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The Mail Herald Apr 12, 1913

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g]   Railway    Junction  and
lievelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
H   ional  Point.   Headquarters for gl
gj   Columbia    River     Navigation, g
11   Hub of   Timber    Bolt, Mineral ii
ID   Zone,  Agricultural    Lands and [S]
Vast Water Powers of B. 0.
g] 11 illi! H ilia.
Sil IB® Hii
rhe Mail-Herald
g] 31 ■£«!! S S S 3 E M Bl® S
■: a
ID   Cire-ulitjss |rw4se per week 0a-
g   ong  the ptQripero'j* iiiilttens ..©f  g]
gj   Canada's     PremTelr ~ Province.   B
The      l-e.-ognised '   adverti.ing
medium for Kootenay  and Interior Briti-h Columbia.
m a
Vol. 19 -Wo    9
$2.50 Per Year
Negotiations Opened for Sa!e of $ 100,000 Worth of Property
—Where the Lots Are Situated.—C. P. Ry. Presumed
Buyers.-General Rise in Values Throughout City.—Many
Deals Already Closed.
put the profits of past business back
into local circulation ihruiigli tbe
medium of investments in city realty
and expi osive new blocks of buildings
whicli when completed will provide uc
commodation for Hevelstoke labor to
be usefully and profitably employed
catering to Rovelstoke people.
Buch enterprise deserves encourage -
ment, and the firm of "Manning" an
.i'l-ti: .I in anticipating that large
share of public patronage which th>
quality of ihoir products, conblned
with the efficiency and courtesy of
in ■ proprietor and Ins a8si taut - have
bi'uu  lit   ilii'iii   in   ib •   pasi, and       will
continue to'draw to their establishment  in the' future.
i.H. Y.M.G.A. HOLD
Full Reports from Directors and Departments-
Growth   of Ass ciation   Woik.    Plans   for
Future.— Statistics   Shew Continued   Progress.—Revelstoke Premier PuU c Institution.
The long expected real estate boom
in. iruck Kevelstoke this last week,
and th- prices of property, especially
in certain areas me already doubling
.'•1,1 trebling in value
A;u..i Qve days ago strangers from
Winnipeg, ] resumed io be real estate
speculators, arrived Ln to.vn, and at
once comm a -.1 io exhibit a very active interest in local realty. Acting
through the medium ofthe Uevelstoko
General Agen i s, Ltd., chiefly, but
also lo some extent through other
brokers, tue..' gcnt.e.nen liu..- mad.'
very extensive purchases ui Revelstoke
real estate, mainly concentrating their
buying in th ection lying between
First Btreet .aid the C.I'. Uailway
tracks', oh i an especial interest in
property lying between the hospital
an.l the brewery, ili, llull-S.nbJ 1
Syndicate were the Erst to actually
close a deal, and sold ior a sum staled t.e I.,- approximately sl?,."i0i) thirty
lots comprising a hlock of property
s.ri tcliiu.' almost io First street be-
tween that road and the C.P.R, tracks
Real y owners in the tame aistrici
including Messrs Turnross, CR. Macdonald, Armstrong, Johnson, Horobin
and others, have also been approached
and i. is understood that options have
bee n granted -for varying terms, in
each cas'e a payment being made to
secure same.
Whilst nothing dednite is known regarding the parties for whom the pur-
e bases ai J acting; the procedure followed, and the iniim.it' ica' Ige of
ihs lie ot the land and the actual lot
and block numbers they require prove
that tbey are noi wild speculators.
but are buying i u a reco nlsed plan
and wiih very eletiniie instructions and
objects Tho general opinion prevails
ihat the buyers are acting on behall
of the Canadian Pacific Railway Co.,
with the idea of re-locating the passenger station futther west, some
three or four  blocks  than  ihe  |
inadequate station. The proposal is
teport 1 io involve the closing of Vic
toria Hoad for an entire block, when
Ihs property now being acquired,
would comprise a eig continuous hlock
of territorj adjacent to the tracks,
available for passenger terminals an.l
The activity referred to is stimulating realty business iu all parts of the
city. Several business men and properly owner* along First street have
been approached and in some cases'are
cons •'■ ring oilers ior their properly at
priei-S fifty perc.n.. above anything
ever previously b'poken of, and it is
.1 that as developments occur,
increases  will    be g neral  thrju^hout
.   .      i..' e.
The Lartie»' leaking these sensational buys are anxious lokiep their mo-
lives and movements secret, it is with
dlffi u.ty that th,> above information
i gathered, and we hope in thj
next Issue to make more 'definite announcements
Tuesday evening next, April loth,
the regular monthly meeting of the
Board of Directors will ba held in the
Hoard Room al 8 sharp. Every mem-
tar of thi Board is urgently requested
to be presen Pi tparing plans and
presentation of budget tor this year's
woik wil! require some thought.
.Sunday afternoon next, the regular
Sun.lay afternoon meeting ior men
will take place at 3:15, this will be
tha last meeting for some time, we
want to have'a large turn-out lo tin-
ish the season's work, A number oi
the boys wni _ive short addresses, in-
terspersed with s'ong. Kvery man wel
Mr. Taylor Statton, Boyfc' Seere -
lary oi the National Counoil of Cana
da of 'he Y.M.C.A., gave a spirited ad
oress to the boys, in tbe Presbyterian
cbuuh Sunday last. Mr. Station was
well pleased with the work that is being carried on for boys in  Revelstoke
Mr. C. Bi-hop and Mr. Hairy Bal-
lantyiu of Calgary, general secretaries
of the Canadian Council spent a few
lours in Repelstoke Wednesday, thoy
are delighted with the work of the Association.
On Friday ceiling last tlle closing
gym exhe,niion toon place. At the
stiokc o. eight the piogram commeiic
cd wuh the Junior 1 boys marching
out and giving ;l wand.drill.
The boyi and girls competing in
apparatus work and pyramids, made
tie evening's entertainment enjoyable.
A large number thought the girls hail
outclassed the boys both in skill aad
pyramid work, but there is not a boy
that will believe it.
The feat of walking down a ladder
on his hands from gallery height, was
a line piece of balancing work, perform
Physical Director.
The boys and girls deserve great
praise for the way in which they handled the apparatus, thc system was per
feci, due to  the  untiring eflorts  of the
gill Hi 111 HIE II ill II IB II IB
U 1
Jm There  will  be  a    meeting  of U
|fj the     I'oullrv and   ret Sto.'k g
!«. Association 0n Tuesday evi-n- B
. Ing April  If.th. at     Smythe's f]
Pl Hall. S
1 B
m m [«i o-.i w [«i :»i w [■; B w i«i h ii h ®
1 bysioal Direcsor.
Th.' girls ~liowed remarkable ability
in In ing able by the use of the spring
board to ci dr the horse from a height
of live feet. Their form in the pyram
ri\ work was all that could be desired.
The Junior classes also did some
tne balancing iu pyramids, th.-re being as many as 13 on the ladders at
, ue time.
The cudgel fights, wrestling, French
Sea, Elevated Railroad aU did their
part lo make fun, as did nlso Mr.
Viitn \ iiiii McKUlmurryap ihe soldier
Mr. \V. M. Lawrence in a few choice
words presented th'; winners with their
pluses, consis ing •,:' medals and cups,
to  the following:
Firsl Place—Chas. Field, Everett
Baton, Ernest MeKinnon.
3econd I lace—J. Boyle, T. Lee, II.
Third Phi' i—V Tomlin-on, H. Good
win, J. Bourne.
Everyone was well satisfied with the
Inhibition and expressed their delight
nn 1 appreciation of the work done
i y the pe-rformers.
The All'.n Players
Miss Verna Felton and her support -
ing com].any, have this week proved
letter and stronger than ever. Last
uight before a !.t< e . 1. n e Miss
Felton in th" title role of "Madame
X" held her listeners spellbound and
:lni.l".l wuh the Intensity of tbe dram
atlc emotions she portrayed, Her per
formance was not mere acting.it was
intense realism. Madame Sarah H'-rn
hardt herself could not have held an
audience more completely undei her dl
\ ine spell Too much cannot be said
in praise of the supporting .ompany.
It was by fae- tho best dramatic pe'r-
formance e\ r given in Revelstoke.
On Wednesday night ia the "EaBi -
est Way" the six Leading members of
ihe troupe scored a brilliant succe-s.
Every part was taken in masterly
manner. A new character actress Mi-s
Helena Shipman, has been winning her
way into the affections othor audience
this week. She is remarkably versat -
lla, her "Roxie" on Wedn sday night,
afforded well-balanced relief to the
uitensV situations of the play.
The comedy "Tbe Oirl in th'1 Taxii'
kept the audience  in roars oi laughter
Tonight a farce entitled "The Widow (rom Tokio" will show the Allen
■ ompany in that rollicking -pirit they
can so well portray. Miss Fi lton's
dresses alone arc worth going to - *3.
being the very newest Parisian right
-kirted effects, ,
Today.   .Saturday.  April  12th,      the
old firm o: H.  .Manning, candy mauu-
: s,     purveyors   of     Ice    i n am,
ii uiu, and  dainties   move into   their
new quarters on McKenzie avenue.
Th doors of the big modern brick
and cement block, situated opposite
the City Hall, specially designed and
constructed for tne requirements ot
tue growing business will swing open,
and all old customers, and ihe general
public are invited to call and inspect
th .ie rior of the building, fitiings
and -' I'.iipnient which comprises an establishment complete and up-io-date,
a credit to the en rgetic proprietor,
und llie City of Hevelstoke. The proprietor and an able stall will be at
hand to welcome gtie-ts and show
them round the new building; irom
i to A-iO and io io 12 p.m., un orches
tra Is to be in aiiendane-e, everything
will he done to make the occasion
pleasant  and enjoyable.
Visitors will be able to see for themselves the complete and careiully
thought out manner in which every
detail of the building and fixtures hat
been planned with a View to absolute
cleanliness and the convenience and
comfort of patrons.
The block and equipment has involv
i-d a capital outlay of over $20,000.
Ihe in-ide furniture consisting of elaborate display cabinets, show cases
.m.i trimmings, is in a scheme of Mahogany and Walnut, representing the
asi word in retail parlor furnishings,
lbe -oda fountain is entirely modern,
the -helves are lin' d with a choice oi
home made and selected importid can
uu s and dainties. The lighting scheme
is electric, a shaded globe system, giving soft effects harmonizing with the
interior decorations. There is ample
floor space allowing room for tho neat
walnut tables and cbairg} also a ladies
retiring room titled with mirror, and
toilet basins.
Downstairs a modern candy munu -
factory is installed, everything is done
ty electricity the sanitary and light -
irg arrangements are far in advance
of those provided in the usual run of
such industrial concerns.
The entire establishment, is the pio-
duct of loe-al enterprise, capital and
labor. It looks good for the town
to sc our energetic young businessmen have confidence enough In thc future of  Revelstoke, to launch out and
A special meeting ol the above club
was h»ld in the City Hall on Wednes'
day iln' Sth inst., at s o'clock. PreBi-
.1 nt F.I I. Bourne in th • chair.
Mr. W.W. Foster in addressing tho
club, proposed lhat Read-stoke should
snul  a team  to    Vancouver to   play
lhal   b.-.s   as   bellows;       DUU'UIIS,      Aug -
iis| 23to, Victoria Harrison; August
•-'..th. Victoria; Aug. J7th Oak Bay
August 2. th. Albion, August 29th
( i, il Service Augu -i 3 • h.
'Ibis proposal was hrartily received
I y the members pre int, and ii is thee
Intention io E§nd a strong team to
take part in these matches. It was
stated by Mr. Foster that the Revel-
s'loke team would be entertained     by
the above . Iiibs.
Thc President, F.H. Bourne, propo
I .i vol ■ ot thanks to Mr. W.W. Foster for hi- kindly Int rest in arranging
tha tour, thi- was1 seconded bj W. ii.
Wallace an i b artily carried.
Cnthi proposal of Frank AUwood,
• e- nl.,1 ,y W.ll. Wallace, it was deed ,1 to hold a concert on the 21st
inst.,    ee unds to  place  ihe club.
Ingoi 1   financial   standing.
"lie meeting adjourned at  9:15 p.m.
The Bull-Dog Breei
The courage of the Hriiish Jack-Tar
was ever considered Invincible. In the
defeat of the French ofl Dunkerque in
I (IS against a combined French and
Hutch fleet, the Dutch Admiral UeWitt
reftrringto the four days battle, said:
"If th» English were beaten their defeat did ihem more honor than all
their former victories. Our fleet could
never have been brought on after the
lirsl day's light, and I I.eli'Ve Unit
none but theirs could; and all the Dui
ch have discovered i.s ihat Englishmen
might be killed an.l English ships be
burned, but that English courage is
Invincible." That this may ever remain true of the nation is lhe fervent
wish of every son ofthe greatest empire the world has ever seen. In a remarkable aud realistic cries of exclusive moving pictures entitled "Our
Empire Navy,'' to be exhibited at the
Empress theatre on Saturday, April
l-'ih, where everj phase of tho present
day British navy is depicted in pic-
ture and eloquently described in interesting address by Mr. William rhal -
ean—every phase.s depHed including
lhi career of a boy for tine years after enlistment, now lh" navy is train
ed, instru. thm in naval waefare, rruin-
'•' mi British battleship . monthly stages ini ha iuui.I ng i.f a    Dreadnought,
how lhe navy prepares for war. and
lb' nnvy actually al War, Popular
prices have been arranged for tbi- very
welcome and up-<to-date attraction.
Prices   i:..-., 26t.. and 25c.    Matinee
—at 2 3d p.m.
If you are a Presbyterian you     are
interested  in   thclig  -ocial  rally     in
Bl. John's church on Monday evening
Thomns Walsh, rancher of thiB city,
and formerly of Hnnlhcad and Colden
dad ibis' morning at the Victoria
There is no mystery nbotit the dl-
\orce problem in this country. Tho
trouble is that girls will in-Met upon
marrying before they nre able to support ft husband.
A man who imagines he is doing
two men's work Is always surpri*<d
whin he finds that thoy get along
without hiring anyone in his place,
when they dlschar>ge him.
The Seventh annual meeting of th
It.H.V.M.C.A.,   was  held  on  Thursday
evening lalt In the Asso iation head
Presidenl Roberl Howson call ■•! thj
meeting to order at 8 30 p.m. The
Secretary read minutes ol last ,uiu tal
meeting,and which were adopted.
The Directors report was then submitted as follows:
Repoit of the Physical Department for
As-o iaiion year from April l-t,
1912, to March 31st, 1913.
