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The Mail Herald Nov 29, 1911

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Array "Empire" Typewriter
For ease of operation and
perfection in resr'**"** it ia
unsurpassed.    Pi   VJGOl
Interior Publishing L. V.Ms.
,*. ^ J
The Mail-Herald
Visiting Cards
Interior Publishing Company
Vol. 17-No. 95
Hardware Co. Lid
Plumbing and Tinsmithing
0 <KKHKH><K>O(><H>0<)<><>0<>0<K><KK><?
Imperial Bank of Canada
Hoad Office—Toronto, Ontario.
Capital Subscribed -          6,000,000.00
Capital Paid Up -      -     5,996.00^.00
Reserve        ... -        5,996.000.00
Total Assets,       ■      - $72,000,000.00
Crunchen mt Agents at all principal inints in Canada.
Agents in Great Britain and United States—London, Kngland,
Lloyds Bank. Limited. Chicago-First National Bank, Corni Exchange National Bank. Seattle—Seattle National Bunk, San Francisco—Wells Fargo Nevada National Bank. Spokane—Exchange
National Bank.
Savings Bank Department
Deposits of tl and upward,  received, and  interest allowed at
U   current rate from date of deposit,   fnrresnondence solicited.
Y     Rovelstoke Branch -A. 8. McCleneghan, Mgr.
6- 0<KK><><H>0^0<K><KK><H>0<X><HKH><!)
Bear Skin Coats for Children
iBrown and White)
Bonnets  to  Match
Mrs. A, G, Crick, • First Street
Winter Butter Supply for Families
Save money by getting your winter Butter in
bulk.    Get our prices.
See us, telephone us, write us. or give your
orders to our driver.
Wholesale and Retail Produce and Meats
Robin Hood Flour Beats Them All
Mrs. II. N. Coursier carries off two first prizes
with ROBIN 11001) FLOUR.   The special prize
we offered and also for  the  host  loaf from  any
(lour.    If you want good bread use Robin Hood
the flour of quality.
P. O. Box 208
Photic No. 23
$2.50 Per Year
Was Unanimous Choice of Conservative Convention-REvelstoke Conservatives Doubly Honored by [lection of Mr. Theodore Wadman
to Represent the Kootenays on Executive
Committee Association
Tne delegates from Kevelstoke to
the anuuul convention ol tlie Conservative Association held at New Westminster last week, by their energy
aud enthusiasm, were able to capture
the next anuual convention lor this
city. With the next anuual meeting
ot the Union ot B.C. Municipalities
to lie held here, Hevelstoke will have
two ol the most prominent provincial   conventions   meeting  iu  this   city
audience, started the convention,
■.-.Inch is declared to be the most buc-
cesstul oue over held iu thj history
cl the association.
He said in part: "Gentlemen, I
have to apologize Ior the lack ot sul-
i.ckut room in which to hold this
c,invention. Vou know we-in New
Westminster have been so accustomed
to adapt our conditions to meet the
needs ol tli« Liberal conventions that
next year.   At the electiou ot officers we forgot to make adequate arrange-
held ut the New Westminster conven- i.ieuts for the Conservatives."     This
tlou,  Mr. Tlreo. Wadman of this city u-mark  produced au emphatic    etlect
was  elected  as  the  Kooteuay  rcpre - *-*a    the     conveutiou.     The members
sentutive on  tbe provincial executive cheered  aud  laughed, applauded    and
The  following is  a synopsis    uf      the .-.tamped ou tha floor until Chairman
report of the proceedings* of the Con- mcKay had to thump    violently     on
servntive  conveution:
uislwd outsiders, including most of
the diplomatic corps. Nothing was
withheld. Sir I-Mward stated frankly
that the greatest anxiety had existed, but fortunately he wus able to
add that thu negotiations had cleaned the slate between Germany and
Great Britain. Anxiety was not con-
stunt, but intermittent and wub caused hy the fact that the negotiations
might at any time roach a deadlock.
It looked on ono or two occasions as
if a deadlock could not bc avoided.
Oreat Brirain, he continued, also
received information which gave riso
lo iipprenlicusion that the settlement
contemplated by Germany might be
the partitiou of Morocco, -arrived at
by negotiations to which it wus not
intended Croat Britain should be a
party. Germany disavowed this intention, stating that she 'desired only
a re-arrangement ol French and Ger-
mau colonies.
Thc secretary's lucid exposition of
the negotiations nnd the firmncsB ho
was uble to show he displayed dur -
ing the trying weeks won for him
the support of the Houso, with the
exception of a Tew Radicals or "peace
nt any price" members, who believed
that the firmness which prevented
war will estrange Great Britain 6and
Iu the lobbies after the speech confidence was expressed in Sir Kdwai'd's
conduct of affairs during the crisis,
and satisfaction that the government
is working for better relations with
FIUUAYS   ShiaSluN. -
Uu Friday St. George's Hull, New
Westminster, was packed to the doors
with hundreds of delegates to the
lifth annual convention of the Brit -
ish Columbia Conservative Associa -
tion. The uir was fully charged with
enthusiasm, aud at lhe least provocation the delegates laughed au.l applauded with a zeal that mude the
convention  room  ring.
Premier   McBride  on  rising  to    address   the    convention,    was received   „    , you      *
with great applause. He said that the | will not  be al),., to gtcal  the  metro.
members of      lhe party had    worked
baid in the  recent  elections  and  had
Berlin, Nov. 2s—Sir Edward Grey's
speech was read with the deepest interest in  Berlin. The tone of dis.us -
■siun In the early morning papers in-
. dicates that they are neither greatly
Uuu  what  the  growth  and   develop -   pleased nor greatly disappointed.
the desk  for older.
Continuing,    the    mayor said:      "I
would like to present to tli.s couvcu-
iiicut of this cily of New Westminster
,iud the contiguous part of the province ot British Columbia means to
ihe entire province. Every one here
i.nows that this city is destined to be
,ae greatest city iu British Columbia'although no treaty required this,
Oh, yes, you from Vancouver aud Great Britain, says the "Tageblatt"
Victoria laugh, but let me tell you ■ must abandon that assumption be -
ihat this city is to be the greatest of r0re the two countries can live on a
all. Victoria stole the capital from footing of equality such as Sir Edward Grey hopes for.
The "Tagehlatt" sees in the utterances of the British Foreign Minister
that Great Britain arrogated to herself the function of a world judge in
mobilizing  her  licet to assist France,
scored a brilliaut victory. Speaking'
of the matters which are awaiting
settlement between the province and
the Bomiuiou, Mr. McBride said that
he was fully assured that satisfactory
arrangements in respect to all these
matters would be made as aoon as *
possible. The people of thu province,'
he declared, need feel no auxiety on
this point. The special licensures in.
which they were interested would lie
attended to ut Ottawu to their satisfaction. At the same time it wus well
for them not to he impatieot, but to
remember that the needs of other
parts of the Dominion had also to be
looked after. The Dominion Government, however, would see to it that
every satisfaction was given to British Columbiu, and in arriving at a
solution of outstanding matters they
would be aided by thc splendid phalanx which the province had sent to
Uttawa to support the new Conservative Premier, Mr.  K.L.  Borden.
Premier McBride closed with a
reference to the gnat prosperity
which tne city of New Westminster
had attained despite disasters by liro
and Hood in its earlier days. Thc
city, he said, gave every indication of
becoming u magniflcient center of
commercial life, and he was sure that
in the achievement of that ambition
the city would have the hearty good
wishes not only of the delegates ti>
tlie convention, but of all the citizens
of the province.
.Mayor I^ee of New Westminster,
opened the speech-making, and with
guod  jokes  that  took  well  with    the
Polls." Paris, Nov. 28—Thc French press re
"Yew Westminster had 6000 popu-.ceived Sir Edward Grey's speech with
Iation iu 190-1, the time of the last satisfaction, but without enthusiasm
convention,  Rud  has  lb,000    at    this ' "The  Figaro"  declares  the  speech  Is
(oaventiou. When tUe uest session is
held here in 1931, we will huve between 125,000 and 150,000 persons,"
remarked the speaker while the gen-
Mial approval of the delegates was
.-.hown by wild cheers, hand-clapping,
and cries of "Hear, hear,"
"This is not idle talk," resumed Mr.
Lee. "We have the grounds Ior making these statements. From the mouth
of the Fraser river to Chilliwack thc
agricultural laud is unsurpassed in the
entire world. We have the rich laud
and ure destined io be among tho
leaders in agricultural activity.
The speaker pointed out that the
entire province is rich and is capable ot at almost any point giving
to any man his livelihood. He dcclur-
cd that the mountains are filled with
mineral wealth and that the lowlands
are groat in their agricultural resources.
lu welcoming thu delegates to the
city, the mayor said they owned the
place aiid that hu had sent thc chiel
ol police away on a vacation. "I hate
to tell you where the rest ol the force
is, because there have been things
doing in Westminster." (Laughter).
"The other members of the force aro
quietly stowed away under the walks
picking up bones. I hope you will
enjoy yourselves throughout thc two
days you arc here," aud at this point
one man added "and Uie nights" to
cheers and applause,
(Continued (rom I'agc I;
ut once pacitic and courteous toward
Germany, and somewhat affectionate
toward France, but that above all it
is exclusively  English.
Delegates Tour Vancouver
When the Kevilstokc delegates to
the Conservative Association Conven
Hull arrived In Vnncouver lasl Thurs
day morning, they wore met at thc
station by Vi.Vi. Foster, Deputy Minister of Public Works. Mr. Foster
had arranged to take the outside del
egatcs numbering about 40, who had
just arrived in the city on an auto -
mobile tour. .So the party met at
the Hotel Vancouver at 2 p.m. Five
uutos were in readinc-s and soon the
visiting delegates were whirling thru'
the city. Tbc party visited Point
Grey and Eburn.as well as various
other suburbs and had a maguificicnt
trip, travelling over SO miles in all
and part of the time going at the
rate of 30 miles uu hour. All ol thc
delegates who were fortunate enough to be on this excursion, are all
loud in Iheir praise Ol Deputy Minis-
t.r o( Works Foster for his admirable
conduct as Host of the party.
w ANTKU Married mun seeks work,
ollice cleaning, furnaces looked after, etc., by day, week, or contract
For full particulate apply A. P.,
Hall Herald nnicc u.
Kile Brigade Nn. I UattJUtl ndc
dance, December ulb, opera buuse.
Sir Edward Grey's Exposition of
Britain's Policy During Moroccan Crisis
Loudon, Nov. '2H—Sir Edward Grey
secretary of Btate for loreign affairs,
in a quiet and unassuming manner,
but with intense impressLvenosB, laid
I..mm in the House of Commons this
afternoon the part Great Britain
played in the Moroccan negotiations,
which brought Europe close to war
during the summer.
At the outset he referred to tho dis
closure by the German foreign inin -
Ister Hen von Kiderlin-Wuecliter, of
tbc conversations between the German ambassador and himself. This
disclosure, he said, wus not complete
and he waB under the necessity ol
putting inoro fully before the Houso
of Commons the part taken by the
British Foreign (Jtllcc.
The House was crowded with tueni-
beib aud  the gulleries  with  (listing -
C. P. I. NHL
Which, with Other tocal Industries, Makes a Grand
Total of $200,000 Monthly
It will be interesting information
fur our many readers to have the
accurate information regarding tho
monthly pay roll ot the C.P.H. at
itevelstoke. Thc following figures
were recently obtained and are official:
Bridge  &    Building     Dept   .... 10,57.1
Mason       5,82ti
.Superintendents        1,800
Dispatchers     *61,10O
i'ivi! Engineers        770
Agents         7,150
Hoad aoctlonmen     17,mo
Trainmen     17,360
Hupplementory           820
Loco. Kng. and Firemen     22,050
Bxtra  Gang      35,000
Shop     20,000
Total     11*10.041
In addition to the above magnifi-
jeent sum there Is at least Ji'.'i.iiiiii
j more paid out monthly by the Do -
minion Haw Mills Company and other local industries, which will bring
lhe grand total monthly pay roll over $200,000.
What town Is there in B.C. with
the same population that can boost
uf a similar pay roll. Is it any won
der then thnt Hevelstoke is regarded
nil over the Canadian West as a de-
Hirable town to locate in where -1200,
1100 of the coin of th«i realm is every
thirty  days put in circulation.
II Challenge
Victoria, Nov. 21,
Malinger Hkatlng Rink,
Revelstoke, B. C.
Dear Sir,—Wc arc desirous of taking
,*i Junior Hockey Team under sixteen
years of age lo tour Inland ll. C.
duringitlic Christmas holidays. We
would like to know If you could gel
a team l.o play US a match anil how
much yuu could guarantee, you taking Iho proceeds.
Will   you please lot me   know at your
earliest  convenience.   Yours  truly.
1305 Yates Ht.
Victoria, B. C.
We have a large stock of Relic
Dak, Sunbeam Oak, Hot Blast
Airtight and other heater.**.,
with specially heavy grates
and linings, at prices to suit
all. fiur shipment ol Kootenaj and Sask-Alta Kanges i.-,
also due .mil wc will bc able to
lill all orders.
Hay, Flour and feed
Just unloaded a car ol Roial
Household l-'lour, one of Oats,
Wheat ami Mill Feed aud oue
ol Timothv Hay.
Choice Groceries
Fruits and Vegetables
You Want tlie Best
Use Our Teas and Coffees
Brazilian Coffee, a blend of 4 varieties, per pound,     35c
Ceylon Tea, in bulk, per pound 35c
Shippers and Packers for the Hills
p Hams   Bacon
T Silver Leaf Lard
Revelstoke Meat Market, Ltd.
Distributors for Swift's Products
High Class Meat Purveyors
Phone 261 P. o. Bom C
Just 25 more days until Xmas. The wise person
shops early. Choose your Cifts now while stock
is fresh and a jrood variety. We invite your inspection of our dainty lines whether ysu purchase
or not.   It is a pleasure to show the goods.
F. G. BEWS,    -   Jeweler and Optician
Young Man 'and also the
man who stays young I make
it a point to try on some of
the Smart New Styles we are
specializing in Overcoats.
Prices: $15 to $30
■■^^H WEDNESDAY, NOV. 2t>th. 1911.
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 2',Ui, l'Jll.
We have been informed by the Bankheail Minos
that ihey will forward us Briquettes within the next,
few (I ys and Hard Cual about the middle of Decem-
The prices will be as follows:
Briquettes, per ton
Broken Coal, per ton
Egg Coal, per ton
Hut Coal, per ton
Wellington Soft Coal, per ton
..$ 8.75
The Revelstoke General Agencies, Ltd.
Gbe flDaiMbcialfc
siTfHluY  AT
RLViXsrOKE,  B.   C.
•Jntertot publtsblttfl Company,
.1. K. JOHNSON, Manager.      ;
Oi Revelstoke Snowshoe and Skiing Club
!.*■{&: notices 1" jeuU [ier Une tirst
Insertion, 3 i*ma per line each
lubaevju-ant insertion. Jleustire-
meuts Nonparle) (12 lines make
une .uch. Store and      general
m.:*., ■ .■- uunouu emcnts (2.50 per
inch per m-ciith. Preferred posi-
tlous, 2Z per cunt, additional,
birth**!. Mumajea- and Deaths, 50c
euch  insertion.
Land Liuiie*«s JT.O'j. All advertisement* subject to the approval ul
the management. Wanted and
Condensed Advertisements ; —
Agents Wanted. Help Wanted, Sit
uatiuus wanted, Situations Vacant. Teachers Wanted, Mechanics
Wanted, .; words or less, 25c,
each additional line lei cents.
Changes .t standing advertisements must be iu by 9 a. at.
Tuesday anil Friday uf each weeli
to  secure  good  display.
CORKESi'O.N'DE.NCIi invited ou tuat-
lers of public interest. Uom-
niuuicnt.ons to Editor nnist be
in i ..nu .-ii cm by name of writer
Dot uecesBarUy fur publication,
but ae evidence ul stooJ laith.
Coi resiiou.leu •» should he brief.
Inclu-Jins  postage to  England,  United States and Canada.
By the year ithnniKh  postoffice) JH.5U
.A     must    successful meeting uf th-i
i Ravelstoke Snowshoe & Ski Club was
] held in  the City  Hall on  Monday ev-
I ciiuiL*.   Iii  the absence  uf the Preel ■
! 1 nt and  Vice-president,    Mr.  C.    H.
Macdonald   was askod  to  preside.   Altai  the minutes <>f i*l»* previous meet
in-- hud  beeu  i-ead and adopted,    the
following utllcers were elected:
President nnd  Captain—J.  McMar •
v ice-Presldeut—T.K.I,.   Taylor.
\ice Captain—Miss  .1.  Hai.In.
See.-Treas.—J.   M.  Patterson,
A committee consisting ol the    Ks-
eeiiuve  with    the addition  ol    C.   R.
Macdonald,  C.  Gordon nud  K.K.  Cor
bet,  was appointed  to look after en-
...  ng cluh  rooms,  etc..  uud  a    refreshment     committee    cunniatins,'  of
Misses Ilardie, Foote, RoMnson,  Pag
cl   and  Mrs.   Patterson,  was also ap-
I*., n'ed.
Tuesdays  and Thursdays  are     the
• . iiings chosen for club runs, the
date of the lirst being left (or tbe 10m
I'Ciitive tu arrange.
''iiU'Kof thanks  tn  the  retiring  otll-
• ■•'-, and also to Mrs. Pratt fur do-
natlon "i cups and saucers andgeuer
mis help with refreshments through -
uut the Be-anon   were unanimously car-
i SW gasoline lighten 'ng plant, and
this establishment will he moat
brilliantly illuminated, and we are
i-.ife in saying that in no place in tho
interior will yuu find a liner display
of Christmas goods.
Chief Eaglehorse, the World's Greatest Vocalist, Kdison Theatre
Mark Hambourg as a londoaepir^^r'^r'rrir::^
than kindly feeling tor Toronto,   and
Mark  Hambourg
piaihist who plays
the world-famous
it  the Bdison the-
. atre atre  on Thursday,   Nov.  30t.li,  is
Russian by birth hut English by ad- j
: option. Ever since he made his tirst
ing success in the world's mstropo-,
lis, he has made his home then' and
by virtue ol his many and varied cx-
peiiences en tour in every part of the i
globe, he is nui only a great musician but a celebrated character. Periodically, he figures in tha column*!
of Punoh as the subject of a humor -
uus incident or part of a symposium
of opinion. He has contributed articles to M.A.P., Tit-I!its and many
of the Knglish weeklies and the editors dn nut seem able tn get enough
Ol his stutl.
