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 An-,., ni run
me ivieni-xxci'ttiu
Vol. 12.-N0. 90
■ *»     ■ •/r*~"
WW s   ■ ■*, V I
$2.50 Per Year
C. B. Hume & Co.
Limogos China—iu setts or odd pieces.
Mat/Held, Clovei Leaf, and White Patterns—-in setts or any part
ot sett, or odd pieces.
Lemonade Setts, new and beautiful.
Covered Casseroles.
Fire proof Teapots—any size.
Jardinicrs and Cuspidores—all sizes.
Tea snd Coffee Percolators.
You will always find something new and interesting in our China
and Glass Ware Department, and you know you are always welcome
to look around.
The Preserving Season
The preserving season is on.   We can supply you
with Strawberries, Cherries, Etc.   Place
your orders with us as soon as possible as the season for
both fruits will be very short and the supply limited.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Storoi at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
ll' vou aa- looking I'ur something nice in 8P00NS AND
SPEOIAL " for Souvenirs, ive have Ihem here.
\) J.  GUY  BARBER, -
Pack yimr grip with the articles you are accustomed to use at home.
You will And it difficult some times to uhtain just the nice things ynu are
accustomed to use, especially in going to small places,
Lei us piist vou on a few such needs,
Special Needs for a Lady
Toilet Creams for Siuilim-ii and Tan, Toilet Powder, Toilet Puffs
Curling Irons, a Soup Box, (I.mkI Pure Snap, a good Sponge and Sponge Hug
Bathing Caps, Luivney-s Chocolates.
Special Needs for a Gentleman
Shaving Soup. Shaving Brush, Razor, Razor Strop, Cream for after
Shaving, Talcum Powder, Pocket Comb, Hair Brush, n Box of good Cigars.
GENERAL NEEDS -Tooth Brushes, Cloth Brushes, Nail Brushes,
Tooth Paste, Powder or Wash.
A few simple mediciues are always needs such us perfect headache
waferf, Gibson's Cholera and Diarrhoea Remeilv, Laxative Fig Syrup.
We can please you in varielty and price in anything you wish,
The Red Cross Drug Store D. NAIRN. Phm, B.
We make a specialty of Wiring Houses
for Electric Lights and Bells.
We also carry a splendid assortment of
Chandeliers and Globes.
We guarantee satisfaction in all work
and if you require any Electrical Work
done call on the—.^
.9. A -^ ^ -^- **- *^- "- -"I1- ."T. .t. .T. .T. .*fP. .-I*. .-K .♦. .♦. A. .-"a. .-K jf. .a>. ,a>. 1ay, ,aa,
nm,no*u iff iy i^. iff H' *jf *jf nf iff nf iff iff iff iff iv w u, ,h 11, <s, i( j
IjOid Roieberry says idvertisiug it
the mutt wonderlul modern commercial agency. He mighl hare added
the Miii.-Hiiiiit.il ii the best medium
ol Ibal ajenoy.
A htidgemun named Mcl'hsil get
f2000 damages Irom Ibe 0. P. R. lor
an accident resulting in tbe breaking
ol bis trm.
Thil ii the Olorioui Fourth^
Outbreak of Cholera at Manila
—Plot to Murder Kaiser-
Fighting at Natal—Toronto
Argonauts Defeated.
LONDON, July 4.—Penny postsge
with the United Stales is being agitated here. Chancellor ol Exchequer
Aiquitli «ays oountiy cannot afford it
just now. It would menu a loss ol
live million yosrly,
Manila, July i—Cholera ol a dead
ly type has broken out here nml in
nearby provinces. A large number ol
natives are dead. Four Americans so
lar are down with the disease, nnd
one dead.
Seattle, July 4.—A plot to murder
the Kaiser is alleged to have been discovered here. Police have discovered
in house of a German named Rosen-
g, a plant equipped Ior making
bombs and infernal machines. Rosenberg lias lelt for Europe with bombs.
He will be arrested.
St. Petersburg, July 4.—Cra-k
regiments of Russia are mutinying
everywhere. The Grand Army is
honeycombed with sedition. It has
been decided tbe Goremykin ministry
must go and a responsible ministry
London, July 4.—William Jennings
Bryan waa one ot the priucipal speaker! at the Fourth ol July banquet here
today. American' rejoicing was clouded by the terrible railway disaster at
Salisbury where 23 Americaus and
Canadians were killed. A public funeral was given at Salisbury yesterday
to Rev. E. L. King ol Toronto, one ol
the victims.
Dekban, .Tu'y 4.—Further lighting
between Natal natives and British
troops occuned yesterday. The natives
lost 360 killed. The main Zulu lorce,
8,000 in number, is still at large.
8a8Katoon, July 4.—Three cars of
Norris k Howe's circus were ditched
while en route to Prince Albert, but
the attendants corralled the terrified
and enraged animals belore any ol
them escaped,
Henly, July 4.—In the semi-finals
for Grand Challenge Cup to-day the
Argonauts ol Toronto were defeated
by Trinity Hall, Cambridge. It was a
magnificent race, but the Canadians
were not the equals ot the Varsity
crow.   Time, 7 minutes, 11 seconds.
Berlin, July 4.—Crown Princess
Frederick William was safely accouched
of a ion ihis morning.
New York, July 4.—The French
liner America, one month out from
Marseilles, has not arrived here yet
and it is feared she sunk with all on
board. She carried 110 passengers
and her crew numbered 40. The liOBt
belonged tothe Fahre line.
W. C. Wells, M.P.P., has again
determined to be a candidate iu the
Liberal contest for North East Kootenay. He had intended retiring Irom
poiitics but on his recent trip through
the district he met with such an enthusiastic reception everywhere that
he hns determined to run again.
It is stated that Mike Carlin may oppose Mr. Wells in the Conservative interest, and failing him Capt, Armstrong or J. C. Pitls will be urged to
come forward,
Regarding the charges made against
Hon. R. F. Green, Rev Elliott Rowe
writes the Times: "It certainly is
not fair play- to indulge in insinuations and iiiiiendi) regarding the character of a public man, and especially
when he has inked that his department shall he investigated by a judi-
ci.'l commission."
Owing to tlie strike in Washington
shingle mills shingles have gone up
ten cents In price in Washington
state and are now quitted at $2.26 lor
clears, and $1.90 (or slari. In Van
couver prices are quoted at $2 and
$1.90 l.o.b.
A project is now under way iu
Winnipeg for the formation of a new
association of lumbermen, lt ii
understood the association will be
called the Central Canada Lumber
Manufacturers' Association, and will
be composed ol all manufacturers
from Port Arthur to the Rocky
The banks have been informed by
the Dominion Bankers' Association
that the arrangement between the
government and the bankers regarding American silver expires at the end
tl this month and will not be renewed.
It ie likely the bankers will charge a
small discount on American silver.
1 he secret ol success in advertising
is not one thing alone; it is a combination of qualities. First, the idea,
means that what you have to offer
the public mist have actual value.
The second   quality, the  medium,
('nun our ntvti C(,rri'B|,ntiileiit.
The work dune ut Arrowhead by the
Dominion Government, under supervision nf Capt. Bacher, has been a
gr/eat benefit in protecting tlie bank
and directing current ol the river.
George B ij'd has erected a nice
cottage on the property he reqsntly
tunk up at Iliiiuiiiek Point.
The new water supply is proving n
great boon tn thc town.
The Big llend Lumber Co.'s propo
sitinn to light the business houses of
the town should be generally welcomed.
Great scarcity ol labor is lieing cx-
perionocd by the lumber mills here,
the Big Bend Lumber Company being
100 men short of their lull requirements.
Ike Urquliart, nl Galena Bay, is
building a gasoline launch for Messrs.
Reid k Young. Sever,. I other parties
are having launches built. Arrowhead will soon lie the Geneva of
On Wednesday evening Mrs. Newman gave a farewell dance nt her
home for Miss Brown, who has resigned her position as school teacher
here. Miss Brown left this week Ior
the Maritime provinces where she will
spend a lew months visiting relatives.
Mrs. Stevens of Arrowhead accompanied Miss Brown on her trip cast.
R. R. Hall, ol Peterborough spent a
lew days here. "*,
R. Thomson and H. B. Kirk spent
Dominion Day in Revelstoke.
Edward Kelly, representing the
lleilin Machine Works ul Beloit, Wis.,
was in town recently.
The Dominion Day Celebration here
was a good" ticcess. Notwithstanding
the extreme heat a good crowd turned
out to witness the sports which were
well se'ected by the committee and
Ior which liberal prizes were given.
The day was brought to a close by it
short drama entitled "Turn Him Out"
by the English Church - Dramatic
Club, followed by a dance.
The Granby propose to sink a new
shaft estimated to cost $100,000.
Tlie big mines in the Boundary
have adopted the nine hour day above
The Last Chance mine near Sandon,
which has been closed down since the
middle of December, is to be started
Up st once and development work on
a systematic scale is lo lie vigorously
The Sullivan is making a good profit each month,extruding and putting
through ils smeller nt Murysvillc six
carloads ol silver-lead ore a day. The
lower levels of the mine, which were
recently opened up under the direction
of R. H. Anderson, are developing iu a
must satisfactory manner, new, large
and valuable ore shoots having been
uncovered. The shoots are so l.ige
uud contain such large quantities ol
ore that they insure the mine a long
lifetime of profit.
].. O, I,.
Members of L. O. L. 1C58, are requested to meet in the lodge room on
Sunday, July 8th at 11.30 p.m., for the
purpose of attending divine service at
St Andrew's church.   Visiting brethren cordially invited tn attend,
k*. OF I'.
A special meeting will be  held   on
Sunday evening, July 8th, at 7 p.m.,
to conduct memorial service and visit
E. W. I). PAGET, CO,
Mr, C. E. Smitheringalc, one ol the
best known newspapermen of British
Columbia, will shortly commence the
publication ol The Pythian Shield.
This paper is designed as the official
organ of Ihe Knights of Pythiss in
this province. Mr. Smitheringule is a
prominent Knight and has the backing of thru' thousand lodgemen in
British Columbia, The project was
endorsed al the recent meeting ol the
Grand J.od.:e at Nanaimo, the first
issue will he out on August 1st,
At Trout Lake the 1.0. 0. F. election ol ollicers lor the ensuing term
took place ou Tuesday, and are as
follows: P. N. (I., Oscar Jacohson; N.
ti., E, I. Maaterson; V. (I., A. E.
Fowler; Trcits., 1). R. McLennan; Sec,
Fred Mummery.
Much regret is felt among the members of the Independent Order of Foresters been uso the news bus been
received ot the death at Toronto ol
the supreme secretary of the order
J. A. McGiilivray. The late supreme
secretary was one of the most highly
esteemed mem ben of the order.
ahould be the Mail-Herald{
Beef, Iron and Wine, tonic and
blood builder, - ery strengthening this
hot weather—Nairn's Red Cross Drug
Montaerat Lime Juice in pint and
quart bottles, the only summer drink,
lor sale at O, B. Hume & Co's,
We are just opening up a choice
•election of chenille and tapestry curtain! and table coven, C, B. Hume k
Co., Ltd.
A handsome display ol ladies back
combe at Bews' Drag Store,
For a comfortable collar, neat tie.
or cool bote try C. ti. Hume 4 Co.
C, P, R.  Engineer Nicholson
Killed in Manitoba.
A telegram whs received hero yesterday morning stating that W.
Niclmlaiin, ilm well kniiivn engineer,
formerly running out of Kuvelsinke,
was killed in Manitoba, Mrs. Nicholson is n sister of Mrs. Toniliiison und
Mrs. Craig and is visiting her relatives
here. She has the deepest sympathy
ol her many friends in bur snd bereavement.
Entertain Friends at Musical
A very pleasant evening was spent
Inst Saturday by those who were privileged to lie present at the "At
Home" given at the Oddfellows' hull
by Miss Hall and her pupils, The
programme was opened ly a chorus
in which pupils to thc number of
about thirty joined, Leon Coursier
playing the opening bars while the
pupils marched through the hall to
the stage. Then the individual pupils
took up the work of the concert by
playing short pianoforte solos.or duets,
beginning with the junior pupils and
ending with the seniors. The wofk
on tlie whole was very meritorious,
great improvement being noticed on
last year's musicale, and we sincerely
congratulate both Miss Hall and her
pupils on the result of their efforts.
Rev. Mr Proeunier, in a few well
chosen words presented the medals
for senior playing to Isabel Crawford,
junior playing to May Manning;
senior theory to Eva Thompson, and
junior theory to Muriel Porter. The
medals were given by Mrs. H, A.
Brown, Mrs. B, A. Lawson, Miss Hull
and on anonymous donor.
Miss Hall came forward to make an
explanation while presenting a musical volume to Frances Lawson, who,
she suid. stood outside the other contestants, being practically in a class
alone, therefore she had no one lo
compete with, but her work wus always so failbliilly dune that Miss Hall
could not allow il, to pass unnoticed.
Ice cream and other refreshments
were handed round by ihe pupils, and
alter a "Good Night'' chorus by the
pupils, which was licautilully sung,
good attention being given to the
light nnd shade, a veiy enjoyable
evening's entertainment was brought
to a close.
— _ . ^ , .  .
Insurance Inspector Urges City
'     to Build Brick Wall.
Mr, Bell, of Montreal, Inspector for
the Ottawa Fire Insurance Co., Inr
which E, A. Haggen is agent for Rcv-
lstt.-ke, Spent Saturday and Monday
going over the Company's risks in the
city and expressed himself as well
pleased with the condition in which
he found the risks generally.
In conversation with the Mayor he
urged that the city should undertake
the erection of a brick fire wall in ihe
space between Mrs. Lee's and Mr.
Cressman's buildings, poiutit g out
the ell'ect that such a work would
have in reducing thc insurance rates
nn that block, and so relieving insurers there from the heavy expense
which they are now under by materially improving the safety of the city
in the event of an outbreak ol lire in
that block.
Mr. McLeod said lie recognised the
lorce of Mr. Hell's suggestion and
would lay his representation! belore
the council,
dominion day at VEHNON,
A large number n[ Revelsloke people
attended the sports at Vernon on
In the firemen's contest", a team
made tip from the Revelsloke lacrosse
team, won two seoondl. In the parade
the Woodmen, comprised of Ilevelstoke
and Vermin Camps, won the lirst
prize, Mah'cnzie A Martin, the Vernon
grocers taking second place and \V. 0,
Pound, Vernon, third, In the baseball contest Enderby Isiat Vernon by
17 to 7, In the lacrosse match Revel
stoke heat Vernon by 7 to 1. In the
Intermediate match the Vernon players beat Kelownn by 4 to 3. The
football match, Revelstoke v. Vernon,
•/as very closely contested, and resulted in a draw.
A grand concert was held in tlio
evening in the opera house, in frmn
of which the Ilevelstoke, Kelownn and
Vernon bauds rendered a low marches
in mussed form.
The day was very hot, the thermometer registering 97 in the shade at the
Kalnnuilka, the coolest spot in the
The final game in the mixed doubles
was played last night, J. G, Barber
and Miss Hardy v. Mr. Sissons and
Miss Calder, the latter winning the
prize. Quite a gay crowd assembled
to watch the game. It is very satisfactory to note the increasing interest
taken in this grand game. Tho gentlemen's singles are commencing to
drag and we hope the games will be
postponed no longer.
 ♦ «»-*.	
J, Haner has started business in K.
Howion k Co's. building oh First
street, as plumber and tinsmith.
Groceries, Fruits, Vegetables, Hay, Feed,
Crockery, Glassware, Hardware, Harness,
Paints, Rifles, Ammunition, Miners Supplies,
Agents for McClarys Stoves, Hollywood
Paints, Imperial Varnish Co's. Products,
Marlin Rifles.
