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 Vol. 12.-N j. 106
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co.
Five o'olnok ton, dainty luncheon or dinnei will not bo complete
without an assortment of these Fancy lliscuiis. This New Shipment
bus just arrived und is here lur your choosing.
McCormick's Water Ice Wafers IS'Z^SmL, «,,
McCormick'% Lady Fingers and Cracknel!'s Biscuits.
Patterson's Cambridge Wafers, Oatmeal Wafers, Graham
Christie's Reception Wafers in2 Ib. Tins, Zephpr Cream
Sodas in 2 l/2 Ib. Tins, and Sweet Mixed Biscuits in 20
different varieties.
Several Lines in Huntley & Palmer's, such as: Assorted
Alaska Wafers, in tins, Assorted Carmencila Wafers,
Salt Wafers.
Nice Rich Walnut, Acorn, Dinner, Folkestone, Macaroons,
and Household.
in 1-2 Ib. 11b. and 5 Ib. Boxes—just arrived.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Injury to Earl Grey -Real Estate Trust Frauds—Alleged
Suicide - Persian Crisis
Czar Makes a Stand.
W'lXNil't.c, Man. Aug. ill.—The injury in Kurl Grey's eye is more serious
than ni fust ili,ught. Bits ol un
electric li bt hulli which burst nre siiil
iu the optic, consequently His Excellency's wesierii program has I ecu
revi ed. llis Excellency, however, will
nut ohange his Ilti ish Columbia program. He will .spend lhe month oi
September in that province, most of
which time will be un the const.
I'lin.Aiiiai'iiiA, Aug. "ill—Asa result
ol the speculations nf President Hippie,
ihe Ilinl Est it to Trust closed its doors
yesterday with linbiliiiis u mounting
to seven millions. Hippie died last
Friday and it is now believed that he
committed suicide.
I.ONiitix, Aug. 211.—,\ crisis is up-
prnaching in Persia, With Russia
paralyzed, (lermunyjs seeking a (outing and the press hero warns lhe
Britisli government to be on the look
Ottawa, Aug. 21),—An important
meeting ol tlie cabinet was held this
morning to discuss Canada's relations
with the I'nited Stales. Nothing lias
been given out so far.
St. I'etkksiipkc, Aug. 29,—Pteruly
repressive measures have been decided
on tu put down terrorists.
il' yen nee looking fur somclliiiig nice in SPOONS AND
SPECIAL" fur Souvenirs, we have llieni liorc.
J.   GUY   BARBER, -
We will give a Fountain
Pen valued at $2.50 to
the boy or girl who will
be first to hand us in tlie
most correct answers to
the puzzles in the August
Red Cross Drug Store
I). NAIRN, Piim, B,
"ll.indy Hick" wins last event ol
Race Meeting at Opera House, Sept. 4.
Nelson fall fi
I   Sept. 19-2M1,1906
Horse Races, Lacrosse Toiii--
niiincnl ami othei-itllt-.-icliiins
Tho largest Fruit, Vegetable
uml Mining Kxhihils in the
** (H
|                mm *
l  I). ('. MdMllllKIK,   ,I.,)..M.U.(INK, jjj
%           SiKiietiu-y.     President, «
"Dundy Hick" and it Dance—Opera
House, Tuesday, Sept 4th.
', ,V, if, iti at, At iti At iti ,1*1 iti iti iti i1*i itt if, iti iti At iti ,1*1 iti 1*1*11*1*1 iTi I*
7 -X' -X' A' 'A' *X 'X -I.' 'Xi 'X' 'J.' lX' X1 'J.' X A '4, '4. 4- -!■ 4- 4- + V +  ■
::guns. rifles, ammunition
Wo Have a Splendid Assortment ol
♦ t
22-hore Rilles Irom $3.00 up.'
Shotguns Irom $10 to $40.   All kinds ul Cartridges.
v       m.       ., „.:       .,,.,       . V
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's
and Sawmill Supplies, die, I'lunihing and Tiiismitliing.
■Ti ifi Ai at, iti iti iti iti ,1*, iti iti iti iti iti iti 1*1*, I'T, iti iti itt iti iti iti iti db ,1*,
i.1 i*i 'A'" '# ♦ ♦  " V A A A A A A A A "'" **i V *lf '+1'" 'V +
A pretty wedding was celebrated at
tlie home ol Mr. and Mrs Charles
Hislop, 117 George street, Winnipeg,
Tuesday afternoon, Aug. 21, at live
o'clock, suys tlie Winnipeg Free Press,
when their eldest daughter Helen I!.
Hislop, B. A., was united in marriage
witii W. A. Sturdy, of tlie Lawrence
Hardware Cu., Kevelstoke, II. C. The
ceremony was perlurmed liy Kev. C. B.
Pitbliido, D. I),, who has known tlie
bride from childhood.
The bride entered lhe dr.iwingrooni
on the arm ol her lather und joined
the groom, who with his best man Dr.
Hudson, awaited her under an arch ul
palms and llowers iu Hie south window,
She was attended hy Miss Isabel Robertson aa maid. Mr. Charles Driver
presided at the piano nnd played the
bridal chorus Irom Lohengrin as tlie
brido entered, and tlie time-honored
wedding march as the nappy couple
received the congratulations of their
Luncheon was served on small
flowerdecked tables in tliediniiigrooni,
tlie cake icpuuillg in a veritable bed oi
bridal roses. The customary toiisli
were duly honored, iii.d Mr. uml Mrs
Sturdy lell amid u shower of rice uml
good wishes lor u brief honeymoon
'I he welding gnwn was u ohiil'initig
creation of white Louisino silk over
liill'i,In. iiniii,, cu tin ill, the front
breadths inwrought with medallions
ol Battenbei'g und the bodice completed with it yoke of linttenherg.
Wilh it was worn u long tulle veil
caught in the bride's lair hair with a
wreath oi orange blossoms. She curried
bride ruses and lily of the valley. Her
going-away gown wns u tailored suit
nl green broiideliilh, iinide willi Eton
coat,opening over a I,louse oi all-over
Paris luce. A chic toque of champagne straw decked witii clusters of
old pink roBes ond green leoves, completed a very smart costume. The
bridesmaid wore a pretty Bhirtwaist
suit ol cream serge, with decoration;
oi luce uiul ribbon nnd u white picture
hat and carried a shoal ol pink roses.
Mrs. Charles Hislop, mother nl the
bride, wore grey broadcloth, with lint
to match,
Mrs. Hayes, ul Neepawa, sister ol
the groom, wore a lovely gown ol white
linen eyelet embroidery with lingerie
hat to match,
Mrs. Charles A. Hislop, sister inlaw of the bride, wore a smart gnwn ol
Alice blue broadcloth with hat tu
Mrs. I, M. Brown, sister of the bride,
was in blue voile with decorutions of
champagne luce.
Special interest nt Inches to this
wedding as tlie Hislops are old timers
here, The brido was for some years a
highly valued member of the city
teaching stall' and had the honor ol
being the first lady gimluiitu in classics
ol Manitoba university.
The bridal gilts were as beautiful an
Ihey were numerous, among them being some choice pieces ol cut glass
from the school at Revelstoke, whore
she Iiub been teaching for the past
Tlie groom's gilt to his bride win a
sunburst of pearls, to tho bridesmaid a
gold bracelet with pearl llciir-dc-li»;
and fo the groomsman a pearl stickpin.
. <».     ——
Kur Wall Paper, Window Shades,
plain and decorative burlaps, go to C.
B. Hume A Cc
Headquarters for iron bods, we have
them in any kind you wish—John K,
Wood, tlie Furniture Store,
Tapestry, Lace Curtains and Draperies, at I . II, Hume k Co's.
(ii, und see "Chic" Tlie Mountain
Wall at tho Opora House on Monday
night, Sept. lird.   Try to win a rocker'
A ohoioe Iim-,,l Carpots, Llnclouins
ami Floor Oil Cloths, always In stock
at C, ll. llunie A- Co'i
Tin- Provincial Government mc
grenlly improving the grounds orniiiujl
the Mining Recorder's olliees. W,
Abriiliatiison is putting a neat feme
iirouinl, tho grounds huvo been colli-
vateil nml (till be hud down us n luwn,
lbus improving the appearance oi the
entrance lo the town. The sohool
grounds should be similarly improved,
Trout l.-ike Cily is probably the
prettiest t..wn In Ihe interior Iur sum.
nier residence. There nre nn mosquitoes, the atmosphere is cool and
balmy, tin- rconery on tho rands und
trails is the lu-si, the lnke is a marvel
..I grandeur, ami the hoii'ing nml fishing lire most attractive.
There ure lew towns in lho province
ihnl lmvo prettier homes nml ower
gardens aglow willi hi.loins while tlie
vegetable (gardens could hardly be
beaten, W Abraliiiiuson, K. C, Ellioti,
S. Shannon, George Johnson, A ll.
Fraser, Imve beautifully kept gardens
nnd a line growth ol llowers. Mrs.
Abraliuinson's roses are the best we
have .--ecu. In potatoes, A. Abraham-
son's patch on the sin- of lhe old
Queen's Hole! is it marvellous gn wth,
lho vines producing ns much ns between 10 und tllbs. ol potatoes ouch.
The cabbages displayed iu A. G. Eraser's shop window, and grown in his
own garden across the Lnrdeiui river,
mc a marvel ol perfection. A Houston has also a line vegetable garden,
Work bus boon suspended on tho
Lucky Boy, and Mr. Evehart, the
overseer, bus left for the east. Mr.
McGeorge, M.E., the company's engineer, bus, wo understand, urged Ihe
Company to resume operations, as
there is quite a lm of rich nre available for shipment,
Mr. Eniiiieiis, M. E,, is expected
buck shortly from tlie enst to start
work on the Broadview in the interests of  the new company who Imve
I. nided it. The lirst payment has
been arranged for nnd n strong company has been formed tn develop and
operate the property.   The Provincial
ivernment are helping o..t by building a road on waggon rood grade (rom
Ferguson to Great Northern Mountain so that ore can be tnken out, und
it is stnteil S, Duney has offered to
deliver ore Irom the Broadview to the
lake by the new trail ut $.1.50 a ton,
II, Mcpherson is laying out the new
Andy Craig and Juke Smith have
shuck good oro on the Donald and
Andy claims, which they own within
a milo and a half ol the town.
Our old friend VV. Duty, is in doing
work on his Five Mile properly, wbioli
is snid lo be looking well, and on
which he is iir.nngiiig adeul.
The Provincial Government Imve
greatly improved the rond between
hcie uiul |l''eigiisiiii, nml the work refloats grunt credit on Foreman Mc
I'herson uiul Ihoso who assisted in
currying it out.
U'l-ilnc'iluy wns un important dny
hire when Hm, I,' F, Green, Cliiel
('miiinissioiier of hinds nnd Works
came in to discuss with lho townspeople tho vexed question ol the timber limits. Trout Lnko peoplo staked
Ihoso limits legally and iu order uml
paid Iheir fees The Cumuli.in Timlior
mul Sawmill Co. surveyed and re-
staked Iiiiiii and then coolly nsked
they lie put up io miction. Tbe pooplo here ink thoir legal lights uud no
more. If they do tint get these limits
then anyone enn jump uny timlior
limit in tlio country, uml (leniiuid it
be put up t,, unci inn. The , ich companies could thus I,onl every pom- mini
out ol nil his limber holdings which
would bo a gross wrong, Mr Green
snid Ibe Canadian Tiuihoi nml Saw-
Company suggested a compromise by giving up ull lhe timbor
above Five Mile und the Company
Inking nil below Thero is really
nolliing to compromise Iml Trout
I uke people are always open to a just
proposition. II wo gol tho justice wo
mo entitled tu arrangements hnve
I eon mndo to put iu it mill here nnd
Trout Lake will become uno ol the
In'Bl, lumbering centres in the province
Mr. Green bus promised a settlement
in a week and his political lifodoponds
on whether lie dues justice in Ibis
matter or saorlfioos Trout Luke to the
demands ul the Canadian Timber mul
Sawmills Oompany,
Several Trout Luke people liuvii been
■ mitten with the Iruit-growing fever
uud uro buying Iruit hums (rom Mr,
Thomson ot Beaton,
A movement is on foot liy American
c ipltalists to establish a custom sine!-
tii- here.
Sheriff Vuill was the centre of inii rest hero Friday when ho offered for
Mile the lot between W. .1. Lightburii'H
hotel ami Reid & young's lot at At".
low-head. Smart bidding took placo
between the representatives of IV, J.
Lighthurn nud Culey Bros, till the
bull interest in tho lot was knocked
down to Mr. Liglitbiirn fur $1025, on
n luisis of $2050 for the lot. You can
get the best lot in Rovelstoko for about
that money,
There are rumors of thu Great
Northern Railway Co. resuming building the La nli uu railway between
Arrow and Kootenay Lukes, and oi
the C. P. IL continuing llieir line frum
Thero iB great fishing here. George
lliiner took sonic immense chnr llie
other dny, and Fred Mummery caught.
110 trout in Trout Crook.
»-. m •
Special music for tho dance
on Sept. Brd.   Don't miss it
Nothing hotter than " Our Spocial
I.Alllll!   DAY rlll.KIIHATION.
A general meeting ol the oxecnlivi
i iinitlc  of the   Labor   Dny   sports
was lii-ld iu Ilu- blind room on Monday
night, whon a programme was submitted for llieir approval, Theeveuts
Imve been (Infinitely arranged nnd 11
programmes will be issued at one
The meeting adjourned attordiscussiiig
further g, neriil business,
The lacrosse championship  mule
slumid prove n liig attraction nml will
vie with thc horso  races  in  drawi g
big crowds.    Advices from all poinl
soulb  slate  that  large  numbers i,
people may he expected nt Revolstok
on Sopt. 3-4,    All  places oust, wi.-t
north uml soulb have been well billed
and advertised.   Tbo speciul train w ill
leave tlio Okanogan Landing, Monthly
Sept. llnl, nl 7 u in., arriving hero ol
11 a.iii.
The Turf Association havo distributed their programme of racing whi, li
will be helilon both n[ternoons,$l,00l)
in purses being arranged for, Thoy
state that some crack horses ure com-
Ing unci thut tlm quality uf Ilu' horBcs
that will compete arc su different to
former occasions that nice goers generally will keenly look forward to the
Labor Duy meeting. Golden, Calgary,
Slocan uml other cities will send their
representatives ol horse llosli to Kevelstoke for the moot.
Baseball, football and tennis will all
Imve their shure of the public patronage, while the Dromon will give exhibitions of their skill.
The Dramatic Club is putting on
•'Dundy Dick,''with it powerliil citetc,
and the Melrose Stock Co , hnve a
treat in store on Monday night.
The Independent Bund, assisted by
blinds from ICelownii, Vernon and
Armstrong, will produce somo enti.ely
new music and will discourse music at
intervals on both days.
A vory cl isoly contested game was
played on the Y. M, 0. A. alley, Monday night, between teams representing
the C. P. R. simps nnd the olliees. The
shops won liy tlie close margin ol two
pins.   The scores were ub billows:
0, Palmer
.1. Goiiol
L. Curlile
A. Jenion
.1. I'nliner
Final total
K. M.Clay
A. Stephenson
B. G. Hawkins
11. W. Haggen
C. S. Dent
700   S70
Filial total      875   874   835   2584
Labor Day Programme.
s— Illll   yds.,   .11111   yds.,
Kin yds. Five shots at. each range.
Prizes—1st., silver medal, 2nd., bronze
medal, Shooting to comiucnco nt 8
a iu. No eulry will bo.accepted alter
8.30 a. m,
Ranges—200 yds,, 5(10 yds., and
llllll yds.    Sovcn shots at ouch range
izes—1st., silver modal, 2nd., bronze
No entry accepted alter II a.m.
Rougos—200 yds.,  600  yds.,  and
Illll) yds.   Seven shots at. unci,  range.
Prizes—1st., silver medal, 2nd., bronze
in,-iini.   No entry accepted aflerll a.m.
This thrilling comedy ilriunii,
it's wealth ol humor nml pathos,
Shotguns, Rifles, Etc.
We nre handling Eley's Shells as they gave  such  good  satisfaction la-' season.
We are the sole representatives for
Banff Hard Coal the only hard
coal mined in Canada, which is a superior conl for domestic and steam purposes.