When  rhe  aviation  craze  was at its
height     recently, h.* wrote tu a   big
Garden of Eden
Mr. J.H. Johnson cf Malakwa suma
thirty miles west of hero, was a vis-
i ior at the Mail-Herald ollice on
Tuesday. He says Unit there arc
n"ow fully one hundred settlers in the
Harden of Eden valley nt Malakwa,
which fertile valley extends from
Three Valley to Sicamous. This val
ley has earned the mime "Garden of
lO.len" from the fact that all kiuds of
fruit and produce grow with great
profusion at this  particular spot.
Christmas is Coming—Make glad
the hearts ot your friends with a
nice photo of yourself, taken by
Towner and Thorpe, at the late R.
H. Trueman's Studio. We are doing
the  latest  styles. JJt.
Read McKinnon's advertisement in
this issue. If you want a present lor
sweet-heart or hubby, get it at McKinnon's.
between    dates     will   spend as much
time as possible there.
i ie I.
'those wishing to Inin t.he club will
pk'ise hand in their names to the see
i.'...iy or any member of the Kxecu
the or committees, and immediately
■ ii notification of acceptance the fee
ol Jll.OO must  lie  promptly  remitted.
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 2Hth, 1911.
Irrespective   ,.!   politics,  there    ran
'.    ■;     i   -:leut   of  B.C.   but  who  will
bave   to   admit   that   the   twenty      or
resolutions passi i ,,t the recent
• invention at New West
uiiustei were nil good. Notablj among ' lolul 'ii arc of
■ si to 'in Kootenays, is
the i* ion asking thi Dominion
urn-nt t.. establish a depart
ment   .*;      nines.    Surely  the    Koote
*   *.:•   • atItled i" Hi*   as well   as
lu Itisfa  Columbia. This   n
wai   passed uiiau.iiii.usl>
an i  «rill  be  beard ..f later on.     The
s   Goodeve,  MP., la nn
mentioned    m   connection
. »   port  folio.   Mr.  C'ul
Irom   Rossland  "Hm of    the
g   .-.mips  iii   tin*   west,
• -  . Mug the  member for
tbi   port  (olio "1 nun
1   rightfully     gn
Interesting Articles
The Mail Herald will publish in
each issue fur the next few weeks. Intel iblng articles written by Mr. P.
K. (Jifiord, physical dfrectoi ai the
Y.M.C.A., and it will lie well for
ihose interested I" preserve the i >■
tlclds for future reference. Following
..- lhe list of subjects that he will
.1  .. with:
Sprinting,    nne-(|imrter      mile   run.
.ii   half mile run, one m.le run.   Ilnr
dllng, jumping,  pole vault,     putting
Snow has eumc at a rather unexpected time of the year lor our locality, some of our residents being unprepared. Most of it, however, is
guile again and the severest cold spell
is  over  for  November.
It appears that we will huve a nui-
eter winter than usual on account of
several of our residents being missing for the winter months. Mr. F.
C. Fauquier is away ou a ten day
visit to the Spokane fair. Mr. F. B.
l.ucas and family to Nakusp for    the
London  daily  offering  the proceeds of   winter,   Mr.  I„  Oswald is leaving  for
oue of his concerts as a nucleus of a
fund for the encouragement of aero-
initic  Inventors.   This  otter  was Cac-
Narrow Escape of Delegate
\ large number ••: delegates '
Conservative  Convention  were  pass
lag    through   lloneon    last    Tui
[right,    when    .me     membi
known  barrister     with b  keen
for the a.in     pura,  slipped ofl     the
".'"irf with  bis grip   ni"   '•
North Dakota soon nn business, and
Mr. George Heatnu is leaving soou
fur the British Isles for a considerable long visit.
Mr. Niedermaiiu is back from New
Westminster where he hns been work-
in,* since  last spring.
We are pi i\ ileg*e»d with a new* arrival whu bas taken up some land uu
Hi- west side of the lake.accitain Mr
Lovesy, but h.s intentions are not
yet known as to whether he will imin- uately start   building.
Preparations with regard to Ohrlst
mas seem somewhat slow this year,
so  ihe kiddies  will  be rather dissap-
pointed if im* Christmas t.ive is given
an : more tbe fair sex if no dance.
Our   Mr.   Spjller  seems  to  be  luek-
.1 the trappers up to the present     i-   ..* * ily  caught   some
right  at his  ranch.
Stop It I
If you are the man that has
been buying his shoes and
lurnislungs on time; slop it;
M>u are wasting money,
Uemember, it is not what
\ou earn, it is what you sav?
mat counts. That's why so
many men (men who know,)
are now buying their snoes,
clothing anil iurnisliings
irom JUHN BULL. Hariiiy
anybouy would believe that
tucli high class goods could
be sola lor so lutle money.
But then the reason is simple; he sells for cash, that's
.\iiLE. Ol course if you have
bought goods here before
you don't need to be told
i.iat our qualities are worm
iioticing. We are showing
uo excellent range of Sian-
lield's Underwear just tlie
Kind for this weatlier and
our shoe department is lull
of such well known lines as
.1. & T. Bell's, Doctors
■special, and Ur. Need's
cushion Shoe—the easiest
snoe on eerth, and McPher-
bon's line shoes for men who
C. W. 0. w.
Mountain View Camp, No. »M.
Meets Second    and     Fourth Wednes
days   in each  month in    Selkirk
Hall.     Visiting Woodmen ar-i
cordially Invited to attend
H. W.  EDWARDS, Coa. Com.
ne   British   military   I  I
: a,-'-1
Mai * .    '   ' *
':. - r,
Hn  oeeaaioa*
l.   K   .- | Log Cabin,    B.
pent town.      Mr
.-'.mm. ii.-. •  ago      was
*,:*'tns  officer, no
i   tnprovements
Barristers,  Solicitors,  Etc.
Imperial  Dank Building Revelstoke, B. C.
Money to Loan.
Ullices-Ile vela toke,    B.    O,     and
Cranbrook, B. C.
Coo. 8. MeCarter,
A. M. Pinkham, 3. A. Harvey
Revelstoke, Cranbrook
Provincial Land  Suveyor,
Mining Surveyor,
lhal    eceived
- *	
tmenl   tak'    ip tho  a
li. m     .
*  mi ng
eminent ot 1
tract     I agriculture n B. C.  ,
■    ,  ni... -  . ,1** .  im thod  ..'-■•
this I.iii*:    it
.-   pre**   I   ■ ban
■ ;     rich   ..cticult u .*    1 in In
:   ■ Should  th.» re»i>
'■it,.*. .* -   I   I poo  ■ re is   ,
•.   U,   • >••      II   Is tbi    !*'• otion' |
dI the      i» oven ment to "t"•
an      ggrei     I    '  ' m    •'   settl<*merT
111  greatly j
a l*i   to 1      genera    |) pulatlon     and   ,
I British Co nnbte       ^^
; fortunately, experts     with p.ke poles   h< hHh (iC0Upw(1  tbf  rh„|r „f  ,;
i       on  hand, and  booked
1  "'"WW "'»n'   AfUl   v"n""- :
*   lives had been administered, tbe itret,   hiUtM by Hi, ,it„p„nt artigt ,„,.,„
eflortfl  of  his  fnen 1    were
i"l   Iiy   appHrrnt   lympt
...   ny
the morning pari "f tbi   ward
■   *•:   Hie   illili.I lilllli'.
■ :  thf  iteamei   « ■
i   but in spi I
Chief of Police wii*    ,
•' ' large num
.,;.! mem
iiie-iii. tbe unmeiiii.iii
'   be  f-oiin i    liiTiUf*. '
;..i   i      'Allen   out    ll
P.,  wl ..    .,
tbe   * * . I !n wonder
lilsewhen      i ■•'■'" ttl11 '"
I..und  a.",  at '''-      x'th      ,h'
• ,;v  paj  roll  o! th-  (MMI.    uni
•  .,.    lb 'i *n,at- barrlstsrV
Iml,',   »hu ,   ,.
iVerj     i llnlnsl.el.
Mail Packages Early
I    ' ■
pei t tbi
*  ■■
ub. aad     of
' •   arlii..*
platlorn |    in,.*
'   I.l elu       Tl*
irrouoding di rtrlot
..  N..A    Wesl
to   i be   i ' -nserva
..f      \i i ..wh.'ud.
,ii town the guest
W.      H.      WALLACE
r  o. itoi 116, Kevelstoke, B.C.
■ til  thoy  renlb.ed   that a j.ke hn
l»ei te i imiui
'll       ,M      .* |.** *
do« il wh
i.n inn hurt to
ll in*: *  .i.    ■ ,
\,d   nf        111.
What wan In
T. I        -In
1       ' n-    , •    -   .in     ,,(
V   thfl
i -   am
.ni..I 1150.00
ll you contemplate   sending    Xmas
,'ta tn the uld  Ci.uiitry frnm  ll'-v. i- 	
.ihe,* industries ,t Revelstoke.   Surelstoke yon  should  mall  the  pa-kages ' M.n«:d-r»b - ■•   n
:"'';..., * *        '.".*:..'       I«ur  '   "   .-■  TOber   le-    My do    real -1     -
Hev.iHtiAe.il"..,      There' ln< thii   you can be assured   batyqur^b mptate   t.,.. ,.,  *
'n',in'it'\n   ,.*   j'lmn'.a.mn   fnt      the' gllf   Will   rent*   ttoll   d-Mia-    t,y   I,,,,,    ,, .,   li-  „„,.'   the   Ief
i«     m    n   th«   nrticl"   thai   Nfo« • Xmas   day.    Xmai:   gifts   fol    Van.'         I   fa.   ml   Wide  U
TZ wcv-m^ths, ,f    „r,^nt!ver  nndnther      l-mt: h"    :„*„,.,",   I,.i u.   i*
'7        ,   r,l",    ,,„ paymn'iiiid    l«  th.   N„iih-Ht",n     State., t, „*i  , i*, *-i bbe pri  to follow
SET«E£^Sl£*X"I- ' "- ■ - •■"• '•«*» '■ me be- M. e,ample.   He .Mil holds the ..„,
■ ■ti.'int'iiat one *,' ..ii the
Cal in*-, -■
: ■
Ini-i •■
■ ore tii«
He  on   poultry   br**"-!
l.ry which will rMich the itrnn,I t/>tul uf' foi<*  ''br^tmaH  tu  Insure  Mi .r    safa
:,t ie«ri $300,00(1 per montk.   With a arrival be'^re tt,* :• •    rn   '•--
 ^^^^^^^^    ny
,„1V mil of say    W0O.000 per month, Ihwriim this mattei  In mind and s I
lftrh     ',, tbe yea.    IMS, what town.lpg "" ". much eonfu  ■, *   i
Tic    ,     rucbt*.  I i—   than I patching of OhHstma.^    I
ui     ■   -m^ icintheK nn.l frlrtidn will be nvoide.l
unit Hit- b.i    been quite   i
the   mu'* i ni»  "i'*lnli.y.
.   11 ■""■ prevlotm vl»lt to
Toronto     pinfe   t»i     Mi hael    Hgtn
IllHII-g,   liHnil    ,,'   tin    i elnbmt'.I   li.m
Ily nf timi. nutne, ban istubiisiied bim
Tbe ".'ii* II son
i ,11k   'indri      Hi"
ii.ai in nn n'  ol li   ""yd
uni  Mil ll contain   in ..,
. .unit  "I  Hn* ho inlil  I.nil.   winch   will
iii*.* place ni. Tl "'■   -I'l'ti
I''    Vi     .1. I'lan   p   ' •:        I'l-'I'Mi nut
' .1    * in , -min*,. ul    *li«pl.iv    of   Obi   |l
ni ,. . . I      , n    tin*       lei i.n I    II*M'l    "I
theil '■••        TlieV    lll'K    pUttlB|      ll       l«
KOtjTBNAY     LODOE,  No. '.S A.  F
and A.  M.
liegular meetings are held in MASONIC TEMPLE, Oddfellows' Hall
nu ihe Third Monday In each montb
at - p. ra. Visiting brethrta are
ally welcome.
BOUT. 0OB90N, W. M.
A.  It   ROBERTSON, Secretary.
LK1RK      LODGE  12,   1. O.  O.  r.
Ueets every     Thursday evening   lu
Selknk   Hall  at  8  o'clock.      Visiting
ii cordially invited.
d.   .-i    HuOl.lilY.   N.  O.
JAS.   MATHIIC,   Secrelaiy.
' ul HT     M'f.      BSOBIB,    No*  MSI
or i. o. k.
Miteta in I. O   O.  F.  Hall ntit    to
lapping's  Opera   House   e.my   MCniid
anl  lonrtfe   Monday    n  uiuntb.   Visit
ing brstbren coidially  welcomed.
0,  W.  BELL, (1. R.
WM.   H.   CAMERON,   lUc.-Sec
I.UI.I) IIANOE  LOOQB,      K. of    V.
NO.   N,   REVELBTOKE,   B.   C.
Miets every   Wndsesday eicept   tb*
Third Wedansday of eaoh montb     in
oddfellows' Hall at I o'clock. Visit
iBf Knlgbtf are cordially Invited.
.1    T.  SIMPSON. C.  0.
11. it   BROCK,  K   nf R. * B.
M. of r.
Your Electric Fixtures
If Ihey go wrong, don't worry, but just
Phone to No. 284 in the day
or No. 40 at Night
and they will immediately be attended to. There is
nothing we can't do in this line as years of experience
with electrical machinery has given us an insight into
the business that could not be obtained etherwise.
Don't swear when the lights go out.   Let us do that
for you.
A. G. DUCK,   -   General Manager
Store and Office, Old Howson Block
t—Bmm—mmaa^ OPEN NIGHT AND DAY""""^■
White Help Only Employed
Board by the Day or Week
Night Restaurant - Short Order
W. C.   BATCHELOR,        -        -^Manager.
12-inch and 16-inch lengths
Furnished House on 3rd st. To Rent, $20 a Month
Apply for particulars to the undersigned
l'HONK Jiii
Office on Second Street, next to Cummings Transfer Office.
Player Pianos, Pianos and Organs
Our reputation is well known for square uealing.
\V« ran nive you better  prices,  better quality,  tliun any
othei house in the trade.
WHY 7   tall ami we will prove Ihis statement up to lhe
Revelstoke Music Store, McKenzie Ave.
J. Bingham, Prop.
Wellington Lump Coal,
f -i
Fresh Groceries, Vegetables and Fruit
Order now your winter's supply
Best on the Market
D. GALLICANO, 2nd Street, Near Railroad Track
Storm Doors and Windows
I;-. Vol K lint .sl<; WARM? Uld yu cytf *top lo conildef lhata
ittlnU otltll) in Sturm Window! nml Doors nt Ihis lime ol vnir will
main Mior home mure comfortable? Yon will a»ve the oort ol
»Imli.vis ,,i iloori Installed III the mvIuh lm,t " "'" niake in your
iml t't     'oi vour order In Immediately and net the lull benefit   '
Vou will navel1 regret it.    I.el us semi   our   man  around   and i.ii*
ilu ncnss.irv measurement! We will tuveyon trouble, and you
will s.ive money i.v purchasing irom us.   We manulactnre Wln-
llows, Doors. MOttldlngt, t'abinets, Tables, Store ami Office V'iv-
tures I'      hini' oi all kinds.
II vou ".Hit I,inn* 1 inu nt ami li.i li r or painl for inside vvort,
Lalsoiiinii oi Miushis, plain mul fancy Sheet t.liiss. we have it,
nml i ,ui uiu you the hest prices obtainable ill lar^e or small <|Uan-
tiius s.. order is Iimi --mull nor IIQ order too lar^e lor us to
Iniiille We will ^lailh Inriiish vou with prices on anything we
Sell oi manufacture.
The Revelstoke Sash and Door Factory
p, li.  Ho* 21>
phone So jm
WEDNESDAY, NOV. 29th, 1911.
DEC. 5l
Wm.  H.  WEST
ireatest Singing, Dancing and Comedy Aggregation Extant
Every Musical Number a Feature.    The Real Old Darky
Melodies Magnificently Sung with perfect accompaniment
aoltively the Most Beautifully Staged Attraction of Its Kind
The first part is a magnificent Spectacular Scene with Wierd
and Beautiful Light Effects, totally different from all others.
Must be seen to be appreciated.   Special scenery for every act
Closing with the Funniest Farce on Earth
A Burlesque on a Modern War Drama
Finishing with a Grand Finale of 20 voices
JAMES E. CARROLL. Comedy- End-Man.
Prices $ 1.50, $1.00, 50c.   Seats on sale at Macdonald's Drug Store.
Visit Government Farm at Co-
quitlam, Guests of Hon.I.Taylor
It wns aii eye opener to the special tram load ol Conservative dele -
gates who visited the big govern
ment (arm at Coquitlam as guest ol
Hon. Thomas Taylor, last Saturday
All the walks at this farm are of
foment and the total acreage is 990
ares, while the stables are of frame,
a'll tlie drinking troughs are of cein-
(nt. The stock on tins farm are ill
thoroughbred nnd captured 11 out of
12 first prizes nt the Dominion Ex-
luhition. It is the intention ol the
government to sell to the ranch
of thiB province from time to tluio
thoroughbred cattle from this fnrm,
with a view uf bettering thc ore • 1 In
the province. The stables and .ther
out buildings already cost over (76,-
UIHll Dr. Dnughcrty is superintend -
ent ol the farm and has an able sL.lt
of seventy-five men nil told.
The idea of this farm is to pro/Ids
healthful employment for the mi.uost
form of insane puticntB at thc a*J -
Shortly after lhc arrival ol the
Hliccial train with the delegates at
Coqultlam, the visiting delegates
were invited to partake of a -mmpt-
oiis lunch m tlie big training quart
ers at which speeches were mndo by
Hon. Thos. Taylor. Mr. Mcl'hiltips,
Mayor Lee of Westminster and Mayor Hobinson ol Kamloops. as well as
Alderman  Kullerton of Victoria.