The lirsi feature of Importance tor
the year, was the mammoth circus,
which took place on April ."iih. The
gallery and half the gym lloor wa
filled, the greal cfowd Went away w. ..
satisfied. This wa-a pleasing .vent
with the children and boys, (J .
was  m.ole at the door.
The hcai item oi Importance -.v.i- the
Ans u:..l Crafts exhibition, which was
Btarted by the Physloal Director, this
was not a financial success but U w..-
weil worth ihe outlay to seethe work
tbat was put on. The boys showed ro
a arkahle sKill, some very clever work
in Electrical toys and fixtures, also
writing, free-hand drawing, wood,
carving, etc., twenty-tive boys took
par:, ..'itb -li different cxhibitii
During April an effort was made   io
secure a  boys camping ground,
waa secured, but not enough boys were
interested to war:am -eiing.
ilii.ee.  baseball     meetings,  ;.
meetings, were the order for a time.
Great efforts were put forth tohave
tu. i,, iball grounds in a~ good shape
as puss, t, a connection with the water main enabled the Director to keep
the groundi free from dust. wh. b was
greatly  appreciated  by ihe  men.
Last fall the Director supervised the
plowing up aud repairing oi the nth ■
K'.ic ground; at au outlay of *-0.
A four team baseball league was organized, and commenced in May,
which w in along liue until the end
of August, when the nights go; so
short thai the men could not play
A good football team was organ .•■..
and   played several  games,   soai"  oiu-
sido and  o ne inside tho ■ ity,
A school baseball league was started and run by the Director, thu-' enab
ling him to exert an influence for good
in this line <i spon. with over 40
boys. A great number of swimming
hikes, overnight tramps, shooting
hikes were  taken ihrou.h  the summer
On duly 1st, a greal sports day was
held, the entry list was fairly '..
football game was played In the morn
lag) between Kamloop" and Hevelstoke
ihe former loosing, in the afternoon
the sparts were run off, alter which
a game of baseball wa played be- -
tween Chas.'and Revelstoke, the
former loosing. There was a lug
Through il ■ generosity ofthe citizen . i h prize i ' was one of the bi it
thai was ev. i put up,
i n Octobei      '.uh.    in gun: ed
woro started, and kepi running In g< od
hape    Monthly gym test    wi i
which mail'' the • i.i s.    fai  bi
an.I iii.«r■ -   a tiva-.    Regulai  test*   wen-
given iii life -aving, resent and release
methods, removing clothes in ihe- water for  wbich minks  w.re  given,    and
prizes  given lo those who  made     the
highest   marks.
Three leagues Of basketball were
nm off.
A new feature was Introduced this
year in the form of a railroad mens
class, whereby any railroad mai who
hap|ien«d to lie off duty could go into
the gym and enjoy himself, this cla<s
waB greatly appreciated and proved a
Hoalth talk? were given and found
to he profitable.
A v -ry enjoyable feature of thee Outer's work was the' Mothers visiting
days, each time over twenty-five mo -
tilers were  present.
A Bible Class which is a credit to
the  Association was -tarted in    Oct.
and run     unti   th ■     m:,idl ■ ot Ap .
.-:.;... mo tag at ten
o'clock, this i le s has , i,. ular at-
in ■ ■ ship of twenty-five.
In May, 1'11. a--cat closing social
was givm at which twenty boy- were
i'e sent. The Physical Director feels
gratel father in Heaven for
tbe many   i ,>; ■ 11 ....;. -   e,;      -i eaking
the woi I 1        h i.t . he has ai- i     to
a- t.i    ; t he has failed
ad.'ant .   . . .. i     many ch..n ea
tbat  were   • bered.
lu   ••    ■ ancemi n    ma la
by the to might feel   ustly
le," a ".- tr --n
oya   an  perform all of the r'-cueand
;• 1 a e m 'thi 1- o!    tii ■    Ro al    Life
ig S an i tv   • • . -   - .•   in
perform  S haf u ■  syst n   of  rest scia
oa.   A marks i il     .....
:: thi ii   performati      i      the    -\ m
apparatus, . ;   the   monthly
usts, and a sys -     foi   pro
gross ma ! -
1 '•        - m y
have ti ■.. •   a ..
this .n i ni -  •:.
inns puRvia,
al  Depart.
Annual £ I -.     r
f.on  y. ai   ll . tl   I -t.  191!
Mar h   31st.   i
Ne,.   using field foi ,.'    1 I
So. usin. t'•■: I .'■ r    cr     ■    	
No. usinj
No. of basetall I ....      •
No. of La -                      -
No   ■ pla            -'
■   teams  bi   ighl   in   	
No.  of team    si    oul          2
Total   '■■■ :: . e-  ..   3 17
No,  ■         ■
No.  of la
No.  . : -          :
No.  of S        1
Sn. of >i" ••  lays 	
To.ai     23S
.-!.        '    ft   ■ a'    CCt        -   I
Improver.n nts     made • n  fie -1,  1
1   ib-.
'i  city  water
main  foi
I iaraoi I | ind i tpatred
No    of Or,;..;-.   , d  nyt-i  c asses   ...       t
NeT iss     m
Sn. i i I.i.y- ,i        i,, s .  m	
Ne.. cf boys ui    le            ■  8
Entertain     a •  in gym    I
Physic il  M .: ■  .-   :
Garni a t :' basketball  played   10H
No.   P a'.'.n        1,4-Ji,
Total   USin      'im     4.417
rh.in :•■ , i   c' pbysi al D ipartment
Seventh  ai o   il  repoi i of the Raili t a '
Vouns- >   n- Christian Association
Of   lb-.... ti latil g  from    Api '
Ut.   . 112,     , M u   .  .'.l't, 1913:
Tl -     : ;.- I     ta ■ Railroa .
Young   Men's Christian    Association,
taa just coai]       l   t   a veuth year of
.:■■   WOI «     in a coa -  ItUJ    v   which
. i ppoitun.ty     ior
si rv, e to n • :. n wli'K believe
.nun elfish  .      .-   .un!   urotherly     co-
i i  ti
We acknowWg i-h profound tb.,
ling   tb       an .  ' '.   M< s.nk.  of an
all wis  an    :...m,-  father,  whose   wc
., ' and un li.   •••■ h.'     u 'ver er -ing lead-
.ve gladly
• i ••! members,
ccntributoii i .: .!..nls will kindly
i      i' ''::• banks  of  the  Offic
ii- and Board ol lblectors ofthe organization ! - all they have done to-
wal Is r .-, : ■ the making of a
clean, Inti I i erviceable litizen-
-hip on th- part of all thc mon to
whom we are t , ■<■ ed to minister.
The I  i     .   e   one of the feat -
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i § 11»§ i >«i. iBim h
i p
£ Reserve Friday, April 18th, S
S tor the lb- H nee of th" Had- g
¥   ie-' Auxiliary to B. of L. E.   S
S _ ri
SII" « ■ o « ■ « ■ f SS1H FACE TWO
SATURDAY, APRIL 12 th, 1913.
Have  You Money Lying Idle
which you would like to loan.
We can loan it for you on first
mortgages at current rates of
interest ranging from 7 to 10
Per Cent, per annum.
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
JOHN I). SII1HAI.I), 1'kks.
w^^svsvsvsk ta^%*v%^* %"W«W% %^s> ^»v«v%'»*'»> ^-%^»v%^%^ v
t    Pointed Paragraphs of Provincial Interest
The sum of $ 10(1,000 has been allotted to the prevention and cure of con
sumption anticancer  in Australia.
A rebellion has started in the Stato
of Colina, Mexico, but in a manifesto
.he leaders in the movement explain
ihat they are supporting President
llucria, but have risen in revolt
against the governor, whom they accuse of bad faith in not resigning, an
did the other  Madero  governors.
According to the Frankfort Gazette
the Turks have so far lost 500,00)
ri tics and 700 cannon to the Balkan
China 'ms opened a public coaipetl-
tion for a new alphabet, as simple in
form as possible, to replace that nation's eomplicated word signs.
News From Far and Near        {.((  kkk
What  is sai-.l  to    be Canada's    flrst
land and apple show will be held    in
Winnipeg on October  10  to  18,    when
Consisting of every conceivable si/.e ami make ot
Hats, Gloves, Shoes and Underwear; also a most
extensive stock ol  Neckiies  of every  shade and
We have also a specially fine assortment of samples
for our Spring Clothing Order Depurtmeet.
Fit-Reform Clothing        Stetson Hats Foot-Rite Shoes
A shipment  of choice Alberta barley prices will bo offered for wheat,  oats,
consigned to a lirm of Glasgow    mal- laii.y,  apples and  peais, the list to-
i,is  netted   iho  owner   'Jj  cents      per tailing   $4,000.    Diplomas   will   be   aw-
bushel     above the    prevailing  market ar:b .1  to  provincial   governments,  ag-
price. ri.-uliural   distcicts  and  fruit   growing
associations  ior     the linesi  displays.
Trade statistics for   1912  show   that Scno,a|.sn,lpa ,0n.6ge8 ln lhe Donli„ion
Germany is again Gnat Britain • best an amQng (hc [)|i/cs
The angllcan clergymen who recently sent a circular io the Anglican clergy all over the Dominion on the
subjeel of church unity, have addressed a similar message to Anglican lay-
r..t-n. They ad.ocate allowing other
Protestant clergymen to preach in
Anglican churches under certain re -
sti'ictions and also a'lowlng Protestants of other denominations to take
1 art in tin Conimun'on stervio in
Anglican churches.
At the Busy McIntyre Corner
F.eans. small, white, easy to cook, 3 lb. for  25c
Japan Rice, finest, cooks soft 3 lb. for  25c
Stephen's Chow Pickles, per bottle  35c
Sliced Lemon Clin^ Peaches, small tin  20c
John McIntyre & SOX
First Street.
Telephone No. 93
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
SWIFT'S . . .
Blood and Bone    Umi
 y v.
Revelstoke Meat Market Ltd.
having imported English
goods to ihe va'iic of 847,917,000
marks or ¥211,979,250.
"I o you thmk a woman believes you
when you tell her bhe is the first girl
you ever lo\ed."'
"Yes, if yore the tirst man rhe has
iver  met.
'lie founh session of the s^ond
Legislature of AL.erta was prorogued
,n March 21 Later the IIo.isC wa-i
dissolved and writs will be issued at
once for ■,, ne'W election on April     17.
The thirdtrial cn a jury bri lag
charge ol Clarence S. Darrow,     for
mer chi -f counsel for the McNamara
brot'he.s, has been set by .III."- V.
R. W.I is, | r ■■■ iding judge of the Los
Aug. Is Superior Courl for June 18.
Water prospects for Winnipeg ibis
year are by no means bright, and unless certain problems are oven-onie ihe
■iii/.i ns are very liai I i to be kept short
in ib-ir supply. Though ihe citv bad
fgurcd on mriii .ni.as.' by tha
sinking ol o.ev a dozen new wells,
these wells are not panning oiu as well
.,   was ezpecti d.
The Daily Mall hus re.-eived four
cntr.es foi ii- hydro-aeroplane conwst
around the British Isles and across tho
Atlantic. The entries are the Englishman, Cordon, and. ihe German
Rumpler, for ihe transatlantic prize,
which . - pen to all nationalities, and
the Hbr.i.t aeroplane firm and Captain
Codj  io tb pi izes.
for years stage
\: ioria theatre and a
■    • toria lot  more     than
Id     ..  last Thurs
;     '■ t i- Btan ling
when    ne    was
i :      . cack  - :'    tb i
-    .       ;
Mr.   ■•
No Other Hosiery
Offers This—
Foot-clothing that fits with absolute perfection, ror
reasons you will readily see if you'll glance at   h..
picture here ... the only hose made that is perna-
nently shaped to the foot and leg, and that is brtth
Seamless  and Snug-Fitting
You would not think of buying hose with a seam up the front
of  the leg ... . wouldn't that be  ugly and uncomfortable 1
Probably you buy the kind with a seam up the back only
because you didn't  know   there wns a kind free from that
discomfort   and   unsiglitliness.     There  is,   however.   You
can get the better kind in  any  weight   or  color  if you
buy hosiery made by
Penmans  Limited
Paris • Canada
▲.        Underwear,    Sweaters,    Hosiery
\ CUP 1
:ll iu
j-.ni> TEA"
will refresh
:. and 50c.~per
Jt$ J Id oL-J
P. O. Box 208     GROCER & BAKER     Phono No. 23
The tattcllK.lds commission hai
awarded thi contract for a n 'W mon-
ment lo replace' lhe Wo fc ir.au oloum.
on the I lains of Abrahan. The new
shaft will bean exact duplicate ot the
od one which was erected by the
Britist. Army in ls49 to replace the
ttie' erected in 1n32. The new nionu-
nie ni will be rased a few feet and.
Ihere will he :, granite coping cxtend-
ing ov r a linndri'd feet. The wholo
will  be siiiToindcd  by a stone wall.
Thc ratepayers of Pent i.t on have
authorized the reissuing of nearly
i.iir.iinii debenture stock o.i a basis of
6 per cent. Tha best oiler they have
had on a 5 per cent, basis !•; 82.1. To
carry out thc proposed programme,
would iievessiate a further issue to
make up the deficit. This fun her issuo
would hc to the limit of that corpora-
lion's borrowing powers', lty changing
the rate of interest to G per cent, a
price of 97 will probably be obtained.
At last week's session Penticton'a
council authorized lhe sale of ^omo
s.'hool debentures at S2.1
Mr.  B.M.  Macdonald in the     House
lasi   .v."';  asked  the Premier regard-
ng   i newspaper  report that  a com -
mission had been appointed to invest-
igate  ths demands ol British Columbia fo:   uett :  terms feOni the Domin-
nt.    Premier Borden said
Hr.  ■/..   A.  1 ash and Mr.  E. V.
Bed well  had already  been appointed,
name the thir.l party,
i ■].. nt ment would !"• mads
-.  tbi .  ni siate for the Ool
Ml     ll.iroltrt.
I  - ...i ndered  its     do -
i t   week,  in   the
lev  the daugh ers of the
1.1   tor the entire Con-
left  by  their father, valu-
The   ' ourt decided
■ 1,   who in     addi
are      mul  led
nly  thc   Princess-
il  the Minis-
■pt      |7,-
ir      i ii    property
i i .'   and
. Ion.
al   Kings-
..-  thc i.iiii
...    : lie.l      Vlll  -
id tion
.:n     in
I. ' leton,
..(    the
'   00   and
i ■ i
A Pail, With Water—
a Brush—and a Pkg. of
11,1, transform tlit uulicsi walls Into walls of beauty  of ait
w _
most cultivated  taste*.   Anyone on apply
Alabastine by following the directions.   All    StfuSSffJ
you need is a pall, with w iter, and n (1 :t
brush.   The rest is easy.    Alabastine, unlihe
all pipT andjkalsomlne, hardens, and becnust
f the w;iH lUctf,     Alabastine Flicks to the wall
■.  It is the only absolutely sauitury wall covering.
