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The Mail Herald 1906-05-26

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and Soda  Drinks
EVERY  I)        AT
Bews' Drug Store
\^i in, .}
■ V ""'6
O     MAY 28 1906
'£   )^2h
The Mail-Herald
'"j      Ti-  I.,-.-     Wight.
mm ■M————
VoL 12,-No. 79
REVELSTOKE, B. C. .MAY 36, 1906
S2.50 Per Year
Al litis Si'iisiin nf iln- yi-ii- ynu will appreciate this lisl nl
TABLE DELICACIES Thi' nini-kul is destitute ul Fresh Fruit and
Vegetables nnil ynu will he able In keep snlliethlllg nice and tasty
on the tulilc by watching our utfei'liigsi
Crosse ft Blackwell's .lams ol all kinds in Glass Jars
Crosse ft Blaokwoll'l .lollies of all kinds in Glass Jars
Crnsse ft Blaokwoll's Fig and Ginger Marmalade ill Glass Jars
Robertson's riueupple Marmalades in Glass Jars
Crosse ft Blackwell's Jams, all kinds    in 1 lb. and 7 Ib. tins
Crnsse ft BlackwcH'n Marmalade in I Hi. and 7 Hi. tins
Keillor's Marmalade in 1 Ib. and 7 Ib. tins
Climax,lams ul all kinds    in 5 Ib. Pails
Climax Jellies of all kinds in 5 lb. I'ails
California Apricots, Peaches, Pears, Plums in 2J lb. tins
Rajah Uracil ol Sliced, Grated and Whole Pineapple iu tins
Tartar Brand ol Peaches, Pears, Raspberries, Stntwlicrriea
and Plums in 2 Ib. tins
Usher's Brand ol all kinds ol Fruit and Vegetables.. 2 lb. tins
Pie Fruits put up in Gallon Tins—Iresli in.
[*%jfl[A   SHOES
,-HWrl      1 V ^3 Uur New Spring stuck nf
Vbu     "' DRESS SHOES
ft- * >i J     ll TENNIS SHOES
ii*'    <\   HM 'f   jl        Are Here fnr Vou.   Come
•J Here and See Them.
C. B. Hume & Co., Ltd
Stores at Arrowhead and Revelstoke.
Breezy Bargains
You   can't  looking.   Ours is the " SEEK-NO-FURTHER '
STORE, eiiiliod}iiig every excellence in
Paints, Oils, Varnish, Lawn Mowers, Grass Shears, Refrigerators,
Complete New Stock ol this Year's Make ol Rilles, Shot Guns
and Ammunition just arrived.
Dealers in Hardware, Stoves and Tinware, Miners', Lumbermen's and Sawmill  Supplies,  Eto, Plumbing, Tinsmithing-
The coYoncr's jury empanelled to
enquire into the accident on the C. P.
R. near Twin Butte, which caused tlie
death ol Fireman Corbett, met yesterday morning ot the Court House,
belurc Dr. Cross, the Coroner. The
case took up the whole day and evening and will be continued nearly all
day today, before the evidence will he
completed. The following arc the
jurymen: Messrs F. II, Wells (lore-
man), J, P. McLennan, C. II. Maedonald, Chas. Holten, W, H. Pratt and
Chas. J. Aman.
Messrs. Scott and Briggs are looking
alter the interests of the Locomotive
and Machine Co. ol Montreal, the
bridge builders, and Mr. A. M. Pink-
hunt is representing the C. P. R.
Call and lee our wall papers made
with the new double process, whioh
makes much thicker than ordinary
nml costs IIO more, C, B. Hume ft
go., Ltd.
Knox—J.R. Robertson, 11.D., pastor.
The regular services on Sunday con-
ducted by the pastor. Morning subject: "Revelation by Miracle." ln
the evening his discourse will be
" Turning the Other Cheek.*' This is
the second subject in a series ol sermons on the " strange words ol the
Master," which Mr. Rubertsou is
taking up at the evening service and
tu which all are cordially invited.
Prayer meeting on Wednesday night
at H o'clock. Subject. ; " The epistle
to Philemon,"
St. Anukkw's.—Rev. W, C. Calder,
pastor. Sunday, May 27th—11 a.in.,
"Bread Irom Heaven." 7:.*10 p. in.,
"He Lost His Life."
A reward   will   be  given   (,,r any
information leading up to the capture,
dead or alive, ul the penon nr poriOUS
wliu ttnik away the Flag fmni the City
Hall smite time during the neck
previuus tu Vicluria Day.
Fierce Riot in St, Petersburg
—Trouble in Moscow and
Odessa-Norwegian Wrecked
—Funeral of Gabriel Dumont
[HY Tl-I.KUBAI'lll
Vienna, Muy 211.—There is uu truth
In the alarmist reports ol the Emperor's health, lie is suffering from intestinal catarrh. His indisposition is
San Francisco, May 20—Tho cor-
nner's record lo (Into shows the dentb
list tn be 402.
St PETERSBURG, May 20.—In it
tierce riot bore yeste-d iy the Cussacks
charged the crowd and two persons
were killed, and many women and
children were Inshed.
Moscow, May 2(1.—II the Emperor
denies the lull amnesty demand, as it
is nuw reported he will, a general
strike will be declared. Grave disorders have already occurred and colli-
sinns between the police and the
mobs are quite frequent.
Odkssa, May 26,—Not a single sliip
will be able to leave port today owing
to a strike along the water front.
Rioting is feared any moment
TlFI.lS, May 211—Chief Engineer
Lefever of tlie Transoauoasian railway
was assassinated last night.
Ttn.u, Central ltussia, May 2li.—
Prof. Raeiltski, principal of the High
School here, was murdered in tlie
streets yesterday by a school boy.
VlTEHSK, May 20.—Direclor Belkine
of the government factory was
assassinated yesterday "lor political
Regi.na, May 2(1,—The Legislature
prorogued today altei an all night
Montreal, May ili.—The Allan
Liner Ionian reports the wreck ol the
steamer Norwegian in mid Atlantic.
The crew were all saved.
Victoria, May 2(i.—It is reported
the health ol Sir Henri Joly is giving
alarm to his friends.
Batoche, May 20.—The funeral of
Gabriel Dumont occurred Friday near
tlie scene uf his defeat in the battle
that crushed the Metis uprising.
    * ^.. .
Seattle, May 25.—Seattle will be
destroyed by an earthquake during the
last week ul May, according to a prophecy made by Mrs. Margaret Albright
of Georgetown. Mrs. Albright suys
she is a prophetess, and advises residents of the city to take their possessions to the mountains.
She says a tidal wave will sweep
Bremerton, Grays Harbor and other
cities uut ol existence. There will be
a massacre on Vancouver Island, the
United States will have war with
China; there will be a large Until in
Alaska, and King Edward will be assassinated.
She also declares that she predicted
tlie San Francisco earthquake.
Formation of a New Body of
WiNNieixi, May 24,—Corporal Butt-
ley, R. N. \V. M. P., who has been out
on patrol duty lor several weeks,
turned up at Swift Current the other
day with a strange story, smacking of
tlie improbable, but backed up by such
lacts as put disbeliel out ol the question. It seems from thc story that
Ol) the lirst night ol the San Francisco
earthquake, a band uf Indians was
encamped at a point near Peltier's
lake or Eagle Quill lake, as it is more
generally known, and that during tlie
night members uf the band were all
awakened by a violent shock, which
mlfht or might not have been associated with the earthquake in some way.
But that there had been a terrilic
convulsion uf nature ul some sort,
there could be no doubt, as in the
morning it waB lound that an artesian
well had broken In the bottom ol the
coulee, near-by, and was throwing
water fully 80 leet in the air. The
crtiiee rapidly liilnl. as did the adjoining depression iu tlie Ian J and a fair-
-i/',l lake now exists where there was
no water before. The new lake is 2d
miles suiith ul Swill Current.
A Day of Games and Sports
at the Famous Glacier.
Empire Hay win fittingly celebrated
ul Glacier. Lack ol numbers was hilly
compensated for by put ri, tic enthusiasm. Under the presidency of Malinger Flimlt, assisted by Mesdniucs
Jin vis and Flindt, a sports program me
hud been arranged which wus nl.lv
executed by Mr, tjuick acting in the
capacity ul starter, Holuw is u list of
tin- events and tho successful contest-
Sack race—1 lliiney, 2 Holivcs,
Ladies' potato race—1 Mrs. Childs,
2 Mrs. Jamieson, 11 Miss Walker.
Three-logged race—I Hniiey and
Holmes, (This race would have been
won by Buchansky and IValeski bud
tbey not severed their bunds which
being -'Husli'ins" galled them into
Men's potato race—Tliis was an international event. Fowler, the winner,
representing England, carried oil* the
palm or rather the potato for his
country, closely followed by Switzerland's champion, Edward Fuz, who
lied with rVmerioa'sdoughty supporter
Clarence 11,,hues.
Tug-ol-wiir—Glacier v. Hotel dining
room, Alter a hard struggle the City
pulled their opponents over the fatal
Wheelbarrow nice—1 Buchanan, 2
Alter this event, during which refreshments were served, Mr. Porter
give an excellent vocal and nasal
r, production of a phonographic selection.
Pipe race—1 Fuz, 2 Achcson, 3
Apple eating contest—1 Wales, 2
Fuz, 3 Fowler.
50 yd. dash—1 Hancy, 2 Wales.
Hopping contest—1 Achcson, 2
Tne prizes were then distributed by
Mrs. Flindt.
Mr. Marcus, alias Ike Levy, from
'Ampstead 'Eut.li, officiated ably as
Tbe day's enjoyment was brought
to a cluse by the singing nt the National Anthem.
Score in the Lacrosse Match
was II to 4 Revelstoke
Team Plays Good Game
The lacrosse mulch which took place
Thursday iillornonii between the
Itevelsioke and Kainloups teams, it ran
a large crowd tu the McKenzie avenue
grounds, The mutch wus a most in-
terestlng one, nil hough the Hovi Istoko
boys nboul hail their own way from
start to finish. The score stood II to -I
ill favor nf Kevelstoke, which iu itself
well tells the tale.
Tbe Independent Band were in attendance and played an excellent programme during the intermissions,
Following is the line-up ul the teams:
B. Dickie Goal... ,11. Pinchbeck
F. MoCorvie... Point  T. Gray
Groceries. Hardware. McClary's Stoves. Etc.
Onion Sots, Flower Seeds,  Farm & Garden Seeds,
Garden Tools.   A Large Assortment.
Hollywood   and   Shcrwin   Williams'   Paints,   Oils,
Varnish, Turps, Alabastine, Muralo, Etc.
Our Stock of Groceries,  Fruits   and   Vegetables,
is always Fresh.
BOURNE   BROS.      Mackenzie Avenue
Dunne Cover,..
.A. Anderson
. Buck.. 1st. Defence
. ...W. Kelly
Hilller. .2nd     "
. .(1. Graham
Barber, 3rd      "
,R, Mitchell
Knight Centre.,.
.... IV. Iletts
Latham . .3rd Hume.
ll. Morrison
Woodlund.2nd Home
...J. Barber
Kei'lout..  .1st Hume
. It Douglas
Southern, .Outside.J.
Pettipiece. .Inside...
. E, Pnrsuiis
Wc have left a few 5-Acre Villa Lots, suitable for Fruit
Culture and Market Gardening, which may be purchased on small
monthly, quarterly or semi-annual payments.
This land is situated within live minutes' easy walking of the
New Schoolhouse Site recently purchased by the City.
There will be no land available after this season within such
easy reach of the City, and intending purchasers should not delav
in making their selection.
Agents, Revelstoke Insurance Agency, Ltd.
From „iir,,ii-]ic'(>rri]*i„ii„l„iit.
II. Mosoley has returned   Irom 11
lengthy hunting expedition    in the
Adams Lake country.
Reports are coming nut (runt the
mountains which lie to the north ol
Little Shuswap Lake, concerning a
small lake there which is supposed to
be linunled. At certain times 11 muring, rushing noise is hoard which
increases to 11 crush and etuis in wicrd
shrieks and howls, which echo and
re-echo among the hills. These uncanny manifestations have been heard
by several hunters and trappers nnd
seem to emanate fvoiti tho marshes
and the hike. The place is carefully
avoided by Siwashes, A possible
solution ol the mystery is that the
~~ I gases from dcoaying vegetable mutter
King's weather yesterday added to suadenly escape and cause these
the pleasure nf the citizens in cele- j soum|8 wliicli are increased by echoes.
uniting Victoria Day.    There were a The Mi. |ms  u(!en  al\\a\ n„nshee
number ol small picnic parties out at
different points uf beauty surrounding
the city and enjoyed themselves thur
uiiglily. In the afternoon the lacrosse
match between the lucal team and
Kainloups team drew a large attendance, and the horse races nt the Turf
Club grounds were most interesting,
nnd   lucul horse men  were out with
their last ones.    In the evening thc
,, ,        .,1,1 • 1 .1    1      1    settlers luisv this suninii r
Melrose stock Co, occupied the boards '
in the Opera House, the entertainment concluding witii a sncial dunce.
