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The Mail Herald Apr 30, 1913

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1*1 Railway    Junction on    v%^,
M ional   Point.   Hcadquarte.       </0
|«i Columbia    River     Navlgatlo        "*v^.
|m| Hub of   Timber   Belt, Mineral   u.
|«| Zone, Agricultural    Lamds and   HJ
MJ Vnst Water Powers of B. C.        ®
m m
lievelstoke, the Capital of Canada's Alps."
The Mail-Hera
hb«:$ sii is sua nana
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Vr, .
„ TH10*'*btJL-HERALD
ID   Circulate! twi^ per week am
/\Y HJ -on«nt^a p
HJ   OaWdsA
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" ro^ijicrtius citizens  of §0
Proimer     Province, fij
ree-ogmsied      advertising (il
oaten iy and In- l§
si- 7v   JM   medj^m <Ibi
_§;'' iWio'r  prlf^h  Columbia
Vol. 19-No 34
$2.50 Per Year
Hon. W. J. Uowser, attorney-general, who is In Vancouver today, ls oul-
vpoken in Ins criticism of Lhu Honor -
uble Mr. Justice Clement's disposition
of the Oase of Hughes, tlio young clni-
ufleur, whose rearrest the crown caused early this week. Hughes was tried
at the last lull aBslzo hy JuBtice Clem
ant   and   allowed   to   go   on   suspended
sentence. The young man was ins true
ted hy the court to report regularly
to the poliee and agreed, as a Condi -
lion to being allowed ollt of jail, to
assist in pro/iding fo.' the bereaved
lainily of bis  victim.
On the ground that Hughes did nol
<arry out lhe provisions of his lordship's disposition oi tho case, Mr.
Uowser caused the young man's ro -
arnst and had him brought belore
Justice t lemetit for sentence on
Thursday ol la<t week. The judge decided, howcer, that alt t tho Ass'ize
Court had bei n closed hc had no jurisdiction ren aining and thereto.e discharged Hughes fioai ui'iody.
"The criminal court 1 presided over
has finish d its sittings and passed
out of existence and I do n >t see now
where 1 have any jurisdiction," his
lordship told Mr. A. ll. MacNeill, K.
('.,  the ciown  prosecutor.
"Now,'' -aid Mr. Dowser, in dis -
cussing the matter this morning,"not
i.nly .In I dis igree with liis lordship
and ■■nt. ize tin- deilsi in of Thursday
as had law, but l seriously object to
his whol. ,U position of ihe case. I
happen d to he in Ottawa last No-
vember uh a I read a press dispatch
of bis de is on in this case and thai of
Pollard, both of whom bad been found
guilty by tb' juries. When I read
thai the judge had allowed both these
young men oul on suspended sentence
1 was simply astounded, Hughes was
a chauffeur who while drunk had run
wild with a stolen automobile, uud
killed an Innocent citizen named
Charles Kutis, who had been standing
down on a fordo.a street corner. Ii
the laws !• I.iting io liquor and allto-
mohi'.'s ia- an anything at all ihey are
int.nl d to put a stop to thi* sort ot
thing, and not only thai but we must
depend on the Courts to impose pun-
ishmenl that shall adequately tea.h
other people thj needed lesson. Other-
w.s.', what Is the us- ot the country
spin.lie..' money for counsel and juries
and securing convictions''
" What happened in this cas;>, was
thai the judge tried an experiment —
and what was tha result? Pollard,
who received a -eni'nee similar to
Hughes for having ki 11 e. 1 a man named Gould, immediately left for Seattle as soon as he was out of jail
and has since remained out of the jurisdiction, never leporting to the police, as he was ordered, and never
mailing the slightest attempt to assist
the poor wi low and family of the
deceased, as the judge bad also ordered. HughcJ did stay here, but
took no pains to keep in touch with
the police and it wns only when he
heard that we were afier him that he-
made his only contribution to the
widow of the man he killed — eight
dollars in all. Pollard we could not
reach, but Hugh.-s was available and
we had him brought in, laving in
mind that at the end of the trial the
judg.' warned him that 'If you do
not take steps io provide for them, I
warn you you will be arrested again
and bc given a very sovero punish -
ment'—to quote tha word- of The
Province report.
"When I returned to Victoria, I
looked up the matter and on January
15 wrote to Mr. MacNeill who had
handlnd the cases for the crown, asking hhn why he agreed to suspended
sentence. AlS a matter of lact, of
course, Mr. MacNeill had never consented to any such thing. This absence of consent by the crown makes
lhe action of the judge without legal
right; for by sub-section 2 of section
1081 ol the Cimlnal Code tbe consent of the     representative    of     the
i- a
\. Roscrve  Thursday,   May  let SJ
HJ for the Girls' Hospital Auxil- H
fi] lary    Second   Annual    Shirt- a
fi| waist     t)an-e  at   the    Opera B
fij House.      Special  must*. B
i" ■• a
crown must be obtained before a
prisoner can be allowed out on suspended sentence. And then again, 1
should like to know what his lord -
ship meant by warning Hughes at the
conoluslon of tbe trial that he was
liable to be brought in and sentenced,
nud iheii deciding, when Hughes was
actually brought in, that the court
had no jurisdiction, li simply made
a farce of the sentence, indeed, if
this decision wero good law, it makes
a farce of the whole system of letting
men out on suspended sentence, And
that sometimes is a good system,
(jlten men through unfortunate cir -
■ iiins'.auc-s are napped in wrong-
i.o.ng, and a suspended s, ntence is
what makes them honest again. They
1,0 out und woik and keep straight,
knowing that conviction and possible
a,l terms are standing over them.
But whal power will we have o.er
them if they cannot be brought back
and sentence imiosed. Why, they
will all laue,h at tbe officers who administer justice, ju,l as Hughes can
now LiUlIi at Us. If Justice Clement
is right, what do the judges mean
whan during past years ihey have
allowed nun oa; on Suspended sentence? I thinit this kind of decision
ia somo cases i.s good; but it- merit
icn i'';.i largely in what the oilicers
of justice ean hold over a man; and
you will observe that the government
ia framing the cole, has taken care
that before sentence is suspended the
crown must tc agre aide to that method of 'disposing of it."
High School Thoroughly Discussed .— Assessment Roll. •- Estimates Coming. Aid.;i man
MeKinnon on Civic Affairs.
C. P. HY.
Ottawa, April 2S— Sir Thomas
Shaughnessy, president ot the C.P.R.,
i.,"i'S iioai  London:
."Since iny arrival in England my
attention has been called to ;l recently
publish d cable message to the eilcct
thai the company contemplated an
czpen IIture of $50,000,000 this y ai ll
Canada, In la-ing double tracks, constructing branch lines and putting a
emu 1 through the Rocky Mountains
which would ptovide an alternative
route with a much ca ier grade than
now exists and will enable the railway through the tunnel to be worked
by eleotrii ity it required.
"Th ■ report can only refer to Western Cell.ida for, as a matter oi fact,
our contemplated expenditure over the'
whole system, during the near future
will be more like 1100,00 I, OO, exclus -
ive of new rolling stock. This will
not Involve another appeal to the Lon
den money market for fresh eapital,
I ecause all our financial arrangements
have be n made a '°!|K way ahead.'1
Referring to the published statement- that the new shipping a.re?-
uHiii wiih ihe Canadian government
piovided for thc construction oi ships
capable of being us. d as mail steamers in peace and armed cruisers In
war,  Sir Thomas said:
"Thi- Is all niet'e speculation or an
attempt at Intelligent anticipation of
some future scheme. This contract is
for one year only, and It must i)e obvious that nothing so cotnpiehensivc
as a Beet of mail steamers armored
anl equipped for u-e as war vessels,
and forming a part of a scheme oi Imperial defence :'or the North Atlantic.
an be embra ed within that agreement.   It is only a mail contract,"
The Gran I Tnin' Pac Bc is te, .] en 1
885,000,000 on:
Locomotives       40
Kr i.hi      Engines         3G
Sleeping     Car-         35
First-class   Coaches          35
Second-class  Coaches         35
'I oiirist   Coaches   a.      100
Dining Cars        40
Obtervation  Cars         45
Mail Coaches        30
Baggage Cars        30
Express Cars        30
Box Cars  30,000
The Canadian Northern is to spend
$50,000,000 on:
I'asRcn^ei    Engines        41
Freight  Engines        45
Shaping Cars        44
First-class  Coaches         44
'Inurist  Oars       22
Serond'lass  Coaches         44
Dining Cars        22
Observation    Cars  I.      22
laggage  Conches         22
Mail    Cars        22
Expre* Oars       22
Boi  Cirs    fall  kln.lsi    40,000
The city couneil met in adjourned
meeting on Tuesday evening. .Mayor
T. Kilpatrick occupied the chair, present Aldermen Howson, Me Kinnon, Abrahamson.
Regular order of business was su.s •
pended and the matter of high HOU v'>
was taken up as the flrst bitsinesA
11 It ill SCHOOL
Me-.;rs. A. McRae, H. Manning and
Secretary Bradshaw of the school
trustees were present, representing ti e
school trustees; Architect \v. H. Wallace was there with plans' of propound
new high school ior discussion before
lbe joint silting.
Mayor T. Kilpatri.'k—Those plans
are preliminary an.l are open io lull
discussion in accord with our resolu -
lien at Friday's last me ting. (Fully
reported in .v.ail-Ilt raid.)
It ha-- been upggested ihat the elevation on plan- be raised with a view
t i baling a s.e. loon school which
wo.ild I • a .til.i I- mi other as well
a- high sehool  purposes,
Aid. Abrahamson—I believe foundation on the proposed  -iie is sand   or
li   ,t gravel this     pioposal oi having
.-i.rooe,-  iv ui  .  nol   ..a      any add:
t on to the cost.
Mayor T. Kilpatrick—This is about
i      ■ .iiy in o] is.ds advanced.
Trustee Manning explained the plans
as i.e had ali a ly gon- over various
.    a   -  with  ihe architect.
All.  .A ia aha -. -on  objected  to    certain Bmall details a- regards arranging of -ten.-     wh ch    might handbap
. e.Ni: in ■ asc of fir.-.
Architect Walla.-e explained thc situation of ■ ertain -te;,-.
Aid. Hows, n—1 think six-roomed
- '■, nl would be appre iated hy rate-
, a., e r- more ihan a loUr-room, th'- pub
Uc would think they were getting
greater value t. i   the oxp n inure .
1   McKli non   Onlj  objei tion      l
have to this i- tha   thi  ratepayer!  and
he i   j  ai ■ not unanl I ous in -
t.e   high  s.hool,   llV   pUlUttg   (hi-   t.i'  to
at , a'ei.s ,,nl running a risk   oi
having fame turned down you jeopar-
o r .ran, i.oai the government,
e   th re woul 1    be a po foibllity
ii th>' nee. in nu,  w r>- appioaebed on
his   hiu_- owing to the financial situation at the pres nt  iim.' and the loss
on in■■ debentur -.   IVe j opardlse   the
grant  by having the people turn the
. .,■..  down.
Aid, Abraba neon—What good will
the grant be .f we do not erect atall
All. Mi Kinnon—You realise thai
since 1907 ihe money markei has never been in the condition it is now und
:i was nol - i bad in l'J07. At present
we have tome debentures lying in the
lank which we bave not had „ proper
hid for and which will cost nne-fit'th
more than In th.- past. We have a
petition for cement -iie walks!, we can
not elo ihat work on account of conditions money market and not being
able to dlspoie of otn debentures and
we p iro?e asking ratepa sin to pass
■■-' .' I! tor -c i o building wheu they
al ii I .' a. ii the i.l walks and
the -o uic.l are not mai in ; any eflort
to do the work.
Aid. Abrahamson—We' ourselves push
ed side walk petitions the people them
selve. were not particularly in favor
of them.
Aid. MeKinnon—That is the way tho
citi.-en- intelligence looks at the matter.
A. McRae—What would be your so-
iution'of the present problem in regard to hir-h sirhtol and school trustee report that the present building
is not fit for high school children and
Aid. MeKinnon—I say that the building is just as good for high school
children now as it was threo years
ago; the city was in better shape to
sell debentures the-n than they are
A. McRae—Five or ten years ago wo
e ouM have built 50 per cent cheaper
than we ian do now. There is no
doubt about that leaving tho debent-
ines out altogether. But what is your
solution ol our present  problems,   11
this building is' not proceeded with.
Aid. MeKinnon—1 say the expense of
pulling ihis bylaw which is not unanimously supported by thc citizens is
not    wise.     I think  the   government
would allow the grattt in anothei'year
li will be easier io have tin- grant
renewed than It will be if the people
turn the bylaw down that is ray op -
inii n.
A. McRae—People seem to be unx -
ious to have the sehool building, unless there is oppo-dli in which is not
io an- io my notice. 1 do not see
where these people are who will vote
Bjalns't it.
H. Manning—We are i.n ler oidiga-
tion to meet that option of ifiiOO on
the purchase; wc are under obl.gation
lor other options on  ti"' same block.
We did not undertake this until we
bad promise that il we secured a site
we might expect government grant
i.nl they have eo.nc forward with an
oflt i oi J40-.O0U. I think vve are tak •
in; a greal dial for granted when we
assume thai the people are going to
iiim this bylaw down before they bavo
h.vui given an opportunity to bavo
the measure explained to ihem. Wo
are $1,000 out on options and 1 do
not think the public would thank us
to allow those options to lapse.