LD WATER eiiAl(al|.ClB4l^
A new coat can be applied without removing old one. Alabastine is made iu
white, atul twenty-one charming tints.
Come in ami get the Alabastine tint
book. We'll show you how really beautiful Alabastine is.
These free Stencils are worth from COc. to
$1.1)0. They enable you to more beautifully decorate your home. Call
in for particulars.
First St, Revelsloke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
Special Attention Paid to Mail Orders
'lliii thr All-fin-1rclaiul League is
making; strenuous efforts to bring
about Home Rule by consent, is the
declaration of William O'Brien. Mr.
O'Brien has approached not oaiy tho
.nin stcrs but the leaders oi the opposition, and though their answers nro
guarded Mr. O'Brien believes that
there is a suflicienl body of opinion in
iln' I'niied Kingdom lo insist upon a
peaceable settlement in spite of extreme opposition.
Mr.   Charles W. Young ;l, well-known
resident    of    the      Kootenays during
some yenr* pust, formerly chiof of
police of thf rity of Nelson, has been
name I by iho government a* nveiver
of the little mountain-girl city of Saa
don, the appointment being made upon the recommendation i.f Mr. William Hunter, the member for tho dis-
liiit. Mr. Young, under his new com.
mission, will be virtually all public
officers and offices rolled imo one.
The Easy Laxative
In justice to yourself you should try Rexall Orderlies, —your
money back if you don't like them. They are a candy confection that really do give easy relief from constipation.
Record of Progress for Five Years— 1906-1911
Reserve   •
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
* 8,000.000
1 1,000,000
4X, 217,284
Has 83 Branches In Canada, and Agonts and Correspondents in all
the Principal Cities In the World.
Interest allowed at highest current rate.
Revelstoko Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
ion  of tl
lhe n .. ■   ; 'nt. -.f 11- it     the
Monarch lype    In future    Monarches
• i.    ,■   . .:
.11   i   ,i   .     Ill      In "      I     ;.   i- ill .    I,lit.   it.
,.-: impo Wi ',, nay whethi i : he Vui
mi,in i-i. i'inun'iii win ever aspire to
'in' r iran li   figure! ol ol boi   iation*,
i r
.'. reel
,.]    ol        Ul"
Morgan     A
di head
hou        ...
.    . tl,,.
.   ,   •     ..in.
' partnei ,
y  a -i Mil   iimi
lev  i' e tm  ni  Iii     ii nullity    in
ei .I ii. ■ long ■ iporl
■ii i-   ,   n hanker, should i>.  given  ihe
1" il Ion of ii'-ii- i   Nip,,, tance in  t.hn
■ nl   f.P   Morgan A i lo.
Qood health is largely dependent
ui".n the bowels, When tbey become
sluggish ihe waste material tlmt ia
thrown nil by the system accumulates.    Thii      rniiililiiill      IvneriiU-H
poisons which circulate throughout
the body, tending tn eroate ooated
tongue, bad broath, headache, dull
brain action, ncrvon in-.-. bilinusnesH
mnl . tin i annoyances,
Avoid harsh cathartics and physios.
They give bul temporary relief.
'I hi ■ fie le aggravate tho mil trouble.
Thoy nre particularly bad for children, di licate or ngeil persons.
( onto in tablet form, taste iu.it like
candy and nre noted for their easy,
soothing action upon tho bowofo.
1 if don'l leiiri'M. grlpo, causa
e looseness, iim i'n Inconveniences attendant upon the use nl
purgativi e Their action is so pleasant thai thi taking nl Rexall < ii.I'-r-
lies almost becomes s desire instead
(■I ii duty,
Children   like   Rexall   Orderlies.
Tiny are i'I'miI f"r :u" el nr dslioate
persons as well as fur the most robust.
They ool toward relieving constipation, and olio to overcome its ™use
nml t" make unnecessary the frequent, u.se nf laxatives.    They serve
t<> t'  and strengthen the nerves
and muscles of the bowels and associate organs nr glands,
Make Us Prove It
We guaranteo to refund every
penny i aid ua for Rexall Orderlies if
they do nol glvo entire satisfaction.
We a.-k iei promises and we in no
way obligate you. Vour mere word
is sufficient for lis to promptly and
cheerfully refund tho money.
Doesn't that, prove that Rexall
Orderlies must be right? You must
know we would not dare make such
ii promise unless we were positively
eiil.iin that Itexull Orderlies will do
all iit claim for them. There is no
money risk attached to a trial of
Itexull Orderlies, anil in justiee to
yourself, you should not hesitute to
test them.
Hexall Orderlies rome in eonven-
ient vest-pocket size tin boxes. 12
tablets,    ItJe;   30   tablets,   l!5c;   80
tablets, .Wc.
CAU1 l"      Ploasa bear in mind that Rexall Orderlies are not sold by all drug-.
giftfl.   Y'iu i .11 buy it" rail i Irdorliea only at, the Rexall Stores.
You rim I uy Rexall Ordcrlii I in this community only al our store:
The 52*2J£ Store
British Columbia
'I l.rrr u» it Remll StofS m nearly evrry town and cily in the Unite,! SUtei, Canada and
f.irai Britain, ThSfS i» a diflerent Itemll lleinndy tor marly every ordinary inniian ill —
SSOfa r-efieri.-illv ej...icn. .1 for lis- particular Ul tor wbicb it it rrcommended.
The Rexall Stores ara America's Greatest Drug Storage SATURDAY, APRIL 12th, 1913.
There is Now a Market
List Your Holdings With Us
For a Quick Sale
We have the Buyers
If Your Prices and
Terms Are Right.
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
R. R. COLE, Manager.    Local Agency American Casualty Co.
Woul.j AKtttbi
iieo.st pitiable one. The only redeeming leature of a forest lire from g,
u.iui-n„' point of view is that it clears'
a.vay ihe brush and umber, and thus
gives greater opportunity for bhe proa
pec.or io search for and follow up
exposed veins of mineral. Otherwise
the forest hre appurantly misses any
law of compensation. 11 is a dead
less in every way, doing no good to
received an>0IW and v"y B»eat "arm. The
ii.  o...us» oi   ttie    bores try hl*hl t0°> °f*S«wd     old tree that.
Victoria,    ayfu  iu.—In the     heavy
volume oi tu.if-i'uua-'n.e aUJ i*uueois
Ur  intoi
daily at
liiuu. u o. iue i.auas ueparuneni mere
after perhaps a century,
its  maturity,      slaa-in,;
has rea-hed
,   , g  a   blacKened
are  nece». a.i.j   ...any   inuite.-,uug    new =           ,  ...   ,
.    ...MMii iiniolded rum of a stump some six or eight feet,
idea= un.i uolfiua safagesiioua  uutowca °
iv,,-,Qirv  ,,,.n- '" ('mine;.er—and simply because John
the  result  o.   o.,.-e.-..ug  tou-sliy  mai .   ,                 *
t'nmh forgot to put out his campflre
before leaving for parts unknown—is
a sorry sight indeed. I noticed last
spring that the mountain opposite ua
was gradually becoming elothed with
a low brush of young trees. Uut how
many years will it lake io restore that
mountainsMs to its former forest
glory.' And how many years will it
ii'iuiiv to produce a iree comparable
in glrt'h and height to those grand
old iedais whose huge, .stumps, black-
med and charred, are crowded along
ihe road ?"
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The sb. le, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
ters uo.ii .a eaueiy ui view points,
'the inuuence ot roresta iu ih« prevention ut a.ui..ucu..-, aud the conse -
queni ad.a.ita^e oi Ioresiation as a
secuiity  and  aid   lo  inin.ug  is      Wius
' admiiadiy  Illustrated     in a letter re -
I cuit.y iu naii-d irom Mr. Arthur Lakes
br., ui a mir, who aci o.npanied his
ttioughltul lO.iiiiuui.catiuii 'dealing
with uie recent  gieai slide near   the
I Wiloox mine o.i Wild'Horse Creek,
with a ssei.h whieh excellently   sup-
' plementa tne text ui hia letter.
I "i saw yesterday," says Mr. Lake,
in his letter, "waat seemed to me a
sui..iug  ouject   l.-son as  to  tbe im-
■ poiiancut consei'viug and preserving
growing standing  limber and  ibe ben-
' etit oi the i ores iry policy in averting
| cr  checking great forest flres.        The
I mountain opposite to the Wilcox mine
a..o.e Vii.d Horse i I'.e-ei, is smooth
iae-ed. indented her,' awl there by
deep furrows or shallow ravines. Yesterday after a succession oi severe and lan,u until about 3H0 years ago. A
nearly continuous snowstorms which knife was used to cui up t'uod but the
accumulated some six or eight feel of focd wai con.eyed by the t.ngeis to
tuu.. iiiiiii-.el, the eudre face ui lhe f, 0j was icnvi'yeJ by the I.n ers to
moi.nl. in lor a space of over t.alt a use ofthe for.; in the twentiilh-cen-
nii..', and io ii b. i lit oi a thousand tury fashion was by a noble Ituly of
feet u.io.e the ri.er, slid down i.oiily   Byzantium, wbo,  in the eleventh cen-
Forks—Forks were unknown in Kng-
t or tnowslidr, uny. had married a Doge of Venice,
and ate in that city after her own ous-
luin. cutting her meat very linely up
and conveying it to her moutb with a
nvo-i i on-.ed  for.;.   Tlie  act   wa-      re-
,i ry  po in  simultaneous
...   | i-.-.-un tertcd     signal,
Another Shipment to hand of Spring
and Summer Styles in
Voiles,  Panama and Lustre
20 Per Cent. Discount for Cash
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to be arranged.        Meal Tickets, 21 meals for f6.00
A. P. LEVESQUE, Proprietor
in uii.' continuous
sta: ling  at «
ly :i •   thuu    ;
an-J cia'-..iiu o.i from the sno.v above
1 a. .ii- adistinct  irregular or crenat-
id line of dirt apparently from flvei, to garded in Venice as a sign of expen-
t, n I..-, li- _ ii aluii, the '/.oik- where the ...ve luxury ami extreme euVminacy.     |
slide oii.-mi;. d. strongly     resembling Shoes—As coverings for tin' human
an irregular bm-h fence at a distance. [eet  i-ho;s tune been  worn from    the
The  -now  scaled   oft  lorn the  under- earliest  limes. The -hues of the  Jews
lying older nud harder riiovt  like   the were  made  of  wood,   rush,  liiun     or
coat  o. an onion and  plunged     down leather.     The Romans were the    firsl
enveloped  in   white  loan  and  smoke- i0 set the example of cosily shoes and,
like hii-t,  into the  river. ';r.i vlji'Cl   various  deioiative    ailorn-
"'ihe  remarnable  feature  to  me,   of ments of ivoiy and pie ious     >tou(N.
this slide was the way in which,     at in the   middle     ages fa-hio:i   played
it- -tar.in,' point it avoided all grow- ..ume fantastic tricks with shoes and in
in.o.- standing timber.   The  slide   in- England, about  the middle  of  ihe lif-
vaiiahly had its Inception an.l origin- ie. nth  century,   -hoe-  with  BUch  long
aiion point in bare places just at the points were  worn  that  they  had     to
lower egse  i>;   the  timber—never from ie tied to the knees ior     convenience
within  it.  ..Iihi'.i b   the  timli'i   occu- in wai,.in,-,  the dandies     using silver
].      \ shaped depressions well adapted foi the accumulation of -now.
"During • h • y.ar before last 1 noted that none' of the numerous Individ
ual   tli'.ie-i  headed   fio.n  within  .i.e..
■ hains  for  ihs purpose.    It  was about
i .;.'■.  when  shoes of the present form
ivel*    in roduced, and in      16;,S,     the
ii    le .atne  into use as an ornament.
Chimney—The  oldest  certain     a.--
Laughton <& Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
European Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
//. J. hiSCULY. frcf.rn.tcr.
Strictly First Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
in» timber areas,  bui  invariably from count  of a chimney places it in Venice
bara places burned o3     by  the forest .n t)HJ.   Nine of  the Itoman     ru.us
dies.   If the timb'i  covered the moun -buw chimneys,     The chimney of  an-
tain     as ii     did before ilie tin' there   ii ,u.ty  was  a hole in  the roof.        A
would be no snowslides on that moun  , itchen  in  Rome  was always     sooiy,
tain .till no m nace to miuiug bouses ,,,. I  the  wealthy   Homnns  used     dry
Ioi   plant .      s it  is, it would be huz-  wool whieh would burn without sool.
in I.e s ii- Impossible in, case ore bod-     : ilk -The ftrsl   silk  was made B. 0.
lieved to exist) were discovered 2       by  tha wife oi a Chinese     em-
to mine the ore or to erect buildings.    . mr. Ari i.ii-        350 in t  mentions
"This lit;'• incident,     whi h   doubt -;i; among ili1 Greek .     'lhe    nianu-
r.oi i- common enough ;,ti.l which the faeture of s.i;     was   carried or.     iu
ers must often hnve observed in  Sicily  in  the  twelfth    century,    later
ountry,  showed me clearly    the spreading lo Italy. Spain     and     the
potection from snowslides that stand Bouth of Fran e. li was not  manufac-
iiu timi  i- afords, especially at their  tured  In England before J 04.
Inception  and  n ar the summits.    No     Tea—Tea  wa    introduced imo Mug-
prudent miner would cut oft to any ex  1 in l aboul  the middle ot   h       iven
ttnt  lack  oi his  mining  plants,    on tcenth century, wh n ii  wa    a gre-at
th'e  poor  excu.-e of  its  being   handy,'  luxury and (etched [rom    e6 to  £10 a
therebj  destroying l.is best friend and pound.   Up to aboul   i-vr, ihs greater
pi,.•••ite.i .'nun  the attack of his woi- | ortlon of the tea   imporrted  Into this
st  •iimy—the  snows id ■.  At  ihe same country came from China;  ihe-  bulk is
be would, no doubt, clear off a certain now obtained (rom India and Ceylon,
although China tea of good quality is
.i.n   e'.e.'     lie   its  way   into faveir.
li a1.1    The     wi a ardod n-     a
- i.'i  .1  i Minn   I y      ancient    races,
The   li w- weie pi. n.i ,,f  iheii   beard .