BOURNE  BROS.     Mackenzie Avenue
We have left a few 5-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture antl Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within five minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delay
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd,
Boots & Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
For .-ill kinds ui' up-to-date und reliable furniture
and house furnishings go to
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
100 Pit W. li liiifil
I Try a Bag of it {and get[|the
i   Satisfaction we Guarantee.
I IB. Bill & ill., tu.,
Indulllig poilagi lo Knglnnd, United Stntfi
nnd i iui ul i,
By iln- year [through iK-atoHlc.']     **--""
H'all    ' ' j "
Quarter " ' '"
Legal notices ll cent*: per line llrsl insertion,
5 cenls per line ,-.,-1, sulwefliicnt in-, ii	
Measurement, Konuarie] ll- lines make om
Inch). Store ;,i.,t gcneml business tin
nouiiv.-iiu-i.is ?-*..'-, per in,-li por  uu.
Pretarred pusilious,
ditiiwl. Dirilis. Marrlngoa and H,-,:l,-.
8Cc each Insertion, Umber tu,ti,■,-•?■-.,"'
Lund notices tf.S) -Ml ii.lvai-li-uiiif.il-
subjec! to the approval ol tlie managcinoni.
Wanted and Condensed Advertisements:
Agents W&uled, Help Wanted, Situations
waiiiwi. Situations Vacant, teachers
Wanlod. Mechanics Wanted. 1" words or
U— Vk\. each additional line 1" cents.
Change* in standing advertisements must
be in V 9 a- '"■ Tuesday ami l-n,l;,y ut
eich week to secure good tli*iilny.
Jul! PRINTING promptly exocutcd at reason-
able rate*.
TEBUS-Cash,   Subscription, payable In «d!
lOl'.r.KI'i'MiKNCK Invited o itu-r- pi
public Interest Communications tt, hdt-
tor nm-t la.- socoDipanicd by name „i
writer, nol necessaril) Io publication, oul
a. BVldcucc ,,( Bowl lalth,   Cun,-; lenoe
should !■• briel
BABR18TER8, Si.l.li IT0HS, ETC.
Omensl  Imii.i.mi.  Hank  Ulock,  IlKVKI.
Money to loan. ,     ,,,,,.
Offices! Revelstoko, H.c.; fori Steele, H. (.
Uko. s. McCahtkr,
A. M. I'lNkiiAM. J. .. IIaiivi.v,
Iti-li-l-'.'Jke, II. ('. Korl Stooli   Il.C.
J, M.Scott l.l. ll W. I, HliKK*.
Monbv to Loan
solicitous fob molsons bank
First Street. Revelsloke, U.(*.
■1* ,   ,       , a
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Smveylng
McKen7.ii-: Avenuk,
Box 1U6, HevklstiiKE.
Mining Enginkeb,
(Mem. American Institute Mining Engineers)
Canadian Mining Institute)
Rkvklhtukk, B. Ci
Examination of mid reports ou Mineral Properties a Specially.
~Wz flftaiMberalb
■- lwoiul . • . caruestly advise lliom tor
their good to „r,U-r this paper lobe punclunlly
served up, and to be looked upon it- u pm-tof
the tea equipage." Ai»i,is,,n.
A case which came to light Inst
week shows the necessity lor stricter
sanitary inspection, A tenant in the
east end of the oily complained to the
police uud the health department
about ., ccs- pool which was in such u
disgraceful state that it was menacing
the health ol this neighborhood. The
matter came up it last meeting of the
City Council, Aid. Palmer was instructed to examine it. lit- did su
nnd reports thnt he found such u filthy
Bttfte of affairs and menace to the
public health that showed tlit sanitary
conditions ol tbe city do not hnve
anything like the attention they
require. To his credit he immediately
took steps to h ive the matter remedied.
This is another, argument in favor of
the city giving some attention to the
installation ,-f it sewerage system.
President Roosevell has rendered
great public service by his expostue of
the insurance (rands, the meat packing rascality, and now the announcement that he intends prosecuting the
Standard Oil Trust, oneol the'worst
vampires of modern times, will be
welcomed throughout the civilised
|,'m g rtli-ns, lire! fields uiul other
small ait ' Dr. Klcichcr, Imlanial and
ft,toon,!, iii I ,,' lln- Dominion expori-
men I'll  Inrni',  recommends  placing
Inn ,1 ihere bundles nl any Biiecti-
Iriit un- : other v.-u<-t it inn, bucIi n-
nlla'ln, v.li ch lmvo been dipped in n
mixture ,,i paris green und water, one
ounce tu a pail The cutworms eal
■ l„. puisi i ill plants, then bury them
selves anil die, In hot, dry weather
these bundle! should lie put out niter
sundown, mul a shingle may he placed
on each I,, keep it Irom wilting.
Cabbages und other garden transplants s-h- ulil he planted with a piece
ul stoul paper or tin around them.
This prevents the catorpillnrs Irom
getting to lho plants II paper is used
ii Bhould be wrapped loosely around
iln- stem, jn.-t above the rout, sn that
it «ill not inii'i-lt-ri- with lie- growth
of the plum, and muy ho easily lilted
away nflt-r tho plants are established
and iln- il.ni.i-!' nf attack is over,
II,md pit king or digging out the cutworm wlioi over u plant is '-ecu to be
onl ntv |,.uld, nl course, always be
Dr. Fletcher says tho mosl remarkably i ll'ectivo remedy ngainsl cutworm
i-- poisoned bran mash. Tliis is made
by mixing a hull to one pound ol |mris
grcon with Illty pounds of slightly
moistened bran.
Tn make it, dampen a littlo of the
I,ran with waler oontuiililig a little
sugar, dusl on sonic of the paris green
uiul go on adding bran, paris gioen
anil water till the mixture is all made
up. Whon ready for use, it should
run easily through tlio lingers without
In gardens a little ol ihis enn ho
sprinkled by hand around such plants
as are liable to attack. When crops
are plnutid in rows, n convenient way
is to mako tlie mixture rather dry and
then distribute it by means of a Planet
Jr. or other wheel seeder.
In growing crops the mixture can
be distributed by means of u shingle,
and can be easily thrown to n distance
of twenty feet.
Care should be taken to prevent
domestic animals having ai-cess to the
poisoned bran; although cases of injury Irom l ho mixture are extremely
rare, and in-Viil it is question-able if
there is really an authentic case on
record ol poultry being poisoned by
this remedy; yet some precaution is
always wise,
It takes nboul two and n half gallons uf wnii r lo Illty pounds of bran,
and the wai, r should hnve about two
pints ,,l sugar dissolved in it.
-Justice" writes asking whetbar the
jury oo the r>cent fatality at the Loop
knew anything about bridge construction, and wants to kuow why they did
not visit tbe scene of the accident. He
wants to know why the innii who rigged
the tackle snd another ivlio had re-
fused to work there on account ul the
danger were not culled. He also makes
serious charges against a loreman employed there-, lle concludes by asking
whether the government a..d thu
bridgemen are going to let this thing
go onl
We are glad al all times to give publicity to oorreipoiidencc affecting mat-
ten ol J,libIn* interest, luitnt the -a- •
time we cannot publish criminal
charges ol which we know nothing.
Such n course would render u- ai well
a.- the writer liable to prosecution foi
criminal libol. If n in in will not pul
bii name to a Ictti i loi publication
and », take tin teiponsibility he can,
not i'.l- mablj uk ui to du so by pub.
lushing it.
Got the Money but Lost the
The C, P. II tang at l!,,ni,- is |..r
Irom asleep A light-fingered gentleman was nil nb'd the hospitality "I
the camp tho other day, -ml after lu-
bad g'-ne il wai discovered bo had
cleaned oul ihe pockets ol one ol tlumen . Th - gang figured nut how to
recover tlieir money, and part went
east along Ihe Hack and part went
west to a point when Ihe man had to
cross a bridgo whichever way ho went.
At last he dine alnng uud was nailed
and looked up in the camp for the
night. The money ivus recovered and
mi armed watch put over the culprit
f,,r tbe night. When daylight broke
the prisoner saw llie watchman wns
n*|,, p, opened a window, seized one of
the watchman's guns and got nwuy.
For a comlortable collar, neat tie.
01 cool hose try C. 11. Hume k Co.
T,,-rin:siiAiii:ii,,ii,iii* of the I'lttsrK Misism.i
1i|.;vi:i.i,i-.\ii:m i',,.ii"'M. l.ivuiTi, l.i.util.rrv.
NOTICI-'. H ||FABRY UIVKN Ihnl il"' Annual Mi'i'iitii; ill Mn- Shareholders ol The
Prince Minim- ami Doveloiunenl Company,
Limited l.lnblllly, uill bo hchl ,,i llieCom-
pony's iillli'.-, llrsl Slreel, Itevclltokc, II, I!.
,,n Wcdnesilnv.line h'lnhlooiith "layot July,
.Ui.. ISHiCi,hi il,,- li,,iir,,f Elclilo'clock in Uu'
iilirriiii Inr llie purpose ol cloning niton
tor llio ensuing your, and lor nil other pnrpnscs
relnlltiB lolhe manage HI ol lho Oompany.
Ami Inkenollce lliutul ilit-*ni,l incclliig the
following speclel business will bo Inkennp,
namely ol considering nml II deemed advisable, passing ll"' following resolution: -
"Thai Hit- provisions ol Rccllnii 10  the
■{-mn, |cs' At-t, 1807.' ns amended by Portion
liighlol Hi,-   iiin|iiitilcs' 1,-1 Anicnilinonl Acl,
IHU,'shall apply lo tills Company,"
Dnled nl lli'vclslok.,, II.d. ilti- 18th day nl
June, IIKHI.
.1. T  I.AlNd, I. M. SCOTT
I'rcsidonl Secretory.
■tliinutiu'liiri-l lotnllclnssoi nl biilldinss
All kind nl building and plnstor	
IS, «*, It, I'AIIKT, i   i
II. II, llHOl'K, li   "! K   .. B
II. A. IIHOWN, M. nl 1-
Kootonnv Lod'-o No. 10 A F.& AR*.
t.'y The regiilm- lu.-n
 \.i.'-- - v mu.ai-,- lu'1,1 in Hi-
,vKM -   ;'V, Mn>oniu    Tomple,
'• yC-    ,,-, ". - nl,! Fellows Htilfon
/ ' *■ \,'>-■'*.  i Ilu third "Mioulio n
S ~  W     MH ' -■•"•I'  "'"""!   at   "
„ S/j'i'.n,. Vlsltliigliri'th-
SSkStftr i-i-n   cordially   iv-1
U, A. I'llliI'l'NIKIl, Siii-lilTAliv.
SELKIRK DODGE. NO 12.1,0. 0. F.
.Meets every Tlm radio
Hull   at   s   o'tilm-k
. — Visiting l-i-i.ilii-, ti ,-„r
tsT,liiilly Invited to nt
It. MAriiiiNAl.l'. N'.C .1. MATHIE, Site
To Trappers
Raw Furs Boughi
Gash Prices Paia
F.   B.   WELLS,
Exnorter of Furs.
nl Vancoiivcr Real listatj would do
well lu loniin.iniciitc with
800 Hastings Street, West, Vancouver,
foi prevailing prices.'   P. 0, Hox mis.
Arrowhead, B. C.
Chiit'iuingly situated on thc shun -
of Arrow Luke.
Good Tioiii Fishing.
Hoiiis always fur hire.
Sample Rooms in connection.
First-class house for Toutists and
Cnmniei'cliil men,
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
|,.-m  II. ill.    uu mil-. Mir-I-.   Fish,   I'M
liol M Kll
Animal lliuia Mm al,
IMI   ll„,
•Ml,.    Ul'IIISITK I'  ,'
That*! Itoyal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
Snap Factory iveit ol IVinni
peg ll- use cleaning and
washing u , - vith its help,
And the mime) -aim: i- the
.Premium System
lies kit i tells .ui " {ivi li r
Hoval Crown Wrappers, Send
lor it—Free—Also try the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B.C.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the now maiingenieiitlof
llAiniY McIntosh,  Holt'inan  House
L cyon arc the most curative In the
world, A perfect, nntuial remedy for
all Neiviius nnd Muscular diseases.
Liver, Kidney and Stomaoh ailments
and Metallic Poisoning;, A sure cure
for "Thnt Tired Feeling." Special
rates on all bonis and trains, Two
mails lurivo and depait every day,
Telegra h communication with all
marls of the world.
Tkii.ms  $12 Lo $18 per « k.   For
fniilna' particulars apply lo
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrotv Lake. B. C
Nurseries, Greenhouses & Seed Houses
SEEDS, New crop now In sli„-k and on tosl
In our Brcenhoii en. Ask your niereliaiil for
lliom In scaled paokngos. II he does nol handle
linn, iv.- iviUniiill -hi nssortod. Sc packet, ut
vcgctablo nnd (lower *,',',l- (ourowi. selection.
BuFlahloforH, C. giirdonsl for $1.00. Special
pi-ices on ynur hulk ->-,-,l-.
II, c. (IIIOWN Fltl'IT AND ORNAMENTAL TltKES now ready Ior sptlng
Extra nice stuck t,i I wn an,I three-year Apple
Ti anl $20,011 pur llll, tlSU.011 per l.imii Mny
iiin-il riiini*. Sl.nii eaoh; Utillnii Prune, i«-,i-
yt-iii-. lint-. "s*J.',.iiii per 100; Sugar I'ruuo, two-
yenr, iino, fSKi.no p-r 100.
KuTlllsl nt othor stock al regular prices, No
expense, lo*- or delay „f fumigation or
l.t-1 mc prlco your li-t oeforo placing your
Oroonlioiise I'lnnl-. flor Work, Boo Supplies,
l-'rilil I'iii-kiliti--. Ki'fliliz,'!-.. i-l,-.
rAT.M.iiiiri-; FHEE.
M.   J,  HENHY
E. W. II. Pai^et, Prop.
I'i ipi delivery of parcels, baggage,
eto,, lo any purl of tho City.
Any Rind of Transferring
Tmeman's Studio
[s now '      ■ ■'■  and compeleul
i -.  .
vou our .*•■•■      . lion.
Over i
MACKI N7.1E WI-.M'I-..
, -„l" nilil'.'i'rivi-r. FiirV ''lie)': '
I'ltuiinonclnu ul n pust in chains norl liol
Liingel's nurth w.ia| corner pust uud nun kod
"ilurry .n, liitn-li'* int-tli ensl corner tioit,"
tlicne n,--i sn chnlns, Ilienuo south 80chains,
ii„.i„-,- fust sii olia'.ns, Ihoneo north .s-i nhnlns to
plttcu ,,( eijiuin ii. einotit.
Daled June lltli, link
Meeting re Fruit Growing.
A meeting will bo hold nt Revolstnko oil
Tuesday, Jttlv nub, lu Mills J. Armslroug'i
Orchard, nl sum p.m., and will bo addrossod i,v
Mr H.KIppol rliilliwiit-k nu "Planting and
Pruning,'1 and Mr, W.J. lininilrlih on "Spraying," nml in the Oily Hall at 7-80 p.m., when
Thos. A. lirvdiin, ol Victoria, will spoak on
"Planting and Pruning," Mr. J. C. Motoallo o
Hammond, on "Smau Fruiti," Mr Maxwell
Smilli, nonunion l-'ruil Inspector, on "Oriilisrii
Cultivation," Mr, Henry Klnp.ol Ohllllwnpk,
„it "Viu-k'tli-sii, Plant," ami W. J. Brandritli
,it "lleiuiiiiyliiB tlio Homo."
•■(loi, Save tub KiN'ii."