When lired properly it will give off a
greater, more even and sustained heat
than any other coal, hence, lhe most economical lo use. This coal is smokeless
and is specially recommended I'or Self
Feeders, Hut Blast Stoves and Furnaces,
The price is $9 per ton. Leave
orders at our olliees in the Molsons'
Hank Building, where they will have
prompt and careful attention.
Bools & Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
produced at the Oporil House, Sopt.
3rd, Labor Duy, by the Melrose Stock
Co., under the capable management
ol Jos. Melrose. It is hardly necessary
to mention tho merits ol ihis company, as eiich Individual by conscientious effort and natural ability hnve
proved thomsolvos artists lar above
tlie uvernge, nnd worthy of the highest
praise. ThO Bpccinlilies between linnets, milking the show u con! humus
perlorinniioe, shuulil appeal to ovory-
one As nn added loaturo, every mini,
w -niun ami child whu attends lhe
peilornuiiice will receive n ll'llllboi'od
00111)011 wllloll entitles Ili.lii lo n
cbniicemi u handsome rocker which is
nuw on exhibition in the window of
0, li, Iluinc & Co's, store. Tlio drawing will lako place immediately alter
lln: lust mil ol l.bd play, niter whioh u
social ami dance will hi, Imiii until lhe
"wee biiiu' liours" iii the morning,
Popular prices, 2, -I and li.
Tlie Rovelstoko Amateur Dramatic
Club, who ure producing tho popular
8-aotcomedy "Dandy Dick" by speciul
requost at tho Opera House ou Tuesday evening nexl, need no recommendation us to the oxcellonco of thoir
work. Special scenery has been
painted foi' the proper production of
tliis play, uml every attention is being
paid to tbe stage selling. The cast,
is a strung one und the public an-
assured of a first-class ovonllig's en-
tertniniiKiiil. The performance is
being given under Hie auspices ol the
Independent Bund, wlm will render
throughout tho evening a special urn-
gramme ul music The bund orchestra will furnish music lor tho dunce
which follows the play, Book your
auats early ul tho Canada Drugstore,
Admission 50c.   ll-scrved Seal
Say, Wifey
What llie deuce is tlie matter with this
bread '. I was at mother's lasi night,
and she had lhe mnsl lovely bread.
Well, no wonder, ynur mother bakes
with RISING SUN ami if the grocer
sends any moiu. of that stuff he sent
List, I'll send it back.    You get
and I'll make just as good bread as your
mother ever made.
W Manufactured and Guaranteed by
| The Western Milling Co., Ltd.
|       FOR SALE BY
*>WW^^--V*T~r-r-'      -TTT-T--rTT-T-TTT     —     -r-r     —     -r   n UK • 111 ft    WVllVi    WW. WW    i*!™*-"*"*-1    w      --------'      --      -      t     t     t-   <r-   v- -/■■/•■/- v- «r  -«/- -/-fi
Splendid Scenery, Merry Music, Delightful Dance, "Dandy Dick," Opera House, Tuesday, Sept. 4. SUBSCRIPTION   RATES.
Incla ling posl ige to Knglnml, I'nii
'■mm.    [hi    ighl> -:-'ili.-„|
...   ..-  - " •■ " i
Li-gali       -       ■■-■■.'■ n-erii 'I ■
cent* per
- • S      .    .
.    Sion gen,
Mi■'     .     *-
Pi :-::■!;-■.    -    .
...    !    ■:.-.   M.c:  ,--
Lund   nol     -   - 01   ulv,
- M
Wanl   I -          ll-l-il ,1
.V-    ■ V. . '!■       IVllllli      S
.- ...-■: -                   "• '   .         i
W   :.-   : Wanl
less 3
Change.- :.-.,-
De ill 1 I a. m. 'luesdio
e. '■ '■■■■■
.rn   :.r. I'lNU pi       .   ■-■
■      - -   ■■ M I-
: ERMS - lions | ■:■ , ili- In ml,
OI'OXIiK.N'l'l I        mall
-     un inii..'. ..
. .•'.;    ■■;
         fo pulilictl
ie, 11.1'.; I I',',
|| ".Nil PIXKIIA.M
.    us, -',:.!, ITUHS, i:i. •
I1AXK   Him, I,,    lln 1 I
'8TIIKI .  H.C.
.1. V ll-.i .   .
...    II (', Ki    Steel,   IH-
W. I.IIrlKl
,,,1'i     *i\|,   UUU,i,-
[]  . ,.,-.. ii-. Siil.li i*i,ui-. b'.'i''-
MllNI.*!   TO  LllAN
5,01.11 i-riiiis r,,n Miilkiins Bank
., Street, Revelsloke, B.C
|)M;;i-.l!T SMITH
11 . , ,    1 •
I'i,.vim iii Land Sui'veyor,
Mill,- Sinv,-viiii:
]-;ii-_'iiii eiimr
Mi Kknzik Avkxi ic.
llnx I"!. Ri-:vi-:i.stiiki
Minini; lisuiM-.i-ai,
.,•       -..,.,■,,,. hi-titiitc Mini,m KiirIiu'ci
, mudlan Mining lii-llluh'.!
Hi \ ELSTOKR, II. !'.
...   0(   „,,! reports on Mineral Pn
j,. :■;>■- a Specialty.
She Saf&lbevalb
I ...  :■,,::, nilylsctlicia for
i    I to ordor thi, paper to be 1111111:111:111'
....  I upon n   ii I1"1'1 "'
page,     li '"SOS,
- i M\i,i,.\Y. lUliUST29,1906
I      ||;- oi   pi riminent   bnck   nnd
,.   rjreti --  icl ,:■- iii tin- ciiy have
n ip against u  very  serious pro-
., .■;,.. ii iii regard to fixed levels. Ior
sidewalks.   The city i* increasing in
. .   n „   ond   n,nny   enterprising
I ...; .. men ore setting o good example bj constructing brick buildings
I ' ,,: ;.   .,   proportions,  und   tlie
,;..;; ■   |..,.   m -,i   arisen,  and  one
whicl   will  hove to be dealt with ol
.,.,, if ,. to - rn-.- definite arrange-
t being made in n gord to detenu-
::..,._ these ■ lo nlk levels, and fixing
once and for all their height.   This is
I .-:,, -: im) rtonce to those firms
wh   .:   :. .. I   il ling, fll it i- impos-
.... t   lecidi upon the nature of their
entrai    -    -   ■ -* irds st. ps  or  level
app   i   es t  the Btores in question.
I- -,i   ild hei xtremely annoying lor o
•i in .      ; as gone ton lot of troulle
......  in   preparing  u  speoial
■ ni* building and then i-1
tbe city toe :.- along ai d deckle tl al
th, ..' dk was too high or too low.
It U I peil that '.'■■■■ Citj Council will
.. this ttei thn ugh oi.d adopt a
.-,: ■„. . level lor sidewalks thr ugh-
■ - -   it;
...    si
-•;. 5    C
; •
'        "'"       ■,""•'•*'        "  "      I    M,  |      :      ,     |.|'|  ,,      M
. M      i|., -.    |,|1        Iblllblilll-    II,
i in d    I'up| in.-   be   g
pre-, i        j nul     nl the lust
, read uml adopted.
.  ic iti   .  was   ii ul   I
il.,,      llcCiiiti r A  I'jnklium in* '
I - A Co, riipn ,:
.lu,,,    .;  evel -hoiihl be fixed  on   foi
ii    tin   bci|! '    il    idown k--.        ^
bid      M-erj   i,--,--;,ry   now   l lull  . ,y.; ,;;,. Vj'iV, Vl-.'v'V. r" .s-.-',,.,|l.-n.h.-'i-' i*'i.'i:!'-.i I*
i    M:,,.. ,, ,„.|m ii,en- bril'l: I. ■ 'In, nfleiiinini, i.m-r for sill liy l'nl,
A   i-esiilutioii  wns pussed,        »     !'.";,v"'i1,7,'Vii ll'l""-' l!iiini5ui-".l'"l*v.:L-lv-'.t,
(lull uiu'llgiiidcr should be engaged ti   i with Iniilillng thereon (foriuorb
■zo ,,i, i ilu- gi',,iiiiiI to IimI Biiitnbli
lu -uii I'. Burns mul arraugc
level '■.] siib'ivalks accordingly A
|,n i,: mei ling ni iln- Counoii will be
iilled m, Hi-range by-laws lo lis grades
I r side walks.
\ r   . iiinnicatiunfriim lln- seen lary
I iln- ion,I was i.:i,l. requesting thai
,, Iflllll due Ihem fnnn simiiin'i   per
.  - should I.,- handed nvi i*.    ll
. Ived to .'. niply wilh their re-
■ cl l,. .. l-i
1    U, . -.1,1     Ullieel.   Sllll
e   ill  *li,ll„».l „((' 1
urvi'il Iiiii "I S-*i--'-',.ki.
lleVl-I'M'.e     It.!'., UliS
EIIK11 l-'HASIill
III I'll 11 Is 111   , UMMIi III -
,\1,| Tupping reportod thnl iiipieFh
hml In ni made by many citizens
ihnl ;, sidewalk bo pul in bl'IWl'I'll
..,,,-. nil md Third slrei I- on Kailway
nveliiie, wesl nf Ihe Hack, The Bow
.i.nii Lumber Co. will givo a  ivduccil
p ice nil llll! Innii.. I if H.-..I fill* t 111 -
p.up, ..*.-.
Tbo council have decided lo uliluc
llie gravel Ihnl wn* excavuleil for
Bui-iib' block, for filling up lln- boles
in lln- roads,    li ml   business  was
discussed and the sewerage system
talked aver.
A resolution was passed deciding
ihnl I.nmli, tin- pound keeper, wa* noi
required in Ihal nlliciiil capacity aflor
Aug 31,
The iiccoiinls woro I ben |uiecci1 nnd
tin- meeting adjourned.
Pleases every Smoker thc " Marca
Kootonnv IjCirlce No. 15 A F,« A 11.
,..»     'f'i\ Tho regular meet-
*-* •_ ;V~    'v.   Ing- ure he!,! iii Ilic
fl   • y\   Jl      "      iililKelh.ws Hall.i,n
r   /    \i#'-    L 'hi-llifr.1 -M.-I..1:.} li
M%J2 ZvasBMt'-'1   VMihiehri'lh-
»,fe->-,j. .dfMpW ,-,.„    ,ll,   ,v,.|
I'. A. I'ltUllUMKlt, Si-:ciii-:t.\iiv.
SELKIRK LODGE. NO 12. I, 0. 0. !-*.
Moots ovory Thur.-uln'
I^V.   ,'Veliiligilill|il|-VII,,W-
k|]all    nt   <   u'eloik
"lllli  j   10   I'l
II .I.TAIillAIlT, N.a. .1. MATHIE, Sic
jRS&j.. Cild Rnn-je Lodge, K. ol P.,
'/l5?-v\   No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C.
'■ 7*1  1   V, ' i iiv *v i-i'*s'l-:si,.iv
■ »ll I     I'l    ill    ll.l.lle!!,,.,.'    llllll    ,11    -
•lurk      Willing   Knii-lil.  lire
rillnlly invlicil,
t. a noWE, i c
11, II  IllIOCK, ll  ,,r I! .*. s
II. A. IIIIUWN, M   ,,[ 1-*
n   ne) buck ii you want it!"
It  .-   -• tiishing the number   I
...    are now i Ivertising '■"•
., ■ ..: .: ,: ;    ..- j to .ii-- it IS
.;..-,   It is tin -i hit ul tin
. . righti   • ' --;i' --
■     y ,    no pi     n wh
..... :■■ j  ii  wili : '
I compelled   I
■      • tdesiio, under onl .-
ar;- : i l«
.   •     i,
i        . ■■ ■.   nn a-, ond the utmost freed      -:     li be given I
t ater ol buyinj
•I,,.  :  ,        •        njllsl ■,   i . tin    - ■
\ store thai uu
■  . - ■ t tin       i
inter does I
  . •- trims   iim
lib nei." "f tin       I
I ■  •    '
it ol; -
I'ln- besl
.   ■
llie fewi
then »top-.   ll
tl,e pul	
i-     idii iwnii'iiti skip all
the meal     Ilu     .',-.-■
ssIhey i ,.'-..
...       |,
long    ' M-- a   ■    -  ilii *    in
i-auteil    , iei       I In        I wny I      ]
t-. isine
,\   ve all ndvertiui -'- ...     ml ret
ii j md youi ctistomi --
|   ■;.,. | api.-  *    read     .   ,1 ortif
.,.,   tt      S'ewspapi.-   travel   furtlu i
,ii, el than tdvertisii . j   idci tic, du
n j N        - ighl   llm- by kei iiii g;    ||    .;-,.■■ IIII M-  .' ' ...- : lillg
vml' will I"- iii touch wiii. il,. greal
yingi    •-■:'■■  D- imini-ni.
A ,-i   ci  im   ' Carpets, Lin, li
uiul l-'l .or Oil Cloths, always in Block
,,! i   I;, Hume ,v Co -.
 I sei   Chii     I ho  Mnunlaih
Wail it the Opi    ll  ■ ■    n M ml .'
nighl -, pi M-I    'I i*j lo --.in a i .... i'
Nothing better than " Our Spocial.     i
Mrs. II..I. Hn.ibury Mnnngress.
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
Lnrgii Diiilngnioni d,r
liiin,inel ■. Suppors, ulc.
Furnished Rooms To Le
That'll Royul Crown kind-
made in Vnni ."I - I irgesl
Soup Factory wesl ol Winni-
pi g House ,-i, ni ii . u
washing arc easy with its help
\i,,| the i       ■ - iving is tin
Premium System
ll iokl, I tells «■ I at w,
Roval Crown W rap|
for   it—Free—Alsi
Noi i., m horelii given Hull lln ilnysntlorilnli
I .nleliil In mini) liilhet'hlel I'i lisslonor nl
I.nii. nml IVeri,- n,i i special llcunso la oul
mul .-urn nw-nyllinlier finnilliii following do-
-lilicil inn,I* nn llpper Arrow Lakes, \\ csl
, inonoltig nl n posl  nl.mini nlmiil one
mllo north nl Ilu, rioiill, wesl onrnerol l.,,i 111 Is
lieliee III ehillll* -vi-l   Ihenee luu chains norlli,
tilt-Ill-.' Ill chains east, lhe    Uill eliuiiis snulli
l„ llio pninl nf eiillllllelteelllent,
llllleil   Miiii-l lllli. Il»lli.
,!, W. KI11.KY.
Ul, i: I-   IIKHKIIY  UIVKN  Ihnl  Ihi
iie  I Inlenil o, npjil) Willi-
lilel i n i ei I.iiii.I- .in,! Works lorn
„., nl lieeii c le mil ami enrrj away llllllii'l-
„ni Hie  ii,n„i, ne ileserllieil laiuls si toil
the \Mll, I,,-1  \rlll ,,! Aii-iiw Lake ill Wel
'""'''(""niraoll'clliil'lli n I ilnlllwl i I
  „i-i„l nu,  nth  - onl Lllkn
iml ii..ii-l.el "U li.Seliiil,-.--. Hi ivosliiir ■
,., i,'   il ii I SO olinills.il c„ * li Ml
ii, . 11, ,. nosl Bil cliains. Ilimu'i rth SH
rliniii- I ll ,,! cu IIII t
".   I i ine ill a pnsl  plnnloil a! I I1,
iil„*ive i „r Heal, i   ,,,,H, shnroiil Lnko
mil miirliiiil "W. (I. Si'liulm's iinrlli-oiis ' '
 I." il mli su chnlns, tl rn wosl Sll
. (mil,., tin- ilii SU chains, ll co oust Sll
chuius lopoiulolciiinionri'inonl,
llllleil  VtlK. 2ltl.   I-.'IS'..
inigiti W. li  SIUIUL'/.E,
I'or IV. f. Ogilvio, Agont.
VTOTICI'! i-   liereltvi-iieli  llllll lillllllv* all,-1-
,\   U-ilc I  iiileml Ii, apply lo lh„ ll„n. Illli
i hi, I Cnianilssi i- ,,( i.ihhI- iiiiii Works fnr
,,. i lui.-Mtt i„ purcliiiso Ilic follow Ing .l.-.-,-il.,-,S
llllllis, -illlalcl ill We-l   Kll nay, we-l   slilo
Coliiinhlii rivor, l-'lro V lley:
(•oiiinu'iioliig ni a posl in ohnlns itiirili of
Lniigcl's norlli w-e-l rin-iier posl ninl inarkcil
"llnm McluIo-.il ■ norlh ensl corner post,"
Ihenco wosl -it ehnins, Ihenoo snulli Sll chains.