Mini '.em • them iineiii -h tie-     days   oi
space around hi- mining plant as security against forest Breo. Il Bi ins to
me that a great forest lire such as
those which have swepl these mountains, is one uf the greatest concoiv-
iil-.li ttii-ii tun-.- ton mining ''amp.
it    nl n ei    the  plant,     i    destroy    ibcii   Egyptian bondage, although tho
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Ci^rc     Rates Ji a day.    Monthly rate.
J\    ALBERT     STOl^TE      PEOP
:.      .-,,!.,        '   .   [oi  future n- ■,       it
extinguish .   the limber protection .,.■
ain>t  snowslides  and il   even  encour
agi    »1 .   .  "     inates them or mak
i ■  . ,.i      'lh . i In eks   an.l
1 .ei a   ■ ol ib ■ .ni-i in days     mos I
I ,i.ei.   .iiui ibe   term "barbarous,"
■ I I'a'd wi in ,ng)     wni  applied     for      a
ea tbem possible, anl seriously afleot    li ,. •   period  to  people who were oon-
the water supply.   Nol only does     it
knock  mu ami   il ■moli-h    our    QUnieS,
•   ■ .1   ..ill   i.i   I be   pal
i.'i i.     Beard     b ivs
ot polite      e>
l .11    taxed   Oe-
a- in our own case nt the Wilcox, hut ca ionally, as in Itus'ia i,y Petet ill"
it carriei away uselessly a vast am- Qtsat, and at an earliei dati In Bng
ount oi snow th:ii should be Blorod up land,
for pra.liial use in the spring sea-on. I'm I'.ns wiie in exlstett'O, no
Both lod.' miner- and placer miners, doubt, in prehl toria nines, and havo
realize thi-. On the oilier band, tim- been UUCarthsd in Iln tish barrows,
ber left standing gathers the mow and Bram p.n- were Introduced imo Eug-
lets the water out gradually and mod bind Irom France about 1"'40. and
irately—gently—about the time it iB were being mado in this country Mine
most required, in the spiing and ium- years later. They were manufactured
er, not in u-cfess torrents, swept aw- by machinery in England in 1S1!4.
ay rapidly in swollen rivers, but quiet Wire—This wa- originally mini'' by
ly and lienencinHy. I have read of hammering, but is now produced by
several placer mine- in northern Brit- means nf powerful machinery, which
' h Columbia, being plneod hers do draws the heated metal through a
lombat hy the sudden departure of series of IioIcb of gradually diminish-
tbc snows in the springtime, through ing size. Tbe first wire mill in Eng-
slides anil wate* borne away in unav* innl wn" set up ni Mni-tlakc in li.iel.
ailnble torrents. Enormous quantities of wire,    of dlf-
' Tn mi' the Bight of thc effects of a  fciing grades anil sizes, arc now used,
great forest lire    u. b us thnt     which ranging from a thickness  difficult   to|
swept through  these  mountains is   a lend to the llncst  thread.
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
Pontraciva Silver-Grey   stock patterns
Cups C& Saucers Regular S3.00 Doz. This week $2.15
8 in.   Plates
6 in.
5 in.
7in. Large Soups
Fruit Saucers
Gravy Boats
Cream Jugs
Covered Sugars
Vegetable Dishes
Water Jugs
91'-piece Set of Above, Regular £22 50,  This Week. $14.50
These Dishes are Semi-Porcelain, and   the   pattern   is
guaranteed not to rub off.
Revelstoke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Paints, Oils, C&c.
Agents for Minerva Paints and Oxfcrd Ranges.
<& Announcement dp     6
We are now showing the Spring and   Summer
models of
£>atwtx\ Urauft
Our position is unique. We are Specialits. We
devote our entire entire energies to the outfitting
of young and progressive, mature men.
We handle the better grades of merchandise for
this class of trade and aim to give a service that
is refined and courteous. See this Clothing. Try
them on. and you will be as enthusiastic as wc are.
McRae Mercantile Co.
The Revelstoke lie me of Si • el
and U.S. Petei - Overalls
ooooooooooooooooc-ooo-o o
Imperial Bank of Canada §
Head 01< ico-Toronto, Cnta''c. 0
Capital Subscribed - 6.000,000.00 $
Capital Paid Up - 6,770,00^.00
Reserve       ....        6,770,000.00
Total Assets,       -      - 572.0C0.000.00
Kim cl et oi Ari ■ ts i      ll pi im Ipa' points in Canm   .
Agents In Great Pritain aud fnhw States- I rndin, England,
Lloyds Bank, Limited,    thii   ,-■  ' Natici      Bark,  rm. h-
ohange Nstlrnal Bank, Beat tli bpaltli ' ■■. i ei Rai |--..i.-
eiBro— WpIIh ! i.rgo Ni-\ idu Natii ual li i r S| i am i v bange
National Bitii'i.
Savings Baitk Dtpartmenl
Deponits of ifl ain' upward, reoi'iv.-.!. i.th! i ■• ■>. : || if,', at
ourrant rata from date of deposit,   Corn - ••!
Rovc!!?tal;e Branch—A. B. Kcrior.s gh-tn, V%r.
^oooooooooooooooo-rvoo ^ >ooo6
From Montreal, Quebec, Liverpool
New S.S. Laurentic. (15.000 Tons. New S.S. Megantic
First-Class—$!>2.50. Second   >5:i.7o.     Third   $82.50
S. S. Teutonic -             •             S. S. Canada
582 feet long. 511 feet lonjr.
Carries Only One Class Cabin (II) $50.00 ar.d Up
and Third Class $31.25 and Up.
619 Second Avenue, Near Cherry St, Seattle
A. Q. BROOKER, C. P. Ry. Passsnger Agent, REVELSTOKE, B. C. 1
SATURDAY, APRIL 12lh,  1913.
April 1 st., 1913
We are inaugurating a new system in
our business which is going to benefit
cash customers.
to pay cash and get a discount on your
purchases of . . .
iO Per Cent.
New Good
ew u\s
For every dollar spent we will give you
a 25c. Bottle of Furniture Polish. Just
what you want for house cleaning time.
All   Goods Marked  in   Plain   Figures
>& ii- lh t/i/ BfSfm.im I
■tnXM|].'.^ui«nti.' ** ttH0B§ ■
Pfir,J &P A*' S   P£v-T        to doli.e    an    hi   rated tal. o;
UHnnUrl vi   DLvl c. thf Scenic Wni.! >rlan I ' unde
t .  .'.. li ei   i ii        --'rated  tal t  on "ll.
r tbe
an ; i-i - nl '.h ■ !'; ■   r      Club, In thia
cl'.y,   n the not di tanl   tut ire,
IN USE 40 Yt< R8
]   ■ • Puritv
Ti. ■    • Piano   i |tiippi I    n iib
•    P       ■        Siraiiiitig      Hmls,
- ■ - I' ii uue and I'.irr y
li sijjn
I ll. C.
The Newcombe Piano Co.
R. C.
Phone, 262
Z\:c flDalMbetalb
-»irmi'.'.   \-
Jntertoc publishing Company,
j. K.  JOHNSON, Manager.
RALPH 0,  BCRCTON,   Editor.
■HI    V   ?.!i   f*   A
■ Conl ...      i';. i, i
ut     ..:' : h   \   ri nt       , nia     oi
h    .     o 'iutinn     iv tivil les:
i.ln ■   •. t IONAL.
\     i . i  i FaM
:  . . il and
that av n n >■      i lonal
'I hi    »   did,   au.l   I..i.t ,i class
tli,ui,I   and
. i pupils eni oiled 20
.i- ons,   .2,   ,,'t. n . -
wc were toi
rvic        :   Mr.   G.   S,
■ a li arlthmt tic,  Mi.   •'■ i I
K.w .1. k.   pin,.    .
:     amount   •
ltd out
....       :
;     rai     i I
■   ■■
•   \\    I -
Is considered by ' all to have been a
decided success, There wad an aitcud-
nii. p of I US at our six social funi-tions
1 eld during the year.
The Ladies' Auxiliary to ths Association is oi paramount value, the largest banquet ever given in Revelsloke,
wa taken charge ot by tho Ladies ..nd
was the greatest event of Hue tJeason,
iimi nt the Conservative Association
Convention    banquet, held  in October.
The open evenings In charge ol tha
Social committee wus a great success,
ih.. ladies participating in bhe howling
nn.l  billiards.
Whal dill r.utilities this As o.'iation
tr, .a ili" ordinary so'ial club, is thu
tact that it lias embodied in its constitution aiid by-laws the Christian
conception of lite, as lived and taught
by Jesus Christ. The o'lject ot our
wu.k i-i to render all possible assis-
tunoe to tho men ol our City, not only
in caring fnr their bodies, and 'develop
in ■» thcie nn ntal Facilities, i.ut to aid
in the culture ot the soul li.'e, without
which a true manly character is im -
possible of attainment, 'loday even
the soulless ..eipurations (so tailed)
recognize tl: • tact that officii ne-y is
I ased on character,
In all,23 religious meetings wen held
for m.n. th ■ attendance was 1581.
These meetings wer.' made attractive
and helpful, b.v the assistance of our
litypistors, singers and players of
which we take this occasion io thank
Fort,'-two se.-'-lons of Bible cfa--e<
w.'ie  i   Id, the attendance being 495.
'lb • total nn liber of all religious
me i' s held 7'.'. and the attendance,
207 .
'i li ■ io?.i. i- fm the yoa ■ we1' ■ al-
i osi ?2,l ;l in "xc iss , f ihe corres -
; 'i:: 1 n ; perlol in connection with the
current a count.
I'a ipts, $7,314.15; Expsndltures,
$7,110.42,  1 a\:n: a balance of S194.73
tiwiii- in the enlarged addition     to
im: nn.l the increase nt mem-
■ s!i ii and   mn. r a"':. it •■-. it        was
iefo boa d  o! dli e   ors
- lm   . :.. ability of appointing an   As-
■; t:.ii tarj     i a   ist    he i. aer
.;'.    ■ e r .ary. I        ...   .ii- u-sion
movi  '..   .-.   ei..ele-,l and   i'n' rie 1,
■ s     cure a you:-... man
foi   hal   i'     lb a.   At   the  next  rucet-
ii-' i i  ih    le'it'.l the Secretary    sug-
Mr.   I' M,   ''...■..m's  nam.'  t.i the
Mr.   Co ' an   was   ar: ■
■  imoncod hia duties AugUs't 1-t,
1 Hi!.
Tl ■'    itii g ol .i tew moi
lo.tha       '-..  '.  w i    'i'i.u..lit up at  thc
O a   number
■ ■■ '        lty,
M. Md •: il  Si -tt, J.
Al Mclntyi
■'.   sr=    n.  .    vson,
:  .     .        ::.:..     .'.    VS.
I.H. Lyoi
Ladies Tw«-ed Skirts
Ladies' Suits
Only a few Suits left to clear at
Special Prices.
White Wash Skirts
Prices $1.75 to $2.50.
Ladies' House Cresses
Pvep. $4, $3, £3 -t) clear at $2.00.
Oir stock Never Bitter. Pri<es
marked down from 40c. and 35c.
No-.v ..         2,t>c.
Ladies 1-piece Dresses
in White Lawn, and Muslins.
Regular $1 and $5. Your choice
for $2.00
Women's Spring Hosiery
IVotncn's   White  Underwear.
We are keeping in touch with
t!u Eastern Market. You can
dopend upon the  latest styles.
usrrvsBamrcr.Tj'irrmizrTsma.rr. •
'     ■
Annual Statistical Statement oi the
Railroad V.M.i'.A. of Revelstoke,
fm.ii April Ut 1912, lo March 31,
Atle ulna, to at Rooms:—
total  av.'.
.'.Iti n.l .nc   at   rooms   ...5-1,07?    118
lt.'-i       r. o r.s  i:-ed           17
No.    ol   times used   5,70S
Baths     laken   9,5o0    ;"i
t li  i mil t -.•     Meetings  ...      39
' :    ■ m ince   at    same ...    322
sions           72
All' ll ianie          .'"ili
.mis   Work:—
Me itings h.-l.l        _s
Attoi.ii.in ••    1,531
ble   Class  Sessions            12
\tt iiiar.ee        IDS
l- nt ■ ... nmonts          G
Ait ndanco   1,-Hn
Fii      Aid —
Si  sions         15
Alt. n lane-            ss
Kil Day attendance   500
I liy-i ..    De] ii-tmeni:—
Bo iks  tak n out   itiO
i " ' s  donated    2.",
.   Classes   119
At. endance     4,-147
a n'oi       340
lm i m< diates    25
Ti     421
Fi y*™» B™** *•*""* f~* 4    i    n
Ktbb    Ir\
.\.   AP..<II.   18TII
, ■ > V 3 ii ». "V
California   Jubilee   Quartcitc
Hla-ACK  I* vTTI, The Double-Voiced Concert Singer
Thi  n poi •  .:. "'   '•'
Progre«  Club  Meeting and    ummary
ol the able a I Ivered by     Mi,
Pott :      »»n   eagerly   reaU  by  every-
,.[,. in   '.•  advaocament ol
il ■!;•;.
Owing to the ImposMbillty ,A re-
iuctn^ more than thiee- or lour
tolun.n- ot type' set matter on tho
morn ng ot publication 'lay, we
only Tibled to give the barest summary ol Mr. Ko-ter'- masterly i-pccch,
but our reader- will be pleased to
learn, that r ,m early date w<- will
again have ihe Deputy Minister am-
cnget :i-. when thoie who missed t.he
treal ol la«l Tuesday will have the
cpportunlty ol hearing the lectuteron
a pinvlar siibj'Ct   he having consented
,'   :
. i   .        i
t I
:ti .irt lore      i.
ed ln the
-   cl lh     League      games
Phe la ilso be
■en •   e-.pei I ■     • '
The  cil ul   which wai  held  April  :,,
1112, will  long he  remembered  by   the
ide howe     win l>     're,,ted  i.nrete ol
laughter. I
Ba  -ie.,;!, looib
among tin  outdoor  pot
al field day sports, July i, proved   a
great   -uceeHH.
Many enjoyable hours *>r.' spent
watching the i,oy pin, their league
In ki'tbnll  eamen.