I'llllS. A. HltVIION,       w. J. HiUN'immi,
I'ri-siili'lit. Secretary.
t', ins
Arrowhead, Trout Lake and Na*
tap Rural School Districts
Rcvolstokc Assessment District
rilAKE NOTICE Unit I shall hold a Court ol
1 ltoviiion und Appeal under tlio "Public
School Anl, un,',," f,,r Um Arrowhead, Trout
Lake and Nakusp lturiil School His rid*, on
Wednesday,tho I8l.li davol July, 11100,atthe
hour of two o'clock in Llio nflonuion, nt thu
School House. Arrowhoad.
Daled at Hevelslokc, this trait dny of J into
Judge of tlio Court o( Ilovlslon aiidAiinonl
Ilevelstoke Assossmont  District of West
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinese
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Revelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Ton scrvlci's "Fhiwcr Dots
Plntos Ulnnrellil Simula
Baskets Lunch Duskt-ls
I'ltiit, cii.iirs Smoking Juclit'ts
llunilkorcliints SilkOooils,
Finest stnek of ciiiullns anil fruits In town.
Front Street, Revelsloke
,1. Henderson, having purchased
the business nl ,1. Ii. Smith, will
give prompt service.
Has Special Attention
Leave Orders at. Lawrcnie's  ll.tr
ware Store or Central Hole!   Front
Nniii'i- is hereby given ilmi 60 days afler rtalo
wc Intend loanplv to the Ohlof Commiaslonet
of Landa and Works for permission t" pnrcliaso
the tiillmviit'.' described lands, nitnato near
Tele Jaime Cache, Carll llstrlct, u. ('.:
Coin nciiig nl a post planted on the Fraser
lllver near i'cle .inoin* Cache and marked llN
T. Ii(lwards'and It. A. l-jlaekmoro'ssouth wesl
i nrii.-r i'ii-i," tlience nnrtli BO chains, thence
--ii-i --i1 i iiiiiii-, ihenee smith SO chains, thenco
wesi -ii chain), to poinl nf lommoncement.
i ontalninK Hli acres more or less.
Dated Mli iiiiii-, 1000.
Mr*', li. .1. Hn.iluiry Managrees,
First-Class Table.
Private Dining Boxes.
',. irge iMiiiiiirrni.m for
Banquets, Suppers, otr.
Furnished Rooms To L
For Your Fruit Orders Strawberries at $2.50 per crate on
and after July 1st.
Front Street, Revelstoke
UNION     MA!,(     CK.AHS
Km I- Pioneei I igai I ■
l-IS, Ciiriliivii SI., W,
VANCOUVER,     ■   I!, i.
Bold by all DruRglBtaand Oonnrnl Stores
And Ly mall.
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Onion lor Reel antl .Million,
Poultry, Fiali nnd hiiuiII goods
will receive prompt attention,
..... ,..,,.
,, ,i,. lured   by   Western
mcel We ', rn rmiulri,
ui"i,i-. lu Un- IttnjfttiiKe "i ili,.
U'i i They're tough .1* Ihey
11, ,k,- -,' l-i-.--, j |,.,,t ,- [Triton
iiirtili, nnil gu ,. inleed ■, ■ neiii'ly
nei-fei-l in cut, Hi rind Hnl li
hitiimii -sill can mnke them
l'*,,r aale retail hy
.,11 icliiililedi'iilei i,
VANCOUVKR,     B,    C.
I'd lands situate ihi imu » ' reas, inimwn) ■»
sliiL-wup river, Vain dislrii-i, ami nliout seven
milt'-, fmni its 1 ill.:
l. Commencing at a uiwl nbout four rods soutli
nf llaiuliou Creok and about 0 mlloa irom Its
month, tliem-o east sn cliains; thenoe smilh ni
clialns; thencu west SOchiUus; Ihence imrllim
chains in poinl of counnencemont.
'1. Commeiiciiig at a poat about ten roils south
nf iiiiiiii.mv Creek, ami about fi miles from its
month, theuco oasi 40 chains; tlience south WO
ehalus: theuco west 10 chains, theuco north 1(10
ciiains in piiini of conmiencoinent.
Datod May UOtli, 10CO.
.1. ll.VRHY.
8. Commencing ut a pnst about four cliiiins
south of Rainbow Creek and about i iuIIob from
Its mouth, thence east un chains, tlience north 80
chains, tlience west so chains, thence south 80
cliains tn i«"int <>f commoncement,
4. Commencing ut a imst about four chains
south of Rainbow Creek, and about i utiles from
its uitiiiih, thenci- west Hi chains, thence north hi
sii chains, tlienco west 80 chains, theuce Bouth 40
chains, tlience east iuo chaius, tlience south 10
chains tn point of commencement.
a. Commencing ut a post about fourchaliiB
imrtli nf Rainbow L'reok, ami about 2 miles from
its mouth, theuco west loo chains, tlienco soutli
ID chains, thenco east iwi clialna, thenco north 10
clialns t<> point of commencement.
Dated Muy UOth, RHKl.
.1. Barry, Locator,
Notice Is hereby given that thirty days after
ilnle 1 Intend to apply lo tlm cim-f Comtnlsslonur
of Lands uml Works for a spocial license to cui
and carry away timber from tlie following described lands situate oil tin- Shuswap River, Valu district, li. C;
1, Commencing at a imst planted about throe-
fourths of n mib- south nt the uiuili west corner of
Lot 8818, thenco north 100 chains, tlionco oasl in
clialna, theuce smitli so cluiina, tlionco west so
clialtiB, thonco Bouth hi chains, thenoo onst 10
chains to point of eomtneiicomenti
•i UommenchiR ut n postnlaiituil about one
iiiiilniie-foiiiili miles snulli of the north wosl cor-
ner of Lot 2618, thonce west 10J ohahm, theuco
north KI chains, Ihoneo east iim chaius, thencu
south tu chains to poiut nf commoneomont.
Dated May 80th, 100
it. Commencing at a post planlcd about two
nud one-fourth lullos south of lho north west corner of l.ni 2818, thonco nnrtli hi chains, thenco
west hi chains, thouco soulb 80 chains, tlienco
oast 80 chains to point of commencement.
1. Commencing ul u post planted about two
ami ono-fourth miles from tlm imrtli west cornor of
Lot8818, thenoo wost hi chains, tlionco smith Kit)
ohains, tlienco west io chains, thenco north hi
clmins, thouoe oust hi chains, llionce north 80
clmins tn point of commencement.
Dated Way 80th, 1900.
,l. Barry, Locator.
fi, Commonolng ut u pnst about live miles north
and one-half mile east of the north west cornor of
Lot 2818, tbenee wosl IflQchatus, imrtli 10 chains,
oast 10(1 chains, .snulli 10chains to pniutof com-
ii. Commencing al n post planted nboul   vo
milos north and ouo-half mllo oasl of tl ith
west corner nf Lot28l8, thonce wosl lOOohniua,
thonce south in chains, thouco ensl 100 clmins,
liionco uortli 40 chains to point of commencement.
Dated Mav 80lh, iooo.
,1. BaRUY.
7. Commencing ul a pnsl planted about uiio
mile north of tinnier limit 0800, thenoo north 80
chains, thenco east so chains, thonce south 80
chains, Ihenco ivesl &. chains in pointof coin-
8. Commencing at a post about ono mllo north
of timbor limit OWO, llienco soulli SOohains,theuco
fibt 8n chains, thonce imrtli 80 ohains, theuce
wesl 80 chains lo pnlnl of commencement.
ii. Commenolng ut a post planted about six
mill's in u'i li of ilmimiih enst comer of Lot 2818.
thenco east so chains, south 80 chains, west 80
chains, thenco norlh so chains lo point ot commencement.
Dated Mny 30tb, 1000,
('. M. SYMONS,
.1. Barry, I itor.
NOTK'K is MKHKUY QIVKN that sixty daya
iiftordntel Intend tn apply to tin- lion, Chief
Commissioner of Lands ami Works for permission
in purchase tin- followingdescrlbm! lands situate
in llm West Kootenay district,
if-, ommenclng at nn Initial post ereetp1' an the
nortli bank of the Lnrdo river, "bant one-eight
mib- wt-.-t of Luke creek imd' looked "D. 1*. Kano'a
Bouth oast corner, p .,' tlience north 20 chains;
tlience west S3 cliains; Ihence soutli 20 chains,
moro or less to Lanlo river: tlience easterly follow-
in-.: the Ili nl. of tlm river W cliains more or less in
pointof commencement, comprising one hundred
ami sixty acres more or less.
Dated tho 20th May, 1900.
1). I>. RANK
NOTK'K is IIKHKIIY GIVEN that thirty
ddj'snflerdiik-1 iiileud to apply lo llm
chief Commissioner of Lands and Works for a
special licenso to out and carry nwny limber
from thc following described binds sitnnted
In the West Kootonay District, west sido of Uppor
Arrow Uko opposite Nakuap:—
1. Commencing ul n post marked "Nortli Kasl
Corner Post."' thenco so chains west.80chains
smith, 80 chains cast, sn chains north to poinffol
2, Conimenehignl n post adjoining No. 1 limit
mi tlio north side, theuce 4o chains north, 100
chains west, 10 elinlns south, ion eust to point of
Dated 8lh day of Juno, HHHi.
Notice ia hereby given llrnt oo days nfter dntol
intenil to apply to the Chief Commissioner of
Liimis ami Works for -permission tn purchase tlio
following described lamia, situate near Tete Jaune
Cache, Carilwo district, B. 0-: -
Commencing at n post planted ut tlm smith
west cornor of Lot 180 und niarked '•(.. B. Nngle's
northwest corner post," thonco smith in chains,
thenco eust 100 chains, thence north 40 ehains,
tlienco wnst lOOchains to po(nt of commencement,
containing 010 acrea more or less.
Dated Stbdoy of April, 1000.
(l. ». NAGLK.
Revelstoke, B.C.
Notice Is hereby given that 00 days afterdate i
Intend to apply to the chief Commissioner of
Lands and Works fnr permission to purchase the
following described lamls, situate neur Tele
JmitioCache, ('mil llstrlct, B.C.:
Commencing ut- a post phtntcil ut the smith eust
corner of Loi iiffland markod "B, MoUean's south
west cornor post," thenco east ;.ii chnlns. theuce
imrtli 120 chains, more nr less, to tho bank nf the
|-'r;iser   River,  tbeiu-e west Till eluihis aloim the
bank of the Krnser River to tl oat I Hilary of
Lot -iwi thonco "muii 120 chains, moro or loss,
along ti asl Imiimlarj of IM 180 co lliu Hm nf
,- moucomont, containing 600 acres more or less.
Dated tlio Uth day of April, Iihsi.
Kevelstoke, Il.C.
pioiihob every nmol.nr  tho " Maroa
N.., .■ ■■,. Iiitnil.) ilvmi ilinl HO dniiInini tints I
 ,„i,.. .mn, I., n>,- lli,nnnil>lulliu Clilolt' -
mlaaloliprnl l.,i„l',i„l Wnrkl f,,i J„'iiiilaal„nt„
 1," f.illllll'llll  ,|,.*,'lil„.,l   llllllis   III  Illll
Wi i  K....IM,,,  lllilrlrt,  I ilmro «l t'|,|,i'r
trrns l.:,l,-
Cm nrlt.u nl it nnal inarkwl "J. D. CJiipliui-*
umtli wml ,",i„'i.   nl tlie mntli woste..n,ur ..1
i,., ■<,; mil ,,   i    inllm norllinl Hrkhiii,
 ,, -" 'i     I,-*, il,,- ii". 11.
 ,. ., I-     tl,-,,,,- mil a„ ,-IihIiisiiiiiit
„i |, •   I., Lliu Uki   -!„,„' il ■'- in tl Koimml
 lu-rl) illnallmi iilnniitlio Ultoilinn'M.'linlli«
.       foMS Ul |i'-|iH "I   ,',,|„l„,-l„',',IH'lll.   riiiiliilti
.     ',. -  , 1,-sa.
i..,i. t,i„- SiiiI ilny nl Mn)', i'"--
,1. U. CIII'I.AN,
|'«| l|:,l],lis|,'.. A«M,I
VTirridKI luroli) Rlrot,Uiataoday*nl Inlo
,\   i ,„! i,- ,|,|,hi„ii„-ri„,-ii' mlu ii
„!l,.,,i-l I Ml  l„r  |i,-iiiii-si,,ii l„|,,„,-l,.,„-
■  in ,,...-1. ni ,1 Intnl. "tiiii'- "liteUilso"
,.. ., i ...i ue.■'!„■,„! Mlnliiji IJIi'lilnn, West
m .,— 111 Irlcl
 nn, ,„-,„;,.,, ., n„il ftlmlll I,it ili.,ln* .imiii
f il,, „,,!■• i„", ,,i, !!„■ Ilia I.'-'Ik'-" "„r."'i rnml
,i,.| ii„nl„'l '■(,', M, flyinoiii n'"ili "<--i i'"iii'-r"
,i , i i" ,i,!,i„. tlienco -,,,iili in iiIiiiIik,
.,  ti" < I,.,in,. Hi,,,,,- nnrtli 10 rlinlm n,
,,,.ii,i ul ,'„t„ii„<ti,'„iii,,iit
H.,1,.,1 M.,1 lal. IIMI.
NOTII I--1- !,"■'-!') Kivor, iliiii BO dar; nl
dnUi I iiii'-'nl to apply to tho lllilo! (!i
ilnlonor ,,f nanil. „,„( IVorki lor n -i„-,:i .
i-,ii,->- t„,-iit.,nnl tiiirry nwtiy tlmlior froin Hit,
fnilliwIiiK i|,'«,rll„,l  liiliil-  illiliilwl In   Woal
Kiii.l,-,,,,. -li :, ,
I ..unit,-,i, lint al n uml nil till ,,,'st illll «l I',.|..-r
tn*   Uko .lurtini!   U III,'  V.C. li, I*". I.t,l.'a
,11, ttral romoi |,,„i N„ I italifs m rialm
*i   ti,,,,,.. .,, .I,.,,„, imrtln il,",i,'' -ii,-lia
-t' il,,-,,,,. -a, i'luini   until, thoneo in .-lm
-aal l„ 1,1
,1 ciiinti,', in'-lil
llllt iln, ,.l .liun-, IHU
l-KKII   IllKIII'lTIl:
sittllltinl   III ivosi ll„„l„Uliy UlHbriVVi „,,s. s,„o
,,(Opimr Arrow Lnko:— i
(loininvnclng nl a |,,,st innrkoil "\V. IV. Lock's
aitnili fiisi fiti-ni'i," in tin- s„inli ,.,'ai comurol
Lot 80,, nml almnt I mil,' loulli ul Fostlinll
Crock, tlionco ik.iiI. j,i clialns, tlionco wost su
rlinins. thonco sontli 4ti ,-liiiiil*. tlionco i-nal an
t-iiiiiii.*t,, pnlnl <>f .-,.iiiini'i 111,-itt, cuntalnttnj ii'^'i
llnt,,,l tliis lltlnlnviil .lull,-, 1000.
IV, l\. l.llt'K.
I'orT. ('. Miikiusim, Agent.
Cnmineiiolng nt it i„,.*t innrkoil "1- M..l„ltn-
stone's soutli oust corner," nl tlie luntlmoit cot -
,,( 'riiiniiu* Weluter's application to purclioso,
iiiiiml u inilca a,,utli ,,l Fuitluill Creok and about
ll, niilt-a from tlio lako, thonco uortli 80chains,
to tlm sontli boundary ol <:..!. Ilauimniul'i uppll-
cntlon topurohnso, theuco ivoil an i-liuina, thonce
smilli in t'liniiis, theuce onst HO olinliia, thonco
atnttti lOcliaina, thenco east 00 olialna tonointot
i-„niiiii-iii'i'iiii'iit. contninhiK BOOacroa.
llitti-il tins IlitllilayiilJiitu-,IM.
Per llalpli Slye, Aciuil.