The Hon. Thos. Taylor in acting
hs host of this excursion party of
delegates, wa- ncling for Hon. Dr.
Young, under whose depart meat this
farm  is directly controlled.
Thc elaborate work done by the
government. In this most coinni nd •
uble work should bc made knov.ii to
thc residents of tbis provinoe for cer
tnlnly lt is well Bjient money.
During tbe  luncheon  a  trained  or
iliestra   plnyed   selections   which   add
ed very much to the ,.ecu.*.ion.       The
delegates one and all who were    lues
wit,     pronounce   this   lunoheon the
grandest   of tbc kind held anywhere at tho coast In many a year.
Poultry Lectures
bl.   \. Paul, of Oolumbia Gardens,
has been roiiiinissioncd by the dcpai-1
inellt ol ngiiculUllo to lectin' un
poultry In Went. Kootenu v. Mr. |'aill
bai I large piaetlcal eiperienc*i* and
was a consistent winner ol poUltrj
prizes at Trail's lull fair,
Big Minstrel Show       Earl Grey Boosts Canadian Scouts
The Moose Jaw Morning News of
November 17th gives the following
account of West's Minstrels. This
company is hilled to appear iu the
Bdison theatre on Tuesday, Dec. 15,
and Is reported to be the best and
tn.'grst organisation of this kind that
has ever appeared in Western Canada
"William H. West's big Jubilee
Minsti  ! * ded two hours of novel
.ml !■ * itertalnment at the oity
ball last ni^ht. The company car -
ns   a   good   supply  of  special  seen-
In a rcceui speech which be deliver
ed in England while commenting on
tbe subject of lloy ricouts, Earl Grey
made tbe lollowing remarks wbich
should make any scout who reads
them   pat  himself on  the back    and
i'**i extra pi 1 ihat he is a member
of ilu* Canadian Hoy Scout organization. II.s lordifhip said in the course
of his address that, "The Hoy Seoul
movement haa taken stum*; hold in
Canada. Parents as well as boys are
keen. Not long ago 1 asked a cadJie
wharf si outing taught bun. The lad
squared his Bhoulders, drew himself
up and -aid. it teaches me to do
«i..ii ivci   i can i" help e\erybody.'
"There Is more religion In that
Ihan In a hundred sermons, as 1 told
a bishop iii Montreal. And to Illustrate tlii.- in operation. Before leuv
ni. Canada I presented a medal to a
coul who h.,.1 rescued ., mall Irom
drowning. Other people Maw the man's
danger, but the Hoy Scout came al-
"»-- and save,i bim. If he bad been
iu I an ordinary boy and not a scout
li' * too, would have looked on help -
less. But ihe scout had been taught
tbat it wa i. .i.iii to help, ami be
rush,.i   without   be Utation  to     ibe
"Yea,   the  Bo)   .Scout movement  is
going  to do,  or rather I  should  say.
tor tbe    youth
ol Canada."
liroadvicw  (Fractional)  L.    H.  an
Indiana Mineral  Claims, situate      in
the  Trout  Lake  Mining  Division    ot
V,f.,l Kootenay District.
Uhcrc located:—On Great Northern
TAKE NOTICE lhat I, 0. li. N.
V.iisie, acting as agent for the Ohio
Mines Development Co., Limited,
Kiee Miner's Certilicate Numnbcr
B25597, intend, sixty days trom
date hereof, to apply to thc Mining
Recorder for a Certilicate of Improvements, (or thc purpose ot obtaining a Crown Craiit of the above
And lurther take notice that action
un ler section 21, must be commenced
before the issuance of such Certilicate
ol Improvements.
Dated tbis 17th day of August,
0.  11.  N.  WILKIE,
Trout Lako. D. C.
eri. ainl is made up nt clevei com
: -.imii • and good singers,    The   m *
quartette  and   bbe  male chorus     received generous applause,  which was
I well   merited.   The  jokes   were      new-
Mii I  perfectly clean  and the long) of
I If   io I ■ liv    VI*. II.
i li ei Bagle Horse, the Indian bai
I Itone, Leo Hai risen, monolo
in if au.l Kllmenl. premier danoers,
James Oarrol, musical oomlc, and
the Battle hip Four were among the
ii Features. The en:* 11 * gmi W
was  made  particularly .good  bj     th*
■ assistance ot a good orchestra.
|     With      about,     twenty the      playel *
makln   up a Mg programme ol vaud *
vilie acts and good music, unu
are   worth   seeing  and   hearing.      Tb"
,iin.iie   nf    tbe   entertainment, "Tbe
I Battle of Cinder Hill," is an ael "f
feres comely   rbal   would  be  hard to
W A SITED   Mu i v.irk.
ollli "   Ol * "iinm,    nil hum   ■    looki
I   l     i ti       l.y   day,   Week,   or   i ' all.u'i
Km  lull particulars api ly   a.   p.,
m oi Hsrald <>tii.. «.
Kiim      llrigude    No*   I     MaS'i'.i
l   i'i * 'inin'   ' ib   opera house.
Tragic Death at Penticlon
a tragic death I ■  place   In   tbe
ii*      . it noon i.i.t Thuri
daj   wh ih might have iaused faith
ly,   b.  i   ii   a  i   In   n  [or  Mr.
C.8,   Bu well,  uli" i i    at   lb**  b*.
tei.   Heal Ing b     nol *■• In t tu- apat I
b ■    ., iM.in
traveller, named C. 0, Doug
las, supposed t" belong to Toronto;
lay sick,  he ran  to 1 t,  and  "ii
"I>. n.n    It lie found tbe bedroom    In
:' hi m I  Dougla    • I as  on his face
over a burning lamp. Ha dragged the
man away and extinguished tbe blase
with the bad cioiii i Hearing his
• i,ii boarders
: ,u up stairs.
'        ia  waa lifted  Into bed,    but
•i   I .a a f *i\ minutes
i    came m b>  the Keremeos
tl. ■  iil   i Iou • Tuesday ev-
cning,    ||.   h.i I   been  ill  In  bed for the
oi iiiti *ith pneumonia
■ Hi mpted      to
f  I  out   ...   b .1, and tell on the lump,
i'h  h hid  been lighted  to   keep the
i     mm
.  " Ifi   .hi.I l '*." ilol
dun   ii,   ' 'lie      sad
en   wired
Itevelstoke   Land  District.
i     tTlct ot  West Kootenay.
Take notice that I, William R.
Reid, of Arrowhead, B. C, occupa -
tion, merchant, intends to apply for
permission to purobase the following
I  ICribed   land
Commencing at a post planted    at
; Angus    McKay's South  West Corner
I" t,   Lot   601,  and  running north  id
ichains,  tbence   west  111 chains, tbenee
south       HI    chains.      ther '      pi
chains      to   point  of  ■.•oinm.'iicemcni,
containing 100 noros, mors or less.
Dated   August   J.lrd,   l'Jll.
Re\ elstoke   Laud   District,
District ot West Kooteuay.
Take ootlce that I, ll R, Reynolds
of Revelstoke, li. C, occupation,
Clerk, Intend to upply for permission
to purcbuBO the following described
Commencing at a post planted at
thc South West Corner ot Lot 781H,
and ^marked li. it. Reynolds North
West Oorner l'ost, thenco cast 80
chaiiiB to the South West Corner of
T. L. Bl*8, tbence south about 4H0
teet to tbo North East Corner ol
Lot 71143, thence along lino ol Lot
7iH3 (orty ehains, west 41) cbains
south und JO chains west to line ol
Lot L'I 12, tbence aloug line ol lot
2112 III .li.i.n uorth and 'iff chains
north and 20 chains west to the
North West Corner, thence north
about   l in teet  to thl place ot    com
lililieeliienl.        Containing    llll lilies.
more or less.
Dated September 25th, 1311.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVEenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
c^ccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards - Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc.
REVELSTOKE, I. C. (VBtDNEiSbAl, K0\    I'ui. IOU.
WICDNIMUAY, NOV. 20-tli, lfto
lin Interesting Story of Its Floral I
and Garieii Department
The   t'.l'.U.   Floral   Department    ie
pluming bigger tltiu.-s (or 1912 than
n  has ecer heretofore done.    In l'Jll
this department distributed $1,500 in
cold cash  to thc prize winners along
bbe  ma;n  branch lines ot    tbe road.
Prizes for  the    "best  garden"    havo
also b«n given, photographs sent in
bemg placed bcfon  judges,  who   apportioned   ii. ■  rewards  according    to
their beet judgment    Indeed the pub-
-   li   las taken upon itsell    the
pro]  rty ol judging those mimic gar-
enliven the    highway
ch    .     'ue travellers over     the
■ mv   irom cast to  west.
,r    thousands  uf      pack -
- ■    ■ and thousands ol bulbs
:  free  uf  charge to the
ol  the road,  and  the     re
■    ii   tbere  is scarcely  a  stat
tion  bouse or depot    from
N.-.v   Br inswick   to   Victoria  on   Van
Island    which    has  not been
leii• '. by the magic bloom which
su beautify the line.     Tins  is what
might  be called a  profitable pleasure
for  one  thing   it gives  the    traveller
bbe idea  thai  Cauada  is not a money
making  country   alone—it gives      the
man  ol  toil  pleasant  recreation— it.
rations    a    proof
-   the  great corporation  of Cana-'
Jj considers  something   else    besides
i: ling, and  that is  character
.   ling,  for  bo man can  work  amongst  Bowers   without  feeling    some
t...'jcn        ol        nature        awakening!
within  his heart,   Tins all  goes    for*
the   betterment   ol  the  man,      be    he
work ng  man  oi   man  ui leisure.
The woik   ui  the    Final      Depart
ment   is   effective.      It   is     practical.'
It    - beneficial as well, for a love of,
the  beautiful  implanted   in  the mind
much to regulate the heart.  No
Bet    ■'  employees   In  all   the     world!
perhaps,   stand  as high  as  the     nan
engaged  along  the  ini.'  of  tbe  great
transcontinental.   This  .-  where    the
corporation    ol    Canada   scores
* I       ■    :     le, al Hu. at.i
■  ■" iki - them out ol the '
tnatei i ow n  ro idbed  so     to •
! I
At the pres.nt time of writing in
addition to the Floral Department
at Montreal, the iriigatioo ami For
estrj    Department   ol  tbe   west     are
litional    g 1   work along
decorative lines. The Road has ere
ated .. mimic experimental farm, testing the vegetable growth ol supposedly impossible places, and as is well
known, fruits common to hot dim -
ates only haw been made to thrive
lei   the  coaxing hand  oi   th*     0.
lt must not be overlooked that the
wives  ;.-, ;   laughters  of  the  employ
wa;   assist  materially
"   gal leu   m iking.    ' '■ iv   tins   year, a
tati .. i - -   .-..ie  at   A-gasaiz,   B.
I-1*. thi   mothei   of  twelve ehil
rei t! I b    gi in l prize    for
Thi    list    • '    pri/e   winners in t he
■ -    ,' the "Ui ?t Garden" on
' '  *   '  .:*•■ liafl  I' ti ific Rail
■    - need.   Une thousand iiv**
* illnrs  in  g*.*:d  was dlstrib-
■•  Floral  Department to de
• ..      mpetitors,   while  all  along
• man;    '-.inching lines ol thi   iron
the road,    many  Bplendid
■ •    ■ not ' -*i i ing ' b   height
■    -   *en joy   and  pleas
thi   tl ousanda o! thousands ol
.:.-- travellers  wh...     have
:  the lines.
The ..; md  li .       125.IN .  Is keenlj
oi,-'*:      :.    this   year  A.   Wright,
'.I'..,   I).   .1.   Steel,  . f
ok,  \' .*• bei.  J.  a.   Nichol, ol
nnl :, lady  i.ving at
\_-„--.      i.   B.C.,   carried   ...it   highest
Portage    La
1'raii -    .  ml.i d   ;.i .ae  win
ii    "tbe talk ol the
, •   •■    winners   were
s    Lave,  I'an
Vppleton,    Freeman,
.  i      v.-   .: I Byrne,
he C.P R   .- gaining Ioi  itse
• ay        • he Ami. * an cont nent    ,i. I
li oi thia ho
men and w*,rn*r,   vb,., ..:.   i;.    watch
dog     I tht Uoi
• to  ocean.
* i ri |  «pu'     il  ni" '  i
I. EDI "' -cb   a    I   '
ib.it  other    re*.**
rt,ro i      to be following   In
'    the man  who mn
t, al ng  ,i   Bower     along
'!.-• ■• -i) !'-.■  erei ' of this tho-
Inn to fl man who twenty
v * .,!*- .,.-. ■»*,,. i [i nt *n the i".'i'i
I le  -.ii'       '     Nw *    In  which
in to •«■.. I nt i uch n rate
os to  ,,.,*      :; ■ b piet  which  to
• lay crown the heig '     nd Snelte the
Vjilleyi  of  thc cast nnd   ■ - I. %o ll
'      v Ith   i,,.     "small   Hi,lies '      which
■ ft   i in* *.     I.mm,,me   th.**     in*.inini' u'al
thrhgs    I life.
In tbe mattei of tr .*> planting, llow
• I   culture and tbe em luragement ol
lbe  artistic,   Hie  C.P.R.  ulanils  uni
i|iie.   It  is a big  railway  nnd  yet   It
Hti.p- to consider "the little things'
nf   business  life.    To  thn  road  Is  due
• iie thanks ol nil Oanada lor making
the   inu.'    |."is  of  this  world  a  little
|   i   for   lbe   passer by.
■n,,. !■,„., i id Pacific Railway Is n
■yatem as urn |ii * i prai Meal
H ;- th * rmlj  ia*'" ij   ii Canada, or
on  tbt Ami '.in    ent in til   t"f  tba'
utter, which considers tb? decora
i • of its iines. Away up in Albcr
ta the Irrigation Department is making the barren spots i.f earth to
blossom us the rose, and ■*, Forestry
Department In Winnipeg is endeavoring to coax the Westorn people to
plant a tree. Here and there tbr.ui
m''u.m tb - long luikeil system this
wonderful railway is establishing
mimic experimental vegetable aud
fruil farms; au.l the experimenters
are the* hard-worked agents und section men, as well as the locomotive
foremen on the working staff.
Iu Montreal, at ths headquarters,
within bhe Windsor station, tbc space
for the Floral P partment is nccord-
i'.l a busy stuff i f willin ■ workers,
whose duty it ib to distribute flower
sends throughout the length and
breadth of the line.
bast year more than 10C.0OO pack -
a -es of seeds anl bulbs Wet"4 sent out
by this Department. Thiny-six dlfl
•■ ni vanetis of bloom are included
.....I a "Prime Garden" has been established, inabliug the busy workers
along the linn to turn tbe leisure
moments ol their labors Into the
cultivation .i" Bowers and gardens.
The |.. o.iv. ollered by tbo company
in cash In kind, and each year the
competition grows keener.
tin lhe Atlantic Division in mu.
ll... gr.id prize ($25100) was won by
\, Wright ol Woodstock, N.H., D.J.
Steel of Shar-bropke, Que., was also
a grand prize winner; .I.A. Nichol ol
H'.sspoil, uut.. (Lako Superior Division.) carried on honors, and lhe
Pacific honors were upheld by Mr.
I'reece of Portage l.u Prairie, whosu
. ;.l.*n heat everything iu sight. Tn
'\cassi7, B.C., it was n woman wbo
1. it f..i*in,*i* records, for Mrs. J.ovell,
v.if,. of th** section foreman at that
l*" nt. carried oil t b ■ fifty dollars in
i li. The C.P.R. gardens attract
world  wi.ie -attention.
We oft. a thinb of the terms "Beauty versus Business" but you will
im 1 ihai beauty and business go hand
in  ii iii.l  with one of  the great    cor-
earth from the valley over tbere to
make a small hed to plant these gar
den see,is in." "Very well," said the
busi.an.1, it'll pass tbe time anyway"
So the iwo, basket in hand, went
■down the lune trail and they carried
earth to where tlie rock rebelled, and
pros.ntly the dull grey of mck and
(lie parched greens of hemlock and
spruce were discovered, not to say
shocked, into smiles to Hnd red and
pn'! and white and yellow blossoms
risin; upas a song might rise above
a heavy sigh. Today that little lako
bound haunt, a station along the
great highway to the, Pocitic coast,
haa become a beauty spot of Oanada
Tbi,, year' l'Jll, a section foreman's
wife in Agassis, B.C., a woman who,
bain; the mother ol twelve children,
must bave small time for gardening,
bore oil the lirst prize offered each
year by the railway for the best par-
No. '2 arrives at 0 a.m., leaves at.
6:20 a.m.
No. 1 arrives at 3:15 p.m., leaves
at. :i:3I>  p.m.
No. 13, Seattle train, arrives at
•1:35 p.m., leaves at  t;45 p.m.
No. II, Seattle train,-arrives all
7:15 a.m., leaves 7:36 a.m. |
No. 2 arrives at ll:*4u a.m., leaves
at 12 o'clock noon.
No. 4 arrivea at 12:15 a.m.. leaves
at   12:55 a.m.
South train leaves Revelstoke at
1 7:35 a.m., arriving back at 4:15 p.m.,
connecting here with No. 13.
November 2'J- Midland Concert Co.,
auspices of Si. John's chinch. At
Kdison  theatre.
Nov. 30—Mark Hamburg the great
Russian Pianist, at tho Kdison
December 6.—Masquerade Hull, under
auspices of Fire Brigade No. 1, in
the  Opera  House.
December 7—West's Great Minstrel
Show and Big Band, at the Kdison
December S—Pollard's lalllputlans of
Australia,   Edison  theatre.
lb iniiei* 15- High School entertainment,  Kdison theatre.
Dee. IS—C.I'. Walker presents the Wm
Yule company in tbc Rivals, at th
Kdison theatre.
Jan. 2. .1, 1, Vila—Second Annual
Poultry Show to he held in Drill
Ladies of Cul.ure and Refinement Use Salvia Hair
Tonic. It Makes the Heir
At last u remedy has been discovered tbat will positively destroy this
That Dandruff is caused by germs
is accepted  hy every sensible  person.