Thc  so ial   work   of   ihe  Ah-m iai ion
ment to cany  t- ■
' .a ' al    inrr aM
in th.   mefhberMnp
I   tn ,t,
ail thai i   ti" es .
round     'cierk  ol  I
th" purpo '■ fur whi''h  it was brought
mployee ot   the
C.P.R audeaoh othei   Itl^en of Ravel   lolfe    0 do   in      litt ee- nlnire |,y      way
of moral and iimin.-inl support
Youi    for a greatoc work in  1913-14,
than '•'••i    po  ible in  1912 13
Chairman   Hoard   ol   lliiecti.i
r iii.in •   i 'ommittee Report:
1 tire  in presenting
ol thi   Pi nan ml Commit -
V " lal Ion  daiin '     irom
■Hi. 1911, snowing receipts $1,000
y 'ni,   and a balance
\ socia'ion
bave no iced in read-
I it   there   is a sma'l
a vote oi tbanks
im!   i   ..     to Mi. Burns,
i '.e ifi - Railway Co,
est   in the   work  of      the
o   ' be   iianks  on this
imounts io $4,0ii'j
n  continual  burden
m  fm   the past     six
I , to   -tart a
hifl   debt 90
.   ''"   elon '.
'      in  ol lhe op
0 put our   hearl
rojfi   and     make
oke (eel     proud
. no    g,,
I on    m.
■: nl Rall
ng   the
,.i . t        Auxiliary tu   t be
Th ■ Lad        \   ■     ■       . ■ [,,. y,j) c,
.' work
1 ii mi'    the     past
,'.i' tiogi have
•in' different
il   leal  "l
(in   Julj    Isl,   19 - Ilh UB      ,ik
''.   ll the   Ri ■ I'nik    nml   (nun
11.70 wa   .   ill/ed, and In Octob
■     \  no. nil mil     Iran-,
fl     'i and fi "in   ihu
i here wa    netted  8250 I
Dining   the      ym     the     A so nation
expended the lollowing amounts *ir>o
10 the   Directors  to!*-  applied  ontbc
building fund. Table and .bans Were
bought an.l provided to tbe sii.ting-
room. Dishes and .ntlei y were pur -
chased ior the kitchen and curtains,
and bod linen supplied. The basement
wm.low- w.i-e frosted and a number ol
window- on the main lloor weM deco1'
ated with dlaphane.
There being a large amount ol buw-
ing on hand it is intended in the -curly autumn to hold a sale of work. The
Auxiliary have several ideas which
they hope to carry out through th»
Secretary Ladles Auxiliary to
At Intervale between iho rending ol
these reports an interesting program
wa rone through. Chairman, Rev
Procunler and other officers made ai>-
propriate addresses,    The Mr-'. Ucwb,
nn.I Messrs, Snin-iiii, Allwuod, W. M.
Lawrence, Annan mil Hardman, con-
tributing towai'di ihe enjoyment ot
tb i .ning, whilst Miss Francis Law-
ion acted ae accompanist.
Refreshments were served by the Iaa-
die nl the Auxiliary, and thc pro
ceedlng    terminated ai   11:80 p.m.
TO THE       |
"How nm h dn you e-baige for ono
thou nnl lettei heads" is a question
which tbe manager ol a printing office
il aHkel almost '-very day ol tbe week
That d'pends pretty much un the
quality of 'be paper,'' he replies.
The customer usually remarks that
he likes a (airly good clala ol paper,
nnd is shown simple, of several grad.
es  from  wbie'h  bc make-   a choice.   As
likily us not he selects a high grade
paper, one which calls for a rather
high price. However, he is shown a
j,o,,d grade of paper which he can
have printed an.l delivered for $li.50.
He wrinkles nis brow, puckers up
his lips, and finally si\s he will cull
again. Ha goes back lo his ollice und
■ooiis uii uu olfci ot soni'' mail order
Concern whieh seiii him a circular of-
i'.'iin; lo |ii ini ''ten thousmid letter-
Itcada ior $32.00—13.20 per thousand."
No mention is made of the grade of
taper, style of type or class of ink—
lut with the mail order house that is
of no eonse-pn nee. Of course thc husi-
nes- man really doesn't want ten
thousand letterheads, but thinks that
since he is' -ending away for them ho
may as well get a good lot—und away
goes the order lo thc outside house.
Now the point of this is thut, had
ibis mun asked the local printer for a
I ri. c nn "ten thousund" instead ot
"one thousand," he would have seen
ihut the price was the sume, or perhaps even better, besides which ho
could have had a choice of several
grades of paper at the same price. Ho
could also have seen a proaf of tha
type before printing, as well as hav*
BO ne choice in the color of ink. More-a
over, hc would thereby have left hia
good money in ihe city, with a chaneq
of getting some of It back again, whil^
ui the same time he would be sup«
I orling the- industry of his fellow business man, and nil this helps everyone^
living in tbe city.
And all this without spending ono
cent of additional money—simply turn
nig it into H different channel.   .
One night of pleasure can knock
more tar out of a man than four
week-- of hard work,
A girl always (i*1b warm in winter
ns long as she .*n wear plenty ol
open work and French embroidery.
tJWA., SATURDAY, APRIL 12th, 1913.
All During March There
Wi.l be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Revelstoke's Department Ston
C. B- J$ume $ &°- limited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During March and
Look at Price Tickets.
'  »
i ■■
■*££* 'Joj -J-.- \J.i 'Jm >joj yht y-n '),- Ooi- Oo- >J~-L'Jr±>Jo-i ~J_-
^ HERE'S another three-button Style for
Spring that exhibits refinement, style
and good taste.
The fact  that it is the 20th Century Brand
is a  full  guarantee that it is finely tailored
and will give satisfaction.
rices, $22 to $30.00
We Are Exclusive exigents.
^.'Jz^iJ-j^iJJmiJy^JjA-'A>Jo^ 'JoJ 'Jo± 'J.J '). ' JJo' ').' U.'
The real new ones in soft and stilf hats—nothing
extreme, but up to the minute. Not only can we
fit any sized head, but we can suit any face and
send our customers away satisfied. Let us show
you the new wide brimmed stilf hats from $3.00 to
$5.00 and the nobby soft hats, all colors, from _
$2.75 to $5.00 Each
We are Sole Agents for the City
Hair Ornaments
Now Lot of Ladies' and    Children's'    Hair    Ornaments,
and Hair Combs and Barettes    nt   10c. to  $5.00
WASH 600D5
ONLY  PER YARD   ,15c.
New Lot of Embroidery
New Lot  of Embroidery Threads,     Roman    Silk Floss,
Colored D. M. C, White D.  M.  C,  White     Peri Lu-ta,
Colored  Cotton Pirle New Linens     and  Scrims for Embroidery   work.
Ladies' Undergarments
! .i.i.  -'  New Spring     Under  Garments,   in  Fine  Cotton,
and    Lisle Knit Good-.   We  have a    Spe:ial  just  now,
all sizes. Porou-' or Areo Knit  Vests at Three for ONE
UOLLAR, or each  35c.
Royal Society Embroidery
Royal   Society  Embro ,!ery  Work  in  Packages.     By     a
Lucky  purchase  we  h ive  come  into    pos-ession   of      a
quantity of tbis Beautiful    Fancy    Work    in Paekages.
Some in  Colored Worii on Linen, such as Centre Pieces,
Cushions,   Drapes,   Et-..  and others aie White Work on
White  Materials,  such as   Caps,  shields,   Coats,  Ladies'
Night Gowns,  Corset Covers,   Eto    Each   Package   contains an Article Btaur-.cd  in  Designs and enough  threads
to  complete,  with instructions.   We    have  already  sold
a lot oi these and thy  are  e.-ivint;  entire    satisfaction.
You can buy them at tbe --ame price  here a-' in   Chi'-ago
and    New York   35c.    to $1.25
20    CENTS  TO    $1.50
Children's Wash Dresses
A  Lot  of Childs'  Was'.i  Dresses have iome  our    way at
a  price we can give    you a real  Bargain  in  these,  They
are a 'ot of German aid French    Made     Dresses    to fit
Children One to Five years.   You know  the pood wash-
n-  kind  we always sil.   Thy  were assorted prices  up
Uc. Each
Scotch Gingham
New    Lot of Scotch Ginghams,  right  from th-'      'Old
Country.''     Tbe Fam  us Washwell brand, full 30in.wide.
An immense assortment  of lovely tints'    and colorings,
Lindon  Greens,  Cadetl.lue.  Salmon    Pink       Yale Blue.
Sewing Cottons
v.,- always sell Standard   Sewing   Cotton   at Six 200
Yard   Spools  for  25c   or  Per Dozen   50-.
Our" Grocery and Crockery^ Department
The Besl Medicine on Earth for Cold;
JOHNSTON'S FLUID BEEF, (16 ounce Bottles)
BOVRIL, 4 ounce bottles,
BOVRIL,  2 ounce bottles,
A Large  and Well Assorted List of Fickles
Crosse & Blackwell's Walnut, pts. 35c qts. 65c
,, Mixed pts. 35c qts. 65c
,,   Chow-Chow pts. 35c qts. 65c
,, Gerkins pts. 35c qts. 65c
,, White onions pts. 35c qts. 65c
,,   Imp. Relish pts. 35c	
,,        Oriental pts. 15c	
,, Sweet pickles pts. 40c	
Swan Bean Chow-Chow and Mixed	
 - 20 ounce bottles, 35c
Victoria Cross Chow-Chow and Mixed 35c
Heinze's Sweet Sauce and Chow-Chow and
Indian Relish in Bottles.
Gillard's Relish, Chutneys, Pin Money Pickles
Steven's White Onions, Mixed,  Chow-Chow,
Walnuts and Gerkins.
Half Gallon Tins
Quart Bottles
Half Pint Bottles.
Pint Bottles
i j,*!*! iTi iti it\ i"fr* ttt tit-! ■'!'■ ■'l'i tXi i'ii tla i'i** '"t** >'t*» '*t*' i'ii iti l't. iTi i^i i*t*i iTi '"i"' '"fr- '"T* *"T- ifi iti iti i~ti itt ii'i l't. iti iti
* "X  X   X  X "X  X "X" "X" 'X  +  •+*  •*■  X  X  X  +  X  +  ♦  +  X ^*   X  X  *  V ♦   +  X  X   X   X  X  X  X  X
Specials For Friday and Saturday
2 lb. Tins Robertson's Marmalade     25c ty
2   '« Bottles C. & B. "     35c f
I    »■ Bottles C. & B. "     20c ty
ty ty't' '1' '3' «X' 'I1 'I1 'I1 't' 'I1 'I' 'I1 't' 'I' 'I' 'I1 'I1 'I1 ■&' 'I1 'I1 'X1 'I1 't1 ♦ '3' 't' 'I1 'I1 'ft 't1 'I1 't' 'I1 'I' v
House Furnishing Department
Reduction Sale on Carpet Squares still on. Do not wait but buy now.
VERANDAH SCREENS-Something everyone requires. They will
keep out the sun and at the same time let the air in. We have them in all
Sizes and colors.
WALL PAPER We carry a complete stock and can please every taste.
We also handle Beds, Mattresses, Comforters, Pillows, Curtain Shades, Curtain Rods, Linoleum, Carpet Sweepers.   Goods and Prices are Right. TAGE SIX
SATURDAY, APRIL 12th, 1913.
P. BURNS & CO., Limited
HAMS  AND BACON   a Specialty.
P. BURNS & GO., Limited
Vases, Bowls, Comports,
Manufactured by "Libby"
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
Now, iIil' parcel posl bystem will
doubtless be of some advantage to
Un' Big mail order houses, says a
writer in Popular Mechanics, but noih-
ins; like what we have been. told. Tbe
articles which tbey sell practical to
send by mail, are not so many after
nil. What lhe mail order houses make
1bi':.r money on are not sales uuder Ifl
hut more than $10. lt costs them
[Tactically as much to put a dollar
order through the house as it does
in- tor $25    And if tbeir entire ebusi-
1 r.r-'n wire In single shipments of dollar articles i li.-y wouldn't make much
money,     The low priced articles     of
I tommon use, of which there are huu-
ilie ils, are sold nearly as cheaply at
the -oinci store, For instance, fl man
wauis u "i gallon can which hia homj
dealer -.•IU [or .$1.20. The mail order
house sells ihe same identical can for
'.:> cents. Bul by ihe time the customer buys a money order and pays for
parcel postage it has cost him $1.15,
V. the buyer U ordering bill of goods
that's)another matter, but the shipment then goes by freight, nol parcel
In Great Britain the parcel pos: is
very profitable to the government, a
large volume of business being done
in iuc.tl city delivery. Many of the
Bmafler shops use it exclusively for
delivery, In the larger cities th? par
• iis are not 'delivered by the letter
carrier, but by men with pushcarts,
The Signature
On Our Policy
means that in case of accident you
will have no need to worry alionl
money matters.
Accident Insurance
means that for every weet that you
arc actually sick as a result of an
accident, the company will pay \ou
a certain sum of money according to
the amount of the policy you take
out and the premium you pay. You
insure everything else, why not insure yourself against accidents. Vour
health anil safety are lhc most important asset you possess.
A. E. Kincaid, Manager,
Brownie's $1 to $,.0D
Folding Brownie's       $5 tu $12
Kodaks $10 to $65
Winter or Summer
You Can Kodak
BEWS  The *fempJtJL Store
■triTF^H 1 —BjMW
. . . It Mintit Be Cold ■
B        I
It is alwavs hot in the plunge at Halcyon Hoi Springs,
whose natural hot medicinal waters are the most wonderful health restorer on the Continent. Our neon! of cures
of rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
and verified by our gratified patrons. Locati d among the
greatest scenerj of Canada, easy of access,—the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
enience of guests.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. EOYP, Proprietor. -        Halcyon. Arrow Lakes
D. Company 102nd. Reg. R. M. R
January 10th. and 24th, 1913.
February 14th    »' 28th.     "
March 14th.        " 28th      "
April 11th. " 25th.     ,l
R M. R. Dance Committee
C. H. Brock. Chairman.
Fire Alarm Baxes
Signals are given tbus:
Two Sir ikes, Interval live seconds,
four strokes, Box 24. No. of box will
al .e be -hown indicator at Bre ball,
Praeti.e signal—Six (6) -irokes oi
bell slowly.
Testing signal—Three (3i a;roke-' of
li. II slowly.
Fire Oul signal—Two (2) strokes oi
bell slowly.
Defect signal—One il) stroke of bell
H.,x No. il Corner Firsl Btreet and
McKenzie avenu . 0. B. Hume ft Co.
Box No 15 I lorner First street and
Rokeby aven e,  i •. .-t. Office.
orner   Se ond    sl i et
and     l i      Honil  and Opi'ra
B      '•      L7   Corner    Third    street
and Cat       II avenue,   Globe Lumber
. C. P. R. Station.
Fifth  -tieet ,tnd
1  ttbol     Church.
eet   &
w.  A   K
e :
We can help you !
Just advertise in the
revelstoki: mail-herald
The exclusive advertising
medium for ihie- .1 e-ti ie I.