Here is a six-room school wbich will
cost $9,000 pei roo.ii there is nothing
wasteful a on It, we have to have ii
to bouse the e children or lease seine
other building for high sohool pur-
io.es. Mn kit for debentures is a
, latter thai will hav.- to bo dealt with
bore as elsewhere. We may have to
i a.  i t.  it interest,   I  think it is the
peo voice  in   this   matter and   thoy
h ■■■! ! i e .'i'.i n aii opportunity to i-ay
uhat they want and we think ihey
ivant it arranged; there might he such
a thing as being unable to ge>t same
amount of government money again
Mayor Kilpatrick—lt i- a question
of figures, what has been aid speaking n regard to the money market is
t, ie; a Burning that the bylaw hal
i.M.n put last year, last year the coun
.il n ii.a's. n : their estimates did to
at 93, iinvv assuming debentures then
sold at '.iii and now we. an only real-
- , that Is :, difference of SiilCO the
i.i case in the value of the site that
Is .i we had not closed options vvill
mean much more- thnn any pos iblj
ios- iii the debentures. Those ure the
figures; would not the difference in the
increase In the site be more than in
tin- decrease or shrinkage Ln the lands
A. McRae—Some of you gentlemen
remember that it was put up to the
council to buy Mo::* ">^ it was offered
to tH.- ci:y for J2,U0I), along with the
go.c n"iir the high -'hool that was
tin' price it was turned down. It again became a question, th- next time
they were asked $6,000, it was consid
cred too high, at a later date again
the same hlock was Offered at $'J,ri(J0,
that was turned down. Last week Ihe
lloe-k sold for $11,51)0 cash, no.v that
is history. We shall lose the site' we
now have, if we do not take advaii'. -
a   "  of   the  o,uion.
Ma,,o. Kilpatrick—No person has
i.'i found fault wiih the location for
the proposed school site now under
option as chosen hy ihe board, it la
unanimously   approved.
il. Manning—It is the only avail -
able block for high school purposes
there is no other in a decent location
which will answer tjie .impose.
Mayor Kilpatriek—1 would vary
much like to sec tho site taken up now
very much indeed. I think the figures
are all in favor as agains't the loss
of tho property. No roasou can bo
brought up to justify putting off that
bylnw for another yoar.
Aid. MeKinnon—My idoa is that wo
need other things worse than high
school. I admit you have a good site
and  good price on lt.
H. Manning—The site was very carefully cinched for the citizens before tho
whole town gob wise.
Mayor Kilpatrick—I would liko to
seo the council if they consider things
favorable support same unanimously,
it Is reducing our chance of passing
the bylaw If a portion of tho   council
got out uiul lighl it.
H. Manning—X think another good
reason is that we can make use oi the
two extra rooms provided in case of
overcrowding  in  other school •
Mayor Kilpatrick—Uf course it will
bo available for all eduoatlonal purposes or for other purposes, as 1 stut-
ed before to get tne greatest space
wiih   lhe   lead,   expense   of   mono;    was
the object of ihe board and we have
dime- so.
Mr. Bradshaw—At present thei,' are
thirty-two pupils in the high BChool.
There will he m might be' eighty or
ninety children by .Inly 1914 to receive high school education. This cannot be done in tic present buildln;.
Mayor Kilpatrick—Facilities ior bu-
m'iucss education etc., wni he provided
und many vvill go right Iuto sumo
fiom the public school-, this wall increase the number of pupils.        lb
A.   Mclia It   is   ail  attui tion      to
have good si hools in lown; we baVC
quite u country unuiud here tributary
io us and people will send th if families hereto school. Thai ot ■ ours ■
vvill be a paying Investment, i- ought
to if a business course be sell sustaining.
Aid. MeKinnon—If the city oi RevelBtoke is getting any benefit from tils' h.,ols ihey certainly ought to ihey
have it coming i(J than for what a
is costing.
Three or four years ago ihe Bcho i
estimate for the year was aboul   (16,
too this year it is $24,000, that is   a
raise oi one-third in four years.
ll. Manning—It his only kept pace
with  ibe school population.
A.   Mcltae-  1   was  here      when   then'
w. ic nu chool ' a' ail, however, we
are here to discus, plans and we want
your co-operation iu tbe matter, We
want you all to co-operate ii ha-beeu
well  threshed  out especially   the     Iti
pari. 1 do not know what v.e Bhall
Uo if   we   los,'   lhat   site-.
A.d. MeKinnon—I believe that the
school board has got a good site', aa '.
that the e-lto Is for a'high ■'■hool; I
believe there are things vvhi ii the' city
■ i Ri eil-ioi.e ne ds worse; my Idea
was Ihai th- huh 'chool wa- given
; i : mi n ■' too mti' b. 1 admire the
ichool board for getting ,i thiough ii
thej can in preference to worn that
this council arc res] onsible for gett -
Ing through. At the same time, l
ihink  it i    .ip  io me is  a memb >    ol
l i luncil ii. .it throUf h ail 1 • an
the responsibility   of    whieh  i-    orn
I y   th •  co  ii il.    I   ad.i ire   the   school
i.e aid   foi   g dl in j all   ihey   i all  an I a
so admire- the city council for getting
through uil  tiny  can  foi   the  .1 part-
in. DU  ior whii h  they aii   i ! j 00
11. Manning—The .-'hool trust-
called upon to oducatt  th' school chtl-
di en.   'i h ■     . .■ ■■ nm n     bs •    s low a
ib,"aielves will-In.■   o a   ist a■ t , ti:
e.'.teni   of $40,1 0 I.    We  are  in
lion   where   we   get   help   v. i.     .
nil cannot ohtuin fiom thi
ernment for their works  ii
Mayor Kilpatrick—It is In anj
a ease before  t ho people.   We c
ly put before the people    what     we
consider necessary for the   ity'
It is then up to the people    to   It  id
whjthtr they     wish  the-,   things     or
otherwise,   Now  in  regard  to     thes-
plans, tic- only change su.:l-c ted    is
ihat the luiii.ling be raiseel to pri
a six-room school inst'ad of four; also
it has been arranged that the top lloor
ma., be us i a   an auditorium hall.
A.  McRae—Now  Mr.  M Kicnon    wa
:   1   like  y.'U      to     -it; p .it   thi  .   w-
evnl   SUP| oi 1   a 1   the   cily   . ollie
la .-. a  tu    Which   you  hav.   i ■■■;  ni     .,
a • n cessary.
Alderman MeKinnon—Nothing doing
'Sandy''   We kno.v   how our bylaws
an'     Upported,   loot   at   the     pie.;,..-!
lewei bylaw t() dean up ihe old sewer business la-t year and the way it
was -uppoit d. My idea wa- io get
an ci^ht-rooin school Instead oi ilz-
rooms, for tho rfaroe money.
Architect Wallace—This is jubI a-s
cheap as it Is possible. This s.hool
might be thrown together cheaper, it
it is built well it cannot be built any
cheaper and eight-room school cannot
be built for the price. If this build -
ing had been put up six months even
ago, a considerable saving might have
bum made iu lumber; labor and material- are ine-reasing in price daily.
A. McRae—We have had enough ex-
porioni'o of poor cheap  buildings.
H. MeKinnon—Yes and we have had
some experience of buildings which
were poorly constructed and were not
Thn school  trustees then withdrew.
Mayor  Kilpatrick—We now have  to
. ..ii l'i- ih' question oi an assessor.
We seem to have been unfoitunato
right from the beginning iu tho matter of the assessment Ugures have been
made "in. but someone has to fathor
tbem and Sign tlia: everything in his
opinion is fair un.l reasonably assessed.
Ahl. MeKinnon—We flrst have to
hav.- tha resignation of the last asses-
Se . ['.
Mav in Kilpatrick—That can be dono
ly motion being put through canocN
1 ng the "i Igin tl appointment.
Aid. M Kinnon—How far are we advanced wuh  ilu' tax ioil.
Mr. (lor.Imi -We have nothing with
the collector's roll but all the a-scs-
inents aie made out and the' tax no-
ticea are ready for issuing with somo
minor exi eptions,
Mayor Kilpatrick—It is no.v timo
tba    our a.-S'"--iie. nt wa-   tbi oUgfa.
Aid. Abrahamson—If we appoint an
..- '.-.- en- be' will have to go over
ih' figures of complete roll and back
- nm.-  ti,' I- alter.
Mayor Kil. atri^k—We u.u t have
FOine man v.ho.u ihe pu. lie have coii-
i den •■ in.
Aid, Abrahamson—Field i ■' a desir-
:.:.'' h.a i an i t rj active, be bas been
on th t also hi !ore,
AM, Mc , ,i a i movt tb ■ appoint
, . ..■ ■ l i ii..- .. - s ., .i.a n le- can-
. . i and that ' ■ • ti. ield be ap-
| .   nl    !   in h ;    a ti,; tions
: oil as eoou s    , onsible.
.-.•!•,,nd i by Aid.   \ 'i tba i on      an I
I    .              • .-ly
Mayor IxilpatiicS   I wou ■ ■  liked to h :'■ e |  into ;ii •        imatt  .
i ut th r' .- a vei j   - inc | here
i might.
A Id,  iv..       a lot   of
i. .iu- in the Ci.j       . . .. ■      ... -
ti n . n • .j. ...:. i .. .- .. . ted a •• '--
ier to ■ :•    . an .  autbt   . .
. •    Ie I
..      It   .1       10     MU.
ng    ...is
i the t...i.. ■ nt
tlle,,  eft   .ve
■    ■
5 per i . • ity
for tin- ,    .
.    l-
i n -.i i       ..          a thing.
'i h.n.   ,:i                          .... l it .   going  tO    a- up
. nd i ......
A .
n it of co i-
, a., in,  th ,   :,     ..
..i -
nd j ■
a  bad
• :       it.    i bin .. bad
: .   . ink bad no
:i-n: at        .'   lute.
Lawt    . has b en
r the bankt nd
i' th. i ba
.n i ■ .     i   .-   - i for
th.-  i
Aii. MeKinnon There was no way
.. i.n lm ; out .  coun. un lhal
not- lai .   Lawson  knew
we  ■>•. .. /..t'l • .   •   nt     at
the ma ting call d t" discuss it and
y. ■ .. al tb • a d nev SI said any -
thing about  it.    We   annot   slop n eel
i | wor.-. but 1 would Use to nnd
at    i
.Ma... i   ':•■        '  . ii i      s   ibe  cx-
i n 1 : .n.l      the
■ - 00, there
.-   -, . iter
i .vt n-,ie., t,' property pa) In \ taxes,
Then  . reets. we ought to   do
some permanent sTe-et work. We need
iet.r streets lixed generallj even now,
not talking about permanent work at
ail. We bavi te, .'.,, noma oi this work
nnl later on permanent work must
be undertaken.
Aid. MeKinnon—Reading of th" met
era eouTd be turned over to electrician
. on,in...,,   on  Veim Klgiu.;
B 1
The Public is arain cordially g
invit-d   to  hear the City  Or- V,
A -tra play at Manning's to- fjj
night from tJ'30 to 10.30. Hot g]
drinks and    Ice- Berved    with 3
dainty     refreshxe:,ts.   Courte g
ous and prompt service assur- g
ed. g
18111111111,11111 TAG IS TWO
Have   You  Money Lying Idle
which you would like to loan.
We can loan it for you on first
mortgages at current rates of
interest ranging from 7 to 10
Per Cent, per annum.
Tlio Revelsloke General Agencies, Ltd.
:\I,H,  I'm
J.  li. SIHHAt/D, JR., SKC.
•a/%.'*'<ttr<&M<i' "fc-4*  ■»  <S* % I. •*. 1» 1|«,-e,-*-*'«.%-*.'ej.H.'U'*''ei',*'t-  %^ *■ *» ^ * * 'tt
J     Pointed Paragraphs of Provincial Interest
Ca Sk'$»■<*♦»   '!.   %-«.«.«««%« "aV^-'*. ♦<*• "la ':   **   '»•   He
n -^-ni
conceivable size antl make of
ii  ,   .ui'l  I'n.lei uear;   also a  most
Btock   ol kiies  'if every   sh , le  ami
ilso ti liv fi i" assortment i if samples
ith  ' ; Oi i ■    i i■■;. ■: im -ci.
Fit-Reform Clothing Stetson ILits        Foat-Rite Shoes
■ y ■ -' v-. ■avuw *"H '.':-3aJOT
BUSINESS  IS   (;()()!)
. ..   ,   ', i asy I" ro ik, .'■ Ib. fi r
. :• . iks s '.'i :i Ib.  I   •
's (Jho.v Pickles, p ir b ittle 35c
n Cli      P ■ mall tin 20c
Under ih' schenio whieh will Shortly ISmperor William is earnestly on-
come Into operation, i nil giving dea orin^ to rwlueo the number or
the e .a'i Greenwich lime will  be sent   tlucW foughi by German army officers,
oul   .i1   '   'lain   hours   hy a   I eric;      of    . en.lii'    lo   mi   aiiniMiiieeaient   maile
v.,im|.       tati n    ni  iiiiiciMii. parts ni i\   .i    ommittoo ot  lhe imperial  Par-
the     world,   These stations     will al llamcn    recently  by   lhu Minister     of
i r.'.i   be I .i lirl      rower, rails', Manila, War,   i Is  Majesty, Baid tho minister,
in.'. Timhuctu  (Sahara),  North ti.ln iwl   iho commanding generals
Pei h, Ninth Gorman »'•(, Boast,     and nl hii      i'i''"'     Year's reception in the
M   ons in l'i:i • 11   iM'iiialilaiult miel the atli'i  ol Improving lhe training     of
I niti.d States,   Shlfs, lem, t'n id with olllci-rJ.    rhe     Bmpi-ror  followed  thin
inl  n.i'.'ii.K .tai on    will  ho up with a r Bcripl to tho army calling
,,   |o       in       a mm  al   ly    i-i  ;ulat0     their   uticlltioil   In   llle  liilinher  nl   duulB eaUS
hj  ih ■   .  nal '. c;l ' s  nllli er   hi iiltln • iheir comrados
ui   e 1  I au a      'I h      van  m   Hie  nature
':,!!l "'  ' '     El' abol'h  Bmllh'  ,,' imi   in the officers to   Irlvo
"■''  llmn  ,u'nl' ''"' >'enl '   ''"   again I   smh   prm-ii i  ,   II    on-.luded:
'     ':' l0» Oopartmeni   . ..,.,    ,„,,,,,  .,,„,  ,,, ,,„-,„,  ,,,„ ,     ,,„
■   " • ■ '"'>' ■" w<< "  cultivated as manlj   vlrluoB."