Commencing nt n post ninrkcil "M. O. lllckoi-
son's north west cornor," „u the slmrpol Uppui Ar-
i-utv lake, ahont n lulloi Btinth nl I'oitliall i-r,-,-k anil
nliimt'jii chains Ilinl ilu-sunlit east enrner nl
Thomas Weluter's application Ui purchase, thouco
autttli Hti ,'liiilns, theuco ,'iist. sn chaini mure ur
less I,, Um ihore »I An,™ Uko, the lollmi inp
salilshore in n general uortltoi-lyami wostcrly
illroctlnn l-2'i chains more urlosa t„ pnlnt „f com-
moiicementi cotitntnItig,(HO acres more nr loss.
linir,I tills mil ilny nl Julio, itii.i.
M. ('. BlUKEltSUN,
Por llalpli Hlyo, Agonl.
Cinuinuiiclng at a pusl innrkoil "K, A. Slyo'a
si,utli oast cot-uor," itl„,ni Li miles south nl I'oitliall Crook, at Uu' s"mli ran* uorol Imt 1570,
Hint inrth 8(1 chains along the well hnuinlar),,!
Ian i,-,;ii,ilii,|i,-,-«,-si mi chnlni, tlionco ninth »
,-hiiiiia, llu'iit-i- fust su chains l„ pnlnl "I coin-
lut-tii-i'iiii'iit,i iiiiiiiiiu nm acres.
llninl ilti* i-jili day otjuiioj lliuo.
K. A. Sl.VK,
I'or llalpli Wyo, Agent.
Commoneliig nt a i„,ai innrkoil "A. Dollomney-
n--s nurth ,'iiat corner," ul I lut-liiiitia n-eil,,((lu-
soulh wost corner ,,! I,,,l80!,nl lln' nortli noil
corner „l li. A. Wyo'i applicatinn to piircliaieonil
nl 111 mill- s...i,li „l l-'tiilliitll creek, thonco ivoil
8n chains, thonco smith 80 ,-liiiina. ihn ns! 80
chains, thonco north 80 chains lo polntnl coni-
mencomont, cuntaiiiiiig inn acres.
Ilatcilthls lllli ilnv.,1 .lun,'. limn.
A. lllll.l.l'.N.MI-'.VHII,
I'er Itnlph Slye, Agent.
I'oinmoncltig ui a p„si markoil "l*. A. slye's
north oaat corner," I It, nillus mntli ol l-'„al-
litill Crook, uml nlinul 11 mllea frnm Ilit-ltiK,,
slioruntthe nortli ivostcnrnornlU..I. Ilaiiimoiltl's
appllcnllonto purcliaaa,thonce west SO oiuilii,
l/ionco smith 80 chnlns, theuco easl Sn cltalns,
thonco nnrlh 80 chains, tn pnlnl „f cniiiiucnco.
itu'ttt, ctiiiiiuiiiim 010 acres.
llninl litis l-Jlli day nl Juno, llmll.
I-'. A. si.VK.
I'or llalpli Hlye, Agent.
Commencing nl n posl innrkoil "11. (!. Slyo'a
inn-Hi nisi i-uiin't-," ul ilu- snulli enst curlier „!
Thninas IVehBtoi-'s np|illi'iitlnn to pnt-i'liuse, ahum
a mill-.- soutli „f I'nsthall Creok, anil aland 1
mllo Irom tho lako, thouco well 80 chains, thonco
snulli 10 chains, thonco ensl 40 i-lmius, tlionco
soutli in clialns, thenco east 40 chains, thonco
nortli su chains tn pnlnt „i .-..iiiiiii-.i.-.-im-iil,<-..n-
lalning ISO tibroi.
llninl litis llllll day nl .llllll'. IHUI'-.
M. tl, HliYK,
Per llalpli slye, Agent.
Conimoiiclng at n ii„a! uuu'linl '-A. |-;. Unin-
mnntl'i norlh wesl corner,"'nliout I'., milos *,„illi
ot Poallmll Orook nl tliosonth caatctn-nci-nl l.„l
un, llioiico snulli sn clialns, iln-u i-l 40 cliniui,
uiui-otirliiss In lit- lake ihore,llionce tulluivlng
said ilitn-o in n general noi-Uioi-lj illi-ecllnn 80
chnlni more „t I,— In Uu- snulli liniimlai-y nf J. I..
Ilin-li's appllcntlon In pnrcliaso,thenco wesl40
clmins. inm r less, i„ pnlnl nf cmnineiicemonl,
conlalnliig 880 acres mnro nrless.
Dated this l-.'Hi day nl June, 1000.
A, 11, IIA.MMtiNli,
Per llalpli Slye, Ageni,
t'lniiuii'iu-ini; ntn pnsl marked "tl, .1. Hammond's north ensl corner," alinnl I1, mllea smith
„( l'„slliull Creok nl llio snulli oasl enrnor nl lad
IBM, Ihouco w,'*l nochnlna, thunco south80chnlns,
liionco east su cluilna, llionoo north Si chains lo
point ol coniineticomunt, contiihilng 010 acres,
linlt-il this l-Jlli,In),-I.inn,', nmi!.
I'or Itnlph Slyo, Ageni.
VTOTIOK IS Ill-IIIHIIY UIVKN lliiil, lliirly
IN iluysilfliT ilulu I inli'iiil In apply to lliu
t'ltiof Ctui,iui.j,!i;.it-r nf laiiul- uml Woi'KSioi'n
sm-j-i-'l liconsulo mil and furry iivvuy limber
ll-iiiu the followllipt ili'.si'liliuil Iiillda ill West
Kootonay Distriot i-
i Commonolng at o post inarkod "A. Mcllae'a
nortli west comer poBt," planted about six miles
Irom Odd Stream, on woat sldo „l trail, running
80ohains mutli, 80 ,-liniiis oast, 80 clialna nnrtli, sn
,-li-iiiis iw-t (u Imitll uf ,'ulllliuiiu't'llll'llt.
8 Commonolng at a posl innrkoil "A. McRne's
soulli woat corner post," planted ahont six mllea
Iiniii Onhl Htroam, mi woat side nf tn.il, running
su chains north, sn clialna caB.,80 chains smilli, sn
,'lmins weal In puint fll coimuencouiojit.
it CunitncnciiiK al a p„si innrkoil - A. Meltao'a
mnili west corner pint," planted ftbuiil eiglil miles
from Unlil Stream, on oasl sldo nf trail, miming
so,-Iinins smith, 80chains oaat, si)cluilna nortli, sn
chains weal to pnlnl of ctniiniciicoinoiil.
4 Oominoneliig at a poat markod "A, Meltao'a
smith wosl coi-noi- pust, planted ahmil uight mllea
Irom Hold Stream easl aide „l trail, rniuilin
80 clialna nortli, su clialna oaat, su chains south, 80
chains wost to point ol commencement.
6 C luonclng nl- n post markod "A. Meltno's
Bouth wesl comer pnsl," planted almnt nine mllea
frnm (Inld Stream, un easl side ,,( (inil, running
Sll t-liiihla in ul Ii. sll ,-linina oaat, Sn clialtiB Btilllll, 80
chuilia west. I,, point uf cunnnoiiconioiit.
Dated tliis "Sin ilny nf Mny, louo.
A. MtllAH.
Notice is hereby given lhat thirty days after
date I iiiteiul to apply to this nhfof Commissioner nf Lands and Work- for ti speeiul llconse
to cut and carrv away timber from the follow
Itiir described lands, Bituato iu the Osoyoos
Division of Yule District:
1. CommonriiiK' ut a post planted on tho oust
bank of the South bmuchnf Cliorry creel, ut u
point 8 milos imrtli-enstorly from tho HI milo
poM on llm Monuslioo wiiKon rond uud marked
"S. Hill's nnrlh oust corner," thouco south 8(1
chains; thonco wost 80clmins; thouco north 811
chainsi thonce oust «i clmins to tbo pointof
2. (.omuionciiiB at a post plantod uu tho oast
bunk of tho smith branch nf Cliorry Creok ut n
jxiint 8 milos iiorlh-onstorly from tho 40-niilo
post on tbo Monashoo wagon rond and mnrkod
"H. Hill's north west cornor," tlienco soniliHO
chains; thouco oust 80 ehnins; thouco norlh 8(1
chainst thenoe west so clmins to the poiut of
II, Uommonolng uf u pust planted mi tlm oust
bunk of tlm smitli brunch of Cliorry orook at a
imiii! ,s mil03 north-easterly from tlio ■Ill-mile
post un tho Monashoo Wagon roud und mnrked
:'S. Hill's BuUth west enrnor," Ihoneo nurth 80
rhnius; thoneo oust Mi clmius; tlionco suuth 811
ohuiiis; thenoo wost 80 chains totliopoim of
4. CommoneiiiKiitu post pLuiteil on the snulli
bunk of Cliorry crook iihuiii H milos from tbo
inmilr pii.i mi tho Moiinsliou wnunn rnml uud
marked "8. Hill's suuth west enrner," tbenee
oast 160ollfllns| tllOIICO north-10 eliuiiis; lliotieo
west 100ohains; tlmnro ninth m ohains to tlm
point of cummetii'miionl.
.'i. I'liiiimi'iii-iin: uf u po-t plttnlod uu llie
suuth hunk of Cherry crook uhuuMi milos frum
tlio IU inilo post nn the Moimsbeo wnunn ruad
nnd mnrkod "8. Hill'.-, nurth wost corner."
Ihoneo oust bid clmiiis; thence soulh 40 i-lmiiis;
tlienco wost ifli) chain-; ihouco north (flohnlua
lu thn puini of I'liMiiiii-iii-oomiii.
LocutoiUltli Muy, IINHI,
11. Commi'iii'itiJ u( a lio-l pluntoil abuiil u
mllo WOSt Trnm lho west mini.* of Luke Crunk,
ul'iiul i milos up fnnn llm jilneliun of Lnko
crook nml tho nurih fork id Cherry crook und
mi|f'?il 'H Hill', sontli oust oornor post."
the To nortli 80cli.i|ni| ilmm-n westUOohaliisi
llionoo soutli 80 oimiiisi thonco oast 8ii clmins tn
ilm pnlnl of coin mencomont.
1. CommonOlliB »\ a oust plnuled mmulii
milo wo-t frum the we-l Imnk of Lukoerenk,
aliuiit',' milos ii)i from tho junction of Lnko
Crook und the nurth fnik of Cherry creek uud
mnrkod "8, Hill'* BOUth Witt enmor post,
tlionco oii-l 8(1 i-lmiiis; thimce mirth 8(lcliiiiiis;
tlionco west BOohiunsi thoneo Bouth 80 chains to
the point of commoncomont,
Lneuloil 2Hth Muy, UHHI.
Doled this 9th dny of Juno, 1000.
I mn |.ii'|iiii'i'il lu iiiiili'i'lnki' nil kind*of
frcl|(ntliig nml i«iiiiiii*,'.
My sliinn COnilCCtlllR lii-twi'i'li llm
hI.i'iiuii'ImiuiI Ihi' rlly I'-nvim tht. Cily
nt I ti.in. Tiii'mluyn ninl Fi-iiluys, con-
nit'liiiK "ilii lln' Sli'iiuii'i- Iti'vi'lstiikt,
Inl-thr llijt llt'ii'l, uml nlso nu id-thn
llcailiproll thn I'i'l.iii-ii l.i-i|i snnii'iliiys.
I.i'tivc word ul Nitvlurttlnn Uuin-
niiny'ii iilllin or my Slulih's ivhuiu'lo
1. Qominenoing ni n post inarkod "(ins
Llind'S  north   ensl   corner," iilmllt  ! mile tip
north fork of Goidstroam   llionce north m
eliiiin-*, east Uio ehains, sun'li HI cbnins, wosl I till
chains to puint of oommcnccniciit,
2. Comtnouclng nl a posi mnrked 'lius
Lund's nurth we-t corner, about J miln up
north fork uf Qoldstream, thenci: suuth in
ohains, oasl lOOchains, north 10 ohains,wost 100
chains to point of ooiuinoncoiuont.
3. Commonolug ut a post marked "(ins
Lund's north wesl corner,11 aboul j mile below
norlh fork of Goldstream, on left bank, thenoe
nnrlh In chains, cast, HSU chains, suuth In ehains.
west 100 ohnlns to point of commencement,
I, Commencing ut a post marked "(ins
Lund's norlh east oornor," about -i below uortli
turk uf Goldstream, on left bank, thenco south
100 ehains. we-l Uielmins, north lliu ohnilis, casi.
KI ohnilis Lo placo of commencement..
5, Commenolng at a post marked "dim
Lund's nortli east, corner,' about 1 mllo from
mouth of Caribou Croek whoro It joins Gold-
si renin, thenco south RiO chains, west lo chains,
north Kill ehains, east 40 olmlllS lo point of
0. Commonolng at a post inarkod "Qua
Lund's t-ouih cast cornor,"aboul I mllo from
moiilli of Caribou Creek when1 it, joins Gold-
stream, thenco wesi 10 chains,norlh 100 olinlus.
east Hi chains, south UUI chains lo point of
i. Comincnciiig at a post marked "(ins
Lund's north cast comet, aboul I mile from
iiionihof Caribou Creek where if joins Gold*
stroam, thonco west 10chains, south 1GQchains,
east lu ohains, north w\ ehaiiis to pointof
8, Commonolng at a post innrkoil "Gus
Lund's norl li west eonmi'. nboul 1 miles below
Uortli fork of linldshcum, LllOIICO cusf Hill
ehnitis, south 10 ehains, west Kin chains, 1101 111
in eliuiiis lo point of commencement.
II. Commencing at a post mnrked "Gus
Lund's north cast, comer,' uiumi; miles hohm
north fork uf lioM-iiviun, thonco south um
ehuins, west in chains, north n'-'i ehalus, onst
lu chains to puiui uf commeiicomont,,
in, Coinmonoiug at a posl marked "Gus
Lund's soulh oust conier," nbout 7 iniies bolow
nm ih fork of Gold strewn, thenoo nurih su
chaiiH. wo-t 80 ohnlns, smith80 ohnilis, east su
chains lo point of commonoomont,
11. Commencing nl n post, marked "(lus
Liiml- norlli westcornei',"nboul 11 milts bolow
uortli fork or (iolilsfrenni, theuco north HI
ohnlns, oast BU chains, soulh su ehuins, wost 80
chains io puint of commencement.
12, Commonolng ul n post marked *'Guh
Ltind'asoulh enst oornor," nboul 0 miles bolow
mirth fork nf Goldstream, thenco north sn .
ebnllW, wesl 80 chains, smith sn ehuins, cast 8(1
ehaitlK In pollll of COIlllUCllCCIIlOllt.
lit. Commenolng at u past marked '(lus
Lund's south wesl enrner." about il miles below
nut-tli fork of Goldsirenin, thenoe south so
ehuins. enst SH chains, norlh Ml ehaiiis, wost Sll
chains to poinl, of commencement.
II. Cominonoing ut a posl marked "Uus
Lund s south east corner," nboul II milos bolow
nnrlh fork nf (Inldsticum. thonco smith SU
clmins, west 80 chnlns, north 80 chains, eusL80
ehuins to poini of coiiimciicoiueiit.
15. Commenolng nt a posl marked "(lun
Lumls Mini h westuonier,"aboiitl 1 miles below
lurk nf tinhLireiiin, Ihenco north Su chains,
cast, Su ohains, south 80 chains, west, so ehuins
tu point of cohinionoemonti,
Id. Com (noticing uf a posl marked "(in
Lund's snulli eust corner, nboul II milesImluw
fork of Goldstream, llienee north -SOohains
west SOclinlns, sooth mi ehnins, east SOohains
to poinl of commencement.