Bverybodj will see your advertisement and the en;.t is onl)
10c. Line    Minimum f harpo, 25o
W.  H.  WALLACE,   M.B.O.8.A.
Box 20:, Telephone 313, lluvelsioke
H \i:\ E.    McCARTER
Barristers,  Solicitors   Etc
Imperial   Hark   Bul' i;n*   n.vtl-
•tokt, B. 0.
M,.noy  {.i  LaORa
Offices—Revelstoks, B.   O..    a»4
Oran brook, B. 0.
Qso. f- MeCarter,
M. Pinkham, J. a. Harvey
Rtvfl«:.l[f, Crai'hronk
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
If so, call at the Revelstoke Plumbing C&,
Sheet   Metal Co.'s Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone 281
Night Phone 40
P. O.  Box  t.
Howson C& Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson C8t> Co., Ltd.
5——SB— ————
7.MVTIr     m     '      ■ ■■IIIII1 I Will 'Hi   oate.
McKENZIE  AVE. Revelstoko. Phone 262
MT       BBOBIE,    No   1«X.
OF I   0. F.
Meets In 1   0   0. V. Hall neit   to
Tappl ig'a Opers   H  ::ne every second
snd fourth  Monday in month, Vlslt-
ag    -,■■:,■.■   cordlaUj <vi>loome<l.
H.  V. MORGAN, O.  R.
rBRON,  Hee. Bse.
March IW      |-| QT    CROSS     BUNS      March2,9f
tel. ii        a   Hobson
*•   SELKIRK      LODOB  12,  1. O.  O. F.
ts every laj  fv-fning   in
*   Hall   sl    I    .'.•' ,ck.       ViiiHng
• TH,  N.  O.
.1 \ TH IK   riec.
• . .   A .   M.
,1  A    8".
Hay, Grain and Feed
Office :
Cumming's Transfer Co'y
Second  Street
■ fi     ,1
April 21  ari rmiane,
a' tbe Rmprens theatre
1 ,; I ' I
jir"«n theatre.
ra Dors, at   he Bmpratt
the i ■
a Royal    cla tm," al   'ha
Btnpre a 'h<>atre
fnr   r.ei rM   nnd  Colli.
"Bhilcih cost,   .a   littlo   and doc.   lu much I'
. . .   I •■'■ I   Hi   MAH-
TBMPLK      0 fl       Hnll
< :   I   Monday   In   path   Illeelltll
.    m.      Visiting brethren      are
»il/   w«lre,in#
A   0. BKOOKKR. Bet rotary.
0,  vv. 0. W.
Mountain  View  Camp,   Nn.  121.
Mmi'.  Beeond    arnl      K'.'irth  Wednesdays    In  each  month  In    Helklrk
Hall,      Visiting  Woodmen  are
r.'.nllallf  Invited  to attend
H   W.  KOWAHDH, Clerk.
Meeta     every first and third Tuesday   In (Mdfe.lows   Halt.      Visiting
brethern cordially  Invited  to attend.
B.  Bdwnrdfl, Dictator.
H.  I.   Haug, Secretary.
B. C.
Take advantage <>' an exceptional opportunity, Call at BINGHAMN MUSIC
STOPE and inspect lhe large Btock ol Mnntlolincr.. Violins, Cuitars. Ac-ord-
oons, Piccolos, Flutes, Multi-Flutes, Harmonicas, Sheet Music, Alliums,
Player Piano Rolls, Silk Piano Drapes, Etc, Selling 'it Eastern l'rices.
Edison Phonographs and Victor Cramophones with Cood Stock of Records.
Also 250 Edison Wax Records selling at 40c. to clear. (Usual price, 65i i \
for Cat ilogue of the New Edison Blue Seal Un'jroalwblo Rtcords.
Come Early and Get First Choice.
Piano Tuning and Repairs a Specialty.
Re reasonable! Don't send vour hard-earned money
tn''hina! Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only. Be progressive, and
have your washing rlono by the West K< otenay Steam
Laundry.   Regular collector and delivery Bervice.
Phone 80
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd,
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer SATURDAY, APRIL 12th, 1913.
THE young
men of
have helped us
to build up the
prestige of
In return, we
have created
styles which we
are proud to
offer—and they
are proud to
FIT- %
MeKinnon &
One of Thomas A. Edison's new
Blue Amberol Records
was played 3,000 times
on an Kdison Phonograph—and gave just as true
and sweet a reproduetion the last time as the first
This was not an endurance
test for mere hardness.  It
was an endurance test for
quality of reproduction— to find if the
Blue Amberol would
be as far superior to
all other records in
tone after countless playings
as it is when new. Your
Kdison dealer will play
some of these wonderful records for you
on an Edison Phonograph. Ask him
to do so today.
Thomas A, Ediaon. Inc., 100 Lakeside Ave., Orange, N. .1.1;. S. A.
A complete line of Edison Phonographs and Records will be found at
FORT GEORGE, the new payroll
city; openings .or business anil pro-
fctaional men of uil kinds; also car -
Centers, builder-', bricklayers, brickyards, sawmills, lumber yards, sash
:>.inl door factories and every kind of
business. One- hundred million dol-
.,.rs will be distributed in the next
.'our yeai - by fourrailways now under
onslruction to Fort George, whioh
has been selected as the main payroll
fntre and the location of main pas •
-mger divisions and terminals where
shops und manufacturing plants will
he located. Eleven railways are huild
ing or projected to Fort George whieh
still be the distributing point and
e litre of one hundred million acres of
;■'-■ h agricultural,  timber, mineral and
•nl lunds in Central Northern British
Columbia and the Peace river district
( ne thousand miles of navigable waterway on which seven steamboats are
already plying from Fort George! —
I heap electric power and cheap coal.
School, churches, hospital, public hall
waterworks, and all conveniences.
Thousands  of construction  men    now
n lhe ground. You ean s.'cure a
l usiness opening now. Don't delay.—
Official information given fret—Natural Resour.es Security Company, Ltd.
I Joint Owners and Sole Agenls for
Fort George Townsite). Kdmonton,
Alta.. 403-104 Moser Hyder Hlk.* Fort
George, B.C., Central Avenue. Address or call Vancouver Ofllce, 624,
Vancouver Hlock, Vancouver- B. 0.
1st iss. M.29, 2w.
quickly IMP!  i.eM-l-i,  curta to'.'., im I   lieiilH
the thrsat Slid lur,,-,. ;., cent*.
j£^J3 -fab 7w&$<i0ii'j6i
Shipping of day old chicks  is getting to be a larger industry every year
The prospects of a great wood pavement industry in this province are
and undoubtedly many more would go becoming constantly brighter. With
into it if they understood the few sim- the enormous wealth of lir timber oi
pie rill..--; that insure successful     ship-  classes' Nos.  1 and 2 common,    which
Sealed Tender-; addressed to the
undersigned, and endorsed "Tender for
Wharf at Kaslo, H.C," will bo received at this ollice until 4 p.m., on
Monday, May 5, 1913, for tho con ■
^truction of a Pile Bent and Timber
Decking Wharf at Kas-o,  District   ot
ments.   Many  fanciers    predict     that is regarded everywhere as almoBt the  Kootenay, B.O
the day old chick business will in a best, if not the best in the world for
few years entirely supplant in many the purpose of paving, Dritish Colum-
sections the shipment of eggs' for hat- lia offers a wonderful future to thia
ch'lng, which too often bas proved haz most important industry in the de-
a'dous and unsatisfactory on the part velopmenl. of great towns and cities.
of both seller and buyer. I    'i'he    growing    communities  of    the
Chicks need no food until 60 hours' Prairie and Coast  provinces are lay -
old and it is best  to ship them before ing every year     hundreds of miles of
feeding, When the chicks are hatched
and all have left the shell you can
take them from the incubator with
perfect safety if the correct tempera -
ture is maintained and this is' easy if
you ha\e the incubator in a room or
in a well arranged brooder house.
Have a basket lined with outing and
streets, which might be paved with
creosoted wood block if only its virtues Wi re more wi'dely known. The
city of Calgary has laid two .-'treets,
and they have proved remarkably successful. There have been numerous
tests made of paving materials in tho
greal  cities of the world in Paris, Lon
with some extra  folds of th.'goods in  don,  Boston, t'hie'ago, New York, St.
Louis, and all of these great .ities
Bli 1 wood block paving best, being of
reasonable cost, durable under any
traffic, easy to maintain and to clean
practically dustless, lirm under tbe
{ et of horses, and of low traction resistance. The Hue de Rivoii, Paris,
has a pavement of wood blocks whioh
have stood for years the .ity's heaviest  tratlic.
tn Baltimore in WOI a tesit strip of
miscellaneous pavement was laid on
Holiday street. This s'.rip contained
11 test section oi paving materials,
which were in every ease furnished by
t'.ie manufacturer—one of cre>osotod
wo rd blocks, one of vitrified brie-k.
'1 he superior durability of the wood
blocks v.as clearly in evidence after
four jvurs, and in 1!)0'7 every area
-ave that paved with wood was in
such bad condition that the test was
i.l! c'.i 1/ declared closed. Tbe wood
blocks in question, however, together
with sucb others as were needed, werj
Immediately relaid in paving lhe entire original test area.
the bottom. This extra fold prevents
jarring. Place the chicks in and cover
at one-e and ship at once. Have a good
handle lo.the basket so as lo make it
easy for the express people to handle
them and remember that the express
man is not as deeply interested in the
little fallows as you, and you must
make it easy for him to give the best
It is not advisable lo send more
than 2o chicks to the basket. Send
several baskets, but have each on3
well lixed. The real cause of so much
loss in the day old chick bu-'incss is
because the shipper places to:> many
in i ne basket and often puts in water
und food. Put no water and no fool
and no excelsior and no straw and
rothiaj except   the outing.
If th' weather is real • old you can
tut -triiis of the outing to fall from
sides of tha basket like feathers and
let the lit Me chicks nestle under the
-trips und this will steady them and
give warmth. Another way is to have
t!.e> strips fixed to the top of the basket so When the top closes the strips
will  fall straight   down.
Plans, specifications and form of c0n
tract can be seen anil forms of tender
obtained at this' Department and at
the offices of F.W. Aylmer, Bs.]., District Engineer, Chase, B.C.; 0. C.
Worsfold, Esq,, District Engineer, New
Westminster, B.C., and on application
to tho Postmaster at Kaslo, B.C.
Persons tendering are notified that
tenders will not be. considered unless
made on the printed iorms supplied,
and signed with their actual signatures, stating their occupations and
places ol residence ln the case of
firms, the actual signature, tho nature of the occupation, and place of
residence of each member of tho Brm
must  be given.
Each tender must be accompanied
I.y an accepted i-heimo on a chartered bank payable to the order of the
Honorublclhe Minister of Public Works
equal to ten per cent (10 p.c.) of the
amount of the tender, which will be
forfeited if the person tendering de-
eline to enter inlon contract when
called upon to do so, or fail to complete the work contracted for. If the
tender be not accepted the cheque will
be returned.
Thc Department ilcs not  bind itself
to accept  Ihe lowest or any  tender.
Hy order,
Department of Public Works,
Olteawa, April 1st, 1913.
Newspapers will not be paid for
this advertisement if they insert it
without authority f:on the Depart -
ment. Ap.9 2'..
is the attractive
at our
vou'!)   find
Expert service from our wbite-cappc«f
chef to our hawk-eyed buyer of juicy
Meuts, fresh Fruits and Vegetables,
fragrant toffees anil Teas worthy of a
Mikado's notice.
When vou're extra hungry ami want it
royal dinner at a reasonable price let
us serve vou.
A. <;. THIA.KI80N Manager.
In Chicago also in 1900, ., creosoted
wood block pavement was laid on
Ml?htgan avenue, immediately in front
of th.- Auditorium hotel, and adjoin -
im; it at the same time a strip of asphalt      block.   In   I9H5   these  asphalt
Vol need not have no fear that     a
chic -.  needs  any  food   until  60   hours
old. If vou have ordered day-old uG,;is WlTe replaced by wood.
, hicks, and they arrive you should Though practically
open tho basket in a warmed room
and not. outdoors, no matter how
warm th" sun. Open in a warm room
and let the chicks heive water, not
cold  water.      Have some Beaten—not
powdered—char.-oal in a -hallow   pan
all piling in tho
province is of Don ilus fir, western
hemlock is used to a limited i xtect.
however. I'or this cla-'s of work, and
bas apparently given satisfaction.
In house construction it is used     a
great deal as a framing material. For
and let each chick get a bit  and somo tn>  |.]a8s of work it  serves  as well as
wa'er before you give ,nny feed. Douglas tir, and locally commands tbe
The flrst food     should be the pre- ..V!1,. iri,(1|   Western h mlock dimenn-
lared chick feed and if you have     a icn  ,t.0ck in cargo     shipments   com-
'l.randof  the  chick   feed  thnt  .'ontains n,aD ls a lower     price  however, than
j charcoal, all the better.     Don't   give Douglas fir, because of the prejudice,
my  grit at  tir-t  as  the stomachs are wh>;,h exists again-'t  it.
•AU KINDS5"-""!
DYB, eenr r.n leuv-Wtiy you don'l even have tee
kneiw .vlial KINDof Cloth yourGooda arc made
of...See Mi.lake', ore Itnrenaalhlr. •
Sand lor Frre Coleir Cafel. Story  nooklrl, and
Itooklat tfl.lnu rraulla ol Dy.'inu ovrr ...... i colora.
Montreal. Canada.
too tender. Don't give grit till the
ihicks are a week old, and then iu
limited amounts.
When the chicks have fe-d and sratch  texture of the wood and it also wears
ed, place them in a hox as warm as'
the basket and leave thetn to rest a
fewhouid and then plac? in a sunny
place, and in a pla'^ protected from
win 1 and dampness and don't feed too
much and bc careful abnut   the water;
s,-e     that     they have plenty of good  Bmoothly,     lakes       t.i n readily,  and
dean,  not  too cold  water,  and   keep  wn ■„ properly dri d, will     not  shrink
or swell  materially under normal cun-1
The fireless brooder is best and
my opinion no other should be
as there Is always danger of overheating in a brooder where there is a constant supply of artificial heat. and
even the hot water pipes will prove
unsafe. Use ihe tireless brooders, is
the best advice I can give. I have
brooders built for lamps'but the lamps
are never lighted and we place a jug
of hot water in on real '-old nights,
and wrap the jug in outing. The
ib. k- nestle to the jug and keep
warm &nd well and safe.