'Ihe following scores were made at
the rille range on May 2-lth. The
scores given iu the lirst und third
columns were made at the prone position and the scores in the second
nud fourth columns at the kneeling
200yds. HlXlyds. total
Sgt. Shitrdliiw
Pie. Ijiii.ili
" Hunter
" Hanson
" Miilh.ilhir.il
" Garner
" Carter
" Jenion
" Davidson
" Parson
Possihlt score, seven shuts at each
target twenty-eight
Drill will ho hold every night, except Saturday, Irom June 1st. until
inspection, which will be held on or
about the 15th ul June. Shooting at
the range on Saturdays an usual.
F. O. E. lodge meets every Tuesday
evening now instead of Thursday
evening aH formerly,
At the last meeting of llie F. 0. E.,
Eil. liurridge was elected President to
lake the place nl J. II. Ilubinsuii who
resigned and lell lot- Ins new homo in
the east,
A violent thunder storm burst over
tbo lake yesterday accompanied by
deluges uf rain. The storm circled
round Copper Island Ior a time and
went off in a south-easterly direction.
The lork and chain lightning were
very vivid.
Bunt b tilding will keep many lake
nil  several
orders  have  been  sent  to    Messrs,
Brooks ft Co., Buy City, Midi., for
patterns and frames.
The annual picnic was lield on
Victoria Day, May 24th, on W. Hem-
Btridge's lake ritnohe and wus the most
succcsslnl Ihnt lias ever been lield at
Notch Hill, Tin: sun was doing llis
duty well und a gentle breeze rippled
the surface ol tlie lake. The landing
was li gay scene, bunting nnd lings
everywhere, boats llittering here nnd
there, and a veritable rainbow of
coloring frum the now and dainty
dresses ol the ladies. Wagons, buggies and boats kept arriving till 11
a.m., when the sports began, with
tugs nl war, children's races, potato
races, jumping nud skipping. The
feature of the afternoon woro the lion!
races, for which there were many
entries. The winners were : Men's.
—lat. Garland, 2nd, Dunn; 3rd. Goth,
Ladies.—1st, Miss Royce, 2nd, Miss
McLean. Boys.—1st, Master Birschoff,
2nd, Muster Briiinnrd, A suinptllolll
lunch was provided liy the Indies, to
which lull justice wns done. Tlie
latter part of the afternoon wns devilled tu boating till tea, at which I he
prizes wore distributed by Mrs. Sullivan. The bread baking lor bachelors
was won by I,. Gnth, the prize lieing
100 lbs. of Hour, presented by the
Columbia Flouring Mills Oompany,
Enderby, II. C.
A ball was held in the evening at
the schoolhouse, which was enjoyed by
all, dancing boing kept up till dawn.
Boots & Shoes. Men's Furnishings, Ready-made Clothing
.Thus, liiul*.
The Melrose Stock Company
Play to a Large Crowd.
A* bumper house greeted the Melrose Slock Company in vaudeville nt
the Opera Ilnuse un Thursday even-
it g. The performance was one of the
I ,-l of lho kind ever put on the stage
in this city, each member of this
tilented organization fulfilled his ur
her part lo the satisfaction of ibe
large audience.
The farces put on in which Mr. and
Mrs, Melrose, Mrs. McKitrick. Messrs.
li A. Maedonald and W.A. Chanibors
took part were cleverly acted and
lu irtily enjoyed.
W. II. Humphreys in the singing ol
"God-Save tin King." wns in splendid
voice, tho song being appropriate to
the day---Victoria liny—was fully endorsed  by  the audience, who called
"When the Morning Glories
1 ivii -■ Arom .: the Doer,'
"U In ■:.. Si ig Birds are
s   *   *   ,1 You,"
A. Arumi
,  ,W. A,
Pride -t" Newspaper Row... Mrs. Melrose
"SHADOW, OR 23 FOR*YOl:'."
! Lawyer Skiiiimin. Jos. Melivse
His Wife, Slightly Demented 	
 - Mr*. K, K. MoKitrick
Shadow Mr*. J.-s. Mi-lr,,*,-
An Animated Piece of Charcoal	
 W. A. Chambers
(From in, Own Girresp indent)
Mr, uml Mrs, Norman  I'i omaa ure
spending a few days nt Midway und
Boundary points.
IV. A. Poole is away on a two weeks
Ploaees ovory smokor  the
1 Maroa
many friends during the evening by
his singing of "When tin- Morning
Glories Twine Around the Door," and
"When the Song Birds aro Singing lor
Ynu." Mr. Annan has a sweet pleasant voice. Muster John Lightburne
of Arrowhead in bis recitations und
T. Hints,,n in the Nursery Rhymes
wi re very good.
Mr, nml Mrs. Melrose in their'ch'ar-
acler sketches were well received,
thoir «,,rk being McegJioftivUy goi -I
and ilu- audit nee'- appreciation ol
their efforts was demonstrated time
nnd again  by their hearty and pn -
longed  applause.    Tho piei I  tl e
evening wai Mis. Melrose in the char-
m--, 1 sketch "Jimmle Fadden, or the
Pride ol Newspaper Row." This wns
Hi,, cleverest portrayal ol a well known
character on the streets ol great cities
pi the United States, that wai evi 1
put ,,11 the stage in tliis country.
Mrs, Melrose received 11 hearty encore,
A BiHjiul dance was held at the
,-|,,se of the performance in whioh a
largo number of Indies and gentlemen
took part. The following was the
Mr, Brown Jos, Melrose
Mrs, Hrown,, . , .Mrs. lus, Melrose
I'ele ...A Servant.,, D, A. Macdona d
God Save Tile King.. W.  II. Humphreys
K,-,-ii.iti,,,is Master John l.iirliiburnt-
Ilu- Dispensers ol Overheated Atmosphere
 Mr. .mu Mrs, Melrose
him  out for an encore to which he vacation  visiting friends nt Spokane,
kindly responded,    Mr, Annan made Wash,
The Ladies Auxiliary,,! die English
church guve a delightful dunce in
Abriels Hall on the evening ol Victoria
Roy Th mas to k in the sports at
Mr. ami Mrs.Hi-". M.,ir nml children
oj Sandon, were in town lor tlie 24th.
.1:>rin,rp. olOraml Rapids, Mich'., is
USJJjjjg ins aunt, Mrs. U. S. Thouiai.
Mis, Anjuj-.i, ol. IWiji.rry, iptuit a
lew days in town with her sister Mrs.
M MoCarlhy.
Johu Cadden, eugineer on the passenger train, is taking a few weeks
vacation on ins ranoh at Burton,
I M. Cameron is off on a trip to
the cast. Conduotor li. Mbwatt is
tiking bis place.
ll ht, Irniitrong, nl Arrowhead,
wns in the city "ii Wednesday recording ., ! ration ol u big deposit ur ledge
ol asbestos. The Asbestos mine is
I icatcd about l,,ur 111i.es north ol
Arrowhead and almnt two miles back
from the Arrowhead I,ranch ol the
1 P, II nn the property are a large
number ol asbestos veins running
through the brni.ition, averaging in
width (rout one incli to si.x inches.
Tin asbestos is ol good quality Hint
i„ mg so close lo tratuportntionihould
prove a valuable holding, 'HE MA1L-HKRALD, REVELSTOKE B.C
llv     (lIVllMIVrill'l  I *»»e nHiiioa ns Biv n-,. him iu Engl..i..l,
Mr UK       ill.'ll ll-IIA laW,   ,,,„„. |,„,,,,,„„ ,,|i„ a sealed envelopi
I'UBUBHKI) WEDNESDAY AND SATUIt- „„,] ;, u,„ up ,,, t|„. Government nuW
kevelstoke. B.C., tu do as it sees fit in the uuitlcr.   Uu
- general iiupressiun is, however, Hint
IncluiiiiE postiute lu England, Culled Sim
' uu,l Cu, ...l.i.
Byjheymr (through poslolllce] :'-'
Hnl .   May  26.—A limn-
.'ne,,I  cult   wns born i ii the farm ol
Alex. Shaver, farmer, Tuesday night,
the pers'inneluf the Company will still Thecn|tis mm\ „, a, lrarlioulars
except  tin-  head.   The eyes are close
"" '"'^, together, and immediately below them
g ...I reading Inr  many  moons l>nst|is „  ,„„„„.;„„   |iko  „  „„,,,   T|len
and tbuse issm ,1 this neck nre no ex
a mystery,
ret ur
comes lho inuutli, iniicb further up on
ADVERTISING   RATES. _^_^__^^^_^_^^^__
Legalnoilctslucents per line llrsl in.-erllnn, coptinn lu the   rule.     The IllUlllll ul ,,    ,     . .,       m-aliii.,.-ilv      t hirthm
5 cents per line each suliseiiiie -crtion. .,                         .      ,                  uie iii'.ui iiiiiii uiiiinniii).     .\ niitnei
M^ur.ni™i,Ne,,1'an,-l1nl,,,,-.,i,,l,'M,, April sail in, increase l-i   Ilu-  imports        ,|milv   ul)0llt   t|„,   animal JH the
Preferred positions. -■• per cent, nd-
dittiuL Birth*, Marriages and Death*,
50c. each lusertion,   All advertUomcnl
-■.'-.■ ■ Lo thi i] prova] of thc mnnngemi lit.
Wanted nnd Condensed Advert -
Agents Wanted. Help Wanted, Slumlium.
wanted Situations Vacant, Ti Lcliern
Wanted, Mi chani - Wanted, in words or
lea :"■ „ i ach additional line lo cents,
i hat gi - .: -■ in ting advertisement* musl
be in by'J h. m. luewla) and Krldaj o(
•etch week to secure good display,
J >B PRINTING prompt)]* exocuted ii n ison-
v-.* : *.'.'.-.
TERMS  i wh.  Subscriptions payable In adj
ORRESPONDKNCE li vlt-ed on matters ol
public interest. Communications to Kcli-
tor must be accompanied by name ol
writi r, nol nca ssaril) for publication, bui
as evidence of good faith, i orre-'poniicnce
should be i'r;-?.
if J2M00II, mul in exports nu in- ^"tlmt' iti' "i^f uses" Ujoju.. re's ni i Ik-
crease of $4,250,000     Eor  tho ten ftmU8 beiUg fed on oow'o milk
months of the fiscal yenr the aggte-| ._.
l;.  M0R1.|IS,0N,
11-: N T IST,
McKcnuic Avenue.
Umcas:  Imi'kiual Bank  Hlock,  Kkvkl
Money to loan. ,,      ,    ,   „ ,,
Olliees: Kevelstoke, Il.C; hurl Steele, &C.
IjEO. S. McCartek,
V. M    l'lNKUAM.
Revelstoke, B.
.1. .
\, Hakvkv,
Fori Steele,
IV, 1. Hrii
J. M. Scotl
l.l. h.
Sol uimn-,
v ru Li
Sol.n It-
in Moi,
First St re,
Mining Engineer,
(Mem, American Institute Mining Engl i-
Cinindian Mining Institute)
Revelstoke, B. ('.
Examination of and report* on Minora! I'ro
pertiesa Specially.
Agent for Canadian Metal Company, buyer?
uf zinc and silver-lead ores,
Zinc and silver-lend mine- purchns    oropcr-
atcd under lease and bond
Financial Assistance given ow.icrs nud  pros,
vector- to operate and develop
approved properties,
" I would . . . earnestly advise them for
their Kood;to order this paper lo bo punctually
\TV-cd up. and to be looked upon as it part of
the tea equipage."—Adpison.
SATURDAY, MAY 20, 1906
gate had,• wns$,13f),742,t)5B| nn increase
nf $03,801,1743, ovor the mini lor tho
corresponding ten mouths of last yenr.
The imports have increased $25,280,200
nnd Ihe exports if.'1-1.716,754! while lho
duty collected wus iiiu.o iiiiiii $8,000,-
nun, better, ll is nlso satisfactory to
note thai this increase is participated
in by nil classes,—inineB, fisheries,
furests, animals nml their products,
agricultural products uml iiiiinufiic-
tures. What's llie inntter with
Canada '.'   She's nil rigid.
So tlio country is to bo treated lo
another investigation,   This timo the
Murine Depart men I is to  c   into
the limelight. The Opposition is most
anxious to know inure iihout the uut-
fitting of the steamer 'Arctic." When,
the accounts wero boloro lho limine
certain members proceeded tu make
various charges of extravagance and
worse, and demanded nn enquiry, As
soon, however, ns tho Premier granted
thoir request they de-.lnrcd that they
wanted an invi'sti'.-alinn inlo a whole
lot more things; things very indelin
ite and nebulous. This, however, was
another story. Sir Wilfrid naturally
objected to u blanket pruposiliuu.