in,    o'curred    lasl     iveek,      Mis
h  . , . i      ■    ..;    I..'..": .iu-
I   ii rn        i'l   in   iie Inn i     ' .mn       | | '
ts.   li ' a ' nnk burned   li    Willi 1 B L .' il . ■
i, t       , and     0,1 Ot) wa   char-
auli      o i    Wi     Impos ibis
to n he ..... ith      wa
a    u the       ■  i n    mi,   She
,   a ii i   lii       iliaric.l   I ills,      Nova Scotia Man end Wife Doth
whi li  were i-rodlti ,1  to lho el posi ora
loyal l!nn"   ol Cana h
t; i ' ,   r  ■ ,   of Gol len,  h     h ten
n     I   e     dlle ni-   i,f   ih '   : n i -1 out.
mt, lo   d in     iuipio e nent
j worl       ' lumbia rive wean
1 n  n' .1  \V n I '      ■    ■   .   iiiii y   Is
: .    h al
c. e n     m  '     and
, .,,  li ,■ r ■ i I 'i
■  .:     h ■    i'i'    in      ,' dition   or i avi
,   , : ■  ■      , ■   I ■    i- .
e ■     "     ..i.'i,,.     mi  . ,i     " i 1 int
y-    y.f    oted to etinlle tl
I  n       .1  lm
i       n  t'i-   i .    an ! it is  .
of tl     :  a ■ n  will
I       bapo than
nencritod  By GIN PILLS
cr   p r. iT   how  in a c h
,'.'i:. rein,'   OIN
'.   I'l LI.S can in il  ■ In
tli   home l.lc can be
)■ in- M.cI   from   f e
i   i iw.   v here
I or in c rl y    both
in 1   ami   h i .'■
i '. ine ire or 1  ■ •
I: nt in:     v      ii
i i      to be
A Pail, With Water—
a Brush—and a Pkg. of
V\7XXiIi tramforn the uglleHl walla (nto walls of beauty  of art
—of refluemeut.   AlabaBlluc walla are pleasiug to tho
most cultivated  tattca.   Anyone can apply
Alabaultue Iiy following tli • ill recti ui..   All
you need is n pall, with water, aud n flit
brush,   Thc real is easy.    AlabaBtlne, unlike
nil pipjr ;in 1 jltulsomiii'*, lindens, an I bee nu-*J
the wall itaclf,     Alabastine ttlcka to tho wall
it in the only absolutely sanitary wall covering
CHURCH'S^ 1a|mm£1 i
COLD WArERt».ll,Ol* ?«S.^ '
jVelllf I.   iiiii.e
It;iii..,11 iltlt
( hull ll   en  / iltit'.
can bc applied without re-
.-.    Alabastine is made iu
cnly one charming Ihits.
Kct the  Alabastine tint    (A.,Jj
low you how really beaut- S>.
instine is.
free Stencils are worth from DOc
,00, They enable you i" more bonui
ifully decorate youi liomc. Call      /"
i*~       in for particulars. ■       ^x"'
First St, Revelstoke.     Telephone No. 22
Plumbing Heating Tinsmithing
Special Atlentl in Paid to Mail Orders
Q <K)-000<>0<1<>0<H>0<K>0<K>0<^0<K><> i
8 Imperial Bank of Canada
P Hsad Office   Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed - 6,000,000.00 $
Capital Paid Up
<j) Totnl Assets,
" ■ .■
.     :
■   I : •       ■
Itrnlielu'x nr A({"ilts ul   i': |i"i-ii-i|i 11 | > iin' - i i  Cl It ulii,
A.--ii'-.   in   Un  'i   II i   nn   Mini    I'm el   N   lie       l/iMiluii,   I'i'irjaiul,
I. ui ds I! hi',. I.i .ri ■ 11     ('iii- i.;ee    ]•' i -i  \ i- i ai 'I   Hank,   Ohimi   Ux-
e'i nu • N i'i i i 11  iiii.    S ■ .pl.-    S Mill ■ N iii ni i,l II iaU.   S in I'',.in
eisei.      Will,   l'll;.;el    N    \'.,   ! e    N'a I I, u l.'l I    H.ihU.      S|) iklllll'      I'aXrllllllgO
.Nal iniiul  Hunk,
X Saving's Bank Department
' ■    -' a 1 :   11   -.its ul' $1 an I   ■,'. • v  " il.   11- '. ive I     ,. i..|    i    I    i ■•  I    a I'. ,,• ill   at
Y       I'll I'l I'lll    llltl'  fl-0  II  llllll'      ■!   ele'|l   ■    i' .        < '   •!  I ■   -,|e.   ll'l-   ,,'l'   s     !|     ill  ll
9    Revelstoke Bra
i.     O
ash -
'anch   A. B. McCh neghan, Mgr.
John mi ('Intyri-: is. son
Firs:  '
ihone No. 93
I ' .   t . die N.
.:   ; i
■    .' ■ 1  .
Met, Ltd,
i   d to iuie CliN
111 ■  '.        will  :
'' i '' v
6 foi   -
tin] Drug
\: '        ;    i
a om thu
:.     and  v.li I ■
■ idi "
Ive    Into
t Mii?iii Ba Cold. .
rt is always hot in the plunge al Halcyon 11 it Springs,
whoso natural hot tneuicinal waters are Lhe musl wonderful h itorer on the Continent. Ourrecord nf cures
nf rheumatism and other chronic complaints is unequalled
:intl verified by our gratified patrons. Located among the
greatest scenerji of Canada, easy of access, -the Sanitarium is luxuriously fitted and finished for comfort and
convenience of gu< sts.
Halcyon Hot Springs Sanitarium
Wm. E0V.1, Proprietor, -        Halcyon. Arrow Lakes
-- vw
it MarSifit tt
Be Bald?
■ stop your
J    HI '    J
If not, we
'•tir risk.
The Kootenay Brewery
M VNUF \<Tl i
Skkding Time
Hav and (iuAivs
A   Hobson
RlVClSrOKt. li. ('
■MMl«WMwteTMniWM;«:«lwl»l«l»I«I»M«)» «l«l«!«I«r«l«HHH « ■ «,">i*!«!«l«I»I»]
Now Is the Time for Fertilizing Yeur Garden
Record of Progress for Five Years— 1906-1911
* 3,000.000
« 4,f)fK),iK)i)
Capital        ....
Reserve   ....
Deposits      -
Loans and Investments
Total Assets
Haa 83 Branohes in Canada, and Agents and Correspondents In all
the Prinolpal ClUes In the World.
Interest allowed at highest ourrsnt rats.
Revelstoke Branch. W. H. PRATT, Manager
ih'-. i
i   •   oni amounting  to ■■'■'.■ (X ,000 h
I'linlly  IT1U I      le«-   Inu i    oo  ai 00 "il   "'
the >■    .  ,.e ■ li      Thi    " umi'"'
jriint   i.ui thnt tin- u.u equipment ol
lh" iirmy hu    Men  wmn out  nn-l numl
I.n  re|ilii«<l.
■      II
I«ll«" I ill     (   eel.Illllel  I
TA* 'kytt.aH Store
■*   l'.I»il      -.,-'   He   lee.llie .vif,   -.,.',
'   -elin-l e   HI. I
ii, uii
■ii, hi
■      ilar  ill
[h«   Wr,,ll  Mofa  .,.  Am.rlt«'l Ureattlt
llnt-tt Sleerra
Have a Car of Fertilizer on Track.
Save money by buying direct from
P. BURNS & GO., Limited |
' V   nil   thl thin,"
'  ' .   ■       •,-..■■ ii  eh, i,,. ,,n.
nfnl. ' look
;.."• lin- I
nnirVly ••■ curta ,    ■,. „. i  i„,|,
il.e thrwi . . I : ,i,... u tcn|t_
Plumbers and Tinsmiths
Repairs,    Hot Air and Furnace
work a Specialty
Cennaught Av«.   >   Reveletoke
Transfer     Draying
Handling Pianos a Specialty
Phone 42       Night Phone 85 WEDNESDAY . Al'Ull, ill), 19111.
J. fi. Watson Realty Co.
Six Room Modem House, Corner of Robson  Avenue
and Fourth Street $2800
Six Room Modern House, Fourth Street $2200
Eleven Room House,  Fourth Street,  near McKenzie
Avenue      $">000
100 Feet Seventh Street, near McKenzie Avenue $1500
Store Building McKenzie Avenue for Rent.
Give in Your Listings if You Want a Quick Sale
J. B. Watson Realty Co.
K. K. COLE, Manager.    Local Agency American Casualty Co.
a— '
The Revelstoke Boot, Shoe and Harness
Repairing Department
The style, the workmanship and wear
And comfort born of every pair;
Of 20th Century welts that's sold
Will draw new trade, and hold the old.
Another Shipment to hand of Spring
and Summer Styles in
Voiles,  Panama and Lustre
20 Pcr Cent. Discount for Cash
Laughton (&. Tapping, Props. First Street, Revelstoke, B. C.
Windsor Hotel Restaurant
Eurcpean Plan
Open Day and Night. - Meal Tickets, $6.00
,-....,. „—■ |  , ,| niuim—n ■—■— — iri—-
H. J. HilCll-L). //</"<"'■
Strictly i-i st Class
Rooms Single, en Suite
and with  Bath
Union   Hotel
RATES,      .      $1.50 PER DAY
Weekly and monthly rates to lie arranged.        Meal Tickets, 21 meals for J6.00
A. P. IvKVKSQUE, Proprietor
suitably   furnished   with   the  choicest the
mirket affords.     Best Wines, Liquors and
Cie**""     Rat?r $i a day.    Monthly rate.
J.   ALBEET     STONE      PEOP,
An ael hi lonal Bala ol timber record'
nl by tbe Foi e I Dopai inn nl yester ••
day Illustrates che active intention ol
tm- Minister ei Lands tbat deception
in the matter ol pre-emption shall not
I.i: tolerated, an i 11 attempted, will
bring swift puntshmt nt.
As tim-v conversant with the land
laws ol British Columbia are aware,
lands e onta ning  i    to an extent
of more thau nighl thousand teet to
the acre are class il a-' timber lands,
i nd a ■ a ii .ii. nin opi ii iei pre emp-
i,na In tho eii.iiiiai., economical course
lm inI'.iiiM.' p ii pos ;. On thfl nortli
sldo i.i i if del n i !.., a i i bei ■■ Is on i
piece of  land      co npi ii In ■.   L43 aero
V. llir.i   ||     hot I    III   l'   a   •'   •• aS   I.i1'''11  UP
as a pre-empl ion ao I represented as on
Ml I t . bf Bu 'i.i. I, 'ihe pn omp-
lor \ i j sborl I. uftct ivard . bowever,
.li in -I ul i In i iml ea- 11,11111 liis as yet
i.n ro n r.ini I l.o ding, al n price of
on   .le. ..    i   i    ha   and, an ' Btt aighl
Ve.IV    I   ' I.e    I        A II    tee    , Ilill..'       llilil-
!-   If llll     III •    li'S lltS   .1      111-'    lit ll '     -pi'.'ll  .
I; tion, ' i : la. iii . no i irther interosl
in hi   ; i literti aa .  [uttti    farm.
'I   ll   ' ... 'I I, ;  ,1      'll   ■      ,    ,.'       !0     eel
th.i        irtmint, .    tion  .... 3   at
cn e lil, .., ci ni ■ ' liowi .1 i be tlm
Let in mh fr mi At u in to thir y-tive
I  'e. an I   e.l   h   the acre, and lhe pre
. :a. i ii 11   eVl - Ca lCl'11    i, i.n i   1 il -  I iinli.'l'
ali a ly cu -i.i. Seen h a Ira I
ii e, i an II i I a I .1 •• a !.. i ei n cul
an 1 u'i.i e, d. 'i bc r . ain ler i i. the
In.I lin .e , .' i.'i.at .1 a 1."' ■■ )'■ 'ii ii.
I ul a I i llj a al -I 320.0C i feet, an.l
i'i. I • no'a .. ■ ai sui i t i M bi rs.
Pumni i & I ahl ■, . . . per ihosan I
in additio i lo tii; . oyalty, the puvch-
ji in i rm : s In . I so all < I arj es
at.d . k ies a id ntal to tho seizure.
In a iition tb ■• . ,. a1 '.. , . Id to
'ii' i i Arm all a idin limb r on
tha o. ■ In er i. a [.iv mption, tbis
co in .- a. in o Ima
all " t i' holly fr, .t 11 .CO i er thou -
nm ! and in .ii . ral ' ■ • ■ ma '■■■
i'i.i..lit . nal ui on e «hole being log-
. ■ I  ' within    two    yi ars.      E oi Ly
m r of ll'.i ' ' .a cleared by
the 'ee ge . ■.. il] ■ a titute a suitable
site foi   a small i.ri'.i,    ilie
coil in ■; ■ ... bo " Ian I ;
e i        i foi  fi r   Ing  purpoi Tho
oth r 11 rtion of the trad are stony
i ii 1   ; re i   i'e. IB.
C. P.
. n '
'I li - Pacll     Railwaj  ha :
installc ! an auton aiic ! lo. k
i-n    i ■     .     and
t :
ba    i lent on     this
I-n     of li                     ;      n ■ .     hlock
a s.i .rn
Tli re  ai    thl      '    o .. ''   o
b       ■;.
-■ Itself.
V.h n a train    nt-rs bn     it,
al   circuit     . inn.s
the       tion.  '■'. bon
o .    the
.  and per-
The . lectrici-
, .      , t
■ •  . ii    th   line.   The   erv ■
ic--' ol ed t e   up >r-
vi-' ihe ap] ma: .   an 1 to kt ep it    In
. ■   : uman in
.   . Tl
'i  .
i. olutely
: ' both by
in I by i ight,
.. i  -. a... .. .'.as   ibe'
cans i ol                      (Karl  Hagcnbei li
tb '    Vpril 1.4,  ac
hy ci ui '.vim attended bim. He was bitten several years
ago, and nom •■.■• ntuallj  aflect-
cJ his liver Karl Hagenbeck wa
born n 1811. His father who had
commen.ed the animal business in
IS48 with ,, Tew seals and ;l polar bear
ic. Hamburg by a wlmlor
Iranate'red the business to him when
he was twenty one years of ace. In
1875 he began to exhibit a collection
of the representative animals of muny
countries, a companied by troupes ot
nativ-, throughout. Burope. The French government in 1891 awarded lilm
the diploma of the Academy. Several
sovereigns be-towed decorations on
I am one darn fool who doos not
yearn (or the good old romantic days
When knights were bold. Me for the
modern plumbing.