Twenty-five elm ks will generate a
lot of warmth and if you have more,
you do not ne.-.l the jug unless in a
freezing or extremely damp t^mpera-
lure. We should always remember
ii dampness i- poison to ohicks and
THE m\tter OF \N \PPLICA- *' 'hould remember to feed at regular
TION for the Issue of a Duplicate Intervals and not let the chicks get
Certilicate of Title to Lots 3, 4, 5, bun*ry M if lu'"-r>' th°y eat 10°
nnd 6, Block 12, Revelstoke City,  '"'':'   ' 'ortheheet digestive processes
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, the Yukon Territory, the
North-west Territories and in a portion of the Province of British Columbia, may be leased lor a term ol
twenty-one years ut an auuual rental of $1 an acre. Not more than
2,560 acres will be leased to one applicant.
Application for lease must  be madt
by the applicaut in person to the
Agent or Sub-Agent ol the district
in which the rights applied for are
The lease will include the coal tnia-
Ing rights only, but ilie lessee may
be permitted to purcbase whatever
available surface rights may be considered necessary for the working ol
the mine at the rate ol $10.00 an
In surveyed territory the laud must
be described by sections, or legal
sub-divisions of sections, and in un-
mirvcyed territory the tract applied
,'or shall be staked ou: 'jy the ap -
plicant  himself.
Each  applicant  mist  be accompan-
W    e™,h-';m!0JCk...Salabf *      fj«ta«"iud by a fee of ,b wbicb will be
819 funded if the rights upplied for
When cut edge grain it mak?s nn ox
cell nt flooring materia'. It finishes
smoothly on account of the     uniform
evenly. Iti- not suitable for use in
.lamp placss on account of its tend -
ency to warp under such conditions.
Asa finish lumber it has the ad -
vantage of containing practically no
pitch; it has a beautiful grain, works
dit'ions.   lt presents   „ comparatively
hard surface and   consequently     does
not mar easily.
arc manufactured into lath, nnd
a lath material it is equally as valu
able as Douglas' fire or other wood. In
this form ihere is no distinction made
as to spcies, all pieces of a suitable
form to make lath being thrown in
together and used indiscriminately.
It is used to a large extent for barrels and boxes for shipping foodstuffs.
For this purpose it serves admirably,
since the wood is odorless and tasteless. A great development along
this line may be looked for win r. Drit-
is'h Columbia     consumers realist the
tine    value    of tbe    wood, ami    cease
wasting   it as at present.
Map 636.
it is my intention to issue at the expiration of one month after the first
publication hereof a duplicate of the
Certificate of Title to the above mentioned lot in the name of Alice Amelia
Tapping, which Certificate is dated
th" Hth day of February, 1912, and
numbered l?i837A.
Nelson B.C., April 5th, 1913.
S.  R. ROE,
Ap. 9th lm. 8istrlct Registrar.
An ugly woman I* the ugliee?t thing
In the  world.
nd will eat too much.
The week old ch'fk should  be     fed
tve    times a  day,  and when     three, j
we-ks old can  be fed four times    per i
day  and  at  a month   old  can  be fed
three times per day.     The real young
chicks should be fed at  S, at 11, at 2,1
4 and 6 in summer, but  in the winter |
at  7'30, 10,  2   3,  5, and  this can    be
M-gulated according to length of days
nnd     amount  of exercise     and     the
ix e.i ther.     In  real bad weather   when
the  chicks cannot   get exercise  be -'ure
to give lesi  fc d  and as lhc days  getI know  the difference
loncer give more and  later au a chick, nngry two or three
should  always  go  to bed  with a  full
• rop.
4—Arrives   24:45,   Departs
14—Arrlves    7:20,   Departs
2—Arrives   11:55,   Departs
3—Arrives     C:4S,   Departs
1—Arrives    Hlk,   Departs
13—Arrives   18:15,   Departs
Arrives  16:40,  leaves  7'4fi  an
not available, but not otherwise. A
royalty shall be paid on the merchantable output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
The person operating tbe mine shall
furnish the Agent with sworn returns
accounting for the full quantity of
merchantable coal mined nnd pay the
royalty thereon. If tho coal mining
rights are not beiug operated, sucb
returns should be furnished at least
onco a year.
For full Information application
should Ite made to the Secretary of
the Department of the Interior, Ottawa, or to the Agent or Sub-Ag«nt
of Dominion  Lands.
W.  Vi.  CORY.
Plymouth Rocks
Exhibition   Strain    J5.M
Exhibition  Strain   J5.0«
Exhibition   Strain   $3.00
Exhibition    Strain  $3.00
Second Pen Barred Rocks  $3.00
'Per .Setting of 15 Eggs)
My Barred White Bufl Rocks have won
wherever shown at both Provincial
Shows  I won   Six Prizes       :       :       }
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,
Revelstoke, B. C
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make ■
specialty of Logging
Shoes, Pants, Sox. Shirts
Blankets ami everything
re.juirr.lin vn-tr bus iness.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Transfer      Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42  -    Night Phone 85
LIQUOR   ACT,  1910.
The family Bible can get lost     fur
years al a time and father will never
Hul   he        gets
limes a week be-
| cause some one has mislaid the    beer
Notice in hereby given that, on the
lllllh day of April next, application
will lie made to the Superintendent of
I rovincia! Police for the transfer of
iho licence for thc sale of liquor by
ietail in and upon the premises known
ns the Lake View Hotel, situate at
Arrowhead, British C,.lumbia, from
Chapman & Irvin, to Chapman and
Smith, of British Columbia.
Dnted Ibis 1st dny of April. 1913.
Holder of Licence.
Ceo. T. Chapman and N. B. Smith
Applicant  for  Transfer.
It ■ t wklt J   i il, ne on
I rt
■ quality 11 ■■■ ■■■".■' not*
.Ml  :re. , planl     i .  ibrnbSe
■ .ii.ir
:■■ I
mt i: TO mmi:
It i ■. •   i to «wt In l
,,   EVI IU   ii .MER NEED! 01 It Bl
32 PAGES,        lOHSTAMPS)
SATURDAY, APRIL  12th,  1913.
r%%e%»%*Hft%%'%'%'%-•%•%■%''•      Presbyterians' all are invited to ral-
$ | iy at  St.  John's church next Monday
I APAI     \\irt H   evening for a very social time.
4* v •v-avv-v-a.-v'-a'ay^-v-*.^*
.-    ••' iher of  Armstrong is in  town.
on  and  wife of  Vancouver
Mr.  Harry  Maxwell will read a paper ou     "Hindoo  Immigrants"  at the
I ili-tboili-'i  church  on     Monday  night.
Everyone is welcome.
.   Nelson   and
i.i. in town
M -     Hayatt  will
'I'n • lay April 1 "tn.
E. V.   Roothwa>   ol
, . ft dni s.i ty last.
not    receive
Golden.   tame in
1.   s t • .a   Montreal,  an
i week.
.,: ih   Simon Ci
is in  the city
Bene!     if \ an i  ivei.   was nn ■
treeta  yesterdayf
il.-Cartj   il the i'.i a i   Livery
nporl   I foui  new autos.
\   T pp '■  an ;  « !e, ol  Calgary,
i. rig  Ddwar I yestei I 15
tm >d Thuta
,: rip to the si  ithern states
M I.. Wescott of Nelso ., 1 .-   -'".1 In
few days doing  b isine ■
1 fc t
I-     ei
a new
•    1
senting the
■   U\  "
ta    '.ie
.-   ,    ' . N*i Ison, wa   .1 1 assen-
iui     ti a a     for
m thi
njoyed  iho
The  postponed  whist drive  of the
Ladies'  Hospital Guild will bu held
on Wednesday, April 23rd.   Other eu-
lertainments please take notice.
The.Metltodist choir bad another social evening last night iu the school
100m alter practice. Mrs. D.'\v-' aud
Mrs.  Corley   provided refreshment
The  sewing  elub of     the  V.M.C.A..
Ladies'   Auxiliary,   wiil meet on Tuesday al   3 o'clock  at the  home   ->f  Mrs
Robert  Urquhart    All  members plea
take notice.
All members and friends intei estod
en the As-'o iation football are request
e,l in mee: at the Y.M.C.A. on Wednesday ''Veiling next the Uth iir 1.   it'
the   V.M.C.A.
There was not a very large crowd
at the R, M. R. 'dance la-t night, b
tbey made up in enthusiasm what
(bey lacked in numbers'. The lluoi waa
perfect for dancing and the Revelstoke
Band discoursed tbe most inspiring mu
ic  for the  dance.
Mrs. G.F. McCai ty entertain d th
Ladies' We-i End Bridgi Club on
Wednesday evening last. Three tabies
I ,\i.l Mrs. "emiedy vinuing flrst
1 .rise, a lovely l it glass c itrpote, and
Mrs. Sibbald second prize, beiug a
; 1 ■!■•• of cut glass al-o. A dainty mid
night lunch was served by the hostess
Transact Routine Business. -High School Discussion Proves Abortive.—The Debenture
Market Considered Still Unsatisfactory-
Estimates tor 1913 to be Submitted Shortly.
The cily  council  met in regular  ses-  our  town but   unless this   confidence is
inn  on Friday evening last.     Mayor felt more generally,  Revelstoke. cannot
T.  Kilpatrick occupied the chair.  Al -  maki
.."i 111 11 Howson, Barber, MeKinnon,
Bourne, Abrahamson and McSorley,
were present Constituting a full
. ouncil
Clerk Gordon read minutes of last
ii   mi mm,   which were adopted.
Various lettera were read and ordered answered or filed.
Several enquiries re debentures were
ordered  replied to by the city clerk.
Letter irom C. P. Ry. regarding an
accounl submitted on account ol ser-
v ices' rendered al the recent waste oil
lire, was ordered replied to that the
account waj submitted iu error and
the account cancelled.
A general discussion too.;, place rein
surauce and R, tiowson moved, H.
MeKinnon seconded, that thu three
policies due be renewed with the uou-
B .1 : companies, and that all thc ba-
lance be equally divided among the
ag ncles ol Board Companies,—
Carried. Aid Bourne voting to Cue itinerary alter expressing an opinion unfavorable t.e non-board companies.
The first Canadian contingent that
went to the Boer war were insured for
$1,000,000 in the Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corporation. Tho Revel -
stoke Eire Brigades are also insured
in this company. The special agent
for this company is Chas. M Field —
Best policy in the market issued to all
especially to railroaders.
Gome and see the greatest navy in
all the world. What we have we will
hold. Empress theatre tonight. Popular prices, 15c, 25c., nnd 35c.
Only four companies settled their
losses in full in the San Francisco
earthquake and fire, of which the London Assurance Corporation was one.
This company paid out ¥7,000,000 in
that disaster, their poii ies are written here by Chas. M. Field.
Forty  years In use,  20     years      the
standard,  prescribed an.l recommend.
ed by  physicians.   For Woman's All -
tehe progress to be expected
A desultry discussion took place on
a request from'Fernie regarding regulating real ''stale men.
Moved Aid Abrahamson, seconded
Aid. MeKinnon:—Tbat lhe bylaw com
mittee draw up an amendment dealing
with the- regulations ol transient real
estate  men,   same to lie    Incorporated  ments, Dr. Martel's Female Pills,   at
Mr, Beasley, Second street, has
moved  to lhe house  vacated by
Astbtiry 0n Fifth street.
1 ■
ie    '
I us'im ••
ii ■
WANTED-    \
Bell  Boj   ioi  the    Hotil
G.   ral    ■'  of Calgai 5 •   was
:  a   visitors   to
■ ..      ng postma- •    .,• Craig
, atne in    yesterday,  and will
e, laj.
■ loa I ni ti units and  '. te.- 'S    ar-
1 . ;. and we • il 'ued
■   -
I be a     -one     by
B e
>;..- us-.. :. in     the
.1                        deihodist e-hui Still
The L'se   -y.
I  ■ ■       iting Ll [Uoi
■ 1 .
duated from the Ko-
■    K.l I.   M line, who is --ister
jdist       ...
: , R C'ivin_'  thi   Spir -
, - of    .1
.   .   T:.e choii   will   ling  an
l Holy Cil
Udol ihi   M thodist
c:      ' '   th
Fr.d ten -     .    Sth.       Ad-
r '    v.
'■'      ; 2,  I'aul
B '
"li ell    i.y.iI
ll I 1 I .    '-' t. Thei
Iren ]
:.•      and     most ible
I   Mr.   Mi
the governmi
t tha • atire-
l fro    I ill  -a   • i- it
,    .     .'. ■    ■.  p■  -. tr.        nut.
ng weather will  greatly  aid
•   ti     ■ 'ilth.
■   Baptist     chin h  on Sun'ift>',
,:. Rev. B.J. chav.- will
or, the      folio • ecti     Morning.
"R ght  Tl     pl evening,        Th-
Th'-.ce Happy Man.''     Sunday s
n'.'l i     ■  clast al -'•')'! p.m.   •'«. cord-
.   to a     •   ■ Ice
- John' I're i.ytenon church, Min
liter, Rev. J.W. fjtevenaon, B.D. Sua
daj lervloerf at 11.i.m. and 7:30 p.m
Me ruing subject "Waiting the Dnwn",
evening, " Happiness ,, By-product."
at  2.30
at ■ o' lock. T.P.8. Tuesday evening at 8 o'eloek. Prayer meeting on
Wednesday at s and Sunbeam Mission
Band at 4 p.m. A web ome for all at
ftbese °ervice*.
Tlu-  -chool triisie-es submitted a request foi a b.v law   for   ---',0'Hi   to      bc
, .iii.-1 to the government gram, mak-
.1 ■   -i b.ooo  to be  Bpent   on  a       high
-hool the building of whieh is expect-
on estimate: S48.O0U,      the
balance of ?e0,000 being required   for
ite- furnishings., etc
Al :    MeKinnon—If we are requested
iy the     hool ti usl   ■   in ;•..   a by-law
we have no option but to comply.
Major T.  Kilpatrick—This brings'Up
1 .ill SALE - \  Priva "-'  inU'r ' we wiU is"
hold will be hefel nt   lhe    ue anj it under  his   by-
\"URSE PORTER—Maternll I Gen
1 r.i    e eri ilicated  N'ui  1 .  Oj en      t en
im ■::■■        I ,   R
TO    RENT   Furnished Front   rl
in im.. .  rood locality.     Ap
ply   Mrs.    I.i  k-otl.  Eif ih    iie-t,   east
1 1    Mrs.    Bai I  Pel
en 1 1 hir*. ■
;• t n      male    Cook
t 1. \ - ■:■ lenci   in hotel     and
■  Wi =lern  sta
fc, Bos  11    K
■    '■ '
-    1
.     '
d d     ii iin lei     niou
In 0 (ash ona de lines
for t, su
n    d '
• ed   to  rive style,  ro
■. lannii
■    s
 ould like to .-'ee the
go to    .    government .