Hal,-,! .inin- mill. umii.
Stock and Share Broker
Horse Racing Svents
FIRST   DAY,   SEPTEMBER   3RD.   1906
i.    Half Mile Open Race, best 2 in 3 . $200 00
2. Quarter   Mile   Dash (local horses)
$35, $10,-inti$5      .      .      .     5000
3. One Mile Open Race (dash)     .   .    200 00
4. Half Mile Race (dash) for ladies   .
$20.00, $10.00        ,       .       .     30 00
5. Five-Eighths Mile Open Rac» (dash)   15000
(j.    Half   Mile    Race    (dash)    Local,
$30.00, $15,00 anil $5.00  .    .     5000
;.   One Mile Novelty Race, $25.00 each
Quarter Mile   ....   10000
S.    Half Mile Race, Open, Best 2 in 3
Ponies 141., I lands or under   .    10000
(j.   Three-Quarter   Mile   Open   Race,
(clash)      .      .       .'     .     .10000
1. cyon mi' Ibe most curative in llie
world. A perfecl, iialiiinl remedy Im
nil Ni'ivuns nnd Muscular discuses,
Liver, Kidney and Stoiiiaull alhiieiils
and Metallic Poisoning. A sure cure
fur "That Tired Feeling." Speciul
rales on nil boats mul trams, Two
mails an-ive ami llepait every duy.
Telegl'll h commuiiic.ition with ull
unit-Is of ihe world.
Tebmb—$12 lo $18 pec week.   Fur
further particulars apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arreto Lake. B. C
(Subject tn confirmation)
2,000 l-'.iii-ekn lite., pavnlil,- iu instalments,    raiigincei's llepoii may   ho
seen nl lllj" olliee.
2,000 Nicola Coal  ue,
7o Canadian Mi'ii-euni   $3.00,
2,000 lliiiinoiul Vale C1111I   iff.
I.111111 Rocky Miiiiiilnin Uuvulo| nl
l.-.im II,mi- Si und illiiii.ini.i Mine)
loiill. c. Wire and Mail   $10.50.
.-,0 Oreiil Wesl I '.-i in.-, milt Loan uiul
Savings  -sll',.
ji 1111 i l-M-.-i   .Mi-.
loo Hevelslokc,'" MeCulloiiKh Creek
ul IIOc.
2IHHJ Hevelslokc k \l •CnlloughCreek
lie.li.mile    '.ii-.
jiull tli-d.-il N'oi'lhdi-li Mint's   I'u.'
11,1 im 11   , ■   ,■   211
Imp        II        pu   nl, >'
I 11,,minion I'm im tie nl. ■•'-",.
Manhnli      N li      Mil - 20o.
.... ...
i .
vol*  1111(1   9
$V You lmvo olton looked across  tho  Columhin   Ri
wished yon could have 0 piece of that lino Hat lying south ol the
C. 1'. H Bridge.
$1 Inivi1 inslrnctions from tluMiwnc's to oft'or that lund [nr
Rule ut 11 in iro por uoro tli'it lioals nnything elso ymi can get bo m-itr
W tho City.
*$* Iii-t mo know how nuicli uf it ymi wntit nml I thai! emlenvor
ttu accommodate ymi.
Notice is hereby given that 30 i-lays after date
[Intend to apply to tho Chief Commissioner
nf Lands anil works for a speoial license to ent
mul carry away timber fnnn tbo following
(loBoribod lands in Wost Kootonay district!
1. Commencing nt a post marked "J. 11-
Whlto's nnrtb-wi'st eorner pnst," planled at
tho north-oast comer of Lot 8414 and running
sontli iiOchalnB, thonco cast 80 chains, thenco
imrth 80 chains, thonce wesl -so chains to point
01 commencement.
2, Commencing al a posl marked "J. n.
White's Bonth-wcBt corner post, piaiiii'd ai tbe
norlli-OBStcornor of Lot 8114, und niiniiiu:
nortli 80 ehains, thonco easl SUclmhiH, tbencu
south 80 cliaitiB, thenco ivcal SOohahiB to point
of commencement,
:;. Commencing nl u pnsl inarkril "J. II.
While's Boutli-cflsl cornor pnst, planted ai the
nnrlh -cast comer nf Lot IMM and rniiiiliiK
nurih an chains, thence west80ehains, tlienco
nmi Hi sii chains, Hi ->> easl m cliiiins to pninl
of cotamencomenl.
i. commencing m a post marked "J. ll,
Wlilto'BBontb west corner post," planted about
Smiles up Five Mile Creek, i ast slileof Five
Mile imil, IhciU'Onorth fit)cliains, ilioncccasl
iinins iiii'iici* sninii 80 chains, thence west
.sn eliuiiis in point of commencement
,'i, Commencing nt a posl marked "J. H.
wiiiic's souih- usi corner posl," planted about
2 miles up Hve Mile creek on oast side of
irail nud running imrili 80 chains, theuce wesl
80 chains, thonce south 80cliains, tli*nceoasl
sii ehnins in puint of commencement,
ii. Commencing ni u post mnrked "J, 11,
White's soulh wesi cornor post," planted almnt
il miles up Five Mile ereek on east side nf trail
and running north 80 chains, llienee ensi.su
chains, thonce soutli 80 chains, tbenee west 80
chains io point of commencement.
7. Commencing at a post markod ",l II.
While's souih ensl eorner pnsl," plantedaboill
:; iniles up l-'ive Mllo ereek Oil i'HSl fildeol Lrnil
iiiiii running nortli sn chains, llionce tvestsn
ehnins, ihenee south su chains, thenoe east su
ohains lo poinl of commencement.
s   Commencing at a posl mnrked ".I.
While's sniiih-wesi eoruer post " planled nliout
-I miles up Five Mile Creek un east side of Irail
and running north sn cIihIiih, tlienco cast80
ehains, llioiicesniith 80 ehains, thence west s'
cllflilis to pninl uf enmineiiet'int'iil,
ii, Commencing nl a post marked "J, II
While's MHitli'i-aH enrner post," plnnted aboul
I miles np five Mile Creek mi cast sldo of trail
and running north sn ohains. thenoe wcbIS"
ehnins, theiioe suulh Sn ehains, ihence ca-,1 si
ehnins tn pninl of commencement,
Hated August Kith, IlKKl,
angafl .1. II, will IK.
If   J   IJ JiPn FN   ReQl ^siate an^ durance Agent
¥ L, n, nnUUL.li, revelstoke, b. c.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office  Toronto, Ontario.
Hrnuoll08 in tlio 1'riiviiic.osuf Mnliitiilin. Allmrtn, Snslintcliownii.
llritisli Columbia, Ontario, ytmlioc.
Capital Subscribed ...        $4,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $3,900,000.00
|i. II. Wii.kik, I'residonti Hon. H. .I.m--i-*kay, Vlcp-Pi'esldent,
A Ceneral Banking Business Transacted.
Saviniih Dki'Autmkxt Deposits lecelved and Intoi'csl allowed
*C^ ul higlicsl eiiiicii! i.iie I'rnin dale of opening account, and compounded hull'-ycuily.
Iiiiifis-old iivnil.-iblc iu ull porta of Ciiliildn, United Stales and
ICniupc,   Special iiltenlioii given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branc.i, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
''Anglo-American" Fire Insurance Co.
llend Olliee, McKinnnn Building, Tinimto,
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver. 3. C
Henry's  Nurseries
For Fall Pl.in" ng
GrcenrnjuHc PI ,e,s
,M, .1. HliMi'V
OFFICE  Mackenzie Ave.
.\l*TII,'l.'l'/.l-:ii   I'Al'ITAI...
|)i ■     ■ "! with the Dominion liovei-nnidiil
-   teclion nf I'olid)  lloldel-s
  $   I.HU.lim
I'*. M.-KIXN0X, L-i.. I'n JOHN It. HAIHIKK, .M.IM'.
XXI IN ,V CO., Ton,nlo. .11)11N I'LIITT.
II   II  IIMCK, MiimiKor.
Agent for Revelstoke
-Mt- ■*■■.,•■»
i.nii,i- .imi
I'lle-l    || ' '
III   Wl    I   II
en ii ,
,        ii
. I     I. MM
I....I.I   -JU iinil
'       I
M .      '      .M   , ■ I
' e
..l| II   M. Al.-I   IIIII II
i-i . .
Wm. J. McMaster «S Sons
VANCOUVKI1,     II    c
i-i uiMHiiKii I8S0).
S.-,.',7,s.S.-| !!.'.
.< l ir:.(>71 -.'s
•Jii.i!s7 III
21rl,7f)fl IU
I* Holders. Sllll,1-JI! 71!
I. .1   Mt-IIIIKI., MnnnKliiK Dh-eetnr.
ill      -I'IH-.I-.T. MliNTIIKAL.
E.   A    HAQQEN,
Afj;ent for Revelstoke
The Equity Fire Insurance Company
.     MM   ,T<)     -     W   MM.
-    •■   III ,     iiiiii Sub . i lln i|   SmIki.ikki
■ I      ■    ■■.', i«ii
MiM111   ', |. i|;s lil-' I'WHIHKNH,
I'olli       IVrilleii I loin   I'.nd
17.12 $   llllll sl
11,12,1 1.7
II l.„ "'
,1    II
:;.',.'.ii., n,
,VI,!«I2 KI
III    It,
1 1,1211
I,,.,,'».«, ill
11 11X11
117,1711 22
li v HliMiKIIH
.1,1. Old
S lld.HSI K.',
:i2,IISI 12
SI'Im.sII ill
II JI.IKiO 111
ll ,   I'm,
SI.',I.*,,N|| III
1    A   HA'
A^enl  1
ii Rsvslsloks
NOTICK  is  horoby  glvon   that   DO  day
aftor date we Intond tu apply in tlm Hu	
iliiln thu Cliid' Cnmiiiissiotiur nf Lands nud
Works fur a speeiul liconso to cut and carry
away timlior rrom lliu following described
I, Commencing at a post marked "Cl, It.
Cumiiboll's nmi C. I-J, Kirk's no rth-wost cornor
post,    pliuiieil nu tlm mist   bunk uf thiniurtli
rors of Fife Croak, tM milos ubove tlio forks,
thonco 40 ehuins mist, 100cbnins suuth, Wchaiua
wust, lf.ii ehains norlli tu placo of commence-
2 Commonclug at a post marked "Q. H.
CannibuirsandC.il. Kirk's north-east cumor
posi,' plantod un the east side of the imrth
fork uf Fife Crook, fM milos above the fork
thoneo to chuius wust, PHI clmiiis south, 4ii
chuius oast, 160 clialns nurth to plnce of com*
8, Commencing at a pust marked "Q, B.
Uampboll'sandC. 13. Kirk's soulh-onst oornor
post, plantod un tho uasl ftldo of tho nnrtli
furk nf Fifo Crook, ,Va milos above tho forks,
tliuuco PI chains west, ion chains north. 40
chains onst, HXi ehains south to place of
4. Commencing at a imst mnrkod "G, K«
Camnbolls antic,B. Kirk's soutli.wostcornor
post,' plauted nn the oust bank of tho uorth
lork of Fifo Crook, li*} milos abovo the fork:
liionco 80 chuius east, 80 ehains nnrtli, 90
chains wast, 8U chains south to place of com*
ii, Commencing at a post mnrked "(1. H.
CampbuirsaudC.il. Kirk's north wost cornor
post,' planted on thu wost bank of thu north
Turk uf Fife Creek 8 iniles above thn Turk
thoneo 80 chains oast, Ml ohnlns south, hO
chains wost, 80 chains north toplnceof commencement.
ft. Commencing at a jmst markod "(I. I).
Campbell's and C, ll. Kirk's north-oast corner
posti plnntod on tbo wost sido or tho north
fork of Fife Crook, 8 milos almve tlio fork*-,
thoneo 80 cliains wosl 80 chains north. Wi
chains uu-i.wi chains south toplucoof com
7. Cotiimoniiiig ul u posl mnrkod "Q, ll.
Cnmuliell's uml C. II. Kirk's south-wost cornor
post,11 pmntod Oil tlm wust side of thu north
fork of Fife Oreok, 8 mites above tho forks,
Ihoneo Wl chains easl, ILM chains nurth. 40
ehniiis west. HO chains suuth, -10 chains west, JO
CI ill ill;, south toplucoof fiiiiiineiieeniniit
fl. Commonolng at a post murked "(I. II.
Campbell's and (-. II. Kirk's sonth-oast cornor
post," plutiiod on (ho wosl sideof thu north
furk ul Fife Crook. 10 milos almve tlio forks,
liionco W) chains wost, Kll chains -multi, K0
ehuins oust, NO chnius north lo placo of com*
II, CommotioitlH at a post markod "(I. II,
Camiiboll's and C. II, Kirk'ssniilh-wustcorner
posl,' plantod on thu wost sideof the north
Turk of l-'ife Crook, III milo-- above the forks,
Ihoneo AU chains west, HI rhnius uortli, HO
chains easl, 81) ohitlllfl south topliceof ev
Datod Aug, 2,1rd, MM.
tllltfSU (I. II. CAMI'MKI.li,
Noi ice is hereby glvon that RO dajs aftor dato
i iuieml in apply lo llio UJilcf Commissioner ol
Lands and Works for a special liconso in cut
iind carry awny Umber from the fol|o,ving
•le erlhed lands In lhe Hig llcud district of
West ami Kast Kuuteiiay:
i nominoiiclng at a post mnrkod "hrnoat K.
Aduir'- tmrtb-casi corner post," iilanledoit the
ueM sideof Ihe Coluinbla river, ul i \ mil,
wesi frum iln- Hoiiiltiliin pnsl near nniei
Creok, liionco west ko chains, thenoo snulli wi
ehalus, thonco oast Hi ehains, thenee uortli Ml
chains lo puim of cnmnioncoinont
.', Cnmnionelng ul n p. si murked "Kritosl K
Adair's north-oust corner post," plained on the
wesl sideof [he i ol bin river, ulmiit IIJ iiiIIom
wesl n! lhe Hniiilnluil post Hear Ciiruei, I'reek,
Ihenee sninii sn i-lialns, Ilu-iico wenl Mil chains
thonco nortli ko clmins, liionco east mi ehalus
In pnlnt nf eniiimeiieeuieul,
Initeil AugulSlh, I0M,
:i. C euiiliig ai n posi mnrked "IJ, I-;
\ilalr's Miiulb wesl corner ihik|, ' pluuted nu
tin* norlh side nf rnlumliin river, iihoiil IJ
miles west n| the muuihuf CuiniiiliigH Creek
and aluiiil I mlh- imrtli ul river, llienee east Pill
ehHhi«, Ihence north  In ehuins, tlioife mwl
Iducliolns, ilu'i -unih in chnlns lo puim m
i mcncomcnl
I ('oliilnclit'lng III ii pusl niarked ''K, I-
Adiilr's north ensl cnrtior post," plunie i on tlm
- h sldeol theCnliimiiiiiriver,about*Jmiles
inii'k Irom rivor ami about 'J mileswcstol
Cedar Creek, thviioc wesl  IduuliHlns, tlioilct
Nillll 10ol -, llieiie ml IHO elinlns, tl ee
 'Ill lUehallis I Ill u| i<omui<*i menl.