All  businessmen, householders, oittoi-
ins and others,    are   horehy notiflei |
i hal. in accordance wiih  iho Oity  of
i.e.,'i toke Sanitary Bylaws,  iliey are
. alli'l upon to feii'thwil.h proceed to
i I an all nlli'\ ways and public ap -
proaches to properly within tho city
1 mi : . from any accumulations of
a h s, rubbish or garbage, nn;l to
have sucb removed to a dump ground
approved hy the council. AH property
e-v. ii ', , te inn's and others, are rn-
eiiiie'.l  in clean up their promi ies   nnd
remove fi  Bame any   retu o of   on
cbje tionnhle nature. The Police will
i o in Urtictetl to inke the noccBsary
pi, e- m- ii ige -. ummarlly, a al i t any
; art'e I iii" • to comply witb this
roll '■ bj  May I it next,
ci'i'V  CLERK.
IN   THE MATTEROF AN   APPLICATION for Hi" Is up of a  Duplicate
Cer: iii ate nl Title to Lots 3, I, 5,
an,'. G, Dlock 12,  Revel to'e City,
Map 636,
It  is  my inl n i'n  to  Issue nt   Ute expiation ot nne month after the    first
. di ation hereof a duplicate    of   the
Certificate ol Title to the above mention   1  lol  in Hi ' name of Alice Amelia
Tapping,  which     Certificate  is dated
h ■  I Uh dav of February, 1912,   and
numbered 15837A.
Nelson B.C.,  April nth, 1013.
S. R.   ROE,
Ap. rth lm. Sistrict  Registrar.
[.IQUOR   ACT,   1911),
Meet ice is hereby  given that,  on  the
30th   d iy  .f     April  ne:.t,  application
will be made to the Superintendent of
I rovincial  Poliee  Ior  the  transfer    of
ihe  licence for ibe Bale > f liquor    by
tetail in and upi n the premises known
s   tha  l.a'.e  View  Hotel,  situate    at
Arrowh.'ail,   British    Columbia,  from
. i. .    lr. in.  'o Chapman   an 1
Ith, ot British Columbia.
1  this 1st  dav of  April,  1913.
Holder of  Licence.
Geo. T. Chapman an 1 N. B. Smith
Applicant  for  Transfer.
Tenders will  be  received  for the er-
■   ' i   n ot dwellin? at Recclsiokc.rl.es
i.n 1      Sped    I'ion    may  be  obtained
'' ce of the  Resident   Engin
.   Re\ ,|sto' e,  or   tht   Di  I   on   En
ll     ".    Van OUVi i.    '!'■ n ler !   will       be
'  up io no ti oi April 10, 1013.
Resident   Bn ine ir.
'-'   Iss.   Ap.  12   It.
' >.
li  i .■   ain r   sh. 1'j, ;:;;    liml
; ,     , |li«;     e . lliu-
... , 1 ...   I      U|J;i_1     eel'-.       I.'-       .'».e    .I'l
I   ].     ,        I 1     , all      I    .1        lUll       ...
U.I J    C.l.e
iml that women lov ■■   lii   ui ide
j. st i ijfbt, JUSI s i'.i i.... li i r v.i .ik
i uuugli. Come in uut! eiijui a i e.;. the
next time yuu are in this uei^hboruooU.
A. (i. TiiiAxmoN Manii^fi.
The annual Muy Day celebration in
New WostminBter will take placo this
year on Friday, May 2. Elaborate pin
parations are being raade to make the
May Day festival one of the best yet
held. Mr. W.A. Oiliey is master of
ceremonies this year. Mr. J.J. Cambridge was appointed chairman of the
May Day committee; Mr. D.E. MacKenzie, and Mr. N.R. Brown, treasurer
Forty years in use, 20 years
the standard, prescribed and
recommended by physicians.
For Women's Ailments, Doctor
Martei's Female Pills, at your
Revelstoke Hardware Co., Ltd
Pontraciva Silver-Grey   stock patterns
Cups C& Saucers Regular S3.00 Doz. This week $2.15
8 in.   Plates
6 in.
5 in.
7in. Large Soups
Fruit Saucers
Gravy Boats
Cream Jugs
Covered Sugars
Vegetable Dishes
Water Jugs
97-piece Set of Above, Regular 122 50,  This Week   S!4
Thoso Dishes aro Semi-Porcelain, and   the   |
guaranteed nol to rub off.
Reveisloke Hardware Company, Ltd.
Dealers in Shelf and Heavy Hardware, Paints, Oils,
Agents for Minerva Paints and Oxford Ranges.
.' 1
Clothes $
Socio; v
St4a Itb"
6       fcnrirtii Braid (Cliilhru
Q Copynfhi leu     AllrtJ Dn.ktr A Cufcn
tmbody a'.! that is graceful
and elenat.t in young men's
clothe  .
If you want to  drc z  in   tie
highest  deg:
and fashion, ask i
them !c j
H. S. I'etet -..
O-ooooo-o-ooc ooooo-o oo-o ooo ooc o
Centra! Hoiel
Abrahamson Bros.
First-Class in all
All Modern
Special Weekly Rates
From Montreal, Qui bi c, I.p. . ri
New S.S. Laurentic. .(15.000 Tons). .New S.S. Megantic
First-Class—$92.50-      Second   553.75.     Third   ..:'
S. S. Teutonic - • S. S. Canai'a
582 feet long. 51 i feet lung.
Carries Only One Class Cabin (II) $.50.00 and Up
and Third Class $31.25 and Up.
EI9 Second Avenue, Near Cherry St, Seattle
A. O. BROOKBH, 0. P. Ry.  Pftmngsr Agent. REVELSTOKE, B. C.
Read "Mail-Herald" SALES AND WANTS for Snaps PAGE FOUR
When you plant  your Garden,  Rood  tools  help you,
both in enjoyment and the success of the work.
Come in here to-day and have a 'ook around this store.
We have all the latest Garden Tools at the right prices.
Rakes       Hoes       Digging Forks       Spades
Lawn Mower?, Lawn Rollers, Planet Jr. and Eureka
Seeders and Cultivators.
Pruners, Long Handle or Short
FENCING—Barb Wire. Field Fence, Poultry Netting,
Lawn Fence	
Cbc ADalMbcvalb
bArUKnAt   VI
RF.Vv <.<V''OKF.    8    C
Interior pwbllsbtnd Company,
L.ni". rl
Exhibition   Strain   $5.00
Exhibition  Strain   55.0(
Exhibition   Strain   S3.OP
ExhibitI n    Strain  J3.no
Second Pen Havre.1 Rocks  $3.00
Pei  St tting o; 13 E,•;-)
My Barred White Ruff Rocks have w0i.
wherever     shown   at both Provincial
.-..   .v-   1   won    Six  Prizes       :       :
,1    K.   JOHNSON,   !   eii.-ni'i'.
P.M.ril   (J.   BCRITTON.   Pidltor
Local Reading Notices and Business
locals u1 cents per line each insertion.
Minimum local ad charge 25 cents.
Display advertisements 85 cents per
meii each insertion, single column.
I.l't; U    ' sp OFFICIAL
AD ;ertisino.
i.egal •» ■' of nny form, also
,.   erntnen
on hand. We appear to be undertaking to sell further debentures under
even greater disabilities than those,
which have prevented our selling de-
bentures in the present. I will not
support this bylaw.
Aid. Barher — I believe the school
will lose out, but could we pass a bylaw io secure the site.
Aid. MeKinnon—lt is' too bad to
force the citizens to turn this bylaw
down, because it is such an inopportune time; but the school board ask,
nnd tb<' people  will decide.
Residents of Olearview petitioned for
water to be put in by the city, and
McKenzie avenue opened up. Referred
to VV. and L. committee, witeh legards
water request that same be attended
to as soon as possible. McKenzie Av.
t i.i -- in ■,—As rerard- the crossing,
matter instructed to remain over
pi nilin;  definite  replies  from  C.P.Ry.
Engineer McKenzie put in bis ac-
count .SIS for repairs to pi; es burst in
1912 by frost, and. after the city ofllce
had been advised to turn oil' the wa-
tcr an.l n.'rl". ted  to ilo so.
Aid. llowson—I have goue into this
and ih'n'; as lhc i-ity appear at fault
we -'boul 1 in '.   I move accordingly.
Aid. Abrahati.-on—I am not in favor of the city paying ibis account.
Motion dropped for lack o: sici.n.ler
Clerk instructed to advise Mr. McKenzie accordingly.
Bylaws—Matter ol transient real
estalt safesmen was referred to bylaw committee.
lhe date of bring ng In the roll was
extended cn motion to Mny 2nd.
F. Lun i'!l wai np.oi.ita.l pound-
keeper f ir !  13,
lhi- tn s \ , I-, reyorted as arrived.
nnd lhe Cnal date was fixed for l">th
May,  usual  r.otiee to be given,
The health officer was Instructed to
I.e wiitten in regards to entor ing tha
suniiary  bylaw.
Aid, Howson—A d anu;1 day might
1 e    no ninated.   The     h' alth     ollicer
', iui i ordei a clean-up after May 1st
or procoed In accordance with  ihe no-
tie'" again ; all ofl nders.
All. MeKinnon moved, that ., poliee
c 'i us be la'ten ol the city oi Itevel-
Ladies Tweed Skirts
Ladies 1-piece Dresses
Ladies' Suits
O.nly a few Suits left to clear  at
Special Prices.
in  White    Lawn,   and   Muslins.
Regular $4 and $5.     Your choice
for • $2.00
White Wash Skirts
Prie. s $1.75 to S2.50.
Women's Spring Hosiery
Women's   White Underwear.
Ladies' Hcisso Dresses
Res?. $1, $3, S3-to clear at $2.00.
Spring Wash Goods
Oir stock Never Bitter.   Prices
marked down from  40c. and 35c.
No.v 2'r>c.
We are keeping  in touch with
the Eistern Market.     You can
depend upon the  latest styles.
Mayor T.  Kilpatrick—A  IM of   all
•ity  c ii'lo -  will  be prepared, posi-
and Municipal Notices 12  tiong n , ];U , ,, fore tho
centv per lin    first insertion    anl     tl
oen's |  ■  lin ■    sul sequi at    ina
allowing li1 lines to the ine-h.
Applications for Liquor License; $:,.
Applications  for Transfer  of  liquor
1 and purchas t notices,  :
u ati r  Appli -ation      N'o
100 words   ; I        D
All   Oth  r
I     n    ,      ■ •'   tO
rate to be ai ran fed with i
S  l.    Mi Unn m -   \
■alu l_ja..iaa.aaa l».a»■
pecial Return Engagement
■ ■ale
ns    iis i ■ I
\l I
. -The   Finan •■
ton .ns   .•
I. 'I.U tin
Pi Scale, Put
:      ihi|   ii     Dori
The   "i.i''    PI ni"   •-•i'ii| c •!
Howard'i   Pat eni    Sirauiintf    ;
tobichenturee Permanena and Pn e'y
of Tone,
with human-like control cont iini liltbe
£ latent improvement! They
arcperfect   in   t   lie,   srti '
ot this   ri se
.tarda -ne.i
Ol  power p  ,
... I" :
:   .• lor rh'
H^h    .-ich ol   i  '   Irom
Trustees r-  t %l- testing ao-
\  1   Mi KI I . .r, -I think    'he ■ ouncil
.on '/uf   I 'lo   no'    rl i.
t.j mat1" ';ie QM .   'le ,        i le   ,:y
"i  sys -
its ti res and
ai  h
'A Chicago Hoae'
»n<|wtM|»##»'V-<V«j''ii*%>*v<v'IiiiiiJmI'at'tti»."I1 $$  'A^v'&Qfy^&'tt^Z^-A^&i*'  ■   •  id^^iiMg
WE IM-VaTE COMPARISON        1    M^TPf Ifi1 "If tiltsSS
The very !>e«t material an<l
skill that money can secure
ployed in their construction.
The Newcombe Piano Co
McKenzie Ave., Revelstoke, B, C,
Head Office and Factory. Toronto
Phone, 262
! aa   ti^TSTtSKli: "
Aid. lbe* Ol i 111 ■!■ ihis bylaw,
$20,000, for hipn ichool t.« pu'. and
the 'iiy council a'l the trustee! ?<,
over the proposed plans together pri'.r
to 'ante.
Aid Abraham l< a- I second
Carried    Alder-nan Mf-Kln-non ili«son
The Jia'.n occurred at Spcncervitte,
on Sa urdaj last, ot Dr, 3.C. McLean
for many  years  engaged  ,n th • prac-
that village,    and
,  ..M'.licul nn n in
'.:.• i..   n   Aa    bom in  the town -
ind    • i    in  his  67th
entered     Queen's
i    .    *  :.. .ii.l    graduated
lai ulty oi that     in-
\    firsl  Dr.     Mc -
tlce  with  Dr.  Dunn,
m.i alxo resided at
ar,   F.nally  ho
in 1   has    'no .e
•      Of   .1    IleO   I       A'    ■    sllll
In    M Lean     had
throughout     tho
•li   has     C
•   inly in Bpenoer-
h     bc-
\! i.e ,oi     .■ ,i    ii     pro -
■ i-   .   taubob
ippoi ter   «i
nrviveti by a widow
,,(.   it.'-     ,V"   n
'.      'IllH
ri.'fftf   Mid   ,n   hi.ber      es
Ak  ,,   friend
HI.'  j^vfUlli^fP
B. E. Lang Presents
May 5,1913
Monday   Evening a   sumptuous
Revival of Audran's Masterpiece
Il.e   I
..   t f       ...