Dandrufi is the root ol all hair
SALViA will kill the dandruff
germs and remove Dandruff in ten
days, or money hack.
_U. R. Macdonafd guarantees it. It
will grow hair, stop itching scalp,
falling hair and make the hair thick
aud abundant. It prevents hair from
turning gray, and adds life and
SALVIA is a hair dressing that has
become the favorite with women ol
taste and culture, who know the so-
' cial value of beautiful hair. A large
generous bottle costs only 5(lc, at
leading druggists everywhere, and In
Revelstoke by O, R. Macdonald.
j The word "SALVIA" (Latin'for
sagej  is on  every  bottle.
West's Minstrels at Edison Theatre. Tuesday Dec. 51I1
poratlons of Canada. Vou have only
i" take a run over the Canadian Pacific Uailway Lines, north, enst and
west taking in the minor branch lines
as well, and you will lind that nenr- !
Ij all the stations, large and small.'
hive undertaken to beautify the
grounds bj agents whose wives and
i milics are now so Interested in
'■'.is pleasant occupation, tbnl each
ynu sees added beai.tv and enlarged
•■ns of ihe limited spaces of grounds
and station  house, nre given
; 1 th ■ cultivation ol flowers.
Tbe  Canadian   Pacific  Rail* 15   '
is  tbe  tirst   in all  thc   American
1 '* -i.t   to attach  Importano   I
i'i ■   artistic   side ui   mone; m ■
business,  and   it   speaks well for     a
v   and generation given over to the
irshlp 0! tbe dollar, Hi .t  is.     tli ■
lai  ..- made to git el tt ivel
■    pleasure,  to the toitei
to the company .,  special
1'   this   most   unusual   line.
The Floral  Departmenl  . I  the C.P.
I!   Ins its   msy hive oi di p
risers,    just    as    thi   b traflli
i.i .nng in.-nt  has   Its   own    Krom   bbe
Floral    Department    twice
1.   s out  the  daintilj   pack I
1  the  bulb-  an 1   root.-  which
er, made to enliven and to
111 nt tin- dull places ol * mm
Ih.    Twice  each year    come
* ns"   oi   ti .*    ti .| .*
■ various aiencles, and th.*
1 ■ idence files show how  much   .cfr
has been aroused in the ml
working men—Iriteresi   In
a- and    Improving  where  ** it
in. -1    parelj   given h ir  faJ * 1
ihe Floral Department provides the
I        I bulbs to the stati.,11 affsnti
agents  " between
. ml   ind  watei. and     00a i
tossomi    whieh  later
■-. rnenr  lo tl '■<
:  * ■    1 irk   as  to  the passer
1 ■ i.i-  '...   mark  the t.nv
Ingly tended  i.v   busy
li   ids, on, carry     with
'    in   ' a*     1 Ik,ught of    thai
a. I.* ilm * *     len   ■' t tie prairie wMds
hat   *   bi     til     ipot"  ilus i.  the
 a 'Sii.iiii.o li ,  heard  when    tbe
1.   biiiL' en.-,n ;    speed nt iom«
... :*of vv.iy   spot   in .1   v ihlernes" ol Urn
hi 1  ihu   and 1 ocl . f..r where     the
• ek i'n imi 1, you will hnd tbe 1
liny gardens, and It la told of one en
Initial spot along the black aborei of
l,,.ke Superior whin, tbe station ng
viil an.l his wife be Ing 1 BCSlVI I the
sni'ill packets with the reipiosl thai
thay should "Put Ihem In tbe guril
en ' burst oul laughing, saying, "A
en deli, 11 g-u-r d-e.-n, what the C.P.
II     I1..11I.I  Send   ns Is a goat to      this
rocky place." But that evening when
tbe shadows luii'thening fell, and
two,   man  and  wife,   were sitting     at
the low browed door, uud the   grsai
-.llenCC  of Hie   plaee   vvilghlng  Uiought
and heart bcavllj down, bbe woman
.siid.  "I've a notion to carry enough
January 15—"Private Secretary" at
the  Opera  House.
Ian. 26—The famous Ferguson's Juh-
ilee Singers considered tbe best col
0red concert company on the road.
Bdison  (heatre.
February ' Kverett Kemp, Impersou
.ilor, ausplo - ol 81 *J. bu's church
at   ihe  Kdison theatre
Feb.    lb, -Tbe    r.-   • i*    Knter
linn, rs mi high 1 lass concei t at the
Bdison theatre.
April Tbe Royal Male Quartet'..*.
auspices ,A St. John's church, in
the Bdison theatre.
Notice Is hereby given that, on the
first day of December next, applica-
tii n will he made to the Superintendent u.' Provincial Police lor
renewal ot tbe hotel license to sell
liquor by retail iu tile hotel known
as tie St. Leon hotel, situate at St.
l.c in, .n the Province if Uritish
Dated this 28th day ol S vie i.Ui ,
1911. lOi'.s.
HERBERT  C0UBIN8, Applicant
' . .11.
fire Alarm Boxes
Signals are given thus: 2 str Aes,
utarval f, second*—4 strokes, Hoj
4. No. of boi wili also be ehown
n indicator at Fire Hall.
Boi   No.   li   ■    -T>r    First    street
nd    McKenzie    avenue.  C.  B.  Hume
& C'e,.
Boi   No.   16—Corner   V ist       street
nl   Hokeby  avenue,  post  ofBea.
Hoi   .'■ -»cond   atreet
and Government Road  and
li use.
Box   ' rner   Third
a 1   Campbell  M.**n ie.  Globe
• r   company.
I'...1 J—C.P It.  station.
1. 1 :i   Oorner    K.fth    street |
n.l MoKensli even 1«, I ktbollC
Hoi   No.   -•'.    'i.rnel      Sllt.ll       k'.ieet
nd Oi . w. a   f i ■'•
Hoi   No '   Fourth   straat
nd Townley Itreet, i-..rner iouth
Hi ii  n<* id   sired
nd l<i.is,,n avenue, Mrs. Iiaker.
Boi No* 84—Fire Hall No   I
Dm No. 86—Hospital.
Uoi No.  .Hi   School.
Hoi  No,   II   Fire  Hall  No,   I.
Boz No. 45—Front, street w« t
ear 0.   P.  R.  bridge.
Box No. -til -Corner King nnd
louglas iIici-Im,  I'alnre .M.Mt Market
Box No 17 Cornel Second snd
Vnles   streets,   back   of   court.   Icuse.
Box No, 48—Corner Third »i. :
Jhas.  Btreets,  Cowan  block.
Signal   for   practice- not   lesa   thai
li ni) slow itrokes
Cne  Hi   indicatea  line  broken
re out.
In the Matter oi an Application tor
thc issue   't a duplicate Certificate ol
to   :    '   ll    Hlock 21,  being part
tion        vu 1   11,     Township 22,
Range   2,   A    I   ol  the  hth  Meridian,
toke,  Map 636A.
Notice ...-'ay given that it is  my
intention t    issue at thj expiration
of   .ne month after the tirst publicu-
acre-"'      a duplicate  of thc Cer-
0  the   ibove    men-
■  name of  Fredericku
•Mtiticate  is  dated  the
•    si. '.-"i1'. and mun-
; 1,41
ii.*-* :  ■ ith   lay ..f November,
lill, NeU 0  B.C.
District Registrar.
Furnished Five room I house lol
rent al ■ a fl un Fourth street.—H.N.
Coursler, t.c.
LOST    A   Pur '■  I'.iilainiii (  "    :""  "'
mtmoy, nl lbe 1   P.R   depot   Fin ;"'
please return    to Mall Heral 1
1   Ollice.
•   M     ||.    •
I. •  Kooti
•b.it   1,   -I..i.n    I
•  .      10 ■ ,1.  ■   In
■■   ••
.. .  Lm .
* .
.... 1     Mark) * t.   \
a   Corner,
M     *.    *
(..rt.y chains to  the  point    of
.. noemenl
• nd  -iu'.y acres ui"i«*     01
JOH! 'i-i
li-i   James   \
WANTKI)     *     ,,,•   *
work.    A p| Ij   Mi       111    11 imiltofl
WANTBD   I     Ituatlon      *   1  honse
keeper by middle aged lady. Apply
Mrs.   A.   ib i 11 nu   '',. n**i„l   li iivi'i*.
Revelstoke, Ii   1
Dr. de Van's Female Pills
\ 1      .    - ■ *, , • II"'
I   '■■'.■   1 po '   '   ,   I I i.l
■ ■■*      Kefii r
■ Illt.    Mj.IM 1 1 ■
Th* Reobell  l»rnit Tn., »t, f *tli»f luei, Ont,
Local Industry
c^VIAIL-HERALD has new
type and printing machinery. Our
stock if   printing papers is large
and  well selected.
Letterheads - Billheads - Cards
cTVIenus - Envelopes - Programs
Books and Booklets - Loose Leaf
cy4ccount Forms Ball Programs
Wedding Sttaionery Memoriam
Cards  • Lumber Forms    Tags, Etc.
Agents for the famous
$60.00 Cash WKllNI'li-UlAY, NOV. 29th,  IBU.
WfiDNmoDAY, NOV. 29th, l'.'ll.
SIR EDMUND WALKER, C.V.O., LL.D., D.C.L., President
ALEXANDER LAIRD, General Manager
CAPITAL, - $10,000,000
REST, -   $8,000,000
With its large number of branches, agents and correspondents, The
Canadian Hunk of Commerce is able to effect collections throughout
the world promptly and at reasonable rates. Kales will be quoted on
Cheques and drafts on all countries of lhe world, drawn in sterling,
francs, marks, lire, kronen, florins, roubles or anv other foreign currency,
can be negotiated at Tlio Canadian Hank of Commerce ut reasonable rates.
Our Doctors Aiili-Septic Shoe is Proving a Winner
This last is filling a long felt want and its waterproof qualities are standing the test.
We carry a full line of the famous Pene-
tang Shoe pack and all kinds of rubber footwear.
Once a customer always a customer. Satisfaction guaranteed.
Boot and Shoe Repairers.
Harness Makers
Capital Paid Up
Reserve Fund    -
$4 600,000
Has 83 Branches io Canada, and Agents and Correspondents
in ali the Principal Cities of the World.
At all Brunohcs.    Intorest allowed at highest current rate
REVELSTOKE, 8. C. Branch, W. H. PRATT Manager.
Revelstoke Plumbing. Heating & Sheet Metal Go.
Estimates giveu for Sanitary work, Electric Lighting, Hot
Air. Water, Steam Heating aud all kinds of   Sheet   Metal
Bathe, Lavatories, Water Ousels, etc
l'rompt attention given to all orders.
See Our Show Room on Connaught Avenue
Phone No.*
Smokers' Supplies for Xmas
The old reliable now lms the largest and best line ol Smokers'
Supplies ever in the City, and oar price* nre li.nlit* Fill) brands
of cigars to choose from. Price from Sin1 per box up; n »t made
Irsm scrap either.
Meerschaum Pipes from $3.00 to $10.00
Calabash Pipes frcm $3.50 Up
Our siock of Calabash Pipes is small ou account of llie
crop being a failure this year and qualit)  poor.
Briar Pipes in cases from $1.00 up.
Ask for llie famous II. B, 1). brand. Bverj pipe is guaranteed.
Cigar and Cigarette Holders, Cases alld Lighters. Pouches,
Ash Trays and Pipe Racks. Tell us what you want and vc will
suit you. If you cannot call, phone J'and goods will be sent to
your home I'or approval.    Buy early while stock is complete.
McKinnon's Cigar Store
Everybody knows bim,  he will
tell you that lbe whiskeys wean*
selling uie the best. Call and be
rm viuccd. No household sin.uld
be without a supply of om* Har-
ley's Special Scotch Whiskey; our
Frapin Liqueur Brandy, guaranteed
80 yeai s old or Blackberry Brandy
lor Medicinal putpoMt. Our slock
of choice Wines and Liquors of all
kinds ure unexcelled. Sold by all
lhe lending hoti It, or telephone
The Revelstoke Wine and Spirit Co., Ltd.
Importere ard Dealers In Pure Wines, Liquors, Cigars and Clgarottes
Wait for no man or woman.  Don't get
McKenzie Avenue, Uevelstoko
(Continued Iron Page I.i
Following tha mayor's speech oame
Secretary Williamson's minutes ol the
last conventional Nelson an.l his re-
i .a t ol ii. * work 'imn' during Hi *
Hon. a.i*:. McPblllips addressed bhe
convention briefly. He congratulated th.* party on the great victory
that hail been won In the recent el-
ectlon . Uf lelt that the Conservative party should he proud of the
manner in which its principles hail
been approved hy the people of tho
province and In bhe Dominion as a
whole, llritisli Columbia certainly
had reason to he proud ol the emphatic decision which it hud rendered
in favor of standing by the empire.
At the banquet given Friday night
by the New Westminster Oonserva
tlve Association to thr visiting delegates to the Conservative convention
Premier Melin.Ic announced that in
the course of the next few months
a comprehensive plan for the extension of the railroads of the province
would be laid belore ihe provincial
house and that this plan would involve the building of miles nnl miles
ol new railroads to lap the wonderful resources of this Bection of the
What this plan is, just what extensions arc to he made or how it is to
be brought about the Premier did not
say. He declared, however, thnt all
he is nt pns: nt enabled to say ia that.
a plan Is being conceived that will
prepare this province for the trade
Stimulation that is certain to come
about through the opening of thc
Panama Canal.
"The Panama Canal will mark a
revolution of geographical conditions
Uritish Oolumbia will bc brought into
rlose touch with thc markets of the
world,"  said  the  Premier.
"Let. me tell you thnt thc Lejrisln -
ttire of British Columbia is by no
means satisfied with what, has been
already well accomplished. We are
preparing to submit to the legi-la -
turc and to -the people of this pro
vmiv added railway projects which
will nieaiisrc up to the great plans
that nre being formed by Canada for
s'curing her legitimate share of the
Ci inmerce consequent upon the com -
pleblon of lhc Panama Canal.I might
Bay tbat thc various lines uf railroad
which we propose having constructed
will be built in sections of the country where there will be every justification for their construction. I think
when this government his carried to
completion its plans that British Columbia will have been given a place
in the industrial world that no other
province ever measured up to."
Kevelstoke was chossn us the meet
ing place of the next convention of
thc British Columbia Conservative
Association at Saturday morning's
Tlie meeting opened alter 11
o'clock, i«iug delayed by the work of
the resolutions committee. This coin
mlttce nan swamped with resolutions
on iiuestious pertaining lo th; pro
viuce aud the Provincial Government
Hon. Thos Taylor filled in a little
tune while thc committee was completing its lgliors. He said he was|
sorry that he had not been able to be
present yesterday. He was inclined to
question thc statement that this was
the hlth Conservative convention oi'
British Columbia. He thought iIki'o
were many years lurther back that
could tell of Conservative conventions in this province. He recalled
one in 1SU7. Tbere had been others
since, aud tbey had advanced in importance all tbe time. The last gen-
it.,1 election showed tbat the Con- i
Bsrvativea of British Columbia were [
splendidly  organized.
.Mr. R. R, Maitlaiid, chairman of
the resolution committee, pointed out
tbat the committee bad been forced
to cut out all that was particularly
local. He then called on Mr. it. V. ,
Creen  to move the  first resolution
Resolved that this convention extends its heartiest congratulations to
th. Hou. It. L. Borden, K.C., M. P.,
upon his accession to the premiership of Canada, and places on record
its ei * in .uu.' 1 confidence in his policy
us leader of the Conservative party
in the   Dominion.
Mr. Green said tbut tbe resolution
Was .uie that carried itself. The
cb.eis that follow e.l showed this and
tbe final passage was a rafter-shaking shout.
The ue.u resolution caused just'us
much entbusiusni. It was moved 6by
Mr. F.K. Sturkey und seconded by A.
B.  Watts ol Wttttsburg:
Resolved that this convention
again place on record its continued
and unabated confidence in tbe gov -
ernment ol British Columbia so ably
presided over by the Premier, thc
Hon.  H.  McBride.
lu view of tbe annual mcreaso in
the population of British Columbia,
Irom immigiation, the convention es;
p ' -e.l the opinion tbat the piovin
' ., Government should consider the
u*h sgiiiiitv of establishing ., depart
uniii of Immigration, presided over
b| a responsible minister.
A   resolution   proposed   by    II.     P.
'limit of Haaritnera and seconded by
T.H    Aniiiiilale  of   New   Westminster,
w.,s  pass i  wbich cited that in view
ol  the fact   that  logged-ofl wild  lands
... , DIUJNKRNNKSS   CAN    UK   cl 111 I)
Famous Minstrels    *„  m —
Old i .iin.-y Tlml Drunkenness Cuiuiot
Be Cured Exploded.
I'.Ji-inii Theatre, Tuesday nexi
try demand the government should
be asked to take action leading to tho
cl arin; of stumps and worthless tin.
I.i r from lands without, so much cx-
pense as is now entailed iii hand
rli .ning.
Another resolution submit:'I to the
cr nvention was one congratulating
Premier McBrlde on the firm stand he
haa taken on the Asiatic labor ques
tions, and requesting that be and
I - governmenl use their Influence
with tlie federal government at Otto a to enact such immigration laws
as will either exiludo or greatly ro-
dUCO Asiatic immigiation into Ciin-
Tlie convention delegates here were
entertained at the Government Farm
at Coiiuitlam Saturday afternoon.
Christmas  is    Coming—Make    glad
the     hearts of your friends with     a
nice     photo    ot     yourself, taken b\
j Tourner nnd  Thorpe,   nt  the  late  R
j H.   Trueman's  Studio.   We are  doing
I the  latest styles. 2t.
"During August last, I went lo
Montreal \.,,*i *. >..li a specialist as 1 had
been Buffering terribly with Stone in
Ihe Illadder. He decided tooperate but
•ai 1 the stone was too large to remove
mi I too hard to crush. I returned home
.iii.l w.i9 recommended by a friend to
iry Gin Tills.
Tbey relieved the pain. I took two
bo:cc-s and went back to the specialist.