Uuloil Aligns! lOthillMi
K. K, A DA I It.
VTin'IVKIilii'ruliyiih Iml OH iinil nfti'l-iliiln
i>    I Illli'llil |,|,l, I-.ll..-."I.i.-f I- iImIiiiioi
i.I   I.,Ml-   .,l„l   (Veil   |,„ |,|,|.||||SH! |„l|,-||||*e
III,-l„ll..» IiiimI,'*,'! il„,l 1.Mil-,-llMll Ill Ilsl
-I ,i,l Aii„» l,t,l,,., ..|.|„,*lle Armnl Iiuulile
-Mlt.,-,1 .1, lell,,,,-:
I' lll'llllllIU III H|  |ililllle,li,l llie  -Mllll,, l-*l
  "I   l,,,l   ;nl.',ii,i,l I llllll",!  Nenni.tll-
 Mitral   ' I    |i„*l," llienee    ill Sll I'll iill*,
llllll 11*1    sll   flll.lll*. Hieiiee   IIWlll   Ml,-llllllis,
Hum,.,, Ill',| -II. li lin-l„|,!;,,','„(   |'| ,,.,. m,
llllil Itlllilllll IHII ni'lra,
IMM.ill,,   'lllli ..Mill,, I'.tli
II) ' nlill. T, M-'AVMA.N.
y mn Im- ',.i,i,i given llialiUldnysaftui ilniu
i\      I Ilit-ml   In  ;.|i|ih   In lln* Iinil. Chief   Co|||.
iii -i bands iiiiiI Works foi permission tu
nnrrl i ■   the fnllmilni! descrl I lands  in Die
Wo*tK"o|i.|-jM Dlslrlrl, flnlcmi llay.emil nliluuf
i imei liuni Uke:
i n nt in; al ii posl planted il iln* twrlli easl
romei  "f l,m  S«. llin,Iliuiin   oasl lOcliahis,
loiilli ■•iHialiiMVei Iialns.i I. lOclinlllsto
fit. f I iiiiiiiii'lii'i*iiielil
imiid lids nisi dapif July, IBM
mil ri; \  i,\w> on,
south cast cornel," at the snutli west corner of
Liii Mi', and n Ik nit ' mih< suuth „f Kosllinll
Croek, thenee imrtli 4» chains, Uience wesl 8o
ehains, theme soulh 40 chains, tin e cast Mi
cliains to pnlnt ni i-i-iiiiiieiiceuieiii.cotitnitiiiig H20
Dated this Uth dnj of June, iwm.
Per r. c. .Miikinsoii, Agent.
CommeiU'lug at a pust murked "I,. SI. John-
stone's soutli unsl corner," nt Mu- south wesl comer
of Thomas Webster's applieatiun to pnrchise,
hunt -j iiiilcs south of Fosthall Citek ami ahout
c, miles from the lake, lhetic« north 60chains,
to the soutli boundary of (I.J. Ifumuiond's application tu purchase, llu-nrs avhI ho chains, thence
uth 4i) chains, llienee cost 20 chains, thenee
suulh 4u chains, thenco east 00chains tn pnlnt of
iniiuenceuieut, containing WJOacr-ss,
I,. ,\1, JOllNSTONK,
|»« ltalph Slye, Agent,
Co mint- ncii in al a post marked "M. C. Ulcker-
iu's uortli west corner," on thu shore of L'pjiur Ar-
w lake, ahout it miles south of Fosthall crook and
about 20 ehains north of tht.-south east corner of
Thomas Webster's application tu purchase, thence
south mi chains, thenco oast to ehains nmre or
less to tho shore of Arrow Luke, thence following
-uld shore  in a general northerly and westerly
llrectlon IM chains more urless tu pointof com*
luuucuiueiit, entitainitiK'04u acres more or lus*.
Haled this tutli day of June, pjon.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Commencing at a post marked "K, A. Slye's
...nih oast cornor," abuul ll miles south of Fosthall Crook, at the south west eurner uf Lot 4570,
thenee nurth nn ehuins ahmg tin- wust boundary of
Ut 4570, llienco west mi chains, thouco south m>
ihalns, thenco oast no ehuins tu pniutof com*
iiciieemciii, containing 040 ncres.
Dnted this r.'ih day nf June, nm.
K. A. SltfE,
IVi Kalph Slye, Agent.
Commoiicliig at a post marked "A, Dullumney-
<i's imrtli oust eui net," ,i lumi 10 chains west nftho
suulh west corner uf |,ut Uiiii, nl Hn- north west
eurner of l>;. A. Slye's application to purchase ami
ahout \i mllo south of Fosthall crook, thenee m-i
8n ehains, llienee smith Ml clialllS, Ihi'liee easl HO
chains llienco imrtli 80 chains In puint of commencement, cniilululiiti 040 acres.
Datcdlhis nih'l.n of June, luuu.
Per ltalph Slye, Agent.
Cummeiichig ut a pust marked "F. A. slye's
nurih east eorner," abuul l!.t uillus smith of Fost-
ball   Crock,  and llbolll  11   miles  from the lake
slioro at lho nnrtli west corner of O.J. Ilammotid's
aiipliculioii lu pnrcliaso, thencu wust su ehuins,
llienee s,,iiiiimi chaips, iln-iH-c cast do cliains,
llienee llurlll Ml cllUiUS, to   polllt   nf  CO 111 111 Oil C«<
mont, coiilalniiig IIJO acres,
Dated (Ills llltn day of Juuo. 190(1.
Por ltalph Slye, Agent,
Commencing al u post marked "AI, C. Slye's
north oast corner," at lhe south easl corner of
Thomas Webster's application to purchase, nbout
:< miles soutli of Fustliall Crook, and ahout j
mile from lho lake, thence »usf mi chains, thenco
suulh 40 chains,  Ihenee cast 4U chains, theiicv
south in ehains, thence east 40 chains, tlnmce
uorth so chains to poliit uf commencement, eon*
laiuiiig 480 acres.
Dated this mth day of.I , iihiu.
M, ('. HIiVK,
I'er Itnlph Slye, Agont.
Comnicnchig al n posl marked "A. K, Ham*
moud's north west corner,'' abuut I',, miles suulh
of Foctbull (Ireek at lho smith east corner of Lot
4fiJ0, thonce soulh flu chains, thunce east 40 chains,
luoruurloss to the lake shore, thenee following
said shore in a general northerly direction 80
chains more ur less lo the suuth linundary of J. 1.
Ilirch's iippllcntluii lo purchase,tlionco west40
cliains, mure or less, tu point uf commencement,
containing 'ito acres muru or less.
Dated (his i-Jtb dttyuf June, limo.
Per Itnlph Slye, Agent.
Cninmeiiclng at a post marked "O.J, Ham*
mund's tioith east corner," about 1^ miles south
uf Fosthall Creek, at the xuiilh vast eurner of Lot
(ft70, Ihenee west Micliuiuu, thenoo solithSOcliallii,
thence east 80 chains, thonco imrth do clmins to
puiui uf commencement, containing two ncroi.
Dated this l-JIbilat i-f June, P.«si.
Pur Kalph siyo, Agont,
NOTICK IS H Kit Kll Y OIVKN lhat sixty days
after dale I iuieml tu apply to the Hon. chief
CmnmlssJonurof Lamls nml Work* fnr peruiisslnn
to pnrcliaso the follnwlng deseribeit lauds situate
inlhe West Koiilenay district.
i ounnuncingnt nn initial post erueted on the
north hank of the tarda river, nliout une-ulglit
mile west uf Luke ereek ami murked "D. P. Kanu's
soulli east eurner post," thenee uortli "" chains:
tliuuco west Wl chains; llienee nouth 'ill chains,
more or loss to Lardo river; them-u easterly following the bank of the river K0 rlinins more or lens to
pninl nf cninineiifciucut, cuiiiprhing niie hundred
and sixty acres nmre or less.
Dated the-iiith Slay, Usui,
I). P. KANK,
VfOTICK is horoby given thai thirty days
i> si(1 it dato 1 iutond to amity to the Chief
l.ommlsslonorof Lands nud Works for special
liconso tu cut and curry away timlior from lho
following described lauds silustod in West
Kootonay district, B.C.;
1, Commencing at a post marked "A. Mcltae's
smith west corner post," planted ahout ntiu mllo
eustof Culumhin river iimt ulmut opposite Htm*
kins creok, tlience tmrth 80chains, oust mi cliains,
smith Ml ehains, west Sll 1-1111111-1 to point uf u-
2. Uuiimionchlg at u post- nuirkud "A. Mi Due's
imrlli west eurner post," planted about one milo
eustof Columbia rivor ami About opposite Huskies creek, tin e south Ml ehains, oast SO ehains,
imrtli sii chains, wesi so chains to pniutof commencement,
Dated July 16th, MM.
Notico is hereby given that on days fnnn dale I
intend lo apply to the II liable thc Chief Cum-
mlssloticrnf Lamlstiud Works for pornilssiotito
purchase the fnlluwiug deseiiheil   IuiiiIh  hi the
West Kuuteiiay District, enst shure uf rp|*r
Armw take! -
Couiiaencltig at a poat marked "J, D. Coplnn's
sniiihwesi comer," at thuimiih westcornsr of
Lm m ami ubiiiil M, miles nurth of Nnkiisp,
theuce east Mi chains mure or toss, thence north
80clmiiis niniT rn- less, theuce west Ml chains nmre
ut* less to (be Lake shore, thenee in n general
mum hevly direction along the Luke shore An chains
iimrourluss to poiui nf commoiicouionti oonlalu*
Ing 010 acres more or less.
Ilateil tills Kml day uf May, iih<h.
.1. I), COPI.AN,
Per Kulph Slye, Agent.
Notice is hereby given that80 days afterdate
I innii,I io apply tothe llntioruiile the Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Works Lir i special
license in cut and carry away timber from the
following di-erllii-d binds situated In the
Orioyoos Division of Yale District;
i- Uiiinuiuuclng at a pusl marked "s. Hill's
mirth ivesl eurner," planted uu the suuth hunk uf
Hie east  I,nk uf Hie  mnth  fulk nf CheiTV Creek
ahmil c iiiiles abovo tho fmks of lliu north fork,
minimi*  Cftsl   Kill cllillth, tllUIICO SOIltll (0 chuius,
llienco west liMchnllii, tlionco north 40 chains tu
pninl uf fotiillioliceiuclil,
t, Ciiiiiuieiiciiig at u pnst marked "S. Hill's
suulh west corner," planlcd on the smith bank uf
II isl link uf ibe  ih furk of ClienyCieik
tihiiul 4} mllei nluivu the forks of the imrtli fork,
iiimiingcnst tun chains.tlmucu imrth Jnchnins,
llielice west Iim I'llllills, Hml  smith In ehnins lu
point ut enimuciiceilielll.
11  Cniuiueiii'iug at n piml marked % Hills
imi lb cast corner," planted mi Hi nth bunk of
tl IUI  full, uf tbeiiuiihfuikut Cherry (' k
al 11 mllen above the forks of the north fork,
running smith too chains, thenco »eni in chains,
Ihem mill Iim chains, then ast 40clmins to
poinl. of euiii,ueiieeiuelil.
4,   1' inoi!' nl   a   post  maikeil||"S. Hill's
■.ulltll West curlier," plnuled on the suulh hank of
tl a-i finl, uf the north (uikufciieiT) Crock
.1I...11I'.';, miles almie the furk- uf the iinrtli (1.1k,
11 inn east 100 chains, llienco imrlli Mains,
llienee * ,*si IHO chnlns, thencu -»uli 40 i-huhm in
puilll ull'iilllllicl Illt-lll.
... c c-miiig nl ,1 pusl  markedl'H, llill'H
soulh west collier," pl.tiih'il uu iln* ni*«,| haul, ,,f
Ihe tmrlli   fuik  of (Jhorrj   Creek nbuut.2) miles
nimi!' the links, riiiinnlng north 100 chahiH, theuce
ensl pi chains, Ihenee suulh  lllli chains, tin-nee
wesl liii'luilus lu pnlnt ui coin 11 imiotit,
Daled.1 it]villli, IINiil.
I).   «' m uu- ut  a  oust  maiked "S, Hill's
 h wesl cni'iier/'plnuled almut |0 chains tmrlli
il Lnke Creek uhniii;, mile- up tIm- same, immhig
nsi koclmhis, Ihence suiitligt) chains, UiPticc wesl
0chains, tlionco imrlli mi ehnins iu pnlnl uf coup
7.   Ciiniiiicm'liiB ul  a  oust   marked "S. lhii .
mill nl enrner, plauted almut pi chuius math
if L.1I0- cieck uud ulmut .'• milos op the sntno,
.milling wosl su chains, llienco smith No dm In-*,
thence enst Mi chains, (hot  • h -u < i-m:.  ii.
puilll uf cuiiimem-i'liielit.
h,   Couiliieiieltig at a  post   mnrked  "N. Hill's
miiii east comer, plunted shunt nodut'iit nnrlh
if Like Creok abuul I mib-> up the rmtw, rutmiiift
»"sl Ml clialns tlience suulh Ml elinlns, llienee
'fist B0 chains, ihenco imiths'i chain-10 pnlnt (if
Dated June Ulii, tw«.
fitiuBO S, HILL.
Don t Forget " DANDY DICK    at the Opera House, Tuesday, Sept. 4th—Dance Afterwards. Ottawa Fire Insurance Company
lli'iul Office, Ottawa, Out.
Security for Policy Holders $600,507 IK)
HOBSON & CO., LTD., I'll HiistiiiRs Sl„ West, General An nls
fin- 11. c.
E. A HAGGEN, - -     , Agent for Revelstoke
Established 1859,
Losses Pniil tu (lato
Assets, 81st December, 1805
$  828,528,27
HON. J. DRYDEN, President, UKO. GILLIES, Vice-Pres.
D. WEISMILLER, Sec. and Mnn. Dir.   LAUOHLIN LEITCH, Supt,
.1. KILLER, Inspectoi'.
E. A. HAQQEN, - - Agent for Revelstoke
Notice li hereby Riven Unit iliirly ilnyi afler I Nulla) Is hereby glvon thin lltltlaj's afler dale
d.ie I Intend to apply lo the Hon, I'liiel Com I Intend to am.ly to the chlol Commissioner ol
mliilonerol Landi and IVorka Ior a special \ bands and Works for a special llconse to cut
license to out and carry away timber Irom the j and carry awny timber from lhe tallowing
following deicribed lands. : described land' In liig lien,! ,|]sirieiol li'esl
1. Commencing nt n post planted about l'a [ mul Last Kootenny:
mllei from the enst bmk of Columbia river    I. Commencing nt a  post  marked "El
and about 1 mile norlh of the Thirteen Mil,
Tree on Big Ili'nd trail nnd mnrked '11. A.
Lund's north enst corner." llienee soulh SO
cliains. tbenee west so chains, thouce north 80
cbnins. thence east so clmins to point of commencement, 	
2. Commencing at a po.t planted ubout 1',
mil, s from (be en*li'rn bnnk of Coluinbin river
and almul 1 mile norlh o( (be Thirteen Slilo
Tree on Hig Bend Irnil nnd marked "It. A.
J.und'. north well eorner.'' thenoe soutli SU
chains, 'hence enst su chains, tlience north So
ohains, thence west sn chains to point of commencement. ,      ,  .      ,,
3. Commonolng at a cost planted about is
miles from (he eastern bank ol I'nlunibia river
anil aliout I mile nortb ol the Thirteen Mile
Tree on Hig Bend trail nnd mnrkeil "H.A,
Lund*. Willi west corner." thonco north sn
chains, thence cast 8n chains, thence south 80
chains, ihence weit Sn chains lo point of commencement.
Dated August ltth, 1906.     ,      ....„,
1. Commencing at a posl planted nbout I',
miles from Qoldstream on tne Big Hend trail
In McCullough Creek and mnrked "It. A.
Lund's south cast corner,' llienee west 80
chnlns. thenco north 80 chain., Ihence enst 80
clmins, I hence south Sn ehnins lo point of commencement .      .....
;,. Conimenclng nl n po.-t planted ibout 20
ehnins from lhe soulli enst comer of llerlli HM
nnd marked "It. A. Lund's norlli we-t corner.'
thenco onst sn cliiiins. ihence south 80 cliiiins,
thenee west an chains, thence north 80 ohains
lo point of commencement.
0. Commencing al a post planted uIhiiii 20
cbnins from tho snulli eii«l corner of llerlli .1,1*1
nnd mnrked "It. A. Lunils soulb ensl corner,
thoneo west 80 chains, thonco north sn ohalna,
thence ensl 80 cnains, tlience soulli sn ohnins lo
point of commencement.
;. Commencing al a post planted about 20
chains from Ilic soulh ens! comer ot llerlli .,,11,
and mnrked "It. A. Lund s south wesl enrner.
thenee east SO chain-, iheucc norlli 80 Chains,
thenco wesl sn ohains,tlienco soulh Sn elinlns
to puint nf commencement.