17. Commencing ut a posi marked "Gus
Lund s north west corner," uboiu ll miles below
fork of Goldstream. thenco south 80 ohnlns, east
80 cliains -th -Su chains, wnsl 80 chnlns lo
point ol commencement.
IS. Commonolng nt a post mnrked •"(lus
Lund s in.i iii casi corner, 'uooilt U miles bolow
fork of Goldstream,thonco soulb su ehnins,
west, SO clmins, north SU •DhntliB, onst Hi chains to
point of commencement.
Hated .Iiiiiii Illll), I'HIii.
III. Commencing nt a posl marked "(ins
Lund's south east enrner,' about !l mites up
Camp ('nek, Ihence nortli 100elinlns, wost40
ehuins, sunt li 100 chnlns, easl lOcbalimtopoInt
of commencement,
20. fmiiiiiimciiiK at n post marked "Gus
Lund's Mini h west conier," about 3 miles up
Camp Creek, ihenee norlh 100chains,oast-iO
cbnins, south 1(10 chains, west 10 chains to point
of commencement.
21. Commonolng at u post marked "Gus
Liimls noi ih west curuer," about U miles up
Camp Creek, ihence ensl lliu clmiiis, south 111
elinlns, west Kill ehuii.s, norlh lo chains to point
of oinnieiieciiicnt.
22. Commencing ul n posi mnrked ''(lus
Lund's norlli onst corner," about :i miles up
Camp Crock, Ihenee wesl Km chains, south \o
ohnlns, vast im ohains, norl h In ehuins to point
ui commencement,
2;i, Commonolng at a nosl. murked "Gus
Lund's norlh wost cornor, nbout 2J miles up
CnmpCrook, thenoo OiUil, Iim ehnins, soutli in
clmins, wesl Hln chains, north in olinlus to
pointof commeiicomont,
21. Commencing nf u posl. marked "Gus
Lund's south oust cornor,' ubout2| miles up
('amp Creek, llienee wosl UKI chnlns, SOUlll ill
ehuins, enst lOOchains, north In clmins Io puiui
of commoncomont,
2*5, Commoneliig at n pnst marked "Gus
Lund's south enst comer," about I miles below
Mi-ciilluiiu-h Creek, i miles from Goldstream,
thenco norlh su clmiiis, wesl 80 ehuins,soulh Sll
ehuins, cast su chains in point uf commencement.
20, Commoneliig nl a post, marked "(lus
Lund's south wodt oornor," about I miles below
MoCulloilgll Creek, 2 miles from (ioldsli-eum,
Ihouco norlh Sn chains, cast- W) chains, south Sll
ohains, west su chains to point of conuiieiico
27. Commencing at a post marked "(Jus
Lund's uortli west, corii'ir," ahnnt I miles below
McCullough Creek, 2 miles from Goldstream,
thence soulb 80 chains, east SO chains, north Sii
ohnlns, west su chains to point of commoncomont.
28. Commencing at a post marked "Gus
Lund's north east corner," about 1 miles below
McCnllough ('reck, 2 miles from Goidstroam,
theuco .south 80 chains, west Sll chains, north SU
cbnins,cast 8U chains fo pointof comiiiunoo-
Dated .1 unc 12th, 1000.
GU8 LUND, Ixicutor.
NOTICK Is hereby given that IKi days after
date 1 intend to uimly to the chief
Commissioner of Lands nml \\ orks for u special license to out and earry awav tiinl.cr from
tho following described lands sitnnted In the
Osoyoos division nf Yalo District!—
1. Comiuouelng nl u post, plnntod un tho oust
bunk of lho south fork nf Cherry crook uhoitll
miles up from llm Ill-mHo post nu the Monashoo
wagon nnd and markod "M. Wonlsoy's southeast corner post," thoitcu north 8<)cliniuK; thouco
west 811 ehuins; thoneo south HI ehuins; (hence
oast Sll eliuiiis to the point id coinmoiieemoiit.
2. Commonolng at n post plnntod on tho east
hunk of the soutli fiirkuf Cherry crenk. nbuut 7
miles up frum llie in mile post nu the Muimslmo
WOgon rond and marked "D, Wonlsoy's snulli
wust corner, thonco norlh 80 ehuinst tlionco
unst HI ehnins; tlienci) soulh HI ehuins; thouce
wosl 80 ehuins to tlm -point id cummoiicomonl.
I aled art May, iDoo,
8. Coinmonoiug nf a post plunted on llm
suuth bnnk nf Cherry Crook ubuutii mllea Trum
the |u iiiilo tio.it un the Muiinshoe wugon rnml
ami mnrknii "U, VVoolsojrfl norlh oast corner,
tlionco wost li'idclinliis; thum'o south 10ehuins;
liionco oust bill chains; Ihenco north 40 chains
hi tlm pointof commoncomont.
■I, Cuiiimuui-iug at n pust plnntod on Iho
south bank nf Cherry Crenk ubout !< mile- frnm
iln-in mil" prist un llm Motui-hee wu-s'nn rnml
nml marked "D, Woolioy'l lOUtli-OUSl eomor,"
tlmiieo wost h'-Ji' Imiii-; llmui'o nurih 10chains|
thoneo onsi mu eimiu-i Ihenco south 40 chnlns
i<i the pointof commencement,
[dented 24th May( 1000,
.'). Commoneliig ut n oust plantod nlnut u
milo wost from lho west bunk of LnkoCrook,
nbout 7 miles up from tlm jiiiu-liiui of Luke
Crook and llm north fork of Cliorry Crooh nml
mnrked "D. Wuulsin's norlh oust, enrnor post,"
tlienee wjst HI I'hauis; llionce south 80 chains;
tlionco oust80chains| tlionco north 80chains lu
IJio point nfi'otiminui'oinonl.
Lucalcil 28th May, IDUii.
Dntod this Dili day of Juno, WOO,
Certificate of Improvements,
pianola Mhiornl Claim, altuate lu lit,- Itoiolittolio
.Minlni; Dlvialmi ol Wost Kootonay iJlstrlct,
Whore locatod! Nurth ol Iron Uill   Minora!
l.'lalni.Slniiilni'il 11,, iu. Ilia lin,-I.
Tulle llulini Hint I,.Ilia. I. V|-,,,„lr„.v, l-'.M.I,'. No.
IISSI7II, ni'line na nccnt. fur litvaclf uiul A. W, Mc-
lnl,,.li, K.M.II. No, liasiuii, tic. .lohninn, P.M.C.
Nn. llsS'W. I'-.lfeuliclli Mc.Mnlir.il. I'.-M.c. No.
H--MM liticiul *ish dayiIrain Hm dato liorool,l>,
applv |„ Ilu- Mining I! ,|erlnrn Cortillcato nl
linpi,,.,-nu-ills. Im- (In, ptlrpusc uf nlitiiiiiiun a
(Jrnwii flmnt ill the abnvo claim.-
Aintfiiiilit-tlake uotlco Hint null nndore	
ti,,ii :i7, iinist l„- coimnonced hulnro Ilu- liiiiaiico ,,f
mcli Cortlfloato ol Impruvoi it*.
Dntctl (Ilia Fourteenth day nf May, A.II., Illtlli.
JAS, I. WUUUilUW, 1*
 > -i.. - -..-^-.i.   \B»
-  • -. -,■-. .r-7 if^>, -!'-^r
•--■ .,: .: . •*   '■■-tV-v:;:,„::!
%0iM§^'   You('a" ;ld!e
'//|||1\\\\V.'-'     down a "Sunshine"
furnace   without petting
covered with  ashes nnd dust—has a
dust flue through which all the dust
and  ashes   escnpc  when  you  shake
down the fire.
This heator is so easily regulated and operated,
and so clean, that it makes the entire household
bright and genial,
Sold by al! enterprising dealers,   Booklet fiee.
mrnmn aaa hbm
III,,,,-,, io    1,0 i,'I,     ,,'.     it    ,, ..     no«»D
wliero Mr. Burnett bns Borne survey
work tu ilo.
\V. A. Cnliler, ol Erlgeivond, wns in
town on Thursday lasl will) two gentle
men from Winnipeg, who nre here lor
tlm purpose of purchasing land. We
understand they represent n wealthy
English company.
Mr. nnil Mrs. I. Sloba have gone
down the luke to their ranch,
Mrs. Gcnelle lius removed to Nelson,
where in future she will reside with
her daughter Mrs. I'oiipoie.
Miss Logan, of Amherst, N. S.
arrived on a visit to .Mrs. E. J. Hangs.
Mrs. Wm. McK'isfoek and Miss
Alice, ol Comuplix are visiting in
U. S. Thomas uiul (leo. Thomas, V.
!•*,., of Ilevelstoke, spent n lew days in
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
SiO.O.iO.iii) n Day in Government Duties
' the colossal business of W, & A.
i-* tkiifn   "The largest Wine and
A detail, lo !,-. i
Gilbey, by! ;■ :*: *:
Spinl Mi   :.
More ' " . ; atis'iics of :l-.ii; firm might be multiplied,
ll is en,■■.";'■ ;.,,).'   (i exploil the line qualities of their Wines
Cholccsl nnd Oldest All Pun- Mull .Scotch Whiskies
Distilled ! y Ihe old fashioned Pot Still method, duly aged
and bottled to conserve their natural flavors, tonic and food
Xoi ;i "medicated," but a light, pure, full-bodied Oporto
Wine, recommended by Sir Charles Cameron, M.D., as "unequalled for general consumption and excellent for the use of
invalids."   On sale at the leading stores, hotels, buffets and bars.
C.r<>.-<-r*, Distillers, Bottlers and Distributor...
Appointed n, IIM tin- King, U.K.II. the Prlnco of Wales, H. SI. tho King el tlio Ileliilinu,
um! all Colonhll Uovornors ninl Suu.-s.
I'or pule by nil the leading Hotels nnd Stores.
Distributors—Tin* Kevelstoke Wine & Spirit Co,, Ltd., Kevelstoke.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office-Toronto, Ontario.
Branches in the Provinces of Manitoba, Alberta, Snakatchowtiu,
liritish Columbia, Ontario, Quel,,-,-.
Capital Subscribed ...       $4,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up ....   $3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund -       -       -       - ,    $3,900,000.00
I), li. Wii.kik, President; Hon, It. Jaffhay, Vice-President,
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Savings Department— Deposits received nnd Interest allowed
nt highest current rule from date of opening account, nud ciim-
ponntli-il linll'-yi'iii'ly.
Drafts sold available In all parts of Canada, United .States and
Europe.   Special attention given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
If'i»>       /-:■        -
' JgEfr wkLi
^•MrifiJhRy"       i,'-J'* 1 '*>*•'' tap fl"
(ta..A*ai-*i-jO  ii-'-'.'.a.-   6   .
\9UcAbr-.     *•/
^tor(lliitiflilds"OT mode torn Jm&EsSN&L tmm on ourown (Malio-ii,
and crysblizedlD resemble Rock uody.lhe j^eind sfwitle like uncutciiimonclsi
ll isllie mo}! delicious Sugtf made for Tea or Coffee;- Sold Ever/where...
From Our Own Correspondent.
Haying has ootnmenoed with every
prospect of 11 heavy crop, lt is to be
lioped that the line weather will last
longer than the former short period.
0. Eriksun has returned Irom Seymour Arm where he hns been super-
Intending Ihe building ol a trail to the
mineral cliiiins in that vicinity.
Strawberries are being shipped daily
—the supply is comewhnl backward
owing to ihe bad weather prevalent
A largo number ot telegraph and
other poll s nre being shipped by T, I,.
The school closed Ior tlio summer
holidays on Thursday, The morning
was devoted to examination exercises
—which rellect great credit on the
tencher, Miss E. C. Loat. The rest ol
the day was devoted to an informal
picnic, nnd games in which nil heartily
joined. Miss Loat lelt on Thursday
evening Ior Grand I'rnirie.
Mra. E. Erikson visiled Ilevelstoke
on Saturday.
—     ..»1    	
City Attorney Matson of Indianapolis will Visit Revel-
toke Shortly,
The Indianapolis Morning Star has
the billowing in reference to the appointment ul Fitdiick E. Matson to
the City Attorneyship ol Indianapolis.
Mr. Miitsuii is a son-in-luiv ol Mrs.
R. E. MeKitriak, of the Union hotel
restaurant. Mi*, and Mrs. Matson
will be visitors to this city shortly
uud will be the guests ol Mrs, Mc-
Kitrick (hiring their stay in liritish
"Mayor-elect lluokwalter announced
yesterday that he lind selected Frederick Eugene Matson for his City
Attorney. It had been known Ior
some time that Mr. Matson was being
considered with favor for the position.
Following the announcement ol tbo
appointment, a conlerence was held
by Mr. Bnokwalter nnd Mr. Matson,
at which Crate D. liowen, James I).
Peirce mid John A. Crnig, all well-
known attorneys, were selected for
assistant ships in the City Attorney's
Mr. Matson is one of the prominent attorneys ol the city. Although
a young man he has gained for himself an enviable reputation. As a
Senator Irom Marion County in the
Sixty-second and Sixty-third General
Assemblies he served his constituency
and his parly with distinction. During the latter session he was elected
president pro tempore ol the Senate
and lloor leader ol bis parly. He was
the youngest Senator on the majority
side and perhaps the yo-ngest ever
chosen for these responsible positions,
Mr. Matson was born June 1,1869
on a (arm near Pennville, Morgan
County, 0. His early education was
obtained in the country district
schools. At 17 he became a teacher
for one year, then a commercial traveler, thus wurking his way through
college. Ho was graduated from the
Muskingum College in 18113 and from
the Ann Arbor Law School in 1894.
The many Mends ol Conductor
Aikens will lie glad to learn he is recovering from his recent accident.
Alexander McDonald, the well-
known C. P. R. conductor, who was
seized with a lit at English Bay and
was sei icusly ill nt his home in Vanoouver, paralysis having set in, is now
The new 0, P. R. plans mean much
to Victoria. The Intention is to equip
Esqiiiiuitult as thc company's coaling
llatlon uml the most up-to-date means
of storing coal and tilling the ship's
bunkers will be put iu there.
The ('. P. K. ollieinlly announce
they will not build a hotel at Kamloops.
No less lhnn nineteen new lines arc
being coi.stiiicted by the C, P. R. and
by the end of the year hundreds of
miles of new road will be rendy lor
Something Pure
II you are looking Inr Pure
Honey we have just opened up
a consignment ol   Ontario
in 1 lit. bones, or in <r> lh. cans
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned Hoods arc second
to none, uud more than that
we "Guarantee every Can."
Nothing tatter than " Our Speoial."
east aide of Sullivan River about U milo-from
Kimbasket Uko, thenoe east so chain* tlienco
ii.'itli 120 chaini, tlionco woat lu chains, thence
Bouth 80 chains, thenco west 4ii chains, thonco
-until 4(icliain- in pointof commeucomonl.
2. Commencing nt a poBt markod "Arthur
Pnyno's nnrtli wnst cornor post," planted on tlm
south bauk <>f Sullivan Rhprumnl two miles
frnm Kimbasket Uko. thence south SOohains,
tlionco oii.-t (ill rlinins, tinmen imrlli SOJcliains,
thenoe wesi si clmins to point of commencement .
S, Commencing at n poBt markod "Arthur
Payne's imrtli oastcornor [Hist." planted on Mm
■nutli batik nf Snllivnn river nlmiil i milo.- frmn
Kimbaskot Lake, Ihenee south 80 chains, thenco
wost 80 chaius, theuco north 80 ohnlns, thouco
ist 80 olinlus to pulut of commencement.