Aid.    MeKinnon—I     would    like to  eago where   r™n« are no' needed
i point out that  the Idhool  bnnrd have I
 i j got along with  tho present school for      It UMd to be  thai   lbe younger
Blackberg ha« rettirni-d fome years: now In a financially strfn-  girl   wai  the  higher  Ufa    wore
M.-'-  Kthel
If   (or  her summer vftf'ation
M QUI University at Van'ouver
Irom  sent year  th«y force this eipemliture, /ktits    Bul   no'v.-.tny  the  oMW
i,nd we .annot Bell our 'dclK-nttires now   U t.he higher «h"   emr* tbem.
th* mi ' tbe olI
Walker wili build a complete ten "ef.in pl
■ •rl   hubgalow  on the   roo' ■ rotl    loniiinl
torey bouM ii I wan an unci* ni
n«T  of  Lake  Hnore  Iinve and   Walton   M l/nn    A   thl int.
Place,   Th* ht ,■ —
thm novel residence , t              \\ ii   ,-,.   Iln ol loot  dayi,     Mr
fnr   ahoi^e   'he liv   l''H     nnl   mOWJUltO  Thoman      Wel  li      fl i - I  on      S.itin Iny
line.   Imai'inf , lummet houm- m ''hi   moning       R        toke, li C   DeetaMd
< i    i.fein In td     t'own :u sen's    neoi
I iiifivi-l to Hr'ock'. ill" wh"ti  n  yfnitb
a   xhere he  .nirr«.il      ihr rinplfiy    of  the
her  lat(  John Miai-v    l.atei   he tornMd  u
'ili.   partflaMblp  with   the  lad  Jos»ph   Mc-
limtney   nu  butcher    hnolnesH.      Ten
yearn ago decMMd went west and flrst
obtained employment in Oaigary with
iie iv Burnt Company. He wm pro-
:ii..-1-1 to the management ol ibe com
l in. bualncil at HnnIT and other
i ia m .ii Ibe weet. A few ye.ra ugo
in' iuui im meed in nmaeting enough
iioin Ini eRortl to piuchnRo a ram-h
near RetreUtoke and he was in this
mi in.-.-' when he wni i ailed away.
lin   late  Mr. Welch  i    survived   by
Iik inotbei,  anl  Mrs.   A.l'.  Harnett, of
l In    |.ln'' -. am
■lull,!, |(Hf/Wii| n ... 111    .
Bt. <ha.lc-   itfjrromep,  Catholic or.lej ! > «n«.th«t ie-not-worth pay.nR a
ol Koreetere, and  the  Anient   Order   l^'"*"' 'or ih worth nothing
of Ragle   in iieveiHtoki
Thr Poli*p bwre Heen -iB«LrurtedS by
the Oity Couneil to Br<W%'U-te allj
Mwii >t ^rtt p, ot'in .BtrfcUj *^""
i,  Catholic Order I .r* «««"»«v
at« allj>er-
life "ased poueteed a Jovml and am-
Dag Tnxeg can be ptti'd at the Polioa
Station or City Offices, up to May IS
le.tious dtepoijtion,   and this coupled A,t<"" ,hftl date aition wi" be taken
with fltttu forteifhl made bin a man
of nmisiinl htninees nhility. In his
ilsftih h*« utottor nn<l itettre have loin
m  kind  nn.l  dutiful   'iin  and  brother.
The remain*'-are e?pf"-ti<Ml to arrive
hor.' tomorrow nAd the funeral     will
take place from ihe residence of Ms Ottawa, April 27—A contract baa
brother m-law. A. P, Hum s, Hophia been awarded-to William En^lM), ot
Btii'ft  on   Simlny  afternoon.      Inter'-'! Ka«lo,   Ior'  a new" wharf at   Wlloat
Wharf on Kootenay lake
menl e,\ Hipckv.lle.—rrcs^cott Journal  Point, B.C., to cost $7,000.
'jaixmK: i        t WEDNESDAY, i APHIL 30; '1913.
During This Month There
Wi.l be Plenty of Bargains Displayed in This
Store, Watch for Them
Revelstoke's Department Store
C, &. /fume & Co., J^imited
Watch Our Windows for
Special Lines and Bargains During This Month
Look at Price Tickets.
Ladies Spring Underwear
. Cotton,   Spring  Needle  Knit in Vest anh    Drawers,
with or without sleeves.     Among  this lot are some
of the Famous Arso Knit and Porous Knit.     All at
3 for 31.00 or each    35c.
Old Country Wash Cotton
Goods in Gingham    Zephyrs,    and  Galatea?,      Etc.,
the good old tnshioned, hard  wearing  kind at   15c,
20c,  and  35c.
Department for Ladies, Misses
and Childrens' Ready-to-Wear
Second Floor
We  have opened  up  a Department  for    Ladies,   Misses,
and  Childrens'   Ready-to-Wear,   Seeond Floor Front.
There is here a fine  large  spare  and  splendid  light.
We will en.leavor  in future to carry a Full Line    of
Made Up Garment- Etc.   This week we have a special Line of Women's White Lingeree   Waists in    the
Finer Lines of Mull.  Mustin  and  Voile.      Pretty  effects in Lac^ and Embroidery Trimmed.     Some with
Short   Sleeps,   anl Dutch Neck, others Long Sleeves
and High   Collars.     This is a good buy all at ...$3.90
Ladies  Tailored Suits
See the Samples of   v..r   Spi-.-i.ii   Hand  Tailored    Made-
to-Your Measure    Ladies'   Suits.   Hundreds  of    Satisfied   Customers are wearing these.   Why     not you,
at $25.00 and $35.00
Children's Cotton Vests
CHILDREN'S'     WHlTiJ  COTTON    VESTS,  with  Sh«.rt
Sleeves.     To lit    t hildren  from    Five  to Tenyears.
Womens Fine Lingerie
Here is ai   extra   special   bargain   in
Womens' Fine White  Lingerie  Blouses
and   Linen   and   Vesting   Shirtwaists.
$2.50 to S3.50 Roods,   on Sale Friday
$1.65 Each.       $1.65 Bach
Bargains in Ladies Waists
TO SPECIFY         	
$1.00 Each      $1.00 Bach
Your Inspection of Our Display
Cordially Invited.
TH CENTURY BRAND models for Spring
and Summer, 1913, have all the grace, style
and   distinction   that   have   given   them   a
national reputation.
■ The fabrics are the most attractive ever shown in
this famous line, and the tailoring is of the highest
standard inside and outside.
* See these new models before you place your  Spring
* We are exclusive agents.
PRICES, $20 to $35.
Friday and Saturday Bargains
CHILDREN'S FELT HATS—A genuine snap for those who
who know. All colors—blue, red, brown, green and
heather, in soft shapes; values up to £1.25. Now on
sale for two days only at the one price for all
55c. Each
BOYS' SUITS-Boys' STRAIGHT KNICKER 5>uita in sizes
from 28 to 33. They are all the famous "Lion Brand"
and are made up of some of the best values in the store.
Far two days only the price will be
$3.35 Per Suit
Bargain Day Goods will not be sent out on approval.
Oun Grocery and Crocker/" Department
The Best Medicine on Eartk for Cold:
JOHNSTON'S FLUID  BEEF, (16 ounce Bottles)
BOVRIL, 4 ounce bottles,       ...
BOVRIL, 2 ounce bottles,
A Large  and Well Assorted List of Pickles
Crosse & Blackwell's Walnut, pts. 35c qts. 65c
,,       '^Mfttcdptt.'aSoqte, 65e'
„  Chow-Chtyr ptU. 35(J qt*;- 65c
,, ,,        Gerkins pts. 35c qts. 65c
,, ,, White onions pts. 35c qts. 65c
,, ,,   Imp. Relish pts. 35c	
,, ,,        Oriental pts. 15c	
,, ,, Sweet pickles pts. 40c	
Swan Bean Chow-Chow and Mixed ,.aj;.i....;,.....
ai     i»isuaiU HU 20 ounee bottlfts, 35c
'"Victoria CrdWChow-Chow and Mixed 35c
Heinze's Sweet Saupe and Chow-Chow and
Indian Relish in Bottles.
Gillard's Relish, Chutneys, Pin Money Pickles
Steven's White Onions, Mixed,  Chow-Chow,
Walnuts and Gerkins.
Half Gallon Tins
0   >
OF OLIVE OIL, (Made in Italy)
Pint Bottles
Quart Bottles
Half Pint Bottles.
$A .+. .<t. .♦..»..+..+. ,'K A A ii■ ttt t'tt A i*ti i'l*! 1T1 ifi if 1 iTt Mwm 1T1 it\ M ift iti iti ttt 1T1 ttt iti «**» ■*' A A
'X' '4.1 'I'"'"' W W *V V * * •♦•  X <*■   " * ™ ™ " ™ "** "** ™ ™ w «!• X X 'X1 X*X' X 'X1 'X 'X' 'X
I Specials For Friday and Saturday f
4»   Chicken Tomatoes, Per Tin, ....
* Pure Gold Salad Dressing, Per Package
* Qlymer Chicken Soup, large tins,       -
*L Icing Sugar, all flavors, per package        - - -
■>$»*|^^^-*$*^^ >$* »I» ■!' 'I' 't' ■!' 'I' 't' 't' 't' 'I1 €» '3> 't' «l* >X' 't14* '3««!' *?» *!' 'I' 'I' *I« 't« *t« «3»
House Furnishing Department
Reduction Sale on Carpet Squares still on. Do not wait but buy now.
VERANDAH SCREENS-Something everyone requires. They will
keep out the sun and at the same time let the air in. We have them in all
Sizes and colors.
WALL PAPER"We carry a complete stock and can please every taste.
We also handle Beds, Mattresses, Comforters, Pillows, Curtain Shades, Curtain Rods, Linoleum, Carpet Sweepers.   Goods and Prices are Right. PAGE  SIN
^ȣi@ pRNLY-OXFORDl @'
■X    r :
:    rr
Aa M
       of the
'•   ilue
of C.
■ ■ ■            l unit ir sto^      i o.i-    1.)
by 1                 7 Ei ' :er.    It actual! -
saves 1. e              ;   tevery 6y Id ordinart!
bun; '
iay, even heat
•:;.    There is r.o yjas'ie
 .'. • that the pur;
' :   . irnt is can      ■ ut.
j                  .            '    "; tplc                 :
. .  ■ the
1 oven va. . secret of suc-
• sure t' s .:■  e     ^--/
T\-i   ' lipped   with  other
exclu Dii     id  Flue, the  Kev
iTTV-, Sl
It th a ] irfectly smooth polished
■    , dres n       i    lead.
T ' no crevices wh                       lodge
—.-ibe '    iry.
No ■■•■■ner to-day can afford to
.lich science has brought to
• Oxford.
Hardware Co., Ltd.
a *z3 tB^^OBtd^^'^© |
Price, 35c, 40c. and 50c.~per II
G. \v.      ELL
News in Brief
**-%*k■***■*■*»-**■•*'%-^•%•■*-%.a*>a»V-aa.^«*. V-a* "Va.
The' Uritish government intends, alter the conclusion ol th.' Dafkun war,
ue appi'oa h Germany with a dehnue
[.iopo-'al to top the naval ship btteUi.
programmes o£ the two countries,!
,i,.r.n, the Bseal y ar 1914-15, according to tha Taegliche Rundschau. Mr.
Winston Spen<er Churchill, lirst lord
,. li ■ British a Imiral y, may pay a j
[•« sonal visil to Berlin with this ob-1
ji   i   tt vi  a   it ts  said.
An.. on who has an unused thirteen
lent United States postage s'tamp,
inr.te I (.a ; lue paper would vlo well to
on ei tl ia li r lhan i^e it ou a
lett r or i.e .1 e, A stamp dealer who
li.i '.I th  !-• stamps     io
tors Ei r _..-«>  . a 'h  announ od
thut i .i.e ..i.l be $75. Four ihou-
sund . ..a , amps wero originally
I rin tod, It a :■■: f than a hundred arc
kno iti  to i   1st at present.
l'i ii. i iei ih' North American continent maj oon be able to reduce the
cost oi ii .n ■ lee, pa ■ iking oi a diet
which includes . teloj e, jujube, baked
Lread, fruit, i 'tsai, tido, mangoes,
liches, nui.; and dasheens, as a result
of the n.-estlg'ations md experiments
ol Da\ e.l Fair hi d, • a ;ricultut'al t x.
plorei,''   .. ho 1 ke I  the world
for  foodstutTs  iiiii may lie grown very
n i a .a la  an.l  the     United
States, i
Judge Ki lm ', oi Sudburj. ba mai '.i
ed thc t'Onvictjons against Wlii.ua
Hollow i . ;i an 1 Peter Carey, the
Porcupine trades' unionists,  who  were
i ■ I A .     1     ■ i .   A 3
the' Hollinges mine instituted these
prose talons foi   the  | ut | ose ot lest -
ii     i 'a. ■  I. i i! ..   -      ct, tht    ii'fi-ion  is
I   imjtortanl   to   labor  throu
i..   i ■>. ini- i.   The i .ee :; en ha I b en
flned    .i." and co   a   or  three mi n It-'
Twintj .   kl  .'.I,    and
le n,...         ... .                  ..   - lay
iti li       '    .    ii • Mi • .    r
.ei ausi
I   to .'.i.i !S
Lhe i , tear
ing to ' un into i I ils, was mo
a        .i. " \.   e aP-
pi cl,.
i   : ■ ter .1 tho
ei. ei   un
a tho M a
I . nme-
i.. ii amp-
el       Will
.   a '   u..u-
. I be oc-
but even divine;" person can hold at
least .i small part of it if be wishes to.
We have me earth on our hands that
we would like to dispone of, line residential plots that are sme lo advance in
value in the uear future.
e       at our i nice and  let   us  tell you
ahout Kewana Subdivision.
A. I'.. Kincaid, Manutri i.
0.  B.  N.  WILKIN
W.   H.   WALLACE,   M.B.C.S.A.
A R C 11 I T E 0 T
Box 203, Telephone 313, Revelstoke
' iR\    : . ,   -.1. e   \y'i !■::;
Barristi ra,   Soiiciti ri>    F.t c
Imperial  Rank   Rnil ling   Rpv«l
• t.oka, B.  0.
Money to Loan
Bleu   RevelBtok*,    B,   C,     bi 1
Crmnbrook, B. 0.
r.-o. B.  MeCarter,
v. M. Pinkham, J. A. llnrvty
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
COURT      MT.      BEGBIE,    No.  *46>
UF I.  0.   K.
