by
going to Knight it Devine, tailors,
Al ilu- regular n onthly drawing of
Thc Pacific Limn Co. Ltd,, Vancouver,
tin- number drawn wiib 46U hold liy
Wm. Btownloo, clerk in the depart-
in,-ni store n( I>;i\ill Spencer, Ltd.,
NnniiiiHO. Mr, Brown Ico lius paid $30
itittl litis since lii-en ul'.eied $156 [or his
Nn. I, liuuse nml two lids, Firsl
Slreel, $3,51111. Vnluillile eni-lii-j- luea-
Nn. 5. Loi iiiiiI Stow, First Slieel.
$2,000,   Easy tonus.
No. II.   Ltd nn Firsl Street- $500.
No. 7. Two litis on Firsl Slreel
with residence, $2,100.
These, lots are likely to he valuable
business sites.
Nn. 11. Cornel' property on liilnl
slreel, Iwo lols and residence, $2(1011.
No. If),   S Lids nn First St reel. The
linesi liitlel or Store site in City.
I l,nis un Firsl Street, $11,300.
I Luis mi Second Sttuet, $1,5*75.
When weiiltll und tnshiou go in | Nn. 21. One nf lhe besl lesitlenet
seaieli ui rcluxutiiin mid amusement,
lln- must exacting standard ut criticism prevails, aud unly unequalled
quality liuils favor, Cresamun k Mot-
risou's ordered clothing immediately
wins thc approval of the must discriminating ly their elegance nnd style,
their perfection in lit, and because ul
their sustained high quality. Our
stuck is always kepi supplied with lhe
latest productions, see nur new tall
eouds—Cressman .v. Morrison.
I'I,,,  Trades and  Labur (*„„gr, i •"" '"!'• '•** -I'"1"1"1-   »  ,l:l>' '" ll,e
Cauada will euiivene in the I
llnanl iilTmdcol Yictnria, un Mum "A   M  Brown led  ihis n        : lor
Sept, Im nml will ciinti •■ l   ic-ig   where he uill visil Irit nils to
day tu day mil 	
,-,,liven',:,.ii luis     cu e'.id     Spi li,.   II .'.■'! ■•       ■     -I   Cum-	
uiul efforts' shuulil he ......   I   signal   .;,:••; m Lm .- went   „    ,       .
is. nu .--„-:. ii)   largi   t-i,ii:ii,i-i Headquarters
.--.'■ ssiin      \\ -'     ,. [,-',.. M -  - uu ,k. for
em In*' ' '   -      ..        ... ', ...   ,.,„:„1
taken  in  ihem  and in  Ilu gen
etleri Inhur. , ,   .    -,
Mr. Andrew  Hn .   .
log sealers, staf .
ment ollieials sca'ed . .
•eetullng-:      Hi    ■   i
:: this
I wi.-h   to   thank   my mai y kind
friends  for Iheir kindness to myself
and children   in  uur snd loss in the
ili  th il my baby, Agm - Mavcttii.
Mils. C. M, Stai'CV.
id Villa Sites in City, $1,0011.
Nn. 22. Residence, Victoria Road,
Nu. 23— Residence Mackenzie Ave.,
Nn. 21.—Business Blnck. Mackenzie
Avenue, $12,11011.
Nu. 2S, -Residence on Third .Street,
No. 12 I Lots on Eighth Street fur
No. 311. Residence and lot, First
Street, $2,105,
No. 73. Resilience, Second Slreel,
Nn. 71. Resilience, Second Street,
Nn. 12. Three hits in city uf Nolson,
in- will exchange for property In Rovelstoke.
Nn. 51, Loi uud .Slnlili'iitl'iiniliurni"
Nu. 51, House and Loi, Caiiilinrne,
John E. Wood's Furniture Store
-i :> ihis.   there   nn
L6,l .DUD [eel ol   tgs tuki
Dr.mii lun ■
not subjecl -- ,    .
. I
,-ei- 35,001 < ■   ■
■■ -   Hill
the llio
till    -   '
uver   I •
No. 13, llll acres within two miles
,,!' city, nr will lie suid In blocks of 5
acres lu 25 acres.
Nn. 15, 7HH iieres Crown title uiul
half interest In 5,0000 acres $21,000,
Nn. 32.  320 acres, Kelownn, $10,000.
No, 27, .'1211 acres Orown gi-antstl
lands ni (iiileiiii Bay, $5 pee acre.
No. 31.-2,500 acres Nicoln Valley,
\\" ' '        '."'P1 w"m? with stock, $70,	
Idi-en. Apply     N-Ii;l:,    um acres eiwt of Rovelstoko
WTKH   A middle aged women
ike care nf chil
Maii.-Hebai.ii mli-
,.   - '      '..:-..'
strict, t peaks g
.ii M
..■'.. . tin
,.[.-■■,' its   suit   l
Dan    N.i- i  tin
ts  .:.*  llie   I
■'■'.;.       - - ll  i*
ltd that ■
il   ■
School Books
School Begins Soon.