The great transportation question
bus occupied thu attention ill ilu
House on more than one occasion Ihis
past weok, particularly with relcrenco
tn the waterways, The Trent Valley
canal, the Georgian Buy canal, nnd
other projects have been brought to
the attention of the House, uiul sonic
time consumed iu discussing them in
llieir various phases. The country is
pretty well occupied fur llie present in
railway development.
Asking lor returns hns always been
a favorite scheme ol the back bench
member to impress his eonstitucnts
with the fact that lie is n busy man
while attending Parliament, It is
cheap nnd easy, thnt is cheap nn! easy
for him, but it costs the country n
pretty penny, and it is none too easy
for the clerks in the deptirtin'ents,
The Opposition lias been more than
usually active in this respect this
session, if only they have assimilated
all they have been given, they know a
lot more than most people ub ml Ihe
all'uirs ol tho country. Ilul there are
thoso who are unkind enough to hint
tin unc is much wiser lor all the labut-
Ihal has been expended in ihei. education.
The budget is promised lur nexl
Tuesday, und alter thai bus been disposed of thero will not be very much
I,i keep lite members fnnn llieir
homes, Witii the certainty -i ii
November session they are nol likely
lo wnnl tu stny much lunger anyway
—      .9.
Certificate   of   Improvements.
Seattle, Mny 25.—An undcrgr,
Chinese colony, similar to that wh c
existel  in  Sun   Francisco, lms lieen
discovered here by city officials    Si
attle Orientals, by   bill-rowing   und      A
buildings, si,I,-walk- and alleys I
su tiled In excavating hithertu in
suspected    passngeways    lending  •-
n onil in which gambling and ■ 1
- king nro curried un    Many n 1
I81 -   d to the Mail-Herald- I
Ottawa, May 10th. — Everything
Cuines to him who waits, but il has
been a long time coining to Sir Mackenzie Bowell, After many years
faithful and sell-sacrificing service to
his party. The worthy senator finds
that there is some gratitude lelt in tin-
world. Its expression in ihis case
took a very pleasanl form, when the
C oservative members ol the Senate
gathered round him the other day and,
after saying all kinds of nice tilings
about him, presented lilm with a
valuable clock with musical chimes
and lota ol other things thrown in.
Sir Mackenzie was much pleased.
Tlie cause  of  Senate   reform   was
given another boost this week when
Sir Richard Cartwright made a particularly able speech   .;  1,  the subject.
Like liis leader in the lower house
Sir  Richard   is   not 1. •'• ;. repared 1
idv cati ::- t : il ib lit   n  there was
1 time when the worthy knighl
have adv, cated that .,- the - nly remedy f- 1 recognized and glaring • rils
but he has  had   an    pportui itj    :'
Undying the nibject at] cl
since then, and tho matti 1    I   el
which in ti. si- days -,-- med 1     1,
,«■- :• within t) •- range    I  practi a
politics  :. :i  and that makes all tin-
With the arrival from the Old
1 :' >|.---  W,'l   I lc-: ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
All. Jury, Griffiths, nnd dbers to givi
evidence before the Agricultural Com- tl.   |U,-vn/.„ Ciirinn-
mittee, interest iu tin   : ..,.       th,   I fit /UOllCy OdVIllg
North Atlantic Trading Co. has revived
andthore has been moro attention
paid this week to the proceeding! -1
the Committee than to the d- ing- ■ I
the House itself Mr Preston, bo far,
is the or,"'- me who has been put on
the rack, and be has not proved very-
responsive to the wiles of the examiner. He declared he did nol know
the names ol the members ol tin
famous company, and that is tin-information ol all else, that the Opposition is most anxious to get, lle
explained that to disclose the identity
of these men would possibly Bubjert
them to all kinds of trouble it, tliei
respective countries, but he hadhaiidci
Vour nt ten tion is called tu our
corner window Ior goods suitable lur
all kinds uf picnic lunches. C. II,
Iluinc ,V Co.
Refrigerators and Ice Cream Free/-
s at Bourne Bros.
l-'inncls Miiii-ial claim, siliiiii,- iii Un- ItuvoMiiku
Minim: lli.isi I Wesl Kiinlcllll)' lllllrlct,
IVIii'i-., Ini-nli'il:  Nortli ul Inin Uill   Mineral
cliilin, Sliiuilnril lliuln, liin Iti-iKl.
Take milieu thai I.Jns. I.W Inm, I'M.C. Nu.
Ilswil), iii'llng ns annul tur iin*,-l( nnil A. IV, Mc-
liit,,,.|i, l-.jt.ti. N„. ItssKKl, (leu, Jiiliiisnii, l'.M.C,
S'„. IISSiw, Kllulntli Mc.Mnliiin, l-'.M.c. Nn.
ll-s.-..-1'.i, inl.'ii.l -ill vi lays (r,,m tlm ilntu luiruuf, tu
,|,|,li lutlii, Minimi It iliirliirii (Yrlilie.-ile „l
liu|,i"i,-iu,-nl-, lur Uu- pur-ioae "I nlitnilllllB a
iiniii iiriuii nl the nlmveclaiin.
Anil (iirther tako uotlco Uml action, iimlor sco-
mi :i7, mu*! I... I'liuinienceil liofore llio Ismiaucu „f
u-li CordficiUe nl liii],i'',i',-mi,|i(s.
Dnloil llili I'uiirteonlli ilnynf Mnv. A.ll., Imiii.
.i.\s. I. wnnliltnw.
voTliK is HKIIKHV GIVEN llliiit wi dnys
,\ ,lay- nlii-riIiiii, I Intenil lo mails' to tlio
Hon. Chlof Commissioner ol Lnnds and Works
lor permission lu i,iirrliu.-i, ilin following ,l,i-
crilioil Iniul-. -iiuati, in tlie ItovoLstoko Division
,,f \\','-t Kootoniiy lii*irici:
' ,1 -nk'ii.i i„,*i plnntod "ti il,„ eust
hiiiikiil Uio cluiuliiii Ilivor, nliuul ono-liiill
mill, iiurll,,,(tliei 111,nil, 1,( ,'arm- Crunk, nml
marked "C .1.11'* South Wosl Cornor Posl,"
Hum inst (11 elm ins i il lortli .iu olialns;
theuco tvosl IK) elinlns, lm lliesntiio moro or loss,
Ui tho ous: limit nf thn Columbia Itivnr: tlience
full,,wine llio ini'iiliileriiiu* ,,( tin' Columbia
Ilivor in it Southerly- direction lo tlio imlnt uf
 iinioiironiont, cuntiiitihiir isii ucros u„,r,,,,r
Dutoil this twontv-nlnth day ol Maroh, A.I)..
Ap.l2iii. C. .I. IICM HNS.
■gn^ Cold Range Lodge, K. of P.,
No. 26, Revelstoke, B. C,
ill Oililll'llowi' Hull nt s
o'clock i'lsillng Kniiiliis un-
.-..r.llHlly illvlli'il.
K  W. II. PAGET, Cl'.
II. II. IIUOI'K, K   ul U. .. S.
H.A. HROWN, H. o(F.
Kooleiiny (.ml-..   Nr.  15 A F.& A I
To Trappers
Raw Purs Bought,
Cash Prices Pain
F.   B.   WELLS,
. Exporter of Purs.
I'he regular meet-
au(s nre lu-lil in the
lli-onic Tinililo,
1,1,1 l-Vlloivs Hull.on
l„ iliinl Monday In
mult im,nili ut s
■ju. Vlsiliiigln-elll-
.ii i-iiriliiiU:.' wel
-., uml
('. A. I'ltOI'l.'Nll-'.ll. SHI-UKT.IItV.
SELKIRK LODGE, NO 12,1.0.0. F.
Meets every Tliumrla'
evening InOdillCellowi
Hall al S o'clock
Visiting brethren cor
^^^^^^^ illully Invited to nt
l(. MACIinNAl.n, N.G,        J. MATIIIK, Ski-
1 have started n permanent Wood
Yard nn Third street. Willi mv past
experience I hope to bo in n position
tn satisfy nil vequiieinents of customers, Dry cord wood kept iu stuck and
supplied in nny lengths at reduced
prices fnr cash.
Certificate of Improvements.
llnlilen l-'.aul,- Mineral Claim, situnto in tho Ar-
roil Lake MilllllK Dlvlsiiin ul Koiitollliy llislrii-t.
Where Incnteil;—AiljnlniiiK Mlnornl City Ton-it-
TAKK NOTICK thnl I, Kenneth I,. Ilnrimt,
agL-iil Inr Mrs. Kllcn McDuiigiihl, ot Nnkmn,
t'roo Miner's Cortillcato No, 111)521)9, Intend, sixty
days (ruin tlio ilnto hereof, to tuiply In tho Milling
lt,-,-,,i,l,-i f„i-a Certillcnto ,>f fiiiprnvoiuents, for
thoiniriKisc ,,( iihUihilima Cmwn iiiani „f the
alinve clilhn.
Amiliirtlii-rtake nnllce ihal action.underseo-
ii,„i :i7. iiiu-l l„- cuiiiuioncoii lioture tlio i.**u:,iic,- of
-,|,-I, (Vrlillrnt., „f lnipr,,i'i<nii Ills.
Dnteil Ihls Elllll dill nl April, IIIHI
Tender for Mineral Claim Forfeited to the Crown.
...I I
I. lln- ■ -I
,, . , ih,. imi, I,,-.- "I ih, iiiuh'rliiel
1,1,1     I,II.    uliti-li   » ,-   (.ni. '
i ul Hi.,'I .-. Sal,, lii>l.l a, He '        Iinil-,
,.j.,.,!,,    || p,    mlhc -Until] nl SmmuI.m
 I.I..1. ,11 -Ml-I,.,- .1 I"- 'I l-l-l
.   in-.l nil. - .-   s'M-,1   l"-l"„   ,,1,1,1; i*
I., the   iiii.mnl (,,r i,
.. MT..I   1,1111
I   .1,1111-. II.I-..I
i>, tin lu-rlisine I
" Brunswick-
I      \
• ii'.i.'i.t.'i
f th,
W. Fleming's
Meat Market
Orders fnr Bee! and Mutton,
Poultry, Pish and small gnnds
will receive prompt attention,
Something Pure
ll you ure looking for Pure
Honey we liuve just opened up
a consignment  of   Ontario
in 1 lb. boxes, or iu 5 Ib, cans
"Guaranteed Pure."
Our Canned (lotids arc second
to none, and mure than that
we "Guarantee every Can."
Cream  Parlors
Ice Cream Supplied at  SI.50
per Gallon.
Front Street, Revelstoke
I'liuipletei Mineral Claim,
s,,n,,.- i„ il„- tii"h [aikeMiiiinu Uiii-i f
West I. mu District,
Where hicateil    Xearphe N'teillesiili the Loner
lie »  Cik-
I ,!•• in.in-.- lhat I, Kennelh I.. Ilnrtiel, -ie.-i.i
la- limi.- Kvllilit-i , laniiiii-li.iliix f.ir tin- estate
: I-. II    Kellihel  i n  S| llll I-*!,-,- Miner's
tilt,-:,,.* >      ':    iiu-ii.l -i\t, .lays fr llie
mm ,|„,i. :.,,|,„  Mmn,|,  |(,.,.,,i,|,.| for
■ fuipi    ,-- i..i tliepur) I
i-i iiniiM i I     un    ;e   - ili. almvc elnim.
- -.1.       ...   tint ul lun, under se,-
li leeliceil I-IM- the Issuance
te   I linnrueiii.-ii!-.
-    ■ . ■ ■••.-), ,i.,i,,(hVI-ruary, lone.
For Sale or Rent
aro lighted bj eleel icity,  Some of the   I    \ V I )    \'( )T I (   l-'s
passageways - xtend lor half a block i
ue,re, many i- el  tnder -u1- ci I irs and
II- re   villi   little ur no
•   tl   :.,    res   ol  Chinese  defy
inti fieri lice  by  white men   -
in   m    pi . -   tnd . i    	
■ - ition.
. ♦ •
i     can gel   ill   m ikes  ol Toilel
•A'ati --   an I   l . rids  \\ nti r  al   the
Camilla Lrug Store
Work Saving Soap
Thai's Ifoyal Crown kind-
made in Vancouver—Largest
.-. ap Factory wesl of Winnipeg. House cleaning and
washing are easy with itshelp.
And the money saving is the
Premium System
Booklet tells what we give fnr
liovul Crown Wrappers. Send
i,,r it—Freo—AIsn lry the
Royal Soap Co., Ltd.
Vancouver, B, C.