4. I'liiiuiii-in-iiii,'at n post marked "Arthur
Pnyno's north west curuer post," planted on
the south bonk of Sullivan River about Indies
frnm KlmbuskotLake, theuce south 40 cliains,
theuce oast mi chains, thenco north 40 cliains,
thence wost inn chains to polul or conimeuco-
"i. Ciiiiiiiii'iiciin: at n post mirked "Arthur
Payno's soulh wost corner post," planted on
tho south bunk nf Snllivnn Kiver abouU milos
from Klmbaskol Uko,tlienci) imrtli 40ehn!ns,
thence oast IU0 clmiiis, thoneo south 40 ehalus,
ihoneo west bin chains to pointof commencement.
H. Commencing ut n post mnrkod "Arthur
Pnyno's north wost enmor pout," planted ou
the sooth bauk of Snllivnn lUvor about 6 mllea
from KhiilinsUi Luke, thonce south 80 ohains,
iheucu easl Ho clialns, thenoo north mi cliains,
thence wo-t so chains to poinl of commencement.
7. Commencing nt a post marked "Arthur
Payno's -outh wost corner post," planted nn
ihe smith bunk of-Sullivan Rivor nbout 2 milos
from Kimbasket Lake LllOIICO north40chains,
thoneo OUSl 100 chains thenco Boillh Welinilis,
thonco wo-t 100 chains |o poinl nf enmmoilOO'
Datod tho 2t*t dny of Mny.lWOO.
N'OTIOK is herein Riven lhat 80 days after dale
we intend to apply to iln- I Imi, Tin' Chief
('niiiiiiissiiiiii'iiif l.itinls ami Wink.- fur n Special
License to cui -mil carry away timber from Mu-
following desci-Hiod laiuls In wesl KnnlGimy District:
i'..iiiiii'-ii'iii!: at n post plnuled nl nntth-wusl
enrnor of Timber Claim 0142, markod "Arrowhead
Lumber t.'o.'s nnrtli east enrner pnst," running
west w chains, thence snulli 80 rhalus, oast 40
chains, south 40 ch-alne, east 40 chnlns, north SO
cliains, wesl -in chains, imrlli 4U chains in place uf
May 2Mb, Usui.
jy7      ARKOWIIKAI) LU.MHKR t'i>. LTD
Noi ice is hereby Riven that si) days after date
I intend lo apply to tho 'Honorable the Ohio!
Commissioner ot bands and Works f.ir permission io out and carry away timber from the
following ile-erlheil binds situated hi West
Kootenay district:
1. Commencing nt a post planted on the
snulli side ol Smith creek about :>.}.. miles Irom
the Columbia river nnd marked "E, J, Johnson's norlh easl corner post," tlience *-nnth ku
cbnins, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
cliains, thenco east80 chains to the pnlnl of
2. Commencing at a posi planted on the
soulh Btdeof Smith creek nbmii::',, miles frnm
tlu> Columbia river and marked"K. J, Johnson's nortli oastcornor post," thonce Bouth mi
clmins, tbenee westKOrhaius, llienee norlli 80
chains, thence eastSO chains to tbe point ol
:;, Commencing at a post plumed on the
snulli siile.of Smith creek about 4'.* miles Irom
the Columbia river nnd marked '-E.J. John*
nun's norlh easl enrner post," llienee soulh ittl
ehains, Ihenee west 80rlinins, thenco north SO
chains, thence east 80 chains In the point of
-l. Commencing at n post planted on the
snulli siilc ol Smith crock about A^j* miles from
the Columbia river and mnrked "E, J. John-
Bon's north east corner post," thenco south 80
chains, thencewest80chains,thence nurih su
ehnins, tbenee cast Hi) chains In tbe point o(
ri. Commencing at a post planted on the
south side of Smith creek aboutO^ miles from
tho Columbia river aud marked "E, J, Johnson's north east corner post," thence south 80
chains, theme west 80 chains, thence north Hn
chains, thenco east 80 chnlns to the point oi
ii, Commonolng at a post planted on the
-outh Bide of Smith creek about IU milet, from
tbe Columbia river nnd innrkoil "K. J. Johnson's north east corner nosl," Ihenco south Hn
chains, theme west80ehains, thence north so
cliains. theiieo east 80 chains tu the point ot
T. Commencing at n post plauted un the
south side ol Smith creek about 2}^ miles from
lho Columbia river nnd mnrked *-K. J. Johnson's south east comer post," tlience north 40
chains, thence west bio chains, ihenee south 40
chains, thence cast bin chains In the point of
\ Commencing at a post planted on the
south side of Smith ereek about iU miles from
the Columbia river and marked "li J. John-
son's south oast corner post," thonce north 40
chains, theuce west 100 chains, tbenee south
40 chains, Ihenco east 100 elinlns to the point of
9, Commencing ut a post planlcd on the
south side of Smith creek about6^ miles from
the Columbia river and marked "K. J. John-
sou's BOUth east corner post," thonce north 40
chains, ihence west 160 chains, thonco soulh 40
chains, thonce east lOOchains to the point of
10. Commencing at a imst plauted on thc
north side of the north lork of EimIth creek,
about 6U miles from the Columbia river and
marked -E. .1. Johnson's south oast corner,"
thence north SO chains, thence west 80 eliuiiis,
thenco south 80 chains, ihence enst 80 chains
to the place of commencement.
Dated May 23, 1000.
NOTICK IS HEBEBY MVEII that sixty .lavs
utter date I Intend to apply tn the Hun. Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works fur permission
to purchase the following described lands in the
Wost Kootenay district, west side of llupur Arrow
lake about one-halt mile soutli of Fnstluill ereek.
Commencing ut a pust marked, " W. W. Luck's
si -ni h eust corner," at the south west corner of L.
802, thence mntli 40 chains, nlmii; the west boundary nf I. SOU; thence west lliu chains; thence smith
8n cliains; thenco eust 4n cliains, more ur less to
the west boundary of A. Dollomnoyer's application
to purchase: llienee nortli 40 cliiiins, more or less
to tlie north west corner nf A. Dnlli'mneyer's
application to purchase; theuco eust so ehnins
more or less tu puiui of co'iimoncoineut, ntn acres
Dated Mav 28, IfliHI.
Per. T. 0 Makhison, agent.
NOTICE is hereby given that :ni dnys
after dnlo 1 Intend to apply tothe Honorable the Chief Commissioner ot Lnmls and
Works for n speciul liconso to cut uud curry
away limber from tlio following described
laml-,-itnat-1 iu Osoyoos division of Yule
1, Commencing ntn post planted on the wost
bunk of (bo -until branch of ('hurry crock til, a
point 10 milos north oiMorly from (lie tiMnilu
poat on the -Monashee waimti rood uud mnrkod
"A. Mi-i'mm' north easteoruornoit, thence
smith lliOchniiis; thonce wost liichniii-; LllOIICO
north bib chains! thenco oust tlioluiliis lu tho
pniutof cot mcuinout.
2. Commencing at a |mst planted ou thu
west Inini. of iho soulli briinrh of Cherry crook,
aluiiil lo mill north easterly frnm thotO-miht
[Hist on the Moiiushou wngoii mud nud markod
"A. McCrou'-snulh-wo-t cornor inist," ihenco
.-.outh Iim chnlnsi thenoo east in ehuins- thoneo
north b'io clmiiis; tlumce wust 40chuiiis to the
pniutof connuoiicoinunt.
;i. Commencing at n past plantod on tho wosl
bunk of tho south brunch of ('hurry creek, almnt
10 milos uorlh-onslorly from fholo-milo post on
the Mounsliio wagon rond nud marked 'A. Mc-
Croa's south wost cornor post," thenco north HO
chains; Ihoneo oast Ml clmins; tlionco south Ml
chains: thonco west M) ehnins to the polul or
4. Commonolng ut n posl plnntod ou iho wost
bauk of tho south brunch of Cherry croek,
about in mill■- north-ousterly from the ill-mile
jiu-t nn the Momislme wngoii road ami markod
"A, McCrou's south-oast cornor post," thouco
north M> clmins; thence wostHOelmiiis; tlitmcu
south Ml chaius; thouco oust 80clmiiis to the
pninl nf t imi-neemenl.
Located the fflfrd May, 1P00.
Ti. Cominouciug ut n -post plunted about- n
mllo wost from tho wnsl. hank of Lako crenk ni
nimliit ubout 7 miles mirlli-oaslorly from tho
Junction of Lnko oruuk will) tho north fork of
Cherry crook and markod "A. MoCroa's north
wnst corner )his|," thenco oust HO clmins; thanco
soutli Ml clmins; thenoo west JKI ehuins; thouco
north Wi chain- to the pninl of comimineomont,
Dntod this Uth dny of Juno, HMO.
A. McCltEA.
J. R. Thornton
For City of Hovolfltoke.
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Rtrot-I Kast, Revelstoki
V] OTICE is hereby given thai 30 days aftor
il    (lute I iiiti-inl innpplv lo tlm lloiioiimhlo
the Chief Commissioner of Lands uud Works
for special licenses to mil. nml carry away timbor frum ihefnllowing doscribod lnmls situate
In the Wosl Kootenay District:
1. ('mnincnciiig nt a posl marked "11- Don*
nelly's north wosl corner post," plantod ubout
II miles north frum Beymonr Creok and nl t
-J inilis wosl or ihe wesi bank ul llu> Columbia
Rivor, thonco south sn ehuins, Ihence east sn
chains, ihenee norlh SO ehnins, ihenee west 80
chaius In lln; point of eouiiiienccuionl,
2. Commonolng at n post planted about 11
milos north from Seymour Creek and about'J
miles we-l from the wesl bnnk of Ihe Columbia Kiver nml marked "II. Donnelly's south-
west corner posl," theme norlh 80 clmiiis,
I henco ensl Ml ehuins, thenoo soul li SU chains,
llienee west 80chains to Km point nf commencement.
.1. Cointncuoing at a posi planted about 11
miles nm 111 from Seymour Creek and aboul -
miles wosl of tho wesl bank of Ilm Columbia
Kivor and mnrked "II, Do Uy'* north out
cornor post," thence wosl 80 chains thence
south 80 chains, theuce oasl 80 ehnitis. tliODOO
north su clmins to the poinl of coiniiiencotnonti
I Cuiuineticing nl a posi planted about ll
miles iioi'ih fioni Sevimmr Creek uml about a
miles west Irom Ihe west bank nf Ilu- Columbiu
Kivor ami  'kod "II. Donnelly's south easl
corner pnsl," ibeuce we-f sn elinlns, LllOIICO
norihsii chains, thonco casi 80olinlus, thouco
smith sn ohnlns lo the polul orooiiimoncc mont,
*i, Commencing nl n post pbinted about I',.
miles norlh of Sevmnnr Creek and aboutil
miles wesl from the west bank of tho Columbia
Ilivor and mnrked -li Donnelly's north easl
enrner post," thoneo south 80 elinlns, thonco
west ko clmins. thence north 80 ehnins, thetice
eftsl hi ehnins in the pninl nf commencement
o. Commencing ai a post planted about IJijj
miles nnrlh of Seymour Creek ami about 8
miles wesl Irom Ihi- wesi bnnk m ili'-Cnltiiuliiit
Itlveriind mnrkeil "11, Doiiliolly's soulb-etist
corner post," thonce north 80 chnlns, thenco
wesl SO ehnins, llienee soulh SO cbnins, thouco
east 80 chains in tin- poim of commencomoni.
I-oented Olh Julie. UHlll.
T. Coinmcnoiug m a post planlcd about 2U
miles mu ih of Seymour creek and nboul 9
miles wesi frnm tne west bnnk of Columbln
Itlvor and mnrked "II, Donnelly's soulh east
curuer pnsl," tbenee north Ml ehuins, them-e
west 80chains, tbenee soutli Ml ehains, thence
ea t Mlchniiis lo the point ol commencement,
s. Commencing at a poBl planted abouts^
miles north ol Seymnnr Creek nnd 2 miles
wesl from llie wist bnnk of llio Columbia
Kiver snd mnrked " II. Donnelly's north wesl
corner pnst," Ihenee soulh so chains, llienee
ensi so ehalus, thonco north 80 chains, thenco
wesl so chains to the pointol coniinetii-etiiciil.
0. ('iimineneiitg al u post plnuled about ;i'j
miles nnrlh from Seymour Creek and about I
mile wesl frnm Un* west inml. of Ihe Columbia
lllver ninrke.l "H, Donnelly's south east corner posl," llienee north mi chains, ihence west
Michnins, thence soulb so ■cbnins, Ihenee east
su ehnins tn ihe point of commencement,
Located Uth June, liHn:.
10. Commencing ntn post planted at u point
nboul opposite Keystone creek and about8
chains wesl Irom tho wesi bunk of thc Columbia Kiver nml mnrked "H. Donnelly's south
ensl comer post," Ibeuce norlh 80 chain-',
thence west so chains, thence south 80 clmins,
thence east mi ehains tothe pointof commencement,
Located mh June, 1006,
11. Commencing at a post planted on the
west bank of l-risby creek nboul IJi miles
west from the Columbia Kiver ami marked
"H. Donnelly's south east corner post," thence
north 80 chains, thoneo west 80 chains, thence
south 80 chains, tbenee east so ehnins to the
point ui commencement.
12. Commencing al n post planted on Ibe
west hank of Frlsby Creek about Dj miles
west from Ihe Columbln Kiver nnd mnrked
"H. Donnelly's northeast corner posl," thence
south mi elinlns, theuce wesl SO ehnins, thoneo
north sii ehnins, thence east mi chains to llie
point of commencement,
LorntedMliJune, 1900.
18, Commencing nl a poslplanb'd about W
mile wesl from the west bnnk of llio Columbia
Kiver ubout opposite Hr- south boumlnryof
Lot 8414, Croup I, Konlcnny District, und
mnrked "II Donnelly's son th eaat corner post,"
thonce norlh 80 cbnins, thence west Ml chains,
tlionco south 80 ehnins, thence eust M) ehuins
to the point of commencement.
14, commencing at a post planted nbout \i
mile west frnm the west bnnk of the Columbia
River nbout opposite the south boundary of
Lot 8414, Croup I, Kootenny District, and
marked "11. Donnelly's north eust corner
post'," thenco south 80 chnlns; thence west 80
chains, thence norlh 80 chains, theuce east HO
chains to the |iOiijt of commencement.
Located Mlh Juno, 1900,
NOTICE is hereby given I hat 00 days after
date I intend to apply to the Honourable
thc Cliief Commissioner of Lands and Works
for permission to purchase tho following described lands In tho West Kootenny district,
west side of Uppor Arrow Lnko:
Commencing at a post about three miles
south of Fosthall crock, and aboul \ mile from
the Lake, marked "Thomas Webster's r-outh
east corner," at the nortli cast corner of M.C.
Slye's application topurclia.se; thenco north 40
ehnins, moro or loss, lo Lho lako shore; thonco
following .-aid shore in n general northerly
and wostorly direction 10 chains, more or less,
to the south boundary of A. K. Hammond's
application lo purchase; theuco west Iio chnlns,
more or less, to tho oust boundary of L. M,
Johnstone's application to purchase; thoneo
south HO chains; thence oast Ml cliains Lo point
of coninicncemouL, containing 010 acres, more
or less.
Dntod this 12Lh duy of June, 1906.
Per Itulph Slye, Agent.
days uftor dato I intend to apply to the
Chiof Commissioner of Laml-ami \V orks for a
speoial license lo eul and curry nwny timber
from thc following described lauds situated in
the West Kootonay District, on the west aide of
Arrow Uko, opposite Nakusp: -
1. Conimonolng at a post markod "North Kast
Colder Pust," flu-nci! Ml ehains west, SO chains
south, mi chains east, Si) cliains north tu poinl of
2. Commencing nt a post adjoining No, l limit
on tlm imrtli side, thoneo 40 chains north, ion
west, 40 ehniiis soulli, IHU chains east to polutof
Dated Juno Oth, loco.