Meete in 1   0   0.  V.  Hall  nnxt    t.o
Tapping's Opera  Hone (try second
ruid fourth M.n.iiev in month. Vfelt-
lni   breth       .   ■■    illy  welcomed.
H.  V.  MORGAN, 0.   R.
WM.   B.   CAMERON,   Rec.-B«c.
ELKTRK      [aODtJH   12,  1    0.   0.  V
Mcf>te every Thursday evening In
.-Selkirk Hall at 8 o'clock. \ init.ititf
hrethrcn  cordially Invited.
LODGE.  Ho.  15   \.  F
and  A.   M.
.1 In MAS
PLE       Oddfellows'       HaU
•i the T  ird  Monday in. pacb  i
Visiting brethren      sir.
rdially   wlrnm*.
A. G. BROOKKR. Secretary.
■ -* --w~»^>-!a»—,-r.-.-o"  -*
w    0   W.
fw  ''amp,   No.  Tit
-.-' A.     and       Ko'irth   Wednei-
■i     Selkirk
Imen »re
I    -n.l
H. W.  KDWAItDS. Clerk.
Hay, Grain and Feei
c    .
Cumming's Transfer O
Secor.d  Stri
moosb no. \<m
ret  and  third  TueH-
Hall.       VlnJtlnu
•»th,arn   col nvlted .ittn;i 1.
■      Ol
-ill   Kr.it.''inro,   April   98—list   Bet)
bei a) ii*' I* aman of many no>-
roWl, Including a small chicken r.irich
iiDdu    •   ,"■'■ lift   ,nMUrati'»' poliry.
He (kcidod to end them today,   and
•Irnnk n mixture of red paint and poi--
DDly  tnndo him  ill, so     h<>.
■hot himself     through tho right car.
'   him   in
bin   e    ...
•: , ng  it   mill •
ors  uri'l   ;
i try," hf explained
, 'hf nui
"You don't know my irotil>lfl«. My
'•ns have lho pip, my 'lo •
[shot th'' o'hfr (lay by ;i poHoatnM, i
bavon't eilOIIgh mrmry to I'Tifw in,
Hh Infuranct and l don't, like tbe min
i 1.1 ,ut where i llval Then I ba ■'■
bad ill" of thf body and of lhe noul,
nnd fVe-n ofthf hfarl." \lf will proli
ahly re'ovcr.
•   '
I     Kiss   . I
' tman i   '
■ e',   ihi      ill
grab   "
Inj  ol i     hm band  w.ii   ■■ tab     I ba
'■■      I.'      ■
! .i'l.   ie ii   it    I il .       ,   :, ^iil,lr    Molly    to
rt mem hi r lo ompl v the   pan     under
t be i"«iiox.
'Brownie's $1 to $iD
Folding Brownie's       $5 to $12
ta  $1H tn $S5
a.iwmiTiiria^^'ia^xa*atr>.'jnJUggic.nacyr.a«aU-^y\r.'^^ ..j n-iiT^--n    ri n      i      11 aaMmm
*"—'^"""l1 I'.T'iTT'i I'tll'lHMWrtim**™!1""1"  i»-iMii«aa, KaBDPJ
Are you wanting any Electrical Work Done ?
11' so, call at the Kevelstoke Plumbing CIS.
Sheet   Metal  Co.'s  Store, Connaught Avenue.
Phone 2S1 Nitflit  I'bone  IU P, 0.  R.is 1:'
r.as^aiaTctvx^'.'Cw^'.nicrK.-.r^^^^ ■ is j
T-:urrr rqittmippr-XKiuyimi^.-rn■ •;. -a
Howson CSk Co., Ltd.
Furniture, Carpets and Linoleum at Eastern Prices, Freight
Howson G&> Co., Ltd.
in>'C;iPAM'S   MESIC   STOW 10
McKENZIE  AVE. Revelstoke.        -       Phone262
I!.  C.
Iii'l Ml -'.. Nl A'l IVI
l-l 11.'
Take advantage ol an exceptional opportunity. Cull at DINdHAtA'; WUGIC
STOKE .uni inspect tin- large stock "i Mandolines, Violins, cnitars, Aocord-
conG, Piccolos, Flutes, Muiti-riutcs, Harmonicas, sheet Kusic, Albums,
Plnycr Piano Rol's, Silk Piano Prr.pes, ntc , Selling it Li-tnu Piii-i-s
Edison Plionogrnphs and VictT Crtiniophcnes with Cood Stock ct Poiort's.
Als.. -'.mh Edison Wax Records Belling at U'i-. i" clear. (Usual price, i
(or C ■  li eie ol the How Edison Blue Set.l Un reakable Records.
Come Early and Get First Choice.
Piano Tuning and Repairs a Specialty.
Be reasonable!   Don't send your hard-earned money
to China!   Remember, we are here to do your work and
we employ local white labor only.    Be progressive,  and
ha   i youi   \ ishing done by the  Wesl   Kootenay  S
Laundi v.   Regular collector and |! ervi :e.
Pin me 8(1
.      r
i IM i. Hi   > IMK
•52 PAGEG, lO'fC'i TAMPS)
■ ii.
Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co„ Ltd.
Importers and Wholesale Dealers.
Manufacturers of Aerated Waters
Agents for Calgary Beer 'WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 1913.
Steel Bridge, Thompson River, Lytlou,
D.   C,   (.To   Be  built  Alongside 1'resent  Structure)
Substructure and Erection of
Scaled   Tenders,   superscribed   "Tender for Substructure aud Erection of
Superstructure,      Thompson       River
Bridge, Lytton, B.C.," will lie reoeiv-
(1  ley   the  Hon.   the' .Mini ter of  I'ublic Works ui' to 12 o'clock noon Wed-
i.i   day,  the  7th day of  -May,  1913,  for
ib.'  complete  substructure  and  cree
tion of  tuperstructure of a bridge ne'e--  ihe  Thompson  River  at  l.yiion,
ii. C,
In aw in ;s, Bpeciflcatii ns, contraot,
uul im ins of t n !' r . an b Been nt
Mu' oi'   ■ lhe Govi m.in nt Agents,
ksheroft, New Westminster,V ancouv-
,r, and al the office oi tie Public
Works Engineer, Parliament Buildlngn
\ ictoria.
Ini.'ii I n ■ lend r.'is ean, by avply -
ing to ih'' undersi; !)'■ 1, obtain one
topy of llie drawings and one copy
of the specifications for the sum oi
twenty-five dollars (?26).
Each ten ler must be- a iei mpanied
by an accept d lank ih'jiie or certificate of deposit on a chartered
lank of Canada, made payable io tlie
Hon. the Minist c of Public Works,
■'or th ■ sum of ■'." i, '. hich shall bo
1 if the partj eri line
io cut r     ;  •      conti acl   whi n called
ipon ie' di    i'.   'I he che rues or ci it.ili-
iti    of di pos    o.    ns . ces "ni    I nd-
; urn .!     to them upon
tion of the t ontract.
The successful lenderer shall furthermore furnish an accc]     1 bank cheque
It een a charterer ada,  ma le payable to
i b '      Mini* ter > f     Pul lie
,  for tl      um    f  i ne  thi
■' •    i ii     I of    the
■    I nol derod unless
forms supplied,    I -ii-
.i"'   al   nij nature   of     the
I  .a the envelop-
■' M '      ' '  .
T or any  I nder nol ne -ms
P bli   v.   ■' . Engineer
;  e r Pul lie Works,
\ i    i   ia,  B.C.,  March  26th   1913.
fo 12 o'clock noon Wednesday, the 7th'r.'turned to them upon the execution
day of May, l'J13, for the manufacture   of the contract.
nnd delivery f.o.b. ears at Lytton, B. I Thc successful tenderer shall further-
0., the steel superstructure of a' more furnish an accepted bank cheque
bridge across the Thompson River at or certificate of deposit on a chartered
lytton. Bank of Canada, made payable to the
Drawings,      specifications,   contract,' Hon. the Minister of Public Works for
nnd forms of  tender     can be seen at   the sum  of one thousand dollars    for
the offices of ibe Government Agents,  the due fulfilment of the contract.
Ashcroft,  New  Westminster,  Vancouv-     Tenders   will  not  be  considered un-   ,,,
er, and at the     office of the     Publio  less made-  out on the forms supplied,
Works  Engineer,     Parliament Build   [signed with  the actual signature     of
ih" tenderer, and enclosed in the en- >.Ava] f,.ed tor h0(JS in apring   an,fl H
velop" f'"'"i-hod should make a markol  for the 'waste
The lowest  or any tender not neces-  quantities of slack   coal    thai   bas  to
irily   accepted.
Public Worke? Engineer
mn.   v-e-vx
n    •
ings,  Victoria.
Intending tenderers can, by apply -
ing to the undersigned, obtain one
i.opy of the drawings and one copy
of the spee'iiications for the sum oi
twenty-five dollars ($25).
Each     lender must  be accompanied Department  of Publio Works,
by an accepted bank cheque or certili-      Victoria, B.C., 2Cth March, 1913.
eaie ul deposil  on a chartered bank of   1  a wk. to Ap. 30.
Oanada,     made payable to the Hon.  . -—
lhe Minister of Public Works, for the „„
■.um of $1,000, which .-'hall be forfeited
ii I ii ■ party I ndering doclln ■ to enter
inlo contracl  win a called upon io do
■ ii.   The chequ s nr certificates of de-
■ , .i ol nsticeessful t nderers will be
returned io them upon ti.e execution
, f lhe i ontract.
The ■ne' essful tenderer shall furthermore iiiiui h an accepted  'ankcheiue
r r.M i[flcate of depo ■■■ on a chartered Inn', of Canada, made payable to
the Hon. the Minister of Public Works
br the sum of one' thousand dollars
im' tho due fulfilment of lho contract.
Tenders will not bo considered un-
less made oul on the forms supplied,
si ned v. ith the actual signature of
iie tenderer, ■md enclosed in the envelopes furnished,
The lowest or any tendei- not neces-
-arily accepted.
Public Works  Engineer.
Do; artmenl  e.f Public Works,
Fai un
'li you wain good fat healthy hogs
■ l   lii'iu slack coal."
1 hat i   the slogan of tho bug rais-
tr  nowadays.   It s  no  joke; it's the
Victoria.  B.C.,  26th  March,  1913.
Coal mining rights of the Dominion
In Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Al
herta, the Yukon Territory, tbe
N'eer'hwest Territories nnd in a portion of the Province of Dritish Col-
timbla, may be leaned ior a term of
twenty-one years nt an annual rental of $1 nn acre. Not more than
2,500 acres will be leased to one np-
Application for lease must be mam
■ y the applicant iu person to the
Aj-eut or Sub-Agent of the district
:n wliicb the rights applied for we
The lease will include  the coal huh
ing  rights only,  but the lessee    maj   them     Y. s, just  aboul
•'«   permitted   to      purchase   whatevei
: available surface rights  may   be
red  necessary for the  working  o
the mine at. the rate of     111>.00     ai
Con rote  Arch,  Thompson  River, Lytton. B.C.  (To Be Built Alongside  Presenl   Structure).
Altera itivo Design.
Seabd   Tin'ars   su; er-cribed   "Ten        ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
I i- for a Concrote Arch across    the acre.
ho.npson   River,   !;>ttou,  B.C.,"  will      In surveyed territoty the land must
be  K-ci .il  by   the  Hon.   the  Minister   be     described    by  sections,  or   legal
        up to 12 o'clock noon  sub-divisions of sections,  and in un-
\Vedn s'.-i ■ . the Tth day of May, 1913,   surveyed   territory  the   tract  applied
Bridge, Tho npson River, l.ytton
B.   <'., 'To He   Built Along-
i 'ro   nt Sti
Su]   ' -'ru Hire   Metal.
I ip i  cril e.l "Ten-
and  Delivery   of
I'l.el  c   at   Lytr
B.C.,"  will  be re el' i 1  by     the
■  ;      lie Works up
for   the i omplcte  -true, ure a ir( -s  the
'I ho.n| sou  Liver at  l.ytton,  ll.C.
Drawin    .    specifications,    contract,
irms of tender can be seen     at
of ihe' Government  Agents,
Ashcroft,  New  Westminster,  Vancouver,  and    at  the      office of  the I'ublic
En In -i'i, I'a.li i.i..'in  Buil lings
Int nding  ti nd r irs ci n,  by apply -
in ;     to     the- ii / :, obtain one
drawings,     and     one
of ihe- sppcifl at ion   for the sum
. I  twi m\ live  dollars   ($25).
Ea h tender     must !e accompanied
by   i '  ac ■; I'd bank cheque or eeriifi-
irtered bank of
n i'.    . .'.  al li   to tl
the Mini ter of Pul  ic ' o   ts, for the
for  shall  be  staked  out  oy  the    ap-
: llcant  himself.
i-'iieh applicant nriEt be accompanied by a fee of \b which will be re-
I in led if tbe rights applied for ar»-
not available, but not otherwise. A
y shall be paid on the mer
■ table output of the mine at the
rate of five cents per ton.
. in ed into the coolies here -
about- in view of the large number
of mixed farmers who are going into
bo.' ia sin ;.
'i he : .'.lm; ui slack coal is advp -
■ ali . I.: the mosl ■ ucci 'lul hog-rais-
ihe United Sta o ■ and il had
bi en l i.l iui bi re in Coaldale, and
:■ 11 io w.ii .-ri ,", ry i aim for ii ■
, .'ie e.i slack '-"al to my
b lhc i e '.■ nter," i ..i.l T. W.
D lale,  ■.. h ise H ■' ni  ship -
e.i,:.    - ' ■.■rn y ho      i.e:   iho f incy
he  Van ouvei   ; -,, ' ■ i s.  who    paid
:      ..    ■        I   ;       i ', s on
be loo   ai I he sto     .. ,.■ ds iu Loth -
al   i tii      .vh n fane       ock was
I ' "ll II   nd    T|     lo    V ;     I'   III !
a ] i n lhe boot, and when it  was
onlj     i n  ing 8]   ■  n - laid .Iowa     in
Cal  a rv.