. ■
il   II   ".l,.1.1
suil i„ ii»|
-  11 ,
i.„,iu,r„! I,„l . •    kisl    ,-    I'-lli
north 1! Ill
.     II lnry,,l
i. | is,
tiring tl '•■
enl'llll,',,,', ,,    I . ,    ,. leer" er I,'-*
II I'll" Illll le nl Ipl
'   l-.IMV
|j,k,  ll i
\-fiTH'K |fl MKliKHV OIVKN thai thirty
4N   dnyiaflor datn [Intond lo aoplytoth-n
i hlcfCn hud-oner of Land* and WorKHforn
-•.'■I mI iicrim- in cui nnd narry awa]
fnnn tho followloK doHcrlhed landu In Wo«l
Kootonay hi-lrkl;
1 i.inii, '-t.'ii.L' ,i' i |»ohI nliintod on the north
hnrib of thn t'olnmhlH Rlvnr jtwl hIkim thn
niniiili nf (Inlion Hlvor nnd mnrknd VV, (iriwiin'
north m I nornor po I    ll nnri  vn t HO clmin
thoncfl ii'ith •'< chain . Llmm 1 RQolinln
lln'iic- north ll) chain In tho [xilnl of turn
iJiitcid Mn   Hli dnj ..I \|,nl IDOfi
U   i OWAN
Pei B Mollonn, Agent.
N    ■■    MADE   CIGARS
M.NUIA07 '." -.   BV
Kurtz's Pioi ■-: Cigar Factory
I IS, Cnrdnva St., W.
VANCOUVER  -   -   B. C.
Richard R. Copeland
Mantles, Shelving, Sturm Doors, elc
Jobbing Promptly Attended To
Third Street Enst, Revelslni,,,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Under the new inaniigemi'iit|of
IIaiiky  McIntiisii,  Hnlfniiiii   House
_ eynn ate the most curative iu tbe
world. A perfect, nalnial remedy fnr
nil Nervous nnil Muscular diseases,
Liver, Kidney anil Stoinnoll ailments
and Metallic I'uisnning, A sure cure
for "That Tired Keeling." Special
rates on all bunts and triune. Two
mails ai live and depait, every day.
Telegiu h communication with all
marls of the world.
TERMS   $12 In $18 per week.   For
further particulars apply In
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arroto Lake. B. C
Mrs. II. J. Ilii.ibury Mnnngress.
First-Class Table.l
Private Dining Boxes
Luren Dlnlngrooni Inr
Hnii'liiots, Suppors, otc.
Furnished Rooms To Let,
Certilicate  of Improvements.
Peacock Minoral ('Inini, situate in tlm Itovol
stoko MiniiiK Division of West Kootenay
Whoro locatod!—At tandnrd Husin, in the
Hii: lli'inl.
TAKE NOTICK thflt I. It. Smith, Fr«e
•Minor's Cortiflcate No. H 88523, notins as awuit
forO. J. Kuiiioiis, Froo Minor's Cortillcato No.
B-SM-SHjO K. Rohlnaoii, Froo Minor's Certillcnto Nn. It KSriVi and Wm. M. Saxinn's Froo
Miner'- Corlitlcato Nn. II wilJi:,. Intond sixty
days from dote hereof to apply to the Mining
Kocordor for a Cnrtillciito of Iaiproveinonts for
tlio pnriHisoof iiliiiiinin*,' h Crown Urant of th
atxivfl claiin.
And further, tako liotico, thai fiction undo
Soottoii 37, must ho coiiimeiicml hofore tho
issiiiinroof such Cortiflcato of Improvement
Datod this Second day of April, A.D., 19«J.
Ap. 4   L'.i. R. SMITH.
Certificate of  Improvements.
Manlia .111110 Fraction and Mintn Mineral
Claims, situnto in tho Kovolstoke Minim,'
Division nf Wosl Kootonay District.
Whoro   loontodl -At Standard   Itasin,   Hit.
TAKE NOTICK thai I. K. Smith, Froo
Miner's (.'erllflcato No, I! 8te,23, acting as a-jont
fnr the Prince Mining aud Dovelopmont t om-
imny, Limited Liability; Free Miner'- Certillcnto No B8S48T). intend si ity days from date
hereof to apply to iho Mining Recorder f«
Certillcatas of Improvouieuta for tho imrimi
of ohtnining Crowii Ur.mls of (ho ttlmvo
Ami further, lake uotlco, that action under
Section 37, must ho commenced  before ili
issuance of .such Certificate.1* of Improvoiuotii
Datod thin Second day of April, A- D.,I90tl.
Ap. I  -Jn.. It. SMITH.
after date I intend to apply u* iho Hon. Chief
Commissioner of Land-nml Works fur a special
license to cut nud carry oftny timber from tho
followiugdescrlbed lands, situate at or nour
the Standard Basin, Revelstoke diatrict.
Commencing at a [Hist planted about li milos
■,..i'ii.,,! S t inula rd Mine, and marked "C. .1.
R's South-West Cornor Post"; thonce north PHI
chains: thouce oast 4(1 chains; theuco south
I60chains! thenoo west 40chains to the place
of commoncomont.
Dated tho Second -lay of April A.D., 1900.
Ap.42-m. C..I, RCMENS.
Do You
fl ■ regularly
ti :           ■:.        ,■    li   kindly
i ither
'I't. mi
M.   J.   HENRY'S
'■. ■ - .i   St Seed House
HF U)Q1  MMKI'    FOR PAi IKK   ' "\-'l
- -, VRDKN   FIELD INO  Y f) ' K
4EKDS,   Ni ' ■   ■      ■' -  ind on Ui-t
etihouw*    Aak I our mi i ba
I ■ -i   *, - i        ■    .- ■ ■ nol bandli
i    - -      ortcd    < pneVeui of
■ ogi tabic anri Howi    wed   loui t>v i u l« I	
-ultAbtefor n   l    gardei «| for *! w   Special
,,-  . ilk iced .
H   i    mum ■■ ^ND   ORNA
■vtF.NTAL   l J1 KK.-"   now  read)   for    iprlng
k- trn nli i    •■■ ■ at I ivn ind thn a yenr Appln
i -.   i* "i ■-.-.,. ion  j -. i        , 'et   Kay
i, . .i, i-   |>iunc i •■'!
year, Une, Bfi.00 por i''i   Sugar Prune, two
year, Rue, ivtsti for 100
Full lint, «f othor itock il regular pi  i
oxpenao,   lo«   or delay   nf   fumigation    or
iii-in" tion
l,ci mm* prim  your Iini tieforo plat Ing ,-	
Droi nhoiisn PlanU, Klor *Work, BoaSupplloa,
Frull Pai kftgi    F(»rlill>ier( et4
I u UiOOl R KlfKK,
M.   J.   HENRY
V"TH !■: Iii hereby given that 80 daya after dato
t> wo intenil tn apply t.. the linn, The Chief
rnmmlaainnerofl-Aluia and Wnrka fnr a special
Licenso tn nil uui curry ;iwav timber frum the
following diwrllied landa En West Knolenay District:
i. ciiiiinu-iii im; ni ii |ni-i planted 00chains
in-rtli frum iIih -ninth we«j corner nf Int No. 0i4fi
imi marked "A. I„ Co's. N. tt*. cnrnerpnBt,"
ilii'ii' I* iimith hn Hnilna,8n chains east, Nnchniu
nnrtli, SO chains woil to point nf cominencement.
Dated this 23rd day nf April, luott.
'   '..ii inchiH -ii i |icih| planted DO chains
north fnnn Mi*' umitli wesl corner nl Int No.BHfi
tmlmarkml \ L. Un's, Snilthwosl comer post,"
'-,-■<  ti.iin. iicirtli.tw chains enst, hi chaim
iii, y\, halns wml tnpnlnl "f commencement
 "i 'in- i-lnhlH) .,f ,\|iril, 1000.
in 'i;
Arrowhead, B. C.
< ha gly -uu.,i,-,l mi  Ihe shines
111     IITllVl    Like
(,,„,<! 'In,ut Klahing.
Itiiata always l',,i hire,
Sample Itnuins In itnmitmllou,
I-'imi ilis* I s,. fur Tourists uiu
(i,iiiiiiiii-, i.il men,
W. J. Lightburne, Proprietor
Mill Property and Timber Limit
For Sale.
rpRNDBRHwIII i„- i-ee,.,,„.| i,,il„. iiiidorsjiiie
I     Ml il| mu   Tur day   Ilu-   Iill, Mnv.
p..-, i„ril,„ |.„r,-ie, onl tlm Sawmill nnilBldn
5I„ jnil ,, 'Irni'ly I r,,„l. I„,ulv ,,|,nr.,l,„l t,y K
iIijm nnd (,,r Timber M«nI, M, sdjninlnff
,iw mill, itii'l cuilniuiliu „„  KOI nl xl-xii I')
Jitinrn milos
Tflu,|„|.(„r mill  |un|,nr,i- mtlll  hsispirSlS
(rum tn,„l«r Int T,,„l,o, llcrlh
ll«vnlsl„l,« M«.v«lli  190(1 mi:
Dow swell, (formerly uf l.elund Hotel, Vancouver) Proprietor.
First Class House for Travellers and Commercial Men
Newly \lluilt, Newly Furnished, and the most comfortable house in the City.
Imperial Bank of Canada
Head Office -Toronto, Ontario.
Ilruuclitis iu His Provinces nt Mnuilnlm. Aliiurtn. Husluiti-liiiwiiu,
llritii.li Cnltlmliln, Oiitnrio, Quolmc.
Capital Subscribed ...       •4,000,000.00
Oapltal Paid Up ....   $3,900,000.00
Reserve Fund ....       $3,900,000.00
11. II. W11.KIB, I'resiilenl; Hot), It, .Iakkkav, Vloe-I'resldent.
A General Banking Business Transacted.
Saviniik llni'Aii'r.MKN'r Deposits tecoived and Inleresl nllntved
ul hlghi-sl cuiTeiit rule fi-iiin ditto of opening aeeount, mul com-
pounded hnll'-yeiiily,
llrnfts snid nviiilalile in all pints nf (lanadii, United States and
Uut ope,  Special nl lent inn given to Collections,
Revelstoke Branch, B. C.  A. E. Phipps, Manager.
Fur nil kinds nf up-lndule nnd reliahle furniture
and In,use furnishings gn tu
R. Howson & Co., Furnishers
IncoriKiratod by Act of Parliament, 1855,
Win. M(ii,8iiN Maoi'hehson, Pros. H. II. Ewino, Vicc-Pres.
■Iamkh Elliot, General Mnnnger.
Capital paid up, $3,000,000
Reserve, $3,000,000
I'lvcrylliing in way of bunking business transacted without unnecessary delay.
Interest credited twice a year nt current rales'on Savings Bank
W. H. PRATT, Manager,
Rkvemtoee, B. C.
Now Unit In-iglil spring days are coming in, In In' fullmvcd hy the heat
of summer yuu want tu keen your stoves and houses conl und cnuifurtiilile.
The Best Way In du Ibis is In secure awnings fur your windows, and
order them fnnn
L.   A.  FRETZ,
First Street.
In tint: ih Court "f Wesi K-Hitcnay, hi'ldi'ti At
In Kriibsl Augustus linker, known as Mus linker,
nf Arrowlienil, M.C,
'hike ii'.iiic that a plalnl lioa heon entered and
ii -inmiioiiH Issued ngnlnsl yull in tho nlmve ('nun-
ij I'miri hy fienrgc filitipmaii "f Armwlioad, It.t'.,
fur llm "mil "f $lfi",00. being tho ainonnl nf a cor-
trim cheuiie nmdi' ninl drnnii >>v you npnii the Imperial Hunk «f Canada, Arrowhead, II. Cnrnl
dated ,lul) 21st, 1005, wliMirliecpie was on prnsen-*
inii'ni distmnnred fnr non-payment .indn-mnins
impnlil I <d whioh It"1 plaintilf is the holder nnd
,m order hns lieeii mado ihnt the piiblicallnn of n
iiftllro nf ll nliy nf '.u.-li ['Inint in the Mall*
llornliliinwstianorpuhllaliedat llorolstoke, It.*.,
fnr f.iur Insuiilnna shall lie deemed to Iw gnod and
ntlieii'iil service nf Ihe Mimmnih Upon yoll.
Vrni nre rimulrod In enter a dispute imle uithin
Ishldays from UnUntilayaf May. 1006,betas
the date of Ihe hist publication nf this nnllce, at
Hid Iteglalnr'a nfflcoal Revelstoke, H.C., nnd if
nl.. not su enter such dispute note, judgment
y designed iigaiust ymi nnd llie plaint ilf may
proceed tonxccuilnn,
hnted this 10th da) "I Mav.iiwfl.
Deputy Registrar
•nti rt Brllg>iHo|kltnra fnr Plaintiff. \i
Nothing better than "Our Speoial,"
daya after date I Intond ta apply to thi
Chiof Commissioner of Landa and Workx for a
special licenso to cut and carry away limber ■
from thn following described lands near
Upper Arrow Lake, Woat Kootenay Kislrict,
FoHtilmll watorrfi-
I, Commencing at a p™t almnt fl clmins smith
ctf Bear Creek and alniiit Mir miles (mm the
mouth, tlience north M) chains, tbenee rant 8(1
chains, tlience south Bo chains, thenco west fifl
chains to point of cninuiein'oment,
'1. Commencing at a im.it on smith side of Henr
Creek nnd about five miles from the month, thence
north SU clmins, thence vast 80 chains, thence
smith 80chains, thenco west 80 chains to pnintof
.1. I'nnimi'iicinj'at No, 2 post north K0 chains,
thence west An rhnius, thence south HO chains,
thence enst 80chains to point of commencement.