He said the stone was smaller but he
could not remove it although he tried
fnr two hours and a half. 1 returned
home and continued to take Gin Pills—
and, to my surprise aud joy, I passed
the stone. Gin Pills are the best medicine In tlie world, and, because they
did uie so much good, I will recommend
them all the rest of my life".
50c. a box, 6 for 1*2.50—at all dealers,
and money back if they fail to give
relief. SJiuple bor free. National
Drug & Chemical Co. of Canada,
Limited, Dept W    Toronto. 89
Hevelstoke Land District.
District ol West Kooteuay.
Take uotice tbat 1 Edward Hussell
Vipond, ol Nukusp, 11. C, occupation
conti actor, intends to upply lor permission to purchuse the lollowing described  land;,.
Commencing at a Post planted iu
chains south of N. lv Coiner of T.L.
41274, tbence south 80 chuius, thence
east about 20 cbuins, to Arrow Lake
thence north along Lake about S«
chains, thence west about '2 chains lu
poinl of commencement, containlug
about 100 ucres,  more or less.
Dated September 13, 1911.
Sept. 23—Nov. 22.
are noi   developed and  made  product
ive as the requlrementi oi the couii-
11 IMP A NIL'S    ACT,   l'JIO.
Notice li hereby given that at tbe
expiration ol one month from tho
Hist publication hereof, the Revel-
stuke Agricultural Society, Limited,
Intend to npply to the Heg-letrur of
Joint Stock Companies to change the
nunic of the Company to "Western
Turf  Association,   Limited."
Dated this l.'.th day of November,
1911. N.18,DflR.
w. 11.  ROBBRT80N,
Secretary  of said Company.
Many men drink whn cledlrr lo stO|
the hiilni. Whisky, buwoter, bus uu
dermlned the constitution und create.
a craving Unu Is nol to be denluu
and the man must have whisk) ui
something that will remove the enn
Ing .m.i build up the system and restore ibe nerves.
Samaria Prescription stops tl rav
Ing, steadies the nerves, builds up Hn
general health and makes drink mill*
ally diatimleiul and nHUSSOUB. ll If
tasteless and odorless, und cun be given with or witliuui tin- patient's
knowledge. In lea, coffee or food, li
Is used regularly hy Physicians and
Hospitals. It has cured thousands In
Canada, snd restored hupplness 10
liundreds of homes.
Read   what   Mrs.   0. ,   of   Hull,
says of ll and whal it did for hor:
"It ls four munllm lu-tlay alncf* |
started to use your llemt-ily i follow-
■rd the dtrsotlons, and had Uu- best of
re-sulta. One week after I slarlrd ur
Ing your Remedy lliu paiieni slopped
drinking, and lias not drunk a K>a*M
"f llijuor since. I hope you will accept
my heartfelt llianks. Hoping Ood will
bleaa your Remedy whenever li-led, J
remain, ^
Mn. a ,  Hull,  Que.
(Name   withheld   by   request.)
Now, If there Is anyoue in yonr
lown who needs this Remedy, tell
them of It. Practical phllunthrop*.
mn take no better form. If you hnve
a husband, father, brother or friend
who drinks, help them help them
■elves.     Write   to-day.
marls, with Booklet giving full pur
iieuiars. directions, testimonials,
price, etc., will be sent In a plain seal
•*d package to anyone mentioning thl.*
paper. Correspondence sacredly cop-
D.lentlaL    The trial package alone has
Confidential. Write to-day. The Samaria Kcincdy Co., Dept. 48-49, Col-
borne St., Toronto, Canada. Also
for Sale by 0. H. Macdonald, Druggist,  Hevelstoke,  II.  0.
LIQUOH  ACT,   1910.
Notico is hereby given that, on tho
lirst day of December nc.\:, application will be mude to the Superintendent of Provincial Polico Ioi
renewal of tho hoiel license to sell
liquor by retail in the hotel known
as the Glacier House, situut at Glacier, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 2Sth day of September,
l'.ill. SOds.
Canadian   Pacilic   Ruilwuy   Company,
Kevelstoke Laud  District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat 1, Fredrick
William Vipond, of Nakusp, B. C,
occupation foreman, intends to upply for permission to purchase the
following  described  lands:
Commencing at a post plunted IUU
chaius soit'h ol N. K. Corner ot T.L.
41271, theuce soutb 80 cbains, Ihence
cast about 30 chains to Arrow Lake
thence north along Lake about 80
chains, theuce west about 20 chains
to poiut ol commeuccment, contain -
ing about 200 acres more  or less.
Dated September 13,  1911.
Sep.23-No.22 E.H.  Vipond,   Agent.
Half a Block East of NkKcnzic
i'or Terms and Particulars apply
D.    R.   McKENZIE
Wood for Sale
First class wood, any desired length and in any quantity can be had hy leaving
an order at S. McMahon's
blacksmith shop.
Phoie No. 87
W. Parry
Starting Sat. Oct. Uth and every
Saturday and Monday
Watches, Jewelry, eta.
We carry a complete stock of
Furniture, Carpets, Linoleums,
Oilcloths, etc. Get our prices before purchasing elsewhere.
R. Howson & Co., Revelstoke, B. C.
Central Hotel
Abrahamson Bros., Props.
Kolsrgsd   ami Improved.     First-Class in e»ery re«p*ct.     All niodsrn i-onrsnisnrtl
I.aiKe Sample KoomS,
RaUa $2.00 per day       Special Weekly Rates
Revelstoke, B.C.
suitably furnished with the choicest the
market affords. Best Wines, Liquors and
Cigars.    Rates $i a day.    Monthly rate.
7.    ALBEET     STOHSTE!      PROP.
Tinsmith Repairs, Hot Air, Pipe
and Furnace work
Connaught Ave.   -   Revelstoke
Satisfaction guaranteed
Agent  for   Flexitime   Electric
Heaidence Cor. 3rd St. ni cl II- IWnati
Shop in Alley back of Et. J. Bourne's
Store, l-'irst Street
It will pay you to
make a call at^
F.   B.   WELLS,
P'ur Buyer and Exporter
Old Town,    -   Revelstoke, B. C.
before buying mur out-
lit of working clotlies
for the bush. 1 make a
specialty ol Loreini-t
Sboes, Pants, Sox, Shirts
Blankets and everything
required in.vour business.
Fruit Lands
(..lalena Buy lands in parcel* ol
10 or 20 acre* or en bloc. Corrcp-
ponilence Invited.
John Shaw. Agent.
Box 616 Arrowhead
AKKO ■ IIKAt), B. 0.
sl'fi*ial Attention given lo commercial
men aud tourists. Kirst-das* sample
rooms. Kineat srenery in I'.ritndi Columbia, overlooking Upper Arrow Lake.
W. J. Lightburne, Prop
14 Villa Lots
Close to Revelstoke
From 1 to / Acres Each
Very Suitable lor Market
Gardening-    This proper-
is   cleared.      For  Prices
and Terms apply to
Real Estate and Insurance
Corner MoKenzie Ave. and 2nd St.
Lessons in Painting and Drawing
Oils and Water Colors
Miss Wrigley, Itolder "I s.-m!i Ken-
-H11.-I--II il'.ird.in-l; An Master's t-'erlili-
bate Group I Pirst-l lass Certificate"
tor Mill Lin* I'.iintin**;; Ornament I'aiming in monochrome toils); drawiu&fivui
the Antique; Modelling in Hay liom the
Winner ut National Book Prizes tot
Interior in i nl*-innl figure in nils.
A class forming lor junior pupils on
xtlurd.t\ afternoon.
I'or terms apph to
Care Mrs. K.i^Kr"*
Hevelstoke Luod District.
District ol West Kootenay.
Take notice tbat James A. Shields,
if Revelstoke, Dritish Columbia, occupation, i'acker, intends to apply
for permission to purcuase the follow
dc described lauds:
Commencing ut a post plunted at
tbe South West Corner of Lot 2773,
Group 1, West Kootenay Distiict, D.
C, and marked "James A. Shields'
South East Corner Tost," thence
west about twenty chains more or
less to tbe south-east corner ol Lot
2712, Group 1, tbence north 40 chuius
thence east 20 cbains more or less to
the north-west corner ol Lot 2773,
thenoe south 10 ohalns to point ol
commencement, and containing 80
acres more or less.
Dated August 29tb, UU.
Andr.w   Kitson,   Agent.
Ladies' Tailoring
Fit Guaranteed
Hand-Painted Cups, Saucers
Fine Japan China Tea Sets
Opposite Central Hotel
if *-» v-t-a »~» Li -t i *-» •*-*. ^S'
Animal    Rugs,   Game
Heads and Birds
P. 0. Box 31, Revelstoke
Sewing Machines
A nice new stock of Sinner and Wheeler Wilson Sewing Machines
For Sale or Hire
hy the month ai Manning's,
All kinds of machine needles
H. MANNING,   Agent. Electric Restorer for Men
PhO8ph0n0l"',,0rC«*» rrrnfru laUtbodf
...   ,, ...   "i" "• P'-upsr tension ; i.*.i .,rI
,im ind ,ll.lii».  P,tm*,,.lrc de(1T „„, „,- ,
wrakntM  MMIfd .1 .net.    PbMphoaol  will
SrUS! *!!"" 5%J r,i«iJ« I'"*.™ two I,,
Sold at Macdomald's Drug Store.
Packed in
60$  a pound
la cnmm-fiBcifarion of tl.c enfonatlfti r.f
Kiniri.roriic V," Uidcwan •• h.ivc put an :•■(
nurktl • c i i,.id,.n Ua of a uou puim. *|ur
aiid*»»i|uisucd*r»ii.'ii. bearingeicdleni i-oruaJti
oi Ki ijj i.-mrce V. Queen Mary and the I'rliK-S
nl IVjiea. Bp» ■ il j ,1*. la hate i.. -, *
n-i'iesenutv Canada, India, Alri*,.i. A
and \>w •''..'
il'i'v a liTiiited nuti.b-fr |t.*
I'n-.e'lOe. IOC ■
\l  II..i I I.. , -
re tifrii imp-mii.:
■■■■ WEDNESDAY, NOV. 89th, mil.
THE 'mail-hebald; revelstoke
In the Matter ol au Application toi
the issue o! u duplicate Certificate o!
Title to Lot lo, Block 81, being part
'•I Section 27 nud M, Township 23,
Range 2, Wenl of the 6th Meridian,
Town ol Revelatoke, Map G36A.
Notice is berebj gi\tu that it is my
mtentiuu to ibsie at the expiration
ol oue month ;ilier the tirst publication hereof a duplicate ut the Certificate ul Title to tbe above mentioned lot in tbe name of Fredericku
Tiede, which Certificate is dated the
16th day ul October, 1900, and numbered  6164A.
Dated this loth day ul November,
19X1, Nelson B.C.
sAMl'KL  R.  ROE,
District Registrar.
Revelst ik« Land District,
Dlsti id ol w est Kootenay,
rake D ties  that  I.   .lohn  A. ritoua
'  Revelstoke, British Columbia, oc
- upation hotel keejn r,  intend to
lily  inr  permission to purchase
*    v ng   ;..-, i ,,,ed  lauds.
Commencing   it a i»>>-,t   plni.t **i
the      N^r'fc  W >si   Oorner of land applied lot I    !■■   purchased by   w, B.
Robertson    and     Marked   ".lubn A.
81 We S.W, Corner,"    theuce n..rth
lorty chains, thence east lorty chains
thence      south     i"r;>   chains,   theuce
west     lorty cbains to the point    ut
commencement     and containing   one
tKiudri-.i      and  siny  acres  more      or
• -i-
Dated 17th October,  1911.
Per  James  A.  Shields.  Agent.
COMPANIES    ACT,  1910.
S'otice is hereby gi\en that at the;
expiration     of one mouth from    the !
first     publication hereof, the    Revel-j
stoke Agricultural    Society, Limited.
intend to apply to the Itegistrur    of
Joint Stock Companies to change tbe
name ol the     Company  to "Western
Turf Association, Limited."
Dated this loth day of   Novembei.'
1911. N.18,Dfl8.
tv.  13.   ROBERTSON,
Secretary  of said  Company. :
lleveloloke Laud District.
District uf West Kooteuay.
Tnke notice that 1 Edward Russell
Vipond, "1 Nakusp, 11. C, occupation
tuntiactor, intends to apply for permission to purchase the lollowiug described lands'.
Commencing at a post planted <0
chaius south of N. K. Comer o! T.L.
41274, thence south SO chains, tbence
east about 20 chains, to Arrow Lake
theme north aloug Lake about -w
chains, tbence west about 2 chains to
point ol commencement, containing
I 10 acres, more or less.
I'sted September IJ,  I'll.
•Sept. 83—Nov. 82.
In the County Court of West. Kouto
nay, boldwi hi Revolstoke, In tbo
Matter uf the "Plans Cancellation
Act,"   1900.
In llie Mattel of Jubii Andrew Mara
to cancel Plan  B49A tiled In tho Land
Registry Ollice nt  tho City uf Nelson, B.C.
i.i .*,ii  cumin it  .\ln>   Concern,
.noiici: is ueleoy giV-Sil lual the
1't'i.iliuu oi .ioiiii Aliui'tiw Mara daio.i
tue 2ttia uuy oi Ooionei, toil, tut au
order cuncouiug uuu auuui.ug una
amending all that portion oi map or
piau ti-r-M, uIock a, itcvciiaoiie, uo-
i,...iued  as ioIioms.
uoiuineuviug m a point opposite to
in.*, ttesi siuo oi .vootcnay street una
i,.j »uiuh side o. ilougius : tied, uuu
I mining  niong  tuu  boutu 1...1U nn una
. . Douglas Btreet via.aii let   to    a
i . I liuiil.n ul tut centre oi Blocs in
. ..iii  iii-.i,   thence  in a southerly    mr-
...ion 12a. In i,i i. to a post on ili-
.,iliil   Ol    lilt-   l oililllillll   Unci,   hi,n.c
iii a wtscerly    uouise on loot,  in. i.e.
..iillillv   iiii  loci 10  tbe .-iuuiiI  i-jus*-.
i*i.y   iiuiiiulai..'  u.      oanadian    racuic
 way     Company   I'.uiv.  ,i,   uniKM
ii.iHl'iij -Oi ieei. LO in." ...isi.liv fii.i
-.». c ua,lUiuti 1 auiuc t..i..i»iij i imi*
i aU;   paiuci   -i.   tiiMiii..'   oi a ..i.r.u i,j
UIIUUIIOU   UiOng    til.*   Uubb   ,111    ,.i    Can
a.iiall   l UClUc   UaiiWay   i oliii'i.liy   pal
ill    f,    4, ..n     i.it'.,     Iilv.i.-v,    .<UUJ.II,,     .:
ii   i   LO  in-'      I'oiiiL oi  cuiuoiei.c. in. n<
on    l>OtlbiUb   .iLI.ei,    mil    lie   heard    oc
ii io  Uid  iiuum' outlge  I'oiin at*    t.ic
t uuu. House in  the     i ii y  ul    ite vel
i."«.',     i.iiL.su coluiuma, in nuns
a.,y llie. iill Jay ol n.-r, allu-JI . A.i.,
,'.l,  al   llie  nu.u   ui   l- ..."   ootid,     u.
I..M lllll     IJlU'll     Of     SO     -I'l.-ll      III.U*..11 Lul
..   ilio appucatiou can uu hcuru.
I'.iiMii in Revqlstoae, B.C., th.s tutu
.....cuin.i,  A.li.,  iliil.
t .   til.  lill,LAN,
Solicitor for Johu An.ii.i.v   .,i.ira
NOTICE   to   CHi-.iii'i\iK:-,.
tu ilu- Matter ol the Estate of Louis
.iuJcruiuii. deceaseu.
i.oace is hereuy tiviu that ao
* i uiioia aud oibeis uav,ng Ciaiuls
.. .i.tibi tue Estate ui Louis ouu-
..i.ian. iat<: oi Arrowhead, li. i .,
.. ...-.-usea, who died at Arrownvftd, O.
i . ou or auotii llie 'Jth duy ol Ju'iy,
. I, are request iki to suii.l to lbe
i.u lersignej, Solicitors lor August
. .-ersou and Herman Carlson, liii-
..i.ttirs oi the lust VS ul ol said ue-
c.aseu,      within    ia)    tta^s Irom date,
uut particulars ol thru- cialma, duiy
-..i ilie-d, auu lhat alter tbat date lhe
.-..i.d Executors will proceed to dts-
ti mute the suid estate amongst those
entitled thereto, regard being bad
uii.y to those claiins which the said
c.-.eeutors shall have then received
tinted Novembei  15th, 1911.
Harvey, MeCarter and Pinkham,
Solicitors  for  August   Peterson    and
iiiiiii..',:   Carlson,   Executors ••:
the Lam  Will  uf Pereased.    liOd.
Ke.e.i. »c Land District.
Distl ct   ol West  Kooteuay.
Take    notice    that    1,       Fredrick
.in \ I pond,  **l Nakusp,    IJ.    C,
* .;■.■.' **..  I reman,      intend:  to  apply for    permi-MioD  to    purchase the
ring   described  lands:
Commencing at a post planted i;:*)
.-< south '.■: N   E. Corner of T.L.
thence south su chains,   .hei.ee
• ,-.   •. chains to Arrow   Lake
tbence     north  along  Lake  about    HI)
■ about   20  chains
to point   •' '  mmencemest, contain -
ing al    II   200   . : es  mi ve  or  less.
I-.*.-      -■ ,*■ mbei   : .  l'Jll.