T.  Kilpatrick—The  govern-
S0 p '   and uo
1    ve sub-
re ,'Jest'>:
n—It ii       tard I
1 build-
..   children
1 ■.••
r. four
an I  hot .:.
OUI     .
ia ibe' pres,.nt bylaw.—Carried.
The clerk  was  instructed to     issue
lhi   legal  notice regarding prosecution
of all  dog  owners  whose animals were
not tagged on or before a date 10   be
set, and ths same arrangements       for
eollect! 'ii were ordered to -be made.     I
Mayor T.  Kilpaerick ~l have! l.c n up
I roaohed by 1 :i     .-. - 1 so 1 el Ime
..' made a re iuest for tho opening up
of the crossin?. The council passed 1
motion giving the C.P.R. timo as'they
were preparing plans which might ob-
> iate the crossing.
Aid. MeKinnon—The C.P.R. said
they would advise us as soon as tbeir
plans were out.
Ma  or   T.     1 ll atrtek—The  various
lommittces   were  to  have   iheir      re-
fori   i -.! ly  for ihis m n ting.
Aid.  H. MeKinnon—owing     to the
on in Cue citv hall, In thi   In t
w days' 1 have done nothing.
\ '■ MeKinnon—There is ., matter
ol 1 '■• che i. fo 0 aid as an option nn th ■ ho il property which
: .1 1 ' n ] aid mit and not yet auib -
or    -I ley the' council.
Ma orT.   Kilpatric't—That  can  wait
over until something is done with tbe
li     i:e ol  - yl iw.   If the bylaw     la
r.ot passed, it is an obligation   which
VI 1   Vbraha   son   [thought tl -
.-■il conl.i come lo   n   ■   le [sion as to
v h ih r we- ar     oin -  I 1 oppo e    the
I  bylaw or help to put it thru
Aid.   Bourne—The  High  -chool       i--
necessary,  hut do you think    'here is
ICI' worth there in tha'  pl tn
\n a   ioun   ni .-■ 1:. for overtime work
ed  on •    nt.  ro 1-     by city  hail
in March,  IU13, was  passed.
i'lon a-ke:l for authority
for certain cash payments made by
ihe ci ■ ,iT on express pachages
ihamson—1 think myself all
■■ made by cheque
ynur  dniggist.
Remember the date oi Dr. Taube's
visit to The Diamond Hall on Friday
April ISth, and it there is anything
wrong with your eye-sight do not fail
to consult him.
Railroaders, beware. Do not put on
liie or accident insurance without first
looking over the attractive and low
priced policies ollered you by Chits.M.
Field, in his sound and rellal le c im
"Our Empire Navy" will be presenl
ed at the Empress theatre nn Saturday evening the 12 li inst. Both by
• legantly presented pictures and by
lee ure.
Mrs. Ralph Lawrence went uuder a
minor operation this week at the hospital. She is making a satisfactory,
rei overy.
The Y.M.C.A. ladies' auxiliary served a supper of light refrcslihiems tc
the direutors after iheir meeting ou
Thursday evening.
Miss Blanche McCarty returned tbi-
week from Vancouver, where she had
a successful operation performed on.
ler no-'1 by a specialist.
Mr,  Gray,  engineer, who has     been
living  In  Mr.  Mat  Scott't,' house     on
I'liu.1 street, has rented Mr. Alvin  lr
quhart's  house  on  Fifth .street.
I   Mr.  Alvin Urquhart, conductor, has.
I been transferred to liogers lass,    aial
has gone  lo    assume bis  new    duties.
Mrs.  Urquahrt  will follow shortly.
Little AgneJ Cressman  who  .vas reported ill with dipihiia has nol   de
1 e-oped   iimi   dis as-,   rile-is  recovering now   from a slight  cold  wiih Bore
iln mil .
.Mrs. !■', Laing invited in twenty 01
more ladies inti rested In the \* .C.T.I .
win., mi Friday af.ernoou to meet
Mr-1. I.ivinj, ion", the provincial organizer. Mrs. Livingstone gave an
interesting talk on "Blunders" dwell
in_' earn tly on lhe nerd [or perfool
Now that the snow i.s oil the roof.— sympathy between children an.l     par
He is doing it again—Who, the Chini ems.
ney Sweep, al the Oriental hotel.
April ISth, Is the dale fixed for the
big dance of the I.a lies Auxiliary to
the B. of L. B.   Rememh r the date.
Vim have beard   o much aboul lhn
Bril 1 ii na ■>. come an 1  ee it
and op ii your eyes.   Kpipre  a theatre.
Mrs. Livingstone addressed a 1 ulon
prayer meeting on Wednesday evening
in the .Methodist 1 !iiiie-h. She urged
more aetivi work along temperance
lines, and the need for temperance legislation anl -'il o outlined the .von; n>
ing iinil' by the res ue home iii Van
Mi-s 11. McMahon bas opened up a
ladies dressmaking ,- tabllshmont with
headquarters over lhc M'-iiae Block,
McKenzie avenue, Revvlsto'ie. rlain
-.•wing for laelie's aiid children. Lad-
t.s own materials mad' up.
Mr. Butler, who bas been c mductoi
Bl   '- -   US i'ass {or the paSI   IWO years
Is transferred lo Revelstoke, and. will
lake possession of Mr. Cummin^'s for
in. 1 lm ,1 1 n Fourth sire ,-t, which he
ba in 1 ii'i'lm el. Mr-. Butli r bl
fore bet marriage, was Mi-1- Maudi
Policy yon are contemplatlt g putting  Roblnson) ,,„,, „< Revelstoke's populai
youn 1 iit'bes
Seo  Chas  M.   Field a', out  ihat Life
on in thc company of •• hich Lord
Strathcona and thc President of the
I ank of Montti al are directors.
halt coai. is handled exclusively
.a Revelstoke by 'he Revelstoke General  Agencies, Ltd.
■ 01
'   B.(
Ten .
..rei      Specil   1'ion    may  bt obtain*'!
of ihee   !!•■ -: !-   .
••••I.  Revelatoke, or the  Division Kn
giaeer,   '.'an ouver    Tcnderi  wil!      be
I   Up t.o noon of  April 2ie,     I
is'    , \p.    1^    It.
A e is   ni diptbei eii has el vel
town.   Lit le Ji .111 I laj wood, ih   fouj
year old '1 lUghter ni     Ali.  Hay wo rd
First Btreet, had a well advanced case
before il wa    eli   overod,  bul  sh ■     is
Eighty-five per cen   of headaches are uow ma fairway  'o re.o.ery,   lt iH
tbc result of eye strain, if you       are  <iuite a mystery where the Infection or
troubled that way do not fail to con-, iginatrd,  bul  all  possible precautions
suit Dr. S.   L.   l'..iii:e ai ibe Diamond nre now being laken 10 prevent    the
Hall ,,n Friday the  18th of April. dl   a e spreading.
Monday ls thedate for the 1. O. P. ,.,-,.,,,,
.... Mi-   Vcrna Feliiiii ol 'be' Allen Play
octal evening, .md it h going to     be ,    ,    ,      ■ ,   ,      ,
,,    ,,.               ,   , , . rs  Drought  Ini'-k  with her from    the
oven   more  enjoyable  tbat  tho-e   hei I .        . ,      ,
,.     .        .a/                   ....           . . ast 11 number of lovely costumes eaeh
truer in    the season,   lhe orchestra ,   ., . .   ..    .
.,,  ,     .             ,           ,,           . „ i.n.' ni whie-li 1- the latest worl   uom
.u       ,nd the snonei   wp   -,,i,   -1 b i„„m»ni-   *•"  be in attendaiee.   lards at '.1 p. ,       ,  .               _        ..
'h.r      ,u '■    """' -  wi     .e]i..i-n payments the realm oi la-luon.   due which    -h
m.    Don t miss it. ...  ,      ,         .  ,           ,,,,..
wore Wednesday  nighl   in  "The  Bias
1 think ihese are     Cancel   all engagements for Satur- L,  Way„ ^  ( Btlmnlng ln0llel     U1
rs     which will have to be iake.1   dav evening April 12th, aud take     .11  .|piK,nl  ^ ^ ,,, ^1,,,,,,,,,, h,,ivilv with
"Our Empire Navy" in picture     and (lot|i rf g()ld  bftmU   Thi. my  Ugh(
■    on   Thi- matt,.,- and lecture    It is non-poli-hai,     non-sec-1 k.rt js sia h (l ||il( ffay lQ lh0 kueo
itting nn additional  ""ian. just Canadian. , 1Q I)cnnil of lh,, necerwary treedoni of
help in   thecitv  hall  until  the n-se-s-
led can  als*o  be   loft
ial  meeting.
e      x  ■    s- moved that     Mr.
MrV -I'l" per month   Press and Public,  Clctgy and  Laieiy,   broidered black
oth '■*  deeping at the   tire
.' ■" of  the  team;
11. MrKirin' n    md    .irrb'd.
-eoun's  were  ;. issod
"Out Empire Navy" exhibition has movement, and displaying the -toek -
been shown in evory city from Nova jnjI beneath. A short square train
Scotia to Vancouver Island, earning co,„]ilete- ihr back ol the skirt. This
everywhere the  wholehearted praise oi  dress hn-  nn  overdress of  -eHuiiv-cin-
t,  and the eflcet   ia
Conservative! and Liberals, Parliamen magnificent.   Another gown is a  iiart
iitiiitn-'   School  authoiities,   Working-  ;Jr,K   but  altogether   lovely   combiua
men   .ml Peers, Patriotic Societies & Uon of red nlnon heavily embroidered
clubs.   Admission—Children     evening |n pearl pa   ementerie, worn over     a
performance   i.e.,   .-boo! children   at foundation of   pink satin.   An apron
r'inn  In-i'  caught  in  the  bottom.
''       ''in
ii  p.m.
.,'   ' I0 p.ni .  IOc., adults 25c.
w,e have made arrangements     wUh
thi  Tail    1 iptlcal Co.. of Vancouver,
and I .ii.-ii;.   101 thi'ir eye-sight  special
I t. in. si.  Taube, who ha   bad forty two fi "    experience in the optical
' ompletea this
Canadian Mails     Oh! Those Rubbers
.Mill   .,    pinlv   ro dn
wonderful 1 reation.
ime beautiful frock i- ;, pale bluesa
1 in  with a very now    hnn  tunic eflect
in White nlnon     embroidered in pearl.
i ii.< ines   to be at   oui    lore nn Fridny  Mi--  Felion is  partial  to overdre   ••
ie-   i-th 1,1   \pr,l     ll there is       any-  and tunics ihis season.   Kvery     dress
tl.ute wuing   with   your eye-sight,    do  worn -hows  this effect  In some modi-
nol 'nl  in consult bun.   All work    Is  lied  form,  and      the result is always
guaranteed  absolutely  aa  tested.  Din-  beautiful     in  lhe     extreme.   Another
 ifl  Hill, Revelttoke. i fancy of hcr's i- for the new  and dnin-
  Ity effect produced by tiny pink    satin
Kwn   ,  woman      Who hns fnllh     in   loeebtldl  worn  In  sprays  or  wreaths,
tbs of  Mn . •   also wish-  ber  husband   llalwayi  terribly  disap-  or in rosettes.   Cine     model in cream
ike special 1   snoot to th. re- pointed     when ber    worst  suspicions charmeuse is banded both of     waist
•.minion     Line  wlll  LeaTt Uontreal      pt ol mto tire,   .vhicb fail to come trm and skirt with the pink rosebuds,   the
,n  Tuesdays  In • valuable   from an   old   mbl^r      Tho dale ol   the      po tponed    whltt  hat   lo complete  this coi'tume is trim
own  below: • n' I arty  under the an -'pinll   of  the Lad     med with cream chiffon and rosebuds,
Hei   itte-i.    parties  naving obi    ru .     •   '  (In p Inl Cnild h,,- ln-en definitely   and Ibe i-osult  i- very girlish and fresh
v m of anv kind, „„ inatu-r of   what  arranged foi  Widn-slay.     April  23rd,  looking.   One   overdress   of   pink   sifk,
kindly send 'eune   to  nml Is to take place in  the Citv  Hnll   worn Inst Tuesday evening was drap*
'     *h'.   ue ai iitinj*.   at   1'Ki  p.m.    A   good  time and        11  ed in Shopherdetl style in the iinnnicr
Otll good      lUpptr for  nil,  nnd   handsome   .klrt.
Harry 1: u. [Jrqvharl
Wi    Pun ; umi Mrs  11 a   Lan ion
.ny for  the carry
lail^      Pleaae uoi«
LaWSOn     wlHle-      0   ilinnK
•  .;.iiHhml  in
foi    be bn 1'i'nl fund,   as
•a en ar
8 hool  and adult   llible    I 1    81
p.m.   Social  Monday evening,
The Local Kra'emal Order of Fafvg-
iel, are reque-ted to mee' al Selkirk
Hall, tomorrow. Sunday afternoon a<
2:30 i/'lock.
1 i»
1 na
I nn
It .
leil.e.  I'e
lull   1
inly  I'l
1 an-a
I. e'l   a    tir
1. . oali
. iiiii
And  thereafter  i-egulnrly on
lavs as previously 'scheduled
•  ,el'      I e
•1 1 ,    ■
1 ne
III   .
.        I- Illli'       'I
Ium       '
Hi,, 1 ' .
. Ome m"n belong to eviryllnii(S     in
TOB RENT   Three     Market lindens.
wiih   r-ildenres   ntlfte-hed,   al>out   ttix
acres in .-neb  Ira t.  ndioining     nnd
within eity  limilee Ml,t|  west ,,f (',,1
iimbia   Brtdgi     Apply  to  A.   Mcltae.
( t'tary.  'own  but   their nwn families.
or Hanrey,   MeCarter tad I'inkbam      Mny r.th, until  July 12th next.
'or the lucky winners ai whist. Mrs. Allen has aLo a wardrobe of
The Canadian governmenl hn« deslg handsome rt reuses this season, mos*tl^
Dated the White Star-Dominion Line nf thc darker shades of material, but
U 11 Ohflidlied Company for the ear- nearly nil hiving the n'w bandeil
eiago of Caiindinn mail from Mrmtrepl skirl and transparent overdress,
and Quebee to Llv.tpool. This has In "Madame X'' on Friday night
ii-cesslnli-d a 'hange in their regular as In "Tbe Deep Turple" Miss Felton
sailing day to Tue-day,     eommeneing  wore the one dress nil     evening.     n
band«ome co-tume in red satin.


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