4. Commencing at a post on north side of Hear
Creek, about six miles from the mouth, theuce
north 80 chains, thence west 80 chains, thence
smith Mi chains, thpnee east 80 chains to point of
Dated May 4th, 1906.
OK 8ALE-A Lady's Bicycle,
practically new. Price $30.00,
ly at Brown's Cigar Store, Till. MAIL-HERALD, REVELSTOKE ll. C
From Our Own Curmsiionileiit.
Jock Nicholson, who has been lur
three years litter in the roundhouse
here, has gone to Vancouver.
Will l.ynea is spending a feiv days
at Shusivaj),
On Friday evening ul last week a
lew of the intimate friends of Mrs. J.
Patrick met nt the homo of Job. llliin-
den and tendered her a Inm well giving
her a purse ol money. Mrs. Patrick
is ono ol the oldest residents of Field.
She hns been a kind friend to many
and she will Iw much missed. With
her family she lelt Iur Winnipeg on
.Sunday murning. The best.wishes ul
the community go with her and her
lamily tu her new home. Mr. Patrick
will continue tu live in Field.
Mrs. Howard Mcltae hns gone Is
her home at Frank io visit lor a short
Rev. Dr. Herdman will conduct thc
services in St. Stephen Church on
Sunday evening. The sacrament of
baptism will be administered.
On the evening of Victoria Day a
bonfire and open house was given at
the Manse.
W, Brown, "Sunday editor ol the
San Francisco Call, in an intervjew
given to the Port lund Magazine, snid :
" Thc stories sent out ol the wholesale slaughter of innocents by the
military were exaggerated, but had a
good effect. Possibly five or six persons were killed hy the-troops, aud
those cases were well known. I saw
two thieves severely dealt with by
being hutted in true soldier fashion,
The men were suspected uf being
luutcrs, aud an ntlicer nl the regular
troops singled theni nut of a crowd,
covering them with his revolver. He
ordered his men to search the fellows
snd the soldiers found new women's
slines hidden beneath their conta snd
a number of trinkets.
" Take them duwn two blocks and
butt them," ordered the ntlicer to a
oorporal in charge ol the squill, Without much ado, the non-com. swung
his gun about and landed the butt on
the mouth of one "prisoner, knocking
out his teeth.
" Didn't I tell you to take Ihem
two blocks J" thundered the officer,
and then the corporal and a couple ol
his sqiind moved the culprit less than
a blnck snd proceeded to 'butt' him.
" Tlie lellow,was made to run ahead,
of two soldiers, and tbey kept pace
with him aud struck him with the
butt end of their guns behind the
ears, tearing off both ears. The ulher
was treated in the same manner, It
seen s pretty tnugh, but iu cases nf
that kind seems merited. When the
corporal returned and* reported to the
ntlicer lie showed the wuud had been
broken at the butt nf the rille, so I
had an idea ol the furee ol the blows
Irom that."
Not long ago an ex-governor ul
Michigan, a Cleveland capitalist ond
several Iriends were in the big woods
near Turtle Lake, guided by Sam
Sampson, a famous hunter nnd trap
per. Sam possesses a gun with a
barrel live feet long, hut once, according to his story he hnd a still longer
"It was a wonderful gun," he said tu
the ex guvert or. "I could kill a b'ar
as lur off as I could see 'im, an' that
gun was as knowing as a man. If it
hadn't been fur thnt it would never
ha' busted!"
"How did you break it?" asked one
of the hunters.
"I strained it t' death," snid the old
guide soberly. "1 was out hunting
one day when I ice a buck un' seven
dues a-stundin' close onto me. 1 pulled lipoid Beetle—that's what I called
th' gun—and was jest going' t' let go
when 1 heard an awlul funny noise
over my head. I luoked up 'n' there
was more'n ten million wild geese
a-sailin' over mc, There I was In a
predicament. I wanted th' geese V
I wanted th' deer. At last I aimed at
th' geese an' let sliver. Beetle must
ha' knowed I wanted both, fur that
was the end of the old gun! Th'
strain on her was too much, an' both
barrels busted. Th' shot in one of
'em killed the buck, th' shot th' other
killed ten geese, an' when Beetle died
sho kicked sn hard I was knocked into
a crick But when I come out my
luiutlcgs was lull-n'-lish! I ain't never
seen scch a gun as Beetle!"—I.ippin-
.entt's Magazine,
Deviled ham, Lunch tungiie, 8«r-
diiii's and (thickon hm!, the proper
things lur sandwiches, at U, II. llninc
il (Jo's.
Pleases every Smoker the " Marca
Buy your lacrosse sticks  from   W
NdTK-'K la hereby given that thirty days after
date I intend !■■ apply tn (he Hull, Chief
Commissioner of Lauds and Worka, for a special
license to cut nnd carry awny timber from the
following described lamia i
1. Commencing at a post planted on the en at
bunk of tlm mirth fmk nf fife (reek, about fi
miles alum- the forks and marked "K. I*. Henry's
imrlli enst corner post," thonco west 411 clmins,
theuce Hotilli ihi clmins, tlience east 40 chains,
thence north llRU'liitlna to point of commencement.
2. Commencing at a pnst planted mi thu easl
bank nf the north fork of l<'lfe Creek, iibnitl 5
miles above the forks and marked "K. P. Ileury'a
north west corner poat," thence south inn chains,
theuce east in chains, thence iinrtli 1*00 chains,
thenco west t" chains to point »f cniumeuceineul.
II. Commencing at It pnst planted on the cast
bank nf the north fork nf life Creek, aboul fij
miles from the forks and marked "K, p. Henry's
sinitliea.it corner pnst,' theme mirth 100 chains.
llienee westJO chains, thence south lOQeliniiis.
(hence easl pi chains lo poinl of commencement,
I. Commencing nt a pnst plantod on tlio oasl
hank of the north fork of Fife Creek, about fi)
miles above the forks and markod "Ifi, P. Hour*■'■*
smith west corner post." thence north 80chains
thence east hn chains, theuce smilli B0 challiM
thence wesi. w chains tn point nf commencement
n. Commencing at a post nlnntud nn tho <vcal
hank of Ihe nnrlh fork nf Cife Creek,nlmnl >'
miles 'nlmve llm forks, ami marked "ii. p, Henry'-
mirth easl corner post," thence west 80 chains,
thence smith so chains, theuce eust 80 chains
llienee north 80 chains to point of commencement.
o. Commencing at a posti planted nn tho wesl
l>ank of the mirth fork nf .Fife Crook, aboul Bj
miles above Ihe forks and marked "li. I'. Henry's
smith easl corner post," Ihence  norlh Itin chains,
Ihence woat in clntlna, tlionco aouth 160 cliiiins,
I hence east 40 chains to poinl of coiumeticeineiit.
7. Commencing at a post planted on ihe wesl
tank'Af the north fork ..f life Creek and almnt 0
mile* above the forks and mnrked "K. p. Ilmiry's
smith east corner pnst," theuco north Kit) chains,
tlience west 41) chains, thence south uso chain,-,
tlience east 40 chains to point of commencement ■
8, Commencingnta post planted on the wesl
bank of the north fork of Fife Creek, nboul 0
miles above the forks and markod "K. P. Ileury'a
smith west corner BOSt." llumce east Ml chains,
thence imrlh 8n chains, thence weat 80 chains,
t heme south 8o chains to point of commencement.
Dated May 1st, ifHX).
Wi.nnii'I.i;, May 26.—Rev. Fnlner
De osiers, a French priest, from ihe
village of Atiblgny, Man., wns placed
on triiil Wednesday charged with
counseling nud ptneuring cettain
electors In cniiiinil perjury in eider to
secure his own election as sohunl
trustee. The case promises to le u
very interesting one
JOTll'R is lioroby givon Unit thirty ilny.
alter dnto I intond to apply to tho Chief
Commissioner of Lands and Works for special
llcotise to cut nnd carry away timber from llm
following described lands situated iu East
Kootenay district, B.C.:
1. Commencing at a post mnrkod "Arthur
Payne's si ut.Ii wost corner post-,'1 planted un tho
onst sido of Sullivan Itivnr about f,j milo from
Kimbaskot Lake, thonco oast HO chains, thonce
north 120 chains, tlienco wost 40 chains, thenco
smith 811 chains, thenco wost 40 chains, theuce
south 10 chains to point uf commoiicomotit.
2. Commencing at a p-ost mnrkod "Arthur
Payno's north west corner post," planted on tho
south bank of Sullivan Kivor about two milos
from Kimbasket Lake, thenco south HOcluiiu--
thonce onst 80 chains, thonco north 80chains,
thonce west 81) chains to point of commencement
3. Commencing at a pust mnrkod "Arthur
Payne's north east cornor post," planted on lho
south bank nf Sullivan rivor about 4 miles frum
Kimbaskot Lake, thonce south 80 chains, thonco
west 80 chains, thonco north 80chains, thonco
oast 80 chains tu point of commencement,
4. Commencing nt a is ist marked "Arthur
Payne's north wost cornor |H»St-, plantod on
tho snuth bank of Sullivan Rivor about 4 miles
from Kimbasket Lake, thouce south 40 chains,
theuco east ItiO chains, thenco north 10 chains,
theuce wost hit) chains to point uf coninioiice-
-'). Commencing at u post narked "Arthur
Payne's soulh wost corner post," planted on
iho.-.mill bank of Sullivan Kivor about 4 miles
from KimbaskotLiuo, thenco uortli 40chnins.
theuco east 100 chains, theuce south (0 chains,
thonco west Itio chains to point of commencement.
0. Commencing at a pust markod "Arthur
Payne's nurih west corner poat," planted nu
tho south bank i»r Sullivan Kivor about0 milos
from Kimbaskot Lake, theuco south 80 chains,
thence east SO chains, thonco north 80 clmins.
thenco wost 80 chains to pi tint of commence*
7. Commencing at a -post marked "Arthur
Payne's --outh west corner post," planted ou
tbe south bank of Sullivan Rivor about 2 miles
from Kimbasket Lake tbenee north 41) chain-,
tlieiieo ea-t Iim cliiiins tlionco soutli 10chains,
tlience we-t pin chains to point of commencement.
Dated the 21st day of May, wotl.
There are running Shoes,
and running shoes, but
none to equal those with
the Maple Leaf Brand on
the sole. They come in
both Tennis and Oxford
styles for Ladies or Gentlemen, Girls or Boys, and
the soles of all are made
from pure para gum rubber
Maple Leaf
Lacrosse. Tennis
Look well, tit wall, wear
well nnd nre stylish, neat
and durable.
For sale by all good shue
dealers.   Ask for theni.
J. Leckie Go. Ltd
Selling Agents,
E. W. B. Paget, Prop.
Prompt delivery of parcels, hajjum;,
etc., to any part uf the City.
Any Kind of Transferring
11 day--aficr dale we inl end lo apply to the
chief Coiniiit"iinii*r of Lands and Works forn
special liconso Inuilnnd carry iiiviiy limber
from tho following described landsi-
1. Commencing at a post plauted aboul iwo
miles we«t from Bannock Point ou Upper Arrow Lako and marked "R.B, Ij. (Vi noulhoiml
cornor poat," thence north Bt)chains, thonco
west HO chain-, ihenco soulh gn-chitius theuce
oasl fti chnlns to (mini of commoncomont.
2 Commencing at a post plautod aboiil
Hire* mile- wosl fr  Bannock Point on Upper Arrow Luke and marked "11.lib. (Vi
soul beast cornor post," ihence north 80 ohnlns
thence we-M 80 clnius, thence south 80 chain-.
Ihence m\A So chain- lo point of commence
men l.
April 11th. MM.
Mr In $450
leather cue ' •
Dnblt Concavi HfO
for heavy beardi ■ •■
"Carbo-Magnetlt" Elas-
c Cushion Simps, $1.00.
Fret booklet "Hints to Shavers."
Made of "Grlifoil Kiuor Steel. They
bold an edge lunger than any knife
mado.   Kid I assortment,   All styles,
Lawrence Hardware Co.
A license lu cut timber cun be ac-
Huircd only ui public (.'uuipuUliuu. A
rental ui «w pui aquaiu mile is oliurgwiJ
fur ull Umbel' bertha except those sun
au-U wesi ol Yale (or wiltoll the iciiu, i-
at the rate of i cents per acre per ftiuium
la addition lu Uiu retllftl, dui-* ul lla
following rates are oharge4i—
Suwu lumber, 60 cents per thousand
I cut  li-M.
Railway ties, eight and nine feet lui.g.
L l-i uud 1 J-4 cunts each.
mi my iu bolts, .'ii ceuls u curd.
All other piuducis, •; per cent on the
A license is issued su soun us u berth
is grunted, but In surveyed territory nu
limner cun be cui un u Perth until the
licensee has made a survey thereof,
Hermits lo cui uiaber ure also granted
ui public competition, except in the case
uf actual settlers, wliu require the tlm-
... i  idi  llieir uwu use.