' Those Los fait ty ' i ned on the
ci al    '!"'       It   was    li i    thin;/;
i . .  .   lid, nii I many i nei ;hbors
win        tih d tb ation are con -
\e'i"i-l i,i my '.. .■   oi i h a  d rea
son a ■, thai sla i. i oal '. - n prevent,!
live of dl ■ .■ nd .ui cm- eHi nt appel -
i • r for h ■ hogs. I hav.' fed it. right
and while r have kepi , record
up to two ton; of the amount I   ted,
ih ■ be' , f i 'jusi  i ie'd.   I  presume,
us d   perhaps 50H  pounds    n ore  '.ban
i iat  between the time I stopped keop-
ing tii    record and  the time  1     .-obi
45u0    pounds
i " ' ' mi.I slack io il for a six n onl bs'
i   33 lio sl   Thai   -hows  whether I     .  lil ■■ coal, ti o.   And 1 am sat-
1     hai it   wa-1  i ne   id on   I       bail
t.o -i -I.  bo; s • n my ban Is,"
Mr. ri;"'s hogs weighed in al shipping i-i in ■ an average of 206 | ounds,
and they  wore   iven     i size and    olor,
an a 11   !' I '■ ■•■ t ll< nl    ar ■    and
l ' i 'iit ion.
Tli ■ r cor 1 for co il  f '-.1 ng to hogs
i-' claimed by t'.I.. Engle, an EIReno,
ii m   ai:.i bog raiser, who
tV i 3200     i ot n Is lo     B0 bo ■- in six
. and who cl lims that he     has
w iiii n on i year raised      '        ogs an.l
only  lo i     one   Down  In  Oklahoma,
the  i ickers wain   heavier bo s   than
, ihem All erta     and Mr. Engle
n iy btij iu    hogs around 100
pounds and fattening  Ihem  for mark-
tli tO
4   I     . BIO DAY
Shows and Merry-Go -Round
Afternoon and Evenn
The person operating the mine snail
furnish the Agent with sworn returns cun,-  around  200  pounds.   He  argues
accounting for the full quantity     o! lha    10   enl corn f .!  to ho b between
merchantable coal mined and payt!- ml :    i ,, ,,l;...  , worth
Ity  thereon.   If  the  coal  mining more lhan .1 a bli ■    . .,      he consid
rlghta are not being operated,    such ers that  tho same relative in ■   a e in
.i  should  be furnished at leant value should le     oun>d  in      feeding
nnec a year. wheat."
For full     information     applicatiot ■   :  'oal       t   ii  .   corn,"  Mr.
sum of $1,090, which ihall be forfeited j8hould bo made to the Secretary    of • ''■ I   in a    ho    journal.
if th- : in enter  '   '' Department of the Interior,   Ot- d 1 a i.i ul    the fa t    hat I    do
hen   ailed    pon to do  tnwa- or to the ASeQt °r Sub-Agent not have to encounter any disease to
so.   The' cheques  or  C                    of de-
of unsuccessful  tenderers will be
of  Dominion  Lands.
W. W.  CORY.
4£*. »2tf*
, t.   i oal ■ ■'
11 c of hog cholera.   It is i ich In sul-
I h ir a id iron an I th    h    i me     as
. i   ,    i   i hei   ci im
i lm .   Hi-    me     I have  i   :   .1   5,000
n ..   oal   l'i, an 1  tut lh tr mora
I      i hi   pnsl year
v ' I     lbs iiii  i •,■■  ni hi i
i a I  b      a ' l.icl   d   lo   li aih by h
l ■ ' hhrldge News.
'HERE'S only one quality of G nada Cement. It is tlie
highest qunlity that can possibly be made with modern
equipment, scientific methods and rigid inspection by expert chemists.
1 ho Canada Cement you buy for a garden walk is the same
cement tli it ie ell by the trninlond for great dams, elevators and bridges, lhe
engineers in charg I i f these great wcrlca have ample facilities lor testing the quality of
Canada Cement
come* up to their most rigid requirements.
The ffirmer hns not these faC-lltiei for testing the quality of cement. He must b'ty
n product upon which he enn depend for a grade that is always of highest quality, and
that therefore does not need to be letted.
You can place absolute reliance upon lhe quality of Canada Cement.
It's nlwnya the Bame and always the best. 1 he large output—which enables us to
heep ths prion down, enables us also to maintain the factory equipment and organization
that keeps th ■ <j i il ty tip.
A Canada Cement label appears on every bag and barrel of genuine Canada
Cement.    See thnt it's on thc bags and barrels of cement that you buy.
WRITE for our free book   " Whut the Farmer Can Do With Concrete.*'    It hu told a hundred thousand
Canadian I unu en Ol tho mo ney-saying ond   profit-making  possibilities  of concrete.
Address Farmers' Information Department—
Canada Cement Company Limited, • Montreal
There is a Canada Cement dealer in your neighbourhood.
0^W^$^ <& *$ *& *v* ^ '*& *& §3
The t'u<i Office Inspo ior has jh-l
. u i tin' monthly report ot new of
Ou opened In lhe province during the
men, li of April. An office ha lieen ei
tablinhod ut Viliiiieti i.ui.i, which will
in' served front Obase on Prklaj ; nn
ot ii'i ut Blooklosm, served from Kam
loops on Tuesdays snd Friday*; nn-
other n' Brigade Lake, erved Irom
Kamloop* on Tue days an i Friday*;
another at Ka^le Huy, served from
Not'h liill on Fridays; another at
Knutsford, served from Kamloops ou
Tuesdays and Fridays; another at
Sorrento, served from Notch Hill ou
Tuesdays nnd Fridays; anolhsr at VI-
cosa, served from Vancouver daily cx-
Cept .Sunday. Thc ollicos at Ilalcomo
and Kust Arrow I'ark have been nlos-
iii. Tbe name of the Fraser Lake of
flee han been chanced to Fort Fraser.
On the lliBt of May the following offices will he made money order olliica:
HHtlc 'villi.',  Burquitlam,   Hust   Burna*
ley, Mount I.ehinnn un<l Nccdlcii.
St in : of tht I \ii.i;
(ioverncbs    Kmi
li    roxiANs a id their
I'm aim.   May  5 &  6
Love in blin.l when a button in
missing from htibhy'H clothes. Hut it
lm-.' One si^ht Whan he comes home
with u slreak of rice powder   on   Mil
III)"     I O' I" "Mil
in iheii wmu nf keeping the Province of British Columbia fre- from tbe
deadly San Jose ale, Fruit Inspect-
111 ThoH. Cunningham anl his -tad.
havo condemned no lets than siity-
enn shipments of nursery stock thus
iur in the present -e.i-on. The prov -
ince of Uritish Columbia is the only
place on the I'a'itie  >oast that is free
Iiiiiii lhc tcrril'l'' pe-l, that poison-i
ilie sup of iln' trees and kills ihem,
nud the Inspectoi is eli-terminnl to
keep n so by vigorous application of
the  law.
1 The   family   remedy   for   Coujht   and  Colda
Sbllob costs  so   little   and does   so ouch!'
It will pay you to
make a call at
F.   B.   WELLS,
Fur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town.    -   Revelstoke, B. C
before buying yonr outfit of working clothes
for the bush. I make a
specialty of Ixigging
Shoes, I'ants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required iu your 'm- tness. PAGE EIGHT.
CF,   Curst  and  Mrs.
oino, are in the city.
Curst of Tor-
A  full report of tne  J.D.C. Concert
will appear in Saturday's issue.
Geo. .Masher of Vancouver, is in the
cry  a guest at  the King Edward.
J.  Vi.  Caulja  of  Medicine Hat. was
an arrival from the east an Monday.
Threlkeld of Banfl, came iu     a
C il   lays  ago  10  transact  busi
ness    •  ■
Miss  '  . .tn    tea 'her i.i the public
Bcb down with an atta k       oi
■ i      it
1 .   v..  Wright   of Toionto,  is doing
; .. :. • laj     He came iu   the
flrst    ■  -hv v.i'
Mt. Ernie Dixon C.P.R, engineer, is
me .via.-     iuto   one   of    Mr. McRae -
I    .-•    on Sixth street.
Mrs. Dr. M Lean entertained a nutn-
■ friends vesterday afternoon at
.in enji .. himble tea.
e     is. II    !■'   Id   arrived
has  beeu having  a great time
A May Day Shirt Waist Dance is a     Are you a Moose? If 'not,  why not?
'' novelty in Revelstoke.   It will be giv- This    Five     Dollar   Initiation Fee is
cn hy the Girls'  Hospital Auxiliary at something  you don't get every  day.—
the opera house on Thursday, May ljRemember,  it raises to Twenty-five as
All of Revelstoke v 111 he there. soon as tho charter closes.
Miss B. McMahon lum opened up
Mr. F.J. BaylUs, the popular mauag-
ei- of the store, belonging to the Forest Mills of British Columbia, Taft,
married at the Revelstoke. Church of
Kngland, Miss Gould, who had recently arrived irom Birmingham, Eng.,
the TaftUes expected tha bride au.l
groom to return to Taft the same
night, They waited till midnight but
were doomed to 'disappointment. All
day on Tuesday they waited most ans
iously expectant, but were again most
disappointed. However, on Wednes -
day night ihe newly married couple
arrived. The loug-lookod for time in
their lives bad come, Mr. and Mrs.
.in.' Bayliss weie spotted getiiug elf
the train on the opposite side of i.'io
platform, by a lady wbo gave tho siign to the Moose now. Thc charter is op-
ihai  the loiig-looked-for couple       bad en, and  the rates  are low.   You  can't
tfji .'   in
Kamloops, April 28—A graphic story
is told by three Fiulauders Harmon
Matson,   Matt  Johnsou and K.  Ma.-
Special Sale Ladies Tailored Suits,
to order $40, balance Spring and Sum
The flrst Canadian contingent that
went to the Boer war were insured for
$1,000,000 in the Ocean Accident and
Guarantee Corporation. The Revelstoke Fire Brigades arc- also insured
in this company. The special agent
tor this company is Chas. M Field —
Best policy in the market issued to all
especially to railroaders.
You make no mistake by coming in
bolted into a neighbor's house. This
was to start the greatest chiv.u." on
record in Taft or neighborhood. V'hi.'h
will not he forgotten for a long litni..
Several band saws and rivets were
brought into action. Tbc noise and
tumult could be heard miles away.
Thc lumberjacks in the wood- (several miles off thought war had  broken
gs   Sunday ' 0ut  between the     U.S.A. aud Japan,
cn th ne.
tht   '-reel feature     "Tho
Gods ' and Pathos Weekly
a   the Star thi atr i tonight an I Thurs
day :
Mr. H. Tap dng i.a   awarded ., con-
sing and icn   ruction
..:.   : mndation under bis build
ing . :: Connaught avenue.
The   W.C.T.U.   regular   meeting   will
be hell ai  the home ol     Mrs.  Lind -
mark on Friday,  May 2nd at 11 p.m.
of     officers      All    members
i •e'Ud.
The ' losing meeting of the Political
1   | lalitj   I   ague     will    be held    next
Monday evening in the City Hall,   at
i p.m.   Election of officers for     next
an . other Important business.
!'•    ..-    h " Ilin    .:  Vacuum Cleaner
that to handle, will go
rner,      gtiarant-
■ a    nable price,
Le onstrate  this to you. —
Bo i-i   Bros.
Th ■ Mi ■"-'■■ I o lgi  No.  II 15, are hold
Ing a        ■ gu i   meet
ing on    May     ''th, in the Oddfellows
s an !    their i
..        .''.1 ally  invited.   Lodge  '.usin'ss
it 5      ... smokei at 'J p.m.      3t.
Minor" literary al  the
:  b Monday evening was
tended and very . njoyable. Mr.
II  r?ad  a  paper  on  Mr.
sot   followed
om I ty pilot
•;       ool a
Bt   work.
:        :. loltou,
:.    Monday
i. 61        ... B •    -   acre.
■    -...    • their
Mr-   Frank Pauldin •.     Mr.
-   ■       thej   bad    a  very
ind were h"ld-up two
f .-.    Ka-t   ol   Winnipeg    the
'  ur   hours
to eastern points alKi vvas really in full -wing. There
I is greal credit .lue to ihose who engineered the whole warfare, viz.:—Mr.
Emery, mill superintendent; Mr. M.A.
( rfot'd and John Lee. who bad rone
down to Taft purposely to assist and
heat it for a good, s'ound order.
Only four companies settled their
losses in full in the San Francisco
earthquake and fire, of which the Lon- j
don Assurance Corporation was one. |
Tbis company paid out $7,000,000 in
that disaster, their policies are written here by Chas. M. Field.
Forty years ic »se, 20 years the
standard, prescribed and recommend,
ed by physicians. For Woman's Ail -
ments, Dr. Martel's Female Pills, at
your druggist.
Railroaders, beware. Do not put on,
ladies dressmaking establishment with
headquarters over the McRae Block,
McKen/ie avenue, Revelstoke. Plain
sewing for ladies and children. Ladies own materials made up.
Seo Chas M. Field about that Life
Policy you are contemplating putting
on in the company of which Lord
Strathcona and the President of the
Dank of Montreal are directors.
Special price on Ladies Tailored
suits >I0, balance of Spring Goods.—
Leave your order early and have your
suit made by expert ladies tailors.—
Cressman &  Co Ap.SO 4t.
GALT  COAL is  handled
Mr..'. J.H. Lyons will
I kie, respecting the death by drowning  Thursday, May  1st.
of their companion  William Ayho ou
Saturday last.
Tho four men had been engagodai
Mile 94 upon C. P. R. conslruciion
work from November 8, l'J12, until
the lCth inst.. when thoir labors being completed they reported at headquarters at Milo 80 and were paid
off. They walked down the river as
far as Mile 71, where they passed
Friday night and ou Saturday morning thoy constructed a raft ou which
to tlaot down to Chit Chua or Kamloops.
At about 10 o'clock on Saturday
morning they commenced to drift
with the stream, and all proceeded
well until they reached Mile 63, about
a quartee of a mile from Mr. Fred
xclusively   Huyward's place.     Here lts tho party
nol  receive ott
I    Mrs. G, S. MeCarter will not     receive on May 1st and 2nd.
Mrs.   H.H.   MeVity   will  noi   receive
on Friday the 2nd of May.