We   ■    :     :
f  Sell
Hid Sei       -   p| P
p|,i,     -.   ■■■ cure we li ive I ikei
lo selecl     ■    i
,-alue wril
., i|   ,.\ ..'..,  ■■    :   ill -. ,i
Mi-.-   \   II
■   ,
I-l I
(111 la
i ■'
III       '      ■
Nn. is 320 acres Crown "JKranted
ainl pastoral lease wilh stuck, IS miles
I'l-um i-ailwiiy  SI2.7.'iH.
No. 37. Ileal I'uini iu district, ISO
acres, 80 acres cultivated, gnud hillhl-
lugs, $Ih per acre,
Nn. ill. House and two acres lund
ai Triiul Lake $1,200.
No, 55, IH! acres East Kuolciiiiy,
Nn. 07. Fruit farms nl Arnistrong,
liuni Sllfi to $85 per acre, Good funds
ninl schools,
Nn. 71,   50,0(10 acres Easlei-n   Al-
bet-til, $7.nil per new.
md Rang"for     \,,,  71  (a)  50,000 anrus ul   Eagle
1   -L   B,   Lake, Saskutehewiin, $11 pur acre.
No, 71 lh|   111,1*10 acres at Lellihridge
NOTlCt. v,,, ;,-,.   iimnci-cH iii Edmonton, $11
-..11 'uniinon lahoi eiinobliiin
* . -n  nl ai all  lilui-s   in   Stlvv-
uls    j  applying in this
iiii.  Mountain
- 1 -in '*'   Association.
m     I', IVi'lls Seerelnry.
1 ,iislTH)N   \\ ANTED   By  niiddlc
I ,,    linn*.-   keepei,
!!.    ,1.(1 Office
it I ..tiii*li,,l or nn-
II (rn    bed   In in .s- to $1-1   per
- V,   \. II kkikn, Renl
nl In-ii inei  11, ki-r, U'-vt-l-
1 mn
Houses and Rooms to Let
im- ■
irself. und   we
I the linesi ,-iiateri.il  11
•     1    No, i
Businesses For Sale
N - I*    Until. Hiiek Building, $22,
Nn III lintel, prolty loeatlon,$3,000.
i,i,,-v iiinkt-r.
Buy Your School Books Here
and get a School Bag
Thrown in.
UruKKist and Stationer,
■ I'n.ii ia Hi-
Nn, 13    Hotel, $'1,500,
II lb,nl-, II Stni-.-s, n  lllitoks
... >„l   lllllll
-     I    .     f    |.    1
lln in,    in lhe Northwest.
13   st.„..,„. Hntelsltoal Notch
Nu. KI    Hotel un Vancouver Inland,
million lun i-hhIi.
m    lliilfiiileresl in Shlnge Mllll
prai 1 icul in.ut required: Iim- openltig
No (I.   Newspaper tu British  Col
iml.1 1    -H.l.mduvvu: liillilliee nu lol'llis.
K1 .   Ii-rins
ai-i-angi d.
paytni'lil    in
Fin- pai-ili -du ■ ipply lu
Richards & Pringle's
Famous Minstrels
A Survival of the Fittest
Tweniy-Kiglitli Triunipli'inl Tout*
I l      ;(
■   I    '
Inlrodtii-iiig'tin- Rig Six I'otiiediiuis
Clarence Powell
James Crosby
Fred Simpson
Happy Bureguard
Frank Kirk
Lester McDanlels
40 liinpernrs ot Minstrelsy 40
New nml Iti.ivlltldrlilK
Sijlhls, Scenes and Stiisatlnus
Without a Parallel in Ilia Minstrel Wnrl.il
vooo (>o<><yo<><><>G<><><H><>p<y^^
The ohjcot ol this Salo is to find new uwners
(iir uui'entire Stock of Clothing, Hats, Bonis
und Shoes nml lliilierdnshiery before Ihe
opening ol the Fall Trade. We dun't believe
in carrying uver goods, They've a poor claim
fur patronage,
Whnt would yiiu think il next year yuu
bought a Suit uf Clothes from us identical to
lho one some follow got this season, "you
would teel pretty cheap wouldn't you, and
you would not have a -very gocd opinion of
Nuw, tn obviate things of this sort, wo
nn- willing lu accept a loss—a most severe
one,   Hence. THIS CHEAT SALE !
Real Esl.ilc
mil llisilliilii
A (inul,
Revelstoke, B.C.


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