Settlers und others may aisu obtain
permits lu cut up tu IW curds uf wuod iui
salt   wilhuul   cumpeiiiiuii.
The dues pujable under a permit On
II. Su per thousand feel B.M., for square
limber and sawiuga of any wuod except uak; from l-i iu 11-2 cents per lineal
fuut fur building lugs; liuui U M lu 2o
ceins per curd for wood; 1 cent fur fence
imsis; .; cents for railway ties; and ju
cents per curd fur shinglt: bolts.
Leases fur grazing purpuses are issued
fur a leim uf iweiiiy-unu years, ui u
reiiul uf iwu cems pel acre por annum.
Coal lands may be purchased ai (lu
per acre fur sufi cual and fc'j for aniliia-
Clte, Nut mule tlian '<Ou acres muy be
acquired by uiie individual or company.
Royally ui tlie rale uf lo cents per lun
uf :wj pounds is collected on  lite gKHS
Eniries fur lund for agricultural put-
puses may be made peisonully ai tins local lund Office lur the district In wlneli
the lund tu be lukeii up is situated, ur
If Uie huiuesieudei  de&ires,  he may, on
appikuiiun lu the Minister oi ibe Interior
al uiluwa, ihe Cuinmissiuncr ol Immlgia-
liun al Winnipeg, ur the local agent tur
lite District, within which the land it
alluatwl, receive authority for sume one
lu make entry for him.
A fee of (lu in charged fur humesiead
A settler whu hag received an entry fui
a homestead, la required to perform tho
conditions connected ihcrewlui under one
uf the following plana:-
(\) At least six months' residence upun
and cultivation uf the land In each your
during the term of three years.
li is the practice uf the Department lu
require a settler to bring 1-j acres under
cultivation, but If be prefers he muy substitute slock; and 20 head of cattle, tu be
actually his uwn pruperty, with buildings
for their accommudation, will be required
iii.-u.-dd of culUvatlon,
(2) If the father (or mother, if the father la deceased) uf any persun whu is
eligible to make a homestead entry under
the provisions of the Act, resides upun
a farm in tbe vicinity of the land entered for by such person as a homestead,
the requirements uf tbe Act as to residence prior tu obtaining patent may be
satlsfled by such peraun residing with the
father or mother.
(3) If the settler has his permanent
residence upon farming land owned by
him In the vicinity of his homestead, the
requirements of the Act as to residence
may be satisfied by residence upon the
said  land.
Application for patent should be made
al the end uf three years before the IochI
agent, sub-agent ur a homestead inspector.
Before making application for a pateni,
the settler must give six months' notice
( In writing to thc Commissioner of Dominion Lands at Ottawa, of his Inten-
n io do so,
Deputy Mini iter of the Interioi
1    Ottawa. Fet-rurii) 14th, UK..
V^  f < KB jry   ' ■
ff<5 !- "p i
m     111 x:
i UI IliifeS
■ T^tTTWH-i   irl ifil    iLfi v^,^(^t   ^,-k.i - --*-3l
uraooo -    *^%'%yV
sninusi,   ■^M^oP'HirmH
viti, i,v,„.v ' y///P/hWAm
It (loos lint require nn
expert to clonn out tlio iluos
of tho Sunshino" furnaoo—
the only tool nooiled i
which is supplied with ovory
Cloiin-out doors aro plaood In tha
easing, nnd tho brush can easily ho inserted.
•This heater just hrisllos with oxolusivo foaturos such as
autoiniitio (jus ilitnipi'is, largo douhlo food-doors, stuol domo,
double shakers and steel radiator,
If you want ilm i„,*i furnoco mado got tho " Sunshine,"
Sold by ontorprising uoalors overywhora.    JJooklot froe.
London. Tohonto. .montukai,,
WlNNII'I'll.    V.VN.-OI'VKII.
BT. JlillN.    HAMILTON.
BOURNE BROS., Sole Agents.
Ask your Dealer For
Garments for Workingmen,
Overalls, Smocks, Shirts, etc.
reiiist[:rf.o trade mark
They iihviiys lieiir uur Ti-nili' Murk nnil the Union I.uln'1
Wm. J. McMaster & Sons, Limited
fdw,ra»ts,aaatiir...;. .1'.   ...jBmai*i*l*#->KJ:!-vtu*i--<:vi'?.&xi**s.n'.t*i**. .- ..-a**..: .Vi.
Import direct from Country .-: origin.
(Under   Now   Management-
ROBT.   LAUGHTON,   Prop,    REVELSTOKE,   B.   C.
rirsl-clna accommodation lor travellers,
Besl brands of Wines, Spirits, and
RATES   $1   AND   $150   PER   DAY
Queens /fote/
comaplix*: ;
Best brands of Wines, Liquorsand Cigars.   Travellers to
Fish Creek will lind excellent accommodation at this
0^X xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx+y
' P. BURNS   &   COMPANY,    LIMITED.   #
HEAD I'l'l I'  l-M   ,'-.l,.i,:i      M   .li.i I.
'//holcsalc and Retail Meat Merchants
l>„r*i I'lek-i- iiii Ii-il-i    in I, i-St., s.   MirkeU in all tbo principal Cities mil
Towns ..I ill, n.i. linn. Uuluiulilii nml tin-Vukon   1',-im Celelirated Brnnil
i ■ i„i|m. ,i,„   limits ml llirun, ml -lieu      Hi    i  I,.,; I ml +
IW-WH-VI.* *%*%%%% %*it\t\«%-U-i\«*.-V«%«M
Central Hotel
Newly built.     First-okaa in every respect.    All modern conveniences
Large Sample Rooms.
Rates 81.60 per Day, Special Weekly Rates.
Queen's Hotel, Trout Lake, under same management
Notice is hereby given thatMdnys afler dale
I Iiiii'inl tn uith tn Mil' Honoranle the Chief
Coinmlssloiior of Lands nnd Works f-»r permission tn ml nnd carry away ll in hor from the
following di'siTiiii'd lands situated in West
Kootonay district!
1, Coinineneitig nt a post plautcd on the
south Bide "f Smith creek about 2J<j miles fnnn
the Columbia river and marked "E.J.Johnson's nnrtli easl corner posl," thenco south 80
(diains, thence west 80 chains, thence north 80
ciialns, ihence east 80 chains in tlu> point 'nf
'J. Commenolng nt a post planted on the
south sldo of Smilli croek nbout Similes fnnn
iln- Uolumbin liver nnd mnrked"K J. Johnson's imnh easl corner post," thenco south 80
i-hains, thonco wesl 8Uchains, thenco nurih su
[•halns, thence ea»t80 chains to tho point nf
;:. Commencing at n posl planted on the
•■iiniii sldo of Smith creek nlmnl -I1-, miles fnnn
Uu' Coin in bin river nml mnrked ' K.J. John-
-mi's nnrlh en>l comer post," Ihence "-1111111 wi
chains, theuco wcstSOchaliis, ihence north 80
chains, theuce east 80 ohnlns to the point nf
-1 Commencing nl n pnst planted mi ibe
soutli side ni Smith urcok aboniSU miles frum
the Columbia river mid marked "K, J Jnbtt-
son's north east corner post," ihence south 80
chains, thence west80 chains, 1 hence north su
chains, tlience cast 80 chains to the poinl ol
.V Cmnmcnclng nla post plnntod on the
-unlll Hide of Smilli crock nbout 6W miles from
ihe Columbia river and marked "K. J. Joint-
(oil's north enst enrner post," llienee snulli sn
chains, llieni e wesl 80 chains, thenco north sn
chains, thenco east HI clmins to ihe point nl
< ommi'ii cement
6, Commenolng nt a post planted on the
8011 lb sldo of Smith ereek aboul V., miles n*	
tlie Columbia river nnd marked "K. J. Johnson's norlh enst corner post," Ihenco south sn
chnlns, them 0 nest 80 chains, tlionco norm mi
chains, thenco cast 80 chains tu the point 01
com in en cement.
7, Comnioiioln-a at n post plnntod on the
gotitli i-ldo "i Hmltli ereek about 2% miles from
ihe t iiiiimhia river ami mnrkod "K, J. John-
noil's south easl cornor post," ihence north m
chains, thence west 100chains, Ihoncesoiilh m
chnlns. llienco east 100 chains lo the point of
8, Commencing at a post plantod cm lho
Miutb side ol Hiiiih crook aboul IW miles from
thoCoiumbtariver nml marked "K J. John-
mn'ssouth cosl comer post," llionoo mirth >iu
clinliiB, lho co wosl IfW chnlns, thonce south
itu-hiiii's, thence easl IdO elinlns to the poinl ol
Cuiiinii'iieing nt n posl   plnnied  ou   lh
•mi Uml sixty ,lu
I illli'llil l„ll|ijilv In tl„.    IllutCll
NOTICK Isliersliy
1 inli'iiil t„ii|,i,iv 1,1 tin-  iiioiciuiiuii*-
„f Lm,,!* 1111,1 Weill*' tur 11 tniiiuloi, tc iiumlin
lie-IMII.mm-   ,l,-*elili|.il Iiiiiii*   1111  III,-  CllllllllMn
Kil-ef, NiilllllVe-l   Keelellii;
Ciiniiin-'iiclugnl n |„,*I ivltliiii twoclmitiH ,,(il„-
A. i,n,l It. i-iiiliiuv line, nboul 11 mllo nortli ol
Arriralionil, mnrkeil "li. IVooliey's lontli ivoil
cornor pust," tl,™,-,, uurtli 4U clinliw, tlionco onil
40chillis, tnence "imthlO elinlns, tlionco west m
,-liuius i„ nlai f ciiininonoement.
li.iit-,1 March null. limn.
li. IV001.SKV,
1',-rlV, F. OrIIvIo, Agonl.
TICK i- I hi- given Hint sixty ilnynnlloi
lm,-1 Inleitil tu oiiul) to tho Chief C li
.* ml Luiiils ,-111,1 Works fur lli-ruikslini In lull'.
elnuu IIiii fnllowliiiiloscrlliiHl loiiils nu tin Col -
hln lllver, Nnrtli-IViHl Kiiuloliiiyi
('iiilinlelii'illu ul 11 |„,*l llll llili livo rllilhlM nf ill,-
A. i,i„l K nilliin) Hue, nhuiil ., tulle uml u Iml.
nnrlh uf Arrmihoiul, mnrkeil -A. .11.1'iiikliuiii*
snulli u-esl i-nrnor |m»t," llie -tl, nii-liiiiii-,
II ,'  eust   III i-li.'iili*. Ilii-m-i- smith   lllcllllllH,
lliellee wesl IU ,-lluilis In |,||ee nf , > 111.
I,.ne.I Mnrcli null, lllllll.
A. M. l'lNKUAM.
I'erlV. le Oglli-lo, Agonl
NOTICK is lloroh) given II ll slslyilm   ullei
llllto I  llltollll in.i|i|il   In,'    i I el I'Miiliie
-inner ,,f I.ilnl- nml «..,;.. i„r ,„.|i, isslnn In linr-
elll-e |||e fell.i» 111= lie-elil.-il |.,i,.|*   ,|i lie  (Jnlllll,.
hln river, Xurlli We-i Kunloi iy:
 iienelllMlMl im-! Within III lelniin-    I   UlO
A..uui li. rnllwnj llnu.nl i Hi mile- nnrllinl
Arrnwlieiul, i Itoil -I' I. Ilom-n'ssmith noil
enllle, |„,*l."ll„ e mull,   in,-lmIII* llienee e;,-l
III,-lllllllS  lllel Ill    III il     llleliee   1,,-tlU
ClllllllH (Uill fiinmmimioiiu'iil.
Dutoil.Muri'li null. limn.
■-,. A. II illIIKN.
NOTICK i- lii-reliv glvon Hint sixty ihivsnttor
lillle   |    ililen.il.    :,,,, I    tnllie i-liiei   r,,t,e
iiihwhuicriif l.uii'1* nml Wn,!,, fnr iiormiasioiilo
|>ui'i-llli*e lln-f'llliiilillinlesei'il., ,|l,ll„l* Ml lho Col
 I,iu liver, Ni.llllWesI li,  ilctlliyi
Ciimmi'iii-liig nl u |i„s| wltliin m. chnlni nf tlio
A. uml li.  .ul-,.M line.ulnul   lu iie* hul
.Irrniihouil, innrkoil "«'. I- Ogllvlo'simitli no-i
 Ill I ||...|   ■ llie   I,,,,||l   |l|  ilinllH, llll'l 11*1
M ell.me. llienee snulli III elm 'I , llll-  nt-l III
ClllllllH III Mini f ennmieliee III.
llntoil Miiri-h llllli, limn.