Notice is hereby given Ihal. Ml days after date ue
InL'Uil In upplv to Ihe I Imi. Chief Cnnmilssioliei- of
Lauds and Works furu special license (nciilaiid
carry away timber from ihe fulli<« hiu described
laiuls, situatod In West Kootonay district:
1. Coinmonoiug at a posl planlcd about ono
mile imrtli frmn the norlb-wi-sl comer ol K. &
s, block,Mio, and marked "lllg Bond Lumber
Company's'south oiwl corner post," theuce
norlli80ohains, thenco woslHO chnlns, the	
south mi chnlns, tlioiicoeftsl BHnhnllli lo pninl
ol eoinuieiu-eineiiL
2, Commencing al aposlplaiitod aboul one
mlh' nnrlh from lho north ivesl corner of K.a
s. block ton, uml mnrkeil "Hig llend Lumber
Company's imrlli oasl comer post," ll.onco
wesl Michnins, ibeuce soul h Ml elinlns, lln-lice
enst Mi ehnins, llienee north Ml chnlns lo point
of eoiuinenceincnl,
Dated Juno istli, IDOG,
Niillce is liercbv given Ihnl Ml dnvsafler dale, we
iutcad i<> apph in Hm Hull. Chluf Cniiimlssloiioi ul
Lnmls and Works fur a special licence tn cut and
camsawaj timbor from lliufnlluwliigdescribed
linul's, situated in West Kootona) DliLrlct:
1, commonoliig at ft poBt plantod aboul two
miles west Irom Ihmimck Point on Upper Arrow Lake and marked "D. u L, Co'ssoiitlioasl
curuer post," llionoo norlh so chnlns, ihenee
west SO chains, Ihoneo soulh 8iiehulii\ ihenee
east Michnins to point of eoiiimeiicemeiit.
2. Commonolng at n post planted ftboul
threo miles west frnm llnuiinck Poinl m\ Upper Armw Luke und marked "B, B, L.Co'a
smilli ensl corner  pnsl,"  Ihence   norlh   Mi
chnlns, llionoo west mi chains, tlienco south mi
chnlns, thonce mist 80 chains In pnlnl, ol em
nu'iieeincnl. •
Dnted Juiiclsth, UK'H,
Notice Is hereby glvon that 80 days after dato, I
iiiiimii I., imply tn the Hon. Chlof Commissioner
of Lnmls iiiul  Works fur a special lie In eul
and carry timber frmn the following described
liimls, Hli.il/Ltuit In West Kootenay district, Upper
Arrow Lakes:
Commencing ut ft pust planted nne mile
north of thu southwest corner of Lot 0146 nnd
mnrked "J. W, Foley's south eust corner,"
thonco nortli Hlo chnlns, theiieo WOSt 10 chains,
theuco south 100 chains, Ihouco enst 4n chnlns
lo polul of commencement,
Killed 1Mb.I one, PUN'..
J. W, a&OLEY,
lllipiMl  UITCCI   IUHII   twUUilLi)   Ul   UllglU.
For Agricultural Implements. Carriages, Wagons, Etc.. John
Deere Ploughs, Uollue Wagons, Canada Carriage Company's
Buggios, Planet Jr., Garden Seeder*- and Cultivators, Wheelwright and Blacksmith Work attended to. Horse Shoeing a
r Specialty,
Incorporated by Act nf Parliament. 18Vi.
Wm. Miii.siin MAOPHEBSIIN, I'ii's. S. 11. Kwixh, Vicc-Pres.
James Eluot, Qeneral Manager.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
Everything in wny nf banking business transacted without un-
iirct'ssni-y delay.
Interest credited twice a year al current rules on Sin-iii^s Hunk
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Revelstoke, B. C.
(Under   New   Management)
First-clas iiccommoilation for travellers.
Best brands of Wines-, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $1.50   PER   DAY
Queens ftotel
Ilcst brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish CreeK will find excellent accommodation at this
'% i»*"V"*tV»\V*-V»V»«A*VV*%-lV*-Vi*W-H
> 3/t NS   &  COMPANY,   LIMITED.
HEAD OFFICE: Calgahy, Ai.ukkta.
Wholesale and Retail Meat Merchants
era and Dealer-' in Live Block.  Markets in all the principal Cities and
Jivn    s of Alberta, Ibi'i-li -juiutnbla and tin- Yukon.  Packers uf thc Celebrated Brand
Operator     " Hams an    aeon, and Shamrock Brand, Uaf Lanl. a
Central Hotel
as^     BFVFI fiTCll/P  B. C.
Newly built.    First-cltiBS in every respect.    Ml modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates SI.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under s;ime management
Houses and Lots
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,    Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
Commercial Printing
Rapidly and neatly turned out at the Maii-Hkkald Office
voi'in; i- 1,,'i-ehv glvon thnl Ihlrtydayi
11 dale wo inli-mi lo applj to the Chief
Cnniiiii-ioin' nf  Liiul-   nnd  Work-  fnr n
Hpeelai iiceii.t io cut and mrrj awnytlinbor
fr Hu- f..itir.\ing dcscrllwd land-. utuaUln
lho iiHijno hlvlnlonof Yalo Distriot:
Coiiinieni ii :.ii a po-i mnrked "Sam Hill a
north wosl ir imst,"planted ou ilu'-onih
Imnkuf th > norlh fork or ('berry (.'rook, and
aboul om- mile above tho fork* of ibe nurih
fork, riinniuK rwl «' ohnlns. thonco ■outh 80
chaiiM, i heiu i wm mi chains, thonco north flO
ohains to ihiIiii nfcoinnioncomoiit,
Dated Me; :toih, 1U00.
Coiiiiui'iui:i .ii apoil marked "D. Woolsey's
north oasl corner po-i." plantod nn thr*uiiiii
bank* of Clu rry Crook, about Ihroo mllen above
the forks 11 lho mirth fork of Cherry Creek,
running wc SOohains, soulh B0ehalus, oasl 9)
ohains, north n\ chains to poinl of oommonce-
Dated May -»iih. 1000.
cnmineiieiiiK ni apoel mnrkod "A, McCroa'i
norlh wesl cornur ihwI," plnuled ou the koiiIIi
bank uf the nnrlh fork of Cherry Creek, and
about ihreo miles above tho fork* of the north
fork, mnn ins oast hi chains, south 83 chains,
woit -Si ehnins. norlh 80 chaini lo point ol
Doled May SRh. I9KI
J 30 A. McCUKA.
Nol It i: li Ini-b) |lren th.it thirty day- nftct
d.ili-1 iiileml tn Apply tn the lion, Chief
CnnitnUatonei ei Lands nud Works, (or iipm-ui
IIcciuh i" ml and carryawa; tlmuer from the
fulliiHiiiL ileicrlbed I.uuIh situato in the West
KiHiteiis) District;
1, Corauienclng at n pnst planu-d almut mm
mib' liuni vmI ii.iuk of Columljla Hirer and about
■•in-,nnl hall mil.- north of no> umiir Creek and
marked "C. i LIudmark'iHUlh uut corner post."
ilu-ii'-i' north go chains, wesl (!>• fliaiim, huuUi ne
chains and easl h> chaini tn pnintnt cutnuienrt*-
l. Commencing al n post planted almut two
inllet from Columbia Hirer mi it ■«.•<! liankaml
aboul "ne .iH'Muif miles nurth nf SaraoorCnok,
iml markod"C. r. [Jmltnark'i unuih eutcomer
pll-l.'llU'lll'l* IH Tib (•ffliailH. *»''.-   '" I'lllllll, Hrllltll
N limn- and oasl 90 chains to pointof com-
I, Commencing at a |mst I ll anted about three
null- from Columbia Hivor ami about eneand
half mib'- north "f Seymour Croek and markod
"C. Y. Liinlui'itk *• wiutltwil corner post." tlumce
north wi elniiii-   wi-sl BO Chains, miUthtH) chftillB
ami easl BOolin mlo point of commencement,
i Comraendngota port planted ooo mile froBi
Hreil bank nf Coluiubla Kiver and four mile* north
nf fivymour Creek and marked "C F, Lindmark'-*
Routbeut comei port," thenee nurthtwchains,
treat ni ehains, s.mlli (to rlmlM, am) east B0 chains
io point ni commencement
Datod MtytM, iwe.
PtsMes wery Imoktr -ths ,(Maroa    a baudoome display oi ladieo back
VualU." combt at Bewi* Drug Store. #■6
Shoe News! -   Read It!
Shipments nf Hunts ninl Mi, - Iiim- lii'i-n mining in dm Hip j p Hip
past week, milking   Slork llie Besl Assorted in Hie city.
Special attentiiin lm I'een | iven i» Hi,- Children this Season, anil llie
Mi- ,■-'.  mil Lillle Tots enn have Iheir  pick  ,,1 the  Lil eal   Anieriiinn
,iu,l t'.-iniiiliniisi;.l.-. in lllnek. lied, Ta" nml White.
111,,   mid Tun, in high anil
lm, i-til, Regulnl imi ni Ski
_ - - - T,„.. A pnii'iif(ini-Slippei-s
,r Gibson Ties, i- nne "I the niftiest  things I'm' Weill   wilh Suniliiei
l.-ulii■*. we invite ynin inspection.
MEN'S  SHOES   IN   AIL STYLES   Are Agents I'm- Ihe  Famous
is ih,-   Besl   mi  the   Market.   Every   Pail
COOD r.oous
=• i--.i-=-.-.r-.-.•'!   •
Pp WWW W -Ifi Wl iwgWWggwg^ggwg
I#*######m##wm (Social and Personal
9  ;
9 *
&        We have them   all Kinds, all Prices and all Sizes, {
$ This is the Season (or Picture Taking. i
9 ip
| Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited |
Camii. MrvutaiT—At Glacier, ll. C ,
,,n June 22nd., 1906, Camil Muy-
l.iert. aged 27 years, a native ol
Jameb I. lin, ii—Ai Glacier, ll. I*.
on June 22nd., 1806, James I. Ritch,
aged 28 year,, a native ol Orkney,
Local and General.
The City oi Calgary proposes taking
over the telephone system there.
The next teachers convention will
meet at Nelson.
Don't lorget "To-night's the night "
ol the Strachan-Gavin conceit.
Twenty-five mills is the rate struck
by the City ol Vernon lor thia yenr.
The Canadian Sawra lis Co. are
busy moving their plant from Trout
At Enderby J. Jl Miller and 11. M.
Drew were charged with supplying
Indians with liquor,
A demented Italian drowned him-
sell by jumping into the Kootenay
river at Bonningt in Falls.
Messrs. Abi ihamsou Bros, intend
putting a Btom foundation under tbe
Central hotel tliis lall.
Bobt Kelly and oilier Vancouver
men intend establishing a a igar refinery .ii Priue. Rupert.
Tii- Fin Briga !• deserve support
Irom the public. We trust ihey will
receive it tonight at the Opera House.
July Becond ivas I anl on the pocket-
book, but you won't regret another
half-dollar tn  heui    Miss  Strachan
M,-:-!s Kn wler and M icaulay are
at present supplying 25 camps and
three irding houses on the Mountain and Shuswap division.
Herbert Blyth, ol Arrowhead, David
Zaehariah McLennan, ol Camborne,
are gazetted commissioners tu take
affidavits under the Eli ilions Act
J. H. Hawthornthwaite, M. P P.,
-ays "Beligous bodies ol today are
allied with those who were endeavoring to crush the working classes
John Sanderson's property, on Douglas street, il one ol the most attractive
properties in the city at the present
time, the gardi n 1 „,kiiij; piiticul irly
The nen I ;.. -• ited >l igi I iill by
B, McM ih ', li ■ I: -'' - n ' I ■:■
between the st. mil nt lauding in i
the city .-.,,- lit to lot il .. I istrj
and :- p ibal j I n Iini it pii - 1
carn.iL--- ling en lone in lliccil
1:... splendid manm in wh eh this
vebii ■ , Uirned il hows Mr,
McM,- on  ■- ' ■ i.
the ,,,-.   , •- li        nsti icti in
We have nil the moling soliues
-It,   It      M
Citrott Magnesia
Sherbet Powder
Fruit Salts ,,f all dcsei-lp-
li,,n-nml inaki'.i. Alsn cnnlllig
Call and Inspecl loi yoiircslf.
The Lords Day Act has been prnc-
tioally killed as a Dominion statute
by Ihe inirodiiclion ol a clause nink-
ing tlie act subjecl to provincial legis-
l.i tion.
Messrs, Caley Bros, intend putting
a stone foundation under tho City
hotel here and excavating the cellar
to the lull Id gth ot the hotel, nnd
will slur! work on it shortly.
The hospital board intend constructing the additions to be ninde to the
ciiy hospital of brick nnd putting in
iron lire doors in the passages between
the present building and the new one.
The importance ol city councils
looking after their sidewalks is evident from the (net thai at Winnipeg
n peisuii who was injured liy n damaged side-walk got $3,111)11 damages,
Dr. Fngiin iB selecting a site for n
sanitarium ill tl.e dry licit, nnd favors
Savonas. lle says:—"K inn loops is
not n good place to send consumptives
to as there is tun much wind nnd dust
Many good entertainers pass Bovel-
stoke, why? When we do hnve the
opportunity ol hearing something
good let us grasp it. At the Opera
House tonight we can gamble on
something extra good,
Sunday alternoon about one o'clock,
William Nears, a skiptonder at tho
250-toot level ol the Brooklyn mine
iu Boundary, leipieadln.ng down the
shaft, from that point to the bottom,
n distance of I'll feet, and wns instantly killed
While Patsy Oluno wns going to bis
work at the Skylark mine, n cave-in
occurred in one uf the stojies, catching
au'd badly injuring the unfortunate
miner. It was lound that one ol his
legs wns broken twice, nml thnt his
back-bone waa broken.   Ue still lives.
Four by-laws submitted to tin' ratepayers ol Winnipeg providing respectively for Sunday oar service, establishment ni a civic power developing
plant at a est of $3,600,000, the institution nl a board of control and the
giving ol $21)0,000 for new schools,
were pa-si-,1 with g",,d majorities
At n meeiiug held by Mr. Havv-
Ihornlhwaiic, M. I*. P . at Seattle, n
li ('. speakei iiiiiin-.l Creril, who a,-
companied him said: "Workingmen,
oapitali-t- and tiynnts, eannol live in
the same age. If you workingmen
want lo prove yourselves caj il i
surviving the capitalists, join the
revulutioni-i party. Shed bh.od il
nee ssary
A ,■!,,-,- --in Ior mountain sheep
in the --uili, in pan ol liritish Columbia i- j,1, >- aimed i      h   il over three
v, - - froi lOtl   I     Thenreii
covers I extend    Irom tin I   P. li tn
tin int, ri ui, nnl - - mil i    lint    md
Irom tin- coast i- ti,, ' nlnnil
The close  east ,, uosi   in   Ihe
i.    -- -. ■ -i
i . . illth instead .,1 lal
ae it appeared in last [la/.ett,
II,  I    Parkhill,« li lin      |
- ,- f p l; lor Ifi yeiu     sit tl,
gary   loi   llattlelord  to   uitunie   the
dut ei       ■   .-1  ileap-tt. hr-i    ,i   ilu
Canadian Smthem railwuj.   il   lliu
point,    Hi fore leaving lor the north
ili    Parkhill   iv ib  pre,ont.ed  with a
Imi,,Is,,ni,-; i-l watch, chain and  fnh
beautifully i ngrovod aa follows! "Presented t,, II. ,1, I'lirkhill hi the con
diu-iiit- ,.f   District   N,,.  I,  Western
Division, 0, P ll."
Mis:, Hull left Tuesday on a visit to
A. Mediae came in Irom the west
Monday morning.
A. Johnson returned Monday from
his trip to the coast.
Miss llislop lelt Monday night for
her home iu Winnipeg.