S. Commencing al a |«,.l plnuled nboul half
a mile (rom lhe ninth enst corner of llerlli JUKI
ami marked "II. A. land's norlli wesi corner,
Ihenee east lu ehnins. thence soulb 100 ehnins.
Ihenee west 111 chnius, tlience north llll cliains
lopolnt of commencement.
0. Commencing m u poit plnnted about hall
a milo (nun lhe soulli cast comer nf llerlli ,">;i«i
and niarked "II. A. Lund's norlh east corner,
thenco west 10 chniii*. tlience snutli HSi cliiiins.
! hence cast 10 clmins. thenco norlh Iim chnius
Io poinl of coniliicnccmenl.
Hated August 1.1th, IHU
II. A. I.L..M..
Nolli'o Is hereby glvon Ihal 80 days nller dnlc
we Intend to Apply to ibe Hon. (Tilel Coinmli-
sinner ol I and. and Works lur»special Iconic
lo eul and carry away tlmlier Irom llie lollowing described landa, situnto In weit Kootonay
dliltloli ,      ,  ,    ,
1, I'.iinnieiU'lng it« poll plnuled nbnut une
mile norlh from lhe norlli-wesl corner nl l\. 1,
8, Hlock 860 nml mnrkcl "hig Bond Lumber
Cuinpaiii'i louth-ei.l corner post." tbenee
tiuilliNl'chalns.lliciice wesl no ehalus, Ihenee
siniili 80 ehains, thence cast su ohnlna 10 point
i. Commencing ltd post planted about one
mile norlli Irom ihe north-west corner nl k. It
s. Hlock m,, nud marked "lllg llend Lumber
I'liinpnny's nortn-easi oorner p,,sl," llienee
wed SO thnliis, Ihenee soulli so chnius, llienee
easl so chains, thence norlli su ehalus lo point
„! ,-,,,n iiien,-fulfill.
Hair,! Aug. 181b, 1800,
llll! HKNll I,!'IIIHUI CU., LTD,
' No'lleeis'bi-reiiy sfvcu ihal in days alter dale
we Intend to apply lo tbe Hon chief (',,minis-
(Inner ol Lauds and Works lor a special license
In eul and carry away Umber irom Ihe follow-
Ing described lauds, illnale III West Konlcliny
1, commencing it .poll pUiiIou alwut two
mile wesl from llannnek I'olnl on i p|,er Arrow Uke and mnikod "H. H I.. Co's .oulh-enst
comei pn-i," tliciic,- norlh so chiilns, ihenco
,,,-*t sn chains, thenee-,mill su elinlns, Ihenco
eul su chnlni i„ pnlm •'! commeiieoiiienl.
■j. i.'onnneiieliig nl a pull plained nls.nl
Hire, miles west Ir  llnnnoek Pont Oil Upper Arrow Lake nnd mnrked "II, II. I.. Co.'s
inulb-cnd cornel poll,"   th e   iinrih   su
elinlns, (honco we-l su chains, Hi o soiillilHJ
elinlns, Ihenee ensl no. halns lo polul ul  i-
Haled Aug. Mli, insl.
Kin IIICNIl l.l Mill-!!! CO,, LTD,
Notice li lioroby given lhat thirty days nfter
tintu I intond iu apply lo the Cltlol Coi in
Blotter ol Lainh and Works lorn speeiul license
tu cut and curry mvai Umber from lhe UAUtw
tiiitdi-seriiicil Uiuls lu Kant Kimteiiav District!
1. Coiniueiieltig ut a |iih| mnrkeil "A Kit-
boii's sotitli'Wexl cornor posl" and planted on
prut hiuii' uf Culuiul'la river ninl uhonl 2>.,
miles abovo Cfldar Oreelt, theuce north mi
clialns, llionoo OMt mii'IiiiIiin, tllflliuo south M)
ClllllllH, tllQIICO WtWl -Ml I'll Allll to the place Ol
2. Comineiit-lug at ii post mnrkeil "A. Kit-
miii'n liorltMVOBl eurner punt" nml planted nl
Coilnr crook aikI nbom 3 chains bufoiv Canoe
MVOr trail, thi'lli'eiuisl-.llelialliN, tliei Minitli
hue lm 111*, lllOllOO WOHt hil  eli ill ii-, UlOtlOO Iinrtli
Meiniiii*. to iln- place ol ootnuiouooinoui,
II, t'limmciieltii* nt ii pust marked "A. Kll
ion'sBOllth'iVOflt curuer nosl" nml planled m
A, Kllsnu's tiurlb-iveslenrner poll, tllolioo east
Nil i'luini-', lllOIICO nnrlh KO ehuiim, Ihenee tVOSt
Kll DllHltlH, tllOllOO I'l'litliHU elinlns to lhe | lure
ul ciiinmeHeeineni,
llllleil Mils llth diiv nl August,|!Mi,
mmm. Furnjtlire j
John E. Wood's Furniture Stare
Adair's south-east corner imst," planted on
thc wost sldeol Columbia rivor, about a miles
wesi uf the Dominion post near the month ot
Camea Crook, thence north 80 ehnins, thonce
wesi an ehnins, thouce Houth 80 chains, thence
east so cliains to point of commencement,
2. Commencing at a posi marked "Ed,
Adulr's north-east cornor posi," planted on
the wost sldo of Columbia river, about 3 miles
west of the Dominion post near tho inoiuh i
Carncs Creek, thenco south ,su chaius, thence
west 80 chains, thenco north so chains, thenoo
nst au chains to pointof oointnoncoment
;t. Commencing at a pust marked ■ Ed
Adair's north-oast corner post," plantod ou
the west sido of Columbin river, abuut l miles
west of ihe Dominion post near the mouUi ol
Carnes Creek, theuce west bin chains, thonce
iiith 40 ehui us, thenco oust ltiu cliains, thoneo
north tn chains to point of commencement, '
i. Commencing at a post marked "Ed
Adair's suutli-east curuer post, planted on the
west sido of Columbia river, alwut I miles
west of thc Dominion post near tho mouth of
Carnes Creek, ihouco west ISO chains, tbenee
north In chains, thenee onst 160 chains, thence
suuth to chains to pointof commoncement.
Datod ftUgltstSth.lOOO.
,i Commenolng at a post mnrkod "Kd,
Adair's north-west eoruer post," planted
ahout ij miles north of T.L, t»59 and about',
milo cast nf the Columbia river, theuco snutli
SO ehains, thenoo oast 80 chains, tlionco north
halns, thenco west SO chains to pointof
ii Commencing at a posi marked "Ed
Adair's north east corner poit planted ou the
cast bunk of Columbia river, about [(mile
south ol Potlnsh Creek, thoneo wo-t so chains,
thonco south 80 chains, tht o oast SO chains,
theuco north SO chains to point of commencement.
Dated August nth, 1000
". i ommenclng at . pust markod "Ed,
Adair's north-west cornor pust," plnnted nn
the south-cost sideof columhin river, about !i
mile from rivor, and ahnnt :>>. miles from
Canoe river.and about one mile almve 1'otlaih
week, thoneo oast 80 cliains. thence south ni
chaliM, tbonco westdu chains, theme north ni
chains to point of commencement
S. Commencing at a post markod "Ed.
Ailnlr's north-west corner posi," planted on
tho south-east side of Columhin rlvor.about
one mile from river- aliout 2U miles below
Canoe river, antl about 2 mites above Pot lash
('reek, tlionco enst so chains, ihence smith so
chnlns, thonco west so ehnins, thonco imrth su
chains to point of commencement,
i ated August lllth, I'.-HHi.
0. Commencing at a post mnrkeil "Ed.
Adalr'8 southeast corner post," planted on the
north-east side of Columbia rivor, abmu i mile
from river, and ahoul :>', miles above f-anoe
rivor, thonco norlli 100 chains, thenco west 10
ehnins, thence south Uiu chains, theuce east IO
eiinini to point of commencement,
10 Commonolng at a post marked "Ed.
Adair's soutli-west corner post, planted on the
north-east sldo ol Columbin river, about Voile
frmn river and abuut BU miles a bo vo Canoo
river, tbonco north Uio chains, thonco oast -io
chains, thouce south 160 chains, thouco west-Hi
cliains to point ol commencement
11. Commencing at a post marked ' Kd.
Adair's south-east comer post," planted nn the
north-oAstsitleofColiimhiuriver,abuut *, utile
from river, aud about .i miles above canoe
river, thence north ItiO elinlns, ihence west 4u
chains, thoneo soutli pin clialns, tlionco cast 40
chains to point of commencement.
\2 Commeneing at a post marked "Kd.
Adair's south-west corner post," planted on
the north-east side of Columhin rivor, about j
mllo from river, and aboui.'i miles above Canoe
river, thenco nnrlh SO chain*-, them Hit mi
chains, theuce sontli sn dial ns tlience west 81'
chains to point ofcoiniiieiieeui-iit, s
IH Commonclug at a pusl marked "Kd
Adair's south-west corner posi," planted mi
tlie north-east sideof ('ulumhlu hut, -aboilI
ion yards Imm river, and nboul 0] mile- above
Cft!10e river, Ibeuce nurth su euallll, tliflico
east so chains, thenee suuth ni chains, thence
wesi mi chains to puim of com mo i menl
Dated Aligns! IjJI||, PNNI.
ll. Commeuelng at a post marked - Kd,
Adnlr'-i siiutii'cast eorner iin-i," planted un the
north side uf Klmbrukci Ulto.nbuul louvnrdN
Imm shure, and nbout ) mile east of njiuII
Creek, thence north SOclmtn*', theuco west80
chnlns, thencu suuth Wi ehnins, iliutico casi u
chains tu point uf roniinuiiuoincnl,
llllleil August Pith, P.NH,
i.'i. Cumiiieiiciiig ut a posi mnrked "Kd
Adnlr's suit tit oaM coiner post, pianlcd mi the
nnrtli sub- ni Columbia river abuut ', mile
irom river, and nbmit 0 iniles east ut Cdlnr
crcik, tlience nnrtli su dial us, thouce wesl ni
chnlns, thonce soutli mi chains, Ihence cast 8u
i hum- to point of eommenooiiient,
li). ((immenoluii at a post marked "Kd,
Adnlr's south uesi curuer post," planlcd on
tin rtli side of i.'uliiiiiliia river, ahuiit1, mile
irom river, and nboul ii mile* above i.Vdar
('reck, theuce nurth so chains, theuco woat SU
chains, thonco ionth no chains, thonce easl so
chains to point ol commencement.
17. Commonolug nt n post marked "Kd.
Adair's north-west corner pnst, plan ted uu the
uorlh sideof Cuinmiiiu river, near trail, About
ouo mllo north oi ColuinblA river, opiwslto
Surprise Itnpids, Ihence gas| (0 dial Ui, theni"
sun tii su chains, theuce west 80 chains, thence
north hu i iiiiiii- it puiui ut com men com out,
Daled Aiiun-l 171 li. HMJ,
niig-^i KD, ADAIII,
uiiuaii i  UIUIUUIU    It-JlIS    11   -I   p.HM SU
Invasion, which, while it may for a
time rolve the labor problem, will
ultimately resit.t in the province beiny
anything hu* thu white man'seout)try
which the- hihnr unions are trying to
mnke it C-inada has ju*t availed
itself of the privilege of coming in
tiL-der the treaty of commerce and
navigation between Great Britain m d
Japan, which suys the Bilhjects ol each
ol the contracting parties thai] Imve
fill! liberty to enter, travel or reside in
any part of the Dominions and possessions of the other party and shall enjoy full and perfect protection for their
persona and pr. perty, In other words
Japanese can dime ns freely lo British
Columbia as any Europeans, which is
taken to mean that utiles the Mtkn-
do's government continues the re-itHu-
tions which it voluntarily placed on
Japanese emigration some years ago,
there will he a yellow deluge in this
direction. It is reported that the.-e
restrictions have been considerably
I modified, if, indeed they have not l ecu
cancelled, anil considerable apprehension is fob in whito labor circles in
conscq tie nee. (in several occasions in
the past the I'roviieial Legislature
has attempted to bring Into force
what ia known as tho Natal Act, which
would havo lhe cll'ect of keeping out
the coolie class of Japan, hut each
time the Ottawa and Imperial governments have overridden tho local effort.
Curiously enough at this particular
time an effort is being made by a
certain class of employers in this
country to have the Dominion government either take off or reduce the
$500 pull tax on Chinese. When Sir
Wilfrid Laurier took olliee lie met the
demand of II. C, by raising the tax
from $100, an action which met practically with unanimous approval in
lho province. Large employers of
labor, merchants, tradesmen, farmers
and fishermen joined the trades unionists in demanding thc exclusion of
Asiatics, who are not only a menace,
so far as competition labor was concerned, but were in truth a yellow
peril from a moral point of view. Now
in a momentof distress, because of the
dearth of labor all over Cu inula, which
is felt in British Columbia, as well as
beyond the Rookies, a class has arisen
which calls on the govern ment to tear
down the barriers against the Chinese
coolies. The trades unions are nlready preparing to battle against any
change. They point out that the
most mobile thing on the face of the
earth is labor. It moves where it is
wanted at great speed. There is undoubtedly a labor vacuum existing
here, hut if natural tendencies arc
allowed their play, that vacuum will
be lilted by Europeans and not by
Chinese. With scores of thousands of
Europeans unemployed, particularly
in England and Australia, it is argued
th.it it is ridiculous to open the province to Chinese If an organised
effort were made to bring to British
Columbia the over-plus of the mother
country, the new Chinese cry would
hi heard no more and the yellow peril
might disappear.
What will happen if more Chinese
are allowed to come in ? When work
slackens the Celestials will continue
to be employed because they will work
at a cheaper rate than the whites and
the latter will be turned adrift. It is
note worthy that in the forefront of
those who demand the facilitation of
the entry of Chinese are fruit growers,
who can only employ labor in any
number for a short time during the
picking season, The labor unions
ask, "What ie to he done with the
Chinese during the rest of the year?"
And they say tho only answer is that
they will oust white men ont of their
positions by taking a lower wage. The
whole matter bristles with difficulties,
lold by ill Druggist, tnd General Store,
and by null.
N'ollco Is heroiiy given Uml W ilnynnfl or ilnlo
I ni,-inl loitnnly loiln-riiii-f t*niiiiiiMaiii*r of
l.innls- ,111,1   M'nl'll* for lis inl li,.,.,,,.,. ill
11,1,1 rillTJ- nwny lillllilT Iliiln III,- lullmvinn
llMlMillMl    lllllll*    ill   UlO   Mil.'   II- II.I    ,1,-11-i.M ,,f
U',..*i Kootiiiinj-:
I. Col nolng ill ii |,„-l iiiiii-lioil •■'•:. A.
Hniilli'v's imrlli .-nsl comer |ionl," iJiml.-,!
nboul I inil,- wenl of llio nioiilli or Smilli creok,
mi iln> ivesl slile nf L'olninlilii rivor, liionco
-milli Hi i-lii.iii*. llienco we-l nn olinlns. llionoo
 lh -n,-l,iiiiis. Hi,-n, isi kii clialns in puint
Of COIIllllOlll-OlllOllU
:'. t'oniiticticlng nl ii |,..*l innrkoil "R A,
lli-i„ll,,,v's south i-n-l corner   |„,-|,   |,liint,.,l
iiim,it tl mllen wostof tlio hof Smith creok
on ivesl -ii!,, nl Columbin river,liionco inn-Hi
i„ clialns, I hoi »',--! nm elinlns, 11 ,- -„nili
In i-liiiin*. I In-ill-., ensl Iim ilmin* I,, poinl uf
!!. Commencing n! n posl mnrkeil "K. A.