  W. In on it.vii:.
NOTICK is lieri-liv given tltul sixtyJnyintti't
ililu I inieiel to ninili In tin Chlof i! ml.
si nf I,iilil-ninl  Hulk-fin | Mnn lu Illll
elm-" tin- Inlhiwlng iloiorlhoil I I* on theCnl-
imlilnriver.Nnrlh w,-*t l, mum
I' lliellellllf.il .1 ].n.| .lllllll  inn olinllll III Hie
A, nml li.  i.iiiinii  line, ul, i,„ .mil ,i linII
miles Iml Arnml I   ,i.  "A .leim	
-...inn jlil: nl sinlili ere. It ml'•<■, mil: - Iran I »f«!J '"'"';-'«''' I" -1   ,[)™    "' ''l; '::"!"!'::
H,01 oluinhln rivor nml innrkoil "K. J. •'  ,"1"''' ''"*,' „" '  "' **•"""' , -'"i"1"' ''ll:M' ■
sun's sniiih.- mm noil," ilium nli iu ""' ";■* j";> '"'    ".",!'N"'"" ' "'l"1""1-
chslllB.  ue-l llil'elinllis.  t-sou,I, III       HnUllI Mme ll. II	
lllllll., IhOnCOOMt IIW,-llllllis 10 Hie I",llll "I
III. I'liiiiltii'lii'lllg 111 ll |10ll |,l»nle,| ,,ll llie
nnrtli i-i.l, ,,l tin- n„rlh l„ik ,,l Binltll ereek.
iil,iint(,ij miles Iriiln Ilu- Ool I.Ik river uml
piarkoil-B, i- Jolinioii'i lontli oust cornor."
llionoo imrih hu, luiiiis. liionco ivosl mi olmliii,
ilu'iici' soutli Ml ohninii ilii-i) nsi 80 oliRltu
iodic |,iii,-,> of comiitoiicoinonl,
Dated Mm US, Iiiki.
I'erW. I-' llgllvlo, Agolll
Notick is luroliy glvon ilmt thirty ilnyi
ullnrilule I   ii,Iiiiiii I" ii|ipl) lull,,, ll„ii
(hiof Cunini-iiiuur u( Lnlllll uiul Wnrk- fnr n
-jinrinl IICOUIO to cut Mill curry nwuy tiinliur l
from tho following iloaorlbot! luml* in tho Hi*-
ll-ielnl West tin,,ll'llliyI '
('luninnnciiig nt u |msl mnrkod "J Wlilttl; I
combo's, south wosl cornor pout,  iiliinloil nl
Ssuwililii's *,,ulli Olllt i-nriier, thnnri rl 1. mi
chnlns, thonco oust in olinlui,llionoo smith mi
i-luiiiis, lluinco wi'-t I" ohnlns U) point of com-
April »h.iwi     .0HN wumi,:oHMli,
V OTICK i- Inrchj given thnl 00 ilnyi nfter .Into I
J\   I inl.- niiplyliilhoCilofCiiiiimlMli r
..I Luiiils nml Wmks lm psrinlnb.il In inirchniii |
lho liilluwitlg ileicrlhod lnlllll null lllg Loilgo
UIO mul,   AlTiiulll'llil   Milling  Hivisi Wesl
liiinli'liny Ulllrlct)
C lU'lK'illg lit II  Pllll  llhelll   I llllllis snlllll
I llie Vllllh- IIIMl nil lll„ • llili I.OI go" Wllg '•«"]
nml innrkoil -r. M. Hyin.ma n„.ili woil i r,
Ilium n-i iii chnlni, tlionco -....ill. i" olinlui,
llionoo WOI140 elinlns, llienee niillll  In ,-llllllis In
pilllltlll enll nei'llli'Ill.
Ilnleil Mny I-l, Kill.
Wing Chung's newly imported stock of Chinesi
and Japanese goods
The best assortment ever
landed in Kevelstoke of
useful and ornamental
Tun services                    flower I'nts
1'liiliw Unilliulln SI I*
lliiskel ■ I.lllli'll Husk, IS
I'liiieeii.ijri Smoking JnukcUi
Hull illii-t-i In el- i-iltt (imsls.
li'lnesl. stuck of ciinilli-s unit fruits, iu town
Front Street, ilevclsloli
Houses and Lots
IN \l.l. PARTS OF llll  ill V
Union /fo/e/ Restaurant
Mrs. McKitrick, Manageress.
Open al .til hours.
Meal Tickets Issued
Short Orders tasli: ill; served,
Rates Moderate
A  Ln*;'   variety
of Gl.-i---.es nl ii iiv's
kl'|ll    ill     lOC'k   tnli
1' >               ""   l |    \\ j        Ai-omplctea
we ifuanti •    - yi     \\ I    d \hc   righl   i
;rfeel fit. *>*\, ^ N*<ta^XlJ of ■c-.-hhIs.
li j ou require
anything n Jewelry
t i- hero for you.
\ complete si u k
J, GUY BARBER,   -  Jeweller, Optician
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords, I ><st Wines, Liquors and
Cigars,   Rates $i a day.   Monthly rate.
,T.   ALBERT     STONE,    PROP.
Muiiiifitchirc'i fnr nil clu-s-e- nf bulhlhlfp
All kinds or linildii,,: uml ill,'.-Ii'ti:..-
I Lick Service to any part ol the City at all
hours. Kijs's equipped for Sleighing Parties.
First class Single and double Rigs. Express
draying and Transferring, Saddle and Pack
burses for hire. All kinds uf job work undertaken.    Wood for sale.
Stable ash  Residence   Ppone 41
Hack Stand "    27
*»       EEID  & YOUNG       I
LooK. at   Our  jNebej   Summer  Fabrics g
Beautiful vnrii-ly In select   Irntn—Cotton llreniidiors,  Cotton Muslins,   IOu^li-1,
C'liuii I mh-. White lliuiils, llnliiloii".
■^   Pretty Summer Shirt Waists
Hiis  is  :i   shin   Waist   Season.   Uur Stock   is  Lire,' uiul has been carefully
selected    Prices mini mo, up
Ladies' Cashmere Here
All  «n
lline it -J.-|f.   This is bargain, bought from tbo manufacturer,   llogulnr
I'rii-i- Inc.   Now Belling nl 25c.
&   Doot and Shoe Department
Wi   mi! uliiiivii -■ New Spring and Summer Dosigna Irom tbo best makors,   Wo    jfe
;,:-,. .\,.,,.|ii- [ui Walkover Slini-s—besl line shoes in tbe United States. 7J«?
-w   Millinery Department
nl- arriving ilaily. keeping in loucb ivitb all tbo Latest Novoltioi
EEID   &   YOIHSTG      ]
##$$#$W#WWW#W  Isntvllle's1'80'8 'H"K """"'' *' W
♦   t
&        We have them   all Kinds, all Prices and all Sizes. i|i
i|» This is the Season for Picture Taking.
| Canada Drug & Book Co.. Limited
Local and General.
The painters of Calgary Inn gun-
ized u union in llrnt city.
T, 11. Corley has n good lms and a
:   d ti un Ior picnic parties.
Premiei McBride is expected to Iuin the city on Tuesday, en route t"
East Kootenay.
Henrik Ibsen, the Norwegian l1"1*'
and dramatist, dud on Wednesday.
He wus iS years,.,(age.
A member ol the Kamloops lacrosse
team got busy while in the city and
carried "tl a valuable dog.
R :• rtson's Hall, Edmonton, wus
burned on Thursday night n-liilc n ball
was in progress. The dancers escaped.
Tl first through train since the
accident to the bridge at Twin Butte,
pissed through on Thursduy evening.
The Ladies Hospital Guild will hold
their regular meeting in tlie City Hull
on Tuesday, May 29th at three o'clock,
Tl - Imperial Bunk of Canada have
decide,1, not to close their Trout Lake
branch on June 1st ns previously
The provincial Oovernment hnve
given a grant ol foOO to tlie Nelson
Agricultural and Industrial Society in
aid ol the lair ol 1906.
The residence ol Smith Curtis at
l; island, was entered by burglars on
Wednesday  and  everything -1 ■	
was Btolen.
James M in in an Id tii • Sand n
:: .-.•: nd ii ■ di rly ..,:.. was - sien-
til y killed m-ar New Denver Tuesdaj
night . lln lui iking I , derrick
P -'■
! Spencei lin ited ol '■ toria,
:..i.. a-: led thi inanulael ■ I ; -
[roi the i - ' ' their
• isines« 'i liii ... . tiki a home
market I f ani ta , -.:•    * • ,
A  . :..  .-'    I   Revi stoke i
t    -....-. gi    I tin     :      :   it    -
An Italian wus injured at the C. I'.
It. sliops tliis morning, lie wns it-
muvul to I In- hnspilal  in Ibe itnibii-
luiii-i- itliniil  N o'clock  Ibis  ruing,
where his injuries worn attended In.
Krank Dutch delunted T  ilenkins
for ihe chiiinpionship of Atuc.ica nl
eal h us i-iili'lt-i'iin wrestling, nl Kansas City mi Wednesday, tloleli won
lln- lirst nml third lulls.
l-'iiuicisc i Aniiiniliu, un Italian, con-
viclcd of manslaughter in shooting a
follow countryman in Morrisscy
mines, Dcoembor 10, 11105, was sentenced Insl week al Nelson lo Iwonty
years' imprisonment in the petition-
ltcsidents of tlie upper end ol McKenzie Avenue are improving the
outside appearance ot their homes by
fixing upboulvevards, For two blocks
Ihis has been done, and when tbe
whole street is graded, it will present
ii very pleasing effect-.
A large number ol the new books
gotten out by the Ilevelstoke Tourist
Association  were distributed n ng
tin- passengers ol the delayed trains
which were held here.  Tliis will prove
:i g I means ni advertising the city
uml vicinity,
Hon, II. I-'. Ureen. Chiel I
■iuner ol Lands and Worki, came up
it-    the  south   In-l  nighl and will
remain in the city to-day     It   roi
pany with Thos. Taylor,   M I'.l'.,  tbe
Chief Commissioner  will  also  visit
Arrowhead and the Fish Kiver district
Stops should ul onco bo taken
towards the lilting oelebration ol
Dominion Day in Ilevelstoke
Thero wns n largo gathering nt tin
Opera House on Wednesday tiitilit to
witness views of Sun Francisco show
ing the destruction caused by the
recent earthquake and lire,
The band gave unc of their enjoyable open air concerts fnnn the Mackenzie avenue stand last night, und
notwithstanding the rather blustery
weather Ihere wns a good turn out ol
A treat  is in  sture  [or  lovers ol
stereopti views, which will he given
under the auspices of Hie S. A, Corps,
at their barracks Monday night, und
al tbe Opera House the following
night. Tin- pictures represent a series
,,' views of (In- s. A. in London, Kiig,
and will bo woll worth tho price ol
Silver wns tbe centre ol attraotion
on Friday's metal mnrkots. The while
metal advanced lour points in botli
London nnd New York nml closed at
tho highest price since UIOO, The
closing American quotation yesterday
wus IIS cents nil ounce. The highest
previous quotation since 1I10D was
07 il-l cents, attained tor ,,ue day i nly
in December, 1905,
The Winnipeg ilislnct Methodist
meeting today resolved that the
general conlerence of the church lie
asked to su modify the itinerant pnst-
ornte law which ii one of the recog-
nized and peculiar laws ol Methodism,
as to permit n pastor t,, remain with
.i congregation as long as his relations
with the people are satisfactory to
During the detention ol the east
I- inl i lilies* here on Wednesday,
lu, nl ii,,. t ,m-m -..- in tl rilles Ir m
t',,nstablc I , pel mil wenl it it a
limiting expeditin I lie    ell rU
were wel   n   , let!  is tl ey ■■- iml n
ll 'Ml-', '    ,
on the bill   nt   tin    I u It
pr I ui their I md   took   tin
hack with I -    -       d
■    . -     .- i:.
Mr Burr, representing tl"' American
Mining Couiptny, lelt Friday nn ihe
s.s. licvdstiikc lor French Creek on
un inspect inn lour ,,[ llie company's
,1. IV. Dennett, representing tlie
.-''i.inlnii     Correspondence     schools,
enme in li  ihe east nu  Thursday
nighl nnd wenl south this morning on
it tour n[ ihe l.uiil un in lh,- interest
,,[ Hie -chiiiils,
Word was i.c-ivi-il iiii- week thnt
Harry Hews bml succo-slully grndii
utcil with li irs,  li um  the   Ontario
College ut Pharmacy. He will return
to Ilevelstoke shortly to resume his
old position witii Itis brother Mr.
Walter Hews.
Business Locals.
We are just opening up a nice line
ol   luce  curtains  ranging  in prices
from .$1 lo $•!, extra quality nnd d "sign.
C, 11. Hume ,v Co. Ltd.
POOL 5 cents n CUE, AT BROWN'S
Navel Oranges, Lemons and Bananas nt C. II. Iluinc k Co's.
Ripe Tomatoes, Rhubarb, Onuli-
llower and Cabbage nt C. II. Hume <t*
For a lb. o[ first-eluss creamery but-
tcr try the Crescnt brand at C. B.
lln mo & Co's.