F. McCnrty came in Saturday and
It-It ngain Monday Ior Spence's Bridge.
Mrs. V, 11. Fretz left Monday on n
two months visit to friends in Armstrong.
Misses Austin nnd Atkinson lell on
Monday t" sjit'iid the vacation in
II. li. Clilniour, ngent for the Water-
mis Engine Works, arrived in the city
Mrs. nnd Miss Temple nre visiting
Ilevelstoke nnd nre tbe guests of Mrs.
T. W. Fletcher, formerly of Armstrong, has decided to start ill business
nt Vancouver,
11. R, Atkins gave an interesting
address on botany to the high school
pupils mi Friday,
Mrs. .1. J, Porter, Mrs. li. 11. I'r
ipihart and   families  left on a two
mouths' holiday to the coast last
Mr. and Mrs. F. li. Wells, Mr. and
Mrs. Bradshaw, nnd Mrs, Crnge lelt by
the steamer Tuesday nn a trip tn tho
liig Bend.
Mr. nud Mrs. II. Laughoitd and
family leave hy No, % to-morrow
morning for a two months visit to
relatives in Ontario.
The friends of Mrs, II. E. Stevenson
whu hns for some time boon seriously
ill at Victoria, will be pleased to learn
she is rapidly imp1*'...ing.
C. II. Sissons, muster of tho high
school, intends spending his holidays
with 'he topographical survey in
oharge ol A. O. Wheeler.
ll is nol generally known that John
Saundorson, ol Revelstoke, is a near
relative ol Col. Saumlerson the Irish
M. P. and celebrated Orange leader
Mia. .1. A. Doylo nml Miss A. 11.
While ol the hospital -tail, expeel to
leave Thursday on a two weeks'holiday io Arrowhead, Nelson nnd other
lake point .
a gei' ,-u,ni, in Edmonton writing
i . i  in, nil in th iy regarding Miss
Nannie Strachan, who appears at the
Opera Honsi li nighl under the anopi-
ci's ol Fire Brigade Nu '■! said -i e
is the linest singer I ever heard in my
lit,., nnl    en excepting A Hani "
Sol i-ilhstandii
i:,..-.      '   . ■_ ■.
the ladii - repnrl the
proci ,,l- nn und sirs',
several tables ■"      lecm
aii-il and ' ii    'ii
,-;.- luites
■ i,t. ■ - il
Mi** Palmer winnii
in.il   li, M. Rue. tl    .
... handsomely bound
,.,.| -.       - .....    i    jfi
II   i, m  ii.,.    titei
i. irrowhi id
il. j| .thai the li n .,- club ,,l
Ih Idi     .      , - mgi      '       <   '
i, ore , ■   . Nil iuhii
'arson digested thai  thi  Ri      ' --
I represents!
gi lu ,      \ ihieh time
tin in     ci nrt, will
Ve In     b i lold i
ll     - -   l   ,   .:; ■! ,f Aug
ii i ii,,1 un doubt   -|-m ,i   . lie uld
, u ,-.   ,1 ,i ilnt time
•ju^.     I- i-  i pretty carpet anii-ire sn- it ^
*Sc  l|,,w-,,n's fiirniiiire store.
0.     liiiitin; suits for  men, hoys'nud
3|f |ch,ldieniil C. 11. Hume k ('„'.
Ilt-iiiiianls nf linoleum nnd lloor nil, i
il snap, al Howson's furniture sltn*,'.
Lemons, Oranges, Bananas and
Pineapples, at O, It. Hume A Co's.
Pretty pictures and mouldings at
Get n buttle of Lemon Ivnli at Rews'
Drug Store
Horse lor sale, weighs 1105 lbs.
apply to R. Howson, (uruilure store.
The coiil spot—Bews' Palm enrner—
Ices nl till descriptions,
Lowney's nnd Stuart's line chocolates nt. Nairn's Red Cross Drug Store.
Fnr window shades, wall paper,
plain and decorative Burlaps go to C.
B. Hume k Co., Ltd.
Try one nt our line imported oigars
fnr a good smoke—Nairn's Red Cross
Drug Store,
Strawberries, BaspberrieB and Cherries arriving daily nt ('. B. Hume
.v Oii'm.
Fine lines ol Hair Brushes at close
prices nt Nairn's Red Cross Store this
First-class Creamery butter in 141b.
boxes nnd 1 Ib, prints, al 0. II. Hume
k Co's,
Stock and Share Broker
I,OIK! Eureka 10c, pityahlu in instalments. Engineer'8 Report mny be
seen at my olliee.
2,01111 Nicola Conl—6c.
2,0110 Western Oil-lflc,
1.000 Intel national Coal 47c.
UK) Dominion Copper—$8,00.
2.1 Canadian Maroon!—$8.00.
nil American De Forrest Companyj
25 American De Forrest (preferred)
2,000 Diamond Vale Conl—'ik.
1,000 Rocky Mountain Development
1500 lluwc Sound (Ih-ittiiiiiii Mine)
80 Dominion Trust—$L80,
in Dominion Trust—$1,80,
100 B.C. Wire and Na.ll—$10.50.
2U Great West Permanent Loan nnd
2,000 National Uonsolidatud.
1500 Hoy wood H- * Oil.
250 CroW s Nest Oil und Conl.
7,000 Osnye.
2,1100 lied Mountain Cun. Gold Mining
l.uon LardeauMines.—lie.
10,000 Ret'ei-cndiiin-.'ic.
5,000 Forty-Nine Creek Receipts—
11,000 International Coal   l.v.
,-,,1100 Whin- Beni'-oc.
fi.OOO Pathfinder,
20 Canadian Marconi   $2.25.
OFFICE  Mackenzie Ave.
Nexl i . P. II. Telegraphs,
... a-,,.- .; ren ii,„i mi,!«-.-- slier .late
I Intend I ike ajipllcsilnn to theilhlol Com-
il Un,Ii.-. Worki lor icrmlialon n,
. nr, na.- : wliu, il nla-,1 laml lllnalo
-   ■ Kooifiiay district "i Britisli',tl-
.i,. ,.! Arrou. Lake In the
,i   ;,
...-■-    !'    ill      I'I Willi] we. I
-    in.    theni-e mnih i„
liaiu. tit,-" -■ north m
i 1 l,„-l,l   !„,'l,llUl'"
. ■   ,r  ■ ■
tne, 1*1(1
i   .   MORRISO
Per - I Itsrln -.. l«enl
.:■   * ,-i, -i   -pruiif
-..'■■        i.       |      -    Ih-t   '   H'f'- •
0 - month
»,,iiii of - Chtn&tveii
\i-t-i i I .■
.,'     I      *     ,|iliV
..prapery Ljooas..
\\\ the pretty patterns for Draperies will lie found here. We have a New lot
of Art Silks, Silkalines, Madras and White Muslins, Art Sateens, etc., in entirely
New Patterns and Colorings,
Cushion Materials
Tapestry Curtain Tops— 25c, ,-*;oc., 40c. and 50c. each. Cushion Cords, Cords
and Tossels, etc.
Sable Conrs
Tapestry, Derby and Chenille, 1 yard and il/2 yards square, in all the
Standard Colorings.
Prawn £,inens
And Open Work in Doylies, Table Covers, Shams, Sideboard and Dresser Covers.
The drawn work is all hand made, and comes in handsome designs at exceedingly
low prices.
White ^louses and Underwear
, We are offering some good Bargains in White Blouses and Underwear that it
will pay you to look into, Iu some lines you could not buy the materials for the price
of the finished garment.
50c.See Our fifty Cent Corsets-dOCt
We still have a good line of these, although they are going fast. They
are Genuine Snaps.
McX,ennan & Company, Mackmm Am**
I ) OOMH   TO   RENT- -Mall "Herald
|V,   building.   Apply to It. Tapping,
WANTED-A girl for general house
work, apply lo office of Mail-
WANTED-Six Teamsters,; $15 a
month and board, fi Swampers,
$2.25 per day, Fullers, Sawyers, Filers,
Sellers, Conks and Helpers.   BltoWN'st
Employment Offick. Tel.ixi. P.O.
Box 44.
Dressmaking & Plain Sewing
Cor. King and Douglas Sts.
Of Uimcreto, Hollow Illm-lts, Httiiui, llrii-k or
I'Tiuho DulMfngH, DEALER in Cement, Lime,
(Joiieret* Hollow Blocks, and other bullitliig ma-
ti'1'ialn. All lulim- uml icaterlalH Hrst-i-lustf.
Mattering and Plastering Supplies a Specialty.
It. TAPPING lias secured the right-of-
Iranchlso as Bill Poster tor the fJaniidlnii nnd
American Bill Posters Association iu the City
ol Revelstoke, and hnvini; tlio bill Imnrds, he
is now iirepnrod to do all kinds ol nilvertisiiin
on the same
For Sale or Rent
A    FARM    ON    EA8Y    TERMS
r,,lil!iilliit|! llllll'it's, iil>oiinhr,'i'-iiliitrl,,i-a*st,t',l.
,-,! willi Tfinntliy. Sn'ltalilo f„r (mil. growing,
II,nisi- ninl iiiillmililliiiis in (iiitali-t.nilitinii. Situate
ntrmlgellaclile, ti leu- intlei west of lti-vi-lHt.iki-
A|,|,lvt,, II. TAI'I'IXd. lli'Vi'latok,'.
I . information thnl will lead to
.iie-i mil ■ oni ictinn ol party nr pnr-
tii- - ho carried away guy rows and
Uiu., |„,ir-. ami otherwise damaged
ti,ihi,., prnporty on the Ride Range.
II   \  BROW N. nr
AND RETURN   •*• uu
You are Busy
But Read This
ll is not ine that's talking, lull nthers,
Taxidermist Edwards.
1. "The Elk head mounted by you
has been iiiueh admired. I've seen
no heller work in any American
-.!. " I kept n live Mountain Sheep fi
some years ns a pet, I know what,
ihey should look like. The Mountain Sheep that you mounted for
me is simply perfect. Thank ynu
li, "The valuable specimen mounted
I'm-ine arrived n few dnys ago. II
is line nnd very well mounted, I
llinnk yon much for the skill in
which ymi did ihe work."
Reader 'I'l-i,.* excellence is known
hy ita modesty, hence mv reticence'in
publishing unsoughl praises, bul in
ib,- coming si-iisiin I'm after your
orders   Hn don'l forgel me.
Taxidermist Edwards
I OMPKTlTtOX   IS Inl ll. IlKHKIl.
Mining, Real  Estate, Insurance and General  Commission  Agent,
Notary Public, Commissioner of the 'Supreme Court.
AGENT KOH-Ijiimiiiix Mutual Khik iNstin.vNiiK Co,, nl" Canada.
" Ottawa PrttE iNstfBANCK Company,
" Montiikai.-Canaha Kirk Inhuranck Co.
" ANiiiai-AMKiiicAN Kirk Insuranck Co.
LVitaiNi.u. Pikk Inhuranck Company.
Dominion Pihk Insuranck Company.
" North American Like Inhuranck Company.
The nlmve Non-Tariff Companies take first-class risks at lowest
5,111X1 to 111,1X11) aorta of land in blocks suitable for small settlement,
Municipal Hnnds, Timber Limits, Mines and Prospects, Good Hotel,
Stoiii and Livery Businesses, City of Revelstoke Lots and Rural
Corporation Debentures-, Shares in Industrial Investments, Lands
at Revelstoke, Arrowhead and on Arrow Likes suitable for fruit
growing, Well-Developed Copper-Gold and Silver-Lead Mines.
If those wishing to invest in or sell City, Rural or Business Property, will advise me of their (-(Willicements, tholi interests will have my
best attention,    .
Reports on Lind, Timber ami Mines. Agencies at Calgary, Vancouver, Kamloops, Nelson, Winnipeg, Toronto, Montreal, Spokane,
Chicago and New York.
Office. Mackenzie Avenue   -     -    Revelstoke, B. C.
Next C.P.R. Telegraph Office.
Will Operate
('U'riitT ('ain|ilH*>ll ,*•**,vt'iuu' ami Sccoml
sin-el, ovory itftoriin-ui anil (•veiling.
I;', o'clock tn I7:ft> aftornooim; ih.hu
iii*>::in ovenltigti,
Ample a,-- um initiation 1 ided for
nl!.   Good time assured,   ''nun- One,
Co  All.
Perscriplions Our Specialty.
Druggist nml Sutlonor.
1 ■  111 '■■'  1
1..!..i,r, Cum
not in;
It, r. I.- given ihal ilKtj d«    tliei
,li  Intend 10 apply to n,'  ' hill 1 om
lllllll r,,( I.hikIs and  >Y,,rka I',r |,,-r,„i.-l,,i,
to i.»ir,'i,„-<- the f„il,,-.i-i,,K deicrlbed Ian,lain
the dlitrlctol Wail Koolsniiy
Commenolng si»t„," planted iw-nty chain,
wc.t from the norlh™ 1,-,,,,,,-r,,1 -,i Mann
inark,,,i-Hid it,-ii,i I.nmi,,- Company',SOOlIl'
wi-sl ,-,,rn,'r poit," lli'-ii,-,- n„r!li 1,1 t-lialiis.
t|,,ii," ,.,t.t in ,-hniii-. 11,,-,,,',- atnitli il.*, nliiillia
mors or lea, to llio lake ihore, thfltidfl wesl
niongiliore to loulh oAst corner ol la.t. ini!',
tbenee north 7 chain, to north mut cornor ol
1,,,1 iu-,. thenciwoil'Kdlialm lo H',lni „f '"in
liiii,-,|.liili'jii,l, IIKII), iy-1
Dr. R. L. Bybee, ibe well known
Eye Speclnlisl, i« al the Central 'Intel
in Iliis city, lie imi giiiiluali' In the
,'„iiisi> uf Phyulnloglcal nml Ophthalmic Optics,    lie will iinik.-ii specially
of treating Myopia, Hyper linpin,
I'l-i-abyapin, Aaiigiuiilisin and Strains-
inns, iiiih all ils varied forms of inus-
ctilnr insiillli-ii-iirv, Those whu hnve
Lroiible with Iheir eyesight nml are In
need nf glnsKi-N  should SOIIIIlll lljin.
Special attention will Iw given to children,   Ailillci'il Ryes always in slock.
Examination Free
Utit-iiH   I toll antl 7 loll p.m.    Other
hours by appointment,
Office at Oontral Hotel.
Make it as Easy as You Can for
Yourself During the Hot Spell.
Don'l swi-llci- under the weight of Heavy Clothing,
Wiiriii Hats, Uncomfortable Underwear, I'nHcasunnblc
Gel,a lightweight Ttvo-Plt'i'i' Siili one of our featherweight, Hats a Soil ol' I'luli-i wen- so lighl and comfort-
ynu Won't know you're wearing il, a eomfoi-lalilo
Neglige SI1I11- I'nol Hosiery- it pull- ol our S|iecial Hot
Weather Oninfnrl Giving Shoes, and you won'l gruiuhli"
null innii', uii uiul It',- how hlnh the mercury climbs.
We are Offering Special Bargains
This Week in All Summer Goods
Boo Our Two-Piece Snlin at $7.iiu. Special Snaps in High
Hnls al II'h-,   Hot Wciitlier Bargains iu Underwear at
11,'ie.   Ileniiiikiibli- Values ill Shirts at Hue.
You Can't Afford to Suffer from the Heat
Wben You Can Buy at Those Prices
We're doing bigger business every day.   Lnv Prices
awl guild treatment to overyone Is doubling our trade.
Mattnisciie,-pillows mid bed com-, Butbfawilrfr'S, all tinds-Big round'
lorts we keep a choice line—O. B. | «pong«8 that, hold a qusrt, it Bewi*
Hume k Co., Ltd. | DfUg {jt0re,


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