Sep -   N    --        E.R. Vlpond,  Agent.
e it hereby given   hat   *
Srrt      •    •■  Deeembe!  next, ap]. ■ s
• .ul     * *    be mad* to the S ;
incial  1
'(newal    ot the    ho:el  lie ens-.-  t<   sell
,   retail   n  I nowa
■ ■   -•   Leon hotel, i tuats it Ht
Leon,  in  the     Province   if      B
DaU        -    ■"    lay   il Sej-UHiUi
-^otitc is hereby  given   thai   i.uJei
luiiJ  pursuant  to the  powers  ul    sail
•villained in u certain  Mortgage   ua(
.j   JJud   March,   ian.',   made   uy  I tin
us Turnross to Lucy Luw and ny bei
assigned  to  I'atrick  Burns  by   i
t*ae dated  2Dlti  March,   I ■"'.'.  there is
ui.ji-ed lor sale dj  Under Lot llii iu
i.ioup  CiM!,   Kuoienay   District,  saw
an 1  except   10 acres   tliereuf  compns
• i in Certilicate ot Title  No   i
tn«  lands onered  (or sale     at -
a.uut    ISO    acres    uud  1-e.ug situat,
'■  ir Trout Lake Cit)  In the District
>l   West   Kootenay-
renders     addressed
sinned  Solicitors  for   the  Mortgagee,
i'atrick Bujus,  w.ll .-.
anl iucluding the J.'-th day ..f N'ovsm
Terms of sale cash,
i'sted     thiB inl day of m ■
•11, at Revelstoke, B.C.
Harvey,  MeCarter Hn>l  Pinkham,
Solicitors  for   Patr.ck   Burns
Revelstoke I.ar.d District.
• Kootenay.
Take notice t'lai .Iuu.-- A. Shields,
v! Revelstoke, bm'sii Columbia, occupation, Packer, intends to apply
for permission to purchase the follow
,nk-   lesciiled lands:
t'uinnieiii *ng at a l"St  planted    at;
,; . youth West ( oui' i   *f Lot 27?:,
Kroup J. West Kootenuy District,  II.
C.  and  markixl "James A.  Sim lis'
Bouth     East    Corner   Post," thence
west about  twenty chains more      or
less to  the south-east coruer ol  Lot
2712, Group I, thence north 40 chains .
thence east 20 chains more or lesB to
the north-west corner  ol Lot    2773, |
thence south 40 chains to point      of j
commencement,  and  containing       SO j
acres more or less.
Dnted  August 23th.  1911.
. AnJrew  lOtson,  Agent.    I
N.tvigable Waters Protection Act
K- S* C. Chap.  115.
".'otiee .-, Nereby given thai the
': il-crtH Lumbei < ompany. Litn.t.<-1
have applied to Hi. Minister -f Pub
lie w,,r<- (oi  i anada fur  perm
' ac '"-i lal Tramway fr.mi
Dominion Timbei Berth 314, over
i .- Columbia l; ■ •*. -tm ii i witli
■lu.g .,( th, lievelstoke and Ar
••■*h*eail Branch ,.f the Canadian Pa
Railway Company, and have de
pi sin-.-! with the ,i. . Minister of
P bin* Works copies of plans and de
ii Iptlon   '•;    -ite ,,: mcb   propi
••'.'urk,   and   have  also  deposited  with
tbe  District   I'.'-.-,  i, ii   .,f  Land  Titles
Kootenay at Nelson, B.C., dupli
Dales ".' such plan* and description oi
Dated Novembei 28rd,  1911,
Macdonald,   Honeywell .v  Graham
Ottawa,   Out.,      Agents for    (1.  H.
I    MeCarter.   Revelstoke,  1).  ('.,  Bollc
Mors  for  the  Applicants.   N.25  :)■*>!.
Shrhh's Cure
Slicklj »lo»» eon«h«.
•  thresl and  Inr-
•«r*M colili*.  heal*
i. .   .   -  28 cento
Second Annual Exhibition of the Revelstoko
Poultry and Pet Stock Association.
Drill Hall, Revelstoke, January 2. 3. and 4, 1912
Bnlrles close Thursday, December '.'Sth, 1011,
Looal Exhibits must be delivered at Drill Hall not
later 'than '.I p.m. Monday, January 1st, 11112; I'.xli.hlts from
oiitrtidti points must Iw delivered as above not. lattr tli.in
H  a.m.  ol  Tuesday,  January  2nd.
Arrangements have been made to take delivery ol and
care tor outside -exbibi'ts from the time they arrive at Revelstoke Depot and to return sume to hlipress Company
at close ol show. All eutries are to be iliudc on forms supplied for the purpose and should be forwarded to tiii:
ricc.ivtary, Mr. R, M. Bmytbe, so as to rouch him not later
t'hnn  December 28th,  l'.Ul.
A full report of the show will appear in lhc 1'ui.t avail
able  number ol the -riucci'sslul  l'oiiltryman.
■\ competent attendant will be ou duty to cue lor and
teed Btock while In tho custody cl the BitotoRion Uommlttoo
but tho so'iety will not hold itscii responsible Ior any
damages whllsi  lu transit or winlBt in CAhiniium  Building.
The Poultry Diiililni,: is equipped with coops for the accommodation oi exhibits.
,\,i Kshil.nior shall interfere with or enter Into discu
.,n or be allowed within the barriers wan tuu judges
whilst ih.y me engaged in their work. Any Infrmgom ni oi
tins nil.' will d*isi|ti*niify siich V,vhibitor and cause lonellure
,.. any premiums which may i-,« awarded. Judges'decision
>n ail  cases  snail   be  dual.
All birds must be enteral Blngly as Cock, Hon, Cockerel
Pullet,   Pen.   Birds entered Bingly  may compete lu breeding
pens, p.'iis to consist ol three lemales and B male, if n.l
Uu...nal lee is paid. This Kxhibltion Will be Jinlg*.'d by
scoro card.
The latest Revised American Standard ol Perfection will
govern the Judges in all recognised varieties.
Judging will commence Tuesday, January 2nd, at 8p.m.
All biros not in place al that time win ue, vlcnarred trout
competition, unless delayed in railwny transit, proof oi
winch must be given lo tlie riupeiiiit.lid.'in. of tlu
All exhibits must be the bona tide property ol the Bjt-
bibitor ni Uie time ol exuiuiting.
All protests must be handed to the Becretary In wilting,
and must bc accompanied by a deposit oil J5.VU. ll, ait.'i'
iii.' matter lms been thoroughly Investigated by tue Executive Committee, the protest shall prove to be without Kool
foundation thc deposit shall be loneited.
Membership tickets entitle holder to iree admission to
building and may be secured from the Committee.
Ml birds nuisi be provided with le-; bands sliow.n; llie.r
number. No other distinguishing mars suih as iiii..o.-is
will be allowed. All birds not marked will have leg bands
placed on them by the Association. The--? will be charged
to the Exhibitor anJ must be pai-d for belore tho specimens
are   removed.
Thu following trophies are the property of the Revelstoke
Poultry an 1 I'd Stock Associa lion, uniii won ns ui.iicaie.i.
All specimens entered ioi competition will be considered as
* omi euug lor both tne regular and special premiums without additional entry tee. -special frises will ac awarded on
tue lollowing basis'.
1st  Prize, -j  points; 2nd, i poiuts; 'did, 2 points.
No. 1-Cup donated by Calgary Brewing and Mailing Co.,
lor largest and best display In whole suow. l'o ue
won three times before uec-oming the property oi UH
hAhibitor. Won in l'Jll by K. c.   wadycll  ol  blnderoy.
So. 2—Cup donated hy Hon. Thomas Taylor fur best male
iml .n show, io he won three times. Won .n lull
uy F. C. Waddell.
So    I   Cup  ."i'.il*-:  iy 11   !•". MeKinnon lor best  female In
Mi"*, ii* .«• ...ii iiui** times. v%on .a r.'ii ny i.
I'ou.id '.,  l-.ii-Jcrhy.
So I Cup m,,.,:•! bj Alex. McRae, f'*r best t.'ocs, lien.
Cocsercl and ru.,.: in Barred noes Class, io .:■ wo.i
turec times.  Hon in  un **j  ii r.   Wauey ol Bindcroy.
So.  5   Cup donated  by  Lawrence  Hardwai    Company     Ior
b-*st t.ucs. ncn. uocaerel and l'uii t. L*vh *r,i t lass.
any one variety, m .* won three times, "on in inu
oy r'. t.  ^adueil oi h.uderoy.
Si (,-1 up donated bj T.ivi.,1 Instrument i ompany lor
oest nald oi dhekens uom Incuoator e*impH wi,n
I.'-   i   *i mom. ter.
■   , ,-   .        •..  eUtok    i  • ■ ' • Pet  Slock
., -    -    . .    an .    , .t... i.
iy.     io  u .:■-.   I.mc..
..   H.'veUt* • u.i   i • '-     litoC-i
*,>-.       Mail      an.: : pi   ,v.,u
i: iCiy.     lo  ttt  w.,n  ibi -
* ui
... i .'
'. * best Ci-ck,
i. *     i*. iv "i
M    l.M      .ll,    .
.ta■•>     iu uo wo times
*.  K i.   uev •      nals aad     I
■ ■*
'  ip   loo ited - i'h
ii.i-i*       i*j
i   '   *. don ■' ■   '■■ '   :*
:; ■   ■ \
* . ai
i -li-     I!     A     Lawsull    •
I'..   I     Ite:)--,   v-i.l        • li**n..t»d   by   *'      (
Donoi  nol mpel
lb—Best < ■       >
ii.*.- '
Pen    * I *
mil ri*: an' i.
19   Cock lind II n     W,   \    toctU •     " al
■<k<*li*;    .ili-l    I'lll**' \       IT nl ll.*.       .    *nclt    nl;,II
m:I    Pen      Vrni-t' ,.',-*(..,   pi :/.■.    ..I,       i
lii'l'K ROCKS
■e   Cock mid Mi n    i: \ lacks ■ an oti
2;i   Cockerel and Pullet. T.KHpnti ek, special priM
value 45.UO.
M—Pen.   Ilevilstokc Wino * Spirit i-o,  priz.   vului" $3.
i..ii<  and  Hen    MeKinnon   uul  flutberland
value 'm "
2i*-  r,.cker«l nn.l  Pullot,     I    Viml i n*"i' '   *'i'i •
27   Pen,   *i, Uuj  Ual "•'   i" Ise,     iiui   16.00.
28—Cock an-d Hen.   R. Gordon, prize, vulue $5.00.
29—Cockerel  and  Pullet.   \V.  Bews, prize  value  J.'i.OI).
30—Pen.   A.   J.   McDonell,   prize,  value  $5,00.
31--CtH'k   and  Men.   R.M.   Smythe.  prize,  valu*  $."1.10.
SS—Cockerel  and  Pullet.   II.   Mc.*.in,ioi, pri..'., value $."■
,'..*■  P.m.   Cutler   *   Stokes,   tot   cigars,   \nl.,e   K'.'*;0.
34—Cock  and   lion.    B.F.  Tucker, six  photos.
80—Cockerel and  Pullet,    MoRae Mercanti.e Co.,  Watch
36—Pen,   Vancouver Provlneo, year's subscription.
R, 1. REDS, S. Clin—Cock and Men.   Mall-Herald, prize, value $3.00.
3fi— Cockerel  and Pullet.  CB.  Hume  ii Co.  prize,  vuliio
39—Pen.    J.J.  Devine,  pair  trousers  to order.
•Hl—Cock and Men. Reid & Young, prlao, value JJ.OU.
•11—Cockerel ami Pullet, li, Manning, prize, value *j.
42—Pell.    C  ii. Macdonald, prize, value -J5.ini.
BUPF   LKllllOilNH,   8.  Clio-  UOCK anu i-i en.   A.tl. Woodland, 1 sack wheat.
■11—Cocacrel   and   l'uuet.   Ur.   hi. tl. S.   ftlcLcnu,   pri'zc,
value $a.UU.
45   Pen.    Wilson  Bros.,   prize,  value $5.00.
Ill hi'   Llu.HOllNS, R. C:—
•iu--i.ocii ami neu.   bourne Bros.,  prize,  value $5.no.
ii-■^oci-.eiei auu lullet.   n.n. uiCuai wi,  |n...c  vaiUOfO.
»o—ton.   McLicUnau,  prize,   ,alue  »*j.i*u.
i.i—t-ocw ana in.li.    P.  Le.-U.iU0i prise, value $5.00.
nil—Cockch.1  ami   l'uuet,    i.aub*i.iou  ,>;   l'.ip|in0,    prize,
value lo.UO.
ol   Ptn.   r.  Ul.  tl*ibson,  prize,  $5.00.
iJltUWN  Ll'li>llORNS,  S.  S.:—
oc—loch und neu.    lu.   Corning,   prize,  value  $5.00.
oo— cockerel him l'uuet.   u,  ualuciiuo,  uox iiiucaiuiii.
oi—Pen.    rtureuanisou tiros., pruc,  value *»o.0u.
BROWN  LEOHORNS,  R.  (.'.:—
oo-cock ana  i,oii.    i-..i. .  Kroiney,  prize,  $2.00 cii.h.
nti—coeseiei una i uuei.  tt. mcuoiiuld, pruc, tz.uu casli
51—Pcu. 1'.  b.  HenB,  yrue, value tt.ui).
no—c-ociv  ana  lieu,   caley  Bros.,   prize,   value  $5.00.
hj—CyOtuvciei  auu   PUucl.   ft.   i>ui'i*.U(,*u  two  iiieiai  iced
W—Pen.   ii. m. it. Smythe, prize, value $5.uo.
BLACK  MINORCAS,  ll.  0.:—
in—Lock and  neu.   a.   Stone,  prize,   value  $5.00.
ln>—cockciei and i unci. Lowiouce namwuic *. o., prize
value »o.Ol).
■oo—Pen.   U.  Ciuein'ilo,   1 sack shorts.
ir,--ctH;K auu inn.   A.  Mo'ason, 1 sack Hour.
do   *. ocheiei and PUUot.   111.  AicLeau,  1 Bac& shorts.
lu—fell.    Dr.   autuai l.uul,  Bpecial   pv,ze.
in—cock and hvii.   A.ll. McCleneghan, Bpecial prize $5.
66—1 oCKlTei   nU.1    1'lll.Ki.    Ml'.    BUCK,    1'CUUllle,    lallip.
tii—Pen.   «ir.  Bingham, special prize.
iO—Coca and iivn.    W. Bachelor, prize, $5.00.
11—   Cocserel  and      plli'let.   Lent  \*   Humphries,    feed
72—Peu.   j.  Mclntyre,  sack of  wheat.
i.)—Best Pair*   ti. Vi.  Bell,  oue Suck ol Shorts.
i-i—Largest   und     l»est    Display    in  thc  whole  show.
Mayor Hamilton,  »10.U0 eaBb prize.
16 -Best Dozen of White Kggs,  A.11.  Siut, bos cigars.
Vli—Best  Dozen ol Brown Kggs,  Revelstoke Mcut Market,  50 lbs. green  bone.
Entry   Pee.-Single  Birds,   2*'ic.   Pen,   $1.00.
PREMIUMS—Under 5 entries, 1st prize $1.00, 2nd 5l!c, 3rd
25c. Five entries or over, 1st, $1.60; 2nd, $l.b0; 3rd, SOc.
Ten entries or over, 1st, $2.5<l; 2nd, -K.OO; 3rd, $1.0U,
Breeding Pens—1st.  prize, $3.00; ind, $2.i*0; 3rd,  $1.00.
i   Americans:—
Plymouth  Rocks—Barred,  While and Bull.
Wyandottes—silver,  v\nii.*, t>uu, uiucs,   ciobLu, Part-
ri*ti*ue,  I'liiuiiiiiiaii.
.lavas—muck,  A.  u.  V.
K.  1.   R..-.JS—Single  and  Rose Comb.
Brahma—Light und Dark.
Cochins—Bun  ami  A.  U.   V,
Lungshuus—White ami Bluck.
Leghorns—Bun, White mid Browu,  id.C  and R.C.j
.iiiuorcus—White uud Black, ts.  C. uud 11.  i.)
DorKins—Colored,   A    U.   V,
Urpingtons-Bun, White,  und Bluck.
Red Cap
5—Polish: -
While Crested,   Black,   A.  I).   V,
•    llamburge:-
liol-jVn  and  Silver  Spangled,  Golden    and    Silver    Pen
ciled,  Black.
.   Preach •
llOU-datM   La Kliclie  and  l-'avcreles.
'■a.on tiames:—
Any  variety.
No Pen   Prizes  Aw«rd< d,
\ny   variety,   Male,   Female.
I .    Dueks.    Any   variety,   Male.   Female,
tny   variety,   Male,   Female.
Kniiy  Fee 25 cents,
12 Bantams, H I I Election, Any variety. Not less than
»ix l»ir>l.-. Isl prise, $1.60; 2nd, $l.n.l. I'eu nud- or ov-
. i, isl, $.: SO; /n.l, $1.(0.
I'-   '   I   ''I-- Won,   Any   vanity.   Not   less   than
■   birds.    Ist pii/-*,  II.541; 2nd prize, $1.00.     Ten birds
■ *i .,*.'i*r, i-.t prise, 1-2.60; 2nd price, $1.60.
ii ' snories. u<*si Collection, Not less thaD four birds. 1st
prise, $1.60; 2nd prise Pl.00 Tm Mrds or over $2.50;
Ind prize, $1.60,
i'.  liuin .•»   Company  dun,,ten ham Ioi   sandwlchei lor
I civ    I ItlV    llll'il
Ths Hi ai theatre extendi a lue Invitation to all visiting  Poultry  men.
'I'he Revelst ni**,' poultry AssoOtatloO wisheu to thank thj
ii. ii hunts ami others, who so lllierally contributed to the
shove prize list.
Don't   forgel   tbe  date.   January   2nd.   .'Ird   and   411),   1911,
ni tiie Drill   iinil.   Admission   t6c,   lor   adults; 16c,   lor
children   undei   16  years  of uge.   Kvblbltors  Iree.
Corporation or tbc (lity of
Notioe Re Sewers
Whereas under lho "Local Improvement Sewage Assessment By-law No.
100, 1007" provision wus mudu lor
the construction of u system of sewers iu tbo City ol Uevelstoke, tho
funds thereforu to bo provided by
special rate of frontage tax levied
equally upon the land tu* real property aud portions of same in or on
or fronting or abuttiug upon the
streets and lunes immediately bono
iltcd by  tho said works.
Aud whereas the said By-law has
been acted upon by the construction
in part of* the works therein provided
And whereas the Council deems It
inadvisable to completu suid works
as originally provided lor und contemplated by said By-4aw nnd have
determined to amend said By-law aud
to cause a readjustment of assessments to he made upon the lands or
real property and portions thereof
Immediately benefited by tho said
works  so  carried  out  in  part.