Christie Brown's Macaroons IIOc,
per lb. at 0. II. Hume it Cu's.
Ciirpets, Linoleums nnd Window
Shinies, Curtain Poles nod Fixtures
C. It. Hume A Co,, Ltd.
& till>«iSj-iisii>««»«.M»sisisi«««»a|taaii»t»t>t((it«iii
i    ll    Deutschman lell yi sti
i,i,lining lor the Caves     Tin .- vi
tin nt are nutting in n llrsl class ;
1 earl g game
trail limii  tin- C I*. li   track   i
these tourists will      doubt nlvertw
exceptionally  easy  grade     ourtee    ,      ,.   ,     (
,    ... -   .i .. ployed on the ,v.,rt .
. | ,    it is ex| '-i-i'-'! will be completi _^^_
within two we, ks.
• ' " ' ' - ' Social and Personal
-■I Winnipeg Ins ri ived  ti   ph
H • ,,.. ■    tl  -.    ,V!l   ') nk.ui    ■
the Hi. .. li :•  .,ii. i- it inga perfect  reprosentati
boon to penon,    ishing I    ■.     I   ,   . , .,.,..-   ippeari  in   the ut Knob nay,
.ity thi Hi' S| rii .'■ ■'        ■       It   ,-   l.-li,--,-: ■    e tin mil Mrs. M ind 1
.1 i   Stuart representing! - '-                I    '                 ' '                '
.. l:   -e ,      .-.,..   •:■    ii) to-day ' 	
« I irrangenient, for tin   ,|,|*a,       ■....-..-, '      ' ' r|
»nc* -it:.-|  pular show in th,      ...        ,    ..       , .       , 	
on Tuesday, J ine Pith ...     -    .-        ,,j       .ken thia     Wrs.   Elson  and
==  ..,- mm.    previously il '   ' '
Ti.i     i.'.e     -. e       .' . , ' tl 'I .Ml -       \    -11,1     Ulll   '
ul-  ut  the   RED
66 2-3
t |  rted  b)  the in ill b i
• tin . it   itai       i	
, .', - ■[ i.y the In me lean
J ...  ■ md wi n   . .mi admired        I  c
• spectators,
• —. .I.
 I tcquaititances
VI   . I   n       ii loll        riiiirn
it.- train lor I    ■
[riends md   - stives ii   -•   I'd      i   I
M iim'-upiili-
Positively We Are Not Knockers
Where did you gel thai Idea I
Wanl to hear real knocking ? "Ol.DIII'l HIM A Ml K
down the street works overtime al il advertising i ,
Tol  96 GOOD   GOODS P O Box 44
Citinn..        'Inliiiuus.       Confeclloncrj        Ice imam Sndna.
Mail Clerk McQuarrie  Sure
Edwards Robbed His Car.
Vancouver Province : " Thoy nil
seem sure it is Bill Miner that tbey
have in tbe toils. I think so, Inn,
but there is one thing 1 would slake
my llfo oi), and that is that the mini
who calls himsell Edward in the same
man that held me up on the night of
Wednesday, Mny ll," said Mr. A. L.
McQuarrie, Ibe mail clerk who pliycd
such n prominent part in identifying
tbe robbers, Mr. McQuarrie returned
on the delayed Pacific express on
Saturday from Kamloops, where he
bad been attending llie trial of the
train robbeis.
" There is no possible room for
doubt in my mind." continued Mr.
McQuarrie" ubout llie identity of the
iiinn. Ilo wore the Bainc clothes, has
tlie sunn tones and quick movements,
and there is no mistaking the minis-
iiii-ii,- and features ol which I bad a
In i.f glimpse while his mask was
disarranged, one ol tin- guns taken
Irnui him wus of the samo size us tlie
one In- waved so gracefully before my
Bill Miner, or Edwards, us he calls
himself, bus a characteristic pose ol
: - head » -n deeply interested, that
lice seen  .-  ini|Hisiible  to mistake
He I-- lined that [u,se for u
minute in the car while he wus look-
it .-,!.'.    .r tin-   registered  mail
sack on thi night ol tin- bold  up.   I
liced     •   -iiim- pose nit,-n during
the tria    -   i ad an evcellent oppor-
tunit) the man    It wns no
task at all l    ■ - gnize Inm    1 picked
un.nog the
, whi '■ several hundred
 inging him
ticel   --in nil ol Bill
Mini iphi in keeps hit lelt
,, »ome way    Thnt
i, Ui that ti-lltali tattoo mark
... ell thumb
en the I i.-l  the
.,1  In.
...    . ,
order to
, --.    He took
mitment very coollj
-. i •  '
M.   J.   HENRY'S
il    '.   "   : UoilSI
ai   - - -mk i-.m Idi   - -
.-li- ■■-.'.  n.ii-'. Kll
..   mil ..;i ,e ' ■
'  ■'   !     I
,.     ...     If he Ho.    .,> .... e i
.    .    ie  .-I      .   ;..e.i '    i.f
,       :-         .,„!..... lm  <i... Mj-mjI
.   ,    ,          iitlk siui'l
,i            .. fi - \   Kill I'I    ANI) Ml"-.'
■    ....!,   Im .prlnn
1 .   i|    ■     nei 'l.ri,- ;riir Ipfile
(i pur in   |l« ■' i," i ",-   Ms)
•    ,    .      ...      Im    ,.    |»      .    ....
.'.   -    ...      i ' ',■   I'mme    , e,i
.... >v mi ior Id
' ll      '..., I    .-.,.....  '
,    ... II,      ■-'-..
-,,-t„, I	
1 ,,-t rl, -'      >lu   lit /ml
l, ....    I'   ..,,'    ,'..    II. '    !i||,|,|,..
Kriilt I'e. ,,'i    I,. ,!,/, -    . n
i   11 Mill,I   1   t-l'H
New Belts
Just opened, the prelliest line yet shown
—Ihe New Aniuson Bell, lie'el allll
mul it is unbreakable,
NEW GOLD BELTS-These are' tbli swell-
est things this sOliBOll.
Collar Pins
Waist Sets nnd Beauty Pim in the New
designs, nud a' 'invest prices.
Dress Goods
We have the beet line in town, nnd by all.
odds the oheap?st,
CREAM   GOODS,   iu  Cusltiueics,   Hop-
sucking, Crepe de Chine, Mohairs, etc
COSTUME  CLOTHS, in   Myrtle, Navy,
Black, Cardinal, etc.
MOHAIRS,in plain colors, fancies, phantom checks, etc.
TWEEDS, in nil colors nud all designs,
PLAIDS, in some of the best colorings,
—Just whnt you want lor ohlldicn
Only 65c Per Yard
We uie proud ot our stock ol Hosiery and
know you can't get equal vtilues elsewhere,
Cotton Hose '20c., 25c, 80o. and 35c. per
pair. Lisle Hose, -Wc, 60c, 60o. and 75c.
per pair.
Luce,  und   Eiiibroideried'.Hosc, tan   and
'   lilSck'lwm !5c. per pair.   ;
Children's Hose, in nil sizes, tan and black.
Men's Wear 0
Wi* ha vi- pui on saK' ;i
spli'iuliil Iim* oi Slilils in
whilei i'oKmviI nnl hlitck
Sittoen -Only 75Ci eiu'h
Wc1 fan jflve you soiiie
bargains in Kfiih's, Con-
qiHUOr ami Oxfords, in
tan or black, and Home
very Iini' fiincy lines.
Lacrosse Shoos
In while or liliU'k) lii-^li
or low eul.
Our Htock Ih liirj|e nfitl
prlceH low. WV Imve
siunpli's of C. N. Hi \l
mul (.'nmplii'lK mailt'-to-
mtiasurc ^oo-Jh. Vou
rani beat these linrs
nor jfOl as low prices in
'"••W^^-sS I
You shoulil lake a look al our Neckties,   all ihe
Ntfw Colorings) ami, hesl of all, Our New Prices.
The Latest Shapes.
2 FOR 25*
WV an' havlnj; a big
run on our New Collar?.
They are as good as illty
ami the price is'
2 for 25c
Corporation  ol  ihe City  ol
TENDERS   bib  ,ni|iiirntl  Inr  .minimi.'   tlie
luitsido nl tte.mll*niiAT..*.*el «f| '
Firn Hull willi twu nulls nf Pbi'iiI.
Tmulur.* t„ renrh llm lltlllorslgllBll   llj   »  p,
m. on Friday, Juno 1,1906.
City I'lnrk.
.Mny 2.1, Mil.
Ili-tar II,-nils, Alllllinls, llinls, l-'isli,  Kt.-.,
Animal llugi Mnuntml,
P.O. Ilnx.11.
Sdulin: OPPOSITE 1'. O.
llevelstnlil', II. 0,
Provincial Land Surveyor,
Mine Sntveying
McKenzie Avenue,
BlIX lKI,   llEVEIlS'l'OKE,
Trueman's Studio
Is now open under new ami competent
management,   ,
MR.  HENNIS, recently of Sydney,
Australia, will meet*you and guafanlce
vou our usual satisfaction.
Over Camilla  1'iug & B'"jk  Company.
Will sell Carrots at fl ; Parsnips at
$1.20 Turnips at 75c, Iree on ears at
L. E, Griffiths, Malakwa, B. C.
I      FOUND
\i, open-faced silver watch—Owner
mn llnvi- ,,n applying, niter II p. in., to
lohn Murknr, at A. E. Kinnnid's resilience, Fifth Street.
WANTED An energetic woman,
young or middle-aged, lo act as
agent, Liberal commission, Apply
ut this Office.
WANTEIl-l-or the Hotel ltevcT-
stoke, n Waitress, also u Porter, musl he slcnily und willing to
FOR SAI.E-1 Morris llbnir. I Ex-
leiisinn Table, 1 Good Book Case.
Dunging Lumps, Dishes, etc. Apply
liiiUOIIBAl) Block, Second Street.
You Need a New Typewriter
We enn -supply you with u NEW
" EMPIRE,'' This nun-hint- is known
all ever the country for its simplicity
nnd good work. Cull atjinir office and
see it Ior yourself.
Interior Publishing Oompany, Liii.
N"OTICE is hereby triveti thnl. in ease
cither of the Oily Fire Brigades
is culled In tl (lie occurring on property outside Hie City Limits, tlie
owners of such property will lie called
upon lo pay the chiirgesof the Briguile
for such attendance.
By Order of Ihe Council,
Oity Clerk.
Mny llllh, limit.
I'Uinmliv divan on nil kinds (if wnrk,
('nrpeutflrlnK n BiwclHlty.
Anyone wanting Houses built, don't h»
afrnid lo uiv" your work to koihI, roiniintmit
Union Mon mid mivi Iwenty-fivo or thirty i*r
tout, on nil Jobs.
_.     ,      H.LOUGH6AD,
•>.'3:..lloi l-^t.     ' ,'•'■-'.       .  MAN'COKIt.
' A Singing Canary and new Brass
Cage, price |.r>, worth IfS.   Apply at
The Arnott Method is the
only logical method for the cure
ol Stammering, It treats the
PAUSE, not merely Ihe HABIT,
and insures natural speech. Pamphlet, particular and references
Bent on request.   Address
The Arnott Institute,
Berlin, Ont., Canada.
Is always ready for express and baggage of
all kinds to all parts of
the city and to all trains
Don't Miss This Treat!
\  gniiii'i-iii reproduction by
Projected by the lln,scope ol the
..I the Salvation Army at London,
England us conducted hy
K-i.fft „,,i,,,ii '.'in 'iiilniiitt.  ,,( nil Nation,
,   ,,„i ,,,i„,   i„ Hum Nnljvn f'liitumei
fun, I nliiliT   I luMlMl llelllu'   I'Mll.Ills-ll'.l.l
iiili'   rlllllillff    Niill-.e  Srnn,,    I >«<u   II,II,ti,,,,
,, ., rltnrnr.jitlcJ.il I'm*
Tli» ,ii.-i-   M irel,    I'.l I    Ten.   Ill   Tlni'l lllul
nlKnlvntlnnl ,  in I'i rnmifl Hnvlnw    V liux.
,.rues uf'ininii'iO' Irntn nlmn i nil iinllnii
,„ Hie -,,-.,rl.l
A Haiti offered '}>y I Glo'thier to attract 'you to his
Store is simply/if wedge to force himself into your
confidence, | Beware of thc Hpuse that advertises
" The Best Clothing in the World, made by angels at
the cost of Button Holes,"
Such advertising is simply ridiculous.
If you want good, reliable Clothing, at as low a
price as good clothes can be sold, come this way,
We'll give you true values and an iron clad
guarantee with every garment we sell.
No Bails or lake schemes are ever tolerated here.
We Sell To-Day So as to Sell Morrow
M    J.   HENRY
mm. nisiKissiin mnn. iim.hi vm. n c
H. A. HALl,
Tlrksi   nil In  ml. ,ii ili» (.niu'l-i lir„,i
1,1,1 II.,.-     Hr,,,- Slllf.


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