I    Mrs.  W.  J. Tomlinson will not    receive on Thursday, May 1st.
Mrs. Howson returned from Halcyon,
on Monday, much benefitted iu health
Mrs.   Sibbald
Saturday, May
Mr. 11. Squarebriggs i-
lire warden for the Albert
trict this' summer.
Cauyou dis-
in Revelstoke by the Revelstoko General  Agencies, Ltd.
Now that
He ii iloin
ney Sweep,
the snow is off the roof.—
; it again—Who, the Chim
at  the Oriental hotel.
have agood     time.   Ample  provision ufe or accident insurance without first
looking over the attractive and low
priced policies offered you by Chas.M.
Field, in his sound and reliable companies.
had  In en     made for the  thirsty ones,
and it might be stated here that there
evei,'  very  few  who  ,lid   not  do more
than   Wet   both   eyes   with   good old
i ;i  Saturday   night   the event was
again  celebrated.  The  Taftites. Ih'.uo
turned around a bond in the river
their raft struck against an overhang
ing tree, and all four men were swept
inlo the icy torrent. Oue and all then
clutched conclusively at the tree that
had been ihe case oi disaster, and
Mackie succeeded in .scrambling on it.
Matron and Johnson struck out for
the shore, and swept by tbe current
and benumbed by tne cold s'wam the
short distance and reached the bank
POWDER—A     supply  ot    Stumping  stiff and exhausted.     Ayho, however,   Three  Valley
Powder,   Caps and Fuses  has arrived,   overcome by the chilling waters,    and   Mi.nday    and
and  can  lie  ahta'n-d  from   Seuvtary   swift  rti-'h of the' river     relaxed     his
Calder, of the Agricultural Society, on   hold on the tree and sank.
Mrs.  J. Hopgood returned    Monday
fiom the coast with her daughter Miss
Maude Hopgood, who has been under
an oculist s care for the last       two
Fifty-one oddfellows at.eu.led church
i .ice at St.  John's oa Sunday, and
Tt only costs you a Five Dollar Bill
for Initiation Fee to become a good
Loyal Moose. This is for a short time
only, so make hay while the sun shines
a most eloi
intu   a.
.dress on
P    1
OV6  am
" hy
Rev.  J
A nol.
mi slonary
is from
for  the'  summer,    spent
Tuesday in    town the
J.W.  Stevenson.
Remember   the  date  of   the     Opera
I House Ball, May 2i'th  next, given by
the Management. r.t.d.
We    are   pla 'ine    25     I-ailios;    Suit     Th
.I've seats are on  sale at. C.
Lengths on -ale for three weeks,  bai-   R. Maodonald's drug store     Phone No
Valleyites, and Craigellacbieites joined1 ance of Spring and Summer Suitings.   ;) and secure the best seats while they
In making the newly wedded pate   a   Price $40 a suit—Cressman and Com-'last i'or tin- .Juvenile Bostonians.   All!
land.-om.   presentation of a real 1-atu  pany. Ap.30 It. r.ew plays,
ri-covered couch an.l  a big elan •■.
Everyone hid ihe- time' oi  their lives
Mil kepi  ii going ir, iui; swing I i the
early hout    i f t hi      moi n.n,' of     the j'
Sabbath.     Nearly $100  was   lolled d
Engineer White and his bride' ara
tin' guests thir week of Mr. and Mrs.
Southworth, on Second .stiect, west,
previous to t.i1.in.' up bouse at the
r<mu I when the residences there are
in the shorti   t spa   i ■ I     m •. The hall
was beautifully   lecorated.
The mill  is now in  full swing     and
very on    el li I down to  ■
IOc. Lho   ::   Ml tan 23c
LilST-A i'nre   Died  Collie  Hog   Pup.
Eight Weeks Old.     Finder please re-
The  I.a lie-
ti   ,;! nc • o.
e n Saturday
lb Idge club met at thc
Mrs. Ro ert Urquhart's
e.i n u :, an I enjoyed   a
turn  ro  W.ll.  Horobin,
or Phono 2G'J.
Second  St.
WANTED—Small furnished house or
house-keeping rooms for the summer
West of McKenzie avenue preferred.
Apply  P.O. Dox 732, City.
j    1..  I.   .m ■ of Si amous  was
on the streets on  Monday.
cricket match  between th'
tk'O.    F
n  'I'n   .in
oi     Arrowhead,
- south   train.
.-'.  Hend of  I lab yon aad     H.
hi a I,  ir '  in  town.
to  the  great   sue ess oi    the A return
ii.-a-e iiion   of the Juvenile Dos local  team and the Forest .Mills,   was
and  the fact  ihat    this played last Saturday, resulting i.i     a
tion   will not appear victory ior the local team by 87 runs
a.    Manager    Smythe Following is the score:
thi  managemen  of LOCAL TEAM.
ance! two nights   of Bat-man                                           Runs
North   '2d
FOR RENT—Three Market G irdens,
with residences attahd, about six
acres in each tract, adjoining and
within city limits and west of Col -
couple of lieiiirs play. Mrs. Smith
Urquhart won the prize, a Wedgewood  bi n 1'i.n dish.
Mr.  and  Mrs.  MeRury, and  Mr and
Grey, haw returned irom    their
ai mission oi Vancouver.   Mr. Gurd-
iner accompanied  them  glso  bringing
nis little vnic old baby and will     re-
main £ur the summer.
Miss Halle who is one of tha most
brilliant woman speakei In Canada,
will give an address in St. John's
church this evening on Sociul Service.
nml.ia Bridge.   Apply to A.  McRae,   N(( M1„ Bhould  |liis, ,,„.     o;,,,„. tllllUy
or Harvey,  MeCarter and  PinKham
.:     '
- n ■•"-
>. I   Ai.rabam.-on—How long       will
) ih- aJlitor-
Aid.     M Kinnon- They will ire bere
t oil week anyway.   Someone     should
read -tie mMers for a whi e if possible.
Mayor   Kilpatrick—Mistakes   are   li -
able   o happen with a new man.
Bennett read   he meters once some
$ear- ag
Aid.     Abrahamson—The exp-nse of
putting in water • onnections   through
Cha-. J. Hodgon of Arrowhe
i.       art v.'ii  ou
Cli ..I   . anci
or to Revels!
■   K ll
W.  Mai siia . .
Mrs    Ma   '
Mi. and Mrs. 1
■   ■
We' regret
ger Engineer E,  a.   ■'. .
•.he hospital.
.Now   that
.   ■
ag m time and return here c
Maj   ith ia
I    I   Ml        	
M i   v     j
L. Butcher   1
■ at   ivright    3
j. Aldridge  u
i     Wai ace   S Apr. 16, lm.
n 13	
will no doubt I." good j.
... ■ '■  'f C.
i   the at :ac - l.
On, an.l ii.
. - ■  ... on W.
some- ii.
If    not Page	
FOR SALE—At Grandview Poultry
Faun, Malakwa, B.C., Singfc Comb
White Leghorns, *our Stock won
First Pen, First Cock and other
prizes,    at   Fall    Fair.   Eg-s  from
of    hearing   this      talented  lady
speaks from wide experience.
A lar;.-.' audience enjoyed the lantern show and lee ture on India in St,
John -   church   la-t   night.       \ lews   ol
the Zaj Mahal which took 20,000 men
selected breeding pen headed by the seventeen years to build were some ot
winning Cock, 32 per sitting. Ons '1"' wonderful pictures*. The natives
5 at old hens SIS per do/en. were shown in all     their occupations,
leaping,     sowing,    plowing,    dancing,
cooking, trading, etc.   Then the bene-
i)   PERFECT FIT CORSET—Special, lm   '-t-   of Christianity appealed  in  views
...17      portancc to ladies who appreciate a  of  the. hospital  and rescue work car -
4      perfect fitting Corset , Spirella splen  risd  on.
... 2      did      figure  builders,   moulding    the
       form into fashionable lines.     giving
.108      style,  comfort,  support,     over  two
ler   1
H.  Monk    3
ham  ,. 4
J.   Little    2
million satisfied women now wearing
Spirella, endorsed and recommended
hy leading physician* Have your
measure taken and tricd-on by a
trained Corsetiere in the model designed to give style, comfort and
servP'e. Grace Abbott, Corsetiere,
above Manning's store. Post office
Box 3r)2, write or call.       M2G lm.
Mr. Albert Annan, for many yeare
a well known and popular resident ol
this , ity. haa i ce n transferred to a
belter po-itioti in the C.P.R. simps
at Co [Uitlam, 1 le lefl thi afternoon
on No. I. Only a lew friends had been
aware of hi- Intended departure    and
these a-s'mbi d at lbe station and
gave him a hearty send oil. Mr. Allium will be greatly missed in the V.
M O.A. and in all musical circles when
li tine tenor voice has so fre uently
added mii' h to the pleasure of an
Ten Iers are invited     by   th'- tinder-      Now here
fine chance for ,. holi-
in   in    e.
end    n h  May.
Th, a
imon hael   everal  hundred  wives   ial -ride shown  ind   .her attractions,
fui  Vi  bi"   j  dollar h.; didn't get any   'hal  th»y    arry anil la-1'
rr.eire!  Itiitons  sewed   on   nil     clothe   the "M«rr, Oo-RottBd" for the   .
.. 11
■   Mi I    fell
ing thi '" en-
than an    othei   married  man.
Claarvi-w aDd     other pla'^s rwiuirod,   "i
will reach about «,ooti. jli
Mayor Kilpatrick—That included  in 1!
All changes of ads must positively be handed into this
office by Monday evening in
order      that the change thall
the light system and power lines will S    appear  in   W.-dneiday's   issue
make    about  $10,000.   Our temporary *i
street work will cosl ISyOOO, total ab- H
out $15,IK)0,     or a little better, which [1
can be ..secured by meaos of a bylaw. |H
Well  thiB meeting  will now     stand [■)
adjourned until  tomorrow  night, Wad- Sl
ne day at S     p. m.    Motion  put   and H
meeting adjourned.
and any changes intended for
Saturday's issue mtnt. he
handed in not I ater than
Thuraday evening of eai.h
week. Business men please
take note of thn nbove.
er se'.    N'" "hild wP.hin oi
miles of Revelstoke shoul I mlas a rrde
i.n  the  merry-go round horses.
tt   'his   .how   l
■ .n'nin    .nly   good  clean  attract
and  their  visit a-xt  wo''k  to  0
. m   he  looked forward     to by young
and  old.
Tbe RevelBtoke Amateur Dramatic
Club will stage a p'«y on .May "t'.h
The nam'' of  Hi"  play and  full  piirtir-
ilarswill i.e {ivenina near i sue of
this paper. [1 will I.n a benefit «nt»ir-
ijiinrnm'   for the  lo al Tennis club.
ij  WANTED—Daily houne work by white  this     wire laid    nix feet apart.
|§     woman      Apply  by letter to A. K.|tMBpSmurs  nllowed the   use  ol
signed for the     pnrcha-'e of lots One day this lummer, especially lor those
and    Two,      in Dlock 3'J, Plan  C36B,   who had not  plans .1 to leave town at
elstoke,  -n-h tenders to hi-In   our all.   On th- ibore of Shuswap lake, in
bands be ore noon of the 30th of Ap- Tappen Grove n ar     Tappen  Siding,
ril,  I'll.'.   This properly stands on tho  there ia  to  be held a  big camp mect-
th I'.v't  corner  of     Fourth  street,   ing from  July '-'l'ml  io Aug.  1-t. The
; nd Orton  avenue  and the     buildings  Methodist church  is in charge of    it,
'..nflist  nf a siorey nnd a half     Frame   lut  any  denomination  is welcome.    It
li.,il.e,  formerly  o ■ upied by the   late  i>  planned     to    divide each day into
W.B,  t'oitghlln. three eniertaining periods;   the morn-
Dated  April   Hth,  1913. 'ing,  in llihle >tudy lectures on social
Harvey,   MeCarter  and Pinkham.  service and     missionary    topics;    the
Nt iss. April 16, 2w. afternoon.  In  boating  swimming, Q»h-
"  ing nnd bcrrypicking:  the evening    ia
social functions and public addresses.
Shuswap  Lake  affords  particular  at-
May  I-ft—Opora House, Girls' Hospit- tractions to bathers as  the lreach    is
al Auxiliary  Shirt Waist Dance.        | sandy and the     water shallow     and
May 6 and U-Juvenile Bostonians, at   warm.   The  culinary  department      is
the Bmpreu theatre. j expected to be under tho charge of   a
22— 'Prince of Tonight" Empress   Chinaman hired  by tbo committee  to
I supply meals at cost.   There   will be
the   three big lectur tents, one for adults.
I and one each for leoys and girls     in
tho  tbeir teens.   The boy scouts from the
i Okanagan aro expected to attend for
the  a  week.    Such  speakers will  he  heard
as Rev. A. E. Hetherington, Principal
| of Oolumbia College, New Westmiast-
Bev. Robt.  Milliken, Principal    of
Regina College, and Rev. J.P. Weet -
Players," at   tbe man on mission*.   A completed    pro —
An -    a' count of the telo -
■ in   .nisi i,y tbe Scott Polar
Kxpedltion ih     given     by an English May
paper     The  service  comprised five      theatre.
rtatloi        i.i   Is,tbs living     quarters Mai   22—"Prince  of Tonight
»ih 'be four Instrument and obeerv-]   Opera Housn.
-   ooa    To "ave weight tho line  Mny  2ft--Opera  House  Ball,  bv
v IrR  employed  was  bare    hard-drawn.    Management.
iiiiiiiiiiiiiii    An  e*,eeiient  insulator for  June  4th-"The    Red  Home"    at
th"  78 miles of wire usc*l  was provid-      Opera House*
ed by the snow, the     lines connecting'    June —?—"Uncle Tom's Cabin"
»he ><fcatlon». being metallic circuits of  Coming—Flora Dora, at tbs Bmpreea or;
Lnw     theatre,
but'    Coming—"Royal
SlelS!SlS]aiHSlSlS!'S](l."l,B!»l     i'o«t offim, RsveUtoks, B. O.
lone 'H volt    "common battery.1
Empress theatre
gram will bo published later.


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