Hi-mill v' ill ,-iisi corner |,„-|."   i,liiiii,-il
lllinil! 11 mil,-. KOIltllOf  III,- 11)0111 li nl  Smilli
crook mul I mltowulof Columbia rivor, llienco
 -Ill Hi clialns, llienco ivosl *.,,-li  tlienco
-milli Hi ,-Iinins, lliilii-i- i-n-l Ml chains til Hill
Ilnlcil Aiigu«l Hli. imn.
aug 8
ll, A. HIIAIll.KY,
Notice Is horoby given Uml Ihlrty ilnysaflor
■Intu I Intend '„ iiiijih-lothc Honorable Chief
I'uiiiiiii-riuiii-r ,,f I,,,iiii*iiiiii Wnrk. fnrnsnuelnl
liconsii luenl uml carry awny Umber frnm ilu-
following ilcserlbod Inmi* In Wesl Ivonlcnaj
I. (' icnelng al. a posl nmrkcil "Thonins
Ki'lialrlck's *,,uili ensl corner posl," platitcil on
lho norlli side ul Arnislrong Isikcand nl I
iln-,-,- hundred yards from lln- foul nf llio said
lake, liionco north 80 clialns, llienco ivesl Sll
clialns, thonco south 80 ohains, llienco easl su
rl,nin* tt, poinl of coniinonconieiit.
i. Commencing at a posl mnrked "Thomas
Kllpatrlck's soutli wus! corner post," planted
imi lu- ensl boundary uf I'lilhaiu's much and
aboul ono hundred yards in a norlli cnslcrly
direction front Ilu- seven milo posl on H,iuld,-i-
Crook,tlionco nnrlh |u chains llienco ensl Iim
chains, thonco soutli 10 chains, llionce west nm
chains to jiolnl ul* coinmonconiont.
:i. Commencing at a posl marked "Thomas
Kilpntrick's nortli enst corner posl," p'nntod nl
tlio suulh wesl cornor i,r T I,. ii,.',;r,. ilii-ni-i-
sunll, 80 ohnlns, liionco w,-*t HI clialns, Ihoneo
nurih80 chains, il i-ei-n-l su clialns lo point
of commencement.
Dated tills 4th day of August
I. Commencing nl a posl n
Kilpatrlok's suulh west conic
nt K I.'. Is'iiliiior's norlli ivestc
nl l,.;i!U II. I., tlionco nnrlh 811 chains-, Ihem
east 80 cbnins, thonco snutli HI clialns, tlii>»i
wesl HI chnlns to iminl of eoinnioiiccnieiil.
Dated this Olh day of August, IIM,
I "Tliuniu*
." pill ,1
;„.-! mark-
Notico Is horoby glvon Uml -SOdnyu afler dale
I intend lo apply to tlio Chief Commissioner of
Unds and \Viu*ks for n n|iuciul Hcmiso lo oul
;hi,l carry awny timbor fnnn Lho following do
M-rilii'il lands in liii,' Bond dislricl of \vosl
1, UotnnioucltiK ai u posl markcil "N T.
Edwards'north wosl cornor posl," jiluntcd on
thooust bnnk of I'nhiinliiit rivor, nboul linllo
nortli of C K. Lindmurk's Hi-rth U5.M), tliimco
south 40 chains, liionco nisi nm chains, thouce
norl h 10 clialns, thenco wost 1(10 chains to pnlnt
nf commencement,
2, Commonoing ai u iiosi marked "N.T.
Edwards' soutli wesl corner post," planted on
tlio east side of Columbin rivor, about 200 yards
back from river and *. milo nnrlh of (I. K. Liiul-
mark's berth U550, thonco north WO chains,
thenco cast 10 ohains, thonco soulli l(K) olinlus,
thonoo wost to chains to point of cotnmonoo*
DntcdJuly 20th, 1900,
aug I
N, T. EDWARDS, Loantcr.
St. Ann's Convent School
Xoiirc Is horoby given Ihal UOdnys aftor date
I iiiii-nd lunpplv to ilu- chief Commissioner ol
Ijindsiinil IVorka I'm- u special licence lo cui
nnd carry away Umber frum lhe following do-
scribed lauds situated In tlio lllg Head dlstrlel
uf Wesi Kootuiiuyi-
8. i onimcnciiig nt u post nmrkcil "Artbnr
Pnyno's sunt li west corner post," planted on the
cast bank of Columbin river, auoul 100 yards
nur:!i from itionih uf Mien ereek. thoneo north
su cliiiins, thonoo oasl 80 chains, thoncosoutli
Hi elinin-. llienee west Mi ehuins lo point of
si. Comnionclng nt a jiost marked "Artliur
Pnyno's north west corner)iosl,"iiliintcd on Uu-
Chstunukof Columbia rl'-cr,nuoul IIHIyards
abovo inuiiih uf Mica creek, thouce south 80
chains, tbonco ensl Sllolialiis, llionoo norlh SO
chains, liionco west 80 chains to pointof commencement,
, Commouciug ata posl marked".Vrtliur
Payno's south west corner post, "planted on lhe
insl hunk ol Columbia river, nboul !1 milos
below Mien crock, thonco east 80 clialns, ihon,
north 40 chains, tin  wesl in chain*, then,
iinriii su ohains, tbonco wosl 10 clialns, their
,ouihi.'"chain*10 poinl ofcommcnoomonl,
Dated July IMth, liuni,
Re-opens Aug. 22nd.
GIHLS fr.uu ii years up nre received
ns boarders or diiy-icliolurs lor tuition
in English, French, Latin, Piano,
Organ, iiuiinr, Violin, Banjo, Mandolin, Plain anil Fancy Wnrk. Painting and Drawing, eto.
BOYS fr. nn ii to 11 years are received us diiy-fclinlnrs.
For full particulars apply to
agaim       SISTER SUPEBIOIt.
1)1 Cnnerotc, Hollow 111,,, k-. Slono, llrl.-k or
I'i.un.-   Dlllldlni.,   DEALER in iVnn-nl, Mm.',
I* i,-|,>l|,ill„« III,,,-*,.. ,ii,l nthor I,mill,M nu
lerlali,  All labor nml icnlcrtol. ili-soi-ln,..
Pl.ll.rlng nnd Plaiterlng Supplies a Specialty.
I'llICKH   l(l<IHT.
Noll™ i- hercbi glvou Dial30 dayi alter d«i
I Inl,-inI in ii|,|,|v mlh,, ChlelI'ullll Inner
,,l Laud.nml Works i,,r „ -[.,.,,„ 1,-cnio lo, n
ami ,-nrri away Hulls i Inmi the lulbiwliii
,i„*i.rii„,,i lands -liuni,- in in- un iiriid dl«
Irlolul n,-»i Kouloiiay:
Conuneneliig   nt   ii   pn.1 tn.rkod  "*,i,ni
fiirlsuii's  suuth nest oornor  no.l," planted
shunt l| mil,,* 11, ut 1.1 ,,.,,., mul nUuii,
mlh, ,,i,i „i ruinini,i,i rivor, ihoneo norlli tu
''llllllis, III s| su ,.iiinn,, ih, -ii.,-- a -,-
Olllllll, lllOIICO WCIt SO chain- I" hOllllOl ,"In-
Ilnlcil Aniinsl Uth, lit,',.
unit'.'., -n l\ , III! -"'■
•pi ui.
.1    -iui .1.1-  I IS    Ill   llllll  II
nuiium: ,li feel f,..,., lliu ,|,.,,i nu.|
i,(gr.,iiinll„i ilrjIiiii lin-    -i.'.n ;>  il
 th,.! „ ,-l,uu -m <,.ii i.. rtilii.ii.-ii
Appl) t"i particular. In
Tuiin.lle.liielil, [Ininnplll
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders lor Heel and Mutl	
Poultry, Firsl, und small goods
will receive prompt attention.
Import direct irom Country of origin,
MANUFAClum D   ov
Kurtz's Pioneer Cigar Factory
I-IN, Cordova St„ W,
VANCOUVKIi, -   -   B, (.'.
Nntlra la tin ,
inti-liil !„ applv
all r u! bands ai
ill.M- I h-   fullulll
si> Iial  lays frnm date 1
lu tlie linn, llieCldef I! i-
I Works („, 1,,-imi** -„|„u-
li ileserllieil Inini*. in lh,. ll'-.l
■»'-' «l'"i I  II rAnon
"Cinlilileneinii nl n |„,*l n
Hlllltll   ll,'*t.   I'UI'IUT,"   ut tin-
I mi 1570: aiiil almnt i[ mil,
Oreek: llienco imrlli sn eli
ehalus, llienco sun h sn r
elinlns tn pnlnl uf euuillH'liei
acres ro or less.
Daled tills 2!st day o! May, 1IW0.
.1. I.  Ilil.'SIII
lu-,! "*.!.. Hi,-*,-!,-
* snulli nl   |,'„-lll;ill
ilins,   lllOIICO   ,'llsl III
liains, tlience nosl In
iinunt, eniitiibiinn .'iim
llalpli Slye, Ageni.
I   in
Is liernliy given that 80 days after dale
■ind tnnjlllly tn lhe Hull. Tin- rlii-l
ore!hands and IVnrks I'm ii Sj inl
ul nml carry away Umber from llu-
iserl I lnmls In IVcsl Knulcniij- Hi*
i. r,,iiiiii,-„,
•iiviii.'s suulh
list side nf Ilii
I'u, in-
ii-- .,,
llt'sl   ,-,
ll*'s Illll
lllllll II
i pus -kod "Artliiu-
hm pusl,"|diii I nn llm
iii ami nl I I mile inn Hi
li MllM, ll! li<l,i,i||*.
I ehnins, nest HI elinlns In
t n pusl   niai-keil "Arthur
■ ■■ lilnnted uu the
ul I mile nnrtli
mlh lui-lniiii*.
ll UIU,-In,Ins In
side nf lliu llend tm
f P. |,,-l,-i*„n's ranch,
n*i ino clialns, north in.
pnlnl iifcnniuiciieeniuiit.
ii. Cull lelni ,-u ii   posl marked "Arthur
.,,,„■■* ninth ,-,-,*i enrnor post," plnntod un the
nsl side nl Hie llend trail and nl nil -lit
■tl'. Pet,-Mini* i-aiii'li, Ihoneo north mil clialns,
,,-i loclinlns, snulli mu elinlns, ensl 10 chains tn
mini uf,-oliiln,-,ii-i- nl.
Dated July mh, mini.
I. i'„nn,inn-hie nl ii pnsl   mnrkeil "Arthur
'.mm's nnrtli easl  -ner post," planted nntlio
until side nl Keyslimu trail nbnut tivn miles ensl
,1 linul- ranch, thonco soulli inn cliains, wosl 10
liains, nnrtli too chains ensl In elinlns tu|inlul ul
ul, side
i Ilnyi!
.1  n
nl ii pnsl markod "Artliiu
I eurner pust," nlnnteil un tin
mo trail alionl ttvn miles cast
thoneo anrtb 100 elinlns, ivesl
ehalus, ensl ID ,-liuius tn piillll
ionth mo chnius, cost
,-si 10 chains to point
11.   I'.iUlini'lii'illii nl   n   nu
Payne's nnrtli nosl enrnor
* li sldo of Ki.ynti.iw nnil
from lloyd's n h. tin- i
10 ehalus, nnrtli 100 clialns, n
nl cnmiiieneeinelit,
7. CniniiieiieliiK ut n pusl   marked "Arthur
Payne's imrib east  nor post,"planloil nntlio
smith side nf Keystuno irail al i miles easl
frmn llnj-d's much, llieueo south so chums, nest Hu
eltabts, nurih Sll chaius, cos! Sn ehnins to pnlnl „f
i-'iiiiiiii'iii'i-in, nt.
lint,-,!.Inly ISlll, limii,
Certificate of Improvements,
ii,,l,l,>n Kagle Mineral Claim, sltunlu In llio Arrow
bake .Mining Dli'lslnnuf Kunlonny illstriet.
Wliore leciitcd Ailjiilnlng Mineral City T,„vu
TAKK NOTICK thai  I. Konuotli I,, lliirm-i
i.s-iii i.ii-.Mi-. Ulleii Mollnngnbl,nl Xnkiisp, I'roi
111 -*s I'erllllcato Xo, 1105809, Intend, sluts ilnyi
[rum the dale herein", to imply tn the Mining lie
euiilerfiirnl.'oitllleate ,.I Iiujiruvenioiits, Iur lln
imijiusu nf uliliilnlng a Crnivn Urant ni tin- nlmvi
For \jrrtcultural Imnlements. farrlages, Wagons, Etc. Juhn
Doure Ploughs Molina Wagons, Canada Carriage rompanjr'a
Buggio-*, Planet jr., Gardau Seeders and Cultivators, Wheel-
wright uml Ulacksmltli Wnrk attended io    Horse Shoeing a
9 Specialty
L% %%%%%% %%%%,%% \%%%\\ \%%%X\ %+%%%%
Incorporated bjf tct of Parliament, 1855,
U'M. Molso.n MAri-iii-:i;-,,\, Pies. S. II. I-.'himi, Vice-Pres.
Jamks Elliot, Oeneral Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everylhing in way nl hanking business transacted without un-
lli'i-i'ssui y ilul.iy.
I tile-rest credited twice a year at current rules on Savings Bank
W. Ii. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
(Under   New   Management)
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop.,   REVELSTOKE,   B,   C.
First-clas accommodation for travellers.
Best brands ot Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Queens Jfotel
Best brands oi Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish. Creek will find excellent accommodation at this
HEAD OFFICE: c.u.iiauv, Aliikuta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
Pork Packers an 1 Dealer In Live Stock. .Market, in all the principal {Cities ted
Tonus „f Alberta, liritish ...nimbi,t and Hi- Vuk.in. Packet, of llm Calibrated Brand
"Imporatnr" Iinins in I Bacon, and Shamrock Brand, Leal l.irl.
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-class in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates $1.50 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
hub I
VOTM'E is HKltKMV GIVEN iJm. thirty
tM days nfii-r dull- I Intond to apply to tha
flilef Commissioner of Unds nnd works fori.
.poolnl liconso to onl nml enrrr nwnytltubot
from ilu! foi low! in,' doftcrlbod Innda situatod
im he Din llond dlstrlel of Wost ICootonny:
I, Coinmonciiitf m n posl marked "Alox.
lirot's soulh oast cornor," pimiii'd on Hn- wosl
bnnk of Korty-nlno oreok, aboul Imllus from
Cnliiiiiliiii rivor, running norlli sn olialus,
llionoo Wtwt Wi i-h'iitis, tlii'iiir south mi i-lmins,
tlionco nint 80 chains in jiolnl of oommouco*
li, Commencing ui u v^i markod Alox.
lirot's nortli oust cornor," iilanled on tlio wosl
bank of l-'ortyninn crook, aliout- I milos from
roliMiihia river, runnltiK sontli su chnius,
thonco west sn chains, llionoo north U0 ohains,
llionoo oast80 ohnlns to imini of commence-
Dee! Head,
Ait1ui.il*-. Illnli, l-'inh, lite,,
Animal line- Mminted,
Ntmllni iiI'I'iisiti; I', n.
Ilurelilnke, Il.C,
Certificate of Improvements.
hi, in roi Imn Hnke, H'nlcbman, Oiillnnk and
-uii-iiui.  , il.-l ilm    iiinii- in Hi- Arrow
l.ik- Minimi lili'l.lnnnl iv--i i,,i..i,.|,,i, in,
in. I.
Where |,-.,i,-,|: im ih-  li iilila nf I'lninlnn
("reel    ii   n.ili - wesl -I Amm Uke
Ink,- null,*Uud I .l-iiu |,,,,,M,i IAliili-1	
I' Is ..I Ii nl I; I . it-m Im 11...nr, Abriel.
I- II I! *>■- lin II lllillilld .Slnllb, F.M.C N'n,
llll   I     md   I li-.l-il, Se.,11  I Nl r. Nu, |lli;,.!i,-|.
ll)     In-I,Mil III.    ll.lt-||,.||.„|, |,i |||||,|l
ti.ili,. .Minuiii |{,',',,r,l,-rl">i -iini, ..I--I hnnron
menu, f.-i Uu-1-,,i ! olitaltiliiD I'n.uii flmiit,
-III -■>■ ■ I, n:-
An.i 1.1,il,-, i il- ii..in - tli„i acllnn, uti.l.-i *,..
it.ni 17, nn,-, i*.. .inini in -I i„ (ni- tlio I.-uiiiii,, ,,|
,iii li CortlAi lie. uf Improvement.
Ilal, i ll i. ntt,.la, -l.l.iii-, IIM.
.1. li. .tMll.llMiN
Ami further lnko i
linn HI, musl lie enn
nf such Ceitllleale n
Dated litis «b dn
us I
ntlco ihui acttnn, under sec
iii,-ii-,,,i 1,,-fui-e Hi,, Issiinnei
!i,i|,,,.v..,ii. nl*.
nf April, lllllll.