NOTIOB Is therefore hereby givun
that a statement showing the lands
or real properly and portions thereof liable to and proposed to bo specially assessed under the said readjustment and the names of the owners thereof so far as the same can
be ascertained irom the luBt revised
assessment roll and otherwise is now
ou llle in the Office of the City Clerk
and is open lor inspection during ollice hours.
A sitting of the Court of Revision
will be held on tho LJih day ol December, 1911, at the hour ol S o'clock
in the ufterno. n at the City liHall,
in the City ol Uevelstoko, to hour
and determine any complaints or appeals against the proposed readjust -
ed assessments or accuracy of frontage measurements or any other complaint which tho persons interested
may desire lo mnke ami which is by
law cogniaablc by the Court.
All notices ol appeal shall lie served ou the Clerk of the Municipal
Council at least eight days prior to
such Court of Revision.
Dated the 17th day of November,
1911. t.d.
Oity Olerk.
Revelstoke Laud District.
District ol West Kootenay,
Take notice that 1, Hugo Koch, o!
Vancouver, B.C., occupation, traveler
intend to apply Ior permission to
purchase the lollowiug described
Commencing at a post planted
ui.out three-quarters of a mile north
ol Lot 800 on Arrow Lakes running
west 80 chains, tbence north 10 chains
ihence eust >0 chains, thenre south
in chains, along the Lake shore to
point of commencement and containing three hundred aud twenty acres,
more or less.
Dated November 4th, 1911.
N.18J.13 Per W. Ogillvo Agent
RevelBtoke Land District.
District of West Kooteuay.
Take notico that I, Charles Stadlcr
of Nakusp, B. C, occupation Logwr,
intends to apply for permission to
purchase the lollowing described lands
Commencing nt a post planted at
the North East Corner ol T.L. 11274,
llieuce south 40 chains, thence east
about 2 chains to Arrow Lake, thence
aloug Arrow Lake to point of commencement, containing 40 acres more
or less.
Dated September 26th, 1911.
E. R. Vlpond. Ageut
Riot in Revelstoke
will be when the crowds are lighting
tor a sitting «t Toiirncr and Thorp's
studio to get their photos in time
for Xmus. Como early as the entrance is small and tbe stairs nar -
row, but thc studio is large, well
lighted and warm.
Notice is hereby given that, ou the
lirst day of December new:, application will he made to tho Superin
tendent of provincial Police for
renewal of the holel license to sell
liquor by retuil in the hotel known
ns the Glacier House, situat at lilacier, in the Province of British Columbia.
Dated this 28th day ol September,
lill. 30ds.
Canadian  Pacillc  Railway  Company,
Applicant. WEDNESDAY, NOV. 29th, 1811.
WEDNESDAT, NOV. 2'Jth, l'Jll.
32 Colored Paget
2000 Illustration* of
5c if purchaied with s ISc pattern
Revelstoke's Department Store
C. £. J4ume 8t Co.. limited
Mail or Telephone your
orders. Have our Traveller
call. Send the children to
the store or come yourself.
No order too large or too
small for us to handle.
See special window displays.
A) Dry Goods Department A
Christmas Gifts are becoming more useful
each year, ought to bring you to ihis Depaitment
Store. Our lines, all big lines; they are also uncovered lines. Any Store can have a big
lot of goods, but our aim is always to
have a select assortment. Come and jp^y n%t
bring the children and enjoy an hour
or two looking over Santa's Goodies.
Furs always please the lady for Christmas Gifs.     Look at  the
swell Sets we are showing from
$10 to  $100.00
Men's Furnishing Department
"IVr^r*lr    "FTlYI'flO'Q    °'" 'rres'sta^le attractiveness; all  the dainty  trifles  that goto
«l ^1 GV-/IV    ■**   lA.lllgO   make up a well dressed person.    The touch of white that softens the dash of color that smartens up the plain costume.    The pretty hand made laces, the
exquisite Lingerie from Paris, the London Bow, all are here.    A multitude from 25c to $2.50
New Goods
New Fancy Linens, New Eiderdown
and Berlin Wools, New Fancy Goods and
Toilet articles, New Furs. New Ribbons,
New Hair Bandeaux and Hair Ornaments,
new Silk Kimonas.
Special Millinery Sale
For one week only we will place on sale
20 or 25 of our Hats at special prices.
Ten of our regular -17.50 to $10 hats, all
new styles.   Sale Price, $4.50.
Ten of them ranging in price from
$3.50 to $6.50.    Sale Price -$2.00
Children's Hats while they last. Only
25c   Have a look at them.
You can be comfortable
and stylish too—
Cet away from the uld i<!ca ihat negligee garments do .''Ol need in he styliih
nnd form-lilting. Vou can gel :lylc and
lit a; well u comfort and letl fulness in
Garment* for Women
F.ar:li garment i>  cut  lo pattern  and carefully
Mnn.    1 here u a perfect fit for vou   -
What boy does not want a new Suit for
Xmas ? If you are going to buy a suit
for your boy, let us interest you in our
" Lion Brand " Clothing. It is made in
a factory which
turns out nothing
but boy's clothing.
It is mnde by boys
clothing experts.
Every coat is finished just as a
man's high grade
tailored coat is
finished; collar and
lapels that will not
break,    but     will
lay   flat   always.
Shoulders full and
padded.  You cannot    make   them
sag or pull over on
the arms.   Knickers in the full style
bloomer shape,
very heavy double
stitched seams,
buckle knee,   belt
The College Suit
11 Lion Brand "
House Furnishing Department
These suits come in fancy worsteds, very
strong and hard woven; rich dark tweeds
heavy and strong.
Prices, $5.00 to $15.00
Odd Knickers, either in straight or  full
bloomer styles.       50c. to $1.75 per pair.
We are receiving daily lines of Xmas goods
from every manufacturing centre of the Dominion. Numerous and varied are the lines
which we handle, especially for the holiday
season. Among the special lines which we
offer this season are Pipes, Smokers' Sets,
Cigar Holders, Pouches and Cigar Cases, Military Brushes, Collar Boxes, l'urses, Bill Folders, Fancy Arm Bands and Suspender sets.
Very special, ebony backed, medium size, long
bristles, leather case Price—$3.50
A special for early shoppers. Oood heavy weigTiT""
leather, silk cord draw, smooth leathers only:
colors black, tan brown.   Price each .      $1 00
Best quality meerschaum, amber mouthpiece,
either curved or straight stems.. $4.50 to *7.50
With meerschaum bowls, solid amber mouthpiece Prices, $4.50 to $8.50
Many different shapes, curved, straight stems,
Prices, each    f 1.50 to $9.50
Solid leather, finest workmanship.       75c. to 13.50
Containing two, three or four pipes. The pipes
in these sets are all highsst grade French
Briar with sterling silver mountings and pure
amber  mouthpieces.     Price   per   set     from
    $t>.50 to **25.00
Separate    boxes,   pure   silk   and   lisle  webs.
...... Prices per oair, 35c. to $1.25
Containing Suspenders, armlets and garters.
Fancy and plain weaves. Prices per set—
  $1.00 to $3.50
Eiderdown and Lambs
Wool Comforters
These are by far the choicest goods on
the market at the price.
Choice Eiderdown Comforters, covered
with best English Sateen, quilted and ventilated, choice bordered effects,
Same cover with pure white carded Lambs
Wool, light and warm.
You will do well to examine these goods.
N'iw is the time lo buy wall paper. Y<>u
can brighten up a dingy room f'M' lhe winter at
very little cost.
All our papers are this season's goods, and
can be relied upon for quality and good taste.
Linoleum and Floor Oilcloths
All the new patterns in Inlaid and printed
Linoleums and Oilcloths, all widths from 3 feet
to 12 feet wide.    Best Scutch manufacture.
Prices from 40c to $1.65 per sq. yd.
Curtain Poles and Fixtures
Window Blinds and Fixtures
■ ■■ii" i   » ' ——*
We have just taken in stock a lot of the
famous *chuman AxminsterSquares.   Oriental
and   conventional   designs.    Also small   rugs.
These are exceptional values and very pleasing
llow about draperies for your archway and
windows. We have a choice line of heavy mercerised Madras, Brocketelle Silk, Silk Tapestry,
all suitable for archways and over draperies.
Tapestry Portieres in reds, greens and
mixed effects.
Heavy Reversible Velour in red, green and
old gold, as well as all wool basket weave
wrepps. suitable for stencilling. Colors Red,
(ireenand Brown.
A choice selection of Hearth Rugs
Axminsters,  27x5-1 and 80x60, in  mixed and
Oriental effects.
English  Dag  flag Rugs—a line range of these
splendid goods suitable for thc best rooms
Mohair Plush Rugs  In  reds'and  greens, sizes,
13x27 and 27x54.
Choice Syrtnna Rugs in plain colors and lloral
and  Oriental  design, reversable, and  will
* splendid service.   Hises, 18x30,30x60
and 38s 12,
Groceries, China and Brass Goods
Wc arc now stocked with our new Xmas
Raisins, and arc ready to fill your orders I'or
vour Xmas cakes and puddings.
A large shipment of the finest cleaned
Currants on the market iii bulk and in l-lb
packages, full weight.
Sonic   of the   finest  stock   we have ever
shown.     In pounc packages and in bulk.
Lemon,  Orange and Citron Peel, fresh
Stock) carefully selected and neatly packed, always sold  in bulk and mixed as you want it,
Nee our table i'l new Brass Goods. Some
of the latest designs and patterns. Tea Kettles in three si/es. Trays, Jardineres. Teapots,
Fern Pots, Baskets, Candle Sticks and Vases.
Remember wc carry China and Crockery
Oui stock of Royal Crown Derby, Moorcroft
China, Royal Doultou, Japanese sets, Cups
and Saucers, Cut Class and Glassware.
See our large assortment of
Water and Wine Sets. You
will need one for Christmas.
The Home of the Little People
is now- being fixed up willi sonic oi the daintiest and prettiest packages ol' Xmas Chocolates
in the cily. Nuts, Candies and Crackers
adorn our shelves. Come before they all go.
Wc will put anything you desire away until
. nu wanl it sent Iumuc.
Tea and Dinner Sets
Do you stop to think that the Xmas season will
soon be here. Have you thought of the friends
you will be giving gifts to. Just come in and look
at the large and elegant assortment of fancy china
and crockery.
TEA SETS—A dainty and high class bargain
in four different patterns of 40 pieces at
$6.O0 Each
DINNER SETS-Some of the best we have
ever shown—07-piece Dinner Sets in blue and green
patterns at
$10.00 Per Set
■■HBin^H WEDNESDAY, NuV   S9tb, 1911.
WEDNESDAY, NuV* 20th, lflll.
Women's Department
cA Special Sale
Of Girls' Wintei   Coats
Of Ladies' Winter Coats
Oi  I adies'   I op skirts
Of Ladies Fall Costumes
Of Ladies' 1'urs
Of Ladies' Sweaters
Of Mis es and Children's
Navy Blue Serge Dresses
tVVlcn 9 Ladies' and Children's
\*       ■   iffereni varieties al lhe lowest prices
Mch'm Tweed Overcoats
Sale Price $13.50
Men's   Tweed Suits
Sale Price $12.00
Men's Odd Pants at per pair
$2.00 and up
Men'. Heavy Working Boots,
every pair warranted,
Sale Price $3.50
Men's I''rank Slatcr-Stridci  I'ine Boots
are ibe best,
New arrivals in NEW HATS
FIELD- M RevelBtoke, B. C, on
Sunday, November 2f.tb. I'.ill, to
Mr. mu Mrs. C-haB   M. field, a son
Mi'l  II. M
K Bffl 11 BRIEF
LEPEAl'X       Vanconvei     mil    Uuasl
w. McDonald "• Malakwa was am
,,.,_- the man) outside visitors in
town y-  tei la)
L.  11    Ti * *  *   man •** Fori
i .......  ii ire "ii
we k.
K.  Harris  ol  Regina, und  M
Keuzle ol  Nelson   stopped  ov *
J.iy   :i.   R ■■*   1st' *-*•
Mi an'. Mi ■ •; il Dick an I Mrs.
\ I'm i. ■ **ii*.i ves "'. MIsb Kinu, ol
Revelstoki on their was to Vancouver.
F. K I lenient, who hail- Irom the
queeu city, was among the many
Isit ii a In town tbe fore part
*.■;  th;* week,
Mrs*-.   Maud  Krumm,   wbo  bus  been
■ ag  n'itb ber sister Mrs. A John
: ::o,i tu ber hdint* .it Merritt
Mrs. c.  R. Cryderman, • •'.  Vernon,
-p. nding the Bummer
montb n       is now visiting
witli Mr. and  Mrs.  Hose  Donaldson.
Else«.  :      in     this nu ue will     be
■ .* mai   * Ivi i i isement     --f
Revelstoke Skating  Rink,    where
mat    •  regarding  prices    ••'.
•   ■   tained.
Tbe * * -  m.i- aiitli
■ ment.  thai      weather
tbi re will be skat.n,;  by
Monday :i3.u.   Have     you got    your
ik I icket  yet.
m.    Bra Uey,  governm nl  a
■    -        and  "ne  ol  the    most
ii   B.( .    ~|>ent Tues-
,> * oke wn hi.-* way   from
, .-•
tbe    uncertainty of tb.'
« -.,: early stage ol    th.'
--*.*        M«i   ger^JPrank   Hoi'liius,   ol
-   bas decided to poet
the openii I  r .11 n date
itel »hen assured.
nd Miss  l* n   John-
- -',*i-   *. Mi   .1. K. Johnson ol
M  .' Herald    arrived In l! ivel-
-   I -.->      T:- lay  from    Cn
Mr   .) ■•»:. ion bas t iken the
McDon*) I     resldenci t street
vber rill  reside
...  Ix.-ei.e.   ii Nelson, arrived in iv*.
oi n Tuesds)  on
hii  *■:..* thv   Ok
Imon   * • *      I -i.
.   i     Mr.   l. •
in   i   Ioi   P   1).:; -
, :i,i    ii -   expect     t"    se t-a-u
i '.■ -1 mas
We havi- iu Nl.iek everyihiu^ lhal v.-ii require lv'** \ .mh
\ui is Ouki-s, I'iiiIiIimv  .nui   Milieu   Meat.    All   lrci.li
;ir.d KW.nl.   'ii* IhiUhk Mew   K ii-mis, Crn'ranis,   !Vel>,
MyS.    |1,,(.*S       NlUS,    Ml.*.
NEW    DRIED    FRUITS   .VI om   Ne«  IVuul
l*imis havearrivuil and ihey ;hi ufrlainl) nice.    Tlu-j
consist ol Aprleois, IVaelius, l'i in.,--, l-'igs, I'ear* and
\|'!'|m-.   OUR   GOODS   ARE THE   Best
HOBSON,       -      Mackenzie Avenue
look  At This
Wc have ninety cords of Rood, clean, dry cedar in 1-1 and
; 16 inch lengths. We also have cedar, fir and hemlock
i     mixed.   Get your orders in early for immediate delivery.
Wheat, oats, barley, crushed oats,
i.i in. shorts, hoy, oyster Bbell and
ground   bone,   at   Bourne   Bros
Hume" riven this evening by thc
ii nally pleasant time at tli'* "At
All Indications point to nn except-
jiij {)»pos iniiuni'.iii',) .h-j.m*! ••■■ii
which Invitations have li.-x'n oul for
iha nui week, There will be a must
*.*.:  program and   lancing.
Prom    i'ii.■- in    appearance      tbeie
will be .several hockey teams hole this
; ason,   among     which will
■v ni;  KJward hotel  team, iln*  V.M.C.
a   uum and ii couple ol Intei m  I
teams as well as at least two senior
teams,   ;iir-l   tbere   is a pratm
tome   nmre   ol   "nr   large   local     turns
putting a 'earn  In the
Contractor     Sam   Huntei   >•**'
vv dneeday last foi   Seattle   goln •
way ol   Vancouver.    Mr.   Hunter  will
pinb«bly  remain   in   Seattle  a     few
w eks before returning t *  Rev dstoke
He accompanied the Ite-.,*;
.s rvatlve delegates  ae  lar  ms    \ an -
couver,  Allien tact  added to no small
e\teut to tbi pleasure ol thi
Frank  Hopkins,  managei    *■;'
slating rink, ha- ealli..i ,, meetl
all hockey players, both ol !
inline, at tbc Y.M.C.A. on *'"
r.ijht next at S o'clock, foi tbe
rose of organizing for hockey I
iiuents .'or ibis Benson. A
.-.dance is requested.
; .    mother   colurm.    .if thii  pal i
,i;l  a  letter  Irom  a   *
ckej     I-" *. lis '   iif   the   i •■a*-1,   wh"
th bis ti nm to   tour   the
*  . he  • Ihrlstms    boll
, . . at the    coast,
seldom   nii> Ice     are
tl        • lealt
(oi  our    Revelsti lie
iwn to buslne
Buy a useful gift (or Christmas at
Mrs. Wm.  Morris     will not receive
mi Saturday, December 2nd.
Xmas Stationery
I.  *     *      --  -        I       ' i ■     ■!..    .,   ■
JSc OT -J lor $1.00
liesntilul packages at 50e 650 75o
Children's Books
)lo\s ami Iiui- i'wn. ( liuin-.
s* ..ui Books, »2.00 each
Grimm's aivl Han- Anderson's
1-airy Tales •1.00, • 1.60
r_A large collection of Books
for old  and   young.
Fountain Pens
, iui -:i>* ... irnlnrd
i ,ood -■ -li* il *i-    '• ■ il* nn.in   Dim hi
Coiiklin and M
Military Brushes
At leasl .in pair 1" , hoose fr-im
Prices St.50 ta I'll)
Parisian Ivor) Brashes,Combs
und Mirrors
Sti rliiig Kilvcf i iallies
TSeeaoh to $4 09 s nh
Ml \     It.    Mel'len   ;ll.ill    wil
ereive Friday, Dec,  1st.
Howson's show   window
comfortable ''bans.
The  « t' T r    *v,II  meet   Ki   laj    ■'
' ■ i  n     •       1:30       I     •'**'    mm   ..Imi !■
lil Ion "mI*.   . *   --nil,-
'*' * lei i*.   Dew    lurni shH   !i >uae     on
-. -1    it low i -Apply
Revelstoke  i -.:. ; • -..   I,i*l
,\ rare treat is In
those   • io sttend at the K Itson the
■  M llan ; i 'onceri  * '**
if ' . . b tn town or
:llce at once
I   * -   * . *-. ! i-.iln
Mist   ., - , •
1     , . :   Mi     i-   '.: -,- .,  !,»-v
• i     !      *
'ii   Tii.*   Ill   :
r look   ilu oUfjh   Hi
-. u-        ■ .*. iixto* *
ture a fit a     'iseful   ('br.
UrigH . u
■ ■
* i h
With   OtirUtmai!   only tin	
.ii effort  :*,  -.1
i purcl^as *   *• trl f.'     Re
■ ••    i'i\   complete  .'neu    "f
ii ti. .a-   goods   ib.it
■ .
' at   the  i ■ Idenee of  Mi -    R    rt     \l*
i 'artel   mi   -latin bij
ol  *,i .- in:   il
' A Hills ii*    I*.' .* Ml !l
A. l,.iws'.ii ,ui'l Mi s, Met Hi tei
'ie*" .in, i,i ,.        I,   tbe     worthy   p
which  im oml m    io much,   nr^ani-/*
imn 'V*,*; ii,,i complei *'i ni 'ii
t n,f. * "Ij   '.nn of Hi* offlcsrj were ap
points i    Ml is    i in ,.'.! * *   ,i cepted tbe
.',|i| I'.iil UH ill   ni   pi .'*,i l.**l|l.,   iui'1       Miss
j .Vie''iirtei    Aiil   he  -eei-ilm y.   Thfl  n«<t
ineeliniT ol  Mi"   Aiuihiii y   will   he ln*l |
in December llth, lo Hr svenlqg at
tin* residence "f Mi i   o 9   ifcflarter.
four Members of One Family
Bine J to Death
Sew  WeslniiiiHter.   Nov.  2H--   Une  ol
the must terrible tragedies thnt. bus
e\er occurred In this section ol the
province happened lust night near
Liverpool station on the Groat Northern on thc south side ol tbe Krus*
or, when four members ol a family
perished in lbe flames ol Iheir bome
The dea-t ure:
Thomas Moore,  ui^'d 60.
Kathleen  Moore,  aged 10.
Joseph Moore, aged 8,
Alexander Moore, aged 2.
The house iu which the Moore family lived wus on the. ranch of I.ieut -
Governor l'uterson, antl Mr. Moore
Innl been in charge of bhe ranch for
Hi* pHst live years.
IPlVe of the occupants survive, llec
iiuilil Moore, aged If*. I'.'i.ilil, aired
IU; Jack, Hgnd T, anil Robert, aged 8
Prom them tho only al nil coherent
story cniiiii be obtained ami naturally
they ure sullening Irom the terrible
slunk, being very nervous nnd 01-
According to the uldest nf the survivors, the mother nud a sister aped
eighteen were in Seattle on n visit.
They were expected home hist night,
an.l while the children went to bed
nt about II o'clock tbe lather said that
tu* would wint nn nod might even go
to meet his wi;,. -md daughter, Bome
lime Inter than this one of the boys
heard what he thought was a lump
chimney smashing, but ke is not sure
ol this. A little Inter b i noticed
Rmoke, uud jumping out ol bed tound
the pluce on lire. The elder lad thinks
that his father decided not to go to
meet the reiuiii'is. but Instead left a
lump btirnlnz for thom nnd went to
sleep und in some way knocked over
the lump. He Bays his Father wns
very deaf unit would not have been
awakened by the crush of the falling
The flve lads who were saved slept
in the ground flour ol the house ut
Hi' rear. The father und tbe other
victims were m tbe front. Tlle hoy
promptly woke bis brothers anil they
rushed  nut of the hack door and bur
iled ii I in the front of the CIioubo
to litul   it   nearly  el!   ablaze. They
smashed In a window and shouted to
those Inside but got no answer. To
elleet an entrance was found Impossible though brave little Jnck, aged
only 7. was badly binned in an attempt to do su.nn.l is now under Dr.
HulbweU's i-iii* nt. Mrs. Henry's residence.
The poor children were territiod,
mil it was „ very frosty night and as
they bad only niflbtclothes on tbey
were forced to tnke refuge in the
bam and tbere staiveringly watch ihe
destruction ol their home, realizing
that within it their loved onis wore
i .mu.' bum! to death
A-i far as is known lhe Hre was Brat
bj  Mr.  W  Hams, sectli n fol -man
mi tbe UNU:    at   Uver| I.   He mw
I imes ai aboul   l o'clock and at
ih.it time the luibl.ti.- was a ma«B of
-" tb  '  probably bbe lire start
m.I  shortly after  midnight. He untitle.I
Mi   Buttarfi       and   r n  inr bhe scene
'■ I Mr.   Hutt -rtiel.l   f.,1
■   - I. * bad sent word to
h • poi "     ■   i ,1 ','* \Vis» was on th i
i   Mi    Williams. They
iii nt to the ground
Iren who bad escap-
ring  ,n  thf stable in
■■   .ul  crying  broken-
r Im .*, search   wns
N u.i-  '..'  bbe     re-
1 iinu, il    The
mpi ■■ i on
' •; t*-r  In uch*
•   :, ime an l after
*  l;es  of the
me i  ';*-\.' made a lur
• *   tbey thought   thm
iMi't.   The   recital   will   tuke.   pluce ia
I m*   Bdison  Ibeatre  at  K  p.m.
It   hthoovos   those   who   desire to
' ivel   in a i ieb   music il   treat,    not to
miss Mr. Kambourg's iveitnl.
Secrets of Boer War
Boston,   Nov,   I28--Helciised  by  time
Irom un oath not to talk on   Bouth
Uiirnn affairs nor reveal nny ol the.
'Inside" as to ibe events leading up
lo the Boor war tors period of years
John Hays Hammond, who was conspicuous In thnt war, broke his sil
i'iiei* tor the lirst lime last night nt
,  dinner c.f the Clover Olub.
Mr, Hammond suid the Jameson
raid   wus  tho  result  ol the  activities
of a reform association ut Johannesburg,  consisting     lin'soly of   Amerl-
"i waul especially," said Mr. Ham
inond, "to correct „ misunderstand -
n;. It has been suid that we wore
icttug under the British ting. That.
Is   false
"Much sympathy bus been wasted
,ii "lioin Paul" Kruger. He was op-
i"M"il to progress, believing the
world was llut, and that the -devil had
a ball, Ilis impositions were such ns
im man of tho Anglo-Saxon raco
would have tolerated.
"The reform movement, against
Kruger wns not. an Knglish move
ment. Jameson came into the tight
iiK.iinst our wishes and against the
wishes of the British high commission.
"1 sent word to him to go buck and
when be persisted the only thing to
do was to bluff Kruger into bellov -
in: that we bail more at ms bhan we
really bail. We did so and Kruger
sill over an olive brunch to Julian
ti'sl'iu*., ", boy ,*,ei mm.I to .ill but. two
ib ngs .ml tbat was thai no conl raol
should be accepted with a Catholic
or a Jew.   This we flatly  refused,
"Kruger played false with the reform committee, aftei the Jameson
raid, bloke all his promises, an.l nfter
lie bail secured the arms in Johnanes
lung through Sir Hercules Robbins,
he arrested the entire committee. He
gave the men to understand that if
Ihey pleaded guilty they would be let
oil with n line. Instead, they were
sentenced to be bnnged in twenty-
four hours.
An imperative despatch from Secret.iry Olney caused President Km
;er and the Doer council to hesitate,
-•in-i after an all-night session the
liiincil voted to commute the sen-
trnce to life imprisonment."
Philharmonic Society
'I be lirst practice of this newly
funned society was held last even -
log at St. John's church, when there
was a large attendance, and (rom
present appearances it will be a great
It is the intention of this society
to put on a concert at an early date
an I Inter on will present the "Holy
City." At this meeting the election
ol officers took place, the particulars
i I which will appear in our Satur -
il iy'-  issue.
tiK'^-lT*^^-;-   ...
Short Time till Xmas
New Blouses
Less than  four weeks.
What   lady would  not
That means a rush Irom
like a pretty blouse for
now, but we are ready
Xmas, If there is one
for it with a lot of use
line we are proud of,  it
ful but pretty articles
is  our    blouses.     You
for yitIs.    If  you are
could not find anything
wondering what to tfet
newer, prettier or more
that will be acceptable,
stylish   in   anv    town.
pretty and useiul. Come
We have them   in all
to us antl we vvill show
shades and   materials.
you a large   range to
Prices from *2.r>0 to$K)
select fiom.
New Scarves
New Gloves
Chiffon Scarves,  in all
Perrins' guaranteed
colors.     Some arc plain
t!loves, long and short,
some are showered with
in   all   colors.    Warm
dew drops,  some with
Mocha Gloves,    either
pearl  and some   with
wool or silk lined,  all
gold,    l'i ices—$2 to H
McLennan & Co.
Refreshments Served ul
1'ii/i*. Kiwi  tin ilu- lli-sl l.iuK's.   Gentleman's  uiul  Comic Costumes
For Particulars Apply lo S. Needham C-heil or Thos. Sieed sec.
Revelstoke Skating Rink
Frank W.  Hopkins, Manager.
Ladies single tickets        - - $4.00
Family ticket, not to exceed 5 members 15.00
Gentlemen's single ticket       - -       6.00
Children's single ticket    - - 3.00
Secure Tickets Early and Have a Full Season's Skating
West's Big Show
Por iln tirst time in Western Cnu-
Promises to be One of the Best
Social Functions of the Vear
i;n December llth, one week "toenoe,
Keep your eye  open lor tbc      pro
gram lor  New  Yoar'8 Day at the Y.
M.C.A.   Thc  boys arc  preparing     to
put ou an    exhibition ou tbat   day,
«lwn a good      clean    game ot  banket
1 nil   will   be   played,  also  some  kooiI
tbe Fancy Dress Bull,  under the aus    v.ork ()n  m ■„„ H,1(,  pcl.miiu h(>r8(>
a.la    we   are to have a real minstrel picCB of vin Bl.iKBlle No. i, wm take   ',,,,,„  w,u  be a performance both uf-
■ihow.   Thj announcement  is  made by ,              .,     ,,          ,,
,.                   .... ,   ,,        __        .       , pace  at  the  Opera   Housr
Managers    Mitehe    and Dyrncf,    that
Tbis     is  ternoon and evening.
Wm.   H.   West's  famous  organization
No.   1   lliigade s   lourth  annual   ball,
Men's   Sunday   meetin;—The   meet -
will  be the attraction at the  Kdison   and is considered by  the citizens    as   in(?s ale  keepin^  up  in interest,      in
on  Tuesday,  Dec.  5th. | one of the greatest events of the sea-
Much     intesest   is   evinced    by all  .S1)U.   This yeur it is expected     that'
classes of people who like good clcau  ...    .   ,,     ,,, _ ,, .„    ,„..„'
6 their  ball will surpass anything  here
amusement  as  presented  in the orig-
Bpttu of the fact that thc Y.M.C.A. is
all upBide down, still the men continue to come. On Sunday next thc
Uev.  J.  Mclntyre will speak and Mr.
inai  comely   way.  over  this  engage -   loIu,e "^'"l'teil  as all tbc commit-, p-  v   oinop(,  w.„ g,ng  ,1Beftrlng  m
nwnt.    and  every  one  is at  a    nlg-h ' tecB urc ll'al'11 al work to accomplish
pitch of expectancy and    pleasurable   this -end.
anticipation,   for it   is a well     known j    Kefri'shmcnts will  be served,  as    In
fact     that    Wm. H. West's Minstrels
have held tb,- championship fun-mak-
n.'  record  for  the  past    thirty-seven
Gross." AU nun are invited to these
meetings, they only last lor ono
former  years  al  midnight, consisting]    Th*, KVm classes are  in good  shape
ot all     the  dainties ol home cookery , now  and   parents  are  invited to  visit
y ars.
ft   is
provided hy  the Indies ol  No.   1,     of' ,lw *°ya while   they are at their class,
. , . , . .,,         TkJiilmi make themselves known to   tbo
j  on r.n-; special     iu -   which   tbey are justly  proud.        rhe
»  "be way „■„ large guar 'decorating and  lighting will  In*  most1^^ <>i'~   The hoys  arc pro-
sother    human   ,,ntee that     Manages Mitchell     *„1        ., ,, ,,     „ ,,   ,   ; l'»nng to show their skill on     New
re     Dvrnrt .-.re ,,,,,,,,     .,.  .   0MtI*   ""d   '^"<"'"-    1'>''^   «'"   "^, Year's Day.
. b..
iSgtt   tbnn      they
*      ' -M
' '
The company Is under the direction
Byrne! are , ivabled to announce   tins
attraction,    and  .,   Is staewt, hon- \ '^"M to tb* ^Ht M>' ^ul' culu'     a    new class I, being formed     on
• eBorts to provide gond »« n»a «X> >»»' Ar»™* ^^   the \ Saturdays    al 8 o'clock in the even-
'ii    ement-   for  I In.-  City  will   he ap.   awarding  ol   these   prizes  will   be  as   ,,u- for  the purpose ot taking up tbo
• !""ii- patronage.       I ai   the  Inst  masquerade  ball  of  the' wrestling that we. have bad to aban-
brigale,  civin  into  the hands of the   ''"" ,m Mondays, because of the large
,,    , ,,,   , i nt.li n.lanee.   ihis class is  opm  to any
uiiiliciirc.    I'l.nb  eostiime  will   be   g*iv- "*^ ~~*
| member  who is  interested in wrcstl -
nr,   boxing  and  all   branches ol  athletics.    Mr.      T.    Hope  who  is  well
that have been seen i"''*'-'" «"» receive a voting card, on ,„„„.„   t(| „n   wrMttort      „.,„ ,mvu
which  the,  will  mark  lbe number  of   ,,,„,.„   ,,,  „,,  wre8tllng   anil   Mr.   p,
ii li  choice,   'lbe higher vote of each  „■   (*,|non, wi„  tnkl. (:I,.ir(,e ()f     the
loyle ffoolfolk tor bhe time     be-
*- n  mnoiiwg and  Vancouver, Tins
A,*,i and f.iv,,ralili  known   ''" "  nunther when entering  the hall
"ii"r  j* delation   with  many   high    and shortly  belore  12 p.m. each    one'
re net  . n  tb- i
■ ■
'* to tell Mrs. M
Ihe Revelstoke Mail Herald
mI.ikh will  be  the  winner.
nUieletics.   The  follow in,: will  be tak
A noveltj will be the Tuxedo orches  ,„ ,,„ j,, ,llle collr(te „, time:-Sprint-
tr.i,   which   nt   present  are  bard      at
Midland ftiiucci i Co
I'liisi'ii theatre
i-'iii.:in ai tin
Tb.*  Ioi ii"*r  proprietors  of the I Ire
Joseph K. Johnson and  i"1"'"''' '>" tl"' program drawn up by'
Bernton, have now   become lhl' M'c" Mr' R' lio|,dou' |
'   i  ...  the  Ini'-M,,,   publishing1   Th« Brigade regret not being   able
*"*iv :  ...    ...    ,  ,,,,.  ,.;l,,lirl,l„H  i" seonn tbe services ol the     llcvel-
* „l     Hi e Arthu,     lokeCltyB I. they having decided  ';..u' tbe Ass„e,at,on biuld.ng    ready.
ing, ono-qnarter mile run. one-half
inil*c run, one mile run. hurdling,
lumping,  pole vault, putting the shot
I2very   effort  is  bein;   put   forth     to
r inspection by the New Year, Every member and Interested friends of
lbe association, should keep a memorandum ot this in their diary.
rboM connection  with news ""'   '" i'->v sny more ,,i dances,
i.   .  i'.      toke dates from its "P '" l2 P-m' ""-' floor will   lie re*
nn,-     i, iii.i  burg,    will     take l'v',l 'or the masqueraders.   In con
M3TK HafsluOUrQ ReCital         U*»rgt ■>! n„. mechanical department H"-'i'"" W1' '»">' »ay    that the large
3                            mim!  loh  .'.'.ik     The Old song of "Too "!ul"'"ce  which,   judging  by  nil      in
Hambonrg        mcerl    tomoi    vi mi,  Johnson" has Its exception In ,ll{'",iol,B*  will gather on the ilth ol
",w ''                              •  ii   targs tin   Instance,    ri   h,* above named "' December at tha Opera Mouse, will
''■I   trio will turn out a short that cannol ||*,VI' ■    never-to-he  forgotten treat,
full*/    ments iiii  the praise  ''     imnntiv satisfactory   to '""'   H,"lW    Ui'il they huVe a   w"rm
'i'i'  bis been    bestowed upon     I, m     I    readei     nor will „ny (tone be left :,l'"'  ln "lelr hearts lor the tire boys  will be when tbe crowdn are lighting
11 '       » Plan   t of ran    , **i,' .      .,,„|   unturned   thai   will   aid   in   removing "'  lievelstoke.                            ...            j for a sitting at Tourner and Thorp's
'"'"'   h'"'    '" '    ' m impediment to furthering the n».   ! studio to get their   photos   in timo
llmt l« bui  Mom afforded,     *'t*rlal    intsrssU   of all concenwd, -' ' [„.* Xmas   Oomc eariv as the
••»"«   il   Ihe program prepared  (ni   Dlstrlcl   Ludger,  Pernto,                     I s'''' Howson's $800.00 Dining Room
Riot in Revelstoke
ItlOT    IN    KKVHLSTOKK -There
i,*n.nn.M,   night's conceri    will Shi
s.'i  n.i sbnw in centre window, cin-
trance  ih small  awl  the stairs mir ■
the  range  nf  Compositions    ot     the      Midland C.-ncert  Co.  tomghl at. the  '•":|in-;  "l  llullet.t.  table, chairs,  chi-   row,    but   the    studio is lorge, well
great     masters    uhlcl. be win .,,i.-1    BJdisot tbestre. , na oabiuet aud set of dinner dlBbes.    lighted and warm.


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