N'ollco is lioroby glvou thnt sixty daya aftor
lull- wo Intetul la apply lo thu Chlof Commissioner o! Lands mi'! Works forpLTinissinii
to purohAso lho [nliinwiiij dosorlbod lauds in
tliu tllstrlot of Wust Kootenay:
Commencing At ii imst planted twenty chains
west t M'in Hit- norllieiiHt enrner of' ot-IVl'J ami
mnrkeil -'Big lloild l.tiinhe CoiiipHiiy's south-
wesi cornor post," ihenco north hi ehains,
llienee east in chains, lllOIICO sjuth 05 ehui ns
inure or less to llie lake shore, thenee west
along slioro to smitli east eorner nf UHM9,
tlieuee imrlli 7 elialiiH to north uanl eorner nl
Lot i!ir,i, ihenco west ju ohains to point of com*
Ulii li KM' LUMBER (IO.i LTD,
;l, i 'iniun''in mi'
H.-ot'ssoulliwcsl cornor. planted uu tlio we*
I'uiknf Korty-nlno crook,about 1 mllcsfroti
i .ilniiihla rivet', rilUllltlg norlh 80 ehuiii-
i!n*nei' eii-l sn olinlus, thonco "Oiilli HOoliullh.
tlionco wosl su uluilnslo point of coiiuni'iico-
L Coiiuiu'tieiuK' "i » l",si mnrkod "Alox,
i mi'-* norlli wosl corner," plnuled nn Ihe wosl
..ml, ni Kiii'iy-iil sreuk.nbotll I mllen (inm
< nlumbln rivor, running soiilli su chnius,
thuiiuocnsl W) ohnlns, ihenco uurtiittoehalus,
lliimoo wosl so ohains io puint uf uoiumuiico-
i, Cninnii'iii ing ni ii po-i mnrkod "Alox,
Ural's uortli otml oornor." plniiinlnn [howtwl
li,mh of Kort) nine erooK-uboul 2< miles Hum
i nluiiiLiii river, runuliiK  suuth Uiu ehalus,
tin* wust 10clmins, llienee norlh KHIuhuliis,
iLoitoooasl lllclialus in point of nn >iii'i'
ii, Couimonolng at a posl maiknl "Alox,
lirot'snoriii wosl corner," planlcd on the wosl
Link ol l-'oi'ly nine crook, ulmul'-') miles fr	
i uiuiuiiiii river, riinulng south nm clmins,
tin nn-ensi In ohnlns, tliuuco norlh 1(10elinlns,
t iioiico wesi tu ohnlns in polul of cuminouco
;. Coiuiiu-iiiinif ul n nosl marked 'Alex.
lirot's nuiili wosloornori* plunieii ou lhe wesl
i, ink uf l-'orly nine ereek, aluiiil 2 lllllus In mi
i oluinhla rivet1, niuniiig miuiIi IHO uhaliis,
ihuiicn uasl lu ohnlns, Ihoneo north llWuhalii",
llienee WCsl lUehaliis to polul ol UOIIl III UNCI)
\ Cotntiii-neiiig id a post innrkud Alox,
I trots north otwl corner," plunl-edon thuuusl
Inuik of Curly nine ereek, ahmil I mllo from
Coluinbin river, i-iiuuuik --oiiili 1(10ohnlns,
thenoo wist 10elinlns, Ihenee north 1(1(1 chains,
lln-neeeii-1 P>   elmllls   In   point nf iiiuilll'-nre
11    Coiuuielieiug at   a   pusl   iiliil'ked "Alex.
llroi's soulh west cormir," planted on tho uasl
hunk or l-'urly nine ereek, ahoul I mile from
Coliuiililu rivor, runiiin*,,' nortli su ohnlns,
llionoo oiwl su ohnlns, llienco soulli-so chains,
thoneo wesl su olinlus in point of cominoiioo
|u, ConuneneltiK at a post uiarked "Alex
lirot's saul li west oornor," plunted nlioul I inltc
from Koi'lJ nine ereek nti the Wosl hank, ami
aboul  1 Mule fr  Columbia rivor, running
uorlh in chains. Ihoneo wm! U'fi olinlus,
[hoi south 10 olirtlns Llionoo oasl IW) clmins
lo innill of ciiinilieiieeliii'iil,
Daled July :Ki11i, 1006,
ALEX, Hlt'iT, Loeider,
ruigl IVMiu-, Lund, Ageni.
lUited July-2nd, llSJO.
Mil n i; in iil'.uilliv iilviiW Hini illty days
tier ilatu I ltd It,, upiil) i„ ih,- liun. < 'l.i.f
Iniiiinissiiiuer nf bands and Wurk.. r„r permission
lunuruliw llie fullnii-iiig deseillioil lnmls In tl..-
iv,.,i Kuntenn) district, u-osl ildeol tliiiwr Arrou
hi.Mii.Hii ..ii-'iiiili init-sMiiii ul im-iImII crook,
Uiiiii ,1,'iieiai. pml marked, " IV. IV. buck's
-nil,,'i,*i- r.'.'.i lln-*,miiIi »-si enrnor ol I.
to-j, tbenee nnrlh lu clialns, ahum lliu ivuil bound
mini I,. s,ri: ili-iui- ivesl DM chains; thence soulb
MMliiiii-.lliM n*i in-Iiniii*, iiiut- or leu i,
IhctteitliiiuiidiiryntA. Dull ,iiFsappllealluii
In ...iii-i,,,.,.. ibunc tit ll) cltalns, innr  lo.
i..!h- nuiili noil curuer ut A. Ilulloi ,<, >
i|i|illenlluii i" |,iiii'Ii.i*,-; Ibeuce east mi chain,
mure,,,- insl l„ puilll „l ,-„mu lent, ill" acre.
Ilaleil May IB, imm.
»'. w. i.imii,
I'er. T, 1!. Ililklllinll.  I
S'ulleoli bereb) til von t i,„i i;<>,i„, t alter dab
Ilul,-ml i„ mul.nn licali, ui I,, In-, In, I,	
mi*. r ,,i I.nn,i-,v Work, lur iiunnl ■
iiureliiHc llio lullim-llui doscrlliod Inn,! -iiiiiii,
hi lln- IVi-.l Kniitenai dislricl nl llnil-ii fob
nniiiiu ,,n lb-ii--' -nl.- "1 Arrow bake In Iiii
M-iiii.l Valley!
I-nllllll-IU'llll! Ill  III Ml'lli'l'M sulllll wosl cur-
per, tlicnre west mi elinlns, tliei mn i,
ehnltiN, Llienco essl su ebnliii, llienco tiurlb i«
,'luiiils tn |„,llll u! ,' I Ill-Ill. I Illilltl-
itiutl-Juniiri'l r,-oi- l„*s
iiiii,-dile-a.ill day ill Juuo, im.
.1   ., Miiiiiiisiin,
jii I'erH, i. Harlow, Atienl,
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day,   Monthly rale.
VIITII'K I- herd
Ai   dnlo I.In
Hi vnn lliiil im days aflor
pplVlilllie  Ilu 'lllllll
lliel'lili-t I'u M-i ' ui  Lnnil-nud Work.
I'm- jiormlsslon I,i inirilin-,- tlm followlim de
scribed lands In il„- IVcsl Kuuloiroy dislricl,
wosl side of Upper Arrou Into
t'lllllllll'lli'lllU  III   II   pn-I   nboul   llll''','   Inl!-
 ll, „i |,'ostlinllorook,uml n t lo from
Ui,, Inkn, iniiiki',1 "Tin i- IVolnlcr's , I,
,-n*l cil|.|lor," ut lhe nuiili ,-n-l ,-,ii-ii,'|-of M.C,
Slye's u|i|,ll,-ul I i |iiii-,-Iiii*i-, lllOllOO norlli I"
ohnlns. moro or loss, lo Llio lnko shoroi llioncu
fiilliiu-liiK -nl,I .liun- III ii k- "ill northerly
und Mlslol'ly lllri'Cllotl in ,-Iiiiiii , muii- ul less,
I,, Uie  -unlll   I uiiiii'.  uf A. fi Itmu I
uiuilii'iilinii iii ptirelinset tbonco wesl ItUclmbi .
„ioi- ■ lorn,to ll nsl boiindiir) uf I, M.
.luliiisiiine'.* npplluulloii i„ iiiirchn I i
*„uili811 clialns;tlinncn en-i mi cliiiln, l.i i.citni
ol I'liiiiini'iii'i'iiu-ni,, unliiiniiiK "l" noros, more
in- le*s.
Ilnleil Ihi-l.'lh iln) ul .Iiiiii-. 11X1.
TllUMAH wliistkii,
I'er llnlph 8lyo, AgonU
lli-i ,'h.i ■ ovor ofTerod t-> s.-s-urt- muni* ol tlie linett Betidentitl
Sites, liiirili-ii nml l-'ruil Hr,.wing Lnmls in Itevolstoke.
Having I n ii|,|niinti,il   A^ont  lur the  HttTol.tukt   Ketltjf
Company, Limitotl, I have (or late their lands od the Wett, North
nml Kast siiles ul the eity.
Any m,-ii tu suit purchasers Imiii a Huililin,: l.ol Ui • Small
Tin* new " Addition B." offer, tho chuiceit reaidential aod villa
BIN overlooking lhe City,—Iim* K»rdeu mil »nd .haltered Irom
prevailing winds,
Plana and Prlcea at my Offloe.
E. A.. HAG-G-Elsr
"DANDY DICK," the Revelstoke Derby Winner, at the Opera House, Tuesday Evening, Sept. 4th. ^■f*-" W&3RB    » ^UtF  ^3P'    Ci     ik .9    w ivw-
Ladies3 Rair Coats
M-Jlll- i     • ■:.. llll
Iti $111 -
Ri --    y ,i ifl'iu
Boys' Clothing
l-    lll'sl     *l 1     '      .    ■
.1    ■■     ...       '.
:   -    i j :
.,.-    ,,   - , ■-  ■' ■■       ..,:...
Corsets! Corsets!
i.*,ni, ii-;
■i     , ,.!
I'   A    \    I
! ,l|. ||||,- PHI        Illll
M,, Wl-    I.,,|.     llll
.      ■ i/.i-s  ill
\,,,    | | ,   nt        || .1    ;;.'   ll      ll m!,        IV0
1111\,- ili-.'.-ly pul -!■ -'...'k 50 purs whili'
1; mid i*. ii„ii|;|ii ,r-,-.-i trout ll,- fuel ry
Ifill |i;tirs white ni -I ;;,;■ llniini'li lit* shell-
ing, I Imli "I Pillow uiul Cushion l-',,i-in.s. 1.1
- ... In ds uml sii,.,'*.:, ,',*,'* Mm'.- I', li
The Store
that never
\i IMiT* J.hs,store
i .   ., ,*   i a _.   ina*!. neye|.
ii-aniii***— ■a-Ha-anr- ya *.* I—— )Wmummm**s**a*v*uunm»i.***mm **-r\a    M i rMM *9rMMMkMrMMrMMMVSi
I \
****♦**»♦♦«*$ xhe Preserving
|       KEEP YOUR        ||« &
* feet off Youa head $ season
$   i;, letting tlieni trouble *+,
9 yi rhev won't il you use TF
j, FOOT   ELM   in*    .EL-EX'S +'?1
T FOOT EASE. .Ve keep it. .|
I   |
9 Canada  Drug & Book $
7    Company. Limited.    7
\* III,- preserving -I-.I-*..11 is II,,W
hi'i-i* we invite vuu In mill nml
ills] I     nlli-   tlllili-.     including
I'cnclios,   I',-,,!*,  I'iuiii*. Oralis,
,-lll.llVs ill Block.
l'-|-liil .Liis. :ill sizes.
Local and General.
. ■       ml gel    : - -1 sent at tin
■ .-   -- ■:. itch, il- '■- Istoke v. C-algnrj
• tin McK, ii.'., uvi'iiui gr uml.'
.1. 1*. Fi.nl. C 1*. U. engineer, I- en-
. ..; :;.       -iiii-   ti.,-   levels   fur   I'.
 - ., C, '.-. new premises.
■   miss  the  Harden Party tonight    | |i -;;- Kn \ church.   Uniul,
nu - ami refreshments.    Admission
, (ten to   tin    Hnnd!"    The
■ . ...    lui.;- -.-,     .-.-   ;i  grnml  up n
.* ;     :.   M  ii.I.iy    Sept. llnl.
-    --,- ...  i ■• music,
. ,,   leni 'ii.. lm veiling cur-
iVeels, nl  Victoria,
■_'.,■-: ng  iliiln   lur n
[nrii :los --ii lhe interior.
li.    -     ; m   Heaps   I attractions!
Heiip-      .;   :•'     Hi i|is  i-l   music!
Heap;  ipi ,] li     Heaps of everything
I  enjoy life on Ub ,i Day celebration
|. n'i : :--  ll ■   way   to  the  mei
■ isoi  ig! Crack horses!
Big |    •■■      Spli udid sports mi lhe
i ti ;, grounds both niter-
■ ■ -mil n h.-iiriv w,-ii'-mn-
. '   ti-iided bj the Y..M.C, l.to
..   [ tlie 1 icrusse, baseball,
I   tl ...     - .- ■    there who will be
,-isii   . -... i   , o  Labor Daj ei lebrn-
•   - -
: i- Iiiiiiiii-! on ' I1:,' .ly Hi.'l,-.'*
I ..MM.    -   pi      llll, III 111,
■I    i- lin-  [i   .- rful llm,
.   . ,,   . nppe il L . .-era   , lln
I   m        .    pie.     All
; - -     hike is going
';.:•- .-. I Minei   .ays     V A
ritl    ' tin ,\. idsui  ii--*...    t this
SI in .1.   Im   Hi ',
■ *,. .     ibe Hume 1 ■ ■!-.   and   ivi I
■    take j   ion  ,-i  it,    The
Hm     son    I tin    ■-.,'.'
' nnys,
I pend       Hand    iti      t*ii
sity bnvi    lien ,1 a prize
the  I--'   Industrial  or
■ -i,       - ■  turii.iut   in  the  parade
:.        - tin, grand pit    li     I     i
liav Si pi ■- d
Tin- Knox church annual garden
imii.v will bi In-Ill this evening at 8 p.
in . uppositc K'nux church. The Independent llninl will pi ,y selections
.! music during the evening, (lames
u il refreshments,   Admission, lu,-.
Vie have in hand u cupy of the very
-, - !- :,! riitali'giiii of the Vernon Full
Exhibition.   Vernon people ure alive
In ilu great advertising ndvuiilugo.s uf
, -i ssful lair and tin-/ nru lu'tiding
ill I lieir ei.ergii s to makon big sii.-oess
i,| Ilu IHOI) slum-. Every branch is
ini'luiled nml the prizes nre handsome.
■ lli'linld ye country editor, Inr he
riai'th in llm in,nniiig and kinnveth
mil nimi ii day may bring lorlb. If
he li'llitli all tin- in ws lie runneth n
risk ,-i I,uving a tin ear pul on him,
nnd ii ho lellelh nol the news Ibe
pi-,.pli straightway sny he is Mi. nud
llieri is uu joy in il. The crafty in in
caji.li'tli bin inlo giving n lllei nl pull'
fur ;i icry pour I) cent cigar nnd fund
ni,il.. rs frown mi hini if ho taileth i i
Iinil, r llieir I'rii'kle-fiii'cd broods, The
in,- insurance iiinn settelh snares fur
iiim, .iml un iln- whole he hath a deuce
of a lime."
The I'.ii-ili,- Coast Fire Chiefs' Asso-
,-i iti.>ii will assemble nl Calgary on
Aug, 211-30-31. The object ,-i' this
gathering is the discussion ol methods.
in lin lighting, lire appliances, water
supplies, constriii'tiiiii oi buildings In
iM-i-t fire i all in iltei     I inlen i
.-  Illll Btl'll "ll1' llll' protect inn nt   lives
.md [irnpertj, from lire Thi.- is thc
llili niiiiiiil cniiventioii and it behoves every lire depnrtim in in the
wesl lo scud repri sentativi ■
Insurance and
Real Estate
Full Line Of Tho Best
I *B*aBaa.»a*^BB*sBB*M«iw
Mr. nnd Mrs. F. Swan on are mourning Ilu- -ml  loss   ■ l   llieir   laby   girl
l.riiln   Dnrothy,   ngul   four    iths,
who died on Saturday Inul from ll"'
elVcets ot inlantilc complications, The
lillle one wns with her pirents nl lhe
residence nf .1. I'. .Siilbciland, when
she was lakcii ill. V. rj lunching and
-.ul was the lillle tuiiciul, the rcninins
1,,-iiu- interred i-i the cemotcry on
Sunday, while iiniuy most lienutiitil
wreaths and lluwt rs werc laid round
the newly ninde 1ml, grave hy relatives nmi friends. The Maii.-IIkhai.d
joins in synipath; d r llie parents in
the li ■ ol tli.ii -nl lu iviiveinent.
\ii,.ili, !■ I ii   was   [iiiii god   in!,,
.,ii,-i on M unlay night, win n Frank
Malz, ugi'd 13 yen im -, I nwny ill
the lin'spitnl. iil'ii'i a - '•- re attack ,-i
ii.I li.-i!.       Tl
I   I
I lhe I I,.' vi'iy I.	
Don't Foigol the Dale.
Big Dance After Show
N'l-U Snugs.    NewSpecialties
NoWitlts COOD MUSIC No Walls
"lliilldsnuif Rocking I'hiiit-"
lu he given nwny I'll HE In the
holder uf tin* Lucky Ntunbi'i',
•     ■     ■     III
N,,ti,-,-i- horoby iilvou Hint *1 days aftor dalo
! inli'inl til until)' to ll,,- lliii-f l-,,niini"iiiu„r ut
Lnmls nml Works for  nstiuoliilll so tu cut
nnd carry away timbor hum tlioftilluwlimdo-
scribed lands In Hln llouil dlslrlct, Nurih Eut
1. ('nmiiiQiiciiiH ni n post iilaiilod on tlm
uorlli-cnst bunk ul ll... Ciiluniliiii Rivor, -Jim
iiird-iibiivo I'l'ilnr Crook nnd mnrkod "E. Mc-
It,,.,I.*- soutli-wost riiriior tinst," tlionco north
811 chains, thouco oust su ,.|iiiin*. thonco smitli
SO ,-l,uiu-.  Ihoiii'B wnsl 80 ,'liiiilis to |„,inl uf
"Wotl Ihls Itli dny nlAuiiiist, IHOI.
12.  Coiniiionoltin at n oust nltntod „utlio
nnrtli-onsl bunk „f tho Culuinbln Rivor nbuut
uno milo bolow tho i ih ol Yollow Urook und
mnrkod "E. Uoilonn's suuth-wosi curuer i,„*i,"
tl co north 80 olinlus, thouco oust siirliain.-.
lh- ue*,,uth 80chnius, tlionco wo*i HOchultiH lo
llio iiiiini,,! cnninioiironiont,
Dntod this 15th dny uf August, 1WI
mii; ai E. McllEAN.
VV A N rr ED
vtTANTED-Hiairtl anil l.udgiug I'm-
\V hiivoi'13 yeni-s in ii'-*|i,*etiibln
Family, going to si-hnnl. Apply, stilling tonus to Mils. Jam, .Iiuinstun,
Halcyon llnl Spi lugs, II. ('.
\\r.\.NTl-:il   A middle ngi'd vvonien
W    tu take care of children. Apply
ni thn Mau.-Hisiiai.i) nilii-i'.
Cl killed und Ciiniin,in liilnii i-iinubliiiu
li i-mpbiymi'iil ut all llines in saw
mills nml ivoiuls liy applyiiiK In this
nllli-i', Highest wages paid. Moiintnln
Ijiiiiihi'i- Sliiniifiu-I.ui'i'i's' Assut-iiillon,
N,-l-,,ii. B.C.Gen. I'. Wells, Secretary.
1 aged vvmiien ns linns,, Uei-pci.
Apply nl llie M.V'i.llKit.vi.n Olliee.
1)(in.Ms TO LET- Furnished nr un-
V, t'uriiishi'd, It<mii $S to $11 per
in,.nib. Applv In I-!. A. HAfltlKN, Ileal
Eslnte mul liisiiiiiiien Broker, lievi-1-
sink,-, B.C.
•:    ic
ninni     \*\+*-*    *~
We  Iiii.i! opened a  Inl  of the  latest  Fn
Slyles    Cnine ponn ninl ", t >imr |uek.
Wi-Imve ii ii w I, ll ilniu Insl Season in llni-e-
ipitirler, seven-eighth mill lull lengths. They nre ill,,
Host English Crnveiielle, We ure selling Ihem nl
Hall I'li.-e.
E| Ladies' Umbrellas
W'v  hsivo   n   sjili-tnlitl   Int   In   ("lioo8o   from
IJiiii^iiij: from 'i.'ii- to $5.00 oticli.
New Fall
Dress Goods
Are arriving. Our lirst lot shows some ul Ilic
neitcst patterns ninl lust goods yel shown. They
nil coiiie iu Si-piiiiite Soil Lengths—nn two alike—
Grey is Hie Fashionable Color ihis Season. We
have il in all shades.
New  Fall Coats, Ready-to-wear
Felt Hats for Ladies and Children.
it,   will be given which uu:    lell .... s... ,,,     .   ,i.   ,. ,i \|r. j I
who   wish   tn  nil.-ml tin sp, ;!.-.,!,-   •;, t  . .
\ii) . ' --"inii,-ii i Le Inul   l-y  ii|
plying   tu  ,1    Sinn l.chii II. I ...
Wilson, secretin-) I mum. j   .  |) |,.U-|       "Chic"   :it  the  Oiicr-r)  Housc-
Nn, I. Utilise nud two lols, Firsl
Slreel, $!l,."iim. Valuable corner luen-
No. fi. Lui mul Sl m-i, First Street,
$2,11110,   Easy terms.
No. li.   Loi on First Slreel   $SIIII.
No. 7. Twu lots on First Street
wiih residence, $2,100,
These lots are likely lo be valuable
business sites.
No. II. Cornor property on Third
street, two lots nnd residence, $2000,
No, 15. 8 Lols on First Street. The
linesi hotel or Slore site in City,—
I Lols on Firs! Street, $0,300,
I Lots on Second Sheet, $l,.7i5.
No. 21. -Ono of the besl residences
uml Villa Sites in Cily. $4,000.
No. 22. Residence, Victoria llond,
No. 23—Hesitlence Mnckeir/.te Ave,,
No. 21. Business Blook, Mneken-zie
Avenue, $12,000.
No. 28. Residence on Third Street,
No. 12 I Lots on Eighth Street for
No. !lli. Hcsldenee and lot, First
Slreel, $2,105,
Nn. 7H. Resilience, Second Street,
No. 71. Residence, Second Street,
Nu. 12. Three lots in cily of Nelson,
or will exchange lor properly iu Rev-
No, 51.   I.,,! mul sinlilenl Ciiniboriic
t„ i iiiii nn  I   .in lln- pi uniitors
:   Iiii) i ololiriiii„niiiid .
ilii |ir„clilini T dny, ll„' III, duy   $3511,
No. ;,l.    Hon ul Lot. ('iiiiilioine.
Social and Personal
W. .1 Ogilvie wu- n; 1*
wei k ....  .ii-ni.s.
A. Johnson visited tin   Dm
i'.mm -. ];   . I',  l, -. -ii nl i;
Tin   Rev. An-l, I, iii-Mii Beer pn .i    i :
iu Sl   Peter's rim,-      -   -
I'     111  .,'-. llll   !
Caves, Ross I'i
Mrs.  '1.  Cunniiiulin
'> Hill        '  :! llll   Igl   '
on Sept. 3rd.   Don*t torKCt the      - ,     rlrlli.li.la)
H-,ln -.       .   ,   ,1   1.     . ■   I' -
s    11.    II
John McLcoti,
'     ■
1 (i. Shew      I'Cret.u
tin !..-.! -   Da)    ' •• t\ ■ ,. -,
:   Sunday,   Sept.  Uth      N||>  [-_„_„„„
i     --•,:..    :        ' siting the eil'
t8ocock of I
■-   *:   '                 i-i   ii     i   i   u
All  i    '
the Su ■  ■ ni-   invited I	
con-t en route lor l
Mist   . Noi  -.
- *    ■ ....   :
*.... I   • ■ ' ; ■ H
■■■:.-:.     '■ ■■
.    . syuipathel
Misj IJ tractivi
11  A .. ! .1
I ... ll
ll    .
Pleases euery smoker   the  "Marca STEAMER cilflUt
Vuelta. \|, .      -        i„.|«-,.,.I, ilu-
- • mi.    ilu- Cily
Revelstoke    Labor   Day . , i ,i,v   ,„n
-I.,,.:  lti-v.-1-t.okc
Celebration,   tniw. . ii  meets tin'
MM-, t. IV*.
I    I
Owiny to scarcity ot accom- * ., I,■* hIi.-i- I,,
niodation   in   tho   hotels    for
expected visitors on Labor Day. ROBERT  SAMSON.
Householders who hnve room*.
they can rent for thc occasio
aro    requested    to   list   them
with the Undersigned.
H.    FLOYD,
So, -clary.
N,,. Ll. llll acres wllhln Iwo miles
..I .ily. or will be sold in hloeksof 5
ni-ies i,, liinei-es.
>.'-,. 15. Tim ncres Crown title nnd
Imlf inti* t hi 5,00110 ncres $"JI,IKK1.
N,,. 32.   320 acres, Kelownn, $111,0110,
No. !-7.   320 itci'cs Crown   gi-iuilsil
liimis .il (Illli'llil Buy. $5 per acre,
nnil,-rink,-iillKinil-ol'i   No, 31.   2,500 acres Nicola Valley,
uitli slock, $70,000,
N,,. 33,   100 acres ensl of Rovelstoke
Nn. is 320 ncres Crown fgriinted
nml pnsl oral lease wilh stuck, 18 miles
IV,nn i-.-iiluny   $12,750.
N'n, :*,7. lb-si Li.iiii in district, isn
m-ii-*, Sll ncri-s i-iillivali'il. ginul liuilil-
ings, Sin per ncre,
No. ill. I louse nnil Iwo ncres bind
ni Tr  I,iike$l,2i:*.),
No. .V,. im nci'es F.nsi Konteniiy,
\n  1)7,   Fiuii I'nriiis nl Ai'insti'iing,
"TWHiTV PVPRFQQ l:;:i"";:,r"1""""""" ' Is
■"   IflL Ul I  T   LArtlLOO     N„. 71.   50, tores Easier.,   Al
'     ■ M .
the eervi,
 day nnd   |
Arc You Using
If not why not ?
Vo I e 1 'a pi • i
•    ■     kui I   lav.    HEWs
II \-   * I     I'uini
l- -.
Druggist nmi Stationer,
next i    n      Idwk.
Secure your  seats early  tor
"Chic." Sept  3rd,
■     -    ■
<   '    *    -
Court of  Revision, 1000
,   ,, i, L.-iin. S7..-,n pel- an-. .
E.W. B. Paget, Prop. Nu 7I ,,', wm mm Rl ,,;„,,,,
p .-.- M.-,       .   - i-kii.-lii-unii, Sn pur acre,
i .
\ny Rind nf Transferring
Mu, 71 ih)   III.IHIO acres al Li-lhlu-idgc
-,; m, pet acre,
\    7i|   llloaeres al Edmnnton, $11
For Sale
Houses and Rooms to Let
tint o| I
it C. IJ. llm
Businesses For Sale
Nm  h.    I|,,i, I  Brick Building, $22.
Hotel  pi-ell) l.„.,.i„n,$!l,i»Hl.
-,      ll I.  „    yniaker,
-l   l!:
ROWN'S (if S!9fS
1 . -   .' i.     iill
' hi it*
I'.M ',,,l| ,
I -1 M,    ,i isortmenl - nil
landed  in  Revelstoke ol
mil    ornamental
I     , , . I'M,     M    I',,'
I  in,,,   llll     lin,I
Lun.'li li, I-.,'-
■ I,...,.,,,'   I l. SlM,
II Ikl .-Illk li.„sls.
I.lll.ll l-'IMI
■   .     -..- ii     . and i inni iii town.
i mmii Sin„,|, Revoljloks
,     i ,    Hotel $'I,5(KI,
,; |ioii.lv, ii Stores, .i Hlnoksniitli's
;.  in,    in tho Northwest,
*„,, I.-,   si or Hoi,-l.sii,-ai Notch
Vo Hi    Hotel on V. liver Island,
■M...K.     lull   l-llsll,
/.    11,1  mi,-i-i- I iii Slllnge Mill;
I,, i il ii, ipilied  lineopniilng
No, i;    Newspaper in Blillsh Col
,,1,1,!., .-:! IKXIdowii! balance on terms,
I.,, -,   I, im. nl   paymenl   mny
,, ni.",!
|,'oi- pailli .ilm - apply I"
Id ,  i  i ,i, .nnl Insurance Agent,   |
Ilevelstoke, B.C.
9 a. m.  Grand Parade.
Forming at City Hall. Routes : West on Second Street,
Douglas Street, to end, turning lo Front Street, East on Front
Street to Third Street and Government Avcnuo, turning tu First
Street to Mackenzie Avenue, tlience tu Station,
Special Prize $20 by It. I. Hand for he t Industrial or llenevo-
lent turn nut in parade.
Committee Primaf25, in sums of $15 and $10, lor lirst and
second best decorated rig in parade
11 a. m.  Arrival of Special Okanagan Train
R. 1. Band plays visiting bunds tu Hand Room, Citizens are
invited to he at Railroad Station to welcome visitors.
I p. m.—Lacrosse Match. Calgary vs. Revelstoke
On Mackenzie Avenue Grounds. Admission at (late, 50c,
Grand Stand 10c.
Massed IlandB pnrnde to Ground at 12:15 p. ni.
Steamboat and Rigs lor hire to convoy public to Race Course
alter llie match.
2:30 p. m.—Horse Races.—Turf Club Association.
Four Big Races, Big Purses and Good Horses. Privileges.
Mauds in Attcndanci.   Adinildon, 50.'.
4 p. m.- Athletic Sports.—Turf Club Grounds.
Following Events to lake place between Races,
100 Yards Race $10 00 $5 00
Quarter Mile Race.  10 00 5 00
High Jump    5 Ml 3 00
Long Jump    5 Ol 3 00
Hop, Step and .lump '.     5 00 3 IKI
Shot Pulling    5 1)0 3 00
Entry Fees 50c.  Three Iii Start..
7:30 p, rn.   Massed Bands Open Air Concert.
Coiner Second Slreel ninl Doyle Avenue.
9:30 a. m.—Football Match, Mackenzie Ave. Grounds.
Einlerliy vs. RoVeUtoko.
Massed Hands Pnrnde and in Attendance.
10:30 a. m.   Baseball Match Mackenzie Ave. Grounds.
Armstrong vs. Rcvelstuke.
Massed Bands in Attendance.
One Admission lor Two Events.   Gate 50c.   Grand Stand IOc.
1:30 p. m.- Firemen's Races. Front Street.
Huli-and-lliib Itaec, Prize $50. Wet Test Race, Prize$50
Bands In Altendiince.
2:30 p. nt. -Horse Races. Turf Club Grounds.
Five Fine Races—Hig Purses.  Good horses.
.Hands in Attendance.   Privileges.    Admission, 50c.
8 p. m.  Dramatic Entertainment, Opera House.
Staged by tho Revelstoke Amateur Dramatic Society, under
auspices ol Revelstoke Independent Hnnd,
►OOO O0000<>000000000000000<
Tlie ubject ot this Sule is to lind new owners
lur uar entire Stuck ul Clothing, Hals, Hoots
and Sliiies and lliihcnliishicry boforo the
opening nl the Fall Trade. We don't believe
in currying over goods, They've a poor claim
for patronage.
Whnt would you Ihink il next year you
bought a Suit, nf Clothes frum us identical tu
llie une sumo fellow gut this season, "you
would (eel pretty cheap wouldn't you, and
yuu would not hnve a very gold opinion ol
Now, tu obviate things of this sort, we
are willing to accept a losi—a most severe
one.   Honco, THIS GREAT SALE !
Get a Grand Stand Seat for "Dandy Dick," Opera House, Tuesday Evening, Sept. 4th.


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